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#1212 - David Goggins

2018-12-05 | 🔗
David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. His new book "Can't Hurt Me" is available now via Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Cant-Hurt-Me-Master-Your/dp/1544512287
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all the way across Amerika in order to survive, experienced the life of an outlaw in a notorious gang. It read dead redemption, two on sale right now, at Rock STAR games, dot com, my guess it is when the bad as mother fucks it up the walk. The face of the earth please give it up for David, gardens will gain experience and we lived in Gardens book is fuckin fantastic, and this has been my running partner. The audio verse now. It has been my running partner for the last week is fuckin. Amazing man appreciated. Thank you will you guys doing something very unusual? The book is great. I've read of red it like sat down Red read, but the the audio book is really interesting. Price. As you and the gentleman. He wrote with Adam
I'm gonna go Nick, I'm who reads it. Then you come on and talk about things between. So it's more than just the book rise. The book plus is the book plus like a pod cast right. Yes, we all that came to be managed, as goals is both last year. We will go through change stuff up have so many stories. Man we went through. Every three people saw me stores he will come back. Read it to me all my changes, there. He red and white man, this guy has a great reading voice. I love his reading voice and I started guineas differ ideas about doing it? Maybe he can read, and I can do my part casting aside. He can like address chapter. In between chapters making interactive type of thing and ask how it came to be made at the beginning. I gotta be honest, because I, who is this motherfucker,
HAWK and for David Guy, like you re, do this: what will you do it? Why are you but, but it works right. It really does work like as as it goes on, and I got also it very obviously you and him or good friends. So when you guys are talking, then mind him written for you as much for some strange reason. I know it doesn't make any sense. Why would they were girlfriends joking animal run out. He became a pay. My fucking ass during this process. Man, because you know just he's a real anal guy. You know he. He helped a lot. I'm a real wrong sadistic type of my set NEA We put that on paper mass again la credit for that. Well, it comes across the book is outstanding and you know it's it's. More than just sitting like sitting across you and you telling your story is one thing, but this
long detailed history of how you became to be the person you became, I think it's very educational for people, because can realise like oh, he wasn't always this guy right is what's fucked up about people like you see a guy who's like you once made, how many ultra marathons did you run it You might get some examples around eight hundred and eight weakens in a row to stop and think about the gentlemen. Eight hundreds means eight, one hundred mile races, eight weeks, in a row. A hundred mile race will put you out for fuckin six months right. You know when you ran aid of em eight weakens its a fuck. It's a fucking insane accomplishment. It was not you think about it. person like that. You think of them is in this like static, fully formed version. You don't usually get to see and especially someone like you who you went into so much depth about your rise,
and fall in rise and fall of muslin like a street linear process between you getting inspired in the new becoming this bad mother fucker. No, it wouldn't like come with us, I call on that that will not miss place, that a black guy who's, gonna makes it in arm in the financial world our pursuit of happiness and saw that Yes, great movie ever lie pursuit of happiness. Man like with a guy struggles, and he it's over it and he makes it here so, am I ass our target to TOP Mt Everest and Mount Everest is fuck. Islam leave me miles a guide dog start from scratch. Again scratched became my friend. Literally Maso asked the US I put in a book may go stop going down going up just the real version of how my life was in. It was so in depth to go back through your life with a fine tooth comb that I was kind of embarrassed. You can put it out there to people damn like even me, we're not to talk to you, I'm in the car for fucking our getting pumped up
because up I'm a shy introverted leave me alone type, a guy like I'm still that mother Fucker, who, six years old, you know at a play who can't say his line: cuz, I'm not going to study for the five people, so I walked off the stage. That's still me so everyday, I'm fighting that so you think I'm a garment, Europa, occasional, so crazy, so evil. Now I'm trying to be act and Joe, So my miser grafting, let's run out, door because people are watching me on a fuckin bypass on openness during your man, so that real me so unless it this male focused on Rev due to state locked into the game of life, and that will in that's why some people, may I go there. I go there. That's wondering why this book so good is because you so honest about your vulnerabilities and how you overcome them.
And for people that see someone who's a beast whose Don great things you just assume their different than you, but then you hear about your insecurities in your pitfalls at all the things that went wrong with you and you realize what god dammit doses, when things go wrong with me, like, maybe I that inside of me, and I just never summoned it right up to this. Start really realising that Russia to overcome myself, I'm gonna get around these real alpha males these hard hard men always put people way above me, like my job, they had to have a lot more to me to get to where they're at and a lot of them did, but once you get around the the best of the best of the best people You can kind of start breaking them down and realising our you, you're, just fucked up as me like that we all have the Did you hit it better, you're you're you're up
bringing your mom and dad you're society? The way you were raised? It hid it better than did the mine. You are the only black kid or those like five in a school. I can't high going to buzz. I personally black, you can't but asked our realising did, because I look different than you allow. Eu members cannot either so as to give me courage to watch and people we all have a store. We all have a jacked up light in one way or another. So if you don't have the guts to talk about it, though in that's where I found the guts to talk about mine with some does purity in physical pain boots right, because it doesn't matter what you're social status is it doesn't matter how people perceive you when it when it comes. Down to how long can you stay in the pool when it comes down to? How far can you run when it comes down to? How much can you push yourself pass? The part where you want to quit? How far can you keep going disappear? in that they did did dissolves social order.
all that bullshit all the what people think about you goes out the window. It's. What who are you right now is right where you right now as it yours, David Man, we'll get as such as a psychological warfare and that Russia learning that that life is one big psychological warfare that you're playing yourself. You plan yourself The most important conversation never had much with is with myself in this I'll, tell myself with so fucked up so wrong. You saw misguided and other people start to write that dollar. For you also, is to be which you said use of every single day: that's not a crime, in a whole other warfare a whole Their battle started become us. Oh hang us guys, you have these tools the tools. Your life was basically the perfect the perfect grounds for training. For where you need to go in your life or the beatings, other other bullying, other
No, you going through were learning disabilities. Author struggles. It was an absolute perfect training ground for you to go to. We need to go ass after looking at my wife, verses. Woe is me: puppy pants, kick Iraq down the street mentality. It was not God just hook. You write a fuck up. He looked you right up there with the perfect place. You are training for the first eighteen nineteen, twenty two. You are training for this stuff man. You have the advantage of everybody else, verses, my god they're. So above me They gave him a great family, Mama Dal over did you have learned, then he started in struggle. Naw man you're struggle. What made you who you are now so I started flip in this. a whole different. After being a master of, was scared of screwed up my mind and I became a lily. A master of that mine and that's what now from now on assess me part of most people dive in India.
Well, that is a big part of the story is when you go over your childhood in in our you're abusive, Father and then have an is great God. It was gonna become step down and then he gets murdered. It's like right when you're about to get out of it everything looks good boom. Then he gets markets. Like these things really did sort of set you up to start from scratch again. This girl, Roger that we start from scratch. And now you have that attitude. You developed it through all of these horrible person. experiences all the trials and tribulations all the evil shit. The people try to do to you that, sort of set you up to be able to deal in a way that a lot of people can well. I used to look at my life from a different vantage point when you, when you're in all the muck and you just walk in and walk and walk and walk and walk in the market. You don't see that if you look off to the fucking left of the month, does a sidewalk brother get off
he off of it every head down. Looking in this book was I The sidewalk got the sidewalk. A yellow. Brick now got different vantage point and then from the sidewalk. I found a cliff and I found a mountain or get way a pile up my life and look back down on it's. Ok, I got produce out man, I'm not going anywhere, I'm turnover, I don't like, so we have missed a foundation after that line about everything I want people to. Like me, to be accepted in some society of life, so Most of society- and I say this in the right way- are met. appear messed up here messed up everywhere is so I realized the worst thing that happened to me. I lost myself. I never have myself and I found myself and no self esteem. So I knew through working out into learning caught it took. Allow me to learn, also asked what are funded. Self esteem was found that national doors are open
caring about people that what they thought being judged. While, if I say this, if I started right now, are you making fun of me? I stopped caring about that and that's my life. It really change it for me, slowly but surely That does such an important point. We are talking about the working out because a lot of people may think about work, another thinking of his being a physical thing right now did it for mental yeah people. I say my garlic, no don't don't look like I think about losing weight I give up in the fastest. Like about. I was making the Olympics, I won't go into prose. I could barely Rita right now since June in high school. I wasn't going anywhere else Workin out as a way for me to bill calices. On my mind, I had a callous over the James mentality, so I watched these move. you talk about rock elastomers on here always equated training to mental toughening like it was a brutal
people waken up early in doing all these days. They look look horrible crime against arguing that not to get better, bigger and stronger, but that is working to build and outlooks. Uncomfortable tat looks brutal and given early hour. Do that some of these long list of things that I want to do in through that I found myself you guys doing the shit in high school because again the clock in the morning run golf course so see myself very differently than the average human being higher. Second, I have something video have and that's not start to develop. These things do working out. It was great never ending work ethic into work, ethic, develop self esteem now, It is something that you learn is something you learn yourself from from exercise yourself or something you'd read or heard about what made you equate this doing.
and doing these difficult things physically to mental toughness to being this is the discipline that you need in order to get your life out of the situation, you're in so I never read anything accurately reading. Also I was a ring back then I just saw I was a lot of movies it out. Really big individualization and are always equated working out to struggle. and I struggled my whole life, but I ran from it. So I started lies in August, our patient struggle and I got be mentally strong for the struggle. So that's why so I kept coming up like I'm training for life mentally and training. For life and that training for like to live forger pounds there are founded on the lawn. Pretty much is that through this, through through discipline, do self discipline do repetition, two tons of repetition of the same thing that you want to do as it does. The key thing do repetition the things you don't want to do you develop mental like like armor
your mind, shot armor you're, my mother. Ok, we suffer, we suffer every day, but we do we. stop their sucks everyday to them. The sex stuff comes you're ready for it. Ass I started coming up Not just I've been very uncomfortable now, second, just a way of life, it's crazy thing to figure out, though it's like you figured it out, and you didn't just figured it out. You embrace like when you are talking about your senior of high school and you talkin, about we are mere being your accountability. Merely you at a radical shift. You just decided and not be a fuckin loser and to start tightening up and start holding yourself accountable in and get ready for things. So I had this my whole life in out of people believe in God, or what
care what you believe in this business unrelenting voice in my hair, we'll have his voice. Is the right or wrong voice and La Times that voice guides us into comfort, and my boys got it mean to comfort a lot, but I had its other voice heard my whole life so motherfucker. Would he do it now man we gotta go here. We over two to the rock pile over the fuckin corner, where nobody that gas dad we're victories et were opened in a corner. So this voice was given me. His answers, not our real smart kid grown up, but I had this crazy we see my head saying over. There is where the fuckin answers are Well, listen to get over. There was pain. Over there was me looking into mere over. There was me being accountable for all these things. I withdrew my life. You know people put him on is no mind to own and I were over there by myself, but I had to in his voice was guided me. There is got what I will call it, but that's what that's what it wasn't me. Do you think that's just what you
when you separate yourself from your ego and what what you are you're insecure he's not like if you are giving yourself advice. You would say that's what the thing is to do. So you think that's what it wasn't your subconscious or those you stripped away from all the bullshit when you couldn't light years after its voice in your head is exactly it is actually a cat. Is it knew it knew? I was a character. I was trying to find myself do a character of making different hairs. Thousands I my parents and I was off, I was off man, I was. I was a clown I was a clown and as this is not this is not. This is supposed to be in life man. It is When you look at that dirty mirror and your do a new hairstyle to go to school. You know I have here. download time were, I showed the top my head old men had to hear that, leaving their yeah so to school, with hair.
on the side of my head in my back and I shaved the whole top of my head obvious school, like that, you know I'll havoc with what are the kids. I weren't they remember. The serb ours is a funny do out. Without my thing I was a funny there came into school that Chris whilst came out, and I was in high school, so my passion backward. as you know, a pass backwards, sag down past, my ass, correct short term backwards with a toothbrush in my mouth, with the reverse part reversed parties, you hit a shaved and have some hair on top The Pisa here person like a like apart when you hear the part was on about head. So it was this. we sit at home. Is that a study- and I think about what can I do to impress a motherfucker school That became my life, and that is. Is law nor the whole to get to the guy. Who is now you know,
smile on any package looks or serious look at their shit like you, motherfuckers have no idea who who were come from to get here today you could have probably been an entertainer you probably because you're doing all that kind of show hasn't jokes Joe you do so what people read in this book can hurt. Me is a sad stories. A horrible stories are tragic story, a story that maybe who today, but yet more or less but yourself to what you want. You go through that shit God now so Tuzla a person. There was la me a lot of white people. You know- and I have a routine that won't do so. People who hire me to speak, I'm not going to do the routine. Not often do it. Sometimes, I think about it. All the thirty six black got to go through still training. Okay. I'll, probably looking at probably one thousand one hundred and twelve. I can take that to make it through till May 13th. And seals I'll cover the authorities
authorities black gonna, make it through in over, since, like d like nineteen forty no, you look now almost seventy years. Why? Yes, yeah you do the math on. There is now a black eyes, and so I take them I make a nice comedies get all that shit like like, like the first summit me up and threw me is called drowned proof and so on The point is hill. You know me related to their big today, as you gonna give you boys manner that regular boy, you gotta, go wrong and that are so imagine they have given your hands if the time your ass If I want to say swim, ah it was, I don't a cat in a war with funding, we're gonna, so always lose my mind, so is Some of these are get over. You know, and I found humor found humour in my suffering mother. What are you doing out here? Goggins like this is crazy, like you're you're lily, trying to reinvent the wheel. About trying to reinvent my mind, ass, going to reinvent my mind and I use
every single tactic possible. To do that. I don't want to live in in this war, where I was a fake human being more in our stop blaming everybody for Rosa. My dad beat me having happening my dad, ran prostitutes near dad lilies the sole out of my mom, like my mom is still Balin like a mom, let my dad- and this while taught by the book she got married three times for a total of six months you know I don't go there and I'm going to talk about the guy she married. So this woman was she she's, beautiful, she's, She so smart. All this document, this guy Lulli stripped horse all away, and I ask you, can watch it And I had not only begin with Emma, my brother. He has a story that he could write any books ill. My dad is came through this was to saw clean so too. two to combat around. He got about four years ago forth. as you know, for sure, aren't going to funeral, but I forgave him so us
call my dad threw an eight year olds I so it was so we left- and I was at eight and then at twenty two I went back to seeing through a grown man's eyes the same person. I remember, but I had to you- can't live with hate. You cannot move forward as much of that guy try to ruin all of our lives. That's where I came from to figure out the virgin over. I started from so when I was going back to my life on a fixed who, I am the fact that person I was like. If your knee hurts is using not your fuckin. Neither party is not manage. It could be a tight quad. It could be the right legal basis. I've leg, the front of the origin of we're all this shit began. It was him, so I had to go, two? Were you know my router? in origin of all this happened in his heart. To do that? Did you make peace with I'm a big piece with, so you can have a peaceful conversation. We are. We we left very gradual he's a visa is a vicious man. He viewed
was a vicious man. I mean medieval mother fucker, so I had become a medieval motherfucker their time on twenty two, and I was a big boy and so was no longer the guy, who is afraid it was now ok, I want to kill you tap issue and we were sitting at Dennis, after all night skate or we would have no you your bars and skating shocked at and so we sit down and we can. I got into it and I can of left and I had to make peace with it myself I could not hold on to the Hague, will not hate was had the reason why I kept following the same pattern of failing. I had to get out of stock Dublin off some baggage. Headstart figured out me through him and that's all he was therefore he was origin to figure him out forget why he was so evil to my mom. To me, my brother, are studying him like a lot of people. Have situations where someone does something, and we all attack that person like back on the media,
if someone does something wrong, everybody now spoken perfect and we now judge this guy. I don't judge and judged anybody what I do is ask our study and then why did they? Do they not judging way I want to learn from you, and would you get out of your dad? I got that he was. He grew up. Rough I've used very insecure. Had a lot of kids in here. insecurities just trickled over onto us so yeah he jack this up, we're good bye. He never fixed himself severe fix yourself, the next person in line going to get the rest. If you're next in mine, you know his his where's wife killed herself. What would have happened?
burn up in a house, or some is some crazy. This may have lost that goes on there. There are hampering the book is also going to court, but this was a lot of you know. One of the great parts about this book. Is that you? U detail exactly what was going to your mind terms of like your weaknesses and how you'd failed and, and then you it's not just one time like you You do the thing in high school, where you get you shit together, and then you join the military and then you wind up getting fat again and then, when you you have to lose, was a hundred and six powers in three months up to two to qualify for seal tracing altering. That's insane. Because we realised that time was again. I failed again, I thought so when you talk about, I took it ass, their test, you, I know how to read and write promotion high school ass, a fourth we really level today just a few times, and I found a patent
and when I passed it actually join my car to the to the dad on airport. It was planes. Take off. because I, as everyone has played one day, going Airforce Boo Camp, so I never always takes two things on the surface. So if I couldn't reading let alone a reading right, I would always These things on the surface level, whenever some hard wood with wish, we will raise ugly head. I have kind of tools to help it I mean I thought a fixed is already man, but now I didn't go deep. Into the dungeon of my soul, is ok. What is making you a quitter making you a weak man, we're making you afraid as oh. That's why I keep on quitting and go away. Start were not knowing how to get through hard times and that's why I tell you, but I'm not a theorist added study, your ideas day, you fuckin book I really put myself in a fire repeatedly like a sword. You put a sword and
fire repeatedly repealing. If you keep on doing you, gonna get my sword and if you are beaten, you got beat the shit out of me. That's what I am I became that my eye. So can we can't quit began to figure out? Why are you this pussy, why are Hu, this pussy man, where's Raoul. what's going on here, so I kept on putting a sore beckoned, Dragonfire and fire in this it harder in a bit harder. for our newest are realising right man. The brain is starting to get hard the brain star. To get hard, I'm no longer a theorist. I'm now practitioner, I put it in hill at a second, was in here. Can you can't dissect anything in a normal environment? You can't dissect any thing is seventy two degree weather You must put it in the fucking freezer and freeze the fuck out of it in you D sect it When is miserable, dissect the brain? We always thinking about a need,
to get out of here? Man I want to get the fuck, a freezer opened the door, and these are not five more second man, far more serious in the freezer and ass. You gotta pick that brain apart in that we're all this stuff. Did me a cap on putting myself back into the freezer or the fire in beaten, the shit out of myself mentally and physically. before I knew it. This would happen while it's it's an interesting way to self teach like most people, that you know you talk to that of discipline. They You know that they have something that they read that inspired them. They have certain people that they look up to their certain coaches. That them. There's certain important moments in their life, but for you it
a system of failure and and reflection, and then re booting as it PETE failure and people think allow attacks upon me that I'm angry You sound so angry. You, customers on my guy. My customers are used or crazy. If you read my book you're, not explain my life by saying, hey. It was a merry fucking Christmas man. Now we was it. I want you out you to go there with me, I'm taking. New there with me, I'm almost storyteller, I'm gonna, take your ass. Down paradise. We also the house lived in Buffalo York, they're gonna have been everyday funny, we lit Non Paradise Road and it was anything but fuckin paradise. So I want you to go there with me. You want to for me, let me take you asshole. Let me take you there so that the whole thing about it. May we were scared to dive into our lives. Made us who we are too
people that we are raw jacked up as so many ways. That's the beauty of us. That's the beauty of me. I'm jacked up but I figured out mole no process and how to get on jacked up and how to I'm not gonna get this Economic could get the same where you gonna get her. You may get there by going point. A point me: I'm a girl point deal EDA, don't be theirs same where you are just le harder. That's today, my brain so just different them as if different thing, when you stop and think about all the different times you did have to reboot and how you you, you found like new goals and you found new inspiration. You fired up new discipline and he became stronger and harder and you get one thinks people always look for in life. They look for a point where they can rest I'm on a retired people love they love the expression, the golden. I love that expression yet other, but they love the they love. The idea
Google as long as it ends, and then, when it ends you gonna have a nice comfortable spot. It must discovery must in how you relax man, you ve done so much is right. You really done so much, but this the eye deal of reaching this golden year is. Is it's a very flawed idea because it's an idea that you're gonna you're gonna work hard, but then you gonna reached the finish line, but there's no finish line and doesn't exist. Ass, a scary thing, like my friend, that is scary thing right and ass. No, it fatigues me people, though mail, I wish you every smile, there's no fucking in my friend
no there's no way, and I know that you you're, going to meet campaigns after the gesture and this in please, if you guys, run put a number of that miles, it you're going to run and leave it at that. Do not say that a hard man is a hard mammon hands a hard man. He will run until you dire he die. These are murdered. He does he does those two forties ultra his is a sick fuck. You see those guys, I'm looking for yeah, that's a scary! Beyond the two guys. You need to pick a number enough. I think you guys gonna run thirty five miles and do good or evil has a good number of events have been back and forth. I make it, no China make sensible or no yes, we don't go off the chain, because if one are you motherfuckers wakes up and has a good strong espresso announced fuck it which do three hundred? This could be our own day by you in others, new race, at their doing. Where there are you run
or one hour you run like as many in then you have like a bell rings and then you sit down. little Ben, you not, I mean, like you, does a four point: one seven miles thing up, said: sick fuck. What was the guy's name that created that guided the Barkley merit? Yes, he's out last there, this crazy fuck. Lastly, we have people run for days and days and days he invited me active for this race actually got into the Barkley last year, but couldn't do because the book so exposed to this year, but now you know will see again how this gives it goes, but here that does a sick, sick man. a couple of his races. Turkey is more costs, droning, Jim I actually one that one or two thousand sixteen behaviour c mon as a straw throwing Jem race is his party. Easiest races, like is likely to back country of Tennessee, is affordable Emma race on the road when the first in our Ultra marathons Arthur ever my mom, lives in Nashville, so that our I went up there and there's like my first
is back after me being our sick injector for so long, and I got lucky had a good race and I haven't one- you know you're talking about so ass muscle or that we have this thing now that we got that what is called appropriate so right so right if your use, why not also- as I saw it in there, that Della blackjack hard plastic thing phenomenal is evil man, it's good straight Maisie, I started getting tightness in that when I was running a lot like I'd, never gotten tightness in that area before it seems like that's a running thing right is there anything also varies dressed thing. if your real stressed out man like for me, I about the origin, were wrecked like unworthy. start my body was so wrapped tight. I know where to start so I started with the so where's muscles letter. Ruby spot with the problem with these races is brought the problem with people like you, that's the problem with these races, I give you get you and another you write and therein together. You motherfuckers again
We chose a long day, it's a long days along because if they do at last man standing that I am right, the first person to quit is a real gave. Me I've been up. I got a couple hills Cinema built me, I'm not a thing for her thirty hours move and I know how to solve motivate lot of more focused on so motivate may like we like to put it apples are like before the big game and listen to music yeah. What the fuck did you do when he was come off her as you in your my right. I know how to do that. that's not the Haug report. You have to listen to music when you run never never told you James Chile, as their video. That you want to see in it. Why talks about like run with music and now Did you say I find it find the video player? I I'm real player, we get. Somebody else. Is content I actually arm, but I did during my last poor record, I live
listen to you know that song firm Rocky one round. Fourteen when Rocky get knocked down the corner. I listen to this two minutes and thirteen second long list to repay for seventeen hours merry Christmas, some of the mare seventeen hours may our two says the dark dark evil. have a picture of a handbook. I was in a dark. I would I went to a place man that, unlike I can do Anything need to hear live here for a while couple you're, not recognized. I don't want to see a pull at bargain. I mean like at this. Sixty seven thousand pulls man. His mother. I can almost no poor, so they are well there's come hell or high water mess. I broke it out. as is the weight limit, is in place.
There's a reason. Why do you always be there? The TGV, those tragic startled things ominous Jim? I no longer needed they needed to state aid, and why do you do about? Innovation is about personnel. Part herself was decided through the back door. You're doing this. That was only doing as you do in some of the hardest Chin up. She can do we gotta chain around your neck. Right opposed folks are just listening and Europe. Will endow ropes. You don't cha,
apps on it looks like taped up ropes. User has with Asia those a grip grants like Jujitsu guys, do a lot of those. Yes, I was. I spoke to University Alabama and they re doing almost most he's athletes they gotta get hype, that music is Blair my man, what does she comes off and you get popped in your fucking mouth? you have also on asylum laws. Brother haven't You said yourself, then so that's that so trade, my man, I travel market longer part of a mafia, I'm get part in it. Lack of an alley. One day may run around dude. I do and There should no music but a far figured out a total James cheating. up till now I was tat when I first arose because the d run musical and no run and cheating. When you have music guns, cheating, you cheating, you listen to music, but now this new music. All this
but more than Ellis Amusing, Ellison Books, yeah books on tape audio. Books in yours is like, as has been the last two weeks has been my runnin partner. I appreciate that man. supporting the nominal man phenomenon and you're doing this kind of independently right, yes or what I did. Man is I'm pissed off a lot of people hours I so into doesn't twelve. I gotta offer from a book for thirty thousand dollars as you can go, fuck yourself, no a heel. I went through brought so then, arabic. As you know, we don't see a market for black guy, all to run or fat guy who were could read like in all fifteen. recent America's black normalcy me for your people buying your book, the only black people by your there's? Some ignorant people are dying every by the following these white
replied for whose merrily event was just leisure, irish empires, the big fannys black days, I guess I'll be unusual. Species like is unseen and walk around gone, you'll know who, like everybody, I talked with white, like you know, if the ignorance World, and I mean these meetings here in this kind of stuff. So now two thousand eighteen, eighty three hundred thousand offer for first time, author, sit back. You know, like my God, man, your items like fuck, sixty thousand dollars year in all this biggest paid. Yet that's all. gothic that one second about the one second and sitting a lot about what I went through. My life got done, and I was like you know what I struggled so hard in my life and will do so much that the biggest trophy I own now is that book, the biggest show of your own ass, not the book is dealt with in the book is would like. I don't give a fuck it ourselves, one copy Arthur garment. like my? What would I did in that's where I hope you understand your life in a jury,
you put yourself through, does not this time, nothing more than that and that's all I want people to do is realize that you have to struggle. You have to struggle the bigger the struggle, the bigger the peace, dig the suffering, the more peace, and not just saying this, because you here, but this book is valuable. Those books very valuable, its valuable to people like anybody, you know, I mean a biographies, a very always valuable. When you get to see the mindset of a person is done things you haven't done, you get to understand by their overcoming sort of the same sort of situations in their mind that you are proposing in securities and pitfalls where everybody thought through a mayor now, everybody knows that's what they say. I'm unblest that way that my story there's no color involved in it. Is a human story about struggle and I, and being so many different situation is so many people can relate to above struggle that I guarantee you mark my words. You read that book there will be
a section of the book. Tat resonated use our core. It will make you think if, if you're not really think about your life and think about You know where you can be and think about what you haven't done: the books, not for you, if you never did I know tat, you really self reflect and holders of a cannibal. Where Europe will you not? The book is now he was real. I've read a lot of self help books. listen to a lot of self help, books on tape too, and a lot of some of them that I have to shut off. I have to shut off poured away and Felix someone's lying to me. I just like your bullshit me. You're just saying things this this isn't resonate with me: doesn't sound working like I'll, give it a chance I'll give it a chance, but Yvonne. You know half hour in two hours and it still the same nonsense. I don't feel anything right, I'm getting Ici listening to you. I want to pull the headphones off and I'll just kill it up it. This is the total opposite
one man I was, I was go, I was run an extra mile, soaking stay with the headphones on and the the thing that I think is going to happen with this book. Is people gonna get they're gonna get a hold of whether its audio book or the other book and they're gonna, dig recommended and then spread like wildfire. This is a powerful both as a real self help book. This is like this is a the one like it's not like someone orchestrates this whole thing like what I want to do is to become a motivator becoming to be a personal influence. Are gonna be that guy goes out there and tells people you can optimize your lack of so many those fucking guys out there now mean. I know this one due to arraign interim recently, arena tumor this restaurant is fat is Fox, is big old belly and I know he does these these motivational things and look out a MIKE. What are you talking about? Man arrive, weak your body, look at your own temple. Meat vehicle you round round this fuckin donut around waste is just here:
Should he flew learning, look soft, unlike wake up bitch, so many people do not know how many people are talking this noise and I see him. I know one another say names, but our normal. Man. Do you know what my life miserable right now, because I go on your show right now, you're back ass, if I didn't get after this morning, so I cannot talk to people in Europe, and in this I am often cause I was to be the most on automatic motherfucker on the planet. Now I have this, May I say: oh no I'll call you well How long do you, boss onto even Whitelaw your job We do, Secondly, how do you know about that? Wasn't real your bother me their battle in also in Northern Ireland, which funny abolish books document setting out a book. But literally may, when I was twenty four years old and cast fats, braver, cockroachy donors in drink, more checks are not
Please don't do this. All I wanted to do was changed a fuckin reflection in their Gomer. This is all this about is, is, is a by product of of that enough the fighting about like a buzzing. Oh my god. They regard as we know it daily. We used to talk. That's. Why works, though unbelievable It works because he really did do it. You really did do all those things any show how you did it and you know use in any bull shit, theatrical jargon not in. you know, you're not saying a bunch of buzzwords. Can you lived the life of actual eyes version can show you have you look in this guy. Talking is gonna neck like a pencil and, as is bodies, They all even understand adversity. You don't understand. Overcoming this is not the secret. is inviting the law, fucking attraction, yeah, exoticism tractor here. There's no Jackson here, man, this evil design, yeah love nonsense,
No nonsense! Ass is no nonsense. This is real self help book man. This is the real deal. That's how you self be self help by people have done it and you learn what they dead and you realize is no shortcuts right and then you go learn to embrace that no short cut mentality and enjoy enjoy the suffering. In the end, the grind of an what we talked about earlier, there's no fucking finish on, doesn't exist and it was funny that is. I have people now so when I was in the worst part of my life. Those people want to bring you back in those peoples, but you can see who you hang out with like when you and your worst in when you try to get better with what makes a hard to get better you are hang around people who lets say, you're an alcoholic. You hang around people drink and I say you must stop drinking those. We want to bring you back in like I used to be this guy, this guy. Who was no? Who isn't worth anything now? Those p but who are still there. The sixteenth,
taking thirty years ago, they try to get you back there. It's the hard part. You guys see who you're hanging out with man. You can hang out with the people who you want to be like the most people would definitely and especially if you around someone, it makes a lot of excuses and, failing that site there there the opposite of inspiration, a vacuum, a hundred stuck in and out of you. Why are you doing today May waking up again so early? Why you doing this? Why ruinous deportation with such a fucking life body, yeah, sometimes use Gabby alone, gives a shit and then Also people that you going to be around that are always failing and always fucking up and then always coming to you to try to get you to help them that I come up a giant burden to never look in the mirror and get their own shit together knows little external help was right, always look at first or people won't go in deep met All the aids inside of you is a very primitive way. How a colors book is written is primitive is, is this very?
We bore is how we all think it's is is how mayor was walk the earth and they were all soft and all the computers and shit we say we are going away from the most powerful thing we have is our fucking brain is our mind and we don't use anymore. So you know it's like bidding s it be so quick. You use your mind when it comes to certain things right, but what you're saying as you dont use your mind when it comes to endure exactly that, is it you can't google ass, yet right, hey! Let me go how to suffer the da But how do you really know adds tangled theatre? They ve got in there. It doesn't exist, not want we'll call and what's interesting That is a mine thing and people think of mine things they think of calculating mathematics thing. I literature, none and on those many aspects of the matter as it don't ever think it nor think it
put your shoes or lay some up. I got to do my friend, don't overtake surprise but see what because you ve overcome, because you ve accomplished so much now that even when you would you talk about that moment of like embracing that suck. Like you see that, bigger smile on your face, I give you ve got a total different approach to it than the average person oecd average person. You talk to them about doing channels for twenty four hours, I've often create they don't look, it does. I got a name the doom feel ass to think about a man. I talk about a book open mindedness with separation, people as they go into in a daunting task in the task is over with me like when I heard the pulpit was four thousand twenty pull up now talking about breaking this record people like, oh, my god, our right to opinion paper, they really do it, I'm doing a math man,
return, but I'm open markets. The fact. Ok, I do far pulled from the minute for some hours Angus reports it almost turned out the rest. I was breaking the math down yet be open, monitor the possibility I can do this once you shut your mind down to possible that it can be a cheese, is no waken abbot stuff on my my Why is my body light up about things cuz? I know that if you're in a fight you have to attack, you have to keep attacking The enemy has to know he is not going to give up. You must break the sole whatever the fuck is in front of you doesn't I was never break in the sole anything in me. So that's why, with the thing taking souls in my book, I start to devise ways to break a soul of a human being over other object, of which I was a fond of me. If we keep on attacking Sutton, nothing was to stand in front of anything that is relentless, nothing. The taken so far the books really interesting,
because you talked about like the mines shift that you had when you are in but sir, does it doesn't intense part of the book? Is it is that when a lot of stuff story, wicked man. I don't watch those instructors on deciding others. There's three shifts, there's agents. Doctors. Three ships can heal the guy's going to do how we in Europe are. all day or night for her thirty hours. This is the promised land of mental hardening from me. I love this place and you had the instructors who knew they ve been there done that now there instructing you so they do the eight hour she if they had their park, is honest using coal, coffee, drinking coffee in their beaten, the crap out of us in restaurants realize our play. Mine gave her ears. I know what a pet these fuckers are looking at us,
judging themselves about when they were gone through how weak about, and we see, I'm looking at goggins right now, spare him Ass Burnett got Burnett Fucker over there. Ok, ok, you judge me right if we want to do to you so rest on a dual was I got my beaucoup bequeathed to us in the books, a great great story: Sycamore guys, you can't break both crude, broke. Who do so? We will is with data about broken a brass beat up man in like this. When you start Munich, a robot, Airbus, I just kind of this trying to get to help it now and your energies that they know wizzes like that over the hill I love you talked about, then, the book to that they put it in your head weekends day. You're gonna be Tarja, that's nothing! They they tell you how you support to feel so you, or feeling that way. Don't let us not forget you re supposed to feel no is day one mother fucker? This is our one! we'll get my book law jacked up ass. It were to take these mother fucker souls
so when they had us doing a simple thing that guy Your struggle with Baku to us is large enough. bone. Your younger care flogging orders came about, who do, and I looked on these Doctors faces and looked like someone had just fucked with their sole looked him gotten a book- and I say: hey- guess what those motherfuckers aren't fucking tonight we own space in their fuckin head. Was basically think about us tonight. They could think about it. island boulders, that's right! always day. Are these guys doing this and scream? now you can her. Ok, do we weren't? We were bringing the fight, we were taxed We keep on doing that, gets what people start doing. I faculties got so broke route to go mostly bookoo tourist, became their boats like a week as we captured and we start fuel and offer that which are few not the fact that it takes one second of energy to still everybody's
and then you have all the energy you need. So you need you need can someone eyes united. If somebody broke that motherfucker he's like all God man, I don't wanna go back next round and you fly my god. I can fight all day, all day long definite taken souls? Is You have to have the will to heart the courage to go that distance when you're exactly jacked up. We have nothing left to give in more. There is an interesting thing about the mind is that you can find inspiration and when you find inspiration when you get charged up all of a sudden, you have energy as right. It's it's weird outside by the book also is about I learned how to control my dreams. if you know how you know how you get that outer flight response, when you get a move, real, quick here, a heel, I Lord in mine, mind of how to get myself jacked extremely fast, like the horrible environment whereby miserable.
I how to really fine strength in the misery when there I suffer an Airbus, are poorly path and demand down everything, I started my god. This is where I shine. Jews and all that misery, four tons and tons of tons of Dr motivation to two two then lead people further cause. You can get a lot of power through misery. It was people see that my gardeners is then Airbus's Roger, that We get my shit and go to so. He asked I realize that if you can just fine strength just a little bit longer, you have crew of people following you along the way that is another thing that no one can ever teach you. Does you you're. Gonna have to learn that on your own, you can have have to figure out how to pull that. energy out of your mind on your own, does not there's no book. You can
also I have it. I've got the technique now know how to do it. Now, it's it's a grind that you have to start in Finnish on your own, yet take great pleasure in the fact that no one wants to be with a fuck. Your error now great pleasure that Most makes to bring a passionate. He has to bring some very. Very weird. Are you mad? I now people really understand what that is, when you're in the worst environment possible, worse situation possible in every buys, look like I'm a hopeless ins, and you see that time slows down new, see that you're you're, feeling that everybody has the look on her face. A goddess gotta go down or be any more. Have you ever? I'm Rapto Rob De Milo, oh yes, sir, did you get your service? Where did you get it? I got it all. My second pillar, brokered attempt talk about its illumined book. Their max. We have single cell trait in a young kids. Die from Rapto from classical cells are not a good thing. Obviously, in Europe,
add those a bad thing for a single, so you have single cell trade, but you don't have the disease had a disease buddy mine died from when I was a kid really guys to fight with Miss. The train was He was always sick and have it get sick is horrible, be gone beyond the gem for months and come back and unjust petrovna get his body back and shape again get anyone of time. Talented guy do when you got it. What did you have to do so? They only a hospital for while that's what my hand ever messed up my flu, which were extremely low, and I had done like dated three thousand pull ups and there like me, your bodies wrecked up we just now, drink and waterway you're doing our Jake WAR, but not enough now, so I was simple carbohydrate drink, and my car
We are extremely low. I know how much out in a burn through a new birth, awful calories. Man do not mean you pull up to them out and with the repetition with using a single points of just mahars. My biceps, my back, like my body, was swollen. Like the pills buried. Oh boy, I mean you looked horrible in so they kept me in there for a while, but how long, probably about eight hours and hours I've ease stuff like that, so they display is basically arrived regime's. She tells the of it turns a fluid. This is me home, though so home at night. And how long did you wait before you jumped back at it? I think has tackled a poor bar about we can have later.
And then I brought directly six six weeks later, we broke Director Jesus Christ. So when you, when you did get back on the poor bar was how fucked up was your body from it was bad. But what I do is I don't do everything it wishes it real smart. I mean it For me on that ain't. Do this? Is our train through a lot of my injuries? It started developing our do that, but in filtering because in so train or they know you got off from day, one or days kicking out faster. one enough. So, my third time going through, I was really jacked up boy you when you're Pneumonia Pneumonia. I have really bastard fractures. So Just practicing I was literally, I would put a sock on and then duct tape. My foot all the way up to the top of my or submit my anchor or ten in my calf
become a stress fracture so bad. So I can pivot point between my ankle in my shin, but it's cast that all the way up- and so I went through for several months for a few months with stress fractures with was crazy about that. Is that healed by time I got the third mistress for actually real while and I don't even know how Roma reason behind it? I ran on a few months later they were here while. Canada is pushed through the agony and eventually about it. Just said this crazy fuck is not going to stop truth, David where a lot of my injuries, I've dispersed through and EVA. I D artagnan. Have you ever had have surgery now, just heart, despicable heart surgery, sputter, none of my actual fiscal by and what was your hearts ready for? Again you talk. As far as d at home or heart yeah. So which are even more ridiculous, that when we talk about their two medeia, they they took me office, daddy me for a while, so
realized at my girl. I shouldn't even be military. I wouldn't call If I had been a military junta heart, let alone be his best operations. Rejection applies to fight. That's all I was lucky had they seal that up, so I went with a he batch. I, furthermore artery Maria withdrew, put a pattern they realized. I missed like three or four years of military career, because this heart surgery, while I was off of jump status die status? I was just so that Tibet recruiting somewhere out. I stayed in recruiting like three or four years, and you know I became a navy, see recruited what I was doing this for a while. So I get there because the heart surgery and you never have any other surgeries.
nominal guess! No, not honor! That's crazy! I've hasn't jacked up injuries but see how I grew up. He oh, like a talk partner. Bookmark then believe taken by the hospital like this is our words man. It was. It was barbarians dogma, but You know you gonna to do with didn't you live it refined you give em our oh yeah, generating checked out verified. Terrified, Murat machine for longer phobic like men. That's is. There is a lot of this law behind a member here, I've I've been checked out. I've had so, like I said like six years ago after his dress and like others dying, I couldn't get bed Oh that's, just not was from pre must all injuries I had never really fixed in biogas. nodded up more now it up in more, not up to me it's gonna he'll, what we're mother's going to heal and when he was not here right, you are jacked up and crooked summer, I'm a crook objective,
do you still get it done, It's amazing that you haven't had like need surgery like sinner all the running and have done my left. Knee right now is in the snow joke. So I can say origin of pain. My right foot is messed up because my left knee so right. I'm tinker my left me get up there now but, though Cameron Haze Fuckin after one I withdrew ass, I'm not gonna get out of it. Buddy Listenin Motherfucker. I will see you this weekend. merry Christmas, just rather merry Christmas season, you don't know what. RO the knee. If no idea is from stretching so basic stretching yes, my whole, because my body was in such bad alignment from just what I did to it
that now, I'm in the huge just routine in our bodies getting back into alignment. So your muscles, like I was a powers after me like I grew these huge muscles. Now, the small guy, not just in from the stress of my body going through hell, we can also my buys got, became one not as things start to open up joint start to her. Things start to her in my gas has been this big long process so fast in better shape than ever organs. Work better healthier than ever, but I have these loot Weak Sears, little tweaks there from the fact that I am now my buy was locked in position from these muscles being so tight. Now, what do you want now by one hundred and eighty two three and you're, like three hundred plus powers, we fattest fattest runaway for the military I'll know my fantasy world well wait in Moscow I was deeply sounds. You hid their scale and we may have to ninety seven, his brother. You got a hundred and six pounds of actors,
if we charge the possible, so we do it a lot of time as the cradle of didn't, give you three months to lose that thirty, three pounds a month is a lot of fucking weight plus a few and with impossible, and that's why I thought that's what I thought but see you see the Now I was a harness and if our powers in high school saws, others The gun high school, so I may myself, big, almost small, person, so it wouldn't trust me. It was hard. It was are thing I've ever done in my life, but would it people think around you and I, three months later, your hundred pounds light my mom couldn't believe can amount. So I was living in analysing the end of time ass. I was trying to do good asvab test again that you know I got to take it again, going to the Navy and here, to lose weight? No in a working first companies braver cockroaches Nasser Crap, and I were laying her pond in Fucking November in Indiana
Lay in a park like I'm going to bursting. I get hard nosed leant upon get upon engulf run just all wet co like much like the dagger. Just frees up from ice and shit now. to run it. What is wrong you may, like you, were that kid who just didn't want to tat with. You So she started seeing the transformation again. This guy is obsessed with. Become some by nesting new man, my guy, you actually lost. That must wait there. First, I love the fact he did it, but what what It's me is when I hear stories about people the get like stomachs day playing and surgery and all that shit that they do it. You just need to just lose the way, and if you just did it, you just did that Right way, you would have earned it and if you earn you keep it ass, a thing about it may like we like to take these very quick fixes in life we
what the six main ebbs approach to life now did no permanent in that there's no permanent and that man does no scarring. They must be scarred or people. Terrified of this thing that you saying that there's no and there's no finish line that every day is a new thing that you have to earn it still, after all, the shit you ve done every day you get up and you have to earn. It is, and it was funny about that. I want you to be scared of yeah I'm going to give you a fuel, is great motivation and see, if you like, that way? The reason why I speak do I speak because I believe, a lousy. If I ever shut it down that's the end of me. Air would ever Maharajah percent will be on those can happen me tomorrow. If run our figure, what the fuck I can do and do that That would be my hundred percent. You must can need to find a new one hundred percent, whatever life, those at you, you must find
what you can do now, I may become the best you know, First of all time who knows watch You know saying who knows what that is projects like this. This approach, this mental approach. You can use that for anything once you get past the quitting mechanism of your mind get past that thing. There's this is applicable, you can you can Take these lessons that you learn from these gruelling runs, as is losing a hundred six pounds and three months from all these different things of struggle can take these lessons of struggle and you can apply them to anything. If I talk about in my book here about that race, I did that made so training look like a like a child's play in range, a school that the first Jamal, our dear rice, sugar, myself, no kind of stuff that nineteen hours it took me with no training. I summoned up like this. You talk about struggle, how you can put so much of life into struggle in that,
eighteen hours, I lived five years five years of struggle of happiness. of depression, success failure in nineteen hours, was great about some of these things. I do you get up a wide range of life. In just nineteen hours. When you get to like mile fifty in your my saying we gotta get out here, man and you get a massive yoke ever feel good you have, its highs and lows. If you have to manage within this suck festive nineteen hours, that's what I get from allow these different things: human growth, no growth of the mine without friction. There is no growth without friction. There's no growth is no growth and does not as fax. Like does no really like people want to sit around and rest, but you really appreciate restless yearned does it in it. They think on there crazy is personal. The planet you are so far, fucking remove next day with no funny
two hundred and ninety powers twice in my life. I do not like to do the things Do but issue mongers satisfaction from doing the Schuman. says bags revelation issues up, so I don't really want to go for one day and then running back and say well I did I did it and that was about- is about these small deaf to doing things you want to do you know Jacko Juggling are nowhere near juggles. and don't you own great were no known. Pretty well is his awesome. But every morning you look at that. Motherfuckers instagram he's got a picture of his watch at four thirty. He gets up at thirty every morning. Any earns sunrise. Ask yearns, is like a mother fucker and then earns sunrise as guest stuff, but it's that thing that there's no end now and then and scary is carry everybody. Wants that holding hands where the sun sets retirement. You are often the sunset and biggest curtain. I guess so.
When do you rest window? You recover and I don't want to scare people, but The true the answer is, I don't take in me days off no days no day, seven days a week seven days a week work. What is it a normal day normal day for me of normal day, so I say a light day, light light day is at least seven moron. I wore every every four Every other data for days a week, calisthenics plus Jim work out, so I don't any Jim work out without hidden pull over just call nickels and dimes. So, like fire pool of TIM pushups or our go, you know quarters We would have liked like twenty five pull up or in like fifty pushups, I've always different things I messed up, so I will do waits with cast an ex in air.
Every single night. I stretch for at least every night. I stress weighs two hours two hours every night, every night see stretch after you done workin out, yes, nighttime user, be either in a quiet room or are we want tv, great Unlove sport, we the gay. When I'm on the floor man and that's what I do see just which way do and stuff. I stress why do stuff two hours along ass time stretch is this just because you traffic erect a correct years of not knowing no years did you fuck with yoga alot yeah yoga issue, Would you do, however, I am own yoga We all know yoga for my body needs you'll get several times yoga shoot Yoke issued a comb, those positions in the big in for a long period of time. So that's registration of peoples are no holsters Falada quota for a long period of time can trying to give full range of motion. Allow people go on for like stuck on.
Let me show resolve messed up. I get Sgi on it now, if you're a full range of motion in your body. Dont go and get cut our man into you, No, that's your body is actually opened up. No, we start to get knuckle drug syndrome from noise pushups in their work back. You know that you like him we're dealt so here you are sharp hunched over before you know. You join whack. You need for range of motion before you know how fucked up you truly are. So I'm always a full range of motion like a kid. They run so effortlessly always a full range of motion. As you get older entire. sit in more stressed your body, to get more and more time for your shoulder start to get a balance, not in a joint, not a socket. If we know is popping yes Papa, could you fucking tight open it up? First opened up can you can't can can touch your aims behind each other in and raise him up behind. You know it's all these different races, emotion that
I get real smart on from a guy and to get to know the level. So are you do work with a train, dealers work ourselves, everything I do have never training monetary life really. Never! Now? What time do you read about physiology, exercise science or anything like that. Nothing! Nothing, but do it but like when they learn new shit about new ways to enhance shoulder stability or new exercises, you're, not interested. No, I don't due to their reason, would have yours. To this day. Man still day is to this day. It is for me to become better mentally how I look has just become of back. I have thousands, thousands, hundreds of thousands of miles on this body running pull up pushups whatever you call it this body's. What it is now is from repetition.
if not from studying, I know hey if you hold a plank for this long forgotten bullshit, I don't care about it. I just do it for my mind. I want to continue to harden because that's the only thing I want that's what I want. I want to have that my ready for life, but you also want increased. Range motion now raising rose to make sure that you you you not causing any additional injuries dude you wanna like stabilize some areas? It? Maybe you feel, like you, might have weaknesses and find new techniques to do that Have you seen my shirt off now established fuck. I saw the editor of any further work in Dave. your early and by time I got here is already doing China as stable as day. We use and pull up process asked unstable shit but yeah, but you No all this stuff is very important. Honestly. Do our jobs I meant
four rage, emotion, getting your shorter rotation! All this stuff is very important. I learned a lot about that. Come up. I had allowed People worked out without their rules. Smart about stuff, I'm a rule over me eater, like Bill Cosmos type, a lift her in all looked like it back, and I was that guy in the back of the skinny guy. About that. That's what I did and I got off really big into Schuman performers. about the body strength fitness someone to be. I want to be a hybrid motherfucker. I gotta run. was miles and then go Jim with you head, who doesn't even who scared of running a live with him. My whole life I want to be. The gown can run two miles with the skinny gas and then go to jail. the big me his ok loaded up, let's go so allow small thing, that's a very difficult thing to tie the two of them together when you think most people, anything alter marathon runners or people who run long distances? There are very thin, very thin, guys like when you were talking about
the first time you ran a hundred miles at you? Did dead lifts the night before? That is just fuckin preposterous? Nobody does no! Yes, I mean the guy touched by the book is silver back guerrilla in the book at another time. Obviously but here he saw me go into my card and not before my first managing migration. As I can call me out, say: gadgets. Compare no- we don't navies, aircars, ya. Gotta put you do three, how we should like to know what fuck goods The tell now so we're doing. Squats dare live power, cleans heavy the press is nothing other than a hundred more tomorrow but I also knew he was coming out there to watch me. So I'd like to know what you put me through three whole weeks, you were my instructor. So now it's my turn, as a kid you and what a human can do You can be certain that thinking why you watch me with your wife and kid, and use worked out, would not before we went through heavy
did the heaviest shit we're sore? Yet you can sit there he watched you one another's wormhole track how the fuck is he doing their sheer owner we lifted heavy is hell, you run a hundred miles and never has been passed. Twenty miles is life. I use F a lot of you so that Jim work out Mr Silva Back guerrilla. There was a lot from our mentality, that that brought with me. I knew I would see you and he came at fifty with a package of six doughnuts that I jumped up with the quickness So I use that work out for a lot of motivation. I know he see me. I know you thinking that I did not get rhabdo that that you know what I Nor would I got that day, but I took part in the book again that when I went home at night or that morning that war single handedly nothing even close on forty three Arizona, there's nothing even close to that paint. I knew
In fact I ones we gather tub. I knew I knew I was done. I was too about the hydro. It known was eating enriched crackers in my plex, that was the worst paint ever experienced in mine higher life. I was pissing Coca cool out of me. It was those bad is best. Public did have robbed. I guarantee it a guarantee hours back all those Coca COLA, no when no Buenos it was bad. and my ex wife was like. As you know, she's a nurse Come on mom of mom had a her friend. There was it was. It was was a doctor for her to hey you again to doktor Mealy knows. I can therefore confirm I got caught Chris Carson. Let him know I did a hundred miles to the bare water, It didn't go as like up you're like a plan, but I dig in the bare water after another race, but what did you do our thoughts like how later so, basically
I had never known a marathon right. I did a husband, irish. First, no training, but I signed up for marathon causes a first lost biggest marathon running down, the Strip of LAS Vegas so lost your head, a marathon, but is the first time it could go down to Strip two thousand family hey. I was on a fort onto I ran, did you did now come back I'll, be train of fort in I'll go dues race. With my face me, my ex wife, Mama mom signed so in Iraq. me, my boy sledge in the book, where this workin out very we're doing crazy workers. In my cardio was twenty minutes every cent they only political trainer. That's all cardio idea, our common. China was Marathon right. So then you know my boys get killed in the incident to happen or survivor, know the whole operation redwings. So that's what probably do hush memories
at two hundred more race in November is like two or three weeks later, that marathon there we all signed up for that train for ain't rifle whose Margaret Indian Trail offer this like eight hour drive there with you, walk, has tried to run the day before I came here. I can't run down the block, so In doing so, we were jobs. The racist, hey MA am, I was to walk it, a sum, a walk with you, my text wife as you can go and take off. Do your thing run your race on a walk, my mom, that gun went off and something fucking happy. I took the other. What our took up like a jack rabbit gone. What to hear. So all I was thinkin automotive. Couldn't I shouldn't a hundred miles three weeks ago, like for a time I was Peter blood and peasants shit. I myself, my bodies, broken. Might. Might my colleagues in my Tennyson my feet are broken ago. What is this
and every time I started running further frog. Ok, I got to the ten k, I'm about to maritime new, the boss, America, three ten, fifty nine from Asia, muck housing in the actual use in all these external shit for motivation, I'm ok, who d can go out here, run a hundred miles, no training unbroken most broken, My life now run America who could do it so I started this fleet myself feel myself. I get to have two mile about thirty seconds off the pace. Hang our manager guides can do this shit. Man studies beat him ass. A veto myself feed must have. You can do is before us man, I catch till at last, six miles now after page. Not is kicked it in that this new idea, like a trio, eight changes and now what the fuck. We have, I believe, and on the table leave and so much on the fuckin table for pain in that's. When I started
going crazy about mine like what the hell am I, what is up open these different doors, of like possibilities in like What is humanly possible? What are we capable of old people, I didn't even know. I was amazed by what I was able to do by simple fact of this reasoning in working with pain and pay management, and in my mind, is kept on growing from there and it happened in Hell. We happen hush marble happened here, a start, is evolving into Is now to hear now my goddamn and my we are leaving sohmer sovereignty. Will people take me? because it's almost sounds crazy, don't listen! I ship Madest! This cut, the bullshit cut the bullshit just get the weeds that you are. You are fucking yourself up by not Examining your brain you're not examining your brain message. It does not exist
you're fucking brain and that takes some hard work in suffering. If you do that, I'm sorry, and its use is no way to do that as a bystander. Now you can't watch it man. Got but always heart. This is real fucking bad. I think this is smart and then gets what happens. The body will just it will adjust embargoes. Well, in their quest to get what is your time when it doesn't just I guess I'm a stupid is shit. Man like don't don't take with a greater focus on people, those questions of people in Rwanda. Yes, yes, and if I say one should I Did you ever like feel like now shut the fuck up? Stop stop! I don't worry that there's always that next question no don't take it like go out. There run through a brick walls me times you can know, I'm not saying be me, don't run toward him five miles at one time. I say and do that I'm saying
dark to learn the mine. is powerful is powerful. Man is unbelievable, but people need they need a thing to get him. Go on. Why they need a thing right need a goal. They need the Unita like it's what sometimes the first step is the hardest. like it's hard to take that one million step to, but something the first step is the more something about the idea. They're going over the phone with MR people, they don't write. The house is its and there's something about procrastination, saying you know its painful. I know you should be doing things, but you just keep doing that. You keep it. In that sense, I procrastinate like a motherfucker man every day, I will do this business or money. Maybe we're lookin like some damn superhero came down from the guys from the Heavens up earth. Now man
wanna. Do this shit look here. My shoes for thirty minutes have far more people. People look up to your gardens, fuck them. My or do they should marry, but guess what they do it I'm going to do it long as you do it and that's why I know a biomass laptop. Do nothing or man. You go fuck a severe! You look at your for thirty forty minutes You go you think about all day long you go do anyway, and sometimes you now have the technology issues for thirty minutes. Now those are the doesn't it beautiful. Days. Yes, as you'd know, you just have to go right, and so like does no room for procrastination and that's when I was in the military. I love my schedule. Continuing to be working, seven o clock. So you will get your ass about four o. Will you get your shit in brother because get machine, and before I got my shit, you know so nah backed Emmanuel like I had to get a mile. And get everything in man and get to work man how Mark
meet with the offer males. How much is that piss, other alpha males off that you we were imposing of hi bar. I. I was very misunderstood human being mousing, the military, the air force guys like me, a lot the Rangers light, a lot so much not disuse because they were with you there. They didn't like me so much, which is fine. You know I respect earmarking alive in respect of a lot of prison facilities that are gathered like like minded mentalities. Is me, Once again my I grew up and I got over a lot of guys still have you know like they can't get over the fact of whatever chemistry, recruiter alike, I wouldn't deploying for a lot of reasons. A word not, and they heard a lot. I was gone grind. It are grounded hard I mean I, I grounded hard a guy who's up like if we went on or we had a work up
This year we had to work up we're nylon, rather Shootin guns in Indonesia and warfare, and we did it took one o clock in the Fuckin morning, most every by gorgeously single asleep. I was the gym now worked up or I'll go sleep. That's it may be at five o clock positive. We're talking to our I may should always do that, and I did a two point: two I think, epistle people off, because I I want to quite person about it. I I I want the most humble person always also when you, alpha. Males sometimes picking to fight all time, and I look different act different. I was different. I am different. I take a our pride net and so you know if, if you didn't get after it, I didn't respect you, because I believe that No we're we're our Matt. I no they're human potential is what we have said. We have what we do,
world, sees us a certain way. Erin. I saw that people were doing that. I had a foggy ass, fuckin attitude. I only in my book I come four major school, a big time leader? I was a big time- fuckin leader Honour man out there. I lead by example, There were realised La Thomson you're in these schools, these schools, but when a graduate these schools, because they suck they don't ever go back to these groups. Those schools became african life. People don't want to see your fucking guy that wants to go back to day one week, one a fucking Navy seal training every fucking day of your life and that's all it. So disgusting human being can be. It is, a lot of people like me about a lot of fuckin people started some stupid shit and started saying this net bomb lie. Man is muff, We can resume, says it all moreover, as a out their good mother fucker. You say whatever you want to say about me man, I
I miss him diplomas manner for haven't fucking? U to heart surgeries and people. Starts a rumour should army many started, Remercie Army man, because a fucking got defunct after Rio. Har guys, like a Ganem, HAWK to our time is great, for my when the horseman for before heart serving the second, our sewerage TIM our record before my second harsher the day of it. A team of rubber fifty pounds? I saw that guy he's at what the fuck are you doing. I area harsher tragedy. Brother I'm gonna, be here before me out for about six months after the heart surgery, dogma, mentality, canasta, realising at a young age without on the table. It was I and out what a human being capable of. I didn't know how to control that I was ours, a fucking, irritable, fuckin, savage! That's! What I've worked out. A fuckin straight up, people Tabar Savage, very likely hours fucking from the back woods Motherfucker
savage, do you know in this? I was just I was. I told you what I thought h? If so, my shoulder, I am and a lot of that wasn't great, so that a situation where, like with the seals where once you ve gotten through buds once you ve, got through all the physically gruelling parts of getting to be accepted, once you're in then you or imposing standards that it didn't wanna didn't want to keep up with I will say some people I had. I want the tuna had a problem with it. A guy. I graduate Ranger School. I got this opportunity Seattle, I was in charge of pity programme, and you put me Charlie Peter Programme is fuckin your ass anything I didn't like it either? How do you do they should either member will we make them do like you know like I was awesome name. It was some budget year we were backed buzz.
Long teasing care, lounge, the Burma and shit and, like I had to do like pull ups rock climbs pull of flag for an So imagine do know of rock climbing over do like ten to fifteen pulls come back, and we would do like this if they were very hard. Work ass. I do know like go to Jim leave some ways, type a shit I was imposing. my own mentality on everybody? These are grown up. Fuck men, they don't know they don't want to be where I'm trying to make them to be there when they called me off, but I you know we're not instil in Iraq, buds anymore, goggins piss me off and I now get your fuckin outdo got gamma chip, and I got my ball in me me and sledge. Went ahead has started to work together and we develop this, like means less work out like fucking door animals, and we had this fucking mentality. Fuck, you you naturally, every day in Airbus can do their own thing. Man, I just that
not our looking at people not to seal the people very differently MAC, as I bid in two like you know like to be this best laboratory Gabby. We have broken leg and these guys, although stories I was the same guy? May I put people on a pedestal. People can never be there. I can never be that guy may never put any bought a pedestal thus we happen to me. I put my person was adopted with a solemn and once again everybody hard motherfuckers out your do period, dot hard other every mother. Fucker was hard common amongst uncommon man. That's all was love me, man, get to another level a pistol autumn. Fuckers are unable to China fine Chinks him armor. Then there were the they would. A fine chinks, an arm. You know he doesn't run. I just fuckin run as Y know. Again. I thought about the military too. Much like I said here: first, let me die.
army guys, worker lonely. The love me to Ranger school me you know is where it is man is. I was part of the Navy seals hours it out the team guy, but wasn't part of brotherhood And asked me man: this is me not bad about them. I gotta love for a lot of love running. I love me back Our bad about em, if I'm different lessening, I figured out I'm different from every buying the fucking world on that and say no more humane alot of fuckin mistakes being its. being who you are Should it be more of a leader at times, but it has not even been look harder to so was it? Is Some of those guys just wanna work is hard was it is that they were the worn appreciating how competitive you were. You were always against them that what it was that it did. It doesnt foster the sense of brotherhood, because You are more like amount pussy. I added
calm pussies, but you look on my face and how they are to an end you can you can kind of state as the oh, so perhaps after that Philip in this, like the separation in our think about me to mass, I don't go out, I don't party hang out with the guys. I all you know so. I was all form in this kind of separation, I'm a big time introvert. You know I do. My job and I to see your fuckin asked again. Imma go home fresh and will see again. You know you you're in particular these guys for to two years and Tom you have an hour you know we work up. Do our shit and I see this as a different fuckin cat. I'm a different. Man, like I, you know honest, I think differently. I believe differently I believe strongly. We believe in some people must appreciate the fact you are self motivated and that you are pushing the anvil that you are pushing your face. You
the high bar. You have a lot of guys right now within the community a alive God was again. This is like is like a big, so proper. Some. I may have a new. We know when we renewed fraternity, like that. That's what it's like man, so I had to get it Vantage point, look out and see that ignore lotta guide, the respect to our was and what I did and I brought it fucking heart a lot in every day, but also people the long way, unlike daddy, you're talking about like that, you want to stress the fuck. Am I as you like this? Do man level you about when you ran the marathon. You realize how much you are leaving on the table possess is meant. I think that the unfulfilled potential to store of most people's lives, it is is, it could have been a story of mine, tell lotta people, people go with you
sphere life? My biggest fear honestly was So this is stay out here, if you believe in god- and I don't care so this. This is play games with me. I say: let's say your God and we have a big. in love line of people, and I made to have seventy five, sort of three hundred pounds I made you haven't. I worked for equal, my tireless brain for cockroaches. That's what I did, but then Heaven now and you are at your door. Judging us all so we're line raw sit near line. You have Adam Brown, he's a big board up and you're talking Adam Brown about his life and you rip it down I'm next. In line David Goggins, I see my name ass. The other shit
goggles, you say, read this man, I'm reading this list and I'm seeing one hundred and eighty two Lb Navy Seal Ranger School Motivational, speaker changing mods. Okay, me: a pull up record. All this shit That's not me, man and guy looks at me set us who you were supposed to be, and my biggest fear I visualise some crazy shit. My biggest fears that today. I want to reach a judgment on my life, so much so he's going to judge me what the fuck I was supposed to be a life and What I want now is that whoever just would ever just me up there. I want them to have a board in up there right now getting their pin out, because no dispersant judges pose new everything scores.
What time you're dead two times your email didn't y'all. Tell me more time to get. I want this person up there to drag this up their writing more about me, saying fuck. I know you could do that Do that so I wanna impress whatever the fuck is up there would have going on in life. I want to go out there and not have anything left on the table. I want it when a dream, my soul, of every fucking bit of person. I am now. How do you plan on doing gone forward in the future? Do you have a plan? yes, where I didn't, I believe in going back scratch. So a lot of us I run a I've. I've come a long way. My life, I've. I've had a group allow except lot of the fucking things. I've done him alive and accept a lot I took all this information. Big database took it all. So What got me to be Roma? Today's data, I clicked even more now we can write. This book is running. Tell people hey, no forget a lot of faults:
ever mentality that can sometimes represent all this shit. So how Get better. Is surrender away appear now I was way down here, but what may She way appear is being from way down here. So I love going back a call. So when I was growing up like three years for some time, I was eight to ten Twelve, we live in a seven dollars, my place in what qualities is I'm always paying rent? in that seven dollars a month home everyday. My life, I'll go back in revisit debt play scrapped, grab, place made me describe animal that place. May me this hard man in their from that place or that that places hard work places going back to the fundamentals of If the fundamentals, what may David Gaga David gotta, go back in your going back to go back to the Library of David God, studying, even more, where no taken that out.
back at now and then move forward? So I believe, always take a step backwards to to your roots, which we cannot forget the roots in what made the grandmother. We can become civilising grandmother like little kids close. This look is closed. I loved word I will close drinks. another, closer drinks member, some like that. So when, when you when you live in like right now, like what kind of goals you setting How are you? How are you how you feeling a beast inside of you, how you calming, although down stretching cept a lot? you know so when you, why yourself up so much yoga yoke and stretching has really helped me like- you wanna be quiet in your mind too soon wanna go. Can noise is the ultimate kryptonite
too much noise. In your mind, you in that could be focused on what the task at hand is one thing that I found that, unlike long cargoes are the best thing ever for at home and that noise, yes, we all talked about the all the guys that I did that sober October thing with the fitness challenge. That way. If you work out five hours a day, you don't give a fuck now it's it's amazing, I'm like if you could take down and put it in a pill form how you feel about life after you work out five hours. You don't give a fuck another bothers you, you nothing gives you ve struggled true my fiance right now, like hey, I get its wisely and like I'll take. You said you work issues. Are Turkey has worked out for four hours? Man fuck you sit down with my future all day long son, I'm chill differently, all that shit out, our ring the rag out in the morning time If you want to do I'm here, man, most people never get do not always have the chatter always negative. The anger of the
The guy cut you off yesterday on your head, yet all day long chatter chowder launch out, or maybe I do this, but we should have done. I should never let that guy get away with that exists. I should have done as I should have taken that job should move. I shall talk with her. I was me man we people to people like me as a meal. In that that long cardio, just com that chatter, like this, I got I'd never until October. I never really done long. Car Every day it beat it testosterone up. Man beats everything yeah? That's just you're, like fucking done, you're cool your Cromer stop just dad. It's like it's. I will talk about people's brains that I think that the way people's minds work that you were like a battery that's like leaking out. So since we don't you, because we have all this potential, we don't use it like. It is, off the top of the batter and it gets messy
gone down the sides of the batteries fucked up the one you drain. That bitch, like nature intended like give you the potential to run away from predators void invading tribes and to fight in the gallery. and hunt and all the physical potential that your body is capable of. When you do geranium, would like a ten mile, wronger long, cardio session long workout session, then you can just be. You is the great purge man, the purchaser purge you personally fuckin demon shit out man other evil evil. Dana tomorrow, as I get like the right to find out, gets out pounded out, but you could see things clear more clearly, and it is only available through effort at me. Maybe it's available through meditation. I don't know, but I feel it is a different things available through effort this is also a satisfaction of accomplishment. Earlier efforts usually means everything gets. You gave a gibbet yourself
the woody do plan out your future? I do so. Very go. So I might add that accountability mirror the also plainer almost small big time. No medium, because all these things that do life, I'm a big planner, I'm a big player. So you know right now: I'm going back to scratch. China be while their firefighter. I did have a couple seasons. you can do that now. Yes, I did it for data for two, not not foresee the boat, but to have season so this year, with my second you're doing it added stop about two months before it ended because this book to start promoting a book or start from this new book up avenue not produced some fuckin workmen Those fucking guys get half what made you decide to do that the work. You know why when your hands stop becoming really calloused it's time to get back to work like I retire from the military, twenty one years of military.
Milton with no life loved everything about it. The discipline of it is some about going back in the in the money you make as Neil now about the moneyed. All is just about the hard work. I've always been looking for those people, like those guys like you out there digging a three mile fire line, litter The three more far lie. You cut down, he's fucking shoes, ass trees, diggers, far line in the fire alarm is like twenty two eighteen inches for three months. You gonna fuckin twelve people taken this shit, I'm other figment, from the horse fuckin work? I've done in my life is that challenge that you can't fine. Sometimes by going to the gym run. A hundred more race is that if there are new challenge of UK and you get to dig it right. you work seventeen hours, sixteen seventeen hours, you get your fucking all fuckin sleep met out, shack down, boom, Latona floor right, don't aground git up up Dixon, more
You know be out there to three weeks sometimes means doing this shit news. Great satisfaction in the kind of work tat you do out there now was watching nor gives a fuck is here. Are dangerous for work. and you know you do to help should out man. No, how did you get drawn, and so I got Johnny, to it because I was always the next challenge as a kid. What is there after the military, with a good with with verges on forty three, I'm getting back in shape? You know, I'm fucking get these health issues taking care that I had and I started Google's amazing shit. Harcourt fuck! You no pretty much your heart harder. Fuck! That's found the horse now that the first race hardest. Races in the world, so they We find this while their firefighting, like with others, while I firefight Google that our group smoke jumpers but to fight these guys do what they jump out of place. At attacks more fires like shit, so my ok, ok,
the put down a listing Kihachi ass, it was the hatch I do they go out with me or big fires, and they take far line fuck wit with Dick from it and not a video of it. Let s like it sucks is hot. You know this limb ilium you out you're on your own you're doing romantic, didn't violence and ask- and I found it amazing for next challenge I'm I'm never satisfy with. Oh, I did that, like I became a seal, I was air force. Guy became a seal on which arranges school. I tried for data for twice like I'm always looking for what is next looking for those on common men and women on common people, some trying to I'm trying to grow on trying to grow Ella Times no you'll be pertness, make use of growth, you look Was Cameron hazels during those people who are just different people who understand what the fuck you thanks a lot of things. I have to say I can say them all
I can say, the more humane understand them. So I really find a way to communicate with people, so the don't think I'm rigid to say so These common, as the german people get it. So I go. Overall those low nucleus pass get low, most regular. More now is global tools. Take those whose me forever, tool shed in, I go off guard down the road on a new journey. So that's. Why do well the proof of the pudding? If you really do and woodland fire fighting is dead? no glory in that. No sir, no there's no fame is no there's. No one taken pixels of you know in that paycheck. Yes, MA am a burger make you want to eat today, while there is theirs, does not That means they worked your ass off so but you just doing it as a challenge. Does it Does a freak out when you there
Think they're wondered. Why is a forty three euro, retired man in no other stuff? You ve done where you out here, and I split it to Mama here. Am I heard you know too, to learn from you or to grow and also to never forget. Where I came from you know, that's worth starts is that mentality of unlock pick up their fuckin polar, Turkey in other, dig this fuckin far laboratory. Damn us that that mentality, I never want to lose a never want to get so nice route. Oh, I did it man I did. I did it anchored there. the reality of I'm willing to take up that Chauvelin, I'm gonna dig a three mile line is there's some about that mentality that I'm I'm ready to go to work at any time? And that's what keeps me Those are the sparks. Like your look at motivation, just a spark is like is killing you how a big fire stars
with a low smoke. You started a little cigarette being thrown in the woods making all California spoken burn up. That's I've been doing my whole life as I find these laws sparks it was their loathing takes off. that's a one hour fuel. Can you get ten our fuel? Then you can move that thing to it. ten thousand our fuel. These big logs and big trees burn for days. And that's what you want to bring that motivation. Does she want to bring DR! So if you have no kingly the killing me going out these young arising out of forty forty three to twenty will keep up with them They're coming now, when I leave those, guys it has now become that ten, our fuel and not at ten thousand if you use throughout my whole life. I use that you're my whole life. I hate this summer at forty three. You went out there and you did that man sewing
you're, not given up yet not done yet, not today not done today. That's crazy choice to make the woollen firefighters very interesting choice. It is that it is a nasty job because again that says that this proof of concept, like you really, doing just for the struggle, as have the Azores other things you considered like that, I will. I apply for smoke jumping this year, so I'll be small jump this year in, oh god, willing that's now that there are now the next Motor Dutchman, there's military and death, it is always about human growth is not about money. Now about money, human growth that the biggest back. I set my biggest choice yes, why Turner three thousand dollars the biggest trophy life, as we have learned this brain if I could puts Britain so my head is that he go merry Christmas? Maybe a happy person we re found out. Is it with no crowd
No nowhere cheer! For you know, races! No finish line is amazing amazing thing, I've learned my mind, but no one cheering you all know what that is every more. Do what I do. I have a train awakened me up. There's no one saying David! You have to do this, I have to do anything anymore. I've done it. That's the beauty of all this. Knowing that everything I talk about, no one even knows what the fuck I'm doing every day, and I know that I am grinding like a mother fucker, they see women, a video. let me run in or some bullshit opiate motivate you merry Christmas dune, I'm out there for fucking hours every fucking day in no one sees what the fuck I'm doing. No one is a great beautiful thing. Man tat is a beautiful thing about it, right that you really are just doing. It for the benefit of it, said that you have to do it that way, it's not for show does a lot of peace
like your sealer. They have a little video. They do. instagram like that. You are not doing that for very long onto Faz as it is. The way? I got my one minute on Now, exactly it's so much a visit for show. I do enjoy those videos. Are you doing on Instagram, though we recently is little motivational. Things are put some of em up on my page represent these posted. It those are those a great man like. Would you would you? Are you just like? Do you just get a thought in your head? Why you're out their run. A need you want to get it down. yeah. So what I do is I my fiance. Does all these videos, man so bless you somehow be three o clock in the morning Workin out, that's a hey wait to fuck up. I got some shit. what came to be mere ghost ship, these people, man, just what happened Usually when I'm workin out. I get a great inspiration. I something I think is bullshit.
That might my my worst best under extreme pain and suffering economic, What we are here in, that's it I'm going even to the seller of my mind in fashion All that gargoyle shit starts to come up manual. Sam is oh, she gets what are all the time. A. I run home is get the car meet me at seven. These three because at times. I have all my shit together. So us all the time. We may not like it rehearse thing lessons report on Monday uses like every Monday, but so this Tuesday somebody's Thursday, you Know- and that's what I do. I am trying to now give back to people in a way that real inauthentic and in just being me, what is the response been like after you did, that it s the first time what was a response like it was a response like on social media, well crazy man. It you are my usher in I'm fucking Bieber, that's two fuckin response! so you're crowd for some reason day.
They resonate with me. They they understand a they. They they give me and they they love the message in like. So if you put some bullshit up on my side, are blocking delete your ass. This ain't, this the playground like light, like my site, I'm not fucking around what you Motherfuckers I want to give you some tools. Did I learn who are taken? Take with not merry. Christmas are gonna marry way. I don't care you gonna play around one of realism in Jakarta those people where's, your fuckin inshore mush. It block you mock. Yes, my shit, quick. I want so I have friends, Jamie tell us so are developed. Small community we can go in there. It is not just me talk, so people now joined in and I've seen people whose a hundred and fifty panels on my site may like in the interim about in their starting to break themselves down like a brought myself down. Ok, I went through this
do this divorce, this happened and I try to kill myself. It is wrong and people are now going come on their ships. Say: hey keep it up. Do what you do is becoming a big fuckin like hey. It's a community of people trying to fucking get better and that's what it's about Manny saying about the David Goggins fucking show not man, I'm at the killing. You motherfucker take this shit. Burn. Naso, you probably need all these are the people out there grind to for fuel may want to know that's the thing now, like people got what motivates now We're motivation knows that there is over six or some one thousand people Let me say in mother, fucking guy, and some are out there. He saw out differently after- and I am so you re never fucking alone.
there somewhere is six out of some thousand people this chance that when you work now care, if you're, fucking washed in D c and I'm in Nashville, is a good chance that same time regained after our people know that industry really do we are getting after together, not know like be family shit, but we're getting after no yeah, but that is does John for people, man that the sense of community and to know that this, like minded folks out there, ass, also trying to improve the China overcome their own demons get past, bullshit ass their own weaknesses callous up there? on mine. I love that any of this time for some soft shit, it's not top assumption with this in the fuckin playground not come on. My is to grant Facebook Twitter talk in some bullshit come on if you wanna, if you want to join the community and get hard and see what you're about don't talk about rare
Yo. How do you do it now? That's fucking! Stop thinking so much in this put the shoes on and get grind to do, get some of that. Those saw how much to say you know this terrible, advise rest, recoveries, multiplying thick black, so much so alas, not my site here that shit there's a lot of people looking for built an excuse, a our man, pr they're, looking for it, but then this a of people also that are just really interested in personal growth. they're interested in really finding out what their made of the written instant, improving their ability to toughen up. Discipline themselves and then looking they're looking for people like you and other people, just add that momentum. Once you get go when it's easier to keep Does it man, once you get going it's easier to keep showing up it? Is it? Is you had to get paid that hurdle, or was you're flying and then you see other people
one or two, and you realize like this is this is a move It is a lot of other people out there as it is a movement now it is a movement. Would that's the thing that resonates with you. I think the audience this part gas it I've had quite a few people on that. Have that same message and resonates with people because we're all try to improve ourselves. No one's perfect does now I'm not perfect. Now or never we'll be you're not and you never will be, but you're better than you were yesterday. You gonna be better to Morrow. That's the truth. They write their madness. That book says I am not fucking perfect man, they had the boss. Now, finally tell you all I'm very flawed, but in that saying that you're very flawed and saying that you're very perfect exhibit way more strength and someone who bullshit and pretence someone puts up some fake ass fuckin faithfully. of perfection of of moral integrity and growth and honesty and those people are a real problem. Classics.
These eggs fuck the data for why am I fucked up? I give up my way. I quit up until you all. I can't do this anymore. This issue- I am, but the conference of you ve, come silly grinding constantly putting that work is what leads you to be able to express yourself so honestly, you're right, I am for the first time believe and EVA gags Attica who believes in me. I don't care for the first time a lot, and I could tell you all my fucked up shit without lie. That's power no longer care that power. For they see everybody can get to that. Then you do you don't have any excuses cause you don't need any right, no dated eight any non you'll. Like me very Christmas closet keep movement. Is it go Good luck to you gave me exactly harbor on this thing. Together, you be your own path, one of us
There are those shoes for thirty minutes as it as a German through so fire jumping and woodland firefighting. That didn't expect that I didn't hear that common. That's interesting! man and what would you have any other options that you will look out before you dived into those? You know what those the first came up. I saw how hard it was. You know like a forty three in these jobs are lacking. military. Your dinosaur, China, retire wallet Our finally started moving his desk jobs, and that is the challenge of it. In my car, I'm like a fuckin working at forty three right. So, unlike the antarctic, little bitch so it takes a lot for me. I'm like em of I've. I've does, These men are now, but I have to now humble myself again. Right it's hard to humbly so because in twenty one, Euro Lopez busily hey pickup, come on like, but what the fuck? You say. Oh my Obama. God, you're rookie Melick? So that's all
the training behind the mindset of it. All right is it you can't ever be the point. You never learn from people right now, yet always humble yourself, and go back to that. Yeah. You know like right now: there's people, business parks like oh yeah, you're, great galleries, nor you shit gardens and that's him. I was gonna have no. I am not proud of myself, but yet always keep debt like. I want to keep their doggie me in. I can always know everything will be to begin Something is fantastic, is amazing, being learning new things is fantastic for everything else. Somewhat growth in it. Have you do fuckers? martial arts. You know what I learn a little bit of I'm never gone crazy. I'm never going crazy back a little bit. Where do you live? I live in Nashville, so I urge you to Nashville to get involved. Jitsu you take me like a doctor. Water are financed by Russia.
we use by you, you get obsessed with that. Shit is ago. Yes, a never ending pile of fuck, entangled bodies and strangle global because it's something you just get better at all the time does no hiding right. Either you get choke. Do you don't either you survive or you don't now been a lot of ground lagree gave me about never really learned. Skill sits yeah, so would be nice to do their why do I think you would get obsessed with it. The same way, jocose obsessed with its other seals, get obsessed with martial arts would be nice to do it because it's also constant competition as well. and you can get into competition every single night of the weak, real. yeah absolutely and as a guy who's. Just starting out. You can be a white bell. You going it's triangle, Alot You want us to forget that begin and you're gonna start from the beginning. A hundred percent guys your size is plenty guys have been doing it for fucking decades.
I guess I did has armies are bigger dogs. You comin her, but it is also a good thing to have the kind of cardio endurance you have to. That's like people are a rule with a lot of guys. We have skills, but the thing I really have them like a brake on a man. I got a fact that cardio base man, I gotta fucked up cardio basement momentarily he's kind of fucked up to yeah, so I realized ever find with. If you gotta be cardio base. In your mind, it's fucked up to party has almost every at NASA skills are everything because a lot of guys with skills also have some cardio. They Evan, I fuck you up, but to have tremendous cardio with big skills is, everything I see him. I remain die in their because some Guy started a hundred percent, but three minutes into the fight their at eighty right in five minutes into the fight their at six It is right and they recover for a minute. They come back. But if you're, if
you're in like a rolling session like when you roll Euro. Four nine minutes strain, so you when this guy and there's most of the time. Does multiple tabs you'll tap here? He'll tat, beauty, tat each other, but nine minutes man it is costing without EL goes off. The last be noted that the bell for thirty seconds- and you get thirty seven laughter, nine minutes and then dinging it's over They do take a minute off. You find a new partner as good, back in their you'd love. It is sound like a grand, yet the next grime right there he loved yeah gaining Lando, is what some of that take about. If I went like this hard at its heart, say: kazoo It depends entirely upon how much emphasis you put on learning new techniques and rolling and drilling drilling is gigantic and that's the thing the people don't like do cause Jujitsu. So fine people like to just raw right because its
sparring words. Alec does practice choke people. I knew a few things they do that again, this Ok, I'm beginning to look like a lot of jujitsu schools, they'll start out with one or two techniques in the new role, mostly class it just sparring, but the right way to do it? Really Is the drill way more than you spar, okay, be drilling all the time and live drilling to like you start out where a guy has your back ready and then from there you got to try to escape and do it the right thing to try to use the right technique, get out of that position or start out with an arm barbies defending and you gotta figure had extended in Those live drills straight drills like tat, drills and then live drills are, I think, even more important in the beginning to talk to your personal development and growth as a Jujitsu planet, then even sparring
but a guy like you, whose smart and tough and go crazy shit it shouldn't data along takes people amid depends on how much dedicate yourself to dj paying out as blackmail three years, what habits, Crazies be Japan is like the guy colony prodigy for reason right conversation about, though it was really interesting once he goes, he was talking to some other. Do Indeed, the guy said I got my black belt at three years. Just like you did be Jane is while manacles? You must be good. It was no man because I'm a dick did just like you, because you are addicted. You're, addicted he's, like I never thought about it. That way goes Yom addicted. Did you do to to get addicted like it? eggs over mine rides everything your days spent thinking about Go triangle. Do this mother fucker? How do I me shit? I get that tonight choked out ten years ago that I think about sometimes it on lifting, be tired. I think about a guy
caught me ten years of my life back just She's been about life. Man has, I think, about not being choked out but think about a lot of shit like that. failure, is pushing decline on me like a mother, Fucker man, and that's it Talking about earlier to like them, feared that the mind has these reserves can tricky and pull them out. Yes, inspirational reserves, like you did when you, when you guys we're going through buds We just found that trigger and then I'll send you throw on that boat in the air. The mind always had a tactical advantage over you wise. It knows your fear in those years. A curious is, it knows whether I can get a motherfucker man and not forget tat. The conventions on yourself, that's gotta get to man is based. There might be a best lesson right that you, mind you mind, knows everything you cannot hide from it. So don't ever try don't try beat that Motherfucker Jackie Goin out. That's also, would you didn't
But you didn't try to like paint yourself Glamorous or flattering way at any point in time, you're honest at every step of the way, which I think is just gigantic for people to because You can tell when someone's stroke, themselves, arrival shit in themselves and the messages won't come through right, but this year you come through in this book You know like you who you are and what you became and how you became, who you are and who you used to be and why you were the ways to be all that comes through is like there's no filter. This Yes, your your thoughts like you, what Remember about your lies in what you think about right now, just all comes out onto the pages harder theatre, my entire life imagined? I have fucking do about this book. Didn't I walk into p2p walk at me like we think about mother fucker.
Think about BP, the bird thinking about I shall write like you likely legged about the opening of. Are you know all about it? Will about you motherfucker everything about you, That's what people love right when they know some shit about yet another debate about. Nobody. That's anonymous trawls as it man and then they did at me. The car is a lot of those tat dear. doing that to themselves. They don't even understand when you do that. You're doing it to yourself right review are attacked. Someone cause. You know that they have a weakness, but you're pretending you don't have one you are at packing yourself, your ship no way your own personal sovereignty is a ship in a way your own respect. So true man care respect yourself, you know you're a pussy you up in, though Jody me looking at people realizing. I know something about you
because then I won't talk about it, ran all ready. No, it yeah. If you're talking should about me, I know you're fucked up. We're all these casta come out right now, you don't like me whatever, like really this should happen. Thirty, fucking years ago, at ten years ago, you don't you still fucked up about that. I know somebody broke zagging over everything, I'm good. This is what the fuck Crime is the diseases that is it growing harder if, if you're worried about certain that someone did two years ago, you being a pussy to yourself may not get not. There is good reason that Fuckin stole out every day. If you grind harm get tunnel, we're about your mother, yes, I M getting
What about you, man get tomorrow. I gotta go back to the grind, and tomorrow I go back to the ground again and again and again again I'll have time to put you into the hate bank. There's no hate saw filtered out man to the crime. We don't get. This there's great joy in the ground. great join suffer is totally cleans. Is your body out man of any kind of eight makes you grow up? It's also the being honest about it. Every step of the way. The way you are in this book and the way you are, we talk about things not not trying to paint yourself in a flattering way: it it forces you to continue to perform by exposing all this shit. They used to do by exposing and procrastination you ve. U slips followings you'd falling back down and getting fat again that step it forces you to be consistent. Like you know, you did it today. You know you did it today. Do you know you're going to be able to do it tomorrow when you have to get how I know
that's my biggest fear. Man is, I know I can let those men you not permanent shit. no one's permit almost broken permanence. Why people that have accomplished great things, and they want to talk about those great things to the end of time and not do anything anymore. They fuckin themselves it those people that are looking for their golden age. It is holding, hands, walk and often decided at its role that doesn't exist is not tat to man's now real, The word tattoo that slipping unlike what all this rapid I'm still slip can't take a day off I can't take a day off. No, you scared the good day. Seven days a week I get out I see. The thing about Adieu active recovery right, ok, what's What's a light active recovery day, you say seven days: seven miles as normal, easy six Myra, that's
through Cambria Zol low heart rate, although the gum walkin Amartya like a fucking now thirty two minute mile heart through a low, a really big into heart rate, train Man is amazing, so it makes you machine. It makes you a machine, also what were a trained your heart in a way that the way I was able to run these hundred. My race, like I, was, do it was awful heart rate. So if you go eighty percent. for me for the longest time is like a hundred like one hundred and forty seven heart rate, one hundred and forty eight to one hundred and fifty two right around there. If I maintain that man, I'm in that, I'm burning that nice fat storage in that body wants to utilize that nice and slow. You never get in a hurry up or I can be. The heart rate for high takes a lot to recover from that and the higher goes the longer it takes me to come down. When I stay at one hundred and forty five
the system of recent hurry for long time and I get done running it- will go back under a hundred within two or three minutes and that's what you want. You want that quick recovery. So quick recovery means that your body run on point now. Look I am. However, the moratorium is using. The thirties is like forty five forty six forty seven m over trained easy day, gaming zone, one so what museums real like today, so I train every day, because why, as it as my mind in as a human exposed to move everyday, both move Emma Thing get after it every day get after me to do some everyday. right. A bike if you're real, tired from working hard right, easy by spin, your spinning taking your fluids ray I draw your body. Agile act could not the best way to re hydrate, your body like taken a carbohydrate drink. It gets all that good carved.
you ve got a blockage in store. Your body gave the next day so adjutant active stuff that blood flowing nice active blood flow. The nice at the blood flowed, helps the recovery process along with drink. In some some like endure history or some carbohydrate drink. It gets all that blackish into this system, back to the muscles loads and back up again rate of five another watermark. What do you use for her among the issues polar for a long time, I kind of still use polar now. There are risks. Our Chester suggest rap. It's a nice cheap little. Just rap and I'm at the point now where I know I only do my heart rate in the morning time. I don't even wear it anymore. Checking whether the strap and the morning react sexual drafting, a checklist, dresser you wake up, it is put a strap on before you got a bed, but the strap on your body. Didn't first thing: you do this chap on or do your finger, but everyone you can do
for every job, do you finger know what your average heart rate is? Now your resting resting heart rate and then from there it's a little bit ILO elevated. You know you can't go off into that zone three! some for training day. You got an idea zone tourism one. So it's all about the heart rate, the rest hurry. So when you use it the chest, trapped as a register on application on a phone like had it, how do you read it on the watch on a watch? Is it a small watchers polar wants to pull the watch soda washed? It shows you the heart rate, its reading strap exactly Saunders So when you see zone ones this. These are things that you have created zone ones onto the Norwegian like those that that's no, whoever create this like that to heart rate zone training. So basically what I did in with me out so much is mine, two trainee rose you to be eight thirty, so that was my pace like one point, thirty mile, yet thirty mile through stretching and give a body opened
My zone to run now is about a seven twenty one. Seven eighteen seven nineteen caught a minute off just by using your range of English up, my range of motion, wow ambling, at the same exact heart rate, so my dry people videos at me like years ago, not pursue my first by water. Look our scooting I have like it was so tight. Look. I was this. This very rigid runner now actually run. You know everything was so tired things. Our conduct forming, as other comic, like my knees and George, is common in word. Now there are things where you know when he'll be here, and I have a nice long, nice dried. Do you run on the street arenas? for the most part, I'm always Travelin Zella Bessie. I guess you're running shoes, you get your shit he's gonna run, but I try to trails. Awesome, do as much as possible. So this is really give rhubarb. Unama, bisect, fuckin tech, fucking iron- I mean this, is it can take? Some being
now when you, when you run you ve ever fuck with those barefoot running shoes and know how now look Honestly, I don't know many people who have been, I don't believe in it I was born. We choose where she's not for life I am not from Africa Song I am not down man, I'm not here dear ever read the science behind the idea of like using all the, Oh yeah, yeah areas on behalf of our resolve. I've more for it have broken feats over that do but minimal issues on trails are bad and I am not doing now and now a break my oh, my God, man in those things all it's really assess like us, yeah if we can but I tell you what a ran enough fat tyres yesterday under our factor, which is over cushiony ass shoe. You like us, Sully easy
I just told you like us forever now now under armor as these fat tyres, it's basically like a big Macs tire track guerrillas even made by attire company, makes the tread yeah and it's like it's got a motion to it and you you run and things men you could run over so think about those five finger. Barefoot choose right alike. Run in those be go, look we're Stepan! you can set up on any hard rocks game ever fuck up your quick cause. It's like it's gonna oh right in your foot, tiny little thin. So I went from those two Vive I was vivo barefoot, choose, that's what it looks like so when you run on those bitches that is a cushiony glorious, padding like when you you hit. The ground is like smashes motion smash. I had the other ones, gimme the ones with the Bala its cause. It just like that. Little click, one that you just put pull out, yeah like those. So it's like you twist it with that that aid
I ended up with that. Little boa adjuster thing: it's got a thread through its enough to later insight that just slip a mom and pop that sucker down, I like to feel the ground a little bit our own yea, barely front shit with those yeah yeah yeah, but I like it w w joints. My joints didn't bother me at all yesterday, which is crazy, like after a good, solid rock because most what I'm running his hills right, I priests deep when it's great my ass, I've never been way away. Runner two hundred thick Duma now so for me, the pounding of the you know the constant power of the feet to the ground. It is it's rough on the ankles. It's rough on. You know that joints, but I don't feel it at all those fat tyres whose must go. I got done run a faggot cheated out like ours is so much easier. The cloud choose either this just real cushiony.
cams always said, though he's he runs at those does yeah he's run with a bunch of those like he's like cause, you run so many fuckin miles. He was running a marathon a day I pretty much every day. How did there for a while back my god, I got wired internet shit man. What is this right here so this is this is when I ran around a hundred in fifty mile trail race so the year before, I did the same racist, her fifty molecule race. I did it. I think around forty hours now had walked last sixty miles pneumonia here ago. Yet I want, and then I took the rate hey after her mother back coming back your next year now breaking the course record back Indian, like thirty two hours, same race while.
Now, no one you thirty three hours. So when you run in what would choose to use right now, where books and also where a six so just depends on you know, look train I mean I'm at the fight by four trails. We were what run for trails actually, for a long time, I wore a street running shoe real or trails yeah for the longest time. How come because, first of all, by was so messed up everywhere with this Brooks addiction and even given Brooks credit right now, because back in the day, they would have a brother of so many miles. Yes Brooks Electronic. I'm not promote, Brooks right now, the merry Christmas I call on the move towards the American I get like a discount or some shit hang up, not nobody, nothing so, but they do have a good time. and I and I- and it was not good pr horrible pr man say like deal so, but love to shoot. I wish aware was that Brooks addiction? Come I my bow.
care for so many about try different shoes in. was a so I can now we're a neutral shoe so how? used to run in very few people know this. I used to have he'll wedges inserts he'll wedges and get to pray tape, because my body was pursued foreign from being so tight in my hip lectures. That's how I guess, stress fractures was my bottom, a castle There's a pitcher, my tone there can. My my toes, in front of my shoes. Can I hope I've got this been in, so you when you say in four people, just listen, your if your hands or flat. The table you're turning the outside your hands up, so that your thumb, are goin down those who might so yes, also emphasising our two big tellers wrangle endow going down in the shoe and the outside Eu Full was up was above it right, so we had to do to run because I was I gotta, get stress fractional time at my feet were so fucked up, sometimes you,
that would people shoes, like other, worn out, worn out worn out on sideways, exactly like a wedge ragged. We look at it from behind the crazy that was my shoe so I'll get a here which to keep my heel from going to sit severe tonight in the back Michael That's all you have to make it thicker. On one side, this rises to fall on deaf ears. I flat right, so the insight at a push inadequate repression tape. So it was compression tape, Q, wedges and insert and thus our ran every fucking do. Did you go to running coach or anything. Do you What did you want to know what you were doing wrong in our man? I was part of Grandmama amounts, possibly broken, but then I guess mortar ass time went on, and this is some painful shit running my races with this kind of tin and not isn't my feet being fucked? It was so painful, sounds like you know it
So the I stretching out my got all this was from her the type I guess automatic, my god I was. I was in all these different contraptions in now, This we're not bernajoux, while someone from being contraption dot, man like literally contraption up source, stretching that open up the range emotional brownies Amelia. Now, when people talk about range of motion, they don't understand how tight I was like No one dares like when you repeatedly do what I was doing to myself and you were born with distress I was born under. Like I hate, I can't paint a clear. It is pretty clear in the book man. My life with bad stress I endured on a delta to people in my body, was proof of literally what my life with doing to nearly was not at all my muscles up, because our
always are this fight or flight? You might my dad memories of fuckin scared shit. You know too unwell find this motherfucker man was like it was. It was it was. hard task. You know it was a hard. It was a hard task. Man So isn't that Ireland is not just all the hard training no, but it's also the mind the mind if you think about it, may win your distress. That hit fluctuate. That's so as most wasted. Ask your tea twelve, that dusty, They must have their attaches your lower about it, your upper body and ass, the most That's that's your father flight. Whenever you get nervous, are scarce and might have done what the fuck was. It was time to me. I'm your whole body is. I lived in that like fetal position. In my mind, for so many years. So our always or this type Nick tension, fuckin guy, but I walked around like I'm some cool. here's my new hairstyle pass, saying I'm a cool do man
that will not I'm costume the car do where every day get tattoo Burnham of wonderment next costume. I want you to be as a jujitsu give it away felt almost in your place and then yeah, no, I know you're gonna desired plant. I got it. I know as valid around the now it is going to set it up Nashville. I know this place is out there. Nashville cholera trust me damn sure they will find useful. Violence by this man spoke is fuckin, fantastic, I'm half way, and I can't wait to finish it and just thank you. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for being so honest, expressing yourself appreciate the fuck, a priest, several days ago. Again. Thank you, everybody! Thank you, everyone for tuna into the pot gas and thank you to read dead, Damn option to experience the life of a mother fucker, law in a notorious gang in red, dead redemption, two on sale. Right now, at Rock STAR games, dot com
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