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#1232 - Nick Di Paolo

2019-01-25 | 🔗
Nick DiPaolo is a writer and stand up comedian. Check out "The Nick Di Paolo Show" at http://nickdip.com and on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCghHWRYUpbsUdcsG7PrTgzQ
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The Joe Rogan experience to follow good to see you, my friend. I can't believe that Jim out there it's nice right with the Porsche parked next to it. You got to able to workout where you work. If you do that, get more in next to your Porsche yeah too bad things that working out well for you Jones, who you don't get knocked on anything an inmate, I'm right up front. So we were talking before the pockets and said save this, because it's where is yeah Randy Credit CO, yes, is a stand up comedian! Yes, has been involved in this Roger Stone thing. Yes, As you know, Rajasthan this morning the F B, I rated you know to come out of his house. Janice H, who I love by right. Just don't interviewed me on info. What's used to love my radio show on Sirius yeah. They asked him. They asked me to get him on. I was like,
Well yeah, but he's like an eccentric and he's crazy, he's alone yeah and So is Randy and they've known each other forever and are they friends while they were real till all this started and it's fucking classic many credit, goes radical left, he used to do. He did uh a comedy album years ago. It was him and a bunch of other guys, and it was all it was all political. It was like five guys or three a few guys. I forget how many I think crimmins was on it. Oh sure, scratch so yeah and uh, maybe Jimmy Tangle, yeah yeah, they had like a whole thing. They were doing almost like a like a tour. You know, like super left wing political Lee aware this is fucking way back in the day. I want to say this is the 90s they were doing. This
Yeah yeah I mean he was he was. He was always funny. I mean I'd. Watch him die every night at the catch rising star because he hit me up to doing such inside. Article shared he'll be talking about a bill that was passed that day on the floor or whatever the lock and the crowd be staring at. Him and he had a high asian girlfriend and he'd be dying up there. This is when I fell in love with him and he goes it because that's my girlfriend over there I taught four words in English, not you crowd suck. I mean he was really fucking funny. But so political and inside in Excel He stayed at my apartment when I lived out here in LA and he fucking like try to pick up my wife after I le I to go on the road somewhere, but I still love him he's sick, but he he sent me a picture. For him, a twenty sixteen in front of the embassy in London, where what's his he was held up Assaje. Really, yes, and I'm like what the font is,
what's he doing out there, and then all that came out about wiki and stuff? So I thought he might have been the intermediary. Yeah. So he's gone in front of Roger Stone's going in front of mother a couple times and and so here it is right here, is Randy. Credico brightest don't threaten to take away apartment associates dog if he cooperated with Russia investigate what he threatened to take is doggy are fuckin'. You gotta read the text that Roger Stone their public. I think, would sent to Randy I'm going to take your dog. Oh yeah. He goes. Let's get it on be prepared to die. Well, I'm going to take your flocking. This way love this guy. This guy had a mixing tattoo when he was eighteen on his back Roger stone. Did he march the Gay Parade New York. I love with these body. Just to prove it, alright, well he's pro just yeah, you know, so it's all over the place all over the place, but he's a I'm here in Nixon TAC toe, sucking right wing.
All the right wing people to get a look. It looks like that is so ridiculous. The four connects that's a good time to to. I know I did that and I got sixty some years old least any love my radio show on Sirius and and he he did, he hosted ample. Was it was about six months ago? He had me on as a guest. I, when I got punched in the face by that, brought all that's right for what about yeah so so yeah? They raided, the FBI raided. His house took him out today and they get out on two two and fifty thousand dollars bond and He wanted credit code. You know to stop contesting what what stone said in front of he testified so critical said at one time it went down, so they are fighting and shit and then he's threatening him and dumb, but yeah Randy. So text Randy I go I'm doing Rogan. If you want to walk away and he's like well call me before the show. Let me know, because it's not too much
I can say right now, but what's funny is I know both these guys, it's so weird that so we're ready and he said yeah. Let me know you because I can't say much because they does just arrested the up by the: u they got a turn the try to I see what mall is turning Rajasthan against Trump Trump is the target. Yeah, so he's going to threaten him with. You know he's sixty something years old, so he could spend the rest of his life in prison or talk yeah Now so now, whatever he's a scary guy, Muller If you had a problem and A guy was coming after you, like, oh, my god, cuz he's going to do. Slow, but by the time he's going to be. I don't think they do that slow they start server. They want, I think, that's different than what you thinking anyway I'm very confused by the time they get to Trump he's already so nerve wracked. You know and because you like chips away at his borders like slowly but surely
takes away all the people around them. Yeah he gets closer any. No. You know you know which cuts training on the family. You know it was because, of course, what that's what he does it even does that with people like Stonehill go after your family and stuff. Machine over here, a word out of a vanka anymore, not exactly yeah yeah guarantee you yeah guarantee. They scared the fun But if you want to know about model like you said and how fucking creepy he is, he was the head of the FBI during the 80s with the Whitey Bulger ship went down yeah any put four guys in the list of this Joe and this you can look this up. This is a made for guys. He in prison: a wrong it turns out. Two of them died in prison. Well, yeah you can go go. Because of Bolger and had to do with that, because, yes, they would do things in the F B. I would let them get away with it because they were providing information. It's right. That was the whole. That's exactly right and he port two guys died prison, wrongly. By the way. This guy is not a.
Good. I know he's a marine and decorated marine ship. They make those sacrifices. They make those decisions where they're just going to like help a person who is a criminal because the criminals providing information that can, now them to get more criminal, yeah large. Why do we provide all kinds of about the guineas and he's that was a great? You told, by the way I used to train the guy was one of Whitey's hitman, Dana White. No, no, no, Oh I see it like I threatened. You had to move out of time. It was a ball Joe, wasn't Bulger related. Yes, it was populated when I was teaching Taekwondo and one of the guys that was in my class. It was whacking people for Whitey Bulger. He was asking me if you want to kill somebody with your bare hands. Would you hit him was like the neck was like eighteen? I was like he goes correct. You look good yeah. I like that. Was it Kevin? No, no! No! No, but you know Kevin. You know he went away to yes now that OP kit yeah all related all of them together. You know this guy was a different guy. This guy was he went away,
so? But I mean he went away forever. He was one of those guys like they caught him blood under his fingernails and he was working with White yeah yeah. Well, there's a lot of guys that, were I mean it was a big organization. When we were kids mean everybody knew it was a big order. I mean it wasn't. Wasn't a fucking secret or no, I know how did Hannity's attempt to link mower to Whitey Bulger hold up this article in Boston Globe. That's not true! Whatever it's the FBI, I know how you're going to put wasn't there wasn't there, then he wasn't at the FBI yeah. This is serve US attorney's office in Boston. From eighty two to eighty, eight is chief of the criminal division. First assistant it's a turning! Acting yes attorney for more than a year during that time, bulge around a sprawling criminal enterprise and get away with murder's, because he was a longtime FBI informant who corrupted his handlers the FBI. He corrupted it handlers I love it and the FBI and the New England organized crime strike force a prosecute prosecute
Tauriel unit that worked independently in the US attorneys office, reportedly reported directly to the Justice Department used Bulge, to build cases against the mafia and give him a pass on his own crimes. The FBI is corrupt relationship with Bulger was exposed He was indicted on federal racketeering charges in nineteen. Ninety five became a fugitive. He was captured sixteen years later out here, yeah. So what you have is caption Santa Monica, and so when did Mueller says Mew or know the format of an wrongly convicted and look the other way. There nothing linking Mueller to that case according to attorneys for the men, Volumus court records and a former federal judge. Who presided over their wrongful imprisonment trial in two thousand and seven. The US district Judge Nancy Gertner found the FBI deliberately withheld evidence at the four men were innocent. The bureau help cover up the injustice for deck Jesus Christ. I fucking hate reading shift like that.
She ordered the government to create a men and their families. One hundred and one point: seven million okay, maybe worth it did you guys go away for, let's be honest, you're, never going to make a hundred million chicken scratches you all got one hundred million if everyone got one hundred million, I mean I'm in I mean how much time you have to do how many times you get Fuckd, where you're in jail? How bad is it per load? Huh so maybe it was just a rumor that he was part of that. Well, like you said, though the FBI yes the story broken. Should they call the paper and said, listen, get your facts straight well. How crazy is of the F b I covered up the information and new those guys were innocent, that dark yeah who went to jail for that? Did the guys who covered up go to jail, I'm not sure, but uh two of them died. He can't he died in jail. Two of them died in jail. Oh
Without rolling over you know they caught him 'cause, his wife was yelling and shit all the time she was Coco that he had fought in cash on the wall did he. I used to sell dope meat door to door when I before I started comedy and I used to go If I went to hell not knowing where I was- and I would, I would wonder why people look at my, I take out my shift and they go. Let's let that breaks sound like forty bucks, a pound get the fuck out, and then somebody explain know what the hell is like wow on meeting his neighbor la a lame in EAST Boston. I knocked the door a couple of guys in in Revere that will get like it connected. My buddy l know who they were and later on. Well, they probably knew people from meat packing the probably got all right I'll help. Bowlers, of course, and I'm I'm I'm doing my little spiel there for a boy look, you know a boy, the operation. Now you break it down per meal. It comes out there free buxom, they're doing their math in their head. You could tell they were like bookies. You know, I feel, like that's like forty bucks, a pop get the
My steps wasn't really that much. But well was ridiculous. You know and I was in Rhode, island banging doors and I looked and- and I got the same response and I looked down- I see in the streets the lines on the street, a red, white and green. I was in Federal Hill Providence with the mafia stopping to look at that site with the article look at this. What you your Santa Monica Hideout was full of money. It's still brims with MR. He was living in like a normal apartment. I now so weird get it. Twenty two thousand dollars in cash and valuables wow Jesus Christ. I like that movie, I thought Johnny Depp was great enough. He was he was great in it yeah it's a creep, yeah, he was creepy get it's just amazing. How much corruption was involved in that case, yes, and they were just federal government- was a part of it and they let that monster they. Let him thrive. Yeah yeah so makes you wonder about the, today. Well, it should make you wonder if she knows what they're capable yeah want it that way. Whenever
We doing that whenever you're, allowing someone to commit murder and deal drugs to get other people that are committing murder in dealing drugs like what yeah 'cause they would just want. What happens with cops in this is very unfortunate, but this is just what happens when you have a game and the game is arrest. People. The game is win right, you're certain amount of dollars you have to make and if you could make more callers because you're in bed with a bad guy, especially if maybe you grow up in that neighborhood- has always been kind of an accepted part of the neighborhood. That night Connolly grew up with yeah exactly and it makes sneaky little deal. Yeah if it was salmon lawyer? Is it's all about you? You have to have its like sports chapter of a winning record, so you're not going to succeed, so they yeah yeah. They help play outside the rules. I mean that's one of the reasons why cops and people of such a weird relationship, because they're always looking arrest, people and you your cops talking Ellicott's, don't put
on your record come on, and they just want me back and get you for something I gotta get somebody and I know, but they have quotas like when you have quote like what would the police force do if nobody broke crimes anymore, that makes If they would they do like legitimately they got, they really do. That would never happen. It would never happen, but what everybody got on mushrooms and the world, the world solutions yeah the world got cleaned up. I was wondering how long it would take to get there not much how much time couple years Two years ago I mean in a conversational mushrooms. I got some rain. If you want some toad, I can't even handle of regular mushrooms. Second chance. Your document right, I don't know how you do that we have about connection d empty and floodwater bellow nice Glaze, Demi Glaze on yeah it just it dot the whole I mean the the military is very it's very interesting. It's very interesting because you're watching a professional look cast a web
like nice and slow, yeah, nice and slow. This is the full force of the F B. I against you in it, and it will do it again to Rajasthan. Like I said, they'll do and yeah it's crazy people. Jamie said they open up. The government today is to distract from the fact that Roger Stone, gonna rest likely most likely. I think you're right, I think that's a a assessment uh. I guess I mean Trump's the final target so but yeah he's going to he's going to threaten stone with you know, he's like sixty six threatened him with ten years probably going to yeah he's kind enough to function so make him saying, but he's such a single song Dershowitz says they don't just saying they: they they actually how to Dershowitz put it that you know come up with the lyrics they create, I'm just saying yeah, you know, what do you think is gonna happen to trump. If you had to guess
As far as this investigation, nothing really pass out of coffee, aware. Thank you, yeah thanks brother. What do you think is going to happen? well. I know that's not true. I shouldn't say that, because only because I think the model is pretty evil and will come up with something. Well, you know what impeachment at the at the worst, but was. The high crimes and misdemeanors. What well, if there's, is obstruction of justice? If there was glued If there was any sort of if they can prove that there was some sort of concerted effort to undermine democracy. Yeah well shy, I don't think I don't think they'll get to the get them even with Roger Stone. Not charging him with collusion or conspiracy, just lying and covering up they don't collusion their life. Covering up the interactions with Russians right, so it is. I guess that would be
yeah angle. You know Jamie was talking about something yesterday and I started listening to this recent SAM Harris Podcast and it is fucking fascinating how much russian troll farms and all these fake accounts and what they're trying to do and what one these are trying to do is what Jamie was saying. Was that that kid, with the MAC, a hat or the native American beating the drum in front of him, the image of that was posted by this web? side, eternal realm troll farm, but it was in Brazil. Was it as a blogger in Brazil? Yes, I did. I wanted to see in and looked into it. They just kinda asked what are what's going on with this account and by the time that asked them that just suspended the council's gone, but but you said they suspended account because he count was a fake account it. Yet they had, they thought it was just posing as a California teacher yeah. Her name is to lay yet yeah, but it was it's. It was an actual blogger in Brazil,
oh it was, Brazil wasn't rushing. No! I wasn't sure it was sewn into it, But yes, they also disease of yeah, well they're trying to get millions. Of course, they're doing that in like people need to understand that this is actually really happening. We need their help early will be doing against each other. They were Russians help. Well, if you stop and think about it, urban, of time, with the left and the right one more at each throats throats right hands enough. You don't need rush, but but is c n n enough to really get people turned against each other like this no way you need angry discourse on line and the yeah, I'm from theirs. There's an amazing radio at podcasts about this war, where they talked to people that actually worked in these troll farms and that these people were they. They would both be left wing and right wing as one of things that they're talking about on the SAM Harris Podcast. It's. I think it's called war of him from
but they'll pose as like pro choice, people and say ridiculous shifts like over the top and in the poses pro life pro life, we like a american flag and you know mag in the in the you know the hash great in there they're heading, but they have nothing to do with that. They're, just Russians and they're. Just trying to get people riled up and you see people jump on board, of course chiming in, but I was talking to a comic that we were talking about that. I One bring his name up, but he referred me. To this this russian guy. I cannot remember his name, but this is a clip of this: a guy who worked for the KGB defector over here and is explaining how Russia does that yeah? This is back in the eighties. How will we do it to everybody? Does it they all do it? Everybody doesn't they fuck with the system in any way, shape or form in order to achieve
we have desired result. I think the Russians are the best at it apparently. Well. I just think their way more dedicated to it yeah. I mean it's a sneaky way to go about doing things too, because Russia doesn't have the kind of money that the United States has. They got not they had been out there, they're commies size of Texas yeah. All they have is nuclear weapons. They they they have it almost a third world and a brutal dictator and a dictator yeah, that's all attack, but as far as the economy and everything you're like a third world, she yeah it's both they're like a small european country, but it's really interesting when you listen to these podcasts about how much effort they put into sewing discourse or discord to getting people upset with each other to starting arguments, and to saying things that are going to upset people in order to get the right versus the left to like sure
undermine democracy from the inside yeah. It's really interesting. I mean it's, it's weird that it works. It makes sense. It works because it's a sneak, yes strategy. You think CNN does just as good a job really do can harm but you're. So your so right wing. You can I'm not so right when John, how, how right wing all right, middle middle right, I'd, say: yes, center right, it's not right of center yeah yeah yeah. What's wrong with CNN, do you like it? First of all, I don't need to hear it in every fuckign airport before I'm doing a gig last fuckin' words, Wolf Blitzer before my plane crashes, somebody tell me, will puts a gun on jeopardy may expose them. Yes, I remember reading that to look. As you know, people get on television, the read off a teleprompter, the branch they seem really and always has a largely the about,
Louis goes on jeopardy and wins, but Lucy KIA, Diddy remember, they have celebrities on once in awhile when they do that a couple years ago, did you go on with regular people in when I forget who is against, I think, was other famous people that make sense. Jonathan Groff he went on jeopardy against regular people, one hundred and forty one Barnum time yeah. He won the whole tournament, a comic yeah, so folks don't take a slightly as he still right for their. He is wolf. Blitzer minus four thousand dollars after mass it didn't work out so well, good fun, it is awareness, is you know, people can pretend to be you know, New York right, shell prompter, to give the script you know, but John it was Jonathan Groff Disease to read for Conan,
It's a good question. We don't know the last time I saw him, but he was fuckking really really bright, funny guy to an really funny yeah yeah. I don't think he does stand up anymore, though they just right. That's how smart he is things like enough of this nonsense. His jokey joke nonsense. Enough is enough starting to feel that way. But why do you hate CNN, I'll come on all the fucking ship they put out there and just an example. How 'bout, before the when Donna Brazil had the notes for Hillary before the Fuckin' Barney? Yes, remember that with this matter, discredit it was she was a pond it right and they still on that's. What's coming to us that they had her on after that yeah I told her with questions are going to be yeah yeah. Well, her book was amazing. Now that that's what's interesting, in fact her over and then she came in outlook and rip them that perhaps there I haven't, I haven't read it yet
oh my god, this is a bit but that what I read about how they rigged the Dnc, that's how they, how they uh fuck Bernie out of the primary yeah oof yeah Bernie got screwed the dark business fuckin'. That's all they say they are and code cheap, but you don't think the mainstream media this little like a propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. Well. They definitely ratings negative numbers. They definitely think they're working for the good, but three percent negative coverage with Trump right Trump is, and you know, he's an unusually polarizing figure. Sure I mean: that way with. I guess I was probably pretty negative with Bush Oh it's a different world back then now was but they always since I've been a kid I mean Reagan was a dummy and just fucking be actor in an idiot, no racist. You can look at the ship year after year. George Bush Senior George W Bush Dick Cheney warmonger,
the same ship traces raise it works and for it works was more invested forward with remember how we, betrayed on SNL he's always falling. You couldn't walk three feet which was kind of true. Actually it's got it. He was an athlete, but it, but it's always been that way. So the mainstream media has always sort of been more liberal, but then you have Fox news which goes far either way well, with their opinion, shows? But at least when you watch Fox NEWS, which everybody who hates Fox is never watches it number one, but but they least have liberals. Are yeah and Shepherd Smith hates yeah? Yes, he does. He look like every guy that bullied him as a kid. Do you think that's why I had something? I do that's it. That's the reason. Yeah might do nothing. That's the reason most of 'em hate him. Here's why here's what they don't bring up Hannity and all these guys you get your head going like a puzzle for Christ sake. Let's change the subject he's getting irritated with me already. I gotta get you out of LA I'm afraid you're going to get disease
these good over now tell me about it. But what we just talking about, why they hate Trump, because they never up this, though they never, because he's a alpha male blonde hair, blue eyed, Fuckin' billionaire, that is the that's the embodiment of the devil for the left They never bring that up on the shelf. Do you think that's really? What it is is nothing to do with him lying all the time, and we will do it. Let's see lie about the number of people at his inauguration, as opposed to Mama going all you can keep your health care. I mean the fuckin', you know, he doesn't like me more than any other president. You don't think so. If he does it's trivial he's a salesman he's up is a fine line. Well. It is definitely a salesman, but it's a beautiful night. We need were corporation where corporate the countries tiny thanks. So that's what I always heard. It's kind of like that. Little bit. I mean it's some some sort of an organization you realize Sorry Clinton Lionel, oh yeah for sure. Well, why don't you?
call Donna. How is that fat twatt, not in cups? Who? How dare you? It is good question. You know, yeah, it's a great question. I was talking to MIKE Baker, used to work. For the CIA thought my to come out here with me and MIKE. See. I know it is if he, if he did anything remotely like what Hillary did, he be in jail for thirty years of course, yes, yeah. Remember the kid in the submarine that work for the Navy took pictures of submarine. I mean took a selfie and it had bad in the background that he will was take photos and how long was he in jail? I don't know so. I would just like to see some equity. As far as people being held accountable
all sides that's well. Maybe it would have been different if Hillary made it through. Maybe it would have been different in terms of like media coverage. If she actually became president they would've sucked harass you think so yeah. I think so I don't know man once Donna Brazil's book came out and people have an understanding about the inner workings of the party. I mean, I think, look it, politics are it's dirty dirty business felt a sturdy is worse than podcast, but it's podcasts are pretty clean. I know like relatively, but it's very quick. That's why people come to it. You can't get the truth from mainstream media while explain to a friend who was talking about doing a podcast deal with the network and I was like stop. You can't discuss the one thing that you can have where you could be Maine. It's free of everything, everything free of any influence and you're, going to let a bunch of
pencil, pushers and and button pressures they're going to tell you what you can and can't say which direction you can and can't go You know we're going to try to influence you, but isn't Google Don at now? What do you mean with conservatives like shutting down Dennis Prager's, like I thought guns? What do you mean good flowers, Well, I'm was with by my about a company right. Ok, I'm talking about a company you going into business with them. You can't wear your podcast for your free and independent right, probably the only thing in the world where you can be completely free and Indep and still reach millions of people. It really is the only thing in the world, but what is Google? What I'm saying, Google on Youtube right right and people like Dennis Prager, religious right guy, is show get shut down. Youtube will mean it shut down, shut. It he's showing he's showing Fuckin' Google. I didn't know about this yeah. I know
He does those shows with Corolla Corolla issue. I used to listen to when I lived in LA he's, a conservative, religious, jewish guy of this drama. Yes, well, they they can sort of hate speech. I mean: that's, that's what we get today. Just territory wait a minute. I pull up of what would happen to him because I'm I'm completely ignorant about. This is the first time I hear about all this is going to go to the Supreme Court really at thanks, so they pulled the so they took his page down. They said you can't have a a page on you to anymore yeah. This is a shot a showdown. Do you remember what it was about not specifically, but I know it was labeled hate and if you listen to this guy for ten minutes, he's the most congenial fair. I did you know but he's he's a you know: religious guy, and that she doesn't fly, do you know Douglas Marius? is actually up her. Who is he's a he's? A an intellectual from England who wrote about it brought the a book about immigrants in Europe called the strange day.
I think it's called Islam in the strange death of Europe and he's basically talking about how people from These countries that have immigrated into Europe are changing the culture. Changing the culture, an n Africa there's all sorts of crimes and things that are happening that didn't exist before and people develop These communities of, like minded people that didn't exist prior no goes on and and he's saying that this is. You know this is fundamentally dangerous, but the he sang it from a point, a perspective of understanding the actual facts involved and talking about the situation and talking about how these are people that don't respect homosexuals they want to throw them. Proves, and they have these right. They have these opinions about people that are extremely we did not aligned with European. Values in modern western world right the
he and SAM Harris had a conversation and that conversation got flagged on you tube at it got flack someone put it up in there were there. You know you make a like a little watch list. What is it called? What it was? A call of you, the live you can. Could you put it on Youtube on your channel where you could play list so he puts on his playlist and he gets a computer community guideline strike against him for putting up this conversation between two intellectuals. So I have this conversation with this lady at Youtube and I said well. Why would you do that? Why does that? She was well. It's hate speech. I go! It's hate speech, Talking about two intellectuals having a discussion about a real thing, that's happening right now in Europe and you're, saying hate speech. If you listen to the pod, there's no slurs used just fax. So just and with Craig, but this is this is the way she said it 'cause. It's hate speech like you have You said that so easily, yes, you'd, never see, that's a lot of power, but it's also.
Irresponsible power not possible use of power, but but but my point is that cracking people who people who lean right, whether it's twitter know Andrea and that's a big fucking problem. I hate speech I'm going to let Google decide what's the name of the company that owns alphabet they're, going to decide what I I brought that up on. I brought that up on tough crowd years ago about when disagree with a liberal or whatever your arguing with they always all your hater. They would keep saying that and it and that's what turn into. If you disagreed, you're a hater. Now it's your big it or a race ' If you agree with Obama's policies, your big get or a racist and that's! It works. That's been working for the left for years, but now but the social media Google controls almost all the information you want you. When I hear every day I mean that's. Why?
so dangerous, so look up. Yeah Pragas is the first example that comes to mind. That guy gives me yeah, because he's he's you a Christian or whatever, It is not. He yeah he's jewish, but but when I get up at it, unless, unless some, what I just read was wrong: they weren't deadly up from you to at least they were deleted. They were sure acted like many late great. They shut down the show that a the the adult they only have to have an account that says you're, eighteen or older, or something like that and they were fighting and having a lawsuit against that saying that what they have in their videos are not shouldn't be behind that might that wall whatever that as they also done. But this is my point: you have to go to Youtube. To get the story. Hello, sir one I'm right or website went a couple different websites to see it, but they were also like. Yesterday they had ads blacklisted from Spotify, so they had ads that, were, I guess, a a nationally approved, and now they have been
It's never really explained to Dennis Prager's as well he's so, and so, but his page is still up, you know, Carola, don't yeah, I believe, ask him about it, yeah well, but You too page is still up his shows not up his all his show was shut down. They might have taken it down by now. This is like this is kind of from a couple months: yeah yeah they shut him down. So if you go to the Dennis Prager Youtube Channel, it doesn't exist, hum so the idea that they would make that eighteen plus, because it's conservative, that's where what else is up it's up. This is it okay. This is John Breaux Prager, you yeah, that's okay, but a million subscribers million nine hundred and forty shot shell down until the right back up. So we sent made after he already lost so to have a video up from an hour ago, Spotify bands Prager from advertising Google Prega lawsuit and that's what it was about. It's about them being restricted. I am angry 'cause we're not getting the full.
Your here. Well I mean when I mean it, it's up right now. It's he's a he's, so warm yeah. No, I believe you, so my point being. Is these big tip big tech companies? A crushing conservative? Well, here most part, yes and here's a good way to look at it if you're going after a guy like Dennis Prager, who again is most congenial guy, never swears very, very mild mannered very cool and calm- and it would you agree with or disagree with the press? It's not the the way to go about something like this. If you disagree with someone is not to shut him down because they have a debate exactly. Yeah and that's not happening. Well, you know what you saw the Google memo. You saw what happened with that guy when he provided all this information about one of the reasons why women don't get into tech. They labeled him as being a massage woman, hater right like no he's giving you Jenna
studies that show that women have different interests. Is that Lawrence summers you're talking about this benef? You sense Lawrence Summers was actually the President of Harvard and he was given a speech and That's all he said he was. He brought up the numbers as prize mails, going to sign Math, he didn't say women not good at it right and he get camp from Harper yeah. You can't have anything that is fascism yeah if it is a trees with the orthodoxy, they'll come down and yeah, even if it's factual, like James Damore, and you could clearly back it up. You could look at the actual numbers, not only that James Damore Guy put a page and a half in there on strategies for encouraging women to get an attack, I mean, if he was. He was working for hope, Demar, Google, Coco right. What started out there. All these intellectuals came to his side. They look why we doing all this research, if you guys completely, every time it comes out right, like you're, pretending that this research is, now. This research is its size
if you can formation that, shows that certain types of people are more interested in different things. We've known that forever! That's why boy, toys and girl toys are different. 'cause boys and girls. Like different shit, I mean it's basically a more complex version of that he's essentially saying women like different things. It gene! That's horrible to say the only difference between The sex is a socially constructed obstacles. You will gender you gender itself. It is They should come here and take a look at your place that would shut up shut. The argument that sold male male gender I've got some female stuff here. For my kids come over tonight, Tell tell him what you said to me when I say what a can great place. This is happens when women don't get to tell you what to do place hello, a warehouse of mail, but this looks that's not I'm a nice guy, that's not bad, and the been problem is in this society. Mail
energy, Gmail thinking, man is vilified and you're taught that is something wrong with being masculine being mad, The reason why we don't speak German, ok, stop exactly talk about toxic masculinity. You could be the poster boy for that ship. Well. The whole reason why you need mail. People is because there's mail people other places that will take away your shed and kill your people on every. Actually, this is not a bad thing. Mail does not equal evil just because there are evil men, They are evil. Man does evil his evil. Women to doesn't mean all women are evil. I dated three of them: hi, you obey did more than three. Let's be honest here, no you're absolutely right down, but this toxic masculine. So, just like you said really world however, there turned out what is there so many dumb phrases like that, you know made up. Do you know heteronormative I'm sure have you know
gender CIS Gendered, yes, hetero normative yeah yeah, like you're you're, imposing the norms like as if heterosexuality is nor all well did you see what was the a couple days ago- and I was in California Here- a beautiful state of California they're trying to the heat You can't say he or she is they now but yeah where everywhere. Name is Hannah something Jackson he yeah now have to say they and they were passing it. They had her in the the the actual town hall of City. Where are they sing the ordnance and at the end she goes. My grammar, my grammar jordan- to prove that she's rolling around, but we won't hear from her. She said her in some way called her out on it as she was passing the belt sizes Matthews in left wing nonsense. You shouldn't send her about your grandmother she's, not here, it's hilarious ification. Of course you look like no Bangladeshi is's California state
sender bans the use of he and she during committee hearings. Oh look at her with her perfect, sucking liberal haircut. No Ganggu Ridge is haircut like share powered space, and some people are just hilarious, but they hold her own she's trying to do a good thing, though you know and uh what color are they had a laugh about it, but that is so funny with the fact that she look like. Oh, my god we wouldn't be hearing from her. Will you make Jackson was interrupted by listeners who corrected her usage and help stop stop go back the corrected her message and go demand that she used the word they or them they demanded see? This is the with all this. Yes, it's demanding they're trying to control people telling people what to do and what not to do, and it's about power a lot of this stuff, about power bottom is they're imposing their worldview in on you, but it's not even their worldview. It's not real what it is
Is there just deciding that this is a thing that they're going to agree to and they're going to force other people to comply? It's half the game after game is just getting people to comply. Well, you do that bite and you start with Lang. Which you control people's behavior through language, which is the definition of political correctness. Well, that's what Carlin always said that fascism is just political correctness with good manners. Are political correctness is fascism, with good manners yeah. How about we saw the clipper Lewis at governors when he was talking about this. How the you know the the millennials, whoever demanding what we call them. Yes, they are them? I I goes. Okay, I'm actually goes. Okay, I'm a location This is then he goes. I gotta come up. Something more clever, not as harsh whatever I'm a location, your mother's counties, yeah. What did you think about all that stuff? Getting leaked. About Louise Stack San Jose to really good point about that. But Dougie say
date. Don't you saying like look at this is a movie and you took that movie in filmed in the movie theater and then put it online. You would be you go to jail That's right, you're, a criminal you're, stealing right you're, exposing your ruining his work, yes, but they think they can ruin his work because he jerked off in front of some people. I don't even know, it's that I don't even know if the person that leaked it like was a Louis hater. Sometimes they make a fan, they were laughing hard. Yes, in there yeah angel, I was uh. It wasn't governor's. It was the brokerage which is the same owners a few years ago and I'm updated on my shift and working on a new hour. I looked down and the kid about fifty six throw. I see him, I see the red light. And he's got his head down. So I can down off the stage, doesn't even hear me and I grabbed the phone out of his hand. Deleted. I go to you came out if you're a fan of mine right. I got the problem find it on the whole crowd. The problem with this is it
put this shit on line, I'm working on news that sold material right, you're burning my shift. You get it yeah, it's all the other friends that listen to it for sure, and also it's not fair, because these bits are never done. Like if you want to release it half baked like when when you first start working on a bit. You have a premise: you got kind of idea where it's going course yeah, and then it eventually becomes a bit the would put on a special right yeah and they get it halfway. A recorder and it looked shitty and and and and its markets don you're doing a bit. That's complete yeah. They it becomes old so some of the things that people are saying about, Louis that the the material sloppy it's not his old stuff. You know he was working, she old stuff. You saw when it was done. I give you came the store and saw him working on a set like a few years back. You would see the same kind of stuff. I gotta couple of comments like that. When I put my last special out there like well he's doing the same stuff, you came out to see me eight hundred and ten months ago, when I was working on it. Yeah it's it's it's something in process. They don't understand, though 'cause it
seems like when you're on stage and yelling at the top. You bugging him and it seems like you're doing something that they can. Do you just talking. Oh, I know you just talk and I could talk like there's. No other art form that words just talking. That's exactly right! Nobody yells at a concert. Nobody Schneller and you know I can play bass, but I'm gonna jerk off yeah. You know me, but it stand out of so people have you know because people have made their friends laugh. Well, I I think Seinfeld side, book years ago, because you know you make your friends lab everybody's made. Their friends laugh with comic or not. Like I can do. I call people out when they look bored Maybe they have their arms folded. I go do it, you got that smug. Look on your face. I know you could so this tool, but you'd rather work at the Fucking Mattress factory eighty hours a week and make him fucking four hundred dollars. There's people out there working at the mattress factory right now listening this going man Fuckyou Nuclear will suck them. Whoa hey! how many just ignore the guy. That's Saddam thousand dollars from mattress. Joking weird
take a mattress, how much should pay you to make a mattress Am I getting it becoming palace? I have to pay paying a lot of money to build me. A mattress But you said it will follow up on that things. You have to pay for the phone, now. We did should altogether get the fuck outta here. You can make it a mattress, be easy ways I could farm laying all over the house start with my wifes boobs it went, went, went oh, come on John Deere. Where do you get this coffee, selecting delicious good? I think this is black rifle black rifle crop that name it's racist, so it's not so gun metal. Company veterans, he's got a coffee, it's good that you ran scared veteran owned you, but he's back like a Matt flags, vaginal too good for young company. I got a flag, they sent me when I did the Afghanistan USL. Thank God sent me a flag that they used in battle.
Nice. You have a folded up and I had it hanging, but then I made a gym out of my butt and whatever so I don't know where it is well, it's probably find it. I should probably put it back up should not so I brought that up. Don't worry about it! um the Louis CK set you know was very similar, in my opinion, to all the ship that he did before he got in trouble very similar, lowly same kind of material. That way he does things. I mean people forget, This is a guy who went on Saturn live in, did a joke about pedophile kind of files and about you know, maybe we should like. Let him get away with it, so they don't kill your kids. I mean this. Guy is up it's a up bit. But he was the darling of the left back then, and so he was allowed to get away with that. Yes, if he tried to do that same material, if he hadn't done that, then an instead did that now people would be fucking horrified. What is it you
but offending women or today's feminists, what it did they are at the. In my opinion, all this political correctness that we hate so much shut down. They are at the core. Well, you'll need the the I say this. The the zeitgeist of the times is like of a fat, chicks, emotion, sensitive, you can't you can't cross them. Well, it's also because people are realizing now that they can make an impact with one of the things that I read. 'cause he's doing this thing in Pitts Burg. He was doing the improv in Pittsburgh. And this lady who wrote the article wrote that he's making people put their cell phones in bags much like me Dave Chappelle on Joe Rogan. Do she used my name to you? Did it I've done it before, but I only did it when I was filling my netflix special, so I didn't want people to put in the material out alright for, I was released in the special I never towards the decided. It was too much of a pain in the ass but the. Only reason why I was doing it. It had nothing to do with. She said.
Because they know words can offend yeah, that's a no! No! I want the concert rises. Well, I'm going to put it on Netflix anyways. It's gonna be out to the public itself offensive. It's good. If you're looking to get offended, go watch wrestling special, there's plenty in there for you, but I I need to be able to do it correctly like come. I want to work it out so that it has the maximum amount of laughs with the minimum amount of of people. It the wrong way right. So this about worrying and sitting upright listening to it and maybe is a better way and you can't if somebody releases your shift and so these people that don't know many and they're saying this, like you, have no idea what the process is like you just don't, and if you, if you do so you would respect in appreciate right and the people that are comics, that don't respect and appreciate the process. Like that's where we are now, but it's just because people can make an impact. You can have a reaction just like the people yelling at her. You know that she said she said,
Oh, my grandmother be rolling over in her grave pop up, saying them: saving them they're. Just trying to get a reaction from you they're just trying to push buttons they're just knowing that they can say something and they can have some sort of an impact we're going to get Louis CK banned from here. You know we're going to get nicked APOLLO kicked out of this club. You can't come to this club. You talked negatively about women and women's empowerment and that's dangerous to girls. I only get kicked out of one place cause one of the best clubs in the country, Club Denver Comedy works. You got kicked out of the comedy works like twenty, music for what was a bachelorette party, ruining the middle guys set the the MC set, and then I went up my second time there. I think that's a great club.
And they started yelling shut out like take off, get shared yet deck? That, and I said, can we throw these fat comes out and it turns out effect can't was running the club, so I was kicked out of it. You son of a batch. Well, that's how I feel joke well. I was throwing up because of my words well and I get kicked off of smoking on stage and rooster teeth feathers. So the only two places yeah. I think that was a long time ago, though right smoking on stage oh, yes, some smoked, onstage. Oh pick up. We took her out of fat black pussycat. Do you smoke still Well you say still I just really started. I was I one thousand five hundred and twenty, This was a social smoker 'cause. The comedy cellar would be sitting across from breathing in his yet and I'm like, I might as well put a filter in my mouth.
And so I'd have one or two, but then I really picked up the pace about a year ago. What the fuck is that keeps the pound saw what Joe it's more dangerous than steroids. It's not! I don't know, I just know I like it but but uh. Oh I do really I do. What can you smoke? Marlboro lights, really yeah. I was gentle, it alights! Well I'll! Take cancer like you get a light. Tumor yeah, you gotta how many smoking today, half a pack really do you too smart for that? That's outrageous and like Joe, please you are you can't kill me wow the grandfather smoke, pall, mall, unfiltered camels
I know it's it it look. It's do I do with my fifty six fifty yeah, I do of my act, the my because, my friends, why you started to say: did I go well? Why would you start you? Twenty second after have asked cancer in your forties, I'm timing! It out. I say if a doctor tells me cancer in twenty five is going to kiss him on the lips. You see the some guys in their eighties. They look happy the like. I wish I smoking of. I know you with this approach. You would have disapproved what I just I did that your car removed yeah no exit I'd rather go. Very vain. I don't that lady bus schedule yeah. I don't mean that to some queue when she was young you're suing yes, and then she turned on to pop by the voice and everything. But I'll talk: okay, okay, yeah! When you stop using I'm, not Jews, and I take testosterone placement there. Why do you have a doctor? You don't need it! That's how I did you say. I don't need
That's why I don't need it, because I do it. If I don't do what I would look like a regular darted doing. Your old man scares me. Trust me. If I get John it good the doctor to get your hormone levels, do it tomorrow and I'll quit the cigarettes just works, quit the cigarettes promise yeah, I don't need it. I mean I destroyed my shoulders playing football. I have aches and pains, and but you know, I'm five. Five hundred and ninety three quarters two hundred and thirty that's not too bad We'll do that italian technical! That's I work density bro! I got the shot density from, but this is the biggest I've ever seen. You I've been working plus been running? I some stem cells shot into my knee you. Yeah I've had some mark MA a meniscus issues and I am a idiot. I can't let him set. I I ugh. I've got stem cells of
for an it felt good, and then I run in miles in the hills. Every day, week later still the shock and it yeah yeah yeah he's. I have slight arthritis in both knee yeah. Well stem cells help that definitely does there's a bunch of different things. You could do to help that before it gets real bad, but one of the things they are doing in Panama, and I sent my mom down there too doctor. Neil Reardon is very good yeah. You know he is not! Well you don't know. I had him on the show with with MEL Gibson and MEL Gibson's. Dad was ninety two. When he went down there was in a wheelchair, there's all fuckedup eight years and he walks one hundred years old. He's fine he's. One hundred is one hundred and eight years old. That's what happens in ninety two and live eight more years thanks for doing the math? Now that's what happens when you yell shut out? You can say racist shit, you get it off your chest. You live to one hundred. Well, it's only the booze that makes him racist. I now so watch fucking guys my hero,
I can love MEL Gibson. Has he ever made a bad movie I mean made it himself well in and maybe even a few ship ship movies. That's an octave masculinity right. I like to pop a lip, though I know it's all right. I thought that was great love. People should on that. Now is right up your alley. Yeah I loved it yeah exactly yeah, I'm I'm fascinated with that quote your co produced on. I watch the wish, which was part. Not I loved that movie. I I you know, I think, he's a reserve of very intense, very unusual eccentric guy, like just being around him. You get this sense of his energies lights on so it looks like right now. Yeah you can now yeah from LISA. Why don't have that? Like a lot of that, I think probably came like that. That character probably came from like the dark inner workings of MEL Gibson's, mind you get it, you like you like that too, though I I don't have that allergy math metric ton
kept, calling JEB Bush Low Energy yeah. I was laying on the couch going. That's fucking maze talking about I'm laying on the couch, and I hear about somebody dying, an avalanche and I watched it on tv and I left 'cause I wouldn't have a can be dropped off in a helicopter at the top of a mountain to go snowboarding yeah and then they die, I'm laughing my balls off in a bag of chips. Well, the one person he's not called anybody. Anything is Nancy Pelosi and people like why hasn't come up with a nickname for her yet yeah. You know 'cause, you can't say: content, that's going to cost him the election that will cost him two thousand and twenty cricket service. Other joke about that he's like his countdown until Trump calls. Hillary's second goal talk face. That's what I call Hiller, adding the color, what what kind of a nickname if you were going to help him like if he hired you like Nick hello C, our republican comic, to help me with my one liners. What do you think, call her on my shelf for her to the
leathery nippled, I think she was pretty good luck in each interaction and a lion. Ted, ok, yeah naughty Nancy, what we call Hillary crooked Hillary, cricket Hillary Lion TED, how 'bout allergy? how about it, yeast in in heels, how 'bout lying liberal hum flagstick. Do you know that she's worth uh huh million dollars. Yes, I do but represents the little people joke she rep ' that's the working class. You know she has. Talking walls around her mansion. Meanwhile, people laying their own feces in San Francisco with Laura Loomer, checked the chick that handcuff yourself to twitter. She hopped nancies, fence and start setting up a like a migrant camp. Did you see that
What was the result? Illegal, she's, doing something illegal, she's trespassing, I would say it should be able to ask on this fence- is a moral right, build that wall or don't? I also, at the wall still, but when we have machine guns and tanks and flamethrowers like I picked, you don't have to I'm serious about that you're going to laugh, okay, you don't have to, but I love how we rule out lethal force. As far as protecting outboard that's not even on the plate. So I it's two able to pick somebody off as they climb the but okay, you something Leslie Phyllis Super soaker, look at this with a woman and baby trying to come over here? Yes, that's who's coming over: it's not fuckin' multi Twenty year old, males, save the women and children, whatever just push them up the wall would do them, send it back to where the fact that came from you have no sympathy.
Those folks are trying to come over here, the ones that, where immigrant yeah children absolutely. When did your parents come over my grandparents mine as well at the turn of the century like nineteen? Oh two, one thousand nine hundred and three yep, they should have stayed in ITALY. I think people should have stayed in Poland. The Irish have stayed in Ireland have known each APOLLO. It would be great if this is an experiment. That is not working, but you gotta admit it. So fuck is wrong with you. Watch these viral video. It's not really a joking around, but it kinda seem. I seem a little bit more dour well our previous conversations. We've had, I was faking it. You I was taking a truck came along, and I said I can say they should skip this uh my chest to lighten cheering us remember my bed. I had a great bit about immigration. How is like having a big party, but you have to contribute to the party member, the bed until my arms, the Irish brought. The Bose Italians brought the food
Okay now I said you know, I do remember, remember yeah yeah, the Mexicans Headfucker will clean up afterwards. Yeah I loved it and uh, but no I look. I defend Latinos all the time on my shop. They, like Italians, were at the turn of the century, yes hard working and when you watch the news and you see a lot of people dying, you know fighting for us. Let a latino names in there. So I'm a big fan. That's not the problem, you know so, but I don't think he should be labeled bigot if you believe in securing the borders and it's immoral? How but all the heroin coming over satellite? Oh, I mean other line over there to pay attention to the Chapo trial. The bring a ships, cargo ships, most of it's coming over in car yeah. Sopranos. They said eight out of ten cargo ships, never get yes, Yes, I remember that I was talking to a guy was a longshoreman about that is again on. Don't know what the folks in those things
and that creepy one I'm going to blow up. That's the Can you put the don't give him any ideas already have these ideas. They called me up and said: that's not a bad idea. How did she get punched? Who? Why did that? Lady punch you? It was a twenty year old, bipolar girl. I levity live, I did a show, came off stage went into the green room for a few minutes and then came back out and I was standing to the left of the stage and I don't always shake hands and do all that yet after the show, I just don't feel it's in the job description. Sometimes I'll do it. Sometimes I want, but some people started coming up to me and shaking hands and taking pictures and this guy approaches Maine so look like you. A little bit stands to my right and he goes. Can I get a pic I'm not sure stand in my right, I'm looking at him talking to him he's like yeah, like the show, but my daughter wanted to punch you in the face. He didn't even finish. The word face. And I get suckered from this. I didn't even know she was in the locker room, all sudden bam, whoa
and I mean bam. I mean plugging. You know I was, I don't know if you ever get bucking suckered I could feel the I closing immediately. You know- and I looked right to him. This is how good my instincts were. Even when I was in shock, I go. Did you just fucking set me up now? It's nothing like that, Matt he didn't jump in and he didn't jump in and go to his daughter. What are you doing? It was kind of like to this day believe it was complicit he was complicit in but some still pursuing it? What did she? If I did. I finally looked at her. I go white why'd, you why'd, you do that, because you're mean she thought I was racist and sexist. Meanwhile, there was a table of black people dominican. It was very diverse. Crowd, abs, love death coming to my defense. After that happened, nobody get offended. You A friend of mine have seen me a million times. You won't even be in the political that night that she had a bird
stocks on it. You know bipolar and I'm still pursuing it and the guy didn't apologize, nothing. He was. He didn't apologize, but he I said you just fucking said no. I didn't man, it's nothing like that. You know I she said I shouldn't have brought here brought her here, but you did your weapon, you're bipolar daughter, is what you did, I believe they sat down at the table before they left the house. He knows what I did for comedy and he hated. He didn't have the balls to do it himself. He think yeah, that's what I think look at you It works so I'm going to work with those kettle bells before I leave here, I'm going to find this motherfuck I'm going to get you on a bike and get you to burn off some energy. She just crossed my pieces MIKE Rifle Coffee. I loved it veteran owned coffee. It's very potent! I want to contribute. Well, if anything, veteran's day, I got some bags for you I'll, get you some great stuff but yeah, so the fuckin' hike you had the funniest This is what's funny about it for years. People tell me, you know, keep your temper in check it bye, bye, bye. You know you're up curate on Bob. I mean here that the years after this happened
all gone. Why did you hit her back? What do you I? I you you tax to be like the next day or that night. I can't remember- and you said you couple this made me: laugh- five minutes ago? Joe goes. I thought she was going to bring her back shoulders. I want to fuckign leg whip her, which made I laughed so hard because she's his frail thing and if you like, what do you take our legs clear up, like a helicopter blade, I was belly laughing for five you'll like weapon, this leg, kicker yeah. What I don't think it was at I would. I is okay. Excuse me: well, you got a unless someone punch you, the real problem is like some of the garbage yeah I saw on the part of the heart that clip of you in the pot. Well, I have a permanent dent in my face. Yeah, you can see it. A permanent dent, I don't she had a ranger, really there's a little dent there. Yeah like we had a ring on You someone can hit you right now, all right and jobs good for you. I want to embarrass you, you could lose your vision, I mean that's. A hundred percent possible happens be bald. I had a slight concussion. She really put Kerr
flood? I'm not shocked, especially if you didn't know what I mean. What would you have done? I don't know. I hope I win the done when I think of what I know, because you could lose a lot of trying to get insurance for that, it might. The real problem is when you're, not thinking when you get hit, and then you immediately respond. That's a real problem, because what you've seen the video, the giant six foot, five guy, who punch that eleven year old girl on the phone? Yes, she edit comma she well. She definitely shouldn't have walked up to win whether it was set up and she definitely should have pushed him first, but he definitely should have punched her in the face his big giant, fucking guy, I know with a nice shot, you don't want, you don't want to punch a girl, you don't want him, Did you don't we don't want to go into that reptilian part of your brain either the just response to being assaulted? No, that was that's a dangerous but I saw you that remember that clip years ago, even the parking lot at the comedy store argue with some broad. Oh, that feminist
and I just mean I thought you were going to there. I was trying to be nice to the meanest people on there. I was nice to that lady for a long time until she's coming down when she's going to she's going to- hit me with their cigarette. I'm like listen, you're, not doing anything, I always want to what's going to happen next. This is so stupid. People think they can get away with things like that will depend worldly them if you were in alone, in a parking lot with that girl and she punched in the face like that. What if I even fucking cracker there, what if I hit I said this and I've been making this point. You want true gender equality. If we had it, I could've fuckin' knocked her. The fuckery and everybody went, you know what she had it coming. We all went home. Well, they would've been that's not the world. We live in grapevine, so you showed amazing restraint in not hitting her back 'cause. I wasn't drinking and what? What if you were drinking? I would've probably wrestled there at least yeah I've been to fair slap yeah. I would've gave her from behind the dirty one. Oh yeah, I woulda came from here.
You ever, that video there's a kid black kid walking down the street and some black neighbor and he's rapping assumption and this black kid walks up behind like in a wife, beater and wine. Up from his salt with an open hand, It will blow your ears out if you had the headphones yeah, but I I was proud of itself and that's why I was laughing after the incident of people. I know who've been telling me, you know cool it or whether he should keep you They were all like cash out, Fuckin' body select. My aunts like you should have a couple so proud of myself. For for once that I was you know, I was the mood in the adult in the room and I I I you know I know and the times we're living in it wouldn't matter the circumstance of toxic masculinity. If, if I croak there
Well I don't know man if somebody punches you and you punch him back. I don't know what the fucking rules are, but I don't I mean she's, obviously very small little bit of real problem: 'cause she's small, but you shouldn't be fucking hitting people. What you said you were working on it like that you're still in the middle of it like. What's going on with it? Yes, I I'm pursuing it and they it's just so you can tell they don't give a fuck The dna was a woman in that county and now she's off case for some reason they shuffled, but they went. They know it should be assault aggravated something. Of course you can't go 'cause. If you don't get that, I can't sue her civilly if I lost that would hurt my case at least that's the logic they were telling me. So they try get her like second degree harassment and now they're there's a new woman on the case and she said they they're making her go to anger management and she has mental issues.
And I'm not looking for money, I just want to make an example of her so worn out. Why not pursue it as assault? It's clearly assault I know you do you. Will you tell me so? Is your lawyers decision to not pursue it was not now nobody will personal. Nobody wanted to take the case, because I'm fine, really yeah the like a wow. He is sites not up you're, not in a wheelchair. You know, but yeah did I give to learn. Credit for that? Much they're, honest, it's all about the money, but that screen, but I found the guy this guy and funk was a lawyer who was a marine, and I said he he contacted me, and he put me in touch first with a russian woman who who took about three of my calls and she could tired because it was no money involved and then he hooked me up with another guy another lawyer who right now I'm dealing with but yeah they will all right front that if there's no money involved in you know primarily you not gonna, you know, but I guess I don't want money and this guy sort of agreement
and we found guys marine, he just wants to make an example. She said I was racist and sexist so I just want because I'm not looking for money, but it's her father that really pisses me off she's nuts. How old is broad it's like twenty twenty one goes to school and up. New York so she's, not that not she lives on her own, but it's the fucking old man that was complicit in and I think he actually used. Hers is like a web, that night. It seems like you'll be way harder to prove. Yes, she was that he was complicit yeah. It would be to. I agree that she punched- you know I agree, do she apologize ever never she she which is normally where you take pictures with fans and she was crying and she realize what you've done or whatever you know they took her like the psychiatric Hosp so there saying well, you know you know, so I just want
make an example of her. That's all I I don't I'm not looking for but uh. You know that's ridiculous. And the next time I will head back. You think yeah, don't know way to make sure you confusing me now it's too little or give me a kick. That would just like her freeze, all three of am for an e golf, Leave the pussy with the beehive I don't want to lose my knee, I do They don't have, but I'm not going to hit on that. I wasn't raised that way, even in the future, if somebody does not I'm not, I would I I would never well you've been proved. Dabbing are going to prove it because you haven't done it, he didn't do it. You had the the ultimate opportunity somebody actually hit union him. That's one of my proudest moments. Yeah should be should be proud of that I've been missing. You ever get into it with the fan. Who is somebody in the audience know I've been twice once I'm the comic store got through a drink of Maine. I only ship him and how do you,
strain yourself, I remember, essentially invited him to get old. How did you do that man come up here? Come up here, I'll show you what's up and who you are in control with drinking. Some has him in his dad the roof heckling everybody before the show before I go onstage rather through heckling. Everybody is a long time ago, Cpo, two thousand three. Two thousand and four, and he knows who you are, and he knows your sister Pussey. He just he just threw up my way. We wanted to get famous. Well, he didn't even want to get famous. There was no social media back then not speak of people aren't getting famous or things you in the paper he just a drunk asshole interrupting comedy the comedy store back then had zero protection.
But you please, in the room, Cloudcrowd room right, no, no crowd crowd control at all, but yeah, it's fucking! It's an issue with people they drinking right, especially if you get crazy people that are drinking weird stuff can happen. It's unfortunate yeah! It's just you know people that don't have respect for performers to they don't have respect for what you're doing that it's difficult and if they disagree with you, they think they're disagreeing. Even if it's just a you don't even know where the joke is going, they'll interrupt and they'll yell stuff out and they've. Just no! No regard for the form that you're in the fact there's hundreds other people that are there to see you it's about their mind and their selfish notion that they want to get out right away and they and they have no idea how little it takes to throw up the balance of the room, yeah, just a slight confrontation just see this talent somebody to shut up and all of a sudden like you're, the bad guy and a lot and somebody right up front, so they can hear you know you know, and then it looks
good. Just scolding, somebody for no reason you have had that too, and I'm super sensitive somebody farts in the 52nd row. I can hear it or whatever I am. I just have that you know yeah. Well, you know I blur I've got a workaround affect. You know exactly exactly how me, because you do you study. What's going on, I read their faces and what not and I'm really good at it and thought if I see one person laughing out of six hundred, not last yeah you've always been like no, but I fixed it. I just expect fixed it years ago, while after about twelve club said, listen, you gotta, stop doing but you know what I am so much better in and and not hitting her approved it right. Now all I I had a broad because they had nothing to do with me had Gotham a couple years ago. What was it two tables were fighting amongst each other. I heard about that, was hilarious. Talk about hitting a girl. I just stood on the stage I love it. I fell
Marty Bro, so you get comics have a lot of pumpkin us. You know I did, but I didn't start. This function. Brawl breaks out, I'm watching it, two labels, girls and guys in, but there's a girl in the middle with their fists up like she took free fuckin'. Five o clock cycle classes, she's an she, takes a swing and hit one of the bounces. I watch this other bound to come across the room and drop her like a fucking use rubber. I mean hit her like. She was a guy. Really Oh, my god, I don't know how this guy didn't do jail, but these broads. This is what This feminist movement is taking him now they jump in every time. You see a fight in a football game. This stands as women involvement, yet they really fucking think sorry, but legislation. You can't fuckin' legislate the dna out of us they're, always in the middle of it. You notice that a lot of fun broads think they could get out now will do our bun right have a delete all but yeah yeah. They seem to any wonder woman movies. What exactly they've been
I'm washed well, there's a lot of people in general that think that go around punching people like how about all these uh Antifa dorks that are at least show your face. Well, they're starting fights with people, and they have. Why do you have fight the swinging of people you one guy a guy swing, This guy, with a bat or with a baton, the guy catches, the baton, a touches in the face and Kos on in his head snaps, back in his head, bounces off the concrete when he falls down it's awful to watch like what the fuck made. You think you could just hit a man with a stick. 'cause. You guys disagree with each other yeah an and you're right when they interview him after a lot of times they not even after a fight, but they tend to be some of these in tv they sound like almost swishy some of 'em squishy like homosexual, five weeks of feminine well there that want to become a look. Look. The NT four is just like any other group of people. They they they give. They give you a community whether it's a
hang or whether it's what would a criminal organization or what you know what whatever it is, people fall in line with the sensibilities of that organization and then you do, what you can to support that organization to show that you're, a valued member and then we start wearing their phucking ski masks and hitting people with sticks and everybody's practicing karate in the park. 'cause he kept going to be able to defend themselves. The whole thing is ridiculous, but because they'll it has no value outside of that. Isn't it weird right you that look? My parents were hippies and when I grew up, I always thought that people on the left were peace, loving. That was, that was what the the the the knock was there. Were peace loving well educated, but you're. Seeing now people in the left like these certain factions of them, not all of 'em but people that are calling for violence, they violent pacifists- ironically, yes, Well, they don't want to do it themselves with their calling for other people to do right, yeah right they're calling for.
Pirates like that kid, with the mag hat, like Raisa Azlan Bro, have you ever seen a more punchable face, yeah? What the fuck are you saying yeah, You know it's like this extreme lack of empathy for young people to like young people that don't. Online with their ideas, they don't give a fuc fuc that kid punch him thrown in jail, lock him up it's just like, there's a lack of empathy in a lack of thought behind it. It's very And social media is only throwing gas on that? Yes, and then you got these russian accounts that are firing. Shop on both sides that are attacking from the left and the right, I think, that's a way bigger issue than people think I think these these troll farms and these people that are of setting up the- it's fake accounts and just getting people piled up. Maybe I think there's a lot of fuckin' lemmings out there and I told you Krisha. They fall into these arguments like how many people do you know that get involved in twitter arguments and then they they still with those arguments all day. They keep checking their men.
Mens Rea heavily involved that if someone can get you involved in and like if the Russians can get a group of dummies involved in that kind of thing could literally we changed the way people are interacting which it with each other they're, making the interactions more aggressive, more violent. So you think it's the rush, I think it has something to do with it. I think there's a polarization between the left and the right period, but I think they are dead. They throwing gas on yeah this thing, I was reading or that listening to rather this SAM Harris, Podcast, very fucking, interesting because they're talking about that we actually know about the data and where it's coming from and how these people are doing this and how they're setting these things up, yeah. That guy the comment that you and I talked about again- that clip of this Russian, who is a former KGB guy who defected to this country, explaining how it works.
One back in the 80s, explaining exactly how it works and what he was saying. This is thirty something years ago. Thirty years ago, is going down exactly explained, Putin is occasionally guy call Krisha yeah, I mean that's this idea that Trump's working with them is fucking silly. Well, I don't know about that, I don't think he's working with them to undermine democracy, but I definitely think they've got some business dealings. I mean they were Well, that's right! That's not illegal to penthouse in Trump! It's not illegal! None of that is illegal. Don't take that for me. Take that from Alan Dershowitz, don't smarter than both of us. I'm not it's illegal, but I don't think that he was honest about that. He said I don't do any dealings with Russia. I don't have any business with Russia and he definitely did. This is not true. Well, we'll see. Also that's what the target and they're not going to get it for anything. You don't think so. You think he's going to just Well, maybe impeachment about even on on what Kay I don't even know what they get him. I high crimes and misdemeanors. I don't I don't know what what he's done to talk
about building a tower in Moscow is not illegal to have business and what do you? What did he lie about specifically? Well, there's a lot like what we could pull it up. Let's, let's find out all the things, we're gonna salon, dot com or you can go to a million different websites. I know what you would like to tell us a good. We do. We do said Alice at the the and social media, Telz laps. So yes, social media does we're not talking about pulling up social media page when you pull I don't know washington- has stomach. I'm like I'm, not a trump scholar. I haven't. I have at my disposal all the different times of the live, but it's a lot. So? What do you think's going to happen to you think they'll impeach me? No resign or what I don't know like. I'm, not I'm not claiming to be any sort of an expert in Lee proceedings. I have no idea either. That's why I quoted Dershowitz yeah. I think well, isn't there. She was working with Trump now, leonea, so that's right there. Actually, I always gotta dutch words: 'cause, he's tracking lip trump average fifteen.
Now- he's missed Roosa day, two thousand and eighteen almost triple the rate from a year of ok but hold on a second. What's the end, and then season mistruths, it's a european paper hat, but is meant a little odd fifteen a day, not because I don't always making a claim. I don't know the exact same inaccuracies. You do you doubt that it's true, you think, that's all lie that is made up the fact that allows a lot about our allies about what First of all, it's a definition of a lie. Don't see, it says Washington, those who they hate, the restaurant does yeah. Who is president made one one point: nine NI, nine such claims, two thousand eighteen for the last day of two thousand yeah, you don't know the Washington. Does he that's my point? But what? But, what's with see what it says I mean they can't allow, the total figure visited to seven thousand six hundred. So you think they just made up all these lives, not all of 'em, I'm sure, but you could. You could go back with Hillary and Viking count. You could go to
go to Fox NEWS and then put all that pull up an article. How many times Hillary was inaccurate. Do you what a whataboutism is a whataboutism? when someone talks about something and it's set of refuting it with facts, so yeah. Well, what about Hillary? What about bill build it into what about this? What about you know you gotta tell whataboutism, that's what I just committed, because you were saying that Hillary lied, but you both agree, but you making my point you're going to Washington Post. That's just Jamie pulled up the independent. We could go anywhere but hold on a second I'm with I think Hillary is a liar. I think she deleted. Thirty so I think it's criminal. I think that the Clinton Foundation is a fuckin', fully illegal organization. I think they rigged the Dnc. I think they rigged queries against right, I'm with you, I'm not a supporter. I'm not saying you are, but once it last time somebody made a statement like that and then that this many in accuracies when Bill Clinton was in office? So I don't think he likes or or Hillary or whatever I'm sure there was some in accuracies, but first of all, when Bill Clinton was in office, they weren't
Khan Obama'S- I don't know but that's a whataboutism saying we're just talking about. Trump. You were saying that Trump doesn't lie, and they're, saying the lies, I'm not shooting doesn't lines up. First of all, he said: was he like? No, first of all, you know I like the definition of a lie, if he missed state something, I think it does exactly I'm sure, sometimes when you're talking that much so if he lies one thousand nine hundred times, example of a blatant yeah, that's buckets Washington Post its horsh. It I don't know why do you think I watch it all eyes light ball of it. He said no he's a bullshiter for sure. Yes, but I mean Joe, would you are, but they have been trying to take him down since he came down that fuckin' escalator. How about the deep state? How about the about the fuckin' dossier? What why is it when we know? What does that mean the dossier? What dossier the fake dossier
Christopher Steel, that they used to get them the vote. Five application it'll. What that what you're talking about? I just did they know what I'm talking about? No, no! No, they don't they don't because I don't know what you mean the dossier. The fact that remember they said they had this argument. They had yes, they had. You have hold on this, so you're being willfully ignorant. No, I don't know that Nick Nick, I don't know hey, I'm explaining hold on a second do you know I've heard this or terms. I've heard yes and it's tough, but you don't know the full extent? Yes yeah? Well, this is what I'm talking about. This is as story is, anything Trump has done. What is the story, this mail, dot, ca that Hillary used, they went, he had to get a application. The FISA Courts and they went they used Dnc opposition Christopher Steele, who is a british guy, had connect? things in Russia remember when they said. Crop was at hotel and watching girls peeing on each other. That was all in the steel dossier, Christopher Steele's name. They use that in their application
you get a five to want to spy on Trump during his campaign. That's fact: that's not me being a right winger. That is fact okay, so, but the fact that but like that, you don't know that yeah. I remember that now, that's what I'm talking about you that's a story as Trop. You know lying about the number people people's inauguration. I want to know the I want to know a live from Trump: that's equal equal in power is like when Obama said that yeah, you know a lot about healthcare that you could keep your health care and all that give me an example of tribe with that big of a lie.
Well, listen! I told you I mean that's why I'm not saying it doesn't on presidents lie. All politicians lie, so I'm just saying they start to count it when Trump took over they started. Keeping you know will be keeping. So it's really just like what give me an example like look, we just showed you all the numbers of the Washington Post positive posts. So if I give you another example, you're going to say: oh that's why this is so long, but if you go to salon dot, com salon, dot com, alright will go to. I don't know what you know gotten more done than any other administration. Ok, this is a lie, so true blah blah see. Now Somebody says: that's a lie. Well, let's see what it said. Jamie go back to what you doing but who's I think that's a lie, but let's see, let's see see what our as Jesus Christ you're, so defensive. It's like to work for the organization. I don't but you're putting you I'm saying when I was in Washington PA this is in the wash and what what is it in the in the Senate, all the employees okay and be
Ok, so the ones that look man, I'm just reading. What it's in front of me. I know- and I'm just here so emotional about this- is that cool cups of coffee and Michelle had to hurry I'll play. Well, you know I'm right, I don't know your body forward. Talking you better. Tell me, you don't know that the mainstream media hates Trump, but you gotta do you. Why would you put your fuckin'? Because I want to know you whether or not they are saying what is fact stop stop doing that Jamie go back to where it was. You can't go, says Trump later. That. He intended the UN moment to garner a laugh. That is, this claim seriously since ok, so he says that my alternative, ministration is accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of the country. So this is just That's an exaggeration! That's hyperbole and people were laughing when he said that, and so he was saying that he meant to say it as a laugh. Ok, there are varying measures of success. But it's not true that Administration has been more successful than any other administration in history. When it comes
legislation trump aside plenty of bills. This first uses President Barack Obama his first. Years has significantly more sign significantly more okay. This is just one thing. I mean I'm sure, there's many many other things you could keep going over and over again, I'm with you, That's actually not a bullshiter, but I'm just saying all the sudden. They keep score when he said something that keeps score because he lied so much well, I'm just keeping who's keeping score. Unfucking Hillary was Secretary of State Senator in Washington, Secretary of State, and I don't know how much she lied as opposed to how much he relies. Alot bigger is about her fucking server and about the steel dossier that that is huge. That is getting under covered, like nobody's been dead that dwarfs Watergate. When they unmasked Mass General Flynn that that that dwarfs Watergate. That's interesting conversation. I don't know. If that's the truth, I don't know enough about all right, but I don't like that either. Ok, is it the coffee going on here
Well yeah. Why is it strung out quickly, since, when you going to create wonderful guy, not it's just I'm just these. If I'm against you not against me, even if you were, that will be fine, but I'm not you're, not against me, but I'm just saying to call Trump a big. Why then the fog and every other politician is an exaggeration. I don't know why the mainstream media, who hates his guts, I think most politicians are liars. I think there is a lot like a custom to doing that, but I think the way he lies is unusual. What's the weather in Israel unusual. You don't think so. He he, it's like statements like. That is an exaggeration, although he did do a lot in his first couple years would never get credit for it. You know unless you watched Fox news you're not going to but
Would you agree that as you get older, you become more like more conservative? No, I was always a bit of a deck. I get attached to a mix of my house. I thought it was yes, no. I would say that was that's a fee. What do they say about if you're young, you know if you're, young and conservative, you have no soul? no heart. Yes, Liberal really has no mind yeah like that. Yeah I would say that's true, but I could always detect the bulk and I mean I mean I remember watching CNN in an airport when I first started comedy and it's like one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight you know and excited at some of the ship. It's interesting because uh I don't Ruth you on everything, and I love you as a person you're great guy. I like you, a lot, always happy to see you, but yet you- and I hear get a little heated talking about this stuff, but this is politics. This is how divisive polity sorry if even a person like, but I would never, I would never fuckin'. I would never,
leave here gone, I don't do that, show again on the show right. I know this is for a rainy with no engine for thirty years. Yeah. You know it's not that's not the problem. What I'm saying is I'm just using his example, how divisive politics so lonely when people talk about it now, you know I mean a lot of people are right. Yes, yeah! I I'm not afraid of a lot of people are fated bad vibes, bad feelings. Then this is one of the things, but this is one of the things that makes people to the line, the fear of this kind of altercation to fear of this kind, like you, don't want that from inside your party, so you right. You start using they and them. You start thinking that everyone be able to use any bathroom that they feel like they identify with you start start going along the line. It's one of the more interesting things about politics is that if you tell me that you are republican, I can kind of your stance on God, I can kind of guess, your stance on being pro life or pro choice. Second
right, like all those things sort of fall in line, and it's very interesting. It's very interesting how you you sort of adopt, not you but people, sort of adopt a whole. A group of things when you decide you're a republican side, you're a democrat right. I don't but yeah. I don't think I fall into that. How do you feel about guns? Yeah? I am what kind of guns yeah I'm a young one, just one yeah, I'm not a big gun guy as far as abortion. At that time, I don't want to say pro choice, but I'm not I'm not pro life. One of the reasons is, if you like, I gotta dad, was dying of Alzheimer's watching him. It's the saddest thing. If I could kill him tomorrow to put him out of his misery. I would I think you could take him to Oregon the states that allow that other states that allow people
I think I go over state lines either. Is it like all of the staff? No, there was a girl was dying of cancer who went to Oregon. For that very reason. Yeah there were organ, is one of those were, but once I'm I might be saying it wrong, but I think the ideas are a right to a dignified death. No you're right, just read about yeah, look man. The idea that you're supposed to just keep staying alive to heart stops beating really horrible pain. Silly, it's it's it's evil we get down to it. You don't have to put my dog down. Okay. I love this dog of Adam Adam for thirteen years and I had to put him down because you can walk me when you do chill comma. I brought him to a place in only they actually came to my house actually and they put him down sad shed, but but you can't do that for a ninety eight year old man I was falling apart, you have to let him eventually stop. Breathing right. You know, which is sad. All the right should go out the window.
Should be your first right. It is God, damn life yeah yeah! That's! Why couldn't be like pro choice? a pro in all pro life or whatever, and then and I go girls pregnant when I was younger- and I was glad- was a planned parenthood. Whatever it was, you know the guy in the alley, with the stick, I think his name is Dave. So I don't but- and she his job it. You know what is in showbiz, because it's a pretty liberal business. If, if you're like, if your right on two of ten issues, you're like a right, you know I mean I get old, all right, a chastened, it's my favorite, oh my god. They keep coming up with that. What yeah. You can call me all right because I'm pretty left wing on most yeah, they call so they come in all right, adjacent properties. I have people, you want now, maybe more, all right adjacent because you Could you in that silly? You have me on to you know: you'll, listen is probably you know like you,
Listen to this guy and agree, then forget that should be a feather in your cap and they get a hold it against you yeah what you're selling? Well, you know what to do. It's not rational, but again it's people trying to have an effect on you. The trying to have an effect the trying to make some weights try to do something, the writing, blogs or creating videos. What they're doing it to try to put pressure on you? It's interesting tweet, it's we're from! psychological perspective, you looking at it from the outside. You know it's it's just certain states concerning when it's happening to you when you you can step back and look at it like it's interesting. It's like the systems are opposing each other and they're they're, trying to figure out where the weaknesses are and how to how to push to but the other side yeah, and it's not- and it's not just left right. You know it's bigger than that. So you know what was the book I read. What's the place where they go to meet every year. Bohemian grove-
burger Bilderberg group. That was one of my favorite books, the truth about the Bilderberg group and um. What goes on there in the powerful people that meet and people are saying it's probably ten guys in a room that from the whole fuckin'. Well, ok, but you show me them until then I'll stay in the left, right fight and have fun. Right. The idea is that there's ten guys to control everything and they don't give a of its left or right to just about money. It's what yeah. The left right, Rockefellers were involved, and, and but it's weird that was really if they planchet out decades ahead, they plan on education yeah decades ahead though, and it comes true, like they write a sitcom script that that last for fifty Yearwood Plot points it was that book was incredible. I can't remember the authors name but yeah but I don't I don't mind I used to sit at that time at the comedy cellar. That's how tough crowd came about.
Patrice yelling at each other about Rachels, yet tough crowd was a great fucking show, but I really am worried that you couldn't have a show like that. I know you should be no let me assure when I'm not take left right, but who would be to blame for that that that's? Why? I lean right and I think. And you do in some areas- you're, I mean you're, an artist your stand up, I cannot be. I cannot vote with the party. For groupthink, we get a bothering. No, not just it does bother me 'cause. I, like the guy, he's great he's. I don't agree with him on a lot of things, but it seems like a very nice guy, an I like Adam. I do to both those guys there's a lawsuit he's, bringing a lawsuit that I think, it's going to go along way, there's
because they were labeling, it show hate speech, maybe it's back up or whatever, but I know that store you can find that anywhere. There's a real concern that the ideologies behind these tech companies all go in one direction and they have the overwhelming control of the narrative because Yes, they are all week. And we're getting all of our information. Most people are getting it on their phones. Most people are getting a lot of their media on their phones. That Netflix said something like fifty percent of the people that watch my special watch it on the phone. That's amazing, I mean it's crazy. The people are so the all this stuff is coming from these tech companies doesn't happen, then that kind of bother you that it's the phone, because when I hear that not that matter, my specials. But when I pick somebody watching something I found you don't have the full attention they're doing other things yeah, I mean suppose, is sitting in front of the computer and the tv it kind of bug you you put all that work into it.
There there on the subway watching it, and I he I don't pay attention when I can control hi does make me not in got to get over the Do you love it? I'm going to have to try those little little one I'll give you a little one. Just once not. Today I gotta drive to San Diego. I was perfect, may track traffic, Mushrooms. Time is your show. I know I'm plugging What time is your show at seven hundred and thirty? It's four. I pulled up on Waze. It says if I leave it three, it's going to take four hours. Oh you better, leave it too then, It's almost coming out now did I say wrong Jones. Anything wrong coffee, but, like I just woke, drove there last week for Brendan Shop specially to show Showtime Special HOLLAND. It took me five and a half hours to get down. There took me for ever flying. I didn't when I was in bringing up for this. I thought I saw you.
Show there tonight hi. My name is my my my manager. My man is that he's doing me a favor, just pull it up in Google. Just go all out on the way right now: yeah! Well, Google! Do it too, if you just Google, I'm aware where's the gig, where yeah Comedy Palace, eight, ladies, don't put You know, you know where he is. I don't show up then you're going to throw that you, racist piece of Shitfuck. It's accessed. You hate women I am an answer it is it's like, in euro. Future females of Future I'll? Take my life tonight. That's horse! Anyways hairy! technical girls who can't get laden they turned their Angus, some missed pretty they just they haven't met a stripper. Who is a feminist? Yet oh wow, I've talked almost two in the last forty years, three hundred and forty five right now, three hours and forty three hours and forty five minutes to clock it. Ok, if you leave right now,
You get there an hour before the show he kicked me out. You know, I don't know we I think I'll make a across when I'm nervous about, and I'm just being honest nervous about. Is that it's going to get worse eating Lee longer in the next our you understand. It's making me nervous Your nervous, because I was in I I was the one is that when I got to get out a little early, but you gonna go you'll, be fine. You'll gets to the I got down to San Diego on Saturday night I was delirious. I've been three small. And in fact, in fumes, this fumes from the highway 'cause everything was stop and go the whole way that might try to catch a flight. If you can The only way I'm not going to the Fucking airport, let's watch it out yet, but I would rather walk run the This is the only thing that saved me is rocking out my car. It was a. It was horrible drive down for the whole world lives here, of course, can be harmful. Now the the the real Americans live in the Middletown day. Jesus land, yeah Flo, was a rattle in Ohio. What
we like to work. Where is your favorite place to see? That's where I'm going to get you San Francisco? I love San Francisco, I'm a kid and haven't been there in years. They loved me was in the hospital because well they did work happy that someone's, like bucking the trend. That's right! Well, that's how it used to be, but that's how left wing and then fucking stupid, they've turned into Bobby Slayton could have run for mayor of San Francisco right yeah yeah Does he still play out there? All I have not seen they loved me. I almost won that competition. They had me at the punchline twice a year for like three years. I love the punch line and then of a sudden. You know now go, but I don't what's top people of silly! I bet you kill down south in Atlanta now those people are, they all have guilt complexes being racist and bigots. So when you do something off color they're laughing under their cowboy hats, what about Cleveland Cleveland tough one. For me. They don't have a like. They don't have, like I don't know my sarcasm is almost there almost two midwest for me:
I mean, honestly God really: what about Columbus? I don't do Columbus. Why don't you do Columb Yes, I don't know already Lang got in trouble for Viking doing black jokes there. I don't do black jokes, I'm just saying I don't know so I thought he Lang got in trouble. There still like oh scratch, that well it's too dangerous black black black bouncer complain. 'cause, he did a black joke. I'm like oh, that sounds like a great club yeah. This is the funny bone. Yeah, it's a great fucking club. I know I'll get there get over there. I will go get there. No, because it's changed a lot since I just because I thought it's. I want to do small, theaters, John One to clubs. Okay, you know yeah, I'm I'm doing this to cover the cost to come out here tonight and I'm doing the Torah, the comedy club because I'd well, that's a good, but it's fun. The chinese restaurant, well, it's an actual club. Upstairs it's a chinese restaurant. It is not it's a comedy club. I worked it What do you mean in chinese restaurants connected to a Chinese made chinese food there? Oh it's connected
right so don't make it sound. Like I'm standing in the kitchen, I've worked there at the most people is coming up the fuck, it's a good spot. I love it. So I'm doing that Sunday. I'm not scared to work at chinese restaurant is this coming out. This is stream live right, yeah comedy panel come see, I'm counting on it 'cause. I did not radio polishing their knuckles right now, good, I'm fucking! I have two nights in my cock. I bring that samurais. Can I bring that one hundred year old spoiled. I want to give you some sort of protection. I don't want to give you a weapon, please. I can do twelve deep, knee bends nobody's going well. Um would about it meant for fifty seven, I'm how you look good, I'm hanging in there specially for no hormone replacement. I not get you on the sauce. You don't think that's! My first call me yeah yeah again get you to a doctor will take care. You figure out.
But your blood levels are at getting the right doctors near me in New York. Right now for sure, there's alot near you, gotta get you over these, though Gageana these. Well, you got there one yeah. I know I heard it that marijuana doesn't help. You go to sleep or something like one of those guys. Now I can't hear my break took it. I took eighteen fanatic yeah. I was like doing acid. For me, I was watching Bob Newhart and also now is in the in this bucket show was in black and wife. Wife was not my wife and my house is not my house. I got all this is so this is from a little bit of an edible. Those are strong, they're making him they're, making him strong doing horrible things to people out here, but now they have new rules work. Yet H, edible has to be ten milligrams, which is, let's do doable, but here's the thing: anybody measuring those fucking things how 'bout Cbd schedule, I I took I I wanted to a bar in New York in the box and pushed it on me. They were like he had like a campaign.
And the problem was. I had already had a couple drinks, so I couldn't tell, but I slept good when I took yeah Cbd is amazing, yeah yeah, some there's a little bit more money, but it's very little. Most of it is very little, but it's really good for your joints and for aches and pains inflammation and stuff like that, for a lot of people is good for anxiety. You know, I don't have any of that is cool as a cucumber. Wow amazing cigarettes? Amazing! That's what keeps me cool? What about Texas? Do I work in Texas yes yeah. I I I I a b, I gotta be honest. I haven't been to do these places in awhile, but yeah and I go to Texas. No, I did I was that I was in Dallas and some of the jokes that make people Elsewhere, we're getting round of applause in Dallas anytime, I said: I'll. Just you know not in hateful way my truck tonight, but you know if you say Jew, and so I said in a way it sounds heat that does sound, that's where at low. He does a bit about that. I owe you, I you
just ask Luis when we lived together like well. How can we first moved to New York? I said I hear people saying yeah he's a job or whatever, and nobody gets mad and stuff because in both somebody said in it back in jail, but uh, but Dallas was great for me, so douses, Graham Houston, Houston's, Great Austin, right Texas, the you I I when album in Houston, Austin ON, did you at the laugh stop in the yes, I did an album. Is it there? No more? No, it's that was well that we see the building is still there that yeah. What is it now Youtube times like they'll have shows there. Sometimes. I think someone had something for a while. I don't know the full story, but that was one of the greatest clubs ever laugh. Stop in river oaks. Remember that crazy dude was running at the fox is Name Fox, is name bald guy. Yes Mark yeah last name enough. Joey knew him well. Well real! Well, I forgot about
yeah. Yes, and that was bill. Hicks yeah place. They had a fucking legit open, open mic in the fucking hand, front front front car and it was lit. Yes, good comics, I watched it. These kids are open. My yeah there's some local Houston right. Yep Houston is a very eclectic city. It's really different, it's not what people think of when they think is used in the tekhelet, cowboy hats and all now, not it's very diverse, there's alot, very urban there's a lot of cool shit going on Houston, very artistic, I'm a big fan yeah same like let's go, you must kill in Atlanta engine, I'm like now. They they're the pc their act because appalled in areas for the most part yeah- You don't kill in Atlanta. Well, I kill. If I want to, but some of the that you thought, but some of the stuff you think, would kill you know they get. So it's like yeah right even for us down here right, but you know cause
open areas is more, you know what about Phoenix Phoenix is gets, Phoenix is good, but the great yeah yeah eight spots? If you didn't live in New York, where would you live for comedy purposes? Yes to life in comedy for life in comedy, yeah, Burlington Vermont really no kidding for to be up there with and then Jerry. Now I would not a Bernese. We were right, it's it's a boy. It has to involve comedy- probably Texas, really yeah somewhere to my brother lives outside of Dallas We loved it. It's great with your money. You could have seven castles seven. I don't want seven too many to look after Folks, you should see the place for an Joe show in the IBM outside for nice gym. I, like Texas, I'm a big fan of Texas. I live in Texas. I think I live in Colorado. First, though, yeah yeah wait not as we'd mountains, like the I love the way it what it does for you there's something
being around mountains at a the it. I was actually reading something about this that there's a an actual thing that happens to people when you're. Faced with a man's, natural beauty that it diminishes your ego in yourself and it puts people in You know what you want to hang glide or then you cut an apple perspective being being around mountains. It's a humbling sure you around them. It's beautiful! It's like the best. Looking art you could ever see is like a gorge mountain with some green hills in the sun coming out of the clouds circuits. Well, that's good good to look at is anything. That's ever existed like I'm I'm not very religious. I don't know I haven't made up my mind, but when I see stuff like that is, when I get kind of you want to make up your mind, I got something right here for you mushrooms. I know
that's exactly what they're for spike of your mambo Joe. If I, the commander MIKE, took these on. Indeed, the show before stick a little, not dash somebody's got to get hurt just a little while Jamie did you do that? maybe just a little more. I don't want to be giggling in the car on the way down, throwing up on myself, it'll be fine. What's it do what's going to happen? If I want to get out of here before it takes effect, that's going to get me in a fucking, some type of scissors locker should be legal spillover that would make people mellow. The fuck out would open that. Third, I'm at who would do something really good for people. The problem is you forget you take it sometimes in like an hour and a half later like. Why am I so we, oh ok, yeah! I don't want to be that far my own head, that's scary, have you ever done the float tank now you wanna do
Why can't I can't? I gotta float the Fuckin' San Diego. I should go down there at like everybody else does, last time I ran this year. I am so nervous that you get nervous about be making my show tennis yeah. I think we're gonna get you out of here in about fifteen minutes. That's what I think all right moves that all right yeah. I think that's the right move, maybe ten! You guys got me really, nervous, I I wish I was, but at least you have ways ways of put you on some weird fucking funky back country routes. It will cut twenty minutes out of it only end up in Mexico. You'll be fine, very close to Mexico, but conservative, that's interesting about San Diego yesterday, why my first album I'd in La Jolla military? Yes, Tom on there yeah safe as yeah maybe I'll- have one of those guys that might show tonight. People have said to me like: where would you would you live in a military town like he asked? that's a good live you going to have gyms for sure we definitely have a gun range
when you say that does that when they throw you into the off right adjacent category, uh, yeah, probably yeah mean the american flag behind you probably can oh my god, how horrible I know you're extremist yum, next, the constitution. Decolonizing. That's one of my favorite things: decolonizing you've been paying attention to that expression, people decolonize certain certain things like what well look here and T calling a s. Yeah you're, not yeah. There was a guy who got kicked off of the show. These are my parents talking around now, there's gotta get kicked off of a show he was he was on a show, I think was in Montreal and he and he had dreadlocks on and it was this he's apparently, gender fluid which I dabbled in that yeah. You can go back and forth between being a man in a woman, but he does have dreadlocks and they kicked him off the show because he's a white guy with dreadlocks and he defended their position and one of the phrases they use
is about d colonizing, specific hair styles and taking them away from white people and giving back to the people. Well, that's sort of appropriation is what they're killed her probation, yeah styles. I'd like to go. Dreads has a fifty seven year old hotel hang up, weird, even wear, which read I get famous just from the that that no white, goatee, Colin Quinn, says I should We are a black. He says, I'm going to turtle, angry Steve jobs in a black turtleneck with yellow, lightning bolts and call myself Don Creado. Why because he's just being funny, I heard he has an amazing new show that Guy should show up work it out man, it's a it's all about politics. It's
we're talking about read verses blade. So now I'm lazy and- and you know, he's a He'S- a craftsman. I watch my the fat black cat I go on. Sometimes I have a show up to his. What is a fat black, but he gets it. You'd love it just right around the corner from the comedy cellar, it's got a real bohemian field to it. People sitting in couches this lamps it holds about. Seventy five people call was course quick enough and smart enough to. Say I'm using this every night to watch it out and people know you can say, like I'm only charging you five dollars, cuz, I'm going to be working new stuff out You would love it. It's not bohemian feel to it and um it's they give you the door, not that that effect has anything to do with you, but but it's great it's you know you do an hour. I smoke wow, it's so fun, it's so again. It's like. Seventy five seats is a little activity. Do alcohol is very attractive, so
look at some weird little clubs, man, it's really interesting. How New York has it 'cause guys are just hopping around like I. Never when I lived in New York, I could never afford to live in the city. I lived in New Rochelle and when I did gigs I was like well, I could work in town and do ten minutes or fifteen minutes or I could just go on the road to do a gig in kinetic it or do a gig in Jersey and make actual money, and so I always did that yeah when I lived in New York are hardly ever worked in New York Yeah, I don't as much anymore I used to you know I used to go to the comedy cellar every night, but Louis made that plays world famous yeah and it's not. It used to be a room where you could work. Should I'll take your time. But now it's you know it's a tourist, it's packed, it's still a great club and it, but I feel, like you, know, grow that I don't want to do. I don't want to go on stage and less I'm doing at least forty minutes right right. I can get something done yeah if fifteen minutes sets don't that's. Why still the fat black cat, which is such a great thing,
so that nice yeah. That's it nice and its it. That looks big. You know it always looks bigger from a picture. It's tiny! That's the like from a bet that from the balcony up. Which is like the belly room at the store small smaller than that really oh yeah wastewater that let's play subway smaller than that the store seventy people upstairs. So it's basically the same the one, the one way ability yeah a little, not not the original. My Friday Reginald about yeah yeah. I would say like that: yeah yeah it it it's you eleven people, couches the cool, an end gnome, who runs that he couldn't be nicer here now- and that's only when I really do want to see well yeah, I'm like you, I draw go to governors or or somewhere else, and do some real time governess a great club yeah, the other thing about doing. Like clubs, where there's a lot of people on where you only do in fifteen minutes. The good thing about it is
not your crowd, so you have to make people. After there just to see comedy the nicest scenic APOLLO right like if you go to you know how that and some guys they developed their crowd and they they kind of lose their edge. Yes, fuckin'. It's scary! Yes, yes, I saw you on stage. I walked into Caroline's. I will. I was just. I was just in town for something, and you are on stage- was a late show and you were doing some Joe about Katrina, a joke about Katrina, that they spelled help wrong on the road for many people die 'cause. They couldn't spell help. Looking down from a helicopter says app yeah. I I have to step in that water standing. I was fucking, Ryan laughed and like Nick is just still swinging from the help? That's my way, that's my favorite job that that stage is still one of my favorites in the country. I don't do Caroline's turn the problem Caroline's, those when they reduce the stage down to the size of shoe by yes, but but on you're, absolutely right just
yeah but but like on a Tuesday Wednesday night with like six thousand and seventy people in that's amazing. It is my favorite I was so comfortable 'cause. I played it so much when I first moved to New York. I could stay up there for three hours. I got so much done. I wrote have specials on that stage by doing like Tuesday it's for a year, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, that's where you get it done right! Yeah, you're right like six sixty people in the crowd, fuckin' round is in that not for combat. I did some little place up in Canada. Niagara falls the corn a comedy club, I'm in a real hole in the wall, shitty tables- and she you know just chi- had the best time of my life. When a place is big, then becomes a show and you have to do your act, Hong yeah yeah. You have to work tonight, yeah, which stifles creativity yeah, let's check what one of the one of
this is why re when he does the store, he'll sign up for like late night and he'll, get on like a one thousand two hundred and forty five or some shit like that and there's twenty people there, and I always say that. That's like truth, serum because if you do you're active, twenty people. You know what sucks like, there's, no, no confusing! What sucks it's right in front! That's right! That's right! feel, the terribleness of the material. You don't need two hundred and fifty people tell you suck. It takes four couples, you paying attention and you just but you feel it like, you can kind of song and dance your way through a couple of one hundred people, that's right, because even yeah you're, exactly right! Yeah barometer always said that. Give me just double figures. Give me fifteen: twenty. Yes, that is enough right, great to workout material, of course Well, it's great to it to cut out all the horseshit interact. You know yeah because if there's only fifteen people in the room and seven hundred am don't like the joke, how you fail it yeah the fifteen. If someone
Crossarms, staring you down like yikes, that's where the work gets done: yeah yeah I hate, I used to hate playing Caroline's, and this is ironic, but this is when I was you know, had comedy specials and I was kind of hot and I would sell out Caroline's. I would hate it, though Like two shows on Saturday night 'cause, it's packed and I know I have something called the asphalt quotient for twenty people Bullet Club is one a so if there was like two hundred and fifty you somebody did the math so yeah more asset yeah. I always does my brown, so you have to work fast and tight to keep their attention right, as opposed to taking your time on a Tuesday night in front of sixty people and the real funny comes out yeah and you say shit in between your proven bits. Yes, is the Gulf yeah right yeah? It comes out of nowhere. It's like it opens up when you put yourself not frame of mind to when there's only thirty people or not do you know midnight or something like that you're putting yourself in a different frame up, there's no pressure. What what can now let me ask you that can
You do that in front of a full room. I can't put myself in that mentality is hard because you have to work differently. I feel like I'm being pushy and given in, but I oh damn well, if I work as slow as I do in front of four thousand and fifty people in front of two hundred and fifty or three hundred, he's going to get anxious in the or at least that's my mentality, when you show fifty people it's almost sucking around somebody's living room, yeah, yeah yeah, and I want that feeling in front of three hundred people. Four hundred pics always did You know we were talking about that last night that like when you do a large theatre, it's so much different than doing a club. Even if you do a pack club the five hundred people, then you move to a place. That's got five thousand people. Is I wouldn't different feeling it's a totally different feeling you have to do. The air quotes ACT, the other! Do your act. You know house yeah, it's weird large numbers, a weird that yeah Time is different. You have to you, can't handle the punchline, so you can a club like a club. You go punch, you member
punch line up department at Tag, tag, tag, tag and those tags would just have we're here, oh yeah, well, if he was doing ten thousand people that those bags. We get drowned out in the last several of all the people around you. I tried tag you want to do like my for tonight show I tried tagging you know and like, like I said, get lost then sank. Help whatever, but you don't act like you're in a club. You know you remember, learning that lesson. Tv yeah but you're. Absolutely right! Gavin was rapid fire and I'm not watching him at nicks. I came in when I first got it comma and I In the doors on stage- and I'm like, is he dying, everybody of every was Pulled over in the audience, I thought he was fucking I'll, send you know could hear any laughed at all you draw, I mean, because he would like you, said, dad joke eleven times and people are still dying from the they were bent over. Nothing was coming out of them.
We shaking around in and breathe yeah. I think we got a chance to see some. Is that a probably some of the best comics of all time and people don't know? You know, I think, with once me and Gavin and Lenny, and those guys that we saw when they were in their prime and Mattie Rogers, yeah Kenny when we were coming up those guys. Were in their prime and when we were young, we got a chance to see. I think some of the greatest of all time, no doubt about it, but they got stock. Well, the guys it next, but I'm a contractor to I forgave him good money. They I remember him telling me they were making three grand a weekend and not having to leave your city making. Load money and, like I said, let us some parks on the side. And free booze free all that and uh, but live great, did they ever but yeah and the long run. You know
well. In the long run, it was a problem, but we got to see some crazy. Fucking can't remember those some of those nights in next comedy. Stop you watch. Those guys got, remember Sweeney doing so hard. You almost wanted to quit. Comma enough. There's no way. I could do that. Well, Follow the guy Gavin would in Boston Boston, then, if, but you know Gavin show he would be the host swimming no okay. After having the whole yeah, I would start off the show yeah, that's a different thing about Boston too right! That's right! Thank you! The next APOLLO show it next comes stop. You would usually art off that's right and it was crazy. It was great, but young, comma, but I had to follow cabin who wanna tight fifteen so it made me you know- I can hear it. You had to be able to hold your own yeah and they talk to one hundred miles an hour plus they cooked up and therefore and they're really funny the really funny and they got heavy Boston, accents and their big men that, like big imposing
people, know yeah, and they were destroyed. Some guy who came in a member guy, something gold, Ronnie Gold from New York just on his first and challenge it, and he was coming to nicks for the weekend and everybody was dropping in Gavin would do ten chance langkap too, and all his guitar and literally get like a standing ovation. He is Ronnie Goal five minutes into a cricket cricket cricket cricket. It would be affecting his kids with their blonde eyebrows and suck it suck. Yeah. I remember that was a tough Rome. If you were having a bad set, what they would do it to the people in power blood, they would do it to anybody. I'm out of town that had a big attitude in a Hollywood resume. They did it to Billy Crystal. They live Billy Crystal up in that room. Well that I understand yeah gotta, do what you gotta do they did it to everybody yeah. It was crazy to watch well yeah they're, like these guys wears funny as them, I'm going to punish him and Would you know they didn't? Do it to DOM Irara
DOM Ira, went up there like a champ and just rode the wave. Yes, you worship that we've got one funny yeah. I went on comics come home a couple years ago. No, not the last one before that in Tom had to close the show and it was a murderers row Bobby Kelly, but me a belly taking the roof roof. The the and I'm like DOM has to close this and and I pieces funnies anybody, but I'm just saying how's he gonna he goes up there and he did some self deprecating gets a nicely within a minute and a half. He had them and there was no drop off, there was no drop off in response. I went home, I didn't realize he was that back in good. Oh, he still that good however, has not lost a step brilliant frenzy at the store. All the time now drinking Tommy could drink for two months.
Happy form yeah. I say he has handled like shaggy. That is a nerve issue. It's actually it goes from his shoulder all the way down to his arm. Yeah, mushrooms, that'll help him or heard of him. That's what he said. He told me that's what god dammit now he brought it up. Fuck dude, we bit honestly better get you out of here for any time Joey come on, will it I I I would this is I mean this shows us powerful than anything up tv, radio and that flight that just makes me mentally ill. I get it. I fuckign almost started crying halfway out here, I just got a guy next to me, sucking on a straw like a six year old with ice in his class is nothing in it. It's one hundred and ten degrees uh. Baby behind me screaming, like somebody was using the soft spot in his head for a fucking ashtray. I can't make the shut up. I almost fucking, I was almost crying, but you know what I gotta come out in more than once, every two years yeah, I feel, haven't come out. Yet
and next time exam up. I got a show tonight, the improv, but anytime, nine now anytime, we come do shows, do it traveling to the rest of the world. Can I plug a couple J Tell anybody. We are my my podcast just go to Nick dept dot com. And Monday through Thursday, at six p pm eastern. It streams live on the free on Monday and wednesdays, and I just shot a thing called Stickman in October about instructional baseball. Clinic that you know you know Adam Ray the comedian yeah he's in it, ok, cool and he wrote it and Anders partner already some stuff, the Netflix, so we're hoping and it came out- killer, caustic men, it's really testosterone, driven so it's, like it Nick dip compromise show tonight at the comedy palace Sunday night at Ventura, harbor, comedy club, Slash Nice restaurants could spot. I know it's awesome
Now one of my canning, I don't forget something: Instagram Twitter, all that stuff Instagram and Twitter to go to Nyc dip dot com, the show's growing leaps about I'm shooting a special in March at the Post hole New York. I think I'm just going put. One of the user. What you told me just flood the market with it and I've been charged, but just right, but it looked it up. Funny on my stand. Up is still might think. Love. You man, love! You too Bro go always good to see you same here. Nick Depalo. Ladies and gentlemen, who thank you everyone. One for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to zoom video communications. Happy with zoom video communications and Gohan. Is it Xoom dot? U S to set up your free account. Today, that's Xoom dot! U S set up your free account and check out some of the best. Damn video communicating you're ever going to see
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