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#1358 - Sober October 3

2019-10-02 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer & Tom Segura to discuss their 3rd annual Sober October challenge.
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We fear the great and powerful Tom Segura and Burt pressure. We had a time I hope you enjoy it as well. Please give it up for the sober October crew. Broadcast Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day no way is that in its lax to Burbank, what you doing- copper, rented helicopter last night how much thousand dollars it cost you more in that thousand dollars to go where we going lax so to skip coming up check out blade. What what do? Why do you want to go? We were both wrong home for less than twenty four hours dis trip and I was Anakin, and then I was like what is it cost to get a helicopter? My assistant Andrew my cousin Andrew, was like, check and he's like it's not that expensive here one thousand dollars. I was like
have a fabulous shoot. Some videos will get in helicopter wow, and so we just got a video to promote date. What does it cost to fly straight to Burbank and can't flight from lax to Burbank? I mean from wherever you work yeah. We got a connecting me well just to put it on just provoke dates. No, no! It just skip it's two. Thirty seven. You skip the four or five yeah. You know what what were you going from Atlanta to la last night at five o'clock like we're going to be in our traffic for two hours like I'm going get home. I won't see the girls there to be asleep, and so I was like it. Let's get a helicopter, in they grab you at from the door of the play only drive you on the across the tarmac over the helicopter in your home in ten me and it was it sunset. It was beautiful, big thing that we are your there's actually like three or long island. No, you can even fly airport. You go to JFK newer three yeah. No, you go from MID. You can go from downtown to these blades stations and fly to JFK a man seems cool
if you can, if you can record around it, has marketing and our kids to like a lifestyle in New York. It's way way less expensive because those are pools. So it's like on its on a rotation going, these buying a seat you're not you're, not doing it for yourself no, but I was, I do to go to a gig in New York, so I did I was in New York and it was to go to Jersey. So I skipped all the rush hour traffic If you were really looking for thirty, but they said you can go to if you're going out of JFK, you can do it that way too. Our earth is dying other private okay. I was made an article about that today. Do you know, like people keep saying we need to stop eating meat, save the environment yeah. Do you know that greenhouse gases, only nine percent of all greenhouse gases. Nine percent are because of agriculture. Less than half of that is because a week of meat, what is it farm? Less than half of that is because of beef, so
you're, literally dealing with like three. What's all the greenhouse gas emissions from them, pollution cars dot com, Vietnam, helicopter copter, rides big helicopter out? You go to Vietnam and they're burning their trash in the front yard. Oh my god. That's crazy, everything on treat every is a. It is a piss off fire compared to what is happening in the rest of the world. Welcome just the thing is the can't save the world by not eating meat. Just to let everybody know right. The thing is coming from the guy just gotta, won ton elk, well, that animals of wild animal there's nothing to do with animal agriculture. Yeah, it's probably about eight hundred pounds coming at us. One hundred so cool. You don't carry that out now what we got lucky that we get a ranger to it, so we had a quarter it up and we put in the back one of those four wheel drive things in the contract. It got it out of this is recently. This is real, is gone. Where was this one? You talking about it is quite a lot right front yard. Do he does regular man?
Not me? I definitely want some hardly do give you some elk sausage before you leave here, I'm going to punch you just like one hundred pounds, nothing crazy, but I can give you one hundred pounds four hundred pounds of meat through much meat where you bring home like fuck, this no room in the fridge. No, because I have three commercial freezers here and I have two at home, you really do. I guess that you really do eat it though 'cause you're always beat the fuck outta. Do it in your grill on someone, that's good makes you healthy. It looks so good, so put an instagram picture of my plate and made like shows his plates. You know nice steak, kimchi, jalapenos, avocado posted it and fucking everyone's like Rogan Rogan Rogan is like you're known for what your plate looks like do you eat healthy I am now times now. I lost I'm down twenty one. Really do have a legitimate right. I went to the cardiologist and he was like this is dumb, really he's like a man, you get a fatty liver. I heard you talk
the black stripes yeah about that. What's right for the white, no, not the white stripe black! He is he's always with the black and the white the worst year. The funny we do we give our no no, the liver is at the beginning. He said you're crazy to test my lovers. I mean I'm not having a heart attack a lot once you're, that's no joke! You lost how much total! Well that's crazy in the in the last. How long in one month are you down below? I didn't drink the big thing around I worked and I got a hot spin every day and I was home, and so I wasn't talking hospitals like hot yoga, but you're spending, let it heat on some grease. Well, some yeah took a british all the hot sweatshop in collects lake shop with two bees entity, yeah
cultural appropriating slave labor let for some rich, suburban people to wait. I don't exercise because switch up the real thing. As far as some of his stance was talk here Tell Marin, so you can go into that and wait. What did the doctor say? Will you say what he said yeah, so you got a fatty. He did a sonogram of my organs every time he does like a sonogram of 'em your use, your livers. Looking fatty, I said I like a mais drinking years, notes: 'cause, you're, two hundred fifty eight pounds and he's like it's most common thing I see when I go and work as a doctor for like clinics as like this donate done time. He was everyone's got a fatty litter, it's just the band. That is the cause of the beginning, revered your for health, and I I just it freaked me out and I was like no boo-
use, Noche, snow, sweets, no sugars, no pastas, no breads and I was like a movie: I'm gonna lose weight, but also a month night. I had like a couple drinks for me. For me. Sorry, we're gonna set this up like like when the Navy seals get to ring the bell to quit. We're gonna set this place up with ice, in vodka capture, not just leave it all away in our table, easily tap out. First, we were sitting out there most the game by quitting that we were thinking that we kind of cheated by. Consider ours. Well, it's already done well high and these cigars anyone reading it's our result: crawler Khumbu
We were hoping that you guys are not telling to get one or any one of us cheated, and we love lay guess what you're right. You losers twelve o'clock flight tonight, so you're, no sugar, no pasta, no booze or very little, but very little boom. That's great twenty one, with very little Friday Saturday, like I drink on Friday or Saturday. But how much did you Jennifer not much? Because all of this I get it, I get super I get like so with the first team Friday centers that interest post through you were getting an ivy because by the way way, do I tell you what happened that backfired on me big fucking time? Why why'd you need it, though. Let's start with, let's start with with ARI, slipping me Molly, let's start there, You slept on yeah. What are you doing? What are you doing? How much stuff how did you do it? Where was this?
It was at my house, my house, in front of my children in the state where his shot before we started empty attic. Capsule could put it into a shot you out of your mind. Are you yeah yeah? yeah I was. It was great. No was it was great. It was not they're making me go on this stupid said it Jones. What kind of sociopath are we friends with? He did it to punish me because I have to be sober. You don't give up molly, you only giving up alcohol, I don't do molly 'cause. I could bring the doctor and he said hey it's time to get healthy. I agree so yeah. I agree. You don't think it's fucking crazy that you would do that. I bet like at your college. Roommate. You do is college roommate at the Molly tested like where you buying this models on it from my Molly dealer. It's a great, followed by a two right wing yeah. High pressure, high cholesterol, guys. Your all time would want to kill you now. You fucking Wanna, kill he wanted for about ten minutes. So I wanted to kick that that he was fine How fun was it
another positive molly? Are you it's fucking? I was only turn off light at night. King plane, going like wins is going fucking, stop 'cause. I didn't the orange juice kicks it back up from drinking orange juice. Kicks about vitamins happens. Now we do ours just on the plane and drink in trying to get hydrated, because I'm all Molly and some drinks and she knows and drink and Tito's when you're on Molly, hey Joe Joe I didn't get mine is ok. I didn't pick the Molly, but you already knew you were on it yeah and I was having so panic attacks 'cause, I don't do Molly and I'm thinking that kid died for Molly in Mexico that comedy writer yeah. I don't think it was that he died for Molly and I'm sitting there on the storm. Forty six or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I'm on pain, meds. It was great he's noticed how great his wife looked at him. So she's awesome I've got a great yeah. I was deathly normally window click here to find it. I do you do this a lot like drinks ever done it before really yeah the first time in
what made you well, because I don't really want to do the sobriety things. You mean the my worst him to do a surprise. Yeah he's right wing it for for a job on hard party, drug. We have agreed that Tom, or would you only user to burn? He said he do it to you. If this podcast was yesterday, then yeah you would have all been dosed. You seriously yeah I said to him. You know not to this to Joe when he goes one hundred percent. I would yeah it was like yesterday when it broke up sobriety. What do you do that we just offered to us yeah yeah? Why why this wouldn't take it the way he take it you I can offer to your a grown up. This child you're not a grown up. How may? How would you be if you got spike I'd be very mad. If you at your house, it was your lab had something to do. The problem is, if you have something to do that, that's out the window. Look good! Thank you. We were planning a junkrat, the podcast I'm going to go play on having a couple with you and then having getting out of my house having dinner my children rely,
acting getting on a plane and going on tour. Instead, that's crap, you had so much fun Your fake anger take longer in this. I would. I would want here's what I did was. I will you side with this are thank you so I will say that I appreciate end of story. Thank you. He says not! That's not what I heard. He said how much he likes being on my side. Look. I would like to be on your side too, but I would be enraged calls he said he's going to call Tom is going to really matter. You know Tom is going to die laughing instantly. Now he's giving matter how many times you done Molly me yeah, I don't think I've ever know. None zero, zero yeah! You total, when I was get kid, did access he. Yeah. I guess ok, so I've never done Molly. I've never done. Molly is just pure ecstasy. Yeah I've never done. Molly is way better. It's better for you. If you yeah, once like like, like you put that are in your lip or it took pills
The problem is the next day. Thank you. I was soda. The next day, I remember being in a coffee shop. Trying to read a magazine I couldn't read. Couldn't I couldn't I couldn't take a pair I would try to read a paragraph and then start over again. I would try to read it again, you out of your mind, or even they start over, get that bomb. That night I went on stage that night to go on tour. I had to go on tour to what twenty eight for people that night on the next I know Molly and I was like I give you two chose and we're not coming off of drugs, and I was like like mother, like I'm shaky, I couldn't think I was like you can't think straight yeah. Once you do get off that. That's the thing is like you're, dumb you're. Well, your brain juices off I can squeeze it out. You don't think I mean like you. Definitely right see that spiking, a girl's drink is not okay right for sex. Yeah. That's not okay, but just for groups.
Oops now have your friends. What in the right circumstances, weather right, listen, listen, listen! Bill! Cosby little bit, doctor horrible over here, your little fucking only pulling sex into it. If it's just for fun. Good times what is the right circumstances where you'd be able to drug save a bunch of people are out and then ever was going to do acid and then, some part is all it: somebody's always like kinda like express interest in acid, and then you don't know if they're gonna do not use like I'm the I- and I know you you would like this. You took them. I think you know it's not okay, right now. I know, I know you regretted it after you did it the name today. I think you felt bad about it. I felt no I thought did rate at the how you taxed and Tom did too you were like: hey man had a great time the other day, but I told you what to take five htp, scrape great stabilizer. Nothing help to
to get all this lead to the ivy. Is this with Balenciaga, because I was like I was just was shaking and I was like. I don't feel right like your mother last night, you didn't sleep on the plane. I flew all through the night, didn't sleep, just fucking than did up your shows. I don't know, I don't know. No I think so I mean I, I pull people think and people think I'm hammered on stage anyway, and so, but what happened was I couldn't the whole week and they kept trying to just write the boat by going like, and you do that without you just gotta. Do it by like getting off we can of sober October and it just. I that's why I'm like right now, I'm just like Wolf Talk, MRE, I'm sorry. I I'm not sorry. I really know it yeah. Are you serious great how the tide, that I'd be more sorry, who's podcast with yours, mine, they out great, Molly yeah. I tell you the fucking I'll. I will never. I love this man, Joey D.
As I called I called you called. You know. I called I'm panicking in a panic. You called me I didn't get it. I was. I was on stage and it right and then I call back okay after Tom called me back and then Joey D. As I said, are you just? Let me molly and always has I'll, be there in ten minutes again the house in the house, so it means, like you, told this story is going to be fine. I was told stories the sun. I was going over his shoulder and just setting so beautiful that he's like a fucking like he was a God. He shouldn't do that are but the top the good parts, though It is beautiful. You're, like you're, like a guy that ripped going, give you like dick right. If it was in you, you like dicks in you. What was with that with you, whether or not I do we do as as he told the stories of starting comedy. What's that can be, you know what he's doing what he's like see? it's a good night. It was so great. It was so fun hi, my I can't I can't I this 'cause. I don't want kids here in this going or
but it's Savage Orisha fear. Now, no I'm not going to spike my friends drunk good point, because I know I can release podcast fucking podcast, because I don't want anyone going like what is. I am in a good mood. I'm Molly yeah, I'm high, as you don't want anyone getting actually representation of what Miley does to you. I don't want kids, are you over a train I will park about? You drugging me, it's not about me. Taking mall. I think you've expressed that you were against it on the podcast, the views of this Podcast do not represent the you know how hard it is to be your friend the idea. It was so great to see you all smiles, but it was really a moon. Never you never does to anybody before be naturally, but at one moment does Burt yeah. I realize how great a bad to take out you got that letter. If you went to Tom's house still parked. Yes, you have the Molly, I anything you would does them okay. He says he was was different. He Tom alone hasn't really, I feel like he's not. The reason I have to do this month is about
where I do blame you a lot more then, let's not, but I'm down. I don't want to be. I want to be scared to be around general trust. You again. That's a one time only things just get the ice. That's a one time only thing you've got to not do that again. Dude, I'm concerned about leasing the podcasts, I'm wondering if there's like someone's going go, that's actually cool. Let's fucking the police. This podcast wouldn't exist. That's a really good outside cast the entire time, we're doing it. We're smoking weed from the beginning of the podcast ten years ago, yeah those only we'd, only been legal. Since two years ago, Tyler laughed like crazy when you heard about it well among the phone in a green room and he's like or respect my drink. I was there, so I didn't know like really what was going. I didn't know he was even serious, phone he's, got a hydro flask his name on it, let alone like a little kid was a little kid only knows my drink turn it turn into some services. So you like a little kid when no book this is
furniture, a crane, the first yeah he said he went, I went to the stockroom couldn't be around my kids. I just take it my kids at night high as fuck. My daughter's room. She's got these lasers that makes stars on ceiling and you did blowing up I'm just like okay It's like I'll turn it up. I go turn this up daughter. She gave me a hug and I was like fucking beaming. I was like a smell, her hair and I was like God I fucking love you. It sounds awesome and I'm like and in my head. I'm, like Joey, said to me, they goes you would have already had. Your stroke would have already happened. He is a doctor, nobody, nobody in those moments. In those moments, it helps just panic, attacks right right, right, so Island, Georgia, hugs and kisses goodbye, give Leanne longest kiss goodbye, and it's been my definitely until midnight. It's like. So the clock. I can't be in the I can't be around them. It's I'm like talking quick, I big ideas, and so then I go the. How was the shower showers, pretty
yeah sure was pretty. I can't deny mollies down. Fucking amazing is just the surprise element. Is the size the comedowns not worth it in my opinion is not worth it at all, but then went to the store and I just hung out. I just had this, so I need to be somewhere like the kinds of what is the way to the airport yeah. So the only place they plus nine thirty, the source right side of the story like an hour drinking comedy yeah comedy store. So he went on Molly to the comedy store yeah. I just went there to hang out in the back room. He came in all angry or and then David Spade was there and he loves celebrities. There is like what happens like it's fun store. Let me tell you I did was killing in the green room. It was killing by the way I took it on stage and it destroyed on stage. But, but I bet you were high on Molly onstage know know, know, know, know told about getting. Oh, that he told the next day when you're doing your shows?
I see the socks that what what what do I got to do? I it to some land mines were both done with it. That's good! You should do that. You get raped, That's the the new machine. It's uh, they will won't be a man. Why so negative, because it's amazing I go, maybe that your new thing really taking shirt off people just spike your drink. Oh, my god, he just started. I would say that's how my God, no way out of this podcast spike, don't say that don't do that Lerias! Now you cannot accept drinks from anyone. So one time only thing with our fuckhead fans. It happened it I'm done it's over.
If you get a chance you have to apologize. That is a one time thing. I listen! I'm sorry, I'm glad a great time with you, but I'm sorry had to come to me doing it behind your back cut that fucking thing off your wrist, but but I'm glad we did. It was so much fun at some point. It goes who was like to get angry. There goes how's. Your eyes are great. Let me see those eyes uniform thanks I'll, be a better place if everybody was on just a smidge just to image of Molly. All the time, probably a lot more empathetic world didn't give full dose. Welcome thanks for the best The best is he goes. I store I'm talking to Tony Hinchcliffe and I He would never done it to anyone else. Who only would have done it to me any. That's not true. That's not true. I said. Would you do this Rogan? He goes one hundred percent. I would never have thought for dinner. Yes, I know you enjoyed his house, you wouldn't spike his drink and then go home, and if he forced me into a thing where I give up things, I love for a month, then yeah
he would have got it. Sorry is and has been managed to- and I I list I'm probably going on here. Besides him that listens to his podcast, Us News, podcast, I do ARI, gets fucking furious at you Bert. For this then fucking. Let's stop you got me. You got me proud October. You can be really mad at him for that so mad so mad he got so mad. I didn't even do anything he drink just as much after October's before it never curbed anything. What are we still doing? This for he's got a point that the whole reason why we did in the first place was to try to over you up and we don't think they'll do it. He had no problem at all right. So, are we announcing that, on the first of October, we're done? Listen. No one has a problem here, except Bert, a glass of wine with with dinner, maybe two isn't like shot. I like a shot of whiskey before I go on
stage, that's nice to know like a beer while I'm on watching the Yankees, I'm not a drinker in the sense of I don't get drunk a lot. If I get dry once a month, it's a crazy month like drunk it's usually somewhere, where I'm with you guys or something which is maybe a podcast. Were we just start doing drinks yeah you just get like I've always wanted. You just get like a buzz like a little boy, other than that. You are fine and I stopped work out too much into healthy, I'm I'm! I you know getting up in the morning most mornings, I'm either doing yoga or I'm running or lived in way. It's in doing cardio. I just can't take the beating the any fifty two. It's not fun. You know the beating your body of alcohol, the beating of as you get older, it's harder to recover from things hard to recover from workouts hard to get back into shape. But if you stay in shape, that's the whole thing is staying in shape. Have you stay in shape and take care of your body? You can get you? Can
a lot more life out of your body than most people. Think right. Let's see it's inevitable that your body fall spartan weather my body falls apart at sixty or seventy, whatever the fuck the year is going to be it's going to happen, but right now it works great. So my thought is right. Now, I'm not going to fuck it up do a little bit of booze. I like a little bit, but I can recover from a little bit no problem sure and there's a lot of studies that show that, like a little bit of wine in particular glass of wine or two, is that there's some benefits to the sexism health benefits it didn't it, but the also the US pushing this month because has become more about the like camaraderie in the challenge aspect and not really about needing so bright right what he needs, it will stop hey, no problem, real, quick I've, no problem quitting you're you're you're correct by he actually having less than he does because he's spiking people try
to get back to them. 'cause they won't. Let him drink. Well, he's just angry at you because he likes to drink in October, and he actually doesn't have a problem that I threw drugs. You don't leave do drugs for you, my dude riding on this criticism right here in this box. I got mushrooms, I got acid, we can get party and we can get partying you guys. We can get crazy. How about we talk to, except for acid, you can nibble on acid the whole set for mushrooms with a micro though so I would for me I would just be like hey: can we just do animals all month, but just a way for everything else that yeah love animals one drug? Only my I like I like a couple of pumps, the old thc spray just to palm Beach, is the skies brighter, love the Clouds publisher, like low Miller. Does I love that name and walk around afterwards, like a mild buzz? Yes, yeah, I like it, you don't
try to get high before you go on stage. I hate it. How many times that I make you too many, but that was the worst experience of my life he's like you did great great, though that wasn't thinking you're scared as fuck. Well, that's the only thing that I've learned from actually from other comics doing it like all the time and saying like I brought Geoff Tate with me and he gets high as fuck- is that he after awhile, that panic thing just dissipates and then he's in the pocket right like in the zone. Yes high up there. I could see that being fun too yeah, but I don't have to I I I prefer after show. You know it's dangerous for me, the first weekend after Sober October, because my body is clean, yes super and the weed hits you so hard, so you're onstage going okay. Why am I even talking about yeah, it's gonna, it's gonna read you again November
yeah, I'm going to be in Europe for that order, really it yeah we're going to be in Denmark I'll be in London that day and the next day go to Dublin and they're going to get fucked up now. You're gonna bombs come on come on. Mister, single Italian, oh yeah, I know even sober all month were doing it, though right on that table right there. This whiskey, I'm to bring the bell now he's not gonna, do not every It could be a seal yeah some people bring the Bellary just type out already want to ring the bell. There's just nothing. Just so wait. Why do you want to continue this? What do you care? Why do you like the struggle? The same reason why it went back to his phone? He wants to see it to handle the cell phone. You know your head of the month right to handle someone to of sobriety. I can handle it, but I won't enjoy it as much going to Yankee X, games and party. We kept thinking like our
Franklin Mills to an animal or something it's not the worst Illinois' all you have to do this hold your breath. He almost black out and then catch your breath again. They keep doing that to the whole game or because you're saying Justin or just green light, people malian you and then, if not, you didn't do it. That's right, green light people giving you ask such corrected. You've you absolutely not that I'm a big drinker. You have ruined me, accepting a drink from in forever forever I mean people were coming up with drinks. That's not great. I would get scared, leaving my drink around like a group like a lot of good yeah yeah, the girls men. When they go to bars, they get scared taking a drink from a man and they sure yeah. They should how many people do. You know that I've been drugged- and I know I know couples yeah, I I know a bunch of girls. I know at least three or four girls that have said something happened. I gotta get out here and they tell their friends and then the guys like like
is moving close like hey she's. Fine yeah is that right now it was like it was like a ghost dad. I knew there was he tasted weird. I would do a shot within a shot in the shot, the tasting. I guess I did taste it. You know it's a funny I walked in and ARI was he looked like a doctor? Jekyll like he was doing something I know what you're doing and he was like I'm making a shot. So I went ok, just my back to you using like two shots of scac, I have the meat getting Molly on my phone. Like a movie, I hate he put it on Instagram and him Marley and me is this crisis. It's like having a lead and then I can update your psycho and then I can. I try to put myself in like in the mind frame of how upset I would be Would you have done if bird had a stroke, good question, you got a very the footage. You can't, that footage first thing, so you gotta get in his phone. You gotta get whatever is big record. How do you know what his password is? You, gotta figure? you stick up his face in their face id yeah
half of it's gonna be limp. The white sauce witching and get a white the farther away or is trying to keep her face on waking up. Yeah. Wake up I need, I need your help. Thank you. Delete delete everything out of there. Now you feel terrible. I feel terrible yeah for sure for sure I don't know what by, though, because I never happened so worth the now which so You want a new appreciation of your family friends, new yard, but you do realize that last year was kind of like the idea of being sober part of it was for you last year, year old two years ago, two years ago, well two years ago, was the weight loss. No that's where we started two years ago, two years ago it was horseshit years ago. Z, origin of this challenge was like Bert. Can you not drink, but I was that was for you, though right one hundred percent and by the way I didn't think I didn't think I'd be able to do it, and I will say that at the time I was
drinking so fucking much and I didn't. I was unaware of how much I was drinking and when you guys said that in here I want kinda like woke me up and I was like fuck, I really I'm drinking tea was by myself at night. I just like to go to bed and is a great way to cut my drinking 'cause. You guys made it camaraderie ask, and so I didn't feel like all from me and I did it and it did change yea I drink it. Hundred percent changes where drink that last year strap that's gonna change when it shows you how much you sleep, it's wireless sobering because you can't lie yeah, but you look at it for hours and thirty minutes. You know I like is that sent me the sent me notification that, like like you, should, should try to this like it was late and I'm watching tv go to sleep. You should be in bed go to bit. Where is mine, I gotta put it on top. There go grab it by the pool table, yeah, set it up. What but yeah and then last year was last year was more about the competition. Yes nine. Zero was like a side thought that she got crazy.
Intensity. We decided to not do that this year we got, I can't yeah. Well, it's just Competition was to see absorbing too much time, and it's just it was hard. It was a lot. It was really hard. It was so hard you need drive to make you work out ha well that That's one way of doing it, but I don't think that would hey be careful, don't just stab you know. Do it up here by the cure shirt. Do it by your neck, hold on hold it under your chin imagination. You take your wrist and then make your risk. You can see we're trying to be angry in a Molly, but also going like box is going to be a great podcast goddamnit. You know, I don't yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do it by your. I put it by your eye, have you gone back and listen to it kind of made a subset. Really yes, I see I can see me panicking I can see me going like I all as it was Fox. Are you? Why would you do that like I'm on? blood pressure medicine we
the guy who had a stroke because he took by and it counteract with this thing and now he can't use his left arm rest, I'm just sitting there going one of my biggest fears the doctor told me I need to lose weight was what, if have stroke. Then I just can't workout and be active like what. If it was the steak, away from me, I can't throw the ball with the girls. I can't bike riding, because the left side of my body doesn't work- and can I am despite what anyone thinks I'm active and I like working out, I like being outside like running and that's what sketch was scared, the shit out of me and that's why I started losing weight. I gotta be honest with you. Thank God. I lost that weight and when he did that because if he done that one of two hundred and fifty eight that could have been you'd be done and I've done the hot spin for a whole month and been healthy for a whole month. I was like I litera in the podcast I go okay, my ekg was fine. My on bomb blood took baby aspirin. Today, that's going to help, I was like okay.
And I was going to the checklist to try to calm myself down, but thank God, What's that wakes, I don't know what would happen if, if I had lots of waiting to get Molly me yeah yeah, I'm sure you do it or it's gonna. Take you a second to figure out yeah. I got that so, yes, lip the other, the other side of it, give it some time I get it, yeah, that's not cool! Already! Don't do that. We do yeah, ok, alright! Now we know but He was at angry that you lost all this weight for the weight. Challenge and then you not really healthy. During sober October, but then you got bigger than ever and that shit what's my name, is it pop it up, and I couldn't popular had a hard time popping up to my bro, I broke it when I will do this after the podcast Hari there you go there, you go. Oh wow, Jesus Christ.
Faggot! Sorry, sorry, if anybody identifies with that word There you go so I do. This is like that. So put your through it, put on your left wrist or right wrist over the top like watch- and I put down I'll go and push that thing over the top lock in place snap. It snap it down. And then you had the right way there. It is. This is. This is a riveting podcast pro bad ones- we're fine! That's going to show you a lot. I started wearing mine quite a long time ago, so I wear a couple of months ago. So, you guys all went out sober october- is that one, it sure would be lovely one out. That's what you sound like that you're! Not look! I'm trying to get you guys to quit sounds like about the ring. The bell I couldn't
I could make over four about going sober forever after October. Actually, oh really worry about that. Will open till the special definitely would about November shirt on forever to how about that Nope keep your shirt on. Are you gonna get jacked? What, if you get in really good shape when you're with me in the briar patch? What if you did? but if you're, to take your shirt off, but it won't look good, But if you, if you take your shirt off on stage and you have a six pack, people can get angry with you. Then I can transfer money. Okay The reason why it's funny, because you're overweight in your he got you, take your shirt off everybody's laughing. No, I don't think I think I take my shirt off and I don't think people look at my body throughout the rest of my set. Making jokes like look at who these you know. I'm. Up doing stand up. They look at it If the other look at me,
yeah one thing: the thing: is you take your shirt off yeah I like taking my shirt off. I understand, but if you will, but if you got skinny, would you still take your shirt off That's what I'm saying yeah I like taking little six pack. No, if you have you couldn't do it I'll? Do whatever the fuck I want no way ever chat about. It was angry at you and he's taken out on us. Give me that thing again. You don't know the fuck you're doing his anger. Is you know what to expect? You can't take your shirt off. If you have a great body yeah you can, but first I know Is that really a thing we can worry about? We talking about like starts getting his six pack level yeah, you know it's just not gonna happen. What can you do it? Would you gonna get a six pack now? Why not because I've never had a six pack in my entire life, even when I was in high school, so loud concerned amount of getting a six pack? Now? Is your big chance yeah? I gotta do that, but I think if you stick to this sobriety and work and now you're going to be sitting up on your own,
no time you know all right, so we wait. What's so what we gonna do. Are you back last year for a little bit, you know mid mid thrust. I would get one made threats: the phone in okay, it's on right now, so it's gone. Okay! So put your wrist through that there you go now push that side over the top in the land, but down so the Was up over here yep like that? No download the app okay yeah yeah yeah. I know you got a phone, you can actually do it. I got it from a real phone to it. It's wonderful! Having access to uber yeah, it's great yeah can you text people without somebody getting a fucking, hernia yeah yeah, I mean there's the t not depart still upset. It'll come up set red in the face loss of memory of a great time. It was.
The thing about having a six pack more than I could take a shirt off to a? You got really super jacked and ripped and look good on stage. It should be like that was, but I would recommend you wear in a clown suit, yeah, if you're, if you're super ripped it's known once the yeah, you can't do that negative for you know, does it Jamar? Does that who? What to morning oh, really good, yeah he's super. Just super jacked Earl did rose petals shirt. Yeah. That was really funny. You have sub suit in a gold chain on he ripped tomorrow. Also on a stage does he just with like, suppose Jackson was wearing tank, tops and yeah. I think so I looked. I don't think it stopped. Anything is even better. No sir different animal. That short, though yeah he got yoked like the whole thing back in the day, was, if you're my so you can't be a comedian. What does global got muscles and everyone's, like is no longer funny right? I know you looking almost all the comedians are like work out work and
yeah. When I was starting out, I used to wear big baggy shirts. You still do it yeah, but a really baggy like ridiculously baggy. Now I just wear things that are loose. But you're trying to make it not a distraction right, yeah, yeah, I've, worn tight things on stage before it's very distracting to me even yeah! That's thing is if it's a yeah, it's my own head. If it wasn't my own head it, wouldn't I'm sure people don't care it's like that's half The thing is whether or not your comfortable on stage if you're uncomfortable doesn't matter what you look like yeah, I could smell. I think, like ultimately he's the most comfortable being like he's so shirtless shirtless yeah, you don't even think about it. So you know it starts off. I found them at the common story. The last time we did it together. I couldn't get my phone out look enough insured on before even hit the mic, the Templar taking it off, but you don't take it off in the or r o is different, as I'm sure it says, zero does what sets it's like. It's like fifteen minutes in the main room. We took it off him in rooms. Different, I feel like the main room. They've come and pay the ticket to see a show
the or is like people come in and out. No one knows who the fuck you are, but the main room, it's like just like guys coming from Canada, presentation five in the main to present yeah I mean it's like it's like it is like almost like a theatrical feel yeah. The show there's also like she was the last one with weights when I don't want to make sure I'm I'm very uncomfortable, and so I can find out what I can find out. What is working better, easier. Okay, that makes sense you, member the first time you did it. What was the worst time it in Columbus? I ripped off. I used to rip it off. I just stage rip it off and everyone cheering and just put it back on and one time ripped it off, and I forgot. About we started talking about something, and then I was like. Oh shit, I put my shirt on and this one goes, keep it off. I was like fuck it my whole. My whole hour was probably like nine years ago. I did a whole hours shirtless. How long ago There's a point nine years ago: hello, yellow is it was before you do it all the time. And then and then I started doing it start You know on the road and it was just
no just made me really couple, I, whatever shirt or sweat, you see sweat pits in it the noise, and I don't need that doesn't happen. When I take my troubles, what all I see that with you a lot of times we just like standing still yeah. This was white snow from the part from the exertion. You know, yeah, like just talk and stuff Are you talking shut off you liked it? I do like it yeah I like him get off when I'm walking around shirtless you're, always like in the sun for sure feels great and hits your skin all time. Maybe we'll do a benefit were ever will raise and then we'll do short list stand up. This has been our suit and a host wait. So what? What? What are we settling on for this month? Everyone that we're doing hello, everybody first time, I'm in what are we doing? well what we decided over the phone is Monday. One addition is, we have to read five hundred pages and by read five I paid
I think we need read. We don't mean audiobook redirect, but I thought we just doing these classes now, we're doing the reading too. That's great. We, the reading too more read more classes of something we can be hot yoga. It could be two jets to can be spin hot spins, some classes so hip dance about top dance by the way, by the way, how great would have hit bought dance been now that you saw the video we should have done that, but your video is a great video. I knew what you were going to take your clothes off, that hip hop dance. Video was great. I also danced the dancing was ok baby cry. It was so good. I'm so shocked that people on the dancing was good. I was so angry I got
so upset. Why are you upset that people complemented him? There was great America's got talent reached out to me. Cheesus Christ juicy consider body Bro, Diego. Do you consider yourself more of a comedian or a dancer? I was like: do you not have a Google search engine on your? They want to bother with that. There monsters with a region of Facebook email me on my website. They probably have a million hyenas out there rummaging the nation trying to find people with any kind of town, so they can keep that monster alive. Yeah wait! The other thing is we. Let me agree that within these classes they don't necessarily have to be a physical strain. It's like a class of
anything, that's some class, this new right, better yourself, clam- and I were talking about- take in a tactical gun lessons that be great, so that, but I think that's a lot of work out, but it's still like last among class to be better off with it than without your fighting this year. It's about more about better. In ourselves, one things that I think we agree to and- and your wife actually reached out to me about their apparently currently and I can get together and do like a there, doing a podcast called so over Oxo over October for the month, because last year was insane. Yes, I gave your good ammunition. From the first episode and the wives, hey there is a mine did not world. She didn't like seeing that part of me either zoom light yeah, she was like your body, looks better but fucking so boring yeah, but shit. It's the livid when she found out that I got a roof roofied because Sober October, yeah she's, she was so she'll, never speak to already justifiably what me yeah
yeah ARI you're, the one she'll. Never Peter R again now our door is never allowed in our house. It's it's so bad! I I and that's what was sought as I had to take care of both of them. Okay, to take care of our even take care of them hi. This is great hello. This is like you bro, I think she's great. This is been a great moms or kids with kids. That's cool! All! Ok! Look at talking! Wonderful! You see the bright side things even when people hate you is awesome, always had your back. I think it is great. I think it's great enterprise temper, anger at me is not going to make me stop liking or so much so wait. Wait before I forget. So within the ten classes, you can't do more than how many of one class three right yeah you can do one class three times you could technically do If you write classics, three total minus that matter to you most in a little bit easier, the one thing over and over again yeah again
Aceveda and be done with it as long as you can do something I mean but like if you're doing, Ju Jitsu like say, if you decide to do just to learn it there's nothing wrong with doing six of them like that's how you get better or because if you do decide to do it and you get into it you're going to to do more than one a week too easy to do the same shit and not challenge yourself? You yeah are you just making the rules up well it's too easy to like not telling yourself that does it make. Do you the only be in touch with like a against our will? Kinda like you slipping a drug to us, I think If we, I think I should be one other element to it, is that you, because I was always been like this physical element to the whole month you should do something on your own that you don't talk about till it's over that you're doing to challenge yourself like the crucible in, to like. You know: yes, like you.
For instance, I'm not following like you like you like to run the hills. Yeah. So let's say: let's just say you go. I run it once a week, I every Sunday or something so for the month. You challenge yourself on your own to do it twice a week and at the November first you before she like. I took these classes. I read these books and I ran my hills twice a week or Thinking you know you go. I wanted to do a hundred push today. What, however, you want to do it that way, there's a that way! There's like some other physical element wellness throughout the month. Okay, some you challenge yourself to yet, but I'm I I think I can do this. I think we do coming back with basically a comment. Let you give up some of that. They do decide. That's right now, so is actually have for things to do. If you can only do three, no more than three give each one has to be for individual things. That's right, MIA yeah! I mean for thanks for
total break. You could write three. If you know the you could do spend you could do to just so you could do kick boxing, you could do yeah cross Fit, so you got to do four separate thing tactic. People want to do the tactical gun training. I have a gun and I haven't even put bullets in it really don't want say that now say I'm, I'm awesome shot. I just is yeah um yeah! I like this. I like the idea of mixing it up and I also like the idea that we're not going to go crazy. This is like something see the thing about. Last year's, like you, feel when all of us open ended yeah I mean I have eleven hundred points one day when you don't Eighty percent of your max heart rate for a minute. You get one point at one thousand one hundred points that was a nut, day, one hundred at eleven thousand said John Wick Fucking bathhouse scene. So it two times in a row and I just wanted to kill everybody. Wouldn't stop, no, no
I know, but I also felt like I was yeah is mentally and physically breaking down throughout the month yeah. I was getting really into it. Yeah I the thing it actually, if If you can build your nous, you'd feel drained yeah, but you would feel the cloud in your mind clear, right, yeah, we you and I talked about the chatter- internal chatter gone stresses stresses I yeah, I don't have nothing really working out. Nothing bother me didn't workout like three hours on my way back, I remember seeing my wife are. You could get this in a pill with this? Is this feeling of not giving a fuck like really not giving a fuck 'cause Jenner? I don't give a fuk about things, but man when I'm doing cardio for five. Hours a day. You don't give a. If you really don't give a you, don't get bothered by things by anything and the the stresses of life just really start to be lose any weight, though after we don't have any weight to lose, but I was, I thought it was going to get a bees. I thought I was,
going to get at least some weight loss because of I didn't lose a fucking pants alot. But what's with your body fat, it's gonna be like what seven percent, probably around ten around ten to do just cutting water. Then I was drinking all the water, but I was eating everything too, but I think I might have even gained a pound or two. I thought I was also not going to like. I was like watching what I ate as the week as the months started, and then, when it, when I saw how competitive it was going and like how crazy were is RB like six and seven days, working out yeah, it was anything and insight and I would- and I was never full never now. I was eating boxes- a cook.
He's really yeah yeah yeah in between work out yet just kept eating. I had a giant box of a now away. First ate the whole boxes, shove them down. My fat hole, yeah drink sold out like regular soda, which I never ever yeah name. I always drink diet. Coke. My November was back because I was eating like that, but still working out, and then I just kept eating like that yeah top working out, and it will happen to me yeah you got shredded for awhile do yeah. They told me to step on him, yeah yeah. I love that about it. For a little bit. You know yeah you're, the nice life Degroote. They tell me they're like every time somebody blows out because we had a member. They had the point thing at my gym. Every time a one like like the next month, there's such a dip and right like they're like, and then you broke that record for like the high.
As total and then the biggest dip ever that was like fuck this over it in November. To how long did you guys keep using the Myzone thing I'd put on once just to see what it was fucking brought back like anxiety makes you anxious, I used it for awhile and then I would not use that. Take it again and then recently I lost it and they're like oh, you know find I don't want to find it yeah I want to, and then I did find it and I was like I'm not putting it on That's not my when I moved in. I was like: don't talk touch it, you touch it but thought away. Yes, it's like a like the thing they found the exorcists when they brought a price is more of a report, though yeah you know it's. This is giving you a hard read very bill now. The talent is also telling you how much you were covered with having that are important. Yes, tell you like like. If you do a hard work out the next day, you feel like it's letting you know, hey your body's, not recovered. I think it's actually giving you accurate date,
because it's a your honor, you wear it all the time. So you know what you know the thing. I don't understand the thing, but you go to the website. The website explain everything, but it's pretty simple. If I were to arrive hours and forty two minutes, five sleep part is exactly only sleeping five out of eight hours sleep it. It really wakes you up man, I don't know what I did last night. I think I got like six hours last night, but the thing about it is like it's undeniable. This is not like gas works, so your your six point, eight hours sleep last night. Does you what you get when you have sex? Is it spy well the way I fuck bro? It thinks I'm working out No, I'm saying what is it? What was your activity? Joe? Did you work out today, not I have not I'm working out of its past activity day or day strain under the strain coach. Oh I'm! Six hundred and seventy four percent recovered. Oh well, that's good baby go six a I got six hours and thirty nine minutes of sleep which is pretty pretty decent.
Pretty good. I never I never sleep. Like I struggle with sleep, you know. And last night I got eight and a half hours do that's. Unbelievable yeah? If you can do that I had a guide doctor, Matthew, Walker, who really changed my opinion. That was the sleep guy the guy who did it what I love it was fastening from the jump like he started right away. X, he's excellent and he's a really speaker to is a professor here. Yeah thanks. You know it's too right. I don't think he's away Matthew Walker, professor at He originally from a his wonderful hair in the first five minutes, the the importance that he's the way he breaks and how important Berkeley directly except the way he breaks down, how important it is like it just hooks you yeah, I mean because he's just like it's basically the most important thing.
The most well, one thing: yeah yeah I mean, and as far as like people who regularly cat look for hours or less like how many of them get Alzheimer's, it's over the and brief through that really yeah, I'm a God through the roof, whatever it did, the charts it's off the charts, the numbers of people that get Alzheimer's that also have very mostly there's a definite correlation. It's bad bird come on bro we're going to get you healthy this month, I'm going to sleep more, but more well. That is one thing that that straps will, let you know 'cause. It will hold you accountable. When you look at the but it says: hey you slept for four hours last night fuck face you're going to go she's years really knows you know how my brain talks to me. I guess! Do you take sleep aids 'cause, that's also bad. Like you shouldn't mess with all kinds of stuff. Do you not all the time. I just on a rotation like sometime last night was it was nothing I've done,
b d oil, I've done well. Maybe the amount well tone, and I like the mail, that's all natural right, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've done that that helps I've done that I don't like ambient on which I don't like it. My then then extended as it does in Bahrain, really that I am drinking right, Ambien and Weed yeah blues. Read the men Ambien mix together, you don't know what the you're saying this yeah yeah, that's the that's a really wild It's a disassociative is isn't whatever it is. You start spewing. Xanax is. Is guys but have no idea how I have to deal with this by bus drivers, black and some guy comes up and goes to love you racism, some of US firms like what the for calling on my gosh. It is just any band, I've lost lost and because they they they are one of my friends published a lot of fans. What are you serious? What can I post anything with a a black person?
in it on Instagram and they start typing the n word and then how much people to you have Tom fans and then they man might like Do people find me through Netflix and then they like? I want to be a part of this wow. It sucks because of your mom's house. It's because I don't know it's because of a bunch of things, but regardless the Joe that I'm the most racist me in the world, it's a joke. I get it top ten there's nothing! You can do about it. You can't stop it yeah. Once you decide something, it happens, but it just stinks. Welcome, I bought a book a lot of people whose who say that stuff, yes, very much alike there was they've, makes memes that are really like fucking discuss. I think those four chan- type people and you just alike and people- don't know the people. I have friends that don't know about you guys. Just find me from Netflix and don't know about our friendship. I have a hard time believing that now for sure I will and I were matters Madison. The same time add up
as I be funny I'll, just like his show star before mine, and I was like I'll just go with a broom and sweep up and see who like goes nuts and like twelve people were like. Oh hi. No one else like now. I guess we're sweeping. I don't know when I was telling the Molly story. Onstage I send my buddy ARI should fear it's going. I love ARI, such a broad. It's a place you put out a netflix you know you can't, like I can say Joe Rogan, everyone. I would joke. You heard the other night. It's about you and I play Joe Rogan and everyone lose their mind because you are fucking global, but you get specifics like I mean I think, My friends know Tom. I think we share a lot of fans, but I think that's because of podcast too yeah, it's it's like the won't know ARI, which is bizarre to me because I assumed you want through this. Are you slipping? You need need more act, more active on social media. Gotta live your life. Are you still super antisocial social,
I'm trying another smart phone China for the month, but you know it's just going to post you're going to actually just a lot of those are thinking of like just here in a moment with people and you're. Thinking like what can I do? How can I stuff. It was a good thing or in a moment good things about twitter. You could post pictures of your hog right yeah. You can us got porn on it. They don't care which is kind of crazy. It is especially because they end up being like this person, wrote something not nice, and there you can, show your hog mister asshole, there's videos I'll be scrolling through my feet and I see a video someone take it in the ass but if you dead name someone it's over the ban, you for life, if you call
when Jenner Bruce you're done for ever to see the rose. How may times you congratulate yourself for being brave our she can gradually herself twice in just like you go. I think it goes to show you transcript of that. If I can do this, you can do anything doing what they come out of the closet in Wyoming and not get millions of yeah. Are you talking about massive amount of praise? Everybody forgets what a dummy she was yeah says: DOM dude yeah yeah do comes a celebrated woman in Ising great hook. Yeah I mean it's like when they interview or that's when you realize, like oh wait, a minute like your dick more on yeah does not yeah you're, just famous yeah, you yeah, that's it, but the ball with right. So there's no depth to any of it and then conveniently forgot that she just plowed into some lady enforcement traffic and killed her yeah wasn't
intention behind the wheel. What happened at this girl swept away now that swept away? I don't know how I got swept away with the whole being raised because she's trans, so basically you can tweet something a little racist like Roseanne Barr and you ruin your career. You can kill someone and never was like well whatever. Yeah rose is a bad thing. She was also a trump supporter that was part it generates compounded and the racist. By the way it should, but she tweeted was not racist. That lady looks like the lady from the plan of the apes and she didn't not know with that. Lady was African American, but she's a very small percentage african she looks so there should be no George, which is exactly what Roseanne says. Well, if you ever see the images of her side by side dude, it's like saying you don't look like a gay bear. You know you are very gay. Bear there's so many guys were gay who are bears with like
full straps and and they look just like you, you put him right next to it. That's not a bad thing. Yeah you, like a hot sexy Kay, bear under power down the muscle bear, I'm a muscle bear. I guess. If you're out, there give to be a real brave bear to take in the butt right the whole site. Yeah, that's fine! Thank you. You get to your feet up a bear with your feet up in the air, and you spread out it's pulling apart. It's a brave bear as a favorite like message to get is like them to what make you feel like when a woman must feel like all the time is a message where guys Sorry, special Hillary love. What you're doing love yourself can't wait, see it on tour and you're. Pretty cute me Alright, nothing. You see. No, but that's like a small taste of it. Yeah. That's like, as we ever shown, her fucking dms know, Jesus all dicks, all Dixon guys want to jerk off on her feet. They want her to jerk them off with their feet, is something
real creeps are in a feet about the love between them and defeat pretty hard. For me, too man you go couple of creeps, have ascended wedding messages for years, so I got lady she's she's, a fitness influencer and she just got arrested she's going to do five years in jail. She sent to. She had two hundred and sixty nine different or three hundred and sixty nine different instagram counts that she was using to harass people well, the right numbers, he's gonna cut them up what yeah this one crazy? Who is she some crazy it's from like a popular is good state she's from article course you from Florida sort town. So she she she did. She also staged a fake kidnapping over twelve year old daughter, Jesus yeah she's, a real piece of, but
we have a big following tickets. Do you think that twelve year old, I don't know what kind of a following she has, but he's three hundred and sixty nine to harass counts just to fuck with people and that's where are the fucking vibe online? That's my face. By by the way it's like snot, not harassment, but there's been some celebrities that have been caught, creating a notes to defend themself, maybe also when you a celebrity, but in sports, do you know, do a celebrity. I think, like Durant did, that was like he called out you gotta contact his own account. You guys are answering really good lately tweeting. What do you know? I had a friend who was a celebrity and was very vocal on twitter going out people, but they had a couple burner accounts where they'd, like people up and fucking into it with other people near north? When I heard of that I went that is such
sociopathic behavior. I would never of thought of doing that, like I was just like well It was so beyond me that that would happen. What is a sick miss right, because you're trying to pretend there's other people that are supporting you but that's a lame, so sick just give me a name that their name rhymes with. Can you describe is it? Is it rain? You have no names for me, no names up to the podcast, that's why the pocket will definitely tell you. This was nine years ago. We would have said it on the air. Very Diem felt weird that bucket ice ring that bell. We just get this over with schools that very dark Schumer, that's not how it works. Gonna slide. It died by the way, take it off and slide, and that is the greatest
Technology technological advance, I've ever seen, because one of the things I hate is taking my watch off and the fact that the battery goes on the watching charges at ninety minutes for five days is a fucking game. Changer, it's great sacrifice is the I me that means the best means the most is the sleep that monitor asleep sleep jeep's later the other. Let's see, let's see who can that'll? That's that's how we were in the wild news leads the most this month. I mean with that thanks so who sleeps the most here on the walls probably top priority. Now all right he's got not not me whatever. It looks like a good night for you are. If I can get a good but I'll sleep until something to sleep by ten. I'm like man, I don't go back to sleep nice. We don't hurt kids. Didn't have yeah, that's and he's going to get upset money yeah.
I have to go anywhere to earn anything comes way later. I slide yeah yeah, that's what I like, having no responsibilities in life you're, one of my favorite people that is like taken success and like really done it in a great way like you really bought freedom Where is a lot of people buy a lot of shit? You don't even own a fucking car yeah, no reason in New Orleans in New York. So what I have five cards. I live in New York, but such a pain to how would not have a car, but you would never car there. To drive. Somebody get a zip car. I've never lived in. Neither of you have ever lived in New York new to home. All she get a tent, I lived in a newer shell and I lived in New Rochelle because I couldn't afford just, but I couldn't afford to live in Manhattan, couldn't afford a parking spot? because I did wrote all you had to have yeah when I was a road warrior man. All my gigs are on the road I did. I didn't have any idea from there. Yes, that's what I picked up a tell the factory and I was like going to the store. If you want to write, it was parked right across the street, goes yeah alright and I
I called moose and stuff, and it was so much fucking shit in my car and he was like road car huh and I'm like nah, I'm just from May to gross gross first, and you know I start living that way. When I was big, you moved to New York and Tom was like five wish. I could move to New York and I was like not sure, like I got a wife, I don't know I can just move yeah, you can just move yeah and then from then on I was like I should do to make my merry friends jealous. I should live away, though the Black Box, otherwise you're, not even doing anything now Oh, you do do a lot of cool shit I'll give you that you do you mean, like you, alot of cool you like Chelsea, handler hum, you're, an activist yeah first, and you also believe women are smarter. Those run better. I bet you two would get along, so fucking good should be Chelsea Ruedrich. Well, together. I bet hard I've always going along with her,
I think there was very much. I think she thought was that before or after Molly. Both listen. I'm sorry, I don't show won't ever go again. It's once and done for me for anybody we're going to those other people, definitely not about it before then. He said he's like almost definitely yes, I would have if it was like if we were doing this pocket yesterday before October, started then for sure yeah interesting, probably just acid, though, what do you think it would be a different backlash, though you could is asked me that would do it with yeah. That could've asked me and then I would have said. Hey ARI now is a bad time, but I would like to do that with you will do it later. Let me talk to my cardiologist first. It will do it later. We should do acid on November, whatever it is. When we come back in yeah we're not to be able to do a row return podcast too much yeah. We did mushrooms together one of the last podcast. We do a little bit yeah we did mushrooms, no one in
Europe. When we get left in your mouth, I get back on their the flow of the the fourteenth. No, I'm not back in LA to the eighteenth to him when you come back the ten eleven twelve thirteen for it before I go to Chicago ten, eleven twelve of November yeah huh, when we gonna do we gonna, have we have to have a wrap up show I mean I would do it. I just I really right size classes, five hundred pages of reading of zero to read whatever book book any great any books. You want to work any book fiction fiction, yeah and and tell us what you're reading and then like. If, if we're like, looking for a book, we can like noon, read that one too, What do you guys gonna start in on there's a book about the beginning of four and in two Chan it is a two Chan, social teaching. In that book. A lot I bet, there's all those I buy by the way I still never found a contact at a children's hospital to give that money to I've had like ten.
Grants and realize how unfun this podcast can be for me. Do you realize that this is like it's so fucking achiever comic come on. Take a shower, maybe you'll feel better Thank you, Sir there's a whole library books out there too. If you guys want to do this, so many people bring book all really. Okay, I don't agree. Rooms is probably a hundred wanted to eat, but I want to try some more rain. What classic literature I feel kind of like and that kind of stuff that I'm like I you know I haven't read any of that like at the moment, I'm going to jump into some. I don't know yeah yeah. That's that's a good point. I. Well, I definitely want to read the madness of the crowds New Douglas Murray book supposed to be excellent, it's all about outrage and that's cool yeah see. He's been my podcast before he was one of the guys it ever had on. That was like immediately demonetized a really yeah and he did a podcast with with SAM Harris and some
and put it on the playlist Mon their channel and they got cited for community standards. If I was when I went in there yeah and I so I ask this lady you to choose its hate speech, I go. It's hate speech, I love the fact. You just said that trying to two public intellectuals and one of us in neuroscientists, the other ones, a gay man from Europe who is public intellectual and you just said it's hate speech is being he's written about the negative aspects of immigration into Europe and he wrote a book called the strange death of Europe. This number called Islam in the strange to slow death or strange death of Europe. Lady monetized demonetized, deep that, but not just that they cited this person a community standards and then the woman Youtube that I was speaking to add up Fucking party. I was just at a party with a friend of mine. Used to be a big executive. A Google just happened to be there cheap. She brought me to this party and this lady just had to be the work to at too, and I ask
about it and she just flippantly said it's hate speech. No! Well! You didn't listen to that podcast. The fact you just say. I know that if it's the end all of any conversation, you just say that just done talking, that's what she said and she was trying to do that when she was talking to me. I wasn't let her go and my wife was squeezing my leg super uncomfortable conversation, but it makes you like how arrogant some of these people are that are in these positions of power. Yeah that are troll social media and now they're getting a lot of blow back, so they've softened up their tone. Sure but they're still, like Stephen Crowder, just had some piece that he did about how my h, there's the shadow banning with his you account. I keep he's. One of those guys prove me wrong, like Hitler, You know Hitler was really smart RON yeah it takes like like there's. Two genders prove me wrong and he'll sit down with people stable table and have these conversations in film them, and you know most. The people are not prepared or emotional emotional and he stayed
common, and that gets me more free out, but entertaining so anyway. Someone was looking for one of those someone so they Google, Steven Crowder, prove me wrong. They couldn't find anything in the first. Seventy fucking videos that were recommended by Youtube to to they've, That's literally his video Steven Crowder prove me wrong. I got message that I'm shuttle band on Instagram type in your name, I think more than ever that Instagram just has a really shitty search engine. Okay, no, I talk to you Instagram STAR, about this. They're upset that we are making money off Instagram without using their promotion, they want you to use their promotion. So the fact that we're selling merch through Instagram were selling tickets to Instagram and they're. Not acquirement how this fucking person who's an instagram influencer, know those
That's all they do for their life, but they don't know that but they're not inside the inner workings of the company and talks to build the right algorithms that they don't. I didn't get it. I didn't get it. I just have a conversation, the more that I look into this the more. I think they have a really shitty search Engin, but it's all two possible that someone is preventing certain people from getting found. Andrew Schulz was the first person to point it out and if you just type in Andrew shoals and try to find his name, you finds all these other other account. He decided. He had also got a says, a lot of crazy comic yeah. If you for, say, crazy and someone decides defensive and they say: hey we're going I'm sorry on this. Show band yeah, yeah yeah, that's crazy! We'll do it real! It's just a matter of shadow manning is real. There's a this all project VERITAS is this guy James O'Keefe! That's done this undercover
best to gate. We had people talk to Twitter and Instagram people and the people that work there were there at a bar when they're out they dig splitter explaining to the world how you shadow band, someone how you stop conservative voices. So I I had my picture on- was like shut up and right away, and I was like that's pretty quick and I emailed them in a calm manner, and I was like hey what's going on, I don't show up in search engines. Has your limit look as it is all right well, you've been, I see it you've been flagged as having pornography. I'm looking, you know, you just started when this almost nothing, nothing on there for sure wrong, so I'll take flag off and now you show up so they some of it's just like a bureaucratic like yellow labels. You all an fan because a lot of them just say of target you right. They could guarantee you and no way to say hey. This was wrong. Can you take that off me? Yeah, hey are you? You know spike's people's drinks is that kind of guy yeah? It's that's what's weird about it. Is it's a so ideologically one sided yeah
people are everyone on the left is kind of free to post, whatever the they want, and people on the right interesting for sure because, like yeah, even if you don't, if you're not conservative you should I mean you should want some type of balance to exist, but the whole idea just to be close, what is going on those yeah? The just cation, is all that Trump is a terrible president and that yeah election was terribly. You know in fury eating. There was a Google executive that was talking about it recently. There was this really weird interview with they were talking about how deeply upset ever one was at the results of the election. They've decided to take steps to try to prevent this their platform, from being used for a simmer similar result in the future. This is a crazy time right now, fucking right now this week is nuts man. This is with past few days yeah. What do you think about all this impeachment shit in the Ukraine? Shit, I mean the funny thing. Is it's almost like a perfect highlight of everybody?
being who they are. You know like him going like is. The perfect phone call is like such a trump line and then he's dead Finitely, you know talking to other president about like he's denying, but he did. But then you know there's people who, obviously stand like stand saying: it's not you know. The conversation was about investigations, but you know always been somebody you, I think separate him from politics is a guy who new to politics, essentially right right, always been a guy who bent like he's a rule, Breaker he defeated a dozen, for you know, he's always been someone who's like that. She doesn't plan to me, make it happen right, and I think that you know what I don't know how far it's going to go, but I think the door is open now to like the really every going to investigate that call. Then there was a report. Maybe the australian pm call
had a similar thing where he asked him to invite you to get involved and we haven't seen the readout of that. So I don't know I mean I don't know it seems like we went from one. We want to impeach for some things like right away to another one, and it just makes me think, like I don't even know, but yeah it's hard. It's hard to get like, I think, in the normal sense like if we had gone through more stable last couple years as far as your news, and this would be groundbreaking holy shit in the in the scope of what the last few years have been like. It still feels like some of crazy. I'm sure you're not tell me that yeah yeah yeah- I don't- I don't- know yeah yeah Another say they're opening the investigation into it, but we don't know what really that's going to mean, if they do impeach him and things could get really ugly things to get crazy supporters. Yeah. If you die out, if you just took their guy in just said, we voted him in fair and square and you guys just removed him no way.
But he would he put up with Instagram today. Try to impeach this the picture. Now? What should I picture of the entire country? That's mostly red states in a couple of blue, which was a result election that was comes first yep What do you think of that of the of the call? The I don't really listen to it? Did you listen to what do you look at the transcript? I read the transcript. I didn't. I didn't read the transcript of the wait till it gets real. I like to look at these things like our own I'll look into soon, okay, because it feels a lot of it feels like sensationalized right well, I remember Justin Martin deal telling me to storm again. This was gonna. Take him down visit she's our Monica Lewinski, they want it so bad. They want that. Nothing like a duck to water to office. Shake it off yeah kept moving, but he also, I think he loves this shit. You know, I think he actually, he like will complain about which, but I think he actually likes men talked about a game, it's a game for him. You know, I think I think he enjoys yeah, but the the the game is try.
Put a real stink on him where, when twenty twenty comes around, you can't win right. That's what you think thanks, don't stick to a this other people he were pulling. The next you think, so I think some. I don't think the Democrats I've come up with someone that need. Someone like no joke, like the rock solid, be excited. Didn't then it's just the rock could win a hundred percent even if you would be a terrible president- and I think he probably would be is seems like a really smart guy might actually be good. The himself to it based on all talking to him, you Alright yeah! I was like based on his mobile, not just that I mean I talked him briefly but reading his stuff that he posts and listen to his his instagram videos. He's a considerate. Interesting introspective got his works. Our buses Aspen is very nice, he's a good guy. You know- and I mean I don't know if that's enough to be president, but I don't think anybody should be present,
yeah once we're down to a popularity contest popularity contest. I think he would be a fair and equitable person they might just go straight to popular contests. Are no more politicians can win well, my going down if we are ocean zero, well Connie, if someone really decided someone really famous, not just trump, but someone else decided like especially a famous comic decided to run for president. He would be. Zz, he's so easy to make fun of a nose. Dots, don't know how to do it, yeah it's so he he sits on them and all the the people that Never had like the thing about him is he's the first asshole like openly an and there's so many guys there are assholes that want to support another asshole yeah like finally, one of us remember, I remember there's a scene where TED Cruz was giving some speech, and there was a guy with sunglasses on who is
Tom quit you're, never going to win, you're, never going to win Trump's going to be present and he's in his face and TED Cruz is trying to talk to him and his bullshit politician way. But this guys, like fuck, you he's an asshole yeah exactly and he wants to be able to do that. Ted Cruz and TED Cruz didn't know what the fuck to do- and I was like. Oh he didn't know how to handle this would've been heckled right, right. Now is like fucking like right back to your face. I think, if uh real Oprah ran, I think, should win yeah, I think, is if someone that's what we venture into were like now, we don't want any with any expertise is not popular. Well, I mean, if someone like Obama Brand, he would win, but you have to that's over he's a unicorn like someone who's, the articulate and charismatic. You get like a bill Clinton you get like a
you know. Bomb of those are rare people that are that good at talking and also have a good record, and also you know, we know how to Riley crowd up. There's not a lot of those Joe Biden. Certainly is one of them. He, let's ask men walking dead. He also for some unknown, probably is slipped like every time like you can see that it's taking awhile to put together, you know like with an older guy, takes a minute to put something together. He sold as fuck and he's not healthy, and he looks tired is always tired. You can tired to run for president, and then you get that PETE Buttigieg did did guy that guy can't even run his own fucking city, they're, all pissed at him. You know
is the people in his own city there was a murder cop, murdered somebody, and everybody was going crazy and like what are you doing? You're, not even here you're out there running for president yeah. All your fucking time should be running your God, Damn city and instead you're on tv. Every day doing these debate, you not pay attention the fuckin city there's no way you can it's one of the rare jobs you could fucking all compass, CFL Rogers out to someone else run, but it's one of the rare jobs were you. It requires so much energy to pursue, and yet people person while they have other jobs that they're being paid for with Pat, taxpayer dollars. So you should give up in a senator you're going leader while you're running for public hundred percent and maybe you should have to fuckin earn it back. Like move the new senators better and maybe doesn't want to be president, maybe not with this. That polling changes all the time, but isn't like the top three
still is it's like it's a mix of a bite more in Sanders right. It's always like that yeah three yep! No, that was also the three that everybody wants to win. I'm always fascinated by that person who, like at this point six months in something in there at point wonder doing another fund raising campaign, yeah you're, not winning, do I wish I had a little bit about my personality like where I was like. I still do it. I guess looking to have that. That's what you thought you gonna win sober October. Last year you were just your life, but I really like there's a trigger for you. That's the thing is: if somebody goes you're definitely not going to win, then you go yeah, but We have I liked I with that, but those was fun is when I didn't think that when I started going up, you started throwing up numbers. I was like there's no way, I'm catching but they're still making videos go, enjoy a double whatever you do, and I just thought it was fun. It was fun it for sure was fun. I didn't think
this one, I know you didn't it was horrible, but it was still fun. I was definitely fun reforming seals face change in the ratings on your lucky. You would do anything yeah. How do we? How do we decide we going to get a champ this year? I thought I was going to be a real problem because I know ARI Our psychotically is competitive. Only when I challenge it, I have entered in. I that's a good question, though. Is there a way to win or lose this year? kind of feels like she's. Not really doesn't seem like there is the problem the way to win or lose is going to become a competition again and everyone's is going to go, fucking crazy and we're going. In too much time doing it. That's the real problem. The real problem is time. Constraints like the pharmacy hear from me as last year was fun, but was too crazy, but the year before that was the yoga thing was easy. In terms of it was hard to do put time, and that was yeah time and those who was the best one we've done, because we all did it to get
Weather Tom, and I went out almost every class together and that's nice. We all went together. It was fun when we all showed up in Encino and pulled into that place, we're all laughing. We had a good time Tom had Lamborghini jealousy on birds face no jealousy. It was me who are what the fuck happened to my friend and I get a lambeau pulled away. Jesus pulled away- and I heard you go like this- What happened to you yeah? It was fun that was a lot of those good time sometime, so these classes will be something yeah, yeah Randall doing this, but you think you're, not everyone! Would you rather not? What do you wanna? Do I bring that bell? Dude, let's just drunk as fuck this October. I'd call Jeff in with a bucket of ice mean we were in a really killed Jenny, where we could get super fucked up and then still have to do these challenges
yeah. We could do that. No ones beat me there go to the tactical we could do that. This is drunk drunk I do that, but I've done due to high many many many yeah, it's great high yeah, I think so slow. Is it good close it down, for you can tell what's happening if you have a feel for things sort of like pool you better at pool when you're high two things that we have a feel for things yeah hi do to do. Arena shows now do yeah. Why not just the Tok'Ra? You get blast really. Go up there fucking rip, no shit, I get exact Reno hear you say that yeah, what's your pal for sure, there's a big show of every size. How do that's really got blasted? I mean it was Rob's lap, twenty five thousand wow. You got high as high as fuck. We broke the attendance record for the Tacoma dome, we're both blit than say that was crazy about him, as he really goes, rock star style. We fly on a
private jet, we land and you get in a tour bus, not a limo toward plus it on a phone with John Mayer that talked about the benefits of the tour bus versus I let our service, because the car service, so the tour bus takes you to the hotel. Ten minute, drive tour bus and then once we get there. Then we go into Dave's room and he's got all the fucking set up a doctor. There nurses. There that are administering ivs to us. The they're giving you glutathione Chelsea a the alcohol, so I found a major discover, and I had had like we shot in the butt people come right up to my tour bus on my show in Kc, so I was like fucking shaking and they gave it to me and I felt amazing and then I was like, and then I jump to accept a little too good knows like help aka the yellow, every really reinvigorate two men, vitamin drip vitamin trump. I d iv not Molly, my god. I guess
they can try to do. The thing is, if you're, already sick, it's too late, really yeah yeah. If you, if you're you're sick, if you're like stay now. I feel like out memory thing tomorrow. I think you have a chance. Can you get the drift but the b12 shot? Even when I was sick gave me did you lose to add? I got three hours before the show. You know it's hard to get that without the shot. You know, if you take the there's the label, so will be twelve, the you can take the you put on your tongue and share it's okay, it's pretty good! It's not as not a shot yeah the shots, the way to go yeah the shot. So what about the real way to go is to make sure you always have heavy nutrient levels in your body always always take multivitamins. Always you know make sure you get a balanced diet. Then you can already a little more and you got a little more leeway. You can bounce back easier, it's the people that eat like shit and then they don't you know what he did. I hear him his, but we we did a podcast for this. We drink a lot of water and booze, but camp leave. Dosed you are,
well, I'm not personally I mean I'm it's just it's triggers things in my head and it bums me out that it's a close friend, it's like a could trust. You know what is how like laughing he is about it. I think it doesn't. Any part of that, though, is 'cause. He knows dude. I think you said he knows he fucked up. I think when I told him I said him, and this would have this counteract with my medison. He was like, I didn't think about that, and I was like oh yeah. Yeah I think he knows what kind of shit do you want there's certain and Amelina Peen. And this is all from almost got taken off it yeah in this last I went back to the doctor and he's like your publisher of perfect perfect there's like you know. The goal is to get you to a healthy weight and get comfortable perch, but what is there in a target weight and us to the other? to be two hundred five thousand and five to do when you got down to the surface, to chatting with a chain was the low latest. I got after the way talent, but
The right that was denied? No, no, no to fifteen was when we did It'll show the kept losing weight. I got down to two fifteen after yeah, and so I would like to be too. If I get two hundred and fifteen at the end of this month. I would love to two hundred and five. I think I'd still, I'm still not going, in shape at two hundred and five, I'm still almost obese, but now middle middle middle most. What was your ob three twenty four before, but I'll? Tell you two one one two will five is pretty lean. Dude. There are like that. You get there yeah, I think. This month will be I'll, be interested to see how much weight I lose, because I'm already two six Finally, with the most no throw in for twelve Can you wear yourself down out thirty, seven thousand two thirty. Seven come on man. If I scale right now, it's uh two hundred and thirty, seven really probably no later in the truth, I've myself since I got back off the tour, great sex, but
I'd like to get down how much you weigh in two thirty, three really all How often do you know how often look for steel scale every fucking week? Everything did you make some wacky deal where you kind of have to be on the road constantly nope. I made a deal, but I don't have do whatever I want to do his tour bus, amazing amazing. So it's so nice on there, that's great my god, and so when you go on tour, actually just take that bus from town to town awesome and that's how you do it from now on is great. What is also gonna Sturgill and his band yesterday. They were in here and he was saying that he would rather be on a bus for three a single airport in that me totally understand his home and he was a bustle homes all comfortable in there they're all buddies, they're all hanging out yeah. You get good time How much fun was it we got great, just show we get in the tour bus starts, raining
everyone's in there drinking world talk in what you were talking about. Comics you can watch it on the each tv you can sit around and play that right, yeah. I got Teletoon Dylan on the road with me this week. That's my to get us over to you. If you are young fun guy that liked him. My bus drivers, hilarious, my tormentors, my cousin and I good sober guy, because he seems like a drunk funny interesting that he seen does seem like a drunk, but he's not like that. Meghan Mccain thing you would think that has to be done by a guy was on a lot of drugs. Yeah he's really funny. I will talk to you. Five, only hair that make Megan Mccabe Bit is fucking crazy. Yeah he's also like super I've. Seen is like twitter. It's like just super opinionated, which is well yeah, it's fun to see. So he to me he had the very best take of a lot of people that were attacking Lewis and that are really mediocre comedians who didn't like the fact that Bluey was
and they're coming up with all these reasons why they hate him on top of what he did, especially a certain camp comedian really really embrace. That which is like Louis always had feet planted both amazingly. And all mainstream and a perfectly let everybody in both was like that's the guy yeah, but even the that they all can really came after him who, because those are the little virtue signalling those were, the ones were like the king is done. Yeah he so Brill. Thank you thought he was brilliant. Yes, I want to also like you can't directors and Lester Louis. He does a good yeah. They good always saying that there is he's there exception for that lol. What he's doing is really interesting. This guy's around and it's just clubs, I'm fascinated by what the draw is if he were to announce the big venue 'cause I
having traveled a lot this year and doing it makes me think that he would be at like at least seventy five percent of what His draw was, I think, I'd really only yeah yeah, I be higher how many, unless it doesn't, excitement to it now he lost anybody. There's an excitement to it. Now words like before was like he'll be back now; sure whenever you log on know where he was, he gained more yeah. Yeah last he gained, but it's doing, but it's at the clubs right now. So it's like I want to see the like, maybe eases, decided to this. Do this and make a good living travel around doing clubs or never do a special again. Maybe enjoys doing stand up, I don't know I don't know either. There's I like, I noticed different types of comics, there's comics that like to live in LA and do spots in LA and not get out, and I don't think Louise that guy think Luis likes being on the road. I think he likes the road you roads so different than LA and New York yeah. It is it's also
You know it's all his fans that are coming to see him yeah. I mean it's also New York he a lot of spots in New York. He did anyway does doing now. We're not really anymore because they were videotaping everything. You said that such a problem now is people I have a lot of people. Do is video everything I'm doing just videotaping the entire thing. Well, you thought about using those yonder bags. I have now because I've done- and I think it's just a pain in the He'S- got a we gonna do fight. We did it. The Chapelle show twenty five thousand really yeah, that the kind of people we did it also on the next night. How does it take to get them in SALT Lake out takes while takes awhile, but you know the thing is that you they know how to do it. The com show was the biggest show that ever handle, before which you know it's nice, that the show like that soon as it ends that was going to phone they're all talking to each other. What they just saw. You know that I did it, leading up to my Netflix special too. I did it for a few months. I did for a week. Well, three shows yeah. I was legitimate
but it cost you it's with talk about it. Afterwards, it's not cheap. It's not cheating to cost a little money 'cause right. Now, I'm getting ready for my netflix special. What I realized is like some you still, take chances even though you're in a theater still going to have to roll dice and take chances and write new material 'cause. You haven't really gotten it yet, and I hate the people are recording me taking chances, trying to figure things out. I go don't put that on Youtube, not done yet. I want to tell you when it's done. So I can pay attention, even if you just see for yourself just pay attention and watch it and in the room the best By best I mean the worst: was Miami I use the yonder bags. Miami was the Jackie Gleason Theater these mother. They would get up constantly to go outside to make phone calls and then come back, so they like
crowd instead of everybody sitting down focus? Was people constantly getting up and they had to use the coming back? They had to use it so to go outside today to go outside, to use it and then come back. It was the one city super district always said. If you want to starve to death, open up a book store in Miami Thomas Fucking Party place on earth, that's the spot and that one it was so clear watching the audience you get up and they have been to Fort Myers yeah, that's bad to buy their next week. I am these particularly party, though it's a different vibe, it's a different vibe. It coconut coke fast is a coke. That's also an all night, all night, all the time you get good food in Miami at three hundred in the morning. Absolutely no questions thinks it's weird that you're looking for it either for the can. I get dinner now at three hundred. Am twelve restaurant with a modest clothes like I just got this drink. They just put in a paper cup. Go yeah, alright yeah, The sun comes up yeah place, which is it's an interesting place. It's not my favorite, but I know
but I like going there because it makes me really feel like I'm in another country, looks like I'm doing stand up in Costa Rica. You are basically hello. While people so much dance in the streets are still lead nowhere, my name is letter. Yeah lively, everyone's lively lot of lamb, bows lot of Tom's girl cars driving around jewelry lot. If easy, coloring, you see yourself in a flossy car manner about cars, really real, not really, but you also beautiful, Bmw. You show me that thing. You were very proud. No, he Sido. No, I like it. I like it, but I don't. I don't really give I'm not a car guy with your stuff indulgence, which is stuff that what do you? What are you going to that cars like what would I don't think? I think. I don't know not that indulgent like financially. I don't really care about jewelry too much I've now My grandmother gave me: I don't really care about like that. Like watches, I don't really care. If I stop wearing my rolex, I just thought two flashy.
I thought you get robbed. So I was like What is that? What you're doing this is just a from as a woman. Armand's is your on stage. If I can twenty a hundred people and then you go hey, let's go out to a bar after this, and then you got fifty thousand dollars on your wrist yeah. It's just kind of a thousand dollars to a role. Wherein rose gold dance go there like you're, like I don't, no, the president and by you should go straight: Tracy Morgan, just giant gold ropes that goal. Ropes and maybe a a giant dollar bill signed? I get I get anxiety when I hear about you guys, spending money like or like when you like, some you when you got place, I got anxiety for you like. I know I don't. I need a lot of money, but I go. Are you for you can run out like that's how I am with money either and I'm a hard time spending it? Well, some people are famine, thinkers yeah. I want no, I, but I think, yeah. I think I do it's like when you got to the limbo. I got scared, for
are. Why would you do that yeah? I was to get him to buy it for real. Yeah, you, like the money that you do like spending a like, spend money. It yeah. I grew I like I like money. I don't think you should have money if you're not gonna spend it. I just don't. I don't agree with that, but But there's not a part of your goes brain that goes. Take it away! Well away! That's going to from Brandon, you yeah, my brain doesn't work. I work every fucking weekend because I go. I want get the material sharp only get ready for the special I want to make is money is while the sun shines make hay, while the sun shines, cheese, you're going be fine to me more often and stay off the Molly. This guy yeah, just at the mall in Raleigh all the time at least two hundred dollars just to tools, so he doesn't feel bad to spend all his money on cars and shit. You know it's so crazy that how what character I've become yeah, but I'm not even a real human anymore. You know that was Tennyson's problem. He became a care
the arrow and even talked about it in books, onerous top the same issue. You know as he I'm famous for being this wild man. You know and people that knew Hunter would say that when the cameras were off, he was a different guy hi, but when he knew that the cameras were there, he would all sudden, take on this character, like you know, there's do you know that been Beardyman fits him is, and I were reading off Hunter S. Thompson's Dale! routine. Oh yeah, yeah yeah show us fucking great, that's great we're reading it often Beardyman turned it into a video turned into a song and then turn it into this crazy video. Oh yes, yeah. It's really yeah! I saw it up with this apparel I didn't really live like that. Every day it was just when someone Wanna reporter was there when I got there, he was just like I'm just going to do coke and drink all day. I'm gonna wake up at four hundred in the afternoon, and I'm going to eat pho
Cheetos and Doritos and Enchiladas and my roots rank margaritas and a no six sam in the hot tub and champagne. You know: that's that's what he would do any wood right at midnight after you need together reporter there and he's doing all these hard, hard drugs up until midnight. And at midnight. He started writing he writes till six am and then six cm, so cool gets not yes. Yes, I would like it What school is when you're that guy, like Kenneson, said they would just lay out lines of coke form like oh, it's him, it's hampir Fucking do this! That is kind of what you go through. Do you have no fucking idea? Yeah everything looks interview when I just I don't bring Lightbringer on stage and I'll drink have my drink from day. One will have it when I tell the machine story, but I just have a like a soda and I just take a big sip go fucking nuts and it's hard because it's hard because I
Do you like drinking so like when people are like hey? Can I buy you drink you yeah, like alright you're like well fuck like yeah right. I get it and no one had like when I told everyone I molly onstage they just here here the machine and you're like I'm, also a fucking dad, like I'm great dad, but I don't even know but, like I remember hearing about Amy and Sarah when they in trouble for the jokes they made going up, that's a character. I do and I I wrap my head around the different, between who I am on stage. My off stage, like I'm the same person so like, I can understand being care, even though you know what I mean. I know what you saying. I can't understand that either I'm basing exaggerated version of me on stage. That is right, find the order, the finest funniest ways I'm looking at life, but the they're all ways of acts. We looked life. I've never said anything on stage like that was not my perspective, but I'm going
take on this perspective in order to get these people laugh at my hate. That said, I anyone coming through that I'm like you, don't believe that just change choke up yeah or for a take. Take the high road and try to write the fucking choke the way you wanted to sell. It lasted somethings fucked up to say that you gotta know that. I don't really think that I will say yes, then I'll say guess what I don't even fucking think that I just think it's funny ha ha know what about what about you on the podcast video? How much review on. The podcast is who you are off. It's like a hundred percent of me on the I I've been doing it for so long. I don't think I would know how to fake being someone else. No, but I mean like, but I mean so it wouldn't work like this. One of the reasons why this podcast works is because it seems like a hang like You guys know me this is me. You know there this. Is it yeah yeah yeah did you if that wasn't the case, but it also makes it so much easier. Can imagine if that, if you had a character that you were doing on a podcast, then you have to keep that.
Thanks for me. That's one reason why it's so easy to do the UFC and so easy, Could you stand up? It's like live all the time. Yeah, the the idea of someone watching you is more. I like when I do those UFC have, and you know I'm doing a paper view milieu. The people watching this is just fucking, usually important thing. We don't even rehearse. I don't even know gonna. Ask me yeah, that's right, the crazy, no idea of no idea and that's how I've always done it, but I know: what's I I know who the fighters are. I know what's going down, but but that's missing, I'm fan so when Johnny turns to me and he's like you know in this light heavyweight title fight, you know you know blah blah blah John Jones and I'll just start going off. I just started talking about it, but it's because of this, because I do this so often I feel, like other sports broadcasters, do so much more prep there much more work. I they all study their binders, for
Five days to it. I do study fights, but I still have fights because I'm interested that's where the fun is just saw the fun yeah. That just happened to be a fan. So it's easy like if I was doing basketball, I have to really pay attention. The teams really pay attention to who's playing who and what the implications are for fighting. I know it I by pay attention to it constantly. So when something happening, I'm like I'm excited about this. I only know comedy like that. There's only one thing I know comedy yeah comedy the that's the only thing. I have any expertise all because, like I don't know anything about anything well, I think that's one of good things about being not so good at something. It's like something get excited about. I think it helps to other things like I think, archery like and bow hunting. I think it helps my comedy and I think it helps park I sing in a help, because it's something that I'm learning how to do so. It's not something you're excited about yeah, because it's it requires a lot of work who called parcel thinking and it's a very um, absolute thing. When you can't fuck it up, it has to be done correctly. It's like
there's a lot of work that has to go into you can't fake the work. I don't know if I could get into anything with comedy being the purpose that I'm there like. If I got into or through I mean like this- is to write a bit about. Where are you hobbies outside of comedy? No working, don't worry, I don't list, I never understood what you'll see their hobbies. I never cooking over at my head around that. I go yet making video once you know it was running it for no, but I don't even really only to try to be healthy. I don't enjoy it like. I don't have any hobbies, some yeah, I don't know I mean I've actually always been that that have that thing around like man, I wish I had more hobbies and then all the way that I kind of talked myself down from the criticism is like well, I just have a very busy life. You know I have have kids have a wife. I have the podcast have touring it's it's a kind of a hobby too, though sure nobody just selected. I, like certain things like I've, gone to a couple tracks to
drive and I really love it, but it's fucking. Finally, you know that's a lot of they're. Not here we're not like improper la you, gotta go to them Canada once a week. Well, this isn't a Porsche driving experience, yeah somewhere and tastic yeah, great yeah, and so will I went to M school. We could do that. We want to buy things. We do for class, so yeah, absolutely it's really fun was to it. Do you are you allowed to use your own car you know? Is their car use that now there's a day like in so basically the Porsche driving experience? They have one in Atlanta, they have won the one here. You sign up for a certain thing for that day, so it's like turbos GT free. You want to do with master the manual. You pick a class and then like that, your car for the experience and they have different tracks. They have a bowl, they have a slip like this kind of thing with the ground move yeah the amazing like for you want to feel like you can't drive you get in the car with like a that. Their produce
drivers and you look at a drive in the late check out this that you, like yeah, I don't address. I've only been doing it for like twenty five. Some you're like autumn drive because they're, amazing, dry, yeah and then and school is like beyond use thing it's out in like towards Coachella, that's fucking, so fun and you get M twos M3 is an emphasize on different courses. What we should do, what we should do is to keep the competition alive, but not just go crazy about it to overtime is, do like two three activities: driving a shooting or Sri active activities that none of us have previous experience in and just just straight competition see who's the best, the driving part you're going to be hampered by your weight. Yeah there's a lot of weight. Extra for five hundred pounds in that front, see yeah, that's up that
We are fascinating and certainly do something like that. We could also do something like that where, and we're doing this sober October right. This is our October. Unless you have alcohol, you wanna bring out. We could we could break this up and we could do it another time to like. We don't have to do this just once a month or once rather we can do something else like this. Is this, but it's one of the most fun things we do. We could do on top of being sober. You do another thing on another month where it's just a racing month. Yeah, you don't have to be sober at all. I like fishing would like that. You could do a fishing month, yeah the race thing, you'll love Fox Racing House on a track somewhere. The fascinating thing is like when I don't have that hello, you have that race trigger no say that you'll want your own race car having to have probably yeah. I know it just what the thing that gives
like. Maybe you two were you get calls it by the wheel. I start getting nervous going to conflict conflict, Iraq, Yankees idea, line evenings, if you believe the instructor, because they're they're so good yeah, and they tell you like. No, no, no, like like hit the throttle up to this point. Where you go that's way too late to be hit in the break and they're likely show you had, and you actually see it, then you start to get the confidence to follow the instruction, but birds are a panic. When you realize how long five hundred words is or five hundred page, dude. When you said five hundred pages, I panicked already five hundred pages of like two midsize books. You can't read how many Zach, how much that's, probably three what we could read this document will be a real sort of just words that don't mean anything to how much is the? What is it three? Something the the quantum world of the emergence of space allies. I would be like. I bet I couldn't understand the first sentence, hello. This is, I listen book on audio and I had to go back over it. Multiple
yeah, that's heady Faulk, it's not a mean less hobbies, maybe yeah you do too much shit man, I'm like I'm a different fifteen. How close was I pretty good? Thank you. I'm a diff kind, crazy though my kind of crazy needs, other things. Thinking about to quit. Bitch it's one to listen, the other baseball about even on a quick bit is I'm lost. I try to explain it to you. I mean I I I can I look at your schedule and it gives me panic. I have to piss speaking of panic, talk about maybe take your drink with you with Bill Cosby over here and take advantage you afterwards Yeah, which have another months as a straight reading challenge reading, sounds just for a month all right. What are the odds? Joe goes back and listens to this. That's all just trash him for, like
I can only if it's playing in that told me, I told I told I told my boys drank a great guy. I told a bus driver that TIM, Dylan's, gay and because, as like his we're gonna beat me you're not going to know, and you know my bus drivers will crass. Yes, I was like I don't want. You know just give you heads up and both Dave Williamson Andrew my cousin, the Charlize and you guys ass fucking, a good prank. I go what like telling someone that these gay, when he's not getting it really is gay and they're like oh for real we found that we just sit on my bus, no new bus, a grinder, yeah, yeah Brian. You can sit on the bus. It grinds up the and puts it out so the whole thing with me on this amazing game changer for the week when you can't sit on the bus stop here. Where do also? What is happening is you have two shows you eat dinner
midnight in your leg are just go to bed, and then you have like a fucking for angevine middle of the night to do first thing in the morning and get a holding at nine hundred and forty minutes. You know why you find a bathroom Leanne Leanne were driving through the Canadian Rockies and Leanne pops up. There's like her first day on the bus and she's like with the wipes out, I mean she was going to take a dump and I was like don't delete it on the bus. Yet so I'm sitting right now, like I'm about to shit, it's coming out like I'm going right now, and I said no, no, you can't you gotta go ask the driver to pull over. We go and this just mountains everywhere and he's like. I don't know what to tell you I'm like you're going be sitting on the side of the road into the snow. We found a rest, stop it the lag or what that's our separate their pulled over. She so fucking, beautiful, so beautiful yeah. That's the other thing about that or boxes. You see that country you do when you can shit, though it changes your entire week.
Can you imagine how much fun it would have been if, when you guys were talking with Joe, you guys, headed tour bus it'll be for you guys would have had the best times your fucking lives. How is everything video of my best after this? Do you think your bus is better than Burts without Quest Numbers was amazing, I'm the tallest hill. This there's nobody can. He can have got about times better ten times better than that great, but it's the state of the art bus you can get. So if it's not that, it's not, Jlo's boss? I did yeah, he didn't get his now, no dumbest thing in the world around your balls. He think I would rap my bum rap, my boss. With Tom. I saw his bus on the outside of my hotel in Madison and I went in there like, oh well, I mean obviously it's his I'm with Adrian and just like, I knocked on the window, nothing and then it just like open the door and just walked in yeah and like Dave off hi, my name. Sorry, I'm a comedian. I know Bert
there sleeping right onto his bus Jesus, those so funny to see people you re is a the heighten version of ours in the in the in the atmosphere. We'll hear stories about our yeah like been drugging, people or whatever, yeah and so rapist and read you know, and so and so Dave Metal ready for the first time- and you know, art is very quiet person in real life. People don't know that and he was like what the fuck is not that fucking. Crazy savage that I hear about that just a moment by the way, by the way Busting now you see, I also add one point: had the biggest piece of shit bus really yeah yeah, Oh, what Do you like how automatically went my glass so bombed October? We're not with we doing
gas money garage, shot glasses so back to grab. Oh my gosh. What are we doing? You bring in the bell so right there, the temptation. Are you want the temptation start crying we got ice. We got shot glasses very. What do you wanna do? when you been doing it all just put some glass, oh my god boom them. Now you could bring that bell right now. Just have front smell it. Dan Aykroyd gave us a massive speech on how good that bug is. That's his yeah smell it smell. Let me see or if you take a little step- I'm not gonna be mad at you, damn it smells better than Seattle. Probably this is very good. Vodka. He explained this process the use diamonds. They
we have some sort of fucking diamonds that they use to filter it, but birds smell it. Us it's meant to suffer from to do this challenge stuff yeah. We can be sober for most of October for January. It's just just to look at a limited set up. A little bit smells good right. It does. It's very good. Smells Ganac, give me a hell of a sales pitch yeah, no yeah. He did holy fucking shit. He he's the. I can't imagine doing coke with that guy. He talks talks like a talker yeah he did some good lately? Thank you. He believes a lot of nonsense. He does, oh, my god everything channel, psychics fucking, you name it will trigger whatever he, He doesn't there's not a god. Damn thing it's all pork lasts without more glass, and will but to and we'll see if anyone open their mouth and what happens when they do
the month is over. Is the month is over? Now they just keep going yeah. You want it level, sip carousel. We're doing on the first of them more than thirty days left right now, yeah, there's thirty and one it's like, if only by the mind, Carol counters, only that's already over we're all dead December. Twenty first, two thousand is our computer about Colin. It jumps look man since, since the challenges in like as intense like this, the the variety really matter. What do we even tell the surprising and were calling in October, so some bombs October in the problem is already already got higher earlier. We were smoking cigars and we both got a buzz, no doubt about it. So it's over the sub, I think all I cheated, I think it. I think it should be over a I when we did it wrong,
I'm going to Europe how bad I'm going to Europe. Why would you do that sober? How 'bout with every drink you take? You have to do an additional class. Oh! I love this. Oh, my god, my dick just got hard. I'm going to get a fucking black belt in Jiu, Jitsu every drink is a class, so we gotta have some point in November. First one hundred and twenty six class, I'm gonna, be bugging or written forms I'll be fucking. I want to tell you a quick bits: are we really doing this? Every drink is a classic start from zero. At that, every drink is a class drink is an extra class rank, is a clump together with the TED drinks classes. You don't know one night going to fuck me. You ten classes that you period, then, if you
rank every drink, is an additional class away. What it is is just doing so. If you have three drinks and not your three more classes through thirteen classes, yeah, that's impossible. That'll you'll you'll never be able to get that many and is ranked zero. A legit drank you can't do it start full. What about those we'd apply the same thing: yeah yeah yeah! Every time you take a hit, the next class John, I mean you realize just for one night of drinking, I would have yeah due to the your feet outside. You would never be able to use that star zero class to class the day for the whole month. Wait one night. It would be a what is one night for re. I mean we're doing doubles all right like like. What's a double, for four. If I'm on the road I'll have a bring a double on stage with me of a double after the show. I have a double at the bar. Have a double in Boston were done to it
thanks a drink, so it would be. For let's say you straight will be like I'm straight right now or like stop. The sex was stop, yeah yeah yeah sure it would stop and say, there's several times. Of course, there are times I couldn't use. Chopsticks, Japan, the airport one, the sake bomb, real, quick starving over here, yeah it gets me is as long flights good I drink on long flights. So it's what me up. We do it do it to smell to it at a class. I like that for free drink. We do. We have to add a class. I would it was starting from zero, but I'm not has rolled that's not the thing is people listening to this. They are severely disappointed. First of me, for bringing in shot glasses and ice. Definitely, you're right now, lot of them. I really look forward to doing this already angry at ARI Birds, the victim you you're, rape, yeah, you're, very bad. You might I'll
Bill Cosby is the number one comedian rapist using like the Welch Holy Shit. You see the nicknames coming your way. There was a woman who was a. She was talking about Bill Cosby. She said he might be the biggest serial rapist in history easily easily. Imagine like that guy, where you going as far is he going to be taking your thing with think about it when you're out there think about what you want to do with your sobriety, the prom? I was going to die if he comes in with a fucking twelve pack of beer going come on guys lot of booze in that fridge out there you could do a class per drink the pages per track? One of the other zero? You can help you have two nights of drinking and drugs and that sort of like seven right there, yeah fifty pages for a drink, is a hefty price. What is xanax I will take one is today, so why do
but ever since the Molly had my panic has been fucking tweaked. I don't think my serotonin is not back so I've been having panic. Take five htp. Did you try it now? You got some here, to have new mood? I wish tell I tell you, though I get nervous taking anything, Jamie is going to get nervous, sometimes taking stuff. Well, five hd he is just so natural stuff right yeah that stuff really works. Yes, it works. When I get obsessive compulsive on it. New mood is it turns it off yeah really turns it off. Like sometimes I'll get repetitive in my head and I'll. Start saying the same thing over and over and over again, and it fucking makes me crazy. Let me ask you this: when we were doing that sober October, think there you go so basically take for those yeah, that's yeah yeah! It's gonna put him a drink. For me, the other guys I bring five is to be with me. That'll ramp up your certain, though for sure yet take that we can
hey. If you need more, let me know I I don't know what it's called, but I sell. Sometimes when I get I suppose I said the same things over and over in my head, it's great when we're going on a joke cuz, you just start, Jefferson over over over again, but it fucking backfire. Sometimes now, but let me His last year we're doing a crazy finishes that kill your chatter like Tom, and I were talking about Vince killing it really what it's so aggressive it sunburned in like seven hundred and eighty calories in a class one hour, it's hot as shit, and you can't your brain just doesn't working on. When I get out my my serotonin levels were so high. I can feel I feel great and I'm call. I can get through the day. My really honestly, a quite tried calling you one time Could you always said that if you don't work out, then- go crazy and I started noticing that that working out making the same- and I was like is I wanted to talk to you about that. Not
and I was making you saying- no, no, not working making me inside right right so, like the workouts were making out right. That's why I started hot spin. I need something to be in class. I can't go just go for a jog, because I it doesn't help right. We got to push it to look when you go for a jog kind of can go at your own pace set of the year. If you're in front of that instructor, the instructors going come on. Let's go girl is your go for five k is on the road up, so that and of I have forced my bus driver, I've run a 5k. The other day is the first time we ran it. Saucerman 5K's half marathons marathons suck, but those kind of things are so communal. And do them and you feel like a part of a community. We ran through DES Moines gorgeous. Is a trail run. Ten, that's cool! Okay, that's a trail runs all the whole. We take the tour bus in park. It everyone gets run, Where are you taking drugs? Yeah yeah? We quit, we didn't tell you
but yeah we all had a drink and drugs thanks for Joe is it is it for as I get for you yeah, that's what I take a look at what what's what is finally talking to you. It's just nutrients: it's not bad! So I don't you up. What is it it's five, each t p l to the fan, which also converts to five htp see here put one in orange drink for me, some vitamins and adapted gins and stuff in there too. It's all good for you, it's all healthy food yeah. That's a legit supplement that five htp stuff is very legit. It's really good for people that are dealing with serotonin issues, a man I was hurting with panic this week in the Ross. I couldn't shut it off. Why? Why? Because no the to regional name for new mood was a roll on roll off and the idea was there. Was we work arbour, a big partier and Aubrey developed some shit to come down from Molly
so it's literally what new mood was it originally invented for, and then we decided you know, Mulder there's a lot of benefits to increasing your serotonin? Naturally, yes, is really does help your mood. A flood of light. Neil brand is a big five htp proponent. He actually, he couldn't take it with his meds yeah, because it was too much really. Where do you fly tonight? Go to Dallas. I'm in Tulsa has Antonio and Houston by things that they say. What's up for me, G Garth, Where guard that? I think he is a nice big old couple place but a big ovation, Tulsa yeah. Does he? Did you ever do we did you ever have a party or career? Were you were where not we're we're we are kind of in like? Are you just go from like clubs to like fucking massive theaters.
But I mean I were working together. First, we were doing clubs, you've done clubs, and I was like nine years ago. Yeah and then you just you never did like, like you just went to like fucking massive venues right. I did a lot of theaters men just grinding the I think yeah yeah I went through all of it. Started clubs I mean I would still do clubs to this day, I still book weekends in clubs, I'm thinking about moving to New York in December. Why to work? going to come up with a new hour. Why do you want to move to New York which kids out of school don't just main move to New York? For, weeks and just fucking do two weeks, though yeah yeah two weeks, just two weeks do, spots like crazy and right to spot in still see your family bro Jesus Bird, I like I like shaking it up Joe check it out Shake I've had that fantasy before yeah I've had the exact same thing
I see you doing that, but if any city came before he drug me 'cause, I was like oh he's so great to be with you for two weeks and just go to spots with him big J bugs, but it would be cool. It would be cool friends anymore signal to that, and you know I am over how much I'm you know much. I love already the high I've been damaged. Drawl trying to take care of him in this? I produce appreciate that I really care of him by talking about it on a podcast. There is power grows like I'm not going to talk about it at all, like in my head. I could ask you why you're upset lightweight will talk about on the podcast it's kind of August there. During weekend I was like, maybe I don't I was worried about art and I was like I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but I don't think it's a good thing and I think ARI maybe regrets it, but he doesn't lose face. He does not regret it now and that's a real problem here I think, is that I don't regret. I think that is a problem. I will do it again, but I don't regret. Why do you not regret for real? What you're gonna do is all I've, nothing about how
happened and it was awesome and diesel and his wife is mad at me again, but that's definitely not going to be the last time, but it's not the first time I that is unfortunate but worth it I think great time. I love. I would like to see a video of like kind him realizing it. I have it really when you realize it's like kicking in. I remember I can't tell you. I can't tell you guys today, because debating whether release a podcast by saw and that's when it's I see it in my eyes. I go back to that fucking moment where, like when you, let's get out of control. It's like it's like getting struck member just into a one of the hot rod, the fucking to the jet fueled ones and they strapped me in super, and then they strap my hand. So I couldn't touch anything I remember I could get out and I had a panic attack and I went so. I said I'm going to be here for awhile like I was like looks like I need to get out
I need to get out right now and I had to get out and we want travel channel but whatever you gave it to me are said. I can't get out of this. That fucking panic I go. I can't fix this, it overwhelmed me? That's how I feel I take mushrooms while me, and I thought I'm what, if I don't like this, what if I don't enjoy this, how do I stop this? I can't stop it now. That's a that's it's a great there, but luckily it was. It was a very it's always a really interesting drone it'll five four yeah it'll be advocate. Molly was like don't worry your cousins, your rubbers, backed up, because you did that. Do you think we could allow him to do Molly in October? I would say: okay, do you want to do it no I'm not doing any Molly ever again ever held in number what about November first dude. You should see if I wish, what sucked about it as soon as he gave it to me. I felt a kick and I went on a wanted. This podcast will go for a walk, I want to go dance? I listen to music. I children! Wife! Not to be here. I want to not have to explain this. Is
in to my wife. I want to not have on a so I don't know, maybe I would would do Molly in the future if it was like an some consulars. Something in Vegas for cool sounds awesome right, like Britney spears. Some I would do mauling go to Britney spears. Yeah, hello, Serra, show, remember all the lyrics, all the songs to do more than a work bench yeah. I I go with the best with that, so I started dancing a little bit because I know it's taken. So it's like I'm bracing kick into an exit is out of the who are your molly right now as well. Are you and then we just like? I don't know what that was. What do you do it? I do. What is the right time? I went to the mighty mighty Bosstones in the order, Webster Hall. I did that night. You know you're an adult right yeah. What do do Molly for, but it mean you know why, because it feels good. It feels great he's. Gotten first was balls, don't work, so we can't make babies snipped,
So it is not as it off he doesn't have real responsibilities. None! I think if you have I know, do it all time, just in the right like music? How often is that. Now again, three times a year four times a year. That's not bad yeah, first also occasional board, maybe twice a year. I see a do not that in the coke cokes awesome I just wanted to around. That's all anyone sure it was real emotion behind that world. Yeah was last time. We did it a long time and then on accident. One night accident yeah my buddies. Had that bullet were you, were you load it and then flip it, and then little bump for you and you can hit it in the figure out how to work it, I'm watching watching them. I was to go, go to spot as long in New York those watching guys you're doing it wrong. Give me the fucking thing: I go, you take it right. Then you load it. Then we
you gotta hit it and we're going to go and they were like. Oh, what are going to do is like the other fucking nostril you kidding me. I used to cook a lot in New York and then you went on stage and destroyed. Joey says that Coke fucks his comedy up. He said it made him good, go a little deeper Joyce takes away your hot takes away the heart Imagine him, though, like if you go like let's really do some code to that it is not a line is probably just the whole bag machine gun guns out. I would love to. I would love to get on a was this All the people take. The Adderall Adderall Adderall Adderall is beat the speed. Stuff man, it's all very, very addictive. It bears kicked out of this fucking. You do that and now I have no I've done it, a few
has been recently, I went on to you rabbit hole the other day watching stories. Are people were talking about what our to them what it was like when they were addicted to Adderall, we thought the whole world was against them, thought they were on top of everything that they were super competent. They were capable of anything. They had unstoppable confidence, it wouldn't shut the fuck up, but everyone was against them being prescribed a lot of people and constantly kids. How to you get done now. You get shit done. I had I hit the fucking mic cord, he drug, though, because it's just it's a site. First, journalists have a buddy mine, as a writer says. Almost all journalists are on it. Oh it's so easy to write on it was on it constantly. I took it when I was writing my book, but it just changes who you are as a person like Fox with their said college admissions have started a lot of them, adding the question
back the application. Are you wanna add on wow really hi lie, because no because Sometimes there's a talk to a doctor who said that I have to like sign off on some of these things and we're. The last me to fill out this form. Do I to this person super common man. It's Your comment on Wall Street is super with people that are trying to get things done. We should do it. We should do for the month oh, let's all just do after a month. I couldn't fucking really get into a hard time to get off that stuff, though so that will be the challenge. So we really going to add that for every drink you just had a class. I think good idea, a drink or drug or Shaw would ever one of the things he would? Oh. So yes, so many I would have to do eighty classes out for a night of drinking it's at a class. No, no, not at ten. You go nuts in tonight. No, that's too easy! That's too easy! It's October! This must be sober over, be sober,
love yourself, but are in iready smoked cigars. It always was. That's permitted, tries cigars cigar the town planning on getting that's a good one. We got a lot, I'm starting smoking for this month, so it would be uh never smoke a cigarette quickly on stage I would love. I took one hinchcliffe cigarettes once for Wednesday July stole one of Chappelle's too. He gave me a cigarette before one stage yeah buzz cigarette. So well, I hate anything, that's bad for you, but the cigarette. Does give you an interesting buzz. It is a bus in big Jay did one of my podcast. We talk about smoking and it was like so all right, head rush. I would love a cigarette right now. Do it you got to get in the same as soon as I started, smoking cigarettes like regular sponsors, late lives, the Paulo yeah he started like. When is fifty. That's really really June. Merrin was addicted to the laws and they listed yeah. He was and he It's like he was going to the point where he couldn't see and getting physically ill. He was
eating so many he'd wake up and they go to sleep with him in his mouth. God damn. But that's he off now. Lizzy autumn days off your music, I, like so he's only fourteen days, often lozenges what what a dumb thing to be picked. I think you have read about these chewing gums Harvey the sixty years old. We can get of gum, toms and must be good, but I did say it was in a different light. All right. Let's try new lozenges right, yeah, a lot of training. I tried the gum because I want to see if it gives the same head rush. The does it work. No, no. I tried snows in Stockholm the the the the packages who it gives you the oh, I thought than anything like I feel like there's I remember the ship was was thought? oh, I could really get into dipping
and that turns out this month. Yeah, Yes, we certainly do you like. How do you like? Do you like? Go white knuckle in we're getting into this we've all been here before you can choose, you can smoke cigars? You can dip smoke cigarettes, I'm going to get into cigarettes filling with knots over how about just socially drinking just can't do it alone. What does that mean? I mean but parts on stage in front of two thousand people that Social, that's a good point. Anything consider that but you're right. I think if you do anything with the needle, it should be permitted just because it's kind of high risk. You don't deserve a little bit for taking the way we do anal chugs, where you drink the booze out of this absorbing travel. Oh you tell you this. A friend of mine, his wife is a teacher and have a problem in school with middle school kids, who are at
tampons and they're, dipping them in rubbing alcohol and stuffing them up their and they're getting high as fuck tampons rubbing alcohol in your asshole. Apparently you just get blitzkrieg. This kids are stuck with someone in the plate. Glass windows like go. We just sit there in class, getting fucked up. He imagine with your fucking swollen asshole, taken a tampon up your asshole with rubbing out, I'm sleeping you just get a tampon up your asshole first, I bet you could do it after different years have gone a whole month with no boo. I know how I know how he works, but I bet you can't do it no way you could get a chance on in your asshole six tampons in my book. If you look, it looks like a squid
this one for each one of my family members. Initial results say this is an urban legend, but there are apparently medical. No! No. No. This is my friends, wife, who is a fucking school teacher. Have interventions on these kids. There's wild articles going back for ten years and could have been doing this yeah I'm ago how to talk about having a break that from your kid going hey.
If you're ever anal Chuck did you ever did. Oh, I thought was just vodka. We did Anal chugs in college and it was like for eternity where you do a handstand poor, Bernard's asshole and someone else catch it in a cup and then you drink it. You drink it out of a dudes, asshole, fucking, stupid ATO for life, really gay. It's really good! Oh my god. Drink beer out of talking about ingested cleaning. Did you do at this point guns on the floor? All you had to hear was one person go. Anal chugging law looks like we're doing at each other, assholes boy toy boxes. God you never, though, ingested through your ass. Now I've never adjusted to someone else. It's disgusting talking about injecting it. You can get beer, Dingle berries and examine it. You just murdered cheese. How about if we can drink beer, if we only do Anal Chuck, oh God
if you're right, if you're looking for us, it was the first to break so birds over for sure I would I would do it, I don't If you have a sip of that, I will do anal chug. Ok, let's, let's talk about this. What are the bad s sober this month are the benefits, lack of a relationship with your wife, I'm gone the whole month, I'm gone the whole month I had party picked up hobbies. I was going to do in Florida, spearfishing surfing, like I going do process we also into spearfishing. So bad open quote. My friend Steve Arnott and just started doing it and he's like water weapon wasting my time. It looks cool as fuck. You must be amazed. What's your name, Valentin Thomas is a badass which is like she's. Not just it, but like she actually is surviving are, is a lawyer.
It's amazing, I don't wanna. Do this anymore, it's really cool travels. The world and she's got yeah. I love that shit. When somebody is like I'm not doing this anymore. I'm successful, I don't care, I don't care. I just said Kimi warn about podcasts. She likes drinking. Really, let's get back to this, then just go back to drinking Who did you have Kimmie? Who can be Warner? Who that she's spear fisherman? She was on a Netflix documentary about the ocean, and I who got obsessed with her spearfishing videos. She goes down to hundred feet and chill are you going do it with? No air just know goes down and she telling me that she just did I to get into it. She was a shop and she wasn't having fun to show into it just one day but Spearfish his spirit thing just swam out and just was like what the fuck am I doing like this is but she out of her comfort zone that she fell. If told a fish she came in, she felt so proud he's like I'm obsessed, I don't think- and then she went to the spear fishing championships in Like Nantucket right
so she goes to English, never been away from Hawaii and gets out there. The water is black and she are down. Is she can't see anything in there? Like trust me get the bottom ten feet. It clears up because all the muscles on the bar ground and she couldn't- out the bottom. She kept getting panic attacks popping up going like I can't do it. I can't do it and so the first day shooting at anything check it? I'm not going to be. Be beaten by the Ocean Dodge down, get down and clearish it she's like shut the fuck up dude. I don't know if I could do that spearfishing, it will have to be in like a beautiful place yeah. It's like a Hawaii thing, right yeah. Why is the keys? Are going? Do it in Fort Myers? They do a lot of northern California, but they have issues with sharks. Don't him one guy was under knows: podcast was talking about as he got to the top of the boat. It was a giant boil behind him. His friends, saw this huge fucking, great white shark. That had come up to try to bite him that realize last minute that he wasn't a seal. My God giant Boil
Water boil sexy me. She's got she's, got a shot with her in a great white shark, Hearst type on great white shark, and you just check this out scared, already she's beautiful she's pregnant now who had baby do yeah. Now she buried her swimmers. He jerked off in the water with that's how it works. Jesus is that hurting up serve great white shark fin. I'd shoot that thing right in the brain right from behind I'll just great white sharks have in the water with a bunch and they move so fucking intensely like they're in. Tent is almost like when you watch a cage fighter, move like Can you can you? I don't know how to stop that? That's how great white sharks are just big. Take a right. So quick, your it'll, it's mind boggling and you like. I definitely couldn't could've been when people used to kill sharks and was excited
now you're a monster, sir, that shark fins, soup is so good, so good, so good shark fin soup is so good, really know never had it will. I had it once yeah a time ago at a chinese restaurant member order in it was before all the hubbub before this big all. Bullshit about chinchillas. All before everybody was killing him and it was like a big thing in the news. I just thought it was like some shit. You bought is made a shark's sharks. I didn't know they cut the fins off and then throw fish back tail such crap move. Subject, most use, it use the rest. Well, that's the thing is that the money is in the fins and they don't give a fuck about that, and I really value that shark fin soup and it's super expensive, that's dark, but you know what the dark as shit is rhino horn. That's the darker shit 'cause. That is even do anything least. Sharks fin
your you're eating something this part of the thing of it is the fact that it's an exclusive delicacy But the judge, rhino Horn in some asian cultures doesn't do anything to it supposed to give you a hard on, but we all know that there's other stuff that works in that, but the rhino Horn, what it does do, is it symbolizes your wealth and opulence that you can afford to draw rhino horn tea, that's fucked up! It's great! super fucking popular still really still Those are murdered every day for their horns. Yeah. That's crazy and elephants to write elephants is a big thing. Well, the elephants for ivory, though, which is more like for pretty things, but with rhino horns they chop their fucking horns off in these reserves. They'll trank, 'em and shop horns off so that they're not they're, not like worth anything or my god. How?
This is yes, doesn't that conservation conservation is, will chop their God, damn horns, all the people, don't kill them and they also die their horns. Right looks like there, dont? They dye their horns? I think I thought, maybe you know toss I don't know. Maybe maybe What is the die? Do it makes was valuable from Iraq all right, so I I'm I'm sure, mixing up story yeah. So what is yeah makes sense. The daughter pink well, yes, so that they're like own Begay yeah, try to get a hard dick to abbreviate, twelve, so yeah, he told us to a, but what drugs can't we do all of them. No, can you could smoke cigars, you smoke cigars, 'cause, you guys smoke, so we can drink alcoholic kombucha or not. Tell us we're done or we could put vodka in Kim Bucha Aria number saying we're doing it does suck, but we did okay, tell us to Georgia so then it's me and Tom going for. Yes,
I guess our entire out. That's true! Your honor is still tied to the classes, but I well I'm out where my my will build them still. Gonna run yeah go ahead, guys those have some loose. It's you reported bless you both algorithms mean Tom for the belt yeah. I guess we fucked up sorry guys so very disappointing. What is the shot? Glasses call little closer to members, because I was so shocked because the road, what a dumb thing to buy right, you definitely yeah? Yes, my filter options here with us. Is our gas monkey garage well the out of them too, but that he would? But it's such a dumb like you don't need shot glass for your house? You just use a glass now I know but people. You know that. Yeah, you do if you do in Saki bombs. They want to port controlled shot like rn are both of right now.
Beerse Rome Escrib, how good cigars, but this would make me so fucking happy, but it would just tapped out just for the challenge will try to do the challenges, but would it make you happy bird? Can we failed that you did not he's not build that so were there? go, look at it, you'll, never own it'll, look at it shut part is going to it on heavy. Jesus yeah, I think, of that bird I can see. I could see Bert doing like extra classes, who would that even fit. You know you want to hand a little bit come sit down, sit down with a beautiful belt on look at. You quote Schubert, you guys take a shot and watch Tom. I go fucking to to to if we, if we did back out right now and are-
and I just decided to just stop this foolish childish game which is better ourselves for the month. I mean re, and I are not alcoholics right. Neither Tom keep going, keep you people that are good. I don't even have a problem drinking, I think, is very least, have a bit of a problem, not a problem. So you have fatty, liver, know my foot, it's perfect now instantly. I can tell two weeks of fucking hot spring classes. His liver is perfect. Were you trying to say? Oh yeah, I was trying to say you and I can just better ourselves a must that our stand. We could you know, go to dinner with our ladies and and just have a nice glass of wine. Like a gentleman yeah a couple nights, we go for a beer with a hot dog. It's got a nice have mostly chill it up when your Yankee Game drink some beers with the car or when they feel so much better? If you want the whole month without it and then at the end, then you could really a pre ate it. How do you even win it this month? How do you is beating you. How would winning well. How about meaning, what
I mean are you back out and you to just go to town each other, but we how we going to town? We have our. You know most classes. If I- and I did you most sobriety, Moshe of sobriety, most classes most sobriety, so who could be so. Size their targets right sobriety is that type thought a Friday. No a class no time could be sober, easy, easy dot, coms dead God. That is, what's your resting heart rate from when you're asleep? Did you see? No, I haven't seen what's your toms is like three thousand two hundred and thirty five. What does that mean? It means it means. It is hard really hard. Time means that if I lose forty pounds I might be the most die, making endurance athlete alive after. Run a marathon walking Adam. No, but that's really low man was Did you see yours show where it show my resting heart rates, I think I can always tell you. I can just tell on my watch too not enough, but when you sleep, it's like your true was one of the
one hundred and thirty one. When you have got a whore, I got a really high heart rate today by the way, where does it show it? Why is this thing so cute my app froze? If we did back out? What would you guys do? How would you guys work things out, but you just see who's better. Tom. You just be time doing what did that you're, not you're, not most claiming how you're going to win more class than him more classes, more books, not much but No more books is more books, more I'll I'll, take more dynamic classes, wasn't built at the higher level of class I'll. Take more like. I do know just how it's been. I'm gonna do like karate span, I'm into like every I'm gonna do is: do the weirdest classes, you can transcendental meditation. Okay, I
if you do more class than Tom Use, you would win the belt. Yes, now you guys are not getting out of this you're, not out no grand dragon drinking it. I know I don't really want to drink right now, like I wouldn't have a drink. If I wasn't tempted for this yeah, but every minute that passed we don't drink, it makes it like less more of a waste to not have just drank in our written where the fuck do you find your? I just saw it when I woke up, and now I don't see it so I don't know where it is. This is under strain, coach, arch bridge come Chicago November and San Jose as well Nashville Texas this weekend, details so interesting. How much to share thing tells you like this sober October internal. What is that something in our app wow? We have a group app. Did you see this? I know is they set it up for us. We go to Stowe.
October. So how do we know mine is? It shows you know yours isn't connected, yet it just shows Burt and Tom. I see Where do I see this? I want to see this Joe. I see it now. I see your resting heart rate. What is it where? Is it it's in? In that thing you slide over which thing the you go, which one I don't know how to explain it. Man, as our hr resting heart rate. But when you see it I mean in in the internal thing right, so I'm there and then but is a strain at note, swipe swipe swipe over a page, see, and then it says every HRV. Well my resting her, it's twenty seven. What yeah h! c performance. Seventy one percent! No, that's not right, my nose and twenty. No, it's not twenty seven Joe Mine says that your resting heart rate is sixty five mine says sixty one months
twenty six years says seventy eight on mine could see it so other peoples yeah How are you get sixty one, six thousand one hundred and seventy four the range, but I guess it's giving me your, but you're welcome essential move. Toner octona total for pressure morning right now, you're really would be more fucked up than those twelve point, eight. Twenty two thousand one hundred yeah, but this is moving your feet. The heart's been this. Tom Tom Tom done done done today. I took the day off yeah into shift over the The storm had to you when the winning has about Phil Rudd wears one as well as thing, though, is there? Is there seriously like if we're all doing what we agreed to do? How can someone is it really going to class some extra classes
let's get him it's going to trigger that person thing. If you want to pull out the in open the go door and I I don't want to open your door. I I I I actually think. Last year you actually stop liking me. What is way through? I thought I think I was like bothering you. I don't think you ever liked you, so I don't want to open up this psycho would keep me weird when you try to see me in my life. I have your. I that's competition, sir yeah I mean like that I don't think we should do. Whoever does some extra class it's just going to make every it's going to piss everybody off it's going to piss the wives off for sure that I'm going to be a real problem, and We already all have crazy travel schedules and Jeff. We don't have to do that. So how can you win more pages? Name, that's nah, I'm just throwing it out there, but the problem is is way to win, I'm going to try to win it's kind of we're trying you can't even you can't. Even just you can't, even just let you in
put it to the side, don't think so what? If we made a cabbie a cavea diff? But sober October, winner, doesn't have to defend his belt and that we'll. Try really hard. In that way, we can get you out of this, doesn't have to defend the belt. It's like the you win a new belt every year will take the bad motherfucker belts. I'd want to stack about yeah. You want to get this out again, the mother just out of the competition and won all, I don't want anybody to win when we have a copy of the drinking class because I would love a drink for you on a plane to land. You have a drink for drink, no have a drink one drink like we, the drinking part. We should say that for January, why January 'cause nothing is happening in January. I think we should just the thing is: this is a problem? Here's the problem. We have got a bunch of other assholes that we don't even know tested in our little thing yeah, so they come with us to be upset with us. If we just started, we just started
drink a little bit train measure are with this project, yeah kind problem. We could stay sober and just eat edibles for the month that works. How about you take your drug? Well, Sobe! We mean alcohol, it's it used to be just alcohol. Let's just stay alcohol free and then see whatever that's my thing: just alcohol free but you're, the one who got us into it by thinking just alcohol free. We gotta wrap this podcasts out soon, just almost five hundred o'clock, I mean, I don't know, show you all right now show tonight where you going store nice comedy to a restaurant and nightclub with old, app chicken wings are fresh, is sure not even wings, still like tenders, which is very, very questionable. And that's how you get a tender like where is it from like what part of the bird is the tender part so Then, let's, let's
get this solidified, so we are classes, ten classes. Five hundred pages we all are in agreement and edibles under twenty milligrams right under an adult and then acts and ambient just a lot. No alcohol silver. No, if you want to do edibles under twenty milligrams, I'm in so over to help me sleep. Well, yes, is that we need for that's why I don't want you to not get sleep bro. I love you guys. I want you to like this. Fucking thing monitor goods. I I I don't mind I don't mind, I don't mind, bulls. I won't use them. But I don't mind giving you guys edibles if you need that to get through Friday. No, I mean I'm serious. I don't really give a fuck. I won't eat edibles studies, I'm afraid. While I'm not, did you Your doctor, though, that you're going to dial back drinking like to get through the month, because if you do it cold Turkey, you can get really sick number. You are. You can go for that he for that photo for a,
not drink a lot guys he's done it before the last two years, yeah yeah, but you always had medical getting hold it. So no, I never medical supervision to dial back drinking. Just stop you're, not supposed to do that. You know this is our fourth year of this shit. What n? Third? No, no! You love her she's, a weight, loss, channel challenge, and then we had two years of sober October. This is our fourth year of doing something crazy. Give me a weight limit. Give me a weight limit. If I get to it, I got two hundred and five thousand two hundred and five I get to two hundred and five by the end of October. Two hundred and five will do a hydration yeah, not a water, bringing one FC one FC championship. People do if I think, even if it cuts, I mean how to two hundred and five would be a miracle. That would be amazing. I'll tell you that right now we don't even seven pounds of it would even compliment I'll. Tell you this: there is competition. However, if you get to to to file, you can hold on the bill for a year. Do it because I'm in jail you're the champ, and it is all right yet to a five yeah. I think any
a and, if you don't get there, you have to go to there for a year? I talk about your way, fuck face, guess what american therapy and came back in there because of you can't hear audio fucking I've been at a therapy and then this fucking happens. I had to talk to my therapist fucking Jack what they tell you been avoiding stuff. I feel healthier when I'm around. You guys feel like shit together that five htp fixed my brain, I'm feeling so much better beautiful was having so much God. Damn you're going to be unrecognized, then I'll. Send you more of it. It's really good. Before you go to any given new bottle, given about where you go to Simmons would buy hours, five htp. It says take before bed yeah you can. It helps, helps your body produce yeah, but it might take it anytime, against EP four years is not bad, not know. This was in your hands. You keep it
ten classes, ten classes and five hundred page of a book. All they all have to be different or just took up and accidentally taking drink. Three. You need extra class every every drink, three of one class, though right now that doesn't mean anything to me. If you want to take Jujitsu every day, I think you still win just ten car, you still you still tank classes now. I think you should do new fun thing, but I think you should mix it up, but I don't think you should have to that will be the fun part I'll enjoy. That is that whenever I go into new class alone, Instastory hey guys, I'm doing goat yoga. If you want to do that, you can do that, but I think what's important see you do something to better yourself whether it's I mean, if you want to take ten tactical classes, take that if you want to ten yoga classes, take that what do you tend you to call? Just take that five hundred pages of a book can be a children's book. I think agreed pages. One book any book we can be. This has to be be books, I'm going to five read one hundred pages of five different books. If you want to, I like doing that, one of the things
doing doing is reading a couple chapters of a book and I get bored. I pick up another book, you three just like big print. You know she print like crane. On ten page books, just a bunch of them yeah you've written watchman, as we all know, know kind of real, as we rode a real book No, no children's books. Um anything else like this: we got to get to read and what about lanes going to Tom and his addiction to edibles to be jealous, now cut a cut it. One of them do not know which is on the bill, do edibles and and some some some sort of like meth amphetamine, be it methamphetamine or what, if you have a group option for Adderall, and you don't want to you- know your doctor think about prescription drugs period. What prescriptions annex architect, one right now! Well, are you on Xanax? They give you the of a prescription from one another, taking a few panicking a panicking when you think about your heart has beaten it's dumb
weird. Can I tell you I'm super aware right now: do you feel like your liver is chevy? Mother was perfect, two hundred and five, go away? If it's two hundred and five you get the belt on two hundred and five, you get the belt yeah because I'm not even I'm not even contesting it. This is good for me because this rebound today, it's not it's, not a challenge like I don't have to say you all get to one hundred and sixty who Jesus that scared. The fuck outta me just thinking about three thousand one hundred and sixty just saying it, but we're not all going to be here in November. You're gone you're! yeah, but I'm here I don't go for long stretches one's my way in. If I, if I do get Do a fine! When are you here when are you here is November First November, first November first time here November. Second, is the USA? Ok, I think I fly in the first. No, don't you find the thirty mean what you look the first is never Saturday right in this fight. First, since the first is Friday
where you going where weekend roosters fighting the young mobile home weigh in at the UFC. Oh you want to go to the fights yeah. I do come come to device weighing at two hundred and five Nate Diaz, Horhai, Masvidal FUCK off New York City yeah. Oh my god, yeah I don't find dollars for so long will bring that belt, and if you can make two hundred and five, I will hand it to you on stage at the UFC Wayans wow. This got your fucking, my head set it up. I will set it up with the UFC so that you can weigh in come on, you should do that. I was one hundred percent. Do that for you, except for the I never went, never got five minutes which is real or not so far. We have he's. Also, you won't do it, but this is an awesome challenge. Yeah, listen! I will stream it live. How much she went to
two hundred and thirty, two seven thousand six hundred and seventy eight shit account today in Parrish on one point: one pounds today down eight shit: you could do that fighters do way more than that, you could kind of fighters, cut thirty pounds in two days, but it's not healthy, but you can lose the thirty pounds in a month healthy if you lose a pound a day. Yeah man you have way too no sugar, no sugar, all vegetables and in may cut way back. Your portions, how he vegetal yeah back the portion way back yeah, but if you make two and five I will bring that about to New York, city and I'll put it on you on the fucking stage, where Ufc fighters weigh in will stream it live and if you don't it'll, be very embarrassing, but this is you know if you not know in a fight in New York, amazing due to be amazing. The two oh five is I as gonna up average. If you can let a day before, listen, I am nine go into the man. You can do it. You can do
Cutler went around like you did with Tom. Would time you catch up you I do it all real towards the end. I drank the whole time. Do you have any jeans? I can help you with those drank the whole time Tom was grinding. He was grinding the entire time. I was drinking nothing but water the whole month and you barely beat you few pounds two pounds. Maybe he you could have got ahead of him early and and set up. Case that he couldn't keep up with. He did his best. The only beat you by a few pounds. No wait, wait, wait, but there's no way you could that right you can do it stop. Stop guys were coaching him here. I used to host fear factor, listen, you could do it two hundred and five, you can one hundred percent. Do it your way into two hundred and five. You get the belts and is great for me because there's no check they go. Look at that. The two of you so happy be, The thing is, if you weigh, if you do
who do it anyway, two hundred and five for me. I don't need that belt. It's all you man, you can on the UFC stage, Madison Square Garden. Let that marinate on your flight. You guys will yeah she's only going to think about. If you say, marinate, marinate,. That's losing his bruised, my sometimes the sometimes one all! That's it. Everybody thanks! So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, bye! That's what or how this over a covert about it. Thank you one for tuning into the show and thank you two teeters fit spine inversion table. You can get the new two thousand and nineteen tt inversion table with bonus accessories, plus a free pair of gravity boots, so you can in anytime you find a chin up bar you're, going get over it two hundred dollars in value added features. When you go to teeter dot com, Slash Rogan, you also get free shipping a six, the day, money back guarantee and free returns. So there's no risk for you to try it out
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Much love to you all. Thank you. Bye.
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