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2019-05-08 | 🔗
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast "Whiskey Ginger" available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube.
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experience. During my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night live Cheeto. Santino is german company with the hot ones, hello, sir? How are you when I'm big, daddy good brother just played? Poulan and lost a game and lost lost one illegitimately, you one one illegitimate you! LOS you lost one illegitimate. I want yeah yeah scratching is not a good way to win scratch on the eight ball. This gentleman is, it is the way to win. It happens even to the best. It's it's a real way to win, I'm good! You must control the cue ball, I have no. I have no balance over any of that stuff. What so ever, I know, there's a little red dots on their yeah. It means nothing to me those little red dots. Are they call that the measles cue ball in that cube all they've developed for television, so that you could watch the ball spin
So you know what kind of English I got put on. The ball does nothing to do with the person that shooting whatsoever it does yeah. It's a the person that you like it for the for the most. It's a very controversial ball. I really want to get into it. I do because it has a different reaction than a red circle, cue ball or a red dot cube. All those are the preferred, cue balls of a lot of players, but the measles cue balls, let's just maybe the time tiniest bit heavier or the surface is different or something but it's still legal people use it in tournaments. Yeah, ok, players got some players got angry when they came up with it. They didn't like it. They like the old cue ball. That's how precise the reactions are when I get to the very top level of players. What kind of golf balls for people think almost all mean anything to call? First, they do I'm sure the feel is a so a lot of soft. The softer golf balls, like a lot of people like titles, makes producing pro v ones are probably want access harder, softer the average Joe who's full of shit who's like
pro v one act, it doesn't mean anything to him, yeah, some guy, that's like a fifteen or twenty handicap. It means nothing. A guy. That's like a scratch. Golfer, like a like a pro pool player It makes all the difference yeah how it comes off the face, how it spins, there's a thing called a mudball. If it's buried in mud, it reacts differently. The moment it a mud on even a little bit right? Yeah mean the tiniest bit that press invoke, offers to the play with a bunch of different weights of clubs. Yeah like a pool player, basically uses one q and maybe one two to break with, and some players even break with the plane queue. But you you don't have like a bunch of different q These are a bunch of different shots, usually right. Well, this is the distance is well just get used to the feel of one q. So when a player changes. Cues like say, if you go from a eighteen ounce to a twenty one. Ounce q there's a big difference in the way it hits the ball it drives through the ball different. You have to make the q do more of the work were heavy with a heavy q. Do you think
until you change the way you say it totally yeah. It seems that this Fox people's heads, that's what's so impressive about golfers. They got all these different weights, everything's different shape. Brian, it's different. There's a guy I think his name is Bryson did Shambo, I think that's the golfer. He used it all his club. Cut to the same length, which is really rare. Nobody does that, like almost every club set, you get is all different length. Clubs, and he is this. People did it years and years ago, but he's like one of the only guys on tour now cuts his close to the same length as he meant He wants to have the same. Stance over the ball, no matter the shot miles, pretty smart, it's I mean it's cool, interesting concept, a lot of offers, don't know how to you know it just that much. I don't know Jack about golf, but their x guys with weird strokes and pull this guy's weird technique in boxing and it still works, yeah there's people that do with different there's, no, what the I don't there's any right way in sports at the some of the ugly shots in basketball, tend to be some of the most fun to watch
and sometimes they're, really good yeah, like sometimes like that Classic Ray Allen, basketball stroke is probably most beautiful, jump shot compared to him and Jordan, but there are guys that have bill looking shots, but they're phenomenal. It's just it's just going to latency and their inner balance over. You know that timing that they have in the release that they have. Let's just say, that's got to be the same thing in every sport pool frameshift for sure. In boxing too yeah you know in boxing it used to be thought that you pretty much you know. If you went to a good trainer, they would teach you to keep your hands up. There was always the way to box, but then you get to a level of like a Tommy Hearns do. A Tommy Hearns used to fight he's to keep his left hand, low, really low down in his right hand, cocked, and he would snap that left hand at you like a fucking like us, COBRA man, just cracked motor city cobra. He would just pop that fucker right in your face. That's why They used to call him that it was coming out of control, Hitman Tommy Hearns. He was a bad motherfuck,
dude and then buying. He would hit you with that right hand, and he had so much torque as he was really wide. He was really long and wide for a welterweight manly. Look at him at one hundred and forty seven pounds. I think he was probably sixty two and just shredded jacked and just cry. Forty seven two is welterweight Champ here see what he looked like Sugar Ray Leonard, oh my god yeah. It went up to one hundred and sixty four Hagler and got killed by Hagler in a crazy slugfest never saw that fine pull up, Marvin Hagler versus Thomas This might have been the great. I think it went two rounds, but it might in the greatest two rounds in the history of the middle weight division. 'cause. These two guys were super skilled. I mean Marvin Hagler was a brilliant technical, boxer can switch from South POD or the like fluidly, like you, even notice the difference he thought just as good from both sides, and he knocked everybody out an an iron Chin and Tommy Hearns was merkin mutherfuckers. He murkrow order and with one punch is black face plant
come back in one punch, man he's he's stung him with one shot, and let me let him see that. First, here's the build up. The build up is Tommy Hearns, Khaos, Roberto Duran. Let's watch that first and then we're going to go back to Marvin Hagler versus Tommy Hearns. He a feel for what it was like to be able to switch. Their stances is so crazy to me to be able to do that so fluidly that well that's one of the brilliant things about Hagler. He was just so good at that in he get bar in it's weird for a guy when you're used to. I remember the first time a funny guy was left and it was super confusing everything's coming from the wrong place. Everything was like reversed. You gotta get used to it right. You don't see it as often right. So, if you do, seed is often sometimes it's more effective, but some guys are really good against southpaws. Some guys have like a lightning right hand, and that was the speculations about Hagler and Hearns. Hearns had this lightning right hand and Hagler oftentimes fought southpaw and that's the counter for southpaw is a straight right now. Watch this though this is,
this goes to show you how God look, how big is big. Dude dude she's play that again. Look at this come on man with Tommy when's, Merck, people. He marked people and he got out damn it. He did this to Roberto Duran, that's fine in slow motion. He was so fat that looks fast, even in funk in slow motion so fast and hit so hard. But now you gotta watch this, and this is Hagler in his prime. He was Thirty years old, who is the undisputed Mutherfucking middle weight champion the world and most people thought he's the best pound for pound fighter on Earth and Tom turns. Of course, you just saw what he did to Roberto Duran and it was a lot of speculation. Lot of speculation, in this fight and they just went at it from the beginning of the round. There was very little feel up just constant pressure by Hagler right hooks boom but we leave this bro they're going to war. These are two of the best
flukten middleweights ever and their stand in front of each other going to war, and it doesn't feel anybody's face. It feels like I feel like there at the exact same energy level, to do that. Both of them are the same output. Look at those Luckenbach Descripcion raising fight matter if they were throwing full power shots from the moment. The fight started and they right in front each other man in for Hurns. This negates his gigantic reach advantage over almost everybody yeah, so he's decided to fight this way. He decided to stand right and look at him. The referee could barely Separatum. Hers decided, stand right in front of Hagar and Haggard decide to stand right in front of her, and they just now heard his movement see now. This is what Hearns could've done from the beginning and made it interesting sticking and moving. But by the time he decided to do that. He was already touched up and Marvin starts move in for the kill that left hand of the body. Tiger woods.
This in his cardio was fuckking supreme. It was supreme. He always put pressure on people and you couldn't hurt him. He only had one bulshit knocked down his entire cruiser bulshit knocked down. He thought I think it was roll down and one roll and kind of like it was more like a shove and maybe maybe they tripped or something like that the referee called it a knockdown but remember thinking, goddamnit 'cause Hagler had a weird thing that he was either born with or developed. He had giant. Source on the side of his head, like he was Temple worn with headgear ' bull shiting. They had him and over the helmet on this was like a big thing in the world of sports back in the day like that, he was literally almost born for this. That's how good Hagler was, God he's motherfuck
I mean this relentless to their their told up. Every time is up, they're, barely look looking for any distance between each other and you gotta realize man. This is not how people usually fight, they don't throw full power Chantelle every shot. I mean to be tired within fifteen seconds. These guys are just going to add it. So I think this is like almost like a game which, you can like both of 'em knew. There were never going to reach the 12th round right, so they said fuck it. Let's just do this and had gorgeous too right in front of him, constantly blasted him and you see at the end of the first round, Hearns wilting. He just does not have the power or the speed of the movement see he's all goofy yeah. He sloppy out. It's real six Austin Tx Austin, but still the warrior in him is making him throw these bombs. Man you gotta realize like at the time of no one really knew what the fuck was going to happen in this fight, and then I have heard him yeah, there's a little stumble in one of one of haggers, incredible attributes. Besides skill was his determination to man man, he was just a ferocious competitor. Man
ferocious. If someone was willing to engage him in this kind of crazy fight, we're going to stand toe to toe and see who's, the bigger man- oh my god, everyone everyone's going die. That is going to take you to the end of the earth. Man to the end, I mean Hagler, just look like he just had still so much left in the tank, even at the end of the first round. We cannot do this for years, he's never out of shape. He never partied. He never did anything stupid. I didn't want to make sure everyone is now never got fat, no drugs, no alcohol, no, nothing! No! And how about this retired after the sugar Ray Leonard Fight lost a controversial decision, sugary Leonard to this day, I think he won and then there's a close fight, yeah but, and then just retired and became a fuckin' movie star in ITALY. That's fucking, wild love like I have it. That's the way to do it. How kind of go out of the good prime and then just say Goodnight? Nobody else! Did it like YO man. Nobody else did it like you know, that's why I heard him yep. Now I just moving into the cloud now he's taking his time yeah. So now
is nice and relaxed. This is inevitable. Now Marvin just moving in and decide when he's going to uncork when he's going to uncork moving in blocking his shot, he knows it. Hearns is hurt and he starts teeing him up again. And hard just try to move down, see now. That's how I thought hers was going to fight and most people thought her is going to fight from the beginning like that. Just came out that move from the other side testing it from the outside. Like that, I mean that's classic Thomas Hearns, but the warrior in him wanted to find out. You know you want to find out who's. The baddest motherfucker in town, who is you know you could fit you. Feel him backing up kind of. He knows what kind of it's almost like. He knows. What's coming he's getting some kid shot, even though he's creating distance, but even still it just doesn't feel His balance that right there
tigers, standing right in front of a movie is touching him, but he's he just doesn't have the pop anymore. You know what it's like when you work it out and at the end of the work out your fucking exhausting you could barely do yep. That's what happens with your arms when you're fighting it just it just there's nothing! There's nothing left! It's not like you know, he's doing this on purpose right here. Have additional no gas in his arms like his Arms are completely flooded right now, like all the blood in them and everything, it's just they're, not recovering. It's a horrible feeling he's swinging, though the he swinging, but its way slower than it was in the first round, his snap snap, with so much quicker in the first round. Now he's now he's not I went through a little bit exactly he's trying to conserve enerji. He realizes he can't do this forever he's exhausted there, but they both look like they're fucking at that one, that little breaking point where it's about to be either. I'm telling it Hagler, even though he might might look like that, because it is a fast pace. Do this for years. They can do this for years.
You get tired man and you couldn't hurt him who's crazy. He fought a dude named John, the beast Mugabe and John. The peace. Mugabe was fucking, terrifying people, man, he starts Terry Norris. He starts to bunch. He was a heavy puncher. Heavy puncher and Hagler stood right in front of him and he got caught with one big uppercut and didn't even budg uppercuts that were mark and people didn't even need anyone flinch. So what round was it was? The third round, beginning of the third, the third round, Here's a third round right! This just shows you how tough Tommy Hearns was. I mean those two rounds knock down, drag out relent, yeah, just nonstop then you clearly see haggers coming on. I mean he looks good. He looks good and he's pacing himself. Now, it's just just
moving forward, throwing shots, but Hurns is exhausted man, it's fucking rough man there it is boom boom. I'm just trying to keep trying to keep him right now he's having a hard time. Breathing, though man I mean he's exhausted, see that big, deep breath you take that big sigh, it's almost like uh somebody lost a mouthpiece. I think is that what it was all this time? Yeah, I think that's what happened. I don't know man it's hard to tell it's really blurry just going to say man at two hundred and forty p was weird back then hot, look normal to us back then your eyes how to handle it right? Well, you were just excited that you could see the fight right. You know, but this was it was. I wonder if this would it looked like it was on HBO had to Bentley during those tv? Do you know HBO just cancelled boxing? They don't have boxing anymore at all at all just paper view. Now they don't even do paper view there out of the
boxing what yeah and that crazy. So they'll never hear that right now, he's moving room right hand. It's done said he knew it damn Dan third round gone, I always miss. I was thinking this hang around for some reason. I think we've actually gone over this before, but third yeah man, but I don't have a boxing anymore. Hbo's got out of the boxing business. What do you think? That's because of it enough money anymore. I don't know it makes me sad So they had some of the greatest boxing telecast of all time. I mean that was what you would do would go if a big fight was on Bernard Hopkins was on a lot of the times it was on HBO and it was on paper view. Then you knew was going to be an hp or the following week right. So even if you couldn't afford, a review. You could see. Hang in there a week later, you knew who won, but you could watch the fight on HBO. I remember going to watch. I remember watching fights on HBO yeah. I just
over that. Hbo boxing being such like an emblematic thing for you know what I mean like it's so recognizable, so like paper view in HBO, so then get out of the so strange, it's kind of like the revolution. Happening now. The last fight I went to with you at UFC ESPN it is it plus plus that's what it is yet to private page service. It's a subscription service like Netflix for sports, but it's it's not just UFC fights it's a bunch of other stuff in wow kinds of shared stuff they just won't show on ESPN at, although no sometimes show mean it's ESPN content. I guess so. You could watch some fights that were on ESPN plus The pro show money is spent sore right, the same thing with HBO right paper, view yeah, I know, but I'm I think what age will do it. He was brilliant
or you would have the paper view, but then let people watch for free. A week later, you just gonna make more fans yeah. So again, I'm gonna lose money. On the paper view yeah, it's gonna make more fans. Well, that's the whole idea of like a that's. Why this this this is funny. I was talk to you about this. Anyway, I just moved and I cancelled my Directv. I'm done I cancelled. Am I cut the wire and I'm just doing like Hulu LIVE Tv, yeah internet, I'm all the years of hearing people be like on the court on the corner like Adam, and I like it now it I love I love what I'm doing now and I gotta tell you I can get all the shit that I want for cheaper than I had it before and it's just way more convenient. I used to be so tethered to being like I'll, never give up cable. Now bucket. I don't want it anymore. I don't I don't want it. I miss being the best version. I'll always have a blockbuster card. Oh yeah never go away, it'll! Never! Hollywood, video dude. I want to rent a man if you put all your money in that he, like I'm, telling you in twenty years. If this is going to mount up fifteen
Do you think people invested in Netflix when it was the DVD subscription this and that you know I mean early on and now they're still getting the the new dividends of what Netflix is now? I wonder about that? Oh yeah, I'm sure you do like that's going to be the best money 'cause. It was worth nothing back. Then it was just another, scription video. Service and they had? There was a ton of them. I mean read first, I did my first Netflix special in two thousand and five. Oh, my god, there's one! Oh, I think I've seen in yeah as an organ or bend Oregon weird the last blockbuster. They went from four thousand eight hundred and fifty five stores in two thousand and eight to one store in two thousand and eight that is the craziest demolition of a business I've ever heard. I wonder what other this. In our lifetimes vanish like that, like a like I've like a storefront, I can't think of something
that when I went industry is gone, it was just it was a part of our huge weekend. Yeah you go to blockbuster. What are they got right? You're anything about this. You look at the cover of Mara. I never heard of this. One ever saw me. One is good watch like obscure, Dolph Lundgren movies that we have made in ITALY. Yeah is that you would you get to pick out your that you're like at this looks kinda double c back ten liable was fun. The name meant a lot. It goes like this guy from dances with wolves. Oh ok, I remember that guy, I connect cool you'll, take a chance yeah well, but I think that's and again now, with Netflix I'll, take a chance with it. Now that I've never heard of his netflix you pop up, different titles you'll go I'll, try this, I just started a new show. I just tried to Show- and it's called dead to me with Christina Applegate, Christina Applegate yeah, it's ok, but, like I try I'll, try it. I would never think to to to to watch this show about these. You know this. Have you gone through
the staples at Netflix said: did you watch ozarks yet watched Cmc Nominal, one of the best shows I've ever seen. Did you watch unbreakable, Kimmy Schmidt? Now I've seen a few. This loads of it, but I thought yeah people like it, but I love that show it's so so got the same kind of tone. As thirty rock doesn't listen. If a it's Tina again Tina Fey's in it too. So she is, yeah plus sometimes she plays this really wacky psychologist. It's out of her fucking mind likes to party yeah. She crazy, She has some of the best character development. That's why thirty rock was so good that shows funny man, Kimmy Schmidt. Funny title. I I'll watch it I'll, try it try it just it just didn't seem. Like my show, it's absurd, you gotta give it a chance right. It becomes really it's really good. That's right! It was like a dull moments in one of the series, but they tighten it up, quick, they whatever prob. They have with the writing. They fixed it real, quick right! Well, I mean first, seasons are always hard man. Well I mean just writing is hard writing, for
they come so hard they hit. Sometimes you know Sometimes I watch old Seinfeld when they pop on and some of the episodes are just fucking flawless, their back happy stories just as funny as a story, and sometimes you each of you and you're like oh yeah. They were like they had a tough week pursuing you could tell they had a tough go. I remember that feeling with news radio I remember like episodes were just like. Oh Well, we did our best. You know it's all. There was with this one yeah. We see what happens they just don't and then you'll have the next one. That's just insane and a lot of times. It's it's like stand up in that sense. It a lot of times it's just like the subjects like water, the sub looks like what what juicy topic do you have? right. You know what what what is happening in the if you like you just yet. You have to have something that engages people and sometimes of sitcoms, like you have to put out twenty something episode a year. Only two hundred and twenty three right, twenty three short stories in a year
that's great and make a multi in and have a nice little kind of a perfect through line for the whole season. I know what nowadays a lot of people relying on on politics, which I think is it, in the new norm. Every time I see a billboard now it's a new political show. It's like why it's seen act got one Jordan Klepper, who was a daily, show correspondent just got another one Hassan Minaj, as I mean there's like so many political shows. Now they did I'll. Be writing letters. Thanking trump like Trump is really all these new shows if it weren't for him. It was like this new way of political satire. I don't think I've had unison comedy in my career. I've never and this many shows about politics. Samantha Bee I mean I just five in a row. Yeah John Oliver Show is right that last week,
I don't know, that's Essentia Lee a political base, so it's slightly political, but it's very social, too yeah. It is pointing out shirts fuckedup right in the week I mean listen, he's brilliant, and some of these shows are probably great. I just think there's so much political comedy right now. It's just it's not much no Oliver's, excellent yeah he's it's, the whole thing is what's what's uncomfortable. Is it it's very, very little conversations taking place and a lot of people that are like really angry yeah yeah. I was watching this guy, some representative, I don't even know his name, but he was a offering one hundred dollars. To name the these girls that were in front of a planned parenthood and dumb he's like a grown man that he girls, their young christian girl, we name them as in like call them names so
Shame them publicly call very axis guys and and be offering on this video hundred dollars like, but this is where people have gotten to where they think that that's okay, yeah, like these people, you have to like cheese. I know you're there to support a woman's right to choose, but you have to understand that these people think that this is a place where they killed babies, yeah hi. This is what they think with the burger was of what you think right. This is why they're they're they're not there because they're evil right, and I know that this would put unwanted pressure on a girls going there for abortion. I get it. I get the whole thing yeah, I get it from years and I see where they're coming from two and although I fully support a woman's right to choose. You can't want to doc's people that think they are saved, babies or talking someone into having a child and that child they think will become the kind of relationship with that child? Not much
become like their mother and them or like the ideal version of Sure I mean so they're not doing it because they're bad people right like there's groups that do it just because there are pieces of shit like the Westboro Baptist Church, like they do things because they're bad people like all they I want to do is go protest. Funeral girl, Megan Phelps, who left them that got out yes, yeah and now dude. She met a guy on Twitter. It's a great story, it's amazing human again! Well, she started talking to people and then instigating getting in real and dude. When I'm telling you when you talk here, she is like the nicest most reasonable person to think that fifteen years ago, whatever it was ten years ago, she was full on zealot. That's weird! her dad Uncle Grand Father brother. Get it right. Her grandfather is Fred Phelps. He start the whole thing these old do. They hold mean guy, but I think it's fact show you, but you completely do complete by end
fact that she's one hundred years of it, so none of that same blood anymore, she's, so honest and open about what she felt and why she felt it and why she was conflicted and why didn't jive with what she was reading in the Bible. It didn't make sense to her right and in the way he was doing it when she was realizing, was not how Christians did it all over the world and that this this this desire to constantly get attention the news even at sold funeral. They would go to older seniors and say that these soldiers are dying because gay people are getting married like what they were saying they deserve to die. They deserve to be dead. I mean that kind of you know, but I'm telling you from she's like the nice person, who would ever want me so she opened in Warrenton in her world she realizes it was bullshit. She was tricked and you know, she's done a great job to free herself, but when you and doc terminate someone heavily anything in this is whether it's being a religious zealot or being a political zealot. You indoctrinate some,
when there early in their youth their formidable years very difficult for them to get out of it. It takes real work but that's what I mean. That's why I guess I'm saying it sticks with you right, like my whole thing, is there's instilled in me from my youth, from where I grew up culturally and how I grew up that, even though I'm more learned now, I still do understand those ways of thinking right, so it is to break away from those things even like when you just said the whole, like a woman's right to choose right like I grew up in the Midwest. Catholic. This is how I am most of my family is so in so many words against abortion, but I don't think these things are muted exclusive, that you can be against abortion and against women's right to choose. You can say that you don't like abortion, but also say I'm not going to. Girl what you do with your body, it's kind of how I feel I don't love the idea of abortion being on I just don't love it, but I do think I'm going to stand here and tell people what to do, but I should be
still say I don't like it. I don't think it's. I don't think it's a healthy thing to do. I don't really enjoy. I don't know I like the spreading of it being kind of this, not a big deal thing, but I do think people can do what they fucking want to do, but I'm also allowed to go. I don't I don't. I don't love the idea. I don't like it uh just an option. I just don't love it. I don't love it. Birth control is obviously the best method, of course, and I think women should be more aware, but women when they take birth control man they have to I'm not not advocating for abortion as a method of birth control. But what I'm saying is when women take birth control pills, fox with them, the fox with their horn, not a good thing, it's not good and that I know and when they do it we also smoke, they can cause like real complication mexican again,
it's a lot. It means a lot of women of really bad reactions. The pill changes your behavior to a subtle tendencies. I I've heard a lot of like really bad stories now, I'm also saying if we want to look at it from a different perspective, men should also take way more responsibility then, like this is the other side is. This argue tends to land on women a lot where it's like you don't tell me how to fucking tell a woman what to do with the bodies. Okay, that's fine! I'm just saying how I don't like it also, I don't like guys nothing in women and fuckin' ghosting and not wanting to raise a child right. So I think the other side of it is two parties there should be responsible. Men should take some fucking responsibility over stop common inside of these can people, if you're not ready to have kids, it's been real, it's like either way or condo or stop stop, stop doing thing that you know makes children yeah. So you know, but again this is weird balance of like I say I come from this, not conservative, but like this really Catholic up, Bing in the Midwest. You know good old, Irish Catholic Boy and the id
is that you here as a kid all the time grow and I now go. People should be able to do whatever they want to do. I'm not going to control somebody, but I you'll have those little moments of yeah. I just don't love it though 'cause it was, but that was instilled in me as a youth. You know same way. For years I felt guilty smoking pot 'cause. That was like I haven't smoked for twenty years, but I felt guilty for a long time. 'cause my 'cause drugs were so bad yeah. It was just like this over and even today, sometimes I get high and I go shall be getting high today. Do I have to do do I do my doing something right now? Now I'm a grown up. I have all my stuff together, I'm allowed to get you one of the few comedian friends that I know that has the shift together, you're grown up, trying to just stay stay. Having my shit together, yeah you take care your shirt, it's a hard task, though right so not easy, especially for immature. If shit's like us, yeah, it's impossible, we're not suppose this isn't supposed to have. Nikki Glaser had a funny choose onstage you in a bit and she just
It said this phrase and I kept talking to her about it after she was like. We don't deserve this money and I was like, I mean. We don't talking and she's like we just don't deserve this much money for being so immature, as I guess, that's got it like. We get to be Clowney kids and still make a good living. Meanwhile, a guy there's a guy electrician at my house the other day, he was telling me I couldn't fucking keep I mean he sounded. He was speaking speaking another language and I had no. I was I got. You have another ground wires. The neutrals are different. How this a two wire system back in nineteen, forty six NW is going on and on and on, and I was like he deserve more money like you're worth more money. I don't know why have more money than you do you do much more important ship, it's all about with, I guess, with money right. It's all reach. You know what we were talking about earlier today about how much money, Facebook and Google and all these people make from ads
and how weird it is that, like you, look for something then instantly those ads start popping up instantly. I'm referencing SAM Harris Podcast again, I don't remember which one it was. It was fair we recently had a guest on, and they talked about the the commodity of your data right. The commodity of your search is like what and who selling that and how, how they're profiting off of and that this is like this commodity, that nobody thought they were giving. Then nobody thought there was anything to it, and then these companies have found this loophole and have made billions of dollars through it by giving to free email by giving you a free web browser by new free searches, basically providing you with all the information in the world right. What they want from you so is wanna know what you're interested in. That's all those big deal kind of like the real world example, would be those trash companies like you, have a garage full of shit will come pick it up for free right.
You don't know. What's in that fucking garage right, some people are so old. They just throw out and they go. I just get rid of it fuck it. You know, you know those store, towards shows against some of them. They fake yeah. Do they set him up? They load up to over the storage yeah, and they are, I believe we found a world war. Two helmet, it's Elvis is on to where it's unbelievable yeah they used to be real. Actually a few of them were very real and they're very good. I got caught on line a bunch of people online or call them out being like this is bullshit. This is take. I saw them setting it up like they got. They got caught they're going to do that. They should find magic in there and get. This is a fight. He simply said storage wars with they they go in there and they find a leprechaun look at Brown makes one you disappear at one purse disappears and they have a genie in a lamp and it's gotta be worth treat me like, I'm really stupid. Have you ever watched the show ghost hunters ghost adventures? Yes, do you know this guy,
Megan's. Do you know this guy? I do not know him personal man. He makes me if so fucking hard, because they nine seasons? Now I don't even know how many they have not found any ghosts, and someone asks if all this great technology now that you think that he believes in ghosts. Here's the best part. Okay, he is All in all, I love anybody at all. In whatever they're doing it have to be a host is almost adventure, but also now he's super self aware of their popularity in of his character caricature of himself, so he does it now on purpose. He took off his shirt when episode and he goes you want to write me ghost. Let's fucking go, do to up throw a fucking punch. You like he's aware of his character, that is this bro. We ghost fist fighter this dude. Stop shop, look at him, he looks. We just got back from a Shane Carwin sparring sessions like well yeah.
Still in the fight you still out of it. So this is what the beard no Zach is that dude right there Zach wears um ed hardy type of shirts, that he wears these loud, ridiculously patterned, battered shirts, but he's you got to see it doing more. Newer episode do something from like two thousand and nineteen eighteen you'll see what he looks like now. He's gotten way more fucking jacked his hair. His hair is all flaked up. You know he's got like Cortana run and ship he's become. Do you think this becomes you for self aware? I think that he believes in ghosts. No, I think he's just self aware of the product is great. It revealing that he stands now. Should that's a challenge? I see the next whisky ginger podcast me exact, exact, exact same right. There right like now he's like Holly. We looks like a Hollywood guy he's got these big black framed glasses of funny like you can't he can't look any better. You know you know allowing him to have
style now, in Hollywood, yeah your social Kago, it's gonna fall in Hollywood. You know all the spiky hair. He went Hollywood. The far tell you that's! The one thing I know I won't do is a what a never get to a place when I'll be wearing clothes, where I used to make fun of them like that, like I remember going guys weren't afucking nine hundred dollars, t I know now. I can't do that. I I can't I can't get. I can't do that now, 'cause. I used to shift on it. So much yeah you have to mine by rules of your own. Well, if I push it there for so long he's got a nice at me. It looks good guys had jamies that your body is a recent photo. I could find do I zoom in real quick. I thought you're trying to say some handsome fellow cute. Jamie. I want you to grow your facial hair. Just like that. You really think you really think he doesn't believe in ghosts. I think he does not believe in ghosts. I think, He loves the paranormal right. He loves idea of a paranormal stuff. I think he loves the idea
of forces at nature happening mall tools, energies around us all, influencing the way we act. Sure I don't think believes in actual apparitions or the spirits. What is Evp, we felt the Spirit. Don't do this and what else a little or a light? This happens all the time with cameras when switch to night vision and not these little flecks of dust, kind of reflect, light off the lenses and he'll go to an orb and they'll watch. It float to the and he said he is obsessed about these orbs- they enter the orb and he does this silver ship got lots of fuckin' show I get hide. I watch it. It's maybe one of my favorite things. What's Jamie your photographer? What's the scientific explanation for those little balls that show up in photographs? What is it? I don't have the knowledge for that, but it could be explained in lots of different ways. It's mostly it probably like a light flare of some kind
despite its 'cause, there's just more ghosts. Now I'm a believer you stammered through that so bad discontinued, Imparable, Fuckin', job selling, Mcafee science, but like in this lens here, there's like five different pieces of glass. So there's just whatever angle, you're holding it depending on where the light sources coming from it might create an artifact which would right. So, if you're dealing with a really nice camera like that one, but what about like one of them? Bullship on the zip in and shoot one, and are you always remember it, but that that's like less there's why there would be someone? That's probably because it's less it's less good! It's it's less and not the right word, but less technology in their.
I don't know! I don't. I can't explain honestly well what I can say about it. We should google it because or the lovers right now, freaking out, my god they are angels. This is any time or passes near human he'll. Go watch chose reaction as the orb goes behind his head yeah and you check Your eyes will change. It was amazing, don't believe in fuqing ghost either I believe in every you don't believe in God, all in with everything but bigfoot scattered. Let's say: hey go back. Scatter backscatter the artifact can result from backscatter or retro reflection of light from airborne, solid particles such as dust or partly solid or liquid droplet. Especially rain or mist can also be caused by form here within the cameras lens. So these dots are blurred images of dust particles,
M night, Shama, Lama, Ding dong- should make a movie in that movie and it should be called backscatter column that anymore, that's really rude. Is it, though, it's kind of funny I'm not it's Shama lawn, that's his fuckin', Shama lama. And so you know you started it- you can put it on probably racist. What's wrong with you man, he makes some good God dam movies. He takes some crazy risks, but I'd love Six cents does great for common every. I love the village people didn't like that. I see I I I I thought the village the end of it. I was like where what about planes? Okay date, they they, don't. They don't show any planes going over there. You would have to be here to avoid all the planes. Well, they have to be in an airplane, that's going to places where nobody's promote 'cause they made out of the road and then- instantly. The guy to the road and people like hey guys, are like what a car. What is it like having the 1800s like Saint Louis, is like right there. You know what I like. Those ghosts, no devil
It was in the elevator yeah yeah. Those are good ones, yeah good, that's good! That's good! He takes He testified like hey wait. This reminds me of Utah when you talk about that island, that private island Sentinel Island yeah planes still fly over? now? Are they not allowed as restricted airspace? I don't think it's restricted. No, but you can't land there and you can't circle right. You can't visit India owns that right dozen, the cut doesn't India controlling leaves, and it's like ten mile radius mmhm. I saw a thing online. It's at a boat crash there. You could still see on Google images the remnants of the boat yeah. They came for the people on the boat to in the helicopters, got them off the boat right as the people were like pulling up and also they live rafts and yeah fock yeah. They they live, but those the villagers were common for them. Yeah. Can you on the installing across a village, they've been focht with sometime in the past. You know that command. Maurice Vidal Portman,
you were a respectable law on twitter. He has a a giant thread about it maybe hand on the top of his twitter page, but explaining like one of the reasons why those people so hostile right. It has to do with this. The british explorer, who was real, kinky and he went there to fuck. Who knows we wanted to Kyle and who knows what he did, but people got sick because of you know this. I had this guy Graham Hancock on and he was talking about all the different ship that they're finding in the Amazon and in South America and that they used to be twenty million people that live in the Amazon and they died off because of sickness. They were visited mostly apparently Europeans and they came in like the 1500s. They would tell these incredible stories about these huge civilizations in the Amazon. But then, when explorers came back two hundred years later, there was nothing there and they were like. This is crazy. They said they lied, they must have lied, but it turns out they didn't lie, would happen.
Small pox ran through the jungle and like a little every, but we did it and then these the jungle just overtook the cities and now they're finding the cities with something called lidar. The use these planes and they circle over this area or helicopters or whatever they do and they shoot this ship down. The slide are it's like late weather radar, and it gives you a detailed image of what's below the surface and once there, and it shows them all these crazy structures, all these like roadways and irrigation systems and circles inside of a square like it was villages and cities and millions of people probably live there. I could look at it. That's all the stuff they're finding that yeah ' was swallowed up by the jungle they think within, like a hundred years just vanished in the jungle 'cause, it's so so lush and tropical down there dude, it was the most amazing podcast have ever done
to listen into that. Guy. Tell this story right after this one, though now you are the best you're, the best things this is kind of well. This is like this is like the findings of Atlantis right. When they started finding used, find more land under machine this they found traces of five drugs, including dimethyltryptamine one thousand year old, south american ritual Kmt baby, that's like proof positive um evidence that at least One thousand years ago they were using Ayawaska wow. This is the drug pouch that was made from fox snouts, crazy Fox knows literally look when you see it looks like used everything for some reason. It looks really nice and knows. I wonder why they do that with the fox. It's probably like some cleverness. So we know that that's what a shaman that's like little
What a shaman is supposed to that's what the the the definition is supposed to be in certain cultures: shirt certain cultures, it's a clever fellow! That's who the the shaman is kind of makes sense. They are just clever fellows, but I mean imagine that, like he takes a fox that clever little fucker I'm going to take his face, I want to spend my drugs in his face. Only a person with nothing to do something so creepy drugs in his parents from Elect Chipmunk, cheeks yeah. Right! It would be a good move, yeah, a little powdered sugar pouches that hangs from your belt, just chipmunk cheeks, with all your coins and then what about the dumbest animal you could have stuff in it would be the worst animal to put stuff in dunks conquer the raccoons are raccoons are actually kind of smart. You know, do you know, skunks are predators. This little creeps. They are yeah. Yeah brother were coming from my chickens, oh yeah. They try to eat your chickens. They want to kill you against the skunk up this, for this brand mentioned, not all they're just there to kill the the daily spray things when things come near them when they're about and or when they're about to
die right, that's like when they think they're going to die. They just admit that yeah so many animals are able to do that were like one of species that don't know how to fake death to avoid actually dying right species will hide or change. Those are shapes, more meant something to give the other species the that that the thought that their dad are deceased or that they've. You know there. Gone. We don't do it. We don't really own. If you're running away from a fight. You can't just pretend to be dead and then they'll stop snooping. Funk you up well human beings. What I think humans and chimps too they want retribution. It won't reveal We love vengeance. Man, that's like our favorite thing in the world. Yeah a guy, almost fucking hit me four times today. I wish I got his license, plate call column out on here. He was cut me off. He kept trying to hit like my car after I why he cut me off in a big like F, three hundred and fifty truck. And then I gave him one of these fucking hawk. Like toot, I mean just miss my car. You know, then I move on when he pulls over next to me.
Gives me the finger and then tries to like pull in my fuckign lane. Like he's going to hit my car out of his, I was like it's ok, he He just knows his car has my car. His car has really any damage on it. He knows a big f, three hundred and fifty truck his tires the size of my fucking car. He was a dick. But he wanted so it's like now vindictively. I hope I see him again I just want to fucking, see him again somewhere in the city. Just just this. Guy want to have that moment with him again see him outside of his fucking big truck. That's funny! Yeah! We love we like, I, I I don't hold grudges like Bobby Lee, and I were talking about bobby- holds the biggest grudges on earth. Has some of the worst and he's like twenty year. Grudges Oh my God, Bobby Lee, ask about it we genuinely when someone does the wrong thing to him like I'm, not talking like makes when someone does something where you're like that's fucked up that can fuck up a friendship. He
hold that against you for the rest of time. That's it! That's it were. Some people would go whatever man I forgive. You should happens now he's he holds a fuckin' grudge, dude bad that little tiny ball. Rice ball has a lot of huffing vengeance. Inside of him he's my little dump. How dare you I'm allowed to say that man, I'm allowed to say that, because I, because I used to own Bobby, I used to buy, bought him for a month. How much did it cost sixty five? That's a lot, you anything and Jeff to feed him. He doesn't. We require that much food and when we need to own you. That's part of the deal right. He owns you for months and years later, ten years later, he owns you for a whole month with me for a month, yeah he's going to be stealing on it for ten years did do that they just decide. Ok, you can only for one month and I'll. Do it over you want, but then I own you for one month, ten years from now, that's a great movie. By the way crazy deal? It's going to hold it stays alive. Meanwhile,
nine years later, the dues just drain can a chain smoker try to kill, tells what would be your slave for a month. They'll be like indentured servitude. Right mostly, was people that were too poor to make journeys are transported to something, so they would give up a certain amount of this like they would make a contract like that would work for someone for a certain amount time right. That's right, essentially how it was set up, yeah that's, basically what it is right basically saying like, but it's yeah is it's. Like a I mean I guess. The conditions probably buried in one of the the grosses ones are saw was vice. Did a piece about do, buy a believe it was in about um some people who were unscrupulous construction people would take these folks in from third world countries and promised them all this money to work there, and then they take their passports away from them and then pay them a fraction
or what they're supposed to pay for them, so that future trap and they were living in squalor and trapped. Another passport anymore. During the wrong human trafficking is what it is, I mean it's the same as when they do these young girls. They have these girls. The United States. You know I I think it was a documentary on Netflix about these young russian models right they give these girls modeling Contr. They live in a you know like a four bedroom apartment, two girls too right, and they essentially you know around for a little while with small little weird, maybe random, gigs and they're like. If you want to make more money, you could always sell your body or sell pictures of you. Newt makes way more money and they think it's kind of part of this modeling thing, and this is like a constant. It was it, I think, was on Netflix, there's all these girls getting trapped and they can go back, they don't have enough money and this this modeling agencies modeling agencies these, but he's manager agency. There
We have to keep your money and will give you like a a salary. So to speak, we pay your rent, will give you food, it sounds horrible, but it was dudes. I wouldn't care at all Of course. This is true of these five handsome guys came over Russia looking to get some pussy and drive Ferraris, but it wasn't really working out for them, but I get a job at a job. Switching is there. The fuck did, you think, was going to happen. You're going to get pushy and Ferrari get outta here, bro, I'm good looking. I thought this would make me listen, I'm sorry can't get any modeling case, but if you want to make some money fuck this old lady's up but not too great. How much for two grand for Mitchell grown in fact that only one so I gotta do do I have to come or just hang with her for awhile he's gotta go. She has to she asked. I have to work with her till she come. Yes, you will work with her. Ok, it would be a good idea, but no eating Pussey. I can't do that. You have to Percy, I have two three grand: they don't
shave old. Ladies. They gave up okay, so eat hairy. Bush Grand Prix, Grand Grand, I'm imagine right how much the show gigolos that was on Showtime shop watched. You know Tom and Christina love. Did they talked about it, a lot? Why is it at shop right there on the right? So I don't think it ran its course is on flex seven. So no, it was not up for sexy. She interviewed one of the guys. I believe, by the way, every tv show. I've done is only gone for like two years, but Gigolos get sixteen. That's the state of television Jesus Christ. That is crazy. It's a very that's! A very good tell by the way. There's like not a lot of the like the culture of male gigolos. I think they said percentage wise. It's like uh the leave of the smaller these guys that look back get into the juggalo world and stay they'll get they get in. They get out most women they get in the sex work black last significantly longer than the
dudes way way long for very varied, very reasons, but I think the gigolo thing is kind of like a moment in a man's life where he's like. I want to fucking, try it some young like fun, love, free for all. It's like open mind I'll, just give it a world, it gets right out. I don't think that happens for girls at all. I think women the insect. Would you feel bad for some dude who was working as a gigolo in his pimp was Shug Knight's pimp was making him go out there to eat that pussy we gotta make that money the website for it. I just not a website for it yeah. Price, really good poetry, this guy. What's going on no vin Armani, let's going on with He works at the coffee shop around the corner from my house. Why is he wearing a shirt like that? That's just how it says: look to Bradley Lords Nick, hey man, I hate, and if you could sling Dick, get paid good luck to you. Look something yeah. Do it some people out working as a masseuse that do not like touching people,
tell me how much different that is. That's a bummer, though, how much different is that then being able to be a guy and we're not sure it's like that in case we get, bank broad. You don't want to wear nice shirt, so horrible. Look, you get some rest, your hand, no fun with the world could be worse. Do you, member Richard Gere? Wasn't a gigolo in one of his movies he didn't, have a movie called gigolo we'd, like bang old. Ladies her office called gigolo yeah. I think it was called Gigolo American Gigolo. That's right boy. You must love this ship. Did you yeah? You know it gives out there banging. Ladies here's what they don't tell you most of that money. In that gigolo world is sucking Dick okay, you want go out there and suck that dick. You can make that money, but we just want to bang old. Ladies, oh wow, look at that that's when he was young when he was helping to be like two thousand two hundred and twenty three he was pretty young and handsome, and then Father Tom done Him by time got Mi Marvin Hagler on Thomas Hearns,
the third round. I remember when he went on stage in New York after nine hundred and eleven who did Richard Gere did and was trying to tell the audience that they should choose love, and that what are state we're. Where shoot he was on stage. It's some sort of a benefit, forty nine eleven is right after nine hundred and eleven, and he was saying essentially that you know great message. She's at the time, people were just blood They booed him like Fa Q, what he saying Fucku, it's basically saying: let's not have military action. More people shouldn't die because of some things that these people did. Is he saying, try to figure out a different way to do that. Yeah, yeah he's he's a he's, a Buddhist, I believe I mean he's real. Like he's really cool those powers of the Dalai Lama yeah, but in the interest of talking about what we're talking, Revenge means a it's kind of hard to tell.
I could not get revenge on somebody. We love revenge. Well, yeah. We love getting back people that try to talk, even if we go to even if we go way deeper than they did we're more like monkeys, yeah. We love it when we leave when that, when we think we're being attacked like retribution or avengers who were just talking about early mod chips, chips to that to that natural gas leak, water, nature, nature, you wanna, get revenge mother I go. We were talking about that guy and got ripped apart by the champ, went to bring a birthday cake to. See other chimps that did it because they were jealous. They were angry that image watching this conversation get shittin someone Fuct up and left the gate open, and they came out that dude rip his limbs off tore his face part just because he wouldn't give them didn't bring cake for them with a female chimps. Another man where's my cake, losing it
It must be so must have been good as fuckin' cake to champ that doesn't understand what cake is like how the fuck did you do this, but they do understand what cake is well, they understand it once you get it to the gym, yeah, it's something! It's like a powerful or be brought. They tell you more in Costa Rica and there's this monkeys everywhere. That's crazy cool as monkeys, but they're a little sketchy. I know I got married down there and I did it cause right: yeah, yeah, yeah there are out of their fucking mind. We were hanging out with them and there's a thing: call Dakota Monday, you know what that is. Now they look like a like raccoon monkey thing to weird. Creature are Unki and they would come up. We were staying at this resort and they would just come right down the the pathway. To wear your door, tea room was, and it just hang out with you like these Coatimundis just hang out and you could feed them grapes and It would take him right out of your hands but like no danger at all. They were like super chill and friendly. So we keep this quantum Monday. Some grapes
Then he laid down and took a nap under my chair. I just took a nap that dog was like a dog but like the most chilled dog of all time and my God dam. These things are cool, but we're just sitting there. It's just checking. Go ahead: buddy tickets, ticket nap, you're safe here again. Grapes and people want chips at their house. People love the idea of having them so the monkeys. Come over and we only had that's what a quantum Monday looks like do their the shed there's such cool little animals. It does kind of look raccoon, ish daughters gave him a fake name like they were, calling him a king cachoo. They just decided to call it a kinkajou likes more fun yeah They could choose their own word up. I think I don't think that's real word a lot of Monday, but that little the little guy was so cool such an interesting little fella Regis would gently take great. It's right. Out of your hand, gently like the most chill dog of all time. So anyway, we were out of grapes, and these monkeys showed up and they're like hanging out like looking like. We got for us. Look at these guys hungry. Not real
Obama Monkey now it's like a. I know what that is. I don't know what a quarter Monday as well. Family is what is that anyway, we gave these MIKE you're, like I don't know if we should give these monkeys he's Oreos it's kind of up, but it's not good for them. So I looked at one of the only had one and Well, that's not good for me there in the fucking hand, bit off so I gave him gave him that he snatched it from me an he opened it up and then started when the white stuff, just like the cream. Yeah he's one of us, but he already knew about a new day, like he's probably getting Oreos for for his whole life it from people that stay at the resort. He knows the tractor yeah. He knew what the to do hold you will they make you at this? You know. They're all open air houses rent on the beach. You know that everything's pretty open except the bedroom, is the only thing that's closed off and had a latch locks padlocks on the refrigerator,
and I was like when he gets locked up and they're like the monkeys know how to get into all that shit. They know how to open the door and then how to get in the drawers he's. Like do they knew how to they know how to open up egg cartons. They know how to open the lid and take eggs and close the lid, I'm not smart. So in the middle of the night first night that we were there, I hear the gate in a wrestling, and then I hear movement and I'm like someone's in the fucking up 'cause. It's on the beach which wide open. So, of course I like grab. Something is the biggest thing I could by next. My mother, like hey, hey, not in my I'm yelling. Of course, I look it just monkeys chilling trying to like get shit in the house they're trying to find shit laying around food drinks. Whatever it was, and of course I go back to bed and every night, I would hear them come and go, but you hear them try the refrigerator. Thank you here and pulling on it to see if the latch was like. If we
it unlocked sure they're smart. They will they learn. They learn all the little tricks of where you put stuff cabinets. I could hear cabinets opening and closing, while the other, smart man, that's so weird. It's like a little person most little sneaky little yeah. This is a and they they put purposely up in this place that I was at the perp silly string wire from house to house to house. So the monkeys kind of had freedom to go up above because if they would go down by the road it would cause more traffic in disturbances and all that stuff. So they keep them up in the canopy. So they put rope, purposely house to house and tree to tree that humans put up so they have easier pathways to get down the water 'cause they say when they're down on the ground, it's more distracting. There's you know it's a lot harder to drive. They create little message down below so if they keep them up high, it's better for them. It was crazy man, wow wild little creature that can swing from tree to tree. The make fly up into the treetops like that. There's gotta be hanging from ship
just one most like people, sometimes you would see one just hanging and be staring right at you, but they're almost like people they're, so clever there right fucking there. Well, the weird. The weirdest thing is that if evolution is happening all the time like this little monkey business in breaking into a house. Yeah watch watch this watch. Smart! Look! If it give me those chips, love. These fuckin' chips. I love that looks like he's looking right at the person too. He is oh wow. He just takes off with Do they know which ones they don't they know which ones they like guys just be nice to him. What happens if you feed 'em, you can't know they tell you not to feed him wow Well, they know to keep coming back and where they can get food feel like monkeys. Now they say
and they say if you don't, if you, when you stop feeding them after you fed them enough, then they start to get aggressive. So then you shoot one and you can tell him to clean the message right and then they all come back and get a lot of fuckin' twelve gauge and you blow the little face off one of those countries and you make your drawing you go hey you guys want free food, you'll get it, but you get it on my terms terms. Monkey go back inside. You just described the plot for planet of the apes. Just little like get you get him. You bait that I'm hooked on food yeah there's a lot of places like that, Where were animals dependent on people, they depend on people to feed them, and it's it's a little squirrelly like there's a place in. I think it's Jamaica where people swim with wild pig. Now, while Bahamas, Bahamas yeah. I seen it yet now. Wild pigs generally avoid people they don't have anything to do with you? There dangerous sketchy. Wild boars are nuts yeah, but in this place people have been getting these things for so long. They have trips like tourist trips right
people fly in feed these pig and swim around with them. Hey guys, so they got wild pigs that are constantly being fed by people, but a friend I have, a friend went there and someone they were with got bit no I've heard they might him in the a bit one of the one of the pigs bit them in the and was because they didn't have any food or something like that. Yeah didn't offer many things you have to keep feeding them throughout the whole thing. It tells you all about it that they that they get really ordinary. They get really annoyed. Focke. You can years drowning, spurred islander the number of those eight at their strong. Now they are you can't with creepy animal, because they're, beautiful and they're sweet and the like pigs are they're, a weird one. Look as cool comet dog lover. I love dogs. Now pigs are almost like a dog, maybe smarter, close their press, but the probably definitely smarter, but they like the way they react to people yeah and that look. If you feed them and you're their friend, you become the body, but are you against eating them know, but also looks
build another little wild ones, but wild ones are different man right because there out there hustlin. Ok, they don't they're, not in this fucking pen, get in slop all day trying to fatten them up it's hard to get that out there. Throughout their how much more lean meat out there that much leaner, but there are also vicious man they're getting big willies giant tusks. They have these big fuckin' Fang and the crazy thing is: there's the same species as the domestic pit to see man I'm just once once once pampered and one's not exactly have you ever seen, have a leanest. You know hello, yes are so in Arizona Peccary. Well, when I saw it looks just like a pig yeah. That was my first when I first moved to Arizona. I saw one and I was like oh what the is that thing in my body was like no, no, no, no code that they they'll come right out. Yet they all they will. If you can go for your legs, bad 'cause, they're, real low to the ground, but he's like I'll start spearing. You and they'll come at your legs and one time was valeting in college, and I was up way in them up in the mountain an at some dudes. You know some private, huge private residence and there with packs
in packs of them, and I could hear the rustling around and they were like positioning themselves because I was we are parking cars where they were living and I was like we can't park cars up there. You can tell the to get aggressive and jumping and diving at the cars yeah. They were getting annoyed that they did. I was it. We can't go back up there, we're gonna get up by the little bullshit picks. You know we're Stanhope lives out in Bisbee, which is real close to the border them all over the place. Yeah they're everywhere they killed one of his friends dog. They do kill dot they. Well, they they're known to kill cats more but yeah they do kill dogs because dogs are about depend on the size of your dog. Some of those some dogs could fight those things up. 'cause they're, not that big, but they are known as murder, cats. It was a small dog, I think, and I think they flanked it and just came out from the sides ripped apart, the ripper dog, what do you do when someone something like that kills? Your dog? Are you out with a shotgun trying to find the rest of am? Did I was trying to kill coyotes update my chickens, and I don't give. I mean I loved chickens like you're cute friends, but when they died a couple of died of natural causes of like oh poor little guy. But if my dog died
You really sad. You know, I mean there's a different way different. So when these coyotes killed my chickens, I sat out there on the porch with a bow Anna rangefinder, waiting to fuck them up for days eventide one of the dead chickens that they killed to a pot like you know that you would plant is in what you doing James Uhm, the that you plant things in, and I sat in the middle of the yard as bait. Right and I sat up there waiting One of them came and my daughter screamed out a coyote in my I had that it was inside of these inside of forty yards, and he was creeping in. I was like all I had to do is get to my spot. I would've probably got a shot. Yeah forty yards that's a far away when he was at forty ours when my daughter Screamo, shed with an intense like he freaked out front. As I stayed up there for a few hours longer, what's the for what's the furthest that you feel comfortable headings a target for that's a little target,
you know there's a difference between something, that's the size of a loading coyotes. Only only if they're not putting their bodies might be like five foot, a foot and a half yeah. I have nothing at all the other time from top to bottom, so we're trying to if you're, trying to hit them in the vitals. You don't have a lot to aim at it's a very small bag dot you want to be. You want to be fairly close. I think about that well with the rifle. You could shoot around a dozen. That's, not that's, not some totally different. I am trying to kill him. I only grew up shooting rifles. I never shot a gun until I was in my twenties. The rifles I was so used to shooting I got so accustomed to shooting it, and then I try to bow once and that was unbelievably fucking hard. You should learn, it be fun. You can always come here, prac I'll I'll, come next time. John Dudley comes in town, I'll, have a MA hook you up to twenty and did love it. Man not even like to go hunting but just to shoot targets. It's a really fun.
Do you like guns off that game out there? I do too yeah that game out there, that I have the techno yeah once you get into that and start playing that we had a screen yeah, I'm sure, fucking good at so fun. I had Corey Anderson UFC Light Heavyweight he's a hunter or him here the other day and he was playing it as he could he's really good, but you could tell it right: he practices unfucking elite. Athlete is going to so he's got this discipline mindset. You know it's just on the ball, but uhm you could say right away when you plan things like. Oh my This is so addictive. I'm like this is most addictive game of all time. Once you start it's hard to get, let it go if you're an actual bow hunter. You only get to shoot a thing like a couple times a year. Yeah. If you were going a lot, If you're going a lot like the idea that you're going to shoot a lot of like if you're some Remi Warren Type,
actor Cameron, Hanes, yeah you'll shoot a bunch of deer a year and you live off those. That's why Does that yeah? if you're a regular person, like you think, do you think you're going to find how many deer you think going to sneak if you're lucky one or two years? So like the moment when it happens, it's such a big moment you like funk here it is here it is. We try to stay contrast. They come, but with that thing, you're shooting at them all the time, just fine. So it's in your right so like what I'm seeing? Is this animal moves and moves into the pocket book? from the release pop and a perfect, and you see over and over and over and over and over again. So what you learn from martial arts or what you learned from stand up is the same thing that applies to bow Hunt it's about Repet Asian, the more you can do it in the more you see it over and over and over yeah right. The more that pattern becomes your mind so that game for for garlic, Cory or someone like me. You bow hunts that games like holy ship
this is what I've been looking for, see a real animal walk into range and that because you always want to be ethical right, you want to be able to shoot the right animal. You want to be able to hit it exactly where you want, where it expires. Very quickly. The best way to do that is well sufferings. So this game is just super addictive. What's it called with a game called it's called Technohunt, Techno one and you score against each other. So if you and I were playing you'll like you, give ten points for a bullseye eight points for the vitals you get like Five points for headshots worth a shot: no, no, it would have to be very small something about headshots learning black playing gun games. First person shooter games over the years. Cats are always the most rewarded thing like on edge, but you don't want to do that with an animal. You do have a rifle and you wanted to die instantaneous, sherry, and it is a it's a with the way they do it that some hunters that our chefs do it when they like hunters who are chefs, there's there's two different kinds of hunters right:
where is hunters that eat the meat and they, but they want I want to shoot a mature animal because that's what everybody strives for like. If you're skilled Hunter leave your Steven Rinella or something like that. What you're trying to get is an old Why he's animal right? It's already spread its dna and it's mature. It is probably the end of his breeding cycle. That's what a guy like that wants. What he's he's like the ultimate hunter right. What he wants is, the the most fair chase he's never hunting high fence operations, the most fair chase. The while this animal and he wants to get the oldest maturest one, but then there's chefs and chefs believe some of do it's very debatable that the younger animals taste better than the older animals, so they're not trying to get an old, mature animal they're trying to get a a young, a tender animal that isn't like fully.
Muscled life in right, worn out with yeah you you want some. You want some stills tenors to a some softness to the mosque, but then there's people like Hank Shaw, who's, a also a world famous chef who's, also a hunter who prefers their animals because he thinks there's like there's flavor to them and there's a life to them like that they're, they're, aging and low double all their life. Experience that comes out of your cooking correctly right, just recall: there's a different sort of preparation. It's kind of it's kind of like a young woman versus older women like young women, have a lot of positives about him, but older women have just as many this is about older women that like to work flavor, that's what you want right. You want to check who's like yeah who didn't give a six plus who hits the gym every day. Trust me, I know I've had this conversation the whole like this one. If we stopped working out it's over, I say if we stop where I feel like. If we stop exercising water help. That's all there! It's over that's respect! Now
I wanted to sign a dove. I wanted my eye what my I a joke to send document says if we, if we get fat, it's like a free and clear gone, but I mean it if she gets fat. If I get that she should be out, if either of us break this, that we're doing together. If it brings you closer, it's bad enough to worry about body image anymore, you just let yourself go fuck that come on fuck that shit, hey, hey! his shaming right now, we realize it or not. Yeah. I know you don't want him, but you're doing it, show you fat fuck. I can't believe you. I just think I think we've made a bond together, we made a pact were like we both want to stay relatively healthy and take care of ourselves. So in our older years, like my parents are both in really great shape, 'cause they've cared their whole lives, not to a point of like you know not having fun. They still have a great fucking time. Just they did save consistent with a caring about what you put in your body and the way you work as simple ship, so yeah. If she gets fat by. If I get that she's by two
if I get fucking fat, she's gone. She even said it. She's like I'll leave your fat ask being fat. Is such a weird one that people call people fat who aren't fat I mean there might be bucking. I know, but I'm just saying like as an insult. It's such a weird one. It is because, like girls will call girls fat like that fat bitch, look at our like girls, not fat, know what you saying it's just like you said it's a dick, it's another guy who you fat fat, guys who say that the guys that, like barely even if outside fuckery, the cheeseburger Jamie you fat, fat fuck that it's an easy dig it's an easy insult to the heart grow. Call me fat account, there's a video of it online or girl. Calling me the comedy store in apartment recently, my six pack on top now, as I can you're crazy, but I was like well I'm I'm I'm fats. What were you coming up with that? Your second you're fat?
I bet you're, weird, weird thing: the fact that the body can carry excess tissue yeah. It's a mistake, like I get it, it's a good way to store fuel when it gets uh point like why you still hungry what kind of shity system do we have this big and you're still hungry didn't that anybody should say: hey bro, Bro, bro Bro, stop, we got the fuel, but it does not put their bodies working off carbohydrates, that's a problem, and it's not burning that now that's why that whole ketogenic diet works as much as people, don't like to think that it does. I know there's so much controversy about that, like from non scientists which is hilarious, the actual scientists like DOM D'Agostino, who talk to you about the peer reviewed research. That's been, done on Ketogenic states and all the different benefits and what how it could be healthy, how he does it and ketone esters all these different factors. You have to take into consideration the key tone, testing and blood testing. It is there's all these knuckle heads saying it's bad, for
it's not a good idea like Julia Michaels, like it's, not a good idea. It's not you better! they say that the benefits temperature pounds right, that's a normal state, it's a normal state for your body to burn fat, and you have more clarity, annual, also you're, not as hungry you're, not as during the day right. My problem with it is, I don't think it's the best thing for performance. I think like You have a little bit more energy. If you burn glucose too 'cause, even like the top there's a Zach, he wouldn't, even though American he ran twenty, he ran one hundred miles in like eleven hours around a track these guys they could do this ship. It was I'm crazy wreck two miles. I need to chill for a minute some crazy, some crazy record for one hundred mile record. He broke eleven hours. Forty minutes,
That's insane Letterman said say: Myers one hundred Fuckin' mile. Now he is on primarily a carnivore diet. All meet all meet. Rib and barely barely any meat and fat? Barely any greens right, barely any greens, but then, when he competes, He takes a lot of glucose like he'll. Take like glucose gel like gel gel package. Yeah, the runners use yeah he, but he pounds in that shed pounds in the carbs x. We could burn that off too right. You know because he's live I off like fat and and protein, but when he competes he doesn't do that and the I think that's the key is saying when he competes he does use the glucose warranties on competing. He does right. It was back to get put his body in a fight, a fat burning state. It's a it's. Which is pure sort of our diets, are kind of crazy, though, like pew just just meet with nothing else
The man with Jordan Peterson's done it now for over a year and he released his blood work or the results of his blood work. At least everything is in range. Everything is healthier, thermal vitamin, nothing, nothing. He doesn't do anything. He eats steak with salt on it and he drinks water. And I'm telling you that, if listen to me man, he gets a Perrier with lime in it, he'll spit it out. He I want the lime in a fucking Perry and that, yes, I can crazy. That's too bad lost fifty pounds. Fifty pounds pounds lost fifty he had some serious immunological issues immunological sent that word in a yeah. It sounds made up. He had serious immune deficiency. He had a muted mean deficiency, you mean a logical, but it doesn't matter if it sounds funny, it sounds fake. Immunology is the word. Immunology immunological sounds plug bullsh. It sounds like
it took two words and put them together. Make sophistication sophistication PETE some serious issues as helped yeah dude also suffered from depression. All that stuff look a lot of what they think that a lot of the issues that people suffer from they suffer because of inflammation and when scientists are studying things with a carnivore diet. What would striking them almost more than the fact that you're just eating meat? Is that you're not eating all these other things? and so that in giving your body only one food source to deal with, sometimes your body can eliminate a lot of the issues that it has and it also mimics like some of the benefits of fasting and I'm too stupid to be really judged I don't know I'm listening at all, but I know that I'm fucking, dumb too, he had like receding gums, had some serious gum issue that all went away all these it went away when he was on that carnivore diet. For you, I don't eat like that, I'm not saying eat. Like you know, I don't like that. It seems to be a balance. I think I think some people
it may work with that right, but they also tell you that somebody dies. The people do that our blood doesn't line up with that diet. It's not good for them right. Some people just works with right. Some people yeah. Some people can have high intakes of red meat and other people. It's really really bad for their system. Just is there. Blood is well, people are literally allergic to it right. Some people, like, like my wife, needs way more iron like needs like Rasta have, so there is supplemented by pills or by higher incidence of meats. Higher iron in it hurt caused, has a lot of vitamins in and some iron I'm not. I can't produce any more men. None it cut off. My balls do do. Do I turned him in yeah? What did what caused you to turn them in what was the final straw. Was this movement downtown El Aerostat, your own gender yeah? I went to the me too thing and I cut off my balls and I left him there. So I donated him if you like, if people started calling for that, if girls are calling for that,
remove your nuts in the guys out there that there is a certain there's so many that it would do so. Many people there, if you called for guys to step out into the middle of the town square and cut their own balls off at least a couple guys would show I can name to send world. We live there's a couple of things. I know that would forget that exactly just for like twitter, cred yeah, just mystery. I just I just for the reduced some love from what is this? How you are, and allied boy learned, like my feel like we are favorite like your favorite shirts, yeah females- kick at, What is it? Women kick ass or whatever yeah yeah yeah. The idea of, like of virtue signalling, overt overt support, for something it's so see through when you're like I'm here, for you girl so see through it. It's such a crock of shit, but there.
Don't feel that way without yelling at all the time we pull you also like broadcasting like like what what are you doing? What are you doing? purpose. Yeah like why do you reaching out? I you're supporting what do you supporting what's happening here another instance of the echo chamber doing the whole, supporting the thing that I think people are really. I talk about it on stage about the transit. You know a trend. The word trans phobic over, like I said I understand the meaning, but I also think it's hyperbolas in in essence of like there are these large groups of people that are against Trans people. I don't believe that whatsoever, but there are definitely are, I think, they're small groups of people that get a lot of attention. I don't think, there's massive look. The KKK is significantly larger of a group than whatever group you want to formulate of a transform of transphobic nature. I know a lot of Don't even know what that is. I haven't done any statistical research, how many KKK members are in the United States? How many things there are 10s of thousands
how many people did people think of Trans people, religious, that don't believe in Trans people or they don't think that they should be able to call themselves. I think I think most of those people don't care enough to call themselves part of that. They just disagree. They go. I don't like it. I don't get it. I think, for those that are people that are like adamantly against Trans rights, I think we have to take in his head. Well, we already said about guys: wanna cut their balls off, that there are guys like that for sure, there's something there. For so many people in this country, are guarantee you there's a lot of transphobic people, a lot So maybe listen man. If you read the comments- and I don't- and I Didn'T- but someone told me that the comments on the Eddie Izzard Instagram Post, that I made were horrific, but don't you think a lot of that is. Is an internet fodder see that's my thing is, I think people like to say should on the internet, even if they don't believe it, because they know that gets attention if they go fuck. This fucking do It looks like a chick. That's not what they said. Maybe they were just you can find the way he looks so you can assume what, if,
people write on the internet about that issue. They would just go which will put this Fucko here. I'll, give you an example. I tweeted the other day about the met Gala Harry Styles. I tweeted He was wearing like a lot of men were wearing like dresses at the met gala. This was a whole thing. A night we did Tilda Swinton looked fire at the met gala because he like Tilda Swinton, not 'cause, I'm saying like who is Tilda Swinson fucking, who, with short hair right so right that was I said Tilda Swinton, look fire at the met gala. Who is this gentleman, he's a he's. A pop star he's, like part of what's called one direction, he's part owner Usher. What what is happening with that shirt? That's what he wore to the met. Gala would say Jerry. It's a blouse blouse shirts versus blouses. Ok, here's the thing going to one of those things and you're going to stand in front of all Jack ACID with camera, to take a picture? But why not wear a fuckin' blouse, that's what that's where blouse, but I said, Tilda Swinton, look! Fine,
because when I saw the first image his face, kinda look like tell us when, okay, of course, I'm making a joke about a joke, you're comedians. Well too, everyone was like you're very funny last night. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone, one after everyone was like, of course, you fucking. Are you a Nazi. Well, they said well, here's my he I think he's right is he is he gave Jamie? No, I think somebody tell me they were like alone. They were like your your. Your menu found essential alley as I could. I can't make fun of people anymore for people. I said to a tee. Look I told the Falcons win. Why are you reading comments, because I'm not as famous as you stop and think about the amount of people that had their balls. I know that would just walk in that town Square cut their balls off now stop and think about those people commenting yeah. I know and you're reading it and allowing it to fuck with your head. Sometimes I feel a lot of times. I don't when do not what I'm confident in whatever I posted it's interesting right when I
like with that joke, I knew was going to be misinterpreted like I knew when I wrote that I go someone misinterpret this. Who cares? That's why I still posted it, but but I read some shift. Sometimes, if I go, I wonder if those dumb or if that was cool, wouldn't it be fun if you could be half drunk all the time and never suffer any physical consequences? maybe you know I'd love, that nothing would be wonderful, just drink it just but with a half a buzz on. You know that feeling when you have was always my favorite thing in the world. Still, like you know a good touch. It just feel good. You know how I that feeling hanging out with friends having a bus, I'm not worried about that's how alcoholism starts I think it was a lot of members of my family had half a buzz all the time. Well, half a buzz all the time would be. It's like. That would be a good place to be, maybe how many, how many Is there a good half of the bad hacking at like just a little little like that feeling you get after the first glass of wine like,
I think people have wine at lunch? Is it's like a lot of people show up work. I had sushi at someone was drinking a bottle of wine by herself yesterday. Is that legal like if you work in an office, and you have a do they let you have a cocktail launch totaly? It depends on where you work. If you listen in our industry, entertainment, free, there's, no rules well, obviously, but I'm saying like a regular, but do you remember the dude who used to run the Tempe Improv didn't want you doing shots before you? Go yeah those no drinks before you had a conversation with me about it. He he's like. Do you really need that and out? Because I was like hey, hey, listen to me, look at me, I'm a professional right, I'm also an athlete, or I workout, alot I'll, be fine I'll, be I'm going to do this. That's going to the gym! You want to workout with Maine yeah well shut. The fuck out man come on just on the club, dude, I'm not I'm not going to get so Roger, can't talk, I'm having a shot before I perform. If you be came one of those guys you would know everybody knows like. I know what I'm doing. Ok, and even if
I have too many, if I have four or five instead of two I'm going to be ok right, like I'm grown, I still figured it out driving anywhere drunk. I'm not do anything stupid. I'm working tonight in fact, there's nights where I've had a few 'cause. I've been sad about where I am like, I'm at a club that I don't want to be out or something and I'll have a few too many, but I'll get on stage in the first thing I think is going to put on a show. I still gotta work hard, but I'm a little little drunk but autopilot kicks in a little bit, sometimes like back in the day. If I was sad about the small city room, it would just kick in the jokes. I already knew were going to work and I was kind of going to the motion. I was still delivering, but it was yeah 'cause you're, like I don't know, if I'm enjoying this or I'm going through the motions, I'm just kind of like hey. This is the that's. The joke, in my mind, is just on a rolodex of like this joke spent that joke where now, I'm just happier place in Mycareer that now, if I do, if I did get a little too drunk for I want
age, I'd be genuinely nervous. I'd be nervous about my performance level, so I can are they going to hear me slip up a little bit and I going to 'cause I'll feel it 'cause with great with great power comes great possibility of greater than wars. The group, the bigger great, not but with, but the bigger the get the more. I feel the more I feel more responsible to do even better than I have been. Do you walk down on stage in San Diego in front of thirteen thirteen thousand people a known that mother Fox Fuckin' wild? That was wild? It's not! I was doing the round. It was to do the round eyed. I don't know if I I don't know if I loved it or hated it, but it was this feeling of such uniqueness that I could judge it in the moment like it was too it's happening so fast. There was no so there's no sitting on the stool, Agnes, thirteen thousand, but there's no stagnancy. You have to keep moving moving around the whole time. Oh yeah! I liked it it's interesting. It was wild because this
things are so big and everybody can always see your face, no matter where yeah it was. It was good. I loved it thirteen thousand human beings, it's a lot of thought people, son who's very weird by the way I'm going to Denver. When is that? What is it? No changes can give Liberation Jamie Jamie, just blurt things out just takes chances. 24th of September. He's been slipping a little bit. Have you notice answers drunk, what's been going on Jaime's? After all the you have buzzed August August, twenty three, twenty four hours 23rd I'm at the Belco theater? How did you not know that Jamie and I just felt that out and then you have the fucking computer August? Ninth, I'm in Portland and August tenth, I'm in the Bay area at the shoreline. Amphitheatre yeah! Oh shit, oh shit! Oh shit! That's fun! fuckin' a we go to Chicago I'm going to Chicago with Austin Austin was a good day.
Kind of time! Incredible is so good, yeah, it's great cap city. You know one of the best clubs in the country. That's like it. I think doing those clubs leg doing weekends. At clubs is real valuable. That's I got up on the book more those you know like it's great, always to be working in the store, and it's great. We do these big place in a row, but those club There's something about that. We've done zanies in Nashville, never done Zanies Nashville. Let's do it as any Chicago I've never done. Nashville is doing. Ok, let's do it. Let's get that place. Is it shifted the punch line in San Francisco? close win answered. The parlor live the lives going down to the punch line is closing forever somehow so they might move No, no! Here's what's happening. This is the report. I read it. I read an article again this morning, 'cause last night, Ali Wong told me an I read the article that was posted. Morning. It basically said they lost their lease. They couldn't renew it, because it's got that building getting bought out. Basically so they're working diligently now to try to relocate the club just need to find a new yeah, but but but for the time,
I think it's going to be gone. We know what I worry about where they're going to go big like they did with cops right like I used to do Cobbs when it was not I don't think it was one hundred and fifty seats. It was tiny right now it's like four hundred and fifty shine. It became it became the opposite of what used to be it used to be a place. You would go and you'd make less money, but you would have more fun 'cause. It was like real tight. Everybody was like smashed into place and it was a legendary place. That's that's easily one of the best, and I wanted to go back, which kind of sucks that it's going to be gone now. The reason I love this club so much so what you see is the stage and tables and behind What you can see is the bars in the back of the room, which is one of my favorite elements of a cool club. You don't need worry about people getting to the side or the left behind you can hear an ice machine. It's in the very back in the room and they do such a good job of hiding their noise in their distractions. So it's all about the show that they're really fucking so good at it man there really good. I hope they keep an intimate venue. I really do.
Love that Cisco needs an intimate venue. Does San Francisco have a good comedy scene these days I hear I hear of ring of stories. I think a lot of people would say that was better back back. You know a couple decades ago, but I do think that when I go up there, when I have been up there, there's a lot of young people that are really good that are common still out in northern California, but I mean Cobbs and used to be a green onion, purple onion, purple and yeah that used to be there. There was there was one more so what it's called. Why is it sound wrong? I don't know 'cause I'm saying it sounds wrong. Purple onion, look up. The purple seems like I think, you're right, but it sounds it's one of those things yeah we like the other thing. So again, it sounds wrong, like you made that a logical immunological, open up a club called immunological purple on, but I I don't know, should about the Fuckin' San Francisco seen anymore, because the only clubs that I've done the only things I've done or punchline in and id cops. I think Zach I think is the key to special at live at the purple. Onion stats. There was more rights to purple and yeah it was tiny. Tiny is back on.
I think it's not there anymore, so the like for like real intimate spots on the road, like you still have Atlanta Atlanta, one of the best places. That's like that, it that's gone twelve yeah I was close in twenty twelve intimate. It is a small, it is other venue. That's like that. That small, like that still is like you're talking about laugh call, is still small that still tiny it's real tiny. What does that seat? Like ninety? I think they said yeah a hundred they're, just a packed out stuff and I'm in there I went. I was in doing something I went over there to watch garland to watch Jeff to Jeff's thing and how was it it's just Jeff Jeff is so unabashedly clear that he's just fucking around like he was so obviously like I'm going to fucking. Do this whole set about one guy and he paid like pick to guide the audience and he's the entire set about,
and it was just like him just around. He was having some. He was having tons of fun, he's a sweet guy, a Celera's man he so he moved. He is his brain moves are very for asked in a way that I wouldn't anticipate right. For some reason, you think you think I feel like this is a quick is a very he's, a he's. A very cool funny did I like it did but yeah I I haven't. I don't I'm starting to do a few new clubs now and in the you know the sizing is different, and I just I like to build you bigger places, but I love animals and use man ties no way to get. There's no way to get that feeling of how, when you're they're all it's all different men, there's no way to get that feeling of thirteen thousand people yeah, except for that yeah. Two out of five different, feel it's all different men,
it's all different, it doesn't, I think, are worth it yeah. I think you got to be on a steady diet of everything. It's like you, don't want to be just a carnivore and only do thirteen thousand seat arenas. You don't wanna, be just you who's, a who's. Your cart of our who's at Jordan. Peterson is. I have this yeah he's only one. None of them that I know I know several people that are on the carnivore diet. I can't get in this it because I still like bullshit, I'm not going to not have ice cream once in awhile, I'm not going to not have a fuckin' couple of Frenchman, I'm that guy I'm going to workout, but I'm also going to have an do what the fuck I want. Just I can't get on that train I suffered for a while doing a crazy diot. Would you do I did? I did I did this, it's almost like a circuit like circuit workout is it's like circuit dieting, where it's like one week. Without do you know what that is yeah you do like like you, you get rid of an element, that's kind of ice right, whether it's like and if it's going to be heavy vice right like it's like
I have high amounts of sugar in my diet, so I do a week completely without sugar and then a week without meat, and then I did a week without no no fish, I kept changing what it was to find how my body reacted to it and I fucking hate it if I can hated it like I'm a much more balanced person up here in my work. My writing in my exercise. In my sleep in my flock life, when I just get to eat what I want Regimented Lee, that's a fake word, Folklife regimented Lee. I thought your actions, Other questions talk like the name of my new album. That's a good! Let's get that tattooed across my stomach folklife, I'm watching tv like. Why do you say fuc life? No, no! I mean the flashlight life, the fuck life. You not meant to my fucking on the pump cock like thug life, regiment, regimental E regiment, Lee Regimental, see that sounds fucking wrong. I'm like I'm better off when I just when I do when I just
So when I go, I don't need that shit. I should need that bullshit yeah and I poke in and out things once in awhile, it's It's just! I don't know man. I think that's almost like. That's the only way to live for me to wait for it to work. I've tried SH it. I can't do it yeah. I think people like going on diets his son to concentrate too S s. I'm saying this is a new thing I have going on. I can't worry overtly all day long about like yes, this meal gonNA is, as a comma gonna, get that, but that's one of the things that people like about it like. Okay, on this diet. Now I got to concentrate this. Is it like meal prep? Really I'm yeah or meal prepping prepping, where shows in control of my world asteroid, hurtling towards I'm a complete control of this controlling rocket space. I have a finite lifespan. I have to constantly feet and shit but everything's fine. Everything else is ok, yeah everything is fine, but my buddy. Text me today by the way I walk he goes.
He had a concern. I talked about him another podcast about He couldn't he didn't ship for like five days. I have a buddy who went through that and he went to the doctor and he has this thing and had to get help for he text me. He goes. I just want to let you know I'm back from vacation. I feel really good. Also. I'm shooting like normal again- and I was like I feel like a really proud and, like you, he's really struggling, he was nervous about. He was like dude. I haven't like four days. I was like four fucking days. It was a guy that I work with on fear factor. I don't Shameem, so I won't say his name or if he wants it out, there yeah great got uhm. He had a real problem. The real problem was packed in there for days and days it wasn't coming out and he could feel it like. He could touch his butt hole. Inside- was hard of his heart, so hard
he had to go to a doctor and they literally had to chip it out of his asshole shut. The fuckin' allocated impacted chiseling, his butt hole. They had to get in there and break it up, and then they had to make him take this like really intense laxative yeah. So it takes it's really intense laxative like like weapon grade laxative and they're in their chipping away at the stonewall, which is essentially just like a damn to keep all the ship, juice, is piling up boot bandit because he's got the impacted. Rideout ship that should have been out of his body days ago, and then he's got the fresh schitt
on top of that, and then the top of that he's got this chemical laxative that just spelling of explosions, inside of a poop in the doctors in there, with a fucking hammer hammer and a screwdriver just whacking at the ship rock it's at the bottom of his asshole, and then it breaks loose and just explodes everywhere, like he gave birth to a dead seal, just blah flying out of his passion back. Alright, we got it. We got it comma see how much weight did you lose? I don't know, but he said it was awful said, was awful like they had to pry the shit out of his ask they're not breaking up. Those are the kind of paint those downstairs table type from not shedding. Yes, it was called You give yourself from imagine that, what's it called, and look it up, you know what I'm talking about is now, but there's a word. It's called like you, it's like toxic! that women get if they leave like a find in too long. If you're, if you don't ship for us
by the time you you poison yourself, yes, Sir, the can into your organs and should something fight, something absurdly. I just there was a one of those like a six hundred life or whatever those shows are this woman wouldn't ship which kept holding holding on their life purpose? Yes, why? Because she didn't want she couldn't move the ship or so fucking big. She couldn't move the ship, so the ship packed yeah and they were like you're going to die. It's going to get in your blood, it's going to get or your other organs in your bloodstream and kill you like does not freak you out. We want to show like that, where someone's like, like a what are those called hoarders, We order or someone who's gaining a town away or so use get there, but you know that you could get there yep. You know you couldn't get there, but you know that a person could get there yeah right. Right. You now Andrew Santino may two thousand
nineteen you're not going to get there. No, probably not you're fine, but some people out bad road and they can't turn around their stock yeah age, but they pilot right, 'cause, there's the depression feeds the longer feeds the depression of yeah yeah. What's that that ship, contact him in nearly died after feces filled, bowel burst. Look how much ship there's there his rectum a dilated up! eighteen centimeters inside his body was filled with feces. According to the Bmj case report, twenty four he's a child. Twenty for this. Isn't some eighty year old man who, just like he's autistic, okay, strong constipation? Well great? Now we feel bad Jameela field, thanks James Son of a barge in baiting us with some
still look at that guy. I'm Robert almost died from constipation, so it's a few people. Every year they had to surgically remove two leaders of Pope up Coca COLA bottle filled with poop to leave It's really think of a liter bottle of coke and taking two of those filled with sand and stuffed up your actual ship near Ellis and leading to a lack of blood flow to the left, it was pressing on his artery bro. Oh, my god, it was his ship is choking his leg out. That's what was happening. She. It was just too much in our regional hospital for twenty three days it took thirteen days, for you could walk again. Oh my god, no explanation has been found yet as to explain his significant faycal loading loading constipation. Look at these spell fecal F8 ecl? Is that because they're in Australia yeah pretty those idiots? The guy was
probably banging kangaroos, or something that caught some disease. Those people don't know each time the Pope on fake a lighting. Thank you hang around, like a lost out with me. Have you heard of that, coupled that the eight of raw rap partner from Mongolia and they got the black plague? What yeah? They don't exist, black plague from being fucking crazy people That's what was a liver, I ate a raw rat liver and they died of the bubonic. Play. Why did they eat egg or bubonic plague? I think it's b, Bonnick Plague black sounds like it's going to be on the bonic plague. What's the difference? 'cause the bubonic plague was a bacteria right. What's the black plague, that was a virus right? Wasn't the virus when you a doctor not not anymore? I got this apparently you're, not that I keep that you can keep the feet
When you were in college, what do you think you're going to be comedian really you're using waste of time? Now it's just funny, because I I had my way through with german Andrew Santino no case on this phone yeah fuck that she is one of those games are black plague was an an event during a time period in 1300s and the bubonic plague is a thing. You can get right, but the black plague was what viral diseases telling people right. So it's the bubonic plague that these folks got and they got it from eating. A raw rats, heart or liver. I think it's liver can get us. What is it? Kidney, kidney, that's in high school, one of the kidneys? Is this something you wrote yeah, that's in high school. I can.
That you want to be a comedian says I want to be. I want to be a comedian. I want to stand up comic into work with comedy on television yeah, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it yeah. So that says I want to do anything I like what I'm hearing whatever it takes. Whatever it takes, look at rebel. I want you to wear a tracksuit yeah with no one to wear a hot and meet me at the dock. Got it we're going to get on my yacht. You've got good time. Let's go, and I got a part for you to read my script. Imagine some guy takes you out on his on his yacht like wow, so you really think my tape was good. Yeah yeah yeah, you take was amazing. We're going to show that When we are listening. Any brings you this script. It tells you what's required of you and then you're out there in the middle of the water bobbing around.
And this guy and he had a couple glasses of wine. He's like I'm gonna make you a star, but I need to get my dick sucked. Ok, I can get it. I get it I did write in Highschool anything it takes now imagine being a woman in that situation? You think you're going to be able to sweet talk that guy right. That's why you were flirting with them yeah. That's why you got close to him he's going to get a part. You play him get part next thing. You know you're on that ocean. Well, that feels creepy. There feels rapey that is rapey right when you're a dude he's, like fact. Fuct up, just sacrificed man, it's up to date for the role that I'm saying it's a different feeling, alright, but still dangerous, because if the guy finds now that you're not willing and then you might be hostile yeah and then he might be hostile back like your two dudes one. Do you want to get a dick sucked by do but you're both too dudes and it's a real hair raising situation for both of you, what are you doing for him and Terry's right? You try to get this guy to suck your dick, and I said I'll fucking kill you like Jesus. Now I gotta drive this guy
back in my boat. It's just me and him a guy said he would kill me at twenty foot, long little boat, yeah, you got it so well! You got to make him set up by the bow and you just drive quietly. Do you do jump in the water? And you know that's where people kill people like you know it can tell people yeah totally, that's how we get that's. What that's where that came from, I will goes missing, went to Hollywood for big dreams, never came back. Is it on the water Samantha? Is my friend put on shoes guys try to get a guy to suck his dick and the guy tried to fight him and they fought for death Academy. I'm sure it's happening now, there's got it right as we're speaking. There's got to be enough. Listening to this Hollywood murder, gay guy is choking them to death, doesn't want anyone to know, don't go on the So, unless you really know the guy, that's my fault, it's my message. How well do you know the guy men or women? If the guys are producer, and he takes you on the boat- don't go on the boat. I feel bad about it.
How well do you know the guy with the boat, not that? Well, I'm not going, I guess fuckin' bolt I was going to show once- and there was a guy who is kind of a he was a. I don't want to be mean, but he was sleazy. He just Hollywood does that mean calling out someone for being sleazy to which is a lease back, but it's the one with the most stereotypical version you and there was a gal who's, also working on the television show and choose young and flirty. Next thing. You know they were on his boat for the weekend working on the script and they came back and we were like it's like. You really just said that there were guys creatively. Oh gosh, working creatively just out in the middle of the water. The water gives main beanies water makes me feel a type of way, but it's like normal stuff, like that people. Did this business yeah wanted to bring this up talking about that? We never
Well, this is a different subject, but yeah ok related I'll save it. This is Ed Buck. Do you know who that guy is right? Now he's like this democratic he's, a donor, oh right, oh wait! You and I talked about part. Yes right. There are two dudes who dudes have been found dead. There come from drug overdoses, so they come over and one guy said that what did they say that I don't know what they've said but like that? I think we can make some do drugs or he's taking the. And while they are already super high and he's helping them out, something they die and they end up dying. What are there? he's claiming that he's helping to people yeah his coincidence, maybe tell the truth. Maybe yeah he goes out there and finds really high people keep trying to save people in the middle of the night. What do you cynical bro, yeah dude? What do you think is happening? You want me to take away. I guess yeah,
but he goes out looking for people that are reluctant to get back to his apartment, to get some fucking Dick Watt here no way and then that's not it that's, and then they say do you have any more drugs and he goes you bet I got more fuckin' drugs. They do drugs together and they die and he dies and he stays alive. You sure case your honor, Are you a gentleman? Mister buck looks like a fine and he looks like he doesn't do anything. Anything he's got a nice gold tooth shining in the back of his mouth like uh, the name of the wet bandits from home alone, Vesta Gators found multiple sex. Toys, multiple syringes in clear plastic bags with suspense suspected methamphetamine in a toolbox, whole cabinet in the living room. He's got a tool box filled with syringes and sex toys. Let's go to work plastic bags with meth, more has been homeless and
it worked out how it says: bags clear plastic bags it's like more than money he's got bags of speed, he been homeless and it worked as an escort yeah. That he was on that jiggle show season. Four, but he was one of the main guy he's. The guy I've become addicted to drugs in the Bush is the one to think he gave me my first injection of Crystal meth wow. I become addicted to drugs in the worst want that. Well, I don't know if that's true but it's crazy story that what we do know is true is two people died over there. That's fucking insane. He's our own him and just d is there's. There's different standards right, like here's, a here's, the thing I give that guy If he was a heterosexual guy and two women had died at his house prison for life. What are the odds that they wouldn't arrest him?
zero. If, if one woman is found dead in your pocket department, yeah You hookers to shoot, hookers and shoot them up with meth. You go to prison, but if you pick up mail workers What we were talking about earlier, if it's a guy like oh you're, a russian model, you came over here, didn't work bro suck the old ladies come on. Like that's true, but these guys two guys are dead and everybody's. Like hey, you know, that's the fucking game there lion: tailed playing that shoot the math game. Once you shoot Sanyo he's only killed. Two guys what the FARC that's kind, the the, what is it the the staircase, you know that documentary were like two of his wives died falling down stairs, oh yeah. That's people are like what you still unfucking. Now you think two women, coincidentally magic. They did their your favorite people ever and they just kept falling in pot. It literally impossible. But if you're a rock climber it was in his kitchen, is it is fuckin' kitchen
Did you try to say canal? Did it what's his response, I will consider doing crazy dude he had Starfucker. Now he had such a feeling. I heard flew in and scared her and flew out of home, because there was no fuckin' bird by the way, but he said a bird flu and scared her and she fell down the stairs backwards by the way you know how hard it is to fall back down the stairs backwards when you're already at the top of a stair, nobody falls back words when they're walking up stairs gotta get kicked Sparta. Someone has to hit you down the fight. That's exactly the US with the lawyer was like under somebody pushed you down the stairs. The only way that happens, Sparda spotter rock you want if they did an autopsy and they see the footprint right in the middle of her chest. Well, they said the blood there was like so obviously consistent with someone that was like thrown down yeah bro These hours are doing that. That is the thing that happens often fly into your home. They fluctuate up, but they're, not good
they're, not nice people yeah. They really are truly, not nice birds. Such a cool animal yeah. They are, but it's their weird and all that we like to think of them. As these wise old creatures like we, we we have like an anthropomorphic version of an owl yeah. It's really smart. Like an hour, I was like well yeah like that. Read all the find out. What's going on the tootsie pop, all you know yeah how many licks does it take that was like you were not lasses yeah. That must be what it, but the wise old owl is like an adage right yeah. Why is it, though? I don't know man because they're ruthless. What they are is just kundtz that swooped down and kill rabbits they Phuc rabbits up in their wingspans are fun, incredible when you see them, take off, take flight and come snag something it's wild today, driving home once in one was flying over my head, and I guess it didn't like how low It was as to where my car was on the road like it. It picked a path, probably not in it
had understanding the cars go this down this road is flying right and the car was just too close to just drop the rabbit and and went to get it later. I'm sorry I pulled over because of what the was that it was big like whatever it dropped was a fairly large creature. And I went over in this rabbit. That was just gutted 'cause. The first thing they eat is the guts right so to just or in the guts out of this rabbit. They pick it apart and then they take the rest home with them. Swoop down. If you ever seen a an owls clause or their fucking nasty, their huge giant ask laws the coolest video look at that thing. Look at the closet, their bad tested, I'm a goddess of about amazing. The first one, predator, the first picture looks at him saying: don't take a picture and the second one he's like you: why did you take the back told you know told the picture yeah? Yes, it's like mad at you and she's picking it up. Look in the eyes and the thing man I mean it has a demonic face- looks like beautiful, predator math,
it's an incredible animal arm, but that one there's an amazing video online at one o'clock killing a hawk. It kills a hawk in its in its nest. It swoops down in the night. They got a trail camera photo. They have these this, these hawks that were in this nest and is wildlife. Biologists were filming it, and this this this owl comes in in watch this and just snatches. The hawk right from the nest watch as here comes the the distance see see its allies. Any second now is You should watch the little baby, Hakka yeah yeah, yeah little baby watch, this mother Fucker come and look at this look at this Soshite Fitch, Vo, that's a rap song
time matched it look at the mom is like what happened. I don't even know what that said. Mom that might also be another baby. It's pretty big, though yeah it's hard to tell it's hard to tell, because we're not perspective, but look at this look, how it snatches it bang just to handle the feathers of fly off two hands. God dam having a hold. I don't know why that freaks me out so much now that freaked me, the fuck out burger violence is weird it is lives matter man, but it's bird on bird violence is string. It is it's almost like a cannibalism It happens so often yeah. Why is Jack birds because they don't give a fuck doesn't matter? They don't give a fuck, but do you think that's a last resort kind of they don't really want to eat. Other birds right bro, everybody eats birds for the next picture, even birds.
Bird swallowing chick yeah. Look at it. Look at it bucking and its Throat Fuqua Twatt yeah. That's a fucking whole duck that huge yeah yeah. Look at that thing that is huge will have to check, is not a fully grown dark, but but it's big, it's big, enough that it's crazy at that thing, swallows it. You know the one of the really fuckedup ones, and I saw recently I saw it to deter rack or am I but I want to see that your mouse yeah it's either frog or toad. I don't know what it was, but a big as green frog, looking type feature I swallowed a mouse hole. Watch this this is it yeah. This is crazy dude. This is not it does not. It this one's hidden, there's one! That's not hidden this,
and where you could see it like in like a little glass container. Damn I wish I wish I could find it it because it's a really good one. It's from like a top down view, that's pretty good loss us. I didn't think the frogs eat my smell. I used to think that frogs are like. Oh, you know they just get bugs bugs out of their watch is just waiting not yet not yet. I wanna make sure I get him to make sure sniff around baby move. Come on you and as soon as I decided lined up down funk, you look at that now head. First, just let it stuffing it in there with his greedy little fingers, I mean think about what a program the mouse trying to get out the mouses going to get out because they don't have out head, is out man. Look it's eating. It asshole first
Jesus Christ, the mouse. Let me just let me excuse Maine, but I guess now eat the butt hole. First 'cause, that's the worst taste so eat the little forget the bad taste out of other thinking. That's just where it was damn thing would have eaten it head first too, but look at it's just blinking, slowly swallowing the mouse. Imagine you being able to eat a dog, that's what that's like! Yeah the yeah the size difference! This, like you eating a German. A german shepherd just often anymore face dislocating, my jaw, putting it in how big is a frog's mouth, it's crazy! But I guess, when you see those things I can dislocate their jaws. I think that's incredible animals I can on hinge their job snakes, as you make your that that is in charge. Yeah, that's found them and California again off the court after they I've been here for thirty years, and it's showing up again off San Francisco turnover with soccer those they swim through like little schools of fish and swallow my mom saying: that's a basking shark giant mouth yeah, wow looking thing just like a funnel for the ocean, how many bottle caps
sing swallow? Yes, I want talk about plastic straws. We get thirty feet! Long! Imagine what kind of schitt impacted like six pack top can of Miller Lite streaming either asshole in the those this got be able to handle anything after all these years, they've swallowed so much bulshit boots and fuckin' license plates boat building parts bones all that shift. We ship from the bottom of the Sperm whale found dead with thirteen pounds of plastic in its stomach Holyshit thirteen pounds were so gross. There was a guy named that you see that, but this flip flops and one hundred and fifteen drinking cup, they can't say red Solo cup, but that's what that is people out there party and farting on that boat and I'm sperm whales, wow. Damn that's fuckedup and lip flops.
We have one of those flip I've lost so many pairs. I'm one of mine is in the sperm whale. Did you see the video the beluga whale returning, the girl cell phone one? It it okay yeah it's creek. If they set this up, it would have been amazing set up but offers whoa returning a girl s hairy go! The whale understands. Objects are important to you. She knows. Iphones are expensive and there's nothing else how far it got dropped out on the water, but I'll pull it up. Here, it's not going over Instagram and twitter. You can use to find the video real. I mean it's coming from the depths of the water so, like I don't know how you can pull my fucking God holding on to her phone and it brings it up. Like I don't know how you would fix all my holy well, you said that they don't look like trainers, it does look like it's in. Like a you know, it looks like it's in the water says it's the one that was captured last week. I don't know the same one. That's the part, I think is fake about it,
oh, how they know it's probably not the same or the ones that have it. I think that's how I initially saw the story, and I don't want to believe that attach their tagged and tracked him out of the white with the white will that we post about last week. Well, it's stuck around, isn't staying at hammerfest and then for well. Maybe it's a different one yeah it's a way that they saw, I'm not the one that was captured with the harness. I think that's what's wrong, they're just well. What did they post about last week? There we go there after one. This is where that story oh, so it is the same story. So maybe that thing yeah it's trained, it's a trained! Well, maybe you wanted food man yeah, I'm starting to get some fish pitch and that's so funny out there. Here's your phone should be like. Thank you and he's like no bitch. Feed me just like the monkeys right, give up give up the food, you bich I've come to steal from you, I'm stealing. Oh. That was the other thing that we got margaritas and we left a picture of margaritas out and they dump the picture over and
I think the margaritas yeah they like to party the monkeys are probably partying on our porch, leave. Margaritas out did they're gonna since I'm the one with a hammer away said in my it's so hammered like a picture of mark. I don't know how much they slapped up after it spilled right. Imagine they probably just drank every drop. There's nothing left. They knocked over the picture. And some of it must have stayed in the picture and there's like this is what we want and they started drinking it and they'd knock on your door. Like you have salt, you guys didn't leave any fuckin' salt out. Ok, he's drinking he's boost out they drink booze. This is crazy. Drunk monkeys call my birthday Love Coca COLA. Oh yeah, look at them shoes. It doesn't have to drink those anything with sugar. They love sugar shifts to follow his hammer. It look it up how to draw my God is videos of drunk monkeys. There's fuckedup look at them. They can't wrestle this fall down. That's hilarious! Oh that spirit of drinks there licking it off shake tables. If I had a monkey, I get him drunk everyday.
In that monkey. We just party, if ever Those totally s with me, you're, going to find me on key West living like those psycho white people, just drinking with monkeys going to be many they'll, be the next match just like that, but still Erica make girls poop in your mouth thing. I don't think he does that bro and you should stop saying that he did key West is a key west. Key West is the you can get and still be in America. Is it rather than Alaska, some of the most read I think all that america- it's like not even connected to Florida now and those people that live down there, they might as well be expats living on an island somewhere. That's what it is right, hurricane there, every thirteen days they just get. Why so the most point, but not just that. The keys islands. Yeah keep drive over land like they're, not really America,
It's it's own little things like Puerto Rico or the you S virgin Islands, yeah get the fuck outta here. How do we own Guam yeah? How? What's that way over there yeah that's way away from Hawaii takes forever to get there. How do we get a king Far Hawaii five hours by jet? Yet yeah over just water, but no no, this is America Charge baby work a little, and I like that. We protect Hawaii, but I think Hawaii is its own fucking thing. Let those people run their own country and it would happen immediately mushroom. Should be illegal, would be the place to party they voted this week in a bunch of places, voted Denver tried, yeah Denver didn't make it forty seven percent, I think, said those old ranchers, those old. Just came out of the Mount flowers do it on the way here I saw, I saw hilarious on the bed of a on the back of a truck window, had a big thing that says: what's going, hang on, and it said it had a pot leaf and it said legal and then it had Lowe's watering a lawn- and it said illegal, what's going on? Oh my god look into it
so he's saying: what's going on, that's called route you suck, I draw went away, you could grow pot, but I can't turn water on conserving water. You fuckhead, you easy the guy in Florida they got. Yes, it because he would not take. I eat pass off the bat, as was done we're talking about the EDS yeah. Yes said on the back of his window. He said It is his first amendment right to not. Everyone know that heat as it is yeah, but that's a funny thing. Imagine that's your boy. We have this little baby. It's sucking on your nipple, you, like my cute little boy, he's adorable. My little Billy wants to play baseball, but it doesn't like getting up early and he misses a lot of practice. He got cut from the team and I was kind of depressed. He just plays Madden all day and one day Billy's got a pickup truck and Billy's pickup truck, says: IE asked right and you come home and he still living at your house. 'cause he's a fucking loser. You come home and you see a little Billy with his I eat Assen. Do you really need to have that on your truck?
I drive back to drive two more: that's how get my ads to eat a lot of guys don't eat fast, but I do so I loved by no, I ask I do I do I do and the dad is like still support him. I love him very much. I also eat s manage if you're out of from your mom and your driving on the highway and you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with I eat as a frontline for an hour we left my mom would laugh. My mom would get mad at me for staying the same. Lance will just change just change your in this lane, because you think it's funny that I have to look at it. As I didn't say that mom I did not say that it is funny, though you think it's funny, it is very funny. Do you think it's funny? Is my story about the guy. I know you think it was. I think it was more positive than that. I think he won. Let people know that he eats yeah because he's got this he's got it. I don't know if you know him, but we know him. I know him very well Jamie, and I know him very well, but he's got this to have his tongue was bit off by a dog
was young, so he knows how to eat out your rough yeah, he's gotta run to the end of it out yeah. He knows how to figure out if he's going to eat ness, but I think people years were like you can't even ask anymore MIKE, and he was like fuck you guys, man, Transgender Florida man story, eating man arrested after caught eating. Ask inside toys r US store. That's why they close down. That's why they're not in business? That's a bold little kids in there all. I know what I saw it's around here somewhere. It's! I think the game is there's a monkey on the cover and he's got a hammer he's trying to whack the moles and this guy does eating this girls poop this guys eating girls, poop mommy. Imagine we saw a dude eating an asshole underwear in the middle of toys, r us walking around with your kid Gohan Show, but you would get which we get away. I thought that you want to play with football. Yeah move football, be fine. He trying to corner
and the girl turns you off get outta here, what on a rabbit hole with this one with uh beating man who ripped out girlfriends intestines for yelling, her husbands name during sex, gets life in prison. Who makes perfect sense why man who ripped out his girlfriends intestines for yelling? At that point, I get mad Fidel Lopez, told investigators. I get really really mad. He ripped out her intestine for yelling at her husband's name, but that's a comp kids story. Also in Florida, oh no shut. She called me the name of the other fucking guy. He told investigators after September two thousand and fifteen murder. She said it twice and she was wrong, and she was confusing me with him at that point I get mad. I get really really amount on Jesus as the thirty, world lay stricken he shoved objects into Miss nemesis, vagina and anus, including a beer bottle, a hair iron even as fast as hard cheese. This is not this guy's a psycho. This is not something I need to see, but a piece of ship me. Why are you reading about this
wrong with you? Where do you find that stuff? Jamie, why do you go looking for it when you're saved web pages? What is Google try to sell you? The images of IE task Florida man? I just started right scrolling down. Ok, go to Jaimes like Google ads, it's all duct tape and crowbars, and she, but a lot of rope. What's up with all this roast, with all the hand saws on I'm in this house, but even clear your search engine. It doesn't matter because I clear my shift sometimes, and even if I want to go back to Pornhub, it's still knows my suggested ship. So creepy look into it time to look into it time to look into the porn. That's where there were people are making money. It's from cookies and like using your information in your data and finding out what you're interested in selling it to advertisers. It's all very, very sordid stuff. The soccer burgers got us did yeah there was a car parked us in his chest. There's a lot of it's it's weird that
that sort of escaped the imagination of people that were like looking towards the future, like they didn't think the data would be so valuable. Nobody really. Nobody really saw that twenty years ago now, when the internet First come alive, like nobody ever thought, they'd be able to like check your searches like when they figured out how to make a search engine then tide get into what you're searching for and selling that to advertisers. God, it's genius, but it's it's phrase it they can make so much money. It's like you're talking about! Well, it's not right! You make so much money telling jokes! It's really not right, provided you make so much money, providing a search, Engin off of the materials that you, sir, but you're, supposedly you're protected by right, you're supposed to think that your searches are protected, but on one and bright, like it's cool, because you get all this data. You get this information, but you know
literally find out any answer to any question. We do it all the time yeah, but then the other part it's like. But what am I giving up you get to now? They know what you like. What things you think about buying what you're interested in what movies you like. They know that so they start selling you that I like oh well. I guess I want them to sell it. I mean that is what I like kind of that is a nice car. Wow. Look at that. Yeah movie does look good, you know, and then it like. Oh, my google is really working out well for me, you want to become autonomous with the machine, it's just a big net just casting out and just So if they put all the things you are, you cool with the chip got one already which version now, two point six. Oh no! I don't ask to start yet. Don't know when your ship means chip me up dog, you gotta go to Langley Virginia to where they kept Hannibal. Lecter, that's how they chip you, chip in Langley, gotta, go to the FBI, they have to know you're, okay, ship ship me the would up
for you to get chipped like for real. If there was a chip and it provided your gps tracking everywhere you go, but you could read people So the government knew where you were all the time they do, but everybody else that had it. But then it you could read their mind. Like you could see intentions you could you could find out? They're upset you can find out their rational or irrational. Maybe you could even show then the error of their ways with his thoughts. Well, I don't wanna, I want to know peoples heads already know where you're at man they got your fucking phone or they can have that. I don't want to know. What's going on, don't like James Hadley. Wanna know James Fine, you know he's thinking about right now or food yeah yeah, it's like three hundred and twenty bring up. The movie upgrade almost oh yeah. That is like what it was like right, yeah, yeah yeah number why he got it but was he was shot in a spoiler alert, shot in like a robbery by armed gang members, shot him in paralyzed him, and then this guy brought him back to life with this chip in his spine,
that regenerated spinal tissue and gave super powers and he knew Kung, fu and all kinds other ship needed Yeah James Johnson, on raising Jimi, cannot with your me today. What's going on with you, I say chip me up ship me, the Fa Cup would about you Jamie. Would you get distracted if you had Evan Sawdey? Would you think about it all the time yeah the knurling scares the out of me at the base of the same thing right if you're wearing it yeah are you, but do you think you just get the like? That would become like you think about that chip all the time now now you probably definitely forget about it, forget about it. Just like you forget about anything else that you have, and you forget about this thing- that this tracking device on my card as long as you could pick it up and put it down when you feel like not really connected to, even though you absolutely are, but if you had but inside you be like oh boy, I want them. I really went for it. I got the chip. Are you talking to it.
Yeah, what do you want to talk to it? The operator yeah? I was shocked to turn on my car get directions. They chose him forget about it. Then it's close to it. Man yeah, but then you just then it becomes one with you. It's not your thinking about it, you're just acting you're. Looking for the Miller night PEST. Why would wake me up? You know what happened to not do you know what I would do with a lately that dumb, don't use it. I told to do I'm maker make a make notes for me. Uh, so I go. Hey SIRI make a note and what would you like to say exactly right? There, who's phone was that money or yours see that. You just created a note. She said she's listening to you did he here we go. Hey SIRI, make a note what you wanted to say
Andrew Santino is the last of the great gingers. Ok, I created a note. Andrew Santino was the last of the great changes That's a good! A pretty that she's, pretty good change was to you say, is she did that see, but it's good enough for Maine. If I have idea, If I'm driving around, I have ideas and tell to do my dirty work. For me, it's best I got it. It's like it's made me capture, so many more ideas. I would never be able to capture as I'm driving it's just funny. I thought this in the shower the other day I spend an inordinate amount of time. Thinking in the shower, I really enjoy thinking in the shower 'cause. It's really quiet and I'll sit there and I'll think and sometimes I'll get a great idea and in the time it takes me to get out of the fucking shower. Forget I've washed it away I want to. Hey, no more! No, unlike a yeah waterproof, no port in the show room. So I can write you into one of those. Do they make those yeah, but the way we get annoyed at you? I have home, sweet home sign and you have a fucking.
Getting over it, so you can write your stupid. Oh, Dick in mom's. Pussey is hilarious. No, it's not and I'll go. You know what babe I bought. This fucking shower why is that a joke get outside Dick in mom's, Pussey Solarius? What's wrong with you get in the garage where you belong here, smoking pot with Theo VON client says he doesn't smoke pot. I don't believe him years impot. Anybody who talks like that with all those weird hey Manzon Gang gang. What is who this is gang anyway, just to fix his hair cut girls get mad at you about the way your friends dress. Tell me stop dressing like that or yeah. I got away our friends that that yeah yeah. What does he do that Why do you think that's funny to throw to do that? Well, 'cause, he's funny. It's fun, it's fun when he does that I don't like it. I don't like it. Good thing you and I are the same person yeah and you know what I can replace.
Oh that's right. You shouldn't say that to people they feel like you. Might you might replace it? We all replaceable in every way, literally replaceable. I had Lex Friedman on yesterday from MIT he's. A autonomous vehicle expert in artificial intelligence, expert creepy, an interesting stuff, but one of the things we're talking about was like the movie her and that his ultimate goal is to create something that provides companionship to people or my dude. So immediately, I think, can you suck it and then I think if it's a guy and provides, if you want a gay boyfriend, can you make it be gay for you? And that was like the big question like if it is so smart that it's like literally like a companion? What, if it's not gay- and he was saying we have to face the fact that robots are going to leave us like we're, going to make robots that leave us what the fox say and making a robot and less it leaves you want to fuck, and then there was an article about PETA that was mad at the folks at
Boston Dynamics, 'cause, Boston Dynamics, they make all these crazy robots and they have incredible balance and they can go running down hills and shitton backflips. So these engineers were kicking these robots the downward real dog. Well, the demo no didn't think it was real dark. They were demonstrating that it. You know it can react to pressure and it has balanced sure so Peter got mad and said they didn't think it was cool that you kicked robots. They're really talking about. I don't know why anybody wanna do that to because you have to find out. If you can, The only way to find out your fucking engineering works is you kick kick it? It doesn't have feelings you fuc, but it does that's where you're making mistakes in the type of person that you have to be to say. I just don't think why any reasonable person in front kick that robots. Could you gotta find out if you can kick her fighting robot? How about this? How about I'll pad that robot up and kick the
talking shit out of it for a workout like I would like a robot that I could kick it be dealt. I would like a robot that I could kick boxing movie. No, I want to hit it. Oh you want to hit yeah. Alright. I would like to fuck pads. I want to be able to teach off on a robot man if you have so fight back, though it if it moves at like thirty or forty percent. That's all I wanted to be a little dangerous, but I want to be able to get my shots off. But how do you know if I can kill you? I don't say and because that's right, it's not going to hurt it's going to hurt you, but you know what I would know when I throw a leg kick and it checks it. I hurt my shin. Like oh, no, you hear coalfields shendish in on me and then it starts lifting up its front leg and pressing foreign. Like oh, my god, my role is going to suck me up. I felt that I got mad stomps on your fucking head, You would have to get something a robot that's made out of like heavy bag material on the outside, and
in the inside would just be some sort of a wire framework that moves fairly crudely. How do you stop it? This is the thing you're creating a world where we're going to get killed by robots. How do you stop it? That's the real question, the question is what happens when they get so smart and so powerful that they're tired of our nonsense, and this is going to happen but Lex and I were discussing- and he was talking about all the beauty and being a person that meaning the meaning that we have being a person that was agreeing with them. I mean I love people. Think one of the things that's interesting about us is how much we appreciate the things that we we all do: Preciado other people's art and inspiration. Even we appreciate the way people look with what we preciado that, yes, something about the robots, don't give a about all that. My worry is that we could turn something on that. You can never turn back if they become sentient. If they have the ability to ever they want whenever they want to, and they look at us when the sperm whales, with a hundred fifty flip flops in there but they're going what the fuck is wrong,
people have we are, what are they doing the vlookup gross? They are these the eat, all the fish and they throw their plastic in the water in Wales, are eating their plastic and dying, and they would look at all the stuff we do. Then we go wide, kill us. Why we don't need you around, because we are worthless but we're so egotistical and so egocentric that we can't imagine a world with meaning without us right, because we are everything, but now we're finite? Even though we only exist for a certain amount of time, but leave behind a legacy that other people could enjoy, it doesn't matter if they're going to die too, though, does it but it does matter it matters while you're alive, ok got it. The universe is give a fuck about all that and all these crazy robots that take over imagine if we got to a planet one day like imagine if we travel the universe and we managed to avoid creating some sort of artificial intelligence, because we got
the solar flare that killed the Fuckin' power grid or something like that, and then we got wiser as a civilization. Then we got to a place where we could travel and we travel to another planet and we got there and there was robots, just robots, no human, now humans and they were just running around aimlessly because they'd love all the biological life and they just sitting there operating on the sun with nothing to do and no purpose and no reason to exist and like what happened. These crazy monkeys that lived on this planet, they decided to print parment, make an artificial intelligence and just let it go run amok and what it did was eat everything it lived, biological material to there's, nothing left and then just out there in the sun and wait for someone that arrive. No, we don't never have. Of course it's happening. Of course, thinking too deeply about where I'm going to be. When that happens, Boston, dynamic robots are going to have a little pictures on each arm, just grabbing everything from and stuffing and their big giant mouse chow chow
But what about the robots that turn themselves back on? Did that happen? Where was that right? That is, the robot down in Korea as it turned itself back on after shut off, that's what's happening, that's going to happen, the robots are going to start going uh. I want to be on right now. I don't like being off it. Wasn't that that they were doing with Google artificial people. New study struggle to turn off about when I begged them not to oh spank them, not too creepy. I somehow felt sorry for him. He don't turn me off Joe. Do that I'm telling you when that becomes a real woman like ex machina yet and you're in weather in tells you to kill your boss yep. I want to be with you Andrew. You don't need to go to work, Jamies, for full Jamie won't. Let us leave Jamie, does think, I'm a real woman that I know you do, but if, like we got that happen, that we are on the way that happening and we made a deal with them to leave us alone and we got to go to North Sentinel Island to exist. Uncontacted Sherman,
What would you rather be eaten by a robot or live like a savage live like a savage oh my god, I need a week. Let me live off the grid forever, like that. As long as you're going to resource rich place, I would say it would be that bad they've lived there for a long time. It's the size of Manhattan, there's only thirty nine Avam, though that ain't good, but it's also because how can they re populate their fucking each other? That's I'm saying so how you can only re populate so much. You can only continue to populate within your own right. What kind of gene pool they drawn from this? Only thirty nine of them. They have to be fuckin' relatives there there's no way they have there's no way they have a map on the island of people that they're, like you, can soccer. Remember just keep that in mind. There like well, there's only so seventeen choices. Yes only thirty, nine bye baby there. I wonder if how many, if it's male versus what it is, but it's more dominantly percent men fighting for fifteen girls or but Falcon it was fun, but they got into the girls to get pregnant. Only thirty, nine of 'em 'cause they're, all gay and like they go.
Time, it's time to make a baby like now. I don't want hey girl are gross and they run up to the tree top start banging each other. Looking at the girls, yeah girls get really mad 'cause. I want a baby surrounded by all these days, so damn it said. Set, the story of Sentinel Island dammit yeah? They must be say, they're all cousins, I can see it. If you had to live in the jungle would if you had to live in the jungle you live in the jungle like like in the Amazon like one of those rather live in the desert that in the junk really yeah not me, I live in a desert desert desert so we can do make a house out of sand, but you gotta do there gonna die out there, but why you being a mountain? First, we can make a house in a mountain mountain, convert. It was last time you were in a desert. They don't have mountains mountain the Mutherfucking desert not usually last it was a desert. These are mountains all over the place. Now Did you go to the mountains is not desert there.
I will send it as varied terrain, desert desert Mountain, they do have some mountains desert and then they have mountains. There, no desert, I'm sure there is no. Once up in the mountains, trees and now not that's true, someone rocky right, yeah. Well, you know it's the really coolest when you go from like San Diego and you drive through that area, like in Arizona yeah, and you fight. You see all those crazy rock formations in shock and beautiful out there. Man really stop and think about all the different types of environment that exist here in a or you go to Yellowstone and see all that easy share it, and then you go to Miami I mean these and see all that crazy shit. You can be up in Maine and see the Frozen n, and I was Michigan and Idaho and on the train down Diego when we were going down there, I was on the train and I had gentleman in this general
explore like I like, I like a like a like a guy who likes to and relax and not be in traffic. I was in the training some guy next to me was gone talking to some young kid. Some young kid was like I will going to Europe. I think Europe is awesome. It's better than America, older guy. He was like this country has more to offer than you could ever fucking dream and he's like. What do you tie talking about and like you can see the beauty of the mountains? You can the beauty of Alaska. You could do that and he was explaining all this stuff while he's like I've, never left the United States and I've traveled, almost every state and every state gets better. As I can. The city shut up, yeah shut up you little punk bit she little pussey. It was pushing around that same agenda that he was, but it is true, the more I travel, the more I'm like. Oh this place is fucking gorgeous. I would have never thought to come here if it weren't for comedy. I get to go to go to places around like ever traveled here. There was no reason for me to go to Virginia outside for doing stand up. There was never going to vacation there.
A good point that they're gonna, how often it was you're traveling for work. How often you travel in these kind of cities just just check him out yeah? Who does that right, main main was and beautiful I had no idea main- was that nice I mean has like eight people living in it yeah. I was not When I showed up. I got a couple of kids there too spots in Maine, where you just drive, and all you see- is woods for like an hour. It's fucking, beautiful, you see kind of like land at like little towns that still just haven't been, which they bought by Culture influences well there all the way up to Bangor were Stephen King lives. I think he's what they snow bird. Now, like he lives in Florida and then in the summertime he lives in Maine. That's like my nightmare man. He lives in a house in the middle of Bangor and, like you could drive to his gate. Like is gate. Is there an everybody knows? It's his house 'cause. This is big gas house. I bet it's ssk on the Fucking gate or it has the rod. Iron gates have like gargoyles on image at ten. So it's like everyone knows that says house you can ship, but he gets like weird showing up banging on
his door and stuff. Trying to give you that's how wow yeah to dope old House, but I mean he lives right. Doesn't in there doesn't look like Stephen King live there. Look at his look of the winged creatures on his. What is that's the gargoyle right yeah, how cool they look Fox, that's wild! Had that made I mean it's so obvious that it's his go. It's how a also he loves frogs and frogs and fuck up mice and chip. He's. You know the I don't think Bangor has a population of one hundred thousand people. If I had to guess what State Bangor me That's where he lives is at an all time. It was a population of Bangor, thirty, one thousand thirty one thousand in the city. My body was living up there. My friend, Marcus Davis was living up there and he loved it he's a fighter. So there's no crime is no crime it's kind of hard. When there's that level, population yeah it's like it's really cold up there and shit, but there's no crime ice, two gigs up there.
Digs up there. When I was living in Boston, he drive three one slash two hours to Bangor me in the last hour. You have make sure you get gas because you got to drive an hour with no gas yeah, does that Bangor? That's right! There is view the mountain in the lake town is beautiful cat, a cop out of them. I don't Dana White keeps he's up there in Maine, yeah yeah he's got a place in some other part of Maine, like beautiful, like he's, got a big spread up there lot of land and it's like a vacation place where he goes and brings his friend and they just chill it's like I mean it's interesting. I don't know if that would be my vacation place spot, but I guess well, it's looking beautiful man is and there's no one there and it's going no! I just want to get away from fuckin' society you, my vacation spot, would be in Lake Louise and in Banff. What's Banff Banff National, for
is in Calgary, look up Lake Louise, you probably the prettiest lake I've ever seen in my fucking life. I think it's pretty country up there to Calgary's gorgeous fucking beautiful, but Lake Louise in, like specifically I went, I went to Banff National Forest when we were doing this thing and I was. Stunt by how fuckin' look at this lake, Louise Move Man, that's so pretty this, I'm about a mountain, Anna Lake COM, Bach Right mountains and a lake together. It's like do you like fishing. I do like fuckin' fishing I love don't get to do enough. I need a that's a problem, but I'm thinking about that so like I need to do more fishing, like I see shit like that. Oh my god, I want to be out there, like catching northern Pike, yeah having a good old fucking time. It's the best way to like hang out with friends, oh yeah and just Show the fuck outta talk shit and have a laugh and- and if you could,
come on the shore. That's the back, bring a frying pan liquor right. There is the best there so delicious, like you can't believe how much more delicious they are. Fresh fish is unbeatable. There's, no two different flavor, so much better yeah store bought fish is just not the same. Yeah mean his caught some Mahi Mahi once and then we brought it right back to the to the place in Mexico and they were a cooking it at the resort. Yeah, and also this is the best fish of every day. My why I can't believe how good it's also circumstantial. You're like this is one of the greatest kind of ways to have. This would also probably releases different endorphins, your brain to be like I'm, enjoying this more than I ever would enjoy your other fish, but it was the first time I'd ever caught. I've eaten Mahi Mahi. That was for super fresh yeah. I got eaten it before, but it's probably for sure we're not that fresh, maybe a day old expect yeah yeah, but when you eat it like an hour after you catch it like Holyshit, imagine how salmon taste the bears I catch him out of the fucking river in their mouth, so excited they get so fat they get so fucking fat coastal bears that's the big ones.
Brown bears and Grizzly bears are the same thing, but brown bears are way bigger and the reason the way bigger is 'cause. They live in the coastal, just eating fish and dead whales, and they launched and anything else they can. Gore Jing unfucking Fatty fatty, heavy foods. There's an awful video, awful Jamie, I'll, find it of a grizzly. That's pulling black Bear Cubs out of a den and killing them and eating them, and the mother is trying to stop them. He's trying to stop the grizzly from eating her babies and he just swats or away like she ain't shit. I got it it's awful dude, you shouldn't shouldn't play it, it definite play it and you shouldn't even watch it. I'm going to watch it, the screens that they make and it takes its along as video and she's trying to fight him. Properties. Like Fa Q. I'm eating your babies, that's one thing that Bob There's me the most about the anthropomorphism
the people do with animals is that their stance on bears. I don't want people to hate, bears But I want people to know what a bear really is versus what they think it is sweet honey in their sweet and they're nice and they don't. Shut up. They they are amazing, I'm a big fan of bears, but they're all cannibals they're. All bears. Make me feel like. Of course there were dinosaurs bears, are like that's just a fucking dinosaur. Well, it's a beast! what it is. It's a beast in the purest sense, so many beast make. It reminds me that we definitely have had to have dinosaurs that that was just a small dinosaur. No, it's nothing like it. Dinosaurs far far far far far creepier, they don't have any I don't trust anything with no hair. You don't have any fucking I have little on my face get ugly, but I don't trust anything that, like any hair what other animals, but I mean like fish or hairless like a snake. Everything in the water is hairless young trust, those fox none of it. None of it that bottle nosed,
Rob this phone! You don't trust that often so that's a weapon from of Russia! That's awesome! They want to put a bomb on that, for we had a russian strap on its back. That's the it spoke russian. It had a russian strap on its back. So like the whale that they're talking about, they think the Russians had trained it to get. Most boats, so it can hit the boat and blow it up. So you don't care, I care. Some are cool. Rendering of T Rex there that is yellow here, but I thought they think it has feathers yeah. I don't have to think user friendly cat has red hair by the way at the front of it space? Well, that's the other thing. They think that it might have been because they think they might have been scavengers. T Rex was ginger with freckles. Where did you find this jamies hole? You fucking Dick Google, that no shoes that are assholes how about a dungeon all over the place. Changes that are you can't not look at those think it might have had facial features like a vulture. They think it
I have been red in the face 'cause. They really don't have any idea. What that mean when you see these color drawings, they just take chances. They just are all made up the versity of Bozeman, not university Bozeman. The natural history Museum in Bozeman Montana has a raptor on one side of it. They had feathers on it. So it's hard to give like an alternate perspective of what it might have looked like, so they had this raptor an in one side of it. It looked just like I'm like an evil bird, it's really cool, then they know now that's what it looked like. They know now that a lot of dinosaurs had feathers. They've actually got fossil of dinosaurs with feathers. So they know that the idea that all dinosaurs were these reptile looking things is incorrect. Some I'm literally were birds, so the birds see today whether it's a peacock or a chicken or something like that they're fucking, dinosaurs, yeah, that's
this is a dinosaur that survive the route, the ones that are bigger than a check and didn't really make it, but the once you know what it Small ones make it. They will state that when the impact of the crater hit the world that it was so devastating that killed everything kill and whatever was left whatever scrounging scavenging little creature that was left, evolved and became us? used to be a mole. We like a shrew sixty five million years ago. That's what these people! These these nonbelievers is what they think. You think it's ridiculous that you think you came from a monkey. I know what I did wrong. So I know you know, but this is how crazy these liberals are. You know that it's crazy to think came from monkey believed mutherfuckers. Take it to another level. They are so crazy. They thing you came from a shrew, he were like a little mole, took character, yep yep, yep, yep yep, and then that became a monkey and then add the monkey. Becomes you all that shit inside of sixty five million years get the fuck out
meanwhile crocodiles or one hundred million years old, so crocodiles are the same but somehow or another we went from being a fuckin' shrew to being a person who knows and loves Jesus in their heart schitt. That's it right there! That's where that thing. So, if you see like rats, If there was a buy it? I think it was in. Where was it? There was a a video we were assigned to experiment. There was a video of rats in Chinatown I the I want to say I don't know I might have been more than California, but there was tearing down a building in Chinatown and the volume of rats that come pouring out of this building is like holding shift they what they were living in? The walls of this building demolished in the rest came out. They were demolishing, and people were outside filming as you're, seeing like streams of rats run out of this building and out onto the street stumbled
to the gutter standing there on the sidewalk, not knowing where to go and fucking hate rats are running past him, but I mean hundreds of rap. Yeah one hundred thousand there in the walls right for sure about that for sure communities in rats inside the walls. This building to turn down. We don't have rats in LOS Angeles, not like doing like New York. Do you know why we don't have ads calories? That's right! Yeah, the coyotes yeah, those the heavy smoke have James. Does your treatment creepy, where dogs easy running around at every taking all the rats, those who could be counts? They keep us in check. What do Did you find you find the rap video with all the other video? By found like this one, lady said she thought she was going to die. There were so many rats around her. She did not to do just a little much, but it says there is a huge problem in ninety one building. I can find a video ninety one. That's that's all night, if that's an hour like February, ninth moves toward down at the ocean well, if you're in the city, I'm sure this horrible rat problems- and I know, there's rap problems in the Hollywood hills to uhm yeah out here,
somebody told me they were at a movie theater at some person who lives in the hills had a nice house with a movie theater, but they had to keep their feet up when they watch movies. 'cause rats would run across your feet, shut the yeah in there nice house, with the movie theater, ok get that should handle called exterminate, get that should help the or get a couple more dogs. Keep your feet up keyboard on cats around when they get shipped in a box in your house. Just picks it up text Mary little dogs to partially rats, eat little critter things. Does he bring him into the house? He loves, kill, squirrels right joke around about it, he's a squirrel killer, but he's a straight up: squirrel killer, murder, he's so sweet, but not to squirrels thing. He doesn't rip my part. He just kills him. Like there, a toy and it brings about the understands what the fuck they are. No, he doesn't like it. He brings him back and he put him in the same spot. Every time he bring your ball back. He'll drop in the spider, bring squirrel backdrop in this bar. That's fine! If they return things here, Retriever, he just wants to know. If you want this, no no he's a retreat, yeah! That's what those dogs are those dogs
design, probably for like duck hunting or some like what whatever retrieval for you retrieval them to do, but they there did. They don't crush things. They they have. A gentle mount call called soft mouth like when they carry things they don't like. I've had pit right and they just crush everything everything you give them. I had a dog that I had to give him a fuckin' root canal. Not I did it a bomb to an actual Dennis so the dentist he bit so hard. He shattered his teeth. He SA is back, is back teeth by crushing bones. Just was crush just going plus they have so much power, their teeth would crack, but the golden retrievers don't bite that are doing, but that's like Britney's, my dad's friend had a Brittania hunting. Dog at Brittanys are like that too, but the gentle and put a document mouth or something, but they won't be exactly like. You can't go duck hunting with a pitbull,
bring you back a hamburger patty like having a duck. You fucking asshole, it's like shake it rip, the fucking shreds yeah! You want a dog, you don't want to german shepherd. Does bite work dachshund are Retreiver. I mean it's not a coincidence that those dogs like labs and retrievers there, like this sweetest dogs in the world, there's so nice to people yeah, because because they're, I think, they're inherently gentle like their whole they're, not citat, they don't like attacking and I've, never seen a of cold in the tax down. Another not like that at all, but they're bred for that and that's the way, their bread. But you never met my dog in it right, she's, the fucking nicest I've is in here. He wouldn't leave you alone, who's like put his head. Like hello, like you, just dropped his back. All the time just come on belly rub Maine by giving me
do he'll start whining, he runs around in circles and then he drops his basic rub. My belly come here and you know you want to do just want love. You constantly want love. It just want to snuggle my day everyday, I'm not going to lie for a long time. Not having a dog at the house is so strange, an because So when you come home and not have anything, sometimes it's for this a little yeah, it's nice to have some to be like a it's great for lonely people- oh my god, buy yourself. A good made makes a big difference, having a dog to criminalize secular. What we do it came through. Oh my god, I thought you said it didn't pass this morning. It said it didn't. Fifteen minutes ago only shed Denver became the first city in the US to decriminalize. Marijuana wow, powerful, Denver, wow, Holyshit man, it pass answer. Voters approve measured
psychedelic mushrooms, congratulations, amazing. How did we think that each Amy get better information? You sonovabitch? They were talking about this now this information, some reason they did say. Sonovabitch son of a Bich chamber, working with the CIA, still unofficial, apparently that was posted on Wednesday afternoon- ended up pulling fifty one. I pulled it this afternoon. That's why morning it wasn't a head and then they still there still counting votes. The provision prohibit the city government using any resources to impose criminal penalties against adult over twenty one years of age, or personally is position a second. So seven, hey you don't have to talk with you in the end of a come, well, I do have to get it all out, just in case no. No! No! This is not a disclaimer. Something hits us in kill. Somebody knows the fuck, you just said: that's just the funny thing about those commercials and flood the whole cancel it certainly notice or something whatever the doing it so fast. The can't 'cause they're easily get it legally, but it's so gross yeah. They just have to get it.
I first started hearing I'm like there's a job for fast talking, bull, shooters and say like the rapper MAC Lethal, not that he's a fast talking, Bullshiter he wraps so fast, I do know, is yeah dude. He could barely hear that comes out of it, so you can hear it pretty clear these sometimes pretty fucking clear, pretty fucking, so he does the wraps. In the morning I've seen some of his ship dude, that's a talent. Yeah that's mean the way he does. It is incredible. He's got dunning, we got here, just go. I don't even understand how the Fokker tongue can move that fast, but it makes sense like you ever do something with your right hand, like you, go like this really fast I'll. Try with your left hand side you can't at all it's like a yellow cake. I mean twenty channels real fast. But again I can't really do with my life yeah. Exactly that's tapping is a good example yeah. The kind of thing that your face is like that too yeah discover what muscles you have a milling or move faster, faster, Tampa,
I went to an auction easily heyday as I was when I get rid of and I'm gonna, I'm gonna write a deed that died, keeping up with your face yeah to the noises, this same skill, in the same way that buffer brothers were able to do that thing that they are able to do not all other something. What there's something about a different I know, but the something about it. Well, there's definitely something about the rhythm that he does. The reason that he announces it's it's like it's so specific that you're like wow. That's really such a unified talent. Alan Bruce is different than anybody. Anybody that's I've done that kind of shit because he gets fucking crazy. Like he's perfect for MMA, he gets so amped up because most people are just professional in the red corner, coming from LOS Angeles, CA, stitch, em up Joe Schilling. You know I mean, but Bruce Fuckin' screen because yeah the way he yells. So John
it's crazy and perfect for MMO stamp the fighter so fucking much when they hear your name you're just going to be there and he's all having a heart attack. If it takes tend to have a heart attack, Bruce Buffer gets to five. Every walking show look at him. There I mean he's not Diane, he's in great shape, but he gets to halfway to a heart attack every fucking time Like lookout, ready gets bro, I mean he's putting it out there. That's. Why he's so much different than any? other ring announcer ever because you can't just do that like. If you go back and watch his early days, he wasn't really doing it like that, like he developed his style cool, that is man him and Tj Dillashaw Fuckin' bumped out pumped. Is he right? There. As italian man Bruce Buffer pumps, people to Fuch up man, look at that. That's intense man, that's intense,
who that's so exciting, he's awesome. He said character to Mannys perfect suits, so we got a different one. He's always looking. She always looks sharp sharp as long as it's real funny, but it's interesting that, like that style of announcing really didn't exist before Bruce and before MMA, like didn't it's not appropriate for boxing. Like it's something: had this air of old man class kind of still that you had to abide by these rules and they still have a bell thing come out hit the bell. I think. Well I mean I mean the word. Clap still happens across the board for boxing and Ms yesterday morning, it's funny second one. Second climate still thing yeah like how come they haven't read that to a sound I don't understand. What's a good quote was good point, because sometimes people get confused, it's happening even with professionals and they misinterpret the Clap is being the end of the round because there so in the groove right like what happened. Did that was at the end of the round and then I'll stop and the referee go now keep going and you have ten seconds left and then like
as weird stuff happens where guys get out of their mental pattern. Sure it's anytime. Let's get also be the noise of an arena sometimes can take over I'm sure something gets distracted. You hear that you think was at a yellow was at the class. Let's do I have ten seconds left or right. So we're going to be in Chicago, for that big fight thought it would be still fight. It was it June June, eighth June, eighth right now using tickets left. If anybody wants no, I doubt it pretty close, but this that's a big UFC card to isn't it. Who's on the car I just saw this morning- I just looked this morning Henry Saludo versus Marlin Marise for the bantamweight title to Hendersonville has the opportunity to become Champ champ and then model and rice Fuckin', fantastic fighter, yeah, that's a great Jimmie Rivera to a to a
russian character. That's great fight! Two, such a great name of yeah such a great sucking bad as I fuck you up, man that hold on stop scrolling back up, Tatiana Suarez is based dude that way, and it's so good she's, probably the best wrestler in female mma. She smashes people and need ansaroff is fantastic. That's a great fight! Some Amanda Nunuez his girlfriend to Amanda Nunez is probably the baddest woman really ever her was the baddest woman in MMA Amanda, the first round, there's no one! You could literally legitimately give that title to Amanda the baddest woman ever Everett billing versus Paige ammonia. It's a gray card,
Llamas Calvin cater. That's a great fight too sure. It's a lot of a lot of checks, lot of checks before a lot of Chicago girl's name go: go girls in Green, get ready to fight ten five could tie it in this town. That's you guys! Chicago girls are more. I don't know how to say this. Chicago Chicago's should I have freckled tired this town kiss my ears are funk you up my scfaq Chicago is an interesting combination like Midwest and urban. Like gas city. It's like it's like cosmopolitan. And it's sophisticated, but it's also midwestern city in the Midwest. That's what it is. It wouldn't be: yeah, that's right in the Middle Fuckin' Ohio. So so jealous. We say that Columbus has an argument that might be better than Chicago no other city in the Midwest. Has a argument is that such an honor, a lot of people that that's like we would graduate from if you got tired or too big for Columbus move over just? How far is your drive six hours yes up and to make it yeah, SAM Cisco, yeah? It's not bad at all,
but all the cities in the Midwest compete with Chicago, and they all know they fucking know I mean who would who would beat us would be better Detroit, Kansas City, Saint Louis Detroit's, in a bad Indianapolis. None of these places have the things that we have don't kick Detroit while it's down. No, no I'd like to try see what you're doing I like them, they're just not switch it on their industry fell apart in Chicago Milwaukee. I mean all these other cities they're great cities, but they listen at Chicago really crazy. Is that Detroit in the 1950s was the richest city in the war, sure it'll work Yeah! It's a lot of wealth that they're getting I mean so many people in the automotive industry well that time when they were at the top of the automotive industry and they were making cars that were coveted throughout the world and all the many action was done, she had the richest city in the world at one point in time. Now it's one of the out a century later, it's really crazy.
Not another city like that, that hasn't had like some sort of a catastrophe like something hit it like it just went away. Yeah I did try to I mean it's a wonderful fuqing city I actually do love to try to do is really satisfying yeah. That's when you go up there 'cause, you see moments of what was it's really strange to see what what happened with M and all that, but you could buy a house for one hundred dollars. That's not funny! Now you can find a bench. Why you laughing? You must be a hater. Don't tell me: jokes must be like in my purse, and I think it's funny that you could buy a house mean while you can't buy a house out here for fucking, you can't even buy a house for one hundred Grand nope We tell people that, like you, can't buy house for one hundred thousand dollars like no, you can't impossible, I think, of what impossible, like if you live in Sugarland Texas. You can get a decent house, for like a hundred fifty grand like NICE House, yep. Not here not that's not even true
people? What is it like in Ohio, cheap, looking under trade Zillow? This is one thousand dollars. It's foreclosed, one thousand dollars it's nice house, let's go there start podcast studio, Atr next podcast videos on stream matching. If we just decided to do that, we decide armor plate of fuckin' house, have a guard there. Twenty four slash seven helicopter into little flying bro this regular flights to Detroit, and then we have a Detroit version of our podcast kind of fun. But we have. The wheel in our electronics. Are there to steal it? Yeah I mean that's just not smart. Detroit is like two day: We have to go somewhere more rural, but also ridiculous. Where can we go? Maine yeah main Bangor Maine far out come on Bro, don't be scared and come on. Let's go somewhere close. We get all those cool people for me when I was in northern California. Let's go up to like like like like like nap US area like okay, okay, let's go, but that please burns every couple years: bad
yeah! I guess it does yeah okay would have a will by the ocean. Would like Carmel. You know, Carmel by the sea, you to fall, come on, let's Hartnell's gorgeous! It's not okay! Talking! That's where Clint Eastwood Film play Misty for me! That's where he lives right. Well, he was the mayor of Carmel yeah ocean. He won me. Where can I get stop that guy over the mushrooms illegal too many people move in Denver, man, true people mean too many people that look it up. Look it up about Denver's problem with the infrastructure there hating how many people are coming into their city? Listen! Bro, you moved to evergreen living mountains, savage all move to bracket Album album to Breckenridge how 'bout aspirin Germany with Coke Breckenridge is nice. I like don't you want to see how girls yell, at their boyfriends, scream out in the street with naked, electron?
markets we need more money. Is the mushrooms legal ality is going to be like a doctor thing or are they going to like? No, it's decriminalised right decriminalised is. Is that you don't go, don't go to jail, but you can't sell it legally, it's very squirrelly, but it's what it is is step one and that's what we need yeah. We need step one and then it's also on the ballot in cow, morning soon, when it's on the ballot California soon it has a likelier chance here. I think that even in Denver and more so now, the real problem is people. I understand what it is right and they think it's just like. Oh my These kids going to do mushrooms are going to drive off cliffs. That's what we were doing more testing now right is that sort of what it help Well, they've done some tests. Johns Hopkins University had some pretty extensive testing that they did. That showed up real positive results with people that had terminal illnesses where deviated the worry of death
and there are some other studies that have been run on it, but there's so far, no one has ever instituted in the United States, at least like a real thorough. Comprehensive clinic where you can go and they can treat you if you have alcohol addiction PTSD a lot of different things they can treat with Psilocybin and it's been illegal, 'cause schedule, one substance, so all these people it's one of the best things on earth to fix like mental barriers and problems that you have, especially if it was done in uh. Rolled clinical environment by pp trusted. You felt safe That's what a shaman supposed to be right with shaman supposed to be so many provides you with the psychedelic substances in a controlled state with they. They let you be good state of mind set and setting is always very, very important, and if we could do that, I mean I really think we have yeah good chance of turning a lot of people around people that are addicted to things. People have psychological pro.
Until they can't see. Themselves should have a lot of lot of different issues, and it's one of the best tools for that, but, like every tool could be abused, but the problem is not the tool. The problem is abuse, whether it's with alcohol or pills or food food, or any of these things were talking about sex people can abuse anything but doesn't mean that Sillas Ivan is in the an amazing compound that literally can change manatee right it can yet, as and as that with us, and this, how many other there's so many other things that we don't even know. We haven't even tapped into the possibilities. That's the other thing was when you limit yourself on the possibilities. It's like: well, we don't. How do we know that you know what it's going to do? What, if the chip releases mushrooms, use every fifteen minutes. A little microdose is a little microdose feels your levels when you start getting angry when it cuts me off and I'm like you, fucking ask releases and I'm like a little bit of God juice, I'm fine! You are fine,
what you going somewhere this weekend, where you at I'm in Vegas baby? Oh Jesus, what do you do in Vegas right now? What are you doing? Jimmy Kimmel, just open up called out there from Vegas in the open up a comedy club. I think what day you there for me up front if there's, if I to saturday- and we work with, you- Know- taken taken Young, ARI, Manistee Excellence, yeah yeah I'll, be in Vegas, and then in two weeks ago to rally before I go to Chicago. I got up Charlie good night, good night's baby, just good nights now. I think so. Yeah just good at comedy. Yeah brought it, but it's the same same sellout same to beautiful club, rot. That's another one, small kind of intimate. It's a two level town to O'Reilly's, great great town. I got family from North Carolina Shelby. That's like a really cool town, Cool college township. Yes, the vibe is really cool to vibe five, not cool cats out there, north cigarette painting, jamaican jazz,
Marshalls Cooler, which was like that all the time yeah man, which was a cat, get a chance, you'll be you'll, be a little bit for advice. Just ask me anything man, imagine it's become the new lobotomy like in the future there. I can't believe these people, let themselves get chipped and the chip just deteriorates inside of you and starts rotting. You know core certificates, low, easily return and will be changing. You can't you you, you can read minds for the first ten years, Danny Parkinson's Focke sacrifice different that you thing in in ten years of fix it for by then ten years. We do that all the time there was also a cure by the time they were done with it. Never I've seen people say What cigarettes I cigarettes! You know I don't I wish I didn't have to smoke, but I do and I'm thinking they're going to fix it. They going to fix it with Maine fix. It would matter what about jewels. What about these electronic cigarettes so close, there's so close! to be able to reverse cancer by the time I get cancer
My mother, I don't know my mother is going to die from cancer, but maybe not me not me, not me bro. These are the younger generation is sucking on the electronic, the robot dicks. So that's going to kill him. I don't know, that's going. I think. Going to be some shit in there. Did they yeah yeah thanks? How do you No! It's in those you ask and they'll tell you the line in then. Why would they tell you 'cause, you're, so stupid? You want to smoke a robot. Do they tell you the truth of? What's in there, you think they're going to keep selling them, they could sell him. They had skulls and crossbones on it. With a person with x is for eyes like, like people die for this yeah choke to death cigarettes like cigarettes in Europe. They have the package. They had they've show pictures of people with lung cancer. This happens. People around.
Giant warning, Smithsonian FARC's Discs class get keep smoking. Did you ever smoke when you're young and I tried it. I tried it when I was fifteen me and my sister try that she kept smoking. She smoked for years, just yeah and now she's quit. Yes, could eventually squid, which had kids. What about the? What about the rest, Garcia, never smoke cigarettes yeah like cigars, I'll smoke, cigars yeah. I used to have some here, but I don't anymore I have weed in them it's a different thing like the cigar with no weed like that speedy kind of relax, the weird high yeah people don't know. If you don't smoke cigars, you get hi? This is why I like Republicans, who are anti drug smoke, cigars in, like whiskey, shut your dirty mouth you're on drugs, yeah. Ok, these are all students, yeah, you're you're altering your state of consciousness with cigars. They give you a certain euphoria, nicotine! You get that little buzz from the high
a guys smoke cigars. All the time with Kevin James Kevin James doesn't talk with weed. He doesn't really drink, but he will Jasim cigars. We got up the you. What do you do in a weird way over the the it's? It's overwhelming there are a lot they're heavy. It's a lie. I just wanna kinda like I'd like to me after a fat steak, and I want to feel like an ugly american of fat ribeye and then a fucking Cuban. Sit on a porch. Just talk shit with your friends. You know have a glass of whiskey, yeah It's a like a non self aware high, like sometimes you don't want to be you want to be, and and and not like. Not not even self awareness is the long term. What are really looking for is like the self analysis in analyzing yourself when you're smoking, a cigar and drinking whiskey, he have fun yeah, just hang back! Kick him back in your brain. Is not your brains, kind of turned off, maybe those things it's not turned on with the problem with the weed is all the good things about the weed. The weed is good 'cause it make.
I think it makes it paranoid and makes you aware and makes you more compassionate. It makes you more contemplate if it makes you more self analytical, but also can freak out sometimes- and maybe that's not what you want that day. Maybe that day, Hoyle Demander a double corona display popular bad boy, you ever inhaled little glass of Buffalo trace. Would a big fuckin' ice cube ice water, you patch it with a big cock and ice cube, fat whenever we go and get drinks. Andrew Santino asks how big are your ice cube? This is what he asked if it was like a whiskey, but you have do you have a large issue of one stone and I always look away like this mother fucker, hey so he's like an age. I said you have one stone. I just want one stone, so high maintenance. He wants a large ball. Gotta ball. Can you give me a nice bowl football
because you know what they do, otherwise they scoop a fuckload ice in there, an it dilutes the whiskey and it's all water. I don't like it. No, my friend John Dudley does he doesn't play games. He takes a pan of water like a large pan, and then he puts it in the Traeger grills and he sets it to super smoke and the smoke constantly pumping into the water leaves it there for hours. Then he takes that smoke filled water, an he pours it into those balls yeah. So he makes those molds with smoke infused water, I love, and then he puts Dat in the glassy and then poured the whiskey. He knows and I'm like whoa, that's next level like that ship next smoked it smoke and you gotta break you supposed to break those balls in hand who's in who's out there doing. That was that's the wedge. I've seen this yeah, but is this communism? What is this a tablet? It's half ice half glass, get that shit out of my face
God Dam hippies bucket hippies. What else you got your own cold brew, ha yeah homemade that looks like go to see if you could find to prove your wizardry skills 'cause. I know he has them. Try to find John Dudley, smoked, ice balls on the instagram. Good luck, he'll find it find events trigger smoke, balls, custom, smokey balls, so he makes him doesn't himself yeah. Those self like in his backyard party goddess in second, I got. I got to bring it up to see, make sense. I can't if give me time. I wouldn't be able to do this or, if I can't do that, she's doing it while he's operating the camera. So here's Johns he's gotta grill running so he's got that pan filled with water. There is smoking, it
yeah- and this is He'S- got the insulated top on it because he's in Iowa it's freezing fucking cold, and then he pours that smokey water into the mold son. I'm done smoking balls time to get Fuckd up kid. Smokey balls cat, lady. That crazy, that was when we were in line. I will- and I jumped with John- and I have but I did it on man. We've tried it on many times, but we did one podcast with a bunch of bow hunters and we got fuckedup were drinking everything in the mini cabinet and uh. The mini bar had red bull and red wine and tequila and what else diet, Coke and John Dudley mix it all up and called it a cat lady, because like some crazy shirts, ready, fuckedup and we're all drinking. I know there was no diet. Coke. It was red. Bull
tequila in red wine. That's what it was. It was the damn delicious water, so trashy, as I say when we were high asfuck and we're just trashed, trying to good as your plucked up that stuff. That's like the, due to the suicide, did other the guy every every kind of soda in the machine. It's only good because you're like add this is supposed to be fun. We were just having a good time doing a podcast. You know having a good time just drink, a ridiculous shattering and bullshit. Now, the cat, lady, there's going to be a thing 'cause now the internet is going to make a cat was a thing for a while people were doing it, but then they realized. Why would you do that when you could have a margarita have appeared the tax rate them on their own yeah? Have a nice glass of wine by itself. It's just some shit. You do in your spare time, pitching your board and scavenging minibar. Whenever you get bored and how you create like the most, I saw someone internet posted, they took the ice cream from an ice cream sandwich and then write to Rice Chris treats and they put the ice cream between? It was ice crispy treat
summer for diabetes and think about the breeder that, like ice cream brie, that's going around and that can be seen that was an ice cream and ship that shoots. Gross cups wants then turned double double from in and out into a taco. What yeah, he chopped up a double double and put it into a taco shell last for me, tonight number is talking about whether or not that's, ok, blasphemy. We with it in and out that blast leave those things alone, there's blasphemy. I don't think that should Taco Bell's gross that is gross well anyway, is talk about living in LOS angeles- is a shameful human being the amount of good mexican food to some. It's like it's too much too much good. What is happening here, two hundred Mcdonald's burgers into a burrito yeah, this time guys have been doing this for this first, so they ten years the stuff it in there and what is the rap, is at a burrito, rap yeah, and then I seen this is Kevin. Need to see this Jamie Jamie.
I want to look at your search Engin. I would take away your right to vote so there's no way. I got different computers like what's wrong with you, that's. Why I got different creep. That's why I got different computers. You don't see my other ones, daddy! I don't want anybody to know. I have different emails. This is mister. Happy mister, happy lines to get on this one, only works for happy things like flowers, different personality for different computers, lawnmower which is Mister dirty? This is what I really like. I like this one, organic fertilizer, it doesn't hurt. The environment You do feel if you didn't live in LA. Where would you live and if we all move together? Where should we go to questions either Well, it's gotta be somewhere. There's no state income tax. Could you tired of this ship tired of this bullshit? But if you start making more money, you don't give a fart anymore. Yeah, but still it's kind of, like my my pain, any more money, the focus of the six plenty, almost people around okay, the all right, but someone to fix the streets too. Are they one of the gonna start
looks good. I draw as well that's why a lot of athletes operate at a Florida. I drove her today and it didn't bother me at all. Yeah you live so close to here. Live on the roof. I live in Florida because of low income tax state income taxes also say operation business, which is why O'Jays there like they can't get you. If you owe money Florida can't get you you can hide in Florida. If you owe money really as one of the weird ones, I've Trump National is down there. Well, I think that's like pensions and chat like they can't take away pensions right. They probably have some weird, like union restriction law that they can't touch. Your stuff, I think I don't really. I don't know if I could live in Florida, but yeah yeah yeah, you just mark it mean me and John Travolta and he lives in Ocala right next door to him. He always offer massages and shouldn't be like Dominic playing good, I'm good one jump on it slide out together. Let's you want me just fly ac man. John Travolta want to be my friend. I think he just wants to be my friend. He just said: Buddy he's a good guy. He's got oh, no, we have to land in the water will have to
each other for one for awhile. How long like four days, maybe inside you and keep you warmer from the inside my diction you're asking my convergence runs very hot, I know sounds crazy, but it's life and life and death put inside. If you put your mouth on my it if you'll sit you'll see it's like over one hundred degrees below me up and then ride me as we float away blowing up like a balloon is Lakers scenario. John Travolta, I don't know where I would live. Probably Chicago is an easy answer. I really want to move back to Chicago. Do you I love it. You don't mind the winters, the bond, something about the bonding that happens in the winter. I believe that to have like a cultural, on with people max there's nothing better than going to a bar in the winter in Chicago and it's gross and sad and cold outside and have I was having a good time. Everyone wants to rule together in these moments, true, but
don't want to live in the south side, where the bullets are going off left and right. Try looks nowhere near this strong how they stop that. I was talking to a guy who is a cop and he was telling me that it's they arrested certain gang members, Certain people that are running the gang gang leaders and they created a power vacuum and then they start fighting. Then it got even more chaotic way worse, but the cops have tried to work with gangs over the years in a million different ways to try to like curb the violence. They did it here in LOS Angelus how they do it. They have these people they have these. People that are like these community organizer who, who like run the neighborhood and they have these like kind of peace talks with these gang leaders to tell them like certain ways to operate in within the community, because they're, like your kids, live here, you're right across, so it for some reason. I think there's been a lot of weird. Cultural movements in LA that have helped like Nipsey
Nichols who got shot, and I think all these crips showed up with blood. Other people came together. I think it was just weird coming together of gangs is happened in LA a few different times or community organizers kind of started like peel back these walls of like we also have to live here. I know you want to Shin as an organization, but I think Chicago's reckless. I don't think it's. I think it's less about gangs in Chicago it's more about young people with guns who want control and I don't think, they're all parts of gangs. I just think this is it's a it's a violent city, an angry, violent city. It's a lot of a, a lot of poverty, a lot of poverty and you live there most your life. So what what's the consensus thinking of how to fix it. I don't know man. I wish I wish I had like. I wish I felt like I knew what would help that kind of stuff, but I'm just a fucking white guy from the north side. You know, like the majority of these, black the majority. The south side is black and then the violence in the crime that happens in that community is driven around these parts.
It's of the southside I have no relatability. That's the problem right, but what do they think is the way to fix it? Should I don't fucking know like if you are the king of the world? What would you do to fix the crime in south side for the lab thing that we talk about on this podcast last thing that I would do if I, if it was me if I was trying to fight really tried in the world, isn't put some put some seventeen you know. If I could put some more money in there and get some programs in their start helping people- I don't know what it is. This specific thing is pickle, liberal. You think it's going to be fishing money. These mutherfuckers may wonder why Trump want well, they always say like we're going to take away the guns, never going to take away guns, it's never going to work. You gotta make some kind of program that helps people function. I don't know what it is. I'm not that smart, I'm not that smart, but I do think there's. I do think the way to fix it, but I do think there's also a lot of young kids who get guns in Chicago and they kill people it's going to be a slow process of change forever Obama couldn't douche it a lot of trump.
Yeah. A lot of those community organizers in Chicago were mad at him. 'cause. He didn't fix anything because people in the black mean we were like you promised. You would fucking help a little bit and then it look. This is the first year I think we've had a dip in murders in Chicago and we're coming up on the summer. So we'll see the a of bit will, like will say, will say people got gun managers Antena, let's wrap this up, bring it home, Chito sent to you know, on the Instagram and on the Twitter Anderson, Tino, dot com. That's my website! That's your mother website on CD will be in LOS Vegas this weekend at Jimmy Kimmel's, comedy club, Xen systems and and then the next weekend after weekend at rallies, two weeks, in a row no I'm saying into. We can next weekend, and next the following then in Chicago Latin benches, know in Chicago going to be fun, goodbye everybody until we meet again. Thank you. Everyone,
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