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2019-01-23 | 🔗
Killer Mike is a rapper, actor, and activist. He is one half of the group Run The Jewels and has a new show on Netflix called "Trigger Warning" available now.
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A rapper he's, a businessman he's a philosopher he's brilliant, and I really really enjoyed talking to me. Oh, I should tell you we got way. Too high. We fucked up, he mixed Lana Weed with la weed, and maybe you can tell for the first twenty minutes of the podcast. I was skiing, downhill with no sticks was going whoa This is a little slippery, but I think I kept it together for the most part, I might ask one or two stupid questions, but really love is spective. Really love talk, Tomsa super cool funny, friendly guy and I hope you enjoy it just have. As much as I enjoyed talking to him. You love this up, so please give it up for killer MIKE Goodchild broken experience trying my day Joe Rogan Podcast my name all day. So I took a four
half hour ride down to San Diego, because my friend Brendan was filling the Showtime special yeah and it was run the jewels the entire way down and back. Thank you. It was awesome. Thank you who I wish I wish I could work out as hard as people work outside music, more I've lost thirty one house, but I'd be ninety pounds out easy. Now that was one of the things hey. This is work out. Music yeah, it is. It is and Ellen are chubby. Is too fat Lee Bear? But well you were saying you lost thirty one pounds. Thirty one may be picked up three old, but my path. I really am shots out to Al Claiborne, who's from out here who is a hell of a trainer? If I had his discipline, I already one hundred down but to go. One hundred x, eighteen month, you can do, yeah, not one hundred percent- just eat bad and got lazy
but you know what man you could Turner is one of those things where you just if you can stick with it for ninety days, it'll become a part of your life. What that's the goal? Yes, the girl. You know I mean and and and and I'm I'm about it like because I like meat, so I still get to eat meat and I like green stuff- and I don't like salad dressing. So I think there's only relatively easy for me, yeah Olive oil and vinegar does not taste bad bro. I don't even use that like when I have a salad, one wife make salad. She little make the salad, she may add little goat cheese or not. You should you know. May, if she'll tell some chicken or some sake on there, but if is fruit in the salad, I don't need any salad dress and just throw some strawberries and some apples or something something it just give me that's prime juicing and I'm good. Yes, I could figure out at three to four times a day. This is the one meal and with my wife and then eating like trash in the studio I'll be there That's the problem, the temptation rules and you see burgers and fries yeah fuck it. You see a coca cola, yeah that that really is it from me I had to quit soldiers you're the worst, which is which is which brings me to cripple COLA.
So what is critical group gave me two bottles of it, but I wanted to keep in the fridge, but I want to enjoy it and it's perfect Temperature Coca COLA, Pepsi COLA, Rc Cola, anything with COLA Right has probably killed more Americans. Anything else in the world right, so anything, that's cola, 'cause Coca COLA is provided tons of job in my hometown. I won't want to diss them. They might promote a concert. Am I right, but we know that Sugary drinks aren't good for you right yay. We don't have an aversion to we don't criminalize sugar in my doc, blue. Tell me, Michael Sugars, poison right. I want you to work it out of your diet, but these kids that remember members of these little punk ass, ST fraternities, essentially gangs, week rim. Well as an Villainize, a bunch of teenagers who simply don't have a thing to do. They don't have jobs, they have skills, they don't have innovation, they don't have police athletic like they used to. They don't have people engaging them in academics or sports what he used to so they just cannot you don't mess off off? Sometimes up in violence happens right if you could take those same kids with opera
school spirit that will save you, water on the side of a highway. You added to something the public already anyway, COLA you create something cripple pop and essentially what you're stop. When is creating the same sugary shit that we all go by and drink and we shouldn't and now we're given the structure of, say a Hells angels to say yeah, they were criminal organization, but we still can sell you a fucking t shirt because we are now paying our tax. Who are now employing people, they were now doing we supposed to do and that's what I wanted to give the gift of my friends who are who are who are members district attorneys and we actually pulled it off at the show. These guys actually managed to bring something is in microcosm to the market in Atlanta. It did well enough for us to keep continue doing it, and I want to see how far I can go. And, what's in it sugar, water, artificial for artificial? What is it food? Coloring flavor? That's it! I think it's six ingredients, although Have you ever do you know what Zevia is everything
quit zv I mean the fake sugary stuff, you use it snows Evias Softdrinks that are made with stevia yeah. But the thing is like you know. What I found out with me with sugar is either just do it or don't like for me, it's easier to do things that are actually a real just sugar like a mexican coke or just have some carbonated water with lemons in it. Now will do well with the invitation is kinda like in the hand job. I want the whole thing. I know. What you saying, but this stuff is good it's day- I just hope you have it. Yes, adjusted periods. Did it's just my uh such an addict. You want the real thing yeah, so it doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes attempt myself water? I just I do a lot of water now, a lot more water now and I do a lot of club soda with lime, which I used to talk shit to LP about. I bet you tricking white guy drinks, and now it's l disorder in a fucking. You know he's a lot and a drink drink and I'm just like I'll. Take a club soda in line. That's good
If you could stick on that path. Out to my man, I mean who is rent in mentor a lot of times. You might see a guy with me with the security baron to do me to Charlene Kung FU, doing basically kick importunate and moving around. He also introduced me to a lot of yes, I know your show, including you know, guest at talk about in a minute fasting. Nothing about getting routed, sugars and stuff, and he just loves me like a big brother, so he keeps me in tune. What's going on tomorrow, presidential introducing this tv is always good and no guy, like that, got its finger on the pulse. I like You know people are smarter than me, so I don't have to learn as much. I can just go to them with questions. The move yeah, I don't I don't like being the smartest guy no well! I don't have that choice. Options now, possible yeah. I mean talk in Ilan Musk on the show about that when he was talking about the thoughts that are bouncing around inside of his head, that he can't control
and it is, it's always been his whole life like you, wouldn't want to be me. I was like Jesus Christ and thinking about it. I thought I did something cool smoking Ammar and that was definitely cool, but you get a lot of us to and smoke is my six toner history in the making right there. Yeah yeah, I didn't even see the thing about it is if I had any idea that people would react to it that way I mean I would just do that on a normal show, that's normal California, it's legal to smoke, weed! It's no big deal, it's fun! It's it's like a camaraderie thing. Everybody thinks I think everybody is sharing space together. It's a piece by resource, absolutely one of the the things you sip off that another man's lips touched. Like everybody does it right now! Well women too, but we just don't admit to ourselves that there's another guy, that's true! But that's like it's been washed,
did you join to person? If you have a no watch, I get someone to give you a hall of the cigar. Try this budget, the out of here I've actually had that acts. Noriega did that to me, Manuel Noriega, Noriega, the rapper Victor Santiago. Now definitely smoking cigars, ignore you have which out of smokes cigars and on Coke and I'm not a cocaine user, but I would have definitely well. I've talked about going to Columbia now, honey. I've never said this to you. She said what but if we're going to Colombia, we're going to do cocaine instead of all the places in the world, I said no to cocaine everywhere from Dubai to Denver, but in Colombia I say: fuck it we're here at the source when you're in Hawaii you eat poi go to allow. I would try for sure those leaves the chewing of the companies and Peru when you as you, ascend up the mountain shots out to immortal technique. My peruvian roar at friend
I love that too yeah. I do too good man. I've been on a couple times, he's a great, have a great human being. Do that kind of brought me a plate of his grandma's food to the podcast studio? That's how down home that do? This he's one of the best a plate of food, he's a great hero in half by he's a great heat debt. Like that's more the stuff, I'm saying people need to do instead of arguing ideas in extremes, you need to get with people who don't look like you are not culturally alike yeah and you we need to allow them to do things like that, because it creates friendships, empathy and bills, bridges and well he's a real do. He is he's a. Will do is. Is I mean that is who he is just got very strict f. In his mind, he's just he's: he's a surly Mart he's like a soldier. You know in terms of he, how he thinks an op it's and takes care of his people and moves. You know how he took me on my first tour: rap music. As what rap music before me in L out, went out together. I went out with him. You know I mean now we
and to the south together, and I just he was just pro all the way and we became friends, and I just love him to death now and I I go to war with them any day. Yeah he's a great dude of hung out with him a few times yeah like MILAN came to my mother's funeral God bless is so yeah. I believe that that sounds like him. Yeah yeah. It's there's good people out there, man even in show business wacky ass, show business yeah. There are very few people yeah. They are good people who show visit Nana people in offices. You can trust with the talent we're okay, yeah well even in the office. Is this some good folks out there? This is good agents in good piece of bat wrap. You know what it is man, it's just hard to manage. That's how hard it is in. You know how hard it is to make it in in entertainment as a performer yeah right. You know your path. How is fucking difficult for everybody. Now imagine you have to rely on other people performing and you have to pick the winner
yeah girl, who's, a who's going to work, for you want to add x in emails in turn the talent like we're we're what I know I get my manager's headaches report. Actually God bless us all. You know I. I know I do I I really like my friend today's with me on he's a promoter, EE right, Eric Milhouse. When I met him, we were doing a show we booked to do a show. Me and another artist. Well, the other artists in regardless pay, regardless The show I where's my fucking money and every So what are you talking about? Young page outline, I wish my fucking money, or I think it may have been for, like I'm, not going on an e ends, snatching another office. Like look, I want to fucking pay, you don't tell the other fucking guy, oh jeez. Is it and that's how we became free
I took my mother. Acted like I didn't get paid talk shit about them in front of the other. Guy didn't call them later, like that. I don't know what the fuck made you hold called, but thank you anyways. We even friends are so when he called me and said you going to Joe Rogan experience, I'm like you're. Coming with me. That's hilarious. Those sketchy gigs, we not sure if you gonna get paid, I'm not over, are the business that shipment. Sorry, you know it's like me anti. I play Montgomery Alabama in two thousand three. While you know it's, it's it Lynn Circuit, while it's fine, the Chitlin Circuit is fun. I would advise anyone who who likes like you know I like street, wrapped to get to the south and get to one of those small clubs without anybody's accepted and just go watch those kids as they grow up. I want to see some hella fire shells now. How does a manager find a rapper? How does like an agent find a rapper? How does that work? It works a lot of the local shows, yeah local shows, I will say, like in Atlanta Meeting key hole arm both management, their management for
Twenty one savage they've been on the Atlanta scene for years, cultivating young talent. When was great plaid rest in peace. Two thousand two hundred and twenty nine, which was another group out of Atlanta, and all these kids were don't you know some, out some day on group group: dot, grip data cancer. Unfortunately, on two nine, the net members went their separate ways was still making. Don't but then they found the kid in twenty one that they managed to help get to the next. By talking, that's a twenty one mm one album a couple weeks, but management. It comes from a group of people who care and just as want to see on their fan of be treated well in the industry. So I really applaud music managers because, like you say, placing you your own fate in your own hands is one thing place in the fate If an emotional addict, which a lot of times the app can be including myself, yeah, oh shit, that's a coaster ride, that's a hard job.
The stress of other people performing is brutal yeah, my pop out, may I have my publicist. God bless her soul. I thought I thought I killed a couple times this year. You know she might have come from american service, one of how to pop a white woman, Catherine who's done a lot of music publishing and then, when I start talking about topics, have a black woman in for farmer who's, a great publicist which she's also publishes for like Senator of Ohio Nina Nina Turner in Mega church pastors, so she she's helping me keep my image clean, but you know she doesn't want me getting on television talking about doing cocaine and smoking joints that don't look okay, but it's like five o'clock we had to call in she. Just you get to see your face, think what has gone. Marcotte, a young he's a calling their like sky sports, a r fifteenth. Thank you Jennifer for tolerate. He's, but she's got understand. That's also part of why people like you yeah she does If you know it's just it's just something to do, I don't work, I get it.
I would want to be here, but you have to do what you do. He does with power. What makes you fun absolutely you know kind of know what they're going to get, what what the what it is no filter, yeah yeah make you got somebody has to somebody has to shake the box a little bit. Somebody has to be the kid as willing to poke the Hornets nest, just to see how many of our you know my two of my greatest heroes, one black usually talk about heroes right. We talk about Martin, Malcolm Large, Muhammad Markets, guarding, but two, my biggest heroes coming up were Luther Campbell and Larry Flynt. Right, because in my lifetime I saw Luther Campbell and Larry Flynt fight the government on behalf of the american People's right to say whatever they wanted to say. So, at the same time, in my formative years I was learning
to love the bill of rights to preamble when you at knighted States, Constitution constitution. I got a chance to see people fight for my right and I couldn't wait to be a rapper, just soccer curse and buy my own titty books. You know and those people have shaped my life in terms of love of freedom liberties as much as a Thurgood Marshall. You know as as much as a as much as a Barbara Jordan as much as a as a Shirley Chisholm. So for me who I am as need. You know it's and an remember one of our friends and MIKE. I like the fact you talking on social issues but why do you always feel necessary to talk about smoking weed in strip clubs? I say because that's what I really do and I never want someone to be able, from the other side to say, don't like this guy, because he smokes marijuana go to strip clubs. I want Ever they say that to say yeah he goes with his wife in a smoke together. I don't want it to be some secret. I keep. I want people understand it. When I want you to be free, I don't want you to be free to agree to see the world the way I do. I want you to be free to live as you would like to live so long as it doesn't infringe on me and others. That's
supposed to be with. This is all about the supposed this country is all about. That's a miss in high school. Well, the Luther Campbell thing was so strange because it was at one area in Florida right where they had very strict Brath blasphemy law. Yes, yeah they've tried pornstars there before me. A try, add some male porn stars doing some really up videos. They tried him down there for for obscenity and they had him locked up. They dig, you know it's very conservative and they just decided that the two live crew was just too much. They were like they were drawn a line in the sand huge, but it's a crazy to doing something is very popular. You know yeah. If you don't do not, but you know they. They also make examples out of popular yeah. I just found out what the what the the monkey on a stick thing met with when family monkeys in it here, while out so farmers will kill one like you put, that on six other monkeys and all eyes. This is dangerous to do right, so essentially famous people me you Luther Campbell, Lenny Bruce. You know Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay,
Richard Pryor anymore. What you become is something to symbolize. What will happen if you dare step out of line or social order, so you, your head being on a stick, is, is less about actually charging you for crimes and more about keeping the rest of the public. Lynching yeah a lot of times. We don't want to say that, but it really is, you know I mean so, do you think they see something like two live crew come up? They never had a rap band like in any kind of band like two live crew right and then their word. What's next, the bottle snippet in if I put the head in the stick, put the head on a stick right there in a yard and thank our look fart. I can remember Channel two or five ABC or CBS, and they were they were. They were getting off the plane in my town. I'm a kid watching this way up, one thousand two hundred and thirteen years old and the news reporters just went TMZ style just put it in their face, and I can remember brother Marquis just pulling up a Playboy magazine
cities being right there on the screen. Yes, because it's a lot easier and report, owls drop the camera. You know how to get it out, but that's where that's what made me love the United States constitution when, in matters of freedom of speech yeah, I got a chance to see it fall for Nexus sized right before me, as I was learning about these in an interesting that really what we're concerned with two is visuals. We're not concerned with what what people write down with it. We're concerned with people say, but we're not like you could write that in a book and no one. Would you could write his lyrics in a book and no one would get mad at at that book, something about them saying it. People sing along to it. He really does that we got it, we gotta stop civilizations falling apart. We have stop yeah. Well, I mean you know, songs vibration. Tom, mean you know in meditation. You harm, you know that rhythm changes things you know in in in in in it opens your Ryan? It clears you know what I mean it had it not you know. Had it not been for an artist like little Kim, would you have fifth
As of in the you have now, would you have women gladly celebrating their sexuality embodies? If it wasn't for her, she we, the credit, do you do to people know how it having and she was an in her time. I think she doesn't get the credit she does. I think women know that it became safe for them to sexually aggressive in free, cause of heart, the women that you know we're coming of age it in our time. But I don't think in retrospect, his raps young. You know right, it's only four thousand five hundred and forty six years old. I don't think that I just think it's getting to the point where we appreciate what we, what we've accomplished so Kim, is going to become more celebrated as the years go on her Trina, hi choice, wastes boss, like so many hip hop, is very fair game to women a very long time. You know where People want to know it or not. You know you have you he's had a caller response records in hip hop I get on the on the band's mother and world in in a girl pops up behind. You now move the on bad. A you know I mean tells records have been around for ever so they've we've always promoted.
Quality within because it made money. It made sense, and women with the audience too, it's pretty amazing, hip hop, is really only forty something years old when yeah we stop and think about that, it's one of a primary source is of music in the world yeah. I, if you about how many songs are being published, how many songs people are listening to an right now how many of those are rap? It's fucking by a number man, if you look at the whole country right now and just a little light, goes off when it's apps on display in like and if you listen to Wheeler Walker, Junior Will Walker says the rest of country. Music is just biting rap and acting like they are so well. I think it was a little bit of that, but I think at one point in time it was a little that a lot of rappers would look guys like Wayne Jennings and Jonny Cash, an old school gangster country, guys outlaw country is way different. Yeah. I love outlaw country. You can't tell me Waylon Jennings Kris, Kristofferson Willie, Nelson Johnny Cash are kicking it like that's what the out right yeah, but but that's that's not the same as you at
Okay Minnelli beat your song talking about cowboy boots at Airforce, one, no, not the same! There's something about the Allman Brothers midnight rider, yeah and you know whipping post is radically different. Then you just say in about your Ford in in in you know, in the rafting on that day, with your check yeah, I don't think people even understand tied to the whipping posts that you can't fake that song when they came at me about the NRA interview last year every day I smoked a joint woke up and laughed and listen to that record like every single day. I just wanted you guys to know it didn't bother me any. My wife just told me to shut talking to you all. We went shooting a lot more and we play Allman brothers whipping post every morning, because I had to remind myself that this is normal you're being done like this publicly, because you disagreeing with the system that people have agreed to that. You don't three two and it's okay, not to agree. So brothers really got me through that
segmented. Stop me from punching a lot of bourgeoisie black people in the face, well, you're, a proponent of your your right to carry a gun yeah hello, my lover, yes, ninety, six, constitutional, the whole of of of all our rights in the, but in particular you know the first second amendment rights matter to me as an african American as an and as an american first foremost as NAFTA American I've only been free. Fifty five years my parents were born in apartheid in as an american we are. We are a country that broke off from what we felt like to tear the a monarchy, and we did that because farmers in guns dare to wage guerrilla warfare against at that time when the large armies and navies in the world. So I honor that, by continuing to be in the spirit of holes, farmers you know in the can, in the can tenants of Christmas attics, the first person to die in american Revolution was a black man. You know so for me. I would dishonor those patriots who started this country and Christmas attics. How would dishonor the
as an african American, who is only fifty five years of freedom by giving government mark on that? That's not something I believe it armed government is people prop part of the problem with giving government anything. Is that they're just people they're not something special, absolutely not flawless, absolutely give people power over you in there's what they'll they will. I mean this is not saying we should stockpile guns and point them at the government, but if people have got and it's way harder to just take overseas alluded absolutely that happens all the time and other countries. It does happen. Absolutely people get occupied in the formants turn on them at governments change the rules and places that were democracies are no longer, so absolutely that's real and were never far from it. Is it safe, as you feel, you're never far from it, but I think what we need more of. Is people like you, do that, are there a reasonable, very educated in the matter of articulate person who come
just from a place where they don't expect. That argument come from yeah. I understand, like you, think about left wing people or democratic people progressive people, you always think you know you think about minecraft people overwhelmingly being appreciated by the black community and you always associate them with being anti gun. Yeah, that's a common thing So when a guy like you, steps out and says, no, no, I think it's uh the service to take this right away abs. And if I didn't support it and fight for it, I've been I've been an african American, four thousand and forty something years now. Right have now Democrats, primarily my entire life, I'm from the south, in particular S these Alabama Georgia Florida. I have never know a black male Democrat that was working class. I did not own a weapon net debt, so I'm going to follow examples of my grand father, I'm not going to listen to the National Party in their rhetoric about dear
in the population. I think. Obviously we could agree that we would all love it if we never needed guns yeah course, right of course, who wouldn't I rather not need it than beeper there should not be prepared, ensure right better to have it not need it did not to have it and what part of the country, come from and what you do often like I'm from a party country. I grew up fishing hunting, growing food, my sister girls, who don't get the hunters regular, now still fish, occasionally shots out to Greg Street on our biggest TJ's down there. So great fishermen right but this is this normal in my part of the country as not having because in being able to smoke in public in places like L, is it it just is not that big of a deal? You know you you, you know in my. In my mind, say household should have five guns right. You should have a revolver shove, a semiautomatic, for if you and your wife, caring out in public, if you have a shot gun just this is a great all around going to have whether it's burglars are very. You know you should have bolt action rifle some course case got to kill you
You have a semi automatic rifle automatic rifle defend against here and there just to fuck off on Sundays and show your homeboys dick bigger. But what what you should not you have to give up your right to all weapons or use among people. That's the thing, but using among people is that it's so, but so horrific and so so common for something that so horrific and everybody is against it. But I don't I don't understand how you would ever buy taking guns, I mean you would have to take all the guns away to stop. That from happy how are you going to do in how we going to do that? Yeah criminals are going to that, of course not there's no way the regular people should probably not do that. Yeah that that's where it gets squirrelly, it's like. How are you going to get those guns from criminals you're not you're not going to you're, not going to see joke, can do, though- and I will say- is an owner- you get lazy. Sometimes you don't train, we should try and more, and that doesn't mean you know, go try to be the quickest draw your you practices, if you own, but
If you want to do, is make sure you know what you do with your weapon, make sure you know how to clean your weapon, make sure you're, not a story weapon. An I took my son and my nephew and I'm shooting about to start taking my eleven year old girl, Michael shooting, because I want them to know what they do if they see it, though so we've already went to. What do you do if you somewhere, you see it? How do you? What what? How do you get out of this situation, get other kids out at sea twice in one adult now all that comes with it. You know- and you know, the strange thing to me is that my mother, when she was in high school, was actually taught how to shoot a rifle right because NRA, which is now vilified and hate it for reasons some deservedly sells, some that they used to have big programs in public school tools to make sure that children, new firearm safety, so my mother, school and other schools benefited from that. I don't care if it was just that sheet of Paper told you gun safety before you went in a range that was just a piece of propaganda. They did. It was better for overall public,
so I tend to say, as Americans, we've gotten away from stuff, like trades in school, we've gotten away from different options. Besides funneling our kids in the college debt and we've also gotten away from basic training such as balancing the checkbook. Basic home economics. How do you make his eye at home by yourself and stuff like gun, gun done, shooting and archery? I think that if those things returned to public school, you get a safer, more confident student body, you get it suction on things like building in bullshit. You get an increase on it, self propel, interest of children, and you start to me to grow its colors in Excel, but do you, do you? Do you really? How is it going to stop bullying? Just by now, that more kids know how to use guns. I'm not only you know. Boxing class stops, Bully Pepsi said that no one wants to fight somebody call fight back. I I think you're right, I think, for sure, martial arts, I know wrestling, does it one thing that can do, though, is make people more aggressive, initially get a lot of
just get into it learned that fight a lack of their parts like blue belt mentality. That's why you get which a homey, so you go with your home, so your your home is just being the out of each other you're, not picking on a kid at lunch. Your honor me like me would experiment. I remember: it's great. The thing is, though, man, you could hurt each other here, Zahar apple video. Did you see the one that who put it up um. What was it. It was one of those fight breakdown, videos Robin Black. Yes, it was Robin Black, two Steve's they get in a fight. And Steve Kay owes the other Steve it's fucked up to dudes with boxing gloves on there friends and one of 'em know how to fight a little bit and the other one didn't know how to fight at all and knock some out they'll do his head, bounces off the floor. Yeah, I think mark parts in general is great for kids to stop bullying, because you don't you don't have to worry and look at this watch this shit, this kid in the blue has no idea is doing that guy leans in with a look at this plant. Oh that's so fucked up
is so obvious. That is how many to sleep he knows how to fight yeah like even when he threw a jab. He liked leaned in on that job. That was less. That guy is real. Asshole have really needed that punch. That's a fucked up thing to do to your body. Like? We got this kid leans in. We can use it that that kid knows how to jab. That's a real job here comes awful. Next snap lights were about to go off, that's bad for you, kids, and by black good timing. That too if it drops it and you know, did you see what I put him on my instagram today? Not when there's a kid who looked like he was more of a box within a kung fu guy look, so I didn't have to cut years ago. Side kicked him in the job. Was it jaw wasn't chess? It felt like he hit chest. Acava teach him to look at right, yeah, but I don't look like you. Could I think you got him in the face. Yeah look at this. I thought he got him and like the neck yeah, I think it's a little bit hi Chad,
yeah, but twenty homes, a out of a nearly smiled and patted him on his back front leg side. Kick it. Why did it smooth? That's one of my favorite meals as a big got. People never see just a great kick to the gut coming to get the fuck out of it. Let me get outta here, that's how you get out of those chitinous circuit clubs, when the whole club is trying to kill you many of those situations ever been in a good three, two more and two. It was our fault me and my crew and and two we were just in the middle, some bullshit. We know. What's going on, we had to get out of the club, you know what I mean for yeah, that that song, that's that's the only thing about the Chitlin circuit, Fun Times great groupies bags of money, but you could die now. How do you guys start out you start out like? Is there a little open MIKE night or something if a guy wants to become a rapper? How do you get going? What is it a lot easier way, I'm from the underground rap scene? In that I, like the skulls rap, I like that around the types of coming up, so I was more on the open MIKE thing on
I got to hang around the older guys in the cool guys in the drug dealers cause. I could rap about ST stuff right, whereas, and you take like at. He was always interested love, music and stuff, but it was a trap rapper from the start. You know he he was entertaining for the street, so even even need to go to fuckin open mic. He just need to be opened up on a MIKE and then allowed to greater public hearing them step. Excuse me, I talk about him. I'm a big boy Is there two of my best friend, so I know I got poetic license to talk about those guys where I don't really tread lightly. But he never knows feelings get hurt but uh speak for him to do open MIC's as much is just five, someone who believed in him and that was Kp La Reid, Dj Temp and gave him play form to create the John Rhe, now known as trap. Music me, I came up more of out of the battle rap scene, and out of that, you know, go show your wares kind of like a comic you get up in front of everybody. Do your shit see what works go home, it just come back next week. So when you do a battle rap thing, we sign up how how to hold now, where it does, they should just threw in a pit I mean that's fine first time yet you show up. I got my
make my name my nickname, Scott right, my nickname or my family called me, Michael, my friend, with the unruly scholars and those guys were like just EAST Coast RAP one was from the net once in South Carolina with families from New York. They could raptor ass off. They were like rock him. Big daddy came in the same group. They defeat a lot of guys made better yeah and then one day there was this thing called green lights where people play music and then they be battle each other, my home, using come in men. You could just everybody who thought was the homies homies was just shit in honor, I'm like what the fuck rises mahomies, and my manager, Ajima guy, who had just seem like a couple weeks ago. He was the person that kind of pulled me out of not going. Around in a trap trying to be a petty drug dealer into a studio, and he was the first person to say YO. This kicker really rap like you know, fuck that shit. I know he steals cars and I mean any rising round to a hood rat shit with ratchet friends, but he can really rap
let's get him in, so he was the guy that start bringing me in. So it offended me. They were talking about my friend like that, so I just start fucking off with their heads battle. Rapping, a man, a man, a double d called me killer, that nice and his kids are killer, MIKE's a killer, and that's how I got the name killer MIKE What a great story so the battle rap scene, you would just get tossed into a pit and how much time would you get? This is in the night this isn't like former batter up now like battle rap, is involved like boxing now like what talking about essentially cock fighting so but like when you would be rub. There would be no, no time, Lynn, you know what you just wait. Yes, when you just went into you, want to cry out or the other guy shut the up and walked away with. It was a long battle, rap mail, dot debt night, those guys. Still add literally took out four hundred and five hundred and six hundred and those guys were still trying to come at me before D, who was fucking built like you, when when we were children, you know I mean like, as I was deducted fuck out just told everybody shut the fuck up this kid one
So I know it was decided already spoken, saying DJ double d gave me gave me my rabbit gets heated man, I've watched a bunch of am mama dudes get in each others faces man, my oh, my, my Dj Dj track. Star keeps me up with the battle scene, and I couldn't do it like as an older, I'm just saying myself like yo how to just how to follow. Somebody like straight the fuck up my payday minutes. The disrespect is amazing. It's amazing: it's a martial art of sorts. You know it's a mental, martial art, the ability to stay self discipline and uh, not a while out the ability to give in. Take it. You know, I'm saying is amazing art if you ever seen roast battle, no roast battles with doing stand up comics with the same principle. They go well. They they prepare for it like sometimes like weeks out, We tell him who they're going to be battling against. They write a bunch of jokes about each other and just shit all over each other ruthless joke. Writing
it's on comedy central Rickles, worthy shit, ruthless shit, this that's what comedy should be it is that it's rare place that one spot where they're doing it like that. The roast battle is a rare place. 'cause, it's like pure joke writing. Fucking meanness. I got gotta check that that's called what we call John and in the South Jones yeah Johnny yeah, I'm a gel in his shit out of you like that's when you just you just is ruthless. Are you saying Joylynn like Jw Joni Joni Joni, Joni Joni, like Joan the Lady yeah like Joan, but it's but it's I think spell J O in e okay and look at John Jones yeah, hello. Again a college out in these parts, but I think they call it the in DC two, but in cap in some other places, cause John in Psalm. They don't at John just talking bad about each other, with comics it's. It really is a a martial art because you gotta to keep it together with this person just rude.
Obviously shitting on your appearance in your life and ex relationship divorces me people are rooms such as life. May your life is real yeah. I got to give props out to my friend, who is a common little to fall, no more right. Let's smiled record, the ball is one of those guys wear man going to say some shit to you, man, it's going to test your nuts. He got. You know he's going to hit you. You know. I mean he's he's he's about this high, but but fucking ego. Is this big and he's really good at talking? So I've heard him destroy some rooms. He style bender was like one of the best fighters in the UFC. Yeah came out to that came out that song as loud as I have it now, but it's it's a great fun, I'm very proud of my friend. It's a great song. Snoop jumps on yeah, yeah, yeah and so our vendor, as he's get ready to go into the octagon, he was dance and he was dancing to the song and he got inside. He was dance and have a good time and then, once the fight starts If I don't know if you ever seen him fight he's in the matrix he's on other level like spectacular, striker,
see. I have lightning fast, incredible timing. He's got creative he he's loose in there. He gives you looks you don't know what the is happening planned to get head kick is phenomenal, he's one of the best in the world right now up becoming, but he came out. Yeah I got to come out. Yeah Israel at is Sonya Israel out of sight. One of the best is: if you love technique, you love Watch Nacka Shama, I like silver. For that reason, now, well, Anderson Silva and him are fighting yeah sort of positive he's. Forty years. Oh, I believe oh shit yeah, it's probably one of his last fight. So I'd like to say how old do you think I should be before they stop? Well, you know, Anderson is not a guy who engaged in trench warfare. He always fought very smart. He didn't really take the kind of beatings that maybe a lot guys that fought as long as him took he's very technical yeah. Very good at avoiding getting hit. I mean he's been hit. It's unavoidable he's fighting the
the world continually, he got, he got dropped by a couple people, but it's not like most guys. What most guys that add to his amount of time in they're, going to get hit way more. He doesn't mean his face, looks exactly the same. It looks Perfect, he doesn't have a messed up face at all. You think about that guy, the fact that he fought the best of the best forever and his face. Thank you. His face isn't far up, I mean that's all you need to know. This is what is face. Floyd Scott help, you out of our Floyd, like people face hey to a Florida, just like YO man, you know defense is, apart of Oxford, Superman the not to get hit as the talent. Not a lot of people have to do it. It's it's a part of everything, yeah, it's part of life, but it's it's a part of a jujitsu, its giant six in Gracie's number. One principle is like first I'd the I I'm always safe, no matter what a safe always say wakes, you can't do
get with him. There's certain guys that allow you pixels one of 'em. You would allow black belt to take his back and put in a full rear, naked choke with the hooks in and they would start. Start from the closing sequence, where you're at you're going to sleep exactly and he would get out. That's amazing can tap from there. Some jello shots out to Wiz Wiz Wiz was cool. Because in brief, yes, I, the breeze breeze, got into digit two and is brought ways into it, It is now shamed me into going to so it's something you don't want to pop up in a gym. I got to get you and Joey Dheas and the judges to class, but the greatest I gotta get world out of the shot. I gotta finish re having carrots going to clear me when I, when we show the rotator cuff surgery on both Jones Jesus yeah, but I can do this again now: okay yeah, I can grab they got you doing those elastic bands exercises and all that stuff goes in the room. Did those is more wiz put on a ton of muscle. Does there's a photo of
in pre and post and is here Lee impressive. I would not want to file with Lee for right now he's not just let them talk. Iraq can shred, it is his abs are ridiculous. Give you kicks and take your at this point: have you seen as Arabs there, what it was huge to look at that. Look at their not just the not just ripped, I'm going to stop slobbering soon, they're, not just rip their big league how much power the vantage point from skinny to big, though versus me, where there's tons of muscle under here, but I got to lose a lot of chevy to see about having your legs carrying around all that weight. I always thought if someone could lose weight wants to really happy that would have an advantage of their legs. Cats are still, but the lights are constantly used to moving around with much more weight. Now, all the sudden, they don't have that way. So you've been backpack training, the difference. Well, it's as long as good a difference, hard, tell big difference, still a different standard sure, which is a great many friends. He goes
so that place in in Hollywood, Jay's place. Performance. What is it called unbreakable? The place is the supposed so go semi private place and you go in there like Chuck, Liddell's working out, and that makes sense 'cause, which is like really rich yeah, like we get into black communities like white people. Rich is what we call white people, he's on a very high level right now, God bless. I live with. Well, if you did that you that dude works hard. When I'm doing it, I'm doing it slower. I need to pick up the pace and go full. Ninety days like you say, but I feel a lot better. I just did his fucking Zappos running, So I felt like the king of the world. Did you yeah yeah? I mean I've been turn on Michelle's out to Al Claiborne from pay more if it effects now for professional bodybuilder. Teach me how to retrain my brain and when I'm not being lazy and really on it, feel great sweat today. So you don't regret the day. The good thing bounded twos with a guy like you. If you continue in, you, continue
lose weight and get healthy or going to inspire other people to do the same thing. People that you're fat things that go fuck man. Now I want to get my shit together. Yeah 'cause, what you don't want to do is get rich died. Have some young wiz Khalifa, like God, fucking on your wife, that's my daily mantra. That's a good! My got a hot red and I don't want to die all my money go to some young Stedman, like I honor young step Skype yeah man. You want to have more energy it you can do it yeah, I'm not. No doubts no doubt said but yeah. What you said is true. Get up to sugar throughout the flowers eats meat Grange. It turned out that sent and move in yeah yeah. As much as he ever use, one of those fitbit's or any of those things you got out of it. Watch ma'am ma'am I make from Nike game and watch it. I got it. That was a good. Yeah, it's a real good. They built it gives him a number c. Look at the numbers. You get the metric of how hard you work in yeah. I like that and that we were doing what the fuck was? It called again the one that we did for the fitness
I'm trying to my zone find him as my wife to having threesomes in foursomes like circuit training did. Is she has a way for yet is definitely a hormonal build up yeah, I'm going in the room, I'm going for it, I'm trying. I think, next season, all the trigger warning. That's what I'm going to do? I'm going to try to start a polygamist compound based on Crossfit man that never goes right. Does anybody ever pulled off a compound yeah? Yeah few people- quiet quiet people, pull it on when you start to realize that your uncle you're, not in her best friend our uncle on best friend, aren't had two wives. You know in common yeah, but but but if you get loud about is how it's gonna go bad right. If the people know about it by the time they know about, it's already gone bad, so there might be a lot of 'em laughing at us right now. We know how to do it yeah exactly. We just keep our shit together, don't tell mother, but they just stay low. Did you see why country, I did not see while country they, the a town they put. They took over a town, a whole cult they just started
importing people they brought him in on buses shut it off. They took over a town these. What was his name? I forget the guys name. I forgot was in each of them being ass, say it in the the MIKE Rodney yeah hit another name. Now, then it would text, Josh something up there. Something I think I may have seen part is high three in the morning, I don't remember what the fuck they were doing for jobs, just paying attention to how they got these people in there they took homeless people and they shipped him out there. On buses, so they could vote from the town that gave them jobs and identities, and these people were extremely happy. That was crazy, show up some of them were troubled, but for a lot of 'em they finally had a sense of purpose. They just been taken into this place as family, so they made Utah they basically data, town Utah, I've always suspected. I did see part of this movie geek. Three in the morning, like oh she's busy, why is it that white hippie, like people, trust Brown,
people would be hurt so much well. They want to believe in enlightenment and in all the media portrayals of in light ment. In all of you know, when people talk about mystical experience in the ad in India, it's always that part of the world that emphasizes virtuality and the idea that the hindu religion is is a more ancient, more calm catches, the ritual religion, as all that to the Indy and yogi figure? Is the white Jesus figure out why people hundred percent awful? Why people don't know why Jesus in the black community is a mythical creature that has enormous power right, it's insane for anyone to believe in a deity that doesn't look like them right, but in the black community, we're just in love with Renaissance paintings in Jesus is why does fuck all right? So we have the same infatuation that you're weird hippie it has with indian men with long beards and their mysticism. We have that wide jeans so that you've just help me understand. 'cause I've always wondered like what the fuck is. It up with white people and east
many people at victim who directed trigger warning, also has a documentary where he creates a fake religion and convinces you know: white middle class people to follow That is a crazy one. The white Jesus one right White Jesus, a motherfucker bra like they man, Ahmed give me a shirt that says: white people want stay woke and what I mean I had him. Western civilization. It's this The latest phase like people have to understand. There have been many empires and civilizations. There was a tie, we're Mali in Africa and Kim and ask her what the biggest the colonizers on earth later Persia biggest you've had systems and right now the w has just for the last one thousand years or so has been kicking in dominating as a lot of what we see on the news between the West and what we all the Middle EAST. Now what was once western purge right, western Asia? This is the
thousands of years war. You know you're hearing Islam versus Christianity, but there's really two ideologies that have been fighting for one thousand years over how the globe should be governed. So but that shit man, it's like, there's, no there's! No stopping this shit but White Jesus Spray things out of that and kind of goals. Every you wear and colonizes everything. So you know the church pops up with candy for kids bibles for you, and by the way, we're going to be gone awhile, but we're going to leave this guy here on the wall. So you know what the ideal, what God son look like. So if God son looks like a doobie brother since old is God, God looks like Jim Morrison, Jim Morrison, with a full beard straight, the fuck wow wow, it's a really Jesus or probably a tango, with dark, hair and curly out curly hair, and you know it in brown eyes that was saying that the guy and in a charged in light, so they knocked him the fuck off. Why do you think that each row
face looks for someone of another race to be their advisor, because I don't think people trusted divinity in themselves. You know, I think I think, that once you understand as human beings, we really only look different because of subtle differences in atmosphere and change, and you know who you mix with win, but I think that all those books that are moms paid Oprah to sell us of self help. And we're looking Reverend Ike at told my grandmother's generation had in the 70s. You know what I mean and I think that we're scared to turn off the lights in at some point cc in the van with the not sales, because once you do that that requires you act differently and I think that people need to be told what to do, not that they actually need it, but they want to be in struct it you know versus knowing or going on a gut feeling or experimenting giving something wrong. You know my grand father was one of the most com
find Morel men. I've ever met. He was always gentle with children. He only put a belt to my butt twice in my life and shit. I think he cried. And in that same at fourteen years, old shot a man in charge for kicking his bike down. You know he grew up in between fourteen and fifty four when I was born and he had experiences that he had learned to regret and he had dealt with that and he had become something that by the time I was a child. He was raising me. My grand father was divine in my eyes. Almost you know I mean not because he was perfect because he was generally good and moral, but as a fourteen year old boy who had grown up fatherless, who dropped out of school in the third grade and who understood that I must protect my mothers and sisters. He refused to be totally by anyone, even an adult, to the point of pulling a bullet in it. You know what I mean, so I think that a lot of times were afraid to see that divinity in ourselves also, because then you have to acknowledge the darkness, and you have to deal with that
It is easier to get a truck to by someone else. It is easier to see the evil is outside too it's easier to see. That is something no. I can't control it just happens, verses, I'm I'm! I'm comply and complicity. That's a it's also, a consequence of the no more one of the things that bothers me the most. When people talk about people to commit crimes of think about people to commit crimes, so much of what who a person is a consequence of things that had nothing to do with them. Absolutely they could have been born in a terrible neighborhood to horrible parents been abused, sexually and physically, and by the time you get to them, life is already a mess. It's a shambles, and for you to try to think that they are going to look at life and just figure it out with no assistance whatsoever. It's crazy, don't work like this. One. Weird things about our culture is that we haven't put more of an emphasis in finding the spots that are the ghettos in the terrible neighborhoods in this country and figuring out a way to build them up
get even we know right away. We know unequivocal plea where jobs and commerce, a president and economic opportunity and prosperity occur. Yes, a dramatic reduction and elimination in Game five yeah. Yet we do not put resources into building institutions that will create entrepreneurs or work on a soft skills, so the kids can be working around production houses. Two deals: we put that money in the prisons yeah in in we use prison labour to under cut things like call centers on things like that that job that mean that factories may need and we're doing a disservice. By doing that, we, and I always say we, because we looked at our quote- unquote leaders and blame them when so many times we allow it. You know we allow this to happen by not paying attention and not voting will allow it to happen. By not raising our voice. Even though we know someone in prison and saying this is wrong. You know the last people I don't believe,
This was record, I don't believe in the big three abrahamic religions I'm not into, but the books are create an amazing graphic novels. I can't read him like like a graphic novel of sorts right and when you look at the people who Christ diet with right it will he was. He was up there, thieves, the first person he say before he got hot in here was a thief was a confessed. Eve? Was dying right next to him, and he's like you know, we don't go on this together, that's that's an amazing thing. So, as you're serving your say Savior Messiah! You need to be thinking about who he spent this time with. You know he was with liars and thieves. He was in the street. Teams with people will edge to be prostitutes, and I think that if we start to turn our attention to those places- and we put our intentions and good there- we do produce only on the other side better, but as long as we look at religion is something that makes us holy makes us clean, washes us of our sins and we become pious in that. I think religion will something be something that forever kind of harmful. It helped to create that, and I
that that that believing that some people are good and evil doesn't allow us to say well what could we do to fix those ghettos to fix those depressed areas for every ghetto where I'm from we get all this in a city in the si I can show you News reason what a trailer park this this is bad for sure in those in those, in those cases, are of a life better than oxycontin addiction. In in Tom only pain to write one hundred percent hundred percent and I feel like there's money to be made to yeah, yes, it's an ignored resource. Yes, yes, now follow. In the turbo cheeses, follow kidnapped turbo Jeez is an Alabama may well. Anybody named turbo chip, Gaines Turbo Jesus, this kid listening, he's amazing man, I believe, he's. I don't I'm not a big confederate flag it doesn't bother me as much alright, not saying that you had to pass just it's. I've lived with his son August is gone like right right.
You were you shocked at all the sudden. It became a bad thing like with due to hazard Nana, not what I was a deuce has. I have pictures of me with the generally on a shirt right on it. I'm not surprised because you know it. My thing would come out this out LOS right, so you're flying a loser flex, so it just never really really bothered me, but, as I got older, the drama have in place around. It has been amazing, because, if I'm not, I want to change Roberty Lee the schools name not going to really be able to change places. It's going to be here. You know this other and you just can't accept is going to be there but Turbo Jesus. As a kid I saw following my natural assumption is typical. Redneck kid right, hella talent, he can fix anything with a motor on it. He makes these amaze, sing: Cortana likes warts out of wrenches right he's. Just in am, I think it, but I see routing against kids that uphold that flag and upholding. You know anything that feels like racism and ash and it's just one more most, morally good kids.
I've never seen running around and he's an allied. He doesn't look like cereal. Typically anything you would expect, but that's the great part of this to me. The great part of this country is, you know as as polar opposites as people trying to make say you, and I hear we are together as equals. You know here we are other engaging one another as equals, and we don't look like one either not from the same places and I think, there's just a whole bunch opportunity in it. You know, I think that there's money to be made in promoting that versus promoting division and fear is so absolutely you should be you. There is money in helping children be better yeah there. There is interest in it and if we're going to live in a capital system be a compassionate catalyst to be the best you possibly can, because we need more of you, but just seems like something like in in terms of something that we think about as a civilization. We don't think about neighborhood rebuilding. No, it's not a good primary concern, even though one of the biggest problems we have is with crime and violence, if you ask people, what's the two
These things you're afraid of its crime and violence. Next big car accident in cancer and but crime and violence You could severely mitigate, get all these community program, but if you think about the amount of I bet, if they calculated probably a wash the amount of money and spend to fix things versus the amount of money you would save by not having a crime. Agree. Roxanne Shante I saw her and I don't know shit so I'm just guessing anything is better than what we doing more prisons were doing yeah well, that the scariest shit, we got going on the idea that someone is profiting off of putting people in K images and they also lobby to make sure that there's more laws on the books. I told Larry King early today that I'd rather stop arguing over the second amendment with people that I should be arguing for amendment of the 13Th Amendment with we. Let's stop arguing over guns and we should start to say why does out 13Th Amendment have a loophole that allows for slavery. That says, Avery is illegal except for yeah, but people people have
no idea how much prisoners get paid to work when they were working on the fires. Yes, what was how they were? It think it was two dollars or some some an insane amount of money pay them and when they get out of prison they are not allowed to be firemen. Oh Jesus Christ is that real yeah is real. Like because you're a felon. If you're every crime for every day for everyone, but but got any money, you can't be a fireman. I I can't say any, but a lot of the guys, I've known and it got out of prison- have not been allowed to still classified as far right. There's there's felonies were not violent. Felons yeah drug selling California's paying inmates one dollar an hour holy now, even two dollars. Your life is worth ninety nine, pennies, plus one just stop and think about fighting fires for ten hours you make ten dollars. That's insane. That is that but not only is that slavery. That might be why in slavery, because
ten dollars an hour, isn't even going to buy you food, that's less in Walmart pays its, but it's less money to work all day. Then you could feed yourself to go away, This is the White House aide. That's what I try to tell people. Will talk to you when I was coming out you. Those are apps like YO man. Isn't the guy an ally? I appreciate you saying that, because that's true and it's not just black guys is poor white people almost wish. I could have a convention went to say we got the same. Esther's. There saying this right here: more than two thousand volunteer inmate, firefighters and volunteered, including fifty eight The fenders are battling wildfire flames through California, inmate may hi to serve a vital role. Clearing thick brush down bare soil to stop the fire spread. I wonder rum, do they get better service for that Do they do they get out earlier? No, they don't think nothing. I don't think so. I would hope they do, but if dollar our what we care but we're we're, we are, though, the public
should be up in arms about well. There. Obviously trust in those guys did not run too 'cause when you're, when you're chopping down Bush is out there when there's a fire going on. But where do you know where you going out with nobody knows what the fuck is happening? It's chaos so, where you going to go where you going to go and then, when they this shit dollar an just. How insane is that you know something as we do in our prisons as cruel and brutal, we put people in a box of twenty three hours a day, yeah, let him out for an hour to walk in space yeah. You drive him crazy yeah. He was he doing you're with their senses, to the point where they're going crazy, absolutely or they get solitaire. I have friends have been solitary. The talk you about solitaire and they just there for them selves. With your alma day after day after day, I remember going to in school suspension not being able to talk about to go fucking nuts after three hours in Vienna, GA state correction, exactly when you're a little kid you can't shut the fuck up for anything culture, doll
to tell you he used to be honest, like shut the FUCK Cameron Dollar, one one thousand nine hundred and ninety five UCLA played play point guard for them when they want national Champ ship. His dad was the culture high school. His dad was the basketball coach, a neat software in school, and I stayed in in school, are may I knew his dad. Like a fucking player, I couldn't play any basketball. I would be sitting there quietly would be reading the paper. Just like can't wait to get the fuck outta here. Man coastal, let's say shit that I don't wanna go to prison. Thank you, post out. Shots out to camp not talking to anybody for just a couple of days would be to drive, you crazy no match and some people that have been locked in the whole for like eight months, they do that to people yeah they do they I mean that didn't in that what they did at Chelsea Manning yeah. Add in yes, that's exactly the they did. I think. I forgot what her original name was. As do I, no it's a particular you might. You might say my piece of shit. It's always been Chelsea, but yeah
yum. I think they locked on all for like ten months yeah, no talk! No nobody! Just by yourself, you by self ascribed to mean you could break someone's brain easy, easy, easy, a fire to people brain gets broken on a good, edible on good watch. First, forty eight, I see, how far is running a broken. Fifteen minutes of cigarettes in a honey pot that's another reason I tell kids don't commit crimes hallways and watch first. Forty, eight you want to see everything go bad man for a Newport yeah to so many can crimes so many laws that don't don't need to exist poverty. We end poverty we fix from when it makes,
but that's for sure and still be sociopaths and greedy people that want to have that, but far less than crimes of opportunity, like Robin moms of their purses at gas stations. Carjackings you're not going to see stolen cars you're not going to see burglaries you're, not going to see that if you start to have an influx You know we need to bring a lot of stuff back to America. We start making shit again. You start buying shit, we make we we need to. You know we need to start refocusing on what we could be doing in the house. I think I think that would certainly help us, and I I don't know what we could do to just sort mode. That idea of. Why isn't it? It's nothing that ever gets discussed in any political discussion whenever there's some debates going on or whenever there's and given an agenda, but nobody ever thinks of that one aspect of our culture, the weakest aspect of our culture, economically, there. We don't really consider it.
It is a source of crime. It's a statistic, but we know the editors as though it's something that just is what it has to be, but it doesn't have to be like that was the best. Yes, we know history in a television us all, I'm really trying to say like there other are there other ways to try this and, and we could yeah, can you can try to fix homelessness without criminalizing being homeless. Right we know that most men that are homeless some types of mental schizophrenia, so that things that we've broken down and we're not taking care of the mentally ill in a way that we should be, it could be. So if you start to fix that, you start to fix that kind of homeless. We know That women and children- we know why the on the street- and we know that if this subsidized into these type of fort of a house an apartment in the city, the kids have the opportunity go to better schools to become better parts of society. In terms of having the networks and resources. We know the mothers are closer to can be home, but we don't do that. We build cities like right now, we're developing Atlanta we've been prom.
A certain amount of arm of work space in the city for working class people for poor people, some developers aren't going to say they do and because you do that, you start to increase the that the things that are blights on us. You know we just have to be really committed to it, and do it that's it, and once we do, it is done you know, but if we, if we keep acting like it's, not happening in complaining about poverty and crime in war and not doing anything it's just a cycle, never stops nasty, honest and the insanity. I really don't understand, yeah. Well, everybody feels like it's somebody else's job. Everybody feels like work like yeah and everybody feels like we just got to get out of that neighborhood now you know. Instead of you know, that's what I was work Roxane, okay talked about re interview case. She said you know she she doesn't want to hear. People come keep complaining about gentrification when, the kids that are leaving these neighborhoods, whether they saying Dan,
rapper not or just go, get good jobs in Kobe see human beings. You should be re entering your neighborhood, you should be buying houses or pieces of land there, one the most impressive things when I favor plays a John stockton- and I don't know if it's true or not, but I read a story that he we bought a house right on the street. You grew up in so not see that he got essentially home with his kids, so they had some type of nor normalization to their life view. We should be doing you know, arm. Tiana have bought properties together in the same neighborhood. We grew up in we're developing things like restaurants and stuff. I'd like to see more and
These rappers become the marching in business class. That way- and I like to see, people who grew up in neighborhoods moved back to those neighborhoods. They grew up in light like the typical iconic american dream. You know you can build a you know another eight thousand square feet in the back. The a frame house if you want to, but you should be going to fifty four sixty minutes outside the city in a complaining about the plight of the city, because you took yourself away, took it. Now within the resources away, do you think that everyone should feel that way, though, or is it mean, do you feel like you have to be committed to the city that you grew up in or couldn't you want to just get the fuck out of there and go somewhere difference nothing wrong with getting the fuck out, but you just think you should go back and support it's like. I tell kids in college when they say MIKE, you know what can we do? Kids in college kids, we will speak in college and say well. What can we do? Kids want the world very easy fan ticket in high school tutor that kid make sure they replace you at this university or another. I said you just please replaying the scene. If you grow food, you know you
don't grow the same land you after year after year, some you have to give that Lana Break re till it. You know I'm saying it was kind of like the neighborhood, so you don't have to stay in the same neighborhood. Your whole life. You want to feel like. I never win anything or escape anywhere. You. Do have to don't, sell your mother's house, you it to your cousin, that assistant, but don't don't, sell your mother. That piece of land was worked for the blood that oil, the soil. It means something and it should and and for working class people, especially it keeps your neighborhood in communities more like the ones that made you be a good human being. You know, so I think that there is something most people don't leave the town they grow up in and moved to the other side or they move to the suburbs. Most people most marry somebody a new, you know, I'm saying my thing is make the best of it: don't let it keep becoming a a man. I so John, my wife and I own barbershop, you don't know we own. These things called J, washing room shops. We have won a state farm arena that, when the Atlanta hawks play, we have a flagship store on Edgewood Avenue.
Edgewood Avenue was once an hour Auburn Avenue once the centers of Black Atlanta in terms of commerce and retail and money Atlanta Life insurance. There you guys go. Some of the stuff is big time. She, you know This isn't the old narrative of we've never had nothing 'cause, that's not the truth. There's, a very rich city for African Americans still is on this street, used to be owned by African Americans, the storefront in there their children after these people, died off. So the buildings off and sold it for cheap, and I know this because many Mister John, who runs a grocery store, there stopped me one day. He said you know, Michael after we have, in this. Neighborhood spend been gentrified everything's different they're, going to come along and say that white people stole this from us, and he said it's not true
He say the children of the people that were here left and they never came back 'cause. They didn't think with the parents. Built was good enough Amman to kill me, because that is not just black people, us Americans period. We have gotten to a point where we are unappreciative. We are entitled and we don't think what happened before us was good enough. So we don't treasure it. We don't honor it. We don't reinvest in it. That could be a farm in Milledgeville. That could be a house in Adamsville, but we have to do a better job of appreciating ourselves appreciating our community and then come pre. She ate in our greater community and you have to re enter. You have to re enter fi that you have to be a part of whatever gentrification happens, to make sure that your steak is still there and at what you care about from a morals and civil perspective represented there. My uncle my uncle John Blackman, who was a huge influence on me, died and had a
five car garage where, where the the transmission and stuff I'm not big mark on it to sell, please I don't want you. I know they're going to calm the belt last come as good, but please sell it to me. I didn't want my uncle's building. You know for two goal to strangers and become you know, on a par a complex or something and I walked in your building. I seen your building and I said wow. I know what I'm going to do with it now by three years now. I just I just had it, but I did never knew what I want to do like you. You need somewhere to go every day. Building is impressive. I'm like you, I'm just going to make my bit. Models built in my office is right and after got a way to make a lot of money off of it. I mean I've already made a lot of money, which is what me to buy it, but it's important. This is his neighborhood turns into hipster land, because it's definitely gonna be just me black. It's one chocolate, hipster land I just wanted to make sure that there still some chocolate working class in there and sometimes you're going to go, buy coffee and there's going to be wow. That's muscle, car and lots of marijuana
smoke blowing out of it. So they'll know that you know my nephew still in town. Well, you've got to a great combination of a work ethic. A sense of unity and you had a business perspective. I don't have a business perspective, I'm jewish my wife I was doing it all was she see talk to you seem to know what the you talking about if you've got a pretty good road map. Now I have zero that zero business pressed this plan. If you have zero discipline to go to the gym everyday, I do have that. That's what I got it, but I'm crazy, but I'm gonna try to silence demon yeah, my forever. I hate the man. Failing was the best thing that ever happened to me, for I think for everybody felt not not because some people is stuck at their failure and they become bitter and they become envious. They become hateful at least how to mark yeah they they can. I mean yeah, but I mean you can be one of the best things that ever happened to you: yeah failing
and having to learn to become a business person. I'm very thankful for removed from the failure, what you think doubt about your rap career as well like this? Well so yeah from business perspective as well from hailed at rap, first is a good rapper, but outcast equipment criminal records, my first, record that went gold at a time where we're at other record was going ten million. It was it didn't. Work right, didn't work for me, so I had to go to Texas and people. Chameleon, Aaron, Paul Wall, Bun Bz, we slim thug, the trader truth right. People like flippin hump. These people taught me how to press up my own cds, put them in the marketplace: sell them at profit, reinvest in cell. They taught me that and selling drugs in they want me to rudiment, airy fundamentals of business, and when I met my wife, I remember in two thousand three hundred and forty five little hot chicks and her just meant really being your wife collar right right. Freshman year,
allergist mentally. She was like years ahead of everyone 'cause the grandmother had raised. Her That way, grandmother had a shot house right here in the show I'd like to live, Sir Georg, you go get your shop for two hours on mondays to the south. Is you know a weird place we didn't used to sell after, on Sunday. So my wife, I recognized, had a sharp, reminding me for business. What I had was good ideas for what would say what would be well in the marketplace and what she had was a discipline. Do you have any failures in your business practice, Ajami. First ideas, I had a barber shop, I wanted to kill every Barbara barbers are like independence. Rappers. You know everyone wants to be more famous than they need to be an artist. Barbers want to be famous yeah, Barbara might be a famous, I mean there are local famous yeah there, artist, absolutely yeah, and they should be. But with that say it man existed for strange. You know one barber comes in one day like I want to wear glitter cape.
They get. Next barber is coming like yeah. I want to cut hair in the nude. I want to use your shot to do it and you like bro it doesn't. It doesn't work like that like like this is the but I had to learn from US day the boo freight model right. You pay improvement enough, not making any more profit that didn't it. So we had to kind of say what what is super caused? What is great clips to with all you want at PAC Commission, and then you split. That means I have to Peter and that's how we can to learned business when we got to offer from the hawks to put our place, the space of the arena and we want to be a more arenas. We started to understand. Okay, this is how you do business business soon. You know this is not just how you you know, make two to four thousand dollars extra month and that's just some good income for your wife to be or enjoy. But this is how you start to say: you know more to brighten up a barber shop. This is a life to our retail brand. We happen to barber, but if you're a guy, I don't like going to the beauty, shop or beauty arm stores to buy my precious or by Mark home or
You know if you want to get a little gray out of your beard. You know you don't want to be in the r x section of your local Walmart are you was like hey where I get the great for my beer because I wanna go get hot young Jeezy's. You know you want to go on a shopping, so we developed products, we have cool stuff, you can just buy it right there and we've learning to be business people, and hopefully I would like to become to chick filet of barber shops. I'd like for people to want to want to have us in there, too, out and pay us a lot of money to come. Well, it's a man's hang out too, and you can say anything you want and no one judges you can talk. You can watch Joe Rogan talk shit. You know yeah barber it's a uniquely masculine. They are like beauty. Shops are for Girls can go into a beauty shop and get their nails done and no there's not going to be any man there and they could talk all kinds of crazy shit. That's one of the reasons why they like it and the women that do come in the barber shops are some of the best shit talkers. So even they fit right, yeah, that's what you the barbershop is exciting as one It has those two or three women customers data, just prime shit talkers.
How much? If any, are you paying attention to things like cryptocurrencies, Dj Vlad? It has taught me a lot about stocks. So much to the point that I bought my wife, thousands of dollars in stocks for Christmas, she cry she cried. When I, when I showed her the wedding band that I bought cuz, I never really got to any man and said I really wanted. You know Shelly, I'm dedicating myself to you and this isn't. This is never coming up and if so, begin a Christmas. She cried when I see saw my wedding band at the end. She cried when I see I never want you to be fully dependent upon me or feel that way. So here's a lot of stock and she cried like a baby. I called flat like this It works, broad reason bro, but I'm learning about- and I just put lots of money into the SP 500's, but I don't know a lot about cryptocurrency and stuff learning how to have money. I'm fascinated by them the idea of a decentralized economy. You know: 'cause we're always the whole thing is always been about
the amount of money that banks control. You just stop and think about what goes on with the Federal Reserve and what goes on, all the money and how much of dollars worth overseas and balance of it all. If there was something that we get all rely on that that wasn't controlled by any gigantic group of people that have a vested interest in profit? A offer? This pile of money, if it was some sort of a bit coin like thing we really different world really really different it would it would infant. The world was money list. It be different. If there was a goal standard again, it be a lot of differences, but the question becomes: is the banking mafia, of source ever gonna. Let that happen and what happens? How could they stop it? Well, it's like stopping the internet at this point, so you think it's coming, you think we're going to get the crypto currency. I think its eventual.
In the b and what are we gonna, throw initiative upsets? Can if they're gonna, yes be Bickell, that's it! That's a that's a question, correct right! You can't throw points in clubs, it's true yeah. What can you do? Yeah we yeah pieces of paper that tell you how much tour change on your way? Yeah! That's what will happen on net cash? Only no ass, Bro Bitcoin will become dollar bills that will represent Bitcoin got the Black tower built with a gold like a shiny gold. Lettering to make a shit ton of money. We've been going, no, no We made some of it for a fight for the forgotten charity, the build wells for the pygmies. Okay in the Congo, my friend Justin ran. He lived in the Congo for six months of the year, building wells and so fight for the forgotten we we raised. Will it We raised a bunch of money through this thing called the cash app every time. Someone signs up. Five dollars goes to fight for the forgotten gotcha and we got some bitcoin that we raised that went to them too. So wells got built
is that he's built. I don't know how many do you like eighteen wells they built for the pygmies. There can't building new ones. Museum, Freshwater, yeah he's a fighter. He fights for Bellator is one of the top heavyweights talk shit and goes over to Africa and lives in the Congo, with the pygmies, ass, fucking, yeah, and he lives there in the village for months he's gotten malaria Three times almost died from it. Yes, the dedication he's one of the nicest people that ever walked the face of the plan. That's fucking nuts, oh, did he do the malaria shots and shit and still catching I do not know the first trip to Africa next year, so you know as a black Phyllis Import. Are you all? I don't want to catch malaria? That's him back there. While the the come. The big big me. That's amazing, yeah, nice guy, that's ever lived the. Wow yeah I mean the guy goes there for six months. A year is.
Please always over the people in the picture with him. Look like they're related to me, yeah, it's pretty cool mines got some great videos on fight for the forgotten where you could see the wells being built in the water coming out. I gotta check that out. You send me the link yeah for sure for sure what were we talking about? How do we get up to this? Well. Equipment corporate we raise some money for come through Bitcoin as well, but I think that it's give me some advice. I don't know enough about it, I'm an idiot. I just want any on anything money. Related 'cause. You have an icon jeep, so I know you have more money to get this morning. I just work a lot. You know what you have such grand fatherly, that's true! That's the my grandfather, I'm not a big! I'm, not a big investor, I'm not very smart. I got a guy. Have people handling that kind of stuff which I work a lot, but I don't pay attention to anything. I pay attention guilty now, yeah. I do too many things. I've got myself to
place where I know exactly what I have to pay attention to, what I don't yeah, I don't have to pay attention to is just pawn shop. Robert Polay, my account is made it pretty easy. For me, he is is a little your craft. This is a dollar you make. This is what goes into savings. This is what goes into a vet This is what you and Shay were invested in real estate. This is for retirement. So now here thing. That comes in already know, so it's like when they call us until I gave you guys you guys kinda, five hundred thousand dollars day. I just noticed I'm not going home with two hundred and fifty because asset management conditions, my wife and my counter already chop that shit up, so I got enough money to buy a camaro yeah. I don't like to think about that. I have to think about it because you know I'm black and You know shit ain't been too good. If you ain't putting money, if you pour black, if you pour America's fucked up, yeah. If you porn Black America is fucked up with Adele during ass, so you know my it is let let me take care of my money because my grandpa my grandmother's twenty on they started his sharecrop
because they are on land. She could. She could become educated because they a sale, the stuff they grew to stores and produce market and stuff. So she they were method is so she got to go to school. My grandfather, smother mother all land, so my grandfather had to work in a bread factory in and cotton mills and shit. So I nude difference between ownership, and you know the advantages of having something in it. So it's something I can of obsess on, because I don't want my children to endure poverty and I grew up working class. You know my wife, she jokes, but she said that a lot you know she's from housing projects in Savannah and her grandmother and mother. They were at it here, but you know she says to me all: you were spoiled
Oh you're, a little rich kids when you come out she's like we had a Fuckin rv, I'm like I lived in a a frame house she's like I don't care your grandpa grandparents going toward rv. You guys went on vacation you're spoiled right. So I understand money means a lot and it doesn't mean everything to me, but it helps to foo me to be able to take care of my children. I completely understand I don't I don't really give a not on a daily basis are more like you, I just you, but you think about businesses. You starting business inform businesses? How do you have the time to do that and write and perform and all the other you do, because it enabled what the business is in a me to enjoy writing to performing when I it's a rat when there was no choice arm it. It wasn't as fun anymore. Okay, because the pressure was am I gonna chart. Can I make this much? Will the record versus you know? If I have a couple shades revenue coming in, you know it makes it a little more relaxed and my art is free. That way. You.
I like that answer, that's a great answer. That makes sense. That makes a lot of sense actually yeah to free yourself of creatively, so that all you have to think about when you're doing that he does do what you want to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Hammond, that's ideal! That's why so that's the goal! Yeah! If out of you know a lot of people talk a lot of about billionaires. They like it, they want to be. In a there. There are tons of billionaires from the nerdy sexy appeal gaze at a wild dealt eccentric. Six, if you are a must to the Jeez of of Warren Buffett, is I have like TED Turner. I, like I turn as well. Ted was the guy who got nine got snookered out of six ended up with one or two, and it's like now, I'm living in my fucking life growing bison eating good meat cab with when my funky mustache. He was such a owner. Of teams in our city when he only teams. He was a great man with TVS. You needed a lot of good he's. If you know, if, if a billion is the news I want to be a billionaire but having
out of money is a stand like to be the quirky eccentric. Guy like take he always seemed free to me. Yeah specially want to get rid of Fonda a vicious out shout out to he may Mary, Jane Fonda, the S where we do. We thought it was made. It was like this city of Atlanta, Lana, hey. I went back to gone with the wind you'll system a thing again. It was. People were strutting around that you know Jane Fonda's virtual out first lady, one of the start, but she was a nice lady to the city, David Justice. Halle Berry were interesting to no not interest in this handsome. He was one mother Fucker World was it was the was the adding of anyone. I don't know do ya. He he got in the yachting out of nowhere. In his cup America S, America, Scott was it is that right, it started, live the life that Ralph Lauren puts on t yeah. He looks
like like a billionaire in the movie two. He does which looks great Gatsby typing it out. He does some guy who's. Wise billionaire brings you in his study and you have a sky touch with him on ice, exactly explain, shit to you and you're like why in the fuck shots out to TE it man, I know you don't get your love like a lot of the other guy. I think he lives in the cut he does. The fucking might yeah, but he's out there chill them an rebounded, the population of bison, so he could cook them and eat them. Get the fuck hit as bad as man, but it was overalls respect, that's how fucking dress. With the same, that's what I want to be like when I think about Making twenty one million is in the game, and this is me like overalls, in a braves cap, but this is it now. Let me ask you this: how far way from him are dudes with machine guns at all times, but he's a
in Montana habit. So what I can drive to my task, Contana, who wants to come one to kill TED Turner to get some money? Bro no one wants out. Imagine has two snipers. He prob, yeah yeah? He probably has two snipers. I say EAST and West, and he has one guy within a few feet of him, but it's very relaxed. I don't think his walking around like a dot you think you get to a certain workout well for kadhafi. No, it didn't workout well for him. He was hanging around the wrong dudes Stamos that last video coffee does one of the most disturbing video in all of human history to see him realize that they got his all over and the neck. I Steve sums at night from is asked he's barely reacting to it. He's just he's a state of shock value on this day, people full of not of a certain age, and these are the villains we were young made. Gorbachev could not be cached all like. We used act in and I'm not saying I agree or don't agree, I'm just saying they with game get to give it to us as the villains yeah. I have never talked to her. If you could go out the way he went out,
we saw a couple guys go out like that, but was the craziest one that was that was him getting caught by rebels accusing him on the spot. They didn't even wait. They don't even like this. This trial they're going to kill this guy right now they threw his body on the hood of the car and they're driving around with a fucking deer yeah like a fucking deer. Exactly there is, may you bring it up? Research done beat the out of him. It is a good. It's! A horrible van, his dad jobs show you seize gray hairs. Das it'll be at the a little bit in the temple. Yeah that's the world, but I can't turn What a billionaire I wanted. One of the most disturbing videos. Was Hillary Clinton laughing about him dying? you see that video she's do interview, and she they talk about. Qaddafi's goes, we came, we saw he died haha and she starts laughing.
I guess that's Genma Thralls, where the that sir, it was a search is a queen or that that's now one of my My friend called me this year. How has he a slew of my wife, tell me I need a husband more than with the world needs a martyr that, and my friend called me saying you know man really. I just don't want nobody kill my phrase that that really made me push it a process active light. Maybe I should keep singing in dance. Maybe you should try to brave hardest thing. Yeah people definitely still do get shot. Yeah straight up. Fuck with anybody says there was a duty was an Enron whistleblower, Enron whistleblower, who shot himself in the head twice, yeah, exactly exactly kind of shit like doesn't what, in the fuck talking about you read the strange death of Vince Foster. I have not it's a great book. Okay, above foster, was in Cahoots with the Clintons shot himself. They when they found
The gun is still in his hand, which never happens. Guns fly out here, and there was less blood at see the crime then was missing from his body. So the idea that someone moved them. Someone put him there yeah right. Out of his shit freight I've been they did it for sure they did it, but before there was an internet all you to do. Is Greece? The right amount of people have a plan in place, and it's done it's done. They did it forever. They did it through the roman era. They did great, they did it off at the beginning. Time to live in Wacken people concur. I concur I don't think the error has ended. Lot of people acted, so those were again like I said empires that were under Heaven thousands of years yeah I asian, will change his name yeah. You know and go forward it something else. I honestly I'm going at some point. You know,
The water brothers name Romulus and I forget the other brother, but who were settled by the wolves that was like to start in effect, the fairy tale starting wrong. I'm going to get that as a pet is appended yeah. It's going to be some like artsy rap shit, so I have like the winged victory is some motorists is my peace. I have another piece of based on with that I'm getting out on a pendant Jesus yeah. It wasn't Romulus and what's the other brothers name, Raymond Hills, Mr Rahman, so apparently our society that we live in under now was the legend give Jamie said when you see me started by two brothers who were nursed that death the bay and be in a band were nursed by a wolf sold
Western society is built on that concept and you're going to ask me to give up my fucking guns, the fuck outta here, fuck Outta Hillman. What this is he looking Wolf to the Wolf's gotten chainmail around its neck, exactly yeah, I'm going to get that on a fucking pen. It's gonna be like this rapper big shit. That's a warwolf! Look at that thing! Look at that! That's got his vitals protected, that's crazy! yeah. That's what that's! What we're sitting in the middle of cheese, sorry Guys Erica babies, suckle from from wolves. So what do you think? The mentality of people who run a song Jesus Christ. I saw this. I saw it in the Lumia. My wife was stoned as fuck. That's incredible! Walking through the lu- and I was just like this- is a major stared at what a freaky looking wolf to tell ya, hungry and shit looks like a fucking hyena, actually yeah it does. It doesn't look like it's got. Wolf, hair, 'cause wolves are beautiful like that, and that will faint
but it's weird. They decide to make a bald wolf. That's a bald wolf! Yes, like shaved yeah, there's no hair on it. Anyway, it doesn't show any hair. Who knows what the fuck wolves look like back down shave the hair into the rock yeah? That's true, too yeah! It would be hard to shave it, but still wanna, freaky idea, yeah? So that's what Sokoloff for war yeah, I think of, and that's that's that's the mentality to rest sorry. I've been to Rome, have you ever been have not been the world. I went a couple years ago for the first time. It's amazing stunning, yet stunning antiquity is that what they call it? When you go to the Vatican man, you walk around. You realize how much these mother fuckers stole. There is billions of dollars worth of art there and you like: where did you get this money, while you guys don't have a business you're, not there selling sneakers with your fucking candy and bibles, and we're going to take all of this art actually
It's crazy! It's crazy! You know it's interesting. You know when you see roman guys with little dicks. The little big thing they got. Big dicks were discussed like big dicks, where they were too savage and not civilized. They had little dick. In these little statues. If you look at these beautiful, perfect bodies, our little dicks, and that was because they felt like big dicks- were gross, oh wow! How crazy is that? That's what the guy at least the professor that was guiding us to little signature in the wrong century. You missed it yeah you just you were almost there. The thing is, though, the not something that doesn't exist right, because the guy was built like that kind of a hog autumn, with those guys are built. Those guys are there. Fucking Adonis is. I have a hug right, that's beautiful! see Anthony Joshuas step into the ring. You know that guys, gonna have a gigantic day. He ask to look at him. He's a fucking specimen, there's no way he has a wrangler with that said, if you look at Bodybuilding yeah, but that's a Diff
animal they're, breaking their bodies, ability to perform to create testosterone, they're nuts, are shrinking fucked up yeah, it looks bad. I got a picture Ronnie Coleman that I sent to my friends every now and then just has like a wake up call I save it on my phone I said. Did I just want you to know that this is how big people can get so why you are you're lifting weights just keep everything in perspective if and always know, yeah, but this is possible there's one of them running. Let me show you the one that I got on my phone Jamie. He just had back surgery, game prayers out to run. I heard there's a documentary about him, that's on Netflix watch it. It was just say it not say it but, like you feel bad, just like. First of all, it's amazing he had that type of discipline. He was eating. Ten thousand hours a day. He was training for one hour a day, doing full full training top to bottom, because he's a cop in the same time- and he was just a bull about it here. It is so with that said, the armored car with a picture yeah, that's not good. I can't that's insane yeah, that's insane this one jet, that's
see if you find that one, it's insane it went and, and now- and now he has his back- is- is savage leeches betrayal? Well, he was. He apparently would lift so much weight. Yeah he's much smaller. Now he would lift so much weight and worked out so much harder than anybody wow just to look at his laugh. I want to send this, so people can get the one that we're looking at 'cause, it's so fucking free, that's like when you see the picture that bull Exactly yeah yeah yeah. They have something wrong with. What is that myostatin and yeah inhibitors Stanton is something. Apparently, it regulates the muscle, growth and when these miles Staton inhibitors. When they do, they either happen. Accidentally, dogs called whippets and of your seat a we had a little with it with bits, get they have an anomaly that hackers pretty pretty rarely where they growed, like double the muscle. They
look super jacked electronically, yeah pull pull up, one of those, my Staten whippets right. Ok sure there's the Ronnie Coleman picture, so everybody could see it. That's the one we're looking at like what in the FUCK Jesus Those pictures with Azura fat guy walking into a gym, do more to dishearten. You then you like, I can't even I don't want to get my fucking did not get that's not happening. You would have to be on everything. That's uh France is ever to attracted to put that kind of mass on mass, and you have to perfect genetics. You have everything you have this storm. Is Christ, see if you can find those whippets, the does myostatin Whippet crazy. A real dog looks like some cgi like someone's fucking with it just made a real dog there. They just have a wee weird anomaly, a genetic anomaly that make some super fucking jacked like. How does that work, though, in terms of like I'm, not, I like pit bulls, like I like there
So that's real. Do always thought it was fake. No, this real wow, it's real, there's a bunch of am it happens. In this community for some reason I read something about what it is about, breeding that somehow another this gene is trait is more common in whippets than most other animals. That's crazy! I'd like the traditional style pitbull like PETE from the little rascals right, yeah, the new Pitbull, the ones that are lower a bulk here, almost like the always there is a english bulldog- are over muscle, always wonder how useful are they well if they get ahold of you, you're fucked? How did this on a power is just insane yeah power that that those things have is insane, but it's bad for the it's really
when you get an Anna like this, and they have a hard time. Breathing is not good for that yeah it does it supposed to have longer legs, so we can move good. Pitbulls were bred for a couple reasons. They were bred for purposes of fighting an purposes of bringing down bulldogs really run alongside the pool grab. The graphic bells ring drop their weight, flint, essentially football. So I'm just seeing ourselves as we like this tax and what they look like like. What are we really doing these little guys, weather fuck? their buffed is ship it there shortly. Shit is hard to get up a pair steps form. They have such amazing qualities because the fact that game bred, because the ones that are that responded, negative people that would gralla people were show aggression, people they called them yeah, so the ones that are real game dogs was little thirty, five pound males yeah, those are the best dogs on the planet, earth man, I've been trying to convince Schaefer, lighter so nice, three years, a lot of every dog. I'm like I'd just like to say I'm sorry. I can't do like these other rappers and get a a girl, dog and act like this. You already make me
ultra file comparison, is only Instagram pictures. Pictures that you hold in your prayers are hilarious. I buy these. Things are thousands of fucking dollars. I shouldn't be happy to color coordinate because you want to fucking walk around hold my purse yeah. I have to go to Phoenix Sky, that's one of our favorite stores, I'm going to Phoenix I hold my person might saw their whole universe. Is a hilarious checkmate moved the girls put on her gun is in at all subtle little man Lee, but it's still a Louis Vuitton purse. You know, but if I had a, I had a p great great great, then I'd be I you know I'm just like. I can't get it girl dog, I gotta get people, you could get a little pit. Bull and people won't even know it's a pitbull yeah and they're nice. I told her about my oldest daughter, twenty one now and I are and we yeah we had a. We had a pit name Coca Anaya for some reason did not like sleeping,
in her bed or laying down in what we would have to this when I'm working like I'm getting up going to work at the fucking advance, auto parts her mom is in school and beauty looks like we're. Tired we're young, too young to have baby were beat the fuck up, and I would only sleep in her little rocker. This dog would sleep directly under her and if you are not near her mother, you were not walking uh you're touching this child world and when my daughter was awake, she was our best friend she'd. Rather like a horse. You could tell the state stand. Will she do anything but to in her eyes to her purpose in life was to make sure that the south say that the man tells of the people's on big boy are pitfall kennels his brother, you change that when they have amazing dog yeah, there's a lot of those out there. There's a lot of great pit bulls out there. The only problem with suppose. Is they have an aggression towards other dogs? They do, and if you have yeah yeah I have another dog around is likely going to be a scrap and it got to be exhausting for me. I understand I had a well I'm I'm I'm pro one or two like my thing is,
I only have you should only have one or two pitch used to have. One pit is dedicated to you and the family. We should have two pits that are part of the family and they understand you know who's the dominant. They often do Sabator. I had one pit that I got from the pound and she had been the pound for like five months she's in la animal shelter, she's only eleven months old, she was a prison dog. Basically, she just most of her life have been locked up in this little cage and that dog. If anybody else wanted to get pet, she would get up to the Mongol get the fuck outta here she would show Artie growling, and she want anybody getting pet but her. She would any other I will try to move into growl at on the box amount. She box him out like check them like. If you going to get one of the other dogs like no no should get right up in there. You know what I found with them: they're like children in that they throw tantrums yeah, so it
they get lonely and they get lonely without you like they miss you, yeah they'll, do shit like just tear up the fuck and so forth House Oregon to the laundry and then you'll get there. You'll call them you're, looking form and they're. Like oh shit, I fucked up in there hiding like handle room and shit like they're, brilliant little fucker come on man, my man Celo had a bunch of grape it's back in the days, so I'm going to get a pit bull on the clarinet today. Shiny can't tell me what to do as long as you're responsible owner train it. Well, make sure it doesn't get loose yeah and I don't believe in fighting dogs, no, not frightened there are there escape artist too. We gotta be careful. You fuckers can climb a fence. They can climb a fence there, smart enough to open a gate. Yeah I've seen a run up a tree, my oldest daughter has a tiny little dog and it's smartest dogs have ever seen because it's it's part Chihuahua and part australian, Shepherd dog, I think, but
the only dog I've ever had where it's Paul got caught on the leash and it lifted its leg up and put it behind behind oh wow, I've never seen a dog. Do that dogs get that one armin at least, and then there fucked yeah this dog looked at that one? Oh, this is easy shit, my bad! I looked at them right. You little motherfucker, there's smart little dude, my wife had an australian shepherd. When I met him a fee, yeah that that's all part of the fun in dawn of justice. It is a while opposite: smart, smart million dollar yeah. That's right! I can be me yeah surprisingly, which is the weird things that all those came from wolves everything came from a wolf yeah all of 'em, that's nuts, every dog, somehow you're the man. I say this, some people in my community, but it humans of off pig sane people get so
words of killer MIKE. If you just listing s air, we we we definitely didn't pop up. Just like we are. I don't believe that anyway, what do you think happened? I don't know, I don't know what happened but my wife's this job and you have to know my wife and she's she's, very cool, very down or she's. My best friend she speaks in this decree. You, like accent and she'll, just say things blindly out in the weather, is hilarious and she'll watching planet aches, and she says you know people get mad about it. You look at him, human beings do look like monkeys. I mean we probably were swinging to fuck around a few thousand and I'm just thinking of myself. You do realize in the black community. That's an insult to even call and she's, just 'cause, she's black, of course she's. Just like a man she pointed to great of this just yeah, we probably you know, and you know it, people can have whatever debate. Want to about a you know. I think that we act a lot just like. I think
Human beings are Eric because we think we can communicate and we can use tools to bill shit. Basically, we hairless apes, an you know. Just 'cause we communicate doesn't mean we're communicating right things. Animals live in harmony, nature in a very different way. You know he may kill. Hunger, you know, I mean apes can kill for isn't that a non hunger related things that nature. So we know that's a part of us, but I'm I'm see think yeah. I think we've all from something that didn't necessarily look like us. You If that may have swing from tree. He for the most advanced of the primates, but with zippy characteristics, so we can see in the lower primates and if you pay attention to all the top scientists who has been studying human evolution they're pretty much in agreement that there was something that we were all similar to and they all branched off in a bunch of different ways. It's amazing they keep finding new, forms of people too yeah. I saw it. I just don't. Doesn't all the inner like that? That's what it's called the
from Russia, so do you think, do you think aliens really pop down fucked a monkey and you dropped out nine months later anyway? Look that would be the most fun yeah most fun thing. If a pit stop happened and what was the that was really crappy, not as good as it should have been able to aliens like precursor something that was essentially Prometheus Prometheus right. They should have been very good in theory, but yeah. I think I think that that's the possibility aliens were check. Hang out at the most a yellow. Look, the blue, plus the go and say go out of my great the shit out of it got out of there and the next thing you know you have worn and pestilence and violence and property in MMA in joints, but one Key. That Excel is past way, past all the other ones like one invention, the invent the ability to communicate, the ability having opposable thumbs, ability, communicate and then start advancing soon start. It started talking going out, ways to express itself
each other and then they start making things and they're off to the races. The next thing you know couple hundred thousand years the world's different feel it's like this thing. Err Robson, and this covers the world which is- and that's us. How do you subscribe to the theory that we just maybe a virus in the earth, maybe getting rid of us? Well? No one would like to think that right, but the reason you call a virus, something it's just an a word: that's been assigned to a living organism in a system if by buy medical science, I mean we all know what a viruses. It's a real thing. It's amazing these brilliant people have discovered it and come up with vaccines to stop and prevent them, but it's a some sort of a life form really sensually yeah. Now, if we looked at the earth is being a living organism and more- and we said we should we shorten it. Certainly, I can make an argument that it's a kind of a life form yeah that a host of massive amounts of life here of all the life. You would think that maybe some of
those things would not be in harmony? Just like some of those things in the human body are in harmony, write. Your gut bacteria is off, for you got a cold because there's bacteria in your body that you picked up from a yeah back bathroom somewhere whatever yourself to all that stuff could easily apply to the house beings interact with the earth. Are we the virus attack that when you got to look at at some point, the earth is, or the theory is it's a living breathing organism. Here's what I can say for sure. Ok, we are the. I was to the ocean ' 'cause. We don't even live in it and think about it. That's life. Before we were monkeys, we were so thing that crawled out of the ocean right right. Imagine the ocean was, I mean I don't know what it was like. We are couple one hundred really style now. This is where our fans, on his ago were stone, is fucked with the ocean was like a couple hundred thousand years ago before people really became what we are told to using. You know people that how to get out into the ocean and capture fish
imagine if you could see it imagine could see an image of how many fucking fish were out there, two hundred thousand years versus how many are now it's like they live, next to a vampire. They just keeps sucking the life out of it. I think we've killed fifty percent of all life in the ocean. That's what I'm saying we have to think of sales. At some point you gotta say: maybe the best thing human beings could do for the earth is is to humanity. Maybe, but maybe viruses are there for a reason. Maybe it all needs to exist. The needs to be some the balance where trying to eliminate bad things. Maybe they to serve some sort of weird purpose. The issue is so, even even in that we five purposes: he'll is that's the talent of humans the ability to adjust, make logic out of us being here, yeah well,
and keep moving to make more of us. This China make it to the moon. They grew cotton on the moon, apparently already right now they grew something in the mail, but it died yeah it died quickly. I was happy that it was that cotton because, seeing as how they're the biggest investor in Africa in China. Was growing. Cotton didn't go well for black people five hundred years ago, so I was just like please unlock Tiger on the moon, I don't let you know- I don't want to transmit Atlantic slave trade to starting. I have to learn mandarin and shit. So do you think they actually set up shop for us, or is America still never want cuz? It feels like I feel like we lost that day when China landed on the moon yeah, I feel like I feel like she. You know you know I I've grown up. Being you know like come back home America, but I like I like I like yeah, exactly I feel like. We look bad like Frederick Douglass when actually leave was answered right, like what the fuck am. I gonna leave when I see something like the moon, landing the China with a grown
plants and landing there there. What? What? What exactly was it? Was it a? What was the kind of ship that they landed on the moon. I don't put one on the some handling lands on top right out of the dark side right on the side that we did make it to that. Do it went well, we got a video of. It was a drone right, so it was some sort of a drone. I think of that. I honestly think about that as a win for science and for innovation. I don't think about it in terms of like nations, because I feel like that done by scientist, that's done by the wizards in the jeans. So are you saying we're going to steal the scientists? Because when Kennedy gave the fucking speech Kennedy made it like the moon, landing was going to make us the preeminent nation and I think that's the propaganda China is going to it. You don't think well I think they have some fucking amazing technology to deny. That would be ridiculous, but I also think that it's important that everybody everybody be competitive in this like, if you really want to make things better, you're not going to you're not going to do that in a vacuum. What helps the
technological innovation, and one of the reasons why it's so accelerated is there's so many people working on it. It's not just a few. People trying to make cell phones better. I got was fucking so many geniuses out there. So when I see something like this like they landed on the moon I go did genius is one yeah there, chinese people, but they're just people were all just people, absolutely you know and the idea that they're going to all get those people on that side. To think the same way is what we're worried about right, that we would be us versus them and their technology is going to impact that's the way we frame it as the country yeah? We always worry about that yeah. We have to admit that. That's what that's the way we frame it, but if you look at this for the world. That's been that happened so many times. I think it makes sense to be worried about the rest of the world. I get it yeah, I'm on and I'm on this side of the fence. So you know and that no problem with that, but you know this is not a fence him out there. So you definitely want to know if it's, if rate ought to what was going to happen tomorrow, fuck man,
I think the Russians don't hate us. I don't think anybody has a quarrel with anybody over there. It's the the government's it's what's dot. The hustle there is that the real interaction is between a very small amount of people that involves all these are the people that are with them. For some strange reason, I think they should just be thrown essentially in a stadium to fight to their death would be the king in the war, a everybody him in that other. Do that runs the other little country next door. That was on retention, yeah, yeah yeah. Yes, that guy is a huge supporter of mma getting bad yeah yeah, there's some peace over there trees kicked, you know bad pollutant would up Trump rice. You can't leave a fight to the death with Putin. I care would actually probably be Putin versus Obama to yeah. For sure look. Obama is probably better in a debate Poodles are really killer. Maximum saying he's a real killer, kill you you'd have to go all the way. Bush won
I think was badass. Maybe as a younger man, you delete the CIA, you gotta have some killer in yes, you know he was tough guy, but he's probably had to get all the way back to Kennedy in terms of physical prowess than his back was bad. I think you got to go to Abraham Lincoln. Here I would like it. He was wiring. He had that farmer build farmer strength. He did wiring that so old dudes back. Then we had to carry everything. True they didn't know. Farm was real work, just carried everything everywhere. All those dudes are just wiring his foot, he wrestler to wrestler too yeah yeah, he's beloved in our community? We like him a lot now I get, it grows little thing called masturbation proclamation. Did you see that stupid fucking movie, where they had him as a vampire slayer? Did you ever see now, I saw the trailer and decided. Maybe that's not the one. For me, that's a weird one. Once you have for your kids on actually to go, see yeah. Jamie did you say it was based on a graphic novel yeah. So, like a fun comic book that somebody made
and then they turned into a movie as a movie. It was like so weird as a graphic. Now will probably work better yeah, there's something things that work better. There were right There's some realize that movie though, who say that question? That's it there's a fun movie. I mean it was dumb and fun yeah, but I'm just saying I don't affect I like that you have a who gets it. I who gets that movie who who, where what I can the pitch me yeah right, so Abraham he's gonna kill. Vampires, with fax, with an axe. What yeah, they probably said, another president person they say who and then they say, rally what's up change by TIM Burton. So I love that dude he's wacky, though he killed her wacky stuff. Yeah, we'll see. Beetlejuice or something to do with, who else is timber? Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah he's so? Can we get a John Woo film? Soon we get another hard boiled or the killer that we get.
When was the last time it's been a long time in his american movies. Although good were nothing like well, nothing like the foreign films, yeah hyperviolent, stylistically, beautiful slow motion was used, crazy him or Tarantino. I just love to drop a movie this year, yeah, I think his style heavily in who John Wick? Yes, one hundred percent one bright aleas Bam saw yes, I was wondering why the I love John, we move. That's part. Yeah hi for violence, hi provide it's beautiful, there's two cars to write this soap Leon, not the magic of the slow moving soon in the lead characters. Seattle reasons, bad asthma dresses in secondly, to go assassinate, absolutely perfect, perfect attire, hear me spit result. Yes, me come on man driving around many Chevelle SS a sixty mark one come on come on. True.
That movie is amazing. That is really the second one I liked. I love the first second and I think I'm going to let love the third I'm hoping please. I don't see any cars, though so that pre use. Onion see cars. I saw motorcycle disc gotta, give him a car yeah. They always go to motor. So fucked up under you, I give him a car people understand, men want to go to see that car motorcycles bring out the teenage boys. So yeah, that's true. I remember cycle world. I even have a motorcycle in my mom's, like you're, going to get a magazine issues a cycle world. That's true right muscle, cars are for old men. Teenage boys want ninja bike sold. Let me tell you something: I want to show to see her with the world out here on those all white guys in young black men have the same interest. They both like young black women. They both live, muscle cars they both like slightly gaudy jewelry? You know not working in my money. You know I'm saying but muscle car the crowd. If you go to Mecum auction you're going to like you know, young black guys who, in an all white guys talking
talking to one another, is one of those beautiful size of everything. That's Larry shots out to MIKE an old guy. I met at a me from caller, I'm coming from me. Comox, there's a bunch of those auctions right with his bare Jackson made his any commercial. Is a working man's Verde. What's the difference making it? You can actually afford the cars that you see, you know Bear Jackson is beautiful cars, but you know you going, you don't spend the money, they got cars you can get for, but bear it with that say it. They say. The inspection process is better and make a medium. Is that as a blue collar guy might retired, but he wants to go to auction. He goes. He gets a great car, but he's probably going to know something about cars and look it over and sell. Man there's something about the come rodery of a fellow muscle, car enthusiasts. You know when you could find it who is also just as stupid as you about to pour money and something that's never going to fully make you happy as you want to be.
Some guys that I'm friends with its like this at at there's the extra bond, because they're just a stupid about cars, as I am may shots out to my Mehran ball on he's. Given shouts out than anyone in the history of this is what you're supposed to do here: shots out to RON Ball and MIKE Musto. If you got MIKE Mussa muscle, has my ninety six impala, which I got from Sean at auto topia shouts out to Sean got it from him, got the ninety six impala with under with under one thousand one hundred miles on it. At the time ran. Did some slight adjustment works over at 4g auto just make the car even beautiful, just tweaked it lowered in a little bit. Do some cool stuff and MIKE featuring it? So that's nice yeah! I have different people that are pockets of my life. That love you so ism shouting people out. I appreciate you. Let me do a bit. You know I know they'll appreciate it. You know, that's awesome, that's not your Joe Fucking Rogan! Thank you, your kill! money, it's it's a big deal. I'm here must also with here. I know it was all right back to MIKE Mussa We were talking about how weird it was to meet MIKE Tyson. So it's so
change to hang out and talk to him like party. He was iconic Never around him part there's like ten percent of you that has to go holy shit. It's MIKE Tyson, no matter what else you're saying in ten percent, your brain is going holy. That's MIKE Tyson when you showed the clip of the fifty one year old, MIKE Tyson him the bag. I remember it the as a child. He was the first person I see. I have two dads I would not buy on a bio day and that he was the first person I've seen in my life. I say this kakapo awfully beat my day. You know I'd like everybody else. You know might cause my dad's. A pretty tough guy had been a policeman was pretty voters have my bio day. I mean I'm not by a five to six with seven. You know he played often to tackle on same high school to reject it. So I get some pretty. You know bad as death, not their acting tough. They just you feel protected as the chaff. Right I want to see my tie. This is like wow, Scott could probably fucking kill everything you say he hit with such vicious and evil intent. It was amazing
You still do it. Yeah our salaries in the bag is still terrifying. If he was a you contender coming up, you would look at a while striking punch. Does not nearly the hand, speed that he had when he was young. Look at that yeah. That was the peak It was an amazing story. The man listening to him describe his childhood and how Custom Otto had hypnotized him. That was amazing. I had never heard him talk about that before and that's what people need understand. Like who he was he people want to say all he was. He was high, progressive and he did terrible things- and he was violent in this think of how this kid grew up- housing door fit yes, he's literally or taking by this one guy, the first time in his life, where anything is positive and it's all about fighting and being a destroyer. Any gets hypnotized by this guide to be destroyed and he's a physical specimen. He really is you put your hand when you grab his just his hand, like his whole body is like carved out of a a large block of rock,
is a tank of a man. You know still to this day he's a tank and when he is young. They saw that right away. Teddy ATLAS said on his podcast that when MIKE was thirteen wait one hundred and ninety pound, They didn't believe he was thirteen, they it. It was sand bag and they put him in a sixteen Sagal case. A sixteen nobody would be he's thirteen, they would come on. Hussein, his fucking kids, there they didn't want to believe it and we just let him have it. Ok, ok! You don't because he said people were always lying about. How many fights people had, they would always say, is only had ten fights and you see the guy move immediately. I'm like, oh, my god. This guys had fifty fights but watching him and Teddy was saying that that was all the hustle, that everybody always lied a little bit about someone's record and when they saw MIKE Tyson at thirteen way, uh good ninety pounds just fucking specimen this people that are just built perfect for certain things. He was built to be that this built perfect. Bobbing and weaving and in tight, and he was so fucking fast. His hooks
an uppercut lands. I I, which fighter has that upper like the lakes lose had a tremendous upper cut. Yeah, there's there's some fighters today. Josh was a tremendous upper upper cut, yeah, there's some. You know amazing talent today, but it like what MIKE it done was revitalize the entire countries image of the heavyweight division. Yeah is that after she got mad warning for a while and no disrespect, there was guys ages like Pinklon Thomas was a champion and Tony Tubbs. They weren't the kind of guy that? U like look forward to see is being the champion the world, he didn't believe it. I don't believe, that's the toughest guy in the world might be a tough guy, I'm sure he's a tough guy.
Professional boxer, but I don't think that's the best guy and then Tyson came along. There is yeah. My day is perfect name at the park. Look at the perfect body, the perfect image he came at the perfect height yep might when you look at hip, hop and where it was and where MIKE what's the time it was a perfect synergy for him to become a hero MIKE Tyson MIKE Jordan might need people became icons at a time where the the United States, like in the eighties after again I'll pay kicking in the debt crisis. Up to seventy Iran are at the end the 70s early 80s out steel alarm. In my grand father worked at hall, steel, remember, steel, mother and Father Steel leaving America, I remember like it just kind of being it was this proud and he was one of those things that made you feel bad and the times feel dangerous and black and those little box and he didn't wear Debussy one flashy like he was perfect villain at a time where villainy
NWA Dot. Wa you it was, was celebrated danger. I think he was perfect for the times and I think he's perfectly now like what MIKE is when I hear him interview and I really talk and people make fun of list or whatever, and I think that gets in the way of Hearing a real wisdom. He saying a lot of times, yeah like MIKE, is repeatedly talked about change and bound ropes and about how he doesn't see things the same. I thank you. We actually listen to that. It kind of challenge let's do the same shit that we really don't want to do. Yeah he's one of the rare guys that you talk to that accomplished. An insane amount literally became one of the most famous boxers in the history of the sport and you talk about it now and all you want to do is dismissed that past life he wants to it's a like. I was if I was silly look out. Look at me, I'm a silly person yet like he's a real warrior yeah, I he's he's he's. He is like in a class of come to film he's a reluctant teacher,
almost you know he's you know you do what you do. You know you do. What you do a movie MIKE is the guy who is a student, go to back to teach in a fight, and you want want. You want to know why he won't teach. You is it's because you found out later your teacher kill someone. You know in the ranks of July. He is. He is really that character. He is a he's you could tell, even with the pigeons back in the days that there trying this in love in there somewhere yeah and now he gets to express it to human beings. You just see he's a happier person and I'm into you bring up dockings I did on to the yeah and then did you get scared. Like he's all beat me up in, my dad to he. He the crazy thing about him selling weed now is that he chart, but it's our three hundred thousand dollars. I think for tested positive for the Andrew Golota fight for weed, so they find him three one hundred thousand dollars to just stole money from him, because he had weed in the system that sells weed Intervale guys
she. Let everybody smoke it. It's good for your brain, if you're, if you're, especially if you're doing something like slamming into each other running thirty miles an hour, it's probably good to give them some in a calm down release Some of the information that means grown adults telling you can or can't do. It is just what's ridiculous about that day a grown adult telling you they can't the ones who say you shouldn't smoke. We they don't do it they, don't they don't know what they're talking have never done it, the one to do or don't once you have and like I don't, do it anymore only to get high anymore. Those guys you like! Oh ok, I get it used to you, don't like to do it fucks with your pro tivity, whatever I get it, but if you never done it talking shit about it, you don't even know the benefits you really just only I shut there's benefits to definitely some people get fucked up by everything weather.
Is weed or alcohol or speed people get fucked up. Some people get fucked up by benezra, yes, but I can. I can honestly tell you that I read an article in Huffpost or something years ago that talked about parents who smoked and stoners actually being more engaged with their children. So that doesn't mean you get up and you get fried the first thing in the morning take your kid to school, but it does mean that where drinkers or smokers would come home and almost avoid the child to smoke or drink or do something else or had other things going on stoner with Lily pop up mate, tattoo of the joint in joint in the focus, would be more on just being a child of kicking it cool initial yeah you're way. More curious when you're high, so if you're just a little bit high and your run kids, your your thinking for the way they are thinking of trying to be a little calmer with them in a little bit more a little bit more page, It makes you more relaxed person absolutely because anxiety is given to you
at the shower. May the gods shook one another talked about. He talked very openly about anxiety in that he's won yeah. These are the people I like to see you bring up sees a great. I got that on tape too. I got that one in audio. It's nice was listen to those running yet like mad there too, because he he needs it yeah. We don't acknowledge that, like in the african american community, kidney disease or something it plays, the not his diet, stress and and all that anxiety is bad for your kidneys, that that's what you're feeling stressed beats up the malls yeah. I, I think it's very important for all of us to be honest about how we feel it doesn't make you weak just makes it makes you brave enough to be able to express honestly what everybody is probably feeling, but it scared to bring up because they don't want to be thought of as weak yeah. They don't want to be a whiny, what I want to tell you what's going on that's wrong, but it specially something like anxiety meant that the the delicate balance of chemicals that exist in the human mind and how much it can be affected by stress and relationships and life in general, in your diet and all these other factors, and then this genetic issue.
Since some some people just have problems. Yeah allow tighter yeah and you can get help you can get help and get help through cognitive therapy. You can get help through medication. There's a lot of people to believe that ecstasy should help people that they should be able to do MDMA therapy for a lot of people. Stress Salah, the talk of that now and and now that I think your body you making the decision on what to put in it. Yes is more in line with right and wrong. Will especially if science behind it yeah like if they, if they uh allowed it to be legal, then you would you would allow it to. Regulated, which means you would allow it to be like you would know exactly how many milligrams of this is in this and how much you should take. If you weigh a hundred and twelve pounds versus you, wait two hundred and twelve pounds that all those things should be taken in consideration by science, absolutely absolutely, and if we had that if we just had freedom, I can see that yeah. I think
did did their. How but they're having a lot of studies are a lot of success, rather with some veterans in treating veterans with MDMA and maps, you know, maps the psychedelic organization, no go to them there, an organization that is working to try to make psychedelics legal and one of the things pushing initially is this MDMA study that they've done with veterans and they're, showing significant benefit in reduction of PTSD and stress from veterans come home and have a lot of shit over there and they're. Just you know fucked up from it and it seems to be one of the best things ever found and discovered. For leaving the other things they've used it on is, I think John Hopkins had one they did was still seems sort of result, give people psychedelics under controlled situations and
I have a big alleviation of stress from the past. They can let things go. I got introduced, mushrooms, Bow K as DJ, so If- and that was a beautiful experience, I choose my wife to win because of that. So I can, I can definitely see yeah there's nothing to them. Yeah for sure there is me and I'll do me: an l enjoy mushrooms, we make music. Do you really yeah, mushrooms, lead and whiskey used here and drink whiskey drink some tequila? Or what do you call the others tequila mescal? Is it yeah yeah he drinks, mescal, drink, whiskey and r, shrooms and weed? Usually we had drunk ants here from yesterday
Apparently, Richard Rawlings brought this a cinnamon tequila, and some of it is spilled on the table and the ants had found it says and pop up everywhere. Brush them along, they were everywhere they were drunk, it would just drinking tequila and those are just all giant line of 'em like they found the fucking bar in the middle of space and got added. They found it and we got here is covered with ants drunk ants. My wife made me hang out at a bar all night last night with her and her friend they got shit face drunk, threw up in. Over at nine run it through the hallway in their own to wear back at the hotel. That sounds like a good night is drawn up and over so like how many times does that happen in those poor bastards for Revit it to God? Damn near one hundred dollars, rental, sorry, bro, you know anytime. I apologize how much puke alarm not sit but announced to be aggravates I had a bag, so you know you think that the bad kids, but it wide plastic. I saw it is, gave a little leak, it's hard to
that smell out that puke smell is about a hundred fifty bucks, the puke smell out really that shit is in body like imagine. If turn yourself inside now you smell the first part of the morning but smell the something new. That is why don't like yoga hot yoga, rather regularly back in endure, but you like hot yogurt, no fart the in sound about like like Yo Man, Mamzer farting, you know straight up? You gotta hide your day hot yoga. You ever had a hot chicken vision to do that. Shit, like my wife hot. So she could talk to me in the most dumb shit right, so yeah to fucking hot yoga, yeah hot mom's, tits asses yo. This shit, you gotta block for me to send it it's like boom pissed too far in here. Second, here, like I know, my wife are: that's not my wife fart and then you say fuck it. You start
oh no yeah like that. You notice his dials yeah yeah. So I don't. I don't fuck with hot yoga. I rather just do regular yoga and then to just say that shit out, like you, I like hot yoga, I, like you, don't fart tell the truth. I don't I do it fasted, but Okay, first thing in the morning respect you know one far so people for for sure, okay, and that was people far. If you go to the early classes. Okay, you know we can do it out. Yeah yeah this! couple different places that I go to, but I like going to the early classes, do things out of the same day you hot yoga, sometimes mostly time, know most the time. No double I have. If I have an injury, I have something that's fucking with me, but if I do that I almost consider like a sauna, because you get so god damn hot, like the room, might only be one hundred and four degrees, but when you're working out are doing yoga. Your body is poor and sweat. You must be heated up it.
As warm as you get in a sauna. It feels the same way to me. It feels Almost like I'm trying to workout in a sauna. Not you this. Do Some study now at Harvard about it about a heat shock proteins. And and hot yoga, and but you know how much information then it reduces and how beneficial is too. I forget what scientists were involved in it, but a bunch of people were talking about it the other day. I know it definitely gives gas out your ass. It definitely does well if you have something shouldn't be like you eat a hotdog with sauerkraut and a coke, and then two hours later try to go to yoga class you're a criminal, terrible person and there's nowhere for that far to go either it's stuck in the warm air and that's the thing it stays. There yeah, but if you get the real earthy chicks, they burn sage and then there's a suffocation, you got leave the real earthy chicks.
Yeah. Do you know sage, someone told me this check and see if this is right, we might have talked about this before. Salvia is sage. Salvia Diven Norum, someone said it like. The same is sage really yeah. I was gonna, say no a lot shaver and say he's a safe burn. First, I could really really like the way it smelled and now it's almost addictive, like it's a beautiful smell. It's a weird smell, it is weird someone said it's like related to south, we have given norm like there's so closely related. They think that that might have been why they call it sage. That's all you get no sound off stage. You get a little a bus or something they're saying I don't know I've, never really I've never caught a sage buzz yeah. I mean which it does calm. You yeah, but, like I
walk in a room and I smell it now I instantly feel just let yeah the sages. The common stages. Official name is salvia off in this analysis, from so the cousin the soviet day norm, sort of like Venus and only the solid. I never know if I could say gee. Mr Janice, I was panic on that one. I believe it's Gina. So that's what wonder if that's where the name sage came from, because the sages wide per a wise person came from the use of some trippy plants could be, they might be, or might just have some other strange what you find out like? What's the origin of the war, the the the word sage, oh and Instant Ement family. So that makes sense. Why is it called sage sage was once considered a medical medicinal cure, all sages and herb that has a sweet, yet savory, flavor sage, botanically known as salvia a fish and Alice is native to mediterranean region. Sage sage is sages, botanical name
comes from the latin word Salver, which means to be saved interesting. So why did call sage then? So someone calls it salvia and salvia whatever the fuck. It is, and then we call it sage. Why do we change the name that still doesn't doesn't say why we change the name. Or the botanical name makes sense, it comes from the word salver, meaning to be saved. That makes sense. Haweis age, you mean like we in English yeah. Why do we say say stopped it from wherever they were using it back and rather threading region. Whatever word they use is probably very close, but they always like treat you like you're stupid, like you have to have a boat, an ickle name like bitch. Just tell me the name: what's the name, why is it synonyms? What is it? What is it is it's age or is it fine ask a MIDAS Isla Ptosis Amandine. The stage is definitely easier to say: crazy, ass names, you guys want to give him. Definitely scientists they're. All like look up, will tell you let yeah
let you make your own little name four days ago. What do you want little people that you got people that don't understand science? It was just called sage. That's right sage! You can't pronounce that Salvati for Salvi in Orem can't do it. Have you ever experienced that self salvia? No, that's what that was one of the ones that slipped through the 1870s psychedelic back. They had a sweeping act that made a bunch of things elite, including apparently, some of the things they made illegal, aren't even psychoactive. They just try to make everything legal, but they miss salvia, so used to be able to buy it, able to go to a gas station and buy salvia and trip your fucking balls on salvia trip like it's. I only did it once and it was really weird it was like. I don't think I did enough, because I sugar had a entire life. He lived for three months
in one salvia trip to took ten minutes to talk to you about is the craziest store, had relationships and break ups and jobs, and and he he lived a different life and then woke up on the couch in ten minutes under water yeah. He lived under water right, yeah, yeah dude, just during up being balls on the stuff you could buy for the gas station ss I it was cold. I try. I try to stay in very dense and because so there are times where I in a very distant again, the mushrooms gonna, take me on a trip. We ride yeah, but I'm not. I don't. I don't know how far I want to go. That's the skaters are right there, this him tripping. They got it all on video, Shia him, and this is some stuff that I don't know. If it's Lee do anymore, I think they've made it illegal but used to be able to buy it virtually anywhere headshot. They also, they all carried it and it's so more potent than weed, but yet legal It. Has a long history of people using it to it trip charge
rippen. So when I did it, I didn't get any of that, but I did get a third. I wouldn't want you to. The trip in your stronger stocks. Yeah you don't you don't want to have to be hard me to save the homie from his cell and the harmonies to physically feels like Herschel Walker's tripping bad to have building materials in the other room. Kids. All day I mean you can't please around Herschel Walker's kicking his old ass, save us, you know, sent Ronnie Coleman, you would literally have to have cost the size of Ronnie Coleman and they would still be fucked. They would still be fun, it'll be fucked. I saw myself from like outside my body like like it would will say in my body and outside my body in my body and outside my body from like over here looking down so my mom. She move for a few seconds. Jesus and she said she saw herself, wonder what that is, because that's the same thing that everybody says I mean, regardless of your religious beliefs, to stop for a second
try to figure out. Why so many people see themselves from above their body, see them so outside their body like what is that? Well, we know one thing I mean I mean all all people at an even science category at this point in the body is just a vehicle of sorts, yeah, machine of sorts at whatever enerji or solve a spear, whether we trying to identify it is it's within it, but if does disconnected out. Imagine I'm hoping that they figure out how to put my soul in a computer before I'd I'd. Like to live a couple one hundred more years, fuck off what if it sucks yeah? What? If I think, it's wrong to be alive dude, if you're, if you're in a computer, you can't die. No, I'm saying if you're eighty nine you're about to get the out of here. You got the opportunity to upload right and to twenty nine again for the next twenty nine years, like you'll fuck, that I might try that before I decide to click on it you know, I think, they're going to be able to reverse aging, and I think they're going to be able to do that before they're, going to figure out a way to get you into a machine will see. I think the real problem would be a guy like Trump
put themselves in like a million machines, just not one, not one like someone has like a TED Turner, Bankroll says yeah. I like about a million kids in this town yeah. I starts breeding Dad's yeah, but the but ad robot, but Trump I got to have money. Nine might not have a buddies, got money for a few robot yeah yeah now and those monies those robots are go out and make more money are robots going to destroy us and that's something that the lawn musk, it's actually scared of yeah he's something little Devol says it's going to happen and he's a very intelligent got sutures besides making, record in talks about us essentially rip facing each other with robots and it's entirely possible. Well, the way Elon Musk looks at it is that he he was trying to warn people, but they weren't listening and that there's no telling how powerful they could get once they become sentient once they start taking control their own destiny and creating new robots and just deciding whether or not we live or die and how they're going to run things that essentially they're going to become a life form an artist
July. Fourth, that's way fucking smarter than us and he's saying: do you think it's smart to arm these things? You see it want to make this like he's looking, but in terms of he's the tip of the spear right when it comes to technology and implementation of it, I mean think about This guy is right. If he's the one who's telling you eh, but he's going to slow the fuck down. This is dangerous. So you literally might be making a terminator movie here literally, might be making a terminator movie yeah. We have to worry, because we, when you're saying that you think we evolved from monkeys, we have from some lower thing. Well, the idea is that we gotta keep going well if we might hit a biological bottleneck, and that might be the convergence of humans and technology. That might be what it's all about like biologically. The system doesn't move fast enough, but if we can can send this and move into some sort of a digital life that life week
in accelerate all of the innovation. All of the improvements insane numbers like gears travel through time which changed the nature of life itself. That's going to probably be one of the stages of our future, whether it's one thousand years from now or one hundred thousand years from now, it seems to me like, with this adoption of science in daily lives, in terms of like the technologies that were all addicted to phones- and tablets and all these different things and say he says that we're cyborgs already extension easier. This there's a rudimentary way. Yeah he's right for sure right. You already living people already living through this yeah and he's also coming out with something called neural link. I don't exactly know what it was. He was very vague about it, but was saying it going to change the bandwidth to change your your, like Europe, ability to access information and people are going to wear it. You know where this thing on your head is going to literally char, pick up your fucking brain some strange woman strange days, but he couldn't
explain too much about it was saying it was going to come out in a few months like what in the fuck man we are. You know thirty or forty years away from being unrecognizable. That's what I think I think for thirty or forty years away from being living in what happened that I'm living in a virtual world half the time limit in augmented world. I think people exist in these weird worlds where it feels real and isn't. I think, they're going to I'm out with programs that are fun at first, but then becomes life consuming what you put on these king goggles and this suit, and you go into this world and you live with these people in interact. We'd touch each other, but no one's there physically, but you feel, like you, are and it's magical like you're living in avatar. You pandora, you hang out with the blue people gotcha you with a navi that should could happen. God. You literally get to a point where you believe you were there or we could be there. Now we could be there yeah, that's a sneaky sneaky argument right there, but that that's that's the truth of it. It is a true threat
could be that we could be there. We could be a part of a simulation here, that's nothing on my side, I'm a god. Damn it you're supposed to say no you're, so to say not impossible. It could all be fake. Deja vu could features a glitch yeah sure. So I just try to live like my grandpa's edges enjoy the regular shit as much as you can. Maybe I won't upload. Maybe I just don't want to go earlier than the fun stops, but I think that there's a beauty in now that I'm getting older, I guess I see a beauty and and in the life death cycle I want to die now. I want to die tomorrow. You know yes, so tell us so treadmill. Goddammit yeah, but my grandparents were always adamant about
not going to old folks home and I used to think it was about. They don't want to be treated bad. I thought we forget about himself and they never wanted to stop living. So my grandmother died in my arms walking up a hill to my granddaughter to her great granddaughter. My daughters are pre K. Graduation and my grand father died fishing, which was his greatest love. Next to my grandmother, you know I mean, and they realize that their life never stops. They literally diet living. I guess that's, that's that's! Maybe, ultimately, what the real thing you should think about is whether we're in the machine outside of it, you know, live the best boss life you shouldn't be trying to escape your life with goggles or even a phone. You know this shit is to be lived. I agree in less. This is the goggles yeah couldn't goggles on inside the goggles like Mir's. Look at Mayers and then we figure out who we really are could be sued me. That would be them the
ultimate mindfuck. If you put on the goggles one day and you realized you gotta get outta here man. No, I do not. I'm just you made me think of something. I'm just stoned and I think that I forgot at the fucking name: I'm real, zip, it doesn't exhibit at museum on the board of the high museum right and there an exhibit there by japanese artist, and it involves that it is the infinity mirrors ticket. Cell is yea. You away, got it Sama it's up on. You got it yeah. So, okay, you way so yeah. I yeah, I'm not I'm not good at not. It could but infinity. I'm taking my daughter, I'm taking my key when I am at he's an eleven year old, exactly I'm I'm going to I'm going to probably hit a joint a couple times over down, and I'm going to walk through this museum. She usually doesn't like going with me, because people kind of sometimes will recognize me and it bothers her. If
is really trying to hang out with that, you know, I mean, but I'm going to get a chance to walk through. That was just me, her kick it solved all all and his experience that with her it's just that you see the cobbles and Doctor Amir's on me as some looking for to have a dope that looks amazing, yeah, it's credible, yeah, I'm on the board, a man I got axed rapper. We must museum. This is the high museum in Atlanta. We have one of the most premium bju awful modern museums in the country we greatly supply and I'm on the board our out great. Looking to how do you have the time to do all this shit? You making me feel lazy. How do you have time to do all this bad? I just I stop doing as much dumb shit just decided to be a responsible husband and dad and Color Strip Club couple Times weeks that every day was sleepy shots out to sleepy. I miss you bro,
but they axe man for Hommel Fama on ducks. Humble people in an office in his last name wrong is an artist who my wife owns his piece. He did them out the rap music cover. My wife has a piece on loan to the Carlos Museum at Emory University arm. He's wanted he's just he's going to be up Basquiat like artists, in terms of how he's talked about in, in more he's an amazing human being, an artist we're lucky enough to own some of his works he's on the board, and he suggested that me and accounting king and worked over an endoscope beyond be be brought to when they met us and accept. As in and I'm like, you haven't and I grew up about four five miles from this place and for most kids, this place was an impossibility to go to because the imagination, when let him do it right, so you in the seat is a lot of times. You have very poor or working class areas are right next to things that are inspiring, but kids are not brave enough to break the filtering, though, because they're they're encouraged to
TED Turner and the high museum, and things like that have always made it very accessible. So when TED Turner on raising hogs, if you got bees in age, you got to get to the guy, so you could see baseball part reason, baseball, bat, inner cities because the state has moved out and you can see it right. The high museum in a wood ridge found it would've foundation, says, which is a cult. Charity gave me and two of the kids a scholarship to go train on saturdays, to draw and paint stuff like that, so this museum has been in my life since how the key it's a- me and actually get on. The board was just a huge honor and especially having an eleven year old. Now there probably is going want to be an artist man. It makes you the coolest damn in our life, so yeah plus live one of thing on the resume yeah you just look so sophisticated. I know right. I get to go, buy a jacket and slippers soon you get it out, one of them jackets with leather matches on the exactly one of those scholarly gentleman. Perhaps even
have a pipe and some tobacco yeah? I got class man yeah for sure. That's that's cool that you're involved in all these different things inspiring. You know, you're doing a lot. Shit honestly, have a mind for it. You know it's like have you he's been entrepreneurial, I kind of always been I never. I just didn't want to be poor in, as I am p the world she's poor people pay no, not in grow up poor. I grew up working class, so you talk to work, switch it to them and- and I didn't like working a new house- I know I was lazy by now. Sure so he got to figure out, but it's cool. You apply that as well as you still artistic yeah. I know you still Creative, you know you wraps are great. You flow is great. Thank you. Your raps are great a I got. I got I files. If all the fight are probably a Multi South fighter, I have I have the ability to get on the tracks and right next to TI big boy. You know next to bind B and me out project pat and next to L P.
And be something totally different. Every track. I'm I've been blessed with some talent. You know I mean, and I'm I'm glad that I got way ale because Ellis Ellis like to Freddie Roach of producing and rapping right, he's a great fight culture me when I first heard his bees. I was like no one in the world has been always be sent me. I'm I'm supposed to be wrapping always bees, so he was always told to do three beats on my first out more rap music, but I went into a campaign to make him do the apple sauce are calling like this. How gay friends like you know, so you know man. The wreck is a doll. We we have finish him up: yeah yeah man, I'm working on my album yeah. Maybe I'm still twenty remember I gotta give yourself in it. Yeah you gotta make sure. But so what's up do you need do the whole album bra man? I can't do it alright call back in a couple days, so you thought about it. I thought about what what we talked about. We talk about, but you doing a whole album yeah. I told you
now you didn't mean Hebra, ITALY raise a man. I truly believe that, like you know, he is he's does model in terms of being able to put me in focus and training right, Freddie Roach, how you see Freddie Roach, bring things out of fighters that you, nor in a no one, knows how to bring out the M L. Does L? Does that so the discipline? You know I I've I've average God within it's great. That's the great thing about partnering. You know your weaknesses are kind of you can identify and in three some, you know, because you have someone trying there which right there right. You feel inspired by your partner. Absolutely, and I love him for it. Yeah wouldn't with two people, really enjoy each other's company and and and benefit from each other's presence against bye, bye to the the the to become bigger than just one plus one, absolutely apps yeah.
That's why you know I make sure it went out when I'm introduce. You know on other set me up Joe Rogan's people now on my curriculum might put our place, always say you know First Formosa Michael render 'cause my mom name me killer, MIKE's, a character that I love I enjoy playing, you know, and I'm I'm husband and one slash run the jewels. These things are more than just who I am. They make significant you know change in my life. If I, if I live up to the honor in those titles, in room, a better person, so elves, my relationship is a very important one. Second, maybe only tomorrow, I yeah and your way of discussing this two woods since you're, a fun guy and you're you're, an inspirational guy in terms of your work ethic and all things even cheat when you say things like that, you talk about your word and you talk about who you are that's very powerful to young people coming up, because here that they'll hear how smart you are and how well read you are and how much much you understand about the business and and and life in general, and then the hear how you thought process works and it'll help them.
You know mature their own thought process gravitate towards positive things. It's very beneficial, thank you and I we are a not learn a lot. I got listening to you check, check it out to get you bring on pick it up from Merrill. I just believe in picking up whatever yeah. Well, that's all I'm doing man, I'm just picking up with the an antenna that spreads it out yeah. This is a a hell of a job. Thank you to help out weird gig yeah. I know, but you. Do it like your main job is making people laugh and your fucking side is making keep making people. Think then that's an amazing styles over It's overwhelming, though, sometimes a sometimes I two died do so many of them, and I do some of them on subjects where I'm not even well read I don't I don't exactly with his gas is being honest or if there No, but you already know right, yeah, that's that's how you learn ill to that yeah, you like! That's how you cannot you you follow finish it you, don't you don't like you? Don't you don't wake up and no you wake. You wake up, curious and you can search and
honest. You have an honest and integrity with your audience when you say I was wrong about this or I have learned to picked up more this. I think that's what is really about you know. I mean, I don't think it's about being writer. Knowing all the time your forum is very dope because it's conversational and not contrived it real years me having the ability to as we're talking. You know, Google research had these notes, you I don't know if you know, of course you do directory. Sure amazing comic. When amazing reason why we know about the Zapruder film takes exactly did Gregor, brought it to her all the Rivera? I knew this man his last three years of life. First of all, first meeting him. He cursed me and t out is, though, eat stolen. The tires off his car. Why? Why would he say? Well me anti. I just kind of got all like to hope you rappers that count, a solemn. You know it's. You know we're we're
we've embraced the fact that our community looks at us as leaders right we're not trying to be doctor, king or Malcolm in, but we're businessmen were rappers. We have accountability and responsibility in our community, so we accept some of what comes with that and we are willing to do things so in considering protesting. Considering talking to Paula missions on behalf of you have to consult with elders, so we get on the phone like you know. So what do we do, like kids are getting shot which? How what should we be engaging? Should we wait? Should we March March March, Nick Nick Nick What the fuck you go March for dinner, because we marched fifty years ago. You go over there straight up that you might tell you close itself and then shoot to ask if you got it you just like oh shit like I never. Actually, I never thought of that, and
this is more serious than we are showing up and were angry. This is confronting government and once Gov for me. It has saying you do something a few times you have to practice. Guerrilla warfare or you're just doing with the British did that last America you're stepping up in formation, shooting your shot, falling back, stepping up for your just playing a fuck in game, where they're dancing versus doing things that real disrupt the system and things that really progress. The move- and I was like oh shit- you know this is radically. This guys is more than just a funny man he's more than state he's really sacrificing later she down so yeah. We got cursed out by Dick Gregory TIP hung up. India call me back later, like man, you know like a my phone messed up to you know till talk. Who is my phone hung up dog? Well, I say nigga, you hunger. He say for what he said. Oh, you know be able, but but a around that
tip and I have been able to be a better benefit to our community. You know, and then, when I say our community, I don't mean some imaginary mythical rapper place. I mean the five hundred and ten mile radius we grew up in you know: we've made some change, you know what I mean for the better we're going to bring some jobs and shit like that, I think that's cool, that's very cool. It sounds cool too sounds like you're thinking a very positive in a progressive way of helping community in a real sense. That's nice to hear man yeah. I hope I hope I helped with people for I get outta here. I also young people say you know. Any music is fun as fuck straight up. Kick you in the dick touching your face music, it's fun! Maybe it's really good shit. Like you, I got a great job. I mean the secondary java. Doing the tv show it in school, but I got a great job you're, a great stand up. Man. Thank you
I mean in the land of light. Carlin Hicks, like you really push buttons and make me you know you may qualify because twice like low sit and think and go home and that that's that's rare. It's easy to do so. You know kind of sucky, but you like your shit thanks for appreciate you like on my music thanks man yeah. I love your music yeah. No, I appreciate it. It's I think we both are in tricky businesses. I get a lot of music man. I get a lot of fun energy out, outta, listen to music, I don't have any musical talent at all, but when I hear good music I get excited and it fires me up, like I mean, is I that's one of the most important things in our culture in terms of like our ability to generate energy and motivation is it's of operation? That really is it really? I I what with me man, I think you guys are. I think right now stand up. Comedy is the last vestige of freedom of speech in this country and you guys are to be protected at all costs and I think if people don't protect, your law calls it's going to be at at the at the arm for the for the works of us all. I definitely think this
looked into that that there's very few people that I was free with what they're allowed to say like stand up comedians because we're saying this crazy shit under the guise of it being funny yeah. So you can get away with saying a lot of things that won't be criticized as long as people laugh at them, and you have a good point. If you're just making the points without the joke, people they would they don't want to hear it. They get mad at you, but something about delivering point with a joke, watch trigger warning, works, yeah for sure is one of the last ways. You can deliver a message that maybe people don't agree with, but if you make them laugh at some shit, they don't even really agree with there laughing hard they'll seal little bit of your point, yeah, absolutely absolutely. When you set out to do trigger warning what did was What was the initial premise and how much of it did it change until once you got to production and what you started filming you want. Only people have asked that question. You can do this bro yeah straight up, bro, you know
yeah. Perhaps originally we shot it with fx and we over over did it looks really good, but it looked really t v and Don it could have been dealt, but it would have been a parody of a very real thing. I was tricked him to to do and right now, I'm talking about Cripple COLA. What it turned out it turned into a Netflix was a real arm. In your face, sampling plainly shot documentation of the possibilities of barber shop arguments right, one man, a barber shop argument You get to say, you know the only thing that separates Al Capone from Joe Kennedy's Al Capone got caught and eventually died in prison and Joe Kennedy went on to produce presidents, but they both had been bootlegger. You know, people say shit like this barber shops off and you need to go home and relax yourself like well. Well, damn
Papa Joe did was a bootlegger like technically it could've went fucked up form and we never would've had an american dynasty versus AL to simply's and shit in it. Not going so well, but him being the preeminent marketing campaign in face of any Capone. Like things you want to sell the guard to restaurant right yeah, so it got it. I got a chance to say you know we'll see what, if I could do this for my guys and again giving it a shot to give it a try. I thought, as she ate at fifteen years old, I started trying to figure out how to do it ten years ago that- and I got it done, eighty nine years later and now you have this and- and I say that just to say that I read Brian Koppelman- the creator of billions arm is a brilliant writer to me and he's a freeze, a friend also but Brian is in put it up lately, these just encouraging things telling writers to write, even if yourself is again body, even if you don't think it's good to write to push yourself to push the idea forward and I've been taking a lot
inspiration for that, because Daniel Daniel Wine Phil and I wanted to call writers in co, creators, Daniel and I have been talking and develop this over ten years. Now I know how to do it. How to go in a room how to get it. You know it won't take me ten years for the next one, but it was worth the struggle. You know it was worth doing that it would work. We came ideals worth critiquing idea to be like the first time around like now. It's not it's not what it should be, because I was nervous as shit the night before it came out about everything in it. You know the what scenes were shot. How did it look the production value and now seeing people get it and like a lot of other artists, not have to call yourself a genius me tell people every artistic days of changes, every comedian thinks they're fun. And Richard Pryor in some part of your mind, you have to think you're great or why do it? You have, I believe, there's greatness in you right, but I've never wanted to be the guy, I'm a fucking genius. You know I mean I just never want, but to see it because I always thought the idea was genius like fuck,
if you remember real people that used to come on 70s eighties. I remember tonight show as a kid looking at mother fuckers like wow, these muffins exist in it and these off far off places like Iowa and Kansas and I wanted to approach it. I wanted to approach people in a very I'm here right in front of you kind of way, not above you not celebrity Michael Moorish, the people normal rapper, and it gave me that opportunity and people can say, is Zhenya so, I'm going to say, I'm humbled and honored, but you're fucking right in his genius, because I'm engaging people at a regular human level, not at the level of liberty or power there used to be engaged, but one that allows him to fully opened up. I I haven't seen it on tv sets some shit like real people. No, I haven't seen revolutionary tv like the jeffersons or you know all and the family are mod, and I think that the world is getting so and pussy. To be honest, you know not to not to disrespect pussies pussies are tough, but I think that something
needs to be done. Is the best compliment I've got on this press run, it's been like Ambrosius Ambrosia for heads said how's. It feel to have the most danger show on tv and it's dangerous because it unites people doesn't separate people. It gives you alternative answers in orange. You thought you had and it forces you to think it doesn't solve all the problems or rap it up pretty at the end, gives you some options to do in some get to think about inns, and it's funny as fuck and subversive in dark, and I like it and I gotta imagine- Netflix gave you plenty of room yeah Dave. Search, Trippin man, my trip they don't true, they don't show you know what you're doing go ahead, yeah exactly and then you walk on the room like holy fuck him, but there is smart enough to let people create their own Labor for stand up comedy is no one better in terms of like in with them about, especially not to give any notes on the material used. They they know that you're going to do your best. I felt they don't so they can help you like. No one can help you as a comment: there,
another person like an executive is going to help you do your best. A do you get be looking at yourself ruthlessly and you'll figure it out. So they trust you so soon they did the same thing with you, yeah yeah, perfect beautiful. What world forever. That was the opposite. There was fifty fucking cooks in the kitchen and everybody's pulling in this way. You get neighbors shit, you need to fucking theme song. You need a thing. You say every week we should talk about Willis everybody needed to hook different strokes. My God shouts out the different strokes yeah, what a weird change in that short amount of time from different strokes today in the world. That's the weird thing I'm older than you, but not so much older. We grew up in similar times on the one when we our children, for both of us
the world was a way different place than it is for children. Today, yeah, these kids are being forced to turbo. Cars, their evolution and their education they're getting every kid over the age of, like thirteen, has a phone basically his parents hang in there as long as they can with so many kids. Thirteen here's the whole world you little is for good luck and and and in the whole world, at a push of a button where my grandmother we get Encyclopedia's every four years, and I couldn't wait to get a new set. Could you got to read and learn new information mmhm and now that information is right there, but if our team only carries interested it'll die right. Well, there's also a lot of things other than that information. It's not just an information device. These apps, these kids are using back and forth with each other and games in our digital, so addictive. We we have this place call outside to that was a maid and outdoors a
yeah, I just meant I'd go and I just I'd be gone for hours and how it returned dirty as fuck having one on an adventure. That was that that was amazing now. Now even outdoors is regulated to some. Also, you worry about child molesters. You took creeps and you didn't worry about shit. We've almost like heard too much about what's possible and then fact that there there are really still child molesters out that they do exist and we also send them to church with them yeah. I know some of our worries are exasperated yes, yeah for sure for sure yeah, one of the weirdest things ever, but more than likely the timeless age is going to happen, yeah the place as well. We we should be getting outside again. You know I started. I started hey my my man tell my wife, you now get Michael a leaf blower and go to start going outside. So I started looking for leaf blowers to Jess, and I started taking instead of having my nephew do
because I'm running around on Tuesday just want I'm home, taking my own trash up and down and spend some time fucking around in my yard, watching around and stuff. I just I realized, being a rapper and living on a tour bus. How much I had stopped going outside. Meanwhile, my cousins are fucking harder in EAST Georgia making take out, and I'm just like if it went down tomorrow, like I'd, be fucked like I, you know I'm rusty as a nail in the rain right now. So I just, I definitely think, there's something to be said for introducing your kids to maybe a little more of what it was like two thousand and thirty, is a thirty. Forty years ago and we'll just imagine that human beings lived before houses yeah, it was humans, and then they figured out shelter it's some kind of rather rather some kind of primate, and then that primate figured out children eventually became human is a better way to describe it, but that we've that she was something like us lived
and it had even figured out roofs. Yet yeah I mean I love to watch those those videos you to where it's usually the and these people are their their dark in their ages, so arm the it has to be the India Southeast Asia somewhere, but they that you'll see two dudes now just make a hut or something out of Mud Michael Pool there just, but you get the CD into new at and you understand, if the, if they're in their clinical, primitive culture never does that we never get to skyscrapers yeah. My jock fresco talk about that like there's no net. Nothing new everything you see is a is an is an improvement or some variation of something a scene before yeah. So that old, you know just a curiosity to do that or the necessity to build a shelter you know now now gives you trump out. So that's where the dark side of it comes from the dark side, for me, is that with with this innovation that it happens almost unchecked in terms of our ability ability to think about what are the consequences like what the cons, if we keep making things better and better computers and
official live in artificial intelligence. What what? What are the consequence? The consequence of this no more, this thing is no more weird pink monkey thing, yeah that that that thing goes away because we don't need anymore. No, we got a new life form. The new life forms digital life. Yeah I mean that's. The real Real concern. Is that just like we are evolution of those lower primates, it's going to be an evolution yeah. I think that's what I have. I don't think I you know I there may not be any of voice yeah, but I can act again. We're the virus yeah. And this is just one of my thousand me saying unequivocally that, but we could parishes. I like people, This is the other side of it. People are cool there clearly offering that aliens go ahead and attack this motherfucker, so white people and black people who cut the bullshit and finally have to unite, and one great movie of Red October did, I think, we're going to get our asses kicked. If I'm not saying we're, not at least at least for one time, humanity, all the empires would have to unite. Like that's what I'm saying remember that Reagan speech? No, you never heard it Reagan actually said that in
He was I forget whose address you may be. The first person that sit beside him put in the the civil right, the I mean the king day, you might Give me the only other thing I like about Ronald Reagan was very strange. It said. One of things that was really strange about it, was that it it shut off this gigantic wave of conspiracy theorist who thinking that they're going to tell us something about a contact check this out. Listen to this some outside universal threat. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing in a a young threat from outside this world. Do. Yes, I ask you is not an alien force already among us what could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of tell you what to
Ronald Reagan, knocks it out of the fucking park right there for that matter. What you're straight up, I have a phone call Reagan. Many of you know, wasn't the biggest fan of him or many? U dot s. Presidents. Can I wrapped around more than him in there, but that definitely is going to make it on a killer. I saw really that that you got it. You got this killer MIKE and p. We definitely have anybody. Think aliens are going to come, kill us all one day, I'm going to maybe suggest Well, hopefully, you use it, but if not I'm a do that see it is amazing, yeah yeah. What do you? What do you do? I think it is possible that aliens came down to manipulate the genetics of lower primates and creative people. I'm I'm willing big based on all the theology, I'm willing to accept that that's a possibility, because I don't think that we're alone right. How do I just outside there's nothing even if there are some divide thing that woke up and decided to make this and we're special children we on our civil back there there had to have been some other things made a play with.
Right. I don't think that I think is very arrogant as a human being to think that it's just us right and I think that the possibility that something made it here and something happened- exist absolutely because if we're experimenting on animals and things we got like my daughter's army, their temperament is mean their curiosity is me I see I'm looking at Michael and I'm looking at, and I and I'm like are. With the night is like arguing with myself. She doesn't know why she acts like that. I don't know now, if I can look at my pit, bull and say well her mother as it like this, and this is why I know she's called it is why nor Father was it didn't have to look at my daughter and save on the genetic basis? Twenty three micro, I know our temperaments, like that. I know why. Michael is not going to argue she's a smart kid she's, art student, minute. You put her in danger, she's going to punch you yeah, I mean that's what that's what is going to be in this
going to be anything else, because she is going to protect her, and so it's like. I have to think that my curiosity, if nothing else my drive to do this. So if you take the primate side, you well, you know, you know that I have to live around since I survivors wolves survive as wolves as lions TIGERS bears out. Here I have to go hide scratch up there. Something else with a very small input could have dropped here did hear was crazy. If you look into nation of Islam philosophy of sorts, they have a UFO type philosophy saw in here in and their mind the scientists created. You know, all of that went went, went a short range kind of created to different races, but something could have come here in any gets here and it says if I do this and this and I create this and then we said on evolution. We end up here or they just could be. You know me stone having watched too many Sci FI movies, but it's possible. It is it's in is possible to zero evidence for it, but it's certainly possible that if we could go to another planet, we knew had life that it's possible. We found
lower primates- that we would manipulate them. It's very We had full survey of another planet, we got there in like ok, here's the Good NEWS, Good news, a lot of life. Bad news is the most Intel things basically champ, but we some ideas and we're going to do- is we're going to plant some seeds of our genetics in some of these temps are going to be smarter than the other chips and we're going to leave mushrooms everywhere leave the mushrooms everywhere I let the chips eat, mushrooms, maybe we're in a fish, maybe yeah, because I at we very arrogantly think of ourselves as as top choice, but maybe maybe we're just a virus on this living thing, maybe something you know. We say what you think about when I've always state yeah, a virus, a mass fires to kill us all, yep yeah sure, that's what we're trying Klay fighting the earth, one stop, but the thing about of viruses like give viruses holy negative in our eyes. I don't think we're holding negative-
each other. I don't think a virus things is holding their software are saying they eating you up, you're having a good party when you get the fluid like dude. It's probably up in this thing is this thing is really a living thing in the earth is really living thing yeah. We are possibly the worst things for it for sure get rid of us other than meteors yeah yeah. We're were the worst thing for not just the biological life but the particulate in the atmosphere and now we're creating technology. That's going to eventually kill us and get rid of us that may be able to live in harmony with biology, maybe yeah, maybe maybe it's over for us in a few one thousand years it could be, but you the thing that makes us fun. The thing, that's totally unnecessary, it's the thing that got us to the dance. That's the thing that made us want to breathe. There's an animal, so I gotta piss so bad. I give you that the animal side you have to Asia Private there is. Is there it's a part of you yeah? It's a you've existed in this state for a long time him and the people that came before that we're savage are still up. You know yeah
I saw it with lyrics to myself when I hear people say why Did he throw it all away, just think to yourself that bitch? hot air fried nature. Nature's are crazy, gene crazy, full and that's the reason why the seven billion of us it's insane, drive this computer code. That's in the back of your head is constantly running. Species must survive. That's really. All we put here to do is reproduce well we're doing that where I've been the way I've been describing, is that I feel like we're some sort of electronic caterpillar? That's making the coon. We don't even know what the fuck were doing. They were about to become a butterfly or just making this cocoon and we're just completely engulfed in it. We're not thinking about it, but everyone does it. They all do it. That's how I felt like when I, when I, when I see all this stuff, getting better and better and more invasive in your life in the technology becoming more more advanced everybody obsessed with it. So that's the the thing I think is like this is eventually going to be everything it's going to be
way better than this physical life can offer you a life that exists just like the main the matrix sounded like such horseshit. Fun, fun, movie, great movie and shit, but like that could never happen now. I I think for sure it could happen, one hundred percent, it could happen. I see that there's no question if they could make a world that's better than this, and all you do is plug the back your head to it. Let's see, I think again, if I'm eighty nine am, I say, fuck in a plugin for another, eight thousand and eighty nine yeah, and maybe if they keep your flesh alive, they'll figure out some way to reverse everything. Maybe maybe you think I mean, but then then you gotta decide who gets to live with. Is it that you go into it leaders and classes, three things messy and then you gotta, you gotta. You gotta call to kill your masters mode and that's what I think happens. Ultimately, The other thing they say is that as people get more affluent, they have less children. The population decreases as the world's economy evens out, and so that we
reach like a point where we can maintain a sustainable population. How does that has still happen without mass genocide or sterilization? That's a good question. I don't think they're saying that I think what they're saying is that as people become more educate, did in more affluent and more successful as more urbanization takes place, people work more and less children and when they have less children, the population actually slightly decreases. This is all have heard this argument, but I don't know what fuck more people who fuck more have more children night like that. Just like that's one of those stats where I'll be like they might, they might just be talking about particular class, people? There still sells seven billion people yeah, there's still seven billion people when I lived mostly for under twenty two thousand a year and it usually eh time development comes. It exploits them. Yes, so like. Where does the balance out of influence coming like, I know, there's one country now, that's doing a universal pay. For people. So are we going to talk about point 'cause when you go like is. Does that happen is
that is that it we gonna Universal paid? Well, universal pay would be fined for his universal effort. If everybody did about the same amount of effort, I would agree with everyone getting saying: I'm not saying four against that. I'm just saying: how do you maintain? How does it? How does it have that everybody all of a sudden is affluent without mass genocide of sterilization? think the ideas that that urban and- and this is not my theory for sure- but I've read it- the ideas as the world becomes more urbanized and more educated and more wealthy as city spread out what happen It is less those people have kids and they have less kids. This is is that doesn't work. I don't know if it works or not, but I know that this is an actual study to see you can find that People are vain, as some people most people are, but but the overall humans once people have serious careers like the man in the woman have a serious career. They both of 'em, are like really invest in their career. They generally tend to have less kids and when this is the idea that, as this people
I don't know it's a solution. I don't think it's a good solution like make people become obsessed with work, that's one of the things the rest of the world. Just not that sounds like I'm still talking about America, like my poor people are fucking man, so again, I just goes back to me. Like I heard I'll study showed that you got save yourself. How do you handle the other four billion people make? The argument is- and this is not my argument- where do they go? They keep they keep expanding. Is that these cities in these urban areas, that as the society sort of evens out globally whether it takes one thousand years or one hundred years, as things start to even out people will be more like LOS Angelus and low, it's less less like poor place in Calcutta yeah, but that's like, but what I'm saying is like poor peasant calcutta, you got a bunch of people walking the spontaneous noise. It could be a LOS Angeles. You got small yacht traffic, yes, rushing the mind, there's there's delta, to different extremes that that's the same. We're like I'm just saying you know. Sometimes I just feel like. Maybe
we're at the point in turning around, then we might be just 'cause. We got seven billion people, we might be but we also might not be, and I think it's not a bad time to be optimistic, because people look for bed, better solutions, yeah yeah but but light jock Fresco in the Venus project on about money was society to rather radical change of what a political states and things of that nature. Chomsky talks about. You know essentially all all countries, as we now know matter, West in Easton oligarchies and so like. What's the radical to archer from this thing that saves at all in your mind, like with the Joe Rogan United Nations speech, so I think people are more aware of the flaws of the system than they ever have been any generation previous. I think, but you look at, in the 70s and the 80s, I do there are nearly as educated as to how truly fucked up this country is, but also
so yet truly amazing in terms of like the history of the world, but has plenty to printing to improve on, but probably will I think people are getting better at life to getting bad Here at all, all the things in government will come along with it. I think we're going to get better at things. We understand each other better, we communicate better. Is I'm optimistic and I think with all these incredibly intelligent people that are looking at the problems in the world in terms of carbon in the Miss FEAR or Peru. In the ocean People are already starting to work on solutions. I got I'm really optimistic that that there's at least the potential for someone to figure out some solutions to some of these problems. Overpopulation is all going to be a weird one, because you don't have the right? to tell people how many kids they can have yeah 'cause. Who, like you meet somebody. Who's got ten kids and the most fucking amazing family. Ever what? What were you going to say? It's bad they have ten am.
Raising? Kids? Everybody is great. You go over their house. It's all love what the fuck. Why is that bad? So so people are good, but only a certain amount, exactly that's where it gets weird, but but it's not a cut and dry issue, it's not a one or a zero. It's like yeah. There are too many people and yeah. You probably shouldn't have ten kids, but you gotta fucking, awesome family. So hey have a good night man. You know what the fuck to do. Yeah yeah! You know You know it just it just speaking, as you know, just as a lot of the brown people just just scenario, This is never went well for us, so I'm always always always check it out. You can't tell me what to do just always watching you don't have save this. Yes, there are usually doesn't go good. Telling people how many kids they can have get the out that Harry was like a half dozen. You think about you think about countries are refugees appointed to now, just
just put up the illegal sterilization and yep. You start to see you start to see where countries are still allows the refugees that are coming in it's crazy and it's scary, this terrifying and in in in and out. I want my country to become, like I remember, don't use of sterilize people as they've come in I've. I've read a story about it once that they did that to some refugees somewhere, but I can't remember where it was yeah can't remember either. I'm still is probably now so what country accused of sterilizing refugees? Maybe that was just a rumor, maybe the snow is not a far from. I could imagine that happening here, not saying that say it when I some people, if they had their way yeah like ritual and that's scary, to think about the needs of the people we put in power. Like you know what was cool to me about well, Miss Alison, taught me. She was that she was teacher. She had one leg right. She she wore like a
curly, Larry and Mold three stooges. She wore the like the little mushroom, hairstyle crawled up and she was mean as shit man, like God, damn she was me, but this lady talk to fucking, she taught civics and when she taught about how, even if your parents weren't naturalize they weren't citizens, if you were just born on US soil, you have a shot. You know you are a citizen, yeah I'll, just like damn. That's amazing 'cause when you think about at that time we had learned about, I think in history, the Irish and their plight to be here and things of that nature. Just like man, this country gives you a fucking shot, and this is like when America was rap.
This is in the middle of public enemy, air and shit, but there was something to be admired in it. Like James Baldwin had an adoration for America that many people didn't even know he ended up dying. You know is he's living in France. I think the expectation, the dream that american cells you manage shit is amazing. It can be and to know that that was a possibility. Then, and now my kids, don't think like that. My kids are dead in the middle of keeping people out of shit is fucking weird. So in my lifetime I'm scared to death, something I might see happening country, that's how frayed. I am right now with shit going fucked up. That's what I mean when I say when you say well, we'll have a government or a world one day where people will be more fluent well in capitalism. Even though I'm a catholic yeah, I try to practice compassion, capitalism and capitalism. Capitalism requires someone get snookered. Does it really
right. We practice it absolutely. Ideally, you shouldn't, but it should be more like Milton Friedman in a free market and what Thomas all talk about, but not we as in you and I but we you and I engage in capitalism yeah if you and I occasionally capitalism is a lot more fair than what countries are doing. Ok with one another, large scale, stuff yeah, so say to current system of capitalism. Is nothing wrong with you being able to buy that be jeep outside based on the work you've done, your work ethic will determine your worth is written in the window of my barber shop. I really need that right. Your work ethics on term with where, even if there's no such thing as right, if you plow your feel you going to be more bountiful so long as the you saw that. May I ask you this, you think, is the system of capitalism itself as the flaws in it or is it human nature? The card exploit things? I think it's human nature. Unchecked in that system, you know, I think that allowing marijuana to become legal shouldn't
I'd have a the type of taxation that's been allowed in California. Colorado was at one point time: thirty, nine percent yeah. What is it in California? I know, but it's high enough that I've seen announcer we go from about one hundred and fifty dollars or three hundred and twenty bucks. I think that's terrible, but I would like it if all that money went to a good purpose, but we know it's not yeah, that's probably. Where is there we go. There's this fucking shit. You know I'm saying that's it in never where it should it never does what it's supposed to do. That's what I'm? That's! That's! What I'm getting gas! That's why I say it went one zero, not the you know. I want to be that guy would usually go before, probably just because you we use like CAT day yeah, but why is it good happening in the immediate cause, so much money is pushed into the media. Well, if we does become legal world wide. It's anti. I mean a country wide, it's entirely possible that it's going to stimulate economies in a lot of very poor places, it's going to have some real positive benefits, but but but what
what I'm saying about capitalism is why are we not ensuring that the people who have suffered since one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven have a fair shot right? We allow so many laws to come in with marijuana legalization, get it does not allow for the small businessman to have the type of ingenuity is set up, that a small liquor store had it in a prohibition right or bar? You know. Jamie was telling me that in Ohio they were setting it up, so they were trying to make it legal, but only two guys can grow it to enormous corporations that the bill. Has a network Jamie believe it might have been for something for some small amount of people they're, the only ones who could grow. That's saying: well, I don't want. No, we know that's up, that's so crazy. It would even ask for that. We up when he should just be your. General what with safe with a hundred dollars state federal tax state tax stamp you have state taxes at one hundred dollars. You can grow up to three acres of marijuana, Bam, love, it love it.
Perfect love, it do your shit and then the growers have to buy from you. So for farmer wants to make a collective before the farmers there may in collective, but we shouldn't be able to tell to allow that the domination, because the same, He then you're just giving people you know so monopolies of sorts. You are yeah, so it's it's like. I just I don't trust us to be on our shit enough with the people we leave in charge right. Well, it also it wouldn't make sense in any other relationship and any other relationship or all someone is saying is if I let you sell something. You give me a certain percentage, because you're basically saying that all of this frameworks of our government in the cities roads that you drive on all that stuff takes money to maintain, so we're just going to take a little piece Thirty, nine percent that so much, but if that thirty nine percent went all to public schools and paying teachers, more money and paying cops and paying fireman
community centers, but beyond just pain, gates. Son of a former cop cousin of current cops policeman should be from areas that they're, policing or areas like those they should be all for no interest loans to live at around those communities. Teachers should be also and the fire department they should almost hold a special place because of the nobility of those jobs and how important they are. We also should do stuff like tax freeze is once you retire. Whatever your taxes are, once you retire at sixty five years old, we should not baby ten twenty percent off and that's what you pay until you die. You know I mean we should do everything we can to make the the class of people you're saying about affluence possible and we're not doing it like that's. I guess that's the only but in pushing when I seen, because I'm a very optimistic person, but my pessimism,
My pessimism comes more from the lack of what I've seen us be willing to do to make sure that you want another treated fairly then I have seen for right. You know I'm saying like I refused to disavow, you know what I mean Susan. This is an attitude on the people of all that attitude. How is realize how important cooperation really is a do without without being attacked by some of us? Some of us do some of what do you do absolutely, and I do there's people that do and it takes a hard. It's a hard knock into your head to really let it sink in, but once you do, let it sink in and you live your life that way reciprocity in friendship, We're all in camaraderie answer richer life. It's a better life. Absolutely the problem is people aren't on it: they're, not hot enough to not taught in mentor taught to to face each other to hate each other and hate on each other and look at each other and with a a famine mentality years line mentality has lines the lay mission alive. That is why the opposite is beautiful
jobs. We are up lifting people in at, like you, you've give out thirty five shot out yet to do that's what it's all about men that makes me feel better. It's people like you out there alone makes people feel better when they listen to your music and they enjoy it that you're this guy behind. It is not taking any of this for granted and you're running with this shit, absolutely appreciate. It's beautiful man love it. So we just did three hours. It felt like a good thirty, two tell my wife so hard for twenty minutes. It was incredible yeah. I was hanging in there tight with this man. I'm a big fan, I'm honored that you came down here and did this. It was beautiful for Maine. I enjoy very much and I love you shit. Thank you very much. Tell you tell people how to get you online. I've just killer MIKE Online Ller Instagram, he Instagram Twitter, all this shit yeah! I don't go to my facebook, that's one of my kids running that shit so don't send. Thank you, brother appreciate a month. Thank
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