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#1317 - Andrew Santino

2019-06-26 | 🔗
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast “Whiskey Ginger” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube.
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casting get a special offer that includes a four week trial, plus plus free postage and a digital scale. Without long term, commitment just go to stamps dot, com, cooking, the microphone, the top, the home page and type in J r E that stamps dot com enter J R E. My gay, yes, today is one of my best. Friends are fucking hilarious comedian. I travel with him on the road I'm going with him this weekend. We, two shows in New Jersey on Friday night at the Borgata, and then one show Saturday at a big ass arena in Baltimore. He's fucking awesome give it up for the home. Mister Andrew Santino, the Joe Rogan experience, join my Joe Rogan, you brother. How are you good man charcoal? It's you, that's me I sent Santino picture I'll, send it to you Jamie you seen it
so fucking funny. I want residuals on that shit. What is it called? Lucky? Devore Bro, it's you I think you with the stake, double something something I put it up online. I was like this is so funny. This is me with my own chuckle company, called if, if you're in the market for some charcoal mad jealous Devil, that is that so beat it with that beard stake down there with a with a knife, gel RWR, who is the only truly manly way of cooking like nobody facts about having a baker's hat on yeah there. There is all natural hardwood. Hardwood charcoal pits lump there's not too man, you the do you smoke you smoke or just just use a Traeger. That is not a pellet grill, oh yeah, well, yeah, right, yeah, girls, shit, man, so easy and finishing in a skillet or not that's the way to Alright baby with beef, tallow Oo
What is that? What is that? And you know what else I use minced garlic and rosemary I put rosemary in the in the cast iron skillet with the beef tallow. It's like an extra extra. I learned that an italian restaurant are you guys doing? We use a rose, Airy rose Marie on there. That could use a dose Mary. It's a wonderful real by. If I go to italian restaurant in the dude talks like that. I am excited you have stoked, I'm more pumped, it's just a regular person, even if they're nice, I'm disappointed. Not even yeah. It's like the nice as waiter. Ever I'm like dude, you seem like a great guy, but damn I wish you from ITALY as it is within you guys of some furniture. Neil Freddo knock out a nobody from ITALY. You Malibu flock at the weird one right it's like italian restaurants, particularly like I go to a greek restaurant. I would hope that I would not have an axe.
I don't I don't need it. I wouldn't care if you could hurry, couldn't long as I could understand and that's great, but I will require it now, but I required at an italian restaurant yeah, because it's just there's something about it, that's different and then everywhere else mexican. You know I mean everything else is mexican mexican Chinese made by mexican mexican or mexican people making chinese food. It's always one of those weird things like her, This is rob, though, like it, those some you know those those chain places yeah that was handling what yeah Pf Changs, not pf. Changs is not as but that's like a restaurant like you order it PF, Chang's, pretty fucking good, but that's all Mexicans cook probably be. There's no like chinese guy agree, times. Have you been to a bucket of EPO like to get those in my college. It was my job is Val and a book about, though, if you want like straight up feeling old school, italian food and so much more, they will hook you up there to
can kill. You wait a minute booking a Beppo. Is the chinese food of italian places. You know I mean like how chinese places give you way too much food, but you need pounds of fucking pasta when your book about they bring that they bring that aluminum. Ten rigatoni with the rigatoni fuck. Are you for a full fucking kingdom who could beat you in your servants? Listen! This is silly yeah, it's absurd you're. Turning me into an asshole, and that's also Tony, like that kind of food, you keep going going! Even when it hurts. You don't stop like that. Carb when that, when you're eating like a good link. Meeting with clams like oh, while you eat it so glad, Nestucca, a goo that has no nutritional value is going,
your stomach. I God so good. You can't wait for mom mom, but it's mixed in with some sauce and to give the illusion of healthiness. There's green little bit of green on it and you just like when your body is trying to process it afterwards. If you fucked up sometimes when you eat too much pasta, you feel like drunk stoned or drunk, because I'm broken my body just like all your resources, slamming all that shit down yeah, so fucking gross good everybody from time were kids. Apparently someone told me that you don't get a significant enough amount of tryptophan from Turkey, for it to put you to sleep bullshit. I want to know if that's true, though that's true, so I've been told that there is tripped if there's always tryptophan that's been in Turkey, but the The joke is that after Thanksgiving Dinner, you pass out but because of all the other shit you're eating fucking potatoes under a fucking Hawaiian. Bread rolls carbs, contrary to popular belief, eating turkey.
He isn't the main reason you feel sleepy after Thanksgiving feast. The oft repeated Turkey myth stems from the fact that Turkey contains amino acid tryptophan, which forms the basis of brain chemicals, to make people tired. But it's not true, but it's not I mean it does, but it's not. And actually being a fat, fuck and sitting on your couch and drink in forty beers is what makes you sleepy yeah. So it says tryptophan is component of the brain, chemical serotonin would gets converted into the well known sleep, inducing hormone melatonin and Poultry in many other foods also contain tryptophan chickens got similar amounts, yep, Graham program cheddar cheese actually contains more tryptophan in Turkey. Does suck on that cheeseheads cheese faults, it's just being a glutton man has just become a fat piece of and You just feel like you're supposed to keep eating and eating and eating there's an interview with Katt Williams, just sitting in the back of a limo. I talked about this Miss Pat or he talked about not eating before shows, and I was like he's right.
Want to eat before shows that it may be realize Oien before shows a terrible idea is in you got a process. All that and you come out. Like half asked, we don't know before shows we do shows we never eat before after shows is actually when it takes the fucking best I'll have some fruit. I have a little bit of fruit before show novel, a something like a little baby thing. I don't mind some fruit because you have some fruit. It's like you're, getting some carbohydrates are getting some sugar getting some fiber. It's super easy to digest. Like melon in melon on your body. Just you could lift you could eat melon and do a sick, kettlebell workout like it's not going to fuck you like melons, easy, easy, baby sugar rush to them and help your energy a little bit your body, just you mash, and a more so quick and just go sliding down there. If I was like, oh, we got this. We we you do that we should do the tired tour where we just eat a huge meal before we get on stage and see what see what comes out of that bucket. You compare melon to like
Stromboli like one of those working sausage and cheese with the layers, but the bread on the cheeseburger at top. You know they burn it all the time and you take a couple of bites of that. You just look. Ah, these just keep going. But if you looked at like this, I price of what you would eat, one of those mother for all design. Your dishes boo, boo ok, but you want the layers and layers we fucking got that will take you down son. You need to know fucking crosswords, after that cheese, pasta, cheese, pasta, pasta, cheese, sit the fuck down as more cheese common. You know, Plano puzzles bitch, I would one of the brain. Typically slows down. So much more like I wanted with the active level of brain activity, is when your stomach, oh yeah, useless. I feel like about you lose like eighty points of iq. You have just get around. Someone should come to you and try to get you to do things. You know fuck, you'll and sign off on stuff
if you'll change your marriage license just get fucking leave me alone. Right now. I gotta write right there. Fellas, you want your wife to sign a pre Nup, go ahead and fatter out on Buca Di Beppo, lasagna and then she'll sign whatever the fuck you want give up. I don't think I could like when I drive home after having a full meal. I feel more fucked up and like out of it, then if I have a couple of drinks Definitely slower in time would be slower if you're full and you were driving just like it's just like you're, tired when you're full and you don't talk as well. Well, you're right, articulating, says quickly, so it's gonna be related. I think as part I worked there for four years. That's why not so much about about the part of the thing you're supposed to sell at the end of the meal is like lemon shell or spread so because it's supposed to be like a a digest- and I don't know if it's a diuretic yeah Salem hits, but maybe it is some to that where it helps you could I just feel better and in ITALY they all they all do as a end of the meal
siri you out a little bit: hey Ass is going to help you breakdown some shit, so you can press o and the other chairs in ITALY turn into toilet. You know that right in Brazil, when you go to those two has Korea's. They have this delicious dessert that has papaya in it and it's like a pie smoothie, it's like a blended, papaya, drink and desert rather and they they have that specifically, because the enzymes and papaya help break down the meat. Oh, it does yeah, while it's fucking, delicious dude it's a speak with such chilling. What's a chain, a brazilian change to Photoshop, yeah they're, gonna, chop yeah, that's it right! There, Dude son, that will rock you at the end of a good meals are both in there. You can yeah, but before it they have a guy who comes by unless we say no 'cause, I'm not a drunk, but you, I would say, pour it yeah, so that's the first question I asked: is there a bougie in there it's good with booze, it's good without booze too it's just
I love Delicious is I went there with that? Ah UFO, Guy Bob, so you did Lazar wanted with yeah, yeah and and Andrew schoultz me, two and Jeremy Korbel the guy who made the documentary we all sat around talking to him that lizard, me to foo he's a freak out. So it's like me want to move. I had no, indication, these full of shit. I mean I zero bullshit meter. Here's the thing man when you've told a story, Four is many years as many times as he did it's. It's super hard to be consistent. If you just making everything up, it's super hard to to have things that you are saying back then that everybody says don't even exist. Right eventually turn out to be true, it's very difficult to do, and that, like these are parts of his initial story. His initial
story had something to do with this thing called element, one fifteen which most people I mean they didn't even recognize that it actually existed until much later right, that's a big feature of it. You start talking about it once start talking about the eighty seventies o right right time ago, but it's Look I don't know enough about elements and the table to understand it. State school kids have shareable stupid. You probably more educated to me, though, but at the end of the day, this guy obviously smart as fuck and he's a scientist that definitely worked at LOS Alamos LAB, there's a record of him there and they tried to deny that they tried to erase it. That alone tells me just the fact that they tried to say do don't existing, never went to never worked at almost that freaking, huge freaky, because in the 1980s you don't think they could just erase your past. You don't think,
they could just a race your birth certificate or raise your your. Your medical records are Reacher Dental records. You do whatever they want easy back. Then. What will said tell me you saw the documentary about the three identical strangers. Did you heard about. I didn't see it bro, oh my god essentially in so many words without divulging too much three brothers are born, triplets, and were separated at birth unbeknownst to them. They grew up completely only run into each other later in life. The seventy I think was, and they meet publicly publicly on not you were one of those fucking big shows you know like they bring them all together and they end up finding out later in the documentary spoiler alert that the company there's a company who is doing this. That's doing trial tests on babies that are separated and putting them with different families to find out they end up growing up with similar characteristics, nature Richard Nature, nurture scientific experiment, but imagine how sick you have to be fucked to decide to separate kids and
and duty and show up and test their family to find out how their breeding these are, how they're growing children gross as for do you watch a raging, they'd come test them every week or two and is like doing check ups in the they didn't. The parents, almost didn't even know I don't I'm not sure one of the one of the parents seem to be more keen about it and the other ones just felt like well, they were getting money for it, so they were like. This is just a part of a program that were in Bro. How is that much different than aliens abducting people? that's something! That's not us! It's not that's! My point is like if they got away with that one Terry Life and and and genetics test, involuntary closer, they have the data from that two for the nurse for the system from the get the doctor that was doing it says there is data, she has read it, but it never been released and it should be because they up what what what what you're leaving on important part it's in it's in a library in a in Like Harvard LAW Library in it legally what can't be released to the public? It's something that's!
it's someone's holding on to it and it cannot be released. They've tried hundreds of times, and it's got a twenty fifty release date or whatever their hope, they're waiting for. People to die yeah. So then we'll just go away and no one will think about anymore. It's fucking, Dude watch it it'll fuck you up. I'm scared, can you find out in the documentary they're, not the only ones. There's they've done this over and over and over and over it dude I'm sitting on a plane watching it and reptilian. Yes, you know you want is I'm so good and you look around like other people, No, it's watching it. It was true, so trippy was true, so trippy, it's so trippy. So yes do. I think that Lazar had people trying to his for sure for sure and there's a look, there's a lot of other stuff that you got to go. I don't know how do you? How do you prove that? How do you explain
Well! I don't know it's not like anything in our world. What do you believe in the big questions are? Is education background that was a big one, credibility, wise know whether or not he actually was educated at a certain place. I'm not! I can't this is a fucked up one, but I can't say what he told me I um, but essentially without saying it. It had to do with it He was working on currently know at the time all right he's, working at LOS, Alamos Labs, I can't say anything more than that fuck. And now the internet explode, I don't know if it's true right. I told them. I wouldn't say anything so I said I wouldn't say anything and I'm not going to say anything but whatever he said about all these
print things on Lee. He knows if it's true, so when you're talking to a guy, it doesn't seem like a liar seems, like he's very intelligent, mean he's talking about all kinds of different things, very intelligent, so either he's running the greatest thirty year, con of all time. Four. Maybe this really did happen. When you talk to him, do you just guess you don't know? I don't know, I don't know his life. I don't know his real life right, just gas, but he seems like a guy who's, seen some shit and and just didn't know what to do and told some friends about it and then then went to the news.
And that's what that George Knapp Guy, who was the investigative journalist to study this case over all the years like this guy's, never wavered. Thank you should talk with the story over and over things have shown to be true that they said were science fiction like the there was this equipment they had at LOS Alamos labs that you talked about. Where was this thing that measured the distance of the sides rather of the digits in your finger? Apparently it's like a great like your fingers that inches are specific, And so, if you put your hand down that thing and then hand, it would give a different measurement like there's different. Each bone is a different length and the exact length is uh. One dot, seven, whatever the it is one zero, seven inches inches, whatever minute measurement till tool they use it was. He was calculating the length of your fingers through some kind of buggy system that he said, didn't really work out often people said that science fiction, it doesn't exist and then they finally got photos of these things.
And people that worked at LOS Alamos Labs concluded the conceded that these are a real thing, but for a long time they were fighting it being like some people that didn't know were saying he made that stuff up, it doesn't exist, but insurance showed it. It does exist and it did exist right there where he worked even took them on a tour through the labs like I knew where everything was used to work there. So when they went there with the documentary crew with Jeremy, they just walked him through. He showed where he worked. He walked right in there Baby. Look mainly the guys running the craziest con game of all time, and you just a super genius and way smarter than mainly tricked me and he thinks it's hilarious, or maybe he saw some shit. What he was explaining that made it more and more interesting was how compartmentalized it was That being so compartmentalized is that science is based on free exchange of information. You have to have guys are testing all these different things in working on together. That's the only way you could do
right. So he's limited to a couple of guys that work on the propulsion system and then there's a couple other guys. Is working on the metallurgy and a couple other guys are working on the navigation system and they chose him because he was kind of a maniac and he put a fucking jet engine in the back of a honda, and it was on the cover for of the LOS Alamos newspaper, and it said in the article about Bob Lazar, with this fucking jet powered Honda. He was a scientist at LOS Alamos LAB a physicist. So this was in the newspaper they printed this one guy was, doing this thing where he said he was living at the time in in the area where LOS Alamos was. It said in the newspaper that he worked at the lab. There's a fuckin logbook of employees. It's got his name in it from that time, a guy had the showed it they took photos of it. They showed it to everybody. Look. We have an employee log book like this or the employee directory. Rather Robert Lazar right there, so he worked there. He really did work. How could how could all
I mean how could you fabricate that everybody's scared to talk all the people that he worked with her scared to talk? Why do you think this looks good, what's happening to him and he looks like a fool: the FBI raids, his house. Everybody calls him crazy. He didn't have anything to do with this, The only reason why you wanted to do my podcast, he was what he wanted, one more chance to just get it out in a form where it's just him talking and he felt like he- and I We both talked about IVF, mean you talk I'll. Just let you talk, you tell me what happened and I'll, let everybody figure out. If it's true, I don't know what do you think on? There was parts of me that said, maybe I'm just dumber than this and he's like really manipulative, and maybe he just knows how tell story and that's pretty fucking, keen, dude and home, but it's a tricky thing. Man you get cocky, you can get cocky, I feel like you, don't get. Rocky and think that you know that someone is not full of shit yeah, but I feel, like you talk to in a fucking people who are and aren't full of shit that your meter is higher than most I'm also nice. So when I'm trying to talk to someone, I want one
things to work out. Well, you're, getting the benefit of doubt. Often I want them to have a good time and when we're talking I don't want to confront yeah. I just even if I angrily disagree with every fiber. In my being as I've gotten older and better at it better at talking to people, I avoid that kind of conflict right. I just don't think it's necessary, but I just don't. I just think you bullshit meter is keen enough, where I don't feel like. I think it's super cocky. You say that I would like to think it is yeah. My ego would like to say Bro. Fucking tell you can't lie to me bro tried a lot. I've had people lie to me dude. I know NASA Bro, that ain't masses off you're, not anything there's times we know someone's full of shit times. We think you know someone's bullshitting wrong wrong. Then you know it's like this whole thing of looking in someone's eye and talking Sometimes some will tell you something like oh bro, I didn't even know you called me. Like you, mother, fucking, see right in their eyes. Like you piece of shit, you didn't see your text demand, I didn't even see it. You didn't say
come on bitch fuck that shit I don't know it freaked me out and not going to like it was like fucking. Sometimes you have to do that to people. Well, hey man, leaving your call is it better off to say hey, I find you a little annoying and very needy, and so when I get a phone call from you often I cringe I do like you and I enjoy our time, but sometimes I just can't. Sometimes I can't that's probably the most healthy version, but you can say that no, you can't you have to go like this. You go. I didn't you did today, fuck, I didn't see sorry many I didn't see it. Did you not get my tax? That's people that you do not get my text. I always say sorry. I didn't respond to your texts, try to say that first, but let me taste it as well as a man. If I text you and I'll get text back, I don't get it with that. I don't get a fucking. Butt hurt No, I just go that's let's it he saw it is what it is. I don't send a text in NY If I needed a real response from you, I would call you
hey! I need to talk about something you ever have some. Send me a text. It's like a little on the needy side and then they send you one like three minutes late. It says hello, so everyday question. Every fucking day to me you coming over when you coming over a common jamie me alone from our afternoon pump session. You know some p we'll just get real weird with like them, sending them messages in a bottle, and it is so little message: did you get it and then the uh side of it is Bobby Lee, who literally never answers a text ever ever ever ever I've sent him one thousand for him yeah. He doesn't answer good for him. His is green. You know his notification is like eight hundred fucking little red. You know he never answers. He doesn't give a shit, but I kinda, but everyone who's. Friends of them knows that's just Bobby yeah
jelly just calls you yeah Joey. I jump a lot Maur. I've been calling people a lot more, it's more personal. What's also like you can't call as many people as you can text and I think there's an overload of communication that occurs when you're texting with like ten different friends. The same time I got do send me videos them kicking pads and people. Some e e look this fish I caught like. I fucking, get these two text all day from all these crazy, interesting people. Imagine if I got that many phone calls in a day it would be insane turn your phone hey. What's up man hold on hold on someone's, calling me hey? What's up Tom, you would never write. You know, I'm saying like you would never! if you think about. Even if you have like three friends and your texting each other back and forth throughout today, make jokes. Maybe you know like a group chat like a lot of us, are in group, chats talk about shit and show ridiculous pictures, so it would get me kicked out of the country yeah. For sure I mean that you would never do that if it was phone calls,
never would be like you need a bitch. I gotta call you all day. I'm calling you in the morning they're calling in the afternoon are we fucking what's happened even if we were? If you need me to call you that many times in a day, Blee Kay, hey, hey, look! We gotta, we gotta be high, copied being alone to be happy, be together, but also you got to be able to be alone. If you need a phone call, all day, long, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, chill out chill blank out attacks is good 'cause. You could be in the middle some shit right if you're, one of them dudes inclined to change a transmission you want to rebuild, Chrysler, something like that. You could be then a little Texan as your own I'll get back to, hopefully that out. That's my coaching may be real, quick, yeah we're gonna, be today. You know I it's minimal, there's nothing to it, but it's not bad to be talking to people that which it isn't it he's about to be talked to people so much to shit, diet, yeah, it's a shitty diet duncan- and I were talking about the other day about
finding information on line just constantly be inundated with stories of horrific things and bad things and terrible things and ugly things that it's a bad diet. It's a bad like mine die, and I was like you so right that, it, is you think you're like community it that you are who you are, and it's just some stuff you're experiencing, but much like if you eat healthy foods, your body feels better. I think if you concentrate on healthy things and interesting things and fascinating things and not it I think you're giving yourself a better mental diet. Totally. I think if you consume too much of anything is bad right, so consuming too much of even to too much Paz information can be fucking detrimental because you can get delusional yes, so you have to have some semblance of a balance of how you ingest that the people that only Lian just negative dilly people on only eat candy
if you were grown adults and for like ten years you only a candy, your body would be a mess, would be barely alive. If you just have have a snickers bars how much nutrition is in a Snickers bar like I want to do something with that due to the days with size me how about this guy? Hey bro! Do this to see it's technically how long you stay alive. Snickers satisfies to appoint satisfy your hunger. I guess there delicious either phenomenon. I love us in my favor they're great to take on hikes too, by the way,
really really yeah large nutrition. In there burning sugar men, fucking hiking, up mountains and shit people, love Snickers bars, but hey. I think even the snickers people would tell tell you don't live off that stupid. You, you can't live office. Isn't that interesting, but there's a food you eat that you cannot live off of yes, because all food at one point you had to eat, to live off off. How many days do you think you could go with only eating snickers bars? And should this be the sober October challenge? Yes, first of all, yes and second by what, if we don't know just would die, Bert will die, but I mean that is what it is. If you only could eat Snickers bars and water two weeks two weeks two weeks without your body malfunctioning, I think something's going to happen. Yeah, I don't dumb you'd get. Does it post I just found from like two years ago or people ask this question. It was a discussion. Someone did the math, you eight about twelve to get the caloric intake to get that two thousand a day. Twelve,
two thousand calories, but how many days could you survive? On? I mean it's up to you. Bro let's think about that twelve snickers bars a day holy shit. How long do you think the problem with that is like everyone is not coming from the same starting point? That's the biggest issue you have to those three twin guys were separated with Mega Molly snickers to one of them dies. You guys need you guys need to control. You guys need some sort of control. They would be the test. Just feed give them one million dollars each given nothing, but snickers till someone on the verge of death to somebody taps step, honey, daisy thing you go on on only snickers, I say two weeks is: probably the human body will start to shut down. I wonder maybe you could go a long time. Well, let me say this: you could you could fucking fine, there's a dude. That's been eating, just pizza for like twenty five years, breakfast lunch and dinner. Find that there's a dude that he's just pepperoni pizza. I respect that. It's again, it's like fuck it my pair Tell me what to do my whole life and I'm man now bitch. I pizza
they just crying and eating pizza never saw this journalist try to get him to have like a piece of green leafy greens, puke puked on camera couldn't fucking fuck unless it's basil and a nice sauce get that fucking green shit at a for twenty. Something, like that's saying, what was that Jamie? Was it twenty five years? It says he has one bowl of raisin bran a week, just so you could shit that compacted glue. That's what pizzas like glue, make Lucia chewing down all that dough. That delicious, though holy shit twenty five years does have diabetes. Of course he does color me surprised how the fuck sorry buddy for laughing at your diabetes, but how the not at all, not sorry how to fuck. Does someone eat nothing but that glue for twenty five years? The cat exam? That's good looks like he's funny
I should be doing Youtube video. So what do they call him? Skinny fat on? There was an article that caught him. Like he's, you know ski no skinny fat right yeah. He looks remarkably good for someone who's only in pizza for twenty five years. It might be something to it, but they say skinny fat fucking. These people look skinny fat were like the body is she doesn't show any signs, but the inside's fucking murdered it's torn up yeah. Well, you don't have muscles nothing's there yeah! That's why you can look small, but you don't have anything there. Skinny fat people, your limbs are barely hanging on threads, certain people. You know certain people like you hug me like, like my my god, is not in there you're. So frail so it is only when you, when you hold that's like when I take pictures after shows us how to people. You know when you grab a few and some people you feeling like wow, that's fucking, weird, it's weird, it's weird you're is bones still with covered with Jello bony lump
Well, it's really terrible terribles. When I mean I'm not saying you have to be a bodybuilder now, but you have to fuck, it's just keep your body it moving away. It's just laziness thing, it's a discipline thing and like this. If there's some sort of nobility and humility and not caring about your body, it's silly get one you get one, it doesn't make you dumber. If you workout stop. I know that jocks were assholes and people bullied you I get it, but God damn it, take care of your fucking meet vehicle just go. Take care of the meat skeleton people. Will you you're vey? That's where you work out? Yes, that too I like looking good. I like it it's better to me than not looking good. I'm sorry I'm willing to put in the time, but you know what the irony is because of the hype of because of the growth growth of MM a chance cheers cheers my brother, because the growth of M M A
Crossfit, all of these, these new worlds that have kind of socially, socially now they're so much bigger than they were years ago. Nerds from that, I grew up in the high school already working out working. That's the irony! That's a big thing which you just I'm saying is like the biggest insecure people. Now they found a home and something that's discipline. It's good! It feels good to move your body. It feels good feels good to do things whether it's taken a damn class, I'm not into that, but taking a yeah, and I know that should do it. I like yoga, I like running yeah, I like doing Ju Jitsu. Obviously I like all kinds, all kinds of martial arts and I'm just like moving my body man. I like running up hills. You move your body said it going. You'll feel better aft words. I know you don't want to do it. I never fucking. Hardly ever want to do it if I may, be wanted, want to actually do it five out of ten times, but I less yeah
but I do it, I just do it. I know what it's like to not want to do it, I get it shut up. I just start talking to myself. I go come on pussy. What are you talking? do it. If I was you outside of you, knowing what I know, if I could read my mind, ability come on bitch, you just being lazy, you put your fucking shoes on sweat, going and you're going feel pump come on man. You've done this a million times and then invariably. I'll be in the middle of work and I'm sweating like fuck yeah, yeah yeah, and then I get into it. It's like it just you got to push past that creepy resistance, that Steven Press field. Wrote about in the war of art. It applies not just art, not just a writing. Replies, It applies to clean your room and applies to us in your sorry to a friend. It applies to taking care of a debt. All those things you keep put in all this weird thing
that you have. When you see a problem, you gotta fix it. You see thing you have to do, go! Do it when you know something's things like clean your fucking room right, that's what Jordan Peter Chinoy, says clean your room, clean your room, and that's really is what he means. Get your shit in order. Yeah we'll do it. I think I think it's also personality trait, though too, to be fair, like I fucking someone has to get it done. You know someone goes you don't do it all at once on the I'm like yeah, you do yeah, you fucking, do new blinds at the house. What, if we just do the living room for now is like none of us. Do it get the whole fucking thing done? What's the difference, that's a manly thing to say to get it. What can we just have this window this window? Just this will be my shade spot. And goes it's America, so the whole fucking they back the truck up all around with the symbol for combines. I want trees around this house. I wanna walk around my house. You could buy an old tree. You know that you could buy like. I want a tree in my yard. Five hundred years old I'll, find you one
dope toe, that's cool to be like place it here. I gotta fuck. I have one hundred and fifty plus old oak tree in my backyard. Here's what's weird, I should say if you have a piece of land right on that piece of land is ah one hundred acres, a beautiful piece of land. You know you don't own and MEL's on that land like if there's wildlife on that land, a bunch of deer on that land. You can't just shoot him. You have to have tags, you have to have state allocated tags, about a certain amount based on the deer population using wildlife biologists and they view it from hell copters and shit. They have different way. Wave trail cameras. All these different ways. They determine the numbers, they figure out, how many people can hunt, but you trees, and that weird you own all the trees everything that they're around, like she owns of gigantic population of pine trees in the forest, like you want some, it's waffle and you're logging, like those logging companies, do they own those trees, somehow how they don't know the
here in the elk could the Eagles, but they on the trees. Is maybe because the trees don't move yeah it's exactly can't movement easy to just I just take that saw that So they like completely over fish, you know the virus, and then they leave these big cut like these huge cut areas Have you ever been to the woods and seeing a pair of place? That's been logged yep, it's interesting how to say it's kind of beautiful in a weird way. To say, but it's like you're like wow, that's, it's mesmerizing! You know it's! It's a key area for hunting too well you're right is it clearing and the animals come out to eat. The sprout right is the new new new new Greiff grows up yeah and it's a big open place, so it gets plenty of, rain and sunlight look. Sometimes the canopy keeps like smaller things from going to get enough sunlight and a lot of times in the canopy to like everything is beating down with
pine needles. Everything is covered with leaves and shit inside when you have a real, thick forest. Those big open areas, mental these animals come out and you can find it in there. That's fucking easy hunting season that well, it's never easy. They think it smell you, a fucking, impossible distance way you put stuff on yourself to not smell. No, you can't do anything. You can't cover up the smell, no chance. The only thing you can do is there's a thing called ozonics that does work, but it only works if you're in one place so like if you're in a tree stand, you have a thing that you put above your head and it's Chad's ozone down on your body and with the ozone does, and this is how it's been explained to Maine again. Remember I'm a moron, say you're talking to a wide open idiot, I'm like I'm like community college, and then I went to Boston University. U Mass Boston rather for three years and their continuing education program, and everyone took my essay tees, I'm a legitimate, moron, but apparently this ozone shit that comes down over you. It can
fuses. The deer, like the deer, gets the sentence like what the fuck is, that he doesn't know what it is, as opposed to smelling you and going fuck, they smell you. They just run They smell people, they just run. They take off. They'll run like hundreds of yards away, you'll see him just go like this and then just take off and you're like what happened, and you blow some this, like white talc in the air like a puff of talc and as it drifts you see, which way the winds blowing it's a wind checker. So when you're up there in the wind, you have this, it'll. It's like like a almost like a little is again a baby powder right right, you just press it and that stuff goes in the air and you could see exact Lee where they went even have vaporizers now to do it. Now I have one: that's like a vaporizer. Your press about it just missed, goes in the air to show you where the wind is it's just it's while and um it's just for that. Just to make smoke see and see which way the smoke goes, but it's just missed. So that's the ozone shit three ozone bonds, your scent molecules, so
What they're saying so, I don't think they're allowed to live on the shit. I think in this day, essentially it creates like a shield for your your odor, your odor. So my so my friend John Dudley is a big believer in this. He's a big believer in I'm a big believer in that is fucking wild. Apparently it does work but it's still. If they see you move, if something funky
is there way me? Maybe it works like eighty percent of the time here are some sneaky they're smart. How good is their vision? The vision is good, but they they you view things like from an edge detection and things like that that they see things that move right. If you just freeze, if you have camouflage on any freeze, they'll, often walk right by you as yeah, especially if you had there's a thing missing of thing called the heck suit, h, e c s and a heck sued. I wear one. I don't know if they really work, but they appear to work with birds that they've proven that birds following electrical magnetic signal, that's how they get home right, the the use, the the the natural maggot
some of the earth to figure out where the fuck they're going like they did. It's crazy. What isn't it funny that we can't do that? We can't get home fuck it I'm lost yeah. We could just use our two wrong terms. I'm fucked though, but these birds, it's like it works with birds like all these guys say that you put these suits on birds, have no idea there. They don't see you I get blocks. The electromagnetic signal that your body. What could that be made out of what time is a mesh there's, some sort of a mesh that blocks yeah the blocks that they have actually like meters that can show they put it on wave it over this thing, there's no reaction, take it off and then it's a reaction with words, detecting the signal that your body puts out. The real question is: prove that it does that the real question is: can animals really see it and how any of them can see it. The big thing is smell: it doesn't matter if they can't see if they fucking smell, you they're gone they're gone, so you could look just like a tree but of a deer smell he's going to start running. They just run
the only fix for the smell thing other than that that that I think that's it. That's it there. So there's their sense of smell is impossible to understand with the it's. So my it's better than ours that what we have shouldn't even be called a sense of smell. If we like the difference holes, how well the ants do stand up comedy, there's a couple of good ants to a couple of guys. Gotta come up with an answer man, I gotta type three, but that's what the differences in comparison to like how bad our noses work right versus a deer who's the animals. The best, I think a bare bears are the best sense of smell. I think, bears have preposterous. The smell dogs are really good, but it's not very good. I think a bear is like one hundred times stronger than a bloodhound fucked up fuck it. They could smell eighteen miles away eighteen fucking miles but run I search for the average site distances how for complete? What's of what's a typical like site this, whether you know can only see about a mile right pans on the animal.
Some animals don't see good at all. Pigs, don't see good at all, yeah! You just freeze on a pig. I don't know what the fuck's going on for sure he's a lot like little mice, and yeah eagles have the best from this site yeah. They can see from from miles and miles of my my friend from Alaska. He feels how a bit fictional time he said your of hope, you're pulling a fish up. An eagle can see miles away for, that's some dinosaur, some dinosaur! How that's how you know dinosaur that play is miles is what Grizzly can find an elk carcass when it's underwater and polar bears can smell us go through three feet of Jesus lock three fucking feet of ice raised? Oh my god button three feet of ice. That is fucking monster. Imagine if you were in a big, concrete building, it's three feet thick and there's a bear on the outside
meet. That was a monster movie, but this isn't says monsters and saying this master. No! I'm here I could be two kids write. Their parents have already been killed and there is breathing like don't. We were safe, is concretes three feet. Thick is no way could smell us in this outside. Are you but he talks too much just just wanted really fucking you in your sister eighteen miles and of smell three feet of smell through eyes. Did you ever see the video with the BBC reporter gets inside a box like a Plexiglass Box, and then they put him around polar bears and the polar Bear tries to eat him and the polar Bear is trying to eat him through this box, trying to figure out how to get to him because it knows he's in this box. It is fucking terror tip. Why would you ever bro and this guy's got cameras on the whole time?
charger shitting his pants just dookie and left him right, filling those drawers son. How strong is that that thing has to be indestructible, they're, so big they are so big and we've been. We've been really fucked over just let Let that run Jamie we've been really fucked over with God, Damn Klondike bar Tarzan Coca COLA Go make. It looks. We have a super distorted perception of this fucking predatory, killing machine that eats its babies. Bro bro, these things are fucking ruthless. Clean up crew they're there to make sure there's so few resources up there in the wild that this giant behemoth of a bear exist. So he could just jack everything, just Jack everything and keep the populations nice and low you're right in there, I'm not a biologist so that he knows
he's he is just trying to get out he's biting it goddamn do that would look at that? Look at this man. It's pressing on it. That's glass mat! If you crank your dead thanks, you're fucking, dead, fucking teeth through it when it's opening its mouth, that some monsters mouth is what I look like drunk at a Mcdonald's. It's fucking four in the morning trying to get food to the drive through Guy, give me nuggets behind him is like, but the camera this way shake it shake in the shit out of it. Of course it is. Why would he be so convinced that that that thing would survive? I would be so dope if it just kind of how did they arrest you, this cat This dude yeah how to they get him out of there like who's. How long take to get him out of there. They got to find a way to distract despair at the end of this league walked away. Come on, yes got it. It's gotta get frustrated at some point that fucked us look at it goes fuck does. How did they test that box? What is that guy hated him? The guy who made the box? Oh this guys, going to climb out.
I'm out I free we've got a prize bear yeah like Let's pretend the bears right, yeah right next to him. That thing can run thirty five miles an hour, fuck outta! Here did? I found a bear run either in Saint. Do they run like that on ice and things begin with their claws. They could run for days per kind of pretended, like that was a totally safe, normal experiment for him to do like he got out like no big deal man, you know but polar bears. Ironically, black attorneys, all that white, for you know that right, it's clear, this clearer is that was a clear black, it's black skill, yet the skins yak and that wire yeah. That is why, well, you can imagine. The people get snow, tan, right, you get snow blind, as is the sun beating off the snow people get burnt like really bad yeah skiing, without showing you that a polar bear looks now. That's a black bear bro. This is polar bear without here yeah, but it's Look at the hair around its face see how it's all black I guarantee. That's a black bear! Also. It just doesn't look big enough. What does it
yeah. Maybe it's just another says they're yeah, it's got mange, but you see how does the hair on the top of its heads black? I think I think someone just wrote that and it doesn't mean that screw no, but they are they're dark, but underneath all that they are really dark, dark it's when we hey, maybe when the it means they're hair on their head gets black, who the knows go to that will ranges Manges weird what the is there. I mean I've looked I've seen this before. I guess, let's cut and polar bears, yeah! Well, imagine there! No for they're the most terror fine because of the biggest well they're right there, Jamie top. The top fourth picture is them spreading the hair apart right there you see the skin. There is they're all perfect, yeah and see how that the hair looks white, but it's actually they say it's like more of like a clear color wow. That's fucking, crazy to me, yeah, like not technically white.
Right now. It's yeah it does. It does cut in the Trans, Lucien Translucent almost right what, but what an amazing animals unbelievable. Imagine that thing lives in this place where there's no vegetables at all, but it got so big involved to get that big meet dude just to meet tons and tons and tons of me and they can eat a like a hole through haste to get to you too just move through the ice. Do whatever can it's so nice that they're so far away swim? You know they jump in the unscramble kids from six miles an hour bro? For how long can they swim? I wonder how long they can stay in the water for cause they have to get out of this. Is that knots, and why do we need knots boat, boat people, love that shit with boat people? Hey it's six fathoms they fuck face how many feet. Five two is a mile six mile
six miles an hour is five dot. Two knots, my boat goes five knots. I what want to make it slower, that's so confusing. Do that when they can just do miles an hour. What is not, I think, not surround before mile No well were also before miles an hour was it was. It was thought it with the metric system. The metric that was later not kilometers down. Really smart people like why the fuck are. They talking they're talking about kilometers some engineer, but God damn it well. When I was in high school, they tried to put the metric system on us. They tried to bring back the metric system and we like bitch. This is a mess They fucking with that bitch and fuck. Your systems of ten believe unnecessary letters. So maybe not not says oh, never, mind didn't work just like soccer. They try to push soccer on us too. You know why soccer didn't work we were talking about this today. Causes America too slow too slow too slow base.
Works with people of goals. People have goals, goals, okay, so people. Scoring scoring people ask works, listen the energy we send. The initial people are the reason to change the blue line. Rule is because they wanted more goals, but they got more goals: more viewership. What's more american than a grand slam, right, literally, not think bases loaded crack, all sports center used to be home, runs and dunks over and over. Fucking should be. We love seeing that moment. So in soccer ninety minutes and sometimes no goals. I get it. I can't do it if you understand how difficult it is, if you're a fan of the game, If you love the game, the game like Ian loves it he doesn't know the only black. I know that love soccer in America is that real in America, how many black fucking friends you have that love soccer he's my only one. That's true! I don't have any black friends at watch soccer. That's true! he's my only want make a right, though. Yes in England, he lives in England,
England, Jamaica right, born in Jamaica, then moved to England in New York. Have you seen those games? He goes to. They look awesome we were supposed to go to the fun, I'm not taking their fucking fun. It's just it's not it's, not my shit. We are organizing a comedian thing that I had a family thing I had to do. I couldn't make it, but they look like good time, especially if you want to get blasted on some of this MIKE Tyson. We that we spoke today the fucking Delicious by the way. Thank you MIKE. Thank you MIKE. Thank you, my shut up to the champ and mother Fucking Champ polar Bears, yeah. There was That said, there was some article about polar bears. You know when, whenever we say that polar bear populations are threatened, they definitely are in certain spots, but the places where polar bears occupy is enormous, yeah huge and in some areas there's a lot of them and we have. Non nuanced way of looking at polar bears. So people
get really mad if, like they found these Inuits for killing polar bears, but sometimes these folks are living places where polar bears are entering their villages and they're super danger, killing their babies, they'll kill people that table straight up, kill people. You know, I think, there's a comic who's, a um he's ah also a veterinarian Kevin he's a vet yeah he's um he's a guy who performed in Denver, where I met him in Denver US working with them one. Oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah he's he's famous in Denver to get some chilled. Here's a tv show ever Fitzgerald yeah. I was going to save Fitzgerald, but I thought it was wrong because my friend Dave Fitzgerald was just at long white hair yeah like a hit yeah. He told me that polar bears out of the womb. I, like predator, you know like, movie predator, like out the they're just trying to bite, kill out of the womb dope.
They just come out and I was like what makes sense right if you stop and think about what their life is. Everything is just white and frozen and occasionally catch slipping occasionally get someone who's setting themselves and you get to him before they can get away and you could dive in the water and grab a foot and drag him back up survival. Man, the darkest store that ever heard. I don't know if it's true, but let's pretend it is, find was there was some sort of an expedition and their boat hit some ice, and so they're both start sinking, and they had a real problem, because the next boat was hours away. So the call in a May day for the next boat and they climb out of the boat in time before it sinks in the get to an ice shelter. Like a a nice raft, a nice I and I love the allies Island in the distance. We see a polar bear. And it's many many ice, land bridges or whatever the
the rice distance, that is ice, island away, high steps, but it keeps jumping in the water and getting closer trying to figure out what the fuck they are and then finally get to them, finds out what they are. It's in the ice island next to them jumps in the water pops up, grabs one guy, there's nothing! Anybody could do about it. Fuck takes him kills him dragged him in the water again goes back on the other. I silent just starts eating them and they're. Just on watching it there one ice island away, hoping that he doesn't stay hungry after eats their friend who is your least favorite friend the boat comes and rescues in alchemy: do they need to watch her frank, eaten alive, the front got eaten alive and who died? Probably could probably eight hundred am in front of them, probably took it, so they could see it. He didn't care, yeah I mean, like you, only worry when you eat a clam, the reading in front of the Clintons home in front of them. No, I'm sure he I'm sure the bear ate it to note they want to keep I'm saying he kept an eye on them. Yes, it's like you're,
text. Jude. Welcome, probably knows that they're there. If this isn't enough, you mean, maybe the guys like a small guy. What do you do you do you? Do you just sit there and watch it? You jump in the water what do you what you fucking, do you can't swim away? You'll freeze to death? If you get in that water, you just have to accept the fact that I've achieved is to kill you. That's your time! There's nothing else! You can do you can't fight it off. I would punch my body and knock him out. So it's easier than you know. I mean not that much butter huh! You have to think about how much you love your friends. Oh my god. That's so many people had knockout leave for bears to eat yeah, it's a lot of people most most of what it is is just it's it's inescapable, yeah the power that has have you had a moment of near death experience never liked never won. Never, never an animal like that you're in a near death experience where you're like fuck. I could die car accident car
since that's the only time I thought I was kind of a near death experience. It is ever no. Have you not been in a bad one? I've been in some bad ones been lucky, that's near death strip. Yeah! You ever ride bikes motorcycles. No, it's gonna! That's the hardest to people. I knew crashed in one person I know saw someone get hit all in like a month. It was like Bang, bang, so two people I know crash and fuck themself up was it do that I was working with huh and ah another was ah Frank MIRA was fighting in the UFC. He was. Ah you know one of the best heavyweights in the planet and some guy ran a red light. T boned him snapped his leg and half send it flying through the air had a real problem. I mean hell. He almost lost his leg, man. It was like lives, let's see, if femurs like the big upper leg, that's a really bad bone to break my let's say he's not usually yeah. It takes a long time to heal. It's very dangerous lot of lot of blood flow
through that area. The main arteries that can fuck you bleed out takes a long time. For that leg comes back and for Frank: it was years before he was like one hundred percent again saying every and arguably he never was the same. It's arguable that something like you're, always going to be like playing catch up, because it's such a devastating injury, Latifi sounds like fuck motorcycles when too much protection. You won't fucking on the outside man, but if you lived well, I was going to say if you lived in a rural area, but did you hear about that guy that plowed into these bikers he was in a pickup truck yeah? I was in a pickup truck in New Hampshire and there was this. Ah, I think they call themselves the Jarhead Bike Club or something like that: a bunch of Marines they got together and rode their bikes around the sky plowed into and killed like seven on purpose. No, I don't know what happened. I don't know I don't. I don't know if he was being careless. If the fee was speeding, I don't know whose fault
do you here with us here? Where was New Hampshire, New Hampshire yeah? I drive motorcycle and rural road yeah, but some rural RD going to worry about people not paying attention right, you, the middle of nowhere. You still don't fucking, know Stephen king. Remember what happened him Stephen King got hit by a guy who was ah thinking like he dropped something in his car, and so he was leaning over to uh pick up whatever the fuck you left in his Van Stephen king was walking by the side of the road. Maybe was his dog I feel like. Maybe it was his dog was doing something anyway. The guy wasn't looking and hit him and it just broke everything. Timmy and his whole body was broken. He had several broken bones: who's fucked up for a long time. It took him forever before you could just sit at his desk again it right and he details it great
great detail and it talks about in his book on writing as well. That's him with pins in his leg I mean is that dog and dude. He was older at the time I mean he wasn't a young guy, but he's always looked old. For some reason, Stephen King is always looked like every your photo, I'm like! Well, you fucking he's. Always fifty he's been fifty since he was born well bro. If you carrying around that kind of evil inside your back in that's, not saying right, that's up as made in the cold, always the guy. The is that what is this Stephen King calls, or maybe it's not his strength, yeah, let's not go down a little google, be there forever Stephen king me about how many amazing books that guy is written, think about the diversity them by the way they're. Not all the same kind of like people always go like you getting or he's done, drama he's done a lot of different kinds of different, but you know what I like. He almost always made it a writer from Maine. It was a guy from Maine and then this crazy shit would happen to him.
Like many of his stories, not all of them, but many other stories were a guy from Maine yeah direct charge. Hank redemption, yeah yup, as I think about, are based off, at least Do you know his story, but think about that that he wrote that that beautiful and the rest of the ship is very dark. So much of us, a black, is not he's, got so much good stuff man I mean he's, got so much good. Did you ever read the Tommy knockers? It's fun man, it's about like an alien craft after the crash landed in the woods, and I don't give any sport starts changing people. What is Tommy Knocker me with this? I don't know, but I think it was based on some like old fairy tale, that people tell I like learning old words like that Tom Tom. Her final in this, let's find out like this word, hey I want I I have a word he was like, like candy man, you know the kind of thing has a word I've a word for you. There was a word that I heard that I thought was very funny that I wrote down the psycho Joe.
I think that's while, but I like, I like when I learn a new word. I go. That's I always admire you again when I see you Realis no case, okay, so give off the wrong no case. Jamie Foxx any rational case to his recently how long the cellphone, since I've got the gold one, the new Iphone. How many months is a been z, rock and okay, so over him to feel free, sure feel better of all, and I only had the case for a one phone. I guess you feel better than other double. No, I would feel risk here. I would feel like more you're living every day. You make it it's a stick like a success. I so admire higher? How Neil Degrasse Tyson explained it was twirling around his fingers. I've made some catches that maybe is yeah. I gained ability because of doing that right now, I might just let drop of it was in one of my daughter cases or some otterbox and thick once this I was never I I I look. I've said that I said the same thing not to copy Neil Degrasse Texture, but I love love that is I know this. Why did I buy it? If I don't want to voice said you love me, why I love it.
Full. It is an issue with these Chuj case look to to otterbox because of a door off a cliff. What are my phone of a fly? Are you throwing your phone, but also what I get tommyknockers, but also, but but also by the way we're all stone folks, but also, I think about it in the sense of I know this sounds privileged fine, but I have apple care, which is data, expensive you. If I can break it. I just get one: it's like twenty bucks, what the fuck take that to you, broke it Jesus, I don't give a fuck Joe Rogan. You don't give a fuck. What is time now, what does it mean? It's based off of knockers, who would have been miners trapped in the cave and would have been pounding on rocks to get rescued and his book it's the aliens underground who are trapping on knocking on the try it. I don't remember the exact premise: I knew that they were doing something it was changing. The people they made a really kind of funky movie it was
like the best movie, wasn't it wasn't going to come hard to make his fucking? Was it for tv series for tv how many episodes four five it's one of those ones where you almost got. Imagine in your head and That'S- and Asshole thing to say because, like like, I used to have a joke about game of Thrones people whose book butter like how is that possible you watching real dragons and people fucking and then swordfight, it's impossible and you're gonna tell me that two episodes so two hours that movie. If you want to really figure out what the book is, it would have to be hours and hours and hours that book was. Nuanced the book got into psychology. What was the other one with the dudes were in the woods and some alien crawled inside that guy's asshole and kill them, which one was that one yeah family reunion. No, there was like some alien thing I crawled in his ass and killed. It would take over these people would take over these people. It was in the guys toilet. You know who it was
is the guy who was in that HBO series. Taken. Now is the guy who is captured member. He was captured. He was turned over to the red head to do it all yeah yeah, that a but the focus is name with folks that come up. This is a new giving with figure this out. I'm going get this bottle with this. Well that, first of all that guy find out, the tv show homeland for season and then you'll find the guys name is on billions and billions. That's right that guy was an awesome actor like. I think it's funny that guy is an english accent. Yeah it does I know that as good as he is- and I could be an American, that's creepy like what's his name, walking dead, guy yeah yeah same guy, I mean same thing there, how you doing Wait. We also also Louis Damian Lewis, Damian Lewis is Imdb and there was a movie that he did a few years back. There was a good fucking
movie. It was a Stephen king that I wasn't the right one. I just never heard of it's called dream: catcher dream, catchers yeah. I was thinking white trash. That's why I was thinking white. This was like white trash white trash. We try dreamcatcher same kind of thing, though you know that is my trash dream catchers, that is, the barb wire around the bicep tattoo of the house, a coup, a dreamcatcher yeah. Why do people love people love? Whenever you see someone had one, you were like the fuck man, bummer bummer, my kids workforce. Shells yeah. When you have in your chart when your child just learned about the world? It's just not a good piece of art. I'm sorry adult! I think it's an extreme cut your socks. Yeah right. I thought you know so everyone catches, it has a dream: catcher hasn't caught one dream yet they're fucking, but it's true. It's a dream: thief: the dreams, dreams yeah catches him, but you don't fucking, get him done in front of girls house. Imagine if you were single and after all this conversation, the girly dreams
over how soon God, damn dreamcatcher over the bed like fuck, she's, perfect every single freeway, but she she believes in astrology and she has get dream it's my it was so right. It was exactly who I am. That I was smart and creative and gifted, and that beyond generous to my friends just totally true. She wants you to rub what is it crystals or gems in your hand, before you fuck she's a? Can you roll these in your wrists before we will match your intentions? They'll change, color, If, if really your true self, be me me, you bro how often when you when, when somebody goes, what's your astrological sign, I'm always like get the fuck the fuck away from me, but I am a LEO and LEO's are supposed to be kind of. Do she in a little bit of a boy
now, there's a very aggressive. What is it all needs to be? An ugly are supposed to be like confidence, it's all bullshit, I'm a Libra. Does that mean like every fucking guy born in October? That's absurd, or you should know together and form. I totally broke boys and then you would get banned from Facebook for being racist. Libra boys would be all white guys would be like the new, proud boys Libra boys. By the way. I can't wait for sober October for me to keep Megan. I want to come on the show and have a drink just to watch. You guys battle nonsense. I don't know what going to do whatever you, so, I'm still not going to be so bored my birthday month. I can't fuck with that. Well, the real problem is the time commitment like I have too many God, Damn pipe podcast that are booked all the way up to then and I know, there's going to be a lot of shit. I have to do yeah. I can't dedicate too much time. I can't do what I did last. Let's do the Snickers challenge. I think that's the best way to do it. Let's do it, let's do. What did you do I know what about what about a different kind of challenge out tap out first, but you guys keep your fucking shitty headaches.
I'm gonna go. Have a salad is gonna, bring us to a deep, fake something deep fake of Joe eating snickers just fucking, making a phony have it. That was the other thing that we had an idea of like who could read the most books, the most pages, the the problem with that is Burgo wrote it it just pound through the there's! No, he can't read but he'll lie. Look, I asked him if you could do please your cues I can do the split you do it, so I did this. Basically, I was looking into off the ground and he's like. Oh, you can really do it, He went to do it is like it couldn't do it at all. He said you remotely flexible, it's not like there's a time in his life. We could do the split, but here is forty four years old fake and he could do the splits because you doing bird, why would you lie about the might seem like a guy that can do this, but for a guy that's been sitting on Dick for that many years I figured he could do the splits you know mainly for bouncing on so much cock. I'm surprised, doesn't do the splits he's just funny dude you could tell you. I can't I can't let that happen now that talent that well
I want to be invited, so I can sit with Jamie and have a drink and gets get high. While you guys use over shit, it has to be a sort of a little legitimate test. Can't it just can't be too involved. I can't do it anymore. Get me and Jamie in one of those bubbles. So we can just get high and drunk and roll right. Yeah. Give me the bubbles. Vince is the new features of the Joe Rogan are publishes the bubble machine first featured on the Duncan Trussell Podcast one thousand three hundred and thirteen there was Duncans requests that he beyond that spin. Social number, spiritual numbers are really important. Have you ever have acupressure acupuncture acupuncture? I have. I love it it's legit as fuck. I love interesting, it's wonderful. They say it's legit! You've! Never done it. Yeah? Did you do it once, but I did it with the dude. Who did some hey It was a little weird. He wanted to drink certain herb, Now I just went to a phone I just want to. I just want to fucking dope dope acupuncturists and got it done, and it's great now my face fucked me up. I don't like my face, is getting fucked me out who
there. They put. It scares all over your face, little to everywhere no numbers of 'em. Your sinus is your eyes like in your side. I think you fix your eyes. Have you make your eyes fucking high twenty vision. Maybe it was slipping, I'm one thousand, nine hundred and twenty. I think what if it got to like forty forty sixty six Oregon and I can see shit through three feet of ice- did the opposite or the other way. What is it like? No eighty eight is like the most insane vision ever like. Is it smaller number smaller than is the better fit yeah so saying five thousand and fifty probably be blind as fuck, I'm five thousand and fifty, but all they can fix it. You gotta, keep your eyes like, like that movie clockwork Orange, prop your eyes open and just Prague punctually your rivals, so you looking up voices spears coming out of your eyeballs? Is people get tattoos on their on their fucking eyes? Have you seen that shit? They get them on the whites of their eyes. You did a bad bad person, dumb person, tattoo your fuck.
The eyeballs. Do I see something like that? I mail in your life. Imagine being that guy's dad imagine being his friend but his dad. Like you raised a boy. And whether it is a chemical imbalance or whatever happened. What happened? Was it abuse? What I don't know what happened for sure something something happened: parent people are fucked, oh, oh, that guy, in San Diego, was telling you about that. A man through sandals me this weekend at my show, yeah. What happened? Is they called him sandal Steve? So this is the most. There's two embarrassing part of this story. For this man. The Sunday show was fucking phenomenal in San Diego was so fucking dope we sold out the weekend, and then Sunday show was incredible everyone's having a good time, I'm joking around at the end of my show very end about people in San Diego I think, wearing sandals with jeans as appropriate. I was like that's just that San Diego, like button, but I have sandals on, is like douchebags fucking have their toes out, but we're like pants.
And some guys are and like. Let me guess, you're wearing jeans with sandals and he put Zuppa sandal and I'm like Sandal Steve sounds Caesar but and he goes My name is Steve and I was like fucking guy fucking guys, you record the said. No, when I fucking wish. That was the only one I didn't fucking core course. That's the universe coursing. So so so so I turned and I turned the left, and this dude throws a fucking ice, see it on the corner of my eye. Oh my god, but when the sandal hit the curtain actually in La Jolla they have. Old comedy store sign. Do you know that they brought that down the old neon yeah? They have. The old neon now hit the neon, and I was like what the fuck was that shit and it You know when something doesn't register. 'cause, I was like no way that if you broke the need, do it bro murder, so I turn and then- I'm turning another Santa gets tossed stage not thrown but like tossed and I immediately. I was like what the fuck and he's going oh bro and the fucked staff is coming up and grabbing this fucking moron,
and two dudes are standing up in the audience ready to like swing like people were like It was a commotion and I was like what the fuck I'm just kidding around, we can run and they were like get the fuck out get any goes. Come on minimum The fan I go, Dude get the fuck out. You can't throw shit at me, get the fuck outta here, so they were, the dude, but the best part are the most unfortunate part. Is it's his daughters? 21st birthday and she's a big fan. It had dad through sandals at your fucking. So of course if she's listening. I love you thanks for being a fan. Sorry, your dad is a fucking moron and through balls at us because that's how you get kicked out duty through them on my fucking head. It missed my head by like a foot and he thinks I'm just kidding around. Like noted in not funny. Don't you can't throw sandals that people can't throw shit at people and the poor old man. I've never seen someone so in bear. She was getting her purse and shit and she's like like way
running through the crowd and the sun is like. Can I get back his sandals and I was like get the fuck? It doesn't usually happen. Someone rare rare you gotta you gotta do some dumb shit. It does happen payment. This guy got kicked out the improv. He was heckling, everybody and then, when I got on stage I mean he was just so loud and they just grabbed him and I go do to kind of shut the fuck up man. What do you like? What are you doing? I'm doing this is ridiculous. You know you're interrupting and they just grabbed him and the Lady who is in front of him was his girlfriend. Go there I think there are going to leave she look. It shows, did you do this Let's do that. No bitch is your fucking problem. This is your life in a nutshell. You were here with him. You saw what happened. You saw me tell the guy. What the fuck are you doing man? Then you saw the staff, kick him out, then you asked me: did I do this, but you know I didn't do this. You did this. She did this. No, but imagine the kind of enabling or you're right next to the
guy who's, yelling out stupid shit interrupting the show your watch. In the staff. Come over you watching this guy, get out. She looks to me like did you do this? Do that do this? You gotta! You live in order, lady, hey clean your room, your room, clean your fucking room, Bitch, that's your problem! It was so crazy. I was like you saw you were here with me, but the crowd was going ape shit. They think it's your fault here, those those two people. She thought it was my fault. Everybody else thought it was hilarious. The rest of the crowd is so angry at them, because it's so indicative. Of what we know to be true about certain people. There are certain people that blame everyone else except themselves, sort of always watch and when you watch the guy who says she's just like you loves you, it's like well he's ruining the fucking chow like you just don't come to a show. If you can't keep your fucking your Tourette's in check I just want to scream shit out and just be
which is crazy, are ruining the whole show. This sounds fake. The same show the Sunday show I was young. We were joking around how crazy it was in them, all a set setup. I'm about to tell a set up and a guy goes, What's your favorite thing about San Diego and I was like what what and he goes and everybody boo. I mean everyone's light them up. 'cause they were like. Is this some p get so excited sometimes, and I don't I love doing The studio is just like Bro He got to know the rules of the thing you can just do it he's been out by the beach too much too much those guys, those guys that's too much salt, air and too much sun and their cooked there. Like a slow. It's like you know how like, if you're going to smoke a piece of fish put your hand in there? It doesn't even seem like you would do anything right. You know, like you seem like you'd, be fine yeah, but you live there forever, but you can have to like four or five hours. You become a smoke piece of fish right. That's
after those dudes brains smoked fish, a certain amount of those guys brains are always by the beach. You don't drink enough water yeah they just get old and leathery right and though the range for their brains, leathery yeah, Well, you see them in the outside the leathery. Their brain looks like that two men and I'm not a doctor. There smoked there smoke. Then they come to show their slowly smoked. Hey man, fucked are heroes. Who wanted help and love. You did help out too. By the way I had a bunch of mexican fans. I love my mexican fans code showed up in San Diego and all these dudes after the show would like you want to fuck that dude up dog, the fucking sandal dude I was like hey. I'm not going to you do whatever you want to do. Don't right now didn't don't ask Mexicans to beat up white people right now. Bad time, I'm imploring all Mexicans to beat up Mexican all this wall, talk to throw in a few extra seconds should beat up. Everybody beat up everybody,
Mexicans that Andrew Santino saying they might have my favorite food appearing in about this. I think not my favorite food, here's, the thing honestly, it really varies like sometimes my favorite food is steak. Sometimes my favorite food Italian, but my favorite food. When I know I probably shouldn't be eating it, but I going to eat. It anyway is like language case idea from a real mexican joint looked at places. I've taken you guys to that one. This is a joint in the valley. You go there, they have mexican soap operas on tv. This girls with big tits in the red dress, is always right, and everyone in there is like locals, are like a bunch of dudes who are getting. Work would know about. Like a real small hole in the Wall type place, everyone speak Spanish. Percent everything's written in spanish food off the fucking charts. Dude, it's off the charts,
You get the language language case idea Bro with the spicy sauce, don't want to centimeters in their language tongue, language, tire, beef tongues, beef sensational. Do it so good! I got one of those they have all kinds of tacos. Oh my god, what's your death row meal, then is mexican in your death row meal? before I go, fungal really kill me. You want me to have a good time eating lobster. First, fuck you I'm eating death row shit, I'm eating all of that shit. I'm just thinking, try taking one guy out when he tries to get me from the jail. That's all my concentration is on come get me bitch, I mean. If you kill me, come on man, not eating a lobster. Well, I'm not going to fucking. Lobster I'm trying to figure out a way to kill you. If it is there try to kill you Jennifer, garner the kill them, I'm key. Taking some money, just one guard gets murdered. Yeah yeah, that's a good way out of a couple don't. You think you would be thinking that way. No,
and drag you to you. Unless you did something horrific and you want to die, and you know you're terrible what if you were wrongfully accused you're wrong? If you I'm wrongfully accused and I'm on death row, I'm trying to kill him, Are you kill yourself when I get to you so hard in jail they make it real hard to keep things from you that you could kill yourself with, which is horrific. Put your because the problem is, you could kill somebody else with it right. They left some wire with fucking handles it's your turn that in right, that's gonna, get that's gonna get passed around some dude's gonna die yeah, but, but I do think, though, if death with death rows coming up on, you you're thinking a lot differently. You don't think about killing the guard. You think about fucking what please, God people people find God when they're about to die,
did you but the way to avoid those horrific thoughts is to plan a murder. Just think like how fast gonna get to one of these guys before they can. They can pile up on me. I think about what I would think about what it would take to get that place when you're like that's it. I'm gonna have to fucking just kill everyone. I see because I'm done. That's always like the appeal show like the Punisher, like the comic book. There were two. There was a job with that broken comic book. I mean that I heard the Punisher Netflix is good. I didn't see that, but I don't know what he's like to have a Dolph Lundgren Movie and he didn't even every stubble double it's the dumbest shit of all time, because by where this is before a c this is they faked his stubble and obviously fake, obviously there's a coffee grounds. It looks so bad. It looks like bad stuff. People like little rascal sponge and dipped in some dirt rubbed announced.
Jason. They pretended that it was a five o'clock shadow. I mean whoever the fucking makeup artist was. They should have got the Fuckin Academy award for Paris shit ever, but it's like almost like they made it a comedy. It's almost like they So this movies piece of shit and they're going to make the make up so bad and so dumb lookin, hey, that's a that's a student going to make the make up looking so dumb that no, He believes it's real close. It's not clear. Clear, well, yeah, well, dude looks so fake, it's hard to tell. That is that, but you can watch the actual movie. Did you, Google, Dolph Lundgren, fake sun punish? I just did Punisher just so. We could see pictures from. I want to have anything, DR okay, just right Dolph Lundgren, Punisher fake stubble, just try that fake stubble
can we have that. Maybe nobody notices but main. We have that MIKE special anymore. Where is that, where is it there's all the MIKE Tyson's yeah yeah yeah? There was a close up. I remember there was a close up. He's like lying down. I was like this is so fake. I mean right there you can tell it looks like shit, it's hard to tell like I remember, watching on tv going what bad. All right you go it's you go perfect. Stringy sideburns down just in his face It looks like it's like when it. When exactly that you know. That's like one like I'm talking, junior highs, try to get facial hair for the first time. He's got a diver existence to AIDS. I've been thinking a rock in a police mustache. You know, as really you gotta get a bushy one. Those you gotta get real Bush one about one like MIKE Beltran roll up the fuck and the hairs grow. Long. You've got to get like a wolfman, Brimley. You know you gotta, do you know MIKE Beltran's? You know I'm talking about now he's on top may referees
Oh I've seen that dude. His mustache comes down like this like Cinderella's hair yeah he's got like yeah yeah, handlebars handlebars the bars Beagle Jack due to crazy mustache. You would you you, wouldn't do a mustache mayor doing like that is my culturally. That, yes, do you have. Or that mustache for decades, and how long does it take to grow a mustache like that forever, but braiding it I mean come on. I get an extension added to it, so you could see us in touch. I wouldn't lie like that. I wear last extend some guy has so your we've, your fucking mustache we've. Maybe someone's done that Imagine maybe for or something like that. Yeah the we've? It's a look right, but at a certain point in time, become like prisoner that look yeah. That You are than forever yeah like, like I've had a beard for as long as I can remember
and so now, if I shave it, I'm fucked you can't. I can't worried about this kind of strange that I can never get away from it now. This is it and then think about it, brought it up you've never seen me without a beard who is cat? This is the I remember playing in a band with this guy and I'm pretty sure part of this. You played in a band with this guy, throwing him under the bus, but not in his band, but my band played with them. We opened up, for this is a singer for mud. Vain part of it is not really a part of. It is really. He does have a really long one, but I remember seeing it up close like it was like a row, super something God, damn it's crazy. How long you can grow a fucking beard. He you that exists like why, is on the head grow so long. What here in on the face, grow to those lengths, it doesn't seem you be be useful. Well, why would nature do that? Why would we need it because, like arm hair doesn't grow that long? That does need to anymore five a wide is beard hair grow long. An arm here stops. Well, I guess I'm I think it's probably
weird though. Well it's like you know you don't you know the crown of the head hair. You know this had here here like yes, this will never ever fall out. It's it's been genetically biologic for noon. The hairs will never fall out in this crime. That's right. We see them on anybody's as we've all still here. We'll have him right here. You have to have here right here, the forever it is weird but like what I understand is like. Why can in the hair on your head grow so long in the hair, your beard grow so long, but your arm here and leg hair is always the same links, but you tubes can get rather unruly Jamie starts a trim. Your fucking filthy cunt Your boobs can get out of here for your pewbs get out of Control Jamie. I will check atrocious, repulsive different kind of here? Yeah? Yes, yes, sources? Court angry angry like protective here, it's like you know whatever it takes you from filthy pussy. It's imagine there's a reason for it. Is there is my poop bears, are so thick Google that what could that fucking bye
this is so weird. I was thinking it's like the thick shield around a wild boars face their field before, but that comes up is why is it curly does Crystallizer care? What is it girl yeah exactly if it wasn't straight decorative, he went down a girl and she had her. Pussy hair was like a wig like what is this all stringing crazy as it parted you? What is happening here left left, hair parted, it's it, sir and thicker in frail and all this and not the way, I it. What does that even mean friction? Have you trying to start a fire again like so you don't get like a. You know how much hairs on your clock for both people both hairs. It's like right, robinvale, each other. I suppose that that is funny. It just sticks if we're on one math and- and you were in the desert, the the young star
in a fire fuck so hard. You could start a fire. Oh no, no water in the air, yeah yeah you're, starting to if you're rubbing hard on your on fucking, you slap. Oh, I think that's, I think. That's better than a, stick rolling yeah. I wanna fiddle yeah the boat, the boat away. If you ever started, I've had to try at a camp at a summer camp to this one. We had to do a bow one, and then we had to do the wiggle when with your fingers, is ridiculous. What's this with the flow of flint, now yeah Flint Snap, and yet the much more likely will yeah that happens yeah, but this this bullshit, it's so hard. It's hard so hard. I got to the new world down, it was burnt like it was black. Like you look like it was
I smelled it was pretty close, but I think when I did it, I don't know when I did it, but I'm pretty sure I was like preteens yeah when you first start those things. I think I was boy scouts and I was doing that you do boy scout side. The boy scout for how long one year, how long do you do boy scouts yeah? How long you seem like a long tower yeah I didn't make it to we blow whatever they we're strong enough. Born dude I gotta fucking kidnapped almost by these criminals. These little kids, I went to the boy scouts in Jamaica, Plain Boston, Jamaica plans are a suburb of Boston, not really suburb as part of the city? Is there one in New York to start playing Jamaica, Queens, Jamaica, Queens, that's right, make a plane in Boston. Is it's more gentrified now, like the white people are spreading out and there is white people they're everywhere when I lived there too, but they were like angry irish people who will punch in the face I wasn't used to being around people like that. I lived in San Francisco and then I lived in Florida and then all
and I lived it with these, like really wild people, man who's. My point: what would work? We were just talking about the. Let me this how about you make it possible what about? about. Why you're talking about the angry Boston? What was it the weed, maybe totally shocking question. Should I can remember what it was. I had a point. I have a significant point, a complete. We are again so we're talking about angry people. Fire build a fire you've done? The fire pit boy scouts boy scouts, so I went to camp with these fucking kids that lived in this really tough neighborhood and there was a lot of puerto rican. Is in a lot of italian kids and there was irish. Kids was all ethnicities, but was bad I feel like low income people, The first time was around kids that were, like legitimately dangerous like when I lived in Florida. We around like,
the gators and shit and we used to go into the swamps would find snapping turtles? I lived there for a couple of years, but it didn't seem dangerous. In terms like the kids that I was interacting with, then all of a sudden I was in Jamaica, lane and they were dangerous kids tough- ask if there were tough ass, kids and um. I didn't know, I'd never had sex and I didn't know like what way a penis guy. Then I didn't know it goes up. I think we consider this kid names Paulie Hudson. He lived right next to be shamed me and goes probably don't even know that uh, a dick, goes up in a pussy he's right. I was like he does. I was the left and I was like really I was trying to like figure out how that would work. Does it well, I guess it wasn't. All of us. Thirteen thirteen is on a live to Boston. I was like what okay, I guess it just goes up wow. You could have said that nicer I was like. Did you say, did you know? Did you know you're a little kid that I had ever encountered? Probably would have said hey. Did you know that when you have sex
It doesn't go straight in because, when you think about having sex, you think your penis would go straight forward. Yeah, you think your dick goes. I can't see a thing like that. You'd ever think you would go up. You like, oh of course, how it. Why else would boners be like that right? I wouldn't make sense to do it. You have to hold him down to get me to the proper okay. Now anyway, I went to boy scout camp with these criminals and do the first night the first night. They tie this kid up and they he was sleeping. He was Sally asleep and he was a little annoying, but either way time. Is it up on his car and they dragged him into the woods and it was dark as fuck. It was new, Hampshire, Woods you you see anything, no lights. There was no moon out. So I mean you couldn't see your fucking hand in front of your face. It was. I had never experienced that before and I was thirteen in all my life as a person. I had never been in a place where I couldn't see my hand that was,
side going. This is insane. We were like this boy Scout Campbell's by a lake way the fuck up in New Hampshire and what I see in our city, criminal, kids, guy and they bring him out to the forest and they leave him there. And then they came for me ma'am, but I woke up- and I was like fuck- you fuck you when they took this other guy, like they left me alone, I just did. I gave up on all the activities. I was awake when I heard that kid like Mumble, and I saw them carried away. I was like these guys. You strap on this guy down to a cot, with what do you, what what they have and over time they did something. I do not remember ever the other kid they put toothpaste all over his clothes, apparently when you put two spaced like toothpaste, is not wash now good, specially in nineteen, whatever the fuck, it was what was like thirteen, so it's one thousand nine hundred and forty six. Seventy nine, I think, nine. Seventy nine eighty, eighty one I was fourteen yeah, so it's that age, eighty ish and then like these little,
fucking crooks. I was out of the woods. With these kids have we had bows and arrows of twenty two rifles? You would hear ricochets man we would be. We would be over by the lake because me and this other kid who was also this kid. We call them onion, we have five, the lake. I think it was him I'm I just feel Vaughn mail story. Well, he we've called an indian man weeps with those of the kid who decided to skip out on no one cared. If you were engaged and all their activity, no one cared but I'm telling you no one was watching us I'll start seeing we just grab fishing rods and we've went where the lake was. We knew where the lake was like. All these kids would get together in there doing archery and rifle practice and you're hanging out there with a bobber in the water. In here o, you have rigid chase your fucking rich, saying, who let these kids have guns? They let these fucking kids have twenty twos and it was it's a weird noise like when you think of
gun you think of a boom yeah. Twenty two is like crack crack crack. It doesn't feel like it would hurt, It sounds like a whip. It's not it's not as threatening as the actual action of getting hit by a bullet, yeah, yeah yeah. It will kill. You sound like what it is. People kill people with two thousand two hundred and twenty two will fucking kill you, but it just seemed like can't be around these kids. There was a lamb. Were you happy that you did boy scouts or not was a fun tree one year? Nobody did. I think to me nobody belongs to me. I feel, like I got off light. You got molested Jamie no, how dare you, four years, that's what yeah. That was years later you I was think about that. You know I went to catholic school when I was a kid kid and then.
Never again, I never got molested always think that maybe I wasn't cute enough or something like that was that aren't. Why don't worry? I just found out looking something up online where I'm from in Columbus some list just got released of a bunch of priests that either that have been either accused and found out that whatever was happened summer still alive some art. I look through the list. Found someone that was a priest at my school yeah, and I don't know that any note. Nobody I know said they've been touching like that, but I blew my blue all of our minds. Local chess grow, such as really is how much hi I'm the, but it's one of the weirdest things you can just connect of thing. That's a horrific act to a church, but that's one thing you just can do: yeah the Catholic Church, Catholic priests pedophile! You could just say that I mean those that's peanut butter and Jelly bro right. How crazy is it that the peanut butter to your jelly is fucking kids.
Do you imagine yeah and kids, love and butter? You see Fusio jar jelly. You think, oh, if I answered butter and some bread and make a peanut butter jelly sandwich. You see a priest, oh, that guy folks, kids, he fucks kids. That you'll never get away easy. Just trying to use the word of the Lord man sure you are dude. How crazy is that it'll it'll go away at some point? No, it will not No, it will not as long as you let those people keep doing, they're doing it will not yet just fucking Pope himself at one point that guy that singer in what at one point in his life he was in.
Evolved and moving people around. Ah do they said he was wanted for crimes against humanity. That's so fucked these one there's a documentary that shows that he let these people go. Let this one guy go rather and moved him to another parish where we molested one hundred deaf kids, how dude Jesus Christ S? Oh shit, it's pure evil! It's pure evil on! What's most fucked up about it, it's evil! That's coming to people that we're looking for God, yeah girls right, like the people. That's why people get mad. When you talk shit about the catholic Church, because there's a lot of great people that are yeah operational, everyone is a shit. I know the people that are actually going to the church of the good people right. Right and those people that are good priest? They do exist and not is bad, but the number that have bad one hundred death scene, the numbers insane
Did you ever see the documentary hear? No evil are didn't, speak no. Evil speak, no, no, which one's that so my Itunes. I could pull it up, pull it set up baby who does shit up, but it's a horrific documentary speak No, it's a horrific deliver us from evil, deliver us from evil God damn we have three different titles which one do you like better deliver us from you think they know. I think they got it right. It's a terrible documentary in terms of the way it makes you feel and makes you feel it's very good documentary when it makes you feel terrible we have. Did you watch the devil we know which ones do we talk about that about that before the devil we know is about 3M and Teflon, or you know what no know Bro Watch a tough one, is in ninety nine point: nine nine percent of the world's blood. They had to go all the way back to read more to find a tough line, not in someone's blood whites fact, teflon test.
Flying like where the devil we know Bro watch this fucking documentary cover up. Did you ever Google um the devil? We know debunked, no me neither this, but no that's what I always do. Oh bumped well watch this shit it'll give believe you some insights heavy to what's really going on, but even though I'm not doubting them every time, I look at Anything like this. Now I write debunked and I put into just just to find out and I find out- is there any credible sources sure necessarily automatically agree with them, but are there any credible sources that have any indication trying to find out if there's a balance to it? So I've just said to me things that are not true. Well, because nothing comes up when I typed out and there's a story in the l a times that comes up a variety, the devil we know review L a times says she would be scared of Teflon and documentary Bob.
That that dude in this documentary the farmer lives down the down the road from where? And this is forty years ago fifty years ago, where three and was making Teflon right and he was complaining to them. Well, the water source wasn't supposed to be polluted. They lied, they they put, they put their their run off in his water. The cows had like blue teeth and their eyes would turn different. Colors due to e was like him complaining, but they push this. They pushed him down like shut the up. Some american until he went away, and then this documentary explores how other people have tried to tell a story, but no one gave a shit that Teflon was killing at such a rapid before you up for forget this. Hold that thought real! Quick. Can you please go? Can I keep forgetting this? Can you please, Google, that. Water bottles in target and other stores were found with the arsenic, no yeah holy shit levels of arsenic.
Healthy levels of arsenic, JB, you're, so good at one hand typing it's absurd, wizard, bottle water hole there and found it and be okay. Yesterday, news yeah was a sign. I can't type with two inside Amy the topic with photos more than I do with him like this, I'm like searching power. Should I didn't pop up windows: hey fuck off the fuck out of here NBC News. Don't fuck out of here and be bottled water is, is a gin bottle water brand found to have high levels of arsenic pulled from stores fun brand, particularly okay. Here it is Penafiel bothered bottled water sold the target and WAL Mart washing Name: Cureg, oh, oh right after preparation because they merged the Brown said: Pena Feen, Penafiel, unflavoured mineral spring waters are involved in the market withdrawal. They wrote a statement there voluntarily pulling the product which is sold the target moment. So maybe, like the manufacturer, had some fucking weird shit in their water. I guess high levels of aren't long term exposure. I love drinking increase risk for diabetes.
Sure high blood pressure, but they don't say: what's the level of arsenic in it right? What is high level mean what that is How much is ok for us to have their already they're allowed to have ten parts per billion in there and unless you exceeded it must have exceeded? How much is too much? How much would you start off? Someones dick one hundred dot, zero for building free zero parts per one billion just show me a dick bro? I mean how much are you willing to snort? If you tell me that you tell me, are things not bad for you? How much we snort I'll tell him I'll cut it up would be twelve, that's not insane by the way that there was there was selling. Should that has arson Well, they didn't know. I mean it just looks like water. That's the problem with water looks like water. You get weed. Shit water to leave it in a hot car. Do you know that
Thank you, water bottles yeah. So you buy a bottle water. You know what the fuck happened that bottle before you. It's like a adopted dogs have been kicking that thing leaving out the sun by time you get it man, it's a damn it who the fuck knows. What's in there in terms of like diseases like you, can legitimately have water bottles that leaks Pee CBS, they leak some sort of estrogen mimicking chemical really. Did you see this shit with Justin, Trudeau and the water bottle? Did you see that today? Would you do it put it up is, but it wasn't put it up. I it today. Did you see it earlier? Justin. I was asked about how he and his family are doing a better job at not using plastics and his responses Oh shit, fucking awful! You can't get it out. He said we were using. Listen! This fucking made me laugh so hard plastics.
The labor white woman. I have felt because at least what you and your family do to cut back on sticks we it. We have fat recently switched to drinking water bottles out of water out of when we have water bottles out of a plastic victory away from plastic to wards paper. You're fired! No listen to me. I don't care how tired you are now water out of a low. Do you imagine, leave Babel if somebody asked me a question like that about my job. Imagine somebody said hey Joe. What do you think could be done to stop Ed trauma in MMA and they'd be like well. We could conceivably that's not much, but we could pad the elbows. We could pad the knees we could. I would have a thought.
Yeah. I would've fucking thought that she had through you think they should through tall and there's also thinking about getting caught in a lie. I have plastic everywhere to get home by the plastic plant, all his wife in the limo on the way home burned out. Black dagger burn it all that coming for us on the plane. We have the house there's not a fucking bottle in the house. It's all plastic everything's play everything: no glass, they throw away their forks with every meal. They stick 'em in foot sticking with a sea monkey cage feed him to turtle fuck, you just are those houses made of plastic? His whole house is plastic everything, Nobody does. He collect those little things at six packs come with just chuck some in the ocean for a laugh goes to a lake. It just puts a bunch of fucking dump killers out there listening You find a find a legit. Male feminists. Let me let me talk to him, so I've never met one. One of my rare medicines is dudes running a scam. Right
yeah yeah. I love women sweeties, Cnon male sweeties, I'm like ok, you're, trying too hard man somethings wrong. It's so obvious man, there's someone wrote online this guy. That was like I'll stand by every woman forever and know that and I was like so crazy to science. What do you say is going to stalk you guys gonna stock, you yeah his own words sound like a normal person's words, but you just have to have a deep vocabulary of crazy. That is only at that. Word does combination of words in that circumstance only exist from the mind of a crazy man. Yes, People don't fucking say that you know uh nope. No, no, no, sir! No! It's super important to tell those guys. No, no! That's why this whole in cell thing. You know about insults, yes, what to do what to do what to do? What did you? No one wants to fuck him? What do you do? What do you d'oh get
your shit together, okay, I went through a six month. Dry spell when I was nineteen and the first time I had such so. After that I came immediately. It was depressing I stuck in early yikes. It was sad I smelled like desperation, okay, let very little interaction with regular people. Always doing is doing martial arts and training. It was immediately. Girls was meeting zero girls and when I got together with the girls, I panicked use jerking off feverishly overnight. I don't remember the jerking off feverishly when I was young age. I went through a really fucked up time was when I was a young teenager, where I thought that my desire for sex sex, a weakness, weakness and that I should I should avoid it who put that in your head. What know in your head? No one put that in my head, I put it in my head.
I was trying to figure out how to get better at martial arts. Give it something had to help that no nothing like it, daddy, nothing, helped. That knows. My is pleasure. That is a desire for pleasure was a weakness. What the fuck yeah black back! No, it wasn't because it was recognizing that, like real pleasure, the only pleasure that I had gotten up to that point was satisfaction in being good at competition. So when I started being good a competition, I was ok. What is this is better than anything. So how do I get successful again? Well, one thing you can't do is get rap up anything stupid and you have to stay mentally strong so like. Why do you want pleasure like why you just want me feel so good I felt weak. I felt like that was a week thing to want. That's a lot of good foresight, 'cause most kids at that age that are testosterone levels through the fucking roof or like. I want to go to this thing, but also, oh, my god. I want to fuck everything that walks. It was also pride had to be flavored by the puritanical
that I grew up now. You has to be some dark to that. But not I don't think so man, because before that I was really into it- what I started fighting it was like it was to do. It's also so dangerous that I was always worried about doing something wrong and getting hit, and then maybe, if I'd lived, my life correctly, I wouldn't have gotten hit. I saw a lot of guys get kicked in the face man how many times you been kicked in the head, so I have no idea have zero idea of a lot a bunch of times for sure conchata. I don't know never unconscious from that. Never uncut just from anything I dropped from a punch in a fight. I got a Tk O'D. I got dropped in. My mail was like he hit me in the jaw and my it didn't hurt per se. It wasn't like, like sometimes you get hit in the body like a liver, shot it
fucking hurts so bad. It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a fight, it hurts so bad, but the jaw didn't hurt, but my legs just stop working like the wind sweep. They just stopped. They just shut off and went out from under me. It was crazy, I don't think I'd ever had. It happened that way before I definitely been deemed or like wobbled. I, like wobbled, covered up, recovered and had that happen before, but I never had it where I just it just shut off and let's just shut off dude, but I was still conscious and then I was trying to get up and I was always look. Fucking boring needy pointed it. They just didn't work and then hit me a couple more times and I fell again. The referee stop the fight, so that was the worst I never been hit in the head, not leader and not about from a cow that would be scared of it. You been knocked out, though no
never been never once no shit know how many, how many concussions do you have you think on record? I don't know I've I've three. I know I think two hundred and twenty one. When I was a kid I think I I know I cracked my head 'cause. I have a giant scar back there above my hair transplant scar, where I cracked my head on this sub sewer thing. There was like some crane, we were kids were running, passes thing and something happened. I don't remember exactly happen, but involve fall, calling and something slipping as something hitting me in the head and it hit me in the head, pretty fucking hard or I didn't go unconscious, but the whole world went like this. Remember I remember saying to the doctor that I grayed out like a great album. Then I came back like it was a big impact on my head. So at that time, the time that I got TK o'd but then the other times it between it was mostly just getting dinged when it just popped.
Your legs give out a little bit in the cover up and then you know usually like it's in sparring, you'll stop and it's it. If it's in a fight you get a you know, even if either you fall down, you get a standing, eight count. You know, depending on, if your boxing or kick by sing were doing, but in the gym you just find guys get the and they go down and nobody does anything to stop it and get back up and you get back up. You really probably probably should stop really sparring, but people are you know, but people fucking animals, animals and in a box Jim when you're allowed to indulge in that sort of animal behavior. It gets encouraged, especially amongst really good guys right. I had my fucking knees taken out from under me. That's how I had my first caution when you told me about that in basketball, right yeah that sounds follow my neck fell on. My fucking met hardwood back ball floor and I remember vividly to two moments. One people telling me to sit down because your natural reaction, sometimes when you get
act out like that bounce off your head is to get back up. You know, and I could so, but I was on. Just leave doing it, and then I remember that and member the paramedics ask asking me lie down, and I remember saying I'm going to throw up and I did. I threw up everyone passed out and woke up in the hospital I sell on my fucking Iraq and then in fucking junior High got pop so hard in football. I got hit so hard. My dad was like you your Bell rung. I was listening to yeah work, does listen the Bo Jackson he's on the mediator podcast this week and you know saying he wouldn't have as kids play football check, not crazy, that guy lived through Hell. He has a whole layer. Is crazy story, parts of his life, but about getting the one time you get Kayode in the game, waking up and going to the wrong side and they say hey motherfucker you're on the wrong side like and then he goes.
Over there and then he hears a gunshot and people sees people running like who got shot. He goes it's halftime. Okay e thought he was playing the wrong team. He has a whole area story, but it's also kind of dark man. Like you talk about how crazy wasn't childhood too, but see that documentary about him or he could shoot bow and arrow with his foot. Kenny. Really, do you not see that bring? You could show that showing that who saying you got a shoulder, replace this mother is an athlete to a degree. That's creepy! I keep the dual sports door: sport, death, dual sport athletes, p. Everyone thinks I could almost no one really can play both sports. No, he was incredible He was unbelievably talented, but yeah there was he's living in the woods he was. He can use What was I talking about him with a bullseye from one hundred yards away with his feet? Thank you. That's why I'm talking about! I don't know that there's a video of it. Must have a photo or some shit up there. There's a fucking this on the documentary sixty nine minute mark of his thirty. For thirty,
yeah it was a thirty for hundred and thirty. That was I talking about him, though, you're telling a great story of meteor. What was it about knocked down the wrong side, about how he wouldn't have his kids play for play sports right. That's why football just football! Well, wow I mean for football, sound, appoint jurist it. I lost it. Yeah! It's it's insanely, dangerous, beautiful, but fuck me it's dangerous! I mean it's so bad. It's that same thing they found in hockey. The hits are harder than the fights people scared about the fights the hits caused more concussions for sure our well. The soccer players have problems, vicinity evenings of they get smoked and they call it a non concussive brain trauma, the the goalie that just one like player of the year Robin Learners is name. I guess he gave a really good speech about his mental health issues he's been dealing with and while he accepted as a war,
for quality. I can't find that oh wow 'cause he's been hit. A bunch just happened last week. You talking about is openness to it to the whole crowd, that moment. Listen man helps right. It is not a good thing to be involved with head trauma. If you can avoid it in life possibly happening in the matter? What you do I mean any anybody can have a head trauma could be an accident, but if you can find a way to avoid it probably should, but in the sports you can't. No, you cannot. So you got to decide whether or not you want to eat at risk mainline. He said those I'm not ashamed to SAM mentally ill, but that doesn't mean mentally weak. That's dope line by the list that is dope line 'cause I have mental illness. You do you bitch. I need to talk to you about that, get it together give to a mental doctor. I can extra mental illness like have a vitamin for you. What is it cocaine
that's what me up. My dad was a cold day, so we're going to now this article. Imagine if you were like a slightly overweight and who might might be part more, the feminine side, and it really mad at me like their first. You know not purchased, not talking of you said fat guy hits a woman and that doesn't exist. If I wasn't over person who was sensitive supersensitive, would you just choose that moment to be a victim yeah? Would you? How would you say, would you say you're, cruel Joe? Why? Because you don't respect people like me struggle. What did you do? What did I say you know where you said you pick. What I say fucking alpha male. You can't hear any case she that I just said something tell me Jamie. What did I say you hear what I said offended me pick you don't even tell him what I said: call my bitch or having a bitch Melton. Are there some bitch
so there's a lot of people out there that have mental illness and it's legit this a few bitches that are faking it they just pitches. Well, how come you can? say that how come you can't say that, because you, It's true. It's not everyone yeah, but why it look, there's some people that are just full of shit. You tell me anything right everything, after bullshit all the grifters the world, some aren't going to claim depressed come on they tend to be heirs. They pretend to be dukes and they're. Not going to pretend to be depressed is ridiculous. That guy is called AB, which means he's two week when we come call the bitch. It means she's too aggressive to any of us, have any idea what this word even means. That was so good. That was so good. I wish I wrote it 'cause that the point is so good actually put it on twitter. One could steal it. It's almost like that idea like that idea is like very poignant like that yeah. What is that fucking word you know like puts, he can be great, but it can also be weak, but a pussy can give birth minute.
I'm bowling ball comes out that thing. Pussies are always strong. Ten pound babies come out of a pussy. Imagine a ten pound baby coming out of your dick and respect. Respect that thing. I mean they'll fix what morons, if that would be the place for the week it's more like compliant, but it's not weak like it's also desirable place, is not desirable to man. When I got opposite of desirable, if a guy tells you a pussy with the first so really yeah, really pussy yeah yeah right. So what what I wanna? when a guy calls another guy. A pussy is a cheap insult. I mean What what? Sometimes you ready to fight you just want to provoke this? Yeah pushes the word counter. Puncher, so You're, calling a guy great sexual object. Again nice thing? I want to fuck, so you just let them know we're about to get down nice thing. I want to fuck all the time get over here. If you watch guys fight, half half of it is talking shit to each other. Before you get down it, just yeah instigated fight.
There's, a also it's not just instigating you're. Getting someone scared you make. Nerve, where you're trying to measure your confidence level versus there who who's got the most you can get someone nervous, though, if you can live with legitimate mate, get so nervous, you can decrease their performance by a significant for sure it gets in the um yeah you someone, like you really ready to go, but you have to be really ready to go, but everybody trying to scare someone they took a swing at you We talked about it every so many competitors talked only when they would see him. They get nervous course so that we get scared and then fight worse because they get scared. One hundred percent everybody He didn't have to talk much. He he led all his performances talk. You know when he, the the most scary thing he ever said the scary thing ever so as we talk. How dare they threaten me for
How did these mere mortals yeah? Well, I know with their primitive skills the crazy he is such a feminine voice. Is the masculine dude, my favorite box of all time to watch you everybody up, because the more the moments when he would fight would not just I don't want to say he's like the best boxer of all time, who is Floyd Mayweather. Or Roy Jones Junior in his prime? It's how you your or Sugar Ray Leonard Degree, Robinson or Roberto Duran so there's a lot of arguments or Mohammed Ali who is a lot of boxing guys, say sugar, Ray Robinson because he had so many fights and he was so successful and he fought all the time and he fought the hardest of men in hard hard time. There were different people, but I say if you I had to make sugar Ray Robinson fight, Floyd Mayweather for men with a box of men in their prime. He would box him up. I think, I think flow box. But this is the argument of every sport. Ever every sport ever who's,
best there is not, I don't think impossible. I don't think he would be technically at the level he was for. Precious. He was a vicious knockout puncher. He threw a double left hook. It was nobody's business, but me whether had a way of making guys look like they didn't belong there with um well yeah. The way did it took in L A all the way the Pacquiao. The way did it to Mcgregor Gregor was skillful master, I went to that fight in Vegas yeah. I wanted that fight for show because of Showtime and I've got to tell you. Floyd Mayweather, look like he was fighting a guy who's never fought, even though you know he's fought it's just. He was the bound it was way different he's a master. He was a true true master. He makes it look Sim, Well, that was disgusting. Anybody that good when people used to watch like Jordan would be like that looks like he's a miss just so brilliant, smooth and easy and simple and
a beautiful magic trick to make you think it's easy, it's fucking impossible. What he does Sugar Ray Robinson was a mother. Fucker! Don't get me wrong? I just don't think he ever faced. Anybody like Floyd, because no one like Floyd existed back then because no one like Floyd could exist in less a guy like sugar, Ray Robinson, existed. First right, so Sugar Ray Robinson had to exist, Roberto Duran had to exit Sugar Ray Leonard, had to exist Milton Mccrory had who is Donald Curry had exists all these killers how to exist, and that way a guy like Floyd Mayweather, who is at the tip he figured it all out. He saw it through C Robinson was a bad mother, Fucker dude. He came out a lot of guys, but they stood in front of each other. Back then, like look, how guys are fighting their standing in front of him and he's and he's marking a man. I think he was head of his time in a lot of ways, but he lost
Jake La Monta and here's my position, although it may be controversial one. I cannot envision a world with Jake Lamont out boxes, Floyd Mayweather. I just don't see that happening all right. If you can't control the e, I mean you can compare eras like you can't you tries too hard. You can't it's too hard. You can't! So it's like the same way. We can't do with comedians like if anybody ever asked me how we say that Lenny Bruce is probably the greatest of all time, because he was the first who is the guy we when the door. He was the guy who did the weird shit that we would that we do when we say ridiculous, like we've done on this podcast right, we say and and and you make it funny and that sometimes at least sometimes it it as a point to it, and it makes you reconsider, but, like we hear you watching Ray Robinson and Jake Llamada, if Jake Lamotta stood like that in front of Floyd Mayweather Floyd, Mary Lewis still be hitting him his one thousand nine hundred and forty six. He would still be punching him. I just think Robinson was the best of his era.
For sure he was amazing, amazing boxer, but but I a lot of boxing guys. Like you don't know about boxing you're right, I don't in comparison to what I know about know. I know he was amazing. I know I know was like the gene, former knock out the Jake, Llamada, reimagining and tide up against the ropes, and you just beat his fucking brains out the way he lost to Billy Conn. He was beating Billy COM, but he got from heat exhaustion. I think Billy Comma, the light heavyweight he's a bad mother, Fucker dude. He was a bad mother fucker. I just I just don't think you can compare hoist Gracie. Be to Robert Whittaker. I think they're different animals. You know I'm saying like Rob. Whitaker is the current middle weight champion to hoist Gracie won the UFC in Sc1 He won in one because Robert Whittaker of twenty nineteen wasn't there,
yeah, but how and how many years ago, UFC One was a long time. Yes, I did not use racial did not not even the nothing compared to that. That was the forty smack right. This I mean exponentially even more different way, diff way different. That I mean you. Technology alone has improved so much in the way we trained how to fight or train how to play sports but Watch Roy Jones Junior in his prime, I mean I saw him fight do yeah to Roy Jones Junior when he was in his prime did things that even Robinson didn't do he put his hands behind his back right, guys wanting an autumn and kale with one punch right. You like what you said a bait. He would hit guys and it would look like it's impossible match up like Vinny Pass ends of fought sugar Ray or excuse me fart Roy Jones, Jr and Roy Jones Jr went a full round without getting hit by a punch.
Tell crazy that is almost impossible in a world championship level against the guy who invented Pazienza was a multiple time world champion. Does that happen today? No, no way he was on another level just could he couldn't maintain it? He didn't maintain it. You know, but you can only maintain that for so long, that's a shooting star right. That's a bad company song son right look this. This is Roy Jones. Here I don't know we could look at that. That's James Toney, by the way that he did, that to do Roy Jones Junior was on another planet. Sun but you called for the stoppage when he started fucking up Vinnie Pazzi in his arm out dude, I'm telling you this was like one of the beatings of all beating. You see a guy who's at this time, probably the best ever look at that combination, son, look Combination with the rest, the referee rescues him. When Roy, most humans at his prime everybody like yeah with the guys. You thought they weren't that good bullshit. He was better than anybody who was so good. He
is on such another level that he made world class fighters, look like they. They weren't that good bro he outboxed Bernard Hopkins back then you know, I mean he was on a fucking. Hi can be as hard as loud by the way Bernard Hopkins, who didn't have a the same, could sort of die now, make explosive style. Bernard Hopkins was much more solid, fundamental guy. It was a different kind of style and Bernard Hopkins wind up beating Roy as Roy was on the way down. Look at him. He tells just on the shit outta standing right in front of him being playing a basketball games like full games. Little fight later that day, pink dude, I'm telling you you had. He was almost board for a couple of because there's a couple years where Roy Jones Junior was, it was just to show not put him as in a song. He said. The new MIKE type is Roy Jones, but hold on you just missed the greatest one of all time. Go back to that one back. It up watch this watch this bunk
KO pans behind his back. Is that even their him behind his back? This is John Ruiz. Now this is the fight that fucked him up. This is why he went all the way up to heavyweight to fight John Ruiz, and he got to like two hundred pounds and if you look at him he's pretty stout, then his next fight, then his next fight look at that come on son, but his next fight he had to fight Antonio Tarver and Tarver's a legit world class light heavyweight and and Roy just didn't look the same. It didn't look the same drop it all that weight coming back from heavyweight to fight Tarver and Tarver knocked him out. What's the weight difference that he went down to twenty five pounds, that's a lot of fun! not a fucking lot of fucking lot of specially when you're that high up. Not only that, let's, let's be just really are, let's be real here, is not a lot of ways. Ramanas 30s gained twenty five pounds come on. Other than but
supplements in my then in my arm yeah do target you know it's a Tarver said you got excuses tonight, Roy as he said to him before I get out when they were facing each other. But if you look at Roy in this fight, you just does not look as good. You just did not look as good He was more smooth. He didn't look as muscular and Tarver was a real problem and was a dangerous guy t Roy when you're losing that much weight to get down for two hundred, your fucking depleted man don't care what anybody says for him to take that fight. If he's going to do it smart, he should have been fucking marathon running for like a year or something to try just try to lose that weight, but to try to lose twenty five pounds of muscle in just a few months time. Bunk right there. That was the left hand that knocked him out and Tarver was a world class mother fucker back then Tarver might have knocked him out, even if they did fight without any problem, but Roy for sure how problem. We had a real hard time making that weight and Tarver was tarp is legit
Where is where's now roads are still fighting and Roy Jones Junior, just retired harbors, a heavyweight now yeah yeah. Took some time off because he got caught with but I don't know my viper fish women's enhancing drugs thank pad pad. He got caught with some shit. Something happened even Roy Jones, just retired, yes, thankfully, but he was willing to come out of retirement for Michael B Jordan. What who is saying that he could box with them because of the movie read Carl Movie the front on air and Roy was legitimately trying to set it up, one wife for publicity, sure what he was like I want to, fuck, this dude up make a lot of money, beat the shit out of them. What the fuck Michael B, Jordan, but it is apparently user legitimately trying to set up a we made a video where I was. I was telling Michael B Jordan, please I don't care who's. Talking to you. Listen to me. Do not do this
At24 not do this. Do not do that in your career. You have no idea how bad that guys going to let you on fire he's gonna light you on fire. It is worst days and he's going to did you see and it was a joke, but Justin Bieber said We want to fight time, Dana White said fuck. It set it up. I don't know why I was joking, but, like the internet ran with it, and you know what I would love to see. That that's why he did it, because he knows people p. I people would pay money. I'd watch the fuck out if you wouldn't watch that fight yes, Tom Cruise is like a high school wrestling state champions. Yes, I, like it yeah, yes pictures of that. Listen. So why? Wouldn't you want to watch that twenty five years old? Thank you. Fifty five he's eighty five years old. He just broke his ankle, doing a movie dope and he believes in warlocks. I want to see him fight a fucking, weird, okay, super small town yeah. That would like it wouldn't be a super interesting. I met Justin Bieber one is a young fellow came to the! U s c! I worked with them young. We did fucking punk with that kid, so he when he was
Sixteen of seventeen million listen man down in a way to do it, but if you're gonna do it he's handled as good as any yeah not that's, not a way to grow up. It's a terrible way to grow up. What anybody says there they would handle that differently. They don't know what the fuck you're talking about pretty fucking good job. I think what would help him for, like legitimately help him is a real struggle like digits get in a real martial arts. I don't know, if he's into it, that's why I'm saying I think he's fighting 'cause he's training now. I think he offered up a fight because he's learning how to train people talking sick of that shit like a fucking, look at look at look at Wiz Khalifa, when we dude. This was a super shacked super nice guy. I think he used to be thin and now he's like fuck that I'm gonna Jack out did you see the box waited with him. We talked about it. He he just really got into it. You got you guys, got baked this fuck, not his take. This idea would be real. That's the highest. I've ever been in any yeah, but we real save her. We were barbecued were barbecue already and that
and we like when we get in the car, then we got a really small come no. Dude he doesn't show is a show about putting like weed in food on vice and those mother eat endless amount, get weed on camera. That's all they do all day they smoke joints waiting to eat the weed food. I was like this dude is legit, be real agenda. He suggested he didn't even flinch. I tapped out like two minutes into the car ride, but not in a car ride. We're just sitting in a parked car, but two minutes into sit in the park are smoking. I can't do this Wanna talk. If you want me to speak English, I'm going to fight you put my joint down, I'm like I'm going to take a break here. I was so high, but those are guys that could smoke blunts to them self that's great that to me: don't watch movies with three lip star wars, one fake as like what's his name action Bronson does not show where he gets high and watch ancient aliens. I was trying to do it.
Season, but every time they were doing it. I was busy doing something else, and I couldn't do it. Dude he's done. That Take it high and watch ancient aliens. Dude is the best and they sit around in a green. Strange did that's a show, that's good tv, that's better than half of the other bullshit! That's out there. That's that's fun in new! Well, it's fun for sure. Look at me and think about. If you can have some dude showing up at Raj sales trying to get the best deal, you can have a some broad green screen with his homies getting blasted come on. Bro yeah, big body, bes right, dude headset set timer alchemist is sleeping on the far right he's he even awake. Look at him he's a good dude action
You do not do this a. Let me see that. Let me see that that's the Tommy Chong join a calm, gentle looking something I feel he's Moga Fallon, but not like that. Mother. This is ridiculous and less of the Tommy Chong Joint drop down to that size, you're never going to smoke this now, I'm gonna, keep it forever is the legend Tommy Chong is a legend, and I still listen to his albums. When I was a kid, for me to just even be on a podcast with him with surreal. I just didn't want to waste his time. I just wanted to like be nice too. Is that weird, though, for him another podcast big for him, though, is not wild does not You feel type away where you might be I'm a hero. Just do it and he's like dude. I love your shit, I'm happy and I'm happy that Tommy Chong LUX, because I love him and Cheech. They love as a kid man those guys were heroes? You know like they were ridiculous. They made everything. Fun were ' silly. If everything was all they were getting high and it was silly and I don't even get high when I love them when I would love, watch their moves, and I was a kid like up in smoke. What year was that 'cause that seven thousand eight hundred and seventy seven ok
and find that out and then find out what year big bamboo came out. 'cause big bamboo was the album that looked like rolling and they had it in the paper in there did that. I think so I think there's a giant piece, but it did seven thousand eight hundred, and seventy eight was. Congratulate seventy eight and then wait and and and and then in that album they they prefer. They would later put an actual piece of rolling paper in there. Well, the record sleeve was a rolling usable, rolling papers right, gigant is way bigger than that. That's incredible! Promoting illegal drugs! You gotta think marijuana was a full on schedule, one drug schedule, one one hundred and seventy two was big bamboo A big bamboo was before ok, so I was five with the record six yeah, yeah yeah there. It is and there's the fucking rolling paper. I was five years Look at those born in sixty seven. This was seventy two, so that's the rolling paper wow
we have a real one. Look at the fucking inside cover the picture of the two of them. That is crazy, positive that picture yeah sure that picture that's crazy before they were together and that Improv Group he was in when they were really young like right before right. That's crazy! Is that what that's from its right before that I could find it again? These guys are still doing, shows still selling out here's the thing Santino and Rogen at two thousand and eighty four we're going to be taking our fried egg and over dog going to be taking our vitamins man. Can you believe that, though, that is that's powerful to have that kind of that long term of effect, of being talented and producing good shit, those not end up in funny and cool for years and years ago. They still have fans, may think about it. If you have fans from seventy two to twenty nineteen Kapow name, somebody else, that's like who's killing it like that right. Who would be from that era that still doing what they do in the comedy? Well would have been Bill Cosby. If we didn't have a few, what hiccups do happen?
Remember I just sat around somewhere, but I mean you see this summer was tweeting from bill. Cosby's account about father was just wife, only right. Is that what it was somebody said on the internet. His wife goes real men. Running care of their families and imagine family they're apex. Looking at your computer going yeah. This is a good one. It's a good idea to put- definitely definitely good idea to stay relevant, not a good idea. It's what a bad reputation prison. How many rapes do you have to have people forget how many rapes does it take to get the center of a jail cell? What do you got? I'm checking on him. It's so strange that when I was a kid he was the cleanest friendliest like family guy, he was fat Albert. He was,
Jello pudding, he was like this super sweet, nice guy, clean cut, clean cut and that's the same thing with like the talk about like the male feminist that there's guys that want women to do great because it just kind they want everybody to do great. You know I'm talking about then this guys that are just weasels right. Yes, it must be simple, she was clean, cut guys. It is really pushing you to not use such language. We don't use this site what those guys are almost always fucked up. Of course, some things up some things up, give a fuck about people using certain words. We do not know what a word is. Where does a vehicle for conveying intent some of 'em disturb? You one behind your fucking screens, bro, it's happening in there when you, when you deprive people of things.
God did they want more and when they show signs of depravity. That means they that's something deep inside of them. Do you think that everyone who's like squeaky clean, is a pervert well of some semblance yeah yeah yeah? Yes, of course, when you preach, when you preach the perfection, what does that really mean something wrong? His songs on Are you telling me how to be perfect? Why you doing me how to fucking stop doing heroin? Are you? Are you drunk and told me this about the Dalai Lama? Larry story he's the Lama says it. His mother wants to quit doing sugar he says, come back in one month, so it comes back in one month and he goes stop doing sugar and the mothers like. Well. Why did you wait a month goes. I want to see if I could do it
so poignant, like oh yeah, he should right yeah a lot of people telling you on all four kids trying to you and she could bridge for could pitch, and then it's like women are goddesses to the must be respected. Do does to throw stones always live in a glass house. They always do it. That's the first person to throw something.
Is the first person that's like? What's really going on with you, hey by the way, by the way, by the way, by the way you see Louis it skank fest what a response interesting, our boy TIM Dillon, tweeted about it and people went after him. He tweeted best moment of my year, or something like that. You know what someone said to me: um people lost that they said fucking loved him Dylan. Someone said that you know hey fuck, you Joe Rogan uh. He sexually assaulted women like man, that's fine. I understand that people are upset about what he did, but he did not sexually assault women and to say that the one, the one the one group of people that it really fucks people have been actually sexually assaulted. Yes, when it It's not what he does not good a guy says. Can I jerk off in front of you?
and you say yes and he does it. It is a big does, a big demonstration that and sexual assault and contrary to popular opinion, People really know the story and again now saying that he did was good did was definitely not good. He said no, he didn't do it not like. He made people, do it if they didn't say yes, he asked questions and a lot of people don't know this. I'm not does not. And I saw an article in one of these papers that was saying that he's changing his story? Like he's not changing his story, but he said it was Stories are true, but in their stories think he wanted to defend every single aspect of it, but as far as I know, he didn't no one said no when they did it anyway. That's what that's all I've ever heard in. Silverman talked about how he would ask her and she would say yes,
he would do, and sometimes she would take right. Sometimes I don't wanna see you jerkoff stop, but he's a freak. Okay, he's a weirdo genius comic and I don't think he's as bad as people want to believe. Yes, I think he made mistakes like a human and I don't know, I don't think it was good and again, I don't think he's happy about it at all and by everything. That's ah a giant understatement, but when does it end like well that's what it is he allowed to perform. When is he allowed to perform for people who forgive him when when is he allowed to perform? I don't know what it is the conversation comes to a point where it's not like
you're endorsing terrible behavior, but you are saying at a certain point in time. You gotta give someone a way out, because if you don't, then they start to recognize what you are right. Ok and you're kind of a tyrant, and you kind of saying you don't believe in forgiveness. You don't believe in improvement. You don't believe in anybody ever getting past a bad deed that they did, and I think I guess, a human who's. A kind try try to be a kind person to be a fair person. You know you gotta you gotta. Let people grow and move past mistakes. I don't know when it is. I don't know what someone has to say in order to get you to forgive it, but the fact that people do well on it and unless it's someone unless you and him have a personal thing, and you want to talk,
him about it. He should certainly- and I don't know if he has- I don't know- if he's done any of that stuff, but I think as a culture. We are way too quick, not just to condemn but to attack and to continue to attack relentlessly and never want someone to get up and that's not a sign of a compassionate person, and maybe it's partly toe blame for people who don't express themselves and don't give you a full version of who they are and you let people contemplate who you are. I think anyone in the public eye has been guilty that to some extent, but this is a significant issue and I think that people immediately start taking sides and they start going girl versus boy right. Male versus female. I think there's is real danger in us splitting up like that too. I think that we can't get to this place. Where
women feel like they can't trust. Men and men feel if you can't trust women just universally, and then you find rare exceptions. I got red shit like that. Before, like uh I've read some lady wrote it was. It was kind of sad. She wrote like any straight white male is trash unless proven. Otherwise it's like look. I know it must be hard. Ok did. I know it must be hard on insane thing to cast such a big net, not just to even all Filipinos have a bad leg, but your broad, casting it. Do you sixteen thousand followers pudding that on your twitter page, it's silly. It's a crazy way. You can encompass an entire group of humans ever ever ever. It doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense. So what the fuck are? We like look I'll get where they're coming from should feel like they're gaining ground. Sure. So God, like Louis CK, comes back and they're thinking they're connecting with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby himself. I don't think it's the same thing and I again, I don't think
He did was good look. I have all daughters, family jerking off in front of them when they really don't want. It sure sure it's not good, I'm sorry got that last summer. I didn't mean to do that so for barbecue. I just thought at the time have a good time. I didn't feel bad at all. No, but fucking come on man. I just. I just think that, like we have classes of crimes you don't you're, not to do it in this in this world you say they're all the same, and then I heard and I was seeing someone saying what he did was: definitely a crime and I come on. You might be upset that he did it, but it's not a crime. It's wrong! it's unfortunate that the real problem, the real issue is that he was in a position with these girls were admiring him right and that's the real and I are an easy recognize that I don't think he's explained it to some peoples bowl what they desire. You know some people's requirements, and I I appreciate that- and I understand that I really just think what a lot of us are missing. Is this
a lack of communication and compassion and understanding yeah. I think we're missing a lot of that totally and we're really you know we gotta think of people like any time someone I mean, I don't talk about people they're serial killers, I'm just talking about people who make mistakes. You gotta treat their we're all human be kings. Yeah people make mistakes, we fuck up doesn't mean you're a cancelled person. You going to stop with that, really. I really think that, because I just think that it's not helping anybody and it's getting people's always off, because a watch, someone crashed down there, people love to watch someone burn. I was also thinking that also win the card. This kind of stuff happens. People don't want to ever reconsider their opinion. A person like there's this thing about Kevin Spacey and the they they made the tax. The available of this guy who Kevin Spacey, was touches. Deck going back and forth is go. A friend brought they were laughing about it. Okay in there trying to make it seem like this is evidence that kid they were that he was scared right and they Kevin Spacey was sexually abusing and they're like. Oh,
My god he's gay he's gay is touching. My dick gaze unzipping, my pants he's gay. This guy was texting his girlfriend, while Kevin Spacey and then his ass holy, so gay he's. Ok, I think he must be gay because I'm fucking his mouth now bro. They they released all the text messages, but they didn't release some of 'em and the mother that she deleted a lot of them that related to his frat boy like behavior. What is that jokes about getting his dick sucked by Kevin Spacey how that shit in there that's hilarious. You know there's some deception going on. I think I mean I'm not obviously I'm not a lawyer, but I think I think they're trying to make some money. That's what I think there is horseshit. I don't think this eighteen year old, kids, worried about this eight hundred year old man touch inspect and you flatline that guy just popped in the face. When you're eighteen punch the fuck outta
sixty five year old, pervert come in little boy. Unless he's a small fellow, I don't know if he had no idea about his physical stature. But if I was eighteen, some guy was kept grab. My dick, I put him to sleep too. There? You go at night. The first thing you do in eighteen year, like I'm, going to fight you dude, oh my god, you're not going to fuck me man is messages start with the accuser texting like he's hanging around me in the bar he's got my number and asked me to come out with them. The girlfriend replies are you kidding and then sends to other messages saying what and then it says, sounds like he's hitting on you, the man types. I think you is and then he's grabbing my leg and expletive? Oh, my god, you can't say cock it goes away to say: I'm not gay adding, but I think spacey is user, continue texting, saying that he was being touched inappropriately, like eight times later, adding and then he invited into his house. Hey pro tip,
which had Julie. Your dick you got Tell him to stop. Not once did you say the guys what the expletive fucking I saw this. I saw this have fun too much. I was going to get to that Jesus Christ. He reached down my pants is happening, have fun, but not too much fun. If you know what I mean Jesus Christ, you reach down my pants help nose. Is Kevin ducking spacey the bitch came. Is she fucked the auto text up he's gay he's buying me another drink. Oh, my God, Babe he's gay I think I wanna hang this kid. Is gay yeah? What the fuck you talking about, why you didn't choose, writes that he got autographs and a hell of a story come on man opportunists, Maybe it's maybe maybe sock eight, maybe just a kid. How do I get Tom? How does like to say that Fraser? This is not a lot of people get sexually assaulted have time to tax. Okay he's
he's having fun playing are enjoying the fact that was Kevin, spacey doing team for sure, but it doesn't sound to me in any way like he was threatened, sound like he. Let the guy touch him, and maybe he should be accused of boob on Mr Spaceiy that space you get a new What does it say that at the end, do you think that he was flirting with, a little bit cleaning on keep Kevin spacey around. He thinks it's funny. It's fucked up the whole is fucked up. If Kevin Spacey really did do it, then it's fucked up that were joking. Yeah and if Kevin Spacey didn't do it, that's up. This guy's first set him up because you just want to make money and he's ruining Kevin Spacey's life yeah, but Kim's bases lives already yeah, it's spiral because what should decide to grab it. This was an isolated incident. It was one one of many but there, but it's a different thing. If you look at that story after you read those tax you all. This is a different thing. Yeah. This
and like he's like trying to for some guy to a bathroom bludgeon amount. Five dollars on concepts Party have their party don't having it taught me to the buying is another drink. The guy is hanging around yes, like he's not being forced against as well. There's no one is holding on there and if you got your dick grab once he didn't want to yeah, I don't want to happen seven more time but extra Time and everyone's like look, the victim is crying for help and text someone he just grab. I it did it again. It is this is what men have to really truly understand. It is so much different when a guy like Kevin Spacey and again, I don't know what this guy looked like, but I'm soon. It was me at eighteen, a normal kid who does you know athletic stuff from strong at eighteen I'm not worried about him raping me is what my point is. Where is a woman? If a guys doing that- and you corner deals here- yeah you, this fear is worse here. You learned literally words got to rape, you. I hope it's not that guy. That would rape me the kind of guy right, because women don't know if you
the kind of guy that would rape them because look at TED Bundy man. He's is a handsome guy and girls would just go with him because they thought I go. He looks good he's looking at seems Maxine. I was killing him right, so girls legitimately have to worry about that work, guys don't so even this guy with Kevin Spacey. If he didn't like what Kevin Spacey was doing There's no indication that he said it to him right, so pcs, probably thinking we're going to party I'm touching this guys do. He's saying shit he's just texted his friend, God tell your friends when I fuck your mouth friends want to fuck your friends to bring those models under those guys to bring the whole team fuck all of 'em he's. Probably thinking he's going to What good does this guys not say anything? He wants guys texting this net Did you say hey? I told him to stop touching my dick won't leave me alone now doesn't say they said he invited me to his house we're ready to party. I had to push him away from me. I was going fuck him up, but I guess he's drunk I'm coming to you baby 'cause. I love you flash LOL is jerking me off.
Now she says, be careful, have fun which are well you're out for the night. I guess yeah, she even told the being gay is okay. He said he tried tell me something being as okay yeah. I respond, I'm not gay hello! Well, first of all, the first part brother, kids, not scared, okay. This idea that he should get money because he was sexually assaulted, no you're getting hit on and you're and you're the an establishment that serves drugs. The drug reduces inhibition better than any drug alcohol, alcohol and you're. Accepting this drug from this guy was already touch Dick seven times now it by the way this isn't, like I didn't know what's happening, is dictate lol about his dick is in I asked how what was happening. Do you think that Kevin Spacey? We should be able to sue him back countersuit for that for definition of character, just for being a bitch, Just soup is being a bitch like if there was a quart of manner. I'm sorry for being a bitch where you could judge Santino, please
is welcome. This case, Mister Spacey touched his boys. Over and over again and continued buying drinks and the man never said no, but he texted his girlfriend over and over again then later on sued, Mister spacey for sexual assault. Your thoughts guilty of being a bitch. You must serve time as a okay. Then the question is: is there a real issue with him being eighteen, where, like his legal, maybe legal, but maybe he's like bewildered like he doesn't know. What to do is, but maybe never been around a famous guy like Kevin see before it doesn't know how to tell a guy to get off of am and doesn't have experience being. On gay guys, remembered maybes, never had a guy try to him yeah, but we don't know. What's going into the game tax all say that he's playing who thought you mean a we're gonna, but we were gonna, hang out with the he's doing this game he's playing again Emma Terrill harassing the witnesses it could work at the bar summer. Is he doing at the bar sucking dicks there's a gay bar was eighteen is at a bar. I think you work there.
There, but there's what he lied to until age twenty three. There was another part of the problem. The kid lied and told Kevin Spacey, who is older than it was Lamb pump the plot thickens also there bars you can go into under twenty one. I know you can be in there I'm just saying like what was he doing just hanging out having fun with you well, he did say, he's going to buy a strength, that's what I meant with several busboy and like he just kept walking by him and he kept grabbing his dick every time. You say you work there, I'm looking at. I don't see anything. We don't know you keep talking about. This is poor fella. It didn't want to run into spacing, but it was a financial opportunity and you had a capitalize which can happen. Things didn't go to jail now, fuck! No! No, these guys gonna get any money. Why didn't you get it? How much do you want he'll get offended that you got him drunk and then the sexually assaulted him at that bar? He worked there. So we should work. There is a bus boy, okay, people, people with wealth, always get off like what's her name, the USC people, Lori Laughlin, and it's fucked up man. They get off the last season House of cards,
Nobody gave a fuck about it. There was a big billboard awards and everyone's like it was for your consideration. What is your name again Robin right yeah, Robin Wright, she's amazing she's, amazing, once trust actresses that we've ever had a lot. He needed him to play out. He was ultimate evil. That was turning her Maury well, they killed her boyfriend, Spoiler Bro Devereux and in the mood by the way and the show he's doing a lot of gang shit. Like him hat, ok, I'll show you He does. He gets his cock sucked into a library or some cases guys a lot of crazy shit. It's a crazy fuck which is why I loved it was amazing and you needed a dirty crazy fuck, like Kevin Spacey, to pull that character off for sure look, the part of you knew. He knew what it was to be a crazy fuck. It's like part of how he pulled that roll off you bought it. Okay is not RON.
Howard, pretending to be banging dudes and get his stick sucked and all that stuff best roles he's playing a crazy guy. Yeah he's crazy, hey that minutes. Also, why he's such an amazing ours, but that doesn't give him a license to victimize all those people that he now when, after that work or sport, it's not not justified. But what I'm saying is it's amazing how someone who's up like that can produce. You know like this kind of all where, as you you like, he makes a show right. The show a big part of what it was, because you bought this guy as this crazy, tormented twisted, Absolutely I mean it was. It was so it was so eloquent at it. Yes, it was unbelievable. It would just look it look so natural. So real, probably it was real right. One hundred percent. I mean many people in America. You say for years you like Kevin Spacey is gay and the Business has known about it and they go you're fucking out of your head and do a spit take this.
You don't know, he's gay what how many people America, America. We go he's not he's not gay nuts folk in California, every thanks. Everybody is good, but that's. The problem is because there is a perception perception and, in the show him playing this character, who's also art imitating life. Balancing on this world of hiding a big secret. It was just so close. It was a good show, do so good when she fell in love that artist ever them in New York and pictures of them together, and it's like wow. This is crazy, crazy, watching naked in bed. Great crazy, and so you needed them together after they kicked him out like but the dynamics was too strong when they were together. It was amazing and the episode one that I watched them. When I watch everybody looks super nervous. Everybody looked like soup or it just looked already mean. What do you mean just looked off. The show looked off is like the new Jesus Christ.
Fired, Kevin Spacey. Now we watch it even on camera there, like so we'll just continue this game. It was just weird yeah, maybe got better as time I didn't see it. You know I really like to was the his assistant that guy that helped him out. That would do anything for him. Yeah, they killed at a regional, Brosnahan yeah. When you push in front of a train choose no, you can't no! No! That was him. Those Kevin Spacey, Kevin Spacey push every girl from the train right now I went back, kill the hooker that hooker I want to be the marvelous, MRS Meisel, that's right, Rachel Rachel Brosnahan. That's right! That's right! She's, very doubts great in that Mazel show yes, that is a good fucking show. You know amazons doing comedy specials now are they did Jim Jim The African did Russell Peters and they're doing some other ones as well I'll do one with them. I'll do one over there. Amazon I'll do one way like it. Yeah, it's cool,
Netflix, mold, everybody has Amazon, prime dude, everybody does well now they own whole foods. When you go to whole foods to get a good discount on shit, it's one I was like she was You have your app. You scan your fucking app. Nice gave yourself a little bit of the legs, twenty one takeaway for you sell bags spinach. Once you check out at two dollars for Yammer, in person, nice, yeah, Amazon, yeah and he's I don't and there it was one of the fucking world content. They're doing you buy things like what a weird weird company you buy stuff with one click you can watch tv shows to making tv shows, you could go, buy groceries. When are they gonna to open up their town, town, Amazon, Amazon town? Where is it? Where is it go? feeling Buffalo like please would you go to Amazon town? Would you live there? No would be a mess James.
That was a brown boxes everywhere you look brown boxes, we recycle everything changed every the way like grocery stores have to work now, because they have that two hour delivery, like you have to deliver grocery stores. Fucking awesome PETE, I know, but they do that with whole foods to write this whole foods deliver Yes, yes, we will most grocers. We will reach a point now when we don't go in the grocery stores. That's crazy! The lover too drowsy kid, no grocery stores delivered. Do you have a great one? never I've never heard of that deliver delivered now that didn't exist. When did that start? I do have the store to where you walk in and just feels like. Stealing I can just leave just leave in the charger account. Then, oh, my god, you know this in New York, they tested it out, people just walk in and you have the app in your phone. So when you walk out it registers what you have with you: ok, that's fucking insane living in the Future Bro dog. Will there be a point when we don't ever go to those things? Some
Just we'll give you get an order every? How long will it be before they can replicate food, and all you have to do- is put the Baer ingredients and amino acids and shit to some of that, and then you print up anything. You want to end up three d print, a steak, three d, printing apple, three print among grief for baked potato pizza, really already printed call it out yeah. But you know what what not gonna, taste good. How do you know because food has love in their shift? People say that you are. These new cars moons know saw ok, No, but food is different nutritionist if you can ever take, you can take you, you know it's just elements just little things that they figure out. Fucking move around wiggle. I don't know something about there being so now. Imagine perfect comes out nice like toast that crust you're, fucking computer, imagine e just english muffin dude. I don't think so. There's no fucking way what they knew.
Let's have like the perfect trucker hassel choice. I think that there's a cut that necro touch a human touch needed. I like you, I don't feel like a robot might not be able to give a great saga like like you know. They say that the oils in your hands are good when you eat with your hands right a lot of the world, still it to the dance right, utensils, takeaway thirty people for people when your hands have natural enzymes that kill a lot of bacteria is bro. Well, I'm not wipe after my hands anymore. That's why in some countries it's a real insult, try to shake someone's hand with your left hand, pulling is your booty Djibouti hand, player, yeah, bro yeah, but you know what I still think there's something about the touch of food. When you feel someone touches food, it does something to end times of food. I don't know about that. Mother, fucking voodoo bullshit. You learn from your straw, listen bro, you believe in the tides, Joe I gotta.
You know, there's something about the love of food that fucking robot to him. You know sensitive he's got a good heart. He understands enzyme to come from your fingers. They didn't produce in your gut enzyme that digests of things Michael. It's in your hands. You know, there's arms and hands yeah, you do in your free tips. Yes, what kinds of it did it change? It makes is that your food is skillet like enzymes come off. There's something in your hands that changes the chemical composition of food that changes the flavor profiles in your mouth and it makes it so you don't get sick yeah! That's amaze! Dirty hands are nice until you don't get sick, dirty hands. People have this way. Say before you before we fuckin lift up your booty. When you, ass and then have not before we had. So what do you think? How do you think they're dirty and safe? I know they didn't die that there were thirty years old,
they are giving her asshole and mouth and get outta here where it up. Can I hear that's coming up, I typed in oils and hands you know what's coming up MIKE Tyson Weed causes you to make up ridiculous facts. Look at Jamie, give me search on Bing Bro, don't just google I think others would like me to search okay, search, search search. This he's got a r I just figured it's not wiping okay search is a great search, search, uh cultures that he with their hands, don't get sick. How about that? Hey this'd great uh, mind your manners with your hands. No, from the same bowl. Is it safe? I feel like you're gonna get it gets from around the world. Look dude, there's got to be there,
some shit in people's hands that makes them not get sick when they for years we ate without utensils. Do you have a people got sick, but not all the time Jamie. He helps that. I cook was he not? Everyone could cook with fire people a lot of Russia for a long time. You've got to find something on there I mean I'm looking you're killing me did. This is killing me, I'm too high to look it up right now, myself, that's the bomber, I don't even know how to do it. Man, I tried going, I'm gonna go to bank got Abang, see what the being does with and yeah yeah. It's got to be some secrets of people who never get sick. Let's see this is about sleeping sneezing, vitamin c sleep it off, get a handle on stress. This is Jim Rat. This is nothing you got nothing. Man said nothing coming up, got nothing
son of a totally nothing. I don't know where you got this from hey, just make it up for Joe just lie when it back Actually we found so much stuff. It's crazy, where I heard this. I've heard it somewhere someone on the internet is going to agree with me, so some dude will find it the thing I would bill Cosby. He he just filed today for an appeal. Apparently what we did. One hundred and fifty eight page hard fucking case to fight huh. How are you gonna fight that dude? Would you kill yourself? Don't tell him a James, Joe Jamie found a ton of fucking stuff proving my shit. Fingertip enzymes QC ten, something ten something actually ten shit, absolutely not going to find it made it up
happens, man, somebody told me: you have a dream and in that dream, you're convinced I've heard it somewhere and then I thought wow. That's amazing people, culture that he with their hands, there's enzymes in your hand, and they just they just don't want to change two forks and then some makeup sex. Story about Hindu God I was in Central America, yes, never told me, they were rocked with the flash you. And if you were bill, Cotter send it. If your bill Cosby, would you just kill yourself? Yes, you would write I would just end it when I don't know what you can do when you're that far down the hole, so he can't found appeal at. Are you my soul? It's like like Here's a perfect example! We were talking about earlier with Luis think about Louis.
And now I think about, think about bill, Cosby totally different right, but people don't want. You say that because they're both air quotes abusers, one of them's monster, one of them is a guy who did some stupid shit, kinky shit, weird shadows into it. He asked people, they said. Yes, he should have done it. He feels bad that he did it, but you can't. How do you forgive Bill Cosby like to take that the idea that you're supposed to forgive Louis, which I think yes and then I don't see a path for Bill Cosby to be forgiven. I don't see that path when you've ruined the lives of how many people, fifty plus one something's that heinous. I just don't think I Things are going to have you ruin their life. You certainly certainly fucked them up. Look if you wake up and you're with bill. Cosby thing is gonna. Take care of you and your pants are done by your ankles. You realize you fucked you while you're unconscious and he drugged you yeah, that is gonna fuck your head up is gonna change. What you think about people that someone could just drew
thank you and treat you like meet you unconscious, they're, doing things to when you're out coercing? What's our laws of forgiveness? Well, how do you forgive that? First of all, you can't because he never, he doesn't admit it. He never admits it. So we never even gets to the door right of like of acceptance of forgiveness, of of of doing this pen answer what if there is a penance of anything. Could ever do ever. He doesn't get it. If he did admit it, then will there be room for forgiveness? That's a good question. I think it would probably open up the door to more lawsuits. Sure I think you would they would come storming in like hail yeah. But I know what you're saying is very smart. It's saying like we're saying we, supposed to give someone like forgive someone like Louis well. What is the line of when you don't forgive right? What's the line? So what's the number with the line? Was the atrocity like what is it that we go? You can't forgive this person anymore. What's the what's the line of compassion like where do you? Where do you take line of compassion? That's a good! That's! What is what is that? Ultimately,
you go. No. You can no longer from this moment forward. Forgive this human being and the problem is now here's where it gets slippery. If you decide you're gonna be the guy who says, I'm gonna kill this guy, someone that executes him. Yeah yeah. If you decide, if you live in a coming, look what that's, what we're essentially doing, we're just doing it slow what putting him in a cage right right, but if you were going to really decide hey we're gonna, we're gonna, remove this guy from the population. I can't trust with my kids. We live in a primitive society. Okay, we live in some some village type society thousands of years ago. Right, that's what we all did. What would we do when someone was like that? When would probably try to figure out a way to get rid of him? You kill him. You have to kill you have to, but you would have to figure out what are the laws that allow someone to kill somebody, because you can't just let people kill people, because you let people kill people, then you just come up with excuses to kill people right, and this is what people have done throughout history, whether
among goals, the Romans. Let me just go throughout history: people have people fucking killed people 'cause, they could kill people. So when do you what? What is the moral distinction that you have to make where someone is? They have done irreparable harm, but that changes over right right there and they continually changes, that's that's! My phone is like that: will never stop changing from from from decade to decade from era to era yeah we find the deplorable now will not be deplorable. Later right now see with was so many aspects of our culture. Yes, literature movies the way we restrict what
so so what we're saying is, is there ever a line? Is there ever a one? Does it ever exist? Does that idea of like this is the cut off? Does that really exist because it's constantly moving? It's constantly changing. You know, I've said it a one million times. I've never said what Louis did was. Okay, I think he has his issues. I don't think anybody has, but I also think every body needs toe, investigate what happened and find out he's got talk about what, yes, I'm sure. Let him talk about it find out what the social psychology of what he was going to yeah but disturbed. But what I think is happening to is that a lot of women feel like when these guys that are abuses got taken out, that it made it so that it was better for women and so that. If they come back, things go back. The way they were. This is a real. That's real thought you know is what we must have conversation
the conversation. Then we're fucked. I mean that's a real thought with imagine being guy like Harvey Weinstein, who was doing this for so long, get away with all fucked up shit for so long supported, supported by support support it. So I mean he had a clause in its contract, detailing what would happen for the first case of sexual harassment. Second case support dates in the contract. So why aren't there fuck? Why are they out of white wine? we will support him up. Hank Cheeto, I'd love you to join my podcast network I'm thinking about promoting women? I just think you're, a great guy. You funny guy you're, talented guy, but I think you might be a raper. So what What is the first rape, I'm going to charge you this much? Second, what the fuck the fuck imagined the first sexual harassment is, I gotta figure and the second one soon has another figure, us a double the figure three strikes you're out, but it's not something he can't afford. Now it's like two, fifty five, five hundred gram
He's like a billionaire he's Harvey wines. He goes fine. He made pulp fiction, he's like hey I'll, clear it up cleared up he's eating food while there talking is fucking crumbs. All done space I'll, take care of DUMBO he's jerking off, while there talking he said. Glutton is just the glutton, a filthy, fat, fucking glutton. You can't make a better case for a glutton and that guy he's a metaphor. For the business by the way all consuming taking right and the looks. Yeah he he would ruin what's beautiful right take was he broke the same out of this fat. God rested on the forehead. He fought, he ruined pretty things yeah his heart, a pretty things horrible that guy. But it's interesting because, like that, as a villain in a movie he's a coat he's a villain in the movie, yes, it's like a like a bad Dick Tracy characters. You know I'm not a more modern. It is a feeling of it he's a villain more in a hard once in movies. What is all yeah so
I will make that film he's a villain and nobody is a villain in a Quentin Tarantino movie right if there is a guy who was doing dark shit and then one of the girls winds up playing like some kick ass, female character, wants of shooting them and killing them like Hannah. What the fuck's your name- oh um, the woman who's in Kill bill, um, not Uma Thurman, but the Daryl Hannah Daryl Hannah, yeah, Daryl Hannah Daryl Hannah winds up, kill him tight, like it kills him with a brick plus his fucking head over, like Patricia Arquette when she killed tony soprano. Yes, remember: yes, right that that yeah yeah she was dope for gas ship. That was perfect. He was the perfect character that tony soprano character that she killed when James Gandolfini and true romance. When was a Patricia Arquette yeah, I are cats, will know. What's the other, our cat is to our cats. No, no! No!
Erika was Richard shave. It was Russia with his nose, a girls on the girl, yeah yeah yeah. No, no, there is some crap. Don't you shake your head thanks Eric she's dead share, which one well better, not be wrong. So it's even worse, it's bad. If you're missing Jamie Jamie, Suzanne, yes, she's been a gang movies too. She was in pulp. Fiction was an arc. Yes, Rosanna, Arquette pulp fiction she was wasn't. She the she was a part of like when girl video, Armory Barbarino had over to the the girl, the overdose yeah. I was hurt at all right that was her. They had a helper yeah that was her, that she would she was helping Uma Thurman. She was a girl that had shit all over face, as he said. Did she because your wife has shit allover? He goes who's the girl with a shit all over face, and he goes that's my wife and he's like oh shit with piercings or something yeah right right, he goes he piercings.
Over there, and he goes that's my fucking wife, a moving. What a fucking movie, away easily one of the best films forever amazed, always amazing movie, but Patricia Arquette in true romance right when she killed James Gandolfini like that she's killing the glutton killing the big disgusting asshole man, big asshole, shitty man. It doesn't a fuck about women and he's gonna kill her, but she fucking kills him. Yes, chump blood, coming down her face! It's crazy shit is dope. That's great fucking scene, that is, that seemed by the way that pulp fiction scene, the heart revival scenes just awesome nuts awesome, so many scenes in that movie like what I remember. I saw that movie when I first moved to Hollywood was like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four think yeah. I first moved here. I was watched that movie
I was like. Is this what it's like out here, they're saying his new movie is awesome. He said he said in his best movies made since then, and I've heard the reviews are awesome and they're telling the audience is to not spoil it the rest of people are going to see it once upon a time in Hollywood that comes out like a month, Brad Pitt who else cameo and Margot Robbie. Yet they re did a bunch of Hollywood may, like the seventies, we can still see some of on sunset. If you haven't realized what some of it's been repainted in weird ways, it was because of those songs there she so I picked. I was going. You know, Ben how Bertha musician. Yes, could name a song, but I know yeah he's a dope dude, hey and we're going to dinner at Musso, Frank's franks and he likes that place. It is amazing he goes a moose on on. I love, love, wisdom, franks and I show up there. I'm like what the fuck is going on sure enough. There shooting half the movie takes place in there right there right there, because it still looks
that so that was like the best place for them to do it safely. Let hang out eat dinner, while they're filling a moving right after that they were not say. John finish, yeah, that's correct was I mean they were like. I was I I I told the guy go sums gonna going on he's like oh yeah, you guys are okay, but do you know which cell thing the set? The fact that you know what I called it out? I act like I've been here before she's, a student, thirty six pounds of meat knacks. Right there on the trails from the trailer. That's that no yeah, that is, it was on Franklin. That's mostly Frank's yeah place is amazing: it's superhero Super school old school. It feels you know it. Fucking feels like I love most Frank's still place, That should be a place. You got the most sold thanks and we could do that before. So I would love to have dinner. Like gentlemen, like adults have a scac with a big. Peace. I have a sketch with some ice and some steaks out my decade we go give me the check miniaturize for, like Mick Jagger likes to go there all the time too, with all my
I hope I hope we do really does the only thing they went there before they had the concert on Hollywood Blvd, but The mother forgoing instill dance. So he had a heart attack, had open heart surgery, whatever you had it and he was on stage like a month later right that once and just do it, that just means the universe makes it wants him to live. He's a beast he's a bit as I he lived. He works out every day. Multiple times. Does he but lip yeah, he does dancing and yoga and lifts weights all kinds of shit. Is a he! Never he never. He never worked at once. There was adamant yeah when he was on the road. There's no way. I imagine back on stage after eleven weeks after having certain heart surgery, fucking on really sound. Like me, bro seventy five years ago I do sounds like me. I know bro. If I'm getting hard surgery, I'm done that's. It showing yeah, I'm walking, I'm walking n that are snapped off someone's dick.
Take a bunch of water from target. Remember fucking: where was the water from water? Bitch works out three hours a day, three hours for the guitar said the doctor said: they've never operated on an athlete at seventy five before so they had a really good laugh about that. Then I said he's Soffietti works out. Three today. How may I ask how old is he now? Seventy five? If you see him going to the file, but if you slow down and stop your will break to Rogan, that's the message of the day was a great quote. We can wrap this up People on the road Cheeto San Tina will be meet with me this weekend, Friday and all motherfucking Saturday Friday at the Borgata in Atlantic City, two shows and then Saturday in Baltimore. I don't know where we are going to go to Joe Rogan dot com. Some big ass place with a great powerful, Tony Hinchcliffe, the whiskey, ginger podcasts available everywhere everywhere everywhere, all right
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