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#1322 - Reggie Watts

2019-07-09 | 🔗
Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. He is also currently the announcer and band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
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and Mister Reggie Watts the Joe Rogan experience Joe Rogan. That's it yeah That's he calls it yes or his friend calls it. And yes, friends, like you, I'm pretty skeptical skeptical about other people's stuff, but you I hope now is at a coke. Now no no fun! Now. I know that. Isn't that long people think that the cook meals that now, I think now the real group, but you don't do coke. I don't do coke ever your diameter, coax the I have done. I have done it's like coke light. It's like it looks like cook. You could start it feels like he doesn't give you high. Now. I have I've tried it. I would say honestly, maybe four times and I've. Never it's always. It just felt like I just took three shots of espresso and not it's not really
doesn't do anything for me, then I'm like better get better. Invest in that. I think try it one day because just I need to know what's going on I am fifty one years old. How do I know? I don't know what coke and I ate a you know. I think it's worth. I mean if you don't, if you do, you know, if you don't have a predisposition for being a high predictive first, no, I definitely do but, but I'm also wise enough to know yeah, I'm! I can quit things. Yeah get experience, you can control yourself, but, like I idly I was never. I was never like I've. I guess I've just never been someone who's like she had got to have that forever. Like I've never been that way, the only thing that I'm reduced to now is just weed. Well me too, but I also I think that it's one of those things if your if your life is health, if you have a good balance in your during your time and you being creative and you have good friends, you have fun you're, not looking for something to fuck your life up. I think many of the times when you're dealing with people that have like severe debilitating addictions that are really just taking over their life, There's something else going on almost
so is like problems. You know relationship problems, work problems, life problems, yeah they're, not happy. Emptiness that emptiness that wants to be fed or Maybe you have a lot of success in your freaking out about the success. I think that happens with some celebrities. Yes, I I think so overstimulation, and let's do this- show yes, do it yeah he kind of the first I used an automated machine, the auto have you heard of it? No so It's like this like little reminder and it's a grinder and it and it fits on a tube that you put an empty rolling. All thing in there see like put that in there are you got it and then it's like a yeah. It's like a clear tube you put in the pre rolled, you know and Steve whatever joint thing and then and then you put this machine that just goes over attaches magnetically and then you put in your week. And you just press a button and like coffee makers like
right and it fills it up perfectly and then you just pack it by shaking it in twisting and you're done D. Scott stoners today they're getting too crazy crazy. I rarely smoke. I always make exceptions for stuff like this. You really are looking at them: yeah wow, that's actually pretty sleek. Looking yeah it's by banana brothers, I think, You know I I smoke pretty regularly, but I got high would be real. I did this smoke Box show the cameras are be real, Cypress Hill. I was a how Dallas as a read I just know. I know nothing about hip hop t embracing. How do you not know anything about Cypress Hill? I know I know people are always like you, gotta be know about it, but I'm like I know, shit. I know run D Mc, you really don't know any hip hop now I kind of stopped after the bohemian phase you know like aft tribe called Quest and a lot. So I won't tell a soul like just kind of lost me because it then it turned- and I like gangster in the beginning. You know
It was something new and you're like what the fuck is, this all that's so cool, but then it kind of morphed into club hop where it just was all about Bitch is in cars and all that shit and it was really the lyrics the beats I loved. I thought it was cool. I mean I because I left in ninety five left me up in ninety five. Ninety six and then I know, there's plenty of hip hop heads up be like dude, you gotta check out, so I check out should I know this shit loads of shit and maybe I'll go back into that phase, but mostly I just like the beats in the production and the lyrics. I'm not really, I'm not I'm not lyrics. Guy anyways. The animal lyrics Gayan Noz is definitely my favorite lyricist 'cause. His stuff is so creative like what was that one? We did everything backwards to the whole song backwards. Like he started at the end, then the fuck was that called James going to rewind yeah, I mean something major like creative yeah. Made you look like I have saw that, and I was like that
it's actually a moment where I was like. I am I going to going to start getting back into this shit. 'cause 'cause, it was intelligent. You know what I mean like my thing is like: if you're going to be boastful and all that shit, it should be like Ahmed Ali right right right. You should have a clever idea, clever flair! Also, you can just be right in someone's face, but I like that. But then, when people are like kind of going off about how much money they have an office in like, I don't really care about this. Well, I analyze this many times while under the influence of the the culture it comes from not having something and then once you have something brag about it right, like that's like Jay Z, like that's, ninety, nine prob he talks about, the nine am problems yeah I mean I get it. I get it but like at the same time, if it, if it just sounds like basically the three things that everyone talks about like women, cars of some sort and money for the things you can buy with money have
for awhile. It just all bleeds together. It's all this. It's the same song, and I mean that's so dope that you can come from nothing and you can work your way up and you can hustle and you can get stuff going but like once, you get to that place like why not take and that plan what about run the jewels? I've heard good things about chance the rapper I've heard good things about it, Dan, I now I don't know man, I'm I'm more of like a run, the jewels so Cremin electronic guy. Like a you know, let me let me know some run the jewels. I wish we could play on the podcast, but then we can't do that anymore back when your day they will run your jewels town but back in the day, hey when you had like the internet was no one knew what a podcast was. You could do all kinds of shit. You just play things. I mean you still can I mean it- was really a good taking down demonetized you get a strike against your channel. If you get three strikes, they take your channel down permanently hello. Are you? Are you guys you too? Yes, okay, that's the real problem is who's a real problem, I'm a I'm by passing on that very soon,
what are you doing? I'm doing my own live streaming outside yeah, because that way, just don't have to worry about all that bullshit, yeah. I mean that that's where it's probably going to have to go. Yes but at the same time everybody's at everybody's at so so the secret is or the question is like. How can you well, you could do both yeah exactly we should do it. Zero alcohol Heineken Are you serious, yeah I'll try, zero yeah, because my problem with alcohol is alcohol, yeah, so you're, actually very they taste like a regular Heineken check that out. If you see these, what is that? It's? Ah micro Tech, California, legal switchblade,
yeah. What do you would stem people? Twenty nine you doing right now. I have a daughter, that's I saw you I like it. Well, I like Kevin and I'm from Montana you always have a knife news or then it's like the greatest tool, but mix that has a button go okay, so hold it. The opposite way, bad turnaround flip around yes or two, and then the button on the top side see there's a cut out on you know. Yes, I'm here yeah that so this on the back. Is a glass break? Okay, a glass breaker yeah for like if you're in your car, you know whatever he needed to break the window, KES Jesus um, but here's the switch. Is that really what that's for yes, let me see that crazy, so this would break your window yeah huh, but how many people do you think?
break a window with this. I bet, if you got a lot of people, yeah, there's a there's, some old car windows and like a like line them up in the second yeah, because it seems like that's like that's a kind of weird, a weird like standardized tip for glass breakers really naked. So did you get it see, but it seems like it's sliding in your hand, that doesn't it's too small? I think if you, you know, if you watch it on you, if you held it tight in your fist, you know the thumb over. I think, if you hit at it's more about velocity, I guess you could rather than strength black it yet because the way it's designed This is be like super, like precise strike, push Radwanska here in a glass breaker with a man yeah playing the games ready in water. You have like bottled water in your car. At all times. I have a lot of water. I have a a jump, jumper self. You know you can jump yourself. If you have bio water in car in la you're, basically drinking. What is that shit that comes the leaks into your from your plastic I'm not. I have glass
plus, you have glass. How dare not like that? I don't know I I'm not. I mean like people gonna be like because the talk about possible all the time, but because we have it here, if you need a better solution for that probably get glass and get a water jug yeah you just you just get use get of. I mean this will filter yeah, that's a and you get alkalized water room temperature whatever and you can just have clean water and you just have tons and tons of vessels sure was someone would be K, would sponsor sponsors. Something like that would be K. Are there there? Ah, like a, I guess, you canteen company or water, caring like Judd come we could have people drink out of Mason jars. That would be done like old folks, hell, yeah, hell, yeah, are you kidding, yeah I'll, be like you know, like grandmas kitchen covered yeah? Why do people like drinking out of Mason jars? I think it started with grandma's. What was that band? that one band there was that one sort
of bluesy rocky that pretty recently bam, Chandam, wizard, Jamies. I damn wizard how he do it, how He knows what I'm going to ask before he googles it he's a wizard. Did Chris get something's got something some special talent, but those guys they dressed like they were from another era: right they wore like weird clothes from with the pioneer days yeah. They look like time, travelers like from a steam conquer academic kind of I mean I know you're saying like that in the beginning, yeah, you know Fortune Fenster, Oh yeah, really funny funny see her she's. I wish I remember her joke, but she had a funny joke about Mumford and sons and Mason jars. Really yeah of that's good. I think like something to the tune of you know? she's, Mason jars for real, not like this Oh, yes, grew up poor. I think that was
apologize from Rob. That was, I mean. That's very funny that I mean she is she's, so rad I saw her in we're in oh in Australia. Sydney. Doing a podcast with Tom Papa, oh yeah. Sorry there you again sorry Tom Papa, is a brilliant stand up. Comedian really really funny guys super super nice guy too, and he's the master of bread he bred oh shit. He makes his own sourdough bread and it is sensational out that. That's that's! That's too. It's crazy all the 2000s over here he brings a loaf of bread and Grass FED butter no no. No, you cannot resist this this bread spread is so good fuck, your Keto diet, if it does include Tom Pappas, bread, fuck, your Keto diet, Does he sell it at a big? No, no, no, no just make make himself. There is okay and he has he has. A television show is doing on the food network. Grease visiting one acres he's a brilliant guy and I
Super nice guy, like couldn't be a nicer guy and just loves making Brecht he's so silly that's meet is bread is so good. And it's like. I really believe this that if you get food, from someone who's really cool. It feels different and is just Tom is just such a nice guy he's so funny. So smart like when you're eating his bread, like you feel like I mean cool guys, bread, yeah yeah. You know like someone, who you love, cooks you something. If your mom cooks, you something it's like wow. This is so it's not just good, it's good and it comes from love. Yeah yeah yeah because yeah the person who made it to standing right there right you're having it yeah, pretty unique experience specially bred yeah. I think that's the big thing with food too, with cooking. You know I never really thought of food as an art form. Until I started it's in no reservations which is Anthony, Bourdain's original show backwards on the
travel channel, and then I was like oh, like DA. I in my head, like they were just cooks ago. They just cooking food because I cooked food before I it's work in Newport Creamery I made burgers now make grilled cheese Yes, sir yeah yeah yeah, that's cook it. So it's like. I know how to put the fucking fries in yeah, but watching these chefs, create these like really elaborate, creative dishes, you start going zero. This is art form it's just a like a one, a it's ten! Gary doesn't only exist for short window in time, but now that we have film of it and now that we have the graphs of it like things in Instagram yeah. Now you start to appreciate that. Oh it looks amazing too, but that's part of the thing is: if you could like the most incredible steak, but it came to you and it looks like this. She is looking lentil soup. I like split pea soup in Vegas, split, just put just a group, just the peas, the yes just a ball of green. What was the most incredible taste? I have. It looks weird yes right right
right, but yeah, but they're like they're, making things like yeah they're, addressing as many senses as possible. Yeah like Tom everything Red, looks good, looks like something you want if crossed in the outside, with those little slices on the top of the circle that bread like look at, it see how it gets that yeah yeah- and this has to we have to take care of this yes all right message: it's it's art to its leg. It's a temporary art form. We just think of art is something like you know the Buddha statue or something that just last forever yeah, but some there's some art like a sand castle. Well, it's temporarily. You know in a weird way, are in a weird way. Music is kind of like that. It's not recorded right yeah! Well, no, I mean if it is recorded, because you only experience it temporarily, but it exists as a idea in your head. You know that, like a like a go,
image of it. But then, when you listen, listen to it when you press play and you listen to it, it's happening in real time as soon as you stop it, it's no longer no longer exists, so you're still just like in the kind of shadow memory of it right if you're not in interacting with it. It doesn't exist. Yeah, yeah, wow, yeah,. Imagine imagine there's some like that. You could do with smells smells of the one sense that doesn't get any love like your eyes. People make all these beautiful things write your ears. People make beautiful music, you got like per team cologne and some fucking flowers. It's all you got weird like patchouli, where they settle down, around down, so that, when wouldn't went said, though, you wouldn't be leads, settle down, settle down, we instinct, the incense sticks Amber Amber
six amber smells by the way Miss Pat after she was on. She sent me incense. You send it to you too. Black pussy instance pot to you make one. No. She was just talking about crazy, incense, flavors, okay, she she's aware of what she's saying she uses him or people I mean the thing is you know know that there's a niche market or people making custom incense with names like right, like they legitimately, are naming them that way, because it's a hip thing, yeah, that's a very specific in person right if you're inside some kind of rug on the floor, like some kind of person type drug, is Miss Pat said yeah, so what the age of rock? It could save you. Some of these one says butt naked. What is the other ones, how you hello yeah there you go black butter, yeah pussy. Do you know Miss Pat? No? Oh, my god, you gotta meet her she's uh.
She's one of the funniest human beings, honor for sure, damn one of funniest people, I've ever met like right up there with Joey Diaz, said she's, so funny, she's ridiculous, like you leave a podcast with her in your fucking face. Someone said that if you get John Witherspoon Joey Diaz and Miss Pat on podcast together, we would like break the space time continuum. Are you going to do it? Fuck yeah? I would love to do this, but I would I would I would shut my mouth. I wouldn't say a word. I just want them to have fun Do you know John Witherspoon? I don't know dude. He came on with his son. His son J D is a comic as well yeah. I met J D. The comic store we're talking about is to Adam, like your dad is he's like a epic human being, like you so fucked funny and he's like. Let me get my dad to come into the podcast like yeah. Let's do it. I would love how you guys on. Let's let's come on, so it might. Actually, I don't remember how it came out anyway. He comes in here and like the sun is like completely
normal jedis, intelligent, he's. Funny he's like very very, like you know, you're, not shocked by him. He's a funny the smart guy, but his dad is from another planet everything he says is funny the way he says it is funny. He does not give a fuck. I know that dude yeah, I know everything yeah he's on and like his own groove he's on this. I don't give a fuck times a million groove and this turns quickly even his sounds like having like while he's like see. This is what I grew up with the market. That is crazy, he's so funny like that guy can make him funny in a movie. Remove good movie, part he'll do great in it, but it will never be able to compare to him just being him in the moment. 'cause you lose that in the moment thing well, you know he have anything planned out, he's not reading a fucking script, the badges for Three hours is just hilarious about anything about use, he's hilarious.
About money he's worried about his drink. He to put his money in his pocket and rub it like, like he's he I can hit any any angle. Anything is fair game he's doing, in a kind of art, the art of- seeing him. This is what me and his son were talking about, and this white relates he's doing an art form, but it seems like he's just being himself and he is, but he's figured out how to be he himself. That is the most hilarious to the most people, and it's matter of whether or not you can plug that in no movie successfully may be the best thing about just let him talk just let him talk like fuck, your fucking scripts, like this guys, gotta think you know he's got a thing. Yes That is an art at art. So it's just like cooking. It's just like like just like music there's art to being a person, even yeah for sure
right likes. Why are some girls sexier? Is it just biology or is there an art to the way they communicate with you likes when people are being flirtatious and talking to each other? there's, an art to that is like a little bit of a dance going on there. Yes, absolutely people are better at it. Yeah I mean yeah. I mean it's a you know what gets your attention I mean, there's so many factors right what it's like, also like what you tend to view. What's the first q that generally will set you off whatever that is experience as you're a kid or you know, someone you're on to whatever was was really cool and your cousin was Emily sexy and those to a common of those two elements are like something that you hit, but I will say, like yeah, I think it's someone his is when they're comfortable with themselves. They just have that it also depends on what you're looking for to
but because there's a co resonance there has to be just like art, just like music, we're talking about like. Do you like it or not, write music to you. It might be the greatest song of all time to Jamie he's like I could take it or leave it yeah yeah, and then we can have a car. You can have an argument about it, which is really sweet, but no one's ever right. The bottom out. It's also love motley crew. You love Molly crew. It's Sunday is anything wrong with gladly good example. But if you, if you're fucking at home by yourself, don't you love it that that's art? like why the judge I I do that with a white snake. All the fact that the I told the story before, but a dude sent me in a white snake is set, and I used to its in the office, because I had a girlfriend that made me throw it away after I got in a car accident, I had a white snake, a set in my car. What why'd you make, because that was bad, Juju she's really gonna tell me what to do. Who's older than me. Okay,
and um she uh she's packing up. All my stuff is that my car was broken. You know got I t boned and as I'm grabbing on my stuff she's like leave that I believe what she's like leave the white snake. Like you gotta to get over that music, I really like yeah, it's terrible music. She doesn't like the that kind yes, he's existed back then I love I love them too, but I also love Whitesnake, there's a thing that people Do the where they, only like things that make them appear smart or interesting, and there's like a hustle like you tell people you really an indian food and you you might really be, but there's also a thing you're doing like your that person that's only into the cool stuff but like them that white snake song is, badass, that here yeah that's it's awesome. They only had a few,
so like really good. They had that song is fucking. Bang into this day. Is this love? That's a sexy video that was good. Video is like one of my favorite videos. It's like the coolest, even though it was 80s and it was like hyper 80s. It's one of the few videos to me. In my mind, that is that had a style that was that kind of approach is timeless, really yeah in a way good the sweetness. In the sincerity of it, I mean It is sexy with tiny, contain yeah and and and like her moving like around the better, but it was, it was classy it was. It was like sex is very adult cannot complain to. I have it but She looks amazing and I love him. Just leaning on the wall like that, it's like come on brick wall and he's like Mister cool guy. It's done in such a sincere way, but it's just on the right.
Side of me still thinking that it's fucking great, it's great art, it's promoting ridiculous interactions. Yeah, it was a promoting ridiculous relationship, says and talk. What is all this drama? that shit like those coming fair, it's amazing his hair. One is very serious about what he's singing he's like a better look and Luke from General Hospital member Luke and Laura yeah. That's a to that guy is like a better look and Luke that so his hair is preposterous. I know everybody here is just laid off I mean imagine if you had a friend that just had hair like that, like hey, let's go, let's go hit. The gym is like hey man, you want to go. Go. He's got gonna, get a gallon hairspray in that shit. Primped out, that's just I mean back then That's that's! That's white hair, bro yeah! You have the solution to that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, hair, you just it's it's fantastic! Don't have to do anything
Exactly yeah yeah yeah! It's a totally lazy, lazy, yeah, it's chaos, but at the same time like right, but there's no work involved in know it is a beautiful chaos. Oh as opposed to like you know you got one of them picks and you're spraying pics and Oh you get his hair. That big, I know, there's a lot of work involved there. That's a shit ton of Paris, France, the lady offset it just to keep constantly checking cemetery duty. I mean I, the the the band that, like Whitesnake the band it was like the super group of hard Rock like like it or metal. I guess you,
kind of it kind of bleeds into that. Like classic metal. There's been a few of those super groups. I just want to freak me out. Man. Am I get off the car? What are you doing to the car? Ladies? Like she? Doesn't? She just doesn't care she's, rude she's, doing cartwheels wild since serious? That's I mean man he's really serious about what he's singing about look and he's got three synth players in a row by the way. Yeah. Look at that yeah. What does that mean? That's kind of hard core. I wish we could play this because it's so wonderful, I do I love the idea. I mean that they, hair color combination in the car I mean but this is. This is what happen when the war on drugs had a brief victory. That you're talking about the band for a second like wham. You are talking about the mens they release the times when I came here between Jimi Hendrix in this is the absence of drugs
Oh, this music created. This is coke. Yes, is definitely is definitely maybe little little coat every now and then, but it's not created by Coke yeah. It's like high end party These guys are living like the high end party shit. Sure I guess that's. I guess that's where they're coming from, but I mean to me That's why I, like you know someone describe the S, the the classic. Page monitor are sorry studio. Monitors like when you're switching between different, don't know what they show me. What that looks like and right now you and Jamie on the same frequency is audio guy. You know, yeah yeah. Well they're like clear, like this classic mixing and think that, like carotone and like they're, just like speaker, terms that have kind of become standards to a certain degree and so and that weird thing about it is tense. It's like in the eighties when they were using them. I believe that the right name for it but went in the 80s when they were using them. It was real.
It had so much harsh high end. It was so crispy sounding, and they said it was because of yeah, it's because of coke usage and coke usage, like creates, basically brains tend to favor different, sound frequencies under the influence of different drugs and with coke they like the high and crispy sizzle that was like hitting all the time, and that was all amplified. So then, when you hear eighties music, it tends to be its mixed, ought not all of it, but much of a great deal of it is mixed with a lot of like upper me, did trouble. Miss that's kind of totally makes sense. That's why you know sometimes albums in to be master, because the wow, but but that speaker responsible, that's yeah. This is what I heard some. This is second hand information, but it would be a musician that makes sense to write it does totally make
sense. To me I mean it's one of the subtleties that you may never think about, but then, when you you hear about it and you learn about it, it blows open a whole new way of thinking about things Well, I don't know this, but that's what everybody's always said about the the dead and LSD, exactly yeah, that if you like the people that don't get the and I'm guilty of being one of those people yeah, I'm not a huge fan, but I respect them is because you haven't listened on LSD, apparent Lee Accord the people that I see you listen, the dead on LSD any like. Oh, my god, I get it. Oh. I see I see interesting. Lsd, music. Yet my cousin used to follow them around really golden down for card. I want to say a couple years where she on to the with selling bacon and eggs out of the car. She was total hippie that was a real super legit hippie, that's kind of cancer, but so I got to talk to her about like the culture everyone's an acid they're all do
so many of them are doing. Ask rams, I wanna say every one of them, but it's like it's probably half yes crazy for a concert. Imagine going concert in half the people were doing mushrooms like one hundred percent one hundred percent of the time half of it. I don't know if I'm, if you're some pros, you yell at me right now, going to start, have the number I'm sorry I'm just guessing. I think it's the psychedelic inspired music that once you're under that psychedelic. Apparently it makes sense- and this is not me talk from personal yeah yeah yeah- I mean it could be one of those things where you know. There's like a order, that slightly out of focus and then, if you like, bring in another, are now better yet like a code, it's like you get a picture of something and there like. I don't. I can't tell what it is abstract and then you put you this other layer on and it completes it and you're like. Oh that's what it is in a way like I can imagine that being true
but I can also say once you've experienced music that really ignites your imagination. If you hear music that sounds amazing on LSD. It should also sound amazing to you personally, not on it, how you can tell that it would be even more amazing if you were on LSD, but it already sounds great. It's like the to me. Quality is like it exists in all states, so like it, it's just anyways, that's kind of how I look at it and said interesting perspective but you would think definitely the people see things differently when they under when they're, under the influence of short. Absolutely you, you don't think there could be like a tipping point. Oh, I think you're right now and two to your point. Yes, I do, do you think that there is music where you like. I don't know man and then you listen to it on mushrooms or whatever and you're like oh fuck. This is dope I remember the first isn't a whole lot of love when I was high yeah and you know that
period there's a period in the middle of the song, where it's all just symbols and fuck music. It's like hello, yeah a concert to to to to to to to to to be done on yeah. Yes, god damn. I love that song. But when you listen that's on high, he like these guys were why old, oh yeah. This is the nineteen seventies right and these guys may song where it's started off great, then, for a minute and a half was just moans an and sounds show baby. I want to be your backdoor man, hey ho what uh I was looking up, the cell s, t o k for dead thing, so they're sound engineer who went under the name bear which, if you know about the grateful dead they use the bears. He was one of the only scientist when LSD was outlawed. I could still make it
wow that was the sound guy Jesus Christ. He made over five million doses, but in between sixty five and sixty seven, it says what ha ha she's. They had right personal guy and he was the one that making this sounds that guy still alive, maybe will put him in jail for the rest yeah, so they were strictly formatted. For here said, the dining car Australia, that's probably on the wrong side of the road 'cause. He was on acid. That's just my possible. Don't get mad. People Fuck he's my hero at just cry and but that's amazing, so they have their own built in chemist. God must have been a good time. That's so cool! I love that, because that's responsible, I think that's the responsible thing to do. It doesn't know. And chemist that way, you're not buying any nonsense. Yeah you're, getting it from a guy was a chemist. This is your person that personally makes this stuff for you. You know where it comes from just a matter. How many people got busted at those concerts. Did the feds or the DEA over crackdown those concerts
When I worked, I worked, you said you work security at like a great word yeah. I did two for a summer an one of the conference we did was for Phil Lesh is the bass player of the grateful dead in my job, for that day was to walk around the parking lot and they would just yell me and my buddy were nineteen years old six up six up. They thought we were going to rest everyone and they would try to give us the Goo balls which have a bunch of drugs and I'm already to sort of doses. So we leave everybody alone. What's a google, it's like a popcorn ball But from what I was told, I've never had one bunch of psychedelics ostrich this I got in it yeah. Just like a thing you eat allies he's never heard of that, and then you know what I'm reading yeah that's. This is a good like this. This gets you high the guy to stop the first got to stumble on mushrooms what the fuck, like my had to have been like relearned. At some point time, they're like how to be some people that lived in an environment where there was no mushrooms where people, didn't get him and then someone found him some
but they didn't, have any personal knowledge of what it was and tried it and ate it and tripped that had to have happened. Yeah I mean, I think you know it could. It could also be like hey, I'm foraging for blah blah blahs and because arguably they would say, mushrooms around like way way way. People, you know not so scientific. Perhaps I don't know- or maybe scientific have surmised, that maybe consciousness or self awareness came from the this. Our species running into some kind of a psychedelic event yeah, which caused like this paper of so off awareness, loop or whatever, and then you know why that one deserves a lot of attention because people are so resistant to it like really rational, intelligent people are so resistant to it and it's to resistant to what did that concept concept that may be our consciousness was somehow influenced my psychedelic, but two of man, almost two hundred am and all the shouldn't say that even I'm over generalizing, but many of those people have not had
psychedelic experiences that dismiss him so readily. That's true. The people that have had psychedelic experiences that tend to be skeptical or more rational. They wouldn't they're not going to have a defense. Give position on it. They're going to go well, yeah right, something that can it's more measured, but then there's the hardliners in under the hardliners on both sides? The hardliners definitely believe that happened in the hard liners who believe that it that they don't have any positive effects whatsoever. Yeah yeah totally both almost equally foolish, exactly yeah yeah, I mean that's the that's. We're experiencing right now, but at least the people that have experienced that they know what they're talking about the people that haven't experienced it and don't think it's worth trying like all right rights like how do you know yeah with all these people are saying that it's amazing and then it might be literally a source of religion itself and some people when they've had it. They have these complete life, changes where they and rethink things and want to be kind of people in nicer to people and wanted to have more of a sense of community yeah, and then you just People dismiss that, but yet they'll take
go seriously and meditation seriously and they'll go to a therapist all the time and maybe they'll even get on antidepressants, maybe get all over. The xanax is a mammal anxiety issues, Reggie Watts and then they're scared of mushrooms. It's weird you're, interesting yeah I mean I get. I get it. I E. I don't know why it it, but it's a flaw. Yeah! It is a file. I mean it it just. I guess if your job is to take in as many angles as possible to a problem or situation or concern or whatever, where all of the things about all of it yeah and then come up with. So shin based off of that. But then this isn't even encouraging anyone to do it, but this is just saying to dismiss it as being not important when you've never done it is nonsense. Yeah! That's all I'm saying yeah it's like I'm, not saying you should do it. I don't think it. I know a lot of people that birthed a grave have done no psychedelics and they're great and they're wonderful people and they have a great life and they had a wonderful it's not a prerequisite. It's not a necessary thing, no
you haven't had it might want to shut the fuck up if you're speaking on the issue of it yeah. Of course, I shut the fuck up as like. Well, the research shows like oh you're, going to let the research show you what the experience. Let me tell you about the research five dried grams in silent darkness has Terence Mckenna would describe and prescribed yeah. Do that? Oh, my gosh. Do that and then we'll talk. You know just have one quick, DMT trip and then we'll talk There's no way that I think it would be difficult, I'm sure there's someone who has done psychedelics and has and and still says, no yeah yeah, but would say that most people they would understand at least maybe they didn't have a great time, but they would at least understand the power of that experience. I think some people have the bird intelligence, and what I mean by that is that they're really smart and they see a lot of people around them that are silly and the experience
that so often that they get weary and they get they get. You know that these sort of get rigid in their belief that their opinions are correct because they dismiss most of the people that are around them. Because you on a bunch of dummies, if you're, really smart, guy or smart girl, it's hard, it's hard to to maintain a good ception of what things are and what things aren't, when you're the smartest person in the room, kind of never want to be the smartest person in the and also yes, and also thing that you are in a way lose you from including other people who are also smarter than everybody in the room, the minute men, maybe not even smarter- which I said, but I know not sated by an ideology of their perspective- isn't dimmed right. Yes date, they see things clearly, which is I one of the most underrated forms of intelligence like there's all this intelligence in solving mathematical problems, yeah right, social intelligence, but that does not there's there's a bunch of different kinds of intel
absolutely able to see through the bullshit is an intelligence and some people just don't have it yeah, no, absolutely, and I think that you know at the same time, wanting to help someone see that angle is also an important thing. So if you're, like if you're someone who's. Like oh shit, like let's say it's, maybe maybe you're trained in tactical awareness and you I just have a different way of being in a room where you sit. Think about all that stuff and the situation arises where, like potentially something day, dress could happen or whatever, then being explain that idea and that type of awareness, so that someone can see that is also possible like sharing it. They may not get it to the extent that you do, but they at least you've included in the in their viewpoint, yeah, maybe well people that our soldiers they do have a weird way. Um enter in the room. My friend Andy Stump he's
it always sneaking up on me said you got no situational awareness yeah MIKE Burner crowd like what am I supposed to just three hundred and sixty looking for danger, I mean yeah. That's what he's saying that, what he's saying! But that's because he's a seal you know how they look. They look at things. Whole lot difference how you stay alive, exactly yeah, I think one of things is super important for people to recognize and help some open their mind up to other opinions is that they've themselves very highly that competitive thing of comparing your intellect and your reason to other people? It's very Lynn sing instead of worrying about yourself. If you're smart just be smart, but it just appreciate other intelligence. Is it just just get into talking to them? That's my thoughts on Instead of being competitive with them get into trying to
find out how they work, because there's a lot of different humans on this planet, and we have this egocentric position. Almost everybody does that there he's better at one thing that other people are. Are they know some more about one thing that other people do it it's a weird competitive thing that people get involved it it's been it's stupid, like you should recognize that it's awesome to have cool people around you that are like really smart and interested in weird shit and intelligent and and inspiring. Are you almost envy their their creativity, mass Sibley important people to have in your life, but when people get, they feel beard about comparing themselves of the of the other person because they come up on favorite link in security. Exactly that's Ross! You see that with a lot of guys, guys puff up chess and start, you know comparing like
how much their houses cost like like literally doing stuff, that you're like well we're still doing this. Like t my mind, I'm, like oh shit, you guys aren't aware of it like a way that it was you that kind of thing that you guys were doing some one thousand nine hundred and ninety shit here yeah, because it's like, oh, I know because like either they're like doing an act, you know which I'm always hoping So we have that's. Why there's disbelief when it really is what it is? I'm like? Oh, oh, that's best for real. That's actually the thing it's weird right, yeah! It is a little it's a little weird I mean some people have a lack of cool people around them. To that's a real problem. Yes, is stuck in a show. It's like a good tomato plant is not going to grow in the Sonora desert. All right, there's no nutrients there since too bright, it's the sun's too hot. It's not the right climate yeah right! Yes, if you're stuck in some fucking, and shit hole city and it's just
your whole neighborhoods fill with dummies and there's no prospects and it's fucking lead in the water Michigan water drinking. They still haven't fixed that know. People who drink out of water in Flint Michigan in twenty nineteen. How is it do they not have? How did they let that ever get to that point like at all the things you need? What do we need to stay alive? Number? One, water, ignore that ignore that uh work on the cracks in the streets. Let's ignore that and uh have new traffic lights that have. Amazon to bust. So we can get revenue, make sure we hire parking ten about the water we get to that we'll get that water yeah Well, it's it's my new phrase, for you know our situation, because capitalism, because the current version I said capitalism, I don't even I don't know enough about economics. I mean it's not really it's more! Just like a philosophical. Do you have
capitalism with regulation so that you make sure that there's no pollution Make sure that people? Yes, don't go correlate with environmental disasters course. And are we also going on the fucking momentum of decisions that were made a long time ago, like a lot of this stuff like a lot of these mines that pollute everywhere pollute environments where over yeah yeah it kind of made those when environment? environmental laws were different right. For sure I mean environmentalism. Was it wasn't really a thing until, like the mid nineteen hundreds, I guess so well, I like it like Roosevelt, like was like a huge like environmental group. He did, but the idea of preserving, swaths of land and like considering the environment when growing an economy simultaneously like that that just stopped like there's like some national parks stuff and maybe some things passively ozone- some lead stuff of mercury stuff. You know
in a common sense, really hard core shit that definitely like no brainers doesn't been done, but anything else making sure that that balance is there as the economy gris, it just doesn't exist Just the way. Capitalism is right. Now, it's like it. Doesn't that's not considered a value, there's the more and fact that more scarce it becomes the higher value. It is so it's so it's in its own best interest to continue to grow and grow and grow until it can't grow anymore, two years now, so that so that's why decisions like that are made. In my, in my mind, wild decisions that impact the wilderness and impact in the environment. Like did you ever see that movie Gasland no great documentary it fracking? Oh wow, really crazy um. What is the director SAM Josh Fox Brolin? No, he shares a different guy bro
no way, no, it's a different guy, but it's an amazing documentary, Josh Josh Fox. I did. I got Josh Fox. It's really good really really good documentaries. Who's just rocks he's a guy who made the film yeah okay, he and he was inspired by a personal experience with wasn't. Do you remember the actual story, Jamie experience with some pple agents or something like that in the river, but got anyone who made this amazing documentary and watching people dismiss some of the stuff that documented was so so so so real, oh yeah, they were lighting their tap water on fire, and you know if you saw that, but I did see that yeah and that's crazy. People literally were saying you could do that before the fracking. That's not it's not because of the fracking people were saying that, like okay? Let's assume that's true: let's just get crazy and assume that's true
the fucking water is on fire. That's the last shit that should be on fire is the shit they used to put out fire if your God Damn waters on fire. Do you know how much shit has to be in your water for it to be on fire? Ok, what's going on here, Why are you so sure that this didn't come from fracking and the could always let your water on fire and now you're telling us if you use it, make videos about this before before there was a fracking thing. Yeah show me a video that has the sea. Are you sure, be interesting? Are you really sure that there's a view tested the water you a fuckin scientists, use it over there with the lab coat and if I can check sheet making sure that the toxin levels are exactly the same before and after fracking now you're, not, but why you so interested there's a thing that people do with it like really interested. In the interests of big business, and they want like the the and regular people who We don't even have a financial stake in that business will make up excuses for the business. I know it's crazy yeah, but is that it's fear
this fear of losing jobs like people like losing jobs are losing the thing that keeps their their bills paid. Tulsa. Like that. No nonsense, right wing mindset, there's like a no nonsense right wing. Mind had all these fucking tree, Huggers God, Damn tree huggers, going stop us from making a good living. You want those people to be poor, wanted those people to you ever see the look on a poor coal miners face yeah can I mean just that thing that they do no nonsense, so they want to go with anything. That's like good for the economy, but bad for the environment, which is crazy because you never You have to factor in the other, the additional cost, and how much can it cost to fix what you did and if you ever can fix what you did and if you can't fix what you did to the environment? How much should that cost cuz? If you can, if you decide like hey, I'm going to pull copper out of this fucking hole in the ground, but it might Well, a million salmon like you, imagined how much a million salmon would be worth. You're gonna kill a whole population of salmon. How much is that worth I'll? Give you ruined fishing for all.
The people that want to come to this one salmon river yeah You kill a million fish like. How much is that worth? That's that should be worth billion dollars yeah, you should find a billion dollars. If not more yeah, you can even even fix that's what that's what I'm saying? That's that's what that value? that it has no value. Well, news is also it's ours. But their poisoning is our stuff. I know that's what I mean it's like. The earth is just the worst because it's like it does not it's just a it's, not a part of the equation for growing the economy. That's and I know there's going to be people listening that, like just know about this shit hardcore, I'm just approaching it from like an over kind of philosophical enerji, Thank you view point right right where we in hippies yeah, we're being like, can have on a weird of course. If you don't, if you don't, you know, that's our corsairs downstairs. So have you ever seen some of the image of the mining that they do, the images of the mining they do in Northern Canada like Northern Alberta now dude, it's like some hellscape shit, it's crazy! It's like there's a giant
industry of oil mining up there kinds of mining. I can a lot of folks that go up there and they do shifts, but I mean you're talking unbelievable. Brutally ruthlessly cold bears like really live in their living with bond there's just outside the gates on some fucking nights, watch type deal where they're trying to suck oil out of the ground and there's so much of it up there and it's such a big part of the economy that you have these giant like air aerial views of these. These places that are just fucks Ville, there's there's one of them. The one I saw was much more horrific because it involves a lake. So what does it photos? Famed photographer Alex Maclean's new of Canada's oil sands are shocking yeah I mean it's creepy it's but there's nothing there anyway. The idea is like hey: if it's just flat like that or it's ugly, because we have whole
an oil coming out the whole who gives a shit, no ones up here. Right I get it. I get that mindset. The jobs everyone's jobs in it's true, it's a great job to have They make a lot of money. You meet those dudes. They come to a lot of shows when you do in Canada yeah they have a name form like oil worker yeah. It's it's really real rich oil worker fellows yeah? That is the nickname, the drill in these giant. That's one that I saw and see the water all fucked up, it's all filled oil and should on my lords yeah it's. Ah, it's a waterman that the water's far wow yeah it's it's it's funny, all of the all of the issues that all of the imbalances are completely solvable. There's like there is no deficit. We don't have a deficit in what it would take to just
make good decisions that make life really nice for most people on the planet. I think a lot of managing has to be done because it's a lot of stuff that has unintended consequences and moving pieces of fact, all the moving pieces around them. Of course, I think that's one of things that people are really bad at predicting. That's why I was saying like yeah yeah, you know: how much is it worth to be able to get copper out of a hole in the ground? It's gonna poison, the river and kill a bunch of fish. How much is that worth yeah? You know it's like these people. Have this Sense that, like you, make one decision, it only affects that thing, but it doesn't affect a lot. Things are connected to that. It also affects the way people feel if you do some shitty, like kill a million fish people get bummed out, like that's real that's the way they interact with other people. Read something really fucked up on the news, like God, damn it
until you leave your house like that, you leave your house, like God, damn it two people that have that God damn it and then they get upset at each other for something they wouldn't before, because they're, just thinking is a bunch of pedophiles out there in a bunch of monsters and a bunch of errors and a bunch of people porn oil into the ocean yeah. Now bummer changes when people do fucked up things that changes, how we feel about people, one hundred percent- and I I don't know I get I don't know it's. I try to get that to get overwhelmed by those things, but you know it's like really the best thing, at least in my life that I try to do is. Is it make friends with this many technologists and designers and people of that ilk? Um um, to be able to at least be a part of the conversation, because they're at that they're, like that, the head of the wave
nothing really in front of them they're just on that, like you know, whatever bleeding edge or whatever, but it's just like that. The place where chaos is being ordered and landed decisions are being made which waves were going to do that and if you can have good conversations with people like that, you can kind of. I believe you can kind of help steer things at least technologically, to allocate funds to different portions of technology that are more. There should be more prior to its than that than they are in MIKE, like just a figure out things like accumulating water out of out of the air, the more that should be used or reducing carbon emissions. All the various things you can do for that, you know try to close that gap between the ultra ultra ultra ultra rich and the poor. It's like everyone can still be super happy if everyone everyone had access to be able to level up to a point, that's ridiculous. That can still happen, but not at the levels of the.
But it's not interesting that that instinct that people have to resist that idea that poor people shouldn't be somehow or another. We should engineer a way to have less poor people that we should consider it as a problem, but people get really resistant to that right. You start thinking on on uh. What do you want to do? You want to take my fucking money and give it to someone else know I take my money book. Could socialistic contact my minor yeah, it's like? Well, he did work for it, so he didn't find the right way to work it out of the system. I don't, I think, I'm sorry, I I think they're right, I don't think they're wrong about the whole concept of not giving people money doesn't solve a problem. No, it doesn't solve problem, but recognizing that it's a problem in engineering it so that we have a better society were more people- are doing good, that's great! For eh! buddy totally it's great for the economy. It's weird caste system thing where people who are really poor, you, I'm almost wanna, stay really poor yeah. I don't get it it's weird that I get it I'm like, because I feel uncomfortable,
If I'm in a room of people- and I feel like ones being kind of just looked over consistently yeah, that's the person I'm going to engage with the most well you're, a great guy that's awesome, but the you are. I mean that's a good way of looking at it. I mean 'cause it and then also it's just like on a full thanks, but it's very it's some, it's also is the practical thing right I mean I mean if you're sensitive to those up. If that's part of your value system is right, feel, like you know, not a Nobody should be doing this or this or that or that everybody is entitled to be recognized and respected. For that so that's kind of a cool place to operate from, but I guess, when relating to economically yeah, if more people are doing well, then you, then you have a very productive society. There no drags on it like there's a lot dragging this this economy, sure it's just like yeah. I am in poverty, is didn't, become drug addicts, yeah and and a lot of drug addicts come from abuse. Yeah a lot of abuse comes from PA
Everything is a lot a of those factors that play in there that make us a weaker country. That's how, like you really patriotic he'd, want to fix all of the impoverished neighborhoods. So if we're a team, the team is stronger when there's less losers. Right, people are not losing in life. Well, people are losing because they're stuck in a spot where they can almost never get out by the time. They're eighteen they've already been in jail, twice and they're kind of program. By their environment to be hostile because the world around you is harsh and nasty and doesn't give a fuck about you. Well, you have to adapt. To survive. I mean that's how people are able to kill people in war. People have remarkable ability to adapt to the They should be able to figure that out when you didn't have that's crazy, that's crazy! It's such a add hand the worst hand of cards ever yeah and us the brawl. A team. Like you really say, you're american, I'm american support this country, this country's everybody, man, yeah, everybody everybody I forget, let's leave
Steve just for convenience sake, let's leave out illegals and, and only say the poor people that were born here that are United States, United States citizens work to work. To do. Oh that worked got work to it's. It's it's is it saying to me, I mean I, I see it and I'm like fuck man that shouldn't be a thing, but but I see why you know it's like you I think there is this weird biological human instinct to create a tiered system of society, because that's the way you control society is like creating a transmission, looks like a social transmission and like that is we're looking at yeah, it's like that. You can manipulate like switch gears and can play out. You can play them off of one another, and and do you know- and I think, like some conspiracy thing could ship their products went the wrong my crazy right, as is writers it convenient. Is it could just convenient that people want to keep its crabs in a bucket? You know that expression, crabs, never get out of the bucket with the other crabs grab dragon
yeah yeah, yes, true, yes, I mean it's yeah, it's predicting human behavior. You know to a certain extent and a lot of that leftover monkey stuff, yeah man, it's the it's! Not it's just a still here still here and it's fucking shit up. Well, we also needed it. Just one hundred years ago, totally yeah we're doing duels when they were the president was doing dual close a couple of one hundred years ago, yeah you're right. It is so recent you're right yeah, ever beric Shet man shoot each other with little many muskets in the Fuckin street front. Everybody- and you were the president- is that true was the president that got a duel. This true right, I think you're right, I looked it up as Andrew Jackson got like over one hundred duels. I think, but that's like what the jewels were like that dual type, it was really take a challenge to see if you would show up really and then like just a formality. I can really like always like someone died and shoot anybody he did, but I think, like one person,
Oh 'cause usually didn't crazy story about it. They don't aim at each other. So I heard that there was like you kind of like aim near them, something like yeah. That was a way to concede. In one duel he got shot, I think in the chest, but he was such a badass. He stayed. He like put his hand over it and held it and because his gun jammed when he was supposed to fire, so the other guy got him and then he fixed his gun shot the guy in the head and that guy ended up. I'm pretty sure. That's all that stuff yeah like the one guy killed town. She that you have a real motivation to kill a guy one shoots in the chest that should get you eliminate threat. Now this becomes real but I just have to in there came run away. So goofy is that you have to stand there and let it dude shoot you that's part of the deal right. I don't! turn around and go. Oh, my god, you can't be like. I went bitch and just run I'm outta here you have to kind of stand there. God name Charles Dickinson, not the writer but a horse rival, horse breeder and here's the account
Oh, my god. Ok, it goes on. May 30th, one thousand eight hundred and six Jackson Dickinson met at Harrison's mills on the Red River in Logan Kentucky at the first signal from their sex. When's Dickinson fire Jackson received Dickinson's first bullet in the chest. Next to his heart, Jack and put his hand over the wound to staunch the flow of blood and stayed standing long enough to fire his gun dickinsons seconds playing the Jacksons first shot misfired, which would have meant the the war was over, but in a breach of etiquette Jackson, he cocked the gun and shot again. This time I'm killing his opponent, although Jackson covered, he suffered chronic, pain from the wound for the remainder of his life for murder and duel very little effect on a successful campaign for the presidency in eighteen, twenty nine, american American in the early eighteen 1800s, particularly the South Dooling, is a time honored tradition
That was just a couple one hundred years ago, we were barbarians are like well, sometimes you just gotta do it. That is a time honored tradition. Two hundred years ago, people were so god damn crazy that you could shoot someone in the fucking face in Doula street fight and then run for president and win yet consensual. I mean versions of that now, but but yeah his divorce rate raise more of a scandal than killing that guy. Why was that possible? Wow? I mean again priorities different society. Yeah? What is gossip like back then like gossip magazines? They have like like hand printed newspaper with gossip in it that they would hand us yeah. Why would his divorce become a big deal? They that the printing press back then right? Oh yeah, for sure yeah The bank of the United States got it. There's an and fifty six like everyone buy into it. People are so goofy that just a couple one hundred years ago, there were so goofy mean that's one of the best examples of examples, a difference in a shift,
culture. Imagine hearing that today. Imagine he that we had slid so far down that Trump and Putin were engaging in a duel and they're going to go back to back and chop cheated and shot. Him and we yeah. I wonder who would cheat? Who will have that habit if Trump took a bulletin his gun misfired when he re cocked it and fire again. That would be something that's what that's what he did. That's, what Jackson did Michael Jackson, yeah yeah. That, though, okay, so he married Rachel Jackson, who this is part of the duel, because the guy killed Dickinson had publicly called her a big amiss, because she married Jackson, not knowing her first husband had not finalized the divorce or some like that. So that was a bigger scandal that he was married to some already married woman. Oh like that, got outed so he's like fucking, you wanna, kill you, oh my goodness wow. So he challenged him to a duel, because Jackson challenged him to a duel yeah that
reneg horse. Betty said, oh, my horse bet. You can't cheat on horse betting, that those are two big things. Man don't say a man's wife is a bigamist, don't say that that's what they're shooting people over fucking horse bets chip yeah. Those are barbarian people in this, our ancestors just two hundred years ago, is Very civil civil barbarianism like well we're barbarians with their rules. Well, that's one want more hilarious stories of the Revolutionary WAR right. The way the british soldiers dress was so silly, they literally put a target on their fucking chest. They made vitals lighter it look at a few. You should dance. You know it's like you can see. If you could see, things. Clearly it makes a much more viable target period and you talking about people that didn't have any sights on their guns in terms of optics. Obviously they had
will machine sites all metal sights, but the way these guys walk towards some special The ones with the exes is on the chest for shit is so ridiculous. They're walking Bull's eyes is the dumbest thing wow, and the only thing is makes sense to me that they had just had it easy for too long. Not I'm not even easy, but they were in control for too long they got they got a little silly yeah I got a barbaric people can be really thing about fashion. Well, that's the weirdest fashion, rightly that that was what they used for war time. I did. This is really like. Whatever factional yeah, you know, I mean like a so soldiers. Looked a little bit more, like hey guys, were a professional soldiers in where it doesn't look like good clothes for people up in no it it looks cool yeah, but what a weird right that militarily, weird, how much hand combat where they're doing it a lot of sort.
Didn't just jerking, each other off: that's all they did. They just got in the woods and because, if they knew any Ju Jitsu, they gotta be great. Someone could choke everyone out with that with those outfits. Yet look just I bet that clothing doesn't move good too. I mean I'm just guessing, but I think they're fucking is probably dogshit back then yeah for real stiff hard to move around, and it's just a weird outfits not like something you would. If you want to run through the woods and fire a gun. You wanna wear with like soldiers where today and you want to be able to blend in. But it's just so strange that that wasn't even a concern back then they have knee high leggings? weird shoes. Wars were more like chess, like every like the soldiers and all the different rank and file they're all like pieces on a chessboard. So it's all about we're at a g announced like will line. Are men up this way and will do this and blah blah blah blah it's more like that's how battles are being organized is like chess games
you. Wanna know how get out before that gorilla right right right. What was guerrilla first and then it became about that yeah, because it was like a Mongol, laser. They were lighting, people on fire and he's catapult by any means necessary war. Those shoes did not have tread invented, tread on choose. Yet that's how goofy people are. Yes, they had leather shoes So the souls were leather, so they were scuffed up, but there was no tread. Some soldiers like figured out how to they wrapped. You know, I some glad there and wrapped layers. You know I'm around the foot. So great is I sent action, you you take like a trail running shoe and you ever we are like, like a Solomon Speed Cross Trillo, she loves us yeah, the great they have. These big give it's in the bottom, yeah really dig into the dirt with those things yeah. If you have add to compare it of running up a hill in cowboy boots that have the flat lay other slippery service versus you would fall on your fucking
face. Yeah, there's no way, you'd have any confidence yeah, nothing but those Solomon's just dig in and go gives you a totally false perception of, like I have those Vibram five finger, running shoes, oh yeah, yeah, yeah and uh. Running the trail ones which have like a good amount of tread in it, but one day to run in the ones that aren't trail ones, they're, they're, basically for the gym and a super thin. There was note trade it all. I was falling on my fucking face. My legs are just go whoops check out from going up hills. Religious go. Whoop sees no no trade at all. It's a slippery. I can imagine that you need like, if you running up a stiff hill. You need defense, you know you need something to you, you don't even have that back there just had leather you find tread. I thought I found this shoe. I think it says it was from the revolutionary war, but it doesn't show the strategist. The fucking. Old piece of leather yeah, don't tread on me there. That was
their shoes back then bullshit ass shoes, but the bottom was just fucking leather. I mean when they figured out like Vibram leather soles. You know I mean rubber soles with a figure how to get those like thick Dick trucks slave shoes from the civil war time. Those are clogs. Well, basically, this part that dutch technology yeah wouldn't choose fuck that look at those things now do this is a couple one hundred years ago. People would just take animal skin off and chop it up and put it on. Their body I mean that's how people stayed alive like how they figured out wood and leather, wonder who the first fucking monkey was to figure out. Skin an animal and where its skin You don't have to be like in the monkey days right now. It feels like it be a couple generations away from the monkey
Please, don't you think maybe was my one. Just can't imagine a monkey doing one mean mother, fucking champ and they were going north and there's one do always annoyed him, so kills him with a rock and then uses the rock to take his fucking skin off, and where is it to freak everybody else out? But then you realize it makes some warm a little further north little further, a good movie. Okay, I like movie can see that scene and see that that that that's like that's what the entire movie leads up to a wonderful in the first monkey figured out. He could kill an animal with like a tool like the first like Australia, pit kiss or one of those probably primitive humans when the first one, was that stab something like stabbed rat or a rabbit with a stick and went home holy shit right? I can just use this tool what other tools gonna start eaten yeah, how many good
because, if you didn't have a weapon, how hard is it for a person to kill something with your hands? What do you even going get what you gonna catch? What the fuck catch with your hands? Well, you can't catch. A squirrel would be just your hands. No tools would be hunting and gathering mostly I mean I mean gathering, I would say you beat and shit that you found on the ground yeah, that's primarily what pretty and then once in a while you'd get something an animal but but yeah, but the yeah you're right. They obviously had to figure out different ways of getting animals. Well, it's one of the shifts that they think took place, taste the allowed the human brain size to double over period of two million years. Oh really, human brain size, apparently I was listening to a Terence Mckenna lecture on this once when he was talking about the human brains, doubled over the period of two million years is one of the biggest mysteries in the fossil record, and his idea was that they discovered mushrooms in the
the chimps over this period of time, where the monkey people, whatever the fuck they were in ancient hominids, had discovered a month mushrooms after the climb. It shifted and he backs it up. He did back, I believe, she's dead. Now he backed it up with some some do climate data that we know from you know score samples and stuff like that yeah he thinks that the x it's climate change with the rain forests had receded in the grasslands and that this gave birth to the rise of undulates like house, and you know dear and things like that yeah and they would ship. These must grow on their shit and then they've observed a lot of monkeys in the wild. Picking up cow patties and looking for grubs and beetles under I see think they might have experimented with the mushrooms and that, if the expiry with Psilocybin mushrooms, a lot of things could take place once they realized that it was not just a viable food source, but also provided them with a bunch of different benefits,
being their vision and increases visual cue. I know so. We specially in low doses make them see things better to make some hornier make some more communal, and it and make some more creative and all those things possibly could have given birth to the to language into a lot of other things. They also think it's possible that that creativity could have enabled them to start hunting. They started using tools. You and thinking, and and and trying to figure out ways around stuff and trying to you know, try to figure out how to make an effective weapon to kill something in the distance like the more they're thinking and becoming creative, the more that stuff's in hand and this this period of two million years is like a pretty profound jump for the human brain size. They think some of that also came to do with our desire to kill things with with weapons. Once we started hunting and eating meat, we got way more protein more more bio available protein. All it was healthier for the animal for the human animal.
And then we also started to try to figure out other better ways to kill these animals, which made us even more creative and competitive yeah yeah. They think that all this is all these factors might have taken place that turned us into a person. That's pretty amazing, two million years. Yes, just like a deep creation. Well, you know it's even crazier. Sixty five million years ago we were like a mole yeah A little shrew Incest, that's right! I remember that. What's the name of that thing, no matter, I think it's sort of Norfolk horrific, great Ratica success north coast of I think, right is it again. A past accomplishment was North Chris for sisters. It was like. Weird little mole service process with this. That's what it is, yeah, it's little tiny, rodent yeah, because I did a podcast or no, I toured with what is it? Oh there it is.
I don't know the is of what is Ther word and your theory in mammals was a small rat like creature depicted in this illustration that lived one hundred and forty five million years ago in the shadow of the dinosaurs, so that rat, like preacher, apparently survived the earth or the asteroid impact. I don't think that's the thing, though there's another there's formal name for it. I know, because I was on a podcast and they were the one of the segments of it. They talked about this thing. This is this, but they don't. The only reason why I'm skeptical, because it says it hundred one forty five million years ago, but I guess maybe they survive the impact, the scroll back up to the top of the the title these My creatures are the earliest known ancestors of humans, whales and so okay, that's! What's even more crazy, like we used to be a whale or ancestor our we shared a common ancestor. I should say yeah. We like went into the sea and then on land that thing
that fucking rap became a whale. What maybe that's it area that there is that turned into a person folks think about that we set in your rat traps. One hundred million years from now? Rats might be some super superior human form. I think that's very possible, but I mean I get why why Christians skeptical now now? What do you show me? Your work? God made God didn't. I was not a rat. I was not a rat sir yeah I just appeared, but in s here's a way to it, kind of maybe a justified. That argument is like, let's say, the much term thing is true right, so in essence, humans became humans with the intervention, if you will of a natural psychedelic substance, which then expanded the mind and enabled the growth of my acceleration of intelligence
self awareness like like light speed, and so in essence, like God, created man or whatever you like that idea. It's like well in in essence that it is the unit you think of God is the universe or whatever that's one way of thinking about God collect consciousness whatever you wanna call it like that that intervention or the the ability to see or sense that expansiveness of that collective intelligence could be a to God. So therefore you could say well, I was never a blow. It's like well yeah. You are from that. But what created you write, something more cosmic so in the end, and if, if that's even true well, I was for the quote today from the song was mocking from piers Morgan. Where is talking about the atheist? and not knowing what happened before the Big bang, not knowing how
No one has any answer for what happened before the big Bang and about how this made sense to him that this is I think in the way of saying it was the the somehow another was evidence, or at least in his eyes of something more superior here. It is no it atheist can never say what was there before the big day and they just say nothing and they can explain what now thing actually is no human brain can, which is why I believe in something that has superior powers to the human brain. Well, that makes sense that there's definitely think about. Brian Cox went after his ass. What Brian Cox say: if you mean the hot big bang, then there may be a period of rapid expansion known as inflation. This theory is able to account for the observe features of the universe, including including M,
the power spectrum and the flatness an horizon problems. I love it. Cox just came out and with the science I love it. I always try to do it. I know what he's trying to say with Pierce Mark is trying to say in these right. No one has an answer is to like why this thing became why the big bang happened it's I was interesting quote by this guy was talking about forget who it was remember, but he was talking about how people have might been Mckenna have so much faith in science and so little faith in mystical things, but yet science revolves on one initial theory where magic took place where everything came out of nothing that it smaller than the head of a pencil. So everything you see in the observable universe, including plane trains and automobiles all of it had to have had an origin in the most macular sorcery the world has ever known like it is. All dependent upon magic, so he wasn't
He wasn't saying that you know ridiculous idea, logical. Ideas of the start and birth and death of the universe are fact, but he was saying that look look the fact according to sign test, is that all evidence points to this whole thing coming out of nothing. This whole thing this whole thing existing out of nowhere and with piers Morgan. I think it's saying is that that gives birth, that that the gives proof to something superior to the human brain which for sure it does well. Yes, he we were at is is we ask of were asked by science to believe the entire universe sprang from nothingness and at a single point, and for no discernible reason, this notion is the limit, for credulity. In other words, if you can believe this, you can believe anything. Well, I think I sent you said it in a paraphrase, nickel weigh. That's basically the same thing he's saying it's all not spend yeah
I mean my my my thing is like I think I like to think of it is in simulation terms and in the sense that, if thinking of like reality in the way, it's in the way that we move through it is kind of a designed games of sorts, and so, if I think of it in that way like nothing and something nothing in something. That's just kind of that's the core of our reality right. We live in a binary reality. Everything is a complex assortment of binaries that add up into a really complex system in a way. So what do you think it's moving towards? Will think about that? Well, that's the thing. I think that part of the rules or what makes it hard to rationalize like nothingness or something
very, very fantastic is just because it because it's binary, we are binary in our thought process. So it's hard for us to not think of things in a binary way. So we think other was a beginning. Now there was an ending. There was a beginning, there's an ending, but really it's infinite. It's like it's paradox right. It's everything and nothing simultaneously and and the absence of which, but but I I guess what I'm saying, is that the idea that things are infinite, that reality is infinite. It's kind of a good way, kind of can be scary, but a good way to think of it, because it doesn't make any sense why it wouldn't be. It seems like we have a limited way of doing what reality is, and I think we're limited by our binary thought processes. I guess well,
also interesting that we want to put any sort of limitations on the universe and that, in its immense size, isn't crazy enough for us. You know I mean I know or that we could look at what we know right away. If we know uh, the universe has hundreds of billions of galaxies like there's a bunch of competing theories as to what happens, you know with black holes and weather, there's multi versus a bunch of theories right, yes right, but one of the most profound ones that was ever explained to me is that there's a supermassive black hole in the center of every galaxy, and it's exactly, I think, one slash two of one percent of the mass entire galaxy, really yeah. These are the areas of the bigger galaxies have bigger supermassive black holes, and the concept is that is there is a real possibility that going through that black hole, you would encounter an entirely different universe with
hundreds of billions of galaxies each Galaxy have a black hole in the center of it. Go through that black for an entirely different universe. So each one universe hundreds of billions of galaxies, there's hundreds of billions of universes through those black holes and each one of the those galaxy or each one of those universes has also hundreds of billions of galaxies in each one of those has a black hole. You go through that hundreds billions of galaxies that the whole thing fractal exactly just like what people happening. There's a resistant, no comma, yeah, there's a thing like an instant reaction to resist that notion, as if the universe itself isn't already the most credit thing of magic right? What do you care if it's infinite? Why is it? Why would you even resist that? Well, that's the part of the binary thinking. It's like you want something to have an end. It's like it's it's a way for us to survive. But, like you know, it's like. Oh there's an end to that. That creates a
need to survive, but you think of it as an abstract like like. Well, if something is just infinite, infinite infinite, and what does that mean about us? It's like that's the question. That's the thing to explore, because then you have to renegotiate your your relationship to reality, yeah, which is pretty sick. We have at least we'd like to take comfort in the idea that the universe has at least there's a certain parameter to it. Now now it's fourteen billion light years, and that's it back, no more, no more as if you can even understand what fourteen billion light years is, there's no way it could be that number, it seems more like nineteen, that number is. He didn't say much the way the explained to me yeah that you and I believe, Sean Carroll, explain it this way as well. There's a real this the real lack of understanding about what goes beyond that, because it takes a sir, amount of time for light to even get to us in and that time that that the light doesn't move fast enough to reach us from further event.
Yeah. So if you had something from like two one hundred billion light years ago. Maybe the light won't even get to us yet yeah, there's things yeah, I mean we're living in a time machine yeah I mean that's when that's the other mind fuck, you're looking this guy and you're, seeing a galaxy or any sort of star like in the deep, deep, deep distance of space, the fucking in light coming from that thing left a million years ago, yeah, I know or way more you literally just looking at the past. What is, if you had imagined what is the closest star to our star in the seeable universe, when you look up at the night sky within the dog star how now or wait is that a star? Sometimes things are called stars, but they're plants from old school times on it could be. If you had a guess, was the
closest many well versed in all right. I don't know that sounds great our office in tar. Is it? How much is a? How far was a four four point? Three light years from earth? That's hop, skip and a jump. It kills. You go the speed of light. Take you from your site to Hawaii of outer space that, like they go there and there was a pit stop there before they come to earth and the aliens come, and they want to chill House of, I wonder, is it is some you know I also breaking no, not really. No, it's a binary pair. So I imagine that means that they move yeah yeah they orbit around each other, there's technically a third star, Proxima Centauri, which is says those are an average of four dot. Three, this one is four dot, twenty two, so it's technically close serve nice. So two are closer than the one on one day now do they know if there's planets around those stars, so the tape
even know there were other planets for sure other than ours, This does not crazy to just a couple decades. It's so amazing to me it's like shining, a flashlight in the ocean. You know like that's what space it's like it's like you're, removing a beam, but, like things, are constantly changing at different distance. And you can see better under certain circumstances and you can see at different so like it's kind of like a big existential party you're, like I think I'm making sense of this and then there's all these theories, and then someone is another angle. They like no, no, I mean yeah, It's a little bit of what you guys are thinking, but also this and they're like fuck, and they just keep adding to it. But I don't know if we're going to find necessarily anything, but when you talk to physicists about the subject and they try to explain to you how they even these conclusions and how they know that there's black holes out there in the first place, and they have theories fucking like these, these these theories of multi verses.
Yeah, that's my favorite and brains. The membranes that there's like yeah M theory like lines of universes. Then we we collide with each other again. Yeah have fun! That's why I I goes sorry by the way which was like in interested was interstellar with Matthew Modine. Is that the star hi? How dare you know I'm pretty sure it was going to be different the russian training with the log yeah? Yes, no, he wasn't No, no, no, no! No! The oh yeah boy yeah, but there like a by training, that or was he training or was that was the opponent training Well Matthew Modine was trading crazy, but he was trying to drop weight to go down to fight this. We wrestle this guy that everybody was terrified of yeah,
that's what it was, but was shoot. The one that was working at the log was carrying a log, a post up stadium, stairs, that's right. That was so so, and he was like super hard core is, like you think, going to make the weight yeah I hope so I hope so too, and just kept walking with the law but see if you can find that seeing that so good I mean it, isn't moving again. It's a great thing because, like that interact right. There is so genius because it's like tells you everything you need to know about both of those characters. Yeah yeah exactly so they go there areas there's a dude is badass beach wrestler course he's by himself as his friends got effect and cool headband. Well, his friend was a fake indian friend lied about being a native American, so he could get into college. No. I just thought it made him look cool here. Do I know you lot on sweet Thompson.
Uh. Can you play this over the air? No, no! Don't we get. We get pulled uh to get a make. It work. I hope so I hope so too. Is walking around the log whenever everyone scared for the dude's, pretty big yeah, for eighties yeah. Well, he looked like a real wrestler yeah, really like guys like Mark Schultz. When he's competing in the Olympics, he was fucking jacked man there's some jack wrestlers back then still is obviously yeah. It's one of the more physically intensive things you could d'oh had that protection. That muscle protects you. It's also, I mean just resting all time getting. It starts strong, oh yeah, that true that two, you get a certain kind of strength to that weird grip, strength, you, how man and townie that shit is like it's
take immediate, like violent amounts of strength like for grips and stuff like that, because I just remember my friend he was a wrestler and- and I was like yeah, I don't know wrestling, it seems pretty hard over here. Let me show you move Standing is looking at him and I just blinked- and I was just out of breath on the ground on my back just like experts. Throwing bodies around. Just like, oh I mean it's like strength, grip and being able to torque shit shit happen. I mean it's insane, let's think about things. You do to get fit right like with sandbags and stuff people, do a lot like extreme things right. They flip tires. Throw sandbag hammers yep. They take heavy bags to the over the shoulder so yeah. When you rest you doing all that, plus and plus it's resisting plus, and to get you right yeah. It's super If it's like, it's like active strength, is going to be a deeper form of strength, yeah This is a range of motion, strength, yeah! That's why the worst
My strength is like Nautilus, machine strength. Yeah yeah with the system is not the worst kind of strange shins in there with those things all have the purpose. The really good for x, specific types works at work, outs and specific types of exercise. Is where just trying to fatigue the muscles like a lot like a lot of strength and conditioning athletes like to use those to bang out reps, because it's they feel like there's less factors going on in terms of whether or not you could drop the weight when the when you losing your nation, as it is a frosted exit safer, but most people don't think it's ideal for just right for a sport, specific main for just the overall strength, because you're you're not getting balance we
like, if you, if you go to heavy weights like come with free weights, most people think that free weights are superior to a machine because you got a bounce thing, pushing them develop. You develop stability, you're, actually holding the weight instead of just pushing against for like using your force against something. This lined up on tracks. Yeah you're controlling it. If the control it the whole way yeah. So that's where wrestling is, but it's fighting back. It's even harder to hundreds off of eighty pound, dude who's. Also fighting back and fuck. You pick him up moving around and it is also trying to get you at the same time. The answer to edit all strategic, so you're like honest, strategic, instinctual level, then you hope your training and your reflexes
tuition. It's really interesting to watch like really skillful technical wrestlers because they go from one technique to another in the just chain. Wrestle like watching like a lot of those is particularly Russians is all a lot of russian lot. Soviet bloc athletes from you know years back even worked really really technical water wrestling really beautiful to watch and chain these techniques together at yeah. Do these different moves to to try to achieve dominance? It's a crazy sport yeah! I at whenever I watch it. It's like you feel like it's like when I watch dance, I'm like I'm kind of moving with it. You know I mean it happens with all sports as opposed, but wrestling it's just like our our click click the energee when I'm watching it, which has been very rare but in high school, used to see wrestling matches. My friend was a wrestler and just be like. Oh man, fucking excited yeah yeah it's cool, 'cause, it's like it slows down it's fast, it's slow, it's fast, they're, exhausted,
take a break. Go then, then, like now thing for a while, like really just like slow and then suddenly. So we just does like this really weird, and just flips, and it's like. I love that energy man, it's a different thing than any other sport yeah it different than any other sport. That's in the Olympics to like the Olympics have boxing and wrestling, and then you have sports Judo, Judo, even tuck window. They have talked window in the Olympics to know, but the thing is that there's there's a it's a different kind of sport: man, it's a sport where people get fucked up. You think those are different. Yeah just they're, just different, it's a different feeling when you're watching it it's a deal print consequence. When you fail yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I mean it's as close you can get the closest thing to fighting. Oh yeah, I mean cause fighting is mostly grappling. It's a lot of. It is not everything yeah but like at least what two slash three, maybe
Well, no, okay! So real fights, it's really a look of street fighter. Make street fights go down pretty quick, sometimes they Dio, but sometimes they just get people get knocked out. Some of those people could just get shadow line and they don't and they punch him in the face. That happens a lot. There's a lot a lot. I think I would say it some of yeah. I mean really does happen, that a lot of fights go to the ground, and I think Ju Jitsu is a great thing to learn and wrestling is a great thing learned because of that, like the ability to minute believe someone's body is really important but you also should understand what someone is doing. If they're trying to punch you some people, just don't have any idea what's happening. Bong legally, their fucking bell, crack 'cause. They don't see a guy pulling his hand back. They don't see the shift in weight, not see someone about to punch them. They don't see where the punch is going to come from what direction that they have to avoid. They don't see those things because they've never experienced it because they they don't have a training. There are have any training and striking that's just that's fucking dangerous man
because if you lose to a wrestler or you lose to a Jiu Jitsu guy, a lot of times you wrestler might beat you up on the ground. Might ground and pound you, but it's huge! It's you guys, probably going to choke. You kick Fox is going to slam his fucking shit in your face, like you, do not want that man, you do not want that, always see it. So this to lose. The war to lose to a striker. Did you see this past weekend now? This is the fastest ever knockout in USC history, this guy Horhai Masvidal knocked out this two time. Olympic wrestler Ben Askren is a beast of a wrestler knocked about five seconds. Does Askren went to shoot to try to get a huh His legs and monster. Don't ran at him with a flying knee and hit him right in the face was while he's trying to bend forward. That's legal yeah, fuck yeah, it's legal! That's it right! There boom oh fuck, it's all over the internet. You want to see it so yeah thanks five seconds. Is one of those things where we watched it. We went holy shit like as it happened. Okay,
I was talking about that one down there, but that window man W just turned away from it. Wasn't the one below it. Wasn't it it it it those it's other people talking about the reaction. It's definitely on this graham, but apparently is getting pulled, left and right yeah? Chris again, try do that which is just just like that's for everybody. I understand why We let everybody have it's like. No, we need that when they own that commodity. But that's it's it's good for everybody. It's not how the internet works either. You don't win here as Terry here ago. So this is the beginning, fight, ready to fight one yep out cold. Five. Weather F, though yeah it wasn't even really five seconds. He was out cold at three seconds. Someone to time from here boom out cult, three seconds as a as is run it over to him. Yeah and why is he yelling at him be hated each other really.
They hate each other. Whore, hey Masvidal, said that guy was taunting him for, like ten years talking shit to him, so he couldn't wait to do that to him yeah now what then dust himself off he took it like a man I mean he really did. He went on. Ah talk show and talked about it afterwards and good. No, that's that's! How you fucking do shit, yeah, yeah, look! Look it sucks! I don't like losing that guy's, a douche yeah right, but they're, probably going to end up being somewhat friend friendly later on down the line. You don't think so. No MAS Vidal said that, if you saw me at whole, foods is not over. He still smack him in the face. Even a whole foods couldn't hold him Whole foods can hold right in front of Kombucha. The real Gt's kombucha, the kind that you need. A credit you to show your id to get
now. Whole foods- man, that's like that's like hello grand. You can't start a fight, bad, no he's willing to break the rules. I saw fight a Disneyland on Instagram the other day, dude you're, going out on Disneyland. We got punched. A check too exceed fulfilment to people are filming in these people. Going down in front of the kids at Disneyland, ah terrible technique to everybody's terrible Terry. I love that the equally disappointing aspect of it. It's a terrible take it's the most disappointing, like guys. If you're going to fight it's just learning technique, yeah. I mean it's like someone. Stealing the stage and playing bad guitar you'd would be angry with gesture. Of course he was saying yeah I get it now, I'm in complete agreement. I think that that is kind of equally important, because hey man, if
we were filming yeah p. Look like a consensual fight. You look like you're trying to pretend you know how to fight, and the worst is the pulling off of the shirt. I don't even know how that even becomes like an instinct a good move. Well, it's to keep your slippery right seeking like! Well, you want! You know, you don't want anybody choking to death with your own jacket. Oh that's true! Yeah! That's true! Okay! well, I mean I guess in the videos that I've seen it's been mostly about, like hey check out Jack, that I am Bro yeah yeah. I kind of look like this. Dude got choked out, but I couldn't quite tell it was going on here. 'cause he went down quick is that security and he been out for a second so he's pulling that girl's, hair yeah he's out cold and a cold. You dropped him as head banged off the ground to that ball, dude choked the shit out. I I just killed a guy, I'm gonna, get out of here, but you know whoever choke no charges were pressed because no one wanted to say what the fight was about. Polaris.
It was that so it was a guy that was holding a girls hair at the end. You said he got spit on and then he went crazy, Oh wow! I don't know if that was saying hold today, they're funny. That's all it takes a little bit of water a little bit of yeah, it's funny. It's I got all the things that make people go crazy. Spit in someone's face is like wow, we're ready to go to war here, yeah I mean it's. It is pretty crude biological weapon back in the day, if you had some like smallpox or some shit like how dare you potentially infect me, do you Damon Wayans, joke about when MAGIC Johnson came back to the NBA magic Johnson after that HIV and then came back to the NBA. He said Damon in my opinion, one of the most underrated comedians of all time. Still one of my all time, fantastic all time, favorite, but one of the You're special deals: he goes, everybody was avoided magic. No, we want to play defense. He goes a step Dennis
Rodman used as Rob's like like listen spit in your mouth and accelerate your symptoms. I'll spit in your mouth and accelerate your sim to this day. That's one of my all time, favorite lines. I hear that line of God, damn that's a great. That is a crafted brilliant thing to think it's oh one hundred eighty and hurts that one hurts, spit in your mouth and accelerate your symptoms. I mean so says, I'm sorry, I fucked Madonna. That's what he said. Spit in your mouth and accelerate. Even it's even more potent! That's like some shit talking shit like that's the type of shit that wins that wins the whole thing yeah you gotta walk away, keep talking after that now, that's it and I'm taking you a like a man. Take it lost like a man yeah. Maybe that's. Why spitting and it's also it's gross
it's just gross and so rude so fucking rude? I mean when someone purposefully spits at you. You, like I want to destroy you. I got a good kind of understand that the axis of thing people get like Lincoln Food. That's grocery stores make some girls gonna get arrested, she's facing like twenty some, I don't understand. I don't wanna know why six is a. They thought that was funny. Look food and other people going to buy him. Well, people think it's funny to spit in people's food when they're they're serving it to yeah. It's weird people can grow. Sometimes hey. You know the the the get it anyway they can. Man yeah get back to get back in the world yeah. Do you take this ship position in life? Now I don't. I don't agree, salad sorry hit, and that makes it up, and so you got to be nice. Just got it mean after everybody. We like swapping spit with people in that weird. That is really weird. Well, because that's consent, all right, yeah! Well, not just it's consensual. It's like it's pleasurable, like even
If it's consensual, you don't be spit in your mouth now, because that's super fucking gross yeah but kissing someone talking about and they like to look like that would be weird like you, just spend my phone. This is gross damage, but if someone kissing you in their tongues in your mouth and you swapping literally swapping spit it sexy it's hot, we like yeah there I'm glad, I'm glad that I like that part, because the other part I'm just like you can't what's wrong with you. Why are you doing are you doing yeah spit in each others? Mouth you don't need to do that. It's like the delivery method is what we have a real problem with yeah. Exactly apart from the program is too fucking football players? Do it this specific giant living moving. So they really did do it for the same pretty sure they had Thio, they spit ancient his mouth. While I guess when you're playing football. You just want to be a savage as possible and you don't give a fuck you make
with the dude you'll fuck a couple of guys and then you go play football because you feel like You don't care here the entire force of the universe. Yeah people do things to let people know they don't give a fuck yeah. That's true this chair. They do things like that. They could have you seen euphoria with Boeotia. Now it's did mail hostage, yeah! It's I think it's out now. You know what it is Jamie. I've heard of it heard it's good yeah. I have not watched. It was about
ridiculous. It's basically about it. Centers around a drug, addicted, uh, high schooler played by Zendaya, and ah it's just about the modern kind of modern generation. High school experience through her drug addiction are trying to overcome drug addiction or kind of realizing what is going on with her at that stage in her life and there's just it's just the culture of all the things that kids deal with these days. But it's done in a really really hyper beautiful, stylized way. It's so crazy, intelligent! It's amazing! It really blew me away. I was not. I just went to the opening and was like uh. I don't know I don't know what this is and then uh the guy got up and talked about it, because the writer experienced addiction has been clean for fifteen years, some of them, but that was his life back then as a teenager, and so
it adapted it, and it's great for the reason why I bring that have is what were we talking about we're gonna, go what we're talking about it before that spit in each other's mouths way went from that to people wanna pretend they don't give a fuck what they want to. Let you know they don't give a fuck. Oh yeah, that's exactly right! Yet so, there's like a great scene in the first in the pilot doesn't really give away anything, but one of the characters she's in a kitchen and there's like a big bully, dude popular guy. That's like getting getting interface and being really threatening, and then she takes a knife and she just slices her arm and dicks. Just like stay away from me, Motherfucker, something like that
deserving when I look at this as well that happens and then she introduces herself and leaves still by the way I'm and she walks out. But it's such an intense scene. It goes from the darkest of the dark as to like a practical. This, this person is really smart. The the girl it cut her arm is incredibly smart, that's a crazy thing to do to someone that yourself in comes of in front of them. It just shows you. Let's say I don't give a fuck like that like that was making all do to you yeah exactly and the guy everyone, was just frozen there, like. I don't know if there's a bunch of high school kids in the kitchen, pretty cool, pretty cool like a character detail that just kind of like shows you everything about that character in a split second yeah Jesus amazing, I love the ship. That's intense yeah, I love when you don't know something's good, you don't know anything about it and then it turns out to be it's the it's. The best feeling are all:
one of my favorite parts going to the movies. Previous, but yet they ruined exactly. I know I'm the same way in the same way, it's like peeking into a Christmas present like when you're a little kid like I'm just unwrap this pitch the rabbit. That's a fucking tie fighter. Oh my god. Oh I'd start Vader's yeah. Sneak reply back, it's like yeah, oh my god, I I didn't even see him with parents like. Let me look at that yeah little rock I have been caught, but that's almost like would previews. Are you to see a little bit about what the movie's about? I would have would be better if you had, no fucking idea. If you just, I don't want even know a synopsis, and while I don't know how what King Kong is, which you need like the newer King Kong King thought it was like about like a king yeah. You have no idea and you sit down You have no idea how the store is going to come, come out and the MO
Can you see the gorilla you're holy shit? You know when he's fighting dinosaurs, the black hole. Yeah, it would be so much better than you watch all those previous ardis. Partial trucks are amazing on the new Godzilla, but you go to see but it's like you already seen it. I know he's going to breathe fire out of his mouth. I know what it looks like you've shown me yeah, it's my favorite. Trailers are the ones that just kind of give you a feeling of the world and that's it like the new Joker trailer is sick. Yes, it's perfect example. It's great, it's a piece of art unto itself, but it's not giving away a lot. I mean there's a lot of time. You see a lot of shit and you kind of get an idea, but not really a very artful trailer yeah, but you gotta have some Then was people are going to go to you? I know that's the problem, but remember Cloverfield yeah.
That came out in like that weird the ads they would show it just be like, and that's all you heard yeah Cloverfield like what the fuck is this. Those are weird movies right, like those moves like this movie sucks because it was just filmed by people who were there right. Well, these are terrible. The care was gonna, be shaky, yeah, we're gonna, scream and drop the camera. That's gonna bounce in the in the ceiling, then, if I mean Blair Witch you know, it was kind of the starter of that brought Blair Witch freak me out. The first don't see it I want to, see with Chris Maguire comedian, Chris Maguire and a couple folks that worked at the movie theater across the street and they came to see us. We are performing at the Houston. Laugh stop okay, and so we we're talking to them before the show and like hey, we're movie theater and I was like oh we're going to probably go there this weekend, see that Blair Witch movie and they do is like hey. I have the keys. If you want, we can open it tonight after the show what was like fuck yeah
So is right across the street, so me and Mcguire, and I think there's like three of them that work there. We well hung out and watched the Blair Witch together in a fucking empty movie, theater. They made popcorn and every flat Tuesday, so they had the key to the place. So I mean if their boss found out there would be Foxville. So don't share this. I won't tell anybody, but this is like one thousand seven hundred and eighteen years ago, at the very when that movie come out in movies a long ass time ago, nineteen, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, so yeah twenty, working years ago and we're at the Houston last stop. This is awesome, so cool and a great like flow of an event. Yeah you have to do basket, gives you like a foot yeah. Check this out yeah. It was fun that movie was scared, the shit it took me how to get into, because remember document, remember dogma that remember that creates. So I remember celebration that had come out. That was the first movie that I saw. That was me
it all on you know, because they had those rules like that. We only use natural light. We only use dv, cams and blah blah, and it was great. It was interesting and weird and oh, my god, that's kinda, crazy and then Blair Witch came out and had that kind of vibe it a little bit more curated like their narrative, but I was like I thought it was yuri, but I really didn't get scared until the very very end yeah when, when it's going down the stairs and then the flashlight is searching around and then sees that girl facing the corner- yeah that me up. Yes, that that really that one moment so the whole thing I was like. Oh that's pretty! You know it's cool, it's creepy, okay! Well then, it's just that thing I was like you. It strong closer is a real strong closer! I mean that's the way you go out, yeah, that's the way you go out, but
and interesting that we like movies, that are on film right. We like that look yeah. We did. We like the things that are in the forefront and focus, but everything in the back, it's just like yeah Cleary and fuzzy it's true, it's got this like quality thing to, even though now we see videos that are very literal from phones all the time we see that kind of imagery. We still don't necessarily see you wouldn't see that in a movie theater unnecessarily you too two distracted by all the outside images. So if your toy- kind. You and I are talking, I'm focusing on you. I know there's some stuff over to the left and stuff over there right, but I'm not seeing it the same way. I'm seeing you! Yes, that's one of the reasons why I like, when you interpret video like you visually, interpret video, it's a very weird dist, portion, even though it's the most accurate representation, because I can't look at everything at the same time. So if you look at a photograph and everything is in
focus. What kind of what are you using? What are you using to see things with? This is my eyes. Don't work like that yeah, my eyes are looking at you and everything around you like. I know there's o'clock right here, but dude. I can't even read what time it is it's right there. I can't read it, but now I can read it right. Okay. You know the stuff, that's just a few in just to your left or right- and I literally can't see them- yes, it's a tiny, tiny point that you're actually focusing on this focus on right in front of these thanks, yeah range from the face, so that's make. That makes sense like for focus a kind of like it's the way that- and it's also a story telling mechanism right to focus on this part. Yes, it definitely is that yeah, but also it's like the looks cooler it is. It just looks yeah. It looks a dope, it looks pro, you know it's it's a high
Erez yeah, look of video camera like a regular standard consumer grade. Video camera almost takes clear pictures, oh for sure, yeah. It's it's like. If you ever put your phone in time lapse mode. Yes, it looks like the way it tracks when you're moving at over objects. It's got a higher frame rate or something like that. But it makes it look like that pan and scan shit. You know when you're watching sports events or whatever and it just looks wrong like it's near literal or something to the way it everything moves. Just feels slightly off. Do you think the which is the custom to the way film looks and then, if we were accustomed to the way, video looks the Film would be look clunky to us like if everything started off as video, and they said you know what it's not really. Good to have everything in focus. Good to have some things in focus, then back away. Some things are blurry. Then they come into focus and actually enhances the filmmaking. Yes, right
Yes, I get a horror movie, but something blurry and then they zoom in on it, and you see it's like a monster high end of the badly oh! No, that's not. I didn't want that to happen. You've now just revealed exactly what I didn't want to see: yeah yeah, no, I agreed uh yeah
I don't know I mean I don't know, but I know that do you have people of like film. I think it just looks it's the texture of it, but now people like Devi well, it's like people like vinyl right, just people that are just die, hard, vinyl fans, they liketo sound yeah. I mean you know I like I like I, like anything you know, but I like to I'd like to make sure that it's the best quality of it or the most natural use case for it. You know you know it's like when people used to mix when people that started listening more to music in their car, that they could like put a thing that they bought in their car with a tracker, whatever released, have record players for cars too, but you know uh the way that music sounded. They were kind of. They also had to consider the mix of car speakers
Does it sound like on car speakers so going back to the aura tones and the n s tens, and then the standardized car speakers that people test audio in and right and it's a different parameter right because you're stuck in this little contained metal box, yeah yeah, so you gotta figure out Howto makes the music, but generally it's the sound system that has to be adjusted. Ah, the sound systems have to, but you mixed to say they kind of meet each other. In the middle but great hi FI systems, my actually it's a quick anecdote, but when I was in Seattle, I knew that I liked hifi systems, but I didn't know why they were so expensive and so I went into this place. This guy named Leland Hope was working. There was kind of friends with him, 'cause I'd come in and I just scope gear all the time just look at like I love audio gear. It's just
sweet and then one day it was towards the end when they were closing. And ah he turns to me and says: hey man. Do you wanna get your brain fried and I was like what do you mean and he's like? Stick around okay and the clothes shop? A couple of his friends came in close. The shop it's like, maybe five of us, went to the back room. Smoked. Some marriage wanna went, went into the over on the main room where they have all the speakers in all the different types of units, and he says then he turns to us. We also down the couch and he says: okay, you're gonna, listen to a this is a system in total it costs about one hundred and fifty thousand
Lear's whoa and uh, and then he just goes proceeds and goes through and explains all of the stages that you know that the current is going through and what the music is going through, what's being played on all the cables that are being used all this stuff, and then I heard all of that crazy speakers like okay cool, he lowers the lights and he puts on a bill. Evans trio record. I can't remember which one um and he does presses play and we sit down and like within probably thirty seconds. People were crying and because it felt holographic
it felt like you were in the room with those musicians that were playing right there for you, and then I had the realization that it's not the money, it's not about the money. It's about. What does it take to engineer a machine that becomes invisible to the experience, and that was that kind of blew my mind so, whenever you're designing anything, it's like you're designing experience in the engineering should you should get the fuck out of the way. What was the medium? Is it vinyl final yeah? What do you? think, like in your description. What is different about vinyl? Well, I mean, supposedly, if you have a really nice quality piece of violence, cut really well, you get as close to
you, the original master, recording experience that coming out of the studio if you're talking about older tape, so whatever that final mixes, when someone plays it now, like it's been mastered. Here's the stereo two track with plans to area to track. It's been mastered, excuse me Luisi and that and that's what you hear you hear it in the best possible context on the speakers that it was mixed on its everything's optimal. So essentially, when a record is pressed, if it can mimic the the stereo two track, the master which it does, then you have something that for at least the first, I don't know. Vinyl people say how many times, but I will a record starts to wear down. But if you have a fresh press, you can write it about
times before it starts to degrade, but in that state, you're hearing it like analog, super Analog, it's like how many times you think you play before it starts to grade. I don't know, I guess it depends on the ears of the audio file, but there's probably an average. I don't know what it would be, maybe sixty thirty forty fifty time now is there a digital format that at least comes close. Oh yeah, yeah flack files. What is ah, it's a file format. Um black files are good um, usually one hundred and twenty eight
Ninety six kilohertz, like that there's like kind of a mastering the digital mastering standard and that standard is, is basically what that is what a record is. So that's why you have like sites like hd tracks that I really dig you can get all your favorite out. Well, not all it's not as big of a selection, but you can get full resolution from like stereo to track Master, fromthe, studio level quality in a digital format. They you can buy and then put into a high rise player. So I have a high res player, ah hi fi player, and it runs the has really nice circuitry and all that
deafening use. A really great pair of head funds and you've got the closest thing to a record: that's repeatable infinite times and is the headphones, the way to go or one of those crazy tower speaker jammies the way to go well, it depends on your your use case like if you, if you you know, if you hear in the house- and you want like a cool living room system or whatever I would always up for speakers and not not so nose and not that kind of stuff people they dig it but um. True, I mean records are meant to be played off of two speakers with a two dot one system, unless it specifically engineer which is very rare for like at most or whatever, the fuck, but usually it's two speakers and a subwoofer. So. Why would I not want to hear the music the way it's supposed to sound? However, I understand the convenience of the speakers, so I'm not totally knocking it, but for me, if you're gonna get a system for your living room, if I can get a two point
system yeah you want it played out the way you want the sound to come at you the way it was recorded yeah. Otherwise, it changes the experience yeah completely, the sun us and those types of things they they fake stereo. Henry Rollins was on the podcast and he has this most preposterous set up in his house. He is gigantic audio file, oh shit, massive lover of music and he collects all these albums and he even runs radio show you. Don't love his radio show on K C W. So these an attic. These are the crazy fucking speakers he has in his house what the fuck and there's some. What those two hundred thousand dollars is what they are I forget. I have seen those of some pictures of that. That's um who makes this Alexandra Xlf it's what they're called Okay Wilson, Alexandria job to look. I mean it's disgusting. Look at those things you have to have their weapons. You know like you have to have pulled back, so we can see what a gas for full size of those things look at what
weird looking piece of equipment looks like future robot looks like an atm machine right, yeah totally or like a display screen robot yeah. Today we have here here for you. Thank you for your business ivs. So is the one that we're looking at. On the right hand, side is at the back yeah wow shows the input. I need to know what the they have discrete inputs for each of the the spectrums the different between people go deep. It's like everything right, look at it, that's what it looks like that's another one, look at that goddamn razors thing I mean it's performing audio. Is one hundred thousand dollars fucking speakers like that, he's like I have it all now. I'm good thank wish my spirit. Look at the fringe. On my curtains, I am Heinrich Orleans. That's crazy man, lol,
there. You go again with sound system in cars. Amazing, two men, because you know, if you get like a mark, Levinson like I will load as a mark Levinson system in it. It's just like the whole thing is engineered for the shape of the in out of the car. Yes, so it just rings out and tight what perfect places places listening. Music is a car and I was stoked to get to get my. I got the be the our system in there I've never heard better audio. I mean I've heard some dope ass. I think I have a think that Tesla uses Levinson stuff, I'm not totally sure people haven't been able to figure out, but they should have by now, but I remember like five years ago trying to figure out who, what is the premium audio system like what is it besides a premium audio and I couldn't get an answer- someone figured out the the was was, but they couldn't out the speakers or something but but the Audi man banging Olson, and I have some eighteens at home. There's a two. It's a two point, one system and it just finally started get kicked in and now it sounds amazing. I was like really kind of the
point it for well yeah. It's weird, there's almost finished yeah. There's like a burn in watt. I think there's a burn I'm not sure. Maybe it's totally maybe maybe I did get I mean what do you think of this week by fantastic groovy, really good yeah. It does not weighing you down now. It's just a nice friendly like you're fucking high, but like yeah, I feel good. Mid stuff, it's not like you're, not freaking out. I like it a lot What's it called again purple what purple to know purple main venom venom? Thank you cease. Yes, but what does he know what she was going to be? A bond- I know the great brand- that's awesome, Purple Van, purple venom's wow wow wow wow wow, wow yeah? You have the brown
yeah and then there's like a subwoofer that looks like an egg, yeah and they're great cause. It's have my house kind of MID cinch mod. Has that mean mid century mother? Oh, that's me tries, I said, wasn't of what I think is. What is the first time I think I've sent the Senate yeah yeah. Sorry, sorry from Sicily made since March. That's funny, are you gonna love this? The curtains are provided for I mean is that the the the the overall Landesman since the only people- I don't trust it when I go over their house and they have a minimalist setup like where they have like plastic chairs that don't have any cushion in a flat table with nothing on it and everything is small and there's nothing there. I'm like what are you doing? yeah, you know you show me your clean brain, yeah, fucking psychopath was happening here, which was the soft surfaces or is the place to chill you know. I I like what I dig is that mid century mod furniture- I don't even know what that is. You know like was it Julie Van
Julian jewels for you. It is, I think he's a swedish or danish architect or furniture designer Finn, and he makes these like you've seen these chairs before, but the original. These are just it's such a great work of art. It's like sturdy comfy, but light enough that there's like a are in the back, that's just made to grab, and you just throw it around. But when it but is set up in a room, it looks substantial and it looks comfortable, but the super light weights. Their idea was like to be super modular, really easy to move for company. You know this area, that's not quite it type in French yeah, it's intramuscular yeah. I would was his name. A fin. Jule spelled f I and then yeah Jule, maybe J d e g? U h! L yeah like that Orange one right there yeah! That's like eleven. Does one design
but that I has that that extra thing and that's not how minor minor just like it's just a back and No arms and the the same shape and you sit in a min they're just great there like firm but comfortable, like you feel active like you could get out of it if you need it to There were there. No, what does it say at the top that Sit fan? F, I a ends for you, H, L, maybe try classic or something that will look at stuff, though yeah it's down of the of the clear the grasshopper chair, yeah so weird when you have a chair, that's that low to the ground. That's too low mine, not like that minor are like things, you can keep your feet in front of you yeah, like the stretch, your legs like that that one and nine chair like that that kind of stuff, so it's like normal chair height, but it's blue. Flea design, but it's minimal and my living room like I like the idea that I could just like move my furniture and if people want to dance or whatever we just do that and you have to be
look. You know I wouldn't need help like one person, clearly grabbed both chairs and right and you don't have some bullshit sitting there that could break yeah yeah you careful, yeah, totally, hey guys, canadian table. Really sorry about that. Hey, easy, easy with! Would hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Rock and roll music, send everybody crazing Jesus, fancy figures. I told you they beat the chill out mixes only yeah. You need to chill out mix for late night, like really groovy Joe beam stuff. It was like in brazilian bossa Nova. Do you. What do you? What do you thoughts on like streaming services like music, yeah, title and stuff like that? You will he's like Spotify and Pandora. These three apple music. These streaming services, I think, they're convenient, but I don't quite trust the quality. Yet
and I have a lot invested in Itunes, but I started using title on because it's the less that seems to be the least popular of all the streaming services is, is Jay, Z's company, and now that I'm like it, Jay Z, fan I just like that, it's owned by an artist and that they focus on super high end codecs for their streaming. So it's like the highest quality possible for streaming. Since then Spotify claims to have it, I don't think Does it yet it is, but I like I, like the tiles, as so I mean I guess, the idea being as long as it's fair for the out of the the artists. You know the deal for streaming, how streaming streaming is calculated and how that turns into revenue for our on the revenue side of things. That's really the biggest concerns revenue. Side of things it seems like this whole thing was like the wild wild West when it got started in the the way, the the parameters were established is not in favor the artist in favor
people that run the streaming companies they're the ones who make the substantial profits yes absolutely yeah the companies do. All they have is the work of artists. I just wide so crazy that they make most money because they right platform. All they have is the don't, sell shit without artists. If every artist is like not fuck you, have anything yeah you have. No, you don't sell anything like you're, too selling tomatoes and you don't even grown. You want most the money like. If you or tomato store, and you got your tomato from a farm in the farmer to do all this fucking work to make the tomatoes and the sold them at your store, but you got almost all the money yeah I know, it's totally crave doesn't make any sense, and then you couldn't grow tomatoes with any other farmer for the next ten years after no yeah, that's a a because they know you up. Yeah yeah. You have to make commercials about these tomatoes, but you have to pay for them now. They know It all comes out of your profit, not ours, yeah it's all about it's all about direct economy. You know I mean like that.
That's the way. That's where we are now. I think yeah. I think. That's where where we are where we're headed. I think that's. Definitely I don't know I have I can barely that's. Why, when I can do my own streaming stuff like that and I wanna being tied up and to it with another company that utilizes behavior, all statistical data have to increase their algorithms for targeted advertising. But that's not really interesting to me. Yeah, I think with a guy like Youtube, just build it and they will come. You know and then advertisers who resonate with your sort of mindset, they'll, find you there's plenty of, you'll see, b, D Brands and yeah fill in the blank of cool companies that be more than happy to advertise on something that you know when you have a guaranteed audience of a certain kind of people. Yes Donald it totally. I think it's great and I think also so just having a direct store to. I love the idea, which, whatever I make that's just so
old store it in like you're, just paying me and I'm getting it and you're getting the thing and that's it yeah I mean you've worked for a bunch of different companies before done things. It's like it can be great. You can work with a bunch of careful people or disaster. You got something times suck in the middle of the fucking mix and they just demand too much Tension is too much conflict and nonsense and yeah interpersonal drama and sometimes people start fuckin! Oh yeah, people that work together start fucking, and then you have to hear the opinions of both of them. While you pretend that you don't know that they're fucking, this is way heavily on the way they're communicating with everybody else, like oh yeah, that's supporting each other and you're supposed to support them too. Now you, their relationship has become center stage office. That's one of the reasons why we don't want office romances, not even just because we we don't want to be harassed by men. They're trying to fuck him all the time so just say: no one can do it, but also because once it of relationship does happen
one of two things either ITALY runs right. Yeah either will go great and everyone's going part of it. So your relationship becomes a part of the whole ecosystem of the office or it'll. Go terrible and people have to pick sides and or one of you has to leave so or that Judy you. If you, amongst the most miraculous of people, you have a amicable split and you become really good friends afterwards, you still work together with no problems even like each other spouses, yeah it is possible it possible. It's happened, I'm sure it's happened, yes, but much much more rare. But if I was running a company I'd be like listen, you guys can't bang each other. I know it sounds gross I know that you're here all, but the problem is like what, if you met the girl of your dreams on a job that was your dream job. He like shit, what do you do you have to make? This is like a fucking Jennifer Lope
movie right, yeah, totally like like Thio two successful. I don't give a about this job Jennifer I want to be with you. Don't don't uh play music, it's like no! You don't have to quit I'll quit yeah fuck this, but I've got a quick. No, you can't and then they decide to start their own firm yeah. If, if it was real check movie, the girl would have like the the smaller paycheck to and the guy would lose a bigger paycheck and he would he would come up. She would come home from work and he would be wearing a like looking apron and he'll be mop and yes have a great well. I guess I guess I should get used to it like that. So is my life down and bring a photo of the perfect job? I give up my perfect job for the perfect woman, yeah yeah yeah. I know it's if you had the dream job, but you met a girl there, she was single and she was into you and you both into each other. Like God, damn it. What do you do
start packing and don't tell anyway that's what you do right, Prob, probably or if you're like super pro and super committed you just figure out a way not to and just kind of maybe come up with an agreement or something I don't know plot your exit. Yes, you apply your always know your exit, while you're lying about banging each other? Yes yeah, you got a lot, Gotta lie and say: yeah we're going I'm going to tonight my friend, my friend Melissa, going to Todds House Todd's house for some dick that sucks such a terrible way to live. Don't do it yeah worth it, but the most terrible probably live in the closet. That's probably most terror that's the most. It's a super unnecessary one. I think yeah well in some cases, not at all. Yeah! Well, it's also like it's symbolic of you know. We all have things in in that closet. I mean that's like that's like a pretty big level, that's noticeable by many many
people, but in a way it is a metaphor for like there are a lot of things that we don't allow ourselves to shore and like let people know about, and especially in the corporate world right here, you're forced to present a air quotes. Professional image- and this enhances your ability to earn a living dance is your ability to be successful inside that corporate structure. So you literally have to play a role all the time, which is why, if you talk to him who are dominatrix is one of things that they say is. The guys are really like to get kicked in the balls and shit. On, are the guys who run businesses the guys who yeah. They need to feel it feel. It feel alive need a kick in the balls. They need someone pissing in their mouth. They need something to get smacked. They want to get crazy because they're so button down all day long that can barely take it. You say lucky: Reggie is so lucky an artist, so an son of a bitch
I love it. So I was in a cubicle right now mad at you poke him. No man, you guys, can live with dreams. I mean I don't know. I mean ration people about credit card loans yeah. I know well? Well? You know we could be more of us could be more creative, but we're that really designing as a society to support that yeah. We you and I can't fix streets and fix history now, but we can inspire people to fix the street, so yeah. Of course I mean you know. Sometimes it just takes a little kick in the in the yard. Balls, ok have a conversation with my friend the other day. We were saying you said you know you kind of really need all kinds of people. 'cause, there's all kinds of jobs that you don't want to do and I was like yeah we're having a problem with our exterminator and I'm like. But like could you imagine a dude who's really cool who's. The killing rats like that, so we just for living it just fucks rats up. That's this whole deal. He just rats. I know I know there are people that just sort certain types of screws,
line all day. Long, that's what they do. Somebody needs to do that. Otherwise, it's not going to get done theoretically, you know robotics seven when people fear like robotics taking getting over jobs and things like things like that the positive side of that is, if societies organize themselves in a way that ensures that people remain productive aside from these automations, because it's taking away the menial tasks, the repetitive Haskell shit and then we were able to allocate more brainpower to the economy. If that's the way it's viewed, it's it's rat. I think it's a welcome thing and I think yeah there's fear of the unknown and things like that. But the government helps or you know, there's a transition. That's at least considered. It could be really really beneficial. Well, how do you feel about things like universal basic income? How do you feel like that? I mean that's ah
because that's what people are gonna need. If we get to a point where millions of jobs vanish overnight, because automation which could happen, you look at a I mean I was on. I don't know what I'm talking about, but if I did. I would say you look at a nationwide version of what happened in Detroit when the auto industry backed out well yeah, I don't know I mean I I don't know like the universal kind of makes sense, but I also don't know about the successful models and the non successful. Implementations because, obviously with society as it becomes a lot more complicated because it's people and people are complicated, and so, when you say, there's universal income for there's a base of that everybody will have you don't have to worry about certain things right. Transitioning out of the current state. The mind state that we're in some people just gonna, try to blow it in all and then until go into that, and then you know
maybe or maybe be designed the system to be really foolproof and it's just a commodities base. So people can only get the value that they're guaranteed. As you know, rent being paid actual food, you know a well things, so they don't act of access to the money. I don't know if you don't give him the access the money, they don't give them adequate choices in terms of where they get their food, like I'm not in favor that, because, if you had like a government place where they had groceries and go get your groceries for free to play, it's going to be disgusting well with because competition you know sent yet well, maybe no incentive for excellence. Well, maybe if it was like a you know, some kind of a card or something associate it like an apple pay type thing. So you didn't you go to whatever store you want to similar to like a welfare Carter for yet, and they could step yeah exactly, but a little bit more frames differently. Right, like you, have an account with the government where every month you've got like a thousand dollars cash and five hundred dollars in food yeah. Maybe something like that and then their rewards for, like you know, moving out of that. Like phasing out of that right,
I think the way Andrew Yang has a structured. You would get everyone we get it. You could opt out of it, say if you were doing interest like yourself like you could opt out of it, but that's cool yeah. I do like the everything thing as soon as you just you. You make something specifically for a certain population. Talking of that about that it it's not it doesn't. It doesn't. Work conceptually it just better when everyone knows like, oh you have it, I have it, there's something that finds all of us that all in common, obviously this billionaire doesn't need it, but there's just a precedent for people that make a certain amount of money there suggested to like. You know offset that, like put it back into the system, so there's more money ran people that need it whatever But I think, like saying it's, for everybody is kind of a smart thing to do. I like that, every yeah. The idea is that you have equity in the corporation, that is the United States of America. Oh that's interesting! Yeah! That's weird! Particularly if you thinking about natural resources,
like a man of the year when you manage the enormous profits that someone gets from natural resources like the idea you own, the oil, that's under the ground like who's, decided that like when why we decided that you go a mile off the ocean. Stick a fucking tube in the and suck out all the oil and make a trillion dollars. Look who said who said you could do that's not even your ground, yeah yeah, so what the government is giving a license to BP in BP drills holes a mile offshore, and then they suck all the oil and they make billions and who's getting that money How much does the government get and how much is a bp paying for that can't act, and why doesn't that money go to the people that live in the country? is it the people live in the country that countries a corporation? The corporation is the one that owns this water, yet they're the ones us. So the idea would be that you would would all profit from from, and they would make substantially less than they make now and then, instead of these people making
billions and billions of dollars for something. That's not even there's yeah like that profit would be split evenly around the country in terms of infrastructure and replenishing, impoverished communities and community centers and trying to figure out a way to engineer out all the horrific neighborhoods used. The natural resource is yes, I mean that would be wonderful, like they've had to pay. Some people for fracking they've had to pay some people off because they just ruin their their their neighborhood. Like there's people that live in a place. It's like fully toxic now! Yes, what do you think this is from the original spill and two thousand and four it's been going on consistently? Oh yeah, it's still leaking. This is a fourteen year old Gulf oil spills leaking up to four thousand five hundred gallons a day, they found that it was many many times more. Oil was leaking. Out when they thought it was. So that's still
That's going into the ocean right now from that stupid oil pipeline yeah, the the quicker that someone figures out alternative energy, that's kind of what I'm saying it's like the it needs to happen. This is ridiculous. It's just it's a run through an easy thing right now and just feeding the. The the MR machine is just like. No, that's, okay! That's acceptable! you and I have righteous virtue because we drive electric vehicles. Occasionally that's true You feel a little bit better. I feel better than people. When I drive my test mmm, you assholes poisoning the world. You know, I feel I only feel better driving my test lit only in that it's just faster. It's just faster than almost everything on the yeah, it's a time machine. That's that! That's exactly what I call it. I always say like. If there's a look
Cation that I want to go to. I appear there. Yeah, I don't go to get over. There is just like. Can you have that p? One hundred gs as the one I have, which is of two minds? One yeah he's in its meanwhile that, new thing that they're coming out with that roaster. I really want to get on the second faster zero to sixty yeah. It's how well one dot nine one, one, eight eight one dot eight seconds since these changed his his take on that. I think he recently said it's two dot. One serious? Yes, okay, we're very disappointed right this way, because you gotta break the to bury what kind of nonsense is this? I know where's my point where's, my tenth of a second, it ain't going amount of kids, fucking, thing's ridiculous. I kidding it's just a second weapon, yeah, it's it's! It's insane! but it also six hundred mile range, That's what I heard, which is just insane to me. I just love that it's a tiny or car, it's like the fastest thing ever there's only going to be. Maybe three other road legal cars that you could buy, that would get to that
super cars were gonna, look obsolete. Compared to that, though, yeah I mean well, the thing I'm excited about is the pennant Farina Electric Car all designed completely in house and I don't know when it comes out, but I don't know if you find a picture of it is the nastiest piece of tech. Don't let the Italians make the engine, though trust I yeah. I don't think so. I think they're leveraging like let my people design things you design, the way it looks, but all the wires there barely paying attention standard. Girls asses, eaten spaghetti. I guarantee you so far. That's so true, like Germans and Japanese make reliable cars They make their engineers woo, damn. That is a god. Damn batmobile should be nasty wow, that's uh! real car, oh yeah, when's that coming out, I think, orders there you go five million. She This is a step. Christ yeah,
so this money money active errors. How many shakes are there? I mean come on that's like in the end, it borrows a little bit of like a love for our areas over the japanese styling. It has a it's the perfect blend of, like all the good things about like tech. Looking car, don't it's like it's like a ferrari, four hundred and eighty eight, but one that nine nineteen a Lexus Lfa, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I got that hundred one thousand nine hundred how many Newton pounds of torque tough. I know what I have whenever they say that Newton Meters- I don't get it those european ones ones like what are you saying? I don't feel that all I know is what is high and then I base it off of that. It's funny, too, that we still use horses stupid is look that these people power less than two seconds so that's like but it's an electric vehicle and I'm sure biting one coming out. That looks really
cool one hundred and eighty miles an hour, one hundred and eighty six miles an hour in twelve seconds seconds later, going one hundred and eighty six miles an hour. Control. Cockpit, that's what I like about cars like that I like better, look amazing, it's a house in the hills. They know it, hills, I'd, get it wow, that's right! If I could I'd get it, would you oh yeah easily? I definitely want to get the roads of thinking about the roadster I'm getting that bitch you got to man come got to. I mean it's not that I mean for two hundred and fifty grand you're getting a car that, like that, that's a what is that was it again? Would you keep showing us Jamie you just flip into now check out who sees Jamie's on and wrap a rabbit hole. He went on to you to browse the web with Lotus was doing. What was the other one was pulled. Muscle robster put though yeah that things bad is what is the other one? Rimac concept? Twenty, I don't know it's a think. There is stuff,
handle for the roadster. Oh yeah, you slide your finger down yeah with pops. I mean. Who knows that's going to stand in the point: it's not it's not using that steering wheel. I don't know why they do that. They do that. For concept, cars that no sideview mirrors, which now is actually becoming legal, which is great, but I have no side view mirrors 'cause. It looks sexier, but so what it looks more sleek. Does it really bother? You that's like if your get and girls really hot, but she has a chipped tooth. No! No! No. That makes that makes that makes it better. That's like that's character, man, that's so We need. Why? Don't you want side mirrors, I want to see it just creates a cleaner line, fuck. Clean line. I want to see what's going on well, have you die? I want to see. What's behind me, men will the New Honda, all electric car, that's basically kind of like a like a gulf kind of an eagle, but it's a fully new car. It's got. It's got the camera system with the side view mirrors they're, just right on the edge of the dash right, where the mirrors kind of would be and the guy the guy
was doing a review of it. One of the few guys has gotten to drive. It said that it just blows. You away here like why have a car has been like this forever because it gives you an accurate, full time view what's going. And the rear view mirrors also a screen. Maybe it has was known no billers what you laughing at make fun of this car. What am I making fun of you go back to said. Look at this was only some and it's cute. He like also got the most ridiculous turning radius, its turns tighter than a London cab yeah, because it's got a stick in the ground. Just It just plants a pole in the ground and then it just rotates yeah yeah the roadsters is evil. I don't think it's really going to come out. Two thousand and twenty. I don't think so either. I think it's can get pushed back, but it's just such a gorgeous. It does have some active aero. I think in the spoilers active it's cool. Looking, it looks like what a car supposed to look at two thousand and twenty exactly
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