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2019-01-15 | 🔗
Theo Von is a stand-up comedian, television personality, host, and actor. Check out his podcast called “This Past Weekend”& "The King & The Sting" with Brendan Schaub both available on iTunes & YouTube.
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Jimmy I want to show you threw you sweater inside bats were sweatshirt, you weren't, it's very cool, but this is this. Is a symptom of everything is wrong, got hit. Are we on yet yeah we're on it's got fake shorts leaves its effect short sleaze over long sleep, so the short seeds are sold in nets. Sets out it's out of TAT house. It work than the short sleeves were top becomes apart, but this sleeve part of their separate. So it's two pieces. I didn't know that when a body, but when you pull the sleeve up whatever it's nothing to come off. Our goes all the way up farming as a separate heard, so do where the two of them together, or that I just saw it on. I just bought it. There's all rocky thing that this company did a whole bunch of pieces. As I got call. The so Celeste alone is
slated to come on the pact, as you are aware that cracked and he's here please write so- is that, but that the upper shirt is just laid over the tops shorts. Once the shirt, so you could wear one without the other, like you could wear the shortly one cases to sweatshirts. You know, but it's the training Monti comes. It comes as a team Is it heavier? Is it like? It is not at all certain foreign ownership store, but Mickey stronger? If you got a heavy shirt, I think that's the idea. So we are here and if Some shit goes down. I may have to both from the podcast, because this mandatory evacuations all around here really what, where I live, all inventor county, there's always mandatory of bees yet honeybees. Is it really rather make it too much? Money
the idea that what happens mudslides allowed. You know that I deplore glossy anyone time that a bunch of bees on there really huge Ives man and you see, you know a lot of homeless people and they don't do anything but when be show up, they fucking get to doing shit. That's one thing: I notice that there is an interesting other get motivated by bees. These will motivate anybody now. You know, you know you know, you're, not all crack doubtless be show up dude. I watched bees communicate with each other once onset of your factor. We cover these people bees and then of a neighbouring colony, a colony that actually live their local color came and we're like. What are you guys doing here and the bees all flew up in the sky together and sorted it out in the sky really was wild. We have led the guy told us, like the beekeepers like there was gonna, stand down, not a backup, get out the area work, what so they have to communicate. I thought I was joking, let
do it. How is like they have to talk about a bike while they talk, what are they gonna say? There's something going on with them that we may know. We just kind of suddenly we sort of get what they do. Yeah yeah, they're kind of like little little gonna liaison. It seems like, like a wonderful future will know that, like certain animals can, like you know, messages around for us, and I can be told an animal sought. Make it go. Tell you know, like our wonderful start using animals. More is animal we don't use em that much manoeuvres sitting around most of the time right. I've read something about. They were trying to encode information in DNA. We could ask MIKE Tyson about his pigeons yeah. I think that's different though the carrier is evident pigeon, just it Oh sure, long answers about gave a throne generate them. Samuel yeah, yeah yeah for sure, but whatever, for whatever reason it makes more sense with birds gear
like a bird seems like sluggish bill, a train it a little bit o burger. The train, some birds at thank somebody that think would do their own thing that I have to do this. We had an important message: would you just send one raven? That's what I'm over got it. In a flash. That's what are you crazy, lived there goddamned thing it's even that would have an eagle Jackson along the way. The fate of your kingdom is at hand sir you give, but that on the back one word that I would send a bird. Nobody would expect. You know like a little warbler summer, a nightingale, although a good move, you get us in further, nobody wants a shoot. No shoot. Birds were I will to do. We had our two thanks given to go. We had two hours at my sister's house ass. How one last night actually did you pretty? Nonetheless, nightfall ass, it was prefect cool pulled into the dry when our took off, whose big to its gross at thank owls the meat they are. You ate them, you saying, but the USA Dowells yet live as legal persons to them about costs,
Well, I don't have a lot of little breeze to have a joke about. I d never knows even spit it out Kennedy and Joe Clia Bill Clinton smoke that we in the head to they didn't have all that think they will have a lot of meat on emit. They're fucking know like ours depredators their important near you. Dont have rats everywhere, you Brad You know there. I think their violent than their dirty and they d get. This out their pr, you notice everything's are smart and they can read in their like they had a good pr, yeah right. Yet look at that. We only got one option. But see almost little meat is on him. You think, there's more look. He's care. Tat is occurring folks. These are eating hours. The one in the middle looks like it for another planet. You know there yeah, that's what that's what it really works looks like anyhow fluff this alien little alien, raptor creature. I was thinking I have looked like a crab was
home on one, was flying above me on the road and dropped a rabbit. He had got a rabbit injected flying with the rabbit and ass. He was fine, just decided, like maybe decided. The car was too close to and too loud or somebody just drop that ribbons fuck it and I stopped the card to check it out as well a and really a sound like foreign. Of our arrival at your feet a bit here, it's too far, probably been offering legal gap. More would I maybe do their predators mandate. Never thought of home grown up as predators yeah, that's long date. Although they were wise, they had that Monica like four men like, but for Edmund need the improv really like that plant Alina Bud Friedman from any the improv. His whole deal was yet
I loved even the improv. When I was a kid I saw a man that was like one of the reasons why I got into stand of comedy. I still watch these tv shows they had syndicated tv shows that they would do you healthy h, one had one empty via the half hour comedy our? What time did it come on it, I don't remember man, I remember those bud, but it was polio. Night he'll take that planners night ban, What men that guy was one of the owners he sold it eventually and change rushed out from Brian Friedmann and left corner different dude, interesting, loud freedoms out there, but anyway bud ran. Was the host of evening the improv would come out with that monocle go back that monocle picture again, lower left bam. Those him seep, Google Bud Friedman evening at the improv. That's who did ok, yeah nice guy, real real nice guy. He was real, nice always always
art me always very, very friendly, whose a very gregarious guy and he basically one of the original owners of the unity of the improv and even the improper. I don't know, I don't know the full history. The improv I probably showed, but I think I was head start out New York year, because I know there were what their ones everywhere. At one point time they had want to Boston for little bit then yeah yeah. They had won in Boston and then they change to a different name: healthcare. Nineteen sixty three years, so that was probably one of the original Stanhope comedy clubs, probably one of the top Two or three do you have a favorite like a club when you were like doing clubs more d like a favour one I was just happened again stage back then you know I mean I had favour ones like next comedy. Stop was always a favorite in Boston, right, stitches, but stitches moved couple
times- stitches move twice what about either funny budget degree those places yeah more, but the out for the boss and clubs. The common connection was the big one, and now that's too Wilbur Theatre. It's really weird because it used to be the smallest club in town. Nobody wanted to work at. It was like a hundred and one say they get stuff, maybe a hundred fifty people in there, but I'm eating stuff that mean this room. This the ceiling was low. I mean I'm five. And I remember I could pretty shark touch the ceiling, so the shit is low. So, if you are like Oh and Smith, near her. You know so entirely along. Like you, it's a big ass stage for you, big people, look real weirdo hostage yeah, but the last to be so contained low ceiling and tight. I love that I welcome. I saw Hicks there for the first time. First am? I resign was there as I well, he was doing this pit.
Jimi Hendrix meeting Tiffany at the mall tipping. The lingering her oh yeah issues. Euro populated we're alone now yeah yeah, that's all I'm making it The erect armor men on the school by so fucking erect were food. I remember shit. Where did of being erect, and I was young man now it's whatever now however, now that you ve got to do something now, what do we know? What is my dick needed do right, so you eat now, so, I'll tell you that you want to meet a family of four. You can't just have one now I will say that I will have you look at what looks like without the feathers it looks, like some say, havoc in demon yeah, it's a real Baden switch. I feel I wanna gods the agenda for I was talking to someone about peacocks about this. I start talking about onstage. Lately, peacocks predictive took the fetters off. It won't kill it with a hammer yeah. What is it forget it, wouldn't let that they anywhere near you kid
will it not be acts have their feathers on you. Let you kids get right close to him. Oh yeah, but you don't fuck with No feathers dark skin like charcoal for this garrulity and the little knobs all over the country. I fuck like that looks, like he's. Only murderer looks like a little twins, in the town. I look, creepy murder a little too probably little grey and pink murderer was out of sight. One main, oh wow, is a real my duck face yet as a duck brow says peak down now, set it out. It is writing the right to go back to clean up our picture. They have a different head, go back to their peak our picture that you just that's a totally different headline beat shape. Different, yes, that's the problem with the internet, a k than so hard to tell that's a duck son who is as a doctor on that page, something like what is right. There said feathers ripped from live birds didn't,
given the feathers of peak hours? Zeal hits a nice guy. What was it like? You delete a medium madame like high hey. I was. I wasn't for micro here and talk to me yeah. It's like you know, say, I'd. Everybody I run into like Georgia, as always, I say hi to everybody here is our member. What it was like when I was an open maker and seen these guys or could even talk. Could even imagine that we were the same thing. Couldn't talk to them. You a mean debate, comedians mean fuck, here bill extra community. I didn't want to say hi to only be super annoying right, convenient and when you back it up with that was, I was nothing. I was so stupid back than to not pretty dumb now, but I was really dumb back. Then yeah, it was nowhere had anything. Sailor did There was a time you live. You were the domicile you'd ever man put couple weeks ago
No, I don't know much about a deafening, have more data to work with now, but I forgot a lot of shit do, but I didn't it is generally a time and people's lives when nay what they should no kind of any there's like a kind of like a middle ground where maybe it doesn't. While for sure, when I was in my early twenties, for sure. When I was in my twenty like deep into my you know it too, me in my thirty's conifer, she had loosened figure out. What the fuck are. You doing you do your twenty, your when you think about when he wrote direction. No idea whether or not this come things can work out MIKE. What am I doing? Talent, jokes, Jesus Christ, a year and then tell him when you go back home and I ve never seen you ve never heard you, they think you're gay It is like the lucky fly and home, you don't have any money in your outbreak in a girl, home you're hiding from here you're from something you know just cause
now. I remember my step that is yelling at me in the months to come out of the camera footing gave himself flying some home that I just met. You know just to prove to hatch catch. You lie Maybe he's gonna leave a high like set a trap, set a trap, set a trap, guys, like a slick boxer, set a trap by you. Just come. What the fuck that's one of the reasons why young boys always accuse each other being gay because it so hard to prove your not let someone said. Your gale. You take that off me. You're crazy, the worse, it's gotta, be. If someone says you're gay and you are, but you don't want me yet
Yea cares. Your clothes! The next day he come dress like in a mafia, Outfitters Sultana totally taken out. The trail. You know you just wish. She could say you were here. You know you wish you could say you were, I think now, You cannot think you I've been jailed in a lot of places. It mean I would love to think that everybody is like the p. That around us, where they literally don't give a fuck aghast, Austin, Martindale or our language is funny, and after that, its call to be around those are the things that are most valuable in our world funny and could be around radios two things occasions. The call to be around. We don't give a fuck of your a guy, a girl, Trans Gandia, funny ghost cool the beer equal yeah. Do you think this goes to the council? I I I don't know, I have some friends of the other day. I was trying to give him. The whole tour. Tell them how you speak, Ciro's nightclub thousand years to own it. I didn T come all the way, but I showed him
I go through the back room. The main room did that used to their hideout shit Attila told them about. All the ghost stories that have been film their battle, believe it, I don't think it's real Why think? I'm surprised won't have more ghost animals, you know what I think I think a Jew does what to think for real. I think when you, I think you can probably tune in to something that happened in a place. That's what I think. I think you trip yourself out. You could see things that aren't really there and I think that It is entirely possible that goes our real, but that you seeing a ghost is real here that I think that you can get your body intellect such a frenzied terrified stay in view are open to the idea that a ghost a real thing you're mine can fuck with you. You get a voice.
He playing tricks on Naomi here. That's what I think I think legitimately, and I also think that if, if you hit the right frequency, I bet you get hold. Ups could just a ghost of a memory of summits. Killed in a place right or something horrible happening to the ghost of a memory. I think S. Next, as one of the next things you can abilities a gang sign in the air, a special gang Simon than a fucking. The truth is a pop out right in front of you, like, I think, we're gonna start to learn. Harry potter direction. Yes, are like make a song. What if this, sir, a certain like playing of us Lear, exert our notes in a row would reveal like the past. Writing funny, like I wonder if there's some, you know me little war, poles or sun, while all think about what music does do music litter the changes the way your body feels like a drug like. If you were a kid, ok You heard that Rocky song Dad dad down down down down tat. You could run faster, you, you would get more.
Have you ever do more pushups China step then say do a year, but you will probably a lot of aids, probably buttoned up when, as you would For sure get energy from that like a drug that was a cup of coffee, the delay this coffee, good right. You knew that song, but a video the other day oh yeah, the video that I've reposted vibration sand yeah. If you look deepen this topic of vibrations and symbols are come out- explained what we're talking about it, if its harder, I posted in my answer. My reposted exist really fascinating. Zooms like its, it seems like it just a man, that's charge, uniting vibrated boots, explain what but over the people, just listening to play this video surprise taken now arrive users, lots of different versions of this online This is amazing. Amazing, amazing residents experiment, so they put some say, is its and probably salt, ok
put some sort of powdered stuff Santer salt onto a black man, that's charged, and then they send certain hurts through this one's three thousand eight hundred thirty five hurts and then it makes a different patterns craze on This three thousand nine hundred and seventy five like every time they change the hurts? It has a different paddling. Four thousand forty. Nine, this pattern zero hour. Well, that's unbelievable, but these are all of you can kick take these numbers, and these can also be notes. That's a dark are demanding on a piano or used to hearing reasoning? Rise of these can also be recreated and other ways in our probably happening right in us. So, like maybe one of those ear worm. Look here, Victor bigger than the backing neck vibrator somethin like that, would have a certain
hurts dispelled. You, like your grandparents name moment interesting, is that each one of em are indifferent geometric patterns there, these beautiful patterns, the gorgeous. And as you change the hurts the patterns morph immediately here and but the thing is they're kind of fractal like not fractal, They they seem to be. What's the word equal and both sides, if that were whether this word, I'm looking for a parallel now now I think you are your honor. I topic as if the numbers little more round like around number. These are not the ethic hurt sick. If you do it, like when I'm lookin, indifferent and identical, but anyway, that both sides exactly the same separated in this one, they're not separated in half it's it's all like the circle is a centre. It all, goes out from there but the different every time, but there are even like
he looks. The only thing is keeping it from being perfect is that they run on the sand and it looks like the power is centred around the centre. Part with the wires are connected to. So that's the most potent butts havoc and beautiful. So May I think that if you think about that, like maybe, if there's a certain her going through the air yet again space still, then it would form like. A solar cell again, one better. The feeling that you get from like Rocky right, the feeling that you get from that side Don't do that things going on your body ass yet, literally drug! Think about why p oh, like music. So much musician. Is your drug dealer? Ok, you're like some old Elton John, a jury. Your car and Saturday night comes on his fucking. Goose, if you haven't heard that song in a long time- and you don't expect it fuck you!
Jesse had friend, but that what makes you wanna hear good song to revive is good. This was done with my like. I was sitting with musical notes. Wow on water we're looking at the thing it says the Simon Scope, as I say that site see why, scope, uses a high definition camera to monitor the effects of an individual sounds particular aberrations on purified water revealing for the first time a piano notes? Look like back. There People out there! So much more than you and me oh yeah, oh god, it's meaning that were considered the same thing well what smart people just really smart people? I have someone like Sean, Carolyn the physicist. India's breakdown particle physics and shed to you you like is it hard at doesn't even get in here. Does I can repeat what he said: yeah fuck. It means when people talk about Quantum Goya things in quantum theory in court,
and particles as danger dude. I dont get I'll trust that kind of stuff a lot of it or how about you know what superposition is is the ultimate. What the fuck were particle can be missed. Date of motion and be still at the same time. Will good luck with that good luck at his magic world that you ve created crazy scientists stand ya out, rather do some more children than what the fuck some can see right, applied or go. Around or sudden being the study that, rather than be that particle, arose, study that and be ass. It like I just think, but don't you want some want to know cause, don't you'd benefit from cellphones. What about the death of such few people know that, if they all want to lie to assume they could do, would have to be conspiracy. Nice darkness, as some other people You could go, get some tinfoil
but nine and while I didn't know that that is there, that's funny that that your body would do that. The reason why they would never do that. Ask his scientists whole deal is figuring out shit. Other scientists didn't figure out. That's like the best thing they can do thing. Scientists can do is a real honest to goodness breakthrough. Would you have sex with the scientists? You think Kaliko movie scientists. I keep two glasses on year. There always blonde movies right side. Now, sometimes a dark black hair, too serious but their clean two of you fuck a scientist data, but never clean apartment, maybe but maybe not maybe Fuck and brain is like that chalkboard without squiggly, alien mathematics,
Last year there were ten to the budget Authority math tat later on their per. I was red another. I was reading this things about Richard Fine, new, fine and was sought fund was a scientist. He was a physicist and there was an article about him. Like was fine and abuser, but it was. It was talking about Richard Feynman and how you know he's too just his wife said: he's just do nothing but calculations all day than anyone play the bongos and he didn't want anybody to bottom, but like he had a quote from one of his one of his books, it's crazy reading it. It's like I just but see if you can find a kid, it's a really cool. It's a crazy quote.
Khan women ditches, and am I why it's like that they're worth that that you know I just I want paraphrase something I don't know. I can't do it these bitches around here. I think he was a funny guy rise. What I think hard it's hard when you see things in tax, because you think ok, maybe he's really mean terrible person see I adopted the to that? Those bar girls are all bitch is that they are worth anything and that there are all in the all there in therefore, is for to get you to buy him a drink and they're not going to give you a goddamn thing. Not gonna, be a gentleman to such worthless, bitches and so on, he writes see, but I feel like and so on when someone says, and so on. That implies that this is taken out of context it's my mind is I want to know what does that mean and so on? That means to me what I'm getting out of this, if I, if I was gonna, guess, is that he go.
Elaborates. He might say this is how I felt back then and obviously changed my mind me. He could have been eighteen. When you talk about this or sixteen. I don't know it's fun right about, but he also could be very funny was apparently a very funny guy. So his that the title This book is surely you're joking, MR firemen, that's nice, then, but if it so, like if one if someone said that, but I don T all these bog Rosa bitches. As I said it funny, could you see those so say more about their alibaba guerrilla beaches but it's all the ringing having on how old is too or it could be that that's really how he was, it maybe got married, maybe get in trouble his life, and he had to say this. You know, I don't think that's what I think is talk about when I was younger, but it's I could see that, though, do you're at the bar, if you don't like we're, allow music and all the girls are to drinking with buncher. In our view, like all these girls are a bunch of bitches colleagues, here
that's a lazy way if it is a laser waiting and it just makes it is, you can judge and you can control. Then area is look. If you go into roman ten girls are in there and seven of a more fuckin super annoying. Many say these bitches are all annoying Nubians super rude, those three that aren't beer and there might be some did they scenarios, but that's why it's weird yeah, it's weird to hurt us high level famous scientists- probably there are thinking article there saying the second fit yet beyond be beyond Einstein. He's the second famous physicists, is bessie. A scientist gives you think, a scientist with no that there's a couple of these Just can be variable right now. I'm thinking this might have been a quote from him when he was young Our committee said that or him criticising himself only when you don't, but I don't know I'm just guessing. I was hoping that it would be that bears crazy to read
dude alot, our sometimes I'm miss being young men to Missus, sometimes well, no end, yes, like it looks like fun to have no responsibility and between to be backpacking around the world are doing something silly and not having a place where you have to go or bunch of bills, but the other hand I feel so fuckin ridiculously lucky that I get to be a comedian right, like I dont want to try to do this again, yeah. Why would I tried it that what I doing this like yeah, but to go back our system is being young. Unlike member, a nap mammon took an app and you are young, you good last you fuckin didn't care can last for three day. Yes, but I think one of the secrets to happiness is to never look back at any point in your life and wish you were back there because a it's not possible and be. If you didn't go through that, you wouldn't be you if you would go back now and between two again
broke and fucked up with all the information you have now, but shit y'all now add a fuckin netflix, oh! No, I kill you out there. I decided start over like an asshole now here I have a job beyond but I'm broke. Or can we afford vitamin five out of one of its work out hard man? I gotta take my body, your right feed it the right food. I can't afford Rama, noodle Amene Romany delivery, damaging breakin joints whenever their muscles and shift the unity. Now fucking catches squirrels, my yard, that's gonna! Get bad matters. Is that either I miss my body being young. Do like how old are you? I'm thirty eight shut your mouth, you find scattered work out. You know work out. I just started back into it, yeah! That's all it is due to me. Oh god, and I wanna go travel resigned. Yes, you downtown slow down what that case, often shape for
yeah, that's Ireland, my yeah, my advice, because we try to explode and get things. Looked almost to me. You can start you do too and be in terrible shaping gettin shape through jets. You can yeah saloon, but if I was going to Advise someone, I would say if you're gonna do something that his physically jujitsu. I believe that you should armor your body what I mean by that is like your shoulders. Your knees, your back your neck, those are areas that if you don't work out at all, they could break a set of their susceptible sir. I would always advise that someone does a bunch of cow statics, particularly like. Like the classics shop, sit Ives Body Weight squad that's chin! Ups, those all those class you do a lot of those gay. You just get your body accustomed to resistance training right. Do that first
and I would move from the outset. We start with a but with calisthenics always start with that, and then from that move into waits new. Like some kettlebells take a couple of months, you could take up a month. Wages jump right into Jujitsu. If you don't have but if you're an athlete- and you could just jump- I didn't write your guy already. Does basketball you already wrestle. Oh yeah jump right it, but a guy who doesn't do the exercise at all yeah judges so rough on. You yeah used it. Actually I'm an icy do they wish upstairs inside the interstate when I was growing, should answer the road. Why wouldn't you go home? I was more than door thing I felt like you know. I don't want to bring this should in the house about. We would mean, body, mine is due Billy comfort to actually and he passed away our ip and he daddy. Much appeals and actually driven embankment one time, but go oh yeah. Can you imagine berwin? and he, but he was a busboy, and I was a busboy and he would awe, and yet we both I
go to the that, you, like the first gay man than ever, met, and then he arm you One time he got it steroids, are sought mile. Now I think everybody was doing. And then we this reality pull over and do and then just are the jam. They want a guy New York said: I'm gonna get some drugs them nor the night he went connect three hours, it steroids, isn't working party, wows parties, Starlight, No, but I'm leaving tomorrow of New York, for I was everybody months how come so, I'm just try another comedy seen there and see what it was like why'd you decide to leave So that's what I like a new here's, what it was. I never wanted to get old and say that I didn't try it to good Ella to it, to try New York, two hours, right to never have even just six months, even havoc and experience there. You know: well, it's a hotbed for sure. Did it to happen.
Right now or here in their here those two hotbeds and resolve this debate as to like which ones better. Whatever it's silly. That's that's a great hotbed. No denying that this sum world class comedians over there, and then this one's that show up there and here like Chappelle, so is bounce bounce back forth. Chris Rock was always bounce back and forth Louie. When he's working in here, but will lose working again. He's learnt work at the improv right now. Lucy gained San Jose. Allow ethical I think, he's in a sort of world tour like a year for sure for sure our next move but even if we wanted to yeah for sure you know, I mean it's interesting, the sole bit about the parkland shooting Oh, yes, I stirred up all this controversy. That is so that such a Louis, you can bet it's enacting. Some say people don't understand what kind of comedy he did right he had suddenly they forget who he was. We ve looked at his common european surprise. It was jerking off you, no kind of room service, sorted d, Arnault buddies.
His style has always been like that. I mean that he's his style. Is always very irreverent. Yeah saying fucked up shit, I believe he sang, and you know well written and well thought out stuff. This is stuff he's working on and this appeal will I get. How could he Jovan wasn't even that good he's too. Probably wrote that day, two days or who knows how many times done that bit, but I guarantee you the guy takes. Ten months offer stand up and then he started to do it again. I dont have scared that I dont think I never joke round about that. A definitely would joke round about. But you can Not an exit aid, I would just wasn't Wasn'T- is best stuff, it wasn't good, it's like it wasn't ready yeah, but maybe he could have come up with a different turn on where wouldn't be as offensive. Way funnier. That's what working on a bit is all about re like fuck, look Holtzman Brian
If he had said that exact same thing, that Louis said we would be how one we'd be in the back of the room, slap in the table, howled and laughing yeah by adults. You don't have a talk with you put a fuckin fat kid in the way they literally luggage. Guy. That's a bit, though. If Holzmann said we will be cry and we slap on the table. We'd all gathered around and watch him. I late night sitting today an issue right. It wouldn't be an issue at all, because we know that a tumor is it yet so fucked up thing to say that's kind of the point. The whole art form is about. Saying things are funny. Sometimes saying things are funny or self deprecating, sometimes their fucked up there always different. So time, saying things their funding is really durable, yams somewhat to say some. It's real adorable, but also hilarious here or Europe This is bad in hilarious, just very, very Theo VON here,
Describe your act as AIDS, very Theo VON, really you! You know how to do it, but it's like everybody. Does it different folks and No, you take a set for someone who just work in stuff out, and you pretend This is that he's probably have those words he saying he's probably trying to be in the moment- is pro got a place to go kind of got some lines and hoping. That he'll see something in it, while he's doing it in working out the assets, and then you listen, the recording indigo. Why did I say it that way? Why I do this a change that mad this in its is to learn yeah and then you know, You can't expect them all to be good either. I go out immediately, especially when the guy's been on trial like in order, and you know under that so so pressure and just as you know in Vienna, probably been
yellow remorse and going to sell out. I mean who knows what I ve been doing. This is my might take on a lot of this. I think, is an important thing to say: we can't lose our empathy. We can't lose our compassion. We have we have. We should be compassionate towards victims. We could. We should be compassion to each other. We should be this this tendency to want to stop people from working and being like, there's a certain amount of time where passes and starts to look like that. You don't want anyone have a path to redemption bright, which is everyone's I have a path through do have to grow faulty yell human, but there was an article about that. I just retreated today from my Nick restock us who is a professor at Yale. I am a retweeted it today earlier in its about call out culture. These people they got called out for things and how it destroyed their lives. People you don't even know a year of
small ass, a punk scene where these these two people got called out for stuff. But it's like. Oh the subscription, the goddess of the subscription, does the scrap many times, but I gotta pay for good journalism. I pay a man, the count actually through entities must have you ever terms. I think I do. I had one, but I try to renew the other day, and I couldn't because these cunt stole my Fuckin American Express card. I didn't get a new one. Yet who did the people were in some fucking piece of shit criminals raise history charged of shit, one of em toys. Are us in India a while ago I love zero people charged with a deal for me. It is kind of fine, isn't it is you're like peasant they stole. We like a while. I was one dollar. I got an item and a lot of it was one dollar colonels and what are you doing? maybe they bang the car. I felt a hundred one dollars, or maybe he's got a snag. You run in places to get a snack get a gun.
It was all tat was all, online. You know about a resource and near the day was Eighty eight cent yeah that would be a stupid thing, had someone's card for you want get a Jew, yeah me too expensive, repents for that twenty mad, but how crazy that test? A future that now it's like that, like. I was thinking their day that having a baby in side of your body. This is going to be like the rattle, yet the becoming retro yell, they're gonna. Take it out for sure there was a baby that was born today inside the amniotic sack. Did you see that NASA Damp go face it. It's crazy! You see him delicacy in some malicious is inside the sack mean. I don't know what the story was I may notorious headline reader. I read it liar scribbled. It there's not a thing that happens parenting,
Well, I don't wanna hear it happens. All the time I wanted to see. An incredible photos of babies born but it was an article that was going around the internet today, baby born in its a video of the maybe move around inside this, the sack, it's very weird, it's a damn got. It was one on Youtube. A dumpling data for down how what it's a dumpling, it's their very MA it's while saving you find it it was. I saw to believe I sought an instrument. We see that baby man Do you think, maybe, when babies are born right when their born look at that, though, that's icy thing, that's the baby inside the sack. That's one thing they Edith, It sometimes on those gang. Oh, so guessing this is a serious action happens once every eighty thousand births. That is amazing that you could see what the baby looks like when it's in their holy crap. That's incredible.
Brow. Oh you, man, issues in Spain, human beings, making human beings as crazy exists What I saw this this one is exerting when I saw how crazy that might be upsetting for some you're about to see them, amniotic sack being opened an old man, upsetting that's how we exist, but people are ready for life. We can keep you from life, we're going to keep you from everything there. It is banned. The sack OSHA kids, for we could see a limited, but on that one loaded, I can't was. Do you ever thing that maybe, if a baby is born a certain way like missionary or doggy style that it could affect the way that they live their life? I thought about that before. You should probably understand how babies are going to have to come out head. First baby comes out, doggystyle you got to spin around inside the womb, ok, but what? If the person is Douglas out, when I had a baby, the different thing- yeah, you kids, probably gonna- be a freak
guys the dogs I was like when I make love we're fucked adult Nowadays, it is kind of pet yet like getting to know each other quickly. Well, it's just a different kind of fuckin yeah. It's I go. This is thirty shit, yet fast or slows another depends on you feel. Sometimes I missed economic young man sober sexes for fuckin? Kid is for what is this with you miss in your youth. I just love Love being what is essentially, what are you doing? I want to watch a lady give birth, you son of a better life, I've videos you get out of here: she's given birth in a river, it's called in the river UK you bitch, that's melted, glaciers, that's a whim! I wanted poor little kid and, if its not war, not that warm and if it's warm filled, bacteria get stuff, No, no, you can't
a baby, you're bathtub. You live and fuck in Brooklyn. Down the street? Don't you love your kid gear figured out a better way. Look you because his lady first of all so he is right she's in Australia. Will this fighters have crawl into her pussy right now and kill the baby before it even comes out? They have seven of the eight most dangerous snakes in the world or in Austria is trying to tell my friend out of green tree yesterday does want to believe me very The brown snake austrian brown snake did kill it. Should I love that little fucking creek, the speaking austrian brown snake, that's how she got pregnant first. Did a lotta lemme system has got knocked up. My brother wants man almost every year, almost high. Almost he factor I mean I don't they fuck, but they will That's almost everything about baby name seller, assume that they had had some type of interaction. Also they were going to do it on purpose. I don't know
think they're there thinking about baby names in case they fucked up but ass. We planet ahead of its work. Condoms, but I think don't move if you think you might have knocked to grow up in. You still want to stay whether you like all this talk about baby names to you, no sane into you ride out that anti bail that menstrual cycle known to you know that the Measures- oh yeah, you know yeah Can I please allow me aerials angle on a full moon or not it's a weird thing. If you, you haven't sex with somebody in you like having sex with them, but you don't like hanging out with them. Yeah that happens for guys and girls mad at me for a lotta Guyana dude, it happens and girls to it happens. Every girl say that I got any light hanging out with him any more, but I liked fuck em its change and a lot more girls are being very much like guys used to be, but they can be the first to birth control, build then dating apps. They
all the people sound money here they now they have on it and give it the young. The thing about this about dating apps is like that can be just as weird. As dating for a girl, he almost weirder, maybe right because PETE you can see the person right I mean you can see pictures of em, giving us them when they look at your profile and usually how they look at your profile, how many people are looking at your profile at any given moment? No, that's that's a nightmare of itself meeting! about that. Imagine like just people this looking at you and say no and you're in the distance item. It is bad for us, some real say then the odds things you're playing the numbers, maybe in there since its better, because the only people to get a hold you, the people that say yes rising miss all no sister but it, but I was concerned they haven't had a baby with somebody dont really like here. That's a possibility of you just lie
to have sex with them and then, when you don't like a girl here, It goes. The baby's around coming have fuck bodies that everyone as guys and girls, have fuck bodies I'm almost everyone I know has had won in the past, where you warning relationship with them really, but rather in thought and bang, then our eye by moi yeah by, but you kiss at the end. That's a lot of check these days. I think they don't want. Is there anyone kid on so annoying? Let's see you some of you open the door, the girls they're ready to fuck and then his walks off the other direction, which puts a blindfolded technicolor boxes were under down with us. Rather than done. I feel like I don t feel like that. I think it's a precarious time. Lotta chicks are probably lesbos, We owe its did Albert with tromp. I think them the more days that the the government down. The more women are gonna. Go lesbian there, hey man, so much because a trump that yeah go gay
but can people we gave you were right now, that's not how it now what I said earlier about jokes, but which way these guys are always like I'm a turn this guy out and that always sounds are soaring. Does work but that's an alarming Tarzan, alarming it, but it does work. I've always ourselves and he worked. On. She wasn't is an actor, but he worked in the world of acting and he told me He blew a lot straight guys. It's at. That was just something that happened. They have a couple drank some pretend they never done it before next thing. You know more yeah. I got there Let us mouth, that's what a lotta gay dude say: woozy him do enamored them doing him, but he's like you'd be amazed at how many air quote straight guys are out. There might well yeah. Jesus knows how to swim. But when you do, you think, is it
less homosexual to jirga golf with here? I asked him: what are you looking into writing right handed? So if you dirty off your left hand, it's it's gayer to do with your right. I'm scared you at my left hand the one it doesnt work is I I'll take longer have you don't really have its understandable. I think it's understandable if you do with you, let them because its barely even your hand. My Ambrose kick up you're, not gonna, feel that doesn't jerking off. With your right hand, sea should be effective and get it done. What, unless you like, holding dicks longer, didn't don't come yet. No look! Buddy, I'm right here, you pal know, what's going to happen, you're gonna come the knock and want to hang out with me anymore now, and I would do go back now. I don't believe you, the idea. Thank you. I think you I left hand. Is that really does the party move? You know because it's not
you can still use this hand me on your phone. You can't you others, our guy, but then you knock concentrating on the German, the guy like once you commit to doing something gauges, get it done son here to get after it s. You don't want to be out there. Jerking off by pretending that you look at your mentions recycling, but also what about this? If you're aggressively very effectively jerking off by and then you can barely use your phone, it looks like you just like, maybe even gay or gentlemen, it's on some dough persists in you. Do engage shit with your own front ethic, as I like it, acts as a condom. Use gain. If you don't get thanks man, you're holding onto a dick, you just get accept that and keep moving doesn't like you're right disliked elects right action. There's gay people doing shit. Let's get this straight people doing shit. Let's get everything you jerk that man off once you commit that project just keep going and yes to pay off what he drove them off.
I do not think I ask you this year's crush, the place is a country that is in its life was free. It really do whatever you want. If you have grown a doll, you could do it ever. You want you, that's one of the interesting things about society. That we set up these rules in cultures and we decide you can do and what we decide is different deciding Holland is different when they run and everybody the rules yeah, but once we set those rules, it's very hard about those rules. Let's just pretend there was no rules would have. There was a place where guys would go and guys would jerk them off and Igloo jerk yeah like if there was a place where guys straight guys got a job jerkin guys off, but you it shot you you get paid a thousand dollars an hour. You don't think the street cars would take that jobs too
struggling guys. Then it would were they would morph and figure out a way. Oh just over a generation or to just a generation or two you make a thousand dollars an hour beaten guys off yet started as it does. She needs job Aware of admit what you do and I will nourish do it. Do we feel that if you weren't other met, while you do, I know no more, while in your bear skin the ceiling with a jerk eyes off, We do way. Otherwise I am, you could definitely do one. What you could do is even Urien Wrap. Your head is, do like that release sideways Kentucky, fried chicken is only one bad, better bullshit, nobody likes Crispy batter the fuck, I'm trying to think. If I had to Jirga one thing about jerking off to me. Not much common, your bodies there. Could you don't think I don't get that much. I well depends
what you jerk off to and how focus you're the task of you jerk off what you're looking at your phone, but you can only checking a twitter and you're also beat you are multi tat, but you're not going to get a lot, no matter how much how? How how you do it really? Yet? How did you get You get like a little bit. How much do you get like if you compare it to something like a quarter. Probably like, maybe like an eleventh, and well I guess I don't know how, because your I did diesel masturbate. As an adult know, it as chair of ETA and what a diaper on it makes me feel at home, rejuvenating measure I thought you'd Richard, take off each other at home. His hands are not holding gently, yet true man, I I don't know
I actually macerated yesterday and I feel bad about it sometimes, but why Addison I don't know for some reason, your as that's the thing. It's a cultural thing. They got us one world young like thing about this, we would have the culture was all stand of common culture is arguably Stana comedians, have a different culture and a different way of looking at things. Yes and a definite either get very deep camaraderie between fellow practitioners Riah. If that was the culture was the stain of common culture with the whole world. You wouldn't give up give you beat off right, you wouldn't even be slightly embarrassed right, withheld Utah. Let us beware its ash or are you would tell me all the time how many times did, of course, to talk to all we all tell each other how we beat off or what we beat off to like it Much as I do, and I was young well- that's Martha you're, probably healthier yeah. You know. Like you got an older you're, more comfortable, you're successful,
I feel like a year filling a novice move from still jerking off in two thousand and nineteen. It certainly a distraction to yet something about especially look at porn. There's this I'm not anti porn on one. But you get me wrong. I think she will do whatever you want to do ultimately, and I think a lot out of why people have bad opinions about people doing certain things. Who is that we judge people when they do so? things, and we have these ideas about them that we sort of impose on them right, but I think for some people, Porn is very useful, but you have to have discipline yeah see. The thing is: if you watch porn and you watch, two people have sex in, you get excited and you jerk off. You just took care of like some sexual needs that you had. Yet what could possibly be wrong with that doing that can possibly wrong with it. Is that there's something wrong with these two people having sex and filming well? Is there like, but doesn't have
but I want to focus on one of film myself fucking, but doesn't everybody wants to have sex people love to have sex one of the most important innovations that we have failure, Loki believe the house everyday, as they might have a chance to fuck fish or mean why do people what they get involved? Romantic relationships in the first place to not just not just be nice to. Each other, but the fact eventually, sometimes that are part of the whole thing here. So what is it about two people fuckin on film that so distasteful? Well, you know what's people will see your special thing? Maybe like what you don't? You know you might keep it private. I was gonna. Do fancy, though it's your high death, though you get your birth, a UK real life can compete with it. So then it's not always the case. That is just right bear, but it's not real life, though it's not, as could sign as good as real life, but I think that its visually starts to get that it better
Many starts to get where, like sometimes I got a like I'm forty days off pornography right now. Ryan really Elsie you're like pornography detox. Do they don't ever want to see it again real yeah somebody has to get their pussy Adam like you stop, but let me say this to you, though, you also had the same kind of issue: drugs and alcohol right. So you have like an addict personnel. Yeah, that's good points out. It is a good verse analyses and I was saying earlier that I think that the thing of the thing itself not necessarily bad and for some people can actually provide a service right yeah. I get helps them to jerk off; our stand, I that would be bad. The only thing they would say is, and this is I don't know how factual this is. I haven't done any surveys, but what I've read is that a lot of the people to get involved in that are victims of abuse that disarming right? Do you don't want to hear that? But then some of em aren't some
do it because they want to do it yeah. I guess not. Ok, that seems more okay and someone who's doing it, because there are victims of abuse in their desperately seeking love and attention, and they don't know out how to do it. That's the point. So then you get it like in terms that, but you just that's looking at that is like will then don't laugh at comedy because you laugh at comedy almost everybody that the comedians fucked up or been fucked over mean. That's, that's really why they get into it in the first place, because they desperately need attention. They want to be special. To want to be something and look at me. Get me, so they figure out how to be funny, usually, as are victims of abuse like some. Way, shape or form? Not all of them uneasy affection. They need the attain, need something from helpful. Maybe six out of ten Riah baby Now bling, Google, it ours, yeah yeah The saw many things you could look at that like that something good comes out of stand up right, so we just exe. That's ok! To laugh at these fucked up people
but you know Emilia, like Joe ideas: that has lived everything he seen everything, but it's ok. It's ok to laugh at the chaos at his life was because the jokes were so funny. You know it's it's weird right, but it's not ok to look at it, like even the girls enjoying porn. If you find out that at some point times, whose molested, and that possibly was one of the motivating factor that letter into porn? Then you get super weird about alien you'll need to think about it. They should put them on thing. I percentage chance of somebody that was molested in the video and I think that that would deter people watching us anything so yeah Nothing! It's just! I start to think of sex, then in frames like ok, I gotta meet the girl in the way of to walk over via so here we have to see this and have to see that in that happened and then and now, and that sex I started to you know Interpreted that way in
second just following your young, Emily, your fuckin. Imagine the in sixteen and fuckin somebody also a sixteen brow. You know what I want to hear in the background. Iciness song live in that when you hear Needless to say, I was an open book. Diana Ross, hissing Palm Mccartney and wings Motherfucker wings were, though, from my James Bond to know it all. That's right! That's right! guns and loses older. They did. I was one time where the fuckin remake, I so good. That was you cut. It was in their own song, tat tat. We banned I am sorry that I have some maximum is only we here has acts opening your bike gesture, definitely have him on man, a definite I can imagine, seems to have come back from the brink yeah right here. This, who knows,
what kind of Vigo happen and what will happen whenever they went Gimme some volume, so I can hear it at least I want to hear him say that only passed him go. Look out so he was for you. Where's he went crazy. Vanished was trying to make. One album forever rain? many many years in every goddamn, like acts rose, went crazy. Indeed see TAT was a sham guns rose was so good, so good and then slowly but surely he fucking came back again spoken back like that. Do towards lazy. Basing now here I mean he clashes it. Source of videos at him, onstage he's a fucking animal again. He looks like hard a little bit like one little heart buddy, but that's just age in time. You know just oh, I don't think it's each time they ve lost. All other ingredients could be sure that throw some shit onto that mix. Will solve, wasn't riven riders
but slash, looks the same. Size looks, but that's what I'm saying they're both the same age, sort out together or close the same age least. Do it? How much fine must there be revived musician. I think it's too much fun. This is my theory. I think it's too much fun and I think that we even have to write new shit so because they don't have right new shit and it's too much fun they're out there just fuck it. Some bashing every night Falcon smashing smashing, shows smashing or bus is, and how tearing yes and dismay fucking, each ashen, pussy just smash and they Bobby raising about when even notice you you fucker dude. If you that famous, I don't think you notice, I think you want, I beg to differ, always got out LE prompter. What about a mass? Do there's no actual Rosa teleprompter passport, but it you want that you're on all the drugs in Europe
the journey, not only dialogue, teleprompter. I wanted to be highlighted. What am I supposed to say? I mean we're in hot pants. Close. He soon area is very hot pants with the high cowboy boots with such a mesh top untidy wineries is so. What is it that makes me so famous that they get close to be an almost like it by sexual. You think you keep bringing about, you tell me what you stepped out right now, brow ever been gay man never ever know. Never ever ever I mean maybe when I'm sixty or seventy our burst out right now, on somebody, but I'm not doing anything. Now gay. I want a family and everything. I think they are so for re with their expression right that they wear whatever the fuck they want, and I think that's a part of the culture of really huge musicians is it they get there.
Free within looks their sexuality like look at him with his out with his ripped up. Pants acts arose back when is a key part or David, David Boeing, when he was in his arise in a state of prince. I mean you can go on and on and on about men, fuckin Mick Jagger Mean Mick Jagger would swing, is hips puff While this is now: stay pretty dollar a manly thing: burning of war, women's clothing and women's like how you know stuff from my war stuff from like scarves and shit, recent now with that women's clothing store that in every like living sort is eager. It now which rely kind of more Europe Labour Lane bright, where the big fat lady stuff one hit him, he looks Abdul shoot a dude closed door for fat. Gus big talk big into
they call it with us like someone is Algerians, thereby it's over there on pico boulevardier visit her to Anthony, always Celso suits to each what's up areas is Now I wasn't that's him. That could be the lady. As my ended, the crazy is slopes. Now that he saw that's that's His hair looks weird like that it's a given, has aroused great, but that's Axel from younger days. So that's when he had vanished for awhile right sort of like when every surface, but when he did that, like you, did a big concert in Brazil to right, listen and that this is voice was kind of struggling but because he s a java script, such a scratchy voice. You know you're a thing like that voice prove very difficult to maintain, but that prime all fucked What should I do
That was this shit. When I was those like right, when I was graduating, Highschool remember worked out this shitty little Jim beyond the leg. Press machine was no I've come to know what kind of headphones again, whatever their the big ones out to walk man with a cassette hygiene might have been a disk player. Okay, that one's ridiculous that makes who is our reasons at Holly Hunter? That's him now now saw how he Hunter. Sound. But how do you know how those lead singer? Johnson rose, our luxuries and roses. Are you calling my brother nice to meet each other in our room with fistfight NE er de fucking guns and roses Deasey? It was he's. So much out of us get was was Jean. Are, in chains. That's all that's weird look! Do the thing I'm all other flannel shirt tied round the waist. What's that look? It's the gradual, that's right the night, but it's a weird little like up
This is a weird look said: Darlene Khan and you like hey. I know I'm not gonna where this flannel shirt, but I'm tired around my waist but hey. It's not really. A skirt brought his just like in a coup treatment to my outfit of fake, ripped, pants, yeah right. That's a weird look: isn't it look. Would you think you'd rather have like a little skirt or like be naked? You think skirt judge. What am I to make me self conscious? But what? If you like? A little dick hide or like a little thing, you could still did looked at how big is Dick IRA, You can get nosegay. Would you everywhere, fake, dig, without your dick was bigger. If I did, it would be not right, there is talk you, the fraud tucked in my socks, and it would be green, like a dark green like able. No, it's Bakewell Tail Dick.
Like black eyes, is vague brown greeted by why you look at my TED wish, my dear, are competing in a have Dixon, the future adjusting everything's going away so fast. My other trying to do that with this new Gillette Commercial Messina, Gillette Commercial, I heard about that. You can shave you buddy you're. Not all this has really mags is like an anti masculine. Gillette commercial makes like every man living on massages piece of shit- it's such a disturbing commercials, over and over again men doing do shit like Ebro. Aren't you sellen razors, do any change in the world with a shitty fuckin average, Ties are based philosophy. Wouldn't do it like what are you doing? Who fuckin green With this I knew I was actually a bit like Yo Yo Yo, guys people get hair, they want to fuckin shave, it does do not get a big imagine of euro of sexist rapist he's a shit and you see that
elect commercially Democrats, which my game, I've been too much of a declaration. Does everybody think then commercials are somehow and other in any way shape or form. Gonna, fuck, cultures, bad! You, seven razors is bad. It's just a razor rather braid Mfa can face her them by your body wants to be lectured to work tat I heard of that so sick, stop it. You don't have your shit together. Nobody has there should together new telling people how to get their shit together in Fuckin razor blade, you dont be re, As we know don't be a success. We now we know most people aren't yeah dislike, you got it, most people are the videos like most people are its I'm most people are easy. That's a disproportionate amount of people that are that's gonna hate about a lot of the disallowed. These idea, the ideology today is like They say everybody we're on from his racist everybody's. Like you know, some Christian Bible, thump Kenya and not that
truth. So many of the people. I know we're not that it all that it's unbelievable, but somebody that people in some in the end these other places they don't even know anybody from their. So it's like they have no idea, but they immediately stereotyped because of your accent too. You have a southern Naxa people assume you're, not bright yeah, it's so stupid, but it's also its indicative of what the place used to be like like what world used to be like, was like a lot of the rural edged areas were less educated and how that The internet. The world is a different place. Man, you can be cool people in Wichita, Kansas Union cool people everywhere everywhere, you go you gonna run into pockets. A cool people, yeah copy are everywhere man, so liberties, both good people everywhere and there they have different values. A lot of them are more community oriented more friendly. We we on this side and those on the east side, everybody gets. This idea, that everybody is like the people that live all stacked on top of each other fucking like bees
warm in the high most people. Don't live like that man? Most people live some where, where this less folks I gotta relax the category four has been not african hate anybody debts that most people really the vast majority of the country. This. What is there? three hundred and how many people billion? Why does it three? Fifty already quite, but I mean we're on our way, what is a billion million brow million your good billion, I'm glad it's now billion. I think, there's you imagine that man, I would say three hundred and guess I'd say three: twenty minutes, it's twenty three! Twenty five! Twenty seven right, but that's like how do they know about illegals, yet an hour who have you two billion. If anyone is illegal aliens, you, when you be pissed, what how do you know how many of you don't count them how are they still here that what you did, but you can't
raise your voice and I got to drive to riverside even fuckin raise my voice. I feel like like that's how too tight. It is in a lay three hundred eight million people in the United States in two thousand ten, but that's two thousand ten or so two thousand. It was two hundred and eighty one million and increase. So try to look at that. Do think, but just think of that, twenty fuckin million people, twenty eight twenty nine twenty seven million people and whose and the most are they say it is a white. Our words is it. You think I'm fuckin every race now brow new of decided. We decided to take back our country of no man we're they we're on play, why people are on the way to being serious minority yeah, that's gonna happen. Based power? That's what I say everybody! I look. I love all the variety, but you know what it's like we have nice things a week we kept week. We cannot make things. We keep breaking things. Yes, we can well because of races. People. You can have all this wonderful diversity. So we're
actually all gonna, be gray. We're gonna be like those fuckin aliens with the giant heads and we're gonna have no dicks we're all gonna, be the exact same thanks. So no one can criticise anyone on anything other than your thoughts. He handed you gotta bring your action and they never read each other's minds. You that's what I think I think we're gonna ruin the environment, so they are built in eyeglasses when you born that is fuckin glue these it is on your head. Satellite checks are fake, eyelashes, oh yeah is you just have the lenses that you put out when you're indoors appeal ones as off the wise? You can t see nature you can walk outside the Kimberley go far into disuse, express a fern button, infernal papa, more firm, or this in a fully at your son, Amino Fauna, Foley's. Maybe a deer runs body at that side, but I think nature in the it will probably be contained in these gigantic dome. Places like Minimum Stephen King books and that's where you go together, the nature yoga biodiverse Polish shore.
If possible, it's gonna be like there's gonna, be there's gonna, be nature, your places and the rest. The world would be city, the rest. The whole planet be sitting are our wildlife be bullshit wildlife it'll, be like you know, get you a few thousand acres, something like that of a bunch of animals living together. That's left, it'll, be a cat like a rabbit with a little story like story of on its back or some. If you look at all this while palatial and I'm not one of those doom and gloom people when it comes to overpopulation in a why, because I like people on people, I get too many for can people. You know I've, good friends that thinking You want to help the world. Don't have any kids, my ok yeah. I get why you would say that. But don't you like people, I love people. People are awesome Honor me: some of them are not some, but the vast majority are pretty cool York, at least capable of being pretty cool. If your cooled them a new staff
what sort of a community being cool with each other, the majority people group or nice- Ray friendly, yes, the vast majority. So what's the problem, the problem is we wish to many of us and we're not gonna stop right to get it She plugin gonna fuck somebody right now, I'm gonna make people the put. The question is this: will they say stuffs still studies, scientists say that as people come more affluent and as become more educated, there less likely to have children or they have less children. So they think that the best way to stop overpopulation actually equity in the warlike equality, rather in the world? Who may make the whole world basically like America, wherever but he's just got a chance to get ahead and everybody has an awesome. Education and everybody has access to the best. Information can happen. But if that does happen, that's what's gonna curb overpopulation.
There was the people that are the least educated or do not gonna have the same access to like look in in countries where people are poor like, for instance, they want to have more kids. Could they want the kids it take care of him too? Yes, that's a big thing right, that's a big thing in traditional communities and you know they're they're tighter. And you, if you here's the weird thing: if you talk to scientists, they will tell you that, arguably those are happier people gay, ass, happy people. They live in these like villages and staff and they all in enjoy this company, even though, in our mind it's a hard scrabble life in other live in the third world country in a village, but if they have access to food, looks if they live in the ammo water supply? They have much where you can get in there get a lot of food man like I know how you would say: hey, I don't wanna live that way, so these people live in the wrong way. Dana fuckin ten kids land on them and shed their off?
community in this hut together and you like? That's delicate terrible? Our hot bonds, and at best to a lot of time you see the wholesalers and they have a depth of ethics, but meanwhile those people, You like really happy yeah. They can argue, be happier than comparable group of people in western civilization that you would grab a hundred per cent and was it black comes a lot of black homes are still in the woods. You noticed that allow the tribes, they're kind of de arthur- I guess- maybe not black, but like a latino darker me like I'm, not on what shit I guess it's like a more universal shade, almost kind of like a sofa, color well if you're in the jungle, you're you're, obviously in a hot climate sure in a hot climate, you better develops fuckin Melanie understands what it is his melanin? They got more melanin family. I mean if you look at it, I'm italian. Mostly, if you look at it and by some irish me too, but if you look at Italians who are in the sun all the time tat they get darkest fuck yeah,
and if you were Severin, seven plus generations of peace living in this one area we exposed to like tropical sunlight all the time you at Brown, the fuck up or you wouldn't make yeah. I struggle to Costa Rica or even a couple days and I'm fuckin, you know Brown doubt about faces, all you no kind of has passed and from the sun, but I think people love evolving in a place like that, like being their hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years, maybe thousands veers, like you, adapt that environment or you do know that the preferential the preferable genes, are the ones that make it through the air and those people have joy. Those families have allowed joy, is there they have their family around. You know if somebody, if
he dies. They have em right day, excited everything. Just a lot more communal. I think. There's a lot more love, the only problem is they don't have like ways to see each other. The way we do right rightly didn't have cars. They don't have modern weapons. They have to hunt with these bows and arrows. They make themselves, but they do have pots. They have some things but also depending on what tribe, Irish and also your life expectancies Bobby. Not as long as you do dying, you believe in a higher power, then you get to go, see him quick area while every incarnation you're. You know you friend that died. Could now be a plant or a you know. I only that you made or something I sure in a lot of their cultures. It's a lot of. You know that just things are, we must all intertwined. You know you human nature without was big with native american culture is right. I just thought that coyotes were in many different different tribes. Were they lifted coyotes almost like they had some magic to him or something?
a wise other up all night, and I could see you in the tent sleeping sleep it off that has These high coyote got trapped in a bath now, I want to say, was in South Carolina North Carolina, their wild man, they in this bathroom and these guys have to get it out of the bathroom and sitting on sink it's crazy, they are to use one them long, poles the day they jack dogs, grammar on the neck, the Nashville, and it was one of those places in Nashville, analysing yeah. I can see that dude, it's cool little video, but it's weird like those sort of workers are everywhere. Now they are everywhere will raccoons are really dangerous. You they're always doing no Jerry's music.
The Nashville music. Call this beautiful further in this hall in a boat show that look at him he's Chillun, think so very photogenic, county level, how weird, so what they did was they captured it and they said that if they brought it to an animal sheltered, they would a euthanize written, so instead they catch and let loose in the Woods woods Do you have any animals at you, don't tell people that you have at any secret animal keep allow giraffe generally that I keep a Monday, I could see you haven't something now have you thought about. It are used apparatus allegedly and They keep an attack, tietmeyer tank. You know you used to be able to buy A human skeleton online is heavy human scale to the bottom, my private tank freely. Where does that you buy a skeleton and looking do it? I dont think he can any more. I bet you can't buy many more be used to be
we'll just by human skeleton Helen, can you keep it the whole time wherever who was it? Here's the fighting I got rid of it will get rid of him like men, throw away the shipment skeleton Questionest com, You'd think he'd be like a cabbage has delegate comes at the little birth certificate we bird, which is even worse. Probably then people nobility what the fuck the someone someone got killed, ear someone's gonna find some day what a fox can be a giant mystery. It's fun, always LE mystery man. Thing is, somebody might have died, they might have somebody might killed somebody and sold their bones it's probably one of those are real. How many? What does it say? Is it? Let me look at this e mail from India in good condition. Twelve teeth present the rest broken missing.
There is living on the lumbar vertebrae. What that's five thousand dollars! You could buy a fucking human skeleton holy shit due to several of them Brazil, so the lumbar vertebrae, lipping, you know it means, I think that means there. Biz backs fucked up he's mean and what funds is the disks themselves lumbar vertebrate of actual vertebrate dog bone peace from where and against each other. It starts to spur and develop like a curve to the bottom. I think they're calling that lipping see that's what that means. Whippin lipping on the lumbar Vertebrata lipping lipping on it,
yeah I got. It would see that yup. That's what it is. Yes, you that our image upper left left right there you see how curves, over the top Leah Ostia per Ass steel fight us. Your fight grew and were lipping yeah see as your disk, it smashed your bones trying to protect themselves and they grow this extra bone tissue and sometimes at obviously doctor- and if you a doctor, stop yelling on talking about media but sometimes people that that shit causes psychiatric either inflamed discs, poke out poke into the nerves or the bone, pokes it or causes inflammation and the area Eddie. Bravo as he does Gaddi Bravo had at his He got his whole disk replaced with Altai. That's why I'm this autumn yeah why he gained an inch in height to daddy, really as he did was backs all fucked up. So you think, like your discs, are these things? Are these yell things in this? Probably bunch
and they biased and when they smash and get smash down. To nothing mind he was basically bone. Bone, he had almost no disk so use in a constant state of it formations, Anita text like he couldn't he couldn't sit down. Sometimes you have to stand up and will have to hold his lower back and he does dealt with pain for ever, but it was I almost nothing there, so they replace so is bones or on top of each other, their place. I put this thing: the shovel fuckin, two story. Eighty suddenly he saw him were and new shirts yeah he's, but he actually is no longer in paint. That's what's amaze here, and this is an articulating titanium disk. So they used to have future vertebrated get here? That's all I've heard of they don't have to do that in every case anymore. Sometimes they still do it for some reasons: doctors and they're talking about, but for many people. Now this articulating titanium disk is now an option? I it out yeah
I know that outside ass one surgery, part of it taken out how bad is it. It her bad. Yet now it you're better. Now, no better now is sometimes I've sciatica their own dear restructured, oh yeah give her usual those tier inversion tables, No, I just got some free from you guys, though, in the lobby with a thing called pro forma soda. Oh that's! So right that's a soul, ass, so ass, massage a great there. That's this muscle and I'm gonna come that dancing, brows room they who feels you are so horny today, namely how to draw it like twenty minutes driver here like they can get Ivan nothing like driving. They ve known, I'll say this thing they get me erect these days drive and be in on play. Things you know that Bobby roads Jonas Bobby Road donors,
dude. I there is a real and you asked me what time ever they had a lady, a political direction on a plane and she got pissed. She told the she told the flight attendant to get me a blanket yeah. Well, did you have it out now? I was asleep in my pants Senor Pansy S. She saw it some yeah. To sum up, because our lean pants Lee, are you not wasn't? Gonna go fats canvas or anything. You know protected our Somalia harp that's crazy. Then she's crazy though, but I guess, if I was a woman, dude had a rock hard boner. Just like a couple of three I would know that's like a ticking time bomb. A gay pay but I want a plain I'm going home if, if your pervert, yet I am approval but instead of going Home- and I use it- my dear unequal Macao scale of a pervert are you of like ten- is jerk off in front of people on the subway, with a knock that
The open international have hundreds of class. It will you this ashes and those flashes a jerk off on PETE. He doesn't do that's that's ten. Nine is a flash or the judges, pretends to drive out front which has finished here or take it hard, and then you gotta go back from there yet even a solid gold, five. What are you or your three? Now I deliver gas, perverse perverted tendency, like what I guess it's like what is perverted de la mon goes back to the porn talk. You said you had a problem with porn you're watching too much born. Became a habit for me. That's why I didn't like it became a instead of me. Won't know. Watch pornography became oh I'm. Used to watch pornography at night, some adieu it off and get a bit arrest. I didn't like the habitable, create a bad habit. Well, you, you get
real, intense thinking about things, even when we're talking about like business stuff, like you can tell if you get you focus on things yeah, which is good. If it's a good thing, you know, but sometimes that kind of thing can get away from you yeah. I think it s. Sometimes the same kind of focus that can get you really excited about something, that's productive in your life can also get you obsessed with something: that's not productive sector caught Percinet. You are in a lot of performers, you're an impulsive, creative person. Impulsive creative people sometimes get cotton ruts. You know and there's a bunch of different reasons. I think for four addictions I think they're psychological addictions, physical addictions, some of them are undeniably physical addictions. Some of them will kill you. Get off of alcohol to quick you'll die yeah, it's a physical addiction that is real on tat point. You can pretend it's not real! That should kill you right, so it's obviously real.
But then there's other ones like washing your hands. To my time, some people are addicted to wash their hands. I know I do too doesn't go anywhere without puerile everywhere, washing its hands, put preoccupied crashes and is linked to touch door now put touches Doorn on purely to the hands. Weird and you d, the fuck up your skin flora, like it's not good, elite do they used a leg both of his shoulders? For its dark talk, any honest, good NEWS: Marie's, that's a lemon fuckers noise, sir! Oh yeah, that's an irish hello, mind, we're will weaken or will we were wearing crazy town near the mayor, if you do you like your chosen, the reality we have to do in our town, he put like a charter on your shoulder. You try to get it off the hit it off does not right because gonna grab, you want to fuck you the travellers on modern or what it was I had grown up, but he is he's like Wales Anglerfish his true. Can you get a look at their get? You come looking for that chocolate. Much on my shoulder book. You look down
gonna badness hands. Will if you like you on that plane gets a chocolate good morning, chocolate, but here's the link. What he's a thing If you put out a tv wonder movie, just just gonna get me I'm trying to them Neck long Urban went a little bit of a neck, brace, sometimes it I'm stretching out it's just type, my neck. Those cuts are not tied. It feels short, yeah, I've. U use those things harnessed to go learned of the chin and you will you attach at the top of the door Napoleonic quickly could have seen. This was a great, really yeah, yeah yeah yeah a tense neck. Big believer in that kind of spinal decompression? Yes, isn't that you can get that, and I got a really good one out here too, to really good ones from that teeter company. We, you put your waste on one of em leaned forward, and it stretches your lower back and the other one. You hang from your ankles, it's really good, for it feels good to leave. You cause it's just like that
russian of lies, sick of it. I haven't smashing you down. It's very rarely do anything that, like I, have a terrible problem. Slumping I've always slumped of always been like a voice at shit. Posture forever reason: it's not good you're supposed to sit up straight. Yeah you're supposed to your back, is supposed to be straight sea can be like. Sometimes I, like. I sit like this I'll talk to be mobility light. My head is for my it's like just very bad for you back you're, making your your discs carry your weight in an uneven way, which one do have everything everything up and strong opposite is exaggerated, but people like you get lazy. So what were what good posture is is like a constant state of exercise. That's what good posturing! You want just swamp. I sat up all the time but yea by doing past all the time it feels like you're, always like you know about to graduate in. I always like kind
like what I'm saying is what it's like. We all have to be exaggerated, but you really should been trying over the last few years really hard to do that just straight. I need to get an alarm from us by that's it. That's the shit. I love that's called it the teeter decks inversion. That's one of my feet! we're things ever for loosening up your or by really decompress. Here I got one right here and it's not prohibitively expensive neither one. I bid that thing right there at lady when you go down when when it press play, so you can see how it works. You hey, down like that and when you hang down like damages, link and everything and straightens it up and ask someone. Will you hang by your ankles? I love that, although it looks good right I cannot even imagine they have that are good for you. I got one right here, but really ethics of you do to kill a dear son. Now, that's that's a different kind of thing. Then,
while men are needs to step up the gun you to get more. You know Bob, This is difficult. Hang up. I gotta will lead the ozone protein for your shoulders, like China bars grab all the vagina barges. Hang hangings really good for your shoulders because everything gets compacted. Everything gets like punch din and, and stretches out like a conniston, the wagon brother. You know that in the still Go Conniston, what does a conniston like we'll be it is really question was accepted by six. You know like I've. Had a fire, your move that guy I mean I think I used to be able to, but I gotta go into the past brow. You still young enough to move like that right now. Here. I now think Conniston the wagon today, like their Madge. If you just decided that's how you gonna rocket from now on you're on the high people peeping out you get more raw wooden, we'll flash dragon behind your ram,
bar gold stars on the man. You got a silver Chevy Silverado poet of looking covered Billy, care. Do one scars registered yeah, it's all legal who the fuck is buying wagons days. People buying them today of the way he's coming back, assist these assholes and want to reenact a civil war get out there a wagon return there. Still. Labour is weird, I understand reenacted it in the winter, but they do it in the sun murmur. Do they really want to do in the winter you'll die in the south, always win the reenactment to know it doesn't really yeah I'm lying so real. I think there a little bit of you know they should do this reenacted civil war and kill themselves not in real life, but in the end the fake mean pretend hey man, our for slavery? Unjust, all pretend to kill them. So yeah
that's interesting that they should say: hey we're gonna. Do it the right way or we're gonna talk down our guns and suck all the deaths of the government. Worth yeah now and then they would one they have one if they said that like if they catch us, there the way to feel good, and in one apology has been neither nutrients. Starvin would do us, what this do you think that so slavery right right? They had it. Do you think that would have had this thought of one day would have computers. Artificial intelligence happens, ok takes over, and then there are gonna know that we had we own these phones,
yeah yeah, just like people only slight like they would like. This was a site like member when you own my little body emotional, about that. I see where you go with that, but I disagree. Aren't you gonna be an actual factor I got the rose gold when they do not like tat, but you two black case on that's ridiculous. Gesture figure rose. Go. I think you have to go cases. Like us going cases, may alot of people go quietly Jamie case lists. Are you really deems it cases? Barbarian LAO jerks offer this fuckin his natural hand acute case. My my kid drew now. That's nice, adorable You see your kids, everyday yeah. Sometimes keep my eyes closed. This is, as you smile style, pod gas. Is it not
they were you nervous efforts to have him. Yes, yeah, a nervous to be vulnerable nervous to love, something that much nervous to have the Congress Bons Billowy nervous about all those things here. I ain't at you change. Is you angels. You like nothing else, but did you feel the changes would be fairer, like that you like the changes and then you did like how much did you have reservations? I didn't have a relationship with my father growing up, so for me it's very. It was very, very important that I did whatever I had to do to have a relationship with them to be present, as I can be taught to whatever whoever was but
four had em too, to evolve to get better again, it's it's! It's a very when you have kids, it's a very weird thing: what happens to you, because all the sudden, it's you not alone anymore lawyer, you, like you, you don't just have responsibility of a dog you have to feed or a plant. You have a little person and you dont want to fuck up that little person like shit and fills overwhelming the world feel so dangerous change. The view of the world so much threat the summit's out there they could that's eyes plain. The stories to you read stories about terrible people and terrible things that happen. Then you, like fucking,
out of the way, but this has happened me after what has happened in somebody else to your little saw your little daughter, you know here, let's wild bird, that's crazy world in you, you think of people differently, because you think of people is a project that development, instead of being in a static state at interesting, Did you did did do you think that something is like are emotionally happens? T like at a level that dna level yeah yeah the love you had like Dave chapels said this best was not only to do increase. My love increase my capacity for love, that's a great way of putting it. I would. I would agree on a per cent concrete. Is your capacity become? In the least me, I became a nicer person, I've seen it not work too same people that just rejected I've seen men and women that just don't want to be parents? I seen women move away from their kids. They don't want to take care of the kids. I've seen men abandon their families, they just don't want to do it. It's crazy and I don't know if it's
a mental health issue, or if it is some people just can't take you have it like this, like attitudes, and this is not just about raising children spout pretty much in difficult in life. There's some people that have a very low quit point very low did just quit everything they quit. It gets tough, quick where there's a lot of people are just quit and when you have a little like say if you have a little theo in front of you when you think about your life in your childhood and Macao important, it is for you to to raise this little person in and give him love and teach him about life and protect him them save and give him good lessons in life.
Just changes, everything changes, everything changes, everything, but it also braver. Welcoming its overwhelming people get serious anxiety when they have kids, they start thinking about the responsibility and the weight of at all, or they don't some people. Just fuckin take pills, lay in the council at the kids, suck fuckin carpet, glass and the Fuckin Stick forks into the wall sockets and play with knives. People start some people are given. Fuck keyboard, dumb. Then that's it. That's a thing to mend. You know people want to say this, but there's folks out there, the just or equipped for life. I really believe that think d come the dawn brother. That's what I'm saying take the seamen out of him. Santa get a certain point, but here's the problem you're dom compared to physicist so who's, the guy who's, to judge and who's to say this person really stupid, could never brilliant child that happens to men, lots of times brilliant
people come out of state need adversity, man who knows what they need, but it's like it's not our job to decide whose stupid and whose not, because he gets slippery. Oh yeah, you, you could get box into that stupid corner in a different metric. If you're hanging around with much people from Stanford in honor look and steal Vaughan's a neighborhood. They noticed ten people, the neighbourhood, but only nine- can survive easily resources for nine pollyanna. Give it to me prowling depends on how good you are digging. Ditches could be better than limit that thou so suddenly have different skin I don't know it's have you thought about having kids yeah, I think about it. More like as a deliberate older. I just yet the thing for me just like about be embraced about, thank and is being willing to have my life to be totally different and be ok with that in just be unlike willing to know that. I will be ok in that space. You know, I think it's hard psychologists,
take him just starting to manage the space that I'm in, like as just as a regular person and then to get to that point were now it's like flock of another ball two balls in the air in a wife and kid or yeah, and then what we're talking about earlier, like sometimes people fuck people that they don't really like to hang our. I might do an animal man, that's where gets slippery, because sometimes that sex is full man, I was just talking to a body of mine about this he's gotta. A guy he's, a single guy he's got a Galilee Fox every now and again they get together and they both I know what it is tat they get together, they went out and then they see here at his his take on his interesting he's like him and some people, you just don't want to see me or nothing like that's. Okay, that's, okay, but the problem is, is not always mutual.
Sometimes the guy wants see the girl more than she wants to see him or vice versa. Then it becomes some weird thing, one per start stock and other persons, Facebook, and yet it s, people stuck in weird with people like that's, that's actually, an addiction to people get addicted to each other, just as much as they get addicted to pornography just as much they get addicted to wash their. Hands or anything else. People absolutely get addicted to certainty. Oh yeah, I went in that person. Does one have sex with you anymore, like it's like they're, taking away your drugs, you know and really dumb men in those cases get very dangerous because the archives, At least they start thinking this person's done something to them, because they don't want to be with them anymore and really dumb men are dangerous right there. That's where you know you, you hear about women getting stock by their axes and murdered That's where that should comes. I hate that really dumb men were angry now that the person that they loved doesn't want to be around them anymore, they can't look at themselves, know probably mentally ill. They might be on medication who the fuck knows what
Dr Sector, or what conglomeration of factors making them be that piece of shit, but yet this fuel, we I want you we're, he may give illiterate. They feel rejected and then you just wanna go on to do some time you get addicted to somebody else's lover lost our SAS. All those things we women to men. Eliminating too I was talking to a guy who was gone through this with another gal. Hello, soon's carbon unless and still talking about boy, less one lesbians mean the lesbian upset, Only. I was eleven of you note on SAM Boy, domestic abuse. There was some article about domestic abuse. Growing letting commodities yeah disturbing its. Our guardsman in those women Irvine. Some of these women are tough, you think top as nails. Would you find a lesbian fur and undisclosed amount of money? Yeah real
out here that the number of what is undisclosed did I get here too. I don't get it now until it's over. It is really high women. Now I'm not cannot train for I wouldn't like Amanda Nunez What you ve done now yet has to be a woman, would have seen a couple pictures of him. Do you know, They want to be able to make sure you have seen. I got a couple of they deserve our at least be able to scroll through their. Instead, you see the video that grown man who punch that eleven year old girl. In the face of the more I shall see man is so crazy. There's a bunch of kids apparel there were involved in some sort of a scuffle. This guy comes over to break it up his yellow them break it up again up one kid pushes him and then he says something and then pushes the girl. She goes fly and so little time The person he's a big dude. She comes at him with her dukes up and he just fuckin way laser
see his her with a straight left right in the mug Bay grown man like up. He looks like a big man who knows how to throw a punch. I'm not gonna play the video. Finally go find out what I want to see it flocking disturbing, but two things you should tell you one that by definition, it done about two. She shouldn't a fuckin run at that big giant man with their dukes up like I know she's eleven and I get it. She didn't know she's kid, damped teach its informal learning kids are hearty. Some eleven euros are like what, if you get a like, I do a twelve year old. That's no she's! This big she's little she's, tiny she's, like nipple high on hand, Kayo search you once you know You do you do I draw for me on her neck and I want to say: yeah. Does it old days, man, young, Louise Delta, Gamma. They headed out chiseled some tits into a man, a pint. You may be a birch, or some
we got there you're out on? It is with good jerk off at the base of the tree. I don't use like a step stool, Somerset, a barrel. That's when you found all the magazines in the woods it. We said that but you ve got something to be used in the tree and far more That kind of thing you know it's a real. You make a mess of photographs. This tree know. Why not do you know it is good to take back their with foam, You go the Conqueror bet, it's about it. It devolve. Now there was always a Sri live, go back there in touch. The thing also can't find your way back where the fuck are. We we're. Gonna go mad like it turns out the tree. Guitar people jerking off on to evolve some sort, neurotoxic happier than when you touched it got in your bloodstream, a distorted your perception of distances. That goes with it.
What if you would have come could devise they would have seen and could defy gravity. What do you think about that? I don't, but you know how to thank. Imagine if it wasn't if, if come, didn't just get humans, pregnant yeah no that's what I think of a man I gotta get frogs the chickens give every way you weren't you found guide, astute fucked, eternal. You follow some turtle person You can't think about the man you manage. If anything, you get anything pregnant, new combination was born turtle. People too, that's what's next why people some do fuck decoy created, but it is not that current imagine you're out their thrown bread on your coy pengelly it as lags what the fuck man so many fuck. What are you it'll, come up on the shore. It's got a sign for you
paypal I lead to people, see people see pet store shop and the like war. This shady dimension, if reflected in it came out and we knew it because it always knows gases like always knows on a coil fish with legs. Comes out army. What you here, furthermore, in the business? Bali, Q, MAGIC Yahoo, Google, fine way, my turtle, babies who knows, but if you have made love to an animal, would it be if you think he had to go and probably some tiger brag about yeah, looking anything sedentary applicant, anything that's like a basic something's up in the poultry sector or anything like that. Nobody would have to be a female. What have you gay sex with an animal? Ok, that's not gonna fuckin animal brow, smart! I dont think that applies to your fucking, animal value more both if its work they'll? I think it's boycott it I'll figure. And beastie out nobody's gonna be like, and we may be ass. They would
Hitler mean they go. Not only did you fuck a chip, he fucked up and nobody bill. I Jesus well you never buy a beer again. You put the internet, you put a fuckin very me, sneak up on a cheetah and fuck in it round, dabble rapid, a noose around, and your bank and it whilst clause on yeah strata, get away not now dial up an aerial avert or some Gerald avert and plain some sweet music into getting like on how you plan to hold it in place. While it's all happening, if you're good enough in general enough it'll stay, you don't think something, about a year for a tell Maginot above the look at Well, I wanted you to write to the hospital whatever medication we're on. We have to change if we get it fixed
for a year make yourself, then you are actually terrestrial Mozart. Smiled are weak. There said good. Do we always have a guitar broke funny we working tonight, you do in Tripoli, shows yeah you're gay, that's fine good terms, do what a fine job management as a job and this year as well sand like your idea of like looking back a new youth, a crate see we're alive, we're alive, doing the most fun job you could have here how we change that Yeah, like you know, get busy live in the sheer just try more things in just you know enjoy my time that about diet that I am alive, that's what's up. I really do believe that the whole thing about life is all that I wish I was doing this I wish I was doing. That is only good if you work and towards something, but I wish I was again let go
That is not happening here. I wish I was eight foot tall does on happening. I wish I could fly not I wish I could breathe underwater like article man, it's not happening. I could see gills install though I could see you but come at once. They get come up with some Jean editing gills about him and FUCK scuba diving takes you to her side and shows you skills. I don't like sparkling brow, get snorkel the little bit. In Hawaii via man, it's wild, you're out there looking down you want always fish swimming around. I did. We went near this coral reef, it's crazy! It's this world down. There are the person how easy it was. A free black object. Sharks are something does not easy. The blue lobbies, No, that's real, like you're, always thinking I could have windows. Motherfuckers is here and you look like a like a damn delectable event to a sharp I've, been thinking
for that. You mean you don't say if it goes out their debts, as a real snack? How many things be Bourbon Cuba shores as ever happen now be crazy. Like L, L, cool J got killed by Shark MAO bleed like what you know who people like when I was a real. How did it happen would have Oj Simpson, God, Jack by a shark imagine how many heart would break out across the country If you could see oh Jesus in full, it have to be Florida he'd, be enforced in Florida. Lotta sub course of White girls off these waving wave into the beach, and you see the fin, like fifteen feet away from home, go under and then by the yank, the blood and the like way,
dude I met our Jason and Denis arrive in effect, a lot of the same chicks grow when you think about that, we would have to kill nothing odious and allowed to leave the country right of Saint would have Kim Jong Party with Oda. It's like, I don't care. What did they have produced a loose to a body of ours, doing cocaine without a sensitive time in new- and I am I am- how This is like fifteen years ago, post martyr them. Yet after the murder, and the guy goes hated. Anybody of a car key enemies hit so she's. Ok, you Cartier a knife, that's what he asked him for to do. The cocaine offer and others like these guys, we will go to pocket. Knife was laughin yeah pretty funny. I think it's funny. I mean If you didn't get in trouble for it, even if you did, I think, have innocent to humor about is still important. The way he reacted. Every step of the way.
Did not seem like being accused of some. You didn't do every step angler every step of the way I wouldn't do that. I couldn't do hard or even if that is not what you'd say, your wife got killed right. You would not be thinking like that. You, the Harper, wreak in the fuck. What does exist, but you should watch this little bit. Naughty, not sell. Saucer back on the very very end of the show is almost like a bonus scene. I didn't know you got this deep with the outfit who had a gal. It's just as part of this is like cell second girl explicitly with them like this, extravagant millionaire, billionaire type character? Oh and he's got OJ c. I need to see they show period, ethic expelling three or four hours with them. He said. Did you hear that they might have uncovered a pet o ring he might have uncover to peddle ring when he was doing this urgent in no social bearing Cohen,
Oh yeah! I did see railroad headline. This has any fine with the exact specifics. Were they decided not to airports like what do you know when you say that about O J made me think I met Buzz Aldrin from the moon? Yes and he, and when I met him it didn't you like he'd, been to the moon, saying that on yeah cause I sent caught, who is America in of you to FBI, over fears of LAS Vegas pedophile around well said the goat subsidies, The interview led him to believe there could be a pedophile ring in LAS Vegas Holy Shit. Can you imagine a pitiful rain, LAS Vegas was exposed by Sasha Baron Cohen in how many movie and they find out it's real, I wonder if this is always a set up for some other type of foam bullets: limited objective: ok, ok, there has to have been paid
file rings in the past. On the night bright. I would think if you go back, you go back to like the fifties or the forties of authorities there has to be something like the way easy buried Eric they take orphans and they molest them all that Sandusky type shit that has been going on. So how often as had been going on, and what happens now at the same time, but people like give that's no longer available for them is theirs. Some way they get it. Some super fuckin super tightly watch certain ring of people who still engaged in this activity and figured out a way to do it now not to everybody hopes not, but the idea that it's impossible there did. It's impossible is unlikely. It is probably a market for it,
sadly the swell you think about it all the time many think about other countries. Rarely other doing it therefore yeah sure most of our guys, it seems, fly all these other countries and be dirty over their ideas like going over there and there's a ring. Pedophile ring that scary. Did you want to fuck some kid? It's crazy thing. They think it's mostly people who have been abused like that themselves, yeah, mostly out, that's one of the things said Kevin spaces brother said about Kevin is at Kevin, is basically like their dad and their dad sexually abused them and now Kevin his acting that out, and there was an interview his dad is brother rather gives you Kevin spaces brother looks like ROD Stuart on the strongest acid available who he's crazy, lookin, weird, looking guy with wacky hair. He wears funky glasses we're close Donnie, what's his name under what is new is really looks like he's wearing costume
Donnie Space decided. Is it no, but here take a look at him. Just look at the stuff. That's looks like they Scots Ross, clean in english scientist and Broad Stuart. I carefully even though the gap bang whether have maggot, I think they both did. I think you saying they both did. I can really only said as MR yeah that's sad man they set their dad was a monster, yeah yeah, look at his death. Like look look at his big brother, how he dresses up little you that crazy rod steward outfit yeah a bit like one check or one dude, fucked him, because I thought it was right to it and cyclical much can ride this boat when Rob rides, do it. This is outfit. Crazy ass. It does a crazy, crazy. Outfit he's got rings on every finger, he's gonna, while a chain across his packer wow. Without those dicks keeping time, rather like that shirt, fluffy shirt with a crazy ass neck accoutrements. Yet
if you're, not twenty five by somebody, you shouldn't where all this at the end, but but think about how much effort it took to do. Others now go to his teeth. Son at the summit of the Mug Scotland, Raw, cleaner shit up as you from Scotland, given space you from Scotland, I think they're from Britain. I think that from America really yeah word, whereas Kevin's regime fuck, you know you're going well shootin over a year that right now you're the guy who's got the Google in front of you. But no doubt what about this Do you think he would have been as talented if he didn't have this affliction, where this is a word from orange teachers, see they go perfect dump I am one of those talented men of our time, people in New Jersey, fuck you broke, I was born there. He is very talented. Please also very crazy. I think in his day you can get away with a lot if you're a movie star
I think you know they just they ran those sets like a year. You're crazy, if our Kelly thing now and that guy is whole life. He got to do it every wanted. It seem like that's different animal right cause he's a musician, but yeah seems like he's the under age. The under age thing with him is like a Leah married life. Under age. Had secular under age was till armor wood is gripped listening to his music, it was so young girls are coming out about him doing at Elinor. A lot of people nuth third fourteen or Saint fifteen were back here. More people, incomes, Alessio, there's a video. That, moreover, is complicit in that assembly. But what about the people didn't like we're here? It's crazy did videos out of him paean on people and then years later, people still making music rhythm wow. That's crazy at courageous yeah, that's crazy! When you find out how many people work
was it was at the breakfast club, which show was it that day they saw reading off a list of all the people that worked with our Kelly Post video. So the video is out lady Gaga, always people in them like a giant number of people. Do you think will ever be able to eradicate this? The fact that people do that too, like have liked the pedophile our had that vibe for them. First to sexual, sexual ass children, young people, hopefully.
Scientists will figure out a way to isolate that part of human thinking some day. I colt fully they'll be something researchers, doctors, scientists, ecologists, whoever it is figure out a way to stop them, but in the meantime, what it has gotten his way more difficult for them to get away with it bright right and it's it's going to get more difficult still, I think people going to be connected and we were connected right now. A cell phones like this is our weird. The connection is, you know, Adam Greenery, who was here S vowed eastward talking about Toyota tundras. He said after we were talking about it. He said all of his ads on his phone like when you look at a website. It would all be toilet, adds no way sector listening there, there listening to his phone, like the word toilet tundra, came up over and over and over again in a search, searches, Toyota, trucks, lot around Toyota trucks, tourist attraction.
Said that until they look at high and dry toiled, Tacoma said over and over again, but whatever the fuck process of I mean, I don't know if you actually accidentally Gould Toyota trucks that day to yeah, but they found out he's he's there. Could my point is I saying something in a conversation is being connected to these internet. Searches Ike like these little things are starting to happen and it's gonna get more more prevalent it's over for us. We're gonna be like way more connected. Now then, we will when a way more connected. Rather in ten years, and we are now man, we gotta figure out. What would that be like, because no one saw this come it? No one saw us being disconnected so what the fuck is going to be like. If were connected, much much more than that in the future. We are going to be he's gonna, be it's gonna, be something unimaginable cause it's. This was unimaginable right, that's
think it can be. Some reacts plain that we're gonna get to our has to be some next level of to wish. It may be that comes in till it or when I was really hot on this. My really high thought was, you know how kids learn things really easily there. They will learn things ways. They can learn language really easy. The book, if very soon in the future, a universal language is develop that Collins. Sides with artificial to artificial intelligence technology v, she'll reality and my mental augmented reality? And so this universal language? allows people of all languages. They can learn it. They can learn it in. This was coming over something the Jamie said once we're talking about emerges being almost like hieroglyphs like, while I got seems so weird because they seem so cute and corny, but but somebody send you a whole like series of them like eggplant. Water smile
We face high five, and in this I also want to fuck that shit. That's my right meet timed. A meme picture could sell Shore Jackson why was thing those like ok will what would stop once they develop augmented reality or artists or or virtually quality in some sort of easily digestible form whatever it is, whether it's a chip they have bought? It send signals directly to your brain, lousy to communicate with each other. If we develop the Lange and we can send and receive images in a way that may be even more effective than the language that like. We assume that English is the best way to talk, could really know how to talk English right. Maybe if we could speak Chinese, we can express ourselves clear. Maybe we speak turkish or arabic, maybe there's a better one. I dont know island right, one language, but what if sound languages are far inferior to visual languages and one of these visual languages allow people that even came at sea to see because
Send it directly into their mind, see these things their eyes closed and I'm using your eyeballs and everybody. Communicate on an even playing so there's no language barriers and what I was thinking. This also will that's Gobi this impossible? No, it's on a possible there's more than a hundred languages in how many languages are there. If you had a guess I'll bet, there's lean hundred, maybe fifteen yeah I'll bet, you're right outside a hundred thirty would go crazy. I see a hundred thirty locations, probably a thousand fuck knows we only language Bob, one language by more more than a thousand or common ago may adopt that. I too have a separate guess. I want to go with eighteen hundred. I would to go with you. Thousand Sixty says there are roughly. This is number of spoken languages in the world today. Sixty five hundred were what
where whom she about two thousand of those have less of fewer than a thousand speakers who, even if you count those off still for over four thousand, will you know that? people on that Central North Sentinel Island. I think there were dead language my third really what that guy got kill zone. Thirty! Nine of them, four thousand. So even if you take a hundred right, if you take those off them Did he said that only lesson hundred people are yeah but they're using that right, good point, we're here's! The thing is really crazy them. Deep, the pit, the indigenous people of Australia, my friend, am greenery, whose here yesterday he he works with lobbies- people, yes, mining company in one of his bunch of the people who work with, would explain to him these
languages that they're not written down and you in your mob, like they would call the aborigines who call themselves that. Look! It's not like a clan, it's called a mob their term, for it would have a totally different language and someone who lives just a few miles away so that we differ mob those few miles way towards differently. You can understand what factors and data not fuck your say then there's another one over here: there's, never not one! The one I am like how many do you think there is, as I was, probably hundreds, like hundreds, hundreds of different langley? Nobody knows what the fuck did. You really say it's almost like they don't want the other one you know cause is like, though, get their secrets. Maybe how many do think another report that says there's this number of languages that are spoken in? U S homes, as of this says, a twin fifteen who ok, smaller number, but three hundred fifty
at least this is at least, if you ask me before this conversation no said, thirteen may two thousand a guess, actually he's gonna, guess eleven fuck, that's a lot of languages that so crazy person, Mayors were far down, and I welcome that makes my point. I think the next stage is a universal language here. Universal language would like think about the aborigines. That's how fucked up situation to be, and nobody knows the fucking San and none of those things are written down. She have to be in that clan to understand the language or that mob. Then they die off and the other thing in small small ball. Well, they think it's not planned out well, but we are connected everyone's interconnected and I think, through universal language, it's entirely possible that we could reach shape civilization, yeah through universal language. At every kid picks up in school. You teach them being born,
right upside English, you're, chinese or anything else, but being bond is the the internet Linda Route, and this internet language that everybody understands everything starts communicating through being bombed, nobody nobody's using regular language anymore. He just you can talked like when you're embed talk here, Bitch member dirty talk, english language, a talk by our French, our two hundred and eighty five that are spoken system in Angeles was locked. But make sense of this three hundred in the country holding him all them here and how lay I would think of would be her. I'm more shocked at all. Money is pretty multicultural error, as a group in twenty five hundred people are so that speak Dutch at home and riverside. That makes sense, but only dutch world not only but that most, b. I wonder, what's riverside Dutch or so aerodynamic the moon good. Now
In a Dutch, there really are dynamic there, the what were you doing? You have lean face lean, headed, seven, not four inches cheek to cheetah. Big people did do how big there, the diet show their very tunnel, but their very dynamic, very aerodynamic, downhill people. They call him. Do it pull up under ok, Pullup Ernesto, whose care, Ernesto Nesta whose getting gander at this seller right hearing this dutch kick boxer, Mr Perfect, and that you too take him in the side of his head because less than others scarred damage on Kate, that's him later in his career to feed earlier and carries more jack get earlier, is criminal, read their bam. Take tat picture it they're, not gonna, do one above it will you cursor was to write to write to the left of that one or right, I'm sort of that policy just pulled up the right of the photo. You just pulled up that Arthur.
That's what you look like when, in his prime, let's get a basic dutch that guy's in advance larger feline advance Dutch. Look at him. The guy's. Ok, how about Rob O b k? A m e n R, a an rather more greystock boxes, and there we go aerodynamic. Zero become narrower said is put looking sideways, what about basic Dutch got? Does not look like a guy with a narrow had brow. Sit down. I don't mind: their head was nasty his head, you, he is able to clear your head now. Yes, it would then be nuffin behind you, long. That hit is narrow. His head down from you, I wouldn't even know you both that you back there I'd see the bottom.
Vacuum jerking off on to other, doesn't count. Did you think it's a bit of a crazy in this unknown alarm thing about this, but to watch people from different ethnicities, jerk off you? Now, I'm back to this but you know what I'm saying, because everybody body should watch this out starting off from memory now the guy from memory now. Do you find that your fancies become more elaborate a hundred percent or more excited up set it up your head. No, it's my dears Weekly beaten it more than four. We are proud. No two days a week I note that I'm just trying to turn over a new leaf, one in nine years, I'll be borne in mind the round confuse, I think, that's that's! Look! There's a red! There's a if you just look at
sexual desire and last year, It is a reason why you become more and more desperate as time goes on. It's you're Sites are set too high or you're not being ambitious enough. You gotta spread recede. We think about how ridiculous it as a people didn't know that having sex with people has consequences, and and by that I mean you- can get pregnant, you can get disease If there was an eye over the end of this cultural limitations, people frowned upon it, but if there is none of those imagine how much people would be fucking you'll be insane. He added the or if there is no such thing as masturbate, he could look at a gas station, Billy FUCK India, if those notice, if masturbation was impossible. First vote what would happen, what women would rule everything hundreds? But then I have so much Chee built up. In no note there'd be bitches they'd be given in every chance through the window. Let alone will be worse, so much more ostrea, because women
would be able to decide whether or not you game, the only way. That is the only way if women where the rulers, whether not you came there, was no way to come. Without them, boma they would dominate, were fuck did next law. If there really smart, that's how they would take over chopper. Comes off. There's rightly telling me that you would like a little like chinese guide, jerk off my body, hunger. By our backs this again. Never gentle watch train. Actually I don't want them to happen. Jamie possible the arbitrary acts of oligarchy gotta see this. My shit, ok, good I've watch it. I wanna watch a kind of stuff but How about this? How close do you get like this? A chinese jerking off in a park, okay and He'S- he's threads unaware. He's cantonese his Cantonese. My me right now, you're you right now, you're jargon, right jargon has beaten off,
depends on how close you start to tie your shoe right. You see him in the park and I know that guy's deathly beaten off and you about What are your away? I probably would stay there, how close when you walk to eat when put someone's jerking off in public. As you have an obligation to one or two things, you have an opposite. It depends on what he's doing as you looking at you and jerking off now, these looking at you and your gun off he's doing now. Open he might be sick, but later enough towards you that your kind of invited at no? No, no you're right if you're in the park? This is just, mean being a hundred percent serious if I'm running in the park, or can I see you know five yards over to the side next to a tree is a guy beaten off. Ok, I'm gonna stop running and I'm gonna look at him look at all the people around them and I'm going to keep an eye on him and probably either going to call the cops or devilish stand, there was one of some person is jargon, and he just sides. This is the time to jump on this person here. What are some key?
is walking by, and he snatches that kid and drags when the bushes. This guy is so crazy, is beating off in public and he's looking at you. I don't think I would go over and be violent with him, but I would definitely keep an eye on them. I'm not going to let what, if he's a fucking Actual predator needs looking to do something to someone and you could be like Peter Parker and Spiderman save your uncle yeah right. You know that's what made Peter Parker become Spiderman he saved his uncle. We had the our and he didn't save his uncle. A robber ran past him inferior get to do anything about it. The robber got into the elevator. He'll does uncle in another yeah, that's just or, and it was an elevator forget what the actual story was, but the robber did something to his uncle and killed them. His uncles. Everything has uncle, took care of him. So then he decided he can never let evil people do anything bad again and he became spider like thus superhero. I think you have an obligation, especially
if Europe, if you're a man specially yeah, I give you if I was a small woman, and I was in that same situation- call the they call the cops meetly, don't try to be hero, get the fuck away from that guy, but call the cops mealy but I'm pretty sure most dude that are beaten off in the forest like that they're, not looking from me rather looking. For a woman or a child yeah, that's true, they're putting looking to meet another. I would tell another dude. I saw another dude, a grandmother dude for sure to help me like. Let's get this day, a black, hey, hey! I commend this fucking eyes. You speak not in most men would go out Jesus. What we do- and I will call the cops- keep an eye on him, a monoculture, yeah. Don't let him get away call in our Sony runs by tell them to oh yeah. That's it see when someone really crazy what's ones really crazy, like that kind of crazy, some guy got arrested for trying to abduct kid trend, drag kid do in this house and the horns and his head is
Warrants he's a sexual predator and he's got those those implants in his head. Worrier looks like some come to have us demon. Is his ears? Hang down like it's fuckin chin, looking only great that guy's out there, it's a real guy, just got caught find. So if you run into that sort of a situation you like you, have to act as a person. You can't just run away, I feel, like you got to stand, you got to stand around and make this. You know. Where the right to say it is gas coming over China come over here, this guy's jerking off or yeah yeah I didn't get in some else to help, but there's less that and there's ever been before, but this was gonna be some of it. So, if you're talkin about with pedophiles like how do you stop that forever as possible, Stop that forever and we had a dude in school. When I was growing, this got big Richard Wright and he ended up mean big dick. That's what you call
no this wall. We didn't know this before. We were old enough to know that dick and richer with the same, our dick and about this house, Jack John. How short for John Jack is early. I am another Jeff. John F Kennedy, John F Kennedy, Jack, Oh well, but I know Kennedy was the fuck. Is that doesn't the weird ones ray we're. Never gonna get a universal language. I can't even get their rights from Irish. That's how you say Jack and I gotta look really John since their Irish. That makes them more generally said John, I believe I guess we said it and from far away at a summit jack, come down here. Thought short for Barbara is bags yet another bags, actually that perhaps it's weird What for Barbara barbies a rough name now, I think arm like a hook yeah like and who will not have argued but Bawler minors, cute barbies, key Sal,
like a man's names out Latour with us ashore programme, weird ones with men and knows some other weird ones that I forget big sal I know a lesbian in big, so well with a real name, Sally Model now so as to be called but one times you bought a man's bathing suit August. One with no topper tops know TAT dna. Let's go he's fucking sound. The exact using the shallow into daddy. You know and that's a matter healthy gal, but I think if somebody out I was in Germany one time us on a bike rod and they had a man swinging his dick and a big circle, and there was, but as an buddhist area of apart while I knew this area, that's what you getting counter their people swing index as I was gonna sped off. I think about a sometimes about big, so nervous. It's not guy in the park on what he was doing. Why was doing that.
You know what I used to think. I used think that piece of shit now I think that was a baby, I was a baby than they became this helicopter. Dick weirdo we stand on the street. To his high spin indirectly I do it's been like that weird and raising it's fucking, weird, it's weird that their people to do the and how much of that is because of repression. I doubt if went to the most sexually liberated country. They have more or less perversion asked the question right and how much of it is imported like if you went to the most sexually livery place, like ample, how many of the people that come in, or people from out of town, that aware that one for you shit, It becomes an economy yeah and how many people you just leave him to their own, just be chill, because we're pretty caged up, they say you're in America, it's pretty. You know everything's cod,
have you seen and stuff on television, and yet we are, but I wonder if that's so why we get so much done yeah. You know like what do we owe you maybe says Maybe it's my perception that we get more done than other that were more productive. I mean it's we focus on it a lot, a lot of things of deadly come from here. I think that's changing right, yeah but I think pedophiles goin out a style too. I think there was a time when more people got, where that easier, that's for sure it's hard to get away with it, but God that fuckin, that whatever that is, that makes a person do that doesn't seem like we ve eradicated that, It must be a loose wire and imagine that the thing about that is if they get one day figure out a way to get certain traits in and breathing. Out of people engineer them out of people like we're fucked than well. What what? What would you leave in
like where would you leave in emotional outbursts. Would you leave in the above ready to have an emotional outburst like what the fuck I would leave that. Would you leave that in as font yeah, it's fun for me, but maybe you and I wouldn't be the ones who decide we leave sneezing in not a moon behaviour. Male Kamer emotional outbursts. Ok, like fuckin counts. Ass was like that. I'm not gonna shit. Yes, I would leave him. I would leave them into not a lot of it. Turn it down a little. I wouldn't fuck with it. Think it's our job, fuck with ok, you mean that if a war breaks out yeah. You can have beaten guy. I need that war yeah. You don't need that energy. You need to let that whole, like male eruption, fuckin crazed aggression that you dont like well, when invading village is headed over the top of the hill. You want that in a dude with an ax yeah. You want that. You want that to be available here, agree
Unless we get to a point where we don't have any war anywhere ever again until then like what, but would have we engineer it out, but the russian say they're going, you, but they don't they don't they would do that early, we, do that also we would have we always so fuckin sneaky. Do you think that we will have another war? I hope not, but that's always the fear right mean we're in the middle of two May. I now well I think it could be. You think, could gonna be another state war in America of the Boycott civil war states will something, worried about that. Some people are able worries me somewhat state run government. Well, some people are worried about that as he for the Republicans and hate for Trump in particular ramps up and that
They're, really worried that they'll be some sort of a violent outbreak between the right and the left that this could actually really happen. Man, it's not impossible. It's not impossible that at least battles to break out, because people are fucking, polarized, matte but I think what s interesting to me is that more and more people, it seems like at least from my perspective on the right, are now coming out against Trop. It seems more common, more calm, especially with his government shut down people like what the fuck you know, there's somebody videos, people go. What are you talking about? What this wall agreed? money. Like people, the scuffle, my people lot relevant check to check the your shutting down there. It is the only way you can negotiate. This wall is the only way you can fund this. While this is crazy yeah, yeah, I mean is now before us.
If the government socks fuck a shut it down in that it shuts down here, but he gets mad. You know it well. It's makes an argument that the government should be doing less things. This is the real argument. The argument is some of those things the government does. Why does the government have to do it? Why can it be privatized? Why Why can't it become a business? You'd probably run better of some of those things were not run by the government like airport security or like road maintenance or like a lot of other things. Yeah they don't have the government. Do it have power I've contractors do it from Rio CARE area, strong standards and in strong competition and John Startle actually has a video about it right now it's on his twitter page. It's a long, video, but explaining how one of things people realizing from this government shut down is that the government does a lot of things they don't have to do yet it would be
probably better for everybody of some of these things streamlined. Some of these things were done by the private sector out it does that idea, and it is a lot of things that could be done better if there was competition as soon as the government control certain businesses mean, maybe they do it really? Well, maybe they don't. I think that I think there's things that were, socialism works really well like figures, one fire department, fuckin, you gotta pay for the fire department. Everybody wants a fund, the fire department. Don't you You cut the fire budget. Man would have my ground, no fire house yeah and we once fire man will pay for the fire department pay for that shit, the police, yet pay and everybody says, pay you shouldn't be rich people only get Cobb's. Poor people don't get cops, that's crazy! Everyone would say. That's crazy. I wiser not the case with education,
right. Don't you want? You will learn things, but he wondered education become such a big business. Why is out of business? It should be our goal as patriots right to make less losers. More happy. CS. Will people more aware, people more educated people, you know, but instead it's like subsidized by the government. That makes even weirder, and then you have student loans you can escape out of it. Pretty bizarre dude it's bizarre. In fact it should be free, but is also like there's another like a lot. Some people don't want to do anything that is true but to be alive and latest latest. They don't want to contribute, and really have any sort of life and their desire for that hinders general should an generation generation of debt is true, but what, if you ever, would you ever look at universal basic income too? Weird idea
flatly rejected it. When I first heard we have it now, we don't have it. They ve tried it out a couple of places, but also has really worked out that, while but the eye dear behind it. I'm having a guy comes on soon his name's Andrew Yang proponent of universal basic income and the ideas you give people x amount of dollars per month with its a thousand dollars per month, and everybody gets it no matter what, and by doing that, you take care of all of the burden, of survival like if we take care of everyone in the civilization everyone, the Tang everyone gets shelter so that a limit, It's a lot: a crime and a lot of strife, just right away requesting or live that where's. All that money come from this. A thousand dollars a month, three hundred eight million. Is that what it was plus those two thousand ten times more now, what slate would say? Three: twenty that
a lot of money, three hundred twenty million thousand. So that's three and twenty billion it is. I have no clue in three hundred twenty billion a month when that would be good. If you gave a thousand, people a million dollars is not what it would be. A thousand million is a billion right. Just do it in the calculator bro. Don't do in your head. A thousand Amelia area is so that's right, so must be so that that so much money so three, so that the wall we can talk about. Building a wall is now asking for five billion. Yet I find ill, ok, son tat, much annulled thing. Well that's to build a wall once this is every month. You'd need all those billions. That's a lot of
Chad and ESA. That means everybody. Would they have their basic needs met? Yes, everybody get a thousand bucks where the money comes from this. What I need talk this guy about, obviously I'm not a mathematician or any sort of an economist of any idea what they ve, how they feel it could do this threefold. It got that three thousand around we adopt the country Jake. Stay press allow, as this type of two fifty a month is Andrew Yang not from him specifically because a differing item I got us talking bad about it, actually he's just giving you people or someone talk Nathalia. I sought to Montana bad about will yet three thousand a month a lie. That's crazy! That's almost that's crazy! but yet only six thousand dollars a year. That's I mean look: thou be nice right, then you'd be in the top one percent of the world ever body over thirty forward. Third, thirty, four thousand thirty four thousand dollars, I think, is one percent, as it would cut the nations poverty rate, but I d
where's the money come from and also do you lose incentive at that point, that's a good question is at best add, is yet adolescents and yes, why? Because that's what it's like they would. DR it's, the only reason. Otherwise you, you comes anything. Nobody itchy is knows that true as it did, the is the drive does the drive. Always have to be for survival or can drive, be the drive to succeed and better yourself say: Saint look at it. This way. If you have thirty five thousand noisier, would you think he'd be cool? You'd, be I gotta need tour. I got thirty five grand come now. I went to work harder right. I think a lot of people who want to work harder because I think you're motivation would be different. You're motivation would be to do better than thirty five thousand dollars, but that thirty five thousand dollars would take care of you look if money was free and economy didn't make any sense, and you just fixed
like that. I would say yes fix it like that, but where the fuck is all that money come from, that's crazy amount of money. We couldn't do it. We can. I mean no, That means a lot to read. You would have to give up some of their money. People are doing. All of that to doubt would be nine hunt. Billion dollars every month, raves you in that my right about that three hundred billion that it's for every dollar sought to give it to every person. Oh ok, every adult learning oilseed after raise your kids, they get their money, fog it to get a car three thousand no bills. That is true. That's just how many people we deal with how many people are adults it changes to. This is the argument they make. Does that you would end some others, the subsidies that are already going on, like Medicare and security and maybe welfare in some cases, because people have money that their spending they're getting now, so that money might be worth a shot at. They give me worth a shot, but how,
you try to make, you know, could then be looking like are needed. More time in right will doubt would be they wouldn't ever get their shit together. There's some people that will definitely do that. Some people that will never get their shit together and I dont believe that this is a simulation believed that the war in some sort of a video game. But if we're in something that was learn d you it was a learning environment. You would want both to have your own opportunities for failure and see examples of failure around you. You would want to see that, like I'm, not happy that already Lange that is noses caved in and that has got all these problems with drugs are not happy with love already lying around already land to be clean. I think he's hilarious, I think, he's a great guy, the one. Thing, that could be good. That comes out of that for anyone other than already Lange and already lags loved ones and friends. Is someone that's just looking at him. Online and sees what he's done and go that far.
That is our Irish. I don't wanna route disguised in and out of court he's always getting arrested. He keeps peasant the thing I was busy building something today about the thing is that it's it's it's sad it sad and people love the guy and you you see. This is dangerous, yet rather dangerous young people it it hits them this way and for whatever hosting factors already got a bad, rightly love already. So someone on the outside, seeing that could be live while in that now is a thought in their head. If somebody offers them those same drugs right, so I don't need to make my life hit rock bottom. I can look at this. Or that God, or maybe someone in the neighbourhood of people around you that don't get their shit together. You could see what happens right when they chase their dreams right, follow their ambitions. They don't they don't take the time to. The people around them know that they loved them didn't do those things and you
see that you that's a little bit of your own education to its not ideal right ideal would be ever it is doing great and we would all have is big all fuckin happy community. Well, yes, on education comes from that you get education and also, but these are two even specifically with already Lange. Do ever think that when that and become such a big part of his life. That I would like our worried that at. I wonder where the disease is, he gonna falter with drugs and stop it because it keeps his name in people's minds. No, I don't think so. You know I wouldn't think people are always says he was always a successful guy anyway, when I met him, he was on man tv. I met him in ninety ninety four. At the same time, I met Cowan became friends with already we did a scene together where I played a boxer.
And he was a boxing manager. I know that I know you did that Shell man, it's probably I want some words. While we look so young, I was like think I was twenty seven and he was probably the same age as being or real close, as was Cowan Calendar sister. That's me right there that is created a boxer That is crazy. Look at their shoulders, though her! Thank you. It wasn't to my car, OSHA sweetie. I feel I can look at you young body like that weird. Is it yeah weird it's like a different person. Yet doesn't doesnt fuck? It was me yeah, yeah yeah. Well, you you look at yourself
you know from the past for illicit she's, already anthem, nay, even already fuckin handsome, and did I hear her kind of an illusion? Was it deals fallen out? was deaf unaware. Did you know you in a league, your hair, terrified, yeah, weird, seem my body know tattoos too, interesting idea that wasn't. Even like wait lived in days. There was all martial arts days strange. But here the first time I heard already was just a joke. So maybe my perception of that is that you know well d. You know he was a very successful comedian for sure, from Howard Stern show from doing dirty, work that nor Mcdonald Movie in a bunch other things, mad tv, so indifferent things he did. He was always very successful and very well liked, like
in the comedy world. If you dont, like like a sums as Fogarty liability White, really right who the fuck are you? Why you like already That's wrong! He's a nice guy over its one of those things. Man, you don't want to see it go down like that. I don't want to, but you learn from each other people are other people do learn from other people, learn from all kinds of things that people do wrong. You know you don't want those things to happen, but man, their educational for all of us, we're all in this constant state of evolving. This. This culture that we're in right now the civilization is rapidly changing. Everything is shifting, Nothing in growing its attic troll man mean really Is when a lotta elements, even like gum, also when you in Bilbao, routine can last summer's only talk about like flying around us up like then, and then he was talking about doing a comedy specimens like aren't. Do you know what to do with these days to adjust do clips to put it like
yeah things just change, so fast were like a year ago or two years ago to them like out. This is exactly what you do make a special its eye out like do I well used to be. You didn't have an option, the first guy who actually introduce it as an option was Louis, because Lui decided to put a special on his website via like five bucks, which is a really reasonable amount and was a really good special and it killed. He made it shit, tunnel, money right and then people realise that he made a shit undermine and people realise how good he wasn't. People realise our famous. He really actually was, and then everything sorry boom and and taken offer him, and he was already in the process of happening, but it happen even more because he did that then Netflix came along right, it's the I D. They shook it as nothing better than that. The situation that situation day just set it up, so they put their like we're, gonna get everybody. We have a fucking trillion dollars, we're gonna, get everybody we're gonna, get all the grades
gonna get Chapin chantries right. Everybody fill in the blank Sebastian. There's gonna cried Bilbil Are they gonna just cross sheds and keep crashing nets And then anything I would now like. If someone has a special uncommonly central, you go, guess: Netflix wouldn't hook, em up yeah, good economy, central! That's how you look at right in the comedy community right, but I think gum a real player It's gonna be Amazon, because this Amazon show the marvelous. Mrs Maes, all the people of it, it is fuckin good, is in its good, has a comic I watch I get in nervous I get anxiety when she's about to go on stage watch it did it's fuckin good, the guy. Who plays lay Bruce kills it kills seems like a less seedy, less problematic lenny. Rose, but he seems a lot like Lenny Bruce meet its can do so much what it is.
Written in as someone who helps them. What MRS Maes Lenny Seedy with Lenny Bruce seedy man, but a bit I mean it. I just he doesn't see the guy. This is just the way it's written doesn't seem a guy who died of a heroine overdose right. Yet I will not get seems like more together the tv show. Some slight seems like in the sheet tv show seems like a victim of the censorship of the circumstances involved and that point in time, more more like in the future like went mad enough. You ever see any that each one
the things that I notice when I, when I really started getting stand a base to start with. I would watch some of the old stuff and want to things that I found as Egon. I think I've bought it as the age Ass Afric. I don't think it was on line and there was a way before you tube in the stuff was available online. You could get old performances are watched, Lenny Bruce Loud, and this videotape that I bought its basically there filming him going over his court case in front of a group of people it's really weird, because he's not really tough stand up. He just reading off of his court allows kind of interesting watching it's not it's. Not it's like he's gone mad is going crazy because they're trying to bring him in jail, defining him in arresting em they're blocking them up. Jail and ruining his career because he swearing onstage and what is trying to say is, like you known, notices, I'm trying to point thing out the swear. If I say something, if I say a naughty words for reason, it's to express myself, I'm not just just saying
things because there are legal. I want you to lock the he went on trial for that, oh yeah. Oh, you went to jail for that. He got arrested many times many times him and George Carlin but the reason why we can do it at the way we do it now has it does a direct. You can trace the path as a direct path. Lenny Bruce Lenny Bruce started Roloff. I need to do some is more work. He opened the door for guys like Carlin prior his others more saw backed into but Lenny in particular he had a irreverence to him and this this notion to block the current MIA standard of what you couldn't couldn't say. He just check You changed what comedy was brave to use a others. People like that that these these figures, whether its Nikola Tesla for technology and innovation, whether it's you know, there's a bunch of people like that,
world gap that has changed. One boots, like even mask is another one. One do prow to slew this Jesus Christ, these these, these people that are like that one guys goes off in a direction and at eight like I wonder, of safe, they went to the universal money for everybody right you baby, I would. I don't necessarily think it's the worst thing in the world, but you have as much adversity for people like when you get a nickel atossa tesla when you get Ass, George Harlem, when you get people, if they didn't have to get the world that their born into and see not the things the uneven and gives. Barks some desire, you noticed one. If we get that, I don't know. I think you would only have your needs Matt. I think you would still have your desire to improve. I think that's an inherent thing, but I think it would be more beneficial. This is just a wild Somalia and wrong?
be totally wrong in my dear it might you might be right in my ruin, people's ambition, but it might raise the base level right. So what were where we're operating from is never the same level of desperation. So maybe we're not mean each other right, but maybe the innovations still takes place. His people, we're going to want to be challenged, and maybe it's comes from a good place right and centre from this constant place of death. Duration right, so somebody goes from zero to attend in their life, which would be you know, somebody that does something unique and special in outlining. If everybody are automatically is given a three at their base than now that you're gonna get us to a thirteen year, or maybe you just don't have as much violence. Don't have much sad, that's true, because people where people were when they see they want stuff from other people for a few food. If you're, Food and shelter is always met like we don't have that right and we ve talked about earlier about likes. Cultures have standards,
standards their different everywhere and those communities accept them and you don't like it. We try changes standards if our standards here were that all of our needs are met. We This we decide as a community if we're gonna. Stick together in car solves America. We should treat ourselves as a family which rid ourselves of the family. We should ignore neighborhoods, we shouldn't eggs, ignore or communities that are downtrodden. We should ignore any kind of poverty we should nor lack of education or lack of nutrition. We should ignore those things. So if we take care of all those things from all those things first before you anything else I've, yet reengineer America would you think, hey where we have to do is wrap up the military budget, Ninety four billion dollars were basically arms dealers, we're gonna, make these deal, with Syria and Saudi Arabia wherever the fuck? We could sell rockets to its yeah, but that's what we do that's what we that is, what we do, but instead some came along and said no, the way to make this country's drivers not make the arms industry bigger the way to make this country
Hunger is to make the human industry better right, make it better. That's fine tune. Humans, fine tune? Why have we done that less losers? Yeah, two thousand twenty four. I like the oven. Under president lesson is that we, the vast I'll, be a vice president work pants. I don't do anything like that. My hang back any chicken, nice and all the weird hair I gotta pee. So bad is it ok? If I sit down you go ahead because they were probably almost done anyway. It's already three o clock copy company and photographs on the d b. I because there are the argument for the positive are wanting. It is not a job there can be replaced by robots right. Yet these are some of the jobs that are at risk yeah, they think automation, automation, assume, killed, most jobs, so insurance underwriters. Ninety nine percent of jobs are at risk, farm Labour ninety said ten percent of jobs are less while fast food cook, ninety seven percent of jobs at risk structuring laborer. Eighty eight percent.
Driver seventy nine percent male carrier sixty eight percent. While a recently had a robot cooking food, I think it was called floppy they do, member where they put. It think of seventy nine states, maybe, but they just fired. It was the word. That is because it was doing to good woe fired if it was doing to good that. Does I get a believer that yeah? That's a stupid ass ended way of looking at it in our stand that stupid shit and political caliber. It was do good. That's all I'm so stupid that so dumb, it's been sidelined. At least temporarily turns out the automated fastfood worker, created by me so robust what a victim of its own success, burying our wow was a bad, better
way better, it's better than you. You don't work that job now rendered suckered that job we can find some other things for people who do yeah. You know I'm good at a couple of things: negative, flippin, burs! What you do not get it that you don't have again mindlessly flip burgers. It doesn't even need a mind. Why not leave the mindless things to the two things with no mind, so this is the idea behind it, but the problem where's the money, come to take care of all the people with the universal basic income and Are you saving enough money with the robots to make it actually profitable to pay for people hard on but you save more money in my former implementation, Andrew Yang is going to come in here and explain all this stuff to me in a way that supposedly gonna make sense. He seems, really smart and he was on SAM Harris's podcast and that worked over there man is monsieur and I've ever held. I think congratulations. How can you hold? Look I'll call? You drive Theo,
I drive a Bmw, I'm trying to get rid of it for you more from muscle car tat, fellow really, I shall only nineteen eighty four forty scorn somebody stole my passenger, see God damn it. What are you gonna do with passenger seat now Polly put put in the living room, gas at the time put in the forest and you're going to do now. What comes out in the Fuckin forest row For the next no wonder swamp thing happened was thinking this once they found that in some plants some plants contain DNA from salmon, because as the salmon were used as fertilizer by the plant as decomposed, got into the
she'll plan itself and you can actually somehow you some sort scientific process that I'm too stupid understand they can actually detect salmon in the actual plant itself were close. So if you were whack and off on that train that treat its every day, that's your spot. You want under that titty tree and walked off on the routes and then like tat after a while, he did an analysis anything Your dna in the tree itself, I imagine, will be greatly and maintains the information of everything they walked off little son. They would wonder you there. In our town. At one time does, God made us on a wooden shirt that I tell you that a wooden shoes, yeah medicine assure plywood for Christmas Y yeah. Who wanted a kid aware? Oh yeah, I did and I remember I was zalm- wait a minute- is it a stiff shirt or as they make it like little anybody tiny pieces apply, wouldn't leave it all together. I was pretty stiff the day was a
like a Elvis impersonal here? You know my dad was an Elvis, impersonal, at a casino. Or did you do that? Car animals not as locally but we do need money in that. No, not really, I think you'd probably now call, but he had he had for kids on one of em he made. I was gonna walk. On one may, and I heard him in the garage and he's making like a son like fish like for Chris. A wooden shirt short. Like you know, not as nice. That one is nice wooden shirt, Can you get I'm sorry, but that's it like a sculpture. Yet that's nice. Can you give me one more? That's Ike, give you a law over someone's house and they have a wooden shirt on a hanger Logan. They think that's cute. Just leave now fever. Schools. Now this kid needed it could people's willingness that salmon sculpture be framed wooden church and looks at his ease
Maybe tomorrow, because it was would ensure happy. We still beat him up anyway, on the bus with a wooden sure would protect you from a lot of shots and help and help ensuring their shut, the fuck. I swear to God he did. I could not walk around with wood over his body. They do not know That would be yeah. Pads inside it looked ass. If he can never do you think he's dead is saying that order. Lady Yes, there is some lady was there, but this was early. It might have been teak down morality, way too much attention. Opposing pretend to be aloof. Short, hair, bother ocean wearing a wooden churn out a big. No, that's a big! No from me. Hey you want to be my friend, Michel channeling, whether fuckin geometrically patterned. Wooden shirt on Y know. I like regular people getting has any can look up. Teak wouldn t look like imagine if someone was drunk set you up with that guy you'd be like well
because, obviously very pretty pictures, not crazy you're, so desperate she might have splinters at her tits. Alas, duty was one, follow shoot. She doesn't where that, except when she worships the ocean. Now, that's a little more malleable tea or something like that. What are they gonna would over print sure. Now, we're talking give us answers on the front line. It was like tat, but a little bit more but more real, and he wore this for what reason get out action chest play like Liberia, roman soldier tat would like that ochre was it like. How was it connected on the waste and the sides? Rather, it was just like I belong square is almost got kind of a serial box cannon. What he put his arms aggressors arms on the side in this idea. Fuck your armpits owes limiting
I'm not mad. This- I mean the man that made it not a real do so. My people find out call him out. We are doing our young, you do anything! You want it to you. Now. People to people were I'll know just morphine. Use your imagination more when I was young him or phone. How many kids you see beaten near? Could people's basic isn't radio like to at least twenty about people. Marie Beater key idea. Eighty people be people up. Beware more common, but Yes, it's maybe we ve moved out those areas to Bactra people back in those areas like brown on the phone. Line should still more did. I areas is Ebay, will fight Lana, others, all men get thrown into a five months, I'm in a ditch farther pure burning right in espouse in his eightys to Mr Colino, my guy, why this Roma Ditch, whose final bus driver used by bus driver.
And the Bush our through a ditch yeah. I don't know how you ve Swain on the bus driver Adona, whose fault was both of them, both I mean why don't you know they're both adults, I mean look man, I'm not surprised, they were doing it. Oh you know of humans. Yeah it. If you saw you and me shock your fistfight, but we do with people like that once you What's a basic income rose round and this stupid people that just ain't it any better basic needs met So then, after that, after due to couple years universe, basic income them. What do you do over in the woods? Let wolves loose death in the herd, some famous tat some due to their Jurgen off. Think. Carrying out behind a boy's ages turns six walls and they must know what to do. We're leaving a wolf. What attack you while you were and honour now that forget your pink everything's, pink, ass, pink dick looks, are delicious. We weren't close it's like
I guess I guess I can eat that. I gotta get through all that fuckin bullshit plywood teacher now, let's get you that'll be the fuck I do, but if they catch out there with just our pink oh yeah, fuck yeah yeah, do anything bad like that. Any in any of them see me, you don't want to We have that kind of ending you get in Burma and listen. I'm gonna stay right now. I don't think that you're gonna be jerk enough and eaten by Wolf. I might be wrong here, but outside that's not how you're gonna go thanks I just don't see that in your eyes I see better for you idea pack, a war may give you packer in your hand, Maginnis like you about to come in the first wolf goodness tat bit your caffeine, legalistic gonna. Get me We must keep going on the edge and maybe the bite in the pain cause you're about to come when you're rocket but I got an even higher than usual yeah
wow at least I die my biggest load ever take that as one of the boys been disappointing. That right is the sheer volume of your loads. Will it's not much if you look at it till you get an excellent ink in magnesium, really largely Edwards gives zinc at the house. Actually, thanks must be good for raised testosterone unease. Last year than ass, a neighbour the more save it up to a year and gather up more, but I like to do that not turn all around that dream- boss at least again rising tide Superbus Africa subdued? I want that dream bus Merwin, you would burst in a dream. Those don't happen anymore, but they can. If you, sir, for if you seek it out here, but you have not beat off for a long time to the point we bought bodies like this dumb motherfucker can't even jerk off yeah. I'm not going.
Jerk off for him, my unconscious, your brain, fuckin church. You do you think tat. You think the euro things. Were you dream and get some people think he learned things when you dream, I think that'll, be one of the next hurdles that we get over where people are able to be able to take in formation, while they're asleep, but this is what I mean it like. They say. If you have problem somethin's bothering you should sleep on it and when you wake- up in the morning. You have a clear perspective. I believe that yeah, I think so, do I think that's real cause. I've done that before. That seems to actually be a good strategy. If you can go to sleep, the problems of sums really bothering you damn it feels like you might stay up all night because ass, and then you might not be able to sleep and think through you, gotta get a higher power to help you out man. Yes, you gotta get has a higher power comes in the place? Do you think you see I've ever going to church again, yeah. I think so. I didn't Churchill, who is kind of evolving over our time and stuff like that and
would you go Justin, Bieber, preacher, car? Let you know he is eight text me actually work. Try, groom you trampoline how's, your art, hello, bloody way shorts. So you can make a big, yet the little wild. So you know him never met him now, just text each other back and forth the we communicate, terms route Hashtag Dick Route, and he could hear the book camera to they are mammal short, but I've never met him We goes terrorism each other. He has tried to me, you know tonight Brown You think he's home right now. No, I mean where we are permanent Euro more radical year away again.
Did you talk about jerking off the magical problem is like you came in. Here with a gay expectation. I got into a jerk doggie plan on common again for a couple days. Do you have a time we're like if you jerk off it's been like four days a man may we should do so, No argued that feeling inside me some like a vulture that wants to flatter my fry right, road or data about brain. You don't wanna, be due to sex obsessed. No theirs balance right you don't beat off every Dana been warning not beat off either than consume. You but I think, Mr Hun, that dream didn't want that. Fuckin nocturnal burst ass. They don't start a group, during the earlier ral, late night, Busters brothers dream do how funny expression, I'm hunted in a dream that nocturnal bus hunting the dream, but due to imagine you falconer Jesse
would you have you ever commonly dies clearing noises of? Have you that Gaza Fuckin Movement a move? I never liked him. I M millennium, with how many stories never been nice he's. Never nice to you. Doesn't make any sense? Our know why now of use I'd him of Yoda conversation with em of trot. I feel like I've tried to gauge of them, and he and it will want only brought me up on stage and he kept like they told him a name a million times. He never got it just got to the point ripped Alec using being rude genetically hymns on. He might just be fun, he's a good guy. Is he he's a good guy? fan baby. I need to see another side of him I'm givin scattered gets, no man is here to nor do I was a kid. I was a gigantic days cliff I want us to first item meeting him. The stores, I believe, is either But what do you get to know him as an adult need be and have always been always been called here now? I've ever seen happen
experience with yeah he's. You know he just his dice he's crazy, a calf of his thing like if you go to resist rampage. Half of it is like a put on always fuckin around. You always be funny yet ass, true, but he gave me very Good, he's the reason. Why start torrent? He gave a very good advice, and I was you know like in the nineties. Man is like you should Gulf contour like you his hang around here. All the time has a case right here are here. I just do clubs I should make a living, and this is what he was basically sounds like don't get roped into only working in Hollywood and doing television chosen stuff like that, because then these other people control destiny. You could talk here, and this is from him obviously coming out of He had the most insane epic success of any comedian ever Gazer rocket ship. He was. He had sold out hundreds of arenas, arenas, giant ass,
place, a wired one is dvd, his see. Whatever we hit the neighborhood in April, all the kids were watching it in outlining a lotta watch it. So I thought when I was listening talk. I was thinking. Oh yeah, of course, like this guy, probably made more money than anybody ever dinnah, sitcom ever Malea, and he did it just doing whatever the fuck. You wanted to do news. Basically, saint, hey, don't get wrapped up in this. Only you could tour. Gimmick might mean you'd have never made money the way he did. You can still make a living, whereas if you dont tour- and you just do sitcoms or just work and television, especially if you work is writer. That's the dark path. The great stand up comic that becomes a writer then four tour and they never develop a crowd, and then it is. Is it happened? Yes, it happens. A lot but the more they just both to be a writer, then, oh, no, no, no, no! No! They they gave in to the writing that could have when we know great comedians, who mostly work as writers, and it doesn't make any sense when they dont want to. They want to be a comic
their performing and the level of their material is far better, and the level of their notoriety in So you're saying here that users, Owen Smith, is a perfect example own Smith. In my opinion, one the best comedians on the planet he's a killer. That dude makes me raw funny guy anymore, so good, his timing stage, presences delay, hey is material. The subject matter is excellent. Its top shelf comedy yeah, but most people don't know, is right now cause he's made a means made a great living as a writer, but he's still he should you know he should be recognised as a comic as well. Yeah, That's a look at it. So basically, what does this tell me back then was like get out. Go, go someplace, go. Do the road do comedy out there unlike clubs on gratefully yeah, I mean it I'm glad you did, that we wouldn't get you
you're gonna be the same committee. It if he didn't say that year. I'm sure- and I don't know you know it's easy- it's easy just decide someone's an asshole You know if one interaction with someone want to shit item, I think we should be in arms. To do this. Myself be very careful when you shit on some yeah. When is it? When is it valid and was it? Is you Looking for some shit are right. When are you showing no empathy Vienna when what is it I think I'm gonna yeah you're right, I mean I'm willing Avenue. I know a new experience too late. You fucked up fuck, says name said, move over I don't care about that. I mean he's gonna get mad, but here he was an answer, If so, how is ok about if they he does? they kept there He was on stage before me. Sergeant go after him, he's probably Jochen Roma nepotism, Wait it was
It was just route. Has that no, it was us like he kept, not getting it and then they they forget. You know, is this like editor, went to me. It was just rude. I see, because you probably a little bit anxious you goin on after him, and then he's, not see you name right, you feel like. Oh, he has no. I am so this is and disrespectful there could have been the cause of India linked to that. That certainly could have in my party- and I couldn't means an ego and ninety nine point- nine percent fucking around here. He thought it was funny. You would do that if it was, if you knew you here, we better go home Bobby Lee right, he's alive, Emmy, there's part of who is right or maybe over there and maybe have an opportunity to get to know him better. Dahmer hate each other. They do great friends aboard the vote now, loved watching him admit seashore when he performed Mitya shores, reunion urban deaths party.
But I remember I like- I can in there you know I don't. I think that a great comedian stuff, you know who, what does he like? Now, though? I don't? Who would you like to have seen live I can't seem live when it is really old and sick. Unfortunately, I love him man. Yes, from warm up new mother formula in Illinois, Peoria your house. I at get a chance to see be in his presence and see him live. He had this. Can he can Had this head Bob thing that was very you know I think, could come back in harder, stand up right now: Roseanne, Eddie Murphy. I think if Eddie Murphy came back right now, he would murder stand up,
murder? It should be said that the other day, their thing any might come back. He did up thing one day when he was talking about Bill Cosby about them, taking awards away from Bill Cosby, and he did his bill Cosby Impression and he did it with his was a well happen. Pop ups come other fires, act that the moving really is our senior went to just. Just as tenth kid. She just shoot loads. Now, there's a guy who needs a birch tree in the yard. Thirty seven years he's fifty seven damn. It's amazing is only six years older than me, orders or yeah six years on, there's a guy easing Eddie Murphy spent around forever becoming did you kill and that when I was eighteen years old he was answer? Why would you like eighteen or somethin, create you forget how young he was when delirious rolled around my good Lord? He was
only twenty jars. Always? Would you I'm betting company far how far you thinking combat late but we do We went over the world were Jennifer. Jim Jim carried him come thirty feet back out, looks a lot as do doubt there that a broken the world record in distance coming and nobody wants given credit for it, because it's like an impromptu thing, you know, like you, don't know, nothing you cited the pull out by had never Peter North is known, for he was no volume. Oh yeah they! too crazy. Thank the boy you're out of your loads are so hectic you're known forum liked. It will give you say, they glowed. You say Peter North everybody knows about that. Oh yeah ball, the fuckin, substantial loads, rather poor stars of dumped on others. All those made all over the land and then what
dude is known for the highest volume come on you gotta be no known and here I turn out to be known known, no right, you then, or any time after time, a grand you fuckin bring that gravy boat. You gotta be like you, oughta, be like the Congo worst of loads, You have to becoming, and also probably look at your watch, your phone during it and you're still coming wheel of baggage, or did you gotta be the masquerade of loads yeah you gotta be yet. Michael dioxin? Like Michael Jackson, undeniable, you think very little, come thing for probably zero, but dancing power, I d like these, the Michael Jackson of Dance, but you don't come much. Are you doing what I tabled as you think you do? We come a lot like the kind of people that, like power, left his probation
giant loads right, I beg you would think they do, but for their size and stop there not do and that much, I think, she's the biggest loads linking Addison space. I think that a guidance on a cliff climber is that the biggest boats. I mean that guy Shootin, some fuckin, just because he has the balls to cooperate if Brussels Analysis back or maybe that's what it is like he's got balls by those guys shoot, bigger loads. Bia makes jumper they jumped three times in the end and learn by yeah. Maybe they have the biggest loads. Also guys who, like fake, put aside The communists pay a meter like meters broken that is put that on their car and Viking still park. There knows dude, but some loads because other. Thanks to pickpockets out people, are A turtle necks do not come very much or for now is about one brunette warm this not very manly issues. A bitch move
it's a sum of France thing too. And I don't care about the French did while but give you been there. You just marriage. This who probably prejudice to I've, been a France D, been a Montreal, a minimal trail. You didn't love the french olive Canadians, french Canadians, the outcome, you'll have Canadians period allocations period. But do you love french Canadians? Yes, because they are canadian, but french brow none in the French and nobody is to make great one Yes, untrue people, gotta, persevere, yeah but they leave it. The kind of place. People are milk, I think people go there and they decide that it's better than America, sometimes didn't Johnny Depp move their ports. You know us move their fuck. Guy from law and order, the mandatory taken, no Richard Richard Browser which browser mood to France,
He met a woman. Polly then I would thank, we Alimentary love yeah, bread, but you, in France, where I ve no large the same and on the street in that city. Philip roads slippery, of that it's ours, Governor Connally, sideways roads, slick with low we're gonna do sideways everywhere through the air crying out of the bushes DNA man, who obviously blew the clown penny was dead shit, it's gettin, Gabriel, is very dick. Orient coincides gay. Well, if that's I'm, a year's spring people are refresh sprang, it's a middle, the winter free,
in coal that's January, because an open minded it doesn't get Where do the groundwork day? What did you say? It's August lie like its August. It sprang I have without dude. We just three hours. Did we through third Jesus but as the longest have hit a bit into my life now all we ve done this before. Not this much. My think we did more. How long was the last one? I think a lot of my three hours I met again on some pills are something to be able to go through this string. Drink ladies night rose really tough unaided the juice. Buses fun on actually last much longer
Oh really want minimum number fuckin limited based on this is the right time. We did it, They swam about my pleasure brother anytime. You gotTa Newport gas with Brendan Job, yet called the king and the staying in it comes out and you become the rat king. What is that? He just made? follow me, went home and call me a rat. Oh, did you see that video of a bunch of rats connected together to pretended there a snake? Oh yeah, there was just wouldn't coming said unto me they as trickery. I found it. I'm not twitter, you ve seen, as did the, but it's on my mind, there's a bunch of rats that connected them. Thousand a running together to pretend that they're a snake s erect and to confuse were racking is when they all get bundled up to you. Then they get stuck in. They get their tails twined factors that ever happened disgusting creatures party they die. That way too, they find him all kicked up and
can such rap hardy and low, but this spring break did of burning man. Let's bring men for right here. Look at this watch this by this way, Those are all rats all completely bundled up together. Snakes morass of fraud in the other baby rats stay connected to each other to pretend their snake, so they avoid it and an immune us all from far away. We think it was snake, a hundred percent, how crazy it's amazing mother nature is amazing. My mother nature is a mother fucker world many a time humans. You think this. Part time by there's no way, let us out your file, railroads, dumb, motherfuckers conduce, pretend to be a snake and we can make snakes. We have make robots snakes, shoot him to Mars. Out of robot dick. We can't beat avalanche the canopy, not their own. Don't go near wickets avalanches. Patient. The security of this thing
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But I had a good time- and I hope you folks did too- and I hope, you're all groovy and all that good stuff and take care of bye, bye.
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