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#1378 - Greg Fitzsimmons

2019-11-06 | 🔗
Greg Fitzsimmons is a writer and stand-up comedian. He also hosts a podcast with Alison Rosen called “Childish” that is available now on iTunes & Stitcher.
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again experience, but rather a re Joseph so rocked over is over, but we were lab smoked cigars during so rocked over for whatever reason, but they do get your eye. They do give you a nice little by they do yeah. It's weird, that's like thought of as being a sobriety thing. Is it really if you're smoking people smoke cigarettes, whether sober here, although some fuckin a guy's? Well right? Those guys, always if you guys will tell you, you can't have a non alcoholic beer ideal. I haven't even had to drink it'll, be fucking thirty years next month that I haven't had a drink. Can you have like one or two
who, when many died, and mainly dad had some scotch that's a weird one right I had like adding get drunk, but I had like a few shots. Did you would feel weird about that have been all those years? I think I felt so weird about him being dead, that the whole thing felt surreal anyway and I haven't really Haven'T- had the desire, kids, they had kept down desire, it's more of just like you. You feel like there's times where you want I just do what everybody else is doing, and you You see everybody getting more mellow and relaxed and social, and I'm in a situation where you know it's a bunch of people. I don't know Well, maybe it's your kids friends
kind of situation, less glass, a wind of dude dude, but she did the the couple glasses scotch and then you didn't go right back to it. Not you became twenty one year old, drunk Gregg again right. Well, let s do with my father and he was an alcoholic, and I saw I saw his depression deny the same depression ass. He does, and I felt I felt like
When I drank it, wasn't always for fun. It was lot of times. It was like dealing with feelings and bull shit like that, and so I saw him as an unhappy guy who was unfulfilled and a lot of ways- and I saw the alcohol- is a big part- a why his life wasn't, but it could have been right and I just sort of feel like you know- maybe maybe I could drank, but maybe I can't why fuck wit now, why fuck with it to tell you what man I just got done with a whole month of being sober, and then I had my first drinks this weekend. I feel I should no kidding followed shit. Had a couple. A glass of wine went to play, pool and zone a hard time focusing on the ball holes like looking, three glasses of wine here, that's all takes three glasses of wine and having a hard time seeing it took like because there were. These are all just a little off took
Our for my liver process did enough for a good play pool. Well, you do you think you, just last year your tolerance Halloran set for short hair maneuver, never been a big drink or anyway, but it was interesting doing sets that's, what's always interested. So, like a shot before gone stage, I was introduced, shouted Jack, yeah foregone, say just blue satin Is it view that little bit whisk big, showed one shot? Yeah yeah brine Reagan, one shot of frozen peppermint shops before he goes Garth Peach, snobs tv like this game, but is not necessary. Now known stuffily not mean a delay, shows this month, stone cold, sober, but it's.
We're, though the human condition that were born with this set of you know this brain and as these neurological pathways in this relationship to the universe and the people around us, and that we want to whether its smokey potter, drinking or taking opiates. We want to change. The natural state of our brain is not fucking. Weird because it's all we talk about all peoples. I will do what you as we did. We got factor changed. My brain I made myself all weekend I made myself dumber stupid shit. I should have never done has in our natural state. We don't do goofy shit about right. But then I learned when I quit drinking that I could be justice. Crazy people arise. I quit I became out my say friends of the same bars to four in the morning we go to a wedding I'd be the last guy in the dance floor, first gown the dance floor and I just was like you know
this doesn't have to change me you now here you can just enjoy fun. He just enjoy fun takes a little bit. More I think you have to sort of break. Was a little bit more as opposed to just to boost as that for you, but you can still get there does a good way of looking at it. The one one thing that I found infects. My writing marijuana like steroids for writing. Oh my goodness, really frank, oh my goodness Yeah yeah this dude this weekend, citizens start again high again, I'm fucking my notebook full, no shores, crazy ideas, man, half more dog shit for J, F, half of them at least half would be your doing pretty well pretty good, but I got a few that there's something nasty or something in this one. Definitely something in this one.
You get high in any re. You were you do it during the day. Well, I didn't do any shows this weekend. Those New York for the EU of Sea- and I had some my friends and I was gonna- see, see, was down in front Tommy, sauce, plain pool with him and intricate came with me too. He placed pool to those decided not to communist weekend MIKE I'm here for the EU of sea I'll get a chance to see. Tommy is one my good friends from fuckin twenty five years ago. More twenty eight years ago, maybe I'm I known for almost thirty years, have known for fuckin ever you know we become old men together here, but you know we get together in play. Pool till I took part in the morning Avenant chance. Do that forever really get just do it once a year
When I see him so decide not doing shows, but just wobbly plain ask is getting all these ideas generally, I like writing at night when everyone's asleep, that's my favorite time to write, elect, come home from the store sit around with the laptop and adjust our writing to force myself this right for an hour or so
just just right, just free form doing it all down have a subject to start. I don't try to write like a joke form or try to write like s eyes and try to extract ideas, those and then turn those material, yeah yeah. That's the way to do it. It saying it's like ices, Saint called the writers way, which is this great great, waited if you're transaction for writing, but just to get your creativity flowing and one of things you do. Is you get out of bed in the morning? And you don't have your coffee? He just take a piss. You off take a piss. You can shit like. If you want a shit, you can shed new out to your last shit over as my fact. I think that probably helps a lot now. I don't want the wash it insoluble trailer right. Also, what better feeling then you're anus, like report after delivering like that, it's just that dump of lumber is the little halo with a log floating
in the water and then you sit and you right for you right. Three pages nonstop need all at the pen stop and then you go about your day and you get out. It's amazing what your subconscious will get when you just keep depend flying and, like you said, a lot of its garbage, but within it there's gonna be a couple colonels that a good. Yet that's how creativity works at me I mean I'm, not I'm not a consistent hit or another five hundred hitter terms. Creativity, chance for you have half is amazing happened. We may live under this amazing here in a most of its garbage yeah, so does it go back into sledge gets frustrating reading some shit. I wrote here with a fucking, but I know what I'm doing when I'm writing I'm just trying to see if I can dig some out down just like amount there with a metal detector deed tee to do to do today. Some guy just found some fuckin incredible
ancient treasure, using a metal detector, real yeah see which fights Evanna Jamie against yeah. I want to say what arrows it from shipwreck, No, no. That was a different one that was at those got yeah. That was a crazy one to a guy found a fucking shipwreck that was on the beach that was exposed by crazy storm like a storm came and it pulled away so much of the San that a fuckin shipwreck was there. Guys are walking his dog. What the fuck is this. This is a boat, that's crazy! Three million pounds is that pounds war horde of. Ex thousand gold artifacts from six fifty eight d uncovered in Average Shire field using
A two dollar meddled a to pound metal director metal director for two dollars. Why the pounds a euros? What is that one? I think that spread out hands so from six, fifty eight d, so six and fifty years after Jesus is murdered. While you that shit we have cornered status, stood at the fur on the top we're looking at a gold helmet. This really intricate carved gold, with a fuckin like a moloch affirm arc like it in detail. I wasn't corroded at all and that saw all our allies years. The ass pretty amazing. Where Staffordshire was in it said it was in a field right. This wasn't so this wasn't salt water! I gotta go beautiful! That shit is that's amazing, a scabbard boss Monday. We note that what a boss it was a boss, scabbard boss was, I mean, which is part of an anglo Saxon Horde
Found by Terry Herbert Terrace Bowling right now, what did Terry do to be sell? It I mean: do you keep so you got to keep some of it? Are you okay? What happened? sold to museums for three point. Two, eight five million with the funds were split between them. He was metal sector in the field of farmer, Fred Johnson. Also, they split him in Fred split it up. Both got. Millions have not bad hounds. Two dollars sought the same thing about twenty, so is super born. Yet eighty percent of the items identified were fittings from weapons, mostly swords and research. Believe it's remarkable, so many were made from gold. Nine pounds of gold included were fifty incredible rate. Are gold sword pommels, as well as parts of a golden helmet, fucking, amen, the and Ages period of Anglo Saxon England. Literally, this was a period when gold
was suddenly much more available? Was converted into beautiful objects for the warrior elite? Wonder why was more available? What what makes gold more available? Do they figure out how to pull it out? Roundish number it they had started grab and from other countries. Yet I guess I was their own local gulled. Look at this in the quotation on an ogre. This collection includes is believed, a battle shrine with the procession no without burn means professional cross. Suggesting christian emblems were used as good luck. Charms for battle on it is a quotation. The book of number, which reads rise up Lord and let them and enemies be scattered and let them that hate the flea before thee. Yeah. When you love to hear people talk back right approach, so confusing like Games thrones, they talk, I guess, but they didn't awkward ass. They had some weird lingo back. What came of throws obviously fake, but
a long time ago. Right and I'm sure they research I mean everything about that show is so authentic. I'm sure they went back and tried to find the way people spoke at that time million relic is not really about time. It's about a fantasy land will it was I think it was the war the roses it was based on, which was I think, round the first century. Wasn't it gotta think that fuckin dark nights or yeah white nights. Or what are you know? They mix a lot of it together, king, but I think that was a point where the whether the british Empire was divided into whatever was five or six different. This year that we're all fighting for the throne. Apparently going to do a prequel? Now, like those guys, they were not going to do it they're going to cancel it but they're going to do it now,
Erica cancel the irony I cannot, but there was something a couple of days ago that said: they're they're doing preview hundreds of years before that's about the target areas. That's awesome, fuck year gap, After that you Fox come on everybody, so they can always have new people. The red wedding, wholly share area. Each will finally issued a statement on the cancelled cancelled thumbs down over what what what do they say. Their statement that bring it back artless. So then, you must pay that's why you want to know what is the statement? Do they have a good excuse? we saw. Can we hate my says? It is said that before the FARC, what part of the
ms at who's, the guy there did rode all the young they wrote. The book said it was based on any road. The first George Martin tour Martin wrote all them until they get to the last season at last two seasons, and then he ran esteem and that's why they weren't is good. People say that last season was in as good as the rest, because it was the the two shall runner said it that it. I thought the last season was excellent up until the last ups last up so kind of like how do we hear was made the wheelchair king, let's make em gay to yelling at me like this. This is a common man. Yeah yeah they didn't they didn't. You know what you think about the last. That of any show is, can you get a large member? How much Shit Seinfeld got philosopher pursued us because they didn't do anything they punted they didn't go for yeah the beautiful thing about Newsradio, the last episodes we didn't know it was her last episode
we're going to get picked up. How many seasons five the ratings were. Good last season, we're like we did pretty good here, delicate or why public is filled with dead. Here you know and love, it's came back, loves, replace fell, but how many sees that just one? Yes, the final season, maybe I mean who knows it- was also the problem with the news. Radio was news, It was not owned by NBC, ok, so it was one of those shows where that we moved at least eight times during the five years we were on the air, your time, slot yeah just always moving, and this before the internet. You can tell me it was not
Tweet Hayin Israel's can be on Monday at eight o clock, but you don't give a fuck it every day we are gradually dvr right now was to you. You found it when it was on the actual lucky and they didn't advertise that much in this radio moving Friday at eight you know so I could just would move around. We moved olive oil. Is it I'm and be saying, and yeah, you have ever get leading. Sometimes one time we were on the Thursday night, which. The Seinfeld and friends, and we created guerrilla number to the world that heavy launched you were there now now on our member, how we D launched member both our member one time we want Thursday, nobody was so excited daily on Thursday will be right after Caroline the shitty. Who is to call member Caroline? You say it was a few, though shows like the single guy, like what is this
we want it on for ever because they were owned by someone out there NBC or someone went to deal NBC Warner Brothers or whoever was now that's. The weird thing about, like television shows you can last for ever. If you have a good lead in and then someone good after you cause people just slack jot and keep that tv right. That's how it used to be at least now think that models can out the window. Now now they take that that sweet, spot aft their number one show and they try to launch something that put something they like in there to get it legs once it's good. They try to create that. Want that to be the leading for another show: it's like you fuck, it's like baseball, ranging baseball right, but who the fuck would mean like whose watch tv with commercials now like who's sitting there and actually watching tv with commercials like how much time do you have and do you not know
but there are so many shows that you could watch that. Don't have commercials and you just watch those and record that one and then come back and watch him when it doesn't have commercials or fast forward through the commercials get Hulu ten dollars a month and watch the history of television from pilots. I go back and watch pilots on Hulu, that's the fucking greatest about acts that taxi pilot was so fucking heart warming mills- oh my god, it was about Alex Krieger had a daughter that he hadn't seen it was a strange from. It was basically like a dead, be dad and is about him reconnecting with her and then second half of the episode, was all of them in a Fuckin New York taxi driver down a Florida, so he could meet his daughter nowadays. It has to be like art. What's the simplest, most basic storyline that lets you you gotta go
to know each character. Each relationship to great two or three great act breaks, there's so much criteria that go into the structure. Just no room for anything where's. The diversity mercy, where's the inclusiveness right inclusivity. When the medicine, whether southern Irish yeah yeah, I can't just make a whack. Well you mean you kind of can curb. Enthusiasm is still that this aid be oh yeah, but the networks have done much while their works did cool stuff like the office thirty rock was kinda interesting. Well, the dumbest thing in the network's for sure are the presidential debates, the fact that they take these people that running for the most important job in the fuckin known universe and make it without a time. Thank you. Thank you. Miss Thank you, Mr Santer, gratitude. I thank them. Congresswoman! Thank you! Thank you, MRS Congresswoman you're. Out of time. In eighty seconds, just fucking spell out as many words and get your point across try to go viral.
Got like the day. The also consider like on the edge of the they got the last podium on the left, lines by taken a shot at the real candidate, as we heard the Democratic Party Juno shortly. Makes the main Gallagher bad because he's so they get they get a window down. The feel of I think, coupled people just dropped out, beta Rock just dropped out shocking as other guys in written all over it at the beginning or at the beginning on here? He never did he, but he Is this guy that he got hot from running against Hooty Run against TED crews in Texas, Texas of all places he's running against the guy who's, a fucking? You know ouch conservative and he comes out, as is bleeding our liberal and almost win sentence like all the sudden Texas is not a red state, it start to become like a purple state purpose. Good word for both Ostiense very weird right eye
This super blue area in a red state yeah, but it's I've got a lotta cowboys and guns and barbecue here at such a great place. Fucking. Gray plants is one of the best places on area really is, and people figured that out to you go there in the fuckin traffic is absurd yeah. What were you all here here? Oh if its awesome there's a desert great place to shoot, pool their called the Jackal up Jack, a land check, a lantern Jackal up and down it's just like you just go in there and fuckin everybody says I ain't gonna shoot a game, beer ex great fuckin, music on the Jew Box, and I love that place yeah, it's not while the there a little you mean the kind of where that it's supposed to be kind of cool, so they act
lay I'll keep Austin we're those shirts by the way, if you wear one of those four can t shirts. This keep Austin we're T shirts, you're part of the problem. You not where you now we're in Europe. If your solemn and your piece of shit, you just you fucking it all out before you can spot your fucking doing those those Hollywood lights in one the premier yonder, I as a spot yeah yeah, come ruin it. Let's make a document about why it's cool. When I first started going there, though man I was just stunned. I was like what a cool fucking place. People are educated and aware, but also saw you have a southern accented Texas accent, but there also UK did in very friendly and open minded, it's the very unique place: great fuckin music gather on play and I'm gonna CAP City Hall, Shet, if every clubs greatly only club. I did this whole year like on the no shit later once and I'm gonna yeah,
I was about for five months after my special and adjust put together an hour, but I cannot go on the road with yeah in autumn, like this. Does good, let's go to capture the bang, our teachers and I, like you, insist that great place it's a fun place. I've had so much fun there like that. That club is just its Scott fun soaked into the floorboards. Do you know it's like just a fun, it's a club where I mean so many great comics perform their and soon they got good taste yeah. You know he had a cure chose, I mean they get dig it all in all kinds of comedy, like Maria Ban for it'll. Be there one week next week, it'll be fuckin, Doug, stand, hope or something like that. You know they're all over the place, but it's not that town. Now, that's the only thing is yet to take a little lubricant town, it's bout yet of five ten minutes out here, but it's at night time. It's fine! The real problem, there's rush hour river real rush hour now yeah, they didn't have real rush hour. Ten years younger
In years, where you get around Austin was no issue. I think it's where young kids get out College down when they used to go to San Francisco, now they gotTa Austin yeah. There's a lot of textile up here. There's a lot of the Tec business on its there, too does allow shit there on its their share, moved on it on Jim there, as well all the factors that everything their yeah he's going there might not that often now, maybe once a year now board meetings, you have board meeting Looking at your watch or checking your fucking phone checking my instagram and see if anybody posted a good didn't, kill himself, Meme, Osaka nasty man? What a story a story
So now what did they say that it looks like he was chimera? Yes, brother hired a real fuckin, autopsy God check it out, including that guy Michael bad and from that each bill autopsy show doc. I said he was murdered hooting, I might add TAT Jim over, that show HBO topsy. Now it was a great show that was on basically pre internet or you would washes wacky fuckin stories of like people. They got busted murdering people by this. This one really good, autopsy coroner, and this coroner doktor, Michael bad and one of the ones on never forget the took this one lady, whose in love this lady and she died in C e, stole her corpse and had it in his house and it put a tube where her vagina was an aid bought cases in cases of perfume tissue is rotting in his bed and you just dowser in perfume and keep fucking her.
Can you put a tube in a vagina so that didn't collapse we could fuck the tube he put a fuck hole and this dead ladys body, the oh, my god dude and apparently, was like. The smell was insane career in this got one of the think, one of the ways they are suspicious. I was its mother fucker by cases of perfume yeah, but he put a mask over a face and you know it s like just the fact that it used to be her ear was enough. I forget his deal, I think I'm gonna say he was a doctor that was- and she was a patient of his and he was in love with her,
yeah, just some duties have fuckin major fuse blow pop yeah. It just goes to show you don't know who it's gonna be it's not just some derelict on a street can be your fuckin. Doktor owe us now. Doctors are just humans gap there, just humans and a lot of them have access to drugs, because the fact that their doctors there's a book called dead. Doctors don't lie, and it was a basically the gist of the book was that a lot of people are dealing with mineral deficiencies and mineral deficiencies or what will its by gaining Doctor Jones, Wallack, so controversial book into his eyes.
Is a fairly controversial but they're not controversial in the sense that, like in animal husbandry in agriculture, animal I wrote for people are very aware that you need to supplement the died of a lot of animals with minerals like, for instance, like gum. So some of the places where I hunt they dont didn't bait animals right. These are wild animals that are in these giant ranches, but when they have like there's a place, New targeted go to its two hundred and seventy thousand acres huge place, but every meal, fucking mile or so they scatter they'll, put these mineral licks and it's a mineral lick so that the the deer and Elk get a min
in their die, because animals like desperately need minerals, and sometimes I don't get enough of it from their diet and particularly from foods where the the ground is deficient and minerals like when you like us to save. You have like your grown corn, mano crops as with a commodity crop Agriculture De Groen, corn, like Fuckin, seven hundred acres just grown corn. Well, when they tell that land like every year that that law and has less minerals like you're, not supposed grow the same thing in the same place forever and the places that are doing it right. They do. It's called regenerative agriculture and there's a real good. It's one of the reasons why you like is good to raise grass FED cattle. In these areas, because the manure from
cattle actually is a great fertilizers, is good and you, and also in a scraps from food fish, indifferent things. You need nitrate. You need nitrogen and not nitrogen, is very difficult to that you know when you want to put it into the ground for fertilizer and all these other different minerals How can a shit you? You have to add that stuff to the soil media, because the topsoil has been so eroded from continuous over farming and that his contention was that most of us, when we even if you're eating like you, know vegetables and you know you're getting stuff at the grocery store, you're getting things that are mentally deficient they're, not optimally mineralize, that's worth, but there's not like. So I take colloidal minerals.
A liquid form of minerals like minerals at come from, there's a type of water that I got a very rich in mineral water that is called glacial milk and basically, what it is is the run off from glaciers that it Harry's at an incredible amount of minerals in it to the point where in the water actually kind of looks kind, a milky, and you can get that in some places some places on earth people their water actually looks like that. It's got so many minerals, and yet these people have like dark hair and the union is health. Benefits are attributed to that right, smart enough to know one another accurate, but there's debt, Lee. Some benefits and health benefit to taking minerals right people good of mineral spas. I mean it was always there. There was an miracles Sir, yes, Sir Detailed minerals are to me here. Glacial milk.
Needs glacial milk in Iceland, leader that crazy, damn so that stuff on arises, fuckin overwhelmingly, packed with minerals stages, bottle that Shin thinking we probably get too many men rules too, There's always like the balance. Well, what is it? What is a good intake like I don't take shit, I think sometimes I take vitamin D. Fervent is good leave her white fellow like yourself, you're, not getting zone Riah right, that's. Why and that's it is eighty three. That's all I take these very good. I take Biotic D. Take I take multivitamin. I take what this call it's a company called pure pure encapsulation, and they have a athlete. Pure pack is very nice. It's real simple will packet. I take not a sponsor. Take this packet just bring with me on the road opening up just take
those are just, and then I also take this. There's a company called athletic greens and they make a really good supplement that I pour into water and very easy and its terrible different shit vitamins, mail that is as bonds or the annex good, that's good too, because its its whole food based. It's not it's nothin, synthesized, it's all based on food, but I think you have a really should take something. You know I mean it so hard to make sure that you're getting all the vitamins it you need from your food, especially when you go on the road. Yet on the road. It's you know less. You know you're getting you eating a really good Ghana, restaurant quality, vegetable highquality me right, tarred hotels. I've got a lot better man in our lifetime. Hotel food used to be garbage about air for airport for airport foods, gotten grow, able,
get lemon aids in air yeah. You get real food at the airport, yeah! That's that's a big issue. Man too big issue for people to go on the road to young on the road like three four days in road eaten fuckin jack in the box. You start feeling my shit. Yeah interfere, Emmi, comedy club food in If the years has not got any better data, either fried chicken wings in except colony, MAGIC Club comedy magic. Second club food. They give you a fuckin serious restaurant stake. There you go there and a legit, excellent dinner. What am I say? I had plenty of dinners there very great. They do have good five houses get burgers to hear. I saw some very good bird, but coming magical. The tops you know it's good to is hilarity in Cleveland. They get the Pickwick and fraud where a strong upstairs yes, I was just there, restaurant I'll just their reality. We, what does he Jesse may mean says Santino Jessie Mae was playing at hilarities.
Over we're at this arena we came down, saw Jesse may, and I had a prime rib. I very real good new cars The others granting loans at play sentient got proportions. Now he did boy. Yes, he did. We don't know where he got it. I'm assuming it was the vegetables. That's a lot of times when people get you get it from mom things aren't washed properly you to sit out like they say that a large percentage of food poisoning cases are salad. Gatt could see that as handled wrong, not washed correctly get. You know, love people, they get eco lie. They get it from salad, because the run off from an animal agriculture run off from the shit. Animal shit gets the water. The Watergate symbolises the lead
or the Spanish is a big ones branch lumping together. But that's why? If you go to a third world country, you don't trust the water stay away from the salad? Oh yes, first, namely saves don't let us in a third country, good point, yeah right leg. He made his meat resonances seared only Sarge Golden, oh yeah, look at any bar Dan, whether he would just go to fuck in Vietnam and go to a street meet shop where there's no running water and he knew gobble down some fuckin whatever, me. No, I mean it was with a used to drink wine when people travel to prevent travellers illness because they did wandering water cause. If he drank what were you gonna fuckin upon somewhere in the trend of saxony out of it back. Then there was no, I mean you're a boil it that's it. You know nowadays eating the of a bunch of different things you could do to waters. We find that you could take wore out of a fuck, it alcohol, even elk wallow. Now it's like a puddle that elk piss
and they wallow around that they get their sent on it. They, especially when their running when our having sex with the female elk they get in and they piss all over the water in their role around in it, and so you, this muddy, puddle and sometimes hikers if you're on some serious fuckin track. You know you doing like tat listen trail or something like that in water scares, you can't find creek you gotta, take the water out of an l, while I have arranged chef friends have done that and the throw it through some filters. Yet they do is they'll. Take it and they'll throw it through filters. Well, they built put it through a biological filter first, so that these are of a filter. That's a pump, but the problem is with those those pumpkin clause. Up cause they're, basically taking sediment and they and then their filtering it now and then get the water afterwards, it still tastes like piss cuz, there's pissing that you're drinking piss you just drinking piss is not contaminated with something that can kill you. So then a lot of times guys, even after that it takes some.
The stairway pen ever heard of a stereo staircase sterilization pain and it uses some kind of light for pool pull ups to say this wrong. Utilizing some sort of light of some sort of forgot? What kind of light? What is it uv like and you, You keep it in the water for certain montages nukes everything kills everything, but still that's amazing tastes like pissy, drinkin piss. Here you deftly drinkin passed so loud times guys will take like they sell these different there's a steady pen. That little thing would that light is spinning around inside your your glass of water and
amount of ounces of certain amount of time, but it's not that much time ship shockingly it's like ten minutes and sometimes guys even throw iodine tablets in water to do. I keep the whole deal's just kill anything. They can fuck you up and just get over the fact that it's going to taste like this and then they also take like there's a bunch of companies like mountain ops. They have stuff that, like you, throw in the water to make water taste better, you drink a glass of that. If you saw Female AL, can she started presenting get hard, you get hard is a rock, I think you'd probably socket else. Did you come here we gave for EL now now it's not gay if it's an ant, the male animals yeah yeah, yeah, interesting. It's here that they should get those
to third world country, some version of that to help people drink water. Yes, yeah yeah. Well, they they definitely do they. They definitely do get filters, indifferent things like that in certain countries. You know where we're rum involved with the fight for the forgotten. My good buddy just and ran he's got a charity where they build wells for the pig meat in the Congo and dumb through this pod cast and through this company a company called a cash app. They ve raised thousands thousand dollars and build a bunch of wells and are in the process of building, and now we ve done it a bunch monitor it's amazing, very cool, but my point being this mother fucker was just here last week and he's got a parasite. They can even identify and he's had a for six months and he's He gets so fucked up like sometimes it works out and then get to the point where his his body turned pale and he starts shaking and shivering, and I have to get him into a shower like Anyone know what it is like. They think,
Do you know what he said it was. They think it was a type of Paris, intestine fact, limes disease recently about it. I think the point of view that an idea they think it's in his brain whatever it is and has been on heavy heavy heavy antibiotics. And of course, one phase. It comes with heavy antibiotics, particularly something called Scipio. Is you don't just get sick from that? You also get your ligaments become very, very lax and they get weak and a lot of people that come off antibiotics for a long period of time. They are subject to injuries like athletes when it gets staff infection. They put you on this heavy dose of antibiotic, but all your ligaments get weak neon upturn. Eurasia K, tearing he's got both of his shoulders are torn, and ethics is probably a connection to the antibiotics oddity how to take to deal with the staff or to deal with whatever the fuck. This sum it this infection is that he's got some very, very strange parasite.
Did they eat those so deep in the Congo, it might be an unidentified parasite. That's part of the problem. These basically like a fuckin lab rat right now and he's got malaria three different times ones, not once through fuckin malaria. Three time did he didn't take the internal areas that still stone, while here one of things he got it and then he said, the anti malaria shit is so bad and it's it's! It's so rough on you that some people would pray to get malaria get treated, and what is this Sophie said that you get there's a toxic sickness that he got from malodor what the fuck was. It called Melodium melodium a type of anti malaria medication that they give to pretty good soldiers, and they find that these guys, it's fucking incredibly toxic and they found it in his brain. They found that he's got he's, suffer
from poisoning from this anti malaria medication. My he was unlike really high doses of this shit to a few live somewhere like that you're supposed to be taken at all the time consulate. What the fuck you know when they built the the melodious with the Panama canal? They went down there. The French tried to dig it fur like fifty fucking years and which would dropping like flies from the validated Noah's for malaria. They had no idea what was going on. I just knew people were getting sick, China mean the scope of that project at that time was insane. I mean they were hand, digging fucking canal from through, like sick jungle, in the middle of the country middle of the country and they were just people getting sick and then they would have eventually France after fifty years since fuck it, and then you just left,
and then, for some reason we bought it for like we can do it down there Meflow Queen for Queen. That sounds like a queef. She met for clean, so we show up and they realize one got it for some, but Spelt spelled out. I put it up, put it up areas with a mellow clean math flow queen sold on the brand names Larry, I'm that's where her of her medication prevent a cheap malaria. Its use represent two started potential exposure and continue for several weeks after potential exposure, and then people get sick off that stuff here. Doesn't it that's tough? It seems wrong. Like an ancient internet, I know, but it didn't seem right. You seems wrong to me. I'm sure it's right, but it just so we go in, and some genius goes its the fuckin mosquito sits we're getting infected from the mosquitoes, so
they've simply got rid of standing water. They just started finding. They had the team's people, everyday would go out and they find puddles and they would get rid of the puddles, and then they went from going like I'm telling you one out of three people is dying, trying to dig this tunnel and they went to Olmos Nobody dying to know. Malaria is killed. Some insane number people we lifted up once I think The rumor is its killed. Half the people who have ever died ever she had been killed by malaria. Why? That was what I have heard. I think it's less than that, but they can. They can definitely determine was killed by malaria, but nevertheless it's us staggering humans, those little dirty mosquito. I think we can get rid of them right, yeah, they're, trying to do that they're trying to genetically engineered mosquitoes that
Carry malaria and then there are also thinking that you know this is really dangerous, really dangerous, that they could just get rid of mosquitos period, but the problem that is man, you don't know how all that shit's connected and aunt what happens if you get rid of mosquitoes without the Beatles. Take over the Beatles start diseases, they start biting people like the what morphs like a mosquito, wasn't always a mosquito. This must be understood right, a mosquito. At one point? I was a single cell organism just like us, and then it became a mosquito and found a really good. Niche right is like this. Welcome mosquito business is the shit Riah? It's like fast food go. You can go wrong. Mosquito businesses, os sure they fucking go crazy. Yeah. All they need is a little bit of water and any living thing that they can take a little sucking drop of blood from did you ever go to my rented, a house in Encino Jerry go to that place? I don't think so. I think it was before you moved out here.
When I first moved out here. I have read this house: an unseen o, noble, lived in it for a couple years and the Fuckin pool had not been taken care of, so the pool was green, lay the hawks, Dick, ok and I looked in the pool, and it was little things were swimming like schools of fish, and I was like what the fuck is this in the pool Argos O bro- that's mosquito larva, although what he was yet Yossi. We gotta, kill this now before you literally in fact, the entire neighbourhood, when the ski those I do is fish. Now she s, women were filled with mosquito ever see mosquito Marm AL. It was so disturbing, I was like I gotta get a hotel, isn't gonna win going, but they had a poor like the drain. The entire pool and Tord gallons of poison in their field, and I couldn't swim once you ve something but
it was so nasty. You can see this little fucker swimming schools of fish. That's amazing! Little schools swear on their while no standing water. He asked any water man. That's all it takes. That's why you got out of fountain little fucking bubbles running We are so so lucky when it comes to bugs out here that now we know box no bugs where we get, we got termites. That's the only thing that they're they're fucking insidious. We built a fence around our house took like six weeks. They put it in and then six months later, this fucking, like little literacy shavings from the vet powder you Motherfukers, brought termite in
that would to my house, and now it's in my house also would have you might say, can you so I probably not really a sewer? What are you? U Plaza, and just a guy who gets sad when things happen, Dante I liars sound, who, having been arsonists and find an ex prime he's. Gonna do take it down did so they brought would have had termites in gear for sure. Well, the wooden had fuckin termites in it really contact the contractor. Remember it was like fifteen years ago with our friends to where he ever dislike. I try to screw some. Into the other downward. It wouldn't hold the fuckin screw powder. On any thing. It's down, you could run through their friends like the whole year, the actual we're not even anybody the high seas to my house.
I write a complete member. That happened. The cooling did you stop that campaign? That was a huge campaign. We ran through the Fuckin house. Yep kisser his sit there boy, I'm thirsty, Finally, I hit that picture with a face on one clear through your house, you, kids, wanna, fuck and bucket of sugar with moderate it boy was delicious area. I had some cool aid a couple years ago. I ate of this place in must set shitty town in California. Fresno is a place called God dammit. I follow them on Instagram, it's a soul food place in Fresno, trying to remember All kitchen said it chef particles. Can you know sometimes in the road you find a place. This just fuckin off the chart. The added, if you're in Fresno is german chef Paul's cafe, I fucking give it to
sums: oh shit, five stars full on soul, food, like fuckin, coward greens, ox tales like phenomenal. And they also had Kool aid. Ok. Well, obviously, I'm going all in I gotta get the coolly to cool aid, and probably a decade is not itself. We thank collate out, and I was there menu thing here there much crazy shit on the menu. That's it right there, but you know it's a great restaurant in a sketchy town, yeah Fresno, sketches, fuck, em you got like like we were driving down the street just like homeless, community skid row. Stye, look like that food dude seriously. Chicken and waffles yeah- oh my god, their food is so good. Their fried chicken's off the charts for the oxtail at oxtail. Chicken and waffles that looks good, so good man that place is amazing.
Just super super authentic, like down home like real hardy comfort food? Is that Kool aid right there, Baby Kool aid on the menu Why not mad just get all the flavors when you're in a place like that, don't drink water, you asshole, get all of labour sketches collate catches have some collate, but that's a red bullies. Isn't it Red bull has taurine in it, and taurine is actually originally from bull come Torreon is stimulant that derive from bulges and Hitler used to actually take bowl come. I think I found out from Tom Papa's until now some Antonia and we googled it s like, but like they figured out a way to synthesize it, but Tarin is one of the actual ingredients in bold.
Jeez Dasso people used to take bulges as some sort of a stimulant. I guess here it is highly Hitler. Oh hi Hitler Ethical records. Show fewer aid off, was a cocaine adjectives injected with bull semen to help a sex life. He also took steroids. It took a lot of testosterone, he suffered from flattened. Known to break when, during meals with his generals, they'll rapid amount I wonder if you say to a guy who's, killing of millions of Jews. That was offensive that its role as a fancy, your farts worse than what you, but I didn't know, where'd you get them your gas and us now when he was a vegetarian, too lazy,
If you need a lot of edged baseload, again wrongly farts young other famous out cause you, your body is breaking down all that fibre yeah, I think it has sent me do also with the the vegetables are breaking down faster than the meat few eat, meat and vegetables and they get caught in your intestine network. Pockets of gas meets blocking it up from entering yeah steam up Creighton gas yeah. Do you haven't farther than now? Manila I enjoy fighting to you and my wife laughs at it. Thank God we wouldn't you ever area where no common. Now it's it's in its I will walk in the room with a fart because she laughs at us. I don't know what it is every fucking time I fart, wishes. She could fight as much as I do, but when she does, she lets me know our family does the whole family farts son farts?
then a table. We all laugh, yes, we're very open about it, but do you think that that's gonna carry on Tuesday s relationship? I hope so I hope so too, but it's hard to find a gal its doubt that I think you got to make him down with it. You see he's a man. He started a little one and then At least you just you know, they smell you take in the other room, but if it's just that- and you know, you're cycle usually know- what's in the tank sayings this region once sometimes you don't? Sometimes you think you're floating air biscuit knew about the AIR yeah Durham. Whenever I get on a plane, I try Get a few out before I get on the plane when I'm on that that ramp, you know. What's weird, this is really strange. I mean really strange and not He bore where this when you are round certain smells like if you're like, say, if your butchering an animal,
Ok, you say we shot an arrow on the field and you're hunting knew you cut it up and you the smells that come from that animal wellbeing farts. Even if you don't eat it. It's we're our shit. Weird and I'd I'd recognise this, but I was confused by it and then it was brought up to me buy friends that at that are hunting guides in Alberta. My friends are John and Jen. The rivets they've got this guide service and one things they hunt is bears and bear is delicious, but you have to cook it right, cuz if you can get trichinosis, it's like pork, but they smell like they're their guts and like when you're butchering them, like lots of people use- was called. The gutless method means you take all the meat out without opening up the gut cavity cause. If you do get that stuff on you like spit specifically, if they ve been eating, something is rotten. The smell harm
that smell comes out in your farts and one of their daughters cancelled school. She did, she stayed home cause. She was farting, so bad she's like I can't go to school farting like yeah. I will be a pariah mt tissue of our time is like tat. You have bear yet like if I've above shot a deer in the field and you're you're you're doing is called quartering it. You gotta, take out the heart and delivery to harden the livery take out, though he take quarter it you take like, though the limbs off you take like the legs off and you take the meat off the back as well. Backs traps in the tenderloin ticklish of and then when you fart, you fuckin smell that animal. In your forts- and this was addressed- actually bump friends. Steve are now on the show mediator. They were trying to figure out. Why, like delegate, this is a real thing right, like everybody talks, How is it getting in you? smelling it.
And then somehow another those molecules come out giggle, always three or body. From you smell yet and breathing in that air and comes out you're far and you smell is horrific. Like gut smell sounds like a good game show You know you go into a room and you come out and the contestants have to guess what animal you just core lamb. I wonder if this case we must be the case with fish to catch a bunch of fish got em, and then you probably smell fish, forts Harding, Post Melick fish, but the weird thing is: it would make sense of your eating it right if you cook didn't aid it. That makes sense, but this is on telling you this is fighting when you ve had none of it, yet you have any any of it, but you fart now smell. I think I've fart thinking far from getting nervous, also like if you're nervous person, I think he fired a lot
they make sense right. You got, starts building all the juices and stuff yeah hairs. Farts can fight strokes, heart attacks and dementia site. That's fed her warnings that girl she farts you face and we heard tat there is gonna high chicken. Scotty has proven that farts can help yourselves to live. What what. Sulphur hydrogen sulfide Asia is well known. A punch and foul smelling guy. In run eggs and flash allowance, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a health care hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases, humanity, and if all those weirdos that pay women a foreigner, face there on something which right those women are here as a team the most confusing porn videos of everything.
We're guys like laying their girl, like you, looked at par, dirty bitch and far the physiognomy Gimme far Mommy they far in their face, so fuckin it so Confusing makes me some my laptop and walk around the block. That's great of seamen, launch of those you! Nobody was now I've. I seen it. I'm just trying to figure out who the first guy was that had the balls to just go like smelling a fart and going. I think this is it I think this is my. You know my son reality its feet right. Some people's farts wow, that's a thing with guys farming in the face The sum some people like a lot of weird shit like it, had grown the pike S back in the day and actually makes me sad, talked or a new Sierra Lynch number cause like us like what we body she selinger piss. She sells like toenail clippings, dirty socks.
Dirty underworld always guys, and then she humiliates these guys. They want her to humiliate them and the worst she trees. If she's, what I believe she refers to, as it should have very smart girl, very pretty too sure. First, where self, as a humiliate tricks like it's, like that's her business of sugar. Fucking house like she's wealthy, because of getting these guys to buy her shit and piss very strange new nickname from my wife humiliate jerks? That's where I met this prostitute. Lake Tahoe shoe should come to my show and she was like you know in Nevada. It's it's all legal and social
What's the weirdest client that you ever had and she goes well, I don't know if you're ready for this, but I met this guy and he he lives in Colorado and he had been in in Nevada. Leichter said she said: she's up for anything send a jet to take her to Colorado. They go to Denver to some five star hotel come up to the suite, as it ensures sweet and come in. She lay. I have no idea what this is about and he does not escape to be weird but snacking to hurt you just go with it. This room service shows up guys get a tray. He's got four plates of hamburger, meet uncooked used hamburger me tips, the guy leaves, and he says what I want you to do. Is take this meat, I'm going to get naked and you're going to take handfuls of it and shove it up. My ass
hamburger meat and he just stood there and she kept stuffing it up stuffing it up. Action, no sex snow, touching her and then back on the jet, backed in Nevada, so he's a wealthy guy Pedro Tunnel money. Oh my I'm surprised that I'm not surprised like. If you said, would you bet your life that there's a guy out there that sent a private jet to get a prostitute and take her to a nice restaurant and then paid to stuff hamburger meat up his ass. If you're wrong, you die right right, a million monkeys typing it, I'm not I'm not! I'm I'm surprised I'm not stun right, I'm not like nowhere believe here. I believe it will end the the funny thing is like
get the sense. This guy's on a chat, room, talk and other guys stuff ground beef up their asses. This is is that right! That's as this is a personal he's gets How much fucking money that his mind just goes to places and he can indulge it. He can just go yeah I'll. Try that what the fuck man and talk about getting diseases well, there's just an outbreak of his cell Manila. Yet from ground beef think someone died here. One person died, a few other people been spent, they been recalled whom you can get salmonella ainly for sure. Throng. Tell your doktor fuckin a but happen. Well have a seat
Definitely when I was a boy first, I started getting hard arms and I sat aren't cheeseburger its it using these guys. If I shall solid food up my, but what I gain any nutrition from it seven? Here's the thing he's answered by Andrew, led doktor of acupuncture, hey fuck, face you didn't go to medical school, stop call yourself! A doctor. Doktor of acupuncture is so weird. It's like I'm a doctor of Comedy Enemy Europe. You practice acupuncture you're, not a doktor, didn't go to medical school. Did you know that I didn't know the doctors our doctors. Doktor goes to a medical school, it's hard. You have to study, you have to do your residency. You have to get your fuck in degree. At a medical school now chiropractors they councils doctors near, but they don't go to medical school at all. At all
and they can fuck you up. They do those cracks on your neck, pull that up. So we can read that so through the membrane through membrane? What see this is our separate throughout show that people ass this now I'm saying that listen, the way he writes the answer deserved a chiropractor rights, adversarial, real doktor things that can be absorbed remembering will bypass the liver when taken through the anus. Through membrane, will bypass the liver through a membrane. Ok, for example there drugs can be taken as through the anus in ordered to be easier on the liver, Jesus help car backed his right here, see. I was writing. There's no way. I went to medical spoke now as the liver,
no longer needs to filter the drug which makes a drug half as potent and is also hard on the liver, disguise Asian? How do you know that? But this name annually Ike I did not know his name when I did his agent, I didn't have. The way was right: alcohol can cross the cell membrane and thus absorbs very easily into the human body. Oh how about this? My friend, his wife is a school teacher, Utah, and they have a problem in middle school. Cuz kids are taking tampon. And they're soaking them in rubbing alcohol and stuff them up there Also, they get in high freely ass. Well, when he had found out about budget, the kids did it, and so they have a problem. Fuckin school kids, tampons dipping them in
Being our call and stuff and about their by shadow to my friend, Huey and by the way out- and I have many millions- listen as you have how many people are now going to do that. Alot forty forty forty black, already Spangler for awhile yeah, barely I didn't know about until three with the secret I bet it feels good, cool feels good. Single little bit I'm sure people like I'm sure, there's people cut themselves and poor alcohol unjust to feel sting I'm a piece of shut cut the definition of a drunk asshole. Don't be a drunk ass off, especially when your twelve
males, go other fuckin, Mormons proudly, so dazzled ring. That's good point may be intolerable. Utah ever Kitty, Dukakis where is treating aftershave reign, was we share the profile, Pierre, that sunk his profile. Ton was on the way It was that and when he sat on a tank with their homeland, that was people like what are you a soul you're, a u in war, whatever helmet here we're not even at war. You piece of shit like two carcass number him he was like. Who did you run against a wall, say Bush Seamless, wasn't senior yeah yeah. I think that was a landslide yeah. People down. With that its insisting on something sink. Some people like that Howard, Dover Guy, it's gotta, be so fuckin confused that dont Trump got away with that grabbing by the pussy thing when all he did was scream.
Yet even we're gonna gets out ever gonna. Do try, say now this insult gum, Sancho FUCK? What gives its home with a fucking stick around their protests and come to say might do carcass in your home bro. You gonna go five for our country, your son, looking him now But you see the picture of now hammered programme has almost President go there. One picture above that with a red faces that has a fucking present. That guy is like if we did a gig for Dorothy in New Hampshire of you- and I think I will be at the bar- you fucking guises, viable you I was almost present- has almost my wife, my fucking wife she's a tricky robin that go home after shift the chef spoken of over my fucking, my son, they sent me the thicket here the air
We see the governor believe he was always a governor masters near whose governments choose is now well. Is it well maybe Emmi Bilbil, whose Republican right yeah that's unusual right. They were within a couple of Massachusetts. Republicans like fuck face. The Mormon was his name. Romney ran round me for face, Charlie Baker, Republican he's republican too. That's interesting. That is interests. While you were talking about taxes in Austin and Massachusetts, is a republican state Boston as a democratic city, but such a big part of the state that it's like what Austin as to Texas and also like Minneapolis to Minnesota. Yet I test so where would you think the Republicans are in Massachusetts everywhere outside of Boston,
Well, I think it's a lot of defence contracts is lotta defence money there and dynamics right. I tracked they tricked me. They did. I posted one of videos, boss, town dynamic, there'll, be a s s TIA dynamics in video, Vike, robots, shooting guns and their kicking the robots and hitting these targets purview every time like Amr, Gower fucked? But the thing is it's not that far removed from what the Boston dynamics? Roebuck. Thirty, do those fuckin robots already doing back flips get you back flip yeah, they do like par core. They d run and jump off. Things hang on things and then this one was a fake where the other was a seizure. I think that's what they do trust anybody anymore, Jesus Christ, well we're pretty close to not being able to trust anything and yeah because with those those deepfake generators where they could take. You like SIRI done videos with me where they have audio of me
and shit that I would say a bunch of shit. But I would say- but I never said it about like Champ armies and always different things. He added the whole website dedicated to that it just weird man, and it's gonna get weirder weirder with the stuff they could do. With your eve, you seen Kyle Dahlia again the fuckin page categories, God Yama God and his the stuff that he does that's. I favour. That's really really funny is a step that looks fake. It's like he does the face, swapped shit from like the Instagram filters or snapshot or whatever it is, but he did a bunch of stuff is he was doing a pilot for common central. Thank other too fucking stupid to pick it up cuz, it would have ruined it. He was showing me one that they wouldn't do. It was Caitlyn Jenner having sex with Trump. I want it to be our career. I I was in a green room cry yours, yeah coming central said no to that want to watch. Look what they like knows too is to energy
anyone get involved in in Tran right right? turn on the roasted that she came out and said the ship that she did that was like that was Bruce use a pump that was ballsy. What did she say? She still hasn't balls, She said she started acting really came out and said: I love that expression. She has her dick welcome two thousand and nineteen yeah, but I'd done again, I did a show with him on Saturday night. He came out on stage and he put a put a laptop in front of his face and there was a big screen and he was doing the characters for the crowd that he usually does like as Instagram. Oh yeah, I've heard he does. There was great. How did you do that? You just as the video place, I
guess the computer is videotaping him and sending it. I know it ran through the house through submarine the house's them because it was a fuck up. It get fucked up but still worked because he was, we were doing a gig at the store on Friday night and he was supposed to be on right before me, but there were like actually, let's have cargo after you, because, apparently is whole thing needs. A big setup confirms gender reassignment study, but She confirms gender. We hold them, for the beggar says Kate engender, confirms Jim reassignment surgery in twenty slash twenty interview, okay, but the problem is she just did have you recently that she still has it? What is gender reassignment surgery? If I can wave a wand over you like a like, you did not you. I hereby announce you how vagina. I have a vagina.
Our I now have a joiner. Ok, I mean look at it. Tapping you on the head, with your penis you're. Clearly a man and you can just say you're a woman: We can only make believe supplanting leave. All the work now forget because let my friend zoo be he was a guest of the park ass. He claimed he was a woman for a day and broke the women's world record and dead lift What did you have to do to qualify as a woman? You have driven he's just a dentist woman. What who are you to say that he didn't identify as woman, you fucking transphobic piece of shit, and now I feel bad now. Should Jesus Christ Greg all these years, we've known each other and just found out. I didn't know that you had the same as my child. I wish I was big enough to get cancelled. I got to get a little bit more famous and then it can happen more like me who
as you have just because upon God now I figure pull up. I think that Caitlin generous to has Dick heard it was fight with a guy that that became a woman and then beat the shit out of a woman They mean, Mme for Europe, Singer, Heather's Anna may lose she had a few fight. The problem was not that she had the fights which, I would ever advise anyway to fight someone who used to be a man. I would say you probably got a lot of physical advantages. That's not gonna show up in the weight class like just because there you're both hundred thirty five pounds, there's fuck indifference onto a shit. What anybody says is a reason why this one, world champion. Cyclists is breaking records why women dead, lift these these women weightlifter so used to be men, are breaking records like by giant numbers, mean giant numbers in power lifting and they all they have to do is say they used to be a man anomaly,
oh she's a woman ear piece of shit, if you say anything, different, there's just, but this one was fighting her name's found Fox and she was fighting as a woman, even though she being a man for thirty plus years and in fact, even had kids, kid and then just transitioned became a woman. Didn't tell anybody said: was a medical issue, sunny richness and beat the fuck at a to women and like beat them like domestic violence? Like you watch it, why then she came out and it was like this big hubbub. I got caught up in it because I said it was nonsense. So excited, as I said, is worse than nonsense, been tact harder. I shouldn't brought it up. Aren't rather out of here. It's fine I'd. Look I fuck! That's a hill I'll die on yeah, that's a whole dialogue with you, as or out of your fucking I think you're out of your mind with track and field, I think you're out of your mind, with weight lifting you're out of your mind with all those things. But if it comes to fighting fuck, you fuck you
you think, a man or woman of the same thing you are out of your goddamn mind. If you think all you have to do is get a little surgery, take some hormones, any Euro woman now and you should be able to fight women magic, does your daughter and your daughters, getting pummeled by someone who used to be a man fuck, you It is unfair to the female athletes. Women, their real women. We women are getting for real women are training their whole fuckin lives. You know what they're, with their sacrificing too, to be the best woman out there and then to compete events who's got testosterone that just puts them at a whole different level physically. But here's the deal I know at low is it to start run, but it's still there it. It doesn't know it. It lowers it significantly, but the gains did had through growing up through puberty
with testosterone and being X Y chromosome having the bone structure of a man? Those are undeniable and their undeniable by the world records that these trans women are winning the beating men. I mean they're, being women, but biological women by giant numbers like is it track? Someone sent me this this states that allow people in college and in high school to compete as the gender that they identify with out surgery aired have to you, and I have to have certainly allow these places. They are dominating dominating its dominant trans people, tradespeople, winningly, things, trans always always male defeat, never female to male female to male chicks are like, like saying and five man. Let me get the NBA in fucking posted up forty against the broad, that's not happening
nah. It's that doesn't go down. That way with woods goes down. Is men who want to be a woman, become a woman and then want to compete against biological women and in every single case the biological women are getting fucked over because of a woman save a woman was thirty years old and she decided at thirty years old. She was going start, taking hormones and become a man and compete against man should be fucked, but if a man does that he's got the benefit, having testosterone into system for thirty years and then transition, it becomes woman in theirs. There's, no denying there's a gigantic advantage. If a woman was going to compete except she's, going to compete in track and field and she's thirty years old, but for all of her life she's been taken steroids. Her whole life has been taken. Just just steroids, get it get a man Jonathan. In fact and shoulders, and then she gets off of it. Just gets off for couple years and compete against
but just throwing them around a rag down people Billig she's a chater she cheated. She took steroids for thirty years, just cause she's not taking him now doesn't mean she's, not a cheater with that's, what's happening it, but it's worse because the bone structure and because it's a natural testosterone, you're you're fuckin puberty you're, going your puberty with testosterone. It's crazy, creates fucking, crazy and sometimes even Craig If you didn't go through puberty, so habit of Euro Trans person, One decided when you're fired six years old at your trans, and so now is what the EU is. Someone's transitioning you before Miss one have great joke about that. Look you don't let a five year old picture outfit. Why would you let them pictor gender? You can't let a kid to say what they are and what they are. Kids are a giant part of what a kid is: you're, so easily influenced by your environment right so easily influenced it so easy to convince a kid
one way or the other and you don't know, what's happening right in their home and you you're asking this child to make a decision about their biology. You know about in terms of static, take gags. I mean that the idea doing that. To a little kid to me is fucking. Bananas doesn't make any sense Well in this weird fantasy world right now we're people to be so progressive and they did it. To be so open minded. They don't want to be. Transphobic people say and do absolutely preposterous things that don't have any logic that don't Any sense in terms of what we know about biology doesn't make any sense, and particularly when it comes to sports, particularly when it comes to your life, your grown adult, I dont care, I'm happy before you. If you live better as a woman, you feel better as a woman you're a woman to me. Congratulations, I don't care, but you're competing against man. You can go fuck or convenience women. Rather, you can go fuck yourself, you're, not a woman in a sense of
have double x chromosome. You didn't grow up as a woman you're, not a biological woman. She want to be treated as a woman. That's fine! You can't just decide you're a woman and are you going to break world records and fucking deadlifts and you're going to run fast with any woman, is ever lived. You gonna beat them on, but in by graces, you're gonna break world records. As a trans woman, you're crazy what happened to all these regular women. The didn't get the advantage of growing up through puberty with testosterone. That's the reason why we have men and women's divisions in the first Place- and this is weird cop out that while there's always it's not fair and some sports, because there's Lebron James Eighties labelling again, there's MIKE Tyson, there's use their disease outliers, who these freak physical specimens gather are, but their men verses men, this freak physical specimens in men, But when you go so far Far over that when you, when you take a bite
a logical mail and it just breaking world records. As a woman, you gotta go come on Whitmore entering into this, nonsense. Area with this is just progressive thinking. This ideology, taking to the extra yeah yeah, and I mean I don't know what the answer is, because the women, if they do start taking testosterone, then they obviously can't compete against women legally any longer. So they're, they're, sort of in limbo, I don't know if there needs to be a third category France categories where her that's the perfect dance. Yet that's the perfect answer. I don't. I don't think, even if the women take steroids. If it would be fair, I don't I don't Now, that would be fair because there is still not going through puberty like you, you would have to mean first, while there's not a lot of data on this not a lot of data in terms of a years and years of competition They ve studied athletes that have been Trans verses, athletes have been
logically female verses athletes that are vital male with the only a lot of studying on this? This is people going with the current thinking and the current progressive ideology where they don't want to be criticised, and I want to be called Trans phobic didn't wanna, have articles written about a more people. Com, terrible names, talk shit about this and, it said small percentage of the population and it's become an issue that is being identifer political reasons. It's it's something that is like, like my kid is a key now and like every class you have to say your name. What gender are you Identify as Andrew Pronoun, you wanna be referred to as a fucking people, this affecting Whizzer five in the school. If that, if that its, I believe the curve
number of people that are trans in this country somewhere around one percent, is out of the numbers. Do even now, let's find out I'm fine with all that up until it comes to sports me, if you just if you want, and if I would they them, you know you want to be a day person. I might fuck up occasionally because it's odd, I might make mistakes, but if you want to be called Caitlin, ok, I Caitlin care, I dont care, but with sports you can fuck all the way off zero point: six percent- that's Larry's, Simon one! half of a basically half of a percent Elizabeth Warren she's, getting shipped she was. She was supporting Trans prisoners having the right to have
act, surgery in jail and, of course, people had a field day with like the amount of money that that would cost, and it's like just say: pass: what's your pin on that? Let me talk about the economy, Let me talk about healthcare us on a good one, but that's one that I guarantee if you sat down talk to her about it like this is this is an ideologically based opinion nets. She's, probably look to their her demographic, which is progressive, left wing. You know, she's a woman she's running for president and a big part of her being candidate is a fact that we would like to have a woman president, particularly people on the left. They look if Octopus Hillary Clinton didn't go well. Maybe
Lisbon Wards Argo, yet she seems to talk well she's, strong, smeared ass. Maybe she's no want lives. She's! The one well well, she's gotta support that, because you want the whole democratic party. Otherwise, someone will fuckin snatch up those people in an independent category, green category yeah like fucking on voting for Jill Stein, because she's a piece of shit or Elizabeth Ones, a piece of shit. She won't be. She doesn't address, Trans rights here. There was a lot of third party voters in the last election. They won the election. I was one of them just time Gary Johnson. Now he did my best. Oh no shit ass was her hovel for what was his deal.
Well, he didn't know government guy anything about the who sunk because he didn't know what we're Aleppo was. Our son come here like people. Consider him fairly serious, maybe I'm serious about Gary Johnson. He seems fairly reasonable if you use a reasonable guy and they asked him what he think we do about a laborious. What folks level that city, where lot about shared but the Trump nowhere led by was he hasn't, have do It doesn't have to the illegal say what you gonna do about a level he'd be programme where the leper area will replace the mass
yet I won't go with that, I think are dealt with. I think we cancel them so that those in syria- and so it is thanks- that's what it is. It was almost a trick question you notice Hoover. He didn't But who does? Who did? I got all the people like does fortunately does new nor leper was I didn't aware: Aleppo was I didn't know the question either now or resume a run for president, whatever kind of hope, and that that that person knows this shit we down or they tell him when he gets in there. But there scary thing about Trump is that other leaders will have advisers around them that they trust right, tell them stuff. But doesn't seem to read. The resolution is energy scenario. They both the fuck him you will see a were you there, because it because I heard from one camp did they cheered and from other camps they his son, said they cheered for less than a daddy. I took my fuckin headphones off just to listen.
And it was a man. Eighty thousand people go to his son said they were Chanting, USA. Behold behind him. We're training there s for saying boo essay! Without Junior, yes, I'll, join you in that area that you'd protein to look tabled. The fuck out of here I'm sure some people clapped shore, but if you had a, if you had a bet your money on it like what was the greater percentage, was it booze or collapse, it was fuckin. Boucher dude. I took my headphones all right they're here has fifty actually hit him on the rock was right over there. I'm surprised you shut up afterwards. Read the world series. The same fucking thing happen a week before
D c. It was because it so liberal Andy say profit Khazars at the fights yet a cage, fights Amelia, always friends, Dana White and other good friend, currently you're. There's a picture on Dana's instagram of him and Donald sitting in front of the television watching fights the watch the premiums before he went out Dana
is some of the card in his green room, listens to the commentary, and you know what's the seas, because, like this lot of moving pieces involved being a president of the United States and also the presidency of say who out of moving pieces, you now have a lot of time to sit through the entire paper view. Why are there so Dana sits in the back and watches? Allow the paper view card on screen is in his office or in his eyes green room. So he was back there with Donald sitting on the couch and put it on his instagram just watch and supplies this him and Trump sit in their flares. Yeah is watch my friend, Korea innocent. Knockout Johnnie Walker, blue- that watching fights like what. Father can get a visa asked. Donald Bro come on, did good free could be
Forty six thousand, I walk in a massacre garden. Last they were doing away for the big C4 championship. Vote was a little bit like walk into a Trump rally. Plenty of mega and cagey present what is cagey: oh, ok, great energy, fantastic job, Dana headed DC and then to Kentucky for the Big Matt Bevin Rally. Well, look for! some people, cheered for sure for sure some people waved at them. So I'm waving people like to see him If I was in the crowd, now isn't hammered and user What's up at Yale, Adam I'd, say I'd wave Adam, but the reaction, but when he walked in so lot about here, but that's just fucking gonna happen. And he's a controversial character, you know like anywhere: he goes, you can give its fund a bow yeah, it's fun,
it's fun you're going to do something When you see some here, either going to cheer you're gonna build Gummy get secret service all around them. There's there was a lot of noise man, a lot of noise, A lot of it was. Was it wasn't like Falk Tromp, fuck tromp? There was no chance. You know this places where he can't go right like if you want to an l b g T rally out guarantee yeah, that's a place where you can go right. Even if his profile bijouterie was his policy. That's place where they gonna dig Emily, pretty universally heinous. Where, where would you say he can't go where? Where would be a good move? I think any kind of Women's movement, like oh yeah me to mark, is yet what have you addressed like with the others, women marshes role where in the pussy hats and work in the street
and they have a little speed there. India's inputs of deeds stood up a stage and it comes out to address them. States gravity reset grandma was yet will work. What will possess someone to want that job? I mean look, you wanted to have the the best case scenario answer it's like. I want to do a good job and make this country great and do better. But what do you think really, I was watching Andrew Yang on some morning. Talk show on Sunday and he is walking down the street with his wife and it's a Sunday going to snow Kids, and I'm like this is your Sunday he's got followers with name on as much like strangers with fit syn is on a placard walking. Behind you cheering on a Sunday going to be home to watch a fucking football game play with my kid making meal, but these people are We d their work at sixteen our days where their speaking this
same shit and are saying we're we're winning it. They We say we know just say I am. Selfish, as you really are, I'm winning People are liking me than those other people, it's a bad job, it's a bad job that no one should have its as a job that should be a giant round. Table of geniuses should be deciding the fate of the country. Yeah and they all should be on mushrooms. They all should be on ego dissolving doses of mushroom so that none of them are acting in their own self interest. They all should have zero
financial and investments in anything that has anything to do with any decisions that they make. They should have to give a wall of stocks. They should have to absolutely makes like, like Trump is able to have all businesses be run by his kids, which is kind of a Larry's here, but then he makes decisions that would benefit businesses that are be run by his kids and assumes that office. He get she jumped back in and takes over, which there is. We can happen when the Guinness taxes, because they're pretty close a pretty cool. It's gonna get a supreme court. Now they are. The last court said that he has to turn them over and what they're doing is there going after his account and instead of him that way, the accountant will be
liable as opposed to him personally, as he's. Never gonna do it, but if you're a few fuckin you know Harvey all men in company, you have to you gotta. Do it you're, not gonna, go to jail for him right. You sewed up with Micro, Cohen right when you go to jail. Yeah yeah XO pardons you're going to jail, but you went to jail quite a few people in jail. Metaphor: Jennifer Jail, Brill jail! Like you, can't see anybody locked. I sell jail, a sack in a manner when his taxes, commodities a matter. It's nothing! None of it matters he's got as far the only thing the selection comes down to is whether or not the left can get people to show up, because his forty six percent or whatever percent are into him. They are fucking there on November. Fourth, next year, they're showing up you know, what's crazy, Chris Rock went on stage right after E1 and Chris Rock said you don't know that mother Fucker, let me tell you something.
He ate Leven. He goes he's gonna, be the president for a long fuckin time. He ain't gonna leave, and I was thinking what does that mean? You have to leave here again we lose Humanity loses and he doesn't want. It doesn't believe he lost. He's already said, he won't believe it. He and he's already said that she's going to be a revolution, he's yeah, yeah, he's
yeah, he sees laying the groundwork fur could could be ugly, including at the impeachment, which will even worse than him, just not getting elected. If he was impeach, can you imagine what would happen? I don't think he's going to cannot impeach view is is being impeach year if he was convicted, is if he's convicted and removed from office would be crazy yeah, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I think someone explained to me with a child. Elegant splain me how many people what's up. I know not how to count. The big individuality lives, geese, Argyle, calculus key, whose my favorite online political commentator.
Very wise guys, leftwing guy, but like he calls it legacies. His is very educated in very aware of all the pitfalls that that is playing the left and the right, and he said that you would need all these Republicans to vote on it in order for them to actually be impeached and then not going to their now they're. Just like twenty two republic and senators have to flip yeah, then so far they have Vieira now the nervous about their there more interested in their party than they are in anything else, and yet you have to the Republicans if they have to stick together. They, especially in this time where you know, look with their it, I'm not a republican, but if I was
I would be extremely concerned about censorship and social media, which is a real thing. Censorship of republican ideas and conservative ideas is absolutely a real thing and is it's it's not just real. It's accepted as being the right thing to do by certain organization, mean they've, been caught on camera and hidden camera. Talking about the ways that you can silence: conservative voices in others, when you look at social media platforms, they're, essentially the best way to get ideas out there right, it's even better than broadcast news, because if you put something on Fox or CBS or whatever, how many people are really going to watch is it a thousand a million how many people watch it? But if you have a clip that goes viral that clip on you, two bore twitter, where our facebook, wherever wherever that, could get thirty million,
evil forty million people way fucking more than is ever gonna. Watch you on television. If current excepted that a late night, television like late night televisions, can excepted that what they're looking for these clips these moments, these clips, that almost access advertisements for the show you know where it's James, Corden Fucking, making people singing in the car that kind of shit to try to get these clips that go viral. The show itself I mean, I don't know how many people watch a few hundred thousand to most right. It's nothing in comparison to a lot of the like, like that. What's that guy's name, that's the famous makeup kid that he's a fellow James, Charles, that guy's videos unmake up, get way more fuckin views in aiding that happens on Fox NEWS and that's a fact that happens on a mess NBC and that's a fact. Ok, social media is way more potent than anything else in comes to getting a message out and for sure conservatives are being
discriminated against on social media by social media platforms. Why what's weird about it? Is that when you think about social media coming out of Silicon Valley, which is famously left wing, the election who is really swung by the internet in Trump's favor. You know whether or not you want to call them bots that were set up by Russia or whether or not it was just. They were a well organized campaign. They just they were really smart, very sharp about videos.
Put out state. They have a thing now where they put out a lot of means that they encourage people to make means about yes, they're, all over democratic, so far behind the Republicans when it comes to using using it but you're right I mean if you, if you ban certain people from twitter and from you to that censorship. Yes, innocents, ship and universal, banning them from those platforms. If your shadow banning them for making it very difficult for people to find them, which is real, the real thing that do they they they. You know the way your poet look of YO opposed on social media. It doesn't just go up in chronological order anymore now,
it's affected by an algorithm. So I might see your post or I might not see your post in my feed, it's dependent upon what I like and what I want and what I see when I go to search I'll. Give you look at my search feed. You know you see and see people beating the fuck out of each other and girls doing squats. That's like my search, it's all like like it's it's the most cartoonish version of me Pontio, it's all like big bull elk Screamin induce gettin head, kicked in a muscle car doing to burn out. That's my kid: that's all you good luck. In my instagram search and that's all affected entirely, This algorithm figures out what I like here then also recommends things to me. I can terms of like there's a lot of sponsored things. Uninstall rambler. All I could use, as I could hear enough to. Google is environment, and this because its targeting me
it's found me did knows that I search for certain things. I look at certain things. These are what sites are follow. These are the interact with so what sound something and it doesn't seem with you- it doesn't say Amy disabled everybody, so they can in certain social media platforms, use that algorithm to discriminate. So they can decide, hey this fucking guy keeps tripping on and on about Hillary Clinton's war crimes and all this we don't need this guy around okay. We don't need this guy and all of his fucking right wing bullshit and always make America great again. Bullshits will shadowban them, and so they can shove you into this cat.
Words very difficult, define your foot, find your page and is very difficult for your shit to show up and a lot of people have seen their views drop drastically. Their interactions drop drastically since people on seeing this chimney more right. Anderson Tino had that happened. Him no shit talk to some one talk to someone on the phone that told him he was shadowbanned and he's like what does that mean they're like well, it was it's because of a post that you may as well. What post is it they wouldn't tell him. I posted was what kind of Would it have been as he political now he's like? I'm, not political at all, but you know he's a comic, any says ridiculous, shelter and he's a redhead ends. So people probably like look at this guy, this super white looking guy, says a bunch of ridiculous shit, get rid of him yeah over this head here now I had this guy weird
Bella, I think, is his handle on twitter and he used to used to say stupid. Shit was goofy. Whatever he's you know, I would interact with a little bit and then he email my sight to say that he got banned from twitter member. What member on hollow wean when a kid showed up at the White House and Trump in MILAN many were standing there and Trump put candy on top of the kids head and steady canning itself is given It was like a really ridiculous, like this guy can't even just put candy and gives bag is gonna. Put, I said so was I give them the became a meme, and this guy just wrote I wish the kid had kicked him in the shins thrown off twitter for saying that was woman named Megan Murphy she's, with turf,
turf now, Trans exclusionary, radical feminist and she will. She is one of those radical feminist, don't believe that Trans persons, woman and she was arguing that these people don't have. They should have a voice in women's issues like you're, not a woman, and so this is her opinion and some people think that that opinion Transphobia some people think she should be allowed to have that opinion. While on twitter she wrote a man is never woman, they told her just take down that tweet. So you know what she did. She made a screenshot of it stood down that tweet and then she posted a picture. The screenshot and then the bandit for life you know, is not banned for life. Oj. Simpson, double homicide, arm, kidnapping hatred, world hatred world is renewed.
We're football picks hate with were he's fine. But this lady, whose just said with her words a man, is never a woman which biological is correct, banned. Why do you know about your band for dear you're? Not you will see a ban for for life dead, naming Tino Daname Linzer. If call, Caitlin, Jenner, Bruce really an for life. No! She ass for life, ridiculous! Does where we're living in this is this political ideology world. This is the reason why someone like Elizabeth Warren thinks she has to say: tax air money should pay for prisoners, some fuckin ass murderer. Who decides is a woman? Now they get this transition urgently transition surgery, yeah reassignment surgery? Would everyone called look? I wish there was a fucking pill that you could take. I wish it was a place. We can go with a zombie, you like that
where they turned Bruce banner in the hawk that turned you. No woman legit one hundred percent bona fide x y are double Ex chromosome woman. No wish there was at least it was So there's no argument that the argument is in changing someone, but not really, Now, like you're, still your chromosomes in Europe, Europe, your biological makeup and Dan, forcing people to comply such a thing of compliance like you're supposed to not bring up the fact that this person used to be a man of your names Gregg, but, like my friend, Aubrey, ok, perfect example. His name is to be Chris, but ripples. One day in deciding on changes, name so changes name. We all just call them Auburn now calm Chris anymore. He was Chris for years, I nomes Chris for years, and then it became Aubrey. Oh my god, I man, you won't be auburn. Nairobi argue fuck, but I call them Chris. Would I be dead name you re, but
This is weird. Is that, like the same mentality that says this says that a white kid who grows dreadlocks and dresses in urban street. Where is how truly appropriating yes, many many people that would sink? Think that yeah including there is. There is a movement that they had a ban. I think most people bandit, but us really ridiculous for, while whether a yelling at white girls wearing hoop earrings cause, they were saying that this is a Tina thing your culturally appropriate in that, but it's not like than if you stork Lee you gotta go back to ancient Samaritans where they invent. Who bearings so, are you from Babylon? Are you? Are you from S Batavia now then shut the fuck up, your culturally appropriating, Do you have a korean phone in your hand, the appropriate here, those italian genes, culturally appropriating
who major sneakers China, what the fuck are we talking about culturally appropriating is one of the dumbest fucking things, because that's what cities are their melting pot of awesome call and they all get together to see if you're a fucking dude and you want to dress up like Bruce Lee, that doesn't mean you're, culturally appropriating Bruce Lee fan. Kind of Europe, Myron Nat and your beer trying to make it on its all woke. It's all woke culture, its this culture of compliance. They want you to comply. It's out! That's what it's about more than anything it's getting. Able to change getting people to listen to you and do what you want them to do. I want you to stop by the fucken earrings. Just stop we're in dread, locks, email, dread, locks, Romans, war, fucking, tread locks,
Red locks are not necessarily a black thing, although most black people like you, if there is more rather black people wearing them the white people, but is why people have dread last forever. You can have all seen dirty hippies with dread locks, yeah, you're, gonna, fuck, ungrateful dead concert, so not a dirty white people. Dread locks are not trying to culturally appropriate that trying to be dirty hippies with dread locks there. They exist the real to say that that's cultural appropriation is fucking crazy. It's could you we all appropriate? We all do we all do you use if you are in the United States in two thousand and nineteen, your part of the greatest melting pot the world has ever known and to decide that you can have but that we can have other parts like come on. Man stop Good luck on Halloween Jesus Christ. I read this list of things you shouldn't do on. Halloween was like don't put a feather in your head. Don't put don't even two don't put TAT two of something they
identify you as native american or Asian. Asian letters tattooed. That was a thing that people used to do you shouldn't do now Burma Bro then brought he may gave a speech on excellent has great, it was excellent, is telling people like you. We were looking to cancel people all the time. The end. This is a perfect quoth. He said the world is messy and it is messy. Here's what we're gonna stop looking for things that make you angry and just
I try to let things go and just be nice to each other, so nine at heart and dialogue figure. These people wanted just talk and have you listen like I saw woman come out of a fuckin restaurant the other day and I was walking in a tea shirt said I did. I don't wanna hear our men stop talking. I don't want to hear from men and it was like. I'm sorry did I do something to you have I have I not raised a beautiful daughter and been a loving husband and a great son to my mother and a great friend do a lot of women and men toward a female comic said. I bring on the road with me and hired when I was had writer on tv shows that I've hired in- and it's like, don't fuck and put me in that category. But we talk about. Do you have an issue with with you know. What's going on with you personally invite
me, but sock about as a human being right want as an individual. But that's that's the thing there denying the individual and they were there, making everything binary. It's you and them it's us, and them it's one in zero. It's it's not is no room. Nuance yet is no is no room for the complexity, that is the human race. Yeah this idea, like men, should shut the fuck up from white man. That's another one. I seen that shirt. I don't wanna hear that's what I want to get up here. It's all nonsense. Its comes from people that want compliance. This is that the whole thing about woke culture is people that felt like they ve been pushed around. They fell demon bully that fella did the malign, they haven't been treated fairly and now they want to paternity on you and they don't give a fuck. They don't give a fuck of you of your white man I'll give a fuck what your opinion, shut your fucking mouth and they feel they can say that, because this culture, in both in bold and people, by letting people get away with nonsense by letting people say things like that, like walk
Look if our own, the restaurants and walking was short like that. I believe get the fuck out of here I give you walked into a shirt. With assured that said, black people should shut the fuck up, get out get out get out. If you really think that you have no room for black people, talking get, I don't want you around. You're mine is rotten. You thinking a terrible way, go cleanse yourself, go, you could take a fuckin meditation class or something I was wrong with you, but don't don't bring that toxic energy around people stupid, criminal or else half the population. And it's like. I understand that women have been they ve had a different experience than men. Black people have had a different spirits and white people. These there's issues that need to be addressed and corrected and enlist me in that yes
I am perfectly willing to don't force. You write to comply yeah. You know, there's an there's, a giant, there's a giant issue in this country that is like a like skirted. It's like it gets addressed, but then it gets it gets ignored in the end. That is what they do with. All the communities that have been forever affected by slavery, like what about all those all those. When, when people talk about reparations, it gets dismay, like it's, not you. I didn't do anything, it's not you. It doesn't have to do with you, you didn't do anything you never owned a slave. I never owned a slave. We didn't have anything to do with it, but there's no denying that there's parts of this country that are forever affected by slavery and then afterwards, by racist,
those red line, laws, reconstruction and Jim Crow been addressed, never been addressed in terms of a correction now, in terms of like reparation, you give people money. I don't know that works like a. If, if I thought that I mean paying more in taxes and them giving reparations. We could ease the tension Rachel Hence in this country I would be like. Ok, that's all you have to do, but it's not all. You have to do right, because you're still can have these communities that are forever affected until something has been done to correct them, I am not in favour of giving people who were never slaves money, as Rapporteur since, but I am in favour of giving communities. Money figure out a way to rebuild them figure and await an atom safer.
Better rules, every lunches, community programmes, getting people off the streets, it are involved in gangs and drugs and all that stuff like I've after this a thousand times. But it bears repeating the best way to have a great country is if we're a team are. If we're country were supposed to be attained right, where community, a giant community of three hundred and twenty million people what's the best way to make it stronger. We have less losers best buy. What's the likelihood of you becoming a loser, if you're in an impoverished drug riddle, crime, just ravaged area. Can I succeed in that area? Unless you are some person of unbelievable character an unbelievable will and for two near your raised by people who did a phenomenal job, essentially in a war zone right if you live in South Ossetia, cargo and you look at the murder rate sausage coglan, compare it to them,
rate in war zones, they're pretty fucking, similar right, so assent, These people are being asked to do their best and and come out of this war zone and pull themselves up there. Straps, whereas other people around them and not a war zone. If we're community we're supposed to look at that, go hey how fucked you stop this thing from being a war zone. Had we stop this? How do we? How do we do that with detour how do we do that with Baltimore? How do we do that with all these impoverished areas that that should be addressed when it has to be looked at? Is our problem? Yes airport? yeah. You know we are all living with the ramifications of inequality. You know it's affecting us on a daily basis. This, whether its crime or whether it's you know our gross national product, would be much higher if more people were educated and more people are proud of their work and s, and so this there has to be, there has to be pride,
less less losers, more pride, more identifying with progress, and you know I think, if you, if you, if you live in a certain culture in this country there, there isn't a pride in succeeding right there, Jack, as you haven't, seen it right more opportunity in this includes poor white cultures like I'm a friend whose from kentucky- and he tells me about these fuckin people live in these coal mining communities with coal, mine community has gone and the community shut down pills and he's like you have now seen poverty one. This is a universe scene, it work, free one of the community's on pills. Everyone is surviving on like hello minimum wage everyone's a criminal like it? Just everyone's ports is horrific, degeneracy the
wild and wonderful whites of West Virginia now, which I think is a Johnny Knoxville documentary that he put it to go. It's amazing. It's amazing, for the wrong reasons, because these are the trash is white trash people that have ever lived and they're all on pills through alternative tricks and doing crazy shit and and rob, and people in shooting people, and, like everyone has a fuckin store. That's like you, like MC caully culture from home alone, what your hasn't years, what the fuck, but those communities exist. They exist. They in it so hard to get out it so hard to break free. Like we as a community as a giant three hundred Twenty million person community should be Concentrating on fixing those spots, at least as much as we're concentrating on fixing problems in other
the world. I understand the logic behind going to these. Other parts of the world are fucked up in trying to solve these problems before they affect us before they come back to us. That's the logic I get it, but internally inside of our country were not doing the same thing where allowing people to become violent criminals, by never giving them a chance, but giving them an outcome giving them possibilities other than what they see around them. Giving them an out any opportunities we treated as if they're supposed to be at we're all supposed to be even we're all supposed to be in this even game. Some people got one shity card and some people got like five aces. Yeah, there's this documentary they made about public school in Chicago. I forget what to Oak Park. I think it was in his called America. Is me and
like this ten parts series and it showed the experiences of the white kids versus the black- it's because it was an integrated school, but you are seeing that the black kids were lagging grade wise graduation rates and they just went in depth, and you saw that a lot of the black kids were dealing with single parents. They were dealing with being fucking, evicted, some of them being homeless or just not having the resources like another white kids are getting sat, prep classes and you know they're getting extra help because they've got a parent, that's not working that can pick them up from school and drive them to a tutor and there's just all these. Things that you seen. One side is giving fostering. The other side is struggling and it's the same fucking school. So it's not it's not as simple as just put good schools in the community, but there's got to be.
Mentorship programmes and has got to be on the outreach programme. Unity outrages. Gotta, be they gotta get preschool. I gotta get kids in there at a young age, the parents can work and there's good nutrition, that they say that the studies that show preschool the differences long term of how people come out of their with those extra two years. His astronomical make sense makes sense, Hooper problem for an early, but it's the thing is that this is where a concept like Democrat Socialism actually make sense site people, think of democratic socialism or anything when you say the word socialism, the gall you're gonna, take moaning, give it to lose you people. This is the one that's the worst case an area right, but man if we're community If we're of we are a community of human beings, would you gotta? We ve got to help the people that are doing
Good, he's gotta be a reason why they're not doing good? It's not that their inferior there's date. They have inferior choices, they have inferior opportunities. They have an inferior situation, and it so hard to get the mass of people behind giving their money to some sort of some sort of a program that does take steps to fix it. You just don't hear it they have the jobs for FDR and the new deal they were able to start. People want to work people, don't they want to get away general. They wanted to get good about themselves and ate and you want busy all day. You know it was sometimes I'm not stars. I don't work for a month. You know tween writing jobs and we take some time off from stand. I guess I don't feel good about myself terrible from a large and that Times year after year and generation after generation, and for you it's a choice of you want to go on the road anytime there. But this choice for a lot of Ralph.
What was their just fucked and you used to have that. The funny thing is that the factory jobs you look back on them and eager those are like really shity jobs. You know I grew up in a factory town and it was like people were not enjoying it. People are getting fucking, drunk and high, and just getting through, and now we're looking for harkening back to like that, it was sex. Some golden age of great Like I know you know they were union jobs which is great but let shewed hire. You know, let's get where the factory jobs aren't coming back for ever. The real question is: like some people, some people don't have aspirations. So if you took someone who's already gone through the school system- and you know like oh we're- gonna get jobs for people that
not good enough? You gonna fix the people that are fucked up. You can't say like like an eighteen year. Old person is not finished product. A twenty five year old person came from a fucked up. Neighborhood in is got all sorts of mental problems and probably PTSD. That's not a finished product there. He can't say we had a job, What cuz they're fucked in the head, you know they've had to deal with their friend getting shot them deal with their mom being on crack a getting a magi I was not not enough. I don't know what the answer is like. Obviously, we just two white guys talking shit. We don't have to worry about. This is not our concern, but if you wanted to, if you wanted to fix, if you were personally, Greg Fitzsimmons became president. How do you fix that? How do you? How do you even make steps to fix eggs? I haven't heard anyone come up with a plan. Maybe there is one that I haven't heard, but
and where it makes sense or there's all long term proposition to trot of take these communities that are just habitually engulfed in crime and violence just consistently like throughout the Sixtys and Seventys, and fix it and turn around like at least try. What is again, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing ever since the eighties. It's gotten just add a handy another. The amount, the top one percent, have fifty percent of the money or something like that. And it's just and everything is setup structurally for that to continue to divide more and more right, but it are they playing a game right, they're, playing a game called capitalism and that game their dominating that game, and once they get the money, then they keep the money in the past. Money down their kids and they keep the money. How do you change that mean? We could all play that game right like we were all in bed.
The stock market, we can all just really focused entirely on making money, or should we not be able to look? How do you stop the one percent, like these banks investment people. How do you stop that? And how do you stop that? Your way worth it doesn't seem like you are. Changing the rules of the game. Or just psycho good incompletely dedicated to only making money Changing the rules, because the estate tax was there from day one. The founding fathers wanted there to be a very large estate tax. To avoid what happened in Europe, which is these building up of these families that are handing down. Well, since these kids, you know, so I think we need to go back to right now. It's like thirty five percent or something like, and wealth over ten million dollars, if you're a couple, they need to go back to really taking that money back because new and what with it, though, put it schools. That start with. I would love if there was
a real logic to how that man got spent right right now would be the problem, because if we just went to a bunch of like just if it just went to a bunch of government programmes, it don't seem makes sense and that are really poorly structure and that money gets wasted, that would make me sick. Nor are they get us through job training programmes. It has to be helping. Small businesses grow with you know a low cost loans, but you know they the think about these kids inheriting a billion dollars, what are you ever going to contribute to society as opposed to? If you were set up with you went to a private high school. You went to a great university. You went to a graduate school all lose paid for you had nannies, you were given tutors you should be able to go out and make a good living. Now you don't need that billion dollars, and you will feel so much better if you make your own yet so they should be enough money left.
You know, I'm not I'm not saying take away with his money when they die, but I'm saying that there is a grotesque amount of money that needs to be pulled back. That's one way of of the least putting a chip like chip away at it. That's one way right that money. There was another war, What's over you, unless you want like cops or police, to occupy these areas like? How would you ever stop like at this point in time? How would you stop places from being crime written that have to be legal? Multi, step programme. We would slowly but surely implemented and try to slow But surely chip away at all these problems overnight, it didn't happen overnight. No right now there has to be great leadership and there has to be mended get eight years you're your president, you got for me.
You know I mean local leadership in italian City, council man and you know, mayors that debt are really looking at the community and figure a and each ones different like that. If ever, if it's that way elicits federally, if it's that way look you're gonna
you're dealing with communities that don't have as much money already just by virtue of the fact the crime ridden and that this is in poverty. Stricken he's our communities already like being stuck
like that that car shit freaks me the fuck out now people who are just doomed your stock, but your start- your parents are homeless and you're a baby, and usually the parent where the parents are both of them is mentally ill. I'm most homelessness is caused by mental illness. Now you have, you have addiction, which is usually somebody self medicating to begin with. A few got to that point. Your usually self medicating something- and it could be a number thanks, but you know, with there used to be you had institutional you'd, viewed people they were institutionalized because they needed help yet metal hospitals. Your places where the lowest our society, the most vulnerable were taken care of and those were closed and those people are on the street now dowser in the Reagan, Mr Vieira, in LA we now have typhus
literally medieval diseases tryin to make any kind of Mercosur is back. There's so many homeless people in LA they think it might be as men, seventy thousand people every night. Seventy thousand people, that's what I heard seventy thousand and there is a fuckin single plan that makes any sense to deal with that guy. I fix that, while parliament You know it's just got so expensive to live here. You know the real estate has gone through the roof, and so people are people that we're living on the edge. You know paycheck to paycheck all the sudden you're fucking your you stay on as many cats as you can so people say You can't live here any more and then you're in your car, and you know trying to get now. You gotta get to get back into housing. He needs come over the first last security deposit, where the fuck you get that. Where are you from happening in some cases and a lot of cases just drug to write, people were directed to drugs yeah?
Well, one of the things our funding is that, like I work with this group, called the people concern in LA and they they're trying to get people into housing, transitory housing, where they can at least get a shower, get some decent clothes. When going to job interview and and get started, we don't have to pay that first first last and security deposit great, if you not mentally ill right now, if your mentally ill, although showers in the world, are going to fix robber William Upper via, but I did now nor does to guide- comes the comic storage time very nice guy who's on the Oder, Perpetual micro. I kind of funny got some good. One line is both got some more young people need to take medication every day and there on the street, you not getting it and what they require is that you go to a certain facility every day.
To get your pills, they won't give you the pills from these people are fact they don't know where they sleep in that they can't sharp at a certain time and a certain place yo. So they need to have played and one of these they found also when they give people housing it used to be contingent on use thanks sober and now they're finding that no get them off the street. If they're still using you try to work with them, he tried to get him into counselling, but you don't throw them back out on the street because it is sixty people, dude fixing people so fuckin hard. Look. I did apart podcast this weekend with already are Yeah he's been sober now for nine months. Oh yeah he's fucking great his eyes. They sparkle he's alive. It's great he's right there with his stories were hilarious, storyteller out there, my God dude. It was so fun, and I was just thinking like you know. I was so high
SAM, so happy to see him sober, crying laughing and thanking God dammit. I hope he hangs and I hope you know. I hope that they will talk about fixing his nose, but though the doktor is like look he's gonna, be on pain pills. If you're fixes knows they gonna give him medication like it's too soon there. He needs at least a year of sobriety before even thinks about doing that. But even then you're taking guy who's, a bona fide attic self professed attic, and then you gonna give him drugs there come. I know you can't do it to do it now. That's got to be some painful. Sergio demands. You'd have to have something. Can I take it? You now yeah yeah, you're, right, Meditation can be as effective as any painkiller. If you do it right baby, I doubt it. I don't think so. I bet painkillers away better. Now people are addicted to medication for meditation
medication, not meditation. Now I'm happy for I'm really happy for already and I've seen him. You know I've saw, I saw him before he went in and he was a mess, really bad and then he'd been doing good like he was on crashing two years that I was there and he would come in and the guy was ways on time knew his lines improved his face off as always fucking great and they need here that he'd gone off again and you just like man, can't you just fuckin your beer so much to offer so smart. Talented but he's also a wild man. That's one of the reasons why so funny cuz he's impulsive mean that's, who are yeah, but goddamn he's alive right now, he's alive and kicking in his fucking eyes or sparkling. Like you talk to me like a high right there, he was so funny god damn you is funny. It was just so nice to see him and hug him, and when someone is gone, Helen back like that, like just just didn't, know that
still there he is so nice and, like we ve, lost a lot of people We know a lot of people are gone. There were really great people and really funny people, and it is not a round anymore. They they fuck, up Geraldo, and I mean no Mitch Hedberg, can't you just keep going down that worst right. You know he added cycle, it is, that wild did they have to find something to replace a I mean Lenny, I heard letting on your show. You was fucking great. I mean that guy, not that he was ever like a hard attic, but he's been sober for a lot of years and he found ways to replace it and still be a fucking mad mad. Like a fuckin mad man he's only is ever yeah as any funny. Here I would say- oh my god he's so funny on the pod, Kenya, he just right, But far. Yes, it is sixty one man's yell yeah, I tell them start running. I said a lot of attics. They start these are he was. I never got that run as I
I ran a little bit. I never got that fuckin runners He got to run a lot, you got to get in shape and then you do it a lot in get used to it. Chicken right away. They send layers, you got to shed first, but it's goes back to what you were talking about earlier. So many of us are looking for a way to twist our consciousness. To do something. To just take you out of whatever the fuck. The normal sober consciousness is here what's wrong with the regular sober consciousness, and I mean I'm saying this: I am saying this as somebody who struggles with it yeah. I feel all the time like reaching for something you know. Even if it's like, I took see beady pills, this just because it changes me a little bit. If I can just a little little little bit
you know I'm on the road. I smoke a little pot. Why don't? I just need to be different right now. I need my head to change their well. I think it's, the monotony of excess tensile acts to strike wearing you down. If you look in the mirror, she a few more lines. Few more bags skin is slowly giving away from her skull, lovely and we're good, not gonna, win this race or no Sometimes you just want to think about that. You have a couple drinks, you don't think about. A hit on somebody who would have done that. I would have walked up to and told her Joe their way with drinks. Here, ladies, let me buy you a drink command. I care member China hook up so
were after being drunk first, so much of my life and then getting over and then try to hit on girls and like go to bed with the girl was sober, was we're. Look into my body like this. This shitty by any care, my body when I was drunk at walked to the bathroom naked back when I dig flap and around half of which were sober. You're like this is really odd. I just met this person. I know it's in that even sex like what is that, like you're, trying to get some sort of a Russia that, u turn escape and now you're trying to party together we're doing something leaving this play in your ear, doing something you're trying to try to escape whatever this fuckin monotonous existence together you seeing her face a woman that an hour before we sitting at in a bar may be smiling and thinking to myself always my fight. Does my smile feel fake, or should I
Milo, where I now or sudden she's screaming ass. She her eyes you're rolled back she's going to make both of the hour and then afterwards you deal with each other that, as the weirdest thing ever is like, when you really think you into someone and then you come on, My job is chemically. It's such a fucking trick and women are like you just did that you just pretend you liked me see you have sex with me. No, I thought I did like you. I was. I was tricking myself. I got really believed it if you. Have you say a lot of shit to you? Don't really mean just a fuck, some that's a dirty move, but so many guys and I've talked to so many guys who echo this. You really think you like them until you come. And then, and then whatever was kind of cute before now. Is it annoying
and greeting on its part of sand with women. They probably like thought you, like they like who did you fuck them and then you're hanging around talk in foreign and get this guy Adamite fuckin apart biology? Here, that's the ultimate trick right. You you're, when you're having sex with someone is spent, if you're really aroused- and you they're really hot- and you really into it there any you that is a drug. It's it's definitely a drug. It's your your oxytocin! Through the All your fuckin pheromones are flying around you smell in each other and you're roused all yours. Ex wormholes are far too Blair and you know- and it's all it's the number one thing? That's it I mean melting of ethics, there's the orgasm and then what second? What's?
Second, in the list of great things that you can experience physically, a runners high, you know without drugs, just that you can naturally experience it's pretty up pretty up their here. Yeah there's not a lot of things. We it's also the the it's difficult to procure right, it's difficult to get someone who's really attractive to like you, yeah right, miniseries, one, you and I are funny right Spirit Ass, like wire wire, most men. Why do they have a sense of humour that they have a sense of humor? Could girls like that? It's big! That's a big one like you, a job through a lotta hoops he's skip alot of steps, if you're funny, if your guy you're funny, because you have to be smart to be funny so grossly, he knows how to be funny.
If they are not funny, but they then you're funny, you can make them laughed like. Ants brings fucking comedian with me everywhere gray, and I was at my own little show here and you and she likes you because the ailing, oh she likes me cause I'm funny now get funnier now work at this. Yet stupid? I was in sixth grade me and John. Your Zach used to do comedy routines for the girls at lunch. We had whole fucking routines, like you know, like Marx, brothers, stuff and muppet. Oh shit, I, whatever worked, we were a tap dance for those girls like Vicki, Batman and love, light a rag they loved itself. I mean- and I remember that feel and back think as I was the skinny little kid with red, hair and freckles. No chicks took they just cared about the guys. They were good at sports and all sunlike, I'm gettin laughs and- and I just remember,
like this is what I want to do. This is this is what I need to do now, like you yeah, so this that right is like one guy see a car like a brand new Mercedes and a commercial ms occur with long legs and high heels and she's leaning against the Cairo COMECON girl come of the car. Forget the car will get her media her it's hard to get one of those you get a girl with long legs and high heels. Beautiful absence is looking at you. She loves you, that's so difficult to find it so difficult to get most of time, those girls they look brought. They walk right by you, like you, don't even exist. I like it that I get that watch that watch. There's a girl staring at that watch loves that watch used to sell most things like how many things in America, in particular, are sold.
By attractive women, attractive women in an attractive women like that, you we associate. If you get this Lamborghini attractive, women will be more drawn to you, because it is difficult to get a lumber gaining time. This guy
it'll ambiguity. That means he's got three hundred thousand dollars to throw a stupid car. The problem in a breakdown yeah, John HAM, doing those car adds women fuckin they wanna get that car with John Am Matthew Marconi. They cannot house he lives in me, and I just it. If I meet him her love me, I would put a couch shrubbery inside a fix it kind of a modern painting. It just needs a woman's touch. Then then he S. Actually things like. I gotta go oh by thought, but it's your how we have, however, to the ultimate biological trick. If they ve ever see. That's what can be really weird. I give you look at aliens right when it what's the the eye contact Ebay and they have the big heads. They have these little boy like bodies, long fingers, no dicks yeah does
in their cause. That's probably what happens in the future the future we all figure out. Listen! We are being tricked left and right by our dicks and our vaginas and are our sex hormones are talking us into nonsense where we can just be enlightened and we could travel the Galaxy together We got to get past all this sex stuff is biological sex stuff, and you can you'd have an orgasm in your own brain here with your this new phone. I phoned seventy two and just press the button, and they get out of your system good. Now I dont need sex anywhere near and we don't need our mouths either. When you talk with our brains to see a big giant, Harold ties slit for a mouth It's like member that Woody Allen movie sleepers and they have the orgasmatron.
Ass it around and they need to have an orgasm and then you move on. I was there. I mean if you think, about how much work is involved and try to get an orgasm like how much energy people spend and then, though, the seduction right you meet someone in a bar by a drink, a k, womanlike and cigarette can't do that anymore. But that was a thing rare. Like light the girl cigarette by a drink, I we so charming. Thinking. Maybe Diana Sisler, a maiden aunt such dance. Why should we shake my hips and looked ass, a guide as no other dance, Perry, Saxon, bad dance, dance, I'm sure one in me
it's time to breed amateur breed with a conqueror a man who could dance and those are the way to save her. He could kill somebody for me, he's a big these big. He knows how to think he knows that we ought to get out of here. Troubles brewer he's a protector, Oh woman again is nice. Car can drive fast. He lives in top of the hill catechist spot. We see the enemies coming. That's it aware mean that our businesses, like getting people like us right as a big part of what our businesses are, businesses like saying, funny shit. So people like us and other people do different things like some girls. They just work on the squats, so the genoa so that people like a more aspects out more yet more attention. Some people just funny some people, they acquire thing, some people acquire power,
respect influence here, which I watch its nature special on the widows animals at hang upside down and Australia, bats now, they're likely furry their furry and cute Wollah bees no added bounce around for you at the called on bats. Now they got they got em. I got him here who I think, but anyway, this mother fucker is on one side of the river and he can hear a maiden call from the other side of it. River, and he slowly shit slot off flawed that's not here's the female slot and he fucking they allowed arrive where they get these cameras from, but they watch. This guy go down the tree. Cross, a limb into the water, can't swim for shit, this fucking rapids. He makes his way across. Gets across climbs that it takes
two days, refiners of Islam and climes on tabular couple shakes there police dispatch now the parallel guide and thank Jesus ones eat my through my group, which So let's talk about that star that we shall be last night, because that was entertain a back then, but but it's a believer, weirder dance for a girl, because a girl asked a figure, whether or not this guy is going to be around right she's, going to let this guy shoot when inside of her and then what if she gets pregnant, and now this asshole just a rely on him. And what is he be around the Slav like she can't she like what this objective is a lot of time or she has dedicated taking care this kid. Maybe she can pull that down a full time. Job age can but there's
fuckin resources that need to be dedicated towards raising these children is someone gonna help might be doing this on my own, women have to be really fucking careful. We care for imaginative guys got pregnant every time we fucked. Oh, my god, I had a joke about abortion would be an app on your phone. Is it would if we approach the fuck out of here yeah morning after pills would just be on the bedside table. Every morning, the bearer, whether given to you a hotel swiftly, we ve met on the bed. Yeah chocolates, yet live fuckin plan peoples. There would be no kids preservatives. Be two of us: women love children, their nurturing their capable, like some women, but someone. We don't want your box into that either,
which in some guys don't want some guy. Look, I love being a father. I know you have been the father, but we have our friends at a later bunch of a vast activates. They don't want to have kids fuck that that's ok tall. Ok, this plenty of rain. It's great that you know you don't I mean I don't even know. If you know you know, because maybe you think you don't because you haven't had it mean cable change, the way you fuckin brain works and a lot of times for the better. It made me a way nicer person. Play more considerate of people's positions to because I used to think of people always as being static like this is he's fifty two he's always been fifty two. This really is a normal talked on right now, now I look at people when I go Greg used to be a baby. He was a baby like what did? How did what weird circumstances befell him? What fucking weird pitfalls and traps and weird things entered it to his wife? What weird people fuck them all
What what what weird people lie to him stole from hamlet? How did he gets me? This bitter person now had username Why did you not realise that way of creating a scenario? The totally unlike you? But you know it's, I think, of people now in different ways to think of a people, angry boys to think of a massage fuck that idiot, but now agree that fuckin guy gets fucked over here. They are fucked over this most of em NASA from go fucked over that could have been me me easily gorgeous. Have a bad chemical makeup. You know some people are just fucking ADHD and think that they're, not caring and they don't remember to call you whatever it's like that cast to get a shoelaces tied, yeah, yeah, yeah or maybe Souci Dini can't wait to one. His hands again or or
he's gonna all timers, any can't remember whether lost his hands on me. This most people are trying their best yeah, and I think a big part of what's wrong in this world is that we are dealing with a lot of communication. It's not face to face a lot of it, whether it he said she said she were alike, Oh, you have a problem with this. Guy and then another guy tells you he said some shit about you. What do you say fuck that guy said that I'll tell you what really happened instead, instead of like you being alone with that guy, what what happened? What what? What do you think happened? What I think happened is this not me like, but that's definitely not what happened because of this and he's got to go. Oh, I didn't know that I didn't want to die I thought you were well understand why you were behaving the way you were behaving in here Let's talk, you know a guy, don't look only enemies. I want France,
the little that is out yeah, that's figure this out, but so much of today that is excluded from the formula. So much of today is people dealing with YE males like how much can be like I had to put out a fire between two friends in an email recently won. One person was upstairs upset because they thought some person was doing and shady them, like not alone, does not does now what happened like. Ok, let me explain do my best, but do reason I don't want anyone's having this conversation is because you guys weren't talking in front of you, you know? And then there's this wonder, accounts that guy? What does he say about me when I'm not around? What has he feel about you feel like you got over on me, cuz. You feel like eight hundred and thirty fuck me over to disrespect me So much of it is like we're not supposed to communicate any other way other than like you, and I are doing right now in the eyes? I know you full of shit. You know
for sure, and we had to talk. They are people, I suppose, usefully in a little village. Where are you now you just if he had a problem? You talk to that person. You were a shitty person. If you're acting shitty everybody knew you were shitty ducks and you got a little bit ostracised for it. Yes, yes Duff, there was correction and gossip with healthy a little. The gossip with good was good. It was gone, hey that's bill, he rapes! That's the gossip! Today, this guy likes to give five pounds of ground big, stuffed up his ass. I don't know why you need to fart cuz Johnny over there he'll give you five bucks if you fucking throw it in his face. He likes it he's going to beat off while you fart. That's it that's what he likes you, as always you just fart in his face and then kick him in the he's always feeding little girls? Videos I mean they really get kicked in the ball like hearts that guys get their balls.
Map with stilettos. Stop the guys lose testicles, loss of testicle cuz, he got kicked and he didn't have a cop on and he was sparring just like he's like I'll. Do one more round so sparse and it gets slammed in the fucking sack with a Shin and his testicle burst, burst when some chick stamp on with a stiletto he'll hear as fucking around divided one time, and I was in my tenth- braids and we were wrestling around he reached down and grabbed my balls really hard and squoze. I'm like a fucking knives a little bit of a nut And I remember laying on the ground for like ten minutes being in, like the most of your pain, I've ever been in my life, I thought I was sterile for a long time.
Cuz he's getting kicked in the balls and kicked in the balls at least a hundred times hard by black belts like I've been kicked in the Balls stewed. Like many many many today trying to kick in of all now know you clash, save your thrown a kick with your right leg and I'm thrown a kick with my right. We throw the same time just we're moving we're. Sometimes it just goes right in the sack here. Sometimes a kick will deflect. You know Someone will be hitting you and you're trying to hit them in the chest, but inadvertently they catch part of your leg and it redirects it right towards their balls. Cops, don't really cover your balls. They do new ones too, Is this a new? Well there's a company called diamond Emma may and I wear their cup on Digital and it's a complete. Short with all these straps built in and it's cup that it's got like morph,
triple foam rubber rubber on the outside and then a very hard rubber hovers. The like the outside edge, rather a very hard rubber that covers, like those sack and then and then the deck. And then, if it's very snugly to your body and you can you can get kicking the balls pretty hard with, while the it's a giant improvement, but when I was a kid we had a cop that slid into a jockstrap and it barely held in place and one time I was in a tournament and I got kicked in the balls so fucking. Oh pretty sure this guy did it on purpose. He was, he was it mean fuck. I was fighting this korean dude. He was very good and very mean, and I'm pretty sure he kicked in the balls on purpose, because I punched him in the face on purpose right after it was pretty sure my cop slammed into my ball. So the the cop did worse than protect me and then
protect me. It actually became a weapon against my ball, so the cup slammed in my ball, my boss, wall up, it was awful, was so it was wet with US cups, protecting pretty much you shaft, but not your ball. They do protect your balls and little bit under the ideal. Circumstances like something comes out at straight on and it hits the carpet way better. They hit the cup than it is to hit your balls by themselves. If you ask me better, but they have bicycle helmet, they made tag, wonder: cups that we used to wear on the outside. That were even better because you wear them. You have your your pants on your like yogi pants and then you would put the cup on over the pants and it was there were like more sturdy and it would tie. They would hold them in place and there is little more material there. So it's like you would cover yours, your job, better yeah, but still sack is set to fuck it
will design it. Isabel science dangling in mid air just waiting to be her. Is yours sit on your ball? Oh yeah, oh yeah, you could dickens. Zipper now never know o my grand aware of stun gun Fuckin commando before Dick in this effort. Yeah. It's like the crown the shaft somewhere the side of the shaft I caught it in the zipper and it was bleeding. Sector while after that, because then you have to explain their like. What's on your dick columns, he'll second liar
You fucking liar, you didn't give me a disease. Is it a piece of shit? That's why they invented, but button fly yeah probably were watching butterfly was first. Was it I think, to old leave us think they were all button fly. They have figured out zippers exhibitors list, guess what do you think they invented zipper. I want to say, like the eighteen hundred he I fifty, I thought the original Levi genes had zippers, don't think so nanny dear regionally, I think that's why they call them. They originally button fly by five or one's national five or one gene tat button flaws. I remember drying up in I was sucking dry humper in junior High School Manitowoc ICE machine, still all night. I would get it by I was. I was gifted and you know you you try to get your cock right right airport right in a spot, and then
I was prevent. I run one time, gonna scab I got so raw had a scale on it. Jesus did you not from drawing up and a couple times, but I was pretty restrained. We got it. If you dry hump the right way to do it is with silk pajamas, no underwear eyes right is again. I could go back in time, be ever talked miles of a decade. Eagles pizza you showing up at some girl's house she's in eighth grade that answers the door silk pajama pants, I'm just really into read a lot about trade. China he's a rain here. Now, where are you wearing underwear, you piece of shit? What you think I'm stupid,
children, I know what you're doing you are dry up, my kid who she comes. And she's we're in soap agenda. The part about air away air dry happen. Man, good old days number you gravity were so happy. I can't believe I'm holding tat outside the shirt I was now rageous you're, so happy like this is so much better than not. Holding a two year is good as it gets And in a few, if you agree, I felt there for girls back them, because how annoying when it be that somebody's? Just? Why have you know we're talking about calling that you just
grabbing their tit and you can't stop like here: she's gotta Braun, you wedged your hand under her bra and you just grabbing to squeezing that's a pleasurable for her no deadline, but they did it. Maybe stew, like maybe she's like the fact, is not there who so now I couldn't fathom the girls were enjoying fooling around for a long time. I really thought that they were just do being nice dude. I couldn't imagine the girls like boys like. Why do you even like me why you like boys boys, are so gross yeah? You know, I remember, being a kid thinking that man I'm so happy the girls like
boys, but I don't understand it doesn't make sense. Why would they like us? It's we don't have any the good things they have now. If tenth the wet diversity were dirty and gross, they were make up. We don't that were gross stupid and would dumbest if we are dumber to like the whole process of men developing and getting to, asked her own and gone through the the whole cycle of adulthood. It's just a factor when mature quicker, their smarter at an earlier age. So when you're fifteen you gotta have a fourteen year old girlfriend, Keziah fifteen Euro girlfriend secure fucking Idiot, damn gonna get someone's harder. Forget some smarter! I give you if you like how many guys, who are eighty no a seventeen year old girlfriend alot yet, but how many guys were? Eighty have a nineteen year old girlfriend nineteen year old girls don't want to have anything to do with eighty.
More on now now they're smarter, already now telegraph for twenty two year old, yet del so true, like my daughter, said that she's like I can't she cause. I can't even talk to guys my years once a couple its age sought. Their smarter here didn't have to go through that hold. That's testosterone thing just think about can read aloud to barely thinking about anything else studying school. I now Jesus, oh yeah. It is pretty much playing sports. And having an orgasm that was, that was high school You found out about orgasms sports to go back, see a big backs. Yet I still bit about that. My deserto communal plant based pony more yeah, I'm way better at this. I, like it more more fun I always win,
Every time you come you and yeah, hey the crowd, cheers tripe, make Amerika great again: so, if you come you when you went along with the girls I'm out of here, if you come the girls like what the fuck you like shit now my good moments, Don yeah yeah has to be well play, students or six p m. We were not cheap, His cries really disrupts pitcher Gregg tolerably, we're gonna, be oh Jesus area, stagnated phenomenon, gonna be a t punchline in San Francisco. This we all shit. Why? I favour clubs Walter it's the best and then I'm come not going to be in Kansas City after that, and then I'm going to be in Denver. Althea Cincinnati Atlantic City. GotTA fits dog dotcom, get all your tickets for all those places where you see them our folks by very much love.
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