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2019-10-30 | 🔗
Justin Wren is an American MMA fighter. Justin is currently fighting in the Heavyweight division of Bellator to help raise more awareness for helping the Pygmy people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Donate to Fight For The Forgotten at
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incredible people. I've ever met my life, one of the most selfless people I've ever met in my life. He is a top contender Bella towards Heavyweight division and probably importantly, he's the founder of fight for the forgotten, he is building wells for the pygmies and if you ever heard any of our cash app ads, he is the man responsible. For that whole thing. He is the founder of fight for the forgotten, and he is my friend Justin Wren. The Joe Rogan experience hello what's going on, but he got a book in front. I just got a couple notes organize: you are with your tabs. Yes, never at times my wife yeah. This is actually from James Clear. Have you heard of him atomic habits, New York Times, bestselling author? I don't plan on him at all, but the
Notebook is yeah. Oh, so you bought one of his notebooks yeah. It goes along with his New York Times. Bestselling book called clear where you put down your daily habits, and you just kind of can check him off will do what's your deal with your daily habits routine, where wake up in format as the peloton, so for, like thirty minutes right in the morning right when I get out of bed right when you all right when get better. Do fifteen minutes of breathing just breathing yeah. But I do like five minutes I didn't install fundamental there. You go yeah drift like I kind of drift away for that kind of money without breathing you doing so, kind of focused where I breathe in six eight seconds and kind of count in breath and count the hold and then count the so it's a meditation and you do that for fifteen minutes two minutes, three short ones back to back to back there through headspace, I'm actually just got a new phone. I don't have the new headspace downloaded, but I have three
I'm breathing techniques that are really three to five minutes each. So sometimes it's only like nine minutes, and what do you get out of that uh? For me, I think I'm just going to setting the tone for the mmhm, just kind of clearing my mind set first thing: I I you see bad about this first thing. Waking up, I grab my phone, everybody does that and then it would be emails. Taxman, messages, notifications, yeah and then you're starting your day, reactive, instead of pro saying Justin Ray thinking yeah. We can do that. I get on the all time right after that, I try to drink a liter of water. Now, you got me on this layered superfoods and grow. My generation get going with us good yeah, his his coffee, particularly his to America. I yes, this is my first time in that room. It's always out so good for you, yeah its first to Merrick is amazing for you, fight off information and the right this with coffee as well. So
I'm gonna taste so good! So have you had the hydrate, not the coffee, but the hydrate. Is that another one of those products that have not tried that? Oh my gosh, so it should write it for you. We I mean california- and we had this set up, but a buddy of mine walked across America for fight for the forgotten he heard us on the show. You know him. I didn't know before the show. So he said I'm going walk across the entire country for the pygmies right, wow yeah. Which was wild. He had already done something you the year before, for the paradise fires he's a professional drummer. As she got to meet him. The right one, yep he's on the cowboy hat the steps he's the second guy that I know that walked across America this year. Mike Posner is the other one we weren't talking about coming on MIKE and I've been going back and forth. He got bit by fucking Jeremy has some wild stories. He actually just started this adventure coffee brand. His his his drum companies called beats from or like names from the drum core, and then he had
for and so last read it for the paradise fires this year. Did it for fight for the forgotten? I can't believe how many people I know that have coffee companies, yeah Brown Immortal, coffee, layered, Hamilton, coffee, take Fletcher and Keith Jardine Caveman Coffee. Rifle coffee, all those guys, love the black rifle coffee, guys their stuff is there. She will shops through black rifle yeah Is he just got a you know? We just team loaded up. Actually, the documentary team that I know Jennifer you, because they do a lot of your net- yes special, they do almost all of them. Yeah and they've done everything since they're they're, the best they've done everything thing, since two thousand nine everything that I've done positive image of a boy, Anthony Giordano who this director of the UFC he's the best yeah he's awesome. I've gotten him a time or two and Brady of it's been a lot of time with yeah vice president and he's come you gonna with me. He's going to Vegas and Colorado and
text Liz and how are you physically 'cause? You were saying that you had some crazy parasite. Yes, I have a lot of stuff, that's still being tested, so that's actually. Well. First reason: I came I'll share bit of my last week, for you went up to reading my first time up to Northern California is beautiful, gorgeous gorgeous the river right there. So green, yes, absolutely. I didn't even know that now and all the fly fishing going out there yeah I've, never gotten hanger fly fishing, but I love it looks like it's so yeah, it's not hard. You could get it in a couple minutes: you're, smart therapeutic yeah. I mean you're an athlete. You'd figure it out quick Jeremy literally walked from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to reading the sundial bridge is three thousand one hundred miles. Does he know about flights? I think his own, I Tyler to five hours. His stories actually really unique. You you'd like it. He grew up with a a walls he was put in like special education classes, because he-
threats really really bad trends. So we had these ticks. The word slap his foot will cause is that I have no idea, but he had these ticks in the stutter all through this walking through drumming, he thinks he sort to rewire the neural pathways in his brain because he was a walk. The walk in the drum So let's get down and reloaded the walk right. Just did it in, but he finished the walk and he said He was playing stadiums drumming right, like that's the that's the pinnacle of being a profession Drummer Schorling playing stadiums with tens of thousands of people, so he's back there drumming minutes before his first time, he's ever come out and run that way. Well, he's and instead of him being in the moment, thinking about while I'm at the pinnacle of my sport or in a but of my art, he's literally thinking about how he wishes. There would be a day that he could grab the microphone and just state one clear sentence where there wasn't a stutter, so he's literally back there he's arrived, or at least what a lot of people say is his rival
First stadium, tour, and then all of a sudden he's thinking about just having a clear sentence in a conversation with people something that I just read recently. About a new treatment for Tourette's Jeremy would tell you that it was drumming that really helped him because he went. He went from to up to Seattle using the grunge scene and I think his name is Steve Smith or Sean Smith, maybe Steve Smith, that star Did the Seattle Drum School, music, they're, really prestigious school? They would send kids off to like Berklee school of music and then they would graduate from Berkeley. They come back and hire him as there doctors, well, Steve Smith, saw Jeremy and said hey. I want you to be an instructor at my school and chairman kind of laughed. It can't read music. I didn't graduate high school. How would I ever be a drum teacher? at the Seattle Drum School in music he's like well known I'll coach you for two years and then you'll be a drum teacher
the whole two years later, he's literally drum teacher there for ten full years. A person has that much commitment to somebody that this, our coach you for two years before I give you a job yeah. Well right now it came as mentor. That's pretty sure love it on, so he was able to start having conversations. They needed the pair fires fundraiser. Then you walked all the way across America fell off a forty foot, cliff Gasser, by coyotes out there is in Oklahoma, and he came through offices, and then he ended up in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma in the Panhandle and these cops came by and hey, who are you, did he set up his tent and now percent of people that do this walk. They fail within the first four hundred miles he has a long way to one? Oh yeah, will you still got three thousand people that do complete it can like MIKE right. They have an assistance vehicle hallway where they're sleeping they're they're being fed. Were there there if they have some comforts, and he did not. He just back back this
You say my supposed knowing about my stuff when I heard that I heard that I just said my God: Jeremy vehicle heating assistance, vehicle right, I guess he needed it. When you get bit, Jeremy, didn't he fell off that cliff? He was he mountain lion that I guess per whatever Smith, it said, his tent all right came out. He had footprints all around it, so he documented everything she's pretty. Roundabout coyotes, yes around by coyotes in a prison break, happened oh geez. While he was out, there looks like a prisoner happy little profit. If there's a prison break this part, we told him. Well, don't worry about it. You know. If you hear sirens, it's probably the tornadoes 'cause, the bad weather, so great to see when you are tornado siren, he thought it went off, but is actually the prison break sino first time they had. Only twenty years was the night. He was right outside the prison we've got some stories, man in it. For me, I came out here. I completed the walk with
I did the last like day with him so twenty miles. I was sore for a week after just walking up and down these hills really not a week three or four days, in really good shape, I'm going to get shape, but stopping at stop all this guy about this guy. I want to hear about your parasite so yeah. So, what's going on well, there's still more testing, but they did find some called schistosomiasis in me. So Xisto is from the tropical rainforests of Africa. I think that's the only place that exists, but it comes from these snails and so because I probably saved, not 'cause. I probably I have bathed in the rivers there been in the rivers going across your mouth? No, they can get into your again I was really itchy for a couple weeks. There with. That was with some of the like parasites. I guess, would you call it they're like egg sacs or something out on me: yeah got inside of my stomach. My liver could be potentially even in my brain in your brain, potentially so
so we don't know yet it will be. What's today, today is Wednesday right one day I did my final exams and I did three full days with his doctor doctor Daniel amen. He would be phenomenal for the show by the way, he's incredible to TED talks, millions of years you keep your such a great promoter, ok friends, yeah sure divert and you want to talk about them. I want to talk about you. Ok, let's talk about. What's going on with the brain saw him, because I being jerked around by all these different doctors. It's this! It's this! It's right to this right and I've had numerous indo copies to go. Look at my stomach, because why am I throwing up? And someone says it is an ulcer another comes out and says your stomachs perfect inside it's a little red but like there's, no ulcer. What so ever and so I have xisto I've. Had intestinal Tesla bacteria, that's really bad cold. Shigella I've had malaria, three times. I've had dengue fever,
We didn't get a was in me for at least a month. The CDC found it in me. Please add this parasite New York for a long time now, how many months, ITALY, six since april- and Have you been able to train at all during this time up and down? So I was at the police and fire training Center of Oklahoma City and I'll just helping them some really great guys there and I was helping them in the fire chief ended up putting me in the cold shower for like twenty minutes 'cause. I got so with this got like ghostly white and I started dry heaving and I was just shaky all over it from your parasites, yeah jesus- and so up and down I'll start I'll start getting in shape I'll start losing weight. I'll start start feeling good. I just crash. I've had shingles five times Joe, what the five times and watching those is about this stuff. Well, I'm turn. Do hyperbarics Hyperbaric oxygen therapy get a prescription for that and that's helping more than anything right now, yeah
I'm trying to have that morning, routine, protect my sleep eat right. My wife helps me meal prep. I have juices all through the day of the Super food coffee I'm doing all this stuff I can. I was on twenty eight pills a day for four or five weeks in a row. Just for this parasite yeah. Well, whole parasite cleanse because in they haven't been able to site that they haven't found over and then they haven't like ours. That's not because I'm going to remote Joan in the forest, I think I could have picked up something crazy. They just did a lime, limes disease test. On me, this was on Monday, so I'm disease. They did a cheek swab from like genetics. They did her, so they cut off like different spots of hair flowing locks yeah, so that my wife was mom or tease me 'cause. I was like crying about it. I was like, don't cut it here, don't cut it here, so they took six spots up here.
Samples from me, blood, urine stool samples, dated two kinds of brain scans on me, so they literally injected something that was very minorly radioactive in me. So that it can light up all the different spots in my brain activity. So there's too much blood flow or there's not enough. And literally so one of the things I found on the scan which I renew, but they can test um, not just stuff for like CTE or mild, traumatic, brain injury and Tbi before autopsy. Now these brain scans, they can also test for like PTSD, and so there's this there's diamond in the middle of your brain and your only supposed to a little bit of activity there, just very, very small, but if you have this with- the ring of fire, this diamond of red and white, being lit up on the brain scans That literally shows that you have PTSD, so I had to go to
in here do you know who is yeah decoder? That was an incredible podcast meant to text you afterwards, but he's in amazing guy and people haven't heard that one go back and watch it. It's one of my favourites that you've had Dakotas legitimate hero, but one of the things He was saying was that they injected him, and this remember blocker was called that block us G or whatever Walker. Was he he described it and said it completely stopped his PTSD, period, all of his anxiety, see if you can find it Jamie just so we could reference it. I remember that it's only to my wife, she's in cycle right, which is going to be a counselor, and I sent that to her because they were talking about PTSD and the teacher said: oh yeah, that's been around for awhile too, and that's what the code is done. I think I think they made a clip that Jerry clips casted. Let's go ganglion, yes, yeah, tv because rest Gbs, locker Kingsley on yes, I am yeah that he said it just it in
instantly alleviated all problems, which is insane I mean like. Wouldn't you love that cure, they give you a shot boom. Your problems go away, absolutely say last flag a year. I think it's at six month your depending on the kind of you have to have other, I'm thinking of doing, even though it wrong yeah, I just want feel great. It's crazy, oh and Dakota said that, but this doctor Daniel amen who's got like he's at ten time New York. Best selling author and he's got a book about PTSD and basically he was saying that yeah that shot really really does work and people been doing it for years. And with veterans of it's one of the quickest, do they think these? You have some PTSD yeah these. It was so he was saying this, which Dakota said you just cue that up where we're trigger my memory, where the most common PTSD is car wrecks I think that's. What good is that right? Yes, this car wrecks caused the most PTSD,
same spots in your brain that diamond a fire, you can't avoid right. You have to go back and be in public transportation or getting your own car You have them from car accident, not from car accident. Do think you have it from from some tough stuff in the rainforest whether it's Uganda or Congo, we've had to flee from a village whenever rebel group came into the village next to us and they killed six or eight people and we're all flying across the river, and these like little pygmy dugout canoe, which are big enough really for me and we're trying to flee across the river before the suns, even up there like Crockett. Hippos in water and then then a couple other really terrible things. I mean I've held kids that have died and buried him in yeah their graves, and that's happened numerous. Times with machine guns pointed at us. I won't get into that story too much, but we talked about that one of those stories before yeah and someone someone I love was or a bunch of people that love her with me and
so that was really tough because we are unarmed and we're being threatened, and so that was I'm in in in in so my childhood stuff. I think different kinds of abuses allowing us stuff. Like the ups now going to some public, shaming and during these attacks, I think I think one bowling moment that I even kinda forgot about till going through this with Doctor Ayman was, I was in the locker room and this Little Guy name rate on that I've been hanging out with a lot he was just beat up in the bathroom. I saw that video. The video that was online is a horrible video. These kids beat him up, but then I saw with you, yeah yeah, so that's been fun. What are you doing with them? Just it's great person of spirits. Yes, just when to the to rally around him, surrounded with love, and word compassion, we're fashion the same no in the same town, Oklahoma City, so actually Jane okay to play to one of those videos. I saved saved called reiden videos and it's the first one
there people haven't seen it a you and Dakota talked with this annual layered about the diffusion of responsibility, so it's called and people stand around and watch right. Let's have three in the in the urinal? Actually not this video, but the next one, this one's a fun support. One in this one right here is just him at the urinal going to the bathroom I don't want to watch this just real quick after that. There's a so that's him at the urinal. There's eight to ten kids in the bathroom actually think up to twelve four five or just filming it and he's got special needs. Who's born with autism. Definite is right here. So he's got a hearing aid he's diabetic he's got, diabetes in his family and he's been He was nine years old. Is him with through was on Thursday. This is on Friday after school, three kids jumping on it.
From all sides. For no reason for no reason he's a big teddy bear in He just his mom said since her picking him up at school in Kenner first grade second grade kids, are just walk up and hit him in the stomach for punch in the arm. Okay, let's you know he's starting out yeah when I have to keep planet, but also, but it's really cool that you were dial tone yeah. Well, they, I guess, knew about Pfeiffer, forgotten and we're in the same town and so a dad reached out to Jim Stewart New met. Jim is our director and Jim hit me up right away and said: hey? Is this a kid that we could? We could rally around you could you know we want to do all this. We have a curriculum for bully prevention and I think character. Development is bully prevention, so if you have good character not going to bully well, that's why One of the things that I've always said about martial arts yeah, believe it or not like learning how to fight is one of the best ways to keep people from being assholes.
Which is so counterintuitive, but it really is because a lot of people being bullies. It comes from a lack of confidence and confident people or you generally pretty kind, yeah confident to come wish. People- and you know yourself, so you don't have these need. This need to prove true. So if you don't have that insecurity, the destiny demo worked out right and the other beautiful thing about gems, particularly jujitsu. I think, Is that everybody kind of blues everybody up? It's a real family sort of camaraderie feeling a real. Those environments. Almost every gym ever been to every every jitsu gyms good. They have this family environment to it and it just makes you feel like you belong somewhere and you get used to being kind of people nice to people, Even even if someone catches you with a technique, they'll show you yeah I'll, show you this is. You know you left your arm here when you're transitioning and if you do that you get stuck in this, is why I can catch it. Humble hearts Janice so with with or with martial arts. If you hurt your training
you lose right, the person, that's helping! You get better. Yes, so, as you help them get better They make you better, and this is given take where The more you give the more you get in return because you're making them without her training partner, a better person, and I think, let's take it to another level. I've done numerous sports. My parents grew up with them being the professional or official photographers of like the Dallas Cowboys in the Texas Rangers in the Dallas Mavericks, and so I grew up around professional athletes, but what's so different, I think about martial artist and why people of MMA one 'cause of sports so pure and it's like a chess match and it's an incredible sport, but athletes. They truly are more approachable and I think that their mortgage and compassionate and more community minded and driven not that other athletes aren't, but just martial artist. Are so more because they've had it drilled in from having mentors in other black belts, that are honest life on journey of even service.
Others, that's part of the black belt journey and self respect and discipline, and one things that bothers me about all this trash talking. Lately the trash talking trended MA. That was really mean when people saw how much money Conor Mcgregor was able to make it just came this promotion tool just and Chelsea was a part of it too. Just because, it's relentlessly talk about him, I'm so torn because in one on one hand, is very entertaining and I do enjoy it right, but on the other hand, I'm like man. That is the wrong message to send a kind of remove some of the beauty of what competition is like what the we competition is two people respecting each other, but being aware that they're, you know they're going to have to go to battle, and you know there equally skilled, equally trained and we're going to find out who's who's got the more effective strategy or implementation, and here we go. But now it's like you can't sell a fight without some talking right. It's
changed from this martial arts thing sort of this promotion of thuggish behavior, which again critically I enjoy. I do enjoy it. You people talk talk, I clap my hands, get a kick out of it yeah, but I'm a dummy one thing: pretty cool about you just see what you're saying and one Rafael wanted me to text me coming in here- that you want to tell you what's up now, Thomas and high graduation Seattle tore World Champs Champions and Europeans sauce to talk much about him, but on steroids. Yeah must not like this. Please man, he is the most he's the most disciplined obsessed and yeah. Just dedicated person of address. I am a champion. I mean the way that he eats the way these train sleep schedules, everything around him being the world champion, and everyone else has to kind of these islands that that goal that dream accusations of steroids, with no proof whatsoever seems unfortunate you know. I mean in this all this
Nate Diaz ship. That happened. There's here's. The issue for people are stand. What happened? Nate Diaz, Nate Diaz tested positive for trace element of something called Storm S, a r m. It's it's a type of it's. It's basically, a performance dancing, stuff substance, but it's it. It exit listed in in a minuscule trace amount in a vegan vitamin supplement and The reason these things are being found is that the tests that they can run. Now that you saw testing the equipment is so powerful, it's so much more powerful than it's ever been before that the Is there they're working with tools that are almost too good so instead of catching people, cheating they're catching well. They just have come in contact with something that's illegal, might have been like this? The tiniest amount that was in a bin that they also is to mix these vitamins. They didn't clean it properly. You minuscule parts per million little tiny amount, but these Usada machines will pick that shut up
and it looks like someone like Nate Dee, as who everybody there's some that are beyond reproach, Nate Dee is no he's, never been, and never did not. She that all that's Hanson's per I. Well, maybe we does, but I don't I think he eats. I mean I think, he's very clean with his diet. I think just seats. I know he's eating in the past. Vice video of him out eating with Bourdain and they're eating fish yeah. I don't know if he still eats fish, but very clean with his diet and very clean with a his moments, when he eats right will you talking Jujitsu and Rafael and just martial arts how it teaches you that character, development you're going to like this. I got you here gifts, my man, I don't know if you ever seen, come in with a suitcase studio you have before I don't want, lose track of what I was asked sure about your health. Ok, so what are they doing? And what can they do about? What what you have? So when you said you might have some easy share, meaning you might have a parasite that don't even know yet. Yes, so
there might be in that's why they diagnose, store in blood, urine blood, stool, her and cheek swab, sample, so it's possible that you have something that like very few human beings have ever had, because he says they haven't the phone right jungle yeah. How long does it take you to get to where you go? Well, it depends on where where we go the best place: okay, a plane from Oklahoma City to Chicago or Dulles, or JFK or Atlanta, and then we go to DM or London, or is it Qatar or cutter? I think it's guitar to talk. Ok, I think, and then will apply either from there to Nairobi, Kenya or Kigali Rwanda, and then from there you connect to Campoli Uganda and then from there you get a private like missions or humanitarian plane. That's just you and the pilot, and so
you take that plane from there to you from Uganda to Congo, and then you land, you do customs and you get back in the plane and you go and Land on a runway that normally they have just cleared with Michelle so how many times you fly him you're flying from Oklahoma, let's just say: Oklahoma City, JFK, JFK to London, two planes so to London, London to Kenya. Kenya can two Donde for you've done, the Congress conclave and then you get and and that the plane again to go out to the ring so six planes six flights at least five planes. How many days, let's meet two or three days, cheese and then thirty hours or so travel. And then, after that, you get in Kerr Car and it could be.
Six hours so where you land used to be in the rain forest, but you drive six hours now to get to the rainforest so come because it's v four station, so bad the deforestation. In the last twenty five years, they've cut down about the size of Texas, it's a pretty wild we've. We've we've helped replant four thousand trees, but that's not even scratching the surface, stillness whose deforested everybody it's a lot of chinese UK and spiders that come in and explain three enforcers lot of mahogany in the area evony. They have it after they get over. Dry sense is to do this. They just do it. Just just send someone in cut down the trees. So no one calls to do it. No one stops them now, so they just claim the resources they don't have on on the border. They might have to pay some sort of bribe or tax the column that that our taxes, the calm that yeah be a t. That's you gone in with the taxes
And then, from there that drive at six hours, sometimes it's taken twenty five hours, one time and another time it took seven same drive forty seven wide. Take forty seven. Oh, I think we helped get forty something cars out of the way that we're stuck in the mud. So it's really Silletti there. You don't call a Congo RD roads. I've never been on tarmac in Congo. Actually, that's why I have been in on cement. In Goma, but outside of Goma. There are no concrete roads anywhere tarmac roads, so I've seen eighteen Wheeler or Lori three slash four of the way sunk. Where is up to their window the driver side window up to silt and now they get it out. I don't know that one that was just kind of in the graveyard that was like done no ones getting nothing out really yeah
So there I mean you're, going around mountains, an you look down to the side and you'll see four eight hundred and twelve vehicles that have flipped off on that clock. Damn it there's some vice videos of the craziest roads in the world in a lot of Marin, Congo, some say: Rwanda, 'cause, there's so many hills, it's the land of one thousand hills, and so there's so many sharp turns. Then they take those turns at forty five thousand and sixty and so the literally just fly off the mountain so you catch this our site you've gone through all these tests. I mean this is been a mean, and we've been talking about on the podcast for several months now. So for me hearing that you're still dealing with it is really disturbing what what can they do about this? We're going to do I think getting off that cleanse. I mean I was on twenty eight pills for four weeks, maybe five weeks and
Some of it were like antibiotics, but I have to stay away from certain antibiotics. Here's the thing a couple of things that I know I have PTSD because of my brain scans. And then they see in my brain toxicity, and so the city in my brain, which kind of form these little tidbits, but not really. If it's it's not really changing biology or makeup of my brain, but it's just activity on my brain. Fully developed right there, where it's being toxins are there that are either from Mefloquine or from Cipro we heard of Cipro is messing with the first one, Buffalo Quinn. What is that stuff? That's a malaria drug drug take for any reason really the drug of choice for a military. Now, 10s thousands of our military veterans. If you look up methyl oquinn Tuxicity military times, they've done two articles on was just a month or two ago, with the first
show that tens of thousands of our military veterans have wrongly been diagnosed with PTSD, and it's been because of this mefloquine so they never saw war. The mefloquine toxicity of the brain. It's like this poison for your brain and If you've taken it for like six months, you can have it, it starts giving you bad nightmares. Uhm. You can have different kinds of mood, swings and different stuff. Health join aches fatigue, all sorts of different things, but basically what mefloquine toxicity. Of the brain does well. Tens of thousands have been wrongly diagnosed with it when they take it for once once a week. So you take the pill once a week, and that was why it was our drug of choice, instead of it being every day or two times a day. Is take it once a week. Well, for one I had malaria, the three times I was allergic to the normal malaria, medication quinine in our to fan and some other drugs like Docu cycle in and
malarone. I wasn't responding to those well, I was vomiting. I was allergic to him I think when my body digested the best right just took it the best so the three times had malaria. They give me two in the morning to midday into at night and so on. Taking six and a day for five to seven days and these other guys that were getting Mefloquine toxicity, we're taking it once a week for six months. So I had thirty to forty two, in a week's time, I'd six months in a week's time, and I did that three different times why they giving you so much it What my body was responding to against malaria, the first time I lost thirty three pounds in five days. And so as Valmy red and green blood and bile, I lost most of my hearing. My peripheral vision started disappearing. I had some called Blackwater fever where my urine, little dark? Is that that black clock take pictures of it? I didn't. I should probably
it. Freaked me out five days I didn't urinate and when I finally did, if you, Google, Blackwater Fever, one in four one and two people that get it, they die and for how many five days five days, I couldn't be. Oh, my god they were trying to get ivs in me. My were are collapsing geez, so that was pretty brutal but yeah man, so I'm getting my health there, because I do want to fight again. If someone, how can you, if you have this yet in your brain Well, I'm journaling my road to recovery but if they don't know what this parasite is, how are they treating it like? What are they are they going to? Hopefully, hopefully they'll find anything 'cause it just got off those rounds of. So there are me for Lyme Disease. There testing me for all these kind of Paris, to me buzz right as you can go online to Congo. Well, I've I've been camping out here and I've got like bit by for
every ten alone is like around so but yeah there there's these wicked kinda tex. My record is five point five roaches out of my beard at night. So there's tons of bugs there do you know those they Oklahoma have that rocky mountain writing check not Northern start, the one that gives you a nice power g. If you had that one I've been bit by that one, I don't think I have a meat allergy though yeah, that's a crazy one. What is it called alpha gal alpha galactose? It's something that it's the reaction. That this tick bite gives you. It makes you allergic to this specific element in red meat or yeah. You can only eat fish and like if you try to eat you get really sick. Well, crazy. It is crazy, but they're trying to figure it out. Why? And this is going to be crazy, why thirty two and I've had shingles five times what my
Suddenly. I don't know if you can see the white in my beard over here, but I got white in my beard. The first time I had malaria. The second time I had malaria had white come out my beard down here. Mileage is freaking out yeah. So then I've got shingles five times and this is going to sound crazy, but I know I have to have. This might be too much information, but I know I have to have a bowel movement whenever my nose starts running. So literally, whenever I have to go in my nose starts running and running and running and running. Is that connected? I don't know if that's what they're looking into their like that, that's the healthiest, your second brain, and so it I don't know it's digestion. Your stomach is your second brain. They said That's got undressed and got trust your gut yeah. It's got literally more neurons in your stomach than in your brain. Really, that's with the doctors saying I know that's the case with your heart as well there's a bunch of neurons in your heart that there
closing now like that whole idea of trusting your heart. Trusting your gut like these. These thought processes that people had might have actually been based on some intuitive understanding of how the body actually works. Well, it's really weird it is weird really weird strange everything everything is connected right. They disconnected that's, not weird, really. Ok, I mean it makes sense over to in it. Actors in Oklahoma or like. We have no explanation for that, and then the doctors out here were like. Oh that's because this is connected to listen, they did all my blood work, even though they did more blood labs. Before I ever came out here like a week or two ago, they still poked me five more times to get more blood work because well three times they were drawing blood. Two that stuff in me, so they could do the do so. You're getting better doctors out here, more informed, yeah, more informed, and then man have you heard of hyperbarics. Yes, I know- Uriah Faber used it quite a bit after his fight with Jose Aldo Aldo Fuct, his leg up his legs,
all up real bad. I'm telling you this is one of the biggest game changers. I love the float go on full tanks. I've done at least fifty times that flowed OKC in Oklahoma, my wife and I that's our date night once a week we go and we do that ends. I I float fight week at least twice a week. I really believe in floating. Hyperbaric is, unlike anything, I've ever done and felt immediate long, lasting benefits from our council what if I get better sleep than I've ever gotten when I was instant almost I mean I noticed that the first night, the second I I've done over twenty treatments now of Fiber Berwick's you get in the tank you put on an oxygen mask and they fill the tank up with oxygen. And you lay there for an hour and a half to two hours. Some people only takes an hour, but I'm bigger and they taking to a lower depth and then my Here's kind of mess up on me a little bit on flights, they kind of get clogged up or whatever, because the hyperbaric chamber, no it
they've always done that on planes, and so it's like you're in a plane when you're in the hyperbarics and what it does. Is it pressurizes the oxygen down? into your cells. So it's literally going. Into your mitochondria. That's what the new studies are showing now Jim gets in there and promotes healing in in your brain. It literally brings blood flow into every part of the brain that needs it. So it's one of the best things. Concussion I was with and those guys sometimes everything happens the reason you know where there's not a lot of quinces. I just started hyperbarics two or three days before I met rating, Then I'm doing it in there saying it's one of the best things for concussions rate and gets a concussion from one of those fights
Maybe it's one of the ones that wasn't on the fight, but they diagnose him. As with the doctors and his mom and his dad will never the doctor says I think he really has a concussion. Did some testing on him wrote a prescription and said hey. I really think he needs to do hyperbarics, that's one of the best things for concussions now and I was like I just started, and so literally that day the doctor handsome a prescription for hyperbarics and then I take him in there and get Hyperbarics This is probably the story I want share with. About hyperbarics the most there's, this kid name: Caleb Freeman and he just NBC nightly NEWS on any Fox news, an abc making the news everywhere because of his comeback story. The kid probably should have never been able to eat again on his own, especially never be able to walk. His parents were told that he would be left in a vegetative state and if you have that Caleb Freeman Video deserve one, he got a vicious car accident. Sixteen years old. He just started driving. He was there. Number one cross
she runner at his school, but also in his district, and then he got in this brutal car accident. Here's the video of him, trying to learn to put up the finger number one again, there's a he's trying to do a one, that's his dad kind of coaching him, but he was the one cross country runner now he's trying to get him to do a thumbs up, and this is and I've. Yet Matic brain injury driving down the road hit a hydroplane got a brutal wreck and they thought he would be. In a vegetative state for the rest of his life. So you can see What year is muscles are so atrophied because he had been in, like, I think, in a coma or he was in intensive care for so long and so his it's trying to get him to do a thumbs up. You know he's trying his hardest to do that you're the second video you're telling him you should really try hyperbarics, they try everything you can So the whole community has rallied around him in Oklahoma he's from new
castle where one of our board members are from there help them learn to walk again. Still, I don't know what they have in the brains arm yeah. He broke his arm he folders think about the other picture, seemed didn't have I actually don't know post accident, This is accent, so maybe this was before that other video search, video you trying to show them but trying to show both of these, because this is how far gone it was and then after forty hyperbaric treatments, they say, get him in there what his brain with oxygen. When has genital reproduce, the blood flow and that will bring actual healing into his brain and so third video is right here. He's literally was the number one cross country runner at his school. So now he's trying to learn how to do cross country again, he was never to walk again on his own. He came in there to the hyperbarics, assisted, like you saw where people
our system on both sides. He does forty treatments of hyperbarics. And then all of a sudden he walks up and down the football field. Fourteen times unassisted. Nothing changed just forty Hyperbar treatments. So it's like you gotta to keep doing this yeah yeah that next video is actually home, Elsa Hyperbarics with raid, and that's the young man that got the concussion in there. In this video right here, I don't know volume, but is actually pretty special video. This is after eighty treatment he's literally finishing his cross country run again. And was never supposed to walk and that's after like three five miles so in houses, ability to communicate is are coming back as well as actually text me this morning. He text me that picture of us and raid and his dad actually for He goes, he is where where'd we take, that picture again and or I saved and killed, goes it's in your phone
dad. Just look So he's he's able to recollect a lot of different stuff, This is all something that you're experiencing as well, for your treatment for the parasites I've, I've literally never gotten better sleep. I feel more positive when I come out of it in that, I feel like I can focus better because one of the things that they saw, my brain scans, where I have PTSD then I have really severe a dd see that on the phone, how may bring functions? I guess there's like eight different types of to the only bring me and one of the things I think you need to do it only one notes. Man Dr Raymond's awesome man, and so then I have that and then so going into the oxygen can see from scan one to scan two, how my brain is actually functioning better and the spots with Addf kind of cooled off a little bit spots with PTSD have literally kind of gone down a little bit uh.
And so that was Caleb story. There's also, this girl named Eden, Carlson and Eden. Carlson, there's like a minute clip on the New York Post and they did it on Youtube. This girl drowned for two hours. She was facing, float down in a pool or face down in a pool her mom pulled. Out- maybe fifteen minutes she drowned for two hours she didn't breathe. Shouldn't have a heartbeat and at the hospital they miraculously got her back her stories all over. If you just Google Egyptians dead for two hours, two hours Eden, Carlson, Ediane, Carlson, she's the first one to have brain damage reversal scientifically prove. They've done all the mris and cat scans and expect from hyperbarics. So the first thing they need to do for drawing victims mean. I think this is worth pull up one of those videos. It's New York, Post Eden. Ok, you the place that, but literally
there's even Carlson Video on Youtube and it's while to see how she's recovered and how they told her. She would never be able to eat again, never be able to go to school. They will do that now. She's, basically girly Hogan there, yes, Sir two right there little smile, that's amazing! Her mom is like a huge advocate for it. Now that's incredible now, but with you, what do they have to do like they have to find out whether the parasites are still in your system, identify the parasites 'cause. It could be an unknown Paris, right. Well know it's just knowing, if I had just doing me for as long as they think they don't think it started in April. They thing maybe that was another, not onset, but took it to another level. When I went there and got sick, and it was brutal I mean I was hugging, basically the the not the toilet. But the the latrine. While I was in Uganda in April and may
now, I'm just so sick. This hyper bericht is helping you but you're still not able to train right now, like you, not you not like you, don't have a fight scheduled anytime, soon scheduled, but I would like to fight first quarter of next year. If I can, is that literally possible, I mean, if you're, not six, for now. I have another follow up appointment here in March and we're going to have a lot more data. To show like from my blood work to my bacteria, my stomach to those brain scans are going to be the big thing that show how my brain is starting to heal. How body started to feel right and show my health just increasing, and so that's the goal. I'm on this mission to get get healthy, so I can fight again, but also just so they can function better and have like not these big swing So the hyper bericht chamber is helping you, but yet you're still feeling some serious significance just started the hyperbarics a month ago. Ok, so
Twenty treatments in I need to get forty done as soon as possible and they think I'll probably do another round of forty in the yeah. I mean seeing how how Caleb's doing I mean Caleb told killed, showed me this. This is wild. I come in and I'm about to get in the chamber with them, and he shows me his hand shaking, any showing me. I don't know what that's called, but it's whenever uh when Parkinson's and different stuff, like you have those kind of shakes, can hand sure or Alzheimer's or whatever that is so Caleb's got that and he gets in the chamber Ninety minutes later we get out, he shows and it's completely steel and you can put contacts back in his eyes, but
or there's no way at all that you can get contacts in his eyes afterwards. His bodies calm down enough. His brain has enough oxygen and blood flow in it that he can put his contacts back in and saying so. Raden um his parents say that he was always up and down in the middle of the night and that they would have to try to put him back to sleep, and now he just once he's asleep he's asleep until they wake him up. They think helping with his autism is diabetes, his ac one levels or whatever those are called. Those have started to come down and what the doctors have told us is like. There's nothing better. The doctors take an oath that say to do no harm. The that's first and foremost, is to do no harm If someone has a concussion or someone has autism or someone has this bacteria or a parasite that might be in the brain. Why not flood the body on a cellular level. You're going love this part that can increase your
your stem cells by eight times in your body, so it with the best treatments for whenever you have the stem cells injected in you. So I had the in S sees them as income all stem cells. From my hip put my shoulder. They said one of the best things I could have done for it would have been in a hyperbaric chamber, because that would promote the stem cell growth, and stem cells because their cells in your pushing oxygen into the cells and increasing blood flow into it and you're extending their life and helping them reproduce damn So it's one of the best things out there, Joe I wouldn't be talking about it like this without rough is into Joe Namath Joe Namath own clinic now, for yeah he's doing that to reverse his brain trauma football right. I read about that right and it's the first time, there's ever been documented cases of brain trauma reversal where, if you can heal your brain, you can basically heal your life
we have a healthy brain. You have a healthy life. Do we need a hyperbaric chamber in here, but they were saying you buy portable units. Absolutely I use some called a seacrist, which I think you would really like. It's the hard chamber. It's glass, you have one in your house no, but the Chris wanted is Joe Namath doing it. I think Michael Phelps, getting in the water one now really, it's wild, how how much stuff? Actually so? What what's? The prognosis like with you with the doctors, the the the head of look for parasites, are doing all this blood scant. They think they're gonna be able to stream your out. The things yeah. I think they think with doing a holistic approach where medication can come in at a later date. I had this doctor so you have PTSD. Here's these pills are your depression. Here's these pills, okay, now you're starting to have anxiety for the first time in your life. You've never had it before here's. Some more pills
Oh you think you have a dd, some more pills. They put me on three or four different pills at the same time, I'm like a zombie yeah zombie, a felt weird. I felt, like I start having like electricity running through my veins, or something like, like my my muscle started twitching. My eyelid was constantly spasming. Did the doctors and dentists in all the different various elements that you have like, and they don't want you to do pills, So what what do they want you to do and what do they think is going to be able to happen? They think you be able to fight again. So Doctor Ayman he's a guy that says men, our brains are the literally you can live. They can do lung transplants right heart, transplant. Kidney transplants, like you, can't do a brain, translate right and so he's saying that anyone that's in a brain, damaging occupation and he said whether that's fighting football or even being a firefighter, because that is a brain damage in an occupation, you're breathing in
burning couches, which are putting off all these harmful chemicals. And so, if you want to protect it and promote your brain health as much as you possibly can right. So he's a brilliant guy and he's going to be on a weekly calls with me guiding me. Keep me accountable on hello, my protecting my sleep, hello, my one of my getting to eat. You know also supplementation of what's that, one that you were on here at Davidson, clear talking about an imminent it's like that rhet role Riz Veratrum with yes, that yeah that's on drugs in accident, yeah, okay! Well, that plus some of the other things that you guys were talking about like they're all in his supplements. Re tells you go, get the supplements from here and here and make sure that your optimizing, your brain health, so it seems like there's a bunch of different things going on with the PTSD is PTSD has to do with things that you've seen and your childhood, but then you've got the drug, the the
Netflix, win, toxicity of the brain or in Cipro toxicity. Have you heard of what it does to you know what you're going to Cipro is the me, the number one antibiotic for intestinal bacteria's So if you get an texel bacteria, they give you this. And what happens with that? Kicks the bug out, whatever it is, yeah it's like the number one thing for humanitarians to take with you overseas, but but huge, which huge but huge side effect now is cartilage ligaments in muscle. Tears I have heard of that. I I have heard of people taking extreme antibiotics for staph infections so is for staff and they get afterwards so you're taking it because you got it wrestling, you take Cipro, you clear up and you go back into link. Now sending you tear your Achilles tendon yeah and how long it is a separate homes a week in your ligaments and everybody hates at least for six months. They say, but it could be for a year or longer and so on.
Except Rhe. While I was in Congo for my gut health and for in Uganda White or my left labrum. I came back I got another round of sickness. I took Cipro, I come back. I turn my right. Labrum come back to tear my meniscus and so they're, like you, probably definitely have probably Cipro in Math Quinta. Did you get operations on your labor, more your meniscus, so you, your labor, surgically repaired, both of them. I know just the last one, but I need the right thing. I and I got my meniscus trimmed up cheese. Yeah, it's been, it's been wild, you've been through the ringer yeah, it's been awhile but it's all been worth it like like this stuff that happened with Dustin Porier and could be but and Dana matching it. I mean that that luis- will explain what you mean, because people don't understand what you're saying yeah it Dustin donating money for fight for the forgotten and Dana matching that money into gave.
As well yeah? It was nuts so for that fight, which was basically the modern day, rocky story, undefeated Russian building an arena forum. Arguably neverlost around potentially and dumb, or at least a fight Dustin goes there the underdog and he started the Good Fight Foundation, his own foundation, with his wife, Julie and they're awesome. I was actually on my first ever bow fishing trip and I get a call or text Instagram message from Julie, saying that Dustin want to help us raise funds for this fight. So I get back to him. Then they call me- and I I literally have a bow fishing like thing in my hand, as my first time going, I didn't get anything, but anyways they they say they want to help us raise funds on like this is awesome. They put up a fundraiser for twenty five
dollars to us drill a well for an orphanage. So this orphanage for the pygmies there, it's a school but they've all lost their parents. A lot of 'em because of HIV and their water source was taken out by a flood, torrential flood that happened so in the 80s they had built this kind of sort of well, it's more recalled a Springboks. It was like a mountain FED spring. Well, mud got oil in it, busted up the pipes from the 80s. There was no way to recover that thing, so they needed a new one and so Dustin decided to set a goal to help us raise funds for twenty five thousand to be able to put a big water tower with a big solar system that put piped water into the classrooms into their living, quarters into the kitchen or the cafeteria, and so through the fight we had it funded and then, after that, the phone just kept coming in Dustin and could exchange shirts
In the could be said, he was an auction off his shirt and give a hundred percent of it to to Dustin so that brought in a hundred thousand dollars one day in the city to match it Dana matched it and so we're going to be able to just seven wells now, not just one with water tower, but seven wells, our serving the other six right now we're getting close to finishing the first one. So has this the parasites in this disease is this in any way we can your desire to go back there. No, no. My desire to go back there. Just just influencer encouraged me to be a little smarter when I'm there What would you do differently? Just not going to water I could stay in nicer places like the doc team stayed in a hotel. Last time and you didn't. I
actually did uhm, and that was the first time I had ever done that normally I sleep in the twig leaf huts. I sleep on the dirt and if I'm rained on I'm rained on- and I don't use a mosquito net and things like that, just I wanted to live like they lived and not have any of the real comfort comforts and luxuries, and then then wonder why why they don't have that or this or any but now I'm going to take my own food, I'm not going to eat the food there. That can be contaminated, going to make sure everything I eat and I do not have clean hands, he didn't. I normally do that, but just double checking everything pure l eat the food. I bring sleep in a hotel just go on day trips there, and then they'll, probably smarter, anyways, because if we bring someone with us normally it's just me going the last time we brought Cris Cyborg and she she helped with the kids. She helped drill to
there, so that was awesome were up to sixteen wells now in Uganda. Sixty one total and we're about to get thirty acres of land with the money that came in from, Justin and was she concerned at all about catching anything. While she was here yeah she got a little sick, but I think it was just from this chicken that we had and now it's like chicken soup. I don't think they they may be like the chicken long enough, and so she,
She got a little sick from that, but uhm. No, I think I think going back is going to be ok and then doing strategic smaller trips. What really messed up Chris was so in Uganda. The pygmies lived in the simile key National Forest, which was bordering Congo. Well, they were kicked out of the Congo or the rainforest by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority to protect the forest. Now they are the protectors of the forest. Why do you kick them out of the forest they're, not poachers? They only take what they need and their hunter gatherers, but they yeah anyways, so they got rid of them in the forest. Put him behind a slum in this little town.
And so they put him on one acre of land over three hundred people over three hundred people living on one acre of land. That's actually their land that they can call there's so we're walking around, and they did that. Six years before we get there and the chief told us that there's no thirty five families, only one hundred and fifty one people and they're scared that if it goes another six years that they're all going to be gone, that there people group won't exist anymore, um, and so that was chief Working Zito. That told us and so we're walking around in Chris Chris Canada. Gets tripped up a little bit on this mound. She looks down
looks down and sees all these mounds around her, and she said what are these mounds and the chief said? That's so, and so- and this is so and so and like says a name and says the name is like we live on, are on top of our graveyard. We don't have anywhere to bury our dead Jesus Christ and so over three hundred people on one acre of land, now, there's only one hundred and fifty one people wrestler buried in the ground right there 'cause the slums throughout their sewage, and it goes right through their land to my God. So we've got him back five acres of land right now, but they're practicing how to farm on that and then we're about to get thirty more acres of land and then they'll be able to live on the five acres and have these little plots of land for households for one thousand and two. Dollars, each we can build him a home and then they can start farming at thirty acres and we want to expand that to fifty or one hundred to where they can have sustenance farming to feed themselves and then they'll be able to feed the community and sell that and then I'll be able to send their kids to
school with school uniforms and buying school fees or paying school fees and stuff like that, wow yeah just makes you realize how easy we have it. This way it makes you realize how easy we Oh man, absolutely, and so that's why? Whenever you ask me like this, make you not want to go back? I'm, like man, look at the challenges that they have each and every day, have you caught everything that you can catch over there? Dengue, a fever, malaria yeah? How do you say this new things? It's just those shifts to just and this is a parasitic instances. What's like a think. It's in the fluke family, it's a it's a worm, yeah and then hopefully I don't have anything else, but that, but this toxicity stuffs, a Perot or math when that could be mass, will change your diet as well. Yeah yeah, my wife, when you mention now eight mo-
mostly I eat meat, but I mostly vegetables, like more of that, like the small portion, is meat and will be chicken or fish or something lean, a lot of nuts and a lot of thick leafy green vegetables, and she found that. That's how that, tell me alive juice with a vitamix,
so since you get the fiber in there as well yeah fibre, once that's been really good, then in it I've been keeping myself busy. If I can't go there, we're really starting to expand our mission and vision here, stateside to bully prevention, because Joe it's nuts right now, the second leading cause of death, so Butch is ratings grandfather and he is an old bull rider and rate and lives with with pushing Claudia's grandparents right now and they found him within his forearm. He wrote. I want to kill myself in sharpie in these twelve he's twelve.
Butch said the first time rate and wanted to kill himself that he knew of when I was whenever rating was nine years old, so he's nine years old and already suicidal and Butch said that just makes his heart want to fall out of his chest. His I'm his grand father. How does my twelve year old grandson not have enough to live for and the leading second leading cause of death among kids from ten to fourteen his suicide? If you are between the ages of ten to fourteen that's the second reason and bullying is the cause of most of that most of its from bowling 'cause bowling. Is to increase and depression addiction isolation. Do they think that the people who do it is it because they were bullied at one point in time were abused physically, so they do think that
in the easy way to remember that is: hurt people hurt people right right, heard people hurt people whether that's an addict or holy ground, but here's a statistic from the CDC twenty, the CDC found out. I had dengue fever and also the CDC did a study on bowling and the number three at risk of suicide is the bully the person that acts out by being a bully number two, Surprisingly, the victim there, the second highest risk. So then, you think who's number one will number one is actually the one that does both they are bullied and then they act out by being a bully and so they're getting it on both ends know there are certain things that also storm yep awfulness is huge. Now what can you do for bully awareness right like? How can you? How can you prevent it or how can we mitigate it? Yeah? I think it's by promoting a culture of.
Cultivating a culture, kindness and I that can sound a little wimpy. Now I don't think so at all. Yeah the, but if you look at Rafael, Levada Junior, he was bullied because he looks, Everybody else was stressing Pearson lot of fighters are believed in most most fighters I find were believed you know not being the bully in. So I think, to cultivate. A culture of kindness is actually the school in Oklahoma. It's pretty awesome, they're called Edmond Santa FE. They selected us between a forty four applicants, so we were up against like boys and girls club and make a wish she's phenomenal organizations. The special Olympics in some really really great these non profits out there. Last year, the school selected a foster home, and they raised in a week this high school rates, two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars a high school,
We have to be weak because they wanted to help these kids get a new like main center among the foster homes. So this year the selected us because they want to get our Billy Prevention Program in the public and private school know. What is the prevention program like what yeah? So it's mostly care, Richard Development with Bully prevention inside of it. So it's a twelve week program and it's twelve weekly lesson, so we have it online, it's digital! It's on our website, fight for the org org. If you click heroes, you'll find it. That's our curriculum. What school does heroes in waiting and what that is is there's a digital curriculum where I teach the teacher instructor instructor how to instruct the lesson that week, but then there's a video for the parents and for the students
that's the weekly hero challenge, and so they get a weekly lesson or Matt Chat discussion, and then they get a weekly challenge, which the challenge will be something like recognized when you're being a bystander or my favorite is probably go out. Your mission this week is that your hero challenges to go out complete a secret random act of kindness, so the rules are, you have to be safe? You have to be smart, we have to be completely anonymous and you have to go out and make someone feel great and so journal or report.
To us. You know what did you do, how that make them feel how that make? You feel? How can you build onto this for next week and you go out and you complete these missions, because I think first, you have to educate the kids that they are part of the solution and part of the problem. They just have to pick where they were going to be because in bowling, if you stand by and you watch, if you laugh giggle like in that video there's one thousand two hundred and twelve kids in the four five filming it you filming it is encouraging it you standing by and not doing anything your actually not an innocent bystander you're, a silent supporter, because you're standing there and you're not doing anything they're actually trying to pass laws about kids and schools, filming other kids getting beat up and making them. Somehow, apart an accomplice, yeah some way shape or form, because you are you're at least an yeah and then, if you stand by and watch you are in a comp
if you're not doing anything it you didn't choose it. It shows you what happens now here in the video that we're doing those things to rate in therapy they're minors. So I can't really talk about what's happened, but the school is taken appropriate or at least in their eyes. Appropriate and swift action on the parents are thankful to the school and the school district. For them taken this some serious, I know that the family has felt this has been going on, since he was nine and now he's twelve. So three years in they say the only reason. Now some things being done is 'cause. It was filmed because it's on video and it went viral uhm, but there's some fun stuff will close. It was raining pictures and other one recently with doing Dani's Dona and ask God to just two lessons: you had fridges listens for this young boy. Who's also beat up in the bathroom, and this is a film of that as well use. You know, I'm talking about yeah.
In Dillon posted this video to and it got over. Ten million views, which was awesome in Rafael now, is actually going to scholarship Raiden and his brother Brock with changes a and so that's amazing, so they're gonna start doing. Martial arts training after ratings done with this Hyper Berwick's in this fashion is settled down, he's going to come in the mats and be part of the kids programs little war years for for roughly a school, which is the best youth program in the state. That's awesome, that's awesome. Is there a way to pull up some of those pictures of of rating, and this is kind of cool and give you this because Rafael really like this and some tenth planet, guys there's raid and after after a press conference. All the news wanted to like post pictures of am or they wanted to get exclusives, and so its parents are being chased. All around town people are literally posting their home address online, doxing them, but doxing
bullies mainly saying here's, the twelve year old girls address and go find her can go through a couple more of those pictures, there's some pretty cool ones. Where he's eaten chick fil, a yeah, he likes chick fil. A lot dad said: he's a chicken eating fool but there's at a football game, the Edmond Santa FE they've him with a lot of love? It's tool. I come Emily and my wife said: oh here we have volume on this. This is pretty cool. I am introducing raid into what hummus? He asked me what hummus is so we got him some, some carrots and hummus. The chips are for me that you packed us and alright. My man Tricare to Namas- that's really really good, really good. So what's the book
yeah. So this right here is the Ju Jitsu planner in what it does is you have actually a like a training autopsy and you take, notes what your lessons or what you're learning the techniques, you're learning in this, is out of tenth planet release. The guys that that created this been as attentive. Austin Guy, getting Zach more. That's there too. So he's available online. Twenty one yeah one of these it's available online, where Instagram structure to planner where's, the the website, I think it's jujitsu planner dot com or jujitsu planner, DOT, Org so they give ten percent to fight for the forgotten, just pretty cool so that ten percent of the proceeds go to us, but trout, and so it's got a training schedule shows you when your training, so you need to mark down so you're, essentially held accountable for your lessons yeah. What is this is an injury report pay attention to your body interesting.
You have supplements you can put down there like showing you like. What's hurt, let's going on and then you have a competition tracker, so you can record your opponents how it went and you can also at a tournament like start scouting out your competition and then they're going to have it to where they they make new additions. Like that, and so as it grows and as it scales every plan they have for now on ten percent percent's going to go to fight for the forgiveness is very interesting. Man. Training autopsy I like it yeah how you doing it session notes what was drilled, strengths, weaknesses, role, notes and then for next class. I like this. This is listen, man, writing things down. You know anything you can do where you're focusing on something trying to prove you could write it down it's better inspired by the kind of book that you have. Would you exactly a was called again it's just a habit tracker and then you have like a journal in it too.
And I really like that- and I like how I also have another one called the full focus planner in that way. You can plan out your day your week and you break it down, and I can train track my food. My training all my important meetings and For me, writing it down physically, is better than having it digitally yeah. I just remember it better need to. If I, if I haven't written it down, I'll, probably forget it. I keep notes. Like comedy notes, I keep them on my. Phone. But then, when I go to do a show, I always write it out. Always, let's really smart they'd, say the getting things so there's something about physically putting a pen to paper. Then like really committed to memory. There anything else, yeah! That's why Those two! Actually, three of another one called the five minute planner. I take three journals around with brilliance. I do the habit tracker
the full focus planner for my daily and weekly schedule. Habit tracker that I can also just take take other notes in the five minute planner or five minute journal. You start off with what three things. What would make today great three things and three things actually start with three things: you're grateful for. So you write that down then three things that would make today amazing, then a daily affirmation and then, at the end of the day, what three great things did happen today and the very last one is: how can make today better and so kind of this reflection of. I could have done this better today, I'm so that way, you're kind of keeping yourself accountable and that end. I also have something else for you memes I can come bearing gifts will get. This thing is that dude? This is called a Bush Wacker. I think something they use in the Congo. No no will get there. What in the fuc,
Breaux says that is like I said, be careful because nothing is really sharp way behind and once you cut yourself, okay yeah, but it's like a giant would handle look. You could double physicists soccer yeah, MIKE Jones, knife and tool. You actually have one of those nights. I do and he made this because he is now giving Five percent of all of his knife sales to fight for the forgotten, just turned onto us through the show. This one is another one that he made. My friend MIKE Hawk Ridge came along yeah. That's what he said it's got a built in little sharpener yeah. Actually, that's that's a knife or a fire starter. It is yeah. It's a fire! Stick it's a moose antler there you use that tie over the top. Oh one g now the nice itself super sharp Damascus steel, who is pretty and
Then that's his bow hunter style knife. The wood is koa. Wood from Hawaii so we thought you like that, and then he always has his little signature, smile and yeah. I follow him on the Instagram yeah he's a great guy. The other knife that MIKE had made for me is a bow hunter as well. This beautiful man. Thank you thanks MIKE too, that's pretty man and there's one more there from MIKE Jones himself, so he He did a thing called knife for the forgotten and he sold one hundred percent of his knives for fight for the forgotten, and so that was a chef's knife that you really like, the wooden handle is actually black wood from Africa, so it's probably from Tanzania, but it's a chef's knife he's got that in there, but it took him like
teen yeah. I knew how much you appreciate craftsman work that took him fifteen to eighteen hours to make that that's pretty it's a small him to it's interesting wow! That's beautiful thanks man, yeah man, how you like it- and I don't I'm not worthy well, and then that was just set up this one. What is This knife is what it was actually all about, but MIKE's at all. Let me let me throw in an eye for two, because he literally is five percent of all his knife switch this one, the one that was made by the pygmies that was made by king he to himself. It was scrap metal, it's not the sharpest knife And he said it wasn't the best for me to give to you, but I thought it the most unique, that's his that's his actual kind of signature, design that he puts in there. It's so light, it's crazy! What is this? Would So it's a wood, that's out of the simile key National Forest and they they've been,
liking it for generations, as people can handle how light this light rails like styrofoam, it's crazy, so these different kind of, like almost cork yeah feeling knives or handles please Thomas at? Thank you. I will miss her very, very nice of him in Z. I t o, while it's a pretty yeah that's cool man was able to get you one of those around them and then Dustin POR a one as well. It's still beautiful yeah so. What's the plans now, like your only trying to get your health back together, and when are you planning on going back to the Congo again so I'm definitely going to Uganda sometime soon, hopefully. Well, if I could fight first quarter of next year, how is that possible? I don't know, But Miami optimistic rush, it I'm not going to rush it, but it's been over. Two needs shoulder surgery that takes six months anyway, so how you gonna do that that's first quarter, yeah
'cause we're almost in November so November. Two days, it's true so December January. Ok now we're into the first quarter. The next set up. They said structurally. I could fight with this structurally. I hate that word. Please come on man I used, I need to go. Slow, yeah also need to don't fight for awhile. Please cipher, well, yeah kind of get everything I gotta get help order man and that's what I've been telling people and people are There's people are really excited for me to fight, but then also I know I can hold this people just need fans Well, hopefully, they'll hear this and they love do another like Justin. Please don't not right now get yourself one hundred percent. Right, so I guess what we're doing is actually there's two really exciting things for now. You said so what now we're doing two things back to back or actually simultaneously for the forgotten we have end of the year fundraising competition and so
Last year we did it and we had a we invited about hundred martial arts Academy is to raise funds. On our behalf and in eight weeks we raised one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. That's means it was Well, that's amazing! So now we're calling this our second annual fund raising competition LAW Academy that one the top fund raiser. James right out of martial arts and more North Carolina. There academy had just been hit by a hurricane and so, since it was hit by hurricane, the mats were ruined and the the equipment all their pads and metzen bags were all molded. So we had to get rid of everything. Well, they wrote they won the fund raising tournament and they got a better than new gym. It was uh. Twenty thousand dollars gym renovation. That century martial arts did and also zebra athletics. That's school, So literally got a better than New Academy. That's very cool! That's right!
and it was 'cause they're fund raising on our behalf. This year we've got a top ten. Instead of the top one. Fundraiser gets a surprise now, top ten get a martial arts draft pick. So start superstars world champions weather its former current UFC or Bellator Champions Hall of Fame. Martial arts coaches of the year that will fly out to their academy. To do a seminar more a training day or a fan. Experience for fundraising on our behalf. That's fucking! Awesome! We have so that's so cool of zebra and so a century to around, for they made the kicking.
Jazz age have those delays up in the front leg appears still bears. Do they bring? You apparently know e aware of the Thai Kwando version of that for tournament, so used to wear the ones that laced up in the front. I like those because they made like kickboxing pants, make member when they used to have kickboxing used to be above the waist, like karate style century step. They used to make those pads for karate, tournaments and still think they have the best bag. They have the sweet spot in the moitie bag. I have I bought like four different kinds of moitie packs for this gym here, an the century, one that I have at home is the best one yeah I have one hundred and fifty with the Big Moitie bank. It's the best one is the sweet spot between not too soft, not too hard, just well, they're, the only ones that actually make those here, that I was just with him this summer? How is he doing he's doing good He was aged from that, but
If he has his, he was the for this commentator for the UFC really yeah is that chuck down at the bottom? There's chargers check yeah, yes, to meet him this summer to how you got to meet him a couple times. I still love meeting him. I still get a fucking boyish thrill out of the fact that he knows who I am like, I can't believe it will bind your legs yeah, but um Chuck and Bill Superfoot Wallace. I mean those guys were the real, innovate back in the early days of of kick boxing in America, you know when they're those guys yeah. If you go back and watch some of those tournaments at those those guys fought, chuck. Norris is a legitimate world champion and I never really knew Dallas Fort Worth. Had such a big yeah, huge martial arts background Chuck there. And then deal Bill Wallace his story. He had fuckedup knee, and so he couldn't kick with. Both legs could only kick with one leg.
Yeah, so he developed this insane left light superfoot yeah. So he and a hook kick like a hook. Kick is a kick that it's very rare that someone develops out to the point where you know you can knock people out with it. It's just a weird kick and you don't really see it. Very often in MMA. It's just mean, I think Sean Jordan. Yeah, Louis Louis yeah, right hook. Kick in like these crazy get Sean is a tank of a man. I mean he's he's a small. Have you short short five, ten but I'm at least two six dollars a big fella he's in the range of two hundred and sixty so to see him lift those tree trunk light. I now work for yes, and I think I can do fucking backflips he's a crazy athlete, but to see him throw hit a hook. Kick you like watt yeah absolutely, but it's such a rare technique. Connor throws it. He throws it occasionally he does but Bill Superfoot Wallace. He figured out how to fuck people up with just one leg and it was
really hard to deal with, like that style of attack that he developed in his early days are going to see a fight live once way way way back in the day yeah. Here it is here. It is yes, that's crazy that crazy that he hit. He dropped him with a hook, kick the picture of it. Where is Sean these days? He was fighting for the PS, no Muslim, but I think I don't know if he's in this tournament or not. I know he was in the last tournament man, so him and Josh Big Josh Hart. I think Oakland decision and yeah. I guess for now, though, we're doing that tournament
petition in last year. The last four five kind of top gyms or schools competed for all the way until midnight of New year's Eve central time, 'cause, that's when the cut off was and the winner was going to get there Jim renovated. So there's four or five at the end, and we raised like thirty grand on the last day because everyone wanted the gym renovation. So this year we've got a top three prize pack. That's like that. The first one gets like a twenty five thousand dollars gym renovation from zebra and century. They get featured in black. Belt magazine, the featured in Marsha- may success. I think Bruce Buffer is going to announce him as the winner going to get a trophy in a metal they're going to championship belt for the champion, and then they get the first round draft pick of guys, like Rashad Evans, just Gaethje Cris Cyborg rose, Eunice, Pat Berry, Barry feel of junior
Sean G Liborio, these people are going to fly out Frank Mir, we're going to fly out and do a seminar at their academy, or so they pick whoever it is. So whoever is one through ten. You want to get number one or two 'cause. You get the top draft pick. What's the top draft pick who's the top one? Well, whoever raises the most first. They get the claim the first draft pick and then they get to choose between that list of like twenty martial arts superstars. That's. What is Dustin POR a coming out your to your gym, or is it Chris site work or is it just engage your shot Evans? So when you secure the first place, you get the first round draft pick and then all the way down to ten ' and then on the individual side, they're going to learn here we get the yeah. Website. So dot org, slash heroes. And we're even missing a few of the people that are man, Richie, Boogie,
There you go rich William, and I thought he would like that Jujitsu planner, but he's going to be on it with Ilima Lei were missing. Paige Vanzant and Austin Vander That's awesome. Even even at John Hackleman, in his name is: go out and train and put on a bully proof, yeah he's got a great instagram page yeah, he does he's a great podcast such a fucking character man. I just drove down the what he called the Phc Post Pacific Coast highway at pch, and stopped into the pit. And saw him and yeah slower. Seen samples yeah, that's awesome It's a cool little town, and that is very nice and cool. It loves it out there, his wife sweet and they have a great academy there. Yeah he's old school hardcore training methods does like wheel, barrels filled with you, go to carry up a hill and stuff for that kind of stuff, yeah
get into the boot camp area, and it's where his wife runs the women's boot camp. He said: don't you want to be in here. This is like this is the torture room or something there's another dungeon. You know how about the pit itself is outdoor gym and outdoor octagon have setup man pretty bad as it was wild there is a podcast studio. Does it he's on a podcast Christ, everybody's doing a podcast who's? Not I'm not yet in a weird. When should that's what my Jacob Wells wants to do is start a podcast me. Why not fight for the forgotten, podcasts great idea? zoom in other way, to raise awareness that was really cool. Yeah Jacob is actually buddies. With he's a he's, a hilarious guy he's friends with the of on it, he wrote a few jokes for Theo and Theo said that there are too dark. He couldn't. He couldn't share him, but him and Theo. When Theo came to OKC Jacob and us hung out and uh.
Anyways Jacob has started this go fund me for Aiden because he knows their family. Brayden has like eight thousand dollars in medical bills is going to need counseling. So three to five, dollars of like a counseling budget, and then they want to do some practical for the family. I've gone to twenty hyperbaric treatments with rain, and now we've had family. There is at my house, at their house at our office, is his grandma can cook she can cook some meat loaf, and she had me over there. They live in this mobile home Park outside Oklahoma City the boys, so the dad he had worked in. Motive industry and then at a dealership, and then he came and kind of took over the family restaurant. Well, it started to struggle the family. Restaurant did
anyways his dad now has two jobs is trying to make ends meet his mom can't really work, because she has to take him to appointments, whether it's counseling or for his hearing aid or for his diabetes or for his autism she's, taken with all these different appointments, and so they had to take in Scotland's mom because of health issues, so the parents now have one of the grandparents living there so they're in the bedrooms they had to send Raiden and his brother brought to live with the other grandparents down the street so still the same mobile home park, but they put them in like three three bedroom, a nicer nicer one, my space, and so Jacobs like what would really help this family and bless them in a way 'cause. His dad doesn't want to hand out he's not asking for extra stuff, or he didn't come up with this idea, but Jacobs like what, if we could reunite the family so get his hyperbaric treatment covered, get his counseling covered, but then
if we could even raise funds for a either single wide three bedroom two bath, or maybe it's a double wide that that just reunites the family that gets Brock and rate back in the home with his parents and so Jacob brought that idea up. We shared with his parents. They started bawling just saying that that's their greatest need is just to have the boys back in the home And so there's a car dealership in Oklahoma City called Hutta Berg really community minded they give to fight for the forgotten they give to a lot of organizations, and so they have a campaign called Hugh. Deberg helps, and so humor helps as sponsoring this. I think you've already raise like eight thousand one thousand dollars. It's called stand with Brayden on GO fund me. So let's go fund hashtag stand with Brayden and I think it's already at eight nine ten thousand dollars of like the fifty thousand dollars goal. So that's something that
focus on now. My wife was like hey. Why are you to fight for the forgotten? Couldn't send funds to one kid individually, that's showing biased, and we have to have like a and uh a pool of people to choose from applicants. Then it has to be unbiased for us to fund something. So I can rally around him. I can be as friend, but we can't pay for his medical treatment or pay for his counseling and up a go fund. Me Kim and so Jacob started this. It was his idea and he just wanted to My wife asked me why Why are you doing all this? Even with those funds can be raised for fight for the free out and it's like? Well, you know, I don't know I just. I really connect with Brayden and she goes. I know why you're doing this you're just trying to be the guy that you needed whenever you were his age, um that really I don't know that we kind of hit home, because when I was twelve or thirteen years,
suicidal being bullied. It would've been cool to have someone around around me a few years later at coaches that rallied around me. That made me believe in myself, but it's been awesome. Nancy in Raphael come along side rate in in this family scholarship, this the Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers, the c r Ellie chargers that Baker Mayfield. All these people posting videos and support for Mick Foley is their favorite wrestler, WWE mankind or anyways. He made of parade in and his mom and dad literally cried because How was your favorite wrestler and he knows exactly what they're going through, because there, his son makes Mick Foley son has autism and so to see that support go out to raid in, like that. Just blew me away. That's very cool
I don't know what is in store for you in the next life, but I send some sort of sainthood I don't know about that? I just hear your whole life is dedicated to helping people. It's very humbling man. It really is, I mean everything you do. Is helping other people, your your goals and your desires even for you fighting with it with people They don't know some people, don't know you got back into fighting so that you could raise awareness for fight for the forgotten and you know became a. World class heavyweight. You really became version of yourself than you were when you're fighting in the UFC yeah. You know, and then I think, also through rough feel of auto yeah training with him. Your changes are, skills, came up big time, yeah, big time, and I think this is what I've learned through a fail and through guy out here Name Ed, my let that become a friend these guys say it's usually it's either a filler edit says it's usually the person, with the most reasons that usually when
or the person, with the most reasons, usually wins in you're fighting Anderson Silva in his prime. That's true, that's he must've, had a lot of reasons so good. Just certain people mad. It doesn't matter what you believe they're going to fuck you up, yes, but but but in your? Why and for anyone? It was for you, it's like how to be a love that that quote, you have in our our programs called heroes in waiting right. We use a be the hero of your own movie will be your own hero of your own movie, an after you become that hero be a hero for someone else and let them know they can be the hero of their own movie, yeah and so our premises. What is a hero? It's not someone was supernatural strength or superhuman power, Sakshi, some with a humble That just sees a need and takes action. They don't need Instagram likes. They don't need the exposure with they do it, because it's the right thing to do. Yeah, and so how can we just see a need and take action, make a difference, be the change you want to see.
Where do you see yourself in like one thousand and fifteen years? Do you do yourself pursuing this exact same thing. In a past the or you're fighting anymore yeah. Do you see yourself just continuing fight for the forgotten? You think? That's probably going to be your future fight for the forgotten as well. We became an official five one c three charity last August, so as more of a passion project before that now we're official five one see three of his as of August. We've had since that time, more than three thousand owners from all fifty states, very cool with square space is denounced using square and the cash ops doings out a doubt. It's amazing fifty eight
Different countries have donated, while fifty different countries joke and that's the that's a quarter of all you're raising awareness. I mean that was that that incomes you share in the the platform with me, so that I can get the word out there. I mean I want to fight for the freon to outlive me. This isn't just Yassin Project of of Justin ran. I want to be how many people are involved in it now men from the organizations on the organizational side. We have five voting board members, we have seven and we might take that up to nine We should tell people that we're gonna be doing a charity event in LOS Angeles, we're just trying to get a venue we were. We were trying to move it now to the first quarter of two thousand twenty. What we're going to do a charity show at one of the big theaters in EL, a yeah. That's going to be incredible. Yeah, that's gonna, be so fun. We get together on my funny friends, I have some fun well, I know a lot of people want to go. I just got to record with MIKE Tyson
and he told me to tell you what's up, I'm gonna do it shows do it, I'm so scared! I couldn't do it during this month, Is this? Is over until yeah? You don't do it do that this month? That's funny that MIKE Tyson has become this crazy, we'd activity. Yeah yeah in in, his resort that he was telling you guys had it's amazing land with weed what they're going to do they're doing concert's there and she and he could stay there. Well, so what he's going to do- and hopefully this isn't- I'm not committing him to it, but they kind of said we're going to do this, for this fund raising tournament that we're doing right now, the competition there. Give away and what we'll have to update people later, but for fifteen twenty twenty five thousand. Dollars, someone donating they're going to get like an exclusive vip experience at Tyson Ranch there, so you get to hang my typing into hang with MIKE Tyson and you get to Hwy lecture and tour. Studio and hot box in. I think you get to sit in on an episode or something yeah
something like that and it's going to be a higher ticket item so that way, they're like it's, not just some crazy person. That's very cool but they're doing that. I was thinking there might be a way we can talk about this more afterwards, but we maybe give a fan experience to someone at the comedy show we could give like a vip front row tickets or something like that. If someone donates to help kick start our fund raising competition, because what we're doing right now last year raised one hundred and thirty, Five hundred and thirty seven thousand this year, we're shooting for two hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand and then we want it every year to it become kind of the Premier fund raising event of the martial arts world, the combat sports world, where everyone knows about this charity event, and then you can win once in a lifetime experiences with martial arts superstar. Hours or personalities where things like that to where we could build it into a sustainable. This is going to bring in seven figures.
You're a million dollars a year and then that we, we know our budget. How many wells we can drill how much land we can get. How many forms we can start a how many kids here we can help with the martial arts, career It takes us close to five hundred dollars to get into the martial arts academies with the bully Prevention curriculum. Now. Is this expands, as fight for the forgotten expands and you do more and more work in the Congo. Do you anticipate moving to other parts of the world so we already in Uganda right. We started that last year, but we really kickstarted it April. With this big kind of celebration on new land, five acres, Because it Dustin's donation we're going to take that up to thirty more acres, so thirty five acres in Uganda. We want to get that two hundred. We want to get it to even more than that. There's a potential that, with fight the forgotten. We could potentially start up a social enterprise or what are those called b corps or something like that,
where is a social entrepreneurship gig, where we start up, maybe a coffee farm, maybe a honey farm in these mountainous regions and the piggies can have a sustainable job. They love coffee and honey. Those are two things that they love coffee and hot. And honey. It's funny there's this, but John G is a pygmy man, Grand Father and elder in Mobic, Hulu, village, berjanji he's actually in the in the book, picture with my wife, leaning over and she's squatting down, and she still as tall as he is and she's in a full squad, and she so he's a really. Ok, but this one time I saw him. His grandkids had just rated up honey high for a beehive and they just had honey all over
your hands their arms, their faces, look like against them know they get stung, it's totally crazy yeah, they start a fire at the bottom and then they throw a vine around it. And then they just walked up with your feet and you're, holding onto the vines again Jesus and it's crazy. You take an axe up there and then just start backing into the tree with africanized colonies, which are killer bees, which is so there's stealing from killer bees are gangsters are gangster there how many stealing money from killing all my god and no one else. Everyone else is freaked out by it. How many things do they get hundreds hundreds, but it's worth it so they start that fire underneath in the smoke goes up. So that helps keep him off then, if two people climb up it the all person's job on the back is to have these leaves from a twig and they just are hitting the bees off of
buy rating the hive. Do you remember when everybody was worried that africanized killer bees were going to come over here and kill us all? Yes, I would like a big twenty years ago how the killer bees have been spotted in New Mexico came up came, but then they married right ends. Without him CBS right. I think they said they would have to worry about those Arby's. But when they went down to the Amazon and came up here, those would be dangerous. Yeah, so these guys they do this they and hunting they they catch in a flag or something like how they they put in a basket basket basket Oh here it is there you go in India. This is some guys doing. It said pretty much the same exact thing: yeah, just those are those are the colors. Those are the killer, bees yeah! Those are. From these positive changes to strategy same strategy, except for the team you can reach in and grab bees this guys an asshole. What are you doing man you guys seen that there's a certain type of honey
that has some sort of psychedelic effect. It's a very popular honey. I want to say Nepal somewhere. Is it Nepal yeah? and these guys they climb up to get this shit. It's like on the side of cliffs like see if we have anything on this, yeah see these guys use these ropes to climb up to get the rope, look sketchy as fuck that homemade shit right. There. So they this honey hunting work is very it's the craziest thing. I've seen people do, but these guys this is honey, two hundred feet in the air. It is a different kind of honey yeah. For some reason, this honey makes a trip balls because it's a vice documentary, the nepalese honey that makes people hallucinate so they add something into it. No, no! No! No! No! to do with whatever these plants, these guys are getting. The policies are yeah, so they're making a psychedelic honey, just naturally, yes, natural. While so you are
and that and meet Jesus. That seems dangerous So maybe maybe it's like a mild MIKE reducing type? That's true! I don't! So we see those yeah so like that, that's what they just grab it and eat it. Honeycombs deliver hunter yeah, so these ads. I think, there's a video on my Youtube James. You can find of these kids climbing these trees and. Justin. Wren fight for the forgotten is the Youtube Channel and there's this kid that I put a gopro on his head because he was just climbing trees like crazy until the canopy of the rain forests he's like nine years old. Oh my god kinds, two hundred feet in the air he looks down at us. It's a twelve. Video or something we could fast forward to see if any kind of safety harness no he's literally just doing it shimmying up it, he doesn't even have a volume he's doing it with his arms in his thighs and he's just my daughter scaling it
scaling and he looks down on us. I can barely see him in the tree. Still he's like over two hundred feet tall, and was he getting up? There will practice for two different things: he had his bow and arrow up there, so he could shoot nest and shoot birds out of nest in the trees, from two hundred get up to in feet up but he's shooting to other trees. Oh my god, and then that's how they collect honey. We got him. This is a little guy this is him going from a little tree to getting over to a huge tree next to it, but that's in both he and I lived there for three months. I think in this village, and he's seriously just scaling the tree. Yes, it Misia whites. If we can have sound, it's just him breathing, hello hi, how guy is so let's sweating and he just keeps going until he gets
And once he gets to the big part of the tree, I should go back back a little bit more 'cause. He starts just zooming down. He gets to the top and looks down at us, and whenever you see us, I think this is where it is maybe well whenever he looks down. Look at that. Oh boy, And that's ninety one is at the very top and he's just he's in his hands and feet yeah. He literally has no rope, no fine, the jobs. You should be under him to catch him yeah Why would someone from two hundred feet up with break rooms? Arms? It's like it's wish me there's there's one other video, oh yeah, this right here. Look at this sharpshooters of these little mice, they put ice in the middle of the the village, and shoot them with bows and arrows yeah. That seems mean is kind of mean, but he got rid of us eat them, yeah, yeah, the so that's there.
Practice, so they show grab like four five: that's a wrap by the they shoot these rats, and then they eat them. Yep, not this one. I have for strike not good. It's kind of stringy I've had python. I've had cobra cobra. I've had monkey. I think I'm video monkey on there that's dark. Is there Video of the kid with the machete. What's it like eating monkey does that you have to eat one right after this was right before the Ebola Breakout didn't know about it and then all sudden Ebola in there like it's from eat, monkeys, oh Jesus! I didn't you tell me you could've bullet. Well, we all is it monkeys? None of us have ever had a bola. What kind of what method of cooking is it like? A smoke monkey just smoke, it yeah rapid banana leaf yeah. It's a very.
Like stringy, hard muscular animal, my friend, Steve Rinella had some, I think in Guyana. He create a monkey, see this look at this kid here he's with a machete, the machetes. As long as that kid is tall, was he doing shop guns sorry. I just dropped it on the tree for firewood, but that kid looks like he's five years old. Is that he's younger than that? I think how old will you might be five? You may be right four, five and they're, letting them use a machete to chop down a function tree. Do they close this kids find the trees with that? The kid believe himself climb that tree. He was doing that with bows and arrows with bows and arrows. He Mr so hard. Like just hanging out by him. Tell us, as kid is right next to him, How many of these guys that live in these villages are injured uh, I mean they get injured from time to time, They are super smart with the blades I'm going to grow up without
I mean so it's like getting cut, I mean just injured, injured, there's no medical man, they roll their ankles through the forest. They when they're, climbing stuff knee ligaments yeah. They, one of doing they just heal, heal up like, by give it rest, which kind of cool about the forest life village life? Is they literally they up early right when the sun's coming up there they're up there down when the sun goes down, and so they are in tune with nature good day, during the heat of the day right three hundred to five hundred pm there, normally just chilling napping or in their hut to where they are out of the sun and so they're up working before that they rest and if they need to go back out before the suns down, they go back out a second time. Hunting gathering comeback in prepare it was there
primary look. What are they trying to hunt down so for us? Antelope forest hog, wild hog out there um lots of different kinds of birds parrots, different things like that and then using bows and arrows home in Bozeman hours right who made yeah definitely in the dangerous ones. I'm going to have to bring you bow and arrow. I haven't done that. I have one that is that I really love I'll see if I can get to get you one, but They will give you two arrows. One has a metal blade and ones just a sharpened tip, and they ask you which one would you use on an antelope and you choose which one would you choose and then you ask which one would you use on a bird and then you choose which one would you think between a blade and the sharpened would which one would you use on? The antelope did use blade, ok and then on a bird which one would you sharpen
Yeah, that's what makes sense to our mind right, yeah, it's actually the opposite. How come they use the metal on the bird because that's going to kill the bird right, they use the wouldn't it because they dip that in poison og, and so that's what they take the bigger animals out with is so they just have to hit it anywhere in its body. It's in there. Now it does that poison infect them, no need. It works out. That's out of this through these two things as these berries indies, not roots, but it's like a root fruit. Not it's this poisonous black potato that, like they mash up and if you, if you mess with that stuff, the potato get smashed or something and that oil, or that whatever Saba Nexus out, because it because I was I was wrong, but it also is is gets strychnine yeah another day of the day, but you have to boil it for, and yeah yeah
Do all the the cassava and then then the but I know I was white side. Yes, and this is a this is a lack of Taito, They know they use the the strychnine from cassava to poison things as well, and they have like a in Rainelle is Show Steven show the mediator which is on it is on Netflix. And no, the mediator is is website. Mediator is the Netflix show, but he went to Guyana and a couple trips to think Bolivia as well, and when you go through the jungle like this, they have this incredibly intricate process for cooking and making this cassava edible, and these buckets that they have this sort of process stuff
as they're doing it is fuqing hugely toxic, and it's just laying around and my kids are playing near it and the kids have to be so careful. Now the parents have to be so careful with the poison yeah, because once they dip those tips of those arrows, they don't come back with them. They dispose of 'em the food was just too dangerous to change. However, on the kids, the toddler's at our surround yeah as toddlers walking around those areas are ready there. They have a bow and arrow before they're able to walk so they're, just the sharpened wooden tips without the poison dipped so it's it's awesome and their way of life is so incredible, and so that's where we're trying to help the pings of Uganda right now. So our trip, even Brady, who you know Brady, was messed All of us were just like over there saying, but my I messed up shock shock and not just culture shock, but
What is it whenever you? It's not just PTSD like just jolted, with with the devastation of like in shock and shock. In fact, we could play that one video. Now it's a documentary trailer that cash app helps fund, I'm friends of Joe Rogan and This trailer videos just firmer our last trip to Uganda. It's got sound but I'll speak over. It But it kind of sums it all up. This little boy named polo you'll, see in his eyes what I mean when you see this boy's eyes. You'll know just some of the devastation that he's gone through and seen you can see like eyes are the windows to her soul. You can see the heart heartbreak in this kid, but I think it's called the bot watch trailer video, Or something like that Jamie, but it's it's got a opening where it's just like thanks to cash app, but then it shows
How long is their strong yeah it's about a minute and a half okay will double play this then we got around to saying okay, one more thing to give you. So that is in the simile key national forest- that's Kinsey to in the red, but they were, in from their ancestral home and their struggling survive This is on that one acre of land that they live on, that some mushrooms, but they live in eight. Structures on this one acre of land just to live in this unknown village and literally don't have any food or clean water, that's where they live in the shelters. That's what they've been given when they were kicked out of the forest with
no way that's the sewage running through their village and just being abused, yeah beyond imagination, because they think there a cure for HIV. That woman was raped because these men thought they would be cured. That's a little polo there. You can see in his eyes and thought they'd be cured by having thanks for the by collecting their blood and so Paulo was held down in? That's the new land. Five acres that we were able to get him. So this is a celebration just kind of transitioning into dancing with the drums. Chiefs, but now they have hope that they're going to survive and here's the for the getting new water and they're in class. For the first time they were told but they couldn't go to school, that they wouldn't be, that they couldn't learn um and now. Actually, the top five students at the school over the last six years are all bought, Twa pygmy children. It's the new well that they're drinking from one of 'em, so this
celebration, they're learning, some MA, uh and we're there tilt, come alongside him and say: hey. How can we put our vision to defeat hate with love our mission to knock out bullying worldwide? How can we do this in a practical, sustainable way? And so yeah Joe, like that little boy APOLLO, that you saw his scars on them from people holding them down and slicing them open, collecting his blood, because I think he's the cure for HIV or the women? They are being sexually assaulted and terrible stuff. But what we want to do to kind of sum up. This documentary, when we get there is, is have new landform them back in school than farming for themselves and I'm selling it at the markets and then yeah and then also
stateside here. So we kind of the two things to wrap up two or three ways that people could support. If your martial arts Academy, Jiu Jitsu School, you do MMA Thai Kwando wrestling boxing. Any of that you can join our year, fund raising competition in Top ten are going to win incredible prizes Jim renovations for every there's, also a raffle prize where every five hundred dollars raise. You get the opportunity to have your gym trainer and this is a horrible on our site for the forgotten dot com. So for the fighters were gotten dot. Org get, does take you there too, okay. So if I order out of we're good heroes, okay, if, if you're an individual- and you want to support that way- we just started our fight club and so our fight for the Freedom Fight Club first rule is: you do speak about Fight Club Lynn said we don't but it's our monthly giving club people can give five dollars so the price of a latte and that
make a sustainable nonprofit where we know what our budget is every single month. How many wells we can drill how much land we can get, how many people here stateside. And this is again all on fire for the fight for the forgotten dot. Org Fight club is on fight for the forgotten dot org. That's our monthly, giving and then, if you want to support rate in there's that go fund me and you just look up the hash tag, stand with rate in in you can give to him personally r, a y d e n stand with Brayden and you can go check. My instagram, the big pygmy or twitter, the big big me, and that will point you into the direction of stand with freedom and then, as we come to a close with silver October at one thing, for you, it's just one thing. Well, it's a little big though BO going to have to go over here. What is it this? Is?
Jesus Christ got a lot of friends bro what happens when your nice guy whiskey? How dare you so I know silver October is coming to an end. What does that made out of? I don't know you tell me liberal tears, it's right next to it's made of the bottom of Johnnie Walker, Gentle Walker, Blue. Wow. That's so that's the blue, which is like eighteen or twenty years, a smart way of recycling. The the bottom of these containers to that's. Actually, here check this out real quick. I have no fight for forgotten coasters very cool, and so this right here just be cycled bottles of this guy literally recycles these he's a fundraiser full time for non, fits, so he makes his glasses out of the bottle. That's very cool at a t does all that he give seventy five percent to fight for the. For
dude. Your kindness and your generosity has inspired a shitload of people. Man, it's a beautiful thing really is. I can't thank you enough, please, man. I can't thank you enough. I always feel like a piece of ship when you come here now compare myself my god! It's guys he's going get malaria and fucking worms and he's always traveling over there helping people and your focus is always about helping people that are in need. It's it's very humbling man. It really is it's very admirable, Thank you. I appreciate have a home here, man anytime, you they come on and talk about something they have. Thank you, brother appreciate it talk to you soon. Absolutely everybody excited for the comedy show hell yeah. Thank you one for tuning into to the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to simply safe around the clock, home security for just fifteen dollars a month. Simplisafe is one a ton of awards from scene at the New York Times wire cutter and you can get an awesome deal right now:
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