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2019-04-23 | 🔗
B-Real is a rapper and actor. He is the lead rapper in the hip hop group Cypress Hill and one of two rappers in the rap rock supergroup Prophets of Rage. Also check out his show "The Smoke Box" on BReal.tv & YouTube.
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U r S! I g M a t. I c for Sick matic, dot com, Slash Joe Rogan, or use the discount code, Joe Rogan, no spaces at checkout for twenty percent off. It's wonderful and you know: what's wonderful mother fucking be real from Cypress Hill he's here. Ladies and gentlemen, one of my all time, favorite rap bands and just all all around cool mother. I love this guy I've known forever. Please give it up for be real, good experience. Trying my day, Joe Rogan, podcast by night all day, boo, what's up brother, what's up girl, seeing my friends always for, while man yeah, we both been busy it's crazy and in the meantime we became legal. Yes, you guys were at the forefront man you got. These were way ahead. You are ahead of everybody. You know we took a shot,
take a shot. You know it's donors and advocates in what not. You know that we were stoners it first right. You know, that's how you start like you know your friends. Is a man tried this or you're the one who says try this right, it's one or the other and you know eventually start getting into high times, magazines and stuff like that and looking at the you know, the Centerfold PIC is the weed, but also we like we like to read to Asia Lee, so you know we'd get into some of the activism ASP dove it as well, and that's when we heard names like Jack Herrer, who pretty much opened our eyes to everything and then You know, I think we became real advocates. You know at first. You know we thought we were you know, sort of. We read the five magazines that we were stoners. So we thought we were advocates but like in reading what other freedom fighter, we were actually doing out there in the protests and rallies and all that stuff. You know we really weren't advocate
like we thought we became that later for sure, yeah Jack is way way way ahead of the curve. He's is such an interesting story, rest in peace because he was a Goldwater Republican and he was just a butt down old school republican, and then he got a girlfriend and the girlfriend I'm smoking weed and then also he's like man. This is fucking, amazing, God. Why am I such a dick? What's wrong with see. Who am I? What am I doing my life? Absolutely it totally flipped his life around the emperor wears no clothes, a fucking great book, man yeah it holds it holds strong to this day, because everything that he said in the book is sort of happening right now, all the stuff that that you know they tried to prevent from running through all the anti cannabis propaganda? You see it now and now you see those very companies trying to get into the industry. They were always on the outside of the waiting. You know there is only good at the launching block, not
quite ready to run, but any minute. Now it's going to get legal yeah exactly I mean you know, they're lying in wait with fields like acreage that no one can come close to probably right yeah. I mean the thing I maybe like five years ago before it was legal in Denver or bit longer than that, before we got legalization here that you know companies like Philip person in you know, companies that were already buying land in and already trade marking names. You know for some of the cannabis that we know today so that when they come into the game you know they have. Ship on some of the names in some of the brands and trademarks and stuff like that. To that, and obviously the acreage to you know grow vast sums of cannabis
You know who knows how true that is, but I don't doubt some of that and already the sneaky as shit was Ohio Ohio was they were trying to make it legal, but if they were going to make it legal there's only like it's like two companies that won't James from Ohio. I think like four, but I think that is how it yeah. They were the only ones going to be allowed to grow and sell at least five for you monopoly. That is not legal weed that is you'll, be an account, that's monopoly yeah. Then it's crazy. You know yeah, because you know you had like people that got those licenses or permits or whatever that he had no knowledge on the cannabis culture or business. How to cultivate, and how to run retail stores or any of that they didn't have any of that knowledge, and you know deluge Julie give it to an insider because they know how much money they stand to make that that's like if there was just one distribution center right in
everybody has to go through that distribution center. How much money does distribution center make because you got to pay for your shit to go there and then you know who knows if it well, you know if it passes 'cause, you know as a cultivator what you do so you'll know, it'll pass pass it's clean, but you still got to pay that fee every time and it's got to go through them fortunately, here in California you know they allowed people to have distribution licenses so that there's not one distribution center, because that would be a monopoly for sure and that's what they wanted to. Supposedly you know, the lobbyists did that put sixty four together, we're trying to stop it from being a monopoly in corpus patients coming in and taking over and stuff like that. You know so interesting because pot is such a non corporate drug. You know such a non corporate thing that these corporations are trying to get uh.
Grip on weed it just it seemed it seemed obscene, seemed seemed disgusting. Yeah, it's a little out of place. You know a lot out of place right. You know, because you think about where comes from and it's been outlaw for so long, it's kind of like you know the way out alcohol was for for so long, but long now that that is the entry midnight as long yes, yeah and now you know you have people trying to come in and throw money into it and and they got you know in some of these guys, don't realize it's! It's not just about the money into you got to do the diligence on what this business is. You can cut corners on the cultivation. You know you can't cut corners on quality because people you know they're there There's more information out there, yeah emails, so people know, even if they are. Connoisseur yeah as a consumer. You know they can
can read about shit. They could learn about stuff. So if you're getting over on a more, if you're put in some shit quality product out there, I mean people are going to know and all that money that these guys put into trying to get in the cannabis business there just throwing it into the fire, some of will come out of it. You know they'll partner up with brands that exist in people that have knowledge, but you know it's. The corporations that come in in the next five years, it's going to be it's going to be interesting, because I do think that it's set up for them to come in the taxes are so high right now for the consumer and for the kultivator in for the retail shop that you go I survived. This wash right now, that's happening in order to still be you know doing business when the corporate structure comes in because please believe they're going to lobby so that those taxes come down because the
margins are not right. You know, as forty tax is that what it is now it was the thirty nine in Denver right yeah, but in zero four out for yeah, it's fast, you know forty percent into the consumer that consumers like who gives a fuck get there. If I could just pull in and get some weed race should give a fuck could, but in comparison to alcohol like how much it costs. If you go out for a night for some drinks, that cost way more, you get high for a month yeah what it takes to get ready, much few drinks and a night it depending where you go, those five drinks or even double yeah, yeah yeah in the wheel with less awful well. The other thing is that these companies, they don't understand the culture, is a different culture. You kill bullshit us you can't bullshit us with marketing and advertise is not going to work. You can have like them. Interesting man. The world selling weed state Thirsty my friends.
Now that I'm going to work, you gotta get somebody like Michael Phelps Man for rain, Michael Phelps. I would buy weed from Michael Phelps how far He was at that he got in trouble. For that. You know what I find funny is how how you know they put the stereo types on stoners for so long like that, we're lazy, unproductive and all that stuff, this guy is one of the most rated Olympians in the history You know I mean what is he got like fifteen gold, fucking medals, preposterous, yeah, mister, big lungs? That's what we call him! Mister big lungs, I probably could take a rip on a bomb about. God mean shit right here, is crazy capacity there. It is probably snap a two gram: bowl disco was the person who ratted him out some low, some kids on yeah. What a piece of yeah
the is going gonna party try to have a good time, some kids there with his phone. That social network for you, though they want to go viral. So they'll get you in that moment where you know you're supposed to be a friend, but that was like before all out of that shit was happening like what year was that, if it, let's guess what gear was at twelve, two thousand and twelve well before yeah before, let's just say, for you know, Instagram kicked off, but there was still you two twitter. If you wanted to put somebody on blast or you wanted to have a vibe, video! Youtube, has been there for a long time. Yeah Twitter was like two thousand seven right I believe so yeah. No, I think one was Michael. Why does Michael Phelps when the in trouble look in its eyes? I'm seein different stuff, so I saw a picture of it on you too, from two thousand and nine. So that means I would have been in two thousand and eight olympics. But let's see if that makes sense like it was a long time ago, yeah that makes sense, though,
because it came back right, yeah he retired and came back well, I think he was suspended. He has a suspended two thousand nine if, they got caught and then and then he had you know, do the suspension and he came back and got some more metals like ha ha fuck. You right. I love that was just because of the weed yeah well, you know hey, listen on on on in a lot of places, it's still on a banned substance list, yeah, Texas, Texas, real bad February, two thought. Well, two thousand nine he's only twenty three apology: an incident where caught on camera party smoking a bomb that was alleged the marijuana, the shit. You know he shouldn't have apologized for that he should have had to have apologized. For that thing, is they have those guys bent over a box because they're all just trying to get that sponsorship? Money right, yeah, you have to be clean. If you want to be on the Wheaties Box after an olympian yeah they're not going to put Cypress Hill on the waiting
boxes. Yes, yet that be great though, but I'll take the t h out at e d e n, I e S, we tease yeah, I don't know, but you guys were it's so far ahead of the curve, though you know I mean you, you were you had we'd songs like when like what year that was the first album was in ninety one, and we started writing for that, album, probably four years prior and you know the weeds songs, those came about because we were we'd heads. You know we just it. Let's be ourselves right, a different thing, no for people that were were fans, because when I was listening to you, I was just getting ready to move from Boston to New York and back. Then you would hear about new hip, hop bands from my friends, yeah yeah,
word of mouth yeah, I'm not sure I would he about it. Like somebody that I I think somebody I worked out without it, and I was like what the is this then like that Cypress hills damn and we're trying to be different. You know not sound like a typical West Coast, you know, grew right, a lot of a lot of West Coast groups at that point, you know what the labels- looking for n w a types and you know things like that like either you know gangster coast, gangster rap. They were looking for that or either the kid frost, chicano type yeah. We don't want that. We don't want to foothold ourselves like that. You know mugs in from New York. He wanted to sort of blend both worlds right, so you know we went with with the EAST coast type, sound, with L a you know of slang, mixed with with co, slang and so
well. You know they were like where the fuck are, these guys from and people thought were from Cypress Hill, New York, 'cause there's a Cypress hill down there, and you know people just didn't, really know it first, because we were one of the first groups that didn't put our images on any of our first. You know any of singles are or our art comes. We never did like the the shots, like you know that that were existing that time we it's a clean shot of the group or the artist or whatever we were always on some, because we are metalheads to you know before the hip. Hop we like the obscure metal album, so we didn't. We were like we're not going to put ourselves on the covers. We just going to do these crazy, obscure, covers and make people you know try to guess who we are be mysterious. Ten, we talk about longevity, I mean you guys. You guys been around a long time. Time is dropped off at all. It's crazy! You know we we didn't expect it didn't know how long I run would be we just kept working. You know we always had a strong work ethic. We were never the type
just to sit around we're always doing something. You know mugs always making beats. You know, I'm always writing to something, I'm always into one project, another, so it was always just about keeping busy and that that who did as well. It's crazy twenty eight years later still banging it's crazy. What you say two years later from your first album man again, you guys never dropped off Second, not once you were always there, so you have to be consistent in hip hop. You know it in music in general, especially like. If, if there's time were radio stops playing your music or you know as MTV stop playing music videos and they went for more reality, show type programming. You gotta, you gotta stick they're, so for us it was, you know, constantly doing shows we didn't put. How does many albums as we could have, but we thought less was more. You know instead of
drive in the music into your heart, like a steak or something like that, we just you let everything bring if for a while in there was, there was a time where you know we sort of let go of doing everything. It was like a six year period. Were we just kind of took off? We we didn't, we weren't away completely were still doing like sporadic shows here and there to keep up the profile, but we weren't like touring in working on music, I was off fucking around competing in paintball tournaments. It could you get into paintball, then yeah, I had a team called stoned assassins and it was competitive paintball at the time I was training, martial arts as I've done throughout my life, and I was also planned competitive paintball into martial arts don't show to Khan, I started off with Taekwondo and I got sort of I mean it's. It's like it was a it was the dojo was
cool you know and- and I was progressing quickly, but I sort of fell out the master there with the sea floor, whatever remember when yeah and one of my partners who I up with who is one of my partners in our doctor Green Thumb, Brandon, whatever his father was, was you know, Sensei and and his sensei and became my since I went from Taekwondo to to Khan and S train with him. I mean he had been in the dojo, since he was five years old training with father, so you know I came into that it. It took. It took a little bit of convincing for me to go from one thing to another: 'cause, it's such a different style, but you know I adapted to it and I liked it and it was very different, different flash, but is very disciplined in his father. You know, use you know, born
Japan raised out there, and he you know there there she is kind of different they go to to martial arts, universities and they get degrees in different, martial arts, so they can go and take like okay, tokido in Jujitsu and Shoto Kan in all this in you know, get there. Their degrees. You know they work their way up in the belt system and all that stuff, but they become teachers through through that universe, The I guess is fascinating and yeah. His his father was one of the guys in one of the federation's that he's one of the three or four cents say's. It have to come in and give you the black, but when you actually get it yeah it's a whole. Was it s, K F, a or something like, I got you know Karate federation, so yeah. Something like that
so you could imagine. When Lyoto Machida came on the scene, you know we were like yeah someone representing the style that you know we were training under any yeah. A lot of people got excited when he came about. He was through the first guy legitimize karate. In the modern era of mixed martial arts. You show like, if you could do all those other things. If you could stuff downs and you you new submissions, all those things on top of that you could live yeah you could yeah. You could do it in a weird way that people didn't really understand its timing, yeah in a wonderful way to Thompson similar to that too, it's got a weird timing, weird timing, you know, and then the feints with the hips he was with that shit like you know, he would throw people off with that. You know we. I just happened to go, see, fight, Rashad Evans, oh shit and uh
man. I mean it surprised all of us. I mean we thought he would win, but we didn't know he would win. In that fashion I mean yeah. He was some special yeah. You know I mean and he's doing bees over Bella tore now right with his brother, his brother chins as been a over there for a while, his brother little things, brothers, a bantam weight or featherweight one of those but yeah that the I think it's good to go from Thai Kwando to other styles, because Thai Kwando gives you a lot of dexterity, you have to move your legs easily. Yes, absolutely it's a good foundation yeah! It's a good way to start off, it's good for little kids to the get sure that doesn't it's not a lot of head contact or coordination too yeah yeah, and then, when you learn, if you actually want to fight, you want to learn moitie and all those other things you have way quicker legs. They just move better yeah for me. You know I I was never good with all those flashy kick kicks like that. So you know big do yeah, it was harder for me. Tai Kwon, don't like to show to Khan was definitely hard, but it was more suited
for someone. My hard style show comes the hard stuff. It is a missile in he. You know he when he was training, as he would not like let up b as he'd roll, the reels here. Let me go light on him now everything I did like you know that but I did outside of music when I try like, for instance, paintball when it went into paintball there the price on my head every game. Everybody wanted to give me extra shots so like. If I got hit well, I'm walking out, I would get one thousand and twenty extra paint balls to my back, you know and we'd give it right back to them. You know in the very next game when we played them guys again, we were making sure to give him that right back, so you got deep into this. Oh yeah, last man, it's addicting, then I gotta tell you: if there's any physical activity that is addicting, it is paintball 'cause, it's chess with guns
is it so fast and so close, and you got to think of a strategy. You know it's not all shooting straight way. It's all shooting angles and getting your guys, the positions to get those guys out to keep moving up to get their flag, wipe them out and bring the flag back now. Are there restrictions on power like the power of the guns, yeah yeah? I believe you can't shoot above three hundred PS. I think it's I think it's the highest you can shoot is maybe two eighty five thousand two hundred and ninety, at least at the time. If you go balls out, if you wanted to get the ultimate paintball gun, what is that? Oh man, it hard 'cause? We were using different guns at the time because it's like each year, a better gun comes out. The technology gets better, so you know we were using at first when we started these guns called angels, and then we went over into these other guns fuck. I can't remember the
name of them, but they were. Like I mean the best thing is to have a light gun with, with the trigger that you can fancy cuz, that's technique to get it to shoot like a like a uzi right, you're, not supposed to be able to pull the trigger an multiple balls come out with one pull it supposed to be that the gun shoots as fast as your two fingers or three can toggle. So if you get a rhythm, you could shoot that thing. Like a fucking uzi, you know, and everybody has a different position. You know like mine. I was like one of the quarterbacks, which is the last three on the line, see it's like a football field right. You got the fifty and there's obstacles at the fifth. And in between, in its mirrored on the other side, the quarterbacks play the back and they shoot a whole bunch of paint so that the other guys that are the front and may You guys can get into these different positions to shoot the other guys out so the
guys in the back- were shooting the most paint. So you have to use that fanning dial season three fingers three fingers, because that the trigger, where you're at work, the the the base where you're pulling the trigger you can fit three fingers there yeah it's really for now, but you could fit three yeah this. This was our team right here. The staff knows seven and we were always pretty stoned when we did that help yeah the the the the furthest we went. We took third place in one tournament: wow you canceled. This is crazy, like yes, all these barriers and show again, these are all blow up areas. Right here looks like a football field, yeah that that's what they would replicate like a football soccer field in you know you put all the these. These obstacles up these blow up obstacles and they're all just positions to try to take two get a better angle. On the other side and there's
goal to take everybody out. It's you get points for taking the other side out, but you get the maximum points gay in their flag and bring it back to yourself, and you know you get points for how many guys on your side that are still alive. So So you know you would get one hundred percent. If all seven of your guys were alive, you killed all them and brought their flag. That ever happened. Oh yeah, damn, who are you playing you know, because crawling around should I think about paintball right is that, let's just say, there's six tears right, there's the pro there's a semi pros. There's the amateurs there's the novice, there's the rookie and each each each tier had at least two hundred teams competing in this wow per tournament. In these guys, back in that time. I don't know how how it is now 'cause. I haven't competed in a long time, but they would do five tournaments a year. One would be in Huntington Beach, the biggest one, and it was awesome. They would throw it. You know right
next to a surfing tournament so like it would just be cross people crossing up watching the reason they come and watching the paintball. Then it would hit to Boston and Florida and dumb, LAS Vegas and one other one other place? I can't remember, but we would do the tournament, so I was doing him for like four five years and the guy before me. That was the the ambassador was one of the one of the bee. Gees. When the beach is the one who passed away. First, Barry Gibb was a bearing, Now he's the one that always wear a hat. He was the shorter one so he was a paintball. He was a paintball feen, like myself, he owned a store. He had a team at Eagles based out of out of Miami, and he would compete up until when he passed away. He was like the ambassador and I is yeah I came. Men and took his spot when yeah Maurice Morris,
that's crazy. I had no idea why you guys are armored the look up. These things must sting. Oh man, I mean I'd. Leave with at least twenty paintball bruises. You know you know in one sitting, and you know you look like a leopard. Come wow coming off after that, you know. Who else was a big paintball enthusiast was William Shatner, really yeah, He would hold these crazy tournaments, like in Truckee style where it's the scenario game, meaning that ok, here's the castle I'm going to be the castle right here, you guys got gotta siege the castle in it. If you guys can come get me out of here, you go, is when this then they would see it through the three days they'd set up different scenarios like there, you go see it William Shatner played all this is crazy, I would never get,
but how does he run? He can't run well. No, he, eighty years old he doesn't run. They put, they put him in a central place in Lyle shoot. Sometimes he would go out there, but so you just stay put the he would state. You would have to protect him. My old man paint ball. He would fight to him he would fight to, but he would be. He would do. You know they would be trying to protect him. Oh that's so crazy, yeah, wow and uh There's a bunch of celebrities that paint bald man. Will Smith was paint balling before he did. I robot really. He did that. He came down to the park where we would practice that we played with him in his team, but it was a scenario: Game Joaquin, Phoenix. We makai Pfeiffer. I amaze, the surprise. How many but looks like fun. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You let off steam yeah and how many people on the team on on come. The competition team you have. You have eleven and for the roster in seven play at a time, and you can
no switch guys out, but now it's different now they do like five men in three men team, so I don't know anything about the new style, but you know they constantly call me back 'cause, I'm in better shape than I was when I played. I was a little bit heavier than that's why I was at quarterback. You know I wasn't running too fast then, but you know they all this hit me then I'll always get hit on my dm on ig or Twitter, like hey man, when you come back to the paintball feel like when I, time, which is probably never, but it seems like. I have a big time, sudden loved it man I love to play in the game. It was so it can. It was hard to pull away from it. I but even at times be coming home from a tour straight into good tournament. Like I'd get off the plane. I'd have some. We have my paintball shit ready and boom straight to the tournament. Can't tell you how many times I was doing yeah, it's fucking crazy, it's funny when things get your blood right. They get in your bones, yeah that kind of
blood like martial arts did 'cause. I was always like an enthusiast like you know, for a long time you know, and when finally started training. I was training like seven days a week, man I wouldn't give myself any time off 'cause. I want to learn fast and I wanted to absorb it. You know: did you ever fuck with you just do, no idea how is wanted to, but I don't know it either. You know I thought about it and I want tenth planet man you fit right in. I think I will. You know, like a lot of people have asked me and invited me 'cause. They know a UFC fan, I'm a mixed. Martial arts fan. I'm a boxing fan. You know all that shit. You know a couple of MIKE cousins are one of 'em was a champion professional boxer, which was Michael Carbajal and his name He was your cousin, yes, ma'am, I met my go. I met him one day at the comedy store yeah long time ago. Man yeah when he was when he was a chap. He was a beast. He was a beast and his
nephew is now now Boxing Keenan Carbajal. So yeah you know were rude for family right there, but Arizona right, yeah from AZ, yeah, yeah, so yeah I've, I've been invited to to to to you know come was of jujitsu and I think you know I think I will 'cause. I mean you gotta know it. I think I think you know it's something that would benefit anyone from to know that yeah. But you don't actually, you know, get in a fight and have to hurt somebody bad or they hurt you LEO Santa yeah. Just choking just oh come on. I saw Everlast joke love Guy out one night. Well, it was the fuck it 'cause. You know he he fucks around a little bit, and you know he knows people that teach Jiu, Jitsu and they've taught him. A couple of things were at the rain, one night where we were holding court. Just smoking like it's, Amsterdam down there and we're.
Any conversation, and he kept here and some dude across the cross. A couple tables over kept saying Everlast this Everlast that and he money say my name one more time and he goes Everlast and he went back to talking to his people 'cause. He didn't think every lasses could come up and do nothing to Everlast, I walked over to this table. Look to his face. Turned him around real, quick and start choking in the fucking. Same idea began muddy, saying: oh Jesus, oh man! It was hilarious, but yeah man tent and is downtown right near where your place is yeah yeah. So you studio or your setup, that's real close to ten planets, Jujitsu yeah man. Just let me so. I will not avoid any flat earth conversations that come up. You know like years and keep moving. I get those from. I get those from time to time. You know I get the flag
fuck off of Youtube man yeah they get confused yeah, that's the craziest because I always argue like this about the flat earth right. So a listen! If we got a flat earth, there's a edge right and there's always thrill seekers looking to do something thrilling and there's always a thrill seeker that looks up and falls right off of that edge right. So how many mother fuckers would be falling off the edge of the earth if we really had one for sure you know it would be, climbers would be bunch of dudes would try to hang off the edge and take selfies think about it right. Twelve people this year have died at the Grand Canyon nest. The grand canyon! Is there really that many that many so far in this year and some people die of a heart attack there
because you know it's too much for them to be on that little bridge that they have there, that that extends past the the edge of the canyon that they put in a low a low bridge way so that you can go and look down people have heart attacks in people that have had heart attacks from that, but the other guys are the ones trying to do selfies falling off fucking bridge in plummeting dress. So you gotta think man. If we had, if we had a, flat earth? How many people would be visiting the edge fallen? Fuck, a selfie man, there's no, you know come on. No doubt there'd be teams of people team they would travel flat earth and they would they would like rope we'd like lately, with late, like Alex Honnold, probably try to climb up the side. We'd hear it on the news. Another person has died from falling off the edge of the earth yeah, it would be a hundred percent that'll be a hundred a lot. People will tell you, though, that the government guards that again and are there right yeah, you can go near it pro. Yes, battleships! Well, there
be just one edge though right. That's true. They didn't think that through yeah well be several edges if we're flat yeah, but so you're going to have that Youtube Mentale. You gotta put your head a little box and leave it in there. If I could turn the oven box on and stick your head in the government's blocking the age may and you can't get near it yeah we're it's like we're living in a dome, yelled, That's that security, yeah, the dome, the dome theory, there's no space space is fake. Men spoke people want to believe in some crazy shit, one how much of are stoners like most of 'em right how many of them are microdosing. Yeah, probably because because that's the thing now everybody's, like Martha Micro, dosing right now, then it's not bad for you that they say it's actually. You know kind of good for you, but RON White's doing it. But on what Michael does so Psilocybin everyday,
felt better in my life and they like to talk when they're my kiddos and Simon use of these ideas. That's the thing you have ideas in your mind becomes open to that. Normally, you know you're closed off to honestly, you know yeah, but you know, I think they think that the earth is a disk. I think that's what I've heard recently. They think it's a disk, a death, some sort of floating skin, and then we live in the firmament or something like that is like some sort of a cover over the top of the disk and that's what the here it is. What is this Jamie who's next year that they're on the fly? Yeah? My god is that real, so that's eventually they're going to get to the fucking glaciers and they were told you, the wool, the flat earth grew hope they jump out and they eaten by polar bear. That's the funniest shit has to use GPS to get around so I mean you know how many scientists do they have on their side. All of them
the body. Is it now? It's ridiculous! There's there's a there's a gigantic satellites to take huge high resolution photos of the earth every ten seconds via orbit from thousands of miles out to their doctors. It's just the whole thing is so still but all the to believe in like to invest any energy in that like white some lie about the shape of the earth. That's the Dolmas part about it. You want to know what I think is is before the internet and although different platforms, where you can get information, you know, Our government in other governments, could debunk any information on Ufos anything because you know there wasn't like the white communication that did exist now yeah. So I think now they put in people who are saying in this crazy wild way out, so that people are that are really trying to expose truth on certain things they get looked at as jobs like the
the rest of those that are trying to say oh well flat earth or we're on a disk or we're in a globe or blah blah. You know been spying on you, they'll, throw all that together. The government is spying on you yeah. If they are That is for sure, and they really are that you know, since George Bush junior, was president they've been listening to our phone calls. I mean that's a fact. I mean that was one of the the things they enact. Did with the homeland security that they can record. Every Americans call and you whatever conversation mentioned certain keywords. As we were saying earlier, they would you know they would get shuffled off to assert. Department in those guys were red flag, then looked at Nat still happens today. To still to this day you don't need a warrant. No, you just listen. I mean I'll. Tell you this right, the I've been traveling what twenty twenty some odd years at this point where I, when I was coming back into to the United States, for
a long time I would not get randomly checked or anything like that. They just let us go by and I did if you post somewhere, you know with an abundant amount of cannabis right and right after that post each time I came back into the United States, they sent me in the secondary for a search, and I started asking like K arm been traveling for x amount of years now every I've noticed that the last four times that have come back from another can three. You guys are randomly in a check in my bags now, what's the deal, red flag. What's going on with my passport home? Well, you know where I'm not really how to tell you this, but I mean have you been? What kind of postings have you made on your social networks, green yeah, and I said: okay, Saint
more and I renew it. It was 'cause I had put like you know a post with like four five, six pounds in a what is five pounds a week? Even look like it's a lot right, that's like giant pillows filled with me yeah, so you know right Then in there. I knew you know from that reaction that he had that anybody. With any sort of this involved in entertainment, music athlete. You know whatever actor actress there watching all of our shit for sure listening and their watching. So, firstly, someone like you has been at the forefront of push cannabis, legalization and always talked about it openly, flake Lee, even when it was well a schedule, one substance, so yeah everywhere you know him. When did you get a medical card? We hear the the year that it was available first year, it was available. Was that ninety five or something ninety four
here. They got my from from doctor item and he was like one of the doctor Ottoman hook me up to a half hour and we're brothers all right along that is a go to him even when it was way more expensive because of my yes g yeah, a role he like. He told me he goes my God, because I lost track of him for a minute. You know and doubt when I went back to renewal some years back and he's Louis you've in with me a long time I mean. Is it what it looks like is that your patient number four number four on his first, a list of all his patience. I guess you know, and there was number four yeah, even though there was it is out here. How does go travel see him in Hollywood, set respect yeah and he was are these. He had the bike. Do g stoners in the waiting room? Yes, people that
is like barely holding on the reality. Oh yeah, he had, he had all sorts, he had the hippies, he had the new new gens hip, hop people. I had vitamin drips and shit to all kinds of weird stuff in his office yeah yeah. He would try to sell you on some different technology anytime. This will help you stop smoking cigarettes. Well, I don't smoke cigarette. Oh yeah! He had like a thing that you put on your ear thing: little electrode yeah. They gave one to read and it didn't work yeah you gotta, try something right yeah. It was like a battery powered thing right, give a little charge here, but then I was supposed to stop you from smoking cigarettes. Yeah I didn't get it. I didn't smoke, cigarettes sold, sign, look at little smoke cigarettes. Did you ever get your lungs checked out from all those years of weed smoke yeah, I mean you know. I get physicals and stuff like that, and you know occasionally I'll have my lungs checked and they tell me they're great in an amazing, it's crazy. You know, because I think, if you keep active, you know like you train in in
and a lot of this train. Now, like this generation they're, not like lazy, stoners and I'll just sit back and do nothing. There still are those, but you know I don't think it has the same carcinogens. As you know, people expected you know like cigarette. It does so You know you might look at someone's lungs who who who smoke cigarettes and- and you might see something they're like hey. You need to you, know slow the down over here, but in in every time they I've had my lungs checked or whatever for whatever it, whether I've you know gotten sick or whatever they're always telling me lungs, good shape, and it's a funny thing because you know in they can night one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven. You know I was seventeen and I was gangbanging
got shot, and you know that I got hit by twenty two and it as hollow points. Do it. It broke into three three pieces, the hollow point. One of them punctured my on my left side and No, they were telling me uh. Well, you know, do you smoke now I don't really smoke 'cause. I didn't smoke cigarettes. I smoked weed, but I wasn't going to divulge that. At the time. I was seventeen and you know, and they said well, you know Well, that's good 'cause you'll never smoke again like they punctured your lung blah blah blah. They thought I was gonna have to work off one long, but in the three days You know they were able to get the blood out of the lung in I was able to get it back. You know, through the exercise. They told me you know to get it back. This regular size and I've never had a problem since then knock on the take the piece of metal out. No, I still got the three pieces. That's like
When I go do my physicals and they do that, you know the MRI the MRI eyes in the x rays and all that the doctors you know- sometimes they forget because they see some Many patients is mister freeze. This appeared to be bullet fragments with what is that? Well, you just set it doctor Bullet Frank, you, cinema doesn't times you know and yeah. I was very lucky. I was very lucky because you know punctured my lung and then two other the pieces. One was by the heart. One was by my spine, but I was at Martin Luther King, sing hospital in Lynnwood and we call that place killer. King 'cause you go in, there for something small and end up dying or come out. You know gimped out or something so you know I wasn't going to allow them to try and get to those bullets or those fragment the open you up yeah and then in a you know a they didn't, have a great, success rate,
kind of lung exercises. They give you try to pump your lungs burger, they give you a breathing apparatus that has like a ball in it right and it has two lines, and you know this: it's the first line, you're trying to they're telling you every day for five minutes, ten minutes to blow that no, not all in one shot but like to keep practicing getting the ball up there and that will help inflate the lung and get it back. So I had to do that for probably like three weeks, and you know the puncture wound it healed itself pretty much and the end the pieces are still in your long, not in the law. No, it's it's! It went past a long shot pass along, so you know its. I got a piece up here, when off to the side in the back. Well, when it's really cold due to the nerve damage, get like stinging, like you know, like when your hand falls.
The little needles that I'll get that here and then then back here where it entered they had they had to cut right in between a rib here to stick the tube in to put the the into the long to get the blood out of the lung. Damn yeah. As you know, I was living crazy. Before I got into the music, the music saved my life pretty much really yeah how long we gangbang for- for some years. You know I started. I started young. I was probably thirty teen years old and I got out of it probably I don't necessarily get out, but I changed up what I was doing 'cause you don't never really get out person unless they jump you out and you know I was too into it- to to be jumped out like that. You know what I mean that wasn't something I was going
do because you know for his negative as it was. It taught me a lot, so my boys did, I you know ran with they understood. I was trying to do something different. You know the choice to try the music and and leave that shit alone, because there was no way that you do both. If you do both you see the results of the what's happening today with a lot of cats. You know to mean that they try to. Ride the line, be professional and being the music, but there's still kind of in this world over here and when it bleeds in one bleeds into the other it you know it fucks everything up, you know, and so I chose I was going to do music and just talk about those life experiences and what not, and that was Prob get eighteen that I started taking on the music and that's that's where it went like when you said you learned a lot from it like what did you learn from it? Well, you know your street, you know there's
there's common sense and then there's common sense on the streets and then there's being aware and looking out- and you know not being a doormat and just it's a whole, different type of schooling when you're gangbanging, you know that's the way. You carry yourself the way you Munich, eight with someone and know whether they're disrespecting you or not, in how you deal with that disrespect, which is, if you a whole different world in the gangbang shit. But it's a it's a different kind of vacation. You know I, wouldn't I wouldn't take it back some of the things I would you know. I definitely regret it while I was doing it for sure, but it made me see things from different perspective. You know why you know things are the way they are in gangs and stuff like that, from lack of opportunities. You know for these kids
to be doing something. You know 'cause, not everybody's good, at sports. You know, but there has to be weather opportunities other that other than that to get kids interested, I'm doing something else because falling to the gangs. It's it's easy. If, if you don't have a good home life at home, the guy is on the street. Are yours can family and they eventually become your first family? You know to mean, and if you don't have a father figure at home, One of the guys in the gang you know becomes your mentor. He could become like the guy you look up to as, like your father figure. You know, there's that and then you know again. There is not enough programs out there to keep people into doing something. Right then falling into that, and then sometimes you know it. Just it's a matter of you know you you growing up in this neighborhood. If you have to walk down the street and they approach and say a we live in this, could you got to be with us? If you don't we're gonna make it
hard for you. So there's that peer pressure and then there's the legacy shit like. So, if my fa there was a gangster in this gang and he still lives in this neighborhood pressures on for me, eventually to take up where father left off, you know and it's it's the things that some people just start thrill seekers and they choose it and I've nothing. You know income and with none of that they just choose it for some people too, so appealing to have somewhere that you belong right it in that's the thing, because if you don't feel like you, you belong in your school or you don't belong with your in your family and and that that she can only take hold in in us dub there you know. Fortunately, I had good friends network gang bangers. You know that they had talent for music, which is hugs and send incense brother mellow. You know they were. You know I did
music as a hobby. You know before I got into gangs and they got me back into the music because they recognize something in me and said: hey. We want you to come back where we got these opportunities over here come join us. Did you always have style? No, I didn't. When did you develop that once we started working on our Cypress Hill demos, Mug came to me and said: hey man, you gotta, do something gotta do something different. Otherwise we're going to write for sin. Consent had a good voice. It was locked in my voice. I was rapping in a voice similar to the one I'm talking and although the rhymes were good, it didn't cut through on the style like on. You know on the beats it it just sounded. Like you know, some regular shit so you know, I don't want to be someone's writer. You know I wanted to write for myself. So you know there was a guy that used to listen to come enough was neighbors rammellzee. He was on
this record called wild style and he was in the movie, use this a rapper who is very obscure, but he the artist two you know like a graffiti artist but then also an artist artist. You know, but he was also a rapper and when he would do as he rap in a regular style like his talking voice. This is the brother. They called the RAM Al yet a deep voice like that and then he would flip right in the middle. Take it up town to Cypress Hill with a shotgun by uh like that in you know we were always freaking out on that. He had two styles, so I tried so in my voice in that sort of similar style and it ended up sticking. I didn't really like, I didn't think Anybody was going to like it. I thought they were gonna. Do that get the fuck outta here with that, but they ended up liking it and I think the first song that came about
that style was the song real estate off our first album. It's. You know. That was where I tried it the first time they liked it. So then kill a man came next and I tried that song in that styled in hand on the pump and it just became a flow after that and I really did not feel it at first I was like fuck. I can't believe they got me wrapped in this voice in it took it, took a minute to get used to that. You know like doing it live because you know I had a tendency as as rappers. You know that don't know, there's there's no school for this. Unless you have somebody who's done it and they teach you okay, this is the get down is, and we didn't have that really it was all hands on learning. You know, for the first few, here's a man I was trying to do the voice. The night end up, you know getting over hyped because the crowd is hype and I'd start yelling the verses instead of like wrapping them like on the record, I throw my voice out my
This would get scratch yet be sounding like Busta, rhymes and shit. You know everything and it took me five, you, here's to actually harness how to actually do the shells with this voice, and I had to go to this. Opera, singer coach, the name was something Elizabeth Sabine or something like that. She trained a lot of folks, but she she she her she. It was like to teach you the operatic way of of singing, which is from the diaphragm. Tighten the stomach, take little breaths, but those little brats make your long six and you know a lot and it's LE projection from your throat and more from the bottom, and she taught me that Tech Nick and I never went horse again after that. I'd like would you know people often compliment beyond an you know, sounding so close to how the records are there once in awhile, where I might get excited, start saying it louder than it might be, I'm always sort of right there and I got it
so I gotta give all props to her 'cause. If she hadn't showed me that technique I'd probably still be yelling and screaming my shit out walking up my voice. You know that brings up an interesting point, this her yeah, we got this heavy metal right here, yeah way. Let me hear ago we can't play this on Youtube. Will get kicked off, you take, she was, and she was a opera singer at one time why? But she went on to teach people the technique, no kidding man. That is why see, because if you try to keep your breath, the in sustain a long note like that from your chest won't sustain that no long enough. But if you tighten not from your diaphragm f, U L, o it's you're going to take a shit Instead of from the throat that makes sense, yeah it'll,
house you, it allows your lungs to expand while you're breathing from the diaphragm, so that's what she not a lot of singers and it's another method is to cheat the word like pronounce it. You know kind of like it's. It's like what these mumble rappers do when they they pronounce the word in the kind of mumble. It makes a sort of cheated. You know what the word is, but they didn't pronounce it all the way. So so, in other words, if she's going to you were going to sing the line come he come with me, it's it's! So it sounds a little bit cleaner, you'd say gone with me. Then the way you would say it is more with the g, but it's so talked in the you here come with he is just a cheating way of saying it- to get the line a little bit cleaner and- and you know in the breath, is she taught me that shit and it worked for rap. I didn't know if it would, because I'm
it was it's the she primarily taught singers of probably the first rapper that she taught this technique to an its stuck. How you find her. One of one of my friends had heard of her You know, because I mean in the in the industry, you know become friends with other. You know peers and stuff, like that. You know, and I knew a couple singers and they they they were. You know noting. My problem is to stay. Screaming my verses in coming back with the must be voice, so there were like here. Why don't you try this person right here? This person taught, or gave this technique to so, and so and it was another singer I can't remember, but I thought well What have I got to lose, I mean if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but it be. I learned something from it that I could use somewhere else right and she she
taught me the warm up. She taught me, you know the the. Words that you can cheat to you know for for certain breath, control purposes, is the way you pronounce certain things you know sort of add to that and just the tightening of the diaphragm and like if I hadn't, learned that it would. It took me a lot longer to do the show. Close the way that I can do now. So do you warm up before shows I don't necessarily need to like from the first song on, but my voice like gets a like the first few bars. It warms up right then, and there, and It's not really like sing in where I got to sustain notes and stuff like that, so I don't have to do the same kind of warm ups. If I was going to sing some shit, yes, I would definitely have to get my you know, get the pitch right and the throat warmed up to to do those different. You know MEL,
these are whatever the hell, but fortunately I will sing you, though. The whole rap world is always been fascinating, like how someone gets him like. How do you get started on the open mikes like what yeah back in the day, man that someone had to be the guy endorsing you? You know like saying to you know these guys, over here, a man. Listen to this, these artists, right or this artist right here there, the new Shitt they're going to be the one, and then you would have to do a couple, showcases and stuff, like that, and you know, when some people over I mean we definitely did our sheriff showcases in the beginning, but we were getting passed on left and right because you know people thought you know what are they in about with this candidate and we and we didn't sound like it, the West Coast group. You know because we're trying to sell our to West Coast labels here and they did not get us. It was until you know mugs hit? You know
previously been in a group called seventy three and he had worked with these guys called the rhyme syndicate, which was iced teas guys. So he kind of you know he was the guy. The people knew and then send dogs, brother, mellow man. Ace eventually would get in the door, and so people started. About us through you know, through more mugs and mellow metal Melo didn't really do shit for us. You know all all truth told but mugs. You know they kept hearing about a group He was forming outside of seventy three, which came to be Cypress Hill, and so you know the guys that worked on him work with him. On the seventy three records, Joe Nicolo Joes of Ruffhouse records. He wanted to sign. Whatever mugs was doing, and you know she eventually ended up signing us and they had a distribution deal with with Sony music. So you know we, you know, put out our records to rough house.
Via or roughhouse Sony. Something like that and that's how we got put on you know and in again, had to be word of mouth, because if nobody heard you heard of you, you have to have some really fucking dope music for them to even like Consider you, if you didn't have someone back in, you was tough. You know you had to have someone come speak on your behalf and say these guys are the new new and and for really for us. Once we put out our snippet tape like when Sony put out our snippet tape, guys like m right and they were one of our favorite groups in the world. Man over the top five for Cyprus are, you know public enemy, Beastie boys Epmd, p m. They were the and those were, the guys did, took our snippet and they were showing our snippet tape to other rappers. Like a guys. Look at these new fucking guys, because
you know bust a rhyme told me this story. You'll have you'll. Son are just thirty pm d way back in the day, there was planned it for the public enemy and I just happen to be in the Roman. Well, and you know I ice cube when we met him for the first time. You know, and we had our ups and downs with him, but he's one of my homies. He told me yeah man, the first time I heard a ya was through Epmd. The we was on tour was doing a show and they can only watch out tape in that's how I heard a young and- and you know they they were like our street team men. Fucking D, pier be our favorite. One of our top three favorite groups is out there like with our snippet tape, telling people telling these guys are the new shit, but they do they do stuff occasionally, but that they, I think they do more work. You know individually now. I know
Erick Sermon is put not of record right now he's just promoting it on on some radio show, and I mean those guys still active active. I mean he's a producer, so he's always making music, but as a rapper you know don't put out, is much stuff as they used to, but yeah they're still active. You know I miss Kool G rap. Kool G Rap Air. I still bust out a a lot of guys do, we have a style if he doesn't, you know if he had never come so many people were influenced by him. Yeah bad mother, fuckers lot of people forgot about him. A lot of people forgot about him and he was one of the baddest. Dudes are being a lot of people, you know, would talk about big, daddy, Kane and rock him sure, but you couldn't talk about them without talking about cool rap 'cause. He was like one of those guys like SP bitten mad versus man like his bar work was incredible. He was incredible. I still listen at its own cock blocking every now and then I'll throw that on.
I tell you you know like if you hear songs that he does today, he is still fucking current like his. He still got that style that that cut it's through, like you know some of the older artists that they sort of lose the style that uh people love in. They don't know how transition into you, know what their style I'll be right. Now you know like update in whatever that style is. You know a lot of lot the older artist had troubles, doing that you know, but my man cool g rap. Not a final street blues. At least lil. He was fantastic yeah. I always got confused why he didn't get bigger. I didn't get it things like these guys so good. You know, I think it was. It was just the wave that came after him. You know it's like he was such a underground force in. If you are underground force, you know you had to make a conscious decision,
weather. Okay, I'm going to go. Maybe if I go mainstream, I'm going to lose these hardcore fans, I might gain No, these mainstream fans, but how long are they going to stay with me as opposed to these core fans? It do you know that that they're putting it with? his style. He couldn't just keep him 'cause, like I thought Could I have a lot of guys kept him right? You want to know something I think it was due to you know the record company not wanting to take the check so, because, as an artist, you want everybody to hear your shit. You know for us, we didn't play those games, we said fuck it. You know if we felt it was the right look for us. We were going to take it. You know, no matter what anybody thought you know and again you face scrutiny for shit like that. But in the end you know, if you didn't play yourself bull, remember that you know- and we said fuck it we're going to take our music mainstream. Even though the
It was not our intent. You know we always meant ourselves to be a more underground group, but insane in the brain didn't allow that it propelled. You know. So we were like ok, well we're going to take our under brown asses up into this mainstream and show him how we do it and it kicked the door open for a lot of other underground x to go into the mainstream, and we prove that if you do it right and if you stay on your game and if you keep working in in state present present put quality music that you can sustain those those mainstream the fans that you gain right there and the core yeah. You guys sustained so well that people covered your shit yeah like h. That was awesome. She, when they covered pistol grip pump on my left at all times holy one of my favorite band. I still a roach, a yellow, now yeah, that that was awesome. He took it a totally different, take on it but like a cover, but
it was. It was a cover, but it was his take yeah. It was bad. It was on my favorites man, you Know- and it was a honor to me because you know like I was really get friends with them. To begin with, I saw all of them come out the gate before they exploded and became rage against the machine and so for them to cover. One of our songs were like men, fuck yeah, you know because it they they helped us get better You know there's a lot of groups that we look to it for influence, even if they were doing different style of music like public enemy was influenced to us. Rage against the machine was an inspiration to us to like poo, push the envelope a little bit more on what we were doing, not necessarily like how they were 'cause. They had their own sound. Just like we had our own sound. So they made us push. You know in groups like that, made us better so when we heard this guy fucking doing or this band going a cover, and then they asked us to come play
the song which, which would be their last night as rage against the machine for a long time. This was like their last show right here. We got to do that with them. That must been, and I was wearing a dad hat before dad hats were cool. I will not wear one right now ever know what I was thinking, but fuck it hello, Larry S as rural areas. Now it was a fun show men. I went into the Mosh pit. Now, did you ever? for that song before they called this up for that song for most of their set out in the Mosh pit. And there was USC front lineman down there record shop in the muslim world. I was in there with them. They were protected. Meals, like oh shit, be really are open up like yeah, then we're ready to shop together. It was. It was awesome. There's a video of Dana White, a mosh pit once I don't know what the he was thinking, he must have been trying to jumped in the Mosh pit like years ago. Be a big dude, though he's a big dubious jumping around in their marching around yeah. I did it
got killed in a mosh pit. One comment: it's it's! It's crazy man! I I used to go into a lot of different mosh pits and there is in the rage much bit yeah the most of it is safe, but every now and then your right to do a day. Kay I'll tell you, man, the the Cray easiest Mosh pits. You know that I saw well the craziest Mosh pits. I've gone into. There was a limp, just get Mosh pit that was crazy and but the craziest was the rage mosh pit, but the one things that I've seen from outside of it not being in it that were crazy. There was a sound garden, mosh pit that I sound garden yeah at Lala Palooza early on it was uh when they had bad. To figure out Oh man that Fucking Mosh Pit is like a whirlpool of chaos. Bro I was loving it and I was on mushrooms watching this shit, so it was fucking, amazing and
then, and then a slayer Mosh Pit Man, their fucking shit is brutal. Yeah. That sounds like they just ACE of Slayer, it's crazy, but I gotta tell you since joining prophets of rage in us. You know when tour Europe and stuff like that, and we do. A combination of you know rage against the machine, songs, public enemy and Cypress Hill, along with our our own material. The Mosh pits are fucking, crazy man but you know there was one thing that I saw. That was not brutal, but it was cool, as and it was in. I think I believe it was Sweden or Switzerland, but there you know out of like the the six thousand and seventy thousand people that were out there. There was like maybe five thousand concentrated people who sat, down on their ass right and we're like the fuck. Are these people do it are not? are they protesting ourselves? Fuck is going on right and It was crazy. As you know, you're not going to stop play.
You just keep going so we start on on. I believe the song was real guerilla radio that were playing at that point. All of a sudden. We see him start doing this the row and they were wrote it It was like a Viking row, it was a fucking move. It was a move that the crowd was doing so there's five thousand people out of the thirty thousand that are get in. You know like next to each other lol rose. You know just fucking of people rowing on beat dog, it was the fucking fucking vie the king's? How crazy that DNA just stuck with those people, and that was just the little section of it man if you were to see from stage there was like it, was spot spotted groups. And they sat down and they sat down in, were rowing so fucking crazy yeah have you ever seen. They did a Viking chant once at a soccer game
crazy man. It's while 'cause the whole fucking arena. Did it and you feel do you feel that shit like woo, you gotta, think man when they were going to war is back in the day they had rallied all their guys up. Just like that, yeah fucking Rotundo, this fucking boats going to go sideways yeah. I don't know where that move comes from, but it looks cool. When you see those fucking, it's going to be an old school Viking thing, they probably do it when they get drunk, I mean think about it They used to conquest Motherfucker, so they're like Fucking Rowan, draw it arrow. Imagine here it like see if you can find that the Viking one at a soccer game 'cause, it's like, I think it's at a world cup or something like that, but they like
here in the crowd, is like all my god imagine hearing that over the when they're coming to get your village, I grabbed the baby. We're gonna live in the woods yeah I had to get out of here: yeah yeah. They then those are big, dudes yeah here it is well well yeah! Look at that all tuned in together. Man they're all in sake, look at the hands that spooky yeah Matt's mother fuckers. If somebody reignites them imagine that they would take over the world there's enough of 'em. Imagine that horde coming that children fucking crazy line of DNA, you know a line of people that just work conquerors, dirty mother, sturdy, giant, mother fuckers, who did mushrooms blaze up much from their fucking heads into oblivion and just go slash. People go get 'em, lazy man. Is it another one set another? What so
just like their thing: Viking clip. I guess the NFL Vikings sort of adopted this recently and they do it in their football game yeah. But look at that dork. The glasses put your fucking hands down? Man stops Viking brighter figure out. You beat you, stop that sorry, looking like how you feel while I get it he's a spiking. So when you first start wrapping like you were rapping with kids in your neighborhood or you like a spire in to be a rapper and right and should down trying things on your friends like how do you get started? Well, the the way that I started. I was right and you know like poetry, first yeah, what kind of poetry just like you know like hood stuff, you know just stuff that rhymes, but like just sort of right it down like It was, it was almost like writing raps, but it's just you know it's without saying it right. You read it and shit like that whatever, but
I would just write, poetry about you, know everyday shit. You know I mean not nothing. You know was wasn't like doing like the. I don't know if there's like categories of poetry, but it you know, it was just stuff that that would happen from day to day. You know and at that had a knack for writing. I realize that now is wanted to be a journalist. That's you know what really the thing that I thought I was going to be at school right. Do you right now I was for a while, but I I at and stuff just again everyday stuff or you know, I'd like randomly pick something to write about, so if it was can about the cannabis industry. I'd write something about that. If it was about the music industry. I'd write something about that like every now and then I would there was a back in early 2000s. There was a magazine called Industry Insider magazine occasionally. I would write articles for that. I
is it really that great, because you know I was so spotty in school. You know that my get of it needed work. You know, but they left it raw. The way that that that I would put it out there in people got my point now. That was cool, but I looked at it in the way that the the that I've done a lot of the song serve as a certain form of journal journalism. For me, you know, like you, know, bring it up, Certain issues that people don't necessarily here like throw your set in the air, is a song on temples boom and it's a song about how you would get you know in inducted into a gang how you get put into a gang how you fall into it. And some people might think you know by hearing it did it was glorifying it and praising it, but it wasn't. It was basically this is how it is. This is so you know the signs to look for if your kids are, you know, fucking
now with the wrong people, you Know- and that's you know, I took it like okay, you know, maybe I'm not a journalist like I intended to be, but this is my way of it. You know I can enlighten people with certain things and you know, like anything, somebody's going to read something or hear something in and maybe misinterpret what you say. But you know it's all about who's, who's, listening and who's, reading and who's watching and stuff like that in their interpretation of it in some get it some don't and that's just the nature of it, but like most people get it and I've I've come across p. If come to me, and come in said: hey man, your yours, your songs on Temple of Boom man. You know they they help to get me through these times or you songs raise me. They taught me this this and that that's all and to me you know that that's that's the impact right there. That's the yeah means more
than anything, because I'm sure you remember songs that got you through it all yeah for sure you know there was songs from care. Press one in public enemy that you know got me, drew and fired me up. You know an inspired and stuff like that Ares ones, another one people forget about man I'll, be in my car, just going poop poop, that's a son. Yes, yeah I mean he he He taught me how to be a bullhorn, you know to mean, like tell you know, like yeah tell the truth. You know you're turning out to get the word out and and and not be fearful of what might happen, because he could have been one of the biggest stars in in hip hop, but he chose not to be. He chose be a voice and sometimes indian being that voice. You know you get objects. Put front of U n out certain opportunities. Don't you know get put on your table because he
great shirt man he's talking about getting mad at the president is like being mad at the manager at Mcdonald's yeah for the way the cooperation is being run it he. He is very insightful in in the ship that he says and he is very unafraid to state it in state his opinion for you to get like people coming up to you when the first or coming up to tell you that your music got them through things that I means so much to them. When I first start happening that must have been so real. You know it because, as an artist as especially as a young artist, you that's not something think about. All of these songs are going to depends on the artist. You are right, guys hit. How old would you like twenty three or something like old you when I was
we released in ninety one and it really started going for us in ninety two cells. Twenty two you're a kid he had so crazy. There goes the baby fro wow, look at the baby for a yeah, but I mean think about that man that is so crazy for you to go from the guy who Yo Mtv raps, who remembers that I did a bungee jump at this spring break with Treach from naughty by nature, was not the one that was in Cancun. No those dates on the beach right now. Ok, when tv was still when MTV still allowed over, there was back when MTV had music yeah when music format and was a tv was music videos, good luck, finding a music video. Now they still had to go to you too yeah exactly yeah wow. That is wild. What was it like when I first heard popping off in your twenty two years old? Was it? Did it feel real? It
it was a crazy thing, because it's not something that I had ever envisioned happening. You know, I didn't think that you know the music would blow up like that. You know we were doing it to. Obviously he try and and in make a name for ourselves and and make music that people like butt fuck. We didn't see that coming at all, especially with insane in the brain when they told me when, like when kill men started going. It was like surreal because you know we didn't think that song would take just because it do you know of the chorus itself. You know fuck what the song is about, the you know. We knew that the Forrest was you know what they were going to hear more than anything and so right you know we we thought now we're going to have a good underground album. We didn't realize they blow up. We didn't think they were going to put kill a man in the juice movie, and that would blow that song up, even more so than it was getting because we'd It's funky Phil ones. First, and it was
double a side. Single funky feel you kill a man on the other, a side which means at that time the dj had the option of which song they wanted to go. Where is most the time he a side b, so in the a side is most definitely the one that the record company wants you to push we gave it a double a side because we thought maybe the dj would like kill a man more. They went with Phuncky feel when the record comes because they figured it would be easier to market right and the dj started flipping the record court and we started getting action behind that. Our record was out like six months, had dropped off the chart and they flip the record ours, it slowly starts to go back up the chart. We got back on the chart and started climbing, and we would getting a whole lot of mixed show play and then we start a lot of promotional shows that being one of them and it's started going and kill men, man started getting is going
and I mean we toward for. Probably a year and a half like a lot of just a lot of promotional shows of him not getting paid. You know just. You know Sony having us out there promoting the record and by the time you know our record got back back up into the middle of the charts. I mean it was still rising, but then they saw that there like we got to get them off the road making a new record. So that's when we got out there with black Sunday in with black Sunday and insane coming out again, that's not a song, I thought would be show up when they chose that for the single I'm like well right, there's better songs of a fuck, it that's the one ok, so it comes out BO, mattix loads, and now we have our black Sunday how to number one coming in and our our first had come all the way from the bottom to hit number five. So we had to
two albums in the top ten two hunt top ten of the two hundred songs. You know on the chart which no one had ever done in hip hop before we had one in five slot and you know fuck. We definitely. I didn't think that was going to happen. I mean you know it was all a surprise and it went from one that you could go to a mall and be unassuming, and nobody even knows who the fuck you are, and you know, you're getting about your day too now you go to the mall and whole fucking. Mall is swarm on you like fucking you're, like you, know, Palma here's, the something they would they would. They would ask us to leave the malls like really. We use our used to go to this one called the Montebello Well, it was in Montebello. I can't remember what the name of the mall was, but it was in Montebello the only one down there at the time and we knew everybody there. We, you know
as we're coming up, because that's where we go shop, so you know you make friends and people in the shop and stuff like that, and when we come back off the tour, this and then go try to go to that mall. You know one of our friends fucked up in Water Cypress Hill jacket open this, like a fucking billboard when you're standing next to one of us right so before you know it boo, we get swooped in and get a free cell phone too yeah and the mall security, because I him man, you know, I know it's fucked up, but you guys got to go. Really like yeah man, it's a commotion. You guys got to go there telling me I'm like they think somebody's going to fight I'm like alright. I never went back. The mall after that, alright cool because You know when I don't want to cause them problems too. It was now it was tough to go somewhere at that time and not get you know.
Swarmed not gets yeah, it was it was. It was quite quite an experience. Man like you know, because you only ever hear about it till it happens in you. Might you know if you have friends in the in the industry and it's happening for them? You might see it in directly, you know like for through the through their in you know, we have friends in the business in Friv kid frost was one of my friends before we got out there is he still around yeah yeah. He still does stuff, you know, I don't know if he's putting out so much new music these days, but he's he's still here and he's doing some of the cannabis industry. Stuff too, he's a connoisseur. I gotta tell you my man smokes used to smoke like a train man like him, and I would trade joints off left and right, but you know for a time you know I would go hang with him in his gigs his body bodyguard, because I was the one that was not afraid to carry the hammer
the Magnum in my waistline you know I was. We were cowboys man. We were always armed at that time from eighty nine to probably ninety seven or ninety eight were holding pistols on our hip, like cowboys, and you know he knew that. So yes, we would me to go to the gigs. You know, TED, you know double as his body guard. I was in his body guard, but I was his body guard. You know, I mean right right and I'd see the way he handled it and let's see the way you know people crowded around him, and- and you know I so I learned how to deal with it watching you know how he would do it in negative way or a positive way. 'cause, you know he's sometimes embrace the crowd sometimes is like fuck off me. You know like a lot of lot of artists. Are you know and that's uh? we have prepared me so that when you know we got enough lane, you know
I knew how to sort of deal with it and you know, was always courteous and cool and respectful, and over, the guy is like nah man fuck that get outta here. I see it in some of my homies were like that. You know, and I didn't I hated the feeling that when the fans would walk way just totally fucking wind out of their sails and shit like that. Now they don't like this artist ever again, you know- and I saw that and I never wanted to have. Anyone walk away with that experience always embraced it even when it was a pain in the ass you, so when was your first time ever getting on stage. Do you member first time that they used to be club called radio Tron here in the eighties right, and it was the hip hop club if you were in the hip, hop any aspect of it, whether it was wrapping, break dancing, popping grew feeding, all the people went to that spot and it was hard to get in there and it was hard to get on the mic, no less, but we had a homie.
It was like a legendary dj out here when am station was playing hip hop. His name was Tony Ge. Is the leader of the mix master, show that had mixed Esther and he had a residency at the radiotron, so we grew up with one his his boys that was his like, his protege so they invited us over an myself in San got on the mic and mellow, and I froze the fuck up. I tell you I froze up I for that every rap I ever wrote or ever memorized, as is It would be one of the two times that I would freeze in my life, and it was that was the first time I was on stage and all those people looking at me, waiting expecting something I totally blew it. You know, and I told myself, okay, I got to get over the nerves this and then the other thing.
We're doing was a it was like they wanted rappers to do this PSA for some bullshit right and they and it's to write this rap and put all this certain information in there an I had it. I had memorize that had it locked in the minute they said go and they were Phil. You know this is film. It I kept fucking it up horribly. I didn't even through tie downs like I'm sorry, I can't do it fuck. You know I was getting mad at myself to that fuck. What's wrong with me. No, I wasn't. Maybe those problems Probably the problem you know 'cause when I'm not high, is when shit like this happens right. So those are the two times that I totally fucked it up in, like from the last time. Is it I'll? Never do that again and be prepared and I'm going to get through. Anxiety or whatever it is. So those were the first two times, but the first time
on stage where I actually pulled it off was probably one of our first showcases. It was that it was at this place off of the ten. And it wasn't a showcase, it was actually a competition. You need to do competitions, it clubs like fucking what they call it. I forgot what they used to call him, but you know different bands with It was like a battle of the bands right, so we went in and I'm coming off of that horrible fucking deal that had just happened. You know maybe a month or two before I totally got over it and we were performing real estate. You know in this showcase and we lost, but we made the biggest impression there, because the song you know we performed it like so the way that it supposed to be and then at the and send dog jumped on the big judges table and he you know he grabbed his balls right in front of the
can female judge and then, as he jumps off the table, it breaks in half into her lap. Oh no and everybody loved it. We lost to these dudes like new new addition. Wannabes. We call them tootsie rolls, but we don't remember they won, but in re out of the we want, because that that's what everybody worth was talking about us at the end. You know like how raw that was in after that show. I realize you know this is this is how I'm supposed to do it, and I seen kr, S1 I do a show one time where the sound went out. He didn't have a stage. He was on a couple tables that were put together and he just got up in front of whole club, no microphone, no music and just started rapping. These verses and people were
rap in right, along with them not giving a fuck that the sound turned off, but the fact that he just continued to do the show and that right there taught me a lot about how you control, shit on stage yeah. Sometimes when things go wrong, it's a great opportunity. Oh yeah, we did a show the improv. Last month, like maybe my last month or the month before the power now now like, what do you want to do said? Fuck it? Let's do it. I could yell, so we just did everybody just did I showed no microphone but doesn't simply no the improv, the small rooms. Only a hundred eighty people yeah I mean that that that place was. You know a small place too, but I mean it. It goes to show you men like it. If you got it, you got to do it. Yeah, it's probably better, sometimes because it's unique yet because people will remember, you know the the other way yeah. You know it probably would have been a great show and people would be talking about it. But they'll. Remember the fact that you got over that adversity and were able
but still deliver, and that's the shit that KR this one did for me. He showed me through the adversity. He kept doing show when the people were still with them in. I thought. Ok, one day that going to be me and I'm going to do what the teacher do, and you know that had in one of the most important things that I learned you know and watching others do shows and stuff like that in what I would do when I got up you know, and I I apply it all those you know lessons men, you know, and it's made me be who I am as my part of Cypress Hill, an when I do my solo stuff and when I'm with prophets of rage that you know that got me prep for everything that I do now in terms of music. Now. How did you was good to you free to tell people that you had a real hard time? Your first time performing? Oh yeah, there's probably a lot of people out
they will never say anxious and yeah. A lot of people never say that the lie, but I think that's important, nothing wrong with those feelings. Man, it's it's good! You gotta, learn man, your kid! It's like you like, get to like college stars. There, coming into the professional sports. Now my basketball players, for instance, you get this number one draft pick he comes to at I mean everybody. Has these high expectations? No one knows it this kid, you know some people own the space like Lebron and Kobe and Kevin Garnett, who came straight from high school and they own the space the minute they got in it I mean Kobe had to work. He wasn't the greatest, You know when he when he started he had to work to get to where he was at in and a lot of these guys do some of 'em. You know again. They come in and they already got it. You know like Lebron, he was you know:
planet groans met, grown man's game right when he into the league thrown into the fire, but he was ready for that. He got better in and learn the role in learn who he was as he's gone, but he was one of those rare thing, rare people they can just jump into it. Some people have to get better at it. Yeah and you know it's the same thing with music, like you get thrown on on that big stage. For the first time, if you're not prepped for a you have definitely be nervous now, you could either embrace that in it'll it'll be your first show and you could do a good one or you could do a horrible one, but either way you can learn from that and if you don't and from it then the run is short. If you learn from it You know, you know you learn how to get better and sustain a longer career. How did you learn how to get over the anxiety like your first show haven't The first show suck like that. What was it, how did what was? What did you learn like? How did you? How did you did you take classes? Did you
read a book. You know what we did. That helped me was that we rehearsed a lot, as for me, it was like more remembering the songs. It wasn't like the nerve to go out in front of people, because we came from the break dance in B boy culture, the popping and stuff like that. So much of the that is going against. Someone battling someone in front of a crowd and if you can be in front of a crowd doing that 'cause that's vulnerable. I mean you know, because in a battle you be there winner, you lose and if you lose you know, obviously you could lose in an embarrassing way or you lose in a close. Model but either way people are sitting there watching you judging you either cheer when you are booing you, you know any one of those, so that helped me be able to get on stage and perform in front of people it for me, from me? It was more about knowing the songs, making sure that I know him through the nervousness you know
and it is so for us, we did a lot of rehearsals in the early days just so that those first shows that we did that we were locked in, and we made an impression an you know when we, did that and we saw the results of how people were reacting to our show. It gave me more confidence, so you know I'd I'd rehearsed songs in my head. You know when I wasn't around the other guys I'd be kicking the songs and I'd be or be on a treadmill working out, saying the songs you know get in my head and just gave me the confidence that I know this fucking shit. I go up there I'll rock this fucking thing, I'm not going to forget it. 'cause. That's all always the problem. For me it was never getting in front of people. It was do. I know my shit and now I know it in such a way that, like you know it's it's second nature. Do I still get those nervous, butterflies, yeah for sure some shows, depending whose watch
watching who's on the side stage or how big the crowd is and what not yet still get some of that. But you know I I do a quick meditation before I go out there. You know just in my head, real, quick and then our band prayer and then that's the switch right there and we go and we're ready in it. But it took me awhile to get to that. You know because it takes work. It's like anything if your athlete, if you're a boxer, you're only going to give Beth, buy boxing all the time, training all the time, not overtraining, but making sure that you're in there put in the work and it's the same thing when you're rocking stages. You know a lot of sometimes forget, to go and put the time in reverse, and you could see that when there's a sloppy show or someone's out of breath- or they are not saying the whole line- or they said the line wrong or they're changing up fragments of this wrong to make it easier for their performance, and it doesn't necessarily fit that
when you know somebody ain't put in the work, but for us you know we always. You know that was a part of the draw for so percents. How we want a lot of people over was the energycap of our live show so, but it took that the rehearsals men. And I would tell any artist coming up right now. Man, before you start doing, your shows you 'cause We may get a hit like that fast these days and you may be called to go. Do that show now? If you don't do that all right and you suck is. Who does that song is you're, never going to sell tickets when they fuck and say hey so and so performing at the you know this place, fuck that
just listen to the record. He sucks life, you know so we're hearse man rehearse and then, after that, hey take, you know, do what you will, but does they help man? You know for your confidence on performing the song. That's a wise thing to tell people man be up professionally a pro. You can be a professional decide, your professional, a certain that work that we it does give you confidence in it. Were it works with fighting it works with comedy, I'm sure works with everything. Yeah man, you got to be pro Fishel, professional, red de professional and official at the same time. What is what is the meditation and you do just to the south, awareness, you know to me mean like the the circular breathing you know and concentrating on that and in the moment and then no just letting that clear. My head, you know, I mean just
okay, so focusing on the breeding I mean they tell you pretty much in any meditation to focus on breathing and all these things will can come to your head. But if you keep focusing on that, you know everything, sort of was away and your your reset. So you know I'll do that when, when I feel maybe some sort of anxiety before going on, if I don't feel I don't necessarily do the meditation on we'll just do the prayer and that's sort of like you know, sets it all in, but yeah like some shows man I'll, have to let go in a room and just sit there and you know, do the breathing man in it helps people might think about. What the fuck is, I'm going to do is going to reset your mind and give you some clarity. You know, for me at least that's what it did was the biggest crowd you guys ever performed in front of I think the biggest was. Wood stock. Ninety four: I think it was ninety three. Ninety four that was like three hundred
three hundred and eighty, some odd thousand people, so my God I've done some big western country, yeah small european country. We we've does sound like you know like at you, know, hundred thousand people, golden one hundred video that Jamie, oh, my god, got to see this. Is that isn't saying I had just cut my hair right there. I was like you know who my guys see the little guy next to mugs. He was our our miniature knockout guy? He knew Jujitsu TAI Cuando Shoto Con he trained with with my boy Kenji, and he was. He was like was like our unofficial security. That's on there is right, yeah he's a little guy. I mean even did a even did a few mma fights. Some years, your size that crap that isn't
say I almost lost my shit right here because you know see in three hundred and some odd one thousand people jumping around to your shit God. You know it could give you some equilibrium problems. I want to see it 'cause. It looks like waves crashing into each other that big, that's going to be one of the big concerts ever get anybody's ever performed in front of in North America. For sure I mean in in all of human history yeah. I was one of the biggest. How the do. How do you get it more than three hundred and eighty thousand people together yeah that's probably happened a few times. It's it's crazy. I mean every band they had on this. This particular bill was huge at the time you know so it was
yeah. It was. It was pretty crazy trying to just get there. We, like some of us, had to get in through boat. Some of us had to get in through helicopter. Why 'cause there's too many, because they had started parking on the roads like the old school with stock and they jammed up the highways and stuff like that. They've parked like they pretty much shut the shit down and I will two helicopter in some of the other guys when in public after that's, when you know you're, on top of the world, a flying to do a show in a hell it up in a times a girl. That's when you realize why you can never get away from the cops when they're in I can see everything. Well, that's a funny thing that when you watch those dudes are trying to escape from the cops on the ground, and then you, you watch the cops the helicopter spotlight to stay in the car. The entire time. Look at that area. That's yeah! That's a and that's just a piece of it right there and they had a rotating stage saying what do you do when you have to take a shit like? How long does it take to get from the front
to the back? I think you should tell you we walked around in that right there and it was super muddy and crazy and people were like naked in with mud smeared all over their bodies. If it was like people went primal, I swear to God daily all right there they were have mud slide, Larry is own home and those awesome people made babies that day in their tent, I'm sure they do for sure they did. I guess sure, is a lot of people out there right now it was it was. It was crazy man, I gotta tell you there was there, was people out there totally hip beat out like straight up but naked? in that you know, and there was a good portion of them. I mean not not in terms of the whole
concert if it is a small percentage, but like you've seen just naked people walking around free out there. It was crazy as fuck like like. Is this really happening? Shit man and then the mud was so thick man. It was the type where like, if you walk through it with your shoes in your shoes, weren't tight or you weren't wearing boots. It was fucking the shoe right off of your and it happened to me a number of times hell. Then it show I jumped into the crowd, because normally I would jump into the crowd and you know be floating. You know stage dive style, but I still be doing the song right on that particular show. They took my shoes and socks. I got back on stage with no shoes and socks, and you know about Teen years later, you know I had one guy, with once you come to the show in full had have me sign it. How, in in the other shoe some of some chick, had it and had me
sign it? What I later saw off a Cada with both shoes? What about the socks didn't catch up with the sun? I didn't catch up to stocks with the shoes yet caught up with them. What do they have a limited amount of tickets? For would start me with the folks that they do not get that many people. I think they probably started with the some sort of limit and Kim K and then it became chaos in a you know like that, some they couldn't handle. I mean if you lived there stretch, December thirty one percent. I know they were stuff. They had a break for like fucking twenty five year. They had a break, they sold one hundred and sixty four thousand tickets, but the crowd estimated size was five one hundred and fifty thousand ok well shit. I was too short for two hundred thousand short yeah, yeah the rest rush, the gate You know that they took the fence in you know take it down in age of rock and roll,
I I would imagine yeah it it. You know, because when it's an event that everybody wants to get to they're going to find a way to it and and and it's outside and it's outside, and did that, but those numbers man, that's just you, can you can't stop and I'm now in it it's you know it's. It's a great part of their history, because I mean you know that one was a good one, where no one got hurt. No, no crazy, no crazy shit happening like the next one. After that I mean they had so whatever the next one shit, they had a bunch of women say that they had gotten raped or molested at at at the one. The following year and uh tires and shit yeah, and then there was fire. There was a whole bunch of people lost their fucking mind without one, and they had some great bands too. So you know it did
into anymore. Wrightwood starts now that their summer there doing it enough that yeah. What are you doing? You fucking idiots move, sell your house yeah. Do something do something? It's crazy, though 'cause there's a fires holy shit, man yeah had bonfires wind, when limp gala for corn went on, he was either limp bizkit or porn and the fire is just fucking started. People are pissed too 'cause, they're charging, so much for water and like they couldn't they couldn't get to the bathrooms like you're asking like they didn't have facilities stood up as well. They didn't have adequate facilities for what the fuck was poppin to mean. You know, You know one thousand Chrysler the fuck. What it looks like after it's over listen to one thousand Andy Gumps for five hundred thousand people is not going. Oh imagine you need, like ten thousand imagine being the dude gets in there. After five one thousand. Let me look it's taking a shit. They took over the that highway right z. They shut down the fucking highway, they just park their cars.
They made that they made the highway. The parking is crazy. Look at that at least it was kind of orderly. Sort of sort of. I tell you this, though they were cold, blooded, the organizers cool, looking to fuck. You know that is so crazy. Jessica of these guys have some fucking, moxie I'll tell you that a listen you know after every band was done with their set. The expected you to leave right away because the next wave of bans was come and they were getting your spot so like it. You had a dressing room once you're set was done. You are expected to get the fuck out. So you had a helicopter out of there. If yeah it was best. If you did because if you didn't take the ride when when you were supposed to you were getting stuck there, they couldn't guarantee that they could give you the ride back to your shit. After that you know, because they had all the other bands
Think of in they might not have room for you when they take the other band, so it was like yeah. Look at that. Fucking picture. Oh my god! Oh my god. Yes, that's a look. It looks like apple, my cat that looks like PAC man fucking eating stage right. This picture is insane yeah. It was that's. That's that's the one I remember the most to me. We've we've done some huge gigs, but like that one by far you know never have we played for another five hundred thousand. You know this is sound. Like was five hundred thousand people screen much like that Viking Can't I mean we had a small nation right. There have crazy legitimately, but when you leave there and then you go do array good getting afterwards, does it feel weird? yeah? Well, it depends but yeah adjusting it does.
Take some adjusting you know, especially if the next gig is in his hype, is that you, like fuck, we just came from wood stock, but Fortunately, the smaller gigs that we had. After that you know in terms of plan festivals. They were like you know in between thirty thousand and seventy thousand one hundred thousand, and we felt that that gave us such an experience that we can handle any fucking stage, so it be came easier for us to do festivals after that, and the reaction that we would get at these festivals were smaller versions of what we did there. You know and it it was. It was a great experience because we had we had been doing like a couple european festivals before that, so it sort of prepared us for that. But we didn't we didn't. I mean the numbers. We would definitely not prepared for what I whoa what the yeah that's like. That transcends reality. Yeah I mean listen. We know that's not our show.
So they're, not all there for us, you know 'cause, it's a mixed bag right bunch of different artists in and you're winning over people. If anything you're there playing for your base of people that might have to see you but you're winning everybody else over if you're doing it right and for us it was like a victory because we saw you know half one million people up there, jumping up and down to all our shit and they knew the words and they were singing with us in you know it was like a big notch under the belt in a boost, our confidence, knowing that we can get in front of anybody play with anyone and get that reaction. I mean because after that you know we're getting booked on metal, driven, festivals and stuff, where, where the only hip hop on it, but it's also look up metal I mean we were playing shows co were headlining under Metallica, right, Metallica, Cypress, Hill,
Bio Hazard, Deftones, fear factory in in all that wow, no to mean and we'd be in that mix playing those festivals with those guys in with hip hop music, and you know the the blue stated gave us in the car confidence. It was like fuck that we can play with any of these mother fuckers. It doesn't matter who it is in and we went those metal fence, metal festivals with our hip hop in got metal reaction, Mosh pit stage dives everything what you know and in it felt good to be would a hang up there with a metallica, I mean yeah. What they do to a crowd is crazy. But we realized that if we were playing on the same venue going before them, we can in a festival form we can fucking hang with anyone in and that's pretty much put us over the top with doing festivals, Yeah we're going to fuckin rule this shit people are going to have to people are going to have to uh.
Their game when we ran that festival with them. That's the way we took it. I would imagine you couldn't sleep for days after that. The adrenaline was crazy. I gotta tell you the adrenaline was crazy and when you're in the helicopter leave, and will you like what the fuck just happened- yeah we we were tripping out man I mean we were like totally in awe of the response, that we got and the the No, the enormity of the fucking crowd. Men I mean it was fucking huge is to be a part of something that that I mean that's like something that no one there is ever going to forget. We took it for granted. I've got to tell you when we fucking there. Well, they want you to do so. Ok will with what stock whatever and and when we got there. That's when we saw just how crazy it was added. This yet sounds you you'll still your shoes yeah, I get it. They're gonna start cover what test I have to hold my shirt forward, so they don't get choked out in. There goes
There goes the first shooter that there about to take that first, one yeah ridiculous. What were you thinking when taking shoot like God, damn it. I was like. Oh fuck, there goes once you. There goes on white sock yeah. That goes the other shoe so ridiculous, and there is no fucking security that can stop. Five hundred thousand people save all that shit you're at the mercy of the fans, somebody's going to grab from my sock pretty suit. That is so, while they just steal and socks, look at it still, your pants, hey, listen! They tried in big rapids. Now you know they tried to grab the weed in my pocket ahah that sometimes you know when your adrenaline is kicking you're, not really thinking you know. What's in my pocket and shit like that, but yeah throughout, I had chicks trying to grab my shit, for sure, of course, the sure that was a little. You know crazy. For me you know, but it is but it is if you're going to stand close.
You know like this happens right now, minimum. If you get a stage dive, you got a home. Some weird is going to happen. Yeah I mean for me. You know the people were mostly respectful, you know, but they would go through my pockets to see. If I had, we won what a map of your your pockets yeah, I did I had since I had like a house, so we'd have one at one show and I jumped in, and I totally forgot I had it in my pocket bloom. If I can, my god damn hope you enjoyed that, I bet they did actually did by their role in that joint. This is be realigned weed man. I know this is right. For California, this is the real. Now California, we to this day, still holds up. I mean you got some good Colorado. We there's some good weed all over the country, but also we dislike. Ok, hey other places. He Rado account for yeah and then the rest is kind of Seattle's got real good Weed Seattle actually blow your fucking mind, they'll blow your mind, yeah I gotta say or again they'll blow your mind. People have stepped up,
there's still behind California Dino in terms of how much good weed there is here. Like I mean, there's so much. You know from north to south and in central cow there there's so many different strains that are fucking good right. You go other places, then they have a fee strains that are good, but that's because there still, you know there still to catch up in terms of knowledge in cultivation and stuff like that in how to make the strains that they have. You know maximize the flavor in in the high and all that stuff, some of caught up. Some are still lagging a little bit behind, but I gotta tell you to this last trip I just had to Vancouver. I was just there for four hundred and twenty and they had some shit that California boys would be like YO
this is fire right here. You know they had animal cookies that were really good, wedding cake, which is train. You know popular here in Cali, you know, via the jungle, boys and and burner and stuff like that, when they, when they were working together on exotics and and they also had this joint called black diamond and try octane and all of the men, I to say all of them burn sweet. They tasted good that that White Ash did people are looking for now. You know the people, think you know when they see Y dash. It's the purest news flash even if it has a little bit of black ash. It's still, you know. They're still, you know people clean fly their roots. You know what I mean: it's just that some of nutrients, if you're using salts as your nutrients, you know which most people are these days, your
she comes out white if you're using nutrients that are already pre made like an advanced nutrients and in the others some times you know you might have a little bit of black ash, because some of the components into those nutrients doesn't mean it's not clean. It just looks prettier when it's white, but anyway, these guys their shit, all White Ash and the taste was fucking beautiful in the high was definitely there and I gotta say the guys in Vancouver man, they've they've stepped it up was even run and weed through Vancouver for a long time gives that what was Adam's, Chords documentary hit the culture high and then before that there was another one. The documented that was. All about uncovering how much of thank His entire economy is based on marijuana and then he pulled out like when they talk about the union. That's it the business by getting high when you
all the weed out of Vancouver you took it out of their comedy Connie would essentially collapse. Yeah, I mean it's responsible for so many people be and wealthy up there and it's so it was now it's a hundred percent legal drugs, the entire country yeah, but then in two thousand and seven I was in that documentary that was twelve years ago. It was just tolerated it was weirdly tolerate where wasn't legal, but they didn't ever rest anybody for it, but it a lot of gangsters lot of angels were involved. A lot of dudes were selling weed, they had flashy diamond colored. Covered watches and shit was a lot of that. Yeah yeah, It's still sort of Ellis in listen, the black markets always going to be a do. You know anywhere, especially right now, if the taxes are so high to buy cannabis and to grow it and all that stuff, everything that involves it. It's pretty expensive right now so They're, encouraging organized crime right in a certain way, which my
was you know when the corporations come in, that shit comes down, and then the black market has a bigger problem at that point, because then prices of cannabis will come down. You know it's always going to exist in in you know it. We of went through the same thing when, when two hundred and fifteen came about here in California, where it was, you know, cops, didn't know what the fuck to do when they, catch you with it. They didn't want to do anything. You know because they knew as as we were. This shit, is eventually going to be legal, want to want to be wasting their time and putting people in jail for because the no there's other people that need to be in jail for real for real crimes, but yeah. I think what happening in Vancouver now is it that it's legal yeah people are still making money and they're still, you know, they're still on top of the game, but it's it's it's harder to
make the money right now well at least well, maybe not for Canada, because federally legal, but you still got it jump through a number of hoops. You know in terms regulation in fine is in fees and shit like that to operate you so, and they are a little bit different than ours. Ob sleep, we're, not ours isn't like federal yet, but I mean you know from what they were saying. Is it like? You know, in a few years all these companies will be making a whole lot of money right now, they're making money, but it's basic the about survival getting past a certain time when all the all the legislation, all the rules and all the regulations are finally set in place and they're not going to change from year to year like they like. They have been so No Denver had a really weird for awhile, where they weren't allowed to use banks yeah, you know, like us,
yeah right now here we can't use banks yeah. What do they do with that? So they can do. Can I use credit cards here? They used to be able to yeah, you can use credit cards, but realistically, it's it's if you're making money from from cannabis in terms of cold vader or your or whatever, if your business entity in the cannabis world, they won't take your money if they know it's coming from the cannabis cannabis culture right, But you know in the last, in the last two months, they've, you know, put Forbes just put out a story about the federal government is going to stout start allowing banks to. You are to allow banking in the cannabis in the cannabis not going anywhere they'd be crazy to not you just leaving money on the table, leaving a whole lot of money on the table. California considers plan to encourage marijuana banking, yeah yeah, and that just came out yesterday. You know the Forbes story came. Like maybe last week or something. But this is you know,
What are the residuals of it? Is it is it? You know in places like California, that we had problems with banking that is no longer going to exist. So now, if you needed to expand your business or something you can get a business loan now or you can actually put your money in the fucking bank. You know where, before you had to fucking by some sort of also for some shit, keep it there in a you know, obviously, that ain't safe, because you got pirates out still to this day, trying to figure out. Ok, where do they keep their money? 'cause? It's not in bank, but when I was in Colorado when it first became legal and they were no real hard, so they couldn't use credit cards every. It was all cash and they just had spec ops, guys everywhere. Bull forecasts just covered with just read in rock and any moments notice, and they were worried that they were gonna get. You know, yeah someone was going to try to take over the store and take all the money. Yeah I mean still issues that they got to worry about, moving in
the future in terms of transport right. You know, because, throughout throughout the history, doing any sort of business terms of products going from one side of the nation to the other, you know trucks get hijacked a lot for electronic for any sort of goods sold. When you're transporting cannabis from state to state they're going to have to have that. You know figured out too because there's you know, people that are going to be try to jack those truck yeah in hit nat into the black market. You know what else we're there there's people that they post up on people's private land and start these grows these grow old set up, a garden in people's went like friend works on a ranch and in like Central California, they were doing this run. They were checking gates and checking fences
who are the cattle are, and they found like fuck, an acre of wheat like what the fuck is this, and there was some dudes there. They had campground set up and shit and like they were just there cartel play just like set up a spot, find a spot setup. They don't know who owns it and if they'd, that you know the store, they got the guys in the guys basically explained how it worked, that they get dropped off and they get. You know they leave them with seeds and this and that and then new guys come in every couple weeks or a couple of months and they live there. You just watch the weed until it grows too cultivate it, and then they move on after it's done yeah. They were all over the place. So yeah people find a min like state parks and forests and shit yeah like looking that's what happens mostly up north and in central count down here. We don't really, I mean the way they patrol the state parks, the slightly different down here in the built
catch that shit known, that's why they did it at the ranch, because it was to hone ranch which is like to travel. Seventy thousand acres yeah the huge place. Yes like believe natives that that that ranch right yeah you can find to this day these stones. With a ground up acorns where they have like a little like a piece of it like a whole new ground up, I took pictures of it. Should it's pretty cool because you think, like that's probably a thousand years old yeah someone who's by grinding acorns their thousand years thousand years ago. I've never been up north to Humboldt. I never been up to that area, and it's it's! It's unique. There's a lot of nice flavors up there. If you're in the glass, the lot of good glass, blower, is out there. That's a long standing weed culture. Oh yeah, I mean that shit is generational right, there's like from the 70s you heard about Humboldt in hey man, you know is quiet, is they've been
in this cannabis culture. You know, you would think that that that be one place, that's like celebrated and what not, but I mean, taste, still are coming up with. You know incredible flavors down there. You know, in terms of you know, breeding certain certain certain strains in creating new strains in doing it in outside you know like as they cost grown or greenhouse you know, which is not something we do here in the south in the south. We we do hydro, it's you know, indoor 'cause, we don't. Have the same type of moisture and should have well. We don't have the space, neither we know the forest digit in the moisture and you know we have. We have insects that would eat those outdoor crops if they're not in a greenhouse. You know what I mean like fruit worms and shit like that up there and you know up north after mark. You know it gets cold. So some of those
those insects can't live in that environment, but in the S doesn't get as cold as it does up there. So You can live here. So you know if you're going to do a greenhouse here, it's gotta be a greenhouse. It can't just be outdoor exposed 'cause. They will get, they will get fucked with, Who are those photos that I've seen of that area is everything so fucking green? It's crazy! It's like Seattle, almost yeah, awesome man that we were just there not too long ago, plan to show up in Eureka like that guy, in the middle of this, for a So we on a hillside, known as you know, is that even a flat ground he's just he gotta gone yeah. That looks he's just in the woods he just started growing it in the woods. That's crazy! Why? But it has a different feel to it right if we get out there with nature like I mean you construct to hippie too hippy dippy, but I would think that something that lives
in nature, with all those other trees and shits communicating with those trees. Oh yeah, I would think so. You probably get more of like a natural feel for the weed he had it in there. Probably hello dear to him. Look at the week Clinton the Bush's Jesus Christ, how formed blacktail right there, Columbia Blacktail, speak dear. It is a big deal for the part of the probably eating a weed plant. Probably it's probably healthiest fuck I mean he's eating the seeds, easy yeah. Probably as in some of the out there for the longest time we still have to get. You know I'm one of the owners of on it and when we made hemp protein which have departure from Canada, it was so stupid. It was like this is so ridiculous if, by help from another country yeah bring into this country stupid. Well, that's gonna change for Janice! Let's go how to change. I mean for for everything, for clothing, even building houses. You will see that hempcrete that shit they make so damp concrete.
AZ's later it's better! It's got better insulation values, it's harder to burn. This is the type of the Jack career was trying to tell people in them for where the emperor wears no clothes yeah. You really wants all this stuff that we we use today. Hemp can be. You know that the alternative cost, including plastic yeah, biodegradable plastic. All these people they're worried about plastic bottles and everything how bad they are for the environment, hemp, bottles. You could make plastic at a Hampton, it would be biodegradable. It sounds like horseshit there's so many things that you could do with weed that it sounds like you're making things sounds like you're, making it up, but it's actually it's actually fact and do it. Over the last couple of months, I've been fucking around pretty heavily with Cbd like everyday, about yeah. I've been taking this, this is it's uh and one it's ten milligrams of Cbd, ten milligrams of thc. I take this. That's that's the perfect one morning, one hundred in the afternoon,
all day long awful of don't give a fuck juice to see you go companies that him and it's awesome It's an interesting time. Yeah. You know for someone who was in used to have to hide it before yeah in yeah, that's the beauty of it. Now is it you don't have to hide it and people that used to you know you got people now that you never thought were smoke. Is, and you know now, they're coming out and just be in totally free with it and that's great man. You know it's tough, because that have laptop what the fuck is, that helped us be a cover, but yeah, that's pretty cool to be a cover of it's the leg, the usb ports and everything that they have. Those like skin covers. It could just be a look alike, but it looks like it is. They should make they should my plant of our it is. I got agree, it is it. Is it doesn't bother you Mother fucker really appreciate you. Thank you, brother forever, for a long time. So
it's cool to get in here an Wanna hop axis. We were going to get in that smoke box. People been asking for you for a long time. I got a nice say this. You know in some of the some of the smoke boxes. You know like 'cause, it's the realist. Shit like we just had MIKE Tyson in there you know, and how weird is it to smoke weed my tie? That was, I I've spoke to them before and and I I have smoked with them on a couple sir separate occasions, aside from there, but one of the play This is the rest marked with was at the fucking Leota Machida, Rashad Evans fight. When we all left you know after the fight we're sort of getting for cars and he ran into me and my partner Kenji and we were smoke and if that one right there and they'd be real. You do that. Alright, fuck yeah champ we go and we always knew he smoked out. What was crazy about this interview? Real quick did. I say it because you asked me this in this interview
What did you do for the anxieties before, like you know? Let's say you're going to go on stage or do the ship right, so I asked him that similar question. I said You know as artists as athletes before going to do our thing in front of Massimo people you get this nervous energy. What did you do? to you know deal with that, and he said I used to get him that I've before five th. Yeah? You know and he was saying how he would the guys that work work with him would instill these. The certain words like calmness, you know, That would be a reoccurring word that they would do in the hip in hypnotizing him before a fight, so that he would always be calm in the fight and never fight desperate in all. Is being controlled. The situation, no matter what happened and that's how he would you know, get the nervous energy down and be able to fight with such focus, but the other in
Sting thing he said was that he never fought. I mean he was smoke in the whole time. You know he's a big we've had since he was like ten years old apparently, but he said that he was smoking. You know, but not necessarily when he was training, they would give a pharmaceuticals when he was training. You know shit that he wouldn't feel nothing, but he didn't have focus what kind of pharmaceuticals he said. Some it was fentanyl some percocet, some fentanyl wasn't even around back. Well, it's a form of it. You know like whatever yeah it was opiate. That was whatever the fence and all of that time, whatever I can't remember what he called it, but there was two or three prescription drugs at they would give him, and he said he he wouldn't feel nothing. He felt good like there's no pain or nothing, but the focus that he had was was not not there right. He said that he smoked weed in one fight. Mikey smoked weed before one particular fight and and he used the whizzinator to get through the year
contest so how he fucking. He says it in the interview and you know he said that the fight that he had where he was smoked out was with Andrew Golota and he said: he'd never had so much focus in a fight that it made him realize he should have been smoking weed through every God, Damn fight because he focused on everything he was supposed to. He said he broke his he broke his cheek here is, because Orbital he broke a rib and part of his back with a body shot is Christ and he said you know that was the fight. That was the one and only fight that he smoked out beforehand and Andrew a lot of got. You got a flat line. He Andrew Golota left the ring he was like. Fuck and Andrew Golota had been through war, so yeah man, Riddick Bowe fights, were crazy, Riddick Bowe fights I mean 'cause Riddick Bowe was really good, but he didn't hit like MIKE. No, no, no, no, no it'll take no one hit
like. If you look at like some of his early training or crazy looks he was so crazy back then, if you get some of MIKE's early training in his footwork. It's almost like you know almost like martial arts based the way that he attacked and then he shifts on his attack in his custom, auto custom auto was a mass, their master yeah. It wasn't until, he switched up in got rid of Kevin Rooney, and you know where the destruction starts out. I think it was also his you know. His life was just too crazy. It was just there's! No one can manage that from the time of these twenty to you know by the time you retire. But I mean it was probably just
whirlwind of chaos. It is crazy because he realizes that like looking back at it and he says that he doesn't train anymore because it awakens of Bee sting had I know you said that it made me nervous because he said that to you too right, yeah, yeah yeah, because I because I was watching you know your interview with them and when, of our guys. There was in the backseat asked him: how do you ever train? Do you ever you know is like now. I don't do that! No yeah use every now and I get on the treadmill, and I do it from running on the treadmill with outfit I would imagine if you got back in training, he get in shape real, quick, I'm sure it in but sure it with a week in a beast, yeah they're. All like you can't quit. You can. Could you like Fox? You walk around the just got up and left push the guy away easily enough to deal in these classes. He knew something was wrong. Well, he knew it was shock. Boy was, I ball was two there is is like they try to put the mouthpiece he put it in its Lou Duva,
not, who is that guy looks like second yeah I mean you could tell his fucking face is busted, but they did look fairly normal, but I'm sure it felt like shit. You know like it doesn't swell up. About until later he listen You know if Andrew Golota, you know who bidding wars. You know with Riddick BO and other fighters like he was no slouch. If he's telling you I've had enough of this shit. Well, let him come over 'cause. He knows once they found out that his back was broken in his face was broken there. Probably, ok, sorry yeah! Do you think about that? His corner guy was like trying to put his mouthpiece back. It was so stupid once a guy doesn't want to fight. You can't make him fight more and then it's like he's already flip that switch inside of his head. You know but I told MIKE that he didn't realize this is the last thing 'cause I know we both gotta go, but I said: do you know that all the dudes you fought to get to
title, including you know the dudes. You know that that you took titles from they all stop fighting after you beat him. None of them wanted to come back you get nothing? They don't want. No part of that heavyweight title after that he wrote uh. There is so many boxers yeah. He doesn't even realize that Seldon Tony Tubbs down the line, all of foam didn't retire. Larry Holmes, Larry Holmes, wait until went to jail and he's like I'm going to come back. Yeah yeah, that's the only guy. Crusher Smith, Yep Tyrell, big big. He definitely retire telematics me. They were rivals at one point in time: yeah he Tyrell do pretty good Leon. Spinks model yeah, Michael yeah. You know what I had this title to log in as I got so wrapped yeah yeah check. Please, and he would he told me just like thank you know what, but even realize that yeah no really did retired a lot of people. So we all saw it as a force of nature, yeah and- and I told him the other thing I told him real quick to was that
you know like the explanation that he had on his documentary, where he as he's into the ring he knew he had to fight one. He could see it in their eyes and then once he steps into the ring he's a god. Yeah done right and I told him you know I was at that Bruce Seldon fight and I saw exactly which you explained in Bruce Seldon 'cause, Bruce Seldon was knocking fools out left and right. He was like a really good heavyweight. The minute he got in there with Mikey Fan boy out, tasted that glove didn't one, no more yeah. It was an experience. It wasn't just that you were fighting a guy who knew how to fight, but you were fighting MIKE Tyson. Who is this your idol? He was this th this cultural phenomenon he was thought to be at that time. Everybody's thinking is the greatest heavy. With of all time is a destroyer yeah? No one answer for him. Now you know, sell, didn't Selden, he he pretty much. You know he
the fan knows is an idol and he he got totally got rocked. He was so huge at the time that, when Buster Douglas beat him, even though I knew he beat him, I watch the fight afterwards. I couldn't believe it. I'm like this is he's going to get up. Yeah reseller, look out Jack, Bruce Seldon wants me, he's a big boy that tank yeah and he was. He was knocking people out of me, like twenty nine not gets in, he was fighting the good guys yeah, because I vba heavyweight champion. I mean I followed his career too. You know what I mean and yeah. He totally fanboy doubt on MIKE man right. Well, look at this teardown receiving the stare down. You look at that. This mistake getting here today mistake well, look how much bigger cell didn't is. Do he's a big boy broken Take a better that's it Tyson's foot work in his ability to close the distance, bobbing and weaving I mean it was like there was nobody before him like and and they'll never be another guy like that, there's a heavy weight. He was just so fast too, because
realistically, the guys who trained him yeah. They had a certain technique and nobody uses it. Well, it's not just that it was what MIKE talked about in the podcast about being hypnotized. I mean from the time he was a little boy, and you know the fact that he had nothing before that everything was his life was, was all pain and suffering and poverty, and also in some guy, comes along and rescues him and takes him teaches about a box and then all of sudden he gets recognition and and and positive feedback, and he felt like he was some special bone. He hit that campus home here on it. I can. I we kind of forget sometimes what it was like watching those fights to go back and watch him now I mean this. There's amazing fighters right now, like the like, Terence Crawford and just one Saturday night, amazing, amazing boxers, but what MIKE was was something he was something completely different.
It was something that, like transcended sports, everybody wanted to see him fight. You know if you believe in conspiracy theories right. He didn't even hit him right there. He just fell on purpose. Read if you believe in conspiracy theories right, you think about it like this right MIKE was knocking guys out in the first round and people ten a whole lot of money for for tickets and pay per view. You know when you look, but it looks like they will try to slow his roll and put in a guy like E Vander Holyfield, who is a brawler he could box, but he could brawl and take the right eleven rounds and you know make it a a paper view were MIKE with totally ruined the paper. You view and knock your ass out the mail in a minute and when you look at it the way boxing was for such a long time. I wouldn't put it past it that you know a lot of the shit that happened to him was Manipal rated so that it would slow his roll. What what Like what well you know,
people that he had around him. I mean you know. I certainly Don came around to me. He took all his his his his people that he trusted away from put different trainers in his corner different. Well, they were influencing him and it just took him backwards. Man in all the people that actually help got him. There were fucking gone and are the guys. It was actually given him guidance as to you know how to conduct yourself be a man and and all that stuff He got around the vultures men and in to me I think dont can be Don king. He stood more money. He stood a chance to make more money with someone taking out the fight. You know eleven to twelve as opposed to one well. He just he gave my the worst deals ever to yeah the whole thing's terribly stole money from on to this day, my Kate, some yeah, that's Altera anyway. Thank you, my man. Thank you. Brother see an occasion, a that for sure right, I'm looking forward to it right, a live body. Thank you, friends,
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