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#1239 - Travis Barker

2019-02-05 | 🔗
Travis Barker is a musician, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink-182.
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the Joe Rogan experience Doing this will appreciate stuff to be here cool to have you so I want talk about what we're talking about right before we started, I've always watched you play drums and I'm like how the fuck does that guys, arms not fall off mean you You have so much repetitive motion of never understood how you could do that she's barely no. I I put this thing like right up like a fist from your face. There we go. I always do battle ropes, okay, yeah, that that must constantly like I'll. Do thirty minutes, not high intensity, the whole time, but just keep my shoulders and arms moving as I prepare for a tour but yeah, I think my wrist, my wrist probably have gone through the most hell over the years like I just feel like just normal people's wrist strength. That probably don't
have because there's been so much grinding like that popping bubble. Jesus do all sorts of weird things but yeah, but I'm still, you know I feel like because I do about arrives in because that box in the kind of work out fast, twitch muscles. I really don't get tired, that's it! It's a may. Amazing like because so many people have repetitive stress injuries, even secretaries to carpal tunnel. You know people get who write a lot get carpal tunnel. Getting injuries on their thumbs from you know, a around the phone too much yeah. I felt like when I smoke cigarettes. A lot I was feeling kind of the first symptoms of stuff and I wasn't drinking a lot. I was kind of a dumpster on tour. You know not really taking care of my body and I could really and then are you still vegan yeah and you that restaurant right with crossroads, or it's one of your
one of the owners running. It is saying a lot. I couldn't do that. I should have said running no towel towel Ronan is the man he's like the Ellis Vegan Chef ever he's like old punk rock hardcore guy new John Joseph yeah, John Joseph keeps trying to get me to go there and I almost went last time he was in town with them next time, I'm going to make it down there. I think probably eight thousand and ninety percent of the people that eat their arm. Vegan go It's that good yeah! That's what I hear Dana White yeah, I I yeah Dana. We usually have dinner there when he's in town, so I think for Dana to be able to sit through it. And enjoy an Matt Serra think he brought everyone for, like. I don't know if it was like fight companion, like what yeah it was dean, always looking for a fight yeah you to show yeah, I was on tour, but they face timing from there, but yeah it's house like a g, he's the best being chef in the world I far that's cool. How did you get involved with that? Is that what you were? Were you already you're cleaning your diet, because of your your injuries or
because you were trying to keep your body tuned for drumming or you just wanted to clean it up period. Now I was vegetarian since I was thirteen really yeah and then, after my accident uh, I was in the hospital a long, long story that that I'll just sum up into this real Plano using yeah yeah- and I had to see me in the hospital because they didn't have any other kind of vegan options- a protein saudi bags of beef Jerky, whatever they would give me whatever. I could stomach and not like kind of like think about what I was eating, because I wasn't eating at all, and I was just which in my food, given it to my friends, 'cause I didn't want to eat any of it and I got caught so long story short. I did a little bit of meeting in the hospital and I got out. I just felt like the next evolution of my eating: would try and be vegan,
and it was so easy in LA because we have so many great being in restaurants, so yeah. That was that was pretty much it. I was already. Vegan was actually at a bad brain, show, one of the the best hardcore bands in the world to ever ever. Do it and Talib Proche me they're, saying hey. I had this idea for a restaurant really like to be. You know you to be a I said say no more, just tell me what you need cuz, I I was familiar. Naprosyn with a man thing around open up.
Restaurant yeah. I need his drummer yeah right. No, I think he was just reaching out to friends and family because he was he was Oprah chef and he was Ellen Degeneres chef and he was all these, like. You know, really high profile people's vegan chef when they would, you know, do a vegan diet for, however long some some forever, some just like a two week thing, but I think you just got to the point where you want to do some for himself and then cross roads was born and I knew how good he was. So I just told him say no more tell me what you need from me in there and then it just you know. I think it's been for. Of years now. Well, it's got a fantastic reputation. Yeah. I know a bunch of people that have eaten there and they they love it. Well, it's not because of me it's because the talent is really for sure yet talent, Scott, this. Yet the chef there, just you know the best. Now how hands on were you in the we just one of the people promoting it? Like how,
hands on. Were you with the construction of better? Nothing would like that to call or anything he would run stuff by. So he checked this out. Tell us what you guys. Think of this. As you know, there's basically menus change every season, so it's not the same menu all year long. So as we prepare for the next season's menu he's like testing it on us, the you know the season prior means a hell, be now dishes in and letting us try it but yeah. He curates the whole thing, that's interesting. So when he gets his food when he's preparing us for like, is he getting his stuff directly from farmers like how? How is he getting his food yeah directly from Yellen's yeah? So he has to curate these relationships. These farmers and just got go that visit them and find out how they're growing their food yeah and- and you know, you'll be all set with a menu if it's fall, but then those same vegetables aren't in season, so he has to rethink everything for the next cs.
And not kind of repeat himself, so it's really he's really got it down to a science, and how long is he been vegan, for I don't know how long talisman vegan I've never really asked 'cause. It's got to be incredibly difficult to be a vegan chef. I would imagine being a regular chef is difficult, but when you put all those restrictions, you know- and just you have to make things taste interesting and different and yeah. I think that's where chef Scott comes in 'cause he's actually comes from a meat background, so he was working at italian restaurants in italian, mediterranean restaurants that cook everything. So it was infusing. This vegan, obviously like lifestyle of eating with you know, chef, Scotts, taste as well so I think he had to think that out to where it would appeal in and mediators would be there too and not really notice a difference for us. I I agree you know sometimes I'll be on to when you go to a vegan spot and I'll take my bus driver ran right
whoever's travel with me and they're. Like oh man, this is prof. You know they can't stand it. Crossroads is not one of those spots where you're thinking about like man, I might not enjoy this meal. There's some good spots in they have some great spots. You ever go to follow your heart in the valley, all the time right, spot yeah, that's the spot close to home. Now I love like follow your heart shot, to air one. Everyone has like good vegan options. A chef Edo who has a spot in downtown, called all look who took a val silence twenty two years ago. Yeah what the special man yet twenty two years. To Kavala silence and he's done no more talking, no more talking what in the fuck. Is that about so you just communicate it. He has a lot to say or write it down below my that you just read and I know what he's saying, but he he's also that's so crazy yeah. He takes a lot of photos so who show up to like punk or wraps whatever, whatever shown playing he's in the pit with this camera this site,
guy who doesn't say a word yeah. Is cooking is phenomenal, so but yeah LA were spoiled with great great vegan restaurant. That's a fucking trip! Twenty two years of no talking yeah. He also does like this juicing, where this year, he juiced for one hundred and eighty nine days with no food wow. What did he get down to? I think he was found yeah. He lost about twenty something pounds: fuck man, he does it every year, wow yeah he's trying to vanish right, not talk, I don't think I can yeah intermittent fasting is like as much as I can do. Yeah. I do that every night, but that's the vow science free to meet that silence is freaking me out yeah. He and I I've never really pride and kind of like asked a bunch of class. Why doesn't even have to write a lot yeah that too, but no I've been around when people ask him, he just said he wanted to time out for twenty two years.
Yeah, that's a serious fucking time out how old is Homeboy he's got to be probably in his 50s, So almost half his life yeah what the fuck man yet, but he spends Christmas with me- spend thanksgiving with my and then I well that's cool yes, but everybody is smiles at him. Yeah everyone just smiles and waves, basically he'd, be a good guy to sit next to someone is on coke. They would just talk his Europe. He just be sitting there. All silent night yeah, that is I've never even heard of anything like that. Does he any noises whistle. No I've heard him snort one time when he was laughing hella hard, but that was as close as it gets, so he doesn't laugh out loud, like ha ha ha ha. Wow, nothing terrible, comedy club audience, member yeah. It would be rough. Yes, a March two, it's called March of silence that happens
once a year where you have a bunch of them that, basically, you know that are and they're basically marching for the march of silence for like the cruelty of animals and whatever else so yeah I'd like to have on the PA. I guess I see how long you talked to before yeah just to see what it would be. Like that so strange it sounds cool. I mean I love that there's people like that out. There, though I do. I love hearing stories like the world needs him. You know like when you said that, excited like the guys been silent on like whoa. You know there's something about that. That makes you go wow. I was talking hella loud when I first met him and he's like. I can hear you 'cause. I was trying to wrap my head around in no. No one didn't introduction going a discuss, silent silent. Tell you no. I had no idea so I'm talk, king really loud like he's like just whispers to me like mouse to me. I can hear you and I was like okay. Then I just figured out overtime, wow silent by choice,
Yeah, that's having what is involved like heavy metal. Asian or Buddhism, or anything very strange like that. Yes, he meditates. I think he has like a lot of kind of buddhist kind of qualities. I kind of I think you've. If you had to lean in some kind of religion or or practice, it would be that while yeah that's into yeah, that's a serious commitment, man yeah! I could even imagine going twenty two days without talking a day. I think anything I think we'd catch ourselves, it being very hard Now I was going to get my tonsils and adenoids removed because I have sleep, apnea cause our fat neck, but I found a mouth piece that I couldn't sleep with that keeps my tongue from falling over, because I have a when you when you're naked stick, your window hole is smaller, believe or not, because the more muscle you put in the small, your your whole, gets and then here
A big tongue? When you lay back, you can actually block your airway, wow, yeah and so friends that I know I've had their add noise in their tonsils removed and they actually take some of this off tissue out of your passage way. So you can breathe easier, but the problem is you can't talk for like seven days, oh yeah, that would probably be rough, for you remain yeah I wonder if white neck, you know like the day that the internet phenomenon of agonizing prologue get like. I mostly terrible, yeah yeah his next arts up here. It's crazy is next arts at the top of his ears once it's way too shoulders tonsils out as a it's a bomb out. I did that. Did you yeah? Did you have tonsillitis Now you know what I had is I had. I was smoking tons, a weed right like, but I would smoke backwards like the wood, so yeah. Everything is right here on my hair yeah side smoke about twenty twenty back with day yeah,
recording an album with the transplants an eye the skinhead Robin I was like yeah. I think I think I have something like something is lodged in my throat like I could barely breathe right. Now: Ann kept smoking didn't I mean I didn't really know what was going on and then I went to the house so that night and they rushed me to another hospital to get my tonsils removed 'cause. They were like twice the size of they should be, and then I had a throat infection and then it comes to find out. I had what's called Barrett's esophagus is like pre cancer lining my esophagus from smoking, and I don't know I guess, just abuse over the years so that was that's what led to my tonsils being pulled out. These are Sears like when you think about this, like you probably shouldn't smoke too many of these, because now it's just plain tobacco
I love. I love him now. I got to the point where I couldn't smoke. Joints second smoke out of a bong yeah, a pipe. It had to be a a backward, that's where I am yeah, but that's part of it. I like him, did you ever smoke cigarettes now yeah I did. I smoked a lot of cigarettes and then I quit smoking cigarettes just smoked weed and then I discovered backwards, and I was kind in a little bit of both to still getting the tobacco that I missed, but yeah, My friend already said that he started smoking spliffs in England, you know and when he was over and the change the axe. The weed with tobacco any got totally hooked on tobacco again because he had quit cigarettes for years and then He started smoking, the weed mix with tobacco and before he knew it, he was smoking cigarettes again, yeah so he's. Ultimately was over there, and then he quit as soon as he was done and then came back to you at USC. I feel like they just started smoking. Here weed over there bears for years. It was both yeah. I don't understand that had that had that workout over
yeah, but still so illegal over there too. It's like Jesus fucking Christ, it's two thousand and nineteen fellas yeah times when I used to fly over there. We'd have to tape. Tons of weed too are nuts just just to be able to NR road cases. Just so we could smoke over there 'cause they had dirt weed those horrible weed, but yeah. It was a pain in the asses Fuckin' dangerous, bringing that stuff overseas. Though, if you get arrested, that's serious yeah. I brought it inside bring it everywhere like that, and we went to walk around cape like gaff tape, she's a rich man, feel like you teared up the first layer of your nuts off when you go to grab your weed but yeah? We would do that and then it's a commitment, though yeah she brought it. I made the big mistake of not bringing a bunch, but I got to Iraq. We went to Iraq for like right when the war broke out. What was it like? Two thousand and three, two thousand and four, and we were over there and an
and this Estevan Oreo, the photographer he's over there with US document in the whole thing- and I pull it out- 'cause we're at this- this airport in ball rain, but I feel like it's a field and no one's going to mess with us and he's like hey bro. Look at look at the back of your fucking passport. Look what it says. It says right there like you're. Basically like they'll, kill you if they find you brought any drugs and Iraq or you know where we were ball rain. So I did away with everything and I just kind of took up drinking. And I'm not really much of a drinker. But do you still smoke weed? I don't know. I have a friend who's like a dear friend is like a cool like young doctor name doctor be in San Diego. And I called them- he actually remove my my tonsils and then like a week later, I found out, I had what was called Pre Cancer Barrett's esophagus, I so what does this mean doctor? Be I just like kind of like kind of like toned
like how much on smoking these I can now. This means like this. Is your warning shot like a attention? Stop smoking? I suffered a cancer. Is a rough one. Two killed Christopher Hitchens, really yeah. Now yeah, that's a that's a rough one. That kills a lot of people once you get it, you get it in your gun badly! It's kid, I think, kills, like Think Hitch said, like ninety five percent of the people, to get it now yeah. So I I felt like he he's always pretty honest with me and I I just stop like. I love cvd yeah, that's pretty much what I mess with now, but that's all! Do you find the seats, a lot of people, you see, b D and they find that alleviates anxiety. Lets them sleep better. Do you find that
as long as I take like triple or quadruple the amount that it says to take on the bottom right 'cause. I feel like what I take. If I take what the proper dosage is, it doesn't do much, but I'm one of those people whose minds racing constantly I'll get home from the studio at one or two, and I'm just like kind of like figuring out how long I gotta sleep before I get to wake up my kids and go to school, and I just sit there with my wheelspin and less U C, B d and then that kind of helps and then I I had we have what's called trip. Trigeminal neuralgia. Have you ever heard of that? Now it's the worst. It's called the suicide disease, because basically, all of your nerves, in your face or firing all at the same time. So it almost feels like what you feel when you think you need a root canal or you have like a tooth. That's messed up, but I got trigeminal neuralgia and I've only had four episodes. But when I do get it, I use Cbd and it's been amazing. But if you look it up a lot of,
We'll go actually go to a dentist, get a bunch of root, canals done that they don't need or they don't know how to treat it, and usually people kill themselves Oh yeah, it's NI, didn't really know about. Artist was home when I was like what the fuck like, their faces, burning home, is burning chronic pain, miserable and it effects the trigeminal nerve, which carries a sensation for your face to your brain. If you have right, Geminal Neuralgia, even mild stimulation of your face, such as from brushing your teeth. Or putting on makeup may trigger a jolt of excruciating pain, holy man yeah. What what are the costs? What causes that all different things they thought like mine? I maybe got mine from impact that from my accident and then maybe a little sparring that I've done has has triggered it. Also dental. When I get dental work done it triggers it so, but the Cbd stops yes C b d,
It's really bad. There's uh this medication called gabapentin uh and I feel, like that's, been a real great way to kind of like mask the pain and one once the gabapentin calms, the nerves, kind of deads, the nerve, two thousand four hundred and forty eight hours. It's gone. If it's a really bad episode, if it's not so c b d just gives it away one now they said a lot of nerve diseases are inflammation caused so sometimes like. If you change your diet, you can you can smooth some of those out like lower the sugar intake and some of the other things that might be causing information. Did they give you any advice? I that now, but around the same time I figured out, I was allergic to gluten, which I really thought was whatever I was like yeah right, okay, yeah, we need to be gluten free. Then I tried it and the doctor I had seen said what you really got to try that you got to commit one hundred percent. You got to give it at least like two to three weeks and see how you feel, and I did it and it was a game changer
like. I felt normal, whereas I I'd have a lot of ups and downs depending on what I was eating. I'm still eating clean at the time, mostly vegan, a meeting you know whatever, but you know a lot of a lot of us. Can't you know, digest or or kind of our bodies can absorb the gluten yeah. Well, it's if you ever had pasta in Europe yeah, it's very different: oh yeah, yeah, so much shyt in ours. You know so much. Well, it's the Maynard Maynard Keenan from tool he explained attack he runs in Austria in Arizona. I didn't know yeah he's he's kind of talking, wizard man he's got his own. Winery runs in Austria but he said that when- and we subsequently looked it up after told me this- in the early turn of the century when they were growing wheat? They experimented and change the wheat to make it. Dance so that you could get more yield out of an acre and so
by doing that they changed what how your body processes processes that ms more complex gluten in, like a stalker wheat like an old old time you eat, like you, would get like in ITALY or France, or something like that. The different wheat. It looks different, it's a much more scrawny looking plant, and so, if they had an acre of that, you don't get nearly as much wheat yeah, and so in America we said well bigger is better and we made it bigger and better and thicker, and your body is a much harder time processing it and that's why people get so much information and leaky gut and all these different ailments that people get from bread and pasta in this country. It's because of this much more comp We but I buy pasta overseas. I buy this. Some dammit checked also the name of it. It's I I found out about it in ITALY, that they sell it in America just for that reason yeah because I can eat it and if I want pasta, it's not that disgusting yeah I'm. Finally, I love pasta. I do too
but it's just something that I found if I eat a lot of it just fucks me, so I have to make sure that I don't let me find it real, quick and I'll pull up the name of it and I felt like leaky gut was like a hoax. I was like what are you talking about? I've never even heard about this, but I feel like it's legit and and their spot on. Out that it's CALL Morelli, Morelli, spaghetti and it's from ITALY and the type of wheat that they use it's a very different type of week. I get to it tastes different. It doesn't blow you up as much. It's a. I think. Some explained it to me like what kind of weak you're looking for, but what I found is that I've tried gluten free pasta and it's like you know what I like:
the gluten free pasta, spaghetti squash, getting squash with marinara sauce is delicious and I actually sometimes like it better than pasta, but they sell their one. All the time, yeah hot in the hot parts. Spaghetti squash is outstanding, yeah yeah and it's guilt free. You know you can eat it. You you, you don't think in your. You know: blowing yourself yeah, but we've ruined pasta. We ruined pot, but you know, gives brands feeling. You know that feeling you get after I eat a lot of it. You like! Oh that's. What that is. Your body is like what the fuck am I doing with this yeah you're immediately tired, downloaded if you even in ITALY, you don't get that feeling and you look at those people. So there are not fat yeah. It's weird! It's true! Yeah walk around all over the place and they're eating costume, yeah, a Europe everyone's walking or riding bikes, yeah Americans. That's the thing about France to
to France when they're eating those baguettes they're eating it with like this very rich butter. That's like grass FED butter. It's got dark, yellow butter, so it's very high fat content's got a lot of essential fatty acids in it and just you're just getting it it's a different kind of bread too and meanwhile they're not fat and they're drinking wine and they're, not fat like that, doesn't make any sense yeah agreed standard. American diet is just up but I always wanted to ask you that about like the drumming, because I mean it everything that I do like everything repetitive was boxing or even archery. A lot people get injuries in archery, just from repetitive stress from just pulling the bow back over and over again, I'm, like God, Dam Travis. This your whole fucking thing is repetitive. Without talking I see you every time I see you like my shoulders hurt yeah
my elbows hurt now, I'm in my first week hurts my first week sucks like on tour, really like getting acclimated 'cause. Even practice. Rehearsals are not a show, it's just a different intensity, but but yeah as long as I trained for it. I'm cool, I kind of like boxing is helped so much and I don't box because I think I'm a tough guy or I think I can beat peoples asses or whatever it's really just for functionality like, so I can play the drums the way I want to so that started doing it. For that reason, well now I started
I knew my son was being born like when my girlfriend at the time was pregnant. I woke up that morning. I ran to the freeway and back like twice an then I wouldn't found a boxing gym. I walked into ten goose. I will actually walked into John Braise, who used to be Tyson sparring partner and it was like two thousand and five. You know two thousand and three and then I started boxing. I just walked into ten goose an I started, jump roping and heating pads and I don't know. I just had this urge to wanna like box and be better. That's so interesting like just knowing that you were going to be a dad. I just wanted to be better. I wanted like a immediately. I just thought to myself. I wanted a lifestyle to I needed to evolve, and I need to know how to protect this little human I was bringing into the world, and I knew I needed to change my lifestyle 'cause I was. I was kind of out of control wow
It's a an amazing thing that happens to you when you become a father to weird switch. That goes off in your brain, that you can't really describe to people that don't have kids yeah and it's even weirder when the switch doesn't go off still like you know you see, people who are horrible fathers now and I just don't get like how didn't how didn't that switch turn on for you, Ryan. You know how yeah like the ones who don't want to be around the kids freaked me out the most yeah they just don't want to be they just wanna be away all the time. I just I don't get it yeah. I don't know why yeah I couldn't imagine but yeah, and now I love boxing like it's one of my favorite things to do. I'm I've been to a movie tie little bit more because I can kind of save my hands. Yeah because it's not good on my hands in any way, shape or form. How so just the impact over and over to you are, you can handle professionally rap to get him yeah exactly yeah, but it still bothers you. My knuckles hurt
yeah using big, heavy gloves yeah. What an ounce gloves are using, I think there are fourteen ounce, maybe should switch to like eighteen or twenty yeah yeah get a thicker adding in the front. It will protect your knuckles better and even gives you a better workout, really 'cause you're pushing more weight, little heavier yeah yeah, push more weight and you'll have more impact but another thing I would say is come get a bag. That's a water bag. Water bags are fantastic. You ever seen those before I've seen him at the gym. You get awesome, dig into those things and it's it's minimal back, but you still pushing the same amount of weight. You know through throwing the punches, you could still explode with the same amount of force, but you know you're sinking into that bag and
So a lot of people with tendinitis find that that's way better option is another. I have two bags out there. One of them's, a fair tax back and fair tax makes it's a little more tie back, but it's softer and the other one's a monster. Bag monster bags are really hard, such a fright and cs dances. So I like the combination of the two, but the fairtex one is good if I'm injured, if, like my shoulders, bother me or something like that, I can dig into that bag and it's not gonna have the same jolt as Jack, hitting something solid hard. So if you have a problem with your hands, that's what I would say. Another thing you can do is they make wraps that are gel wraps? You slide him on your hand, almost like a glove yeah. That's what he just told. About you guys I trained with yeah those are great yeah and then that, on top of the heavier glove, I bet it'll stop all the hand stuff yeah, I'm going to try that yeah. He just told me about that will protect my knuckles little bit more 'cause. I find if I lift weights, I never get big like. I never look big
but I feel kind of stiff and just slow still worse feeling ever and I did it one time right before it or I'd. I was living Cheviot Hills for a little while and I was working out at a gym over there and it was all bodybuilder guys and I would train with one just to like be pushed, and I got behind my kitten. It was the worst thing. The worst I felt like I was in slow motion. Figure it out like. I need to train how I want to move when I'm actually playing the drums. Weightlifting fine, but you have to do it lightly. The thing about weight. Lifting! I want to do it to failure all the time you know do ten sets of this in five sets of that and go to failure. Every time come on. Push push push push. Don't do that you shouldn't do that yeah scribe to the Pavel TAT, Stellini method he's a famous russian cat. Instructor and his philosophy is that you should do
more sets but less repetition. So like say, if you could do a wait and you could lift it ten times, don't lift it. Ten times lived at five hundred. If you lifted ten bucks going on my boyfriend. All this talk about Asafa cancer. My voice is rebelling, but if you say, if you could lift something ten times lifted five times and just more sets and give yourself a lot of time in between sets, because, if you're training for strength, you can do certain things like kettle bells and specific where its strength, but it's also endurance, but really, if you just want to do strength, the best way to So it is to do short set of of a few repetition and then do multiple versions of that like take along time off like five hundred and ten minutes and then do another five reps. Five hundred and ten minutes do another five reps and then do it again in a couple of days,
and then do it again, instead of like once a week where you just blow your body out and you're like oh that feeling, when you can barely move, that's terra burst yeah. It's not a small way, because you don't recover as well yeah you you end up getting her to have to take a day off you and I started doing was with this one training him don. We figured out kind of like a metronome work out, so you actually like a temple work out where your training to a temple, so you have to do high reps, like you know your state to a man, and maybe the tempo is like you know what I mean so whatever, even if it's quick and you're not doing everything like exactly technique, wise, really slow- and you know it's it's kind of like making sure you stay up with the tempo, which I feel like really help me. With with staying quick and fast with drums and more endurance yeah. That makes sense like. Is it drumming a young man's game? I mean? Is it like athletics, where, as you get older, drummer slowdown, I don't know I haven't. I played just as wild as I do
back in the day and hold you know forty three, you look great. Thank you. Don't look! Forty three yeah MAX Weinberg told me one time he was he watched me play and he was like at a show or blink played and he's like. I don't know how song you can play like that. 'cause, you suck really hard dude he's like you're going to need back surgery. You play like you, have rabies Yeah, you just smashing the fuckin' drums so knock on wood. Nothing has changed and I've just apply exactly how I always have you know. I don't even want to think about a day where I have to play any different right sure it'll come, but do you get my rogers. Yes, that little helps a lot right: massages, Epson, SALT Bass, that's where the tank comes in play man. That thing looks amazing. The tank is all Epson salt. Look at you, dude you're, going fucking crazy when you watch that I will watch you play and I would just go. How the can this guy maintain this pace, because everybody drums
feeling you know, I mean it's really interesting- to watch people's different, especially from bill, Burr really got into drumming and he's he's really into it, and I like watching him play and it's it's interesting to see someone take something up and get better and take lessons and learn it. But the thing that really strikes me is how many repetitions are involved like as you're doing this, like the amount of times you're hitting these drums is fucking. You got a pace yourself. If it's a two hour set, I know like oh, this is a verse of the song I can kind of this is not a big big part. You can kind of chill, but it's like around. You know if you're going around look up in the clock and you realize oh wow, I still have two minutes left well pace yourself, and you know what I mean yeah, that's kind of how I approach shows, but but the goal is to train so much before you even get on tour that you're not even having to think about that you're, just playing the show exactly how you want to play. It's almost. I imagine it's like that with fight,
where you envision what you want to do in your head and you're in the shape? An you know the technique to execute you don't have to think about- are going well. I can't do that. I'm not. I didn't practice that enough. I'd like to be able to just do whatever I'm feeling and not be like well shit. I don't know how to do that or I'm going to get tired. If I do that, I don't want that to happen right now. So that's the goal. It's just being able to execute you have the idea in your head. What musicians have to have discipline? Because you have to practice it's a yeah, that's one of things. It It makes you guys so unique in the entertainment world. It's like I mean I guess, maybe actors have to practice, stand up comedian, we only practice in front of an audience, but you guys have to fuckin' pray, so you don't know your show Do you go out now I write. I write, I I listen to recordings of old sets, but I don't like sit in front of me. Our goal, hey folks, yeah. I don't do that
I don't know anybody, because it feels so weird when you got to do it, we feel we're her strife. Yeah, that's the last thing you want. You got to be in the moment. Yeah same thing happens with it. If you practice too much as a band in the you go, try to play those songs and act like you're having fun that raccoons. So I try to practice a lot on my own and I'm not even practicing those songs. Just kind of just drill. You know: yeah, like SAM Kennison, used to have a joke about the beach boys about their going out there at least plant a wish. They could all be. California, girls again like Jesus Christ. Is there not to like it becomes a job. They don't want that you you wanted to be fresh and exciting, and you wanted to be something that you really in the moment really thinking about. So I make up new on the spot. To that's the best is I just make up new fails or just try to reinvent the songs,
to the point where even like mark a look back at me in the eye. That's the best. You know just kind of freaking it on the right and and even to the crowd. Well, that's that's cool. We haven't heard like that before yeah, that's like after two or three months of being on tour, you do stuff like that, yeah or when you get off tour. Do you consciously give yourself a rest? No I'm busier at home, then I am aunt or aunt or so lavish man like you, have you have someone saying I mean
You do have people kind of waiting on you hand and foot somewhat. You know like a catering, so you know ready. If you want to eat or hey, you got to go. Do an interview! Thirty minutes before you go onstage cars outside waiting for you after the show teen at the hotel. So that doesn't happen at home right, you know and at home. I do so many other things. Besides playing the band like. I you know produce a bunch of rap artists. I have crossroads of clothing. Companies have three kids, it's way busier at home Taurus towards a vacation. That's interesting yeah for me, while because I don't know how to say no either mind you. I have a lot of things. I love that I love doing so. I can't complain and be like. Oh I hate going to steer. I hate doing this. I love it all I just kind of love it all. So much that I have trouble saying no sometimes so when you
your you said: you're managing your producing rap artists, yeah. How many like I'm in the I'm in the studio right now with this group called suicide boys who are awesome there from New Orleans and we have a ep coming out. This call live fast, die whenever and we just finished over the weekend, sell or yesterday. So it's you know you going there at noon and you leave there at four in the morning, every day until you're finished, because they're only in town for a little while so yeah it takes a little bit and then, like I, worked on X, X, x, conditions album before he passed away, hey. I work with like smoke per Thank Man's, a bunch of different artists. Do you like that, because it's a different genre helps you mix it up a little bit. Do you just a big rap fans? What obviously, where an ice cube, shirt yeah I grew up I actually listen to rap music before I listen to any kind of music at all, like Beastie boys and
AMC in public enemy in the far side and chaos that's what I grew up on and then I discovered I loved metal too. I love Slayer and King Diamond and then and then I discovered a band called minor threat and the descendants and flag and bad brains, and I just liked it all and then my dad listen to jazz music and country rebel music. So I was born in raised on like Johnny Cash everything, so learn to love it all, and I had people around me when I was young when I was first learning how to read music that just kept and betting. My head, like you, got this in every can you can just learn one thing, so I was actually taught how to play like traditional jazz when I was really young. And then I taught myself how to play everything else. That's fucking cool yeah, but that's always you know everything. That's nice! You have an appreciation for all those different joggers, too yeah I'd be like. If all you did was the UFC commentating you'd be like a minute. I'm gonna go crazy right. This.
Be so much fun for you and all of your other endeavors like same thing like. If I was only making you know, punk rock records or pop punk records or whatever it was. I think I would go insane and it's been like that for for years you know yeah, I think different people. I think some people, if they're just doing like baseball commentary or something like that they are fun, happich it they love it. They just want to do that. But there's some people like you or maybe like me that I need different things. Yeah, I will go crazy. I love like studio life is awesome, like I did a hand, Zimmer thing, a week and then the next day, I'm in with, like a van call, nothing no we're doing something completely different. This week, I'm doing a little people in X, X, x, remakes, it's it has to be like that. For me, I get really bored and I I still feel create right so kind of like I don't know. That's cool, though, like that, how does that work? Like you get a phone call or someone text you hey Travis. We need you to come in here and like this mother,
look around fire and you get in there and yeah. It's been like that, you know or like some projects manifested to like there's this band called the fever. Three hundred and thirty three that I produce an and write with and they just got nominated for a Grammy like throughout for Grammy for best rock performance, and that was something I just envisioned with the singer, that Ban Jason and we started literally a year ago and and nominated for Grammy, a Grammy like stuff, like that, like kind of being an architecture without building buildings, building buildings being picture music or whatever it is whatever it is. Your passion about that excites me is building sound like there's, nothing, bad and working with different genres too it's going to be exciting too 'cause you can mix it up and yeah wow now, when you're like, when, how do you use how schedule your
time in terms of like how much time you going to spend on your own studio work, how much time you going to spend on other people's stuff to just play it by ear. It seems with a guy like you must get so many requests, and you said you have a heart I'm saying no out of Imagine it's fucking overwhelming yeah. Well, my kids come first before everything anything. You know and then I get a lot of opportunities. Like my son. Landon is a big rap fan like he loves right. He was raised on rap music like he grew towing with me in the lane. When I talk to the lane and he loves being in the studio. So how come with me to the studio, so I can kind of like double dip. Work at the same time is, he's in be making music, while my studio b, which is he really awesome and then say without Emma she's me, I'm lucky to both musicians because Alabama and then in both the music, so they like going on tour with me that I'll, that's amazing to me, yeah I or I, I probably wouldn't be working so much. That's really cool yeah. What the is it like,
going on tour with little Wayne. It was so awesome. I came out with a rap rap project. Web produced at I've made all the beats, and I just got all my favorite rappers, everyone from like reserve from the Wu Tang clan to Lil Wayne Game Swizz Beatz it was, it was crap think I had thirty that gas on there and Wayne asked me to go out on tour with him so me and Mixmaster MIKE from the beastie. These were like the open act on that tour and Drake was out there Nicki, Minaj and Rick Ross, wow so fun. So I loaded up the bus with when I brought Yelawolf out, I brought Jay Rock about Paul Wall. I brought the cool kids and we just got a new bus and we went on Tour Jesus Christ best yeah. How long are those shows all those people how long So that's I go well with all the acts. At least four hours yeah, it's long one time, but it was so fun buck in shows over like good Lord. That audience must be beaten into a coma, oh yeah, but then the Headliners on
so there really there to see right, but that that was a big accomplishment just being able to play in that genre, music 'cause. I listen to it as a kid. There's never really been a home for a live drummer in rap scenario. Right now. So from the beginning, I think I don't even know what year was when puff. Call me when I just joined blankings like y'all. Want you to be in this video. I was like what like you, don't I mean 'cause I've pretty much. I was just like wow, I'm I'm in one of the biggest, bands in the world, I'm so stoked. I couldn't ask for anything more and I always want to go. I always wanted to get some that tour was so fun, but yeah once puff asked me to be in a video. It was kind of like a uh it just bought from there. He just got in that world yeah and I I I had no idea why he wanted me. You know, but I was just like wow. This is so cool because I grew
upon Bg, like I loved all that genre of music. But I was okay with just staying in my lane as well, but when I got accepted would like open arms- and I was invited to do like b t awards a tier Tiger Wayne it was just insane. You know playing the Grammys. The funny thing is: I've never played the Grammys with blink, but I played the Grammys with black Pitbull Drake Eminem like it's so weird, it's so weird to me. I just feel it's a trip. The opportunities I've had outside of rock music, have been such blessings. Do you when you say all these things, and you know that you did all these things. It almost seems like you're living in a dream yeah. I feel like smacking myself, doesn't feel real when people go like who would you like to collaborate with, I feel like I'm so spoiled and I've I've been so blessed to play with all these musicians? I love that, and I say nobody. You know whatever comes I'm happy with wow yeah, that's cool, though that's great man, that's means you're for for
build yeah you're doing what you want to do like you're, ready, told whoever. Let's do it yeah if you wanted to make record job be there. You know that's what I'm saying well lucky for you, I'm totally talentless in the music department. So it's not going to happen, but you're such a talent, man, I love when you and dominant cruiser commentating together, doesn't get any better. I love DOM he's awesome. He beat the shit out of me a couple times. Why did you let him? Because he you know we used to sponsor him a little bit like with famous like he used to walk out in famous stuff like when you have They didn't have Rybo gear gear and come would come down. 'cause would train with this one guy Josh over here in Woodland Hills and he said travel going to be in town. I'm going to train with you come train with you, okay cool. Little did I know would be DOM tossing me around and like looking oh, my gosh man. It was so difficult because he make you roll with them when they would be. Would be like trying to sleep me like try to knock me out
he's so I'm giving my all and and he just using his defense? And you know when you actually swing in the air you're, not it she more tiresome than when you're hitting somebody so swinging in the air he like on the side of me. All of a sudden, like you know, he's so quick like with footwork, and then I'm wrestled to the ground and it's just a rap every hi Manny, so so talented yes, we're less asterisks yeah, he does the ridiculous for work. His is for work is so unique to him to everything he does is got like this weird Herky Jerky little yeah. He does he's probably one of the most unique mma fighters ever. I feel like a lot of people have kind of borrowed. His style. For short, you know yeah for sure not not said they didn't make it their own, but I feel like DOM was the first. When you saw you know kind of move like unquestionably yeah and that's because of his intelligence. Yeah, it doesn't
getting hit he's like ok, I gotta figure out a way to knock it hit so much like. What's the best way to not get hit- and you just just came up with this very unorthodox way of moving he's a real encyclopedia of information. When you start talking about fighting like I really enjoy doing commentary with him because he's so insightful he's so good pointing out little areas where he thinks people making mistakes or how to capitalize on certain things that people are doing yeah. I've watched fights with them before and he's, and he gives a different insight than what, seeing yeah yeah yeah now he's great, especially when it comes to wrestling clinch work in you know, and in even see what weird striking techniques and he's just he's so good ed be funneling people that he fights with with movement. Information, like he's given them, looks and they're trying to set up. They're standing there trying to set up, and they don't know what the he's doing and they have to reset and they're trying to get in and used to give him a different look and
he's standing over here and then he's in front of his hands down then he's not and yeah yeah. It's a trip. He's great. October shoulder again shoulder again man home, and I think he he so much I feel like you know he says yeah he's a savage mean he got back from knee surgery and he went so hard to give himself plantar fasciitis, so fucked up the bottom of his feet from running sprinting and doing all kinds of crazy to get in shape, and you know over that- and I mean he's had so many different surgeries Nestor is rible. Have you had that now? I've never had planner man, had it on a tour where I would I'd get these get these weird kind of things where I have to do a certain thing before I go on stage. So one of the things I did on a tour that was, I don't know, is about a four month. Tour is run forty five miles before the show.
And by that by the middle of that tore at actually, given myself a stress fracture in my foot, we're who is terrible. Did you run on concrete, not a treadmill hello, yeah wow, damn dude was sometimes sometimes when when there was no treadmill, I just run on the street, but I kinda get that? Where I just like? I don't know, I get obsessive about stuff and I want, and I want to do it- I get to kind throw myself all the way in now running shoes, you run with run with like honestly on that tour, sometimes I'd run in vans, which is probably half of my prob but it would be so quick like. Oh, I have an hour here to do this, but yeah that it wasn't fun though It was painful yeah when you have overuse injuries. Those are some of the hardest, especially your feet. There are some of the hardest to recover from because you have to walk. It's not like. If you hurt your elbow You could just not use it for awhile and it will eventually heal up, but you need to use your feet. Yeah yeah planners of rough one man. I know a lot of people have got that
I've been very lucky. I came from a martial arts background lot of kicking and stuff like that, so my feet are pretty strong from moving but We found that running with minimal issues on hills that made him even stronger yoga yoga mom stronger like what those weird What are they called Vibram five finger shoes or were those where there's another company called vivo barefoot or wear those. I, like those a little bit: weather for running on the hills, because I'm running on a lot of rocks and shed in the Vibram's they would be great- if everything was soft dirt, but I'm right on weird jagged rocks and and it's just the it hurts your feet. You got to be real careful where you place your feet, yeah, but it just forces your feet to work as they're supposed to as opposed, like a big, cushioning running shoe. You know, like a break. Cushioning running shoe feels good. It good to run on it. 'cause you get all this cushion, it's not so jarring, but your body really really should run. I think personally, unless you're a runner
you should probably run less with a minimalist shoe. Then you should run like because it's more comfortable to run with the big fat cushion. I think you ultimately give yourself more injuries that way yeah, but you can get injuries from those minimalist shoes too. If you don't pay close attention, you try too hard too quick yeah. If it's not condition for my future terrible to man, I had what was called a lisfranc fracture when you heard that it's basically you're you're for it breaks in half and call your lawyer tenants your ligaments in your bones. How far did you do that? So I was high as a kite, and I was in Australia and I was running to the bus and I had like two huge bags that were like, probably like I probably forty pounds on my back and I was just trying to get to the bus to get to the next show or whatever, and it was the stupidest thing ever, but it was a little like you know the little cracks in the
up higher and I didn't see- and I fell with all that weight on me and I'm in the bus and I'm starting to think wow. This is really bad in my store managers like a man just get the blood flow and try walking on it and I'm trying to just suck it up and I'm in the airport, I'm like almost like tearing like I'm fucking hurting so bad. I was like man. I think I need to get a x, Ray or like MRI. This isn't good. So I play like the next two shows. With my other foot I get an x ray, they say have broken my foot in half surgery. So I think I end up doing a couple weeks of that or which I shouldn't have. I should have gone and done that surgery, but I played it with my other foot and then I got home. I did the surgery- and I was like six months on crotch- is in just recovering. It was terrible six months on crutches and then
so like. I was in healing that great because I was taking so many pain killers and everything it was slowing down the process in which I don't know if you've heard of, but that it really like my bones, became super brittle from painter from pain killers. What what pain killers, nor because now yeah yeah, but I would imagine the pain, must've been excruciating snapping. A foot and half of it was so painful yeah when it first happened. It's something else for pain, medication after you got off of that stuff. Just smoked weed, yeah yeah, so I'm not yeah, I'm pretty good with pain. Does a bug me, what about edibles have a really done it. You don't with animals really hi. I have that I haven't had anything for ten years. Nothing nothing
No alcohol, no weed, no, nothing damn yeah ten years, which was a big well after my accident as well. I was fed four months in a hospital being fed morphine every day for four months and then being on all these bipolar meds and everything else. I honestly didn't want to put anything in my body when I got out. I didn't even take painkillers when I got home now, what kind of bipolar meds they put you on to it? I don't even remember I was on like four five just bipolar, and I mean I had like I had so
I mean I probably like twelve medications I got sent home with, and I did it for about a week or two and then I went to see my doctor. I had actually over heard one of my friends talking who was like a brother to me an I heard him talking to someone else, and he was like you know, like Travis, seems a little different. You know it seems a little bit slow or something, and I had over heard him. He didn't know I over heard him, but I was these meds I had been telling my dog shows like I just don't feel like me. I feel I don't know. I feel weird and I just don't feel like myself, so I just flush them down the toilet one day next week I came back to see him he's like how you doing I said good, I'm off all those meds, you told me I'd be on for the rest of my life and they're, like oh dude, from what you've been through, like you
aid to be on something like that, and I was like air I'm doing. Fine, though, like I don't need those you know me so I want to put you want to because of the plane crash yeah they, like. Don't shame yourself, you know, buy it by giving yourself a hard time that you have to take these pills, and I said well, you know I I understand and feel like they're doing what they're supposed to form in actually having like a negative effect on me. So I don't. I really don't want to take them. You know they also told me I'd never run again. I never do this and, Do that again. So I think I just got to the point I was like. Let me see how many things I can prove otherwise that they've told me you know once I stopped taking the pills Jesus, so they put you on by poor medication because of a dramatic crash yeah. That seems odd. To me I mean I'm not a doctor, obviously, but well. I was kind of crazy. You know I was like so this title when I was in the hospital I was on so many drugs. I couldn't even I didn't even know. My friends have passed away,
I need to know the two pilots had passed away. I didn't remember anything I kept thinking like everyone was in the hospital, including the two pilots, including my two best friends, and I am, I thought everyone was just in different rooms. Tell about it. Two weeks before I left wow and then I went crazy, then was like in they had at me now fifty one fifty case on their hands. You know I wasn't. I wasn't in a good place, so yeah then I did. I did a lot of like posttraumatic like therapy when I was in the hospital to kinda like calm things down once I got through all my surgeries and then yeah I mean over time. It was. It was cool but or it was never cool, but I I started to feel better. You know yeah, that's! I think it was because I was so crazy at the time, but that's it's interesting that that what I would think that bipolar medication would be something that you would give so
one, who has like a day a condition that just is sort of pre did their predisposed to it. Yeah I don't know anything about bipolar, but I would think that that's something that you just have you know. Let's say you have a mental condition. I wouldn't think that would be thing that they would give you to overcome a traumatic incident yeah. I think they were afraid I was gonna, be I had like a mental condition after everything happened, you know, I think they think like maybe because you're an artist that you probably will crazy anyway, possibly yeah- I mean yeah, I think, but I was a mess to like you know like I had done I'd smoke, so much we'd. You know every every day and I taking so many pills and- and I would self medicate. Quite a bit that I woke up, probably out of eleven at my thirty surgeries I had in the burn center. I woke up swinging on doctors So I would wake up, and I would just I'd be opened up. I would just go crazy. Jesus Christ. We are trying to get off the table yeah
try to get off the table. I don't even think I really knew what was going on. I just wasn't. They couldn't give me enough medication and knock me out. 'cause I've been self medicating for so long and abusing meds for so long wow, so you would get up from anesthesia you just wake up in the middle anesthesia, haha yeah, so yeah that I was crying. That was a problem. How did you clean up? I think after there were the think, the last time, a song in a doctor. They were kind of like you, you're not going to. You can be here no more and then I was like wow Well, I need x amount of more surgeries and I I really was just in the fighting demons. You know I just figured out, like my two best friends had passed away and the pilots who passed away- and I was just like in an ugly place- and you know my my kids couldn't come visit me because sixty five
send my body was burnt, so I couldn't be around people, so I was just in it man and then, and then I just I don't know I turned the corner and then I was like a team player and I don't think I was on as many meds most of my surgeries were over and just learning how to walk again. Able to take a shower by myself again all that stuff man. I think that was just those are the good points that help me turn the corner, and I don't know I just had more strength. You know yeah, so wow, so you just just turned a corner in your mind and just sort of accepted it and yeah same with drugs like I did. Never do have or anything. I think it was mainly my kids, an just a second life. Second chance at life was enough for me. I was like I don't. I never want to do any of that stuff again, you know that's cool, so one
you get a certain amount of distance between you and those days does it seem like like wasn't even real? That's wasn't you doing those things yeah, you look back in your dislike for him, like I still talk to those doctors to this day, like Dr Grossman he's a he's, he saw so many. He basically saved my life. You know, but I still talk to him. He lives out here in the valley. Yes, Grossman burn Center and I go there Christmas and and see burn. You know burn victims that are over there in the in the Branson help out anyway. I can but yeah he's cool man. It's really cool yeah, many of my friends that I know that I had real bad drug problems and then now we're off drugs. They look back and they go what I don't. With the fuck was I doing like how did I was that mean yeah? It's interesting! How happens in your life. You have these new chapters in your life and in and sometimes it could just be and then it happened like two weeks ago and you're like who the fuck was that guys
weeks ago, I'm not even here anymore. You know, like you get. Sometimes people make these abrupt turns. In their life and then they go yeah, I'm never going back and you go well we'll see, and then you ten years later, like while you were right, you never went back yeah yeah and I think, like I still love, if you ever heard of, what's called like use your dreams now where, like I think I've Devin I'm smoking weed again and then wake up, and I'm like, oh my god. How am I going to because I did not. I love smoking so much you know, or would it whatever? Your vice was yeah, like whatever what I am going out, yeah they're, just like you, wake up and you think you're doing it again and then yeah realize NAM, I'm all good ice of dreams like that or how to go back to high school real I just have dreams for years. Man would you hate, high school Maybe getting one likes it, and this year, like you, know soon to be a professor fuckin' doctor, something well, I just had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, and I was just like being trapped in a classroom. Constantly was excruciating yeah. I must have
I I mean I probably do have like some crazy form of a d day. I don't know I never been diagnosed the end to a shrink, but if I did, I I mean I'm sure they probably try to put me on something right. If I tried to tell him what's going on in my head all the time they be like Jesus it out hold on. Take these take these whatever you do is bad When I was in high school, I fucking hated it and I barely got by and then I got out of high school. I would have these dreams where I, wake up in the middle of the night, and I didn't have enough credits graduate and have to go back now. And then I was sitting there in my bed before I woke up trying to decide or not. I was just going to fucking drop out and not graduate. From high school, not have a high school diploma or go back and do another fuckin' year of Hell and it might my guts would turn. Then I'd wake up and be home. I graduated I graduated yeah yeah, it was the worst. I was the same way. Man I just like just barely got by high school. Did you go to school
Well, I grew up in Like Fontana, okay, Riverside Bandaranaike, yet fun Tukey shot out the double dose more tie out there. Yeah good morning to move this idea, so people like to fight in Fontana like fight everywhere yeah now you can either fight a Beverly, a lighter play: football fight, terror, yeah, yep yeah. I was the same way just just skated by high school, and then I remember I don't even want to walk a hated it so much. I actually wrote my skateboard with my friends that were like much older than me. I go skateboarding with every day and we're skateboarding by the high school as everyone walked in got her diploma. I was Did you get your diploma yeah, they sent it to me, but me too, I didn't want to fucking, be there. No, I didn't. I didn't go to my graduation. Like I'm gone yeah. This is a once I got through it MIKE. You don't have me anymore. I can be free, took me awhile to figure out what the fuck to do next yeah. I would sit there and they would be like. So what do you want to do?
answers- and I was like I just want to play drums in a band really and maybe like that's not an option. Like with Carla College. Are you going to and they would talk to me like? I was like just insane. Isn't that crazy that there's so many bands and there's so many drummers. Why is that not an option yeah? Why is it not an option would be better if they just said well no, like, I don't know if they motivated you to actually do what you Shin and instead of just being well, but that's not going to happen. So what do you want to do so? Many people that probably want to be drummers and just never got a push in? Never never. You know yeah, never through, but then there's the other. The other argument that if you really want you'll, find a way yeah you you got to do it. I mean my dad used to tell me the same thing. If you like you, got to have a plan b and I'd be like well
Well, if I have a plan b, I'm not going to try that hard, yeah start thinking in my head and then that's when I just said not like that. Like it's only this no matter, if I'm rich for whatever, whatever the circumstances. This is what I'm doing. I don't give a fuck with the alchemist. I think that's the right mindset, yeah, I don't think people get by that well like when I was a just trying to do stand up. There's a lot of guys had full time jobs and they got degrees, and you know they would work there full time job and then they would just do stand up a couple nights a week. They never made it. That is the obsessed guys and women the p. People that were just like this is my fucking life. This is what I do I'm going to do this. Those are the ones that do it. The no safety net people are the ones that made it yeah. I mean it's gonna fucking happen you just have to you have to stick with it. You know, I feel, like the people who really stick with it and give it like one hundred and ten percent. Your time will come at it, however big or small. It is something
happened. You know yeah yeah, if you figure it out and keep improving, keep, learning and learn from your mistakes and learn from your set backs and and keep trying to push and get better and improve. If you do all those things is as hopeless and helpless as it seems. If you continue to prove you've got to get to a better place. You got to get better and one day, you'll be undeniable, and if you don't- and if you just fall back on that safety net, you're always gonna, wonder yeah, you know he was gonna. Look at Travis Barker going fucking on the drums and going
could have been made dude. I almost did it. I actually at one point my pops, my pops is awesome, but uhm he's like Vietnam, Vet and you know, wrote him a Harley. His whole life- and he just basically said to me, he's like YO, you gotta, you gotta, start paying rent at the house, 'cause you're, not in high school anymore or and get like a sixty hour week. Job like a real job or you need to go. You know, go fucking play drums, but you're not going to do it here in my garage. So I was like ok and it was probably the best thing that has ever said to me. You know as harsh as it was or whatever, and then
It actually caved in, and I just told my friend no, I was like you know what I think, I'm just going to get this fucking job 'cause. I just somehow got a job that made you know in a warehouse. It was like target warehouse, making pretty good money compared to what I was making at the time an he hit me in the next day and he's like, I think, you're making a big mistake. I think you're very fucking, talented- and I think you'll regret this and you can get this bullsh it job any any time down the line come live with me on. You know, stay at my house. You can sleep on the floor, the couch an let's play in this walking band and do it and I did it. You know it was like a trash man in Laguna Beach lived in like this apartment with a couple of the guys and it just took off like I I had a like. I mean it was like humility to you know there was like playing bar after bar, and you know you know, but I was eating I was eating. I was you know I I was skateboarding every day and I was living at the beach playing a
now, my friend so for me it I I had already made it. Those are the best stories yeah the best stories, and I think, back even to this day I go to the gonna. Sometimes I'm like wow, that was kind of one of the best moments of my life. Besides my two being born like poor, no money but like happy as I can't even think of another time. I was a happy. You know: yeah cool the people at the the only pressure is the pressure of trying to succeed is not the pressure of already succeeding, yeah overwhelming pressure that you must experience now. Yeah doesn't great stories men. The stories of bike where You didn't know if it was going to work I figured it out, include those stories right now. Some kids are listening. Those stories right now listening, you say this and they're like fuck man, I'm going to do it. I'm going to go for who knows how many rock stars you're making right now just saying this, because a lot of
are teeter tottering, yeah, I'm not going to do it in my not going to do it even I mean I was at the time now and you just have to you know: don't worry about being cool or being fuckin' rich or having money just be passionate about what you're, passionate about and fuqing dedicate one hundred percent. You know yeah, there's those moments, man when you first starting out anything where it's not sure. It's not a it's, not a definite thing. You're in this weird limbo space like man, I'm gonna to be a loser. My whole life like what what's going to happen to me and those moments man. When you look back and you realize you could have quit, but you kept going on you I doubt you sucked it up. You work your way through improved, kept moving, yeah yeah, that's life, man yeah! That's what defines you ma'am yeah! It really does. I just love. Those falcon stories
you can never get enough of them at the dirty grimy and then finally make it story. Other fast, did you run out of space to tattoo? I'm going to tell you right now actually getting tattoos on top of tattoos? That's outrageous! Yeah! I just got this uh J for xx, I'm going to get a working on some new ones. I've decided to go back in you kind of like remix in him. At this point, like getting tattoos on top, but have you ever gotten Lezard yeah once I had like a new wife and I divorced ex wife, and she wasn't really stoked on the Ex wife's name on me yeah. That sounds like a problem, so I lezard it 'cause. It was right on my neck and she always had to see it and then, but that's the only time, I've ever done it there's nothing on me. I really want to get rid of around like that. It's all a story to me. It all tells a story. It's like a moment in time, and I got it for a reason, but I was trying to be cool an you know. I'm trying to be respectful,
happy at the time. That makes sense. Yeah I mean it is amazing. She hung in there all the way to being married with another checks, name on your neck yeah, that's true woman! True, but in that regard yeah but yeah. I love tattoos manner, addicting you! I love him too. Once I figured out, they didn't hurt at the age of fifteen it was on. I didn't yeah, it's like people, people tell you like all it's so painful yeah and then you get when you like, wait a minute, that's not so bad. This is like it's kind of like a a slight burn, yeah, it's like kind of therapeutic too bad. I fell asleep while getting tattooed same same when I did my back piece, I fell asleep and I had to artists working on me at the same time. Oh wow, just 'cause, I fucking hate wasting time, so they added my back together. They did my head together to hear their heads impressive. Let me see that. Let me see what that looks like. When did you get that done? I did my head, like
I don't know six years ago, wow all yeah as yeah I heard I had like a piece on the side of my right that Mister Cartoon did back back in the day. I love that guy's work, yeah cartoonists that he's a man, is aging. He's got a great show. He's he's a legend. Yeah he's a legend yeah I mean outside tattooing like low rider culture and he's one of the illest but yeah. He did that and then that kind of set it off. I always had like praying hands on the side of my head and then I shaved, my head and I've never grown my hair out since because I'm like it, I it's permanent hair cut right. You know but What is up there? It's hard to see what shine like Virgin Mary, oh wow. I think I have like a rose. You think you know you get a lot of tattoos I gotta know. What's on my head, I have like a transplant gas mask on the back of my head. I have one life, one chance yeah and then, like some writing, wow.
Now, when you got burned, did it affect your tattoos? Did you have to tattoo over it? Yes, so I lost. I lost all of my tattoos on my legs. Wow, yes, I lost. I lost my first tattoo ever, which was a Dag nasty tattoos, hardcore band punk band that I loved forever in a bones. Tattoo just was: name growing up, but I lost everything on my legs. So then they do like they do what's called grafting, so they, when I lost some tattoos from my back, so they take it like a cheese grater and they grade all of your skin off. Back in my thighs and then they staple it to you with pig cadaver and they wait for a for you to start healing. So yeah, so I lost a lot of tattoos and then I I did I like on my thighs you I did I did memorials for for Chris J
a DJ am who passed away in the accident. So I put them on my legs over the graph, so you can't really see it, but yeah I mean I got out pretty well man like I mean you can kind of see it on my hand, my hand you can see it's discolored and stuff, but for having me seventy percent of my body burn like you can't really tell that's amazing yeah. You can't really tell it all 'cause you're, so tattooed up data. The pain. And of healing burns is supposed to be excruciating. It's the fucking worst thing ever well. For me, too, I mean, I don't think you guys ever think about being burnt. I know I didn't write, I would just be like I don't know. I just never think about fire until you're on fire and then you're like oh shit and then and then the you know the treatments afterwards to like do everything you know like, like.
Put me in this big pan that was literally about as big as this table with different people all around you and they would scrape on my with a metal brush to get rid of all the infection, because I had I basically when, when I, when I jump through the merchants, the exit when I open emergency exit before the plane blew up, I was in such a hurry to get out of the the plane and exit the plane. I jumped right into the jet, which is full of fuel, so my whole body late at you know so I had jet fuel just in my whole by like a bird to jet fuel from most like three months, so they had like. That was the main thing to get rid of. The infection is a scrub you with a metal brush to get rid of all of it and all the dead skin and then and then I did about thirty surgeries to repair everything I skin grafts surgeries. They say my foot because at one point they're going to amputate
Right foot, yeah, it was wild. I would I have to make sure that they can have tempted. My right foot almost didn't make it was it because the way it was it was, it was Nicole, this is sort of like what was going on that they were going to amputate it. I think 'cause. That was the thing that was most soaked was. It was my shoes and socks I jumped into the it's you know, and I had done like I had exited the plane I'd started running. I had started like ripping off my clothes. Just but my instinct just get rid of everything, but little did I know I would still be on fire cuz. The jet fuel was, you know I was soaked in it, so I'm actually running towards the highway. I was right on the side of me, and I just hear some guy yell like stop and- and it just like. I heard it out of all this chaos of every sirens and everything and I stop drop and roll, and the only thing that was
building on fire was my feet and am came in a padded him out. So I think they were on fire the longest too. So still like my, I think my right foot is probably like over fifty percent of its graft wow yeah. Is wild, but uhm yeah. That was like. I never like. I said I never even thought about it's, not something you think about until it happens to you but being burnt is like a it's horrific. You know. Would you affected by the recent fires out here? It came about a couple one hundred yards from one of my houses, oh wow, but I was in Vegas. I was actually playing a show. We left that ng and then we got a phone call saying your evacuate, the lawn with you, thank God, yeah the kids, my dogs with me, my my housekeeper, was at the house, so she was able to get the rest of our dogs out and yeah. We wish as long as I had them there with me, and I was like everything else is replaceable yeah whatever, but yeah. That was
I mean you saw. Obviously you live very quickly back. You waited yeah, we get evacuated uh! Well, we evacuate ourselves before they had a mandatory at two hundred in the morning I came back from the comedy store and my wife, and I will look out. The window in the flames are coming over the hill, and I said no one is going to save us here I go, you know we have to figure out what the fuck were going to do and she's like. I think we should go and I sat all right. I think you're right and we just got a hotel room and we just bailed- and I just grabbed- I literally grab my laptop and I think that's it and some some clothes and then the kids are a little freaked, a server. Just look we're here! Yeah all right. I agree to buy more yeah the dog's, fine, we're fine, that's how I was to us like. Let it burn yeah. You know I mean I don't want it to burn. Obviously, but rather than
you being hurt like fuck man. This is this. Is it's an inconvenience when, when you're, when you lose your house yeah, it's a horrific tragedy when you lose your life, we're not we're going to get the fuck outta here, yeah they were freaked out, but within a day or two I mean we stayed in a hotel for a week, but within a day or two they were cool were laughing about it. The same we did the same thing. It came came home, but do not really home. You know just had a hotel for a week, but yeah he felt kind of helpless. Like you couldn't do much. You know it's not like. I could sit there and and put out the fire on myself. You know they wouldn't even let us in community yeah same here, crazy for people that weren't around here. They don't know how crazy it was, but the sky was filled with smoke everywhere you looked with smoke, I mean all of LA was filled with smoke. It was I've. Never we were. We stayed in Beverly Hills at the Waldorf and you lookout the balcony window and it's just fuckin' gray just smoke every
yeah, never seen. Fires like that before. Never in my life either and I always see were on high alert yeah. I do not see it like. My kids are at school over in Malibu really close to there and I always see high alert, but nothing's ever really happened. Yeah, it's been like small fires, but that was horrific. That was just it looks like here, Shima yeah in our neighborhood, like you know, airplanes flying really low, dropping like fire retardant yeah it was. It was crazy. Bill, Burr flies, helicopters he's got his helicopter license and we took a flight around Malibu around point doom and you go over there and you see these massive estates just burnt to the ground, he's gorgeous houses with the perfect view on the bluff overlooking the ocean gone huge lots Twenty million dollars houses gone just burnt to the ground, and there's so many of them and then, like one house standing there, one house out of just random
So it was in our neighborhood to a house caught fire, but nothing near it. Caught fire was weird yeah. Some will fly through the air land on someone's house and if you have like pine needles or something on your roof or flammable roof, yeah just catches catches on fire. Was it camp fire that started thinking hard. It's called campfire, so I don't think it was a campfire that was the name of the fire. I don't think I don't. I don't know what the fuck the cause of that fire Jamie, we found that out. Do you know what it is? I think they've been trying to blame or blame has been put on like different utility companies or whatnot and they're, not they're, not taking the blame, where they can prove that it wasn't them and it's going to be passed through. I don't know that anybody knows yet yeah, it's fucking crazy, though man when I was in boulder, there was a giant fire that broke out. That was a fireman accidentally started,
farm yeah had a fire pit in his backyard and some fuckin' embers blew out of his fire pit and started a giant fire and just burnt be massive amounts of wild forest is just gone. Damn yeah fireman. Imagine that people yeah, he must have felt like shit. It mean anybody, so I mean just couldn't fuckin'. Imagine if it was your fault that one things get started: oh yeah, the guilt I wouldn't be sleeping for weeks, crazy, hair, it is northern California. Northern California got it way where we Got it bad down here, worse than I've ever seen, but they got it way worse. In northern California, Northern California, they lost like a shitload of people, died on the highway, so they burned to death in their cars. You see those photos, yes, man, fuck man, yeah
no ends at a lot of this is because of you mean there's a lot of issues right, there's the the dry. You know the fact, the dry climate, the fact that you know there's a climate change is happening, but also- fact that there's no small fires like, although those dead trees are supposed to get knocked down by small fires like controlled fires, yeah and those done that doesn't really happen anymore. We don't want small fires that can possibly get out of hand, and so you you have. These. Forests are oftentimes filled with dead trees right next to live trees in a lot of dead trees all over the place wow. So they're supposed to do it it's like maintenance burning, like the small gas before there's me, I mean some people advocate doing it for maintenance, but in nature. That's like a natural thing like a lightning would hit like some of the on file. Air in the live, trees would probably survive in a lot of the dead ones, would burn to the ground and would actually regenerate the forest yeah yeah I mean the crazy thing is like you look, how
okay, lush and green. It looks out here now, I would never imagine that just a few months ago this was a raging inferno. It actually is good for the ground. Yeah All that still feels like fire. Two right now places yeah every time it rains it's starting to get a little bit better, but does it freak you out when you see fire now because of your accident, Yeah. It took a little while for us to have pyro again. Oh never was like we just got back together. And like this really really like killer like photographer at this idea to do this photo shoot and they wanted us holding like the what's been called the thing like the flares set. He got me to hold for a second I was like I but I can't do this. Hi wrong photo shoot. I can yeah sorry, you know. I know you have this vision, but I that's an insensitive vision. Yeah and- and I is- is yeah we have.
Right now down a little bit more fitting but and then, and now we do pyro stuff on on stage in production. It doesn't really bug me, but I'm very cautious around the house, like that. You know MIKE daughter she has like a straight. I am plugged in for my son, whatever lights, a candle like I'm so crazy in on yeah yeah find a little weird. So I have to ask you: does Tom talk about UFO's all the time we, he's not in the band yeah. I know, but you know always do that. He always did really get loaded and just look out the this window through, and I used to do it with him as, like. I don't know, it's kind of a bonding experience. It's like, if you wanted to show me bow and arrow those were on tour together, if I said, sit there and check it out so with Tom. That was his thing like fucking, let's get high look for ufos, so he would just sit there and stare out the bus window. Look at ufos were like he would even go as far as when we're on tour like let's go unfucking look for Bigfoot
but whatever it was, you know, and he assemble a crew, and they would go do it, my god. I never got me on one of those trips, because I was just too fairy tale for me, but yeah, but I would you know I'd do that and he was always it's really not something he just got into from the day. I fucking men one test with ufos in aliens and was always very passionate about it. To the point where, like I didn't, know enough to move to, have any kind of, I guess like opinion on it, I was very open and- and you know just took it all in yeah, but nothing has she's still the other day. I talk to me like I'm on the way to the Fucking White House Bro, and I don't ask any questions. I'd like as you should be, you know whatever. Let's fucking go yeah great response, yeah, good luck with that yeah wow, that's crazy! yeah. He was a trip. Man having a conversation with him was very strange because I'm
part of me was like sky. Putting me on like what is I've been a bad okay. Data seem like it and we would look at these videos that were so clearly horse and he would like amazing right and I'm like what, like you, think that the that's an actual ufo like that is the fake. It's video I've ever seen in my life yeah, but he didn't see that at all yeah in his mind, He was seeing a real alien spaceship, even on tour. I'd be like you walk in my room and he's like what are you doing? I'm like I'll check this thing out. I just made up whatever playing drums like dude fucking whatever George Bush just did. You know he's just coming at me with something like politics: he's been watching, CNN or or yeah. Like he's. Just he's always been obsessed with it. He's obsessed with all sorts of like hidden things like not just Ufos but Bigfoot, two and conspiracy,
Aries politics yeah everything very, very passionate about all those things, conspiracy, theories and politics. It's interesting how those things go together, because people who are always wondering like who the fuck is run things. What's really going on, what's happening behind the scenes, who's
the strings. What is it all really means? Yeah, you know now, but the UFO things like boy boy you got up, I mean I absolutely believe there could be intelligent life out there, but I haven't seen of Falken single thing that makes me think that anybody's got a picture idea yeah. I I feel like it could. It could be realized, I believe, but I'm more I'm not. I can't I'm not dedicating my life to search for it. You know yeah and I I give it to a man to like honestly to walk away from your very successful band to go. Do that like? I have nothing but respect for his passion yeah, but it's like I couldn't do that. That's insane yeah it's like that. Just it really shows like he's. You know these very, very passionate about it will be saved up some money. Yeah me too, you know survivor man Les Stroud NA.
You ever see that show great show. He would survivor Man go out into the woods with a limited amount of things he would say like okay, I've got this bucket. I've got a pocket knife and I got I'll ball a ball of porn and I'm going to survive out here for seven days and he films, the whole thing and he'd be filming himself like eating frogs and catching uh. Morrow and finding edible plants and let living out in the force and oftentimes going days and days without food yeah, and then he would have like a point where he'd get rescued now seven days in there would be a spot where they would meet him. He had next since when he was in Alaska a long time ago where he was camping, and he said he heard footsteps a big heavy footsteps and heard some sound. That sounds like a gorilla, the quote for something like that and then it ran off and to this day he's convinced that that was a bigfoot
and so now he has Survivorman Bigfoot and he goes out into the woods and just looks for evidence of watch well. He said he needs to. In he's the head of Tom Tom he'll go with the with the love that I was sure he would yeah he's, try Get me to go with them. Like good luck, I did it, I did it one. I'm I went. Hunting for big for for a television show differ. Sci Fi Call Joe Rogan questions everything we went yeah looking for big foot and the more I talked his big foot. Folks, the more I was convinced. None of these mother ever seen. Big foot was one lady that talk to one lady who just did not seem like a liar, and she was telling me that she,
saw something in the woods and it was standing up and it was tall like seven eight feet, tall and she's like. Why is there a gorilla in the woods and then she's like? Oh, my god, that's bigfoot, and he said it was the Pacific NW like outside of Washington, state or in Washington State outside of Seattle, and the woods are so dense up there that if anything goes one thousand and twenty feet it's gone. The problem with that is that this black bears up there in black bear sometimes stand up on two feet. They do it all the time an if you saw Blackfoot, especially a black bear, rather especially from a distance. You would think it was a big gorilla if you're standing up on two which they do do, especially when they're trying to see something they'll stand up and they'll even walk. This is a lot of videos of them walking on two feet and just underneath the risks they were seeing it now, that's crazy, I could see I would rise any of the big four hundred percent yeah, so I think
I don't think that lady's a liar. I just I don't she might look, it might be real. There might be a few of them left. There definitely was a thing called giganto pithecus that lived in Asia and the thought is that it came across the Bering Land Bridge. The same time that native Americans came across in Asia and that they came across and you know because they lived in Asia and this this gigantopithecus, I think, lived as recently. I think one hundred thousand years ago, I think the most recent fossils they have of it Is human beings were alive back then thing was? Six, or an eight to ten foot tall by Peter Hominids, or was it a huge she Jyj ape like creature yeah check this out. This is a we. This bear the crazy ever while bears walk on two legs William. While I give like, if you saw that yeah yeah
Give me a like all my god. It's a his big foot, especially if you believe the hype in your search for big foot out there, yes yeah or if you're, on shrooms yeah right I mean if you're walking, you're high on mushrooms, like oh, my God, bigfoots real, look at things like hey how you doing well, he's gotta hurt right foot, that's what that is. You see his right foot or something wrong with his right foot, sometimes yeah. It looks like he's missing his front. Paw, it says sometimes bears, will fight with each other and one barrel bite the other bears foot off or he could have gotten shot or it could have broke it off on something yeah. That's crazy and he's missing a foot, so he's he's walking around out there like a gorilla, but everybody else. I was like when I'm talking to them. They're like living in make blue. World has another one walk around with him. That is weird man. Those are big. Gas bears yeah, yes, Bear Stellen on two feet, I mean look, they look like a
Can people man. I think that is a a big reason why and then through their feeding him. That is so crazy. Where is that that doesn't seem like America? South Korea is South Korea wow all that. So that's one of those wildlife parks with animals are all and you're in a car yeah. That's like fake wildlife. I mean wildlife, but not really wild yeah. You ever see that video, where the lady was in China and they were in one of those parks and she got in a fight with her boyfriend. She got out of the car and she got killed by a tiger. No, she acts. She didn't get killed. Her mom got killed, she's more up, 'cause her mom came out to rescue her it snatched by the tiger and then her mom. What was the this is crazy. Another sure they love it. She's, like for thank you, I'm fucking walking and they're like hey, listen, Bich, get back in the fucking are there tigers out here? It's like no, no fuck, you and fuck him and fuck you and the tiger just grabs her snap
as a route, so the guy runs out and then the mom runs out and apparently the mom got killed. Here comes the mom that lady wind up dying, yeah park, Ranger like shit start by a six hundred pound cat g about that can do in Colorado. Today he killed mountain lion with his bare hands. He smothered it to death, yeah it jacked him. While he was jogging, he was running on the trails. The mountain lion grabbed him from behind. He gonna struggle with his eighty pound cat and wind up suffocating it. I could see that fucking bad Ask Joger just yeah. I want to know what the doctor looks like holes in them. While soccer bars net thought, you thought it would have to Louis or someone you know like, I can't picture anyone else being able to do that. Maybe you did you did to guy yeah. We see him I've seen him when my kids were really young in Calabasas. Where I live. I saw one like just pacing back and forth in my back fence. How
I am Jesus yeah they're out here. Man there out here movie, see coyotes in deer all the time, but mountain lions, that's next level, scary, yeah, a friend might just sent me a message this morning when I was when I posted that thing on Instagram about that guy that killed it, and he said he was running on this fire road and he realized. He like felt weird and looked over an twenty feet. Away from him was a big cat right above him on this ridge twenty feet. So that's basically us to that wall. Big cat just look at and he said he waved his arms to look bigger and, I think just walked away. Ah I care nice. When I run I carry this half face. Blades, it's got a like a loop. You could stick your thumb into it. So. It stays in your hand, and people are are you running with a knife? What the you doing, you don't need it until you do yeah
What do you want to? Have it didn't someone get attacked by a coyote and hidden hills like running hello. I am sorry about that, but I mean I ran in my neighborhood before and have two coyotes ran right past me I mean the the groups yeah the usually don't mess with like humans. You know. Well, we had a problem with them, killing chickens because I've chickens in my yard, yeah I've lost a bunch of chickens to coyotes. Were they were? They were on top of the chicken coop Poland tiles off of it they're creepy little man, but their little? You know that these are like thirty five. Forty five pounds- they're, not very big, but the creepy there's some about their little wolves and they're. Looking at you and they're trying to figure out a way like what can they eat, what can't they eat there out there scraping, scraping and grinding their sneaky, like gangster, like, I saw one of my friends dear friend, of mine, lost both of his dogs to coyotes, and he had. I think he had like surveillance of it and one is in the yard and he's playing dead and then his a dogs approach. What they think is dead
and then basically like his home, he comes out of nowhere and attacks and they both in the one that's playing dead attacks and both of his dogs were at how big was dogs. Small I mean they were smaller dogs, but now he has like big, german shepherds and he's you know he's kind of like got bigger. Dogs now, but is really sad man. It is it very hands like very, very crazy yeah they figure out some way to work and cooperate together without communicating it's very interesting I give it wasn't so sad that the killing someone's pat it's it's really kind of fascinating that they're, so smart that they would play dead. There's a guy that I used to work at this pet store that I go to and he also worked in a veterinary center medical place and a pit bull came and they get. One was big Jack pit bulls is covered in cuts and cuts. All over
spotty and the owner was they asked the only like what the fox happening is. I don't know he goes. I came home and he's covered in cuts. I really have no idea what happened to him, so he stitched the dog out like one hundred stitches over the dogs body. Then he takes a walk outside of his house and he follows his dogs, blood and he goes up into the hills near his house, finds nine dead, coyotes that what was gangster apparently he just wanna tear, and he said it look like ' Vietnam. It was like a fucking like saving private Ryan, just ripped apart, coyotes, nine of them. This mother just mall in yeah. They must I've been so bummed out that I can get this dog yeah. There's nine of us! We've got. We've got this guy here and then you see this fucking fire hydrant head. Just doesn't feel pain, they've engineer those things like there's some pit bulls. This is
full did you go on Instagram? I think it's! I am the hulk. That's that's! The name It's a two hundred pitbull like they've, gotten into two hundred now. It's the most preposterous thing. You've ever seen your life. It looks like like, like Brock Lesnar, if it was a pit looks like it doesn't even make any sense. You look at it like that. A pitbull used to be able to thirty five pound dog needs to be small. The look at that thing yeah, then why in the fuckery, coyote saw that yeah. Those same thing, max this source button scary to the size of that thing. Yeah I had a mastiff he passed away recently. He was thirteen years old yeah we had to put him down and it was really sad he was. He was a great dog. Mastiffs are so sweet. Look look at the size of that fucking dog man,
just yoke to just crazy two hundred pound Pitbull. It's just so crazy that they make them that big. Now, like a hundred some people used to be a bit. I had a ninety pound one. It was a big dog. It was like wow, that's a big pit, bull in my dad's, a big This dog is one hundred and ten pounds bigger if it doesn't even make sense, so turn yeah. That's one of my favorite Coyote death stories, this guy going up into the hills and finally dead coyotes laying in a pile they try to ambush him when they would do they try to get one to come out and try to get chased and then the one run and then the other ones would jump it. There's like a gang straight up. That's crazy! That they're. They think like that, though, that they've, actually they have actually have strategies there savages yeah. Well, that's like the downside of living in the suburbs. The upside! Is you
nice yard and get a little view and yeah. I love getting away from the city here, like you know it's like studio or just chaos, whatever just going home and being home yeah me too nice to ever. Do you keep a place up in big bear anywhere? I don't go up there. I don't really like traveling really now after my accident, I fucking hate traveling like I'll go on tour, but I won't even look at an itinerary before I go on tour. I just kind of like just tell me where to go I'll, be up I'll, be where I need to be, but yeah like I don't want to. I don't fly. You know I haven't flown since my accident, so wow. So all your touring you do is by bus, yeah by bus and then I'll take the queen Mary two to Europe, but no way teaching a boat to Europe. Yeah. Imagine your boat sunk I can flow traffic going mother, fucker, yeah, trust me, but
so I'd rather be on the fuckin' raft, then fuckin' plummeting into the ocean at one hundred mph or whatever yeah, well yeah, but you know like Kuna for like, like quick getaways, like you know, just chill out with the family I have a gig in New York City. You have to start your journey five days early, yeah, wow yeah, but it's cool, the kids and I get to see a lot of stuff. We don't normally see yeah, but I got to really think about it like like that fucking fire festival yeah if they had booked a son- and I was like I'm so glad cuz. I would have to drive five or six days. You know to Florida to Fort Lauderdale then get in a boat, and then you know get over to the Bahamas. So, thank God, man, I was. I was literally on my way there wow. So when you do that, do you actually drive yourself? If you have someone drive, you know, I'd be white. Now clean driving, the two of us have you driven as well
talking, scary man, while you're driving like this right. I've done it like like when I was nineteen or twenty. When I was on a tour, the driver, let me drive, and it was the scariest fucking I was like take the fucking wheel, man. This is so scared, like a white duckling, like just being in control being responsible over there mega bus and all of my homies, all your friends are sleeping. Yeah, it's like oh gosh, may I give it bus drivers or that a hard to Bobby is art and a drive for you know. I think you know we usually do eight to ten hour days today. Yeah us it's a long time. It is a long time, so it's quite a drive, but didn't end do you know they have to stay awake can maintain their focus and yeah. I don't know about you, but when I see those white lines did did did did did something about that is not good. For me. I start non yeah. It's like Hypnotising, yes right,
It is hypnotized yeah I mean I could do like two or three hours and I'm cool I'm exactly no San Diego is about. As far as I want to drive, yeah they're built different yeah and I know a you know. They say it's way more dangerous to be on the road in a bus morning, car than being a plane, but I don't know one day I would say, like my kids want to fly one day, maybe I'll be down yeah, but the thought of me leaving to go to play some show or do something cool and something happening. Whether like fox me up right: I don't really do it. I know what you mean. I could only imagine I mean I don't think anybody is ever going to be able to understand what you've gone through with that kind of an ordeal or plane crash where your friends died and Pilots are dead and, and you managed to get out alive but almost lost your foot and burned. Half your body plus. You know fuck man, it's crippling, but I try not to let it be too the handicapped. You know things. Are you over traveling, you see what
gotta work around you figured it out, but Australia, Australia go fuck itself wish. I could go out but I love Australia. I love Japan Fuch, I love Japan yeah. Do you guys go there for UFC fights? Yeah have been back in love. Again did you have seen in Tokyo once was I honestly want to move there really yeah. I loved it. So much David Lee Roth moved there for awhile yeah. He moved there to take sword. Fighting classes moved in with his dog an apartment. He is that if you ever talked to him now he is one of the trippiest fucking God. I just got a message really recently that he wanted to talk to Maine, and so they a phone number for him, I sent him a text message and never heard back like I might have to call him I got it. I don't want to miss it out. So if Dave you listening, I tried twice or even said. He wanted to get ahold of me for something and they gave him and uh They gave me a number to get ahold of him, but he's one of the more
the people I've ever talked to my life. It worked as an emt for awhile when he just gotten out of Van Halen. Really, yes like an actual emt like helping people MIKE in New York and people like I. What are you David, Lee, Roth and okay acting and we get we get in the ambulance. A key tv keep together. They like strapping people to a gurney when there had accidents and and day you imagine you get in a car accident and Fuckin' David Lee Roth is going to help you you like what what am I I must be dead this isn't real life. Imagine how fucking David Lee Roth. Let's we're going to be fine, buddy, that's legendary! I love that. I love he's a trip yeah. That would be a great interview move to Japan with his dog. Just just hung out there I go. What are you doing? Is like taking Kendall lessons taken sword, fighting lessons from a japanese master. Well, so every day we take Schwab taken Fuckin' kendo,
I he's he's the real deal. Man he's a real deal. I go real eccentric, but a really friendly. Really interesting guy yeah. What I love when someone is like that. You know, like you friend, that hasn't talked for twenty two years. I love shit like yeah. You don't hear about that. No or someone that will stop Van Halen to go with swords or yeah goes you cadet I really bringing him to the Pentagon and she'll like that. I don't know a like? I have no clue- and I watched a little bit of your we were like sent me It's like waiting on you, you don't get on like you know, but I feel, like he's, made himself readily available to do that shit. You know like right. I don't know.
It's I I sit and scratch my head and go. I don't know I don't know either his yeah, such a talented, talented due to Manny's like such a good songwriter yeah he well. He certainly is Certainly, a very talented guide, so it's just so interesting that that's his main point of focus yeah. I would think that if aliens were real trump would have told us. I really do believe that yeah, that guys he's such a fucking loose cannon. He became the president, like maybe they hid it from or his fooking. Arctic is schitt- is right now it's something I don't know something would slip. You know yeah. I would think that if they told him if they brought him those two things I would want to know who killed JFK. Those are two things I want to know if I became the president and are aliens real. What do you got mother fucker? What do you? I go to the top generals. I bet look. I'm going to defer to you guys, I'm not a military expert. Ok, I mean I don't want war, but I want you guys to have support. I got full respect. Tell me about the alien.
Trump borders, establishment of space force did that that's right the space, but that's because there's actually a military strategy because they are concerned that as technology improves Russians are going to be in space and we're going to be in space or or fight off. The aliens right, like Will Smith type shit, yeah, look at 'em yeah MIKE Pence is behind. I'm going Jeez is going to say well, yeah. I don't know man, but if I became president I never will. But if I did, those are the two things that I want to know who killed JFK and where the falcon aliens do. You think they know Do they? They know anything more than regular people because going to feel like they come in every four years. Someone would open their mouth. Somebody knows, somebody knows what it a lan must say: he's an alien yeah. Well he's not gonna rat on his friends right. He is, and you drive the car I'll give you the case just take it for two or
just take it for a spin out of here. I will that fuckin' tests will make you believe in aliens. It doesn't even make sense. It does not make sense. I feel like I'm driving a computer when I'm in a Tesla itself saying yeah, it's like every car other than that seems stupid. So ahs lovers when you pat yes, well, I know you're just completely in love with it sold while sold. I drove one. There was a red little car company. That was sponsoring the podcast and it was like, like uber for rental cars, they would drop off a rental car and they would remember the name of the company. I don't know if there around anymore anyway. I said yeah I wanna try Tesla and I drove it as I was kind of interesting, but this was years ago, like maybe five years ago, was at four years ago, five years ago it wasn't as impressive but now I got the model s p. One hundred d does what he told me to get us all right, I'll get it. I drove
that thing the moment I drove it, the very first the for the first couple feel like what is happening here. Why is this going so fast? It doesn't make sense, it's effortless what if it was like every other on the road has to accelerate. Like me and my hand, discuss I just wish it since Saint Einius Lee going sixty miles an hour, I mean it just feels like it's. It's happening in like blink blink, sixty yeah, an fuckin' smooth, and just you can't hear anything, you don't hear anything. It handles great, it's quite as shit. It's comfortable yeah! I'm because I do not make your head when you I know you saw the blazer yeah, do that's dope yeah. I tried building like my icon version of a blazer. You know who built out for you. His name was down while he
it was over here in the valley, so you did the ls swap and then I had another buddy of mine paint it and then I've, just kind of like did ground up like suspension, but I feel like I should have replaced the chassis and done everything like that. If I wanted to be like a true, I but it's a bad fucking truck. It's dope, looking truck there. It is that is so sick itself. You know icons done some blazers yeah I saw when they did afterwards yeah so you have it's a full convertible, no hardtop, God Dam that looks good dude. I put a soft top on like a bikini top but summertime, I just take it all off, but I roll a roll cage too sick. I love it. I love the Lord ones too. This land lenses so nice, but actually there's, though that's so nasty man is that the color you have like a matte it charcoal match like Charcoal Mercedes Gray, God that looks good.
Had almost pops Willie's, it's so strong, his son, which four star which engine they put in there, an LS three okay. What is it? How many horse powers? I think I'm at like seven hundred so ridiculous, so ridiculous that, besides that you I had like I like sixteen old schools. I've actually really actually fell out of love with them. It's kind of weird- or I think I've spent like my time with them and I'm ready to like separate from them and move on and maybe like get other stuff for. Like I don't know, I feel like it was a moment in time, though I was kind of like hood in a sense innocence, run put all my money into cars like before I ever bought a house. I had like four caddies you know, and I was living in like a two story: A2 Bedroom house, you know with a bunch of friends but she's that old red one behind you is dope. What is that? I still have that fifty three heavy truck that looks cool icon,
some of those to you ever see the Thrissur faster yeah he's got one for sale right now. I saw it. Yes, somebody had one built and then just never drove it and he sell it is and asked to I go over there and window shop. All that'll. Have you met him? Yeah Johnson record he's very cool. He drove me there to rest mass that one's available right now. Look at that thing. He drove me one of those and was like hitting corners at seventy. Like I flick, it almost lost my breath. I was like this mother. Fucker is crazy, but they really do perform their graph looking cars. Even my uncle, even though it's so high. Yes, so high off the ground, you would think that thing handles like it handles really good for, for something like that. Is it like? Stock comes from icon, like that same height there did you do anything to the stock yeah yeah? He just does a mall. That way, and I was originally going to get an FJ made from him and I went there
the bronco in person with a matte silver, and I was like holy as like that we did. I go scrap the f J. We need to get this going for so do you did you? Do the whole build out like you how? How long did it take well, some you're on a waiting list for a long time, and then I think the bill took to a year it's like close to a year stop by yeah me too, but the key is like have it in the then just forget about it. Yeah given time goes by, do you drive a lot all the time I drive to the comic store like two or three now, this week. But since I got the Tesla, I'm telling you man really ruined me. It's ruined me, I'm a gearhead yeah I like old school cars, have a sixty five corvette with an ls1 supercharge. I tried that all the time side pipe will be that yeah silver shape. I love it, but it seems so dumb
seems so dumb. Once you drive a Tesla while it's effortless dude, it just goes share it's like you're on fast forward. I need to check it out. Everybody else is live in the past yeah like maybe last year I used. Have the race like the role. That's a set car, bad car. You have the ceiling with all the lights. Looks like space. He was so sick, but my body, my body, Johnson, a that's, that's what cars, but wherever we were driving. So I did- and I was true I was- I was really impressed with it- It was really really fast, which one did he have. Did you have the one hundred di? Imagine it's the one before the one you're talking about 'cause. It was a couple years ago. Those were fast yeah, but it was still impressive yeah. Those were fast, there's still fast, but this one is fucking stupid yeah. It doesn't make sense. It's like it's like you're, defying what you think of thing can do. It has that big fucking screen where it all yeah everything, information, yeah, yeah, they're dope, he's
he's definitely a legend man, Elon Musk he's on his blowtorch to like he. Let that Bring up in the hallway out here now, yeah, so he's going to burn the building that I haven't even lit mine, I'm so afraid my sons like, of course animal. I don't want to know how to turn it on yeah yeah. He gave it to me and put the fucking fuel in it and everything else like alright, thanks crazy, like he comes bearing gifts, yeah, how many people give you a blowgun blowtorch which call it torch can which caught it's not a blowtorch right now? What does he call? It's, not a it's! Not a bullet or yeah, not a blow torch. Is that what it's called that believe so yeah yeah whatever it is,. This is a crazy picture online that we put up of him, shooting that fucking thing out in the hallway, and you like you, can't tell him. No, you know. Details of nodes got security around them and all these fucking, all these mercenaries with guns. No one saying
She rolls hard do healing mosque, yes with billions everywhere. He goes. I mean he's he's. Gonna have security everywhere, guys come before him in case everything out, yeah, look at him. What about comics? with the Freak party sign above his head. It's almost like we planned it. Steven Tyler that Steven Tyler's mug shot in the background crazy man. He such a takes from your guys interview to where he's just like for King stone, be honest, manage so good. I don't think he got stoned and I don't think he really inhaled. He took like a tiny puff. I think he puffed it like a cig I don't think you really smokes weed inhale. He drinks. We drank that's. What was interesting about that the blowback or the backlash is that we drank for two hours before we busted out the weed, but the we was like what are they doing? God takes one hit of weed
are they doing and then it went crazy and stock plummeted, six percent and it went back up. Nine percent. Then you select a smoke before you drink right. I don't know. I think you get really up. If you don't smoke a lot and you smoke after you've been drinking really it's a wrap, yeah Oh yeah, I don't know he never seen. I don't think it affected him he's like well, but he's so his brain is wired so different. You know what his brain is like. It's like you ever see like ok, no disrespect to PETE Holmes, but you know PETE Holmes, the comedian like look at his body and then look at Usain Bolts. That's how I feel like like the way if they had a race. That's how I feel like with my brain in in the room with Elon's brain was like well, these are barely the same thing. They're building the same. You keep up. Man like you, you've had some crazy guess, they're talking about atoms and fuckin' the universe and whatever else and you're always like you keep up with that.
Instant, an illusion. I don't notice memorize things yeah. I don't know what the fuck I'm then the dentist in the actual concepts yeah. You know I might be able to repeat things that I've learned in Red yeah, but I don't know what the I'm really talking about. They know what the to reflect, You know I'm saying it's like if someone never did jujitsu before and they want to talk about choking. Out a triangle hear them saying I'm like ok, yeah, that's how you do it, that's how you do it, but they don't really know how to do it. You know I'm saying, but then, if you talk to hoist Gracie it, tells you how to choke someone out with triangle. This mother Fucker did it. He knows is how to do it. He does it all the time. Yeah, it's a different conversation. You know. So that's the difference like me, I'm like a spectator, talking these geniuses, but I just trying to pull information out of them. I'm just trying to get them to talk. You know yeah. I just try to know a little bit about what they're talking about the guys that were on. I don't know what was that last week, the guys are talking about like longevity like live yeah times, yeah David Sinclair yeah, he was yeah
pretty crazy, fascinating right, yeah Asin, eighty yeah, this I'm glad. There's people like that out there, I think, within the next fifteen to twenty years, the people are gonna start going back in aging, like legitimately yeah they're gonna be able to not just slow down aging, but we're going to see like sixty year old, ladies, are hot as fuck, six year old? Ladies looked at thirty two, I really believe that yeah I do too coming around the corner, especially like he's talking about that diabetic medicine that he takes like met for yeah yeah, but apparently that stuff has negative impacts on athletic performance is one of the things that I was curious about when, when he discussed it and Dr Rhonda Patrick, sent me some nine and Ben Greenfield actually brought it up on the podcast. We did a couple days afterwards, yeah it's. I don't think it it's. It's probably good for longevity, but not good for athletic performance, which is I'm not willing to make that sacrifice. Yeah he's, probably not really concerned with the thing
no, no, he barely worked out and he wasn't into working out hard either he's like his his deals like just maintain a little bit of exercise. Just kinda keep the blood moving but a lot of those guys that are these soon Genius, sort of longevity experts they're just interested in how you can slow the clock down as much as possible and then there's other people like Ben Greenfield or like Rhonda, Patrick they're. More interested in performance like what is what's the best thing for you. In terms of for your mental, as physical performance, I'm more in line with that, but I'm, but I'm also, I want to know what these guys are working on. Yeah like the David Sinclair's of the world, because he's at the top of the you know the tip of the spear when it comes to longevity and and gene editing, and you know yeah that what they're talking about is being able to inject
certain what it was. It was like certain genes that bacteria jeans carry genes. It's fix eyesight yeah, crazy, like people that are blind going to be able to see again, yeah is there? Is there going to be able to do some mad mad as law? as human beings, don't we don't figure out we don't nuke ourselves or fuck the world to a point where you know scientific research halts if these guys can keep going if we can make it to the next fifty years, people are probably going to be three hundred years old, wow yeah, nuts mascot. I love it. How fucking smart people going to be for three hundred? I mean think about how smart you compared to when you were twenty yeah. I was a dummy me to soda.
So dumb amazed, I'm still here yeah like I stop and think about how I used to drive. Also, oh, oh now you have old schools. Do you have hot rods any hot rods now pretty much like slowing, though, like old schools doesn't safer, yeah couple impalas, I just got rid of two of my impalas and I have like a fifty three caddy. I still have. I have a sixty four six thousand and fifty three truck and a forty one caddy forty one cat yeah! It's nice man, it's really fucking nice, but it's like a three speed. You know what I mean like it's like: it's, you know no old school power, steering it's like yeah, you gotta know how to drive so yeah. I still have a couple that I'm holding on but I don't power steering steering, must be giants gigantic
so sketchy didn't to drive, but yeah I'm gonna bring like I'm gonna bring a couple out. I have a. I have a festival that happens in March called music. That's like tattoos, music in cars. While I bring a couple of them out there where's that at Orange County, Fairgrounds, all right, nice, nice, yeah, so yeah, but I'm slowly. I really just I don't know. I want a simpler life man. I want to be able to get in the car and not worry about it. Fucking breaks down and I can get to point a to point b with how busy I am. I don't know, do it stay there, If not tassel yeah, I'm it'll ruin. You know yeah there. She is that's yours, wow, that's beautiful, yeah! What a car! What I mean, what a like, not just a car but a window into time! Yeah! That's history! I mean back in nineteen, forty one! That's what people drove man. That was the shit back. Then people tooling around Manhattan in one of those yeah. I love seeing those movies that take place during those timers and they find all those classics. So it's cool
was great. The more recent version of the great Gatsby with Leonardo Dicaprio when they drove those cars, but it was a weird movie because they made those cars almost like modern very strange, that's how Romeo and Juliet was to the one with the one with the So you know I'm talking about. Did you notice that all the guns in there were super ill yeah, yeah, yeah cars, so yeah yeah, the it's like sick, the it was like a juristic gas, some weird interpretation yeah, that's still harming period, correct, right, yeah, so that's time period correct, but when he drove that car it drove like no car yeah, I see. Do you find a a scene word that he actually drew move the car because it sounded like it was super charged and it's flying and its handling well, but it's all like cartoonish almost like everything the scenes where it like when these they're driving these cars they're. Nothing like those cars were back then yeah because they don't move.
Like that. Now this in the road yeah, you do like a ls, swap you yeah meeting like when on the road like these fucking cars didn't drive like that man. They didn't add skinny. As bulshit tires, they barely could break you hit the brakes. It took forever to slow down? It was a great movie, though yeah those are yeah see they're all gone sideways around corners and nobody did that back then was weird yeah, it's weird how they do that with movies where they they have this like they're having a race and race and me with that electric car outside world below by these mother sure the problem with those those teslas is that once you get in one other cars,
seem kind of dumb. They seem kind of old. Oh, I bet it feel like it's your stepping into the future. When you drive those anything else wouldn't seem even up to date. You know, but there's something about cars. Like your Forty one cadillac then have a thing to him, but you're never going to get from a new car. You know what's cool about those is like when you're in those you're not concerned with whatever's on the radio or talking on the phone or I don't know you're into just like your content with just here the car driving driving know driving is fun yeah where is like, if you're just in a two thousand nineteen Chevy truck, going to feel like that. You know, but it would take it that far back just the smell of 'em everything, it's a vibe, and it's just I don't know you can't compare it to anything yeah when I bought my six five corvette. The first thing I do is pull the radio out. Once I get that out.
Here. I don't want to hear that radio on messenger yeah. We have those side pipes in the wind, but it's going to be a thing of the past man, I've really really believe that now after driving this car, I think you know fifty years from now those things are going to be. It's going. I like seeing some guy drive by in a model. T engines are going to be a thing of the past. Better for the environment anyway, for anyway, I think that's it wrap. This up, though dude thanks so much. I was really glad we got to get out of any patient man. It was very cool talking to Dawson like why some social media, your instagram, is just Travis, Barker, Barker and use winter as well or just yes same, trying to Travis Barker Beautiful again in full. Thank you, brother really. Thank you. One for tuning into the show, and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to the cash app you can download the cash app for free. The app store or the Google play market make sure you use the referral code.
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