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#1341 - Steven Rinella

2019-08-27 | 🔗
Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts “MeatEater” on the Sportsman Channel & Netflix, and a podcast also called “MeatEater” available on iTunes & Stitcher.
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claim this offer in the UK and in Europe. Using the same. U, r, L, that's athletic greens, dot com, slash rogue, go get you some! My guess today is a very good friend of mine. He is the host of the meat eater Podcast, he's an author television host and a good friend. I love this guy. He, the man who got me into hunting and he's one of the most educate, did articulate people that is out there talking about conservation and wildlife, and I can't say it enough. I love him. Please give it up for Steve Rinella train by day Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day, which cigars those are not cigars, marijuana, okay, marijuana! It's marijuana! The outside. It's called a blunt, that's what the youngins call it
block that looked like a looked at those are younger than me. Of course, you you know it yeah, I'm not as old as you I'm not a hold of you in the a list. Even though that's not it, it's not a listen. Speaking of illicit we've got some meat, eater Bourbon, some Elk Shank bourbon yeah pairs with a good name pairs of Beaver tail, both of those things thanks to you, L, Shanks, a great name for because is like one of the rare foods. If you talk to most hunters, like said, have you ever had Elk Shank Ossobuco they'd be like what most most hunters have never eaten? No, but it was revelatory to find out about it and then the thing that I it became, I started to proselytize. You know I found about eating it 'cause my brother found out about eating it because he has this old cookbook called. Fellow being it's like the l, a being wild game, cookbook uh.
I got him Angus First name Angus. If I remember and he's got a shank like he's, got a shank recipe in his book for and so we started making it. That's a funny thing about wild game. Cooking the fry picked up on is that you could. You could have everything where you could say like hey here's, a recipe for a white tailed, deer, heart, right and so will be like, but do you you have one for a meal? Dear heart, Earhart have explained this to you before. No well, they are interchangeable. Aren't that's dear. That's things. Obviously, like we did our cookbook. I tried really hard to steer away from things that would be Elk recipes. Deer recipes and just take it from a cut based, looks like his excellent, but have you throw any time times as great? Quite a few things from it's really great? We got away from saying that, like here's, an antelope recipe or whatever, because it's just like the cut- is more important, special ungulates like horned and antlered game. What it is
is more important than what it came from so by Elk Shank on that bottle. I'm kind of like going against my own advice, but I just put shank people might not know you're talking about well, it could be like Lamb Shank, but it's just a full name, we're going to a limited run of those. We write all kinds of weird stuff in there that pairs well with. Is it goods this good stuff? So we try it's five years old, we get it taste, let's get to get to get some ice and so well. You know I took along. I took a long break from drinking boo. How long? Why does slowed way down on it when my kids were born, started born and then gradually me my wife gotten back into it? You know it seems, like you guys, are working together right, she's, really crazy. I know we haven't toasted Yahoo like a year off booze wow for no just for, like whatever Yonas, whatever yeah. I can't remember. He had some reason for it: a birthday
once and took a month off birthday and took a year off took four months to for the end of the year and then he's going to drink yeah. He said this family. I think his wife was explaining to me there's a lot more affordable income around house now, she's like I have realized how much booze and takes up much all those fancy beers. That's when all fancy beard adds up to that's an interesting thing. Yeah people don't think about that. When you run your tab at the end of the week and then add that times four and then add that times twelve, it's real money yeah! I don't know if you remember younger, where the was just it was an impossible. You would have leftover booze in your house drank so much right right right now, we're like such grown ups in our pantry. We have like a little liquor section right have like oh there's, you know yeah, I have a wine fridge,
but in the old days you couldn't, because you just drank it and gone right. You know yeah. I want to interview. I want to interview for a minute comfortable. Do you ever tell your listeners about about the common stuff you're working on, or do you like to keep a big secret? I tell him some things. I don't like to give up premises chair, so you don't like to give up premises. I mean punch lines and I'll say like a subject. I'm working on you do don't give up subjects. I wonder, engage you about a subject that we were texting about. The missionary, yeah yeah sure I just don't stand is good. I know that you will like it. I that you will have knowing you and how good you are. What you do. I know you'll have done it, but I don't and how you could have had a novel thought about mission.
Yes, who got killed just to refresh people's memories. There's a island, a Sentinel E sentinel, fish actors, island called sent alone, really yeah, no one lives on I've been many times have you ever been shot at its North Sentinel Island, North north central violence and my shack is EAST Sentinel nor sent now you know it better, so you should tell people what it is. I want to go to your shack. I wanted some halibut next one instead of a hunting trip, but still fishing trip. I would love to have one slash. Two gallon come out there and will catch some help, so you were not interested in your family yeah. We do that too. We kind of take a family approach, it more and more. No well, you could, like I live in over a you. Could like flipping rocks on the rocks. My youngest loves fish loves it Roger open. She loves everything, he's really big. Now how young is the youngest nine? Oh yeah perfect, but I want to get like. I just can't I can't I I thought about and thought about it and I can't think now they don't have faith in you.
This can't think of what to take would be. The problem is, if I explained it with the take, is it would fuck up the bit for people that haven't seen the bit. Shows you night tonight, no one and I can't wait to go, see you, but I just wanted to explain off their explain off there. Okay, yeah. Are you feeling good about the day? Yeah yeah, it's a fascinating subject. You know the guy commander, Maurice Adult Portman, you know who that guy is no. He is the pervert that traveled around from island to island, measuring guys and taking weird photos dressing up roman soldiers. I read the I read a big piece about this which actually sent to you to see. If you'd read it to you, yeah I'd read uh, you said you read everything about yeah. I've read quite a few things about it because there was a guy on Twitter. His name is respectable law at respectable law and he posted a whole series of things here. He'd actually been studying this case or this this place before because of this
pervert guy, and so when this man, this missionary, showed up on that island converter like he knew all about the history of this island. So he made like a chain of posts on twitter which are really interesting, informative and then I started going deep into. I read the guys journals. The journals were hilarious man with the kid that got killed, know the guy, who is the pervert, the English English pervert in the 1800s, probably wrecked, like that whole area for those people, because they had this idea of what white men are in at least people don't ever written language and they they just have stories, so they probably still have stories of these white men that come carrying diseases and want to touch protective measure them yeah. So this is a guy he was into. I make sure I remember this right. He was in like school, more file yeah, but with sexual organs. Well, he was it's hard to tell what he was into, but it was it's so obviously perverted like it.
So it seems like he was doing sexual stuff with these people trying to legitimize it by yeah I mean like just measuring them and doing detailed descriptions of their sex, or you know who's really into that. That seemed very important to him. These are these. Are he survived the island? I guess I was to go with my new, a new layer to Hamilton to merit coffee or the whiskey mix it up back in full yeah. So interesting, it's like it's like soup. Yes, without being it's very good for you too, like I said that to American on people. Think of as curry, because it's a great spice for food, but it's a it's a potent anti and very very good for you, it's good. So I have to wait and see what your take on it is. Yeah yeah. Are you I'm almost done interviewing? You are you drawn to that drawn to that idea? I certainly am the which idea do you get to the you? Go
wanna hang out and spend time with uncontacted people. You've done it in what part of South America where you at, where you well yeah they're, not on contact now, there's on contact, but yes at some tribes that, like the a and the mcu, she and Whopper Sean all tribes in Northern S, America who have long long, history of contact and engagement with the outside world, but Jules who can still very much like hang out with individuals who aren't that old who, in their youth, were very much like living a hunter gatherer lifestyle with with the mix of native materials and also some western materials, and this is Guyana guy uh. I am Bolivia, people that you know, people that would still make their bows
native materials. People materials grew up using canoes that were made like hand, you know hand dog, dugouts, using plant toxins to kill fish, but also, like you know, also other very modern stuff. Like one guys. I really appreciate hanging out with him got an email address, but I'm tell you a story before he's got an email address, but he also told us us how interview him on our show on our podcast and he's sing me about how their white lit packer aren't around right now, because there's a shaman in another village whose jealous of their village for being so prosperous and has locked their pack aries up inside of a mountain and they're training, their own shaman to free the series from the mountain
shoot, this dude an email. So right, oh people here from there with have Alina yeah yeah, have Alina is a collar too peppery and then there's the and no running a little troops of ninety. I don't see anywhere from one to thirteen or fourteen white lipped peccary's or a bit bigger and no run in groups of two hundred wow yeah. The ravage like these. These people have a somewhat agrarian lifestyle. They they hunt fish and also have farm scattered throughout the jungle, and that was coming to ravage farms in groups of you know like so one hundred two hundred, I should be on things: I've never laid eyes on a white lipped, peccary, there's a third packer chalk. Chacoan peccary is much more rare than the collared in white lipped yeah picture in this chamber. There is, we live yeah, those those supposed to taste a lot better than Collared Packard's
collard peccaries in in West Texas, an in Sonora Mexico are they native to first access? Should someone bring him in no no collared packers are native okay, like portions in New Mexico. Arizona in West Texas, so it looks similar to has a half billion. No it is. I have. I have a lean and a collared peccary the same day. Okay, they got you to you'd appreciate this because is knowing your tastes. They have a large breast with a nipple on the top of their back like what would be the neck of your ass. Has a nipple gland. So it's an actual nipple that someone nurses from no but just as scent gland. Oh I'm sure your trusty um Jamie Jamie. You can find a nipple in the back of
the picture. They somehow related to pigs. No people like to think they are, but they're not wow there. It is yep see that howling into its when clean, and you need to cut that away because it really like stinks to high Heaven. Is it like a like a in the same sort of scent gland, very powerful smell on usually smell and well ahead of seeing them really they're? Really, you know you can call at them with so in mimic the sound of a distressed young one and they come in ready to kick your ass. I saw that on your show you and Remmy went bow. They run at Randy's got a lot of experience messing around with these things. It's because they're, pretty popular, like you, know, they're good to eat, but they're much more popular south of the border. Mexico is much more common to eat. Abilene update make sausage out of him and stuff yeah yeah. The grind amount make sausage used, use various things like you know.
I don't know anybody, maybe someone's out there that like actually takes like a backstrap off of scene and throws it on the grill. But you Jenny do like preparations with um. Where were you cook him? A fair bit? Yeah you'd have toe break down. There got to be tough right. Not they are couldn't just grill one could just on their lean. You gotta cook him down, but you can see how you would be popular. Look to me. It's a pretty like it's a nice little bundle like of meat right, and I think that in some areas, like specially you know, in and elsewhere, people aren't likely turn their nose up at good protein sources. One thing is like it's one of those like made for bow hunting, because I think that right, phoning in people do horrible rifles, not shop with rifles, but it's a little. It's it's a little bit. It can be
kind of feel like a little bit of a gimme because they're, not you, have to get very close to them before they're concerned about your presence there, tough, they got toss, you think they could kill stuff and rip stuff and they have like they're. Almost you think the most like, I would imagine, of all the creatures like a snapping turtle is least concern with things like a snack patrol doesn't care about anything until it's within six inches of its face and havoline does not that exaggerated, but kind of have this like there world sort. It seems that end at sixty yards, but they don't care what's going on outside of that buffer and so um, so you can kind of creep up to kind of walk up to him. When you see him, did they see bad? Are they like pigs? They seem to have very poor eyesight. They seen that poor ice right and having an amazingly, very diet. You know they'll eat, like
let me view lay there long enough, they would come up and eat you yeah. They ate my friends dog, oh yeah. Well, my friends friend Doug Stanhope, my buddy. He lives in he lives in Arizona, was pretty tore up about it yeah! Well, they were you know they hate those fucking things just piled on this dog ate the neighbor's dog and apparently it's not too uncommon yeah. It happens, flesh eaters yeah. They don't fuck up a dog they're weird. You know it's like one of the things that I think it points to a certain amount of socio path. After that I have, but when I hear about. Someone lose the cat or dog to wild creatures. I don't like my Eshel instinct, isn't to be sad. Let's see what he's saying I feel like. Well, that's partly because you kind you sort of have this view that yeah.
I have this view of that sort like settlement and development v. Wildlife is the global prop right and one always wins like the destruction of wildlife, habitat always wins, and when you see when you see it play out like that in some ways you kind of like hope, like Ryan Kelly and who you know recently. Ah that kid, a young kid is like a nine or ten year old girl got thrown up in the air by bison. Did you see that yeah in Yellowstone, bye, no means is cal hope to see someone the child get hurt like they still got it? You can't just close it on a bison, apparently got within fifteen yards of that thing, which is just ridiculous. I think I think about making a shirt that says: Yellowstone National Park,
eighting Wildlife, since one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven. It is weird I've then once well. I will once when I was a kid, but I went once recently with my family and it was very weird take selfies with Elk. These big is a valkyr, so confident that people won't shoot him when there in, like the public tourism area, that they just go and hang out near the vending machine, getting a diet, coke and there and Elk like thirty yards away from me, is so strange. That's that's a little bit in line with that's a little bit like with what I'm talking about. When I talk about like that, when I hear someone's dog got killed by a coyote yeah, oh you know and again man. I know it like, like my brother, has this little dog he just loves and they're inseparable um. If that dog got carried off by a great horned owl. In a healthy, great horned, owl could carry to start off like a little dog. I would feel really bad for him. So with that
said, I do have this thing where you kind of root- and I do feel sad when I see like in a place Yellowstone. This is where it gets a little bit weird, I see and wild animals specially animals that people hunt for when I see they've lost their fear of humans. Some people would look and be like. Oh, this is like what naturally they should be like okay, so this is animals where they've had to give up their human that were they've lost their human fear because we've given him this wild place, I see old timey time. That's a good dude, your not Fernado column he's a good guy. People see in end like Yellowstone Park Atmosphere, you see where wildlife becomes habituated to humans and they feel like they're, seeing something more natural right because out
side of human hunting. They often don't have that feeling more. I look at that. I see that it's like to me. It feels like something's, been subverted something's wrong with that situation yeah because sort of and how fresh your perspective is, because I mean people have been hunting. You know people have been hunting in that area mean ten thousand years. So then we like one hundred year break and has become very accustomed to people. It's it's shocking, how quickly they can get it back and oftentimes those same elk that live like the same elk that will spend their summer in that park, well migrate out of there and going to National forest and on ranch land and then they'll be where they can be hunt, and they know so the same. Some do could basically walk up and touch there, just something in his head switches any enters and they
enter into a new mind space when they leave and they're still exposed to human predation and if they win due they'll bolt. Oh yeah, it's it's shocking. How into the degree to which the degree to which they can keep this together in their heads. It's also pretty surprising how quickly they adapt like. I would imagine if you were open up. This would be pretty controversial idea, throw it out there. Let's say you were to open up hunting in Yellowstone national part. I think that it would prob will be less than a year. I think, like a season of fall, hunting see would have them right back in the same mindset that all of the other animals that live with human predation there sort of attitude toward people, I think, very quickly, get it back. It makes sense, but you have people run petting stuff again like referring to cow his that, like that like to where they
infuse national parks of amusement parks are the animals are like on rails, their entree. It is like their program to do a certain thing, but still well. It's one thing that I've discovered over the last seven years, thanks to you and thanks to you getting me hunting as it, people have no idea what it's like to be around actual wildlife to sneak up to them must have no idea about their sense smell to see an animal wind. You and then just fucking bounce, to see that and to know that, like you, dealing with some superhuman ability, some like possible to imagine with the confines your own biology, what these animals do and when you're, when you're out among some of this no cell phone service and there's it's just footprints and tracking your way through mountains, it's a mess.
Using I mean it's not Yellowstone, Yellowstone is and what anything like that in zoos is the worst example right. But when you think of animals like people always tell me like, like you know, a famous dog run with them all the time and he's on my instagram moments, like everybody loves, he's the sweetest dog in the world. They like another dog. If you love dogs, how could you? How could you hunt animals and I'm like? Well, that's that not he's not an animal he's. A dog he's a pet is is a science project and animals, a wolf and animal a dear that's an animal. What a dog is they don't vive outside of us? If you don't take care of them, they won't know what to do, though, hope that the dog catcher comes and get some and somebody rescue them they're, not wild animals. It's not. It has almost has less to do with how they're raised and more
to do with their ancestors, like their biology, is changed. They've literally, been bred to something different, their fuckin science project, and you see my dogs have floppy years he's a sweetheart everybody who meets me drops to his back and he wants you to rub his belly he's just the sweetest dog in the world. That is not a dog. I mean it's not an an there's, not an animal like that. That would ever exist out in the wild 'cause if he sees and the dogs are clue. Will you my friend, he's not like checking the other thing is going to deal with fool or or rob him of his mates or your kills babies, it's the result of a twenty thousand, or what ever you experimentation with the domestication of an animal yeah. So mostly when they say they love animals, they don't even fucking know any. I don't even know what they are. They see the caged animals at the zoo, the animals on a rope that they take to the dog park. They know what an animal is. They don't even have any experience with it.
I've been so domesticated and so isolated in cities. Most people, especially most people that have opinions on this people that live in rural areas, mean you know that you live in Bozeman in Bozeman, is so rounded by these areas that are just fucking completely wild. I mean if you're in Bozeman, you drive an hour from your house and in Europe bears and deer and eagles, and it's a completely wild place with people that are in those areas: people around Boise, Idaho, for example. They have a totally different idea. People in Wyoming have a totally different idea of what wildlife is versus somebody lives in Santa Monica. It is a video just somebody sent me today of a guy in thousand. Oaks is on his street and he's filming a fucking. Enormous mountain line mean is huge. It's a big boy. It's like one hundred and fifty pounds and there in the
car and they're looking at it through the window and him and his son. It seems like our film into staying cone holy shit. Look at this thing right there on the street, a big ass cat and he was saying like somebody was filmed, somebody was feeding it apparently and they're trying to figure out what you want to send it to I'll, send it to you, but this. Ah you know that that's super rare, I mean that's a real wild animal. It's super super rail that that anybody would have any kind of experience and most people that are talking about animals that which is really don't know what that even means that just saying it yeah. I think that there there's develop those well. I go a pretty big cultural division between people who pretty big cultural between people, who kind of like live around work around and deal with animals and people who or think of them is very other on his biologists. Oh there you go yeah. No,
so I'm sending you another one. I sent it to you, it's it's from thousand oaks. I just sent a friend of mine, though that's a that's a recent one too Buddy man, who is a biologist with the four service Carl Malcolm he might have heard on our show. He just sent me a paper was about kids attitudes to wild and it was comparing rural people, attitude and knowledge of wildlife, kids with urban and suburban attitudes about wildlife. You can see the import of media when you look at this thing, because people who live in a urban or suburban environment tell you the top of mind wildlife. They know about this non native, stuff, yeah they're likely to know like. What's what's an animal right, animal below it to be like a draft right and
people who have a more rural remote viewpoint will be much more likely when they think of wilder to think of things that they interact with? You know not like things that are on your mobile above your crib when your little baby, it's sort of points and also there's a white tendency. I gotta look at this more carefully, but a slight a slight tendency to have. I think things are dangerous or bad. The more urban you are in terms of native wildlife to more recognize it as like, a negative or bad thing, and were there morning to is again. I want as much caribbean Party to the authors of authors. Messes up I just looking at this morning. There they're pointing to is the the the stirrings of there being a greater acceptance of decreased biodiversity mean
that you're kind of, like ok with the bad things having gone and we're focused on like water animals. Well, animals would be like a draft hippopotamus and the things that the Disney tells me about a not like possums and raccoons, which are kind of gross get the video look at this fat boy play this thing. Its collar didn't it yeah, it's got a collar huh, it's interesting. I could see that better, there's a lot of them out here that have collars. We got a photo that we just had commissioned and ah get here sooner. It's huge of the big cat that they photographed near the Hollywood sign yeah, it looks like it's staged. I mean the cat is walking right by the trail. Camera in the host said. Do this sets of those famous. This is a graphic. Yes, yeah yeah, that's a good picture! Yeah! We got one printed on stepped up picture right. There I mean come on man, that's crazy! That is a God! Damn Craig!
The picture is a giant cat like the forearms on that mother Fucker stomach, but it bums me out. Looking at that caller, there was a convo that you had on your podcast about shooting deer, correct about shoot, a deer, that's wearing a collar, and I'm with you I'm with you one hundred percent. I don't want to shoot a deer this winter color. I don't care if it's wild as fuck, they caught it when it was baby and they just hated and measured it and then let it go and it didn't have a collar and ah so the idea, I wouldn't think twice about shooting it, but if I saw it was wearing a car, I'm amount totally. I'm there's a the funny thing. You might you probably caught wind of this. I know about this is that it's a big deal yeah to shoot a duck with a band on it. Everybody knows is cool as shit like. I know that, but he wants to shoot most people. Listen! This don't know that it's cool. If you you get a band duct. Why is that? Well, it's a but social science, because long ago, like
we to not understand this call will be tricky to explain. We used to not understand how migrations worked, because he only only knew what they saw and there wasn't someone who was sort of like coalescing. All of this information peep would know very well like wherever you live along the Mississippi River. You might know very well that, like in November Shitloads Box that you haven't seen the I've been here all year are coming from the north and going to the health, and you knew that very well. You knew that docs moved. You knew that they move through here, but you didn't put all of the you know, put all the pieces together
time. We wanted to understand like animal migrations better and one of the this way, pre collars like GPS, collars and pit tags and shit. We started this banding system where you could go and catch a duck in a we're in its nesting area. There's like times a year when it's really easy to catch dogs, one you can catch them when they're young and catch him when they molt, so people would go out and put it and on a dark and you go. You could go up in the Arctic or the upper West anywhere and throw a band on a baby duck, and that band would have a phone number on it and you were encouraged. Two, when you got abandoned duck it they made it be that it was a good thing and you incur here's to call that one eight hundred number. Whatever the hell, they were before one eight hundred numbers and given the the band the band number, and then we started to really with great detail map out flyways how ducks migrated like the ducks in
on the arctic slope in Alaska, tend to follow along this path, and they tend to end up here at this date down, and you know whatever they're down in Texas, all of a sudden they're down in southern California. There are there hanging out in rice fields around Sacramento, whatever it is, we started to put together this whole detailed picture, and it was one of the great she Minson Wildlife biology was what we learned from the dock banding system. So I think that over time that we can let I said it was sort of like social engineering where people were taught to think it was cool and you and wear a band. You would, if you had a lanyard, you keep your duck. Calls on. This still goes on. If you got a gotta internet, every duck calls on any banded bird. You get you put that band on your lanyard. I even met these knuckleheads from North Dakota, who a lot of bands on their lanyards from banded birds, they've shot.
That's a lot of bands. He goes yeah, not one of them is reported. They think that it that it remains more pier to do. I don't know, as the dumbest I've ever heard on the ship. I wish you guys did like call. I want anybody want to contribute to. I don't know you have to have like a calling component to your show. We call one of these dudes and haven't explained in greater detail. Remember thinking like that's the most that's the most fucked up thing word but yeah. I think you'd want to talk to that guy and he's like he's like yeah they're, all unreported anyways. I don't know if it's like an anti science, you love to argue, did you talk to that guy about this? You know it was long ago I could take where I was standing. Doesn't my brother's kitchen in MILES City Montana, this crazy chandelier? He bought online and I remember everything about it, but I don't remember if I challenged him on the sense of being proud of having not contributed to our scientific understanding of waterfowl my
rations and why maybe look like that sort of anti government sentiment like some black helicopter stuff? Okay, regardless yeah, it's a militia, it's cool to have bands, and I have like, in my sort of I have like a box right, put report and stuff to me. But imagine if you had a box of deer callers, there is no way for us. I wouldn't put into your. Not it has like those are cool, but colors are not. We had a friend or there's a friend of mine, who's, a she's, a a lot of carnivore research and other research projects named Carmen Van Bianchi, which is a cool name, but she says you know someone that collars animals think that she's like when you get more with a collar on it. She it was cool. We talk with this Saturday or she's, like someone has already got the best of them that they become tainted when they been held by someone else, and that's a little bit. How I view it where, like a wild animal,
you want to imagine that being like the wildest wild animal and once it has a hours like someone, it's it's all sloppy seconds, man yeah well, and that why the allure of Alaska so interesting 'cause, it's one of the rare places where like, if you run into a Karabo in Alaska, there's a high prom ability that ever encountered a person, never doesn't even know what you are like. You've seen. Videos of hunters walking towards caribou with like their bow on their head in the care of was like what in the fuck is this the even know they think that BO is a there is function in area. I've been um, particularly like look upon the arctic slope uh. Now that is that true 'cause I've seen a lot in the mountain ranges to in South Central Alaska. When they see your movement. Their assumption is your that. I think that I I can't you can't get in their head.
The assumption is that, like, oh, I better go check it out and then I'll circle down and to make sure it's not a make sure it's not a grizzly or wolf or whatever, but they're like you know something weighs a few one hundred pounds a couple, one hundred whatever walking around probably a karabo and it's like come on over. They come to you until they can rule it out, but their gregarious want to find each other it that sort of thing like winds up giving you a little bit of a sense of. Ah it makes you feel a little bit bad for him right there not tuned in like a mule deer is yeah, and then you this is like living like that. I mean these things are. These are things that could migrate migrate, hundreds they migrate. Hundreds hundreds of miles. Have you wanted to access here? Yet yeah access here in Hawaii is the most perverse strange but necessary hunting that I've ever experienced. They don't have that. Look on Hawaii they're not deal with natural predator zero. It's just people, it's all there, just like they're, just very
tuned, like their predator being people yeah. I imagine that they probably yeah that we carry with us a sort of natural abhorrence of snakes. You know unnatural abhorrence of spiders. Imagine that they come from that you probably a little bit better makes you spent more time with access here they probably come from a very predator, rich environment. I'm guessing, oh originally, in insert Lanier in carry with them a real high, strong sense of having dealt with a very efficient predators, tigers now, yeah the involved to get get away from Tiger like they gotta, be high, strong there, the fastest things I've ever seen in my life. I have videos of one and where I shot at this one from fifty five yards fifteen yards away, he sees the arrow coming fifteen yards away from humans. Like you, dogs, out of there, it's crazy. It's like they kind of understand that things coming towards them, kill them because they are
did three hundred and sixty five days a year because they have to so overrun. There's somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty thousand deer on this one island with three thousand people and you've never seen herds like this before it's crazy. I want to bring it. Is it that when I I hunted him years ago, um member the area had been had been haunted very, very heavily. Ah, do they come the common goals or Heinz Heinz? It been hunted very, very stags, and my God was the from my from my live very limited perspective from the just a small set of experiences that happen over a couple of days. It seemed like. The pressure on the males been extraordinary seem like you would see one hundred purse egg,
none of that's common there or not. No, it's not it's a memory like very surprised by that it's almost five thousand and fifty when you go to these areas that are you know in Lenai and apparently apparently same thing with Maui they're everywhere is so any of a Maui has a real eradication sort of program underway with this controversial right, very controversial, but they're also selling it there's, but they're selling, venison sticks and venison Jerky and there's companies that are establishing these their establishing these conservation efforts, where they're going out and they're shooting Exum now per year, like six thousand per year, which is like doesn't put a dent on jail, is the goal eradication or is the goal? Is the limit limit them, but there how to get in from the big island somebody had put them on the big island. Somebody had taken them from one of the other islands put on the big island and they add, spend millions of dollars to ratted them. Forgive me if I stop me, we spoke about this before, but there is
kind of an interesting perspective that someone gave me about Hawaii, where we have this little. You know Hawaii just dominated by non natives. Okay, I might be wrong about some things, but I don't think I am bread. Fruit coconut all these, like all the major fruiting trees are not native and the wildlife is not new. I mean they have like surprising shit. They have wild turkeys, is wild cattle pigs. Axis deer like like blackbuck antelope, run around wild horses, chuckers pheasants, just they hunt horses yeah. I will start new guy one time that snares cattle he does it illegally or not the snares cattle my mom's are.
Will you be my stepfather that feels funny my mom, my stepfather, my mom's husband, who she married after my dad passed away? He grew up here, white white deer with with garage door cable, but they said they were like. They were farmers and eight is eight. Those are, his relationship is dear set, snares set and Grodd cable, snaps yeah, I'm just using that as a source of food there is hungry, you know for but the it was in Hawaii right. Those were counted, those islands are colonized by humans like eleven one hundred years ago and those in so now we have like native wines or Hawaiians right um. And I've spoke with with some native Hawaiians who feel that there's this uneasy relationship between regarding in describing his non native wildlife even down to pigs,.
Even though that their ancestors one thousand one hundred years ago brought the pig to the island, and so express me very simply, is like how can I be hawaiian. Like I'm native one, I damn sure him. Hawaiian is the thing that I hunt regard it is a non native and needs to be eradicated really want to talk about non natives. I feel like that, would be you yeah and he was like, and he was kind of pissed about this. This attitude toward because these are guys that, like to hunt, need a lot of wild game, but this attitude to access during this attitude to pigs and you're here to anything out of Australia Year to anything out of New Zealand, which guys who have this this difficult relationship with things that they've come to and the things that sort of been culturally accepted accepted as as wildlife right where people
you know, I don't want to use. I don't want to use environmentalists here in a way that makes it be that the that the hunters are necessarily environmentalists, but in ways or some people with what they would describe as an environmental agenda. Wanna see species a radic hated. The people have been interacting with for one hundred years, in some cases like in Hawaii. In some cases, perhaps one thousand years they've been in Iraq, king with it on the landscape, but then someone to come and say we want to get rid of it, not native, and it causes like a ton of tension where it creates a we're. Weird situation for people in some of these places is that hunters long justified their actions. The public is being that were controlling right, select, controlling non native, so we're doing a good thing, but then someone says, like you know, I gotta not better idea. Let's just kill all of 'em there's like whoa. We know they did
off. I don't mean like that is an island off the California Coast was filled with elk and deer. What was it called? I forget, save you find, isn't the racquet all of them? They, they just machine gun them now this helicopter's and is a radical it all of 'em. Are you from here with the practice in those cases where they could have a Judas animal? Yes is a great article about or podcast about that from radio lap they kept sending this Judas goat to the glop, Agos and he'd find the other goes and like that that that that that that that that gotta mall down this Judas coping with my friends, fuck and just keep, keep wandering off, and you know he sterile, so he can't breathe bo there and he'd go to find these other goats and they follow the caller, the GPS on the collar and find the new group of goats and that gun them down to that would be to wear on a human yeah. I don't think goats entirely know. What's going on there, there we had a meeting with our kids. Okay,
we had a meeting with our kids, Santa Rosa Island, so Santa Rosa Island dude. I was just I was there not long ago. It used to be filled with elk and deer and people we had sort of set it up. Santa Rosa Island Elk had set it up. Hunters hit Santa Rosa Island, it's all trash lose. In that case, I would to use professional, not pro murders, dear Merde person. This is a two thousand and eleven so severely are fairly re. Something would be eradicated. All these animals yeah, I just not long ago fished off. There would be amazing. Fishing Catalina apparently, is like the greatest Mako shark fishing in the world, which is here's a weird one, shot mark fishing, all the sudden you're an asshole. It used to be with jaws. Like you cut a shark haygood good, get that fucking thing out here: they're going to kill people. Now it's like you monster shark fin soup. Don't you care about the this global warming? Like everything is conflated, it's all tildon on together, like you, what are you doing with a shark used to be able to
mako shark in a restaurant? Are you still see it, but there is that there is. I thought, thresher shark, your day on the menu, a magazine story about this long long ago, right when I got out of school and it was the first like assignment. I had to write a article I was reading outside magazine and nineteen years ago. Man Mako madness, and it was this thing in Montauk. It was funny about doing this. This is in two thousand and I got sent out. There had never ever been to New York and I didn't even go into the city I just flew into wherever the hell I flew in, do and got a car and stupidly took a cab two. I didn't understand that I was very young. I don't understand. I took a cab from the airport out to Montauk, oh my god. How much does that cost? Member by member like when I had to turn my expenses people home? What number I just I didn't like I didn't know, but anyways is because ah
we're driving along and seeing the like the like the summer see- and this one is like a year before and seeing the twin towers. You know- and I was like my first ever view and I never saw that place again. I never saw until after, but is this thing called Mayko madness is like a shark tournament and it had been like a contest to get the biggest shark and they would bet money on it, the general registration fee. So all these captains who had charter boat would join Mako madness, notebook clients on their boats for Mako madness, and when you had, he had to pay. Some amount of money is probably still goes on yet to pay some amount of money to register your boat too in the contest. But the real money was, in all these side, bets called Calcutta's, and so you
there was enough side. Betting going on run all the various captains that the biggest Mayko could win. One hundred thousand couple of one thousand dollars catch the biggest mayko but sort of the fatal flaw- and this tournament from a poet percent in standpoint, would be that there was a category for just biggest shark and there's a category for like biggest Mayko, so people are going out like at a time. This is one. This is when she heart populations are still globally they're still on the decline, but there was still a lot of shark bycatch from swordfish, long lining and other things, and there was people were getting very worried about shark stocks and shark numbers um and at once a Macomb is there's a lot more makers that people register registered vehicles, but it's been some years were Maaco madness, had no mecos we're bringing in a mayko. So ever
we would go out and just make damn sure that, like I don't want to come back empty, so they would catch a blue shark ' 'cause. If no one caught Amaco, you still might get big shark from catching a blue shark. And at the end of this thing, man they had dumpsters. They would not done that they they would fill a dumpster with to sharks and no one would he do. It would know it go into a dumpster. You can eat blue shark yeah. Well, you can they're high in your area and, as you know, it's like everything else like it. Yes, you can still make, is the most edible may go, Thrasher need a great white. You know it's funny about gray right. So there's a guy is a writer. I love, and he does all these fisheries guidebooks name VIC, don't know if he's dead or alive, but I got all of his books. He's got like Gulf Coast, Pacific Ocean landing coast. He does these book, it's like it's like all the fish that you're likely to catch like how to catch him. What I like about it he's got like a quote: food quality, section and
good quality sections are really funny and, like the highest praise, you can give some like excellent or one of best right. So if you look up snook, it'll be like one of the best. His headline for great, I learn great white sharks is don't even ask, but people feel they be good, because salmon shark are good. These compaore beagles, like salmon shark of very good reputation and make us have a good reputation and threshers have market value, sharks and other areas that have market value. Those ones are like are ones that are popular table fare. The assumption is that white, great white sharks would probably be good. It must be somebody's eating, ten, I'm sure, there's plenty people who beat them, but at this mako madness thing, I can't remember the point I was getting at what the hell was I driving at, but I'm out commands in this circle. I got into like the history of where, like sh start, hunting and killing sharks came from is from Joe pause right, well. Sort of the sharks
german character in Jaws is based on this, like very real dude, Frank Mundus, Frank Mundus used to fish out of Montauk and at a time Montauk was this premier destination for catching swordfish and big bluefin tuna, and as those big play, magic fisheries had collapsed overfishing in the seventies, Frank Mundus he'd go out and he just go out and find out. You know he go out famously he would go out, find a beach whale or not a beach well, but a floating dead whale and he'd anchor up on that whale and catch big ass, great whites. And then come in and hang the bloody carcass up on the docks and he necklaces with tooth sharks and shit, and he became like the monster man or something of the monster Hunter and started book in all these crazy trips tourists accommodate holy shit. I want to go, kill a big monster and he's credited with having created this like culture of like going out and getting him. That's that's franquemont! Let me see that picture upper left, dude.
So there is yeah he kind of like built this idea of, like shark hunting and book in the shark bite his forearm, going back to that the international hours left forum. Something took a bite that mother Fucker, yes, he's got the necklace, the dead shark and Frank Mundus kind of like like spawn to this sort of thing where you want to go out and catch a big shark and hang it up and throw dumpster in, and people look at like when people look at that history, they look at it being is like it's like in some ways: mondays and shark hunting was symptomatic of declining fisheries. Sure him on the dude, with from the movie they're so similar that the come on in the color next to each other, like that, oh yeah, what was that guy's name the guy in the movie can remember, was the actor's name like I was fucking awesome. What a great scene you yeah, the
favorite movie, love jobs. It's interesting that the narrative next time you see him having convince you that Jaws, the greatest movie great movie, it's a great movie Richard Dreyfuss, and come on the narrative of shark's fin soup and sharks. Being you know something that we need to protect, that sort of it's a new thing that only existed over the last decade, or so I think so yeah I used to be. If you caught a shark like good for you, you keeping it from killing someone who's swimming or someone is surfing. The give shark fin soup and its it's was driven. Holding one time are in Berkeley and we're at at a launch launch, become off fission and we've been outfit in for leopard sharks. Member of the life aquatic. That's a good movie. Yeah do like his stuff for now bill. Murray, love them not me like the director Anderson. So what has he done? Besides that fucking Aah Royal Tenenbaums? Okay yeah? I like that,
think his I think his masterpieces, the life aquatic. But you know, the famous shark in here is the Jaguar shark, which is a good idea for a shark think it exists, but there are leopard. Sharks were fishing for leopard sharks. We came back to the boat launch, there's a dumpster there and every cleans efficient, those of fish guts in the dumpster there's a gentleman digging through the dumpster getting out leopard shark fins and heads and stuff, and I took pity on him. I thought he was acting out of some sort of desperation. And I said, ah, hey man: do you want like a nice flay I'd be happy to give you a filet he's like no just the fins just to make soup yeah yeah. Have you ever had it? No I've. Had it shark fins, ooh yeah did you enjoy it? It was weird. It was weird.
It was like it's. Okay, it's okay! It's definitely not worth eradicating a fucking entire species. For no it's a little disgusting. It's a little! This costing I'm always reluctant, like I'm always reluctant, talked into. I'm a little bit reluctant to sort of simplify things around around harvest and animals and stuff, because, ah I think people can take it too far, but if you've seen footage of people caught in Finn's, I'm dumping the sharks, the water and kicking the sharks off the deck into the water- and I think, but it speak- is something I think that seeing like live finless sharks going into the water speaks is something about just your level of care. Do you like whether you view something as sacred or not hard to see that the individual engaging in that is viewing it as sacred? And you know, there's a lot of stories
even like swordfish captains, turning blue sharks and stuff in effigy 'cause. They lose so much there swordfish catch blue sharks, but to see people kicking him off, it speaks to something animal suffering. It speaks about like what is that person's view of the resource like to what? How do they respect it? But it also speaks like a general thing where you don't you to see things wasted. I, in my mind, are saying about like one of the things that slowed in US waters. One of the things that slowed finning was just used to to go out and you feel your hold full just shark parts. If you are a fishing cap, then you could just be like I'm going to keep the fins and if they made it, I'm sure correct me. If I'm wrong here, I don't think I am. She made that whatever you have for shark materials in your go on a commercial operation as only a song percentage can be comprised of fins and since when
on a commercial vessel your hold like. Where were you iced fish is finite? It's limited. It wanted being not worth it because unless they only like thirty percent of your shark parts could be shark fins and you had to keep the rest, it wasn't worth it to fill your hole full like shark meat, and so it's sort of incentivize people to go out and Finn in US waters. That makes sense. I had it a long time ago. I had it back in probably the nineties at a chinese restaurant in the: U S air overseas, us pretty sure pre shirt was us yeah. I don't think I've ever traveled overseas in the nineteen nineties. Barely remember it. How old are you first overseas overseas sound like yeah, but old sailors, I'm trying to run? I think I was in my thirties, so Canada doesn't count. Is overseas know you could walk there, nor
because, like the Darien, you know gap in Central America like when you go Argentina. Is it overseas? He come from Florida right. It depends on how you go. You can go to dump dead nuts over Central America. Did you go overseas? It seems like it's kind of overseas yeah. It seems like a bad term, but you, you didn't, have occasion to travel a lot, no, no young! Well, I travel a lot from fighting all around the country when I was young and then I travel a lot for comedy inside the country. The same thing, so there was a lot of traveling but like traveling to another country, was like what am I doing going over there for? Oh really yeah just more more travel. You know, that's that it took me a while to get used to the idea of traveling for a vacation like when you know the idea
is going on vacation somewhere in Europe. It would get the fuck outta here, not traveling for fun. I don't like traveling. I want to sit still yeah. I got you never get a vacation. I just want to stay put. Then I realize I you just swallow it does deal with the flight and the next thing you know, you're in this really cool place, took awhile for me to sort of just my my my view on that yeah. Well, you have a hard time. Take a leisure I used to use have a hard time taking leisure. Now I look at it like like sleep like you need sleep, and I think you need leisure and I think particularly for a creative person for a person who writes and comes up with things you need down. I got I just had a buddy of mine, we're having this conversation about that. Where saying that, he feels like he's just working too much is doing too much comedy is not taken enough just put in too much out not taking enough yeah man. That's a pretty good point. Yeah! You have to it's almost to give to think of it as a diet like
what is your mental diet? You know your physical died is obviously very important if you're an athlete, but if you're creative person, you have to have an awareness of your mental diet if you're, just taking and sugar all the time, just nonsense. Junk food and bullshit, like your your brain, is filled with uninterested Bing, uninspiring thoughts, and you know this same sort of typical narrative over and over and over again, whereas if you can figure to go to Thailand to Thailand or that you go well, these people live in a totally different life. This is totally different way to live, and it just if it's ever so slightly it broadens your perspective. I can only really relax when there's nothing. I could possibly be doing an my kids aren't fighting. I was laying I had to do this insurance policy. Think I've told the story of one thousand times but haven't told you. I don't do this insurance policy thing and I
Glamoc couch this dude. This dude comes over my house to take my heart rate and do a bunch of anyways, I'm laying on my couch. He's got this monitor hooked up to he's, got to do it for a long time. I came over how many minutes, but it's like a long. It's not like going to the doctor for a checkup or that it's like take your poles for men, like he's really like checking your shit out, and I here my kids now and then like a little fight flare up up. So here's an I s due to my. Can you see that it was all I could see that hearing it me hearing that, like me right right, that's the debate! Yeah your heart, but my my bro older brother, Matt, who's, who's, a very thoughtful. Somewhat eccentric person he's now says that he needs he's going to sleep nine hours night. Which seems like an extravagance but he's like done the math on it.
And he says if you're going measure me in terms of productivity, she do more uh nine. Then six. And you give me all those extra hours with those extra hours aren't as productive anyways. I had a blood test, the gun and Doctor Matthew. Walker is a sleep expert books on sleeping and he talks about the vast amount of Americans that are under arrest and and what an impact it has on your hormonal production on your body's ability to recover on your happiness, your beer, your body's ability to produce endorphins and all these different variables that are extremely important to happiness and to productivity and he's like the vast majority of people are themselves over vast majority and in great ways to dig increases. You put the possibility of dementia and Alzheimer's and all these different factors. If you go you'll, you guys like like Ronald Reagan like famously slept like four hours a night, you gotTa Fucking Alzheimer's, like it's really common
people that have a very small amount of sleep and they take pride in the fact they're always pushing the needle those people of eh, really the fucking, the bearing start going yeah yeah. Do you take caution to sleep? I sleep a lot. I get good sleep very lucky things about, because I exercise so much is that I'm always tired, yeah, like when I hit the hay at night. When I get home from the comic store I fucking crash, I go down hard. I get a good, solid, eight hours sleep almost every night, that's good when I, when I'm in a group of like being careful about taking myself myself in, like a lot of regular exercise, how much your appetite moon and your appetite for sleep, the appetite for meat as the big Moncrease
great well, my wife started lifting weights and one of the first things she said. It's like God, damn I want meet like all the time to doing squats and shit. She's got this crazy. Russian lady who's, your trainer later the fucking savage and there's doing all these crazy squads bob. This jumps in that kind of shit and she's like that Russian in the Rocky movie, but it's just that dude was on to like that. Dude was under. What's the color that people go to like the clubhouse and roll rocks and shit like Crossfit tell you that it was on the cross, yeah and he's trainer in Russia Machines in Rocky that I have out there. The versa climber, the first I found out about versa, climbers watch that Rocky Movie Dragos. On that thing I was like man, he looks like he's working hard, that fuckin versus climbers and that's a bitch man menu. Do that thing? No! I haven't but like to do thirty. Second sprints in this your legs and around yeah, you just pedaling, and it's like you're climbing and you can increase the resistance. So it's
for grappling this. Nothing like it to make sure everybody hates it, though he most people do graph Grab Tate towards the treadmill, the elliptical machine or other things. They look at that thing like no, no yeah. This is not fun. You don't get it yeah, you don't get lost it! It's horrible! But it's amazing when, like how you fill your head up like what you fill your head up, if it's just like jump sugar and how much time you have to process stuff, one of the I've noticed this kind of started. It's begun. Startled me. A little bit is find in social situations. That would be very interested in letting people know what I thought about stuff shit. I had no business talking about. You see people like when you see like someone who's older, and we have this idea that, like old, the older wiser person and they're, just taking in everything, they've learned turn to be quiet. Yeah people don't really think about the fact.
Yeah this, like sick of hearing themselves, talk that to the to the status thing. There was an old moron. I I want to say yeah, but I mean I think that you need well. He like an old racist, all an old dummy, the old person who has like ridiculous r k, views of women or ridiculous arcade views of society and culture and immigration. All these different things like a purse, not new, wants an old person. Who's not learn from the humbling experiences of life and whose is not looked at himself in his own folly, and and has a humorous take on it because description flattering portrait, fifty them and I think about it- a lot. I don't want to be that guy. I encounter to do like that not long ago we're we would we decided that we're gonna, take our kids according to your kids out to eat,
and I don't want to have to deal with any kind of like added noise, and I was trying to I want to go to. There is like this like truck that sells. Tacos is like El Rodeo or something let's go to the taco truck and he's going to talk to anybody. Anybody. My wife given me to go to this brew pub now the problem I'm kinda like in am already pissed off in some kind of half mad at my wife for making us being potentially social situation, and I'm sitting here in this old man walks past me on his way out of the restaurant and he's gotta. Do not resuscitate bracelet he's, like he's, got a little walk. You know those four pegged jeans he's got a four pack Kane trying to name for that in a do not resuscitate and he walks out with his wife girlfriend whatever and she wanders off and he's just standing outside the restaurant, and it's just killing me to know what that's all about. So I grabbed my older boy and we walk out and
I couldn't help but notice you have bracelet says do not resuscitate. What's that all about you know, I said you just feel that if it's your time it's your time and you should- and you don't want modern shit to like interfere and sort of what you imagine to be like the way things go, and he explain to me is like no. I go z things like he's. Pissed he's already pissed just use practice before I talk to you think I don't want to oxygen. I don't want CPR on nothing because I was having a heart attack. And they resuscitated me and broke two of my ribs. Therefore I don't want to be resuscitated. I remember thinking, but, but you were having a heart attack like the tradeoff seems minor yeah, but just like he was, he was so kind of just pissed that they broke his ribs
that he couldn't even see I'm like another way of looking at it would be that they saved your life. He said he just wanted to suffer his heart attack ribs intact and at this point, which is rather die than have broken ribs. That's there's something like I couldn't even begin and almost I thought he was interesting. Also. I didn't think it was interesting anymore, such an unfortunate perspective, because if he said like this is not a great story, but you still saying it is a great story because it's like, if he said hey, I had a good time, is only enough room for so many people. That's what I thought I was going to get a you know, that's what I was going to get in for to meet Jesus yeah. I thought I was gonna get the so much so that I brought my boy with me, oh boy, because when I was little kid, my dad would go out of his way to have weird people over to the house. I keep. It was important to him to expose kids the weirdos, so I was like come
one son, we're going to talk to the crazy old man with the Do Nara sauce date. Bracelet, you like learn something about life. I think most down right now. Never mind, never mind forget that whole areas that the trade off of broken ribs for life broken ribs takes like a couple once in your fine, you wanna be like you had a brew pub with your girlfriend and she's going to get the car. You don't want to continue this, but like that's, not bad, not bad, not bad. The best suffer for a little bit. One of the things growing up with martial arts is you're, always injured. So you don't look at. It is the way some people look at injuries. You look at injuries like I gotta go, get this face. You got to get it fixed. I've had both my knee's reconstructed about a bunch of Schmidt is reconstructed about a bunch of shit fixed you just get it fixed. It's like I fucking tour. This thing I'm gonna go, get it fixed. I don't do it that way. Yonas had meniscus surgery tell us had meniscus surgery on his knee and what's crazy.
You ever had something to say about this. This is kind of your in your world. A little bit uh. I developed the knee ache that I had for months left him. No, I don't know well now I don't know pregnancy weight gain things time I would have told you know after this. At the time I would have told you that my knee absolutely hurt and my knee hurt the pain drifted around and it hurt all the time. I was acutely aware of the pain in my knee and I built up, and then I had made the mistake of having like a passing conversation with an orthopedic surgeon. Is that all you know is probably this. Is that it's you can fix it, but then it then it got worse and worse and worse, I found the go down to a doctor to do a lot of the scans and it's like you know you have some are rightists. You could probably solve the problem with some physical therapy. There's like a band that runs down from your hip and I think that's like flaring up. That's why the pain bounces around and do it it too later, two days later, that pain was gone.
I said to Jonason, like man I feel like psychologically frail. I feel that there is a very like I feel it was a very thin membrane that separates my rain from my body. There is no membrane that separates your brain from your body and I I can't rule out now that I can't loud now that I'm like mentally pretty weak. The minute someone told me is not actually a problem. I need to get a surgery. I I I I I like. I I'd now try to feel the pain, but I can't find it so and there's no corresponding like hiking or anything that has contributed to it. We weren't doing it once it felt better. Well, one day, um in the spring, ah I mean my body repeat: Munich went out looking for black bears during black bear season, and this is when I was really like thought. I had a new problem, everyone
now and we need to take a long ways. We like maybe six miles and came back and notice, but is real mucky feet, keep sticking in the market and then your feet build up a layer muck on your boot bottom and then it comes off and then you walk in cock, eyed 'cause, your other boot hasn't shed its boot mud layer. We had LT's walks and after that walk the pain went away for two days, but yeah man, I don't know, fear we're being old and that's real. My eyesight's going bad mine too. I see you wearing those little glass all the time, and I saw you minute ago you didn't have when you couldn't bear to look at your phone now I can read that you had then you had to like hold on usually far away. I felt was a reading, but you that lately that I can read you read that that's no problem now you had a thing on your honest with you tip your head up and tipped you down down and held it far away. I felt do do that.
I do that sometimes, but mostly with my phone, that's not an issue like I could read emails and shit. The real problem is laptops, like a laptop small text or reading that, like that piece of paper in front of him, that's fucked like if I had to read that I mean I could do it, but I got to do this talking monkey Incorporated Comcast Joe's, Jose Release, yeah release its it's just reality. You know your body starts deteriorate, there's nothing! You could do about it. Yeah yeah! I cannot use it as like all this like journey of life, shit right yeah, but he saw into like weird ya into strange stuff, like he thinks you can kind of, like you kind of, like contrast, thing manifest yeah. He just believes that he believes I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I feel that this. This is a long debate. We have about psychological states.
I feel that you can have pessimistic thoughts. But as long as you behave like an optimist, you get the same outcome me, meaning let's say you go hunting and you have. Is it like? It's never gonna work out we're never going to get one, but you do everything right. It doesn't matter what's in your head, because your actions are such the only thing he doesn't like to entertain the negativity. He does like to entertain the negativity because he feels that Brahmic, but what is it? And if we still hunt hard? What does it matter if I feel it won't work as long as we hunt hard doesn't matter, and I think I he feels he would argue that that mental state affects outcomes, and so he applies this to all the aspects of his life having a sense of positivity, I think there's a benefit having a sense of positivity in the sense that you're going to enjoy the experience more if you're
always walking around pessimistic and then things happen that are good. You know like well look at that. Alright. Well, tomorrow is gonna suck. It was a fluke. Where is if you just appreciate the fact that hey here I am living in America, you know I'm healthy, I don't have cancer. Like could be so many things. We were first that are wrong with me. I could have been born with weird birth defects. I could have been bored in. You know Elsa the door with no feet. I could have been. You know, living in some fucking drug ravaged community, I'm lucky. This is stream Lee unbelievably lucky like if you had given the opportune need to be Steven L. If you were some guy who was living in some terrible third world country with you know awful dry drug cartel violence, all around you would you would you give to be like a regular guy by living in Bozeman Montana and a beautiful place and have a healthy,
happy family and a great way to make a living like what are going to do? What do I have you give me you give me patriotic stirrings, which I'm inclined to I'm inclined to it. That's why I got american flag back there, but dude yeah be like oh, you get that I'm going to have a tv show. I can start a business. Yes just have children, I don't think we'll all countries that goes great school, yes for free insanely for down the road. Yes, yes yeah! I mean there's not a lot of places like that anymore, because people have find those places and fuck them up and over populated them. But there's a few of 'em left. You just gotta deal with extreme whether the extreme weather is the barrier for pussies. It keeps amount, you think so, yeah that was moving to Fucking Montana. It's hard! That's why we just tried to buy a greenland. Yes Jack got shot down. Well, I think I'll trade you that, though I like it too, I think it's hilarious. You see his fucking post where he said. I promise not to do this and he showed a pic.
We have green with a giant trump tower this morning. Guys funny be an asshole. People might hate him. They might might be a problem as a president blah blah blah blah blah. You can't try that occasionally he is fucking hilarious. No, it is funny and I think that people try. I had a certain fuel to try hard to not see the humor in any of this. I've re tweeted it I was like get on with your bad self. Mr Trump, oh I don't read my twitter post, I'm sure a bunch of people got mad at me for that, but I don't read it. I just posted and forget it. I just get out of Dodge. I just leave packages and get the fuck out of. There was funny what that picture, that I found myself zoom and in trying to see what those people in those houses had going on. They hunt well. Greenland has so much natural resources and it's also probably a place. It's going to be an awesome spot to live in one hundred years when the fucking rest, the world's on fire,
no wind up there, man yeah well Musk OX. We were talking about that. Yesterday, Muskox Jamie pulled up a thing, a statistic on mucks Ox Musk ox that the success rate for bow hunting is one hundred percent all right. In some units- yeah, that's great land, all gallon hundred percent in Greenland, because the you know they they huddle. You know they huddle up to protect themselves against walls, so they just stay in spot when they see a threat, which is great for wolves were not so good for deck tiles. Yeah I've haunted him for apparently there delicious is Brendan Byrne said that they taste like the best Kobe beef yeah. So it's like really good and marbled. You know not only is the well. I mean tough, like yeah tougher, but what's funny about them, why I
druitt permit in Alaska the way they so try to find a way to approach this any American speaking of America, land about unity, any American can apply for a permit to hunt for in Alaska and what you these are available to you. If you're not in Alaska resident, very- and I believe, right now, the only area could apply for a permit as a non resident might be new Novak Island and I drew a permit to hunt on the hunt Scotson Nunivak Island. I saw an up so yeah and hunt and in there the the Chupik and will be uh, the you can't say Eskimo, but it was funny 'cause. I asked a Chupik man. Who are staying with? I'm like you know, I feel, like I'm, always told not to use, and he said
what the hell else would you call me so I'm gonna say in in in in deference to what this man prefers to be called these to pick up the d explaining I'm too, because Kamal I'm not some else. I think the canadian folks in order to be but preferred to is anyone on the high age and the high Arctic yeah, but then, but I think, it'll, it's created a lot of confusion yeah, but on this is interesting that on this on this, this western Alaska Coast along the Bering Sea, he man was telling me that that what he prefers to be referred to as Chupik Eskimo, but the way that we know like we, you know people can wild game or talk about meat like rating meats. Don't you talk about tenderness or not tenderness? Right there was tough, it was ten
stop. It was tender tender being good, tough being bad. I mean you've been involved in one hundred of these conversations. He like uh this stupid males like we prefer it to be tough. You know that tendon that, like, if you look at the spine of an animal, the vertebra above its shoulder, will have like a what's called a thoracic. Longer are thoracic process like that blade that comes up in that runs from the top, those thoracic processes out to the neck, and it allows like big animals. It's really exaggerated, on moose Jason Muskox, where it's like the size of your wrist, this giant tendon, that's moored to the top of those Thor. Asic processes allows thing like to hang its head, which I mean the head is eighty or whatever, and it hangs off there. They like that thing, whoa real chewy meat,
and they even would hook that they would cook the muskox they would basically like boil them. They would take the tough parts of the Musk OX and almost like purposefully make it more tough but kind of like boy like flash boiling it, and they would talk about like this cuts. Good. It's tough. Not or was so tender, why do they like that? Did they explain it varied preferences, but I liked it quite a bit. Man was funny, as I gave a bunch of Muskox, a guatemalan woman in Seattle, that we knew I gave a bunch of Muskox to her and she made me a bunch of tamales so had guatemalan style tamales with Moscar with Musk OX, and we made a deal. I gave her a bunch. I said, keep half of what I give you like make tamales and give me half the tamales.
So we struck a deal. I had a freezer full of can tamales like Ratdog up, but I then I would laugh about that that my kids would have Muskox. Sandwiches are muskox. Tamales could go down the school if that's a leri us. That was great. My kids like to freak out other kids at school. You know like, like kids in mice, my kids school bill. I go. What's your favorite food, my daughter, I, like I like bear thinks it's hilarious, that she's eating bear. You know she she likes to tell people bear sausage to my favorite and the other kids like what the fuck. You know, kids that have never experienced any wild game and my kids have eaten. You know since two in twelve, when I started hunting, they basically eaten everything. They've eaten Elk, they've, eaten deer, they've eaten ducks they've eaten wild turkey they've eaten everything. What's there, how are they viewed in their community?
But how are you viewed in that that, like school parent community, I don't know it's hard to tell we go to the event? Yes, I gotta go to one today, I'm a weirdo for sure, but you are super size friendly. No, I'm really friendly. So like most of the it's all hugs, you know like the parent, like I'm a nice guy. So when I see those folks, it's all like friendly and hugs, but some as it pulled me aside and asked me about manly activities, they feel like. How did you you're actually allowed to be a man? And you are everyone's neutered, you know like so many guys are. Their wives are yelling Adam and I'm off doing cage fighting events. You know, then I tell you where we last week. I was bow hunting and I was in the mountains, but no cell service, and so they might be inclined to be like. Oh, I don't like that for like Middle America rednecks, but it's ok for you. Well, they know me. So they don't the
conceived notion and they know I'm a good dad. You know I'm very active and I'm constantly around my kids and I take it very seriously and it means the world to me so like parents, one of the moment, the most important things that I find is good parents respect good parents. Do you love your children? That's an interesting point. If you find someone who's like a dismissive parent and not interested in disinterested parents like one of the most disturbing and disappointing thing, have you love someone you care about them and then you find out they're a bad person or bad parent. You have to re, evaluate your perspective on them. 'cause to me, being a parent in my wife is huge on this. It's like it's everything to her. She will not talk to someone or hang out with someone have you feel like they're, a bad parent and she she formed her relation chips with their friends based on whether or not they're good parents. It's it's everything. If you're you know you're contributing to this community.
So when I'm around these parents, you know I'm a nice guy, so it's all friendly, but they all have questions all these poor men that are stuck in cubicle jobs. You know men, men are tortured. You know it's like that. Uh who was it throw yeah most men live lives of quiet desperation. It's one of my favorite looking through. Well, he knew what he was talking about. You know it's it's! These most people are living. This boring ass, fucking life and I'm living this life or I'm telling jokes in front of thousands of people and then I'm doing podcasts in front of millions of people and then I'm hunting and then then, occasionally I go off and I do cage fighting commentary. Caricature of masculinity really yeah people get confused. Well, it is when I smoke pot. It's like that's going on here, one of the one of the early things that surprised me about. You is man I don't want. Is that works? I don't want to be insulting one of the thing.
Is it a smaller one of these surprised about you, it that sounds like asshole ish is how serious you take being a parent, because I think that someone could look like some. Could someone could at a glance, look be like? Oh, you know, discussion of drugs and like dirt, humor and circle like those not congruent with parenting, but you take your pay. Do you take parenting like extremely seriously? Well, but you don't. I don't you're not like you. You know so concerned with people under being a full package. You need to spend shitloads of time telling everybody about how
the parent you are yeah, I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in love, you know and as a kid who grew up with, could sort of a deficit of it, and it's very important for me to spread as much of it as I can, whether it's to my friends or through the children and two children. It's like the most important months bill because my friends they're fine. I met him the grown ups to figure it out of the room. You know help them when I can, but but kids, you know it's like get one shot at that one shot at raising kids men. You know it's not. He can't redo it. He can't go out this. One sucks only rip it up and start from scratch like you have to do it right and you have to and you're going to make mistakes for sure, but you have to spend as much conscious time talking to them and interacting with them and real. You know I like it. I enjoy it one of the things that that the you get afraid of
out damaging your children is that you would leave a legacy of damage. Yes, so you can have have. I have all kinds of things that I did in my life in ways. I treated people and I could stay here- name names right, like things I did the people that were very and it I wish I hadn't done it someday. Maybe I'll call him and apologize, but if you, when you damage your kid, man am now you're setting your like create decades, a string of decades, maybe age of describes that they will do the same to their kids and it's also it's sort of reflects how self selfish or self less you are. You know whether you do a good job or a shitty job. You know I have. Unfortunately, I have some friends that are not that good at it and you know comics in particular, there was, ah, I won't say any names, but there's a guy who was
his friends with the son of a famous comedian. Let me track that for men, a guy who I know who grew up with the son of a very famous Canadian. Sometimes I get confused people talk about like my cousins, brothers, uncles and I know I'm with him, and he was telling me that his dad was piece of shit and he hated him out of my God. Damn it as one of my heroes, they are when you talk to the actual son of the man and he's like yeah, my dad's piece of shit and I'm like fuck. I gotta know what to do with that. You know like what did I say that I mean his art is amazing is what he did to the world, but what he didn't do was take care of it. Zone backyard when he didn't do is take care of his own children. I find that that creates some difficult because there's some writers, nothing, I mean so many writers. Musicians, actors, who of bless the world with what they've put out for the
look at the destruction they sewed in their immediate vicinity and you I want to be like well, do you condemn it or you just thankful that, or is that, like clay battle, damage books, lavender collateral damage in order to have the things that to have things we appreciate you yeah well, there's also did you kind of followed, I'm saying one hundred percent will Hendricks. You know I mean this project. This podcast is called the Joe Rogan experience 'cause. I stole it from Hendricks. Oh really, yeah! That's fine! Just thinking about that earlier, when I was sitting in here, your ah in the back room there that I was just looking at the
serious wondered about where they came from Jimi Hendrix experience, yeah, it's one hundred percent stolen from Hendricks um, and then I read that he beat his girlfriend's really has like. What's that Riel? Well, I don't want to think Hendricks even got mad. I don't think he's that due to put the band dad on and just played voodoo child, when, ah I worked with Phil Hartman when Phil Hartman was a kid, he was like seventeen or eighteen Hendrix played at the whisky, and ah he was their asses like a roadie and his job was to keep the amp the speakers from falling over. You know so he stood there on the stage and Hendrix is right there playing guitar in front of him and the way he described his like his eyes were a light he was like describing it was right there. It was right there and he's planning you know. There's been. I grew up. Just a
giant Hendrix fan like a giant fan, led Zeppelin Hendrix the doors like it's all classic rock. When I was a kid you know: Suburban Boston, neighborhood type, shit drop Van Halen on your fucking notebook, hey C D, c logos. You know it's like that's that's how I grew up. You know so trying to figure out a name for this podcast like men who the fuck is affected me more in terms of motivation and Hendrix, could listen to his music. When I worked out and listen to his music, both great drive gigs, you know, and plus he just seemed like so different. You know just such a crazy, well anomaly in pop culture, this african American NEWS, like the greatest guitarist of all time. They have all these rock guys and one of things that Eric Clapton said like he thought he knew how to play. Guitar than Jimi Hendrix was like what the font realize doing like what am I doing, because he was
sell out there. He was so out there. It was so different. You know just a freak just anomaly, so Warren, I'm glad you guys got him doing a guys. It's great. I love it. Yeah Hendrix. I always point out people that how I grew up. My dad cover that I have left eye dominant dominant all the hand me down ship guns are ours right handed had to re, learn how to shoot everything left handed. So now I talk about how is like Hendrix or I had to shoot, left hander with right handed gun. Well, I shot my first deer with your gun, which is a left handed gun how to cock it on the wrong side. Remember no yeah! I usually with your rifle it's out there, man, the deers here it lost its position of
this- is not a table. Yeah did Nazi helmet right yeah! He used to be right. There hey did you did you see? Ah I'm gonna change subject, but you want uh, just the video I sent you, which one of the shark tagging the dude the this grammar yeah yeah, it's crazy, yeah! That's one of the things that is so crazy. I get so many of those God. Damn things sent to Maine but appreciate it, I'm sure of a guy getting ah what kind of shark it is I'll, send it to Jamie what kind of shark is it? You know, I think it's a bull shark baby, I'm not sure, oh yeah, here it is. I was almost dinner. He says yeah here, share too. Oh, that was yeah dude. It's fucking! Terrible, it's terrible, I'm terrified of sharks. Did you get yeah?
I thought I'd appreciate it yeah, because the where, with the the the the the mental presence that guy yeah he kept together now, just like he's, get attacked by a shark and puts not only thinks to Spirit Gun in its mouth here this right, it pulled the trigger suck it bitch yeah I mean look. That thing was coming in hot, that's a thing and that's a sharp thinking and he's attached to this fucking shark. Now right yeah, but he stones it yeah. Oh yeah, he's dead, that's hilarious, yeah, fuck sharks wish there was more of 'em, so you could say fuck sharks and not worry about it. Yeah. Now you can't this funny. Man like you were talking about sharks. You hear about guys. Ah the fish, the Gulf Coast Florida and you shit very careful. I pulled a shark on the beach people get pissed.
Oh yeah and they'll get pissed that you're fishing sharks because it lures sharks in oh, so it's a double whammy. Sharks have kind of entered like they've, almost gotten like almost they've climbed. They've sort of moved review wildlife, they made the jump there there with elephants. Yes, yes, I, like almost that's great news for a species. Man if I was a different species, I was trying to like make my plan a three year plan. I want to elevate my species. I want to look at like what the sharks done and get there 'cause that shit. It's for safety line right like if you were in entertainer and you wanted to get to. I want to get to where Kanye is like.
If you were an animal, I want to get with a shark like if I was a possum yeah of all the possum I'd get with other possums and I'd be like what does it take to get to what are elephant enjoys? I was discussing with my kids right now. People are people, don't consider possums in the car. Now, there's like. Oh, it's just a grantor just keep moving. I was talking to my is last night about racism in the insect world we were hanging out outside and my youngest daughter goes. It's cricket turns her back on this thing. Ok, no concern at all. She goes from cricket, I mean turns, are back same size like you know, same prospect of danger, nun just wandering around just thought. It was a roach and she was terrified and then it was uh. I find crickets in my house all the time. I capture him. Let him go,
I bring him outside and let him go so we do this. This cricket is hanging out behind my daughter and then my dog comes over and just fuck scoops it up and eats it and like hey man, why the fuck you eating at cricket? Ok, just like laugh and smile, and he thinks it's hilarious. Like fuck man is eight cricket. Yeah the race is in the species or whatever is you should have a rat infestation, but this is Jay here the dog can eat that bird. Oh man, that Deborah was like HALO Friend game is one of the better internet thing. Finders he's the best. The gold medal call that is like stuff, fine internet finding. Have you seen that cat yeah I've seen that cat somebody sent me that that's a muscular he's rippled that cat looks like he's been running mountains he's been taken down some Elk
yeah he's rip. You know you had. Was it your podcasts uh? I mean. I know you had one. What is his name? No, no Eugene Phelps! Well, that's right! That's right! There are different guy Phelps game called right. I love that guy dude yeah great podcast. It well he's a good he's, a good guy, but he never had Corey Jacobson on no, no sir never met him. I'd like to have it, but I liked it to Phelps yeah like one just as an isolated specimen. Okay, like like no context, nothing feels like Madame because whatever you like want to trying to park at the airport and you try find a spot and he's pulling out, hey you pulling out like you'd like him. In that context, he would just seem like a good dude but kind of his business, it's kind of when I see him and his company, because the thing
it pops in my head was ah that's his like, like, like american elbow grease yeah I mean I do without peep. He does. He makes out call J makes go it, but I want to try to gain because he's like he's, like very much specialize in L called, was like group it'll logging family. So in like a logging area in that industry at this particular time, is it a little bit in the autumn of its of its expectancy in the area? We grew up with this kind of background, and just do it like interested in something good at something, but I really like being in America benefits of being an american, not that we have a monopoly on, but we have a lot of it. Just like great benefits, and this dude just like starts making game calls. Like what his mom and his wife like builds a businessman and is a good dude,
you know it's called blowing a game call, so he sends me his t shirt as I blow Phelps and my wife is like throw it out. I was like no, I think, because you never get aware of like it doesn't matter it's days to use of those guys. You know I, when you're ready, like some of the nice, is like yeah, they always the nicest guy. Like I don't know, I value that that means everything like me such a good attitude. I I lose a lot of respect for people when they're really good at what they do, but they're, not nice. It's like I get it. You had to figure out how to be good at what you did and what was sacrificed his community. Yes, Jackie. If you sacrifice friendliness, that's not necessary yeah, it's not necessary. It's it's a weakness. I really believe that you know and it's common to common weaknesses like thinking of yourself before others. The problem is, it's
goal, oriented right, you're, all worried about achieving success or achieving a certain position or a goal, but the problem is: when you get to are going to be fucking to going to be depressed, I'm going to be sad. 'cause, you don't yeah! This is Marcy over your way to the top. You know it's like you can't can't you have to see the the trees get to see everything yeah see the whole forest. You can't just keep your eye on the prize. 'cause you fuck over so and push them aside along the way and eventually going to, but you have to fuck over some people, and I only fuck him over but tell him to fuck off, there's some people that will get in your way, people that are selfish. That would trip you up because you want but being completely absorbed their own problems and, like hey deal with your own problems, you've made me the curator of your problems. Sometimes you have so like know when to cut people lose, but you also so like I know now. I know that you're big on this to your big on tribe, like you, have those guys that you travel with you do show.
This is like a tribe of you, like yeah, a community, and it's very important. I respect that. I think that's very that's huge, but it's a thing. I've learned from my interact with you, I've seen thing I've seen is hope. You don't pray it around and you don't talk about too much, but you do talk about that. There are some things we just you put up, firewalls in your life and the people that you're around, and I have heard you were for two at times that something two someone was maybe like two damaging in referring to people that it wasn't even like you were condemning them or thought they were bad, but you just referred to like times you've had like just sort of protect what you have Adam, what what you care about and just make something is not part of your life anymore yeah. You have to do that. Sometimes you have to
have to realize that there's some people that are not looking out for themselves. So people don't make that jump well and they keep that around. They keep that that influence around because of because of misplaced like misplaced loyalties, I've, no you bring that up. A handful of times were like something just got to be where you had to like build you just you have to be like you are love, you respect you whatever by disk. I got a protect these other things. Well, some people get so completely self a orbed and they burn everything around them because they're only thinking about themselves and even if you love them and care the more appreciate what they're doing like some people are amazing at certain things like no we're talking about Hendrix, I mean, if Hendrix did beat his wife. I don't know if that's true or beat his girlfriends, but
is like some people are so good at what they do that at the like. That's all they're thinking about they didn't develop these interpersonal skills, a relationship, skills or you know, get what whatever you see. You know they didn't develop a sense of new wants in terms of their perspective, the world or a sense of introspective thinking when they're they're, looking at themselves and being objective about how the interface with the people around the in life, those people that are just like Holy focused on the S, especially Pew Narcissus, which you run into a lot of them in show business and some of them, it's not their fault. You know you talk to me if you believe in determinism, you know, and you believe that there are product of all the things that have happened to them, and then you run down the list of all the things that have happened to them. It's fucking Bonci, I mean so many people that I know particularly in show business. Are there because of just a giant hole they develop in their self esteem and who they are? As a child
didn't get enough love, they got too much abuse and hate and bullying, and all these varying factors that may them push so hard to achieve success. To let everybody know hey, I am special hey. I am something you were all wrong and then they, but along the way they they burn everything around them. Yeah and it's I don't I don't you know, I'm I'm. I don't want to it's it's possible to get there without that. That's what I want to say: it's like it's possible to get there without being a piece of, and some people think you have to be a piece of to be successful. Don't don't have to! I think some people get to wear. Member earlier I mentioned like the collateral damage yeah. I some people think it helps. You could develop such an inflated sense of what you're bringing to the world that you you personally going to accept the idea that there is a price to pay, that price being other people yeah that's a problem, but then again, if
you don't have certain standards than other people chew up all your time and their problems become your problems and they don't even think about their problems. They're thinking about you thinking about their problems, I mean there's many people that pawn off their problems on other folks and they think that if you're, good and you're helping me like you're, not a good friend you're, not taking care of me you're, not helping me like Jiren, helping yourself yeah, the fuck are you doing for yourself like this is a trap that a lot of people stuck into its co dependency in a lot of relationships is a lot of people get involved in relationships, boy and girl that they find, but the person who is their soul. Mate is also the source of all their fucking problems and they are the curator of this person's life. There there they're supposed to be like helping this person one, because this person is like deem them. The person is most important to them, and it's like you gotta, you gotta, find you got to find out what you know or what? What is the what's? The
boundary where you won't cross, where you realize, like someone, is becoming an impediment to your own happiness and success. It's a may, the degree to which people deep down do care about. What someone is quote like you know, find it because I've been on your show a number of times, and people often ask me, you know what's Rogan really like, but they know. We know that they know what answer they want to hear. Bad people, love story, you think, like Oprah, Winfrey, I've found the people love a story about how bad, like people are going to eat up a story that she's awful yeah
or like people want a story about somebody, bad, but what's funny about what you've done, how you've done it is it, and this happens quite often where people are like still like he's a good guy right, but they want to know that they feel like you are anyway not to have a confirmed. Not that they're, like oh yeah, tell me a story about him being bad like the one with a lot of people, it's known as really bad story about Oprah, I'm like oh, I'm all ears course well. Well, I think first of all, 'cause Oprah's enormously successful, like in some sort of preposterous ok. So it's worth a billion dollars for just talking. She can't sayings can't dance is not in good shape like what is she doing just talking, she's got a billion dollars, fuck her. I hope she hope she's, a meanie hope she's doing terrible this. You know the thing about that. It's like you want to. I know she got that way because she's fucking people over yeah hurts beats are assistant.
You know, you know what I mean little sisters House can be like it makes sense of the world and some yeah in some ways like you want to think that someone who's achieved. That ridiculous level of success is mean. I got passed by. Oprah has a house in Mont Tacito I pass by the house like that is still ridiculous house for a person. It's like a giant lawn fifty million dollars house of fucking, you just state, it's a cat, cancel she's a queen. You know you don't want that. Like fuck her, my house is too high. Fifty grand why the fuck is she doing with that fifteen and that's not even how she lives in she visits that, like once a year takes a shit. There has someone cook for a nap, gets up and stirs an atomizer makers: animosity yeah! Well, you know preposterous success breeds animosity and that ladies got a lot of preposterous success. You know sister certain people, you meet them, you want to
so like Doctor Phil. Like he's similar thing, I would be receptive to a bad doctor, full story, so I'm sure he's great doctor Phil is fucking. My friend Jay is Dr Phil son. I became friends with Dr Phil through another guy through another guy, because my friend RON White, my friend RON White Good Buddy mines, when the best comedians on earth is good. Fresh Jay, Jay, Mcgraw who's docked Phil's son, so I became friends with J before I became friends with Doctor Phil, and then I had Doctor Phil on the podcast Doctor Phil's, the fucking nicest guy ever he's a other guy like you hang out and talk he's got a ridiculous amount of does, but he's hilarious he's like a regular dude before we start we talked about were both pro marriage. Yes, we root for marriage is right, but with kids yeah but Merrill a yeah ones. No kids involved, I still reform yeah. Do you know? I refer marriages, but I I I root for happiness and sometimes happen. Is
his divorce? No? Well, I'm able to make the switch by even root for mayor. I just root for marriages. You know what that's it well, because you, I know why, because you grew up in a fucked up sort of situation. Where didn't you know, you grew up with broken promises, divorces and separating and that kind of shit. A lot of that happened, yeah yeah yeah. There was stuff that happened well for children under me, but it was. There was like it was around right, yeah it was, and it wasn't our family history sure yeah now, mine too yeah, I'm I I root for happiness, sometimes happens man, someone get the away from someone. You know my favorite story about the guy. I mentioned more Fallon earlier he's been on the show, so I feel like I can mention them, assuming that your listers like have this like a May
capacity for some of them do, but so both hands on the show and more Fallon talks about two hundred. This is like a third. This is like a fifth hand, story, Batmo, founds body meat, the guy that used to be like dude in the nerds movie, who, like nerds, oh yeah, water guy, ogre yeah check this out wow, so reference most buddy me it's the dude who was ogre in the nerds, not the nerds, weird old man and the guy doesn't want to bring it up, but he can't help himself bring it up. Like you know, I loved you inert. So the guy goes into this big thing. Like he's like do you have any idea what it would be like have like your whole life defined by some role you did long ago, and I'm a and I do
theater now in? U p so that bring this up all the time or nerds you know, and he does it. It is cool with right rolls into it and the dues relief, the heat and enabled him to like. Have that recollection. He was always like ok and when I hear that now, if I see that guy I'm like that, guy must be a cool guy right. He doesn't take himself too seriously because he could roll with it yeah. There is now her. What do you do pro wrestling or someone? What's on there? I think that branch of the nerds- well, it's a moving now yeah it mean, looks like a guy that you would cast in a row be mean to nerds. Some people take them fucking super seriously, like that's one of
best things about my careers like I will for always be forever, always be the fear factor guy like if I don't think that that's true devonshire with some folks really yeah, you watch it it's on tv. I mean you can still understand that, but I don't know that. I don't know that. That's really the case with you. I feel like that. You might have a wrong impression of your legacy. It's in. There is definitely in there in there, but it's not it, but maybe it's not there, but if anybody wanted like poke fun at me, that's always there and I would welcome it like nothing. I don't think that would prevent me from taking myself myself. You know I want to pretend I'm some sort of moody artist. That is always followed the path of creativity and artistic expression, no, not hoard myself out for like six years. I think it's in your head, but I think it's in people's, maybe yeah. I don't know it's in some people's heads.
Remember the first place you you know you know. So what you're telling me. I know where I was sitting the first time I ever heard your name. I know who I was talking to and unfortunately I don't like to admit this is a long time ago. Unfortunately, the point of contact when I was like oh you're, right, yeah yeah, I mean fucking. Millions of people saw that goddamn thing. I need to tell you too, that was the first conversation asian when I ever heard the word podcast really. I know where I'll send us talking to Helen Chou or you know oh yeah. I heard the word Joe Rogan in the word podcast and had no idea either of those things were that's before you came on to yeah, I'm talking long time, two thousand and twelve people yeah yeah, I'm not like I'm not I mean I have. I don't want to have my finger on the poles, but not like
Luddite well. That was when I heard the word. The podcast was only three years old back then, when you first came out now, it's ten years old. Not greatest longer going that it was two thousand and twelve okay, because that's when we went maybe two thousand and eleven and went hunting in two thousand and twelve yeah yeah. So is probably two years old. The podcast was two years old and she said fear of fact. I'm like oh world, the well, the podcasting men. There was a funny variety article that was just written that Conan O'Brien is Blaze, a trail in the world of podcasting, and you know just got openly shit on by the entire world who read that, like? What are you talking about, like no ones even like his podcast gets one hundred thousand downloads or something in comparison like Mark Meron or Adam Carola? All these people have been doing it forever and ever and ever, but it's still to this day. Ok, like this sort of in May
mainstream views in mainstream eyes. It's like just starting to gain recognition when some people, like Corolla, has been doing podcasts for ten years. I think marriage is been doing it longer than me. I've been doing it for ten years, some errands, probably one thousand and eleven years in so it's weird world, and how many years you guys been doing it now, five five years in yeah, I listen, your god damn podcast. Every week I get excited on Monday Mondays make some one day. Yes, man, I really enjoy doing it, and I've tried to point out um. I've tried to point out that ah yeah have was a view I had. I would have gone into it. Well, you were really good as a gay, and I was like man, this guy has so much unusual knowledge in his head, you're, so good at articulating thoughts and have a background in journalism. Your is so eloquent like. Why? Wouldn't you do it and make it so?
And in this like this market, for for people that enjoy hunting and enjoy the outdoors, there's you know, there's I don't mean any disrespect. Anybody is making podcast do your best, but there's a lot of clunky, ah poorly articulated thoughts that are being put out in podcast form and an my thought was like this is spirituals. A very weird word right because it's been sort of coopted by assholes, but there's this hasn't sometime in LA for sure is a be where oh yeah, I'm with you. You know, but there's a space ritual aspect to hunting. It's real. You know and. One of things that I really appreciate about you is like this idea: wake no shooting collar dear speaks to it. It's like there's, there's something about this: that's
not just about shooting an animal and eating it. It's about the difficulty difficulty of the pursuit when it means and what you're getting out of it as a human being and then also the recognition of what you're eating then, when you're eating this animal that this is. This is ah a wild, beautiful creature that you respect and that there's a certain amount of like there's a certain amount of a feeling of loss and sadness when that animal dies- and this is this- is in this- this real and and it's hard for people to articulate that. I I think it's very important that there's people like you out there that are articulating this and the p can digest this in a podcast form and get it over and over again, and they also get because you always do these big groups of people to get a sense of camaraderie too, and more people are talking about and and there's also a can of side of hard work. You know there's a as a pride that comes through that which I think is very contagious, like this, the feel
of appreciating and respecting hard work and like you and the way they were talking about Jason Phelps. You know it's like that kind of appreciation for ingenuity and hard work, and this is very important for people. It's very important for people to hear it, gives you something that I don't in terms of like outdoor, like the outdoor world, whether it's hunting and fishing and just appreciation for wildlife. It's not publicly articulated on a br, add scale. You know when you refer to the camaraderie super important to me when I thought about making a show. You don't always had a lot of this when I thought about making a podcast. You know it always had a lot of nostalgia for was. Howard stern in the mid nineties, yeah, I don't know what it shows like now, the air when it was on me. Maybe you would still be on there, like you, have all these dudes around that were kind of like funny yeah.
So many people in the room you couldn't tell who was talking they're just like people, it felt like people hanging out yeah. I like that and I like um fresh air, but Terry Girls, sure I was like dude. You should do a combo of Howard, Stern, Terry Gross yeah. They got they got those of thing I thought about, but the camaraderie that's a little one of the the the one of the things I like to see more some people right and they feel like home. They feel like it's a like people sitting around shooting the shit which you know. It's a very controlled shooting of this ship sure has to be its control, but that's why I personally use important, but there has to be one person, that's sort of like aware that were all shooting the shit but sort of like gently guiding it. You know Opie and Anthony was the same thing for me. When I started doing open Anthony in like the early 2000s, I realize like wow. What is it crazy people
we weren't fans of it back? Then it doesn't exist anymore. Unfortunately, it was an amazing hang out for comedians. We would all go there and I would I would show up and Ricky they should to be there and Jim Norton will be there and all these guys will be there and Louis CK. Be there build bird, be there. We just talk and Shin ARI Shafir we'd fear be, is laughing and chiming in and even though it's six hundred o'clock in the morning like you went and did it man, you had a what coffee showed up and everybody is happy to see you and it was a hang, was a really loosely structured, hang that they put together and that in hard me to kind of do my podcasts in a similar way. I don't know how comfortable you are pulling back the curtain or showing me how to sauce is just made but um. I started some reasoning about you and saw how you do your deal. Those are, if you, if you imagine this, make you uncomfortable no. If you imagine that someone, I don't seem like it all negative,
if someone read a transcript of you of what you ask, you would be like, oh my god, but you bring out things in the people that you interview. I like to listen to your show and you get something from people that people don't get. Do you get it on purpose? I don't know what I'm getting I'm trying my best yeah some try my best to relate to baseball you at. Do you, like you know what I'm gonna. Do you ever say to yourself? You don't know how to do different. No, I don't think that's the big beauty of it. All is not that much thinking I mean I do think with some people like there's certain people at Cornell West. I read his book before he came on. I really wanted to be prepared because he's such a brilliant guy, something with like a shot Carol like scientists. You know anyone who's like you've, got your paying respect to the gas
city of their ideas, yes and like if someone like Richard Dawkins were talking about doing a podcast soon. If I, if I have him on, I will devour his material for like a week or two before hand. I will read his book, so listen the recordings and conversations and debates that he's had- and I already am a big fan of the guy, so I'll get a good understanding of like where I'm at when we lead into the information. But then I won't have an agenda. I would just like let the conversation flow and if the moment in time, where I want to ask him, like you said thing about Islam wants, like could did you do you mean? Do you mean this in terms of general understanding of the religion itself? What about the individuals that are just trying to be good people that are born into this environment? In this sort of you know I will. I will have some places to go to if we get stuck and some things that,
but I won't. I won't force those things and yeah, but I think it's like a I mean without the with the risk of sounding pretentious. I think that podcasting is in we way an art form in the art is in like the people listening I know. Sometimes I talk over. People are interject too much. I don't know I disagree, it happens, it happens. It just happens, there's no, where you can have a perfect conversation, because I don't know when the person is going to stop talking or I don't want to lose a thought, and I want to jump in with it, but I'm way better at it. Now that I was five years ago and certainly way better at it. Now that I was ten years ago and then I think that there's an art to the hey, the things you're saying sound and they sound to people and there's an art to expression, expressing. Genuine open, mindedness and
menu in curiosity, and like just a purity of thought, it is not trying to make people feel about you a certain way you just trying to explore ideas and there's a there's, a smooth this to the way. That's that's! That's! Ah devoured by people when people listening the way they're consuming it, it's easy and the easier you can make it on people listening the more they like you so like that like if they no the know they like hey, vanilla guy, he loves his kids, he's a nice guy. His friends love 'em, like I like that. Guy live, listen what he says when he talks to John Norris. You know what is I'm saying about this in about that and it it adds to it. Is there someone who's monkey and loud in there, this fucking they're just trying to toot their own horn and all that comes through esp
actually in this long form, podcast genre, Rhe. It's like this is the fucking mirror man like with longform podcast, you find out who the fuck everybody is yeah. That's good good point like like Bernie Sanders like I had Bernie Sanders on there's a lot of people that, like the fucking comments, were insanely positive. To like I thought that it was crazy. I thought he was a nut. I would see him in these little interviews and Mikey just want to give away everybody's money like there's a with burning with my dog and uh. One of the fucking hilarious comments like he just wants to give your dog treats other dogs. That's that's the Carroll over I mean everyone is a character right, the character that guy is. He just wants to take money from successful people and give it to lazy people. That's the worst. The were view of Bernie Sanders to you get to see set of like this narrative that gets established through these little short sound bites on these panel talk shows
three people talking over each other or debates or whatever it is all those are ineffective and what's in something about is all those are fueling podcasts, all those things that have so for so long been thought of as main stream venues for getting your ideas out now they highlight all the problems with those and they highlight all the strengths of podcasts yeah, it's very encouraging and over. Are you Bernie Sanders man he's a nice guy. You know I I like some of his ideas. I do not have a problems giving up more of my money as a this made a lot of money if know that it's going to benefit the greater good of mankind in in a real way school. One hundred, I don't want to see it squandered. I don't like bureaucracy, I don't like red tape. I don't like government, I don't like people that are so lazy that they just
take everybody's money and then do what they will with it and take long lunch breaks, and this is the problem with like a lot of what we think of in terms of like government government is filled, its bloated. It's filled with assholes filled with people that just got government jobs and they're, not good at it. You know just no one else wants that job, so they take that job and they do a shitty job with it and they squander resources. That's what drives people crazy and specially hard working people that know how hard it is to make a living, and you have to give if you're a fucking logger. You could given away certain percentage of your money and you're tired, all the splinters in your hands and you're exhausted, and some asshole is going to take away your money and you know, allocate a certain amount of it to nonsense. Gender research and all sorts of stupid shit that you think is just fruitless and it's just it's infuriating for people for hard working people dirt under their fingernails. They don't,
I think, about anybody squandering their money, I'm instinctively. Ah, fiscally very conservative. You know not very fiscally conservative. People might look at where I'm at and think that I'm socially liberal, but in social issues on somewhat libertarian, you know, but I feel that I need the right to come, my direction quite a long ways on conservation issues, but that land instinctively where I belong, but the right, but I need them to move back now when I say back my direction. 'cause historically, I don't know the right and left hard is confusing, but I need them to come my way on conservation. Well, I like the way you've described yourself in the past, that you're politically sort of alone that you're kind of without a party
is the left, wants. Take your guns away in the right ones. Take your land away! This is what we see fiscally that what the most disturbing aspects of right administration says they want to sell off public land. They want to figure out, wait just a little bit just a little bit. We just take a little bit we're going to use it for mining, just take a little bit when we lose this salmon river, but who the fuck is paying attention to that yeah. I'm watching yes, me too. That's Ryan Callahan talked about that with what is it called pebble beach? Is that would have no pebble pebble mind gigantic salmon fisheries, the biggest most important, is deeply yeah. I don't want to hard, but you can get into the weeds with this stuff but yeah. It's like there's no perfect party and there's no perfect politician. There's no perfect ideology which pisses people off when you point that out yeah. Do we have gotten hit hard for that kind of stuff for pointing out that this? Just not
you know we as a company like a meteor we've been hit hard for pointing out that it's unfortunate that some was not speaking for our holy for our concerns. Yes, well, it's interesting about you guys as people think that you're some sort of a green Trojan horse, which is hilarious, heard that we don't really like you, but you don't like to do. We don't really like to hunt, I love it, but it's so preposterous work with some hard work with the hardest hit and I work with. Is it in one hundred dollars in fisherman that there are ever that have ever lived? You don't really like on it's Larius know it's like some like beltway lobbyists. You don't like hunting. Is that right? It just shows you how silly people are like. Let's lynam up, yeah yeah come on bring your side over here. Let me see what you doing yeah. It shows you how ridiculous people can be in their desire to like put people into
a very small, easily dismiss category. You know it's like this is what people love to do. You know yeah, that's what you do. The drives people crazy, as you defy you're, still hired the bucket. I love it. I don't sit around at night thinking about, but you but love it. I don't think about you either if it makes you feel comfortable, but I think we need more people like that, but yeah most most people would think that I'm conservative, that I'm a republican or all right or something like that. I vote left on almost everything except control. I just don't think that people understand what they're talking about when they talk about gun control. I don't think they understand the nuances of the second amendment or the nuances of taking away people's ability to defend themselves or to hunt, or
do you know to to own something that may or may not be used against someone else, but they never would use it. You don't have the right to tell people what they can and can't have just because some people abuse things, and so this is a very complex conversation that people on the left want to boil down to runs equal bad. Oh sure, it's like it's like I don't have am. I can understand why someone would yes, but therefore I don't know why you would same time they're in we're sitting here with a drink, but the same time we look get like alcohol. One could make a very cold argument about the overall destructiveness of abused alcohol for sure, but people I don't hear a lot of people talking about prohibition know. No. I had this conversation with three Crenshaw. I don't drink and drive. Jan Crouch,
who is a congressman, is not for legalized marijuana. We like Scac, so we have this weird conversation would come up. Man stop and I were standing in front of a ashtray filled with what's on. They said this idea that, like if you're a marijuana smoker but somehow another you lazy, like workout with me, come get up with me. Just stop just stop that nonsense. I would like to tackle with this with you uh, because I have um questions about about that. Being lazy, poker is it weed smoking makes me work harder makes it makes me paranoid, be lazy. I want to earn my keep. I don't people that everything that I'm slacking. I love it that's great, but I think about comedy when I think about when I smoke pot think about common. Like I better get to work, that's good that you get so paranoid in the paranoia. Is that you don't work hard enough, one hundred percent, it's all of it all of my wife, gets deserve. My wife gets where
it's not that she's going to peer pants, but that she has Peter pants. That's the most innocuous concern when it comes to alcohol or marijuana ever that's a great one. I wish I only had that one that make it so easy to live with, but Mine aids productivity. My my fears, productivity, whether it's exercise, whether it's you know doing stand stand up, is a big one. ' 'cause you don't want to suck you just don't want to suck you. Don't anybody to pay money and have a bad time that is the worst feeling in the history of the world. I'm going to go, see get tonight. Yes, if you suck I'm going to fucking, be like boo, I'm working hard dude I might have,
but I've seen people to you and it doesn't work. Well, they don't come out on top. It's not a smart move, because you're interrupting a show for your own idea. Your people are already rooting for the guy on stage the people heckle. You doesn't work out well formed well case. Only people are rooting for the heckler. If the hacker is a good point, look people have had called me and said holy now, laugh along with its like. As long as we're. Not feeling anything, the real problem is people that wanna heckling, you're filming. You know it can filming something like don't yeah you're funny, but you're not funny like to not for like posterity it, alcohol, it's all alcohol. So, like you get a couple of drinks in your hands, funny shit to say to- and you know you got, you got the only funny one ball and I'm not bald man up here telling me what's funny. I know what's funny and I'm not, and sometimes people have good points, but that's the beauty of live performances. You know you live in this world where from ready start who knows what's going to happen, you press
start in like this thing goes off in its own little journey and you have this idea of the way you're going to steer it and you're bringing up subjects and you making people laugh, but anything can happen. Anything happen do when I saw you last. I saw you in Seattle and you know I want to say this, but the people destroyed this by saying it. We laugh my wife and I laughed so much. No one ever pointed this out: it hurt my stomach. You hurt my stomach feel like I laughed so much it hurt. I love it so much. I cried like I shut up, but, like we last my stomach hurt my stomach muscles hurt. That's as good as a person could ever get yeah. That's the best, not literally. I had like stomach where afterward we're talking about our stomach muscles like we're doing AB is like we have been doing a bunch of crunches. Caller is a crazy, are former
it's a crazy art form. It was a it was like because we're like in the mix of it man. We have three kids that are under ten it's hard. Everything is hard and we went to see you. It was just like. We went to see you, we watch your shit. It was just for you know for this like glorious, whatever animal sixty minutes. Forty five minutes, I looking like having fun that the best was really it's really nice and laughing his stuff that we thought what makes it especially in in especially cathartic, is there laughing about stuff that we felt like we're not supposed to laugh about, but at this moment you have this a epiphany like all you know what, though, but it is funny
it is funny and it's okay, because you're with three thousand other people and everyone's drunk yeah, like you know, we're on the same page, but it is funny yeah, but also like this, that you can be a good person and laugh at things. The ridiculous in that you probably shouldn't be laughing at these things are possible. Now we loved it, this art form of Kerr, that is the art form of comedy. You know that my favorite kind of calm in my favor con com is fucked up. I mean I love all kinds of comedy if somebody like it is like a Jerry Seinfeld. You ever notice, like that's great to me, he's an artist and he figures out a way to craft these things. You could take your kids to your grandma, but I'm a Joey D S fan yeah. I like that kind of like Kennison I like I like prior. I like that kind of comedy I've told you this before, and I've told your listeners this before. Not the excuse me, then I don't mean to wrap your own show, but I gotta go. But ah you didn't like this one. I felt like you didn't like it when I said it before, but you're car comedy
a position. I think you'd like. I think you didn't like this, because it sounds you you're modest. How do you know if I'd liked? It is it? But your body, language comedy, comes from a position of strength. Watch comedy comes from a position of self loathing with self loathing's funny. I can't get it up. I can't please my girlfriend right, I'm a horrible husband right. It comes from self loathing, but to have someone come at comma from a position of strength is unusual because the formula is it it's self deprecating, I'm so pathetic, but to have comedy coming from an individual who isn't mired in self loathing. The really fresh angle- and I feel like I brought this out too but or- and you seem dumb- they seem to not dig it. I probably just didn't want to talk about myself
yeah, it seems like you, don't wanna talk about comedy. Could you come from a position of strength to find just jokes? If you came from a position of self loathing, you would have luxuriated in the compliment right, probably like well. Thank you. I never thought about that way. I guess I'm ok! I guess. Okay, so there's a compliment for you. It's tricky business. You gotta go film and some shit with Brian counting yeah. When we get together. What do we do in come on? Well, I've been a long time. I know I know last time I haunted turkey hunting or was it Alaska Turkey? But if you remember, I propose you not long ago. I was asking about your availability to hunt Elk in September, but he had to have two hunts. I hope one I see I have the that's the thing about having kids in the family and everything like that. What I would like most is to bring you and your family up to my fish check for few days. Let's do it because I think our children, let's do that. Kids, like kids yeah. Let's do that. Let's do that
into that and, like I said my youngest fucking loves, fishing will have a great time. It'll be good. Stephen Steven Alwayson Gentlemen Mediator mediator, bourbon coming soon Elk Shank in house, the mediator, Parterres Wilczek media, buy gas everywhere and live tour, as you guys are doing, live podcasts everywhere, which I enjoy as well great. Thank you. Bye. Everybody. Thank you for answer tuned into the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to athletic greens, delicious good for you and they've got you covered with nutritional insurance, ladies and gentlemen, and so easy to take these little packets on the road with you and you can get twenty free travel packs, valued. Seventy nine dollars with your first purchase when you go to athletic green dot com, Slash Rogan! You can also claimed this offer in the UK in Europe using the same url. That's athletic greens,
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