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#1372 - Kevin Smith

2019-10-29 | 🔗
Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. Look for his movie "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" on tour now with tickets available at https://rebootroadshow.com/
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trial. Then, when you're ready to launch your beautiful new site, use the offer co Joe to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain, my guess. Today's of Fuckin awesome- human being- you might know him from here movies. You might know him from his podcast is one of the original podcast masters. I know as my friend I love him to death. Please give it up for Kevin Smith. The job will gain experience, mocking marrow, come on. Man opened its your sober October ass. I now it's my and sober lifetime. How wells less? On your sober? How many days you ve ever done it? What a great question misuse
time is somewhere out on the road. I could get my hands on we'd, probably when I was in London or something like that that usually overseas, that right and I went like two days- and you know how I got did my time- man I'd ever felt like. Oh, I get it, and I remember what this was like right, but like I bought a postcard attack. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time anyway, so like well. I want to spend their time as well as I possibly can in general. In a tac drenched condition it's not a bragging, I'm not like kid. You Travis at home, but like I only and not in asking when I sleep, so like I wake realistic all day, yeah
Is there anything that is that don't say it like? The way, like all tell me, just causes sober October, I'm unity joining me right. Yes, I would, but I'm always like smoke this member November, I'm always in awe people who do go twenty four, so I think it really cause. I only do I thought you did do. I was trying to impress you what am I a real? I always at the other end of the impression you too. I know you do a lot more ensure let's talk about that are you for showing short here now I've been in here and Jumpsome spurts, and those jobs and spurts. You have become like the most powerful I can broadcaster on the planet like crazy, popular everywhere, then you can cargoes mile, you know, shit, louts dolly. I know it's weird. Why does is working
enjoy commandment of what I wanted to like my life. I want to be at the top with something real you are added. I was a topical guess vulgar manner back when we started and should peg in the old flashlight days but, like you are beyond you ve transcended the fuckin medium you gotta tell me, I don't want you gotta. Tell me, it was good. Otherwise, what am I striving for my career and, to be honest, I don't really I've of using the shit I do but like there is an idea like Oh man at the top. It must be amazing and blood, no bullshit you're, absolutely the topic, Fuckin Snowden on your part, gas, dude. Everything feels exactly the same, but different, explain it still fund. I still enjoy talking to people like you and my friend, Kyle Kaminski on earlier of add some really interesting people I love I've always enjoyed talk, an interesting people, so that's the same. Everything is the same. In that regard, It's different in that its it's very obvious when I go places that
having more of an impact because you're the same person right, but the world changes like the impact he put out the signal and the world sort of changes and she more lovers, more haters more this more than just its everything, just increases began, more tat becomes more becomes. It becomes weird people want to interview, you, people want to do things, and I don't do any of those things that meets. Gotcha cooks their exile I'd. Never I cut you off because if I could list knew you, you just a shame in your guru. I love come in here and I have loved coming here, but now there's this different onus to cause. It's like a body my time wisely. Fuckin Bernie Sanders is next in other satellites. Is it's it's it's nice, but this is how authentic Rogan is. So we're may again Jane Sound Bob Reboot and I retired, to like everybody, I know about being in the movie and even the p
Bull that, like all now again nor leans that's farm, like you, do remember, almost died with fuckin. Aren't I gotta come in a gilded like everybody in the coming, so Jordan NEWS producer, Jason, Muses wife she wants are coming she's, like I reach out to Jos manager and nieces, understood as he knew. No, I let me handle this of a reach out to get back. I got Joe on direct and need a manager man September centre for can get between me and my boy. Chits Haifa can be male their text. Jonah there came an were making reboot. Do you want to? imply an just flat out on french street- is true. As the biggest I hate that acting shit. You rode anyway, flat or bottle want to do that. He's a girl talk to you about what its turn hers, like. That's out that take you or are you know, you're in a place right now we're you're like kept fuckin ruined my credibility.
Shit like ass. Not, however, is a ruin. The credibility. What am I dont like doing? It takes too much time, I don't have another critical dialogue does not, and that was gone. Look what I've! I thought it was a fantastic those adorable, I'm trying to find your less along here s. Why tell me walk as I do too much. I'm do you know between all the pod Kazaa do doing cometary for the? U have see don't stand up. Comedy has a lot of things. Things you ve done for the last Fuckin Debra, because I like getting, I mean they ve all increased. Perhaps like I don't I'm not in the fighting Simonov, you're, you're jobs there have exploited. Will increase? I knew you were now has been. I've actually cut that back a lot in the more of cut that back to more cut things back to happier am and then stand up has thus Diana varieties are cut back at all. This is increased. This is increased quite a bit. So the idea of doing six podcast this week and then I'm flying to New York on Thursday
then I'm doing already Lange on Friday in New York there will be a seventh podcast, we're gonna, carry that went over to the next week, but assist that does not leave any room for a trip to New Orleans. Do a movie, though, does leave any room to do anything this. I get all these weird request to do things that you are not interesting. I don't want, I don't want to do yours is one of the most interesting believe me, I'm not. Bavaria is back on language gum, don't have time. It was the most on brand fuckin response. It was also a lesson in like what made limit reach out manager nothing in America. Exactly my manager is a rare thing. She knows exactly how I feel about everything. So it doesn't I still I say no to everything, man and I want to do anything you and I started guessing roughly around the same time and it never Kurds me when I started and I wonder if it occurred due to do seasons no right
they at once. You just turn down the area in the machine. Yes kept going in there. This there's an a gaping mouth Lydia. How do you tell an audience that used to access all the time like we're? Gonna, do clip and then take a bunch of time off and right now, like a television, show season, yeah and they they seem to do that. Like armor one cereal head. Like a word, this many were done in like oh. I thought that the novel that corporate approach right I mean the airline while it's like the same type of people that would put together a television show in does that's their approach as the approach it someone who was doing something along those lines and they transitioned into
podcasting, that's how they would approach it the way they would approach a Netflix shower and HBO show or whatever it is. Have you encountered a bunch of that again? You ve been space for quite some time now. Podcast, of course, it's crazy, crowded, everybody does it, but the business, my industry or the industry that I sometimes workin news, podcasting like proof of concept now, so you go into some place where the pitch for tv show and the like maybe you want to try it out by cast real. That's what's happening a lot faster. I met somebody who was a friend of mine who, like worked mere max with me back in the day,
she's gonna, like she's, producing like a bishop put together podcast package, which took a tv network and tv network, was neglected and choose like this. A good concept. Mademoiselle mythic they sold like. I heard her. Suddenly, a six figure things like a hundred grand, unlike the pan, hung Grandpapa gas. Now, in the leg is what that person got paid, bring in that show some egg big, crazy industry and Saddam Lookin for like the last year and gone like while clearly he must be approached on the regular to do this for somebody and clearly every time you're like. Why would I bother? I gotta do exactly what I am I ve been approached a few times have had to be like up as I've watched the star rise and rising, like oh, my god, like nobody, said
some up yet, and then I realized. Of course you ve been there been overtures, but of course thank you cover for those have never been in this place. It's like. Why would you slap a logo on its euro? You build your own thing from scratch: yeah, I'm pretty outside of the Hollywood thing now I dont really there's been no has a monument outside of Hollywood thing like there s a company that would be like we will pay you. I like, I suspect you ve, been offered crazy, fuckin money and had the integrity of blackness till I gonna. Do I like this exam, not changing shit, video, It would have to be little cry, but I don't have that so far, greater so in the film that so like, like you get a lot of people like me, their ships, amendment instantly tribe asylum- and this was one thing that, like you and I Belgium, others you and I like were there for the beginning of something
therefore the beginning. Stand up your great out you weren't. There will be a bid, therefore beginning of USA and Shit, but, like podcast Dealing with something like you were there for the beginning of ours there for the beginning of a now, It's Saturday we was areas wave. There was a couple guys we're formula. Corolla was for me. I was very mariners before Frame Marin, an atom curry encourages the absolute first season he's the number one creates a year. You. Let him on you now have not. I don't know him another, whereas you live and no idea, but I have to think about it. You, like podcasting, changed your life talk to the guy. Who was the first gathers like is a good idea named it. You were less I'll talk to you. I, like you, gotta, get my colleague cocoanut a new day was great, wasn't event ass. He such a trip I another catch for you. Ok, is good as Gazette promotional buccaneers boots aims, It isn't, but I want to tell us do stories but like there's, a company called caviar gold makes we'd anode sober. They make
are we so while I am in love and more days, you're gonna. Leave you with this and you're gonna be in Heaven. This is city over nine thirty? Thirty one year in May of last year, Snowden, oh Jesus is a data. Are that's hilarious, prompted us out of the box of we'd Seabury payrolls their ages. When I took the first rather to be fair, let me I smoked myself, Jesus Christ, that's the settee, VA, that's the wake up with you. Smoke that you're ready to like clean ass record bud. Gas is also pumped up a CBS Bouman MIKE had caviar controls is like swamp thing. He controls the plant. I works was desolate, so he could take your we'd make a super. We, so that's that's the city via its. It smells like Tommo espousing
Mozart, heart attack, no mass buzzing maple, I said egos. What he wanted to smell tastes like us at breakfast does MIKE maybe you'll get it right up there. It smells like when the Mcdonald's Mc Riddles- yes, yes, but it's like smoking to Mc Grendel how they do that he's a genius. This was a dude who is like. I could get we had more had to figure out how to make can better. So I get that city, the unease is gonna, be a billionaire me, but you gotta have managed to do because his story is like fascinated. Is we growing storing his how he got to this place and life like it made me want to be in business with the most like this guy's, like he's, got a movie and so that this achiever this is the in the end, this shit is like deep on the Tutsis. God slogans, MRS Indigo. Yes, this is likely to grow dark. So this is like forty five percent to see right here, smoke. Forty,
five percent. Yes, my gas, what the fuck man it's amazing, I smoke! This will be real and I want to go down hard. Be real, went out you to be real. Dad did the smell box, I believe the longest episode and then Is the hybrid now harboured is called Mazurka primarily because these three boxes, Sir October is done slogan, give him out the guy, who We do the weight with I've been smoking as we like two years, is carry our gold weed. I love it saying it's the way you smoke. If you stones and you want to get stone. So are we hit em up because we got? I am reset. Forty represents one of the used to be ill train. It's like werewolf. We didn't change twenty. What used to be a man of you, most prevails, you go by an expense, brutal twenty to twenty five or what is it likely? you go to England, you take two days off. What does that feeling? sit there and go like boy everything sure as crisp does it need to be
Not bad? It's not like I'm Jones and on enables. I don't that kind of relationship with it, but it is kind of like like Rimmer, I argue Jersey, for you know loud Pieper alike. You don't want to wear something else. I'm like yeah. I've been married for like twenty years like I did again once something works me, a stick with it. Vegan still again you know like never really altered since that happened, and so so hopes hardtack right posts are to have the right of the day after the Arctic. Is my kid made me my kid was leg she'd been vague in four couple years and she was like scared. You never been through anything real. First, world get wonderful, get like yeah tragedies life which it like that we we know very well getting regular blood worked on. One saw my doctor: what does it two months ago, Doktor Laden and did the stress tests were, you know, you're on the treadmill new grab and stuff, and then they took all the blood.
He was like whatever you're doing keep doing it's amazing. He said I, can see your arms. They dig procure he's I know where the heart attack was so. I know exactly where to look he's gone. If I did nowhere to look. You would never tell he's like right now. There's no lasting damage keep go inside hike, Runyon, everyday he's a vegan out like a year and a half go cuz the kid and and haven't really straight back so more plant based and I intermittent fast. I don't eat breakfast anymore. I thought I'm not going to be like breakfast is propaganda, but it kind of is you don't really need to eat that are Absolutely no that's untrue! Then people maybe do guy my size, certainly didn't need to be eaten back, was could escape to do the same. To tell sixteen hours off. That's the big wait to break the fast you have good timers is deep. Knowledge is eight and sixteen you know I just do it based on was soon to it. Then, generally speaking, it depends what I've got.
I've gone as late as like one too in the afternoon, I try to make its own moon the earliest, unlike by two I'm ready and ravenous yeah yeah. I think it's totally doable it's it's. Not an EU body gets really used to add to what I Generally, do is I get up in the morning. I have a cup of coffee and then I work out and either I run or I do yoga or do somethin whatever I do is pretty intense and then do podcast generally around noon did that's. When I start the day and so am I Verde been up for hours and hours and sometimes even eat until after the pot can sometimes elite. It looked very. Have you gone days? Were you don't eat? It all know? I've done that I burned off to a coward. I throw you also work out of here. I just have the high can stuff, but I love days were. I can totally skip all the way down because the bodies-
Oh feeding off like yeah stored energies to forego, but but I am also Unum among them, W W guy ambassador, so that made like my reduced eating, made like staying on points like insanely right many are you just maintaining narrow track now maintain and like I'm on the road for the next like sixty. While we have sixty three dates with Jane, some Bob Reboot were just then in Jersey, Chicago Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saint Paul, Saint Louis Columbus as the first leg, and now I gotta taxes and stuff for doing that fully. Sixty. This is tour. We're just touring the movie rather than like. I will put the moving outline thousand theatres. Don't have that kind of marketing money so instead me in jail just touring
the movie saw gas is essentially a comedy tour. Like a small punk banter, we go to a theatre, we set up shop, we sold tickets in advance, love towards so that reboot roadshow, dotcom, predicts and weep intra. The movie watch the movie with them and then hang out afterwards, cuban ancient Linda and four May. It's like you know it's. It's pretty growing schedules everyday different said he, but every Daggett Select sit and watch the movie with the exact audiences made for satellite walkin into multiplex its plan, your movie, and even, if its crowded you're like now, all these cats get every joke. Instead, this is the crowd. The movie was made for soon every reference, every joke, like Landsmen, you feel like a genius. I sit in the back of the room watch, the back of their heads like a dirty little cock at every screening, man, just ready to fuck a jerk off and so happy with myself and, like I'm so clever, listening to the lav, it's like stand up, but like with the movies,
And you know it's no bids we ve just taken the movie and kind of event. Eyes being like, hey man, come watch it with us, as you do, that runs very cool and in a world where p what come see me and J anyway talk about the old movies like and pay. Fifty two hundred bucks we're like they bear the same things. These bring a new fuckin movie. So it's been incredibly successful. Man like big sold out shows revenge like double up on shows but watch in it with the audience is like, it's. It's it's fantastic as your cue area afterwards and hide away. We
share the stage which is difficult, because I tend to let you know, as usually I like I'm blah blah blah. So I've tried to hold back to let him kind of take front and center during the coup Nexys the star of the movie and he's amazing in the fucking fleck. Like I tell people at the beginning of every night, I'm like I may only get to make this journey with doing it for twenty five years since clerks, because, like I met a boy who said dirty things to me and I said, come with me, we're going to Hollywood and, like I met a true american, original Jason Mewes, who I said you I think, you're funny. I wonder if people would find you funny outside of New Jersey and, like somebody should put you in a movie one day and then one day I was that person and he was our passport- has been our passport to the world. The guy LISA the guy that was never going to get out islands in Vienna on his own accord, but like simply by ban like way. Say these things here, I'm camera! Now we ve got a movie like he opened up the entire world to a cell
It's his finest hours movie like he's funny as fuck many cares. All show, but he also gets to be emotional cause. It's about him. Finding out he's got along lost, daughter, chits, father daughter movies, and so there are moments in the movie where people cry and not because like Kevin fucked up another movie like good they're like oh, my god, like he's he's get me there's an actor has been like. Fuckin thrilling to watch so every night, like his throne watch when we made it every night, I get select, sit back and watch the audience taken in is to make a comedy any want people laugh and otherwise you, if its silence its death, but there, What's in the movie, where, like it's quiet and that's a good thing and like you know, I still clench by us all because in any silence you're always like you just need one heckler, billet fuck, this browser, whatever in the audience breaks or whatever. So far, man, it's been like really fuckin beauties with the seed out there, though the fuck this blows now
no. My mouth I was. I e g damages we're gonna Houston tomorrow. Like I left the tour cuz Jos Gracious enough to be like him, any good, come in on twenty nine and we had a day off and stuff. So I left those in Columbus last night. His place called studio there five. They were like tell jargon. We want a most like to be here. I'm clump everybody wants do no studio verified and you know forgotten in all. Yes, only she had a man fuck. I was just there here. We could crazy you either. We would see now that fewer fit as expected there. I always know Columbus as that theatre. That street and then we actually went into the city, and I was like they built all sitting around- that little corner should elect. That's been here forever. Did you now and then you must know Columbus is Swinger Capital of United States of America. What MRS Alot of it
Is that what it says on line later, maybe a lot of things why we should we were staying there? We want to do it at the show it studio. Thirty five years ago, for the first time, like almost ten years ago, we ve known these cats of great people and they put us up in a house and You know the house was like neatly appointed, but nobody live there like even as an air Bambi. It was just like this very clean and shit. And so when we got back to the place, though I feel like the house like a yes nice, that is in the middle of the words away from everything down a beaten path and shit and we're Again, it's nice, like it's the Swinger House and unlike what he means, Does the house where the Swingers go to fuck should they are like? didn't you notice all the boxes of tissues and- and I realize room had a box of tissues in the corner. So it's this way and I was like: why would that happen? Hearing Columbus Ohio there are like Columbus, Ohio is the Swinger Capital of the United States. We should go back with a black light.
And check it all out this mother Fucker final, what's happened and where this platters are, I think I think I remember that night sleep in on my jacket. You know, I got my own come to deal did, but have you ever her daughters that horse you we're hustler started? Was sitting Columbus, dont really Mama's Larry learnt started, I think we have on the amount of more than five Columbus is the birth of a lot of fact complacent. That's what he said. You open the door for Jamie he's Kudu heresy theories ago here. This would change the hostess I don't get Airbag Columbus's this hidden jewel, it's a great place. It is really really replace. I love, but there is a great Fuckin theatre man. Yet to see any proof of Swinger activity myself I recorded, might two thousand nine comedy central special. The was a spike spike tv special, the time at the southern theatre, in Columbus, with a good ground, forecast, great love
bus I love it last humbles, there was like what here and a half ago years timber the shot Medina about a year ago for us last night Marty soldier has asked to shows for his really lovely people. Houston tomorrow, First showed use and sold out on their couple weeks. Sec are you dare say it saw me a few days. I would also like twenty tickets that second used and choke We have not had a show that isn't sold out like we play the Filmore in Detroit those sold out back when there's one that, though and uses bar night. But, like then, there's like Santiago, there's, Chattanooga, that's been a difficult one. Sell your men to Chad knew no, no Ben we sweep posted a show and it was moving and we're, like our will, add a second show and then both of the shows kind of stalled, a certain play, so Chattanooga Tennessee pretty active
like I nope, because we're men, a monotonous like we're fuckin, manage keep those active. What's the new world that all the kids unto tick Tock fifty nope men, a monotonous like we're fuckin manage just were looking man we're all world that old as all these onto forty nine. Fifty two really can also like not for nothing but leg. If Fifty two and those forty nine. What were we worried about? We were well vitamins, people didn't exercise regularly, and on top of that maybe I'm just buys because the other I get. I want to believe this, but like didn't the vitamins, people didn't exercise regularly, and on top of that maybe I'm just buys because the other I get. I want to believe this, but, like didn't the didn't fifty look older, when you were caught unawares and did they were my dad was fifty years ago, fog of d? It did look different now, its health, you know it's, it's diet die it's a big factor getting enough nutrients, not smoke.
Cigarettes? That's a huge falconer even said Esther languidly aigrettes down. We probably does a lot for you and relying on lies for your slogan. Reed said my life, it for sure reduces inflammation. And c B day, I'm a giant proponent of sea, we d I take CD every day, I want the sound like the commercial, but that's a tv is pumped up with thirty percent CBC accessibility. So when you smoke it you're, not least your healing something, as both a nice Chris by that sounds Ex commercial boats, good yeah, I just I'd, taken a drop form. I drank the stuff, kill cliff, which is a drink that Us Cbs
I just stated so it's a miracle anti inflammatory elixir from nature a huge believer in it and alleviate anxiety, it's good for so many people without right, as in so many issues. My friend Day Foley, his his hands, were all fucked up many at real bad arthritis, and now there they move freely and easily news areas. If has yet news radio day fully as full use of his hands cause. A c b d causes Z. These he does police was in the desert genius you some work. I have to tell you. I got something I usually say to people like did Foles a genius and you got it back it up, but I can just say to you- and I told you was the guy seriously urban and fuck a bear. The knife localhost you are, I don't have all my God S own, Rambo Brow, that is, for people to think I'm cheating its Heineken zero alcohol.
And is that so sober October include, I guess, intimidate its edges, weeds everything, sunset sobers! Oh, no, that's not! So straight Elsa. She rose wow, that's in and not for charity, not first king or country just fuckin. Well, we started off what happened. Was it sort of four years ago with a weight loss challenge my friend, Tom's girl, my friend Bert Crusher, and I can't hosted the weight loss. Chow, They their decision was loomed, mouthed, that's Bert. Who could lose the most over the course of a month in the winter I sent him to a basketball game and are central to what an arsenal to some other upon national champions. Yeah they want to some. You know
they have to get up right. So that was one year to the next year we are decided jointly and that, during the whole weight loss, Childs Bert, kept shrinking were very concerned about birth, health and soil. Like ramparts, gonna fuck die. If we don't get this motherfucker stop drink and you think you could stop drinking, and I said I haven't we all do it will all go sober for the hot. What I don't even know, it's sober Toby, is like a thing. People have been doing it for years. Long before us, your lawyer has led just events, it arrived and the like, and it was just pure coincidence that we started with the first weight loss. Things October's well right, wasn't think it started closer than thinks giving time period or such like that lacks the wind was unlike January Emily. Was it ok? Well, for whatever reason we decided to do it during October by dumb Block, there was a thing already called so rocked over. We, we literally did even know
we started doing it. So we did it and we had. We incorporated a challenge. We do fifteen hot yoga classes and everybody didn't believe that everyone was sober. Aristide he's gonna drug test. Me I think I happened to because our was gone and we had to do that like another podcast talk about the Welsh of the bed and that was probably in September and then walked over next month, so back to enable emphasised exotic gamble fight for months in Asia. So so we had sobriety for a month plus fifteen ninety minute, hot yoga classes over the months here to do a basically your class every other day, which was great. So we did that and then last year we said: ok, we'll do it again, but this you're gonna do a fit, is challenge that got really crazy so that year there was a competition. In that year we will work out five six, seven hours a day I set off the fire alarm and my jam from my side.
Literally from steam, coming off my body set up the fire alarm. That possible is possible video seriously as yes, so you got your body, heated observers, the file and my Jim is my home. Jim was essentially a little smaller than this room and has no elliptical machine in a cage and squat rack knowledge as and I set off the fuckin fire alarm from steam cause. I did five six hours on the elliptical machine. I watch it is there. Sally Likud. That's! It is! Listen to your home, I look at the fog there's the alone that puddle on the ground that saw my sweat, a kitten, no, so we decided to well because we aren't gonna win and is not going to lose coarser one lose.
Go crazy, we're going crazy, and then we all had to sit down this year and say we can't do this again possess Europe. Well, I had to do ten classes so with whether its Yogurt Tom's doing boxing in and it took some. We took some tactical gun courses and at times also done some weightlifting armies done so meditation classes. What it's all just bettering yourself and you have to read five hundred pages of of books, whatever whatever book five pages. So that's the challenge this month. Easier! All of that is is this is not a my men. Exhausted guided system like October should be a fund. Money we're headed in the Halloween and stuff. Like that right fall, SAM. Hayin shit like that, and it just seems like a lotta- would have this. Would you say SAM sadly little met old man and a minimum. But SAM Hain term aim. Remember like sampan is the
it's the end of summer, the Festival of SAM Haines. You, then, is an error. They talk about on Halloween, pull up the click. The movie online from John Carpenters, Halloween Donald Pleasant, tells a story about Sammy that was the following reeling and there's a metal ban called SAM ha ha ha Mamsie dad. But the notion I'd like to get now a dry and should adjust. I may I get it if you're not do drink. And I never really did. I was never at a taste for it. I was obviously a sugar guy, like that was definitely Maria advice. Both of babies probably lost more than a hundred pounds since way back how much he lost all tens for world my highest wait. I ever was like a one point. I was like I way. Meyer code knows through three twenty three holy Shit to dwell on that done, because I was like well ass round this motherfucker out. No one up to three, which is nobody.
Erica that I know of so that was my highest. Then I saw what was it was fed up the sugar documentary and took off like a bunch of wake, as I stopped doing shiver Then you know my weight yoyo for a bit then to its come in February, to be two years that had the heart attack, o Shootin Showtime special between shows either attack. So then I started losing weight first on one on pendulous suggested diet with Ray cronies just sides, and it was like all potatoes, Justine potatoes for like two weeks, and I was like this visa love potatoes after two fuckin days, you learn, you ate. Potatoes, argue love, milk and salt and butter and shit that goes in a mask tables, but just eaten a big potato like you can have as many want the look on my god. It is beneath your fuckin money and, like that's. Why
fasting, because when your choices like a fucking potato or nothing like Yahoo at around eight forget air than either potato and stuff, and then you realize I'm ok, I gotta die my body or start feeding awesome stored fa. So at that point I had a heart attack. My kid was like: please go vague and there's a nutritionist was in the room the morning after further attacks. Kid slept there all night, just staring at me, make sure. Like Fuckin, have a second art attack and really that wasn't the big danger. The big danger apparently was nor to gets my heart. They punctured my groin, that's how they get to your heart. That's the easiest fastest and stuff, and so the whole night Phil yeah yeah. Well I mean they can either crack your chest, but then I like to do that anymore right. So it's not it's not as invasive to go through your femoral, and so you go through the groin. Some people go through the wrist as well. I met a cat. It was like they went through my wrist. I was like: why do they go through? My grind he's like probably want to see your dick.
So I just I sat there. I ve I am after the morning after the kid was there and and the nutritional was like you should you know if you thought of you, thought about plant based that'll cut your cholesterol down, or at least losing some. And that gives a year ago vague and one of us and any now she's, never lookin out for me, but at the same time she's the she knew that, like I'd, be a big get for the vague and community flip this fuckin mother voluntarism, immediate and Iceland during two gowns mocha day, Faggot flip him, that's good, get so right now, I gotta give it a shot. I live the way I wanted to for many many years and obviously that led me to almost dying so about try what you're talking about you know for a few months
six months, and that was a year and a half over a year and a half ago, so being vague again and also intermittent fasting meanings. Essentially I don't do breakfast, like yourself, has dropped me down another seventy, so one. Ninety eight right now, like my high school way, why it s kind of not more than a hundred Over that the entire time we ve known each other yeah, I've lost a human being, delivered a child and went somewhere. It's now that's aids to carry. Like an involving rovaniemi, win and share the lean worry young men. The ordinary man, but how much joy I have for you? That's it! That's an
some accomplishment man, it was. I wasn't I didn't try, like you, know again way, watches or another called W W. They were absolutely awful, but it was never about like I want to look better. It was just in my options were get healthier fucker. I now manage to art its experts. One was warnings, Eglon took him out and as much as I can change my lifestyle and I did like- I still got my mom, my dad's like hearts and are you always not egg? The defective yeah hike everyday appropriate, except since we ve been on the tour? That's Fenelon work only I could if I got the idea, how the way up and said I haven't gotten into waits or anything good thing about string training it s strength, training is is particularly important as you get older, maintains bone density, maintains you muscle, mass and there's a lot of correlations between people who exercise and maintain muscle and heart health, and just just
overall, vitality of your body, a stronger body grant, is more durable. You know, and you know it's not hard for you to hire somebody just higher trainer. That's true event. When I'm done with the tour leg, we're done in February again just hire. Someone is time You know you can learn from the way it has been like that. I never imagined I d ever do so, I never imagined out of muscles, never done a pull up. My entire fucking life, remembering high school hanging on the bar, and I would move on Smitty cuz like I couldn't fucking, get there be nice to do pull up for. I leave this world for sure especially like one of em hanging off a cliff bids on matters on a guy did Obama in this life, not not today. Now, but in this life, you're right, it's like slow build than I ve also got like access to. Like gay, Yes, it's not even like I gotta get my shit together. Do it
It's all go somewhere, it's good to go somewhere. Instead of having someone coming to you, it's it's like art, a change of environment, sort of it put you in the mode like ok, we're here to work, but I recommend that to anyone whose getting while I just anyone period, I think, strength. Training is very, very important. You ve actually sold me Don t much I'm pretty gullible, but you ve actually sold me in as much as like. I trust to your smart and what you said about bones. Density makes a yes and I'm only getting older and wage. It's only get more Holloway yeah wait bearing at Us Assizes carrying weight, and you know it doesn't have to kill. You does now to be something this brutal and breaks down. She exhausted the next. I really want like a light work out, you Willie, want and slow build fundamental understands state of fitness. Your right now and gives you a nice slow, build too slight squad,
with very little wait a few dead lives with very little wait just a little bit of this and a little bit of that a little bit a push up so little bit a set up allows it. You don't need to work out that long work out a half an hour and three days a week in your fuckin golden. What made a giant change in your life shore were the those I like them three days away. Oh yeah, see I remember there ever don't know you don't want to go through every thirty minutes. Is it like? I forget his name. I have. I deny reality now build your body up to that. You gotta realize you guy who's, never really gotten after it, your whole life. So if you just shock your body and to get an after it now, it's probably a revolt. You don't want that you are right, that yeah you want art was an hour ago. You want just some light weight bearing exercise and build up over a few months. Man is no rush in just trying to be healthy, right, you're, not trying to fuckin when Mr Olympia just start slow do like awaits with Squire rack and like fuckin, twenty four.
Pounds and each side just three or four straight for put it down. What really are taught me that this is like, as you imitated, a guy doing, squat you closed her eyes. You went to a place. You literally played a character. You acted in front of me, viruses that think like slow when it I could do if I'd. If I'd shot your thing here, it might have a modem or said TAT make it. So I do it all the time. So it's me it's like. I understood and it says durable known. As you closed your lung tissue in you do in it that's the trial. My eyes would be popping out of my head. You'd be fine. I want you to do anything to make your eyes pop up your head,
But how will I just recently that we use to take time man time is an investment of its slow, changing like water hitting rocks right? We see look water, carving, a pathway through rocks that should take forever takes forever and that's the same thing with fitness. You're not gonna, get giant muscles, quick man, you could be one of those fuckin psychopaths. It decides completely changed our life and completely dedicate themselves to fitness, and also you get Jackie, I've always muscles, but that is going to have to be, massive commitment and a life changing thing and for a guy who had a heart attack on a recommend that at all, I recommend you just slowly start working hours, waits, nothing even brutal know. Some Yoda Turkish get up is it's: a greater full button is different
body exercise, yellow kettle bow in your hand. You lie down on your back on the ground. You lift your arm, albeit slowly. Get up to your feet were standing up with proper technique. Then let it down and then you sit down again. He lay back down you back again. It's a full body work up and it's not do you know it's others, gonna kill. You had something. This is going to give you a little, but a strain strengthen you connective tissue. Is you don't have to do for five? Like that's what I would say and that's done for the day you do a couple other things Duke ideology, but I'm not talking about you breaking your body down for at all. I'm talking about slowly. Adding resistance, training, this meat, headman tat you gotta go on break your body down. Think that's! It's it's a terrible thing to do this, dozen exercise cuz they're going to be in fucking severe pain, and it's also, I don't think it's productive, don't think it's necessary. I think the way to do it is to likely get into it. Then, once you start feeling it, I feel a little bit better. It's easier to open up a jar of pickles
everything's, move and better. You know an end. A rapid would hold on you. Fuckin saw me on the pickle, open, pickles or are meant to this day. I never I pickles, but you know it's tough. To open up is like a George made us gas tarred my many times my wife and believe me? What is it just now? Can you try this There are always there's gotta, be fitness in my fuckin, Jean somewhere men, because my mom's dad was a boxer like growin up like a like a guy, and he had a record whose kid Dixie Schulz Growin up like in my grandma's as there is a picture of a guy like wound in that position with trunks. Build tie me like an because that she's, like thus grandpa and he didn't look like grandpa. The research, but apparently he was a boxer, let out any around think of man and do not even box somebody, but have someone hit the whole paths for you? You learn how to punch in his path. Can this exciting it's fun to do
It's like injured everything that land we hit. Things like Batman SL the man had pads and he had spoken Nuno Injustice Hooja like my box, her grandfather policies were, if you agree with this Joker so you're that you ve been a man in the ring so to speak. You ve met at the emphasis the of of a thousand five thousand bunch people as man on stage even the man in the ring. Sometimes when you're doing you have see event and stuff like that, you know What it's like the surge thee, the energy that comes from like I'm here and everybody's got. I got their attention. I command the fuck room, it's part of why we do what we do. My grandfather having been a boxer must have felt that right, like fuckin, probably way more than I've feel when I walk about stage or we're on the reboot road. Should tourism like life, your clever sitting on the back watch, the movie with the audience near laugh
this is a guy who is like I'm the man in the ring and like it, all up to me and my fists, and I could be a god or a goat tonight and liked, and then it becomes prime on theirs pounding and shit like that You would imagine there is if you got in the ring and he pursued enough to have a record. There must have been some sort of car, some, sir satisfaction to it, or maybe it sometimes people do for money, right mate? Maybe this guy now been away to make a living know this guy? Now you may I mean you, don't think he did it. I think it was open for persons, but I don't think it was a slag, this war, man or them, although does with stories, gonna gone, not mailmen, but this was a guy who boxed professionally and
the story was that my grandmother like when they had their first kid. My Virginia, my grandmother's, like you, can't be boxer anymore and so is our eye and they stopped being a boxer. And then my grandfather became a custodian in the North courthouse and every day would like get dressed up in a suit and take the bus to the nor court ass. They lived in a different section or, and then he put on his custodian outfit and like claim the toilet, sweep the floors and stuff like that. Noble salts of the earth shit, so my whole life. I never question this. Your wife says you you quit and quit and stuff like that. Until I became older and I became something of the man in the ring myself. I know what it's like to stand. You know at attention forever by where everybody you are the focus of
thousands where you get a level of affection from a from a one vociferous mass that you is unparalleled from any of the amount of affection you give him any other single human being in this world it is. I've never done heroin, but I imagine, is better than era. One is one of the greatest drugs, it is fuels us, and you know we obviously like it. We keep fuckin. Don't we make money on the yes but theres many ways to make money and we like it. We do it because its power to feel spent ass taken, you feel like man, they like me. They really like me, and I start thinking. Why would he have put that all to the side like? How do you step outside all that? Just because your wife is like? I want you to do that more and then it may be re. Consider my grandparents- and I figure-
doubt. I want to see if you back me on this play. You don't know these cats. You can have skin in the game, so you can't offend anybody done that sound like she did dirty shit that nobody else did bed somewhere else, but the bed I didn't, have that thought at all. Now, I'm my thought is it he recognized at its very dangerous new, probably new people who died and probably wanted to find a way out of it anyway, which most fighters do while fighters at some point time. The real as I'm gonna, have to jump off this ride one day, I can't stand this right until I'm a dead man, Tom ninety years old or a hundred years old is not feasible its does. It doesn't exist, there's no Ninety eight year old boxers think he faced his own mortality. Every boxer does every fighter. Does you you hit so right where you see they will get hurt. If well, then, has probably been hurt. You see, people get her see, people get pommel DC. People get knocked out, maybe been knocked out yourself, and you realize that this is
thing that is unsustainable. If he's not making any money at it, it's extremely dangerous and you start you know you start thinking what could happen to you when you know what can happen to you. It happens to people, you see it happen. If it hasn't happened, you you watch, it happen. Other people, if you're around combat sports enough you're, going to see people get fucked up, and when you see people get fucked up, you realize like hey. This is voluntary, there's other ways to make a living. I don't have to do this anymore. I can get off this ride or you're the type of person that doesn't give a fuck. You want to be a champion and you're. Your thought is, you are here for glory. You are here for a legacy. You're here leave your mark. You want to go down in history as a great and if you don't feel that way, I tell people to get out die. Think fighting is one of the most singular pursuits. A person can get into debt. Where are they you are now giving like the I'm, dedicate myself to some gadget debt, giving your body dancing that, like you,
your entire life protect. This is also the consequences. Are so grave. The concept Zagging and zagging you you go brought the wrong way round to a knee wrong way. You wanted to head kick wrong way. You run into a punch here, you'd doc, into an Africa. You fuckin lights, go out! Your land on your back they're gonna flashlight your face an ice on the your neck? And you you don't even know what day it is. You don't know what and then that you never get back and you can only get so many those your life. You know there's it depends on the person, but you get knocked out three four. Or five times whatever the number is, there's a certain number that your life is going to be fucking different? Now now your brain doesn't work good, new, more that's a fact and maybe get a little bit better over time, maybe go through some cognitive therapy. There's some different things are doing with magnets, indifferent things are doing with stem cells for their shooting them
straight into your US rebel spinal fluid, and they think that that might have some sort of a positive impact on see tee. But man that the reality is combat. Sports are a fuckin, brutal, brutal business and see thing is possible. He just got to place, probably smart. Like up this is my perfect exhausted. He wasn't making any money doing it either sounds like you gave me your game as dignity back. I honestly like he gave it all up because she gave up the I should like a dirty german girl who, just like I will let you do the animal you gotta get out a ring and he said I'll, give you one ring for the other and he was a clock. Goddammit gussy. He called it Gussy, otherwise manager, Congo? I call my love and faint. Now yeah. I knew the auditors love, kids, scattered kid right. They hadn't there. Few hours, kid manned everybody loves her kids and
wanna, be around seals, kids grow up and you dont want we brain dead and everybody look. I personally know a lot of people that have combat sports induced brain damage. There is no doubt about it. No and this is why, when I see anybody was like half in half hour ago, fuckin harden the paint. I tell me, you gotta get the fuck out of this. Now Trust me and you know what I've done it took power. People think I mean I'm like look mean about very many things in this life. But when it comes two people delusional about their abilities and combat sports or their future, and combat sports. I get fuckin mean because I think You got to know you got to know with no uncertain terms. I can't be protective of your feelings. I have to go in hard because no one else is going to people. Don't they did bulshit you, coaches,
shit. You trainers, bullshit, you they tell you got a chance promoters. We're gonna put you on fights when you really retire it. It is a dirty aspect to the business and I don't. I don't play that shit. If I think that someone should get out, I go hard. I tell em and in all I've done it to friends. I've done it to be dope, got guises. Done commentary for the vast mean they pulled me aside, and I said you got to get out man you got to get out cuz it. You can't talk right now, you're, okay, right now, but how many more shots? Can you take how many more times he get knocked out? One ko can change your whole phone. Lights, Melcher Taylor got knocked out by Holyoke, Caesar Chavez and malware was was olympicum medalists. A fantastic boxer was fastest Falk, lightning, fast, combinations, beautiful skill, but who will say Chavez has kept wherein Ottoman where anonymous boom. We dropped him in the final round and they start the fight with like seconds going too fire richer steel. Stop. The fight was a big controversy like, oh, my god,
How can we stop the five major goes ahead on this score cars, and you know there was only a couple seconds to go and magic outta wanna decision. It was a right call because he was done after that fight man have therefore he was never the same. You hear him talk today, it's sad- is shit in the world. He can barely put together a sentence, and he had a few fights after that against Terry Norris was a brutal, knock out puncher and couple other guys. He just was never the same again. It was at one fight, one fight one beating too much and it just it all, fell apart on autumn, and that can happen that can happen any fighter in when you're done you're done, you do the only way you should ever compete as a fighter as if that is this, is your fucking calling this a thing, your obsessed with it. Is your one hundred percent focus and soon as it's not
soon as you have doubts, get out, because as a bunch of people out there that don't have doubts, and I was trying to tell people think about my Thyssen before he won the title. Think about the MIKE Tyson that destroyed Marvin, Frazier. Think about that motherfucker that guy's, all in you don't ever want to face a guy who's, all in when you're half ass in it a lot of people half ass in and they dont even realise our half ass net. They just have this thing in their head. Well, I'm train a pretty hard, I'm doing good good skills. I could beat the sky, but when someone's in their n and caught its combat sports are uniquely dangerous in terms of the consequences of you not being committed, so you gotta know one to get out and no one does very few people does a few guys Andrew WAR, retired defeated, elliptical metals to division, world champion he's the rarest of the rare most guys they keep go on until they get fucked up. They keep gaunt collision,
knocked out. They get brutalized and meet him afterwards. Knitted barely talk man, they could barely talk. I've seen so many Gaza good is barely string words together, everything's humble all the words slower into the next word. It's horrible man- and I see but in the gym I saw a Jim with guys who ever made it. They still got brain damage, the fuckin, the gods of combat sports. I don't give a fuck if you went to title of your ear shot, you take punches to the head kicks to the head. You get fucked up, man, no matter what seems like while outcome in talk about that. For years and years they didn't know, they did know that people get punch tromp, but they didn't know what was cause
its Ivan knock out its its sub concussive trauma that deserves the vast majority have allowed a world of hockey. Yes, yes, sub concussive, traumas, terrible but knockouts are also horrific and then for me, my discussions with guys like Doktor Mark Gordon, who is an expert in traumatic brain injuries, and he worked with a lot of soldiers in he runs. TB. I foundation to deal with injuries that soldiers in football players and fighters face and his descriptions of it will scare the fuckin shit out I mean like he's like people can get brain damage from fuckin jet skiing. Just why am I and up down keys and giving the dusky accident just like just jet skis and if you Jesse accidents exaggerate, but he saw catabolic people some people- in accidents, some sort of a something happens. You we get knocked out and they are Never the same again. This is a real thing. You can get a shot to the head. A golf ball. Semi misses a crack. You in the head, with a
off all right. You can hit with a line drive the that that kind of shit changes people forever forever. So your grandfather probably wanted out. First, the art some thoughts, number one is sober subject over, gives you a different Joe Rogan yeah, oh my god, you're so dial them it's beautiful. I could hear that. Can burns of of combat sports. I can listen to you. Spin yarns tells
tales? You know that you that's unfair, the Kimberley. I call you the gene shepherd of found. That is what I hope is on you love to ensure remember Christmas story. Now he had a guy that merits Christmas time, wrote the books, the essays that it's all based on my other thoughts, that is far more dignity than I ever forded. My grandfather, I appreciate it. My mom is gonna, appreciate that and then fourth fuck, I lost my point.
But I had enough of them. It's to me hits home because I needed to know when I needed to retire to when I start fighting a news. I am not doing us away. I used to do this. I used to be completely obsessed, but I saw a bunch people get knocked out. I knocked a bunch of people out. I knew that that easily could a business like to knock. Somebody is weird, it's a bitter sweet feeling or you don't feel good. You know it feel if you were in a true combat This would feel good while fighting for your life, you mean yeah competition mean it was off people my age. She now I was not a nineteen twenty years old and I'm I'm standing over this unconscious version of me may know that I just kicked in the head and that's how the pursued the mouth force you can generate with a kick assist so terrifying, it's so terrifying. Now the thing to task and battles off your head, the lights go out and then you get it incur.
Legitimate, permanent brain damage from sunlight that, as in the initial kick or in that hit the dreadful canvas both this, they kick somewhat kicks Has someone really knows how to kick their bouts of fuckin shit off your temple? You might not ever be the same again. That's a real benaco. I've never been knocked out. I've been stopped, which means I got t chaotic. I dropped with a punch in the guy, followed up with a bunch of punches in the referendum. The fight those last forever had it was nevertheless hardliners allows Egypt slowdown yeah, I got it. Wasn't a kickboxing fight cash, those three fight in a day, my one, the first two when the first one by knock out a bit the fucker, the second guy- and I was pretty
sick actually go onto the fight in going into the the turn out, get sick, sometimes so be nervous and shit. I wasn't my metricians terrible and then the third fight I got hit with a laugh hook got one the first round and then the second round I get hit with a left work. My legs just one point that has stopped working. I remember gonna fuck shit. I can ever been dropped like that before, where my legs, just it was perfect, left lackeys. Continent cock ran a chance of what, if it catches the chance. What is the what's happening that its it? It's like a connection. Tab range was your brain right and your brain like it. It also does something is like nerves behind your jaw. When you get hit hard edges, it's like an electrical charge goes in your body and everything just shut off. It's weird: like those totally conscious but my legs to stop working in their villa that happening while that's happening more punches or coming now because was Kickboxing
was an Emma may in ever made the guy would jump on United, stop right there or you may be glad hold of them and maybe would survive. Maybe wouldn't hear the arguments that it's safer and ever may because they stop it quicker is also arguments and when it goes, the ground it actually survive, bettering could hold on, and maybe that would allow you to take more damage it. Maybe that's not a safe, I'm in the former camp. I think it's safer because I think once fights kit star quicker safer. So well. When you got an electricity went there, did you go down, yeah went down, my legs might might manage to stop working. My does Leggum stand up. He hit men most go pike you went out yes under ass yeah, I went down and I got up before the count to ten reverie. Does your gloves off and the kid swarmed at me again hit me with a bunch more punches, not covered up in a referee, stop the foot, so that was
Tko to the technical knockout, but I had already known that I was kind of. I was already doing, stand up comedy at that time as well, and I didn't know that I was half in half out and then I had to wait. When is this one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine so this this before way before gather. So as I will, as you you're, not gonna views, I endured or be funny now. Well, I knew our new somewhere around the time. I was nineteen that this was not. There is no future in this, and now I was trying to make the olympic team, which was the nationals were in Miami in nineteen. Eighty eight and wait where you from Boston, that's rose out of sight was a Massachusetts state champion, and then I would go to these national tournaments and compete against, like the sure they are the Illinois champion than Hampshire, Champ,
am I ask a question on behalf of somebody else holding you can't get a question stored, yeah advocacy as Talkin a numbers? Ok, your grandmother! Yes named Josie! Yes, Gerard Way, yes, lead singer of MAC emigrants, Yes, yes, where related that's what he said, I was I'm going to German goes. I dont have a hundred percent confirmation on this, but I'm pretty sure Joe Rogan is my cousin gambling on my aunt Josie was his grandmother. I don't know, but were cousins, how crazy that two people in the same family became super fuckin famous and don't even now. I don't know each other. It's not you gotta monies fascinate he's a good rank, yeah that employers like
you're related. What are they going to back sister so beat? I just didn't know what I was gonna do for a living, and then this is about a few. Things happened in a few were watching a friend of my get knocked out really bad. There was a guy named jury, long whose as bad as canadian guy who not my friend, let out he hit him on the head with an ax kickin, just changed lack Larry was never the same again. He was always like real tentative nervous. Destroyed is confidence you know we also what we did. We aren't making any money so that you know these are all amateur fights. So there was a thing. What am I doing like? Why might wisest my whole life? Why worried a big change to. I was from the tunnels fifteen to the time I was twenty one, almost twenty two when I started fighting when I started doing competitions, gave me a focus and it gave me something. Why didn't
you like, I was a loser like for the first time in my life. I was something that I didn't realize that if I focused on this thing- and I dedicated to my set myself to this thing, I could be successful and that chain and how I believe the opposite of a loser react winner. In most cases where I wasn't before that I wasn't, I wasn't loser just in it. Didn't he nothing going so easily. I was at school. Is your football like for some people who write well? It's like I found football I found somewhere. Is your Jesus? Some people like? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, I think, that's what people need bound. They need a somethin, whether its chasseurs Jesus or filmmaking, whatever the fuck. It is you're, fine, a thing any focus at noon, see some success. He like, oh, my god, you guys do something. I can do something I could be somebody I can I can. I can do something: that's
filling rewarding, and I know that I'm not a loser, because a lot of it is like confidence right. A lot of it is if you look at your life and you look at things that other people are doing. You can't do that here too, and that these people can do that their different than may have confidence. It takes doing something and having so success. Out of the gives you confidence do other things and martial arts. I was so terrifying to me. I was so scared of it that it became by overcoming that and becoming successful at it. It gave me this understanding that you can do. You can basically do what in within reason, whatever you want of you just focus on it and to not gonna do it. It is be a be immediate and can be successful immediately and you're gonna fail. But through those failures,
You learn and you go back and you get some experience. You do better next time and that is airs. Jos S S training, yet in sight this fuckin tattoo. This is me immortal massaging from the book of five ranks and that book. He said something I read it when I was like seventeen years old once you understand the way. Broadly, you will see it in everything and that that is. That is, if anything, that is one of the main focuses of my life that I thank them. More time, so once you understand the way broadly, you can see it in everything that describes you. Your seeker, my favorite proverb may you realize your own divinity and this lifetime,
thought on yoga wall hanging at my wife, put on the house once and it just wasn't really the message she intended she just liked. I think the image of butter and one day I was letting the dogs out and I was waiting by the door. So you have time to like really scared, and I was probably just stoned enough and completely understood? It rose like yeah it I'll. Hang, you realize your deviations live to your own, divinity, meaning, don't wait until you drop dead find out. You were got all long. Handing it off to somebody else, and some higher power harbours knew of utter became a fighter made him feel worth something provider became a filmmaker may feel worth something make manifested is absolutely right. It's you can kind of do anything you can count anywhere. Not William can live without a jet right Mohammed
IRAN James one on one? Yes and MIKE Tyson Ban? He would this things you can't do physically, but there's a lot of things. You can do a lot of things. You get better at an especially artistic pursuits, kinda thing about artistic pursuits, Jakarta everybody. Fines are all way, and so the shift to me from doing something that was competition Especially cards competition with grave physical consequences now to go from that to doing stand up when I first started doing stand up, I realize about ok. This could be it like. The fuckin fighting thing does like it's a dead end. There's no money on this. Before the you have see, there was no money in kickboxing. Remember: I've gotten, offered kickboxing fight a professional fight for five hundred bucks annals like what is that five hundred dollars. It means, after for six weeks no alcohol eat, eat good run, do all these different things, trainees and bar, and then five hundred bucks at the end of may be
brain down. It's like when you see what porn stars get paid for on your like. What like you would imagine like that, don't pay, a million dollars to do that, and I like ono five. Hundreds of one fits of fifteen hundred has right. It's not exactly Do you realize, then, that you weren't from like you just one? Eighty two you want from pained pleasure. Your business was pain, was an annual. This became pleasure, made my further report of August last year. Job as a fighter is the the person who would have pleasure to the people that watch the fights gonna happen with or without the audience correct. Whereas in comedy yet don't happen with or without you, yes, but as always, the eyes do internally as an annoyance. We did have fights where people from other gems or other dough Jos would come Oda Dough Genk as it was korean, they would come and we would fight them and there was no mean folk, Anti fights there's no no referees. I was ill Butch you're, so books.
You can put it so large x. I read about Fuckin, like you know where you're superheroes pounding on each other, you literally hit people and then hit. You know too feels like take a bunch of nervous. My life does not also be thrown out onto the universe. This look for it Forgive me I don't. I will offer to suck your dick before the pensions are desperate to making it might be worth and hit. You know kid and I get bad blowjobs, but I've. Never, you all those stories I read about, like green arrow, punches mortal stories, I've written move, daredevil bunches. Moreover, you have actually done the punching and receive the fog and punch yeah. Pretty metal lotta kicks its Butch. Do that's cause I my early earliest martial law was talk when notes is mostly kicking based, but he added that was the first rather than to the kickboxing. Was one of the big turn round took his kickboxing happened at the end of my
like window career when I was realizing that tackling those really limited- and it was also the beginning of me doing comedy- was all happening kind of at the same time, and I just was really really really really fortunate that I wanted to Duke stand a comedy. I happened to be in Boston, which at the time was one of the key hubs, one of the most creative environment alone, the history of comedy alma. I mean all people young, I was well. There was a lot of guys you'll never hear about because they were genius, but they stayed in Boston but Bill Bird was. He was a little bit after me like a year or two after main is Patrice O Neill, whose also
like bill burs Group and Nicht Nepal and drew his fucking God? Damn is so many guys it came out of that area. Deeds go on and on and on about, though the local headliners, but the environment. Stephen right came out there and is also yeah he's from from that area, and that there is guys you never heard of that were fuckin, o Lenny Clark. Of course, those guys, like you, know, Don Gavin instead Sweeney which, to this day I think one of the best some the best comedians I've ever seen in my life and they were just a local headliners who were just masters. They just work just just destroyers and we got a chance to see those guys when we were Greg. Fitzsimmons is another good buddy of mine came out of that group. We we got to see those guys when we were amateurs. We get to see these guys. Where will they were just destroying in a way that you didn't even think was possible and we got a unique opportunity:
de as amateurs to be in this incredible environment with so many calmly clubs. There are three comic clubs on one air in one area on warranted street. There was one words next calmly stopped in those down the street. There was the common connection and above it there was a comic opera, the Charles play House and then across the street. It was duck soup, so was for comedy. Clubs with oil is bright, hassle block may was crazy. It was just that it was a boom of comedy, there were stitches and there are so many somebody outside bars and stuff that had stand up to. When did you realize you're funny ten years
Wendy. Well enough, as you know, when I try stand yeah, I could get laugh plenty and finally, now I was funny to my friends in like in the locker room or like we're on a bus travelling to a term. Everybody be nervous and I'd be the guy made. Everybody laughed like gallows, humor be doing impressions of each other, like that, I had comedy for cycles. That's how I thought of it in my friend, Steve Gram, who am very good friends, but to this day he actually talk me too, don't stand up. He was one of the once. A cue should be a comedian. Might look I'm making you guys laugh because fuckin, crazy, making other people don't think I'm an asshole, but this is not like things that people think are funny than ever. Currencies value were like living room funny. Yes, I was
Therefore, as far as I know, these mean who's mean funny. Does come of, fighting is of a mean sport, its mean you have to be mean if you want to be successful and they're. So some of my committee was mean, and then I didn't know about amateurs I didn't understand, then I went and opened Might night why things about going to an open might night. As you get to see the professionals Roy, the hosting casually professional drop into a sad. But you also get to see these amateurs who were terrible and you go. Oh, I get it so everybody sucks at first and then you know you can just go up with the people is sucking you suck too, and I was like ok was of perfume relief because I thought of stand
Oh my god. It's like Richard Prior Jerry Seinfeld, those are being used to be a ledge. I can't do that side. Like probably I was faking that, like I was twenty one. I went on to a comedy stage, not lino once when I was before I ve made clerks when I was probably about twenty rascals had an open MIKE night and West Orange, no, the ones in eaten town right before between the mammoth mom deceive you Square Mile too, and so I went up and I did like like fire
five minutes and the only bit that worked was a bit about sucking my own dick, and I put that in clerks years later I was like. Oh I remember they laughed at that bit I'll throw it in, but I remember trying- and I never told my friends to be one thousand nine hundred and ninety it was before I even saw the slacker, and that is what I knew. I want to make Clark, so probably one thousand nine hundred and ninety or ninety one Prix August. To walk away from that? I don't you feel great when you're up there in your fuckin, killing and stuff, like that, like money, of course, as always apartments nice forget what I would consider overpaid to do the same. Should I would fuckin do any I'm like that's. Why I had my head around my grandpa, like how fuck you walk away from that. I don't you feel great when you're up there and you're fucking killing ants,
like they are now it's like money, of course, his eyes apartments, nice again what I would consider overpaid to do the same, should I would fuckin do anyway like I would be trying to be funny regardless insured, but don't you get the like. You have a definite great till it's horrific to bomb and did their counter balanced, whereas as amazing as it fails to kill it feels equally horrific or maybe even more so to bomb in a hot you and then the thing about doing well. Is you don't think here's. Why bring it up and his wife hammer at home and here comes a pause and then there's the punch and I'm I'm doing go and am also in the moment where I have to be when I'm doing a bit from doing and everybody loves me, I'm thinkin! Ok, this bit it this here's, the peak, here's, the valley, here's where bring it up and his wife hammer at home and here comes a pause and then there's the punt
and I'm I'm doing go, and I'm also in the moment where I have to be when I'm doing a bit, if I'm doing a bit on a clock or something like that, I have to be thinking about a fucking clock. I'm not just saying those words. I am thinking one hundred percent about what I'm saying, because if I don't it doesn't work is good. There's no way, you can't just say the words a form of hypnosis. It's like a mass hypnosis, and these people know those fuckin animals out there that crowded they smell weakness. They smell distraction, they smell when you're disconnected they. They feel you like in the way the avatar PETE Do you know, there's a fuckin. This raising a main reference, so I could address, is fleeing. That's happening, that's undefined, because the only people that really understand it are the people who are real comic.
Will be doing a long time who know how to kill and there's. This thing happens when everything is tight and everything is in place. That is, you are a ride and you're a passenger on the ride. You're, not you not driving. You are in a sense that you have to do the work and you have to do, the writing and you have to perform to shows tonight can hammered out all the times. Europe agreed on ourselves now, Commodore as it can restore Sunday. Didn't arena Saturday Night Cleveland. I did too shows the Fox Theatre Fraga. You gotta go baby, you gonna, go, go, go, go, go Comedies like running it's like anything else, you gotta be in shape to do it all the town enjoy it. You don't know about it. The sums at its. We are like that. It's not that because you don't they can't think about that, but we think about It is time that takes away from the actual thing. The actual thing deserves a hundred,
of your attention and the atmosphere, and you feel that in a moment, but one do you fuckin feel like when you get and everybody expire. Even then let it go at school curricula Then I think it was because that's how I go. That's how that's what makes me go, though it makes me goes the thing I can't I'm always concentrating on the thing. How do I get the things you don't worry about our so I concentrate on thing, but like then, a fuckin celebre the like all shit. I stuck the landing. Why do that with my friends? Right after the show like we have a great show like me, anti. No Saturday night, we have this Fuckin wild show this arena in Cleveland. It was awesome. After was over. We high five. We get something to eat and that's it then Denny. Let it go you gotta! Let it go because
That's my thinking. You talk among literally on the road every night and it's like maybe even though, like it's a different overnight nodes from wonderful audience. Like I'm still thinking about the two shows we had the music box me out of here, like how my god it was religious to bother screenings around my life, like those two will stick out things different too, because your plan, a movie that you did Youtube you put not a peace and you get to sit down and watch people enjoy the peace negative. This. Like big rush, I argue that the goal of the men did forget now, but the curious thing but the coup, and it is also organic, the term. Definitely being yourself, it's organic as you wanted to be a like. They rightly summit asked you a question like right. Here's a long answer, maybe had nothing to do with their quest right, but even then it's like that. It's not like you do in us like a bit. You know like where you have to begin your sat. Thank you very much cargo great to be here here.
Thing about God, you have memorandum, it oh yeah, there's But then I was I was blown away by Carlin. Like one day we were rehearsing on Dogma and George Carlin was areas smoke figures the ninety servers smoke cigarettes and shit, and I was like what are you working on now George, when you not doing this and everybody was an earth Matt Ban, Linda Sama, Chris Rog Norfolk, and cast me J and Georgia's, like I'm working on this bit for the new HP, OSHA, he goes called advertising lullaby, and that is what he may work on. It goes well memorizing Agamemnon, your Betsy goes yeah right everything as a you write your bits houses. They can't came up, it should have we're gonna get Nazis. I got right everything and then have to memorize everything I describe and then we were like. Can you do it needs a gay want to see it, and so he did a command performance for the aid of us in the room
advertising lullaby and it and it was pitch perfect. I saw the HBO show like in a month later news pitch perfect. So I couldn't believe that did was is committed to the written word as he was, but he fancies self, a writer first and foremost, easy we're gonna time I wanna do comedy, though, like he really backed into it. He was he wants to be Danny. K wanted to act and stuff like that, and he was just happened to be funny first into the radio dj thing and then they p2p weatherman burns down was prior, then stuff, but it kind of backed in the comedy and was excellent at it, but was not like It was not like this is what I've always wanted to do. Since I was a kid just kind of you always seem to accept the fact that he was like all of this is that I'm a genius at this all right. He would do when he was probably the most prolific, big name guy of all time and he actually inspired Louis CK to do a new our every year, because that's what he did
George did a new our every year and part of the reason why it is that is honoured and seventy five nights a year S crazy parlor, is wise. He owed a lot of money. Did a bedtime, diff yeah! I don't know how that happened, but Inez Book last words he talks about like he bought a jet and sometimes even bought a jet here in the seventies. It was that fuckin hugely but a jet, and he would sit on the runway and long island, add up second, the Guardia yeah and just do coke in the fucking book last words is amazing whilst they pop published at posthumously, but he was working on it with Tony Andrew before he died. He was so awesome. Man like I think about all the time to anytime I jump on stage because, with every night after reboot we get up on stage and worked crowded stuff. I got to say hello to him once, though, what with the air
I met him at the common store very friendly said how to everybody said: are the door guys hey outside how to make a deal? You know how I didn't know who the fuck I was. He had no idea just said, I said, hey man, I don't know, I think I have I mean I worked with a few times in the movies and stuff heat one of my favorite fuckin members, a jewish garland, as we go see him to show me increase rock. Is me my wife, Jan and Chris was married to his wife, a lock of that point and Georgia's playing it Caesar's and Linux City, and so is I got seats for you guys up front. So in Iraq was like others role with the new. He was like fucking at the height of his game and ship, and so we go see the shown and Karl and had a bit were he It was like people I could do without like guys named, skip shit like that, and one of them was a people I could do without any man over the age of twelve. Where is their baseball cap backwards?
How long before I met him. If you have a gay guy that bad so the night we're at the show he's up there doing it bit, and you know he's like another person, I could do without Kevin from this guy's over the age of twelve, whether baseball cap backwards rock. Like my love Iraq's next to me, a good, he knew who you are even the liquid work together how to move it. It was so exempt, though further for the shower that as Iser kind ass, soon ass, he was he I think we got along because he he went dad and I was always I come act comply and like he leave like an inch Jane Sandbar strike back. He plays the hitchhiker that, like blows people variety, had the day. He was such a committed active they day we
How do we had him for a few hours? Then he had to rush off to go beyond the stage and be Carl so he made a little in a window of time for us and he came to me on Saturday cuz. I Kevin you're, the writer director of this. I have a question for you. I was like okay You know this says that I'm fucking whether these dudes I talked to him, but the rules of the road and my fucking. With these. So do I believe in the rules of the road. I can't believe you're given at this much Vulcan thought charges. But like the where road- and I assume the guy believed in the rules of the road niggers, that's what I That's exactly what I forget, but he was so like committed to performance. Man like he was an absolute joy, be around and he was never on he's like you like fog and not less a man about them, doughnuts isn't felonies make you laugh. I love Tracy Morgan death. Don't get me wrong but, like you gotta, say six hours for facial. You know, grant rib
additionally ass pleasure, just laugh and so on your lap and in your phases in that Richter's grin the entire voluntarily ever May John Witherspoon is, oh my god- does a show of John Witherspoon and his son J D and my fucking face hurt after it was over. It was like crest. Ass Morgan, like my cheeks, were hurting. George was not that guy just sit there and outcomes. With a mug uses. Interesting, do not Mr Havel dunno. Miss Pat denotes, yes she's. Another one should make you fucking face her really, oh, my god. She so funny her stories. So crazy shit, you list three on rising like Mouldered, where we are and jams well chosen was my boy that's where I long coat for strange about gas from them. I was introduced to Carmody through my parents having Cheech in China sheets, we may Chong engines on Bob Reboot and then Bill Cosby, and then
when I would add Gimme a bill, Cosby items and my mom would always be like you can't listen. George gonna, be you can listen book ass, big ass, he softly that's funny. He dimension. I backed how crazy is that mean how crazy is the stellar reputation? Oh, my god odd, but you know what I was on new radio. I had heard that he drugged women. Did you really s guess Scott about messy? Yes, yes, the scuttle, but what might a herd of Candy Alexander, who was always on top of shit, shows utter said, fuck and thunder, pulse, but the errors, I'm I'm going wide, Eyed Caesar like rockstar I'd heard I had heard yeah and I was like y know like I, drugs woman, never mind can Alexander that she's amazing, a lover death, tat, lady, quit NEWS, Radiobes wasn't getting a big enough part. Are amber matches. I dunno on only do is valuable
Often wilder ban on ass was like that with you. I was its yes she's, a bunch of shit spin and a million different thinks she's, amazing. So powerful woman every time I've ever talked about it, but like it was such an incredible assembly. Did you see the twenty slash twenty that they didn't feel Harmon know they did like couple weeks ago up like a whole hour, twenty minutes on Phil, Hartman and stuff, I wouldn't watch it when you didn't pop up in it. I was like that's very joerogan2, not feeling. Well, I can't I don't even know if they asked. I don't remember the other thing I wanted to ask. You was the fucking moving fast moving What's that the air force was like your video on what we are thoughts,
Well, did you hear what I saw the very last week Commander David phrase that I had? No ok, that's who you gotta. Do you gotta watch that podcast us he's they gather was there he was in the plane. Yes, he was the commander. Who's, the guy who was in the fucking plain hootings era Zay, he said whatever it was. It went from sixty thousand feet to fifty in a matter of seconds. You see me lighting up your child, because this is the ship member in search of when we were kill ya. Me anyway, why were they made? You fucking believe your children, we believed and saw squash. We believe the Loch Ness Monster, we believe in aliens and the little international agenda. The difference between this is what is this? Whatever this object was believe it or not. Believe I think that's something is off about it. It was actively blocking and jamming radar and it moved at a preposterous, speed. It went out all remember how many miles you silly thirty miles in sight of a second
some insane amount of speed travelled. They were trying to track this thing they couldn't made. It was. Move veil emissions, the no emissions, no missions, no method propulsion made any thrown out. Even they don't know what the fuck it was, but they had seen several of them and the people round that area in San Diego off because Mexico, the air force people had seen several of these threats this guy- remember seeing this illogical to day. This was in the news and I was like why is this not like the front page fuck anew smart newer times wrote a big piece, but you need to watch the podcast with Commander David Favour. That's the one. David favour was the guy who was in the vehicle. He saw it with his own eyes. He observed it with with the the track equipment in the plane and he looked at it with his own eyes was rejected. It look like a tiktok that guy's not full of shit and he has a highly or military guy doesn't have a long history. This
Not seeking attention was very difficult to get him to do this in the first place. Jeremy Corbeille, who made document Bob bizarre in areas like saucers that I was a humbling experience. Listen to him talk about it because you could tell he's not full of shit. He's telling you about a real experience. You have, that is impossible to describe and the fact This thing was actively jamming radar. People could say it's a these sorts of that opportunity normally a boy? What do they want? What do those early jamming radioset sceptics, one? I think that they moved to two x, zoo, and that's why it looks like it took off quick though they couldn't track it. They couldn't stay on It was moving too fast says I didn't make any sense of off at a preposterous rate of speed and, more importantly, it was actively jamming radar. It was using equipment to jam the rate
on purpose. Yes, so not just like it couldn't be. I perhaps not on whatever. Whenever created is whatever its energy signature was created of really are blowing something to you to jam the rate, I knew that they were too try and want to be found its accuracy fuck off. What do you think it was you nonsense? I think it's from another planet customer talk and boy, it's either from another dimension, or from another planet way, lives more likely that its from another planet, and I think it would put What do you mean another dimension? When we don't have any idea, I mean how many dimensions are there and we know what we can see and feel here's the thing we see an That's right and aunts moved around the ground and you hold a cell phone over. That adds that any idea what the fuck that is knows as this will make Europe out here, it does not have any idea, because it's in its outside of its role of understanding and it's entirely possible, there's something lives. A million years longer than human beings have existed and continues to innovate continues, create new technology, they can make technology
it is indistinguishable from sorcery. If you think about with way Bob Bizarre explained it when he was working area. Fifty one is like: if you took a nuclear reactor of today and showed it to some people from the victorian era, they would think that it was magic, and this is exactly how we were approaching. These recovered crafts because they were trying to back engineer according to Bob Lazar with you believe it or not. They were trying to back engineer these crafts and they were saying that these crafts were operating on something called element. One hundred and fifteen, which we didn't even know, was a real thing mean they had speculated that it exists. But he was talking about this in the late 80s and the 90s. Well, they didn't even absolutely prove that element. One hundred and thirteen or one hundred and fifteen was real until I think it was two thousand and thirteen so he's talking about something that the air force or the Navy or who the fuck was operating area. Fifty one and air and Anne S for work where, where where he was that they had
this knowledge and understanding of this element that they had, somehow or another made stable that could Ben gravity could change gravity so instead of being a propulsion system where you have a fire that comes out of the back of a thing to force a thing for this thing, just pushed gravity in front of it and shot through insane amounts of space and time it will it with incredible speed that did even make any sense and they didn't understand how they made it. They couldn't back engineering, pushing gravity, would that's you tat. We live in him describing muttering lighting that without would push it up. Then it also gives gives this proportion is well, I'm I'm butchering it for sure, but the way he was describing it, there was something about this element. One fifteen that you utilised, when, when it was inside of the spaceship at utilise gravity and some sort of an and impossible to understand why that day,
still have not figured out and he saw Yea sought inaction. He sought action, and he was a proportion expert from was the lab at LOS Alamos, and you know he had worked propulsion systems up during his own free time and had worked on some nuclear projects at LOS Alamos who was in the middle of concocting, some topsecret military shit. And he's clearly a brilliant guy. You know, but so many people try to discredit them and maybe they're right and maybe I don't know, I believe, a lot of what he saying. If there are aliens do you want to be here when they make contact, I think they're, making contact weather, like it or not, with us, about wearing looking and watching whether we like it or not. There observing and I think, if you weren't, halogen being from another planet? You would want to make sure that the territorial monkeys don't blow each other up and that's. We are we're like this adolescent stage
evolution where we still have all of our prime all territorial jungle instincts, but yet we also have this insane ability to harness the atom. We also have this ability to send videos through space. We can catch them on your phone and play it back and forth. We harbour we hold energy in these little rectangular devices that we hold in our pockets, charge them and new charging them with fucking nuclear power. That's all the nuclear power plants are charging our phones, in the phones go into our pockets and we're like real close. You know where real close to a lot of this crazy technology juggle innovation and it keeps more and more spectacular with every passing generation and they're, probably watching their probably watch. And waiting and trying to figure out what the fuck we're doing and if you believe what they told Bob bizarre that they were responsible for an accelerated Evelyn,
in Wales, where wayward clicks command too much information on at least they were saying whose day when he was working for it was you work for the air force. Was the air force that Lazard was working for whatever, whatever the government body that was operating area as for they gave him a bunch of breakdowns on a lot of things they do and what, where they think they got these craft from and where the crafts are. One of them was from an archaeological dig. He said, but they gave him an explanation of what these aliens are here, for what they're doing and one of the things that they said, and he said I have no method of verifying whether nuts is true or not, but that they had accelerated the evolution of primitive primates, so they had taken primitive primates and they had done something to them to change them from a primitive being to what we have now and homo sapiens, and that it is very quickly if you really look at evolution. The difference between Austria pithy
yes and homo sapiens. It's only a few hundred thousand years, which is insane if you, if you think of how much more advanced we are, then those lower hominids and there's no other animal. That's experience, I kind of a leap the human brain doubled in brain size over a period of two million years. We have no idea how we have no idea. What happened is all speculation, whether its eating meat controlling fire using tools, hunting increased access to protein changing from urban wars, to omnivores to carnivores all these different theories, the throwing arm. That's another theory that here I figured out a way to use an arm to throw and hit things in that salaried and our I'd. Our problem solving skills. There's a lot of theories. We don't know a book. Terence Mckenna theory called stoned ape theory. He believed that human beings were experimenting with suicide and mushrooms
So a sob and mushrooms accelerated our evolution. Who knows we don't know, but one of the things that they were towel was when I was working it s for back engineering, this, these crafts war, that human beings with a product of accelerated evolution, that these space beings and that there is more than one was more than one civilization. That was involved in this. They space beings had had some sort of a hand and this running experiment that, as the evolution of man, so then you don't know that Ireland, I wanna fuck, now totally so everyone like when we might be in a simulation, we're not at the same time we could be. Somebody simulation could be a simulation to mean Ilan, believes, run a simulation, and you know I had a philosopher on. There was trying to explain to me the likelihood of assimilation and his was his enemy hosting Lit Bostra. His perception was that if you look at the laws of probability
more likely that we are in a simulation them or not, and I was really hard for my stupid Brandon, except that if you look at the amount of planets, if there are, if you look at the Fermi paradox like, where are these in its. If you look at the latest, the insane number of stars, just in our galaxy alone, insane number of galaxies in the universe. What are the odds that a life form hasn't gotten to the point? Where can create a simulation? That's indistinguishable from reality will the lot the odds are very small, so, as the odds are more likely that something has created a simulation, that's indiscernible from reality. The odds are very likely that were in it right now if for Anna Simulation, like we're in a pretty good version of you and I are taken ass, yet our doing great, the video arguing wells while thumbs up like not bad like consider
I would like in this simulation. We were allowed to climb from a place to another place, yeah we're making progress, we're having fun. I mean we're not just plain fuckin pitfall, nor actually word where sims, by think about what you are saying about, loving being onstage and a great feeling of having all these people have been entertained by your art. You know and and be able to sell their and watch, but what you create Peter will sit there and watch your movie and you'll be able to sit there watching people laugh at your work has crazy, that's a crazy, great thing and so much better than your grandfather. Who was a janitor. You know think about that that that is so much less rewarding. Your life is infinitely more rewarding and more was so anxious simulation as well. I'm sure, maybe that's it.
I don't wanna simulation is just like the givens backstory, so I didn't really have a grandfather. It's all speculation. Who knows who knows how to changes every day mean when you wake up. You assume that these fuckin weird cloudy memories of the pastoral, realistic. We don't know, we don't even know if you ever have really gone to sleep. We just now. You have this memory of every night going to sleep. We don't really now remain. Was why you're awake right now? How the fuck do you know that what you ve experienced in your past, all of it wasn't just simulated, like it. If it is simulated, will blood and sleepy as well when all of it be stimulated. If you are just in this state this state of perpetual simulation where everything is existing all at once, but you're mine puts it in this context of the day to day grind get up. In the morning I got a hustle. I gotta go out there and go
get after it, and maybe it's all nonsense, maybe you're all in this An old neuro, neurological concoction some thing: that's forcing your brain to interact with these ideas and memories as if their real, it's unfair that I'm the only one stoned cause is the stout or talk is good. I've been working on for so many years, I'm probably permanently stoned and some, even in so brought over yeah somethin, protect me months to completely dry out. We took a test, and probably, as my question do you want to be here failings, yes for sure, really what if they're also we are hostile so, you think we could take em. No, no. I mean of will take over the earth now fuckin vaporize, which movies for gun those jumped down, and so why would we gun down?
the alien evader, so they probably be able to control us and our minds yeah bigotry, Greece is a plan that would it make appetite and you're probably impossible, even though it was like isolate, it could probably just take off and be gone again pointed a gun at them. They probably just disappear and be on the other side of the earth in a matter of seconds, mean we're talking about technology, its indistinguishable from Madge right, you sound like form and thus with a sudden thor, did it for They were like you know. A science and magic was a different. Well, it is. But that is something that we do not say anything unique. That's one of things. They ve sad about a certain level of technology like it. When you were achieved a certain level of technology feeds it. It's a famous quote Asia, certain love, but it does not. Do
thoris something. She was decided that a certain level technology, Barney Stinguished Bull from Algeria, a vigorous and as areas of our gas. Someone like that, but that, if you hit a certain level of technology that, beyond your comprehension, Grannie look man. If you can just go to the eighteen hundreds- and I found you be a fuckin sorcerer right, true hairs with our fish clock area, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC, Clarks. First law there is, it has to those one. Yes, that it he wrote that right, didn't rent cubic made, the move made, the movie Bertha gradually run a clerk, wrote it, but then again I was like asthma,
yup, two thousand ones based got great fuckin movie that was scream color. Do you think happens, then I'd so we're in a simulation and we die than we just ceased to exist as a programme. If were not in a simulation. If organic, though me puppets stuff what it which you take on the act Life does just end. I think to your uneasy aggravation about that. Any speculation is just that speculation. You could just jerk yourself off all day. I ve got to figure out how to that's kind of idea, Richard Dawkins. I had him in here last week in whose, like I think the lights go out and that's it. Do you think the lights go out his almost like how'd you like I will now. How did you know either snap romantic enough in an absurd, but at the same time it might just be Mig being arrogant, gone like no? No, I can't just the lights. Catches. Gonna know what'll network. No one knows you have not experienced it. So even his reductionist view of it is pure speculation and he just decide.
Make it simple and logical. I got close when I am hours ago was the doktor said I gotta eighty per you, gotta have a widow maker, here's that means, and eighty percent of the cases of honor percent inclusion evasion always dies eyes. I could hear me the twenty percent, I'm gonna my job as we dispute crotch punched all made. It made magic. So, while doktor mark Laden I'm gonna, have our attack find this guy. I went together physical fur, Jane Samba Reboot, for you make a movie for the director they may make invigorate actors to they make you get physical, make sure and I gotta die term production. So I saw this doctor Doktor Paula. Who, like I've seen for years whenever I make a movie she's the movie physical doctor, and when I came in she like all my guy Yonah, how lucky you are- and I was Ghana ones, but tell me I'm lucky and she's like now
Let me tell you a story she's like me to other heart surgeons, working on a heart patient in a hospital in the emergency room. Suddenly heart attack- and I was a guy another heart attack. She goes note. The other doctor drops to the floor has a massive heart of widow maker, like yours, and now as I well, I guess. If you're gonna have our jag, I've won in the hospital surrounded by doctors, man, they could save him. As she goes. My I said you say, which is a point. We couldn't save him holy shit. We were at all the equipment with all the expertise, and you know all of us were trained but like with the Widowmaker, it's not like. If I'm good at my job, I can save this motherfucker, it's not even fifty slash. Fifty there's just like there's no logic to it. Go. I asked you look so bad. I can continue conversation talk to Jamie Point minute. Doing damage was part of part of the pride in in doing Rogan show like is not having to
p. I must add two earlier, but did you really your home for me the analogue? I well, I got a chance. The weed, ladies and gentlemen, which can respond. I can show that with fucking. So we're October you're. Not do you not take Bart, deafening you're gonna smoke, some of son, it's called snow gains. It's called a circa there's the hybrid do city vessels. Teva. Oh my god, you're going to love it man, it went to fucking, give you the wake up and there's a little comic strip. It's inside each one like a bazooka, Joe Awesome that came from a man like caviar, this is definitely could find it or barium defined in a bunch of we'd legal states, slogan, synergy, booties and berserker, also more importantly, Jane Sound Barbary, boot amuses opportunity, boys taken a biscuit, Zeiss get lost, I let him roman and first be selling shepherd. Unlike tell me about the aliens to this by come here to be entertained. What I want
but Jane Tsar, Barbary, boot man is, if you want to go, see me the movie with me and J we're Travelin for the next fifty five weeks of fifty five dates are not weeks with the movie. Up until February. You watch it with us. You we do. Q needs a good time and reboot roadshow dot com, that's the dress, for tickets and stuff. It's also opening in all the areas that we went. So we went to Jersey, Chicago Detroit Grand Rapids last week, and then it opened in Chicago New Jersey, and Illinois New Jersey and Michigan plot and theatres said this week November. First, it's opening on a bunch screens following the places that we ve actually went to. So let me see opening member First Minneapolis am see Arbour legs, Houston at the aim see well a broken AMC Gulf point. Thirty and
Columbus. Ohio at the at the Gateway film centre in at the century, W demise during Greek inside Louis, the the see why style of San Antonio at the regal shallow Vista, so every place we go with the movie man J than the movie opens up in our wake. So if you don't If you don't want to see it with us, at Reboot Road show dot com, you can go to fandango dot com, just enter Jay and silent Bob Reboot and see if it's playing near you, it's a good time to talk from every night. For me, gonna watch movies, like ban in church, were on the priest and also the person there celebrating you made a deal with. I too, these are some of the suburban films as the movie domestically and they ve got an output deal with somebody ethic, Amazon and then universal. Has the movie abroad were opening in the? U K November, twenty ninth or something like that, I'm going over there thanks!
folks bugger now I got some unease all you to tour there as well for a week in England, so it so. It's got homes and stuff, but we the reason we go out on tour was causing act like you again audience man, I can count on the audience and I live off that audience like normally me in jail just out there, I'm doing cuban errors or stand up or whatever so like gone out with the movie. Like the budget, the movie was like a weed Vienna. We shouted in New Orleans, so it's like ten million big money back, so its eight million. We needed eight million bucks, so we got some money from above the domestic rights. We got some money from universal, further overseas rights, but then there is equity. Financing will pull together like missing to three million bucks to make up the budget and stuff, and that's where you get money from
people, people who, like I'm, going to invest in a movie and hope I get my money back or if not making it stiff and those people always get fucked in this business, never make their my back ever, but the tour like I was able to share those people. Unlike within one year of the date, we start the movie you're going to get your money back, because I knew I could take the movie out on tour in as long as I was willing to live with it, we can get all that equity financing. Excel. One year from the date of my heart attack, we started shooting Jay and silent. Bob reboot has a big fuck you to the heart attack. One year from the date we started: shooting Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, I'm going to be able to pay off my equity investors. That's fucking unheard of in this business, but I only get to do that because the audience that we built up, because the audience will come out and support us and then, like. I was told a long time ago, like if you work for the audience, you'll never work a day in your life and it's absolutely true. I've had not a boss meet the bosses every night at the show and they're
Therefore, like their friends as they are my boss, they give me money just like a boss, give you money and shit and I'll. Let you know if you're fucked up, you know the audience, will fog and tell you your boss will let you know, but it's this tour with this movie like we, we banged out a tiny record, because we have marketing monies one thing get money to make the movie, then it usually caused double what you spent make the movie to market the movie to tell people it's coming to put it up on screens and shit. So we are lucky enough to get the eight million make the movie weren't going, get fuckin and fifteen market the movie, that's crazy, and thus generally what happened. So we just had to be smarter about it, since I tore anyway with podcast, my God, let's use this fuckin model and expanded, so we hit a little record with our opening weeks. We did the opening day. The tour was in New Jersey, Asbury part at the paramount and out we did like ninety three thousand on one screen, so we got that Leggum the record that weak for, like a limited opening or sunlight.
And in no event every headline was like Jane Bob Reboot beat ventures and game in this one record, any it. Oh, it's it's one of those things you send your mommy luxury, that land, or rather as they are I'd, feel like really smart business, wise and stuff, and so me in Jordan, Monsanto's, Jason's, wife, she's gonna, the brains of operation. We we thought like we can count on the audience, will take the movie out on tour and stuff like that, and it's really been workin out. It's nice that, like some business, people are being like a good job. Like people are gone like: oh, they figured out their nation, they don't we ve been doing for years. We didn't read state years ago memory toward that as well. So it's great if you got like most filmmakers when bother cause, the lichens can put a bunch of theatres and shit and let the studio paper and I have a studio. So I guess take my movie to the people on for wallet, but I'll be honest with you like a start as an indie filmmaker. So that's in my blood and there's something saying the gratifying about sitting there with the audience
that early, my career, others put the movie on a bunch of screens. You dear number, was I d been in the room. C uses miss out on all the stress of all the other aspects of moviemaking. The worse the thing I stay, the most men You spend your time trying to make a movie dream like dream like on seed up on silver scrutiny of these movie dreams, and and then you have to make it a reality. If you're lucky you get to make the movie reality if you're lucky, it gets a release. If you're lucky you spend opening weekend not celebrating like we fuck, did it. We. We did a thing that not everybody ever fuckin does and Brown who are. We were champs and we figured it out, but instead we spend every fuckin waking moment of opening, we can go and how it should make whose Golan are people going like, isn't, is not Megan enough? Fuck we're gonna, drive more business and suddenly the joy of what you were seeking is fuckin gone because your mired in the business and if you're the, if you're lucky viewed the adventures you get a month at the box office. That's about it before one moves on some
not if you're, given Smith Movie, you don't get a weekend, you get a day if your fuckin lucky, and so suddenly all that dream and took me five years to make this move in living through Fuckin Argotic comes down to one day at the box office. Fact that man like tilt the table in your favour. So I said undertake was of out of the Box office race and instead Do that like what I'm losing and in I don't have marketing stuff, but I'm losing in a mass release of the movie. I make up for it by being able to accompany the move myself, and that makes it a premium event. It event eyes. Is it it's an idea that I stole from Eddie Izzard? I remember when I fell in love with Eddie Izzard stuff. I was like Eddie Izzard literally just doing fucking stand up in a big theater. The costume on, like he's just doing stand up that you would do the fucking in Provence stuff but, like he event eyes that he turned it into something. It's a one. Man show, as opposed to like he's doing ninety minutes, to stand up
ass. We were like this. Take the movie on the road and event: eyes: interfered next to the movie people. I share the directors, thereby bring Jed like OSHA, Jaynes, Barbara. There is well so it's been like a blast, but these have to be willing to put the time and energy as some people a year. You could do this, but, unlike what you do, is we ve been doing for like a quarter man, twenty five years since clerks happen and from day one I've been engaged with the audience long before it was like fashionable profitable. Just because, whilst wouldn't I want to live in the early beginnings as like my friend main channel gas conflict men, he built a website knows I can you put up like a thing where I could do q and a all the time with the videos at possible use? No, because it was like nineteen entities, ninety five and he goes back but of a message board, and it was like a whiteboard like red. It is like people could put up the lump for read. It exists people to put up messages.
Then you can look at any time. You want three in the morning. You can respond to them and I realize I'm never going to fuck and be alone again in this life. Man, I'll always be able to reach out to somebody who, like hey man, I saw your movie. I had a question for you and boom. There's a connections that so since ninety five I've been in it like online with the audience like- and I remember when I started was me and Peter Jackson were the only two filmmakers on the web and then Peter Jack's against Spartans leg from on the web. I went and Oscars New one often outbreak we're I'm still on the fog web is a love connecting with people that that you're trying to reach leg in I don't do it in a vacuum. Gone like like good filmmakers, like David Venture. They make a thing and they put a movie out there and they don't fuckin go far.
When they let the movie speak for itself. On the other guys like when the movies done. I run out of my gold, on which I had a story about all fuckin happening shit where people have it it's it's an insoluble in Ireland and it works incredibly well for us. So the tour every night last week was like Fuckin sold out and it just felt like amazing and as the tour unrolled unrolls we're gonna fly from place to place like this is fucking driveway stood, punk style so remain ran around as yet we got a little as you ve ever been tracking around and it's fucking glories ban on forty nine. You don't get this forum as a shit you're supposed to do in your twenties, but right, post, heart attack down like while, like posts our jargon and go crazy. Roma. Give me all the policy on the world and shit like nothing really changed for me, but I didn't become very cognizant of, like my wife, hates when I said, but I'm like I'm living on borrowed time. I know for a fact. My man fuckin died after Segwarides. We're all Lebanon borrowed Time ACT accordingly, I'm just acutely aware of it.
Because I was so fuck him close to the moment. So it's not so much like I'm having a mid life crisis, not by his just in imagination but like anything, allow to feel like young vital makes you feel like I yeah. This is why I started shit like this worse fun like where Megan their number it's crazy, like we're on the road. All the time and I've been sent all week like does the best vacation of engineers, even though our work and sometimes three times through shows in a day because it never feels like worms driving round, my old job is to like go to a theatre in fucking, show the movement of people and soft really fuckin. Doubt that's all summer before you. Thank you always our man I am. I am always. How is the purse was great and needed it in there? I could get ears, weird pains bats. You don't want not at our can concentrate you want. If you are a good, steady flow
what I'm walking away from this session with you is that there are no bullshit. I think when I'm done with determined to start work in not like you know, get shook hands egg and shared your crazy inches. Some must, I think I need to do. Let me see him forty, nine a turn. Fifty in August I gotta be able to begin pull up. If you access d, you can do that. It's totally chief strength, training. Where were you in high school, like actually use that kind of like you can do that Kiev better ones like fucking fat to get off the bar and shit. Now some people of a different approach, a where I know you've got that Zen Yoda Yoda Rogan approaching now. Where's your show, denies communist or two shows you got. You know you do. You were going to do the same, show both times now now some of some new stuff that have
work and are trying to figure out how to do it. This will show that around a little out of London around what a massage Whoopi depends idea. We know a bit where you're like a lamb open with this and try the news to you always try to open with something is proven works, but sometimes not sometimes is thought the gates of my head far go up a modular suit. This works so wait a second, Mr Gem, basically to work. I am media paid, but really to jam you prior to power, a point your career. Now, where you don't even have to come up with shit to do unlike late nights, because you don't even have to do was less than we did like I'm late night, yet do those too often as gonna say, like you got. If we ve run fuckin on its coasts, people love you do you figured you cracked, the code, you like you, you built the thing and you are like. I'm gonna build my own thing. You're, like the Kohen brothers, that this bitch com brothers we're like we're. Gonna do our own thing and it's fucking weird and it doesn't work like your thing at all
we were in a stand over here and we keep doing it and slowly the whole industry gravitated toward them. They stood outside of it, and then everybody started doing their sensibility, their sense of humour their type of casting you're. The same fuckin thing you you bill and I watched it and fuckin realtor. You built a thing and you were content to be like I'm happy with this, like I don't need to fuckin chase this or that I'm building a thing and now you're you ve, been rewarded by being at a place where you don't have to like go anywhere to promote whatever it is. You want. Do you literally? Do it fuckin here, feeding your own machine? Think about it said a jumble us tonight shower some like that and given them ratings, you feed your
on bees by being like Armand, be here comes the shit. You know it's really great brilliant. Don't even do that when you mean I don't talk about my gigs, just, do it through social media. You never never on this very rarely bill MAR does ever at the end of every episode is always like a man. I'm gonna gig tonight isn't social media. I don't think not, as is not honoured for sure I strongly I just post stuff up on his right to map out a certain with this. It's like you examine. I talk about it casually, like I'm in Houston, And no Dallas on November fifteenth and Houston on the sixteenth logo, which is that it Try to. I wish you know never, madam. I love what you do I love! The fact that you're alone who live in this vibe, you know you ve, got this thing. You do and will you make your films you promote? You're films are gone over them and I, like the will, switch it up to like red stays where my fair movies, I fuckin loved, that move exists. So
crazy we're not even have any idea what to expect when I sat down to see that, but I love that you ve got that sort of artistic freedom. You do what seems like a thing to do, and you know it mass return, I guess on some creatives what it is as long as people enjoy watching me, masturbating think people like watching beat off of Tipp my jar. You know I'm a camp camp kid. Thank brother. Your message, rattlesnake, Kevin Smith, lays gentleman goodbye. Thank you one for tuna into the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you. Two squares base head on over to square space, dot com, Slash Joe for a free trial. Then what ready to launch you're beautiful new website use the offer code, Joe to save ten percent of your first purchase of a website or domain.
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