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#1306 - Wiz Khalifa

2019-05-30 | 🔗
Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. His new documentary "Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam" is available now on Apple Music.
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Hey is one of those powerful and popular performing artists on the planet. Earth. You know him, you love him, give it up for Wiz Khalifa, which is Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan Podcast my name all day, social media, people love. You too, I will live with doing it right now. So I so we we've God. What's the word cocked? What's the word, when you are gold over some, nobody would dude. You got jacked. You went from being skinny to shredded yeah you're, pretty serious about mma training. Man is really the lights, You know me your martial artist, so you know freaking the mine in the body and the soul go together. Yeah things. I learned about him, I'm I'm able to put a all together. You can't be a complete person until everything is together. So you know,
spiritually I've already ascended above my peers. Now taking my by. How do you do in spiritually through that giant juggle? We do got a table exactly yeah the folks only listen with brought literally like a a Mason jar filled with we're yep yep yep, and it's like a halfway full. Yeah. This is a unique strains that you like. They are smoke. The k, Khalifa Kush. You got your yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely 'cause. I got tired of smoking, not different types of we. It's like a You know what I'm saying like alcohol people only drink, dark, liquor, whiskey or I only smoke. Kk only checked it yet mix it up, though you get a big hit right, like you switch it up to. Somebody else is stuff. You like WU, like the body is not ready for in my head, will go crazy and like I really feel that you'll see me like over in the corner stone, so I only have to smoke kk. Does it? That's the weird thing about weed right. You get used to a certain strain like I'll, get physically like ill. If I don't
look my strain I'll get running those really. Often yeah yeah. I need any cake it wow. Yeah yeah. How much do you smoke a day? Probably oz like that cool shit, we burn the cooldowns. I don't smoke that much now, like a joint mortgage joint Adamle, really yeah I would think that you would like just getting stuff around all day. I get stoned all day. I don't have shit to do catching, but if I have too much shit to do, I get stoned all day that shit doesn't get done, but you said you like bullets, 'cause it'll little tobacco gives you like this little extra high glad you admitted it. People who smoke blunts, they they don't some of them. They don't know that their tobacco ing and they try to mask it and say no. You know it's a leaf and there's like no bro. You like tobacco tobacco with weed yeah. It's like a combo high. It cuts it a little bit. I like it before I go onstage, that's my favorite! Before I go,
so that's definitely a little pick up high, but little like did yeah I'm happy. Legal weed. Is these days because it's like, I would I, my son, had a spring concert yesterday and I will feel like shit, back in the day walking in their smell like butt, because he goes to private school in this light mean on this reflection on him yeah. So it's like you have to weed head dad. Blah blah blah another thing, but it's like nowadays, I should just cool like no one cares. Nobody gives a float yeah I've seen it happen. 'cause. I have a twenty two year old daughter, but I also have an eleven and a nine year old and with a twenty two year old, when she was growing The bizarre weird weird is like if you were, if you were a loser, broken we play dates. You know SAM people, coming to your house. You know we did the house yeah bro parents get weird. I live flight right up the street from the school, so I I'm getting real technical with at
I'm in a school zone. Items then like legitimately or like. I can not here right now in car serrated for real the lady, the locked up today in Dallas did you should should not know, lady a grandmother they locked her because she had c b d, Honor yeah she's, a Dallas airport, it's not even psychoactive, ' I think she had the oil like for her skin outrageous, hey it's just particular she's old lady, old lady. You need it for arthritis ashtray. My wifes mom uses it for arthritis is great for older folks shit. My my daughter calling my ex babys mom. She still my babys mom, but she has another baby on the way in her new relationship but she's able to take Cbd during her pregnancy to help her. Her nausea, and all that sounds like. Why would you hate on Cbd? But now it's amazing. My friends son, has some seizures. He has like some sort of epileptic seeming. Give some cbd it's gone. Is it everyday? It doesn't have anymore. It's in
audible is also the it's. Almost you feel like you're lying in right does so many different thing right there. When you talk about, we do you feel like you're lying yeah. I mean like these days in this day and age. I was talking to somebody the other day, smoking hot is going to be old school. Like you, I mean we're still going to do it, but it's totally moving towards just ingesting in rubbing it on and all that shit, so praise yeah, so people are scared of it and it works like like fuck the thing about the animals, though it puts you in a weird place. If you get much J, L, I've seen some people now y'all edibles are crazy. So I got a me who just took a thc pill yesterday and he was talking about types of shit like he's away. I should not somehow still sleep yeah, the edibles, you you do edibles, I do I've had some bad experiences like someone not bad, but like, like completely lost touch with this dimension.
You know on sand. Yeah like I had a friend of Mitac Thc pills, and I was taken at a party once it was a party Jiu Jitsu tournaments, because it was a digitally tournament, and then there was this party afterwards and by the time the pills to kick in. I have no idea how much it was in there 'cause. It was like some handmade shit, this guy put together himself a little capsules that you back right. It was as high as I've ever been in my life like to the point where I wasn't even seeing people I was seeing like a two dimensional cut out of the person and then behind them. I was seeing like their true intentions. Are so yeah we high fuck? I was talking this one dude and he he's. He was a high level. Jiu Jitsu guy was was really odd, that very strange feeling I got talking to this cat and then, like a month later, he was on the run for rape yeah. He raped some woman and then he is gaped, and then he was so addicted to Ju Jitsu. The story was that he started any again with a fake name, but
like this high level, black bone. This only that this especially back then when this happens like the early 2000s, there's only a certain number of high level, black belts that are running around right. So he put on this fake brazilian name and training in like the Pacific Northwest, and then strangling black belts and everybody's, like what the fuck is, who is this guy? So people asked to someone take a picture of him and they go there guys want red should remember talking to him on him. On these thc pills being like, like some some wiring that's not correct. Oh fuck, yeah, damn dog doesn't wo yeah, thc pills and they expose thing yeah they do bro, I did mushrooms in it. Exposed to life may Do you do shrooms yeah, yeah yeah, I fuck with mushrooms, 'cause that's what happened with me. When I was on mushrooms, I was able to see people's true intentions as being a rapper Shit like that, you know, you have an appeal back the layer.
Layers and layers and layers, and I was trying to peel my own layers back just for my own shore, personal, everyone. I ended up yeah yeah and I ended up being like backstage somewhere and I was like fuck I'm around all these people and I are really see their true intentions, but knows, like I see what proud they are and it was like I felt like I was separate. You know what I mean it was like. I was on a boat all the way out here and they were on on all on an island party, and then I was like damn yeah I could see. What's going on over there, but let's call it like. I do mushrooms every now, and then I don't fuck with it all the time I haven't done it in like three years 'cause. They help. You see shit like that. So it's like for me I'll. Take that experience and I'll just live with it I need to keep going through it over and over, like you probably seen that dude was like. Oh now I know people who are rabih
as soon as I feel I knew he was dangerous, like he was a legit mentally dangerous person but not as a same well, not just a trained killer, but he was dangerous like to we thought about things. That's one reason: like that out there, the a n you you you, you don't know until you experience it, and that was a mild experience compared to most people scanners to leukocyte goes out there fucking crazy, mother Bro. I know I know just probably in fighting to that's. Why I feel like more people need to like smoke, weed and train, I think so too has a balance. Is. Is great man e levy? It's all that with the most people it's going to be. Some do just laid back guy they're, just they're just out there. Is taking it to that level. Like yeah, yeah, yeah, that's crazy! We think about the world of fighting in competition. I mean you're dealing with people that are taking the biggest risks they don't. They don't have to do that. This is like the choice right
get a job, the choices I want to get a job trying to fuck up other people who have a job trying to fuck up people, the is the train. Killers is going after each other right right when you're around those dudes one things you These relies very early on you that you can. You can have your preconceived notions about them. Being like, like me, people, violent people, let people of character. You have to have extreme character to pull off what they do, some of the best people. I've ever met my life for you later, yeah yeah did there during a different breed, a human being yeah. They chose that path. They chose it notes, notes for system or not in more right. They decide to go and do that and move that's why it's so exciting to watch right right, 'cause. You know that they're putting everything on the line right. I look at it like, like you said they chose that, so we should become an athlete to choose fight. You know what I mean like and a lot of them. I really like you, said smart and their technique and especially how the sport is developing these days. 'cause people don't
but the long term damage, but they want to still like you know what I mean go hard, so they're coming up with fucking all types of ways to do this shit and it's like at the end of the day. You have to be creative. Will you have to have some type of something up here, you mean your not just fighting to be fighting, you know so yeah. I think they all go in for the same reason they all trying to find out if they and do it right in the deal, and then they have just drive to prove that they are the best right. I was talking to somebody the other day about that it was like. A crazy argument, because they were saying how fight fans are just there for knockouts, and I was like you de certainly have your geared knockout phase of like those probably of people pay. The most. You know I mean as I but I was like you got to give credit to a lot of people who understand, fighting and love it and our viewing it for that aspect, because I know you know when you watch football like a lot of people
played football and you know wish they could have been that person on the fifth they just have it. You know what I mean, so I was trying to explain so it's like there's a huge crowd of people who actually know about this shit who are knowledgeable and those people supported as well. It was weird yeah I feel you. I know exactly what you're saying, there's some people that just most people get beat up, and some people don't want to see. Floyd Mayweather duck punches. You know one of the s things about Floyd may weather in canal. Wasn't that Floyd can hello. He outboxed him right, but the show this level of defense. If you're, a boxing fan you in Jesus Christ's out like he knows everything, that's common yeah he's always in the right angle, always one step ahead and and that's why he's so good yeah his defenses unfortunately been hit like a few times Seoul Korea really hard see like Shane him a couple of times
Was it Madonna Macdona hit him really hard when they fucking like save the clip and play it over and over it's like. So he could be here. You think about other boxers how much they get hit the flu. I love watching that love watching someone who could move like that right right, my favorite fighter to watch the UFC was mighty mouse, not just because he was the best pound for pound fighter on the planet, but because he was not getting hit right. He was it can easily. So we tell John May, Org attack demonstrate loan, occasionally some guys hit him in the most times. Things are just grazing yeah yeah things are getting a lot right right right if he gets Haiti's wrong thing, but it's a he's, a puzzle right like if you're a fan of martial arts, you want to see the master of the puzzle, exactly yeah hell yeah, and I don't I don't count them people out and I wouldn't and sit in front of the
good and let him just be like oh yeah, everybody will see knockouts like not bright, like it's not like that film. I think everybody likes both things, though when you get like Arturo Gatti versus Micky Ward ever see that fight, I was a trilogy of we, wars between these two guys that were not champ like one step below at the time of the career being like championship level right, so they weren't like in thread of fighting for the title. No one thought that, like Floyd was better than both of them by far right, but what they were doing was showing the two guys is that are similarly talented can put on like most entertaining fight in the world, and it was incredible's crazy way. More back and forth back forth. I like watching that too yeah yeah yeah. I want to see a good fight me personally. I like watching both things I like watching someone just completely Willie pep somebody G, just like Pernell Whitaker used to do yeah yeah he's a great boxer. He
him know he was so slick know you know, and you can only do that for so long in any sport and only be at the top for so long. If you watch those performances when those guys were at the top, that shows you what's possible. And is good to see somebody like master their craft too yeah you see can come up like you watch him, be I and then it's like they become the shit and it's like yeah that you know I mean I've seen is do like start from just being ok, and now he just fucking. Jwcm learn and you see him develop and all that stuff is fun like you grow with him that, Not good combination of getting to the bottom of shit is weed and martial arts. That's a good combination, one hundred percent. It really is. I do like a lot of my thinking is just from like after I train. I just sit there and just think about now, but you know what I mean. Ideas come to me how to do
with situations. You know what I mean, because it's just I don't know it just happens like that. Just flows, yeah yeah it flows and I think, like the training, helps you get all the bullshit off your back right. Tell you right, yeah, yeah, specially for me too, because, like our party a lot and I'm in the studio to like five six in the morning and I'm drinkin and stuff like that, so to just be going down that path and looking at every day, bro. I look crazy. I feel crazy right. I have to get that off of me. Like, Adam, you know what I mean. That's why your gym is crazy, but I need to do something like that for myself, it's nice to have at some point like that's how I look at you like the og, so it's like I'm not going to go. Do it tomorrow, like hey, everybody, build me a gym, but you know eventually that's the goal when I look back I'll, be like I've seen Joe's gym,
yes, absolutely did you train hard I've seen the video yeah I will. I will I get to work. You work out at unbreakable. Is button yeah, that's a great gym. He has a really good gym, Jay Glazer yeah. He owns that spot there very impressive place he put together an awesome place, yeah yeah, it's called the team. There is good, like I said it's not all about like just fighting and being you know the biggest baddest meanest motherfucker, like they really taught me about my body, and that's what they do. They teach you there. Whatever your goals, are they bring you up to that speed. So it's like I'll wait like one hundred and forty pounds ever so I got out of high school and I was like fuck. I gotta get some weight and they help me out an doesn't snoop train there too yeah. This is video, snoops bar and he's far and Danny Seraphim yeah, Daniels, crazy,
a list yeah. I know that guy he'll have to all those files before he's a tank. He is crazy like eyes a tank nuts. His thing is, I you know I gotta get hit, I'm like alright, then you, you know. He's gotta get him to wake himself up, yeah wow there was born with them, yes people going at it. So he's trying to take him out. Dude snoop, throw some good shots. Then right there yeah snoops skills. He really does I'm glad Daniel Duck down one yeah, I mean learning I guarantee you snoop, that's funny right there. A lot of people in a regular fist fight is tall is shit to look at him like that. Look at those arms yeah it all. So that was.
Ha ha, that's a rafi and that kind of tank yeah. He fought in UFC for awhile. He still fighting still active yeah. I think he's in Brazil right now, yeah yeah. He was working at the gym for men and then he I guess he chilled out it's a it's anyway. My my point was the videos it's nice to seek. Is your training, hard watch? You do more tie it to pass away due to you, you're, really putting in work on this yeah. Yes, every day thing is a journey like no, I mean yeah, I learned Ernie. Are you raises my oh shit? That's in China right there. That was, he was teaching me some stuff. Why is early life suck right there? So do you are sparring right there with one of the greatest more tie fighters, if not the greatest of all time yeah it does super tight. He's amazing he's really his videos, like the highlights, the end of your see that that
jumping left switch, kick in knock tattooed out with yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah outstanding, crazy cake, So how cool is that menu? Your sparring did with one of the greatest of all time as far as foot because light those people that you know about it is. The majority, like you said when you meet on they they're cool as hell yeah, so meet him and him not want to my ass. Would I tell me I hey you, look goofy sit down, yeah he's like show me shit. I could use later so it's like it was cool well that eyes have a really interesting way of sparring. Some of them do they play right. They don't hit each other full blast, they like tap and they laugh around joke around the just developing their timing because they fight so often John main parser friend of mine, from Australia, multiple time world champion, and you know he would talk in depth about how they would play they just playing. They just hit each other just slap each other little bit and that you
that way they understand the timing of it, but they never worry about it. You they don't get hurt and they can do it all. The time a really smart way to do it. Yeah but you'll see guys like Saraf Ian he's capable of doing that, so he could spar with a guy like snoop or a guy likes and jackets. Moreover, the guy, like you and just play with you, everybody just have a good time, but it's fun at the end of super fun, yeah hell, yeah, definitely seen that alot like on Instagram and even with my trainers, will do it. Like me, Ernie was just doing that yesterday was like developing the time and it kicks where it's like you kicked me. I kick you. I can't Do you kick me? I could you twice? You kick me three times. I kick you once by you. It just playing around and like when you got a good sparring partner. You take care of each other, Little hurt each other, but there's no legal involved an that eyes. They do like knees, so they don't need to fuck out of each other, like it looks like kind of hard but they're just making their bodies harder, like you say, for later, 'cause they're used to it.
A lot of times will slap each other with the side of their leg, to really drive the knee and images here so yeah they just slapping each other a little bit, but it's obviously it's very affective like they figured something out. You got some crazy. Cakes. Thank you. Yeah I seen was in a sidekick that you did probably turn Thank you. Yeah yeah, you gotta, teach me how to do that. Yeah. I went on the floor because I'm learning just a regular. Thank you like a slide in and should go to like a taekwondo school, the be the best at showing you how to do, and I'm definitely show you how but yeah. If you need a place to train, find like a really good taekwondo school, because one thing black window has some things that you know won't work in MMA if you're, adding takedowns and punches to the face, but because they don't punch to the face and tournaments and you get used to do crazy kicks crazy, and so they have a lot of weird a lot of weird leg dexterity and if you get good at that stuff, I think that's a good bye. I kinda wanted to fight. I would say Just do some Kyokushin or some type
Cuando first, just do some karate something we develop in leg. Next, yeah hell, yeah Dan, you get a little older than movie into moitie right, so you could do both things, because if someone is when guys are like constantly chomping at the legs, they never really developed the kind of spinning kicks the guys do what they don't kick the legs. Those are the guy to develop the best spinning kicks 'cause, it's just how easy to chop the legs an effective and the chop, the legs out. So a lot of those techniques don't really get dialed into the level that they get dialed in from a Thai Kwando guy 'cause. They can't kick each other in the legs right right right. It's kind of a dumb way to fight 'cause. You should kick the legs, but at the end of the day it allowed them to develop some crazy shit and a lot of weird spinning stuff spending. Some of those guys are so fast yeah and the powers insane yeah 'cause. It's almost in torque and book crazy shit, it's hard to develop
develop those tastes like a lot of politics posture and you got a really. You got to be balanced thing. You got it that need his everything. Yeah got, it does hi you a minute, so it's like when you spend you know. Even if you just standing there, you have to have correct posture. Be able to do a couple. Kicks like he says, like allowed to go on each church coming out, somebody spend in listen doing all types of so different for show. It's really good for your balance. To do that as a young. Kid learn some other later right. You'll have bounce yeah! That's what I see when you kick the out of the shows. I Gillis thank really balance and she, right, but you know to mean the tech 'cause a lot people die. You might be strong as fuck, but you could see technique right right right. You know I mean, and if you do this shit over and over and over and really perfected, that's different than just being able to throw a strong cape may yeah tech
everything, everything and that way, institutes that way and I'm it's got to be where music is going to be that way in everything, yeah. Definitely, man, I'm going to studio. Like all the time practicing. My I could write a song before this interview is over, but that's because I practice you know it's not because, like I'm the most lyrical personal, this site has is rap every day, like you know what I mean, so it should come easy. So when, when you write, do you write things out or do you do you do doubt in your head, like I know, Jay Z supposedly doesn't write. Anything right, just keeps it all in this at the age, which is incredible? It's awesome that he can do that right. It's kind of an insane the eight year yup I have I have different process is so light for me. I can't I melodies like I'll saying and hour at so it's a lot easier for me to just have
melody in my head and make up the words as I go. But if I'm writing lyrics, like writing words down where I actually rap it, that's when I'm going to use the paper, but there's different ways to do it 'cause, honestly. This is where my studio setup looks like it's like a chair. The MIKE is right here. I don't go in the booth for anything in my engineers sitting right there, so it's like we're coming up with it, as as we go I'll, take a little break right, some down and then I'll just jump jump straight back on. You know what I mean so there's different techniques, though 'cause a lot of the time. Sometimes I won't write shit I'll just go and just make it up and just keep going, keep flowing or there's times where I could just lay a melody and then write the words to it late so this is different. You know ways to approach it, so you just do it based on. However, you feel that day, whatever the track really calls for a site, if, if the song is something that I get instant inspiration on my oh, I'm a knock it out right now or
on that. I want to live with for a little bit I'll just do as much as I'm happy with it at that point and then move on to the next thing come back to it later and just make sure everything is fresh. I like to keep everything fresh, keep it Fine, keep it loose and I don't really overthink anything. If it's not there, then I just go, go away from it and find something, that's more fun hell yeah, that's a it's a beautiful freedom to be able to do that. You know. Did you obviously picked the right job? swear like you know: it's work because I'm always looking for was next. You know what I mean for the fans for the listeners for the people who supporting me on late. At this point right right, okay, I gotta push myself. I got to do what's next, I got it it's got to be crazy. You know me, I got a son he's sick, so it's like I got impress him I can't have
I'm just listening to a whole bunch of other rappers and not my music. So I was like yeah yeah. It's you know it is a interesting responsibility have right now and a guy, like you becomes famous to interesting, like you have so many people that want you know, and I think we need to call it a different thing. Other work yeah, because it's like there's work like I work. For: U P S right, yeah, it's cool to good good benefits. No, that's work right. What you're doing is like you will love it. Get a hell! Yeah you! when you love something and almost we needed better word yeah for sure it's the same word as working at Mcdonald's in the same word, work work market, where it would be need a better word for, like a passion project being able to do what you want to do exactly whatever that thing is now. I believe that that's that's a good point. 'cause at the same work. That's not the same thing now. It's not! The same thing and we need to put in the work yeah
If you had a shit job in your life, you know what that is. That's work, yeah we put in the work. We've done that but saying I'm going to work when you want to do something. You'd love, you're, excited about yeah. We need a better word, then that's why I think now it's true! That's why people get pissed at me they're not going away is this a hundred girls there? Well, I had a punch in just like you thank yeah and that sense. The world is not fair. You know some people's jobs are not the same. I mean fuck Do you stop and think about how fortunate you are yeah yeah, I thank God. Everyday bro, beautiful, all the time 'cause it is. It is a blessing. I'm literally like last night, I'm like right in a song. The only problem that I had was like a girls. Ass was right on me to say I was like.
Maybe like I'm enjoying this, is much as you are, but I gotta like physically right. So it's like your ass is like to move in my arm around, like you can do that, but just there you know what I mean like uh and I started thinking about stuff like wow. These are my problems like yeah. That's will just need a little bit of discipline. I'm cool with that problem. No problem! That's amazing! Yeah, I'm cool with that for sure. That's amazing, yeah yeah in the song got red, so we define the job got done,
This is another word right does not work. You are not working yeah yeah! Obviously you work at it, but we need a better word. I a nobler word. The fans will come up with the word for sure in a way, more creative yeah way more time on their hands yeah. I think they will they'll figure it out and will report back for a show that I did just makes sense. This is no way it's the same thing. The campy not Helena for Show nope yeah, and that's why I was tell people with people who try to think down. Does try to think man, that's easy for you to say or not everybody can make it yeah you're right. Not everybody can truth, but maybe you can write the gritty. What is I mean? Not everybody. Can everybody can? What is going to do everything yeah? I know it is going to walk to the top of the hill as the day some people to stop have weighing. I can't do it now is that the people limit themselves it crazy way like all. Yet everybody can do. It is like you said. If I know everybody can do it, it takes a
right, you know I mean you got fucking, go through the shit to get it, but when you get there it looks awesome right so yeah I mean whatever it is, try to figure it out and go. Do it hell yeah hell yeah, like you said, the top of the hill looks great, but some people settle for middle yeah get mad. If people get to the top this mother You know they get mad yeah yup at the top there. No one who's like you doesn't work hard right. So that's the myth right, that's it! Being too is like made so again the wrong word for it passion hard whatever it is. I mean you dedicated to craft and maintaining. It is there's art to that right, 'cause. You worked so freaking hard to get to where you're at and then you get there in this cycle. Fuck. What do I do like? There's? No rest, there's! No!
address everything that was acceptable before becomes unacceptable, because now you're up here, you know what I mean. So it's like yeah you have to you have to you have to pick your show. It seems, like you know what I'm saying can't really like just go crazy, like you did back in the day, so there's art to it. You know what I mean and that's how you really maintain and stay in that spot and even level up. So do you consciously think bounce out enjoyment with things that I have to do to stay disciplined one hundred percent percent. That's a very smart way of looking at yeah yeah, one hundred percent, like those there has to be a balance of each because just like right now, I'm at this new level, like whether I want some behave like this or not. I put myself here. I worked hard now with these elite mother fuckers. So this is
so I have to act because I'm not down here anymore. I worked from here to get here. So what happens you balance you put things the place you do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a lot of that mean, and you just pick your size and this fight you going to everything in the end? This is how it's just planned in how is supposed to be, but you just piece it together just a little bit differently like I just turned thirty one weld them I'm about to be thirty, two as young to a lot of people that old to some people as well. But for me it's like there's a whole new mind state. You know what I mean and I feel like through my twenties. I was actually like a fucking teenager. Now I come in so now I
look at things. A little bit differently is like you know. I was really a kid. This is how you behave as an adult for the rest of your life and it still involves a whole bunch of partying and having fun, but the business gets handled and things get approach totally diff, that's a balanced way of looking at a man. I love it enjoy it. This other thing to like people have to understand to to be someone like you to be a a very successful rapper and to not expect you, to live the way you talk about all the time right, so ridiculous, right right, right! Right, like you, don't think you he wants a party. Let's talk about party all the time, I think you once apart last party, this is just an act. Did he is it's weird right is crazy, is because people they will
but you to be you. They want me to be myself. They want to party, they want to take shots, they want to smoke weed, they want to stay up all night yeah. Why is that bad? It's not so people want to do it, but gives this image in some people's minds and like frivolous life in frivolous thinking, partying. What are you doing? Train king okay? Do you enjoy and then they come around and do the same thing 'cause they want it. It's like. I have like away weird place in life where I think I'm like the key to a lot of shit, because it's like, if you want enjoy yourself, I'm a god mean I mean this man, I'm just gonna leave do is way, shows up he's going to light. The joint is will be amazing if you want for be professional, like especially when will I do because there's a whole lot rappers who, like art business. You know what I mean they're, not thinking like that. So for those guys on their guy
like they look at me, like wiz, has his together like he really handles his business he talks to people, he shows up. He does this. He does that. So to be the party guy and the business guy is by amazing, you know what I mean it. It's a lane that I kind of car for myself, but it's me in real life, so it's like that's! The only thing I have to do is really just completely be myself: just be one hundred buck and show up. Do my business thing tell people do the right thing and fucking like to join. You know, that's it! That's a crazy business, sir! I'm good, I'm straight like that. That's amazing me people! Listen to this a public wow. He could be yourself for a living for SHO Bro. His blessing is a blessing. I had John Witherspoon on yesterday with his son JD pops Witherspoon yeah yeah, and that's basically what he is
he's one of the funniest fucking human beings. That's ever lived right and just keep a camera on him. Just keep a camera out of that falls out. The government defends in real life. He's amazing, he's so funny he he legit my face is hurting today, like the cheek bone muscles they like yeah. He probably got some crazy ass stories. Oh yeah come over, have been in the game forever and that's who he is. He got paid to be, who figured out how to just be who he is all the time. It's saying damn bro yeah yeah, it's limited to one or two of us right now, there's a bunch of different paths. That's the Koper hell yeah so how many years you been trained in martial arts now this is my second wow yeah only two years, that's amazing! Again what thirty five pounds I'll pull up a video of him hitting pads. That's incredible
Is there a new video? I don't know tell me tell me what video is probably won't go, but it's all good though you know we are, you can hit hard you have good technique, you turn and you turn your hips and shoulders in a I'm learning. You do it right, so he's a very impressive that it's only two years and YO, I'm learning, that's the that yeah. I love it when people take a chance, to try something new yet, but you know we'll get there. So how many months have you been in here? Like you it? This is old. This was I would like a year yes a year ago, yep soon seriously, though good meek for someone has been doing in the year. The way your moving. I mean it is a fat to your movements right! So what I'm saying like everything you doing? It might not be the fast in the world of the most devastating, but you do it perfect. Thank you doing exactly how you supposed to do it and then you just get better and better.
Their data. But what we're talking about is the change in your physique right right. You became treaded right, yeah, yeah, press of the banking. That's only through hard work, you can't do it any other way, yeah just just work it out, and he- and I was all alone- I'm sorry, that's my it's hard to cut down on sorry about that. That's no worries. Man! Welcome to the wonderful world of convenience, every fan it in like a month ago, but I yeah I had like force myself to eat to gain weight, gain weight weight so just moving around so much already have a quick metabolism. So then you so working out to that out to like I'm burning so much say in alarms to eat, really yeah again a little bit more rest too. You know they alarms heat like how that work. There like
wake up and then you eat and then go back to sleep. You go back to sleep mode, tray kind of farm brewing, oh my geez do a lot of like like ginger shots and like shit like that, to help like one drive yeah TIM rate. All of that shit too 'cause, like you, said that she could fuck your stomach up. Why did who told you to get in the middle of the night neat though my trainer yeah yeah, the over the. I would say that the your sleep cycles more poor than anything call one. It's not like breaking my sleep is like more or like you eat. Oh, you mean, like you, set alarm work while you're awake. Ok, I see what you're saying anybody telling I want to wake up in the middle the night. No! No. We did hear that. That's why I was weird I heard from there was that movie with Clint Eastwood, where he played a Ba boxing trainer and his daughter that famous actress play the boxer. Okay, no, that bill
in dollar baby or something yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. When that actress, what is her name, Hilary Swank Hilary Swank when Hillary thank you look at jamies on Paul job when she was training? For that? I think that's what I read that they they had alarm set, which would wake up and Mila night, have a protein shake really and they go back to sleep again. Now, I'm not doing that: okay, no, no! No breaking the sleeve just regular eating habits, just remind myself yeah I mean. Could I was in like twice a day for some just some rockstar can relate that bro. This is black. Do you have a nutritionist or someone your candles, your meals mill, perhaps yeah yeah that because I'll cool ranch sauce light they just deliver my meals, that's nice! He a is really nice actually yeah, because on I'm single, so it's like I don't really got nobody in the house like cooking or making all that shit happen for me, so it just comes to you can make sure everything's hell,
the exactly what you want all up for you as fresh every couple days. That's a good thing to not have to think about where he up the food. The food is like a big part of it. They're working out is one thing. People just want to get big. Like you said I will like we were talking about a site, mind body and soul, all right! So the food is further so that keep that fucking me to live here yet keep the body moving. Are you who do you ever do yoga or anything like that? I would you would yeah. I need a yoga instructor, yeah who's, the best yoga IST. I don't know man, you do yoga, love it yeah yeah, how long? How long you? Oh, you do, play some hot yoga and show me you. Yeah she's intense right. It's kinda, intense yeah, but it's great for you meant such as you out loose. You up. That's what I need to do. I need to stretch you know I do like
regular normal stretching, but some young will be. I yeah that's good too, because because the heat, the room, everything gets real loose, did you get really kind of dig into, like certain things stressed your fructed to test your flexibility and stretch things out a little bit more got. You just keeps you pliable catching. You know when you do a lot of hard things like more tired weight, lifting it was hard like you, there's not not enough, stretching things out into maintaining your range of motion yeah, especially as you get older. How often you do it? I try to do it at least once a week, but I often fail but two times a week on a good week. Okay, now it's not, but it makes it a bit. I can. I can do one thing every day, yeah board. So, in order to stay active, I just have to do a bunch of different things that make sense so, whether it's martial arts running or lifting or what however it is, I feel like through time you like added those things in right, yeah. It was just like I I'm gonna. Do this yeah
will run into the most recent thing: ok cool! So, let's hail running was I take my dog running through these steep ass, fucking hells and then you know sprinting up these the most route. This work out. You know if you ever run hills. Yes, yeah. What's the worst sand yeah, I don't like sand dunes are the worst it probably sucks it sucks you never get up there, you see, keep you keep pushing and you pushing sand and pushing centers no hard. You don't ever bounce off anything you just pushing through softap shit. Is it true someone like balance and that's some real martial arts shit though yeah for sure that's a mental shit, exam yeah, you learning about yourself when you're running up a fucking sand dunes, your mastering fucking moving thing things: MEL in the whole time you're trying to yeah yeah, okay and you're, forcing you brought your body to do what your mind wants to
after the bosom bitch. I know you don't want to do this you're going to do this. That's like I heard the Diaz brothers. Do some crazy shit like swimming yeah. They do triathlon yeah. Looked that Nick Diaz. I think it's now five times, swam back from Alcatraz that yeah, how could sharks, sharks, that that's! Why I'm with you that so crazy? Those guys are so crazy. That's like you in the sand dunes, though! Well I haven't. I don't do sand dunes, add one near me. I would do it. I run hills which is definitely easier than sand dunes, but it's still hard as fuck good, steep ass Hill, it's the best for Trizec Grass yeah dirt dirt rocks anything yeah, justices trails, Bro yeah get their Sunday You see me come on Mercyme, blazing up some hills. I'll take you outside. I will go running today.
I like to hike it's a it's a great workout man and the thing about it. Is it it amps everything else out yeah. So, like and make sure kicking stronger as more wind? It just accentuates your ability to explode because your run and held so you're always going up. It's like you doing these crazy plyometrics and we use the hope, this thing forward a stronger power in your legs and your lower trunk, you know usually a home yeah, more power yep. That makes sense. Now I feel, like I will folk with it. Did you love it 'cause I like to just tune shit out and just go so like the pain from running up the hill would just I will be like yes yeah, I'm not even think about this and think about something else. Yeah and you get a goal. You set a goal like a mile. Put yourself at one.
I who then turn around and go back for the other mile yeah and if you can, if you can do that, I'm good Steve Hills when you're done, you feel, like you fought a battle with your brain who so you know you didn't want to do that, but he did it on all right. That's Nothing compared to look. Some people do yeah Madonna. That sounds like you know, something that we could unlock later on. In my life, I think for everybody doing something. That's super strenuous yeah. All the time is important, yeah for SHO for sure. That's That's part of the reason why I fuck with training. You know so much because it's not easy and it'll bring a brake shoes yeah, but you reach points where it's like. Okay, now, I'm just cruises. I need another challenge like you just sharpening the apt after a certain point in the cycle. Right now, I'm run some sand. Dunes has swim from Alcatraz, so yeah I get it.
There's dune somewhere down there like Orange County or the free famous, not dudes, running Manhattan, Beach that wouldn't park yeah. That makes sense it's a park yeah. I was just there's a video of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Trade in there is about to pull up pull that shit. I wanna see somebody run on those dunes, Westbrook be doing it. I know a lot of fighters. Do in in Australia. Believe Robert Whittaker, does it yeah see backwards? doing shit like this, you on SAM, that is phenomenal for your body so hard to do mad, I'm dying It's so hard to do, and I wonder if they're running with just socks, it looks like they yeah are. Oh yeah yeah, that's difficult, fuck man, 'cause! That makes your feet strong, 'cause you using every muscle in your toes to push through that sand. Fuck this levels to this life
that's, that's literally who's going to go to the top or who's stop in the middle yeah, yeah fuck those little decisions, make every day I just seen my whole life just bring up some doing since then, like yeah, that's cool, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's like a mental martial art to yeah yeah? Well, you're testing the mind hell, yeah and, like getting stronger at the same time, yeah as the Cold war yeah? So it's like you could be up here the whole time in your build in all of this and become more x. In more dangerous, the lighter on your feet and discuss you start training and seeing these awesome benefits will you I damn it. Why wasn't I doing this all the time the happy that out that I waited for a little bit because I enjoy it is not like old to me
but I mean, is not something that I'm tired of all that's a chore, I'm still figuring out new shit like all the time getting better. You know what I mean and like for me. I feel like the physical was probably like the first thing to come to me as like, as reward's benefit like I see that the physical shit, but now it's like the feeling that I get. You know what I mean or like, like we said like posture and balance and technique, improving and shit like that. So it's like learning that and feeling that and having that being a part of the process, I'm happy that now is happening as opposed to it being like old and played out to me right that's interesting. I think you'd love it either way it. I still love it. I still of trained I've been how long you've forever Fifty one start training when I was really seriously when I was fifteen, oh shit, what the fuck was. I doing
yeah. Well, I was feel homes rapid. Will you rap it when you're fifteen wow? When did you first get it? That's one thing: really admire about a lot of rappers. Guys are always working, yeah, rappers, always in the studio. Hopefully that's like a big thing. You know it's like there's a discipline aspect to it, but I don't think that gets appreciated hey! You have to be you're, always in the lab. They always working constantly. As I trained you gotta, be you gotta work at it. You can penitent yeah yeah to the lobby the studio, not work with producers. You gotta be coming fucking now, on who's next and whose they understand like working get them and shit like that. So like at the end of the day, yeah it's a crap, either shit. I in the studio. Since I was like one thousand four hundred and fifteen, and there was times when my dad used to have to tell me, like you'll, get out of the studio, go play with your friend. Be a kid maybe normal like saying like there was times that shit happen.
Even now like I don't really do normal shit. You know I mean I might like go to the movies or like go to Dave and Buster's or something like that. But, like I don't do shit like I'm just going to the studio. Much rather just you know, I mean yeah, create well. That's amazing that you figured it out so young how how old were you when you knew you want to be a rapper of? I think I was in third, I think the third grade I wanted. I wanted to be a ninja turtle and I wanted to be a rapper and I think a rapper was like a little bit more realistic, I'm working on being a ninja turtle. Now, that's amazing. Yeah great third grade hold you in third grade again. Do you nine, United, yeah yeah. That's when I started writing my first traps and shit that is hilarious yeah I was like watching music videos and I remember seeing like puffy and
biggie bone thugs and harmony's like one of my favorite groups so like. If I could do that I'll be height and an by the time I was like thirteen? That's when the internet was new popular, so you could download like instrumentals and shit like that, so you didn't have to like have beats or anything. Then they start introducing. You know at home equipment. They have like little Tascam four track little bullshit? Being that you could? You know I mean so. I started fucking around on that. Do my own your home studio, then fruity loops came out and started making beats cool edit pro was like the the program back then before pro tools and yeah. As I got my start in the in the in the crib just putting it together, then I turn like then the time I was like sixteen. I got like an internship at a at a studio in Pittsburgh. Why was Lou
answering the phones are running errands, going to pick up like office supplies and shit like that and then return. They will pay me with studio time, so I would do The core like off, you know me off the clock. You know I mean I had like four five songs and that turned into record ooh. Wow yep got my first deal at sixteen. That's an amazing story: story's wow! That's that's a movie story. That's crazy! You always knew yeah yeah. It was something that I worked out for sure 'cause. It was like being in Picksburg. You ever been pictured yeah. You know it's pretty crazy out there right crazy. How like is just uh really wild city like the Midwest. So it's like there's either a couple of days, you can do in is not a lot. I'm working. A job is like the last thing that anybody wants to do in Picksburg. So all my
cousins and everybody that I know do different shit than what I was willing to do it? I was like yeah, I'm not trying to be that guy like like that. So was like. How am I going to make away from myself? You know the meaning of fuck. Am I going to get still be fresh will, you know I mean enjoy myself. Have a good time will be safe and like have fun, it was music. So it's amazing, you nailed it yes and nailed it young there. That's a beautiful thing to know what you want to do live and just be working towards. It has for many people, that's the real problem. The real problem is like finding a thing. Did you know find anything they really love so much. They made all their energy into yeah. I mean I'm blessed to grow up in a time to learn. Technology was like taking over and shit and I think like if you're my age and you like make music or got a camera or united mean anything around that you good and now I think it's like if you do you have anything to do. We'd like
how to grow it. If you could sell it, if you could brand it, if you could come up with light technology or whatever it is like that's going to be the future for this generation is like this is going to be a lot of that for sure it's going to open up to everybody, I think once they realize how much money there really is in pot and how safe it is in comparison to liquor and other stylish things that we have all no one has a problem with alcohol companies. No, no, nobody has a problem with them. Nobody has a problem with you drink in at twelve in afternoon things I get on planes all the time to be like YO. Let me get a little like people getting fucked up yeah. Plane is totally fine. We just have to shift attitudes, yeah people, just the wrong attitude about it, they did. They think it's something negative, it's something that could be negative to some people, but that's like everything else. It's like food sex gambling that everything shop in everything yeah shop,
for sure people go crazy. People lose their mind shopping. They can't buy enough things to for AZ just discussed just because yeah, that's that's as much of a diction is anything but pot can definitely for some people derail them. I don't think it's for everybody. Now it's a medison, so you guys have a right dosage that's, that's a good way of looking at it. I think some people react to it. Weird to yeah I mean certain people's experiences. Aren't everybody else's expense expected. So it's like if you got up on weed, that's you so it's Don't put that off on everybody else and I think like like anything it takes time to you know I mean like I can't take Percocet, because it's like that shit will fuck me up 'cause. I don't do pain killers, but I think over a certain amount of time. If I had an injury, my body would start to react differently to certain amount of percocet, but like off rip
is gonna. Fuck me up. You understand, I'm a throw up, I'm going to all types of shit, but you know after a while you know I mean those people who just pop that shit. And just walk around like I mean normally that same way with me, smoking. A joint is like this sort of people who can hit this and being that corner for the president. Today Miyama go do everything that I have to do so there's some medison is the dosage and you have to train your body for it. I think that's true, but I also think some people might not react to it correctly in terms of like bye, logically, I think they might have an allergy like it might be like broccoli, or so I mean there's people out there that are allergic to weird shit right, there's some people that think that just I've heard it at that experience is not good for, like they're allergic to it. I mean you know, I'm just guessing. I don't know. I think this opinion like, if you believe it or not,
You know what I mean like if you want to believe that I feel like you're entitled to believe that, and if you don't want to believe that, then it's like ok cool that guide to ok, I don't know either with what he said. Yeah I don't know I don't know either Bro, because it's like I'm on the fence, because it's like on one hand, people I mean I don't know fuck yeah yeah, whatever is Madison it's fucking Madison and I like it then there's a lot of people that, like it yes about what everybody thinks it is. It is wrong idea of it. May one of the things I found out real early on, is how many jitsu guys smoke weed and do yeah using the high rollers state, yeah yeah, yeah hi rose. It has all of these awesome events. Were they do they smoke weed and then they fight yeah images to match yeah. My pond is are are
are big part of that money and breeze, and there once we actually got me, like kind of you know into fitness, so to see them like, and I'm the one who I him in the weeds to see crossover. I never would have known. Oh my you know what I'm saying, how many to Jesse do is like smoke weed and like we are about it like yeah. It helps she helps you jujitsu. It really does some weird way because, like slow down for you right, I know it's slow down, so he turns out to rest the world. Okay, thank you be become freer. It is very weird like more creative there's, it's definitely it's better for rolling than it is for drilling because like when someone teach you something. Sometimes your brain. Just now, take it in right, just high your brains not taking in, but if you were sparring it would be good got you. You just flow better yeah yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. I haven't done Jiu Jitsu. Yet let me get there eventually,
you would love it and you got long limbs manning perfect for choking people in the other arm bars triangles and let me get there, you could do it. I tell like bill for it. I feel like I'm just fuck, with stand up for like a couple years and then just gradually do other things like and says. Yeah now, just probably do Jujitsu for like four five years. I don't know for sure you should just learn. Smush it yeah it'll be forty email yeah, you like, I said your bill for it unless the perfect frame for fighters as long used to be as long as you're strong, like the John Jay,
this frame has the perfect frame right. Thank you. It's too, you can get close enough to him. He can hit you when he wants to and then, when he grabbed a hold, you strong enough to do any better. Wrestling's gonna, throw you around and like if you could come up like that's the perfect. The perfect combination is long and strong, though, is perfect. Yeah tweet, duplex raffin they've. They bucked that trend right exists, tanks, but the the best I it seems to me like just mechanically in the best frame the long frame see you have like the best frame for fighting graduations thanks for many. It doesn't guarantee success, but it's so awesome bass. There we go star, I'm we, there was some heck they're, just like short dude like me, can't put big guys and drying goals arriving of leg room, none of the like mechanically, I'm sure
the fair, not really is going to give up on that one, but a long guys can get triangles from all kinds of places. You love it too for its a thinking man's game too. You know it's like a you're you're playing a game yeah. No, the thing that I like about a to z, full blast. Okay, where is like, if you're sparring, you don't really want to go full blast, hurt each other right. You want to be tempered, measured and just can't touch each other, but when you do sparring- and you just to say- because you're not striking each other, you just wrestling and got grappling Iago full blast. It's amazing, I'm with a brown. Now I'm super with it MIKE the live
I'll bet that I've done. I was like I cool. I could see like you know. I mean yeah yeah yeah, I'm down definitely gotta go there. I just love the fact that you're interested in doing different things yeah. For sure, though, I'm alerted, do you read books? Do you watch documentaries? I watch documentaries. I have read some books uh that I gravitate towards what kind of documentaries you gravitate towards Jack Music, always about always about music. Let me see what else yeah it's always about music, like musician searching for sugar man. What was that one thousa bout, this dude, who was a guy who was making music I've
but I want to say it was in the seventies and he had a look a little bit of buzz on his album and then it it died off form and he went back to work as a construction work, but his music became insanely huge in South Africa. He was a soup start, and there was all these legends about him. He was dead, You know the just just crazy stories about who he was. Meanwhile, this guy was working as a construction worker, damn so in South Africa he says fucking mega superstar, sells out arenas and spoiler alert. It's a great documentary should see it, but he eventually goes to South Africa, and does this concert there you'll cry, you cry yeah, you like? Oh, my god, you imagine, this guy was working as a laborer and the whole time was he is a superstar. I didn't even know it and the people see him there sing along to his music, and I mean the guys Bellona way. I would love that it's a crazy,
document. I I check that out. It's it's insane to watch like how could this be true, a damn? It's amazing I kind of feel like I've heard the name, but I never never never not never seen that exact, bro yeah it made me cry, I gotta check set up at the end of it would be like wow. Oh hell, imagine this guys experience yeah right. It's almost like release from jail or something exactly exactly yeah. Two incredible the foot yeah, I'm check that out Let's may and seen how comfortable he gets onstage to file is amazing. Dale yeah, his music, is good to man. Very very interesting is used. Alive, I believe he is alive, has he's alive right. Yeah also he's able to see the proceeds from his movie and his yeah yeah yeah. But someone said I think he gave away all his money really. I read something with might be more of those rumors and legends
legend another myth. Damn sure he let Jamie find out that dude gave his money works. I felt like I read that was like Bro put life to him is so surreal anyway. Truth may be felt like he couldn't be a real bona fide artist unless less he gave away his money or something crazy. We have the guys living in like this. That's why I don't want to do like ayawaska or anything like that. I feel like that's. What's gonna happen to me, you want to give your money fuck this shit. Right. Well, no, no! No! That's a Larry ES and yeah! It's too tricky you could you could get so you know, and so so charity driven just give away everything, and then you working for charities and just walking the earth barefoot yeah. Some tour last year turn theaters all over the good shit. Sugarman back he's back
so there was a rumor that he gave away all his money. Yet Dave Matthews covered one of the songs that come up all hell yeah day two is doing good, so he can give away nothing beautiful my yeah, but I don't see anything baby got back. Is the documentaries really amazing? It's one of the best music documentaries. I've ever seen perfect. Thank you. It's a good one. Tell me a good one. My documentary called find the camp yeah, so apple music, oh ok, I just did that. I just did that. I just did that beautiful man, not I'd like to watch like I watch this Floyd documentary about how they put together their albums shit like that there's another one about like background singers, who never like became super popular but they're like part of part of
songs that you hear in that you love, and it's just like telling the story like how writers- and you know I mean being studio where it's like to live, that life is really cool, because I wasn't a harmonies a lot. I don't know if, when you hear music, I hear like all the textures of it. So it's like interested in like what goes on sometimes like in the background, and that was a cool story fucking. What was the last one that I actually was? I just watched I'm watching the show. Actually you ever heard sure Chernobyl heard heard. The chills amazing dash. It's kind of cool yeah I heard is great- May is pretty awesome, but that's not music. What is that on the Netflix, so HBO Hbo, coming back game of thrones, didn't kill him noble. Is it really that good? So I need I need is a big show in scales back Chernobyl. What is it about the the accident get?
How many episodes is it? I'm not sure they had streaming on now so site. Oh, it's dreams, yeah yeah, it's on, like the fourth or fifth episode. I think yeah all those networks that don't stream everything like they must be. It must suck to have like a show that has to be on Thursday night in losing out just today, so weird may hold Wanna watch things whenever they want is right now, five part mini series. The last episode is coming up this week. Welcome how do You think the movie theaters were always be here me up shit. Now, I'm up dad think eventually gonna be gone. What do you think? I don't know just it's why I kind of I liked it there real. You know that there's a place, you go there already kind of came and gone twice. If you look around old Hollywood, there's old theaters that aren't theaters anymore, but there's new theaters that have taken over them, but those buildings are still there for whatever reason we still use a number. Well, people still like going to the movies
the night out thing? Yeah? You know. It cost. So much that I keep. Dream actually put movies in there and then you got the like, but it's one of two things that we do inst with strangers is like be a part of an audience. The one things the few things we ran. We do a giant group strangers. I feel like technology is like removing that, because people don't like that, I think people were uncomfortable with it be most. The time we spend on devices yeah show me communicating through devices actually like ver. True reality becoming more popular. You know, like people, love access, so that's right. You you're making him feel like they are there like. Why would you want random dude walking across your lap when you can just be in the movie like yeah? I feel like they would just spend, spend that money on. You know keeping you at home. I, where you want to be. This is just my opinion. I don't know.
No, I think you're right and I agree with you one hundred percent, but I also think, as a community of human beings, it's nice to have things that we all do together. It fosters like a kind of getting along better and friendship, love people that you don't know. I think that's what's good about sports. I like Khan, because there concert: yeah, yeah yeah, when you go to grow with a whole group of people to see something like it's nice, you connect to tell you it's got baseball games because yeah I've had fun and games, and I give a about what was going on, but yeah the community that was going on for sure yeah. That's it that's what I mean and mean an average country can find. That is a port of an important part of cities of communities. That's one thing that I think that a like a movie theater does provide yeah. I mean for sure concert for sure and I'm not even mad that people don't really go to the movies like that. Now, because it's like you actually do want to go. You can go and it's not fool.
Not you know what I mean like it'll be people there, but it's not overwhelming to the point where you have like it. Fucks up you, any experience. So it's like it's kind of you know it's doable, it's enjoyable, it's handleable, yeah, it's cool! It's fun, I like. What movies is that right now I am worried that people are eventually going to all be living in some sort of a VR world. Yeah I mean I feel like it's designed to move that way. You know what I'm saying like you give peoples someth and then they're going to use it and they're going to get yeah new one yeah yeah yeah. I have extra feature yeah, so it's like why you know I get it like fuck. Have you fuck with any of your stuff? Vr is awesome. Do you ever do that? There's a thing out out of Disneyland where you there's a VR game that you go through, go through like this little like they have like
a giant room and the room set up for the. What was it called? The void is: what's called yeah Holy Void, VR and he does a star force one and there's a wreck. It Ralph one. Ok, there hilarious, I mean you walking around feeling feel heat from fire. Pick up a plastic done, you're, shooting it troopers, it's crazy, it's crazy and while you're doing it, you like this is just step one exactly. This is going to be insane data in those pieces, bits and pieces like they already have more. You think that, oh for sure, oh really one hundred percent, I don't think that really yeah 'cause, I think that what they're showing you right now state of the art there selling it it's the best again it's in competition is, getting better and better all the time, but that's the way to look at it because they put it out myself. My phone, I mean no, no worries me yeah. I just think these people are very competitive.
The the the money is in getting the best out the quickest, okay and they're all competing with each other, so they put not like the bootleg very and letting somebody smarter test it work it and make the better version. Then they'll come back and do that later. Well, that definitely happens too. I mean that's what China does better than anybody. I'd take some shit and just redo it, I'll. Be feeling like this is just my theory is like the right it I'd, be so fucking dangerous that they don't know like how it'll and now yeah exactly so. It's like they give us like little bits and pieces of it like. Let us spoon beat it to us, so you don't kill us in the world just go crazy and it's you know what I mean like yeah. They probably tested get on somebody and they'd I'd like to four. You know what I mean for sure. Yeah there was oh shit. We went too far is like hold on this, like pull it back a little bit and just give him
but, like you said, give him this version of it. You know what I mean by feel like there's more well, I think when they, when you really don't know what the fuck is going on, that's with military stuff, I think military stuff like weapons an you know, space ships and aircraft at their developing. We don't know what the fuck they're doing. They're doing some shit that we have no idea, but I think, with things like consumer electronics, like technology, I think, what you see is what you get. I think this as good as they can do anything now. They're working on the newest best shit right, you know, and that's coming around there were always constantly development were all competing against each other, there's no way would hold anything back really yeah. I don't think so. I feel like there's a phone that charges in two seconds. Ok Bill way: you have it out if you're in or war cellular device goes down this. Like you kit plug it in and charge. It has to like happen, quick right so like they have that
my opinion. They just don't give it to us they did, but that that all that stuff with the I could see your argument because it's your in a war, they might have better batteries like the military, develop some new kind of battery that's possible, but there's so much money in batteries like this. So much They had a better way of doing it right. If, if SAM, sun came out with the phone charge one. One hundred percent in thirty seconds and an you apple would have to. They would have to figure out how to compete with that. They would have that out when I wouldn't hold on to that they know him would hold on to that 'cause. That would just dominate the powerful write it down the market is a powerful, but that happens. That's what always happens to me. That's a block busters out of business right. You know right right right right! That's why there's no more tower records also is Trump in our lifetime for show like one percent, music, isn't even physical right like make music in this is not real.
Right. It's a sound yeah, it's a sound, and you know that is a crazy way to look at music, This the R17 pro which the company's latest the fastest charging smart phone in the world it advertises that thirty five minutes is all it takes to entirely fill up a dead battery that was seven months ago. So so it's probably faster to get something like that for sure thirty five minutes. So what do you think they can do? Look for a full battery. I would say that there's, probably one hundred cell phones out there that can charge in five minutes, there's not a million because they can't source that much charge more than this can, I would say, there's a military phone that they might have one hundred of them around the military, but it's not mass produced. It can charge up in five minutes sure for sure for sure. If this can do thirty, five minutes Youtube seven times faster disease. You guys are ok,
tour, a lot of it's just yeah, I mean it add to meet as normal leap to meet us. It is normally. This is energy that we're talking about right, right, bro, like call are still move off of gas. I think that's true, like the stone age, Bro light and shit, We've gone electric, you know what I'm saying like: that's all some spaceship shit, so they I mean like at the end of the day like they have this. They just can't give it to you because they kill people testing it. It's like it's like food, you know what I mean like they have to prove this shit before it comes out, but they have a car that goes zero. It just crashed into the wall. You know I mean, and somebody died in and they're like well, we can put this on the streets yet this, like all energee. Yeah, like what do you think they have a car that so fast they can put it on the street. They had. I just feel like transportation in general, being communication and transportation tech. Now
see the way we hear music. The way that we do things and shit like that. Our whole experience take technology. Every fucking word is we're being spoofed their face, this time you know what I'm saying it was like you, to have to have the service to pet two face on We can facetime, you know what I mean: it's like people don't call each other, no more, they just facetime, so we feel like oh man, we came up this this is followed by like we feel good about that. We feel excellent about it, but there's more, I feel like this is me. I just feel like they're just sitting on it. You know what I mean there waiting to give it to us. I don't think companies have a any reason to do that. The only reason to do that would be to get rid of stock of the stuff is already selling. That would be the only reason, but sometimes in companies announce a new products. Coming people stop buying the old Prada
The corvette is having a problem with that right now: ok, 'cause! The corvette. Excuse me that list card Zr1 thing: it's right demon, it's ridiculous that could go. This store and buy a car. That is that much horsepower, but uh people don't want to buy 'em because then there's a new corvette coming out in like a year, that's a mid engine total read new design. They don't want to be stuck with the old one. Catching people get weird yeah, that's true, so in the since they might be holding out on what they're about to be able to do, but like we saw that foldable phone that Samsung tried to come out with, and then they have to take it back it's because it was so defective. So many of them were breaking right. China Barris, when they pulled the whole thing right now the trying to rework it and figure out what to do with it that that's like if a company, something like that happened and that's the number two smart phone company in the world are number one right: Samsung's number one: wild waves, two apples three that's a number one cell phone manufacturer in the world, and they got that kind of a fuck up, there's no, what they're not holding back anything. I don't think so
I think, they're trying to sell the bass shit. They have right now and then there in development, with the next level shit right now, but as far as like what they can bring to market, but they have is what they bring the market and I think, like those on screen fingerprint sensors that it used to be able to do that now they can. You just touch the glass and it reads it all that shit is like they just trying to get it dialed in to the point where they could sell it to enough people and it doesn't break like stupid folding. Did you see that folding screen has like a you go to like it was a regular phone, but it folded. Yeah yeah yeah that would fold opened like an Ipad Ipad, yeah yeah yeah stupid, but that thing kept breakin. Okay and you know when it came out everybody's like holy sh yep. This is the future of the glass bends. I think there's like, like you said, there's like the who just freak out about whatever is new right and then there's like shit that really moves the Amsan like like really change shit. You know and I'm sure, an there's a huge
difference between those like you got the people who we want the new shit and then you got month because actually like doing shit, that changes things forever dreaming changed music forever. You know assess us like many did disks and all that other stupid, that people were trying to do to change muse. It didn't work, you know I mean, and it didn't exist, so it's like the one something that stands out and changes things forever. That's with my focus, remember I don't of their holding it or not it is what it is, but like there's some smart, a who design and this shit for us. You know and at the end of the day like you, have just consume it, and it is our man I'm here for for whatever, whatever, like you know what I mean and then I feel like there's a lot of people who I understand it and know how to play off of you know I mean those people's emotions and then that's where you get like yeah. I mean what we have now
n me. Personally, I love everything like I'm, not a person who, like is stuck with the old or has to have all of the new CD either. I I'm just like obsessed with Finch funeral, like all this shit fucks me up, but it's crazy. This insane We live in insane times. We live in in same time, cool about today. To that we can go and still like appreciating you some of the from the past, like a record player. Did you know, use a recklessness, some old record right, you know and and and realize that wow. This is how people used to get their music sit in front of the record player with headphones on. I remember being a kid doing that right right, it would listen to albums. They open up the album. Looking at the art, there was a big part of an album right was the photo layout? What was the picture is is crazy. I write things like the new ship ruins the older too. It's like people still enjoy everything yeah like let's just stages of it. I'd love that
old shit exists. Yeah, hello, yeah, go back and listen to some of the old stuff people I watch tapes anymore, though you can get like a vhs like that's, not the move, yeah those are dead and gone Ba. As the Ets and number one. So we'll give you a copy of a copy and it was all like if every now and then I have one lines through and you get like. Second third generation copies in friends yeah, the H S's are done bro in every. I don't know if you remember this, but used to be able to buy movies right after they came out specially in New York, because those dudes would sit in the back of the movie theater like the little bootleg joints, yeah yeah yeah watch the movie from like a video camera be like in their video and the movie yeah yeah. That was crazy. That was a crazy time. It. It were, hiding shit back in
they were using all of their technology as everything they had. That was everything they fucking head. The crazy thing is: that's not that long ago, in terms of the human race, that's not that long ago. That's the 90s that some thought so so this is what twenty nineteen last twenty years, so you can go back. Two thousand three hundred and twenty four years made me. Imagine if you could see what the fuck twenty four years from now is is crazy. I related to like when I was younger in the 90s 'cause. I was like baby in the 90s. I wasn't even a teenager, so, twenty years from there, was the 70s and shit was told by Kim's, and so it's like now from twenty years for that this same time frame like that shit is crazy to me. You really want to know how crazy it is meant. Get yourself into like a nineteen. Seventy Plymouth Drive
thing and realize that in nineteen, seventy that's how people drove they drive this thing to like it, barely knows where tell tell yeah hell yeah do this, with the steering wheel, steering and in the sixties and Bro like yeah. You wreck turn a thing like a lot of them. Didn't have a lot of them didn't, but do you if those cars were terrible, and that was just a few years ago I mean in terms of like human history right, if you look at a block of time in history like if you look to difference in eighteen, twenty one thousand eight hundred and forty in our head- it's like that's the same shit and one thousand eight hundred and twenty eighteen, forty, what the fuck was different. There was nothing different, but if you look at our generation forty years ago to now it's insane, it's true that doesn't even make sense. It's nice! It's there were barely
same thing: Brown. If Razi is crazy, have you driven a Tesla? Not have it very good, the preposterous to preposterous car? What's the deal with him there there it's so fast, it doesn't make sense really and Every other car you drive afterwards will feel stupid. You could drive mine, yeah yeah, you could drive it there that legit, it's the most. This thing I've ever driven in my life, but it didn't make any noise it doesn't make. It makes zero noise. This makes noise. Stop. I don't know it's a fucking rap music video entourage style girls around the underwear dance in follow campaign girl in my house. So much just follow the camera just to see who rings your doorbell bra. I don't know who that girl was the party will
just talking about Tesla's list, yeah yeah, it's a space. It's next level, if you they're, holding back anything in the automotive world, drive that thing yeah see not that's. The thing I feel like all cars are going to look alike into go. Look like test, let's say I have the super fast one for like the elite, Muh Fucker, but then they don't have like regular ones and then we're all gonna have the same car we're going to have the same phone, we're going to have the same watch and well 'cause. It controls everything like they control your house. So it's like everything is integrated the tv, the Xbox. That's like you all wanted in one. So the only to do. That is for everything to be the same so like. If the test is that ill, I never drove driven one. But if is that, so I don't see why people wouldn't be into like just the pain, yes, is it takes a long time to charge? Is a I mean, even if you have a tussle supercharger,
thing like I have one of the wall mounted charger. That's it's like more answer type. It's nice, but it still takes a few hours to charge of its almost dead, ok! Well, whereas you can get gas in like five minutes exactly, but they have like portable chargers. They do that. You need insane amount of power to power that thing, but how long does giant batteries in it just takes hours and hours to fill up that doesn't sound like fun? Well, because it goes three hundred and seventeen miles. Do you see this race? They did with the tunnels two tests at the same spot, like I guess it's in Hawthorne, where they have it the one on the right. Is using the tunnel. Okay have easily than the one left is going above ground. No, this tunnel, like auto, drive yet so far. I think that those tracks on the side so that I can look
how fast that's going to one hundred and twenty seven miles an hour, so not comfortable with that? Then it slows right down the way that it moves differently. That's how robots are going to kill us as crazy. It's so fast. You can't believe how fast it is that guy is not moving at the top and the guys moving very fast. Take some four one, slash two minutes to go the same time. It but the guys batteries dead as fuck on the right I'll, tell you that if you stop on that thing for that long, you better be prepared for that shit to drain quick, especially when it's in ludicrous mode. That's what they call it ludicrous mode yeah, and now they have ludicrous plus I'm! I don't even want to turn that on. I don't need that. We're gonna unhappy with ludicrous motors and ask before it. Don't you think, there's some car company trying to beat them yeah. Well, the great tussle has a roadster. Have you seen the Tesla roadster on all my god? Jamie pull that up it's a space ship. This is little sports car looking spaceship that goes zero to sixty in one point: nine,
seconds it's a spaceship suspension. That's the Tesla roadster as I like that it's a dope looking little car the roof comes off too as real. Oh, my god. This thing is a demon. What that thing is a dean. How much does that cause? I think it's two hundred thousand dollars is real yeah, it's not out yet I'm working on it. Oh ok, you're working on releasing it soon, yeah two hundred gram, Oh look at that. One point nine seconds zero to sixty. I don't need that. They just seem that the electric cars just seem like the future, but again that one. Going to be interesting to that six hundred miles. It can go six hundred and sixty miles, I think, without without charging, which is long distance minds in like three hundred and seventeen the new, what the ones they have now like three hundred and seventeen yeah, that's amazing to watch
well, like my mind, is literally blown by the shit yeah make my two like for real. Like that shit blows. Imagine imagine if you're one of those people that makes those things like that's your job. I feel like this, like really a process like scientific, like you know, because you I want a body to hurt themselves. You know what I mean, so you have to get it just right sure was like what's the process of that like what are the fuck? Are they doing with technology and electricity in a car and they have All these safety features have auto drive, that's the thing, so it's going be so fat this guy, have Hella safety Jesus Christ.
Just gonna! Let you in I can't turn this thing off. Oh there, it is the same girl I don't know she's persistent. I don't know that it was she's a go getter. I don't know she can go, get something else, but yeah man when you drive something like that and you realize, like oh ok, just three thousand and forty years ago, cars with these stinky, weird things that barely steered right and now you have these things that it seemed like It seems like there from a futuristic moving and you can get him right now. This crazy uh like it's insane, because people like ok, where we going to be without transportation. We got to go somewhere right. We got to get there somehow. What is is Jamie. Looking up, I thought I saw something today about a Lamborghini electric car, but this fell into the soul of the tears of millennia. Some new. It is electric car by Lamborghini that self heels has some sort of carbon fiber technology that allows it to fix itself.
If it cracks watch dry? I don't know. Oh perfect, yeah yeah, sweet text cracks and damage. Is there we go it's a fucking transformer there. We go. It's a transformer. It's going to heal it. So I was hoping you had heard of it. No self healing! Oh, my god! There we go it's going to fix itself, sorry to distract from that, but it's italian right. Listen to me! That's my people. It ain't going to work those savages. It looks insane. They're thinking big. If you'd want to go on a long trip in a Lamborghini you're out of your mind, the thing will leave you in the middle of the desert. They think and be that's it yeah. That is a that. Is weird, unbelievably good. Looking car tires, God, damn that looks like the future. That's fine! Look at that thing's a spaceship you if you take one of those. You know that it's made by Italians right.
No, it like look at the weather like this. Is my yeah yeah yeah, let's put the accident with the car, it makes it so flamboyant look at the wheels on that thing. What the fuck is with those wheels wow. That's crazy and italian. Spaceship yeah yeah cars are getting closer and closer to spaceships. What if people start flying around you comfortable with that? I'm not. One of my on my house landing on the house, air accidents yeah those all seem to Good now, in the regulation of what lane do stay here, He works so hard to develop these roads like where, where we going now like. What's going on here, you if we had like a floating bubble highway system right, like there's balloons held on bye, bye, rope to go all the way to the ground and that marks the past where blood flying flying car through. But people don't look and they
slamming each other, not man you're out there in the park with your kids regulation with suck on that yeah sure. How do you stop people from there would have to be autonomous? It would have to be like Tesla Auto drive, so it just takes you up, and it just brings you around would have to be something like that. That makes sense yeah we couldn't leave it up to people not with flying hell, no do many different personalities, but then it's going to be lazy, people that don't charge their fucking fly, car and then he gets up there, and it's like that. Did that that that that that, like you, can charge it, you should be able to take off of is not at a certain. If is, if is capable of Diane. I agree, Brown, the then, when you get to need more regulation, so we have more government because, right to this, the only way may we need more government. More regulations cops in my gosh there police- let's not talk about.
Police they'll be even on more on edge the ground in the ground police, yeah, yeah, 'cause they're in the air, yeah yeah, probably going to be super paranoid up there for sure for sure. Well, if we ever do eventually get to space travel of human beings ever do figure out how to go to other planets and set up a civilization on Mars or something that's probably what the real next level future of humanity is going to be push other than artificial life. If we can really figure out how to set up a base somewhere, do you think you would ever go if there was a base on Mars? It takes six months to go to Mars. If there was a threat on earth, a threat yeah it was like. Yellow earth is bound to be fucked up like an asteroid, yeah
I would you know I would. If Mars was I I would try to go. I would take my family and go yeah totally wow to save my family. That makes sense to save your family yeah yeah. What if Mars, was awesome? What if they figured it out? If it was awesome, not rather just die, owners yeah, I'm cool here on on the on the yeah. I just wonder once they actually do start going from earth to other planets. How many people are gonna be willing to do that? Our folks? He then so I think rich folks want to go into orbit. I don't think they want to go to Mars. Give me to live there. Maybe you come back, let's say we're far in the future vacay Yeah, take a little vacation to Mars, takes six months to get there. Everybody think if it takes six months to get
their hold on, that's another ones along. I think I think a lot of people would do that. I think a lot of people would do it. I think you're right if they knew they come back because then they'd be able to brag about it. People would love to brag about going to Mars like that time, travel thing or like takes six earth months to get there, but for you it's like two weeks who I don't think it works that way but yeah. I was wondering how do you have to be like at the speed of light that happen? Yeah now again the the interesting you might be able to go to save some time. If you go do that yeah months, you could lose some time, though I know that's a fact like. If you go into space at a particularly high rate of speed, and then you figure out, going to come back like your brother, your twin brother would be way older than you yeah, damn yeah. That makes sense I want to see this Brian Cox showed you know. Brian Cox is
astrophysics and he had a show he did in LA in in the back. They have this gigantic screen and it's real high resolution screen and it showed all of the galaxies in the universe. It showed all that you know just all jammed in together with like appropriate space in between them, and you look at it and he just go what what the fuck is that were in that thing, where one dot in just trillions of dots of all these other galaxies through the known universe, I've never seen anybody show it that way, and one of the things we talked about was that the rate of time is not the same for each person even on I like, depending on where you go, and what you do, what speed you travel at, if you you and I were born on the exact same day, we both got watch and that watch is perfectly calibrated and you put your
Watch on I put my watch on then we met when we're at. If our watches were still, working. The time would be different. 'cause we've lived different time. It might be only income like a tiny increments like a second or a couple seconds, but enough so that in the the whole unit and size Fark. So while they're watching this thing, the whole thing just blew me away. I was like this is crazy. Anyway to look at the universe. This is it right here yeah. If anybody gets a chance of you, that's just one galaxy that they're showing that was it's one galaxy colliding with another galaxy, it's fucking spectacular, whoa, yeah ha. Do you get into space documentaries about and you got to? I just don't believe everything that everybody tells me. So what about shit like that? so I would have to get it from reliable sports source. You have to tell me like the good space, any Neil Degrasse,
Tyson Ones, Lawrence Krauss's got some good stuff. He's got good audio books to that Brian Cox, guys as good as it guys he's a genius he used to be a musician is actually in, like a pop band. In the 80s and the 80s yeah like a popular pop band and uh, he's a legit astrophysicist and he just talks about space yeah. It gives these very entertaining this guy, Robin Ince, and they they have this like stage show- and you know he comes out and talks about things and explain things but explained explained that time thing to me that if we live the same life that are watch is would be different. You know that's crazy. I love shit like that. I'm writing his name down Brian Cox Cox, not like the dicks yeah I wouldn't put that name in their course. It could be a problem if you get a chance to see that show man, it's a good thing to see two 'cause, it's so different than anything else. You go to see like for me. I'm always at comedy clubs.
I'm always the you know either in the audience around stage, so to be there at this place in the audience of this weird, Kind of like show, slash science, seminar, amazingness type yeah actually is seems Cray, DS, fuck to learn and laugh yeah. I gotta, I gotta, get you on some sign documentary hell yeah when you're smoking, weed and watch it science document trees. That will help my music is the real thoughts come out kids, what you we realize, there's no get away! If you, if you you know that paranoid feeling that you get sometimes you get too high. If you have that paranoid feeling, combined with the science documentary on space and then you realize, like you, yeah or or variants, Exactly and you seem extra high 'cause you're high watching space side, you will do this how will
You've got high your whole life. I started when I was sixteen when you're sixteen that started smoking everyday. Wow so right around the time where you were becoming successful as a rapper? It was really like high school because I hated school and I was so done. It it. I was selling pot and mom found out and choose was super cool. It was like go. I I smoke. You smoke, we smoke near main while it actually help me get through school like to make it made it tolerable. You know me sure I was able to deal with like the shit that I didn't want to deal with, because I'm an intelligent kid. I just really didn't like school. I didn't like the school that I went. It was good. I went to night school, but it was just. I grew up in a time where it was like. I'm saying was weird so well, every school for every kid is not what you want to do everyday,
it's just not what you want to do every day and like you got teachers who say certain things to you and it's like alright, I understand what I'm really Therefore you know I mean I see who I am to you and you let it be known it's kind of hard to like take those people serious and want to do the work and all right one of the follow their lead yeah, the fight for me, that was the bare minimums I graduate high school. Like I move on with the rest of my fucking life after that yeah, we help me get through high school. I don't say that for help me. I believe you yeah make sense. Yeah there's a lot of shit. That's not that fun, but when you're high becomes interesting a lot of shit, yeah yeah, that's why air travel air travel is always better when you're high way better way better and you get take thc pills, you got edibles, you do whatever you will come like appreciative of the experience exactly
A after flying for real yeah this something to me about music, listen to music to an a plane, while your high is that, as I can, extra impact put headphones on and plain surrounded by all these people, no one's talking to fly into the sky, going five under miles an hour, thirty thousand feet above the rocks in that music kicks and who's there, something about old music too. For for me, like the like, lately, I've been getting into a lot of like really old, rock and roll. You know just let it just imagine what it would be like to like to be around those being alone. You know see Keith Richards and Mick Jagger in the 70s, or you know, see little Richard and to see James Brown Livella James Brown performed Lawton God there was nothing it's hard for
So imagine it was nothing like that before them. You know, like there's levels of like impact that those early musicians have that it's hard to really historically put into place. 'cause there. Wasn't anybody like them before that nope, no rock and roll stars, no rap stars. Think of how recent that is super new stand up comedy is only about maybe like seventy years old or some shit like that. Maybe maybe really, maybe you could say one hundred if you want to get crazy, but rap is like three thousand and thirty years old, forty, maybe maybe Ford yeah, yeah yeah, and then it keeps evolving each of our lending there like me. I think in general,. My favorite genre, is like pop music. My I love anything that could be considered pop because it changes with the times, but you have
these mega stars. You know what I mean who just trance end like like it This is like so larger than life, like Michael Jackson, saline the he's bigger than just music. You know, I mean like an you. Become a legend like, as time goes on the like to be a living legend like living in those times and to be around those people and really hear their music and experienced image of like that. I feel like that is cool Razi and it's like a it's. A gift like for the fans is a gift to be that person. It's a responsibility as well, but just like to be the one night by Beyonc. You know I mean yeah like that. Shit is crazy. To me, like to be the one yeah Michael Jackson was the one when there was no one before there was
only one like him. I mean there was Elvis and that's about it. It was other ones that were big and they were very popular, very famous, but Michael jacks. It translate transcended so hard. I was listening to Wbcn. Radio in Boston is a rock and roll station and well, like I know, is the rock roll station, but this song is so fucking good, we're going to play it anyway and they played Michael Jackson and we're like wow. He been performances a kid, so he worked his whole life to get to be what it was was like thirty or something like that when you probably when, when was in his piggy so for him. Not as shit is amazing, amazing, and he did you know, funk music and he would disco. You know I mean it. Just was yeah yeah man. I would have loved to have seen him live before the
controversy right. You know just to just experience him as an artist J without have anything attached to it is what he did or didn't do I don't know what he did right. You know. I've, no idea right does look good right, but I would have loved to have seen him without the burden of that show me. It must have been insane and only just to just to see like he was like a way Kwarta seen. It needs to be a different word for work. You know because sometimes not work right, passion price for just it's way better than work. He's a different, should have a different word for a star yet 'cause. He was like a soup No, but he was some rare thing, yeah yeah yeah. That might happen once every hundred years, yeah yeah yeah legends like Elton John ROD Steward and into this. Let all kinds legends when it was Michael Jackson right, he was above all of it. Yet it was a double a mania, the
Kids are dressed like everybody want to wear those thriller jack right, right, yeah, there's a art to it. I feel, like every musician, has a choice like if they want to go there with it right, yeah after I l and like the the Elton John's in like even like, prince and like, that they stayed true to exactly who they were. Not that Michael Jackson didn't stay true to who he was, but he put himself into he put himself out there for the world. He did it Bing, he'd cartoon PS, sneakers. He he did everything you the Beatles music yeah he bought. There's like you know, I mean fucking, do other peoples right, yeah, hell yeah. He was doing hella yeah. I just think there was no road map for the poor guy right, no yep when you're living in that fantasy world, and nobody else can understand right right and is known before you and then everywhere you go people screaming he. Never.
At a break. There's no breaks is not you can do it. He couldn't do anything. No hello are held on a normal, nothing, that's crazy! I was so the I wonder. If that will what that would be like into like. If Michael Jackson came around today, I mean didn't exist before he would for sure be a huge star. But I wonder if it would be as crazy, because there's so many more stars now. Then there were back then because of the internet, because this is just more venues and outlets for musicians form for basically everyone for comedians for everyone, there's more outlets, so because it's more out This is more famous people right. I wonder if he would be as it would be as insane, because back when he was that famous, it wasn't like anyone that was parallel, not even close. Man, man. What would you do you listen to old stuff yeah? Well, it isn't I like we have to.
90S RB now by, like funk music like like silence all right like I love Jimmy This is one of my favorites. I like Curtis, Mayfield Marvin, Gaye, freaking cool in the gang fucking. Listen to everything! I I like a lot of the older soul: music, like the spinners, kill bill. You know what I'm saying, but I was raised on everything my dad listen to Bob Marley. He listened freaking. Oh, we just listen to a lot of stay. In the police, really love stay, he's one of my favorites, just all the gems, none of
saying like the classic shit like you could put on any song like for real for real and I fuck with it, because I listen to a lot of different music, an yeah, Marvin, Gaye man. Yeah he's. One of my favorite was phenomenal. Yeah Marvin Gaye was really good, and this is tragic story that was crazy. His dad shot him it's so crazy. I dated a girl once this girl was so nuts and I were talking about what are we talking about Marvin Gaye, and I was saying that someone saying that his dad shot him and she said imagine what a piece of shit he had to be for his dad to shoot him there right, and I was like what
no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Why would you assume he's the busy chicken his dad fucking shot? If he's a piece of shit? What is his dad just get away from that shooting his dad's a piece of shit like, but it was amazing. She was like instantly thinking he's. A piece of shit like I don't get. Your logic is crazy thing with a good day, different she's someone who grew up with a good she's, still loved her dad she's close with her dad So I was like that. Look I don't even know my dad said to me. I'm like that that shot him 'cause. He was Marvin. Getting he's, probably upset that his son had become Marvin Gaye, truth, imagine being Marvin Gaye, two we're all your songs are like the best music to fuck too, and he didn't have. There was nothing there was no slide into the dm.
Now they had to find them physically, but he seemed like kind of like a faithful guy like he seemed like he will. Finally, one shake and just fuck her right album about it. That would be a good narrative. I think it's hard for those dudes if they're saying about fucking all the time, It's it's coming our way soon, but usually like just want one. A girl like that right there love songs, yeah, exactly when the muse. It's dark light easy either. You know, I mean the he's working mad bitches. He wasn't talking about leg like just would like right, right, yeah. He wasn't known as Marvin Gaye Shit. That was somehow remembers. He said sexual healing, I mean when you get that feeling he need sexual healing. The shit made him feel better when he was with her. That's a big difference in the NWA's. First album
big difference in the message sexually. With this some shit from like the early gangster rap days, you listen today like whoa yeah. This is this is crazy stuff. I remember it at the time when it was first coming out and no one knew like no. I understand there was no music like this before and then all sudden you have ice tea before they even had the freaking parental advisory on there. They made that because, like. Does I go a parents make sure y'all the check this out before your kids get it? It was Al Gore's wife who is Tipper Gore. It was that she was the one who is in charge. She was like she was leading the charge yeah against. I think it was her make sure I'm I'm right about that. Is it I'm not mad at that that may rap music better. You think so they are more dangerous to be put the the executive at the shoe. They were trying to rated r movie they're trying to ban some stuff, though they were trying to ban certain kinds of music like
I'll that we're at Florida Morris Crazy, don't fuck around Florida. They catch you in Florida they arrest people for anything. You can get arrested for obscenity in I'm straight, I'm good not going Florida. Florida was the goal, but I'm not going crazy in Florida, Brad County yeah. I just don't get arrested for swearing yeah. When you mean that's what they got. Two live crew for explicit lyrics in. I'm good on all forget about that. Right did those guys with like the Lenny Bruce of wraps right, like real, any Bruce's guy. Whenever we got arrested a bunch of times stand up comedy, he wouldn't change his words and, as you know, swearing on stage yet prodded of for the court. Those two live crew. That's going to jail for like for rap yeah. That's crazy, crazy, for saying some for saying something some of like if they want to put you in a cage while they don't, like how you saying they don't what you're saying then I like how you're saying it could you arrest someone?
it just said that somewhere would, if there in the comfort of their own house- and they said the things that are in that in that I Could you yell it out the window? Could I drive down the road yelling out? The window should be able to you'll be able to hear you little fucker you to tell people. They can't do that, but there in Florida they like nope sanity, RAP Florida, its own world, the like that's! Why, when she those down it's like all right and then his Florida yeah, yeah yeah, it is, so its own world that, it's being over run with invasive species, a lady got attacked by a car alligator. Just yesterday you know what that Jamie of the lady that happens all the time, and then there all the time more often than not more often other than not knowing the good ways it more often now than before, because there's a lot of 'em yeah, I could imagine being a gator not having no way to those kicking in Florida want to eat,
I'm stupid lady likely this dumb ass, slow bitch not been around for a long ass fucking time, I'm hungry as FUCK Florida's, fucking, crazy, let's eat just look at that, lady, like she's, so annoying it, maybe no one will even notice. I don't even eat, ladies, but let me do it though Ok, so the dogs, they lovely peoples, dogs, that's, what's fucked up really, if you are now, I love dogs, though so I don't know, but if I was a gator, a dog would be a his neck sure I was a good meal for for preferred dog. Dinaledi yeah people have clothes on. Exacta jester sneakers and shit man, that's annoying yeah yeah choose. If you do
I live in California. What state would you live in me if I didn't live in Cali will state what I live in, not Georgia, not Florida that Pennsylvania, not New York, not New York huh. Now too crazy, maybe upstate New York MID. Maybe, as they tell me, I'm going to get away but text to get takes Texan in all and many it's Lyme disease out there yeah there. I don't. I don't know. I never thought about that. With the shit hits the fan, my love. California, tsunami rolls over maybe I'll go to Australia. Every time I'm on the highway now a days and it's jammed up bumper to bumper, I just say Amagis how that happened. This is just birthday, Mister, regular Thursday, it's bumper to bumper in the magic some went to have me fucked up. He wouldn't
what to do when your brains out here, people don't know what to do. The panic me slam into each other. That's gotta drive just like dogs. Just rain is just water. Coming up this guy Jesus Christ, it's a strange place to live right because people aren't tested out here by climate yeah on the EAST coast there tested by climate, yeah, them with a window. Comes that's snow. We win comes you gotta get out for a pair. I'd got a winner rise, your car gotta get snow tires and that's what it is. I don't know about that. They don't. I don't know three hundred fifty tornadoes last week where yeah I heard about in the Midwest, where tornado alley, because it yeah They got fucked up, man yeah, I was like Ohio and where else Kentucky, I think it is
in an outdoor heroes, is very got hit hard. Yeah man, I mean- I don't know what, if that's really because of climate change to those are ramping up, but if they ramp up an unprecedented levels like that and it becomes impossible to live in Ohio or talk your anywhere where there tornadoes you imagine. That is if we find out at the center of the country, is tornado, look a tornado bowling area It's a bowl filled with tornadoes Florida you just dodging hurricanes most of the year, basically lucky. If it doesn't happen where you are you good luck. Yeah, you're, a dick sticking out into the ocean, and it's right where all the time, deformed or other hurricanes like warmer waters. Right here we go. We will get started right here: yeah, fuck, hurricanes, I've been a little baby hurricane before and I was living in Boston, which is pretty far
away from the ocean in terms of where my house was, and it still it was like wow yeah. That was a little baby. One was nothing by the time it got to us. It was nothing and in Japan for two years and they used to have some crazy, fucking earthquakes over there. Oh really, why you were there? They earthquakes and typhoons. You saw both yeah fuck yeah yeah. The earthquake. Look bad. You never been in one here and having a baby one. Five. Fifty like I'm talking about whole room just shaking like it's all right at all or a universal like because you see move in its like damn. Is this really happening, and this happens bro like earthquake, so word error insane me up and they get some crazy rain like when the typhoons calling that shit gets really violent yeah. A a a the, the Japanese or you know they? They they hold it down. We don't live in over the My parents are military,
My mom was in there for a little bit, but then she got out and my dad was in there. He got out boy remarried. So that's how I stay in the military thing was my step mom and I would move we will live on base. You know I mean for like two years or whatever, and then I will move back with my mom wow. What was it like living in Japan as it was crazy, like it was fun? I lived in the late 90s, so it was like when technology was first change in, like music was just now going into MP, threes and shit like that. So there was that pokmon, it was really popular over there. It was fun like just being a kid I running around fucking it up in Japan. It was cool man. That's funny! That's an interesting little extra level to your right yeah. You grew up those two years in a completely different kind of culture, so we have a different understanding of what's possible right, one hundred percent.
That's that so big for kids man show them yeah. No doubt a lot for sure it was cool to rail is far as your perspective on how it is being around out. Well, I've only been to Tokyo for a few days. All once when I was like this is one of the trippiest place ever been in my life right. So interesting was crazy. Living there was wild like no tv like regular tv. They don't got any like American TV stations For two years I was just like disconnect. Yeah like I didn't have shit is so this before Netflix and everything too right. The more Youtube too. That's amazing, and then those prior really good for you not sucked I could watch wrestling, but it was really good for your brain. No, no! This up, I need
I need my entertainment man fuck that I need to be part of the world. I could buy all the cds and shit that everybody was listening to it was it was wack. Did you learn? Speak Japanese, this a little bit yeah yeah baby, japanese, just to get around and shit, but I forgot it though, if we got it all not all it will. It will come back. If I like you, I mean you run me through it, but I can't sit here and say no japanese words. How hard was it to learn? It wasn't difficult? No, no! No! It's not difficult reading. It is difficult. Oh different, because they have symbols or characters. So it's like one character means like three of our words: oh wow yeah yeah, and then they have like three different styles of writing. It too. So it's like. We have print and cursive. They have no three different ones.
Oh that sounds so annoying. There is weird with the on one hand, you don't want it to go away, 'cause, it's an ancient language, but another handler keenest clean. This up, simplify their shift, honestly, think they got it down. Pat you know understand. I only want us to have a No that shit. You know what I'm saying like at the end of the day. They like will learn English if we want to. But if you want to learn Japanese gonna be difficult. Bro I want to earn some asian language, because I I'm fascinated by reading like twitter messages from you know how much they mean more characters they had if they can write books near a hundred forty characters like how many words that, though yeah you know, that's a lot of fucking words or if it's two hundred and eighty so I mean two hundred and eighty of those asian with this chinese or japanese those little symbols. That is it's a lot of talking man this hard to put like the ingredients on shit,
yeah I would imagine, do they have symbols for numbers or just use numbers? I forgot what the numbers look like. I think the most really like. I don't imagine that is lacking one two and three: oh wow right as a something you know, I never even thought of that. What does what? What is let's go with japanese does. Japanese. Does japanese language have symbols? it. Has a numbers like you would write the letters, the letters T H, r e for three like that, like you'd, write, three or you'd be the number three: do they have that in Japanese? Not 'cause, Japanese, like each each knee son? She, oh there's different different whole different words for it, so it's like one is itchy, so it would. However, the symbol, however, you spell that in Japanese,
I'm starting to kind of remember when it looks like now. Do you think if you move back there right now, you do is get right back in the swing of things after awhile, she sure yeah, David Lee, Roth, moved there and hail and the lead singer of the ailing he moved down there and took kendo lessons he lived there for like more than a year. I will probably appreciate it more now as an adult you think so in the area, because as a kid, you kind of just want to run wild and do everything it's right on to oh, she must be annoyed that you're stuck there. It was kind of weird you know what I mean. I will start saying like wanting to like go crazy, who is prime for a little while, but you want to go back home and shit like that. I mean course but hasn't so I feel like I would. I would benefit a lot more from it. So at this
Eiji career when you're, when you're, looking at like what you're putting down what what, when you're making albums when you're putting together the music like what what excites you the most about it arm, I'm a huge fan, music in general, so I get it just inspired off like production issue like that, like the newest producers and shit like I like, go out. I like to enjoy myself. I like that flow. So whatever is Poppin like at that time, whatever the sound is, whether it's West Coast inspired or if down south inspired, I'm just interested in finding my own way of doing was new, and what, with my fans, would love from me because, like as a music person, you want something new every time you don't want the old shit all the time you can go by that. So I just love creating and just coming up with, was new in on I mean, like I work with the news producers. I work the newest artist, I work with Nina.
I mean I try to try to make much does sound different every time I always told my engineer on my guild is fuck with the shits on. Please sell it. Don't sound the same as the last album like to come up with new ad libs or just different shit to just kind of keep it fresh still. Do it peep No me for you know I mean, but it's like just coming up with new ways of doing that. I get excited. That's awesome here I love it. When someone loves what they're doing and it comes out great yeah, it's beautiful to see it really is, and that to me is one of the most inspiring things that I get at any artist. It's like hearing them talk about their process and I don't know why, I guess I was get jazzed up hello. This is crazy for me because, like there's different ways, to do what what I do like. I have. So many ways like I could sit there and just come up with some shit like brand new or I have like this, the uh. Commercial with my son, where it's like there's a team of people who like come up with what could be
the best for me, and I just do that shit and then it just goes crazy. You know what I mean it's like c, again is one how biggest songs and that song had eight different people on it, but I wrote two verses that the person who made the original song. I wrote two verses for it that they that's more than anybody else is song. I mean anybody else is so they Gave me the whole record and it ended up being my host. I mean one of my biggest songs. You know what I mean, so it's like the process, it's just like putting yourself in the situation and just be an IRA coolers work. That's been official as as beneficial as being you know, I mean a creative, just. Ok, I'm gonna do I do you know I mean sometimes you gotta step outside of that and just use your time. This is like being an actor or, but you know what I mean like you just fill in that spot. That people need you in an I'm kind of at that point in my career, because I work so hard and grind then done so many things and come up with so many
waves and ideas that didn't exist before now. I use other people's ideas and just be myself and still get. You know really big effect and everybody is happy beautiful. Did you live in a live setting nailed graduation value? I had. I had a great time talking about that. It's it's a very nice thing. Yes, sir. Thank you know yeah! That's it everybody by yeah! Thank you! Every who for tuning into the show and thank you to Raketen, go to racketand dot com. Start shopping and earning your cash back. That's our a k! U t e n dot com thank to also to motherfucking, simplisafe Simplisafe, simply safe home, sick, It just works that three million people already using see. Why they're using by visiting simplysafe dot com, Slash Rogan
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