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2019-08-22 | 🔗
Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His new project “Everlast presents Whitey Ford’s House of Pain” is available now on streaming services and for purchase here: https://fanlink.to/wfhop
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Hey is a good friend one of the baddest motherfuckers in music. You might know him from jump around from the house of pain. You might know him from Whitey Ford sings the blues. He is my brother from another mother ever last in here, but with him DJ melody Anne their songs, their stories. This conversation, we have three song in three hours and a great fucking time, whiskey marijuana all that, ladies and gentlemen, Everlast and Dj Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan. What is that thing? You said when you clink glasses. It was like the Irish. You know salute. Oh, are you know now stroh via it's just the Irish Bergen Snatcher Slon check L, a I n t E. I believe his house from that never knew that you said it before and I just let it slide so they want to seem like a dork. I know
it was probably saying it really. I mean, like you know. Gaelic is some real harsh vowels in gaelic script, so crazy, like in Gaelic names that, like we're, spelled insane and it was oh that's, pronounced Shawn like some crazy shit like that wild ancient language, right yeah for real. I love irish people, man, I just fucking fascinate by the wildness of that culture. You know, that's, like God, made whiskey, you know with so the Irish would never rule the world when you see a guy like a guy like Conor Mcgregor, part of it is him. Is irish he's like pure, like Brill in Irish. You know I'm talking about more boastful. The word knows how to take a las knows how to take a las, takes a lot like a man and still talk. You know right back to it's like that, you know
that guy that you fight, but he loses, but you know you're going to have to fight him tomorrow. Yes or soon, as his shit is healed up into busted, busted up is gone. It's like one hundred million dollars in the bank. He still want to fight people still I can people of bars yeah, that's that it's who's doing. What is your doing? You don't do that. Don't do that? No, not that who knows what the fuck that guy said doing it looked like the guy was old. As fuck someone said, he was only fifty that the guy was only fifty dude fold up, though he just kind of sat at the bar Conard in really yeah. He still actively keeping the smack in the back in a couple of fingers. He touched what we call them pushed him. Yes, you can kind of be Bridget it is hitting, but it really ain't quite a when your guy, like that you're, basically walking around agreeing not to fuck people up
because you have to kind of agreed, not people up the money he's got. There should be like five guys around him to make sure that never happened yeah, but they can't listen to him, like the the. If you, if you have a guy like him he's going to do whatever he wants. Even if there's a bunch of people around him, stop him you're not going to stop them from doing chicks through that guy's phone down the ground, stomped it in Miami. There was all the body guards there. He just did it. You just did it Mcgregor he's fucking he's living like you're supposed to live your Connor. Gregor the dances, don't go to jail, dude don't get, lock down. It's also the whole structure of the way things are now. As far as like entertainment, it's like it's all about eyeballs. Well, he fucking figured it out. Man pull and I figured hearing he figured it out. Man like in the most crazy way possible He figured out how to just blow
the whole system when system when you're a guy who is been fight. I mean I contacted him on Twitter in like two thousand and thirteen, right by two thousand and eighteen, is worth one hundred million dollars, quick. And he called it all away and he called it all the way. That's the craziest part is he called it all the way like I'm going to be a billionaire, a multimillionaire know what Dana White said to me once about him. That's dead on. He said he eats pressure. He said that guy eats pressure, youjizz eats it he goes. He just he just goes in there and the more pressure experiences the better he could perform. It's true. It's like you. Look at the altar fight picture. Perfect left hand knock out. It doesn't get any prettier the timing that set up the patients, the movement, the setting it up, looking for him to LE pen and buying catching he's coming in sure he said exactly those that's exactly what he was going to do right before the fight. That's me, tweeting, him January,
two thousand and thirteen saw his fight in. I think it was cage warriors. I think, that's the promotion cage wars or cage warriors. Why am I that up cage wars? Is it everyone's there probably is it's probably a bunch of cage stuff, but it either way he was fucking people up overseas. I was like this kids. Real you just see something sometimes He's he's like I watch a video see how a guy moves on like Jesus some I just have something and he had just ridiculous timing. So relaxed in there? Those were fun for man His early days of MMA is like you can go back and watch him and you go. Oh this guy's going to be special, it's kind of like a weird sense of timing. You know he's just very good, at understanding where you're at and no,
To put, it always had me when- and you know the I or ego and the whole irish thing this it offered shore may love it love it Yahoo news like we all fight together, like when he's in the room like if he wins, right and there's you know the crowds filled with like seven thousand irish people. Do you feel it do you feel like goose bumps? It's crazy, like you do every You can't stop just to keep yourself from crying at the beauty of it. Guy standing there in front of the house? the people that have flown overseas to see. Insanely people fly over dude, it's crazy. They take over the fucking Vegas hotels take over like have seized in they shut down, like seventh Ave in front of in front of Madison Square Garden. There's not a fucking fan on earth. Like irish fans, there different ice Think brazilian fans were crazy until I saw the irish fans they take over. The whole Mandalay Bay was taken over by people singing.
All I was amount of drinking more than fair, but just the fact that they could do that that they gang get together and sing the same song like thousands of them together singing the same song. I remember the first time when we went to Ireland, its house of pain and in between songs. They broke into the hole you know the soccer chance stuff and we would just like whoa. This is crazy. You know we never experienced anything like that. Don't they had, they don't do that at the sports advance at home. Back then, back then at all, so That was amazing, culturally, it's it's it's. They have his real Conor Fight in Ireland once he's gotta fight in Dublin in a soccer stadium right why not why not, if he's ever, gonna fight against doesn't do it, I don't you know that I think the I the idea was.
It's like like more money and pay per view. If you fight in Vegas, you know, Vegas is worth a lot money. Doesn't the the time have a lot to do it too, when they on european thing going to do the whole weird time thing over there, so they can accommodate the paper view here. Yeah. Real, where they'd be fighting like four in the morning. I was really weird to me when I wake up and there's like a S american fight that happened at noon and I'm like golf guide, missed or Japan like rise, and if you try to watch rise and they have it japanese time, that's how pride is to be. We would get up at like We have guys come over my house and we would watch pro try to like three o'clock in the morning, but sometimes they would have him live for some reason. From remembering incorrectly correctly times. We would have him live and sometimes they'd have the fights and you knew what happened, but you didn't get to see it for like a couple of weeks in north delay it in North America for some strange reason. Totally do it live? I was hip to that share thing a long time ago. They always had the bootleg videos.
I tell anybody. That's like Voldemort. Don't say that I did. I just mess up I thought it was gone anyway. That was ten years ago. Do illegal streams Ufc is gangsters with that like it used to be, you could watch those and then overtime because they can hear it before before, like there was things like fight and things like that, you couldn't find a paper view if you were stuck over, Four in the morning in the middle of somewhere, you would lean on whatever you could is a fan and but the they start. You started seeing that shut him down like it? Doesn't there there gangsters USC are gangsters yeah, so it's a big money, business people fucking be press, it is what it is is impressive. It's like there's like there's a army. Bucket somewhere going oh yeah. Some of it must get through right. Just everything the internet just has
I don't know I'm. I got the fight pass now so everywhere I go so I got the fight pass and the little you have that little static. I p address so like when you are at the country. You can that's perfectly normal. You know. What's weird white don't they show in like. I need to ask the UFC this. Why don't they show like the height like the knockouts on their instagram, page. They show when the knockouts over me know yeah, I do not understand. I don't understand, because once everybody knows they know, everybody knows they know it's not hurting anybody to watch it like it'll. Just hype. Up the fight replay business, a lot of business, I wonder what the replay buys are like the cats who just missed it and bought the replay. It may be that fast sure, I'm sure they probably make a nice second round of money on that replay right. Like, so how long you think they should hold off for like a week
name yeah. We talk, we talk a week and then put the highlights on shore. Do they do that? Do they ever show? I get this weird impression that they only show like right after the finish will like on Monday Instagram. No, no, they have they'll, show entire fights on Instagram, noble, old, right, wise yeah, so and I'm pretty sure they showed steep bages pulling off of DC was at the case. That was crazy. I got my whole phone up on a piece of Currently, I'm right in the background. When that happens I don't know I don't know. I haven't seen it, but I got my phone blew up right. There too, that was that fight was chaos that would fight was K. It was fun. I had a maid time card. I should say say that fight card was chaos. There was a wild one man in the Anaheim it hard watching DC, get hit with those fucking body that was soon as he started thinking it was like. Oh wow something's happening dude, Steve based nasty. He wanted help. He took incredible and we were AOL
Steve. Bates took. I walked through him like is crazy, because D C managed to put him away with one punch. The first time and I didn't see coming yeah- see incoming everything you got hit with was hard as hell, but he saw it all coming then get in that little right in his yes, there, it went 'cause actually got that short one on that last time. That's exactly what happens if you're not prepared, if you don't think you're going to get punched, you relax for a minute, and then you get punched by something you don't see come and you can get fucked up, and when you're in a fight with a Greco, roman wrestler. The caliber of DC knows how to manipulate you and he just been manipulated in quickly into that right hand, and it was a beautiful work of art but he was never able to hit him like that in the second fight like as cleanly and have that kind of an effect. The shot hit him with pretty good shots, but Steepe eight hundred am and then you read oh Steve, Antigo Fucking shot. He just got clipped you just got caught, he could take a fucking shot and he was there
the fourth round, which is really impressive like in the fourth round. He was looking good, recognizes as soon as he touched that liver shot, that it was all right. Something happened there and hit him. He dug in like forty five straight times. Man cannot let a guy like that punch you in the lever that many times, I'm sure DC obviously didn't want him to do that. But that's how good steep is. It was like the d c yeah respect to d c. I love that guy he's he's one of my favorite people. Do commentary with man for sure he's he's the best he's so fun hilarious like when, when rose number Eunice knocked out, you Anian Jay check he's like thug rose toppers. I never forget that. That is what I love like he's forever moment. He's so free that, in the middle of like this calling a world title fight he's just DC, he, be himself and it's he's got a great personality. Man
is a hell of a fighter and he was dominating in the first round. She think he's going. He know he will fight again, but I think he's going to want to fight Steve again. If I guess, if I really guess I mean if he wants to do it again, he's going to want to fight steep again, 'cause he's got don't want to what I think the way you described. It is right that wrong that he did it just didn't fight. Well, it didn't listen to his corner. I think that's what he thinks it so He fought really well in the first round and then Bob Cook was yelling out in the second round. Keep your damn hands up, you know and he he was like walking him down like almost like disdainfully like walk him down and- Don't know if that was part of strategy to psychologically put up a lot of pressure on Steve Bay. You know to try to establish that's debate done that he's the champ now, but it was almost like, disdainful but steep a survived. And he just was there and he was in there in really good shape and rounds three and rounds for that was what was really aggressive about it. I was. I was amazed, especially after getting fucked up quite a bit in that first
sound. I mean there was a couple times when I thought he was going to be, for it like like do is, go get him. Yeah DC was all over in the first round and when he, when he picked him up and dump them, you like cheese, Krusty's he's good Jesus. Christ is good, he just didn't maintain and that's exactly what it was and then steep. They made the adjustment, and you know who the knows he might decide. You know what my body doesn't want to do this anymore. I'm done. I know he made a ton of money and I know he's really good as a commentator, and what he'll do that forever for sure, or he might want to do it one more time, but in the Always John Jones wrote lurking Man, John John. Even feel, like everybody knows like that's the biggest rivalry in MMA yeah, because I mean the the only thing you I give you. If, if you're gonna talk about accolades of of core meetings, he has everything. All those champions is, but there's that little asterisk on the on the light heavyweight belt that he never really got it from. But that's
we're part about it right, it's like when you're a champion, but the champion who's is the real champion, didn't lose it. Then they have an interim internship like what are we doing here? What is is he got, come back, never come and showing that he's still him like, and hopefully God willing him keeping all these stuff together. Yeah it would have been. Different, if he just kind of faded in the distance and it changes that narrator, but he came back and and he His original thing was, like you that guy I'm that guy still yeah it was crazy. I mean did that's how crazy good John is really that's. How crazy good John is? I love to see that, though, and the way D C was able to be rumble twice rumbled to there's always that smart to get out of this once my dude on both scary, that's my dude he's, so ferocious is punching it so fucking explosive man. He just got so How much power we knocked out Glover to share with one punch. I was like God, when I first met him, he was, he was a much smaller dude
when you one seventy yeah yeah. I used to work out with some friends of mine that we used to work out in this little man was off Melrose and La Brea thing was called l mma at the time, or something like that, something like before he wound up in Colorado. I think, but you know I've into the wild man he's so good to ridiculously powerful he's a really nice guy, it's good to his fucking power. Preposterous, though like it was, and then, when I see him come back in two hundred five, that's what I was yeah just flat people at two hundred and five, but it Interesting man is. His retirement was like one of the most honest and like it was He was like happy with it. Because he was like man, I'm not a fighter, a athlete. I just I'm just good at this. That's really! That's! That's really!
interesting, wait'll that we now and his dogs like spring french bulldogs. You just had a grappling competition against this guy, Craig Jones who's, this. Ah brazilian Jiu, Jitsu guy from Australia. That's ah murderer is a leg lock specialist to any condom in a leg. Lock, it's crazy to see how big is rumbles like fucking, no he's got to be like two and sixty pounds like no bullshit he's humans, where we sat next to a fight of life, not the last fighter went to whatever the one last well before it out. He looks like a looks like a he's, so big, it's ridiculous, big! It's not even thinking about losing weight for fighting anymore what wonder what would happen if he decided to come back to the heavyweight like no bullshit, as a heavyweight. If that guy I mean you know, crazy would be if that guy wound up winning the heavyweight title.
Number career, he wins the ultimate fighter as a one hundred and seventy gets all the way up to one hundred and eighty five camp make one hundred and eighty five misses weight, misses it for the Vittore Belfort Fight, I believe, a big fight. Then it goes up. The light heavyweight even of the heavyweight for Andrei Arlovski in I think, was Pfl and I think, really beat him badly. If I remember correctly get broke, he broke his jaw. So and then no record on when I was at my way there was a heavy weight in the Pfl, was in the UFC and then comes back to the UFC. Comes back, is light heavyweight, just slapped lining people, you would hate to see him hit. People who just go whoa All that kind of scary timing, too excellent timing. You know it was just power. Johnson UFC return could be on cards of the price is right, yeah. That was when. This is from recently after his grappling. Oh really dude, he's so big right now. I would think you would find every way,
I mean I really think he's his t pay. He was taught bring his body for so long to make one hundred and seventy, I never saw anybody lose. We got two hundred and seventy eight one hundred pounds overweight. He bought, is a one hundred pound gain that is so crazy, a hundred pounds more than what he weighed in when he won the ultimate fighter. That, since it doesn't say God bless, oh, my god. Two. Seventy eight, oh my god, one hundred and seventy, my god he was one hundred- Seventy One hundred and seventy lb champion becomes a two one hundred and seventy eight pound heavyweight and it us like: where did it you do that? Where is it crazy that guy's power is can undeniably preposterous. What do you make of Brock trying to pick a fight with John Beau? Oh that's so
Let's just talk. What I was going to say about rumble is that even though rumble was that that good and that's it very DC handled a man DC. Getting a hard shot, got him The ground does one seventy 170S right then, but DC was the guy manage to handle that yeah and that is DC seemingly easily. Well, he was the only one he was the only one that could handle him. I didn't think that was gonna. Go that way like I said that was my dude, so I was really heavy for him. Well, he sees a speck. Little guy when it comes to wrestling, he specially especially talented, and I think, wrestlers. They know where they stand in the wrestling food chain and when you get gripped by a dude like DC, Jesus is Olympic Caliber Wrestling olympic beast mode, He just start smashing and he was able to run his way through the heavyweight division you gotta realize before he lost the steep. A fight he had only lost
one round ever at heavyweight really, arguably, and that was to Josh Barnett. I think that was like one round that he Lawson Cards and Josh Barnett is you know a legend, a fucking. The youngest us literal Og, the youngest ever UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh, Barnett, brilliant guy. To do you know, Josh, not personally fucking, brilliant guy brilliant guy, so that's the last round. The DC. It ever lied. Lots like one round is a heavyweight he's. Just dominating people with is wrestling in hands, be being here's his fucking people up, but it just that's. How good Ebay is man, people slapped on steep a you know, people the DC was going to run him over again, like you ran him over the first time. You know I think, DC prepared for a long and arduous fight, but he's big big man, Big giant heavyweight man he's a long own tall dude along framing deceived, wait more than him during the fight. If you would like six pounds more than him some like that, but it's is built it's a DIS
just distributed but are different, come in like twenty or thirty pounds less than last time. Kim in less yeah. I don't know if it was twenty, but I think it was like two hundred and thirty in this fight. I think DC was two hundred and thirty six so DC came in like two. He came in light in their first fight, but I think you know C came in after, like a whole year of waiting for this rematch like trying to figure out if it's ever going to happen is DC going to fight Brock, Lesnar and cheese. You know it's like he was always needle and then finally, they gave him the chance to see him. I hate to see D c lose I hate it. It's hard to watch man he's such a nice guy. It's it's hard as much as I like that. Guy to see him get hit, it's hard but take all that stuff out and just look at his two athletes. What's deep, they did was just brilliant that the whipping of that left hook to the body was just tax Bookman Tax book he was fighting. Are amazing fight up until that until he,
just a little bit. It looked like to me in and the liver shot started happening. You know it's also. You gotta appreciate the technique. The way the through. That left hook was perfect. I mean it was it. These are brilliant shots, there's no wasted movement. The technique was pinpoint images may rip some in there and he caught you see standing there and he just hit him with a hard left to the body and then once he realized he could do that more. He just continued what they were doing them. He would go, do it again and he got in again. Then, and then now is in a little bit of trouble and now he's getting eat. Who's going, try to do. Take him down like he's in this spot, which kind of still standing with them and he's now. Down, but he's hurt How much is he hurt hit with hard body shots by a definitely let it be known? Those are brutal, and then boom, he starts hitting him up to the head and drop some work. Wow that was super impressive, like when you're
all in a fight? How often are you looking here and how often It depends on what I can see some I mean what you're saying is a monitor, yeah. It depends on how often I want to see it if I could just basically that's. Why I'm just curious? I'm not even I'm just saying a percentage wise if you were to guess what is what about one slash three of the time here. Looking at this and the rest of time, you're, probably up here, yeah, maybe less than one slash three on the monitors. I try to stay off the monitors, the monitors I want to see You know I want to see what's happening, but the like, if they're off, to the side of like press up stick page then I kind of have to go to the monitors 'cause. I need to see like comparing it to liken experiences like ringside experience, where I'm like how often I'm like about one slash three of the time I feel like I'm looking watch the screen the screen I mean just because I want there are there on the ground, and I want to see what's going on with the arm that I can't see. You know I mean that kind of thing: yeah yeah, it's a wild, fucking sport man, so why I was trying to figure it out the day. I think I've been the maybe sixty light
Jesus Christ. I think some of beautify things back to the years that I met Dana and Chuck and ever since that day, it's like anyone call open, you know and I'm gonna. Last night you know I get to go. I know you're on when I was able to drive. You know you we when I was when it was those days. It was a whole different game. I've been almost everyone because a lot of most of them were in Vegas yeah. I also would be it would be easy to get there yeah. Those are fun experiences band, trying figure out how to pull up on Abu Dhabi man. Are you really trying I'm to do? I just buy it, go on figure out any promoter out there that want some joke around action. Holler at me, I'm just trying to pull up on the Abu Dhabi fight and have that experience. I'm gonna be watching that one from here we're gonna, probably do a fight, Japan, for that and one day I want to be a
it's one of those whose you gotta come to one of those. Those are ridiculous. Yet no, that's their foreign trust. Try not to get in the conspiracy. No! No! I can figure it out. I'm well aware try to keep my anywhere from the aluminum body right. This is it's fun, it's always fun, the best thing in the world is like watching fights with friends and laughing watched, it good combinations of things. Yeah, it's a fun thing. My most favorite way to watch fights turn the fan down at the house and finish all up you man, you could say things you just can't say you know you could talk about things. Absolutely never otherwise talk about, and you could describe things with language like the whole, all the language you could use all the language You know like when I'm doing the UFC it just like little kids are listening to this, which is kind of weird right, like if you say, fuck, that's bad, but if they
Watch someone get the fighter has a. I I mean I mean the fighter can say yeah. I think I think probe Dillion intelligently placed it wouldn't be. Out of line, but you couldn't overdo it or overuse. It would have to be like you have to like pick that perfect. The problem is it gets in the way of doing the commentary, do any decision that you would make to use that kind of language would get the way the commentary, because it be like it would be less effective like they would go. This guy like. Why do you have to use it there true, and they would be like judgment of like when do using? Why uses and then they would like Think less of what you have to say or be upset by what you have to say, and that would be the number one if you're trying to do commentary. The number one thing we're trying to do is take yourself out of it, like I'm trying to do that, I'm just trying to use the
best language possible to express my excitement for what we're about to see like this is what's important to me like I just want I'm fucked. This is how fucking pumped I am. These guys are murderous. This is going to be fascinating, yeah well Romero, Paulo Costa, what the fuck that's exactly what we were talking in the car on the way I was watching that fight like this. Like this, this is made it's like one of those fights we just waiting for some crazy, did the beatings they were giving each other was crazy man fucking to chiseled granite, lookin, mother, your role and and a good little right, Gucci model that next week for sure it is and put pick him up. They're crazy, the guys beautiful they're, both John can't beautiful men with incredible bodies was banned. The fight was fun King, fantastic, was so highly skilled. That Paula Coast got, is for real man he's for real. If he can do that to well, if he could stay on top of Yoel like that yeah well, so, on
everyone explodes on everyone, but that dude well the storm, he weathered the storm and he landed some great shots. It was a very close fight, though, because you L hit him with some big shed too, and you L took him down twice yeah we were we were. You know it was my 50th that Sunday, so we were out Saturday, Sunday scored again salon cha slide chat. Yes, sir, you know we were going yeah. Well, guy read, you know, I mean old for draft relay is that we were going hard for you. Well bro. He wins best body at forty two all over the world, the guy's a monster mean who who has more like athletic length of there, the career than then well, because at forty
he still moves like he moved. Ten years is a forty two two days. You know that's what I'm saying that cuban birth certificates should be like forty eight, you know that's what they say about that Luis Ortiz guy. You know that elite heavyweight boxer from Cuba, you see homeless, like fifty years old cuban friends for that I've, their office cypress. I had him on the podcast with Joey Diaz, translating it was amazing man to hear him tell his stories in Cuban. I just wish. I spoke spanish. I could understand it like coming from his mouth, but having Joey translated talk about all the shit that he had to deal with coming up through the Cuban, your sisters, your of your. What that one got preposterous, that is, is one them sculpted things you buy at toys, r, us right
yeah, yeah yeah action figure, look like a free live human he's is so freakishly athletic and so powerful, and you know it's that cuban wrestler system he just the way he described is like turn you into a machine I'm a fucking machine and that's what he is with competition he's just a machine man. He was cloud in two in the second two rounds like that's. Why I was, I kind of felt, like you know, was trying to get that guy to be emotional and make a mistake. You know short, but it was like again. He finished he got. He got the best of him in those two row, in my book. I thought he want close close, not a bad enough to be like bitching about it, but like I would have flipped the two thousand nine hundred and twenty eight personally, The audience agreed with you when they uh they were born. They were doing it, which is unfortunate because Paulo Costa just fought an amazing fighting. He has to feel like shit during the the PO
that does not I don't. I don't condone Boeing any other than I know that most people that would be would never get in that ring. I would never again that ring you. Ain't got no money. I get out made a lot of money and I'd Conor Mcgregor hasn't got enough money for his kids, okay, a hundred billion yeah. I like yeah- I mean I know, I'm like my consciousness. You know I'm not getting what MIKE Tyson for any money. You know because the problem is that's a lottery say on the wrong side of things: yeah for sure there booing the decision. It wasn't. His decision has heart out and it wasn't that ridiculous. Is my point to like it was a guy would have flipped it, but hey, ok, no! I could see how that could be seen, one hundred percent and your guy. There's been some live to sixty sixty fucking, it's just! I don't know what the WU thing is. That's happened in the last couple years. Well like it just like in the whole crowd starts it's like.
I just get excited. That's new! That's like I wasn't around a long time. There will be some soccer thing. They stole it from soccer in the night school. It's like it's like animals answer in each other, like you're, communicating by with the wounds. Dude, I never even thought of that. That's so true the way! So that's a new thing. Yeah I mean that's going years. Five or six years right What if it was when it's you know it when's the first time the down south like a Kentucky you're in North Carolina. That's when I feel like I heard it first, like you know that might be Ric flair that might be a Rick might be a Ric flair. Is that what that is? Oh, you do that would make of data. Now you fucking solved the mystery for me. Maybe that would make sense if we can get some confirmation that somehow someone ask this question on Reddit someone says you been talking, my Ric flair, so much that they might have picked it up. I don't know which is some fries are moment we're at all connected like oh. I started that guys like that are in poor
into to America. The guys suck he's such a character in his prime, with his suits, Alligator, where I was a WCW man and Ric Flair was the man who'd. He was. Like he's, a character that made his way into what a thousand rap songs, how many rap songs there's a whole like like hip, hop subculture involved with wrestling like. I mean these cats that I'm actually fans of Westside, Gunn and Conway, and this kid penny they got this record label called Griselda, but the west. Shotgun. Kid is like a fucking wrestling, matic, like like he's like involved, I think he's involved with, like the Wd like to emerge and stuff like that, because that seem putting it together. That's like definitely got to be licensed. I know it's
This is this whole subculture of like this row of wrestling and and and hip hop going home, is definitely made its way into stand up to now. You know they have this podcast the store horsemen. Well, they all just talk a pro wrestling, a bunch of comics tony hands cliff these comics, who was on that stores? Man Jeremih, walk ins right who out no he's, not I'm giving out fault, fake news, fake news that fake news but it's not fake news is little delicious by the way, it's very good, delicious the companies from one thousand seven hundred and seventy three son one thousand seven hundred and seventy three did you sold whiskey during prohibition for additional medicinal purposes. I didn't know that. Why didn't? But I would I'm not shocked, not to this company kept making whiskey all through the prohibition legally legally yeah for medicine. So people that you know I need a little medicine. I just a slew, of new whiskey. Okay. Here it is it's,
Tony Hinchcliffe, John ACE, Curtis, Matt, EDGAR, Josh. Martin, that's right, I hope hope I said skirt is his last name right. Is that right? So I said yeah anyway, so. Comics are really into pro wrestling too. They even go live these dorks they fly out like like and they and they go in the live strangers and yeah same same yeah. It's become like a not like a it's. It's become a thing that people like to do like to go to these big wrestling events and groups of people, whether it's musicians, rappers hip, hop or stand ups, that going like experience a get together, exactly The concert, experience, wire, wrap rather so says with Ric Flair, because he's got a like forty Rolex is Blair. You got one famous rant that he went on limousine ride, a jet fly, you actually, you know
Yeah, that kind of all eight when that have yeah. I I want in in the universe it's in yeah, you see him now. I mean the guy still gets low everywhere. He goes. You know like that. I didn't, my special, where I said you know Ric Flair, and then I put the microphone out to the audience it's goes woo, you started that shit and you started the wool validated I did. I don't think I did. I think it was already going on. I think everybody appreciate this guy, it's like as you get up. We can't play this right. We get in trouble, but this is the as you you know you get older you. And you see things like this, you appreciate them for what they like. You could think cheesy when you're young, but then, as you get older, good. Now. That's awesome man, this!
the artist goes an artist. Look at it. That's the male soap opera forever, since back when forever children yeah I mean when I was a kid. It was by outback linen Jimmy Jimmy Superfly, Snuka and Iron Sheik. I don't know if you could have, really grown up in America, the as a little boy, and I had a phase at some point. Were you interacted with one of these right wing organizations, W C w or W w F? When I was growing up and if you were like one of those kids is really into like all music and indie groups. You would go for some like fucking killer, Kowalski Shit Double take. Are you would go? You would try to find some people that were off the beaten path. Like do you know about this wrestling organization, 'cause, there's a bunch of like weird little tiny when I was in the house of Pain like was like early on, like you know, but we
very gritty experiencing pretty good success like ECW had formed the Crazy extreme championship wrestling. I think that's what it's there for out of Philadelphia and they invited us to a bunch of the first time I have a really- and I know that it happened before, but their whole show was about cats. Cutting their face is open and bleeding. During matches and shit, it was insanity, man and they had packed houses. I mean I think dude bought not like Vince Mcmahon, bought it up and the guy who owned it or ran it became one of the lake characters within it. I I believe I've spent. Time old, older. Fifty, do you see Rhonda Rousey did to her finger, see that yesterday, how about that man? They they glue that sing together and she went back to work. How about If I read it right, she finished the take. She finished it take and ignored it until it over and then was overshadowed is how bad it was it just to the hospital they put it back together again and then she goes back and finishes
That's dedication, not a lot of humans. Kids! Also like I don't wanna fight anymore. I'm gonna go finish this movie thing. You know nobody wants to cut the weight once they're done and I didn't want to come back to that. Well, that's just the mindset of a KN elite combat sports story. She just had that mindset, there's not a whole lot of humans. That would dealt with that. That way, that's crazy! The lady's made out of bullets I'm going on my workman's comp from my sag after insurance yeah? You shutting down production son Wayne finishing no scenes what chopped off a superstar's finger, yeah Jesus Christ. What has she lost her finger? What if it was like? I mean how I mean it wasn't fall. I mean RO yeah, that's a fuck. Without the super expert. Jerry surgeons that's gone speaking, which do last last. Thank you. Happened, I don't know if we talked about it might have been after the last time was on duty. So I'm on a trip and I'm coming home literally about to get on the plane, and I get this
text my wife, I'm at the hospital I got a chopped off my finger and I'm like in my head. I might chop off her finger. Got pretty ready stitches. I was like okay, it's pretty bad. I was alright, I'm about it was like about a three hour flight home. So all right I'll, be there soon, as I can so I get there and I picked her up from the hospital's got too big. Hang on and I get the story of she was getting in shower and we have a big glass swinging shower door and she fucking like She was like getting in and hold you want to like edge real quick as the door slams shut on it and just locked off the fucking whole like to the knuckle. Basically, they put that shit back on fixed it up a little bit. It's pretty quick good. Now that was crazy. Don't you just reminded me of it with the whole right around the users. So it's it's amazing that they don't break more often they're, so gentle much it would be over.
Like if that part of this finger like this, is the You know the guitar on the fret hand, yeah if I lost our part, I got it's going to take me four five years to learn how to play with just these at least my friend Paul was closing a window and it shattered and cut his finger and cut through the tendons and its fingers like neatly curled, and he had a bunch operations to try to straighten it out, but then eventually just gave up. They could never straighten it out. It never regained like full range of motion from a window like you so delicate, everything all the stuff is so delicate. That's why it's that's at five miles so ridiculous. Us us ugh, a glass door, not sharp. Really I went home and looked at. It only looks pretty beveled on the edges, but the weight of it. Just locked up the fucking finger like crazy. She was pretty gangster, though I have to say she was pretty,
next we housing to that scene or the hottest band in the car. My wife actually posted on its. I don't. I think she got on the it's on. She posted the tip of her finger in the plastic bag, as she took it to the all my the hospital to chip ice in the bag, yet cheers you've raised, they couldn't re, attach but it was like they were able to like, extend it somehow and like and planted. Luckily, the dude right. There there's a dude who was an expert at hand, plastic surgery and hooked. Her shit up like it looks some
a normal something happens to your skin like if your finger gets chopped off at the end is a way to make it grow back right. Isn't it my making this up? It seems like I remember there was there's a way if something happens to you tip your finger yeah. If you don't get a blank and they can't there, I've heard that think they said something like that, but they get got her pink copies of her bones. That's what I'm saying so shocking and our just laughed it off clean, yeah hi. Like a second angle like we, and while you like that sound effect yeah, we I keep thinking that one day they may come of the artificial Luke, Skywalker type pants and that people are going to want to consider regular hands at some word. About Wow, if they came up with an r, it would sound so terrible, though like metal on metal English. If you had the skin like simulation, and I can play guitar with that- maybe I'm talking about cell. I do some wild shit, I'm talking about so
feeling bulletproof spider, silk hybrid skin movements, work on working on that right now we're work some sort of I don't doubt it man, I I a you, want you want to wild one all right. I went on you know one night, fucking smoke. I went on a little little Youtube whole situation and somehow I don't even know if the Youtube, video or someone else, but I wound up on this video. That was like worlds world's smartest kid. That CERN blew the world up in two thousand and eight all right and I'm like what the So I go video this video right this and it's this young kid like twelve and a month buckets talking, you know, have you got? You invest like twenty minutes into this kid's talking about things that are super smart and it's kind of like to show you he's super smart. You know I mean this kid and his dad's doing recording, I believe, or a relative somebody very close to and
He kills into this whole theory of how he thinks when they collide did the electrons, I believe in the in the in the Supercollider, sorry that they cause some crazy chain reaction that blew up the universe, but they also Wade way, they created an atom that weighed too much and he the first twenty minutes, also explaining infinite parallel universes. So what the kid winds up with is this theory of like one Adam weighing too much in the way, and is that being just enough to shift our universe into a parallel universe yeah this? Is it right, so this guy had this kid had me up because after I watch this and thing I saw for months was talking about like it would be news guy on the on the news, like I don't know what universe I'm in anymore or
is Spiderman into the spider verse. Like all these everything I saw for like four five months after what's in his video, was like multiverse shit like shit about multiverses, and it's got me fucked up Joe. I hear you, I'm fine fucked up man look at it says there he claims it's earn destroyed the universe during recent experiments, which has resulted in us living in an E. Nearby parallel universe. Instead, you're welcome Eddie a lot of people. This is an explanation for all the Mandela effect. Things yeah they they they. He goes into stuff about the Mandela effect how they, you know, there's like so apparently a bunch of people who think melody. Mandela died in prison and like there's as far as I know he was released, became president you know that's the universe. Just personally, no, but it's crazy. What, because Yes, this video, it's like you watch it and
Youtube algorithm start sending you down a whole bunch of it. You know I mean you start here in Yuma and it's like and then again everything that there was all these shows. I would see your movies or news. Things about multi, the multi verse, all of a sudden was everywhere around me. It was fucking nutty dude, so I'm fucked up about that shit right now. If there was something everything do, if there was something they could do, that might open up a door, a parallel universe, you don't think they would do it. Stranger things you mean yeah, say that this stranger things I mean things are strange right. It is stranger, thanks, bizarro world, you know the This one is with the people that dismiss climate change. That is the weirdest one to me. So I'm like what is I'm trying to figure out. What's the benefit of dismissing climate change other than If you work for like the oil industry or something I could just lost a glacier like they just posted a whole
thing of ten or eighty like something in the 80s, a glacier picture of it, and just now and it's gone, but I'm not. And saying like blaming anybody for it. I'm saying dismissing it as an issue like let's pretend that people have nothing to do with it. Let's just I wish people had nothing to do with it then we can go holy fuck, it's getting hot, how hot going to get like we could. Figure it out like if it was just occurred at this point was two degrees. The oceans are harder than they've been. Do you know how people do that when they try to say this is a natural cycle? This is something that some people still say. Ok, even if it was the natural cycle? I wish humans weren't in the equation at all. So there was no argument. I wish it just be like hey guys is getting really hot. What the fuck do we do? Is it We had no control over whatsoever saying that we shouldn't take steps to fix it. We definitely should, but I'm saying that if it was impossible for people to have created it and it was happening around us. Maybe we would be forced to do something. Maybe
the before, like go to higher ground, get fuck out of the really hot spots you know way towards Canada, like I mean? Maybe that would that's what we would do if there was no other way, but we know that he's part of what the problem is, is people at least part of the problem? So many people start, to start arguments about that fight. That and to me it's The strangest like. What's the benefit of arguing against that, it's happening I don't understand like it's happening, you see it getting warmer. You see the statistics, you see, everybody free. The amazons on fire v scene. Yes, know when we first and horrifying to see those photos from cell hollow that they've just and I believe it's purposeful. I I have heard that it is the the some people are being turned away on. Purpose is what I'm on. If I moved some of the things I've read ever understood indictments where their truth, because again now that's one of the things we would be as a as a patient is you got a
question? Everything now truth has been compromised man. You know, I mean no matter what side of whatever you are on truth is has been seriously compromised because there's a counter opinion to everything and if you're not adept, enough to really get involved in fine, factual information. You can literally counter any argument. There is with something, oh, I said. Well, I read this. Will I read this ok it doesn't mean either. One of those things are true. Let's go find the true. You know I mean that that doesn't exist anymore, because it's the people just want to gold lashing, get on yeah and move on with their day. You know and and it's laziness on our part- a lot of people don't want them. It's like in this thing that everybody's posting, with the God, damn Instagram, I don't give you permission, yeah, so so silly every I read a whole other thing that says mayor Average American, I believe signs one or two legal
documents a day without reading them and just by logging into shit on your phone, Amazon or Instagram or whatever you every time you you subscribe and and and and to their terms and conditions, and some you think, a picture of a copy, Pasted Instagram thing over some notes for Facebook twelve years ago. Is it's it's bananas. Well, ananus people get roped into things. You know once but Percy Smart people saying better safe than sorry yeah, like yeah. I've seen that too. What argument is that they don't know how to internet they don't know how to internet. I'm just saying, even if it's like, you suspect it's wrong, but you know fuck it anyways wait, wait! That's if you suspect it's wrong. Take the extra time or just don't do it at all. Yeah, like Do not just using that as an example of how we the state, If things are as they are, yeah it's a
Nicky little loophole. It's a sneaky little thing that happens to you. You have to everybody's posting something stupid. Did you say to me? Whatever lesson to me must be legit. You know I mean how many times you I've done about all that does. Is it mean cloud in it and then immediately after a day, and it came out, it was him saying that a name with the whole like better safe than sorry thank Christ. You know they're all bad, they got everybody though they got that great perry. Guy everybody isn't big Perry's job, though like protected nukes or something like. I saw governor some post to Rick what is Rick Perry. This is Rick Perry put, but he has a specific job in the government is like energy. The energy secretary he's like in control, the nukes right is that what it is energy secretary you are, I don't know whatever the fuck. He is he's got a big job and you fell for it.
It's bizarro world where in bizarro world, maybe that fucking kid is right. You do your Yo going to be calling me in a couple of nights like fuck you. Why did you even tell me about that? I've really bounced the idea of multiple universes many times we all have, but this kid watch it just you're going to invest it, give twenty minutes or fifteen eighteen minutes whatever it is, and then you'll be like Oh wow, it's it's! Not that it's fact it's, but it's like wow, that's super possible. Super super possible. The way he breaks it down. What about this? What if every time you went to sleep? passed into a nearby very similar universe, but not quite the same and depending upon your choices, now you your life. It's how you wake up!
new when you pop into any other side, and everyone's is just a little bit different. The whole world changes a little bit each time you make a decision one way or another everything changes when you wake up, you think the world is static because it is when you're awake. We have no fucking idea what's happening, why your sleep and when you wake again, you have this foggy wreck, collection of the past, and that's what you're going by you going. By every morning waking up with a foggy recollection of the past. That's what you're doing and you're you're, assuming that nothing's changed and everything static, and while you were sleep for eight hours, nothing weird happened. You know what the fuck you talking about. You have no idea dream and you haven't crazy fantasies- that shit weird stuff is happening. Your fucking mermaids you're flying through the air on a helicopter. You know you, don't you you weird things happen you dream and what is all that about? We don't even know we have no idea what that is, that soup of possibilities as fucking swirling around. In between your ears, while you're snoring the storm and then boom
you wake up Are you sure? Those memories are real, Are you sure this isn't a holcomb completely new university living in today or assimilation or simulation It was someone said simulation that one right there. There was some another genius Super wizard kid who was talking about that some, about simulations, but I was hired the house with with the guy who runs my studio, divine and, and we were just fucking, laugh and talk, and she one day high like like what. If e I may have heard this could have been on your show. I could have read this, so I'm not claiming like ownership of the thought, but it was like whoa It's like we just come from a universe like that's so perfect and shit, and it's boring as fuck, and we just plug in to have all these fucked up like weird problems, that's, why everything's keep looking weird, weirder and crazier, because I
that's kind of why we're here, that's part of the ride. You know that could be it. It could be. The only way you appreciate love is to know hate, though, really appreciate it and it could be the only way we would appreciate all the good that we have is to balance it out with all the bad that we have and when they start overwhelm each other one way or the other there's an imbalance takes place and leads to all of our fucking problems as a society, and when you think about how long you're going to be alive and what it is that you're doing here. Why? Why you're doing it know all those weird questions and answers that go on inside your head? It's all your distrib! being enerji right, you're trying to figure out my distributing my energy right, my am, I living my life in a way That is like the best I can do with what I've got right now. That's it!
so you gotta, do, though I mean even no matter what we're saying if you woke up every day, and that was your objective yeah, you couldn't really or do much wrong now. Now you can't, and what, if, every day when you did that you woke up in a nearby universe, that was just a little bit different because of what you cotton did do, that's likely, not that's a move. Magic type shit never lasts some match. Oh you might. Actually. I will ok. I just was like trying to be not such a glutton dj melody over. There are more than two years about years without all american cheers in tears: cheers Jun, J, yeah you're a dj problem, the only guy ever I see here's the thing I believe besides myself is honey, honey man.
I think they're, the only ones that have done music on the show right. Not totally true, is that true, you might be right. You would definitely first and then Gary Clark brought his guitar, but we just changed. I'm a huge fan of that. I think Sturgill brought his guitar the first time he might not even brought his guitar first time. Sturgill Simpson Virgil yeah, I don't know him- wants to use it to shop in, and you know and MEL rules they have a new son, the just released his new album is incredible. I got to listen to it in advance before it's released and they just released something on Youtube. It's like this Japa, he's anime with what is the what's the the name of the actual video, so people could find nothing to sing along sing along. It's fucking, amazing song, but the video is cool shit man, it's all this japanese anime, so he did all of this did like,
all these crazy animations. It's like a film that takes place while the album plays yeah, it's all coordinated to the songs. I mean he's been working on this shit forever, he's been flying back and forth. Japan and LA and this is a labor of love incredible. I guess it is a body on this new show in the world, and he was, I guess, a bit of a sneakerhead themselves are willing to be politics. Twenty eight and sturgeon he's one of my favorite people yeah. I like it. I like to love it too, music to the country kind of outlaw a sh like, but like big band dish yeah, you know what I love about that guy. He didn't even try to go for it is a professional musician until he was like thirty six, his wife talked him into it. His wife was like you know you don't suck It's like what she said. That's high praise and she's like your fucking could and he went
for it, because somebody who wakes up with the end goal is to be with you, so you don't suck. I mean, that's, not praise you know, but he had like crazy jobs like railroad worker shit like that, like did a bunch of like regular jobs and just was Brighton, music and singing you, and then she convinced him to go for it. Yeah he's a unusual character, man this stuff, this all this new stuff is different. It's like he used to be. You think of him as country, but you and even you don't even know what to say now with this new stuff is not country. It's wild, though it's really good check it out. Yeah. It's like this, kind of hybrid rock, saying he's doing, but it's pretty fucking badass. This says going on had sex with queens of the stone age, while the black he's watched- first comment on the who said that his name that Guy Shelby Riley Shelby Riley Congrats Congrats, grant
you. He won the internet for the day. That is a exactly what it sounds like. It's really good stuff man he's a sing along you that it was called I'm checking out now doing weird shit. That's the only thing is anime, it's, you know, in a weird shit in the sense of like your shit that excites you, since you said, like you know- and I don't mean I'm not never tried to make the same thing twice. You know cuz, it's like I want to be inside all you scared to fail. I want to be like you know all that didn't work, next time you know. Well, you you've always switch it up. That's one of the more interesting things about she was like when, when you were doing and what it's like and when you you switched up to like Whitey Ford sings the blues everybody was like whoa like what is. This is This is this is the jump around guide? Is the House of Payne guy, but
It was. It felt so easy to digest for most people, because before I knew you and I so because it's so authentic, like it's very obvious that this was thank you how music of you are? Writing was like music. That, like came from your feelings, your your soul was like wow. This is real shit, two thousand and twenty years. What it's like was off. Classic. That was a classic. That was one of those songs was like that's a heartfelt song. That's a soul filled song. You know. That's like a universal song. I went Thio New York, I had left house of pain and I went to New York with a buddy of mine and I was just kind of sleeping on his couch and he had a guitar. I start strong in one night and singing these little words and he came bursting out of his room in the back like what the fuck is, that and kind of was like
we're, recording that's where we're making a rap record. I was like they're like just kind of further. You know the rap career and nobody really knew. I played guitar and stuff like that a little bit, but it was his. His encouragement definitely came came back like when he was like. I think he was with bra back there, and he just heard this song and jumped like wow what the fuck is that you know I mean and sold the next day. They basically forced me to record it. So I had to finish right. I had wrote it like that right I had. I think I had the first part. The whole liquor store guy at the liquor store, but but I didn't really have anything else, but he heard that part was like we. You need to finish that When you get those ideas when they come to what it. What does it feel like to feel like a gift comes out of the universe? Allies comes out of your mouth to really go ones yeah. You know I mean I I mean what blows my mind and I'm gonna flip on you, real, quick, quick, is the the comic art arc of.
You get to work this thing out for a whole long time and if you really successful on your level type thing that you shoot a special and that joke kind of goes away. You can't really get tell that anymore. Blows. My my mind because, like my whole thing is work work this thing out this thing that I can go out and play every night for the rest of my life. So, like your you know like so all the kudos being thrown back and for when I look at you or any amazing comedian, that just turns it around and every year two years is belting out these. Fucking funny ass specials and then can't do that anymore. Like
Andrew Dice Clay. With the little thing you know you got the little yeah you'll only guy ever that you want to hear the old stuff over and over and over again like, for, I don't know, see a whole set of just rhyme or even like, like it did now. There's like the are you familiar with this with little devol gas media yeah, you don't have the whole saying it like. I mean he's like turn it into he's flipping this like whole script. What comedy and music and entertainment is right now he's kind of doing some really interesting. She's also got a bunch of crazy going on his instagram is Instagram's layers to he's got something I need him to. One of my neighbors follows yeah. He started like he starts cultural phenomena like he said off, like I watched and say some shit on his instagram and will it into existence, and it becomes like a trend or a step that the songs he's written. It's just like. It's amazing! It's like really like. No, it's it's a it's a really it's one of my favorite follows honestly. Yeah he's sums
special Andrew Schultz really made me take a I mean, I I knew about that song smile bitch actually found out about that song, because style, bender style bender would come out to fight with smile bitch, and uh, he came out five when they talked about. He goes uh. I love Lil Duval. Oh, let me check out little Duval and I was like god damn this guys good and then Andrew Schultz says you know, he's a comedian and he goes he's. One of the most insightful in brilliant people have ever met, and just almost a good, a naturally curious guy get a one. Now is we're working on it yeah we can. We can have it out, I'm I'll dad, but usually it is it's gonna be sold to the wizard Schultz tells I mean that someone is good, bye it's like and he was early internet like do like he's been working in these like internet angles, kinda lay you got in really early, so awesome. He liked and he's got his own thing going on. He's got a loan on thing going on with that whole city, boys country boys, the
That's all in relation to the song. I know I know I know I know, but it's a larry. Some people like you to it's like that anymore. At all, you don't follow them. Go, go, go all he's. One of the best falls little do by just simply some tickets to your next show in LA I'm, a huge fan. That's that I read go it with our millions, are so followed little. Two! Twenty! Yes, follow him to make sure there's not really shadow band anymore. It's crazy! I got a friend who's going through that right now like we're like they just disappear on shit when you search for is up there now, the you I feel like it's always you can find them. Okay, good yeah. They know I'm telling you man, you can find for a while. Are you going? It was tricky? It was very tricky Gretsch Rickenbacker Day, yeah, awesome. Lil Duval, so what do you want do today? Man, you got a
a little. You know we got a few things to do. We could do for you know I brought a little. You know. I've come here with just a guitar with a keyboard player, and I was like I'm gonna bring. My man from the world famous beat junkies deejay melody. Oh here, oh I like to take out that they got their own. The university Junkies Institute of Technology sound beat Junkies Institute of Sound in Glendale California, DJ melody shout out there by J Roc all home, shut out to everybody yeah. We do but yeah. We got some things you want you want. You want to get into something, let's get into something: let's do it. Ladies and gentlemen, It's only you and honey honey. I really do I think so right actually only people that are performed here. You dj melody in the house
Yeah Joe Rogan experience brand new things in a back old chain way. Don't feel no pain, and now we don't complain way, wait, no don't go, would status, snaps, still magic born the coast standing by radical fanatic about the bends, with semi automatic and rob all my friends like a fucking drug addict revolutionary, barely next seven commentary, so legendary born can rhyme of young Zach scary went around the whole time. I'm like yes, Sir no such leaves on a farm up drama, promising, comma kamikaze dive Bomb, a suicide mission, mantle condition about common ruined. No preservatives sounds you don't weigh, never really got was never born. Tell your vision, lives, watch, murder, upon brand new sneakers in fact: go change, okay and we don't feel no pay way. People know my name way, got the money team saying no. I don't like Willie a party like Whelan founder and maybe around Palin bad. She crazier the games have a failing school sailing on our louder Mama about this. I doubt it was called the things they hit list following things about us to love. That first made us think it out. It's like wearing a mother's love. You know your brother's hill when our neighbors when they meet a hair, but everyone was so with drug like Theo, the win it's hard to tell a woman. Sometimes man, it's about a confusion, everybody using living fake lives up on Instagram, but everything's funny when you find so you're burning, while the devil executes, fucking master plan. I plan to sneak Santa Back old change way and we know feel no pay and now we're down never well go people know my name wait. You know, I don't wait. Uh huh,
Thank you. Siri yeah. Yeah! It is, you know what happens right. We didn't. Even when I came in last time. We did. I think we agreed to just fucking not talk about the fire sushi like we were both like kind of a little traumatized. That's right! because what happened was. I put this record our last whatever think October right hit the road and you know maybe two weeks in the picture my house on fire had to fly home so yeah this records out, but we are right now in the problem. Right now I just shot a video for the for a new song and where we releasing 'cause, I own everything. It's my label, which is going to re release, oh gee Everlast on all the whatever whatever's you know formats. You could find me do you feel like when you get through something like a fire with your family that, like for some inexplicable reason, you feel like a little bit closer? Oh,
yeah 'cause. I mean wife and children were in the house when it was caught fire you know, and so yeah. Not literally, here's how it went down. Tell a story right Basically I said I was in New York. I get a call from the wife, the fires right across the hill. Like I live literally like Simi Valley, then the mountains, bang, I'm kind of the first line. There. Once you come over those mountains, so I get a picture like from her like across the street. From me, though, how the hills just like it looks like a hell landscape. You know what I mean: it's fucking just on fire and so they're packing up and they're getting ready to get out. And there's a fire truck in the neighborhood. Thank goodness and as my wife put in the final like stuff in the car like the kids are in their put all the dogs and whatever the net the medicines and stuff we need for Layla and She turns around and sees like on the corner of
the garage like a an orange kind of glow, and the thing but this is like you know, people think the fire comes in his ST and then jumps and burns all these houses. That's not what happens if you ever notice in the middle, if you're, watching the news shit, it's like one random house in the neighborhood bar is tris- is having a tree right on your house. Just touch your house. Well, I happen to have a tree right there. That was touched in the corner. My garage, the tree, went up that thing cause, garage went about one slash three of the house when you know me, you know where everybody was out already. My wife was able they only reason a third of the house and the hole I'd like my wife saved our whole block honestly because there's trees between every all of our houses like for for privacy in, because everybody has a pool and everybody wants you. Nobody wants to be in two story: houses all that shit. So everybody has these big huge, like those just spy
me looking trees. You know I mean go that cover turn into a wall, basically all the whole. The whole block with the winner has she not been there and had the wherewithal to run down the block and get the fireman that had just drove by and said, come back and fuck and put this out, she actually ran. She ran down the block on God and got it done gangster. The fires that we're out here was so it's so hard for people to understand what it was like. It was frightened. It was like a war whose friends like we were at war with a natural force. It was very strange man is, everybody was holed up together, me and my family. We got a hotel in town with a bunch of our friend. We were texting the neighborhood. We were texting back and Tommy and Tommy and his Thomas Yeager and his wife they came over to and that we're all in the same place. It was like we were all like refugees, for like a small, tiny period of time. It makes you realize how fortunate we really are to be here in this. You know this place like where we're at right. Now we can just we don't have to deal with most of the bullshit that put down with all over the world. You know we just one day of
or one week of fire whatever it was, it freaked everybody out and scare the shit and a lot of people lost their lives houses rather, people also lives in northern California, ran on ours. That's right! It's even worse than down. It was that you couldn't even like really get a person active like for your own shit 'cause. The minute you wanted to do do that you saw town flattened in like an hour if they lost out on the highway, people were trying to get out on the highway and they get caught in their cars and they caught fire man, it's horrible and there's um. You know for the people that survived like for us and it sounds ridiculous to call yourself a survivor. Sound like it was a war but it's something that you really understand when you get through that you like wow, like we are barely in control of our own environment, bear and all it takes is one good, strong, wind, one good fucking hot day on one good gust of fire, and thing. You know everything's on fire, I mean that was
nuts, the kids, the kids are still dealing with it. You know trying to explain that thing to the kids of like that universal Unsure T like there's just not really honey, I'm going to keep us safe as I can, but if you really want the absolute truth, I can only tell you that some shit happens and you know that it was actually another big fire somewhere. I only enough when Notre Dame caught fire. It was all in the news and my daughter, my oldest, was like oh, that caught fire you know, because she always proposed my wife in Paris. So, like we talk about Paris a lot, so she looks forward to all that she wanted to see. She was really interested in Notre Dame one thing Bryant, but then, but something about that burning and it did, and she saw she was like. Oh, it can happen anywhere and it kind of and it kind of dawned on her like okay, it's not just there that, because for a long time I couldn't even drive by the house with her like to go check on it or something, and she was in the car, my wife either, because she just didn't want to be over there and then, after
that it kind of changed and she kind of realized like well it's I guess it's kind of can happen anywhere have they can happen to notice, which was a crazy thing to witness happened in a human like person like come to that understanding of, like wow, it's just not guaranteed like in a weird way, but isn't there kind of there's a magic that if you can get through If you the, if one of the survivors a magic in that that doesn't exist, without the possibility of that, I have people ask me: what are you going to do and I'm like? What do you mean you're, going to build a house in the same spot on my fucking God? Damn right, you know Absolutely I don't live in like some crazy bizarro like place, I'm gonna build my house right where it waas. I think you want a medal. The house on top of a hill. Let's put the scribblers on your house like that people have the sprinklers. At the neighbor, there was catch that whole neighborhoods burnt down and then the one outside the sprinklers. That house was pristine. The problem with that is, you do get survivor syndrome. You feel you feel weird. You should get survivor guilt.
Of the first three houses in front of me right in front of my house. You know at three houses gone that I could understand that if, if, if you were the guy who kind of futurist. We predicted a fire and put that on and where, but after now, it's like you if you can push it on now, yeah everybody knows, but I should now so put this in your house or that you know if you're going to live in one of these areas were based in California, they're telling us now this We are new norm, you know, I mean these kind of fires. You know. So because there had been one in and that the area where you know their those areas like the Gore Hills and seamy valley and had been one for all many many many like a couple decades. I believe climate change is not real nose, fake, sweetness. It's something that something is clearly happening right. This is not normal right.
Sears, so it seems like there's, been an adjustment. I've been the same Irish White Motherfucker, all my life, and I didn't burn like this. When I was young when did move to LA I've been here most of my life life. I was born in New York and whatever and probably did a kindergarten kindergarten part of first grade out there and then for the. Like. My dad was construction dude. I turn the 70s boom of like Simi Valley and all that shit and being built. He came out during that era. Nobody talked about crazy fires. Back then, did they didn't write, not really I a calculated for the first time while we're were filming, fear factor. Remember I was driving home and it started. There was a fire. It seemed like it was a little bit out of control, but while it's crazy and I'm driving to work and then we film the day and then as we're driving home, people who, let us down, hey man. This is bad. This is gotten really bad and as we're driving home like I got hit by a car and he got killed and I didn't see
body but body size shoe like passing by where, like all these people are freaking out, because of would guy apparently just tried to run into the highway and some guy hit him because he was panicking because it was a bunch of shit going on? There was fire, I don't know if he's panicking, but something happen I got hit by a car. So has his arm this feeling was somebody just died and were driving down this highway and the whole row right side is on fire the whole right side of the highway. For an hour like a Lord, the Rings Movie Mordor dude like flakes of ash or falling from the sky. Like a like a light snow, it's fucking strange you just waiting for demons to come riding on fucking horses over the top of the hills. It's that bad and by the time I got back, we had to evacuate from our community and we just get the fuck out of Dodge. That was the first time never happen ever for me living
here since ninety four, and that was in like two thousand and two three some like that. And then it's happened twice since then. It's a creepy feeling man, it's creepy it's like. You know that no one can do anything if everything goes wrong if Everything goes wrong. The wind gets too strong, it gets too wide goes left and it goes right and everything starts swirling around and ashes fly to the air and they land on other people's houses like you got to get the fuck out they're just get out of there's a storm of fire like so that I get a picture. The last thing before I get on a plane is a picture. My garage engulfed in flames, I get on this plan. I got take like three planes because, like last minute booking and it's all coach- I'm pissed- you know I mean I like I'm like not up just like tucked in corners on the walls like everything I did fly like the to Dallas Vegas Vegas just to get there the quickest, and that was like three flights. So I get there.
Think the whole way there, I'm like my house, is burned to the ground. You know I mean that's, I'm accepted I'm dealing with those whatever five stages of grief and like I'm getting to acceptance and I get home and I did not even the home, my wife and kids are at my studio and Like you know, that's were laid up from we're trying to figure out the fucks going on. I can't get to the house. Is the whole one hundred and one shut down that way after literally drive up to pay. Get hit the one hundred and eighteen take that all the way out to like the twenty, whatever it is, the three hundred and twenty three or twenty seven, I don't know it's one of it's twenty three, it's like out there and you come back gonna come around the other way and I was able We get to the house, I got to the house, I got in my house little add twenty fucking cop cars
Roland Lycos looting was attic. Roll dude Gore in Calabasas Area in Oak Park, choose Oak Park and well that's that's I don't, I think, and that is Agora and and same thing, but yeah the whole over there was bag off the chain with looting. So, like I had my books pull up on me, I literally knew like I brought my lease and my far now my my my my mortgage and my electric bill, and I brought my idea. I had almost as leaders in my house and I cool, but it was like I pulled up and like saw most of the house standing and like broke down because I'm a a art collector in August I was like I had already like just assumed. It was all gone right, you know- and you know a crazy. It was a crazy experience till I pull up in nice, see like two slash. Three love it there and you're like oh wow, that's, maybe there's salvage or they're, going to salvage shit like that was like crazy, crazy experience. Man,
I'm grateful that my family is safe and all that And all the rest of it is replaceable stuff, but I got extremely lucky. Yeah know that the most mean it's such a clue. A thing to say that your health and your happiness and your family is the most important thing. You know that everybody is that even fucking psychopath knows that, but to feel it to feel it like in the present of a natural fury like fires like wildfires, it's humbling and in strangest of ways. It makes you love each other. More makes you nicer people all my refugee friends. You know when we're at the hotel that night, you know the refugees from the fire. We're all like closer will like happy for sure. In a weird way. You know we have a together for toasting were hugging. You know we're in a hotel hiding from natural fury.
And you you realize, like okay, we we we have. We have we get soft when we had a soft spot and that's not necessarily good for anybody, and occasionally these are horrific things that happen are good for us overall, because they let appreciate like there's consequences. Discounts is to live in here is consequences to everything being so hot and dry and never fucking raining and the fact that it may or may not be getting a little bit warmer. Maybe no maybe, who gives a fuck if people have anything to do with it? Who cares? Let's pretend that's not even a factor something's happening some happening, we have firestorms like every few, is a God, damned firestorm, crazy, well, we survive your brother salon, cha Cha, there's only so much. It think about
right are you. You know you haven't gone through that man have you written shit that has like the the touch of that on it. I'm like in in like a very kind of creative state like state at the moment. So I don't know, what's there's, there's I'm sure, there's elements of it when what I'm like starting play, with right now. Do you it down a bright light on a piece of paper. Or do you write what you can now use the odd yeah yeah? For me, writing is a visual process. Visual! Yes, and I can't I write it down. It becomes two dimensional and I I've never I've I've written lyrics that I thought were genius and actually committed in the paper and saw them and they beat and they could it's like they dissolve from this three dimensional beauty. To like all, it's two dimensional garbage. It's fucking bizarre. I know it's not always like reasonable, but it's
my process at this point how's it visual, If you really listen to my songs, they're like photograph like it's like flipping through a photographic album almost if you really listen to like what I'm doing it's like very visual, I see the pictures I Like did you ever watch the show oz sure, remember the poet guy who was illiterate, but he drew pictures and that's how he recited his poems from pictures it's similar. But it's kind of reverse it's in my brain, it's it's there. So you see in your visual in terms of like the stories they painting, like the guy outside the liquor store or the imagery yes or, like you know, a song like black Jesus, where it's like just kind of cultural like fucking pop culture reference after reference leading a path of just like, of consciousness pop culture, references I mean I'll, go on tangents. You know I mean but it'll be all within in energy inside the brain. You know I mean like once. I commit them even like after
fact like when you turn in like music to like entity is that shows or whatever they want to know the lyrics, so they can know if they should put it on air and this you know drives and on whatever, if it's public, but when it comes to that. I have to have like recite it to somebody and have him type it. I can't it it just kind of tainted to me. Wow me is see it written zone that it's always in my hand. Here I mean and in another hand it doesn't bother me but like for me to come to do with it. It did kid like the breaks, a barrier of some sort, everything vaporizes So do you? How do you capture the various beats? Do you record it as you're coming up with it there's a few different ways of hams. For me, like you know, if I'm doing like a hip, hop, ish or hip your hip hop project out, there would be a beat involved. Always first, you know, it'll be somebody have a track and will be like all. That's the track. We're going to commit to this and will write, lyrics to it and it'll, be just kind of like I said,
I'll drive around a lot with rap stuff and just let it bump in see what word starts popping up. I like we're playing bouncing wordplay play, but it can't just be worth play for the sake of it has to like tie into some sort of like idea when it comes to a song. It's usually I string together some simple chord progression. And and start and see, and if I once I've, see something I really like it'll just like I said, pictures will start coming up and you can just try to do have the picture a little bit, and sometimes you you come across poetry when you're describing the picture. You that's good yeah, I mean there's a lot of like not that's, not good, not good a lot of a lot of lot. It seems like a mirror process to stand up comedy except I get to hold on your mind, even if they record it and make a special. I still can play mine and that's that's what I was like man. Comedians are just that's a little bit different commitment because, like you're you're bringing the
like it's almost like a child you're raising that you have to watch the life they would finish in a weird way. I'm not you know what I mean. We both have children, that's extreme, but I know what you're saying, but like you, you're taking this idea from kind of garbage? The idea that you know there's a premise there and then like over a fuckin series of fucking shows or nights or fucking, maybe months you find it, you know with different audiences and then you got it, and yet you get to market for maybe six months good. In all all these places, then you go and record it and make that special. If you're, lucky enough to be on that level. You know it's almost like I almost envy the come up. I will I will I wonder if you guys ever and we- the comical quite- doesn't quite have that yet so he can like he has this. You know better, the of material that he hasn't had to trash. Yet you know I talk to Roy talked about that. It was just it right before you, that's one of he things that he said that you shouldn't do tv for like ten years. I don't do
it's like I have an analog man's me come up with that idea. Like the first time you do anything that people get to see like be hardened like three a polish samurai of stand up. You know, but I just great I say: let him see everything. Let see all the bullshit all the stuff that sucks all the terrible jokes. Who cares just keep going especially if the progressions there, then it's like. Oh you see just keep going and it's good for everybody. So people don't want to think you just like someone who just figured it out instantly. No, it's good to see these sucked. It's good for everybody might be bad for your ego, but it's good for you. When you ego get takes a hit, it's always good. It's always good puts everything in perspective. You don't as an artist to like the thing that gets in your way. More than anything that ego the thing that gets yeah the way more than anything is for sure the way you view yourself when you want people to view you, I wouldn't produce my own records until like maybe two albums ago, because I felt like if
I'd made it through an album with, being like seriously challenged? I didn't make the best record. I could and then, just being involved with a bunch of really seriously good producers. I learned to challenge myself and and even the records I've produced for mice if there's other guys involved, producing with me that that I know are going to be the ones if that's some day that sucked I mean you need that guy around or or even a guy just to to challenge, committed. You are to certain ideas. You know I mean how much time do you spend going over like when you have a song song and like? I think I think this song is solid. Do you do outside of singing the song. Do you ever go over the song and ponder like what you're saying or how you're saying it like. How do you office so it's so
thing, because you're telling these stories of your experiences in these songs and a lot of them and you're also having fun and you're, also talking shit you having a good time with them as well, but when you decide okay, this one is going to be recorded like this. How do you make that conclusion for me, it's again if there's not like, because I I can also, even if I'm not doing necessarily a straight rap song there's times when I get a track from a producer that I just love the track and I'll build something around that other than that it again start with a guitar and I'll either create a very rudimentary drumbeat and lay down the guitar and maybe a vocal and I have a very unique voice. You know it's not like it's, so in a guitar in the voice tone start appearing that like resemble other instruments to me like it almost starts telling you what to do. Oh, that's not there.
I could hear a roads in there or you know the baseline should do that. You know you can hear that and the guys. I surround myself with her beasts that here the same, you know they know oh yeah, this. I hear that, let's do you know you can start a song, will tell you what to do with it. You know if you really listen to it. I right believe that that 'cause I kind of you know one of the things Santana told me. You know that I always held onto is like you know and, we have experienced this once or twice where I've written very similar songs to friends of mine or people. I know that was like whoa, we not sounding, but like the idea wow, I wrote something that was exactly and he said like you know, we're all just Santana that are like. Catching energies and like bringing them in and were you know, bring take making some out of that energy and sometimes people catch that same energy and similar things happen. You know, and not. So I always look at the data. I I I look at my ideas like this also because I don't write them down. I equate it to like my children, like this, like my
ideas are like little animals that are wild and I I see them and I think they're amazing and I want to so I play a song until I know it so well, it has to stick. Around it. I got it. I train it to stay and if stays the next morning that this kind of answers, your question, the next day, if I right, if I'm on the summon I write- a song- sing it two hundred times. If I get it close to done and then I'll go to bed and then, if it's there in the morning in this, in the same form that I'm recorded if it's gone, I didn't it wasn't mine and that's happened. A lot! That's a brave move! I have the cowards approach. If I get an idea I'll run away from everybody, my fingers in my ears and write it down now here what I said I'll sing it two hundred times. You know what I mean. So if I've done it two hundred times- and I don't wake up and know it it's
can trash. I write everything not supposed to happen. I have the total opposite approach in terms of writing. Comma right. How many specials have you made in your life? I never counted rough guess it's like eight, nine all right, that's how many albums I've done in almost thirty years. You know I mean so it's like, I'm not turning them out like that. I thought you know and I don't again because of that. There's not like this crazy archive of garbage that's going to be released when I'm dead. It's it's not to it's is not. I happen is not because I I even saw, as I start to record, if I get half way through it and I'm like not even satisfy when he gets a race, yeah yeah, I mean there there's a few things out there that I that probably wouldn't have released, but they're, not they're, like from house of Pain days and they're, not bad I've, just like they weren't for they didn't have a purpose. I think it's good for people see bad shit from great artist. I do
I think it's good. It's good! It's good for everybody had no prior, I mean I'm the guy that file fuck up, live and talk about it for five minutes at a show and be like you know, at least you know it's not on fucking tape, right I'll, be like that's real shit. You know I'm with that. I'm just like my process? It's like just the way I do like again. Also, I think, has to do it. I had some really hard core producers like D J Muggs and my man Dante Ross. These were dudes. That would be like that. Fucking was garbage. Do it again, it's for so long that that's I'm right. The first time now is gonna, be decent e, I mean so it's like. I gotta push myself deferred to be better than decent. You know yeah, no, I get it. Otherwise. I just clip it. Well, that's the only way you could be as productive as you are. You have a well oiled, you know, but I don't put out a lot of music, but when I know for a fact when you put something that you're happy about it, oh yeah
I'm! I'm content! That's when you put it out content with that so you're in a great position, man that you can kind of sort of decide what to doing when do it writing the biggest songs of the 90s What is like jump around and put your lights on? Well, that was two thousand, I think so, but that little period I know I wrote those songs jump around with mugs. What it's like and put your lights on totally on my own, that that provided me with something that I. Cherish like some people cherish private jet rides, which is, I can do whatever the fuck I want and still live, pretty decent, rich guy or anything, but like better than average. You got a good life, take care of my family but cream. Natively. I could do whatever the fuck I want and it's a beautiful thing, man, the older.
I get like I'm on my whole new, my slogan. Is it I'm fifty man? That's my new dog, I'm on the bike. I don't you get. You can get a rattle me man, I'm fifty! I don't even care how's that if you get it a lady go just trying to have fun live my life go home hug, my kids and fucking know that nobody FUCK put them in school and they had a great day and then my universe is complete. Yes, yeah fucking, I'm fifty fuck it I'm fifty yeah beautiful. We need more people to think like. Batman wasting time doing I had a heart valve replacement at twenty eight dude. I didn't think I was gonna make thirty five. You know I mean yeah. So fifty without microphone and chess are we are. We are open on a well so here to put a lid on no this isn't. This is aha.
It's not a watch. It's my Harvey like a goddamn metronome You know titanium Man rap your head around that you know. I got alien technology in my chest when to drop it stays together. I hope the doors don't fly off. That thing. Click click click, that's crazy! It's basically a very simple thing: it's like a ring goes in the valve and it's like a spring kind of activated flap. That is totally self propelled by the heart's pumping of the blood pumps, the blood out of the flap, then the flat kind of snaps back and that's what you're hearing is the tickets just spring attack? And it's all I mean I could take my pulse without it would just sitting here. Do you know I mean I could take my pulse without even thinking about modern technology is so amazing St Jude's valve
shout out the St Judes, whoever invented that shit work from the month. Fucking Vega, in star system, whatever thinking out a way to make your heart work again with a fake valve. Click click click, it's wild! That's why you're here! That's why? I'm still here man, it's amazing. I often wondered afterwards like why I don't know why it! What John Ritter, what killed, was exactly kind of what happened to me, but I I was able to get to the hospital faster. You ever meet that guy know, but I know that when it happened like people people out like is now what happened to you. I was like oh yeah. That was a special dude. He was on an an episode news, radio, everybody loved, a man like so nice, we like around around set like friendly to everybody in a weird way, like a like it's this is a genuinely really nice guy who just loved making sitcoms and when he died,
That's one of them things is so nice out of nowhere. When you find out that someone, that's it like. You feel like that, nothing's going to happen to him he's so nice and then one day, the clutch, the pilots of death. I was told by the people at the hospital when I went back to visit once that, a while, after they had brought me in because it took him a minute to figure out what's wrong me. The only reason they figured out was wrong with me because my actual doctor, this guy in Beverly Hills, I'm not going to say 'cause, I don't know if he wants that, but he he was a member on the Board of Cedar Sinai. So when they brought me in the hospital all his records are computer accessible to them. So they found out about my history of like being born with his heart defect and up until then they heard rock duties musician there like right. How many? How much cocaine did you do and all my
the translation doesn't do cocaine. You know he's not an they're like I don't know. If we give him the wrong drugs, we could kill him and then all of a sudden like the records came through, and that's what saved my ass that along but like the head of surgery there, like the guy, did a double eight like nine hour surgery came off of one told the guys they couldn't do my surgery because it was too complex. Scott, Dr William Trento he's an amazing person. He will not mind me shouting around. He like goes to South America and does all these free operations on kids hearts he's a fucking ST this guys I'll tell you off, I can show some other shit. He did that will blow your fucking mind like wow. That's, who does that but he saved my life and you know I've just been like I said I don't expect to be here. Fifty fuck it I'm fifty man, it's two little girls, it's like a whole mile. Whole thing right now is I want to take my girls like in the next week or two over to see him to be like YO dude. These people wouldn't even exist right,
wasn't for you do like. I think that blow his mind a little bit fuck yeah well shout out to all the people who fix hearts all those p fix anything fix all things. You know if you fix shit, fucking salute right. That's a positive thing! Yeah, x, don't care if it's the same girl heart or you feel our kids caracal anything in between yeah and that weird fixing is good. Fixin hearts, though, that's what particularly good sees you on tv and shit in a minute, but yeah he fixed it up fixed it up. Nice fix it up. Nice she enjoys music. Thank you. They enjoy my work, I'm gonna to tell the story. I'm gonna tell it hears this story. Okay, a few years after my heart surgery like when I have my heart, Serge I didn't have, I didn't, have medical insurance was young and dumb didn't you know? I just didn't, have it, and so was it
can cause a real fucking and it was like half a million dollar fucking hit you mean, but you know I didn't declare bank see I paid it all, and I think this dude heard about that, and they are, I think, guys like this- must somehow invest in you when they know they saved your fucking life. There's some there's a connection after I like that's know, that's one of my guys. That's one of my so a few years later, my mom, when I was young, had believe Hodgkin's Disease or what it was and she had radiation treatment. She peed and all that, but twenty years later, that shit wears on your heart valves and she of a triple bypass like it was kind of like oh shit like I was out or had to come home. Put her. I was like. I want that guy to do the surgery just because I had had already done mine so He does my mom surgery and this guy fucking,
Get all the bills you know and then now I'm doing all right, so it was cool. I get a bill from the fuck, an anesthesiologist get a bill from the fucking operating room to get a bill from the hospital. I get a bill from this. I never got a bill from this man for my mom surgery. To just was like not ours. On me, wow who gets a surgery done on them right. That's amazing, it was crazy. Dude, that's amazing! You know this new goes and then I like started looking into who he was, and this guy goes and does like fucking tons and tons of like Sarge surgeries on kids down in South America, and it's just one of them who saves your mom on the house. Guy saves your mom on that. Gauss God bless, God bless 'em. God bless him. Yeah man, it's there's nice people out there. There really are. You know,
We were fed this false narrative that everybody sucks, because so many people do suck, but there's so many people It's a perspective issue is the same reason why people think the world is flat. They don't understand perspective the perspective when you talking about human being. Things in seven billion. People were just overflowing with people, the so many of us. It is so many stories of people sucking, but it's all perspective issue. Because there's so many God, damn people and most of them are cool and most of them want to be cool and they would be more Well, if they knew you were going to be cool, we all agree to be cool. We can be cool. We can have a better time here, we're wasting time with nonsense and arguments at all and
in the end, and conflict at all could have been disrupted from the very beginning by everybody being. This is why we had anything the alien invasion, alien, because a lot of dental invested in a lot on a lot of that's meaningless yeah. You know we won't even go into it. We can all in for what they what those things are between us and the audience can do the same. But what I'm saying is like there's just too much fucking bullshit about dumb shit, that we need some kind of outside fucking focus, yes percent, something that will take us from outside ourselves and make us focus on something else or legalize mushroom which might be ' that's, not real. Right now, legalize mushrooms moved Greenland Trump's on it is very trying to bring down he's trying to buy Greenland.
Do you know who canceled his fucking trip to Denmark because they said they're not going to sell him? Greenland is Dr Chet. No, he knows what he's doing Chumps gonna get a screen land when you- and I like that, is like gonna come. Oh honey is like look where I can it's bizarro world. That's all! That's all people, go to Greenland to bow him. Deb Owen. I think they bow hunt that that gigantic fucking furry thing. What is that thing called the Musk ox. Google, Greenland Muskox. You ever seen a muskox. You want to know what I want to see one and they also want to know when I'm getting invited for an Alka barbecue to come on. I'm going to the kitchen in here in this place, I have have plans, why completely complain Let me show you a mascot one hundred percent success rate on bow hunting in Greenland on a musk ox
'cause. You just walked right up to him. You know what it is, because they have an instinct protect themselves against wolves, so they all huddle together when threads. So you could just catch 'em all in a room on both yeah, but look what they look like. Bro didn't even look real, I'm out of star wars. Those are kind of interesting, but look go to the side Jamie that some of those other images when you see get out of debt, perfect You see that walking around like what the fuck is that when we look at Santan, that's insane the listing all lion, fucked elephant elephant to mammoth but is that a buffalo? What is that the fuck is that thing was. Crazy, ass horns, while Buffalo with a Tina Turner, wig and could be one hundred and fifty million degrees below zero. Those things just chill this out there eating frozen grass and kids come from like their cheekbones crazy. Looking barely looks like a real thing. Barely there beautiful and apparently
sounds good. The apparently it's fucking fantastic yeah my friend Brandon Burns shot. One in, I think he said he got is either in Antarctica you to like really really cold environments and get, I think it's like. Is it north northern Canada there, somewhere in northern Canada, where you want them where it's crazy, like you get on you you to get? pulled bye, bye. Mobiles. Are you pulled by dogs and you go like way way way the fuck out, where, if you break, if your snowmobile breaks down or if your dogs all die, you are fucked. I mean You are so so so so so fucked, because there's nothing man, there's nothing is the occasional polar bear and these fucking musk ox and were up there, They don't even look like real things and you
stumbling across, like imagine, going through a whiteout snowstorm to stumble accost across this too two thousand pound enormous gigant Dick hairy prehistoric, beast that you is walk up to a shoot with a bow and arrow and eat. That's that's. What's up there right now a remnant of the past, a to the same one, a cyber date like how with this, if the fight with those things and how we use it to up other males, that's what my most of those animals they're, not fighting off predators with that share that usually related to breeding and all yeah sure they think so some of it is like in some animals depending upon how much pressure they get from predators like Elk. Keep antlers very late to keep their antlers. Can to March and April because a lot of them live around wolves and the idea is that they need those antlers to protect themselves from wolves, so they hold on him longer than dear do
biology, dude, we're so lucky we're so lucky we're out here out the food chain. Oh my god, not only out the food chain, you, I can go right down the get a fat steak, JANET friend. It is that on the agenda. I cannot this evening, but I would like to do it soon. You know our spot yeah, I'm Bob spark! It is oh you're, crazy! you living on the edge. Do you have the lighter? You don't use a lighter, it's right, you're, one of those. I only use a mask and it will play into next to we're going to do the hornets all the time yeah they come off the top sorry. I wasn't thinking that way. So far, so it's like a helmet in kind of thing. I think they fucked things up with that bony part in the front above their eyebrows. They keep those for life, Two! It's not like a deer! You dear loses their antlers every year? These
the flag of fucked up here. Do it does Does this so beautiful, though they're so beautiful, like that one right there Jamie click about like they must live there for church right there above right there right there right. There, click on that larger, that's a beautiful creature it's so amazing that nature can make fish they can make. Eagle and it can make that Buffalo or I don't know man what is bison related ox, must dogs, aren't they all related bison and moment. I kids, I knew kids. Facts was cat. Often compared to cattle now with a big coat yeah. That's a northern cow to herbivore wow part of the vote, Bovid
day, family all the species, his family of two toed hooves, four chambered stomachs and herbivore's. So it's like a kind of a cow type thing. Fuck, it aliens, mutate them nope, nope! That's what we're supposed to be right now well worth right now, some sort of stupid, fucking, hairy dumb as run getting eaten by shit with the came down and said, listen which is plant some of our from these monkeys, and so we can do I mean dude when they coming back what happened Massillon saying when they coming back, probably pretty soon a copy, a link. It's been brought up more and more in the narrative, and every time we go to sleep, we wake up in a new universe. I think along those lines that they're coming they're on the way right now, which is not quite ready yet Everlast, maybe you
are, but some people are not some people. If the aliens were hovering over universal studio, moves, they mind moving down the one hundred and one over the Hollywood bowl Voo Voo Voo, Voo, Voo, Voo and those little fuck, weather was the end or the beginning or whatever it would be amazing. It would be very interesting The whole thing would go down. You know I mean if it was the end of all cool, I mean not in Kerr, I'm I say bring it on, but I'm saying that, if that's what it is, it is or if it's the next stage of like in a like manner in me, you know all my goodness what you think people do if one of 'em I covered over every major city. You know what I think: what we're talking about is what would the majorly religious too, because I think that would affect religious thought, the most right off top. I mean, but is the fear of like what are they. What are they here for right,
the first thing was like whoa. A whole bunch of ideology goes out. The fucking window right now so that would cause a lot of panic and anxiety right. There alone. You know you tell them you're, you're you're, whatever story of whatever religion, I'm not going yeah whatever go there. Blank we're like that stuff. Like that thing, let's blanket it yeah! You know it's gonna upset a lot of folks yeah. You know me right away, just like all my God. That's not what we thought exist that we are the center of everything you know I think, would happen. I think people would just start fucking. The flat earthers go out the window right away that this is over. Maybe not maybe like the aliens travel here from another dimension. They have a new explanation for it. The thing about like being a flat Earther order thing about any kind of thing that you could do. Side was already proven. Is it doesn't matter what the facts are anymore? What matters is people agree to that's what's interesting about it, like you realize that
It's like a certain number of people. You need to have to start a community and it doesn't have to make sense. You just have to have enough people that agree to it. If enough people agree to it, you can. Ah, you can push. You can push some pretty preposterous ideas through and a bunch of people hop on board and they're happy to be in your group. That's the album groups, the problem groups, is people will just join groups. Isn't that the big lie, the big life here, the big guy thing the whole mind come up big life I believe that's the like, where I'm quoting that from, but I mean, even if you about a country right, you think about a country and you think about America, which we both love and live in. Yes, sir, it's what is it? You know it's an idea. It's an idea! It's an idea that everybody who's in this thing, it's cool to each other. Everybody is in this thing is part of a team
really what it is, bring your broken mass and all that stuff from the from the from the statue of liberty. Some more been sick. I I think about this thing or huddled masses that they may get there. This is been allowed. I know you know fifty. You know I mean right, but I know what you're saying it's whatever we are. Like, be we are what we agree. We are We agree. We are on this more. But we're in conflict about his fucking, stupid and as a country, supposed to be your we're supposed to agree that we're all in this together, so we're all in this together should be good for everybody. We could do that. We do that better than we think we can way better way better than the problem, is the conflict some it's unnecessary amounts. That's sound effect. For that moment, perfect it's! You know. Some of it is just unnecessary in these. These moments. Man moments when we have fun
moments when we get together moments when we hug moments when we have a drink together, almost will listen to some music, moments when we're all leaving a concert together or a movie together that we realize like in this together, we're all right. We just like just gonna navigated, better, that's all it is were crashing into each other ours. It gave you go the moms we mourn together. I mean I mean. I'm honestly, I mean I hate to say this, but you know I've got I've, see a lot of my older friends, more funerals lately than other events, but they turned into celebrations and if you know me because we all of understand like are a man yeah word today I'm glad. I am seeing you right now, let's fucking yeah, yeah yeah and whoever it was that we're celebrating definitely doesn't want that. They want this yeah for sure. I know buddy when I go party, the fuck up party fuck up, say like that guy did. I did. I did pretty good dad every you have made progress played made a few bucks
that's Dana Mandanas just play that song, no matter what I mean, God love. I gotta get my zero dollars and twenty five cents me. I gotta get my zero dollars and twenty five cents. Every episode augment come on. You begrudge mean by twenty five cents. I love it. I love it. I was walking out of the octagon. I forget who who interview my favorite is this every once in a while, like there's a few people who choose that song, like uh, Cynthia ca, ca, vo? Well, it's how shut out to the first Marcus Davis, yeah markets, Daisy Davis. He did the first day and then he went into the jump around, but some people every once in a while. I don't know, maybe if they picked a bad song or something like I don't know where I don't know where one time like LEO Toma Cheetah came out to jump around on MIKE I texted Dana. I was like who fucked picked up
he's like. I did remember, go any go. Any further was like he was to pick this up and became a hated. Is some of these cats? They'll choose music and music. It was like now, and I think I go to jam. If you piglet me the light because I'll be like That was random and I was like how how did that happen? It's funny it's funny when there's a song that plays all the time that connects you to one of your friends, so I can have them walking out of the eye. Guys, like one thousand and ten, there was a period of packet in about six years, where any Dana was it could be. I could be he could be on their side of world, I'm sleeping so I'd get a phone call and I just be a phone in the air at a club. It's people ate it after, like dude, come on. You guys nailed that song so hard. This, like Moma
in space time that get nailed just like you. You just hit something that resonates with people. I I I still do Denny's quote Danny boys quote of it's the Louie Louie of the 90s little way, Lou, it's just there. It's part of the blankets, it's almost not mine anymore. It's like belongs to the universe. It's weird every ball game. I go to any event I go to gets played, it's not even like a big deal about it's like some places. Typically, you get these Football Games College like Wiscconsin's and stuff where it's like part of a tradition, but I'm saying any event, angels game or came became Yankees Game Lake game, pregame football game, it's pops, up somewhere along the line to your right up there with queen. That's crazy, it's wild. I mean you're talking about like individual songs and their imprint on something. It's it's bananas. It's something
to like you can almost invest your thought in it because it can get like whoa. It's it's really kind of a part of of pop culture. It's ingrained on a on on an american american phenomenon in world. Why I mean, like worldwide I mean: where did you can you go where they probably never heard jump around its way? I mean, is to think about it on that level is crazy, maybe like one in place which I'm trying to buy. We have a green land; no, no, it stays out. No, they they. They took her to. They heard it you would queen had. We are the champions and and it also had we will rock you. Those are two of the greatest sports anthems of all time. Queen two of them like one of the, compagnons do of 'em. We will rock you and we are the champions. It's actually the same song. To is the same song. Isn't it
yeah they blend into each other, but there's two different songs technically connected like everybody technically connected bomb on Itunes. You have to buy two songs. I think. Is it a slash in there is it we will rock you. We are the champions they come together. They went right back to bed. It doesn't. There's! No shame in three or was it did recognizes one individual song label. It was listed as two different titles to Evan titles? You're? Not you know it you're, not MIKE that people can hear you. So I'm trying to sorry yeah. He goes well yeah. Here we go hi, TJ, so yeah, so that was actually one of the first albums I got when I was a kid, but on the actual label, which had like the titles of the songs they were, it's two different titles, but on the actual vinyl the surface of the record, it was one groove, so the songs just went right into each other. So so, if you're in a diner- and you put like those quarters in that thing- played you play that one song or would you give you know it usually gives you both? It gives you both good
member man, diner music- I was listening to get that I feel like my memory I'll share. We should wait. I feel like my memory, I see like a we will rock you slash. We are the champions thing like going on, yeah? It's like I feel like you would have got both songs. They don't remember. There is no stop, there's not even a clean place to edit it. Really. If I'm right, that's Cray, There's two songs: do you remember His wheels of the diners in the EAST coast would roll with the we. Oh. So it's two songs. But two want songs. It's two songs, but it's one. So just driving you forty five, it only has a we will rock you. New I was driving a U haul truck last weekend, I'm in the process of moving. So all you had what we had was a Am Fm radio K Earth one hundred and one
an we will rock. You came on an right away, it came. We are the champions by wrecked about who played it as one song. Well, they go together. You know perfectly and it seems like it's almost, but it is clearly two different jams right. It's great this is similar themes. He was a God, damn wizard, we will rock you. We are the champions that band. They were really sorcerers. He was amazing. Freddie mercury was while he was amazed. It was crazy, was so on your vocal late with it right on stage I mean it is just a masterpiece of bohemian Rhapsody alarm is just crazy. I know- all right can you think of. Like rock albums you of songs, songs. Anything of that one. You like
I write these little for three chord songs with a nice story over and should this month. This too was doing like sixteen part harmonies of Bismillah blown knoll will not let you go like road like a rock opera like within four five minutes. It was run, then, is how genius that, should it it's great to listen to like it's super entertainment, it's it's captivating! He was a damn god, damn hero yeah for sure Freddy yeah. This is no one's seen the movie I haven't. I haven't seen the movie, though after they stopped having fucking bore out. Do it might come out worse because I, like I like to show that guy's on that Mr Robot. I'm sure I'd like him to it, doesn't matter that what you tease me with Allie G and then pull him away.
I don't know I mean that's not why I didn't see it. I just haven't had the chance, but I heard that Borat wanted to do a lot of like crazy. He works anyone yeah, you probably wanted to always wonder, have dongs flapping around you know. I mean he wanted all that you wanted to go the other. He wanted to go to the dark side of Freddy. He wanted you buck. Wild The guy who did a great job, the problem is: whenever someone gets attached to the idea, someone else doing it and then the new comes in he's forever tainted. But if you haven't- and you ever go on tv little show binges that guys show me. Mister robot is really good. Pretty fucking good, pretty good I've. It's really funny. It's fucking! like bizarre, like futuristic hacker weirdness, it's fucking, it's pretty dope! This is the best time ever. If you want to sit and watch tv, is there a better time? That's ever existed. Good smoke, weed legally just sit watch forty two episodes of a show. I don't encourage too much this behavior, but occasion I think it's is important and probably even therapeutical, but if you could
sit down and watch something on tv. There's more shit to watch today than the human race is ever seen ever. That's a fact that make new tv shows every God, Damn minute, perhaps right now. They put them out on Hulu. There put him out on Amazon, they put him out on Netflix, they don't have instagram. Now they drop an entire season idea without watch it deal with it deal with it. Bitch. You watch stranger things. Yes, I'm an episode. Five, don't tell! of of what the most recent season hush everybody's cash, it's good, it's good I enjoy. I enjoy it, I can't tell you I enjoy don't get blaspheme. No, are you you tell me anything else a little bit better than good, but you tell you a couple of good ones. I enjoy a couple good ones. I enjoy you fuck. What ozark do do I Okay, there we go, there's Zara man without having to give up one, it wouldn't be owes are at they canceled it, but the the seasons that exist are hilarious. You have you watched as Santa Clarita Diet now
with drew Barrymore and the guy from TIM, Timothy, Ola Fant from like Deadwood that guy yeah. Well, it's like I'm doing the same the same, but you but you could come. Thank me later, go check that shit, okay, it's like two seasons of it and they cancelled it for some reason, hopefully don't bring it back in for a lot of enough people like it, but I'm telling you it's fucking hilarious, it's like if you like zombie kind of weirdness, but it ain't really scary and it's fucking hilarious, is what it is. It's craziness beautiful if you ever wash unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I have not got watch that I got him a Larry show. That's a good show to sit down with your wife. You'll laugh. Your hair always looks so she'll love it. This is hilarious. It's about a lady who was in a cult and she got locked up in a basement for like thirteen year. Then she got out. She doesn't know what the fuck anything is, but
hilariously optimistic. It's really. My wife got me on this one. It's not that, but it's like this lady, like chick comic, and I don't know her name- and I don't know they're so right now, but it's fucking hilarious and she's like a Larry David is Chick like Larry, David Esque, I should say like the show is like she's always like fucking mom was like fucking doing. Some crazy shit is like an episode of like where there's a mom amongst the crew. That's like porno, and so all the moms are tired, but, like the fucking shows hilarious, I gotta show oh man, I can't remember. Do you know what that is Jim? I gotta think of the show who's in it. One of the advisors. I don't know, that's what I'm saying I dubbed mobile. I watched it with my wife times and I'm it's going to get the name of the real about Handmaid's tale. Does that we do you say
but some like no apologies or a pot. Something about apology. Sorry, not sorry, not sorry thing, okay book it should disallow areas into the lady is a whole areas. Was that I don't know her name. I'm sorry! A savage there you go, she sounds savage. She's fucking funny dude. It is savage the show's pretty set, but it's like some dirty Larry, David kind of Phibes. What kind of a burden do you have with a name like savage like you want to produce? You can't run a row, be lazy with a name like savage. You can bring it Bob Savage. A lot of savage sitting there smell is own farts man. What I just got Jim is a panic. I I google that I just google that sorry not sorry with Miss Savage night. Nothing came up. Well, that's that's club that that's that's! Definitely a because I known right yeah! That's why I'm saying sorry not sorry! This goes yes, sir, sorry, not fucking hilarious, savage on her unapologetic new comedy could from sorry I'm sorry that the show is called Homsar. I'm sorry,
yeah. I think there you gotta show I knew was an apology or something like that. It's fucking hilarious, just research of any show ever that has this kind of reach, but you guys are winging it kind of want a lot of ways dude. It's the beauty of the show, though a little bit thing is one hundred percent wind I'm seeing a little bit but yeah. Don't be scared, homie dot com, shout outs and Nate Diaz Victorious shout out to uh Anthony a gladiator, a great fight. I'd totally agree with the outcome. Yes, definitely
Nate Nate won the fight for sure. I was complimented when I walked into Dana's Green room and was told I smell like I just came from Nate Diaz is Camp yeah. It was amazing. I would. I would love that, thank God for that guy. Giving is like at an all time, low, all time low. Thank God for that guy is so important. Just be you yeah, love that car. That's what he's doing. I mean he He's fighting for the baddest mother that was at one hundred and seventy right. Yes, yes, yes, fuck cutting weight, his need to cut weight, but I love what he's talking about fighting for the baddest motherfucker and
game belt? Referring to okay, I thought this was for a belt around. I was like wait, a minute, I'm soaking I was thinking about. I was so I was a little drunk myself. No, I was thinking about trying to get him to explain that to people, but I was like how much just let him go. I don't I don't even want to get in the way of this. I'm glad I know now what belt he's talking about he's talked about it multiple times. That's a great fight, he called, but he said that he said defend this belt and I was like okay he's talking about the baddest motherfucker in the game belt. I thought he was going to say it, but I probably, I asked him what bells it was. No, it's more beautiful like that. There's like this! No, it's perfect! It's like an Easter egg, how what a great name, the baddest motherfucker in the game! belt. We should be so happy that guy's a real thing we should be so shopping and that fight it would be amazing, yeah man that would be incredible, mod does a straight up, murderer
up so Izzo's Nate, be chaos, will be chaos and then Those two guys want to do it, those it too mean just wild dogs going at it. Those guys are both like to the core, their their their fighters. To the or there's no quit in either. One of those guys, I mean that's a wild fight man right, out like financially. That's an amazing fight right now people pay a lot of money to see that fight Mazda. Nate Diaz there. Those are two guys that are like the most exciting and most talked about guys in the sport right now those guys decided up, fucking smash, horns, whoa good. It looked like they were more than willing yeah. I hope to make that that would be doubt being amazing fight to make that happen. That would be God Damn Bananas, and maybe one of them will come out to turn around
If they pick something shooting enough, I know their level. I think they get to pick their own music, a cz long as they don't have like talking about weight, but LEO Leo Toma Cheetah like what I want to know the story behind that one day, I'm gonna Corner Dana when we're like. You know when, when he's not the fucking busiest dude on earth yeah and and be like what the look: what happened, what song did he pick you in which the on? If I was I don't know man, I'm sure somebody knows, but I wonder if you won, because they will be Justin, fucking vibe, I'm not sure I think he did but I keep track of shit like that, because it's fun and I hated almost when somebody, because my favorite guys a beard. Super duper friends with Tate.
Featured in. Thank you slash and mean it dudes, the dean of me. He Gerry he came out to my version of of Buck and Folsom prison, and I was so jacked about it and he lost that right and I felt like it made me feel horrible, like oh man, myself. Oh this is Chris Weidman when he fought LEO Ma cheat that's what it was. That's in the you put the kibosh on Liotta so yeah, let's see, see outcome for which struck me. I didn't ask for that: fucking ass, for that dude only that pressure that was and pick my shit song wasn't going to save him. You know I that's one of those weird ones ones like what is how bad is the song that you won't? Let a person their own song. That's what I want to know. It's not that much time I mean it's the walk to the the is not a full song. It's like three minutes. What is
those brazilian guys always come out today and I mean like they come up to the fucking Wild, his music. Some of those deals not murderer used to come out to some real questionable fucking, like dutch Disco House DJ, he came, rod crazy! Oh my god, yeah! That's right, Dutch, this swedish house Mafia, that's exactly what is coming out. Do do do do do over certainly like over the top to two number one. Everyone walk walkout. My
Favorite was when Randy Code Tour came out to TED Nugent Stranglehold. I was like if there is ever a song, that's like design that seems like a fun. That's us fight playing song. You know you're about to have a fight that song you want playing stranglehold, Michael Key S, E. Is that too a couple guys he was trying to hold now that's a salt lick stranglehold, and it's it's one of those songs by ACDC yeah Thunder, struck him out to a fight cool yeah just decade to Angus is tones on the guitar. That's over. You got angry yeah right custom night. On the Rich Franklin used to come out. The thunderstruck when he was a middleweight champion Dada Dada, Dada, Dada Dissatisfying, came out too. I know it definitely came out to an ACDC song now
question. Is it feels like Brian questioning that was right like right, then too yeah a c is like one of those bands. Were you here like three or four chords, easy like instantly for Angus Young again this guitar tone and was called for those about to rock Oh, he came up. That's what about but didn't come out to thunderstruck two. I think when you thought Silva. He came out to Thunderstruck. She wants my six. He did for those about which fight was that fighting, I think for sure he came out the thunderstruck Google, is your friend he was a. He was a greasy dude only for Forest Grove, who's, ACDC dude. Think about,
What walk of music's biggest night someone there walk up music? Was that shut down. He beat with a broken arm like Jeff, kicked him in the arm program. I think I feel like I was there, but I might not on my sense, you know, and then he he caught has all. Where was that, okay to chuck broke his arm the first round and then he he clipped him with the punch. With his other hand, like everybody, with a broken arm that was crazy, yeah same song at UFC, seventy two, okay. Maybe that was a song for those about to rock great song either way I like, when everybody hit me at apparently went, keep a knocked out dc like there's a at angle where I was like. You saw me and then like recently. I saw that. Did you ever see the meme with Kobe, where he's like staring at Connor like after knocking out fucking, I think it's
Josei and like it's me like I'm like talking to like Kim, could be, but he's just stare like to start later is the main aim at times like focuses in on I'm like it's like crazy, so I got me thinking like I wonder how we like. I said I've been to so many these fights that I don't even yeah. I was a trying to remember, and it's like I can't even remember, yeah you've been to come and tell him I mean Almost as long as I've been working for the yeah or close really close to not as but close in the neighborhood. I mean couple years behind yeah. But, like you know, with the first ever smoke pot indoors with in Vegas and said we could just smoke pot here I was like a little kid. I think. What is that? What you want to smoke? I go. What do you want to go he's like go just wait in the middle of club, but I was like okay, all right. There right there, somebody had made a mean. This is something about you
go be with his concentration, and I started focusing in on him like this. She was learned on that. Make that bigger does it make it bigger is it possible to make a bigger? Let me tell you something: listen look at could beams face. Is there a harder man? That's ever lived tell you, though he came out like two fights before that fight and who is the nicest guy to everybody that came up to him. He everybody came to me engaged with him. Talk to him soon, as the Conor fight was about to happen. That was, for the whole, he just was watching Connor the whole time and and like and like we were talking like he like in the whole time, like I said, we're engaging what I'm saying to him right. There is like oh shit, y'all, probably fighting next kind of thing, because he was like. I want a fucking fight that guy they got into it backstage at that shit,
but I would just made me laugh, and it made me start thinking like Haiti. I wonder how much shit I wonder how much shit I MIKE in the background of a ton of am one of the best one ever was are in Duncan kissing them when they planned it. They planned it. So these guys, pat the camera, pass in front of him grabbing each other and started making out just so they on camera watch. This will get watch this right here. The camera pans of them oh, my god, and You didn't text me afterwards. Teacher friends fucking, make out on pay view, huh, man Oh she what's up. What's up substance,
psychedelic. They probably yeah. They probably were practice common practice, common practice. Let's today it let's do it. A smoking and drinking that seems appropriate yeah, alright DJ, melody, uh and, let's more more, give a little shout out him and the junkies have a school in Glendale California, it's called beat Junkies Institute of Sound, they teach. Kids, youngsters and grown ups. How to dj like properly like real djs, yeah beautiful.
That's read by the way this Israel he's got people just listening, thes air actual turntables. This isn't some bullshit this'd is like you back me. Up on this ship is Russell Peters approved right is a really Dejan bullshit Basta Southern, my chicken on whiskey soaked August day. She told me last summer that, because I gotta sell wait, he was cooking mad trip sheet with post, just american as Apple pie. That's sticking our love because she won't be a China shown that trying to die. She looks a little better, whether Bush down whenever in private knows a trick or two says she got a few friends if you've got a couple on board and you too snow get a drink in a way. No thinking more women, bullshit smoke a drink way. No way drinking travels will start to see double city jail, made problems their own wind, always walk around with bail a few nights and lost a couple sides: black down wrong. Whiskey, bitch sold a whole lot of ticks for a bunch of high chips. In a couple of that'll make you cry, I got a tv one done it. Don't you feel that way, no way, Lieutenant Tabin Pistol, grip grab it. I'm a chrome plated man of steel made it you made it back to hell. Time can and drink way. No thing wait: whoa, dude, that's great
These are what, before Ford Sings, are Whitey Ford's house of pain. Is the latest album? Let me do all the things my manageable slap me later, for, if I don't Og Everlast, you could find me on Instagram. That's the only one I really do, but I'm on the Facebook and all that with all the tours and all that. But if you want to see what I talk about, I what I do it's Og Everlast on Instagram, I got Joe started on Instagram by the way. That's one hundred percent and he's kicking my ass. All over he's got eighteen million. Followers like I like. Ninety eight thousand will get you more today. Yeah. I always do no always definitely people always come and are always beautiful. Folks, that's really the main Scrams one hundred percent, because you know, but the folks that always come after a podcaster, always like fine folks, and our enthusiasm, it's awesome to hear. I think we tapped into a river of cool people think they're out there. Thank you.
Put it out there and people respond in turn and they realize that a lot of a lot of the shittiest behavior that we all exhibit is because there around shitty behavior. If we make an agreement to be nice to each other, we could change everything. I'm working. We are in a deck you're, a man in your Irish I'm a dick There are men when God I'm looking for a quick excuse to be one. If you want to be an yeah, maybe but you know, and all those years I don't know you you're, very, very introspective God you look at yourself. You know when people, many mistakes and look at themselves like you're, a you're, a guy who looks at everything man, you look at yourself. You look at other people. Nice to be afforded the time in luxuries to do such things too. Let's look now is a slow pace or aim, and my focus a guy like some people, can barely look up from the grand manner it's a blessing to be able to like have that those moments of like hey whatever it is Joe Rogan in the brush. You know stalking in Elk that
where he gets his moment? Or you know you know, or whatever mean you, I'm driving Fucking Pacific Coast Highway listening to in a be trying to fucking come with an idea. I mean that's a luxury near me, even though it's our work, you might be thinking of a joke out there, while you're fucking. I mean super locking for sure. Well, sad, that's how important technology for everybody and we didn't used to be in that struck the grind. You know we're all okay, we're, okay, we just got to figure a way through our own individual maze. The problem is in comparison right, that's a big part. The problem, I'm totally paraphrasing, but there's like definitely a famous phrase where it's like comparison is the death of joy, and I think we've even talked about it on I'm I'm having deja vu, so it might have been on here that we talked about that more repetitive, yeah and I say a lot of the same shit over and over again, that's a Thomas Jefferson quote: correct. Comparison is a thief of joy. Thief of joy. I think we have talked about my thing of Yankees. Deja vu is in high gear right now, it's one of my favorite quotes.
Because it just makes you realize like this, is something you can't even control or cure you're concentrating on also control. I feel like it's like there's this everybody's not entitled to the luxury that we're talking about. So it's like it's. You got to be thankful for it on an extra high level because it seem like we're in this twisted thought age where it's like everybody thinks they deserve that, and I don't even feel like. I deserve it. I'm lucky I'm a fortunate fucking man. You know I mean I sing songs. I always compare it to like this. Like you know, when you know, when people talk about all new music, whatever whatever I'm like, whatever, whatever, if the lights go out and all the power goes out, I can go from fucking little fucking prefecture, the prefecture and play a little song for you and get a meal for me and my family. That's how I equate it like it's a trade. You know I mean it and it's an imbalance. Society give that hasn't, and I mean that I meant teachers that I feel like should be making way more fucking money than me. Man like on real levels that I that I've seen do things for kids on like you know, like my.
Who has a mixture that you know kids for go there because they live there and then there's a lot of people trying to go to school, because it's very nice cool. But you know so there is imbalances and the disease. I've seen teachers like come out their own pockets and do things for you know people that was like wow man. This yeah I mean I. I think I do nice things and I think I do, but I'm saying it's like when I see it on a level where it's like grassroots ground level, it's its impact. Awful to me. You know yeah, it's you know, think about teachers, that's the one! That's the heart! Puller you know how much teachers make here, but it should be rocks. How do you taking good Are babies you're teaching, Are babies and you hear about the bad ones about the mean teachers said you realize it? They don't realize what they're doing to the kid like some people are just angry. Just angry and mean it comes comes out their teaching and if your t
you get stuck. Are you kid? Rather, if you could get stuck with one of those teachers like that, can have a devastating impact on the kids life? Now, we're we're we're we're experiencing like something like that, but not on a MAC. As I got on a very minor level of like you know like the way the school we just found out like today. Yesterday, like what keep teachers are kids have you know I mean it's like there's the whole like culture, roll parents circle of knowing who's teach which teachers you want and which ones you don't. You know I mean so it's like I'm not going to go until weather. We got what we wanted or not, but it's like the fucking drama behind. It is similarity to me. It's like it's such a such a like woe. Is there a who's going on or what you know and well in teachers a little more strict than the other it my day my parents would have said, like that's the teacher we want nowadays it's almost like the opposite yeah. I mean that in old days my mom would be like that's district or teacher. Yet put him in that class put in that class
cuz. That's the one! That's not going to take any shit that someone is going to give you a temp, make sure he knows when people are going to take shit from him in, like you know what I mean, that's I understand that mentality, yeah now a days it's almost the flip, like the teachers like states. She just system, so you know price of two manding, it's like well. What does she do? What she raised her voice to a kid that was what was the kid doing? He was losing his mining class, so the plug teacher raise their voices that you know it's just given general example here, but what I would tell them that we got paddled the school. I got in a fight with a kid named Preston banks we duked it out. Well, no! We like that battle. I was like fuck. I lived there from eleven. Thirteen so somewhere in that range Where was this Florida Florida yeah out of they used to be a lot of powder you, this dude had a paddle like an actual wood and paddle and me and the kid got this. I remember thinking
No, it's probably like eleven or twelve or whatever I was when I got in a fight with this kid. I realize this could have been like badly burned when he was young and we're. You know: were in school. Together and he was like missing part of his ear and his his neck was all fucked up, and I was thinking like wow this guy, like he's not doing so well like this, it made me realize, like we got into this little scrap over nothing because it just he wasn't. Doing so well, and I didn't realize that until I was in the principal's office with them in the fight like we couldn't fight from the principle that was the authority figure we're both like subdued, but I was realizing when I was around this game with, in a mean guy he's a sad guy like he the guy that just didn't get any love and he feels like you got ripped off by life 'cause. It got burned when he was a little kid for sure and it made me think, like it, maybe it changed the way I looked at people with the one argument fight with one kid and then getting paddled getting pal just cemented it like how
there's a damn on. I don't agree with it. You know the guy didn't hurt me. He didn't try to hurt me and try the other dude either, but he definitely battle us. It was used to be a legal thing, put a stain on it man. You know, I mean that's what we grew up with you guys I got spanked or, but is that good? I think I think is appropriate time and place. I really do for girls. I don't know about that's different, because I have two girls and I've. Never I've, never spank. My kids threatened to threaten to, but I've never had to actually commit and do it So I don't know yeah. I know it seems like it might not be the right, and even when a boy I'm talking about that physical justice for me she would be a rare let me give you an example of when, like a time in my life, when I definitely deserve physical justice and got it- father. You know
Tom Webb was using guns when I was very young, we'd go out and shoot and like not hunt necessarily, but he take us out and shoot in the mountains out in the Angeles Forest back in the day and like fucking, very good education and understanding of guns and one time when they were away around what is like pump, shotgun and fucking accidentally, fucking loaded it and fucking Bang a shot into the Wall thing was an apartment. Do this wasn't a house. This was in an apartment building. Now it wasn't a wall connected to another apartment, but but the possibilities that you know I mean when they came home. A few hours later, that apartment outside was surrounded by police. Like guns like they didn't know what happened, the neighbors all called cops. Didn't they heard a shot number. So after they all settled it down. I got my ass fucking. Kick that last that night, but my father near me: and you know some people nowadays would say, that's fucking rough, but no I
fucking could have fucking killed a human being easily. I just you need to sometimes no like okay, this because what you just did could've wound you up in fucking the penitentiary for the rest of your life, so an ass kicking doesn't seem as extreme as you think, when you put it in the balance of that. So when you're getting to like a level of that, I think. Especially for a boy. You know I mean I don't know. If I have a girl was going that wild I mean I would encourage the mom to throw the baby I made a dad, can throw that beating. You know it would be little rough, but I there's a time, a a place where place where, like hey, if you're going to stop you you you got to. Let him know here's. This will be the rest of your life if you keep down this path. That's gotta, be that extreme to me, for it to be a beating. Nowadays, when I was young, a beating could come from talking back right, at least this MAC, face, yeah. Well, that's you know a shoe,
so my fear was mom. After, like thirteen mom stopped using the hands because it you know it didn't it, you know I had outgrown her she's. My mom was a little. My mom was little almost a little woman like a four foot. Eleven five foot tops is just throwing yes, so after awhile was like it from it, went from the hands to like stirring, spoons and shit, and then once they will start breaking became shoes and and, like you know, whatever else broomstick broomstick, it became like with your fucking. Father gets home. My mom might, unlike gently smack me upside the head gently like now, like a real like wound, my mom was a Brooklyn lady, like she might have been like what he doing stupid
come on he was employed. Bonds tried to never drop me more. I remember being like nine or ten in moms chasing me down the block catching me no fucking like dead as you keep it up in front of yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, Happy the worse it happened, my mom was not chasing me. She would you coming home, eventually dummy mom. Wasn't that mean she wasn't having no word all my mom. My have never chased, never chase, not playing your games little, but she was fast I'm stranded, you can't you beat your ass with funny friends so rough when you're young boy and you're trying to be cool. It's like the most embarrassing like any day. You could just trip on your own dick and fall face. Do it fence like a fucking asshole, just so good
fee. I think it actually made some of my friends at the time. Understand me a little bit differently do like oh, oh wow, dude, alright, yeah! For sure we get you now. We understand kind of your whole thing, like your steel, like you guys, are nuts for sure, but you like when you think of yourself as like, musician and artist. You you're so fortunate is going to sound weird but you're so fortunate to come from a chaotic upbringing. I feel like every one, who I know that comes from some sort of a chaotic upbringing, has a good different kind of like horsepower to the shit. You know, like all my favorite people that I like to listen to and watch old, something like real fucked up moments, struggles, chaos and sure madness. You don't you don't get what you put out without that that's like the root of it all that's the seed that causes it all to grow. I mean
similar to a joke, a song you're trying to find it depends what you know what angle you take from it. I like to call it the highest common denominator, like that, I'm trying to find is like the the the highest level thing we can all connect on it. I mean not the basis most lowest level or common denominator, I'm trying to find the what kind of elevated level can I speak to you on. Even if it's about fuckery can I raise the level of speaking about it and just telling a tale about it without it, you know. Being you know again the most base and and and easiest lowest hanging fruit yeah that's the same thing, I think, with a joke you're trying to find there's no real new? Like you're, just find a new angles on funny shit. You know what I mean. Guess things are news when things are newly invented or when their new events,
it has to be a significant or a new invention, then then things open up new pathways other than that. Like you're talking about relationships, you do the variation of exactly take on it. That everybody's had has had a long life and been in relationship, especially King Hallager Boy, going on number eight was at number seven. They just left eight divorce, seventh, wife. I think you re married one of them. Damn. Like that. You know Larry King still alive, you didn't know. Oh Roy would Roy Wood Roy and I were looking at pictures of king. I really didn't steady. Still. Divorce at eighty five Hawkins more power to him get busy. If you got the money to get divorced at eighty five go for it, the shooting Steroids and cocaine and they're just getting started. Viagra just haven't gals come over to the place he's over.
Arts deli just holding court. Imagine if, over the last like year of his life, he just banks an unprecedented volume of internet porn, and just releases it all in one blast: Larry King Fox, just yes, king, sex tapes, yeah king, bang it out, and just yeah that's how it's going to get all the pictures you get so much money. If you really just want money now is the time to act. That's wow poor Larry. He doesn't seem like as good posture. I just not good. When you're an older fella, they have the curve curve
he's a very nice guy. I wanna show it twice will show it twice. For fear factor is always very nice, very friendly guy. You know you kinda gotta, be when you do that for a living and every night you're talking to a person, you gotta, be Did she can't be like me, I'd be like fuck, Did you go to jail? Is there a Larry king? We need to get a Larry King Mug, shot yeah, get that Larry King mugshot order that up take the of Larry King? How do we not have Larry king? We just decided, do you need to get the mug shot of the dude who still on CNN, who got found out like in central Park in New York like with math and like a make makeshift noose around his dick is they was uh what the fuck? What's his name, the English dude, with the glasses with glasses, Richard Richard Richard,
Wanted your come on his ordering up a more Richard Richard Richard, you know it's for Susie, see Stacey come back, oh that Guy Richard Quest, Richard Quest is Richard Quest he's the guy I'm talking about. I don't know who he is. Oh dude, if you see his face, will be like oh yeah he's like he, the english guy on you will see an end to get caught in like central Park will like math, look in some sort of news or something around his dick out of this. Far, as I remember reading, we were required for awhile if you're single, gay guys now we supposed to do, I don't know it's supposed to have math. I don't know around your deck. That's like Our own thing. This is not on the internet. To do with that. My making this up, I was looking for a mug shot. There's no bugs out. There is an explanation for what happened.
There's an explanation. Okay, this next like making this up right. I'm not this wasn't like a drug induced hallucination or something I got. How hilarious is the way they put this CNN personality, Richard Quest is busted in central park early yesterday with some drugs in his pocket and a rope around his neck about his time. His generals no big deal on a sex toy in his boot law enforcement officials, said sources said Quest was initially busted for loitering. It really wasn't about that. Aside from the oddly configured rope, the sir, which also turned up a sex toy inside of his boot. That means his and a small bag of methamphetamine in his left jacket pocket. It wasn't immediately clear what the rope was for
the mug shot. You need but show my pictures so hell. No one talking about rich, Wet Richard Quest, I'm going to talk about that on stage from now on that guy, do you don't know that guy he's all over the fucking CNN? I do not know that. God sent me that article that we just set it to my hope it provides you something beautiful, something there there's something now put bright. You just the best part about the article was not clear. It was not immediately clear with the rope or or- and I'm like. Let me help. Let me help you out the tied around his neck and his dick, a Mr Quest, let's see the fourth street and West drive it about three. The police noticed Mister Quest, 64th street and west driving West three hundred and forty a dot m. The official said, as he was being escorted out. He volunteered in
I have meth in my pocket according to an official briefed on the case, the police searched him and recovered a small amount of methamphetamine in a a rope bag. Dick in his neck and a sex toy, visibly more portly, there's a lot of due to do math, and that is a whole. They keep it together and they stay the farm kind booty boots. There's a snake in my boot boot. That means in his asshole is this paper. No, this is New York. It was central park. I think they made his asshole. I think they mean is boot. I think they made in his ass in his ass. That's a whole new dimension as your truck bro, no English. No English is like, but it's like this his New York Times. Yes, they using proper British English America, Thirty times called boots of
let's to go with the better angle on this day was in his ass. That's the veteran New York Post York Times it was in his asshole. That's what I said his boot his boot. His boot is its proper British for like if you watch it's like that is factual, that is factual, Clarkson and Fucking, Richard Hammond and James May. There are truths rock is the best to boot's. Yes, his asshole. Right, guys, sex to his hey, no Brown brought a whole new, like fucking like dimension to that no judgment, it's okay! It's fine! Yes, sir! Even if you didn't caught with that in his he's still doing math and talking to cops like with a rope around his dick and neck yeah that part two is gonna get. It was so crazy, via fucking rubber, dick his like wait. What
finding in that shit, I'll I'll, get you that much shot, I'm finding it who doesn't like a little math every now and then rope around chicken balls, whatever whatever. Thank God from White privilege who dude is Black- is Wesley Snipes with dreadlocks. I catch you with a rope around your dick and neck with yeah your pocket, bro yeah I in jail, okay, yeah. I think so one hundred percent, I think so one hundred uh huh, Dismissed you had math and a rope Connecting your neck and cock, and probably a text. Joy in your ass.
Ok we're at the issue at the very least in it I was going to say in his shoe, which is weird enough. It's might might even be weirder, but let's not jump to conclusions that I might just be a confusing interpretation of the american version of boot and them saying maybe they think shuming's ass, I was with another man- maybe nobody's got a rubber making their boot. That's outrageous. That would make your boot all fucking uncomfortable. Why would just put in your pocket, it's in his ass bro, let's just run because he had a method, his pocket, that's no more! A google search shut off all the computers spread misinformation. Look I'm sure it was just an issue whatever. Whatever you don't ever volunteer that you have drugs, let them find the drugs. Let him find the drugs unless you want to fuck I have a quick good one on that level. On that level. First time I went to Japan with House paint
we we ran. It was one of the things we're were from from torture. I would go home and literally take one set of clothes out of a bag thrown in another bag, and so we to Japan and on this, Take the trip I brought my girlfriend at the time and I think Danny did and leave the brought his own homie or whatever, but all we brought a bunch of guests and everybody gets through customs and as I'm getting through customs, the guy reaches into this one jacket. I have and he pulls his hand out, and there was this little nugget of butt and he's like what is that and I was like what speak English 'cause. He said it in Japanese, so I say: okay ok, what is that I was like? My brain just was like well fuck. Man just looks like weed. I said it looks like we. You know I just fucking owned it. They went and got this little test or put some shit instead of returns. Blue, it's weed. I was like it's weed, let's just fucking save, save a little trouble is mean while everybody else had gotten through. They brought everybody else back in right, fucking.
Gave him the fucking finger like I have like my my lady everything at the time everybody Strip search, they never Strip searched me. They searched. Everything. I had all my bags, everything right. They test that one nug of weed. Whatever I end after several hours, the record late will pay off whatever the payoff we got into the country. We're able to do our tour, the or in the stories everybody fucking hated, my guts, the whole fucking bunch when we get to the hotel I'm unpacking my bag, trying to figure out how the whole fucking thing happened and looking at the jacket- and I into the pocket. That was there there's nothing in there. I crazy I reach into the other pocket of the jacket pocket out a jacket bing ounce of fucking weed, they never looked in the other pocket of the jacket, a fucking ounce of weed. I shit, you don't know what you were without even knowing you were doing it. You were like sending a small mule to get busted so that the big ones can sneak
once I must have been rolling a joint someone at the last tour and I had a nug left over and just throwing it in the pocket now thinking about it on one side cartel does that, but if they would have found out other one first I'd be in jail in mother fucking in Japan for a long time ever and ever, but I got it, I called the whole. I called everybody that smoked in the crew down to the room after that, and I was like yo check it out. Man, I really didn't mean this to happen, but I probably had more good ass fucking weed in Japan than anybody at the time. You know what's incredible, 'cause all they had was hash and shit like that. Stop and think of that moment that moment, if they didn't go in that one pocket and they went in the other pocket first and they found that giant bag, we wouldn't be having this conversation, we probably wouldn't know. I don't think so. A lot of weed who knows, though, in Japan. It would have been. It would took a lot of money to get me out of that, regardless a lot instead. I think it cost him like one thousand bucks in there, like you know, which was like ten thousand or something yen
or one hundred pre or post put your lights on. No, this was house paint. This is like when the only story like it was like Paul Mccartney is banned for life, because he, got caught with some wheat does. That was life I don't know if it still exists, but there was a point where he was banned for life 'cause. He got caught with weed over there well used be in Nevada. You get sent to jail for life. If you had weed, and now it's legal there there's a bunch of do is like looking at those barred window that yeah that's just got it. Something's gotta be done about that. That ain't done a working yeah, that's the problem, that's the number. One problem is now one problem with laws against things like we'd, like as long as you can buy some whiskey. It's part of the number one problem. A lot of it too is a lot of these prisons are privatized and they don't want to let a lot of these guys go man. A lot of these guys get money for the amount of fucking people in their prisons. I gotta solution those private prisons- just a start: selling weed right,
that clean, cleaner way to live your life. Man, don't be a God, damn slave owner, you know, there's this whole like urban legend, and I mean is very believable about this letter, that went around like a bunch of people in the in the in the hip. Hop music industry got not, I don't know. Maybe it was within the last decade. Were they describe like this guide claim to be a member of the elite a class of like executives of the music business in there in the mid nineties and whatnot, and there was a time when the private prison industry. Current came and got involved and got allow these people to invest and then kind of help, correct, like things like rap music and the? If you remember they used to be like public? I don't know if you, how big are you a fan of music? You were at the time clans and public enemies. There's all these proactive, like you know,
counters to like the party drug dealer. Guys are really whatever you know there was there was there was an actually another side to it that existed and was successful in flourished. You know among state, you know, and the that disappeared, but like they're. This letter that went around was like claiming this guy was part of this thing and he left the meeting when they. These guys is a whole conspiracy thing like a year, but it's like totally believable that they're a poor that they could. These guys would direct a music and a and a media in a certain direction to encourage basically a cycle of prison for four, because if, look at rap music. You look rap music and what happened from the nineties till now. There is no conscious music anymore. There's none it's. It's again is some people will tell you it's fucking gods on is true, so I'm going to tell you it's the wildest speculation in the world, but you could dig it up easily music Connie has some conscious music
for sure, but I would like Jesus walks on that was written by a guy name. Running fast, I think, is his name, I think is. As of the guy from Chicago one of his partners from Chicago wrote that song, you know, I mean it which movies guys it like. Connie is a producer and I must say he has a right, but what I'm saying is a lot you know he's also like he will take a song in and make the song because he's producer Cont a lot of people. Do I'm not just saying Connie's likes died, a fraud or anything. I'm just saying like you as a producer like people, Drake, doesn't write all his records like that out and is a different era of rap and like that going on from when I was young when I was young, it was pretty much ninety percent, you if you can call yourself a MC or rapper. If you write your own, there were cast, it didn't do it. It's always been. There has always been the ghost writing scene. Well, if you wanted to walk in a room and hold down any kind of respect with people, you dad to know your right, that's the same in comedy
so it's like you know, and it's not saying like though you're not a fraud, you're just a different kind of entertainer. You know I mean as far as I'm concerned, I don't shit on it. You know I mean there's lot break records. I like there's a lot of other shit. I like you know I mean that's. I know those guys didn't write those records, because I can look at the writers credit and see twenty writers credits on it. So but I come from there of like you know, you gotta write your shit yeah. I think some people feel the value of collaboration, which is a legitimate thing, and if your ego is good enough, where you could like work with like Paul Mooney work with prior, you know priors a great of all time in my opinion, and he he work with Mooney Mooney helped him a lot. You know and Richard Jeni worked with Chris Rock, and you know another as well. You know like this: it's not like some of the greatest of all
time. I've had people that work with a poem he is, God does he's he's a great he's, like he's all set yeah and important influencers for sure, when I, when I was at the comedy store, because he was with the first guy that I felt like was a real, I'm scared of it, because I knew you work for prior and knew he was like he's connected to royalty and he'd be around a common storage fee. They It's still sharp as a knife man, it's right there, those goods and last one time I was in. I was on stage in front like ten people. My act- and I heard in the back and then he came up to me afterwards said that you funny Motherfuker. He goes you you did that shit like it was a sold out room. He was your comic- and I was like wow like Paul Mooney, said that to me, cause. I remember he was connected, is connected to the the man who connected to made, like all those it's the contribution.
I guess it might. Maybe it's different in hip hop, but but in stand up, it's similar that we, this guys like Bill Burr, writes everything he says everything he says is coming from a bill. Burr play some eyesight contributing with anybody he's not you know not collaborating he's. Just he's just being built You know Joey EDS same thing like counseling everything that guy says coming out of his head, there's something extra to that. You know. Isn't some better or worse. It's just like going. It's like different. You go in a restaurant and everything's homemade might be the same. Yes, if everything wasn't home made in terms of like the way it tastes, but not the way. It feels right. You got like you write your own shit like when you write your own shit and you play your own songs. It's like I'm getting a piece of you get a little piece see. You comes out of your art and that's that's the difference,
It's not like there's anything wrong with collaboration. Collaboration is look if you look at this rock stuff. It's arguably some of the greatest work of all time in terms of like the finished product of sandwich, stand up, comedy, bigger and blacker is one of the greatest comedy specials in the history of the world period. End of discussion anybody that argues with you is an asshole, out of collaborative efforts, nothing wrong with that obviously made some amazing and many other bits. Many other things that a lot of great comics have done, but it is different man. It's different, you know, but we're all like if someone in some way. Connected to each other and collaborating with each other. What we like it or not, it's not like the how many states, is into the game where they're going to collaborate with you. Are they going to be there for the final product or they just going to be influences all along the way in your artistic journey Yeah, I mean a lot of words, even though
even the thing that I would consider that I wrote by myself? If you want, if you get down, the next level. It's like there's. Twenty five thousand things that have influenced while I think that way or feel that way you mean so determine that's. Why that's the whole angle of like there's, really not new? It's all about the angle and I like it, it's like when I watch to. Ah, I like watching the old Dogtown, like document dog town in the Z, boys and shit, and it's like the whole approach skating, was like Nobody can can do that, but stop the style. You do it in. You know, that's what it really starts coming down to this, not me again, if there's no brand new invention or brand new event,
we're re hashing them experiences that have that have been happening since the dawn of time and your just find a new style and a new angle to dress it up, and that makes people feel like it's new to sorrow, romance love, and all those things yeah you're, breaking the or of the way it's been thought of before in a new way, and that's what becomes appealing to people, but God damn when someone hits it and they do get through with something that's a new way of describing some shit we can all relate to makes you feel so good, like music it makes you feel good in a way that comedy never can comedy she laughed and it makes you have a good time together on a room, laugh and hoot it up, but music when you buy yourself man, you could just be it just be you in that mean So can you get goosebumps? You can lift more weights. You run faster like it fires you up man, if I'm running hills and I'm
listen to music. I honestly feel like I'm cheating, I feel like I'm cheating 'cause. I feel like I take this like burst of artificial, energies is not dependent upon my discipline or drive. It's not artificial, though I know it's not, but it's I didn't make it no, but again see. I don't know if it's some grass is greener shit and I don't even know if that's the proper phrase but like just when I look it art form that comparison when your leg is music? Is it I'm like comedy, is so much more precious? because you were get to that point. Even if you tell an amazing joke that lives in me and I fucking love it so much, I take it and tell it to him for me the minute. I tell it to him, it is ends. It's like. That's the end of that joke. For me, you know what I mean it's, so it's like there's a preciousness to that's like a fucking to me like there's a finite
you creating an art. That's like it's like almost like a dude who creates art just to fuck and it like yep yeah. It's really like some japanese lantern, that's going to just go up in flames and fucking disappear. It's like there's, a beauty in that that to me is far different and far more and precious because it's it's life is shorter, you have to watch it end. That's! My point is like you have to watch. An idea of yours come to a finite end where it's like when idea of mine comes to a finite and and it's good and it connects it, can repeated over and over and over and people accept that accept. You know. So it's that is just sad, but to me it's just the preciousness of it. If you understand what I'm getting at is like wow, that was all that work for that. For the like their limp. It's almost like the olympic athlete
training his old life that, yes, how each joke almost is. When you write it, when I the way I and I'll I watched that economy, I'm I'm fucking them all over all y'all fuck his shit on the they post specials bill. All those do is I'm tonianne mind all this, so it's like I'm really a fan of comedy and it's just amazing to me, like I said, the finite this stuff is is is precious that just saying we're putting it. I never really thought about that way. I thought about in the way that, like you, have to write new stuff, but I never thought about it in the way that, like the first time that someone hears it, that's the only time they really hear it every every time, so that they know what's coming. They never see it the same way. You know it's again like an olympic athlete you're working that joke you're working that joke out in your work to jokes getting better and it's like. Okay, it's a bronze medal, joke right now and it's a silver manager. If you ever get it to that gold medal joke and then
drop it where it's supposed to be in that place in time of the special or the thing that everybody sees. Then it's done. You know. What's interesting. Now is there's a lot of comedy nerds. They want to watch the process, still watch it flip, lines around flip things around and they go hey you do that thing print now, I go yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to do. It would be amazing to me if I had the time to just sit and watch you guys workout like go to the comedy club every night or whatever. This is two, ladies from Arizona, and they came down to the store they travel around. The world wouldn't cr. In Europe or Iceland, or some shit, but their comedy nerds and they come to watch and they're like they'll, see you like two months ago, wanna, come see again had conversations with them. I like yeah, I like ice which that up, like you, put that there like yeah, I'm trying to figure out where to put it, I don't know where that goes out of my point is like there's a journey there until you get to that point where it's like dropped in that special or thing that's been seen across know a broad spectrum
it is a journey they they and they know that, because our fans of the county, so they know this things that thing's going to that thing's going to build into some. You know, that's what I would love again. That's. That sounds like a amazing time to me. Well, it's it's. Also, if you're a fan of music, it's hard to watch you practice, it's different yeah because you're practicing in front of mother, fuckers and they're reacting, I'm practicing what we do it. We call it shedding 'cause we're locked in a fucking room, doing it by ourselves, and we don't do it in front of you until we got that shit right right. You know we can't do that. We have to do in front of people, but the thing about it. Is it's like like they can come and see it. They can see practice that people can't see you practice? Really, it's not practice. Your just fucking form it's proof car, is performance? Art so it's like you're working it out. You have the concept, but it had
to be worked out has be walked to a destination. So to speak, you I mean the other part of it is, though, there's so many more people doing music from there are doing comedy like the one daughters are like less populated. What do you think like the numbers for sure right. Lastly, because they more great bands- and there are great camino- there's- not a lot of great bands- there's a lot of fucking artists there's, not a lot of new great bands name. A couple. New oh okay, so I thought was talking about like. What's you know, for all active currently do stones are still on tour. What the fuck is happening, this just waiting for someone to explode. The funny thing was. I think I went to their farewell tour in like fucking eighty five, but God bless 'em,
and everybody back then was saying as isn't it amazing they're still touring think these aerosmith to same deal. They were probably in their fifties. Then you know now what they like seventies, eighties to David Lee Roth, looks. Healthiest fuck was funny when you're you had him in his. Ah in your lyrics: okay, dude he's healthiest fuck man that guy has no connection to the outside world. Here's a lady Hughes is the lady. Has a phone she. She tells David where he should go and when she meet you and David goes there and David doesn't bring a phone. I don't even know if you had a wallet I paid for dinner. I'm like this guy he's not connected All give a smiles at everybody could be friendly. He just knows as vibration. He figured out. He sticks sticks with it. Hate he's hilarious man he's a fascinating cat that David Lee Roth. You know he lived in Japan for like a year and learned kendo, which is the art of sword fighting trained in
the japanese mastery brought his dog rented an apartment, gotta fucking apartment in Tokyo and just every day, went to Kendall practice. Wax with bamboo swords, might might wanna my drummers that guy isn't it fishy? Actually, the band fish bone is one of the namesakes, and he's into all that, like to heavy Jujitsu will like martial arts, but its weapons trained like a lot of weight to it. How many people move to Japan to train? so the japanese Kendo Master for a fucking year didn't even speak. Japanese. He brings his dog. To the other side of the planet to sword fighting for a year and he's David Lee Roth Did he learn Japanese learned shit yeah. He can speak like a broken version. I'm sure of Japanese, but I bet is Kendall's pretty pretty ass. I don't wanna sword fight item He really went for it. You know he trained
martial arts and karate and kickboxing under Benny her care Jeter key. Does a California legend of world in the gym, like in Van Nuys, ran eyes when I first came to California there's two things that I needed to do. I need to go to the comedy store, first and foremost, number two: is I needed to go to the jet center? The jet set there was bending the jets play Savannah. I think I shot my first album cover there. Did you really I'm pretty sure that scribble year, like one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight? Oh, my god, yeah that's right. I was like this is first ever last record with ice T was ice. T like had a sign me, that's crazy, through his label yeah. I got here too late. Man I got here in ninety four in the gym had been so badly damaged by the earthquake that when it started raining was a year after the earthquake when it started raining, the rain was leaking all throughout the ceiling. The ceiling was a wreck and they had a band in the building and I don't think they ever. They started
another place in North Hollywood, but it wasn't quite the same thing like the jet center in Van Nuys was like one of those play is not I'm positive. Now, that's where it is. Is I 'cause it's a boxing ring like and I remembered the jets and it's that's where we share. That's how I knew about bangs and all that's how I learned about a tough dudes man I went. There was so nervous. Came here from New York and I was still sparring back then I had decided to stop sparring and I just needed something to do, and I was out here doing tv work and I was training with all these gang bangers. I remember this one dude. He had something I was back. I remember what what the name of the gang was like flat us or something? that and then it just said, fuck the rest on his back and remember thinking, Jesus and one of the guys like Blinky Rodriguez, who was a world class world chat chip level kickboxer. He knocked out Johnny Terrio. He was like a like top of the food chain. Kick box
he had a son that succumbed to gang violence, and so he worked really, I'm sure pretty sure this is story and he worked really hard to like help. The and members of the community and bring them in the gym for free and teach them kick boxing and and and and show them that they have value they get. It work out their differences inside the ring like men and not get involved in gang violence to artists, and so it was a weird thing because we'd go there and it's like you're taking kick, but I'm a fucking kid from the suburbs of Boston, okay, I'm a comedian, and I'm like at twenty six years old, but I'm hanging out with gang bangers in this like hardcore Kickboxing gym of one of my martial arts, idols, Benny, urquidez an another one. Blinky Rodriguez was another one of my martial arts idols and you know They don't know who the fuck I was, and I was just in there like training with them and then it went under and I was like if I got this brief glimpse into the, place that was in my
childhood, like martial arts childhood, like that, was one of the meccas that I need to go to. I need to go to raise the jet center. But it just it all went away real quick like within. I don't know how many months after I joined their living with a horrible was for ever ever lasting. That's crazy me like in a corner of a win because they had the Everlast admin. A boxing ring then swing yeah. That was the jet center. We shot that it's Benny the jet was now there you go there. It is you, go wow, that's actually my father, my father on the on the upper right. There did. I bought that guaranteed about that CD. One hundred percent, one hundred percent bought that it was all with the jets center. That guy was a legend man. Benny or Keith is with the beast He would go to hawaiian fighting these crazy mixed tournament, so they do judo on you and boxing and all kinds of crazy shit. This guy. The originators man man. They were the hardcore
second wave after Bruce you handsome bastard God dude. I got like a little Hitler stache or something going on there, but I think I was trying to grow it. It looks like a quarterback in a movie like high school movies, like Friday night lights, big burly asshole. I was, I think, sixteen right there, man that shot is taken by a legendary photographer, though named by the name of Glen Friedman man. He took many many of the most iconic shots ever do shout out to Glenn. You would play a perfect and like a movie about a quarterback, was an asshole to his girlfriend. There's another guy in in the school and he's like real sensitivity. Writes poetry in the girl wants to be with you. I want to kick his ass yeah yeah. Let's you try to bully in twenty twenty to seven one for one more song and get outta here yeah. Let's do that, let's do a break it down, break
the body Dj Mello please give up your credentials and social media is a melody is, is, is the J Melanie and DJ melody on Instagram, and I guess the beat Junkies Institute to sound check it out and all in Instagram Twitter, all that jazz like it find it from there? Whitey Ford House Pain is the album all these songs are that from that, and We got one more free. You play you out,
alone in New York December girl on everything I remember every day I got Memphis on my ah bring cars and not been calling hard hot, get broken. No booth, booth, old friends like Scott back wherever things still matters, sometimes things just never go your way growth, but I'm off his mounds. That happened driving my hopes in this old chef. So you got to wait. Wait numbering building, wait, no way Joe Rogan experience,
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