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#1321 - Robert Oberst

2019-07-08 | 🔗
Robert Oberst is a professional strongman who competes yearly in The World's Strongest Man competition. He's can also be seen on the History Channel's "The Strongest Man In History" premiering July 10 at 10pm ET.
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Try with free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial if you go to simplisafe dot com Rogan, you got nothing to lose, go now but make sure you go to simplysave dot com. Rogan. So they know our show, sent you that's simply safe s p. L, I s a f e, simply save dot com, Slash Rogan, my guest today is one of the strongest mutherfuckers ever walk the face of the earth and a Gentle giant super cool guy and he's a poor of the new history channel. What is his the strongest man. What is it that it checking it right now will tell you we talk about on the podcast and just a genuine all around cool motherfuck drunkest man in history, strongest man in history or man
strongest man in history. It's a new show, that's on the history channel. What is it Wednesday nights at eight? So does Wednesday night at eight on the history channel ten Wednesday night, ten, you doing it with your hands. Why didn't you say with your mouth? You were looking at James, giving me Braille so anyway, he's awesome. Please welcome Robert Oberst the Joe Rogan experience Subzero, Hawaii brother, I'm feeling great man. Thanks for having me you looking great thanks. You around the large threatened Joe before the show. I said you need to start off and tell me how beautiful I am strong and pretty. Is that your t shirt company yeah? That's my clothing company. It's also bunker branding, and basically that's that's. Basically, we try to keep this like a fist from your face. I'm just afraid I'm gonna him a brief look. How much did you do
any cardio! I do most definitely yeah yeah. If you watch what strong man on on yeah so like when you pull a truck with seventy thousand pounds, you pull it for a hundred feet with a harness restraining. Your chest like like a not expulsion, but your chest, expansion, That's that's! That's the hardest, cardio I've ever done. I played football for a long time, so I mean. I can only imagine, but I was I was thinking that, like you, have to have some cardiovascular strength to do some of those routines from the Some of the different challenges you guys have to do for sure and normally, like worlds will start with like a what we call those monthly so you'll have normally like four implements like you have two kegs in two sandbags and the kegs are both weigh two hundred and sixty five pounds and the sand bags will be three hundred and thirty that's what we did last year, which was fucking brutal but
You have to load each one of 'em onto a platform, that's about sixty feet away. So you know. If you get going, it's not just cardio. You have to have diaphragms trying to like if you've got a week, diaphragm you're just going to fold, I've seen guys blackout and I've seen guys account at worlds longest man. So what is it? How does it? How does one strengthens their diaphragm? What we do, the normal exercise. We did, it doesn't really have a name. It's just kind of something made up. You'll lay on your Can you take like a sand bag and put it over over your upper abdomen and you'll expand your push out really hard and did you try and hold it for like, say like two minutes and you learn to take tight little breaths while flexing your upper abdominal abdominals whoa, I can spoke So you got the weight on you right and you just any state.
Then it's it's like you know, I'm usually fighters taking punches, like just yeah tie yeah same similar thing, and so like me, I would I would. I have a big barrel gut like a big chest and go up like it's solid. I literally get go back a little bit. I've got side abs in the morning. Sometimes I got say this: the best I was ever given. I put up a post and it was me drinking coffee in the morning just naked, but like from like the hip up and somebody Give me a compliment. That's actually comes something you said, they said: Damn Roberts got a really good dick route I think I vented did Cruz when those food, so I don't understand why dudes do that they wear their shorts solo that you basically see the top of their cock, will see the root they've got nothing else to show. So that's a weird weird move people dick route- that's all it
this way. I think I invented it. I appreciate it was a very nice compliment, congrats on the deck route, bro, it's just a weird thing. I mean: when did you guys start doing? I get girls doing it. I get it right. I just don't get guys pulling their shorts all the way down low, like that also seems like you just asking to get pantsed I don't understand like sagging- I guess it comes, prison culture from what I heard I hate it now, but I feel like an old man 'cause I used to do it as a kid used to sag. Well, I grew up in an area. It was like was a very low income like area. I don't know how to say that pulley let's see what they got there going come so like everybody was sagging. Do you have a boxer shorts? I know this we have to you, learn see when you start off with Heidi Wiseman. Everyone makes for any of the like all right right, so you switch to boxes well, we're like style yeah
I ran out of that by the time. I was like twelve though it's like this is ridiculous. Well. My problem is like if somebody like grabs your pants, like you're done like you're, going to have to reach for your past and they're going to punch you in the face like this is uh. You like asking your link, handicap there. You sound exactly like my father right now exactly what he would say, get your asses kicked yeah. I have friends that tried it like even one thousand and fifteen years ago, like guys my age, I was like what in the fuck are you doing? is to lay down the thing. Now is skinny jeans, in fact, which is like a counter productive that it just doesn't seem like it goes to right, they're, trying to combine styles and understand what they're doing right yeah. Well I mean if they've got a good enough, group than maybe that's what it is like. They just got to show the quad. Like. Do you
a regular jeans or do you wear like them them stretchy type jeans wretch around genes yeah, I love those men. You can go back to regular jeans right. What to wear like Rev, towns or barbells, or any of those kind that you fuck all those regular jeans you can now I mean I with so many genes in sitting down. You know, I think, with your size like it must be so hard to just fine clothes right and no, and I'm built differently like my waist, is a is like a forty but my and seems like a thirty four. And so normally like. If you find a forty waist, it's like a twenty, eight or thirty leg. So it's like for a shorter, like chubby, guys, yeah, so yeah yeah. It still say fat guys and no one gets mad. Have you say fat girls, people like hey yeah, don't be so insensitive, but fat, guys, don't catch a break because of fuch about fat guy deal with fat, guys
I can deal with it. Fat guys are happy there. Fat. Sometimes too, that's a difference. Like fat. Girls will pretend they're happy they're fat, but they're really sad on the inside. So there you go, but fat, guys if they, especially if they drank that bird Kreischer, Bert Kreischer, does not seem to give a fuck that he's fat. No, he does not have a problem with it takes his shirt off the moment. He gets onstage. Those incur hold it down on daytime tv. Doesn't people get mad at him? take a shirt off. People like hey, come on you're the fat guy that gets naked, get naked for sure sure dance monkey yeah, take it off. That's part of your gig. It's like, what's his name, Gallagher without a watermelon right now sledgehammer get the fuck outta here when speaking of love him. What are you guys thinking for sober October? We really haven't decided yet the Bert
Let's do some dance contest, so you could suck my dick 'cause. You wanted to do that, so he could just win without working hard. Just take his clothes off while getting crazy, I'm going to work right, no chance, but not sure about this one if they found a way to like score, a dancing in a like? So there is no judgment and it was like points based on athletic types of movements or something like that. I'm sure like the internet could come up with a way. Because I understand what you're saying and what you're saying makes total sense about how like you earn- you, want it to be regulated, not someone simply last year, 'cause last year, we literally were killing ourselves. We are working out seven hours a day and I was just trying to grind those guys in the ground. I was like I'm just going to take you to deep water and see it was awesome. Then I loved it. I fucking loved it. I couldn't stop watching. Well, part was talking shit and that's when I was like. I cannot have this guy win. This is not going to happen. That's why you suck I knew our was going to be a problem because he's crazy are tried really hard, but- he doesn't have a lot of experience grinding
like that. It is best. You hung in there vet that yeah birds trying to win this with Fuckin' style points he can fuc off. No, no, I think if, somebody can come up with a way that dancing is like regulated in a point system that does nothing to do with peoples opinion to wear like it's. I don't know even how you would do that where it's like there's an athletic type of movement, that's required for this. So learning that takes this. Gives you that gives you points. That's the only way it would even work where it wasn't based on someone it's too much time to this. The part of the problem is like learning how to dance like I, I did a movie once zookeeper and I had to learn how to do this elaborate dance with Leslie Bibb it that should took for ever it is Weeks and we and you're like constantly training and drilling and going over the movements- and I don't even like that kind of guy-
like like if I'm doing martial arts and I'm training, I'm interested this. I love that I want. I want to get better at it. I didn't want to get better at dancing. I just wanted to be over it's one of the film the scene, so I could relax now move on yeah. So I don't know what we're going to do. We haven't decided we're all waiting yeah. I said we should have a hold your breath, competition. Oh that'd be cool yeah underwater that takes practice I mean, I think you guys have you have to add something in my a part of it was seeing you be like nah fuck. This will all go to the gates, yeah. That's me like. If someone, if someone I love, talking trash right, that's my thing and then strongman. It's not very popular like when I got in. No, they don't it's very old school like you're supposed to do your work, not act like you're supposed to get paid, not act like you're supposed to want any attention.
Not draw any attention. Tord yourself. Really. It's like it's like karate in, like one thousand nine hundred and sixty to be respectful of the way an. I totally get that I understand that, and it I mean, I don't think anyone can get to the top echelon without having that respect. But it's it's ridiculous. For people who have never been that on that on that level, to tell other people how they're supposed to behave right. If I want to talk shit, I'm going to make sure I do I color styles you said that you were going to start again. This is what we do yeah it's fun talking to him and also it's like, I feel like that- makes it more entertaining and more eyes on the sport. Exactly I mean that's what my my arguing about the? U of c, I always like it. When people talk some right and- and
going to lose. Sometimes you have to eat that like without the kid that Ben Askren, exactly a flat line was brutal, but I mean he also took that on the chimney put up a post like right after like well that sucks yeah he takes on Shane better than anybody he's got a great personality and massive doll said is not even over Microsoft says listening goes. I don't like that. Dude goes. If I see him at whole foods. Getting smacked up, oh shoot, Imagine the guy flatlines you with the fucking fastest ever KO in UFC History and he's promising you that if you're looking for Brussels sprouts in a smack in the face yeah I gave him two extra shots in the face which, by the way, people have given him ship for its that's his job. Yes, it's go to the referee, stop shoe well specially when there's a heated contest like that, where you talk so much shyt and he insulted my Dell's manhood. He talked about his net at no city ties with. He said a lot of that really pissed miles with off right. It is like why in the heck is Steven was like. Why
is it. Ok to talk all is schitt online about me before the fight, but then after I knock, now, I'm not I'm not supposed to showboat, I'm not supposed to celebrate the I'm not here. If you got a problem with that, stop him winners get to do what they want his eyes, old man when he said- and it's not over. If I see him Oh my god that is so intense salvage salvage that moved that was so brilliant, because Askren always grabs your legs, and if you get that close to him, he's gonna think like almost like, he has to grab you right. It's is instinct and you saw him like. I saw somebody put a video, but in he would round but I go out to the outside and then acted as if it was going to be just a normal step and then it's too quick steps in the oh and you see how stiff he was before I'm sure you saw but damn he was. Yeah his head was up and one leg was up. I mean he was staff, so that was a right here. Here is practice and yeah at
That was an absolutely ruthless ko and it the fastest ever Yossi Kale at five but really he was out cold at two yeah, I mean just took the rough a few seconds to get that yeah. Whatever maybe three, I guess. Maybe I mean whatever it took for him to run over there. It seems like two seconds. It was like one month, one thousand to it's over, oh yeah, well, fuck At least they got a lot of facetime before he got in the ring. Never thought about fighting as big as you are Uh I mean I messed around with like excellent stuff and I buy what would John Jones with the supplement company for awhile, really yeah and I know a lot of fighters and all that old school wrestlers. I've got a lot of like friends in the industry, but I'm both will run. The wrestlers are progress pro wrestler pro wrestlers. Sorry, yeah totally different thing: it's just That would be a great avenue for you to write. I did think about that for a while to it's just contractually it's just it's a shitshow.
Sure injuries and all that stuff too, would take you out of competition, but plus they want. Where am I now? I started in work my Azov just to get like a little piece of that pie and when you go to the WWE or or something like that, you have to step back going all the way to the ground level. You have to earn your stripes, and I understand that. But like I have I have a son, my family, to take care of people. I can give up everything that I've earned like basically breaking myself for five years, breast to crawl. Back up- and hopefully you know end up where but you know it's it's a cool thing. I also I was a big fan of wrestling when I was a kid you know back in the day and do you know why I love watching it go? One of my body right now, a guy who was a strong with me, his name's Brian Stroman. He's in the WWE. I love watching him. Do it sometimes Now ski fighting fighting in MMA haven't haven't seen a lot of them in stuff. I know I know him and deal active, he's he's free
crazy MS people up to man. He's he's really getting better like when he first started fighting. He was just giant dude who just swinging arm punches and if he hit you who funk you up, but he got crazy. He decided to fight TIM Sylvia, who the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and TIM beat the shit out of him, it was horrible, like I don't know why he thought he could beat him. Sylvia thought that TIM was washed up or older. How old is to Know- Well, how long you been out of the game is definitely in his 40s. I don't know how old is TIM, TIM's giant now, there's like four hundred pounds? Thirty four today! So that's me, I'm falling to pounds. I can't yeah cut both my legs off to make two hundred and sixty five, but I think that's so weird that they have a two hundred and sixty five cut off 'cause heavyweight is supposed to be. The biggest guy right like in boxing I do value who fought he defied the fight Holyfield
He was like seven feet: Tall 's giant russian dude. He was fucking, enormous is boxer, but he was well over three hundred pounds. Seven foot tall would be skinny at three hundred am with USB and he had tried again Titus or whatever. When you move to a tear gland tumor yeah, what is that, if you find that guy value of I think you fought Holyfield, I think Holyfield Pizza for the title, which is even crazier when you think that hold feel start his career at a hundred ninety stars, Chris Cruiserweight, ninety five pounds yeah yeah. Now yeah. That's it. Here's the guy look at this a Vander, Holyfield and value of- and this is in two thousand and eight leave the size of that guy man. He get the fuck out of here he's so big man, but I think when guys are that big, like with that, Did the giant tytus search I can tie this? Is that they're always hurting, like everything? Hurts your knees, her your elbows? It's like you can't really move that could yeah
I know a lot of guys under the giant was my hero growing up. He was like my first real hero and uh. I knew a lot of guys who had known him actually met Roddy, Roddy Piper, like three weeks before he passed and and I was wearing and Andre the giant shirt and we got to sit in the VA c section at a baseball game and he was bad as many was so cool. I wanted to get that guy in the podcast and Tony Hinchcliffe is actually trying to set it up, but then he died. He used to go to the comic store, a lot yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, even went on stage couple times there. He would just tell storage man. He was awesome. He was like one of the first guys also the crossover in movies. Obviously Andre was first. He did a few yeah, but He was the star of they live, remember that which is the John Carpenter movie. That's a great fucking movie huge yeah, so he was in that typical. He was a fun guy man. There were actually uhm what I was we're doing the whole. Basically, the reason I wanted to talk about tv show
Next season season, two we're going to do so I'll start over the whole tv shows based on us doing axis strength throughout for strong men throughout history, What is the name of the show called history strongest man and stronger and this is the espn- show it's on history. It's on history channel. Oh, that's awesome! So one so this next season. We're hoping to do is Andre, the giant which we're going to talk about. But what we do is we try, to where historical strongman lives or where he did this famous ribs strength and we we create, those feats of strength and we kind of talk about who they are as people and stuff and bring the light like a lot of the cool aspects that most people lose. So it could be cool
to you know, take somebody like Andre, the giant and like meet with his daughter and figure out like little parts that people haven't really paid attention to and bring that to light. We did one of my favorite episodes. We did was this guy Peter Francisco, who was he was born in it? I think it was Colombia, I'm I mistaken paradigm, Cisco. There we go the Virginia giant in Portugal. There you go so he was born to like a wealthy family and was kidnapped and sold as a slave, and he ended up in America and at sixteen he signed up to fight for in the revolutionary war. He was six foot, seven, six foot, eight, just this giant of a man specially one thousand seven hundred and seventy six yeah. There was nobody there, big back, then you know like a lot of people, don't realize Jack Johnson former heavyweight champion who they called the Galveston giant. I think he was only six hundred and thirty six tours.
Pull up Jack Johnson see how big was towered over everybody else. He yeah Rocky Marciana was one hundred and eighty five pounds. One hundred and eighty nine pounds like somewhere around there said he's only six foot tall, but but that's what Google put it popped up from his like Wika Pedia thing is a little taller than that, but he was at giant back then write it called him, the Galveston giant. Well, everybody was so poor. Then they didn't have any food. You know the turn of the century. Everybody struggling photos ever that's crazy. That's crazy! Six, two Jack Dempsey, six, one wow in Marsciano, I think, was five hundred and ten five times believe I think Marciano's five, ten thousand one hundred and eighty five pound It's crazy because Jack Johnson towered over everybody was fucking everybody up. I mean it's a food thing: man, no one had any fucking food back. Then, if you look at the size of the people that fought during the civil war. They were tiny as people like really. Like one hundred and twenty five pound men, don't even go back further, all the skeleton
Finally, there Fisher him like to make it out like he's giant like look at the general good look at his back. He is, he is pretty dry, yeah sure he's jet. Definitely jacked, for you mean look, he's he's break, but I mean in comparison to a real heavy weight. Today, like You put him next Anthony Joshua right, you know, like Josh, would be towering over John wow, there was six, was the six seven yeah or do with Francis and Donald. You know a big giant dudes real legit giant, whose people have more that big back then so that guy the wrestler, the the portuguese guy now must been unbelievable. To see someone that big back and saying yeah was cool as like. There's a lot of cool things that you find out, like George Washington, had a call on his gravestone. That was that there were several bottles that we would not have had to go the same way and and we don't know if we would have even been able to win the war if it wasn't for him, but he's a one man army and for George Washington to say that that's huge, that's crazy, so it was cool.
To talk about him and all the things he had done and bring show a little love for a guy who I had never even heard of yeah and like there was a story. He was on the battlefield and he was pulling people off the horses and I basically beating him to death, because we ran out of bullets and then there's he goes marching up Tord this guy, who pulls his musket out to shoot at him and the musket misfires. He takes the musket from him and beat him to death with his own musket. Oh my god stuff like that. Or when battle was over. They had a canon stuck in the mud, and this is one of the feats of strength. We did. They had a canon stuck in the mud and he didn't want the British to end up with it. So he just yanks the thing off of the wheels puts it on a shoulder and marches off with how much It depends depends on the story that you believe when we went. I don't want to get too much into it, but when we went that's biggest question was because, anybody, who's ever lifted a bunch of weight and throwing things around. It's like that sounds pretty crazy. Cannons can go from anywhere of like like a normal
field cannon- will be like three hundred, but they've got field cannon. From that era that are thousand pounds and and depending on who tells the story, that's what you found, which will be trying to figure out what the fuck would you even get that on your shoulder? If it's in the mud so you're staying the month, so you don't have a firm ground to push off against so we're in the black white and squashing around the mud, and you got this giant candy. Thrown your shoulders, no handles Aachen, a right after battle to that was the guy, was a savage. It was, it was really cool and then afterwards he the wealthy man was taking care of the known it was. It was a really cool story, so I was, I was like actually pretty proud to get to tell a woman. That's awesome! A lot of them like that. How did you get involved with doing strongman competitions arm? I played football a play for for a long time, and then you know football is done with me and I basically I was just I didn't want to have a real.
Just to be totally honest, I'm not a not a nine to five sitting in office guiding anybody is, I don't think so either. I really don't know it's terrible way to live, and so and those people listening right now, they're like that's what I'm doing, but this place get out get out. While you can get out some telling you, I convinced one of my best friends to quit his job and come with me to China for a week and then, of course, you have to struggle find your way, but then, after that it was the things ever done, yeah. That is definitely better off being a nomad yeah. This find something you you be. If you feel better, you know exact like. I was talking to a friend of mine today about Thailand about it like I went to Thailand last year. Kind of like reshaped my idea of like what makes people happy, because everybody over! There is wearing flip flops and fuckin' shorts. Everything is real, cheap foods, real, cheap, there's, no extravagance and everybody's happy.
And, like my friend John Wayne Party, says it's the land of smiles, that's what he calls it and I was like ok, he lived there and trained there for a long time, but I'm like well, I I didn't get it until I went down like goddamnit everybody. B, but you drive by you'll, see like a fuckin' kid, a baby sitting on the gas bank of a motorcycle while guys driving. The ladies behind them and she she's holding on to the guys waste and he's like got one hand on the handle, bars in one hand and a baby, and I'm like what, in the fuc and mice and they're wearing flip flops and they're just everyone's happy. Even the Thailand. Well, it's like that in parts of China like roll rural parts of China, it's a lot like that. I've seen like people tide to each other on motorcycle terrible bill, horrible video yesterday of this guy. These two guys are fighting like assholes on a bridge like with motorcycles weaving in that traffic and one guy loses control of the bike and hits the Ciment.
We are on the edge of the bridge and then goes off the edge. Oh, my god, yeah just watch it bang boom when he flies off. Oh it's like all I've been seen. The last week too. We just did this so here it is Jamie God already jamies the fastest cooler in the West Shore on it see these guys are Look at this thing only touch to see him put his foot. Valentine collectors, love, watch, yeah and watch when you see when they pull over and you get to look at how far this mother Fucker dropped like he's done so well. That is, that is that guys got hit hard in his pocket. Of course, is Florida looks like it sure it's Florida, looking tassels gotta be Florida probably landed right on an alligator. He would have been fine, but now is shoot up. I read a story in Florida, but what's happened Peppa Florida course called it. Of course,
talking mess man I was there for two weeks. I was scared, shitless the whole time I've been everywhere. It's Florida. I was like paying attention to everyone. Walking around people on bath salts eating peoples faces everything. Fuckedup happens there they just issued a shoot to kill on iguanas to trying to get people to kill, as many iguanas appear There's so many iguanas there that they're digging holes under bridges and roads and roads are collapsing. Yeah buildings Absolutely because they're digging they're digging trenches under the foundations. It's so crazy and they're big, like five feet. Long when you go with a smile on his face. Florida Iguana Hunter mistakes, pool boy for iguana shoots them. Florida. You gotta get your shit together. Guys come on not going to happen. My sister lives in Florida, She'S- probably listen to this Laura get out of there,
run for your lives. It's so fucking goofy place to live bad. It really is it's so crazy. It's a goofy place to live, but for people like chaos and party and it's fun, and so that's what it's all about my friend Billy Corben, he made a cocaine. Cowboys wanted to function, loves it down there and he's asleep guy. He is Miami in this is fucking loves it. He enjoys the chaos yeah. I mean, I guess if you can separate yourself enough, that you don't feel crazy on the end, I don't know how you can. I couldn't do that here now. Lay like I mean it is not even a quarter of that, but, like I lived in Playa Del Rey in Sherman Oaks for two two one slash two years and I was like- I gotta get the funk. You know what the with this place. Is there's so much instability, because there's so many people that want to be something other than what they are. That's a big part of this place where I you live in Texas, now, so just those are people. Those are real people. I fucking Love Texas. There there are people,
They don't have any illusions that becoming famous from some fucking reality show or if they do they're the anomaly there not the norm, out here. It seems like everybody, but not everybody, but a people that came here came here with some dream so some dream of being an actor, some dream of being famous some dream of you know of making it, and then they got jobs, and so there's this like weird instability in this, this need for acceptance, and this need for recognition and you go to Cortana. You don't get any of that. You get regular people, you go to Colorado, Will Colorado now filled with stoners Colorado springs? Now it's getting a little different well now that the shrooms are all legal yeah wondering what's going to be trying to bring in wolves my friend Johnny Hamilton told me they're trying to bring it there, trying to stop mountain lion, hunting and trying to bring in wolves really yeah what yeah well, they brought in wolves in the 90s to Yellowstone, I remember, and that one's really lovely right. Well,
it depends on who you ask, the wildlife people think really well because it did a lot of great things in terms of like it preserved a lot of plant species that we're getting decimated by elk and deer. The problem it happened so quickly that the elk and Deer really didn't understand what was going on until they were decimated right and you know some places- they've lost more than fifty percent of their populations, but then other people, say that they really should have never been that high. In the first place, it's hard to understand who's because, like you try to be objective, but you know I hunt and I eat a lot elk and deer. So for me I hear it from hunters and it's a terrible thing, but then you hear from people they are concerned. With balance, in wildlife, ecology and a balanced ecosystem. They think it's a good thing, and so it's a very it's very controversial. They don't think they're ever should have been these giant herds of Elk. You know like one thousand out in the field. I think that's a that's a natural and that's akin to
apparently what they experienced when a lot of the native Americans were wiped out by plague when the european soldiers arrived when they talk about these great herds of Buffalo like millions of Buffalo. They think that the reason why there were so many buffalo was because, like literally ninety percent of the native Americans were killed by European disease right and so these buffalo for the for the during that time period that happened they just bred. My friend Dan Flores wrote a book on it really really interesting ship, because most people just assume that that's just how it was back, then the Buffalo were everywhere and then the white, and came shot. All the buffalo, but apparently Buffalo were only all over the place because the white man came and gave diseases to the native Americans right, it's fucking, nuts man, so the balance issue. So I don't know if it's a good idea to bring wolves around people that are mushrooms either that too,
If it was me, I'd try pad it. You know, but we're good money. You know I'm reaching out to the far is our friend of mine. She lives in a place in the mountains above boulder and there's Mount lines. In my neighborhood like when I was living up there, mountain lion ate my fucking dog and she she was like. Well, I just set my mention when I go into the forest and I left the forest now I embrace it I'm here for you, she was a yoga instructor yeah. She might. She might be a little crazy, rest in peace apparently still alive, Tottenham Mountains line that great for Siegfried and Roy Right there's already, because the Colorado already has some walls that have been in Colorado, they've, they've, they're, entering in the fringes and from other areas where they're the present. Like my own
coming. You know in Idaho, there's wolves that are neighboring Colorado that will eventually make their way in the Colorado to give it enough time. The re towards the issue with that is like its abrupt and the animals might not know. What's going on in also make a lot of money off of their hunting. The like the the tags and all all the the economy that comes from people that hunt their car was a big hunting state mmhm. So it was the last I heard it was closed. There was the big articles or bring in, and Montana, right, yeah giant ones, they're bringing in from Canada into Montana okay, but the but they're. Just walls like it's weird, it's weird to gray will for it's a gray wolf. You know it's, it's just a wolf it's like, but they are bigger when they live in colder climates, because it's a mammal thing like mammals like deers, if you like, a deer
Texas, South Texas, a deer, a big ears like a hundred plus pounds under fifty pounds, for as we go to Saskatchewan it's cold as those dearly three hundred pounds and a fully grown right and a big males like a three hundred pound deer, which is crazy. There are more than double the size was because of the cold right, but I never thought about that makes sense. I love Texas. This move will part eleven, I'm a new Braunfels, which is right outside of San Antonio nice. I've never been to San Antonio, it's nice. When a center it is a cool city were actually right between Austin and San Antonio. That's great, that's perfect! Well, it is like that river walk area. Suppose we don't that's cool, I mean that's like the the tourist thing. You know it's like it's what they do. It's like going to Hollywood! but like there's, if you, if you want to have a good time. Just let me know when you come in Texas and will go, do some redneck shit? Well, my friend John Dudley was just there with the black rifle coffee guys and they went to some ranch. That's
just outside of San Antonio, that the fuckin' astronauts used to go to. He said his photos of Neil Armstrong with a fucking deer yeah yeah taxes that is uniquely american. It's like when I think I think what other people think of America. They they really think of Texas. Most people I mean I do the most lift their Thank you. America, those a that'll, be Texas, but yeah. If it's, if it's like Hollywood, they'll, say California, you know right. Those are the two little some people like every once in awhile think New York, but I think what people think about what crazy gun toting screaming at football. You know: that's Texas began to one hundred percent. Well, it's a it's a fun place. You know lot of model. S regulations a lot more self self accountability, yeah. Well, they have fuckin' zebras and giraffes and shit everywhere.
And they're loose running around I work with some. It was a was a crude but just became accredited zoo. That works. A lot with confiscated animals like they've, got hundreds of animals that basically some red neck was like I'm going to have a white line can take care of it so, but they take it. These are folks who, got high in this abandoned house and They were in the house in Texas and there one around this house, smoking weed and they walked into a room with a fucking tiger in a cage. Oh my god, the police and they had the police come and get rescue this fuckin' tiger. But this is an abandoned house. Oh shut the house. Yeah, there's just uh. I mean they weren't sure, like you find it here. Oh you got these God Dam pop up ads to get in craft beer and crafter with these popups. Then you don't know if and clicking x, it's going yeah, Texas man. Look at this Texas manage
The home smoke weed finds tiger inside instead asks for yeah. He thought he was elucidating he said it was in a Reiki decades in the home's garage. But it's weird when you treat animals like property, you know when you can just do whatever you want with them. That's how Texas That's a Texas views, exotics, anything, that's not like. If you're. If you have white tailed deer in Texas, they have pretty liberal tag, so you can shoot a good number of them, but you have to get tags. But if you have like a black box which is a african animal or Neil Guy, or something like that, you choose many as you want right yeah. They just do whatever you want. You sell near friends what does it say? It was secured only with a screwdriver and nylon strap in this crisis. I hope this guy got some kind of fucking punishment, the guy who owned the Fucking House, yeah Zadig Movement, yeah, that's a beautiful tiger, yeah, there's something really fuckedup
about seeing tigers locked up. I don't even like the fact that they feed them. I mean I feel, like you just let some loose in there. That's what I was saying: yeah, that's what I was saying, but from more party rolling yeah. Exactly well told was that that was just not pc like it wasn't acceptable? I'm sure. Do you? the footage of when the US soldiers overtook Baghdad. They had they had zoos in Baghdad and what they would do. Is they the lions New was happening, so they would let these goats out. These goats would be wandering around and then they would open. Your lines with sprint because they knew exactly his is feeding time he's go to no idea. They. Let the goats out the goes. What just hanging out being a go and then they would open up this door and us just filmed it. And these lions just make this fucking mad sprint to these goats, just Mallam that's how they ate a
people shouldn't be passed. That's what it is. If you watch a up, you want you, you go see a parrot eaten seeds. Well, that's what it eats you know, maybe you really identify with seeds and you feel, like that's brutal murder, murder of seeds, but that lion wants to do that. That's what makes them a lion that makes him happy, that's what they have to do. You know it's like there's a lot more people getting published publicity, but there's a lot more people showing that side of things. At least I was we were talking about right before we came on there's this instagram page called nature is metal Yes, I love that page in baddasses got taken down for awhile. He had a he got back up, but he is one of the very best pages How can you take it down? That's all he did he did. He had nothing to do with any of those situations. It's not like. He had some kind of ulterior motive and came in and put
These animals in the situation- that's just reality, tv instagrams cracking down hard. Lately, I don't understand it. They take all kinds of stuff down for virtually no reason it's weird. I think all these some nice to complain enough and I'll take it down yeah. They need to get that fixed where it's, instead of like a completely understand, it's a lot right. It's a little lot of people so having a computer regulate that isn't work? No, it's not just a computer regulate that. If someone could target you like say, maybe you could be doing something. Then they just decide your offense of the under the start, but make a targeted campaign to complain about your content. Yeah
Yes, I'm one of those tattoo girls. She got her post removed just having her hands above her crotch like covering her crotch or legs, spread and showing all her tattoos, and they took down her her page. Like she's, but she's covered up makes no sense mean shows that pants on, but you can't see anything alright Fuquay doing this, Americans are in legs, feel kind of shows in Texas need to open a new instagram. What's that I said it's different but nature is metal is though he might have gotten trouble for taking like photographers copy written works in repo, not different, because she's wildlife she's being wildly and that's her natural habitat, yeah she's gone wild with young Jeezy. I was talking about this with a friend of mine. Yes, we did communist reflective enforce laws. That will point if, if, if like you know, you too, some stuff is good, even on Instagram, some stuff, they let go if they don't know at what point are? Are people supposed to understand? What is okay and what is not
okay yeah it's hard, but you also have to think about how many people are on Instagram. Let's just guess I don't know, let's guess how many people you think I'm not either but fuc, let's see think one hundred million, that probably close to a billion may rely hundred million like somewhere. In that range, I would say, Alright, I'm going to go with three hundred million three. One hundred million in one. Please Jimmy you going to billion yeah how many people are on this graph? One billion people use Instagram every month, Jesus Christ, but that's one billion who's, winning the vote for the people that are on that? Don't even use it could be like two include the Russians, one billion Salat Jesus Christ. That's Christ! Well, twitter! Still, let's porn happen, you can still have porn on twitter more. They say it's just because it has eighteen plus like warning or something like that.
Even though my my feed I I'll be scrolling through my feed, like I gotta, make sure my kids are never grab my phone because of the looking through my my phone FLA, the age. They might be another because when you sign your account, you see How old you are. Oh, ok, ok, I make sense it's a lot of those things are protections for people that are under thirteen, and I don't know why. There's that internet rule but like there is some government protection as they need to be watching out for the miners that are online, and that makes sense, but does that is that the case with, like you porn or places like that you just go there. I don't know for come on. You don't know. I don't know where that white. If the kid I kid now, as we know it is a, I don't know that what is on the line Mr Q Porn was the echo. This is part of what it was, how to get there, what browser is browsers. Well, when virtual porn fucking world opens up. That's when things are going to get very squirrelly Duncan said it's too real.
Duncan, had a h, t c vibe and he was watching porn with the the the helmet on which I only want to be a fly on the wall. What should stand will over to this list and they're beating off what seventeen foot tall vagina in front of them would be the next step Those are here so yeah like if they have synced it up those uh. I mean I've done that that place. We talked about the void you ever do a virtual reality place. I haven't it's pretty dope. They have a new one that I just saw in Vegas the the some new one that was looked like, You go in a warehouse, you shooting at things, but you, you put on this helmet and you enter, to this room, and there was two everyone that I went on was a star wars. One and one was a wreck. It Ralph one and it's crazy, you look around in the entire thing is animated, like the above, you below You see the ground, you see storm,
Troopers they shoot at you. You feel the laser Take your chest because you're wearing a vast said, though it vibrates when you get hit, you walk into a room where this fire and you feel the heat it's get. Getting really interesting when you're in that like say this, it was empty. Would you walk around as if it was like an entirely the entire t of the room? Yeah, you could walk, they have it set up. So that they have rooms that you go into where you open doors or doors open for you and you see, The door open like in virtual reality, but a real door, does open, while that fake door that you're scene opens and then you go into it, and then they have all these plastic guns that you pick up your c actually pick up. Done when you're holding it. It looks like a storm trooper weapon. You know a good star wars, weapon, that's cool! It's getting weird! It's going to it's going to be weird, but, but I think what's interesting, is like that kind of stuff is so much less satisfying than to bring it back to like what you do then, like
something that you have to really work for? And it's really difficult and it's uh, visceral real feel like the feeling of accomplishment you get when you do. Something virtual will never be able to compare right with the for the feeling that you do when you do a physical visceral thing when the feeling you're bones that you feel it yeah, I'm I when I was doing world strongest man in Botswana, Africa, I told my biceps and I I just was getting beat up over and over again I'll. Just so wracked. My body wasn't accepting his I'd. I'd want from football to strong man and in football we've never done to laughs. It was all hang clean. The power cleans which, by the way, just quick little to deadlifts if you're, if you're dead, lifting to be about a deadlift, are fine. If you're not doing that for Douglas sake, then don't do the rest. Reward ratio is a joke for left for dead, and a lot of people aren't going to like that. I'm saying that, but if you go,
when did any NFL gym in any division, one college football gym in any athletics where people are actually getting paid and it managed what they're doing they're, not deadlifting, the other hand clean in a power cleaning. Why is that? Is the richest reward ratio like there's it's so hard to be a great dead lifter and to not risk hello back to be using your upper back properly and you know there's so many little chances for you to get hurt. You know hamstring stuff with that was that was me, my first world strongest man. I was the only rookie in the finals, Perot China, how much we is that that was eight hundred and eighty for me and my pink chuck uh, your way, less than that now I'm less and a really yeah wow. Well, they made those weights ridiculous, looking to write. Well, nothing that right. There is something we
overhead press, two so they'll take some of the ways out of it and it's so flimsy when you clean it. It's like basically like holding that earth like that you have out. There really is just like that and it's fucking brutal. So they take weight out of that something. But what is in that round thing? There's well, there's several different attachments to it. So maybe some of 'em way different. I've never been a part of that, but like either that or it unscrews at the end and they take weights out of it and I'm not. If so, you leave the NFL or you leave it playing football, and you did were you in the NFL? No, I had a brief shot at it. Never it never actually got to do it now. I was so what what kind of transition like what is the transition to get into strongman went from that too. The security Guard there in Santa Cruz. This place called the catalyst which is where I work for like six years. It's a really cool bar slash concert venue. So I was like spoiled. I got the really really should yeah? I was sport.
Rob zombie, I geeked out really hard for it. That's dope was fun yeah we're working on getting him here. Dude would be on usually would be yeah. That was really cool. I'm sure he is he's really into horror movies. Man true, then he does the best one yeah. I love his horror movies man there wild I'm a huge fan, huge friend he's like the Quentin Tarantino horror, yeah, it's awesome, but it's such a weird transition. You know you've got going from being a rockstar to a horror, film directed he's just crazy in my head and his brother is actually the lead singer power Man, five thousand, really oh wow, there's a family so I went to security and I was working there and a buddy of mine who I'd play. Junior college ball with was just obsessive, strong men and I I never heard of it. I never watch it like when I was growing up. We report like there was ten of us in a three bedroom house and from high school on, like we don't have electricity so like we didn't watch tv we would play outside. We had a trampoline, you didn't have a leg
Firstly, in high school on the weekends, my dad worked for Caterpillar Cashman equipment so on the weekends he bring home a little generator and he'd plug that in, and we have like three things use, but that was it like. The hot water heater would work for the weekend and then, like maybe the tv on Saturday night or something like that. Tgif ah, but I mean it, wasn't I mean as a kid it's not that big of a deal you know like just go play with you. Those outside right so but I never knew what strong man was because of that. I'm in I had no idea, so he was obsessed with it and he kept trying to get me to do it and then went home and googled. It checked it out. Actually I don't know if it was. Google I'm out at Youtube, did back then who's. Who knows what we had, but you know I was excited and went and tried it out and first day the amateur world record at Log press. Was like three hundred and twenty pounds of the time, and I I had no idea but the first day I hit three hundred and thirty pounds and just put it down.
And I looked over my buddy and I was like you know. How would that look and he's like get the fuck outta here, like he's been trying his whole life to do this just came in and took it and then eight Later I mean six months later, I was competing in England and I have my pro card two months after that I was in China at the photo right there watching this man. I was the only work in the finals, so is it the log things at the the awkwardness of holding onto a log getting it on your hands and yeah it's actually it's a lot healthier for your shoulders. Instead of being how would you call that with your hands right, there So the super pro need is some unaided yeah. We get which one is which we're the worst alike and trainers used. That, though, I don't know what you're talking guys guidance, but do the French so yeah I mean so it's better for you, it's not, but it's much better for your wrists and shoulders makes sense, and and also
that's what my hair goes. Jamie shown us pronated grip, supper, nated grip, so yeah, neutral grip is much better for your wrist and shoulder. Ok, look so handles like this. They say that with bench press as well, like those benches, They have new bars that open bar yeah. Awesome, yeah road, yeah. I use all their share. My house in here I know I'm glad it didn't pay me. It's not free. I buy all of it, then I'm here that I work with them either, but they are the best yeah. It's the best share, so we I went to worlds and then oh yeah. I totally lost the whole game season. One. First of all, you beat the Fucking World record log. Rest world record, amateur amateur, whatever. That's all there is those good and then the pro record right now. The american records been mine for four years, and that was two hundred and eleven kilos, and what is that? Fucking, four hundred and sixty eight
this. You hear me yeah. This is in Australia in front of Arnold Jesus, all Is there it's his competition? This is my competition This is a this. Is a log press right here, yep, that's a skinny! this was a hard log to use but as a buddy of mine had that record and he passed away, and I wanted to be the one to take it from him after he died and that that was this moment, Jesus Christ, outlooks, having you show me, show off a little bit too. I like to do this after I give it up wow. So that's the world record, the all american record, who's, the were record the world record, I like to hold it up there in touch it every time we see a record broken the guy gets it to here, and then he just throws it down right. Well, I don't count it doesn't the world record is true.
One hundred and nineteen kilos. I believe something like that, something something right around there. It might have been two two twenty. How close are you to that? I can. I can break it, yeah well, in January, that share Robert I'm going to London, I'm going to give London a little introduction to Texas? What do you call a Texas pride in Texas power? That's in for sure wow. I'm excited you go and you break the american amateur record right away first attempt out and is that when you felt like fuc, I could do this yeah, I went home and I told my fiance at the time we were living in studio and we just broke, and I was Vala your coaching, Jim, I was for high school, which is my passion, high school football, and then I was working at that club at night. So I don't have a lot of time, but I was like I can make this happen with with my personality, and this is a platform I can do this and everybody kept on. There's no money and strong, there isn't any and they really
wasn't. There wasn't like. There was no money in strongman until I made money in strongman like really brought it in, two, there were several other people, but like what we did was we cultivated a whole new era of strongman was before like even like put ask you was a guy who got a lot of attention because he looked just shredded yeah Jack, but I mean if you, if you he's, got like a cribs episode that they didn't Colin he's got this tiny little house would like little knick, knacks and stuff is so proud of. It's really weird. It's crazy but like like even then he's five time world strongest man, woman, but there's really no money. I thought he had been balling out of control. You would think so 'cause. I know who he is If I know you are, and you do something on tv, you must be written exactly. That's that's the rappers display yeah, exactly I'm flying in first class, and then you catch little bow wow in the back. Whenever one of the weird things that I read about pushing now skis how much candy heats huh, yeah
that he really likes candy in between workouts, because he's blowing out so much sugar, then he would eat chocolate bars. We do a lot of like I do. Peanut butter and honey stuff like during competition, peanut, butter and honey or snickers bars, and now, when you peanut butter and honey with a spoon like what do you usually make the sandwiches, I see guys just point honey in their mouth, like the russian guys. There's a russian guy who was russian secret service for a while and so no yeah. But you look in his eyes. You, like this murder, occurs, done some bad things. But he's the nicest dude in the world he's like this this guy, he comes like he always comes over and talks to me and my family and he doesn't speak good english
but he's really nice about trying to get his point across and everything and but does that that dies down? Probably scary yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of that, because we compete with people from all around the world. You know- and I know we we tend to forget that everywhere else- there's a lot of it's it's normal, almost to be like that in some places right to survive and if you're a Jew, giant dude. It's probably the best way to make a living exactly yeah, so they just squirt honey in their mouth. Yeah they'll just poured like like a whole little canister of honey and just take that you see guys do that right before they go lift and stuff I'm the way. I grew up in the way I did things like, I was always taught and it kind of worked with being broke, but, like a warrior, goes to war hungry, that's can football. I would never you before game ever and then gotten a strong strongman, and I did that for a long time, and I got up to four hundred and forty pounds and I would
do an entire show like five six hours without eating but then during now with smack a little bit, but I would never eat a meal right but the resources it eats up your resources right right and see. For me, it felt like anything in my stomach just made me feel like slow yeah. That's why I'm saying yeah! That's the same with comedy too. I learned that from Katt Williams, watching the interview with them just don't eat before you go on stage and like that makes sense yeah, being hungry right hunters. Do that to the best hunters they hunt hungry yeah, see then, but what happened to me was ilost eighty pounds. I was four hundred and forty, I lost eighty pounds and when I got hurt in Botswana, I lost all that weight and just because of the bicep tear to do that. So I'm I graduated high school. I was three hundred and seventy, so I've always been a big dude, but I got up to four hundred and forty and just walking around with labor's. You know I felt
fucking horrible. How big were you when you did that log press that log press that was like, like four hundred and twenty five ish force? when I run that so, like I gained a little bit more after that, I just No one tells you in the sport, the bigger you are, the strong you are and that kind of holds true to static lifting kind of it's not necessary all the time, but it kind of holds true, but we gotta movement like we're talking about pulling a truck and doing those events and all this stuff when you're, four hundred and forty in your body is not agreeing with that. Four hundred and forty it just hold you back, you want imagine their load on your joints too, particularly lower back yeah, my little buddies yeah. That's what happened. I I got hurt and I felt like I was done because my low back, I I'd, have to take my forty five minutes to get out of bed in the morning really yeah. I was messed up. Man really bad and get an MRI. I never got an mri and didn't I'm scared to
exactly this walking roll fix it uh. When I lost little better and its core strength for me now core strength and stretching, and also I smoke weed like a lot of a lot of athletes are against it and a lot of people think that there's some like negative connotation with being like someone who smokes weed, but I mean I watch guys take vitamin like is skittles. I'm watching I've seen guys throw away their lives, their families are career over a bunch of pills because they didn't want to smoke and it's you know- and we actually officially got world strongest man to take marijuana off of the drug testing. Wait, wait, wait, wait! There's drug testing in world strongest man every year they making sure you're on steroids. With the test you go make sure strong. They passed those kind of bechance here you take it not enough drugs in the sky. So do you know who Robert Frank is the sounds? Familiar he's he's hilarious, Instagram guy,
I can't recall, but it sounds really familiar- he's he's really funny man he's like because he's really fast. Yes, yes, he's got this fucking hilarious rant about someone getting the girl pregnant, taking responsibility and he goes I have to ask you: he goes if you, how to get jacked and tan, my dear you on, I have to question your gift to get your girl pregnant, who kind of swimmers? Do you have that guys got some He gets he's another one. He gets censored off of Instagram all the time they pull his posts and he's got a million followers and they won't give him a fucking blue check. Mark. That's ridiculous, because people understand that's our livelihood, a lot of people that social media is where we feed our fucking family will also he's fucking funny, but he's funny with toxic, Skilling right see right,
his opinions different well, his Jackson, ten, that's it right he's not paying him play it play. This is read, he's funny man buddy this week and yesterday so full. Well, it's a story broke I would like you to videos, give the motivation to get used his foot. He shows up to the poor every weekend, but it's got talking to please, but its medium peanut butter, boss, promised welcome bottom up. She's pregnant now he's blaming me for introduced into the game. First of all, I could call rod talking and if that's, how you roll there's plenty of other techniques, probably get affected the sheets like this
Billy or sticking out back when you get the whole time. I've been told that I was four years old, getting open next football. It's not important factor that kinda stuff around the attendees were protected because you don't know which is going to watch the rocket for what she does stuff on it at another which pet store to get some big booty porn It's funny it's fucking funny shit he can't get a he can't get approved and they've dot gun publicists. To get him. What does it recognize? What is it called verify? Try to get verified, try to get that blue check mark next to his name is silly man, I'm I don't know
that even work. Some of these two big did mine too much muscle yeah. I mean you could do it because not making fun of things, make it fun things talk about getting a car for pretty. You are strong damage, John and It's silly that they do that, though you know it almost I mean if you look historically back every time. They've done that those people have got more power, like all you're doing, is feeding that guy. So in ten years, when you look like the asshole, censored him he's going to be ten times that well, especially now that we're talking about him good yeah. It is good that this exists yeah, it's fucking good. I think so. A lot of people would appreciate it. Well, this is a weird time where you can't you're you're having people dictate you can and can't see, or what isn't is Val, isn't isn't valid, and it's just that. It seems like nonsense to me like we're moving backwards, especially with something like that he's being funny like he's. He makes me laugh with people, jokes, yeah, what the fuck man, even bad jokes man, even bad jokes, by juice, heads this
he talks about being a juicehead, it's hilarious, my first question of comedy I loved growing up. I was a huge fan. Richard Pryor and all that stuff out huge fan of Carlin, big fan of I even like what was his name Jeff Foxworthy. I love Fox, which is great and my first time I ever got to see a show I came in. Move into LA in a buddy of mine, brought me to see you and Uncle Joey, and I was like holy fuck. I couldn't first Joe comes out there You can't even breathe. What does the second is? I got damn he's an animal he's got some shit right now like if you get a chance, while you're in town he's got some new ship that we were falling on the ground crying the other night, oh yeah, I'll, come check him out he's the best ever How much is it crushes known unknowns like funnier imburse, you might get, you know guys who are really good, joke riders, guys who really funny guys are like there.
Valid in terms of our culture, but no one is funnier than Joey device. No, no, the whole room like it was like who are uncomfortable. We couldn't stop laughing, you know so down in bed. Then when you went up it was like, so it was it's a whole in style, but it's like super like all, along with the way that I think about how, like your introspective, a competitive with different things and stuff. In the way you make people like look at something in a different angle. Then you poke fun of the way that you originally thought about it. At least that set was, but it was I mean being in a live audience is so different than watching. A special on tv show yeah it's way better. Well, I met you in the belly room, which is one of the best places to do stand up. Tiny room, yeah yeah. I did a seven on stage once and I did not and yeah the belly room yeah. I went up there and it was story time. Anne Tait, Fletcher Ann,
oh man, I can't remember, who has a bunch of people just kept telling me like just go up there and tell a story. Just go! Tell a story, and I was like alright, No cameras in here right guard can tell a real story or are we talking about, but they got me up there and I did six minutes. Again, they gave me four in IRAN on for six hundred. I didn't know what the lights meant. I was just talking. You know I didn't know, and I told story about being in China and we thought we were going to go to jail in China and stuff, and it was fucking hilarious. What happened in China? that year. You saw me in the picture we got done with world strongest man and we do like us. Celebration. We all go to dinner and all that stuff- and I was I was fucking- excited 'cause. I was the only rookie in the finals. I was super excited, so I'm hammered drunk in China and then little things start to click. You see people all like the communist uniform like that they have they were celebrating. I don't know if it's, old communism Day or whatever, but they celebrate that and like
almost the entire city. We were in Sonya, which is a little island which is like they're kind of vacation island and they were almost everybody was dressed in those uniforms and I'm drunk and like I'm looking around I'm starting to feel uncomfortable we finally we get up to go and we all get on this bus and the guy who runs world strongest man is is a very old man. He's he's gotta be like in his nineties right, but he's he's needs help moving around all that kind of stuff. We get on the bus and were set up in the camera. Crew left all their stuff on the front seat, which is which is the the older guys seat. You know we make sure that he has that seat mail and we can and we're trying to have fun at all. Like the word not fanatical trying to
be assertive but nice to the the camera crew that they have to move back and they were. They didn't, speak English at the moment you know, and they were they were acting like they just didn't, understand, they're, they're, being really rude about it and make best was actually on the tv show with me. He came over and he picked up the camera and he was like you're moving and started walking back with the camera k, and then the guy got up and started yelling at us in English and he's totally knew exactly were saying the whole time who's yelling at us and Freaking out and Nick put the camera down like tored the middle of the bus and then sits back down the guy marches off. The bus comes back on the bus with three cops: three police officers in chinese uniforms and I'm fucking scared. Shitless, like I've, heard horror stories about chinese prison. You know it does not sound like the place to be, and the guy the guy in the cops are getting really worked up about the fact that he touches equipment and that mix of
call them and Eragon American all this stuff, like freaking out and police officer literally. Nobody ever believes this, but it was like in three hundred is almost fuckin' exactly. He goes This is China he's screaming at full of the world's strongest man. He's fucking scared, but listen to thinking. We were going to go to jail. This is China screaming Adam and Nick best, like kind of sits back in the seat and put his head down and realizes, like you know, we better shut the fuck, So we all like kind of tucked our tails in and sat there and then the older guy got on the bus took his seat. Then the camera guy kinda pretended like it didn't happen. When sat back down the police officer, last, but the in the entirety of that that situation like that for him, I I could of swore I was going to prison, would scared yeah. You do not want to get locked up in an asian present now, especially China, No, no, no, not that, especially that spot 'cause like it was
their vacation island, but it's fucking dirty like the stories you hear about kids, shooting in the streets and stuff, it's not everywhere in China, but on that island it was everywhere like the kids, just stop pull open their little shorts and take a shit already told. We saw that in the mall inside or in the mall walking they just stop pull their pants down shift on the ground, and I went watt on the floor. Yeah, that's what they do. Man, it's crazy. Ok, so who comes and cleans up the shed? I don't know, I don't think anybody when it's outside, because there's just everywhere, you see human shed everywhere all over place in the smells like it, and we almost think that was thirty of us, like twenty six of us all got stomach flu or stomach intestinal parasites. I've been everything is got shit on it. If people are just sitting on the street, this probably should everywhere you touch. There were burning tires for their ST lights. It was nasty man. What's up the island, it's gorge.
Two, I'm telling you like the photos. The pictures Sonya Island is gorgeous. They were burning tires for street lights. That's in these mother want to switch to electric cars. Yeah they're over there burning tires in China, well at two thousand and thirteen they walk Man Day is crazy, crazy world have you had traveled for strong man, Dave done Africa. Dubai is one of my favourites, it's creepy, sometimes like just realizing. I don't like not feeling like control of what happens to me, my destiny, so I can when I'm in Texas, I've feel great now like nine. Percent of the people around, you are armed or some shit happens, they got it right girl actually like she rides horses and she managed the gun shop. Select, I'm straight, you know I don't have shit to worry about, but like
when you're in, like the Middle EAST or when you're in China, or anything like that. You just have this feeling inside you like it could fucking go wrong right, but when we go to Dubai, actually do worlds ultimate strongman in Dubai and we're going to do another competition there October 25th, which is the I stayed strong men showed that exists. It's a really big show it's a lot of fun. We go out there and they fuckedup they gave me the keys to Ferrari and I just fucking went crazy. I went through downtown going like one hundred and twenty there's also no cops too Do they have any cops? They might have a few like in certain areas, but it's it's basically they use cameras everywhere. So, if you, few speed or, if anything happens or you you steal or anything like that. It's all on camera, like there's literally cameras everywhere. Well, that's how their bid uses judicial system works. They don't use police, they just say, oh well. Let's look at the camera footage,
lock that mother fucker out forever yep yep and when we were there like it was craziness going on with the royal family and stuff like it was. Pretty soon. I'm going back in October. I don't know if it would probably have a cup yeah, google it it's crazy. When you look at that place like what it was like in nineteen, seventy versus what it is now right, like some of the before and after footages, it's insane there's so much wealth. There yeah I've built the biggest building in the world there are the tallest building in the world is Khalifa. I ship my pants at the top of that building, not literally but like I hate heights, but- and I went up there and like I couldn't walk how many floors it like one hundred and thirty. I don't know Can we get on them? We get in the bottom of the elevator, an Eddie Hall who's who's, also in the in the Show- and it's me Eddie Hall, Nick Best and Brian Shaw. First of all, how to fuck is that elevator going to carry all you assholes right exactly we get it
they close the door to go up in Eddie farts like this mother fucker. No one hundred and thirty something floors smelling. This guys ask you know it was horrible and it is the worst he's English, so he's eating my porridge and drinking tea and fart, and I will put tape, pledges farts up against any man. Who's ever lived, really, oh, my God, the worst back in the day when he was fighting. He. I think he just over consumed protein when he was legendary He would laugh who would laugh and you'd be like? Oh, we gotta run because you know the fog was coming. He would laugh first and then it would come like Jesus. That's the this when they enjoy the fact that you say goddamnit doesn't do it anymore, though it must have cleaned his diet. Up he's never got me either. However, I loved I love going out with tape because, like normally when I go out, especially in la or something I just draw way too many weird eyes well like I just like need to hide in the corner, but with Tate,
like the bash brothers walked in right right right, it's not as big as me, but he totally normalizes Maine right that's so awesome we still going into the comedy store is my favorite. Nice to go, and actually I saw a lot of transition from when you started coming back then I saw I saw the the culture change man you, you did a lot for the apps that place change the entire culture, the background Jennifer is it who is awesome and Well, that's my spot. You know, wasn't there for seven years, yeah yeah- and I was there just before an then just after nice to go in there a lot. I used to hang out a lot, and I I'm telling you just just the way the comedians interact with each other is totally different. When I, first winter, very like well. I've had this and I can do it It was basically like Hollywood at the comedy store you know so like if you're like wait, audition for a commercial and these people are all bit telling each other how cool they are. That's what it felt like they now
now I mean not now I haven't been there for like maybe a year or two, but then after that, it became more like like what we do like we're talking to each other yeah and it's it's like the camaraderie yeah. It's not like I'm better than you know. It's like we can all talk we're on the same level. You know that's very important to me that that that I think that that the probably comes from martial arts, but it's also just my my own philosophy's like I want everybody to do good, I don't want to be the only one doing good. I don't understand that I've never understood that. I want I want like when I much like to go on the road. I try to bring the best people alive, I want everybody to have fun. I want this the audience to have a great show. I want people to kill and I try to help comedians. I really want to support I'm try to get 'em all on my podcast. I try to tell everybody the great try to tell to go, see him and well you see what that cultivates to everybody got better
so I mean jelly, probably exactly the same as always put the same part of wouldn't Joey became a monstrous 'cause. He got all this love and he realized he could just be himself up there like when they stop taking coke and all that stuff yeah that helped, but even code he's fucking amazing. I can't imagine him even tell the same story, five different times and still crack up every fucking time he's an american original there's, not a whole lot of people like that guy, but that place had. It's you know, it's just insecurity when people realize their loved and that there's real camaraderie in the brotherhood and Sisterhood hood and that you really do care about each other. Everybody like that place, is all hugs man, everybody's hugging, and it wasn't that way. I know I know every time I give you a compliment. I see you kind of like wince a little bit. You said when people do like like like yourself or I'm the same way, like whenever I do something well, and someone tells me
right now. I mean I should have done this this way or less. I'm always that I should one out myself: guy yeah, but you really chains, culture them and, and you've made a lot of people better the same of the broadcast. They got Flynn is also his brother. Thank you. Well, I'm I feel very lucky. You know I'm a I'm a very fortunate person, so I like to spread it from from where you started to weigh on now the hustle man that's inspiring. I always feel like. I need to do more and I need to extend myself in different areas and stuff. I look at like so many people out there. Now we actually have access to and you can see like a jock, like yeah, stood up at four hundred and thirty in the morning, and I'm like complaining the fact that I only got six hours with this guy and I like You really learn your level of hustlin the versus, where you put yourself in your head, you're like yeah. And killing and I'm working so hard, there's, nothing more. I could be doing and then this mother fuckers up four hours before you killing it. Well, those guys they,
fuel, you know guys like goggins him Jocko let's go to Cameron Hanes. Those guys are fuel like if you ever start thinking, maybe as slack off, we will take a day off. That's you look at Jocko hairy gorilla arm with at four hundred and thirty on his ironman watch. It just says: attack right showed someone that today this this lady at the clinic that I go to she was talking about her boyfriends into chocolate, goes, should go to his fucking Instagram page Every morning at you see, you see that four hundred and thirty watch this like fuc Go ahead and get going, and what am I doing now? Yeah, it's just, but it really is fuel, like you feel, charged up When I listen to like Goggans talk, so a mother fockers want to stay in bed that that she, gotta get up and go to attack stay hard and, like I'm, gonna stay hard David running so yeah yeah, I love it.
And I love it. It's nice man. It's cool that we actually have now that I'm in this didn't exist before me. Think about before the end of the internet and podcasts and social media stuff, like those hot, you will find that inspiration right, hard to find and sometimes you'd, think you'd have an inspiring person in your life for real out. In reality, it was just some bag was like just because some It doesn't look like that right when you step back as an adult you, like, ok, yeah, there's a lot of faking it lot of fake, like they work hard right now. Actually somebody was trying to tell me the story. I've heard you talk about it on how about that guy, who pretended to be a I'm mma but were whatever and in the bring his girlfriend yeah. Well now he murdered his girlfriend's husband yeah, someone who pretended to be a black belt and any rolled with them and uh. You know like when you roll was someone there's no faking it like with karate you can kind of fake it like there's guys that, like art athletic and they can throw some kicks just like learning
streets just hanging out with their friends. He not to throw some kisses people that know how to throw a wheel, kick that I've never taken a martial arts class in their life, and if you see him, throw it's like wow, guys, legit you don't know as actually fight. So the problem with that is in space. Barring a lot of karate sparring, you're kind of polite and I'm not trying to hurt each other, he just select and you could kind of fake it a little bit. You could throw some shit in the air and fake it and touch each other. But in Ju Jitsu you have to roll it's it's, but you know the guys grabbing your arm used armed dragon used. Taking your back. You got to defend correctly, and Eddie was like man. I don't know what the fuck is going on, but that dude is not a black belt and I'm like really. I go like like. What do you think he's like he's her? He has nothing. He said he was a CIA
before I did this deep, deep, deep, deep, deep into conspiracies back, then it was like he was barely was like in the ufos and shared it was barely into conspiracies way off the deep end. You got me in the ufos. Well, maybe It is true. I am I'm scheduled to have a phone call today this afternoon with George Knapp. He wants to brief me on all this. George Knapp is the guy that broke. The Bob. Is our story in the nineteen nineties, your and you know he shares my opinion- he's like most of this is bulshit. Most of these people are liars. Mostly people are crazy. But there's some real shit out there to like a lot of these air force, pilots that they have eyes on this fucking thing it's going. Six hundred miles away in a second like dropping down from sixty thousand feet to ten feet like in a second
yeah and then, like I don't know, we don't know what the fuck this is. We have no idea how these things are doing this and that's not some hillbilly like just no talking about Sask, exactly know. Yeah. It's air force, pilots, people who are trained to fly jets and have gun fight. In the fucking sky right. These are exceptional human beings when they things like that you gotta go. They know what the fuck they're, seeing that's so crazy. Now, who knows the thing is like every day go out there and look in the sky- you don't see shit, you know, there's nothing out there because you're not seeing it, but if you go to a fucking late you're never going to see a shark. You know Sandra gets, doesn't mean. Sharks are real, it's like, looked at in the wrong spot or you won't. You aren't there when they show up but their real. So we have enough accumulated aided no the dollar, our sharks, that there are real, but the not lakes there the ocean, here's where they are designed to find them go to South Africa or look there's a short skirts.
Yet another month, oh yeah or I'm Fuckin Catalina of Catalan I'd tell you. I've worked at a boy scout Cameron, Carolina teach, you know snorkeling, and I was like the whole time our shit and myself, the nicest water in the world, both so warm and salty its yeah. You just flow. We did fear fact out their couple times really we do a couple: the stance of the waters down to its core spot. We stand on the other side, like the there's, the hotels on the one side and everything we were on the other side campsite I was also asked. I was thirteen and I got so roasted. My entire body became one blister, has no sons, green men, men out there all day, long Simonov? We know you are foes real, but it's it's certainly believable enough, but it's not like the the skies empty filled with stars
Do you think, not after speaker them do you think we ve had conduct it's hard to tell you how mistaken, in Lyon, on opinion after the listeners now for anybody else, just you when you're home and your children do you think I don't know. I really answered Don I couldn't say yes or no more inclined now to think too soon and going on then I was before met Lazard and watch the documentary because I was on it not that I was saying that aliens are not real. I think there I think, there's a hundred percent live out their officials who say that to boot right. It doesn't make any sense at the river is the quest the weather nodded ever has gotten here before the weird question and is also the problem is that you feel foolish talking about it, because so many people who believe in it are foolish, and so many people who tell stories there's two stories are foolish. Zizi foolish cannot go along with that right, but I'm very careful about stuff like that, because my just isn't it makes you feel. Foolish doesn't means true
in all it does is deleted, isn't true yeah. So I definitely think did this very high likelihood that there's life out there and its entirely possible that sometimes gotten here before but as to whether not something really has made contact with people, I don't know include. If I would, like where's my scale, it's like probably sixty five percent believe thirty five percent going especially yeah deep, but what he could he could have experience something that was an experimental aircraft that they didn't want to. Tell him right. You never know I mean I just don't know what the Tec Look, I'm a moron, I don't in physics at all, have no knowledge of propulsion systems or mathematics, and I dont know what the top of the field in propulsion experts are capable of. Today, I don't know There might be some shit that their work and on that they ve never really perfected, so they ve never.
Actually implemented in the battlefield or something like that, but they have some sort of a drone that looks like it would be filled with three foot tall people like these aliens are they described. I don't know, I'm not gonna feel if you think it's alien, its work and new. Exactly I mean who knows what that was mean that their taken as guy who was a physicist from LOS Alamos Labs, went to Caltech they they sent him to these classes at MIT to learn Fuckin nuclear shit and they try to see if we can figure out how to back engineer something they try to set. That doesn't mean it comes from another world. It could have been. A russian thing could have been something that the Germans figured out. Oh, I don't but are more inclined to believe him, the not believe him he didn't seem like useful of exact and looking at him. He also didn't seem like you wanted to be here. You did. He was just like
I'm done with this? He was yet migraines. Talkin bout, a fatal even got out hears like I just can't I'm gonna migraine and, like you know, Jeremy was trying to talk amended. Do an ant like we're gonna be fine. George Bob's is important, really good to do this, and when are we able to really the story out by think more more people told me that they got more the conversation, because it's just him talking not no spooky, music, no edits and you get to see like he's honest about what he knows and doesn't know and when he would sail it. What do you think about this is like? Maybe I don't know reigned is wasn't a bullshit. Seem rehearsed. Rattler should not know what he was saying. If, if he did, We believe that were at least himself what he was saying. I be fuckin amazed, his story has not deviated in thirty plus years, which you can't I've tried it Have me tell a story of something that actually really did happen from thirty years ago, and I probably told it a bunch of different I'm home where we started
The pact is examined it harder and especially when you buy memory very data day, Sundays, its awesome and Sundays dog shit. It's crazy! Other words. We move out a few concussion, oh yeah, sure yeah, I've, horrible memory, but from profiles are probably the worse than ever. Concussions, because you're getting them even from body, hits on duties biggest you are clashing and knew each other. You fuckin brains, get rattle around in there. You out of your head, doesn't get hit by biplane rough like Lloyd, anything, I'm sure. Well, that's a strength of yours. Guys, big, as you mean I would imagine you would impose. The exact paid for college vouch for what was the nature. His that's cool. Your history channel is awesome. That's actually the only thing I never liked about reluctant school, my science math and really click, but history. It was all specialists.
He was a damn carl and, of course, the best. Hard core. Here you know how much you want to do more by say always hard. I now by research. That's what you ve I'm embarrassed to call what I do a podcasting Harrison. What he does he does is like a lecture with George he musical his vast. That's. What it's way more in depth is his hard core history on World war, two and World WAR one and the one on the Mongols. The great fucking, shit. I've ever heard the Mongol want to listen to like four or five times the wrath of the Khans. He's so entertaining to it's like. If history was that entertaining we have a fucking world full of history, scholars
get rich right. My has enabled recharging much more in their worth more than the I've learned more from that than I did from college DNA. Retain it causes entertaining he's a man. I any great guy to really love that guy and historians interesting Tuzla time rating you know and art- and I know you did- that volleys their free and then when you go deep into the art really love that guy and historians, interesting two's, old time, radio, our and a half long it takes a months and months do and he's really just trying to make for for production costs is not trying to get rich right where he would return you much more in their worth more than the absolute and more from that than I did from college, yeah I retain it, causes entertaining he's the man, I any great guy to really love that guy and that his story is interesting to his old time. Radio guy, you know who did radio and then was always a history buff. Even says he's, not a historians very self deprecating, but damn you private, most important. Storing of our time exactly as Africa
Like me, I've learned more about history from that guy than probably from anybody sermon, probably to others momentarily technically, as is torn, I think, is we should at least given I mean he's, got them yeah. I don't know what you have to be to be it and on a sky Thomas, like em, this guy Thomas Tom. He was a fucking.
Dan Carlin. You are a historic event: man, a pact given plaque again, because the paper of some bullshit Gruber dude, that's one of my favorite things about the tv show, is being able to like dive into the history of the stuff. Like we did US episode in England, we were in London for most of it and on the sky, Thomas Tom, he was a fuckin psychopath purse, like just a crazy person like here. He owned a pub and his way of getting people in was doing these crazy freed the strength and he would he would go out there and one of the biggest feed a strength which we we challenged ourselves to do, and we actually attempted a world record. I can't say if we broke it or not, but we took these jobs
barrels of whisky out in front of this public downtown London and we're picking them up on like a yoke. You naughty yoke is like a yoke walk. Yes, yes, like that's across borders across your man, and you pick up. Basically, we went through the world record. We were attempting was I'm just a fuck around with this cop. He picked one of those up with them inside carried down the street and thrown into an and back in the day, London police officers had these little hearts. They would nineteen sixty eight nine eleven, the drachma ended in every word. Awesome. That's great! We get to tell his story and talk about like that. My favorite up my favorite thing we did for the whole season was probably his episode. There's an old tell that he got drunk one night and back in the day. London police officers had these little they would stand in so they could be out of the weather they on the side of the road. Almost
like a house what a load of smaller and they'd stand in there and end they basically keep watch on the street means, will reign get on him. There was a story that he got drunk with his buddies and just to fuck around with this cop. He picked one of those up with them inside carried down the street through into an open grave. The graveyard summary did that it was also men were running down these back cobblestone streets with this like we didn't use the real police officer, obviously, but would like with the who, set up on, some of us, try to do it on their backs and we must try to do otherwise. You know, like We're running down, and all these people are cheeriness. Honours were like celebrating this guideline. Basically like drag Carter, a graveyard is hello. Now, when you do something like that, say a stunt like that, how much of a consideration is like when you look at it, you got ok, I think I can do this before com. I get hurt doing almost everything everything's like that,
Where would we with the data was last night for the devil's Eviler evil life with a premiere where arm like it was a monster? Evil Knievel eyes, the guy was gonna jump, a world record jump, but he actually broke his ankles doing the testing for it. So this This woman came out and she she broke a world record driving through. They have these platforms set up with like boards on fire and she did thirteen board that were all on fire drill face, first, whom she was a fucking, salad, She was the bad ass. I am so sorry I can't remember her new are now but she came over and spoke to me in, like I'm from Santa Cruz. Like you hear the way I'm talking right now. This is how I talk like I'm, not like super official or anything like that She came over and our legs already anything insolent, Bro pilot. I, like story Palmer, faces a motherfucker. I like this girl's fuckin. Sadly I love this so awesome fire Jamie. What's genetic goal,
Vicky Golden she looks like girls, and even the giant very pretty normal, like Nancy's partner, face reports, Jesus rushed ever saw my guide little man. So that's that's the boards. The forego had oh Jesus God so she's accelerating through these flaming boards, fuckin thirteen of em and that's the kid that broke his ankle. Actual Hodges, hee hee hee got hurt like just like four days before the live show but evil Knievel man they put him back together again back when they didn't. You know how to put back people back together is glue and shit. Screws, rubber band crazy made his have accuracy like the x rays of evil can evils body I saw from the show I saw a little bit of it or that the video of him like flock
as you say, is ankle, go one way and as I am by the other budget, increase me out man down an he just didn't. I wonder if he was one of your takes up before you go cover the job it everyone was on called back. The laser makes I don't. What year was that on target should have anything was before ninety five o clock. Answer I mean that there be the thing you're, fucking giant, Bob Freeware right like some some meth type substance.
In writing I was talking about, is basically the same way. They look at a stunt is the way we look at a lift. It's like this. This could possibly cripple me. This could finish my career all that stuff we are doing when he jumped the Caesars fountains and nineteen sixty seven. He crushed pelvis and femur fractious to his hip rest and both ankle concussion. They kept him in the hospital and rumours that he was in a coma for twenty nine days from our entire jump came back. Then, it was six months right like them. They talked about this. I can remember how long it was, but he was right back out on a ceiling in fine picture was x ray. I did it sat at their super. Also us is that clear outline what it was. I look- and I was just kidding you probably wrong- doing- the drugs just make a joke asset he's doing. I drank in turn a great time, not fuck it everybody else.
It was for that. For that specific left that we did, I didn't really that's him. A seizure, Jesus Christ, the cuff Fucking vices son, It's like to clearly been there. I met a son, a medicine on the set of fearful, yes unmade it there with the firm in that I, as Robbie fucking crazy, adoption, Jesus Christ, here Let us have crease me out by which this weird, that that was a thing like when we were kids. Evil Knievel was like the dare devil. Guy you know what you think: you're evil Knievel the toys, and I had that wine that back em but would shoot him forward. So you have to look at a loss similar to the way they would look at a stunt like its it. There's a high possibility right and an in everything from where you step those
helstone streets, that was the sky is the thing itself was. I think it was like, like four hundred some, Some like that, it wasn't like crazy, haven't used around four hundred pounds. So for us, that's not that big, deal unless you put your foot wrong, hundred pounds. Then all of a sudden there goes your ankle. There goes. You me there goes your colleagues and the other thing is once once the whistle blowers and it's on a more racing or your your plane in sport and unlike the fights tides are like the guy, starts when the whistle blowers all that shit's gone like rough, the fears gone hesitating gone, I'm gonna, fuck and when, in all its mere so That's when we really have to worry about that so, like beforehand or walk the course and dislike. Look like ok, I wanna. I want a hug this court, even if it's gonna take me a little bit longer. Ugh all will be loose on this corner because it's a little bit of a dip in our stuff like that. But
I mean it doesn't always turn our work. First, world strongest man, Franco Colombo, just destroyed his knee carrying a fridge data which actually changed a lot of the structure of contracts that we sign. Franco Colombo was in the world's the first world's strongest man, I believe, Franco, Colombo yea, it was. There was Lou forward now, Franco, Colombo and act Franco was this: the shorter goes down long right as the guy who used to blow up hot water bottles, were his lungs and make him explode right. Yeah, which is correct, I can say in about a lung bower yeah, that's like launch, I would be prepared to let the kind of stuff I really like. I can't wait to like I'm done with this what I can actually do stuff that'll make me feel good. Steadily waken up broken every day we like, I can be a little butter yoga elect a hike that kind of stuff. You look forward to a normal life, this exact. What what injuries of you had a month of the first
The amateur sure I was doing. I actually, I competed Brine Shaw, who is on the tv show with us here what I'm more strongest man when Colorado he was, hosting an amateur show in Colorado and I was in Santa Cruz training. Sea level went up to us Denver, competed the shell and had a heart attack. It was so so hard, but there was the dead left is whose, like Maybe- to two months after I started that lifting maybe three months so I'd never really dead lifted, we're dead, lifting a car. The backing of a car and they made heavyset was probably for amateur have you is about like a hundred eight hundred and forty pounds, suddenly LE, so I'm winning the show and and I'm doing in front Aforetime world's longest man winner, who already have my sites on him like I was coming from like I'd. That's the starting out, like ok, disguise the best disguise the best, I'm common felucca. So I wanted
I wanted to show out so go out, and I I pull the car up. Do the first rap and like especially, took ninety percent of everything I had for for that first, but like a meat head on applause. I got one, you know with its four wraps saga pull the second one about halfway at my my lower back pops- and I just let go my boss, legs went stiff and then they went numb completely far forward Brien's arms actually, as he's judging me and my life legs were numb Maybe two months stray and then often on for like two years so bad for that for the first two months I actually ended up and said finished. I show ended up in second place, qualified for nationals, which was my goal, so I could get my brokered. I went home training for nationals, would numb legs and had to sleep in my pickup truck cause. I wouldn't I couldn't lay down and we had we the studio the time no chairs, which has had a bed, and so I would
sleep in my pickup truck, get up, drugged, Jim, go train and looking back like yeah, now stupid and was really stupid, but that's Once I failed at football my eyes, I failed once ones I kind of pain in myself. This corner house like I'm, not a loose and you never gotten Emma Didn'T- have insurance, funds? Even now you don't want to get a look see. Kindly do I mean it feels good. Now I mean I should take a p Maybe I'm gonna go to mercury check out this, countless last what songs Manhattan decent part of my colleagues and some Mama gotcha. But having been really careful, well, how I rehab stuff like that, but you're right. Yes, I should check out my eyes crazy, though, that your legs were numbered. Who years you often on demonstrate none for about two months straight, not like someone constabulary like like asleep at that
and it was cyanic is I have my side. It is about the shore and was told, and so a figure that other than after that I I was in Africa and I ripped my bicep off the tenant um. I I've been getting beaten up a lot at that point. And, like my first year watchdogs man, it was so easy for me to get the finals a kind of just like now, fuckin its is whatever at half the word for this. I am astonished man without having workfare then got an Africa after being beaten up alive. I'm kind of getting my head pushed down in the sand for two years in a row and rip that off and I'll just like up. I'm done like I am, I like I just I thought I was done- remember walking out by the river and sit man just feeling like broken dislike. I didn't know what I was gonna do of myself or anything like that. Now walked back to the tent and the the referees word tell me, like you know, get your stuff too. Don't let it wants
I want you, get hurt, left to fly home right away, that little. Let you stay and watch the finishing line. Should they never leave guy? I think it's liability thing now. Basically, but you gotta get ready, but though, that the judge for the show was like hey we're doing. What's called Hercules Hold and in Europe, you gonna do it and the Hercules hold means you which reach out. Will both arms like this and you like a handle like basically like In the German, you know the row handled like that attached to a tower, that's falling all that as long as you possibly can in my mind, I was like us last time. I've ever gonna be here, so I might as well leave some fuckin blood on the bar for water Emma Sword, bicep off the bone of ten attended, so I went over there like fucking leg with Please leave a mark. You know like I had to do something to be taken up for anything that would take up last night I mean like
fully extended your arm. It's basically just taken, wait pulling you and it's not direct like curling Harding, but it's yanking attendant further and end up in your bicep, and I felt that creeping up into my shoulder as I was doin it and I had a great actually lose the best of it had craved, rusty and I'd member this close, my eyes and being gone, and just if, when I left, no, it was almost like being baptized. Man like I felt like all the while the stress everything I'd felt like build up once I got her, I just dump it all it took me it took me. I was two more years. Finally, far back, I thought I was done and then last year I made it back into the finals out now top ten strong man in the world, so is. It was because a surgery and rehab surgery, and then everything
was so beat up once I once I finally stepped back hours like alike, there's no reason. I should have to take an hour or two to be able to walk in the morning. Yeah like us. No reason why my back should hurt from walking from the run toward a car I guess so rack, and so I just started working on different things, trying to care, my self, I got back to worlds that next year, back and I just didn't do well, I guess I haven't been able to do anything and then came back the following year, which was just this last year and now the debates we written off- was it was. I was told us my last time I was getting embedded because at this point, like you're done, in only can yet it's time for you to find something else, and I came home. I the show my life I've been working so hard.
But you never know how strong law until you line up, you never know like what can athletes are until you detested threat, so I got a line up and my got done. I just crushed when I'm when I finish a lot about the stone- and I knew I was in the finals like dude. I did a motion just think about it right now. I could just felt like somebody just washed all that way I Ripley my shirt off I'm a fucking showman, my strong and pretty shared underneath and I'll rip. My strong man shirt and showed my strong pretty certain others roaring. In Malaysia and, like everybody, does Canada, thus with Canada rose. You do to try to re, have your body to try to get your body back into condition, tongue, tons of more work, tons of stretching like basically just digging scar tissue, is huge huge, like a lot of people use like a thoroughgoing and stuff like that. I want the cheaper. I took a blackened
occur. Skills are an eye by I've, got the stuff attachments. Put it altogether. Cost me like sixty five bucks, but, like like that I'd kind of figured it all out as I was coming, and I just had there's people out there that were telling you stuff, but it Wasn'T- is easily accessible. When I was when I first, going now, like literally now we have a website called starting strongman. So like people who wanted rain and figure out like what's a safe way to start out or I give up, and train like this. What I dont want, I don't wanna, buy all the equipment or, if I just I do want to be the strongest man worlder. If I just want to know what what kind of table olives to use to two like keep your back healthy to help you use your upper back instead of your lower back. When your point that kind of stuff I mean it's all, then we literally let that did not exist. You just have to like listen the leg, the sack on the cock and the gem tone and what did you know right
that's what it was for me like. It was a bunch of auditors- and I remember one as for policies and all that kind of shit, I'm old school, listen man or woman, Eleazer pussy. You ever see a lion warm up before chases Gazelle effort that nonsense for its reading. Laird Hamilton was talking that crazy. It's crazy! It's crazy! I'm not a line, and I don't want to know if you have to it's there, but if you wanna take care, you body its death, better to warm up this. If you watch like a guy like many packing train like D into, watched him work out once with a pretty Roche and he were he warms up for a long time, it's like fifty in twenty minutes of warming up, they said about alley. That Ali would warm for one hour. So an or of his work. Was him just warm up his body just move in
move along and getting Strachan and role in his arms and legs Rowan his hips and then once that blood flow, and and he starts shuffling ready sets hit in the bag, Nay started in the paths. That's more, though, I get the more. I realise how important that is. An my component is the teach the next generation, how to warm up. Even this rolling your hips. Only doing that in the last year and a half that's crazy, crazy. It's crazy over put all that strain on my hopes and low back my I'm telling you forever Even wrote, move my hopes in a circle by fear dollar back. Do you Reuse, reverse hyper. I do the reverse hyper I like to do a lot of stuff like stuff. I avoid deadlock as much possible, but I may I still computer can rise in what I didn't was what a lot of guys do as they use a suit. I didn't know
like everyone was using devilish suits and it was actually protecting their low back. That's a lot of what is Daedalus, who does this transfer it to your upper back, which is like two worlds this year and it was the first time I didn't zero. The dead lift, the world's strongest man, I pulled it up and it was. There was fucking easy and was always. In my group's and I was cruising zero. The deadly like didn't, get it like a no rep like eyes. The first time I actually pull the Dublin Rep outwards lungs man. Every year I've been fighting to get the finals and doing my best with one arm tied behind my back as when this event comes. I guess there are points, but I finally figured that out as well I was. I was still thinking that I was close to retiring, even ass, feeling better, but then I am. I why's that I'm so much stronger now and I don't have all the pain so like I'm almost like a peak age for strength to so I'm gonna give it a compromise. I gets a p gauge for they say, but the first of these four one I've been told they satellite between thirty four and thirty six
for strong men, this what I've always been told. But honestly, I think that the the longer we study the staff, the more realizing this like. If you try, your body right, you can keep getting stronger as long as you don't break things. Many that's the big issue, right people, I break things and they have to work around those things may break. Something else and compensating cause one. These fucked up and, in the other new blows out, causes compensating for the bad name. Actually, I was always tell people like, I know, a lot of people that have had a seal surgeries and try or a seal injuries and try to not have surgery the trial. Just re habit, my god dammit just did get the fucking surgery. You yeah you gonna, be for six months, but at least you have a fixed me right here- you you'll be re. Elected in years can happen whether you like it or not, in this way that year,
happens and while it's happening, you know you realize. Ok, I gotta get to keep my fuckin leg strong. I gotta keep, although Stabilizer Moscow strong Ray and then everything else, those hamstring hamstring strength is big. Huge, am but strength. Eleven. I don't like to do like but exercises its huge man Savior Low back to feel better and also stretching out of the front end. Are you and your abdominal stretching list after that company, you spoke about it so right say actually just they hit me have the other day and they like we are. We really want to send you only like fuck you haven't here. Do I want now? No additional movements. Are we gonna give you right how nice don't give us a box of em are given to people like fuckin believe not expensive. That's real simple super easy to use. I put
down the ground and lie on it. I just like gets in there and dig in its not just for the soul, ass muscle through your whole back right. I use it on everything. I use it on my shoulders on my legs. Short video with this guy was doing the outside of the leg with a fuckin brutal, but you know what my fair it is, TIM Damn thing that thing: we're there see that that jackhammer mother fucker that's like upgraded derga, it's like the even more power mule ones that things amazing and they don't dies. We do not have the guy's a word. Eustace was again there so good that a lot of that kind of recovery stuff is so important. Does it think that just work out and not take that time and recover right I was that either whether you new letter, I mean I when, when I needed when this ripped, we this there was the fourth have. Finally, like my my tin and exploded, a dinner rip actually unexploded. So there were still do that when you do an Hercules thing, none about that was after that was, after so
when that happened it wasn't it didn't fully separate so, but when when I went home and I was training down the road. This is like a little while later it. So you didn't get surgery immediately. We couldn't you can't why, because offers its muscle or, if it's not completely separated UK surgery, but this? Basically, what I'm saying is: exactly what you saw him just a different time I'd this exploded after the attendant when I was doing a world record attempt financial planning, and on that I I was like news tore runaway, but we had the pilot for the tv show we're supposed to foment Nova, Scotia Canada. The next day. And I knew what an opportunity it was so I said fuck it. I went, took showing up on a plane full in Canada. And in Canada, with with a completely torn knowing that I needed surgery and hurting likes, but the worst pain. Ever we had a flip, a boat, Select those little rowboats with flippant like attire. Then we
carried three hundred pounds: water jugs up a hill. We did like all the stuff with that. Read it in time. It is, like someone was stab me with a proud, but down, that was made have, but one word They were doing more permanent damage. Now on the no one wants to buy. Some goes down. Thing where she can really do is shove it up higher? So they have to fly you deeper when they poured down and ways hard thinking to some Fuckin inquisition type, torture device wrote, but I had it great surgeon. I was, I was taking care of man and it was it wasn't too bad, Alonzo Rehab, two men, three weeks in a cast
and then like he gave me this like unarmed braced that would like I'd adjusted every week or so to work more and more straight, and then that was maybe three months before I could use it, and at that point it's not like I could go, do what I was doing that that point. You start over my nose, almost like tiny hours blows, prepares the half, leaving your arm sign regular purse fuck it, but how it is that a market around like with what my dismay other would like it works and legs almighty company. Well, you know, boss, ruined no area of Madame a few times lies as what he calls baby arm is one armlets small because of atrophy because a pinch nerves right. This is real. It's really gonna fucked up their sight. To this day, he I'll take. You can hold up a jug milk should like he couldn't. I called a jug Americans, Army
stand his arm. That's a guy that, for some reason, didn't get alot of love that he so deserves pioneer savage and one of them all, sir. One of their original technical strikers taken on dues way bigger than her and so handsome hoist graces amazing in savage, but he was doing the exact same thing: oh yeah, yeah He was just years later, but if I had to fight boss ruin, it would have been ugly, but the thing as I can, the early days boss didn't understand submissions either. So why would a propaganda? Who was a guilty one who rise? He had some, it's crazy sport and the people that have been able to like paved the way like a guy like boss, rude and there were such ass. If some he's such a savage, he would just shoot cortisone in everything The joints are all fucked up: religious state, cortisone shots shooting in everything light occasion, shoot lighting intuitions, like so fuck em
ass people, not here anymore. Like. It is a generic. We are amazing stories, though we went to Jim, we did. I did motto. Moss wrestling is like an old russian style, arresting where you have. I got a stick and you each hold the ends of the stick and try and take it from each other and we actually I'd. I did it twice to tournaments and I was the undefeated american champion for her for a year and a half after doing it twice but we went to his Jim to do the qualifiers to go to the World Championship and in Dubai, and he came out there. Was judging and stuff, and I remember like I basically I was bigger than most people and I'm like upper body heavy. So I just lean back and take it. At the end of it. He walked over any.
Forces strong with you said, love yeah he's got a great personality. He is a great commentator to screw that it's fun, makeshift fun, similar could and what's with the average lifespan. In terms of like how much time you can compete at the high level for strong- seems like your everything is so fucking heavy its everything's gonna almost blow out how many Here's can a guy expect to compete at the highest level, the pendulum, a guide, dependent, we're getting better hold, none of that kind of stuff, and if you make it too the top you're vigorously at the top level. The average. The average is low. It's probably like a year two years, but if you just took last five years and kind of cut that out into drawn likes like study that, with that five, you
I'd say guys now are gonna average more like like three to five years: five, maybe six! If you, if you don't good, but then you have these guys like like buying shawls, been doin it since before even know what it was branches for time or Saunders Men Colorado, he takes his rehab seriously he's like tat. He doesn't care about how much it costs are. What what it takes like. It's to him he's an athlete. First, like he's, got these really amazing, my cold pause and hot pools so each other at his house and all the different type of equipment that he would need to rehab unease. He's Maggie, showing its body work done to three times a week. Can we were on the road like, like When we were on the road from me that that's there was, it was an education cause. I was with neck best whose whose fifty five and he's still doing this real fifty five he's just a savage man he's power lifter in and he's
at the point where he needs help to get down to the ground. To pick something up. Where he's trying to figure as the phone and in his definitely gonna pay for for the years of savagery Fisher, but we got we him and we have any hall any holes, one was launched in two thousand seventeen and he's the strongest person ever dead left in the world. He put five kilos from the ground, which is eleven hundred and four pounds. I believe five hundred kilos dad left just Stress up with it like it was nothing looked around the crowd, major sure they understood he had it like. It was easy and then put it back down the a lot of people's opinion that makes them the strongest man ever live their lives to a lot of people is king we have branshaw four times what stars man and he's things like mad scientist with the stuff like if you gotta talk to Branshaw, about, like the trajectory of sandbag or or how you gonna put your hand placement away. You want to do this that, like anything,
to do at the science of lifting he can dissected like basically bill. Now the science for hours com is added. Either because he gets crazy, reminds real Debo from fright, makes me look small Brian rise gummy by like two inches and like forty pounds while and when he its tired and hungry. He starts to get that flax. You know like Debo calmed down like I'm traveling the world with these guys and I'm I'm basically picking my little pieces out of what they ve done, what they ve done cause I'm I'm very young in the sky. I haven't been doing it for a long time of I'm still I mean I'm giving the point now. I feel comfortable calling myself like not a rookie. I wouldn't say that I am right about that, but I've I've got to learn like what Brian does for his rehab, how many times he gets massage therapy and what the differences between ass therapy in a massage or or someone who's, a pity and someone
actually, it is foolish in like tissue or sports sports therapy that kind of stuff. You learn all that stuff. I never took them I'm or spent the money honestly I just I never have Never in a situation where I could spend that money and take care of myself the way this kind of seem like a luxury in its not for them its maintenance. It's like getting the oil changing a car do roll out with a look cross border. Yet. These, like one of those, are wide balls, sorrow, halls sob. I suppose it's big an it's. It's not hard like a baseball, so I mean for a lot of people. That's too much, but for me it's perfect and I actually allowed. I trying it alot of people to do him on the front of the hips to cause it's. It's nice, like pressure, moons Duff really good or like the stone but love the board that we let the cast on spare you just RO your stomach overlap and just relax and let it sit there and kindly just pushes everything back and moves it around us all alike. Don't allow us,
no I'll give you that would kettlebells as well. I down on online and broad over your back as its and unforgiving pulls alum tissue apart the exact where now, what about food like what we're gonna die? It are you guys on we all, basically the exact same thing, yelped, a ton of me and rice. We do a lot of peppers and suffered no one's weaken monument. Isn't that isn't that one guy that Patrick with the foxes name there's a vague and strong men? I've heard of idle members name, but it's not like it's never been the world's strongest man, brothers, the document they do with James Cameron, whether trying to promote an as being James cameras on this being kick. His wife has a school. They feed, the kids are vague and food in Arnold departed, two year that guy and others this is not one of the strong man in the world he's is strong and in his strong and I've noticed
spectrum, say anything bad about him. Just put it back up again. Jim he's just die from I recall, is never even been invited towards enlargement. So it's bullshit yeah I mean you can say a lot of things like this guy sake said he broke a record in, unlike some power, lifting competition that wasn't a guy's backyard raw and they call that a world record levels now he's a world record strength athlete because his body in the backyard said so that happens, I don't know specifically about him. I've, no, no clue where he's gettin his his credentials on one meal a day. So this ridiculous, one meal a day and vision, vague in professional, powerless after two thirteen, two thousand thirteen set the deadline world record for his way class o six or seven to pound through, for how much does away there? There's six every two isn't even big four guys that are like a hundred more he's. Only five seven occur
so he smaller than me so that their talk about power lifting to see once you get into power, lifting the so many little federations and stuff like that buddy and their mother has world records and this man? So this he's Doc memories touting that's possesses, confuse like all the strong than that I've seen or giants right right like how can a five seven guy, Cornelisz, Unum anywhere others on the circuit anywhere and there is a circuit like we worm circuit with guys like you, we ve, I saw you, anyhow and best fuel. Humans. We have, we have giants, live giants, live qualifying tour forward strongest man so to get a job, love. You either there's like a bunch of little federations that you could possibly do well in and bite you all You know like doing invite, It is kind of like the only tricky thing get getting in, but once you get there, if you prove yourself, you get top three or if, if like say you gotta my
giants live, I went to it was like stacked like it was ten of the strong men on the planet and normally giants live, has like three of the top ten and then a few other guys trying to get in and So when I went there was top the all. The top ten guys- and I got six place- I believe but I still got a mud watchdogs, man because it was the top ten strongest man in the world there. When I did that, so not normally, you have to go to I live, prove yourself there, and then you get invited to watch my man in times like we ve had years where watching sprang, pushed and was filmed early, so they had invite other guys, but you can? You can always tell who strong are you you couldn't see when I got shows up in and he's right, Go fees, discussion muscles or, if he's just a big chubby dude, you Know- and it's it's.
You mean you, Strasbourg, out of a truck and Tom the port thirty years, you're gonna feel that, should he actually imagine so should show for some people know that, because of the genes camera finger pointless guy out as if he some world record power, lifter very wrong man it. Probably high lorries weighing less than he probably has some type of world. Where can I I've seen him because of posted videos? Talk about my my meals and stuff for and a lot of people gimme that, like this guy, does this and these vision? I've I mean, if the is poise ever pulled a six twenty seven than that. That wouldn't even like that, would get last place at an amateur heavyweight, show, we're in America and also the other thing is: is America we have with the strange man in the world to like everyone? It's weird in America we These are people like have these, this love for other countries. One or two black were here in Iceland, a really strong, my own,
Poland Davidson's like motherfucker? strong here, like we're, fuckin strong, if, if you're in American, giving it was the hardest way to get in, there is, if you go, when other countries much easier, much easier, because here we ve got out of the top and we ve probably got four five guys for five guys that are top ten in the world in time and only like three or four be five guys get invited every year from America. So, if you you're gettin in worlds you gotta be about mother Fucker or go moved to Poland or actually Poland not a bad did right now go go move! Lithuania or go go somewhere else. They would be easier because you'd represent a country with a smaller towns, much easier. Now what about anger, I believe what about the mountain? The guy the game with a mountain from Iceland, yes, lodge a savage area. He one last year, he's no joke man. He is
how do you say his name? Half of jewish rotten, just cancer cell Halfscore, Julius Bronson, have thought Julius Bronson, and beyond- and there is a savage here strong any means. Definitely legit. No joke he's he's good. He got third place this year. He's Disney fine. Now else palsy or had he had bells policy a couple years ago. He's I think, he's almost all the way better luck is is not rule, but his face always had like a little bit of a like. My I've got these huge fetch, Obi, cheeks or MILAN Natasha S, but he had had kind of like that. Look on his face a little by all ready, pretty sure he's he's, probably Michael I'd, say ITALY's. Ninety nine percent done causes that shit a lot of time. To start, it can be an infection. I'm I'm I'm not a doctor, I'm just pretty not a doctor.
At the moment, I'm working on having my license to me what the fuck is this guy here for so all of you Basically, you are eat. The same thing is just meat and rice basically mean rice, potatoes, economy, other times it's by some, We do sound, strong, their Fatima bison along in town for tomorrow's. You got some worrying cook lot outlawing. Oh, my god. I love you. I felt when commercial freezers and My I shot to last year's really oh yeah, try to give it out. This may be my Whitworth one woman, Utah and one of em in Central California, mice, nice, Osborne organ? They got a tunnel Camelot. Water was reason I now an organ, their bigger body to write animal and the best meet the Snow
It is, by of, in my opinion, the best meet. There is yes Elk by far it's my favorite, so good for you to his taste, so damn good too. I've never had out that I didn't like, even if the guy cocoanut sucked it struck him. Oh god, it's crazy taste right, psych people who think that debt venison his gamey, like virtual, just because someone has prepared a correctly in the union. Care of it after they killed it, but to its Ike, not out now that shit is always going to have a whole bowl like a fuckin ten year old boys been rotten stab another elk, his head and still taste delicious. We welcome it The reason why Walser Chase knows mother Fucker, exactly the deletion of data. So how much time do you today? sure I now it usually it usually about five. But right now my five meals are smaller, like one we're goin in the world's like the last two months. I mean, though,
five meals and than anything else. Everything else just going trays everything I possibly can and am noon. I try and keep it clean, but you just use wanted you wanted everything when you're in a competition. How many days is a world strongest ban company? What songs men's normally to three weeks, two or three weeks flocking savages S. Clothes little saw you workin out at all, want it's gone. I just do any events, you're doing the event and they knew immediately try and find someplace cold, because no, the world is in some exotic location that were selling tourism too. So it's like Malaysia, Africa. We were in Florida this year. It's all some hot human play so try to get people to come to see right a lot of its tourism at and it's always beauty background re background, fucking, hell on earth you know it's a brutal yeah. So but I mean it's it's part of what
pays for everything, and none of us really, we all know to expect it's gonna be heartened human. We just now, myself does the first time I had people come on me like, every time I ve been a worse before it's just me and my Jim bag. Just read, bang you know, but now I have for some reason. I kept thinking on the contrary, will really bring what's your dear what now this this year and every year forward. From now on, I had my crew, like my girls with me, and through the guys I train with and they basically so we'll be in our tent and like four hundred yards away as them lifting If I want to know who, doing what or what position. Mariner competing in a group of five? I need to know how many points this guy just Goin, but this guy has like. I need to know that before I would have to walk out their hoddan Humid find out there.
Come back and be moving back and forth doing all that stuff. I want to get food anything it's just a tonne. That should stress this year, like they early- wouldn't even let me been over the time on issues like they put him made me set house fucking, strongly shit telling you because everything in the world that really thank Brian Mechanism for four. How strong I was the sheer like just training with them, and then you know when you're with somebody like you compete. If we view in our walk into the door, I drank the fast and assess the way. It is right that in so doing that for the entire year going in the world's I showed up and I've I've been going chest a chest the strong. In my opinion, branch of the strong man who ever lived and so on No just a chess with this dude all year, youth
the other. Do they shit, I'm gonna, take your money, so over I fell gray and having them. How means of adjust it all added up to me feeling the best I never felt do do lot ice bass, yeah didn't before I was recently just passing out understand why, but they were you have drain and what these guys you have to their knowledge slide. It's like that that coats! That's like go you you don't wanna, know: ok, twice as long for you. When do you do that? The iceberg, because I was reading something I think, was Andy Gallop and had a study that he put up about hypertrophy how it how it affects his its affected by ice Bass, right, there's a certain amount of time era. Lifting you should wait before you get a nice back there. We ve all known that for a while. The added I didn't know that that was no information to the lot of people are just now finding out the way. Your body reaction? After work out like the pain, the information.
Stuff. You spoke to allow that fraeulein for us. It's war train norm depend on filming because with we work nowadays on top of that in on your thumbing, its falcon, exhausting it's like you did that perfect, north more times in rather should some crazy, but so normally If we train in the morning, we would only would way I spoke to the end of the day, but if we trained immediately after after that, we ask that will train so be like sixty. Have a nice we'd come back, we eat and we black obviously take our time and then we would go just before bad thoughts. Its lead I think, of minimum. We would do egg two hours or so, an unknown- maybe that's too long- maybe maybe, but for us, that's usually just authority. Will we don't want to avoid that stuff cause? That's kind of your body learning how to deal with
de, I think the but there are studying, was the difference between someone who did it immediately after work out or someone awaited an hour and waiting an hour was beneficial to muzzle growth right. The same thing with you see, people like papa- I repeat often after work out some stuff, not bow useless to fill up exposure legit down as part of them part of the whole thing now, when you're eating these five meals a day, do you have like a meal prep person that sets it up? So the other right amount of calories and nutrients, and you doing it I don't have to worry about that too much. We want set, We have caterers stuff results. It super easy even to the caterer is like give you bison and rice or shall I believe everything you need everything when a nice nice. So when one, it's that it's not easy, but when I get home soon,
You can use that too. So you go home and you try, needs and shoot me after after, like three three weeks of clean food, you by what are you doing in her enjoy these hearts exactly actually run my girl ass, a big odor bad and what about drink when you drink drink water stray water. I switched to those like a whim. When we're doing my humid shit like when the human areas liquid ivy. We did those did those, but with an I got off again red and switch to those body honours. Zaragoza body, almost like less sugar messages, way: better, more electrolyte ship. So it's Only. I only do those when, when we're actually training and its human, I try them the best. I can but keep myself from like allowing that. I must often lessons Competition, like one its competition, take the Fuckin Ibuprofen drink the body armor. All that shit like that here's what you this is. The moment you worked for, like you, wanted to be a smooth as possible
but when you leave nothing that its words water, I went when I'm really title my diet, like everyone's while be a coat zero which Tonia get crazy, it saves me I don't get it now, but I have this cocksure there'll be ok, can in an hour fucked with, now imminent, amazing, its that's God's gift here that this is the for everyone in Texas, I'm so sorry in and out is a million was out there and ours now, neither in Dallas Turn Austin, then brothels those water, burger people or their drink. In the cool my fear, comparing what a burger you gotta come. I too, like Mcdonald's, burger king by different, show like this. This is the different tick. The only people that fuck within an hour is five guys, five guys but If you go to arson and where we're on it as few other there's a place called Peters, only three or four of them, and then only in that area, I'm telling you they crush everybody real.
Planetary, P, Terry's Terry dietary crews, I t r, why apostrophe us real and I'm tellin you lay. This- has not responded as they are the fucking shares and their fries they're, not visor, ok, they're not guys are better fries way better and they wage and fries, and they have better burger choices. Far galloping with hollow panels, Bacon exactly have shakes break. My little handshakes they do have shakes emanated examined like yeah. Five guys didn't have Shakespeare another have shakes at some places, but they win, but with a hollow pinioned, no european us and Bacon the game or options there together with better bonds to where better bonds But when you go to us and you got trapped in Hungary now, have you done
and they re very, we left we left, he will live to last night. A limo allows like we ve been here for nine hours, will stop examiner girls like you, VE, never had a minute. As I know, I've had it with a startling p, Terry's bang, for you ask that. Does God damn so good, and then only in that area, thinness really need a branch of fog out Alex Fantastic O Van next summer there for you, I'm in so what about parliament's like vitamins, minerals protein, as this on my definitely stick to, and I do pre work out, Turning on like what mood I'm in protein bodies, I'm spoiled- the opportunities that the drinks love agonized I'll. Those cases costume am Glasgow's, always got great deals, but I like to basically use whatever is easier. My stomach Wade P protein hemp witty like I've.
I've had p p, was okay, tasted car funny arms were aware: hemp, hems, nice, so nice and if you can for me, like it's, just nice to go back to that riverside end on it's not on an action which I had some here goose, We haven't you. Maybe more it's always guys anti man whatever it's always my to go back to the hemp idea for anything for like a few to enclose or anything like that, it's just so easy just to help protein dislike girls, no problem, nice, it's my fault, yeah and then so I'll do do prisons that, actually work with a company called man suitable solutions that does do vitamins and its basically I'm gonna fuck this up, concussion stone oh, that's, fucking, don't email me tell me. I heard the supper time right now. I've got to Joe female job. That's why so
max mammoth suitable solutions. They take like basically your normal vitamins and they break them down into a smaller bit, like normally the small this way you can you can now it's called Bio like the way you Howdy Injustice Mile. I oh they'll go. Thank you that was gonna buy me so so for your body to actually accepted likened the lowest with guns tat. I think Micrograms, suddenly latin and the sky at San Antonio he broke down and nanograms and he will he's been working with me. I think I'm, the only Ass lady works with a small company and We ve been talking. We are working together and I could just how right away I used to do between shots had between her, and you know how right afterward, you kind of taste that that we're tasted thousand you get the energy or with him. He has.
That sub lingual vitamins so like between the be twelve and the glued asylum downtown you're, like the be twelve just like in the b to have shot. What's name is Company Nana, suitable solutions, nano suitable solution, Erika jerked out the version process allows for the molecular dispersion without excessive heat or breaking of the chemical bonds. This allows the vitamins supplements to remain changed and undamaged when they are absorbed in your body. Fuck em, exactly what I say. The method has methyl be twelve. The tone in good asylum, goose shit shit. Nobody knows better american circumvent. I just found out that America has an hour and learned this year. I learn that from you, like, I thought was geometric there with us. Do group We are reptiles for sure you know for sure, so that their gods,
are people out there make environments at nanograms exactly so, I just tryin gleamed in that kind of stuff. You known its you can we can always tell when our bodies may act alone, aware of one and you can just backtrack a little bit like like I've been doing this all different. I've had beer fuckin six nights in a row like just to shit yeah, so it mostly time itself regulation now. Will you said that they drug test? You guys? What are they? As for the test for everything, when we get drunk That's it I wore tribesman, that's for everything, its steroids for steroids, but ass. Everybody has to be on steroids. No. I don't know what to tell you when there's one stay here, see I want to tell you that task. You have to pass the test and they can test you randomly to that. The randomly thing from my experience. The random thing only happens if your act like your on amphetamines,
acting like your arms, amphetamines, they're, going to test you and it's been guys who pop for emphatic and after they randomly tested retorted what exactly we heard screaming and somebody about cock and our union. Drug tested, that's what I would imagine that they would worry about that when it comes to lifting are most definitely I don't want somebody to die right. Have that more like Poland, that I can tell you they stopped using the hardliners because people were losing their fucking mind. Seen than a hearts were so high was like two forty, a minute. Why? Maybe two thirty death anything you can get that that's what everybody else I pulled the Fuckin meters Larry, oh, my god, do, does Jack, rabbit, crazier, why the two forty a minute fuckin a Does anybody pissed hot for steroids? I believe one person got busted out
I don't wanna, say his name, consent on us. It was for all their rights or for a math limit method. What I say what to call Amphetamine Ventimiglia. That makes sense, but I mean at phyllite for stairways a kind of like push it, but it seems like it here. To be. I mean it's, it's a sport words its bill for bigger men, but then there's a lot guys have gone through in and been very adamant that the not and you know we get tested. We it will literally like every year. I have to explain to the guy like yes, there's gonna be marijuana and my system and that's in the room That is, as it's. Ok like I have a conversation every year in the EU, to be illegal, usually illegal. I gotta switched believe fourteen. These young Africans, with I brought it up. I will not change, then browsed I'd. Look at these fucking guerrillas. You want everyone here like him in brown like I will. I literally strike all same as we should be able to smoke. We'd, I'm not saying the
should be able to do math shit like that think we're finally recognising. Finally, as a culture, that we'd is not whatever, but I thought it was run it there in the fifties in the thirties, and, thank God thank because I mean people were doing so much worse. Shit. That's why they little Jeff sessions cut was drive me fuckin, crazy. When you see attorney General NEWS and we gotta marijuana and good people don't smoke, Wanna like you, you don't hang around with good people. First of all, we will want to hang out with exactly. Are you don't know it wasn't? Wasn't Hilary that was saying it was? She was gonna do her best to keep it illegal, yeah she had some nonsense. She was saying to does she be fuckin? Who knows That's crazy! If I was you, I am just being honest on the show. Would scuttling fuck enemy, because so many people listen, I'm We worry that sooner or later leg I know for sure. Harried shows up. The Shoah carrier like one of the king's carry
without the poles and the shoulders tat has come under moves the veil and pig gas. That is the one that video I put on my Ramadan did that due to draw a parallel with the Hilary head inside the body, but also about who is that guy, let's give that guy. Some prompts african animations amazing, put put it upon on the big screen. It's like, while those things really. How does this guy even think of this and where's he by his? We, because this is not something that a regular person thinks his name people crap, b e, p, l e, Underscore c r, a p and he's got this video of this prompt, robot with glowing eyes and one artificial leg. Moving in the entire body of the Trump robot is Hilary giant. Head floating around in a vat of liquid
torn United States soldiers marching with them, yet some apocalyptic post apocalyptic sooner But it's all these lights and it's fuckin amazing, so dope and trust body is weird and his feet. A leg baby fee his hands, they always give, but they do their best to just fuck without letting because it bothers them. He shouldn't never acted like a bothered him did. He actually Father, and I think he said something about my hand. These big hands after they said it was aware. That's the thing is: is every every dude knows like it for guy flinch is, when you say some shit more, that should do exactly ass most flinch, but they're, the ones who say it on body. Shame mother Shame this poor guy Ravin, though it has even have little hands normal hands rules. Exist anymore. This thing to set up Larry S figure guerrilla if I'll drop out higher trainer and just get on the best use. Two, if I had had like,
I'd, never wear sure I gotta funerals. Without assured, I saw browse dead, but object and put a sock on your cock up. I don't I don't I'll, take trump as little hands the regular hands, but it is a constant theme dinners, but that thing that people crap guy, though you say his name, people underscore crap he's amazing get some great shit on his page to God. Damn look at it a giant Kim Jong robot. There wasn't trump just dude marijuana regarding what they do. They probably kills him altogether, if it was like the interview way. Let him drive the tank and there are listening to my besides those Miley Cyrus, was it member wasn't we listened to in the movie the interview, I don't remember, does as the South Rogan moving their players more umbrella.
Never saw that movie. You gotta, see that shit glimpse now that's good that movie like vanished. I forgot about it I can tell you just brought it up ass. I owe you on Netflix, I'm sure it is all those all those like from super bad got me like. I was a massive problem. The lawyer, so let's see what good sex, when you go to college or be second big, fucking pussy wrote that tell you wrote that taking I don't know man, but the seeing where these just drawn dick earlier today raises I'd. Love movies, like that, just preposterous shit, just like relaxed humor, We are even care for bothered somebody. He wasn't trying to be a deck, what it was funny, what what's interest that was quite a few years ago. I wonder if they would even do that movie that way today,
dial rooms like two thousand thirteen there's. Nobody really coming out about three younger kids than the super bad movie and its rated are at seems like it's right along that same vein of like humor. Thank God, because we need more yeah. It's like the backlog. Ash is stronger now than ever before, but also the appreciation of it is stronger than ever before to because people are so tired of people being so politically, act and so upset about everything you know Now need to be an asshole, but did people are jumping? things that aren't even bad right, like. I was I'm actually like a little nervous about telling athletes that they should smoke we'd. Now, my that's. That's nerve! Racking cause like your hold the power. Your dependent on under boss in the place you workin new right so just say something like that. If two people find that offensive- and there is enough- how sure that's a big fucking deal, but what
We're just same is like it's better than vitamin it's better than has it's it's a very much healthier, alter alternate alternative you know what it is man it's a tool. It's like you can abuse tools, but could also use them correctly. You mean you, don't want to fuckin hammer nails with saw right, but, But if you use marijuana correctly in you have discipline, and you know what you're doing with the problem. That has been illegal for so long people don't understand what the best way to use it for is what are the side effects? What is the will? What's the paranoia, what's this heightened sense of awareness that the kind of freaks people out like? How do you know how to mitigate that? How do you have to get off what's the right dosage, all that stuff is dependent upon. Information and when people are lying to you about a being terrible and you know making you again the blind and losing your marbles you're gonna kill people to stop. People are so confused
but that it also makes it more paranoid because, as you smoke anything and I'm not gonna shouldn't be doing this work. What am I doing? I'm ruined my life Campbell. We do that. Then you get even more paranoid. Then you, like I'm, never doing this again exactly now. What sponsors as it ever an issue at sponsors, the we think where would be a right now, the only people I work with other than myself as their national solution, so he's actually working on doing a c b thing stuff. I don't know if I ll be a part of that sum trend it. This is so available. Now I just I'd rather just find whoever does at the very best, not not marketing right. It's so saturated. Take it for myself. I should a lot of people. I worked in a group homes when I was in college for four kids with autism. For a long time, and there was actually this little girl who she had this sad and smell a disease. She had this I'll. Just call thank share this thing where she always felt that she was falling so
book completely normal. She was artistic and non verbal, didn't speak, but imagine all day feeling like your father so she learned as a child really little if she would hit herself that people holder. So if you holding her she would literally watch your breakers knows where she was. She was eleven years old. This sweet little girl, like super nice and smiley, but like if you didn't holder she just Why, when we face We found out that through item exactly how it came about, but they they gave her see pills we its powers and then stopped sheep he would walk around the house. Normally like she was verbal, it's not like a fixed or autism stuff, but with the whole symptoms. Feeling like she was falling, which I'm sure I don't even think had anything Ruth Artisan again, I'm not a doctor, but only by we go about who they gave it.
Jaycie and she was like, walking around the house smiling. She would help us cook. She would move around like she would help the other kids, because for kids and house should help the other kids other shoes stuff like that. Some then her pants came back, must have four months later and their friends had gilded them about her dog, thy daughter weed and they stopped giving it to her and she went right back to it straight back to it. So stupid assist Aignan speeches dollars and what it is all it is that so fell so bows one of the things that, like this rip me apart from working in that field, is just there's. So much like these little rules that you don't understand. We had a kid that would sit right and he would just he would feel stressed out, and he would sit and the rule was when he did that we want all of that to help him up or move or anything like that, because that was reward, bad behaviour that are classified that,
so he would just sit in the middle of the road and we want, to get him out of the middle of the road. He would you then he learned that if he didn't want to do something, if he'd be basically woods, in his room all day, he would stay is all day because he didn't like the only he liked me, and I think it's just cause. I was begging and jolly and all that, but he didn't like the person working with you just sit in his room on the floor. And they couldn't touch, they couldn't do anything. He just said that he'd go days without eating. Our going anywhere out of the room or anything like that, and it was all because we put these rules and put the chains on ourselves based off of other people's opinions, are warring what it would look like if we did this. You know if this girl's taken this pill was that like if we're picking this boy up off the ground. What does that look like and it was it was? It was like I'm a these children with their hands tied behind your back and Eleanor
like anymore? It was. This was a long time ago we're still heartbreaking, Amber Everyone was terrified to work with this little boy he's it was ten or eleven his sweet little dude. He just didn't, he got nervous and so I remember, come in and wonder like you know why I'm taking him to go to a football game, so I took it. Of a college division, one football game. Never had an issue never had any problems, never sat down nothing sites, RO in the Amazon and like we did, all excited every time. Anybody came why, like the the cannon, when offer a touchstone like the greatest moment of my whole, like college, rear was hanging out with this eleven year old College Football game, people were too if I'd even get out. That's terrible! That's so coolly got em there, though there I'd like to think that that a lot of people work more in that direction.
After I left you now, I'm I'm hoping to see was you can see in his eyes he was a sweet little boy in Irian. You ve, never met a kid that was evil ever, you just need to know how to work for them, how to topple them. That's cool! You have that kind of patients give kiss your own. I do. I have a three year old boy, nice, I'm a little It was by first one three year old. That's it that's funny age man. They start talking here, they're running around telling those toys and everything it night. Now he doesn't even light like we have to read books before we go to bed, because women a bad. He wants to tell me stories so he'll may then he'll be like well this one time when he'll talk like TAT, many of us and roads so sweet, so cute wild thing. Avenant little person made people that don't experience it's it's very very hard to describe. Yeah it's like the sweetest, most lovey, most intense. We miss you ever felt in your life yet
scariest fucking, most horrifying thing at the exact same time rise, fills a vulnerable vulnerable to great work. I also have so much more compassion for other people now, because I think of other people now is babies. The grew up. Where is the thing over this asshole, and I think that as to be a little baby, like someone's little boy run, someone's carrying them hold Norman, you just got bad information, and now is fucked up. I saw some homes guided us as stoplight. He was wearing a bathrobe gotta bathrobe socks on as it just dirty fucked up and I was looking at a mite. This tat was someone's baby boy. Now here is dying, is thirty or forty reverie was wandering around all fucked up and dirty with mental health problems where bathrobe and my taste be someone's boy. That's us it's good for you to feel able to it's rough, to live,
yeah. Well, it's it's! It's so hard when you look at all the problems in the world and all the people that are suffering from poverty and disease and strife and natural disasters and All these things is just so many people to care about and think about. It seems like you can become paralyzed with compassion. Just just looking at. The problems of the world now and then the other side of the bed That gives me a lot is like when you see parents or you hear about parents, I've seen a lot, but you hear about parents who just don't give a fuck. That's like this. This is a burden on me and made of
Why didn't did when you look at your daughter's eyes? Have you ever once in your life, imagine being able to walk away from that? That would kill me. I have story about a lady who abandoned her kids here today could imagine it she abandoned her kids and I want to start fresh left, the husband with the kids just left, while another sinning. Why, in fact, and then the fires came and their fuckin house burned down, and so the then sir here they are the dad and the kids daughters and the mom Fuckin jet and the guy's there.
No house, oh my God, Jesus Christ, it's rough cuz! You got to wonder like what is wrong with that person, like what kind of schizophrenia are they dealing with kind of mental health issues like what is right? How could you do that like? How do you not like you think about what you experience with your song? I think about what I experienced my daughters and like how could you? How could you not want to be there for them? How could you not want to take care of them? How could you not want to love
months, there's some kind of disconnect yeah. What apple mean you think about that poor girl kept pensioners off in the face of such was falling like theirs. I we see an issue there. What other issues other psychologically with empathy issues, detachments Socio bothy like what what's wrong with them, that their allowed that they can allow that in their life to almost too many people, man, it's almost too much to pay attention to women, but gentlemanly it's hard to say when it is too much yeah, it's hard to say them accepted. But it is at a lot of people in a room, crazy, yeah, Harold, from fear, worry yeah. That's where we comes in the villages where our share of aliens, if you gotta get up around you. What do you think, but aliens do think barbarism tell the truth. I know you, look him in the act as you were in the room, without by light,
nor do I want I'm, I'm the one on the creepers. I watch the Youtube video a mega right there, at home. I don't really watch much tv like a bio, also at home and like stretching watching a watch these video, so it's I think it's a whole new thing to like. It adds an element that I really like, like being able to see Miss Pat wounded. Fuckin hilarious, the entire time I was like what glued to ever. By this I mean I've, never funding which talks about both dues. Great slings, you know I love is our armies subtle mislaid? Ever all men he's fucking wild imaginative, like a guys do in such ruthless fuckin explosive shivered you're doing all time. My colleague must be kind of important for sure. It's a huge release, Posavina, like alike in a lot of my friends without, like I was friends of lava guys at the common source, also
and like I even thought about doing it for a while. I just I know I'd have to dedicate so much even be decent, that I couldn't do that, but it's one of those things I like to try to follow yeah. I was with them I'll take an album alot when he was working on turbulence. He came over. He gave me this bad ass poncho one time he just randomly came over to give me a puncture and then, like date, there everyone, the hangar worse than that on my back and where this were you working with children used, is like it's so cool, and one of them was. I quote, it's better to be a war you're in a garden and a guard man wore. Yes, that's take less time and as that similar to a lot of guys like that. You see a lot of these guys who are just let them the built ready to go like If some shit went down a guy, I would have police that next to you I'd, be I'd, be I'd, feel secure, but it'll happen
worry about like if you come in here, you're, not gonna, have now fake last syndrome and flexible not be an asshole dive. You that's one of the things you do see with fighters to is that most of them in general, there really nice people, since they don't do not always puff in the chest out for no reason act like an asshole or is the nice folks they get all that shit out. They get it out and Jim and if feel about mother fucker. You act like a bad motherfucker, you that's what I wear pink chuck. Strong. A pretty certain shared Nemo I'll have to remember exactly will is no one's disputing What exactly does an online they sometimes do or who are even real? That's the people, I'm saying a matter not therefore for now, but for the airlines would eating yet a bet, if I fear hundred bucks. You last hundred bucks it's hard. If I
your box and we're gonna find out I'd, say I'm leaner more to adjust the now, I'm not immortal just I wasn't leaning on before the interview. I wasn't. I wasn't before the documentary that Jerry Corbett documentary Bob Lazard Area, fifty one and flying saucers before that I was like mostly bullshit- is that Is that one available that Africa has great yeah That is a lot old bottles. Are she had two from the George Nap interviews where he goes over the details of the craft and need describes? It explains it and their mother? for new about element, one fifteen and nineteen. Ninety, that's that's! That's one of the big ones that gets me the big ones, like that's a big red flag, that the stewards real is alot? Who knows but there's a lot. That makes me good sized I'd. I know it. You talk about this all the time, but I so fuckin way
scotch was real every time, an organ wire ted, I'm walking around I by all the little like roadside trinkets, and I love that's it. I wish you luck in real men. It would be nice. Nothing was on a dead one of its amendments, as one of the ones. I might ninety percent sure you got give you always gotta give room you're gonna get room for the the possibility. The thing is on people really believe and then go looking for it, they invest so much time and they are gone crazy, like sir I man, less drought, yes, is gone gone gone gone is out there in the woods, he's got a pup tent when for big was not like zephyrs. It's weird man he's a hundred percent believer now. Does that survivor man Bigfoot Show was like when I heard a branch to Georgia, that's definitely scotch. Little shows a weird man because those I've been on tv like surviving bigfoot or finding Bigfoot, rather so, but finding Bigfoot was on Tv Freud. What eight four ten years, never Arafat shit like how the fuck
keep renew and that I would be underwater the so called breeding underwater. Can you breathe underwater not yet tuna next week? Next season, though we are trying to breathe underwater. Should I give us our seas and we'll get this authority scientists this ain't, no one to breathe underwater? Not yet they don't know shit, trust we solve Louisiana. We got a guy, he breathed on water. If, if there was a big foot known be happier than me I'll be right, there, the fuckin stout magic, seen a cage, just fuckin China get out around kids that I want to see it like for his destiny, like the mushrooms trip, where he's like walking and singing with him. Oh Jack, Wax pickaback addressed me pick of destiny. I would want to be there don't want to see it with my own eyes, video idyllic man. I saw eighty foot tall, Donald Trump today Hillary Clinton had. Why could throw posts
Popular Philadelphia. You can't you can't prove me that videos real uneasy how about would shit. My pants I don't know what I would say, though, if I was in the woods and our campaign- and I saw a nine photographer- I don't know what I was a I mean if you can, email shall probably have to be so you feel so stupid or put I mean, there's a lot I mean say there is one out there there's a lot of bullshit artists out. I tell you this also share a lot of people trying to get some kind of time. The Campi one though, if it's gonna be a real thing, a living thing that has to be of little population of me, because primates don't live that long ago. I think there's a parameter lives any older than humans, we're just we're just weighing the weeds, we're not the doesn't exist, mostly sexist yeah. They, like you, get better and better like using drones and scanning the forest, the stuff it's getting less and less likely. I used to do those kids,
like walk on the words like looking around when I was living in organised, like Health Canyon, is probably one of the least explored parts of organ he everywhere. Anyway. We up their dinner, while this dense ass, thick forest in the Pacific Northwest, which is one of the reasons why I think it so attractive because, as you like, you think, like anything can be in here. No one knows like Eagle outside of Philadelphia or excuse me Seattle. When you go into like what is it? What's the mountain out, there was the Saharan so and also on the blue, but there's another one that anyway, those big ass mountains filled with Sue there's the trees are so dense. It's like a box, acute tips here, just one after the other, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang and the forest floor is all pine needles, so that nothing would leave a footprint. And then you look. What have you saw? Something thirty yards away. It could disappear instantly left right. You would know what the fuck-
It is never find it and it could. It could be out there. So I think that also leads to this this delusional idea that it might be alive. Putting a deafening was a real thing. These went back and they have a gigantic pemphigus. That they proven was a real by penal hominid that existed at as recently as a hundred thousand years ago, and it now. It was an Asia. They founded an apothecary shop. There was an anthropologist using an apothecary found teeth and it was like what the fuck is this and they said
we found these as I where'd you find these, because you recognize this primate teeth and then they do start digging. They found jawbone that were indicative of a by penal hominid, because there was a shape in a job on. They could tell the difference between like the way guerrillas burnt bones of shaped and we are, and they think it was in the rang, attend families that was enormous. Some enormous fuckin, eight to ten foot tall by penal ape so stories that build and build gas. That's probably where the law, the law and the legend comes from. You never seem like a picture of what it looks like. I am, I were you talking about it on here on our number on? If I saw patchy egg its final google, this pictures of its standing next to a standard in our six foot tall man, liquid regular size man would be like Standin nexus giant. Ass, fuckin guerrilla really did live. It really did live and lived alongside people.
While people are real people, they know least two hundred thousand years ago. It was alive. That's that's what it looked like shit, that's a depiction of this. It is a few different for that will get another one without the arm up near Jamie in the lower right hand, corner no, not gonna, go go up up, go see those pictures. I see that when you have those little pictures in the little windows below it didn't want his arm up in the air click that one. That's the one, that's what it looks like fuck you too yeah, probably super Betsy, our colleague orangutan. Looking, doesn't it seem to think it was kind of a member of the Rang Tain Families like mine. But it was a real but it's funny how like we want those things to be real, want mysteries to be real.
It's part of the reason why you have to really worried of or wonder whether, not some of telling the truth because of the desire for something to to be real, so strong, like UFO, The same thing people believe card so are to be objective or about with all that stuff. How temples I'm on her like a lot of he sounds way more intelligent than I was expecting when I first heard. I don't really know much about him, but the mean about Africans traveling the world in boats were about them being worker, firstly about them like giving that technology to Rome. He said a lot of stuff. That, like I mean again. I'm a meat had I'm not like this marshmallow the planet, but he's made a lot of sense voice, saying well for sure when people think about Africa, they forget about Egypt Right and Egypt is one of the most fascinating and absolutely spectacularly advanced civilization of all time. We have no idea how to build or structures as all the speculation butter
especially like the great pearmain desist stunning, technological and physical accomplishment, that, to this day, baffles people, that's Africa. So those people are boats and we don't even know how lot mean Grand Hancock believes and so does of Robert Shock and Jonathan Western. He was alive, believes that those people were Building those things tens of thousands of years ago that data that is like us spectacularly creative and innovative society that was most likely wiped out by some sort of global capitalism around twelve thousand years ago. And then everything after that was a rebuilding of past knowledge, so it makes sense if they had travelled to South South parts of Amerika and then just basically everything all right now and so wait there they're working from fresh, our in America and then over on the side. They don't have the information about them,
because they all got wiped out will certainly make sense. You look at the whole max does does giants, don't heads it look african faces. We may look exactly like Africans and desert heads that came from thousands and thousands of years ago and civilization all makes that they know very little about the historic moments I felt like. I was crazy for thinking. He wasn't crazy unless you think it's like that, history of humans is something it becomes more unveils itself over. Time and the more their starting to find new things like there was something although there are some ancient castle that they just discovered that used to be underwater. That's like three thousand five hundred years, not automatic receding. Floodwater yeah yeah they phallic what the fuck is they like didn't. You know what it is. So three thousand five hundred
years ago law before Europeans ever came to America. These people build this fuckin castle is now under water reactor sea level, rise and fall. That's yeah, whereas it isn't a a rat yeah, is in Iraq yeah, so they they found his ancient. Now a rack is also worse. Who mare was that's the the earth we have known civilization in terms of the early stone writing the earliest known ass. Culture in mathematics, that's umair! That's epic of Gilgamesh! All that shit came from that part of the world, so there's all sorts of stuff that is probably lost in that you know thousands and thousands of years. History to amazing it so fascinated to be there just like, like this place, that in ITALY? There is a church in reverse, oh that's a thousand years old and bold, the church is a glass floor. The church, this picture of it on my Amsterdam, in the glass floor of the church and below the glass for is its is another church.
That's so old? They don't even know when it was built. So it's more that that's it that's from my my instagram so that that they have it's like blocked off and they glass floor over it, so he could look down and see it because they don't want. You know People are tread on it and fuck with it, but the church itself did you: just: did the church even walk around? in is a thousand years old in our eyes and we're working off information. That's basically just been since we started writing things down. Yeah we ve got little short time period. Where restart a ruddy things down. I mean acting almost as though that was the beginning of time and you have to take. It was word for exactly Actually, no pictures, no video same thing with the aliens in this ask why there are some things that you want to believe so yeah and history written by the winners. Exactly so bunch of Lyon. Assholes killed, everybody
We women, my friend, my son, loves that song here between now and we will rock you tat. We were in a limo yesterday. We will rock you so I'm the crackling right to my three euros in the back deal boom boom exhibit at us on the other that we think about fucking, classic songs man Queen had a gay classic songs. I just worldwide to this data. You use it: basketball games from all gas all over the world. The carriage such icon, yet John chose, came out to wear the champions This will this last one year, nice. I didn't get to see the fights hunted John went to the eye was split how did that man fuck India? Santos is dangerous. He hit John, it's a big shots factors. Legs would kicks the boy. Would on how to be carried out when you, when you
walked out the art they were carrying him. He couldn't walk. His legs were fucked up. That guy kicked the shit out of his legs. And Thiago blues me out somewhere in the first, we believe, again bluish ACL out, but Mary winced dude. He hobbled around that name just kept thrown kicks within everything, crazy. It was an awesome fight. You think he saw again. This is I'm not projecting anything. I didn't see the fight. Did he fight well enough to suffer an extensive damage to left knee discharging our out for the rest of two thousand and thirteen for the Ngos? The question of I think he earned another shot Oh he. He definitely dead. He previous, where the hero split decision, what what's a complete ligaments torn in this left knee yeah, I kind of wheat we kind of saw looking at it shows left in this case and all is ligaments- are completely torn. Why them This is an all ligaments Jesus
still stood and never fees or denounce he needed Georgia, has right knee earlier this year also suffered damage during the fight is compensated for his left. Me man so he doesn't even know if you might need tests on his right knee as well. But you know what the Good NEWS is that you have see doctors at the top of the food chain and feel that mother Fucker output, stem cells and do everything they can. Rebuild some of our entire tissue good. He deserves it, you're going to stand and then put it online like that. Give the man is fuckin stem cell. If they fight again John Jones Fuckin Power doubles him, take them to the gradual yeah I think I know I was shocked that he didn't do it. I saw I read enough. It was on his prey drawn the one Agamemnon junkie or something, but I'm a said that he was pride. He didn't wanna. Do that gas crazy. He does John now, but a pride almost caused him. The title yeah like
we have two Jago clipped him and dropped him in the third round, and then he won that round on all the judges score cards, and then he wanted decision. He almost lost the title, crazy and beyond three necessarily with the guy, who give it to give it a try right after watch it and see how they thought it and it when you, when you call in a fight I'm trying to be entertaining lookin for patterns. Not really scoring at right to score, and I think you have to do it. Silence like set up to see whether or not I agree with them, but it was deafening. Close was deafening. Interesting, allow more say, allowed people thought lobby without Giles. Boma wanting to allow such treatment of master- and just like you know, like Bro, like black push them around, lemme that his boy stronger than I would expect our strongest far lasher each Daniel Komio down a mother, Fucker dude in I think when he goes up to everyone's gonna, be even stronger, and I think that's probably going to happen next week. John grief
and should be a winner, steeper, identifying debts, here in August this year, that's in August and that's an Anaheim DC and steep aid to that should be very interesting to our new route for thy fuck and, lastly, by him, but like I've, I've gotta, I feel like I have to love them Look, everyone else for no fucking reason doesn't like they do now. You think they're he's giving has turned goods as if can deserves it. I mean he's a piece about fuck, especially knocked out steep everyone punch that that turn the tide ice good good when he beat Anthony Johnson that turn the tide. People get it now for a while. They were like looking at him like he's illegitimate, absurd. The world events may repetitiveness dishes on that.
Our two yellow Romero versus Paolo Costa. I can't take it. Our brother was rather up thirty. Three o clock been doing this for three hours who raising so tell me again when the shows on history job we're on Wednesday nights its strongest man, history with me, myself, Eddie Hall, Branshaw Nick best in check me out on it. I'm Robert Oberstar rearrested beautiful, thank whether there was also map but fun thank very much by everybody. Thank you, friends for tuning into the show and thank you to simply say providing you with no hassle no bullshit homes, security. That's award winning easy too, star no wires. No drilling in your fuckin house. It's easy and want to awards from Cnet to New York Times wire cutter
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