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2019-05-03 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. His new stand up special “Complicated Apes” is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other platforms.
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time to check out the latest at M V, M T, dot com, Slash, Rogan, go to m V, M dot, com Rogan and join the movement. Ok, my guess today is one of my best friends. Planet earth. You might know him from his many rolls and move movies and mad. Tv in his stand up comedy and his podcast. The fighter in the kid is one of my friends, and he has been for twenty five years. Holyshit, give it up for the great and powerful Mister Bryan Callen the Joe Rogan experience yeah, we live live alive, listen the radio lab on the way over here, and they have a new episode out about the asteroid,
impact that killed the dinosaurs yeah holy man right when I'm currently they know that they tell me if I'm right about this before you tell me more okay, I want to see if I have a little knowledge, there is a under like there's a very hard layer of rock that covers a large part of the earth right, and that is proof that somehow there was an asteroid that hit an IT guy. Really really hot and the rock got. That is a more version of a size that they clearly laid out by the way. So worst thing, I'm also like Chris Rock that got melted. It was under the ground undeniable evidence of Iraq, of from
space is areas a layer of the earth. The crust of the earth is super hard because it got really hot. After an asteroid hit, everybody died. They found dinosaur bones in it. Yeah bro, I don't believe that a source, because I'm you know I'm I'm. I have something called the Bible at home, but some people don't believe in dinosaurs. Do you know that right? this flat earth folks they believe dinosaurs are fake. Why is it that most Arthur's. From my experience, generally super good. It like this on a discipline that has nothing to do with Astro Physics like digits to like to spend a lot of time on a mat, but then they have released political opinions about central banks. It think it's a lack of real edge location and then you you get caught up in these Youtube things that you a secret and it's very attractive, it's very attractive to look find out about some hidden yeah like. Oh my god, I can't believe they did this. They hid from us the fact that the earth is flat, cheese,
sky spaces fake to pro space is fake satellites, our realtor low flying planes to planes there. The constantly beaming down these information from the sky satellites are not real. Yeah nuclear bombs are not real yeah, I'm not really just big bombs, but then the problem is when you break your leg and you have to set your bone or you get staff and- and you have to trust big pharma to cure it or you use your your Iphone and it works in your talking somebody and that's the one day I was at the big also, but what? Why is that technology, something you trust that is not your Iphone has a global positioning, satellite chip and stop chorus. It links up with the fucking one, that's in the sky, and it tells you where you are on the map. That's why your Google MAPS works. Jesus fucking Christ, there are probably only five or six flat earthers know. There's a lot yeah there's thousands of 'em well, ok throw spring, but that really means only five or six. I think the problem with all
of them is that they just got married to the idea and then they're fighting it an if you fight it with someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, not that I do know what I'm talking about, but if you find it with like a shot Carol or like a real actress is a real scientist study. The there's so much evidence that the roots is round and no evidence that the earth is flat. It's one of those things where it's just like. What are you guys doing? You're chasing your tail yeah this crazy, too busy. I'm waiting, bigger Youtube, I'm too busy for bigfoot ideas. Yeah! That's definitely in that might have been a real thing. Yeah, it was a real animal. There's, a creature yeah there was a real creature called Giganta Pittacus. It was a real animals like eight foot tall by Peter commented, absolutely existed. Probably yeah, like a giant, not a giant a through the full screen. Gorilla didn't exist. Imagine seeing a gorilla right like Jesus Christ. What the fuck is that thing: six foot, six hundred pound king, huge hairy, black beast with a giant chest, enormous arms and pounds on his chest,
runs on all fours like fangs. When the fly through the area each other in clash smash into each other and fight Holy fuck man. If you didn't know that was real, I know and you ran into a gorilla, you be like what the fuck and she When they didn't know, mountain gorillas were even a thing until the early 1900s hundreds their legend hey, when was the discovery of mountain gorillas? Don't they those giant champs in the Congo are are a hybrid. You know they don't need more because they have dna, the they were the only chimpanzee species or subspecies. I guess you'd say that they found that has a crest them. It skull like a gorilla one thousand nine hundred and two bro, Damn a german explorer that have Robert volume, the the mountain, It was named the in in honor of the captive
buck? Looking? Imagine that thing about those that guy who is an anti poaching agent? He helps protect guerrillas from poachers. And he got them to pose standing up in a selfie and even better Video of him tickling guerrillas in the grills laughing laughing like a person, it is crazy. So was there a a big foot? Yeah there was a big foot yeah the real thing. That's why there's so many stories about it? It probably died off. One hundred thousand years ago, or something right, they're just Gorillaz now now guerrillas are. We are closer, do chimpanzees than chimpanzees are Gorillaz. Is that true, yeah wow Well, the. I think it's interesting in Goma, where those groups of male chimps expand their territory
kill other males can't move their women and children into the area that they annex crazy, vicious. They just as groups fall down, fall on the smaller tribes of chips and decimate them. There are so many so many similarities to humans. Yes, so many yeah, but these bondo apes. They call them. This is the the giant champ. Does these net they nest on the ground to like gorillas? Are they as violinist? They live in large communities like champs the little boy the locals have two names for champs: they have one of their culture repeaters. Does the regular size champs and the other was a coal mine killers? So big big they've they've got videos of these things eating a leopard watt. You know they don't know if it yeah, there are enormous champs, so they don't know if it killed the leopard or if the leopard die and then they're eating it. They don't know, but they do know was eating a fucking leopard. So you gotta think yummy.
Kitty cat! When they're standing up there taller than me, I'm five. Eight there six feet tall, you're, six feet tall yeah, so the your height yeah, your height, but a champ in the Jack Champ CAT was probably two and fifty three hundred pounds less There are four hundred pounds, the ones in the zoo they have something We could do cities who now I don't believe they do. I think they do know they have two giant If you look at his big chips, those are just big champs, their huge yeah. They do they've had chips that are over two hundred pounds: the vet some enormous chance, but they've never had one of these. This a very specific area of the Congo, but they've seen them. Yes, they have video of them, have photographs of 'em You can see videos and easy camera trap photos. There are real animal. It's a really big animal man. It's a really big champ, your majesty of the six foot, Champ no did
there's no hate your face in your genitals know. Thanks! Imagine standing there, you turn a corner and there's a champ as tall as you. Looking at you disaster yeah. I have to go low. Have you ever seen? Yeah? You know, I don't know what was that they were. They had. There was a traveling circus when they had a chimp and they would muzzle it and they'd have any man, the biggest man that just to hold the chimp down for six seconds. If you could r three seconds and no man's Rebel. Do it they just force. This is this is a hundred and fifty pound champ yeah and you wouldn't, even even if it was muzzled, manages to rip your arms off like what are you doing here? You may now the Jello I'm here held I've held a small one, obey him until he was playing with my puppy and it was. I was a if this back felt like would Would you like would like that's perfect? That's exactly alike Henderson, probably yeah yeah, exactly dead, heads and he's he's got to be part chip yeah, but I I had a two hundred two year old. One once want on fear not fear, factor news, radio and when we're on the set
the scene actually got cut out whenever one of using the scene, but there was a guy, was like an animal trainer and he had a couple different animals with him and one was a baby chimp in diapers, and this baby Champ got on my you can beat beat on my back a couple of times and I was like what the fuck it was like you hitting me yeah. I was like wow this fucking little anything just wailed on my she's there, so strong to their their little bodies are just hard like corded no neck, take crazy punishment, but that thing in the Congo Mens it's apparently in a very difficult spot to reach it's very dangerous to go through there. You know when Justin ran goes through there. He has some hair raising stories about being held up at gun point. You know people thought the they were going to kill somebody and a lot of the people. A lot of the apparently a lot of the sort of
soldiers and people committed atrocities from the the the war in Rwanda. What kind of in their bands kind of moved into the Congo in fifteen them in you know, in the jungle who knows who Johnson is a lot of time to and then there's a saint. He takes well she's a legitimate saying: yeah really is he's got malaria three times, God visiting the Congo and building wells. Unbelievably amazing. He tell us some amazing stories heartbreaking. It's amazing! The cash app um, which is one of my sponsors, also sponsors fight for the forgotten to give people give five dollars every time someone signs up and uses the code, Joe Rogan and they've built their building wells right now, because of that,
yeah, they, who is the latest number, I forget what the number was a semi, an updated like very early on. They were, they had built two wells and they built a bunch more and provided water to shit ton of people down there. I don't know six, The guy who wrote moonwalking with with Einstein he it's a book about memory and stuff, really smart guy. He lived with the pygmies in the Congo for a long time, but that's what Justin runs doing something and said that they smoke copious amounts of wheat at little tribes of the liver is that the book yeah Joshua for for really yeah we are for yeah in the eyes, never seen what is it. You know. These are people that truly have an almost untouched by western civilization is like well, no, I mean
a diet stupid things like you know you get an infection and you just you know you don't have. Antibiotics was a lot of bacteria and parasites and stuff to aside from water, skin diseases and weird things like that: yeah, the jungles, not even if you have all to live in it, it's not a very. I spent enough Time the indonesian rainforest. I've never seen bugs like that. In my life, I've never seen anything like it's so loud. It sounds like it take the loudest street in Manhattan and I'm not kidding that's how loud, the insects and birds and everything are, and you have to Kerry as the bug spray does not work. Never tell you this. The bug spray get a carousel for core. Good luck with the mosquitoes bug spray. There laugh at your fucking at your bug spray. You gotta carry it. You have to burn a sulfur coil and just carry a whole
that's correct and Israel time when the only once when you wake up that they just they're all what year place you're was system we're doing this cat. I was twenty one, they did, they have thermos cells back then I don't think so. Yeah thermos cells of the ship, you ever use a thermos. What is that all my god, they're game, changer, really hey? I it's it's a device that has like a heating coil in it and some fuel and you ignite it and the heating coil it heats up and you put this little pad cross. The screen in this little pad has this stuff in it. The mosquitoes hey, it's probably terrible for you yeah some thought and chemical, but the chemical walks up in the air and I'm telling you increase like a ten foot bubble around you. Where mosquitoes active rate, yeah and eat. Look even if it's a little bad for you. Maybe it's like smoking. A pack of cigarettes, better than cats fed up yeah, I'm not using it every day I wouldn't recommend using every day, but if it's a difference between like in joint like if you're in a place like Alaska yeah, exactly we're we're
What about Edmonton up there when you get same thing, came back with like the jacket, the pox know, funk you up those mosquitoes man, yeah they're, so because only a life flight three months, you know it's so cold up there yeah later, could give a what you need to give Love lot of people are into nature and like listen man, they don't even nature is like try to go exactly: go: try to raise crops in South Africa when animals, when elephants were all everywhere, yeah and lions, and leopards for now yeah, even now of these poor villagers that they they're poor and they build these crops and they they have this farm and they they have all this food for their village, and then elephants run and then twenty elephants go. Hey man and that's a wrap, yeah there's nothing! You can do the fog out here, though yeah stomp on you mean, and then people get mad when people shoot the elephants. It's like. Ok, I get it but I don't know what you want here like they have.
Stories about Elvis have this mistaken South Africa there is this guy was a farmer and he had a donkey and I was tied up and the elephants came in to his property and he shot guns and got on the hell away from there and then the next day the office came back and stomped his donkey into March whoa, just stomped a little donkey was on. I need a rope and they're like really can can can then, of course, the other than neighboring farm in the ovens came she she laid out a bunch of food for them and the eyes and and they spared her her crops there. All these elephants have this mystique, which is all by the way, maybe the big say holes in the world. They hate everybody, but they were so nice. I was in Thailand. I was yeah hi officer, the different african elephants, you not you not taming an african elephant. Could Mostly. I want to see what is Jamie. Ok,
Name is watching like this little buffalo gets up. Oh my god, yeah elephant came roll it over. I don't give a about you stab him, he is, he does he's killing so he's killing a baby. That's that's probably full ground Buffalo, that's just a giant elephant. While she's fucking up this buffalo so dangerous. Look it up yeah elephant stabs and kills Buffalo look at Jesus Christ. Well, that's why they have tasks yeah I mean that there. It is. You know it's really crazy. When lions take a chance, while the other thing I didn't pull those three elephants killing a lion, then elephant just kills you ship, they just keep.
Crazy, it's crazy is lines will take a chance on elephants. I know which is just so so nuts they did. They will take a chance to try to kill an elf on the jump on the back the try to jack up. Well. When you go to a game reserve in South Africa, you can't yeah. It has to be big enough to stay lines, because it's super expensive, because they're, just a pride of lions, will eat everything. You gotta keep replenishing the animals because they just they're just too effective. You know, after that, dentists shot sees a long
then it became this international outrage yeah they band the lion hunting and because of that people didn't want to go back and they weren't getting the money from it. So they wound up euthanizing like two hundred line right now, because they're undulate population was getting devastated. But what made me think when I heard that is like how many lines of the killing like how many people going over their whole line? It's it brings in good money. Having weird is a huge part of South Africa, as you know that, like part of the conservation ACT yes or that you know big game, you can fight, you can hunt the big five One of the call- yes, that's exactly the caucus, but he's a lot of money it. It is a lot of money and it brings them a lot of money. He brings in a lot of money for conservation and all that stuff. But what a weird activity is an activity, that's more human in that, like we're so conflicted, and so weird that the only way we have animals that stay alive in this part of the world like
with their own record. Populations is to set it up, so you can kill him yeah select. We figured out some weird loophole, we don't want the rhinos die, hey, we don't want a ride or die either. So let's go out a bunch of them. Tell like one a we come on: yeah, hey and if they could get enough rhinos with they could make a case for that they would be doing the I mean they're doing it with the lions are doing it with everything, because AL's mean that all the different animals that you think of planes and wells in Africa. Their record numbers there right, Neil Guy bring back to Texas through all over Texas. Now there's so many animals there and uh out of those channels were on the verge of extinction, but they're there, because people kill 'em like one of Fuckity as well,
it's weird. Really, the bigger issue is is on broken migratory range yeah, the habitat, the Maasai Mara, is one of the few places where they can roam for thousands of miles, but most of Africa now is broken up into. I think there's an error in Cameroon or whatever, but most of Africa is broken up into, I mean in South Africa, it's all. Basically, with the exception of Kruger Park, it's all a band, and you know cattle lots and then they just if there's money in its you buy that lot need to stock of animals and you drive around they. They it's a sustainable ecosystem, but it's yeah. You got it yeah. You got used to you do have to call the right, the you know Alison population and land population when we think about Africa, right and when we say oh elephants are going extinct in Africa like Africa is so big, it's crazy! It's
big using the map for this stuff, all the countries in South Africa never and- and that was so shocking to me. I know couldn't believe that so there could be an abundance of them in one area and none in another area. It's like saying like they have a black bear problem in New Jersey, which they do. Ok do that yeah they do, but that doesn't affect us here. Yeah California, would start shooting blackberries like hey man, there's not that many of those why you shoot them. You know, but essentially the mountain lion yeah. Well, you know one just died. A famous one just died where I got a text from Manila out here. He
I ate some rat poison holy man. That's a real problem with rat poison that rat poison doesn't just affect rats yeah, you know, there's like there's a secondary and my dog almost either yeah and what it does is a rat poison. The acting speaker stops you from producing vitamin k in your body, which is a which is how you clock blood loss. So it is believed internally. So my dog, she has a lot of it. They pump to stop a given charcoal and any and take vitamin k supplements for a long time. Yeah the people they poison, the rats and things eat the rats. You know yeah this up outlines a famous, not one collard in wonder tracking down out here. Number yeah Rinoa takes me about an
I looked into it. You got it there would, which number does it say he is forty, seven p. Forty seven is that the one that they spotted at the not know this was only three years. We were going to get a photo of that right. Yes, yeah. Let's do that, oh yeah. We tracked it down yeah, but it happened is expensive, yeah. Let's, let's do that, though? Let me know, after the show which one you wanted artist proof whatever we got, yeah that detail of it or whatever yeah, because that one photo that they caught of it. Have you seen that photo of the lion with the Hollywood sign behind it? Now it? amazing. It's one of the best. It's an again. It's so human causes line as a collar on it like it's got, bling on really said. If the Hollywood sign it's as big as fuck. It's like one hundred and fifty nine million, amazing that photo that looks stage looked staged by the way. I look at the look at the muscles. Please forearms yeah, that's a ridiculous animal! That's one thing and the people, don't I don't think you realize
like that's, not a felt thing like a house at alliance, are the have his forearm, yes alliance. The connection not that weighs bring down an elk? I bet that's one hundred and thirty pounds, yeah, maybe one hundred and fifty. I think a big that is. That doesn't seem big, but you see a rottweiler, a police dog like that's. Why german shepherd pound. Sir good luck. Good luck, that's an add to add another sixty pounds, forty pounds of that's a big animal man. Yeah, it's such a. The animal and they're just wandering around our neighborhoods effective killers, having a guy come on who's, a mountain lion biologist at it depending canyon, oh really yeah, and I might actually go an trap one with him
How many? How many did you think there are others, there's quite a few, this one wait, one hundred and fifty wow, damn one that died while one hundred and fifty as a big cat with Jesus Christ, only three years old Jesus Christ. Three years old, he was one hundred and fifty just living on dear yeah, go look around for deer in California. Good lock. They know deer out here, there's so few dear, if you're, a deer hunter in California you're sad face all year round, you're not looking forward to it, and yeah? I see a lot of deer in Tapanga yeah, you see few they're drawn to me. Oh I feed them. Are you um my alpha enerji? They feel safe with me, but is? Did you ever connection with them. Do you think to be honest with you? I run with them have always been like this: they flank me they would never go past me they flagged down when I did my kung fu in an open field, this around me and they bow until I release them, and I go hot run this my favorite people that think that they have some sort of spell.
Can I fly my friends girlfriend were all sitting around my friends girlfriend how hot so hot is Let's go is that we're sitting there and she goes- and I was who is meditating Ann. I saw a deer and it looked at me and the deer gave me love and at it I was a young she's, so hot she's such an estrogen and my buddy, of course. They had their swords and can't let it go just let it go dearly. Let her have her think. My body goes why gave you love, explain that shit to me. Explain when I get to biological. Well, you know what you're close minded and you're an intuitive, I'm really intuitive and it became mad into it. It's my favorite thing. I love that chip, but those people that claim they have some special connection with animals like animals just recognize. They know my name. You know kind Megan, Fox main Megan, doing a movie with her and
I assumed she started talking about signs and I was making fun of like psychic since signs on and may and goes well um. Maybe you ever think that maybe a little close minded and I go no, not scientifically minded and no I'm not, and I think all psychics are liars and I think astrology is bullshit, but then like Meghan literally went into her knowledge of science and g the g and everything else, and I was like oh you're, a oh, oh wait. Your a really hot intellectual and you know, load- and I made a judgment on you. It was very, it was actually embarrassing. Isn't an interesting was you would automatically make a judgment on someone who's hot, like all your lies and easy as far right and she's, not like that, like us, a judgment to you'd make on the son of a rich man like if someone correct grew up and is in the family business. His father was a very successful man, but he's taking over the family business you'd assume this guy's, a yep yep
the time most you're wrong. So Yes, it's such a bad, yet yeah because, like if a great great man has a son yeah most likely. Is going to teach that sense, Kulesh it and the sun is going to have to live up to a certain standard right. Well, that was the thing with Megan. I would know is after I had that interaction with her I've known her a little bit 'cause. I know her husband really well and then and then I noticed that every time we wouldn't be shooting should be reading a book of substance like that's what she does is nonsense. What are you doing and next to your head. What am I doing other Iphone next to the other side of your head, and you have these weird conversations that video? That's my favorite thing you did. I gotta start doing that again. Do those are so funny when I do that, or I talked to the stuntmen and ask them like how much they can bench We don't know where your Navy seal, so when you shoot the problem with that is invariably ends up someone pulling out mats and then you start start rolling Paulie Malignaggi was at my gym and then
kind of knew. He goes wait a minute I just figured out who the fuck you are you now he's freaking out. So I take that opportune I would ask him, like I'm just asking like some boxing questions They always give me a boxing lesson. How fucking cool is that is called the reason. Yes, it was three days ago. She really going to do that. Bare knuckle. Boxer is artemus, yeah he's taking it personally yeah, but man, you don't want to break your hands. You don't want to get your face cut out because he done fight like boxing, but he's like all I know is that he looked like he was in shape. He was like in he was given people pointers. He's very he looks. He seems I listen to alot of showtimes. Up he's cerebral is hell. I mean he knows the game he's very smart guy. He doesn't get hit a lot, no yeah. I mean you think about a boxer that can talk as well as he can as he is and understand. I mean if you watch the way he fights like watch his fights with Adrian like he knew how to figure out the puzzle. His hand, speed and power punching, and he punches him,
he's always in great show me patterns like just basic things that I was like damn I You want to see the actual sparring match between him and Connor, because all UFC released is Connor. Cracking am, I know it's a long one it had to be. There had to be some fun. Yeah? I will also, I think, apparently Polly got off a plane and then he hadn't, even really he wasn't even working out that much I thought he was going to train with him. Yeah didn't know we're going six rounds or something is filming what they film it yeah that's how they use it as a promo right, like people are ruthless bro. The idea that if they, I can use that is more ridiculous. Come on! Who are you. You don't understand how this business works. These are promoting up there, modding of he's at Brooklyn kid he's a smart guy, listen they're, promoting a fight that is going to
generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. You think that they're going to spare your sensibilities they going to spare your feelings and not show edited versions of you getting popped, but my problem is so that I have a problem with that all across the board because because I feel like um when common decency, fair play, you know, a contract and sort of the contract. You enter, I'm coming out to help you out and then we're going to do is use me, go fuck yourself like I believe I understand I understand it's a business, they paid him. He is I'm sure they did. I believe he signed work over, but I'm sure they did that they can move. It's yeah, that's me and I and I I have a problem with buckets in general. I I just don't like justifying anything, because it's going to be good promotion. I I'm always an easy. You know people say: hey man, bad press, but you're, talking about him yeah, but off
I completely agree with you, however, put to play devil's advocate if I'm mister business and mister money bags. Yes, she in one ear and out the other. I don't know what you're talking about that's a video of some ship that actually happened. You hate the truth is, if you, if you hate the truth, I can understand why you would want to show in that video, but Conor did drop him with the left hand, and it's going to be a great fight. Conor Mcgregor versus Floyd Mayweather an ironically it might have been good for poly terms of it. Creating this fight with art yes you're talking about yeah, although I think I think point on, I was now. You've got an answer. I mean he's, got a real name and he's an excellent boxer. It's probably one of the better commentators in the game. It's not the best.
One hundred percent human, Andre Ward under what's the favorite and Roy Jones Junior. Why does James outstanding out at two yeah? He is now on board. Just like Killian brought back Blanca. I just watching him like figure out Kovalev too, and right specially the second fight. I believe now. In fact it you know, tropical of the body shot and you know call was so the the the didn't give a chance the to stop the fight. Didn't look like you want to keep going. I felt like that way with Amir Khan like if you are like gold to listen. Yeah come near Khan, has nothing to prove. He has an amazing record. He fighting a genius in Crawford and problem. Ugly and there's no shame in this. He was supposed to fight Kell Brooks any kind of went. You know what this guy is gay.
This time is on his side and he's going to he's kind of figured this out, he's bigger and he's going to kidnapped, he's going to hit me and maybe hurt me here. I don't feel like doing this anymore. If that was the case, I forgiven for everything I thought it was a smart decision to find it. Maybe it was really hard. This warrior. The counting is not, but the Kelbrook fight would have actually gone Amir Khan, more money. It was actually more valuable fight and he decided to take the fight against Crawford's real fighter. If Cropper is not the best pound for pound fighter on earth, he's number two I want to see how things are all sends him. Earl Spence is fantastic too, but I think the argument of pound for pound is Lomachenko in him. Does the guys are number one yeah who do you think is number one I mean I think I you my Crawford Crawford. I don't know I don't think Crawfords fought enough competition like when he invite Earl Spence and I think that Lemon Chanco, has
We had more fights and you can really get into this conversation 'cause. He hasn't he's less hungry buddy, but he said, let me ask had less. He won the world title would like four fights it was it how many fights it was like something ridiculous like that I mean he fought a world class fighters first time out, when I saw him fight Jorge, was amazing, mexican fighter or somewhere like that. Who is the guy who loss record here, thirteen and one in Crawford? Thirty, five and oh yeah big difference, but boxing is tricky that way right. So what's the level of competition as they bring you up slow, well, the difference is Lomachenko, had an extensive amateur Yasser internationally, but sort of Crawford Crawford at a great amateur background, to look Crawford. The the the differences Crawford's way, bigger, that's a different. If they were the same size would be really interesting to see what would happen, but Crawford's a lot bigger than him. He would yeah it's not a good fight now
it's just like to watch him take Reagan down. All these amazing fighters would on do Ray gun deal with those Reagan. Now I don't think so in doing this, I think, is a waste refinance it in French, as he gained dual rigondeaux. If he gets a gun, do but yeah. He did. He dismantles people, his footwork is unparalleled, but Terence Crawford men, first of all, he's probably the best which, ever next to Marvin Hagler, he might be better and he can find new game plan for that he's so good orthodox, then so good southpaw, but to watch Linares Jorge Linares thing is sick fighter and watch him. He knocked Lomachenko down, but then again like this guy figures you out, he just he goes. I know what you're doing now and then you're done well sort. Does Crawford I mean the the best. I mean that was Anderson Silva in his prime to he would just figure out your timing figure out you do how you enter where the gaps are where the holes are? Ok, I see the key to the castle. Let's Rock
and then somewhere around the end of the first Round Anderson was starts start in dances on you and fucking doing some Bruce Lee moves and the next thing you know he's got his foot in your face. Yeah! That's nice figures, you out it's exactly right, but these guys are just the really elite of the elite fighters they're just the best at solving the little riddle. That is what your skills are. Now, how do you solve the riddle that is copied near Colmac? That's a different riddle! 'cause that mother Fucker is not the outside boxing you and he. Connor for awhile conifer, well, you know he's going to take you down, but it looked like Connor Oh wow was isolating, had two hands on that wrist. He was popping him for a long time from closing his his hands and that seemed kind of factor for awhile Good luck! It's a long road That's like saying you're running a marathon hey, you know he beat me in the marathon but
the first hundred way ahead right now, that's what it's like it doesn't matter, because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter just a five round fight! Look if he keeps me from grab my hands for now your hands, tired, yet yeah hi forum, so I'm gonna, take it I'm taking it down. It's just going to take it down. Okay so relentless and the skill level in the endurance level he has to pursue that pace for five rounds like I don't think I even she ate it. I mean I can intellectualize it and I can describe it, but I think you're in there with him like when, when he fought Edson Barb, and you had answered Barboza up against K, come on buddy. It's mine give up. Edson has this now that was against. Michael Johnson has his one thousand yard stare where he's getting mauled. It's just like it's like breathing he's like oh fuck like this is a different kind of human being.
Those Russians are that's a different kind of human being, I guess Danny's so tiny grow up. Fighting from is at times a baby. Yes he's a satellite culture; they they were, they suffer a great deal. This looks like Jesus Christ. What of did I sign up for skin. Mauled and I love I love Kobe looks like its legs body. Looks like you know, guys see at the pool kind of works out, maybe a little. It just doesn't look free federal, they said. No, that guy looks fit, Barbosa is really must be, was jacked memory feeling he's just using show photo of could be like making like a most muscular pose or something so he's fucking pretty jack he's. Just not, though, he's just a freak, no not compared to a lot of dudes yeah go down there? Look at that! You know he's This is jack, but not you know he looks like a really strong grappler. He he's got his for. You know he asked, but really what would that look at him like this out? Your mouth has pretty good. There shut your
your dirty lies spilling. That is pretty good. What about that? One right there? How about that one cut the shifter out of shadow. You look like that consider Trt about when you were younger sister, basically, the same If I was in there would be it would you would call starts. You are always like that yeah. I was always like that Yeah when I was first yeah, I even take night now. You are just jacked up first time at tv were jacked out of your mind and it was just 'cause. You lifted weights. Well, that was when I was. Just getting into jujitsu. So I really started lifting weights heavy 'cause. I was tired of getting mauled yeah I really got into lifting work. I am weak. I'm like yeah 'cause, I'm used to striking striking is so different than grass the man's a your muscles in your fatigue. Yeah, it's so but and it will, it was works. The other way to remember what I had done any striking at all. In like a year, I get done none zero, just to get to
and then my friend, Jamie and I start doing Jamie is a trainer and we're doing this training session, and he had me hit minutes too and like just hit mints for like a couple minutes gas towels, houses possible. It's like I work. I roll all the time, I'm in good shape right spying that way when you get we get guys are triathlon leads whatever they come in and when the colic shot to the great women collect my trainer. I love. I love the guy he's the best. That's one of my favorite people in the world like whenever I see him all this right in the world he's just a humble yeah silver medalist in the Olympics World champion, and nobody asked some questions in the gym. It's like he did that you had this call remind this guy here who beat Morales, who fought prince. That seemed to the distance and nobody knows it, and he never tells anybody and I'll see these guys hitting and I'm like wait. Why don't you tell them and he goes they don't ask me, I don't bother them he's just the most
double din will like it tries me nuts, but but anyway, we'll get like trash, these people are in really good shape, but if you sparring and you're afraid to get hit. You stop breathing and so in three minutes in two minutes, I don't care how good of shape you're in the minute you get punched once you're, like it took me literally. It probably took me three years to get over that in a way, because I have no confidence as a boxer and I shouldn't, while he's getting punched in the head, what is going on with you? I'm not getting punched hard, hard. I mean sometimes there's a my buddy Chris from Boston is a giant and hill by accident. Sometimes you get connected and stuff, but you know. You learn how to kind of keep your hands up but you're getting old. Are you worried about that? I'm insecure eyebrow, but he worried brain. I sure I rattled, I was a little cloudy. I stop for a little while yeah so cloudy from getting hit. I don't I said to Brandon. I said he has no time for this He gets so mad at me. He just.
This year old are what are you doing you getting little bit yeah? That's right, that's what happens so! Keep that shut up man, he storms off yeah. Well, he came to the realization he ducked he ducked it. He oh. I don't know he was so far off skin Shane Carwin its name. Gordon all those guys and and throwing up after after his training sessions, and we played football forever I'll, be alright yeah. Well, he quit, though, at the right time is really to yes, he did mean he's fine, yes, he he made it out at the right time, so I'm very within him like it. I guess my my brother. So whenever talk about here too I'm I'm like see, I see two like now? You're? Ok, don't worry about it! 'cause your doctor. You find this is not going to happen. I don't like to think about it. Well I mean he's he's honest if he wasn't doing good, he tell you if he wasn't feeling good he's very true,
everybody needs someone who they trust, implicitly, that they that can pull the cord on them and to tell them hey man. You got to stop getting hit yes and for young fighters man. It is such a hard decision. To make. I've talked to several guys- have a teller fighter, several trainers enough to tell the fighters to retire, and it's never easy. It's never easy and some tribal identity the fighter will leave and go with a different trainer and be successful, and in the the you Know- and this one case the trainer was like. I wish him well, I mean I'm sure he can still be guys. That's not the problem. The problem is he. Showing some obvious signs of deterioration, Mentale neurologically the way he moves, the way talks and a good person who cares about she is going to go. Ok, we had a lot of fun, is a great run, you're fine right now, like you can talk and we can treat whatever problems come up, apparently Cbd
is fantastic for that for a for a lot of people with brain issues and a lot of know, inflammation issues because of trauma. There's a lot of stuff. They do. I don't know how magnetic stuff that cat Cingano did not doing down San Diego. On soldiers when they put electric is doing that right now sealed guy yeah, but I I am, I don't think I've ever met a fighter who is retired, who doesn't still feel like they could find for the belt yeah. They want even even chuck Liddell when he did fight, and kid was like I'd like to throw my hat in there against Jon Jones. I'm pretty good wrestler like he was already Forty eight yeah, you never lose that part of what makes you a great fighter and a killer. Is that that sort of love of the game If you ask Pauly Molini issue right now, I guarantee I guarantee, if you're like, could you fight for a title right now, because I put my ad in their fighters like that? Of course that's why they're mean that's? Why they become successful in the first place, if you think about how you are when you first start out even
do you like real athletic you fuqing Terrable you're, hitting the bag. Your feet are off, even if you hit it hard like you do something wrong, you're, clumsy or wide open afterwards, there's something that someone who's really good will expose and then eventually, you learn skills and, as you learn skills you see those holes. You tighten all those holes up and then you become far better than you were, but the only reason why you can do that. It's 'cause, you think you're a bad mother fucker from the jump right, but you hit that bag hard and you're lucky I'm going to fuck everybody up, and you start believing that and then, as you get skills like Jesus, I'm glad I didn't Get into a real fight in a real fighter early on, because that's one of insidious things that trainers do they'll, throw their fighter to the wolves like they'll set there. Spider up with some young up and coming Fenom who's, just smashing people and it's hard to get in fights and they'll get this guy to fight him, because there's a few guys that will just fight anybody. Oh my god, they've only been doing it for like a year but you're going to take that
audience is cut sixteen and looking for their jazz brothers. When they went into the into Andre Ward Camp in Oakland I'm a day they were Bang in yeah and I'm sure from day one yeah. I was talking in a t as I was like, but you guys go light, because now we bang bang yeah. I talked to Joe showing about that. The first time ever met Nick and he's like he's talking next friend like Nick's like okay, you got a cup, you get mountain and Joe said an x ray because we we fighting, it was yeah that's alright, we're just fine. She just knew like this is going to be fighting. This is not like. We sparring we fighting yeah and they went out fighting I think, as you get better and better out of the pod becomes addictive and sister sure could, every time I go in there and I go, I'm not gonna spark within their somebody, and then you say we'll just move around yeah but then well. The assault also testing each other too right. Yeah, like Nick, is world class fighter, Joe showing so World chants boxer, so striking so evil socially as evil
so I think yeah people used to be standing next to him too, he's also just big big long and athletic you just like. Ok not doing very well in mma now, as you really not nasty fucking ground and pound his last fight man, when you get a guide that that good at slashing people with elbows and punching people- and you get him on top of you the ground and pound is on another level. You know because they can generate serious power and short distances like a lot of grapplers have a hard time with like do you, member, when Crowe COP got on top of gun saga and opened his face up with an elbow moves? Horrific but it was inside the guard, yeah like if you are real good,
a short amount of distance. Brandon said that list wrong. This guy he's ever fellow cop yeah, strong mother, powerful those ridiculous legs yup those those legs that belong in a and a font and a fun day. You know also going back to this asteroid impact. I'm sorry, there's a layer somewhere around sixty six, no years ago, that indicates that the earth got hit by an asteroid. That's what I mean, that's not to say that yeah. I think it's the is high in your idiom. I think an iridium has its very rare on earth, but very common in space and there's a bunch of There are indications that that's the time that it hit, but there The radio lab one is that the current state of understanding is that the dinosaurs and basically most things died within the first couple hours, like all
dinosaurs. They were all the apparently their bones. Are there fossils are in that iridium layer, a lot of times right and I don't know- maybe yeah they found a lot of they find it before. Right, they don't just don't find any after and they think yeah. They think that their blood boiled in their body. They think it got so hot that during the few hours it got to like seven hundred thousand degrees, twelve one hundred degrees just got insanely hot. It was trying to get better at stand up and stay in shape. Now I gotta worry bout fuqing, that's a full time! Job raise my kids, that's what we really should be thinking about, not just how bad were fucking the earth out, but how bad something could fuck the earth out from the sky yeah! That's what we really should be paying attention to. Paying attention to so many nonsensical things that people concentrate on there's a real,
chance that we could get hit in our lifetime with something that end civilization, like that, one hundred percent can happen yeah. I had Graham Hancock on last week and we were going over his new book this book. Where is it? Isn't it right here Jimmy it's right there, it's fucking, it's excellent and Graham, was talking out. It's called the America before it's the evidence of civilizations in in the Americas in North America, particularly in the Amazon that did. They think that there was millions of people in the Amazon. But when the european explorers came over here the game smallpox and wiped out everyone, and they came back hundreds of years later and there was nothing like the entire civilization what they did. They say. I think I feel like in one thousand four hundred and ninety two. There was a, I think when the Spanish came up through the Mississippi Delta, the same thing yeah same thing: yeah they wiped out ninety, but a lot of people think that the genocide of the native Americans was just european soldiers and people
does killing native Americans, which did have yeah, but is all that is a Wednesday. Ninety percent of them were killed by disease. Ninety percent, like the the entire PA elation. Well, they even had David had certain government policies weather like you, missionaries are going out there and trying to convert them to Christianity, you're, giving them your diseases. They knew that back. Then they knew that they were like your they're. Getting sick and they're dying of. They were all said they were like we're getting these colds and people are dying. They didn't have any resistance to that crazy, dirty Europeans, push water shoots outside their house and Fuckin' Verma. Running around that was where the world's member for the world's the movie How did they die? They weren't ready for pathogens My whole philosophy on we all try to be tough.
One of the things about all of us as men or anybody is we hate to be vulnerable, so you know I trained and I stay in shape. I eat well and I will live forever. I don't think there's anything such thing is. I don't think that you can be really ready for a situation in a bar. I guess, and then you get bit by a tick. Did you get a flesh eating disease now in die, drawing s island anyway, to get merchant yourself well I mean you can protect yourself, but you are ultimately very vulnerable, but then what this very lab was freaking me out about. Was that there's so many of those things floating around the sky means what Graham talked about in not just this book but done in previous books that they think that so things slammed into the earth somewhere.
The past. The end of the ice age probably wiped out of a giant chunk of the large megafauna on North America, soon led to the almost instantaneous extinction of so many different animals, and so it goes yeah and so goes in the. Happen again. It could be a super volcano. There's all kinds of stuff like that, all these fucking things that makes you wonder now stored we going to hit Denver NASA was practicing that this week, Damn Denver Dennis before they've had like a practice, run using a bunch of the different here's, a practice run. Getting the boat go to Australia. Exactly I have to go pee so please hold like that. You gotta go to Australia. Talk about me being talked about your beautiful May, ninth, tenth 11th only there yeah and in Orlando John about come, get it okay to promote me. Okay, Brian Count is going to be in Miami at the improv and we'll talk about and in Orlando. If you go to briancount dot com, it will have all that stuff. I just ran across this to a new screen on twitter. What happened at two tag?
Oh, my god, I have an affair with a woman that husband came home early, try to escape through the window, but ended up falling on a metal beam. Oh my god, it went through his head how to get the beam off their the saw, the beam off, probably at Holy shit bro. I saw the pictures of what the is that holy. Try to find an at home. My God is alive. Yeah. Then this is the picture Johnny in the past to Jesus Christ, our middle one, I because of it and all my god. It went through his head yeah, it's weird: what would people's help you survive from injuries, basically a lot out of me yeah like them when they stopped doing those I've come home. We have a really talk about too much by member. Look that up it just to dig a hole right through
hi and scramble your brain metal piece of metal but yeah, and they did that because you're just too annoying. I don't know why these people are crazy. They would just do it. They would for doing them up until, like nineteen in the nineteen hundreds- and I don't know if it stopped the 50s or 40s the exact time, but what do you think they're doing now, besides circumcision, that people are going to look back on like that and go what the fuck were? They thinking what I think they're doing now hum I don't know it's just. We keep learning different strategies to fix stuff yeah, that's true, but the, but the lobotomy is not even a strategy to fix stuff. It's like chaos. You work, though in some cases did it must have had to have, but maybe it stop them from being super violent or something. Controlling people would probably be enough bullets. Bullets have been. I don't know, why do they give someone a lobotomy look. What is the? What is the chief reason for giving someone lobotomy? What would you guess
psychosis crazy, stuff yeah that they don't have an answer, probably for pharmaceutical, the back fence. They just said and scramble to brain. Somehow it's hooked up to me that it's still your brain still work, it's a neurological treatment of a mental disorder that involves severing the connections between the brain's, prefrontal cortex, you made it too big. Most most of connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain are severed. What did they do that for Brian, because it when you had a personality that was when you were crazy, they would take out the part of your brain. I guess that was reactive and that gave you essentially a personality. So when you're on the bottom ized, you are really kind of a normal person. If you ever seen the movie Francis, they gave her lobotomy
ok, baby lobotomy eyes a little careful right. They did it to a little kid yeah horrifying. Why they do it to that little kids, gravel, your brain Terrell, my God, remember right! There is one guy. He was doing up to like seventy a day or something like that. That's an hour yeah! That's the only day long, I think Lamar to help you. You know I'm reading a that this. Hi David Epstein. So, but there are people who you know they had a lot shock therapy and they were they were crazy and they were trial. These things catatonic schizophrenia. As she says, he has yeah look at her smile and sixteen months later they would try these things. So before and after six, since it's so it worked, the lower body works just smilin everywhere yeah, but she would smile. She saw a bit, maybe get run over by a car, should smile. She saw house catch on fire Jesus, I'm getting stuck on the brain sort of like
that guy David I've seen a road hero, TED the sports team. We have the fastest people in the world, tiny part of Africa. The people that run the far this, which is the highlands of Kenya, really fascinating book, he's a sports a writer and then he hit there's a new book coming out called range, and it's about how, when you teach a kid or when you when you learn a lot of different disciplines. So, if you're, some of the best violinists some of the best athletes, whatever they didn't specialize. It's very it's it's. It's probably a bad idea to specialize from a very early age. The exception is like Tiger woods. He compares tire was at Roger Federer Tiger Woods was raised to be a golfer from the eight to his dad was already having him. He was watching. Have them watch how he swings, and everything and
Roger Federer, greatest tennis player ever was planned in the music plan soccer plant. Anything with the ball and didn't really get into tennis. Didn't really find his love of tennis until he would in his teens and a lot of musicians, great musicians who are ineffective so, whether it's Duke Ellington or whatever, those the great ones who make original music a lot of them are self taught, and a lot of them played a lot of instruments until they start to focus on that one instrument that spoke to them and he uses all these different examples of how how generalizing and doing a lot of different things in forms essentially forms, your ability to become really good at one thing, when you finally decide to do that and it's a really kind of cool, because a lot of parents are specializing
a lot of parents. I can play baseball that we're going to play camp and everything else we're just going to practice that bad idea, bad idea. According to this, with the exception of very few skills like golf, but everything else is you want to really expose your kid to a wide variety of things, because for whatever it does with those that you know all the neurons and stuff you are able to get better at something when you're practicing another thing. Well, that makes sense It also makes sense to me that you'd want to get your kid exposed to a lot of things to find out what they actually enjoy. 'cause. Sometimes you enjoy something you all, but I don't enjoy. As much as this and find some new things like that's even better, I'm sure you went through things like this but a lot of parents like a lot of people talk about Tiger mom they'll say you have a choice but you're playing the violin and you're playing the piano and you're not playing any other instruments are going to get better at that crazy yeah. Well, the problem is it: doesn't it stifles innovation? You become really pedantic and good at following instructions, but you're not going to be very innovative. You'll, be really technically good, but you also want to be naughty and you wind up, so search it like you
I wish he would try to try to bunch of different instruments until he finally said I'm going to play this yeah, you want to be naughty. You want to fight it. Yeah you want to fight mommy. You probably have some weird mommy porn bookmark, uh huh uh huh, this amazing amounts of step mom porn? Really it's all stepmoms! Well parts like mom, your father is going to be so mad at you, log ' well mom, mom or derivative of mom is, I think, the second most typed in word in pornhub. What's number one sister you, Yahoo hit something solid. Something to do with young. But mom is another thing. Granny porn is huge in Kenya and the? U do you know why the bank, because is your raised by an older lady or an older man. Your headmaster there in a position. Authority is directly to well as your coming to formulating your point of view of the
all the making sense the you tend to sexualized whatever's in front of you. I guess that makes sense. You would print so so Gil FTSE and you know that's kind of hard, yeah grandma's, I'd like to what kind of world we live in, my friend's wife, he catches her Watchin grandma, pouring frail gray, old men, bang in get house jails into that. She ran to old dudes. Isn't all guys like like real old, like us on your body? Looks at warm cheese, won't understand. Why would they like that? I don't it's who the knows. That is a weird thing, though, that you hear that some women, like Rick, really old guys, you don't hear that from women of from men rather yeah. What is the same, the world's news photos of himself- and this is yeah just about She- was hot-
Fark back in the eighties one hundred percent yeah? We can do listen man, all the hose they're just pose that got old for that one had a friend from the guy who was macho my friend it didn't show up on the screen. Did you miss it? You son of a was at some? No don't don't poor lady! I am. I was ridiculous, fake. Yes, my friend that my friend he was, he was from what a guy super macho and he was like. He had didn't, have a lot of money and he had like he would be- is kind of a gigolo. He was having sex this way, this is all his world. I said that I will what you look like, which is negative. It's a disaster. Just I k K K. I can look to it was to go to the bathroom. I have to look, you know. Because, yes, it has to be no light because it's a disaster, Why is it doing that, but he goes he goes by. You know why she looks add may know her she's young? She
these may I come like this. You know young, the ice or ice did make main heart and never forget that sounds like fun some people really into people being really into that. She just wants to be admired. I've known some women like that who are into dating troll yeah, because they've never that woman, like that they're, like dafuq they're, just My sister had a friend like that to her friend was in the guys that she knew she could do better. It's fantastic She wanted to. She wanted them to worshipper. Well, there's a apparently There's a psychology where a lot of men will overfeed their wives and get a super fat so that they don't step out on him. There's a lot Those sub conscious behavior, is the girl on the bar people, so god damn crazy. I don't know trauma. You know I called
Is it the Carl Jung Fuckin' a line that says that which we don't work? out in our subconscious. We will act out as fate in our lives. How about that? 'cause. You will relive patterns, you'll relive trauma. You will relive these patterns and you'll. Do it on your own terms and you'll, wonder why you keep? Why do you keep getting the same person. Why do you keep falling into the same problem? Why, after two years this go bad. What is that? Well, there's the way to actually creative leaf at least sit with that and observe it and be aware of it. That's what therapy does, because you know the unconscious conscious that will direct your life and you will call it fate what a great quote: wow Until you make the unconscious conscious yeah, I mean there's a lot of fuckin' strings pulling on your brain will call it fate your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.
Well, that's what needs you! That's. Why I like nature niches niches idea was like look man. You can have these boss models of life, which is a lot of times. Life is a right and you're. Not. You're, not going to be able to compete or you don't want it. So what you'll do is you'll go. It's ok, meek will inherit the earth. That's alright yeah. But you have money, but is he happy? Is he happy? You know there's a lot. We make Let us do this, we make excuses, not live our best life and he was like math live dangerously and try to be the she can be just work here as often if you have to die. If you have to take risks- and I leave a good looking corpse- is the idea of turn your life into a fucking circus? Do you think them equal and her inherit the earth? You think if that was a prophecy that they would be talking about technologists, they would be talking not like the people that run twitter and Google and Facebook and in the internet, tech people, which is, if you think about like the amount of money that Facebook has amount of money that you
too bad. So like these, these enormously influential tech companies, even Amazon, right yeah like who, who are they? Who are they? nerds their nerves are still very aggressive, nerds and they're very thoughtful nursing, very competitive nerves, so I don't consider them to make. I think I think who's the meat, so I think the meek, the philosophy behind that and, and I and I, and I think the United States also works on this premise. In a sense, is the the american dream. So what keeps the masses from rising up and taking the money from people who died? The have nots from taking money from the haves and especially when the haves you know are rather slim in number, in comparison to the large proportion of the population. That's a that's! Five hundred dollars go back well, what's about the United States, which always worked about the United States, we don't have these which revolution in this country is because the american dream is about potential.
There is a potential. I may not have money now, but I may, and I will be I know I will 'cause I'm an optimist. I will be in the one percent. Eventually, I got an idea bro, I'm telling you it's a great idea, and people need that hope. You take that hope away. You take the ability Utah the idea that there's no way I can ever escape out of my condition, you better be careful. That's that's that so potential the potential to be better, the potentially wealthier think about how all of us a lot of us is were as we get older. You think, that's a good thing. You call inherit the earth man. I think it's in that area. People that aren't creating war was probably the people that were Dover, family pack, each other to pizza. Now I think it's, I think it's a way of getting people to at least live with the fact that I'm a surf I'm
hasn't. I have no way to steam out of my condition, but at least I have the after life at least I know that if I live and I suffer well and I suffer quietly and I suffer with dignity, there will be a rule. After this? What is the conventional definition or the conventional meaning to that statement? To me going to hurt the earth a quarter, how to scholars interpret that will really right right right, but I mean how do they? How do they interpret that, like? What is What did they say advantage it's harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven, so that the famous story where, when a crisis I want to follow me to the rich guy. He said give up all your money in the rich guy turned his head and walked away, and he said poor guy. It's so hard for the rich to get to give up their life of privilege is very difficult. Do you think Jesus was a real person? Historically, I think there was probably a rabbi named Jesus. Another Nazareth,
That's what that's what that seems to be the conclusion among a lot of historians- and he was a radical rabbi- was a radical man because he simplified Judaism, is really what he was. He was simplifying Judaism to say: look, you know you could follow the Leviticus and all all the rituals, it takes to become a good Jew which is there's certain way to quarter a calf and there's a certain way, certain things you can eat and you have to bathe and you have to do all these rituals and he said way too complicated. We're never going to spread the word this way he said just make. Simple: do it right about hello said in the for the old testament do unto others as you would have them do, unto you and hold only one? God is your God in the fathers to the world of what the idea of a mark of a of a monolithic God is that there's a there's one father we're all brothers and sisters that way were the same moral worth that way. I can't judge you that way. I don't know what you're worth. Only God does. I don't know
I don't know where you have. I don't know what your value is, your human being. I can't quantify that. I think I think that's a beautiful thing. I think we all benefit from that religious and that judeo christian idea, whether we know or not, and if you want to replace that my only issue with atheists, is it want to try to replace that irrational idea that they all the same moral worth 'cause? You can't prove it, but if you're mathematically or biologically, but do you replace that with rationality you want to run a society on rationality, can't do that. Well, The most dangerous idea works. This is it still the most this idea in the world because ethics have to be predicated. There's gotta be bedrock. That you can washers idea in the world. Well, 'cause! Let me give you an example: it's very rational, mathematic Lee to suggest that anybody who is mentally handicapped is draining resources from our gifted children and I'm telling-
now in a lot of Sweden in history. What if we live in abundance? Plenty of people take care of the people that are handy because I bought it doesn't always last and you can't predict the buttons and a lot of there is here right now, not really not for a lot of people right, he'd very easy to justify. If you were just prayed to the God of Rash, It would very easy to justify it. Then people I've done this in history, which is why I worry bout sure hey, let's get rid of all the people that are draining our resources because they're not they're hopeless anyway, people on breathing machines. People who are severely retarded whatever they are severely handicapped? their training resource. I know you love him, but listen. We need this money for over here, you're in a hospital you're taking money the very old, very informed. So you think we need religion to keep you from taking people off life support. Well, I I. I will say that I think religion- and this is specifically the Joker's. Nothing can. I include Islam in that and by the way I mean Buddhism is all talks about the sacredness of the
sentient being these religions? Are there because- and I think we benefit from it. I think that all of that we do too, I mean. Where as well. Our justice system is predicated it's predicated on the idea that all men are created equal, we benefit from it, but there's also a real problems with it. Of course, Raw problems with any idea, but be careful in what you eat. But I don't understand is why you think you can't be replaced with logic and reason, because logic and reason has pitfalls, but you're, not a large all alone. You see, assuming that logic and reason doesn't also have compassion. So do you. We wouldn't have compassion for the people that are mentally handicapped, so it does it. Does it's too fickle what I'm says this there's something very irrational and and very religious about the idea that all men are created equal. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created, equal right, yeah and you about her. Our talks about this brilliantly in this book, which is that you cannot prove mathematically, are biologically that that the
idea that all men are created equal. Does that says of the nucleus sapience? Is Israel right, so so, because we're not again Lebron James If you standing next to me, is we're not equal. Is my chocolate avatar right so, but We inherently know that human humanness, our uh human as you're, not equal, physically he's a super athlete, but I'm fine. Or what I had my own. But if you I had a sock well yeah. If he wants to Asian murdered, there are fees like Eddie Murphy, two point: no, there are people that are better, but what weapon that sucked, though? Yes he was the RON James and he was funnier than you know- he's not a bad actor I'll. Tell you that action. Imagine if he was really funny like if you couldn't follow him. That's why of my girls? Imagine that, though I would present him
My girl is getting what six foot one eleven sixty nine thousand six hundred and ninety six foot nine hundred and sixty five built, like a god faster and everybody in stronger than amazing, an murders on stage at the store and when you hit the mic you have to go like this. To get the MIKE Is my brain down to you 'cause, you have to go in after him and that's when I say to him, he's got in the mic: stands fuqing seven feet in the air and I go mister Mister James, I'd like to be your traveling concubine. I'm probably not really doesn't That is not your type, knows: you're useless! Take culinary I'll! Take commentaries on bags. Let me cook for you: it's got people that shut the fuc up that carry the bags. Your shoes are too annoying man. What are you going to do I stared today can. I ask him questions about what a man is is weird. What do you squad? Leave? Malone, ok, I'll, just be in the system right, better jokes, it's just so I'd like to be a gimp that would be so embarrassing like if a guy was that good at basketball. But then it was like a natural
There are certain murdering hominy or like a fighter like we've, Terence Crawford turned out to be the funniest dude in the world in the world, a magic you know in in in he not people up in the rang, but then Terence Crawford starts doing. Sets the commons, Doran, murder and he's got a Netflix special and he's murdering and like no. How could we go so good at these things? I don't know man yeah, listen. There are people that are better than everything. Sometimes I mean there are well there's depth look, but we Elon Musk is a good example that how many fucking things can that guy do it once, but at the same time, what I'm saying is You can't quantify human being because you don't know what their potential is, and you don't know where the strong, like it's Lebron James Murders on stage is not better than you as I've, often he's better than you and everything five fingered following you. You got to follow him he's in a murder.
And then the king has left. The building lazy is going to drop the mic and walk away and be a problem. Then you gotta go now, but you can't be that good at two things right? I mean wow, who says well I mean to be really good guides or how much you put it? You can be really two things I think like three times, but if he puts listen to me, what if he puts the kind of effort that he puts into getting good at basketball, any good and good at standard? For awesome yeah, one muscles lazy, one doesn't really work right and work in like this. For the man hours that we work on our craft, verses about a basketball players to practice is different, lizard always murderous. Isn't this is Blake Griffin he's been trying to do stand up in the offseason with last couple years more when he was living in LA he got traded it's right now. So it's it's a little bit harder form probably but had come into doing, good he's good yeah, I mean from what I've heard from her people have seen That's hilarious, videos of it! There you go mother, he can let you six ten. As I stand up, doesn't care it's a long rd. Yes, I intend
It can work, though someone if he doesn't lift. What I'm saying is, like you, take a guy who has the kind of discipline and work ethic than an athlete does at the highest level of the game apply, stand up comedy. I bet they'll get further than a lot of us he's only thirty. Dad I'll! Only thirty! Maybe what do you do? Blake, Griffin's, gonna, murder in front of you that weird muscle stand somewhere muscle joy. He has isn't exactly like Jerry D, as is hi bye, bye, new. Nobody's funniest, bug and he's on his way before noon. Yeah, comedies a weird thing: comma is a very. There are some functions that I spoke to. Joey Diaz might get high all time that mother, Father Fucka works on the exact Joey works and it's a mindset your own, writing, you're, always he's a Joey. Dheas is a pro like people see Joey, and they see that you know he's my looks a lot of weed and he's crazy and they assume that he just gets up there just rants and raves. Don't that guy always has new material
work always working on something yeah he's, I think that's what it takes to. I think that the this kid was younger and he told me he had written a joke in two years and I went well you're talking like a loser. You know you, you can't, I think, stand up as real and the specially if you develop a, but if he, if that's, where he's at it's, probably depressed some, probably wrong with well, we don't. You know that two is an yeah yeah, but but I'm saying that you know again, you know, Depression is a very real thing, but I always said it kinda younger people who seem like they're in a rut. I do I'm a huge believer in jest. Just take the steps of getting better at one type of language start it does. A matter for the guitar? It doesn't matter, just just get better at one little thing to start practicing, it'll motivate you to do other things, I'm not saying depression. Clinical depression is a very real thing. I don't know enough about. Well, the thing is it's: it is real yeah, but it's different with every per,
yeah! It's like it's one of the rarest of diseases in that, like you really can't put on a scale yeah, thank you to spectrum. It will be feel like you, don't feel like you're depressed or not the project, but what? What level? depressed. Are you? Are you suicidal or you just like kind of shitty? Could you fix it with like running work or do you need real chemical intervention, and in do you know, do you know the difference like we do? What's your community like what your friendships like yet road to? What is your family life huge questions, huge question by the way. How are you eating are you exercising? What is your community like? These? Are things in people who live the long, no series: what is it Spain? I heard No from right has the longest per capita, lift people right now and yet huge Alka on tobacco consumption, but they are connected to community there there and they do a lot of that to get
Then yeah taken CS this long launching in yes dang it out. Yes, drinking red wine, woo yeah, why not enjoying their land's success and things Southside answer about times. Two was as Spain to lead Japan, global life expectancy. You ask continues yeah because we're shitty food we're we're getting fat yeah what he did there's a price you pay for as a capitalist as a capitalist. Somebody believes in the free market. There's a price you pay for the praying to the God of consumption and progress. There is, and it's as we as we are ruthlessly competitive Americans room Americans are ruthlessly competitive. And insanely aggressive. Football is a game of war, it's simulated war, you're, it's a you're, capturing territory and everything else,
this is it, we are so aggressive that way and look it makes is a great country. We also pay a price for it. No question about it. Like I get, I do get sort of the notion that we need. There is this idea that, where the left a lot of the left look man, this cap some stuff that seems to be creating isolation and depression like how's it going is there this? Is there a conversation to be had about how we feel throughout how we structure our lives, where community takes more of a precedence where job security takes more of a press. That's all they say. Well, we start heading this. Listen I start to freak out, but I just I don't know what you're saying, but here's the thing about socialism socialism in general sounds like a terrible idea, because a lot of people are lazy and because it d incentivizes people from action and there's a certain thing, people should have motivation to succeed, they should have some drive and they get some satisfaction out of achieving goals and those are all things
I would not want to deny any young person from. I think those are really important things for happiness and one of the things that they've studied when they've studied happiness and peace. People that are goal oriented in that set? They set goals and achieve those goals, it's one of the best markers for happiness, and it doesn't necessarily mean money. You know the problem. Is we like I think of it as money as it's a money thing, but enough Fedex in art when people without finance attached to it at all. When set out to do something. Then do it. A sense of self worth and happiness and then understand understanding of yourself. Yes, we are, this is what's miss, from a lot of people in the end and again, I'm not a clinical psychologist. I don't really understand depression, I don't, I don't suffer from it, but I I've known enough people that have to know that there's a lot of different kinds of it. It's all different and, I think,
some people just have. They have a broken brain there's something wrong in there and it would be nice if there was a chemical that could fit into that slot and fix it, and sometimes there is for those people, and some is changes their lives and then I've known people that we're on the wrong medical. Ari was on probation. It was fucking with him and gave him depression. You know, and sometimes people they change their diet, and you know one of the things that Rhonda Patrick was she posted something I think it was on her twitter account how information led to pulse of decision making led to cheating on your diet, led to poor decisions in terms of overall lifestyle, just from having higher levels of inflammation, so eating shitty food, not getting enough sleep drinking. All those things lead to information access. All those things cause you to make more awesome food choices, Shitte food choices, bad dietary choice, bad lifestyle and rest choices like they're all it almost information wants more of it here, it is study, fine,
information? Even at sub clinical levels in healthy participants, may provoke impulsive if you're an inability to delay gratification is that amazing yeah I stay first. I pull back with all this stuff and I always think to myself, like I think I Think what you and I are after, like when the reason I'm happy and the reason I feel so fulfilled. I am able to express myself fully like fully I told you certain my life like I was like I want radical honesty in the sense that I don't have to lie about anything. I don't want to lie about anything. I want to be very honest, you would have been always been so honest with each other right and well. That's why we know each other. Yes. Well, yes, in the middle, we start fucking bullshiting you're like oh. Why do what? But that's why you have your. And hold you accountable, 'cause, they know exactly who you are, and it's very important exact, but that so so
but that allows you to do is to express yourself fully and completely The original self expression is my whole. My creator, my idea, but but so we eating well if eating well see. I don't want my body to get in the way I don't want to get in the way. So I investigate how to feel optimal so that I can not have to in the way, and I can run the things I love. That is a form of of. Cell phone. I always wanted a box of so it was such a mystery to me and I'll, be I'm nervous today, because I gotta go spar some along with doing it now many years, almost five years now, but but but but I don't care about the I can't enter in a kind of way once in a fight, and I'm I'm I I want you to fight yeah, but I'm not going to. I will I will I want to I want to. I don't mean activities. Fights hilarious tomorrow is Wednesday doing that to you, because fighter and he's a maniac man to get in their lace up the gloves at least one time you could hide any given five through, left right, left,
I put on headgear, and he just puts in a mouthpiece- and it's just happen- you yeah. He puts his gloves for every one well, which is annoying, but my point is that I I feel come expressing myself. In that vein, I always try to do it her shoulders that, like right, pomegranates, well, you're, okay, a beautiful body doesn't bother, you at all boxing doesn't injure you, it's Jujitsu and Crossfit, that should've, if you're, not careful, yeah yeah, I'm old now have warm up. Boxing can definitely still interview. Do you do warm up with like bands? What do you do you know? I just you know. I really honestly what I do I I have my my whole dynamic stretching routine. I do in the morning when I walk in the gym. I put, I lay some up and I just started moving very slowly. I want my body up, I start hitting them it's really lightly and as I go I hit for more. I'm a meat head. I see those minutes and I want to smash. That's what happens. That's what happens that your back is how people have to tell Maine. If you tell me, don't start slow,
start slow to warm up warm up. Jesus, you, okay, yeah, the cocaine you doing Coke now, yeah just a little bro just little just I therefore, if you do a little, if you take the edge off, nobody did, nobody ever did a bunch of cocaine. It got better. Well, I wonder if people chewed bunch of Coca leaves in Chicago I tried that they, the problem. Is it correct hello and you want to start a business with your friend the all these. Do you couldn't you? Micro does Psilocybin, because there's no real crap I mean is a weird feeling after mushroom trip, but there's no like devastating crash that I hear people reports after a cocaine, cocaine. Apparently, when you go on the come down you just wrecked yeah, that's one of the the the roller coast. I'd like a lot of people. They do the cocaine and then they have the crash that dopamine level smash and then they only feel good if they're doing cocaine again 'cause their bodies, so fuckedup that was about why you lose your house like in three years of Buddy mine
I had that in our other friend worked in a rehab center and was trying to explain it to us was wrong yeah, it's no joke! Who is sad, sad shirt? I had somebody describe he emailed me and he described what we were talking about. My friend, Michael Mcdonald's, best friend committed suicide and he's on the podcast talking about it and he got emotional as heavy should and if somebody, I know who comes to my shows emailed me, I guess he suffers from serious depression and you know he described the like when we so we always say we'll have the: how could they commit suicide that children? I mean how what what happened like it makes no sense. He said for me, it's like being in a sauna, and you know how you get too hot. You get so hard. You have to get the out because you knew it. He said only there's no way to go.
You don't have an exit. You know I was in the song yesterday and I've been in the sauna lately at higher temperatures, because Gabrielle Reece, she was on the podcast and she was saying husband in a Laird Hamilton that bad surface three. He cranks his son up to two hundred and twenty five degrees and when, when people like who is in fact about my son, I, like it's like it's lower than two hundred and twenty five and like Jesus Christ, she's telling me that something like two hundred and twenty five fox such a source, put the sign up to two hundred yesterday and I was thinking now, while I'm lying there, I'm like what, if this was the world forever ago, Una grease from now on forever, the world's tuna degrees, like how happy would you be with the children? Could you still laugh? I was thinking like come. I could it. I can withstand that for over standard for twenty minutes. That's what I do right, but what what would I do if that was like that feeling? it's hot. If you didn't kill you the feeling of two hundred degrees out, would you be willing to live through that like how much
it's sad in your life which would it weigh on yeah a lot? Of course, what I'm trying to say is move out of Phoenix AZ folks, that's impressively hot, it's not worth in the summer, God get yourself a Cala Rado Mountain home with uh with in the summer. Rest up at boulder, boulder to be a little more aggressive like I was just in boulder and it just made like I, We see a grown man in the middle of the day with a beard balancing on a handrail on like able bodied man it's Friday at Fuckin' to go. Work right now before you know, there's another dude, just sitting Cross legged with a small little flute. You know who you played in elementary school dude, dude, dude, so one aggressive, bowlers paradise that wow I want to on clauses a few hippies Bro, but it just seemed aggressive. I what percentage of those people are there? If there's one hundred thousand people? Is there ten that original place? Ok, is there ten people that are playing the flute they put? They put
but there's something about white, really wealthy white people that put caffeine and and comfortable footwear at the top of their essentials. Yeah comfortable footwear, what's wrong with you I don't know my feet: to hurt yeah put up fucking put up a leather sole in your fucking foot are going to work another. So I have your toast pinched hardwood and heals. Well, I want you, like that and have your toes page a little bit about it and well and worsted wool. What's a call when you bunions, when I'm things whatever look at the deal to make a full, manufacture, schitt, drink your black coffee, but don't you think it's nice to have a community like that where they're? Just all yoga and sure I guess it's comfortable until this hobby apocalypse hits and then I'm not fucking relying on them. If you don't want to live through the zombie apocalypse, why watch the walking dead, but I used to watch it all the time before they just annoy me to the point where I couldn't take anymore after awhile.
It's I was always like. I don't want to do this. Why would you want to do this survival I people commit suicide now, guys like that, are doing well, the life is great yeah and they have but once they commit suicide. You telling me that people are just going to live through this nonsense. He bring up Dresden before and after the war, and take a look yeah, they say. The middle address was as hot as the sun Jesus speaking of one hundred degrees, 'cause of the when the allies bombed it, but just take a look at the what it looked like before and after we are so lucky. We don't have to tolerate that kind of ship right now. I remember who the guy who wrote. Oh God, where the, where the monsters are where the I wrote a children's book, it was a cold where the monsters are, I don't know, and he was always in the war, and he said you believe in god- and he said he just casually said. No, no, the war took care of that. For me, I never forgot it now this thing
he just died in five years ago, at Eddie Izzard on yesterday, and we were talking about wars of aggression that most likely we've seen the end of wars of aggression. There's people trying to conquer new territory like that World WAR Ii is probably the last one of those look at that man. It's so that was Dresden, Dresden, looks like the surface of the moon and they were really done with it. Oh my god yeah, oh, my god that lady got barbecued. It sounds horrific. Those are all bodies- man she had that was there stressing very based that global ghost
scrolling. Look at that what the fuck man yeah! That's! What war did that's? What world war two is the largest structure of old Europe. Imagine what it would look like to to watch those bombs hit and just level everything like that loves carpet bombing, so civilians that you know the objective was actually killed the german worker to really bring that country to it's knees. It was. It was back when total devastation in the enemy was essentially a tactic was a horrible horrible thing, wow yeah, it's these images, so starting over here. This is not yet human beings rebuild yet they prevail. Yeah, and you know few decades later. It's ok, but we were talking about yesterday, was that would most likely have seen the end of these wars of conquest where people are trying to take over new territories. This territory is no longer a commodity. Now it's service
is its ideas. It's technologies, it's the the the I I land in that sense, yeah within the concept was that we're moving in a better direction that things are becoming less and less lease overtly aggressive. More people are able to see. What's really going to, more people can communicate. I mean this is really the only generation ever like these last two or three generations, where you were able to easily translate anything that anyone saying in any other country like how often do you go like I'll, read Khabib Nurmagomedov Instagram page and it's in Russian. You know and I'll translate, and so I could. Saying that I do that with a lot of other fighters too. I just hit the translate button. Yeah I, how dope is that brings you closer to that yeah? Well, do you get to know them? You know, you know- and you see that they are pretty fun similar. Even though they're different, you know they're in the family, worship and their food and their community, they laugh laugh yeah. I mean
if you were there cells with each other? If you live there, you'd be in that style of living too, and it's a hard place to live. So you got to be a tough mother right now, that's right, but there's a predict. There's there's something predictable too about how to live their certain norm. Practices, you know, there's with Russia being run by Putin, that seems to me should be the last big country that might invade somebody like Russia being run by putting you could almost see him pulling the Crimea somewhere else in the world. He could almost see him. I think Russia and I think the history of Russia. I have not been there, I I was there when I was very young, but I've not been there since I and I have people have gone there and they they actually really enjoy it. And it's you know just great people, my great people the russian people who suffered maybe more than anybody in the 20th century, but great
well and industrious everything else, but I do think that they're run by a gangster well, but It's not just that they're on my cancer, yes, but I think I think that sometimes the way a populous thinks about certain things can inform their destiny right now. So think about this, if you were always invaded and you had a flat topography in tanks could roland german tanks whatever it is. You paid such a price price for that again I told you when I went to one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, you didn't see any old men yeah they were all killed, but aggression, male aggression was what kept those nazis at Bay in when they were when they surrounded Leningrad, now Saint Peters, Berg and stuff. Like that, a lot of stories at- and I think that when you been traumatized to the extent that Russia has been traumatized.
Certain strengths, you know the ability to stand up against aggression and to be brave and powerful. Those become that that becomes the commodity. That's where that's the guy. That gets all the money, all the women, all that you know whatever and I think that's a product of their history, so Putin is admired man putting get. I bet you have put that very fair elections. He would get elected in, to power he's respect. Are you trying to say, does not fair elections? Yeah? Well, there's no you're saying my larger point. You want to record I'm not saying I'm not saying sir. I don't know about russian elections, but I will say this: I don't know why you're putting words in my mouth I'm going to get door what the hell is get elected anyway. I think just love 'em, so my allowed open criticism of them. Well, there is
open criticism, believe or not sure the guys get shot. It was a little openly criticized and then they get shot, there's actually there's. Actually, there is a press that actually is critical right right right, but it's not you know, they've killed journalist. Yes, is not a threat to his power. Well, how many, how many journalists have been murdered? I don't know but enough to in all kinds of weird Google journalists, critical of Putin murdered. Also was supporters will beat the out of you so sure So what I'm saying is that I think Russia's. What are you saying? I think Russia needs to embrace a different. The softer strength, your foreign policy advisers. Yes, I am hello. This is a this. Is my philosophy ready? Ok, so my philosophy is this: this country, the country in our culture, is an interesting culture. Why? Because now really are we representative heart strengths, the military, the NFL Can you have all that the what Eagles and Eagles football combat bro you're right, it's a classic,
that Canada is Fuckin'. National anthem is the Beaver whom Russia Zubair. Ok, so Americans again a very aggressive, but you know what America's secret is: we've also provided according to spirits watch. Is this violent deaths of journalist starred in the Yeltsin era. Okay, so they just been doing that. Yes for ever yes, so this is like presidents just do that in Russia always have murder crossfire terrorist act in two thousand and eight there was six of those. Murder, only there's another six, listen two of 'em were brought to trial. Put me right now to put in his Gandhi, put in his Gandhi compared to Khrushchev Gandhi compared to Stalin, Gandhi, Madeline in bird. Any anybody who is in power before him,
those guys used to kill wholesale, I mean that that's a fact up to their elbows in blood who's, the guy they got murdered recently. That was running as a political opponent, the shot that do down, but when his death was not related to the journalists work, the conviction rate exceeds ninety percent. What put him in jail too, if they don't just when the debt. What is that quote, though, when the death was not related to the journalists, work, the conviction so you're talking about the rates of conviction yeah. That was a weird quote: yeah rates of conviction or very high. Course to the guy, with the biggest got in that society. They do that's all about. You too, though, espionage. Those kind of trials yeah you're, going straight to the pokey son, do not pass go good luck with your trial. That's true the judge, like yeah, I listen to you. Twenty years, fuc off aggressive, aggressive, aggressive part of the World United States like Russia, however, were smarter, no we're better. We can note
we've detected power? We protect our funnier. Why we funnier 'cause we're better. That's not too general store on James at the comedy store- is being general surgeon being too general. This is a quiz whi work with free, because we we have protections for our the people. The fringes are creatives, weirdos are fashion he says all the people that make our culture interesting Steven jobs. He said he wasn't going to Crossfit now he's going to yell and and Yeah either was mine. Is K, got him on the decaying, but they, but the we provide the at least there was Duke recourse. At least. We know that there are softer strings have to be protected. It makes you more interesting it makes you more creative and stronger. You got to be innovative. Innovators are weirdos. Yes, like Leonard, is. He apparently was gay. What I sat. Yeah wait a minute guess what, but there are a lot of very smart
in Russia. If you're gay, it's not that safe for you right, you get off stuff ability yeah. So you do is when you do that with people who are creative and you marginalized group of bill, 'cause they're different in the name of purity or whatever, didn't they make sound like really weird public statement about homosexual, like the law in Russia, like his homosexuality illegal in Russia. Well, a lot of times they were created with files, the LGB community has real trouble there. And it's hard to get apartments, it's more subtle. It's hard! It's hard to just live and make a living So what happens is all those creative people who could be a contributing and coming up with beautiful ideas there there marginalizes perverts, deviants and that's the dumbest. Yeah, don't get to inherit the earth? The make a lot of times that the people who provide to your fucking goodies russian Gay propaganda law for the purpose of protecting chill in from information advocating for a denial of traditional family values, oh the game
again- the lawn, the Anti Gay law, the bill that was unanimously approved by the state Duma, on 11th of June, two thousand 13th Holyshit man say: protect children from exposure to home activity. Yeah, and it was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin on the 30th of June two thousand and thirteen. How long is he going to be president? So let me let me ask you a better question so with those kind of laws, those kind of laws that Mars, anybody, that's not that's not normal quote! Unquote, that's not right additional prototypical male female awesome. When was less You bought and I'll wait. One last time one russian product pleased besides the fact that there are essentially a one crop economy which is oil, and I guess some other commodities. What happens? Is you kill all your creativity? What happens is you are not a strong country. Your weaponry isn't even good. That's the irony of all this ship When you have that mindset, and you have one idea of what strength is you're going to be fuckin', we
and you're not going to be creative is a Kalashnikov, a good rifle. It's a very good rifle made. Some good share in one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven, I believe we say thousand twelve, previously holding the position for two thousand two thousand and eight, so he's been right. Now on seven years in offices are sorry he's been longer that learning that yeah, but I mean now currently and then he did eight years before yeah, but he didn't even four years off and it took four years off, he was like running shift from behind he's gotta. Look like I'll kill you like he's like. I will kill you. It's a black belt in Georgetown right, definitely kill you yeah legit black belt in Judo like he can actually throw people around probably smart as yeah and and in his mind you know, Putin is running a country that requires a strong man, yeah, it's which, who they respect, right, so he's caught in that too. Even if he agreed to in the world, let's say: you're, the king of the world. How do you fix Russia? You you, you come back, come at them with,
present an idea. The idea I just presented, which is the idea that you might want to protect the people that you can better to be queer as deviants and weirdos or whatever they are, because those people, lot of times. Are your creative's? I don't know why but they are so, do you think they lived in too much of a wartime culture if like for too long, I don't have they developed this hardness to them. That Yeah! That's why they're lacking in the creativity and the innovation- and I don't think any of us for that- and I don't- and I think that a lot of times when you been trauma to guys that you're dealing still with the residue and the trauma of world war, one and world war. Two and that's very real- and you know- and also by the way communism and having nothing and you know strong communities. I mean a my friend went to Russian said: everybody was nice to him. They're good people and their innovative people in a quick look at a
boxing anything the Russians put their mind to the date that they hold value for like strengths, like MMA, like like boxing look at how good they are so they're they're, incredibly industrious, discipline, slimmer people wait over there, I'm sorry how to get weed over there. No, I bet you don't. I bet if you have money You get everything you want right if you get money yeah if you're connected to the oligarchy, but do you think Putin's ever tried DMT, I think he's too measured for that. Well, I think you would want to know you know. Maybe I bet he's done a lot of shit. He does whatever he wants. Yeah he shows are how many checks do you think he's got this table wow? I will tell you this. I truly believe this. I think that he does. He can just sit there and
Has women flocked to him for sure a lot of him for sure the Bessemer, nor his have do it right? Our yeah, my my my wife, is like his his hot well, I know, but he's is a gangster she does. Who doesn't like a gangster? Who knows, I coach is alcohol, hello, it's uncomfortable! Still, your girl, yeah yeah. Still your your football right here with that the story but Sturgill told me about this. He who is the football player we're Putin stole his ring, Google, that it's the owner of the Patriots was it wasn't a player which is the only the patriots, so the guy, like the craft, that car okay, So he had this super bowl ring on. He meets Putin. Putin says, gold ring, and then they take outputs in his life. He said something like you could smash someone's face with this ring and laughed and then just walked off with
and they were like hey where's, the rings like no, he just stole the ring. Yes, you know Harvey Keitel, really just took his ring watt. My ring. No, that's awesome this my ring. I take We just decided he wanted it and took it off the guy's hand and was laughing and walked off with it. As the story goes craft handed, the diamond studded ring to Putin in as a bit of show Intel, I could kill someone to string Putain, reportedly said as he fitted to his finger, then when craft his hand to get it back, prudent, surrounded by KGB agents, wordlessly slipped the ring into his pocket. Wow news circulated quickly. The ring was not meant as a gift which prompted craft to issue the statement at the time at the end of a very productive three hour visit meeting with President Putin. I show the president my most recent Super bowl Ring Kraft said upon seeing the ring President Putin, a great knowledgeable sports fan, was clearly taken by its uniqueness. At that point, I decide
give him the ring is a symbol of the respect and admiration that I have for the russian people and the leadership of President Putin. Take I a k a I want to live. I wanna. Let me I take this this murdering now I do. I do have an admiration. I just think you think killed anybody with a ring. Yes, probably he was a baby AGB guy from these two people to death. George W Bush administration had pressured him at the time to let go of the ring to avoid an international incident. Wow it two thousand thirteen craft reneged and offered some backstory about the incident. A leading alleging that the Bush administration pressured him at the time to let go the right wow. It would really be in the best interest of you as soviet relations. If you meant to give the ring as a present craft or crawls, the White House saying I didn't want to. I had emotional tie to the ring. Is my name on it. Craft said I didn't want to see it on Ebay, but maybe
wouldn't miss stuff. You know, there's a language barrier, so he probably misunderstood listened, but he said no, he didn't shut the fuc up there. Will you have russian propaganda agent? There was a pot is, at the other end of the line and the White House voice repeated. It would really be in the best interest. If you meant to give the ring's appearance on putting a faith bro. No I'm saying that their background. He took that ring. He parked that dude and took his ring as a thief. He's gangster yeah thought there punk lights and Harvey Keitel to drop it on one hundred and twenty four diamonds. The great Harvey Keitel, yes, tell me a story think it was him they said you know. Remember. The kid at a what no, what's that, what's that that the family teeters authenticated, maybe the actress in the tv show? Yes, I'm better once she was. She went to reference candy Alexander, so to ask ok. So she went to Russia with her boyfriend Putin liked her. Watch the show all the time I
I heard this from my, but I think it was Harvey Keitel. He kept that dude out into another room and had her out on the balcony talking there the whole time and basically he could the guy couldn't get back in and it was very clear that Putin was making a play for Lafayette Nikita and Psych your. In my town now you go over, that you take a seat and then you came here take a seat, I'm going to take with me and apparently she was gone. I don't think she doing. Obviously, but you know, let's pretend she did right there. It is there it is, and he Duggar was the Jack Nicholson boyfriend around Bro bro. Not allowed to be hilarious. You have legs for days. He was apparently locked out. He was like trying to get in the room and those sorry we didn't know. Well, it's have interesting? When you see a guy running a country like that in twenty nineteen that he could run the country
that gangster facts more interesting that he got people to. Let Sean Penn yeah. It's more interesting to me that he's gotten himself in a position where people would actually vote for him, so it technically has been democratically elected yeah. I bet at a certain point in time. They don't know who the fox should be running things over there Brian Kelly, going to end this to end early today, friend, always creates always come see me in my I made nine hundred and ten eleven Orlando did you did you did? talk about dates. Yes, you're in Miami Improv may, seventh, eighth and ninth correct! No, no! Don't live in twelve at eleven at nine hundred and ten eleven yeah. Now you ruined everything, no no they're listening still and then on a nineteen Eleven Orlando Mesa until I got some days to that, I just started selling they, one on sale. I am going to be in where the am I August tenth. I'm
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