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#1373 - Kyle Kulinski

2019-10-30 | 🔗
Kyle Kulinski is a political activist, progressive talk radio host, social democratic political commentator, and the co-founder of Justice Democrats. His show “Secular Talk” is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SecularTalk
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Slash Rogan for a hundred dollars toward select mattresses and use the code Rogan at checkout terms and conditions apply the my desk, my guest. What is is that my dentist will that work. My guest today is my personal favorite political commentator on Youtube. I I think this guy's brilliant he's fair, is rational, he's logical. He is Kyle Glinski. The Joe Rogan experience Amen was going on good to see you again good to see you and your wonderful picture yeah. It's it's confident right! Thinking, gray, it's like you're you're, confident you got a lot of going on yeah the lowdown on this, though, is I was supposed to get. This dry cleaned when I was in Tennessee for plate, which was just a few days ago, and then even when I got here, I was like I gotta get this try lane go on Rogan show. Of course I didn't, but it doesn't look too
It looks good thanks. Man looks very good, so Tell me what you were saying right when I walked in, I said hold this thought. You were saying Chelsea Manning is locked up and they're charging her one thousand dollars a day. Yeah Chelsea Manning is locked up right now, because they wanted her to say more stuff against Julian Assange, she's refusing to do it and they're finding her. I think it's over one thousand dollars a day So that shows you. You know, because before that we were talking about Snowden It shows you that they do not mess around when they feel like you're on covering their b s yeah. No, what are they trying to get from Julia songs like what do they have on him? Well, Julian Assange. There's a there's a couple reasons why they despise him, but he has political home right now, particularly because he used to be Democrats that defended him right. Any pissed off the Democrats because he lied on the Dnc, and he showed you know what was going on with Hillary behind the scenes and how the primary is basically rigged against Bernie Sanders. So Democrats, you still like him, now or Tatum and Trump used,
like when he said when he was getting this information on Hillary but they hate him as well, because Trump has basically been convinced by the around him in the White House that this guy is dangerous because this guy basically expose you as war crimes. That's why they're coming after him, because he- released a video which showed that we were killing civilians and then we, back around and it was called a double tap or we kill the first responders and the eye at the time was ok, we're going after Al Qaeda but come to find out that way, now why they were innocent civilians, and then they were the medics that came afterwards and so Lena Sun thought: hey, listen! This is not something we should be doing and the american people deserve to know about this. This shouldn't be top secret. This is a war crime and so here that and that's why they were coming after him and throwing the book at him, because you know just like with my ravel, previously Daniel Ellsberg, actually something I'm just like with Daniel Ellsberg when he showed what we were doing, Vietnam and how we were killing civilians. They do
not want you to expose their war crimes. They will throw the book at you and act like you're, a spy you're working for a foreign country you're a traitor because they want to keep that stuff under rap. Because it really embarrasses them and it really shows what U S M there is doing around the world that was that collateral murder video. Yes, you know, what's really bizarre about this is how no one speaks out against it. No one, no one on the right note the left. It's just this thing now yeah. I know I mean it's a good. No, it doesn't have a home yeah. Well, unfortunately, what you see is it becomes very partisan. So when, when a Mama is doing drone strikes in killing ninety percent innocent people. Unfortunately, partisan Democrats don't talk about it now Trump, has increased drone strikes by four hundred and thirty two percent over Obama, with still a tremendously high civilian death rate now you know. Maybe some Democrats will talk about it, but Republicans certainly don't talk about it, but one hundred and thirty, two percent of one hundred and thirty two percent- that's right and Obama was a radical acceleration of the Bush administration's drone policy
that's right and Trump has increased it even more and see that's the problem. Is people get and now that you know Trump is at the helm of this stuff, but all of these things now its president he's not doing anything that wasn't established beforehand. It was transferred, so when you say Trump is doing it. Who is at exactly making the call do they bring this call to Trump and they say hey you know we're going to bomb Yemen, we're going to do this with drones, and this does he have to sign off on each individual attack. That's a great question and the short answer is, I don't know I wouldn't be surprised if Trump was directly involved in some of these instances. I know that his first military rate is president that he approved ended up killing a nine year old american girl. It was or Awlaki's daughter, I believe- and but I also do think that there is this, what you can call the deep state? I know people think that's, conspiratorial term, but it's really not all. That saying is that the CIA, the NSA Fbi, these are people who are In these positions of power and their their through
all these different ministrations yes and talked about that exactly so, that's not conspiratorial, and so when, when you have a kill when you have people at the CIA and Pentagon by the way, a lot I'm calling the shots, and maybe they just need an ok every now and then from President Trump but yeah I mean, I think, that there's which is one person making all the decisions, I think that the president does play a role, but I also think it's generals. I think it's with the cia- and I think it's this complex web of people who are all of involved in this thing that ends up being drastically negative yeah drastically negative, to put it mildly right. When you talk on ninety percent civilian casualties with drone strikes, that's such a disturbing thing that this continues that no one says hey. This is grossly ineffective and horror effect in its consequences. Yeah But what they do is you know they give everybody a false choice. They make. It seem like hey, listen man, if we're not doing these all out ground invasions and we're not doing like war war with boots on the ground. What do you
to do like they're, bad people out there, we got to go after these bad people, so this is like the soft power option. If you will, lost. That has always been yeah, but you do have to follow the constitution and the way system is supposed to work. Is you can't have the president just declare Warren just going do it. Congress has to approve war. So if you wanted to do a drone war, ok, but got A declaration of war tell me exactly which countries you're going to be doing the bombing in wired the bombing in those countries and get an approval through Congress. So if you were coming say: hey man, there's an Al Qaeda cell, that's very active in Pakistan, Pakistan or whatever so We want to approve a drone war, have Congress vote on it, see happens and then move from there. But what we're doing now? Is it just baked into the cake that we violate you eslohe? We violate the institution and we violate international law with all these bombings, because as right now we're bombing at least eight different countries, and we also have a shadow war going on in Africa. So we do
do absolutely shadow war in Africa. So the intercept reported on this. I don't know as much on this off the top of my head, but Jamie. If you wouldn't mind, please pulling up an article from the intercept. There's a shadow war going on in Africa, where we're building military bases all over Africa and the it is. I think that we have these bases where we can do fly out of in the to go to the Middle EAST and they can be there. This is also in response to the fact that China is essentially moving into large parts of Africa to extract minerals and see natural resource, yes- and this is actually super interesting, because the China thing they're doing this belt and road initiative and base I this is like their version of empire through debt, okay, so what they do is they'll, go into like they just made a deal with Iraq. We spent trillions of dollars, interact in an illegal and offensive or China swoops in and they go hey, listen What we want to do is help you guys. We want to build your infrastructure up. We want to make your country beautiful. So if you do a deal with us, we're going
like build all the infrastructure, with you credit exactly and then what happens? They turn around and they say okay. Well, then, you can get a certain percentage of our oil sales or whatever it might be. So this is and it's funny because there's been like evolution when it comes to empires, so used to be, Can you just kind of go? on somebody shores and say mine, I'm taking it and you do it by force, then the? U S, man with the US does. Is it's this cute little trick where we say: no, no we're not going to control you directly. What we will do is take buddy from your native land prop them up as a dictator and then they will out U S corporate interest to go in there and kind of exploit the natural resources. But it's intelligent, because you're saying we're not in our ourselves, like the British in India, for example, or they just showed up there like it's ours. You know there was a british presence there very clearly we have from their native lands, take control, but we exploit stuff from them and extract from them. So China took that that one step further was like okay, no we're to provide you you know, material well, being we're going to give you a solid infrastructure, and then it's like you look at it more like.
This deal then expand empire and honestly, this is one of the weird benefits of having tarian like system like China does is they can make a decision on a dot yeah? You could just have the the Communist Party just goes yeah we're we'll we'll do this because it is the way to do it and there can be no. Nobody can fire back and say I don't agree with let's stop it here. The way we western DR She's work, it's almost like you have certain Sloan is this built into the process, because there's so many checks and balances and in a way that's a good thing. You want to just like that, but in many ways it provides a strategic disadvantage, at least when you're talking about imperialism. So here the article from the intercept US special operations. Number surgeon, Africa shadow wars. The most dramatic and deployment of american elite troops of any region of the over the past decade, according to newly released Numbers Africa, it says in two thousand and six, just one percent of commando sent overseas were deployed in the US.
Africa Command area of operations in twenty. Sixteen seventeen point: two six percent of all special operations forces Navy seals and green berets among them deployed abroad were sent to Africa. So this is something that, like you, never I hear never hear about. It never been a vote on it. They just do it wow. It's scary, It's scary, the way that it works, how you really do have a deep state. If you will kind of making decisions and the president just kind of goes along with it and we're all sitting around here acting like a man, maybe instead of doing that we can. Actually, I don't know you some of our tax dollars to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, which gets a grade of d plus I mean what are they doing it because they see a threat like exclusive us's mu has more military operations in Africa than the Middle EAST whoa now is this? Is it possible because they see a threat. I think that's the rationalization that they use, but I think it has more to do with power and control and when you
the world's sole superpower. You don't want to see that ground anybody else right, and so the benefits along with that in their mind, is they can analyze, jacking naturi from all over the world by saying no listen, you'd rather have less in this position. Then you would Russia, then you would China. So it's really like this the idea is in their own minds. It's like we're a benevolent super our that's. Only doing this to keep the world order. Mike Baker tried to explain why wait to me and one of the things that he might Baker from the CIA, one of the things that was explaining. He said you have to realize that there is no such thing as industry, independent of government in China. If you have something like Wawe, if you have a giant corp,
and they are inexorably connected to the chinese government and the moves they make are not necessarily designed, for you know the infant and growth paradigm. This idea that we have in the United States with corporations are beholden, the stockholders who just trying to make money. That's not what they're doing over there. They have a long game and the long game involves information involves espionage involves stealing. Trade secrets and and and patents from other companies, and so when they're selling them these modems they've got built in third party options, so the third party, meaning China, can extract information. If you're. If someone has this modem and they're using this modem to send information to someone in Beirut, China can also get that information. Yeah. They do a lot of cyber. I that that's kind of thing that's been known for a long time that they're you know Jack patents and intellectual property and they have this whole. You know economy, that's kind of thriving
the technology that's made elsewhere. That's certainly an issue, but also, I would argue that is only the case with the Us S that this kind of distinction between corporations in the state it is largely veneer, because you have control of our political process because of big money from corporations flowing into the system. So I think that a lot of these decisions that made even when it comes to foreign policy, are directly in into how it will impact those corporations, like the thing that I remember was a spell moment for me back in the day when I first learned about it was the banana wars have you heard about this now back in the day, I think it was in the late 1800s, but don't quote me on that. We just into South America and started toppling governments, because we wanted to jack their bananas and it was literally further. I think the Chiquita banana company that we did, that really So when you look at that, you go okay. Well that kind of distinction between Operation of government is now even really a thing here. It's like this veneer, that's in between the two, but really it's the powerful
any interest in the elites that kind of run everything in there they're married at the hip weather, the government or whether they're in corporation. What year was this? I think this was the late eighteen nineties again, I'm I'm more than happy to be fact check on this. But I remember first time I read about this had to be in college, the banana wars. I was like that's insane for bananas, it's crazy! Well, how about when you go through history and you find out that a lot of the wars were over salt? I didn't even know that I didn't know they killed. People for salt was very important back in the day because they didn't have refrigerators. So in order to preserve things, you keep them from being infected by bacteria. They would pour salt all over their meat and salt all of their fish and that's how they preserve things right. You get apparently preserve things for long periods of time when you completely cover them with salt. Yes, so it's I yes, I guess it's just always been a thing that it's like wars over resources. Yes, now is a lot about oil, but like we work, work, work, custom to the oil stuff, yeah
yeah you're right. We have been you satisfied while and it's interesting, because what just happened with syrian Trump that was fascinating. Is he? at first. He said: oh we're getting out of here get in northern Syria. Everybody went crazy and said: oh, my god. What about the Kurds? And then we come to find out like three or four days later, that he's like? Well, no we're actually taking these. Oops from northern Syria moving them over, into western iraq- and doing the same thing that they've been doing from western Iraq and then Trump had the nerve, out there and say, and we've six for the oil. It's so tremendously. The oil we're not going to make the same mistake like we made in Iraq again, and this is something that had have been saying it CPAC, the conservative political action conference going back for years every year, give a speech and he actually said like, we should have taken the oil we should have taken the oil in Iraq because we didn't want ice- is to have it and we should have it instead of ISIS and it's like he actually rips the mass golf of everything we're doing, because he has no filter and it's like yeah. That was a big part of it, but well, he's just admitting in front of the world is
international national love means nothing. We don't care about. You know the proper process. We don't care but like imagine for a second China did that to us there like no big deal or anything but we're just going to Texas and we're just going I call your oil, but don't worry because it's ok were allowed to do that. 'cause, we say were allowed to do that. We like what are you talking about, but we're going to do that sovereign country, Syria, as we pretend like we care so We about civilian or civilians and that's why we're there to protect them like no we're there to check their oil? That's what we're trying to do in control the region so disturbing when it's that transparent, exactly I see that's interesting, you better! Well, that's what I was just about to say. Next, Some people make the argument that well, At least there is no tap dancing bulshit, whereas with all all the other presidents. They have this like fake, holier than thou attitude, where they really can like put a happy face on a disgusting thing like empire, where is an, I think, it's fair to say, he's like too stupid to really go through the tap dance, and so people are like there. It is it's like it's right in front of our face, but interesting
not him is he says: things at the same time like he has the instincts enough to know that people think war, generally bad, so he always goes out there any talks about how he thinks war is generally bad and we gotta get our troops out of the Middle EAST. I don't know why were there so stupid in the first place, but when you look at what he's really doing it. Does Matches rhetoric- I don't know if you remember this, but like here so go. He tweeted did getting Afghanistan? Finally, after all these years, we've been there for eighteen years was terrible. We should have never been there in the first place and then we just didn't get out. He said that, Actually we're going to do it and then the general by the scenes were like that's a good one and we never got out and then he just stop talking about it, we're still there. But he said he just says that he's going to get her back then he doesn't do it. So what is is he gets. It's actually politically comes across, sometimes as a positive, because nobody follows up with it and the media doesn't do their job and say wait. We didn't actually get out of there, but so it comes across as deposit politically 'cause. He still doing the head fake stores. Now
intervention with people agree with, but it's business usual behind the scenes? How much time do you think he actually spends on any of these things, and if he does spend time, how does he have the time to do these interviews? How does he have the time to tweet how have the time to watch Fox news. I mean I really want to know like how much interaction he actually has with his cabinet, like how much interaction does he actually have with the generals, how much that's the dirty little secret show is that it can't be much it's not because, but he really does is he watch is Fox news all day in tweets out there any tweets all day, well, yeah right, how can you be doing that and then also doing what we think you should do? Look I don't have any time and all I do is do podcasts that's right. So I watch him and I'm like this doesn't make any fucking sense. No, so here's the thing- and there was a story that was reported before he became president. I think it was after he got the republican nomination, his interesting story that it wasn't discussed too much, but I thought it was fascinating because
The Trump team apparently approached John Kasic, who just like kind of a standard established republican. He was the governor of made in Ohio, but I'm not sure if she one of those states over there but anyway. So he approached John case. And basically said to him behind the scenes. Hey, listen, man, find a winning this election. I want. You to kind of like be my vice president, run the day today at the White House, take care dot, all the I's cross, all the tees do all the work like that, and I want to around the country and keep doing rallies and rile up everybody and get everybody to our side. So, basically shouldn't come as a surprise. Anybody, what's that, even if you win, why do you have to rile everybody up, we'll see he's the first president to never stop campaigning he's, always campaigning he's, always doing rallies and there's a reason. Why he's doing that show it's the only only thing he loves on this earth. It's that in watching. Fox news that he loves that's what he does with this time and everything else yes he's just see. This is the thing Joe. He took all these deeply establishment figures Steve Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs Stephen,
don't forget his name cone, something count Cohen Cone, another guy from Goldman Sachs. He had all these just rear insiders brought his administration. What is with the economy with foreign policy? John Bolton Neoconservative. You said he believed in the opposite philosophy, but then, but then pushed put John the power because he wants the system to keep running as it is and run smoothly. Well goes around, and just you know, makes the for himself in and talked about how amazing a tremendous this country is what an amazing job or doing so it's funny because he has different personas. One of them is going to pretend to be anti watch me die in Raleigh people up nonstop and B. Politician and be good at it, and then the other thing is behind the scenes. He's like guys just keep everything, running and hold it together with duct tape. If you have to do before I get out of here so he's at same time, he's acting like the most anti establishment. President of all time was on the campaign. Trail he's also the most deeply oh establishment, candidate in terms or is it in terms of what he's actually doing so it's a fasten
dynamic that's going on right. Now, it's a giant hustle! That's right! It's a giant! I'd listen, man and other people on the left might disagree with me on this, but I think he's fucking brilliant at it. I think he's brilliant at this part of it, but where he really does have a way like he broke every single. Political rule that ever existed when he ran for president and he won. So what does that tell I told you that the rules are not setting the problem is, who is running against? I don't think that would have worked. Who is running against Obama? I think Hillary such a deeply flawed candidate, and so many people despise terror and, during the me too era like her creepy Falken husband, just move along a distance like NAS for Rado. I mean how many women come out and accuse that guy of sexual assault and rape and and he still hovering mean still around and that's always going to haunt her she's connected to that guy forever. On this topic, an amazing story so during the
election. Remember when the the story broke of a trump on video, saying I grabbed by the pussy. I don't even wait and little blew up and all the mainstream media talking heads were like. Oh, my god, it's over he's gonna drop out. It's over, it's done right. What a trump do with that next debate. This was actually Loki political brilliance instead of doing what every other politician would have done, which is basically kind of given a little bit and be like. Oh, you got me. What did he say apology, video real, quick out of the way. Then the next night was a debate at the debate Joe. He brought like Bill Clinton, accusers, put them in the uh yeah and then he goes out there on stage when he's asked the question. The first thing he says is: listen, I'm not! out of what I said. It wasn't a good thing what I said, but what I did was just words. What Bill Clinton did was actions folks it was actions if you want to see who the real problem is he's sitting right there in the audience and the Brill. So that move is this. Is politics one hundred and one never really go on defense? You? defense is a really good offense, so he made
to wash all the sudden this issue, which was supposed to be: oh, my god, it's the end of Donald Trump, now the conversation shifted to I mean damn darla his against bill. Aren't there. So maybe this is a watch. We just just kind move on from this topic completely. That's all you! He had to do yeah with every single scandal. The trumps involved in you see how incredibly pathetic and in effect Trueline Week, the Democrats are at marketing strategizing and you see how good he is because he is no matter what it is he's going to flip it he's going to. The back on you. So the new thing is the Ukraine thing. I don't know how close you been following this, but the train thing basically got caught on a phone call asking for dirt on. Political opponents, Joe Biden. He was talking to the President of Ukraine He said it in so many words. I mean he likes it. There was no quid pro quo. There doesn't have to be it Why everybody knows what you're asking for your asking for dirt on your political opponent, everybody melting down and going? Oh, my god man? You can't do that. This is violating every rule is violating every norm. This is not something any president should be doing relying on a farm power to get dirt on your political opponents. What does trump do again?
back on the offense- and he goes out there and says I have every right- is is in to investigate corruption and Joe Biden, isn't to be corrupt. And I'm doing is I'm you know trying to figure out why was hunter biting getting fifty thousand dollars from an energy company. He doesn't know anything about it. What is he doing this and so now Now again the conversation isn't man. He should have been doing that the conversation is ok, sure, function be doing that, but God Joe Biden, son in job and family is really corrupt. Aren't they well how 'bout the video, where you saw the video where Trump released it where it was Biden, talk about the loan like explain that okay, so this one I'll give you what the I saying I'll, give you the Republicans say the Democrats say: hey man, that's a missile, video because, yes, it's true a was holding a dollar subsidy over the head of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor but Biden, wanted to get rid of the corrupt.
Secutor and bring in a non corrupt prosecutor. That's why he was doing what he didn't holding that's up to you over their head and they say the prosecutor that eventually came into play. It's actually investigated the family more! So that's why the Democrats say there's you're kind of misleading by putting this out there. The argument that Trump is making is well you're, holding a billion dollar subsidy over the head of a or in government and saying you have to listen to us and do xy and Z. That's problematic, itself Furthermore, it's like it's corrupt, anyway, we know that the only reason Hunter Biden was getting paid, fifty thousand dollars a month and actually now people are saying it's not. Fifty thousand and eighty three thousand dollars a month is because his last name is wide and and so it's pay to play corruption. Eighty three thousand dollars a month the money- and this is where I think like Democrats are silly, I always find the weakest Anti trump argument possible and now they're put a position where they have to try to say, like oh, the binding did nothing wrong at all. In Trump is all bad and bottom
going to believe that divides did nothing wrong when you're getting eighty three thousand dollars a month and you know anything natural gas right. What was the justification for the eighty three thousand dollars? I don't even know what they give. This is the justification. I I mean. The only thing I heard from, I think it was TED Liu was a he's. A you know. Democratic congressman was, you know, hey man sit on boards in there was a drug which is really. Week, but here's the thing- and this is again why the Democrats drive me crazy, is like they pick the weakest of all anti Trump arguments, so they want to use this as like. Oh we're going to try to impeach him over this, and this is going to be the thing that we're going to hat on and Nancy Pelosi even said we're going to limit the scope of impeachment investigation to only this. Only the Ukraine phone Call- and somebody like me, sit there I'm pulling my hair out, because I can actually give you like three or four super legitimate things, they're impeachment worthy, not that I think it strategically sense, and we get into that if you want to, but like the one that drives me crazy, is Donald Trump has a hotel in Washington DC that he owns okay. He took three hundred thousand dollars through that hotel from the Saudi
so. They're funneling him money through his hotel in DC and then Donald turns around and gives a multibillion dollar weapons, deal to the saudi government as there sing a genocide in Yemen. We know their commit genocide in Yemen. We know we're, arming them and he gave them even more weapons because he got that money through his hotel. So for me I'm looking at that, I'm going! Oh, my god! This scandal has everything: it's got: personal corruption. It's got got who's going to a vicious genocidal country. What was the money for the money in the hotel? Ok, so what they did is they had these little retreats at the hotel. And Saudi Arabia would pay for us veterans to go and stay at hotels and they would, I don't know if it's like tours of the capitol or whatever it is, but they pay for these veteran groups to go to the hotel, but then of course, Look at it and you go. I don't know man three hundred thousand dollars and the speculation is well, of course they overpaid on purpose, but furthermore, even if they didn't Jimmy Carter had
sell his peanut farm when he was president because the idea was we're not even saying you're doing anything corrupt, but just the fact that you have this personal private business. It is theoretically possible that foreign governments want to give you money through your peanut farm, so you have to sell it because just the existence of it enough is enough to It violates the emoluments clause of the constitution, which is just a fan, way of saying that the president can't be corrupt and take money from foreign governments I was doing that he just is right, so there's three Two thousand dollars, though this is for services rendered. This is for hotel rooms what it was. That's what they say is it's for. I guess the meals in the hotel rooms and whatnot. I hate to say it. This way, but that's, not a lot of money to someone like that. Well, but then what I've always think when people make that point, is you have to flip it? What be saying, if it was the Clinton Foundation getting three
two thousand dollars from the saudi government and then Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of state, approving a weapons deal to Saudi Arabia, and the fact of the matter is that actually is almost exactly like what happened with the Clinton Foundation because It was going around giving speeches at all these. You know Gulf dictatorships, and then he was getting. You know five hundred thousand bucks copper whatever was, and then Hillary Clinton was approving weapons deals a secretary state. So to see that I feel, like that's a little bit more egregious because he speeches are worthless like at least the the star hotel rooms. It's like real. It's real food, his his meals like that actually cost money. The speeches are worth us, that's it in my opinion. In my opinion, those speeches are a transparent bra. So do you think, though, that a president should be able to have private this is the foreign governments can pay him any amount of money. No, I don't think so. I don't, I don't sure, but I just don't think they're comparable, like I think, with the Clinton Foundation, I think the Clinton Foundation was agree justly gross right. Well, I think
All those things are gradually grow, so I do think it influences him. I think it sure it sure influences them because there's a deal they have a deal, even if it's only three hundred thousand dollars, which I know most people here this like that- is a lot of money it's a lot of money to me, but is a lot of money to a billionaire. Well, I don't necessarily think it is, and it's it's also a lot of money that goes through his organization and that it costs money to make that money. So how much more profit is that kind of three hundred thousand dollars is not that much profit with the five hundred thousand dollars a speech. That's one talk for one hour and it costs nothing for him and he's making a half a million dollars, and he did it over and over and over and over and over again an it was all under this. The guise of the Clinton Foundation is doing is great charitable work all across the country and all across the world, and that to me was more transparently, disgusting yeah. So I understand I understand why you would say that, but I also think that there's a problem with it in principle,
so I would just nip it in the bud. No questions asked but beyond that. There's also other stuff. So I'm just giving you an example, there's so there's the other which again very few people spoke about or recognize that during the campaign, Donald Trump registered eight new businesses in Saudi Arabia, so again, and when you're running for president, you know it's a public service trying to serve your country right and you shouldn't intertwine business with that in any way, shape or form there's another one he has has his a hotel in in Turkey and now argument by the way, is no it's okay, because I transfer all this to my kids while I'm president, my kids state, run my businesses and take care of it, but I think that's just a total nonsense dodge because tell your family is still profiting from it, and here's a crazy facts than this one would really just blew my mind with Trump in office in one year. Jared and Ivanka I think it was eighty two or eighty three million dollars in one year how, through their
This is an they say all there's nothing to see here. There's no problem, but then you dig into the specifics. And yet again you see so many sketchy things like Jared Kushner got like Ians of dollars from israeli banks. Why and then this guy who they say, it's okay, he's going to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, one of sides. Given a millions of dollars, you think it's going to be a therapy zoo, it's going to be was lopsided peace deal in history and that's the problem. Is that and again for the Trump example. It's just that he kind of the mask off and shows you what everybody's doing, but it's not like it didn't happen with Bill Clinton. It's not like, like with Barack Obama. It was Wall Street. Pointed his entire administration? I believe you got a list from city group to tell you know so put people in his cabinet and like this is the way the system functions. In my opinion, is it should you shouldn't be taking any from foreign governments. You shouldn't taking money from corporations, because you're going to be biased in favor of those countries,
my favorite look at what happened with your Marco show. Guy in Trump I mean they killed a journalist, they killed adjourn and they didn't even get a slap on the wrist. It was nothing why again, because we're so intertwined with them with business relations and he is making money from them in and where is that right now okay show. You say yes far, as I know it's dead in the water, that's crazy, but this is again the look at the difference between how they talk about like this one, it's a? U S, ally, verse! One is not a US ally. When is the US ally like Saudi Arabia? Does it is nothing to see here, but you know, if you get a similar story, come coming out of IRAN, for example, is not a US ally or they love to go after Maduro, and I'm not saying he's a good guy, but they go after material because he's not a USA allies. They could harp away all the things about him, but we're not having a conversation about Jamal Khashoggi we're not having a conversation about people being beheaded in the public square for stuff like sorcery Joe: they kill people in Saudi Arabia for sorcery and witchcraft and drug smuggling and apostasy.
If you don't think, God is real, and you say that in Saudi Arabia they could kill you, they could cut your head off in the public square and we only killing people for sorcery. Yes, really, yes, killing people for sorcery. It's crazy. That Khashoggi thing is super disturbing because it seems like everybody is like. Well, what are you going to do? Well, what you gonna do. I know I mean it would have been cleaner if they just made him have some sort of heart attack or an accident or something along if there was plausible deniability anyway, the way they did it, it's almost like this guy wanted them to do it a certain way. He wanted them to chop this. Guy up and put it in bags and deliver me out of the country and suitcases and whatever the they did. However, they got rid of him. You know yes, it's such a
disturbing decision that they made yeah and they know they're going to get away with it and again, this is what happens right. It's been over a year. They had, they absolutely have. Anyone was the murder. How long ago I want. Last time I was on the podcast we spoke about it last time I was on the podcast was a year ago, so it was over a year ago and it's just whatever again. If there are ally. That means I mean they really do there's so much business that goes on between the USA and Saudi Arabia and the weapons deals and everything that the argument drawbacks This argument in the white sitting next to you know that the saudi crown prince he's like there, they're buying, so many weapons. It's so tremendous though it is there by any holds up like the pictures of this from race yeah. This is what he's getting. This is from Boeing. This is what he's getting and it's like. Oh my, Not imagine for a second it's anybody like imagine. It was a deal like that with Kim Jong Moon is like. Kim Jong Moon. These tremendous with yesterday, who I didn't see
Kim Jong engine Kim and threaten us today. I think they as one this oh yeah, dance, Saudi Arabia's Anti Witchcraft unit, breaks another spell of what that established in two thousand and nine, is charged apprehending sorcerers an reversing the detrimental effects of their spells in the Gulf country. Let me see the picture scroll up for the picture. Oh my god that looks like Baghdad remember, Baghdad, Bob from from the Iraq war we like when Iraq was getting slaughtered, use like everything's great Iraq's chicken answer with a yes. I do remember that, as like their Ministry of Propaganda guy yeah yeah, I think on my chalabi, the guy who they wanted to be the what is when the severed head of a wolf wrapped in woman's lingerie turned up near the city of how do you say that
I have no idea in Northern N in Saudi Arabia this week, authorities knew they had another case of rich witchcraft on their hands. A capital offense in the ultraconservative desert kingdom. Is that really what it is is that conservative can boy that term That term is like way too wide. If I think both are, I think the idea, like liberal concern, but it has such a wide net because people like to get sneaky- and you know I'm a classic liberal because what is that? What is that exactly? Can republican and it's fun? because there's actually, when you actually look at the textbook definition of a lot of these terms, they have multiple meanings. So classical liberal instances means just like Libertarian, because that's what he used to mean back in the day, but in today's day and age like you said it could mean you're kind of right, leaning, yeah, it's more right of center right, classical liberalism,
It's it's it! It's a misleading term. You now! But if you, if you said, if, if you, if you like a classical liberal classical liberal, is it's a it's a british term correct, Well, I think it it originally dates back to it was a way of describing libertarianism. That was what they use, because I think it refer to liberalizing the markets. Only the good General perfect, yes at the AG exact definite for it's one of those work. I hear people say that Michael Ball that dies Republican was he calling himself a classical live yes, yes, my point and- and I don't like labels period because they're so amorphous and and people can say, if you could, if you you can ask people like did you know, for example, in the democratic primary in twenty sixteen self described conservative Democrats supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, even though Bernie Sanders is literally further to the left and right so again,
no labels when you say conservative Democrats, so maybe they just not into interventional foreign policy and what we mean she's kind of a warmonger right, and this gets back to the point of labels being so amorphous. That here goes sorry class, Google liberalism is a political ideology in the branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties under the rule of law, with an emphasis This is economic recovery. That's what I was referring a sort of libertarian libertarian. So that's like less rules. Right. Yeah, you regulate the more regulations yet also free Markel, take care of a capitalism on center, the best kind of capitalism, closely rate lady to act. Namik liberalism it developed in the early 19th century, building on the ideas for the previous century. As a response, to urbanization and
Industrial Revolution in Europe in the United States, notable individuals whose ideas contributed to classical liberalism include John Locke, John Baptiste, a us a jump up to you to say I don't know that is Thomas Robert Malthus and I don't know any of these guys he drew in a classical. Economic ideas, a spouse by Adam Smith. You know him one of the wealth of nations yeah. You know that Guy Adam Smith, yeah he's like views like the godfather of you know. Free markets in many ways I mean. There's other ones will give me Rogers Milton Friedman, of course, and there's a Hayek there's one Macy's, but Adam Smith is definitely it cited a lot he's the one where everybody talks about the individual hand of the market place. That's who they're citing when they talk about or the Diff free hand of the marketplace, are over the same ghostly, this expression book, one of the wealth of nations and on a believe in natural law. You tear it, you, you tear utilitarianism in progress. What does that mean?
natural law, utilitarianism and progress will utilitarianism means doing the best for the largest number of people yeah. But what is natural law coming out of space in which will the nation and on a belief in natural law Jim. What a we're gonna go to IRAN, and here I just the natural law of money from So I think what I think, what it's referring to is like supply and demand and how the way the marketplace works there now sure laws is to how it works, and the idea is it's always a negative thing. When you try to tweak those laws, it works best when you take a hands off approach. The problem with that I mean there's a lot of problems with that, but the problem with that clearly is that when there has been regulation for long periods of time- and you just step back you're going to have a massive period of chaos until things do settle, if you do let the market decide, I would imagine there's going to be uh
When the deregulation takes place, there's going to be a lot of people get fucked over absolutely I mean there's. We actually have quite a bit of evidence on this front. 'cause we've run this experiment like one thousand. Times in USA, history alone, but the general rule. Whenever you do market deregulation and whenever you cut taxes for the very wealthy, there is what's called a boom bust cycle, which means everything takes off. Everything seems like it's wonderful. The good time seem like they're, never going to end. Remember the roaring 20s. They called it the roaring 20s because it was like. Oh, my god, the market is soaring. Everything is going so well and was followed by the great depression and then use again actually in the end of the Clinton years, because Clinton repealed. Steel, which was a very important piece of regulation and then under the Bush years as well. He further deregulated and cut taxes for the rich and what happened. We had the subprime mortgage crisis in the great recession so as a general rule. It's not like all regulation is good, full stop. It depends what the regulation is to argue in favor right, the to places like arguing in favor of referees in and
game or whatever, like you need some amount of enforcement of things that make sense like I love when Libertarians argue, like you know: well what even like think about would you I have no FDA at all. Looking after the drug out there exactly it's ridiculous and you could sell stuff that's cut with substances that end killing you. I mean this actually, what happened in prohibition they used during prohibition used to make alcohol in bathtubs and cut it with substances that were very dangerous and so every now and then there will be a bad batch of alcohol and people would die because the way they made the alcohol had regulation and no standards like what happens today with drugs exactly yeah, and that's when I mean we could talk about I'm sure you saw what happened with that standoff between the Mexican military and the drug cartel dude? They beat the government in it
stand off in a battle yeah and they ended up freeing El Chapo's sons. Well, did you see when the Secara showed up in Sturgis start talking to the people in the mexican military? Yes, Cemex Militares, like hey, you know we're just trying to stay alive here: here's what we gotta do like, let I'm go like okay listen! It's such a tough situation, because the the drug cartels it's going to start massacring people- if they didn't release him. So, if you're, the President of Mexico, if you're amlo, what do you do? mean, if I'm in a position, I go hey man, I can't have you doing a genocide in a village in Mexico and they're under resource. This is not right. People and the mexican cartel hasn't and stoppable amount of money, Joe. The only way to defeat the cartels to legalize tax and regulate trucks. Yeah, because that's how you put them out of business compete with legitimate businesses. They can compete like let's say we had all these growing operations in the? U, and it was legal at the federal level in the United States. What is somebody
I want to do- are they gonna want to go to a back alley with the sketchy character to get some drugs? Are they gonna wanna go to Walgreens? Well, I had the author of hidden war on the podcast, his name's John Norris and John Norris. He got a job and nationally as a game warden, because you know he grew up in the outdoors and fishing and hunting and things like that, and you want to be a game warden well along the way they started. Finding these mexican grow. Oxy's cartel grow ops all over California and it got even worse believe or not when they made marijuana legal. Because now these grow ops are just a misdemeanor. It's no longer a felony. So if you have a hundred acres on public land that you've decided to vert disk, take the water from this creek and send it down there and it kills a bunch of fashion they it's just a misdemeanor for the guys growing the drugs. So there's more doing it. Yes is more doing it and now eighty percent of all the legal marijuana. That's being
grown and sold in the United States. Rough estimate is coming from these cartel growshops and a lot of them are using these pesticides that are very fucking, dangerous, right, yeah, it's 'cause. They could just do it then just set up shop and go to the national forest. They go to public land the hiking, with like fucking tubes like hoses and it on their back. So they can revert these creeks or divert these creeks rather, and they set up these grow ops and they bring guns and they set up shop, and so these guys, these up game wardens, became like a paramilitary operation going? Go in there with scary deterrence and they they had to get trained tactically, and these guys wound up being these people that had to take down members of the car that's super scary, woods, yeah, and I think that we have this gray area situation in the United States right now, where certain states have legalized
different regional, you students, certain states have it for medical use, but at the federal level it's still illegal right and if you became legal, then this cartel operation you have to go to best. Absolutely yeah would wouldn't be valuable, will be valuable. They have to move on to something else, and then that would open a whole nother pandora's box, because what you do, let's say you only legalize tax and you like marijuana? Well then, they might just move onto this, might more cocaine or whatever it might be, but they're doing that with math. They thinking out to grow meth with plants. They figured out a way to make meth with plants. This is a new thing. They have been able to do this before mass had always been done with, which is nothing. We need to talk about Sudafed, What a good conversation on this these last and you go to in California at least say: I've got a cold and you want to buy some strong over the counter cold meds. You have to give your drivers
and the reason they only sell you a little bit. The reason being is because people used to just buy everything off the shelf, throw it into a basket, bring it up to the counter and they would use that stuff to make meth with b it's one of the ingredients right actually boiled all down. I don't know the process, but you can make method medication. Well. These can guys have figured out how to do this. Would plants now but as we were going to get you in a minute, yeah two we'll get to go to go to that. Go to see. Okay, lamp based math is the next frontier of Afghanistan's drug trade. So invest use of an uncovered a burgeoning local trade in the production of methamphetamine, using a mountain, SH rub her seat like now. Let me ask you this question because I'm a little torn on this next one, but I'm of the belief that if you like- let's say legalize lower level. Uppers are amphetamines
Ok, so let's say you have a more benign version of all of these kinds of drugs that are legal and available, but we do it's called that are all no! No, but you self go to doc. Prescription for that- I'm talking about over the counter right. Ok, so do you think that 'cause? I think that would not fully eliminate them looking for the much harder stuff, but it would, I think, eliminate majority of that market because of somebody yeah right, because somebody goes and gets. You know a more safer alternatives that might not be a strong. We can go, get a safer alternative or get a bunch of a safer alternative, then yeah, why once you choose that over doing like Crocodile the one that melts off your skin. If you do it for like a year heroin, that's like heroin but the ones of the ones that are interesting because their productivity drugs, and that brings us to Trump, let's this is so much fun. There's a there's a photograph of him, it's a classic photograph because it's after love Mexican yeah, he was talking shit about you know the wall and it's all rape,
murderers. That is. I think this was Cinco De Mayo, if I remember correctly so easy in a taco bowl in the bowl says I mean he says I love Hispanics. I think- and I remember watching that, while looking at that photograph going since mother fucker for real, he really tweeted that I love Hispanics and he's eating a fucking taco bowl. Well, the open desk drawer somebody focused in on, and they realize this is like years later. They realize that it's all filled with Sudafed and Sudafed is again the active ingredient in one of the money, greetings and sort of as the active ingredient in math, and so apparently people take Sudafed. And if you take that stuff, it gives you like a little bit of a buzz and if you take large doses of suited for it's essentially like taking like he's microdose sing, Soca Dosing Meth, it's actually a little deeper than that which makes it even funnier jeep. Yes, because there's a sir. The form of Sudafed that they sell in the United States and then there's a you,
a version of Sudafed, and the UK version of Sudafed has that ingredient to which is more more of an upper h kind acts like an amphetamine who give this. It says the desk drawer, full Sudafed, including boxes in New York, perk purchase on the? U k indicating upset at the legal limits of purchase are being circumvented and that the then candidate Trump was abusing Sudafed for its high rather than its decongestant effect. Okay, so there's that now I want to take it a step further because I don't know if you watch this video I sent you awhile ago, but I was absolutely floored by the contrast between the speech Trump gave at CPAC this year, and then the speech Trump gave it to you when this year, the CPAC one Joe totally off script, bouncing off the false an hour. Thirty minutes hands moving all over the place, so active, so engaging making jokes all this stuff whole areas, and then you go to the UN speech? Joe is talking like this, and he says that
and he literally he was so tired. He couldn't even say the word sovereignty he quit halfway through it. He was and that's why we need to protect sovereigns yeah, and so, if you pull that up Jamie. If you want to watch some of it, you can see the contrast. Hackman's show Packman had David Packman had an episode where he was concentrating on this alleged drug use by Trump, and he showed the contrast of him sniffing at the debates with Hillary Clinton. Yes, did us yeah this whole conglomeration of all of his sniffing moments, and, let me just say in Trump's defense. If I was president, I would be taking some sugar too, because that's a tough job and all so don't lie when he does a rally and he's high as balls on an upper there entertaining and I'm the first one on the left to admit his twitter feed. I feel bad because he genuinely makes me laugh. He did. I remember
forget the morning I woke up and I go on Twitter, which is like part of my morning routine and the first words I see you're from president of the United States- and it says, washed up strike. Bette Midler, and I just saw that Part of the tweet and I broke down laughing? It was the funniest thing it makes me laugh all the time he's done, a bunch of on his twitter that you just like this mother is crazy yeah. What was the one that we were talking about recently that he did was added or he tweeted something was bullshit yeah. I don't remember what it was saying was bullshit, but like that we did. Those words was pretty funny: yeah yeah. Well, here's Trump Isms like the little side, things that he always does make me laugh like the all caps randomly or sometimes he'll capitalized letters for no reason in the tweet. Well, it was great when he was the fuckin' host of the apprentice yeah. That's when it was great. It was like he was an entertaining character. It's just now that he's the president is like wow wow wow. This is real yeah I mean,
I'm I'm curious. What percentage of the population is like my mom, who really values the idea of somebody kind of being button down in presidential and very professional sounding yeah. They used to be the model not used to help you in the nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties, but I've I genuinely feel in today's day and age. We've kind of like evolved out of that and you're not going to get another Mitt Romney style politician who is like a robot who is really an script you're going to get either a left. Version or right wing version of somebody, who's really kind of shooting from the hip and has no filter, because that no filter ism comes across is just so much more genuine even if he sounds fucking crazy. When you talk even if he sounds fucking crazy right, I think that's also the same thing with news. That's the same thing with news report, that's, why I'm here Joe exactly right and that's why your show works to see your you talk like you're talking right now, absolutely like I mean, and we would be going to dinner tonight, which we would talk the same way. That's right, yeah that exactly that!
doesn't exist anywhere else, and you would see these people that are button down, and then you find out behind closed doors, they're freaks, you know, and then this is what everybody to wonder like what What is real, what is real? That's right, someone does talk real and the like. I'm pretty sure that is who that ideas like he's he's that way, all the time. That's why talk in that way? So with Trump, the like okay least, I know what that is. I need that's a AZ guys on speed and you want to make a lot of money and it doesn't want to yell at Saudi Arabia, because he's he's making money off of them. Okay, once I know what that is with Clinton, like especially her like you, don't know what the that is you get the sense that there's multiple layers has the mentality is like, and she said, and this was released from Wikileaks- there's a public position in a private position. Well, when the whole, because we got a thing on all told Tulsi Governor a russian asset, and I was like what like what do you? What is this like Joe, let me tell you: some men have fucking proof. If you are a per
who never stop them, but I know, but when you're saying something like that. It's such a fucking, important thing to say, like that's, a that's a very damning thing: she's, a major military right now, she's in the military right, and yeah well she's returns a duty. Russian assets on two tours of duty in the Middle EAST why they say that to write because Tulsi Gabbard has spoken, strongly against intervention in Syria war in Syria. The argument goes, hey Vladimir Putin in Russia, are aligned with the syrian government their allies. Therefore, if you're against US intervention in Syria. Your argument benefits Putin, how their argument goes, then they also say- and this turned out to be totally debunked in not true. Oh there's, an army of russian trolls that are trying to help Tulsi Gabbert win the election and Joe, but this is the thing that they pull out for anybody who's on the left and anti war. This is what they pulled. I've been accused of it before I've been accused of
being a russian puppet and a russian asset, and it's like no, you controller position controlled opposition and the funny thing is Joe. They do this because they cannot actually have a conversation with me and and disagree with me, When I talk about policy, of course, so when I sit there and I play hey here's. Why Medicare for all is the way to go and here's why a public option is nonsense and here's why our current system is terrible. They want to defend the status quo, but they can to the status quo using arguments. So I have to just let me off put me to the side and say well, he shouldn't even be allowed the conversation because he's a russian asset and he's not serious. But the thing is that, The reason why their argument hold some weight at all is because of the I, a the internet research agency and that the work they've done that was exposed was the russian stuff staff with they're, making all these different facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and they're using them to start to start wars like essentially star start arguments with people about anything and everything:
to slander people to support people. You know, say you know. As a black woman, I could never support Hillary Clinton and then they they make these arguments, and it's not really a black woman's account. It's a russian as part of this russian research agency that Renee Diresta rest exposed ever if you're paid in any of her work, no, I haven't, but I'm very skeptical on this point because they always make it seem like if that didn't happen, that we all be hunky dory holding hands get getting along did not necessarily saying okay, but they are saying that this was effective in there's millions and millions of engagements and it flavors conversations and for a lot of people- and this is a giant percentage of people. They do not have time to deeply research and understand these things thoroughly. They don't no one does they have jobs and they have mortgages and they have children hobbies and their friends and they're doing all kinds of shit on you know when they, when they have their time off, they not enough time to truly reach
search like was TED Cruz involved in the Kennedy assassination? Or you know what I mean like when you hear a rumor like that, those kind of crazy ridiculous rumors they just they just spread yeah right and they spread primarily because not most people don't have the time to look into these things. So if you have something like the internet research agency, this been shown to start a bunch of accounts like they're. Black live matter is accounts they have of Separatist Texas, separatist accounts where they want. You know, Texas, to secede for the from from the union and to start their own nation, and then they have these pro muslim accounts and they have these all these different accounts and they've. Even
organize. Meetings will have like the the Pro Texas Account meeting across the street from this muscle meeting and they'll. Do it on purpose they'll? Do it just try to get people to fight, and they have these two different facebook pages of the running and they're running on with these opt up ideologies there pretending that there this there pretending, they're, a black lives matter organization or they're, pretending that you know their porter Ricans for Trump, like it's all it's, but it's madness. It's all just starting fights and causing these arguments and right in that they're doing this to try to even if it's a one percent or ten percent the. If,
can destruct democracy by four percent five percent here there it's incredibly effective if they can get a narrative going and they can sustain that narrative, bullshit narrative, just through you know, coming up with these fake thing. It has an effect how much of an effect I don't know, but it's an effective it's one percent of its two percent. If they can get a meme past people and you start spreading it through Facebook and a lot of- and she said she looked over- a hundred thousand memes and she's like some of the more hilarious and you're reading these and you're laughing, and you realize well they're making these things to look to make people laugh and also to try to get a point across, and that point is to you know to try to paint Hillary Clinton as of this or paint Joe Biden. As of that or paint you know, and what they're doing is they're starting these groups and these groups will argue against other groups and people just kind of go along like sheep, they don't even
who's behind the whole thing yeah. I really think this black lives matters group is like African Americans that are, you, know, tired of police brutality, but it's not it's these guys in Russia, they're just starting see, but that weird yeah. I hear you, but at the same time the thing that is has kind of a shock to me is the degree to which this relied upon and used. The scapegoat to to not talk about, sometimes things that are very real issues, and I know because it's been done like they said with Bernice there was this russian troll farm meme created of Bernie Sanders. It's like he's like rainbow he's doing like a you opposed, oppose re, showing his biceps or whatever and like that, is then used by mainstream media to say: why is why is Russia trying to Bernie Sanders. Why is he trying to prop up Sanders, so they try to make it seem like oh Bernie's, like a russian pop russian asset and if you support him well, you've just been due to support him, and so it's
How used as this like catch all thing where it's like, if I bring up a real issue. They they will rush. I want you to talk about that. Are you talking about see? This is three dimensional chess, though this is part of the whole dispute. Part of the whole dispute. Is you see something like that? And then people say: why does Russia want Bernie Sanders to be present while the pump it up Bernie Sanders? And then this becomes even more confusing argument like if they do do something like that they create these funny, memes and- try to prop up Bernie Sanders, and then the argument comes in like why does Russia want Bernie Sanders to win your everything is getting convoluted. Everything is muddy. Nobody understands what the fuck is going on. That's the point. The point is to sow seeds of doubt and to sort of disrupt democracy. The point is to do this very cheaply in easilly
internet accounts yeah. This is the idea behind it and, if you listen to SAM Harris's podcast with the rest or the park, is that I did with her and she when she goes into depth about this, you know understanding this and how much time she spent. Researching this IRA, this this internet research agency in Russia and all the work that they do have people working twenty four hours a day on the shed and they're doing it specifically under the best of the government to try to fuck with democracy. I just think we have to be really careful point taken. I just think we have to be really careful to make sure that that doesn't distract us from folks on issues that really do matter because often times I've seen that's invoked to kind of shut up the talk about real issues, and I also- and on top of that as well, the dirty little secret that we, Never talk about this country is that we actually doing the exact same thing. For for sure, and it I remember that they created like a whole fake,
website or a whole fake app it for Cuba was supposed to be like Cuba's version of twitter. All us created it was all trying to, roll? The narrative? You remember the story from about two years or so ago, and what was it like? All folk America, but Well, I'm not sure some rules, I'm sure no, they were trying to do the option. They're trying to say like oh, doesn't, communism suck is going to be subversive, don't shoot like you're trying to get it uproots, grassroots uprising? Again, always something there doing it for Cuba not do They were doing to try to see what they think is. You know, free Cuba? U S secretly created cuban Twitter to stir unrest in undermine government. I mean there is listen. This is a tool right, there's, hundreds and hundreds of tools. The use isn't it sad that this is what like, unfortunately in so many ways? This is what politics has become, because you and I can sit here and we can have a really good conversation about the minimum wage. What are the pros and cons of it? One of the policy on the minimum wage. You know if we went down that path. How would it impact the broader economy we can have? A conversation about union is a
we can have a conversation about health care. We can have a conversation about foreign policy and you can bounce ideas off each other. We can talk about market regulation all this stuff, but like that's just not what dominates political culture in today's America, because you just have this dumb down conversation where the entire conversation is about stuff like this, for entire conversation is about the individual personality aspect of politics, and that's just really upsetting to a guy like me, because if we actually have that conversation on policy? I think there's so, much more agreement in this country than people, yeah, you know and often times what I say is. If you want. I should have a conversation. We agree on something. That's it. You know it's a pretty damn good bad. That's a solid position that a lot of people agree with, but if two politicians in Washington DC agree on something look out, because all sometimes not always but often times, they're going to screw you and that's what just happened: again. This was about a year so ago. There was all these headlines,
bipartisan consensus in agreement on a piece of legislation. It was all like flowery, happy language. They agreed to further deregulate Wall Street, which again is the thing that led to the subprime mortgage crisis great recession, and this is what you get agreement on between Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC every now and then you'll get good things like you know: Bernie Anderson, Rand, Paul coming together, Bernie Sanders and likely to agree war, bad and we shouldn't eat a genocide in Yemen. Okay, that's wonderful! We all agree that, but most of the time it's like, let's to further help out Wall Street. Let's agree to further artificially prop up US institutions, let's agree dot to Wall Street bailouts. Let's agree to more funding for the military industrial complex and it's like it would we would be so much better off if and there's an id I've been pushing for a while now and we had a law where, every time we had to vote, Rachel election. The people got to vote directly on the top three issue.
Use impact in the country, and that became law. So, let's say in the next presidential election, one of the questions is with the national direct ballot initiative law and that one of the questions could be marijuana, be legal tax and regulate at a federal level, yes or no, and the people vote on and whenever we say that becomes law, so there would be no be like sixty five percent in favor of it, and so we We went on that one and you go down the list and you can have the three most important issues and that's a way joke. I think, to circumvent the corrupt, in Washington DC I mean one way you got. You can fight to get money out of politics, there's not as much corruption. That's what I think. That's see a longer and harder fight. But if you do this now call direct ballot initiative law. I really think that could impact this country for the better. It's an idea, unfortunately nobody's really talking about it. Yet it's not anything like Bernie's, I'm with Bernie on so much of what he's talking about. I love the guy, but he hasn't about this. Yet Tulsi has spoke about this yet and Yang and about this. Yet again, these are really people who have great ideas they discuss than ever they never brought it up, they've, never up. I actually brought
up in conversation to somebody in Bernie Sanders campaign, I brought it up in conversation with somebody else's campaign, and I do think that I'm not saying that to go after them, because I do think that they're really smart and right on a lot of stuff, and I think that in due time they might you see this position and really like it and maybe champion it, but I'm in the same way that Andrew Yang is now going around and his things universal basic income and he's kind of putting that the mainstream of society, and they seriously talking about it, he's also doing it with drug decriminalization, which I respect them for you goes beyond everybody else and saying decriminalized all drugs. So in the same way that he's popularizing these things and shifting the Overton Window, I'm really NG forward to some politicians stepping up and and popular using this idea, because it's such a simple idea, it would be so easy to implement and Joe think of the positive, effects of this I mean I remember there was a whole. I think it's in the teams like something
Sixteen percent of Americans still support the Iraq war, which means like everybody is against it. Imagine if we got to directly vote on that we'd be out of Iraq tomorrow, but do they understand the implications of pulling out of Iraq and then this shady politicians were corrupt and blood by Raytheon and Boeing and Halliburton right? That's what I would say: there's gotta be someone who could advise someone who has an objective perspective on foreign policy. Maybe someone who's in the military who's got boots on the ground. Who can tell you? Ok, here's the problems with pulling out and here's the pros a pulling out and here's the cons and get an objective analysis of the situation, so at least people are informed instead of just having them vote on it based on public, option have them vote on it, based on something here's. What I'm afraid of when all you have is a hammer. Everything looks like a nail. What history teaches us is that spit this happened endlessly in Vietnam. Presidents came in when they were like you know, I don't.
So I really don't think we should be doing this and they would be talked into staying and increasing troop levels by the generals. Right now this is not taken, not at the general. This is just me saying that when that's your field of expertise, yeah, that's what you're going to say. Oh just let us they're, not another, five months low stay there another year, Joe The point now we're not even bother to define what victory would mean in Afghanistan with victory mean in Iraq. Think about what the original reason we were given all we are going to Afghanistan because we got to get all kind of because I kind of Texas, okay, that's understandable! Well, some of Bin Laden's dead he's been dead for so long. There's a a hundred Al Qaeda members, according to our own intelligence agencies. Still in Afghanistan. Why are we there? I think it has a lot more to do with the trillions of hours of mineral wealth. It's there again. I think it has a lot more to do with GEO political power in the in the chess Board of us versus Russia. I mean you know: the Soviet Union was there back in the 1980s and like this was we wanted to counter, their influence in that region and again with Iraq, oil had a lot to do. It is well the military industrial complex. Were you know Iraq
Smedley Butler said, you can make a lot of money going down this road so that Smedley Butler WAR is a racket scary. I encourage anyone to read that that was from nineteen so it's old, and he was right and he was right back then, and look at his towers ideas of what war was for and that really he was just really making things safer. The banker That's right and look at Eisenhower, Eisenhower, a republican president when leaving office warned everybody look out for the military industrial complex, because people will want to do war. Is war? Is a business, so you can actually become very wealthy if you're. Actually in a state of war, I mean look, how much again the defense industry in this country, Raytheon, Boeing, Halliburton, there are jobs tied to the and industry in every state in this country. That makes it so hard, because even if you're nominally anti war as a politician, you can still say: well, hey, listen, man, I agree, but I don't want to I just to go away in, and I don't.
As an issue politician, that's the last thing you ever want to do and have that against you when your opponent is saying, listen, this asshole pulled out, and this is why you lost all these jobs, and this is why the economies in the shader I'm going to bring those jobs back. I'm going to reinvigorate the military, I'm gonna do that and there again so again anyway. So the argument in favor of a national direct ballot initiative law, like a kind of a direct democracy. She I thank you. I love the. India and I really do think that, even though I take your point that it's not like that, you know the people are always right, but I would say way more likely to be right that a bunch of corrupt as all politicians. Then you got to wonder if the corrupt asal politicians are going to make these propaganda campaigns to support whatever idea, with all them we've seen it many times before and Joe the giant issue. I mean we've seen that when it comes to because, most of the time, I'm with these direct ballot initiative laws at this
level, decide that is, in my opinion, better wins, but sometimes there's propaganda campaign. Where they run these totally misleading ads about. What's going and I know this happened in one of the states when it came to either recrea the weed or or legal weed they and these misleading ads, where they kind of flipped it an made people. Think oh, if I vote yes and there's some legalizing weed, but it was all the way around the they do that. That's what I'm Pain is they have all these tricks up their sleeves and Ohio is the dirtiest one right Jamie. What was the deal with Ohio where they were trying to make it legal? But it's here I don't remember the exact thing, but I was hearing was that they had it tide up, so that only like four business monopoly like for like forever correct that I got. I don't know if it was forever forever, but like for a long matching that, like you, could it's legal, but you have to buy it from me. You can't even grow it yourself like what imagine if they did, that with tomatoes? Ok, we're going to have tomatoes legal in Ohio, but you can only buy him from both like what's up,
for cat litter made it grows in the ground. How can you stop people from if it's legal, it's legal? You know, I mean, there's no laws against you growing anything! That's legal right yeah well, there shouldn't be, there probably are like so weird rules and regulations on it right. Some sneaky shit, just design for business right. This thing is like that is just rank corruption. You and I both know that the reason that came about is- Whoever was in charge of the business that was getting that contract. Yes, to the person in government, probably follow the money for his his campaign, yeah and that's the honestly Joe that's the root of all the problems. The root of all the problems is the money in politics. It's the corporation right, paying the politicians at the. Well paying the politicians and if we can have this thing called clean elections, which just means that every election is pub. We financed, then in a situation like that, you would actually see elections run on competing ideas and philosophies, and you wouldn't elections run on competing special interest, because, right now you could say: okay, Democrats, who who gives money-
credit unions give money to Democrats. So that's an issue. Some environmentalists, oops give money to Democrats. So I would argue those special interest or a little less scary, but also Wall Street. The military industrial complex also gives the Democrats not just Republicans, so you have these competing special interest going at it and really you're just trying to determine which group of special interest is going to country for the next four years. It would be so much If we have like, I would love to have debates with people who just actually I disagree with me. If you had me and RON Paul here in him- and I argue about economics- is he's a libertarian and I'm not, I believe, in social democracy, it would be an some conversation. We could actually disagree on the substance and really nailed down where we disagree, and why and let the people make their mind up. Politics would be beautiful if that was the case. But what's interesting is it's always going to be dependant dip on a single individual personality? People find appear I mean that is tough, where we are as a country yeah. And this is and when someone gets chopped down boy, they get chop down the Kamala Harris. What Tulsi Gabbard took her
the hamstrings. That's a wrap baby tulsi misalucha for taking down comma. He do cheap. Everybody was saying she's the one she's going to run it and touch even thought. She would have a stronger run. Then she did and she did Ella public. Did you see? I see Tulsi made her fall apart fascinating. She just shrunk into the shadows. Like oh and your little dog too she's you know, did you see the last debate, because that was like peak? Ok, she's done now, oh yeah, because What was her main issue? It was so hilarious to watch this her main issue, that she decided I'm going to take a stand on this and then be with twitter. Was she was begging, Elizabeth Warren? Why don't you for banning Trump from Twitter, I mean we're talking about two different sets of rules. The most powerful man in the world is violated the terms of service. We think that that was something to hang his hat on she surrounded by absolute morons, who are democratic strategies in Washington DC and they think. Ok, you have to outflank Elizabeth Warren on her left on some issue, so use this issue and try to make it seem. Like your stand,
not for the little guy in your standing up for a rules being applied to even think as Joe. I know man because even to people who are on the left, that looks like you're just begging for the mods the real problem. Is she never did deny what Tulsi said and she can't oh you're about record and how terrible her regularly the record was awful. The fab salute Lee. She did with schools, is the most discuss. Truancy thing? Yes, yes, she turns around the single moms with jail if their kids didn't go to school and she joked around about it at these meetings. He joked around about it and in conferences. You know about how she cleaned it up and she just had cops come in the door, ha ha ha. He knows there. It was bad disturbing yeah. What was even worse is there was somebody who was found not guilty on something wrongfully imprisoned, found not guilty on something when I came back up
and then Connell Harris didn't let him out and kept him in on a technicality. All your paperwork wasn't filed into proper time frame or whatever was on purpose herself. She answers yes. This is the story that broke, and why did she do that? I don't know. I have no idea. But this is one of the things that you know: Tulsi was shining a spotlight on one of the things that tell us he said which they use them for cheap labor for the state of California, and she didn't deny any of that. Because her record is abysmal. On this stuff, I mean no there's no defending using that she got to this prominent position without and that being exposed and tulsi exposed it just like click turn the lights we'll look at the Stephen Nugent thing. This is one that we've known for a while. So Steven New Chin was part of Goldman Sachs. He was also the head of one West Bank here in California, and what happened was they were during this? prime mortgage crisis. In the great recession they were illegally foreclosing on people early and kicking them out of their homes, in violation of the law, and so will Harris. You know we was
commanded by her own office, you got to prosecute this guy. Look what he's doing she didn't do it. Why? Because he's a big democratic donor, he was giving money to Democrats time now, by the way, just in case anybody think. So this is just a partisan issue, and only the Democrats are bad. Steve Mnuchin is in the Trump administration will take. Some heat so it's a big club- and you ain't in it- is the point to steal from George Carlin remember when her that his wife was taking all these fucking Instagram photos, while the ship she had on private jet. And stuff. They look like bond villains, Bro ship clubs are bond, villains, cut, gloves, holding money with the gloves in Fuch wears those gloves that go down to your elbows. Don Phillips yeah. Thank you how much she's old enough money she probably feels dirty holding up ones, do but the fact the fact that she's wearing those God, damn gloves, like all my God and in the fact that she looks at
she should be fucking a football player. She doesn't really should be, should be fuckin' that God gives Illion dollars. So that's why I kind of hilarious right when you look at the disparity and beauty. Well, these are the got Joe. These are the really run the economy. Goldman Sachs really runs the economy, Goldman Sachs. It was proven that they committed out in a massive level. What they would do is my orders, a coffee with you, like one, I'm sure, also gone wrong with the coffee machine. Once I got it so so anyway, Steve Mnuchin, Steve, Mnuchin, Chin and Goldman Sachs. It was found that, in the lead up to subprime mortgage crisis in the great recession, here's what they would do, Joe. They would sell to unsuspecting clients these packages, these packages of subprime mortgages, but they were rated triple play and they would sell them these packages. Saying hey man, listen! This is a great long term investment, it's safe, you're, going to make a lot of money at the same time. Goldman Sachs was doing that they would turn around and bet on those packages that they just sold as if they were awesome, they would bet on those packages to fail. So that's fraud.
They were making money in two different ways: I'm going to sell you the package and make money okay, and On the other hand, I'm going to bed on the same package. I just told you to fail. That's like a car salesman saying I'm going to tell you this car in this car works wonderfully everything is using car, amazing car tremendous car in the most unbelievable cards cards ever known. I really so it's like, a it's down salesman, doing, fat, Joe and then the salesman also betting, his buddy, that that car is going to breakdown before it gets out of the lot right. So these are criminals Joanne. The thing is it's Democrats and Republicans who are propping them up. The Wall Street bailout cost fourteen trillion dollars. Why is it we can spend money on that, but we can't have an infrastructure deal that gives our country in a plus infrastructure. I want to have the number one is for structure in the world. You had you on most gone not too long ago, he's working on this thing called the hyperloop yeah. The hyperloop is supposed to be future of travel where you can get in a pod and it's vacuum powered you can go from New York to LAN like three hours or whatever. It is on the ground, I want why don't we have that everywhere in this country. Why don't? We have bridges
why don't we have awesome roads? Why can't we go to airports and feel national pride and say this airports absolutely beautiful summer. Beautiful Detroit actually has an amazing airport to know that I had no idea. No, it's like airport from the future. Detroit has he's fuckin' in interior trams, like you're, inside The train is above you flyin, Bilik, whoa whoa, that is Centrino. When I like this, it's not from the future. That is kind of crazy idea. I have no idea about that now yeah, but I came from Laguardia in New York is not cool. That's the worst. I came from JFK, though thank you already is number one worst and two is Laxlx is number two: she hello, is pretty bad, what's even worse now that they told the uber guys that everyone has meet you at like a lot, so people like will fuck, so everybody's parking in the lot. No good luck, trying to find a parking spot in a lots. Yeah, it's dude! It's a disaster. I was
flying the terminal two, the other day I had a park in Terminal six yeah. I almost missed my flight. I had to walk one slash two an hour I was run I think I had to run to the house. It's so bad. All of them were blocked up. They have like no more parking spot signs on all of these different different Lois is so outdated. Man, airports in general. It is time to evolve to the next thing. Yeah you know like as it were, well, sick of that it's a whole day to travel somewhere and even if it's just a two or three hour flight yeah. But if you go to Burbank, it's still smooth as glass, I've. Never into that airport. It's one of the higher. And it's like it's not higher and it's southwest. I one goes well, we were saying they should have a fly at your own risk airlines and actually I'm stealing a joke from Bill Maher 'cause. He came up that awhile ago because when we were, Three ts, I left Nashville to come here, it's as a political on there and we have to on this line for TS, and it was just never ending and it's like if they just opened up a line and said hey man, listen
They get blown up and go right ahead. I would have taken that option. At the time you have TSA pre and clear No, I don't. I don't fly to multiply to come, see you and that's it. That's it! Well, you gotta get clear, clears the bomb diggity you don't have id, but it was alive. Pre check too, but clear is not. Ok, that's different. Ok have clear, you pay for it and you just put your fingers on the little screen. It pulls up a picture. Oh here's, and then you go gone through when will Joe Rogan get a private jet? Is my question like flat out phone one? That seems like that's, there's a problem with insulation right as as a celebrity period, if you're famous person, it's your already, have a problem being insulated from regular folks, you don't have the same sort of find for problems. Regular people have, and then you insulate yourself further or when people are always trying to get pictures of you and talk to you and they they don't. Let you just be yourself, you can't just hang so you cross over this weird little area soon as you cross over for
fully. Now I have a staff drive me around and I have a private jet and I'm sure Corey yeah you're not you're, no longer a man of the people. However, if anybody could pull it off, I think you could. If you had a private I, like cool Joe, has a private jet, but if some so other famous schmuck. Did it people be like fuck that guy? I think I do think you could pull ' and also I mean- let's be honest- private jets are so fucking cool, the private jet that be so cool environment man. Well, you know, I can't say anything about the environment man I think of it. Yet I think that people always try to do this. When it comes to the environment like oh well, what have you done? Are you? Are you using a plastic straw? Gotcha? That's like a Kamala thing. You know but like at the same time there's? Some insane fact like, I think it's. Seventy six percent of global emissions are omitted, I like a hundred companies. So really it's it's not people there. The problem, right companies and they need to be regulated and we can fix that moving forward. That's a giant giant percentage of the problem.
Individual steps of people do to minimize their impact on the on the carbon emissions in the carbon footprint. It's a very small in comparison to corporations. Yeah, that's right, it's very and in the ocean, you're not going to accomplish anything yeah, but it's it's all. It's all. These gotcha points that people want to point to when it comes to things like plastic straws in this, not you know the real issue, it's not plastic straws. The real issue is how we handle waste it's a real issue, how the farthest getting the ocean in the first place, that is kind, crazy, crazy and the problem is Rb patch thing I haven't read about this in years, but there's like a fricking like giant boy on slot who's been on the podcast before who is a very young guy? I think he's only twenty one years old right is about twenty or twenty one he's very young, and he came up with a machine that is collecting garbage from this garbage patch. The garbage patch is larger than the state of Texas. Now it's enormous it's in the middle of the Fucking Ocean and it's like a soup of particles and pretty
Tillotson all these little half dissolved pieces of plastic that are just swashing and you see a lot of it in the surface, but much of it is actually below the surface and fish are eating in there filling their bellies and birds eat it. And it's just absolutely disgusting. Alright, we got some coffees here. This is true. Merrick coffees got thanks brother. Is it work? Now it's beautiful! Thank you. I don't and see. If I like to Merrick, this is Larry Singleton, turmeric yeah, it's actually gotten are in it. Most people don't know 'cause, I would've said american issue me too, until they installed its Fokker machine here, pretty good right. That is very good, yeah. That is very little hop, a very good yeah. So, what's going on here, Jenny? What is this? This? This add an illustration of the garbage patch yeah. This is this. Is there I don't know if this is the new machine, but the interceptor? I believe this was in a couple tweets here. They have one currently on the way to
the Dominican Republic. Well, if you go to his arm boy, on's Instagram he's got photographs and videos of the thing in action and it's like this giant sort of net collection device. Is this a different one? This is a different machines, the new one. This is from his twitter, hello, this from his twitter. Okay. His instagram, though, has actual photographs instead of animation. This is it okay, yeah. So that's how it works. It's got like this thing. It just scoop them all up and the ideas that they're going to be a able to recycle all this plastic, which is excellent yeah. I think we're at the point now that we it's almost like. We have no option but to rely on technology like we have to develop tech, ology to try to course correct here, because my buddy was saying that, especially when it comes to climate change, it's like it we're so far beyond the point where any casual person thinks we are that something has to be done.
Beyond, just like well cut off all emissions and that's it. You know, I mean right right and that's a scary thought because then we're re. We really are you've made this point before the podcast we're relying on like the smartest people save us at the letter now yeah I mean that is terrifying. That's their phone is to terrifying but they're. The smartest people figured out how to make all this shit were thrown the ocean in the first place and they also the guy who created the nuclear weapon. Remember yes, yeah, I did, and I learned this from you. He said I am become death there somewhere. Yes, you know when, when he saw the very first one Oppenheimer saw the very first explosion test explosion said I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. To quote from the Bhagavad Gita I mean that is a terrifying thing to say when you're watching the the very the first atomic bomb. We have the ability to destroy the world, how many times over now yeah, which is what I think we're ready for that no, but were talking about earlier today that Kim Jong Moon threatened us. I didn't see anything
yeah. It was on CNN. I didn't see that either, but allow me to say this Joe and I might get some shift in this. I don't care. This is the one very narrow area where I'd give Trump credit, because there's this part of Trump, where it's Anti Obama is on in its most raw form. Whatever Obama did, I want to opposite right and so Obama apparent will Trump said. He said at him so if he actually did but Obama really wasn't able to get much movement with N Korea and so Trump felt like If I can get some sort of peace to it would be tremendous, it would be amazing and I would want up Obama and so Trump has actually directly against John Bolton and MIKE Pompeii and Gina Haspel and all of his Our policy advisers who are terrible neo, who never met a war they didn't like Trump, has actually gone against I'm a little bit and pushed mortgage action of trying to get peace and, by the way, curry is actually leading the way on that and they deserve a tremendous amount of credit and they like the idea that we're not escalating with them,
so. This is a very rare area, narrow area where I want to give credit. But the thing that tries me crazy, Joe, is, I feel, like the media and the Democrats too, and definitely the republican establishment Republicans they're trying to push him in a more hawkish direction, which makes no sense because it's Here we all admit, oh my god, this guy's thin skinned any kind of crazy any he kind of flies to handle and we don't really trust him with the nuclear weapon. But you want and to be more hawkish and more aggressive with Kim Jong Moon and more standoffish like they got mad when he announced we're gonna, stop or military exercises which are oh, very antagonistic and done right by N Korea and is done to let them know like well fuck you up like that's the whole point of this is to let them know and Trump's like. Well, I don't think they're good thing, I think they're, you know they work against peace. So we probably should stop that, and then he got but you because you know the media was like? Well? What did you extract from them by stopping? Does those drills? What did you from them as a result of it. It's like you need to get anything,
Then North Korea is going to blow some people's minds. They are not in any way, shape or form in offensive threat against the United States. There is easy, percent chance that they would unprovoked offensively, launch an attack against LA New York or Nebraska or anywhere. In fact, we know and it's administered as much when you go to the Pentagon. They know he's. Actually teach Klay just acting in a defensive way, and he wants nuclear weapons as a deterrent to US aggression, because this Jackie would happen with Libya, where we told Gaddafi after so what we did to Saddam Hussein and then we told Qaddafi like give up your nukes and was like taken you have a and then what happened we still top of them anyway. Well, I was the next regime right, no was good, offi yeah, but I mean I mean it was so you're saying it was a long line. It was race, yeah Obama, but still the bright white is. The rental is over right, wasn't with all the beautiful rebels,
The point is easy to do without you can't trust the word of the: U S b will just flip it did it was that the rebels do it with us aid uhhuh yeah. Yeah and by the way, just like in Syria, like we have now they're jihadists, is the famous Clinton speech We came, we saw he died. She said laughing about it, yeah Buchans bookie! That's that's one of the dark secrets of US farm I'll is that we have repeatedly armed jihadists to further our own political goals, and that's that happened with Reagan Banco. Because we want to arm the mujahideen 'cause they were against they were fighting in. Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, so we want to arm jihadists then, and of course that became the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and so that's why I don't you ever saw ever saw this, but from the newspapers from the UK, the newspaper, the independent calling all freedom fighter at the time This was in the 1980s when they had, or maybe early nineteen when they had pushed back to.
Union out of Afghanistan, they were had is calling him. You know a freedom fighter when used to have a much higher. When was that is it wasn't that where they restructured the idea of Jihad that a jihad was initially supposed to be a battle against your own personal vices? This is how it was interpreted yeah. I think it's interpreted in different ways throughout the muslim world that but Anti soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace. Okay, that's what I not freedom fighter puts army on the road to peace, peace, mind! Think about Trump's reaction to Baghdadi getting caught classic trump, with the way he did it. He was crying and whimpering like. Why would he say that well, he was also trying to like do a dick measuring contest with Obama. Did you see the speech afterwards? News like
listed in the day. I heard they had problems when it came to Osama Bin Laden, but we handle this. We handled it so beautifully so amazingly and the the funniest part is apparently what actually happened. He was on the golf course, and so after the fact they decided, all we got to have of those like situation, room photos, like Obama, did when when something line was killed, and so the stage the photo the stage as far they put all the wires there, and some of them are not plugged in the photo was taken an hour and a half after it happened, apparently because we know that for sure can pull the metadata out of the photo and find out it was taken at the camera right. But even though I'm going to pull a picture up, let me see it's so funny. Pictures so well lit! That's! What's what's fuct up about it like they hired can any legal to come in and and the room it's only like the w it's lit. So what picture you
get the camera. I think too, busy he's a character man there. It is screen again, please it could zoom in on the wire. You see one of those not plugged in a lot of them are plugged in, but I mean Also, isn't it interesting too that they're still using like they're using wires yeah, I guess because it's going to have to be adding better connection to death, you're watching video right so that each do you mind like with a click connected to cat five, to check on it, yeah right, this could be different, but yeah, look! Look how well That's lit yeah. I doesn't even look like they're all really there it looks fake. It does look kinda, weird, that's for sure, but it's funny that, like at a moment like that, his thought process was like. I have to try to make this as you know,
as amazing as it is, but you feel like you have to go above and beyond to do so that it can't just be on its own. Like okay, you got the head of ISIS contracts. Look at MIKE Pence he's thinking about right, the book right there, no actually, okay! I I! I think that MIKE Pence is actually one of the most low oil trump people who is least likely to abandoned him yeah, but I mean when Trump is out of office and has a hard tack from all the math. I think MIKE Pence is going to be the guy that writes the book. You thanks. I don't know man, there's some about this guy, so so MIKE Pence. A lot of people don't know this about MIKE Pence, but he credits his Karere to rush Lim ball because he came a talk, radio host and he was so inspired by rush Lim Ball MIKE Pence- was a radio host? Yes, well, look at the difference between him and Obama. That's so funny clearly watching something go down, yeah,
pretty funny, but some yeah he's, I think, he's gonna be super loyal to Trump. Even after that, the other thing that's interesting about the trump there is, even though he knows how to do relentless offense and not stop attacking Democrats and not stop making his case. Well. You're, fine, now is that even the other Republicans are struggling to keep up like they can't as much as Trump wants to defend him. Other Republicans are now like shying away from doing it right? You know, and they did feel the walls are closing in they do about it. What's interesting is, like I think there is basically a zero percent chance. He'll get impeached in the sense that he actually gets out of office. You think you'll get impeached, but you don't think will be removed from office. I think I actually don't even know if he'll get impeached, so I don't even know if it could get through the house, but there is a chance that get through the house I'll put that five thousand and fifty so we can get impeached through the house, but he needs you need twenty republican votes in the Senate to get him out of office and that's not happening right. That's just not happening. It's not possible, not good at this. What's that not not not I
argue- probably not for ninety nine point, nine percent of things- maybe there's some unforeseen scenario that I can think of at the moment. If, for some reason, flip on him? But he can almost Anything and get away with it what's fascinating is how Democrats are so they're so invested in the idea that his of him being removed that they're saying it is if it is a fact, well yeah it because there there's we have it's like narrative wars. You have the one side, they have their narrative about. How he's guilty on all these things and it's it. It's not even an open question anymore. You should be in peace, you should have been a peach a year ago and then there. The other side of it, which is just like at least coming from Trump himself I did nothing wrong nothing wrong at all. Ever everything is wonderful and is all fake news, and we constantly live in a state of like that. The war between the two realities and yeah and, what's amazing to me, is watching the media agree with the established I'm narrative when it's not,
like it's not gonna, come to fruition, if you're spending, all your time, talking about how he's going to get out of office is going to be impeached, that's just a pipe dream. Do you remember that what the what the the guy's name, the G Q guy, who had the base show the results. All remaining is the most insufferable dude on the planet, man so self. Righteous, so smug see that's the problem in the Trump era. Is that trump suits trucks bad and everybody knows it, but he's not pretending to be holier than now was a guy like Keith. Olbermann is tending to be holier than now any notes on this You know this smug Acton. He starts yelling at everybody and it's like you know, are you don't even want to be yelling right now, really in a little bit, man hope your brakes dog pump your brakes. You know you don't want to be doing this last broadcast. He was saying that he, my job, is done with work is done and that its days before Trump gets removed from office, and that was at least two years ago- right and that's the other thing- is that there's so much what was his last show?
Keith Olbermann. There was awhile ago. He was in a basement with like a cardboard backdrop, it's just like a fucking IKEA table and he had some notes and that's why Joe, I think that my show is growing is because you know it's so easy to be anti trump, but you have to be anti trump with intelligent reasons: and so my arguments against him are always policy based like there there, you go retired seventeen, it's almost exactly two years- They don't understand how much of a cell phone! This is and how this actually pushes people to the right, but whenever you say something's going to happen, that has not happened. I mean God dam with something as important as removing the president from office. But you gotta be right about that. There will be no day of reckoning on that and I promise you- and I know that because remember the whole Russia Gate thing. The first time I was on the podcast. I did a rant about the Russia Gate thing where I predicted they're not going to get inclusion. It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen right. I was
Yeah show me door was right, some others were rights. I swear to God today, proving proven right, there was no, in my opinion, you are the most reasonable of all political reporters You make the most out to me. I just have never watched one of your shows. Well, I like this guy is out of his fucking mind. I really appreciate you saying that through your normal person like in you call things the way you see them in your informed, an that is so rare men and even the fact that you're able to give props to Trump's ridiculous shit like say that it's funny, we all know what's funny yeah, but sometimes you're, not supposed to say it's funny, but the people with the sticks up their they're only hurting themselves when they don't admit that right. When no matter what it is they're like I'm so offended. He had some recently where we were laughing really hard. It was wasn't Jesse, Smole thing. It was something after that. It was something after that, by the way, I watched Alien covenant. The other day, I didn't know that Jesse it's he
in that they should help Bishop Elbit on that is so far yeah. I was amazed so funny. It is amazing that she has to live with that forever. When you get taken down by Dave, mother Fuckin' Chappelle this top three comedians of all time, dedicated ten minutes to you, and they're, trying to act like there's, moving now to try to act like he's he's only now by conservatives, but that's just not true with with, in Japan. There trying hilarious, but he's going to try to make that a thing. But it's just not it's just not true. It's nonsense. Well, this is the. Is the problem with woke culture. It's it's reductionist and it's delusional. It's just it's not real and they're, trying to or the trying to push. This narrative is, if they're ECHO chambers, whether it's their blogs or their twitter groups. When they have you know they have these big band groups. They banned people that haven't even in interacted with them and they were interacting with people in this bubble and they believe that this is how the world thinks. That's how you get,
something like that rotten tomatoes, review of Dave tells we get zero percent by five woke critics. Then they release it to the public, gets ninety nine percent. There you go, and it's also this spring back effect where people know you're with them, and then they go ok. Well, you guys are so the people that are saying the Dave, Chappelle Special is bad. They become the enemy and then so He becomes a hero and then, even if you didn't like it you're going say you loved it. Yeah and the other thing is they act like he's always been politically incorrect. Yes, look at it. Look at your pal show, which was you know. I was in high school. We all watch this culture and I thought it was like the most brilliant thing ever and the idea that he ever process some sort of a line. That's the The whole point is to cross the lines customer point of it perpetual line stepper since day. One that's why it's so funny would say gym or the Greenland thing
buy green says hilarious, put the trump to hotel in the middle yeah. I'm not going to do this come on man. I know it. First of all, the buying the Greenland thing is a great move. If global warming is real, if that becomes a part of the United States, then you can go up there. You don't have to worry yeah. Well, they say I think that they want rights not should not to green land, but also there's a movement in the arc break there. They want to do this agreement that is home later. It is pretty funny click on it, though Jamie, so you get back on but Joe. They will I do like oil drilling in the arctic rush it in that photo. You know, twitter is the only give you like three slash four of the picture: yeah they want to do oil, drilling down. But I ii I mean I just the the whole will go. Global warming is terrifying to me. The whole climate change things terrifying to me, but what's more terrifying, I think than anything that
a hilarious, because that is funny what's more terrifying than anything. Is that we so some people resisting it and because it's become politicized and it is some people are just buying whole hog into anything that gets sad, that supports climate change or support the concept of climate change and that we've, into this thing, where it's an ideologically based sort of subject. Okay, can I try to frame it in a way that I hope I can convince some conservatives watching this, because I would love to have the chance to do that so What I would say to them is: first of all there's a lot of issues that you care about, that this will impact. So there was a report that came out about a year ago, which found that basically large
lots of the Middle EAST will be uninhabitable at a certain point, because we just be too hot for human beings to live there, we'll be talking about that yesterday of saudi arabian summer, where a lot of people from Saudi River come over LA during the summer, because our summary it compared his heirs so and and that's the thing, is, you think, there's a refugee crisis, one comes to what's happening in in South America. You think there's a refugee crisis in Europe when it came to what happened in Syria and Iraq. You ain't seen nothing yet right, if you're somebody who fancies yourself against immigration, a hardliner on immigration or against helping refugees or whatever it might be. Just think about what happens when you multi Live what's happening now by a thousand okay, because that's what's going to happen at some point. It's just a matter of when, their point I would make to them. Is this people like to I make fun of the green new deal and and try to pick it apart. If we talk about green new deal and only define it as basically a new.
Deal so the new deal FDR, you know put that into places to try to try to fight back against the great depression. Try to get people employed, try to fix the country right and after your kept getting reelected, because FDR was beloved by the entire country. Because he was fighting for regular working people. That was his thing and that's when the republic, like geez. We really should have term limits 'cause. We can't beat this guy. What if, when we talk about the green new deal, we're highlighting the fact that, yes, we're going to move renewable new, green technology. Yes, it's gonna be a large part of what we're doing, but the whole point guys is millions and millions of jobs created for regular people. The whole point is to improve this country to fix this country, to try to make it Our infrastructure is better than the rest of the world. What if, instead of looking at this is like? Oh my god, this is going to be such a drain on the economy and, what's going to happen to the deficit, how 'bout you look at this like an economic opportunity because, what's going to happen in the future, Joe there's inevitable patents that are to be had for all these green and renewable tech technologies. We could
in the world on that front, or we could lag behind sure we can lead behind China. We can lag behind everybody else and be stuck in. You know what would effectively stone age, so we encourage this industry to flourish. Well, be subsidies like how do you? What do you do to get these industries to innovate in the the pump load of money to do it to green technology? It has to do with government contracts. It has to do with I mean, first and foremost before we even do the right thing. You have to stop doing the wrong thing, which is stop giving billion dollars a year every year as a subsidy to Exxon Mobil, and they have we say all they need is money, because it's for research and development? No, it's not there any you're gonna tell me they were the most profitable corporations on the planet. They could do their own research and development right, so stop subsidizing fossil fuels and then yes, what we needed, who is invest in a variety of things that show a little bit of promise. Some things won't work. Ok, some things will work and then we move forward from and so that's where you could get the hyperloop in this country. What? If all this stuff was built and brought about? Because we did
massive investment in a green new deal. Then everybody would talk about how it's a wonderful thing and how we're finally leading the world and in our rightful place. I find it hilarious that you guys, like Trump and guys, like Joe Biden by the way, love to say, like there's nothing, this country can't do. And then in the next sentence they going to tell you one thousand things that they think we can't do and that we shouldn't do we shouldn't even try what technologies have you heard if any the are being even proposed to mitigate global warming or climate change? Well, there anything there's the classic ones that I think are more effective than people give it credit for. Like solar is once that's affected the people- I don't know it gets its due, but then there's other things like thorium. Now, let me just say: I'm not I'm not talking about a thorium car 'cause. There was are those proposing. It was apparently is total bullsh if they could make a thorium car work. But with thorium thorium is the way it's been described to me is nuclear energy. Without the downside of like you it could melt down and destroy everything. That's the way it's been described to me, so a nuclear powered car, no, not a car we're talking about.
Or for the energy grid. Not why not a nuclear problem, well the thorium story everybody got pissed over was because they were trying to make it. Like. It was right around the corner. They had the plans and it just wasn't and those people were full of shit, but that doesn't mean is bad and totally the table. It just means that that specific car they were talking about was nonsense. Okay, but if you have thorium reactors, it's basically like meltdown proof nuclear facility, that's how it's been described. I'm an idiot. I have no idea how far off we are from actually developing that, but I do know that we need to invest in and other things that show potential. That's the only way to move forward and hit. The nuclear thing is very interesting right because a lot of the technology, that's a problem today. Look what happened in Fukushima is old nuclear technology. Well, pull technology, the can't really shut down, but they've mitigated a lot of those issues. Apparently, when you talk to people that are pro nuclear, when they talk about the future of nuclear power, the like look, the we have systems that
all this redundancy in place. You can shut them down. There are much safer than the things that they construct it essentially in the 70s in the 60s, I'm sceptical on that point, and I'm sketch because at every step of the way they told us that so with Fukushima before it happened, they said. Oh, don't worry. This is this day. Would never and here and then what happened was. Of course you add the earthquake. Have had the tsunami and they were like? Oh, we build the wall high enough yeah. That's like an end hearing one hundred and one mistake, and I'm going to tell you, have everything figured out on that front, so I'm a little skeptical when it comes nuclear. For obvious reasons, Chernobyl was a three mile fine, whatever is called, and then Fukushima, but I do think that does mean You know ban all nuclear today, but it does mean. I think there are better ways: moving over there cleaner, better, safer and solar is a big one, particularly in places like LOS Angeles
but with solar. You also need batteries in the battery technology, apparently is not as good as would need to be in place in order to power an entire city like LA, even though we have sun almost every day of the year You know like bright sun, very few clouds almost every day, it's so nice, it's very nice larger right. I know when I come over here like I know I'm like because now in New York, it's you know you're finally got old, cold miserable in there on Thursday I'm excited dude when you notice, there's two when you've been there before. But it's you don't even realize it's impacting your mood until you come here in October November December January, when I lived here when I first lived here when I first moved here in New York, yeah me and my friend Gary were like with this. This is crazy. Look outside smoking, so sunny it's fuckin', Janu, So I don't think I have seasonal depression, but I definitely have a worse mood. In the winter, yes in the late fall, yeah, yeah, it's
That is seasonal depression. That's less depressed than you could be right, like definitely not rise up as you would be. If it was nice, Did you get the song just give you energy, you do stuff, you stuff, you be productive. You also get spoiled. It's like the equivalent of being a weather, a trust fund. Baby, that's a great point yeah. That's a great point. You always have money, so you don't worry about money. Well, if you were grew up poor and you felt the sting of poverty, and you didn't know where your next meal was coming from. When you had to work really hard, then when you some money you feel great, but if you It said money, your sport, you don't realize it's something you always lived in LAN, never traveled they're, just like this is just what it is they don't. They don't appreciate it, they don't appreciate it, appreciate it and there's softly, don't understand what weather is they understand, they don't have a relationship with nature, and I think when a snowstorm comes, you have a relationship with nature and also there's more of a community bond with the people around you, because you're all
together I mean you really have to rely on people that are very true car, get stuck on the side of the road going to help each other like it's different. It's a different feel even place like New York City, there's, a bond that happens when everyone's collectively dealing with some particularly some nature. She yeah? I've heard you say that you think you know. My northeastern people are are harder, they're hard to people yeah yeah, but it's also they're they're, the children of more direct and recent immigrants and the atmosphere those immigrants are created right, like my parents, were second gen right. My grandparents were first generation. They came over from ITALY that I do and my grandma my mom side Italian. So all those people they came over. They were fucking savages. Basically, they hopped on a boat. They barely didn't even have a video look at this function. People know they can't youtube it or Google. It just took a crazy chance and hop in the boat and coming over here from Europe right there on the shores and they live in these immigrant communities. You know they're all walk. Down the street to buy bread from this guy and sauce from that guy in they're all they're all eating italian
food because they're all italian they're living in these italian neighborhoods and you know, and everybody's like fucking struggling hardcore, and they have this ha. Task data to the kind of people that would be willing to take a boat ride across the country. One of these you realize, when you go to ITALY versus ITALY, Bert versus Italians, in America, Italians in ITALY, are more relaxed. Well, it's all in your shell from what I've heard. 'cause I've. Actually I've been to Canada. And I've been to USA territory. Puerto Rico, I've never been to Europe. Yet ok, I've heard it's like. There is a totally different culture, in the middle of the day, they'll just drop everything they're doing and everybody goes and eats and takes a nap and relax a little bit to ITALY is so relaxing sensational out and it doesn't the weather- never sucks. I like the idea of that, but if you actually in that environment, I'm so used to going going going going going all the time that I might actually be like this is cool, weird and crazy yeah you go crazy, which is weird because I
I love the idea, like I think, for example, Dus is like the only developed country in the world that doesn't have paid vacation time by law like in other countries. You might get like a month off in August or whatever, and you do everyone in your page here. We don't have that. I def support an idea like that, but I do here how I'd react to that. Like big chunk of the middle of the day missing you don't work here in the middle of the day. I do wonder how I'd react to, I think a four day work week is probably good idea, though I like that idea is a great idea. Three days off four days on is the right move. Sorry, if you're listening, I hope, Bernie's listening he's listening to four day work week recently he's taking a nap right now, myself. Ok, we have we have to say, though- and this is incredible right before I came in here- I looked and on there's a new poll that came out in New Hampshire, CNN poll he's now leading in New Hampshire, Joe Busy, but that's 'cause he's from Vermont. But he was down before I am, is leading now and further, more and Emerson Paul came out. He went up five points. Post heart attack, five point: zero: post postpartum. No,
Now, I'm telling you man, You know how you always say about adversity, like all. If you overcome adversity, he's like the prime example that there were, because I know people in his campaign, and they were telling me that literally the day of by the the he was like. Okay, I'm feeling much better. Let's go that sounds like wishful thinking. I mean that's what they were telling me what's happening. I love you you're. A great guy sounds like wishful thinking, Bernie, and I had him in here and I really enjoy talking to him and thanks to you 'cause, you set that up. But when you have a fucking heart attack, your body is telling you something you bought is telling you hey man, you fucking need to stop redline this engine they're, making his way back some of it's a little bit and Israel that in a solid fifteen percent, I need to get him on steroids. Get him on the magic jack. Did the Jews get him on the ship trumps on steroids and
form of amphetamine he's already doing emails rallies a day would be hilarious, vitamin drips all day long. They should give him a vitamin drip in the morning of vitamin drip in the afternoon. Just change That would be something I don't know what he's eating, but it doesn't look he's eating the right stuff and I think there now he's on a very regimented thing. Expression is not for nothing but work. Did you see the debate right after the heart attack, as he looks so much better? He did it's crazy. It's like knock something loose, that's right I didn't know I was being held back Joe. I had a ball moderate yeah. He really did have a ball. Already got a stent put in it, but that's so amazing. Is that he's and killer MIKE? He also on the podcasts. I absolutely love. He said it best he said. This is the only candidate in my lifetime, who's taking doctor, Martin Luther King Junior's philosophy and trying to run it across the finish line yeah. My gloves- and I love MIKE I mean, I think, the whole thing about him that that worries people's just his health and his age and
and then there's people that want to label him as a wacky socialist, but when he explains his positions outside of that whole debate, environment, where you only have thirty seconds to scream right, assistant and there's a difference, show between and social democracy and social Chris is Scandinavia. That's all it is so it's saying: hey we're not totally scrapping capitalism, we're not going to have everything government run. All we're saying is: let's catch up to the rest of the developed world. When it comes to single payer healthcare, everybody gets health care. Everybody gets college, we're going to Bali student loan debt we're going to have fair wages for everybody, so nobody's working full time and living Poverty, and when you explain this, like you just said when you explain this everybody there like, I can't believe I thought I ever dislike this guy.
Was all those things are as reasonable as you can chat, and if you're gonna have a community which is essentially what a country is right, we're community we're going to take care of each other, what's the best way to take care of each other. Well, let's support each other so that if something comes up some sort of a catastrophic health crisis, you're covered, we cover you, we love you. We are a community if you have a heart attack. If you've got to this, you got to that. You need to legs next whatever the bucket is you're covered for that ok. Well, maybe we shouldn't cripple you with debt when you're seventeen years old and you don't understand what the fuck you're doing and we get you involved in this ridiculous TIM where you can never get out of it. Even if you go bankrupt, you still owe that money forever we're at a point right now in this country, where people who of social security there on social security to getting money from there social security taken out, because the student loans, if that's not the most testing for it in gross feeling in the world disgusting yeah, it's crazy and it we. We have some weird creepy coal
polish I mean. There's some creepy like agreement that they have these financial institutions and these educational institutions where they've essentially financially. Imprisoning young kids, an early age and people said well, should make that decision shouldn't make the decision and put yourself in debt like that. Okay, that's great, but this is that's a very unscientific specter, because you're talking about someone's brain isn't even fully formed right, yeah, frontal, lobe a fucking real human until your twenty five years old. So let me I want to address because Can some people are going to hear what I just said about you know it had Medicare for all single payer, healthcare and they're gonna, say yeah, but how we gonna pay for it, because that's the common it's one that she will bring up now. Let me address that because that's a really important question and usually when you actually substantively addressing people, go ok. That makes a lot more sense. How are they going to pay so very simply
the way the system works right now it costs more than if we had Medicare for all. Why is because we have an unnecessary for profit middleman that essentially acts like a mafia. So what we're saying is I'm going to remove that mafia from around your neck and you're gonna? Think it's basically, what is that Mafi referring to a mafia, the for profit health insurance company, so they have to they? Have to take their cut as the middle man between you and your doctor? Okay, if we just remove that, have the government no profit margin, be the single in sure. That's what a single payer means there, the single insurer, then we actually end up saving five trillion dollars over the course of ten years, not Kyle Kulinski talking, that's a detailed study from University of Massachusetts. Amherst now talking, that's a liberal, fuckin' So what do you do when you have all these insurance companies like what happens? Those insurance companies close. All those jobs would happens all that money, the insurance companies go away way. I mean they go essences go under, so you killed
If I, if I say: you're not allowed cut your lawn okay in less slots I want to charge you one hundred dollars say no Joe, I'm I'm going to be who pays the person who cut your lawn? You have to me two hundred dollars. Okay, so if somebody long and said no whoa, hey man, and I were going to get rid of you and Joe. You want to cut your lawn, give that one hundred dollars in your all set. Wouldn't you say well that makes sense van guy. It's he can kiss off 'cause that's the way I look at it. The reality is when people argue for choice in health insurance, look at it like this would you say: hey man, don't take away my choice when it comes to picking my firefighter. People? What do you mean? No, the way it works is there's a fire and you get help end of discussion. They will come you don't say well well, well, I want to pick my fire department. Well, this is same thing with health care. The idea you're going to be able to pick your doctor. That's perfectly fine, but the idea of you'll have your choice between insurance companies. That's like saying pick which,
you want the irish Mafia review, offer the italian mafia pick the rip off for the jewish mafia, ripping you off go ahead, I'm giving you choice right right in some areas, the the idea of choice is fundamentally absurd. It's like saying well, let's, let's shut off the road system instead of being public, let's have a price, Lee run and you can turn make a left on that road- make a left on that road to make a right on that road. Don't take away my choice of wrote, I want For that one of know, it's all there. It's all free at the point of service and the whole idea of having a public utility there's the whole idea of having something that's off the table. Ally, society, society and again what the study show. Is it actually gives money, so the real question people should be asking is: how can we afford to keep the system that we have right now, because we pay more than rest of the developed world and we have thirty to forty five thousand Americans that died every year, because they don't have access to basic health care and we have five hundred thousand people who go bankrupt as a result of medical bill So what you're saying is that they would it would abolish.
Let's companies essentially so there is, the caveat to that and that caveat is what's called supplemental health and So what that means is okay, if there's something that Joe Rogan likes. That's a medical procedure that isn't scientifically proven yet, but it's still something that you like. There would be health insurance companies that sell you supplemental insurance, which means on top of everything that you already have through Medicare for also if you were giving like stem cell therapy or something like that- well, steps in ideal Medicare for all system and Bernie believe me has gone so far. Above and beyond any criticism I mean his thing- is airtight. It gives dental. It gives vision against everything. I would be surprised if, under the Medicare for all bill, the stem cells thing is covered, but let's say something like homeopathy, which is like the worship Horsh it, horsh it by covered by insurance. No Medicare for all would not cover that, because it's so speculative and trying to horseshoe it insurance, private or sit insurance or or or plastic surgery. Things of that nature, but that's an important point, because we only have private surgery or private insurance for for plastic. No, no I'm saying it would be
theoretically legal for it under Medicare for all system because its supplement. So how could you have insurance for plastic surgery? Like you know, I decided my ears are too big so maybe the market. Maybe the market wouldn't be there, but it would be legally possible is the point, so it doesn't fully banned private insurance plan. It bands, what's called duplicative care, so you can't say I'm an insurance company I'm going to come in and offer you something that's already covered in full by the single payer, System and the reason why that's there is we what you get ripped off by some charlatan passing you said, but but it was essentially got the health insurance industry. It would make it so that you no longer have health insurer. Company. Ceo is making 10s of millions of dollars off the backs of people while people die because they can't get health insurance. Yes, it would and that's a good thing. That's a positive thing. It's a good thing for us, but as a sale like to sell that well well, the thing is there's we have this issue where, where we have like a status quo, bias where people think like well because it
how it works right now. Therefore, the idea addressing it and changing? It seems like so overwhelming that we just kind of default to how we have it now, but the it is. We know, as a matter of fact, that the way we do it now is the most batshit crazy way. You could possibly do it because they research this stuff all the time they study this stuff, all the time and every single time they look at it. The US comes dead last in the developed world. Health care. So we finish, there is a recent study from the Commonwealth fund. They found that they eleven different countries, the US is 11th out of eleven when it comes to healthcare, so every a country that does the single payer system, which we were talking about and there's different versions of it. There's multi pair their single payer. There's private funding of out of this unit is putting. Owning a private insurance, public funding of public insurance. The bottom line is any other way you do. It is better the way we do it right now. Okay- and just to be clear, Some people say: well what about Obama CARE was Obamacare Obamacare Obama, Originally, a heritage foundation plan, which is a right wing, think tank. So that was basically
Mitt, Romney's health care bill, Newt, Gingrich's, healthcare bill and whole idea was that of that was we're going to force people to buy private insurance and that's why I don't like that idea at all. I dislike that mass I've been very critical of Obamacare. I think there's a good case to make that it was a step the right direction, because anything was better than the system that we had at the time. But I would say that just a little step on the path to what we should which is a medicare for all system where healthcare is a right and a privilege we catch up to the rest of the developed world then we should go above and beyond the rest of the world. 'cause like in Canada. I don't think they have dental covered by it. They don't but Bernie's bill does provide dental. So You know, I think that this is one of those issues where once fully explain to people it's kind of a no brainer and you can people to realize. You know the system is totally screwing you right now and we can fix it. Do you think he has a chance, Bernie Sanders. It will. Let me ask you, Sir, absolutely I do now. Let me ask you this: who of the Democrats do, you foresee really beating being Trump
no beating burning in a primary mmhm, well, good question right: it's a very good question. He's got a lot of support for sure, but Lizabeth warrants you step on sport right now, too. Okay, such rants rattles with more yeah I would say it will Joe Biden's five he's too old, but turn the wrong way like he did his communication skills of eroded. He he flubbed his words. He looks exhausted. He looks like he's just waiting for them to shut the door, so I can take a big deep breath of the sink. With the couch. You know what I'm saying. Oh, I know exactly what you're saying and I feel sometimes I feel bad because it appears like he genuinely has cognitive decline, so he does so. I don't like to make fun of it, but then He goes out there in the debate and he starts like angrily, rant he says you know we gotta play the record player. Tonight make sure the kids hear words like that made less than no sense.
And what do you do when you got to wrapping up? Did you know that his people are? Actually they have a plan? It's like a limited exposure, limited visibility campaign where Joe, they are literally like hiding him from the public as much as possible. Well, they do they have to, as is still close to the lead right, oh in some, so still leading that is less but see, here's. The thing in this is what I was going to get you in relation to Bernie. I call the support for Biden default support so defaults, It is people who don't necessarily follow politics that closely, but they might be a registered Democrat and there as who do you twenty one which I don't know who's running all by nine, oh by use of v, p of of Obama. Sure yeah Biden, why not that's the kind of support? I think Joe Biden has where that is very, very likely to kinda dwindle away and we're seeing it right now, because when you look at a fund, raising numbers Bernie is breaking all records when it comes to individual donations, even out raising trump and trunks, a beast on the campaign trail, nothing to mess around on the campaign, but he's even out using Trump when it comes to individual donations. His
game is airtight, he's got people everywhere, making phone calls knocking on doors getting involved, and so he has base endless well of small individual donor support and an army of people on the ground, whereas Joe Biden is doing so bad that he went back on his pledge like oh, I won't take super money now he's saying. Well, if somebody were to make a super PAC, that would help me out. What do you want me to tell you, because he nine million dollars in the last quarter, Bernie Race, thirty. Enjolras knives, so Bernie happy. Look at. I love talking about politics in explaining everything but you're, so Bernie happy. Well, because Joe he's he's an amazing candidate who is just trying to get the USA, have social democracy and he's a guy who I know 'cause his record shows it he's going to fight for all of us. Even if you don't agree with him, and even if you dislike him, I understand that you might be somebody who's right, leaning he's too far left for you, but what everybody has to say, and they know it's true- is he
incredibly honest, he's actually gonna fight for you every step of the way. Yes, no, I I think you're right, I'm Anna and talking to me as a very sincere guy and I think, a lot of his policies. I agree with. I really really agree with this whole there, the exoneration of student loan debt, that that to me is a giant factor in a lot of poor decision making that a lot of young people make because they're, because they have this massive debt hanging over their head. It's a huge source of stress and I think it's a rig system. I think it's dirty. It's a dirty system, yeah! The Medicare for all, I think, is a wonderful idea. As long as you can seek, you know very talented, orthopedic surgeons, if you got but we figured something fixed and you always pick your doctor. You know 'cause you gotta, there's
Sir Incentive right that I I think that certain doctors have towards excellence right and a lot of incentives, financial and there are the the doctors that are the very best in certain particular fields. They want to charge more money for their services and I think that that should be. Okay. That's this one of the things that helps make people more into Z, asked take about excellence, its its financial reward. It's a part of human nature, no, absolutely! And that's what one of the things that people despise about: the concept of socialism, Is that it's going to somehow or another by you know, making for the no one makes any more money than anybody else which is like the most extreme. Well, that's like authoritarian communism. Yes, yes, yes, but that's something! I don't agree with that at all on either and people who I talked to, who are my friends on the left They don't agree with that at all and one of the things that we most annoyed with his. When there's like a conflation, people will look, Former Soviet Union people will
Venezuela. People will look at Cuba and they'll go hey. Well, there's that's what you want and that's what they say to us an whenever we respond. No man we're talking about social democracy, we're talking about what they have in Scandinavia, there's, usually no substantive rebuttal to that other than to say and what's funny Joe is they will take credit for those systems in some ways, so it depends. If you talk Ben Shapiro. On one day he might say no, no Joe those systems are so good because they're capitalist to an extent if I far back at Ben and I go okay Benton, let's implement that style. Capitalism, they'll switch say no, no they're socialist. We can't do that. What is it? We have a giant problem in this country with soul, right laughs, it you know in this I was trying to say earlier when we're talking about the the concept of classical liberals, because the idea behind it, I just think that to have groups of people that think in certain ways the problem with ideologies, whether it's left, leaning or right leaning is it makes you automatically predisposed to ignore or
to refute the concepts that are on the other side and fully agree, and so many of us share these ideas across the board. An when one group is committed to one concept like one of the things that you do see this about climate change. People on the right are more inclined to deny the negative effects of climate change because it's part of the right wing, the right wing ideology. This is something that we see today. We need to get so you're right, but also, I would just advise people don't get too lost in the noise, because we can think that that's something it's overwhelming and we can't defeat it, and we could also think that you know example the whole russiagate thing on the democratic side, that was that became such a fundamentalist religion and you couldn't deviate from the line as exciting. That's true, we know they wanted it to be true and people would believe it and argue for it, even though the things weren't adding up- and I was trying to point out where it's wrong- but what I would say
at the end of the day, people should actually be relatively happy about the fact that I think the most strongest strongest in the country is not right. Just left the strongest dividing the country. I've called it populist versus elitist yeah, so you have a leader, in the Democratic Party, you have a lead us in the Republican Party, and you have the people and the people are we're sworn agreement than people give us credit. For you know I I agree. I have a thing that I go down and I did this in some of my that's a political on as well, but people would be surprised men Eighty percent of the country wants to raise the minimum wage. Fifty eight percent of the country wants to have free college. Like I said, only sixteen percent or so of the american people want to be involved in Iraq and I understand in these terrible farm wars sixty two percent of the he wants to legalize marijuana, I could see here in off issue after issue. It's over. Eighty percent of the american people, wanna get the money out of the political system and this clean a finger option. Do you think that this country has room for other parties were so ingrained in this idea of left versus right, Democrat versus Republican,
to the choices that we've always had with the occasional independent occasional. You know Ross Perot jumps into the race and throws a monkey wrench into everything, but other than that, maybe even at an amount to mine, extend Gary Johnson, but do you think there's room for other parties at this juncture, such a great question and what I would say is first, let me get my personal take my personal take is I one hundred percent want that to be the case, because I prefer in many ways aspects of a parliamentary system to our system, and I, like the I we have having multiple parties. I like the idea of having more choice, so I want that to be true- and I was one of the co founders of justice Democrats. When we launched it, we had to have those difficult conversation about. How exactly do we go about trying to get these ideas implemented and basically. We came to the conclusion that as much as we want it to be true as much as we'd like to start a third party and have it work and take off. There is such a gigantic systemic bias against that happening, that you really do have
ultimately the choice of republican or Democrat. So then the idea becomes okay, it's a for movement now we have to try to reform the Democratic Party and there people on the right, you can try to reform the Republican Party like if you're somebody on the right- and you agree more with RON, Paul and you're more libertarian. You want to end the wars you want to legalize drugs. I hope those people take over the Republican Party and you have people who are against like Corporate welfare and whatnot in that party, so what we really need to do is because it's just the nature of our system, because there's such a bias against their parties we really need to do is harness all that energy to fix things and just try to take over the existing infrastructure because I'm not going to build a counter infrastructure, because there's so much name recognition. It's like saying, there's democrat and there's republican yeah. Technically we could start Rc Cola and see if we could get a significant market share, we're not gonna do it. You know how to do it somehow work so read and again, I don't want this to be the answer, but just factually speaking it is the answer that we have to try to overtake. You know the the corrupt. It's within the system and and
route change that way. 'cause! That's the only way. I think it will really work well. The only way it's going to really work is if what you were talking about with voting on very specific issues, because if you most of the things that are problems are not benefiting people their benefit, the people that are in positions of power and positions where they can infer since the way policy is dictated because they've contributed to campaigns and because they've got this sort of revolving door thing going on with universities where mathematics, professor is an economic professor is sort of dictate, I'll see who or advise, and then they get jobs in banks and then you've got this whole weird thing going on with people in the government right, that's right! This is
when I was exposed and what was that the the inside job inside job with your fantastic documented for people to understand the collapse. But you it's not benefiting us all these things that happened in all this corruption that takes place in all this influence. Doesn't it never benefits us? It's only jacket right, but that's what's weird about it and if we I got a chance to vote on most of these ideas. Instead of voting on politicians and the politicians implement these ideas to benefit themselves and benefit the special interest groups that got him into place, then things would be much better Okay, you have no idea how happy I am that you just said that, because Jamie it's official I told Joe Rogan on my idea. That's a great idea, my direct democracy law. It's a great idea right off right off the bat I loved it 'cause. I trust, I have no problem saying that some people will come after me for it I don't care, but I trust, if somebody's watching this
in their right, leaning and they had their opinions and whatnot. I actually trust that person more on the issues. Then I trust, Chuck, Schumer, Nancy, Poulos E and I'm somebody I'm on the left right And I do not agree with these nominally on the left- politicians, these democratic politicians, because I their own and I think, they're corrupt and I don't think, they're looking out for our best interests, but I think that somebody who dis he's with me ideologically, who might be watching this right now they have common sense and they're not bought right does opal right, that's the big things are bought. So much more agreement than we think, and so, if you actually give people that option where you say no, no you're going to directly vote on this, then think we're gonna see. Honestly, I think, over eighty percent of the time, the more reasonable position will win every now and then you'll get one the for whatever reason there might be misinformation or whatever, and it's our well being and then they'll lose, but right getting it right, Some of the time is a hell of a lot better than what we have right now, which is amazing, Joe because Congress routinely poles around twenty percent favorability. This is a body that we like. We could just elect them.
You pull a month later, hey. What do you think of Congress ever it is? I got him they're terrible. How can that be? It's because we all know well we're voting for the lesser of two evils. Every time we go to the polls yeah direct democracy, Every presidential election take the three biggest issues we all vote on it. Along with you, we finally right. Well, that's arbitrary. We could say five whatever might be, but I think that it's good between three hundred and five, I think, makes the most because you wanted something where everybody will pay attention to it. We can talk about it. A lot I mean that seems like a very realistic sense system of reforms, but I'm saying I'm looking at your side, it's a bad think. It's a good idea. I mean I think that would really nip the but lot of corruption goes right around it. Yeah because right now. I also think that, at the same time, you do have to try to do get a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics so that we kind of get to the root of the corruption right. But I also think that this to direct democracy idea is a great idea, because you do get to goal right around the corruption and you could actually kind of circumvent
the problems that are brought about as a result of it? What a difficult task that is, though, to get the money out of politics, because it's so big, it's such a giant part of how all the shake it's done an once. A system gets entangled in like deeply rooted that's right, but the system of it is actually kind of new. It has a really fascinating back story as to how this came about. So there were a series, court decisions. There's one in the late 1970s was that Buckley which is Vallejo, or was that Belotti there were like three or four court decisions over the years, starting in the late 1970s that kind of cold. Made with citizens united in in the modern era and action in the modern era, and what people do is they wrongly think, like citizens, United, I'm a caution where the the biggest problem, but no, they actually shot a dead horse because the previous court cases set the precedent of money equaling speech. This is the legal theory that now operating around the country. Is that money equals speech? So if you want to, if you're an outside group,
when you want to spend on an election, hey manage free speech if you're a billionaire and you want to dump fifty million dollars into an election to say, keep my taxes as low as possible. That's free speech! You have! right to do that? So that's the legal theory we now operate under that has basically legalized bribery. You can't like give money, at to a politician and say I want you to do x because that's called a quid pro quo. Direct bribery, but all you have who is Anna, a little bit of nuance and don't say it directly and have it implied and you're good. So this is the Ukraine thing with Trump. This is essentially exactly what you're talking that is kind of like the Ukraine thing, except with Trump, was just trying to get dirt on his far on his opponent in the election, but you know pro crow aspect of it: yeah it's always been. A weaselly weather is Trump saying it or whether it's under politician saying it when they act like hey. There was no quid pro quo We all know why Exxon Mobil gives millions of dollars Lara
just million dollars is because they want that four billion dollar subsea everybody knows that doesn't have to be yeah. Really, yes, we're not idiots. Everybody gets that, and so that's, like the Weasley last resort, to say no quid pro quo right, please get out here so anyway, but there's no argument. Really bus up this idea that money equals speech that I absolutely love and it's okay, money equals speech. Then murder for hire would have to be legal. 'cause, I'm not saying I'm not giving you money to murder somebody, I'm just using my speech to say I don't have a problem with murder. You're allowed to do that. You should be able to get any kind of drug you want. You should be able to any kind of prostitute, want and the dodge will always be I'm not paying for services. No 'cause money equals speech, I'm just saying I'm just saying murders. Okay, I'm just saying you know I want wanna hold or whatever it might be. You know what I mean so, but this is the logic of that ruling actually applied. I see right yeah, oh money, equal, speech. Ok, does it equal speech in these ways? Oh, it doesn't
only because when it comes to politics, that's interesting, do you have aspirations of running for office someday? I don't really really is a weird word. Well, okay, all xbox me with means, I've learned to never say never, okay, I'm not vicious. You can be wrong. So be one. Forty two years old, I get the urge. I say you know what I want to run for office right now. You're you enjoy talking about it quite a bit in your. How old are you? I am thirty one, that's very young to be as immersed in politics as you are, and it's for as long as you've been yes, how long have you been doing this two thousand and twelve? I started doing it. I think late, two thousand and twelve full time, yeah, that's seven fucking years, man yeah time old, young guy. Yes, That's an interesting way of putting it yeah yeah, but I mean love this aspect of it, Joe here's the thing in my heart of hearts, more like Europe yeah, I'm more like I like hanging out with guys like you and fucking around and joking around, and I don't like like if I were to ever officially jump into politics.
I know what it's like man, I know the first thing they do is 'cause they've already done it to me. Oh dig up his old tweets, see what he was saying uh. He said that thing that thing is wrong and then it's alright, this whole circus. I don't have the patience for that. I don't give a phone. They come after me up like shut the up, I don't care it's all who gives a so you know it's it's just it's a whole other. There's a whole other ballgame and being an outsider and being able to call a spade. I got news for you. They don't system does not like people like me, the system does not like people like Bernie. They don't like people like tulsi. They don't like these kinds of people. They don't like people like Trump, either: Well, exactly and again, this gets back to the hold. Listverse is elitist thing. I think Trump was probably the most effective. What I would call a fake populace of all time is that he was giving this image of a populist this image that he's gonna fight for the war King man and then, as we already described earlier, but you know the status quo,
kind of continue chugging, along as it is, look at his tax bill for most of stablishment pro establishment bill of all time. So he's an amazing populist, but I would say it's a fake populace because his policies differ from that, but you're right they don't like people who have no filter. They don't like people who really like. I actually think your average American would be set it running the government than any of these schmucks. Who are there right now who are massively wealthy and massively corrupt, as long as they didn't also become corrupt yeah, but invent, and that's the important point about why you need systemic reform. Is that any? a person can become a part of the problem because the system will beat you down, and that's just the nature of the way works, but no, I don't want to run for office. Please! I'm I just I'm doing you enjoy just commenting on it and also you enjoy doing it on your own time. You do it whenever you want to my own schedules? Don't get me wrong, I mean I I pump stuff out. Yes, like crazy, you do, but you also don't have an overlord, no boss. I can't I can't have a ball
I don't have that personality that meshes with it yeah I just don't, and I'm you know it's like trying to tame as zebra. You can't do it. You can take a horse. You can't seem to zero, it's a good point yeah. So can't tame zebra, I I don't want to do it. I know that some people want me to do it, but it's not. I don't like the idea. That Well, I always enjoy talking to men, and we should probably do these more often because I learned a lot of from you too. Thank you, said, did fills in the blanks and I'd like I said. I think you the most reasonable guy. That's doing this terms of like doing political commentary on you to on the internet? I really appreciate that. That means a lot coming from you. Let's do more often my french german all right to force me on a plane. That's it for this, you on a plane. Thank you. Thank you very much thanks. Well tell everybody how to get a hold of your your instagram and I don't have an instagram. I have a twitter, unlike troubling twitter, at Kyle, Clint, Ski on twitter and its secular talk on you tube, okay, yeah. Thank you everyone for two hundred. This show and thank you too
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