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#1331 - Alonzo Bodden

2019-08-06 | 🔗
Alonzo Bodden is a stand up comedian and winner of Last Comic Standing Season 3. His new comedy special "Heavy Lightweight" premieres on Amazon Prime on August 23.
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my guest today is a good friend of mine for many many years he's a fantastic stand up comedian. I talk about him off and on the podcast. I love death and he's got a new comedy special that is out on August 23rd on Amazon, very but Amazon is now hosting all these comedy specials for great comedians, like Jim Gaffigan and Russell Peters, and this man, the great and powerful Alonzo Boat and the jail broken experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. What is up Joe to see my brother man? It is so good to be back. My first, I'm seeing the new joint. It's absolutely amazing yeah. I thought you'd been here the new spot, but like I say you were building this when I did the last one, and it's this when you said you
Do everything here is like yeah. This is the bunker. I don't live that far from here come on down, so when the bomb hit some like yeah, I'm going to Joe Spot, what if you live in and if you're in the neighborhood you want to use the gym, it's always open bank come on down a bring canned goods. Bridgewater water purifiers yeah. If the shit hits the fan, Bernie had me nervous. Bernie Sanders was just here. He had my nervous about change. Whenever someone brings up climate change, it's like a bill that you didn't pay like fuck yeah, it's it's real and okay. So now I'm do my first shameless plug for my new. When it is now, it's 23rd on Amazon, Prime it's one of the new wave of Amazon specials, I'm very excited about that. Yeah they're they're testing, the water, so it's good to be in so it's called heavy lightweight, and I call it that because I do some heavy topics and then I mix it in with lightweight shit. 'cause, that's like if you do all heavy like it. It's wow that was depressing
yeah and you know- and I talk about the climate change thing, but it's like it to be honest, like look, I'm a black man, fifty seven, I got what like ten years left. I don't give a I'm saying. Like statistically God bless you millennials. I wish you luck, but I had a good run by the way. You look amazing for fifty seven. Thank you, yeah! Don't crack well! This is why I talk about right up until the day. It does right so, like literally right till the day before I die, look great and what what happened. Somebody died from what black been black. His whole life shit just caught up with him. You got fucking diabetes, sickle cell and high blood pressure in the same day wave a wave of malady, but now but the climate change thing is real, but I think the big problem is it's slow. It's not dramatic, so people it's easy to to not think about it, but you know that yet oceans rising, but it's an inch a year which
you know. I mean that that may not be exactly you know. Maybe it's not a lot right. So people, don't people don't get with the urgency and- and I think that's why you have the young Congress people talking about it because they like hey. This is going to be in our lifetime right, but then you have the older generation where it's like a you know. What's interesting, I'm pretty sure we should check this. Make sure this is and I think we learned about this from Randall Carlson that the increased Co. Twenty two rates also increases vegetation, vegetation and green, the they use carbon dioxide oxide right, the increase rates. Actually this is like one of the greenest times ever. But I wonder how does that offset versus the there's less land for these plants to grow on? You know what I mean like so when you look at like.
Radio jungles things like that like this is the opposite of that was that it makes it harder for them to grow what we know. What article says: Is there any articles that say? That's not the case. Because it seems like that's not something random would lie about. He was talking out how this is like one of the most green tea times ever in the increase of four student and green trees, and so I guess I'm seeing both of them, then so the very first things that pop up our high carbon levels make it harder for plants to grow from think progress. Second thing: increased carbon dioxide levels in area strip plants, ability to absorb nutrients from science, DOT, GU, DOT, it's another country. I think Sweden Thinkprogress sounds like a bunch of fucking hippies, NASA says, though, well it's making a greener for now. Yes, so I would buy that the thing about the day and it didn't
it's funny like with science. You have to check, because you have to see if there's a political agenda NASA one you have to see if there's a political agenda behind the science right yeah for sure. Well, you never know I'd go, it would NASA says so they say: go scroll back up. Please co two is making the earth greener for now and then is a quarter to half of is vegetated lands have shown significant greening over the last thirty five years, largely due to rising levels of levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide according to a new study published in the journal for natural climate change on April 25th yeah see in international Thirty two offer authors from twenty four institutions in eight countries led the effort which in loved using satellite data from NASA's moderate resolution, imaging spectrometer in the national oceanic and atmospheric administration's advanced, very high resolution, ready radio meter, Instrum
it's to help determine the leaf. Area index or the amount of leaf cover over the planet's vegetated regions. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in areas to two times the Continental, United States, blah blah blah. So Randall's right, I think, but I think either way we're fucked and then on top of that, just be, will die in a very green planet. How much? If everything melts, if the polarized cap smelt like we're cool. Can we live in South Dakota or some shit? I don't know, I don't think I make it in, I don't inside you know, I don't think so like like you know they want California to fall to the ocean. Right was here that it it's like yeah tidal wave will kill you yeah. You know I mean
don't know, both the rainfall glaciers and it's all interconnected right. That's why the hurricanes, stronger right. Is right, speculate yeah? So if you lose like the oceans control the earth's climate because the you know having to do it evaporates, and so on. By the way for sure you shouldn't be getting weather information from you or me. Listen we got two two experts scientists here- we've we've been talking about this for minutes I'm thinking about it for hours all told over our lives, but no, it's real
but it is something I think it's definitely yeah. A lot of people are going to be more interested because it it could be a major thing like if you're thirty, now when you're sixty this could be a real, real big issue. It's a bad time to buy real estate in Miami. Now you don't well, you know, when is a good time to buy real estate when got got a lot of coke and you look at a party you found have stage four cancer, but you do have a large bag of coke you know. I love that you mention that, because this has been a thing, so the the weed industry be a legal right and they say there's all this money that people can't figure out what to do with right. The banks don't want it like built with cocaine money. What happened to those money laundering, guys who cleaned up all
that money built all that real estate like where are they now different era? I can't believe that there's not people out there who can figure out how to clean this weed money and the economy. They will be able to figure it out, but it's gonna take a long time and the people that are trying to figure it out right now, like the the We dealers that are selling it legally, but then have all the stock piles of cash they met there after they heard hire mercenaries in the hired Blackwater, guys, shit and fucking slops guys to watch their their money. They really have to my old condo, I rented out right. So I was written to a guy. His business was he handled the credit card transactions for the weed places for the dispensaries and stuff and You know the bank shut him down and this and he didn't pay to rent late, and I was like I got the only in the weed business who can't make money like I'm renting, there's one guy and we'd? Who can't I was like listen. I take cash, just pay to rent like how do you
You're selling weed everybody's buying is selling weed on credit cards and you can't pay read. How do I end up with this? Goes? Are people flying here to get some weed yes flying into California. Yes, we'd tourism in my guy, nothing know really took on the fucking is Amsterdam. When people are talking about going to amp stamp? Let's go to him. We get high yeah. You can get high here stupid right. Going to windows, though that's true, they still got that's true, but who's been there before you, if you can just see the line of vc of like video montage of all the guys coming into this, like just over the last couple weeks, jewelers ruling names today of tourism,
the Amsterdam Tourist Board is like. Why is he picking on us what we well? They have great fights over there with a up when they made mushrooms illegal. They they they stopped people from selling mushrooms and the cafe as it now is that because it is, Why would they do it? I don't understand why they would do that because door say it's not or to go to their late, but now it's good dorks go over there and so their brains out they eat too many mushrooms and freak out and try to jump in the river and yeah. That's what it is dorks, those dorks. They ruin everything it's a little. It's weird, it's weird to me because it's like listen! If you can't get a handle on your drug tourism yeah to this, don't do it, but I don't know it could be done correctly. I think, if you want to do drug tourism correctly. First of all, you need to check people make sure they're, okay find out what kind of medication they are and do a blood test on him find out what kind of man.
Oh look you're your on SS. Are you even tell us, hey stupid, you're, not supposed to take this stuff correct? That's gonna, fuck! You next! You know and really really test him. Then you know find out about the psychological history, an start him off, a nice light dose today. Today's Tuesday today we're give a nice light dose like a half a gram, we're just going to see how you react. That would be it just just you know this is how much you get I don't see how you react exactly and then come back on Wednesday right. You think about it for twenty four hours to come back on Wednesday and Wednesday we're gonna going to give you two grams yeah see we got got to cut you off Then you come back on Saturday and you get that of. Could with all yeah. We did just do it right with doctors nearby and I vis Phil Vitamins, I'm sure! That's why they don't because who's going to pay for all of that part torques the same door
I'm sure they would pay. If you had like, if you could save up your money and have like a real, safe mushroom trip like a legit, safe mushroom trip in a medical institution with got everything locked down and everybody is safe from the mushrooms are safe and the app people would pay a few one hundred dollars for that, but I haven't done mushroom, but would ever know no thanks man. You know I'm retired man. You know that from everything yeah yeah yeah yeah we talked about this like. When did you retire? Eighty, eight yeah, that's crazy! I mean it's. No. You know I've been high enough that I don't feel like I'm missing anything. So when you talk about it, it's like fascinating to Maine, but then there's also that case of
now like, I don't want to be that high. You know what I mean, but then again I don't knock what anyone else does, but this is what I wanted to ask you. If you did it under those medically supervised conditions, would it still be as much fun yeah, it's fun, no matter what as long as they leave you alone, while you're tripping yeah long as they don't bother you I like. I say I have no idea. I have no frame of reference to so I can't say like that would be You know not be cool or what I don't you fuck with B day at all. Now, that's really good for you when it doesn't get you high yeah. I know- and I don't again I don't knock. I don't necessarily have a reason to fuck Cbd, I'm not in like any kind of pain. Or anything like that or any you know, but I don't knock it as a treatment. I know it does work and then there's benefits to it. It's just not something you need that I need
right. I do you know it's like the knees right to meet my needs that kind of trash, but when I work out and stretch and warm him up, they're, not it's not bad, and I've talked to DR and DR, like it eventually we're going to do a new replacement, but you don't need an email. What's going on with your knees, arthritis, just you know you don't have to do a knee replacement stem cells themselves, which is something I may do my mom did it I know I've heard you talk about, and that might be the way it is a matter of fact. I have a friend, um and she's like in her she's around eighty and she said to get that's what they did for her needed stem. So my mom had her knees, replaced before she passed away and she said yeah, that's one of things. You inherit it from us bad knees like in the fans like thank you, but she also made show me funny, so I couldn't really be mad at her. She had great so I was like I'll take the funny and a bad knees, but the bad knees are workable. Yeah, I'm telling it cb First of all is going to help that because it reduces the all the symptoms of arthritis like Dave Foley, he his hands were fucked.
Pn, like some severe arthritis in his hands Cbd, completely cured it. He straighten his hands out his hands were always at like a slight bend and now now he's got a full range of motion in his hands he's blown away by it. My knee problem is impact football or basketball. Yeah. So even though your meniscus and all that stuff trashed so even now like I could do most like, I can't jump, you know I can run. I could do so. I did this cross that I tried Crossfit and my niece Swole up and I went to my doctor if he's cross, what the hell is wrong. Anything you jumping up on boxes, my by uh.
My doctor's diagnosis, but ninety percent of our problems, your old, is that going to go to a different doctor. Man, you can, you can fix a lot of those problems with stem cells. Yeah lot of those problems at regenerates tissue reduces inflammation. Does a lot of amazing stuff. Now and- and I haven't researched this at all- I mean you know, I've heard stuff up. My my stem cell knowledge is about equal to my climate change. Well mine is slightly better right, so I've actually had a bunch done on me. Well, this is what I want to ask you about. So I know when you talked about it early on You went overseas right, you left it! No, no! You don't get it now. You can get it all. That was my question because I've heard people talking about going to Panama, Panama in Asia, it shipped to Reardon. I don't think you want to go to Asia. Yeah they're, doing over there, but
actor, Reardon who's, the guy who treated MEL Gibson, the MEL Gibson's, dad he actually treated my mom, my mom was in risk of a knee replacement. You know she's in pretty, you know pretty bad pain and the doctors like you. Get any replacing them like. Okay, maybe you have to get a knee replacement. I go before Do that? Let's send you to Panama and they'll they'll. Do this full three day stem cell procedure? They use IV stem cells, they blow ask the area over three different days. They hit it with stem cells. You know my mom is seventy, you three so It was a while before it worked. She you know first four months. She was a little discouraged. She, like, I, don't, feel anything different and I don't know if this is working. And then, somewhere around five six months, she started feeling a lack of pain in the paint. A start, stop just stop by like a part of our daily life, and now she could walk
it's not bothering her. She was I'm walking with no pain. I can walk up hills with no pain and she goes. I want to do it again, so I was like fuck it. Let's me down again, so she she's headed down again to get more of it, but you did it here. Yeah. I did it here. Well, I think now. Is there a difference? Yes, they can. They can go ham in Panama, Go Ham day. Just fucking fill you up. They just bring a fucking bucket of stumps big ass needle with pain, I have the same regulations they do in America, so they can get away with a lot of different stuff and Doctor Reardon Who is one of the pioneers of this and he's written multiple papers and, as you know, scientific journals, all about the benefits of stem cells and it's particularly effective on people with neurological conditions People with neurodegenerative diseases of like and he's written extensively about all that stuff. But when he came on,
I mean he he blew me away and I had already had some success with stem cells in America, where, like I, had a full length, rotator cuff tear in my shoulder, and they injected it with Exosomes, which is like the most advanced form of stems cell so ways I used to think is stem cells. They felt like when you put stem cells into an injury that the themselves. Were re proliferating this area with new tissue, but now they think that the stem cells, I'm sure I'm buttering butchering this of your scientists, now. I think they think the stem cells are releasing Exosomes and that the access zones are actually with. Does it so now they go straight to access homes, and then they inject exosomes into these particular areas. Now they have another product called Wharton's jelly. That's even more potent that I just got shot into me. Yeah is how I get injured man I just fucking head on down purpose of having money. If I'm not fucking shoot myself up with all these, so juicy
themselves? There you go, but it works If I got stem cell cash, I probably do you do it. That's not bad yeah, you're, successful Tom. Why do medium lift like an Amazon special? No, I do a lot of trouble. Listen. I do all right and if I know people I do or I don't make as much as they think, but I do all right. You know what I mean is like. When people see you on something the way you got ten million dollars like no, I don't I'd like to, but I don't but but yeah, so what will talk then that is the talk and was on special might push or a. I hope. So you know it. I mean you know me up in the biz forever? I love the biz, a loved I loved. I appreciate the love you give me on the podcast people always tell me when you are some get yeah man, they were talking about you. You know, and I appreciate that right, Krs one said along time ago. Respect will outlast cash, so I appreciate that- and I appreciate you too man but yeah. It would be nice to
something blow up like that. I think you can so many times it. It happens in careers, so well they're doing a lot of specials. Now the Gaffigan is doing Amazon row computers. Do an Amazon you who else someone else Jimmy O Yang's got one yes coming up to him, have a Amazon fame and why does he have an Amazon? But there's a out of like really funny people that are doing it and as long as they put the money into promotion and let people know I mean they're they're doing great right now with marvelous MRS nasal and they have a lot of new Amazon Prime Series like that Fleabag supposed to be hilarious. They have a lot of good series that they're promoting that people are really getting into and if you have Amazon prime like if you order shit with Amazon, you get free, you get for Amazon TV. Yet people don't even know that. I know I know and it's good now. Amazon is legit good Super Lincoln yeah, I'm rooting for them. One hundred percent and there's you know, look Netflix has almost
I mean they've got the market kind of cornered until Amazon came along because nobody to do a monk army central anymore, comedy central is great with no special, but it airs once that's the problem comedy central there's once it's not in this day and age man. I think I think HBO is still the big one. You know as far as television television yeah as far as a tv one hour like HBO, is good, but Showtime was good to me. Showtime put on a couple of Schools will show time. Eight is a bastion being made Sebastian because he just clicked with yes to which and it it's it's funny how that happens, because you really can't say why yeah you know that certain ones do and and that's no disrespect to Sebastian it's just yes, certain things take off, others don't and it's like. Well I mean it was really good. Seeing say no disrespect, him know. Sebastian's he's a great comic he's been right
boundaries work, you know, I mean it's not like. He just fell out of the sky, got a special and didn't have anything. Behind it, not a guy's comic history for him who, Well, you know who blew up on Showtime Gallagher. He might be the last guy that blew up on Showtime before Sebastian. Right, I mean if you stop and think about it, yeah when who the fuck else it's like Sebastian and Gallagher does the guy he blew up on Showtime, who that's ah comedy wise, Dana Gould had a special on Showtime. Who else should they did show? I'm did a few like Billy Gardell, had the new comics thing he did. He tried to break some new comics on like a Rodney Dangerfield Deal and but yeah you're, right, yeah, it's but again. That's where that's where our business like this business is fickle right, because they're always trying to figure out
you know. Why is this a viral video? You know I mean like like man that squirrel got more views We spent eight million dollars producing this series and that squirrel got more views than we. You know- and it's like why No one knows yeah. If you just try concentrate on making things viral. You will go fucking, crazy, yeah. You can't figure out. You know why people are connected this, they, even though others have done it or stun something sim. Or whatever Anna yeah, it's a tricky business and then how bout you like Russell Peters, blew up because he used to. Absolutely worldwide blue ton, and you know people and it's funny, because people here they don't realize how famous Russell this works great, not that famous he's not as famous here
now he can hang out over here. You could go places and he lives here. He said got the best of both worlds, so mother Fucker sold out two arena, two nights in a run. That's like twenty thousand plus people. You know who's like that. Jimmy Carr, you know Joe sure yeah he's hilarious, jimmies hilarious, an like internationally Jimmy is amongst unbelievable, but here, like they check his id yeah yeah like me, pull out the black card, maybe like
We see your id, the yeah yeah I mean he does roast. Those row shows over here, yeah and stuff along those lines, but yeah he doesn't have nearly but he's working here, more off, yeah he's developing he's. He I saw him in Montreal and he said yeah he's developing is audience in the state. So now he's doing like small theaters here he says, obviously if he goes anywhere where people from the U K are like. So when he's in a big city and there's a lot of Brits, then he can go out like New York or Boston or so yeah yeah he's a great writer of manic, because money, sharp, just yeah, and so so british, like so drying and completely inappropriate You know that's what I love about him. We do in Montreal. We do. This benefit, show for hope and cope, and it's like uh rehab medical facility. You know there's some cancer patients and their people, the other.
And and Jimmy just opens like yeah. I got to hurry up and much well. I have time. I was I loved it. They they just they fell out. You know and he's like any of you here, last year. Now, probably not anyway. The only thing at this point most comic go to Montreal. To hang out with all the com o, absolutely we call at summer camp, you see, yeah, you know, yeah, you see, friends and and like I see him there every summer right and then you see people who you just don't see or don't bump into. You know regularly in your regular whatever, and you get to hang out and then there's always the people you meet like this year. I met Nick Kroll, who is cool, he's grand you know, 'cause. I like big mouth, is his cartoon and PETE Holmes
PETE Holmes was hilarious because he was doing this thing at the roast called Mean PETE. So he was doing like a completely different characters. You know PETE Holmes a nice guy and he was at the roast just destroying people and he just kept yelling main PETE. You know, but but yeah so that kind of stuff yeah, it's fun man, you just too, I haven't been in forever. Well, that was the first time I don't know. If you remember. I definitely was the first time you and me hung out. When was the switch here like 90s yeah, damn world yeah, so it was ninety nine. It was my second time in Montreal right now. I'm comedy I don't know about six years, so I'm still like do like, but but I knew you from the from laugh factory in from around town and you were hanging out with Kevin James and I think he had just got his show. I just finished his first year of his show whatever and you like come on and I jump in a cow. Kevin. We went around doing spots and I'm like and you would be
you already been on news radio and I'm like fuck, I'm hanging out with Joe and kept. Good spots, let you know I mean like it's a new comic you like Holy is the coolest should have, because, because I I could get in because I've got out the cat, what you too so like it yeah, you do five so that I remember I still remember, at that was four. But that's what Montreal so now, I'm that guy right now I've been to Montreal so much people calling me in LA asking me about Montreal left. They told us to call you. I Chris Spencer, calling me to get parts on shows in my eyes like Chris, I don't book. It is I care, but you know you know, and then I was able to get him a spot. So I guess I I guess it worked yeah, but the problem is you get it so works once you know then you're the guy. They call yeah. That's it's fast and if you listen to this podcast, no, I can't help you
do. They still have a bunch of different venues. We can do drive around and get spot, not none, not as my everything's book now you know you know the big difference now does a lot more tv like remember back, then they would like to uh Three people had hours know not But now there's like a whole series of one hours at their taping and in you know, like Kevin Hart. Did the whole lol thing there for a couple of years, so he was taping all that. So there's a lot more tv, more involved this year that wasn't a whole lot of Netflix the last two years. It was a ton of Netflix and Netflix was doing a bunch of half hour and they were filming them in film festival. That was weird to me. It seems like the festival is supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to like film a special. I think it's still fun in that, like you said, you see other comics and you get to hang out, but there's um, there's not the the development business that there used to be right. That's not there
there, but the content businesses there and they figure like we got all these comics in one place, will set up cameras and will shoot. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. I think that so so, there's less of the there's still some shows where you could just jump on. It's friends of whoever in the midnight shows. They still do that they have like a whole midnight or they could midnight. Cerp size or whatever you don't even know, who's on the show that day they call people like hey, you want to do a spot and they still have the nasty show. They still do. Nasty show is still huge. They do. They do the ethnic show now. Remember you to be that's what they call it. What it used to be like the wise guys was, the italian show all right, and then they had the who is show and then they had the uptown was a black show in this well now they've combined. All of that and they call it the ethnic show and they have so they'll be just different comics on there from different ethnic groups. I hosted it a couple of times: it's a lot of fun. Did they expect you to do ethnic material? No,
some. You see you do some. Some people do some some, don't I think my favorite one one year I was hosting it now Herman was on it than that you know Naturman hilarious Guy and he was like yeah ethnic yeah, I'ma jewish comic from New York? That's such a rare find ethnic is weird word to mean: isn't everybody ethnic yeah, but it's there no! It's the right title for catch Hell and also to get the other big thing. Is Canada, it's not as they are not as hung up on it right, so you're, not as worried about being politically correct or or hurting ones feel you know I mean they understand yeah. This is a comedy festival and people are going to say shit that is inappropriate and do and and being friends. You know can't we make fun of each other right and it's so yes, so your ethnic group may come into it, but not from a point of racism.
Hatred or judge. Is it's fucking funny that we're the same or different in our city or in our background- and we can we joke about it. Does the comedy works exist anymore up there. Went under right, unfortunately, the works went under Jimbo, take off yeah vanish somewhere. I don't know what happened to Jimbo. I don't know, I'm not sure or what happened to him, but she was great. That club was that was the epitome of comedy right now go upstairs. There's one hundred fifty people in one twenty seat room, isn't even that man, it was one hundred and twenty seats and the fire marshal would have shut it down every night right, because if there was a fire in comedy works, it would have been a horrible tragedy. You know, but but it was, the energy was like you get on that stage and just kill.
You know it's like yeah. We got the gal over here. We got three thousand seats in the most beautiful theater. You can imagine, but you really want to see you really want to have fun go upstairs. Comedy works in sweat, you're literally sweating from fifteen minutes, because there's no air conditioning it worked heat rises, so we should put this place upstairs, well when they wanted to stay warm in the winter and they have like a little comedy scene like a local scene yeah and they still have. They still have some places like there was one I was working. I can't remember the name of it but it was the same kind of vibe. It was like an upstairs bar that they converted for the for the festival they put a hundred shares and you you know- and it was great and that's what it would do in midnight surprise. So that would that venue is still really cool and then they have the theater St Catherine, which is like this small stage in a long room yeah. I did that one man that that one still has you know, it's so said, are still
some places that have that funky comedy vibe. I mean you know, but that comedy works. Rome is it's still there could somebody like turn? I don't know. I have no idea if it's, if it's their robe, it's been redeveloping yeah works was was the ship that was the great that was the phone room that was way you ran your set before you do your you know, gallo or tv taping or whatever, and it would just do. You have crackling those. The first time I ever saw Lenny Schultz see crazy. Winning, do you know crazy Lenny? He was a hilarious guy. That was right when I I was coming up. He was just at the end of his run at the end of his career. He says wild, crazy old man who bring props on stage it was like. His attitude was like so fun, just a maniac like he would. He would pull up as you know, is smokey the bear doll and he was Only you can prevent forest fires and any just yells fuck. You,
and he punches this pair of the face. It didn't make any sense and on paper so so stupid, but in person you meet your fucking holding your body could even stop laughing. My my favorite random funny thing like that. There's a guy still touring is far you know in Canada, called MEL Silver back, the back silverback Silverback. Half Jew half so mountain gorilla and he would wear to tuxedo with a big ruffled shirt like the old Catskills Comics and he wore gorilla hand. Israel ahead tell you and he would do these old, Catskills Thai style jokes with a gorilla mask. Oh man, Joe we auditioned for last comic. When I was a judge, we were fallen out of Jane Goodall she's, a whore. You should've seen it with those chips. It was disgusting like and apparently he's a thing in Canada like he's a late night, dirty comic tours Canada, but
but it was the dumbest thing. But to see it I mean we were pounding on the table. We could not breathe 'cause he's, it was all old, cheap one liners like the Catskills and and he had the suit and- and he was a guerrilla and he would put it all in so it was all Silverback mountain Gorilla, point of view. What's your point of view, mountain gorilla is how I see the world. The good thing about that act. Two is like he could die and somebody could just take a spot that somebody could take over. You know and the thing was we picked them for last comic right, but then this is where tv kills comedy. So now he's on prime time NBC, and he can't do that, like you can't say, she's a whore and you can't do everything that made him funny was like the sensors, won't allow it so now people are like. Why does he wear gorilla, hair, uh yeah it just so sad, yeah tv, just just a comedy again? Let me see what makes you
okay? Let's not do that. Do you remember Gallagher, two yeah remember his brother. You couldn't afford Gallagher doing Like Gallagher was doing giant, theaters and Gallagher to his brother. It was doing like little comedy club like he. I would see it like in places that I was working is coming up. It would be like, oh and then next weekend, it's Gallagher too why do get into a fight like a legal fight over ownership of his gallery, wanted to come back, see. Gallagher, apparently like temporarily retired he saw old is act. His brother Gallagher, two his brother, looked brother looked a lot like him, and he had you know we just basically it picked up like a it's like I have an affiliate or, like you know, like Let us indication yet yeah, okay to do yet yeah, you just you, know, work with you. Well, if you want to buy
dial, seven hundred seven eleven, like the blue man group, like there's different blue man group around the classroom. But like it was a blue man It was just one blue man. Maybe it would be so Gallery Gallagher's brother took all the jokes. And uh the props and start buying, watermelons and sledgehammers and just tored the country, I would love to be in court when they had that fight. Like you, here's how I smash a watermelon but this I special water for like ever you decide. I think it was just a matter of whether or not he could continue to do the act, but I mean is it his last name calendar? Is it a real name? So it is LEO. Was the original Ann Rahn is the bra You looked a little alarmed Gallagher, it's like if a girl break with you and you fucker slightly less good. Looking sister, I don't know if this is Right- White yeah right here,
that's the original, let's see original picture here would be the brother is it. Wow, you sure yeah, that's what I picked up. This is a wow that is yeah. I wouldn't want to be the judge, because that the ballad of RON Gallagher Blog Foot, as must must read the story about it, wow so yeah. It was close enough yeah, you kind of feel, like others, use Gallagher. How weird. And so then, after a while, I think, Gallagher, I got tired of being retired and he said I'm coming back and his brothers, like one fucking continue doing this act. Things like no you're, not bitch you're, going to find a way to make eleven, but I I bought it from you right. So I own it now, like you being in your probably forties, and your brother was like of a similar age, just picks up comedy and just starts doing
your routine, like one hundred percent and all any calls himself Alonzo yeah, that's crazy. Charlie Murphy could have done that. Right. He sounded enough like Eddie, that he he could. I mean not not. No. No. He wouldn't. But when I say it is he could have done it pick him back piggy, backed Eddy Grant such a different way of talking. Yeah I mean his is way of talking was so much more aggressive, yeah, raspy, ah im IST attitude yeah. I had a good fucking time with him and we did a whole tour The country for thirty days him and yeah yeah this maximum bud light tour.
When you remember what those the real men of bud light that what they were sing real american heroes, the guy who was the guy who sang was the lead singer of survivor. The eye of the tiger. Yeah yeah, so we were on tour with those guys, so those guys would sing songs, they're like little punch lines, they would do with the songs and have a local guy, which is actually how I met Tom Segura. I met Tom Segura. As we were doing the Hollywood theater. Thirty or whatever is in Phoenix and Segura. Was the opening act, the local opening act, okay flown him in. I guess I think he did like five or ten minutes and he was holding areas and that's how I became buddies with them and start taking it on the road of May, but then You know they would be the real american hero guys and then It would be half RON and then Charlie in me and the we did twenty two dates over a month. We had a great fucking,
I only met him once, but he was really cool. I met him in Vegas and just you know one of those were it was a dirty at twelve. Thirty and I'm doing the dirty and he came by and we just you know, just hung out backstage met him from it, but yeah he seems cool couldn't be cool. That was maybe a year a year, maybe two years at most before he passed away. He did my podcasts in the early early early days and we always talked about doing it again, but never did it again, but he had some great fucking stories about MIKE Tice about visiting MIKE Tyson and MIKE Tyson was outside with the tiger and nobody wanted to get out of the limo. Well, you know that the tragic thing about comics right is when a comic dies his act dies with them yeah. You know singers. Somebody else will sing the song
Is it a moment in comic? Go so when you have some like Patrice Rash, that's all gone, like did you know, and so many comics like it when they're gone, that act is gone and you you remember it and it was hilarious, but nobody key you can't nobody can do their act after that. I think there was a guy that was doing a bill. Hicks tribute show and he was doing bill hex with all bill, Hicks Material and he dressed like of an actual event go. It died that yeah. I don't exactly see if you can find that. I think they trying to do that. Almost like someone trying to be like Mark TWAIN like you could do a Samuel Clemens one man show and read the Sir Mark TWAIN with goofy mustache on right. Well, it's like in Vegas the rat pack in
right and do that right, but it doesn't work with comedy you could you could do the rat pack? You can't do don Rickles right yeah, it's just you can't do it. No, you cant, yeah Vegas is a weird place for fucking impersonators, right that in purse, I need a life, I can't imagine it because some of them are so deep into it. Like I I we worked you nineties, jazz cruises and they do other cruise, so they had an eighties cruise and we had a Michael Jackson Impersonator and this guy's stating carry after for the whole cruise to where you want to be like YO man. You know you're, not Michael Jack. Like I mean he was like getting off the ship in port
You know what I mean like you. When you go to the shop, Sir, have lunch. You know what Michael Jackson, the whole outfit outfit glove, the yeah, but the hair the make up. Well, yes, yeah it was. It was weird light and- and you know it's kind of a strange talent right to be like yeah, I'm this person so right. So what if that person didn't exist? Who are you what's your thing? You know, and I heard the Prince guy is like that. I don't know, but I've heard it is a prince guy who had surgery to look more like prince there's a few Michael Jackson guys had surgery to look like Michael Jackson. Will you got damn e first, Google images just changed it to this and my mind just fucked up. So this stuff looks weird now, but I found something to show that was done about ten
ago, where a guy did a show called Bill, Hicks slight return where he didn't show, as if Bill Hicks was still here, ten years after his death. Well with the new material yeah the out of here with us. That's how you doing what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna project would bill. Hicks would have thought of today's. How dare world yeah was London settle down London, stop trying! That's what I need Alex Jones to be bill? Hicks him a little more hair. I think that's the closest thing. I could find a way. Uh! That's! Okay! Maybe I read it wrong because I could've swore there was a guy who was doing Bill Hicks material. He was doing it again yeah. What is that bill? Hicks, dark poet, lower right is that actually Hicks and lower right hand side, the blue one keep going bang. What's that yeah? That's it.
That's not yeah! That's not Hicks! That's the guy that pretended to be hex yeah! That's the guy! It's this yeah same shows to barf the show with my brother's a ride, but the show is a bumpy journey. The chose death yeah. This is a different guy. Even show called our power. We all have stock, look the way they dress. Everything. Stop you not from Texas shut your mouth go home. You fuck write your own act, but that's the thing about Common Edinburgh and pretend to be bill, Hicks and hope. Nobody here is ever actually seen him get. Some surgery look like x the Michael Jackson, video that you have to get up surgery yeah, not regular search. You gotta get like the up Chan thing. It's a whole! It's the weirdest like again, like you say, to be an impersonator, and now I guess queen is good. You know be out like as they make these movies right so now people that
I want to be the one over bites. Yeah I want to get it over. By gets a degree. Can you mess up these teeth? Yeah? They probably have to wear fake teeth body on our hands. Crazy eyes teeth. What a talent activity said. He'd help this boy that that's what he said you know in the movie that he said he could sing at that range because of his shape of his mouth, which may maybe true I don't know, I don't know how it How does he know you didn't never said, he's never had a different shape mouth, that's true now! Well, just ever it was worked his making lemonade. That's what it is, but you're right like that talent. You know that are there is who's like that. Now there are bands like that. Now did you know because they just 'cause Queen kept like every song, was different, like you knew it was queen, but it was completely different than the last hit that they did yeah that's what was crazy about. It
think those bands that grew up with no internet- they will forever be unique because it was a different world and the kind of create activity that it took to become those bands like the kind creativity that it takes to become the who you know like try J the world is like a different place like they they develop touring and like the Beatles they developed touring and performing constantly, and writing and- and you know, I mean sure they were influenced by other bands, but not nearly to the extent that people are today yeah and also there's kind of a conformity today to the marketing like we want you to be this, so we can sell it. You know I was playing earth, wind and fire for somebody, and it was one of their instrumentals and I told him I said well, you know. Earth, wind and fire would also play jazz with
Ramsey Lewis, like they would the same musicians and they're like oh, they said 'cause. I saw him once and they were doing this whole jazz thing and I wondered what it was and it was like yeah they were at true musician in a band like, or can you imagine showing up now with a band like it as twenty seven of us? We got a horn. Section and they'd, be like what no like we're, not paying for action musicians like those bands had horn, sections and rhythm section, a lot of people. How did they make money? Well, they charge a lot for tickets, Well, you know what only seven people on the stage records right records were real records. You so record sales like when you sold a million records. You made a lot of money from selling a million records. Yeah heads, you know those bands like like I did one of these eighties things with war and
The number blew my mind, but then I realized that war sold over fifty million records, hello right and it, but then, when you think about it, yeah they had a hit every summer for, like six, seven right like why can't we be friends a low rider on that they had a whole list to hit like every one of the songs start playing like oh yeah, I noticed I noticed, know fifty he million records. So how much do you think each record cost ten yeah yeah who records nine hundred and ninety nine or one or something like that. So that's five hundred million they probably got they got they had to get what at least a buck or two dollars off at each one after everybody else took there. Could uh yeah and then all the touring money yeah. I was ah talking to someone as a band is in a band now, and they were explaining to me that these record companies- they don't just take you
for the record sales anymore, like Itunes sales, and they now take merchandise? They take touring money. When you sign you signed to an all exclusive deal, 'cause the record companies can't really justify their exists. Anymore 'cause. I can't really sell so yeah 'cause all the musicians. I know say the only time they sell cds or records, or whatever is at the live, show like that. They have to go out and sell. You like us now right now, I gotta go out and do merch like they didn't have to do that before I was like yeah buying a cd now who's buying the seeding again look at it. You know we do this thing when you have a slot for it, but yeah, that's what people say when they buy him after shows, they, like you, know, and I joke but like as I have cds and download cards you set use lcd. Still it's a generational. It is literally the line is right it about the age. Forty.
If they're older, they want a cd right, and I just I said you know so if you try to sell them a download card, what I'm not paying you for a business card? What is this right? But then, if you get a younger person and you try to sell the CD, but where am I gonna play this? My grandfather's house last with my computers, don't even come with a drive anymore. Like a disco records people, Like read, vinyl want to sell vinyl, because that's a small percentage that one of my, but I think your crowd like you're in the jazz and shit God, a type of people. You know what jazz fans still have cd players like: they made the switch from records to cds and they're like that's it, I'm not going back, and not why I'm not getting the records out of the garage, so there's not a record industry for jazz some, but it for the it's jazz label is doing
And for their artists, but they're selling to the younger people, not older people, people aren't buying turntable new turntables to It don't make sense. You know where is a good jazz place in L a like? If I wanted to go, see Jack and you know the crazy thing about L, a is all the jazz musicians live here and they all say: well, we don't play here. It is no money to be made so that the there's twice why they live because it's la they record here. You know, I'm remember the name of it on sunset, Catalina bar and grill on sunset is good and vibrato on Beverly Glen is good vibrato zone owned by Herb Alpert, oh, really yeah. So is this something like you you'll go out like on a Wednesday night or something that you go see some just I I do Maur um, I I love going to festivals yeah. I love going to jazz festivals.
I'm guilty that I'll go to a jazz club in New York, more so than I would in LA really yeah. Why 'cause it's more the vibe, the vibe in New York, that it just fits that's where they come from and that's what age am but it, but I've been to I've been to a few times go. Definitely if I know somebody who's playing there I'll go see him at Catalina. I need I've, never experienced good jazz, I'm sure it's I know you're, not dumb. No, There's gotta be gotta What is this Jamie? This is Catalina but Dave, and I performs there kind of frequently perform most places have? Even that's only reason I know of it 'cause it's on sunset and how Oh there, he is right up there. Is he doing stand up? now he does jazz. He sings what. But this is a thing, and this is the thing about jazz. So you see that now call up a guy look up. Although I want to hear some of this you don't
he had a cigarette, do you know your heart? this to me yet so that what is that? That's old? Yes, so to speak, but that that's the jazz that keeps people from listening jazz yeah. You know that's a jet to like oh, never, mind you look up a guy like Robert Glasper who's, just as brilliant young keyboard player, and he has two bands. He has the Robert Glasper Trio, which is a just a jazz trio, piano bass and drums which it brilliant then he's got the Robert Glasper experience, which is his elect.
Tronic, electric band and he'll. Have everyone singing on that? From like Layla Hathaway Donny Hathaway's daughter was a brilliant vocalist to lupe fiasco. You know def, they def they all. He together, he hangs out with the route. The roots have a jam session in New York that that all these jazz artists come to soap. So that what's going on that. I love it. It's really I mean jazz has always been the most creative music. You know it's just and that's why I love it. These guys. Are there their masters of their instruments and it's all about
creativity and that you know, even when they do covers it's great, because they do it in such a different way. Yeah. I, like Robert Glasper experience the first time I heard him dated smells like teen spirit, and I was with it. Thank you he was. He can. Can you look at a? He can look up anything so that's the kind of being in jazz. You know my buddy markets Miller who's, this brilliant bass player, who was he was Luther Vandross's musical director. He did all the music for Luther right now was all great, but he also produced music from MILES Davis. You know and he's done stuff again with with anybody from Blake. You know bill withers too, to class
sick, um, old school jazz artists. So yet jazz covers a wide range and that's what I love about it, but there's a lot of young jazz artists now who are bringing in hip, hop and and different genres into jazz, making it really cool international stuff. A lot of african sound coming in brazilian sound coming in and using a guy terrorist Martin who, in a group called r and r equals now with Glassboro Smith. Terrace Martin does all of Kendrick Lamar's music, really seeds, Ansel's crossover yeah, it's like yeah I'll go which would Kendrick Lamar, and I you know I just I need to make five million dollars, so we do this music, but when I can just create and play and have fun and just be a musician.
Then I go to my jazz roots and jam with these guys in a whole. Different different vibes here is right here: yeah spirit, jazz version, that's hilarious! What is going on his head. What is up there? Not here, I guess it hat- can help you with that that red stripe. I got nothing that that's a hat yeah, but they can't be its hair, interesting, so he's using a vocoder. So as he sings that comes through the instrument, wow. These guys got to be high. You know no way around that part of jazz, never changed. Yeah miles. Davis is always been fascinated to me. Look at all the people in musical history like he's he's been like with this one
Dude, but I was like wow would love to met that guy be too so fucking intense, Marcus. You know play in his band in new. I would have loved to have seen him just to see him live because you know he did a record call kind of blue, which is the biggest selling jazz record ever it in fifty nine. It still sells thousands of copies a week like it's still a big you know kind of blue is the standard, but he also played covers of like human nature and after time like in the eighties, he was doing covers of that wow No. So so again that was the thing about by the jazz I'd like he was like. It was good music, so I'm gonna play it. Like I don't I don't care for written by Cyndi, Lauper or you know Duke Ellington right? Is it going to play it and that that's what's so cool about? But yes, so so does a place it. But when you go to the jazz festivals, you know whether it be to Playboy Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival might just like
Comedy Festival is where you get a bunch of musicians who are like they were all here together. Let's this jam place,
and sometimes the best music will be random, not not miss. You know not part of the set, but like a memorable we played together in you know ninety seven in Montreuil yeah, let come on stage and will play, and then you hear something that yet again, just like in comedy when some comics just improv in or you know, they're they're doing the same thing that they're in probably to meet a big compliment. I get from jazz musicians when they complement meal. My improv is like a you. Guys are the experts. You knew right like improv. Is you guys created itself, I'm doing something you think it's cool Craig Robinson Cano, Craig Shore. He needs it, but talk about both sides like he's, got the comedy and music thing and he's respected on both yeah he's like at the musicians, love him and comics, love him and he's yeah, Craig and me in Montreal. Craig did a big outdoor show,
like it was like a block party like really the giants here, outdoor stage, yet Craig played it and it was hilarious because he's doing his act right. So it's a big outdoor thing in families with the kids and and he sing and take your panties off and I'm like. Yes, it is, I guess, is the uncensored Craig, but it was. It was hilarious. You know very cool. I saw Dizzy Gillespie once I, kid when I was in cat had like second and third grade. Those living in San Francisco. We a field trip, we went to see, dizzy, Gillespie, live and I'll. Never forget it like you know Cheeks would blow up like a bullfrog and it was like, but that's not even the way, you're supposed to play the trumpet right and that's what's so great about it. Nobody, because nobody taught him the right way to play it, so he just played most people don't even know who Dizzy Gillespie but if you see him live you never forget like that, like what in the fuck,
like you see his face blow up, you like how how how are you doing that? How is that real, but you're supposed to keep your cheeks tight, like the way they would teach you there would never teach you to do that, and you probably couldn't I know I couldn't you know just he just had a way of doing it wonder what year he died, don't know, but I was a little kid when I saw her is it he died in ninety three. Ninety three in New Jersey, I am, I met Arturo Sandoval and they did a movie about a man because he Garcia did Movie movie bound so Arturo's really yeah he's is cuban trumpet player, and I want to say it what he was telling the story and I want to say it was dizzy. Gillespie who was in Cuba and Arturo
was like driving him around right. This is like in there. I guess would be in the late fifties, maybe early sixties, then he asked DR what he does. Is it like a toy like I play the trumpet, but the Cubans were like: oh yeah, that's what to like all the Cubans knew who he was so he played and dizzy. Gillespie in the head, I want to say was that he might I might be running, but but they went to the Us State Department, the head of CBS Records and it and said we have to get him in the United States like we. He has to be here and they did it. They they, the State Department, got in October now imagine Kim they. They went to the state department. It was an artist thing. They said we want this guy to come to have this sneak amount of Cuba. I have no idea, but no, they didn't sneak him out. He it was a state sponsor
thing like that. So I came over here to perform and then went back. No, he came over and stay, but this was the crazy part. This is the part I can't imagine so he flies from Cuba into Laguardia Airport and they take him Straight to Carnegie Hall for sound check and he plays Carnegie Hall. That night I mean. Can you imagine like imagine your first gig right like somebody somebody I saw you, you know, I don't know. Rodney Dangerfield saw you at a club in Boston bring the mad square garden. Okay, joke! the guy it would it's a crazy story and but to this state, but Arturo is like when he plays the trumpet. You know it's him like he hits notes on a trumpet, like only dogs can hear, like he's famous for this super high notes and stuff like that, but yeah. That's
that's what I love about it. So I love the creativity and then you know Marcus was telling me 'cause he's from New York from Queens Seventies eighties, and he said well, you know what happened with hip hop. He said one of the things was they took music out of the schools right data. You know they don't teach. You can't take an instrument anymore. They would like it's out of the budget Bobby, he said. Well, you can't stop people from creating, so these guys they didn't have musical instruments, but they had records, so they just started making music with their records. They just started mixing the records up with new son, and it was that kind of makes sense if sense, musical and nobody teaches you to play an instrument, but you have these records these, like all right. Well, what? If I played this in this at the same time, right right and then the next thing you know they
we did hip hop which that hip hop caught on yeah that never existed before right. The idea of mixing two different records together until hip hop came round. No one ever did that with rock and roll did no and then hip hop mixed in rock and roll right. When you run D Mc with Aerosmith Walk, way that blew people's money? Has you know people who know what did I will like wait? A minute? That's black and what happened many other play together. Yeah yeah this is so much is that It is like, yes, they can anywhere to beat as well. It did you ever listen to any of the brand new heavies. Well, they did hit pop with the brand new heavies yeah. There is heavy what it's a heavy rhyme experiences that what it's called is to the is day one of my one of my favorite old school, like one thousand nine hundred and ninety style rap slash. Yeah. The brand new heavies were great. They were great, and then you had living color, who I still love. Oh man,
forgot about living called personality yeah. That was a great and you talk about you talk about being headed time like think about that song cult of personality today right, in and a cm punk walkout music and that was another band would like like. Okay, let me get this straight. Is a heavy lie, a heavy metal rock and roll band of black guys who are sampling public enemy right. Yeah. What is some weird crew? Some you know there is the other crazy hair with the same design. He would would wet suits all the time the suits yeah. He he's cut costs. Also listen scuba suit, yeah. He used to jam and knows damn that seems like he would get sweaty as fuck. That is what he's wearing it probably want to show his dick off: hey, Yo Rock STAR back in the day, like you ever see like those Robert plant, he
these tight pants on his hog. He's wearing a suit he's right, a wetsuit, really he quite a quite spandex wetsuit, damn so weird suit. Was this thing? Oh wow. They vanished what happened to them. They would they came back out. They did the 25th anniversary. I saw it at hard Rock, they did twenty fifth anniversary of their record of David called the personnel yet any toward it. Well, that's silly swimsuit! Why now how crazy yeah that was it fucking song, but you know that's always freaked me out to like imagine being a band. You have one song that just out of the park yeah just in the par and let you know just one fuckin grand Slam Home run God damn we did it. This is huge number one song in the nation seven weeks in a row, then nothing well yeah, but imagine
they say you got your whole life to write that song, and then we got two years to write the night right to do it again. It's also like some bands. They just catch fire with. What like do. Member warrant cherry pie, she's, Machura, bunch, giant, fucking, huge song. Now was it that dude died near here. Not in Woodland hills and a fucking shitty hotel somewhere. I will give you the one hit, wonder you want it. Ok, the twist twist what did chubby checker ever sing? Oh, my God, come. Imagine that You had the song that was like yeah. That was the chubby checkers number two hit. I don't know that's a great point, but that somehow or another was good enough for him to stay famous for his whole life. Your whole life people hire you to play ones.
He was the greatest one hit wonder ever then he was I used to go yeah, I could go to one hit, wonders yeah, can't even imagine anyone has come close to that, because no was paying them to sing called the personality. No one's all excited the living color? You might have one fan who's like worth millions who pays you to come there is Birthday Party party and treat you like shit. Yeah, give me a million. If I can pee on you, do you, member and then living color, the tv show in living color came out and then it was like wait. What how are you doing? so there's already a band, that's not us, then the at the show far eclipse the bandwidth and then they were like. Were you named after the show? How many like, like? What's the name Darius Rucker, how many times he said, my name is not hoodie. Moody's back apparently, because Darius Rucker went off and did country music and did
for a long time, but now he's back Hootie's back on tour on man yeah. That was other band that PAM was fucking. He first record. The second record fell open at first record was, I think it was like serious or something but like they played it, and then I went back and played it again. It was like wow. I forgot how good this was. It's great that album is but the second one was he good, not as good? I don't think That was one of those albums, though there's something about hoodie. Were some people despise them and it didn't make any sense to me I just heard those songs too many times it was too big of a hit and they work off walking hoodie. That does happen, like Dave Matthews yeah. When is too much of a hit, and you hear it every day you get prior to the dangerous, don't play that ever
a buddy of mine. Actually, MAO Hall he's gonna love this shot out so Mousehole open for me really funny. Guy M e towards with Angela Johnson he hates happy that song, I'm happy yeah buy a wraparound. I insist on it being his walk on music. Whenever we worked He gets angry. He physically. He has a physical reaction to. How much did we hear that song when it came out, it was like drilled, it so yeah so now he some people, it's good for them to get any before they go on stage Joey Diaz. Whenever I would work with him, he would just pick a thing and it wasn't like like. We would talk about this but recognize what he was doing after awhile, but he be backstage, and he would pick a thing and just
are getting fucking mad at it and these fucking pussies. This is what they think. America is this. What they take the fucking world is, and he would start getting crazy and then, ladies and gentlemen, Joey Diaz, and he would go on stage with that momentum and just murked the place. I've had that happen a couple times with something just got ember on the end with one of those you know when you do to set you wish, you had recorded it. Yes, so I was going to the laugh factory. It's Saturday night. I was on my bike and this guy, like it's stuck open, go right and I'm just any hit my bike, but it was only at like five miles an hour like you just tapped me and knocked the bike over, but I'm like, I was right like how did you not see me right and I just went on stage- and I just ranted about you- know drivers and traffic in this, and it was hilarious and it was like gone.
Did you record it going? No, I never record your sets. I do sometimes, but I didn't record that I because 'cause it was just you know. Sometimes you just get something gets to you right before you go on stage and it's not written. You just go into a rage. Yes but it's right there, but that's why it's so important to record everything. I record all of Then I have more on my phone, it's so easy now, Now this was before phones. This is before we carried a studio in our pocket horses awhile ago. This is when he spoke, and things are all set. This is when you had the microcode, oh yeah. I still have a bunch of those tapes I used to have my threw him out and, like I don't even want to hear, I I used to have a little tiny, mini cassette recorder. Many desk yeah yeah. Remember that many yeah yeah. That was when Sony kept trying formats like. Maybe
by this, but so yeah. We many disc once they've fucked him with Betamax, like you, sons of bitches did anyone but comics by many discs. Like I set up a mini disc recorder at the comedy store, I actually installed one installed the mini disc recorder at the comedy store. So I can record my sets: yeah yeah Alex we, I don't know. If anyone else did else, I mean just didn't work They really never sold music on it. So as a format it never really took off, but then it was cd, ours, right, yeah, you! What are you single rcd yours, yeah, hello? This is like. We thought that was the that's. What I'm about to make my own c d's right on it with a sharpie best technology. It happened so fast especially in this era. Yeah I mean think about how long records existed for decade after decade after decade it was just records and then all sudden compact discs and like what right,
that started what around one thousand nine hundred and ninety like laser disc, yeah. So and then they have movies that were later just you, oh ask my brother, my brother's a techie and like an early adopter. So he has all that shit in his garage. So yeah he's got some movies on twelve inch, people still collect those there's a like a collective marking. Somebody somebody spying, eight tracks somewhere somebody's in their home right now, watching top gun on laserdisc all excited yeah and did they invite you over? hey check this out. Yeah like I consists yeah, the remote in and still in place. That's the most incredible thing is like you could ask Seery to play a song yeah and sit like You know like play whole lotta, love, bitch, listen to me.
Hey. Siri play whole lotta love by led Zeppelin. Well, what kind of world we live in yeah, but that's like those chains and and again get back to the special a talk about like the arguments between syrian Alexa. Like that's gonna, be the next thing, yeah. I think Alexa is more of a spy that bitch sneak sneaky she's listening more Alexa. Is listening all the all the time the you have to talk to her yeah. You hear this. Yeah. We think we think, but you don't. You know. Privacy is an illusion. There, people I'm off the grid like no you're, not it's not over. Where none of us are off the grid, so You know they say like you're you're, so secure. The number yeah everyone, anyone confined it or your credit card numbers. Like anything you do it's out. There
Well, there was a new there's, a new technology, that the government is unleashing, that is a weather balloon or a balloon that from sixty five thousand feet it can watch multiple cars at the same time and tracked them sixty five thousand feet in the air. Like you even see what the I mean, No, you wouldn't even be able to see it up there, but that's you know, that's not that new. I mean yeah, this is apparently like super high. Tell I mean the just. The idea of watching from that high mean they've had spy planes and stuff like that. Could you know was in a movie, I in the sky, Gene Hackman or something will Smith wasn't with the satellites yeah that was yeah. That was a movie with gene Hackman would like, like Will Smith made a phone call and gene Hackman had to
pull up his lab. Damn I prepared yeah back when I was in the aerospace. You know they had airplanes. That would there flying at eighty thousand feet keeping an eye on things yeah and they they had cameras, and now it's just so much more Evelyn, and yet we, you know you've got to listen to you, your car right. All your new cars have a black box and the people don't realize like so. If you have an accident, they can find out How fast you were going, oh yeah, when you create, or if you have a warranty thing and they're like yeah, but you erasing it in one hundred and fifty miles an hour. Blah blah blah. You know not only that some cars have a box in them where the police can shut your car down if you're in a high speed chase in a corvette, or something like that. I don't know if it's that, but some kind of
are like that. That's Elektronik Lee controlled right. They literally can get your vin number plug it into a machine and say shut it down yeah. They don't do that with on star right if the car's stolen star just shut the car off yeah, those new plates, those electronic plates- yeah, that's weird, but when you call it then, like say someone stole your car, then the plate, changes to stolen yeah. I didn't know that yeah. Now it's like a little more down at your eyes. Look up. It's good, no 'cause! I was thinking how many people can mess with you like that, like now that you just open for a practical joke. Somebody like that, then, let's report his car stolen yeah, that's true to those who do they note like on the phone. They don't know. If it's you right and all you need is the vin or something minute right. What do you need? You need some sort of second party verification. They send you a text message reply to this. If your car is really stolen- and I doubt it yeah good point- your ex wife-
she probably like this mother fucker, calling your car stone yeah. She would have all your info right, like yeah yeah, just some bitch every so they doing or she knows, you're doing something this? Is our all our privacy's so deteriorated from the time we were kids to today like it makes you really wonder how far it can keep slippin the only did, but the other side of the coin? Is they don't like, Most people don't care. You know I mean, in other words you're not that important, like with a lot of government spying on me like that. Well, no they're, not because you're know but like you're not doing anything that they would be interested in. Don't flatter yourself yeah exactly what what did you do? but then as the other side, like hey, if you, what do anything wrong, you shouldn't worry about the government hey, they can go, look in my email, I'm not doing anything wrong. That's not the point. The point is the government is people
and people shouldn't have access to your email and who knows what kind of weird shit they're doing like? There's one The things that Edward Snowden said said that the government is like sneaking in on people's emails and looking people, people, Dick PICS and looking at that, basically look at all those things and that's a sliding scale right between security and private. See in all of that that you have to figure out what you're comfortable with and you know, shameless plug number two, my pod gas. Now I'm part of this new podcast is called or not who's on it. With a guy named Barry, glass and Barry Glass, no wrote this book called the culture of fear and it was all about how fear is used as business right. They keep you scared so that they could sell you things whether be security systems or we eat, there's so much involved in it, and- and it's about
what we're scared versus what the real threats are- and you know what I mean like he's like yeah- we they keep. You scared of. You know your kid get kidnapped in the park like you kidding, gonna get kidnapped in a park, but we should be scared of. Is the number of drunk drivers on the road that yeah I'm real yeah and the beat the odds of you getting hit by a drunk driver between like midnight and two am on a bar like that's a real fear and- and we talk about it in the context of different things, we did beat the whole anti facts thing and you know so. What's what's you yeah you're worried about your kid getting getting something from the vaccination, but the greater good is society is protecting itself against measles or whatever disease you know. So we we talk.
About things like that, and and yet there's always that sliding scale of personal security or whatever versus the government. You know and again the government. If the government did its job right, you could trust him a lot more sure. You know what I mean like the government. In other words, this is just my opinion. Like taxes, ok, a lot of people, I hate paying taxes, I don't mind paying taxes, because I understand the greater good. We need to fix roads and we want to have good public. Schools in Cobb blah blah blah yeah Ironman, but the problem is that the government gets the money and then they up yeah. So, and so that's why you don't want to pay, because you noted this politician is pay and his brother who's a contractor to do some bullshit work and stealing all you know so. That and you know, what's the solution, I don't know I mean we're all wondering
the salon on. There is a solution on the horizon. Did you see what happened with Neil Degrasse Tyson? The new grass eyes got in trouble for tweeting something the other day after the mass shootings right. People are pissed at him because it did pull up, pull the the tweet up, because it's pretty interesting because it's it's just Accurate and people were angry and they're saying he's using his platform irresponsibly and he was trying to let people know that, although these Shootings are a tragedy. They are number small number of deaths and there's so many other deaths that goes here goes. Forty eight hours, the USA S horrifically lost thirty four people to mass shootings on average across forty eight hours. We also lose five hundred to medical errors, three hundred to the flu one hundred and fifty suicide suicide. Two hundred car accidents, forty to homicides via handgun, often our emotions respond more to spectacle than two data now That is not a bad tweet but
saw a scientist who was writing? I am unfollowing him. He is using his platform irresponsibly lot of fucking virtue, signaling really because what say, thing is not that there's anything wrong with feeling horrified by these tragedies I mean he's saying we horrific horrific Lee LOS thirty for people to mass shootings. But he saying it's interesting that there's pee dying, left and right all through this country all day. Long. Just now but the hands of one person. So we look at it differently and he's just saying you just giving you date as a scientist. That's that's exactly what it is he's a science yes, and so if scientists can separate the emotion yeah, but people don't find his apologies. Apologies even more interesting people will consider
mass shooting much worse than you know: heart attacks yeah, So listen to this. So this is the other thing. Yesterday I posted in reaction to the horrific mass shootings in America over the previous forty eight hours, killing thirty four people spawn may text Anne highly critical responses. If you missed it, I offered to short list of largely preventable causes of death, along with their average two day. Death toll. United States. They significantly exceeded the death toll from the two days of mass shootings, including the number of people, forty who want to birds die from handgun homicides every two days. I then noted that we tend to react emotionally to spectacular incidences of death, with the implication that more common causes of death trigger milder responses within us. My aunt, it was to offer objectively true information that might help shape conversations and reactions to preventable ways we die. Where I miss calculated was that
genuinely believe that the tweet would be helpful to anyone trying to save lives in America. What I'll from the range of reactions that is, that many people some information, my tweet in particular, can be true but unhelpful, especially at a time when many people are either still in shock or try the heal or both. So if you are one of those people, I apologize guys for not knowing in advance what effect might we could have had on you. I am therefore thankful for the candor and The critical reaction shared in my twitter feed as an educator, personally value knowing with precision inaccuracy what reaction. Anything that I say or write one still in my audience, and I got this one wrong respectfully submitted and then says Neil Degrasse Tyson. Now even that people are saying not enough, not good enough response. It's almost like
ok there's certain people today they don't give a fuck whether or not you're saying something with sincerity, whether you are sorry they don't sorry is not enough like they don't they what they want to be mad at you and even if you're. Sorry, if you admit you made a mistake, there's no forgiveness, there's no road to redemption! There's! No! There's! No! I get what you were doing. I think that it depends on You know, as far as is the sorry enough for whatever depends on the pattern of the person now with Neil Degrasse Tyson this. What I think happened in here. It is my opinion, he's a scientist, so he gives information. So he saw this and said: oh wait a minute. This many people died from medical mistakes. This may be, and, and people didn't react what he doesn't where he met stop with the timing. Yes, you don't say that the day after the mass shooter, you say it may be a week later or something like hey. You know people do in a lot of weight, blah blah blah. Now what he saying is. I did
you know that I'm a scientist? I didn't. I wasn't aware the emotional impact. Thank you for tell the media, emotional impact, and I'm sorry that I hurt people's feelings which to me is totally legitimate, especially coming from who he is and what what I would think the scientific mindset is now there were some people, it yeah exactly. You said they decided you're a terrible person to say in a so that apology isn't enough, there's nothing! He could do right but see that there's certain people right, there's nothing. You can do that's going to change their mind. You know you, you look at look at the Obama Bursa to get right. So, even when the bursa, the came out as a certain percentage of people that are still at what now that's fake, like there was no way he was ever going to be american to these people, what it did, there's a certain you know, are you you travel. You know like I treat you know there are certain groups
like you, ain't gonna get him right date. Their minds made up in their in their bubble, they're in there, whatever it is and they they're surrounded by. Like minded people like you, said like this is the disadvantage of the internet right. The advantage of the internet is all of this information, the disadvantage Did you find people who only think like you and you only talk to them and you build this bubble well here? Well, yes, so there's a group of people percentage. I don't have you want to describe it that decided the moment. He said that this is an unfeeling horrible person. Level I mean. I see you know my thing with the with the mass shootings, I'm like. Listen, we don't care, we say we could we care individual, like it's very sad for that family to meet the the worst part of a mass shooting is
somebody went to WAL Mart that day they didn't know, what's gonna be the last day of their life, they're, never going to see their family again. Somebody went out to a club in Ohio, they didn't know they never come. That's the tragic part, and that is said, but in the grand scheme of things we don't do anything. We don't you know we. We say it doesn't work before we even try like there's nothing. We do that changes even after Vegas when they said they were gonna ban. What was it called the bump stop? up or whatever it was that thing that helped shoot faster and and ultimately didn't even ban that you know so so as a society. We say we care, but we don't, because we don't change anything. You got to change something, nothing changes if no changes right, whether we're we're getting way off track here, but we'll get with no grass types and the the outrage thing did not reach me no
no. I did not raise you either right now, because he's assigned what he just there is truth and data is- in data, is delivered without emotion and why people were upset is because he delivered truth. With, no emotion right so did he said horrific Lee. I mean he was talk about the tragedy, the things that just people are look going to be upset. Oh absolutely, yeah. Absolutely people look for for something to be mad about yeah or something to be outraged about and that you know what that takes away from. It takes away from real outrage. Yes right, yeah it diminishes if you're outraged every day been. You know, then, okay, so what's really outrageous right if I'm gonna be upset, if I'm gonna be upset it a scientist forgiven me, science, What do I want yet? I guess the timing was the issue like it wasn't an issue with me. I mean I get what he's doing? I'm not a moron mean it's just it's simple,
I was just giving you all sorts of different horrific deaths occur all throughout the country and I think on that same weekend there were some on press. The number of people that were shot and killed in Chicago again Chicago is a function, call those and if the boys alone to wars, yeah and and it the thing. Is you know people say well what about the gun laws and it's like yeah, but they did all you gotta do is go to Indiana. Like you go two hours away, you can get whatever you want to see in, but that's the that's the thing so just driving a car to a gun show as a city Chicago is like look we're trying, but we can't you know what are we going to set up borders and check every car coming into Illinois goddamnit? you have to go in every house, so you can't you can't do that yeah, it's but yeah his thing. I think it was a time and I'm like you that didn't offend me. I get what he was saying and then this is
it's can't offend you. If your rational human, it can offend you. You know, you know what bothers me when people pretend to be ignorant of something and they're, not how so well when people like like for for sample with this, like there's some delight, we can use this to to create some dislike against Neil did as Tyson or or what it's generally, it's generally poly Titian's, do it right when they they say something and they're like. Oh, I didn't know that was offensive a rifle. Yes, you did but you know your followers. Didn't you see what I mean like you? Can given example, trying to think of an example. Okay, well what what the mass shootings right so that so the whole thing of saying that Trump's tweets had nothing to do with it. Yes, they did get now. They didn't do a but yeah it did, and this guy use the same language of the you know, envy
Shin it cetera. So you can't say that it's completely unrelated. You know, I mean you can't you can't don't print yeah and and again it's not saying directly but it, but you can't pretend there's no connection right right, there's a direct direct sequels. It's quotes. There are people who are intelligent enough to know that, but they'll say no. No, there's no can it's like. Yes, there is, and you know that we don't feign ignorance, that's what I mean right. Well, you know the guy in Dayton who really fucked up Is that guys and was with Warren supporter who actually wrote about gun control? I mean he was just a horrific suit of the homicidal yes psychopath and it did listen that you have to have some. There has to be some wrong with you.
Do that again. You know it didn't, regardless of your political beliefs. There has to be something wrong with you, but you can be sparked or you can be dawn. Sure yeah by the words of of leaders are political people are powerful people, people of influence perfect way to put it yet yeah live into, and that's why I think people of influence half to be responsible in what they say- yeah you know, but but this but Neil to grasp, case in this is a different thing. I think this is just a case of a scientist pointing out information without you know like like who you know, you're, talking about earlier, dorks nerds, whatever you want to say to where it's like yeah. Well, this is just information. I'm not trying be a moshling people like. Well, you have to be happy. Half connect you even though you're from a lab environment. You have to understand. Not everyone is, but that's
One of the more uncomfortable things about today with social media is that there's a bunch of people that are really just they're, just authoritarian there they demand certain types of behavior, and they do so under the guise of compassion. They do so under like they're trying to enforce the way people communicate like the Neil Degrasse Tyson thing. This is the you used. There's no indication whatsoever that he was minimizing the deaths, but ending that he's doing so. Yet there there were some people who believe he did, but there were a lot of people pretending to be be pretending to be upset. And a nice target right yeah. You know is too many voices Alonzo too many words too many people out there spewing again. That's the view. The positive in the negativity of the yeah yeah, that's a job that have been a negative to positive. It is everyone has a voice. The negative is everyone has a voice yeah, but this is low and and
Everyone's like and and the thing is the the middle, the calmest voices, the the reasonable voices are the least heard, of course. Well that's Facebook right, Facebook's, algorithm, favors outrage. So if you are on Facebook and you get upset, abortion, that's the kind of shit you're going to get in your feet. If you get mad about climate change, there, you go you're gonna, get a lot of climate change talk. This is going to show up God, damn that makes people nuts. Oh again, Then this is living in a bubble. You don't get to hear the other side. Yeah and it's not even it's the reasonable part of the other side. You know what I mean like politically yeah, I'm left. I have friends who I call reasonable Republicans and I could talk to a reasonable Republican, can talk to a crazy republican right in okay, if you, if you say that the mass shootings are based on,
fans, gender marriage, and we can't talk. We we got nothing like I'm sorry. I can't work with you right, but if you say that taxes should be lowered to stimulate the economy and blah blah blah yeah, we could talk about that in either. I mean that's, that's that's the diff prince you know, and just just like on the left. Look hi, I believe in the environment is, But now, if you're asking me to give up gasoline, we may have a problem. I may not be ready to go that far just yet here thought if there's too much co2 in the air, can't we make something to suck co2 out of the air while we waste? Wouldn't it be better to me, there are certain airfare there's just giant air filters, there are certain forms of technology work areas. I don't understand. This is the one that bugs me down. Can we come up with a better way to build a road, but what's a better way, I don't know but but the bad
is my point. There's there's some really smart people out there. Oh it's wrong with roads. It takes forever to Dell Road construction. You can think about what you gotta do. Well. That's what I'm saying out. Somebody's somebody's got to come up with a with a better way like when, You know really bought more roads. Well, fixing him. We gotta fix it just fucking later in concrete or whatever the fuck. It is like the high speed train thing right, like I don't how long you been in LA ninety before I moved here, I I moved here, eight thousand and right right out of high school. Wow. So ever since I've been here and ever since you been here, they've been talking about a high speed rail, yes from San Francisco, to L A to LAS Vegas right, isn't anyone must gonna do that now, though, the hyperloop that this is my point. Companies like Lockheed Rockwell Northrop these air space companies have come up with. You know stealth aircraft hypersonic. You can't tell me that
if you went to Lockheed and said, listen his ten billion dollars. We need a train that will go two hundred miles an hour from San Francisco to LA to fate that they couldn't do it they absolutely you know what I mean they have the scientists in the technology like we spend so much money on the wrong shit like I get. We need defense and this an epically. Let's cut twenty billion to the side, to figure out how to move people around more efficiently, because that's what these companies do, these air engineering and design companies they come up with shit like this. They you know so so. I've always said why not just do that. Then, why not take some of this brain power and engineering and development use science for the masses. So now, if you had, because if you had that think about, if you could just go to the train station and get to Vegas in two hours or hour and one slash two, how many people wouldn't drive if it was that easy, you know flying to Vegas is a pain in the ass right
the airport. Then you gotta, go. You know you, you do you do when all you spend an hour getting ready for a forty minute flight, Graham, but a train is so much easier. If, if it is, existed yeah if it exists, why is it easier than a plane because you just get on and you go and you can do things on the train. You ever you ever liked back east. From going from D C to New York, I've found it's easier to do it on a train. It's the same amount of time is going to the airport, flying getting to your 'cause, cutting out the travel to and from security. All that time he just sit in the train and just read or write. Wi fi. You got every it's easy and you go from downtown to downtown. That's the other thing about trains. They don't go to airports which are way out. Downtown to downtown. Where do you travel by train from life's a from downtown DC to Penn Station, like old, tiny person? No, I know there's a express train.
I found? No, you know I found it. I found this out from people who do it belongs to you that's about how long is the ride? Three three one slash two hours: that's not bad yeah! If you definitely it's better than driving, it probably goes just as fast as a car problem on the faster than a car, no, no fats, but if we had a high speed train that could travel it. You know two hundred miles an hour, whatever one hundred and eighty, what Those bullet trains travel. I was just in ITALY. We took the train over the countryside, it was beautiful, it was fun, not not bad No, you just sitting down relax in they come by. You know, get a diet, coke, it's a different, yeah different former again, not the most fission but comfortable. Why did they disturb me? So much, though, in the crash, when those mother derail the something about my yanks? Yet it will because that's a lot a lot of lot of
energy and there's no seat belts. No, it's everybody just goes flying yeah, you just don't put fucking seatbelts on trains, who's gonna wear! I would wear some. I guess is that funny, there's not really an abrupt stop there are. There is only in the log on the road is the that's. The problem was that when someone fucks up. Yeah is a very abrupt. Stop right! That's true! You know that's true your car yeah, but you were a seat belt in your car yeah. Hopefully this still people who don't- which is blows my mind, well, how 'bout you you're on a motorcycle yeah they day talk about how crazy we are. I've got an explosive fluid between my legs, the hot engine and my only air bag of Minis and in Saint Joe, but going in between parts to it. It's easy to park. Yes, you don't drive a car at all right. I drive with you, but when you know when I drive like yesterday, I was driving around what kind of car you got some shit right now. I got a truck. I got
rafter yeah big, a filler and has one of those. Yet it's just fun, I'm I'm almost over it really yeah about a year as like. Okay, I'm almost done with this truck. Thank you want to have this big truck like this girl was in the truck with me in this car was pulling on, and I was like oh he's, going to hit Maine too much that if he does I'm not even going to stop I'm going to win like he's going to hit, my tire and I'm gonna run over its hood, but yeah. But you know that's just me. I get bored with stuff So I drive something for a year year and one slash two and I'm like all right, I'm over it. Let's try something else, so that at least is no. No, because LISA's hard to get out of. Oh that's, true I'll see you know how you are I've learned. I I've wasted enough
any over the years. I have bought my way out of shit. You know who my my brother used to love it, because I would least something is what I found out. So if you leave something for three years and you want to get rid of the too they like yeah fine, but you still gotta pay us for the third year so I would call my but like a man, you want to drive this thing. I got for it anyway and he's like ship it. Ship, you to know he would pay to ship out like like, I can't pay to ship but yeah, and you just keep paying the bill and anyway do you have to get it back. To the you return it there, you could turn it any dealership. So if you lease like- I had a what was it the F forty five, some wine, so he just returned it to an end. City place there, and so you realized after a few these ups. This is this is just buy it and
That's when they went in, and I hope like what I've found is: I'm not the only one with this disease like there's a bunch of us out there, so I try to buy it from the guy who's. Just like me, like I bought my wrapped er. It was like five months old. It had like three thousand miles so like because that guy had the sickness, you know what I mean. So you look like man. I gotta get rid of this raptor like yeah. Okay, I got, yeah if you're a single guy- and you don't and you have a good job like you and you don't have real fine so obligations. So you just want to try something different. So it's like I don't know. I don't know you know I was I've been looking around and a buddy of mine just went for the new corvette, what is money down on that and I was talking and then then I started looking out like whoa. This might be like I always had a problem with corvettes, because I
driven, they're good they're, a little small inside and also it is the baggage of having a corvette right, yeah right, looking look a middle aged single guy in a corvette, but this new one. I don't think it carries that so I don't think, carries the creeper factor it. Will the creeper factor fire it'll, it'll fire up eventually I feel like it's. Ah, it's definitely the next step in terms of like design and evolution. It just looks better literally class. He had as car yeah. I think I think they got a big hit. You know it has a gps that recognizes where you are and raises the nose up when your certain speed bumps and shit speed bumps. Instead, it knows where, like low drive, ways are yeah crazy yeah, who had that, like rolls Royce head that way to like there's a camera that sees bumps and adjust the suspension of the bumps coming up in front
it's in milliseconds yeah, the new corvette is the fastest ever zero to sixty two, which is amazing, because it's plus horsepower less than the zero six of this crazy, because you are one rather and it's still way faster, which is crazy, yeah well, the design is yeah mean it's going to be a phenomenal phenomenal car. So I don't want to be an early adopter, though I don't know, if I'd be, that. Look at that thing who god damn that looks good in black wow. Look at that fucking thing: that's gonna! You know and they're to be be all over the shit. That thing looks good idea: bad ass car. That is is good. Looking as an american car as ever been like literally- and you know something- that's like like the four gt- what like one slash, two million dollars and that sixty grand this is sixty with the dealer. Markup they'll get seventy four and I bet it's just as fast yeah. I bet it's pretty close and it still has a trunk yeah. Does it
drunk in the front in the back right? That is nasty, so that might be next why not? Maybe next fuck look at that God damn thing that is a fucking hell of a good looking car. It's gonna be a bad monster car and that uh- comes off. Well, that's a beast man and that's the entry model and wait till they start popping out with six thousand and one. When is that going to happen? I think in twenty twenty one or twenty two they're. Always I can't wait, I was going: ask you gonna get one now look at this. Thank you. That's that's what I was now spy hard to get him yeah, there's a waiting list and it you know the dealers are going to get a mark up and for sure that things nasty Tony, is cliff as one not this one. His last year's one. It's amazing, so they're great cars, yeah yeah. It is a great cars. What unit you know, who's going to get one like Leno's going to get it's always hard to get the first one or like which yeah-
Have you been his garage fuck, I'd, say garages yet settling Levin's warehouse yeah, it's it's it's, but you know what it's, what any any car not would do with unlimited cash? Yes, yes right! If you had unlimited funds in Europe, you're a gearhead and he's truly yeah go ahead like he knows his stuff like he doesn't just buy it like. He actually knows all about it. He asked. Fabrication machinery. In his studio we had the build fenders he's had it for so long. That's the thing: it's not like three d printing isn't new to him. Now I remember he has this jet powered car and the wheels he was telling me about the wheels and he said that he showed me they brake dust. Won't stick to him like you know how to do you get that black destiny any any said,
yeah Alcoa sent me the hunk of a lumen like what they sent him the medal and he made the wheels like? Are you kidding me like that's that's the extent of machining. You have that you can just make the wheels ridiculous as ridiculous brilliant making wheels. That is so preposterous and I mean you- could wander around it for hours and he loves explaining everything to go. My favorite was you know he he'll he'll. Let you take in a group right and these really cool about this. It's like you, donate money to a charity and then he's like okay. You can bring in as many people. So it's almost like. It's not selling tickets. It's help in charity. You know he does a cool. Now yeah it was really cool, so he had this guy. It was his and the guy passed away, can't member's name once it was Jimmy so but but this was a guy who would give toward
so he's walking around like this? Is this this? What is it? Where did we get this one? It was like what the hell is. It he's probably always can shit up right, yeah it was. The guy was like: where did this come from? What is what happens when Jay Leno dies? The only thing I can think is they make it a museum? Yes, that's only if it's all paid off, that's a good move, I'm charged tickets! I would think I'd pay. I would think he probably has something set up to maintain it. I hope so because you know how you're gonna sell those things what you do you know what I mean like what the fuck is going to buy that steam car one steam cars, like is like a few steam cars. We has ones with metal, wheels that he actually had rubber installed on the outside of the metal wheels. So we could drive around town yeah in any. He has those giant cars that are like twenty five feet,
but they only see two people that was like two v12 engines in a front yeah, but it's fantastic though, and you know I love that the end a few people like that, but I don't know anyone who does it on the scale? No, no one like E Jerry Seinfeld is uh, he's got his work, Porsche he's all Porsche which is weird Corolla. Adam has um Paul Newman's old race. Cars have been to his spot. Yes, yeah he's got Paul, Newman's Old, Nissan and Dots, race cars and he racism in vintage races. Oh yeah, I've seen that I've seen videos of it yeah so that that's pretty cool yeah. That is pretty cool. You have what years your gt? Three that's the two thousand and seven okay, that is maybe the greatest car like the GT three.
In the argument for the greatest car made it's a very exciting car to drive it's a thrilling fun car to drive. It's super lightweight and mine's a shark works car. So it's got five hundred and eighteen horsepower. There's! Ah place called speed, Vegas, it's a track outside of Vegas, you go and you pay. You could drive whatever you know they have like Ferraris and lamborghinis and stuff. So I've been there a few times and the last time I went they had the new GT three with the real, we'll stay all yeah and I was like what is this is God's own sports car. It's amazing, they they're handling it. You think it and it does it and the hope and the whole time you're driving it the car's laughing at you, like I'm so much better than you were mine doesn't have all that electronic nanny shit. The new it's have, but the new ones are quite a bit faster and the new one is the Gt3 touring is the shit because it doesn't have all the crazy because most the time,
driving driving and on track, it is driving around town. So you get all the feel of a real Gt3, but you don't have it's more Health, it looks almost like a regular nine hundred and eleven yeah day. Look man, they have barely deviated their style since, like the nineteen fucking, sixty I am such a fan at, and I know it's it's my favorite car I've had a few nine hundred and eleven of all the cars had been the one I regret, was the eighty eight turbo. I regret getting rid of that I'll always regret. Having gotten rid of that. That call was, it was a beast. It was hard ass car, but but it when it was going, it was like perfect yeah and those cars there so tail happy yeah, oh yeah yeah. It was trying to kill you all the time and get the car was literally like. If you gay
scared and let off the gas, I'm going to kill you and that boost would take it. You know what I liked about. It was motorcycle fast. It was this crazy, motorcycle kind of like just high rpm and then the blues would kick in and the rear end with snap and you just be flyin yeah. I, like you better, be pointed in the right direction. Now you know, have you draw been a Tesla. Yet yes, he German, the fast one, the p one hundred. No, I haven't driven that one. I've driven, I guess it's the regular drove one with ludicrous mode, though so maybe that is a people get to experience that so fast. This thing I've ever driven in my life, yeah that's zero to sixty in like two point:
one for you and then the roadster is gonna, come out, that's one dot nine! Yet you know that that was like when um motorcycles went crazy. Would horse not me now their bikes with over two hundred horsepower, but when they first came out of insane like the high abuses and stuff like that, a friend who was a dealer- and he said you know you're gonna- be able to buy the rear. Half of these, because he said, it's like people just get over to throttling crash. Initiate. It is like a like a you: can get the clean back, half of Ohio boots or in our way, when you sell a kid hi a boost. What percentage of those kids want up cripple are dead, I'm not a high percentage, honestly, not out of one- maybe maybe, but I don't even know if it is that high? Because if you told jokes and one out of one hundred people in the crowds heads exploded,
well, you haven't been to my show. I really do that yeah I get it I get so deep and cerebral. Then I throw in a dick joke and cone. No, you know the thing about motorcycling is dangerous, but Harleys in cruiser sound Neil Degrasse Tyson right now. No I'm I'm gonna. Tell you the reason. Why is because there
one two the only ride once in awhile, they go to a bar right made. They hang out in the afternoon drinking and then they get on a Harley and go home. They don't wear a helmet and a crash and a dot right. That happens more often than a kid racing around, because you know he's a kid. He's got quicker reflexes in in a real sport by guys aware and that the right protective equipment, because it's part of the culture but a, but unfortunately it happened. I was just at a a motorcycle event. Last week I was doing a show and they do these rights in one of the guys died on you know during the event, it was really sad, but unfortunately that that's part of it, but whenever people hit me with them, like it, people dying cars to like that's the Neil Degrasse Tyson side of it. Yes, yeah people die in cars too, and this is this is what I choose to do, and I've I've met is a risk. We talked about the right so
you know my thing would would bikes is look if you live through your twenties. You'll be fine. The twenties is when you're stupid when in buyout yeah, but but it would be the same thing. Imagine if you had a g t three and you are twenty. Two years old I had see. I was ridiculously fast cars. When I was in my twenties, I always spent all my money on fast cars, yeah and, and you how do you against you on that too? You know because, because you do you do stupid shit. So don't know how to handle them correctly. Don't know the limitations, you don't know how to turn or stop, but you don't know when to turn yeah yeah any Lego. That was too late when you feel the tires break and you're still going straight. Like yeah or you don't know the road you're on like you never been on this road before and suddenly you suddenly learn what decreasing radius means. Yes,
it's just amazing how fast bikes are now they're, making electric bikes that don't have any shifting, which is very interesting to me. Hardly has a new bike. Now Harleys gotten Electra By doing that, no, I haven't I've written electric bike, but I haven't written Harleys supposed to be stupid fast. They they all. Are it it's? It's all just numbers. You know it's! It's just like cars right like how many cars now have a top speed of a hundred fifty hundred eighty most of whatever, but it's just a number, but yes, you're you're not going to get there right. So just becomes that even even as zero to sixty in yet well with the Tesla. You could do it because you just step on the gas would step on the accelerator yeah and do it but most cars. Yet it can go that quick, but you can't because you're not that good a driver right
so so you and it's the same thing with bike, so bikes can be super quick, but you're not skilled enough to do it like we laugh about it all the time. That's it right there yeah! That's the hard look at that thing create what Is that crazy shit between your legs of the batteries yeah wow? Yes, batteries, because it kind of small what a fucking beautiful yeah, what kind of range you think these things have, the one I rode had like a eighty mile I have now I deal with only miles. That's can't carry big batteries like right. I have no idea what range. One hundred and ten mile range yeah check frequently one hundred and ten mile range is realistic. Ok, so so cut that down, because I make it seventy yeah 'cause you're going to be opening it up.
Every change. My balls batteries will recharge from zero to eighty percent in forty minutes, that's pretty good! That's using a stage three supercharger connection. That's another thing! Would electric cars and electric bikes they're going to have to standardize this charging? You know 'cause, it's like ok, so Tesla uses one charge it and, like Audi uses a different one. Now Harley is going to like you're going to have come up with some one size fits all so plug just plug your car in charge that you can't have each company having their own. Well, you have a universal ones at the airport and the airport Like my car at the airport, this past weekend, yeah and the first time I've ever done it. I was like who found a spot electric and have just little you put on their universal one, closer universal, the plugs in the tax, okay, whatever charged easy
charge while is gone. I got their full charge, that'll work yeah, because that's what I was thinking, because you know cause I heard like porsche- is developing a network of charges which I imagine Porsche and Audi use a use, the right if you're right, if you have a you supercharger, can you plug a I into it? I don't think so. That's stupid, they're, going to have to figure that out yeah. That's weird weather going to be like apple only as a lightning cable, you can use use. U s b c, I'm an apple guy. The DOW Matteo Apple this. This is where I drew the line. So I I got the I pad right and then I got an Ipad mini and then I want to get the pencil. Do you notice a separate pencil for the many I pad to regular I, but I was like no as a no. Is it really yeah? Why exactly? I was like. Are you kidding? So you want me to spend ninety nine bucks for each one of these pencils and
and figure out which one is which right then I can't what if I accidentally had wrote it was. It was ridiculous. Well, they do way worse than that. There is a website that I fall. There's a a Youtube channel, rather that I follow, is a guy who repairs computers and he was talking about how apple, goes out of their way to make things so that they can't be repaired from developing proprietary screws that other people don't have a screwdriver for to literally having more other boards, where you cannot replace a piece. It's not not possible, so this piece goes bad. They replace the entire motherboard and like that is so irresponsible, and The only reason why this exists, because people allow apple to do it- things like any other company or it is IBM or Lenovo or Fucking Dell, when when you buy a laptop from them there's all these pop or you could bring it into a place that can replace this and replace that and here's the chip and here's the that and it's easy, but with
apple, they make it. So it's difficult for third party, only Apple third party people, but they don't want anyone messing with clock and gross man. Yes gross. You know, and then the lightning see the sea cable, the lightning bolt thing versus: U S, B, c, lightning, bolts, not as good. It's not as good. The band was not as fast. Doesn't transfer data or powers quickly. That's another thing: the cable thing yeah something like every time you get a new gadget got another cable, yeah just went with c usb naked. That's the standard usb Every android phone, every fucking, one of them, uses Us C, because the fact that you have to carry a day print Kate, and then you have like. Does this fit that? And then you know then yeah pain is the only thing that apple has gone forward as privacy in terms of phones. They their way little the privacy, but because of that privacy and protect your privacy. That's also why apple maps suck like apple
is not nearly as good as Google MAPS, because Google MAPS is following you to the bathroom and they're, sending all that shit. Cupertino or the hell. They are they they get all the data. All of it. Everything from ways from this from that It's also why it works so well, you know, but there text messages and all the different. Is not as secure as I message all scrambled and all scrambled encrypted. The other thing would apple. Is you know for someone who's, not a techie whatever it's the integration is seamless, Integr, sure between the apple products, including your. If you have I, what is it I tv with Apple TV yeah, you have apple tv you can like type, up in your phone, your phone syncs up to apple tv to your tv and use your phone as a keyboard, yeah remote yeah, and you don't have to know how to do but like it says, oh I'm talking to blob like, like you put the pad,
word in on your phone. Then you open up your Ipad and it gets the password from the phone. And it's already connected to network and stuff like that? Are getting better at that, though they're getting closer and closer to filling the gap, I mean the new Samsung phones are as good, if not better than anything apples ever put out. The thing is Are you in the apple ecosystem? That's all. It is yeah which would which one is your normal. Yes, which one is you are you use Ian has a hilarious bit about it, his a hilarious bit about being both vegan and Android, the most person could ever get discriminated against. It's fucking hilarious is really funny the other things to that little, the little dots like if someone's like. If I send you a text message you're applying, you start replying to see the dot dot dot and then it stops yeah. It's like what's going on what happened you just you just ghosted me,
It is how you gonna reply, and let me fuck that too, but like with the green message, if it's an android, you don't know when it's coming you know that God got that message. Part of me likes that better. Like I don't necessarily want you to know. I read your message and it used it used to give read receipts when they know you read it because now they know you're intentionally, not answering me now, but that's those little dot, dot, dot S, those little dot, dot, dots of ratting you out, yeah. It's what Ian says. I don't need everyone to know that I, read your message so funny in some so happy. He finally has a common central, specs yeah, fine yeah. He took well over two he's so good. You know who's knacks own Smith, yeah
he's a mother manner in me, in only we're talking- and we were talking about the business side because he was talking about the whole writers thing about writers given up their agents in this, and that and- and he was he's so smart on- but yeah owns hilarious, one of the best comics on the planet, earth and people, don't know great writer, yeah and just scraped number two he's, so funny man. I've been working with a lot lately! Oh yeah yeah man. We get a lot of gigs together, especially like improving the store he's. As good as anybody yeah definitely and people don't know, listen. The last thing I need is people, in another tall, black Smith, who publicizing. You two finally got an and you no it it's it's great, but that is funny that there's a kid named Andre Leclerc out of New York, funny guy, he did new faces last year and my manager signed him. Like you know, you know it's over when you manage your signs, a younger, better, look,
version of you like that's. The last thing I needed was but he's either funny kid, but is not a good benefit to being good. Looking car Emily. No, there is, if you want to sit coms, but they don't really existed, and I want to do if you want to get into movies and do like a romcom thing, but the sitcoms like that was what mantra was all about montreal- is all about. He got a development. And you did sitcoms Now you now it's streaming, services streaming and and movies it's still movies are still like a different animal. That's it yeah read. I have zero desire, but streaming services, and now you know it's. It's really funny too, because people talk about acting like I get, I'm not an actor and I'm okay with not being an actor. I like hosting stuff like that and and I like unscripted tv and stuff like that, but '
but you know it would be like what you want to show. Well, yeah. Of course I'd want to show I mean it's, you know ton of money and this and that, but the actual doing it and creating it, like my mind, has never worked like that. You know what I mean like like some people. They love playing, characters and stuff like that and and all due respect to that. But it's not what I did, but people are almost like. Well, why don't you inspire 'cause. It's not my thing. You have a joke about that. Yeah yeah the comedy The only thing where they ask you to do something else. Once you do it right, yeah yeah, if you're a cook, they never ask you do you, farm yeah yeah? So it's always the way that everybody got famous right, right hand and Seinfeld and TIM Allen and all those guys they got sit coms based off of stand up and then they basically became actors yeah. But you look at the numbers, you know it. It's a hell of a lot of comics for every
one of them that made it to that. You know what I mean like overwhelming, there's you know, and but for some guys that was like the thing that drove him crazy is that they never got that call Richard Jeni, he was one you know. I remember I saw Jenny in Montreal and at the comedy works, murdering God, he was funny I mean he was a beast on stage. These people- I I mean you, could see his specials and you kind of get it. But if you saw him in real life, you be like fuck yeah he's. Is one of the most forgotten geniuses of stand up comedy was a brilliant stand up so good. I saw him fuck speaking of which he was talking about a corvette salesman trying to sell him on options on a corvette, and he was talking about that in in Montreal at the comedy works and remember in the back of the room, and I remember knowing that he was bummed out because he couldn't get a sitcom. He had that one
platypus man and he was in the mask and Platypus man looked HBO Special was wanted one hour general ever see ever like. If you can find it, it wanted a great one hours, a comedy. He was a monster but He was one of those guys that really wanted a special order. Excuse me really wanted: a television show really want to show want to be validated. You know who I am, I never understood, never got a show I mean he's had shows but did not sit com DOM yeah because he's such a natural character. He was honest, come with Damon for awhile yeah. I think for like half a season and he had the sp show on comedy central right right right right. It was funny the football show, but it, but it just seems like you such a natural character. Just being dumb. Like you know, nobody gives a fuck less than Dahmer
God that's true, that's what he said today goes. He goes. I wish I was gay just so I can come out of the closet. That's how little I give a fuck. Yeah. I wish I was gay, so there gonna tell tell you gay that is fucking hilarious. I love watching him. I love watching George Wallace over those guys are just masters of the art. Yes, just go on stage and just kill it effortlessly, because it seems like George Wallace is back in Vegas. Is that correct yeah? He he's I went back last. She tried to the road for a bit and no. He I think it was one of those I think they made an offer, made him an offer. He couldn't refuse I got one of those deal he's got that it following in vain. I mean he always was things that people would go when they were on vacation in Vegas. They would go to see. George George, there was like Rita Rudner had add carrot top had that there's uh a whole lot of residents in Vegas these days, not anymore, not like not on that
level where you're aware of it, like carrot, top, always be there, but it's a tricky one, because if you commit to that, you give up all that the road moment, yeah! Well, you gotta be able to market it. I mean that's where George was brilliant. George figured out just what you said for people to go home and tell friends say when you go to Vegas, you gotta see George right right, but he figured that out and I don't think it translates on the road and more no Well, you got to I mean again: you have to figure out how to build that, and it takes time to build. It doesn't build right away right, so you gotta be working. What place are working to produce or somebody who's like yeah we're going to spend a year. Building you a destination show and you have to be willing to live in Vegas. Yes, this is someone about that. It's like you're, you're, you're, almost be just in some weird purgatory. If you can handle it, it's okay,
but it. But if you got a vice, if you have any vice, Vegas is going to find it and destroy. You know there. You gambling others gambling. I just work. I just work with this great. Had this great, he said: Vegas Vegas, the only city you can watch someone become homeless, yeah You could watch him at the table so night baby go home. You just watch him like your whole. Life is falling apart. Right now, yeah, I know, but this next role. They will let you mortgage your fucking house. Absolutely look yeah go ahead. What do you want to do it on the role of the dice or hand of cards? What you want to do? I guess the only gig where they will pay you in advance, pay you the first night yeah here some money. What you'll be here tomorrow, thanks you, don't Don't tell if you win too much, they stop you from coming back like Dana White from the UFC he gets banned, 'cause he's really good at blackjack. So he'll win like one million dollars in tonight night and they banned him from casino.
So they know who he is but their banner, who's, winning like what is this fucking? You only play if you win you piece of shit, scared man, but that's what their house, but that's a ridiculous rule. They should, they should have to go under they should they all. You know It's like their rules and they are all in it together, but that seems like rejecting service No I mean it just seems like they shouldn't be able to do that and what's the sign, you always see, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone yeah right. So where do you work when you do Vegas? I do Brad Garrett's at the MGM. That's a great spot grew love that room, and I just did Kimmel's new club are that's great. I beautiful is as as at the Rio. No it's at the link. It's that way that big Ferris ' we'll. Is they open like that midway strip? It's on does someone have someone something the Rio two? Is that a new one? Yet the seller, but the really get sellers at the Rio? I heard that's great too. I heard that's great to Vegas has like
They have the laugh factory. Now it's it's comedies made like like part wide wide. When George left he said wanted. Things was like for a long time there weren't that many comedy shows he said. Then suddenly every place had a comedy show so that cuts in into ticket sales. That makes sense. The mirage is the shit. That's my favorite, not I fucking love that room used to do bigger rooms, and I even about sell out the bigger room. I'd like fucking Meraj, it's good so now I just do the Mirage. I'm there all the time from where I'm standing it's quality. Is the best grown man. It's like you yeah. I was watching one time. Joey Diaz was on stage and I was in the back of the room and in the back
the room of the maraj was cool crystal clear, sound that that works for comedy room. It's right to be able to hear room and see him yeah. You know somebody get who it was, but this it was a musician. He said the best room is when you can see everyone's eyes mmhm, because he had done like big rock concerts and all and he was like yeah. If you can see everyone guys. You got a good room. That's the icehouse so or, like you said, comedy works places like that. Where you can, you can actually connect with everybody in there the ice houses stuff to fuck with that might be best the ice ever created room. We used to say if you bomb, you should be allowed to go to the ice house the next day, just to get your confidence back right, just right like how, may I don't know, if I could, you could do it Cody I so they have to do it and you walk out like yeah
We can do this. You know this agents that won't accept tapes from the ice house, because it's just too easy a room. It's you do great yeah. Definitely comedy magic pretty God, Damn good comedy magic, and you know MIKE and Richard there so nice to you too nice. It's uh. Like confusing you planet now, because now you've ruined people for anywhere. In the food they'll they'll serve you a steak that you could get a fucking a cow! I when I had broken my wrist right and now I was living in studio city, and this is in Hermosa Beach. So to your listeners, that's thirty miles apart in L, a traffic hour and one slash two, our at least right MIKE was like you know. If you, if you want, we can send a server to bring food to you. House like if you can't like MIKE, I live in cities like yeah, I know and he would have done it. You know that it's like are you kidding me like when I
of the comedy store in two thousand and seven he reached out to my agent and said we would love if Joe could work at the comedy magic club. We support him, would never There are higher joke thieves, You know when we know that this is going down with him. We would love for him to come here. Like he's that nice of a guy yeah he's he's he's a super nice guy and Richard Richard, the manager, Richard still goes places to see comics to see if they You know good for the club yeah, that's like nobody does that anymore? Like you got video trickles down from the top. You know that love and respect of the comedians, and then they just treating performers well and that's. Why all old pros still work there and that's why you know Ray Romano like they still go. There Leno still every Sunday, because it's like yeah
still goes every Sunday every Sunday. That is crazy because I know he's kind of stopped for a while when he was not doing the tonight show him yeah. He took a break, but yeah he's still pretty reggae I have never seen. I have it's not seen him on stage do stand up ever I have. I've only seen him on television as a matter of fact, we did a benefit together last year and it was fun watching him work like as the comic you know, 'cause he was doing. He was doing bits and but he'll still tell a joke, but like he's a really good joke teller, so he'll tell just a regular joke, but it's a Larry it's because it's so good and in in in Montreal, just at a gala and Holly Mandel hosted, and it was so much fun watching how we'd be a comic again like how he was doing. He was cracking on the crowd like during the commercials like what you know during the breaks. He was just be an like man, it's so you could see that he
was having fun being a comic, not being a tv guide at the end of a Gajas yeah, I'm just being a stand up comic that, GT gigs, a great gig, I'm sure he gets paid a lot of money. But if you go back and listen to how a man down the eighties and the when he was just doing stand up, he was fucking brilliant yeah. He was brilliant a lot of those guys. You know n n women what those comics well don't realize how great a comic they had to be to get that job right like all right. He just does that. It's like a do. You are so feels like that. Like I've seen, people who see Arsenio do stand up and it's like, oh yeah, there was a reason, got the show that they didn't just say: hey man, that's a funny name like Arsenio's, a beast when he does end up to when I was one of the weirdest cases right, because he doesn't have a body of work well because he never recorded. He said he would never record it because then you sell it. Then you can't do it anymore and it says
so he would just. But yet he wrote jokes every week for the tonight show like right. Hey, hey, put your shit out there, but I mean people, don't know, but they don't know. You know what city loop, you know I mean it's like. He certainly didn't need the money or something James ever like man. I should have sold merch, you know, but it's in the amount of people knowing how good he is. I would think yeah, people want to know how good he was. I guess he's comfortable where he's at and people Do you well and also you know if you do go see him live. That is great the and you get to see him and you get to enjoy it. Nobody will is a Jean shirt and less they're comfortable. You gotta, be you have to be not turned every day. Is no god damn it. You got a uniform yeah. He doesn't listen. Alonzo. I got to wrap this up. You got Amazon special. It's out what's the dates out August 23rd, so heavy lightweight today's the sixth let me know, will tweet it will let everybody know absolutely and uh.
Heavy light weight on Amazon. Prime Amazon prime streaming on your phone to get on everything you get in the Amazon app. You know you know, so you go to whole foods and just watch it I'm kidding, but probably go. He owns it right yeah. He owns it. Alright, thanks coming brother appreciate it. Thank you, Joe fear. Not the new podcast, that's out there too love you honest. I love you too. This is so great. Thank you and and again thanks for the love you give me even when I am- and you know I love you and we're working tonight. Yes, yes, tonight robbed by. Thank you one for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to super fat. Add the power of fat energy to your routine, with super fat, portable, nut butter packs that you can take and wear and the listeners. This podcast can go to super fat com, Slash Joe and enter the code Joe, and you will get fifteen percent get off their Delicia's portable nut
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