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#1380 - Pete Dominick

2019-11-08 | 🔗
Pete Dominick is a stand up comic, speaker, news commentator, host, and moderator. Look for his podcast called "StandUP! with Pete Dominick" available on Apple Podcasts.
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my guest today is a long time friend, who is a host of stand up with PETE Dominick on Sirius Radio and now stand up with PETE Dominick the podcast he's a stand up. He's a hilarious guy. He knows a lot about politics and I enjoyed talking to him. Please give it up for PETE Dominick check it out the job Logan experience. Hey Joe roadies amen, get to see you like to be here, but in California said we sit across from the site to have you you're you're, free man. Now I'm a I'm. A scape yourself in the shackles of sad radio, the shackles of corporate media them, and this that's thing about dedicating so much time to a company like that they can just get rid of you, and then you don't have a connection to all those fans. You have to re, establish a connection It's been an amazing experience in the last. What four
week, since it happened to try to. First of all, I watch my funeral play out publicly. 'cause I had a huge community listeners for twelve years that I created is trying to respond to all of them, and you can't say I still can't share it like certain details right. How much time did they give you for the shows ended the? the show. Basically, they told me, after the show that that was last show, and then they let me have like a a they said. I could do a lot show, but instead I was like just record a message I don't want to. I don't you don't know until the day of, and I had a pretty good idea. I had a pretty good. Do they have ratings like? I don't think so. If they did, I think I'd probably be in pretty good shape. I mean like it's along sorry, but the shell was doing was pretty special. Like is really helping people and we were in lightning is: kind of like what you do here I mean that's why I love what you do here. You people learn they they get in
I can they get entertained. If you make people do a better better people through the show, the the contribution that you make. That's what I was doing, we Three hours every day, talking about issues talking about rules that people are having an it, was rewarding and challenging and satisfying, and I had total editorial control. So I can't I really can't complain twelve years. This is pretty know, though, how many people are listening to any given show, not that I ever know not that I have that it was ever shown to me, and it's has a weird thing. That's the thing that you have with Netflix as well. You know like if you do a special with Netflix and they go it's d. We really like it, it's great, but they don't share with you yeah. You go well how the ratings are. We're really happy who is that we're really really happy. That's like that's like when you first started doing comedy and you can up page and your friends like you looked confident now it's worse than that, because you don't you like
decisions can be made based on what kind of downloads you getting right. If you is people, if Netflix says hey, you know four million people downloaded your right shut, your calmly special they really loved it. We're really happy. Let's do doesn't make any sense for the company to have the information and the house not to have the information. Why wouldn't you share it so that everybody has they don't want you to bargain with them? Well, if there are any you to negotiate yeah the I mean the best thing about being fired as you not to worry about being fired. Yes, you can do your own thing and increasingly, I think people are taking advantage of that. Like you if you're a network you have to have a million people listening or watching to keep the ratings up itself, Verizon you only making just so much money. If you launch your own thing, the way you have in so many other people have your gambling with everything
which is what I'm doing now with podcasting, which is really an original thing to do and a very difficult way to make money? But if you do, if you're good, then you control it all yeah, you can do it it's like if you've done a serious show and you develop an audience and that's something. You definitely did do three hour live every day. Yes, can you can definitely do the same thing on a podcast just right? No, you can it's like my family is online. I don't know why you have comedy too yeah, but you absolutely can do it and it's just one of those things where I see people doing the corporate route and I'm like man, I get how you needed to do that fifteen years ago. You don't need to do that now. That's a bad decision! Now, There was a good decision. Ok, you got a serious gig fifteen years ago. I like wow, that's awesome, I think you're, absolutely right. It's just it's terrifying, do you know is, is always there's always pros and cons. You work for a company, no matter what you do you you're working for some. You have a place how they control all of the
In our case, in medias case, the the promotion, the marketing, the legal, they hire, producers work for you and so on, and so there's a certain level of comfort there. But at the same time you go to answer these people. You got to deal with these people and, frankly, you know. You're more talented than a lot of the people that you're working with, and you have all these ideas and these inspirations- and you know there you're going to say yes or no to him and when you're on your own, you just put the wheels on go yeah. Well, I remember last time I want to serious offices went to the studios. I was upstairs and I was like there's too much money here. This is this cost too much money like there's too many people here. This you see these fucking people weren't suits like was that guy. Do I guarantee you? He doesn't do Fuckall how God is not anything to do with whether or not it shows any good, and all you have to do is press a button and get it out there. So there's all these people making decisions about. Well, we got a marketing and this and that and I'm going to make sure we get the right
feel like that's the way I've worked at CNN and worked at MSNBC or worked at Fox. I feel like that's corporate media or corporate America, where you have to wonder how much work and how, which value each person is meaning to whatever their job is. I always want to know, but it's their goofy serious is very goofy. They offered me a great deal, zero money really zero. I feel like you might have told me that before I got zero money, it's almost hilarious deal ever will put your show on the air and will give you zero. Like. Oh, that sounds good I don't even I don't win once that. I mean that that book in recently really yeah yeah yeah they're hilarious. How did you? What did you do? I didn't do anything. I don't talk to anybody. I mean right through managers in right. Now I say no to everything so I was like it was easy to say no, and I always did
anything directly myself can never ability. I could never allow somebody. I never felt like anybody could sell me the way I could sell myself would do. Then you have to think about selling yourself and if you can't it takes any bill the what this is. I mean for people. Listen this podcast regularly. I'm sorry! I apologize for PT myself, but the way I look at everything- and this is something I've done over the last really cultivate over the last ten years, but really specifically focused on over last couple- is a looking thinking is band with. I only had a city of you have a hundred units of thinking, whatever the you have to do, the what your members of involved and to have this negotiation and tell yourself to this, and so yourself to that and talk about this, and you know and picture ideas to this person that person that's taking wait time you could be working on your the shed, creating I don't yeah. I don't have any time for that. Zero time. I've I allocate zero band with for selling myself zero band with for doing
but if you all we do have you always done that did you we do that way at the start, because I mean you're you're so big now again, and anybody can understand that you can do that. I never have sold myself. I always had an agent and a manager. Really I've the same manager since I was an open mic really who Jeff sauce oh wow. I know Jeff Sussman yeah wow hot, That's awesome! That's your loyal guy! twenty he's awesome and you know he's family we've been together since nine one, one thousand nine hundred and ninety so that way about my agent too, but I just like it yeah comments. Mattie's, like one of the few guys I met in this big Is that a really always light- and he didn't seem like he's part- is doesn't but he's always been like? What's next yeah? I always say tomorrow, show 'cause every three hour live show. We talked about everything from tax policy, the depression to environmentalism, to anything, politics, parenting, and so it was it's challenging to do that in to prepare for all these interviews with these smart people, and then I wanted to go
don't be my girls like. I had an amazing work, life balance and I feel like so most people never find that they never understand it. I found it and I kept it for real on time, which is what scary to not have that I've been working. My off since the day I left exam, went right into a meeting and have been on the phone ever since reached out to you and everybody. I know I said: hey, you know what Can I do? But it's not it's not balance. You know I haven't seen my girls, I would my garden, so I'm excited to hopefully get back to that to some semblance of that, but most people don't have that, and I think I think, finding 'cause you get get someone basis, especially as a guy feel like if your breadwinner, especially it is work, work work, support your family. We've got a family, there's ego there's money and you just keep going, but then you realize there's gotta be there's got to be enough. You have to in my opinion. You have to have an idea of enough, and I got there and that's when
you know I just would work and then I would shut that down. I would still doing as much comedy as I could, but that that definitely fell by the way because the show I was up at four hundred and thirty in the morning. I was done by two. It was I turn it off. Well, the good thing is, you can do Do your show. If you do a podcast, you could do it from wherever you live right. You can do it close by you. Can either rent office space or you could do it in your parking garage. Do anywhere, especially don't know your kids are at school. You could do it, you do it on your terms. You could bank a couple of 'em, do two three in a day and then take days off, but the most important thing, I think, is that you stay independent, we're just talking that out there, because there's going to be a bunch of bozos, I want you to join or not well they're, calling the other the title not junk. I don't know what what the offers are and what the deals are. But it's like why we why I have I just started doing this. Podcast liberty been through what that is. I've got a a lake of a great community of of of
listeners are like family to me. There they've all been so supportive. You like, let me just try to test that out, definitely turns out how active are you on social media tried try to be, as as I can not that right at at. I don't know that you have some sort of engagement, so you could tell you where you're going yeah definitely doing that, but I mean you don't want to be too wrapped up in it because again, the band with it's going to suck up a lot of your time and right now for a lot of people. It's a giant distraction. Yeah- I don't I don't that's why I when I say I'm not that good at it, because I feel like it's a distraction. It seems like a very as a creative person interesting it's an interesting outlet in leisure, a lot of creative people who are great on twitter, but I don't think in terms of what's a great tweet or tweet right now or put this up on Facebook. Comics artists do this because they love to create they love to perform. They don't love. Remote. What they're doing nobody really likes, that some people do and some people are great at it, but it's usually not why you get into it at the same time, if you don't do it, I mean there's a lot of great comics who don't promote them
and there's a lot of bad comics have done much media, throw any performer who are great from bring themselves right and I've sold somewhere in between yeah yeah people that are really good at promoting. Usually not that good because they spent so time, promoting an airline to get famous and trying to get successful as opposed to work, doing the work right around just smarter, conscious of how they appear to people in other super conscious and and like they're they're trying to cultivate an image that I am very hard. I can't be bothered with that. It's not good for you. I mean I know it works, but I can't go back to like what your deal wasn't serious like when you were there like. So they don't hate you. They don't give you any of location will kind of numbers, you're pulling it and not really any indication of how many people were listening to show. It was hard to know. Did you see the phone volume you see? The phones is up. You see, you know Social media is not really a good measurement, because the vast majority people to follow you. We would saying, on the show, follow me on twitter yeah, but and it's what what's interesting,
I don't want to disparage Siriusxm, not because they gave me a good. You know exit deal, I guess, but because it almost seems inauthentic because they they gave me five cont which created an amazing life. An amazing community like I'm, so grateful to what I had there. But yes, certainly the problem, I suppose, is you're behind this firewall, like this morning, one of my best friends lives in Australia. And he's like yeah, I listen to Joe Rogan. I listen to Rachel Maddow's podcast, like they don't have MSNBC there. They can't get Siriusxm necessarily you can. I guess on the point: is we fear behind that you're, mostly in the car, I think what I'm trying to say is it skewed to like fifty six and years. Affluent men who are in cars, which Site to have everyone of them, but I would love to have a lot of young people
You know I'm staying out here with my cousin and his son is eighteen and he found out his doing. The Joe Rogan show he's flipping out, but he didn't know what I did it serious I hate to say this 'cause, I'm thankful that serious put on Howard and Opie and Anthony and all these comics they had on over the years, but you're better off. Without it. It's not it's not where the future is. The future is not in satellite radio, it's just not it sucks. You go under tunnels, it cut, doubt it cuts, it mean it's just it's dumb. It's a fucking dumb. In a way I mean you can download an entire three. Our show in seconds yep podcast, you want on Spotify or whatever you download the whole fucking thing right before a plane ride in the airport, You're in the air for engine go all hey this new Artie Lange, Podcast, beep, yep download it. You buy your waiting for your your gate to be called you. You got the podcast you get on. The three are flight. You listen to the whole God Dam thing it's easy what's interesting is going. I'm really curious to see what you think, but going from LA
radio and constant interaction with callers, which I love you I'ma to podcasting and just being there alone, with the mic yes, no you can do that you can hold. I can also like can go live. I have figured out yet. I know you know. I got a great group of people that I work on me. Amazing people have come out of the car. The greatest thing has been how people showing up like people from my life. Like fifteen years ago, twenty years phone just rang in Texas coming. I know I'm talk to you and saying What you're saying you're better off? You know one door closes, but more importantly, just people talking about. How you change their life and how they can't wait to see what you do. Next is an amazing amazing feeling like if you, if you do that with one person, your cup is full to have an audience of people doing that for twelve years. It's overwhelming joy and satisfaction to be able to look at my daughters and be like no what happens next? What I got to do there and what I did do their on so many tough issues and
So many people, that's it I could I could. I could die right now, will be happy, don't die, it'll, be good. To get on the show, though nice you have a nice past, which is wonderful, but the thing about scary things, and the thing about this is that it's an opportunity for growth is an opportunity to do something. There's an opportunity to stretch your wings to really take a chance and that's how you grow? And I, but I appreciate you saying that and I'm on the same wavelength and I'm a guy who who thrives in these situations like I've, I've taken advantage. Of every room. I've been in I've, never been the best comic. The best I've never been the best at anything, but I've all he's been Grady. I've always worked as hard, if not harder than anybody, and now it's interesting because I've never been in type of situation with a family united when you're, single and you're young, but I was working
that hard and making no excuses and back then doing no drugs, not drinking, and it was just about my career and being a good person. I thought if I was a good person that mattered and come to find out being a good person was the best form of currency. Everybody competing and trying to kill other people and our business or any other business. To me I have no interest in that and no attraction of those people. All I want to do is help people not think just for purposes of altruism, not to be which was same reason you are being kind is, is the way to be not putting a knife in someone's back and when the show ended. It was amazing. 'cause people started tweeting things that I had done, that I never was thought would become public. They were private things they weren't for it was just like days and days of people. You know I did I to do a segment every week called Stan
with a veteran for veterans in like this veterans, community came out strong in there like what they let you go. You did so much for us and I was like, I think, it's a dying company. I don't think you should dwell on all this. I mean it's just a dying company. Now you have an opportunity, it's great, that you did all these good things great I'll, be I I don't mean to sound negative, an earnings on the come to on on it. I'm I mean to say it was in May experience that was afforded to me I leverage it I took advantage of it, really excited everyday. I wake now just ideas, ideas, ideas hammering, while the show, while you were doing the show, you wonder any sort of exclusive thing we couldn't do anything on the internet right, your yeah. I mean yeah pretty much you get, we can do a podcast because direct now that was tried. Competition yeah, because do you, member, when Anthony from open answer, answer Lumia had live from the compound course he was doing- was overlapping with serious yeah. That's why I started my podcast. Because because because he had a studio in his basement, where is doing karaoke hole, a machine gun
and he was drunk and I was like- why was loaded at oh? I don't know it's Anthony, I'm sure it was yeah he's fucking, I know I was like. I was at a great relationship with them. I love that guy yeah he's one of the funniest guys our policy like me, because we agreed on nothing but you yeah we get along, but he's a genius. I mean it really really is like he's pretty smart, that up with the way he thinks and talks about things. You agree with my order them he's a very entertaining guy, I'd, love, doing radio with him and he had this basement set. We had a green screen Yes, I remember that, like a real production table- and MIKE said, he spent all this money on
really high end stuff, and he and I had a conversation like what are you doing he's like I'm just fucking around and having fun, and I was like wow. I remember thinking about it going. I need to do something like that and when me and my friend red band, when we started it, we just used a laptop, but I remember thinking about what he had set up so we're just doing like answering questions and talking to people on you know and when it was, I guess was twitter, two thousand nine they'll be ten years next month. It's awesome and let's just the but the the inspiration was open Anthony for us because they, their show was like just to hang it is. There was not so no structure to it just having conversations with people, but then, when I saw Anthony have that set up in his
basement. I was like oh, I could do something like that and by the way, having a studio, Ann you're always thought that was weird 'cause. All the way out in long island was like. Is that going to work I'm going to get people out there and I'm in the burbs tired too, when he got fired it was hard to get people out there. I'd imagine, but I like him, I had you know, got a big vast network and technology has gotten so much better. I'm gas getting gas, but I mean I just you got to wonder how it's it's all going to work and how do you if, if you're going to go, live that you so many things, it seems to be thinking about how it's going. What's going to work like what works, and what do you know any? it has a studio that yeah, maybe that's going to come. Do it yeah as long as you don't have to say that commute that's with the commute with the fact that as a studio. When I got studio in my house. Here's Xm had me: do it early like sixty nine am slot for two years and I was like he did it in your house.
I negotiate as a you. Only six- and I am you, get a bill me and I studio and they did, and that was the richest. I could ever be. A friend of mine's wife works at a college in walks. Five minutes set to commute. I think Mute is almost a day. The of your wealth. My body turned to mush. When I had to, live in the city an hour each way like everything about about a long commute made me feel weak, and and and less than in, the idea that you can have a studio in your house or work from home. No matter what your job is, is a pretty sweet deal yeah. I think the commute can definitely grind on you, but it also is an opportunity to listen to books on tape for sure you do whatever you can to productive and positive yeah. He and you can go two hours early in getting our work out in before you get there. Did that does a lot of good stuff that can come from everything. If you look at things correctly, I agree I I share your outlook. I think that one of the things I've been listening to your podcast for years,
but, like you know, not every episode, not religiously, but since I lost my job, I was like. Let me let me start listening to Rogan and what's really interesting about you in my opinion, is your. You are the. Example of somebody that everybody wants to put into a box- and you can't it's along with everything in our country and our conversation, it's whatever people think that you are there everybody. That I tell that that I'm doing the show they say they have an opinion of you and I listen to your show and here's the main take I get from your conversations is that you try to find the positive iti and everything you the most positive guy, whatever you think about any issue or any idea, any opinion, you have your own he's being so positive and so helpful, and it has been honestly in this, like trying time. I think my dad just had my I get fired my dad add a heart attack and then a week later, he on blood thinners, any feints, and
This is his face off the counter rips his eye open goes into surgery now we can't see out of his eye and he's a ski instructor, a cyclist and he's a race car driving instructor, and so I'm dealing with that deal with my job dealing with family listening to you and a handful of other people, just bringing as much positivity to every scenario in situation and that's my nature to, but it's some days does matter who you are. You got to pull yourself off the ground, but you know you can't. I can't My daughter see me sweat either yeah. Well, let them see me vulnerable, but they're not going to see me sweat. Well, you don't have to sweat. You just have to grind. It is Hassel you're you're, respected guy you're, a very good host of a show. You just have to find a new venue. That's all this is a good opportunity. You're healthy, yeah nothing wrong with you and that's only physically. I've always thought that Mentale that I was the happiest healthiest guy. So it's been a weird thing to not be able to espouse
people in and physically I'm yeah, I'm back to I'm back to train. Well, that's all! That's good man! It is like you just seem to find a place the thing about doing it in the city- and I know you want to live in the city, doing it in the city. You can get guests in studio for sure, and that is so much better. It's much better. Why do you think I like? What do you think that is the way we're talking right? I I'd greatly. You can't look on a camera at somebody. Does a Ouija front lay with when I was doing with Snowden yeah as we but he was in a rush or something yeah, but it doesn't matter. It was real time. I mean the the actual lag was very minimal, which we think the like. The the lag was the russian. This time is enough and right so, but yeah nothin, even facetime like when I'm on the road on Facetime my family? It's weird like what did you say? Huh, ok, right! You know so there's a weird thing. I agree. I always preferred having people in studio for sure it's it's. Fifty percent better. I feel I'd be more. I just made up that number I feel like if it wasn't
opportunity is to travel to different places and find the most interesting particular people and do gigs there do stand up at night. It's been a couple days there interviewing the most interesting people in whatever the IRAN hundred percent and so that's kind of what I'm feeling about that is you're gonna need someone to film if you want to do a video element of it. Here's the thing about a video element when you, when you talk about some people, don't listen to this podcast. They don't watch it right. It's a lot of people right when first did it the video aspect of it was just an aside. We just we did it with a webcam. Then we started putting it on Itunes and the I tunes was way more popular than the video which was on you stream, which was it's not a. I mean I don't even know. If it exists anymore, it is used to exist. It does not you too now. Do you two more pieces that you have a bit it's a built in platform,
right, so there's millions and millions of people that are on it just looking yeah. I definitely want to do that. I definitely want to do that yeah. I I'm thinking you making, obviously a lot of good points about where it can be done and what you know what the the best ways to do it and I've been talking to so many smart people. Obviously, every day I mean that my network is, is I'm I'm lucky to have this network amazing p well, they're, just so kind and generous to give me this advice and honest to you know they know you don't be an idiot. Don't write enough! Don't do that! You know it's it's as a comic you. I think. That's that's the way that you think you want people to be as brutal as they can be with criticism, may not take it personally. Just like okay, yep I'll take that advice apply that and
change that yeah yeah. Well, it's nothing wrong with getting some constructive or even destructive criticism. Thank you. Jeff got high. You have to you know: you have to have feedback me does not always it's not always accurate or correct, but feedback is important and that's one of the good things about having like one of those talk shows where people call in you know, as when the good things they get to give you some free by I love that when the bad things is they get to give you some feedback find the bad things that so he's always entertaining like if it, if they should on me yeah, it was always very entertaining as a comic like I will. I love hackles. I love anybody on out. I I live for it. Those are my favorite moments. What I like best is one on one conversations of people. That's what I like me, that's what I like best to listen to as well. Yeah in you know like when I listen to stern and then when someone would call- and I was like why they let somebody call in and some guy would yell out, Baba Booey are talking about sniffing Robbins
or something or they would just be born, and you don't want to be rude, but you have to be like a can. I'm doing a show here, man, your billing, odd, that he would just go to callers in the middle of a conversation. You know with some lady was an actress or something it's just being, but that's that the chaos that he sort of cultivated. Well, I think that that's, what's the great the great thing about Show- is the people that you get and the interaction, the conversation that you have and I was trying to do the same thing for at serious Well, you were doing it. You just were doing it in this walled garden with a bunch of assholes that are running the ship and don't lie twenty twenty five minutes, apiece. I'm always amazed that you and you know handful other people can sustain like a two hour conversation. I love that I I let it can you can do it too and I think I can, but that was never allowed to that was always those rules were always like to commercial yet yeah. You have heart breaks, I'm doing a podcast and the other day, and I'm like thanks to tune in and we're almost out of time. I'm like you did
Tunein and we're not almost out of time, I can do whatever the hell you whenever I want to such things, just keep talking, we can just keep talking while the worst thing is presidential debates, there desirable kicking the person who's going to run the free world and you have to stop because there's a palmolive commercial, this Palmolive EVA thing or I'm such an old man when pulling out fucking- Palmolive reference edge, I think, are usually pharmaceutical companies at this point. Fizer yeah, but its owner pill, the irony of them talking about the pharmacy the companies and then they advertise during the break but you're. Absolutely it's not real, but I mean the presidential debates are so not real and all those I mean my friends produce those things and it's just like it's a show. It's it's like when you get burnt like when I had Bernie Sanders in here and you get to talk to a look at real human. Yes, you go. Your, your or human being, who cares about people an you have a different perspective on what these people are saying. You are idea.
Democratic socialism. Is not this wacky social sound bite yeah? It's not this thing where people think you're just going to steal money from hardworking folks and give it to lazy people. It's the worst case. You know it's not right. It is none of that. Now it's not working and we're not going to privatize Jones stores and gymboree thoughtful person, and I was- talking to his eye, I told you very seriously now but also running for Congress, and I was talking to his, I think, deputy chief of staff, named ARI Raven off great guy, and I was I was telling about doing your show, and he told me that after Bernie Sanders did your show he every Who is recognizing him like really like he reached a whole different demographic talking to you than he ever had fork he's mostly on those cable news shows he's mostly on terrestrial or radio, but when you do these uh? What do you even call this now? Nontraditional alternative media might as well be mainstream, but the point is: when you have a
phone conversation with Bernie Sanders and he's not like up there? You know the food and all that shit is annoying. You've heard it before he sits down and has a real conversation with you and others like. Oh man, that guy is making a lot of good points. Yeah. Well, you gotta think of like what is annoying to people. And once people is that rapid fire not yeah. Well yeah yeah, I'm in Medicare Education Summit right hello, and I think that, like people are hey, hey, hey face, I just got off work yeah Why are you yelling at you? Knowing he wants to take my money for him? He just press stop right and that you have to be able to change your cadence, your diction and your commentary, and you have to be able to get questions that are more thoughtful anyway. That's the thing about all these cable news: interviewers, at it like they always want to get some. Headline and that sort of thing about corporate media to they want you. So I've been in that belly of the beast show for the last fifteen years, corporate political media,
it's so and fractured. I can tell you so many stories, they call you up and they say you know how do you feel about anything, to make sure that you're completely. The opposite of the other panelists that you have a really robust argument and it's like not thing is binary. Most things aren't there's a ton of new on Santana gradation. We don't have to hate each other that that's get ratings. That's how they sell advertising. I blame the problems in our country on corporate media terrestrial radio. Just doing that format. All day. It works really well for conservatives not as well for liberals, but it still works and they sell ads ever a few people make a lot of money, but the country suffers the idea that we're so divided. Is such bullshit. I talk to people from all over the country. Hello all over the place. I understand the issues really intimately an. I don't care what you think about any there's something you have to offer me. There's something you
make my life to enrich main. I don't care what you believe, abortion or guns or certain things, because if you could teach me how to fix this engine, I meant I want to learn how to teach me how to exercise better, but you don't like trade this is. I think it should be getting better trade policies. Let's just not even talk about it. Let's talk about the things and it's either trying to get to the. The root of somebody's soul what we should all be trying to do that everyday, we should write? What happened to you that made you think this way? What is the experience What is your journey to me? That's the fascinating schitt about human beings. Well, one of the things about something like cable talks, those or new shows or any of these political arenas is that. There's a a lack of real interaction with the general public. In terms of like real real conversations with people, your you have a host is wearing make up was got spotlights on him in this a microphone in front of him and he's talking to these other people. In this camera's point,
with them, and no one really feels like this is. This is not as a doorway, but it's not a normal way of people talk. You know nobody talks like that and rarely you see someone sit down and they like every now and then We have. Those shows where, like it's, a one on one like Trump will sit across from Fuckin'. What's his name? What's that dudes name which network It's a fox guy that guy who's, it's funny, two of them together I mean is losses, mind he's just taking that as I'm going, now he is all he is digging way in, but it works it he's making. I used to know I used to be on with the guy the most pleasant guy in the world. But what he's doing he is it's so much the n korean situation. Ludob is like state media every night. It doesn't matter. You know he shall not be questioned. Kind of guy worship. The it's like? What are you doing? That's not even, but but that's the I once got into long drawn out argument with Chris Cuomo, who I like a lot, but I was
talking about you know the semantic difference between tv and radio. It's simple and radio and you got along formula twenty minutes, our conversation, it's real and you get a lot done on tv. You can have a five minute. Conversation? I go there's so many guests that you have on your show that I have on my show, they're way more the ability to be thoughtful nuanced and make points they can't do that on cable, an now he's doing a radio show so good for him. Well, that's what I was getting at is that this separate between the people and then the just a nap. Central environment that they're in no one can relate to it. What they can relate to is two people just talking to each other. They can't relate to it. Joe, but they also think because they're addition to that. If it's on a network, this person must be an authority intelligent, but I'm here to tell everybody. I was talking about credit default swaps, and the financial industry. I have an associate
the great and came up in the New York City, comedy clubs like I really did any business talking about that. But the thing is I could sound, really smart for three one, slash two minutes on anything. Get me to minute five! I can't go that deep on certain issues and I shouldn't be an authority on it, but just because I'm cable news with a jacket and a shirt, and I'm this guy people like ok, well. I believe this guy. Now it's not real. It's not real. It's a dying medium too. I don't think two thousand and thirty years from now that's going to exist. The same shorter than that yeah and then the whole also the interjection of commercials, every seven minutes, the things that they're doing on, it's the same thing they're doing on these other cable talk shows where they're trying to encapsulate these things into these very quick five minutes sound bites and- have you ever heard of intelligence, Squared debates, yes, my John Donovan. Is the moderator he's he should be moderate in the presidential debates he's the greatest guy? They have these really well informed panelists to have on
ocean and they do like two hours and you can come in I in so often one the idea about the issue and you leave thinking something completely different because you have these very smart people debating with and excellent moderate are, doesn't let me bullshit and really learn a lot, no commercial breaks- and you can you know, listen or even three people is too many people, probably yeah. It is it's like if you want to get to know someone it's one on one, because even with three people, your there's moments we have something to say and then someone interjects something else. Then you lose your point and then you don't express it and then the other person talking and you don't know when to talk and then you find being a little bit more assertive in the way you talk and you try to get point across I feel like I'm, not it talking enough and then, if there's four people you're like skills thing they ever do is when they have those seven people panels and one person just starts for chiming in screaming out loud to talk over people and but they're also talking about, because I had one
cable news for a long time. Still do I mean I still go on, and then I had my long form radio show where I would talk to policy expert. It was very it like that. The tight like right now and I'm talking about the polls for the presidential race. Is anybody that's paying attention to that is wasting their time, it's a complete waste of time to talk about who's leading in what Paul a year away it's a year where you get a terror attack. You have the economy crack like it for a game, it's not a game, okay, but it is a game if you're watching basketball do not pay attention to the first minute of the game, because it doesn't really matter what's really important. How many points are scored over the four quarters. The four quarters- that's not game, as I think it might be to have collagen call to pro. But the point is the it's this is weird game going on the Comala Harris was ahead and now she's talked like this is fun it's fine for people. This is. Half of what it is. I don't. I know it's serious. I know it's significant. I know there's grave consequences that picking the wrong leader, but this is a game right, but it's
well. She came because you said earlier the reason why Kamala Harris or anybody else takes a step backwards is because one stupid moment and how possibly picking somebody on normal harassers, a bunch of different issues or yeah, but Howard Dean come on. I mean you have you: have you listened that? Never gets old, never ever, but it is weird that it is weird that this day and age at that crashed him. Well, given everything that these other candidates have done and said, yeah, but honestly, there's probably something else. It's how he responded to that as well is like he showed a lack of humility or understanding of what it was like yeah. It sounded stupid. This I want to important days in yeah. I screamed out like we got a microphone on me and Excited I go yeah I mean you can also talk just about the ego of the people or running for these offices and they You seem to have an understanding of the idea of ego. And what it means and
they should try to separate. While using it like, once, you get into politics, slash, entertainment and you get really well known of you start believing things about yourself that aren't even remotely true they're. Not every summer that right, huh, certainly some of that Well, I feel like they have acting yourself right. You have an image you're, protecting yourself, yeah it's a delicate dance that I am completely turned off by. I mean that's why it's hard to think about. Like. I was seriously considering running for Congress because were or all right, it's hard right now, because I learn some crazy shit. Would you learn, don't untie first of all drum roll? Please. Yeah the corruption I live in New York State wait a minute. New York state is not corrupt. The New York state DOT the fucking stop. This show all of
you know levels of corruption, but the in the New York State Democratic Party, there's always been all kinds of issues, so I I met with a whole bunch of really smart people about running for New York, seventeen, which is the district I live in, like the day after I lost my gig at serious, The woman had been representing that district for thirty three years announced she was retiring and I was like well, I got. I got nothing going on an eyeball. Thought about running for office and let me seriously consider it I reached out to a whole bunch of people from all different walks. Life congressman that were in office that had been out of office? Can pan coordinators. I talked to Chris Cuomo I thought the whole bunch of people, but this one person told me that if you want to, if you want to win regardless of your party affiliation, you have do there's a certain special
group that you had to promise. You wouldn't interfere with and make sure they got an envelope of cash and I'm like well, I'm not doing I will tell everybody and everywhere I go about that. What is it because I don't have a second source, so I wouldn't say it, but when I'm I'm trying to get one, it was very what does it rhyme with The special interest group- yes, won't, do it 'cause every, don't know that real now and it's dangerous. But the point is the point is, what's the what's the opposite of that special interest group uh, maybe the private sector. Read the what would be like what it? What would I do? I will tell you if I, if I dated they're, opposed to what it be that they're posted interfering with you interfering with the way that they run their route right right right, but I'm saying like what what group that we know
would be a po well yeah. I could. I could tell you it could be a religious group, a private sector, a union or a company. You know a corporate interest, it could be any one of the. The point is the point now. The point is that all of those type organizations, pressure that you have to I'm an honest guy. I can't I can't lie I've, never anything into a microphone that I don't. I don't believe and that's been both of my debt. And add to my benefit, I think I'm authentic so I was talking about running for office. My brothers, like you, got you can't you can't lie. You can't be dishonest to people. How are you do that you'll have to sell out at least a little bit. That was the other thing and then I realized, I'm not sure that this district or so the countries ready for someone like me. I'm a comic. I've set a billionth things on tv into a microphone on stage and we're and humorless country right now, number one I smoke pot like? Are they ready for
They are we there, yet I don't think we're humorless. I disagree. I think, there's a lot of criticism. But that's 'cause. There's a lot of positives. Do you think I agree with you overall, but I mean Politicians for me to run for office and you see some stand up that I did or something and then my opponents playing at. Out of context tool. I got five words for you grab them by the pussy that guys, the president. I think he is an aberration. No, I don't think, there's anything else that can get away with that kind of stuff. I think you're, probably right, he's definitely an aberration, but call Frank and one is a center as a comedian, but he was a writer like there wasn't a ton and he got in trouble when there was a photo of him I've sent out more than a photo. There was actually allegations, but but the photo perception politics is perception and when people see it's different than what they hear and what they believe, and so that's the point that photo was harmless, but it looked bad just like any
joke I said or anything that I've said out of context, so I just feel like, and then I thought that it you know They could destroy Maine and any future earning potential that I could have. I just the second episode of my podcast every TIM Ryan. He is he's running for president 'cause. I was asking what does it take and it's virtually you run gotta raise a million dollars from people and individuals. You don't like you don't want to be affiliated with, but you have to you gotta make 'em promises that the whole system is so filled and corrupted with money and almost every district in every state, regardless of the office, and how do you, how does a person I'm a fairly affluent guy, I'm out wide straight guy whatever, but I couldn't I don't know how I can afford to apply for a job for year and pay my mortgage. So I want to do it if it looks feasible and if I don't take my family. My parents, not to mention,
I pay my bills, but it's you have to be in independently wealthy person, which sucks because reg it makes it much harder for, other people there's plenty of exceptions to run for office now when you say that you had to give them an envelope and that you had to What did you have to do to Jeff to support them intermediaries yet to say? Basically you have to basically say I'm, not interfere with your business. Just look. The other way would just to say that that's what I'm told that was what it's all Byron. How are you told this? He told this like hey if you ever want to be Congressman yep. You have to do this. How you do, but if you, but if you don't- want to win its you're, far more likely to win if you, if you filed a likely, it's not impossible, but they'll they'll try to destroy. If you don't really yet I can't it's a joke, it will just go after you can destroy. If it's just made say who this is
because it's only because I don't know if it's positively true, I need another source. I try to act like a journalist and someone who's the intermediary, like what kind of person is this? Is he as campaigns in that district. He knows everything about the politics of in the special interest in that yes could potentially be that hey he's hole when you out absolutely, which is why I won't tell you, because it once he's saying that so that he's he's like sort of playing both sides are not wanted. In on and he won, I'm sure you did, but you might also want to maintain his relations possible with what our group this is. So he says: hey I've got a. Insurance now in this guy. I don't think he he's affiliated with that group, but it's possible, and- and so I try to you- Know- have journalistic ethics before I would say something I'll tell you off the mic, but I, but I wait for the to be over, but I would say without having a second source like that's what you're responsible about so much of our media right like when when Trump or anybody says fake news. It's like this and it's not it. You can't. If you have to have
Two sources: you go to your editor with those two sources and then you can print it. You can't make them up. If you make up a source, you you're you're like Mencia. That's it you're done you can't that's like stealing a joke. You Make a source you'll never work again, it would be a students even do worse. When you make up a joke, I mean, if you make up a source, I mean do it work when CE is still working, fair enough. People do not work after this journalism and comedians, are a lot different kinds of. I mean the worst. If you, if someone finds that you're making up a source, yet nobody does it in the few in a few instances where someone did make up a source or even plagiarize that which of the two worst things you can do is trying to never work again or they don't work for a very long time. You know Johann Hari,
the show, even on my show he was accused of of some like, I think it's plagiarism yeah and it took him a really long time to to win his integrity back. I didn't find that out actually until after you've been on the on the second time, yeah, but look what will great guy he's a great guy, but was you too stuff? I don't remember it was, I feel like it might have been plagiarism now and and and that kind of thing the point is that kind of saying ruins you, and so I will come here and do that even though I don't, I wouldn't call myself a journalist, but I would want because what you're saying you're smart, I'm very skeptical to of people and their source. Their interests, are in a lot people really want me to run for Congress for a lot of different reasons, but mainly because they think I can my network of wealthy people, and you know thank you, make money, love, Trumper, hate trump. That is precisely what he was talking about when he said during the swap. Now this is the swamp. This sort of this sort of
convoluted world of influence, yes and now yeah, but it's also money and all the other things that he didn't drain the actually brought in people that work Made the swamp swap way with malaria and crocodiles like I always we don't even define things on on the same baseline line. Unfortunately, this country, what what words mean, but I've always thought what that meant was government corruption that the private sector is influencing government because cut in the way that they obviously do it. The system that we have is you have to get money from wealthy people and wealthy interests, and then you have to advocate for them whatever, interest as you have to, or they won't give you more money, and so that's what's beautiful bottles, but worn Bernie Sanders, they are not allowing any donations from any Super Pacs from any
wealthy individuals it's it's grass roots and analyses doing as well. Yeah I handful of more of the the the whole Democratic Party mostly committed to it, unlike binds doing it up, but the if Biden was doing, I don't see, remembers I totally agree with that by the way out: five: five. Listen, I don't You should be run our president. Now, if you're seventy five, I think what I am about trumpet on Bernie and biting all three of them all my dad to some people or seventy five and they're very lucid. My dad is in the best shape of any man. I now do just had a heart attack Bernie Sanders just had a heart attack like it. When you get older, especially as a man, yeah, but it's like who has the energy plus. I just think younger people like just have more an actual interest in understanding of: what's happened as I and reading a so attractive, yes yeah. I know I agree with that, but I think that there's, so I mean it depends. Entirely in the individual there's seventy five year olds that are healthy and there's seventy five year olds and disagree, because
will be the healthiest seventy five year old in the world. Did everything right and then You can just shut down: 'cause you're, seventy five, your body's just old, it's possible, but it's on the the the actuary you know, possibilities is far higher, but you're right, you're, balancing things out right. You also have wisdom and x George occasions, O'Connor the younger person, maybe I mean. Bernie Sanders is one of my heroes, but I want him to just you know: Endorsed Elizabeth Warren and get it over with well. First of all, being a president is a ridiculous proposition period. Yeah and it's an antiquated, idea. I agree to have one alpha absolutely runs this whole sucking show. Yes, it's a great idea when his people yeah, yes, chief, but not a president of Brandon thirty million people- that is an outsize influence in the Bali pulpit, yeah and then, and then has this room that we have this reverence for them and and this defense of them or this attacking of their their every move. There every character it's? Just such an easy thing to
Duncan them. It's just tiresome to me. I yeah it's on healthy for the country to its on healthy. For all of us, it's on the for our souls every single day, especially like, like the thing that you miss about Pre Trump whoever it was republican or Democrat, like I remember when you used weekends like you can relax make policy. That's internet, though that's there's a lot of that. Have you seen Trump's religious advisor? Yes, how wonderful is that? she, the woman who says, if you, if you don't support trump you're, going to God? Yes? Yes, we play any of it's it. I mean, I don't think so. Let's that video, I don't, we can play ok, too bad? I can do it. I think if you don't support. President Trump, then you are going to God and it's like you know, I'm not going against those people. Those people are so effective as, like, I think com
I can really relate that and they're so good at performing yeah. So convention yeah, if and if you know tennis and was one of those right right, he was a preacher right, he's one of the yeah who could it to turned into a comic yeah that skill set it Trump is the by the way we stocks the stage and works the audience and very effective, but it's also to say that if you don't support, a certain politician to me stuff is so very boring, I come on. This is binary bulshit, but she's a horse head artist, no matter what and that's what she does she's trying to get low frequency people she such these nine volt brains, Paulo? Why not Trump's jump new advisor ratchets of rhetoric, denounces demonic networks opposing president call Demonic is wonderful. I bet that lady does Coke and I bet she likes it right in the booty. I think that every time
You see parties every time you see one of these people. I just have a knee jerk reaction. When I see a catholic priest, I'm like yeah, when I see one of these people and like they're completely contradicting you know these gay conversion, people have come out that way: yeah they're banging guys, all the time, all the time, remember: TED Haggard Deli yeah, but you does book well paid, math or not smooth skin yeah, of course, and I would emphasize TED haggard without really, but you, That's a lot of accolades he's forgiven. He said something like. Will you know after a Sunday service? You know what should we do and I said how about math and blow jobs now? Is it boom? That's actually what they do, that is, it's a joke was also for probably what he seemed such a nice guy too, but it's so sad to not. Really, though, did you ever see the thing with him and Dawkins?
when he got really nasty with well yeah yeah. That was before he actually got in trouble to this NEWS run. That was when he was hotel arena filled with back to each yeah, when you have when you think so much of you and your ideas and you come up in that case- had hacker verses. Richard Dawkins is like MIKE Tyson versus a baby, is something lower yeah, some of my flower as a fetus and there's no match and so you're going lose your ship love those debates on for frustrated, but frustrated that you know. Dawkins had Dawkins has an arrogance about him. You know this. Scientists tend to, but he does it specifically, particularly well. I had him in here recently and we were talking about life after death, that he thinks the lights just go out and I'm like well Maybe we don't know we don't know, I don't think I don't have any experience with what happens when you die. I really have no idea it would be,
very interesting. If there was some sort of dimensional travel thing that happens to the to the soul or whatever. This concept of consciousness is how much have Do you think about your mortality sure on a regular? I try not to it doesn't do any good right, but it comes in. What do you do? You know I'm trying to be nice to people. I know try to try to be kind to the people that I care about that's an interesting answer when I said, do you think when you think about your own death? What do you do? I just try to be a good person. I love that I love that do when I'm here I want is a little bad feelings as possible. It's impossible to have no bad feelings right, so, whatever I can do to mitigate that. I try. How have you worked on your anger and had that dissipate like what's the best thing exercise for years, the Big
yeah, because I think a lot of my anger is just Caveman Genetics so and then a up childhood too so been in and out in. Violent household and being around a lot of violence like I also had to deal with them. I grew up Essentia Lee all throughout high school until I was twenty two fighting I was always invite as a as an ally for your emotions, yeah Wells also developed. My human potential abs is martial. Arts has come to but but is also there's a downside of that that I grew up like being praised for explosive violence. That's wrong! Yeah! I mean it was in competition, but it was. It was a great upon. I was doing it with other trained killers, but it's still that's the It's a weird thing to get past, yeah, yeah, an example of I mean, I'm sure you have. A billion of money mean cut you off, but when my daughter is like three years old she's were visiting family an
people don't really know my wife's family and his five year old son. Those are my daughters, just looking up with tv this little three year old girl and he cums over and you just clock sir knocks are over and we're all oh my god. What in the dad comes over and start painting the shoot out of his five year old and I just start screaming like that's why he did it That's why he did it. He You learn what you live: when children learn what they live, and so when you're, so when you're at? But what you're saying when you, when you train, when you exercise, are their feelings, are their motions coming out or is it energy that you're expend energy enerji thinking I don't know when you're not like angry at my child or anything when I'm in the bag. No, I'm just to exercise. I also when I'm running d doing yoga or anything, I'm doing a strenuous- and I just had this conversation with Ben Westhoff- was on here before you and the way I describe it is, I think,
the human body has a certain amount of physical requirements. I think there's your your body's a system and the system is does through nature, natural selection and hundreds of thousands of years of being human beings to have issues that come up and to be physically prepared to deal with those issues, whether it A neighboring tribe invades you or an animal is trying to attack you or you just trying to hunt and gather food. All those things are built into our system. It takes 10s of thousands of years for that DNA to shift and change. It becomes something different. So we have a certain amount of physical requirements that were just born with and it's different with every person some people have less. Some people have more. I tend to be on the high side and I'm a different person when I exercise I'm a different person when I, when I get time to sleep correctly and eat correctly and exercise, I'm different, and I like that balance better. That's a nicer person,
that guy better? So I try to be that guy as much as I can, but I have a million different people living inside my brain all the time bouncing around fighting for DOM really. How is it like? It is a direct. Are they try to keep them all in order which is like the consciousness like? he's got a strong plot. Everyday everybody. Has it there's always things like Europe? better person when you're well rested life is going well sure fit you. You had great interactions with your family, great interaction with your friends and then you run into someone on the street versus you just got fired from your job, you Dini wife sucking the plumber off you have leasing. Land happen to me just now. A lot of things can happen. I lose my job. I go home, there's my wife when the plumber or a different person, Now I ended up on what what you encounter in your life. I completely agree with that, but it's uh practice. I like that, where you have to practice it everyday and you to find out you're not going fix right,
you know? You can't stop that. Are you looking to get better it forming the good habits for about therapy? I don't do that. Never did now, but I do get an isolation tank. What I've done a lot of sites that works. I was going to ask about that. I'm thinking about trying to should, I feel, like that's gonna, be now I realize yeah yeah renditions done mushroom now, but now I mean I I would like to know if I do it, I want to do with you for sure. But I got a long night ahead of me. I think what are have like fan not this year, but I haven't seen a lot of time that bag and major, I probably don't want to microdose microdose- is not a bad way to get through today. Can you drive with it oh wow, and recommend it now. I don't know where I am get a rental car yeah. I really want to do it, I'm ready for it, but I feel, like I'm doing, you've done nothing. No I've! I mean we eat every day. Yeah, that's been my saving grace mmhm yeah. He got a
Kevin Smith now I know I don't want to smoke smoke a little weed on on the show, because I feel like it makes me verbose when you're ready, verbose. You talk for living. Some wrote that but it makes it even worse. I don't want to do this. We got crusty and broken, don't worry about it. We can do it towards the end, whatever I love yeah, but that I didn't my brother was in rehab. When I was sixteen, he was eighteen. I love that scanning the room, so Kevin Smith joins within the table. Ok, so what's that right, there level two right there, Jamie, that's hilarious, there's just stuff everywhere! What's that, there's one! What is this? This ashtray filled with treasures, but I did touch any alcohol or drugs. So I was like twenty five. My brother was in rehab. Where do an intervention? It was nuts I was like I knew I wanted to be a comic and I thought that if I did anything it would affect Maine, it would distract make you loser.
No! No! It would just make me pursue that, and not my dreams, this the other thing like it, you silly or if, if I, if I take a hit, off this, and I still want to run for Congress like it shouldn't this is how I deal like well, this legal he noticed by now, but of course, it's preposterous to judge, but people do yeah I think the generation that's coming up will judge last. The generation of them will judge less than it's just world we're living with the echoes of reefer madness right. We're live sing with Harry Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst work in the nineteen I'm upset about acting p. Look him up! Yeah, no doubt, but I think that you say, they're the echoes and I think they're pretty loud, certainly pretty loud in certain parts of the country yeah it's hard to measuring about being a congressman, is you're representing a district one of the
as I become really good friends that he was republican. Congressman name is Trey Radel and he's the guy, whose name he got from Florida he got cradle. He got kicked out of Congress for buying that cocaine from a FED. Remember that is no. I don't like years ago. I don't pay that much attention to politics. I think politics is like baseball, like some people, just watch the world series and some people watch college in the look at fuckin' first round draft picks and I'm addicted to it yeah. I was that's another nice thing and not having to be live every day and not having to know every single step of everything of going because you realize that you're very small minority of people when you found out that thing when you were told that thing, but I gotta make sure this does not always Jim the ball is plenty of it. When you were told that thing about the guy. Who was that you know the congressman job, you know that you would you're gonna have to bride play. Ball did was act,
or did you feel like let down yeah like almost like? Ok, I've been promoting a rigged game. No now I know how well, I know intimately how The game is it's just that you don't always know where and who the players are now I mean I've done enough right, but is in it you're an honest person: you're, not you're, not a bull artist. I hope everybody sees and I do, but so, if you are a part of a bull system right, it's almost like you can to be, who you are you almost like, can't be a Congress person, you just now system. What you just said almost made me want to cry, don't cry because well I get emotional when, when someone pings a truth, that's what happens to me, I'm like Jesus. I can't believe he just said that my brother who's. My moral compass, compass, melded brother, just radical, like ridiculous, radically different person he's like
said just what you said right before I came over here 'cause. The problem with you running is that do you really buy into this corrupt system and I think I'm such an optimist in such a positive thinking person I've convinced my and that I do know. A lot of people in Congress know them personally and intimately, and I know a lot of people that working government that I really admire, but the system, it's not the people as much as the system, but I also think that the way I don't want to talk about it in a way that that exonerates, the black, like we have to not be apathetic. That's my shows always been about was was a confusing stand up, 'cause comic, but it meant stand up for something it meant care about something you have to be a full time. Access don't be apathetic, the United States of apathy weekend so here and blame the systems that we are complicit watch, you watch you watch this
every weekend in Hong Kong every weekend. They stand up for their Chrissy right. That's the biggest story, it'll be the biggest story of twenty eighteen and maybe the decade because they fighting off China it's on evil. Meanwhile, I just feel, like we are just so we're just so comfortable and Hong Kong used to be a part of great Britain right yeah. Until like what something when they had to give it back after, like it's a one hundred year agreement or something like this, is so crazy, trying to deal with China's. Like listen, we're not going to bother you you could doing what you're doing and then they start bothering them, and so now we're going to your art. Now now because it's so much more power and leverage, and then, being stood up now, they're doing it in Chile and now they're doing it in a people. Put and they're getting shot. The the
This thing that I was ever a part of in media was probably well there's a lot of good things, but CNN and Siriusxm's coverage of the egyptian revolution. It was fucking, amazing, those organized by social media, essentially exact, same thing in IRAN, in the green revolution of two thousand and nine, and what's interesting to me about this whole Hong Kong thing is that they are being introduced to the government of China over the last few decades that this was something they were. They were separated from and then all the sudden they become. Property of China again, essentially right and so then you're seeing this. This thing are they become accustomed to the british way of things and the Hong Kong original Hong Kong way of doing things? And then things shift over? It's a really unique.
Going to protest because it's very rare that you see the actual government of a country shift the way it has in Hong Kong. Right mean correct me if I'm wrong. Well, I don't I don't profess to be an XP. And revolution. But this is what the conversation is about right now. It's watching people in other parts of the world going out in the streets risking their lives literally and mean in America. Why don't we? What is it that will get us unified an and out in the street. What is that issue and hope things get us unify this disaster of course, nine hundred and eleven was in New York. What I'm saying about that yeah? That was a big one. I was. I had much alien stories, communicate a billion story. What I'm saying, though, is like we've never seen like in our time. We've never seen a government shift over
right. You've never seen that kind of a shift where a free, democratic sort of western way of running things all sudden shifts over and because of that I think the the the it is very unique. I think if you studied the british colonization of the world. That would be a lot of that sure and that's what we're talking about literally because it was Britain yeah and then I can't speak to the specifics of the history of the but it's what you're bringing up is a fascinating question. I'd love to get to the bottom oven, there's, probably a billion people would be so good on it, because it's so important people stand up for something care, but I think, even with our limit understanding of the history of it. This is one thing we know for sure. There used to be
under Britain and now they're not and now they're under China, and we're watching this resistance and we're seeing these people hundreds and hundreds of thousands of 'em in the streets. You know what my favorite part of it all was. There was one time when ambulance how to get through and all the people from Hong Kong, which is still left in the right, and they let the ambulance go through and I'm like well good luck with that in Boston. This fucking not going to happen. Bro look at this look at this video man. I mean this is incredible. Look this is this is what my brother and a lot of people who I respect and admire, but maybe courageous enough to challenge our system or want to see here for something, but what's it for well right now I can it be climate. Well, the hustle is the right versus left right. That's the That's that's in the real hustle is the fact that people get ideologically driven and they pick a side and they all these. You know the problem is these fucking liberals, these fuckin' pushy liberals, and then you know
This problem is these: racists is white races as holes or, if I love your liberal, produces matter more more more. I want that. This is a character that should definitely breakout hit man. I should bring him out every now and then man, it's like fuckin' heteronormative, bullshit right, but these characters, but the problem is these: are patterns of behavior that people slide into, and that's why we're talking about putting Boombox boxes, people love to be able to put you in that pattern. I want to find out who you are, who are you Are you a liberal where you a libertarian? Are you a mean person or you, a nice person, or are you my trick, for my mom when she would be tallying, whoever what her son does well Elsa radio he's a comedian. The hosts, a radio show with his radio show about how he talks about all kinds of issues in politics, always liberal or conservative
they immediately want to know that and that's what is shipped racist or a cuck cuck, please is a but my mom, the answer. It really is it's: it's really under ratio. I hope they keep it. I hope not doesn't become racist or something you know it's one of those words words like I hope it doesn't slip away from us we have it right now we can enjoy it it's silence, a lot of nonsense by somebody, a cuck really can't it's like, and it's been overused for sure, but it's because it not in text messaging, recent and so effective. This just got such a pop to it. When someone calls someone a cock, especially there's a ring truth to it. I like it most used when you say something and daring I'll text. My brother he's the kind of person who will use it, maybe to Maine, stop being such a cock. I'll be like I love you bro, you saving me my brother's, like my hair, my he's always from here. My first stand up material in high school. When I was the town chef. When he was get kicked out.
The house, I had no material, and I was doing Dana Carvey's impressions, the house is show and had no material. I walked out I see a whole script that my brother had written wow. Then let me down even though he's high and drunk didn't. Let me down both of the guys. The best writing for you I'll, say something in daring to him like that loving and then you get back cock like that response like when you don't yeah perfect, I'm not even Actually now I don't even know if he is. Actually using that, if I'm just know, I'm sure used it good word, you just back revolution like why can't and what you're saying but the household. I love that discussion. Everything is about defining The answer my mom would give excuse me can better that was well. He talks about issues, so you know that's talks about, but they want to pin you into something. So they can know how to feel about you to like or, you. Are you on my team? Are you not, and that is destroyed, so just
it is in, and the other thing is the resistance to what you're saying the resistance is toxic to, because people think no it's it's important that you take aside. It's important that we do platform nazis. They say things like that. You like stop he's not there real nazis in the Can you start calling everybody in Nazi and then one day you meet a real one and you ran out of words: you fucking cried wolf, This'D is aren't nazis and when people feel like you're treating them unfairly or talking shared about them- and this is a problem we have both on the right and the left yeah they fuckin' double down. They dig their heels, and they go fuck that other group, it's team red all the way for Q. It's team blue is so destructive, it's in watching? It is so sad and being a part of it when we are, is the problem and trying to have the answer? that the solution to that is to try to list
to each other, and to try to understand that. I completely agree with you that they, if they don't, feel respected lost them completely on. We can't people enjoy it. Like a team like when the Celtics win people get pumped when the Republicans win people get pumped, you know it's like when the Democrats win people get pumped it's their team. I had a friend of mine, the comic said you know we gotta win the house 'cause. If we win the House win the White House like what are you talking about? What is we as we are? We in this? Are you running for something that I don't know about like they have to? They feel that way about sports by the way Bro. I think when we say
you're, not on the team. It's the giants, you're, not a giant you're out here, is not exercising it's the same thinking. It's the same thinking people attach themselves. I remember when I was a kid. I was a big fan of this guy named Donald Curry. He was this bad as boxer World champion, welterweight champion, he's a fucking beast and then one day he got knocked out and by this guy MIKE Mccallum, the body snatcher he's a bit was another world champ in a bad mother, Fucker and him with a left hook to the body and the left hook that knocked him out cold flat on his back and I couldn't believe but he was my favorite boxer and you just got knocked out and I felt so bad I couldn't take it. I put my running shoes on and I ran out of the house, and I ran for like a fucking mile.
I was just so worked up. I was probably like seventeen, I think somewhere around then one thousand six hundred and seventeen outnumber maybe a little later 18th. The latest I turned around and went walked home are an like a mile and a half a mile. Whatever I turned around, I just walked home. I'm never going to get upset about someone. I don't even know losing like that. But that was a team thing which I was on team curry and like people really literally do that with fighters. I feel, like I have a litmus test that I feel like I fall victim to the criticism that year, you're laying out on the planet on environmental stuff, like I feel so panicky and so anxious about that I care so much about, and for me it it is religious. I get the spiritual will connection to nature that it brings me so much joy to be in in around it and put it to see us destroy it by.
The way we're living like I see I I'm one of those people that feels guilty about. I, rail, against single use, plastic parts. Why I want to you guys, get a by get a no big we should tank and everybody has talked about, because if you do that today, if you made that choice just get a big thing Glasser or mugs and Salomon raise money or something and are would combine. Does the bucket you can have a in bottle water around with ARI Ari, should fear gave give out like a plate of pot cookies years ago it stand county club. My wife does not did she did she know about? Content did now went to take it snap of and she's, like oh now, and always sorry She she is no good with the weed the edibles actually. She animals are rough on you, she said, like a whole kit, Kat 'cause, she was hungry and went to the sink, then was washing her hands and just said this water is so wet.
Something's wrong, but headphones on yeah, this water? So what when you look at the Hong Kong thing right yeah, you know, I don't think we need a revolution. I think we need a resolution like. I think we need to click relax and come to this understanding like most the stuff we fight about is because were tricked into this tribal way of thinking I don't mean trick, buy some overlords. I mean trick by your own biology. We have a natural inclination to form teams and we haven't because there's only two real ones I mean you could be one of them. Fucking dudes is only an independent music and you have always vote Green Party, but for the most part, there's two parties right when it comes to like national politics and when we think about whoever the fox going to win whether we think about what the really important thing is: the economy or protecting our border or you think the real important thing is the environment and stopping global warming. We've got to do some,
to engineer like biodegradable plastics, to make the mandatory and never it whatever thing becomes your side, and you know you could make arguments for both sides. The problem is people, then Serbs, scribe to whatever ideas are in that party. You know there, so you could almost pick to a person if you're pro life you're blade pro war. But when you said you know we're doing well, you know relax we're doing well. I react to that with working with and advocating for all these anti poverty organizations? What do you mean? Relax we're doing? Well, I felt like you, we're saying like when everybody is getting fired up and being misunderstood you it was like, I don't think, the revolution, but I think, instead of thinking about it, like a competition between two teams grade, we should think about it as a resolution we should resolve, of our issues and what our issues tribal absolutely agree. That's the entire problem
and I'll do anything to work with you or anybody else on furthering that conversation, because that's all bullshit, but for metrical manufacture, share that your divided by your neighbor because of any number of stupid, and that we're not talking. Because of that. I believe that our species can do a lot better, but normal. That's the thing it's like normal to not like, little that you look at some of conservative, it's normal if you're a liberal to not like him, if you're conservative, it's normal to think these fuckin' silly Lib they're going to ruin everything. I don't put them in that box. What kind of a man is he? What kind of a father that's auto? evaluate men or women. What kind of a partner will kind of apparent that I just watched them behave with their kids. I don't think about what they think about guns right, if I find that stuff out later than we talk about it, but how the role model. Are you for your children is how I evaluate another man yeah, I don't know
That's a good measure. All of that! That's what I do. I don't think about what shall we watches or or what kind of car he drives or was job? Is how it? What kind of a man is he? What kind of a a father a role model? give a society. Does he care about other people and other things? What is What is morality? Not perfect? Yeah I mean I don't know, but that's not. Why is is at at what is that normal? Isn't that how we all should be is now we all are to some extent. I think his resonates with a lot of people are listening to a lot of people to try very hard to do that. There's a lot of people that also escape the grips of tribal thinking. As they get older and wiser sure, I think I'm one of those- and I like for one of those I am till. I hope- and I think one of the ways that you help it is by having these conversations so people listen and then it resonates with, maybe only resonates to a certain degree, and maybe they the slip away from it a week later when they're drinking and hanging out with their friends or or their hippings those to the ideas. You know
a very often and when they do it's, it's not as effective as it would be if they were around people that were like minded, but that's just having these conversations. You know you're affecting like right now or affecting a lot of different people, stinking right there listening to this and then go a lot of interactions could have been different on both sides depending upon what you do. I sometimes you run into someone in their didn't she. But if you just turn around, a little bit, so it's alright brother and then they relax no he's. Ok, but if you ramped it up and they ramped it up more, you can go that guy's, a piece of shit. Well yeah. He acted like a piece of ship, but maybe part of the way you act like a piece of was the way you dealt with his initial weirdness, because sometimes people just fucking weird and sometimes people come off too. She people are complex people are so complex and so rude in some I mean I just go. Straight to the I've interviewed murderers and rapists. Who interview this murder?
US anger. I think his last name is Shakti Singh who wrote a book. You changed my life. He older guy in his eighteen, went to prison, served nineteen years and got out and wrote a book, and he redemption like he felt like How did he get there to to murdering somebody and how did he become the man that he was that's? the way to measure a man, and so he did the worst thing. So when you say you had this idea about any number of issues from race? Two? the energy issues to guns to abortion. Defense isn't all this stuff, it's like! Well, where is where did he stop Who were his role models? You know, there's so much data about the zip code that you're born into in this country determines where you'll be when you're eighteen and it's so accurate, it's so hard to get out of certain places I heard you and someone talking about that is Dakota Meyer
Amazing. That was a lot that whole interview is fascinating, really interesting, guy and nothing but respect that guy, talking about America as like this place, where it's the greatest place to get ahead like it's, not it's so hard to get ahead here, in some spots and some sponsor sound and way too many spots it for so many reasons to you. If you're talking about impoverished neighborhoods that have a history of crime and violence 'cause, they don't fix that and it doesn't change and it's really hard to get ahead if you're not well, I'm in other places, if you're doing what, if you're in a nice city and you're in a nice neighborhood, it is difficult, but it's compared to the rest of the World it's not just talking about social mobility in terms of being able to move up a rung on the ladder. Okay, I feel like that's only true in impoverished areas: they're riddled with crime and
but that's not how it's measured, but I mean, but I'm thinking, if you're talking about places where things are doing well, right, yeah and you're, comparing them to the rest of the world. This, is one of the easiest places to get ahead ever that's ever existed because there's only start in a certain spot. If you start at the bottom in America, it's almost impossible. What the media loves to focus and Americans love focus on even there. So many people say you I started with nothing and now I'm a major success, and so they don't then have sympathy for somebody else that's your story to tell what The two ladies: who were your role models? What did you have to get healthcare? Did you have universal pre k? That's like that's the bottom line, to give universal pre k all over this country. This whole. Country would be so much more intelligent. That's where all the education data sets with every other country. Does we don't have it but we do have, is
just so many up budget priorities. The budget is a moral document. It means your values lie and you spend what care what on defense, what an anti poverty, what are nutrition, what an education? Yes so I determined by the way, the thoughtful conversation. Not only are you a liberal, not are liberal or conservative and a you know program to governments. How do you think we should spend our our tech tax money where should we spend it around the world and domestically and in terms of idiots like we have this huge defense budget with these weapons? will never be used, an Russia beat us with Facebook in North Korea hacked into tony it's like that's where the threat is right. You only ask you this when it comes to defense, because it's always an interesting subject, the there's two arguments right. There's this pro military argument. That is
You have to have a certain amount of military might all over the world. We have to the world's policeman, because, if we're not not someone else will- and we are protecting America by doing this, and we fight them over there so that we can be free over here right. That's the pro argument. The anti argument would be the you could do everything that you need to do to protect us with less money, and you could take that money and injected into these inner cities that are impoverished and crime ridden, and you could, in my words as well as a to see if you want to make America greater. What's the best way to do that well, have less losers, have less people that are losing the game, because Morshidi role, that course give people opportunity cards when they were young, gay people, health care and education give them an opportunity to succeed. It's not that hard. Most of us got it, but the pro military argument would be ok. That is not going to work. We will get fucked over by another country and then no one will have an advantage like we have to maintain certain amount of power worldwide. Well, I'm not! This might not my argument. Okay, I'm just I'm just
I know, but I would reject the binary bought on its face, because it's a thoughtful binary and I'd love to answer it. But it's so much more geopolitical history and then technology, and so now I think, if I am going to answer the questions like the threat, the threats that were the threat matrix, is a way to look at all like what are the you know, accidental threats, nuclear war and any kind of GOP, So what kind of conventional war it's everything's online in terms of the way that we countries are fighting so it's all going on long transparent. Well, I don't know if it's its parent. It is in some ways, but the point I would like to say like how is the Department of Defense not only focused? on saving the planet. That's it! That's it just do that everybody wins. I think it's complicated man. Well, no, I think it's way more complicated than we would ever on
Stan, I think, to to be a military leader in twenty nineteen to be making decisions one way or another. One out. You attack people who good luck with all that good luck with trying to figure out. Killed terrorists and do it live on television, while the president's watching from the fucking oval office or whatever really happened, I think he was golfing with golf and yeah. That was a whole weird Scituate so the picture afterwards like I know what a pose picture looks like every single one of those pictures it does. It does look bad when everyone in those pictures are coming out of the oval office is a bunch of white dudes. Well, God wants you to wear makeup, and God wants you to sit right there. That's right! God wants that. We don't people, don't talk enough man. There's too many of us
That's why a lot of what all I think you're leading. I think that one of the reasons why you're doing so well is because the caught your look you're leading the conversation about how the conversation should Bay yeah. I hope, as evidence from what we're saying. Well so too, I'm just happy people enjoy it, but that the conversations that were not having we're not having enough of his face to face one on one like this everyone's distracted, you can't get to know people over sound bites. You definitely can't get to know him through text messages or little tiny, snippets of a conversation that they're going to have before they cut to commercial to get to know a per and is very easy. You just look at the internet history. If I work at a point, Oh, my god, they're, not they like muscle cars like right is bit. I mean it's the idea that facebook that at your social media, what you want people think you down here is my family in the Bahamas but like if you had a give me melting down just smoking, weed and feeling my heart, thumping and sweating, because I'm having panic attack. That's your internet! history, like they're, looking
every lump that you find right, go down, we're rabbit holes you find about strange diseases. Yeah Larry on all day today about minor things was wide so your tweet about that, I was like not on there, so we don't want it out there. It's interested is valid, but is terrifying because the idea of like I We get so were especially that one because it's like run trail running my favorite way to I love it too, and that's why I posted to eyeball worms. Man but kids are terrified So as I, this is amazing organization, children nature network, everybody should discover report an look up. The work of Richard Louv, who just written a new book about relationships, you'll love it with animals and humans, and he wrote a book called last child in the woods that is, my bible changed my life and kids are afraid to go outside because there text. There's Lyme disease. There's parents afraid that there's kidnapping no, there isn't. That is definitely Lyme disease. Well yeah, but you just be vigilant: double
diseases really so horrible. I grew up in that people live in Rockland County me, too horrible, get me wrong. But we can't not send our kids side. No. I agree that your lawn is check your kids for Texas Night yeah. You got to be vigilant, but the kids have to stay out. They have to be outside to appreciate. Can I tried Yeah? No, I agree the connection to nature. That's what it's all about it, so it all works together. The idea! we're drinking out of bottles that are made of petroleum. That's what plastic is. This is going to be here for seven hundred years, since we melt it and make cool shit out of it. Let's take some ideas will go to the calls. You know boy ons locked as his I got yeah the guy collecting plastic touches. I was going to email, everybody else, look he's like you don a compost
like nineteen years, like I'm eighteen and I'm going to take all of the plastic out of the ocean like what, as I did when I was bashing mailbox, is the first one didn't work and it was like she didn't know. She was like yeah that one is a prototype, we're trying to make it work. Look the next one works. He only twice cheer for him, though people hate why we have. Why? Are we tribal on getting plastic getting rid of this? bill single use, plastic with, because it's connected to ego, because someone who's nineteen years old figured out how to do some that you've never figured out how to do he's a better person- and you find, no it's fine. It's a game, I'm rooting for he's, no you're, not that's! Why you're happy when is machine breaks like ha? Never, can? I don't know that mentality. I understand that mentality than that and that by and I did it, but I don't- I don't feel it- I'm not rooting for your pain. If I don't like your opinions. I don't want you to get sick. I don't want
even get your finger crunch in the garage door. I don't want you to have pain. I think it's the same sort because of your beliefs, the same thing that leads people to be tribal. It's also leads people to be jealous. It's the same kind of thing. It's like a pattern of thinking. That's easy to slide into its like a a well oiled shoot you just yeah, but you can break you can ignore You can name that and acknowledge it for your kids. That's what you're doing that's what I'm doing. Hopefully like that's what that is, don't sell. Into those veins people. I think by the way, are mostly good all day Yes, all day, most of my interactions, I'm walking out the door with this lady of the bank and we both At the same time, we both like? Oh sorry, both our faults have a good one. Little smiles, like that's most interactions, that at least but very attractive? You are handsome man. I agree with you, though. I think that is the case, and also it has to do with how you interact with those people and we've all been guilty of,
being loaded up in one way or another, interacting with someone, and it doesn't go as well as it could have gone if you were in a better place when you met that person. It's all about reaction is the second time you you mentioned that that's the most important I have learned in therapy and with my wife, it's if you choose, how to react to a situation or a comment and everything, rising. That reaction, potentially your life, I forget which book it is, whether it's it's one of those asian philosophy books, but the the I'm never forgot this term. Nothing has any meaning other than the meaning that you give it yeah it's whatever. It is tragedy or positive thing. Look of course Fisher is a tragic, it's very difficult to do. Not what we see is how we see it. Yes, but regular moments in your life, like the worst case scenario for a person is approaching any moment in their life and being like. Woe is me goddamnit. Why is it always happen happen to me while the instead of having it
of like look how lucky I am that my real concern to someone keyed my car, the reason- and I look at that- and I say why is that person always saying well, why hi yeah, but why wears a come from the natural pattern? It's like this of role model and that's why you have to give people an opportunity to break out of that. Do you have a soul of all? We are so far probably to to evolve that we've created plastic bottles that were killing ourselves. You know, but we're killing ourselves with plastic bottle. Seven billion people are just too many people. That's a lot. Do you buy into the argument that the more tonight, or the more advanced society gets. The population actually starts to decrease because of their their certain cities. Of the point to where that's on the trend, I think Japan in Tokyo is one of them with. The idea. Is that as people well as a civilization, Vance's people decide to pursue careers before?
having children and less and less people have children and is there's some sort of a direct correlation with the amount of children. People have versus the amount of technological advancement is around them and the amount of education and the the level of the city like if you're around a place like many generally education, yes yeah, it's generally an indication based wants to, I think affluence- has something to do with as well affluent, usually come to the Turkish. Sometimes, usually you could be any not you could have exam. Of people who came from absolutely nothing and had it in general, heart defect and overcame it become, you know, let's see, go Mcdonald's and then have to damn cas center businesses- and you know yeah- I mean a lot of it and nothing, but certainly I have nothing, but I look at someone who's start business and ran a business from a dry cleaning store to it whatever they're doing my dad owned a
and since in Syracuse New York, that's what my dad did and my mom is a public school teacher and it's like so I saw the Publican the sector that would that was my role model. It's a good combination to to grow up with, and I had health, there and I had nurse school. My mom was a early. Childhood, as you know, SIRI my dad didn't go to college shot out of my pop. By the way I just had a heart attack and round his eye. How bad does I can't see out of it? It's not surgery. Three would just wrapped up forty four years as a ski instructor and he's a competitive, cyclist rip broke every bone in his body. Is fracking man steal? What is the damage to the eye that does allow him to see I can't explain it, but it's a laceration. He was on his you know blood, centers, fainted and bounces face off at Last word is. I has a big impact on whether or not it heals quick right, yeah
call Phil blood, so I can't see out of it and my dad is like my dad- is very physically healthy guy. So, Beijing, man, it's tough and that's where, situations, my mom and dad married forty eight years, but that's my dad. I look at my dad and I he's a great story in America. He didn't ology started. His own insurance AC did well supported us. We live in the suburbs, Marcellus New York. It was crazy about America. It's only three hundred years old and the idea of a new America is out of the right. The idea of someone coming along with the millions of years of life on this planet in the hundreds of thousands of years of being humans and the three hundred whatever almost years of the United States. If someone.
So we're going to start a new country now and we found a new spot in New Zealand or Greenland or something like fuck you. You can't do that. You can't do that today will say: do you think I think everything is changing? Everything is changing, but first of all, anyone who people would be super suspicious, well, you're, going to start a new country, their goal that guys just going to walk all the women well There's a lot of that. I mean that's part, that's a lot of the world right now. Yeah, well, that's a lot of why you would start your own country, but that's why it is most probably always been history. That's reason, that's thought, leader right. They would have to be someone who says listen. This is our going to do this, we're going to like an open, ended constitution? We could be whenever we see fit instead of president of the council, I'm all for blown up system and re doing it to make it more equitable. However, you describe that gonna need nukes. Okay, because the North Koreans are around the Russians are always shifting the chinese man plot plotting things. I think that's going. Try to cancel our internet
fact that we haven't cancel. Are you made it sound like the cable company the fact that we have. Had an accident, so is it a Schlosser? Eric Schlosser wrote this book and documentary is fast, History of accidents and close calls is not, and we got it. We got to get rid of all networks yeah, like all thinking, people believe that it's so crazy. That was a horrible statement. What I just said by the way. Thank you got it wrong. That's by the way, a great. Example, of a condescending thing for the scent of a microphone while thinking people think blank, but it's also one of those things where it doesn't help to say it. Even if it is correct, it is true, all thinking. People agree with me: no one is going to go well, I didn't want to
I sit in on things happening. So that's why that's why nail dislike, but it's like the people yelling into a microphone. What is wrong with you? You must be an unthinking person which I don't want to be yelled at a day, this girl, once when I was twenty one she get upset about it. She was older than she is smarter than me too, but she would. She got upset once, and I said we just please just please relax. She goes. No one who's upset ever wants to hear you saying, relax and it doesn't work. I thought about that. I was like damn she's right like that. Doesn't work, someone says: relax, relax, doesn't work, it just doesn't work like you don't go. Thank you sometimes you do, but you have to be not very wound up and you have to really love the person who's telling you to relax. Now it's it's an absolute condescension. I've done that one hundred times to my wife. She nails me every time. Every time I remember thinking as a twenty one year old, savage going on Karl she's, ok, she's right
that makes sense yeah. I don't have that either. That's very being out of money being vulnerable, been able to check your ears and with yourself as the as opposed to be in this kind of authoritarian east of, don't you tell me this is my castle, like I don't understand that kind of whatever you want to call it I want to name it. It's an attitude that we have to our generation of men is so much more vulnerable. I think yeah yeah for sure in our parents, and so much more open, mind insensitive, and it has nothing to do necessarily with sexuality, as it did with human an evolution and realizing that you're actually week to pretend that you're, strong abs the idea that they, somehow you don't feel the dressing. Does a combat veteran is somehow seen as weak. It's like no, that if you're taking on your worst nightmares that strength and by the way how do measure strength. I mean it's always what you can lift, not the pain, you can indoor, which is why I think, if you're
string by gender, women can endure more pain. So that's one measure of strength but more importantly, that whatever you overcame in life, that's the measurement of strength, not how you Force yourself, I'm a small guy, that's a small guy mentality, I talked my way out of every you know my dad's, like just when you walk in Klaus, you make friends with the biggest kid in the class, I've done that my whole life, so that I just talked my way out, but well, whatever works but not that an authoritarian way in a way that you're saying the way that you think about it and when you say any thinking, person agrees with that. That is a version of saying, relax. Yes, the same thought for sure, as the perfect race yeah. No, no, it's a perfect analogy. Absolutely it's! We could do all along sir about condescending remarks, especially in marriages or any relationship in this, if I put you down and the way that you're thinking
It's like the whole conversation then changes the there isn't respect my my internet, my experience and it's like the conversation gets gross yeah and in fact, cool and damaging, which that's the easy way. That's how you sell ads that are you crane ratings, so crazy? This show does pretty good. We don't do that. You you don't have access to it exactly see the thing about like online conversations is that you don't have, This interaction like we're having a this, is probably more intimate than a regular conversation because we're in each other's ears right- we're we're in I prefer headphones yeah. I wish all of life was this way. I don't want this to stop right now, all the time, it's too it's too narrow focus, but it's good forgot I'll what I want. I will stay here and put you in a SEC content, everybody just in would agree with me. Relax calm down. Will you calm down Joe Rogan? It's my favorite thing to say when someone's not worked up working with young person and a corporate yeah, you know it's serious, CNN,
and they're not at all, worked up there like hey. Do you want me to send it over calm down? Ok like I was, I was totally normal. What percentage of people that you worked with RON, adder. Oh, my god I wish. I know I thought everybody around me was on something. What do you think antidepressants? I thought I would think it would be a high number After all, I don't know, I don't know anything about it. I know a lot about and I hear a lot about Xanax antidepressants, the up anti anxieties, none of which I've ever put in my body. Those are spooky. I think some people need him. I thank God for some people they have a bad chemical make up man. This is just a fact. Just like some people of thyroid cancer right, some people of theirs is in a missing link, there's something wrong with the way their brains firing, and this is just a bylaw. Issue 'cause we're. You know we're not it just you, depression tour! invite Johan Hari, writes about that in his new book and there's been a lot of really great work written about it.
Research on an academic research on neuropsychology. My understanding is that it's like So little about the brain. Or very early in trying to understand. If so, these medications like right now dealing, is like career like my career transition and think about running for Congress, my dad that to me is not reason to take an antidepressant. That's that's not you work Now you just hit it hard and you do what you do Don't make excuses you just you just work. My friend, Jordan, Peterson had an issue or his wife was she developed, liver cancer is yeah very scared. I did not know that about him. I know of him his work, but I do not know that I it's choose very, very sick and he will you know they've been together since high school. I love started freaking out, so he got on something. Was it cold? then yeah, I'm familiar with, and I've heard of it
he had a miraculous recovery everybody's happy about that. But then I had a really really that's amazing. She had surgery, wow, but he's gonna transplant. I don't know, but he had a really difficult issue with the klonopin. Really. Oh used it to deal with that situation and the issue. Well, he was going through severe withdrawals. There turns into rehab. Yet that's at here. That's a very. I have a family member who did everything, including heroin. So great dear already on the show 'cause I I called up when he was doing heroin to ask him how serious serious it was just. Let me ask you two questions: that they are any good. Is he had like a good life in their job or kids or anything? I was like now he's just a single guy and he goes Is he shooting it or snorting it shooting and eager yeah? I can't help you like that was the worst
that's true that somebody already stories yeah on the road with him for so long, but so nice. See him doing well, yeah yeah he's doing great really yeah. He's certainly seems so arctic. Alright, one man is one of my close friends, my wife and I spent a lot of time with them and a lot in the death and I'm at his story- is a most remarkable stories, one of most remarkable stories in comedies the fines. He's one of the kings of comedy and is a close brother mine for a long time so watching him with you. I can't wait to see him I got seventeen numbers for him I'll, give you the real ones. He lets me know greater storyteller alive he's up there he's. No, no greater Yogi Berra was good. His stories are in pretty good just to take care of fingers too like we did, it already tells hey. Where show him his fingers movement with, like he's like he's, got a show, he's doing. There's a lot happening his
he gets, it gets at all yeah he or he I was waiting in the wings is going out. I open for him. I can back, they play the who, which song that he came out to, and he just his heaviest just falls back into me. And I had a brace and I'm a tiny, killer guy like push him back up and literally push him on stage like zoning off like fall, sleep out there, that's hilarious, and there's just so much to see him in his recovery should give everybody hope it should give everybody hope and it's interesting too 'cause. I don't like that. Did it drugs yeah yeah? He already is that top is game and really excited to see him in one of the funniest guys and One must generous guys man, he helped everybody to the potatoes too I would tell him like you can't he was so did that guy supported. So many comics in ways that were like beyond generous the way that you do by the way.
By the way that you do. I want to see you stand up. I want to see it. I wonder where he's at 'cause, I know he's doing only gigs around the New York area, but I'm thinking about. If I have to go to the of course, I'm thinking about taking a trip. I want to see you there yeah, because like see him now, it's like all the years that I've known him, he was always fuckd yeah, I was on the road with him a lot. At that time I witnessed a lot of stuff. It would just be hanging out. He be gone all day like where were you Leanne? all day? Is we are in Vegas by the pool at his cabana. He wasn't with us like. Where is the king? Man is going to come down? Did you see the hooker? Maybe I mean I wanna hang out with us either don't get me wrong, but it was a nice day we wanted to hang out with him he's got through on the other side. I just hope he can stay on this side. But the point is already is a is not he's an abba
he is an exception for any number of reasons you have to be one of the most talented late funny people that he just can't fail. 'cause everyone should be around him and be with him, but and see him perform, but drugs in this country, whether they be antidepressants of the opiates like that's something we should come together around as well. Think so, and medicating now I think far too much. I love for you to talk to my friend Doctor Aaron Carroll who's written so many, right in your time is got a Mason channel bag We have on the show, because he talks yes, so he's a research expert and there so much to talk with him about in terms of all the stuff supplements fasting in nutrition and absolutely love him. I want everybody to know about his work. Is he a doctor yeah he's a pediatrician at Indiana University School of medicine, easy controls in your times got this Youtube channel like it's called health care. Triage is re really smart guy and he does all he's just really great
explaining researches his thought that people are over medicating. I'm not sure. I don't want to speak for him. It's a tricky one right. I think, Those words now I mean, like people, get very resentful about that number. One don't tell me, I'm a bad parent or a bad person in this helps works for Maine yeah. I mean we've got to be careful, getting these very easy on their judgment with all whatever I, I kind of feel whatever gets you through the day, well, I don't know how your brain works a key to content, to pretend to your brain works like my brain, and I know for sure that if I was inside your head, I would be thinking the way. I think I'm Bob double payment. I don't know what it feels like like. I know I have a baseline right away when I'm healthy. When I have. I know who I am I'm that guy right, but if you could you imagine, being someone else other than who you
you what you know and what you're comfortable with you can't. That's why I said the chemical makeup of a different person can't know what anybody's going through in their day. Imagine if you were a woman in your on your period, I have those like often I've thought about that quite thought about it. All I never thought about it till just now. I don't have daughters, yes, well, I never thought I always think of having a period or having premenstrual syndrome. Yeah, that's a bad sounds like very little fun. Sounds like a real bummer yeah the whole thing to become a cut the whole situation, let everybody know, did Vance. I want to take calcium tablets. I do my best, but when the storm comes, imagine I try to just be aware of that, but my is that the same baseline, regardless of what's going on, doesn't affect everyone. I don't know that's, maybe it does, but it's something to be sensitive about, because something that we don't have to deal with. You know what I hated is. I got a vasectomy
and this idea that any guy would ever not do. That is bizarre to me. It's the greatest thing. I highly recommend that population roll and no more condoms in your wife should never have to put a drug in her body or cut. You know tired. If that's horrific and less, I guess she's just giving birth, maybe, but I'm very pro vasectomy. Do you think that we're going to come a time? There's going to come a time in America, where there's too many people when we have like a Delhi, India Types. I think that is the case in too many communities right now in impoverished communities that there's too many people for the resources. That's how you measure it. It's I mean how do you measure to many people, congestion over abundance of traffic like it look right now in LA when I come home from the four? Oh five one get home from the airport, I'm driving home in the four or five of my client yeah. This is my hand across on it. There's it's ten o'clock and it's bumper to bumper the rough for miles and miles and miles. That is where is everybody going, but if that's another way to
and poverty. Well. This is the service and into a great conversation like ours, but even then it's not worth it. How dare you it's not worth it been stock in that, if you will see one thing's been stuck at the other things being stuck in every day. I mean this horrible, nobody, it's horrible for your body, to sit there with you. When I stopped commuting. I had this dream driving neck pain. Every day, forty three and like a knife everyday, I stopped commuting gone. Don Don actually sitting in a car yeah! You got to try to offset that it that to some into the is something you have to deal with, because it's really hard. But it's a that's. I I think that having right now in America, in many communities there are not enough resources for the people that are living there in terms of healthy food, an access to education. In healthcare. That's Joe! That's how I define like morality of a society how we take care of each other sure, and we
don't have the same access in this country. I urge people to study poverty and not get caught open. The tribalism of the argue of why people are in poverty. Now, there's Long really interesting and important field of study and there's a whole bunch of anti poverty people that I love talking to and it wouldn't be by anti poverty people that just You know decrease poverty on with using private public, any number of different resources. You know solving the problem, yeah, that's one thing that I think. Morally, we fuckd up with not having health care available to everybody readily easilly. If you're going to pay for things were going to decide that we're community right we're. Basically, a community of three hundred, whatever million people got, two things got to educate people.
You gotta, take care of the sick and you should have food figured out right, but we don't have yeah. That would be do those things now. One of them is terrible. The education system in inner cities is often terrable right. The food thing is a fucking mess. Food stamps is a mess. Read the cadences and roll and cut you know in tribal communities. We nobody ever talks about. Travel communities have done a lot of work with them and- and I can say by the way and no no but like just like advocating, you know the type of stuff that I know that you do and just trying to. Understand what they do and advocate for the solutions and tribal communities and pop communities are all over this country in rule areas. Obviously in urban areas, we have a lot of it and we can solve those problems but being divided the way we are on, not standing the root of poverty. Michelle Alexander, the New Jim Crow takes on racial injustice in mass incarceration. You just read that book you'll be a completely different person, understanding history! Well, the
things that we need to have in order to establish you have drug or for sure when is that going to an where our way our generation has an agreement about that and that and that, legalize all of it all of it legalize it regulate anything anybody wants to do what we all have been doing: What's going on in Mexico. Right now is nuts, it's crazy and that's because of our demand, for it were directly connected to their problems. That's just basic economics and ucommerce legalize it. It's not going to solve it going to end the drug cartels. They are always going to be there, but don't simplify this problem and don't demonize it name it and solve it, it's so much loss and pain. It's got to end yeah it's an it. Can whoever gets elected as president to stop with this punitive justice bullship, where you punish people for their behavior. I just heard about this kid who got caught with weed in this car in high school. It's principle throw him off the golf team and his dad was like. Why would you do that? Why would you
Not let him do the thing that he loves that just gonna get sit around all day, he's doing a great thing: don't did this idea of punishment is changing your behavior like we can get beyond that. I but beyond, certainly can't specially weed for kid No, but it is like consequences for kids like spanking. Your kids is, is, is prehistoric, prehistoric, but the mean what you're talking about when it comes to this kid. With weed is, is completely absurd. Do you think you would get kicked off? We got caught having shot of Jack Daniels. We've gotten kicked off the team for life. If you know something happened at a party and he wanted a shot of vodka with his friends. I also had, I should say it: a bucket: a grenades and passenger seat as well Joe and a path back. What kind of chance love gunners now that's what it was. It was you're, absolutely that's all it! That's all it was it was. It was. A decision is an well yes, of course, whether well hold on the judge.
Is clearly wrong. Yes, but minimizing them as an asset. It is national missile movie. But if you're taking a kid in your room, his life, trying to understand how to be an or try to understand why that person may that this decision in minutes administration, why the system has that kind of punitive component to and that's what I think the whole in cartridge. The capital punish. Only in America. If all the supplies, that's so through Rific. It's stupid and expensive, and now even you know, most conservatives now agree that that is the case and one hopefully drive in and out. Well what about race and penalty for mass murders would like doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what they did Joe because are can't prove. If you One percent of the the numbers like four percent of people were killed were innocent, that everybody agrees, is way too high. Some people like if it was only one percent in the in the community that debates these issues, but it's
Four percent of people are innocent. You can't have that system for that reason regards the pet, the no one is thinking when they're, murdering someone about what the penalty for murder is going to be. That's not why they're doing it doesn't. It does not work as a deterrent. There's a ton, more research on that. It's silly! It's silly that you think! Well, I'm I'm not murder, this person, because I'm gonna go to jail for like that's, not what you don't murder, somebody. No, nobody wants to murder another person, but what do you do with that person? Do you just put him in a cage for the rest of our life? No, you rehabilitate them, Gacy, yes or rehabilitation. Now Fox kids and kills them if you can't hold in his basement and leaves the kids there. If you can't rehabilitate him, you put him in a humane place, cage you don't kill him. That's why I went but you're killing him you just killing him real slow with life is separating him from freedom
be a lock him up in a cage, half a separated from freedom of fees raping kids. I agree with that right yeah, but if you know for that, you can rehabilitate but hold on you're telling them either way you're either killing him with. H r I times or you're, gonna kill him. So if you're gonna leave him in this in this cage, yeah in a sense that's almost worse than killing up If you kill him, it's quick. If you're going to leave him in that cage and he's actually one of the four percent that sounds so let him kill himself. Ok, you're not going to let him kill himself. Given a given this gets, like listen, has around here's a rope you can make a rope swing and I'll give you a swing and you can swing on it. If you want that's what I get I mean I don't know the problem. Is you trying to find a binary answer to a messy question? No, I don't think it the question my answer is: no, I don't. I don't believe in the state by the way, if you're this is eight execute. That's the state health giving people yeah by John Wayne Gacy. Maybe I found your kid in the basement. Jolly cases house you wouldn't want done. I can't deal with that hypothetical. I can't
I'm not I'm, not I'm not doing that for someone else, and also, I guess John Wayne Gacy definitely killed, a lot of people. I don't think the people. This is worst case scenario would play in a few yeah. No, absolutely it's great. It's a thought. Experiment, a hypothetical Ann. I just wouldn't if someone was in that situation? If you know they're up a pear, in Newtown. I think a lot of those parents. I mean this guy, Who was killed in the Charleston church, should I don't say these maniacs names into microphones grass, but the trials, and should the White Supremacist one start civil? or Charles black people, which is on the way down there and invading graces, lovely member that when we were to recover from horrible disasters with the press sing singing amazing grace. Well, you remember nine and eleven like those people forgave that shooter they forgave him for killing all those black people forgave that white man
and where are you now the greatest role models? Actual? You know Christians, baiting Christian, by the way, and I think that you can forgive. I think that that does not to be a religious tenet. I think you can forgive you can rehabilitate, but I, Well, you know the the that in the hypothetical situation, obviously I would by the way I would defend my I anybody who ever threatened by family. I would have no problem with that. I'm not morally. Against that yeah. It's a different thing. Yeah I mean someone that you've got detained on deciding that their their life is. Yeah. I don't, I don't think the state should be responsible for that and the idea that we would give the states the trust the most horrific is when you find out that the DA withheld information that would lead to the exoneration of someone or that there is unjustly. Incarcerated than one happens? All the time? That's one of the most horrific. Justice is in this country and obviously it's got a racial component to it and it's horrible and the justice,
system is obviously that's. A really interesting thing to talk about in constitutional law is a fascinating thing for people studying this idea that we argue about the second amendment like: let's let additional lawyers. I thing discuss a lot of those things. We should all understand that and be curious about it, but I would tuition is also silly like, let's remake everything like, let's have that conversation with so much better. That we can do have a serious conversation about what kind of guns and bullets people can have, not that they can have more that they can have like that the conversation? That's where we should be right now everything gets regulated. Everything there are trade Dawson Healthcare. There are trade offs and everything, but Americans are so divided. They want everything that they want, that compromise is something that we don't do as America, Much less in in government, that's that's preposterous! well. The Democrats that demand purity or
anybody that is doing that you don't agree with me you're wrong, hold on that's not not they relate, you have any relationships with people in your real life, like that, like my wife and I don't in about a lot of stuff. But I love her is my door her? Well, it's what we talked about before they ran teams, and you your team to win, see state, why why you want your team to win a natural thing with human beings? All right? I don't agree that what I'm saying about the gun things, the most up part about the messiness of the gun thing, is that even if you made guns illegal, even if you said you can have any bullets. Will you all go to jail? There's so many guns you're not getting the mall, it's not possible. More guns and there are people which means there's more than three hundred and one Thirty million guns. There are country alone, it absolutely the most important point in the discussion. That's a nutty number man! You really stop and think about that number you like. What is that real
but you don't really stop the behavior by necessarily creating certain laws about why someone might behave a certain way and shoot people. That's not going to necessarily change what you do. Is you do limit. The access to certain types weapons and rounds of ammunition right with the real question is. Why would someone do that right? That's the number one question, like limiting as let's and I'm a hard it's a hard. It's a hard question to answer. The easier question answer is: make them less accessible. Yes, if the people who had problems that we can't figure out of all, if you could make them less but the president will blame like I mean to get political, but like the there's no data on the video game argument that there's no doubt on that. Well, the video game argument is interesting because I've had soldiers bring it up to me include Coach Meyer yeah, I heard that conversation I'm willing to have it. I mean I don't. I don't think it necessarily makes sense that people would act out in a certain way. That's horrific because of video game
but if they were already inclined to violence to begin with, maybe they already had a fucking short circuit, and then they get desensitized to violence in movies and violence in video games. Does that have an impact on them. I'm not the guy to answer the question whether or not has an impact on in this variable. It is a very a ball that I think it merits discussion. I If he I don't think it is because I don't think it merits discussion. Well, let me make this point. Then you decide if you think it merits discussion. Ok, the violent video games are played at far higher rates in Japan and they don't have the gun violence. We have it's a good point. They were very different culture though they don't have access to guns. That's true! That's it, the UK, don't also have a lot of they've had a few minutes, the the the is that the access I do- I've shot guns, I shoot guns, I get the the I I I have nothing but respect. Four hunters, I grew up in a hunting community, but I mean
I don't know. I don't think that there's much past the conversation, not excess, excess play two guns that can fly with that many rounds that quickly killing that many people, I don't think we have to get rid of those somehow. But I agree: how do you do it yeah this question? that's! The most important thing is already three hundred and thirty there's more guns in there are people. So what do you do so by the way? I think buy as many as you can back for a you, spend a whole bunch of taxpayer money just help by the way. There's a ton of people, buying right now they have a rifle of like I'm going to forward my insulin. Let get rid of this Ak47. Forty seven to live another month, you buy some guns back, it's a good expansion of money and then melt them down and turn them in furniture for the people. So if you wanted to do that without changing the second amendment, like you just have a a buy back where you just offer people the opportunity to make some money back, given the guns up, what is the second amendment is been interpreted RON by the Supreme Court
In my opinion, I mean it doesn't say that people should have until two thousand and eight it didn't say that nobody thought that that people should have a personal right to guns till the Heller case, but so I don't think he. I need to talk about the segment. I think just people just need to agree that these guns should we sell ammunition talk about. The second amendment means it's a big company. People can have guns, you can have gone to. The brick has already have guns. You just can't have these guns anymore? No! More of those once you have all these guys, no restrictions anywhere right when they work city, you can have a hand gun yeah. They were you know, I don't you gonna, you gonna switch played in your city, yes, Cyrus Vance, the the da there is like fight that they're changing the federal government change the law, because he knows that those guns I in New York work really well by the way people. Always
the argument. Well, they have those gun laws in Chicago there's a ton of ounce. That's because she got on the Board of Indiana, doesn't have them guns go across the border, just fine! It's that the gun laws work. They work well, Chicago's. Also in the middle of drug war? Well, yeah. I mean that's where the final is coming from, but we should people should have less accessibility to those types of so like every other civil society in the world come on? This is like it goes back to what you were talking about before, like that drugs. If there were legal, you wouldn't have that sort of. The drug war right for sure it's the root of most of the violence in the inner cities and in obviously in Mexico, yeah, that's the ill. It's black market to to the drug yeah making tons of money on that. What is the second amendment exactly as it's written? Can the right to bear arms? not be infringed. So how do you think that the Supreme Court misinterpreted that. That in the in the two thousand and eight Allah case, everybody should
Instead, I would plug the work of Eric Siegel he's a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. Tom alright, of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed yeah those commas get argued by. I know let's do scholars for a day, yeah the Supreme Court didn't add, until two thousand and eight that Americans had a right to have their own weapon that such a crazy statement like when you read it. It's so interesting because you will we're going back in time trying to figure out how people, in one thousand seven hundred and seventy lyrics thought about guns, and whether or not that applies to us, because if it doesn't apply to us, we have to think on one thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine we if it doesn't apply to us, we have to think well then, who
to decide like one of the reasons you decide as a society on on any of one of the reasons why it's so into what I want to believe. One of the reasons why it's so interesting to read these things is like we have, for whatever reason when things get rich in written into stone or carved into the stoner written on to a document like the first amendment, like the freedom of expression wheat with that. Is that we we have it, so we all agree on if it was, if you want to change it for you, you have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, whatever we want to. We want to hold on that we wanna keep sure I deserve all humans down the second amendment, the right to have a gun. That's our lot! We got it written down. Look! Look it's written there! So the study, these ancient words like scrolls. Like to go over the scrolls and look at the commas and look at the words yet shall not be infringed upon what did they mean, but he, let's fast it is. It is fascinating, but I think that they didn't mean this Joe. I think that how could they did not,
today that state they didn't and the the the whole gun thing is a racket to make money. That's what that is? It's it's a way you sell fear like. Are you I'm in home invasion is The families were sphere, but it doesn't and very much nor does kidnapping we're all lot of these crimes at all? My Look at our generation of parents is helicopter parents. Terrified Everything not that's true. That's true! and letting their kids go outside your right come on. Thinking that your kids going to get kidnapped, you don't know anybody who had their kid kidnapped you're but you're generalizing, 'cause home things do happen, sometimes, but that's not how we should make laws, so we don't have to exist. Like everybody's, going to kidnap your kid or everyone's going to break into your home. But I'm saying those kind of balance is that sometimes it's real that's why people want to be able to have guns, because sometimes someone can break in your house, and people have defended their house and their property.
Guns sure, but is it away? Is it a realistic threat, or is it something that the that gun Industry creates these amazing ads and ski where is the shut out of people will come on man's crime is real whether the prime it really has real real. I think the clear point is the reason why we have so many guns: America is because there's so much money to be made off of them. I think we, absolutely limit them and regulate them and have a thoughtful conversation. I think that's where most most people around, although I hate that generalization, there's something to that, but there's also something to the reason why we have so many cars. People are so I'll. Have that conversation we should get rid of all the cars? Ok. Well I mean we're not that strong that us, while we get rid of all the cars, do not like freedom or do you You have a better solution. You I don't have a better solution, but if there
to be one or I think that we are killing ourselves all the cars. The pollution is a table. You can make a larger car yet then that's fine. I think I would be fine if there, but I have a chevy volt since two thousand twelve solar panels. I'm trying to be the change you want to see in the world I found off as I'm a complete hypocrite and all of it? I ate meat and I do all kinds of things I think, having a thoughtful conversation about guns NY there, each part of our culture, and not another culture, the way that other cultures and countries regulate their weapons, that the problems that they have. Our problems short, which talk about mental health, but the with that conversation that people don't want to have. Is everything costs money? That's why you have to pay taxes, paying taxes, the price of civilization? What is, after with mental health, you have to pay for people to help people. You can't advocate in government Republican or Democrat for the. This is what unfortunately, Trump
and Republicans, have advocated, for let's get mental health solutions to the violence. Let's do that and everybody behind that, except they caught the Obamacare program that funded mental health. It's just you can't do you have to spend the money providing mental health. It is a problem it should be addressed, but it's not. The main issue is definitely the guns in the bullets in them. While the main issue is the person that's capable of shooting people with the it's the ones in the bowl and the bullet are inanimate objects without a person pulling the trigger we're talking nonsense here, they're not going to shoot themselves, the main problem is simple. Should the wheel house, the main problem is some issue with, will and surrounded the gun and shoot people right. We agreed. We both agree. There's problems with having no, I I, but don't you think the main problem is the person actually shoots besides
I think that in every other country in the world they don't have this problem 'cause. They don't have the gun. That smile, where I start and end on the argument. Ok, why is that they might they might? That might be the case that they don't have the guns, but there are places that do have guns and they don't have a lot of mass shootings and it is one of 'em right now they don't have guns. We have up. There have a lot of guns they do, but they don't have Ak Forty sevens with unlimited rounds. I don't have that's crazy, but do you think you have more or less like shotguns they're awesome I get it. Do you think there are more or less limitations to what firearms are allowed to have. I believe they, Canada, the cannon at canadian gun laws are far stronger thing. Regulated Jess tried. They don't have something some some really recently Trudeau announced something that was going to severely limit. This is very recently severely limit the type of firearms you could have, including things
we can have multiple rounds and chambers in certain types of guns. That use right now is hunting rifle, since it was a big push back about that. Let's his really There's always there's always gonna find that the comma station about, like, like the freedom The second amendment to me is it's: just you rotation, fine, whatever your interpretation is, is fine. That's what's interesting is there's a human insights, a health care issue, and that's so it it's really If you want to know the answer to healthcare, is you should talk to public health experts? They have those answers, they have the research, but but well done what research Well, they don't have enough research on didn't, have enough research on gun violence, unfortunately, but then I'm talking about one of the solutions. For what is impacting in creating death by any accidental death. What we're talking about gun, violence, right, health care professionals, of the solutions to gun violence, I think a health care solution. I think I think, certainly surgeon have argued for why certain ammunition has
this drawing the inside of the body and unsurvivable. I think public health officials have argued. Certainly Pediatricians all argued this idea that you can ask a parent if they have a gun in the house, because the gun lobby is against that 'cause they're building conspiracy that the government is going to track your gun. That's terrible! Your Trish has to ask you: do you have a pool? Where do you keep the poison where the guns? God forbid you? not responsible for educated enough to know that that kid might accidentally get that gun and it happens all the time. There's a ruler, it's that yeah public health officials and positions are pretty watch on the same case with this issue. These guns and mental health. I think experts to I don't know, maybe there's a large disagreement, and if there is I'm happy to be wrong about this or any dumb should, I said What you're saying is that these public health officials would be able to make these guns less lethal by any certain types of ammunition, cuz, it's destroying people and checking to see if the parents
No, if they have a gun or where the gun is or how it's treated, how it's locked up like that they shouldn't mean to how do you feel, like public officials, public health officials yeah could have any impact on that. Well, public health experts are, you know their entire sponse ability to keep people safe from sickness and death? So they have this. If you have any bullets at all their lethal right, so do you want to have bullets that are less lethal? I think that could be a law for sure why not its lethal yeah take to human bodies. Yeah we shouldn't be killing. Each other with bullets all time a bullet will stop anybody a blunt or whatever. It is I don't understand the argue spell ammunition, but the point about That's why I brought it up. Fine public health experts will look at what is. Creating sickness or death car accidents. What I'm saying two is that I think it's disingenuous to say the public health officials have an answer to why we're having so much mass violence. I don't think anybody has an answer. I think were terrified and I think we could say
they didn't have guns, we wouldn't be able to do it and you're right, and I could say if we, if these people, weren't mentally handicapped or filled with, should say handicap melted, mentally compromise. Filled with all kinds of demons. All kinds of demons are great to different medications that are fucking with their judge. Maybe yeah abuse all sorts of kinds of experience in childhood. There's a lot of factors, sure no one, no one has any idea why someone who is abused and who's fuckedup is capable of making that leap. We have some thoughts on it. That's all we have some thoughts on it and we talk about it and and yet you're right. If no one had a gun the there would be no issue with that. You wouldn't be able to match shoot people, but would we still have up people lashing out, trying to hurt people We always will, but we have on this on mental health. We have to vote on the ones. Are you search yeah, a lot of people? no I'm not. I think you should. I think we should not only should be comp.
People don't want government, we think about mental health, which it should be a top priority yeah. I think we should think about having four hours days being mandatory Don, I think we should help people. I think you do know that Justin experiment Microsoft did in Japan in fact, and they found that of for our four day work week, rather increase productivity by forty percent yeah. I a lot of people. I don't know. Maybe this is their culture me was. This is a specific instance, the type of people that would get a job at Microsoft, but you know what what you're dealing with for most people is. Beaten down shells that are tired, hi all that together, go back to the gun. Argument argue for the four hour work week in any other type of benefits. A civilized nations around the world, especially in Scott Scandinavia, have study in that culture is really interested in what they do, yeah and and you realize that there's any number of things that you can do to help people and how do you have to be able to fund those solutions and people? Don't
want to do it right people? Don't pay more taxes, but they also have a distrust in the way the government spends your money. So please catch twenty. Two, I'm sorry, even if they want things to be better, they don't trust the government to spend their money like if you work hard and you make x dollars. The government is always a argument, but there's not a bet necessarily better way. Fine, I give that argument, but we have to come weather is citing gray. This is how we're going to spend money on the fire department on schools and so on, yeah. Well, no one's arguing, yeah, but the rest of world, why is so? Many other place? Scandinavia happier, one of the reasons is we have to worry about getting shot we should not have to worry about that. We have to worry about health insurance. We should not have to worry about that. We have to worry about getting pain for education. Those are things that bother people in other countries. Don't have to be, as learn about that they're happier, more relaxed mother also way smaller. So it's like I did not receive like United States of America and you all right, But that's not that's not how you study social Economics says something different about the size.
Country matters, but it's a huge factor. It's affecting the way people behave. They've done studies with a taking cameras and they put him on opposite ends of the street and they can tell by how fast fast people walk. I can tell by how many syllables they say in a minute exactly the number, people that are in that city, there is a direct correlation between large groups of people and hostile behavior fast thinking, moving quickly, talking quickly being impatient, all those things contribute to a less healthy society. Sure when you deal with a small country that has less people you have less of that, but it but it's it's still doesn't change. Change the idea, even if we disagreed on that that looking at our other nations societies neighborhoods by the way forget about that not make it America, what's this over here doing what's this community doing here. Mayors are working together really effectively to solve problems. Cities. They have these these union. All. The time is coming together and is there
add work communities can copy other communities, but if you look, if we so often talk about our national system, that's Really. What we're talking about with many of these issues here you look, it's going need You're happier there. Why? I don't know if that's true there's so much research, they're happy what does that, because, if people. Don't worry big big giant generalization, there's got to be some depressed people and There are, of course the Mass IRAN to their right hardware solutions. I live all kinds of problems in the United States, they're happier than others. Of course it's yeah I had a system of education, healthcare. You can't also environment, it's also the the beauty of their surroundings, absolutely whether or not the small town or a large city, yeah yeah, I mean this place is like Boulder Colorado super healthy, happy places yeah, but it's only a hundred thousand people there right. That's how we is gorgeous. We need, I think, That's. We had to radically change the way that we live in our communities and I think, there's so much interesting, conversation we had about sharing everything you know the car the car come.
Pick you up whenever you need it, and all that you can say your own whatever, but just the idea of ride sharing home sharing communities, capital sharing like sugarhouse you could have you could through technology, could just have not young to share your, Would somebody but community look at the butts of the future surrounded by place called Serin down. South it's got, biophilic design and thing is like we. Well, the way they live. Everybody is just how you describe it like a small to every is always on foot walking, communicating surrounded by nature acts By zine definitely better when you can get that, if you can get that since it's hard to sustain large groups, I mean absolutely there's! No getting away from the number of people we have here and now and then so I called yeah they're, all of right, the group, the less minds you have that you interact talking with somebody that scientists who lives in the van. It was a fascinating because and yeah I feel like you made boy point about he's great it great? I'm stealing my parents
basement. Listening that show, and he talked about there. You did maybe Moore's law that he talked about as well. Is pretty interesting, never heard anything like that, but about it's only. You have to have a certain amount of people before chaos, no, no corruption, no notice it! That's! That was Dunbar Box, Dunbar's number is one hundred and fifty people. Moore's law is the law that pertains to technological technological improvement, yeah the bars in the rate of improvement of how technology and that's going straight up, and that's fascinating and Andrew Yang understands that and Joe Biden doesn't that's a huge issue. Dunbar's number is the amount of people that you can keep semi intimate relationships with and seems to have a direct correlation between engine trouble structures on the fence. About that. I think it's about a hundred fifty people and, more or less I'm sure, people very like the very and everything else: intelligence, height people very in every but this number seems to be fairly consistent, that you can't really have more than a hundred fifty people in your life
don't you think fantasy was right in a way with them. Yeah yeah. I know that's a problem with that movie channels had a point right. Yeah me is a piece of but he had a point. The way he went about it was wrong. Yeah he's addicted to kill a lot of people, he snapped everybody, and I don't want to live on his own island looking at whole foods in the big planet where it on it and his son always set in his face and James Brolin? I was glad when Thor Fakta, mops borrower, I have my daughter got to interview the co directors as part of male jazz, my favorite Josh Brolin, by the way, what I said James they're, both handsome they are but yes, annals, and but the idea that's a, but the idea of ballet. Do you think about that, like the all this stuff that we use when we consume in the way that we live, I'm uh, I think about that, a lot yeah I do when someone like boy slot comes around that has like a real, legitimate solution that could be implemented. Large scale and could eventually be a
Ganttic solution, not only that but a source of resources. So what about just staying mastic in this plastic, instead of being a detriment, can be used to work at certain things? Maybe the money? Could we used from the sale of that plastic and it would go to charitable causes? Maybe you could actually be a positive net benefit to the earth while it comes along with technology. They do that. Why do we have in this country an argument about the future of Energee in the way that we live and how to create a better renewable future like I have no idea why we are getting everybody wins shitload of money, they are is that, if you invest in green new deal, That is a socialist idea. That's a bad idea! In any way now everybody will get rich or all going to die. I don't think that's what you think binary everybody is going to die either. I think fear monger is not helping anybody either. I think they're right about going to get Shitier. I mean, I think, that's probably why Trump wanted by Greenland is like. I got an idea.
Let's get up there. Such a move would an amazing. If you pulled it off, how much time do you spend corner, it was brilliant because came out of nowhere too well, because he really knows how to play. The media is like having a bad day by going in. Is that sound okay and then we talk about it all day on the radio and on tv and it's like well, we just lost everything that you and I just discussed. All these the really important issue. Not really, I think we're going to people are going to solve. A lot of the problems is going to be thoughtful people that are geniuses, they're, going to figure out a lot of our problems are going to solve. It doesn't mean I give up, I think, there's going to be a way that they're going to distract carbon from the atmosphere. They have many different prototypes in many different theories. Working on right yeah, yet I don't means not sound negative, I'm on board with you with solving a problem. I just don't want to argue. I want to argue, but the problem I want to have a really thoughtful discusses, but the solutions and how we can do it, but yeah fossil fuels have to go round. The
problem is also that I know how you do that, so they have to go rapidly it's hard. The problem is also that the th, the conversation is become ideologically driven yeah right. If you're on the left, you think climate change is of the utmost importance if you're on the right, you're, supposedly slightly dismiss it as I think we that's a that's a bizarre binary course. It's the most important thing, but it's what every we do with everything, what we do with the boy and what we do is murder. We have been a fan. It's the planet. I understand that's all right. Well, I always put it like people be sensitive about sexism, racism, easy for you to say, white guy. No, I'm not missing. What's most important directly to you, I'm looking in the aggregate of our species. Are the planet the emergency bells are ringing. We have to stop burning fossil fuels. We have to do it. It burns here, every couple months, like crazy, horrific
would like to ask you a to think of a hell. Scape should look like on film, where you guys are living through it to have been here for twenty plus years. Twenty five, I think twenty five years, it's never been like this, where every four or five months fire erupts in the e there's a feeling that you have when a fire rubs it's real. Weird man explain it because I think it's important. I would've been evacuated three different times and there's a. Feeling that comes over you like. First of all, there is in my case I can only speak for myself there is a releasing of any uh. Like you, don't know importance. Is attached to anything other than your kids and your wife and your and you know just get the out of here, the dog, whatever you got to do, get the fuck out of there and realize. Look your I,
woman, who's doing well living in the United States of America. You already got four aces. Just get the fuck out of there stay alive, don't worry bout! Your house, don't worry about your car. Just get out, go that's number one and two is the intense. Fury of Nature- and when I saw the last ones when I got evacuated last year, are fuckin' neighbors three of the houses burned down right across the street from my house. So here's my house, this house, this house, this house are gone and there's hundreds of houses all throughout Malibu. There was like six hundred houses burned to the ground man and it's sub, terrifying scene. There was a woman. We played a video there's, a woman who was trying to drive to go, get her horses and she was drying through driving through a fire norm screaming an filming at the same time in the fucking. I think she had one of those things
Well I mean you have those so you're talking about a community one community out here and you talk about really affluent people, so they should care they're known as a yeah, but I'm not looking for you know yeah and I, like it. Hurricanes wildfires in the impoverished nations, are suffering the most because they're burning also also feels and have them at least resources, and we meanwhile, are having Everything we want- and I think that that's like also kind of just a whole list expert we should have. We should use less, it's a foot, philosophical debate for shore, but we have we can use less and be happier even in so many different ways. I'm not sure I don't think that's going to stop the fire, so I don't know Your site. Fires are coming because it's getting warmer good. No it's climate change is the issue I'm talking about, and it's and it's p is Papa, saying, lettuce, it's like maybe yeah, but
sustainability or using the problem is gigantic. The problem needs to be addressed on a global scale. Green new deal, it's whole thing: it's not addressing the global scale, China and India, and all these other countries that are still polluting at afucking rapid rate. They're not contributing to this. Every one of those countries is in the Paris climate, everyone of them only. We aren't yeah and we just made it official and it's a dagger to the planet, but do not give up and fight everyday, to create solutions and care about it. That's we should be in the streets for read bill. Mckibben read so I don't know if we need to be in the streets for this I think you're right, I don't think we should be out in the streets. You think that's really going to stop people from burning coal. Do you think that's going to stop people? I think it's working. I think the divestment movement has worked really effectively. Three hundred and fifty org is a very effective organization to get the front. Utah like I'm arguing with you. I'm sorry I'm not did I
That's my that's my on this together, Joe that's my tone. I'm sorry! No! It's! Okay! No, like whenever I say something your you talk like but we're talking about here is there's a bunch of different solutions that no one's arguing with you saying. Don't do that when I don't do this one, what I'm saying is we got a real gigantic problems globally. To just do less is now stop these fires. Do let we we already in it. It's already happening like we have to your steak is cut ourselves. You absolutely right. That's actually probably the smartest thing that neither of us, is set in this conversation. It's my issue. Obviously yeah we have today. We have to find solutions to adapt and a ways to live, and that's what I'm talking about in terms of Stan ability and buy design and architecture, and just in structure in general, like we half to do I feel also responsibility our kids. We have to be mobile, one of the things always free? So I don't study a lot of ancient history and
I'm really interested in these civilizations that they find like when we know for some reason like a storm, takes away some water and moved to a different place. They find some structure underneath the water didn't know existed before and you realize our o g is. There was a city here. One point right right happened several times. Yeah I mean, a good one. That's a volcano one! There's a bunch of these places that used to be like during the time. Of the Bering Land Bridge right. There was the was much lower and it was only like was it I thousand years ago. Here in the continent n one hundred people don't know that that was a God dam country. There was a country that the way we today, there's new serial living. No, they called it. The Bering Land Bridge wasn't between called Barringer
I didn't even know this. I'm listening to this book on tape on my friend, Steve Rinella, about it's called the american buff. I think it's called American Buffalo sounds awesome, but it's an amazing book, but it's about the history of wildlife and native Americans and what changed and like that, these people who migrated here from Siberia, how long it took them to do it and that it wasn't even migration, we think of it as migration, but it wasn't, they were just following food. Was a slow process over thousands of years, but we think of it as like they're going to cross a bridge. It wasn't a bridge man, it was a country. Well, that's what's happening so little. Look, how big it was. There was so little water because of the ice age that you could walk. What this Beringia area? It was a thousands, miles wide, so it was huge. One of the issues in Central America is just what you're describing its climate change right now in Central America, the coffee growers can't grow their coffee. They can grow drugs by the way and they can't grow their claws.
So what are they doing? What you just described now they're walking up through Mexico and there demonized, the only thing they're guilty of is they can't grow their crop. While we have this like that one, but that's because of climate change. Forgive me that that's because the the soil down there is drying up, that's what that that's going to happen and it forced migration and talking about adoption to me. That's the most interesting thing about what your point was. But how do we adapt to people? migrated away from these areas that are and how do we live in America, on the coasts and in formula like that's really going to have to move all those that have house I'm standing baby in those those poker things to the ground, the giant yeah yeah, what is whatever so buying that how it was only ten million bucks. I feel that way by to some extent, by even going up in like a sky rise there, six hours, thirty seventh floor, like this is silliness silliness. Why am I all the way up in the sky? I don't work that brought me a sense of of on,
happiness in in a call. I don't want to live. I want to work and live in the skies. People live the way up. I don't like that, though. The view is sick yeah, but I can really give you a little brain tangle makes excited about writing. Look at that look all those people, I'm so high up your dance everywhere. Dheas yeah, yeah yeah like any time sure yet some sort of surge of ideas. It can be translated into some sort of a push of creativity. Always it's yeah, it's lovely when it happened. Great view is a kicker. Kick you in the balls on that? I think like what your best one, news I like where you've had one of those person. I love mountains. I fucking love it. Man, fuc paintings paintings can suck a dick, is that right. Looking at mountain is that right, you won't, I mean paintings are cool. I, like butt, start work. Yet I'm saying is that to me, there's no comparison like Mountain view with a week in the background that to me is like whatever it is about. My dna that to me just just
withdraws mean where's the place. You were in nature that you felt the most just happy connected off, felt it a lot of different. Great answer. First, big fan of Colorados Mountains MA big fan of the mountains of Utah. I just I love the mountains set on fire and in Vancouver was for me. I can vaguely. Have you been at that big park? It's like park city Could you look up that I'm so so there like central park yeah, I think it's I think, the same time I designed it, but it's got beach now lakes, that's when the best moves, but New York City, they got a giant park in the middle. That was a brilliant, the guy who designed as a fascinating guy, I forget his name, smart. It changes everything when you're in that park. You look. I know this is bullshit it's not really. Nature found myself h, you're trapped, but it's good enough
in other ways, so described nature trap. I feel that way by the way. Why don't I feel in resort when I go resorts and like this isn't it? This is not Turks cake, that's right! Yeah, nature's only nature when it's connected to bears and like, if you keep going. There was something in eat you. If it's not, then that's nonsense, what's your in in mass, well dears, one thing, though they do have coyotes now in central park, which is really amazing. What is the concern about? we've got coyotes. But they don't and people are like there. We get like Coyote alert, no, but your kids, where they really forgive my ignorance. Folks, if you just lost your dog to a coyote and I feel like a douche, well, peoples, kids did bitten well, and I mean they will they will take people out. On occasion, but maybe it was nineteen years old and Vancouver in fact was killed by Stanley Pack of minimum pack happens: music videos. Why you worry about him in your city? You don't want to meeting your kids enough. You actually answer the fucking part. That part
is uh. Where I had an experience, I mean I agree with you. The mountains in the Rockies in general, Colorado has got to be familiar. Close, that's close 'cause, it's kind of like attached to the water. You know the oceans there and you get all the trees shop man. The real deal, though, is like when you're out and reveal wilderness, and you run into real animals. No human creations is my is my. I want to see now and nothing that's created by him and my full heaven yeah. That's where I'm most pace, is something about like a campfire, and you know you staring up at the night sky and if you're cooking dinner with your friends and is no one around for miles man, it's just, just rolling down the allegation around and Thurlow. Can this canvas kayak is in way not catching anything, you just see stars, yes, yeah, which don't catch. Anything! No that's happened to me. It was the I went in Maine. Is that we're describing way out and we went off.
My fishing trip, where I learned how to fly fish in cut zero Mainz, tricky, there's a reason why Stephen King from Maine and every one of his books is horrific, what what what is it horror of? What is it? I guess this is our main. I split my finger. There is no people, man, there's no people right, like did a me. A bunch comedians me included, had a joke. We would do bits about how you drive from Boston and there's this one stretch before you get to Bangor where Stephen King lived where they gave their loss in college in yeah. I know radio two is no radio yeah, he would hit the scan button and it would never find a signal he like watch and you there was a full hour. I think it was sixty miles or so fifty five miles or so well, there's no gas stations. So you get gas,
and then you're on your fucking own for an hour of drive, love it and it was weird man, but there was something about the people that you would run into along the way there would. It was disturbing they didn't have enough contact with people. You know how like people get rickets and they get scurvy when they don't get vitamin c. Well, people get some weird shyt when they don't enough people when you're just out there in the woods with your uncle and your cousin and that's it for your whole life and then also do twenty four listen to me that ain't, a good combination either. That is a really great idea. For a bit I mean that guy his social problems when he comes into fifth ave he's got weird, interactive or lack of social yeah, but he didn't have the right diet but that being said now the measurement? Isn't you can you get a radio connection is: does your phone still work and I think everybody should I mean it's very dangerous? I'm not Everybody should, but you can go a guide like that's real to me. That's real human connection. That's where, where we're supposed
today, and you should have that if you were so connected or screen that I feel like that's got to be bad, but the research is not that Bush connected or screen. Yeah, it's an interesting conversation. Now the research is pretty solid. It's bad from yeah you've read Jonathan Heights work about it. I've read Only the american mind you should read it. That's really twangy! It's really interesting because we are discussing Jon Haidt yeah, right, ok, but it shows the consequences of these young kids they're getting involved in these screens. You think that's any different with us as adults, to be indoctrinated into this world of social media and consul on our screens. The show showing a correlation, particularly with young girls. Very vulnerable, because the pressure is social media people talking I c a desk? I forty and twelve year old, bullying and you're, seeing and big uptick in self harm big uptick to Donatella. These are measurable, I think that I think that that is pretty good on it. I'm not I'm not quite sure you mentioned the data is John hey here I am it's as good as it gets the data
shows a clear about that. I think it shows a clear line from the invention of the Iphone to master. Just be a correlation with something else, what a coincidence that smartphones who every can kid was eleven years old and up now has a smartphone. I would and every kid that you're looking at from before had a- find decrease essays. Are you trying to get a may be right with ocean back RON that stronger than Klein it's pretty strong, okay yeah? I think you're, probably right. I I certainly want to do something about it and I think it's a really important, as true! That's why the connecting to nature is the answer to that, and I mean my kids have their phones in their faces all the time. I think it's terrible for many different reasons, but I'm not sure exactly number one: our generation parents really struggling with how to solve that. I what you do well now we're admitting it's real! Ok, so it's a problem, so they're not real clear on its problem. I don't think I don't know I just not sure about it. I don't know if going to the woods is going to help it's gonna make
feel a little bit better while you're in the woods, but I don't think it's right wrong. You're, not there's a problem with having these got. Damn devices were yeah, constantly addicted and checking it you're getting as little dopamine hit. Yes, yeah John eight world. That, with I think our hero able talk about that with Lenore Skenazy, who also advocated this is the problem with You know parents been worry about their kids too much sure helicopter parenting. Yet on that, he talks about that too. Let out it's well, you know you got to find your fear of letting his own kid walk his way home and yeah. It's real. This kid was really young and he got lossed and it was terrifying for a short amount of time for them, but the life skill, probably yeah, Dave. You know it's it's all an interesting conversation about who we are now versus. Who used to be and is a better. I think our idea, I don't know I said to fasten garrison. I do think that our generation, like our kids, have we have more of a day. Connection to what their experiences than any generation before us. That's my argument, I don't know if that's true but like what did our parents have?
these. What do we have upgraded tv's, more channels? You know microwaves, but you know it nothing. Gradual change, telecommunications gradually change for beepers phones, but then Bam back to Moore's law. And it's just and how do we react all this? How do we, parent and there's? How do we live in these people- are dying looking at their phones in their cars, a lot of really serious cons, once about bottom, I kind of like wish. We didn't have money. Why would I don't know, but there's no going back? It's more specifically deals with problem processors. Honestly, I think I don't think it's specifically deals with I don't think it can. No! No! No, but the argument is that big it only connects only connects to processors, because I don't think they could really take. Can measure innovation that well, because things come along like splitting the atom. What can this things that come along to just fucking, a a monkey? Wrench? Okay, yeah yeah point- I I don't I just I don't know if there's a benefit that we're not quite aware of what, because I think
things happening is people are way more aware of virtually everything. We can complain all day that we have less freedom in terms of our ability to joke around about things, and people are more restrictive with language and all these these are true, but isn't it interesting that this is something that's happening right, so there's a push back so we're feeling this a rejection of certain types of words that we always like to use for feeling this rejection with certain behaviors that a lot of specifically may took advantage of we're seeing this. This John change well. Why we seen this thing. This giant shift is because of social media and these technologies are talking about the create problems. So the question is: will this ship right itself like? Are these corrections? eventually going to delete, live, lead to a better society. Are we going to be more understanding of each other? Once we get over these initial growing pains, which is
we're going to right now as a culture as a society getting accustomed to these devices and devices and the connectivity that they have? Are we going to get more responsible with them? Are we going to be nicer to each other through we're going to recognize, as we get older than You know being shady to someone on social media is just like being shifted to someone in person yeah and we shouldn't support either thing and then we developed this sort of ethic yeah, it's a really pourtant Cette a question just as about social media is a fact that us, I would pinpoint one just for people to watch this intel the square debate that you would love I'm at given Your conversation that you had with people is, I think, was the most ones. Is twitter, specifically good, for democracy, or does it create democracy? was on the side of yeah it does get. I would cite examples like Egypt and even China and different places where people in Iraq, IRAN or to use Twitter to rise up, but the the argument was it's worse because on twitter ally
levels so fast so rapidly, and it's so believable that it creates more damage about things that didn't happen? and conspiracy theory, then it also you know it's a little of both. Obviously, in terms of it creating democracy, you think more speech on Twitter. It's equal creates more to my Actually, how could you argue with that? Until you hear the other argument which is fascinating about how much distance Shin travels now effective it well. My answer could be the same as my answer about technology that I'm not necessarily shorts, all bad and I think we're going through some growing pains, but I think we go through some growing pains and virtually every new changing thing That's the argument that economists make. I don't you're talking about how it affects us, but the act, and I'm like argument is interesting in terms of is enter Yang's argument is, it is the rapid technological mission in this plan and only the income right. I don't know but
jobless. An economists are, if always argue what you're saying did the cotton gin, but the farmer at the horse put the car all that, but then, argument that I hear from a lot of people who are a billion times. I'm not smart. All the people are, you know, experts to study the stuff is mostly yes. This is way different. The rapid change in it's absolutely automation is going to kill economies around the world. The numbers are crazy. Now stop and think about you right. You were a smart guy. Who's gotten had a success. Full radio show you do stand her knee and now do you now we're in this position where you have to just because you've been released from your job yeah right yeah, but you have options now imagine or try driver and imagine, that's all you've ever been in your sixty years old and all the sudden. They come along hey man. We have these self driving luxury trucks that never crashed in anything need you anymore and you don't have any skills I would say any other way to make a living the angst that you feel right now. Imagine that squared
I could not agree more with you. My perspective is mine alone. We see things as we are, not as they are and and and thinking about, as I always talk to this about my daughters, yeah, my my wife painted that goes from pull up on our inner wall, and so my he's right. It's only relative to me, but you have to widen your perspective to understand all that some people are struggling to just get toilet they're an understanding that and your point, though, about the truck driver. His skill set is narrow and maybe it's education is a great. Maybe there's not a network is not to use. The internet is not, but he did a valuable job and, if he's going to This job at sixty. Three, I don't want to live in a society that worked hard guy work, whole life and by Please pay more as a percentage of attacks as a truck driver than most of these guys. In financial industry, which is a complete injustice text in your work, how much work you want, but this guy,
not have to go struggle and learn the job be sixty three. Let him ride into the sunset. Give him alive right now I pay for that. That sounds. You can stay out of your job with technology credit system government, where we take care of those people. It sounds romantic yeah that sounds wonderful, but here's the problem with that it does make people feel good to get get a check, people right like Shelly, you want him, absolutely the press, that's and you buy I see you sitting right off in the sunset, this use of euphemism, for death you're going to hi, I mean use. You know, go you for me and you are you going to let my end of on golden pond? No, no should himself and die. No, no! Let him those crash and Han. That's great, but it's not gonna, be able to do that is gonna, be scratching and clawing to get through life if you're getting a thousand dollars a
that's not enough to exist yeah. How do you feel about it by the way? Do you feel like it yeah? I like? The idea is realistic. Open minded, I don't know I don't know what's going to happen, but I think we should have all possible options on the table because what's happened in our lifetime from nineteen? Ninety four, with the you know, give or take a few years, which is the invention of the commercial version of the internet right with all those AOL and all those things that people used. It basically all started sort of blossoming around one thousand nine hundred and ninety four with Matthew Jazz hands, but we here we are two thousand and nineteen. So that's not that long, that's twenty five fucking years in the world is unrecognizable place. People have devices in their pockets all the time you recording everything think about all the shit that Snowden figured out that the recording every got. Damn phone call you make every photo. You take every email you send. Everything is being recorded on a database to use against you someday in the future. We have no idea what twenty five years from now it's going to look great. We really believe
leave that we don't need universal income and then it turns out. We do we fuckd up now we have, I think we have to do, should look at all options on the table. I don't know if it's the right option and I think humanists, people that understand human nature. I need a sense of purpose. People needs great argument. I completely agree well made and by the way, when you say you know, I'm open minded about it. Like that's the conversation, let's get, that has to keep being the conversation you and I have gotten into a couple of arguments about little things. It was awesome that I learned, like your point of view, that's the conversation and the idea that somehow you know there's got to be a beat down in. One percent the when it has to be on the table and also has other yeah. It's sort of I mean it's entertaining, but that's the problem, but it's gets collected likes and valuable. But what do you think about the idea that the the automation, is the main driving force, putting people out of work, not this idea of immigration. I think some of it is true, and some of that mindless work is also,
soul sucking series, saving someone else, some assembly line, job that makes him want to fucking shoot themselves. I think both those things are true. I mean, I think, we're looking again for a binary answer here when it's a very nuanced issue, fill with complexities in a lot of issues and people like to have something to do, but the problem is sometimes people get beaten down by life and again there sixty x, whatever it is years old and they don't know what to do and then they can't live lifestyle that they had when they we had a job, because when they had a job, they were making one thousand dollars a week? yeah. You know they're making the grand a year and now all the sudden they're making a thousand dollars a month, so you can kind of live. But what how do you live? I know I got to plug my podcast. What's that you got to get to work, riding off into the sunset I mean like. So I can work out. You know you want to work. You want to work. I completely agree with that. I can. I don't have three jobs because it's healthy. I have three jobs, because I'm crazy and because I need to stay busy and also because I don't trust anyone of these things. Stick around
do you really not. You now. Never have never will come on that rational, never have never mind. No, never have never will what do you need? Just I don't need anything. I don't think that way. I think now, I'm doing it while I can do it, do it do it and do the best you can it's going to vary some days. Are suck some days, I'm better, it's going to vary, do the best. I can keep doing it, but don't think it's going to last forever and don't think it's going to go way either. Don't think about it at all, but it could go away. What do you get when you could go away? Everything go away. People get pulled off of Youtube all the time you get banned from things right. Things happen, weird shifts play some real logical. You know, but people get banned for saying the most ridiculous things. What sister that are illogical, I'm not following you! What time internet banning sure. Would you know who Megan? What is your name? Megan Murphy, she's, a woman who's, a turf? I talked about her too many times as well hands, exclusionary, radical feminist.
The name doesn't think that trans women are women. They should I'm, I hope, I'm not paraphrasing paraphrasing here. I don't think she doesn't think that they should vote and speak on win. Issues and that real that women are women who are biologically women. And then you have a a trans woman who dominate women's issues. She thinks it's up and hurt her. This is her perspective. She wrote on Twitter of Man is never a woman. They told her. You have to take it down, so she took a photo printer. Did they told her? She has to take it down, so she took a photo of it and re posted that photo. She took a screenshot repost the screenshot, and then they banned for life so that to me I have no patience for that and I had not heard about it. But that's crazy! That's great It's not talk about aggressive nonsense, ideology Now. You can label it. I mean, I think, there's a lot of this, but it's ideology yeah, but I think everybody has these.
I don't want to hear that. I want to shut down speech. I don't like things right, but there are some people that are really consistent, but I like to think I am, but only social media companies have the power to decide whether or not gets to expressed when they're, not a person gets to express themselves, to an unlimited amount of people. It's an interesting if you tell them that, based on your ideology with most people, don't agree with based on your ideology. They have said enough that something that merits you taking away their ability to express themselves. Then I think you open up a real discussion. Much like the second amendment discussion among the first amendment, to what are we doing here? What is this and what is free speech, and is this a town hall Jack mercy from Twitter believes the town hall. He thinks everyone should have the ability to express themselves, but that, like everything else, fuckin' comma it is certainly is Nadine Strossen, who I think used to be something at the ACLU wrote a book about speed
in about how, in Germany you're not allowed to fly the swastika and they have censorship on speech, and that is not effective for any of the outcomes that it's intended for. They also make a lot of ship porn is that right, german, the Germans do is anyone the plugger. I I think I know any names but for whatever reason, alot of such a thing, shitpost, It's not a thing. I try to be open minded, but I don't I don't understand I'm not going to understand. You know I don't some people you allow people to do it right, I would never allow people to think about. Of course, yeah. That's a weird one right, a weird: it's not people want it in peoples, mouths and uh and cut in themselves and and that's h other. My instant reaction is what went on. What's that about hell, yeah where's, that I want to that story. Went that script. How do you get to to that? That sounds abusive and it sounds like it's. It's a tough thing to eat, but now the idea
of censoring speech backfires. It's just not healthy, but I think should be generally sensitive and not as holes at the same time. But it's also there's nothing about someone saying something in print that you read on Twitter. It's, like you, can't even say anything back to you. Make that make your own comment, but you like fuck. This is such a shitty way to talk poison. Yeah, it's a city in ok, yeah. I don't engage in it anymore. I post things that I think are interesting. How did you evolve on? It? Just decided it's not these arguments are not they make you riled up, they're, not healthy they're, not they don't they're. Not I told my daughter hold on arguing with someone on Twitter said out loud Oh I'm, the shitiest, that's the ship this thing that I could be doing right now, so it's unmanageable when you get to a certain number of followers, just can't there's no way you can, and it's also people just like they're fucking in
super cold, it just trying to get a rise out of people. There angry their ship, their board. You can't expect it. What is existing in the same vibration that you look up to a tweet that said, you're a pitiful person. I was like oh good morning, are you not because a liar? No, no, I'm not even saying that it doesn't faze me at all, but it is good enough. It doesn't it. It is fascinating that some. I would write such a thing. It is but Click on him and be like I want his deal is clearly is projecting. I I'm worried about. I won't happen attic at you when you look at the way you the picture, and then you decide everything about their life. Have you ever look like this is nothing reason I can't run for Congress. I think like I want to keep doing stand up and I want to talk about things like you ever look at Like the guy running the car from yesterday LX, I thought about how much he jerks off for a little while and never think about that I will sometimes like. I bet that guy is good for him and whatever, but that kindof, I don't know. I brought that up
Think about that. Now it really right, shooting in the mouth, but they did. I watched a video once this lady. Now it's on the scribe was really into going to do it guys shooting in her mouth, and she was we can. In German, there was translating it to English, and she was talked about all of our experiences and when the first time a guy did it and what kind of diet she likes to go to follow when he shoots in her mouth and I'm like ok, this is not pleasant. I'm not enjoying this, but honestly- and this is like a kind of a dumb thing to talk about right, but here's why? not human psychology that yeah it's! It's a person that was a baby. Yes, yes, daughter, yes, daughters. Yes, that was a big trying not to follow up. Also this baby's fifty and she likes guys it in her mouth and she wears like bar for Parenting should be somewhere you know round. No on other people like you, then you know you've succeeded and by the way, get a lot of money for it. Like Robert, when was asked is named Robert Redford, indecent proposal would demean.
For a million dollars worth of myself out there right now, yeah it should not just for million bucks. Please tweet is not that long. I've got a new life in. Should I've got a number? What's your number? That's What is your number rather get on slowly every day as a clerk at Dunkin, donuts or one giant, load on your chest. That is like a really rough afternoon Even in the afternoon, it's like an hour hit me with a giant Lowe's shower up. I think everybody says that we are rounds on me boys. Just because millionaire guy. Just hitting you adjust your impending Eric. It's like saying that solid it was like a diarrhea to do whatever you gotta do if someone lot of variables, whatever let him hit all obvious lateral water. As long as you have goggles on an you get to close your mouth as a lot of things windows. Experiments come up. I'm always like you wouldn't, like you, wouldn't kiss a guy. Never tell my dad this for how much
I think that a million bucks if he does now I got that. That's preposterous, that's ridiculous! You got a problem. And then it does not. I wouldn't do it, he calls back and it goes. He tells me who name a guy in all the time. Paul. Sorvino, okay, that's my answer million bucks. He make it. Everybody would cause. What would you do with that You could save other peoples lives, you gotta, do it just by fur coat and start bawling, either way it's one million dollars yeah, no matter what what until the money runs out, go everywhere, I wouldn't either, but I will say about make out Paul Sorvino will live in this, Seaworld wise. Everything have to be ethical and moral. Just have a good god. Dam time, white fur like snow, leopard or Shump shed some things what when you say that, like what do you mean, why is everything have to be ethical? Moral, like you, have your moral code Kim and what I'm talking about making out with Paul Sorvino from million bucks. That's free! My
oh yeah, don't get me wrong, oh yeah! Well then, right Everybody should want whoever you want it pulses. Listen you want to make it well. Should I take a big meeting? Meatball schitt, it's exactly? Imagine with basil right in your fucking head Astra, two three million bucks had a bad memory of making out Paul Sorvino, which did you put me in the best mood I've been in for that's good. Let's send it with this, then, when you get a start, podcast podcast, where people going to be able to see it like what it, what he up it's up now backyard and say it's great I'll, be give me a chance, I'm just figuring out and put up one with that guest doctor- and I talked congressman TIM Ryan about running for Congress. How many have you done so far? I'm going to have a third one, hopefully in a can tomorrow, is Emily Atkin, who writes the heated newsletter
climate change, excellent, but I'm taking a special. If I'm going to plug anything in my hometown, I'm taking a very special special stand up: specials every special standards, very special and very special thing: what's it going to be before you have a buyer for it, you do not need to know. I learn on this show it and Schultz that I thought was brilliant yeah, yeah yeah he's he's nailed it. He nailed it. I don't. I I'm actually allows like dead he's. The mass I admire what you that we don't agree on like political, but that's kind of them. I did you know he knows and again like I love, that's brilliant good job. That's do you not agree with? Would I don't know but I mean he was on the show we just argue, but by politics I don't even remember argue with everybody yeah you little argumentative yeah, it's not a good quality, and so did I add to that in no no, you did not state now like you, but you definitely were. Like your view. You have an argument mode. The fall into its cash spike, it's my flaw. I hate it. You can get out of that.
I'm working on it yeah. I can. I think that you could see. The chains are mountable today yeah, but I mean it goes back. It goes back right, you know, I don't want to defend it and be defensive, but I feel I guess I'm very sensitive about a lot of things. So I get passionate and I that tone and it's the worst thing in a relationship. So I mean like it's not. I want to be annoying. It's like. I said about podcasts. You know, that's the thing with people hearing your voice, it's not just your thoughts right right, you're, the way you express your thoughts, yeah it it changes, If you express them well in a nice way, it changes how people absorb those it sounds so simplistic. But it's true. I think when you talk about. How to communicate on your podcast is often the one of the best things to do. I learn a lot from and I've been I've been listening to you talk about trying to understand, people and listen. People don't disagree with, and I'm just sitting here, beating myself up, I'm like I gotta be better at that, and the idea that I
You know there was too argumentative today. It's like! Oh man, I'm sorry I don't want to. I never want to communicate that way. I don't think it's affected by that. I completely agree with your thoughts on it. It's completely ineffective. Well, get better? I wonder how the artifact it may probably got you little Jabba John. What do you think that some things changed right? little Java, John, when the kids are getting verbose. I know I shouldn't have touched it yeah, you maybe shouldn't have the second hit. That was, I only had one. I knew. I knew this one. You got a an airport model I know do, does find it's all good. It's like, but I think that if I've learned anything from doing this podcasts how to be better at at talking to people, I learned from listening is back as how to be better yeah, yeah, it's it's so there's a art to it is a day I completely agree was like, but it also is someone you dance with someone. In a conversation they do condition you to be argumentative. In rare, live radio, all the people who think they know the producers and show the program
There's never had a job yeah, but I mean it's toxic and I don't you know it's that. I agree. It's a toxic way to communicate. It's not effective if you're trying to convince someone, don't do it that night edge and I mean imagine, trying to go from being up cable news broadcaster on Fox TV, like Shepard Smith, and then have him try to do a park as he's in that fake voice, no matter what that fake voice is coming out. I mean they're all doing it like this is the this. Is the actually right you're very right about that, and that's why I think your podcast by the way is very, I think it it's not the sex sing to talk about, but it's a huge part of why this discussion is because people like a thoughtful open minded sketch, I I mean: what do you think I agree that some people pretend they don't, but it's really 'cause they're bored with what they have to do all day, so they don't want to think. But if you have some time and you're a curious person, you like to hear other people thinking too, and you would like to
here. Someone was thinking either in a way like. Oh, how I would think about that too, or in a way like you hadn't, considered like oh this guys, making me think, or this woman's got an idea that I never considered or this guy's. I think a solution that I never thought was possible. Now, I try to measure p. I think measuring intelligence is one definition I've heard is about how good the questions are. Like you're curious, you curious. I try to instill in gender, my daughter's a sense of curiosity, but everything rather than saying you're going to do it because your father, I said so like an explaining to you. Why that we try to create critical thinking, skills and that's how I measure intelligence. How good are your questions? You're really cares. Really I mean that's why out of the interview learning something which is what I'm definitely trying to that's what I did for twelve years and Sears exam. That's what I want to do with the podcast, getting people who are billion times smarter than me. I don't know anything about anything. I think it is really
Get to free of people's influence of production influence people, check. It is just I want. Some town will be one of the ranger to get things, but so wondering when the day is going to come, like it did with a drop the Fuckin' hatchet on me that ever again about that, have it over your head done. So what's the name of your broadcast stand up with PETE, and it's the same as your show you I understand you: don't you own that yeah they, let me have serious, can't they in writing? Very gracious talking about about them to get in writing. I did not talk. Any shots are the law should have. I did not, I think what they did for me was really great, but I think court media in general. Is the converse: and they're all kind of in the same system, I've worked and made money out of all of them. I'm excited to be independent, but I can't deny that they created a platform for a really thoughtful conversation for twelve years. I can't it's it's. You don't have to yeah, so I I'm I'm. I'm in that yeah I
it was a good life for me and now it's on to you know the next thing. Now it's on like donkey Kong, the Syracuse funny bone of the forty nine ten thirty ship, PETE, Dominick, DOT, com, right, Seppi, Donna, Dachau, stand with PETE Dominick dot com twitter in Instagram Joe Rogan, I love you. I love you too buddy. I really admire you and what you've done here Jamie. Thank you guys are awesome by everybody. U you everyone for tune into the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you, too honey, honey and stalls, and just to x, it's free and it will save you. A pile cash get hung. At Joinhoney DOT, com, Slash, Rogan, it's free again, installs, just two clicks save you, a ton of loot, so joinhoney dot com, Slash, Rogan and download it for free. We are also brought to you by master class, get your learn on. Kids.
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