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#1327 - Mike Baker

2019-07-30 | 🔗
Mike BakerĀ is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.
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and free returns by going to M e m t, dot com, Slash Rogan and see why movement keeps growing check out their expanding collection, go to M Z, M T, dot, com, slash rogue and join the movement. Alright, my guest today, is he's been on podcast the podcast with. What's it called again he's yes many times before his name is MIKE Bake. He is an american british former covert operations officer with the central intelligence Agency- and I was checking in on him and seeing what the fuck is going on. World and what I need to really be worried about, and he provides data and he's
great guy. So please give it up for my friend, MIKE Baker, checking out the job Rogan experience podcast by night. Let's crack it's good to be back could be back. It's always amazing. It's like it's like it's like a little. It's a bit of an amused, Mark almost now yeah with stuff to see and the and the gym equipment and everything I keep thinking. I should just bring my gear over more yeah the show or after the show, but get loose. I don't want to embarrass myself, so I'm going to now I'm not going to watch will watch you workout he would James! I kind of guy that was seen. Give me side. I he would give his side I, but I don't think it's a yeah. It's all good everything's! If he's good to travel a lot haven't. We just talked before we start about Idaho: haven't had a chance to get back there, but yeah all good
good. So you were around for a television show, so what you're doing yeah this is. This is there's a there's several meetings going on here, but we just finished a filmic. Show reality show for can I say the network kind of hanky on until we get closer air date, which is October, but it's for the discovery network and it's gonna be it's gonna, be a great show that and that not all not wanting to say the name. Well, you know what that's what I wish that I was set. Free publicity is a good thing, but they're very to on the marketing protocols, and so they want to make sure they've got it all buttoned up and I get that right. They spend a lot of money on these things and fucking so freaks. Yeah, and so anyway, it's but it's gonna be a great, a great show. We spent the past three or four months, filming it around the country, really good for the team and the stories are fantastic. It's basically looking at yes, I'm talking about it, I'm not supposed to, but We're looking at millet
Very government organizations that are typically in the shadows were not releasing any sources and methods not disclose any five secrets when we're talking elements in units operational activity, events that before now I've pretty much been in the shadows and some incredible people- that's one of the best parts about this thing has been going out there and meet some of these guys that are doing some of the high speed ship. And it's it's pretty amazing and when they do release things like long long after, like I was reading something I forget what the case was about, but it was something about how the The files won't be released under the Freedom of Information ACT until two thousand and eighty well. How do you yeah, I know, but how do they make that just like that was the thing with the Kennedy assassination right and sometimes they roll it over, and it's not even then right. So sometimes they extend that other times. They do and so some information comes to light periodically
and so this does look at this show will be looking at some historic, but a lot of current things that are going on and where the money goes. Are we spending money on when it comes to this high speed, operation set special forces and others are involved in it will be. It will be very good I was- I was lucky to be able to work with again. You know some really. People on the production side, but just also going out there and meeting some of these cats of just is the the the that they do is. This is even after being around a while, because I have it's just a may well. It's gotta be constantly accelerating too right. There constantly coming up with new and spectacular things that nobody knows about yeah. Well, they employ them right and sometimes the it stays on the shelf right, it was the running joke at the agency at the at the CIA. Was you know that we have a fantastic as anti group of science and technology, another one's response like queue from from Barnes and they're, the ones responsible for the
doing all the gear, responding to specific operational requirements. How we're going to do this particular thing? Let's develop a piece of kit, that's going to allow us to do it, but they run joke is always at. You know: they'll develop it I'll show it to you before an operation, but then they put it back on the shelf 'cause. They don't want that, should getting out there right and people finding out that they've got it. So they'll give you like a twenty year old piece of kit. They use instead and you'll be walking I would like a phone the size of a brick knowing that they've got something high speed on the shelf. Well, that's what everybody always thinks like when, when you talk to the average Joe on the street about technology in the government, there was like to the stuff they They probably don't tell us about how much of that is real, it's! It's pretty have you seen some stuff that made you go holy shit yeah. They can do that, yes, really yeah. And how much can you tell us? Well, you know what
one thing that they're doing and- and they say the sexy some I want to talk about today, because it's gonna affect everybody. It's not just something that that is going to affect people in the military or else in the intelligence community. But one of the things that they've been working on is imagine. You've got it. You got a rock up on a on a target And yet, but before you do that before you get the customers on site and you're going to hopefully obtain high value targets there at that location if we do it, you gotta be back in. Like euphemisms, so I'll get people yeah before yeah before you can load terrorists into another dimension, but sometimes you know you, ok, actually I was going to say. Sometimes you want to actually capture them and get their intelligence. We've gone past that right, because the years where we're getting our asses kicked for holding on to people in detention facilities. You know what that did, that pretty much convinced everybody- that was involved in this to just Wakeham, because then you don't have to deal with the aftermath. You don't have to worry about. Are you going to get in trouble for
for interrupting something right exactly so so that actually increases lethality of operations. You started painting targets and just blowing the shit out of there, rather than trying to grab the target and get their intel. That's a problem because in the pipeline dries up for the Intel, but anyway. So imagine you got this. You got this site. First thing to do is to turn, if your targets there- and it's not like that. You know that Tom Clancy Movies, where you look, through walls and all this. It's it's. You know that technology night vision devices and that ability in low light conditions too. To monitor and to identify specific individuals. As always been a problem. They've made great strides on it to the point now where in no light conditions right with the right stack data with the right information in that database, meaning the right amount of information about individuals right, you just constantly populating this database with new face or with new photographs of individuals that you're, going after with a
for that to sift through there. I think, the point now with no light conditions that they can identify positively the targets in that room with the targets in the facility, or that building whatever might be that is pretty incredible. However, they can identify people by their heart rate not just the hard right, but I mean other other Bio data. Right, I mean I don't either, but they can literally with video somehow or another they can zoom in on you with some scanner and recognize that this is a particular individual, because their heart rate yeah this is. There was an article that was written about it, and I know that there's a company do you know axis h, e c s it's a company, that's been used extensively buy scuba, diving community and now by the hunting community as well, because it blocks the elect will signal HTC. It blocks the electrical signal,
but your body gives off ok, yeah. That makes sense, and I think they're doing work with the military as well to develop, suits that somehow another stop someone from being able to recognize your particular heart rate. Right It does a lot of work on on what they call us or the universe, and there's no answer pending on as a lease that identify people from a distance by the right yeah. It helps it helps if you have other data points right, but this is all part of it to some degree, You know they refer to as the universal soldier right that the fighter of tomorrow and on convent damage yeah one thing that should be that's right. I mean that yeah, who doesn't remember jungle, L, although in grim he's doing like chip, commercials now sure haven't seen him in their nose or whatever dude. Seventy is terrible to splits yeah yeah. I don't know when that becomes useful. So really I don't either split. I I've never! Actually felt that that was something I needed to accomplish in any given moment,
from now. If you doing karate movies, where you have to do the splits very important but so the universal soldier thing where you your you know it's. Exo skeleton. It's isoft suit. It's on the data that you can acquire for that war fighter how do you create the perfect environment on that individual, as he's moving through an environment to to you know, be a more efficient, effective, the lethal fighter an you know: things like that: identifying target, whether it's with a laser, whether it's with low light or no light conditions where you can as you're rocking up on the target. You can do that all these things no the ability to to Kerry more gear right, hump it another extra. You know ten kilometers whatever it might be. It's it's pretty incredible. What they're doing and it's it's a joint. It's not just the military they're working with you know: companies like hacks or they're, working with the with the commercial sector and academics to but
anyway, I don't. I disappear down a rabbit hole these like the idea, it is universal soldier thing if you've been paying attention to this Elon Musk Neural link. Thing that he's coming out with, where they're going to somehow or another insert fibers into your brain and then have a bluetooth enabled device that you, where that's going to, allow you to somehow or another interface with data at a much higher band with. I don't know what the any of those words mean I just setting, but that was good, though there is good, it sounded like you understood it, that's my tracking. Some of the words yeah, I I you know there. There comes a point: if it's talking about. I mean that's, that's going into a different area: that's going into civilian applications and probably the military application would be great. That are, everyone could synchronize data. You could give them now cation in their head like if there's some sort of a demented reality, we could literally see the targets in front of you like that. If you had a map say like that, the
but the Pentagon really does have this laser beam. That could identify specific individuals and you have a map of a building, that's in your head and they can identify by the very location, absolute perfect location of each individual person in that room? And you could see that as your running into this building your scene like a three d grade in front of you- and I know what you mean. You could shoot him right through a wall right and there's, but there's there does become a problem. Then the becomes a problem of of information overload and we. When you get into that situation right everything starts to close down a little bit right and and or, and so you've got to start pushing some of that away and, and and now What you end up doing is you get the offsite? You know command center relaying some of that info. And as needed, but that guy that's about to breach that door. He doesn't want a lot of data points anymore now he said that knowing where you know knowing where the has tiles are on the other side of the toy, that is key information. That's not rocket science, but so that there's uh
That's going on is also the ability to monitor the health of the individual. Jurors are out there through the the the gear that they would then be wearing it's it's. I think it's an incredible effort that has been going on and and and so to answer your point and a long rambling answer. Yeah I've seen some things that are pretty amazing. You can talk about the new no no, some of this some list should actually will will get into with the new show that's coming up sometime in fall, I don't have a release date and again, I'm prescribing talking about so I won't do So some of the attention some the things that you saw, you'll be able to talk about yes. So how does the government do that? They just decide? Well listen, it's not a bad thing? If you tell people about this, somebody, that's right. Yeah, I'm a well! I think, there's there's an element of some of it's, not what you would refer to as classify It's just not readily available public information and it's not out there in the domain, because people aren't aware of it are searching for it. Some of it does, I think, you're right some of it is like the military wants to say at times. Look what we're able to do
we're doing this and often times because it's in a sort of private public cooperation, and so that encourages other companies with innovative technologies to step forward and and get involved and and some of this man, I guess that- opens up all sorts of other. You know some people are out there saying. Well, they shouldn't be working with the military. Well, with it's a question that I had this is brings me to a point that I think is kind of important where people always talk about the military budget. And how high the military budget is an you know we need to take some of that money and put it in other places, and you know maybe Some of that military money is not being used to the best for the best good of human racer, maybe maybe some of it, but in order to be able to develop stuff that keeps people safer in order to develop all the stuff. You talking about that, could potentially save the lives of
soldiers and even innocent civilians, because you're going to be able to target the correct people like all this stuff seems pretty critical right right. And it's also there's uh up side? If you want to get, you know, moralistic about the whole thing to developing advanced technology, simple, you can be more surgical right, yeah. The drone keep It is an example, gives you a much better standing of your target. You can avoid the collateral image. You know the deaths of civilians on site through the use of proper technology creates that environment, and so it's a good thing and again I mean let's see I ate there Smt Group over the years that they've developed for operational, This is that then made its way into the commercial sector and benefited people battery technology walking around with a pacemaker or defibrillator in part, can thank the agency because they do when they were. They were working. It's continue to work on on battery technology, shrinking those batteries as a power source
initially operational purposes. So you could, you know, put a transmitter out some site. You know and You know. So what are you doing? Your eaves open on a on a hostile target or of you know, gathering intelligence, but then that that effort all that work. That was done then, that later on benefits the general public, a drone technology same thing right I mean the agency was front and center on developing drone capability. Now what are you doing you doing that to you know for environmental concerns. You know or mining it so it's concern about drone technology. My old house used to live at this mother that lived down the street from EAST to cover a drone over my house and film. He will like a fit like I know, is like looking at my now we swimming you fucking weirdo did you ever go over and talk to him know know should have some drone over his house yeah. I was thinking of shooting it down, but it's hard to aim
up now you can nowadays bone marrow yeah If you have a good but like see the way, the way you calculate accuracy with archery, is you you have a range finder and that range finder has a built in adjustments for angle. This angle, compensation for upper. Down, but I don't know if it has ever straight up in the air like 'cause. You got to think the way you you're. Judging how much and arrows going to drop over the course of the flight right right. My name is Abbas to yeah yeah yeah right yeah, but with a bullet. Obviously, this less competition, because it's bright much faster but there's video. That's hilarious of this guy got tired of this block party in Brazil, so he loaded up a drone filled with fireworks and the Harvard it over the block party and started. Launch in bottle rockets down on these guys that are
make it too much noise. That's excellent, though I mean, if you think, that sounds like something with my boys would do right and I'm sure listening this at some point, so they I'm did that they're going to stay with us yet Sluggo and Mugsy Bogues when Yasser name, Sluggo or Mugsy or scooter guarantee they're gonna do so they're going to do something like that. Yeah yeah. This was that when you're aiming your I didn't know it didn't occur to me, it didn't occur to me I want to give Eugene or something I want to gene you I want to give me flat tops right every summer I want. I have the same discussion with with that with my wife. Was the world's greatest person wanted that given the flattops and she always does look with name Scooter slugger Mugsy you get my flat top as well, then that's it! The database is exactly they're going somewhere, but it's you know the best we take down a drone is, is just blank it JANET and would drop it up. Well, you, if it's like you know, it's like the old days of jamming a radio signal, basically right
interrupting your blanketing. It you're interrupting the data communication from the controller to the drone. Like did the drone. That was taken down in in the iranian the that we took down they're, gonna, say USS. Boxer was involved in that out there in the the straight: that's how they do it. They don't fire missile it anymore. You know it's just it's me more second of something on it. That disrupts the signal right, yeah, it's it's! It's essentially again and not over some places jamming, but is that jamming technology available to civilians? yeah! Really really smart civilians, I guess it could it could be yeah really. Smart civilians would probably be able to figure that stuff out shaming. You know anybody, let's work on that. Jamie could probably so Yes well in technology scooters just out at West point. He wants to go to West point when he's when he's old enough
and so he, when, under a swirl across program and I'd forgotten, have you been a west point? No, you get a get a go at some it's! I know it's a ways away from here: it's not a day trip, but it's this, it's a beautiful campus, and I forgot about that. Obviously, it's gotta is that with Jodie Foster was in silence of the lambs washing This morning, I didn't sound right. I don't think so, don't kill, gun, wow, that's crazy Yes, of course, the more lightweight compact drone countermeasures drone gun. Three thousand Jamie order me one of those immediately yeah Amazon, please yeah that would That would have taken care of this guy yeah. But the problem is it's not as satisfying as a bow and arrow. Yes, that's a good point, that's a good point:
so one of the things I wanted to and how we and it's not a smooth segue, but we were talking about a bit about technology technology is in particular the twenty twenty election coming up. Is this idea of deep fakes, yeah, yeah, yeah, mastic stuff and the technology to create this nowadays to create a deep fake up that which potentially just major doctoring the photo or video and making it do? What you want to do to try to convince people of whatever it is technology is, is, is advancing and it's stunning what you know don't Kyle Dunnigan is Carol done again. I should know I should hello. Various stand up comedian, but he shine in doing deep fakes and he's working so the guy, I think the guys called Doctor Frankenstein sure the fake inning yeah they can work as well. Yeah yeah, one of those guys,
but it go to go to his instagram and see the new one that he did with Elon Musk. He was doing. I'm really kind of crudely with like face with you know, face swap face yeah like a little filter that you get from Snapchat or something like that or Instagram. But now he's moved from that to doing is really high end stuff go to the on. Must one look at this play this defense into the set? Okay? How does a labs, which is pretty cool? It's pretty cool, but but but we had a little snafu and it looks like time is slowing down. It will eventually start going backwards at at increasing rates of soon you will become a baby again and be sucked back into your mother's, so yeah, okay, now pause now go to another call done again video, so he can tell what kind of really looks like that's him to the right of that. This is what he really yes, I, which is madness. Yeah. You got that the geissele areas by the way he's also
guide to and he's got a great instagram page, but his instagram page is mostly him like the gold boom the golden ones. The chip click on that, because that's a normal one. This is one he did with the filters without Doctor Frankenstein look at the sales kind of creepy yeah yeah yeah, but it play that so Ellen Degeneres sorry seems rally blacks, but but that don't get too close. There are still a major flooding head off. Just ask the Portia raptor! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Ray Liotta Ray Liotta's always smoking, although we gave it a in the video he's always smoking in this. But look it's it's bad enough that it's extra hilarious 'cause, it's bad,
the new one that he did with you. Our mosque is not bad. It's it's too is not bad. Caitlyn Jenner will go to Caitlyn Jenner on the far right. That's genius click on this one. I have something sherry. I should tell you when you had your surgery years ago, hi there, eight year old, Haitian pet sematary by accident and, I'm sorry to say it's back. Yum yum ok, but it does does in my face the card ashes, the elite. That's the only way they talk, they just say yum yum, and then he does. What they're, saying and sort of like group and guardians of the Galaxy I had a knife, I miss these things. I do well, I really much in the wrong on the internet. Well, you're! A former CIA guy should know that your the thing I have time for college well with this, the, but what you just shown I'm,
people. Look at that and I go okay and that, but that your ideal I must thing, is getting close. I want to be the real guy, but you could have someone I'd say, give me one million dollars or a bully or house or or just come on, and imagine if he gave you know some off the cuff financial data on Tesla not sure as if he just come out of a shareholder call, and now he releasing some information we think about what that means to the the all of a sudden, the stock price of of a company, if yeah, if that happens, but the quality is is so far beyond, even that now that we can be done by and we're talking mostly state actors like like Russia and so the prom we're facing now. Is it's not just your body's kind of what kind of aware of you know the the the sort of the twitterverse or whatever the twitter and the trolls that exist on there in the bots and all of that. But it's the video. The ability to do video they released one one was done not too long ago with Nancy Pelosi, see it
It didn't was slow down her speech just slightly, but just enough to make it sound as if she was slurring her words? Maybe she had a couple of drinks and that thing this blasted all over social media and people do this day still think, and they still talk about it like you know, she's kind of losing it a little bit and write an more by the way she did that yeah, I more sense, get a little light. Yeah worth one hundred million dollars, and no one knows why you should have been out there. Partying, I'm sure it resolved oh so legit yeah. She earned that one hundred million dollars for sure definitely no shenanigans, no legal shenanigans, no there's nothing like that happening up on Capitol Hill it's so that this. This is a it's something that people should watch it's something people should be. You know read up on little bit look at it because
technology is advancing so quickly that the effort to combat the effort to detect it there's some companies out there and and and certainly the the the government is, is working to do that. Darpa and some others are working. But the effort to try to identify doctored videos right particular when you're talking about elections campaigns is, is it's it's going to be an increasing problem that we not really discussing that much in Congress is paying a little bit of attention to it right now, but it's it's really problematic and there's there's things that at you used to be a look for right, lighting and and and noise and just sort of the movements of the face, what they call Micro, heart, beats and and and all the little things his is the subject in the video blinking, for instance, when you doctor it sometimes it the blinking wouldn't be there.
And that was a tell, but the people involved in all of this and creating these deep fakes are working at such a pace that they're getting ahead of that. So It's I mean it's fascinating so anyway, they're coming up with ways to try to counter it, but I guess the biggest point is it sounds like a public service announcement. Is people need to be aware of it an they need to be smart about it? Of course they won't be. Everybody goes to the internet and they lose their minds and they believe whatever it is, that they that agrees with their opinion, sure and there's no bothering of checking. You know whether anything is actually legit anymore, not, but if that would be my one piece of advice going into two thousand and twenty starting now. Pay attention, don't believe anything you see until you prove it and that's part of the problem too right now, if I was believing anything, we see right, but if I was a sceptical person right, if I was a conspiracy minded individual I'd say, but you know this guy who
to work for the CIA is telling us not to believe the news. Wait. I see what you're saying what I'm saying is set this up. Okay, well, it's time for me to go. I get that right would but yeah normal sceptical person want to think. Why is he telling us that? Yes, I guess I'm saying I'm saying it wrong because you're right, I don't mean to say, I don't mean to imply, I guess thing is trust but verify when you're looking at a video of a candidate or you're, looking at anything really on the internet now just be pair of the capabilities, Maybe that's a better way of putting all of this, because you right. You don't want. Is that part of the problem and one of the things that Russia does and and others who are involved in this whole propaganda effort, one of the things they do I want to do is undermine our confidence, obviously in media. So by me saying: don't believe what you see, I'm kind of feeding into that so you're right, I shouldn't. I shouldn't go that route be aware of what the capabilities are pay attention. Everybody should be a little bit smarter, but what they're doing that's all it says so
and also what we're looking at now is so much more powerful than what we had three or four years ago. Three or four years ago, this technology is not available for the consumer, but now it is. Well, there was, I mean you think about it, if not to get too deep. But if you think about the photography, how long is photography been there have been efforts to manipulate photography right so these altering photographs been around almost as long as the medium itself go to Photoshop that kind of put it all in the hands of the consumer. You know what you were talking about swap the new face app to age people, yeah all these things make it easier for whoever's got a smartphone to try to do this, but what you really and and that's a problem as well, but one of the things that you really have to worry about is again sort of the state actors like a
well that Russia was behind the face, swap thing well yeah and that's a good face up there right. There are russian companies that are pushing this technology out. And what are they doing ever? You know you every time you do that it's recording data about you. Well, not only that you have to give your name and your email right to get that application, and then they have a photo of your face Is that correlate with your name and your email? So what they've done is they've gathered up more than one hundred fifty million emails and faces and they have data on people yeah- that is that's pretty powerful stuff like if you think about what Facebook is done. What Facebook is made billions and billions of dollars by essentially mining data right, that's what they about but Google is the same thing: they're mining data well, Russia managed to do that with one hundred and fifty million people in a very, very short amount of time, just by making something cute. Oh, So it looks like one hundred men now. What do you think they're doing with that data
slicing and dicing this trying to understand the american electorate right they're, not going to stop doing they did and they've been doing this forever. We talked about this before they've been doing this since 1940s busy trying, the out of world WAR two before they broke up with the as it was, it was a serious break but when they were still aligned, they they were busy paying off journalist and by trade unions and all the rest of it so they're never going to stop what they do, because it's worked for them and it's just kind of in their dna then also what the United States does as well, and there's got to be some sort of counter intelligence stuff that we do, that is sort of shading shoot well but she but yeah you justifiably shady about that yeah. I, like that. Ok, that's a good term yeah. Of course there is an people, Do that people every every. You know what I talking about. If I'm giving a talk about chinese government constant theft of intellectual property. Somebody never will come up afterwards and they
kind of role arising go well. We do it, it's not like it's just them the! U S is guilty of it to what you damn. Well, better hope. We are right because, if we backed off and said you know what just for the sake of being of righteous individual. We're not gonna do any of this, yet You would have to be the willfully ignorant, naive or just stupid to think that Russia, kind of these other actors out there I'm going to stop. Also we're going to hold hands and unicorns going flying out of our assets, not going happen so yeah, I mean the answer. To that is always the same, which is yeah. You better hope we do it and we hope we do it well yeah, but people are nervous about that. Right like this is my point about the military budget like if just cut the military entirely. Well, we're all going to start speaking Chinese, because some go down like you can't just cut the military budget, you can't I mean just cut it out one. No, military at all, we're going to focus on ourselves. Yeah yeah luck with that. Work. So the question is like how much money
you spend on the military. How much money should you spend on counterintelligence? How much money should spend on propaganda, mean should be some money spent on propaganda overseas right right as we're we're trying to manipulate them the way they are trying to manipulate us. The idea, though, is that where America were nice, where the good guys were doing it the right way, supposedly yeah. Well there we are. Is that right? There is that in there- and you know what honestly I'd be honest with you, I'd I've always yelling. It may I'm naive or whatever, that was always my thought so you know we were out there in the operational world and you think you know what ok just doing this but for the right reason and people laugh that or whatever. But you know this is my phone saying, look at that. That. That's that's how I, when I open up my phone flag waves that maybe I gotta flag behind me. I'm one hundred. Pro America. I guess I open up my phone. We like to say you know what I got I get. I get nothing get nothing. I got right now old phone to is that some sort of like hack, free yeah iphone from
This is actually a wind up phone I'm surprised you know flip phone yeah, I do have a flip. The government yeah. I and you know when I've got a I've, got a a collection of phones going all the way back to the cinder block phone without one. I bet you it's going to stick saudi arabian numbers on him and chit letters. I assumed everybody. But yeah I think this is you phones that, like, like hack proof, I tell you this phones, that you can't use well You certainly know that you know from an operational perspective. You know. Phones are not a good idea now. The problem is they are and everybody uses them and it's it's made life very. I see well, I it's also have made life a little bit less secure. Obviously I know a guy that is, let's just say done some very unusual journalism and he still has a phone you can take. The batteries out
He said, there's some places where you go where they will not let you in the room, if you have a phone and so the the around is he has an older samsung phone. We could pop the back off and remove the battery That's the only way, yeah that's, you know I would still argue, there's there's work arounds on that one so yeah, but yeah, you know when you, when you go into a government facility, you know they are the skiff. You know you gotta, leave your phones outside in a lead box, yeah right, so you don't. I don't care your phones and you know, and this your surname, that was doing that walking into the fuckin' chick from the apprentice yeah, that's a bummer! Oh, so that's! How hilarious is that by the way I know her, I did fear factor yeah, ok, she was on Fairfax, she told me I was drunk 'cause. I was making fun of her like you're, drunk like I'm, not just making fun of you. Yeah. Why wouldn't you but she's she's an unusual person? The fact
She thought it was okay to do what is a basically treasonous. She was record. These conversations inside the White House and then releasing them, try to press. How was she not in jail? How does that work yeah? I I'm not quite sure I don't quite understand how you how you get around that right, because you got obligations. You sign paperwork, you do all these things and say I'm going to do the right thing and if you run foul of that, then you're, supposed to suffer the consequences and occasionally it seems like people aren't, just want to know what I think I think she's awesome ship. They pulled her aside and said. Listen number also. I know that you're, some sort of social climber. Whatever you trying to do here, listen, listen, did will literally get you locked in jail for the rest of your life. So how about this? How about you just shut your pie, hole, Ann and we'll just let this slide yeah. I don't know that she's, I don't think anybody would I mean from account balance perspective. It should be one of the last people. You would try
actually keep her mouth shut it period of time. So yeah, it's it's that's a that's a tough one, but that was the it. It did. That's also part of the the the issue of of of leaks as an example, right. I mean the issue of choices that you make for your cabin as well right. That's true yeah yeah, which is, is it's good that they close circle around you and that's. You know as again you can argue, I mean we don't want to get into a political discussion. Trump is an unusual character, and you know this You know as well. Well that's going to be that'll, be headlines? How 'bout that, fellow, that's from England that looks like the abortion issue Yeah the British are romp. I was just there last week when, when he went over to Buckingham Palace and- and you know, was asked by the queen to form the new government accepted, and so you know a he's he's an interesting. They went to went to Oxford. He's he's proven himself to be extremely adept at getting getting elected importantly, he looks like Trump's baby brother yeah
know, I think, is up like Trump dad went over to England and Bank waitress and bam. Yeah. I see you not look at the two of them. Together we get the fuck outta here. This is my this is I got a buddy of mine sent me this one. It's a S park, one! It's him with a bike. Helmet That's that's the best side by side saying this! One is better! This one is better yeah yeah I mean it literally looks like a young trump cousin or brother, or something but he's promised you know, he's promised they're they're out as far as pricing goes by. You know Halloween by thirty one October, they're done and so they're done, with the the whole European Union yeah. Well, that's what that's what they're saying and basically the now that what they're concerned about, of course, is that it's a hard hard exit right, no deal but he's
saying doesn't matter. If that's the case, then that's what we've got to do and there's a lot of people. It's it's it's interesting! The dynamic is a little bit like here in the US right if you're in the northeast corridor, washing New York, whatever Boston or you're out here on the West Coast- and you you, you tend to view the world differently than do everything else, the rest of the mass of the country right, which is why people lost their minds and they thought I you know how could trump possibly get elected? The? U K! is a little bit like that that brexit vote came around and everybody in London was convinced that were it's going. Ninety five percent, you know we're not leaving and so when it came time, they'd voted to leave in two thousand. When I was sixteen, the people in London lost our minds. You can believe it may still to this day, think everybody else just an idiot right, so there's a similarities there, which is. I think why, in part, Trump feels sort of this kinship with Boris Johnson but yeah. So he's born
Johnson said that's it we're out here. You know. Maybe we can get a deal if we can't doesn't matter we're still leave it and it'll be interesting to see what happens, but you know he's not he's not on popular. What's the argument for them, leaving what's the pro Brexit argument, do you really want to have your country, your sovereign nation, run by a bunch of faceless technocrats living in Brussels who have really zero interest in your sovereign nation right? That's at the heart of it It's not an economic decision. People would make that problem with Brexit, they always say well from an economic perspective. This is not a good thing. Well, the deal at heart isn't an economic concern It's it's the issue of of serenity, the issue of being run, by Brussels and sort of the massive of regulations that they've imposed
an ability for the UK to make their own decisions about trade, and so there's a you know there there's a good argument in that regard. Is it going to be a financial problem for them? It's not gonna be a disaster like some people, you know throw out there and say: oh my god, this game, you know the UK's going down the toilet fast. That won't happen, but it'll be they'll, be enough people if they, if they, you know, leave without a deal but they'll adjust because everybody in people to do deals where they wanted to trade. It's not like Germany and in France, which are the only two partners in the you that really matter from yeah. How dare you yeah? I know I can limit, So what's the what's the state, hang in the European Union argument. Show everybody, not racist, yeah, global globalism. You know it's all working together and isn't this a wonderful thing and look at all the benefits of it? Free movement- and you know that free movement didn't really work that well from France and Germany's perspective. You know they don't like to talk about that. More freeman is basically
we enjoy in the United States, though, isn't it I mean if you look at the United States relative size in comparison to Europe were basically commensurate right. Yeah in terms of the contiguous United States yeah yeah and I and we all speak the same language. But I'm sorry, I'm talking about immigration policies and I talk about it with in the you know. No, I understand, but I mean even in immigration, right like the size of these countries. In comparison, the size of states like Texas is basically bigger than a lot of right: European Nations right, yeah, yeah, it's. It is arguments are the immigration argument. Much like some of the other arguments comes down from the UK's perspective on don't tell us what to do right and you know, maybe there's still an element of luck. We, you know we were an empire that controlled most of the planet for awhile. You know, we'd like to you know, have a little bit more say in what we're doing so. There's, an independent ST. The problem is from EU's perspective is, if they do leave an it
not a disaster, then each other countries you can line up and ITALY maybe be, would be the next one. So It'll be an issue see what happens but yeah Beau jail is a column. Is an interesting cat, not unlike our our president. Well, it's a it's within this country. We don't pay attention to other countries. So we see that we see that guy, like who's, that guy this new guy. It's! Where do you come from? this really looks like a new character on a show that you don't watch right, you know which season did he come in so better call Saul season. Four, who the fuck is that right now, that's the new bad guy I didn't watch have been watching. I just finished rewatching. I do that instead of watching new shows. I end up. Rewatching shows that I really liked and I've watched before and it's been awhile, so I re watched the first season of breaking bad again. Goddamnit gunshot leash it that way and then well trained yeah and that just that first season of that's all people watching they haven't seen it before it so good yeah but yeah, and then I just I just binge watched the first season of us. A
so again, that's a great show. That was the first show that really In my mind, it created the first real anti hero, Nobody actually appreciated on television Everybody loved Tony soprano is a fuckin' murderer, constantly cheated on him. Wife strangle his best friends like I'd like him, yeah he's like he's an interesting cat yeah, well it dynamic with his mother, and that was that's what the hook was and that certainly that first season was just that. That was fascinating to people and still still is speaking a deep x, men when they try to bring mom back after she died. No, I had to shitty c gi yeah, that's that's what shows you like the two thousand five CG. I was kind of thing, I'm terrible yeah! Well, if you think about when Photoshop for shop was out,
what the early nineties, I guess, ladies early nineties, and think about where we've come since then not to not again not to go back into the sort of the this whole thing with defects. But it is when people talk about Russia Collusion and they talk about week. We kinda lost our way right and you know everybody's kind of guilty about whether it smaller and its investigative team or whether it's Congress or whether it's just a general public, we all kind of lost away over the past couple of years, imagining somehow that the story here was trumps collusion right move. That was a political dodge right. There was a shell game that was being played on us. It was the big story, is what did Russia specifically do right? What exactly did they?
We do. How do they do it? How successful were they show us some case? Studies of specific examples? That's what an investigative team should have been doing for two years and then deliver that information and keep throwing it out at the public and keep talking to the public. About it. I guarantee you. There is the the the g. Are you and and and and others the Fsu at the in in the Intel services in the and Russia they're happy that we didn't do that right because again, they may and in dancing they've been improving their their capabilities. They're going to do it again, so I guess that's why I keep beating on this. Is that I don't think we. We really focused our attention where we needed to, because we all get lost in this political bullshit and what I feel like this is the most easily manipulated. Do we've ever been as a as a culture like, I think it's so easy to spin these narratives and to get people upset about anything right, and I feel like a lot of these- are ten
cases. Like they're trying to see like what happens when we spin up this story, how how outraged they get at that story? Well, look at look at this issue of racism and I look at look at why me that did that thing gets thrown out there. Now to the point where it's it's, you know the I hate to say it, but it's it's on losing its its meaning. In the sense right, they just keep hammering away in any anybody they disagree with, and I'm talking about, the the the the hard left progressive, your races right, it's not possible. You could possibly disagree on policy, and I, like that whatever's does a squad, you know a see and and her compadre I don't give a about. You know where they're from I care about the fact that their policies from my perspective, other people, I'm sure, love on a you- know a screwed up and what's good about their policies. Well, I'm not a democratic socialist right, so
I I have a problem with everything from you. Look at the the Green new deal right and this idea that we're gonna roll this out and the economic impact we know or I wonder if it's not about the economic impact, I think what they're doing is they're just there playing to the base. They're doing it successfully an people hear about it. Everybody wants to be righteous. Everybody wants to make sure if I care about the environment, let's get rid of emissions. That will be a great idea. And whether it's that are open borders and the idea that somehow you know do, I think, we're running, centration camps down south. No. I don't think that that's fuckedup that we would that's the terminology that we would have for detainment for detainment, centers and you know What you want to be what you want to make it better will great. Let's, let's that you do what your job is. It's make some changes to the to the immigration rules into asylum laws. Let's put some
money down there and make conditions a little bit better. This things that we could in terms of concrete steps, but we don't. We don't seem to do that we seem to want to just throw shoot around at each other, and I I but the open border saying is is is, is: is worrisome name. John Norris was just on my friend, Steve Rinella's podcast. It's called the mediator casting and he's a warden is a game warden and one of thing, that they had to deal with somewhere along the line was they had to become enforcers for illegal drug drug drug marijuana. Growing these establishments in public lands in parks. So these guys that were supposed to be just catching people with too many out on the stringer, are now being for to stop illegal, grow ops and it's all cartel members.
Anne. What he's saying is that eight thousand and ninety percent of all of the marijuana that gets old illegal in this country in the Midwest and all these different places where it's illegal is coming out of these grow ops and a lot of it is tainted with dangerous pesticides, because these guys are trying to there and actually using poisons to keep animals from eating the marijuana. So these kids, that are but are good to of the fox by it they're buying this pot. From these illegal places, no ones testing if you don't know what the fuck you're getting and you very well could be smoking pot. That's poisoning you yeah this uh a guy that I know really good guys. He said huge landowner here in California to the point where you can spend all day on a tv and then still not, you know, get to the end of one of his plots of land and if you call plot of land and anyway, he's had those incidents. Right yes had work, it's such a massive piece of property that a small
element from a cartel- will set up a gross spot there and you know they'll camouflage. It's very well done. I feel like we should take those guys and reprogram you get a guy was going to carry one hundred pounds of piping on its back and walk eight miles into the backwards. That's a fucking and uh Bruce individual. You gotta you gotta Laurium away the cartel with a better deal yeah, because I I for a competing corporation, even Look I like the way you do business right job on the ranch you found this guy and he's working for Verizon they'd be like hey come on over here. Man, if I can put in the time this case, and three miles of hose on his back. That's work. That's that will work yeah, so use that use your power for good, not evil. That's what I tell my boys, dogs evil spawn. I think
It's a way in the short term. It could be more lucrative from their perspective. There is that and they have a record and probably murderers. Well, it reasons alright. So maybe we're not talking about somebody going to hire as a landscape or their your home, but but your point, what is it not? A good, I hope, and what is not a good idea as a lot of bad people that are getting in already get it. It's not it's not a stretch. This is not. If anybody imagines is to be a stretcher or it's going to take offense at this every nation maintains borders. Every nation maintain some element of immigration, controls and and borders protection. Idea that we should know that we should somehow feel exceptionally bad about. It is quite understand that mentality. Well, we should feel bad. When we see someone who's, just a poor mother who trying to come over to America to get a better job,
she stuck in Guatemala and socks over there and there's no opportunity whatsoever for her to excel right. That's a different animal than someone who is a member of some terrible cartel gang that comes over the the question is how So we differentiate. How do we make it so that that woman, who is a mom, can come over here right? How do we make it? So it's legal, that's the real questions and that's when I was in that, but that's not what their address right, yeah. Well, how many decades now have we, you know heard about immigration. Girls, immigration process and regulations and policy and nothing ever gets done, and so maybe and again I think one of the things that's interesting about Trump is as strangers, as it is the environment I mean, maybe the fact that he is disruptive X doesn't seem to give a shit. Maybe that's a good thing. Cuz, it gets us talking get to talking in areas that we haven't before and then
ways that we haven't before so? Maybe that results in something maybe like the Chinese, the public just going to wait for him to go, and then it will get back to business as usual. That may happen even business as usual. The concern is like, if it, how do you differentiate between someone who's coming in illegally because they want a better life versus someone who's coming in illegally, because they are literally going to murder and sell fentanyl and deal you know incredible harm. To whatever community they wind up in in. There are member of MS thirteen and they're going to there's both things going on at the same time in your heartless person. If you don't want that, lady with the child from Guatemala to come over here and better an she's, probably going to work as hard. If not are there any good old fashioned red bull, American, it's over here, trying to make their way through this world, and why should we be able to have this opportunity when they can't yeah one of the beautiful things about America right? It's like if you're a poor person, we live in Baltimore. You can get your shit together and get out and you can move to maybe silicone.
Now you can move somewhere where there's more prosperity, there's more opportunity and you can get something for their poor people in Baltimore heard there are I heard there's some some, sort of there's. A word What is the word used? Infestation, infestation of rats infestation, you can't use, invest Asian when you're talking about certain neighborhoods people get mad, even though he said infested with crime in rats. He still your racist does matter the big the key here is, and it's a democratic, a talking point right on this, that this is a strategy and that's fine, both parties. Use different strategies, and you know, but the Dems have obviously decided in this period of time, because it's so intense there was clearly auctions within wherever they're the Dnc or elsewhere, but this is our policy. We are going to push this and why You just keep hammering that were racist, racist, racist, no matter what and it's gonna stick and it and it does yes because you just you you get hit by that hammer and you kind of you're staring into the light You don't know how to sure right so and you think, oh, my god, I'm not a racist, but then
So you're, like Senator, you still beating your wife, and so it's one of those things you can't you can't answer, but I think it's bullsh because it's like calling everybody and not see it well, it loses its its its importance and its and its meaning, and- and you know anyway, it's it's it's it's a strange strange time, but I I think you can do both you. Can you can take care of that that woman with a kid or kids in- and you can also you know, look at the issue of Borders- right and enhance your ability to understand who's coming across the border. Right cost money in it and it requires effort, but you can do you can do both? I don't. I think you can do both, but the I think the real big sure, the real big picture like if you had to look at the solution objectively, the real problem is Mexico has agreed. Economic situations that we don't have here in America there they're far often a lot of the areas and-
is Guatemala, as is neighbor El Salvador, neighboring countries right economically devastated until they are not until they come up and they experience prosperity. You're always going to have people that are committing crime because he want to try to get by and you're always going to people that are one. I don't want to try to get to America because it's a place was more opportunity, yeah the real issue. The real issue is that it's so much better over here right and that's and- and that makes sense you get the same thing with immigration and and movement of of people over in Europe, coming from from a war ever, which is the maximum amount right which is the brakes, are good. In part, I mean it's not just based on immigration, but it's more control of your own nations security in Destiny Exeter, but I think that that's you could argue that national security, from U S perspective, would warrant improving your ability to impact nations like what a mall I'll Salvador, wherever in working
with Mexico to not just improve sort of the security, the liaison that goes on and improving that but you're right working conditions, criminal or crime and instability. That's in our national security. I know people get, you know they get very upset. So why should we give countries money right? Well in part, you write me: sometimes you give money and it just goes down some hole and it doesn't. You know an item and talk about some of the country. I'm just I'm literate goes into a hole that ever her Senate cats and corruption right and they absorb it at the highest levels of government yeah in ins, and so there's no there's no controls over how that money is spent. There's no there's no metrics to say whether it's spent wisely at the end of the day. So you can you, but I I argues it yeah. I agree. I mean it's in our national security interest when we're talking about border security, immigration to view that as what are the top line issue? Why are they? Why are they on the move? Right well, like you said they're on the move, because they
on a better life, because, where they're, adding good yes, how do you work with them? And that's you know that's. I think people sometimes look at that thing. That's pushing a rock up a hill, it's never gonna happen, and so maybe they just stop right, but we've ignored Latin America, Central America, South America for decades right, which is how we ended up in part with my shop as in you know, Maduro if to follow in and some of the horse that went on down there because we we ignored it. We didn't give it the resources, we didn't give it the attention. We didn't, treat it seriously as a national security concern, we're all focused on wherever relation run in Southeast Asia or elsewhere. So yeah. We need to refocus and I think ultimately do we see it immediately. No, but I think you're a so anyway. That's you know I think, for People that are was like a foreign policy. It is yeah with at least one do who doesn't know jackshit about foreign policy. That would be mean that good show, though but yeah, but I really think
in the interest of national security. Legalizing marijuana Federale would stop the profitability of these gang members as you would be able to have legal marijuana. You wouldn't have to be able to you wouldn't need to Hyatt in these other places. You'd you be able to grow. It yourself and the price would drop through the fucking floor and it would be not profitable for these guys to haul three miles of pipe on their back and into the back country and use someone elses land to make these grow ops. One of the reasons why they're doing this, particularly in California I found out, is that when marijuana became legal in California, these illegal grow ops became a misdemeanor rather than a felony, so they, they do 'em over here, instead of doing it in Ohio or somewhere else where it's floor, and it would be not profitable for these guys is the hall three miles of pipe on their back and into the back country and use someone elses land to make these grow ops. One of the reasons why they're doing this, particularly in California I found out, is that when marijuana became legal in California, these illegal grow ops became a misdemeanor rather than a felony, so they
they do 'em over here, instead of doing it in Ohio or somewhere else, where it's illegal, they do and also it's you know you could basically grow year round here I was going to say the Majestic pov, but if they just made it legal Federale just cut the shyt, we're all grownups and there's a tremendous number of issues related to the fact that the state and the The laws don't match up right right and from a law enforcement perspective, it's a nightmare night yeah, so nightmare yeah. I I agree, you know what I and you know. What will happen is I I don't imagine that it makes the cartel activity any different that sucking sound. That way, that is the revenues from from we'd leaving their their accounts will be replaced by something else. So for sure there is get in the weed business yeah. What made it well yeah! I mean no harm suitable companies that are fighting against it, as well as these prison guard unions, which is really crazy. That's the darkest one to me: it's not the farmer. People companies, look I get it. They're just creeps that looking at their bottom line did every business one
constantly have new growth every year. They want to constantly be making more money. I get it. It's like this universal eternal growth model that they operate under but the prison guard unions, when you find out the day lobby against the legalization of marijuana, is so insane with the cell. I I didn't know they just want more people in jail, so they have jobs. That's the idea behind it. It's it's the most unamerican thing possible. You want more pay people in jail, so that you could have a job looking over those people, you basically it's it's sickening yeah That's a that's a new one to me. I and I didn't had no idea. They. They guard unions, yeah, yeah, well, private prisons, in a nutshell or Bob Franken yeah private prisons, is something that you know an have been. I mean again, I'm with this current stration. You know. There's been some prison reform issues that have been making their way through right, they've been actually focused on it,
some degree. Maybe thanks Kim Kardashian is is that we were just looking at yeah yeah, yes, because champion of of people that are wrongly incarcerated. She really is. I wanna show you something: I'm I'm like got out to Kim K, I'm like one of the it like crazy, crazy grandpa that clips newspaper articles out, but in rations for the show. I know most people think I can see no preparation whatsoever. I know my nose cuts. I still do too. I love the newspaper I do as well. Thank you. Look at this colleges offer degree in courses in the pot business could move yeah. Yes, this is partly due to now. Did you know that it is a teaching podcast? I need to put a lot of gone back to school, for that provided I see, no, no for hot pot degrees, yeah, it's crazy University of Maryland and Cornell. That's the two that this article talks about. The biggest sponsorship that the UFC has ever gotten ever is, Aurora CO in Canada that grows we'd see e marijuana, they have football fields filled with
and you know the highest possible standards, the best quality no passes. Sars herbicides. No bullshit, yeah! Superb your in the c b d, which is fantastic for everybody cell, and I just I'm right back when I first started working for the UFC. There are people that work for the organization organization, who now works in part company, yeah company. I mean it's it I will tell you this apropos of nothing I We've gotten calls a couple of calls from people in the industry. Who is, and the only reason the calling me is a sink. You hook me up with Joe it is like we hang out together all the time because right because we're we're, always you always hanging on the pull together Joe and I but it's so I I said no look. That's not my! What do you they want from me?
you know what I think they just want to put you on business. I want to bring some spokes in here and if I can taste the joy that's about what I do know the people in the body yeah yeah. I know the this call have a great word as yes, who would be careful using that word. Docs people think you're, races, yeah. That was a racist term in the seventies. Well, we did a hi folks. I worked on a show for in the UK and espionage drama, show the ram after eight or 9C Seasons- and it was called in the UK was called spooks. It was about their intel operation. It ran for a long time, but then they saw the they over here to the states, and I think it was on some channel and but they had to change. The name changed to MI five, which is the name for the domestic security service, because they were worried about the term exactly, but CIA spooks is always been around and it's a factual he's been around. The idea is that this sneaky people that are doing creepy shit, so there is no
no creepy. I hear it being done. You see what I mean on Saturday yeah, I'm here to tell you right now and then you can write this down. I'm gonna write it down right down. There's no creepy should be on a b. What's going on with IRAN caught a bunch of people that they are, our CIA informants in the may execute them? Yeah they've done this before they made this. Before, and look around. Is that a couple to this. That's one of the kiss in the business has been Intel collection on IRAN over the years. I'm not talking about just recently, but over the years it's been, it's been very difficult. They are extremely buttoned up over there and they have an incredible level of control over their population, and I, which is you know at some point you would think. Well, maybe the populations can object to this, but you know it hasn't happened,
so part of it. Is they came out with this this? The seventeen individuals that they claim were cooperating with the CIA in some fashion or another, and they you know, claim that they are fairly high level individuals. The eighty I have a don't believe anything that comes out of their mouths, a policeman at all. I think they've they've they've got a long, long track record of of lying about a variety, if things- and so you know why would they come out with this? You know perhaps they're cracking down and it it doesn't hurt to come out and, if you're going after some of these individuals anyway, why not put him put pressure on that they're working for the CIA and and and that will appease some of the population there. So I don't know, I'm again, I'm not buying it. It has been a difficult intel task and collecting intelligence on on their efforts with the
with their ballistic missiles their new program as well as always been as always been problematic, but again they've they've done this before we've talked about how we've wrapped up up CIA spying Network and it's kind of worship it as their propaganda. Well yeah- I mean I guess you know yeah that would my take on it, I don't know what I mean: I'm not I'm not internal, not inside, and and so you know, as a possible sure, we've had we've had networks wrapped up before by other countries. Cuba, the Cuban Intel Service years ago, right, which was completely built by the Russians on the way by the old KGB they'd paid the owned and operated the Cuban until service for a long time still do day at one point wrapped up everybody. We had an island and and how many people do we have over there? Three now we had yeah, I don't. I don't remember numbers, but it was all it was a few yeah. Let's just say it was it was. It was not good and they they they had done a
very good? It was from a from a counterintelligence perspective. It was a pretty impressive effort, so it's happened. You know done the same when we've usually went with Russia, usually when we've got a traitor or a mole in somebody like Robert Hanssen, I've never seen an hour, the Americans from what I understand. It's a good show. Is a show based on the idea that at one point in time there was a russian family that had come over here and infiltrated and became american, citizens and seem, like you know, Joan Mary next door right, but really they were russian spies. You don't have an uncle named John. Merry all right that you would say that I literally had now name Joan Merry Dance men telling you buddy trying to Yeah
There was a you know: there was a story. The reason that the Americans was was created was written as to a lot of things to based on some smart writer who sees an opportunity, because he read the newspaper all right years back two thousand eleven. I think it was. We had a this sleep yourself that we wrapped up in Jersey and there was there yeah. That's where this takes place right there was that one, the hot one remember. Oh, that's right! The hot rod, hot bang and everybody and get operation right and so bring him over, and then you look at anything in that hat well I mean we could, I think, she's forgetting what her name was a fat man and watering your lawn and she walked over storage. Yeah got high heels on yeah, where to looks are nothing but that's all yes, hi Astro, you know it's hot, not so much to set it on her desk and Somebody knows you integration ever knows, you know she's, yeah.
You. Don't think that lady looks at not there now they're, not exciting picture mug shot one up there and she's not wearing any makeup. Now, that's true that much money doll her up, yeah put little charter up Europeans blue eyeliner on there should be a check catches you with a couple of Jack Daniels and you got trouble she walks across when you're mowing the lawn right. So she and a bunch of other people lived in Jersey in the suburbs. And their whole reason for being with just a spot people It was it wasn't they were not. You know these were not their head, of the organization right, so their job is spot. People live there be social meet people that might be of interest. Maybe it turns out that somebody in the PTA where your kids go to school, maybe somebody's working for Raytheon at the working for some. You know interesting company, that's what they do. So that's their job. Their job was basically the spot and then you've got other people in that chain of events, a little bit higher up the food chain who than a sass right and look at that person and go yeah
maybe there's something ness person works for whatever company and- and you know that be, and it could be, it doesn't matter what the company is, but we could be Qualcomm could be. You know, think of one that, because the application to Corning could be anything is also which of companies out there that that have application it may be of interest men perspective for a for a hostile state. So then they do a little assessment, and maybe they come away and go yeah yeah that persons interesting job was developed a little relationship there. Now. Maybe one of those for individuals will work on that relationship, Maybe somebody else will come in you know within this. This group they'll, develop a relationship, and then you know maybe they'll task the person. So maybe you could say the guy works at a tech company. And you know, you're going to think ok, I want to see if this person has any weaknesses. You know how you know: I leverage anything here and so what you'll say is you know? Aha, my kid, you know is doing the school paper and it's on you know something in. Can I can't you know
hey they they just not get in it or not doing the research whatever he do. You have anything you know I mean I ask for the classified you just saying: look you you work in a tech company and all don't you have something that would be of interest. You know my kids got to write the stupid paper and and you're, not looking for anything of Intel value, you're looking to see whether they'll accommodate you right! Well, they actually come back. Yeah. Well, you know what we got this and it's kind of interesting and it's, as you know, research paper. That's you know been out in the press for a long time, but yeah, it's interesting, hey! You don't cancel it when I maybe you got something right now. You got something that you can see that they responded to a live. Task, and then you set the hook. A little bit, and then you just keep on working on that so Meantime they're, calling back to the KGB and saying we have guards who work at three feet on right, notes, information just and they say it just like that with that very act and they keep jobs and everything. So they work to go to work everyday work. Maybe they don't, maybe their spouse. You know stay at home spouse. What would they do? They hang out with other state on spouses and create friendships, because a kid!
the next thing you know you all have dinners with each other and like that russian broad she's banging everybody right. Well, there's! No! You wouldn't do that. That would be a very disruptive thing to do in that community right. So it's not. The premise of the Americans seem to show, but I think I watched one banks- people I watched I watched about half an hour of the first episode in the nice. Get angry and I know I just sit there like I'm. A very hard person watch shows like that within so so my wife was like I just get. No, you can't. I do because it's like yeah tell me I'm going to ask, but it was good. I did you know, and it was good show with a show where people play pool no really play pool might for yeah yeah I was. I was just in the UK and boy. I tell you what, turn on the tv and is a snooker match. I am, I know, I'm in their snooker, I'm in there right I'll, just sit and sit and watch smoker to end of their normal. Yet, but it's also that it's one of those things where you the you can sit and watch it.
Sit and watch a billiard match. Have you ever played soccer? It's tough it's hard, real yeah, yeah I'd. I believe we have a pool table at home at the the boys have become pretty damn good at which is a skill, a life skill but yeah Billiards is, is is, is well put, does no harm to different knickers way harder yeah. It's way harder, they they excel in american pool. I don't think any american player has ever gone, over there and excelled in snooker I don't believe so, yeah yeah, maybe something for guys have tried, but not only any is succeeded, but there's been a ton of guys from England that have come over he and they do very well on the American Pool Tour we do better honestly, space bowling. We do we kick the shit out of them when it comes to bowling yeah, but that's an american thing. Well, yeah So do they bowl come over here and bowl? I don't think so I don't know I don't think that'll be over this, but
then that migration leaves uniquely stupid sport yeah and they get really mad. When I say that I've all these text beautiful can ignore it. Now, I'm not I want to ball that these things you have to pick him back up again. Have you ever bowled sober? I don't think I've ever bowled so yeah, both my kids, always over my kids love bowling yeah and they put up there, Bumper thing, so it doesn't go in the gutter, so you cheating, so you can just basically whip that fucking thing down there, one hundred miles an hour. That's what I do my thrill is to hear those really got it forever. You pull yeah if it's up for that. What's up for Maine I give them an edge. No, you don't let them would you let your kids on the floor, you let your kids win and things all the time but I did get a hamstring injury because I didn't let my kid beat me in a race which is eleven okay. I was right. I was wrong. I knew something was going on like who cares push through she's, not winning, then my fucking hamstrings hurt
My middle boy, Sluggo plays basketball, that's all he wants to do day and night and he's a bit like a that, a sort of like the rain man, a basketball to sense of facts, figures, characters in it. He can go back to Jerry, West and and and he'll tell about bill, Russell's career, anything, but he loves basketball. He want to play professionally. Yes, he does yeah. So I'll call you uh. You know it doesn't look like it, but in a deep fake video, I look about six foot ten. But what are you? six, six, one, one six where they're gonna give to get that kid on growth, hormone yeah! Well! Well, here! Yes, yes, the so structure my two at night orders by his ankles, but he that's all he does. He plays any just constantly. He just all he wants to do is play, and so we got to the point where you know for a long time. I would just we go out. We got a court at home and I I I play and an eye kind of Adam's, and then it gets to the point where I can't really beat him. I'm gonna hide on him right right, but his handles are extremely.
Good and so and I'm not the fastest kid on the block anymore, and so it got to the point now, where he's legitimately beat me a handful of times, and it's very embarrassing because he doesn't really have an edit button. So he he just rubs. That shift in right, and it's like it's like it's like the lion king, when scar wants to take over- and he was like that was pretty good. Wasn't the Lion King Conference, it's good reference yeah! So anyway, you gotta. Let him do that, though it's an exercise for you in patients. So when he's talking shit, that's I look at it, my kids talk shift, they beat me, I just go okay, we had talked about it, and it's like you can't can't. Let it be personal now like are allowed to hit me full blast, so Let's take martial arts and I let them not the oldest woman, oldest ones. Twenty two she'll fuck me: oh yeah, the the young ones. I let them tee off on me. They've they they're allowed to full blast leg. Kick me they can hurt me
yeah they'll hurt you, but I want him to be able to feel what it feels like to actually hit. A person sparring in martial arts because you're not allowed to like hit people that'll blast, just kind of touch him in on that. So I let them just slam shins into my thighs and teach him how to turn it over and dig the really dig that phone into the source part, that's good! That's actually really good can hurt. Sometimes, though, but it's good. We are same problem with my with my boys because they're fairly competitive in their aggressive- and you know I keep telling. I said: look at and punched in the face, isn't good and you know until you actually do well. You know they've gotten into some into some I was gonna say fisticuffs. I know if you'd say that you, okay you're, not as if it's a girl, I guess it was going to die and yeah. So that would mean we're continuing to talk over there. He's not idea, has a hard time with water but yeah. It's it's it's hard to teach your kids. You know what that's like.
Write an you know at some point. You know. Maybe they go through, that the youngest broke, his nose, courtesy it was the old, so muggy got his nose broke in a in a contest with the with the older one, the oldest one scooter and, and he found out- that's no fun. The thing is, though, that kids gonna be the tough one yeah the kid that it's always the youngest ones. Like you see in the UFC, when there's older brothers and younger brothers. The older brothers general generally pick on the younger brothers and the younger, is once they reach adulthood. Almost always can fuc up the older brothers yeah, it's really weird yeah yeah, I took a lot of beatings when I was younger 'cause, I'm the youngest. Makes and so yeah I'd, but it's yeah, it's good, it's good stuff, and- and I got its it this this- it's constant, entertainment all right. I mean you know what it's like. You know. Kids is always something and I'm sure right now, people going on we got these concerts on my
kids again at length and and they come out to do that- yeah, because the kids names are so cartoonish, well part of the reason why they get mad yeah as they are. But anyway, so we talked about Russians yeah, look at It's not like. I like I'm not like Uncle Joe here. I've cut out some shit to talk about a deep fakes. We talked about that ok. Ok! Well, I wrote down some notes to my God. I was If you aren't, repair, never been prepared for your show before, and you know why did you decide to get prepared this time? You know why? Because because you've got you've, got some really great guests. Leave no, not really but viewers there is. I mean I was trying to the people that follow this show I find to be really fascinating. I get a lot of of feedback and I don't I So, like you know, yeah, I should pay attention that I should. I should prepare a little bit because there
there's a lot of interest in some of these things that we talk about, Show- and you know so well- and I go out night, I wing it you known and to be fair on new segments. I just make up, makes I don't I don't do that. I know you want to talk about while way. Well, wait while way- which I think is a really fascinating subject to me and a lot of people that are tech inclined because they we are at the tip of the spear when Ms technological innovation, the cellphone space yeah- and I know that they're doing that with in regards to modems and a bunch of other things as well, but it appears at least, and a lot of companies are exclusively using their five g modems, as five g rolls out yeah yeah, but it appears that they are involved in some serious shenanigans and they have deep roots with the chinese government. They do they claim they don't they claim look were independent. We would never do whatever the chinese authorities say. Think about that sentence. Think about a company with a global reach, a hallway of that important
to the chinese state and think about them, saying trying to say with a straight face. We, wouldn't we wouldn't do things at the China, government might ask us to do. If you were a real chinese company, and you said that you meant it they would yeah. Exactly like you won't yeah. You would not be in business for that long over. There would be a change in the senior management of business so and have always been caught out. They've been caught out in Europe, uh to the degree where, at a certain point you think Germany and others that are deeply involved with wild way. Now, in terms of the 5g infrastructure, where they just made this decision, look it's financially better for us to work our way and we can set aside the security risks there literally made that decision yeah. That was a rest reading an article about the very recently that they've just decided to have some sort of a risk.
Route to reward conversation and date there with the risk is worth the reward right right, and so you know that's that's their calculation from a US perspective, because we are, as you know, the justice to essentially two superpowers. Now right I mean China's. You know advancing and, and we're not the lone superpower on the stage anymore, and so are the number one target, and you know our calculation has to be so we've been going at it and I know it, but I think it's been it's been pretty well covered, didn't used to be covered very well, but it's been pretty well covered of the past couple of months and now what's happening. Is we've been in these trade negotiations with China and I think, unfortunately, I think the current stration, the Trump Administration is going to blink, and I think because Huawei is such a huge issue for the Chinese and the idea that we would prevent, our companies from selling into or missing from or dealing with,
that we were have sanctions on other countries, that that do they view that as such a threat to their own, lists and their own future that always front and center with any trade deal. So there Looking at doing any trade deal unless we make concessions on Huawei and I have a feeling, the Trump administration is going to make those concessions, because I'm a political perspective. They want to trade, deal right and so far they've actually said to Google that Google is going to stop using the Android operating system for the chinese phones for wild waves phones, at least they're going to Let them license out so while ways actually been at least room. To be in production of their own operating system, which would mean to have their own, not just operating system, but they do have their own ecosystem, so they have to have an app store have to have all the all the jazz that we have today when you, if you sign up for you bye android phone. You have access to the Google play market, which is huge resource of
applications and as soon as you take that away you kind of rebuild that whole thing from scratch right right. Well, while he doesn't anything and resources. You know they'll be fine yeah, because it see that the state will provide and sure that they have the resources they need. They also. You know where the outlier here right working with New Zealand and Canada, and- and you know the U K to some degree, but you casement, and I'm kind of pushed back a little bit on this idea that we're going to isolate what way. I I don't think that's going to happen is they're using while we devices the they to some degree. Yes, they've been so or to adopt, and and and can their infrastructure with Wallace for people here for people don't know what we're talking Could you please just lay out? What's the concern, what do they think that we're always doing hum Huawei is Essentia Lee. What's the date, the way to put this
be imagine a communications network that spans the globe and Huawei builds and provides gear, and certainly going into 5g there are a leading provider insert and and the and then financially they they can offer countries much better deals than than other providers, but they are a an intricate part of that communications web. So if you imagine that walkway is a state sponsored entity, and will respond to chinese authorities, requests for information or intelligence. That's passing through this communications web around the globe are our business? Communications are military communications, intelligence communications that all kind of go through at some point, this interconnected system, uh That's the problem because there are essentially building backdoors into that
system that allow them to suck communications out of that network and use it for their own purposes. It's a great intelligence tool, right. So, if you think about it in a way, basically, that's it! It's it's a it's a advancement. The idea that you are wiretapping, somebody or you know you've created ability to intercept some communications right. They link themselves with the e? U what happens? We've got military communications right with the E. U R military talks to the, U Military and and and we've got NATO concerns and everything. So if, if there's an element in that infrastructure, the that touches in it has a door that opens to some walkway gear right, then, danger here? S and they've they've they've had backdoors discovered in the past and then, while we put your hands up to all, but we didn't know that was there will correct it and then it turns out. They don't correct it, and then it all sorry about that. You know they don't they
they also don't give a they. I I when I say how aggressive they are in terms of sucking up information. I can't overstated right, and so this is that's why it's a problem for us is because you know if we, if we convince Australia and and in the five eyes nation's New Zealand as it and and and others not to work with while way and then say, Canada, you know which is willing to do a deal. We've got seamless communications infrastructure with Canada, so all of a sudden, the fact that they're doing business while way, but we're not we're still in a risk, we're so
jeopardy, because that information is still flowing to some degree where it's accessible to to walk away and their ability to to to get outside. You know I get, I know, and I know people who listen to that, make us. Why is that of any concern? Well, it's a concern because used to be in the old days. It was a you know. It was us and the Russians so union and rushes Vera. I got the gdp of a small E. U Nations, China is is on March the day. They view themselves in a certain fashion. That's why they're pushing on the south, China Sea they've been building up their military that been doing deals all over there. The world for rare earth, minerals to you know to labor. Just did access to enable ports doesn't matter what it is. They've been busy doing that because they view themselves at the top of the food chain. Now I guess we could say well, okay, fine, maybe it's their turn or something but I'd. That's not how I view the world right, I mean we can do to be on top. We can you know the second,
and and- and so it goes back to that- one of those really question justice. How much do we spend on defense? How much do we spend on on into almost we spend on and whatever may be, and- and I think the answer is that's where intelligence comes in- you have to know what the opposite with a hostile nation is doing at the know. What the competitors doing it's like in business. You have to spend enough to stay ahead of that right. Even if it's a small amount, you gotta stay ahead yet and and it's it, it behooves us not to fall behind. That's never a good thing. I know we don't always do things right, but as a nation, the world is much better off with us sort of at the time, and this is gonna sound brought a lot of people. Don't think. Oh, my god, that's terrible, but with us at the top were were more altruistic. Maybe that is at another. That's the word not, but I think word yeah
so anyway. So I'd, that's that's my view. A lot of people say bullshit, but you know have everyone's got different experiences. You know what that is there a way to detect like when the release if they would release a Huawei phone and which is a really really interesting. A few years ago, while way was not even a major player by any stretch of the imagination. Now it's the Amber to cell phone provider in the world past apple which is incredible when you consider the fact that they barely have a foothold in the american market, they do not very few people by their phones and if they do by their phones, they buy unlocked phones from overseas yeah. It's really kind of crazy. But is there a way where they could detect whether or not there is a backdoor in these phones mean or is it something They could develop it to the point where you really would have no idea. No, we can we can we stay pretty well. You know that that you, you yeah, it's a good
it it's a good question, but I I would say that, as long as we continue. What we're doing in terms of counter: intelligence and and tech advances and efforts in in cyberspace and elsewhere, and certainly communications hardware to stay ahead of potential hostility to. I think we're we're. Okay, we we we were good at detecting problems, were good at identifying weaknesses in in the systems I The problem is again: it's a global community. We can't isolate ourselves in terms of communications. Infrastructure just doesn't work. So if you know it's like a chain in a weak link, nine S, Ci Gay- that analogy yeah good, Thank you. I made you are the weakest link so yeah I mean anyway, but that's why we and I do think that it is the interesting part will be. What does the administration
in their desire to get a trade deal. Are they willing to blink on this because they they put their foot down right and now because we're dysfunctional here in the states from a political perspective, Chuck Schumer going. Well, you don't drop not blink on this is a boy so suddenly Chuck Schumer is a hawk, he's a hard to protecting us from from you know, chinese espionage right image, but simply because you know he sees as a political opening here. You know if, if from backtracks on Quale, now hey good from the democratic perspective, they can use that to bang. On I mean all right: it's all it all comes down to politics, but but this is something people didn't even understand was an issue a nationally This is something that no one was even aware of until a few months ago, and when I started reading about it, one of the first things that I was reading about was you know, I'm with technology nerd, and so I was fascinated by some of their newest phones, which were really far advanced to what You're getting offered in the United States yeah
a lot of that ability to create in record time comes from after the national financial Property yeah and that's how they, over the years again that wasn't that there was a collective decision by the authorities there that that this is how we're going to advance write me with a look. Then they'd make a calculation that says we can't afford to wait decade while, we do our own research and development, you know well, let's just take and walk is not the only chinese phone manufacturer, there's quite a few different ones. So there, but they're the only one that seems to be banned list. Once on with there's quite a few. There are, but always been because of their size and their connection to the government and because of the
this is that the government's been willing to to provide to them the advantage that they have and the speed with which they were able to kind of in bad themselves in to other nations telecommunications infrastructure. That's why they're so important! I'd put the general beyond that. You know. Are there other companies we awhile course yeah and there's a variety of companies? We should be worried about from that perspective. It's not look to be fair. I I spent some time on China because it's yeah. The number one state sponsored perpetrator of theft of intellectual property, but you know there's there's other countries involved in it, so I copy entire cities, which is really inside the scene. I have the they have a fake Paris over there. Yeah yeah, I know. Well, you know they've got gold, some of these places and and looked and and in chinese history cultures, is fantastic right. I've been over there and and times I'm just like marveled at how how you know how interesting the p Laura Friendly. They are how I mean they look. This is a lot of wonderful things about but I'm just saying the authorities right. The government policy of
no rule of law, of of the no protection when it comes to actual property. All these things in their aggressiveness and stealing information. That's the problem, but China is a country is, is a fascinating place, so that was. I don't know why I said that's that it is a fascinating place. It's very very, very, very, very, very old, which is something that we don't know, really understand. That was a five varies, but you think about. When you look at the history of China, it's really it's amazing yeah. It goes back so when you look at this country is a couple one hundred years and that's it. I know we come across a house. It's unresolved, someone slaps a historical down there, yes, we can't do anything to it right away if we face and the past well, I know a guy was gonna houses built in the twenties and they have a store thing. I the nineteen it will be. The architecture of the 60s that we want to protect. Yeah, probably plastic over couches member that so that was that was a good thing right. You know and nobody wanted to sit on those in the summer. So what do you think is going to happen with you really think
governments going to cave and they're going to give in to Wong. I think, because I think they really they were dead. They definitely want to trade deal in some capacity and what a child is not going to blink on this right. They'll they'll figure out how to add a kind of bear the burden of the tariffs and and make things work on the you know for them to sign my which gets built over there to meet all the apple stuff getting built over there now, and there was just the recent story, where TIM Cook was trying to get trump to back down off some tariffs, because you know they're going to have a twenty five percent tariff on some apple products that they're building in China, yeah yeah? And it's the idea that look? It's not the idea that can yeah Rahway Revenue drums twenty three percent despite US crackdown because look overseas. Their phones are gigantic. They figured out. You know
Samsung, made a huge disastrous mistake with their galaxy Fold in another. I know but right over the foldable phone. Well, they have a mate acts that apparently is way better than the Galaxy Fold. It's a better designed and it's viable works yeah, Samsung, incredible company, and it's got an amazing history of innovation and technology, but you're right they have had a couple of they've had a couple of missteps that fold wasn't only one that they had. In the note seven, the glow up right, that's a product when you guys just saying it's last minute, tweaks have been made to the device ahead of the anticipated release in September, and additional sensor appears have been added to the phones, camera module. That's to find out where you live exactly I mean it doesn't mean it's not better Jamie, I thought out yet so how would anybody know that people have reviewed it they see reviewed of all the tech sites. I've written. I just changed you just
yeah. Well, they just sweet to censor talk over there, but I want to go back to Crawford on water. You anti hello is evidence, no, no. What is right, they did use the like a name to like. I live well a license to for their camera. I don't think that they use in like like a cameras in or not it's like a so I've used it. I use that CS like three years ago I thought these like a tennis for the the main pro or whatever it is. They use the name, but I don't believe that it's it's not. I mean it might be a like a sensor, but it's like a very it's a microchips compared to that the one I have a nest. Camera that's of course, it's very different spectral camera, but I mean I think these I go lenses writer like of something good guided. You will get to the bottom of that soon. I was there. So I was super interested in and I was trying to tell us like what what are they using about this name? There's a photographer. I follow that was promoting it and I was like it just seems like they're using the name. Is
all I could. I could tell you, don't even have all the motivation there during my name, but I know I couldn't tell if you don't know they're, not right, yeah, hi, again, baseless accusations I couldn't tell, but as a photographer I couldn't, I could biked all you're using is the name. This isn't a better photo, it's not doesn't have the value of the like it. Well, that's they have some pretty spectacular. Amber so gently I mean there, they have the very best ever night, vision, camera, not night vision but night sight like the ability to take photographs at night, and you looks like a pull up. Wowway night photograph examples 'cause Google Pixel three is the second best one, but the best one is supposedly the wall with Zoom came out a couple months ago, people were saying that that was bullshit, which was that it was like. I had a super zoom tech g that people with writing and right right right, no way that that's real, but said it's no way: that's real tagra photographers reviewers people that are using this stuff.
And said, but they weren't using this though we want, one thing has been: one thing has been proven that wow way has taken some photographs and said they were taken out of Huawei Phone and they were actually not a very high end, yeah very high end camera. Also, while we posted some stuff on Instagram, from iphones couple take get caught a couple of times doing that, which is also quite hilarious, but yeah, it's a it's a sneaky business and if If that's how they're going to do it, they are going to get in through the back door and get information through phone phones and modems, and- made. It may not be something that they worry bout now in terms of access and people say well, why do they want the access now? They just want to know that can I mean imagine a conflict in the future where they that ability right either into real time monitor communications through this network that they've been able to build trapdoors into you know or to impact
communication more aggressively more proactively to to do things. You know it's like It's like mapping out our infrastructure right. The testing when the goes on of our of our electrical grid. As an example, I mean that's just planning for the future in in, in the event that something bad's going to happen. If there's gonna be a concert, You know they they want to know. As do we, I mean again to your point that you know hopefully we're doing the same stuff and then so yeah it is something else interesting. When you talk about. China, though, is, and- and you think, about, okay, which would be watching we touched on Russia. A little bit is the alliance between possible alliance between Russia and China and it's an interesting dynamic in a traditionally Russia, China haven't been together. They've always been some areas of concern. You know distrust at, but there are signs, are things happening that
here, as if China and Russia have made a strategic decision to align themselves closer than that would be because they, that determination that somehow it's in their best interests not necessarily that it's going to be that way for a long of time, but right now in the current environment, you see Russia acting as if what they want
a stronger alliance, military alliance and and political alliance, economic Alliance with China, and it's it's it's an interesting dynamic that and we need to be watching. We need to be aware of, and, and part of that is you know, people again. This this idea that- and there was just Russia, Trump collusion and thinking- okay. Well, that's good, except our relations with Russia have been this bad in a long time. So maybe it's all a very clever mind game that they're playing because they're closely aligned, but I don't think so so we've actually laid on more significant sanctions on Russia. We've attacked them from an energy perspective in terms of our ability to create our independence, no particular from from natural gas dad is damaged, rushes abilities. So I think there's reasons why there,
to gravitate NG towards China right now, but this idea that somehow Trump is super friendly and as a useful idiot Putin, it doesn't doesn't play out when you look at the reality of the relationship between the two countries. The whole russian collusion thing is a very confusing narrative because on one hand you have the Democrats who are saying without doubt, there's russian collusion and then On the other side, you have the probably begin to say the Mueller report. Essentially, exonerated trump from being a part of any russian collusion. I don't think either one is totally accurate. I think there's a lot of like weird gray yeah, both both narratives, the Democrat narrative is easier to understand it, just since from their perspective, why wouldn't how we want? Why? Wouldn't we push that to this day, they just still Mais today they lost, and so there must be some grander reason. Why? Because we just how closely we could lose to this guy right, so
and- and it was also talking more much less- you Know- let's hit everybody with the racist hammer, it's a talking point and it's worked for them over. No, the fleece, the first couple of years on the on the on the on the republican side. Look to rush knew what they were doing right. They were flocking with the election on several different levels and it wasn't just through the internet. It wasn't me just placing story said that they could it wasn't just trying to foment. Do you know, did divisiveness and discontent was also doing these little dangle things. You know where they're you know they're looking to see what are they gonna bite? What are they going to do in home? You think about that Christopher still dossier. It was a piece of I mean if, if we saw that in in the commercial side of things you know, I've got a business in global intelligence and and and research and security nothing was just. There was nothing, it was shot full of holes right, and so you think well. What somebody should have asked tell me about your sources
you know why are your sources talking? What was you know? You've got to anytime. You've got a piece of intelligence right. You gotta do a few basic things: what it come from was after opposition research, political opposition, research right so Christopher Steele, who was a paid hired consultants used to be with intelligence. Not you know not a James bond type, but you know decent enough by all accounts a decent enough guy, but he entered the world of private sector information Gathering right I've got a company, that's what we do all around the world and and you you can't relax your standards just because you're now in the commercial sector, right you get a piece of information. You need to test that piece of information, an the first thing you need to do is understand, what's the sourcing for it and why why do they have access? You know how credible are they what's their track
Gordon. Why, by the way, are they providing this information? And how did it eventually, you know make its way to this. Worked in those the sort of simple things, whether you're out a corporation, that's gathering, questions about a market that you may enter with a you know: an investment whether you're still in the business and your intent into officer in your you know, talking to a source that works in some foreign ministry somewhere, you got to be on a you know the stress test, the intelligence and and and it's wasn't done, people people like what they saw. This on negative information about the the the candidate and just run with that right and the more times you it's like. It's like the old, the W M d reporting, the came out of the early days in Iraq, the more you repeat it even if it's one source and that source is a piece of shit what you repeated people are going to buy it right so russian collusion russian collusion. You just keep repeating that. Then that is going to happen at some point. It will happen, but anyway, so but it seems like we should definitely likes to disrupt our democracy. Absolute.
And they would still benefit of that. Well part of it is in the old days it was sort of a struggle for supremacy in the world. Right I mean. I wish that at its core, that's what it was right and their ability to chip away in faith and m cratic institutions was at the core of a lot of the crap that they pulled and still is I so that's all the when you're talking about a propaganda effort like they're screwing with the last election. What's their goal, when goal isn't necessarily it's it's with the they do they care, whether one Canada or another wins. Well. Maybe maybe they do right, but you'd be hard pressed to argue that you know they were working against Hillary Clinton who it said you know it we have a reset, and you know, and have a new relationship with Russia and work with them. I mean. Maybe they looked at Trump and
yeah, that's the guy we want to work with, but over that the more important issue was in just chipping away at at at at Americans. Belief in democratic institutions get us all so that we question the credibility of of a democracy and that's been the fundamental belief for propaganda efforts. Within the old KGB, an Alley Fsu and and and so it's it's it's. You know it's a simple as that away, and it worked look at this. You know spend years now, just at each other and yelling and screaming and and complaining, and we bought into it because we all like we talked about before we all can a easily duped and- and I don't know how you get around- that- I know how we walk that back back. We don't, but I think it's an informed public public that helps to battle this, but we haven't. We lost sight of what was important here and that it, and so I think the public needs it's a responsibility. You like this
yeah you like where you live, then you have to make an effort to try to keep it right and part of that is being an informed public and understanding. What hostile elements may be out there without being paranoid. I understand why they're doing things in the way that the world operates, and you always have that group of people that you know don't buy into any of that bullshit and think it's all just. We should all be holding yeah. That's the that's the that's a fun one thanks! it's a good narrative, it's a happy narrative right when you talk to people that have seen terrible things that take place all around the world. That narrative is hard to swallow like when you re, about these gang members that are coming in and growing pot in fuqing, shooting at people and they've got these high level. Task force just to deal with these cartel. Members of the growing weed Ryan. This is right.
Just one are what they're doing right. That's just last human trafficking and everything else they get involved in extortion and which is probably the scariest shedding yeah yeah and that's it and that's. That's- would have to worry about if you if push them out of the market, because you legalize everything which you know, I assume that's kind of the direction we're going then do they fill that gap again from a revenue perspective fentanyl or something else whatever the next choices? How do you stop the infiltration? How do you stop? The gang members are coming in here I mean how do you do that other than eliminate ing them other than having some sort of a tactical. Well, that seems the only operation. That would make any sense in my mind, yeah. Well, it's like jihadism. You can't kill you way out of it. Right doesn't mean you should make a good faith effort, but it's for the for the for the drug control in a context counter narcotics Part of it is what we talked about, also about working with the other governments. Right we've had some
success in doing that, where you work with the mexican authorities that you work with. Colombians or out in Se Asia, in order to try to push on the back on the heroin trade an so you work, through them to some degree, but that stuff right, that's much corruption. There is so much corruption, and and that's that's the problem and it's and it's unsatisfying, because you don't see an immediate return, sometimes an it's an it's also. It's a sometimes seems like it's just a big. You know a bottomless pit where you're tossing money and effort and resources, but it's something that has to be done doesn't mean you shouldn't still do it. But it is, I mean, is in in a place like Mexico right where the people just don't have any faith in the institutions, because they've lived in this system. For so long, where all the officials in their minds anyway or corrupted. The police are corrupt, the federales are corrupt
the Marines down in Mexico are probably the most trusted institution because they're not viewed in the same vein, they're not viewed as corrupt, but only the Marines in well yeah. Pretty much I mean that's it, which is it's it's odd, but it's a it's a that's a large organization and they've been able to kind of stay above the pray to some degree which interesting I have no idea, but it's it's been the perception and for the most part it's it's true. When you work down there, often enough you do get that impression, but it's it. How do you get rid of that endemic corruption in that society and turn that public perception around? You know because that will impact, but let me look what he: in a previous administration when they they seriously when, after cartel members remember that spree of violence that they kicked off, it was in part because the the mexican authorities were going out dirt cartels in a more serious manner right they so that they were managing the problem. So they said: okay, look! Let's
it's down the violence there may in and we'll let you keep doing your business, it's going to happen, so you guys do your business, but this you know what sets keep sort of, public order? You know as something that we want to demonstrate that we're capable of and when when they went after the cartels in a more serious manner. That's when that that real par spree of violence kicked off and you know there was more headroom so these you know the various members were, you know there there were combat each other to and and they were going after the public. They understood that they had to. You know, basically, where down the public, which is what happened. The public said after a while, they said it, we can't deal with this. The violence is too much. It's awful and so government. You know eventually went back to managing the problem, drug trade and go away of course, but they just went back to the old ways of doing things so that the violence is just so intense that the public, eventually just so, we can't know- and I think the cartels knew- that they understood that right, and so they were willing to do it with the most ridiculous,
aspect. Was that fast and the furious deal where they were literally selling drugs to the cartels, so they could track them and those bugs we used to eventually kill some US use right right. Yeah I mean it was yes, I suppose rugs etcetera, yeah. Well, because it is a drug yeah, yeah completing things, those guns that they used, they did kill officers right. Yeah there was there an officer in particular was that was killed and the fast furious anytime, you talk about. Let me talk about as part of intelligence collection, effort right or long for effort that you're going to supply the hostile element with weapons or whatever? Maybe he, yeah, it's probably going to go sideways right, seems like a great way to come. The fact that you were selling guns- I mean if I was really skeptical so I would say we're going to sell them guns how the funk you're going to sell them guns
we're going to say that it's an intelligence gathering thing selling guns yeah, we all really cynical yeah people are a lot of people are yeah, yeah, yeah knobs. I think it was. It was a up operation, there's no doubt about it, and I I'm not a fan of you so it's it's sort of like the same in the gray arms marketing, in also on a global basis. When you talk about you know like it out, because again we looking to do you looking to create movement track in a movement of of of gear or money or resources are person there's ways you can do that you know without creating the potential for a complete, go open, unfortunate, fast and furious did that I was had to be a go, broke, you're, giving people the ability to kill people yeah the given guns, yeah like what we did and what he could do that chips on the guns like how they even tracking these got, damn guns yeah it versus method ship, but it's yeah. Are you going back to Mexico and how do you
How do you resolve that? Because that impacts again? That impacts us a fax, our national security right, yeah match and so go broke. You giving people the ability to kill people yeah the given guns, yeah like what the and what do they have chips on their guns like how they, even tracking these got? Damn guns yeah it sources and methods ship. But it's yeah. Are you going back to Mexico and how do you how do you resolve that, because that impacts again that impacts us a fax, our national security right, yeah, that's and so they literally connected to us yeah, we're so concerned with Afghanistan and Iraq. The no where near us and we've got this thing connected to us. That's literally filling this country with illegal drugs. They they sell math a self sentinel there. After in a that. The coming up on another election press selection in MID Mid September, you can run I think about it, I'm thinking about moving the family over there. You do and yeah your best chance yeah. I could me and Boris Johnson Trump we get together,
but yeah they've they've had an increase in bombings. You know Taliban step in a back up and I made we don't think about it. Nobody wants to think about that. A more you think about how many years you know, we've been digging in and it always comes back to the same thing, a Taliban and what do we think was going to happen? They got no place else to go right so difficult to track him down. Yeah, yes, and that and that that they will just wait it out right and, and so, and here there back again increasing bombings, they want to take. You know they want to take over again and then it's just so you're right in a sense we did. We take our off the ball yeah. We did and are there other issues that we should have been more focused on yeah yeah sure. But you know, then you conflicted because you think
all those people that fought and died over there and and the effort that the people came back and you know with with this horrible wounds and and and the trauma of all of that- and you know I I feel somewhat conflicted because then you talk about you know how a you don't wanna, you don't minimize their what they did right for the country, but you also have an obligation, I think, to look at policy and what did we do and what was the purpose of? It was a point of that exercise and I don't think we still to this day now. Right I mean we create some pseudo state federal government. There that's going to be bass, Democracy now going to happen so anyway, I don't want disappeared on the Afghanistan, rabbit hole, but we'd like to think that we could turn that into another America. That's we like to think when we think about nation building the we do we can go in. There establish democracy and these people going be better than going to be able to go to school, and it's going to change the whole environment
yeah yeah. I guess- and that is true- and we talked about Iraq that way. If we just make a rock a bastion of democracy, then maybe it'll help to to turn the tide, in the Middle EAST and suddenly and we'll have more respect for individual liberties and rights and all the rest of that man and how that worked out. You know I I'm I'm still looking into it. It's I'm I I'll come back again and I'll. Give you my report. I think it's going to be negative. A million people have died, yeah, it's yeah. It's it's not good right! That's debts, typically, never good! When you get you get to those numbers, a large number yeah, but again look at I mean the ship that we don't wanna talk about. It will be on time, Assyria mmhm. I know he wants to talk about Syria and, and and- and you know, aside is butcher he's still in charge wise in charge, because Russia prop them up and wanted Russia along with RON. There's a nasty piece of work there as an axis goes. Well. You know Russia had no intention of letting Assad go
We should have been able to figure that one out, but we didn't in part, because we have these impulses. Let's say well we're going to do better and because we're going to create this ability for people to you know create their own democracy, so yeah? So anyway, we areas again, one of those places that nobody really wants to discuss or talk about. We've, we we've, we attention deficit disorder and we talked about n remember we're going to get blown up by Kim Jong on yeah well. This pictures of Trump shaking his hand, so we're buddies now going home. Yet we're all good good yeah I mean the last article I read about N Korea was about how did Kim moon get his Mercedes since there's some sort of a she's, a boycott or the you know, embargo yeah? Well- and that's you know that's another part of it is is, although we haven't been, we been. More successful, I we've been more successful than that in the
and part of that is a technology issue. We've gotten better at imposing an enforcing sanctions, then we used to be- and part of that is because our abilities to and the movement of money tracking transactions is better than it used to be so. The sanctions as an example we put on around this is a a list of the most difficult time that this regime is faced in IRAN since the fall of of of the shock, and it's because we've gotten better at looking at Russia, China in particular that and traditionally always kind of circumvented. The sanctions were better at enforcing that and we're better at working with the EU and pressuring them right. I mean so that's that's a good thing but I don't know where that's going,
I mean IRAN is kind of flailing about a little bit. They seized the tanker british tank, or at least a couple but yeah they're, holding on to one in response to. They were trying to ship a bunch of oil over to Syria against sanctions that exist. So they had a tanker that was taken, two million barrels or whatever of oil over to Syria and the British the territorial waters of Gibraltar intercepted that ship now beginning of July, in response. The Iranians have done a number of things right, but the most recent thing that they've done was a seized. A british flag tanker and they're still hold the crew and that's sort of example, of their. I don't see the desperate right, because they've gotten ability, I think to with stand in their their control over the PA population, is so strong, but it's an example I think to some degree of them.
Flailing a bit trying to figure out what are they going to do? What's their next move, and I know people say well, we should have gotten out of the deal we shouldn't. You know we should have this issue anyway, because we, you know, Trump's fall for getting out of the deal but did out they'd again. I I I don't have a lot of confidence in in in them sticking to the terms in agreements of any deal, because they've never done in the past has always been that effort and it was broken the agreement so I don't know why. Suddenly they would change their tune if we can keep the sanctions on hard enough and force them to table the only thing they care about is staying in power if they think they're going to lose that grip on power, they'll come to the table, make a better deal on that deal, would include us being able to access their military facilities and for inspections we could we had no access to any other military sites in that country because- Now we didn't make it a condition of the deal right. So we basically said sure we want verification that you're following the agreements they said well. Thank you. This is. These are the places that we agree to. Let you look at that. That was that I don't want
or simplified. That was the terms of the deal, and so we we any deal that we do with them in the future to be able to say no, we one hundred percent verification, as John Kerry said, that's what you want, they'll verify. So when we heard about it. What what we're hearing in the news for the people that are opposed to the deal is that Trump broke this deal and he was foolhardy to do so that a bomb had put in place this deal and the trumpet broke it in sort of leaves us in this terrible quagmire right, what you're saying is that the deal was terrible and that they, it did give us access to understand exactly what their nuclear program was. The military program was it wasn't. A good deal. Wasn't wasn't wise to keep it if your, if your? If, if the way that you judge the of the value of a deal, And this is what the previous administration Obama Stration did was to talk about, how you know it's import we verify and member that we've got verification. Well, yeah. You got verification of the site to the Iranians agreed to. Let us look at doubt that an
and so yeah it was a deal. Was it a good deal? No, they wanted. They wanted to sign this deal on, the Iranians knew it and so yeah. I think that that just side saying now, we're gonna re draw this and even the E. U, which has been clinging to that the old agreement, even the use as well yeah. We we could improve it. We could make it better, but this no, if you just keep things as they were, there's no incentive for the iraqi regime to to make any concessions or improve it. So the point being is we're going we're trying to force them back to the negotiating table? and again, given that their self interest is to stay in power and remain in charge, then you know if with the economy in the condition that it's in currently if it gets much worse and they feel as if they're losing grip on on the population. Then I suspect they will come. They're not going to lash out at IRAN, doesn't want it. Nobody wants a military conflict, we don't want it, they don't want it yeah. Can they close the strait of Hormoz?
you know where you know, depending on who you talking to one slash. Five of the world's oil passes through Oregon yeah. They could close the temporarily or cause some friction, but they don't have the ability to shut down for any period of time. We just got too much in terms of leverage over there and our assets and so yeah. I I if you know who knows, but I I I I'm one of those people that says you know we. We should have done that deal until we got it right and just saying it. We got a deal for the sake of it because you had partial verification. Doesn't give me anything with that with that partial verification, the programs for decades and they just keep advancing the program. So do you think this criticism of backing out of the deal that you're hearing from Democrats is basically just a criticism of Trump to show opportunity to yeah everything's Chris? I I think everything is a criticism, he's not a problem. We will lose because Trump is such a polemic figure because he's been to so many people. Just don't hate him that any opera
Monday, to have some sort of political talking point against him sort of confuses what the actual issue is itself yeah. I mean, I think it's no doubt he's ii yeah I'd I'd. I think what happens is both sides. We we lose in this one, because the Democrats just sort of blindly accused! Him of everything is bad right in the matter. What he's doing what policy is it's all bad right and so that's not what you want to be in on the republican side. You know you tend to think that that's the case, and so you know you don't have an honest, intelligent discussion, I'm not on the landscape right, and so you you you again, your she was sitting in in in in trenches on hand, grenades to others. I wore one right and nobody's going to get on venture to no man's land in the center, the nobody's living in the center anymore. So I just think
everybody it's a disservice to everybody. But yes, at the on most things that come out of Capitol Hill right now is based on on it looks my day is: is an example, my daughter went. She just got out of grad school. And she's done. A number of internships worked over in Asia. Ship in China, on internships and she's, you know smart kid, I'm subjective smart kid, but she went for a job up in Capitol Hill and it was not a direct hire, meaning they'd office had to go through the the other offices to get approval to hire an individual fill. This place and because the house is controlled by Democrats now
she was, everybody looked and said: yeah she's, a top candidate. We want to offer the job well, what happened? Was they submit it or her details that we want to hire this person to this office within the Capitol Hill controlled by the Democrats? Now, because it's a house majority and they came back and said no 'cause, you know why, because she did an Intern ship in the current administration right so young person wanting to work in DC in policy and an security studies and elsewhere doing a variety of internships around the globe. Doesn't internship with the White House? Normally, you would think that's a good thing right, so they said no, because she this internship with the White House, we're not going to approve the hiring and then it turns well, she did an internship and build the Blasi's office to write, and so they said that and the HANS was we. We don't like him either, which I think was that I should provide some humor right to the hole so
but it shows you're not I mean, and that's a that's a little tiny thing. It's a person was it, but, but it shows you watch the Dcs prop. Possibly name is most dysfunctional location in all of North America. That's terrible yeah and in its in its and it's not the way it should be. We should be able to tap policy discussions. We should be able to make decisions you may not like trump. You may not have like the previous president, but you know again: we gotta stop this bull. Where everybody's a racist, everybody's, sexist everybody say: it's not the way this country supposed to work and people. You know that you can't even get away from who's at fault everybody's at fall. Right, we'll right left, are all guilty of of creating this divisiveness. What is this the curator outrage? Culture? I mean. How do you get past us? That's the real question right, meaning what is the I don't see a map and I was going to ask you this about foreign policy, because as a guy, who has been involved in CIA for as long as you have been, as has seen all
So the inner workings of government and all the conflict and did you ever feel like you Just- were just running up a seventy sand dune that you're never going to get to the top of I mean it seems like it never ends. I mean you're just base Klay trying to like there's another hole in the dike. Let me put my finger on this one up waters coming out of this one. Let me get my figure in this one and it never ends. Yeah running up the sand. Dune. That's a good, that's a good just seems like a million mile high Sandune yeah, and it is, I think, it's it's always looked DC is always been divisive. Politics have always created, division the press is always been biased in one way or another you know these things aren't new, but and we always I think it's the worst we've ever seen it let the civil war was pretty bad. That was pretty divisive yeah. So when you politician like it like I. It was Joe Biden right that that said that the president is is the most. You know racist you know, president. We've ever had you think. Well I don't
Noah presence in owned slaves. Sadly, twelve presidents owned slaves. I think that might have been a problem, but you so so in in or the race relations are the worst I've ever been and you think yeah how about the 60s? That was pretty bad right. Anne in the civil war, and I think so, every doesn't do time is good yeah. I know and but I guess my boy being is that you know you can fall into that trap. When you think it's it's as bad as it's ever been, it's I think it's to say that it is more polarizing now than in recent times and how do we lock it back. How do we dial it down a little bit and how do we actually focus on what's important for general population? There's a lot of big issues. We should be solving right, I mean, but look at the insanity of when we talk about health care right, right it's like. Oh, it's got to be all this or it's going to be all that nobody is over in the middle saying. Well, you know you could take a little bit of this and that an again, how do you walk that back? It's way above my pay. Data, I hunkered down in Idaho and I'd go fishing, and I don't think about it.
That's a good way to do it, but I don't see any solution that anybody has. It makes any sense and that's one of the things that terrify is me, and I don't just step away. I don't be that guy that moves to fucking Idaho, New Zealand there, great people yeah, I love Edmonton, but I mean it's like what we do in Edmonton. Ufc Okay did river Cree casino yeah. Some! I just feel like. There's no, so real general solution. Or is there a map of a potential solution and in less I mean if we get a Democrat in the White House, it's not going to end remember. When Obama was in office, they were mad that he wore a gray suit or a tan suit suit there making fun of his suit the fun you care this. This is all you care, but it's like
polarization of Fox NEWS versus MSNBC polarization that doesn't help Anybody- and it's it's so bananas at if you have a podcast like mine, and I have a left person on I'm a sell out of five, a right wing person on yeah, I'm a yeah, and it just goes back and forth. You can even talk to people anymore, which is now now. If it, it comes down to you can't have policy differences anymore right, it's got to be some personal animus that you I towards at other individual, which right it is again is is it is, is horse. You can have policy differences with with people and that doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't make you a you know that sure those are the race, I think was it for and races out there right, but that's we've lost them, the meaning of the term when you to start hurling that around at anybody you disagree with right or when people say well, if you like trump your of racist right well, looking graduation,
probably driving those people to have does definitely vote former twenty twenty. That is absolutely faq. So that's one thing that I completely agree with you on that. I think that this idea that everybody who supports Trump is racist. It it makes those people so angry that they just want to go. Okay, I'm in well you're. Obviously nuts. I can't it can't be on your side. You people are crazy, want to open up the borders, and you want to take all the money from the everybody, that's a hard working American, give it to all the poor people and fuck you and it's like the argument. Just get so confused yeah. I know I don't know where it's I mean. If you think about who who might win yeah, I don't think Joe bicycle. I think they're going to eat him alive. It's not yeah he's not going to be it's going to be. I think Bernie, and Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbert. Those are the only ones that makes Kelsey makes sense to me, she's a veteran congress roman for six years, she seems incredibly honest and morals or ethics are on point. I, like her she's, my favorite, but if the
left is going to have someone they're going to have to be able to with Trump's insults, yeah, I'm going to be able to debate him and that's where they all fall apart, because they they're trying to use that old model of politics and he not doing that. He surfaced showman, and I think what's happening is that the Pope, though, that you have looked at the the people that count in this did in the primary. You know: that's a completely different bag right there and then what goes on in the general and I think the people. That are in the primary right. Now all those people are going to be voting in the primary they're watching like these debates as an example or they're just watching the Daily Twitter Twitter feed from these people, the candidates and their thinking. Can I see this person debating trump? right right, and so you, the not only are the policies that these candidates are so are spawning, are moving further and further to the left, which is gonna, make it hard to win the general election comes to shift to the center.
Do it right that centers now shifted further to left if they even make you have to get back there, but you know you're getting sort of like the worst listings coming out from these candidates because they think will I got to show that I can throw a firebomb here, because there looking at me with, can I debate Trump right and so you're going to get somebody who's. Not so I don't. I don't think because the guy was gonna make it, because I think they're gonna make that calculation. I think that today, you're probably gonna, look in there. You go and with Harris or maybe Warren Warren's not going to make it. I don't know that made America things. You would think so right. You would think so Harvard he touted her in some of their literature. When we're talking about their diversity efforts over the years, there's actually documents where Harvard was saying you know, and we hired you know. First native American, professor and thinking Statistique, I'm too huh one hundred times more african than she is native American about that. Basically, Africa are you yeah? I didn't know that one point six percent one point six
from where it's waiting on 23andme. I did wanna make dna place, so you can't yeah, it's a whole. Can someone from that continent Fuct one of my ancestors, but if you find out South Africa though, then it's not quite yeah. It's not quite it's interesting, but yeah. Well, that's dutch right! You get Dutch more bored, I haven't done that you know my daughter. Did it and I have done that I had actually a conversation. The other day about this whole thing about the desire to know your. Ancestry and everything and my dad came over never talked about his background ever talked. Family, CIA debt. They have with him. He knows how to keep his mouth shut, and so he never. He never demonstrated that interest right, and so, therefore, I don't think I've ever been, never just been that focused on
Everything was in there that I knew was in there, mostly italian little bit of Irish, but some weird shit like one percent asian. I thought that was odd to any scottish, no choice. Little scottish floating around out there and I'd like to break hearts yeah where to kill that's right, they get out after about uh yeah yeah. I don't know, I don't know where it's all going, but I do think that Warren and it could be viewed I I don't. I don't I don't like about it, sorry, but I think that she was. I think the base looks at our thanks yeah. She could be a firebrand today after that whole native american thing. She built a career on the line. They don't care that a man does care yeah, that's a problem. America cares. You can't look I said the same way. You could look past Hiller being a liar yeah Hillary tried to say that her name came from Edmund Hillary, the guy who climb Mount Everest. Meanwhile, he climbed Mount Everest three years after she was born, it's
But you know he was still quite the character before so it was still doing that name around yeah, but more than three years yeah yeah after she was born my but seven years yeah. I I'd been, but you think it's ed. You won't be will Bernie? I don't think you know why not come on democratic socialism so much you go up to Vermont, look around for and see what kind of job Bernie's done about. The judge. Judy Judge Judy Judge feature that they hate him in his own city judge. It may impede the person I am and South Bend. They would come in with the blast. U that be it Carla weren't a oral ticket right there don't does no one person that stands out. There's no one person and like stands out as someone who's gonna win. You know everyone's who could this person make it to that person? Make it and then this
the want to challenge trump, which is areas well. I think it's going to be, and you were gonna lose a lot of these folks after this next round. The base- which I guess tonight tomorrow night, I think, is a it's not a and a b card, but there's two nights of two nights of the main cause of Saudi owned. His bow, it's outs. Did you see the Pacquiao fight yes, yeah yeah. I was a great man. I was forty years drops Thurman in the first round terms of peace to man. That's crazy, it was it was that was a great moment and then it was. It was a interesting fight and I thought I I I wasn't quite sure at the end where was going to go, but I, like I've, watched pack you over the years, and I did that was kind of that typical. You know you get older, you kind of rooting for the old dirais, incredible at forty years old, he is the oldest man to ever capture the welterweight title, and particularly when you consider those lighter weight classes like form and won the heavyweight I love forty six, which was crazy, but
yeah winning the welterweight title at forty, but now in their off mantis it was. It was to give us a good good fight. I really enjoyed that was held for some of really watch to fight that I really enjoyed right beginning to end and knows with some folks who were we were who were not for Pocky on a cap, look I'm thinking how do you not like the old guys been doing this forever, is a senator Now I think about that. That's crazy! Going back to work on a budget issues in the Philippines. After the fight, that's great yeah yeah. I think you made ten million on that. I think yeah yeah good for him, good for Keith Thurman. Two. He made two one slash two. It's got some chatter now key holla at your boy, I love it? Mayweather was in the audience, yeah yeah. Well, that would be fantastic if I mean now is the time to do it. If Mayweather really wants to do it, but Mayweather might watch that fight and going yeah 'cause the first time they God pack yell at a blown out shoulder and now a lot of people were angry. There was actually even talk of a class action lawsuit against Pacquiao, but after the fight, because people had better
him and his shoulder was fuckedup, going he'd heard in training and tried You got a quarter zone shot and said: I'm just going to try to fight on, and then you getting shoulder surgery and then from then on after rehab looks fantastic. That's really interesting, though the concept of could you? Could you push through a class action lawsuit with an athlete who is in that position I mean yeah. Where does that go I mean if you're playing hurt, I mean you're in the NFL. You plan hurt right. Do you have any obligation now I mean I know I mean it's interesting. Well, you have see fighters fight, hurt all time. I know for a fact guys fight with blown out a and torn hamstrings, and they just listen. To get to that point, they think I can still win and some of them still win Kumara loose and won the title with a broken foot he broke his. But in training, and he was literally on crutches the week of the fight, and then the guy gets to the fight and he's such a fucking animal and so tough that he fought, like there was nothing wrong with him and then after
revealed that he had broken his foot fuckin' bananas, the mental toughness that you have to have to be able do that for a living, and then you and and when you lose somebody with a broken foot, yeah, that's yeah! who's dominated dominated Tyron Woodley, which is even crazier, but then Woodley went to that fight injured as well. I mean it's just the nature of the beast. If your job is to hurt people and break their bodies, you're going to have to fact is breaking bodies along the way and you can have to practice it with people that are trying to break your body in occasionally they succeed. Yeah yeah, yeah rough business, yeah come come to an event. I'd like I actually would like to do that. I just want an Anaheim in a couple of weeks. You should come to that one. It's a big one. Daniel Cormier is fighting steep Ameo Church for the heavyweight title in a couple of weeks. Yeah Nate Diaz is fighting Anthony Pettis, that's a crazy fight, an Paulo Costa is, yeah well, Romero's, two or three rather epic fight. I'm there in Anaheim graying, no one gets injured
uh yeah, you know what I bring scooter scooter like rings yeah. He likes that come on down man, yeah set it up. I don't I'll, follow up on that We'll do all right and tell me when you show comes out, so I could let the let the people know maybe can come back on again when it whenever it. Actually, if you wouldn't mind, I once they give me the go ahead, because apparently I'm prescribing talking about when they give me the go ahead, you will bill, gets to shut up all right. Just keep talking with angel. Do that sank, sir think about good times all right, bye, everybody. Thank you. Folks, tune for tuning into the show, and thank you to our spot. Thank you too movement watches sunglasses and accessories they got dope. Shitan doesn't cost a ton of money, they've sold over two point: five million Prada across more than one hundred and sixty countries in their collections are always expanding and they have free shipping and free returns get fifteen percent off with free shipping and free returns, by going to mvmt dot com, Rogan C Y movement keeps growing check out there
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