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#1334 - Fahim Anwar

2019-08-13 | 🔗
Fahim Anwar is an actor and stand up comedian. Check out his special on Amazon called "Fahim Anwar: There's No Business Like Show Business".
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Rogan. My guest today is a hilarious. Stand up comedian he's a former engineer at Boeing and we talk about that on the podcast he's one of my brothers for the comp store in a fucking awesome guy. Please give it up for the hilarious Fahim Anwar experience trying my day, Joe Rogan, podcast by night all day outside the store? I know that we're when you run into a comedian that you don't normally hang out with outside the store. I mean I would recognize you, but sometimes you'll meet someone that you met at a meeting and then it's like that are Ralphs and you can't place the context it's bad, especially if it's like an exact and they really, like you remember them. Are you good at faking? It nope terrible? What's your tell I just say I don't know, I'm sorry where you go, it's good, seeing you instead nice meeting. You nope I've done nice meeting you an they've go we've met, go we've met five times shit. I don't think you want
and the volume of people that comedians, especially at your level like come across every day like funny shows we do people come on, come to you afterwards and being like a great Sabbath blah bar and how many meetings in generals are you aware of Dunbar's number like how many number of people is like one hundred or something that you can keep in your head gets. I don't think it's an exact science, but I think they think it's somewhere around one hundred and fifty I believe you got about one hundred and fifty people in your head and after that you fucked yeah yeah. It's tough who makes sense right, there's no way you can keep them all in there. That doesn't make any sense and it's cool outside the store. You know, how yes share yes, yeah! It's like you, feel the most camaraderie with other comedians outside the store when you run into them at an airport. I was just thinking about that. Time I go to lax I'll bump into like someone Joe koi or last time was brick. Crasher in my case is straight we're going to do. I think Utah, it's just like a hub for
of us. Yes, so you'll see so many 'cause we're all just transients were here for the middle of the week and then when the can come for the clubs we're all going yeah, like all we want to come to the store at Tuesdays, like probably the best night and people don't understand why like it's so stacked like. Why is it you? Why is it bird? Why is it pressure? Why is it Joey Diaz Yeah. Well, we're just biding time until the weekend right and practicing yeah yeah, it's the one of the weird art forms that you can't you can't practice alone. You have to use an audience yeah, don't you oh for sure, and even like I'll, be telling the same joke and I won't change the words will be like an inflection. It's almost like it's almost like jazz musician or something like plays and notice you know you ever notice. Job won't work, because I'm like making a meal out of this word, but if I kind of just like throw it away yet all now that fixes it, it's interesting to do it long enough. Where realize it's like it's not the words, sometimes there's like
performance new wants to it to fix the joke, yeah on papers, the same joke you it's really weird, is that none of this shit is written anywhere. But what we're talking about you know the worst is like. I did: um J, F L, they're doing a taping out there for tv and they're like send us your transcript. So That means you considered computer in like it right. It takes the magic like you're seven minutes. You want to do for the taping need to sit on like on a MAC and open up word and be like hi guys doing whatever is like type it all out and you need to better manage no, but I think like I refuse. I didn't do it for you. I just dodged it. Natalie 'cause. I used to do it in the past and I was like you they're asking me to write this out. It's taking all the fun and or like I feel it would really hurt my performance if I literally wrote it trend. Script that I'm like a robot up there and he was like just don't. Do it and I go. What happens? Is that nothing? Nothing happened,
I've done it a one million times that just keep just be dodgy. It's some pencil pusher, the Make any sense, I think they get you know. Well, they have power people that don't have a name, yet I think they have people above them breathing down their neck, and then you know shit rolls downhill so then to keep on asking like. Where is it? Where is it change your number yeah yeah? Well, that's why I had like the the above for yeah Lou from like a very busy. They contact you at all. Was it direct to your thing is I would I would see them through the fast on their monthly people. I love these people, but unlike say where the b yeah yeah yeah- and I play the game. Little better. I go I'm not there. Yet I'm not I'm not in your mother's pussy level. Yet I still gotta be like it's exactly the hotel room say it's important in your mother's pussy where's, the transcript even checking on them I swore that I I you this is a fax machine. I thought it should be in there yeah. I should go check check around the corner.
Type it out it's also like just for laughs, is a weird situation. It's evolved right use well. Yes, it's a weird way of looking at it used to be the very valuable for comedians. Now it's very valuable for just for laughs because they have this enormous platform and you go there and everybody knows that all these great community is going to be there and they make an enormous amount of money off the comedians it used to be. The comedians would go there because the end, because the industry would go there and the whole key to the whole thing was development deals for sitcoms and tossed out so much money. I always hear about the gold rush in the heyday of Jfl. F deals, deals are getting thrown out, left and right, like lives were made. I don't know that Jeff L but fake lives were made to like they ruined it. Like his, I have a theory about people who aren't. Minions like they think they see people laughing at stuff and they see something's fun. They think it's funny, but a comedian.
So this is just tricks. Yeah yeah! Well, because the amount, the volume of comedy that we want and regular, Cases is so much so we can discern like in it- and I will talk about this. We watch want students of comedy we watch a lot of comedy. People can get like a huge pop out of the room but like Ian, can cut through the bullshit, and we know that all that's a parlor trick more yeah. So it's a different type of thing, but I think a lot of times you know suits and everything they just hear decibels more right, place right time. I believe this lightning rod moment or whatever this great set is indicative of their entire comedic being instead of like a lucky roll. Do you ever heard the president was his name chicken, that I always that. As an example like I heard, yeah blew the roof, he was the guy that ended it all like literally, because I think they gave him a half a million dollars or something crazy, like I kind of want to see this chicken
set? What was the set? The just blew everyone's mind. He was a handsome fella and he was young and he was very energetic and they thought he was going to be the next Jim Carrey. Did you see him around in LA guy? I, I don't know where he was from, but I saw him at just for laughs. I saw him quite a few times and he the nice guy, but he was terrible. I mean in a way that, like it, was just a bunch of black, but there was no substance to it. There's no thought to it. So they tried to, together they tried to make like a development deal and he did little touring, but it all went south and it fell apart and eventually committed suicide uh do you know how many years he was doing on himself in front of a school a school yeah like like that's what I had heard like. You hung himself on a tree in front of a school jeez. This is the last piece of performance art. I don't know if that's
true see. The thing is, like I shouldn't even say it on podcasts and millions of people with him, but I did, but the hanging part is right, right, yeah. She definitely commit suicide. It's one of those things. Men were like it. If it didn't work out and he didn't develop it didn't he didn't. He never became like a legit comedian, everything all right over there Gerry yeah, I think. If like, if that had happened, and he actually had don't know the equity of a standard commute and been doing it for a long enough. Yes, that would be like road, but you can come back from that? Oh yeah, if that's just sort of like your lotto ticket and then that's why it was so drastic. I think. Well, some people are just not there great comics but they're not really into acting they're, not the best act and they kind of forced into acting yeah. I love Mitch Hedberg joke or is it like he's a great stand up? You know and there's like you know, they'll come up to me and they'll be like. Can you act like that's like going up to a shelf Like can you farm yeah? That's true. I mean I'm butchering it, but they're such different things, but it's you.
Have an agent and the agent to make money. So it's it's an ave for cash, and you know you look at Seinfeld and TIM Allen and Roseanne and Brett Butler, and there was all these comedians in the 90s that made ass load of money doing sitcoms. Well, that's the quicker payoff two? I even noticed with of my own career, like one of the younger comedian out here in my early twenties, when move from Seattle like when I first got reps and stuff I was going out on these auditions for, like CW shows or just whatever. They just throw you against the wall, you're an actor comedy. Is this thing you do at night, then I really give a shit that you do stand up. They probably don't even think you're funny. You know it's just I think you do it like a kid like a dance recital or something like Daniel Cares, you're going these auditions in the daytime, so they just hope that you hit on what, like a series regular on then that some cash flow for the biz. But luckily I mean I don't know. I think your your successes are carved by your failures, so I'm kind of fortunate
that I would get some acting things here and there, but never anything, substantial enough to take me away from stand up will never anything substantial. The worst is when they tell you to stop doing stand up, because it's messing with your acting role like this. They did a TIM Allen. Oh really, because he's acting, it was, you know he was on home. Improvement was a gigantic kit, they're making Kazillion's of dollars, but he was a. I don't want to say he was a blue comedian, but he some of it was a little risque. So how to tag it deal with it. He stopped doing standup. Oh ok, so stop dude sag stop doing stand up for ever forever. Ever didn't start doing it again until after that show was done. I feel like was that show again a whole house, full house, yeah yeah. He stopped doing it for a long time and then I drifted his way back in and now he does it regularly. Yeah yeah, I think that's you know. Maybe they did that at the time, but it's almost detrimental to let go stand up. Is your car, like it's
Your business you're in control over in the tv stuff like one hand, washes the other. If you let that, go oh you're, letting go of this revenue stream so that acting gig is over you're kind of fucked 'cause. This wasn't like building wrong with it. It also was a point of confidence where you understand what's funny and what isn't like you know how to be funny because you're funny in front of a live audience. All the time you we're at the store, you have to be there so much like here there they're more than someone at what you would expect on your level to be at you have to be you can't slack off. Everyone knows those really famous guys have slacked off and start to suck, and the thing is nowadays the cycle of comedy. We all do a special, basically, every two years, pretty much all of us Burr cry: Segura ARI. Can everybody kind of does a special tries to a special somewhere around every two years, so every two years you throw it all out and you're a beginner again, you have no fucking act. You're terrified have to come up with.
Eh, MRS and scramble, and that requires a lot of performing yeah. I like how where was on here talking about it, was cool to hear a guy like him even talk about just the delusion of specials, where he's like they're, not special anymore. It's just like a flyer or like a brochure for sure that I'm still around yes, that's all! It is a little bit yeah. I mean obviously there's different degrees of polish with some of the specials and how great some of them are, but there's so many now it's a weird name, special yeah, we'll just left over from yesteryear. It's like why are albums a certain length, yeah it, a least an album, is a collection of music. That is all in one thing that you get that's kind of been consistent forever, a special it's like what is it anymore? What is it? I guess forty five five minutes to an hour of jokes strung together, yeah yeah to let everybody know, but it's also like an album like. If you go to see Fleetwood MAC, I don't know why the fuck are came up with Fleetwood
a great hand like Fleetwood MAC. I did to you but you're, expecting the hits or as a comic you're, expecting the shit. That's not on the special expecting all new stuff, yeah yeah. That is testing. Sometimes you'll. Get him where there like. Do the that's a every type of variable. That's like Gaffigan gets that for sure, because he's got some classic bits and I think that also happens with Russell Peters think he get some requests for classic bits, Did you get that? No, but they do. I don't know how to do anymore. I know I purge him when I barely know yeah, Someone is yelling out Bruce Jenner. The other day I was like. I can't do that, but I don't know how to do it a it up. Yeah like you, don't want it. You don't want me to do it sad version of his like what you could remember, who are forget the tagline So let me do it again. We start again yeah. We do get fucked up guys. How does fun you're having yeah go back to one, so you Are one of the rare comedians? Doesn't smoke pot yeah, I guess so talked about that and it's kind of interesting, especially being in this industry,
not taking advantage of that, because it's all especially the store like you'll. Do it and they're like you with these three bags, these three pillow cases of weed and Cbd oil like deal either. I would like is a good works out great for you. What what I use it for it's great for anxiety is great, for it deuces inflammation it's great for a lot of people. Use it for sleep, it's it's just good for you was like it's. Ah, it's a nutrient, you know it's healthy for you, yeah it's hot right now, huh wasn't a visit like you get on the phone, loves love with somebody. You love it. Dd, how you doing can always out yeah canola is bullshit that not bad for you. Can you cook a dvd? That's a good question. You can't. I would imagine it has a low flash point. It's like it would burn quickly. I don't know let's find out
I think I think the people as a high flashpoint, which doesn't grapes we'll have a low grape pseudo. I think My flash two, I think it's good to cook with my. So it takes longer for deer to high temperature flat high before it smokes people said they've cooked with it yeah fucking, burnouts donors, bunch of losers, but they stink there's some people to do everything with weed and they need to just stop. Where is the help people? I feel, like you, don't hear from them as much anymore, Yeah there is like laying in wait. Yeah was that, like the back door like this, temp is cool like what about well Cbd is for grandma, that's how you get people to vote for it because grandma and Grandpa use it and it helps their joints and they're like well. Tell you what this Cbd! I mean, it's not doing anything, from the brain lot getting high, but my joints never felt better. So amazing at the Cbd and I'm going to vote for it, and I really
want to get ahold of Trump and let him know it's not bad Cbd. Is it really is a region from the guy random, random old guy from the middle of nowhere? So the what does revolutionized nutrition and really affected my life very positive way. I think people little S, maybe Maryland, maybe somewhere outskirts of Baltimore and People- don't know you have that gear or you forget, like you, do voices well? I don't have that. Many though I can only do a few, I think. Are you type deal where, if you're doing a bit- and you need this per talk whatever you'll you'll figure it out yeah. I can get a few there's a few voices I can get out yeah because you're Alex Jones and like, but you know I like so well known, Alex for like more than twenty years. So it's not just easy. Yeah I've hung out with that guy we've been hammered together so many times it's like it's that is the most misunderstood guy on the
he just needs somebody next to him, that's what he needs only to Alice was slow down. You mean you were you had a really good point there. These easy to managers always yeah. He even agree with me. We talked about. I said you just need, like a rational journalist. Who's next to you to like study, goes you're right, you're, right, you're right. I do need that and just- you need someone who's just is it outlook he was about all this Jeffrey Epstein shit. That is a fucking fact Alex Jones called this years ago. Years ago. He was saying: in that they take a lot of famous people. To this island, and they have all these young girls that this guy hooks them up with. He was talking about this years ago Now it is mainstream news and this human hybrid experiments. Yes, we sound like a complete He brought it up. We were like we were like what now it's fucking mainstream news. This is a fact. Man like people want to That guy off, because he'll tell you he's crazy he'll, let you know he's crazy.
I mean on my show, there was one of the funniest things. Universities he's like look want to be honest with you, I'm kind of retarded and I fell to the ground lap. But that's who he really is man, people just have him lumped in. You know like some people, they don't represent best aspects of themselves right to people and then other people try to define them like people, try to define you one of the things that is really kind of weird about the famous you get. The more people try to define you in a way: that's men. Or dismiss given limited uh. I got notice that after this Bernie Sanders thing that I did, so anybody. Listening to this you if you're saying this I am not right wing at all. So stop saying that it's really it's foolish of interviewed right wing people- I am one hundred percent left wing. The only thing- that's stops me from the only things that I
disagree with about left wing people is support for the military support for police in the second amendment is probably it everything else across the board. I lean way left in terms of like Bernie Sanders made a ton of sense to me and I would one hundred percent vote for him. Tulsi Gabbert is my favorite mean I'm not I'm, not a right wing person. So this nonsense. People were saying that you know. Bernie Sanders spent this time in a right wing podcast like what. What do you say sure and don't you think he weighed the pros and cons of like it- was an opportunity for him, and I think I think that shows a windows when he had any idea who I once yeah. I think it was one of his young staff members who is friends with Kyle Kulinski, who is, is a really good left wing. Progressive talk show guy on Youtube and Kyle hooked it all up, and this this idea that you know it's bad for someone to talk to
people is just it's foolish. This is a weird thing. That's going on right now. I thought it was a great platform for him to get his ideas out there and to be heard and something other than just sound bites. Yes, that could be taken out of context. It's a great platform. I think, for anyone who's running for anything to have a long form conversation and it's good for us too, because we get to find out who they really are you really? can't hide in a long three hours. You can only do one hour and ten with burn. That's all he had, because you know the guys running for he's legit running for part like he could be. President right he's not like You know like this. Some people that are running for president, like alright bro, like was the guy Zoltan. What is his name? We he was? The guy was running the transhumanist platform? first, I'm very nice guy. So I was like this, for this company was the last one. It was two thousand and sixteen and we had him on, but
it's like one of those guys are like Ben Glee. Be like good luck. You think Ben's gonna win um! Oh, I do okay, oh yeah, but you got to respect the swing. That's what's great about this country. You know when I swing the swing the you talking about, you could run for and no no not that just like anybody could yeah yeah. It sounds far fetched like yeah, but I mean you gotta be crazy enough to think you can be you Well, look anything can and will happen when it comes to being president, like people get assassinated, people get exposes being a criminal. Like look. Do you remember when Michael Avenatti, was the hero. Of the left. The democratic parties like he's the guy it is going to run against Donald Trump and he's going to take him down. 'cause he's tough and he's destinies DOT and Michael Avenatti Macon Avenue. I mean that there's a compilation of left wing pundits talking about the hero
That is Michael. You don't hear a fucking word from that guy anymore, so you were in a time capsule right a year go when everyone's Michael Avenida Crazy and they just and then they woke. For him. It's twelve months later and you'd be like looking of the news, where's where's, our I mean that happens on I went into the other champion and then this other you know yes, the or r there's always that they send and then there's some like dark ship in the past, and then you don't see them anymore, but then there's got Is that you know like one of things that I was getting at during the Trump campaign when he's running for president. The first time is like that's not going away like this is not going away. He knows what he's doing he knows. When did you know like how early in the campaign I realize I don't know man, but might also did you do feel like you had a better read on it. Just do being stand up across the country because I feel you could be in a bubble. You could be in New York and LA and be like it's never gonna happen is ridiculous, but doing so
end up in some red states. You kind of you're with the people you're do. Jokes and, like you, get a temperature of an audience more so than someone who just has a desk job for sure, but also I have a lot of right wing friends, a lot of right wing friend specially from the hunting world. I have a lot of friends that live in LA I have friends that live in Iowa and or again, and they have a lot of right wing. Friends too and there's the whole part, the country that the big cities, New York and LOS Angeles and the the big demo democratic, leaning cities they're all dismissing the the Democrats thought that Hillary was the most experience in Trump was a buffoon that that grab her by the pussy tape. That was it. We got it it's in the bag. They all believe that, but the middle of the country didn't I believe in her. They didn't trust her. They thought she was some slow, easy politician, who's been involved in the business forever and she licks surfing
and figures out which way the wind is blowing and that's what she says, they thought that Trump, was a straight shooter and he's going to drain that swamp and he's going to do this and bring bring jobs back he's talking about in coal. It's almost like, I think it just so outside of the system like that, it seemed like you have done anything just like we want someone threw a wrench into it. Yes, that's it there's a lot of people that just wanted to wrench thrown into it and he definitely threw a wrench into it. I think, ultimately, that's going to be good. Good, for the left as well, because they're going to realize that you can't just get away with that same stupid old school politician style of doing it anymore. I think he's just blowing up the playbook, even even like Bernie calling Trump was it stupid or an idiot in a post or something like, amazing. This is a new paradigm. Yes, like their adopting, taking pages out of work for Trump, going to look. We've got. We've got to take some bully tactics, and then even a Moscow Mitch, I'm like. Oh they get it.
Nicknames are the only thing that stick yeah yeah and the rally like Moscow image like this is part of the playbook. Now, sleepy Joe Biden yeah, that's my people as involved as we like to think that we get as adults when it comes to politics. It goes back to grade school. The only thing that seems to be a Effective is yelling Moscow Mitch or you know, sleepy Joe Biden or Pocahontas yep, the the standard rules yeah like Rickles, yes, and yet so interesting, and with that my fear, the about the Pocahontas. When was when people say that he's a racist for calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, it's a Disney movie
you can't you can't. You can't go that someone called me. Aladdin I'd, be juiced, Aladdin's cool. He is he's a monkey eat. Really, yes, apples! Yes, did you most recent one I did was pretty good got bad reviews. I didn't understand it. People will be expecting they felt. What I read was that Will Smith modernized it too much with that mean like I prefer, a classic Jeannie We used modern urban Verna yeah. They just want remember how the first photos came out of Will Smith is a genie. I love how little it takes to whip this nation into a frenzy like I'll, wake up and open up twitter. And then the Will Smith Genie. Everyone is freaking out over that and it's crazy how we put them on the same pedestal like some sort of Trump scandal or like pedophile Island and then the blue Genie or Sonic looks weird right. Sonic the head toggle chain is both take on the same amount
forever on the same amount of psychic energy, yeah yeah. One of my, I think one of the biggest gaffes biggest mistakes ever was Ben Affleck thinking he could be Batman. If Ben Affleck never ran for Batman, he would have fifty percent less hate you, yes, there's some people who liked or no well there's no one like that. Affleck is Batman. Even Ben Affleck didn't like himself Last time you heard anybody talk about Ben Affleck as Batman, ready go yeah. No one wishing pales Batman, Motherfucker, even Michael teens, bat memories old. That's so hard, though you know like you're, not hit a home run with Batman every time with who doesn't fail. Their career hits a ditch. Who do you think all right? Do you think? Okay, Kilmer leveled up or no from Batman? Well Kilmer did it once and he did a good job, but then he decided to get fat. I'm sick, fuck, this bitch, what about crazy, seeing the top gun movie the new one. I hope so I would be great the not in it the girlfriend.
The hot blonde in his name, Kelly, yeah, she's, beautiful back the day. I think Spotify Val gone the Val Kilmer out. What about that? Clooney Hackley, whose line camiling espresso and tequila was an espresso. His was like a comedic. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger way made way more money than George Clooney in that movie, my body is worth it. We just say: cool Party I think we just say it to each other. No matter what party were at what is Alicia Silverstone. She was in that and Chris O'Donnell. But why did I forget about that? He was Robin now he's on a tv show with L A n j. What is now is that it is like a and yes or something. That is something that the same people who talk like that guy was making fun of that's what they dvr that
one zero zero once you get there in parts of the country is an interesting to find out what their favorite shows are now yeah, that's world. Those ncis shows that's what they get all the millions of you for sure. That's wonderful, chill, does a great job. He just pay hers. Well, with ll cool J's he's a little aggressive to make. I enough is all right, good, fella I, but I really love Chris. I wish we get more work which would bring him back to the movies around. Thank you be in excellent Captain Kirk. He could be Captain Kirk go to my aunt's house and that's just playing all the time. Burn notice! I mean that's not here anymore but like if, U L shows Yeah JAG. Member John, my God, you have reruns of Jack, my shows on JAG love, it hello and the thing is like we can laugh about this fails, but, like twenty Steve
Jack was on for twenty season. We were just going over survivor. The other day survivor was on when fear factor debuted. It was already on the air and that fear factor came out in two thousand and one one or two somewhere around right after September 11th. I remember that because I remember being asked questions like: was it appropriate to have a show about fear after September 11th Some some guy asked me that I literally wanna to climb to the phone strangle them I'm like yeah. What was your answer, though, was it It's nonsense. What do you walking so stupid? I'm sorry, I didn't know that fear would play such a factor for you, you, but so survivors been on. What do we say? It was twenty eight thousand seasons on the 39th. I thirty nine season. It's still going,
Yes, you didn't even know. I think the amazing race is still going to remember that Chinese yeah yeah CBS is killing it. Yes, one one d award every year for the Emmys like best show poor best game show whatever reality. I don't know what it is, but yeah twelve times in a row or something crazy did you, like fear factor more than 'cause. I remember I loved Newsradio goes on the favorite shells, so did you enjoy that Maura fear factor of their different things, they're, definitely different things. I enjoy the paycheck from fear factor, far more huh um. I like work without actors, but I love Newsradio way. More news. Radio was just a far better show really well different things are very different animals. It ruined me it would it would it's like going. From the comedy store to uncle. Fuck sticks, chuckle hut on a Monday night. You know it's like every uh sitcom that I looked at every other sitcom. That
and for that I got scripts. For rather is just not good stuff. Off isn't interesting when you get sides like just signs just like one scene or two scenes for a show, and you could tell it's good, just turned that? Oh yeah, that's so rare! It is rare, yeah yeah when someone's a good writer, good, sitcom, writing IST hard to do man there's a really hard getting mean and then but then some people have bad sitcom writing, but they know how to make a bad successful. Sitcom like there's bad, successful, sitcoms, last forever, the just unoffensive enough. To stay on the air and keep you watching with your mouth slack. I mean formulas exist for a reason throws big bang kids here, so there's so clever with their riding. That's what
You do know I'm waiting for the vocabulary. Is this guy ever shut off CBS, but on the whole time I tried Foxx, but there two has time. Did you know that your tv has other channels or what other channels of the programming to launch now when they took Bill O'Reilly off the air instead CBS my channel that's channel. Now you have been the looking addition and it's terrible, but everyone goes to the the emotions where from like cracking up like it's. Oh the greatest show on earth like it's def jam right and the drain on the room like the fake to get. Everybody excited yeah they have to because I think they need this rocket fuel to get this project off the ground. Yes, and they need to give the writer confidence they have to give the director confidence have to give the studio people confidence that it's all good. It's a fake moment. The fake laugh it's gross and the thing is so like it's also not only the girls. So but it's the 30th time
There's there's just there's thirty people in the waiting room and they're laughing like it's the first time, they're faking it left and right now and we know fake laughs, we do on glass is his offensive, so it's fake laughing at you, it's almost worse than should our life. It is were not like now. If you see a you say a get a cat you get out of here. You bad person, yeah, you you, you, you you it's the quick a way to right. Just like. Ah, I could say anything what I'm laughing. It's like the Fredo thing not afraid of freedom. Thing I'm talking about, but I thought that you're afraid of Did you see that yeah, of course, did you see again Cuomo guy, Regina Trump had the best line. Today. Donald Trump won the internet. Today, with this he said, should we red flag Chris Cuomo? Could he seemed on him? it was using terrible language should not have a gun.
Basically expose those red flag laws, because, like you see a guy like that he's a rational that guys are rationally goes wreck your shit I'll, throw you down. I let stairs or stairs comment that was. I enjoy that. What is he talking about because I got you Fredo and insignificant things. The n word I didn't know. Fredo was drug. Remember new to it. I just that I would We try to call someone frado. Sometimes it's not it's a fucking character in a movie, it's like Aladdin. Is it like there's no, like I don't know cultural con. I am italian, there's no cultural context for frado where people like what the fuck did. You say that doesn't exist. It does not exist. Well, you could say it for someone who's a trader, but why that doesn't even make sense with Chris Cuomo. It's just it's just a low getting him in a movie. Well, I guess I got you know what he's trying to do. I mean obviously he's trying to insult him. Even if there is no history of this word existing for
you know I mean, and I don't know if it does exist or not, but like you know this guy's trying to take shots, it's certainly not a compliment. Sure yeah I mean a loser in a movie, it's a brother that always fell short and he turned it turned on his own brother, who was the Godfather Is he wanted to be the godfather? He explained this insult to Chris Cuomo English radio was a week italian in the movie and I I'm referencing your character. Yes, you are this son of a great man, because you know he's Mario Cuomo son and you probably yeah. Let's, let's be honest about why you're here you know, the name is familiar and you know it helps.
Yeah, but it's it's that italian energy. That, like it again is my Petey yeah is my full italian, no three slash four, but these people that that react that way are common. It's like what what the fuck did. You say to me: you fucking wreck your shit you're, not supposed to be a respected political pundit in behind like that. That is nonsense is nonsense. That's nonsense! It's a silly way to behave. It's silly to workout gonna, be any work. So it's tough. It's tough one gone too much testosterone, so we need to take himto. Tell the doctor despair you down a little bit, think whatever you had just drop it by half, settle down bro or just work out really hard before you go outside uh. Do some yoga meditate I like when those uh Eli's, pretty passive town
for the most part, you'll get some of those you'll get like an east coast. Guy like I should who the yeah yeah, let's go visiting from out of town like we'll know in a phrase yeah we don't actually fight here. We just go. Get my box yeah, it's some! It was of very embarrassing moment, but I think it's a very important moment look at them. First of all, he is frado for life now. I hope you understand that he's Offredo for light. Unless you want to get tossed down a flight of stairs she ain't tousen anybody down a flight of stairs, that's nonsense! He doesn't want to get sued, he's not going to do that. I'm going to- he'll hire someone from the flight of stairs not doing shit, not doing a God, damn that's one of the reasons why it's so funny this not doing nothing that is frado you'll, never get away from that now, better embrace that shit, better afraid, Ot t shirts, with your face, listen it's probably going to fire him Automall. I think they're standing behind him get the fuck outta yeah
Are they really for now? I think they felt like he was MAC, tour, unprovoked yeah by someone calling afraid. Oh yeah and those are fighting. Nude someone called me Fredo, I'm not even snap hot snap, I go. How dare you he he's of silly man exposes him. Is that he's silly man. It wasn't like someone was being equally aggressive to him and he was defending himself sometimes like. If situation situation where someone's very aggressive to you? You almost have to be aggressive back just to let them know, hey I'll, go there with you. Yes, we could. We could go to a dark place right now, and you know I'm not going to. Let you hit me I'm not going to let you do something to me if you think that I'm a pushover, you know I'm here to defend myself, but that wasn't that way. Like someone was my king him and he turned violent. I think it was a little bit duration, where he just want to get a rise in his recording from down low heat. They wanted him to do so. Really, Chris Cuomo, this is C n, N, C n N's lost their mine. Chris Cuomo differ
when did himself when he was verbally attack with the use of an ethnic slur in an orca created set up. The spokesperson said: we completely support him for now. Listen to me, this is not done. This is not done. This is just beginning to take on a form of its own. You can't, you can't say that's an ethnic slur. That is a Fucking character in the was not in office and him saying that that's like on the n word. That is so preposterous that is so offensively stupid. Do you ever get that like up to twenty shots or get you to slip or something? People are nice. Yes, my heart most had guys who get goofy to me and I try to see goofy should back to the gate. Shells or is are the street once in both things, but I'm not in a I'm, not a a hostile person yeah. I look Oscar yeah, but I'm not hostile. Like I'm nice for the most part how people get dickie with me. What do you do? How do you handle it, get dickie back just like yourself.
Don't last, I don't say that it's just it's not never escalates to that. Some people get where you know it's weird, the off graft people at the airport. How did they like? Would you be surprised some time with you off somebody pay somebody? What do you do you sign, or do you keep lost? My son want I'll sign one to get mad at me. I got a stock in these ago. No, no, I'm not working for you know working for you like there's people that charge people that go to those conventions and they'll sit boot they'll charge. Someone x amount of dollars like it's like twenty bucks or more for an autographed photo. I don't do that, I'm not going to do that ever so, I'm not I'm not I don't. I don't. Want you selling my picture. I don't want it to be sold. I don't want my autograph to be valuable, but If I felt if I thought it was a really a fan, and they wanted me to sign something different? Yes, I would sign something for me would be happy to. Instead of four year old guy with the ponytail won't stack of stack of fucking photos of Maine and various you're selling those I know you're selling those
so got one guy got mad at me. He was like following me: around LAX was like dude, I'm not signing anymore like next time. I see you. Ok, I'm not signing, but you know know sign signing one of them you're, making it very valuable sign the holes, that's fine, if you're not gonna, be rude among the roots, I'm just trying to click on sign one, and I tell them that okay, I got a bunch of him in Portland Sweet and they what they do is like. Ten people met me at the airport yeah. One one. I think one is good, but I ran into a guy. He'll definitely got mad as you try to get me another one. I will not sign that and he was he goes. You know foot you forget your fair, so you're, not a fan. I go you're selling these. What you think they're worth a lot. I go with What do you? This is a weird mental gymnastics. Let's just to do better, he would look to worth your you you're autographs worth about six thirty, five I go and your mooch. I do over here trying to get me to work for you I'll, give it a job, and so we had this like weird com mutation like what are you saying you want me to sign these, so you could sell 'em, but you say
not worth anything. So I'm a loser, but you meet me at the airport. Twenty or his cell thing is. Are you most of my flight who's? So it's so silly, it's so silly, but I just don't like the idea of it, because primarily. I don't like the idea that there's some weird loophole where someone can get you to work for them. Just showing up- and here sign these real, quick and I'm going to sell them 'cause you asking someone to work for you, even if it only takes five minutes. Are there taking off from one guy had thirty pictures, he had thirty, how many you got there. It goes thirty I'll call you later talking mind. How funny would it be if you just so much going to work? If you sat at a Starbucks and you just did a mall like hold on family, I'm just going to get through these, the UFC makes fighters do that they sit down, but they give him out. Fans and they do stuff with a promotional material. Is not one guys trying and everybody signs, I'm like all the fighters on the card. Sign. 'em and you know, they're valuable to fans as a fan.
I have. I have a signed poster out there from Efron Rayes that I purchased and Efron Rayes is like the world's greatest pool player. I love pool and he's this filipino wizard. They called the wizard is amazing pool player, so I saw I bought it like it was signed by Efron Rayes. I got so excited, but I would never ask A friend is signed something and then sell it to track him down at the airport. Someone at the at the promotion for the tournament. They probably gonna, sign a bunch of 'em, they sell them and it probably was helped offset the costs and along those lines. But there's just the autograph collector is a different animal than the autograph seller. So if you're a person that is just like I love Fahim's comedy is really funny. I want to go to comic, store and see if I get him to sign something for me, that's a fan for sure, but if you have thirty, you're gonna go on Ebay and I'm gonna try to make fifty bucks. That's what you're doing well you're not gonna make fifty bucks. I was gonna tell you right now they might if they hold on to sit on your funny guy. Let's have a lot.
What have you seen always press because, like I came in the store, I wish see the store. You know you like on your videos, are funny and I don't know what you want. Church you're, just on the other level I well I don't I don't. I don't think it even reaches you now. That's nonsense that that other level thing is a complete total allusion. A little hotel. No, no because you are a rarity. I think of the comedians of the store have gotten to a certain point where you kind have a relationship with everyone com, the store from the door guide to the waitresses. To like you know, instead of like me, rocks Antena or even like you know, if you ever wish with everyone, you come through you spend time in the store, you have you're being pulled by a lot of things like US the family and all the stuff, the podcast, but you will hang at the store. Well, that's a community. It's very important to me that community since means a lot. It means a lot and I'd like I like supporting the up and coming people. I think it's very important. I think all the door people
the guys worked a lot. Those guys are all do we're all going to work together someday. You know it's very possible, though they'll be, you know I'll be at one theater they'll be in another theater. You know I'll be in a club over here they will be the club over there, we're all the same yeah, it's just a delusion. It's just time, and I think it comes from martial arts because in martial arts, everybody trains together. You know I'm a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, but I'm is friendly to the white belts as I am to other black pots. We shake hands we hug if I roll roll with a guy who's news. Just start now give him tips. I help him out we're all in it together and I feel like that's. The approach that I take with comedy approach, I don't believe in this elitist shit. I think it's stupid. I think it's it's bad for everybody, it's bad for the person who becomes elite even more so than it's bad for the up and coming to the undercover
if you don't. If you dismiss up and comers and you treat him like, like you treated like you're, better than them you're above them, you don't need to like talk to them. You don't make eye contact with them. You know what I'm gonna try to talk to, and I've seen that from comics, and I think it's bad for you as it is for them. It just makes them angry. You know they can't wait till and I have have been in that position before, where someone's dismissed me and been shitty to me, and then I surpassed them. Fame, wise and, pass by and then they become friendly and weird with you and you know, kind of yeah, it's very strange when you see the one hundred and eighty in comedy long enough to see plenty of one 80s and it's I mean you'll, give you some names after the oh really yeah. I would love that yeah name some good names and then you you act. However, relationship is now at this point in time. But that's always in the back your mind. Remember when it was not this, but there's there's uh so I want to give someone an opportunity for redemption like I want to believe that they've changed
it's hard. I don't want to be that mean. Person is like that, fuck that guy for life for sure for sure. But I hi, hopefully that they grow, but maybe that grown as a person. Yeah and they've been humbled because the career kind of like skid and came to up abrupt, halt and they're trying to rebuild they used to be someone that thought that they could. There was a time bomb, mostly pre internet, where comics looked forward to doing a couple things one. For one thing they look forward to was bumping people doing a lot of time they like, but the bumping people was the big part. It wasn't just doing time. So if you do any time thing, if you like Dave, Chappelle, calls up and says I want to do one slash two an hour, Nobody cares, like he's really wants to do. Is he'll wait till later on gone up in the hill going down at the end of the night he's a beautiful person. I love that guy to death, he's he's the exception to the Super star role because he's a sweet of guy, but there are some that wanted that spot of the bumper where they could
to show up on my God, MIKE's here, MIKE's here for him, I'm sorry MIKE's is going up MIKE has to go up, and MIKE looks like I'm going up there's a few of those on that fed them feeds feeds them to let them let you know that you're not on their level yeah I've heard of like that happens way less now. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Well, first of all because people like us talk about it on podcasts like if this is one guy. That was like a super dick to you and you me tell you something Joe there's a fucking guy. You know it's we're all comics man just like when go to Jiu Jitsu School, you take a class or two classes: you're fucking, martial artist. You know you might suck but you're a martial artist. If you're you're up on that God Damn stayed your comic in in my eyes, you're just like me, I'm just I've been doing it for thirty years and you've been doing it for less yeah yeah. That's what it is. That's that's. The only difference is just a time in and if you get,
thirty years down and what you get out of those thirty years is that you're better than everybody, and that you can act like you're better than anybody in your aloof and you're. You dismissive you've, missed everything. I think you defeat like when I come the store yeah I like that, I get hugs yeah always has been fixed for for coming. Back like. I would just think, like I'd, be on the wall over be like YO. What's up but he give me a hug and like we haven't really like talked a ton, but that something is Little is that goes. So far, that's nice I did. I hope it does go far. I want. I want comics to feel good about the community that we have yeah. I remember because, when I got past the store is the dark ages. Like I know, the store had very Stargate is Bobby talk about like the nineties. Stuff, but you are the ice house. So, like you weren't, even really part of the story, we're still just like going there a lot yeah yeah, so it was very cool for you to come back in.
Adam take over and then it just kind of evolved into what it is. Now it's crazy 'cause. I remember when it was not. That was have a beauty in it, though? I'm like pretty fortunate in hindsight that I got past then what year was this? I think that passed in like two thousand ten yeah that was three years into the dark ages. The dark ages are two thousand and seven yeah yeah, it's also crazy to like know that you know in the history and see the video and then oh, I exist on this timeline. Now the store was just You know what I'm living in Seattle. It's this far away place, even Hollywood entertainment all that it's just this place. It exists on a box is now real it. Isn't it isn't right? This isn't a real thing and then you move to LA and hang at the improv, I'm a ghost. You know people are walking through me. You know when you first on the town, yeah swear to God. I'm literally only guys that I do comedy in the walking through me and I'm just like my hands are right and I would just hang out and that's part of the deal you just have to realize. Leaving your apartment is a win in itself like you may not be getting up
if you want to, but even just like being out Oh, you should do my. You know out of sight out of mind. So a lawyer at the at the improv. I was nobody, I would say it was like Sandler and someone and that may be coming James. I think Stanley coming there and that was like stand. We have been here so long, it's very standard. Now you see one million people like very don't get get struck at all, but it's kind of like fuck those air people in a box in the box that I watch and and they just walked in so that was kind of like a little mind. I adjustment. You know well when I was in Boston in nineteen. Eighty eight when I started MECCA, was the store, MAC. That was where prior performed, SAM, Kinison and Hicks started out there and Hicks use. Do he was a doorman
Aaron, you know, Letterman was there Robin Williams was there it was just. It was Macca, and I thought when I first started doing comedy when I, when I realized like okay. This is what I want to Dio like after the first set I ever did. I was like okay. This is what I'm doing I'm doing this now. I'm all in you know took me a while to get funny, but I mean I I had it in my head that I was gonna get to con the comedy store. Oh yeah and then when I finally got there, I remember thinking how so real it waas, because I was like I guess I was twenty six. Twenty five, no twenty five or twenty six. I think the first time I step foot in the store and we're sitting in the back of the room going holy shit. I can't fucking believe I'm here, isn't it on it's, it's just a place yeah, but it isn't it's not it's not The place I know but like when you get the manifestation of the place like okay to stage there's their chairs. There's a table ever see in the daytime
yeah. Alright. This is just the space it's on. It feels like it's waiting. Yeah like it's waiting. It doesn't come alive until night, yeah, it's like a bedded animal like a hibernating bear and at night time and the drink start clink in and you know, the the calmly starts flowing and Jeff starts playing the piano. It's an interesting room to when you first started doing it. Was it difficult because it's not it's not a, not an easy room. The o r. I consider the o r at the comedy store. Yes, people will come through I'm like oh yeah. I've been in the store. I go go what what room they're like one of the main room? Okay, cool man, it's cool, but it's not the heart and soul of the comedy store the Omar's intimate nothing gets lost right. The main room you kinda have to be it's so big and there's a second
You know how the step was up till like be able to have that laugh, wave hit that back row, yeah, you're, really working you're performing and the stage is so big. You have to be more theatrical to kind of do it, this whole job in that room, but in the like, literally watching. A man gathers or woman, you know just like you could be real. You can be. You have to be like. Right. You have to protect much yeah, yeah. Well, there's different kinds of comedy right: what's the largest crowd, you've ever done, I've, been watching your stories and stuff and that's fucking insane like even when you're in the green room, and you just hear these murmurs, it sounds like you know like I'm. Angry mom is gonna kill yourself. It's because they're all just like filtering into this giant theater, maybe three thousand four one thousand and two thousand. That was a trip from that's big, but you notice, when you do three thousand or four thousand that there's like you have to give them more pause,
yeah more time for the set, the joke, the punch line to settle the last to settle before you move on to another but when other parade about doing it's so long is stand up. Is this conversation with the audience? So you know to wait like you have inherent timing. Another comic would just kind of know the timing of the club and just like plow into the next joke, while they're still getting laughs from a theater yeah. You can't do that, but I took I was talking about this yesterday with Tom Papa that one of the reasons I wanted one The best lessons that ever had was actually sitting in the audience at one of Richard, not Richard Lewis, blacks, not Richard Lewis. On the white confusing I mean, I I would confuse it yeah the word Lewis, Lewis Black Show in New Jersey. He was there the night before me and Joey Diaz and I sat in the audience and he you hit a punchline and people would laugh and then he would. The tag- and I couldn't hear the tag, people were laughing around us and I was
uh like you, gotta, be like a little more selective yeah. You can't just hammer them like in the store at the or you can hammer them. Punchline punchline, punchline punchline and you could beat the fucking get out of him. That way, and it's a different kind of comedy. If you have that style of comedy, you might strong a little bit with the theater and you'll definitely struggle in arena arena arenas and the or another animal. I feel like just having no ceiling. How that work. Is that night? That's ever since you, I had a great time. We had a great alley Alan Kovski killed. She had a great time Ian killed. It was fun, it was fun, but it's definitely different. I think it yet. I think it's different 'cause Such such fans, obviously like they're, going to be tuned in different when you're like I'll, do some festival sometimes or I mean, the day. You do a college or something and it's just outside
and if they don't know who the fuck you are yeah and it's daytime and it's outside yeah. You flew to pick up a check. All you all you gotta do is not lose your mind on stage and you can collect your check if you like like then you're, not gonna, get money. Well, it's a matter of whether or not you're having fun if you're having fun and you enjoy performing, and you your is good. So you know it's but have fun sure and sure whoever tuning and have a good time and the absurdity of the situation is funny, but obviously it's not going to be like a regular club, centers yeah, dude I'll. Take you if you wanna come on I'll take you want to cry. I don't I mean, that's a that's a mind. Trip like that. They'll be like a stand up floating. You know, alleys, only twenty, two yeah she's, so young yeah and I I've been taking her with me and her and Ian came last weekend and the first arena she ever did well here's alley right, she's done clubs of Maine, but which is improv with me all the time. So the store,
I see the door at the store said or ut of the system. I store it's like one of the last places like that yeah there's a system in place and yep yeah She works the door of the store and she performed in front of ten thousand people on Friday and then went back to checking. I ds. That's the mind a young comic through these crazy things and then you're back at your job, but she's, wild and hungry. And yes, I don't worry about Sally she's, fine, she's, great and she's, really down to Dio, but um. You know. So the first big show she had done before. That was the Mirage in Vegas. I love that cloud. I love that club start started doing that club and then I went bigger arenas- and I came back to that club because it was so much fun because most of time do Vegas. I do it the night before UFC like on Friday night, and I was doing these big giant places like the car theater, which is like one hundred foot tall, see more than one hundred feet: tall ceiling ceilings Circus Soleil Place, but
it's too weird. Wasn't it wasn't the right setup for comedy and the as so perfectly I just a Terry fate or stay yes. Yes, yes, yes, so I went back to the so that was the first time. She'd ever done anything big and she walked out there like she. On the place, she like she owned area just like she had a the best. I ever saw her have there and then I said: okay You wanted to arenas she's like ah so bond, so we did. Ah, this crazy place in Portland. Portland was sane man, God damn it was off. The charts it's too big, almost two hours. What was almost too big, but almost too powerful. Do they do concerts in there normally or was that space basketball? Oh shit, that's the blazers play yeah for real. Low it'll. Be great if you just have a t, shirt cannon before your set yeah, I had a my buddy campaigns who lives in Eugene, which is real close. There was in
that same place a couple weeks before that for a game is like did. I can't fucking believe you're coming here to do comedy like what is this. You would almost think is like a consumer of comedy. What is that experience like and is it still like? The I've gotta got to be so different, a fun man. I was watching Ian on stage. He was, and I was laughing my ass off. It's all in the exit the building and the Moda Center in Portland is a really new theater or a new arena. It's it's really well made, so the acoustics are excellent. This is long as that's my word like in a space that big that no one can hear what you're saying its muddled and I've done some big places where it's not the best Adanson big places. Where you hear a little echo ooh. This could be a problem, so you have to be a little clear sure with what you say like you almost got to take some of the spice out of your joke. You know a spice out of your delivery, because it's little echoey,
The best, though the best is the ice house or the store or the improv like two hundred people, three hundred people bam. Thank you, ma'am! That's why comedy clubs? Clubs are certain size. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's also because it's all. They could see e note to sell like Joe Rogan Comedy jobs and they're all like twenty thousand feet. Well yeah. I mean it's also when Joe comes around we're having a tough time getting people to come out. It's I mean how many there's not that many people that are doing those places like Kevin Hart Dave. Oh, that's so crazy to let you guys teaming up to do a tour if your comedy fan, how great of that do we did twenty five one thousand people in Tacoma we broke the all. You got my brother and he hit a p and was like because I think I was in London. So sleeping are sleeping with the. So is he just D M, just N Deanna NEWS like hey brother? Can I
under the show the day? Things are crazy, though, because he brings a dj and Donnell Rollins gets out there and get everybody hyped up, and it's the fucking deejays in between this it's like That's next level! Yeah, it's so next level. Let's concert yeah PASA, just you feel crazy, like this really like even Dave, he was like. This is fucking crazy man, like we were all like this- is to get him to say. This is great and we were all like this was crazy. We're all realize this is something because people are so pumped that we're doing it together. Yeah was mad. It's like uh, like the wash the throne tour Konya easy, yeah yeah we're going to do more. We trying to figure out where and how. But we had a great fucking time. Why not so rockstar shit they show up at places and have ivs ready. They do intravenous vitamin in fusions of glutathione and how to beat twelve shots? How did you feel after like I could run through a frill? all yeah. How did you feel
for then after we fly out of a hired. You know we're traveling in and we were up late the night before and then you get to stop with the vitamins and he just like where that tree yeah. You feel excellent. This I guess You know they don't rock stars, know what they're doing and I'm you're only doing a fraction of what they do they're, doing coke yeah, we've been doing coke and they and they had some for the have some other bag. We don't even know about, probably about probably yeah. It's probably yeah like they probably do probably do in NAD. They probably doing a lot of different things: yeah yeah, but at the at the end of the day, though, back to the grind, but tonight I'm doing the belly room. You know it's so funny his lack of a better back in Bellingham in the belly room, then I'm done improv got a ten. Thirty eight am prodding double dip. Yes, always either do you have to factor really huh? I don't. Is it because the tape? Yes, okay? Now the tape to me, the tape everybody put your
online, but like we're, not gonna do anymore, but they still have. The camera did not trust them. Because, like they'll, send it to me with the clips and I'll be like I don't it's not ready her. I don't wanna put it out there and then they respect that. That's it Bill Burr said yeah, and then I found the show a lot of money. Yeah look at that these are the is like yeah man, somebody working there. That's not listening to this. You know- and maybe they don't do that anymore and I hope they don't, but but my chance it just doesn't feel good. That way was in and it was very poor. The way it was handled was like you should be happy that we're putting it online. It was not good I'll. Tell you all about it later, okay, but it's just there's plenty of room at the improv in store. You don't need to go there. I don't wish it E. I mean, I hope it does well, it's great club it's fun to work a sheriff. You know. I know you mean the it's like that, I'm in Tarzana now and like some will be like hey, do do to show in Irvine, and that's saying my shows on Mars are at eight o'clock,
you might as well leave your house today. Bird commute chopper me to have a child with her. You got, it was working at Boeing. I had a co worker who is learning a lot he had as ours up and everything. So he fly, he flew choppers and during our just because you want to go in the chopper. Jesus was like sure, so then he's like: let's take the doors off What will kill you now but like mine, was crazy. I figured when I'm going to chop. That's true. So from my lunch break. I want a chopper with this guy, I recorded it and then my mom saw it she's just like flipped. What are you doing for him? I love you, don't die if I had a son- and I was a woman in my little boy- was in plane flying over the doors off doors off yeah, maybe then sort of Open folder like that was my coworker yeah yeah. You should.
It was like a super hero fighter pilot. He is a military guy. Hands have twenty years experience in yeah, it's weird. When you go up in a in a bird with like someone, you know so well, I did it first in high school, I was in high school, my my friend MIKE Mike War Bell. He was taken full small plane lessons and we flew around this whole small plane leaves like fucking. He was my age, maybe was older than me like one year. I think I was sixteen years seventeen, maybe maybe, but no more than that. I just got to trust him and like flying in a fucking plane. They had a co pilot who was like an instructor it's better than yeah he's taking lessons with him, but that was the first time I was ever a little tiny ass. I was in high school, you ever want to do that. I have no desire to do that. It seems like a rough way to die. I just don't even with all,
training and all that just because he was only to the pros in a gift if they couldn't do it. Well, I think the J F K store was more complicated. I think he was involved with, for I think that that flight was like no visit I think you ran into fog and it like a more experienced pilot would have known the weather conditions, aren't the best to be going up. Yes, and also you have to understand how to read the gauges because you got know what altitude you're at in the gauges have to be one hundred percent functional. I don't know what the whole story was with his death, but I believe Google, whether not JFK's body had cocaine in Google Junior JFK, Junior's body had cocaine in it because I think there was some cocaine involved from not say again: it's like fuck, I can fly in the clouds I'm in the clouds bring. It doesn't even have any like lessons we just like the plane. I think
you have to fly and I think he was. I think he was unprepared for that oh, it's you know how it is like he was off. The cape right was: wasn't someone in your mass chooses that fucking those clouds get thick bro, I mean you, don't see Jack, shit so you're flying around in that I imagine this is five hundred miles an hour and right in front of you is white. That's all you see five hundred out white and just knowing kind of just knowing this isn't a good situation. Yeah, you're, fucked and you kind of know, yeah. Well, when I lived in Colorado, I remember there was a time that I was driving up this hill. We pretty high up there about eight thousand feet above sea level, three thousand feet above boulder and as we're driving through the hills up to the house, the fucking clouds were so thick. You couldn't see five feet in front of the car,
so you're driving on a mountain road at sometimes has no railings to left it to the right, and it's just death to the left and you're driving up this mountain road. You can't see Jack Shit, so you literally have to turn the fog lights on. So the regular headlights are no good. You shut those off and you have to have fog lights on its fog lights, just kind of like the ground, yeah yeah, that's why they exist like people like people like think what a fog light is because most time you don't really have to deal with fun, guys a little light down below. I can see a little bit instead of blinding it to otherwise you just see bright white did he say anything about that, but they were the check Infowars dot com, go to the wrong source, new use, Google, but is being it J, eight hundred and thirty at night, and they were flying over water that had no feature
they're over water. It was dark and foggy yeah basic pitch black now and he didn't have a flight plan either need he told us instructor that offer to go with them. You want to do it alone. What, but, do you didn't find anything about cocaine? I google that nothing popped up. They did some that that they might have had a a past of that, but nothing says it is yeah. I know I read all Topsy nothing's at that. Okay, maybe a made up it's possible, let's put in the Wikipedia page, just to think my memory varies so wildly it's confusing and I'm wondering of its old age or if it's just just an overwhelming amount of data in my brain and my hard drive just completely run out of space and there's some overlap, but I think her story for sure there is because I'll have conversations with someone sometimes and they'll. Ask me where we'll be talking about some of well, that's not exactly how it happened. This is what happened because this because, as they have all of the developed the ability to do this and that and I'm I just I know this and what what I know some of those we will talk about.
This Magnam an idiot yeah and you retain a remember things things I don't want to retain something. Sometimes I forget who I was talking into or who said what or where, where this idea came from it's weird: it's not selective! It's not that good, but it helps when I'm taking new tropics, which I didn't today today I didn't take any Alfa brain. We don't! Why don't we have any here? How come you don't have any here? Give me now! Thank you, oh man. How does this work? Well, your brain is going to grow. Hope your head, familiar, it's flexible, just like with the headphones on welcome to head a lot you used to use used to. Rather this in here yeah used to work at Boeing is Eighty one must moment guys This is my be a mural no race in a yeah crazy. For me, too, I mean I don't even think twice about giving and we really didn't think this will be a moment. This show I thought it was just hanging out me and my Buddy Ilum yeah smoking a little weed.
I thought well, there's like an all time. You see the Bross Baines painting in the green room where, in the cloud it's a six percent now yeah go look at look the smoke cloud again because of the lost six percent of stocks he's, but he got it back. It was up to nine percent. The next day went up three percent, but his street cred went looking through the roof, do which- I drove his car here that guy deserves everything he gets, that car is got into the time machine, I'm still a Mazda three, two thousand seven man, myself, yeah, I'm a purist. Sometimes I'll get a brochure in the mail like get the two thousand ninety Mazda three, like I'm, going to put a bullet in my head. If I get to the threes in a row. Don't get a Mazda three, but getting a miata, those Keanu dope. Isn't that, like a punch line, I don't give a fuck who is making that joke? They don't know what they're talking about. Alright, I'm going to I'm going to go to New York, making fun of male bullshit. I said to me on a is a fucking, fantastic car, I'm not bullshitting, it has very low horsepower, but
super likely this will be my leg defense. Some people make fun of me. They have Lot of horsepower is really lightweight, doesn't have a lot of words wrong. It's very low, I think less than two hundred horsepower one hundred and eighty one yeah, but miatas are amazing cars, amazing cars, but as one how one times do here is a punchline. Those are Hatcher. Those comedians funny. There's certain words that are just like go to like chipotle is a great. It is to police the great Times line card. These young men come in a in in standard with the standard transmission just want to say thank you or you're. Welcome, Mazda four did so fucking great Carmen. I'm not kidding they're really fun to drive, though handle really well, I, like my very tactile, but a Mazda. Three different in a Miata right. How much different is it I mean probably pretty different is that one right there are two thousand and nineteen Mazda, five mx, five Miata, one of the r x able to see that Red one cool red, color yeah, but good or the one above that. Please look at that with
the removable roof pool. That's like a target I could be on each with. That is a dope car people are crazy; they just want they want higher horsepower. If that was of a miata of that was a Tesla Tesla need an electric miata that goes zero. Sixty one second get on everybody would want that car dude, it's a great car drive one all right. You know it's not going to test drive a Mazda Miata go and it's cheap. How much is a Miata like twenty grand come on? Come on? I'm not bullshitting for twenty grand you get a great car, I'm not kidding. I would try. I just would never think that you would have this much passion about the Mazda Miata and it's really refreshing I am an automobile enthusiast. I love car. I saw the car is here. I love engineering, I'm I'm afraid. I can't do that. I know you. Oh yeah, I love mechanical things. I love how people designed things and what they've done with the Miata? Is they
made a car that it always as a loyal fan base that continues to buy them because they don't break the bank. It not something that you pull up to the club and everybody thinks you like some super baller, but it's so fun car to drive. There are really fun car drive. There super lightweight there. Very agile, the handle great they still make the with a manual transmission, yeah mine stick fine man, a fun car to drive, don't be hating on me. Mazda three. I want the same. Love for the market is kind of boring. It's like you'll get a Prius yeah you're in the Prius category. You know: what's happened with Tesla, it's interesting 'cause when you, for a while. You could be driving a Prius and no one knew if you are rich or poor is the great equalizer still there de la Raza sure sure, but Tesla came along and they're like you know now you can stand and save the earth Now people know you're, rich and pious. Before you don't know, if this guy's poor or the camera
so yeah, but now it's like so all the poor, guys who want to go. Green are kind of fucked, but a Prius is difference. 'cause, it's a hybrid get like that was the only option back in the day that was the option. Mercedes has an S class, Mercedes top of the food chain, that's also a bread, it's just a new one. They just released like Jeremy Clarkson was raving about it supposed to be this incredible car, so Mercedes is actually making like plug in hybrids for their top of the food chain vehicle. That's pretty cool, pretty things like new it is, it is nude, but it's also it's like a little bit of a step back because it has gasoline, but the step up is going to be a car that charges and it charges in a normal amount of time like an hour how long is a hundred forever
supercharger. Here we have a supercharger installed here and it still takes, I don't know, probably five hours, if it's dead, it'll, probably take five hours. Maybe six you know but like if I come here and it like full charge is what does it get three hundred ninety miles or something like that somewhere around that range? Are you not really? Are you having to be a little better with your planning, all right, I'm going to put I'm here, I'm not going anywhere with it. I go to LA I go to the comedy store like I have. Like this weekend, I'm in Anaheim for the UFC driving that fucking
Are you crazy? I'm not getting fuller and what happens you get stranded areas anyway, batteries don't have electricity yet concise. Anybody can sit here with me for eight hours, yeah, there's, not a god. Damn thing you can do you have to call a tow truck and they have to bring it to a charging station, and then you have to sit there like an asshole for six hundred, it's but the technology. If you can't look obviously getting in some way, because it's super simple, it's got you've seen when the inside or the giant screen I've only seen from the outside, because the role the con right here on CNN, because the comedy store is turned into a Tesla dealership it's kind of how you know it's calla, that's got a little that I you know the store is in a renaissance words. Flake, So many tests coming in and out of that place, not just teslas like Russell Peters, pulls up in Ferrari is like a Bentley to just got a Bentley Ferrari Lamborghini.
Begin to the s u v like now must be the most trying time to be a lot guy at the comedy store. Just imagine the bullets they swept on having to move, because you know that parking lot. The the store is like Tetris there's a finite amount. Space and they've got to fit all the paid regular cars in there and The problem is the price tag and all these are insane now the problem is there letting these promoters park there? Aren't they they bad about about saying you can't park in just a lot. This detonate their cars they should like instead of a tow truck, is just like a stick of dynamite to giant like kevlar tarp. That they throw those cars. Just detonate am During your set you just your promoter because there's so many people that park back there like you're, not even a comic like what do you do? Not only that, though, like the back bar and then I'll sold the back patio area, weird 'cause, that's like our home,
that's kind of where we're we hang out before we have to go on stage and in this I want to see on the way I like you or send. You know just like chop it up for it to go on stage and then it's like who's this and they taught it to you and they interrupt conversations and not in a snooty way, but it is a bit of a way. It's like a dugout. It's like a baseball dugout adderall people go back, huh yeah! I talk too much too yeah. You don't need that in your life right, but they have more confidence in me back there, I'm like shower all we have adderall confidence, I've never done internal. Have you done it? Isn't it big now every student is taken. A lot of people are taking it. It's a big thing amongst journalist, journalists, writers, because they get more work done because you're on speed. There was a guy that I had in here. It was writing a book on. He wrote that book on Honduras Thompson was that, ah, what is it? What is what is this book? Something gone Zo, something anyway um. He was talking about how he needs it too right,
and you can't write without it. Is it just the deadlines and the workload is insane and that's a way that kind of dope with it. You don't need it to write. Can you move your fingers? You was sure but there's a lot of the right now you're alive, the Teague. Yes go for a walk, yeah, that's the natural thing to do, but some people want fix? What's not necessarily quick fix. It's like you can get. A good Timothy is denevi. Very nice mental debt? If you click on it in a book yeah mental debt yeah, it's called you become crack as freaking free kingdom. Yeah. You become someone who is on stimulants all the time, and I know several people have an issue. I know one guy's completely lost his fucking. Mind thinks everybody is against him thing. Is that everyone's done him wrong and he's just out there, cracked down in the middle of nowhere on fucking, adderall, everyday and making making Youtube videos a lot of people like that there's a lot of people like it is a meth like drug. It's very
be very, very, very similar to meth yeah. This is a different release in terms of like the how quickly your body processes crazy, how widespread it is, or something like that then fucking stimulants man gets people. If you can effectively do your job and you don't commit any crimes and They can sell you that stuff and make a profit, and then you actually are more profitable when you're on that stuff, then not then fucking. Her Hannah, that's how people look at things and like that, look when I was when pot was, sort of legal when it was medically legal, I had a bullshit prescription, your backer, oh yeah everything, bro yeah ooc is actually map Africa. I use a bunch of different. Did you go to the heart doctor, so you know like see also the boulevard. It's like this, like hers in check, because, like no, I cried, you know. I went to a black dude with dreadlocks. He was awesome. He is. This is what he
looked at me like that and then the best we doctor doesn't like very like all these guys get the best. He had a do you, member those vaporizers that are there a bag with the call, though yeah I remember when I stay with our shift here in New York, and he he had those and I've never seen that before just seem like such an odd contraption some of the early podcasts we vaporized with with that bag and they're the dumbest conversations 'cause. We had no idea what we're talking about. I would like correct myself halfway into a sentence. 'cause, I forgot I was saying, and then I would forget, with the original correction was and then well? No, that's not what I'm saying what am I saying I was so fucked up. It would take like an hour into the podcast before, like the fog would settle, So was that just the medical marijuana delivery system? Well, no, it's just a delivery system. It's not met you! Is it right now, after the fight feeling devolved use it that way, so I really love a prize. What those back? What's the upside of that no small like you're, not you're, just getting missed, you're, basically getting the
thc crystals, it's turning into mist at when you vape guys you're, not getting the burnt plant material, almost like Harshana sores, there's a million ways, yes to get what you need or why and orcs or cigar dorks. It's like real, similar here, but anyway, I walked in this guy's office and he's just the fucking coolest. I wish I kept in touch with this dude who is somewhere in Hollywood. I forget where it was, but that dude looked amigos. You look sick, you gotta get it. He goes. You need some medison. You need need some medison. His big smiling faces, I said, thank you, sir. I feel sick and I feel like, need some and he goes. What are you here for brother? and I said it helps you sleep good enough for me and he wrote the stranger prescription. It gives me a prescription that he pulls out. The biggest bag had a custom, vaporizer bag for the volcano, and I'm telling you I'm not exaggerating, was four feet long, she says, is four feet long bag. He puts it on this like if it pumps up like a
kids bounce house fills up with we, he doesn't. There are yeah, we were blasted, we got blasted at his place at the doctor's office was connect to grow up right. So we smoke, we smoke, we vaporized right and then we go into the back with they're growing the weed and we're barbecue right, I'm barely in this dimension and I go in there and I see all these plants and I get a feeling from these things like they're alive. Like tech, conscious. I felt so weird to this day. I miss that feeling. I go remember what it was. That was. I so high was hallucinating? Is it or is it possible that if you get really high on pot and then you go around, the pot leaves you pick up there for Quincy and you understand that there are living organism. That's one of the reasons why they make you feel so good. When you get high like other reasons why you're in you're interacting with whatever they are with the molecules that thc in in the cannabinoids, interacting with it and
when you go around the actual potted plants and they're also super healthy 'cause. They got this crazy, hydroponics set up and they're all the right nutrients and these blush green plants in this perfect environment for growing, because you know they're experts yeah, these things are hive, man leasing save there and they know you're there. The like Han so so it was a successful trip. Oh yeah I was I I took me hours before. I knew what I was doing afterwards, yeah it's like hours later, trying to figure it all. I just love how he took the onus of an excuse love you so you look sick moment. I walked in like this toxic. You looks you need some medison and crazy dreadlocks and circular glasses. He was amazed
Thank God. I wish I kept in touch with the guys after he was a great doctor. I I'm not a a bunch of good we doctors, I had one of them, though I had to stop going. He went Corinne using nine eleven on me with them and he when he was trying to tell me that that the towers were brought down by Tesla Technology, and I was like what is a concrete, doesn't a price. You know I was like what do you mean vaporized as it tried to be about like how like what you need have a white provision, everything a goal? One of the thing, but why people don't really think about that. Much is you're allowed to have any conspiracy theory you want. I can't be like nine hundred and eleven was an inside job fuel can't melt steel names they're, like whatever Achmed sure thing glad, and now you don't understand right. That's different, yeah yeah! If you look at the pie, chart of people that are really into conspiracies and like looked at race white would be overwhelming. What would it be like the pie chart of conspiracy, theorist
number three quarters of the pie chart by people yeah, I just it would sound absurd. Coming from me like, I don't believe that, but imagine if I'm like nine levels, it was a brown guy like Philly, show, I think, you're not getting off that easy inside job yeah. It's you for Boeing that what you? What did you do over there aerospace engineer involved at all in nine hundred and eleven? Did you have anything to do with Patrick job? You are loving me into a false sense of security, with like a comedy in the comedy store years, have been your friend so anyways. You were involved in nine hundred and eleven. What did you train those pilots? Did you do? Would you do it Boeing? I did and stress analysis for the floor being a very unglamorous. The thing with that, I guess so smart in I'm able to jump through hoops with a goal in mind. Like I have a high threshold for academic pain, so I took a lot of,
I took a lot of it. Wasn't that hard for me is like I mean it's difficult to get the degree, but all right they do these step. You get this number there's this formula. You have the tools to show you how to do it. Monkey see monkey do interesting way. I meant you have a high threshold for academic pain, because it is like a little painful right. I think just it seems so daunting to the average person and they just don't want to bother with that to even get over the hump of learning. Some thing like that they're just like I could never. For brainiacs. The thing is, engineering was a means to an end for me to do stand up comedy like my parents going to pay for my college, only certain degrees, so at first 'cause I knew I wanted to stand up when I was like seventeen yeah yeah how'd. You know I think two It happened, so I didn't grow up with end up. I didn't really know it was. A thing was on my radar, a group up with Sims
sins SNL and like Conan, late night Conan. Those were those were my jams. I feel like that's my comedy dna, but then I was seventeen 17th birthday we rented delirious, so we watched delirious, Eddie Murphy delirious. You know just like that, the greatest thing in the world and that just planted the seed of comedy so that, coupled with my love for snl- and I'm like how do I I like- I don't know if Google was around or maybe I don't know I just research. How do people get on SNL the people around so I saw they came from two camps. They were either standups where they came from improv. So, like Second City Ucb Groundlings this, like the pedigree. These are the schools they picked from and then I researched those schools they were in Chicago in New York, you had to pay money to take these classes. You may not pay now have to go back to one hundred and one or whatever. So it's like it's a school and stand up just you just you out there
sword. You know so I like I'm like I could do that Seattle. I can count on me like I don't have to rely on other people to like zip zap with each other The great thing you know, I'm not like, knocking or anything it's just. Ah, it's such a different. You dedicate your life to one or the other. I think it's very hard to be great at both and there's not a lot of career path. Answer improv. So that's the thing: do it a certain spot and that's it like there's some people who are very, very talented in groundlings in Like Ucb and then how do they monetize that if they book a commercial they're still beholden to a lot of other people, they have to be the right guy or girl, the right look, there's so many variables that are outside of your control as a talented, improper for but as a stand up, you could do a weekend. We can always make money. You get to a certain level famous like in terms of going on the road as an Prop Guy, I guess line. Is it anyway guys do yeah, but you'll have to maybe they'll start doing stand up
'cause they've, built some you'll see that right, they'll build some credibility like a notoriety and they come from the improv background. But if they want to start making some money on the road they start doing, stand up, but they're no better off than someone like a twenty two year old, doing stand up now, because you gotta put the hours in June because you're good at this other thing, you still have to start over right. It's like the farm yeah yeah exactly you got it, you can't do the standard. You can't skip steps it's so when you see comic on stage it's like when you cut a tree open and you see all the rings you could just tell like this guy's been doing at twenty years. Yes, you can't fake that yeah. So I chose to do stand up because it was just me out there. ' make it rely on me, and I could do it. While I do engineering school so I chose engineering because I knew I wanted to do this stuff. So I thought I needed a theater degree. So can I do theater and everything know you can theater and then I kept getting more and more water down. I was like. Can I d'oh like directing? No, you can't
district, told you what you can and can't do. Yeah, and I love it in hindsight- I'm so grateful dude. If I had a theater degree right now, I'd be fucked. If anyone watching and you have a theater degree or you're thinking about getting a theater degree Do it you don't need it you're, not going the Jude LAW, because you have a theater degree, you could do it aside. Think of how many people have come to l, a or New York, it's a different thing: okay, look if you're a juilliard and you're this instrument, or whatever, and it's like a top top top theater school and it's a feeder to like that world, okay or, if you're, the son of like a huge actor or daughter sure, but if you're like in a huh, no Ohio and you go to theater to school, just lighting your parents, money on fire that's all you're doing they're letting you like going in a twenty year old jungle gym for four there's one thing is like you see, sometimes like an actor
a rather like an athlete or someone will be in actor in a movie and they'll. Do a fucking, amazing job here. Is it okay, like Oprah, here's, the color purple, the highest paid actor? Is the rock: what seat are schooled? The rock Johnson go to the theater of hard knocks? Thank you. You, will do wrestling is opposed, so it doesn't Peter degree, does not equal acting job right, but that's a different kind of acting then say like Jake Cleveland Hall or sure I mean yeah Do you think you're learning that here's? The other thing too, that I always thought was so interesting because I did acting class for two months when I was here in L a you know just to try it out and stuff. It wasn't for me and what's funny is like they'll be teaching these techniques and like Meisner and tapping in the Middle blah and then at the end of the class, will be like.
Does anybody have any sides they want any auditions, they want to go over and it's all just see a sigh interrogation jobs like I don't know the guy so you're, like you're teaching Shakespeare in class. Less than anything anyone's ever going out for is like to come around here. Like two times a week house, I am big pentameter That's that's. What you're right and you're chomping at the bit to get this law and order s CSI delivery guy number two: why are you learning Meisner right and I know, there are no bit parts, only been actors, and all that was a true. No that's after that. That's what um acting teachers love to tell you when you complain about getting a bit part we got to go. There are no bit parts, the only bit actors and then you go. I don't wanna be been actor, I'm happy to be a tree.
Well, there's certain! Coming so tell you, there are no bad crowd. Those people are sure I think we've been. The thing is, if you're in a younger, comic and you're near like the crowd sucked, you don't have the band we to know what's good and bad. Yet so you can say that can say that lake we've all seen that crap sure yeah and we can chalk it up for what it is. But if you're a year in two years, then right it was more. It was probably you yeah, I'm not audible, Lang or just like adjusting on fly or you're, not very good yeah. Maybe that too sure sure that's there's a weird thing about Comics, where there's certain comics, where you know there there's no way they're going to figure it out. I don't know so because I mean as a whole, yes, but there are I I hear, there's anomaly so that, like I would hear stories but Sebastian, which is so crazy, because I wasn't there for that timeline of one. He's killing. It is so funny. You know and he's like the guy now well,
He was never terrible. Okay you're talking about like no, I remember Sebastian in the beginning. He was never terrible. He was learning, I see, but he was, he showed up all the time and he was always a nice guy and he's like he wasn't terrible. He just didn't do great in the beginning. I think people just take liberties with that story then, and they make it sound like them now he was never offensively on funny rest. Certain people offensively on funny. We liked is not a chance here. You're missing the dna, like you, just can't see your color blind, you're you're, missing it whatever it is. You you don't have it yeah for water, I mean that's the beauty. I would hear Mitzi stories of her just telling people you're terrible, you never met her know. I got there went mommy was it was around and it kind of so she was still. She was like sick, you know, and he would say Nancy, Sawyer Tape, and I don't know, I know I know I know yeah
so. He would always just like have this buffer between yeah, like Mitzi and myself, in the midst was she became like what's the guy's name from Psycho Norman Bates just like my house in the fucking shower, but it was really him. You know like his mom's dead and he would put the wig on that was Tommy time. We put them, it's you were gone and then he would. He would always like door voice and stuff and like when giving free and do it because you would expect wisdom and Cumber would drive up from Boeing. That was my so I was working in long Beach So yes, I got engineering degree right and then I just apply to jobs. I did mechanical engineering 'cause. My best friend was doing mechanical and I was like I don't care what engineering I do. I just be close by to my And- and you were just doing that, so you could have a job so just to support myself with such a long con. It's alright. I knew I wanted to do stand up. In the meantime. I gotta go to college right. I've got
able to support, so I can get good in Seattle really funny man. I guess people, don't don't do that, life's a long time if you're lucky, you know, and it's okay tohave to have plan this far out. It sounds far fetched. Maybe if I told it to someone at the time, but in hindsight it was the most beautifully executed. Plant Great S o I did stand up while I was going to college. My life was just um school by day. Stand up at night would actually be stand up on the weekends because I was living at home and it's forty minutes of the club. So I would just do a lot of time on Friday and Saturday did your parents know yeah? They knew and it was bad. It was like guys doing heroin like they were against it. My mom has I took her to the premier I I would have small role in Foxtrot, this Tina Fey movies, so I took her to the premiere in New York, and so she got to be on the red carpet and like Tina. Fey
and so she she was in she was in after that, and she keeps on average is like when's, the next premier, I'm available when available thanks premier, that is a whole. There was an after party and over milling about and then my mom's, like there's Tina Tina that like introduce me, yeah, ok, I'll, come on, 'cause I'm like my mom's, a sweetheart, but I'm I'm is showbiz thing like I'm. What number fifteen ' on the call sheet, or I'm very yeah. I don't even know if she remembers me, even though the movie you know something I had. I got to pick my spots and it's just kind like not just make like a the linebackers usually puts me in a, but it was great to have that out of my mom, be like my mom is a huge fan and she's like oh yeah, of course, and she was a sweetheart so now she's she's in she's, like you made it you're. Actually I wish you could see the light at the end of the tunnel like ok. Well, your dad, my dad my Dan is kind of more nuts and bolts. He doesn't. He doesn't like get fooled by the the,
anything like that, he just understands money and things like I've had a nice car that Mazda given if item on them yeah I mean he's the Vulcan soul. You did. Okay, no get a Tesla him. I guess so. I think what what has offered him a little bit, because I just got this place in Tarzana more like a house and it's real adult shit, so I didn't realize that would kind of soften him a bit, because how old you know, thirty five, so you're like wow, he's a real adult. I guess so yeah you have a girl, run now. So when you get married you I think I don't know he cares about the alley. I think yeah, that's sure, does I think that cares more about the security like like a real career right income, and a and stability when the comedy was never then also aside from just those things and so it's a low in my dad's opinion, it's kind of a low thing
comedy like a low thing for someone to be doing low yeah like low The only thing is like: are you in like a giant sold out theatre? I don't know it may be yeah who knows, but it line of people waiting to see you. I guess I don't know what that thing will be, but he would he would always say, because we would. Not been shouting matches when were younger, younger yeah I mean look, I love my parents and I know what it was grounded in. I think they just they didn't going be eating out of a dumpster, so they were just they were there. My dad his frustration and lashing out or just like and not like one. I just like you know, like you're, throwing your life away, available blah was 'cause. He wanted that security for me yeah. I understand it for what it is when I was like seventeen or eighteen right, where you like it just feels so right now, I'm older, I get it. I get where he's coming from. Yeah so heard the point was but
I think that would have a little more stability to say like days like you're out there every night with the send the prostitute Nothing like that ever been to a comedy club was let you sleep, the comedy store it might have seen one or two processors over the last. Twenty years are out there every night foot up pimps in the prostitute. This is the house is lined. You should talk about this on stage I didn't like my last special. I taught I tell that story. I talk about the story with my dad and he would always try that out there and then he would yeah yeah? I mean not half wrong. He's. Half he's how I've seen a couple processes share. But that's, why
longer, with a thirty years, I've seen maybe two or three across the whole front row just like fur coats and like him all all hair big. Diamond rings that he would say people should be entertaining you know. Did the thing like I should be the one entertained not being seeded Taner 'cause you're intelligent, I guess so you're in a serious person. Yeah yeah, like I just found like if you want to broad strokes I think in the Middle eastern community. It's like they love art, but their kids shouldn't be doing it. They should be consumers of art of interesting but interesting. But if you are a famous painter, classical painter, I guess no one note parent really thinks best case in order for their kids, like what people buy his art? It's always like it's a pipe dream. What are the odds but we'll block? Yes, you're, throwing your life away, and I,
yes guess there is some statistically sure. Oh yes, it is sure, but I think like I would do different when I have kids or whatever I would explain the realities of how you know the whole theater degree thing, I'm so glad they made me do a degree with teeth, because allow me to have a legitimate job to get me out here, like I'm, not a trust fund kid. How else would I be close to where I you to be be here they're in Seattle, there still there still there yeah yeah. So so I would have some practicality and be like I'll pay for your college get a legitimate degree where there's actual job outlook at the end, like I'm, not paying you to find yourself. When did you quit the job like two thousand and ten doesn't tend to do tonight so right when you came in the store right around so things happen like I, was working a Boeing for three and a half years, and I would just work by day- and I would drive drive up to Hollywood and like the valley by night of burning the candle at both ends
cool. You must been tired all the time I was well, especially at first 'cause. I did another layer of the comedy land I was just going. I thought everything was worth my time or you don't know until you do it. So I would do some like shitty open mic dry, like daily Backyard, shows that what that wasn't a thing that was nothing yet. As of late, you know like the progression of the old saying, is that first was in weird spots like a washing the laundromat and then it was like a meltdown. And in living rooms were big thing, living room shows and then yards were hot. Whatever living the room shells, oh yeah, want to do with the people in the living room, where it's like the hottest, although it's called crawl space. Well, let me everyone's just on their belly. You do really funny one on one sketches that you do like you play more than One roll things about your instagram, like that he just super bored during the day, and you like want to ask you: why do the stuff yeah all right? So it's
almost just some of the stuff I do is just a byproduct of I don't know being creatively backlogged, so I love, stand up in a love sketch those come to me. Naturally, you will be like a movie script or, like you know, what's what's what's your sitcom and that's just more work there's a scaffolding there that if I was teamed up with someone who under bands that world maybe a little more easy, but I don't want to bang my head against the wall to understand a format where stand open sketch just like come to me so that why I lean into that so stand up has been a thing. I've been doing for seventeen years. I feel like I've developed good at that sketch um I started doing. I did it like, I think, if I was, I grew up through it like um. I would do funny videos in school like video, actions back in the day when you had two vcrs this before, like avid so you'd like jog shuttle, you have two, you're your mixdown tape your on tape. So you would actually like make sketches on a vhs cassette so I was always into that, because I love that and also
then you know stop doing it. I'm doing stand up, and then I moved to L A and I'm not getting on stage that much because it's so saturated here, it's so sad that it is the biggest market here in New York although I think it's easier to get on stage as a stand up in New York. Here you have to deal with actors and there's a real bottleneck, so I wasn't getting up a lot, but I'm a creative guy have all these ideas, and I had this idea for this video, unlike how to attend an afghan wedding or whatever so and I was going to try to get people to help me out and shoot it, and then you, front. No one really gives a fuck. If you can't do anything for anybody when you first come out here is just sort of like and not in a mean way, just the nature of the wilderness why. Why am I going to a proven thing? There's really no upside, so you get a lot of like you hope you and you and then flake-
but it just do it all my apartment. So I just filmed this video. This Youtube video. I wasn't even on Youtube yet, though this video called how to attend an afghan winning or something which is called afghan wedding. I put on my space and that kind of well that kind of takes off a little bit and my brothers, like you, should put on Youtube like it wasn't ubiquitous to put stuff on Youtube. Yet I was like oh yeah, okay I'll put it on Youtube to put on Youtube, It kind of makes around on there too and that was just kind of I like. Oh I'm good, I could do this I could do this while I'm waiting to get stage time. So this is uh other avenue for me, I do stand up and then I do sketches. And this was in the heyday of Youtube when there was an appetite for Youtube Sketch, like Indie, Youtube, sketch just funny guys and there's just a sketch groups, and you don't think, there's an appetite for that now, not anymore. No, why not it's become bites, as no one wants to watch sketch on like standalone people want which make up longs. They one which pranks. How do you know I know because, like do you know, because I've uploaded
see the downturn. There was a time. Is it because now it's Instagram is everything's more bite size. So a sketch. I love fully formed action really taking my time like my Buddy Aristotle, like he's really talented, filmmaker and director. I think I just left Boeing and I had this idea for this american history x my schedule is Domino's and Dominos. He and I did it and we put it out there. It was beautiful, like it's just one, my favorite sketches done, and so I just kept on doing sketch and there's an appetite for it, and then it started to drop off. Like there wasn't a lot of viewership now Youtube schedule only work it, was on tv, the night before, like if it's a key and Peele sketch that made it or looked inside, Amy or like a tonight, show sketch or the it'll make the rounds as if it, if the sketches on tv and then had to do on the internet just born bread sketch on the internet doesn't take off anymore. Instagram does
So I just have all these ideas and I always write them down on my phone and instead and there's like a little one on ones is a way to get those ideas out in a very not precious way, and it's just idea driven and people respond to it. You know so it's just more like get this idea in my head. So when you write do you sit down and force yourself in front of a note pad or computer back in the day like when, if was first doing stand up, I had two methods I would. I would have the jokes that we just come to me and then I would like sit down and try to manufacture jokes. You know like all right, all right, brain, what's funny what's funny about the world and I would come up with some stuff, but I was found the things that always work the best where the stuff that just like came out of the ether it just came to me and then eventually got to the point. Where enough, I would get enough of those ideas I don't have to sit down and write. So all I had to do was just be good about capturing what I'm receiving. So I have my phone with me all the time
him back at a marble notebook and all that, but like phones of advance, so much I've ever know me too yeah. So I got an idea, regardless of what the proper medium for it is it the Instagram video idea I'll get a fully fully formed sketch idea what I need, like production value, a sitcom idea or a standup idea of different notes for each of. And I've just trained myself. My brain is wired, a certain way where I just catch the butterflies or just put the bucket see. Also don't sit down now I just I guess I can I'll get the idea I'll jot down. Isn't as many words I need to capture it. Maybe I'll say something happens we goto, I don't know why? Don't we go to the lake or something and then like I get where we go hunting. I get three ideas about hunting. This many words to capture this, this money worth catcher like separate the commas. So I have it. Do you record your sets? Yeah I'll record them. Do you listen to the recording? I do well, it depends like if I'm doing a hot night at the store, that's kind of like the hits
and I'm not going to learn a lot from the hits. When I want to work on stuff I'll tell Adam at the store When I call in my veils I go up late on Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever one I get. I specifically asked to go late so that there's no hard yeah, there's no pressure. There's like ten people trying to sober up I'm on my phone and it's not like this because they want the pact o R. It's kind of like a. What do you got right? Like I paid this much money, I got a hot date with Mabel Blah. It's a different show. Joey D has started getting angry about it about what, but you can't practice. Well, you can you just have to choose different time slots or choose different shows to do it on there's new mateer nights. I love those like Neal Brennan has one at Westside. That's one of my favorite shows to do. Jeff Harris has one so yeah new material shows but I'll just if you choose to do a later time, slot might be different for you because you're such a draw, but I'm I'm nobody. You know like I'm a customer right now, so I can just do late night, but I just think you just say
much those new bits in between old bits you can, but if you just want the total little freedom of just like throw spaghetti against the wall and not in a professional way, because if, if I'm doing the hot shell I'm trying to sandwich, it can still put the brakes a little bit oh yeah and know I don't need that. I'm not Joe Rogan. Yet that's that's where, where that I find their way out of it by putting when it hits the breaker. You panic, and then you find a way out, and sometimes that's where you find a punch line, sometimes not sure deal with the five out of ten five to ten. Are going to eat shit. I was ten, it's almost like being a baseball manager. I have My a string might be string. So if I'm doing a hot show- and I want to work on a beat so they levels of bits that I can polish, I'm not going to throw a d a d in their prime time. Baby yeah right d is for one hundred one. Forty, a forty am D's got no pressure a lot of potential. Jeremiah Show- I love that show yeah yeah
on that tonight, dude the best I love, shows where the audience knows the expectation is like you're a fly on the wall in the process, so it's less about prerecorded or pre planned there much goodwill, yeah yeah. You, don't get that when it's just like a show show I've come up with four or five legitimate bits that have wound up on specials, because I'm just on my show yeah. It's almost like a stand up: low tech, yeah. It's a great little work show alright. What's this idea? What's that? And it's also because everybody knows that you're doing that, so it's kind of more fun and also, if you hit a dead end, that's funny, because They know they know the theme of the show. Do it more often he's only doing it like once a month once a week
man, I don't know, maybe they know their, what their sweet spot is. I don't think they do. I think the sweet spots once a week yeah, I think it's totally possible to do that- show once a week, yeah yeah, I love those shows. When was the first time your parents saw on stage, you know what this is so funny. This is kind of like the last bit of my special. I talk about it like this scene. He wants Once ever really did you bomb? Oh yeah, oh in the in the biggest way, oh my god, yeah I mean. Do you want to hear the story? Fuck yeah I do so. This is just rehash of like the last thing. So the last thing I said, I close my special with this so seventeen x, seventeen or eighteen, I'm at college, there's a bulletin board. It says like APOLLO amateur night, on tour right. So there's a flyer like the APOLLO is going on tour.
And you can audition and the APOLLO theater theater yeah. So going all these major cities right so interesting, I'm just getting another! Maybe a year n or a few months in the stand up, this would be a great opportunity in a funny the level delusion you have as a young comic uh. They got to hear what I got to say. I've been doing this for a few months, so I take the you know, take the little tab. I have it. I get all the info. I go there it's in Seattle, so I go there to audition. I forget where they're holding the audition is this like theater or never? So I'm sitting there's three hundred forty two people just like wait. It's like american idol pretty much and there's like a bunch of like black singing. I believe I can fly under their breath. Well, I just believe in the mostly singers, so you live here like hello and the little
I'm just standing there like do do later, my jokes later being so. Finally, it's my time to go so I go out there. I do my stand up set and it does well. It does genuine Well, it wasn't like a let's feed them to the sharks like. I did well like that made them laugh. You know so I find out I get selected. I think I'm one of eleven thousand one hundred and eleven who gets elected sweet and then I invite everyone like mom, dad everyone from school shit oh yeah, everyone it's at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. Have you been there? Was that four thousand, it's a big play, four thousand five thousand people, something like that. Maybe three thousand whatever it's in the thousands people big place, yeah it's one of our nicest theaters. Beautiful yeah so invite everyone and then act zero. Am
I so so I do the dress rehearsal. I do the dress rehearsal, the blog of the motions lady comes up to me, she's like This is great. The producer of the show thinks like you should do this bit before, instead of your hip, hop stuff like do this bit. First, it was like uh this bit wise talk about being at or something you know, my god, okay, whatever like I'm so new, I just trust. The producer, and I guess they know so a arranged my set just based on the producer's request comes out of the show everyone staring will block it's my time it like they introduced me a little bubble. You know please welcome to him and where I come out guys will I like that? My name is him. This is like an afghan, yeah or like middle eastern Afghan, to be exactly like boo, boo, boo, I'm not out there for maybe twenty seconds they just started boo. It's such a interesting sensation to be booed by that many people, so just like starts cascading like ' boo and I seen a I know how it works, and you hear that like the
alright, I don't need to get swept off like I know how this works, so I get booed off, get booed off just from talking about being maybe I don't know. Maybe it just really sucked, maybe because it was close, close, nine, eleven and eleven, and I get about you know I mean I'm sure it suck balls to whatever I want to say is going to be so bad, so I'm going to boot regardless, but I lasted maybe fifteen seconds, one thousand five hundred and twenty seconds, So I'm just like Shell shocked and then I'm just chilling in the hallway there was a desk. There was, you know like an old school student desk where it's like l shape and they have the basket it's in the stairwell, for some reason. So I just said I just sit in that chair I and a video game, or something 'cause. That's, not a human experience, really that many people get to go through. I'm trying to make sense of what happened and the world and my wife moving forward. It's a lot going on. It's a lot going on. You know.
And then you know I get up again and myself. I go up the stairwell I get. My things from you know see everyone else in the gray of the worst see one. The green room area get my my car and I think I drive home. My parents take a separate car right and then I hear the story for my brother, so they're all in the caravan. Because of Neil. Oh, my brother, my dad my mom. This is silent on the car ride home like no one's talking, because I mean you know they saw what they know so, no one's saying anything and then obviously my dad, my dad's, like what number thrilled about me doing, standing begin with right. So he breaks the silence. He goes what there's no business like show business and then hindsight, like. I think that's why, when I want them to come out, I wanted to be like such a polar opposite experience.
A long way from then, but I'm almost grateful that it did happen because You know what comics trade bomb stories I fucking win every time and to me for me to be so young like seventeen and come back from that. That means like there's, really something fire in me are like. I was meant to do this. I really love stand up because I'm not a pleasurable experience to potentially think that could happen again. You know now they've seen you on television, they were showing me yeah. Do they think you're special was good yeah? I think so. I never know like my mom will tell me, but I never know what my dad catches and when was Last time you worked in Seattle. To do. The part is that when you're going under, when did it go under a few months ago I think fuckin, a yeah, so the Pool Hall part's gone to think so. Fuck yeah you like to play there It was a great gig and play pool and for me, it's your jam. Oh my god. It's like you design, the club. That's how our designer a club
yeah, so it's weird I mean I could have them come out to another show they have there now. What's the club, I don't know, I think mostly know they have giggles or whatever in the university district or maybe it's called laughs. It's called laughs, it's more giggles used to be so there comedy club and all comedy club and also comma. You know crazy can. But these aren't Seattle that fucking parlor, live was a great club. How did it go under Bryan Callen know just I don't know what are the begin. True, it's like pressure, the man who broke the parlor fucking ruined it, bro yeah yeah. So when you it's come to see you. Will they come to see you in LA or they come back? No. I haven't, I haven't decided on the back barn. I mean I guess. If I do the tonight show, I mean I've done too late nights already. Twenty years later, I know I come see, you live oh yeah, yeah. What should I do? I don't know invite into a show yeah. I don't know what,
pretend there at the first show and then bring him to the second show yeah just to mentally prepare yeah. You obviously have a little bit of a block. Is thinking about it, yeah, not a block, but it's it's a thing. Oh for sure you they saw. You eat shit, yeah and especially when they were so anti that then, but you are, They were wrong, Sal works, I mean my parents never yelled at me, but I can't do comedy or as ways wasting my life. For that I'd, be there pimps. Prostitutes, I mean I love. My parents have a great relationship. This is just kind of like one thing that was incongruent in the relationship. Almost no parents think their child is going to make it as a computer. It is the most is the most impossible to imagine success business that you could ever think your kids going to go into. No there's no like we're talking about.
Stand up, that none of this is written down. Right. Talking about the principles stand up, there's no course you can tank doesn't exist, any classes usually taken by someone who's, not very successful at stand up for the most part. I don't know of any successful it could give his rocks not out there teaching non class. You can give you the confidence to like jump off the cliff, but outside of that you're not going to learn, but but here's the thing all these principles that were talking to, about look comedy is obviously a viable art form. In a large scale venue mean I just got done doing to arenas this weekend right, so talking about something that is right up there with music or even with sports. I mean it's a large scale, enormous. Yet there's no real, like pathway, that's written down there's no real principles of it that are universally assumed by all people who participate in the art form
Where is almost like. If you learn music, you learn chords and chord progression. You learn, you learn how to use your diaphragm. You learn how to sing and learn how to play instruments, and you learn how to make a chorus and There's none of that for us. I think it was just such a foreign. I can understand where they're coming from it's such a foreign concept. If you get an engineering degree, your doctor, you do a b, you get see, there's a blueprint for it. Yeah stand up is just nebulous or just like the arts in general is just sort of like you can't tell someone like your path to success is going to be different than Ian's path to mine door and you kind of learn that as a comic as well early on 'cause, I think there's a little bit of imposter syndrome like like somebody else get something you feel like that, on you, but you do it long enough. You realize, like oh every, His journey is so different: well, not in a hippy dippy way, yeah, but like your religion. They're are different than mine. They are different, so everyone hits at different times not right or wrong. It's just life nature you're different than everybody else. You just got concentrate on doing your best
and figure out what you can learn from other people's success and failures, but don't think of it as your own success or failure. Yeah, and I was on your own paper- I wouldn't want my kids to do comedy of my kids. Look at it with the whole layer, so hypocritical, one of my kids is like I want to be coming in. Like listen, you not give me fucking comedian, stop yeah! I think we're I different. My parents, if they want to do something in the arts I'd be like, have added I support you. I wanted to work out yeah, but kind of have a foundation work on that. I don't want to send you to do communications for years, yeah, there's no school for it! Yeah stand here's the school have a shitty childhood. That's the So the thing is, I had a yeah. Well, it's just that. I had like a maybe that's why it hurts so much. Maybe I gave him everything he still did it yeah, that's funny you! You might be one of the rare God. I think the news or read where there's people, obviously the other. There is no more what just well adjusted yeah. I don't know
little even level? What about the you know him? Well, I don't know we got the out here. Everyone. Everyone is up to some degree. Yes yeah. So that's why the comics sure yeah, but I have no matter who you anybody applicable earth yeah yes, so this is a universal truth, but usually some kind of fucked up childhood is a prerequisite. It helps it's like the you'll its fuel. It's like there's five years to come from good childhoods too. You know I would have this it's a dumb thought, but I would have it as a kid trying to do stand up and not have to face this wall of I don't know you know the best of wanting to do it and, like all man, I kind of wish. I had like like a ports childhood or like not middle class, because then it wouldn't, we wouldn't be questioned. It would be like yeah, of course, what is gonna do well. I was
really healthy. When I was young, because I was a martial artist, I was competing all the time I was worked out and I was like man if I was a drug addict, probably funnier. I really used to think that way because, like the guys who did drugs at Kennison and pro fire had drug problems so feel, like I mean you've been doing it for I'm. So maybe you have a better perspective on this. I think, like back in the day with the doing drugs and all that part of that did that help like. Was it image like how in terms of seeing the comedy for what it is, was it part it being new rockstar stuff drugs, so you don't have to be as tight as say like nowadays cause there's so many more comedians no writing letters wildness to it. There's wildness to it, like, I think, the funniest kind of all times, Joey Diaz one of the reasons why he's the funniest guy of all time is the wildness true truly wild like in? He knows raise watching him like in the or especially in twenty nineteen
climate in. You can tell he doesn't know no time machine? Is it he's like Encino man? They just thought him out and they just threw him under the or and people their horror. Hard and so happy at the same. Yes, I think even the locust people, when they're watching Joey and there's just this energy and people are laughing so hard, like your altruism, can't break do that you can't deny what's happening right now right, so it kind of makes you, I guess, reassess what you're supposed like. I shouldn't be laughing at this. It's it's a weird time for comedy, but in that weird time, you're going to get some of the best stuff, because it's like super charged yeah. It was like as if it wasn't when it does
get through if you can cover all the bases and make your argument soundly and logically, and also have it be funny see birdie that all the time to us in like Joe, is such a force of nature. Yeah, it's you don't have to time? To like think about? Is this Local. Is this knee jerk years rolling kind of just like throw out this crazy premise: that no one no sane person would be on board, like especially guys on dates. Well, you just hear some of these arguments or whatever he'll just throw out there any won't steam roll over he'll. Just let it simmer and that's my favorite because, like he's methodically surgically taking his time to proving the point of this argument. Well, a lot of these arguments. I would suspect that he's having at home with his wife, his wife, a powerful woman and she's feminist. I mean what a cool woman to you know what I mean just like yeah, so he has to formula
really well thought out arguments I would imagine I mean. Maybe he would, but you know, he's obviously thinking these through like this. Is not this not flipping about these points of view and perspectives, yeah. So I just I just love how just throw it like a piece of baloney on the kitchen report when it nails when he nails it bad, it's like so much more satisfying, even in the past, because it's like you're making your way through. The rockiest stretch of the river- and I think those are the most rewarding bits comedians comedians longer, you've been doing it like. I could be silly and get a joke and sure that's fun, but it's it's not that rewarding as if you have an argument like borough or something just countered counter culture and- and you can methodically it's like, the laser field right, that's way more rewarding just walking down the hallway right, like mission impossible, when all those lasers are protecting the diamond
yes limbo through these things and what kind of movie is that we just walked up as an app old exactly in the credit actually yeah. It's it's an interesting time to get these ideas out there, but you see by the reaction of the comedy store that people are looking forward to it, because I think they feel the same way, but God damn everything's going so far, and so my people are so God damn sensitive about so many different things. It's not about intent, they're, just looking at magic, words and and buzz word we're moving off limits, there's no such thing as context anymore our intention now and you get that at the comedy store and I think it's the last place. People are talking this freely yes place to think. Alright, we've been in a little bit of a resurgence with stand up and like all the specials, and all that my when's it going to burst. I'm Michael cool, I'm gonna get to miss two comedy bubbles: sweet but then yeah, but then It's proven wrong like it's getting bigger and bigger yeah, it's good yeah,
why it was a bubble when it sucked. Let me tell you about the bubble of the nineteen eighties. There is a bunch of people that had a kind of way of talking about things, so I my cat in my room and the mouse was like wild bring them in my house as a way of talking. There was a com, anyway are talking that these guys did. There was some guys that just were not insightful and they just did comedy in a way that they had heard people do calm, so they kind of just like mimic the sounds it's like. You never heard a band that sounds exactly like. Maybe stone Temple, pilots or something like that, but they're not really like that. But like so weird, so do so much like. So I don't know if you remember guerilla black, which he sounded exactly like notorious b? I g. No, Well, yeah fuck! Is that really black yeah really like, I heard I'm like. Are we doing this, so crazy, oh yeah, it was insane yeah. I watch
the comic one night at one thousand nine hundred and ninety three or something like that. On stage in Montreal at just for laughs- and he was basically doing a Richard Pryor Impression- and I was like what in the fuck am I seeing it's like this guy was doing prior, I mean everything about his set. He was doing prior point. This is so strange to see that people do that. Well, that was a part of the bubble in the bubble. There was these guys who would wear the clothes they thought a comedian would wear and say the things and there was so much work. There was so many there was so many loves, and there were so many evening at the improv is, and all these different little show anyone to get a piece yeah people that mimic the part. There was a lot of people back then that were arrogant that were working and they were headliners and they were arrogant. They were fucking terrible and I really enjoyed watch them fall off the face of the earth.
You know I'll tell you some names afterwards with the other names. I was getting tired, but these these people were doing comedy in it and they weren't participating in an art form. They are mimicking. They were mimicking the people that were participating in the art form like love him or hate him, Jerry, Seinfeld's, an artist right, I do too, but he's an artist his style with the you think. I've heard criticisms that he's not deep enough. He doesn't talk about sex or anything dangerous. Whatever he likes what he likes talk about, sir. He likes a certain style of comedy and he's a master at that style, but he's spawned so many babies with Patrice O'Neal would babies, I country so Neil, like would say, like hey man, you got a lot of babies out. There was a lot of people that are imitating you. You got babies that, and there is a lot of like David.
Perfect, so yeah, I gotta shit load of babies. There's a lot of pain, had a lot of babies, Dane how to Mitch Hedberg. Remember mission had a lot of baby, see it out. Tonna, there's a few people that mimic during the 80s it was. There was a few new innovative people and a lot of babies. It was like the was ten babies to everyone innovator, and you have these like fake headliners, and they show up in town, but they had those premises, that everybody had they had. Those beats that everybody had, they talked in the same way they didn't take. Any chance they were shooting straight down the middle, and that was the bubble and that all went away. It all went away when that went away, those guys died off and there was people that were aft over the people that were left over were the actual comics, the actual people that were good enough, where people would repeatedly go to see them at clubs. They wrote a lot
the they practice they were. They were interested in the actual art form itself, and I was really for that I started on Boston, or Boston, had a very high standard due to Barry Crimmins, really important. It was great he's a brilliant. He was brilliant rest in peace, berry love the guy, but he that guy. He was one of those guys when, when he was nice to me, as as I got older- and you know I was terrified of him fight him like him. Seeing me when I saw him so much when I knew what a high standard he had for comedy and he was, One of the main reasons why there was no hacks that were tolerated in Boston and that that you want everybody had to be a know- everybody had to do good material and everybody sort of policed each other. You know and when
when you have a community like that, you get to see the art form flourish in a very good way and we had a lot of different people. They were different, but they were all like really high level. So we would get these guys that would come in from out of Mound road, guys that were babies, there were Seinfeld babies or different you would see how poor they look when they were surrounded by these original murderers. So you have like guys like Steve Sweeney and Lenny Clarke would go on stage and then one of these babies would go up after him. And just eat blinds of shit. Why are they going after? They had a terrible system in Boston? That was really mean was designed to make new designed to make national headliners bomb. Really yes, They would pay them a lot of money to book a club and they would book them. On a show with three local headliner and these. Local Headliners would just fucking straight up murder, and they would do all this local Boston
If that made everybody excited, and then they would have one of these guys who was used to going to Cleveland I was just in Indianapolis. Had a great time did a little comedy, that's what I do I'm a comedian and they would go up there and just eat plates of shit and get booed off the stage and people would leave and they were they would do it on purpose, to teach him a lesson or something: oh, no, they were just mean, like those guys, never. First of all, those common, those comics never left Boston, okay and they wouldn't murder almost every night, and they were all animals they're doing coke and they were drinking in their fucking savages. They pay them in coke, no bullshit, yeah next comma, stop used to pay people in coke. Yes, then pay me in Coke. I never did go right, but I knew the whole deal. Everybody knew that
and so when these guys would come in from out of town, they would be angry at these guys and they're like who is this fucking guy's got evening at the improv? I don't have that show he's on the Fucking movie with Billy Crystal for Kim, and they would go on for those guys and light them on fire light them on Pfizer who's dictating this line at the club, Onyx club they're. Also the ones on coke, so fun fun filled his mind and they would they would do it on purpose and Nicole, you it, but some guys would survive like ice. DOM Irrera in that environment but Don murdered yeah. That was a thing DOM murdered, so he would go there. He talk about how strong the lineup waas he knows. That is amazing. This is great, but he would go up a murder because he was a really comic. So DOM was their pre bubble during the bubble post bubble he's a comic. I mean those are the best guys, yes funny guys, who take funny guys on the road with them. Yes, not everyone does that yeah. You know uncle panic,
They want they want, like the best comics or like. I want something funny too yeah. I want a great show. You know the reason why I take Ian or Santino or I was took Joey Diaz before he got too big joint is selling out the Chicago Theatre, eyes. Murder in it, but all those guys are Iain Duncan. I I wanna have fun. I want to be with comics I want. I want show It'd be great. I don't want to be the only one is funny, that's gross right and I think it's a way to discover new comics as well like I was. I was opening for Neil for a bit for his tour from a the dates, and it was so fun for me because I call headline stuff, but I'm not a draw not yet so I need to have walk up for whatever the club I'm doing like they need to have a comedy on states great in Madison WI. This is, they have walked up. They just have to trust with the community. They all just come to show yeah, it's great or like comedy, works in Denver, I'm done comedy on state. I heard it's great. It's really good! There's a theater right next door. You probably be doing that
like it's such a great time together. The last time I was there, there's actually a poster for that theater in the bathroom. So it's fun do that when they have a walk up audience like the works like Denver. They did some Rando club, I'm not a draw yet like in purgatory, but the Neil thing was cool because they're all coming for Neil the theaters, I'm just doing twenty minutes, which is like I'm shit that out it's nothing. You know right like headlining, so there's no pressure there there for Neil, I have a great set and you are funny, so you get like fans from his fans tools the best, and it's a great show as a as a whole yeah. We complement each other, so yeah you get to it. Then he gets to enter yeah to a funny, calm him and so grateful that he gets to do that like pull a guy up and and sort of a tickle credit for, like I, don't know yeah. I know it's great that that's where it's at you know, but I don't think this bubbles popping it's too for
one it's too good, I mean there's too many good people as long as the art form is good. The bubble only exists and pops when it's a fake thing, like it's a ponzi scheme. That's not really the case right now. Yeah there's any good comedians right now, everybody's working hard. You know everybody realizes that. There's a lot of pressure on you! So they're! All! That's like you were saying like how many sets I do. That's why do something here is the only way to do it. I do two sets of night reset tonight, all the time and there's so many outlets now to which kind of what's helping it not pop, is you have Netflix now these new streaming, like HBO Max on Amazon and Apple gas, is on here in a couple days days and he's got his Amazon virtual yeah. So does Alonzo Boden his Amazon specials coming out soon and then there's a bunch of other people that have Amazon specials. I'm seeing people advertise them on their instagram, so Amazon bring together a bunch of specials now which to me, is very, very
exciting, because they have the marvelous MRS Meisel yeah. One of my favorite shows so I'm just site that there's a lot of new venues and then is new streaming things or who knows maybe who will get into stand up. You know maybe some of these other streaming services is get into stand up. It's great for everybody. Man really is. This is plenty. Or there's guys like Andrew Schultz. He That's exciting like as a performer and of the comedian, and I think everyone has varying degrees of I think, tanks that he had coming up, and I kind of felt that way as well, like people have varying degrees of how much the industry fucks with you Sometimes I feel- and sometimes I don't I don't feel in. I do for certain things and- and that was just the refreshing just to take the power back and even seeing it happen with so many p in the game like I've known Theo forever, yeah we've been puttering around town and doing shows, and just you know, obscurity and then doing the pod. Cast and just
seeing him take his own fan base and power back, and everyone wanted to fuck with him. Now and like they weren't they weren't launching that guy. You kind of learn to that. It's just monkeys, picking stocks, well, fairness, Theo turned a corner in like two years ago, where I remember watching before in my guys kind of funny easy, unique, but then to you years ago me and Adam when the back of the room like this mother fuckers turned the corner like he was just killing. It was just really funny but like a funny in a new way like he had hit some like some of the words he uses to disturb is, but he hit that gear, and then everything took off from there. It was a lot of it was just hard work, persistence, hard work and just eventually really clicked. I think it's going one two punch, I think, was turning the corner and then also just the word to the people democratically. Just his paw
cast and him doing other peoples podcasts for sure, 'cause he's really good on podcast he's just fall Nelly and funny, and then his own podcast, where he just looks right at the camera and a brand It talks about shit and you realize like how is fucking unusual brain word funny. Sometimes you just want to like figure out what, algorithm is or what he's doing, and you know this is him. Figure machine yeah. No, you know you never get that. How would you think to call it that never he's got Theo Comedy It's like we were talking about earlier, where no one can really teach you how to do colony, like your you, gotta figure it out, and no one, no classic the train comedian. If there ever really was one where ever you teach terrible to the classically trained comedian, new details, babies yeah, it would be like those guys, a bill like fake Seinfeld to fit gap begins or whatever the they are they. What yeah? The shells thing was really cool to see because,
Does she just did it on his own? But here's the thing- and I wanted to bring this up with you jamie- is he shadowbanned on Instagram? Tell me what you think is going on, because I text them when they happen 'cause. I looked it up. Yes, and his name is shut up at the top of my list. But he said other people you wouldn't show up on mine really. Yes, I think it changed the algorithm, because I've noticed view at it could be what it could be, but there you have to take it like a case by case scenario. Was the person that first sentence or they already following him? Do they search his name alot? Did they block nothing is ever done. People have told him, hey man, I'm having a hard time finding your instagram page, and so he asked me about it, and I said what do you mean and I go I see you right now, you're on my feet and you guys don't know. If you go to search me, so you will kill me search. You are oh, I wo
I search engines, Schultz, nothing, I mean a bunch of other people, but not him and he's got a lot of followers like. Let's do it right now, pull it up. Put it up on screen, put it up on the screen. Let's just do it in real time. Let this part. What I was saying is, I follow him so if you're not already filed membership in a different way, but I do follow him. I look at this being high. Now, just Andrew and give him some space right space? I should have shown up already right, but just space and then type in his name. It's not coming up, right now hit search buy a ticket. You can't search on well on the web, but look it's not showing up You see Andrew Schultz fans, even when I typed in his actual account name. It didn't show up
and so it was an entry shoals fans. What is that click on that right? There blow blow blow blow, keep going, keep going the blood count there. It is that's right, click on it and it's not so it's his fans, it's just a command of a hundred. Sixty five followers. That's crazy! Right! Now. I know it's not him, I'm just trying to figure out what it is. So just in that search, it's not showing up and it wouldn't show up for me on my phone either. Now it doesn't make any sense, because what does he have like one slash, two, a one million followers? How many fathers would have that's not interesting yeah like he thinks, he's being shadow band. What the are they trying to get some money out of two hundred and eighty two one thousand two hundred and eighty two thousand people and you can't find his page on Instagram. Is it Schultz with the t or no just? No? No, you LZ, but it's not showing up. It is not showing my knee, and now we might be being paranoid here.
And it might be just something in the search algorithm that, for whatever reason his thing, isn't showing up and they used to, day Andrew Hazy, Schultz. I don't know why has he was the name of it? Okay, and maybe he thought that has he was fucking him up, so he took hazy out of his name in the it on his instagram page. So it just says Andrew shows now, but even though, still you can't find him? That's weird. You have to type in Andrew Shoals, all together with no space and then you'll find them. That's what I just did it didn't come up with no space yeah, that's what I was just doing in front. Why
ask me to type stuff, and I was taught so you did it with space and space yeah. That's when I did it to him. I was like, if you, if you're typing and no space, that's where the issue is. If I believe that not if I type in all the way it's showing up right away- and he said ball, I'm seeing that from people both ways. So I go up. If that's what you're seeing then I'll go out on a limb and sort of say, does your show one is manipulating that search result because you can manipulate searches, here's the thing they do shadow shadowbanned people on certain social media platforms is has been revealed through hidden camera conversations with people who are whatever moderators or engineers or people that work behind the scenes on Twitter or Facebook and they do manipulate, algorithms, manipulate searches and and shadowbanned people and there's a lot of people, particularly conservative people, which he's not conservative, but what is, is you know, he's a raunchy comedian and he might
I've done something that someone felt was not woke or what have you in the want to slow down the broadcasting of his signal, that's entirely possible. I don't know if it's true, though I would loved, have a logical explanation. That is still. Why he's not showing up yes, but he's he's complaining about it that it's a shadow ban go. Follow Andrew Andrew Shoals S! S! H! U L, Z, S, h! U, L Z so far. Yes, on his lunch, real desert, town Instagram shadow bands, we can get around you he's a marketing genius is great to hear him talk about. You know what he's doing and how to get around it and it's exciting, because you you forget, as an artist, you have a lot of power a year, everything you're you're the product and sometimes a session, the old, my
well, you just kind of waited to be anointed. Well, he's got millions and millions of views on his special on Youtube and if you stop and think about, if that is on comedy central, which comedy central did want to give him special. He probably would get like. Maybe a one million people would watch it when it came out, and that would be the end of it. I have a special, I don't think people are watching it. Just Youtube is accessible, it could be in comedy jail. You could do a great special. No one can find it right, yeah yeah, everyone has Youtube. Everyone click on a link, everyone as you do- and this was his logic he was like. You know what I'm just going to release the whole thing on Youtube and look, he went straight from not selling out clubs to selling out theaters like that now said everywhere. Internationally, It's amazing from afar to watch the industry change disease. Realize I think early on you. So much of your self worth is put in these people and you
You don't realize to later that all there just heat seeking missiles you know, majority from don't have taste taste it's just whatever. Whatever do Never is hot. Can I get up hive analysis? Yeah I mean including hacks. I mean there there's a long history of them supporting hacks and thieves. It's just a thing where they're, what they're trying to do is make money. You know if you're, an agent or a produce.
Meet the there's no benefit in you. Supporting artists should is not gonna be commercially yeah yeah. You have to find out like who who's gonna, who's, gonna pop who's, gonna be the Next movie star who's gonna be in the movies. You know you have to figure that person out and what was it like? A one in a messy thing went down what was the climate like for you say professionally after that went down because he was at a different level at that time. Right, yeah, the end is more popular than me with comedy for sure you know I was doing fear factor back then, and I wasn't really working on the road that much I really couldn't. You know I was doing thirty episodes a year plus so thirty weeks to a year of work, and I wasn't really enthusiastic about Trav.
Going when I was doing that yeah I just wanted. I was exhausted um and then I was doing the store too. It was mostly just working on my act and just doing stand up um. They supported him because he was the one who was making the money. I mean in fact I left my agency because they wanted me to apologize to him, and then Louis wound up leaving them in a tell one to believe in them and swarts in one to believe in them. Everybody left them right after that, because they found out that they wanted me to apologize to him. Everybody in the industry knew what was going on, but they wanted to turn a blind eye and make money. So it did. It hurt my career while I stopped going to the store, but that didn't hurt me much it hurt them, it hurt the store, because I told everybody and then that place was a ghost town I mean it went from being packed when I was there, because I would let them put my name up on the marquee and I was working for free. That's how fucking stupid Tommy was fucking dummy, but then, when you know he got fired and I came back and made it all worth it. You know the whole
nothing was. It was interesting because it could show you that if there was someone who was doing what Mentia was doing that you can get away with it and even with someone who was successful. Like me, I got another agent like that. I mean, but by I let my agent literally said I was going to have to apologize to him. My you're out of your fucking mind listen I'm not only I'm not doing this is we're never going to work this out I'll, never work with you again, 'cause you're asking me to apologize to someone who is literally a vampire stealing from the work of other artists only does, and you guys know it and you guys are from profiting off of this like this. Is you make a giant mistake and I turned out it was correct, but it was interesting because, even though it didn't hurt me financially, I got to see that they were trying to, because you know he wanted them. He won an apology and I was like your idea.
Come on to you and as it kept getting, people became more and more aware. Other people started finding other bits that he had like the real thing that sunk him was Cosby. Really now, I think about it now, but he had this like such obvious theft of a Cosby bit me still all the inflections and lobbyists who switched it around a little bit. But people who work with him trying to on the stop doing that bit because it was a giant famous Cosby bit. He just insisted that is going to do it and we're not big on you to do that and MAX can folks find out. He was really mexican. That was a knife in the heart when they were like why like what's when they found out what was real name was like you, gotta be fucking kidding me. There was so much going on. Then, though, that was you know he was really popular
He went from selling out these giant places, and you know kickin ass, all over the country and people knew him from the television show and they thought it was hilarious. I guess it's kind of cool, but stand up is that of all the art forms stand up, has the most jet this and now it does now there's a lot of people who made it through the net back in the day they were just criminals. I guess it was harder to know back there was no internet. There was just sort of like word of mouth or you hear story. We all know that there is parallel thinking and there's even cases where you forget. You heard something I've done it. Usually we hash it out like a comic or something would be like for sure yeah you could have it or girl pals and it's bound to happen. It's going conversation. If you're a pro you like all right, I don't need that bit yeah exactly and then there's also people that are like you know, like you said that word, that's the word that I say my bit like what Like some people, similar high percentage is like like yes, yeah, some people get lose. That's I talk about being in a relationship, so oh yeah, you could stop doing that. I appreciate it. That's all
I broke up with my girlfriend. Recently too so yeah, I own that well especially things that are current events right in Philly something like can't believe you're talking about Trump, you know I do that whole trumpet yeah. What easy I've seen these conversations Fredo Bit, please not that guy's, never gonna live that down. I'm telling you yeah! This is just bruin of this is just starting he's. Never living that down. That's one! You know I'll wreck your shit, Americans throw you down a flight of stairs yeah was there stairs nearby or what they have to go up? I have to go, find some sterile. Just you're gonna, look like the trip down. It's a weird thing to say to someone authority down a flight. So you want to hurt them, but you want the gravity to do all the work. Yeah, that's true! So it's not that tough's lazy! He has all that potential energy once it gets up there and just knock him over right. That's funny! Looking down looking engineer,
yeah I've got to use that somehow my dad so proud that I pulled that out of the bag. Do you use your engineer, training at all in your stand up? Is there anything I think, uh one quality? I can take away from all the engineering schooling look, I'm not doing formulas and equations and all that, but I think it's just a manner of which I approach things. And time management I'm wired a certain way where be studios on my own, I don't I'm not like smoking weed on the couch and like I'm a shoes or I'm a like I'm okay, what what I want to do, one of my goals for this year- let's say how many times do I have when I'm working on for this set? So I'm just a little industrious. It's taught me and also when it comes to bits. Like. I see them in a certain way like um. The way I get the bits is very organic and that's what I like about it is that it's not clinical or anything, it's just magical. How we think of something, and I'm grateful for that. You give yourself time to think. Do you like specifically, do things
going walks or anything where you specifically, but what I found is one of my favorite things to do is: go to a diner in a booth, have breakfast have coffee and they keep on refilling it and I'm on my phone and I'm on Twitter and Instagram it mine's, just kind of and I'm listening to, music, I love music. So I'm just scouring Spotify and Hype machine just for new music hype machine. I don't know what it is so I'll uh So that's how I find music. Like hype, machine and also Spotify Hype machine, is this blog, bring it so there's music blogs right, there's one called like acid stag, but I like a lot, so you can follow a blog and they'll post songs every day, maybe they'll, post six hundred am today this website. You can follow different blogs and it's like following someone on Instagram or something. So you look at your feed and you get to hear all the
long. Your favorite blogs have posted within the website and there's an app on your phone too, and these are kind of underground songs. These aren't top forty. So it's a way to hear great music that you wouldn't hear on the radio and there they're not any less great there's this whole subculture in genre of music. That is innocent, but it's not on top forty, so people don't really know about it. So Hype machines a great way to get some cool tracks off the beaten path. That's cool I've never heard of that before that's interesting height machine, so music plays a big part in the comedy yeah right machine What's popular now, This is like their shop forty. So even this is little poppy for Maine I'll have Blaster hobby I like finding yes Leena of the a a rp I mean for this type of music yeah, whatever I x, whatever makes the popular land today hold on so you're, not gonna scroll back up, please during Mt Maya, that's poppy, not fuck knows any of this.
If there's childish, Gambino and that guys, if you're, like a teen or early twenties, you'll, know this stuff really yeah. So I just love listening music drinking coffee and on my phone and I'll just get these ideas, but also just living life I'll be walking around London idea jot it down, but you don't have a day job which helps no. That's, that's really helps collect here believe it or not. Yeah. I think Thanks have to be amused and you have to be experiencing just life life if you're working all it's not like it was I was working at Boeing because I had that mental fatigue. Working on parts and all that and and computational stuff, so I'm not think about bits with sitcoms suck it out of you too. I can see that not because you think that it's just like You know. I didn't really work on my act that much during the day. Anyway. Now I have a job doing doing acting I'll, probably get just as much material know. Now you won't you're going to be wrapped up and whatever the fuck,
you're doing and then, when you go, do stand up. You be like oh yeah time to do, stand up now, I'll think about it. You really need that time to be just free to think yeah, it's kind of crucial to the creative process. I don't think about that, but that's true because those other jobs, you have mental focus that you're not dedicating toe. Standing writing yeah, where I'm in a diner and my mind just floating around seems like you're, not working like so on the outside would be like you're, not even working. I might come up with a gem that might be my next closing. Yeah. That is worse, randomly yeah, because you gave yourself that time, yeah, like you just or what watering the grass and a mushroom pops up. Even with me. I think there's a big breakthrough and just accepting that I'm an artist because- you- know my parents and I to to do it for so long. It was this dirty thing and it was always Simpson. Process would go to the club, so stand up in comedy was like a vampire and it was just this thing that I do over here and I want
do it, but it was always different than when I supposed to be doing It was always on the side. It's like a hobby type where there was a division and within my mind, but once I left Boeing and I was doing it full time. What was the impetus like? How did you make that vision? Ideally, I always had this pie in the sky Merrill that would happen for me to leave Boeing. I would think all right. If I got to the point what I'm doing engineering and stand up. I wanted to a point where it's glaringly obvious that engineering is holding it back from this other path, and I have to make the jump so. I needed that to happen, and then I I think enough things happened where I kind of had that situation. I head, I booked this acting thing. I booked a Roland chalk and this is Chuck I'll. Still working at Boeing is like a huge guest doctor out of a truck, So I I and I would do these things towards the end of my tenure at Boeing. I would had a manager and I would get auditions so I would duck out for lunch.
I'm in long beach would drive up to Hollywood and do an audition and wow how long I'll be gone for that one. I would like to a combo it's a lunch and doctor's appointment. Uh then I would do or I would take off coming early and leave early find an audition, but I'd be very strategic about what I'm doing. I can't be the data, so this one I went out for Chuck and then I auditioned and then I got it. This is huge guest star. Working at Boeing and they need me for eight days. I have a day job, so I said I had a family emergency in Seattle. I have to go back home and they're like oh ok, just in Burbank, shooting, Chuck just shooting, and then I go back to work and people see on tv now Luckily, there was enough of a lead time where that isn't coming out for a long time now not yet so I just like okay cool, like I still keep on, keep on being an engineer and then a couple happened. I did anybody notice you on Chuck, but the thing is that happened when I
so aired after I had left how much lead time was there quite a quite a bit, maybe like monster was toward the end. And so no one knew I did stand up and the beauty of it was when I entered the workforce of engineering, everyone is substantially older than me. There will and the 30s or they don't know about hype machine another machine, so it wasn't second nature to be like. What's your myspace or because orcas gigabit up immediately yeah,
So there was no social media was not second nature with co workers, so there was a big enough generational gap, so I was able to for three years. Just no one know anything. So I do the chuck thing and then I also I got really foreign standard. Stent NBC has the standard for diversity initiative every year. You do like a standup competition thing from different cities and then they have a final showcase. So I got like second on that, so I got some college gigs out of it. I got quite a few college gigs and then I booked this show on MTV called disaster date, which is like boiling points for dating. They had a cast, and I was one of the catheters and you just go on dates- friend would set up their friendship dates and they would be like this is the things that she hates and you would just be the worst date ever and you see how long they last on the date. So they need me for eight months or no three months, three What do I do? Yeah a three months old? This is kind of that situation. Where I'm like all right, and I just
chuck had some college gigs lined up. This MTV show needs me for three months. I got it. I got to do this I didn't do that, yet I try to take a leave of absence because I plan on coming back. I was like and I I need something came up going to be gone for three months and then and they're like no. You can't do that, I like, are you sure? we can try to finesse and they wouldn't. Let me and then I was reading about unemployment and stuff, and I read that you couldn't quit, you had to get fired, yeah yeah, so I'm like alright, because I'm going to so I last day there I wrote an email, an email hey guys I'll, be gone for this three months. I plan on returning on this day and then I just went incommunicado. Like I didn't, I didn't pick up any phone calls. If I was gonna fight, I want to get fired by them right because I didn't want them I didn't want to be on the books that I quit right. For some reason, my engineering brain is like this is great I'll, get them on a technicality, they'll fire me and I'll get my employment. If I need to so I leave.
Knowing I'm shooting the show for three months and then eventually I get like a termination letter in the mail from Boeing. Hi, yes, but then it turns out. I mean I could collect. Unemployment from the MTV No, so I didn't even have to go out that way. Oh really, I mean it was fine like it wasn't. Yeah are used to collect unemployment for dude. He was. He was like my guiding light in that regard. Early on, especially when following in the MTV thing comes and goes. I do two seasons of it and then, but that's not like a going out of rock solid thing and are you would show me the ropes should be like. Please click on a woman from an acting job. You get a job in a unemployment is helpful, works yeah yeah. He taught me how to do, and I never heard of anybody getting unemployment from acting gigs or would do a commercial, that's how it works like employees, you pay into it and all that it's all on the up and up it's just part of an actors, guess requirement or necessity of an actor is being available. Yes, so if you, but the commercial like a Toyota commercial. Let's say you make thirty grand.
Twenty grand whatever in that chunk you, made enough money in that quarter to apply because you're paying into it with all you have to hit a certain amount and then you're eligible there's tears of how much money you get for unemployment, then you're eligible for x amount of dollars every two weeks or whatever and that helped me keep afloat for like a year and then I got to the point where I didn't need. I didn't need it. I had enough steady work coming in That was when you tell your parents, I thought that they would take it worse than they did, but I think we had been at odds for so long that What I've notice you can't stay in eleven, your whole life right yeah, so I think they had to know this day was going to come eventually 'cause. I would talk about. That. Was the plan the whole time. I guess I just never thought that it would come through now when you quit. How long did you wait or when you get fired, how long to wait before you told them?
uh. You don't have a day job anymore yeah. It was that because there on Christmas, is around the holidays, so we were at my aunts house, and then I told I told them I was like it went over better and I thought yeah. I was surprised. What did you say all the good things are getting yeah, obviously come on, I'm going quit. I'm gonna figure it out figure it out I like having you guys for money later, but I'm really proud of that. In this whole, adventure. I've never asked my parents for money and I think that's a win. Yes, when it's a huge win yeah- and I hope that they kind of noticed that through the tough times I never had that that meant that the sign is going well, they should figure that out that's a giant when yeah, but I mean I just want to tell people if they have a similar path that you don't there's this romantic his version of being an artist where you just pack up all your things come in LA yeah man in like not going to be a hundred percent. My art yeah. You have a plan g. You want to set yourself up for success, or are you trying to do?
Are you an artist? Are you an engineer? She got to be both none there's a lot of hours in the day that you're a prime example of that. It's amazing all the things you do There are so many hours in a day, and it's such a cop out to be like I'm to be all in it? I gotta live and breathe. My art, but it was only a hack, not be methodical, set yourself up for success. Well, I think you have to be disciplined discipline for sure. I think it's very important. You can still be artistic and discipline, a country to popular opinion. You can now and you have to be careful not to lose yourself once con la. How many will you know come out here with a particular plan to like be an artist or a writer and they're birthday parties every day like it. If we got the la, you can go to South Park at Party at a bar every day, really yeah here the summit at the birthday every day to this town. So big yeah, that's true! So you get yeah yeah, you'll, see it too. Some artists this
networking rabbit hole and they have no tangible and then Why do to a bad show? They just want to do the best shows and they don't just focus on getting good. That's going to be it's just! I'm going to this party song here and they have nothing. Do you ever envision a time where one of us, or maybe a collection of us, writes down all these things, but it had some sort of a guidebook to stand up comedy. I really think someone could benefit from it. This. It really is the only art form that, as were saying before, is a viable art form in large scale. That doesn't have. Any book or nothing yeah, not. I mean every fucking book about comedy like how to do comedies, pterosaurs TIA. You know it's weird you know. What's scary, there's all these formulas, I think podcasting has taken some of the mystique out of it yeah. I think it's also created a bunch of fans. The process to to like I've talked to people that have have come up to me at the comedy store,
hey armor. I saw. You first do that bit a year ago and I want to change, and then we came on your Netflix specials like Holy, like look at it, it's kind of cool to see it grow and become viable yeah. I think it's cool that there's an audience for that or that they value that because they think it's easy to to assume the end consumer just once in the finished product yeah, but their comedy fans are so savvy now they want to see that process and they feel like their lead in, like oh cool, like it's, not a magic trick anymore. No, no! No! It's different! Yeah! No! I agree, listen man, I'm glad. I got you in here my pleasure brother, my pleasure, and it's always cool, seeing you at the store, you're funny mother, Fucker and I wish you all the best so tell anybody what your it's if he man or so just my name, Twitter, same Fahey, manor and then I'm especially called there's. No business like show business so will watch that I totally specials on Amazon yeah, but it
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