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2019-02-21 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast "Tim Dillon Is Going To Hell" is available on the GaS Digital Network.
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The job will gain experience, how are you really think it has been my pleasure, my player, you brought me a nice conspiracy book. I want you back I want you to get bored with little guy. I know I just had a lunch with Eric one Danica. Oh yeah he's the author of church, the Gaza last two hours talking an alien. I was deep when I was like in my late teens. I was deepen Zacharias situated at anarchy, pheelum pronouncing around and alien. My thing niffelheim planet the bureau, Oliver yeah that's a lot of the conversation we had today. Much is very interesting. The problem with some
one I mean it's not that he's not a dishonest personal knots in that, but the problem- anybody that is evolve would like a book like this. Is it you're. So all in your so committed to this idea. Like I asked and the first thing ass to make. What is the most compelling piece of evidence and dumb? He said The tablet and Polenka out of your aware that one, the one of the key ass tat guy S, sacred Maya is the mind guy, it's mine, whose land back it looks like in some sort of a threat. With fire and alarm. Manipulating these now and that means that airlines landed and seated with acknowledged here they always make a little bit of a jump up big one as little bit of a job between that bird is really a symbol of a flying. Saucer. I've heard that two of her, though, and I ve, been like that bird and unlike will, let me ask you a question: why did
they actually flying, saucer right into the cave and the like. You don't know how things work the more interesting ones and other art depictions. There's some really ancient depictions of people that look like therein. These flying saucer type things the the air, and there is some sort of like now, some some painting yeah those are those who are really interesting. What were they trying to say? What were they? Where were they depicting in those things? Yeah, I mean it's all very interesting, but I think you are you. Ve had Graham Hancock. So to me, when I heard him like that makes more sense it. We were just a civilization. They had reached a packs, yeah and wiped out by some cataclysmic event year, and then we had to rebuild but does he think that we got all of our technology from. The worldly sources are now not Riera, doesn't doesn't. Graham, is much more in line with the right that this, this theory there
Doktor Robert Shock has been putting forth. He. He was one of the weirder ones that I've had on the pact asked. First of all, because he's a rock solid geologists rank Professor Boss University, like really well established his credentials, are, you know, they're there as good as it gets, and he was saying that he thinks that there is a mass coronal. Ejection somewhere around twelve thousand years ago and was literally raining lightning all over the world and we decimated the population of land animals and and peep. Is this? What I've? dinosaurs. Now now this waylaid apologize like my bad. This is they think in the neighbourhood of twelve thousand, years ago. They think this is because it is his recent yeah yeah. This is what Graham Hancock work. Decades, is well see, Gram, Hank, and him work together on the sphinx, because Robert Shock,
the geologist they brought in to examine the erosion marks on the Temple, the Sphinx yeah and his inclusion was that this is the result of thousands of years of rainfall right? The problem with TAT was Last time there are significant rainfall in the Nile Valley was nine thousand b c. So you'd have to have thousands of years before that to create these deep water based fishers are water created fishers. They're saying the sphinx was their lot longer, dahlia imagined yeah. So that coincides with a lot of these the lead. The people want to push back dates of civilization. What they think is it points to something big happening at the end of the ice age yeah. So something big happening between twelve thousand and ten thousand years ago. Why don't we? Ensuring scientists should go now. I'm sure there's a reason for this. I think there's a reason that mainstream thought leaders in any area. Dont allowed the fringe em. Why? What's the big thing here with keeping these? Is it that they would just have to go back and re every history book?
well, in the beginning, there was nothing so rise guys were proposing this. There was very little evidence, but now there evidence a stack up and in all these ancient structures at their funding, let go Beckley Tapie analogy: yeah yeah they did once they that one and they realise that intentionally covered up twelve thousand years ago, so this is like This is undeniable. Everyone agrees on it, and so then, I have to say: ok will then Hunter gatherers must have made this twelve thousand years ago. That's all we had was Hunter gatherer, but it's really sophisticated construction and very difficult to do in there and normal and they have three dimensional animals that are still carved into an area which means they actually had to far away the outside to create the animals that are causing the animal into the stone, not actually carved the stone out around the animal. So these animals, like climbing, on the outside, of the stone columns, really weird starve yeah, but who knows I lean more towards cataclysmic desire turn, because there are so many of them that we,
oh for sure of happened right between does, one. Sixty five million years ago in the Yucatan did they ve killed. The dinosaurs I was written about the Ark storm is gonna hit, allay, which will just be sixty two, of rain ones. Happens every two hundred years. I mean you know this is an article. I read every tool good years allay the area gets sixty nine his reign and everybody has to move and things. This is supposed white somebody said society with a bunch of a planet, Romanians who are all thinking about the word about the Ark storm now it's about due value. The bats sang it about the wagon put. Can spear cs in big for you, a thousand show like I teach you how to think a little like when I was a teenager, smoking weed at my bodies like we would wish you'd, have to research. These things you'd have to cross reference information? You couldn't you swallow the narrative you had the literally Google and then you have to use critical thinking to go. Does this
acceptance? Would this happen? Could me we could Lee Harvey Oswald at what about you know would have acted alone in a year. Think about all these things. Meyer, I mean I I Think since tromp got elected conspiracy theories been demonized and Nokias Hall. About this, a little while I was always going on. It was even Bulgaria that they were being demonize, but yet for sure, everybody's word about the other groups, which is fair. I get there. There's the people in the cage is no good. I'm not for any of that people The cage with kids in cages is not good. I mean the family separation, the border, all the court is real start, but I think that people think that conspiracy theories got Trump elected, so Now it's collect cool tat. Eight conspiracy, theorists or people that are like, let's take look at the stairs, so many factors that got trap. Elected right is a perfect storm of people getting getting fed up of political correctness.
Someone coming along. That's not a politician yeah! This system is so rig that, after a while, he just like Jesus Christ, how many more these fake puppets we're gonna put nothin. Theirs, I said is the comic. Some like everybody's Dunna show where everybody goes out and bombs their material, and then one guy gets up and just goes fuck this and screams in years and destroys that's what the room wanted the whole night. They wanted somebody to come up and just realized how far. Everything was, and nobody was having a good time. That's kind of what tromp was was a guy came out just rift, there were no material. He just went after rift and he went in- and I went home and I'm sure you seen the speech where he talks about then Carson. After his mother with a hammer and trying to establish This was one of the funniest things he was speaking and it was given Dump speech. I don't know where it was. I think it was
was it in I will but whose referencing Iowa and he's talking about Ben Parsons Book and the Carson had admitted to going after his mother with a hammer and trying to stab his friend. With an I mean these are these are in debt and trumpets talking about it. My friend would driving at New York City. We will I think so high said these guys. I said: he's gonna win. I said I, why he's gonna win you cannot stop watching risk. I can I am sure fixated by the idea that there's a guy like this on the national stage and he's what ever he there was something intoxicating about that. A lot of things were seen were horrible, he was saying them and then on the other side you add Hillary Clinton. Was just a script, did a careful person. Now MIKE you, it's just boring.
So to me, I'm like sometimes entertaining person wins, because you can't take your eyes off them well in this case. For sure I mean in that it was a perfect you now polar opposite bring him in her yeah. You know Odo, no experience, verses, vast amounts of experience right, no real experience in the real world. Verses vast amount, experiences yeah. It means a lot going on between the two of us. Is it to its bad way to choose. Tell everyone runs. Yes, really is very bad to look at Canada, Single who's, the most entertaining about also a bad idea to have one person right right, bad idea to have this. This system that was in place back when there was fuckin. You know a thousand people here, but I think we really dont like we have one person, it seems like we have one figure head, but we have come
this permanent political class of people yeah a nexus of powerful institutions where you have career politicians, career diplomats, career military service people that kind of don't leave, so I think that's one of the reasons that we haven't changed. The system is because one person can ever do that much, even though trumpet while in craziness die a lot of bad things. I dont think He would be allowed to deviate from Many of the policies like that his predecessors had kind of established. I think that, like the american gum, met and that's why, this time with the deep state which a lot of people ridicule isn't Undeniably, true thing I mean our policies are not just one guy gets office, enigmas, here's how it is. I mean it's the result, of a lot of Europe, private corporations lobbying forming all kinds forming an agenda in a non democratic way. You know dynamic
on a more and a lot of these people that work at sea area the idea to say a lot of them are appointed didn't really have no oversight. We have twenty, twenty two intelligence agencies now ITALY, that money. I mean something absurd company. Could you name The ice, yea and I say, probably d a diameter I would say to tell you tat you probably metalogy capabilities. I would imagine happier see I an essay. There's one it yeah d d, I directorate of intelligence, dignan. I mean off that Inter agency, but I think it I mean. I think you have the capabilities, but we all these dear friend, and of its twenty two, but it's a lot and there are competing with each other, competing because they all want money they budget, but they all want inessa thing. People talk about. The deep state is like a little more. Yeah look at these guys here they are trees here. All the people that are You know what we re snake cited: yeah the fuckin space troops,
now we have space force, it's gonna be good, and why not? Why not a space for will eventually right eventually you're gonna hafta? Oh yes, why not have it now we have to? I don't know what the national GEO Spatial intelligence thing does when can't be any more relevant and paste forest click on their own national GEO. Spatial intelligence agency can't be any less important than the spaceport who footnote many people would employ. Sixteen thousand. Sixty thousand look at me. Look at their motto: scroll down, he's, gotta, know, earth show the way understand the world founded and ninety six that clean, probably did is its forward, keeps his check. I mean this this. This is what I mean like what the hell are, these people doing? What is it? Sixteen I employees with their motto. No, the earth show the way understand the work. That's undercut yet like on a yoga studios. You now I mean it's absurd, but they dig it billions of dollars to do whatever
listen, put, get back up there with description. But it will get it says there. It's it's under the United States, Department of Defense and intelligence agency of the United States intelligence community. With the primary mission of collecting analyzing in distributing Gmos, spatial intelligence in support of national security, which is why wasn what the hell is GEO. Spatial intelligent, I mean. This is what I mean. This is insane and if any of you ask a question, if you go, what are these guys? Do people yell at you and they start oil. You that your concern She theorist know those. I just want to know what your spatial intelligence, it's it's probably something simple and I'm gonna look like an idiot. It says, is intelligence about the human activity on earth derived from the exploitation and analysis of imagery and Jean. Spatial information that describes assessed and visually depicts physical features in geographically referenced activities on the
I mean this is why we would know like that. North Korea has ethics. Is its satellites satellite monitoring thing? I guess what is probably a satellite agency to. I think we ve colonies. Scamp exactly have uncovered pretend agency that nobody in that there's a guy right now, panic in the database, all sixteen thousand other employees go and shit. We will study in shipping dogs from space, yet we just got out it yet he just got out at unrove and is completely shirt earlier there. That is actress hundred percent does actress, but this is what I mean. If you look into this stuff, it starts to get crazy the amount of people that are doing things we have no idea. What to do. I mean ten. I just did a private GIG Bethesda Country Club in Maryland, ok,
It's you now, I'm still doing private kick said the bigger you know it is due to go out to do it. You gotta, do I gotTa Bethesda Conjugal Maryland its the entire ten counties around watching to see or the wealthiest counties in the world I mean in our country. They, This not because you're selling crab kicks. You know what I mean. It's all defence industry, Raytheon dying, Corp things I've never heard of in there all day, and they were. It was a good gig funny. I got up classic. What are we are we? Venezuela, the latter there anyway, you know they liked some people get Mouselike, like I said last week, I did a fundraiser for human trafficking victims this week, I'm with the traffickers, you guys a lot more fun and their clapping their collective. Lavender, leaning in two being that's good this May and there demoralising compromise, while there also
a comedian fuck with yes that at that point we knew the expected. It's not me. I came out of nowhere. You know I mean it's like certain things. Trump bad, but I dont know what the GEO Spatial People are still. I dont have to anyone. From my head, in which your spatial intelligence yeah? I don't know what that means. And we may be. We need it. What the end, but listen again to stand up. Canadians, to ride out what the world needs gets. Not great fuckin tariff lack rape imagined, but trying to stress this more than ever, because the fact that I have a microphone right and people are listening, don't fuck and pay attention to me. Ok, I'm right. Well, the best thing is listen. You know you don't know you might be right, you're right, but I'm deadly, not an expert. The best thing is: if you go on twitter and a comedian tweet, something really like we're living in fascism and again, like four hundred thousand likes, and then the net tweet. I've ever seen single, and why you guys you're here check out my way
Series go. Are we are we living? In fact, if we're living in fascism, you I have a website. You can have one shares and do I have the time to luxuriate in Europe Ed Series or should start arming myself to overthrow what should I What should I look at my fault? I'm like? Which way should I go, but that's all they do. They got my by the way while you're here, The patriarch and we're doing jack I'd like you to throw a few bucks there, but we're living in fascism and the signal to noise ratio in turn, letting people tweeting it's alright. Mostly noise, hell, nice there's a few people at her gray, guffaw few people there really posting about real news and asked for some journalists is seventeen of them. I think journalists there may be the best people to follow on twitter right now it seems like, but the problem is whose a journalist is very few real journalism takes a long time. It's in itself
civic real investigative journalists, but I've had some of these guys on my part. Yes, they come on the go, they ruin their lives there. In five years, looking into something nobody cares about, the figure was true and nobody wants to talk to them. A great deal of white hair, their families hate them. They look like parliament, New York City, that's a journalist for some time people do journalism right and they they do, spend a long time working on the project and its in something like the New York Times, and no one cares. No one cares like the thing about trap. The report on trumped as yet even report they thought was to bring him down literally, was in and out of the news cycle and dare to talk. I just pops an extra at all and doesn't give you doesn't care, he doesn't give a fuck. He is the only guy too, should ever right, a motivational, half self Harper. I counted not only what I'd be secret right wherever the secret is he's got it think it speed using its Did you think he's really do my again? I think its speed, I think he's on somethin. I mean I think,
This is the only way that it makes sense to me that a seventy plus your old man has demonstrated a guy doesn't exercising its fast food. Then he's fucking bouncing off the walls and he can campaign for days and days just Lando, KFC Double down, Flay fishes, and let me ask you that yeah, how often if he gets his dick sort, good question whose doing great question and not asked enough bright? Probably not that much. I don't think a guy like that is driven by sex. I don't get it. Maybe he's gonna be, but a lot more Maloney seems to be not into. It is much simpler observer them. She seems a bit call, but there she slovenian or somethin somewhat that they're called That's where the sunlight generalization their white. So I can generally say what I want about lunch out. Ok, let me say one thing I want to thank our least in European and not have Slovenia. Is you can ok? Thank you. She's called I think she's a little annoyed with them. You know I'm in a hurry, humiliating for their the past life.
Until he ran for president? He I mean imagine telling his kids he's like. I know you got world billionaires now your party every day you to cope with impunity. It's in New York, city, nightclub, When you border that you go to Europe, do it on a boat new border that some orgy in Athens? That's all done right, but we're going, it can't know higher and I've. Given a speech. You can stand there because and every camera avenues porter is gonna watch every move. You make the rest of your life. You can call up your ass. The microscope and everyone hates you and some of them going to jail. May we not, we really don't know. What's going on with this Mueller investigation, I think a lot I mean I think it's gonna be disappointing. Everybody's preparing, zebra, disappointment. Everybody has prepared for discipline. The CNN is actually saying that that don't expect much it's like when you get a report card, you tell your parents, I've changed, but I'm
still me still know what I mean, I'm still the guy who gets high before it goes into school and was caught smoking by the priest, like I used to get quit smoking weed by the priest who was driving anaemic If its will- and you would drive me to the school- so I would be like you, made some changes, but I'm though, very much that person that you raised, so that, I think, is what the Mulder report is. Gonna, be like trumpet the thing about trumpets, he's: corrupt he's, a con man. You know he said he'd this whole war. There is no war, whether or not will links the worse some wall? There's no one. Both sides have to finish. The war put in this part of the wall is more for her. It is more of a wall around has Isabel hair right. Then there is the border. Well, you know the smaller area, power, its gear and his party moreover, reason have a wall you now and the people that one Bel air, probably more serious,
yet something that you know. I don't know about this whole worth I really feel like it was one of those campaigns slogans that he gets stuck with. You now build that war and then what he got in is I got Christ. I really got to build this fuckin thing. It's a slogan, son whispered in his ear and cold probably said, get out or to build the wall and because that's good I will just went out, build that war are above the one of them. Peaches. He doesn't really build things. Lung lit glens, his name to be franchise Death is not a bit like this again he's like a bit. The thinks he's bill are disgusting. If you go to Atlantic City walk into any building, he is built, it is decrease. Hedges wrote a book of interesting guy, you wrote a book called America, the farewell Tor and he goes when he went to translate city goes theirs. Monkeys in the bathrooms disagree running around is falling apart.
Any like that kind of what Europe America but know anything he's built is not nice. Did you watch it? There was a time, montraville Architectural cost us carry on us and here and a lot of the documentary is about him convincing trump. Do not make his building gold New York and its like there's a golden York City, but its golden Vegas is called a lot of places, but later he was gonna ruin did then the door, town of Manhattan with gold built Eliza ruining it, though Building on you spent too much time on the West Coast for wiser. Bad was bad for it to be one car is a better. If it's all black or white real has a look. It has a feel you can't come in with a gold buildings, not Vegas nihilistic city. This is not what you know like Mandalay Bay. What goes on in gold, I've never look at a gold building and said I bet what goes on. There is honest like, and decent gold building should be for doing, cope and losing money.
Right- that's what it's about you a building and get a check up. That's good point: yeah yeah! That's very good point! Gaudy! It's disgusting yeah. Gaudy is weird thing right like whose whose are good for like when you go to places, got opulent chandelier yeah gilded? We know Thirdly, a sociopath whose sacrifice human beings that's where they want to live. They want to live in a palatial opulent environment and then just now, thing, that's how you be said this yeah. He said that a trump is a poor persons idea of a rich purse. Absolutely that's! What have when a rich person! yeah paupers thinks we're rich person a thing His name is Jack. He's got his name on its building, the guys I grew up with long island. If somebody want to them, it said: hey, you could on the Miss Universe pageant you could have a living with your name on it, you could be in the W W E. That would be amazing.
You'd be a winner. They would be a winner or I grew up on long island. That would be that is the highest. You can go so that kind of what it is. It's a very once we see what's appeal that's all sorts appealing about him. What's appealing about him, There is no veneer you'll get the idea that you're being played. You get the idea you know you're gonna be played, but you being played on a level that you accept two seconds buy a car and you know the salesman denies mainsails so like when I go to bite. Play sometimes. I know the salesman needs of the sale cuz. I used to feel like sometimes I'll, be like you, whatever. It is. What it is you know. I just do it kind of with Trump. You know you're being sold, but you're. Ok with you it happened. What do you think she would come after him, seems like he's trawler giant monkey. The gear is twitter is any indication, a prolonged civil conflict where there would where some they will emerge as a few different nation states.
We'll barter with each other. I don't know. Maybe, Joe Biden and then nothing he's got no chance. His who do you, whose common aura of she's got no chance? Bernie now the Hebrew, I know a lot of people, a burning would happen. I dont know existed. Some kind of staff was accused of sexual assault. Oh now, hey Bernie peace around this lets. You know that's what happens. Bernice he's a white straight mail. He doesn't get it, he doesn't get it piazza. Two houses here he's we're like three hundred thousand dollars. You know that offence Paypal does how'd, you get them. I of the back support people here in a country by the way where people make that in an hour on you, two thousand people with Logan born others got those guys. You now people in Alaska kidnapped, lay on escaped boredom. Like he's a millionaire three houses because he easy, you two black streamer years, probably video games are twitch death everything my
told me to do go to school at that implies impoverished my generation, everything they told us not to deal with. Play video games. Watch tv get high, is making people billionaires it's amazing. Yet they were wrong. They were definitely rumors were wrong about every They didn't see this common Nancy craziness come agency common, you know, it's concerns me is this the rise of people that think that every one of them something chore no that's the short ass. The weird one like we are talking about a yo, see who denounced She seems like a nice girls girl can woman she's young she's got energy she's. Fine. You good things she wants to do some good ones, but I saw the one it said, give money to people who were
unable or unwilling to work. Yeah. That's NASA that now that's gotta work. What's not in they pulled that out. They pulled that part out. The unwilling part in are able to work makes total sensual we as a community. We should take care that people most of the people are now in comedy are unable to work most of us most of us. This is nothing we can do. But her thing was a weird one, because that that thing unwilling to works like hey, hey the ages. You just call just over into crazy town like this is, but that means that crazy town was always in the back. He always had that yeah. When you put that on, paper. Yet the means is something that has been discussed. Part of the appeal, and she just I don't know how influential she wasn't getting Amazon drop at New York, but I live in so I've always paranoid Amazon was coming bagel. I know Carbs Nogood thousand bagel shot. I gave a veritable concerning it around turning into it has in a big way, It was paranoid about Amazon, Amazon's gotta come we're all gonna get priced out of my little shoe boxes that we live in or something
Will it also show boxes like I'm a millionaire now because Amazon's coming and the but here's the thing hard to have a rational discussion about a quote inequality right now, because in a place like New York City, it's so expensive to live, and the reason for that is that it's a destination for like foreign, capital, so essentially a lot of the buildings in New York City, foreign people by apartments they don't live in them They use it like launder money and they buy not even under their real, namely by under the name of a Shell Corp like an LLC and then they have like these investments and it really everything insanely expensive that Let's make anything, TAT was making a lot of real estate in New York City, expensive, willing. What, if you had to guess what percentage of less expensive apartments or own, but I'll tell you between two thousand eight in two thousand fourteen. I think fifty percent of farms going into contracts were because I do it, help. I use with double decker, tore, guide, New York City and
I do a shell like a funny comedy, show right. Take I sell tickets, I put people on a tour Boston and that we'd go around these building just scream at these buildings. Its funds should be, but it's fun, and no one cares to do not home, because there somewhere, I mean, if you, if once these buildings is a guy who, like oh yeah, maybe who owns a mining company poisoned to river in Zambia, a lot of these doing things I shouldn't be doing and they want to stash their money in real estate. London is in say, is more expensive than York London is all essentially shell corporations. You know these phantom buyers buying up real estate in London in your so young people, New York did know the system is fucked. They know the markets. Artificially manipulated Bloomberg thought it was great plumber We want all the billion ass he sat. There was a quote. We want all the big if some of those billionaires have done. Things that would make you would keep you up at night, they out members
a man they tramp and stake. They're gonna Peter lugers. We love em, we want all these data has a business man, that's a thing, so people get fed up with this and do it. When I was at my tore bus people get on regular places Pennsylvania now, just point ten million twenty million. Thirty men and his people just shift uncomfortable in their seats at what the hell's going on here. This is that you know I saw Trump data collected during those doors some like a hundred million dollars and Hillock Sidney like can afford me operation for the idea that trumps, not a part of that. As you have listened in his bit, his building was a huge destination. Russians love his building, they loved, they love a brand name. They love the plaza. They love his building. A lot of interesting characters lived in trunk tower, didn't they take the trunk tower name off of it in New York yeah. I don't want to sound. There was one of the buildings: were the people their own? The co op decided take the name off of maybe there's a lot. There's a lot of shit, electronic nursing homes, till
I've been in New York, nursing homes. You know those elderly people get beaten its height, So you know they're getting fleece the beaten. I'll, buy you she'll, Trump Pavilion, etc. Soviet era, architecture, horrible, like old age, on these conditions, the and, unlike man I feel, the people in there this screams. Most other into your kind of votes to remove Trump from name New York City Condominium. On Thursday, we move present trumps name from the buildings facade second time at four months is names from removed from a candle in the city. Fifty five percent of truck. Place condo owners at one hundred. The twenty Riverside Boulevard Manhattan voted in favour of removing the large sign above the front door. The buildings, crazy. Who cares? These are self important people, Well, when it clears the are worried about their their security judgment. That's a good point here. I think if you try to sell it
tromp place, and you know: you're gonna eliminate fifty percent of your buyer to dictators that are buying those apartments hitting it's great. They pay. Die? Maybe they dominate it? Like you know, maybe you're right probably will probably go downstairs. There's no name building will be their off, but a lotta. His condos we're soul. To begin a mafia yeah, no rush. Business guys he's always hide that he did deals, it was his firm location from Technical Bay, Rock Financial, which was a was headed by this guy. Felix aid or Felix Data was a die, the FBI convicted and like a russian pumping dumbstruck scam and he work interim Tower with Trump like he worked very closely with Trop and Felix had like informed, I think, on the russian MOB for the feds and the feds gonna. Let him earn and let so try this had this labyrinth of shady connections forever, and I dont know That means that he's nuts, I don't think he's an asset or of Putin or anything like that, and I believe that I think that's kind of just you know. I think it's a lot of people would like
believe that, but he's a shady guy. So if you have all these people, worn over his business deals for the last fifty years. It can't be good could be an amazing movie about him or there will be and who would play him. Good question Hopefully not a white man, christian bail, let him get fat just like you did with Dick Cheney. We play dick complete Dick Cheney. Greater tromp gigabyte trouble was a great Cheney. I haven't seen him yeah. I heard it amazing. I you know movie would like a lot of people. The movie was good. It was not. You know it's a lovely short me was amazing. Thing was good as out, but Christian Palace phenomenon he's a phenomenal Would she do I mean to gain much weight to become another person? something which I see small it? It's like there All these actors, a sociopath their world sociopath. Why good morning back interview and try not to laugh or now. It's
it's crazy. What he said is the gate to park like sitting back and great those guys. Like my crisis. Pr firm is knowing it to do that. The gate to park. No one stone do that. This is also the has. Fantasy, said abbess yeah she's hilarious yeah. She said this is what happens when you? Let actors right the script. Let's try to see the plot to us come into my life. I was in a and act was at the table and he was talking like HU this guy is, but he's not even the person. He isn't. This tape cry like he's, trying out a person right now. Have you ever been in a situation? I don't know who he is, but he's not this guy. He does no easy. That he's is no clue is just good. Looking guy, that's vapid is full of nothing. He wants to get famous asap and they say things over. Other people are saying: here's one good to see. You
Yes, when they meet you, they say good to see you as they might have met. You didn't want to forget hundred process. I've said that before nice to me- and I actually met before my flock- of the old and then they'll. Ask in a very strange way, though, be like what's going on like what's up what's on that. You want they want to what they want you. They want to be said, though it be said, information. So what's Goin on non like while you now not a shit, bro, guess, body flaps matter things happening and cause you're always try to, that's a thing about, like New York, adjust pound yourself into the ground until you get funny that's how it works in the New York. Seen as I do, Fifty seven shows a day give upon your life. Don't speak your family. The loser You're holding back go hard allies like make a friend have lunch, see what happens I talk to you.
The people out here and I'm like. What's the plan I get nervous for them: to get high its midday, unlike will it's Wednesday to elect. We just had a meeting on like what you do. They know it get about starting a pod catholic. That's not meeting you just friends with someone else you talkin about That's not what I'm eating, but here's the thing it does work here your people that I know have made the right friend and in their life changes yeah. There's a little of that with those people are super transparent. Yet if you don't, talent, that's, never gonna seminar, never work! everybody resents. You he's a few. Those people, though really dont have any talent, but they made the right friends and they cling onto folks, and everybody gets carved one when I was a thing, I think the first time we spoke as I've written that thing about Lui and after Louise the whole news, but let me have your own. I love a peace by wacky was so out you're. At the honest that was on Facebook, which, where I did a lot of my best airplane, what you were saying two out of that didn't read it after Lui Alot of people were rightly,
size and conduct, and you know how to think that that's all valid and show a hundred percent needs to happen, but then there were people that we're, like you know, Louis was never funny. Or losers. Of course he got all these things was awake or and unlike way, why and they will happily said this word I dont like will look at this Ok, I'm guys. A week ago a comic genius. We all agreed on that. That was a widely held belief now out of nowhere he's not that funny. And these people are tweeting. This from parking lots. Whether performing Somebody shows malaise, like someone's driveway, you know the end which is fine. I do them Michael problem that but you're getting a twitter and and and knocking Louie from the back of a parking what their doing you shot, but what you the reason you gave for why well because these theirs, any industry people going to get ahead by being agreeable by having right opinions by car outsourcing their opinions by taking the temperature of the room again. How does every
feel and those people are you their careers divergent office politics to very good at having the right friend, but their contributions are never really important are long lasting because they never get great because it if any risk, because I think greatness is something you have to risk constantly to to get to that level. So a lot of these people do very well they make money there their successful, but they are careerists looking for comfort, and so when it was comfortable and safe to attack Louis and to bring Lui down to elevate themselves, they did it, but they didn't do it when it could. Hurt their career a week earlier. You now, yeah. So to me it was very disingenuous and the fact that more people warrant pointed out- and I and I made a point where said the same thing on the other side of people styled themselves. Like I'm a free speech warrior on this, type pc in their whole.
Tire persona Is it true that the need to see the inward d like I can't do a joke if the punchline is in fact like that, like we have to Those two me, your kind of the same people, there. The people are just trying to arrange the world in a way that allows them to succeed those of the types of people. Also. Like you are talking about the actor in the General DE mean they're they're, putting on a facade. Yet as I do that a doctor to predetermine pattern of behaved hundred percent that predetermine patterns of behaviour might be, I'm a guy. I drink every night we go hard rock, I'm an artist. I smoke cigarettes right. I don't give a fuck brain I'm not trying to get on tv. Yes to me. It was like in credit. The disingenuous. Yet all these people and a lot of them are angry and are doing fine like someone we're telex. Some of these people have their own shows and they're getting angry Louie and they re- and unlike this there's a real because here's the thing are, you sure you're tell me some middle lot of sense. What goes its? We can
really peel ways to get into this type of business and end up in an office writing for show you don't care about in a job, you hate punching a clock and that stuck with me, and always it might be harder to go the other way and to build a fan base, do what you want, but it's gonna, be. It to be better in the end- and you knock angry you not, could be resentful. I think a lot of the people that were were again shooting on his comedy, not so much his behaviour buddies How many are people that are We want more and less than they have in their resentful Keyser glue. Because it's not fair hotel, tedious. Well, it's not just in time to be, as is right. Work ethic. This lottery factor is that the risk city does take. You mean, he says controversial things. He always has whether you agree or not like what things about the part: One thing you know and when he in trouble about you know, say at all. You do is put some fact the web game. That is so
consistent with his material yank. The idea Anybody saying like. Oh, my god, he's punching down like you, need it go yeah you his material right, because he he said a lot, a risky shit because it was funny- and he had really good points about it. You know Zat, something that I would joke about, probably not bright, but he did you wouldn't joke about fat people. Yes, a word, I dont think I would joke about kids getting shot. It's a tough take yeah to make money, but that light yet, but I think he could. I think honestly we were dealing with first of all, the embryo of a bit. You mean he's really only been doing stand up again for a couple of months of vaccine. It was even last- and I think Similarly, his idea that bad is that bit rather is at kids today, like they want be a day and a vast. They haven't seventy eight different genders, and why am I lit by you interesting your interesting because you didn't get shot right that is to take on it and then he probably with
overall reaction in anticipation of reaction from have eliminated that part of the bit shore and in saying that the absolute art, I think, It's too. I was attracted to Carmody because a guy's, a bill, Hecksher patrician people that the two things at those guy said you could only say on a stage if you were really funny bright. That's what I love about common meat, that doesn't mean that everyone has to love that there is people that love it for a million different reasons. Sure. But I love when Bill Hicks got up. He said I for the war, but against the troops. Yeah, that's To me, one of the most amazing talks have heard when you warn the states I was in the unenviable position of being for the war, but against a tree, like all those men living together. Yeah not like. I just don't like young people, are what every five each is great, like you couldn't say that in human resources, may you couldn't see that in an office wreck you couldn't say that if you out to lunch with a bunch of people, probably couldn't get away with that unless you are really funny, but these guys have gotten so funny and if you know perfected their craft to the point where they can get
away with these things that The goal is to elicit laughter, it's not really but to change your mind, but the goal is to You laugh about something that dark and horrible. That's what I love about common. Yet it's some of my favorite material, so my favorite material is fucked up. Wrong. You probably should said they re make me how a lap have you seen holtzman now you know seen brain Holzmann. Now I like store yeah. I should check him out. He could help me in jail for I'm a terrible. Why leave early March for wedding go back like a week a month now what be here- I'm sure he's here to fraud or Saturday doesn't really do the road. Ok, mostly just does the store got anything. He does other clubs thing I've asked as a story. You stand when I started in nine before he was coming up. He was there the store and ninety four hours, and he was already there. When I got there right and I was well. This guy's gonna be huge, for whatever reason you have left. He breast does the store, but he's a legend
to place a bathroom. I mean I just had a few gas Matera like this is the best roman Catholic I wouldn't leave. I'm like this is amazing. You gotta not only do the improved tonight or it. Why did they improve the other nine of doing the improved more and I am mix it up to the ice house last night right? I've makes it up, I think you have to, but it's best german, or is he one of those guys who does the stuff? We like? I can't believe, I'm laughing when Susan Psmith drown her kids, whether he guy get age? That nine is like, ladies and gentlemen, those are bad. Kids. Are they at that closer than ever put away the blacks, constantly spilt, their fuckin milk, those kids be missed, its eyes were like Jesus Christ. How Missy sure would not let him go on stage after nine eleven? She would
Let us say she told them stay here on the bench, how long weeks, all my he got laid down. Where am, I could have advanced after nine eleven by busy sure that's Grandma Missy. I do I let you get away with fuckin anyway, so wise like now now- and this is free social media, two thousand worried about a tweet storm. Now, now that he can't you can't let him up, I live free twitter to not let someone up. It has also agreed to Caesar Fuckin Animal mass awesomeness self funding. He so far do the things you laugh the heart. You know one year I was look at it is like when I was going to talk about drive through an eleventh grade. Stoned the things you you would make jokes nowhere in the car would ever go. That's too much. They did get rid of their done. You know the lines that no, we would save us or theories about each other's family
you my mother's into Franek wooed make fun of my mother. You know, and in it puts great I still do yeah. If you're somebody, you feel, is mentally ill you're, not making fun of them. Your it's. Your problem, this difference is between EAST Coast and West goes comedy, is a West Coast comedy they hold the carrot of a sitcom, Gower. You know hosting tonight, show sunlight that above your head, we health insurance. Always there EAST coast, comedy is just be funny, be funny you'd die, be funny and mean there's a lot of meanness at his a lot of holding the winter. It can old and mean that you know it's well, but you know what I like about West Coast come to choose so out of performing Christine rooms are bad yeah venues, your bag, ecosystems. Although small issue of a lot like writers right, I loved the proof, textile, so I kind of like seen people in a store with big acts,
yeah, there's not a lot of room to move like of Europe at the standard salaries on the other little smart, yeah there tight little rooms again I used to live. There are some great performers in those rooms at rock out in a shawl revamp but like when I was in the store out there. Huge rooms, big performer, and that's all special, the main room. The main room is amiss in stage. Yet it is interesting. I like those really small, intimate rooms in New York. They lend themselves a lot of talking to the crowd and being sharp and having really sharp debts yeah set head, and then I think that's what, go everywhere, because you need that when you go on the road you want, you want a little bit of everything, to be able to perform. You wanna shark jokes, but you gotta be able to crowd work. You're gonna. Do you now yeah? start on Boston and Boston was always no one has long attention span. Everybody wants duty, do the jokes, quick and if you start bombing you're, not gonna recover. Really, nobody recovers boss. It's tough out there once you start eaten shit. They had I'm with you.
Be. Kelly would tell me stories about like the rooms he came up, doing their rough rooms yeah. We came up together, yeah I've already, and I did a road to exclude yeah yeah yeah. What which allows that, like what area boss, is that, like outside a Boston here, we had a lot of the Dick Dirty comedy huts out in the middle of fuckin? No sounds great was the other great. There are who accuse yeah just like a polynesian restaurant yeah and they would have comedy hut. I went I did it. I didn't want that. Fifty Miss Netflix vessels. I went the next day to two days later went to a roman Massachusetts, gets at Boston and I bomb so bad. It was amazing this is why the finest people in the world come from this state. Where was where? Where was I I forget it- was a and I want to see the act we'll find out who did back at the sky, but that he knows exactly. He probably tweet me or something, but it was in God it was out. She was like twenty minutes has said it was in. It was enough. Not Hingham.
It was it was somewhere and it was good, it was just a bar was a circular bar and I got up and Nobody was in the middle of my set, a woman. The trunk woman started yelling me and then I yell back at her and then it was ok because we already each other for twenty minutes. That was what did seo. Think. I was something if that funny a fat fuck, something something that was justified at that moment in the satin, where I went back and her eyes like listen to me, you fuckin animal, and then it was great and then they put right out right and then the material worked after that Ireland's exciting somewhat that islands are finally TAT was it was to trot bomb at this moment where people are like sat up in their chairs like ok, we can, you know when I was living in Boston, you could make a living and not leave a while could stay in Boston and you could go twenty minutes here. Thirty minutes there you gotTa Andover, you gotta, hang on you, gotta Framingham, you got
These different places negating gigs and I mean you get rich, but you could pay your bills ever leave town. So there was so much comedy there were so many rooms. I bury cats a bunch of rooms in the common connection, had a bunch of rooms and might clark my rooms, and it was well that's what like really got. We really strong Yeah, because out your mostly doing these hell gigs these hell, gigs everywhere, and so when I came to New York would got me. Was that everything like small. There were small crowds, small stages and you would do a short amount of time gap and, as I would like this, that gives it a showcase sat like fear. He intention dementia because I was doing like middle sets. I do a half hour and then I vows headline I do forty five minutes or so come along island. We have cut an approximation, you know of Boston, a wild folk. So I did a lotta gigs, unroll, yeah, lotta gigs, more they'll tell you the benefited, doubt is non existent, yet
Gallagher. You cite comic club. Was there a while? I was back in the day when Janni was still around. I remember I tell the story on time, but it's so crazy. People forgot how goddamn good Richard Jenny was. He was one night, he did for different hours on Friday and Saturday. So he did too Friday to show Saturday for completely different hours and the the opening act, and that is what the fuck was it. The fuck was the M C was a friend of mine, Peter Goddammit, your boy, people appeal forgetting bales prevail, still yeah yeah. I know, as is a good deal older guy gas, yoga younger back. Then this back in the desert, but here he was just like shaking his head like what the fuck man the guide for different hours. Yeah. I remember I was is barely start now. Yes, it and back on what the fuck yeah, how does a man do for different hours? He was, he didn't repeat a premise. He repeated punchline, He D
crushed, and this is one we can one week to shows Friday to show. How did he was crazy genius man? He was responsible for so many people's access to the tight, not people who work lot with rock yeah we're a lot with Chris on the road again and worked on help them with especial the sea from Boston Jenny around I was in New York. I ok, I think he's from Brooklyn he's fucking me. But that was easy, calmly club back in the day, yeah yeah knows Those rules are governors approach. I like homes because you you go out there and if you're funny your father, you'll, kill and if you're, if you like, lacking or, if you like, a bit half done to let you know Let me deal it, you know they paid the money to let you know you'll hear at audibly, but Could you need ass, like Harlequin built? It shows there and their amazing, because energy is new, shows great red tape. Loose table like did he held it out there? I don't have it did this would be built a lot of it shows out there because, like he goes out there and he says if it good there really gonna? Let you now rattled
a lot of comics will go and tell similar rules room to Boston. You really test you get caught little bit in New York City. Now I dare you get caught us gotta go out there to somebody. Does give a shit. That's too you know the people who like listen, I'm either those people out there don't choose to laugh, they laugh and it all right. You gonna echo part they choose, they said to undergo or they're going years ago, no liking. Face. You'll see the work now out in those, recycling on it still guttural laugh yeah. It's not it's it's! It's not that the other thing about, like laughter when you're choosing to laugh ray. In here and there at so pretty pretentious it's not fine yeah. It goes back to that example of like grown up. You you may people ask who the hell's choosing to laugh. What psychopath is they're going. Also, their mostly in the business like a lot
the audience is merely the whole thing is we're. Tire thing is: agents were like twenty years old Europe they're like embryos to so young, the agent and agents and managed for the most part excluded HU, I love, but it's a managed, their rich kids, who can't do tech or finance? Let's be a lot of them, does if you, let's be honest, he's a rich kids whose parents go hey. Can you do something because I want to look you anymore, you and they're not gonna, get a job, a jolly, be right. So the go get a desk at you. Terriers here to be made and most mean everyone needs one to that's the other, getting what you're not gonna, negotiate on your own, who do terrible job. Few negotiate your own gig. I will take any amount of money to do anything. I met I I mean I'm horrible negotiation bad and sail sales didn't work, and now I'm here you apparently Bill Murray, doesn't have an agent or a manager, his answering machine, real
people call him up again and they make em offers to do things and listeners messages NGO I'll, do that just goes and does it work? like a legend like Galileo, I guess you can do that and we do it everyone, what an interesting says. I need an agent like blackmail. People the CIA level blackmail to get me into rooms or the thing. It's not just that you need someone to actually do the talking for you. Oh yeah, I get gigs. Oh yeah hard enough to negotiate your money or to do your air travel a charming shall be that they wanted. Eighty five shows over the weekend I gotta venison in Algeria. Come again you are comics. If they want nine seven, shall I do it I'll? Do it When will you find shows on Saturday I'll? Do it one repealing shows on Saturday three at the same club, sometimes yeah twas, a weird that Third, show you don't know what the fuck did learn. It shows not even comedy anymore. I don't know what it's hassock accounting, I don't know, what's happening at ten point. Thirty, a m
It can be really for the third show a lot of times its people, the audience people have been asked to leave other venues right so their trunk and walking by the club, Nicaragua and that you just their friend, brings a man. This is literally effort, I've little spot. But, unlike, why are they here and they were gone? Well we're ass to leave and they saw a native saw the lights and they like likes. So we brought the men and now you're talking about you now frozen yogurt or whatever, and there is not No, it's our shows crazy. Was the latest certain get New York City these days are you can get? I think it's like a two, forty five or so we can get some forty five ABC Authority. Maybe it's too, you can get some really late, why people are up who the fuck is there to forty four there's people, real yeah. What's it like it, I mean, I think it. I think it's pretty depending on the night, like a Saturday night to forty five, probably great, why and I think it's a louder. It gets you. I think the sellers, the latest, I think you could get, but as it gets, outer I mean Essex. Later people trucker, I used to
danger fields, that's yeah and we do prom shows yeah. Do you ever do the problem? I think I'm not a prom shall act. This is what they do. If a bunch of kids are sitting here and I walked out on stage it's a bad problem- well, it's always a problem the. How shows a terrible, yet what they do is they they? Don't you back in the day at least they didn't change the crowd so you would go out like say of dislike for complex and the light is an m c and three other comics than this neck showed start all over again Ramsay seen through comics the ADI is there, so they want you to do the exact same act so that the kids will leave because they have not how do the kids so the? pull up and they just stuff in the kids and there hope hoping that if you do the same bids, the kids get bored, they got mad at me because I'm like look, I'm not doing the same material, I see the same faces- gives bore him only
Fifteen minutes said a guy. I have more material, other brother bits yeah. Now you got to do the same jokes were trying to these people out here my cabbages kissed, just gravel. Get him out of here just light a fire, but we would do to five o clock in the more danger for the last summer's data feels with four people in IRAN to couples. There's about in his mid eighties, stark and powerful. In front of a piano. It's one of those We go. You know this was choice I made to get into this business. But there's something haunting about that room and was actually fun understand, tending to couples. It's crazy. I did. One couple wants a tinge. Failure. There was no one. There is no show. I had a lax about business, isn't evolution at spot yeah. I got thirty forty five monsieur sit around the bar. I always going on
though it does no one here I got is no one here and then right when I said that this couple walked up and Bobby. Who is the the doorman is as yet fuckin scottish power lifter guy? He was like five foot ten and five foot, ten wide interest, J, ai some grab a kid by his neck and one is prompt chosen, pick him up by his neck and carry him That's easy anyway, he is is tat of a man who was always fucking, hilarious and ruthless on the comedian. Yea gonna. Try that baggage shite your call for can act in any way these people walk and he's. Like. Ladies gentlemen, gonna Dangerfield Command, Runnin brings men and these people walk into his empty room and sit down and the like what the fuck is going on. Raise and then I'll sudden the light come on, and then the embassy comes out and They sat through all of us why? sat through. I was like you know, forth and alive I represent my leg. I did my fuckin fifteen minutes in front of these to be and they went to it. There were great yeah
grab. It was weird you notes that those shows what's good about them. Surely Sylvia while they met they let you know, what's bullshit and Iraq? Embarrassing! That's great point: you feel it feels clunky comin out your mouth re specially to three people. Well is always things are always clunky. Re right leg what I went in when it's a small crowd there really clunky like when you work, material. Every time I have a premise: or even found TAT can tell a story. A lot of time like as I'm starting to tell the story like the beginning part, is little fucking clunky and maybe I'm sands the wrong way and it doesn't make total sense and then eventually catches on. If you do that from a two people, they're like what are you doing here, the best or that ain't a field was what it was a guy who worked in once I was sitting in the bar area. He had arrived, Dangerfield Doll and he walked, and he goes listen. I've had a business for tee for ten years of the block,
we found the stall a move and wherever you go and his eyes were closing up shop here, you go, I thought you might like it and then the guy took it. He said to the owner. He said you just do those big into showed him the stall and then the order just pointed out The guy carried this Rodney Dangerfield Doll down the stairs, just put it like storage and was the darkest moments which, as such, dark moment to sit there silent. Just the honor went and pointed in the digestive disdained to feel doll, and he walked down into God only know the phantom, the op. Whatever the goes down under that club, but yeah, that's a real, that's it. The oldest club in a country, houses still open. I, that is a great question that the FBI probably want to look into. I dont know because everybody gets Zeb story, people we hire. People got twenty five years ago. Twenty five years ago there was no one. There I mean they're fucking, show that I'll tell you about that was twenty five years ago. There's never been anyone there. I don't know
there is no money off those problems shows though they were packed. It's like a great joke about like Nanette down my buddy Nick knowledge and amazingly funny comedian Seti's. I can the net no unseen. It's just a trailer no one seamen that it's just a trailer everyone's like its brave. It's really easy. It's my number one that is just a trailer literally doesn't exist. So maybe I don't know, but it is it's one, rooms in New York, this kind haunting yeah, range place generalists and of the day the laughter died. Now Ice clays double album that he film their away with no audience. No one knew he was come and he had no material zero. That's amaze! He just started talking about shit and add living thing. India and he was as big as a fuckin comedian could be at the time and he called it the day. The left died, Reuben produced it. That's him. At night but I did not wish fucking Brill as a measurable. At the same time, really some guy gets up in the middle of settings you're about it's funny as a glass of milk.
God penalize what a polite back, what it old fashioned Haeckel. I've never heard that some usually be like shut up you're. I'll just funny as a class of men, s lovely ass, some guy from Connecticut or something like that. You know you got mad, we got mad at dies, and ended. I dice just shit Non Hammond Shit, not everybody dies, probably just destroy him. While was is destroying them, but I'm telling you he wasn't even trying right. So it was like you at some crazy place in his career, where he is decided to do us that worries bombing. Do you ever think of doing some like that grass, never think it just gone crazy into some completely yeah, I'm just trying to do. First of all, I would feel bad I can't do something bad on purpose, because in people, if I do something bad like if he lays down? If you hear it in sucks, I fucked up there
I've made a mistake. I didn't do it good right. I didn't. I didn't put it together right, it's trial and error. Sometimes it's an air yeah! I'm not gonna do anything bad on purpose yeah, but he was so big and no had been that big before right to realise. No one had done arenas before him, where he was a first arena come first he had a first year and of fucking hundred of whom he would do. Or the country, and he, Add enough for wherever reason there of a fuckin everybody loved them. Yap is like folk do lines ass. He just went out just fucking double cd gray, doubled like a broadly, shall live album according to a Broadway hours of oh material, just rambling talk about stuff punch, I don't make sense issues out. Did you when I was walking gray to this day? It's one of my favorite comedy arms Walter. I listen to it every now and then for fifteen minutes. My car discover what does tat mean? Is it all Dangerfield? Yes, Aubert intervals? No one knew he was come in yet
and when they saw holy shit, it's Dave Clay, it's probably twenty people in the crowd were so excited, they probably Tuesday or some right he's an animal. That's amazing, yeah, that's that to me- that's the stuff I like I like that, have stopped because to me it's like it's the raw essence of what this is. I found out about it from another comedian, they might Donovan areas guy from Boston yeah and he was crying laughing describing it and describing this bit. The dice was went about Nixon eating ass like or nobody hours our activities and he was doing as crimes whatever it was so ridiculous. Provocative reason MIKE Donovan was tears were coming it couldn't breathe. You describe it as a gallery listening The price is one of those guys. You watch me like this. Guy can just talk yeah and it's funny Well, he's gonna interesting he's been around for so long yeah, and you know too,
he's always represented to me. My childhood yak as when I was like nineteen, was the first time I listened to Cosette in my car with my girlfriend, and I could just cry and laugh, but I can't believe are funny was. Is that what made you would these? He one of the guys what you will like? I want to start doing, stand up yeah for sure he was deafening. One of em, Hammond Kennison human Capital in prior, but prior was See like I remember, watching those guys and and watching prior unlike prior, was so smooth. He was so what he was so personable invulnerable? He was some different because he was vulnerable, would talk about like his life and is problems in all these different things about being addicted to draw, in all these different any it was so intelligent, but vote neural bull and honest and, and timing was so good. He was such a master and where we are watching me, my omitted the time we watched the keenest special, then we watch richer prior and
friend who was never comedian. Everything goes that fuckin guys the best yes just a bad, and it was just ass. We were both in agreement like AIDS is better. Yes, that's the way he did it you know, and this is seen out about more talking, like nineteen eighty eight chore so it was still fairly fresh and prior still yeah. I've and it was, is different. You know he was. He was like the first mean. Obviously, Lenny Bruce was the first really honest comedian was, or one of the Paris ass, a personal and- and you know the hate he would like. Em HU, a weird personal power, ass, we were ruined for em a thing? Absolutely absolutely, but you know how to my parents are going to see live at sunset Strip, and I was a little kid. Oh, you saw the actual, not another Saddam in the movie right. My movie theater, and that that was probably the big
was probably the big seed, lousy impact yeah, because I couldn't believe how funny this guy was just talking. Gamma looking around the feeder and these people are found, My parents are going to see live at the sunset Strip and I was a little kid bashful a few days ago at dynasty, typewriter and he's one of those guys who shall funding so electric that you have a room full of you know the type people were kind of talking about it more, but now you know more of that kind of alternative crops yeah, I saw I Sadie Pepperdine tape Especial a few days ago at that time, writer and he's one of those guys who so funny so lecture that you have room full of you know the type people were kind of talking about it more, but now you now he's one of the issues I watch and unlike man intensities
ten seizures, run our he's now, such a nice guy he's a great to know him no yeah route for Algeria, sweetheart, the whole room just exploded at great yeah he's like this is what experience and the bees experience and the beat me the best comedy, I think, is a comedy where you go on having experienced now. I can't have again right. We can have this again, she lives here. I can't go down the block and see this it's not as steakhouses the same in every city right. This is a fuckin, unique human individual that having this experience at this man, experience I yeah have yeah yeah. Is this something about it that it so hard to translate when you, when you did you Netflix, but how do you want a fifteen minute ones? Yes, some is doing a lot of those which, I think is a good move. Did John Forty five thousand human individual. That's having this experience at this moment, and I'm lucky to be here with me live shows man. This is something
If that is so hard to translate when you, when you did you Netflix, but how do the fifteen minute ones? Yes, somebody is doing a lot of those which, I think is a good move. Did you and forty five thousand job, it's crazy, it's a great of two. Have everyone have a special? I think my mother's doing one it's very exciting. You don't even have do comedy of special, and now you can just sit in a car and talk. That's my neck submission table. Be me speaking in a car going through an in and out bill, burs videos of I'm driving around as fucking pretty funny funniest specials. And there are YE island of the colonies and act. I have one of my friends away, like it was fun or in the room it is one of those things that bring the pain was better in the room, even automation, right when you watch tat, you like this is the highest heights of anything, yeah. That's why, when someone breaks, you laugh really hard on a special. I gotta management have been like being there. Oh yeah, I mean that This comes an act. One of my friends always says com.
Should be seen, live in an endless, it there's something different about a smaller venue like when people goes with the store there's. Somebody and it signifies the level of intimacy, universally work. Stuff out sinew ought in on the piano in the moment. There's something different about that honours. Yeah yeah I I like a hundred fifty two three hundred see room again like, but I also like eleven thousand seats to yeah crazy. It's the weird work, that's amazing, and if you can make those people, I feel like that. It's intimate so that you can you treat eleventh hour and people the same. We treat the main room. I think, if I did seat room, that's filled with about eighty people, that's good too! That is low expectations. What I like, I like a big room, full of a very small amount of people and they could sit back and get real. He drank and that where acts settle the weight staff home off most of the lights, the sum
something going on when you do and alive performance that no one's ever really quantified. It's some kind of mass hypnosis can energy transfer cause. I was an actor for when I was a kid. I was six years old to twelve those inactive Yang pair. Idea. It was my idea, Joe and like real six neurons are six year was great. I was gonna, do with Great cavalry licence ye. I was on Sesame Street price. We really for logic! Was it really idea. Yeah. I point the tv and settled I mustn't. Partial lying cause. I don't remember, and they are liars. They needed money. Also they I pointed to the tv and said I want to be on that, and I just and I and I made them, do you not take nano dishes and maybe they were looking over their bills, and I was good looking little kid and they said he needs to stop in his weight and you now, so take him up using set me free. I was in a bunch of places of that life performance is different, it still energy, but there's no
in quite like being alone on a stage doing common rules are also much later. It's all yours, shit, yeah, writing, urea figuring out how say yeah you're crafting at putting together yeah and that's how the rejection is the deepest. But how do you write? I go on state. With an idea and started doing these little videos on Instagram. I actually kind of rant about an issue and if people cannot respond pause, let them sometimes I'll take that to the stage and I'll just try to at about an issue like find, a few lines that are, keepers are funny that's and then I'll sit down and rewrite it, and we look at the bed and re, but a lot of what I do has to be like How does it sound was much inflection was pay pacing, so being stage helps a lot of other things that I worked hard for me. What I have to get better about is writing about things. I don't care about something also like
like if you said give me fifty jokes about the carnations? I would not want to do that, but why would need to well? I do but I mean that's a skill. Some people have this great monologue: Yoke, writers who stuff, but if I should something. That's ridiculous that I'm like perplexed by. I think it's funny. I can devote attention energy into making that funny just concentrate on that fucking I mean. That's, that's what I do. I am an awe of certain people. We could go. Oh here's, a topic, you mean fifty jobs and they'll have em and their good, but you notice that those guys, usually wine, abortion as writers and those yeah field. Shitty. That's a lot of them to a good get when you Gary Comic here, you're working as a writer s, calm, that's that's a bath in Europe,
in about an early early. I I know, if you guys, like Owen Smith, Yawns man, I don't know now, but I've heard the name one of the best fuckin stand up in the country, yeah he's so good bright. He has his bed and I won't tell you much about conquers it's about adopting a white son. It is one of the funniest bits, I've ever seen in my fuckin life. It's so good that you like home. Holy shit yeah. So it's so fucking twisted yeah, and so it so like you carefully what I say I say and right, but This is the guy. That is, I mean, scheme wise one of the best anti comics in the country, but he's not known for it as much as is got a real career as a writer, yet only China Branch out move away from that, but God Damn guy murders. When he's an economist DORA, we sit back and watch get a lot of people. I guess what families a kid you gotta make decision by. Actually that already think stuck with me. One is like key one be doing so:
you don't care about you so to me, I have to write about things that I'm interested in, like I think people the people's careers that I wanted to keep that I envy their careers to be led by their interests, yeah things at interest them yeah. Well, that's a better life. You know I I've done both I've done like when I was doing you're factor I was in remotely interested than the paycheck right. It was a good gig, I'm not like I'm, not shitting. I was a great gig. I love that. I had that job. I love being financial stable yard. At the time I was like good now have to worry about my bills, it's a nice thing and it was a great group of people that our work with pollution nobody network ever is great, but there's such different, sharing doing that and then doing podcast. Oh yeah, there's a giant different. So that's why the way that I've kind it on my part, guesses, like what do I care about? yet what do I want to know about? Who can I feasibly get? on to talk about it, though the things that are interesting to media? Not so much like. Let's just pick a topic, that is in the news,
run that everyone will have a take on, but it meaning even that if that's what you're interested in the offing, our ports, if your interested yeah, but as a comic to have no boss. Yes, something nice than that's the move yards his comics, it get, they D get pigeonholed and stuck into these gigs. They don't want to fuck up the gig, so they don't want to say anything controversial, so their material get bland and some of them take these big moral stands and it's like well you're, making a crazy man a money like something like. I won't work here and I work if that person is on a line up. I won't do it, unlike you, but you're, making a lot of money. That drive me crazy, crazy that I'm not going to work with unless someone stealing rises start! Unless someone stealing or their pension p bore there being. Mr somebody must something so agreed. They should probably in jail like what your creative differences right you fuckin baby yeah get over here just get up there. I worked with a lot of people. I don't enjoy again. I don't have the luxury of life
I will work is value because this person Werner, it's like that's in that's good ghetto. Why still don't mean it store that those of us there all the time with people? I don't even hardly know right. You don't mean you you're, on a lineup of fourteen fifteen people gap that that's good to tat chilled to have those people could be rapists more than that right so that their glows definite adds a clever at their present, whose definition the right way going steady, actual rape right words, rough, careful, shrill, that's where weak man, it's very confusing ground, because we as car makes especially comics like you, and I that safe fucked up shared yeah. You can get away with things that really not supposed to be in society anymore, so sometimes people get up and leave my ex. Finally, ok, I'm Jochen sure. Don't you get
that I'm joke and are you drunk or in a room eyes at eleven thirty at night or you're a few perform earlier? But with me, I'm like, isn't it for. I am what's the problem if you can't take this opinion now when you gonna take yeah, and sometimes it's not good guess. Sometimes the matera created now goes. Parklike has never worked. Well said. I don't want any to get shot, but the kid these kids are annoying. These five Roy, I said I'd want anyone to get shot. So I said, let's ban guns, but first we have to shoot these kids. We have to kill the park with kids. Five have to shoot the funds out of their hands and they're gonna be the last explain that we're gonna go, we abandoned guns will be less by people ever die and it didn't work and people's people were not exactly filled with it, but it's like you should be able to try. You should be able to try at a trot should be only sometimes like you know, you're saying you go on stage of the premise and then in the middle of doing that, promise you'll find the beats. Sometimes you dont fund, beats yes and it does. He think it may be the sire I ever have out a few.
It's where I was sure, there's something there. I've never been offended by a joke. That's me personally, like I've, never have you ever been funded by Joe now I've never been funded, but I've been like that one wasn't good rabbit, that's normal sure, yeah it some defined. The beads onstage in front of alive crowd to there's something about that high wire act. That makes, brain go to these weird places. It comes up with punchline. You have two fuckin find a punch line, You have to find something funny you have to these people paid money. It's like did like waving a stake in front of a judge, our dog, and you keep tossing a little bits and then eventually, like you, have to throw mistake and something there's no punchline does. This is part of the fucking gig. So now you get shit. Trump rally to scream and say if he doesn't get elected. You think he goes and starts. Podcast tv network heat,
totally could yeah. He totally could probably better for him honestly, that's when he thought he was going to do. I think before you gonna, like that, I think he was haven't high level meetings with boy in the media space to start something like that were once NBC fired and ambition fired him. While he was running because the stuff tat he said about Mexico, to throw rape as yeah yeah someone's, do and raping right to eight talk. This self fucking, crazy out of control for a person run for President NBC is like that's it we're get video. Then they put Arnold in this place and I ran disaster. I remember that people, young and old, hosted the apprentice you'll find there. I was, I was horrible, terrible yeah trappers shit, Madam page there they just said: at the show. If you have it here's a question: does he go back to the apprentice? well then, these residency, I think, is to toxic. I think you know what he's torture, but I thought ass it. Maybe you come up with something like that for far
of foxes in the scoop. Em up. That's was great about fox. To play ball play ball than I can leave money on the table. You know what, though they did want making Kelly Backdoor while she the thing I'd use to the show red eye on Fox NEWS, which was comics, would just trying to be funny. It was they air. Did it like three m those time and I saw the week she was doing that and she was the dress Mohammed. She knew she shouldn't left feel it should already made the decision, but you could come to see it. Think she knew TAT? She was gonna try be this day time tv queen and like let's break cupcakes. You know I just spent four years on Fox NEWS: talk about Santa, be awake, but now, let's Baker, because I'm America's sweetheart we're gonna work words weird when you pub The glee change your image.
It's insane publicly changing your image, shooter, shirts or skirts got longer. She covered her neck, yet knows no more cleavage. Every shell was about sexual assaults, use every single shows about money. That's all! I think she's fine ingratiate herself in with the people that hated her, which is like the New York media It's the people that did not like her and then she was like, but all even just about sexual solid. One of them was a lady fuck, Matt Lauer, and she knew she was fuck em and she was talking about large fuck them. Well, I didn't know any better. I was twenty five. Pursuant to five factor guy meddling, what what happened? It's bad here right! Will you shouldn't forty cause? He was married. Ok, after that, what happened? What's goin on rather than just fuck em They who wears it was worthwhile segment of the show was Inez. It scandalous that an interview with her grave- was known. She was saying you know I was young. I was impressionable which short courtiers
money to see them all put nails in each other's coffin right is not great media like this blood feuds, is only a few families, a control of this information. They hate each other, and that's why succession is such a great show. Why think with makin? It was like that she had been sexually harassed. While she was at Fox NEWS: oh yeah, oh and after I Roger rouse, yeah yeah, so she was going out and I think Billow Riley too, through some He paid somebody's thirty, eight million. So it's I thought. Why did he do? They was thirty two one. We do it thirty, and what is that? What I am I grasped. My grandfather still has a bill, a rally, patriots welcome, doormat. While you now to good man, I mean a mansion, that's giant amount of man amount of money where what he did should be a minute I consider it could be it networks document or a right. Let's get to be hides like horrific, like he offered or thirty seven million should keep going.
Right. Right may need more. After what this debate is. A thirty two million dollar offence will do us out one recording the left on some assistance Mandarin across one yeah touch me Lou for spongers somewhere out I mean that's it. That's. What he's trying to do this? All creepy old guy move yeah, get you what a sponge trysting, he tried to have his ex wife, you Travis Ex wife excommunicated from the church. Why great do you right, and we know that while well crises go to Hell a church picture national workload. Donation! You have to make it your Ex wife centre. Probably thirty! Two million he's got it, but here later, excommunicated, that's debit guy. He is with
things, even after all, this? The guy still had a number one book in the New York Times is peaceful, yet people dig it they still those old fuckers. They just give Andy dig in Iraq. They like em, they I know who we're he's foxy ape like by uncle he's a good man. He said why is about forty million dollars for some more money talks it too It goes in the with God with God. We do in that that fuckin time goes in. The time goes out. You can explain at one. I was why the you fucking piece of shit yeah, can explain the lot of those guys are they where religion like fuck AIDS fashionable to wear it. I wear it. They know there are no trunk. Does he gets out and goes I'm a christian I may not be the best Christian admittedly quiet enough good enough. You know- and you like not the best Christian. You're a thrice married guy who owns
born Miss Universe, patch, it you're a biblical think. That's a biblical figure that, would be like a roman king that but he was warned about like in terms of like I mean I want Michel said: what do you think that will do this freedom? I think I'll be fine if you shaved it like somebody had a cancer issue when he just shaved it with them a good guy. Well, it doesn't look good, that's what's confusing. Milk, when I ve known as style when my hair wasn't looking good deliberative, impossible to look good. It was fallen out. The point like this. Is it just a mass right? Then I went and buzzed it but he always remember you like this to my generation, always remember you like the just held virile. Oh yeah, it's nice. I've been a been like this for a long time. Yeah solid. Eight plus years, gap bald tell you, is you are from two to just go. I think you would be better off it be easier. Like he's not good. Looking ahead, We know that he would that would complete is trust
commission and was supervillain. It s like a Lex Luther Togo yeah, but he s like I do. It's gotta, be so much work to put that hair together. I think some does it from, but even then to go. You talk to their mother. Put together. I bet you he doesn't talk to them really does is tweets angry. I bet you he's not concerned with the human relations with his staff. Not just get that five get that far get that five, the person who is in charge of the hair, just as the hair, I hope retired when he retires. When he's done, I hope he goes right in a pie casting Would you have them on right now? Yes, give course you have to have two yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah. Why Why wouldn't come on out? Even has hours he's busy Nazism jokes bottom? he's a patty he hates comedy. Are he does not like? I lay your honor. He doesn't to be mere I'm sure machine Wolf got him on Twitter. A few times correspond,
Et Cetera, he went after her, but she kept right back at him a job I bet you'd, be on my side. If I killed a journalist, as a kill shot. Kill shock, not gonna, win yeah sure she's, not amount to a great man shall just forget he just dropped off faced the earth about you, you're gonna lose God. She neutered one tweet monitor this people that go after him, the only in its doesn't work, and he doesn't respond that look so weird. It's weird when I see my aunt tweeting, unlike What do you think this is gonna? Do my aunt with forty three followers? You say you are discussed. Representation of this country, she'll tweet, that's right and then I have another and whose the other side that'll be like. I believe in you keep going and I just
Imagine him squalid through these messages and reading this, do you think he looks at me. I think you only looks at verified accounts. I think he's like. If you think about how many people files on twitter, I think it is wise. He doesn't see them pensions. I'll tell you right now, he's biggest fans are not verified. This being said will not have a blue jack there under a hundred followers, they have dog like the his biggest fat, not just people. From the people that are still lacking love them. A lot of them have dog profile. Pictures like a dog did recently die. There's a lot of dead dogs, flood of Atlantis Book flags. Don't no matter the battles! Moorland! None of them had ever served in the military right, but they love the flag. There are the flat. No one's ever served and Forty three to forty. Eight followers mega in the programme has mega hashtag you know a lot of them are real. Do no matter what. The Russians, that's really it's real
guy in Russia. Who's got that job. Yonder was part of my life and on long island there's a lot of people that have em. They have various accounts. The use interested there's a woman named Renee Direct she's coming in the park ass soon. She did a study of this for Africa, which before she was on SAM Harris's podcast, but you wind up with it I'll, send it to you after we're done. Please it's fucking amazing, but they did The crazy shit like they would have like a pro muslim group, and they put demonstration right across the street from a pro taxes group and they organise both of them. They would really a they organise discord. They would organize African Americans hence Hillary Clinton. Anyone. Hilary we gotta go for just I'm gonna go for anyone. They would like. She doesn't record,
and us these are Russians, and then they would have other people that we're like pro Bernie media in an Hilary fucked over Bernie and the information that I will just ferment coups in overthrow their leader, sleep. You know it's nice, it will just kill their people, we don't fuck with their social. I think we fuck, with their social I'm sure we witness I'm sure we'd, I'm sure, there's I rode off allotted russian stuff is like people's wishful thinking, but the morn. Why read about it? The more there is like a coordinated, tat, seemingly too infiltrators social media and so disco, yeah yeah? There's percent, a real thing going, because this woman documented at issue is also really funny. I choose one, how many the means that they created that were really funny how their whole area- and they came out of Russia. So there's a bunch of guys in a room in Moscow, create names, and so funny. This is like they went to KGB training or whatever it is now at last be, and this is where they ended up. I think it is. Is that you're on your own people, this is the frontier of the war against the United States. The thing is, though, if they can do
and get people really upset. If they really can do it that's really effect this strategy. A great strategy can make things happen just showing internal discord. We're gonna go labs around system like I wonder how many these Jesse Small way Zeiss his name. Smaller is russian. The whole thing is russian. It's very good. The whole thing is russian. Jesse smaller doesn't exist. I wonder how many of the means were created by Russians to try to get people about this bunch about this? our people stir things up than its amaze Americans at are upset and I'm sure it's people that are, but then there's also just a lot of Americans that hate each other does that yeah yeah there's You also, what do you think happens with Jesse smaller his empire cause ABC, got rid Roseanne for a tweet. You gotta get rid of this. I thought he was getting cancelled. He was getting written out rather a third. I read it over
I thought he was getting written out before. This is one of the reasons why he did it lie. Support Amis. That's a case. Kazanovitch hard business is a very tough business. It is hard it's hard to make. I ll. The dead, the plan that out- and he said to the two guys guys- listen, get a noose cook it rope in doing this. All a lot of these hate crimes. It first what happened happen in their horrible but some of these things are fake. Do you know he showed up at the hotel with the new still around his neck hole, A subway sandwich, just that alone, the people, a people, the hotel. She like what would happen at amazing what Why do we use still at this area? are you eating is subway? Are you not sick to IRAN Empire? What the hell is wrong with our sober subways, not good. It's out of your hungry, listen! I've! I've clearly eaten it. Buddy, don't cry, but if it's like two o clock in the morning and deal with the open,
Why is it tat way and that's a great points? Its open good move to be opened with nothing else is open to good point. Can a nice at times I would double meat. I like them the olive oil and vinegar saw me ball with the mozzarella whatever, and then you don't toasted elector hot maples, melted, cheese, Groot yeah, that's a good move people, so always a good. It's always a good, more, especially after faking a hate crime after you think the hate crime a meet both. How nervous you after you do that such a pussy I could never go. I could never do it. He did some level associate, but then I saw that accurate data with the other night, no one. Oh, he could do that. All these people can do it on another level. Will the thing is the people say who would want to be a victim who'd want to fake being a victim. I heard that during a cabinet hearing like that, is it ridiculous thing to say: there's a lot of currency in our
in our business in what is a lot of conflict today in the report by people like you raise, victims were thrown out and they support them You're a tremendous amount of love expressive your legitimate. The setting of court. Now that mean there's a lot to that yeah to the idea that no, and would do that is so do so against so contrary to human nature, not everyone would do it. I want to do it this. Would you do you're gonna hate crime, you fake scratch? I don't know if I got punch. And people saw my face. They go good. Observed that you know what I mean you like. Nobody would look at my face ago: yeah, ok, good wrote I tweeted something. Today was a camera flap Arizona, What was it up? Mother? Twenty six Flapper, as I was, was two guys was Hollywood mega had to beat me out. They poured something army at an odour was, I think, was come, please cod but if you have to think listen, I watch good morning Mary. And if this morning I laughed I sent my buddy
go there's a moment when they go how'd you know is the attackers and because I guess he goes, you can see these had exceed his eyes, whose activity goes. I was there and You just do that. Shitty act, three, like just fucking city, acting class that horse shit. I was there This is fucking crazy. He was. Inform on two guys if they were you white guys but mega hats who got caught? they ve been she'll right now, because the detective said- and we have to suspects on camera, do you think Sammy's again, then he found out two buddies music. Why can't testify against them here Gonna testify against two people who they thought were guilty so said that he thought it was them yeah he's get is a good one, America innovative or of him going yeah, it's those two that takes it to another level. Then Fox, like always that we pay good on the. Shall we stand behind that takes it to a completely different.
There would be people in jail right now. You wouldn't care match sprays, Could you imagine not just faking a hate crime but then putting p when your magic being those two guys just sitting in jail like what the fuck you and to cover the New York Post, Nab, dumb God, oh god sitting there like what the fuck and nobody wants to kick their ass every empire next season is all about Jesse, Smart fire everyone else on the show, and it's just a Jesse small historian to innocent people rotten the gay Tupac want raises streets of empire. That's what people in Ohio whenever how you think he's had a vote? They go. You know what now exactly thing you know, but no thank you. I see what you doing you folks, Facon hate crimes, we're gonna hate crime which affect If you really want to get ahead at the great question Someone gave you a licence to figure hey cramp good. If there is a television show about taking a hate crime that is highly Gillette. Punked are fake things like that. How do you figure?
I'd love to do some like that. True tv presents fake, a hate crime yet interesting. I dont I'm trying to think President offerings we'll deal? Maybe a hollow guy would attack in you park. City like a hollow guy, would attack me because views me as a symbol of imperialism and oppression. They'll be good. United patronize his sand all the time. He still feels the need to attack. I mean I don't know. I could never do that. I'm one of those people who get an I would get caught. Will this would never think I'd get away with wanting everyone to think you're a victim would not really happen. Is insanely selfish thing? Yeah, that's an insane like faking physical crime can have some punch em He hid himself. Yet these Margarets face Mega hat wearing gangs that everyone talking about in Chicago and Alain York do not exist. If you of mega had on it to em in New York, you're getting bleach port on you, back to reality will also like just
are you saying that he like punched him back and like he fought back, and I love how it was like principle. He was on camera for everything except one minute, so they good morning, America, Diego. How long is it she's like like several minutes, but it could have been thirty seconds like he's, covering the span of time is in his lie. He's gone, I gotta it's less than a minute cause. I'm only off camera for a minute every area about a guy, like wife, blames a black eye yeah. You know, there's been a bunch of Those rights have been attacked and then you see the Energy Samson, for example, to the point of view, but now somebody probably planed him think napkin number. There was a recent one. People saying that is so did it yea and my mother always believed applicant central, fired confute conspiracy, theory that right and that's why I don't really get until I dont want yet those are the ones that are out there. I don't really get into that. Can you the moon? I dont go near.
I'm, not an OJ truth or are you of Golfer Tonkin Guy are operated, northward, Oswald, Trill, there's nothing, there's nothing! Those are all true average northwards my favorites crazy. They stay talk. About bombing a ship with people on it. They're gonna blow up a drone jet liner employment on the Cuban yeah therein up there, attack Guantanamo Bay ARM Cuban Friendly's now them attack want animal yeah yeah. That was not done otherwise. That's what we need you back I got married. These are two fuckin it's to exhaust, I gotta jottings. I would do a shell and somebody come up to me after the show and they be like they show me, Peter. Many I swear to God Nigger, you see that and I got nine who or what is it they go? That's the Nablus I'm like a negative garlic nights. So then I can't really look at it and, unlike aren't, I can't go with the rest of my life with that it will
look for it and everything everything's a conspiracy and then, when it comes back to you and they say TIM is involved in this rag. Men, Oh, I see how this works be, make shit up yeah and then they believe it. You see, is now getting involved in Pakistan. Yes, you guys you their first shall but they're gonna get a few others on the deeply involved in stage started and the Russians were treated father, I loved it gave the CIA going in watching, sat and black, whose getting past at the store Oh, you don't have a friend of mine who thinks that the CIA started Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. There's a book about that call weird scenes inside the canyon written by guiding Dave Mc Gowan. Somebody tell you right now, Joe. It's kind of interesting try it's kind of interesting. There was not a known on Laurel Canyon, I'm sure, probably about pussy. There was a lot of weird shit go and on the CIA, the Rand Corp was all over there. There was a lot of shit happening well,
I'm sure there was lashing happening, but there is not a fork in intelligence agency in the world that can create a Jimi Hendrix, of course, in the night air that book was like TAT. They were making the birds the CIA was like they were like. No, it's MR timber rootless. I gotta be like a hand between men's some may emerge. Being in that time in the country, when everything was just fine, an apart left and right around us, Vietnam, war state just fuckin. Next as the president has just chaos levy on right. Yeah no internet everyone's doing drugs, it must have been it must have been amazing. I mean always think about than Hunter S. Thomson quote about you know what we talked about the sixties and that in the seventies, was almost like the way
crested industry has crashed out from fear loading alone, but I'm a big like I'm a Kennedy guy. I think it's really shaded with that year for sure for sure, for sure, and in that book to some amazing stuff, a panel booze. Both the game is Yamlang Valley of secrecy is a guy rust Baker whose illegitimate elicited it's been praised by ten. Rather a good lawyer, I mean I'm trying to get you in this. Let me tell you this will get you in you went Umberto havoc the term Georgia. Did you know the traditional, be Bush called the FBI and said that he thought he knew who the killer of Jeff K was. Did you know that now we can call the FBI in Houston, hey, I said: what's up its George George Bush, I'm in I looked Texas and I think I know who the curiosity informed on this guy. James parent, James parent, ended up being like one of his staffers It was. This word cover story, car planted and that came out in a memo and there was another matter. These are declassified FBI members, freedom of Information ACT. There was another member that said after the assassin J Edgar Hoover Priest choice
push of the CIA. The problem was, George, Bush should not have been. For the CIA. At that point, he should have to private citizens who suggested he was working for the agency for a very long time, and he, made the director of the agency for one year after the family, jewels came out, which was this whole thing with a CIA went to Congress, Nay admitted that they had done all these things from you. Coups and fermenting revolutions in countries, and they made him the director for one year after that happened to break to make a clean break, from all of the nefarious activities that the agency had been involved with. But if you take that memo to mean that he did had an existing relationship with them? He was actually is becoming the dockers? No, it made no sense anyone there like wiseguy than ever and call the lightweight becoming How did the CIA after the CIA admit it's all these horrible things, the column a lightweight, get called yet he was like, I think, Kissinger and set it Nixon kissed her at the next Electra he's lightweight commitment, Bastard, a China. He was never
that had serious political capital and you made the head of the CIA and then, after that, memo was on earth. People are saying: oh he had. This was an extension of the cover up He was being made the directorate this very interesting time in history, because he actually we had worked with the agency forever and he was not at all a lightweight. He was a serious operator and you going in there to China clean up, and transition them into a new era, I'm telling you I'm already out you're out. How are you out? Can't? Listen, it's good! It's great town! I need current shit. I know he's living like Julian Assange some bright, I some Edward China wishes are done. I ran out to the Bush and Assange enough. Get in Assange, plotting get in there I'll! Listen, I'm telling you the client. If you read up, if you dabble in the clear, if you read a chapter this, if you read it, chapter is I gimme a hooky. I dont have a cookie and if I deal undertaking
But you will be your bill and it's very interesting and is too well written book as it's not reckless and slap read the first chapter promise. Thank you. I will Nobody. My gave me David lifting the best evidence. Ok on the Kennedy assassination, ok- and that got me in a conspiracy theories- is like nine d Who am I getting your shirt you're at the end of the road network like this Isn T, a lot of people are full of shit in that world law a lot of them and that's what people don't realize? Well, then, it gets done burn deeper and deeper, and more and more preposterous have you ever googled hashtag spaces, fake, now but that's sounds. It sounds amazing. There is a thriving space. Is fake, communed have you ever been in space? No good point could be fake combat come back to us to approve at what is actually hoods extent. Flat. Earth is for people to think that.
Ladder. Is invalid conservative legal? They deeper ass. I stood here they going to: u those Flattereth Cox, they want to move into space. They wanted. This space is. Thank you want to know. It's really up spaces pay spaces fake crazy. Why mean? I think there are hundreds of thousands of people who think that the earth is flat. Hundreds thousands educated Western America in human beings? The think the earth is flat, TAT is wild, is fucking, crazy, centrist, it's a lot able to just get educated from Youtube. The guardian actually had an article about a Senate to Eddie and Eddie's laughed at me. Look at these kind of rational and a lot of ways. Because I'm despair. She talks with him about what about well and now the one that we had was insane a little. I would say, of government was attacking Malibu, while the he's
one that him instead of me. If I am we're talking about it, they were using direct energy weapons, and I was like enough. This attack Malibu with what I was and why would they attacked mallet, whatever the fires, but unlike their writ? Why would they attack mobility? Each people fire started here my fuckin ass to my starting now, but they rang through the air the first evacuated it right back in so stupid, dry, a shit yeah, a fire heads. The winds are going corroded, they make the wind they made. The wound should always made. The wind Minos only live in the sea. I have always made the wind yeah, it's fucking, it's just an there's. No rest is no. Peace has no living in the moment. I think it is important to stress certain guidest anyone who now but things this horrible things going on. Ok, what do you think the worship going on? What trafficking very yes, horrible, horrible billion dollar industry. That's not subway! damaged. Artists are paying for that right, rich people,
Some of them are involved in some very bad things, yes and their bits, their tragedy there covering your own tracks, yeah like that Jeffrey Epstein Year did Bill Clinton visited Alaska. I've got a minor anyone with an island and hanging out with. Clearly, if you have an island in your hang out with Bill Clinton, there's a problem. Worse ma yeah yeah, I'm crazy. All that stuff is very disturbing. He got a sweetheart deal. Could you wouldn't inform on any one that was on his plane? Another the Justice Department element in that again. It'll probably be fine, though probably just let him with a guy like that. Would you know Does he know how does a kind of everyday alive because they get did these same talk? I wouldn't trust him thousand play. I think that's what I think about see the aversion to conspiracies. Is you go like nobody? Would people talk
in reality. Is people wouldn't talk if you were from a prominent family It had been like a religion to stay silent if you had had Yea training, if you would these people don't talk, and we know that there have been plots and have gone unknown for a very long time closure for coup in IRAN, sure so garlic, Jeffrey I've seen a so involved so deep. He knows he'll get killed. He wants anything. Yeah he's not get us anything process no jail gives one in that. It really does want to say anything at all the things that he did yeah. We thought that the child thing is a creep used. Its grouse and unfortunately it is it's it's a real thing. So what you know, people you can talk about, Here's the conspiratorial angles the bullshit, but then there is the real father, Sandusky Sandusky Catholic Church, two hundred percent, that's how the product, the people there in lovely conspiracies, never care about private presence or the catholic church, and when the crisis is not even debatable right. When I even debating
private prisons are rooted, kids are being sold into slavery, brain about harm, the judge in Pennsylvania, crazy, taking under kids and just giving them sentences ridiculous senses for shit. That's crazy exchange for money! That's not right! Now, he's in jail, yeah. It's there's some darkness in the world, the undeniable and when something like Sandusky, when that Penn state think out and you like, wait a minute how long was going on for get how many new everyone knew, how does we know and raising paternal just he died queer. But this is what I am, course, but didn't mean he most recent distraught This is what I mean about people, whereas, like Youtube, eccentric conspiracy, theory type staff from like all those things would have been called conspiracy theories. At one point, the catholic church right and dusky yeah Abu Ghraib, they said was a few apples. It was a labyrinth of torture. Prisons was applied. Grim designed by the Pentagon, see it's crazy. What is the Youtube? Gonna do
gonna censor the guests ass, regular, sending. I think it is not recommending conspiracy, videos from what I've heard but I was reading that thing. You tell me about Jamie this whole like porn or child porn or pedophile net work, you're setting on account of what is a powerful youtube. What's gotten where communication network, they were communicating with each other and Youtube comments. They responded yesterday. They said that they disabled comments on tens of millions of videos and deleted a lot of accounts that were there were communicating in the comments section. Of like little kids cheerleading and what not now we're they communicating to try to decide to share child porn or where they are communicating to molest. You know in the wake pedophiles communicate and their network, but
but quite frankly, I'd like you to do a little bit more pull up article. Some due diligence on the appendix I once like we're, gonna burn or computer for download downloader tore. Let's get move, we gotta figure shit out. You gotta get a VP in their lives, like the FBI will take over child points out on torn then run it four year on the Donnelly. What what is that were? What's going on? Imagine what see too little about this kind of that's that's a problem. It is a problem that that's not your causing that happens. Let our colleague case there's a video of him doing something with an underage girl like ethics, some people CNN say we ve seen it, but it and that's led to him going ethical. What what did you watch in that legal, probably is legal watching under the guise of a shining out of its rough, the Dac gonna shit is real and the fact that there is these net works of people. You better try
you know, cultivate these experiences yet Is he man, but if you're rich person you have that sick predilection you're going to find a way to reunite what they're doing, for example? Ok, they pose remarks to praise the girls asked whether they were wearing underwear or simply cared a string of sexually suggestive emerges. But two years ago hundreds accompanies pulled money from Youtube over concerns but add showing up next to problematic content from terror. Or hate groups and videos seem to endanger exploit children. I think you know all we ve talked about this before. Would you do with the issues that we have had with them? They They have way too much content and way too few people rest no way they can watch all of it and when shit like this are people doing things in the comments, it's almost impossible to check. Yeah I mean it's just Youtube comments are one of the rare free range sort of like
checked message boards in the world, I'm sure I'll find out later. Read it I'll, read it who's. This fat flock Dolly's, not even a blackberry. Why do you always that don't read it? Yeah yeah I wonder if there is ever going to be a time where that is possible, where, like these pedophile rings, yeah, where they can figure widow snuff all that out on us harder now than ever before. I'm a match its very tough and it's tough. They think, because so few people want to believe that is a problem in the way that it is right, because these good people in the world it dont, think these things are issues. So I think there is the political will isn't there, because people don't aren't Really they don't understand that its you now and then the people that are doing these things are very
healthy, powerful people, they have a lot of control and they can kind of cover their tracks. If, though, all wealthy, all our poor pedophile you're not going to a ring, what are you doing you snatch? some kid. I know it's bad, but if you're rich pedophile to nicer experience. So you Though invocation verses me going on. You go on vacation, it's a nice, explore I go on vacation, you now It's fine sandals, not eve at no sign of rigour in the cabinet. Something of Florence with woods crazy about all this. When you talkin about like charming citizens have yet at which crazy is the catholic church. Yeah is still around and still there catching people left and right when its known for it there's no more. No, nothing is more synonymous with child molesting. The catholic church shut the number one thing you raise Catholic outwards cap. I was nevertheless it has raised Catholic you're lucky I was like, but my was
I'm lapse cat world fit. This half lik is fake its its stuff shells. It's a nice dinner. It's five fish. Once a year. It's no one cares. No one in the catholic church air right. If you turn around the guy Maxine, though, is this bullshit. They'll go shut out, Maisie, I'm a bit about a year. I dont understand suicide bombers. Gazelles raise catholic right and no one is in the catholic church believes in it that much we like nice Building, Southwick suicide bombers. Billy you go first, yes, you can I'll do it together, ready? I got eyes, Tillier yeah, it's nice architecture, is beautiful. It's great, it's nice The ceremonies are on. Haven't I going on in them. There's an inch, it's going around this? Is mystery of faith. Girl could suddenly bur about this recently about church has some good qualities in one of the things it has as it makes you feel. Like you know, it's like a committee, anything you sit down and you get a chance to assess yourself in your life and so to speak,
firm, your moral guide, ass in your moral compass and there's a vision to some positive things to a good church. That's how those rock and roll call de Super Hollywood. Churches get started because people say I want to church. I just don't want tradition. Church. I want some spiritual funds and failing it's not like a church one, grow up. I said to my dad: what are we going every cent anyone shut up? That was the because it was like we just got: don't we, don't you mom get mad, but people in Hollywood and people that would they do you know what the hip work they want to be drawn twit. They wanted to speak to them directly rock n Roll Museum who religions call my soul is in its outer slot horse shit. It's fine! It makes them feel good. My buddies assistant body, my who is assistant was gone when I watched her shoes, a nymphomaniac, yeah she's trying to stop fucking everybody,
startled circular discharge? What charges that stop? Fucking, you I'm sure it's just I forget, get spiritual she's like I'm gonna be celebrate, might whatever she was one of those guys. You just have a couple pops and then, after the races, listen, you live like yeah. You live once whose which was attractive she's having a good time. Yeah I'll, see the problem, but church did you go to swallow them Corrado noses decades What does want? I'm crazy rock n roll type churches are that's funny. You know the Catholic, Why are these interesting people join the catholic religion. Now all that's ridiculous, whose joining it now who's going to go and you know what I enjoy it, Who did you know Glenn back joined the Mormons as a grown man? Will that makes an forty step makes sense. He's a little off everyone and nine was gets hardly. Why is of course, to secure a huge benefit to another the who, Mitt Romney store. Now you don't know, I don't know
My cousin married a woman who they D excommunicated from the church when he was like seventy Mitt Romney family all moved Mexico. That's why me Romney's dad can every president spent Romney's dad was born in Mexico because when they pay the law making polygamy illegal in the United States. They are packed up their shit and went Mexico freely. Yes, because in the eighteen hundreds it didn't, fuckin matter, Viewer in Mexico or the United States was all samurai. Noiseless cares dozens. I fuck I could have nine wise over here, so they have these compounds. Vice did a whole series I'll they have compounds there were the foreign workers here, because the cartel was fucking, kidnapping them and shit interesting, submit Romney's dad was like you can't take nigh ass factor, the guys say still have a fuckin. They still have a compound down there in the specific in magazine, but as a dismissal inbox oh has a story on it: yeah yeah, Mitt, Romney, mexican history, yeah, the whole family,
from Mexico, amaze amazed at amaze. It's amazing things down to errors. I know they went down there because they couldn't do what they wanted to do. In the United States. There was polygamy in the. U s anymore, any now right legal interest wishes Solaris Levin had because this here's a thing you could have like nine girlfriends short, Lived together now could say shit but write it down. That is how you up and put you in jail. There was a shocker like sister wives or something it was about people that I think they were living in the eight, namely multiple wives, wasn't yeah by bullshit accounting. Polygamy, lit with Google it? Maybe it's like legal in Like Nebraska or some shit, sorry Nebraska. I liked it and brass Gala day just a place to go no what let live and let live and let live lives. Rask is like we're having a hard time keeping people here, so you just How can anyone you want merrier dog, Mary everything is polygamy, nationwide federally illegal? Yes, it is illegal, but I know what you're talking about where there is tv shows. People are still doing it so
Also, if you successfully infiltrated pedophile you two group that is waiting for me, so lazy, but it is. I see that as families lego fuck, it will just move to Mexico until you made a great points. The same thing you're on horseback then, is to Rio Grande yeah, because I think when they made it illegal in the eighteen hundreds of years as a polygamous community crumbles, sister, wives or forced from homes. This is the calibre Life is interesting, saw you get broke one line of communication on goodwill now to get wonder tat or nine lines. This is a lotta out. This is you don't think of nine shitty wives? Now you don't think of nine horrible wise, but the thing is you could have those wives just can't have legally like you that can't be legally your wife, but you could do like a whole like roots jump over the broom you did you could ever you want to make your own ceremony. Of course, you just can't register in the courthouse gas, which is hilarious to me, who the fuck
you tell someone that about a woman has five husbands? Can we do that? Yeah? You go girl, yeah power power for good for it. I'm for polygamy me too, When you come out here and on the show, five Cox and one woman gear who care sit around stroking the half hour, dick sweetener turn cry and perfect. That is imperfect, represented. Should have two thousand nineteen America who would vote that out here. They know the sick people, someone has a communist. We need more people, getting the view to pedophile called out that's and putting the polygamous in many priorities. I feel I give you want to marry a guy with eighteen, your friends who gives a shit yeah. I guess the problem is the divorce Isn't that your money for your sorry right, split, baiting ways, not gonna, get a lot right. Anyone with eighteen of anything unless you're like a sultan, you probably don't have a ton anyway message of pesos base. While I was yet he could marry a hundred chicks, give more billion cut it out
Yes, there are fifty left over what yeah he's doing good he's doing good, but that whole thing with him. There was an interesting thing. Yeah the pictures being late and it turns out the brother that leaked the pictures. I love the brother immediately. Issues are whether article because, unlike this is trumped, are not only to transfer this guy, who tried to leverage himself forever and he found out she was fuckin Jeff basis. Can you imagine the night he found that out there he found out? Where was he? What was he doing? He was is somewhere thinking this. Is it She's fucked a lot of people that are good now, she's fuck em. Now some cash and now it's time to think good. How do we do it? This is applauding guy. I wonder with enquire gave him once when you get for someone half a mill, those dick nor solid mill solid mail, you think they have restaurant wife, he's gonna, kill you, you think you will, if it doesn't I'll, be disappointed. Good point make it look
an accident. If you're fucking, you know what he's he's like Daddy WAR Box, yeah he's again he's the guy he's gonna hundreds, automated Enron, automated everything and Amazon. So yes, until like he's an alien, he looks like he's artificial intelligence. He say I guess he has that look ready. He super smart and play it real, slow, yet Helen slave, the world- and you know it- let em these from going to hire somebody to fuck up that guy's life slowly on three ready has Yale slow? Oh, yes, your new job, yeah you're new job is too slowly make that guy's Ardashir everything everything tat, tyres, everyday, Yeager type of the handsome in that's going out now flat tyres set up, but he's got a cheque for cameras. That's amazing! You have paid the base else's
Those are the new type like cause. I study lied about Rockefeller Carnegie, guys like data and those guys nobody's master forces. Those guys had Rockefeller like three hundred thirty six billion in today's dollars. Yeah carnegie at three hundred and seventy two Billy. I these were the first, how much they have in their time consequently- and in their time I don't know, but in in their millions what are those billions. But in our time it's about the it's the over three hundred million, both these with a bill generation of Bee baby bear this was the First generation of Robert Bat, like the first generation of entrepreneurs- You know the country was new. All these industries would just emerging in these guys took it over basis, tech is entirely satisfactory progress recently technically testing. We have now to that. Where you have these, you know masters the universe that are going to be mean those guys who became more goes like baling. The government at these guys had an insane amount of power. They re more interesting figures, houses. When I told you I was doing yards
God's lunch today with a bunch of very influential people, and one of them said. It's really ironic, that apple used to bethink different rights was the whole thing. Silicon Valley think different. Now it's dont think different right. Now our streamline everybody into one acceptable fact now is literally. You have to think the way everyone else's thinking rash to believe what everyone else believes. Even if it's ridiculous, I think, That is the one just make money and sell things amid a one. Any discord they just want to sell, make money sore, of but one none of this is, I don't think, cause they don't ban people after they do the things they ban a method as a public outcry. To me, they're, not they don't have any real values are values of tangible the values are influenced by public opinion and and where the media is the valley aren't like when somebody says something, let's ban on right now, this goes against. I think a lot of it is. If you will
until there's enough does kicked up. Then they will ban somebody right. That's true! So to me I can arguments with friends when they like their ideological online they haven't ideological bet, certainly but profit seeking enterprises that just want everyone to be happy. Was up to Twitter, every tweet would be some type of branded ad, and on top of that Now the ideology is skewing and leaning in that direction. Yams of like tat and sure there's money in the gallery and holding that line and those guys are the ones that are as powerful as Rockefeller and Carnegie in J P like all those guys they are the next you know, generation People who would dare amount of powers is unmatched anywhere in society. There they're getting their branching out more and more, like Amazon is now going to have an electric car turn. Sitting in that new. What's it called I've been rise in some new electric car company. That's that base
investing in their investing in space travel there. Investing in all these different, I mean he's, not gonna get poor no more rich. No here to take over everything I mean these. We, you cannot doubt you came up out of these systems. You have to be in to live a normal life. You have to be online Do you see how about that now? Someone tried to use just to go. Online, live their life without Google, Amazon good, like a few other things and apple, and they said couldn't do now are issued fears. Only one who can do it with a flip fund is barely Donna he's out of that using his fry messages. The eye messages me all our pretends, but I did I give them that employ impressively still has a flip for well. He He knows that he's an attic yeah. You know he knows and yes he's an honest man right in own is like fuck. This is just too much my life he's right. You began social media constantly in and also, if you are, you know your country,
partial like he is our people talking shit to him, that would hurt his feelings. Saint mean things to him, and social media got to the point where a monitor Dana, like I'm, not having it fun. It's really got to the point where what is this experience? Facebook is a night. There is elderly people screaming at each. This was a website, work, kids laid in college, This. Is elderly people screaming complaining to care for me operations? I'm just pull my guess all day. It's it's not you don't get a lot of bang for your back. I've dropped off radically over the last six months, the last six, months, have made a giant giant shift away. From my reading things imposing things and just like look at it, for a couple seconds then put it down being posted more engaged to fuckin busy, you know, and so one I'm trying to figure out ways to better optimized. My time that was one of the first one: stop raining common stock breeding posts. Don't just just me
endlessly shift through Instagram pictures. Looking for something that strikes me as interesting, I just stop doing that and then it made a big difference in my productivity yeah huge difference yeah cause. You know when I phoned real recently they sort of putting that thing in your phone. We see how much screen time you had. Oh, yes, crazy! You look at me like what five hours I now is. Forty six minutes just five hours of nothing you. What did I do I get a little out of it right. I go find new stories I talk about, but it's like finding I found that like finding the perfect blend seems to be letting the stories gets so big that they get to you anyway. Right now, I got them fringe stories like that, just a small ate it gets so big. You can ignore about a year and then you here and I love the day that the day when we will find that it was someone who is great today, I'll find out. He was full of shit. Yeah cause ever can make job right, but the treaties
or that everyone is posturing, thought outright. But then, when it came out that it was all push, it was all issues have fun and even though its you know, I'm not saying that people aren't getting attacked and things are bad, but this particular thing, if you can't make a joke about, this. What can you make a joke about? If you can't make it just about view right, someone shouldn't joke about this fuck, you fuck, you fuck, you absolutely absolute yeah. This is one of those things look ridiculous say hold in the subway. What the fuck knows he does I let him that he played MAC guilty in court now it yes, he did not tell me he pledged not guilty on everything right. He denied all charges, economical denied all charges Asian tigers online. I believe they have the check you wrote to them thirty five Hodge thirty five hundred cash? They wrote a Czech, don't use the other thing. I could get launched in five minutes for free. I could get
beat up so easily wisest guy splenic. Thirty five dollars will not only that. Why do you write a check? You have no friends, they just hate. It didn't think this, through even a little bit yeah dammit disappointing to cut funding its theirs nothing funnier right now! Well, I think this is what we need. You know. We need, to understand the outrage machine a little bit better yet and one of the best ways to see to see manufactured outrage absolutely ok. This is a hustle whether contenting was great because people like wishing death. Fifteen year old kids in saying the video comes out again: read some than people are like now for Dublin Dounia people that you can't deny what my I saw. What are you nuts and then I'm afraid, because I'm like tweeting things is supported. The kids about like one of the next video is just kids in clan outfits just standing around with with torches like Charlotte Film, and, unlike all the now, I look like an area you kid
I know what you tell him: you're, better off being an observer, Gatt salinity once again to the fray. You just you make little joke back yet, like a guy fi Eurostat staring back on our job in theirs every every day. Every hour. Another vantage point of thing was will know. Maybe they are guilty but I think it was like a why kid I thought they circle the native american guy respect. The drama, unlike fuck these can exert. That was that's not good. We see the first image and you know the first images, even crazier was put up by a troll account cry, Russians, looks like it was these rights even are all the problems russian, please. It came out of Brazil and then to access all suppliers, few shady social media posts feta viral firestorm, overcoming Catholic Ocean Y yeah yeah. These cut the they're doing this on purpose the they took that screen shot to try to get people angry and it worked, and then they Twitter found out
it was a bullshit account they ban the account so is very possible that account was some troll follow no out it's a troll farm y yeah so so aids work whipping manipulated now in a level that is like unbelievable, unbelievable, humble air and people of yours do that. To cut a shroud. I gotta get the fuck out of here. Let's do tell everybody how to get a hold of him to kill and on integrated Twitter die Ella when Timothy to deal in common that come we're doing to get right. Would you like it tomorrow? right my private, the improv, generative tension. Ugly attacks me on the way was shown for the news that a subway I hope like in black face. Thank you that logic on integration, Ladies and gentlemen,.
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