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2019-03-20 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. His new stand up special "Complicated Apes" is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other platforms.
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experience join my gay Joe Rogan podcast by night all day yes and relied Bryan Callen we are live on. The internet in Kashmir. Right now, everybody in Kashmir. How come you don't? Wear, watches I don't wear- I don't- I was thinking of saying- abandoning you could rob my house and there's nothing. You'd find a value like there's, not a fucking thing, still, your car, okay. I don't know how which you We wonder why you make money then yeah. Well, I was a lot of money right now. I definitely like not work for years. I yeah I have enough. I make money yeah, but at I never thought I was thinking about that too. I can I genuine they did some soul searching about this, because I watch home motivate which job is he so button down about his stuff, he's just always coming up with ideas and yeah. I don't think I ever gave to Fox for real about
or money, I and I still don't- have a very precarious relationship with that. What I love is coming up with new ideas and writing to stand up, and you know that, like now Davin down the album now I got to come up with a whole new bag of tricks that that's a really fun. Time, I'm probably more happy or never as happy as when I'm on the road at some face somewhere coming up solving problems coming up with new ideas and surprising myself, everything else you know and I like hanging with my boys and laughing and like having a nice house. Do you get any pleasure out of having a nice yeah? But, I could live, have lived in rudimentary places, and I have I don't notice yeah. I notice that when I first started making money you get every it's normal like this. Is your house wake up? It's normal. You know what doesn't change wouldn't always makes you feel good as a about to say that I can't believe you just said that a few is not underrated, no
of user views are very underrated. I think Can you say that you just said that you know well it's me breakers, while really yeah. He always lived in a place of the view yeah. When I interviewed him, he was on a very high floor in an apartment building in San Francisco. That's where he lives and you You look out from his apartment and you see the city and you see the bay and it's beautiful, yeah, it's expensive. Yes, he said views are very important to him. They are but I have another weird thing that like, if you put me in a french cafe, there's a I don't know if it's still around, but there was a I'm so french Z trip on sale and wish buffers in Kokomo this my accent yeah, that's fine SAM sandwich suggest for him. I said I speak. French fluently camel camel competition boo.
I want you so much. You know I mean I can you give me, give me six months and I'm in a you to hop right back and I think so, the dating pool and from what we hear Sherri she I'm what were you saying, you're about to say something about? You were in CAFE in France, CALL Shane parts which is this restaurant, where you're crammed in with a bunch of people and the walls and the wood in there you go to the comedy store like a comedy like a comedy club, that's been and since the 70s I dis herself yeah using these. The wood in this this is a weird thing, but the wood in these walls have. We have so much laughter and good enerji. I was just saying that the other day about the ice house- it's very special if they ever demolish that God forbid, I would buy that- would and put it up on my walls. Oh so you get to match stuff. Yes,
Yes, I, like things that last I like marble and and heavy, would like old, railroad tracks, reclaimed wood, yeah yeah like this table, yeah good, laugh, it was reclaimed wood. Could a man with a mustache handmade things like there's handmade. Craftsman like like, like if I had, if I wanted, so I would maybe go and have my shoes made in London. I'd have bespoke shoes bespoke yes, that when they use that I now I'd have the spoke shoes. The problem with jewelry watch is nice shoes and everything is. I have to maintain them, and I rather have I also think we have to maintain. Watch is just put him on that's right, but I have a weird another weird thing, which I think. If I have leather under my feet, I don't feel the secure and I don't feel like it- can run or fight. Oh
leather, soles. I need to finance a robber bro. I got it yeah. You should have some tread yeah. They can put some leather tread below the limit rubber tread rather blow whether you don't want to Scott leather bottom shows and those benches you sleeping on socks right, but it's good for pivoting. If you want to pivot, like you want to throw a wheel, kick it's really good? Yes, it's true. If you want to bear down, if I want it's got squashed, but when I throw my right knee squashed, but with my foot back foot now, because you want to push off, you want to have some something to push off yeah. I don't need that much. You really need it with a kick yeah. You know you're a spinning kick yes, So this is the kind of bullshit you and I still talk about. Fifty two hits It's never gonna end. Well, the fact that thing is that you know I am It's getting ready for home invasion or situations mark it might be. The problem is that they are just too many things to worry about. I could also, I also have to worry bout, fuqing ticks and things
I can't see like flesh eating bacteria in Mercer, worry bout. More than anything honestly, asteroidal impacts, Youtube, yep, really, yeah, because they can come and then wipe out civilization almost instantaneously. There was something I just We did yesterday the Graham Hancock put up. They found a new impact site at twelve thousand five hundred years ago that that Coincides at the end of the ice age that this is one of the things that he and Randall Carlson have been saying: ad nauseum, now, Brian or Robert Schoch, rather who's a professor at Boston University? Did you hear about the explosion on the meteor that exploit then I, like December December yeah this media that exploded in December had something like fifty times these at n power it in the atmosphere, one thousand and ten atomic bombs. Ten times the power of the atomic bomb that exploded in Hiroshima, wow, yeah and explode in our atmosphere.
But now there's this impact that they think happened in well. There's two concepts: Robert Doc thinks that coincided these impact might have coincided with. He believes there is a great deal of EVA for a mass coronal ejection, that there was some sort of a solar flare man? passive solar storm. That happened, which can periodically happen every few thousand every few hundred years, something happen, and when that does happen, it just wipes out everything and he said there was thunderstorms. So there's there's it's it thunderstorms or lightning storms that were like, like the hail that was coming outside, that we filmed today, but that but like lightning put that back up, please Jesus so This is the impact created that they found in Greenland three thirty miles, and yes, the old thirty one one kilometers across which is not fifteen miles
yeah somewhere around fifteen miles in insanely huge. But do you think, as you think about your impending doom it's going happen right. I just worry about the civilization we're so dependent upon a lecture. Ricetti and any small catastrophe. Oh this is they have an impact video of where it hit wow wow So it's all all this. This hit like where there is glaciers right now with his massive impact. They got hit men. The the people that live to twelve thousand five hundred years ago, got hit that there's more than one crater two. By the way. This is one of the many craters that they found during the time period of twelve thousand five hundred BC or twelve thousand five hundred
or rather to ten thousand years ago, in that time period that two thousand year time period. They think there was multiple impacts on the earth. Why? I guess it just wasn't our time now. We're lucky we have just been through a really lucky stage, but what he's saying essentially is that this is what wiped out the egyptian civilization, the first egyptian civilization. This is what wiped out the civilization that built Beckley tabby. This is what wiped out the civilization that priests You did SU in the ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia that all those were a rebuild of. I can't wait for him to come back on again he's coming back on again, Graham Hank Mark is coming back on again. I think I listen to him debate that other guy that you had on the podcast. It was great yeah, wolves, Michael Shermer was actually a friend of mine who I like, but he's
he's a skeptic and there's an issue with skeptics that the issue is not that it's not good to be sceptical, it's very good to be skeptical. The problem is when you approach things as a skeptic you're, not approaching them as a sign test and I'm not saying that Michael does this, but that I think he did in that debate. I think it was a mistake: people they approach. These things. Looking to debunk them rather than objectively assessing all the possible evidence right and so because of you miss out on big thing like this is evidence. This is not like bigfoot tracks or some shit like that. This is fucking real, evidence of a crater that they have dated back to twelve thousand five hundred years ago yeah. But people have a hard time, believing in doomsday scenarios, because it kind of like you know when you talk about taking the entire chess board and throw it in the air, and you have ever for it. Look at global warming and stuff. Like that sure there is a. I really believe that people have if, whether it's late or not
a religious notion that we are ultimately sacred and that God would never do something that terrible to us on MOSS. I really I really believe that, like humanity itself to go away, no, because that would make no sense. We're moving in a certain direction. We're making progress there. This is sort of neural net. It's becoming easier to understand what it is each other. You know and that's kind of what which will reality and being able to download other peoples. Brains will eventually do that probably brings us into one. I guess universe, consciousness me you can go on and on so the idea that would be all but obliterated before it happens before the singularity, for example, happens, is too much to bear.
It would make no sense for us, because we have this narrative that we all kind of adhere to it's very easy to do that. Well, it's a little psychological sort. Sort of I want to say, I want to say a trick that we play on ourselves, but it's really defense mechanism. It's a little trick that we try to pretend that were important God just look up at the sky and meet the, although you can't see it, there are stars that are being swallowed up by black holes, like of the universe, doesn't give a about something: that's a million times bigger than the earth. Why would you think it gives a funk about you, eating star. That's a terrible question. Most people parable insulting question the problem. You know, that's kind of what is Albert Camu, the french existentialist and sort and all those guys,
they they were sand like come. Who said that? The final question is: why wouldn't you, why not just commit suicide, because everything is totally absurd and nothing means anything right like the rock of Sisyphus, that you keep pushing up and keep scrolling down, and then he said, but but the truth is, most people don't want to kill themselves, but they'll commit philosophical suicide. Meaning instead like really starting to ask these questions and really getting into it and realizing that it's all hopeless and despair. You know you just you just glom onto a certain philosophy that gives you hope, religion or whatever it might be, which is what it is and be the way out of that is just to enjoy every day taste your food enjoy your friends and realize that it could end in any in any size You know one another thing, that's fucked with me the concept of reincarnation, not the concept of reincarnation carnation. Coming back as a butterfly or something like that,
the concept of living, your life over and over and over again until you get it right Jesus now, here's what Fox with Maine! I am having a great time. So why wouldn't I want to do again yeah, I'm having a great time. I have great friends like you and Youngjae over there aaron- and I have I love my fam We, I love what I do for a living. I love our circle of friends is amazing we are for sure some of the luckiest man, I've ever met in my life. There's no doubt there's. No doubt we have fun dude. I was thinking about all the mistakes I've made, but then I went wait a minute, but I'm here and fifty two, I'm here I've made a load missed as we are. We are, but we're also risk takers. Yeah, I mean we're professional performers. We wanted to a job that has zero job security head, for First, no safety net, dove right in you know
We we make mistakes. Women make mistakes with our our job probably make mistakes with our personal life and make mistakes with this just know. You're just going to avoid and no way because because I don't have a dress rehearsal, I'ma presented with these I'm presented with the scenario I have to make a choice in real time: make a mistake. And once I realized that and stop beating myself up about it and realize that I've always done the best. I can but here's where here's, what you can do be brutally Honest and assess yourself and see you're, falling short and then just change your approach. So that's kind of what I do when I saw acting when I saw what just being an actor was- and I how precarious it was, and I saw where the business was moving with that like new media and stuff- and I was like this- doesn't make- I would then I watched you do in your podcast and you would say start apart So guess what I started. A podcast didn't go out certain of the Pakistani, money then started third podcast with Brendan Schaub and blah blah blah. But you know it's same thing with stand up
just keep doing it yeah. You keep following the models that work, because I was doing the wrong thing over here and next thing. You know you know you got to grind, that's where a lot of comics up like they they do it like one so we can. Then they take a few weeks off and then come back and do it again and then like. How do you do all the time. A my because I know how to grind them a grinder. It's not just cried like for me. The idea is original self expression. I'm interested in trying to take the way. I think so scare me and they make me angry and I don't know how to how to react. But you know instead of fretting about it. I create you know. Mikeladze are my favorite quote criticized by creating great crow, he said. That's beautiful yeah. He said that he said criticize by creating. I always think about that, because that's kind of what I look at my
body of work in the progression of my specials, for example, like man class little too, you know just about being funny in a silly goose, then never grow up a little more personal, but my dad. But then this last one- complicated apes with my kids right now, it's out right now, my God is this: number one Itunes Comedy album right now, ranking the worldly it's crushing and where you're going it's number one in the world where you can rent by, I guess complicated apes is doing very well. If you want to get in laugh hard and learn, listen. This is not one. This is not about promoting my special, like we should fully ship a little bit. Alright fine get complicated apes. Let's just get out right now right. I guess it's out right now I don't itunes or anywhere your rent by electoral tv. You could just watch it on your tv on Xbox or playstation. You can listen now you can get on Amazon. I don't stop any platform, although You know. Amazon is really getting into the special games there doing Alonzo Boden Special he's going to be coming on soon. I love Alonso
doing good man yeah he's a very smart guy, good dude. They're doing Jim Gaffigan Special he's alcohol areas and I'm I I think, you're talking to a bunch of other people but doing specials as well. They decided to I love that there are all these are people love it and we're in the renaissance were stamps can make real money it used to not be that way. You have clubs. Now you got There is no. You got a whole network now the that the internet and everything else in your what's beautiful about the road. Now, as I have to do, that, local press, that's so good, come see me and can't city. This Friday Saturday would call doing the in Kansas City. I love Kansas City Kansas City's like it alot it's fucking funny! Oh yeah! I did outdoor theater there this summer yeah, it's fucking great! now in Santino, really fucking amazing man really an outdoor theater, yeah, really fun. That's pretty bad yeah, yeah
cities it's one of those places. People forget Saint Louis, that's also they should go yeah, it's a fun place, but to me it's terrible town. Now: here's how how dare you first of all, barbecue, no saint Louis. I have a problem with that canceling, fantastic book kind of problems. You know I just thought was very ugly city, maybe generals, maybe reading your. The pretty spice. Let's go over like Google Earth, you drive all over the whole pocket city. I Trevor how about Cleveland. This is where we draw the line I like clean. I think in love, clearly tell you why I like leave and it's a beautiful city. I mean talk about architectures like Pittsburgh's and some great culinary said like Pittsburgh. Yes, that's true, that's totally true oil, but then some of the iron. That was, I think that was where some of the richest people in the world where at one point last time I was in Pitts Burg. Well, first time rather, I said well, not even the first time one at times I was in Pittsburgh. I was there for a furry convention I was there for the UFC and
yes was in Pittsburgh. At the same time, a furry convention was on. That's I found out about furries. I thought I had a nice long conversation with the dudes who work behind the desk at the hotel. There tell me the furries were asking for their food in ball. Tools, so they could eat off the ground. No yeah there were all furries except us like a fuxking went with me. I forget who opened for me. It might have been dunking, but the asking for a litter box, so they could ship in Poris in a box. I want to do that now. I don't know I don't, but I would How are you going to wipe? How do you get well it's like grown men who want to be a they want to wear diapers and have somebody spank them and change them, and well, here's what's interesting and there's a lot of people that think that look I'm one hundred percent in support of people being trans. Don't get me wrong if you want I'm going to support I'm supporting you being whenever you want to be I'm a person who believes in free will or
your ability to freely express yourself. I should say, but if you work for a corporation, you work for tech corporation, especially specially particularly Aggressive tech corporation. You run into some real problems and I was talking to a guy who was telling me the you, don't know the half of it that we're dealing with a guy who identifies as an animal and that he he believe That he's kin, like he's a fox can or a dog can or something like that, and he wants a litter box in his office. This guy wants to be able to shaft in his, looking office into a box. Now I appreciate that Now I want to say this about him and I'm not a psychiatrist, and I have no right to really diagnose but he's Falcon crazy yeah. He is crazy, but here's the thing like you're letting people be crazy. Correct when you're letting a six foot, four man compete in women's weightlifting, because he's
It is a woman now and now she winning he's wearing makeup and it looks like a gorilla stage, lifting his arms up; yay diversity, your stealing from women, stealing your stealing cheating, you're, cheating, you're fucking, one hundred percent cheating, everybody says or not: you're an asshole, you're, nice so, but you know this is about human ness and when someone's feelings, how they if I had a moment, which of course are so transitory right, I mean I'm the whole my fucking not to bring it back, but the whole idea of com what is your new specialist and it's available basically everywhere right, Amazon get it on Itunes. You read We will have it does. Oh, my god, this this command, wherever the fuck look under your foot. Look in your sock drawer! There's my special socket senior software, but but I do think that you know we are complicated like
we're bipolar, rapes, sinners and saints everything between them out of that. So so we it your feelings, yeah, how you feel some of your castle one of the times I feel like a saint and everything in between you know. It's very difficult to you know say it with this is your and now, which means your. This is opposed to sort of a verb which is I'm always changing, and that that to me is the problem with when you identify when you, when you emotionally identify with something well for now. You do for now that that's what's important to you, but I can't I can't Taylor my life and my entire corporation. This is what the part of the problem- and this is what you just hit on yeah. Problems. These people want to be special for no reason at all correct and so to be special for no reason. One of the best ways to do a Bruce Jenner did you become Kaitlyn Jenner, and then he special that guy was a fucking loser, even though he was a gigantic super. Or in the Olympics forty years ago, but from then
on they shat on that guy, every fucking show that's right. They should on him he was the buffoon of that show and then all the sudden he becomes a woman ever is like you're amazing and will never go home. Another year old woman for six months. All the women that do things like Christina Dad know came up with Crystal Crisper cast nine and all those windows this the guy. Ok, this is hilarious. This is a dude who's. A kamikaze comic reader APP is a rapper and he's fucking jacked. So he decided to identify as a woman who had meetings. So he destroys the british women's dead, lift record without even trying wow PS identified as a woman, whilst lifting weights don't be a bigot. I love this month, so jacked. Imagine that so ' see biological men don't have any physical strength. Events over women in two thousand nineteen, anybody, says that is a fool assets, which is one reason why it yeah good for him. What's his name: zero, zero b? What is sick?
to be? Is it is center stage name Charles Zewe, being Oxford graduate. This does not mean you're, a Rhodes scholar, Sue BEA! Congratulations to you, sir! I'm following you right now, I'm gonna go right to my God: Damn Twitter for all the denture free. Thank you, Sir, for you. God bless. You looks like this is silliness folks, it is the problem with a lot of these progressives. Is that they're really nice people? That's what it is to pause me and now I follow him to nice people. As long as you agree with that. Yes, exactly you, don't they try to d platform, you I got listed TIM Pool, sent me this thing next to Richard Speck, sir, on, as being a far far right, influencer right influence, far right was, if they call me far right, it's amazing, I am left, liars yeah, now I'm fucking left wing. Who did that diagnosis, socialist yeah I couldn't see,
the universal basic income of really good idea. I want free college education kitties. I would like to spend more in taxes if they could fix inner city communities and take these poor neighborhoods will follow him, spend more you fucking, project, the more money you spent. It doesn't have the problems problems, the surprising you sound bad, feel it coming out of your pores, you socialist, why don't you leave one point? Six percent african so watch your fucking mouth dude, no one here so is so a compassionate compassion is everything, but I think these people are too compassionate. This is what the problem is like U identifies a wood, elf, cool cool you're, an elf I don't know. I You know week, whatever your feelings and here's the thing they're terrified of someone coming after them, so they try to uh or preposterous. The better like they are having a real hard time now. With this woman, the congressman you know, who said a bunch of anti semitic share. Who, but mostly anti israeli ship. Anti semitic. As you said,
sing bad about Jews in general, for myself to israeli stuff, which I think you can make a distinction. I think we should be able to. I think you should be able to make an intelligent argument that there is a difference between being not anti israeli but having problems with their policies and Jews right. There are a lot of issues that are critical of Israel as one person yeah. So it's you know times to stop a silence, you and stop the are yeah. I don't I'm not familiar what she said exactly, but I'm not either yeah but it. But it's the yeah, but Gore will be saying about about the problem. They don't know what to do with their they're stuck in this weird spot, because they don't like here's. A perfect example why was it was it was somewhere in Europe where these this group, was shouting down this lbgt demonstration and like every
It's like! Oh, well, Jesus! What do we do here? We have two protected classes going to war with each other, and one of 'em is shouting down the other one saying that homosexuality is forbidden by God, but then we're supposed to be protective of lbgt people were supposed to be open, find it in progressive and allowing them. But then you have these people who are saying that it's their religion, that they think that this is This is wrong and this is also a protected class. You don't want to be islamophobic. So what does everyone do where everyone stands? back, and this is one of the weird moments where people are standing back, while Lbgt Borg absolutely crucified in the streets yelled at bullhorns told her being their sinners and a blasphemer that actually is part of free speech right. So so it's part of being able to organize and expressed yourself, organizing petition your government, that's constitution as long as you don't incite someone to violence.
As long as you don't say, hey you guys go, kill those gay people over there bro I'm not talking about constitutionally. I mean it's too silly. I I agree it is free speech. But what I'm saying is that there's no outrage, there's no commensurate outrage like there would be a sailor. White nationalists were screaming at these people. So So here's my issue with the far left or the left, or even ever We get the right for a second. I have my own issues with that, but my with the progressive argument. I always notice that the narrative is very binary than air There's always so. For example, racism is the argument right, so we need to get rid of racism. I happen to think we could is identical as penguins and we'd still find reasons to break into us versus them, but we do have an ideological. But, of course we did
look at the Middle EAST. If racism of the was the room with the ultimate problem, then you, the Middle EAST, would be fairly, would be a fine tuning in Shia yeah, the evil in the year, but I mean I could go on with what they're doing the db all kinds of the, so people are looking that dank at and the new of the sedan sworn enemies. They look exactly the same, so he would be we need to have different colored skin? I couldn't agree more yeah, so we are tribal and it's under break into these us versus them. I I think the biggest problem is kind of deciding that, first of all the internet made it very possible for you to purify your echo chamber. Yeah, that's a big problem. And and then you surround yourself with people who think can and see the world exactly like yourself, and I think we get smarter. When we listen to the other side of me. If you don't agree with them, because your ideas aren't working and their ideas are working but put your ideas together, and maybe somebody gets pregnant with a new idea yeah. The the ideas that there's
Some way that you could stop all vision between human beings. As long as people allowed to express themselves, they live unique and individual lives. That's never going to happen now, you're going to have people that come from different parts of the world where different things are more important, you're going to have people that from different economic situations. It's going to be different, I mean when, when say that I'm almost a socialist. What I mean is like look there's certain things. We just accept that we need like here's one, you need need a well funded fire department, who's, who's everybody would pull all our money into that right, we agree with that. We agree. There's well funded public education, you have to that right. Well, we barely do that right now, but we do have that and teachers getting be left and right there getting minimal pay children, are going to school in hazardous conditions, but it's e through some money being put police officers. We gray street fixing the streets. We We agree on a lot of things, but then it gets
certain things will go, ok! Well, that's where we draw the line. Why do we draw the line there? draw the line with when it comes to a community of people's like fixing fixing communities yeah. What do we mean infrastructure like blue chip? But why don't? Why don't? Why don't we have like it when we will, if we really a team of the ice is really Why don't we look at it as a team in terms of equal allocation of resources to solve conflicts and problems, including crime? We don't yeah but other times the problem is isolating the source of the problem, so people agree on what the actual problem is. I can give you examples. I mean and when we talk about illegal immigration and what they actually do about it, people are all over the board with it and they'll challenge your solution in court and there's all kinds of stillness, which probably is a good thing. So things don't get too. They don't swing too far in Iraq's are universal basic income. Universal health care, gun control.
These are actually fairly complicated issues. You know I don't spree shooters, you know, but when you get down to it an you here, people are really educated on the subject of guns. They can get you stop an argument if you start talking about gun control, because you realize this is a complicated issue and maybe it's a mental health issue. Maybe it's a thousand is certainly about the hope. There's a lot of issues with it, but the do you the ability that someone has to do what is it we should only one guy more than one person, got arrested in New Zealand Correct now. I think it's just one guy yeah more than they got arrested, but only one shoe Far? As I know so, the others are planning. It is on there, maybe yeah. Now I think he was to yeah, but my my I think that point is that you have to be ill. There's, no other way. You have to be mentally ill. In order to do that now I want you to think about the fact. There's more guns there are people so in this country alone, there's three hundred plus
one million people there's more than three hundred million guns. Relatively speaking, the number of mass shootings is incredibly small in comparison to the amount of guns and the amount of sick people and how many people are sick, who don't become mass shooting right. It's a big number. Yes, it's very true. Those are things in a lot of the gun. Violence That'll have talks about a lot of those a suicide note, a lot of it yeah. A lot of that is two sides. A lot of it is cop shooting bad guys, a lot of his people defending themselves and then after you have gang violence, but so so, but said the problem is that when people argue they make these things very simplistic, yeah and they're. Not you know each. Even the even the identity politics I mean you know straight white males are essentially the enemy, so the idea would be if we take straight white males out of the equation, because this is all power right. It's all talking to humans. There's! No! But but I know I'm but this tyrannical hierarchy itself, as if you took white males and took all of them out of the equation as if they
wouldn't be a new hierarchy. Yeah, that's walking, nude This is the way it happens. People when you try to make things really equal in a communist society. The people closest the government making decisions. They become the new elite, so you're not going to fucking avoid that ship There's no equality of effort. The problem with the Koala with income inequality like people want success to. They think that, if you're more successful than it's because of some sort of a cheat you've rigged the system or cheated somehow or another, but that's not true- some people work harder. They just they just do. Of course, some people become obsessed with success and some people, my uncle my uncle Vinny
doesn't give a fuck. You know what my uncle Vinny does. He makes art rez sells it. Yeah he's always been that way. It used to be a photographer, and now he makes he sent me some driftwood that he painted, while he painted signs for my daughters, made out of driftwood, he's silly like that he's so eccentric, but he's never given a fuck about it, drove Ex wife, crazy, just makes beautiful things for he's an artist he's like a legitimate, artistry bricks. That way, Jimmy Burke is truly not ambitious. He is, he is only interested in feeding his brain. He looked like he listen COS Stephen West by cats for lost by this, which is my love that that's my new, my talking that guy back and lower somebody get a month yeah. I got to get him on. I love I'll he's twenty nine and he's got such a command of philosophy, but he makes it so accessible, yeah, like Jimmy, will start his day with philosophize. This just listen to get nugget and then he goes and works out and placed tennis and just
he's a national treasure because he only lives to educate himself and make the world a better place. He just makes people feel good about themselves, he's trying to enjoy life. But do you think you would want to do it over and over and over again the exact same life? I do he's he's the happiest he's the closest thing to a monk. I was just with him. I flew him down to Florida. Just had my podcast folks, you want to watch a disastrous, podcast cake. We got him way too. High got him like three or four hits deep and he doesn't smoke weed he hadn't eaten yet, and he was first. I don't think if eating helps when you're smoking it wrong. Does he was already low blood sugar. Any hadn't slept we barbecue that dude we threw him into, Traeger grill said he was two hundred and twenty five or six hours used for getting stories in the middle of the first sentence. Amazing yeah we've talked him up, which is too bad because he tells him stores. Now the world will forever know him as the guy who couldn't keep it together. I remember when he they had tuberculosis. I called Jimmy Burke causes and yet to Berkeley. We sure did. Are you
but I think he got it from his grand father when he was three years old and it laid dormant and they couldn't find it 'cause. It was on the outside of his long ho. So I'm with him in the hospital I've never seen it like this, I'm with him in the hospital, and he had they thought he had two things: one: the disease that killed Bernie MAC Or two losses killed: Bernie MAC. He had a disease that firemen get from nine hundred and eleven we are lungs, basically turned to sand. I mean you know it's awful, so Bernie MAC died of that. So said, you have either a fatal disease, which is that lung disease, or you have lung cancer. Ok now this was what he was looking at. And I remember he was just talking to me like this. Do do do do do and joking around I have no dude yeah and I went Bubba I go. You have been given like they are looking at you, either being.
You know you're dead or dead. I don't understand how you're not even missing a beat and he goes dude come on. I've made peace with my death along time ago. I live every day. As it comes and he and he was getting ready for them to come out and tell him what it was and the doctors. You know you can't help, but to love him, so he was there for three weeks and the doctors finally found that he had tuberculosis. Now at this point, all the doctors fell in love with them all of them. They come in and listen to stories. So the doctor came running and goes we found out what you have. You have tuberculosis and it turns out great. No, we can cure that. This is fucking great. We can care that so nine months of antibiotics, nine anyway color blind from the album antibiotics. What happened? He is so he's colorblind. Now, that's the antibiotics did, but hey he's one hundred percent. But I remember I've never seen anybody faced his own death and be that just monk like about it he's have a good diet yeah. Now
when he was on the antibiotics they give him probiotics as well. He does probiotics, he brought his body right back, I mean he's just a beast: he's never stopped working out. He's never stopped eating really well do they know what he caused. His antibiotic reaction that made him color blind. That is a side effect. When you take nine months of a very strong cocktail of antibiotics yeah in that year, that, though, nine months later, yeah and there's no way cures it on its own. Well, it back. In the day you had consumption and almost you died. Eventually Some people would go up into the mountains and it would it would tuberculosis go into remission and not come out again when you go to the mountain. The it will go to the mountains and breathe fresh air, and sometimes you could
going to remission with anthem. I, with to reckless meticulous, is almost always a death sentence in long day's journey into night. The great play band Nobel Prize Winner, Eugene O'Neill's brother, had it and he knew his brother was going to die and he just watched his brother do it was it like it was like having aids or something you would call off, you'd spit up blood in it. You know, I think, show pad the great cattle player died of it. What would people talk about? You know when they're anti vaccine or their anti antibiotics or Western Madison just read. Forget every other science. Don't worry about big pharma. Just pick up a history book or a piece of literature, anything that's written before one thousand nine hundred and fifty which most people don't one thousand nine hundred and sixty any class big buck and the one of the central themes is, is the fact that people, especially, children died Lincoln LOS what three of his children, thirty two fever quote- unquote, usually probably diphtheria or something that came rolling through smallpox, was a fuc.
In it was the biggest killer forever spanish flu of nineteen eighteen people live. Twenty million twenty million billions of people yeah. So, if you just don't forget, forget me just take a history book or pick up a piece of literature, it was unavoidable. Yeah, it's good! It's very! Can dispatch flu apparently was a really weird one, because it it actively attack. People with really good immuno young people, young people, damn better than it killed older people for some strange reason, and that was. That was a fact of life. You usually buried your children throughout history. You had to bury your children, that's a that's an unequivocal fact: we don't live in that world anymore. We don't worry about those diseases like tetanus and dip. Therea things that would roll through and just kill people are getting it now. People are getting tetanus again, since some kid got tetanus and I saw people arguing that one of the dumbest fucking things I ever saw my life, someone saying: there's a simple cure to tetanus, just expose it to open air or
Is that aside, this was a guy who has his degree. What these guys never have a degree, is a Kim trail believer, but what what? What? What is it that all these guys you make a noise, don't have degrees, because they want to believe that there's some sort of some of an organized clan of people. The trying to keep your health down. I work support. Big pharma are looking they're they're, the real facts of diseases like smallpox and like polio, like all these horrific diseases that people in our grandparents generation had to deal with, is it they were cured by Madison yeah yep is made. Is modern farmer greedy? Look no further than the Arctic Oxycontin crisis for the op crisis? We were facing this country, yes, big, pharma I've done check is like anything else where it's a corporation that wants to have universal growth. They want to have constant, never ending growth and they want to keep making money in the way to do that as prescribed, more people, poisoned Ben call
bakery ever had most podcast. He wrote a book called bad farmer, but he's a doctor who takes a very he said there is evil, but you have to know what kind of evil don't just throw the whole big Zach you have Merca, you need big Pharma suck yeah. You have staff just talk to anybody, who's ever received or anything to Dkim, Wayne's son had staff and he called me. I was like how bad is staff and my Jesus Christ, Please tell me such a son got at the gym. I might get into the dark Brown mediate Lee now my wife's friend went into a coma she She started having seizures because of and uncheck staph infection. She got at the gym. Seizures. I'm at sushi with Frank Grillo are buddy and he boxes. Every day, and I see his arm and he's got a long, sleeve shirt and his arms bleeding and I go. What's going on, I got cut. I was at the gym and he's always on that dirty matter. Whatever in a literally seven hours his
he had a sack hanging off his elbow doctor. Goes. You gotta, get almost lost his arm had to get shots an inbox for a whole week I mean it moves quickly. It's very you would lose your arm. Yeah hi, I told I tell you the arch of story mean, are playing pool and he's limping? I'm like. What's going on with your leg, because I think a spider bite I see your leg. Poses like a good dude. Listen to me, you're, going to the doctor right on unscrew, my myq he's, like you see, recycle were quitting right now and I'm taking the fucking hospital. I go, you gotta go. The hospital. Now he goes now I go. You have a staph infection, it's bad and you could tell funk when I look like as it like uh gets it on his knee. I go. Stats are spider bite Bro and he was he was doing Jujitsu 'cause of Maine. I bought him a year. Part of the year. Membership for averages for a but yeah man. It was fucking nasty and he would have just walked around with it, and then it would have gotten really bad. He probably would've got systemic and died.
My bad happens to people my Buddy Ryan, who is a health Gracie black belt. They had to cut out, they had to cut up an inch off of his shin. Because the screws so every time he beyond that box here and a half in and out of the hospital, took him two years to recover with robotics every year and a half, because the screws every time they put the screws back in they grew Crews had the virus what's around here, so he had to have when they took out the they took out the bone and they had to put a plate there. They Would you screw so for whatever reason, the screws that were in the metal, but somehow they were infected, they kept inspecting the bone and they had to grow. They had some graft bone back on is the crazy she's at that was rice. It's no joke man, hello and happy. What's that something like that happens, though, how happy you you, when your heels yeah. I had a cold recently just a little cold, not that bad, but I was running ragged just too many trips and too busy
getting up early and going to bed late and I just really tired and sick, and then I couldn't work out for like four five days, and I remember thinking myself, you got to remember this you gotta remember this shity feeling when you can't actions as I'm green and spit in the sink just to look at it. I now do you do that you blow your nose in the same course. I do that. I go yeah yeah. I want to see it. Yes, it looks like his big, both Smurfs yeah. She big green globules, all over the fucking sink. But I just remember thinking like you got to be smarter, stupid. Be smarter by most of the time. I am most. The time but sometimes I just gotta hit that gas. I got nothing in the tank, but I gotta fucking. Keep that accelerated. Pressed! That's why? I don't talk about my sleep anymore. I read that book. Why we sleep Matthew, Walker, he's amazing. I just I don't fuck around my sleeping and should not you should not. Sleep is critical
It's you know what is amazing for sleep man. You know we should get in your place, get yourself a sauna, really really oh yeah he do twenty minutes our silence for clowns, wear of rubber nose me! Do it yeah? hey man, I just cold showers after yoga, Umara, rubber nose, man, he's a fucking clown, clown, shop, shock, proteins yeah, because I'm get really call each of ice bath will do that I'll do an ice bath. Have you done cryo yeah, then corral of using the real one. When you head goes in I need the one where the neck below on it? Has the bulshit one really yeah real ones only made by cryo health care. They they have one in New York or one center in New York. They have one in the la they have one here: want to woodland hills, come sit in ice bath for twenty minutes and talk to me um.
Then you go numb, it sucks, I'm sure, but so does two hundred and fifty degrees below zero. If you're not done, I spent three minutes. Yeah come on Bro, it sucks. Alright bro! I get it you where I fucking. Do you wear a I said, knows I double burned and sending us song hosting an say: awesome, yeah, it's not good! There's, probably some real benefits to ice bath, the benefit of cryo over ice bags. You can workout right afterwards. I spouse. They recommend you not work out there, like you just chill out for awhile it's great after work now, but for muscle, strength and development? It's actually not good to do it right after training, you actually should wait quite a while, like maybe a our two, so when you been had skin, all these conversations with cutting edge science. It's exercise, people the five things that you do everyday like that that without fail, what are they in terms of for your health? First of all, I supplement
I think you believe in self. I believe absolutely wholeheartedly in supplement like window. What kind tom I athletic greens, it's it's a sponsor, they have it's a great whole food supplement, I'm doing a bad form right now. One one serving as twelve one scoop has twelve servings of fruits and vegetables in terms of I have an option to get very healthy. It's good just for like a back up plan like I take these little packs would be on the road, I take a lot of the on it ship. I take up, easily from playing I shroom tack. You know we we have some awesome whole food supplements as bunch great stuff. I take a lot of vitamins. I take vitamin d. I take vitamin b. I take a lot of fish oil lot of essential fatty acids I believe in all those things I cut way back on my sugar, I mean what play back to where
maybe once a week I'll have dessert yeah. I do that too yeah, I don't around men yeah I eat just intermittent fast. Yes, me to sixty, hours a day yeah I do that yeah, and that makes me feel that you know my psoriasis under percent gone. That's also part of it's also, and I wish I got to give a shout out to Dan Garner Dan go Eighty eight at Gmail. If you need his email he's so he's the guy who little terrible idea. No, no! It's fine! It's fine! I want to. I want to promote him because he only affecting people going to email. It pictures of dicks good, but not a lot of people have psoriasis. But let me tell you so Andy Galpin, who you know yes very well, so I talked to any golf and an afghan uhm who does who Aubrey put me in touch with he, the guy who coined the term. The gut biome should actually have money. She's really really smart guy he's a scientist who's leading scientists in got down there. Working with the Cleveland dermatology, I think with psoriasis, so how that got a
so anyway. Long story short and you gotta put me together than gardens like twelve degrees, but he said strength and nutrition. Coach. This mother, such a nerd with everything and this guy he I did gotten Alesis and all that stuff. This guy gives me a diet and- and system and opportunity opportunistic infections, in my gut, like bacteria that shouldn't be there he's, got me doing like oil oregano and fucking garlic, pills and stuff like but there's a whole reg, do for four months. Long story short, then there's a probiotic protocol that you I do all that my psoriasis just goes away. It's just it has not come back and it's been gone now something I have to manage, but when I say complete 'cause you saw my back member website. It's all gone and I had for nine months. It got bad. So let me talk to Kim Kardashian
get that chin over, so they say so. The overwhelming evidence in a lot of these on whom you diseases are, it's are somehow a gut issue. You know how Jordan Peterson cleaned his up. Yeah yeah corner were done yeah and they think the current car died might be from what I've heard on your podcast elsewhere. Is that I guess you you kind of give your guy bacteria a kind of a reset or or elimination, diet. Yeah you take away virtually everything except one thing: yeah your body adjusts and your body just somehow or another. It secures itself of a lot of ailments with an elimination diet well that's why that's why in a controversial yeah? That is why in an fasting in general, so beneficial but helps me, but these carnivore dies very fascinating because people it's whereby it man there's people that they look great their health is improved, have lost weight and gain muscle and their house. So that's the question. That is the question. You need some fiber I finally I think so I don't think you really do most people that are.
We can say they don't have any issues, some play shoes in the beginning of it, but me and people have been doing it for years, they've been doing their bit on the carnivore diet for you let Dr Shawn Baker he's been on it for years and he all he needs is fucking. Ribeyes, is he device and eggs, but aren't aren't the there are certain cultures that are one hundred percent carnivore, like, I think the side traditionally were a lot of the font to Belton Africa or wherever the Maasai would great. Oh yeah, I've seen him in person. I've been to Canada twice they look like a fessional athletes, beautiful people yeah, I mean the terms of the effect on their body. They don't look malnourished, rather A six foot? Six there's you know yeah, my friend, you know my friend lived with them for he's up triathlete and he lived with them for six weeks and he goes do you have been an athlete? My whole life, I'm not an athlete. I tried to run with those guys. I tried to do stuff with those guys
and he's like the way they can like traction it he goes, they could look at a blade of grass and the way it was spent or like a certain area and go whatever they the could ran through here or whatever the Fokker was they could they could. What kind of animal came through whoa and then they had throwing contest. There were throwing shit, not just spears, but they were throwing like this. Whatever it was, and he said I could I was so embarrassed. He was embarrassed. He was just such a bitch I have. I have no learn european bullshit jeans, his mother from Kenya. You know I was told that this is for sure. It's really interesting that the cradle of civilization, which is we're all human beings emanated from Africa, has the best jeans. They have the best athletic genes. When
comes to like physical performance? Look it up, there's no denying the B Africa stemming, like I tear and battery that for those the battle of Senegal bring up Senegal, bring up that that, what's that wrestling, they call a I know what you're talking about Brad Grillo an onsite world did at he went to Senegal. He goes dude six foot six, I mean they all look like like that's what the NFL is made up of that then that guy wrote the sports gene Richard Burns. I think sports illustrated writer, so the fastest people in Come from that part of the world to be out for caused that that's where it Jamaica, that's where that the slave trade have gone and and they they take came from that area, so you can actually isolate the jeans there. You go with that. Lambda wow. This is interesting, they're like pawn at each other and they are all giant. Why did because they Taunton they wrestle and they do great high level Greco ship watches his punching to know you'll say: watch this high level Greco ship. They throw
Sangleys wrestling in car championship, beautiful, it's Laloo to is the the title of the video yeah LA space, L U t t e single ease wrestling in the car yeah championship either working for position, but and- If you see some of these guys, you see what their bodies look like. It's so just so ridiculous, like like they live on fish and rice and Frank, went there it's so poor and they said you just see these were like well. If I had a body like that, I would never work clothes, so I don't understand what they're doing They're just getting coaching just getting position. Whoever gets thrown these guys are rockstars in Senegal. Ok, you need coaching now you'll see now they punch me tell you something: Cain Valasquez shoots: a powered up on this mother fockers around back in there, and so I'm going to ask you to know that's true, sir I've minutes
is that five minutes give still alive because waiting, Patty Crow? It's like sumo dues, Nonce Zach Lee. It's nonsense! Now: Shrimp, punching from the clinch this is fighting, but yes, it justice headband. You got always adjust your headband I'm Tom. What is what they do in time time? That's it that's the match! Now, maybe now I'm confused keep going we just got to be a better one. If you had the heavy weights and which are just ship, I figured maybe just sucks and you really into a bizarre foreign, sir, that's possible. I'm telling you I've seen some incredible lambs. This is a plant pathogen but you will respect Lambeau kissing other one Kickboxing world champion logo to the far right, one that one. Ok there here we go now, will see. What's up,
kick boxing world champion challenges sanguine these wrestlers. Who is this? Kick boxing world champions like a documentary, sir, I don't care once you will it's not like. There's like a fine, the fight how's it our longer. So I should also stuff going on here. Who is this? there out with them very, very kickboxing, well oral. His name Brian for Orlean Duarte, highly highly new Orleans, French, multiple kick box, being moitie in Shoto Karate champion? Okay, so it looks like he's learning from these folks. I don't think he's really challenging them. Okay, we'll see what happens in the we go, look at my man right there, instead of saying still what does it say instead of saying still, let's just let it go, let's see what happens here. Other wrestling, yeah
so there wrestling, but it's all, but I'm gonna see that dude back up a little. I wanna see that do the Kickboxing guy interact with them. There we go not doing. Ok, let's see pros, Ok, they just teaching him how to throw other teaching him some technique. It's kind of cool that they do it on the beach, though that's smart, that's a duck, right. There took his back yeah, so they're awesome. They also wrestling technique. Wrestling No, do you can make the argument that wrestling? Would you say wrestling is probably the best thing you could ever do coming up if you want to get into mma like to have that base. Yes, I think wrestling is the most import sport, because you see guys like Camaro Guzman is perfect example who was just on the podcast he's another example of awesome african jeans, but here he's a he's, an excellent example of a guy who really didn't start
looking at all until like two thousand and nine, I mean they've been watching how your body moves forever. I mean he's been watching and fucking around, but it doesn't matter like the way he strikes now. You would think he's been doing it. His whole life and he's been only striking for ten years. I think wrestlers are just tougher- was saying that his knees are so fuckedup for some of his fights that he had to walk on grass 'cause, it hurt to walk on concrete, oh my god, yeah really yeah. His daughter makes fun of him 'cause. He goes down the stairs backwards, ha 'cause. He goes down There's? No! Yes! Yes, she thinks it's, Yes when I, when I see him like you, have some with Rashad Evans and he looked as big as a shot is big fella yeah, but here's the thing he couldn't be a nicer guy is great. He couldn't be nicer guy and when you hear him talk on the podcast he's like he's, so almost soft spoke in his ear
going. You know it's like it's weird that he's so good, but in the way he describes it when he gets inside the cage of switch gets flipped and he just becomes a different person. I felt like all day, expect to the great Tyron Woodley, but he his body looks a little different and he looked a little bit. I don't know he didn't look at He didn't look the way he normally does a some light on see it. I don't see it and I look for that. His body was sailing on a car you go to. I don't know about that man go to Tyrone Woodley versus Camara who's months. If you could get a the video of the of the two of them right about the fight, wait, wait shaking head so new, I don't know if we can so new just happened. So what's not online. Yet that's It's on line. Everything is online. You don't think it's online. How much my bet! So why do we cross right there, but we don't have to show it like people
yeah show us just show us people find it go going to have to go to pm! For now on folks all fights are on ESPN all paper views, ESPN plus you have to get a subscription for it. PM plus, if you want to get a paper. Yes, yes, strange yeah, that's word. Strange good works! You I love. You know like. I have certain favorite fighters, of course, Dallas Ronnie. I love Nick Diaz choice, another yeah, but I heard him as with all I love love, like just true fighter like animal and he's so good, so he's so fucking good and so smart, oh he's so, smart man clever changes it up. Those things like you can't see what he's doing it's subtle. He lives for fighting. To really does he's a fucking smart man. There are men and then there's horse. Handwraps must go
just shows another list for sure is on another level he's I think, he's such a contender. For I mean he just shoot, one hundred and less now cowboy and then two years out of the octagon. I don't know what he must have an injury takes time until knocked out Darren. Tell me knocked him the fuck out I mean the room. With that left hand a couple times early in the fight too, he was doing some sneaky. Shady was switching stances, he's switching. Dances and throwing that left hand it was from the right hand, switching stances through in the left hand- and I think he started read till pulling back like that. Just take any finite through that right and then boom with had left had caught him. With that left hand several times caught him in the first round. And then column in the second round. He's he's bad mother, Fucker man. He really is going on into I'm going to have mom with Joey Diaz mom said going to come up with you is get a little may also be able to get knocked down like that, my dear, and tell who hits like it, you know and
now come back and just regained his composure. Never first punch of the fight was the first punch that I and smiled yeah. It's alright with you see what he did. The first move, the fight he charges Tord still and tries to side. Kick him in the thigh and hit him in the dick like right away. First, shot right to the sack yeah. I love that guy love. I love watching him. Fight well, he's very crafty he's a real veteran. You know, I remember him knocking out Yves Edwards in Bodog fight. Dogfight do remember bo dogfight. Boat. Docking know Calvin Yrs is some super millionaire, Playboy character who he came up with this bow dogfight fight thing, and it was back when you used to be able gamble online right, you were able to gamble online. Now you can again, but you used to be able to gamble, line, a lot of businesses were sort of constructed around the premise that
online gambling was going to be legal, but through some bullshit finagle ing, the federal government put the kibosh on online gambling. They put the stop on this thriving business and a lot companies like there is professional pool organizations like the I p t that went under because they were counting on online gambling, but bulldog was counting on it too, because he had like this online gambling website well be because of the online gambling schitt he's like I want to say this: I don't want to be incorrect. 'cause Dana White was saying these are fugitive. He wasn't even allowed in the country, but that's not too far removed from the truth. I don't think he's allowed back in the United States. I think he has to live in, like you know, just for providing service people,
be part of well for being a part of online gambling when it was illegal. I think that's the issue now it's stupid, I mean people yeah, let people do what they well. I I think you should have it be cool if you could bet on five Tyrone Woodley versus tomorrow's dot is right as we get more money and everything we'll see what tyrant, whose mom looks jacked. Let's see what Thailand looks are going to give into the change da Da Da da da ti to me. He looked exactly the same. Let's see what happens, we takes his shirt off hurry. I'm sorry he's a beast yeah. I just don't think that was it. Man I mean you're, also dealing with tyrant, he's thirty Evan now he is also so in the middle of in a transitionary stage in terms of his career, so doesn't look quite as jacked yeah, but he's like based, I mean I'm pretty good. Good to me,
no he's not. I just seen him blood, I'm saying it's not like. I said I mean that's not good, looks pretty good hard to say great fighter. Man yeah he's thirty six. I think he's thirty. Seven now he's also he's got. A rap career now is like opening for Wiz Khalifa, yeah yeah. He does a bunch of for TMZ. Now you know, it's busy man good top of the fighting. He let him partly check it out of the fight. Yes, he has nothing to prove what he's one of those guys that can do. That, too, is a great talker. Yeah he's he's. He would be a great commentator if you decide to get in the commentary on a percent, but he wants a rematch. You know- and I don't think he's happy with his performance and I think he thinks he could on better. Just not just look like a bigger in a different weight class man. Well, Lou Simmons definitely taller, but I think even more importantly, Guzman's gas tank is just
It's well, that's crazy aunt and I feel, like Tyrone may have done a lot of cardio for that camp because he knew is gonna have to deal with that. So he looked. He looked a little thinner than a normal wells. Smudges pushes the pays and pushes the fat such a weapon. Some guys can do that. That's such a weapon, what he can do it five rounds, two men he doesn't get off the gas were he's pretty honest, he's funny man when he was talking about the fourth round 'cause in the fourth round he had tyrant hurt and he poured the gas on to just poured. The gas on had Tyron managed to survive and when Tyron managed to survive. He was thinking of something. Oh no. What have I done, but he recovered quick. You know yeah yeah. He does look a lot bigger though Skinny legs, though, in comparison in comparison also skinny legs, John John Zigzag Jon Jon Jones, you look at Jon Jones. Calf's only have you only,
so weird and someone said to you: Alright- is that guy an elite athlete like it, the fuck outta here that guys, an accountant exactly there's, no way that there are a lot of guys like that, where you just don't judge a book by its cover, you'll go to sleep, You have a John Jones is the well his upper body. Obviously it's pretty strong five. I mean that's a different thing, but he's got a fun phenomenal frame for combat sports. 'cause he's length, but he's also has muscle, I think that's the best frame. I I'm I personally witnessed that's not real. That's not real! That's photoshopped ounce, that's real! That's, for shop trust me. Those are, is Castello they're, not that small? Yes, they overs ankles to new fit into shoes. Those are his he's got. Very skinny has no gas, but the last one was that's ridiculous, but he said to so I get the one up. There is a perfect one more so in that case, right there. How do you can tell you look game plan for that terrible photo shot? They cut off the back of his leg. There we talk Well, I don't know, that's his leg. No look at that.
Is Lebron organic there's. Nothing so that for some of us are you can see the blur on the photo shop. Yeah is a blurred. Yes from a guy that does Photoshop every single day, yeah! That's for sure you do Photoshop every single day. What do you do an online? make a logo thought you doing, which it makes me photo and make me stronger, give Brian Yes, I need to get on Trt. Let me see uh What we know. John a skinny calves point basic. How do you? How do you defend against that terrable front? Kick to the fucking stomach every time I back? Well, he likes to throw it to the thigh too. He throws that oblique kick to the thigh and the sidekick to the knees You know it's interesting when I see people criticizing that can come like you, crazy they're, kicking people in the face, you're mad that kick him in the knee like what like, oh, you can ruin a career like. Oh, you can't ruin a career by head, kick in some way.
Yeah. Like wonder, boy was saying that about Darren till I thought Darren tells trying to ruin his career by side. Kick him in the knee doesn't think that technique should be legal. Damn night a man I mean I get it, but your head- kicking people yeah, we'll kick Jake Ellenberger in the fun, and how good is that for your career, so good come on man, yeah, brutal sport, man yeah, it is. Is this brutal against man, but it's not the worst thing for your body. I think football is the worst 'cause. Somebody is don't get hit like that. Muscle is another example of that. I don't think I've seen him. I don't know when the last time I saw him actually get cracked was. He said
in fact, without opening punch from Darren till they were talking about yeah, that's true mighty mouse is the best example. Mighty mouse gets hit less than anybody, but there's other guys that they're very hard to hit it hit in practice, though yeah. I know a lot of guys, though, who don't spar like that anymore yeah, I think Robbie Lawler stop doing it. I think cowboy. I think those guys probably stopped sparring completely for years, while he's fighting for Strikeforce, but then when he moved to american top team, he starts pouring again an enemy's training really hard. That's when actually became the welterweight world. Peace he's he's so tough like, and I want to see that asking fight again, because he I put my money on Robbie Lawler, that if he does not care about he he looked better than I've ever seen him as in crazy shape. I've gone back and forth about five times on whether or not there was a good stoppage, but Guzman convinced me after we watched the footage. That was a bad stoppage. I think Robbie was ok,
I thank God. He just relax. He was there. He had what how I don't know how many more seconds, but that pulled out due to time there but yeah Robbie Lawler. I think he was all right, but it's hard to tell it's just unfortunate and again Herb Dean is as good a referee as there is on planet earth. There is no one better than him as no one better herb dean is as good as it gets yeah He made a mistake, but it's hard to say: if it was a mistake 'cause, I wasn't even sure it was a mistake. We were not sure it better to air on the side of caution. 'cause. He couldn't hear him. He couldn't talk, but here's the thing he's only getting choked out like if it's Ben Askren, it's only he's, only get choked out. If it's Frances Engano and he's punch you in the head and you think you're unconscious, then stop the fight, but it was just. Choke like Ben Askren is not known for being in any way shape or form a power striker now and he's not hitting him I'm holding on to his neck, and I think, like that, that shows have been out of Ben Askren was 'cause. He got it.
Browser, not fuckin'. I was like you're getting crush, and he just like whatever yeah I'm going to stick to my wrestling yeah. He was getting pounded, but he figured it out and he, even though they disengaged he managed to get a hold of Robbie again and get him on the ground and that show gone yeah look, it was. It was fun while it lasts, but he doesn't want to fight Robbie again, I think if I was the UFC, I would be absolutely trying to make that fight again. Do you think they will? I think they want to that's what Dana White said, but Ben said. Why would I want to do that already went already one? Why would I want to do that? But the thing about a Camaro was saying: like you, don't get a choice like the UFC is going to tell you who to fight again It is offered Ben a good amount of money off from Cpops Robbie Robbie is you know he deserves that privilege and I think he's easily up there and he can always be the
champion again that we are more is because he looks good. He looks as good as you ever looked. Even Yetter planter look to me that are new to Mazing for sickly looked amazing when he was fighting even More importantly, I think that's the fight that makes the most money, because people want to see that I want to see it. You see it all. The real fans want to see it. Yeah do enough of that in USA. They do sometimes, but it went I was going to say is like that he deserves it. Jesus no one deserves it more than steep Ameo church steeple. Is DC and we haven't heard hide nor hair of him he's the fucking most successful heavyweight of all time he defended title four times. No one's ever been able to do that. He does that Ann. He gets nothing after that. No love, no respect, no, nothing to crap! No talk about I'm fighting DC again. You know they just talking about Dc Brock Lesnar and they don't even know Brock. Lesnar is really going to fight, isn't the kind of retired noticed he wants want to fight Brock? He's going to fight Brock and he's going to retire he's going to
To get that to me to me the most, the most impressive fighter to ever step in the octagon is Daniel. Cormier, only one of I'm just I'm just Inter house. You are present when, when John Jones beat up because well Sir John Johns is without a doubt, the most talented and best fighter to meet with the tools that DC is working with when you're, five, nine five ten and you you know you just you're dealing with guys with so much taller with so more regional he's undefeated as they the only man he's ever lost. It was John Johnson, everybody else. All comers, cpa, Milicich just give me a number yeah. Can he take heed? He's taken everyone amount, listen! I'm a giant fans just incredible. Don't get me wrong to show you how good John Jones is. Our John Jones has his number whatever the case, but it's bowls. It I'd like to see Dc Fight, John,
Jones at Heavyweight me to two hundred and forty. That might happen. That might be the big fight. The big fight might be if DC fights Brock. Let's assume he beats Brock, which I think you would then DC fights John Joe yeah, but you might not be Brock. Here's the thing about Brock, and this is so ridiculous to say he still off a king giant, Viking, human- he's so extraordinary big, he so powerful that if he clips DC, anything can happen yeah, but he's got he's going to get punched in the face by DC, and I think I personally believe that if you are not getting punched in the face and working on patterns, an really working on your striking you get into the with a guy like Daniel Cormier, who does that every day? True, but we don't know the rats in the job we don't. We don't know that that that that's the case. We also know that he I've been wrestling with this
Michigan State Wrestler, that's one of the best wrestlers on the planet earth his video of him wrestling with this current fenom and he's training It's like real elite world class fighters that your nose, what he's doing with his striking yeah but Daniel Cormier's, got that down and he's also Also the WWE Champ Bro. I don't know if you know there is that strong people around his that got hit with a chair. You're right. I don't know man all my money and DC, I would say that DC would be heavily favored. I would also say that that big gorilla can punch any person on the planet with those lunch box, fists and you're he's. So big man when you stand next to Brock, you just like oh you're a totally so her back yeah he's is close to silver bags. I've ever seen as a Viking. You know so long arms giant, human yeah feat, ridiculous, fists. The the real question is I mean: how much has he really been working on a striking in in these years?
he's been outside of the cage. How much is it much easier to work on your wrestling if you're him that it's striking striking is a whole different animal? Well, particularly spar, not just like hitting mitts and hitting the pad, but getting getting good rounds in against people that can crack and people that can crack like DC, where he clinches? two and then hit you in the clinch and also learning how to adjust like the great fighters that I notice are guys who they come in with the game plan that game plan gets shut down and then they change. Right. Then they do subtle things. They just start doing little differences yeah, you go all you're you're, doing you're, doing a whole different thing here, yeah and that guy can't see it or so a lot of people can't and that's what I think it's amazing then there's the other thing he's got to get off the sauce got it got off the sauce. So if he gets off the sauce now he's forty and he's been on mexican supplements for the last few
years for sure yeah and your whole endocrine system is just like wait. What's going on, hey where's, my roids good luck, yeah yeah, I mean yeah. Who knows? Who knows I'm going to have to get myself on some I'm looking forward to get on terra TI, don't feel like I need it yet I put energy should be on right now, really should be on a long time ago. You think so hard percent, but telling you forever. I know I know I want to. I want to keep squeezing every little ounce of natural beauty that well it's real. I mean you can do it without it. But you won't be as healthy. You won't be a strong. You won't have as much enerji the real plastic you get some energy. The best thing would be if they
could figure out a way to revitalize your bodies, natural production of testosterone. That's that's similar to the way it is. When you are thirty year old man. They can really do that right now. I can't you know right now, the you can only add do you can. You can get your because there's a lot of other stuff going on like if you listen to that that podcast I did with what's the doctor's name and age and Doctor David, clear, yeah, there's a lot of factors, you know there's a lot of different things: you can do anime in his fair trial, all these different things. It's you I wanted. Originally I want to Eminem and and and what is an m and It's telomere elongate
Yes, it Langton's you're telling me what a fuss telomeres are the best sign of the telomeres moments. Let's get Google the actual definition of telomeres, but it's the bass sign of whether or not your body's aging correct. Where do I get a good rest of it or all Riz Vera tries very strong your online yeah. You did that that little container out there you could take the. If you want. I got loads of yeah yeah good. I got a lot of it on a live forever yeah when he told me about us, are taking it every day. I take it every day with my morning. Vitamins a lot of meat. You have, he says now, He also says it take. I wasn't him when it's convenient to me Telomeres also called terminal, telomere terminal transferase. It is an enzyme made of protein and our and a sub unit, whatever whatever wrong gates chromosomes by adding t t, a g
g g o trouble G sequences to the and of the system chromosomes tell talama raises, is found in fetal tissues, adult germ cells and also to are cells. The result of aging cells in an aging body, so just slows down aging I'll, tell you and that and a and m and stuff makes me feel great. It does a hundred percent yeah. Give me a lot. I don't really know how bout kitten all prices I'll get you some yeah yeah. Unless you want me to die, I faster. No, I love you all right. He gave me some. Let's go see what the driver I mean. I was just right: t r t for ten hot cannot tear due to I got on it ten years ago, and so and you two should be on this list. Good good I'm good, I'm still nervous about it, but I'm going to be nervous about I want to get thick.
I don't want to be like that. I want to edit and jump off a building and glide to the plugin ground. You wanna look at something that could you get a nice body, let's go ahead and lose that sure, let's get you moving around the corner over there, yeah. I wish there was a way to do it naturally, and I think there's going to be, I think they're going to be able to do it through some sort of gene manipulation that the little turn on your butt there there's so close to doing system I, with there are literally reversing the age of a mouse and sing I was talking about this and I had some conversations with some other people: really deeply entrenched in the world of genetic engineering and and crisper all the the new innovations they're they're, going to be able to do that. It's a matter of when I think when we're eighty, it's there's a high The by the time you and I are eighty you're going to be able to be twenty again come on, not bullshit, come on now. I think that's real dude. I want I want there's
gene that people can get just five hours of sleep. That wakefulness thing is in three percent of the population. It's called Adderall yeah well, there's that too, so there's that too, but there's one gene that is yeah that where you can uh and why we sleep he was talking but it but also my friend has that changed his genome and I'll. Let you have that gene Franquelo 'cause! You have that gene 'cause. I know he doesn't sleep at all. I'm always like how you sleep five hours, because I just wake up and he's fully awake and he works out for fucking two hours. And I've only met one of the do like that, and that's a gene that vanishingly rare, and some people can get five to six hours of sleep five hours and achieve total wakefulness they're going to be able to do that. Yeah they're going to be able to manipulate your eyesight with germs. Are going to be able to inject you with a germ that repairs your eyesight. What's going on this bench, can't wait, use. Every neurology, professor unions, you Phd discovered
tension of the gene d, two in a family natural short sleepers people who go to bed at normal time, eleven thousand one hundred pm midnight, but usually wake up, naturally at five. Am I wonder if Jocko has that price or not? I think he just gets up with pure hate that now he probably has a g. I don't believe that self control I watt discipline and self control last. Are you so long wish? She was right next to you, change your tune and start sucking his Dick Jocko's kind of tough, it's terrifying black ops, two hundred and forty pounds. Serial killer would be that thick data noise that big ohmygod Jesus Akosah tank. Oh, I didn't know that dude he's an inch taller than many weighs two hundred and fifty pounds mod. You don't know what chocolate fuckin', white, Samoan, Jocko taps Dean Lister in training. What? Yes, you don't understand what you're talking about he's a freezing gorilla
Yeah he said was that picture of him with his shirt off. Some men are just meant to him. Click on it. Let's see it's fine, no sign him! Yeah he's a gorilla, dude, that's stupid! It's getting into bow hunting! You should too yeah he's a killer, don't wanna sworn warrior! Yeah I went pheasant hunting with my boy Tarik and his brother fun blast. Flushing pheasant hunt cook the pheasant. Oh that's right. You told me in Napa right on Sonoma. Also, not next time you come out will go. Ok, my boy targets got it locked down. We eat, we shoot and you eat the best present drink. The best wine there's nothing better and smoke cigars and hang out tell me a better time. Tell yeah, but this is Jakes Buddy Jake Jake said he Corner Sheikh Tareq Tareq Aziz teaches boxing. I he's got this incredible. Jim called empower
There is a Cisco I go to San Frisco, just cracks hey! I was it. Is this you guys that would be me running home. Getting Rto. Did you have a dog to fetch? The brochure did german Shorthair, my Buddy Tarkas Hemant Shah? why you running with a gun, though dude 'cause, I my cardio now a loaded gun. Does he have a mustache that over him you look like you? Have mustache right now. Are you growing one now I just got to thinking out there, seems like you're dancing with this and do it. I just grow hard. I grow hard. If I could take a pool, and I push hard. I grow mustache interesting yeah do try. It just happens. I like being manly, I like shooting, pheasant and by the way, you flush him and then they fly up in there about six feet in front of you, and still missing still course, I went pheasant hunting once with Bob Bourdain yeah I shot one in the feather Richard Feather blew up.
If it's feather, often it flew away laughed at main, probably took a shit in my general direction. It's really got off one shot, but public land hunting is hard. Most. The hunting that I do is on private land beats up public land hunting the lot of pressure lot of people out there doing it. You know all animals get smart, well, the It's it's in. There is the argument, there's two arguments and I support both of them. One argument is a public land. Hunting is harder. You should really be more proud of success on public land, because it's for everybody, it's not elitist thing. It's very diff, gold to do you got to really put in the work out about as it is a plan I get that argument, but my the problem that I have with it is. First of all, I don't have a lot of time and I like success, but to the animals when they're pressured they don't act normal they they don't.
Cause much like Elk Elk, in particular, if in a high pressure area, it's problem with wolves when wolves move into areas the elk just shut down all the calling one of the coolest things about elk hunting. Is they fucka, scream one the first time I ever win elk hunting with cam. So we took me elk hunting. This morning we're out there in this basin. You here, I'm screaming it's still dark out. Walking like this is the coolest thing I've heard in my life, just hearing them scream came in yelling at each other and that's trying to fight off the other males. You hear their their horns clashing against each other, because their antlers are they're, they're, they're fighting and this is on public land. Or is this who's on private land yeah. For me, a lot of the hunting and we need to do it again by the way yeah. It's not so much about killing the animal. I it's the camaraderie yes like like so I'm on this. They stock this field. With these pheasant, I'm not there to kill the fence. I love the meats and stuff, and but but
it's more the experience with my two friends and were out there with a dog. I like to say that too, but I like to kill Elk out to eat. I like the food I later me yeah. I do I live off Al Qaeda. You check my dna, it's sixty. Five percent l kindly to me, I'm not portion and I eat so much of it. I feel for okay, great, I bet I mean I think, there's something to it. I do too it's like. I said. I need a lot of time eating this dark red protein. That's good! It's coming from this wild animals that are dodge and mountain lions, and it's good for you yeah. You take the life force of the animal, man. I do something about that. You know I have this. I swear to God and even the pheasant MIKE you know it's it's. This is something something about looking for an animal that this is your mind even in something as lame as when they're roosting a field you got the dog and the dog points a sighting it out fishing. I had to do with that. You like fishing, I
I don't I'm not a good Fisher love faster. If I learn how to fish, but fishing is technique which I didn't know. I grew up fishing. How you did yeah I was. I was in Bass, anglers, sportsman society. When I was like thirteen years old or competitive weren't you no, I mean I just like to fish yeah I mean competitive by friends. You always want to catch the biggest fish. But there's something about fishing man there's something about casting a line and the best to me is like a top water bait like you cast a plug, and you see it land on the water, pauses, the ripples sort of spread out, and then you give it twitch, give it another twitch and let it pause again and then big explosion of water. Got that mother fucker. Like oh shit, dude, my little daughter, my youngest, is one hundred percent hooked on fishing and she got a six bass in Florida, yeah man. It geeks me out to no end because she's my little
sing like we were in Maui and when we Maui we went, we went hunting for hunting, we went and caught a yellow tail she caught out gang a yellowtail in this little tiny girl like a ten pound, yellowtail is a mother fucker to try to reel in oh yeah, there's so hard to reel in and choose re liniment on our own man, I mean all I had to do is hold the rod 'cause. It literally would have yanked the rod out of her hands, trying to show you a picture. That's amazing mind it. I got a picture in here somewhere. I think my daughter, dude, it's fun man and then you know with the bass we let them go. Ok! Here's, sir, with a six pound bass perfectly with the with the bass we let him go is a catch and release deal but the yellowtail. We. That night, so the whole family ate something that she caught. That's good. She that's huge when you get so excited by it. She got so she just she beams with pride,
little tiny girl and she's holding out his right. She would not let me reel it in like you want me to go. Do you want me to reinsert no two hands on it going? Yes, Franklin and I'm holding on to it and cheat. She made sure she pulled into the boat to it. She's obsessed, it's awesome. I love this once. I think once you've felt what it's like to catch a fish and then cook it and eat it once and by the way, if you never had really fresh fish, it's like really fresh fish is so far flavorful and delicious, and just a little bit of butter and women on it, and since it's a little bit seasoning and I've done that plenty of times I've gone on, organize fishing, you know, and but deep sea fishing you know we should do. We should organize a gig in Alaska in July, during the SAM runs great idea. We do a gig up there in anchorage some salmon for a few days do a gig to pay for the whole trip. Yeah just have a good time
sorry, I did that a few years. I would love to do that. Dude ARI, and I did that and we caught some giant salmon. Let's do that. We caught some king salmon there, like thirty pounds, amazing wow, eight salmon for fucking months, Jesus yeah. I love it so fun I'd love to do that. But you know it's fucked mosquitoes. It's crazy! never seen anything like it. Snowing salt yeah like a gang violence situation in Indonesia, when I, when I when I was tracking, around what times in the rainforest. I was twenty one or whatever, and I thought I want to be a naturalist, yeah right. I'd love that story about the ants are tiered fox. Forget the ads. You had to carry a sol for coil, because blood repellent didn't work on those mosquitoes. Yet to carry around
sulfur coil. Okay, that's that's already in the sand. Look at are the great outdoors salmon, great jewish. How doorstep has a big salmon yeah it? Is there any more pictures of our fish? There is one picture. There's one other thing, but I didn't check. Does a big fish, though look at our hands? Yeah, it's fun man! I love fishing. I will I really wish there was a place. Click close to my house for a good fish. It's very peaceful! You know like fish, for your breakfast catch, a try.
Yeah and then you know cook that mother fucker in a pan right there, the shore HO incredible. So you know we have a lot of an people want him like Justin, Napa Valley, a shitload of mountain lion. This manhunt him know now there everywhere, though, apparently too many of 'em there's a real dumb thing, because they do hunt them, but they hunt them with professional hunters at the state has to hire because they get depredation permits, because this same start killing livestock or dogs, or when I grabbed a llama. When I'm glad to Llama and jumped over the fence with the llama in its mouth yeah I mean that's fucking nuts, do that, yeah, I'm not crazy. I trying but BB, even if you train you put on your back, shall see. Let's say if you put a llama in a backpack, so you got like a fuckin' Kofar, yeah. I could lock stuff the alarm and there you have the whole while the zip today and had it okay go over that fence of
Well. I have but a guide now Alaska, Abadi Chad. He said that they were climbing up this mountain. It was a nightmare like like just slogging up this steep mountain just like, and they were like. Looking up now I got dance tonight, man, you know you're making inches just like. Oh, you got a backpack and it's just like one is exactly over and don't try not to think about doing. Let's take a break? You know yeah is here this morning, and they just see this grizzly with an elk in its mouth and it just bounds up the mountain. It just goes: Schagen Schagen, right buy them with alcohol and just goes up over. And then over the rates, just no problem in twelve seconds and they're like well, that's! That's how strong a fucking girls face- and this is me jesus- I don't want that, I'm so terrified of I'm terrified. I don't want to get sucked up by a chimpanzee, a ship,
He will leave my face, my boss, I don't want that and I definitely want to get attacked by a grizzly because they'll start eating you when you're still alive yeah and the most of the time when grizzlies eat people, though or most time with grizzlies kill people they're not killing someone, because they eat 'em there killing someone, because you startled them and their with their female the females with their cubs. That's almost so. What happens? When are you supposed to do when a grizzly just pray? Well, if it's a fee Grizzly. You are literally better off letting her fuck you up right it just curl. Up in a ball you're supposed to put your hand behind your neck. Lay in a fetal position, and don't let her get access to your organs because she wants to chew your organs apart. Yeah. It's one of the reasons why it's really important have a strong backpack. He was strong back packs of up that backpack, while you're on on your. You know on your knees, curled up in a fetal position, but that's assuming you can survive. That probably going to break your arm, she's, probably going to snap your legs bite into you in ways that you can imagine that kind of force and power she can
yeah. I mean she's trying to mobilize you. She wants to mobilize you as a threat to her children, go to mail of a males trying to kill you. It's usually because he's starving to death. They don't recognize people as a food source, so they rarely people so that mail, it probably is never eating a person it's one of the reasons why it's safer to be in a place where they hunt Grizzlies Grizzly's in a place where they hunt Grizzly, this is a person who goes fuckit. This no smell you and get the fuck out of there, but like Yellowstone, they haven't, hunt grizzlies there in forever, so people still get jacked their stupid. They get Jack there every couple of years, so it gets killed. You should, but you might not be able to get to it, and you also have to be prepared to pull it out and shoot quickly. You can't think that just 'cause, you have a gun that you're going to be ok. Now 'cause, you don't hear him coming up on. You come up so fast. They move so fast. They run they run faster.
Dog food in their shoes. That's true, yes, they're different facets. Man and the huge meets a giant animals, eight hundred pounds or think about that sure. Just stumbled across a story about this. Just happened, sprayed didn't work yeah and it was attacked in the guide and the the the client went to cap the Glock out of the pack. It didn't fire when the bear came after him. We try to throw the gun to the other guy, and then and then a deck I just ran, and I guess a cell phone. This is the guy who died, it doesn't say I don't I didn't find it has all the time. The best story is right story Ranelagh and Remi Warren and war in Aniana Spit, Allison Doll, friends. They got attacked while they're in Afognak Island in Alaska Yes, two years ago and Remy came on here and told the story and it's fucking terrified what happened? Well, they killed an Elk and
They had hung in a tree and they had can some of the meat back cuz. You know you have to hike out a fog neck is particularly dense. It's very, very dense that shouldn't have remember when we were on Prince of Wales. Island went on that plants dense yeah. Well, it's like that, but even worse than grizzlies everywhere. Yes, Chris is everywhere when we were on that island island had black bears yeah, which weird, not they're, not as dangerous, but they are more predatory towards people. I want a giant spike, Talbot and spiked collar, and I want my guys live close and I want to have a close one iron man suit. That's right want to be able to correction rockets at a and that's right, and I want to be able to electrify it when they think about yes, not kill it and then immediately cut its head off and put in a steak. So all the other grizzly bears no, not the fox exactly right right. There you go where I like a man yeah. We definitely need to go on a hunt again. I know dude, it's so much fun yeah! Even if it's a rifle hunt I'll go on arrival,
you. You just love bow hunting uh. I love you bought me a bow. I need I was going to bring. It tells you you shoot it. I only got it. I wanted to hear about you. Both are you a new one? Now I want that. One Hoyt comes out with new models every year I like that one. I have never shot it's great bow. So let me let me get used to that one. I become expert. Well, what I would like you to do honestly, what I'd like to do- and we should organize this with John John John Dudley. We we have access to literally the best archery coach on the planet. Earth in John Dudley he's the best he's so good. We he's first boys world He was a world class competitive archery, looking competed on the world stage, who traveled all throughout the on it? But so what is his like? What are the principles he teaches? First of all, it's just like martial arts. If you have a bad coach, you'll develop bad technique and it's gonna be very difficult for you to learn. You can still excel some people still excel with bad coaching. You know
people that have just a natural ability to fight right and you teach them just a few things. They know how to like, put knuckles to your face some people just better at that yeah and they just they have a good mentality for it, but they would be way better if they're with Feroce hobby, there would be way better if they would Duke Roufus. There's just no doubt about it. Great coaching is imperative for achieving your full potential percent. That's the same thing with archery with archery I, like John Dudley, will put the fundamentals in the perfect position for you and he changed my archery so much the letter. I'd and doing archery for more than a year or so before I met him. Maybe a year and a half my whole, my ability jumped up twenty to thirty percent within the first couple. Hours of meeting What hundred percent she's got video of me and him in my backyard and I'm laying these knocked arrow knocks the Lit Knox. So they fly through the air, looks like laser
and I'm laying them into my elk target at like sixty five yards thong thong song called I'm going. The title boxing is like that, like Donald Cerrone, one time just sit there and explain to me like where to place my feet and what I was doing wrong and why more weight should be on my back foot but just little things like that. Are my buddy Tarik Way, Mcculloch, of course, so I trained with, but but my boy Tarik, like he'll, teach me stuff that comes from that mma background, but just where, where you're, looking like how judge distance and there are certain techniques to do it or just wear your back what should be in relation that persons for the car. You know they're just how to set things up. They they can. Some people can simplify it into to those basic principles were like damn yeah. Damn it makes such a huge difference, a huge difference for you now yeah, I mean there's ways to do things correctly, and people spent their entire
life learning these things, yes and and we're learning how to teach these things to which is critical in elders, looked like he. We both came from a taekwondo background, and I got very very very fortunate in that the school that I found that I stumbled into Jay Kim Techno. It's due in Boston was one the best gyms on earth. I just got super lucky, so I learned from the time I was a young kid. I learn the right way to do things and the emphasis was always on technique yeah. It did matter how fast you were. If you're doing it wrong, you were corrected. The Russians are like that, like this tennis woman in in Moscow, who's responsible for the tennis revolution, Sharapova and all those people, and she is a coach who she's like seventy seven. She got like two quarts and the kids when they get there, I don't think they are allowed to really hit a ball for the first six months I mean,
smite, your swing and your positioning is she in grains those fundamentals so that you can't do it wrong. So before you start playing tennis, who are ingraining neural pathways and patterns that are perfectly correct, so when the hits the fan you get emotional, you don't know how to do it wrong. Yeah. I don't know how right right, like I think, Virgil Hunter and those guys do the same thing when they train. You know like when you, when Ritual Hill I'm sorry, I'm sorry virtual, no, but but Hunter who is who is a Andre Ward, virtual coach Virgil is not right. Now, he's Virgil Hunter. Look that up, but but but but they'll do is Virgil. Hill was the light heavyweight champion that Roy Jones Junior knocked out with a body shot but hunter is, I think, his customers also. I was talking Andre Ward on Instagram. Two lines get a hold of him. Such a mass. Get him in here he's not just a mastery, so brilliant analysts to he's a he's amazing, but he was trying,
even where the discipline of fundamentals and perfecting your technique to hunt. Yeah. What can you listen? Virgil, hunter I've that I listen to have the way he speaks, and I just I obsess over over that, like I love watching the old school guys, this guy coach, Anthony who I watch his videos on Youtube. I think he's in Kansas City by the way, I'd love to get in there and train with them, but he's he's a guy who, like per big, shut down in those little details, and you just realize what a science boxing is, and you realize like it. Wasn't that awesome. Teddy ATLAS thing you did where it goes is boxer like you're making mistakes, but then there are mortal like you're making sense. You make a moral sense by getting hit was shot. You don't see, you can teach you how to avoid that yeah and that's a little detail at the end. Everything in life is that way it's like you, want to be really good at something, get great coaching It's those small adjustments that make all the difference.
The number one hundred tennis player in the world and the number two tennis player world is that much, but it's all the difference in the world. Yeah learning how to do things correctly in every single discipline is the most important thing: yeah learning how to do it correctly and then from they're all your creativity and all your ability to improvise all comes from these perfect fundamentals. Did you watch Earl's, Prince Junior Mikey, Garcia? I did not. I don't know, but I wanna see Earl Spence. He just looks so much bigger than lot bigger, yeah I want to see all Spence and Mister Crawford go at it. Oh me, too, that's going to be that's going to be a big fight just felt. Like my cure co, I love you, I'm gonna watch it, but he just looked so
much smaller than him, but it's too hard. He won't look bigger. He won't look that much bigger than Terence Terence Crawford is about as peace, but basically the same size he's using diet, changes things up magazine, always thinking that he'll come out and fight the first five rounds of south bond. You think you got it figured out and then I'll switch stances and funk you up so weird yeah. That kind of genius. That kind of high fight iq is crazy. What's also that ambidextrous ability so critical, I mean that was Marvin. Hagler Marvin he's a switch back and forth and know what you could do jack about it. He will fly you as a sop are just as good as it for your third ox even know what the was coming next there is that Duran could do that. There was at fighters, said I can't he's reading my this is read my mind is what he does. He knows what to do before I do it. Well, there an understood those patterns so well. He could he could just he just cut you off he just be like. Oh, I know what you're going to do. I can see already what you're setting up before you do it yeah. That's like Juju
you know your role with someone who's really good. They know. What's ten are watching what you doing way before you're going to do it? I watch Hunter Gracie, take Brendan Schaub little Michita. I mean all these guys, 'cause I was like I was. His back and they're on top and then he wouldn't choke them out. I was like what yeah he. Let's them take his back. But again he's so far ahead of them. He knows what you're going to do so he can cut you off. It's like everything, hurts I gotta move like he'll. Just he just no matter What I'm doing I'm doing the Winky Wright thing, I'm keeping my hands here, I'm like there's no, and he just find your yeah he's touching here, it's plus I like everything right along that things, get you get better at everything I mean, like. You know that feeling you get when you watch, someone is only been doing stand up like a year. As you see, I'm going on in front of a crowd and you see their choking up. And panicking and maybe rushing a joke or being awkward. I have to run away yeah man, it's weird, but then Ladies and gentlemen, here's your next
Hi Bryan Callen you just go up and just loose and relaxed, seen it all before, but I do this is what I like. What I like is that there are all these things that you can do like that, where you just get better keep doing it. You learn more, I think, learn things better learning, there's an art to learn, but I think it's so critical to enjoying life. I think that's one of the like learning stuff and doing difficult things, we could see incremental improvement. That's that's based on your effort in your concentration. I think these are really important for happiness, a hundred percent, I think about all of our friends in a really happy that we're all pursuing things also, I know where to place my energy and I could see myself getting better, but, more importantly, I can and not only do I see myself getting better, but I come to understandings when I'm right. Stand up now when I'm thinking of what I next my
next one hour is going to be. I start kind of like getting to what I think about in essence Where am I right now I've kind of arrived at a place? I said These goals for myself and now Watt now watt. Now at a stand. Maybe what the fuck does that look like Well, I'm going to write about that. I'm going to write about not my life has been either right or I'm not I'm ready to run away right to this joke about not wearing moccasins. I had this therapist wore moccasins. I don't trust somebody who is Maka smug, some really good for star yeah you're either I was going to say the only time I mark marks in his macho severe, sneaking up on a castle guard to take him with a knife or your hunting deer. That's the only time I sure call later and you're selling your car. You know what I mean: there's moxie! Well, I don't trust you. Unless you got a boat, yeah. If you come out with the moccasins in your smiling you're trying to floss bought a new pair's budget, but yeah alright, well good. Just for stocking. I like that.
To see you don't break any twigs on here. Where you want your fucking phone, I be able to walk like this. You want to be able to walk yeah. Well. When I was in when I was in Indonesia and my diack guides, the indigenous people of Indonesia didn't break a twig under their feet when spare cheats are bare feet. Neo bare feet are great about being in the in the rainforest for Delaware, about cooties I'd hunt with bare feet. You got you got leeches you got spiders they didn't give. I am worried about snakes and girls USA best well, you should be yeah, especially warm months nonetheless one hears church, Fok man? I've never been,
bitten. But I've had my dogs bitten. Three times number Frank Frank got bitten three fucking times: yeah Franken Lucy. They both got bitten. You have to get him to bring him to the fucking doctor one time abroad to the doctor. Doctor looked at him says: well, I don't see any swelling it might. It might not have gotten him 'cause. He killed the snake. I was like. I don't see that thought he such a psycho he's, not smart just would charge in and just snap it things like the idea that this thing didn't bite him and goes well. You know, if he's feeling bad take him back. In again, I bring home an hour
or later is faced growing up basketball at the side of it. So having my dog just talking to bring him back in, but it was expensive two months which is a real bummer, because it's thousands and thousands of dollars for this anti venom and, if you're, a poor person- and they want that money right now. I now man yeah, I have- I have pet insurance. My dog got hit by a car fourteen thousand dollars, Sir, thank God for PET Insurance wow. I paid like nothing and it was incredible. So pet insurance is great and necessary thing. My dog got bit by a rattlesnake. It didn't see the rattlesnake, but I heard my daugereau like that, and I went what the fuck or walking back I've never seen it we're walking back in my dogs tongue is out and my dog starts weaving and then just kind of falls over. Oh Jesus. I pick the dog up, bring that dog to the vet. I thought, maybe you got stung by a wasp or something I don't know, and then I was like this. She was like. I think she got.
By rattlesnake, and she was so swollen. Her head was so it led by the time I got there. Her head was like literally look like a giant balloon yeah. I think my dog got bit by a rattle It's really cool never gave her of anti venom. When I think about it, you know it's really crazy. Is the venom is actually digesting tissue yeah. That's that's up like that. Would that venomous is for they bite a snake like a snake it's a rabbit or something like that. It's actually digesting the rabbit so, if they don't have like a stomach like we have their whole body is just like one. Just rot track things, a rock inside of in the they absorb it, happy to a lot of times. We don't get to it. Yeah Terry monsters, do you ever see that video that I posted that I got from one of those guys that I follow on Instagram, but they were in the desert, and this big fucking huge fat rattlesnake,
rabbit and was dragging the rabbit away. This lifeless rabbit is being dragged away by this thing. This is thick is my forearm? Oh my god see that yeah see if you can find it good luck. Finding it's probably four years ago, three years ago, four years ago, is it found it Jamie, Winsorizing man? How do you do this from another planet watch this. So this thing look at this: it's got the rabbit, wow yeah and they close in on it, and it just drags away. It's creepy, as this is a different video. I've had the one that I had is a bigger snake in the polls. The way way quicker, but it's just it's it's a gross little animal, but then again you need is Grosse Lana animals. Like that's the same like to argue the people say you don't want coyotes in your neighborhood. Well I kind of see what you're saying, but the problem is you don't want read
That's in your neighborhood, either stupid, yeah and coyotes. Kill the rats of they do right. What is this one? The mom rabbit comes and fucks up this. The rice, yeah, that's right, yeah yeah, the my rabbit recognizes, is going down Fox up that snake get off my babies. Yeah. Look at that yeah rabbits, a fierce man ever rodents, man, yeah rat's, tail of video. Where a kid stopped. Last cat. I think it was like a bobcat. A small bobcat like in a village was getting attacked by some snakes is protecting its babies and the mom just left the babies to die or whatever, because she knew that she couldn't fight it. The kids grab the snake by the head and
locked it away and threw it like in the bush, came back and grab the babies and gave him back to the mom. It was a crazy video like eight year old kid, maybe younger crowd. It was wild grab. The snake grab the snake. It was eight seven, six hundred and fifty foot snake sixty foot problem. Some kids grow up, huh dude, no idea. When I was a kid I would grab snakes. If I saw snake I'm going for it yeah. If you look to alive, I know I'd grab whatever, but I didn't live in a place where they were poison. Snakes well when I look forward to when I lived in Florida. I was Always worried about running into an alligator We run into alligators and snapping turtles last snapping turtles, some snakes. There are some snakes who had run into do the problem with Florida's yeah once while there's a crown american crocodile. Are they even saying the Everglades? They got couple Niles out there. Oh yeah, cover the Nile assholes who got in the 70s and then just let him loose, and now they have a viable population
Thanks for doing this is the kid out. It's almost it's fake because they have scammers everywhere fake. I think that's what he does it, regardless of the fact. If it's over it's a pet python, I would have done that in a heart. Beat is a kid so is pulling on. It is our python they set this up. That's I mean I, as I was pulling back up again. All the cuts on second might not be real, this set up is a set up. Look what a terrible that the kid's been grabbing state as a whole life yeah. He grabbed the thing I'd expertly and make that thing a holster, that's what I would do if I caught Koster Cochran things just a bunch of cock rings or rectangle store motherfuck into a belt huh yeah, it's like growing up like that around snakes and all kinds of evil. Fucking shit like that. Have you been to South Africa? No man Capetown. I'm scared Kate, as most beautiful place, I've ever been in my life that I saw a wild. That's a lie, but thanks for playing it is not. It might be.
Was beautiful place. I've ever seen just like way looks all funky. It's incredible. It's so beautiful that bring up cape town. It's ridiculous ridiculous is ridiculous. What I saw I saw ridiculous for me is ridiculous. Is not at the moment, just itself, not bad looking. No, no! You don't understand like Australia, better. No, you have no idea calculator. What about Maui, it's better! No, that's I'm telling you keep telling I've been I've been all over. Cape town is got my number, I'm sure it's awesome in terms of breathtaking really yeah and food. Without any interest in going to Africa and going hunting web in Africa now four times it's a long flight. What would we be hunting antelope she'll, like that?
cool, do I love could have healed. I it's delicious, but at the end of the day I feel you get the same in a way. I feel you could get the same 'cause it. Can I tell you what that would be. You go to a game reserve which is probably a catalog and abandoned cattle range. Yes, and they stocked the area with those animals. Yes, so in a way, I think you could get the same exact feeling index that Texas Right could Texas you can I'm not right and in Texas you could go get Tex MEX Correct, sir. Yes, no great food. After that's, there are a lot of those issues now right, so so the the trip by the time you get there you're all it's just too fucking horrible. Yes, sixteen hour flight, sixteen hours, but then you gotta, take a fucking bus into whole fill whole thing and something goes wrong.
Every time we got doing that photo? I just flashed up at Cape town just made me think of something I saw yesterday that I don't know if you saw it so so they can create a picture like this, oh yeah. I did see that if you draw like a little sketch yeah, they could turn that into like instantly turn that into a photo realistic picture. We haven't seen that no fucking bananas- Look at that sketch on the right, so through the software, rendering they do so, and like that on the left, and then they make it on the right but make it with a making a mountain like watch. This bam damn yeah yeah, so this is within set since they can create this, and what is a software call Jim? I don't know the software it's at from what I saw was made by Nvidia, which is like video card maker and write all sorts of other thing. What do you think they'll ever be able to replace comics? No, no! I don't
you're going to be able to figure out personality, but I think what they'll never figure out: Joey Diaz that they can do is make artificial reality. They're going to be able to make, official reality. It's like how long will it take for that artificial reality? I don't think you can quantify creativity, but I don't think I don't know I might be wrong, though- and I agree that might be able to figure it out with them- 'cause part of what creativity is is surprise. An almost destruction like when you hear somebody say something you've never heard before or a different take. That kind of toys. The old way of thinking it's kind of what a lot of creativity is. Innovation is a form of destruction, yes and so destroying
yeah, but lately likes like when, when you see a great piece of art like like there's a match to to it. Yes, all the awestruck, like the Vatican, the inside of the Sistine Chapel, perfect example. I mean you you're you're, all on that a human being Did that, for the sake of beauty in itself, like almost a hundred years, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah generations of artists right they work on the same tapestry or something for like three. That is an act of faith and you're doing it for its own sake, you're, not even doing it because you're making money- it's like you, you are doing it because you can and because you want to see what you're capable of like creating beauty for
some sake is dead, but it's original. It's it it. It changes in many ways. Your perspective, like you, kind of go you you so so need change. Schopenhauer talked about the idea that there's the well right. So as a human being your stock in this I gotta eat. I gotta I got to sleep and I got a breed and I eat my sleep and I fox so I can breathe. You know and I can stay alive in that. Might you know the further my gene pool and you're stuck in this kind of like wheels to live from in there still, but there is a risk by that. Despite his is when you, when you see a great work of art or you're, doing great works of art, and somehow, when you see something beautiful, when you're laughing really hard a great standard, scene of an amazing movie like american beauty. The state put you in is is so incredible. It gets you to to get momentarily about you, don't biology about your own, purchase your own needs. Your own wants for whatever reason you you rest in this state of majesty this sort of high relief this year, huh
their self. You go. You go man that might be what gods about that might be what it's like to be touching something. Bigger than myself or bigger than all this other appetite stuff like I, it's almost like. It's almost like something you forget that you forget about death and you forget about your fears thing else. You know that those feelings of inspiration that can happen and you're listening to great music, or it can happen when you're, making great music but that is almost the only time you have. I guess, and of course we can talk about flow in your climbing amount, with no ropes or whatever it might be. I think that puts you in those states of true focus and true flow, and what we stay alive for we stay alive for that and when you are not that you know everything else becomes drug, almost because everything becomes- and I would even even equate like the life, also, not just for accomplishments but like when you're with
Your friends like doing a fight companion were laughing and being silly geese for no other reason. There is a flow that yeah there's a there's, a do you are. You are removed for temporarily from with the world from from from the reality of your own limitations and there there's something: that's so beautiful about that. I think need to talk about the idea that you can. You can actually make your life that that your life should be a work of art, live dangerously and leave a good looking corpse, don't don't worry about all the other things, just just it's worth living she was a mess there, part of the problem with listening to him, every fuckinf, a loss for I've done. My own studies on that every philosopher didn't blade and they lived alone and sometimes they live with their mothers and they were all disaster, but they thought deeply. They have the concepts they have concepts and often times they're, not really putting these concepts to practice in their own life, which is very strange. That's right, yeah, that's very true now those moments that we have when we're doing the fight companion, where we're just fucking, howling and laughing
that's that's. Why and those you can't recreate that you know one of the things that's interesting about fight companion is a bunch of people have tried to recreate they've done their own and they always abandoned it. It just give up. Customers were really friends were really friends and we really go hard like we're, really getting fucked up. Memes how many shows are there where people are just getting drunk, and being ridiculous, schitt live I'm in front of millions of people now and then we'll have a show where there's a you know, UFC that may may get eight thousand pay per view buys, and we get five million views. Is that I'm? Actually we get with you in the in between Youtube, an Itunes and next time I take my shirt, so I gotta, be. I gotta be a little more jack. Well, we shouldn't surprise us anymore, that's true, but she likes people trying to like they're like well. You know if I didn't want to start my own podcast. Well, how do you
I got were friends that were really friends. That's why it works. You can't just make it like. The monkeys needs fuckin', organize a fake band, now fuckin' way, we're just we're. Just friends right and Eddie is legitimately crazy, too, and he's also legitimately JU genius You know any really does think the earth is flat like him, and I have conversations like Eddie stop stop once you go flat, Never go back. What does that mean is great? What does that mean so great? I don't, stand that thinking, but that's part of the reason why he's fun yeah I was saying I was talking about and the other day, and I was there that he bugs me about he's a genuinely good person. He's awesome said Jenn. I love that kind of death. He's he's doing my best friends for twenty fucking that's why? Because it was a good person. Yeah he's a great guy, he's a great person and he's like he's very brilliant. When it comes jets, I mean really brilliant but like his unique way
way of thinking is creativity. Is what allowed him to formulate that system that system? did you. Two was a lot of very unorthodox entries and and submissions. Very, very very clever was jitsu, very clever. It's so important that you know you wonder some as his brain that kind of brain he can have it cuts all the way across. You can have your liabilities. Your strengths are the same as your liabilities. Well, he will have that super obsessed with computer can irisys, like legitimately super obsessed, but it wasn't always it's a form of identity, though it's also gives you a tribe and it gives you peace All of us have that yeah. Well, he does that tinfoil hat pod asked to eccentric SAM Tripoli, and then they do conspiracy, stand up comedy with a goal of former clubs together, but really selling. Well, let mean they're doing it right great for SAM to that's good, to see
yeah. It's like I was saying earlier world, there's insanely fortunate in our circle of friends and insanely fortunate. And the camaraderie that we all have to are protect each other and for each for each other and support each other, and you know the two that come. I feel so lucky that I I I get to do stand up, because the challenge never goes yeah, and then I I see a lot of actors like Sean Penn like Johnny Depp, like the guys I really looked at Mickey Roarke and something happens to them along the way. Brad Pitt, not so much you know, but the real actors that I really kind of thought were something something goes on. I read that had a real struggle didn't any merit crazy, lady yeah yeah, I suppose, I don't know who married a chick who's, ridiculously hot, but crazy asfuck. I think they might get. I don't know acting doesn't when you, when you've done a movie when you're on set your shooting a page today and that mundane repetitive process you're in costume,
you're saying the same fuckin' lines knowing the same scenes over and over again I'm sorry. A man you there sixteen hour days and I don't think that's as satisfying no matter who you are, becomes a very peculiar skill that it's not like doing a play here. It's different stand up, though you're writing and you have to perform, and it's always changing it. I, but I also think that you and I were supposed to stand up like a guy who makes clocks that's his passion, the guy who fixes cars like there's certain people like my friend, Steve Strope, who built my Corvette and now he builds a bunch of muscle cars that should that Fox loves cars. He loves the construction, given in the design of them. He loves putting them together and now Neil De Luis encryption was supposed to be actors. Yeah, there's people that are supposed to do that. They're really good, but then there's other folks that get into it and then become disillusioned along the way, because the process is so weird and also it's so fake, that's
always drove me crazy, like being around all these people that are like not really there talking to you that not really being vulnerable, they're, not really being present. Well, you know lack, but also the trap is having a persona like. I I think, like Johnny Depp caught up in that persona became a pirate. Scarves in real life. You can't be that vein. You have to have friends like me and you, if I showed up if I shut with uh, hanky hanging out of my my pocket came all the way down to my knees you tackle times I Jimmy Burke, when I showed up after mad tv, but New York and I decided start wearing Kangol Hats backwards. They look good on me and I was hot. I said I'm going to be a good looking at because I saw some after doing and I go there and Jimmy Burgers dude, I'm so fucking proud, I'm at the bar with all the guys, I'm so proud. Can you browse go out smoke a doob celeb
raise a glass take the hat off right now, I'm gonna slap the shit outta here. Ok, what about Fedor's? So what's wrong my angles: it's too busy! It's busy! That's that's! That's the best. What's the ultimate, a straw hat. I'm a member of the press. You know upper raised if you were a fun Kimber a I'm going to french braid, throwing in a flying headlight if your Brock Lesnar, if you have a Brianna cigarette holder like like Hunter S, Thompson who's. Now I kind of like you, if you're a Dandy dandy and you have an ear trumpet Anna cigarette holder. Now I, like you, I have a hard time with dudes wear vests me too. Do want to know if I do want to dress like a like a like a assaulted, I want to be a cuban gentleman at the end of the noon. I do kind of want to be. I want to wear linen suits. I want to be in older gentleman, and I want to smoke fine cigars. There is the or pipe. There is part of me.
I want to pontificate- and I wanna hang hang out with West and- and I want to talk about philosophy that's do you smoke cigars, never ever ever! So what what's? Stopping you? not just the store down the street, and I just thought I should get some cigars. This is a joint bro, oh Jesus, a blunt yeah. I like that yeah it's tobacco on the outside, really have this ship that crashed Tesla stock down so kind of hurt my lungs man. Is it mostly weed? Oh yeah, the insides weed get a little little head rush from the tobacco, and then they get a little group. Little life outside a lightweight life inside the brain customer has the marijuana.
We only has one of the perfect picture on break out. Some fine whiskey have some fun with it. I hate when only classes that would be our okay just drink a glass of wine. I got a bottle. Do we have any this yeah? We have cups the of to get out here. No, I never have to you talk about the world. So sorry, I'm here we'll have to have us. Did you have a special drop on. Ok, I'm glad you mentioned that complicated dates guys get my my number one selling one. Our and I'll be at in Kansas City Kansas and brought this Friday Saturday and then I'll be in The Phillies already sold out then Calgary on the fourth fifth and sixth of This stuff is single malt scotch and this stuff is made by a boy band.
I, like God, is good whiskey. I don't like this bulshit. Where does this come from? I'm not trying to ban Bang whiskey. I believe it's the Florida Georgia lines with. Ok, they're, not a boy panthera bam bam. I thought it was like in sink or something at what point in time, which is a boy band ever get to a point where they like? Ok, we can call ourselves a boy. More were forty. I actually boys are still rolling. It's Amanda Command band. There is there still backstreet boy, man band this, your glass empty. There no finish across her face hold on to you in port. In there I'll put the coffee in there good move, good move for the whiskey in there is obviously exactly Scott. I mean I believe it's Caccia Jesus days as much. What you're doing take it easy? Don't you don't whiskey was that the irish hot shots, the Scots So how highlands? But this of the irish store from the Scots I don't know. I don't know why- that you're a that's why I broke my bro, Ok, you know who's going to Schottland, whose
Valhalla who Billy Connolly Famous, is he dying yeah. I didn't know that yeah. How old is he he's gonna say he's in the seventy? What happened to just got some terminal illness see if you can find it, seventy six great comedian, comedian. Supposedly, I never met him, but supposedly a great guy too we're all gonna brother. Yes, I think I think about I want to make I want to. I want to be too attached to him. Tell the I want to make that's right on the watch. I've been doing the areas you know how to do as I do SAM Harris
is not dying, not dead. Sir Billy Connolly sends reassuring musical message to fans. Okay, six, two zero still going he's got some sort of a cancer; Parkinson's is double dose breaks down, I've been doing, I've been reading about do and SAM Harris is waking up at real, guided meditation. I've been doing it now I can for three months. I actually I love because I read his book spirituality without religion, and I really liked it. I've always dabble of was thought about meditation, but I without fail of done it now for over three months and so ten minutes today. Sometimes I do a little longer. You know, but it's it's kind of profound. I never would have seen the value of it, but it's it took me awhile to see he helps it's very easy he's a very good guide because he's been doing it for thirty years yeah and he's a very
Mark guy, obviously, he's done a lot of those quiet, retreats yeah! So did you go there re road sapiens? He goes on three months retreats I mean, when I start seeing guys were that smart and do that. I kind of went this very interesting, especially from SAM who always takes flak for being an atheist, but he's pretty religious for an atheist. I mean in terms of how he speaks about meditation consciousness. Mine versus brain. He didn't use the term. Spiritual are appreciate that say that I'm not religious poems by now yeah. I guess he's he's very concerned with the the health of his mind and he recognizes the power of meditation. You know I do a bunch of different things that help me keep my mind clear, like one of 'em is running or something about running that I never really understood until I started doing it to form a meditation
well yeah you're in this sort of weird state of mind where you're, just trudging and breathing, and that's all you really can concentrate on you- don't have much room for other things like when you really struggling like when I'm running up a steep hill and I'm running with the dog he's so much faster than me. He just fucking takes off. He took, I have the best dog man. He turns around checks, just make sure I'm ok Ok, so you're right, I'm like I'm good dude, I'm good, I'm right behind you and then he takes off and runs again. He just loves freedom and he's so he's such a good dog. Like I never worried about him meeting people he would just be kissing them like the only thing I worry about is like cats, like mountain lions share. I do worry about that 'cause. We do run in these really remote areas and when ' I do that when I'm trudging up those hills, all I'm doing is breathing machine SH, SH, SH,
I'm pushing my thighs and I'm fucking trying to get to the top of this hill and sort of rough steep fuckin' longhill. You don't think about Jack Schitt's in that, and then, when you do
come down in your heart rate, drops and you're ready to go again. You know, look I'll I'll do like a long, two hundred Yard Hill Michael Sprint. It is much as I can yeah and then I get to the top, and I have to catch her breath, and I want to kill myself, but then, when you catch your breath. So during the time where your heart rate is dropping, you start looking at the the actual real magnitude your problems like what are what are they really like? What? What is what what Mona are? Our biggest problems is the way we interact with each other right, if you think about all the problems of people have in the world. Obviously this is the big global ones, global conflict, war and financial conflict and weird the country's due to each other back and forth, but it's human beings in conflict with other human beings and how much of that could be avoided right, like
Senate, mostly avoidable click with people with one to one, reasonable people. You- and I you and I is perfect Xampp we've run into some people run into a person and the west, not house wars are, I think so. Some right right, of course, is with groups will not it's also like. Sometimes it's about resources, I mean, if you, if you only have access to one water way and your kids may not be able to drink water, you can get genocidal right, quick of course you know so there's there are certain things where you can go. We have to fight for survival, but again, people go to war. The way you organize men, young men, is not with we hate them that doesn't last as much. What you do is you. You go hey it's about love, it's about defending our country, our way of life and you create symbols and again and things for them to march behind. That's always how you motivate large groups, how you create an ideology
in your you know. Your fighting force, you need that because they tend to fight for something. You know, I think at West Point. It says nation to finds itself on what is willing to fight for nobody wants one world government right, that's one of the things that everybody scared of like one world's like what one group that runs all the countries on the whole planet, like that's, too crazy, right that desk terrifies all of us in one group having all that power anytime anytime. One group, that's my fob problem of the big federal government right put like isn't I mean it. It seems like they're all ridiculous at this point, but if there was laws like laws that we all agreed on, like you can't just like say, if you go to Singapore with weed, you got a chance like rest of your life. Hong, the, if you're a dealer there.
Yeah they'll, they'll they'll. You up can't be traveled over there with cocaine or anything crazy like that, yeah you're in deep, no jury just Judge Lee Kwan. You talked about that. He goes yeah. We hang about seven people year, SAD's terrible now. You know just judges, but how many people die from drugs from your drug issue in the how many people, how many kids are orphaned? I was like him and they have. They have a perspective, hard ask perspective, but we've got to realize that that perspective exist still in this earth like it's really interesting, we think of all the different cultures like I was thinking like stoic, cultures and cold northern cultures and that's great yeah man or you starve Germans in the Swedes. In the nordic folk time becomes a real factor time with your harvest when all that stuff also know
shed some fucking insane jeans in these people right like that game of Thrones guy. You know Brock Lesnar's folk or from I hard I world yeah land of the giants. Yeah. This is the craziest hardiest stock server Well, the real vikings, yeah and real survivors like they have to deal with some shit in the winter before there was any kind of cars those people are living they're riding animals when it was. God knows how fuck you wore those animals over it skin and they would open the door he's blowing giant beards, one fire in the center of this Fucking house and everyone is gathered around the fire, was all about. And having enough to eat and then you have to worry about some other dude. Just like you coming into your town and fucking you up
slash and taking you as a slave. All my god shopping you up in front your family, yeah people just chop, people up, that's right and that's the mostly what happened forever. That's right, mostly what happened and by the way we're gonna, impress your wife and kill your yeah everybody got killed. Everybody got raped, and that was normal. That was life and people made through that to some form of security when they started thinking about rules and laws and how to force them and keep things civil well yeah, I think it just well. I think the fascinating thing is slavery. Slavery was the order of the day and the leading philosophers, an moral thinkers of our time from Jesus to the Buddha to Mohammed, to Socrates and Aristotle, to all never ever really spoke much about slavery, about owning other human beings, about selling someone's children. That just was, it really brought up? I mean it just one
didn't you just see it? It's like it was just what was done and then you Know- really started the abolitionist movement they where they I mean the beginnings of the abolition of slavery. Worldwide. You didn't know british in Haiti. Hundreds really and you know, did it in the specifically evangelical Christians, the abolition movement was, started by what you'd call fanatic Christians, but they were they were they were they everything an convinced, the crown enforce a ban, Avery in the high seas. So if you were a british naval ship, even if the I mean if there was a turkish ship of the Ottoman ship over there and they had slaves, the British were spent years and great costs at basically hanging slave traders free. Slaves all that stuff on the high seas: so, even though
Yes, there is a lot of racism that went on the Brits and their Navy war, the ones that began the abolition of of war. Why slate? it didn't allow it on the high seas. Now, how amazing is that that didn't take place until what eighteen Eighteen, sixty five, Sir eight a debt now listen! Well! That's when I was a boss in America it was that abolished the all, Noah Britain abolish slavery. I believe way earlier than America, so we were one thousand eight hundred and sixty five eighteen sixty five, then, when we got nothing to remember, as United States has been a country with slavery longer than it's been a country without. So that gives you an idea of a recent that is ok, stop and think about that that number one thousand eight hundred and sixty five seems so recent. Now it used to when I was a kid it felt like As for Africa, I know what it was like five years old, I thought about slavery. I thought about as being like eons and eons in the past. Do you know a book I just read and it's it's the it is without. Besides the buy
a lot. Arguably one of the most influential books ever written in the 19th century, what Uncle Tom's cabin oh yeah, I realized, I hadn't, read it and um. Well, I mean, I think, that's Beecher Stowe and I think the legend Lincoln said so you're the little woman that wrote this book that started this great war because she she put this ship we're actually issues from the n, but she interviewed fugitive slaves and people. You know we used to be, and if you read that book man it was, it puts such a face on what slavery the brutality, what it was really about in this country anywhere, where you could take a Womans child eight year old, and you get some money
and it's the story where the slave trader goes wow by the kiddies. He I could fetch a good price for him down south. Well, we'll take him when his mom ain't there, maybe gather, go, do chores. So when she comes back, you know. Otherwise it's all kinds of, lemon on it and they had slave brokers. Who would come then go. Look. Your plantation is in debt. You gotta start selling some of your slave. Now I'm not going to take those guys, but that woman she's got she's, got those two healthy. Looking boys, and then you would sell them and she could do nothing about it. That was reality and Uncle Tom's cabin controversial book, because this way they describe Monkey Tom is a simple ten and a Nigro, but I'll tell you what to do it is she she made. You realize in Technicolor, with a human face, just exactly how horrible it was and what happened to the women who would have to see to see their children sold in front of them and they couldn't doing it, but
but it got Sana blah blah blah it was well, it was. It was for many people. What galvanized the n to say we can't have. This is crazy, can have slavery. How crazy is it that wasn't two hundred years ago? I know, I know that wasn't even two hundred years ago, I know man, that's that's like you know that joke that I have about the president, the being like we became a nation in one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six yeah people live the three people go right now, that's realizing thrill. We we are tense. We are infants and something we're we're in the process of this thing. Well, we're figuring out life. What's fair, what's right, how to run and we're we're doing it based on this idea that someone had already got it dialed in with this. The constitution or whether it's through the democratic system or whether educational system, all these different systems, that we have that perfect in their own place and they're ready to rock and they've been rock song.
For generation after generation in a minute. How long is it been around? I know any oh wait hold on set. That's it! oh wow, so what did they do before that? What they do, but we know they just put: when do they have the ability to print? Ok, that was like what five hundred years ago it wasn't talking. When was the any press made for in the 1400s by Gutenberg, but then he didn't really take condition, but it will take a little a zero dollars and sixteen cents. So imagine having everything you read. Someone has to write with their fuckin' hand right. You have no idea. If it's correct you have no idea if they're telling the truth, but it's writing it it's not for years and years and years, and that's like probably the main reason why they probably had establish higher schools of learning well. This is where I was writing this hold on. What do you do when the stuff that you're writing? How do I know it's true? What's your method, yeah right right down and fright very Lecrae is usually the priests and there's a I called how the Irish saved civilization
about how the scribes have the irish priests row down all the knowledge they wrote it down in books and they carried it with them. So it's like this whole story of how the libraries had to be painstakingly imitative and then the printing press in the fourteen hundred one thousand four hundred and forty five or whatever and Gutenberg If investors are watchmaker invented this thing called the printing press and nobody really used it, but then you could like you, could people could disseminate ideas. It was like the internet have an idea and all of a sudden instead of having one book for you know fifty miles, you could print out paper and make multiple copies and send them out. Diane and then all of a sudden kind. Martin Luther goes if I have the But what do I need these corrupt priests? For? What do I need to be pleasantly, which is going to say that mark winter used to make those posters right and put them up, yeah the proclamations yeah, in Bitburg, Germany. I think, but either way.
This guy was yeah, but she ever listen to Dan Carlin Series. On that I didn't. Oh, my god. It's amazing Dan Carlins, he explained Luther. Some explain the whole movement and how he got away with it because he had a high public standing. So they didn't prosecute more SU amor they figured out a way to translate the Bible where other people could read it. It couldn't speak Latin, that's right, without a phonetic translation for it, so that so that now? So, if you have the word of God, what do I need to present to Catholic Divide was about essentially wait a minute. I don't need to pledge allegiance to the giant institution Vatican, with all the money in the costumes? What, if I just have the Bible, I do it. Jesus said 'cause. I can read it right. We're all of a sudden, now you're, a protestant that was and everybody was scared about. I mean- must been the most horrific thing about the religious power back then, like Rome had armies right yeah. This was this was
like when Genghis Khan was roaming. The earth and running through russia- and Asia and Eurasia. Thank Rome was like they were thinking about going to battle with these people. The Mongols like the Rome had armies, the Pope had wives, This was like a really in a lot of ways was almost an ancient way like a similar position to that the United States has now in terms of the whole world right I'm so high right now, yeah. Of course you are I'm sorry, but What was that you gave me 'cause. I only took one hit is marijuana? It's a blunt. Why am I in a tunnel? It's good for you? back on the outside of it in marijuana inside your head. Why is your head so beautifully shiny their beauty to use them? I'm gonna be honest with you. I use moschner, you do moist moist tender 'cause I just got, you know, I got you a little nervous because you have a nice. Petina looks like at the spoke shoe
outlook. In a shoe, see I bring it back. When I see I bring it back complicated, it's got serious losing its out. Now you can make You can apply it everywhere everywhere, Amazon, everywhere. Wherever you get your way, you get your joke to ever. You get your father there is one hundred million comedy specials out right now, God what I don't know what the number is. What I'm going to say is one hundred million Stiller airlines going to count 'em all yeah still aware: fraternity, yeah, it's rare fraternity. It's interesting? How many of us there are today as opposed to the day's viewer? You know my question is how much material these build up. Some of them do. You know who is God Damn hilarious right now is Sebastian. Nothing is not always hilarious, but he's gay have some new material that he was dealing at the improv website? Oh my god, so he's so funny. So funny he's hilarious.
He just got his own groove like we're talking about Theo VON earlier, like he c? In my mind there they did. Very similar that there, but their styles way different yeah the materials we different, but here they have their own thing, yeah. They they have a hundred percent. Our own thanks, bashing has its own music. It's a it's a it's like a music. It's, as is our ability yeah and you love him. So you count on him reacting to these things in a certain way. It is, it is unique, is like you know, Christopher Walken is always you know he's in a. Zone. Right now you know Sebak mission is in his own sold out four seat, four shows at Madison Square Garden. Damn that's good for sold out, see. That is amazing for four That's like eighteen thousand seats, a show. That's nuts nuts yeah, it's gotta, be some money, he's a beast Yes, I'm sure there's money in it. But the point is like he's in that sweet spot of his career
That's why I love that in a way why I still have faith in the american system. He was a waiter for nine years, yeah this isn't just a smart, easy going, dude who's easy to love. Yeah. He's got a lot of that yeah! It's got a lot of that is so fun watch on stage. I don't want to say what he's talking about. I want to ruin any of it 'cause his it hasn't even it's on paper. I never yeah! Just you have to I him here in front of finally managed same thing. I say about the like the is in this rare place right now. You know like he's on stage and he's like you just start smiling when you see him is his hypnosis game is on point this phenomenon yeah. I don't today on the back as he did. I don't get. It was like your original yeah beating yourself up three from self up. Every comic to
every comic does I just stopped doing it. Fifty two booth is SAM Harris APP. Now I just decided I got tired of I've realized I've been doing my best and I got myself here yeah I mean you know, welcome, there's like a two thing going on. Two things simultaneously going on. There's one that you know you want to do your best, and so you look at everything you do and you go. I think I could have done that better God, damn it. Why do it like that? So what is that about? What's this about what I do like that, why not rework that redo this, but then there's the other part. That has to be like look. Why are you doing this like a a doing this because you enjoy it, enjoy it? Okay, you're gonna feel gross about anything that doesn't work out. Well, everything you do that doesn't work out well just, don't be a bit about it. Just get over it. There's a certain self indulgence involved and dwelling on your mistakes
the e. It becomes almost like a self pity thing. You got out there there's a strength in a discipline in learning how to go. Okay, a up did you? Did you ever read Martha Graham's letter, the great the mother, of modern dance. She wrote a letter to Agnes. What do you think when you asked me that question did I ever read timely mother of under Dennis. It was it's timely though it's it's kind of it. Yeah sure, like a like, but it's still fun I now at because I'm I'm asking you about What the woman's name again, I say her name is Martha. Graham, she is the great I'm gonna, just it's like a really short letter, but she wrote this.
He was a great choreographer. She created modern dance. She was basically like is not just there's not just ballet, let's how bout just moving, naturally and doing crazy, bring up Martha, Graham she's you at eighty she was dancing, but she was a she's, a giant she's, an innovator she's, a giant that being when you think of dance, she might be the most famous one of the most famous names ever in dance. Okay, whatever But I'll she wrote this letter and I think you'll appreciate this. It's really short: there's a vitality, a life force, a quickening that translated through you into action and because there is only one of you and all time, this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and bill.
Cost the world would not have it it has been, and it is not your business to determine how good it is or how valuable it is now how it compares with other expressions. It's your business to keep it yours clearly and directly and keep the channel open. You don't even have to believe in yourself for your work. You have to keep open and aware directly of the urges that motivate you keep the channel open, no artist displeased. There was no satisfaction whatever at anytime there's only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessid unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others. Damn that's beast ship How about that? That's on the money that is a woman. That's her! That's her! She was doing this. Nobody understood. Will you send me that yes, 'cause, I'm so high, I'm not gonna! Remember it but I'm not really into what she's doing here, but appreciative words
feel, like you shouldn't show me this was no. This was in a time when they were only doing it. She was doing the craziest show. This is how it dance of our really hurt my back isn't like one thousand nine hundred and forty three. If I'm not mistaken, Well, you know what matters people were probably in nineteen. Forty three people were probably Strug doing then for freedom from the orthodoxy struggling to express themselves and ways, you know. That's one of the more interesting things about stand up is that it's indicative or it some it's representative of the time in which it's performed in like there a little windows in time to how people behaved and thought, and there were some shit that people did just ten fifteen twenty years ago that you just can't do now. Just it's like it's not it's not it's not possible.
It's not it's not in the public's menu list, anymore right, you know, but back then it was normal. It's like you can and some stuff just isn't funny anymore it's weird like some of the Lenny Bruce stuff man he was for the time he was groundbreaking ready to, like nobody had seen anything like this before guy who's, talking straight and true about real social issues and making them funny on stage and right You know handsome looking jewish fellow with beautiful hair, and you just had a look just like this. Is comedy shook people up yeah, but it was. There was no way.
You and I can put ourselves back into the minds of people that lived in the nineteen fifties. When money versus doing this there's no way we can put ourselves there. We do. We are tainted forever by technology and innovation. It ended the way that it's the way that interaction, I think, is the big one right them was soon as people started, Bmb Exchange information with each other and old. You know whether it's a through television and then through rate, you know, radio and television and television shows and then internet the more they express themselves, the more they sort of figure out patterns of behavior that are acceptable yeah. But I wonder at times whether or not I think standup has is having a renaissance, but like music and things. I don't think we're living in a time of genius. Are we or do I not know enough about their some great ship? That's being made there's just so much it's being made. The black keys are always putting out great schitt. Gary Clark Junior has an amazing new album. It's amazing,
It's so good. He said he's got such a signature. Guitar sound man, his fucking guitar sounds like, like I love that style of you know he's got. He did uh honey honey did a show together one night in downtown aelay damn and I recorded some of it and put it on my instagram and then we're doing this. Allman brothers midnight rider yeah, see if you could find that. It was a phenomenon crazy man. She was reading the lyrics off phone. I just know the lyrics to the song she to go and get it and choose singing in real time, while she's ringing, I saw that you know right why she's reading rather and so he's doing midnight rider, but he's doing it Gary our junior style, it's a in amazing one else is here, it is see that's like that's his style. You know saying
Gary Clark, this song. Oh look at that killer man! You ever see Stevie Ray Vaughn, two blue child there's a video ever some live, but I almost to drive my life. I drove Jeff back when I was when I was a limo driver almost got to drive Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was thinking I think it's Dr Steve Ray wow, but he won't take limos. He would only take cabs in order to talk to really yeah man the way he and his people what he does with the guitarist. Just he was performing with Jeff Beck and all of his p. But we're in the limos man and he went in a fucking. Yeah
Damn is legit as fuck special man, but was Crazy to me was that Gary, Our junior, he Gary Clark June Do that song, while still having a we clearly that song so cool. But God knows so cool do to be. There live, and it was like twelve clock at nine Tuesday in Tuesday in downtown, was be one hundred people in the room and Suzanne Suzanne Santo from honey, honey, she's, so talented man. She looks at the fact that she could read. That your voice is insane, she reading, that off of her phone and saying it's so crazy yeah, but grapevine. We can't put any of his music uphold a Yankees off the phone. If I, if I gave you a if I told you that you would have a few, would trade a deep knowledge and practice of music over your knowledge of mark
large. Would you take it right? No, no! No. Why would I do that? I would rather be a better a great fighter than an amazing guitar. She's. Yes yeah, I don't know how I feel they love the art yeah. I don't have to make it no, but I do you play at all, and I will listen to Gary all day I listen to today, this podcast Joe Rogan experience. Because of my obsession with Jimi Hendrix right. This is why Did I miss my name? I stole it from Jimi Hendrix. I love music, but I don't. Any talent. Now I got none, I'm not no desire, nothing! You don't have to fucking make movies man, you don't have to be a painter. You know, Taylor Boss, made this Mitty look at that watch over us in the studio. I don't I don't. I don't want to paint no I agree you don't find something you really like him did source it. I'm not giving martial arts for number. Nothing, no way! No! It Who is me so much it's? So it's
important for me to to to just to have to another the ability to get out a hundred percent of aggression. It would hit a bag and just get into a flow smoke, a joint and then you do that. I did I don't I'm so high right now. The last thing I want to do is punch somebody. You might be interested in day two of the 50th anniversary of the wood stock. Did you hear that we're doing it? First of all know what they're doing with the lineup just got announced in day? 2's got Gary Clark. Sturgill and the black keys and David Crosby the rapper grateful dead. Who knows? Jesus wow, that's a line up right. There Sturgill Simpson, in the black keys. That's to my top ten tisto which music, what's amazing about music man is that there are still making it it's like
everyone still making music. So it's not like the database just gets bigger. It's only stuff goes away. You bring back old Donna summer. She said you know did I have what is that sit, yeah in my heart now baby No, no, I think it's nowhere to run right. I got to play lists thinking s, but okay, Allman brothers or James Brown like you go, you go back in time when you listen to that. You listen to James Brown Song, it's not just that. Listen to James Brown, you're listening to a time capsule from nineteen three or whatever it was. You know astonishing James Brown. He was amazing like that.
When I hear Zeppelin an I hear, James Brown, I never get. I never lose my shock at how good they were. How unique there yeah no Zeppelin was incredible. The only thing that taints Zeppelin is this. I know allegations of plagiarism, which seemed to be totally true. I know I've heard the songs. You can do this side by side with him. You stole those riffs yeah, that's rough! It's unfair, because the end result is fucking incredible, but you're still so great that the immigrant song won the best workout songs of all time. I know so crazy. We come from the land of the ice and snow with the midnight sun in hot springs, blow hammer of the gods, much credit I mean did- should they have at that- I'm not trying to disparage at all, but like they should get a lot of credit. For how good still there were still the greatest. They were, the definitive they're, the definitive heavy metal there. So good band! There's! No doubt that they're so good see. The thing is
every song? I don't know you know, I don't know how every band does it? Every song is probably constructed differently put in a lot of cases, there's a lot of people contributing to the song, you know. The drummer has an idea in the singer. Has an idea in the guitar player. Has these rifts he's trying out and they're trying to figure out the best way to do this song? It's a collaborative effort. It's no doubt that the collaboration was phucking Fenomenal. The question is: was it consensual, like how many of these people are collaborating, didn't know it right? So that's what happens if you plagiarizing, it seems like it's. Ok, Ok and you know, maybe they just thought that band is going to go away. No one is going to care about that anymore. 'cause. We're led Mutherfucking Zeppelin, that's possible too, because before the internet. That kind of would have been the case you know but I do think so. You still are taking something that doesn't belong to. You definitely aren't so. In my opinion, you have to buy that from the person yes or give them credit,
Yes, but there's no way you can discount the fact that they were mutherfuckers when they were on top when Robert plant would stay that fucking stage with his shirt open, I mean he's one one of the weirdest things like what they think about that change in history. Right go from one thousand nine hundred and fifty to nineteen sixty nine to nineteen years, and you see you go from people that like Hank Williams, senior guy, it rocks who apparently was wearing the blouses or dresses or t shirts that the girl he had the night before had worn, Do you know that? Does he wear onstage, that's correct! So that's what I hear. Probably his way through the ring on is his insurance. You always work Carl Schurz, that too small form. When you know we see, is Haagen pants, yeah, he's hard pressed to the side yeah the every every heavy metal band in the 80s. Poison, you name it. Whatever model
they all had a blonde lead singer would have ice. Heroes, Mister Roberts, yeah! Exactly he stood there. He's wearing a girl shirt- oh my god! That's amazing yeah! That's amazing that sure barely fit some damn right. All of so many of those pictures- waves, water, crazy life, that guy! Let yes, sir, look it out, you know. I don't think any one of us will ever be able to understand, even even if you became like the new led Zeppelin you'll, never understand what it's like to be led, Zeppelin and 70s yeah in the seventy watt like imagine. If do today, because name the new Giganto Fuckin' multi country, Rock as matter of any watching you well it's not just that too many people, watching you and there's a lot of you, you gotta think bats when Robert Plant,
was Robert plant were the royalty, were you were literally like a king yeah. You had the yet rolling stones at Elton John, yet people get people, but maybe have thirty yeah. You might have already yeah thirty big name. Artists may be may maybe maybe but it's true, maybe one hundred. Let's, let's get crazy, there's hundreds! You have pink Floyd you got to when you think about the Beatles. Obviously, some DC yeah yeah, you got all Let's shoot, you got a lot a lot going on back then. You know course Hendrix yeah. Chance, job doors, yeah man, you gotta lot shift, and then you got the weird ones: the mamas and the Papas an amazing band. Wasn't there some weird ship that went on well yeah, but also heroin and cocaine kind of kills all that whole that whole music scene yeah there's a lot of that. That's the problem, it's stored. It starts it up and then it poisons it Well, psychedelics and we'd, probably good for your music when you get into cocaine and
your music. You know I get it that it's bad for you, but I think it's, this be a coincidence that so many people that love Heroin made amazing, music before hand, though so a lot of forehand yeah look at Lou Reed, any of them who into heroin. Their music stopped Lou Reed was always even Hendrix. An Jim Morrison. I mean a lot of the songs that Hendrix was riding when he died at twenty seven yeah. So that was a relatively his musical development, I think was done less with, maybe maybe a psychedelics, but I don't think Heroin played a factor until later on in his life So it's hard to say I mean I don't know I know he was arrested in Toronto with Heroin. I don't know the whole history of his. I don't at that time. I was already so famous. He already written those songs that got him there. You know maybe
I don't know when he started using heroin or why holding her and makes you more more artistic or more successful at all. But I think what happens is you have very talented people that have a substance abuse problem? You know that's what Stephen King said. He said, I'm great writer, but I don't remember, writing Cujo yeah. My alcohol did make me a better writer, I'm a really imaginative, talented writer who happens to have a substance, abuse problem and facet of it. Yes, and no yes, and no 'cause. Yes, He is unbelievably talented. Yes, he's an amazing writer is one of my personal favorites. I mean I probably read more Stephen King books in any other fiction, author, but the stuff that he wrote when he was doing. Drugs was hard core shitt, He wrote the shining and coo Joe and the tommyknockers. He wrote all sorts of wicked books and where there just evil intentions and ruthless actions, and she
shocking scenes and the fact it was a coincidence. He was doing coke. Just coincidence used you're drunk. No, I think I don't resent wrote the book, so I think what he did on. No one saying that you with vitamin c doesn't make a person right it's these are these are tools yeah, squeeze, the most out of your imagination, while suppressing any sort of any sort of societal handcuffs you might have put on yourself because of the horrific notions like he said, he would say things in his book where you would go whoa like you would have to take a step back like where the what kind of Fuckin' person thinks this up right. What kind of person I'll tell you what kind of person a guy who's drunk as fuck doing coke? who's, also a great writer. It's not that it's not it's! Not it's not capable of writing that stuff and digging into his I'm, not saying that. I think you probably could have achieved
the exact same results on the natch, because Steven mother, okay, my to focus his mind for all It's also positive possible, rather that that stuff is rocket fuel. It's rocket fuel for your their physical energi, your anger, your mood, your in a Bishan's dissolve, and it might open up the pathway to that forbidden tour of demon, rape that you didn't want to get to hear him like and that becomes like it gives you tryna. Stephen King book gives you correct. Oh what the hell is that cemetery came out. What is it just brought up I'll get under way last week or something no yeah, I thought, is it a comedy? It's I heard it's really good. Really, John. This guy was, I gotta, go kids, a guys, always good. You gotta go let's close it down Brian Callahan darling. Thanks for. Thank you for thank
we having the number one comedy special planet earth. Something on the told me that I think I saw it. Alright good sort myself complicated apes. Yeah come visit me this weekend. Where are you at the Improv Kansas Friday Saturday? That's a great club yeah. I hope I'm not still how. I I know what you will be there in a as long as you guys, Bryan Callen com. Located apes because that's what they are. Indeed, all, sir. Thank you very much. Love! You always good to hang with you. We should do this more often. We always say that always it was doing it like every couple It's now right, Jim was last time, Brian yeah. What for just try it? How much? I don't know six months now, two years to my ears, yeah two times fly to quickly right now: okay whatsoever Months, thank you and me. Thank you. I found all roadways. Thank you, bye, bye, thank you ever
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