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2019-04-15 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. His podcast “Come To Papa” is available through All Things Comedy on iTunes.
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and being a baker of fine breads and enjoy or of Elk meet given up for my pal Mister Tom, Papa, again experience my job Joe Rogan, see about eager to see is Craig Lack and I'm too much cruising around we're talking about all bodies fall apart, stem cell shot and my shouldered its kill me right de I can tell you in paint. Oh yeah one shot just well. I gotta several in bullshit holders- and this is not like anything like that's against serious injury, but is there been annoying me lately says fuck it little scope and everytime I've done it made me feel better right. How often you have to go? I've been doing like once every six months may that's what happened and then a chemist is ok for awhile yeah right once every six months seems to keep me in boats expensive. So is a man who is not here.
bring whatever if its ceiling it, but then I'm seeing a moron right and go back to work in our hard. But what would it is that soft tissue heels like this is a soft tissue issue. yes, I've tissue is one the best thanks for things like stem cells to therapy because he can actually regenerate tissue ray and it can heal thanks. Where gets a real problem, my friend Miriam knock em ownership, but oh those snacks bags. Next week, there is now company she's a multiple time world. My type champion, my tie, my tie boxing, even that might I now never heard of that. No you! So you so well on our way, Why you're also like a non jock, where I was Jack, my whole life? What would you do? I've played a football, did others right foothold forever in track in a bunch of stuff? you fucking, then I stopped deflected body up at all,
not too bad my shoulders a little bit my shoulders little, but that's pretty much mom I mean. You know, like I, run a lot now running over the last couple months, what website at all so ass to be in better shape when you feel better Blake Bernajoux rounds pity. I regard that as our because I was like baby you, maybe your face, looks tenor. Man yeah, I was good. You have gradually suggests awnings man, that's a cool thing. Once you get going right. Yeah that momentum? That's what's, will you know it's really was up. Was I was kind of crews and along and dislike last five paths? Just can I hang in there, and then I realized I'm working out like this work out that I'm doing is what it'll warm up. When I was an athlete right, this wrong even have been a warm up like that was pretty good at the start of either sissy and try and really push a little Let's get a trainer
I don't like intimacy. That's real! Well! You know! U else you can do this actually apps, where you can follow an app and the apple put you through a worker, oh yeah, yeah, several of now the really good. Ok, but you really get once avenue affiliation with any of them. So you're not name any of em, but you cannot. Even you can we gotta yoga one. You get a ninety minute yoga. One ranges do yoga, did pot with talks you through the poses it's great isotopes all the time, but I feel like I've got anywhere. I feel I have to shift into lifting waits again like changes. aspirin dropping now, but I just feel like you know we will, but I don't want to be I don't know anything. I like the pool with no arms out of its many people of motivated themselves by going to the beach or the poor
with very little close thought about Fox Summertime, far people going to know exactly what the veto my secret appeal, gonna know. What disgusts me about this is my glutton look at it, and this is my laziness. Luck this, I did all tat is my poor food choices right here. Luck lie where this is drinkin, yes, upper the upper part we have. This is the part on the site, but I really just but then, when I started getting after being like don't be such a city like to work out right, try and push it. Then you wanted. Then I wanted to do more than I got into it and I'm like our let's go now. I M going further quicker, but is all been cardio yeah, all cardio. What about your body weight? Stuff? You know, I mean it's not a bad idea to start off with body weight. First Volga ships here, because you haven't really done much like that in Y yeah, it's chin ups, push shops in the body. Weight squats really don't need much else really now real.
I've been doing more pushups de Linzer, eighth ferocious to work out in with change grip, pushups, Chin, ups body weight, squats, just just those things zambian after there are those China far as it goes in the doorway yeah. Get a real one that gives us things. Farm people die ones. That hang folks. Listen to me, those ones at hang on the door to door. Jamnia ice work instruction, those fucking things are not designed for you hanging on a little tiny nails. Yes, you have people like me, probably install them. Sometimes you don't need a stud out. Little tiny nail is gone, ready the fucking dry wall and you're hanging that thing over there and its pulling on that sucker. Now that I've missed my shoulder, fuckers that drill into the side of the door in items and the ones that they go, right in the side, ruinous way. Owens of energy like forest, screws on each side of that a hold your weight at all your way, I'll get that that one work cause. It's pretty.
torn down on the would be the way. Those things like sitting on the would you know those one that was a grasp of the action is a recipe for a broken neck. I feel like that thing was like every eighties movie yeah I mean I'm sure they have good ones that do that, I'm sure yeah sure, but you should really check out your fuckin mouldings. First Us Mouldings, Poland. I just lay on the ground and do some pushups a real chin up our man, a real toolbars, is made. If you just got one and in a park just go to the Fuckin park, your outside their lot, Parkes have like those bars and little setups. We could do cows. Yes, here nobody ever gave him. So no joke company avenues. Articles jewels are grateful. Workin out now they simply simple. Yes, seem like ladies of us go over there broke, I go to Nautilus. I don't need this raid exact you'll get. I do my leg extensions. On normal, I got my membership. I used once a month body weight. squad seem easy. When you do three when Do a hundred they become very fucking?
hard right when you get to like seventy like whole shit that burn baby any start counting down tens. I don t wish. When are you play football, and you do in a two hundred whom we like to two hundred to break a minor role now break I'm doing around they. Wouldn't we do like thirty, and then you have split em up and that there was a big time work out and now let me like twenty five. Unlike I'm good for a couple days. Sorry man did is getting anywhere more than thirty pushups, as I would sit, starts getting crazy thirty. Why thought lot of pushing the attitude like your body as a condition for that and if its not he lets, you know, you're doing Armstrong shaking the Bologna and cocky around nineteen, no utility, eighteen do you, like Brown, fill? In fact, it's blue. no funny how whatever number you have in your head is where you start right. If you, SAM June, twenty, you start shaken it. Eighteen, if you seem do and twenty five
you don't starching until twenty three, you know it a real mental thing. You don't really fuckin cool and I got a robe. makes this thing that it's it's like a bamboo pole and on the end of the pole, you pay but rubber straps, like yellowest those bans that year and then from those back As you hang kettlebells off of the bamboo sticky, as soon as you do in his benches accomplishment lift my right arm up. right now the weather show you as you're doing this thing everything's, all wobbly evidence super super wobbly cause. First of all, the kettle bells hanging from rubber rather than that, the stick whose bamboo thing is, Super waterway and as you, lift way to that. It's really good for your stabilizing muscles earthquake bar that's earthquake, cool there's a version of ASEAN. I can't watch the video online or someone will take us off line,
Yeah the earthquake bar yeah, it's exactly the one. I have that we will have that out. There I'll show it to you afterwards and I really cool Even lightweight look of Yoda do seventy pounds, yet only thirty five it inside its awkward. Without that, like something you want to use in your house, you gonna ruin your floors, put rubberin for rubber before rubber of your house or nothing gets ruined. You didn't have grandparents plastic over the furniture. Oh yeah, my nana, my matter in view of the matter I have in mind within the door they put fucking plastic over the furniture, is very big deal. You spent a lot of money on that count. You gonna get a past. I was always fuse when I was a little kid. I sit on accountability. This is terrible, especially in the summer with your short sea legs just be sweating. It then it is, and they d eventually got kind of like IE, followed by the sun and by use
crack. Lisa was we're. You would like put like a jack it down, and then he would sit on your jacket that whole generation never had comfort. We're like their beds, were hard the Pillows were shed lived through the fucking. russian man. I don't think real that shit people starved to death, but this was a barbaric time where, where people are brought down to base humanity just a rival rough, and then you have again like fifteen good, years and then go into world war two and they dealt with that yeah. They were like. We don't need comfort, we're not playing around with sweat pants on being bag chairs. Will they knew the imports of being vigilant right, like we all do differ to follow David Goggins online know did you know is now dead. Goggins. Is this Navy seal? Who now is more or less like a man,
provisional and of fitness inflow the run the guy was right now do broken knees, thou use a fuckin savage year running these lives. Clip came woody. How many one hundred mile runs a runner row, some fucking preposterous number member? I was exactly remember it. I was sick, seven minutes like twelve or of one hundred mile member, I don't have it all, but there his whole thing is stay hard, till semi attacks are nowhere. I go just stay odd, mother fucker, as is out there because like but if you're a Navy seal right, does this that the the pinnacle of her. Hand combat and in the armed forces those motherfuckers Ross. Special Hume, yeah and then on top of those motherfuckers, been our special humans, there's guys that can just just put a little that message out like hey you! You are soft as fuck. Compared to how people used to be
all soft as fuck compared to those world war. Two, the people, the state, you gotta, stay vigilant back And everybody had to stay vigilant again, you deal with just day to day life you to deal with what was coming from here, you know what a tune in at a certain time to find out what was happening. nobody had gathered round the tv for the new. That was all the news. You got. That's all those you gonna! U will get an hour's word. I was it what the fuck was going on, nothing, nothing and they re at arena. me. It was a really with us, though, tired of that what they are offering, I don't want to not better off work. Why way better off wrecked recognising that you, luckier than those people, haven't some fucking disciplined. Why should I even goggins is degree on cliff. Get you fucking shit together tat. Now I realize I agree with everything you just said, but I was saying you're better. They were better off not being fed
use diet. Twenty four hour: oh yeah, yeah man, mentally private, worst human beings who have had to deal with his lot. It's a double edged sword, because if you dont get fed that you don't fight and out about Julia Assange, getting kicked out of the embassy in London. You don't find out about Billy indifference towards the new. It's a funny story, it's cool story, but do I need to know of funds that that's a quote for you from now on pay? What about Julian Assange Tampa hands up in clothes? one story, close story, but I don't need to know yet really. right. You just redefined white privilege. Well here you hid it headed out ahead limit our fire seriously. What can I do about a lot of these? You know. Look, I think it's good masons flowing in that moves? Everybody for, but you from He said my maritime thousand jokes and feed my kids is like. need to know everyone, every trouble spot going
and the word well, it's like that. It's very good questions like how much responsibility do you have to be tuned in to all the events of the world and to act a common responsibility have outside voting and do you have the responsibility to vote Khazars some people there very interesting people, don't vote near. You know I don't agree with yeah. I want to participate I understand that, but I don't think Michael Mouse votes. Doesn't he does that he doesn't boat. I think he said he doesn't I forget his reasoning, but it was very logical, nigh Stanley argument, but I am even if it seems kind of false- and I just I think it s kind of like mentally engages you in the world you you should be trying to participate. I think His perspective is that as a commentator on the world that be better off, if you didn't actually vote Look at how we really sees it on both sides:
if I'm sure partial yeah, I'm sure butchering the way he would phrase it. I think it's a lot, in the spirit of that. If you vote you dont have a right to complain He likes it just as vigorously that was deep. Well, but I think, but look it's it's a lot. Look. I think it's. trying to be a good person under the person level and trying to carry a family and work hard and be good with people and help your community. That's kind of the extent of what you can do, and hopefully that spreads out. But you know right Julian Assange. Ok, really. I realise that you know well, like all those people that work I remember that generation than only get news during at six o clock our you know where they less citizens of the world, because they only got that little dose, I'm dead,
well that's informed and the ideas that more people can get away with things that should be able to get away with like what's happening right now. What you like times. We enjoy signs in anybody estimation. If you look at what he did, he distributed information that It was extremely interesting to most people in the world that did know about it. Right exposed the lot of scary shit, yeah disposed lot of corruption supposed a lot of fun. I mean what what corruption did expose, I know expose them. There was that collateral, murder, video that was the weather, first ones where they showed them? Shooting they shot at these guys? They thought were soldiers and they were. They were reporters. what sort of just the way they dealt with it. It was very scary for people watching that someone could just like dehumanize accidentally killing the wrong people. Make it like now as the military they were. Making like you know, hey, but you can
I don't have to be in that mindset to be able to gun people down from the sky in the first place more, but you gotta put yourself in the respect of some. To do that job. Here you take a regular person and then you try. them to do their job, and then you ask them to go and pull the trigger people dead. They're gonna develop a coldness to them. You will get a car they have to Europe, but to see it What Julian Assange did as he showed it to us, and then he released all sorts of. I mean I've I have an embarrassing that I haven't really studied all the files and what was Listen, what was it apparently and Ben appear was here. He said that people's needs. Who's got put out Apparently that was someone hacked into Wikileaks and release that information before they could redirect the names, as was the this, is what I've been told by multiple sources settlement? But again I didn't look into it. I dont know that is correct. So
they're going to say that he was treasonous, sir, that he was. I don't know what you're going to say. I think you're. The first thing It was a sex charge. That's what they're trying to say that he had sex with a woman. They work he wore a condom and then they had sacks They had sex the morning with no condom. She didn't consent to that that he just kind of data or somethin. I think with some more. They think they called it surprise sex and if I'm butchering us, I'm sorry by the didn't, make sense like that there would be going after him that way, because it is obviously not about that link here, you go after. If you want to get somebody go after a year or whatever things agenda like hacking, charges now right. now. I know you are you crazy and then in the embassy radio he wouldn't clean up after his cat news, wow a scooter around, isn't true! That's what I don't know why, but who knows? What's trend now this parliament, but that was part of the little story that I could have done. It was thought she was poetically describing what the embassy
smell by reducing their eyes, had already had shit walking through the halls it is crazy. Asshole, you have then you won't leave. Panel Anderson comes over every now and then the frequent surveillance footage of joint son, skateboarding and Ecuador. An embassy in London has been leaked, ok, yeah, but here's the thing man like what do you want to go to do their problem? He's there for seven fucking years we ve gone crazy, that's like being under house arrest, dude I mean it's amazing that he lasted that long and what they do. They waited and now and then, when it we're. Never gonna wait! A malthusian staying there forever has got sick of it. They just get sick of em. I think it was also of the ecuadorean president. I think he took a photograph in front of like some lobsters and shit and was from a leaked email and that photo got out, and it was very embarrassing to him because as countries in a deep financial crisis,
and he's children and some forces somewhere. He loves tearing lighter. Why don't I I mean look Only then will you see pictures a trump using to duck. Fried chicken epistle loves its brains to Fredjim mark in private jet, actually really loves. That's loves. Fuckin loves fast food like when he got all those it leads to making the visit of the government was shut down and brought him a fast food. He didn't understand, they look. What does this shit and then he had another team showed up months later, Eddie you broke of s food again, government was just imagine the fucking you're going to see the press. Of the United States and Europe professional yeah right, your body literally a Temple Mayor college athletes. the college I have set out the be real about
that college athlete should get fucking pay, she's, crazy, that's the biggest robbery and all that politics. College sports only get it chanced again to the NBA in Vienna felt yeah the chance they do, but you're making billions of these two fuckin billion. Don't give me so much money. Twenty dying advocate vast. I'm telling you man this guy in terms of light material, current and future. It's almost like we go latin doubt. It's almost like tromp was ice cream like when he was in office. He was so good for comedy that It's like there is so many Trump Joe it's over every at now, everyone's I ve no doubt had any more. I kindly Agamemnon eyes. I need something else I can't have. I screamed these more bite eyes. Claims gonna come check it out of your throat. He really true it's so he so fuckin eccentric like good or bad
look at him as a human rights, so rare german You know I mean you see with the with the hair and the fucking constant golfing. Even though issue his shit on Fuckin Obama, golfing and he's got way if he doesn't even try to pretend these very hypocrite he's just everything is just leave the phantom economic jet skis. Let me repeat: it dominates areas. If you know what's also arises, the I think is the real thing, trumped arrangement syndrome, thinking aerial mean people that are obsessed with em obsessed with you know. This is the and it's gonna get em he'll be our office in three weeks, instead of like looking at it like this, the art, therefore, Garlic, Michael Mouse, where that it he's an objective, analysed wrapping back looking at he's, as it has vested interest in this guy. When you know that guy, when he just going, what is rise in back of watching. This is if a farmer
take that position not emotionally involved. Some people get so emotionally involved. They can't sleep, they start crying, they think is the end of the world. The world is exactly the same. We just have a different figurehead and I think it a present challenges that are made guess more understanding of each other. I do I guess what I I think I think there's there is good and bad about every situation, but with the pro I see is communicate. And if we just honest with the way we communicate. I think people on the run people on the left, they sure a lot in common. Does lot that they share. Rather than what they don't share common beer, you know you're living, they don't shares what they're watching. Others that is right, and that is also the vibe. You get like this. The vibe from these wet whatever whether CNN, whatever show your into MSNBC Fox NEWS, they all give out a vibe, and that five is, you know, We are right, here's
what's going on here is why that's problem right? You know, and everyone has a different problem and everyone thinks the right run. Then you have so you have different things, you some of em, I have like eagles and flags and TAT S a fox. I like that. I said I commented that. Can it true that you give me that shit yeah fucking yet come over here right oil, rich guys, you let your fucking, nay let em over your fuckin neighbourhood, Rachel, mad cow trucks and handsome guns so that it becomes your team that becomes clear, That's what it is a team thing most of it and the end of the unfortunate part is both are saying: are spending so much time rather than thinking about? This is the problem that we have to deal with their spending all their time. Thinking those other people are assholes right, exactly it's being it's the the venomous attacks against fellow Americans, because they have a slightly different view about air that
part is that the duration of the culture right now there are enemies their Americans, in that you know we're all on team America, we're gonna greeted this sort of thing. We remember exactly is we're altogether essential, but it is a wild country you travel around with my phone. What's this the flag, Bosnia. When brow it moves, I believe in America's concept. I don't think it's a bad thing to believe in America as a concept, no country we're we're getting better. We were working on this. I think this I did this people complain that someone put the american flag, nay cop car, in California, Sadaijin delegate. This is where in America Would it be? They put us wrong without an american flag on a cop car like distracted over? You know they have like the side panel, where it says the police Department has the american flag incorporate into their love? I would you hate him.
what's wrong with that. I like it, it's I guess I find it excellent those they drove gonna be problem. Why who doesn't like the american flag, which are having a patriot this imperialism? It's every thing, it's all the good to its all, the creativity, all the art, all the love, all the positive people, all young people, it's a look at this hour listen, it's working quote. We have such an amazing community of art is here, and I thought the aesthetic didn't really represent our community. This person said it feel very aggressive, bitch you're in the winners T care you Laguna, vs, aggressive and artists to Mcgruder Beach, just love life more areas everyday for its aggressive. That's why you can walk around with flip flops, you fuckin idiot its aggressive yeah, but as an aside grass of two, you cited grass of police, your friends, the whole
Do something happens. Your house, who do you want to come to a guy with a merit, is one is what color kit or the police yeah, but they might even say that, like the police car, the colors on the car, what they're not saying we should now police brushing that flag is too aggressive, will have at its lag and the police can play It is the flag, make it more aggressive that is so stupid. I don't get it, but is that processes is something wrong with us. Well, there is that there is that me jerk reaction from people on the far left. The think that everything we do is evil. You know from the beginning of the country to now we're just corrupt and evil and awful. Why is still here now why you go into the cave. They would all admit that it has great qualities. Problems is the problem is when people's really focus on only negative aspects: right
negative aspects, this country, real the real of course from top to bottom in every area in every in every group of human beings and negative aspects, are real. But this group of human beings, relatively short period of time has met. I think this group of human beings has managed to accomplish insane architecture, Sure music comedy rang, writing and dominate the world. I mean it's a crazy fuck and weird place, but dominate the world in a democratic. dance rang with with a democratic election in in their country, leading mostly peaceful manner. The real problem is Many start wondering like what the United States outside of this kind? three, and whether or not they should be doing it right as like other doing this, because they have to do this, because this is the way the rules work in that country are me why they probably this guy, when this guy's clearly a dictator, is it better to have the dictator in charge the have it become a failed.
State like Libya, all the shit, that's way beyond our pay? Great right right, that's what I think is get screwing say like I don't like what America does overseas. Ok, I don't exist exactly know what they do and I don't think you do either know exactly. I think, there's deals Julius, has clearly some people now right. Some people are super educate, informed, I'm not I'm not denying that the. What I'm saying is that most people that have these really aggressive opinions here about these things and the work that has don't necessarily think they ve thought about it too deeply. You know, but you also know that you known look. Everybody knows the country doesn't dirty stuff in places that wasn't cool. What find your country. Doesn't you write that exactly it's like that's the thing thing these militaries and these countries have to do in order to keep peace and stay alive.
And you know you want to shine light on that- so maybe it's not done again, but it's it's! It's part of the thing you talk about before about like our grandparents, not having a lot of information and in a way that you're living in the dark and that's bad, but in a way you're living in the light now, and you see everything the problem with seeing everything I think it came as a problem is that you realise Is that no organization? No country? No government is flawless no person there, flawed every having is flawed and everything, and now we have this idea that, if somebody is imperfect, they should be just run out of town cancel yeah cancel. kids out of office. What here we're all flawed everybody's flood and this idea, because we can find everything else out. You can expose everyone's flaws. What we're going to have to come out of this
somehow realizing that flood doesn't mean that their evil or their negative and have to be kicked out. Do you think there's ever gonna be a time in in humans, whether two hundred years now a thousand or snow or there's no war? Yes, yes, I do. How do you see that happening? Well, to start with the cop cars with flags on animal they're gonna for mining, Audrey Technology, and I think it is a matter of everybody becoming more comfortable. If you can, if you can have people, this is like a times Friedman idea that, if
if you want to stop like people fighting in the Middle EAST, give them all the comforts of good society, lend them be able to go, eat, Mcdonald's and sit in a coffee shop and all of a sudden you dont, want to fight as much. That means prosperity. That means popping. So I think technology, if you bring more water to people in there, is less suffering. If climate change doesn't term ruin all that I think of who can prop these people up and game, always people if they can rise and there's no everywhere point now withers fewer wars than ever before on the planet sure so were headed in that direction. So I don't see why not will as a thought exercise. Let's look at it this way, what makes any body decide to act as a group? What makes anybody like if why would we decide to go if, if right, what negotiations should we be having with someone in Germany? Why why Why are we having a conversation about anything? You have waited
fuck over there on the other side of the ocean. What would make people act as a group and go over and try to fuck with somebody else? that's right! That's in another place like well be that people can definitely be rallied around for any cause most certainly, but do you think this is my thought that, There will come a time when kind of rallying doesnt doesn't work that people we'll stop. Believe me. This is one of those very bizarre ideas that the systems that we have established for for human civilizations, what its countries or cities or com finance right whatever it is, that these systems, once all the boundaries that cap people from freely travelling all that since those videos are broken down. No one country any more diligently. Keeping this Cuban together now is the fact that air travel, so they know when you come in, they get to check your papers rang. All your flying in from overseas are you. Mister Papa was only one way. Mother fucker.
You got had allowed right here right in this spot and then we take each individual. We say: can I see you paperwork? Wouldn't God? Who are you where you from where you born? Do you have money the drug attic given arrested and that in their allowed they could still do that that way that didn't exist. If it was way easier to go to Germany, there was a technology that would allow Oh you, like a person like you for me. The same way we could drive places we could just fly into somewhere in land anywhere. Here you you'd have to go to a fuckin, specific location, like an airport or get funneled through a road that takes it to some. You know right that some checkpoints, I should like when you try to drive a network has just if people could fly yeah if people flew anywhere? They wanted to go if that technology existed. Good food again, luck keeping people from coming into your city, good luck, all those rules out the window, Kadijah others immigration, rules that doesn't exist anymore. Reckoning, people go anywhere, they want to reshape it. But what are you saying that gives you, while the gives you the
interaction with human beings, in a way I mean you, you won't be able to get them as a group is easily to go after another group right, because now, there's no country. Basically, there's no likes thing. Direct! We're not part of this. That has to though, fight that right Europe then we're all one now hear you, of one person lives in a great spot, and I want to give up their oil right right. Then it becomes a problem. come on racehorses we're all in this together those people in Alaska you know year. They got all that fuckin oil bro, Here's how many years two things, though, here's to things away it may not work well, and started haulage, two thousand Thalia, but I only two that I can think of it at the hotel minaret one. Italians are Italians, Germans of Germans and Mexicans or Mexicans, and you get around your people and you feel it and you know it, and I know who you are and where part of that tribe and we're part of that thing, and it doesn't matter that we
grew up somewhere. I just know you as an Italian and I'm an italian, and I am with you and that is very different from that turkish guy over there. That thing, that's very human, in your thing of your own blood. Your own thing, I don't think that's gonna, go away for bro. your old school and you beg bread. I think you're talking nonsense, really old, it's all driving things. You know what I mean thing. I do level if they could fix your eyes without glassy like now highlight the class you feel like, I think they re going to work, but
I think that the real thing I like my horse, horses, anything cars and your friend and their friend and you give him hey such a ban on this shit is actually really good for fertilizer. Our lamentable you're, my with my technology in this conversation, which I just read an article yesterday- that in China Face Recognition, is the thing: that's gonna, stop your fantasy of everybody, just love each other and going around in China. There too, with face recognition. Their able to recognise and categorize me Muslims in the country there's like this one set of Muslim in China and there, with all the space recognition that their seeing you know from your phone from everything, their starting a catalogue, the enemy and there in there going to be able to the police are sharing information and hotels and
nobody and they're all now through this network know what type of person just walked into this building and whether their friendly, whether the enemy and that thing that face recognition, thing is perhaps could end up split. Yes, a part even more old timer Tommy with his tech facts here, China's big brother surveillance technology is nearly as all seeing as the government wants you to think this is kind of like they might be able to upgrade it? That's all for sure you do. Do you wonder when your phone unlocked would your finger print in a blue, your mother fucking my brow, its roots, my finger panty anymore, my pink and five fingerprints on his mother Fucker accepted due to the side of my five minutes. She'll know says glasses the cop. What do you mean within the cop? That's a pact with Google lassie he's got some sort of face.
Recognition thing it's like the time I'm accrues movie. Minority roar well was out real yeah novice this autumn. this is a crucial step in area there. I don't know, but that's you know, I try to do glass on once. Acts. Oh yeah, through a whole. U S, he wins! Wherein Google Glass houses filming it. I guess it wasn't ready, right It wasn't ready and I think that's why they have an upgraded it. Let's hold off, because this is not working you weren't I'll run into their dorky shit people got Supra cartoon you around them. It's like Folia Cameron. Everybody may adopt your fuckin camera everywhere. I think they'll halves. Something eventually, but I have a feeling it'll beast: something where there's a technology. What were the outside you, you can't see when the inside you can and then I'll show you images like directly in front of you on the lens. So like you,
our glasses on your glasses, but it does show you things right right in front of you, a guy. I got one that I heard that I don't know if I understand and believe that this is real, but I've just googled it and I found something that makes it seem like it. So the next version of the Vienna headsets are supposed to have brain tracking and and that sounds so why? But enormity like being implemented and test, you get a knock on the door small. You think about beaten with. How are you and I we thought you were a regular person, but you beaten off a hundred times. you mention if they want to have a talk to Mr Papa, you watch fourteen hours of pornography this week. That seems a lot yeah. I think your mother would think that seems. Like I mean I want to talk to our well. They say employers are gonna. Do that insurance companies are gonna. Do that you're gonna, be how much you beaten on what should be love? How much you work out how much you sleeping whether in what we promise to share
only good stuff. That's like Google, when they said Dorothy, EVIL Wikipedia abandoned their mega, motivating factor pain right over that's I've, maybe a little evil one and we were is evil. Evil, schmidl we're going in that direction. Yeah man, it's gone in that direction and saw go into some sort of a wearable thing that connects you, but a weird thing that, like it where you're going to pick off your face and then you're gonna be able to they're gonna know exactly what you are and who you are, and you know it. The strange it straight! But it is it anymore strains than our lives today in comparison to people that live the nineteen twenty like we're talking much earlier This is way weirder way we ve wingless super where's, wayward or where we are down already for sure you just it doesn't get into the hands of people that can really messed with our other people's money.
Let the money in all the control yeah, they d programming cool with right, yet every great they'll be alright, yellow, be fine, everything's gonna be fine. Do you have a lax in your house, Elias, yeah yeah, my kids do my from my one frame is always trying to tell me just get that out of your house. Listen to everything. We say in everything: don't even ban that room! It's a question about the new neural link might become and on soon whenever I was thinking about like if, if it got to the point where I say we all got it and then everyone you knew had it and there's like a thousand people, have it wouldn't we had him like a threshold point we're like not. Everybody should have this work, at this point right here? How would you ever denying people something like that? The costs they might be really expensive to nobody,
How would you I know you can't deny people that what like say if someone's coming up and they want to try and everyone Else- has it they'll Adele would create a giant problem that bill. I could be said that was cellphones too many people have cell phones. We have to stop you, no more bind cell phones. I know that's why I swear. I think that that might become a big problem with that. Why what is ignoring but hold onto our stand? Why you think I just sort of thing that if, in the theory, that you're going to let it thousands of people have instant access to the world's knowledge at their fingers out of thoughts like instant, that becomes too powerful in the wrong hands and the people that might have First might see the future problems of that under. So I was wondering I was thinkin way too far. Jamie got high. You got eyewash. Superman's you say is that I know that I won't be a problem or well now Stop it I dont ashore yonder. I dont think that
anyone can say. That's not only a problem here I don't know I mean what is a problem, though it's gonna be something it's gonna, be a something yeah. Let's give everyone has access to all the world's information instantaneously. First, what colleges are going under son of my first class like happen, but ass, I might add all day until I don't think they can be able to the amount of money that you would make off of something that made everybody super smart sued, there's no way imagine if you found out how ironic would it be if you found out that, like Stamford and Harvard banded together to try to stop this from? coming out because it would kill their business together and it was like you know, just I count college admission scandals going down: oh yeah, so grave. There was a scandal that all these high, universities had banded together chose stopped guess who's gonna kill. It is a bit like everybody can now everything we tell them more than everything we, our I'm
some college tours already Jesus Christ yeah my gun. I merely makes you think Michael identity. They really need this, spent of oh yeah. They really need a degree in all this, It's a weird business man, daughter weird, but I dont know why cause so much I'll. Tell you why? Why, because the ministers are all making bank. Is that what it is tat. It was all in my own country, though I now see ass going on. So all these kids generations are in debt because they have to take these do knows his college is more expensive than ever before. All its hasn't changed running the university, leaving the teachers with its the administration of these giant universities are making so much money, they're making millions and they keep cranking it out and they keep keep meaning.
to up the up the rain, and then they make money accessible for the students through loans, and then they keep feeding themselves. It's horrible. It's a horrible corrupt system and its some. It's also subsidized rent. While the government will subsidized How much does the government subsidize private education, private education, vanity, just public fast, Furlano, it so expensive. I mean you know, that's what is nowhere to this state schools, private schools. Yes, now there are costs money because my need a good, is it like? Well, I would like us to get like: U S see how much luggage semester, yours Seventy thousand now announced master a year, a year there. Isn't seventy thousand! We seventy! If, due for the year NEA, that's like the that's it, that's the on line. Google search thing: that's fifty plus using room aboard plus all the rest, and if your kid,
fuck off the ass usual course they're going do by the to have fifty grand you need to make like eighty right Taxes remunerative make eighty Gran yeah for a whole year of your kid been in school here and if you kids, don't belong hands already play. law and ensure that my father drop me off to school at school, and I was like a software. It just drove means it into college and drop off my stuff, and I was he had so cyclical, see my friends and everything just come in work hard. They respond to ok, dad, ok, ok! I go right into my dorm room. I bodies are there, haven't seen them of all break, tat the about light up as soon as I walked by bags or haven't even drop. I, like with my lighter in this huge flame, comes out proof almost like lights, my some fire, we're looking at global level, Hague, Papa,
dad's outside he's in the van I forgot something I forgot a lamp in the van I go running out there like hey. What's up we're hoping I dont round goes hey you forget you, What happier eyebrow eyebrows burnt off? What did you do the two men took the lamp. Thanks, see right Jack and Jack straw. You, oh yeah its brutal Jesus, more analysis to and I saw the seventy five. Seventy five hello allow USC one year room and bore that fifteen three hats Gabby look! That's about it. Over a thousand a month. It's gonna be the german there and that's without like if your kid you live on these posts. You fly in your kid back and forth and all the rest, but look at purse how expensive personal and miscellaneous fourteen hundred bucks for the year. For then, amongst a month, get out
that's crazy! At it! For five hours a week, books are gonna be way more than a hundred bucks a month to the bug. Roby twelve hundred semester problem state school, you pay a quarter of that state get your undergrad his things like you could have a nonsense? Education, like me, wages, red things. You're interested in and they never get like a real base. Education are gonna, have a degree in anything even got us college. I went to college, but I fucked off, I D, barely pay attention. What do you Mass Boston? Earlier? We estimate. How do we take my essay? Tease really now there was like they head, like a continuing education programme, just sign up. Sartain classes, they're nice did you go the whole way now when for three years I was taught barely attention. Three year. I didn't, I guess
I realise I was doing it a little bit while still doing stand up like warehouse. While I started doing stand up it was. It was literally only so that people didn't think I was a loser right. I just wanted it Let people I'm doing something. I didn't pay attention at all Our all I was thinking about was martial arts competition and then it will stand up for a transition right there, yet once that happens, forget it wants, as a people made money doing stand up. That's when I quit it depends on what you want to go. Do like there are certain begone law? You wanna do certain you know get at it then their certain routes, where you need a degree. We really need a degree and there's definitely something good, going to school and being around other people from around the country and all kind of thinking for sure it's all positive, but you should not go into dad I have always yes use that they got out of school. Thirty thousand dollars in debt write. This is the star
part of your life as an adult, the worse thirty thousand, in that they can't keep up with the payments so that in the interests kicks in and after for years now, LEO fifty thousand and their constantly chasing it and now they asked their parents to help them out and they close, I may have to generation, and they will not be able to access right and there now on their second job, where no one cares anymore. Where you went to school, they never even asked the question they dont now that not enough now now, in certain places. The answer, but really really depends on way. Trying to write you ve gotta, be a doctor, think the care. Yes, I think her. Oh yeah, well, maybe to preserve. The professor for jobs in history, professor television, in whatever it now and S. True, if you're gonna do Hollywood type jobs here, nobody gives a fuck work in construction,
you could do it. What I went in my whole thing is- and I keep trying to say that my daughter is that you should never don't jeopardize your future. For this degree, nothing gets agrees they'll these important the help you, but you should not strap yourself with debt, does wise advice, yeah, very wise advice and she's like how about you, wear coroner and just pay for it, and I won't have to be in that sets a good thing verdict, clever, its market to set you up am I am seeking give her headshot three hundred dollar has right in the business the business down. That old show. Business hey everybody's crazy, but I thought showbiz report crazy, everyone's crazy. Every year, crazy, I'm crazy! You know the people who you think insurance cells when people are fucking crazy. They just better at Haydn all day here to the due date. That's what
do they hide it? The other african day, if you are really sorry, just go into plumbing. this is now a lot of their parents need palming yeah anyway, you're really good living at there's, not a lot of people that are learning these skills anymore. That we should go do or do something you really want to find somebody really one do yeah. Maybe you don't wanna be a plumber should it be a requirement that they know what they want to do before they go to college now, but the what college should be is edge. station were really seems to be more like prepping you for the job. Folks, I mean there's education as well, but prepping for the job horse and now day at least a certain segment of the population, you're you're, getting these colleges and are also socially indoctrinated. Kids, socially the ideas and lot of ideas that in out just start, contrary to what power their parents taught them. So then
resists internal dispute and whose right news wrong and do our rebelled against my parents, India. This also she'll justice warrior join the young Republicans on campus and the elderly? I'm just trying to find who they are here. There's. Definitely when you walk under these camps is even just a tour them. I never did when I was I to steer, picked, went out and went, but you going the personality of each universities so dominant as soon as you walk onto the campus and went to some small really left liberal art schools and he just fine like the posters and every I dislike as as white male you're not welcome at all. go to some other places and just kind of free flowing in everybody's just its into this they're. Just about the football team. Have you ever seen a posted says as a white male? You not welcome here yeah, where my daughter's room
would you know you look just like very, very progressive in every everything is an issue, and you know that's where you develop does idea. Eight boy thing is: you can really learn from going on these campuses like out this is why there's a guy you get in doktor indoctrinated into whatever vibe the campus, holds get social points for awhile following those ideas re as as as hard or you can really it's really interesting. If you take yourself out of Whichever way you lean, if you lean left, you can say wireless because their young and passionate the right regulating right, like babies and there being taught by people who never made it in the real world? They all anxious and academia, but just look it instead of
look at it like that. You look at it where you don't have a fucking dog in the fight and disturbing of his fascinating. The people are just trying to change and influence people's thinking and behaviour and some of it is to justify either their own thinking in behavior. Some of it is because peep some people, just like controlling people, gray like getting people to listen to them and some of it has been as they genuinely think that this is for the best for the human race and all these things are competing together. Yes, why you have some people that are activists new meet him tonight? Annoying at all, I condemn you, really cool yet is they're doing it with the right heart rate, the role you have activists that are so what knowing why they so annoying, because they're not doing it for the right reasons there knowing it to try to change people because they want to poke you they wanted the one. I have reason to be upset. You cause you're, not listening to them. You not following their ideas, bright them and there are those of aid were that's about them and their status in there.
Power over you and yeah. Now I now there's a couple people. You know, there's a couple people I know that have gone. That way oh, hardly knew can't even have conversations with them on both sides. It doesn't help it doesn't all it does is create more more conflict like that. combative attitude creates more conflict. You could be right on. Every single issue would have your suit super combat of all the time that people just don't they don't want to come indicate with you and they are willing to enter into an honest exchange with you, because it's always a contest. There's a battle going on right and you, you always think you're right right. It's us versus the end. There is looking for little clues Z, where your ad and if you give them any kind of hint, that you might lean one way biggest pounced on EU brutal. It's like this. It's a high honourable way to live and their angry they're just angry. They didn't Walker with its accurately get an ice cream count enjoy your life a little. It's like what your hardcore dodgers Fans Dodgers fans us, what they are
core sports fans. Who Democrats year are fucking teams gonna kick the fuckin ass twenty twenty trans going down. right exactly it's really yeah. It really is that hated you see Tiger yesterday, dude, I was watching it. While we were in Georgia, we were in Georgia for you have see Brian, I had accomplished out there and we were me in Santiago get on the screen, Added airy. Yes, we watched it Friday was. fires out of Saturn, etc. I decided in yesterday well whatever days was right method. We watch two days in rural areas in the gym everyday were there, but then got home and I thought of my fallen also holy shit. I don't give a fuck about golf. I met, you must be our guy made a comeback, a huge come back without mean that's amazing or eleven years later,
My of those in so many re somebody put on Instagram one of my quotes. Oh yeah, I attacked that was pretty cool that I love a guy. Get like I love What did I say? I love a success story, but even more than that, I love a guy foxes life up and then get back together again story. It's the greatest. It's the guy best when our lives like how much was good must feel that guides the world again and then he like yeah so messed up, and then the man Rob looms in the troubles in aids in the way out. thing, let just eleven years and he didn't stop work and he just went to work and went to work and went to worries. eleven years later? And so he one major championship recently right did anyone when one it was a big deal. He won a major tool,
chip within less than a monster, but it was of no one of the major this. This was the first major he's one eleven year. Ok, so the other one was a major, but it was a big about media. It was observed. He wins that whenever I, while he made me back, he can You can fuckin win big tournaments again and then he just it was so cool to see the crowd just kept building over the weekend and by yesterday it was massive thousands of people around the world. beamed hanging on the relief that you saw just coming out of so great and IBM like he walks off, whereas a kid he was only twenty one, when you were in the first time, hugging his dad at the edge. Now he comes off eleven years later, all this time and is dad's past and he's honeys. Child the sun now he's the father in the same spot, just I was trying not to cry the whole time was such it your jerky, what relief people just so
oh happy for such a great story, we do have a comeback twine. Not my lover. Come back. We wait we're all flawed, but your soon before, but have been able to improve. That's what that guy. Did he it down in pre, improved maize, it proved his life yeah wherever STAR went south and he picked right back up and brought it north again. Eleven years of doing it failing and fail no, that beautiful. It is beautiful, such a cool thing. I was wondering, like he where's, that Red shared gotta wear the Red on Sundays. It's like his that's thing. That's thing, and he was a man like colors on saturday- and I was like: does he just like free himself from that or Is that a superstition that you gotta come to hang on to question What do you think would happen? There was a openly gay black eye with blood.
here, who only more paint it was like the best call for a start dominating. Somebody does super duper. Gay he's just got this fucking crazy the drive and it gets down on the ground. He could see the way that the earth is rolling and the whole time I was doing is like less spare snap at his fingers. Wig learns, but you know I pretty what would happen if we started is winning their prey poisoning poison us like a super flamboyant gay guy who was winning ok, black or white. They were poisoned I'm. So I do not think so. I don't think so, because golfers are so close to win buoyantly. we're going anywhere followed. They are out of its. There are pink in legal, my big plaid pants there, like a bunch of old
I did so straight. Why do you want to be gay? But it's all this country, cub life right, a big part of it to have that guy swishing around back and forth in a locker staff in his fingers staring addicts? No! No! No! No! You forget it. I gotta I've gotta catch free, all his hair shaved, except for curly men, bandages part a straight up in its blonde anywheres lipstick, mother fucker at Gough, he's Kalen fools does love my iron, maybe Maybe you would open golf up to everybody else: What happened like do, you think, did Tiger Ed Tiger Woods, he opened up golf for people of color. clearly out into it, because of how many many people got in of their would never have thought about playing golf issue. Taggart play yeah! Sorry, it open,
you have to inner city. Israel's restarting involved in it were what about the gay community other represent in professional golf life itself. Lamb, buoyant dress like the bees in the seventies, their class, Nero there where implant pants there weren t there. Where are they? Actually you, you have xenophobia, that's how people from Scotland to sign a bit. I just saying they would they would be embraced. You know calendar weird place like you have to dress a certain way when you hunt there, or at least they have a certain way. They dress like a traditional way like that, but it's not like that. Don't wear camel it's like an outfit. Yes,
now. What are they wear? The warlike, close we're old, timer clothes. I like that, like tradition, I know you did that's why I brought it. I am bored ain. Went hunting in Scotland. Television show ring had aware some crazy ass outfit. Rightly you get suited for this outfit. This traditional hunting outfit, It's pretty cool lot of those debts, a lot of those places like Scotland to come in. I think most of it was like private land, where I think back in the day like that was what Robin Hood was all about right. Robin Hood was really Suppose we about someone who was poaching and hunting on the kings land because they were hungry chancellor, stealing from the rich to feed the poor, gentlemanly pursuit, hunting and shooting attire
how the hell they dress, does that help you cops may be a good hunter concerning its guph on them. Nor does it like. Does that help? Does it get in the way of hunting, or is I'd, help hunting with us, I hope and shit tide of routes. It kind of Russian go back to his boots mecca. What can we say his boots can make them boots larger, liver, those fresh boot Mozart, where those on stage would I get and drove for cultural cooperation with wherein someone stuff. Their white to NASA work and now that if there are more powerful than you than you're, ok cause. I work. How does it work you can't take from humans? What percentage of native American do you have to have a new to wear moccasins alot the hassle jacket about them? like the swayed tassel jacket Milligrams, your daughter, like revel in the seventies war. I wanted one when I was in high school. They look so
cool that easy rider with her in John it Tom Move, drive and Richard. I want your arm out the window of the cards Flop, Europe, stage in the Ladys must look Gloria strips a leather without goes too far, see it's because they have the native american thing. I'm asleep when we say this right here: no, not that other one without Wednesday. You get out now and if you do that, one, you better tell the bear that used for those teeth. Yeah. That's too that's ridiculous! Now, there's a guy version of that which would venture the girl. That's a girl claims to be a healer. the right idea, that's what were. See. If you wear that in Texas, you're, ok, my axe, Daniel Boone, out here that will now it's dark. I want. I don't like dark one now. What are you prince Jack. I will you trapper has to light Alex Terrible
that's terrible he's got the fringe of the bottom. Do that separate us from somebody else, the curtain and bottom and a fringe like a nice curtain and a fine of fine restaurant, we'll get Alvin Elvis head tassels Elvis had rainbow tassels. you can get away with it of your Elvis. If you, if you work for enterprise rent a car, You may be aware that your elbows I await with some while shit who the fuck jumpsuits for Elvis jumpsuits. It was him evil, Knievel, sugar, rice and look bad Hendrick. Oh my god! That's you see, but he's doing on these points. guitar, is moving around he's. Gotta headband! If you just if you're, making snow cones, you know, that's not your jacket, man. I wanted one when I was in high school. I warmly ironically, never put out back up their budgetary look at that that look. How good is it look, and I can never he's got friends on a yet with a green,
Michel. How would you describe that color, it's, like a teal alike, T light, TEAL he's, he's got a lotta comes the language ass had washed Bell bottoms in these got this cool jack with friend Is there are literally two feet long year and then a headband too it's just his kind of future headband right. It's got a reddish yeah, like a light, read anything in its on Jimi Hendrix. That's the press! That's the thing that we can match when we can by all those items, but it still our head its activity. an excellent now that it's two thousand nineteen two, but here then like he was in the groove man, a man who's, the Phil Hartman saw him live when he was a young kid Phil was like eighteen years old to get a job at the whiskey. And his job was, you know they of those giant monitors on the stage in sometimes seem to fall back into the crowd achieve
like an especial someone, stand on that or do I shall cite the color there will waddling yes generate their, so his job is to stand right by the stage like literally have his hands like ready to catch these speakers. This way bills. Job, yes and Hendricks, is right. There Hendricks is right. eighteen o, my brain like right in front of him later thing. Just all seeing the same rights, proud of them jeez, don't know why, You are cases. While I was there, the blues traveller once that's insane, and this Wallace Harmonic, as is right in his vast shortly before Jimi Hendrix died. Oh really died when he was ass. He died in like we was the magic aid, right, there live was at its twenty seven.
I think the magic age, twenty seven they're all die or Morrissey ended up on the magic it didn't. He. Where did twenty seven yeah? what year did he die was at sixty nine, seventy, seventy, ninety solely so fill you know, that's amazing films, probability, seventeen years, always something allow fuck. That's amazing Did he ever do others? Friends, jackets? I don't know I didn't ask that, but to describe a man is way described is like running in Jesus. What you're out of a hike, Our real was credit will fills a musician to hear. So when we talk about it, we have this crazy, clean to his harsh she's. In those like he was right. Fuck, it yeah, don't Hendricks please I wanted I wanted was friends jackets when I was in high school, so I play football until I was seeing you
and then when's when's football season. I have a year left school and that's why I smoke weed for the first time start playing guitar and I'm one with a fringe jacket. They didn't have them, but I did get a pair of moccasins for a little while I warm up did they have beads, they did not have beads, but they have a little french total tassels they were like was just little fringe, yeah, no soul. What's the purpose of French, like that's like when you think of a trap, get right when I'm own Davy, Crockett type dude style, give em where in that, I was really there many style back, then everybody's got started back then. It seems, there were just try to stay alive, yeah the weak ones. cool it still try to get them. Giving Daniel Boon wasn't trying to work in a little bit. We this buckskins, often trimmed with a fringe, originally a functional detail to allow the garment to shed rain and to drive faster one web. The fringe asses, here's a wicks to disperse the water or quills
interesting it wow, skins derived from hears concluding worn by native Americans, while about that's genius smarter than you also it hangs down and the water goes through all the tissue in the deer and gets to the bottom. So those little things get wet, but the thing that you're wearing the touch your skin, his dry you'll, find out how the dear would have fringe on their outfits, think the don't give a fuck you're, really hot your body to which is much higher than ours, are willing. That's why the weird things about when you put your hands on one Sophia in inside of them, the real we hot like yourselves, whirling ninety eight degrees. What are they I don't know? I would it over via guess I'd say it's it's more than that hundred out, say that yeah. I bet they're. Probably two hundred and five sunlight that. What what is it. We just what's the body temperature and it brought up the cooking topic.
you're a threat, but if you'd better sit before we even catch as well, people of dear you don't have to cut their pre heated same as most undulates, which is thirty, seven point. Five to thirty eight point: five degrees celsius, which which we don't understand I'll just type in three heated. Dear me, thirty eight point five degrees celsius. We think that as few yes and I would clue what what it was the war was the number thirty eight degrees celsius. That's a hundred and five. Is it now? It's ninety. Ninety nine point: five, two hundred rightness Amory, that's like us one or to hire someone with fever.
Oh, I did something that you would. You would enjoy me my written down this speaking of body heat waves in San Francisco last weekend, railing performing- and I was working with my friend Cura Sultana, which very funny communion kicks ass, she's, Russian grew up there and she brought me to a russian like bath house. I'll beat you up sticks You ever do that now that the call banya banya manner and you go into a Sana, a tool well sauna. So it's even hotter, like up at the at the top like an addict song. Super hot and you lay down on this bench and they take these bushes. is and they broke lay wet them, and then they start beating you with them, not Alonzo Frazier. It's to it, so
What is your inner sauna you're all ready, really really, and then that thing nothing is hot too, and that things hot and with the with the steam coming off of the branches as their beating your back. It creates a little by little pocket the it's even hotter so just brings your body to this is whether I temperature they're making then make an whether they really are and yeah for about fifteen minutes and you come out there and just feel to jump in the cold afterward tat into a cold plunge all the way under this really cold water. amazing, yeah, the Russians really like the fate or a million anko, one of the greatest heavyweights, if not the graves habit of all time. One of the things you you'd see about his training. Because it was that it was very old school russian liked it allows Duff on the park and are in a young, a playground,
like they did last seven playground and dumb. He incorporated the banya. There was a part of it like you see him lion and beaten whites. Say: yes, it on Showtime, so there, yeah! That's where the air they figured something out. You know also critical great invented, China, they figure something out, there's something about that extreme. Temperature that just it it's very good for you, your ability to recuperate. You feel better, it reduces information. So great I went in there. I ve been traveling so hard over. The last couple of months have been nodded up to spin, like I was like me, Maybe I'll do this and then get a massage after, because that really a gentleman like a gentleman and we didn't have time she had to go, she was drive me. She had to go, do something. So we only time for that part. When I came out of their the the banya or banya, I didn't need a massage everything was relaxed. Everything had changed in just like fifteen minutes near it was great
man, I wish it was and on others they have them in allay or not, but I'd like to seek them out. There are another woman, yours one was I would there is voted sparse. Am, I beg your brow, a lot of dogs. He bit pass. A lot of dogs. Clothing was option. Curving optional, and I'm with clear out in a world where workers since she's, when nothing she's here he's totally make and then his dogs everywhere and there's dogs. Everyone sees the dogs. She sees the dogs icy that so girl at whether we really are on setting up rose in Don T get stand America what's in America gained is San Francisco sure you girls, his walking around with dogs. They were naked, the girls were naked, they wouldn't care- and I were the only ones with collapse because we worked with each other, send in immigration, an ice in the dollar, the other some going on there browsers dicks everywhere, open open a door as it is you you could Dixon
For you I'm not. I was anyone here. I was looking away cops just come in fuckin masks on, I'm a dangler near they throw animals. What are those gas Ministers at last, banks is grabbing. Nobody there don pulling the vow. Everybody knows about wagon all run out grab and not, as the first thing you grab, someone throws a tear gas cancer. It exploded a room of where it ends, so? I was the only one with pants on it. You can kind of feel like IRAN was looking at you like crazy you're. Making us feel like shame, because you're wearing pants manages to but I couldn't I with my that's a gay papa. That's it a tactic. That's a debt tactic here, look at when it means a tactic to China.
A man shows your dick desire shows that everyone, you did you get together with five year bodies and you all a real comfortable, seen each other's dextrality Elergant we're gonna, get to see my keys dick. I can do that a shaman ashamed when the chauvinism, deck and we're gonna take our dicks out when a walk in that steam room. It's gonna, let you, nuts, poisoning like what the fuck are you doing you take your goddamn Panza and I go right or wrong Jesus. Why someone was he might be so bad because Microgram, his little deck, which adds that's not what I love about. Like everybody thinks I have a small one being using my answer, but that's not it. What do you do it? But but the other thing is when you around people like that brain and it's not a bad thing live choice, but if you're around flossy people of Europe a person who likes Roy
Roy, says giant mansions, and you know you like a ball or I got a big fat diamond ring lifestyle that guy's around those people can sell and diamond rings sound diamonds right, diamonds, mother, fucker, billions resounded I'm heritage, while forty million look that blew a blue. Diamond forty, eight million forty eight million is a father bar for his door, while a magic rock damn magic through the door. You lose that shit drink you, fucking pull your plan is down the pin occur, but also himself fighting diameter, My dad's giving details webs right off, thrown up drawn up in a dumpster. My dad's gonna kill me yeah. Maybe daughter was forty It makes you realise that the thing that you read that really
give you worth in life, is not the dough. It's some thing: that's going to engage your head and make you feel a little useful, your way better of having less dough and something you really love yeah, but that's only if you have a certain amount of dough as the problem. Yes, dress of not having enough, might feel yourself feed your family and while a roof over your head, that's overwhelming for people, especially as we are talking about early of people, have fuckin credit card debtors, there are some insurmountable amount of debt at Cancun out at the edges, hangs on you, but you know really thinking about, will what's meaningful for my what's of meaningful hobby for me out its worst year that the feeling of debt is the fucking worst and the feeling of just working for nothing, that's also banned too. Does the feeling of light. Every day you do and adjust to exist and the end of the day or exhausted near what is your life? What is your life? Is your? What your life, all this shit, you hate to do yet. Oh that's the answer for most people most people most of the time, the answer as you do
when something you hate to do its bit me- and I know it's been you at some point- your life yeah, but God damned the mountain. Your life, can change. If you just no longer have to do something, you don't want to do it to something that you actually enjoy whatever it is, whether its carpentry or painting what whatever the fuck it is that you love to do you think it has to be your work already? Think you could be at work really kind of into it. But then you have some other passion. That's but you're you're. Also, if, if you work is in satisfying that's most of your the people. Do you gotTA, George gonna, do. Of course you do. Of course you have to do it. You gotta do that goes without saying near so things are a their everybody's, got away out. Don't people of this? say things like that: like hey, some people do that luxury pure love to say things like that We have to acknowledge that. But that's that's it
faced with anyone who has ever done anything where it was hard to do right. It's over. It's always going to be hard to do that that it's easy for you to say Course it's easy for me to say I'm just saying: if the easiest thing in the world, I want to put a rocket on the moon, see. I just said I think about hours. If you use a exactly of course, it's easy to say, but it a difference just as a person whose Dunbar Every dream doing something you hate doing and doing something. You love doing it's off the charts, how much better you like now, perhaps even if you're, making less might even if you're, making less money exactly because you know how to use comedy, isn't examples. So what we are when you were making five dollars an hour? literally five too has a native median. I was so much happier than when I had a day job, oh yeah, making real money once the I remember the feeling of being able to make a living with just stand up here. What like wholly came about yet another just having by my beginning with super shaky.
he asked who bore shaggy rank. I started making money. I was making like little bit of money in Boston but always had day jobs, you moved to New York and then Jeff sort of managing me? Then I start making money like he get me booked in places, and I do- and I was Workin pre much every week who is Jeff, Jeff, saucepan, molasses: long time answer yeah Sort Madge, meanwhile, open maker found nice, you have been to get it for ever well he's the best he still with them. Yet why that's a may, the best! That's amazing he's the best I love the guy. That's great is awesome person to adjust brilliant as job here Super Loki does give a fuck about Hollywood, that's great, but in a year isn't he understands it in the right to health. Care is like to do when it makes you happy was its wants you to be happy its awesome savvy picture when you could do an open MIKE stewed scrub What was needed was one stage. Then. I really gave town. He had managed some other comedians member Bob, Nelson
Bob Nelse, oh yeah, Jeffrey Jeffrey, no matter how my God manage him really in Egypt, produced his HBO, special and dumb. They were parting ways and therefore ways and Java like well. Maybe I've seen everybody that I've seen in New York maybe take a trip to Boston, so he took a job to Boston and just fuckin. Dumb luck when I was driving limos. I wrote a joke that day, the other joke and I called up my friend Oliver, who is the manager of the club, and it said he man can I come in and do like five minutes cuz I have his joke on a trout, you like me, so hurt me up and I went on stage and I didn't even know, suspend was in the room because I didn't know he was in the room. I don't give a fuck a super loose. You knew he was at that point. Now I didn't know he didn't tell you noticed an inward number.
Knew that there was a manager from New York right that handled Bob Nelson Idyllic holy shit. I probably freak out, ensure and choke access shaky is fought back then anyway, I'm only like, of course, to new and a half to three years and equality so that I was terrible happen. Anything did often you know why it was really interesting. He took me to New York to worm. He saw me there and, and he took me in New York to try out. You want to see me perform in some other clubs. So we are you willing to come down in York, says for Georgia. Avoid ones are so nervous about performing in New York. We have clearly not New York City was different. There was a more nervous than when he came to see the second time in Boston. I was more nervous to perform in New York I believe, as one of its catch arising star was, does exist, anymore yeah just regions. Pre added your head, yeah he's a big thing. It's unto because you don't know it yet
it was like the New York comics were always like the smart. Once we find that the thought process, the Asia Europe thought process in Bosnia, the audiences Why did the knocker by your bullshit, smarter over there. You know you're, not fund, arrogant. It gonna know India, which really funny, like Ulysses, Saucepan we're talking about like clean, comedy versus dirty comedy and it was no really dispel decision, like you know like put because back then people would like decide to be clean wasn't like you're clean comic, because that's how you think? Well, if you want to get more work- the smart moves clean as business decision as a business to surrender fixed redress, nice and act clean data be displays. We went to a bunch places, it did eat cycle, We club, which is cool, comic lobbies, to be in long iron. Then he took his place called fast, eddies and Huntington. it was, it was a local bar that had a com Wow we went upstairs
and it was so that is a crowd of self fuckin, rowdy and so drunk creaking, and there was a dude on stage. Name was George Gallows, Larry Stewed, who was doing a reverse shit. The banana is like as you're waiting. We go, so you had a banana that he was like somehow or other sore point like. It was a reverse shit and he's doing this in front of you. Now these people are hammered go Wednesday night or some shit right and so since, as grass rather you not to perform, we're going we're gonna get and I said no fuckin way. I go with me to my people. I go just trust me. Let me go up might like this is what I do: man all the gigs that I got in Basra Bargain handle this. Are you get tough Yahoo, also plus its once? You ve done a bunch of them
It's like chaos, it's fun! You know exactly what to do for sure. It's a different type of combat, combat, comedy yeah, which was at that time. You ran into that more than you didn't run into that Campbell, a tv today? If you get road gigs of Europe up and coming guy yeah or GAO, and you get wrote, especially if you're a gal girls go, get it way harder. In the early days, people like my friends girlfriend admitted the other then, when she sees a female comedians at a comical, should cringes still too, to this day you gotta get super uncomfortable when they start going on stage and when their, if their funny, it's a huge relief Compaq as that crazy and, as a feminist I hate saying tat. It was I consider myself a feminist hating. I feel like it's gotten beyond that, a feeling of so many, oh yeah. Such strong at the top of chain, but if you're in some
weird club and mill nowhere and some yeah I get the I get battery I get like especially We are feminists in your ram. You just don't wandered bomb. Is that you think, will there all the rest? The audience is gonna think That's what yeah regime to and those that she just doesn't think they're funny very often refuses not a comic, so she should be an honest about it and we're laugh is on a girl says I like. Oh, no only was all but back then it was. I gave every time, even in my good clubs, like the comic Strip, her Carolines and was just like it was war war. It was war, but nothing compared elected to get GM. Getting. in those Bob Gonzo Gigs New Jersey, oh yeah, yeah, it was like a rat hardy never say through you up dated one cavity in those committee, though they turn you they season you in a different way. They season you for like,
The commission assumes that similar a long time could hear me store in the early days, had no crowd control. Not any literally zero, so the crowd was can it is in control, time. No one ever shot anybody know, but the new regime, its handle, so much differently is a new concept. So much better so much, but it did make you bullet do you know how to handle drunk. You came through that air through that time, or maybe it still exists when you rode through, but you just if you do that many gigs, that's. Why don't? I really know who pull even just going to you. One little ought room over and over again where you know your coddled and supported, and I really believe that you have to go into all these hellish situations. So you just
everywhere you go, you know you can go and kill yeah, that's an important part to being a comedian yeah, and you also, as you become a successful community, could fall into the trap of only performing in front of your audience. Right, you know you really do have to drop in people show yeah right who people don't know who you are and why yeah that's? What great about the store line up to write. This fifteen comedians ran they're, probably not there to see how they are to see this guy that our oh yeah, now it's great yeah yeah. You have to be well to survive, because you see people to come out of those other environments and then they get thrown into this, and they did Don't matter act yeah! I think comedies like lot of other things that are difficult. This things that you can do to get better at those, They say that like if you take love. You learn languages. You could get better at chess, read something other than make sense, though, make that up. It sounds about renewable. I would then only learn a new language. It'll make you better. A chess my domain,
just the way I might have been high, I'm trying to think of all the different like cross training methods. How could it be better chance? Duplicated us? No, but I want to, but I'm scared, it's fun. I'm scared. Why you saw me play quake earlier. I've addiction, I will addiction problems. Chess is Addictive Tom Papa. Why then Jeff and I were going to war torn out. There was a moment hence thing I've ever seen. You do isn't that accidents as both a you on the keyboard thing sweating your ass off in front of these monitors. You are taken like deep deep. Breaths in the middle of it. These get just firing off each other. it will you just try to stay calm and these we're in this very small map. so I always know where he is. He always knows where I am and is a limited amount of ammunition and armor, and when you get jacked and you come back less strong with a weaker weapon, you gotta run to get a good weapon quick. Then you gotta run to get whether the fucking
as he knows what that shit is. So it's crazy do Are you oftentimes? If he kills me I'll, kill me two or three times in a row? It was myself faster than I thought it was going to be a lawyer. I mean in real. intense. Is it always that you're just gonna hurt yard one stone court you're not on our has many many maps. You can just go beyond this. That's a good one for one on one. We have these one on one matches the most fund, because It is no other variables where the variables of like, if there's like ten people, nobody's shootin everybody, which rather these maps I'll, show you that to that bring more chaos, Adams, you get killed when you are fighting a guide- and someone comes from Behind- you didn't see emanation you tonight. So how addicting is this real, real, real? It's He used to do it. Rare yeah, I'm way better at now, I'll do like for an hour, then I'll. Stop and you'll be good in the old days, but everything's addictive to me man every
now, all of it anything outlying alike, is like it becomes addicted. That's why you're shoulders messed up. In its judgment? But it's not the shoulder. There was more of a maintenance thing. Wasn't it wasn't there? I was just getting a little sword and wanting to get looked down. There's some ten denied us in their right. So I just unreal proactive at fifty one. I have to be real proactive about injuries and when things feel squarely, he adds the problem getting get hurt men. You can't we're. got any more? I like it too much I like gum, but even if it's not something is intensive jujitsu. I just need to do something whether its yoga or running. Is me no work me work out. I like anyone. I work out so much more. I like me better. It happened to me in San Francisco after the day after the banya, I'm just I just woke up a good shows. Friday, I'm just like, but I just woke up lake kissed: A shitty mood just gonna end
I knew if I could just get my shoes on in gopher run. I met a whole day. Is going to be different and it's a half hour just go about doing to come back and I was a totally in the same room just feeling completely different mechanisms, just a mental which your flooding, your brain, with all the beautiful thoughts and ideas. does it happen in their more you running? Well, you breathing rallies. Fuckin ideas come to your brain, get interested you breathing and you're running. Contrary run so downloading then you'll forget where you're doing you're running, we decided it's a big deal and who knows what chemicals are firing off in Algeria, man did it's my dog and me because we run together inseparable really describe its awareness and follows me everywhere they gonna sit down, as is right. Next to me, never had a relationship with the dogmatism
dogs I loved there were great, but this dogs like stock to me like hello. What's so great a part of it is because we run so much yeah. I guess so thrilled he's so happy when we run he turns and who run ahead of me and then come back to me, check up on me comes back and runs. Would like this big smiles carefully, where its rapid and again, how far you running with a couple miles ills pretty steep build its good work here, Some. If I have a short time, do the does one real, steep trail that IRAN does ones to each other. We have to drive to learn about tourism, but its superman. deep yards away our near like a Guerra islands, rough yeah, that's a rough one! That's gonna be tough yeah because its real long, it's like the whole thing, is the hills, because the hills are no.
Andy rang, get a good hill under you. It's way harder. Why just a base it on a hundred forty beats minute anytime. I Yet below hundred forty beats a minute. I'd start running, but I'll do these sprints a goes far I can get it in the one eighties and then, when I might fucker don't take a break? I just take a break from looking Harpy get more be done, someone the one forties forty anywhere runway and forty five that I'm ready to go right and then I'll go get in, Usually like one sixties running, did it's rough there's a rough highlighting, really different thing, but its changed, my taking power. Oh yes, gave me more kicking power yeah. I can kick believe it or not. It's probably. I want to see like ten percent five or ten percent more power from the runs camera. Ships are bigger muscles around my leg, my but like the hip, airy ray. You know like where your belt
is like right below where your belt area, I never had a muscle, their rights what is the crazy hills often run and hills. When I stop like, if I stopped about affront, kicked the Baghdad. That for thrust is the same thing. You do when all the time when you're running you're running you're pushing off one leg, pushing off the other, letting you push, because you go up he'll be here when you're kicking you're, pushing off that leg and trusting that other leg forward. It's crazy is your dog good, unhealthy, it's like a dog ever get tired, yegg, it's hard yeah, it's that we know the guitar, the guitar, when you throw the ball rest than its spread its spread and to bring it back bring about like seven times like brown color lie down over like come, come on, my sister is to put down or dog tonight six
eighteen year old Dog, a big like a like a spaniel kind of thing. Sixteen years and she's just she's just been hanging on she's, just the greatest and tonight seven hundred and thirty to go. There's no joy left! You just can't go anymore. It's going to be rough and talk to her on my way in
insists like, but a brutal thing. They have to do so because the sixteen years, my dog hip our common. I was like fourteen fourteen or fifteen right in front of me, ass, taken or across the street when we had a busy street in her house, and some car came down street really fast ass. She got off the leash and ran right into this. Ah Catherine, a Volkswagen out of tune abroad, upstart character up the house. Did she die instantly? She time like charlatan, like fifteen twenty minutes, ah sorrows raw. She starts shit all over the place. How old is she wasn't hold? maybe five or six its brutal there's, nothing worse, so painful sweetener to bomber, meshes loved being in the part were held to the park and she's got a little too far.
Ran. You know I didn't see the car common they don't get a hold of her car and its brutal, who so bad? You know she get not flying anyone know: she's gonna die, you couldn't who is ill. All the injuries were internal. Upstairs she start shooting ourselves or shitting all over the place, I was very unusual for her. She was years whose house trained yeah. I was really scared. Have you had to go through any pet deaths with your kids, yeah yeah? That's my two dogs. I just have put both my dogs down my dog rehash. Oh yeah yeah. They were thirteen. I was amassed if he was thirteen. Well, that's great run your amassed at the end I used to have to carry him into the house near he could walk anymore. He would walk like litter.
It would be like you would walk, step, walk step. You stay in his legs and be shaking August at once. Had the kids him really sad years, hard man isn't that the hardest thing when you watch your kids have to deal with it. Soccer makes it so much Partic his mean its, but be brave, I think there's a lesson in it in a real. I think it's it's not a good experience, but I think it's good for them to experience. Oh yeah, absolutely. Firstly, that route you know like pet death and and just captain this having those relationships with animals. When you're a kid has like your dog, you can always talk to them and how yet eggs a crazy shit. You know you Doggery Sidney Room with you and you go. No one is this you and me you're. The one understands what good are aimed at your parents are act like ass. No one likes you and the house what you're Doc sale does ship Jonah burst?
Yes, it me over you're gonna come with me. Let's go. Taking the dog on the vesper, watching your kids like trying to be brave, trying not to cry ban, is such a heartbreaker just trying to be like I woke up is the worst kill me hey do you notice deep, but by your house we have mosquitoes. Now, really we have like legit Let me never mosquitoes rain. There's like real missed. vetoes and they bite you only from like your knee down, Everybody around where I live, is saying the same thing, so we ve never had mosquitoes. If you just where pants than you ve promised solved, I only weapons so how they buy new logic. Misuse of don't do that
You right, though, I have noticed mosquitoes a notice some last night. We never had them in southern California before I don't know where they come from we generally had them just now, many of them and design know we had a my moved into a house once an unseen, oh and no one had lived there for at least a year. I think in the pool had not intended to so the poorest with mosquito larva. Oh man, It's like fish, like schools of fish or my guy round their house freaking out. What is that these fish- and I you know how this guy, given the poor guy, Given the poor guy came over news, I profit those are missing no larva might know. They are it's a new thing, I used to have our doors, open windows, open, no screens, no problem. the sudden this last year here we're so sad if delivery thrust
Well now I dont. Why do I live here? If I have them and screens on my windows? Do think that, alas, will change. I don't now have you heard about this. It is an issue that I posted yesterday about the yellow mustard plant. Yeah black still looks. Like all that's ties, and it was the municipal ominous posting though let's a strange man because the shit exists before I never saw a dog these same hills were I'm seeing it dominate the hill. it literally didn't exist a year ago and now, just like an invasive plant yeah, it's crazy plant. I just looked at Misgives LOS Angeles and the things that article from the end of last year, but it says, have you experience and unusual number mosquitoes bites the summer? Mostly bono, mostly below the knee, and especially around your ankle, about that. It's called an aid. It's called eighties AIDS, Malaria, HIV, AIDS bug you have ABC Ye D S and that's a real problem. Yeah! It's a problem.
The real problem is: what do I live in? Just read it D S and it's a real prospects for their spreading like wildfire, says Susan Clue, directive, scientific and technical research services for the great less Angeles colleague, vector controls. District sounds like Suzanne needs money for fuckin business. That's it sounds like to make our fellows below these fake news. Kidding LOS Angeles is home to two particular trouble types of invasive eighties mosquitoes, oh man, the Asian TIGERS, mosquito arrive first, having its derive shipments of lucky bamboo. from China. You in your bamboo, my personal horrible thing. It's like a polymer China in two thousand one vote to control specialist, monitored, plant nurseries across the county. And soon stop finding the mosquito their traps. They thought the insects had been eradicated. However, two thousand eleven resin El Monti began, complain about unusually aggressive daytime.
biting mosquitoes plaguing the narrow, yes in the daytime do miss. This is happening frequently with event infiltrated. What do you think would happen if people started scene, Malaria. in America Can I have that happened? Could question I'm sure, Doktor Peter hotels could explain that us right when he's talking about infectious diseases from. Malaria is Larry is and no one else, filament or higher West Nile virus pop up a lot with mosquitoes darling now like every day or anything like that and other dispraise certain neighborhoods, all time like state. and keep her kids and keep dependent with brain your neighbor Yale try all I do not say this about about signing up for spraying. He stared in the West now because a surprisingly its everybody they used to spray when I was a kid New Jersey. They would spray for the Gypsy moths Jesus. They just come. What they went even tell us that this is like the look at that point
even shit would become unheard of its s and think of the difference between the way of butter. Flag is treated in a moth yeah. that's deserve it dirty. Funny it's your little girl chalky and there. playing Lawlor. We got it Basically, the same thing same thing, the other grey, or why but it's only the way. They look here the butterflies, beautiful, but isn't that crazing orange black like we love them love you find a spy, What are you stop it? You never go to a zoo and go into the moth house. If you you killer, ladybug you're an asshole out completely your tat person kills ladybugs yeah, but if you don't kill,
I can hang out with you. You lit a roach run across occasion for you like side, NOM, Roach sidelong. I myself, I say about kill. Have you got a road? You kitchen, lady right? What have you ever delay? Final lazy, little dots audit, the guy we racist with bugs because this has such a thing as beauty. Ok, that's why squirrels get a pass rats? Don't yes bushy tale wouldn't kill styles and very rich jack measures, a tail was just because they found a of the tales. Grew bushy people stop killing them here. It was more disgusting than just a skin tail. Nothing on an awesome sums. Tail possums Ivan causing problems. It did he see asking Possum Taylor. Oh you, ve got a bad we'll hands, get a little hands and your little reptile tail Creole there'll be eyes disgusting, but like we
we have certain animals that we like raccoons, let we don't recruit like records, naughty naughty garbage, but now it's without a pet raccoon. You think there's a dope us thing ever we have we secretly, lot relationships records if they would Can we be nicer to yes right? We would embrace raccoons raccoons, don't wanna have shit, do they down? I don't get it we are smart- were too smart for us nice to them, though we were assholes switch. They go to sleep in the trash will to see their servers. slavery, the guard, lives on illicit work. I've got the cool black mass, a lift the lid thrown aside to pull back up their hands email. If people and say to us a little tiny people who I know you can grab stuff smoke cigarettes hang out here the text they also were killed chickens. Well, sir, we do knows a real predator, skunks sculpture. predators, there's a skunk living in the back of my art who spread my dog
oh no, it's still there. I think so, come opera manner. What am I gonna do take out scant hazmat suit. He began Tom, we go to war. I gotta go crawl under the thing and find them crawling things It's crazy, like he's flaunting he's like you, but look at that law. His hand is so much smaller than his face crazy, imagined How is that small and relationships is the size of your head? He's adorable those he is too low forums like look. Look you think I'd stay, have your garbage no way Look what I'm workin! What do they have a terms? What I'm workin with didn't quite seem like This is like a five fingers. You know thumb right. That's the thing dinner figure. Look at his teeth! never figured it out like they had made jazz hands. Do we just need a thumb when they see that the teeth there always goes mouth open with the well
without that would really our fuckin said: look one of them's chipped. If a yank from bite new in the head anything You think. If a rock tat, you could fight it off now, waiting for you, this Europe, it would you do you give up, it might cut your neck. When would you, I will go into two: the death immediately immediately by you, Try to talk directly now this off does. He makes a move em Randy now, because I've been thinking about it since childhood, all of you that one, I don't want that bite, my nose He also your hyena direct, going to me that thing. I've thinking. These things are coming after us, my whole life. So if he makes a move its, I propose teeth, goddamn, terrifying, dear little, those teeth known their sneak, that's a big thing: tender filled with rabies filled yeah to the top like the balls, are heavy with three fishes oozing out a much to water balloons, raccoons withdrawing your senses touch who I touch
when raccoons rely on their hands more than their eyes and going detached, sorry suggested the sensitivity to touch increases when their hands or wet, which might be why they always wash their food. Why I just wish my hands, and now I am going to touch you when you sleep, anguish, tat you and your children, where he was sleeping with my finger. I give a rat was as big as a raccoon. Try to kill you you'd be fuckin. Terrified now we'd be we'd, be sprang. Oh, if there are the rats eyes, yeah thanks is going through outlay Why? You think we'll spray for these mosquitoes? I think it's time collar congressmen. Well, I think that everyone's afraid of camp trails and finally starts brand jeez sit, circling greater LOS Angeles drop and poison down. That's the rat with a pizza us in that area, the pizza rat. That's these famous rather disgusting, to their prey gross realising that Netflix documentary on right.
Yeah? Now? Oh now, really dude dude really yeah. You need to watch it because it some its educational, just grows and it's really grouse, but when you realize how many of them there really are in major city yeah, the Bio mass of them yeah, it's a stunning real, New York's, all rat rats, many rather more or somewhere in the neighbourhood of as many rats as there are people. really and there's eight million people how many more as mighty or more she's to something else I mean you see them non stab walking around they're, just guessing, obviously most or subterranean most from eleven and houses and most of them and when they borrow their way The tiny little holes along with a rat live to question. How long is a rat live because their born? later on, but they stick around like twenty years. Do the documentary
showed how they send young rats to try out poison really The old man was ass, they send them out. There is little known about eleven die. There's assholes there they'll here's little Tipp. If there ever during construction in New York in front of a restaurant, you don't need it. You don't need me ST. Why? Because they digging up whatever their little ecosystem, is another of the digging up the street there dine somewhere. I would imagine in New York, must be so hard to keep them out of restaurant. That's got to be so hard. I guess maybe leave some in the dumpster from what you give a legal or monsters. Just a year ago, when I was at the time the girl onto the mistakes with tongue, absolutely nobody else alone at a low Cisco, Bob's headache even like here last job. When your closing down the restaurant, you gave their rights, the rats or a friend put the sculls out,
What is interesting, one of those various sizes of them they are about to county, says in New York City, he doesn't think there's any. There are three because it be too big to fail to move around rang a thought physiology. the limit to their size to sail on. They live average about two years, one or two years in the wild up to four. If you have it as a pet well that's it. I want you to have it heads hamsters later. My wife have rats for pets when she was a kid which Gough now she's a jersey, kid just loved animals, and she would just writer bike ran in this rat would just be like on his shoulder Jesus Christ, we're rat lady weird, yeah? That's what I get it if its yearbook, but she sending our and your now. If you had it, it's all life and you raise it right here,
why not yet a dirty! It's not going through the sewers and eaten Yahoo and climate in your head right, but it would have to let it go. Maybe on upset she like had it out with her go rat like foetus, let it let loose in the wild. How long will it take for how long would it take for domesticated rat to adapt to living in New York City? sure? Forty seconds, would you think they were do they crazy, fuckin, Disney. Looking you from the suburbs when I've been living in a house here would like, I'll get colored rats. They have like always a little different colors on number you so clean. Looking to think hair, you can different colors liquor, Joe get alone in this way, it's not even greater community Gregg Julia ain't.
Brown you're like a fucking dog over, you think you're better than us, don't you give earlier? I guess you don't know how to get it into the restaurant in Hungary, What do you got money? I can you give us? Some money will show you we get all the good food You have been a little Emily waiter, Shelly. What role the dives can born around being born a rat, the worst terrible nobody likes you No one likes you, but you I haven't you do survive pretty well, you'd, be better off being to have Alina were to have a leaner to peccary. What's peccary, so your cousin to a pig, What's a pig of yours either, how will we do lives? No Doug lives in Bisbee area Stanhope who, by the way things so it's all about, but he's taken is his neck special in Vegas next month on ice
in Vegas, that's where he lives in bisbee key basic, that's that's! What that's a he live really, the border, like, I think, he's going like six miles and the borders some crazy shit and dumb These things live in the wild out in the desert, re fuckin, their aggressive issue and they fucked up as neighbours dog. They kill his neighbors dog Yemen. The dog was out and Abilene, as will flank it looked to get on both sides of it and they hunted like an a pack of the pack and they there will attack a small dog that things disgusting gross. That's that's like a giant rat a giant rat. Well, it doesn't weeks ago it sucks ago, pig factor so we shall Crossbow people hunt them all. The time looks like a pig, fucked, a rat, gotcha on or does it go in fact, the right as the air click on the guy who shot one bow and Arrow a lot of guys, hunt them with archery equipment, see, wouldn't it be better
he was dressed in my God, though, that you hope, with a tie, numbers booth. Now I don't want that see you look at that. That's a rat face, throw that is always a rap music back their picture, though a giant body screw screw works at last when a major barrier, yeah bra, that guy's huntin rats, that's like a slightly different lookin rat. Oh, you know it's really a giant rat. That's a hundred pound rat without a tale at so gross. No, it's really crazy. Is those animals they'll there the best animal to a call? now? What I call is is like you'd, Meda make a sound of a wounded animal. Now you may like, like something that such suffering like people take their hand these workers rights.
in the end they run in real ass, their so aggressive. It's crazy, lying something's heard knocking elite they, but they have that quick, because his coat is out there and Mount lines out. There's when sums hurt, and here they fought food and they just run towards it. So when you're bow hunting, you almost to have one person make the call in Europe full draw and then start call and other things come run an enemy, shewed item yards. Where are you going to do it? You couldn't get to the boat you and give an orange I'm Z in your pocket, the guy who took up the other way. How are these? like invasive, whether we are actually know their natural that there would be no, they not invasive, but it means a lot of them. Yes, is like a tie a regular daily exists, yeah mean they exist in the desert, they exist and healthy and our populations you people hunt for them. Well,
and Don T eat em. They say to do that. I would like that, but you need a pig yeah, but their cuter wild, boar, you're, crazy, tusks. Looking at those agrostis, pretty grocer, my pigs my kids ugly, this the ones I have bow tie the Clementines garage and little tap shoes hat to step down brow there staring down there, in his garage there's a whole one. Fuck. Is that on your kids toy? Look, it is it's our tears up running way. Look it! That's just gonna take a dump, a new driveway. Would you do not want that? your life, I don't want to live there. This fuckin twenty of undisguised driveway that when they are in the back home to grow the buggy and how many were there, there was like tat, What is the name of their video for people on watch it wild have Lena's make a visit to areas
home, why don't? I know you can show that those fucking things are everywhere. There's lots with a wild. I believe many of whom there are seven alleys, at least eight, and then there is the one that was on top of these nine and then there's one those on top of the truck, and it is one that you could see through the fence and is probably more out its car. It's going to the kids little car she's a cry. Oh it's in passengers, either the car gross fucking, I'm feeling wild have elite is like a dean, Martin son, you think so look over there look at our own heavily fined man. Don't weird look into. They look like the demons. I don't like them on all little beady eyes threw up to no good bye if you alone,
kid you thinking likely. I we are. I wouldn't live there because that's there, but if you live in New York, if we ve had knight who knows what climb and all around your building right could be eagles, so retirement Google, how we get into my house in Google. I have Alina eats baby. Let's see that happen, yeah human baby. What's if the habit, What you think, if a have eliminated human yeah, like she, those fucking things? Yes, one in that guy's draw their indefinitely in baby, some exaggerated wasn't twenty someone's newberry? right now I thought it was probably twelve bakers, doesn't bakers, does of heavily yeah, they would eat of baby a toddler yet knock down there with aid dog dear the scare people, though I was weren't, scared that dude now that's a full blown purse
a baby doesn't even divert doesn't have anything. I know I put it to hear up spikes up to let you know it's threatened territory. The story when I pulled a rat out of my pool vacuum, who was it alive now did think it'd yet stunk and likewise in the vacuum. Working did you think I do then, and I pulled it up and there was a half a rat, its ass sticking out the value and as soon as I got it above, the water flies. Now without it there's a quivering where the fucker the flies before the shit good question: where the fuck are they all over there, not that maybe if you of your round by a person, backyard yeah how
often easy flies every now and then the right one and it's kind of annoying. But if you just put your past our shot on the ground, there would be that lies on that. Within a matter of moments me right after I swam yeah he swam shat right under law. I mean you're after swim, shit yeah, then all of a sudden they show up the at its green gusting happened so fast, so grossing, all the sunbeam they're, all labour yeah waging has come from we should stay inside. Did you find a baby death from us have Alina a couple of months ago that we belong to Arizona were attacked and that, like all MILAN, was bit washes Walker Dogs, another guy was bit way, was feeding them and he didn't feel fast enough and minimum that's about. It must make fine, well the lady who got bit that's the scary one because the guy Federalism Ass, all the right there's Gary One- is that there was a lady got bit by a highly recently in Dallas, though, is no not yet was around the doubts area. I think they think that this is one I only that's, been biting people, it's a rogue
usual coyote snap and people have faintly yeah. They have by marks on their legs like ask. Its gross magazine will kill you. They would kill you they just small. They just not sure if it's worth the effort and you're a round people and their worry that you no one on one. Could you fight off a chaotic now? If you could then mean I think you probably could have you had to, but Del fuck you up matches keep by if there's a few of them, that's where the real problem comes. They by human rights bought game and the rip your tendons apart. You want me to run away. They know what they're doing to say no to delay the did. Try to take your legs out, and you know what they're doing the not gonna try to jump up by you in the neck. The untried. Take your your hamstringing right rip your legs apart,
You can't run so mean that other love, you not leave any food, our former you will now I gotta, do they gotta? Do it's called domestication? That's how we have dogs you ever take a family camping. I have not been either. I would, though, I wanted to take my kids to Yosemite, because I love Yosemite to bring peace. Site arm nuthin just went solar, we weren't we're staying in, elude we're staying in it. What about murders? food, no, more satellite phone, nothing justifies first, take it nothing, a bag of onions and an Iphone,
So I need- and I want to show them Yosemite cause. It's such a great part of my life. I love it. I've lived in the basque country for like a week at a time. I just love the whole thing and I'm telling you about it. I'm building it up there like begrudgingly going there all vegetarians. They just love nature. They slip whatever some like you're gonna love Yosemite, whose we drove into the park welcomes. Yosemite. I ran over a squirrel? Doesn't them the horror inside the dad? You didn't even slow down. What's wrong, you're a monster. I like a candidate, two aims as a game vehicle Fred. I guess steam rolled a squirrel. They were, they were in the whole weekend anytime. Every like look at this look at this beautiful view. You killed a squirrel, you didn't even care, that's the weird partying! You know even care that, with his hand, yeah well
Stu Cry, laugh, and rather than get exactly that's why you killed a deer you'd, be sadder yeah. I can't, I can't believe it can't help ya. Yes, she was so nice little eyes and little tail, but his girl, peccary yeah fuck. I have a windows. Fuckin rat thing find it's mom, but I believe it would have to buy your teeth. Private use its teeth, a terrier tyres apart, when you get stuck in the side of the road trying to change a tire turn around this whole pack of them, closing in on you. Would you in family, because, while all of his do not want them in the woods with you, What am I a danger in the woods or become a werewolf? What the fuck that's disgusting architecture, and I trust me I'll- be right back that you're the threat, that you'd have to protect them from all the threats. Well,
Oh I mean Yosemite doesn't have that many threats of than people bears their black bears yeah, most amount lie and mount lines are. An issue is something out there. The grizzly bears Well, you just we even know you re like that, because you like go out in the nature you do. Let's stop adieu. Iguana nature, also like being endorse sleeping in a place where it's awesome to sleep people wiser than me. It figured out that that maneuver is called a bed with a roof and a door and a refrigerator you fucking cave person who I'm in a rough it almost sleep on the ground. You don't have to leaving the house ever when you go hunting into work going to sleep in the woods. Sometimes most of them now Have you don't hear back depends on what we gotta go with ray? I give our go with thirsty Renault. We always almost always go campaign.
Tip for one we're at our friend dog durrants place, which is he lives in Wisconsin, and he's got a giant farm hunt dear on on dear on there, and that place he's got a cool little little like of deer hunting house. Oh yeah, it's near the steer a cabinet in outside the house took a house how nice, as a small house it everybody hangs out using different spots, are re rang I'd like to take my kids camping, there's something nice about yeah weapon in the woods and shore and structural yeah. You know as a school not getting eaten Hbo age, our the morning. That's nice of a coffee. That's the big thing here. Look up, there's nothing better than a campfire. I now hanging out the d, a specially at the end of a long day of hygiene and then ass. He got a camp fire and if you get one little grates over the campfire
Cooking cooking over Emma the best things in life. I know- and I feel, like my kids- don't have that connection- can do you worry about being with them in the woods yet a little bit of anyone gets hurt, tardy get out GM. Just that you know it's like a view. when I went we're both responsible for we'd help each other out, but you got your act to get were coming to, leaving I'm sorry when we say that I just can't I have plenty of curbing triple. Ok, we're gonna look out for each other Emily, but that's right now. Look here on my left camp with you, but I'm not. I can't handle any adversity. I will fall apart. Please don't Were you gonna open up and we're not going too far walk one mile when the alarm goes. One mile mishap dude seriously, you're not going to help me out now:
I'll call somebody. When I get back there mile somebody mile disputes smile, the blood is get a backpack, four slim gems happier. I obey good, you gonna food Well, I left him one leader of my piss. You can drink that just that. It's like we're at the Eu horrible. Camping economies need good news and bad news. The bad news is, I don't have any water. The good news is, I have to pee what're you gonna do nobly dive die, would mean a fill up. You're now Jean Bottle awful to never Europe we go the kids and you like you're responsible for everybody in everything. That's pretty yeah, maybe just a hike while misanthropic camp when kids good idea just you know,
You should, if you really are getting your camping, Daphne should bring first aid and definitely satellite phone and you can camp in places that you know you're, not back country a mile in you could Stena pull up, walk two hundred feet or That is a fucking Airstream son, polar Bitch by part, two the generator ample satellite tv That would be fun. I've been using renewable source. You can rent those just talking. Providence right out. The windows, India, making friends, I think I would like to like load them up, in our view, a kind of cigarettes You shouldn't go see the Grand Canyon, like other EU delegation, Chevy Chace area. I think that it would be fun to more people just died in the Grand Canyon. What fell no really,
why they're not analogies ruin the railings? I don't know. You know what happened, but just read to more people just fell their death in the grand can't really save you find out, what's goin on I was one of the first takes it did with my father would do in a switch backs, which suggests that there's a reason why some woman guy he's got to close and slipped, and I need to know the slip of these stop folly. If I, Google Glass, I didn't know no ready yeah, I had that memory link wired thing that Jamie's worried about James. You know the first went to get it then he's gonna like organised make sure that no one else, that's what I thought. So we re be the first when they get it and how yeah aside, that help for sure like money mark, his Brown Lee and Lou from on box. There Bodell get at first and then put it on and then they'll start run in the world. That does not have a girl and they go. No enough gets this. Don't try.
but Mark Zuckerberg priority, as if you don't know what I'm doing it right now fend his case. Yeah it some its common somethin's, come M m m. What's gonna be, who knows? What's gonna be yes, something's coming and some things can be more invasive then what were experiencing now, so I can be sure of the figure to get more and more data. You know, SAM Harris has a really interesting podcast. It's out it's either the one that's going on right. Maybe the two weeks the girl- and it was all about us- probably find it. It was all about price. see privacy and, what's the difference between the way different tech companies approach privacy? That makes you respect? How apple does it? Oh, yeah yeah? I mean
hey, apparently they do it much more were, would be the more ethical about it was then they're trying not to give away any though trouble with Facebook, What it's called. I was reading a thing yesterday. They, you know, you put those doorbell things on. You know like ring, you know it records people coming up and they said you know You think it's cool for you and your family, but the Eu Ps Geier. All these delivery people are getting their picture taken and sent to a database every day. Right, like these people are being monitored more time. So well, it's good for you It's not that great. For these other people that visit you, this guy's name is Rodger Mcnamee. That's why I sent the trouble with Facebook. It's episode, one hundred and fifty two. It's really it's very interesting cuz. It goes in Who is about how tech companies figured out how to tat
been two of resource it. No one thought of that resources, your data, and how much is that worth? What turns out it's worth, fuckin untold billions ray it's one of the most valuable things, because it you can direct market people. You can find out what they weren't you with an eye to hear you get all you get a lot of people to get hold of, and we kind of gave our consent. to this without understanding it yeah and they go I am through a loophole and this is how they able to make. You know ungodly amounts money just because we wanted to have that cool features that you say yes Here's. Take it from me, maybe even the amount of money something like Facebook brings in, for it is what it is like. What is it? What are you doing really doing? Is making all that money right there providing people with data yeah you know and there also getting people to its. I got. Ongoing psychological experiment in what makes people engage, what makes him a comment more rat out its anger over
It turns out that what makes people in gauge. The most is things they disagree with. Mr having I'm having fights back and forth so you you get people to get really into these polarizing, subject ray and then you once they start looking those subjects than those subjects are showing up in their feed us it's things they get angry about. Then they start interacting with these things, the more you interact more more. It shows up on you, beat and all the while their profiting on enraging. You like this is essentially what they do. Creepy facebook patent uses image recognition to scan your personal photos for brands MIKE S, just take all your photos and applying Reno bags in the back, applying computer vision, algorithms to user uploaded, multi media objects to detect specific objects within the multi media object and promoting the applause but it multi media object from a use.
there's news feed to sponsor stories area. That's what the patent was awarded for she computer. vision, content detection for sponsored stories. Wow, that's crazy man yeah, you snap, a selfie sipping, a unicorn Rapid Starbucks in shares that selfie on Facebook own were innocent room, facebooks, newly patented technology and theoretically scanned the photo spot. The Starbucks CUP, with the help of an image, object, recognition, algorithm and then sell that info. Starbucks learning the coffee Jain of the fact that you like its product, while there already doing a version of that with your search things you looking at. You know when you go through their brows. Thirty two, well, they're doing it also with voice your phone is listening to you all the time. If you have Alexei in your home, it's listening, my kids and weak. We do at all
the time like you you talking about something and then all of a sudden you see I was performing an Boise, and so we are talking about boys. You boys Boise and then everybody on their hands. there was getting it add. Four vacationing boys see that seems gesture, my speaking gap. That seems like a really serious thing is, it seems in a really serious thing that everybody just like. Oh, this is happening now remember signing off on this: the technologies ahead of our anger or rapid reduction yeah. We don't understand so it's already happened by time. You're upset that exists right, yet it's in full full force right now. Yet really weird, it's really work. That's really word and we're just talk came about it. This is just we think, it's yours, just in your home, you're in a private place here, but these phones there this list, you know what this is about and again. This is something I didn't exist. Ten years ago, fifteen years ago,
These concerns didn't exist. What will be the concerns? Fifteen years from now, how much more invasive is gonna get before we even recognize it attacks yeah. This is this is something though the listening in on things is something the people think about before it happened. I now they know it does with a face. Recognition thing is: there's a lot of articles on that and how that we, realize what a charming entirely makes sense right, especially have so many people's phones use, face recognition, software right with Samsung phones. Have it my Galaxy note: nine has yeah, I phones yeah and you liked about it. You didn't let go. That's cool it off to put my password anymore. It just look area in my app. They also have one. That's an irish scanner. On the note, the notes Ganz, your irises Humphrey, Barreaux, quick to looks your eyeballs GPA, you,
in fact you know man was outside James. I was trying to find. Is the first time you brought up. I know there's these masks that exist that are quotes a hyper, realistic manner nine be used on off this help the face recognition, but I think people are using them to trick it and do fixed often, like Knowledge Committee rob we without on and just like having to ski masks. Now there's gets your face, but ill If you had a hoodie on what about him an already report. Remember when they had to pull his eye, they were silent eyeballs on the black morning for the I scan to get into bill. All you have to do with that is put like a band Danner around your mouth right, yeah, so it could. No one could see your mouth moving? Have that thing on sunglasses, but my even my Iphone gets through.
My son glasses, a China. How that I now, let's face recognition so black, but what I'm saying is with this like. If you wanted to rob someone and have something like evil with the facial recognition, software would would think that it would legitimately think you were somebody else hopefully now and what about fully? If we want do in the someone robs return, robs or hopefully not utilised criminals, it's crazy! It's gonna happen where you so fast. I mean now. You know this is so new law so that, like the special effects technology allows people make faces, go look beautiful. Those things look, the out so close to a purse. some Ladys for tuna bucks. You can fly, one should do it had electricity and I'm gonna get you should by you and then see if yeah that would be created, that would be cool, there'll, be crazy, see if you can put up your looks super creepy, but
Oh that's, so weird ill using a demon s things at a lower taxes could be a body. While that looks pretty real, though I mean you know little creepy, but that looks pretty accurate. That's crazy! I wouldn't look twice on the long term street you when you think about it. Now you be like that. Guy is good shave, beautiful person since or smooth, Babies bottom part work. It was started off. That's my face now communism and switch to whatever this is your me around access creepy is there s? Do you guys know? Is there a problem with doing like any of those. Twenty three me ancestry. We're gonna have your dna brow, the government We get the aluminum he's gonna check your fuckin spit. Do they is a bad to do? I don't know I do not do it. What are they can do with it? I'm gonna clone. Makers. Both they want you dna, they get it just by touching her clothes. Getting hold your stuff Yang, get holier big.
Find out all sorts of stuff from here samples right behind hair you if you drink a Starbucks and then they grow of your cup that can get a dna some of your cup. Then someone can get your dna samples right, so it doesn't really matter. So. If I want to find out from greek or italian fund up, I should find her doubts, pre comprehensive. Have you done it yet Oh yeah gets interesting and it gives you a lot of other weird stuff too, like gum that you might have certain genes that for certain proclivities, even including my lactose intolerance propensity to alcohol, real alcoholism, em. Some super athletes have certain muscle genes you should find out. You have those power athletes. I almost strawberry number of ones that are successful in certain sports we have a yeah, a type. A gene or advantage gives you all this- you have to specify Gazette yeah the otter, really detailed report out, gets its really detailed and covers all sorts of different categories.
it's cool too, and you find out weird stuff. You know what part of Europe your parents were from, age. Maybe you have some asian and you didn't know you had. It is really cool, that's cool, it's cool it! Some! It's just! It makes you really think together. here in two thousand and nineteen? What had happened? He all the people in the past and if you keep Goin back, you know you have but a bit of Asian in me was a one percent or supplying ample thinking where they come from a coup. Where was the way you liked you just too? I don't think so. I think allowed people to search you Jesse Brow that way like sushi tickets, that Asia from a different age, but I don't know
I think I think you know if you could see anybody, though, when through Asia hooked up with somebody yeah for sure what I'm saying is. I think that if you look at what technology was available like two hundred years ago for funding, ancestry right people did. You know that was their kid fifty years, for example, fifty years ago you guess in Zambia me maybe they had paternity tests. Fifty years ago today, like just trying to fight Your roots back in ITALY just have to go, find like town Hall and as a book with your great grandfathers name in it. I mean you, don't even know if your dad was really your doubt if your mom as a whole, I knew that I knew that around six great. I figured that out If you wanted to know a hundred years ago, if you of the father of someone's child you look at the king, got a kid looks like my year or convince yourself. The kid looks like you re, or convince yourself the kid just got your wife's features, but still your kid right.
How you can actually get dna test done, be like? Oh, you know, the coal is harder. Shit is when you find out. That is not your kid beast of prey transport because you been paying child support and you still have to if there are any confirms that he's, not its India states through different roles. I believe, that's how does in california- and I believe, that's how it is in several other states where, if it turns out the young lady had straight now caught subside, dick a heavy. a new gotta go now that a key pan, that's not give tee ban. Even if you do a dna test and he followed the trials, not yours, I think once use of started pay unless you, you might have to go to court and and Duke it out, but I thank you,
payment obligations stops. This is not your kid on what a weird shift to like you think it's is given your supporting a man to be switch in your head like now, I'm not gonna help him anymore. Didn't have testing really until the eighties. Well, over eighty a whole new world who knew no to travel on the first one or two people didn't really assembly. Remember that's kind of know how and why that's right and they started to see a saying that they didn't know how to handle the samples and they wealth was. There was some functioning with that. To step in all over still didn't believe the one in a trillion kind. Number there, passing out. Why? I think? overzealous aggressive like police and detective, I think that's common,
that's a storm and is: did you see that Fucking radio happen Tesla sentiment mode? You see that shit. Now you know Tesla a century mode and caught some politician back in his escalate it into a model, three scuff in it getting out looking at it. Try to rob it out and then taking off and they called him up ass. They could see his face in the video they knew. Who was cause. This guy had been like a kind of prominent politicians. And so one here is there's little neck, but they settled like two thousand hours affects my Jesus. That's a lot of my fellow necked here seems ridiculous. Little scuff, I'm so do just back into interest. Jerk funny, yeah bank right into the Tesla decided at its always say he just back too stupid com.
Guy just does not drive, you might have been drunk gonna look looks like try to stay as it is in deep shit. You try to fix it. The fuck you did, he did not know when they call them only dear and apparently that guide already been a jail for something else. You dared here. He it's like you might be its arm. I am I bumped in sums car once and I left a note with my phone number in my My address nice and not my address my phone number and my name, and they called me up- and they just so happened to be very good friends with someone who else runs with so days. Then he calls me up. he tells me. Do you hit my friends car? That's that I go tell Magala School, noble I'd it.
Wasn't bad, but it was some here knows our goals will scuff on the bumper right, but it was my it was. I was like thank God. I left a message it's a piece of shit yeah? I guess I got my friend and he was like some fucked, asshole hit my friends car and took off. He believes that shit like no raise brow. That's that's bullshit email cameras. Have everybody doing everything you always get busted. When do you think it's gonna be where you have a Tesla? No interesting to one using is gonna, be, were no one's drive and how many many more years were well, where a lot of people are driving twenty year out, say twenty two Thirty? One prices were a joke. Yeah someone had previously get that far Let us do thing away from me, yeah or even the Early Tesla roadster, like do you know that top gear you want, let you not british top gear top gear was crazy. I found it
they didn't episode where they pretended that the Tesla roadster died on them while they driving around the track, but it didn't really dialogue that was just a story line they wanted to die so its growth apparently the way the show is made its like a comedy, show its scripted, so they can get away with doing something. Like that, so Elon Musk suit them and I think he lost believe it or not, because I think they know claim to be exactly don't claim to be factual and they complained they they they don't they don't claim to not have narrative. they create also grow that just to make sure that I'm grows photographs, It's amazing how many shots that they take. Elon musk called top gear completely phony and his company sued for libel and malicious falsehoods judge dismiss the suit. October, saying no view or the programme could have recently been compared. The rose just performance
on the track to real world performance on the street at seems: fuzzy that media kid. What is two thousand twelve that why? What is the case what he said? What you're my said that it was a they fake debt and they claim the power testify. Ok, let's see what it says to figure out. I think I'm pretty sure. That's the story. It has a the car of IRAN must claim that one of its employees was along for the delivery notice that a script for the episode inside there's a segment about the tests of breaking down, but there was only the tip of the iceberg, top gear claim The test Rosa ran out of power driving after just fifty five miles, much less than the two hundred miles quoted by Tesla, albeit it was being driven hard. A claim that must said was untrue. According to him, the roads just logs show that the car had never
dipped below twenty percent charge during the entirety of the filming. The clip followed with the roasters motor overheating, which wasn't addressed by mosque and finally, a break failure, which must claims, was instead a blow fuse and non equipment. Failure, battery powered electric cars. soon die altogether. Former top your host James MACE. This is an amazing, so they reside sounds like there was some horse shit for sure, but it does how it was real break problem and the break problem was blown fuse, which you there's nothing. You can do about that, but you just that. It's such a strange thing that you have to attack electric cars like issues while I think when them making a script. If their scram yes said, the test was gonna break down, they thought it was be funny again how many bit its common show. Jemmy Clarkson is fucking. Larry right he's really funny yeah, but there is definitely not the people there
Pierre. You believe, a lot of stuff that they say in the performance of the car. You I you know, I always thought it was funny. But also the saw them as exports. While the kind of BAR yeah. I mean they know it shit yeah, they know about shit about cars for sure, Jemmy clerks. Who knows a lot about cars, the promise people go to them for it, vice and laptops, and all that shit and if you're saying it cars breaking down you, u engineered the script, it's pretty dirty that is dirty will attach. Like John Hannah gets away with saying that he's not a news programme, does he get away That's a doubly delta of news yeah! He says it's! It's it's entertainment! Really! yeah. Oh, do this work You have a little were little out we're, not a news programme. We don't claim to be, he says yeah, although a lot of people like When do you think that's news, but isn't he a commentary programme? Is that what they say is not there
new. He says it's entertainment. Now, do you fired any? no. No. I just feel like doing says entertaining he's a liar: it's not bad entertaining fire training, so sue them and became a thrones people, Try again, those are real drag drags a dope as fuck you watch last night. I didn't. I did was again spoil It was awesome. Alyosha just to see everything. I just I see it. I was happy to see a new episode. I'm gonna be so sad when that show gets cans. While I'm such a dork, you watched it all the way out about doing the pre caller than the beginning of our world. Here is what they have in a man who ever the fuck people other doing it doing things, however, those people arriving in producing it in putting together an and keep iron. Those actors by some people. I don't care. I lost my way after, like uneventfully seasons. How many season
there's a banal. Fuck up, you lost your way, go back and start from scratch, learn all the names of these places and they make believe failure leaving aside and went out whatever. How much do I have to know Joe? I know what you know how to make bread she may I bread, I do and near you doing with simple a martini, a little bread run a live, your yell jog. How much do I thought tat? Finally, Although we march only nuff catch back up with it. What's good re people like You gonna like let this whole season play by without you being caught up. I almost last night was it's gonna watch, just jump jump in who cares,
these are any show that you never get. Please tell me, gave up on the walking dead. Yes, thank you yeah. I stop that. What is really show that, having give up they even steadfast that I state, what are you? U binge these to watch the having quit now, there's none that I'm currently watching I just watch russian doll. What is then that's on networks that was that girls, like an assassin, there's somethin now she's she's, she dies every episode. It's like Groundhog day. It was pretty good and I've seen all the big ones he owes ARC Ozark Year one season did him was his two now was I supposed to do I just shut off you don't know what happened? I don't know if I get It's already video thirty three clock, three o clock.
In the new and the time flying this conversation. Did we start? When did we start twelve? Thirty. Thirty sunlight at three o clock fine people where Europe? My brother, I am Boston. Where is lying in Jos, I'm going to north, and then we do in Boston, city, Finally, what has had its this elegant winery place and they stand up. They stand up there. Why mostly bands, no shit yeah, do in a bunch of those guys actually a winery, a real one, and yet they make their online low in Boston. That's cool, yet really cool, My friends learning related winery once, although it does the cool should ever yeah, it's pretty cool I'm gonna do never do something up a nap another wine spot, a yeah, that's where they were now you're gonna, be it has added, have done, yeah yeah, that's a good spot tat. Whole areas, amazing
the food, there's a it's a nice, it's no joke foods. we're gonna need greater dialogue in the wind. Meetings that nature, is amazing. Brian Cowen we're up there with those hunting guys we're very turkey. Hunting episode and bright account and I after we went Turkey hunting these guys went back to this, Airbus and be they ran to the little village guys they had like hamburger and shall adjust our guys. These, you d best restaurant, in the war in the work on the right here, come on? Let's go out I'll pay, you know to whom mixtures burgers town and I went out gentlemen, we gotta find bottle wise turkey, hunting in clinking, fine glasses, come on and being, you know delicious american incredible food, and we had a wonderful time certain time certain people
They figured it out over time. They ve got a dialed in just do what they do dear, but it's good to appreciate it. It's good depreciate, our honey, It isn't it's good. If you ain't there every day I think would be now it's a treat its something. It means something, and then you ll remember that dinner. You know it's not like just words mocking those guys entire It reckon wine get let target shit havin fun! That's why the best course things about having a friend my town, Hu Jia, always funny everywhere. You, like somebody here, my one commissioner. You know He's only using making some shit up and eat consists in. he's all areas he is really makes me laugh so website topic but our top Apodaca Tom abundance. Ram top up on Twitter
those thing. My books go into a paper back she next month, Louisa yeah, it's very cool, it's all good, always great the Vienna, was great Abbe brain and get me some elegant way. Please bad for you. I brought my report. We all these areas, a bag of beautiful by everybody. Thank you. for turning into the show, and thank you to the cash mother. Cash out the number one finance at the app store download the cash out from the Appstore store or Google play in order, your cash card today, and when you download the cash app enter the referral code, Joe Rogan, all one word five dollars, go to you that is five for hours and better, yet five dollars, we go to support our good friend, just Rennes fight for the forgotten charity, which is helping to build wells for the pygmies. Thank you, so to Motherfucker Airspace Square space, the host of Joe dot com, and perhaps the host of your next website try it for free when you go to square
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