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#1336 - Legion Of Skanks

2019-08-19 | 🔗
Legion Of Skanks has been called “the most offensive podcast on Earth” and the hosts and creators are stand up comedians - Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith. https://gasdigitalnetwork.com/gdn-show-channels/legion-of-skanks/
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what life this is sort of fellow members were recorded could see voice Sunday. He's avenant things got strange to notice that we're live, We had a drink or listening little too I right now, people in listing the demo Thyssen. We will really origin having the most natural conversation, every has gone back and forth nine and by Thyssen we're talking. When you went to the bathroom. My Thyssen says he smokes forty thousand dollars yeah? We also cells we'd, so he just charges is himself a lot of money. He desires oversupply where you could work forty thousand hours where the weed, maybe like his whole crew. You had to say about himself, there's no way a month ashes. Forty I want to see what it looks like in a room, I guess it would be a pile of that you could fall into in thinking that there be a big fire and you can fly.
The act with confidence. We eyes will how much is I'm you're? Getting an boxes can be probably like a hundred dollars, it's getting worse and even less than what we need to spend. Forty grand, though, give you more than forty grand words driving is to be like here as we smoke ten tonnes of wheat at the ranch a month. Oh my god. This is Britain said even if that is a safe in even Ebon Evan Britain. So ten tonnes of wheat is forty thousand dollars. That doesn't seem right. Doesn't none of that in writing thousand pounds of we sizeable. He obviously could have easily been joking and laughing myself to worry radiant in print.
But he's like. Do we small ten tonnes a month? Yet this is money we talk. Restaurants sounds like something I would say more than possibly imagine. If keep burning, we burn it all the time we don't even thought of wild number. Forty million. Now forty million Argus forty thousand, someone she made em, some journalists should do like do just make. An image of this is what forty thousand dollars were. The weed looks yeah. It's gonna be more than who they even by science and industry can smoke when they fill this whole room I think it would be a shipping crates. When we were somewhat area, is it even a graph, is it even possible to smoke forty thousand dollars we'd a month, nine hundred eighths? Why would they not that much, but with a crow niner, I think about it. If you do two grand once that's too blunts per eighth. Essentially
a little bit less. This guy's gonna broken down baby. This got really could just tell you how much it is symbolic he's even you, nine hundred eight seems a little bit lazy. Even right. Eighteen hundred blondes between my Thyssen's career was not actually that much for a month. It's not that much now and I'm looking to have that how this guy saying anything. It's basically for blunts per hour, that's totally possible. If you get a large number of people with you, I will never question MIKE Tyson again ever. This: is it ever mandolin asking about ten tonnes that were being silly? I think they were chosen round. I've been a lot of it. They give away too. You know they might go through personal stash of that much weed. I didn't. We ranch eyes ends in the Way Games Hall. In too he was one of the most ass, the Ngos interview, because I couldn't believe I was really talking to say. I can't believe. That's really MIKE Tyson, like Giuseppe Boy, you talk to me like that. Really MIKE Tyson Crazy, doesn't make sense
What are you in throughout his life here, like a now he's here, somehow known him as a kid when he was the fuckin man and the sea? when the cover these magazines kid dynamite leads. Nineteen years old on sports illustrated had just smashing everyone in front of him and then also these hang with you. The very strange chill ten is also just as far from Greece and then a resurgence, weird resurgence too, like nobody ever saw becoming like our tune character and like African Broadway actor, and one man show now we'd rancher, that's bananas who saw that nobody said that wasn't me MIKE Tyson should vector yeah, I just home university, and I will tell you the text we, the trajectory of one. Family, who he was when I was a kid and start again was bought a very shortly after he sought a monastery was. Was that Robin given interview. We just setting
do face. Yet she was a gay beats me and rapes. My mom and he's a kid you just go unlike when these cameras go off. Oh boy, you better hope. Then, if you go to harmful, wasn't, there's some talk about them. Medicating him! Wasn't that part of what was happening at the moment, will give us a date him? Maybe I just I'm talking about finery beyond the doktor He was just like. He said he would just so. He couldn't believe she was saying it. So he was just like silent, but if you watch it seems like he's furious, I'm just trying to not say Somethin the key to MIKE Tyson Isn, always similitudes furious they're here. Even talked about it wants. It goes on just mad mad at my dog, dramatic every and that's where he was at the top of the heat, but for how we this peaceful, friendly guy. He had two overcompensate for all that does what he needs. Forty,
as a child. It was all therapy right here to be has ever twenty therapists. He beat up the first seven of them? I mean to do great fighter. You have to be able to look at yourself. You have to be able to look at your skills. You can, you still doesn't mean still can't make horrific mistakes, but you have to be able to look yourself, don't get any better, though those did the best fighters have on understand. Even if they have ego problems, they still have a pretty good understanding of who they are, and that's that, can benefit you. If you use it, I'm sure he programme through therapy, they didn't necessarily he could probably have figured it out on his own. Just causes a smart guy he's a smart guy that group horrible horrible way where first Lovey had was an old boxing train that turn him into a murderer, and I was the first love the guy experience, his life was horrible man and from him being adopted
by custom motto when he was a little kid and having extreme physical gives as well. It was is perfect storm do they said when he was thirteen way. Two hundred ninety power Teddy was used to bring him to boxing, be smoker events and their a guy fuckin thirteen and they put women sixteen years, because nobody wants to believe that a thirteen year old could be jacked like that. Will one day with When I was thirteen years, only we like to twenty strove to different kind was a different built. The outline them off. Fuckers spill, goddamn tank there. That's not a third. In your old. You on fire eyes have fun fact. He is a reason MIKE Tyson solely is the reason why now, if you're on tv for even five minutes, they start scaring your tattoos being covered, or can you get a release for them all because when he came on, was it hang over Movie the company that did or the tattoo or is that it is too. Tattoo sued for, like I think, one for like millions,
that's so for doing you use that pushes artwork without then, once you put it, how to one's nobody is no hardier. You clean part ownership of that. Yes, and it means tat you so much gayer walk around with my lesbian earlier. This is when I became I guess partners in life with a guy in Montreal who spoke french J, how we can use it. We have in common with the same yes, one, two, three four: we have the David S side when it what are you guys have a yes What is happening here, there's a lot of people. And here this. So what are these since this is my hat and not half hearts and is as Dave and Smith, why?
So you are on their arm. The answer you make your comfortable. I did not concern to see much of a pussy here. That's so we did a form that really cute varied. That's real love man. You guys have to stay friends for life now. I know I was gonna be out the door tat two girls, one get married guys, don't approve your bro on four concerns. Rule you name, I will do my attorney. You can have as many guys geronium. Ok, I'm not jealous, but I want my falcon, namely that there is a world. There is a moral authority or yesterday ever guy catching a girl, cheating, hotel and the other guys like naked in the hallway and she's like inner underwear and the guy just scream and there's a guy there, and she just fuckin keeps going and he's. My fucking, your name tat it on me. I guess she's doing I'm sorry, calm down Sarka and what you just decides that she doesn't give a shit anymore, she's, what
What's all due to get my name tat it on you now you're fucking ass, I might have you ever do anything for a girl. You tend to yeah, you know, so I have three cheers these characters uses back when I was young enough when attached job was able to convince you, which I think they started a people that chinese care, there's can say or spell anything which is just not true. We like, but Busby letter. So I got I believed chinese characters was see em ass. There's still, there blended, something else, but it was Sharon These leader was was the name my girl from its terrible name: yeah yeah, sheriffs leader, he sounds like she's got shit teeth infamous, as of now getting Cheryl Slayers slackened teeth, pointing in everyone's direct hardship. Actually, but just I mean come from like a real packet. Dummies like real stupid ends. How stupid in fact was she did I those tattooed on me. Thank God, and Chinese cared
see her mom. Her mom didn't like me, and I came couldn't wait to tell her mom that I got this tattoo ago. Go work for you, What is a cms jeers? What's that your daughter's initials Sheridan Marie's. We hear a he goes a her mom Could she was so happy? That's not your name, my girlfriend so dumb she didn't know. Her name is not in fact she has made, the part? Her name is Cheryl Lynn sweeter, and it was there. So I got a wrong tat, gentle layer of them than she was perfect. She was with me. Well I got it and did no around middle name set their confidence. Like makes you get the M good that this attitude is wild large patches of America. This. That is there tattoo to that tattoo, like that that staff fucked up their bodies so many lives.
People of so many people made renders choices. I had my first have just said: Lou Dog covered the latter. Are you deal Gigi? Nobody has. Ever call me Lou dog, for after all, sarcastically to make fun of me that Guy Lou dog but you were so like to go. Tell your friends advised you call me. Lou dogma was, whereas only had seventy dollars analysing argued I've. Seventy dollars was eighteen. I turned eighteen, isn't gonna fuckin tattoo and I will do no matter what, but I gotta get like a little design and any the less strict and underneath it it was was tribal. Like me, almost rules both like like antlers tribal antlers, but it was. Pour some you would like scribble on a binder, class, you don't you see? It was like there's a tramp snap. What we about tiny trainers, underneath Lou for no reason you under age, not was eighteen,
There is why my mind is the word Jane Old, English and it is so high appeared. So I'm on Wednesday. Sodomy, why cited under your teacher, we're both fat kids and I had a big fat onto this little tiny here in my big fat on in J is so tiny is so tat is so there is bad, it's bad! It's and then more chinese stuff here and PAM Anderson, barbed wire and my arm broadly accepted eyes. All my tattoos have some should eat M store in high school. My friend Jimmy was the first one to get tat to get this really shitty like Tiger on his arm. When his name case forgets name. You know, I think, really, eighteen to time, maybe seventeen and he came home and he had like a little bit,
they'd Pekin out only the surest lobster screamin Adam and if I'm a hope enough room, I'm fuckin the story, I hope not, but like her, I remember thinking that, like while he was the first, I cavern one's gonna get a tattoo eventually like that that the idea that sums gonna draw on new permanent. Ooh forever. You gotta keep leg into balls. Funny inevitably hit me like that harbour the note in his true and by the way I wish you talk about having a time machine. If you go back and just tell your teenage self like just wait till he like you late. Twenty you're gonna have a lot of good years with awesome. Tattoos. We're gonna make decision now have the rest, your life with some pretty sure you ve no money, then you're a teen yielded. There's no money for good tattoos. Profit from some listen live in my view. One of the items I have twenty two hour- tattoos on me for sure If I was offended by the drawing cause, I'm an artist- and I was looking out like this-
so bad guy just shrinks mean the gap is not an artist at all. Whoever did the tattoo used fuckin, just a guy. I've got a job, do and tat to learn how to use the gun. Exam that's a lie that want it. On my leg, I have a dragon with another tribal dragon throws nineteen in Florida in Miami. What do we want? We're gonna, boardwalk. Tat too sharp, like chinese people in a fairly don't ever, it. I never get it. I want you in China using all like tapie technique. They fucking do that. Don't go till! I get shit bodega touch, sharp, because that's what I got of all blended together now I think I had no idea is painful issue. There are no they're doing the other problem is its really painful they, to deny it out with that's another thing about Hannah, Ladys of view or geyser Indiana Tattoos? If you get those Hannah Tattoos in Thailand or something like that. Sometimes it's not really Hannah its hair die and the hare diet can be poisonous to your skin
not good stuff, you know even die getting a real tattoo loud. You can't die, but I think it fox you giving people with hair die find out what I think there was like a warning about this that I read with their saying: don't don't get Hannah from place Is that aren't using real headache as a the use cheap hair die? gotta, just not the donkey Hannah yeah, that's a weird one: ransacking wanna tattoo, and not really- yeah, I got. It looks like a spray on tens wearing off, yet just looks discussed that he be DE is can in whatever black and often contains pdf high levels, and when I plan to skin can cause chemical burns and allergic reactions, and I dont know pdf Chemical, earns you gotta, be careful their kids from supporting new, steered clear of Hannah Drill. Holes in your skin and pump some ache in there
There had to be like for some errors made when they were coming up with like tat. The first tattoos be reflected for your broad compromise is a first tattoos. We're like an Africa carving should into your arm or somebody scarring yeah, we're sorry the great tattoo artist I'm always blow it's the most sloppy uncomfortable with the fact that I can do anything near that with like a pencil and art supplies and set yeah? You know flat surface like wonderment to have to do that is credible, someone's amazing at it. It makes no sense now. Doesn't it We also their stores go. My just scribbling basely looks like they swipe it away and are mad at you. I found the craziest fuckin page, Jamie and vicinity of the CIS lady and she does paint on people's face. That makes it look like they have extra eyeballs and the paint is so accurate. You're. Looking at a video of you like what
The fuck am I looking at. I have to say that the asian check is she Messrs Althea, different. Do then that chick is fuckin, talented which he doesn't make up and she and Tropical she did black face, but she was everything do black face. She made her like an african, newbie and princess. It was the most amazing thing in the world this hurt, but it still like any airline white shark in a job got an email choice. A manoeuvre princess where it all began with her name is mainly choice. This is the shit she does work liquor that do that's insane, your head she's got eyeball, drawn also they'll Robins perfectly well. Let's We are told that you, as do that's if she's a fractal. That is something you would see if you on some serious drugs. This is a kind of shit you gotta pretend to enjoy, which we want to forget our asian chick. Her warranted dance likely that this is a different checked and I was thinking of but notice.
Because Wrangle, it's crazy. If you you got scroll down and look at some of the eyeball ones where the extra eyeballs or below or face the concept Jesus Christ. It's fuckin freak out. It's a fucking freak out there tat so weird gas, while it's that same sort of level of tat, if you are that the really high level tattoo got you seeing that guy Steed Butcher, I showed you that, guy before that, I want to do a room. I would think that it's a monster and I would kill it yeah like what the fuck you someone drug do. He would say Gama got satan- is re around arrogant thinking, Satan's, I'm real guesses de butcher, steed butcher does saying shit man. He did one of me. Somebody got me tattooed on their leg and it's fuckin incredible. We feel that that you're so weird down that don't do that. Does it where you can say what he sends you like this just stop
guy got Legion of skanks tattoo on his face and let you look at you go. That's awesome that you want to do that, but man, maybe you should know, he's had a bunch of other faced Andrews though it was. The first was to put their Kobe Bryant scroll up a bit like that Kobe Bryant, we'll get the teacher s mouth get the fuck out of here, man that might as well be a photograph. That's crazy! I google resolution, like the sweat, if you said to me what one thing you can't draw I'd say: black people sweat Skype. Somehow at the outset I would if I was drawn out of white drifts Dennis failing you recollect Bukovsky to make a bigger Jamie decades with needles man, that's insane how good that is. Somehow it doesnt seem nearly is weird to get athletes tattooed on you as it does comedians does for now. I don't want them. I'm sure corbies run wrangle, tanned food-
different people grow up on like me, but that's not true. Do today the connection that people feel with like comics and pod. It's pretty. It's like would allow what the responsibility we want to do, but we don't want to respond and others mobility of being your share. One hundred percent want my fucking face tattooed on people, so anybody out there. I will give you a free legions gangs. Teacher is there to do it's a good that, to a large says, Lou Dog. That is easy. It's so that its is accurate as a photograph. That's my fucking face. That's my face. That's fucking intense is a male dear. I remember that As for making the point was you were right, some problem with a merry get any one clip of me or my face, and you too, you can make decisions. That's that's an incredible doubts. As the first time Joseph our is bought off me. His nowhere could remember that far back
I think you're gonna think or is times that these processes are getting us but also designated surgery. I think so, Sir he's been bleeding says. I'm known, Speeches are again as life like that. That would show that's a problem that would shut me off from going out to the world, but what? What causes those things? Hemorrhoids? What causes I got hammerheads working out because I was in breathing when I was listening weights and I was just just coenties. My bondholders just popped out really likes raising the polluter animal made blisters inside your bottle and salaries and together for a while, but this actually won't we have we got introduced. Two armies bottle was. I was complaining about me having hemorrhoids,
and I'm Legion Skaggs we opened up, might about how they lay to show that I showed all the guys Louis that we open our. I said: that's not. I am Roy worldwide, her eye. You call that a hammer. I heard this step aside little lady. Let me show you hemorrhoids and it was like it was like the stranger things the fuckin monster awaited the face opens up. Does what always s although loose? I am Simpsons Mouth geometric debate number. The blade vampire mouse, predator, predator, now against baggy, but just as it opens a lie gladly but how did you get away with what he gets away with? Like he's? A key tissues, and it s all at all times and if you with already I won't let you may just throw a bloody tissue out you if it got to get. I get staying away from the doctors as I get it, but if
actively bleeding at your ass off I'd, be on operating table. Faced an outlet wick. I think it's a real pain in the ass to get the surgery I like that dealing with it as is but I mean it's, I'm glad he's gonna get it fixed. So it's troublesome when your friendship, its army times that guy send you a picture of bloody toilet paper. I've seen your way through my way too much thanks for the high level. They were ass. A thing to me is it sorry historically, is just crushed ass, like hot chicks, looking around is of chromium vi, he's confident walking around with an active weirdly handsome, but you know that you simulacra, that's fucking goofy camel face fuckin asshole, but then you look at a mechanical dreamy eyes using Shea butter, a man you going good shape, the sober October. We get the he's a fucking animal
I knew that he was going to be a real problem. He was trying to win that goddamn that's alright air did you can't fucking have a athletic competition with all your out of shape fat friends, it's not fair but they were wont to do good luck, look we're we're going to work out seven days, seven days, six hours a day. Can you do that? We're going to do that, we're going to see the drops not smart, but because they are sober, ARI came the closest argued close who got close. He went hard you wanna hard if army was in shape going into it, he would probably would have at least what's that you were gonna, let workers women really. How do you win the other? So this is last year last year was only telling minute competition. I think it's better off, not being a competition. Honestly, I think the first year we had to do fifteen yogi class over them up. Fifteen ninety minute, hot yoga classes, which is annoying it's annoying like you, don't want to do it
You have to do it like you, get an area right now we're seven like a new start and sank. Any more days. Are there and have dual bunch? Do I want to have a do nine in a row, so did yoga nine fuckin days in a row, but it knows no competition but we just had a require right and everybody met the requirements. We felt good that we accomplish to go together, but then everybody start talking when they want to do a competition Thomas. I tell where these heart rate monitors. We're all gonna die. So what was? How does How would you already of wondering what was the point system based on eighty percent of your heart rate right, so you ll find you max heart rate, and then you know. Eighty percent of that gets you x amount of points and ninety percent.
Gets you. Why amount of points? I forget what is zanuck over the course of time yet, but you can't really maintain ninety percent. Ninety percent is likely sprints the real smart move as stayed eighty and go long term. So we were doing These cardio work out. It's all just in your head, because it's not hard to do it's not hard to do an ellipse go machine, it's an easy motion. So it's all in your head and all you do. Is you wear this fuckin heart rate model? and what I did as I watched the murder scene from John Wick, where it goes into the Russian without over and over again upon a loop for five hours, and I just stayed on the fucking elliptical machine for five hours watching that scene I get to the internet. Rewinding watch the treaties? Music plucked up- and I just I did it for fuckin six- six hours a day, seven hours of six hours a day that psychotic while we boot we were having to competition
It also supports, probably not healthy to work, not help. Thank you for all your computer Why don't we go into hell? We're gonna hell, I'm like we're going to Hell when arbitration. Reviving like the Pittsburgh crisis was the one to talk the most shit, so I would think about him wiles getting tired like there's, no way bitch, there's no way you can. Die we're gonna die because Google does no sleep. Is there an advantage to starting off being like one of the few disguise because you can lose mourns, but now now bodies gonna have a hard time recovering, but eighty four of your max heart rate, is different than eighty percent of my max alright. So technically I dont work as hard as you do not yet have the run. You know, seven on the dry, like you wanted a four point: five, and I think it's based on your age as well, so the MAX hurried different might actually be easier because he just used to doing it,
It's all about your body being used to deal here. You looking out. Marcel percent is only like a hundred forty beats a minute in our. Maybe but a bit more than one forty six beats per minute. That's not that bad! I do know how to do that for a long time what life this was something that's engaging and make shaky breathing it that rate and you get we get trapped in every watching and for me was fight too. There was a big one I just put on some great fights. So I got a tv right in front of me and I'm on this fuckin elliptical machine watch and fight and drink gigantic jugs of water himalayan salt and all these different you re up now keep your high Ok, I will I sweat so much they set off the fire alarm. I filled the room, with so much steam that the fire alarm went off. I filmed it good.
I put it on Youtube or on to what is on interim those ridiculous maybe you had me so mad Dave's never worked out a danish fuckin life. There's gotta be a few, the aim of securities handsome. My point was ARI, got close. They got close to a buzzing workin out, that's how crazy arias and then you have to deal with the fact that you're doing this publicly and you can allow me to beat you with this thing. I was an allowance bert. If our beat me, I would have said Mama, I would out said, while men that is really really impressive but Bert there was no fuck Where will you go away Tom? If Tom be gambling dude, you did it man. While I wish I won, but you ve won Bert, no way, there's no way we're going to have you just leave. We never hear from your when I went to the dark land somewhere that modern me all day, long is going to be lifted, waits everywhere, our backs
was Barton Standing last, does his barely working out can talk and what did he do ends he? When was it a marathon? He ran or something and where the man he ran a full marathon. I ran with pretty employee and our citizens births. Tough, all bullshit aside, like Bert talks, tremendous months shit. That's. Why did one lose too burst tough either. You also talked shits assorted, said the expectation for himself to his usual says it he's gonna fuck and have to stick to. It gives a very low a thing. That's me. I was unaware that very we always have let you speak very decorative about things and, unlike what You do that. I hold myself to that standard. If I send little lose weight publicly and then I don't ever owners a fuckin, phony yeah and if I keep it in my head. I probably would be more likely to skip the gem or whatever else it s. That's really wise! That's really was a good strategy yet well, if you fail, it works for better podcast,
to that end. It's like public acknowledgement of your failings comes to like little girls who suffer it's like. Let's everybody know him and is not easy to do comics any. We live in a social media generation, it's all like you need that. I need people to tell me, did you're losing weight and when they stop telling you that I get fat again and then alike are you're getting fat but losing weight again. I am, it's almost That's the attention, like different methods of losing weight and how much you looked in in fact he had done intimate. Do I've done I've, but it was just a dry that bastard. I fully understand what it is simple. You just have a small more feeding window by for me, I, like I'd like to fast a bastard. I fully understand what it is simple. You just have a small feeding window. Like I eat at eight p m gonna eat at ten a m the next day. It's not yard. I was doing twenty seven p m. I was eating agony from twelve. We understand.
Eight p m, then I eat at ten a m the next day. It's nice are. I was doing twenty seven p m. I was eating agony from twelve, the under seven p m, but I IRAN is, if I just cut out most of the car. And all the cards in the burghers and end the fuckin bread in the past and the rice, I can manage that because I can get creative and from the mood for PETE's. I can figure out you know of a low carb version of pizza. Although card version of pizza cauliflower across it, whatever it is, gay Added to that, because I can get creative and from the mood for PETE's, I can figure out of a low carb version of pizza cauliflower across it, whatever it is gay you know, shit, I'm cowards and, more importantly, when you body has more muscle anybody burns mortar, so you need the same amount of food and you lose weight. You could do all that or were signed. Flowers and, more importantly, when your body has more muscle than your body burns more calories. The same amount of food and you lose weight you of do.
Did you know your medicine for its every day? You takes you, don't get it and I would have actually taken as amateur certainly go now. You don't like have like a condition. You normally. Actually. I think I just eight months ago festival. Oh, it's, it's a big, your fuckin, bright, big toe it sucks sitting, and my I'm already meet and beer and of a note on your feet. How it's it's a real, your fuckin, bright, big toe it sucks sitting and a chair for too long eating too much meat has always and get your heel to. Doesn't it he'll. Maybe I have had it had twice ever my tell it was awful. Will you get out and by when it would hurt. So much did it. When I went to the doktor, I was like I'll. Take it No, your medicine for its every day. You take, you, don't get it and I would have so he taken that amateur heard they go now, you don't like have like a condition. You know me I think I just eight months ago, festival of concerts
when we get to the other. Without his finger. Shouted up is a definition. Gout occurs when you re crystals accumulate in your joint, causing inflammation, intense pain of a gown attack. You re crystals conform. When you have highly those of Europe, acid and in your blood your body produces, gas it when it breaks down Puritans substances that are found. Naturally, in your body like a puss blood, the man of my question, which can cause serious people at ease up on the circus foods, meet paltry seafood cut. Chemical compounds are too high amounts in certain foods like neat, poultry and seafood. That's interests. Are you also have to be fat? Hypo uremic do now. In fact, my friend was not that I prefer Europe senior. It sounds something in a fair for ascension only get the did. I lie. I was on a flight yesterday and I lied and because we were on the Roma for two Have ours
I didn't really impatient of pocket hungry. I made up of those hyper. I seem to be a positive thing. They wouldn't come so eventually waving like a madman and might familiar is a friend or as a comic. He was a few rose up this. How you knew I was on a plane to those being a lunatic. We do any forever on another precisely that article metal, I don't The orange juice it was the most but here suck eleven I keep getting me is two and a half hours at a god when you're angry on a plane is not going anywhere. Its blown away by the amount of rules, labour mobility gate for like two hours before me. I'll go back into the airport now like does make any since you live and not like, take the flagging out I'm off now, and I thank you yours alone. It's a big deal. If you want to leave, that's a bit.
The present our region. If you do leave Louis, you have to work on your own. If you ourselves, videos would you believe plainly fi our daily work, their way you'll get put on a list shore I love your asshole. Every time you fly on a plane. Solidarity has problems will mean those eyes. Yes, Lou AM, I guess, and do you think that they would but Turkey our own. Now I've decided. I want off the plane right now and if you take a seat in the pool the plane back into the black this guy- I don't know you got here. You are you. Are you you're not gonna get off? Unless you make a scene, you will get off once the wave gate, I'm talking about when they stay at the gate and they never actually pull away from like the piano playing use, hoping everyone can keep. It gather the idea, hoping just hoping everyone can keep it get. What your crew easiest playing experience had never I'd hate flying inundated. I've had plenty a weird ones to do a deal almost get after at once on a plane over overhead space as one that was clear
the space overhead busily for live argument. You could have on a plane. Overlays middle person gets out for ass. This one guy was on this side right, but his shit was all filled up, so he opens up the been on the other side and puts his bag in and sits the guy who was behind him. That was his side. He goes hey man, that's my stored space. He goes notes because its storage space, I put my bag in their first, I was an eye was Eddie. I put my bag and there is no. You have yours and I have mine and yours for and it goes to grab it shit and the guy goes. He made don't touch my fucking bad guys right by the way the guy who took the other source. Miss you don't have is that is they ve got a horse eyes or space fuck off dear sister, it's bizarre first class. I wish one of those degenerate fucks from the back, which are to put some shoes motion already free, also in time they almost went after it, though the waitress had to cut them off. She cut them on women.
Ere, the waitress we're the air in their going out it again. So it's like we there there, one at when there about the claims about take off and then they got through The air they were going out again. The wages stewardess cut them off when let em out I'll call but whose tense so it's like you know, you have to keep an eye out USA at a restaurant. I like all times, you know me the lady made me she's gonna help me right. Am I to Jesus Christ. Lady think everything's gonna happen will yet arrived. The woman behind me, as I was complaining shoes it has like those we are using. What would you once you have some? Aren't you some coffee? a kind bar that be nice, because I should like loud enough meters use just get him some orange juice, and I want a turnaround like mind. Your lady should find out who always geysers undercover dude, that IRAN planes air marshals, air marshals, right soldier and AIR Marshall, only cities to two guys get after a little bit just talk and shit grab and bags to shoot em dickie to each other.
Wendy move it because you don't want Everybody, no you're, an air marsh like that. Another blow has got to work that you fucking pussies, just gonna push each other like you, not you guys aren't terrorists. What am I doing here so I suggest an architect and a fuckin if someone's going to have a family planning give up their entire fuck. It's such a pain in the ass. What did you want to deal with two get it we faced by on a plane? Our know how many different crimes it as I've, but have to pull this walk in playing over you're fucked you you have to really want to fight somebody to do that, because you'll be able to lodge a shit you're going to get to that way. You're gonna, like one tonne of whose arrest to your vote, your society de smack. Her boyfriend in the head, the guy gets up, is trying to which is, as far as the latter up and yeah as as walking on the sea itself, ridiculous crude there, and they are right there in the air is going daily, screamer solely laptop. Yes, like you nature,
she's four hours, you catch a boyfriend, cheating on the plane or something like that wages, but she got super loud and it became like a huge see where everybody was listening to her talk in homes like alma guns, so create Have you never dragon the Asian guy on the plains when the funding those do anything you want to go? Wandering research and I want to go home it, but it was so sad downward legitimately have to drag me if they were trying to get me to give up my c they would have to drag me out of the plane. Imagine why nobody really do that imagined thinking they do. We just gonna grab physically and take you off the show. I come on. You're you're you're on the plane, the planes about take off we're gonna grab, you and just pull you out of there and and when always, I think they probably just settled with them. They probably game. Tunnel, money and said, shut the fuck, because at what point it is your pride to out what type of business they do have security at? What point to somebody wants to leave your private business? I'm sure it's within the contract that you fuck and the terms of service for the ticket that they can do that so
thanks. So were the guy's already sitting down what you say I know after they asked him to leave a lot of times, but I want to know what the law says. I mean if it has taken a bought a ticket. You can just I'd, think items are serve any sovereign debt yourselves every year. Right, let us say the terms of service dumb line that you do anything they want anything they want. Well, what happened is they got destroyed on social media for like weeks afterwards, they apologize we're like we're, changing our policy and also to like Starbucks. That's why he asked me why they don't really get me. Fuckin started yachts. Topics are American Airlines has officially thank God that guy wasn't black eyes again. I live in Harlem in the starlight. In Harlem I mean it looks like a bus depot, it's crazy, the issues lines of people just sitting there. Charging their cell phones not order because they, their new policy, is everyone who walks into
customer, yet our customers want somebody areas. The fuckin all happen because of one bad pr fairly adapting their really when these two black dues we're just China, sit down and chill out at that start and someone decided to remove them from the premises yeah, but look now think you're going out with eyes. Was the house will have you any and pay? I know that you have opinions on like that. I'm saying a libertarian perspective. They might have been Dick Starbucks might have index, but what I know is they. They asked him to leave. They called the cops the cops weren't gonna work, system the cops told them you have to leave and they still refuse to weave and then they didn't. Then they let him go they literally just custom. The station, the warlike with any. They also try to order for Loco. So when they were here's what I know. I know that we don't know what happened. Yes, no, I
with that. But I don't know it was a human interaction yellow who the count was, thereby it could have been them. It would have been the person work. I know what I know exactly what how do you think happens? These two guys walked in they didn't buy anything, thereby adding has thereby something there like now it on. Will you leave them? There are no it on, and it was weird little mexican standoff between a fucking, dumb idiots, almost employee and to debate it wouldn't leave a Starbucks. Put shares their peers, this earnings mexican stand off between blacks chinese, as you think that the influx of homeless people is bad for the business. You think it's it's hurting business at all. Absolutely I mean I've sent imagined like that. One move from that one store of the wings of the butterfly from that one little incident creates like a dip in value of the company I verily people we want to hang out. There is long and your pride by more shit. If you like stay there, this by people who go up on line a couple times of their there, you know right away. You don't write your script on your laptop while ago, shitting his pants next year is- and I know we're for more on spilett solve this like. Why are there
Why are there so many homeless people and what could be done? I think it's a real time. Iron either that's like the thing. What they used to do is just institutionalize em right is working, grab him and thrown, and there's some problems with that for you, she decides whose worthy of being institutionalize now we get hunt them and night like Nutria, They are those nice there. They are. These go out the English. My lady, I didn't tell you to show the other Danny S, roylance Nutria hunting its back out here miss out! We didn't know you are what you guys got it like real here, you ain't seen, Shouldn T go downtown. Downtown Ella makes everything past every underpass and there lay now but you're the is subject to see. Tents gather all over the place, all through the valley, homeless, people and delay and New York are pretty friendly, though there not denied an aggressive. I wasn't Seattle, those fuckers will come up to you and they will go out you they were
We do not know what he's don't give them money. They will like give you attitude about it everywhere else to Cleveland Harbour homeless, like every other city besides and ran, or get at like yeah. Sarah. And it's like a shit that the canadian homeless many levels is right were a kid: not only has this was around. Will we when we were kids, you would see those boxes in the side of the road and it was usually someone who is so fucked up that they know they. They just couldn't go where and they have a box, these smelled like shit, they were covered up, but we're seeing like different. Level. You grab surviving yeah yes and browser. I may I grew up in programmes are homeless people all the time, but I never saw anything and I've seen it in person, but I've never seen anything like the camps and start that I've seen. That's insane yeah, that's the new thing. Yeah, that's! What's new was like the underpass, to when I was when I first started coming here or ninety four. There was never any tents on the underpasses we set our remember that being think now, there's almost some people think it's cool. I live in
village New York and there is so many just kids zere, like you phone call away from like sobbing his prey fuck. You kind of wanna be out here like They re always doesn't usually when she's gonna, just like that. It's lily, like some saharawis punk writers. Twenty year old nineteen year old, white kids, who are clearly undoubtedly like twenty Giovanni as I'm saying, but I don't think of those kids- are a form of us. I bet you have kids from really really fucked up situations at Amazon, drugs and some, I think, more often than not they're probably doing with effective, should home. You know entered on the streets term too, rebelled against your mom you're, good mom and dad most of the time it happened. Also watching a guy, like you know, just looks like,
as cruelty is homeless can be like charging is phone or one of those stations is pretty flowing. Everyone does, after we had only your where's your dress for bill here. How is this? Do you wear channel in the legislature that Syria is building has as far as indeed the bill? If we must know what we pay phones, anymore, Levine starting New York is on every corner. Now they have like a big station right and honest station. You could do literally free phone calls. You could just island number. Do it's a speaker phone phone call? You can charge your phone and it Is it a wifi station, so everyone on the shrewd as wifi in New York and knew it does a great idea accepted there's, always a homeless person literally the into it and that's now their power source for their little homeless thing, I don't want to have a real, they would jerking off. Did they think the screens out of US greens up there was about a week after they came out where you'd see regular people using them, and now it's only yeah but like nobody else touches on a view
how to look at a graph of all the crimes that were committed using burner. Phones like seven eleven burner forms like how many seven eleven burner funds are used by poor people and how many of my used it commit crimes like serious as an energetic knows no, between, like Linux, agreed hazy, international spice of fucking, giant international crime tool that goes unreported therefore like seven eleven burner phones, we get it it's in the plastic. Poppet opens got an hour and a flock who the fuck is using those things much more poor people getting it's getting more and more exclusively criminal, the even physically again airlines is like leaving an airplane. If you buy a seven eleven phone you're on a less too you can go to like the rise in and get a bar. The line fallen, that's affordable! That's better than anything existed like five years ago with the where technology now you're not spend what's a cheap. What's a cheap,
Android phone? If you weren't area you gotta, wanted, your pc has right now get a free, Android phone sign up for forty dollars that you're out you're out the door in the universe to pay it again because its prepaid yet see just have a certain amount of minutes. Right now unlimited I've read measure possess Gus and I am so here homeless. He much range. You wanna me give a general insurance to use during its affirm. Tat, I think, is online rights. I get everything unlimited fucked up. I don't understand why, whatever switch besides the fact that my friends make fun of me, Also your phone works and places it works everywhere near once we sort of roaming thing, I guess knows- are roaming there's no over drawbridges? Nothing! It's just better! There's really south if every firm attributes yet sorted out, it's one of the. U S e sponsors there, but people make fun of you like you're caught garbage, not tell people
you can see all true. Could you screenshot dynamic screen? Some shall somebody says metrical isn't hapless patches scratch boost mobile. It was something I ve got much better, this morning's, even if their great their embarrassing, even if the great embarrassing that its great liked, I think handy, has a problem with these new cars to make it so they cuts are column. The Jenin, These economies, Sundays, because people are gonna Sundays, that car that cost re but a runs forever. That's They do not allow hundreds luxury. We got this. Let me know no cannot both. Yeah they got here, make up he has even if the best service you know like that, the problem is any time, anything's a bargain. Even if it really is a great deal your pc seems a radio as it does anything what things a bargain people want it with. Some people want the shit, the castle It is hard to get me when I was a kid I remember I would I wouldn't get snake
there's that warrant like night ease or like death it even if it were, complements niggers. Even if there are more expensive yeah it didn't matter this. How I got loose, yea, fuckin Idiot every is like a rebel. If you wanna data, as of now, you re, restore sneakers, don't give a shit now. It's funny are important as when you younger, though very important, because anything that could get you just ridiculed when you are young. You had to be always conscious of what you had to always be aware of what up. I estimate that does not enough the delineation between shitty stuff and like the mid range stuff, but I think, like high and stuff tends to be like better quality. Africa has always shown that with clothing and stuff, or I Ex wife ARM Ambrose, was torn apart ass much. She spent on a purse which I sit is ridiculous, that you have put at last forever and too some degree stolen. It's ridiculous differ a purse, but my point is paying for the quality. Like does last moments better, yet things are made, there's no, but the difference between like a knock off
Secondly, the time bag and, like a baggy binding, upstairs not much difference. Yes, now you fake Ferrari right Yanks hairs are here has between those banks. I think I don't think I did at the time that we discuss these in the vast via satellite to sketching Amelia data check. It was a fashion. Chick is definitely a huge effort, Janos bags their number about your high end am saying, but I'm just saying that demonstrates because when you buy, like J C penny verses like a shitty when you buy on the street, there's not much difference in quality in the universe was by the fake, every time you have. If you were a kid and you didn't have like a good name brand sneaker, you were with shame, by those now become the Bobo I'll voice. I remember when I was there Six, where there were voice and wasn't there was a last shitty sneaker, I ever had images veto. I t garments it warns, which uses I mean a should be able to form a possibly get and I guess we just me funny, or should he snickers Harold?
I have your house, I had Lotos that had velcro on the side. You could change the lot of several different colors lotta, big fat, fucking cheerleader. I was dressed like a cheerleader, the change the culprits go by cool spirit. If you're a viewer like a runner, maybe get away with new balance. Yet there were. People were new balance when I was in high school and I was like ok, it's ok era turned if you use a good quality, shoe. Ok, Marmee hackler used where It's a? U S use jails, people, so you had an arch problem or your ressler a six year. As a result of a six wrestling shoes, but I'm here cool came around I'm I knew well after this change. My style sites or unlike air, walks, unlike those should escape. They were like forty five bucks, Goodman yeah that was very smart or Salzburg. Genco Jean Guy well eaten converse. Chuck never won our style rather than everyone else. Most honourable loved them
comfortable, I am, but I love there not comfortable. I dont want machine and, unlike some issues that much sometimes I do but most times I like it words very it's very little rubber, solid. It's it's like you may imagine that those guys play basketball knows things back in the days can't crazy yeah. That's. Why doesn't seem like a lot of support, but maybe It's that they had stronger ankles that way or something my mom try to convince me that checks were cool. She was right, though it was when I was in the sixth grade. They wear it wasn't no. This was when chucks had the converse was at the absolute bottom. They this often happens you're the whole again but, as I say, effect, chuck tail or twenty seven bucks, I felt sure tailors were always style. A little converse like this is a general.
Have you ever converse sneakers? Do you look like a jerk off your dad? Always your family better, be poor. Other problems like with your pants, ensure before even gets those numbers sneakers leisurely. This was as this is a period of time, but that peered at times gone by day by day they have the dope leather and swayed ones, shirt devil. Has a different whose I've got the now look now take the loss of someone makes me feel ass back somehow lakeside tongue feelers in the back for kids, like for kids. One. We don't know we saw the loop, but is there one brand? That's like Is it still Nike like? What does you, George you're, my voters, Madonna? Seventeen? That's so Georgia Nike, my speaking time, when my kid as sure you have it If it's booted timberlands, it's gotta be like the most successful sneaker campaign in the history of the known you
without doubt this nothing that has the kind of cachet as Jordan. The only thing it say, maybe probably that sells more than the Jordan is the AIR Force One, but their per unit. Cheaper, though right, that's, no Michael, Jordan, Nike AIR, Dunks, Nike, I'd think air Force one I think of him. Now now, therefore wondered about the good basic my eye. What doesn't the air force? One have a dude fly, into their Duncan. Now, that's just the Georgians Y know. These are fuckin, uncomfortable everytime, I wear nice. They hurt my feet rises we are very much too vague statements What are the units gate choose right, minimalist sort of yea and arrogant slightly flexible, although the most urgent issues, then our new balance, I wonder, grounds a lot. We can always Thea. That's a wife, but you knew taken a bold risk. We knew where those five fingers shoes, even other good.
Let us go and I've never should appear on the other there to walk around and life, though we're just at the July friend counties buried. Does it he was, life is also a gorilla, he's a Miss Garth. So how dare you say that we do not recognise Gaddafi's of former you see fighter supernatural where's of those fuckin. I follow issues. Instagram he's he's Larry he's great great great decoy, z alike. I I say there is a thing I saw. A clear during girl right, yet at him Atocha smoke was a clip you a week of two guys to black eyes, tow truck company. I think it is that start filming this white guy. They called them guerrillas and it is a bit like our backing down, as are coming Adam S, so funny why this guy would have said this like most believe the white guys excuse, but he has lost his evil he says. I have one of these. Two guerrillas bring it around and he definitely method big guy, so he definitely kind of men like that, but it just doesn't look good so him to call me in my book
friends here, go Rosa now, I'm only straw, got my my Dennis is a black fella. Fetuses are doing that is now that's where you go in Rome, brothers, talk about your dentist, be extended Mayo man's fellow he cut rate you far removed. That's not even. I have high five him several times during the believe about here later I do this sweet wait. So why I saw them we're Milo said you guys cocked out on the show, the first. That's why we're going harder here balances that day was worth our. When are you said, fuck you'd, all three of us was the hardest. You fucking national Treasure Ministerial Arundel, trotted orients, gang fasted, incidental rituals, environment Farlane, do show whether they hold you bang him and they have like four five female communism sage and an American.
Comes out and, as I said at the end of it, the girl we have to decide whether or not they would fuckin base off of Vienna multitude of things and the set right so our does. His he's gets naked swindlers. As I said naked, chasing the female Korea comedians around the stage with his dick and try to hold on listen before. I say anything more to be aware that other people going to listen to this. Here we have arisen admitted he's, got it very high. They're dead against job. Then all this influence on camera. This is not a note. I was all it was all part of the theatrical performance so was brought planned. Agreed to in consented you ever. I saw each other each chasing these girl. Iran really
We know that as he could catch them if he was really checks are obviously he's a man or a woman. Like my goodness, but was a woman s changed them around the stage with his Dick and Louisa Gay? Is there watching from the sidelines any goes on. The problem I think, a little but Lui. No, he was in a safe space. Now, ok, here, does your hide here. Lotta people gather their panties in a bunch when no pun intended when he went on stage area dude his set was, fuckin, kill and always pillar of our so happy to see him yeah man, I'm not a mean people outside of the people that were there so some people. Never I mean. Maybe they feel that the guy didn't do what they wanted him to do, that Do you want someone to suffer for the is also the venue saying that, like their workers were like afraid to stop it or do anything about it and that they were upset and it's now
bullshit Emily was there as were shot out? They will also have to say that they were jumping or say that they didn't, though, because this doesn't need to have an opinion bigger, just not same thing for today's nobody's going after that genuine going like all you need to release a statement. Nobody gave a fine thing is always the EU territory for for businesses. It understand that led. The idea of reacting to a journalist is not new, but the idea of reacting to thousands and thousands of people make comments and your instagram page that is new and for a business. That's you know that that's a big deal yeah, they D worried about. In boycott, but that's how, when ass people, but the noble who are pissed off that Louise there, those people will not like they will boycott, they will tweed every day. Their thing is to try to ruin. Someone for you know committing alive, woke crime or whatever and there so that that's what they deal with is that people like us, who are like add at sucks that that they fuckin wrote that letter we don't do anything
we're not boycotting because they wrote that letter were not like that. The other side isn't putting as much pressure on them and that's why all these companies? That's? Why Gillette's making those Razor articles and shit cause they're scared of that site. Now you see the jeweler razor commercial, where they is it the Gillette one where the two firemen kiss, I don't think, there's any crime. Army national authorities, which you have firemen, I wrote it down, commercial. Where are you going for you? They didn't get out. You know what we want to fight fires now, but it was like. I get a progressive. It's like this disc goddammit Well, you know what the commercial offensive, though, isn't it like? Dude, By into that, like? Oh, my god, I'm so happy this companies is is welcome you just mark they're, just taking advantage of me. Did you try to make money off of you sort of, but it's also hot is like hot fire
and then make it out, and they are, the guy comes back from a fire and israeli get some dick right. Now holler spun, the hero was always lesbians and are trying to sell insurance or whatever the fuck their settled, and NATO member who did the commercial but remember, saying: ok, we're being progressive, a loved one. I give a shit guns. I find it weird. I find it strange that woke capitalism thing that people that companies will take a position that you think would turn off. Like fifty percent of the people who buy from them, but they do have to approve the there. I don't know goodness yeah, but it doesn't hurt, does hurt, like does anybody? Go fuck Blue Cross, my fortune insurance? but that does not allow leveraged broad wherever the cheapest option as their buying. That is like the acquiescing to just happened. Nobody's fucking, we we need one summer day, something there's no other option is convenient. You got your Fuckin Jim membership. I handful
people over to say, but all the people complainings boycott Equinox align their, not fucking Equinox members of their flag in flat by ITALY, COD Equinox over one of the owners with a trump support. He gave money. That's right. He held a fundraiser other fund last week for tromp soapy or freaking out saying to boycott the And what, if I were you gonna gathers? Not another high and Jim, that's all over the place that phrase I very exact same political beliefs. We runs a businesslike. If I go in and if I go to buy a sandwich, do I have to go back to where were you on the Iraq war? Now Ok, look out of sight out as a company. The praise on your laziness is the insurance you get through like sag after they like it's that you know you get it for free if you qualify and then, when you don't qualify for you're still enrolled in it, and it's like the most expensive ensure that makes it you know I mean like, and they can to prevent the kind of guy, me almost no way were year right. There wasn't taken care of ours like why? Don't we just
which our than have any doctors that you know I mean like me to be differences. They gonna get you like that. To this trump thing. Is it give if you support anything that does even just as business practices than you racist, like everything that you support? If he supports it, your racist, yet crazy, you're you're an already erases anatomy. Closure is Sir Nazi, even people that don't leave that didn't want to stand with you and offend you end being perceived as defending a racist or nazi and it's a trick and very effective You saw soap opera. I don't know why this guy supports Trump, but maybe he could explain it and middle guy he's a big risk. That guy related properties is nothing. Do this Jim, ok, there's a but the fact that it probably has real estate deals for a very very long time, but tromp- and it is these jim- is inconsequential compared to the billion dollar company that he runs. While that makes sense, then that makes sense why he would support tromp, especially if we know Trump, but it's
you, if you can't see that I mean, if you have a problem with that, and many people would write. Many people would have us around with that. Like that's a different thing, but if you, if you, if you hear what people are saying the same view, support tromp that you support races, see support white nationalist report and I think your leave So many people out of the conversation when you do the oh yeah I mean the guy got- was sixty two million people to vote form so of your son Anyone who supports him is some type of Nazi white nationalist than we got bigger problems. You can using it to that region. Break. No one knows that definition, those things anymore. When Molly said about Milo, when you came on the things he was called that just like on paper, couldn't even apply to be right would never be set it into being a Nazi or of white surprised. You guys remember when we were kids, we read about Mccarthyism and that the red scare, we only always thought, like God, we're pass that their conscience. Never gonna happen again.
But that is a symptom of people worried about people defecting from their tribe or turning, their tribe, and we have this like built in fear of this kind, should have, but others that aspect to it right. It's the people. Who are worried about people defecting he and then you have the opportunists whose can play off that Instead of having a win an argument or having a you know like convince people, I'm just gonna say you're with other tribe during this bad group, so you're, don't even talk to that person. Listen to what they have to say and if you're in such rival on every issue, you're a fucking, don't let us say what you have to be so defined by your way. You know I mean like I would love to hear the argument about the, but what it does good for him for his real estate ventures. Love to hear it like an honestly laid out argument of why someone like trumps better if you're real estate development and might be a significant part of his business. We are not being an apology anymore. Not people. People also we'll just like theirs is weird thing were poor people
business owners and and people it make a lot of money are inherently bad, but it's like our duty to somebody's really good and most successful he's got kids. He wants he has grant as he wants a watch grow up and go to college. It's like I don't know. I don't like this so we just bad people that have a lot of money. I think that is a lot of good people. Have a lot of money is wanted to produce a good shit. Why I'll? Just whenever someone gets really upset about an issue here, to wander like how much of it going in there was mean what what is upsetting to use upsetting to that. Anyone who supports tramp tramp rap represents all things at a wrong with America today in terms like white nationalists and terrorist attacks, mass shootings in- and and endless sergeant, keeping their gas massaged in keeping the immigrants out being mean and be in America. First like fuck it, sir. It's one of those things today where, if you, if you support any
part of that any party, even if it's good for your business, you just a magnet for fuck and people. Angry at all the things that whole list. If this was a chick, Filet MC turn of the young businesses. Successful business is ahead of us. It's light bulbs numbers crazy right. Electricity reduces lot of big business is support trump, but it isn't it so weird how people like project their own thing onto the situation could even like that you just like what everyone hates about from, but the people who support trump they're, not even on the other side of those issues, isn't like they're like no. We are pro white nationals. They just see him as a completely different thing. They're like making the country great and odds and draining the swamp, and all these other things like they ever people looking at the same thing and seeing very different realities, yo where they are and its people go in with their preconceived bias in
and then confirmed with area mean even with the wind. You looked at the Miller Report, like the Republicans. Looked at as a victory in the Democrats. Looked at as some sort of like an open door to impeachment jabbered. That was, I don't know the fuckin. If the thing star, off with every day your hearing on the news that the President is colluding with the house foreign power he's a russian puppet is working with one more point and then by the angelic. We have to impeach him because he thought about obstructing the investigation that he was declared not guilty and like this is getting weird you guys we're gonna be upset, no matter what you found Hunter Perceval Trump, it's dangerous I would like you did you just try and go on hard Nazi this time, I'm not coming back on the show and go and hard this time, it's fucked up part is only haven't really two choices. Like we're, scrambling to see who's choice, number two who's gonna be the one that opposes Trump seeing people started,
crack under pressure in re entry pressure that trying to figure out who is gonna be bincleaves, maybe, magic. Imagine we all get doubted gets thrown becomes. President will be fact when you look the people that are in line, though, does anybody stand out that you would think that would be able to those? I don't I don't know how much of a realistic shot, but who I I love. Tulsa gabert. I sent her money twice already and I disagree with only eighty percent of shit, a luxury uninteresting person. She very curious and her she's dead on about the war stuff and she's about Medicare she's dead on about things portion, gonna, hot fakir way This is me, and I agree with something Medicare, not unlike her Medicare stuff, but I do like the most important thing that she leads with as the war stuff and she's she's got a great position where she's like did to tours in Iraq. She still active duty and
You know like that. The normal, like come back is like a year hence the wars like while you're just kind of a wimp or you're you wouldn't want to protect the countries like no asshole, I actually went. I'm the one who is willing to go die for this and on time when you we shouldn't be dying for that's what I do was a job over there there. Oh, she was monsieur. She was in a medical unit, so she was like dealing with the people who actually holding allegory inflammatory that now just version is making consumer Al Jazeera. The results were the edge of tomorrow after it was her job the dvds, that's a hot subject right women in combat the Argo. Budget shit about saying making jokes about a single understand. What a girl I watched, the show cops. Londoners they wanted. A girl cup has ever done the situation is hostile, except for make the the park get much more hurt, shot. Or take because she's in the way of it happening
that really upset about me saying that, but it really stand well you'd, sending a woman to link in a major fight putting them all down there ladys. It really is Leggum whose physical process with some cops the physical aspect of an altercation, is, as can be, a real problem here. The wood was incomplete. Europe's as an Italian. I intervene, it doesnt have female and you can just say it. You can't of a hundred and ten pound person go and be the physical authority in a situation now middle hundreds, anyhow guy. I want to call your chick searches, terrible video, this guy get pulled over by this lady and his daughters in the car and the guy was Krim apparently in the cop, was call on an end and the guy punches her and gets her down on the grass Knox or our coasts are already around and starts pensioner face in motion and the daughter scream and stop it daddy? Stop it at any beats the fucker. This lady
This is why you promise lady caused by herself and she's got a gun, but now the gun out, holster point she's, it's a routine traffic stop and that guy pommels, our man, it's hot terrible to murder me saying the ideas not like fuck chicks, some just like dont, send them to get hurt in these suits, and why is that was your daughter and you, so you Doktor Beaton, might because that someone thought it was ok for her to be by herself. Amongst you know, big giant criminals, they don't match of female cops ray I'm assuming had also time they put a girl by herself with that's why you could be on petrol by yourself lives like walking, neighbourhood or something I actually radios, words like a dude and a chick partners, and that cop gets in a fight with another guy and its basically just two men fighting with this.
Kind of grabbing and arm. Here there is almost Raby via kick his ass. She might try to hit the guy with a brick, and you would be amazed that herself later there's a lot of men with our part in that job, to only definitely don't I've seen by, I think, any small per weather, it's a woman or a man, any person whose you know Not a large person was not physically strongest by themselves as a cop is in danger, any one, madam your mail or what is your hundred fifty pounds same deal you're in trouble unless you're really good, martial arts and grab a gun quickly? I know how to respond depression
ninety nine percent of women. I could take a gun right over there. Hence I know I've no training but Gimme a Chechen of want to go right am I had, but that's not gonna, send a time of fuckin taken important re back, and that is that I should make clear that I myself, I know what I'm nowhere near as tough as I think you should. You should need to be to be a cop, oh yeah, yeah. I would never soon out of myself either some Alex A hit. Do I'll be doing martial arts. My whole life. I would want to be a cop. I don't want to be a cop It's crazy declaration, hard, hard job is danger. Yours post to have to be brave, and not only that man you how much PTSD those guys who deal with that is unrecognised if every day you pull and people of that, my shoot you every day you deal with some is robbing something or steel and something to try to kill somebody or did kill somebody. Every fucking debt ratio- cops amnesia, though some of the more but look you're wearing a uniform. That makes you the enemy. You also the person with
When you you got to realise how fuckin corrupt, that is that you are able to yellow people in force. People in these situations and Kaufmann, fuck with them, and you gotta, know, and you haven't. You suggest decisions or public like nastiness because can't yeah that ice wall guys do walk was absolutely paramount, aviators, their way to get a personal way if use blocking their path, where personally go skews me guys because it was guys wars, and you know it turns out. Even sometimes you don't have to publicly benefit of the doubt right there there in times square they do with a lot of people. Do she's, not for there are no longer circumstances, I'm talking about in just a thing like that, the same way they put on their lights to go through a red light just to get, because I dont want to wait at the scene of the opportunistic and, of course, I've. Just it's how things human beings don't do well with authority mixed with impunity so like
a cop can see that you and nothing happens if there's no repercussions and you have power is billion under the endeavour- has sided job insecurity yard. For a brief moment in time when I was like nineteen years old- and there was an US, versus them entirely between the security and the people, the contract goers. That was clearly evident. One of the first days I was working there. This guy's names, we got some insecurity and some dude stole one of the golf cart. So the golf carbon electric cars with security, so they tackle this dude off the Gulf Car in He smashes him in the head with a fuckin, walkie talkie. It's like a crazy fight with some drunk, and ass all those like violent and stock. After that was first day there. First, Indeed there on the job was ok, so this is what's going on and it became people trying to sneak booze, integrate woods and then us, and then so is this
versus them mentality and everybody was lying to you and I was the silliest job I'm doing security at a fuckin bill. Cosby show literally, I was doing security where I was taking people's booze what'd, you happy you could step inside you asleep on the job popularise it's such a such a simple little job. It's easy does know. Criminals. There does no bank round There is no murders that women are just that little situation of us, damn them with the liquor and them trying to. Smuggling, pot and liquor just that will lead to this huge fuckin rift between the security people and the final vote, because it is it's too much of a human emotion in that situation. A job, because what is even, if you don't care of people, when you not working you're trying to get beer and we'd into a concert, it's just at these are you
opponents right now and at China fought with you know. Somebody like you going out of carefully smoke we'd like now, but I have to say you can smoke. We did that when they do it anyway. I I just fucking said you can't spoke with it, Senor man of arousing citizen, which human emotion that women will be unemployed to care about, that experimental college was a famous story at Princeton them, yet in prison or no Stanford, I'm so ever Rosen experiments. You know I read something debunking meters yeah. They said the methodology was all wrong on address lightly, not a legit study. They also said the people were doing things just to end. The study quickly re under go home. He added in the movie, though they broke that down they. They showed that side of it when they were like the them. They said. Yes, the guy who made the experiment said yeah, it's a wash the end of it was like it wasn't, actually good data, but it Interesting and I do believe that without
for exports. This averages reasonings Bulgaria, students pretended to be some pretend to be criminals. Sometimes they started getting current security at a power positions got anything interesting things that the professor becomes like the warden she gets into it to get they cut, that they show that I got it on video chat and he's like walking around with his chest out and he's all in it. Just people get they fall into. These rolls into these camps, and the authority goes to people's head May it creates a weird dynamic think about how many dickhead cops people of met right, but that's just a thing happens, wants you to learn, but it also makes it very nice when you run into friendly cops what I try, what a good do, what a debtor! It's almost like a training, the human interaction severe there when they act like a dick people act a certain way and they move and they get a little bit MRS Schleicher- that's like intoxicating there like fails good that power. It air said about no repercussions for your behaviour. The way you talk and would do you could just do that with impunity. That's you just nailed it. That's exactly
that's not a normal situation for people. That's all that's I mean just its state verse, business. If he s here, I got an idea. Look if you walk into the apple store or you get. They can't do that because you're, a voluntary customers who I treat you the wrong way, there's a repercussion right there, I'll walk out. I use our observers with latitudes, yet how their homeless camps now not shoot, and myself wants to become the great equalizer, because now you see cops there there on working on eggshells, do their cell phones now and then I went up bitch ass, pussy cop. I guess I'm a budget policy asking the table is a barrier to herself. She did you see the New York with a throne water on the cops conscious doing shit. I don't know, I think I might have been in here Let me say is annoying about neighbourhood in New York. There dump in water on the cops and everyone's got a cell phone camera on them, and you know in any other period of time
who are these the army's beating the shit out of their own water balloons, Adam and Shit, and they just sitting there like we know to be in the news tomorrow to be. You know what I mean like I'll, be a figure that cop wanna blankets deftly goes home at night like shit about her to know just pressures in the lancet drags Apple pie, cutting was in that they make a habit of shadow Bozrah two hours and nobody poor. One on me. You support for you at all. On the poorest. For fifty years, twenty years today has been doing things a certain way foresaw close them together with the seven five yeah yeah, I met him, he's a guy that, even if you dare guys Maisie Likeable govern Esker, what's his name, Michael Dowd, Macleod out Michael Doubt, I didn't see. It's an out its doubt, Lawiya Stout, yet you know he's got.
He's a really nice guy mean Subaru, open and honest about what happened in the documentary fuckin compelling shit. You realize that how much of it was true and how do you do have a morsel of finance we're fine? Unlike a bull there's, not remorseful things, remorseful! they looked uses a voice doing coke all day long every day, as a cop and and and you don't make it all this money, Dr Corvette. He was out of control and he was on the area where he was the semi fit pressing. You think it's EAST New York in Brooklyn, at the height of like the new. This was like the murder yeah because you have not like it was. It was a wild everything relating to hold it up in the chain of a lot of those matters as writhings, I'm crazy about they robbed weren't. Never there would never convicted of a murder right. There was no
I think I was admittedly that he was countries like when we, of course legacy was a talk about deal in one right here. We had never happened. The whole fucking things crazy, but what it tells you mean forget about pursue our judgments on the people there were in it, which tells you tat. This can happen to someone just becomes a cop. You get on the force if it's a bad force. Words like it was at the time with him and he sinking corruption from day. One I mean is just like he was hoped in. Do it like right away when you listen to restore its pretty fuckin, compelling down like the first day on the job like something happened, they threw off a building or something like that, but you are personally, I don't remember you have, and it was. I was and then there's just does not her area that you could take. You like, I can just have. No one will know others fifty jeez here I can just take this home and I guess we d find it very salaries. It's very tell him of the personnel that becomes a cop though, because There are even worry that people getting I it's amazing identity. Does no one whistle blowers so much earlier than that, because one person comes and goes no guys we're supposed to be fuckin believing
in this badge and what we do, you know how they all go. What are we to have? A good cops are backups here, I'm a rapid drug dealers and though the that will do that, I think it is only in this. It though, so I dont think that honest lady be honest. I have almost No problem with cops skim off the top from drug dealer. My worry wondered if I can say if it were just give you to the government want, is a government can have the money you have you have them in their livelihood? May not have their arresting people for drugs. Look at you do that you're gonna just ignore everyone else who sellen coke? Ok, but if you're gonna do then the people for Sancho, then you're criminal. Then Euro are usually arrested. Yeah, that's that's the repercussions. I don't have a home a moral issue with it. It's a visa, Fifty thousand dollars only reporter forty thousand put ten thousand dollars in his pocket: barometers, wife and kids. We have a moral issue with what, if he brought home the just fuckin pay for his backed up like porn bill or something because these brought him the fuck around
no, they won't. Let you go that long. Now, the carryover by everyone area stay, others fees got arrested. I wouldn't go poor, fucking guy. I gather that surprise. You pay. You committed a crime that that, but for my my personal perspective. I don't think he's a piece of shit out. There is a bad person. I think it's probably stupid. If he doesn't the look. The cycle of people and drugs is never ending. It will go on to the end of time the cycle of making drugs illegal and propping gigantic criminal enterprises, because that is also as old as we ve had laws zones. That law that people breakin those laws. If those laws exist, because someone wants to control people's behaviour in a way that people don't want you're gonna find a worker out rugs arouse inhale, empowers the mexican cartels right now in the annexing cartels. Are huge source of of fear for people live in the border. Towns is a huge source of fear for people that are for to be in communities and its propped up because drugs, really
Nobody seems to want to recognize that. It's why those ugly things about being a human that, like people, want drugs, and you can't tell them they can't have what they want. The especially since immigration became such a huge thing that everyone's talking about an that's like the biggest part, but that no one talks about like the violence and it's like will there's people on the side of this line who want the drugs. There's people on this item, and who have the drugs and, even with all the you're doing there still trading them too other. So do you really think? Maybe we should just let him do it well but here s the thing we don't want anybody do it rightly so me locally, no use to anybody run around you and heroin. Nobody gets through there because it was amazing, is my best one, best moments in lives, wiles addicted to Harold. You haven't even knew at one time. I bet it's pretty fun. It's amazing doesnt one hard to let it go. What's the difference is probably fucking incredible. Many Bruce had some crazy description of it about something about being
by an age or simply a mighty might just a lotta who died a few years here in New York. Complicated jokers is, I can have great heroin is if they taken a bath and powerful of care Well, that's correct, minister, had a joke about it. Worries says when the families of people going I understand why he would. Do heroin, he's gotta family that loves him and kids. You look after my love, my while we do Harold. It's like family, like so close to the answer. Heroines better than almost is Larry yeah. But to me I don't think people should do it, but I don't get it legal. It's not the nagging to stop doing it. The question would be, would people do more of it if it was like If you can just go to a drug store, the same way, goodwill, liquor store and the drugstore was actually drugstore. We could just go by coke and they
might look in a way. I do think more people are smoking. Weed four shillings we'd became legal like I've Babby, my southern actually have already, let's find out what the data is. I'm sure yes outside, but but even if that's the case, I don't know. If that's the answer, because what they even slightly more people dead, Heroin Holloway, most people got murdered. What's with the year heroin, what do you mean Jamie just another? Do we need more people, smoking weed more since legalization without was the most areas. Not remember. We are talking about a cheaper, it's gotten, cheaper, it's easier to get its better. It's more financing can be form its in fucking years. An eighty year old is more likely to definitely give it a try, verse Maybe what, when I got out of the first time I was seventeen years old, I had of my uncle Raymond, buy it for us skimmed off the beggar. Remember any version fucking dieback me am I to best friends, we smoked a joint
we're going to see system of an hour in Cuba is Mr Bungle Snow Quota weakens it was two years older than you have, but we, the night before we want to smoke and it took us we there was no way to get it. We are trying to find we'd for so long because we weren't in that world first time you gotta get weird if you could go to a store and pick it up and it's fun, and you know it's like. I met a mall, I mean yeah, I get mean astronomical, but you know I love waits, someone Aden, scrape well was hard get on these coasts. Amidst this trickier out, you're still, but since the nineties, once the past, those laws for medical everybody had a medical card, it's not hard to get at all. The doctors were extremely scrupulous in their prescriptions So everybody's had weed out here since the fucking nineties
extra strong, easy to get women now, not only gonna change it. If you smoke like outside this house, jurists mobility, a cigarette now in the now I dont think you get smokin outside. It still think you have to be endorse. I think smokin outside the problem, as other people can smell at nuts. What do I mean? I think in Denver it's like nine feet from an entrance. You could send areas thanks times energy I smoke vapor, I mean everywhere inside of a movie theater as one that there are more. I go to the bathroom at the airport. I smoke. Yes, that's what s next. Do they challenge everyone by being big an alpha in a place like Starbucks imo than you have smoking next he'll gives me around so we could be raised. I order you mean my dentists: is black shit that is the whole area guilty we got diamond lower teeth. Now, has snoop dog
but I've studied or like them, creative dialed girl died. Eggs that I was he's in this video is driving around on his Instagram Lamborghini with diamond. Or tea Fifthly, I love it fifty years old diamond to ease live in it than sure he doesn't give a fuck spends most women. Getting furies video games online. Does India, yells about man like you, don't you have rising for a minute right? He was commenting like us with your liver rank. They drank and wants to fight at whose drinkin like tangerine smoking joints, and they want if I have these wipe us, because what it was was there was some commentary that he did just independently on one fight, any who was so hilarious, cause he's so animated screaming Ellen about this fight that everybody thought like. Why wouldn't be great if there was an option
watch this new dog cometary, the hundred men, who could click on this new dog Edison S right and it was brought our watch, but I assume it was pocket. Horrific Gregg only light was grow, a north south I did so. It is just the board with their you're bored donors, something stopped, maybe snoops, pluck and busy time doing he's like MIKE Tyson in the sense that I just I remember when he was like scary listless yeah, maternal, that's right! It was a call me Now I'm sorry iron guarantees our yea tyrant south. He thought it was called me. He thought it was called because he thought it was Gabby, but it was man from a completely different parts of the world for Donald Trump. That is where it was called the sofa who shit.
He was getting some blues the other night. How do jack? I hears Chechen yup when those we were born. Child emotion did emotion. You want to get the emotion, I feel what is good or bad. It does in fact a matter. They want to see him fight and they want to see him loose he's going heel. He, when he'll Allison he's a good guy. I'm telling you. I know that guy of met him outside of this crazy things. He's doing in this crazy thing that he's doing came about when he was like on the verge of getting caught and people didn't like style, and so he hard he'll when he fought Damien my he went hard yo we'll tell that a similar thing chill wasn't the big mouth guy back in the day he was not yet whom any made a decision. One day that he's gonna be that did it was right at the Andersson, five fucking great marketing. This is smart, very incognito. It's my elbow! Also coolby. He We happens. What he's really exciting do that at last fiery, that last night was incredible did, but yet
b is definitely contrived. I appreciate the effort but effective, see the thing about it being contrived as it makes it obviously has put not show but the thing is that putting on the show is fuckin he's ruthlessly fucks with people's heads legitimately. They do not want to lose to him and then, when you get inside the Ark Gun, he's really fuckin good, like really the item, guys how good he was around our you see the amount of strikes it I've, my all volume and unease unbelievable wrestling. It's a really really really tough matter for anybody call me is it: is it You know and act, and it is progressively he puts on the trumpet and people. I mean people to see that hang and they lose their luck. At my any trolls have the country and its a similar, with the other with among businesses, do it I'm gonna guys don't be roofs like it's very obvious that it's just an act and if your phone miss martial arts. You have to appreciate the fact that some guys are taking chances and trying to general interest you can ever guy can't you
be put on a suit and be straight for sayest, and here I respect my phone, and that is something you want to go a little store here, yeah meaning in makes juice here. But the bottom line is wicked. Put That's should aside and just look at what he's doing you look at it always doing that guy's extraordinary, like the fact that you can do that, Robbie lower completely shut down as an in. Put a beating on to stay on top of a memory and many air never give many. The paces, smothering and striking, which really your area I mean very, very, very using shot takes a shot, Grey and his cardio is off the fucking chart. Oh yeah yeah, it's that that whole one seventy right now that whole division is looking crazy right now to make yet NATO has been back in the MAX and moderate Muslim. Eight seems like just if you're a fan of just like per year from poor neighbourhood that is like the superstar match. I correct opens to shitty, like environment is like that was like that,
or for two hood rat fucking guys or to talk shit, they're gonna go in there and finally got it. So all something I'm not only money, it's gonna be so giant. Well, it was cool that Dane away at the Post White press conference. He got asked cause. You know he had famously said. I think ones that night Diaz doesn't move the needle our something like a long, though that was during negotiations rosy, but he would he basely said he goes. I think Nate besides Connor and Round arouses like about his big star, as Emma has like they did crazy good numbers. Every The arena was going nuts for him. He was. He walked out yesterday or Saturday night when he walked out the fucking place. Roar I mean as loud as anybody is loud as any main event person, whether steep air DC, Nay D has got the biggest roar and then here
great performance lay the leading up to my people were talking about me coming back more than they were talking about a heavyweight title out. Think these, and I think some people knew Yossi realise how biggest I really think they thought that the Conor Fight Connor was the big star. Nate beaten, Conor one, the second fight Conor still remains the big superstar. I think natives equally as big a star, but I fainted Erika as Connor's. Maybe I'm an old worldwide like, but in America Navy is a giant. Fuckin styling had not as big as corner but a good time, your below maybe declaring highrise enormously. You have any say he won the two fights I mean. If you take who Would you rather be in the to fight him and he choked Conor out face down and the first one and then had like up raise our close, unbelievable, great fight? The second time, So I mean he comes out of that looking pretty good, but I think it has to how popular Connor is because that's the fuckin Conor Shine and it was a dance I brought it and made? Has that story one one fight? It's turning
and this star, but if he never danced with Connor, would he be that big dinner? I don't know you know that, because Naples but tell us when our years before the incredible is already happening about landed a double middle fingers like they're, so many moments where you could we're like a goose something about making. That's you favour part when he's like these, the fingers take your favorite when he said fuck, you do what you gonna. Do you gonna try and ass twenty triangle and levels of investment, double fingers and flexed unison that fight too many here I was dressed in any event, the dinosaur only fight third round they come out so fuckin guy did meets. What do you suggest?
You have to be much more shores. Values will be a human and go. I've got a fucking fighter. That is something that everyone wants. A large wild hope he makes an actual belt cause. He's got to say that as mother Fucker in the game Bell, who wants to defend a who wants to be next to challenge for the best mother, Fucking Game bow and I'd love that love, that's as marketing strategy should really legitimately get about made up bad as mother Fucker in the games or something is like an old. You see, belt of seizing usenet all built more humble. You have a bad you have seen. That is why the fuck you're in the game belt, and just just just, the outside a low, but was smoking weed for real ass in the open work is the immediate troublesome? No, no, no it's totally legal in California and when you task you have to literally be high, while you're fighting for you to test positive usanga dropped at all.
A way down go great. Well that so many people use it to sleep. So many people use for pain, reliefs, particularly with sea, be deepened, wonder one dislike these are these are one the one tac and c b d in they think that it's actually more effective for both that actually comes down a little bit with the YAP C b d, long with the tac so make it might actually alleviate some anxiety, that's associated with getting too high when that makes sense, because that's how it comes in the plant rate is let both parts while yeah, I guess except is, I think, exhibit D. It doesn't come in as big, so don't get one in one. You doubt I tell you
a joint common also be two years, and I have no idea. I haven't noble, dig even get cd when you just smoke a joint give their herd of saving the until it wasn't in the jointly more myself what the tac is. One of many many can avenue. It's right is, unlike nineteen November, something crazy like that is, I would say to him yeah, that's it. I think the plan itself is what's magic too crazy. Goddamned plant there were, finally getting to appreciate still there's a lot of places where we still have to buy hemp from Canada like large scale. Hemp production has a really like caught on with a got a good. Percentage of his country. That used to be one. When the major crops of people grow, you can make clothes out of eager to eat it that it makes a shit called hemp crew. It's like just insanely, durable concrete. It's made with hemp, two fuckin nutty plant man. Really, is like us, the stock of the hemp tree. Let go my friend Todd Mccormick had one sitting on his desk once any pick it up
So what is this from another world? Its heart like an oak hard but light is also would why does styrofoam? We doesn't have any different, then we'd know I mean? There's just did the differences. Hemp is not psychoactive. It's like a psycho act. Doing for I am of the same sort of kind of plants, but regular. Marijuana also is hemp. Why? Because what hemp is, is the fibre so what we used to get high is the buds railway stems rather leaves and shared, but the fibre of the plan itself is insanely, durable and really light and that's a shit. They turn into close into straying into all this and a paper canvas. The first canvas was made with hemp. All that stuff. That's. Why was can that than the word cannabis or canvas come from cannabis? That's that's why it's called canvas, but they did everything with him. This is hard to do these have to beat it down like these slave labour most of the time and then the nineteen thirty some dude came up or something called a decor indicator is
a machine. We could effectively process the hemp fibre and that's when they started going crazy with the refer man, this shit, all an economic and a series of measures for clarity had if everybody was already doing mean. That was that was something that was a normal thing with people. It was it wasn't until they decided to make an illegal, but it became this weird fuckin thing that nobody could nobody could do something been doing for so long before, where they may not be making mushrooms and acid legal somewhere than they ever other way. That stage Amy outrage, Fuckin heavy which hamper the world is called sorrow. Shit named Robin yeah. He looks at one fuck the crazy fight. While what I've never seen such threats that somewhere there, maybe they don't. Maybe I mean
a guy owes a rocky movie, just a change. Yeah it'll turn in that fight was so crazy. The disease, my very good friend I love and death a lover guy. It's hard sword watching a friend that you really love gives aspect and that's what happened was looking great. The Ngos that really great Lucky's is an awesome person. I love that didn't do a commentary with him as the most hilarious, fun time he's a good guy, grey economy, areas very, very articulate and smart he's one of the best that does it India, yet it
socks it shows you slow down, you see the pain in his face when he loses a fight, he does not like losing, he doesn't but needed to steeper. You know I mean, and this is what the wood that's, what it's all about. Those two guys have deep respect for steeply two of urban Cyber saint forever that I thought it was fucked up that he was not gonna, get a title shot, not gonna, get a rematch and said they're gonna have a fight Brok Lester. Unlike the fight, is supposed to be steep day. He was the most successful heavyweight ever one for title fights one the title and then defended it three times. No one ever done it before So that was a giant even in the guys. He beat your fuckin really good and it's not join. It was easy, prime. It be one thing if you said you know she got knocked down the first round, so we're gonna give the first crack to this number one contender whose like on it
on a tears on the road to just say Brok Wessner, yet because this is a big it was. It was the most naked example of this is just for paper. View buys that kind of sucks for four body back yeah it sucks for steeper, and I'm glad it didn't didn't happen. I'm glad it's d pay got his chance is just out of respect for love the sport and respect for the truth. Samples of the sport like doesn't matter what market ability or not the guy is the best champion. That's ever been in the game, he's the best headway champion of all time. So I did not what recognise that and not like that that that should be a big deal now I agree to people that should be the fight, but the money of the Brok lesson. If I would have been so immense of your company, that makes entertainment. This is why it's kind of like do you see in some ways, there's a marriage of entertainment and of sport because it has to be guns,
the people, are the ones who are buying the painting areas and short. So more than a year, and with other girls go for the gander, behaviour Brok less nearer to come on a card. You get massive massive eyes on it and then you get for every time. You do that there is a percent, two people who stay fans and become hardcore fans and tell people about it, emitters, there's real value there for everybody, so yeah, but without it chapter of the world is possibly the most procedures, and you don't see that in any other sport, where guy becoming off along before years removed test at First Airways and then just get a title shot and that's the way of putting it yeah that there's a good, very good point out what I want to see more, even than the d c that I want to see Frances and gone, who steep eight to his Frances. I'm gonna just destroyed pain and junior dough centres who, if he s remit just a few years ago, those with a guy with a guy that continent Zella, that's the heavyweight division and he just destroyed both them. He would so he got his confidence back. He looks at you know like. I want to see that rematch,
yeah, I'm I'm terrified for everybody who gets in the off every time. He fight somebody because our male, our still have like Shell shock Watson, ouster ovaries, get hit that left hook, remember that was the hardest knock out. I've ever seen, I'm ever again like no one's going to survive that that look like back of elsewhere of rooms had touched his ankles. I was like no one, everyone's goin out from that everyone's gonna call that's it. I always do heavyweights you have to like have so much respect because, like Holly yet you like you're getting a mare and it just like the at any. Moment. You're just gone I won't I ratified a heavyweight then like a hundred thirty five pound or though just to be headed a thousand times, and thus the punch bro doesn't Teacher, like just it's interesting? You say that with DC, we're like as I just knowing what it is like it is little is
no Mickey gall. As much like we been friends with him for a short amount of time, even like when he fights there's some. Different like states on it was a buddy you're like. And you can see that a lie in your calling it like you. Can we put much hard for me when cowboy fights I began to his guard actual everyone, but really hard when Brandon was writing. I was here heart, I'm real tight with him, we're really good friends and when, when he wasn't really doing it, the more I was still in it, but it wasn't really like a hundred percent in he was thinking about. Other things is thinking about when he gets out. Was it didn't, have the same focus intensity and trainees too. That's hard, that's not the sport. To do that. I know it's hard when, whenever you thinkin about get now get out get out, because this people that aren't thinking about get now- and you gotta think about what we're talking utterly MIKE Tyson is prime angry at every Thank you for your thinking about get now, and you run in front of a guy like that
you know, or a girl like that. Is this female kick boxes at alike like that fuck vicious man and their weight, and you think you're you're half in I am thinking about cheerleading way. Shindy the vase you gotta be saying the unworthy and could have been beaten by woman. Yes, my following you could get rid of the fucking highest levels of any combat sport. You have to be all in. I don't think I'll. Think! That's not me good! Dabble in thing, though, because I think I may luckily brennand Park ass her committee having a lot of other guys, they don't have the same, but they could do other stuff like tyrant, woodlands, wrapping tyrant, Woodley, as businesses and, though is doing something C. B. D, Arnault Ass, God did a record but was Khalifa. I know he does a lot of time these stuff ways is a funny do either you have to become the look tyrants terrier smart champion, though that's like that he has a huge name was, but he still is working see he losses
idle delusion on, but yet still doing. All these are the same of course, but I think it's easier when you, when you have that name. Your former Europe see championing Van alone will probably sort of set you up as long as you're, not officially idiot for the rest of your life for their guys. There's never get to that very, very top and if they don't sort of set themselves up for afterwards they're gonna. You know when you think about it. Now you should do the reason they take us. Why choose? What was at one documentaries over the guy was like you got my crew easy brain injuries and his family, which site you dont, even invite me still had to take. It he's had to pay the bills and it was just like that was just another option. He was like. Barely making money at a gem. So that's the thing words like is a sport. We are all in and then once a kind of shit, it's the fad added. It must be a comedy cause like it takes a minimum. Five to ten years to figure out if you can even be good enough to do it professionally right after that, when your whole life since all university people quitting nobody quits gonna, do you see a lot of people that maybe they started like twenty and light by thirty there, ten years in and if its not working out for you, you
took the ten year when you were supposed to be figuring out. Where the trajectory of let like everyone, you knew for my school, figured out a job, Got a house got married, yet I that now, because in you, could you comedy fur six months and have a Youtube video that maybe you, if we can make it any five grand on a Sunday doing, one Sunday show at an improv, but have you watch that guy's you to channel that doesn't happen to us? Not that rare. I think it's rare that there's You know guardian cognitive, six months that doesn't now six. My share the extreme example effort: Israel, it should mean thing, does not It doesn't have to say I'm making the point. That has not really that there's so me alternate. We hopefully leaving almost well above seventy much. What like Louis said, like I agree technical, Unlike the growth someone like ten years, and then they got their legs under them, a good name magnetic MR figuring out what their directions.
Be exactly and find their market nazi becoming a honed. Great comic. Hopefully you know, but like you can get pop or an and have to work under the pressure of a soldier feeder it three years in the committee. That is crazy, that's crazy! I could Charlie my possibly imagine that doing do you, Charlie Murphy, did it didn't even more and saying what he was famous first and then it became an open marker that that's gonna, be Channel lot sold out shows our practice is always doing giant chose right where everybody is coming to see him. Dont now in all these other contaminants killer by the way he's goin up with, like monsters, Michel show german pivot. Jeremy pivots, Brendan Brennan, was a store when you started doing nobody here, we had already known very now. Yes, you are known as Yossi finer yeah, but with Charlie Murphy did was do like these sold out. Fuckin shows and he was practicing yet I can mean I don't think No, how much time he spent before he went
apps on stage the first time like knowing that it was going to stand up was also gradually was also famous from the ship hell show and from two of the greatest com scotch is ever done that deep Chapelle was thing out form and they were so funny, and so the Edison free he's fucking. So any expectation when you go, it is like I'm going sea like the greatest commedia in the country and he's doing like his third set that has ever had that's craigslist comedies. The only art form that you practice in front of the audience. There's nothing else for you and you have to the only way to do it is practised at Saint Apartment and watch, and everyone else has a master their craft by themselves in a fog wherever they can be mixed. Martial arts in a jam could be garage or in a band whatever it is everyone else to figure it out, but we from moment one is his name
good thing, we're like our army, and it's so do she, I think, back to the first, I MIKE what fucking of ass, I would even give it a shot officers time it's like going here is wrote the song today and they have a fuckin saw, not clambered undesirable wrote MAX may when they were just go, I've got a point zone. You can make a song in a vacuum mean you can disguise who created the most amazing fuckin songs, and then they let you play on our. Let you listen to me like whoa. I come on you guys in working on this in your friends at her in a band form it's shit yeah. They can do it all. It put it together from start to finish without anybody else involved than the producers. Now we can't do now. We can anybody, tries crime did something. Didn't someone tried to a studio stand about em, somewhat know where there is this ballade.
Car Michael directed through my Dr Michaels, and that's right, you're, my did the no no audience not show best here rooms got quite errant trying to not should under Michael, I was just international session is already quite views. There was good, using. What do you do? Michael your young comic ten years in each be o K. I feel it fuck. I gotta do drugs once it is now our influence you, but I'm no way you could feel anything other than weird do and stand out. Are you used to doing in front of an audience to no audience you? You would be fighting feeling weird the entire time you're talking, because you know you does no one there see just taught me into a camera? You gotta tell soldiers to audiences watching to be honest with you need to laugh tractor reason. Laughed rights exist on tv shows is goes the audience. Sometimes it need to be told I hears the moment there were
Serbia. Enthusiasm does never laughed rags when the funny shows you need, though, is that the laughter it's what's the energy that creates that you're watching what does provide you're part of something everyone's lay a gear, specially lasting one, whether like laughing, if a guy, if, if drew Michael, came, to you in person started. Seeing those funny things to you like with their tone you'd be like this is on culture. Even are funny thing, the fuck away from me. Do you fear? Where do we want to do, and you feel we waited upon? China is like just you and I m. As to its title intimate right, you not even, but it's not a year. We need to and stand up you and one person. I could write who the fuck would ever talk like that them only works for the large people, so you take
some of that only worse for groups of Pierre George ever than me and store in the guy Workin there's looking actual you're, not gonna, but are you saying it like this? Is so, and so I have a guy, says: Saint comedies, not just talking. It is using the pauses and using the time in using the moments where there's plus a laugh, there's so much more to it than just saying the jokes. You know that That's a sign of illegals like I just don't ask experiment. I get it s like a Youtube video. I get it, but as it is your first big special, I would want there to be an audience there which have yet problems are set, but I think, derived system creative guy and he had this idea and justice does ran with it, I heard he wants it already worms one, the light arms you see as disease, one respect Jones onstage with it and they ve filmed it we're illegal sea like the back, behind the he's always sweeping people mulling around in the back. I found it distracts restrain minister Acting decided understand why that would be a good
idea, I don't like you happen to be filming we have in a film Aziz Workin out here, and you see a bunch between the background to this matter. The materials good. Do you enjoy? allow me, as a factor in a fundamentally making it if you would have caused if you'll have concepts a thing or or concept like a book in the show the show it It's all like hey over here to be like Ireland have ago an hour. Super happy when I'm not even seen the material of it. No, I'm not saying as he's not a good hour, I just feel when you're throwing fly. I would want already draw to draw two like hey, listen, these jokes lay. Please don't pay attention that, like we have the first ever over, had three camera will unleash Spike Jones. So I think you don't get it. I think it's one of those things. Roadside came out lovey, she directed it and he built it. Ok, but I want to do something: different and then you- and I trust you your master, it was you do no matter what I do less collaborate and I get it. It was like when Steve Jobs either the first apple logo. He just pay children
fifty thousand dollars for and the deal was he didn't get any revisions he got like havoc. Conversation about what he wanted to feel and then this weird fuck, an artist created a logo rooms. I care it is that ok, deal with Steve Jobs, not the businessmen. We imagine it is a lot of money for us. It may or may not use your fucking need to see. If I pay you a sketch where we well, what would you do if I was in dollars? We're not even successful? Yet we don't even have a logo fifty dollars, maybe if I like it you creative, Anthony, a lever for my company was gone apple.
Yeah. I got an idea right out of it. He took a quarter method, they Manhattan, six men and narrow, find things divides this country more than right left in might be Android verses Iphone, but people aren't like boycott and businesses over. No do not, but the people looked down on people enjoy foundation the main reason. Why are there less SAM? It's just one, those things like if you haven't, I found your end. If you have an Android you're on another four contains it's usually bare minimum. If you don't have an Iphone you're fuckin, loser, that's what it s like drag on for years and I use ice. We want. Enlargement will also be given to give a shit, and I my funnels like inference The difference is just the way your fingers. Ottomans busily orders is asleep just note from going from one peace. What one thing to the next, if you open up attacks, are going to a phone everything
it is very, seem less and its smooth and it feels very natural, very nice, an Android. Because there's so many different people use that sort of Android platform. It's always cranky and it's not exactly the same, so it never feels as smooth once you get used to your Iphone. That's that! I agree, but a very successful people, the stick by Android, the newest Android phones, are pretty fuckin spoke a few. If you picked up like galaxies whenever you like a galaxy ass. Ten does those a smooth, fuckin phone and those things are as good as anything there's a bunch of now on the good, the side of android that rival or are better than I've used, this, allows easily attend the note tender just came out. Is there one that's out Android or Iphone? That's like dough people don't know about that rely on whether operating system, which is really weird. It's like you, have three operating systems. You have iphones. You have android in there's still a few people that have windows, phones, pollutant blackberry,.
Who the fuck is that I think there's like area, namely the like this, sooner or later I was it. I think, that's a joke. I think there's a gag by tax chemicals, blue he's gonna fucking, I've already or advertising not liking grassland whores, multiple phones, pan phony, ass, all tat. He does have it, but he doesn't like use it as an ok. Yeah he's got a thing. It was a joke, though I think he really did miss those little. What if you had a blackberry back in the day the things that people you knew where everything was buttons, where detects pretty quick, does little ball with break of some fuckin annoying that they would break, but the difference between down iphones priority, substantial, but the difference between iphones and am Andrews, not
stance on more. But don't you like lignite Israel systems, pretty fucking while you phone, I can't go back. I just know what I want to reword knew for years. I set any other long. People say it. I don't know is now so Steve Jobs is gone. I phones catching up on the technology to android the age or they get a lot of things, you go, let go my Iphone does now. Summers Android goes that we ve had right generations in earlier years would be: did they wait until the technologies out in the buggy knocked out of it, and then they give you a superior version of that's the argument. I mean look, it's the most successful company in the fuckin history, the known universe, to have it shit, fuck tonnes can happily they didn't get like the folding followers. I think that things worth fuck moulding. I guess it in here may get fatter Morganti. How much isn't easy this? This is a good shape. You first stop here this constantly. We gotta figure out how to consider. We rely on your brick
rode up like a little like we go get worried about. Is the ill? Must thank the neural link here about that I'm not sure what it's actually knives adapted integrating computers with your fuckin brain. That's the it's gonna happen right. If it's not this alignment thing. Doesn't do that then the next thing well, but that the ultimate goal is going to be working pieces in our body whether the nature of the wording, some computers. What the word of like me, with the body. As the Irish yeah cyborgs, I bore the idols or gap, but that's it to single areas in July. That's what it that's! What I was all the singularity is what they think would be: the ultimate technological innovation that radically transformed mankind. And they move that number around the singularity they think for artificial intelligence was a symposium in New York a few years back that already,
and I and Duncan Trussell went to his like the twenty, I think was like twenty forty five: that's when they think they think it two thousand and forty five. These things are going to go live and there will be a robot just like ex machina type. Walking around with us for sure I mean, I think I heard part of the conversation you over the mosque and it was one of the most interesting things whose for a while, I was gonna get it. If you just put, phone down achievable we give she gonna supermarket, be borne organ about politics, but Vengefully, what's gonna happen is the phones are gonna, be in our fuckin brains and you're, never gonna people for the phone down, and it's going to be that's the world. We live in where we are just at war and that's where it spoken here. That's what I dont like a baby jump into quick too, has already been a go whole bunch of like self driving car accidents, terrible things happened, but we and our human activity yeah. It's better is more complex. Per amount of cars Dear I'm saying, like self driving cars really you're, not supposed to just sit there
was to hold on the wheel. I keep a hand on the wheel and makes you do that. You can't just drive it. It doesn't disease, you can't just sit back, It needs to be engaged with a little Duvall just takes videos ahead, like taking a nap and hook in service at the window. You involved at all certainly get that like blocked. For this answers like to take a more cumbersome, yes answered, ties hanging, you can do that's actually like Iphone. Mouth cellphone now sits on the handle and keep the pressure on the handle, so the handle thinks that you're holding onto the Handle- and you have your I shall take their whereabouts and I do so. They sell it as an Iphone holder, but really what it is. Something that squeezes on the handle yet salad. Is that, because that would be illegal, but should eel your goddamn good. That thing that, but eventually motto DR shit. Eventually, I way more trust, auto dry live. I trust them should be able to come up with the technology where they have everything on purpose.
Grids where we all get nor cars and the absolute fastest way for us to get from point a to point b is already mapped out traffic. All that shit. Then put that crazy. I feel that that has to be within a twenty three year. Changes lanes and everything. Oh yeah yeah changes Linz. The blow your mind the further highway without you use terrorism already, what Alexandria that's come and all that is acute problem, just give you the experience and a chip. While you click on three d, Hologram lady appears and starts bowing low feels like it's real, but nothing. There's Whitney Houston celebrities, Wye Memorandum made the future and eightys movies, so were the dick sucking car would actually bigger hose would come out of the ground that when we look at the mouth of, would you really trust that mouth with your cock? I want to wait till the things of right version. I washed our total recall recently, which is like you know that the new under the old man, that's a total, recalled the one on the running man
and it was like when he was holding the girl hostage. She was in the house like. Let's look up flights era is just such obvious, Tare, graphics and misery in the year two thousand. Fifty one really has good ideas with the features can believe minority report when they move and stuff around the screen. Like me, maybe someday, but no one's done. Anything where you go. Wow tat be amazed yeah that was it having that's where the apple thing, though, is an apple, tries to make their stuff live up to what they made like nineteen. Fifty space movies ban is very like metal matter, elegant, sleek, looking Attica, uniform packaging as well. Do I've do apples, a great company they really are, but when you open up an Iphone or an apple product, the packaging They haven't air thing, weren't lifts naturally, and it's all based on the experience when you open it, you you I've, never open another product like this. They do that on purpose and it's the subconscious thing that they fuckin put into your mind and that's why you
I did just gonna, whereas it I found it. I can't on its wide chicks, buy expensive bags same thing, the reality: sugar, this last forever. If you right, though, if you write a lot and type allowed, that shit is their fuckin gear, hordes of dog shit, the new ones that their quickly click click it there's no travel, is click any clicking. Click quickly and shit get stuck in, I'm trying to figure out how to fix that most newsboy doesn't work on my apples. I copied the space, So I have already said this is not comfortable for typing, like the whole, like how much fuckin thinner doesn't have to be cheap Christ. I know you guys trying to make em thin, but make him so their comfortable to type on we do is make a thicker.
I would just make it. It doesn't have to be that foot and mouth big old, glares Lord as the most comfortable thing, the old school, in that we are by things, because we learned how to type on that. No it's because their mechanical, your fingers, feel the tactile sensation of pushing in those brings. So I could get it could get cook crooked cooking fingers know where the keys are. When you get in any feedback, you make a lot of errors like it's, not as easy as it takes a long time to get accustomed to that short travel keyboard that you get an is really thin macbooks. I have two thousand fifteen macbook. I wanna go on one refurbished because I hate the fuckin new keyboards. Like I don't know what I'm touching yeah. That's not it's moving it so, so shallow, but I doubt that did not happen. I believe there are none, IBM, Lenovo, think path. That thing is like the old IBM think patentable Lenovo bought the company. Now they make em they do. You feel the keys. It's like, as your typing know, each they have like one point: five.
The meters of travel, which is, I bet, you click click. Next, lay it on me in jail. We're gonna have a typing competition. I think I could a number of mistakes in the new apple. It's fine! I don't want your user you're used to it. You, let yourself go to the new technology. I use both of em, but I like the type way better on the Minerva justice is now Just me. This is a big thing that people who write a lot say if you want something that has a lot of key travel, because one point five been, preferably maybe than one point: eight million or something like that. When you doing that, you you get a real good feel over the keys. Are you dont worry? You also feel like you, ve hit the, but you know you ve hit the bomb as they see this feedback, and you don't think about what I find his UNAM writing on one of those things. I don't think about the keys as much as I just I'm concentrating on writing were like otherwise among us
that little extra thing we gotta look down. I fucked up. I hit that that that that doesn't happen as much now are we healthy, as washing your keyboards. Never of I'd feel better tat. My son touches my computer and we lose Robbie came in They go home and lots flocking to back the Erika. Mann's report cover doesn't blessings great, don't you know that just blown comrade understanding or rose you're fucking kitchen tables gross everyone's grow sign. I do think that homeless people touchy guard rails. If you go in touch that like homeless, The subway subway rails must be just outs, brutal, GMO Times. I've I've done is in New York City like I'll, be going to put my hand on the high seas. Don't touch embryos anymore. I am sure that my son doesn't but I've just been put my hand on the rail and pick up a burger like a human buzzer
ok, my weak, the story is ruined. My at an obviously definitely say I forgave him any second, you thought you were gonna get second after something about attitudes, burgers its there's, no way that, without in my day and your own kids bugger up my son's nose and a heartbeat of random different, though that's an old son, he six. Now we should stop the Abbot athletes topic she knows. How old is it when you be really concerned? If your son is still second there thumb for many years and shit, there were many more concerned. You confirm that, ok now I know my son. Respect is done, so it I have yet to boy a girl If you ever saw, you shall have second thoughts. You have any I gotta eight months you do less than myself, so I guess you're out their breeding. I am congratulations. Now you become even more libertarian cracked yeah
But now let me down on an authoritarian and my baby. I met the decisions. There. That's good move, don't let babies call the shots. Now are the biggest sugar and guns, but I'm clean, Jeanne strategic baby attitude? The baby could active issued a gun, you no more much more fuckin giant problem that will be, baby was ass. I turned to date, Don't worry, I'm not enough of a libertarian gas, because laser don't go homestead some land, their body, can't really hold a gun and shoot it right. It would go flying there's no way, but if they could, how what a great time they would think it would be partitioned, fluck baby, you guys Do they don T, do don't we
but the projectiles, my son is theirs nerve guns. It that's, I know, he's not gay. He loves to shoot things, get a lot of gay people that you things now. That's all I know is not go like you kept shooting a friend in the face. They only that I heard what you think about bears any was hiding a bullet centres, but if you bunch of bears that you couldn't take them out, like shock, I'm range and shoe clay pigeons means, for this are fucking each other. Eventually, oh my god, to shape with anybody. Language is the guys did just guys like guys they got the wacky worker. Big that I got I'm sure. Yes, there are gay guys who ought to do dude. We do things right of deaf, but Rabbits Dudley, dude, You don't know. Nothin I mean how many gay friends you ever like you. We should really go. Shooting guns right now: let's go hunt there's a binding want a sharp and that's fine. They do they want to go home, but isn't it like girls, girls? At a leg, woods, girls, girls, want to live in the woods,
I think these are exceptions you, if you're a gay like Mount Guy and your another mountain guys product. Have an hour. I life as it is also pretty hot gay mountaineer, guys alone, just fuck important down the door before they bought for look our fair share. Brazil. No one so are you fell as brothers and sisters would brethren brother what's going on, they wanna seasonal Marine to suck. In fact, in the offices where you go down the road where those two Como LIVE, Whimsie Homo a couple of what a couple of how do you do is live in an efficient? How soon get me wrong great guys, great guy southern, your bottom dull, they do is chopped wouldn't but fuck there was a big boss.
When he said that it is a problem. A gay people use just don't touch me. You know me in a private area. However, the problem is that what you're life's worried about you know when I gave you are: probably schools are grabbing viciously, your dick. Do you think that guy's gonna stick in there is he's gonna be like Joe? The plumber he's gonna have legs to nod, and I think this is gonna work. Lady, dykes, she's, gonna, dangerous least five. Ten is a former. I know it's like alcohol problems and shit, but he's got those. Big hands. Viruses are getting arrested, the other guy he's gonna hit the big boss. He let my actual fighting vagabonds boxing ass terrapin lay. There should be no older now, but I mean he's Lenny diversities, a lunatic he's only five and my you like seventy, but he's bestow a fuckin stew. Okey. Do they like when it idle NICE Orford he's I mean fire was a face,
Ford he's really small justifies geology, Amazon down you ve seen that guy see went to one of someone's Emma Major NEWS hanging out with a bunch of fighters and was thrown punches in and dancing around the real thing I want to say Sarah was it not Sarah Chris Wildman, now using island guy yeah, so he was out there. It is not like it doesn't have a background in March Take it tell now yet over another does not really fight areas, also at a shape, as he's out of shape any such tiny little fellow, finally, a butterfly stealing a butterfly there's the others. There's, no learning how to fight giving in shape doing at all, like yeah he's too soon. Yeah sure looks like he's been in a bunch of fish Fine, sir, it used to be arrested, lie with Jack that appoint his life. I'm yeah shredded strength, yet actually, even if he's out of shape, even if he's still a strong like seeing I'm sure this isn't even a conversation, he's gonna kill him
Some are saying they haven't you boy heavy. Unless that push it all many dykes traders raising he's a fucking, providing as though it there's no integrity and slippery box and go to bed. A zillion Zionism. Now, yet also that he's up he's only fifty five, that's crazy, now is older than his knee is. Maybe a but over he's all right. I just lifted up your rights, and that is not at all. He was a legit wild there when he was that right there he was a microchip here is for a guy. A legit while man will you that lay data indicted for drugs threats following arrested, in this way as overdrive, redesign, ecstasy and coking, our argument of Zyobor driver and then through I want to cops come. The cops commoner like disguising rivers. Life is for me play. So innocent it'll areas that's funny and their research give me bag and it's freaking out about them go under his bag. Fifty six,
while, while I thought he was older, nuttier this day live in them, years, son ahead of celebrity fight, Lenny Duchess, as big boss as one edge penis, dash outrageous click on that. Please click reason so rude the world. We live in legislation alone, Howard Stern, and did he said You girls come on to say I could eat pussy and they were like swam than their reality stir. It was a comic celebrate comedians from Ally that out, and then that means Emilius used it for, like a credit, and that's just about this whole thing, so we flew them for nothing. That's funny! It's crazy! That he's gonna hit that little guy That's so so wrong. I guess I wonder if I use down quick I in celebrity boxing it and it doesn't usually get to brutal. I thank him.
Think there was a hunch him once and it might kill here. We're gonna. Do your own body do too used to go up you heck, it doesn't help you at all heavy sometimes makes it worse, because you get all is extra weight. You had snaps more if you get headgear on its more shit, you have to control, I won the things about. Strong nag is when you get punched, you can kind of. All your head from moving around too much? Some guys can take it better, but if headgear honest like extra, and your brains sloshes around inside your head made. It protects you from cuts more than anything, There is an argument that they protect you from cuts, but the protecting from the thud, because it's not it's done Locking of your brain. You know like it's, in some ways. It's it's a real mixed bag. In some ways it is better to have that Iraq is a little more cushioning but other ways like it
You shall be and makes it more danger following on until it is that I was a surprise you did. Your leg is for light and one if I would take our trying to change it at the end, because I started sparring with it and invoking sucks Dick did you can breathe. Since you know you can't savings are grappling. You start vehemently be smothered right away, no matter what issues they touch your had. You feel like that source blooming in place, so I try to get them take it off and they wouldn't and then my heavier broke like in the first minute of the fire, and they will guide photographic, as was the shit you so we baltic over headgear knows where the rule. There is a tricky thing in outside. They think that about football helmets too, that they would actually be a safer gain if they couldn't clash, heads with it comment on that. They wouldn't do it. They wouldn't play liked best. Just not true. Calashes skulls, safe bet, there's not enough, but the idea is that the only reason why they play that ways, because the helmets and the foot shoulder gear took them
stuff away. They wouldn't play like a year that day they had agreed earlier me paths. In thirty or forty or whatever, when they were tiny helmets, proud that game if you're an outsider like you didn't know how big it was now give you didn't understand anything about the cultural significance foot. And they showed you all the brain damage and they showed you what it is you Billingham make down illegal yeah if anything, should be illegal, stop doing that kid's near ass to run into each other to smash heads. That's crazy, defensive offensive line, just the idea that the Susie say go just on kids, when you know that you have boys, we don't want it to be illegal and its funding to watch and it's a great way for some guys to make a fuck load of money and way the risks versus the potato. Starch and middle scholars are snapping their necks and make it will never give up. What are you wearing stop they could then make, can only go. I, with that, what they want it, because we punching
taking a stolen, inherently violent. That's where we see it as being this violent act right that it We owe our shit fighting. That's like crazy, decimals, violent sport, but it's oh much less of a dangerous sport, then football football. These guys it is running had first at each other and every one them every one of them has major major issue, also get blindsided in football up. You know, you'll have your eye on someone and then you get head to head taken out from someone else that doesn't happen as much an enemy, but I mean when people get like head kick knocked unconscious. It's not good for your brain now. How was it also always being can cost smash, know each other and then they get up and they just do it again began again will now there are a little bit stricter. I think I'm like if you get a concussion the date they won't put you back in at least the waiter used to like when I was a kid, but it's typing fighters are worth getting can cause once every. If you know once a year, if, if they're getting knocked out once a year, I mean you know, but this
also sub concussive jar, but seems to be the primacy tee- is not just those knockouts assistance pumps over and over again arms over and over and over and training spying. You guys, I still think that's the real power. That's why I also soccer players are getting in brackets, plays a stern need city. Wearing the what's worse like getting like a car Macgregor one punch knock out or fighting Nicky as and just getting like, but It is a good round, probably probably better off, get one p m last knockouts planet better than a probably up that arrive, get drunk getting beat up by Mickey S for fifty monstrous. Wasn't it wasn't the initial argument about ever may being safe for them boxing. Is that it's not so much so you know what the gloves being bigger and boxing and a list of actually worse. Could you gotta keep taking too must show the count as well. You can get knocked down and get up and go right. You become causing the guy keep on fighting,
I'm worried and enable stop it. If you cannot defending your to have some, that's probably deftly better the thing about eight counts and ten council, but people got off the deck and had a maze, performances he'd ever want to stop it. Look at ties in fury gets the deck twice against the anti white enamel made a fight would have stopped right right. So it's like one of those is particularly the last round when he dropped. Are you a deadly punched him a few times you out cold? because he was flat. Yea arise back in Emma May, that would be the end of the fight. We are lucky, it wasn't cause. He got up like a fuckin, superhero and even one the rest, the Roundy outbox them for the rest around You survive the initial barrage and then started catching him as coming in, as the idea was being reckless. He caught him one time like stung him holy Shit these winnings round now he's winning the rest of the round after getting almost obliterated. So there is an argument that that's better the craziest entertainment
crazy thing from the city like perspective. About boxing to me is that young people will get hit and then they get hit and grab some one cause. That's just everyone's instinct, They grab them and then you have a little reference. Never gonna keep. Countries like that, don't do anything to avoid from it. Never let us never forget, and then they did and that in Emma may you'll see a lot someone get hit and then you know they get into a question. You get a few minutes college, where they're kind of like ok, I'm not taken out right now, but the smart thing about it is that's how you're supposed to fight you giving people options defend themselves that shouldn't be. You can't defend yourself other than punching back, that's his seems kind of crazy like, but I could gravel and to stop it punches, none at all against the rules and what kind of rules we have a beat me up. If I let you beat me that we wanted, point, two categories: those utilization dance around four and a half hour. You remember the original, those like greasy videos that they'd make an early. You have slightly inaction yeah and what they used to say. All the time is Eve, and it's so true. We so interesting that if two boxers just have a street fight their going
into a quench and it's probably gonna end up on the ground at some points on like this. Because of the rough has this break up a clench over and over and over again to make boxing happened like even when, even when you're, a professional box or- and you don't know anything about wrestling, your grappling still and grabbing the other guy cause, that's just like the only time that doesn't take place, of whom one guy knows how to strike in the other guy. Doesn't anyone lots of those videos online were to deeds, decide again to some sort of a street altercation and wonder actually a boxer any catches, a guy in a guy, falls and bowed his head of a concrete I'll call there's a bunch of India that that's bad, that's different, see the thing about the Gracie Jujitsu is like you, gotta always be aware. This people out there is always guys who can punch in the face and if they know how to read or to keep your way and just keep punch universe you better not to take.
Down used have acted twenty nineteen. You have no! No! I know how the ILO should look at their ears. You look a little signs. Lanky, look in her eyes, had our necks, skinny next sergeant, choked as far as ex skill like fifty eight years time for fighting, you know it's like and we we bubble. I like both kinds. I like just stand up only fight like watching those like makes martial arts rights where think like tents, Crawford's coming next, think watching someone like him box, like when you see the skill levels that our house, which it stances, do not cause befuddled people getting. Arrange figure them out and then just them up with perfect timing, like that's all, most only possible that kind of artistry. If there's no wrestling raise no leg kicks is only the accessing that's the only way, see that, like that, that kind of like beautiful comedy, because otherwise,
do other shit tuna you'd, like care who try to take him down and that so, like the level of dominance that are real Floyd. May whether Le Real World Champion boxer has with their hands tied to really appreciate so, you see it live, and you know like what you're saying like if you're in the building, where the guy was beaten, somebody up on their sparring psych, you give oh it's as he does it plan to totally different gave way. Boxing, it's like. I literally look a boxing ass like very much a sport Think Emma may is, closest thing that we have to competitive fighting hunger percent, that sort of like the differences All things considered essential fighting? You can grab some unease. Fucking balls in echo other moderated by their nose. I now Israel has not even been chosen, who got you couldn't by you? Couldn't I gouge hit him with a fuckin? Trash cans became fishing and it, but you used to be a punch. The balls was a fucking great video of keep Hackney
fighting Josiah, no son got it gonna headline kicks agonies, just hammering his dick, I mean full blast over and over a sea like Josiah Goin in shock. He takes a few of them and he's like I'm not letting go. This joke head, smiling the Lord Fifth Dick Punch This is all over matters over he does. A drained was who is head was chemo, inhibiting waste. Greece has item upon. Yeah did. I was Falkenberg router brutal. Those alot ahead. Button back in the days was effective weapon and it makes us all that's awful, but while Finger Laughlin have all these other bones. How can we allow the hit with these bonds? Would you can't hit with that? You also. I would rather be head butted by guide that
I don't give a shit. What you do know there's almost technique in heading. I would rather be head, but it then be head kick by due to knows how to get you think, there's nothin, but the really is disguised spar and now they fight and let's way and let ways a type of my tie where they put ropes over the knuckles that's the only thing I have and they're allowed head, but and it some wild ash and they do head but combinations on the path to tap. Tap. Bang don't like use their heads and train it were learn. How do you find that left way? W e eid EL, you t age, you know, does cometary for is our friend Robin black? He does. He does cometary for less way, but this is a brutal form of Malta where you're allowed head, but because I already elbow- and I think VIC in out there thinking. If I can t and funny you do all these things watching a but it's right there, his fucking face
right. That's remember what what more common used to do like you, gotta, go sins and before the head boats were illegal, do he was he would smash people the head, but so here it will do this with a combination. Was this a Robin Robin Black breakdown when he got this? Dude goes off to the site. Pushes Adieus head away and then immediately comes in with a perfect head, but boom, slam at him in the face on purpose with the top of his head, so he's trying to hit like his eyes and his nose and the soft tissue is trying to hit that with the hard part of his four Why? I feel that you allow more damage than the first, I feel Hedberg It only works one out of every thousand times men, not now this that guy. Does it a lot and if you do it this way, the way he's doing it. You taking a really hard part of forehead and your smashing against a soft part of the eyes, and the knows this party Forehead is hard luck most guys, you break their hand and fights break their hands.
Other idea does actually boxing Attila the two kilos. Reality shows you guys were fighting over now is a reality that we broke his chin opened. You haven't got a thing I like it separates us tv takes ahead, but the mouth spitting out a child, a bloody, not turning your stomach. It cover the Let's not turning radiates black lack dealing as it is not just a few splitting what happens if his jaw split down the middle, where you literally cease to separate, because its cracks and half like that, it's the most horrific thing. I've ever seen this view, one by the way I saw that video here unless a woman's fight Well yeah, I was arraigned Eco tours wife Kin Code two, oh, yes, she thought she got her job broken. It was separate and she went on for the next round the jaw separate collection, predator, that's legal redress or insult inside it was moving around and then she how to get it wired up and and fix after the fight was crazy.
Easy when you're in the sixth grade, he was he to fistfight, with his other kids and this attitude at brass, knuckles and Brezhnev's. Regular biomass, like the mall the kid martial arts, giddily, butterfly knives. None chop fly stars brass, unlike you, can just go away. I start as twelve invite a deadly weapons yeah man there, those little stores it would sell, launch sign the S eyes baton with HANS. So this at brass knuckles, any fuckin drilled, this kid in the face and broke his jaw and for her school your where he had a wire jaw who should drinking proper knock at lunch, Everyday Avonlea team. You can tell a story virtual reality to punched him. He was a kid it. Wasn't my juvy hearing you I was just like you got in trouble. That's out all get arrested now, don't get it. I didn't get arrest, nay I'll, go to school together after that remove
the brass complicate from us, it didn't happen at school, happened at a school The killer did. I know the kid it around like he went to the same salmon sovereign at new brass knuckle: Shiloh Mouth, homer, food law school. Maybe just because terrifying! That's where it's like you, don't wanna fuck with people like what kids get beat up at home to kids, kids, you get beaten by their parents. They're ready to be people are, of course it's. It's becomes a part of your your everyday life, your man. People, you hit him matter. People are small and you can get away with it. You hit him out of there, talk about their enough. They talk about all the violence in the world and nobody is talking about the fact that since kids are toddlers there being hit by the people, it is was attacked. The most and fuck them up psychologically does something to them. It's awful ends a cycle right. You hit your kids because your dad hit you and that's what made you the man you are today that can or should it so near that it's the only relationship where, if you bring up this topic, people will justify Kenneth. It's the
like? No one will publicly justify hitting their check or hitting the grounding in recently like you attack in their parent. Rightly they take it like I wanted my Myra had my mom's a good bomb. She can. I deserved it. Don't tell you that I deserved it. So we are that, if anyone, if you said publicly like you know that you give your girlfriend a slap if she asks the wrong way, everyone would universally be like TAT is just period. But if you say the same thing to my two year old, my three year old, everyone's is kind like and then, if I were you, I could eventually arising on Louis and if you say if you grow, if my man talks too much shit, I smack Emma S. Face girls Abyla, you go girl. That's true, but allows ok, we're gonna fuckin know, but that's because the power dynamic is opposite right. You know later, but you're telling that the imo didn't org. You may have a shit, that's a serious problem of your dating sites, as is a guy she's, hitting whatever her hand to the second real issue week. We she's gone her out of the Europe they fucked up.
Stay- made a video or made it look like Dana wine that they just doktor added words that he didn't say that was stupid, so dumb Do you think it was a malicious? Anything was a legitimate mistake in terms of translating there's no way it could be anything other than stupid. What whoever? on purpose? If it's just that it was dark purpose, it was just stupid idea. That's all it's real time and whatever it is. Whoever did it just that's. Just a terrible error and its really bad timing. Could she was almost uncharitable last year but now Amanda Nunez came in kind of took that juice, and now it's like she's damaged goods. If she decides to leave the sea without a Nunez, Rematch should be Nunez she gets it all back in October,
she says they are wanted. Cr she's, gonna wanna see she got about or she got a lot of places and she still be welcome with open arms, she's she's a walk down the street and get a huge pop star like elation. She shows up those way in shows, unlike the crowd flocks. Remember just thinking that about her. I saw one time and there is however, you will degenerate into the garden show and just sat and like the front row the associate the garden and the place where Why don't you give your site affords us like turning round waving up? She was the first like female terminator, yet eugenic IRAN. However, the power watching, albeit of Juno Coronal, gives me nightmare cities tax, crazy fire in the end of it. When does a photo that we played on the spot castle for her cyborgs hand, paw, mean genus head with black finger, nails and she's punching or in the face of the same time, she's hole in your head swam in your face in the future,
I want out journalists Juno's queen when it was like three minute rounds. The five three minute rounds, backed and for women was half tops, also anti terrorist. You know she was taking some stuff for sure sure sure this that's part the issue and has had positive for some stuff. It's you that's part of the world. It is it's part of what the build up to the Genie quantify was when she choked out the news Cairo. There was never any kind of viral, was heard. A news guide me like to put it another way, make it showmanship chosen. I am conscious, always comes to its rule, weird shoves yeah. I do it. Then he was like you. Could you do? It's fine and ages looks on using this ban on gas. We get up and make noise is leave that there really gonna go out like that. They believe they can go out. So quick
I learned in the sixth grade I visited thing where you would hybrid south end over. Ok, he's breathe, really happy for a minute as hard hearted can come up with, If, as you already light headed than your friend, put his hands his palm Senor Crocker arteries and just presses gonna light then, within three seconds you just slide down the wall. Woe, My presumably be able, your friends are what you fall hit. You fuckin head, you do, know far bowed her head off occur, we gotta get Joam and I gotta get Jim. I don't think that's necessarily that bad for you. But it's deftly not good for you, when your ie allow developing developing your maroon, the as production do don't be choking now, but it's it happens all the time in the German. No one known stops, they get choked unconscious, they wake up and go back role again, and they d way they talk about it like it's, a gardener garden whole shut off the power.
The brain and everything's fine, but I'm like man, you ain't a doctor years ago, knows that it shows people show me some long term studies on. Do you been choked unconscious, Molly able to show me a doctor, making garden hose analogy to FIFA. Call me a bitch I'll, tap quick, gone unconscious man, that, so I don't want a gun unconscious thing. Who knows what that's doing you going? to the Netherlands. My come back, a totally different person, a totally different light or fear. When you are, we rise with another hundred young. You come back with a false memory of the past lived a hundred lives since then I will not go with deadhead of that happens the guy's, because when they get hit and knocked out when they come to, They do not know what happened and they have to be reminded we're over and over again I mean it must feel like you woke up and have an engine like it must feel. Surreal. When I spoke story after the day, hundreds and fight, he literally had no idea what happened It was like he had one now,
why do you wear it? Was he didn't even thirty? He thought us fight was a few weeks out still yeah, that's was scary, shows she been asking was saying he has no memory of like anything in the arena after that. That was one of those words knock out of bed. What we as european area so slow. There was one the worst knockouts of all time mount a power that you're flying me has when you're duck in into it is accentuated, because he's going for the take down he's got a strong taken right, so we go with everything he has faced first, Esperanto more running at him. Oh my god. It's the whole, that's the biggest impact that the sports heresy as we're talking about football players crashing to show that the moment of impact will be that the dangerous thing about to football players crashing their bodies into each other s? Exactly that yeah and they super athletes creating that momentum. I mean yes, it's not sail crazy. Is it to be undefeated, never to lose too
anybody and then that's your one, like your wonderful Emma Jane, is like the biggest not at all so much shit that it sat cause. I'm like Burma, big, Fannys, really funny. I then too, he talks. So much, and when you talk shit like that and you fucking lose it, he had it eat. Those word is always market himself. Amazingly, then, that's part of the marketing himself, like he has his own down home version, talk and shit. Now, even his bloom roasted thing like you could tell it's like he's almost kind of playing a due for character, but he's a very smart guy. Item had on the partisan, he sends me book recommendations and showed is like a really well read it The guy he just that's his character and is in is part of a strategy to nor the fuck. Are you, but when you flat line him like that after a nor him annoying, the fuck out of here was that word. Schadenfreude hasn't were wasn't word year. What people are just?
desserts motorcycle? I don't know something like this. It's the wood, the pleasure that you feel from someone else na obvious demise right. That's how they sounds right is that it was your derived from another person's miss Fort, no yeah, that's what it is critical that we look it's almost in a weird way: that's what he was trying to get mouse. While the do. Let go crazy. Some take down there there, yes, but if it doesn't work out, it goes very bad. Well, moshood I'll just took that chance. I need entry, any practice it over and over and over again any kind of new would the way circled see the way, certainly circle off the side and then came in that way, will so he knew go Adam would ride eating into him that way, and so perfectly talk is used coming out from the side he news
lean in that way, but he also Mademoiselle said he was like I was. I was real confidence he took me down. I was gonna get back up and that does kind of demonstrate that look if you're real concerned about the take down, you're, probably not going to open with sprinting into a line which is one of the most, but I was not even a dude who is now for being this unbelievable wrestler. First, I was amazed at all was in old. Cool Kimball Slice, Miami Backyard, fighting video Doha did those dude. It's came only for this guy because it was big. Re was, and I was like tuning thirty pounds and it was George analysing a hundred and eighty pounds, and he can I just access dude up- and it was so bad and all the kids were farms are chickens, run around a backyard it was so hard in any answer being so much. I think strike force for years later, when I sum in Emma may and at a pretty crazy trajectory to be. Where he's out right now. He is right on the cusp of being made
Where are you going to turn out to be one of the biggest source of sport he's one of the best motherfuckers and sport for sure? There's no doubt about it. With everything he's super well, rounded, he can do everything is take down defences. Amazing he's got some of the best hands in the division period. Me look at him, knockabout dare until that leap in left hug the way the way did it. I set it up, he landed in earlier and they landed again. He figured it out. You figured out a spot with his guys. Open is like this dip in what he does and defend. That opening he's got better rightly must he's. Decimal supplicated is more dedicated, you know, and now he wants a big payday answer there. Probably talking about doing that no dear he'll get a big paid out. That's a big fight that I will be huge is in fact other whose waters one that almost half of all four guys we're talking about a lease intrigued watch fight, Naxa man, I'm not gonna, fuckin love. What that guy fi cause he's dead,
marauding, relentless style, that's very similar corbies, except he hits harder and held he'll. Try to take people out cubbyhole be just keep that heat on the abbot. Kogi striking technique might be a little bit better. Hit quite as hard, but the stuff you was shown against Robbie Lawlor, those jobs and body kicks and stuff from, and I was pretty impress you know he's friends of my buddy campaigns and they they train together and can't cams description of him said. Listen to guide talks on this crazy shit rise. Do not but he'd never stops, training he's just constantly training. That's why
that insane cardio, he knows that's biggest weapon has biggest weapon is like Zog ready, keep up way and you gotta try to keep up and he's fucking going to go into going, go and everybody else. That's why I'm so interested to see small fuckers he's gonna fight him and Ozma does the same thing to people. That's what he did. I think tyrant thing that was issues retired go into that fight. He was there to show himself wasn't firing back, but some of that you gotta give credit to use one that fuckin pressure, that relentless pressure is striking, which is, he knows
Fight long he's got an incredible fuckin ground power game is their real knock out. Our young coolby did a similar thing to Robbie Lawlor, where it kind of look like. Why isn't he firing back wisely because his cause backs on the cage, gettin taken damaged in jabbed, constant and never has a moment to just reset and take a deep breath like yours? He just on you the whole fight guys didn't used to fight that way, and when I talk to call me about this, we are talking about the principle of LE come my how hard you do when you punch Unhardy puncheons, like seventy percent, so just hit them with a steady stream of seventy percent. You never see him by down if you never see that those with but DC always likes to call big action. Those big actions, those cost a lot of energy and you gotta figure out when you do those maybe you're Francis in Ghana and those big actions lead ouster, o roon get knocked into the Netherlands, but if not, then gonna blow out. Your gas like we saw him, was deeply milch.
Lived animals ride in the first round and how cool does that? Look that you're holding this huge guy over your head and dropping, but then, after that you can just get to take down. He gets back up to his feet and then by the fourth round, you kind of wondering, as I'm really good strategy to be lived, these guys open. I was talking about steeply Wednesday Bay fought Frances and gone down the ass. I managed to avoid the big actions of Ghana and then, where amount the ticket out be up and retain the title. The only guys been able surviving, gonna Deasey finds a hard won. The watchman cause he's the best guy in the world is so nice. I love that guided death, so watch him get his body destroyed because he kept dig in those laws took the body ass. A part of me was like damn, that's a pretty powwow were those fucking loud, but it's it's wasn't let it was the crispness of it. He was. He was standing by oh Papa this slide in bath and images staked a fuckin left. And deliver any use cap hit net.
Pardon me, was a man that is a beautiful left hook, nasty body shots were partners like damn DC gonna get away from you, gotta get out of it. You take this guy down the tired when you'd do when you really love a guy and you watch them fight its hardens. Very, very difficult to do, cometary, just what's the pain on on the liver, punches That is what the devil hacking do such use. That makes you I've seen people crumble on mediator with one neuron, please his little ones, but show me I don't want it. It's a horrible feelin where it like lead shocks. Your by MRS Junker articles like its or, We have other show day's work right here. It's real financing shocking, Linda lower. If you, if you on the, if someone is standing in front of you and you they hit you with the left, her most likely be hitting in the liver, and it's like right where these flow being ribs are targeted and new Slam, someone hard like right around the load. You know them. One of the masters of it is cannot offer us sick.
Oh Canelo Alvarez body, shots like maybe there's a video. We could look he's got a beautiful one. We steps into just fuckin rips that left up to the liver, and judge your body just go deep is the weirdest veal in man's like your legs, stop working everything stops working you're, holding you see, it looks like it didn't happen to him until the last one. I think he was play poker face. They use plain poker face those who canals a fuckin master at this shit. He would just dig this. Look at this balance is I'd, that's going to decide, but mostly time is going to deliver most. I'm always go into anything. It's open right, Medea, deliver sees gulf, deliver against colombian buckle. Afghans got that lower that low Gar with his right arm. Is these blocking it from happening The guy was comin up next task and also itself so much fun. Like other funds. What to do, but when these categories are fighting when triple g and canal, lower fighting fuck, it sort of Europe
fan of the sport using the highest level to champions in there. I'm going after it's it's amazing. The watch but that Ponchas attack like getting hit there's a terrible feeling in DC, got hit their multiple times and he was from the second round on. He was a: u talking about it but you just put in his hands down a kind of lessons steeper hit em it's hard. It has a dangerous way to fight steep Amy Orchards, like I think you just want to put pressure on them and makes De Bay feel like he didn't deserve to be in there with them. I think may be in that approach. He was front, aware: keep which keep the pressure on him and make em discouraged, or maybe he had genuine disdain for his abilities, maybe really didn't think too steep. It hurt him. Eventually going to catch him, and then there was a lot of people have thought because of the way he Knox deeply out. Maybe sea basins durable as used to be right because STI based take tremendous shies from everybody, but then he got knocked out one punch by DC after taken tremendously,
kneeling down fight, so the question would be like how much damaged taken that in Ghana fight but then he came back and he ate everything that DC how to offer them. He just kept beating and the kid that take. The chain and media, and eventually he started taken over fight and when he saw a ribbon the body the fourth round it was. I why he it was perfect. I mean I've, never seen anybody have better body punches in a chair, which of you I was. I was eating. There was a girl, a corner, call or you think he just improvised and saw that that was open and who knows how to fight this. On open everybody, everybody that such a standard technique, that's like a corner call someone thrown a leg so standards. It was working. Cities Olga here get never guns locked doors, he didn't have an answer, didn't have an answer to it. It didn't dedicated en bloc it he didn't it. Didn t. Take him down, he just kind of got stuck Stanley I'm with those liver shots to as they sab your energy, so bad and you you can't make a big move anymore, so you have to kind of pretend like everything's, ok and then Bam hitching
Daniel. Oh shit, we're in trouble here, but still you looking like nothing's wrong, but your gas tankers fuck everything's on empty and you're fucked. You really can't fire back. That's why DC didn't fire back and he kept getting shot to that by and every time bang he get shot. That body cedars and then steeply gotta get the cage started. Uncorking punches in DC. Just didn't have Anything to his body was shutting down if anything in him to stop that onslaughts means amazing that guy's the step is the most successful heavyweight the history this now and daring Mccormick. Whether he fights and are not held good. That is one of the largest ever lay out, but he also is ways of forty two forty, forty, ok, sorry for it. Is it true Mortier, so I don T see that might be plurality. Lifestyle could be forty to you all. Forty two. When you look at it like you know, do you see what he's done it's? incredible. I mean nobody else has ever done that it's just its kyar is problematic
convince him of that. The big finds the steep. If I honestly because beat guys for the vacated crown within light heavyweight is not the same as beaten John Jones, but beating steed They is like being a heavyweight version of John John yeah. That's that's the biggest accomplishment ever and I'd like timid, heavy way because he wasn't getting dream, but I just don't think that was holding our maybe couldn't have fought in any other way, but I don't think that was the best strategy, the dropping of the hands, the moving toward him with the stable. We may be. That would have worked on some guys. Maybe that has worked on other guys like rumble Johnson and worked on hand right. You know I mean he eventually puts at heat on you and so many guys crack under that. He do. You want to see as a friend do you want to see and fight the third fight that is entirely dependent upon where his heads that I mean First of all, I am sure he's a very intelligent guy with a lotta years of compare competition under spout, whether it's a limp eggs, protein o rest,
the highest level, whether it's u of Sea strike force before that his fought for a long time. Nobody needs to tell him when to make decisions when noddies emotional right now, I'm sure you take some time off and and probably consult with his family and probably figure out what you want to do. But I bet if I had to guess his competitive instincts are going to tell him that he could have at least one more fight and that it would be a rematch match with steeper because he was dominating the first round and he let her get away from him and he wasn't listening to his corner in a crazy Bob Cook was yelling in his corner. Keep your damn hands up. You know he didn't like it. Bob cooked in luxury, respect, Stacy, basic giant man, he's a fucking, big mother, fucker, big long tall, Croatian and he's tough shit, and I think, because Daniel knocked him out
the first round, the first fight you know he he believes he could knock him out again but Steve they could take a goddamn shot. This time you know I mean I know it's a you never know why a guy gets knocked out that way with one punch. Man was a perfect punch for sure and the way he threw it was beautiful. The way he threw it from inside the clinch comes over. The top of shoulder The chaos deep Amy was amazing. You but It was also such a competitive fight that I'm super intrigued to see a third time. You know it's not like is on offer, In conclusion, the CIA is going to be able to do that again. Dangle could just come out with a better game plan on everything they could win. That fight it's in my opinion, the best via heavyweight. Have we don't think I'm gonna be a good fight, but I think the sea, but once again I am not convinced me right, thinking on who might be the next guy. I think he might be the tramp for a while he's definitely got what it takes, because he's got one thing that one hundred percent
one punch knock our power. One hundred percent, not a fucking humans we'll be there if he full on connects ants. Ash is won through your guard. Everyone goes night night, everyone, a hundred per cent of the humans, very hot from nine. If that guy punches, you full blast, but its whether nice can build. Do that the steep we all thought he had a chance to doing it, the first time, but still they shut down in our maybe maybe he's better now, but maybe steeper is gonna, come into this fight, even more energize, ever after beating DC, and when he's title back at me, maybe he's gonna. Maybe he saw something from that. If you do it again, he would have implemented really quickly steeper. He did. He did not want to take another fight. He was whatever place he was. Eighty was fuckin in his firehouse listed of his boots areas thing event. Given that title back, he does not want to lose that title again. People were ignored, a man was weird if we so concentrated on the Brok Lester idea that they were ignoring them. It was
we're because when somebody said that the other day, whatever publication was talking about, maybe in the greatest heavily it of all time. This is before the fight I remember going like easy and then you certain listen. If his credentials- and you realize it is the most defences- He'S- also fought the most competitive title too as yet the fences. Well, then you see it. Little more apparent, but I cannot. I almost understand it because, even as a number of pretty big fan of sport, but I've remember just I wasn't like chomping at the bit for the rematch for him. It wasn't like. I was like. I really want to see that stupid, damn Cory. Imagine I can't even put my finger on why I want to see it bad real bad. I want to see I like the fact that was thirteen months later, so I think he gave his body some time to heal up. I think you fight in Ghana was like getting hit by a train,
You might live in Norfolk and tree and you come down a day later. What happened? They hit? You think when Dj Jazzy Jeff again, but I think these if he keeps it together, he's a nice guy, I mean he's, ex guy line to be the champion a mean he has everything to lose. Is he has the championship to lose if its deep ay retires Wednesday based on France's is the fuckin man and maybe maybe France's beats memory match? Who knows again all he how to do is connect to be a different guy in the rematch who'd understand what it's like to go five hard round to the guide to take you down and beat you up. You would understand that his wrestling has to be on point this car. Do you have to be on point and there's not going to be times? or you get a hundred percent unload and know for sure that guy's not gonna, be there because the guy survived it didn't have the gas tank for the remaining four rounds and, this isn't going to be a new guy that steep a fight, and he might very well just play it smooth
and just stay on the outside and pickle shots and then winning some hurt then mean we don't know but we don't know. Steve It's like come out of a couple popular fugitives and shoot a fuckin double on, taking that did he took down DC steeply took down. Do you see that's giant illegal ever has ever done that John Jones. Instead they did it more emphatically. In our mean it was pretty goddamn impressive, People around the gym, monitored Teat Fletcher when he was down there and other guys who trained with John John was accidents as a light heavyweight champion was just rank. Darwin heavyweights he's a phenomenally, powerful guy and use really southern. The core me fight, like a video army, was shocked and that first fight of how fucking strong John is meaning, to see if he can handle steep and a if courtier one of that fight, I, if they call me and John, don't want to fight again, I'd want to see their fight it heavyweight. Why guarantee of John Jones fights at heavyweight it'll, probably be just one.
Walks around that, because the word around Jackson's was that wrestle with heavyweights and just rag doll. That he would throw people around the gym mean when I talk to Tait Fletcher when he was down there and other guys who trained with John when John was doubted. Jackson, as a light heavyweight champion, was just rank. Darlin heavyweights he's a phenomenally, powerful guy and he's really southern. The core me fight, like a video army, was shocked and that first fight of fucking strong john- is I mean, he's a long thin guy, but he is ridiculously strong and, I think is heavyweight Libya fuck load to handle for a lot of guys. I want to say- and I think he actually he has a star power too. I think that It's the USA on a map and a weird way, because they haven't really had the major star as a heavyweight champion like that fucking dude, who, as I like best in the World Power power bass- and I have you as ever, we champion but of John could be steeper. That would be that says, he's definitely best bound for power fighter in
in the USA. Right now. Definitely look at his accomplishments is arguably the best path fighter ever he's really never lost that one man handle fight to try to reverse that it was a bad decision. It was a bad in theory. It is about. The bad decision is a scam I am making an oconto, so we still undefeated that's what it really should have been the only problem with it. Is it really should be a directory of crushed and though he was ridiculous, whose doesn't feel like it doesn't ask. The thing is, like the guys, never really lost. So if you look at his is career the coup fuck and say that who the fuck is full likely Oda, Cheetah, overshot, Evans, rampage Jackson, the top of the food chain over and over generations regenerate lights, late ornamental, your authority, every generation of the best guy items and everybody you look at that, there is actually a number like there. The that one was on his record. If you could, break it down, there was some sort of like statistic that could come in and really look at it there's a number and amount of money that he's lost
because he has lost his record, whether whatever is in market marketability. Maybe who knows there Sunday? Definitely there has to be some of the other guy says. I have to go you d like to share a wrap this bitch up. Gentlemen. Thank you. As always, you cut out again. I was kind of faith and I won't let me so we started. I appreciate you guys. I appreciate gang first, I think its awesome, which goes doing for calmly. I really do you just go in for it and that's but we need more of, we need more of people that are doing real comedy and you guys do appreciate the fuck out of it, and I support you. Turn the man. We recognise that everybody by fuckers. Thank you, everybody for into the park, cast and thank you to say, I'm stuck on stamps dot com, the services all of them from the EU post office right to your computer folks,
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