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#1332 - Annie Lederman

2019-08-07 | 🔗
Annie Lederman is a stand up comedian. She is also the host of "MEANSPIRATION" podcast on All Things Comedy.
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The job will gain. Experience join me The leopard theme you have laboured jackets today. You have elaborate top. Is this just coincidental or this bumped into this. Why I'm a little bit way trash and I won't ever not an eye. I liked. I liked marital children told us up. I'm a little bed, I'm trying to get comfortable? Are you comfortable I don't know it's seem come to the Lisbon, I'm with the king anyway. Okay, so lumbered leopard, marrow children. Now you always children, PIG Bundy. Why was gonna go for Kelly, but thank you uncle Alec diamonds, bloody and now two of my friend who started pegging her boyfriend and my phone aspect. Bundy. What's her name, she started pegging her. She got a new his
he's gay, honest, final shit or listen? If you go pegged, I'm not saying you're gay for sure, but this guy this guy, this guy, I think, is gay and what does she think they broke she thinks he's Jesus Christ broke up. Why did they break up here is a motion available cause he's gay. Why he's looking for something with a deck? So what was the other signs with him that he might be. I don't that. I think that not just maybe he's he maybe he's just emotionally guy, but he seemed to have a lot of issues around wanting to get decks. Seems like? Maybe even as a child may less plastic on you, We probably is already trying it. You think, maybe amount linkages. Why would you he's your time with a rubber Structural woman? If you could just go, get maybe Jesus
is made from christian stuff. Like is carried the real Dirk here. Maybe it's like internalized homophobia. Probably or maybe he's just like transitionary like maybe two years now. He will look back, go guys to make girls fuck me in the ass. I'm sorry I was such a dick head. Why did I do that? so just come out yeah or maybe he likes the feminine aspects of a woman and the rock hard cock part of a dude. A lot of people like that he needs to get. There needs to be like why. I guess that's what he's hermaphrodites young women coming just tell me that those sex robots unites our special implement such Roma. That there's the really popular where they have a woman's body in a dick. Those ones are really popular are you going to live here to live. You general! You want everything inside outside give us I had a guy called into my pocket about his wife born.
Enough and he is a car, but I won't yeah, but she like she's like tired. She like make love to him, algae, pegs them and he was riding out Jesus Christ and he'd he's a cock, but he she won't fuck black eyes. So he's Am I feel like for what you want? You should be very grateful. You have as woman that's pretty down, but there's ways more, some wondering if he just once more ORF ultimate aim with budgets: that's how it is with people. If you go back to the early days of porn, basically just pizza delivery, man and sorority girls and and sex and everybody had a bush. But then you look at today. Everyone's gang and slap in oak in and spit and not showing on pubic in his body. There was another back. Then now it's like standard, you know it's like everything, keeps getting pushed boundaries, keep getting pushed everyone's getting the fish are. What is it as this is of the more though wrong, porn, z,
memory you got and what a disaster have you seen especial? I haven't tragedy was a clip and shot so bad. It's like use him and then you see people behind him in the back age area milling around. And he's on a seat it so dumb, sighters theirs. Doors, open it back, and then people walking behind the doors. So some odd artistic choice. To China be like It doesn't matter that I'm up here, yeah, it's no big deal. Life still goes on even appear, which means you are thinking that life doesn't go on and you wanted to show people that life goes on to those deep you are you are. Secure about? How narcissistic you are and then you tried to fight it? Well, I was Thinkin news: the directors choice, war is a direct who, as a director, Spike Jones yeah. I think he try to do something: crafty which you know is, can interesting in any other format. I mean to be interesting. Those conversations-
It was just a two people talking and therein a public school where is he people milling around behind them? That's not distracting, but would stand up the more things to think about other than what the person saying more. It's gonna take away from what the person saying. Yes, it does feel weird to just I mean I go on with the leper print jackets and tat is what I like to dig. Now the little, but the leper print jack is just cooled his funny. It's not distracting it's just here. She is like you? I have my toy sort on if you ve been around for nouveau sets, but choice or you now late at night. You gotta wait. I'm out your mother, look, I know, you're just a plastic sword from twister. I spend a lot of time of crops, I have faith blood on me most times. I don't know when there's gonna, I'm gonna be inspired to take a funding picture to make a point. For what to make of grandfather? Did you see the proposals that we did? Minos Stephen ran off one of the door, guys at the Communist Owen was of the EU they pose
IRAN becoming starting with joy to wage war on each other. Three Pratt falls it so embarrassing less than after Brody died. I was like I'm gone all out. I'm experimenting I'm having as much fun as I can. Obviously it's about jokes, Sometimes you got a really just you gotta just heavier time of there the Brodie one was our on everybody. Does that didn't make any sense? There was one that they just like felt like swallowing a dry rock. How how's that guy gone. It just feel he was just such a big presence and then it is sad. I don't talk too much about who ask on her cousin knows what everyone does, but I do in one and when I did trip on I'll ask. I was right after the meal out without cause. I kept thinking about how sad it was it. He couldn't feel us hugging on him. We loved him. Brodie was love like we loved that man, He was our brother, you know, and I was the sideboard and well I mean I just feel like.
There's no way any of us could ever understand. What's in anybody else's brain. You know, I don't know. What's in yours, you know it's mine, sick there. We we assume that there is a similar thing happening inside our add as other people's houses. I think that's wildly incorrect. I think some people just in pain all his eyes again, is not much. You can do as a friend to help them. You know I mean I felt the same way about ordain when boarding died, who sister I don't get it. I just don't understand how someone who so loved now he has. This amazing job is beautiful daughter as this life, its extraordinary and very interesting and in an deepening its amid these fastened. Any people travel, travel, the world and expose people tall. These incredible artists, commentary, artists and yet still didn't
couldn't take it didn't for whatever reason- and I just think about it. As I said there there. Ok, you know they're off wherever we go or whatever happens, live transcend came back. There floating around somewhere, but it's like selfish let em I want more Brody core. I want him back course and it was you know, and then you see people they just fade. You know like it here goes by and they just which is going on and all this year by year. You now luckily yet allowed a catch me. Those are available hoster in the back to where I live? I guess it every time I want my derailing, not touch them anymore. The eye liquor. Given my herbie wow, I dont have her visa dialogue in order to do so It's! Ok and honestly, if you have it it's fine, when they gotta have a vaccination,
must have on already linked goddamn from us shirt. What do you think conspiracy theory is that it gives beers yeah? What is it because the already sparked up when we talked about the aliens thing with? Did you bring up a highly? No, but all you guys have eyes, there's just something: there's a spark: they have kids Emma low spark in there I, when they he parked he killed his asshole about when I brought it up jug, but where I was really funny. Like those the last question I asked him was, You have just car almost as a joke, but just just as a go by the item. Keep it silly That's it I'm reading it's in a fucking hundreds of articles. It's all Bernie Sanders says he will tell the world about aliens of incomes. President! That's the thing that they took out of that. Smart of him. It feels like Trump Straws flick, smart if Bernie had edit of burning, brought it up out of a link. That is a brilliant tactic, but don't you
the people that Believin Allianz are going to vote for or that the most hang up on it now known. You don't think they're the same. No, no think they re very wildly. Conspiracy theories were left wing right in and did the alien one is different than any other one and I think there's a lot more people that are there alien lovers, the cross both sides, I think, one of those things where you blame ladders, guys that fuck alien done. That's all that's only hours you're, holding out to people men and do people claim that I they did not for sure you know. There's people really in a big foot sexually like all his novels, written about big, just go data Tyler, meaning none? those are hardly ever gonna Glenville everywhere I go to the Galleria there's big foot. This is a very local laws. Reference. There's big foot bigfoot her eyes, you get it Bigfoot Erotica meanness like really common,
What if we had a small deck big like you always hear about the ruler tall, guys what the tiny decks and when I say here about them, you hear about this seduced by Bigfoot rarely come for Bigfoot Virginia. Big very by low young, wait a minute narrated is the audio, but you know it. They say, the bigger the big foot, bigger the air in the Balkans. What is that? I, like a guy with a really very deck? You know I, like you, a people's, listen people say they don't like, too much harem balls, I say: get her all the land of the shaft look, there's absolutely boffin bigfoot, whereas handling, I feel like. I know I like that are names Anna way way. Gay bigfoot look at this last row and I'll prob were. Is gay big? look he's my browser after a fact that what the far enough ask I work? I've met that man. There is like one of the door guys that the communist, as whether Wardour guys get fired,
this is a whole genre of erotica, there's a bunch of women that right these books, this Virginia wade, lady as she's, apparently very prolific, with her Bigfoot Erotica shreds. Quite a few these. How does she have? I was thirteen at least thirteen come for big, come for big foot number thirteen years. Make shit up. Then there I was walking the dog and the dog had a heart attack. Next thing, Bigfoot Stick is in my mouth. Have I have a good Harry and the Hummer sins There's an don't say, hair on the think it out loud and then just I was sounding it. Now I get or e mail come on ambient so there's at least thirteen books. I bet Virginia Way lives
can giant mansion drives rather roles, they'll run Hubbard as well. You do now so, but I get a better without Bigfoot five baby come for big foot baby. What is it so that when I'm for Bigfoot five baby was baby so that Seymour right inside, although either all the way, the right all the way, the right up above it bam. What does at it fuck that they have a big for baby It looks like an insider one, so she's got let's find out Guph go Virginia. Wade's big is at her right there, so it's normal lighted set a photo I gotta go better go back. There was a different book, their talk at the bar for big zennor at big as ever genuine does a normal lady. Might Amazon pulls bought by big? romance novels from shelves. What why censoring bigfoot porn is look at them. I've been gift, Why don't we
Didn't anyone tell me about these literary treasures? Oh my god, I for a second along but interesting reed, was about the book. This is a long but interesting red. Why are they point? Why are they pointless stay at home, mother from Colorado of coercion? no, we writing experience. No, of course not you don't even have to be good. I mean she's and all day waxing or Nepal's she was couldn't get to come to terms of their airy body, and that, surely is all she needed was to find her match. She says I give this crazy, diverse story, so she sat down road, entire book in an hour. Ella does no fuckin. There's no second draft. That's I loved you here by my for my authors, Europe is all in one draft. She said just twelve thousand words and manner of weeks. She's been considered, trying to say to mainstream publisher. Instead went directly to Amazon's, Kindle Direct publishing an online platform for self pushing seventy percent royalty rate for authors. I think she's
old, a fuck load, here's a line from it I don't think he's monogamous boats, barefoot near so big click on their big foot, insider, Mr Porn Amazon, cracked. Only so, let's find out what the fuck is going on here. Why would they crackdown on ad blocker? You son of a bitch ok, what's it doing so author Virginia Wade's fiction, debut felt a group of will, and embark on week, long cambric, tripped mountains, national forest there in the shadow of organs highest mountains there there kidnapped. Sexually assaulted by mysterious woodland creature. What the hell is that thing ass, one protagonists that some good writing it's fuckin bigfoot his Shelly he's real for hard filled, her eyes with a huge see, dash dash dash, I'm saying that says: cock corn in the
look. His feeder factor would decidedly on pc title like come for. Bigfoot see you m. Of course it's just a first of sixteen fiction, e books, Wade, append name, has written about the legendary, but sometimes best, sometimes don't ask what each generic beast, each detailing a series of graphic and often violence, sexual terrorists can apelike creature in a female lovers. Hooker wait. Wait is made an exceptional living writing these stories, while ok, but why they taken down. This reminds me of my friend from middle schools. Boyfriend who is sicilian he was just so. Free and looked and download more than a hundred thousand times holy shit. That's five bucks. That means made five hundred thousand dollars. Flutter wine, our work, which you made seventy percent of it at least I, the other books, didn't take as long either while during her best months, she's,
netting, thirty thousand or more in a month, writing bigfoot jerk off books, Why are taken by pirates ocean Ratan right she branch of an utter genres. It's all just getting fucked taken by pirates seduced by the dark Lord sake. Get fucked by demons. Pirates and hilarious. I'm getting traumatized traumatic thing is coming up for me right now. It's weird: do you wanna hear it What my mom road romance novels wasn't shudderful yeah. They went in did you really never published? Knowing I read them? There Papa is always really just a fog journal. Mom's factor and I read it, but she had romance novels around. I would death. I knew I was really good at skimming to this accents and you're a flip through. Like me into soap, your mom wrote
She was a part of the same called romance writers of Amerika and check she awards, and then she never followed through. So she could have published a book and private success and then she had a whole. It was like a whole system and Romance Salinas revenge, lose college, Lila Logo. Saying now That's really funny! She came back, the first bank, but now she fucks the girl killer, Mercury, oh yeah, she's dead. That, lady, that little weird I like her color, but she's she's like a row, weird meagre killed savvy last like this, you know she reminded him. She reminds me of don't like but she sure in view of the little woman from care member, but the called, though David Lunch that show one twin peaks which want in about a lady in a member twin peaks. Very well, There was a little if anything was around him.
I just remember usually from tv movie, with Jennifer Lopez in its place. Only she plates lean, and I was her big break. Shoulda flyover all here, and then she got super ha and that big ass was exposed. Us immediately outfits, that's interesting, but why they grow tour shoes system right. Yes, she was just such a big fan. I think she was just obsessed with her, so she tell her tat. She was a big fan. People, a dozen fucking crazy that doesn't make sense spoke arabic, Scimitar washer laundering should system- or I think she was the head of her fan Club assistance- get weird with people you're here. The Davis based his assistant, taser diamond and fucking time. I want to go to jail yeah. I guess, a girl or a guy guy was eternal. I don't think so. I think it is hated them. Oh my god, I feel expand would be a nice employer by Maria, maybe maybe use now
When you get up why yeah yeah, yeah, saving of honest or Spain. Some shit. I've got cat is, firstly, you got catfish. You told it on the normal Donald child who catfish them. Someone tat vision we thought he had met this model on twitter now and then he saw the motto my life was like hey. It would ensure that what do you do with his son who, members who died of AIDS I share their goes David Spades Assistant plead guilty to assault mythological is oh, my guide, David pay spades. Former assistant pleaded guilty two assaulting the community with a stun gun and agree to seek counselling for drug, and so the logical problems, Beverly Hills, superior court, Judge Elden Fox. Also, sentence David Warrant, Skippy Malloy on Thursday to five years probation. That's it tonight. Hired someone named Skippy Autumn stay at hundred yards. Way from Spain and perform foreign and eighty hours. A community service is somehow
it's me. I want more yet another ninety service because also threatened. Tied you up and show. How did it with such David Speight? Thirty six loses the twenties shut, the fuck her being article two, oh my god. He tied him up. How do I wonder how the story ended? How did he get out of it? So just really good, with untying knowledge. At the guy you're tired of talking, shocked, says he was angry psychotic state due to cocaine the morning they attacked on I mean I've gotta go before. I don't think I've been like. Let me die at my boss and taser. You never done cocoa day whispered. The right. Around him. No babies, you know Tonia, take the dog out. I can do this. I can't diaper so the Cook
Costa, the embassies had come just shoot mean new movie Joe Dirt said at the time that Malloy a thirty year old, aspiring actor, was a friend who is obviously mentally troubled right why I'm more shocked by Jo Dirt is a new movie were digging vagabond does one. We are digging back while That seems a long time ago, but No, it doesn't seem like a long time ago. Two thousand nine, you say two thousand nine, like other just happened. Nope ten years a decade like nineteen sixty, two nineteen, seventy seems like forever. Seventy to eighty simply forever. Eighty to ninety seems like forever, but two thousand ninety two thousand nineteen forever fuckin reason seems real, close yeah and it's not. His hand whole years. You style I will show you that too, because I I was born and eighty three and thirty six and the kid the the young
Kids right now are addressing, like I dressed in high school, looked at cycled backer, and there in my styles gamma, does then like not to tell Ninety two thousand nineteen: is there a difference in style, bs, coming from someone as Eurostat, the is what is its from two thousand and nine I would say two thousand nine was maybe when they had started having. Remember when I was in life. Moved to New York. People are wearing. I don't I had lived in Santa Anna was drinking lazo enough. I could bringing together man, I still know been assigned how many them Santa Facebook was we're weird place. That's why my tape Fletcher Hollow Caveman coffee. I met in Santa FE, he's used to come in with a bunch of sober did after meeting on a sentence, but whatever he's very open by
he and I mean it, was the truth they were so annoying. I would like a drunk. I was wasted at this cowboy bar to wear cobweb. You have do you have to do that to you. Form really being a wages. Is now humiliating enough. You left addressed to savage on dear, had on now you have where you had to wear a cowboy who knew how to have assured that had yokes on it. Oh, if you work there, if you worked there not when you went to India, that would be crazy but so table coming with a bunch of people and they just wouldn't border alkali, maybe just like low cells. High maintenance is like juices, fuckin, fucking guy, so big and ridiculous, and then I was talking to him. I hadn't quit drinking and quit drinking till I moved out of town today, but I told him I want to do comedy and he made them turn the karaoke night. Accommodation for me real, here are some european yeah. Why did you have put things prepare yeah, is there an arid yeah?
and then and then I moved to New York to do comedy, and I was guy crash. My a little scooter, Yama Zuma, I crash is, I would drive, drunk all the time was my happy place like to this day. Early was also that feeling like driving wasted on a suitor was the wind blowing knowing Ahmed thing about them. Noses dont, really thinking tell anybody else. So it's not that bad have drunk yeah, but you can get in the way of someone out or do anything I fucked up so bad. I woke up just had blacked out completely. My face was split. Open I had road rash or my tat. This was fathers. They two thousand eight, your member falling don't didn't all. I remember I just remembered like little pieces. I remembered that someone help me I woke up. I was living in my friends house. I woke up at the house. He was Dana's girlfriends houses there alone, but my chin split, open I've been wearing address and it looked like I might road had been slept like they're just blood all the way down it road rash over my TED Oliver
side of my arms. My knees I just was fucked just phased plan. Just Facebook open. I just I went ip well and light. Just went Chin first and everything, and then I remembered that someone who didn't a girl that didn't like me had helped me That's all. I could remember with someone who usually hated me helped me. Well, and then I went out. I went to the hospital called my roommate. He came back, I went to the hospital they gay. I got stitches and then I was still waste and is still so hammered and the doktor had gone where you drinking and I kept going just between us. These are genuine no a fucking jelly motive, bugger ignited scratch. My skin it's crazy. He didn't know that and wake up to drink through the ban So too, then I got the stitches and I was friendly, cops and Santa FE, because I was an alcoholic so that a really good plan, a referendum so that no rest and they told me if they had caught me finding my scooter on the side of the
my friend roaming around, so I found at work peel down. There is like a bunch of loose gravel, so I just peeled out on the gravel, the cops said that they would have arrested me for an egg. Aggravated. Do I because I hurt myself, I had entered myself, that's what an aggravated do you have so they sat back than in others still wasted when they said that? That's what as we heard you so you to the attic I haven't got a hospital staff. You think you got a little punishment in their near So then I didn't learn the lesson. I went out drinking that night with the stitches in my face and I my line was. I would Corynaeus born around and ask as if they wanted to rub neo sport. My is like lastly nipple and they got so closes the I looked crazy, I was drunk social fund earlier. These are common funds any behind my back and I thought they were. I thought it was like a cool hook, they're, making choices so anyway. So then, I went out that night and I saw this guy with a puppy and I started playing with the puppy, and
the you probably some Chiunagon, do not remember. Manly. I've never met before it goes Last and how did I helped you? U crashed your scooter oh fuck. I write a motorcycle side and want to call the cops earnings. I know you re in trouble and there's a coup, loved man he's like some girl, so my friends call me like me Boss, told me so is my friend the boss from this hotel that I used to get wasted at you with a bar. There is, though, she hated me because I would just go: get hammered other nice establishment, dual look back on those days. Fondness cause you're so now, you're out between you, I think I have a wealth of stories. I wasn't juvenile delinquency and I had so many childhood traumas and abuses and weird things that happen. I was running for my life in Jersey City, when I was fifteen from like a fake modeling agent, who is a six foot. Eight rag they mahogany, one, for my alive, although this is a long life and a lot of stories and not a story can prove what happened here. Fifteen. So I was,
had gone totally Mahogany Saigon to John Robert Powers, modeling swore one of those like fake, rattling schools ITALY paler too, in a box and they make a girl compilation. Henshaw yeah, you like go that give you classes and modeling. Like that's the thing. It's like you either like our weirdly, weird looking alien, hot and talents. Or not or you're, not maybe could have done commercial there's something I was cute, but I I I also had very less others images that a weird it was the jewel weird thing to be doing so, and I had been a tomboy up into that point. So we go go to this modeling thing, and then we went to paid more money to go to like a modeling Convention, and then they had actual modeling agencies, and then they had just random people that I get paid to be there How can he was one of them in my mom's, like Super liberal, and so she likes anything. The plague little on the french version brag about at her book club or whatever
If that sounds like I'm angry, I'm running roof forgiven. But so They ended up there if we want to Take your daughter for two weeks. We'll send out on additions and stuff spring break and we have this they play when he was. Is teen yeah, your mom? Let mahogany take you for we saw many more stories- Jesus fucking Christ, another. Was my mother did not have anything bad happened here which has grown up. She was adopted by a very nice family and she went to a nice boarding, school and stuff and nothing and her did she read the newspaper. She didn't rhythm newspaper, much so she suggests you didn't. She wasn't aware So anyway, so then ok, so I was. I went to this point in Jersey, city in Jersey City. I don't know how it is now, but it was fucking crazy back that it still, for there was a fucking crazy. So we were in this one little condo
and it was. Mahogany, and then there was like some other people that where there are, none of us were really that I may eyebrows. Like the hottest, but I was pretty rare. I mean I don't. I think I was Cuba. Don't think I was like. I only I was a model at something that was my future miracle has done some, by the way person that I had really bond of others is twenty three zero guy Chris. Who is this guy don't know where from but he was really coils really nice and he was a little creepy like you would say, like if I was your age, but he never must try fuck me anything, but here I was protecting me and at some point, mahogany got mad and there was it was vague like I just you would make me go by and we'd on the corner and stuff and she's a fake thing. My parents paid like fifteen hundred dollars to send me to this thing and he would, I think he sent me out to be. I am go to New York by myself on the train. I fear in wearing the slutty is close ever to this thing. And then he would tell me pretended lions
twenty one to be an extra on like sex in the city in separate this wasn't real. There was nothing real about was a total scam, so I was sorry catch onto their nose, was to be there for maybe ten days. I think made these next Neighbor Shorty this little porter weaken lady. She was always bundle, but so this guy Chris was time. I mean he will go into the city with me and then all of a sudden mahogany didn't like close. You are so he separated us needs. Then you can't see each other anymore and I was like why don't feel safe if I can Agnes guides would rather go home. I wanna call my parents, I don't think this is real. The seems like bullshit in a scam- and here is that you can talk to parents and he locked the door and took a phone away from him. I packed my shut up and I threw it out the window and I down the shore. I was a young and runs grandma shut. And then the guy one of the other kids it was staying at the modeling place new this issue, patients, so he went down and bumped into the door unlocked without him noticing and distracted him, and I just jet it out of the fucking
house and he started Chase they may I was like screaming. I will call the cops help me help me and I was wearing a tube taught my like fifty year old tidied nipple rings or like hanging I mean I looked like a prostitute. The cops ended up coming and I thought I was a mahogany got me at one point. I was hiding under cars for my life, like I thought I was gonna get killed, six screaming or just water in their plants like what does car yeah, as he was chasing me did. I was trying to hide, and he finally got me get anyhow like you're, ruining my scam pretty much, and then he scratched my arm, but that's all and then the cops came and arrested. Both of us thought he was. My pimp throws a prostitute. I confirm my guide like a moderately when he came home till they came to the cops and then the cops told them that should arrest my parents, the there I wish and I They just wherein denial about, should arrest him for a day, at least
yeah, they didn't and then more stuff happened after that they made more mistakes, but it's ok we'll make mistakes of my family now, but I also look at all these things and I really like have had to do a lot of work on a because to forgive them yeah, because whoa? I blame myself for all that for most of it, which is my defence mechanism like this. Have I had some stuff happen with a teacher in high school to write off that action was about six months after that happened and you know there's a therapy fashion. I don't want to do a therapy session I don't want to do that, but anyway you asked me about. Am I happy? these things and so applications and I'm gonna love. But the point coming to us. I am happy with them, I'm so happy like where my life is now that I can't be mad about any of these. Other things do not remain like there. They're like exciting and now their funding, because I didn't get her, that's what I'm saying like looking back can't get a look and is
there's some crazy shed some romance to it, if you're so rotten, I flashed a chain. Gang ones are my motor scooter and then it didn't star- and I put my shirt, donkey bog and illegal hilarious, little crazy shit and I came out like genuinely, I feel good and I'm happy with my life. So it's good thank you for getting it getting me off of that path, but it is in every one that I know that's funny is fucked up, If something goes wrong, How insight how you get through it, and then your insight on the other end you persevere. And then you don't blame people, you don't let go around being mad at the world. I think it's it's easy to be. On average, while some of them also areas. People did blame, be borne by those Tennyson. And was always the indiscriminate. Those ex wives, the now let's try, that's funny to I just for my own personal sanity cannot run around angry and everyone. While you don't need to be amused,
necessary and especially now that you're sober, which obviously Kennison never got here? We ve render them no, no, never know. Never. Madame SOM Tom loves you Tom's once once at work once when I was working as working at a great woods centre for the performing arts out o Psycho amphitheatre in Mansfield, Burrito son found cakes security and I got sick cause. Their Ronnie Dangerfield COS. Few people more you did. You wanted a comedy of ours I probably had thought about it a little bit, maybe maybe had been in my head like slightly but didn't, really start thinking about it. So twenty feel embarrassed. When you had the thought first of doing comedy
now, but I did feel like was preposterous yeah. I did feel like look at such a difficult way to make it like a member. My girlfriend, when I was twenty one, her dad was mocking this idea that I was gonna, be a chameleon like our member him snug. I won't you know, I'm sure the odds were not in your favour. Know they're not in anybody's favour, but remember that's. What are you saying you know like who makes how many people make it as needed? If you do make, how much money do you may he was a doctor that serve my name is really angry like you just like I was a waste of his daughter, yams real funny alive. Get him on the pike has no idea. It's probably not. Doctors, don't believe that One of my daughter died. I was so there was sad when he died. I trusted you will there's a great book called the doctors, don't lie, but the schedule Wallack, what a lot of it has to do with nutrition is about
mineral deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies and doctors who abuse drugs and centrally talking about how people rely on doctors for advice about how they in reality. Doctors are good at very specific things like if you're podiatrist you get it fixing fee if you're an orthopedic surgeon and you're good at knees and shoulders and shit, but you probably don't know Norfolk load about, Tricia near. You really don't understand, like the mechanisms of not as absorption of nutrients and minerals and might have in one thinks it. I've learned from doing this pod cast is to understand that even like what I cursory understanding over that I have. You have to go through fucking hours and hours hours of reading and watching documentaries and listening to experts, and I still have to go back over and over and over again. So I've talked to doc before and they been like super dismissive about even taking vitamins and I get angry at them and what are you well, I think all you need is a balanced one, my boy you're retarded like what are you talking about? That's it
and by that way out I mean somewhat down syndrome. Retorted way in slow down, you are, you: are you have a diminished capacity for advancement are slowing down the reality of the progress of nutritional sign ass? This is stupid thing. You don't give me bad advice. You really don't know the fuck you're talking about. I get angry Macleod. You say that, like this is dull. Don't tell me that there is no benefit to take environments when there's a fucking ass, a load of studies, the as data and science all proven hours of ours, researching the stuff and trying to figure out what the fuck is good for you, and it's not good for you and some chubby asshole with a fuckin skinny fat body is telling me that all you need is a balanced diet. Mc Bitch, what's your Diana? You ain't gonna, be and you think that they're just doing that, because their money out of their out of the vitamins, no, no, they don't have
feeling reading up on the new stuff, but they haven't due to having decided to pursue it. That's all it s mean in, but if they did pursue within, realises the fuckin bottomless pit of information them from essential fatty acids. Two different kinds of proteins and absorption of plant based proteins versus animal based proteins, with the benefit of grass FED beef over regular. It's a fucking, endless stream, I mean if you follow somewhere, Doktor Rhonda, Patrick. You realize really quickly that she is harder. This shit twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, it she still learning through there. You know never ends and never answer me with we and also varies what's good, for you is not necessarily good for me. Your diet might not be. Is effective, as my die on the outlook. Is that bad? That's good! That's good every Bali it is our turn you into a savage. How different spoken out some I gotta get some Fanny Pack and some goddamn alarm on what kind of cooking set up do you have in your place,
This, have just a stove were frying pan like costs are in for a penny. I do I have we not look good cook. Mri decent, indecent argue over some elk sausage will start with the Abuja Recipe Cook correctly. You have a thermometer, I'm really I'm really into Bigfoot porn. Can you not say oxygen for me? Why I don't have a mute thermometer, but that's good for elk sausages. Fine, you you'll get us, of one. It's gonna believe you want while on me. But what could I didn't get Are you talking about joke sausage bro I'm insulting noticed Bigfoot Dick Elks so. I don't know why I will draw those two. I wouldn't pulls together. While you wouldn't yet why? What why were not of one of them is a undulate. The other one is a legendary prime. Oh, my god, you're really getting stuck in semantics here: listen you're, the one cracked, the joke. Let me just makes
fuckin jokes, I just gotta queues of doing therapies, action now his jokes, but I'm feeling trader. I feel just now no, but I'm not feeling judged by everybody I know that has had those wild drunken days. It has come out on. The other side is something like nostalgic about it. You look back and go her. I made it through the event and meeting you can't it's like the good old times, and I or I was felt like People were either telling these stories that were so insane. I was like I'm not an alcoholic or their alike. Elegant position get out of here. You ve been killed have a beer like celebrity rehab right, dear Watson, one of the best parts about it was Eric Roberts really Robert Brother Moon Bunch most. He was there furred, we'd addiction near and everybody else is having the fuckin duties on the floor in the feed opposition shaken his read in the papers in way out he's gonna, kill me.
Admiral, so ridiculous, exert some people you their stores, a joke. I do it quit smoking weed and it did make things a lot easier. Like laundry just little things out, I was maybe making things I would always smoke we'd before I clean my apartment like seven years ago, my alarmingly yeah it kinda distracting that doesn't It does not affect me well, we about. When I do things like my office. I just have, This is what we're doing now or are even listening to music is not good lawyer, funds are used to listen apart, ass likely, my office there fund that I would be like pausing and listening to genuine part, and want to remind my arm fuckin with myself. Here I'm distract brave and then that's a week. Defence mechanism took as I do that all the time to I'm always multitasking and I was to be doing three things at once there I because he's gonna make me I'm in a slow down so much I might have to like yeah. So Lord writing to look sometimes are right. Listening to music
but mostly time, it's better without music, with earlier x out, sometimes and sometimes foreign music, like form music zone over there saying what kind, brazilian like a lot of brazilian music like allow Spanish Museum Bali letter what I was some of the dollar Monday. Darling. I is no, nada. Now eyes. Amazing is really cool. Just listen to. I listen to Elton John, but but I'm Indira. Now, that's why I like to wear my crazy things like tat, that should please and dollar men. May I play on my phone regime. Will your band I represent a hundred percent through I got. For, even if we outlook, as it has a highly spells name D day, there is dollar mending, whereas the same songs,
currently available in your country or region. Oh my god! I love now, I'm really into it and by want that shit. What is here goes. While our again again we can. We can. That's actually getting felt by bear even a guy yelling mile welcome to the wonderful world of the internet. Anyway. I, like or maybe it sounds cool because they named dollar d, a age I would like the better, for it was like the days a l, e r m e age, India, but I think he got arrested for human trafficking. But can you still like his work? That's a problem like I was at a danish kroner debts and shows you the day we D, J and DJ was playing this Michael Jackson, music, and
he is so good there is he's a fucking pedophile, allegedly most likely yeah, pretty probably yet athlete is something wrong. Yeah even though it still fucking great yeah, but also he's dead. Yeah. So what if you don't listen to music, your punishing? What are you punishing? Ok man's dead bright, but even if he wasn't dead, like if TED Bundy, Hudson great poetry, which want to read it would you enjoy, No, I don't. Really I mean, all this. I really don't know what Michael Jackson did. I dont know I think anybody does autumn the people that he did at two, but there's a lot of fucking weirdness to it for sure. Little boys, and I are now- It's really come to us just like it inappropriate boundaries and that's enough to like molested honestly just having that an appropriate,
the simple are thing between kids and grown up. That's not good yeah! You hold hands with your nieces nephews, and that makes censored children that makes sense, but of Euro fifty five, you're old man in your hold the hazard eleven year old boy in Dubai, NEA that's where I gotta get. I gotta get suspect yeah. I got a question whether I'm gonna enjoy this song that I'm enjoying right now to be started to be done in San Miguel good. I was listening to music Gaza Goddamn The sky was amazing, so, except there's no way he wasn't molested I mean. Does he is himself lesson well in the interests of being beaten, a fuckin dead horse? I have talked about this many times in the past, where I think that he was a cast RADA. Just someone who was castrated when he was very young to prove preserve his high pitched voice. Then his doctor, the same doctor that killed him came
later this long after I had predicted this and say that he was chemically castrated to preserve his voice. So he confirmed what I was saying and what after so much reserve castration. Are you not able to get a boner? I don't believe so. My God, so you may be wasn't lesson number he was just. He could have been just being weird with them. I don't know who I mean we didn't do anything with them. Maybe just wanted to be a child may be. His childhood was stripped from him because he was famous for the times five fucking years old and his father did something at Hamley was a weird according to the doktor his d, his father didst, did something to my chemical castration. Would they do the pedophiles now they'll? Do it to peddle files so that they can never get erections and basically stops? Robotic production of testosterone killed your testes and they do it with some some chemical injection and apparently court into the doktor. That's what they did to Michael Jackson, which you think about it. His voice, it makes sense near his voice, was insane with a sigh pitched and if you listen to
Castrato those those others does only a few recordings of actual castrato us, but it was a common practice, not common those. Not everybody did it, but it was a practice that was done to young boys to preserve their high pitched voice with their fuckin castrate. What a word horrible strata, but they did it. Many people have their children get. These are balls chopped off that I would think that sing good and they would be very valuable. How long along those lines recording, so the recording, I don't think they had recordings until, like the lady eighteen, hundreds leave where there was a lot of dance. Where's that I had a boy would answer, came late in twenty two nineteen, twenty two's, alas castrato recording, and how was that dude? So it's probably born and eighteen hundreds or somethin died in that same year. So
But it's he died, never nothing, but always beautiful thing. How have you heard the noise of an angel and we can't play that either right now, you should listen to them who plays, I saw upsetting, deliver another. It is upsetting hunting. Yeah can enjoy the play. Friend of many of the night and he was like whites and also look yet to listen to this, and it plays a part in real and he's like it sounds like someone they did. Things somewhat. Maybe we will show jerk off too, like in honour of the man sixty three when he died. Nineteen twenty two is born. Eighteen, fifty eight knows recorder, eighteen, fifteen and nineteen o to donating a force that makes them for ease in business forties. He said. Lord knows, you said. Ninety five dignity was born. Eighteen, fifty, eight and fifty members bombs area and ninety nine,
in twenty two while yeah, that's the whole thing's dark. The look you gave me during my circle, jerk idea was read. Well looked at you, you gave me a commander which circle jerk further I was saying to you: they won't couldn't column, projecting pleasant. No this is uncomfortable feeling you nervous to be here, but I'm your friend I love you and I want you to be happy. You want me to be happier. No yours tripped up the king. Now I loved him I love you too. Thank you so much for having a really was appreciated. I am trying to be Cho. It's just like corn. Where did up others for being here? I'm not. Where did I'm trying to be in the moment I like to be funny impulsively, like it's my impulse to always like tell jokes and stuff, and this is a moral. Shell, less joke. He knew to be joking and others. Should be Jack you're over thinking.
Shit, I'm not over thinking anything, I'm being Chillun normal cups of coffee, cups of coffee ones, calling me a kind what is one of them one of them is Caveman, was either This is caveman and this is a current muggy. I got it My dad I for myself, so I got it for you the joke will my dad and I also think it says, and We one time we went we were at the post office made as very funny here they have carried out actually the real out again thing by the way that fuckin thing is less you guys. Do you an unworthy here which we recorded one and then it just wasn't funny it was, and we have to rethink don't put. We are disappointed with one you did. Do the one you did put out: Larry Yellows Van Hisself, his areas. But so my dad and I were at the post office, and mainly from now on. I was taking a white male something out and just we're just
jokingly antagonistic. You know my dad. They come on. I'd like dad leave me alone are not done. You know we're just choking with each other, and this old woman has been observing. She goes leave and then she just pivots before she lives and turns around she is. She is. No at young lady you're, a real ich them and and my dagoes. I think you mean an end, which is again one of our best stores is funny, so she doesn't realize you just joking around shooting out we're just joking shows, like you being so ends. Like Did you tell every this my dad we're just joking around my as it is and we laughed so she got after which she was leaving when he's I am wages were like crying and then at the fact that someone owing needs to stop you and put you in your place there, two so silly, but if they should all machina monsieur I'm just gonna. Try really hard to not be one of those old people would even rewards and all the ambient p I'm related what I'm I'm trying widely art, I'm trying really harder.
Being the moment and appreciate each new age and not get anything in my face or dating, like that. You say in your friend why you know that comes out Is there no, I mean, like you know, I don't try not to do anything to crazy. It's just its lighting and inevitable thing, and I think it's a gift to age in out we had to be different. Every day my mom was. She worked at this organism. And called Grey Panthers, which in great Britain, As for all people like that, like the fuck all people who like to fuck I'm sure they liked effect but Maggie Coon MA you can watch the woman's name, which I and others a little bit of a parallel between gray pan there's is wiping rather's her last name, but it was differently Why so? She was this, it was in Philadelphia and she was shocked, she's nineteen maybe eighty nine, but we sang out with her all the time and shoe outdated, famously data. A forty year old thinking, her eighties or something hollow something she was fuckin was prepared
She might even Pakenham. I don't know what to pack. At that point. She had a lot of hats, a lot of cops and tag. Peg himself. Remember a tailor like she marries here's a gig as fortune. Oh yeah habits really Pretty old ladys that I just want a man to tell them. They're beautiful I've been showered with complex bogeyman yeah. I think they go through menopause too, and they probably give On the idea, sacks yeah, they just want pretty men around them, yeah? I'm not that our gaze, where that pretty I've had brought here I have lived in the lab. I've been the last post for a couple guys last post before going they're like and then one guy got married and should I was sure he was, I sure,
sure was the last person. Just because you got married does mean, is not the point I know it, but he guys will bring amen, would reach out to him that we try to touch him and imposing a sou. We lived in Santa vainly way. When is the next slap is in their hands not until it comes out. I knew I was like there's no way used. Always one have like three sons with other guys, I'm lonely and bite my one friend and we were just drinking so much. We clodagh we called Jack Daniels OJ didn't feel weird unwilling pass the OJ richly fucking shit faced island a shaggy wearing when this college it, when my guardian of going out of business, this little school in Santa Cruz, hammered and my friend who I worked at a restaurant with guy friend. He wanted to help look up with measures like sweet, so he like hops and about with us and then he lives, and the next thing is like he kept. Looking me I haven't you looking at me. I contacted me, he was born in you and your boyfriend. Like I don't know,
ended a boating that think you just he hopped an opt out. Pretty quick was emmon cause. You got redoubt, as we gave an actual I mean we were in the my black eyes, I remember I mean I really feel like I'm five years younger than I am because they just blacked out five years. You should write about those days my way I will be book there were so many. I have so many crazy stories and it's funny because I was not everyone else had them. I really thought: everyone else had this crate and, like you didn't steal cars, you didn't do these banks that ever happened to you. Have you thought about writing a book yeah, but maybe it's also a great glare comedy writing yeah. I know what these stories on stage similar yeah flash in the chain. Was I mean? There's you spend so much. I drew some pictures I draw to so enjoying a while, but I drew like a colouring book ones that I never followed through it, but It was lessons from it. The alcoholic and was just different like true scenes from my drinking is just fucking crazy. This
So how did you stop? I will take that actually brings. To date, so I moved to New York. I wanted to do stand up so bad. I just on that one thing at the cowgirl in Santa FE and I tat. I really why I was nervous- and I don't remember ensured was like all abortion jokes I don't remember, but then I do remember my first set after that I where are the beginning one. So the first one was when I got to York out. I moved nearer to stand by crash. My scooter so and I wanted to move to LA I'd, met people know, and I thought that was where together, because I kept drinking and driving hours like over drinking driving problem, I have to go somewhere. I can't drive so moved to New York. Thank because I think I really. I think it helped me really Persian Gulf really strong before I came out here moved to New York, I wanted to do stand up. I was just drinking. I was partying I've, so many friends I just now on benders like random shit, I was just doing insane things day. Drinking just wait, drunk than everyone else. Mason. I left
my drinking buddies incentive and everyone else was kind of like what are you up to. This was dying of my friends, couch and I wanted to do stand up, and so finally, she was like look. I'm much go, don't open go go where the owners are it. So I gotta jokes ready. We go don't open MIKE I go up, I dropped my sat list and then I completely black out, I'm so nervous, like this basement at this place called cake shop. My caper land was the host of it or wishes. I don't know anyway. I got up and stay. Age and completely bombed, started yelling at everyone. I just started yelling at all of these comments. Like fuck you piece of shit- I don't know happen and then I sat down at the bar and I already quit. Yeager Yeager was the first thing I quit. So I was sitting at the barn. And some guy came up. This comic, who I do not like or think, was funny or want anything to do with any cap by me, drinks by me shouts of Yeager, and I was like look man, I'm like struggling
drinking. I really like, I can't really say no to a drink, but please stop buying them. For me, you just get by Look. I just ass. I was going to stop. Kept buying them and then so that I ended up waking up on his error. Mattress there's ever my first of me. We gave us air mattress, fully clothed in volume or anything. Just like you some are in Bush work of snowing. I was like, where am I? What am I doing? I looked around his apartment only although do as be a comedian. I was so sure, that's what I wanted to do a This time drinking is our second set. This was my second design. I moved to New York is my first when a new and what it may be so sure they want to be meeting. It is never want to do anything else and when I think but you'd only had one said at a karaoke bar and then the second sat where he screamed until there by the what was it made me think that you could do it? I just I don't know. Never want to do anything else. I just don't have another. There is no other plan. I had been a specialised teacher. I had done a go, go dance hardware,
did the bars. I done all that stuff. I just never. I just always I just felt like: if I could do it, I could do it. I mean Yes, it's a little bit about delusion and that by just I never but I knew that I wouldn't be able to do. I knew there were obstacles in my way and I knew the drinking was one of them. I talked to a comic before that at the open MIKE, and he had said just try not to is advised me. Was China to hook up with the with the guys at open makes, because your they get a reputation when you're just trying to be respected, so he had said that two maids gave us either by us, because it's also there's no time for that. This was my whole hustle. Also, what are the odds that person's gonna fall through a few fall through and become a comic? What are the odds? They are yeah. You might get hitched up to some Fuckin loser ba. You deafening, I wanna get hit that, but it also says I need put all my energy. I was in an arms barely into place out of in outside this eleven years ago. So I I I
I woke up on that guy's air mattress? I was like fuck like I already broke the thing that I wanted to do and I was already you know from all like weird sexual assault. When I was younger, I just didn't: have a good relationship with sex drinking didn't but that you know everything was out of control and all- and I had this thing now- this precious thing that I want so bad. So You know crashing my scooter almost dying. All that should not wasn't enough. Both Stanhope early that's what I wanted So I went to my friends house and I called I just called do as I go. I gotta I just want to do this and I want to quit drinking, and so he told me to go to meetings and just chart. Try it out your memory first meeting yeah, I went to one I think is a lower side and the guy sharing was talking about he's like I always knew at a problem, because I went was too. I took off the tylenol now like. What are you talking about any kid with a chopper thing? Is you can eat the pill?
I remember kind of judging haven't been like whatever, but it was good. That community that they needed to detach myself from like the partners and all the lifestyle. So they go. I did ninety nine it at a meeting every day for ninety days and nights. I never went back. Some people oxen, learn understand from those we There is a gun. I don't got a bomb because again him Dave Fitzgerald was a really funny, comedian, Back Boston and dumb. He learn how to do stand up from making hilarious stories out of his drunk days. You see. He was a fuck enraging alcohol. Yes, aim thank disquiet and then start doing stand up. Literally learn how to do. I meetings. You would tell these crazy stories about being blacked out DR fucked up and being gunfights
high speed asses and, although not yet algal dish, a crazy stuff goes down, but yet guys Mary of em learn how to stand yet you're standing up in front of an audience. I brought up Quaker Two's our church. Was you stand up and speak in everyone's? It's there and soundly March was our which ones Quaker. That's the oath box, oh Box airlines like gets a confused with Amish, which does nothing to allow the difference, Chris, The very chill Christianity suits those appeal. Grass affairs over quakers. Now I don't think they were the. They were wounded, quakers and start until now. Sophists there. There pacifists, they believe the gods in the form of an inner light than everyone in everything. So why would you fight agree with that: just from hallucinogens Chateau by weight, something I struggle whereby the look back at the childhood predators and light. Can I I forgive these people because they are for the same line? I guess what is the what's? The wacky thing islanders
Quakers are worlds just very it's just you sit in silence of the churches. There's two types is programmed. An unbroken goes on programmes which is the super Joe and there's no Bible talk there's no preacher theirs Then you just sit and benches facing each other. My meeting house had these old Kristallnacht explained we ve Panama. So it's like it. The meeting house that you meet up with on answer? Is yes looked down at your hands. You really look at each other, but use you set theirs. Facing benches and others benches here, so you are kind of all looking at your face. Each other. And what are you? Do you sit in silence and then, if you feel moved to speak it supposed to be God speaking through, but if you just feel moved to speak at all, you just stand up, and you say whatever you want, and so reading scripture. I mean some people everyone's allows moment. Do that growing up I went to a quakers. Whole tumor were little kids. We,
just sit in silence like forty five minutes, which is impossible. It's about eighty two thousand saying I would wear shirts that had like things on and I can play with like. I had a shirt with a phone, and I had like a cord, and I would just wear it. We set, alarms and said o my alarm so go off. I just had to be doing stuff. It's crazy. You're just a little introduced, so bored so bored in Ireland with the first thing they do. They try to mitigate their so bored. My got medicated too Ritalin and stuff. When I was ordered, I don't feel like it. If I they put. Men ended presents a little bit, but I was pretty good at being like I want to do these things. You don't feel like it affected due to be away Ritalin, but I stayed in take it further along on Turkey, for I don't think I voted for the democratically. She was talking about longing lover lover to she's direst about how, like that same, should happen her when she was kid Julia, bouncing off the walls and the medicate yeah it. So it is interesting as it is.
I can only imagine with a apparent you just there's all this information coming out. You in Europe, dealing with your own share. Lotta people didn't go through their healing process, anything to it must be said, are to be apparent. Just got me crazy, I think about it. I never one a kid until I did some hallucinogens monolithic, Mary, I won't have occurred and you'd be great, mom yeah. I think I would, but I'm just dealing with all my heel, I'm dead with all my. I just want to make sure I am not in a place. I I was very angry in the past and something that I work on the it just wouldn't wanna redo patterns and such like that. But I do think? Because I've had I had such traumatic stuff, I think I would be. I think I could protect make. His own the quakers are allowed medicate their kids, it's part of the doctrine, yea can so there's. No doubt I mean it's pretty Ellis. It's like you can do it! Everyone there is one guy that war is a jewish, stuffed, meaning. Why went to meeting after the election? I went a little bit like maybe I wanna go back to the church, what the Quaker Church,
yeah. I just doesn't sixteen because I just eyes it just triggered a lot of things and men and I won't rural crazy first. Second, I just had a lot of trauma that I wasn't doing when tromp one it wasn't there everything. Ok was hanging out with a lot of I'm without them. I just got really like. I got really mad and I got really mad. I just wasn was in dealing with stuff and had just kind of pushed up step forward for me and also what you mean, but just like some sexual assault stuff just came up like a thing allowed, people that were angry and were large and around and stuff, or had some personal triggers, that it happened, but also because of what the by the pussy tat and you read it and then I read up on it and it's not what it seems, and I don't know I just I you know there was a lotta hysteria in it just I just triggered a lot of my shepherd. I'm glad it did help me get through a lot of stuff and I definitely, I think, have a different view.
You on those things now and I You know I was running around so mad at her my call my matter. I did a lot of like when it first happened like fuck man. I did that for about three months I gotta get out of that, but real angry, unjust, projecting and pest and other stuff, and it's like there's a few theirs few men, are matter right. There's a fear I am certainly not mad at men, but there are few from Europe you know, and I was something I had to deal with and I had to learn to compartmentalize that and not make it this broad thing. I hate people do that so drinking days. The drinking days and from my childhood you I am, I had some fucked up should happen, but you know it it's you can't. It's just important for me to not blame a large group of people that have nothing to do with my trauma and its also when I get triggered what I to learn was that's my response laid to handle my trigger, and I can't just be running around like this, like a punch
the sword. I mean I can't I'm gonna cut IRAN round me you're the thing that people do when they blame everyone. That's part of that group. You know so common, so you never. There was a real problem. A few months back where Liam Neeson was talk about one of his friends got something. And were up, but black I had done something murdered. One was rare, raped when his friend something awful thing rape, and so he would go out at night with a bat looking for a black guy to start trouble and he talked about it. Every was furious. Yeah! Anything look. Look, I didn't do anything, and I was in a terrible state of mind is being honest about this or not. Proud ass was one the most embarrassing and darkest Moraine life, but I did it right. I'm not letting people express those things and harms about it and say a wet cause. I remember that I got so man, his eminence invite you knows a couple park as I did words like fuck you not I
The hurts people. I hurt people by saying that I mean, but ever know, but people have lashed army for selective, but it's like I don't fuckin, have the capacity to hidden entire group of people. I certainly like I have brothers I have my dear. I don't don't you think so sometimes say things and does not really work. Mean yeah, expressing anger. Of course, and then I think right now, it's going on and I've checked out of a lot, stuff on pay attention to a lot of things anymore, because it was just like the news media just like not It's not real. I dont mood twitter at all. I just don't do it. It's like. I got a focus on What I can do and how I can feel good and how I can I just wanna- make people laugh, have a good time make people feel good. I want to feel good ITALY, I do that I'm in this constant state of taking
this information, which is pushing my buttons pushing they, but well yeah, some of its not gonna be. But someone certainly is a new if you're not controlling the they give. You have a mental diet to something that people don't think of all the time in our own member who who described it that way, but it's the best way of describing the other physical diet and if you have a poor physical die, you bodies em, but you have poor mental die your mind, sick, you're, taking a nonsense. All time and fights in I had burned sanders on yesterday and though the guy's run for something candle drive, my dad yellow- and I would briefly looked into the comments, of one of the post and, so many fucking p bore so goddamn toxic. Is a battle on the left and right and misrepresent his position. Miss rub some, was calling me and all right, white, supremacist White National S like why in the lock
so I say that I am anti share it, so this has someone said that I had somewhat witnesses storm front or something like that. What is that white supremacist page storm front of some of these, that I had the founder of storm problem what the fuck are you talking about you just? Maybe your power going now proud of those guidelines. Gad Gavin MC, given its governors, who is the founder, the probably I had him on before, but item on before there was a proud boys. I don't even notice give her always, why can't you taught her to my son, I asked him about it and I was critical eye was criticising animals like you Kansas. Claim. You're gonna have violence with people, it's so fuckin dumb and then all the proud boy shit that happen with violence came far. After that. The people are like blaming me for having him on even know what the fuck is he's the co founder of These are just it's also interesting. Don't you want to hear the other sites like don't? I wanna hear everyone's opinions and everyone's thoughts when you ought to try to understand and come to a common ground on you wanna ride like I'm, not really
just really anything, but it's like we are all gods. Children like there's missing this whole thing. It's this file, yeah guns on charges, but now. Ok, the problem is this law, these people, but do go on an shows and try to reinvent themselves, sharing disingenuous when they try to whitewash what they're doing a whitewash their past. And to that point mean the ideas, you're helping them recruit. People who came before he was on my pockets, though there was no one. There was no people for him to recruit too, so people need understanding Wasn't there was nothing like. I had a mom because who's this guy was funny still not interesting. Vin ran Heem fucked up one. He started that group and fucked up when he was calling for violence and telling people to choke a bitch and punch people and grab these people any was doing it in response to the violence that anti FA was
was pushing on right wing people that would have these means show up they're doing my not solved clown mirror back at them. It's all crazy area was are poorly thought out, but the idea that that makes you a white nationalists, you talk because he talked earlier it so fuckin stupid. But it's like this is the work. We live in everything, so our it's like you left or right, you're blind. Why you're one or zero? It's like, there's! No grey area They also freeze you and the one moment that you said the thing and then there's no before or after others, no growth, there's nothing. It's like yeah fuck in our yeah. They just look for this quote trap and that's it said that you said that looked like clarified, Ike smear took it back I did that's who you are it's nuts doesn't make any sense, and it's this the world we live in today. Things like you, everyone I didn't even know what the fuck you're gonna say when you're saying yes and then he doesn't make sense. We re clarify and
when you talking a long foreign conversation and like this in a pike s and someone wants to take her snippet out of it in those decided. That's who you are not. Doesn't make any sense, and it's this the world we live in today everybody wants to paint. Everyone is toxic, now everyone that we want a paint. So many people, I should say wanna paint people as being a problem or a negative thing, and so this is the twitter world, where twenty percent of the people make eighty percent of the pups out word: you're, not paying attention to yourself, you're, blaming others you're trying to change the world around you you're trying to create a safe space to other people. You're going to be in your life, if important, expecting other people eyes, cower to all of your demands and of your stuff part of their own fuckin shit are not trying to be happy part of it was They're trying to do is somehow another score points and rack up was in an industry themselves from their own life,
What a mistake! You can't luck! You can't love sues worst, though it seems like every time I check if I D found, checked her for four months and check it as well and most the time like ninety five percent of time. I avoid comments, but for whatever reason I just found myself flipping through it, because I want to see what the people think about Bernie. State. You can't lock can't love seems worse, though it seems like ever. Buddy works. I people check twitter for four months and check. It is like in horrible light, and I might look she says things that I don't agree with. Why is everyone so fucking angry like what is this? What people are put all their thing on things on you know, People were put all their thing on things on, you know nature they have these beliefs, and everyone has to be a villain and that they are with you are again soon and honest characterize her or paint her in a horrible light.
And here you know you can't hear the other sign you have to like. Yes, every one has to be a villain in that but all their thing on things you me it is that these beliefs and tap when I was in my whole, something you know, extra angry and feel you know you used to have this whole system around you and You know you can't hear the other, sign you have to like. Yes, everyone has To be a villain and that they are either with you are against you, and I don't know it's just to me it is unhealthy. I had a tap out. I stop paying attention to allow to starve. I don't have that makes me ignorant. I just gotta live a happy life. No, I don't think it does make. You agree. I think it's of an effective way to communicate a thing. It's a really pissed poor way to communicate, and I think it it fosters rage more than India there's something about being able to talk to be, but we don't have social accuse, you don't have a movie not looking at them, and people say the meanest asked his share each other and that its insulting people dumping on people's more important.
Shortcoming wants attention dear, so it's in other may be trying to impress their other bodies that are on their we're. Trying to get those extra little lie x, Ray there. Lay the me in point would be they want to get your attention holy shit. They got Joe organs attention that so cool. You know they just want to feel. I've or whatever, nuts utopia have their prizes. I try to not take anything personal. It's like you, don't know me if you don't like me like that, weird you don't know me, you shouldn't they have the majority opinion it's like not finding her validation, kip and the good stuff or the bad stuff and you can watch Euro the comments for good things, is just as bad as looking for bad things. Yeah mean some people think that's a good idea to gauge lug whether or not the conversation was effective, whether or not you could have done something better than that get it more efficiently or more more, obtaining further make it more entertaining for them little is looking for the constructive criticism yeah, they mean there can be some of that from some people. The problem is
China manage all this data at scale right in union with thousands and thousands of humans at are charming in and a lot of money deeply unhappy. A lot of people that are commenting on things are just really frustrated with their lives. Like imagine if someone saw or listen to you when you're like fuck man, and they like. Oh, that's, who should re exactly any see they see you on here, laugh and being silly. Anyone who's this bitch near event, doesn't make any sense of the saint earlier, but you're not the same person. The same personally, you were six months ago I know we grow. I rightfully the I hope so I mean I do. I tried to a lot of work on myself. I stopped look, watch, this was huge for me. I was watching a lot of true crime. I was watching like Dateline stuff, like that, all these things- and I mean those fucking toxic people- are upset asked whether we are obsessed with that I just started to realize, I know A friend of mine head there, as one about her sister and once I
all that- and I just really like this is not good. This is finding entertainment out of these really real things that have happened to people in this pain, and I have had fucked up things happen. I've had friends have fucked up things happen. I've seen these things, I don't to bring awareness to this. I know that and what will not a women get into those true crime shows its dramatic and everything. But it's not it's. It's real these real things that happen to people, but is it because you want to know that that's out their seeking, prepare yourself ass, he could be aware, like what is what is. The appeal has apparently been safe, final tis, true, but our remember reading this, that true crime shows certain skew in their demographics, more or female than male, like the more females or into true crime. Shows than male near. I don't I just I think it's like a beginning middle end to a story like there's a whole plot line, and then they catch the person in the way the editing is in there
The era of use and Wilfer Allah the lot of the episodes they well. Sometimes they catch them before they call them enough disappointing. But it's, just very young women are the biggest true crime buffs and hears why? If you're either mostly andreassen? True crime story, oh and true crime boy have the last couple years been good to you. First, there was the mega hit podcast cereal, which Lhasa over two thousand fourteen, several months later, the Hp Hbo was released. The Jenks six have so doc Every blah, blah blah blah captivating these as captive in his province or for the general public. One group in particular has become particularly enthusiastic about the genre young women, It's weird and a lot of the victims are young women. It's like what I don't know what it is What sort of likely that, according to Doktor Howard Foreman of Forensic Psychiatry, said Monte your medical
the trend is rooted in empathy by the time you get to adulthood, women able to empathize with a greater degree than men. On average foreman tells tech inside this may lead to true crime being more interesting to women than men, simply because, if you emphasise more with the victim, it may be more relevant to you and more gripping and then a few empathize with the murderer in some trouble. Yeah, like you just a job, just was too, I don't know just got so dark and weird, and I had a guy in my when I was living in my ex boyfriend in this house in his apartment building. Theirs is really weird kid who is so overly familiar and just really weird of me and I fell, I really felt threatened by am I really uncomfortable with him. I told the landlord you my boy from its travelling lot, workin stuff so, As a liberal, I heard how will that he was like me, eighteen in
He just was weird: he was off Asperger's, a very weird leg, very just where he looked at me, was weird. He overly complimented complement of me in an appropriate way. I would set up boundaries who keep coming you try to. Bring my laundry up to my apartment. My boy from out of town and he the kid lifted on a different for them. And he goes all material undergo now no and he goes only taken out now. I don't need your help very clear and then he the door open to the elevator a take my laundry go, no and then I get off the elevator and I start walking. He starts following me and I know you don't. Live on this floor, Oh sometimes I get off your mark up. I don't know you don't you're not just beyond this floor and then pretended to go into someone else's apartment. I couldn't let him know where I lived. And then he laughed. So that's when I called date again and he said Map was got I've, seen a tenth planet and that's when I would start doing to Jitsu, unlike nobody's
working with me anymore, there's no I cannot control my surroundings. I cannot control that. All I can do is control my little move in the same though Noah Jesus Christ, that's the thing that women have to deal with and I have experienced it to a far lesser degree with creepy. Those who want to follow me in hotels. Earlier you have I've seen people. People are so weird with you as where they want to follow Hotels tells yeah like guys found. Into the elevator and want to come to my room Mackay, they wouldn't want you jerk off like maple leaving alone once I'm near them now he's where people up to you and they're. So site. This is their moment there there shivering their shaking. I watch it all the time. It's I told you. I want to do reaction. Where did you should have our fate says your friends faces when people are approaching it we're just like. Oh, my god I mean they- do it on a US roller scale with other people to buy. I'm hitting you really have it. There always unfolding a paper,
They ve got something they need to share with you. This is there chance to tell you whatever the thing is that they need to tell you I mean it is really their moment the year sorry to people's biggest moment of their life all day long, the biggest one is one: they have a busy. Pitch, the most frustrating Zena like listen. We are not going into business too How do you know if you don't hear? I have time to do it do and already- and I afraid I'm already selling fanny packs. I cant do more supervision. If any higher primary darker Fraunhofer anywhere I die. When you tell me some Vanni paragraphs, I also allow every month after keyboard, talking to hear the king, I don't even get it. I saw a lot of fucking fanny packs. They sell it crazy, but the really high quality. I was living out of my car when you told me that it's the company called roots from Canada. They make them super high quality leather. I just get them to print it with a higher primate logo on them But you know how I found out about this company in their excellent fanny pack.
Involving also ignore those clue. My God, eyes clay. How to think about that, and I said: where did you get that glorious fanny baggers like oh, you like it, and he showed it to me, and I say this is fucking actually can I guess routes has not been there, but nothing is teach happening. It's cd chopsticks. Till we d ha that's only one I fuck with I took some before it came sudden freak the fuck out to help you Oh there's someone here: ok, you're, so rich Joe yourself, when I was living on my part in today's harking neck to one of your cars, that's where they see that routes for any back. That's where learned about it only get the fuck em. For Fanny Pack. I what makes you yours is yours when I bought it from the roots company, I had them produce informing and it's hard to see what this kindness is an older ones for few years, but there's the higher primate logo. That's in Boston
Can you get one that says, Annie Fanny, nobody, you can make it Joe bring it somewhere, we have some money Gabriel. I raise the money to make my very valuable glitterati its yeah. You do like a craft thing, we're not If I m sure we ever will do rapture puffy paints is do with glue. You painted with glue, and then he sprinkles glitter Oliver yeah the glue, stricter glitter, very glittery. I don't think so. I try our hearts dude. That's a good love for you! I'm trying to own John, and I watch this video of own John live all the time out. Will you show me Jimmy guys the trend of wearing a mile up those people are about the coward. Syria. None are known and taking old other, no, no, no, no, no! No! No, they are cowards. They don't want to where it is a fanny pack. So they wear it over their shoulders because their cower yet and if a hawk girl comes, it doesn't like Fanny backsides other elbow into amber tender. Inner know that senator do
I got alive so swing, they're doing it because they don't want. They want the functionality of a Fanny pact, but they don't want the social, Dignan their cowardice to new, like the jaded Smith, was on. I don't know it's like. He would wear that putting this the younger. This is the younger generation, their re. They ve taken our fanny packs and they made them into something out. Isn't it non binary Maybe what is it saying at the bottom of that? And if you have your picture without cowardice, was a cow pack and see through iridescent, zip, ok, fuck at all but see through bag. By the way nobody wants to see your tampons visa gift, our? Maybe I don't know you never know what these young boys these days there very woke work There's a lie I was buying. Those are the women I wanna get choked by bigfoot. So I was wearing this thing about Yale and that Yale put Temple and in the men's room because they said not everyone who men straits. As a woman, and I my yes
they are either. Maybe they worked for diarrhoea? No, yes, every one who men is a woman scientifically we're getting warm alone right now, where were we? here is: where is a weird thing? That's happening anyone's whenever they want interest a weird I will too. I have no problem. I want I would. I would love to make you happy. Is it doesn't? It's so wacky, we'll chapels that thing especially saga to what degree do to partake in your self esteem right, that's good, we're! Looking yeah, I mean it's, but it's not just that it's it's force meant, there's like an authoritarian enforcement of certain language in certain ways of communicating with people them out. There is God, damn hilarious thing. The temple posted up of a com This meeting, where this woman is everyone, comrades and
sky is like it? Could everyone please stop moving, because could you guys please stop moving, because I have severe the day and all this moving is really distracting me and woman goes. Are it thank you, mad duly noted and then the gargoyles. Please can you stop using gendered language? When you see my very it's very offensive and like it is Guys is what I was saying before about how it's like. If you are expecting the world to accommodate to you like you're, safe spaces inside yourself, you fall it's inside you, you don't have control of the outside world. This is people trying to control the language of everyone around them and then saying it's unsafe. If they don't follow your new vocabulary, that's an unfair thing to find it. I'm not I'm, not an asian lady. Any said this can't be real. It's like two days ago. He put me SAM Harris reminded me of it. His roof fuckin
Alan laughing about it. It's just it's parity. It's like the onion is not ridiculous enough. These people are more ridiculous than the most ridiculous parity like you can even market. But do you think that it is I'm trying to see what they can get away was just a little too. How far can I go there play make believe they're there. I'm a chicken. You know I'm scenario, as someone said this to me, I can remember was but that all of the the words he words that people are using now like triggered safe space. There ought to stick terms third terms that people use without too sick was yours whose purpose. If we want to defeat capitalism, we are going to need a party that will, or is this working people to fight for the demands that we want and to win socialism. Thank you so much sort of privilege.
Guys for small James Jackson, Sacramento he him. I can we please the chatter to a minimum. I'm one of the people whose very very prone to sensory overload lot of whispering in China are going on it's making it very difficult for me to focus anxious. I know it's brought Iraqis and ready to go by. Can we please just keep the charter to a minimum, its affecting my ability to focus? Thank you. Thank you. Comrade angle. Is there a speaker against me more traveler from every point of personal privilege? Yes, please do not use gendered language took to address everyone. Ok, but rather a monster, whereas in the lower right hand corner with the halter top or anything so that that would read her hair crazy really doesn't want to jumped up. He him she was wearing that red line that read so when he gets his period, an arduous gender language.
This is where we at were where nonsense. Land and people are acting like this is normal. You bunch of babies, the fuck. If someone says girl care how I will set about girls say girls, I could be there say: girls out, I don't care, you're, you're crazy is now use gendered lying. What how does not change anything and by the way where you can have you can't deal with a bunch of people moving around and distraught and making noises in shit just stop get the fuck out any as force everybody else to deal with your fuckin weak, and go home. Droughts watch those on Youtube to stake. Do some squad stake eat some elk, get your fuckin life and fuck bitter per week. Go fuck a guide bigfoot, go right, a big foot fuck book and make millions. What is this seminar about about being an asshole? I'm just so absolutely just so. It's like playing on this thing to words like I want people to feel good. I was especially to drive down anything special it kid
wouldn't have been talking like this asking for all these things, and this is what what date with these kids are calling socialism right like this is what mean been. Everyone has to be like super supersensitive unaware of every. Single fuckin thing. They do in every single fuckin thing that everybody around them dies. You that's what has happened to comply and police you a victim to because it's impossible for that to happen. So no one's ever gonna complied everything. You say, there's always get me one person, even if they don't, even if they want to. Maybe they were listening to something else, and they didn't know that that's what their responsibility so then, there's always gonna, be you're, always be a victim of something summons, always said the wrong thing. They ve always done wrong thing, and all of your worth is from something outside of Yourself- and you know, don't have to deal with your own, but also good at Sup. What used to be acceptable year ago now is unacceptable. A year from now it'll be something else. After a while, you won't even be able to say color
you gonna, have to say the seaward right here. I have to say he can say people of color, which is a pity. It is the people color, as that is a weird one. Why the air like to end sea devils, or but anyway, Supra National Association for the advancement of colored people, which is bananas. Like can't say that became say that anymore like so dumb. If such a thing and also people, I feel good people stopped having attachment to words, you could start having the mean anything like they wouldn't hurt you well the winner. There was talked about that in the sixtys. It was one of his bits in the sixtys it he would call people by a bunch. Of ethnic slurs and then say you know the problem not saying these words is that if you say these words enough, they lose all their meaning and, as I have heard some gambling's on paraphrasing, but this is the but you know what lay nothing they turn into a woman and MRS Maes,
they re routed. Rebooted am I watch eleven. I think it's good I haven't charged, but it is what MRS Maes, Was him yeah? She's mother audition for that and then, when I saw her tits and the forum, like my tits audition for her tat, that's amazing show business now, but in the first seen she showed her tits, I'm like our. I thank you Thank you for giving me the addition of donors in what you say He showed her tits and the foreseen when I realized that that was going to be in the scene. Didn't make me topless or whatever I was honoured to have been in the same. Audition pool is oh ok as Rachel Browser. Her better big juice shillings right, she's excursion right if I was now goes to the great actor and she is awareness. But I was talking to a male chemicals really funny and he was I don't like that. Fuckin show, because there was no woman like that again as my yes, there is Superman either man like the last October's, no walking dead, Rick didn't colonies. I guess what I think. I am really freak you out. There was a woman com,
like they say at comedy rates of funny show about common. You should be excited if show stand up communism in eighteen, fifty cent and it's fucking. Great yeah, except what do you care if they made up a woman like why? not getting represented the white man, an event that it's like he is like a historical thing with the air it would bought was bothering him a store that is they are. They are intersecting with real things that happen, so I can see where that little, nor had owing to bring about John again, but I did see rocket manner and it is. It was weird when they were not. If there are things that happened in Europe, what does he brings Gigantic thank bring your letter yeah. He just didn't. Even when we bring em up earlier. I've just been talking about the whole time. I was an angel. Do the I watched the when my video from a lot of that is that, where did you yeah? I forgot? Ok, that's! Ok, I can only be expected to be listened to. And why percent of the time what was wrong with rocket man,
well just hidden, didn't write lyrics, which they said, but then the whole movie was like trying to force these life events into the lyrics, so like they say you are right it so it just wasn't. It didn't feel real. I would have rather of heard more shit about any measure that woman and stuffed in America. And there he married a woman bow the Africa regime. He must have been really horn just sliding around in there, but I didn't know spiral But I think I think, probably maybe it was just a beard sure, but also got a lot of those guys want to believe that they can be straight. That's what they buy. The Whitney Cummings Dicta back, but that's where, like that, all pray, the gateway stuff is. Yeah, I've never heard those pray. The gay lamps were, you guys are sit around holding men with borders. They generally get hardens holding you and tell you you're, not Gay Yang. What was going on, but I am it's fuckin kid,
I take it, so wild cannot be like just lean into what you are your happiness, your joy yeah, but think about yourself. You are raised. Quaker would have you re some? While we have been told that increase in you know anybody does that is Satan worshipper when and you're gonna go burn in hell and you live with others. And his ailing. Like that shame rotten or whatever I mean, I defy a man, shame and made no pray, everyone chrism with them. I can't imagine on that scale. What's that is probably one of the biggest ones. If your raise christian few rays like serious Christian, specially fundamental the job one of the worst since lay with another man and just deal with it, the deck that they must get it there. I mean I must just be hounding each other out, they probably come so quick because a carefully there is theirs and then they have that camaraderie in the fact that they, both
trying to not be this thing around my God, I'm getting horny just talking about honestly, their private new genre. It's not bigfoot we're after we have to work through this. I'm not gain. You're, not even though we just fucked I know it is crying in each other's gay arms. What sneaky trick, if you believe in God that God did God said listen, you cannot have sex with men, but you're gonna want knew nothing of the kind of honor they gonna want that all day you can see there are you Jesse, Assholes, all down when it more than food? You are more than water. You just want dick and bought Do Dec, but firemen and workers and Indians and cowboy and then a bands gonna come out there, all gonna play each partner and out to try and then you can't even go to the wives yea more its. But if you really believe in Jesus in you really believe you shouldn't be gay, but you are again what a dirty trick goddess,
must be terrible. I just like there's nothing more dangerous than were repressed. Gotta, be work cancer, not just homosexuality, but regressing These sort of feelings, like the shore gaudy. What cancer is well repressed. Sexuality is always strange like when I was in high school. There is always these girls from catholic School. And girls and catholic school they went all girls chemicals worth the biggest. I could now doesn't pay out the couldn't wait to get some deck because it was so forbidden whose a forbidden fruit, just get so excited. They couldn't believe as real as fighting off these hormones. Is it such a terrible trick to play on a young person to tell them that their body is dirty and awful and that these thoughts that are just prevalent omnipresent in their minds, the wicked ways of the devil and that which you resist persists. You're just thinking about that fucking Buddoor. Second, a deck, a juicy hard
Chris can have a yeah I'm in terrible its bad? You guys also, if you're out there listen. Let's just say: let's God, like God, give your help fuckin asshole. He go. Fuck, asshole, Kosovo, just move to boys, town and realize you're gonna be fine. There's a rope of on they get together and they have a great old time there's hurry ends there so happy to go down, that's right not to be so happy free. They don't even there shoulders are exposed like there's just a tank tabs everywhere, just hair shaved. Anything you want every made. I love going. I feel invisible, Maisie love Large is why could walk bottomless and they were just? I've talked to gig so they get mad straight guys and straight girls are going to gay clubs now to hang out. Let us like a weird thing: I'll show preparation has talked Martindale,
I could Marie worthies, where you be like hey. This was like our placed him and now you're here, like you're, wearing glitter, to forego Wang rambles member, Dimitri Martin had the joke about where he's like a gaze, just get M paraphrasing, but gaze just get rainbows, thus affair. You just get fractured lightly. Really greedy gave his them in a somewhat back in the day when you could say something about those pretty similar about that day, there was a because of duck dynasty, one of the guys duck dynasty. He was given I'll get it our dialogue and my bit was like listen, you should shut the fuck up or the gay people will take overcome all the same weight. It took rainbow that so they own the rainbow the Rainbow used to be leprechauns used to be lucky charms guy I am now is gay people to the point where, if I came on stage with a Fuckin rainbow teacher people like I don't know why I knew it
we ve been waiting for the Balkan knew it. But the idea was that, if like what all the gay cat guys, we have to do is start every guy porn in a duck blind. Oh my guy, every gay porn star with we're in camera darkening. And then, some will recover. A black eye would come and go, but somebody does make me home that, like duck whistle, then oh, my god, my friend worked on my friend Michael. I stayed with worked under dynasty, so he knows all those guys with that seem like a trip by forgotten I don't think so, but you know it's funny when you take just a family and then you make them stars and they do you know they cry between reality in others
within the go crazy and then they all the sudden they're on their own and they get interview. They say something really crazy demands than men. I learn. I sometimes ego puts a time when the first they still do not show, I think so. How could they stop? You simply go just printing yeah, I wonder I mean maybe they are in front of them work for them anymore, but We re doing duck dancing. Yeah- I don't know him now added further dynasty, whether we want sooner. I don't know how that show. Episode March, twenty nine twelve, seventeen How does that show end ever it feels like a smart producer should step and go hey guys It's been a couple years. I don't want a lot of wacky stories falls asleep at the cigarette and around gone all that camera gone. It's us it's weird meal. If you watch that show it's like there's nothing compare
about at all, but it was an enormous hit. The air, just a bunch of people, doing duck stuff There is something about reality, tv that way you're just like it. So thoughtless you just don't have yours taken on this Dumdum ride. It just is nothing happenings like next to you know you watch people, dissect storage container, but you know what I'd really like is survivor that when I still like survive, still like survivor thing is the number one reality show, because it's making People it's taking away all of their comforts and they still have to community with each other like games with each other. They have to theirs. Our voting. They have to do these physical, it still you're, watching people be like tested and put. What season is that? Oh, my god, it's there's somebody seasons
season, one million I've seen all of them. It's so good! I don't. I don't pay attention to them fully, so I can re watch them at some point. I watch them. A couple times show was on before fear factor. So I we started fear factor in MM That show was probably on in two thousand. And nineteen years later in the thirties, now thirty seasons of something thirty thirty I'm embarrassed that now is the time machine is still a hit, intimate and people are either on the survivor there, not only if it should and thirty eight episodes are season. Somehow it says that this is the thirty year they do several year now is it still Jeff probes, digital agenda, rubs hist, other Hearst is still under radar. Jeff probes, dislike gashes checks and stays yeah, but here's the deal I am driving around. He had his little summer, fedora use riding in his prayers. Drug slavery is this was three years ago drive around stockpile all the cheese, they began. Our does not mean you must have all is
just stalked away his is driving around a previous his his. I love the shall be no good vigour. Take this. Way from him at any moment. Somebody I placed him, would you notice his departure. I think people would be upset it gives a laborious helpers took a spot. I think people will be very upset. I think they'd be extra upset, but of our growth of response that we get. Cancelled mobility, tromp, bow zeal trumps, I think so so, but I don't know for it. Listen. I don't know for sure, and I wanna call anyone anything. I think he's conservative. I think he has a Trump supporter, though some people get conservative when they start making money, though, I listen. I everyone has the right to be whatever the fuck there. I think I think have a more of they write. Moreover, right a third right exists right right,
what does it mean? Was third Reich? I don't know anyone literally don't I mean I know what the third Reich is, but I don't even know what it means to guess of literally have no idea what that means. I know it means the Nazis right now there is right, but what does that mean in German? But isn't funny thing? That's like the third Reich, is like everyone knows. I am, but no one knows what the fuck, Let me add apology d with big words. I know feel what does it mean? Third regime or empire or third realm So the third version of the Nazi Party was the holy roman empire. Six. The second would be eighteen. Seventy one, the nineteen eighteen- and this was the third interesting, so they were just there were considering themselves to be the third rulers of the world, like the Romans anxiously. What a mass in the things that that was not that long ago there was an,
That will not even a hundred areas will not that long ago, at all, if you see the video of Hitler tweaking the nineteen thirty six olympics working tweak spare me was serious speed. We were with Brian Moses brine. Moses was saying that Hitler was into bull semen, and I was I want Jan and found the Tories, which is in red ball, actually is from bull semen. Oh, my that's why they read bomb through this a tailor tweaking oh, my god, look at him go straight up tweaking at the Olympic, so he was on all kinds of crazy speed and then we read this thing about how he was like incredibly fatigue and almost dying, and he got inject did with testosterone and cocaine as an automatic around and then went talked Mussolini out of leaving the war has Mussolini, wanted, the fuck out of world war, two and Hitler went just talked Adam for five,
just look at the data oxy codeine doubt and bull come drip. Down his throat, whom I know how did he get added to extract the Balkan? I don't know, but bull semen apparently has this Torreon stuff in it. They extract Torreon from some other method to make. Sorry, I didn't actually that's. Why guys would, at the gate, to play the game away camp to that's thirty tailored random item? Thirty dragon how dare you deserve all that? But do you know anything about that horse? and, though the doubts that the document is amazed that video of the who I'm so try and the parson I'm traumatized by, is not the fucking part. Ok now, and do you remember the scene, okay, so he gets up on the bucket red and then you know they need like several people to grab this giant horse coggan put in his ass and then they random only once he goes there. This is the part that got me ass. He looks like, as did he come
like you is so concerned of the horse, came of God. The guy made a noise like a noise where you're dying for he is dead so soon after and then his is Franco's too much too much like did you get? too much. Will you get too much worse if anybody died? Failure the math the size of a horse, dick I have as of a body cavity like where is it yeah, what's getting out of the way to make room for that DEC, boy. They dropped him off into the hospital they rolled and now he was bleed. He bled out. He bled out from his asshole and that's it, I'm happy. I don't think you did me, don't he was like. Maybe this is what happens if the horse
come to the euro and worth your. Those were the horse to jump. But do you know that this whole thing they had the hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage of him get fucked by donkeys and horses and a bunch of people that these people had met on line and the zoo failure right is the medical terminology for someone of sexually tracks farm animals and so or animals period, and so these people all met online and some chat room and then decided to get together in Washington State where still legal, the fuck animals does I've. Only a few states, where it's ok, so funny that you had there has to be a law. That's below keep your interest so happy. There is now a year and do not just like I just wake up so grateful and blast. I go. Thank God bright. Could you imagine if that was your door thank you. You can't control their right of veto. Like some people are in a feat: some people are in five hours I was going into fee. Yes, people are into have you heard I've heard
I feel I can leave it. While I was up on it that it's the the brain that that handles your JANET Those in your feet are right: next, there adjacent so somebody the white. They think that the wires get crossed because an the guy that studied it was a guy who studied phantom limbs syndrome and it. So he was five on this because brains where they would feel that they still had a foot or whatever and some guys would get horny. It would get their brain, so it was just like crossed horny think gave thinking of their own, not for its hilarity pixelate. You free pictures and hacking is funny how they get started they just people were they started away, coffee account. I just didn't know my feet were thing didn't know. I thought I was walking around in and slides, didn't know I was walking around him is we'll just have been bottomless. I may have just been wearing like pajama bottoms with ass flap backwards. Open Just put I mean my little feet, pussies
Walking around Then once peoples, I noticed the wiki feed thing and then people were dming me all the time to see my feet. I just like you don't get this. This action will eventually to her with gems Whitney shares Dm with our sometimes as a group chairman with the next words in Whitney and she'll post pictures of pictures over like what enough the other, while I do with the thing on my Pakistan a mile of lives Termism times where I sage my pussy at the end of the night sage. If I get a message- and I just now- I just to break that the negative dick cores Send me the unwanted decorum from all these Duodecimo Gilbert, your deckers away, but you now people are perverse waiting Let us make a kind of em, but it's more geyser curves than girls at a purse was I like feet and concerning the girls are into that kind of growth, the money I'll grab. That makes sense like money. Can
like your job, somebody martineau I'd, go with money, fat guy, somebody born. I know its people are now different things, but but not now same way are not the same year. It is not the same. Some guys are in effect girls to, but there's a big difference between that and feet. Men. Are just very rose, you're gross, but its bite, Logically, your dick surges, you're just world beer, dicks, orders, dragging you through the world right and it's just to be acknowledged. Ricky protectionism in the men through just dragging it, ensures that now whirling breastfeed and ensure we're thinking about other show in archery. This term called the front of centre, meaning how much weight is in front of the arrow. Who did that determines How much penetration era will have on an animal I'm getting so horny, then so? Where'd you talking about the same thing with dexterously dicks are like your front of centre. It's like the tagging. No they're. Just I like, I feel it should be like holding goes back to her doorways drug addicts are pulling you through things and it makes life.
Lot easier when you just realized that by thinking it's like, I have only grown up a girls. I just didn't. You know. I knew obviously because I've had a lot of full attention, even very young, but it's it's just like your Dixon thing there, while there is a reason why the seven billion people is not because of its not necessarily because women than horny ray, I think its due to try and so the fuck. I now is compelled to bring this evolutionary thing in that used to be really are stay alive, the The longer we now it's really easy and were kind of left with the burden of this shift, we have in our brains and our biology. Hasn't really caught up to the fact that we don't need the have as many people as we used to we used to unite us. Fifty percent mortality rate amongst chair was very difficult.
Survive- and I think that's also does just in China to you're seeing more shifting with some. You know like, like those those guys in that video, these beta guys the one calling for fuel stopping distracting and calling for people to stop using gendered Lange who are they, although they wouldn't survive. If there was a, you know that the roman army was invading they would have. However, may I wonder whose fucking them nobody number they're just men than are driven by that you know no less true, that just as good as they can get. They just genes circular getting his engine and stop the mass semester unless this is so weird survival. How much of our Thy caveman should is still there and how much of this survival stuff? I I've been doing. Listen to let a therapy passages one called the adult chaired this woman Michel shall font and she's just it's all about. Dealing like with your inner child and then all and all of your instincts she's, like the cattle
In turn, the adult turn your adolescent chair is Oliver. Ego and your emotions in your fire fighter flight. Like all of that, the stuff that you do the programme the nation? Whatever is your problem like wise happening there, something coming from their childcare or some ever mutual or things like socially, when you have social anxiety and panic attacks and seven, so much of it could be just back from in the days if you were excommunicate from your tribe, like you would die just if we for our part, of the club, you would fucking die witness only address bar that that's the reason why people are afraid of public speaking that when you were speaking in front of a group, we were trying to save your life. Your draft plead your case For the most part, unless you were the leader of the tribe, most of the people were just trying to save, These, I didn't know and don't kill me. Is that how you feel walking around me no, but something that the communist arbitrarily universal,
ok. I you know how I feel walking around. I feel like they don't it's like Nor have any body has, but is the way to put it when you, are listening to summon all the time and the numbers and in your ear, person becomes like a weird part of your life, and then you meet them. Well is crazy that you're right here I ve expert when I first met Anthony Bourdain owes worded I believe you're right here. This awareness and I've gotten used to that over time, but still it strange when I meet fame, speed, you know what are we in this even weirder when I'm a famous people, they know me, and you know the way- become famous people together, like I've. I've seen that before Africans, when two famous Paul, Jesse, and then you just ardor already in this weird club of famous people. It strange automatic Famous people come well. It's it's not a normal state, and it's not a minute.
People that are then enjoy the pot gas and becomes part of life, and maybe it benefits them, and they start getting motivated and cleaning up their life and are being healthier and exercise in eating better, and then then it becomes a like almost like a religion, but because it becomes things that you think of you know in terms of like how to benefit your life, how to live in a positive way. You think about the things you learned and the podcast almost like you would look at a religious doctor. You look at the teachings of Christ. You know you look at the teaching of Moses or you look at like all what Rhonda Patrick Centre. Oh well, what gram hung. Hancock was tall. Your vote like in their head you're like an hired coach while the Lamb and obsolete as little. That is evident. It's also represents my own quest to try to figure out my own life and do it publicly and explain, what I've learned and how I failed. What I've gotten better at it helps other people
when you hear that as you can like, because people think that is like you're lying, fears in order right now. That has always been like that. So I think it really helps people to hear like all eyes, to be a fuckin Lou, Yeah and I did- and I am be scared to talk to bank. Our tellers true asked me out socially else. Very strange now? Can they hear your voice over the chain to change itching to change, as Europe show that's observed red my riches friend, probably I'm guessing. Probably I can't imagine whose richer ones They ll be rich to lie oil. You have laughed at me before. Will you get those same kind of glasses but surround them with diamonds jewels delicacy How long do you think it's gonna take to surround them with diamonds ordered them? You need to think about it because you too busy doing other thing, I'm so busy gas, so busy work True appropriating with those who bearings Gazelle, think that's it have you heard my jugurtha know about. I gotta go
cultural preparation for wearing these who it's hilarious because but choose you my my best friend she's lack, but I did I do slide them off her neck she's Africa however, drive the Joker is the crazy shit and I stress the neck out those. I know I'm like This is when you can get mad at the general, for culture is when they have the lip play, remember that common stretched out the injury, women, it's just a culture preparations are weird. I don't know. I think we should all be dressing like getting its com. We also be able to be driving. You shouldn't be like disrespecting because culture itself, but I don't know what like what were called culture probation, says people looking for reasoning, complaint NEA Cultural appropriation is one of them. Reasons, why cities are so interesting who share of this food, shared others, clothes
listen to each other's music and where each other's jury, its nonsense- and it was interesting- is like how many people from America upset about things. But then, when people China or Japan, find out that we're wearing Chinese. Like japanese delegation, we also do Mukoki their sub has now they like it but there is one you I feel like there's been times or have just done stuff online. You know I have a bit. Or whatever, and then someone else starts doing in and you don't you get mad at the well, that's different. Not as yet, not a joke and just like a thing, I'm doing different, because the new Felix someone's copying you You know what average over the time, but then some people, some people, get mad like I'm doing, podcast no he's doing podcast copy militate, fuck face you, don't own pod gas network I have a programme like the numbers experience. That's fine
literally had that conversation people what they were like mad, that now he's doing podcast like what are you talking about yet another six hundred thousand fossil, it doesn't have to do with you. Just right focus aim your arab edge like handle your own life, it's so, but I have as a victim for many years. It's there isn't a benefit took as you're always said, you know. If you are looking at the world they care victim. You will be give in ever thing you need is just obviously gender laying actually you're gonna be disappointing. You ever gonna be upsetting you or you can just exe have some fuckin responsibility and I feel so good. It feels good does for good yeah. I mean it feels good to be calm into two just be at peace and now there's a lot of work involved, fuckin going to meditate, get iron out your own stuff get exercised private we can progress. Yes, we all are dry and men.
Trying to address up anybody wants see you are. You are at the calm, restore on a regular basis and on the other day I met the comments on a regular basis on that blue and Missouri. What's the blue room, look it up very largely areas, urges you have to find it in the state too big state their place. Look at I should have had you don't even know where you are. When is this, our Springfield Mazarine Pope talking the microphone, it's in Springfield Missouri. When is it it is not this week and next week, and it is on August, seventeenth and eighteenth. Jeez, proud of Missouri, a website where people good idea, Annie, Letterman dot com and any Letterman on its turn. Instagram also go Bananas October, the third weakened in October, which one go Bananas in Cincinnati, beautiful
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