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2019-11-19 | 🔗
Josh Homme is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He is the founder and primary songwriter of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age. "Desert Sessions Vol. 11 & 12" are both available now.
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join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day, did you pull in a motorcycle? I did you're a fucking animal in this day and age. In la traffic there's a there's a bit of. ST thing happening, because if you don't pay attention, you could die in all right. You know I I I find myself trying to have this field of view and plus you can't be on the phone right because a I think, sometimes when it's when you drive a car, you forget to take the moment to do nothing, rest sort of be for a second yeah, an you can listen to tunes and it makes all the songs better. Like I don't know, if I fully appreciated Judas priest until I wrote a motorcycle listen to music like see, listen like in your head, but you have it in no, not you're. Not one has a I I I'm of the luxury of having a couple of them and but that one's almost like the Grampa Bike for going to the movies. But is it it's
users in the home is speakers. I I don't do the helmet, because there's so much of that in my life anyways point blank range right, right, yeah, and so it's it's almost like you kinda and a rock in your head, like that yeah and you're, like breaking the law, it's it's sort of like flip, your beavis, which and and it feels wonderful like the vendor in your head off, yeah and and getting here, took what are we came from, but I I be you hear my left. But after that, would you drive for like I can't I was sort of over by Runyon Canyon, ok, yeah! If you live in like Orange County, I get it 'cause, it's really The only way you going to get here and not lose your fucking mind. Well, it's something! That's twenty! miles away is twenty five minutes away legitimately yeah there's a little bit of like she'll. Listen, I gotta stop here
and also you're always going to the front of traffic, which really is the safest place to be at the very front sure yeah. I want to everyone on each butt. Cheek sort of you know. The thing that freaks me out, though, is the lane splitting, like some people, are just not paying attention, and some people, some people are going there like yeah some people work out there, their kinky anger on you oh on the bike mean, or the called subs like no way. If I'm stuck in this you're stuck at this time is fucking. Weird man that things weird of anger against motorcycles like that they can? They can get ahead and you can't just it's it's beyond motorcycle You know that not angriness of like there, there are emotional bank accounts, hello in that moment and they're like how about you yeah, you can have that too, it's like sharing the wrong shirt and yeah. I think it's people that don't feel like there's a way out of the life they're into there's. No there's no light at the end of the tunnel. The Missouri
this company, just like welcome to the Missouri loves company down in the just like it's just I don't know I've us so much as have been happening for me lately, and I just you have those things when they click in you and then you can't on know them once you've learned something yeah. It's like I see how bad is just really attempting to elevate your own situation by bringing someone down which is impossible, and so in that moment that's almost them doing the best they can. I know they're trying to kill you, but but they're trying to cope with something. That's yes, the the wrong way. It's definitely the wrong way, nope! That's when the weird things about being right like nobody, really tells you how to think nobody really teaches you how to approach situations in life and what's going to help you, it's not going to help you at all, but you learn some funky stuff. Instead, You know what I mean, and even when you're learning the history of someone it seems like they don't tell you how they've
also with our motion to do the right thing or or find a way to just accept right like how did they get to accept that this was their decision that they had to make right? I don't know, there's not, there's not much, there's not many guideposts for out of treat yourself in other people, but there's like there's, there's also some math and stuff like that. Even history right, there's a lot of facts. This happened then that have this is the date that this took place, but the actual accounts from human beings, and even if you read it, it's like. I want to see the person say it. You know I almost that's why the KEN Burns version of all that there's one guy in the KEN
the civil war. One who is kind of like was probably alive, then to like just get seems like he's so passionate about it. Any such a good story, teller and so he's he's, adding the emotions of, like you know when, when Robert E Lee was our up, sorry, the the the the union guy his delusions Grant Grant grant, but we had a drinking problem, but then was like all any probably have from p t s d. You know and he's he's just telling that story was such of a motional depth of this cool, it's nice to watch that, instead of read it sometimes yeah. I don't think any of us are ever going to be able to truly understand what it was like to live without television. Radio without cell phones and war like what the and then or inside the same continent with other people that are supposed to be just like you that speak the same language,
yeah that you run the risk of bone head. Get hey Gary yeah right, If you live in like Virginia somewhere on the border, you could you could know the person who is facing you shore and the like best of luck to Gerry. I now I hope they do an and don't get you? I don't know what to think. I was reading this article to about how many murders took place after the war was settled where you know like when people like hey, you know we're not done bro yeah, you killed my whole fuckin' family yeah Lincoln were good or not good. Let me hang on for a little bit starts fascinating people. But after after what would seem, a lifetime of that sort of witnessing that and doing that and watching things that you recognize and justice. The idea of someone getting stuck in the blame and and as a as a vendetta and not I can I can see. I can see that I I but you see how that's really.
Probably why we're still having problems now with this is definitely some part of it right yeah. I was like my great great great Great told me yeah. You know when when people are sort of like dipped in that Kool aid of because of my great great great great great felt this way I'm supposed to to because yeah we're related, so Oh dude, I'm almost done with this book, I'm listening to Audiobook Empire the summer Moon. It is fucking insane, it's all about it. The Gary is booking Garrett, says someone S C, Gwynne G, W Y N N E empires summer, when it's all about the the war with the plains, tribes, the planes Plains Indians versus the settlers is fucking insane man it since it's like, I always
Everyone knows that there was european settlers and had conflict within the ends, and there was a lot of things that happened, but until you he'd, like the accounts of all the different battles and all the things that happened in all the slaughters in all the chaos and the kid the children and and and messages sent by more violence like do and- and you think, you're sending one message, but you're really giving them the wrong yeah. I I can't I'm I can imagine- and it's so far away for you. Maybe you- and I do know that reading that is like it's like when you do don't think about it. It's sort of like it's just an app. I don't use or something in this day and age and see if they have a photo of Cynthia Ann Parker. There's a couple photos of this woman who was uh he was kidnapped by the by the comanches. She was nine and her everyone fan was brutally murdered. There was a rain on her town, but they kidnapped her and she became a part of the command cheese and she married a chief and had
babies with them and then they they captured? or again when when these settlers. So this is a photo of the solidity this became a comanche and then hated coming back to civilization she was the Comanche finally lost and that's what she was forced to do is read the recap, see that's a famous over the one. We just had him in the left hand side, because, because she's breastfeeding she is a bare breast and she's doing this in the used for some sort of newspaper story, and they never did that. With with like a regular white woman, they did it with her because they wanted to show that, even though woman was raised Until she was nine years old by white people, she became a savage and that's why They have heard their breast feeding her half indian baby. It's it's so sad man, the story,
at her, so sad because she didn't want to go back. What what do you have a trying to skate? What what do you think the you know? Everyone does some thing with some intention of an. I think. Mostly people think there is a good intention, whether that works out or not. But what do you think the the thought process was behind being Comanche slaughtering ever else and saying we're going to keep this this gallon. And then kind of take her into the fold. That's not like a lovingly lovingly taken in the fold but more pragmatic. Apparently, according to this book, they didn't have a high birth rate, because women would miscarry a lot because they're on horses, all the time, yeah 'cause, they rode horse They were. They were a wild fuckin' tribe man. It was really amazing. Reading the accounts of with their life will just so rough, but they didn't have like pottery and baskets, but their rough yeah.
They would have more like they were all about war. That was their whole thing and war with other tribes. Just pretty much previous, oh yeah, before the Europeans came, they were fucking everybody up, they fucked everybody up. The Comanche's were just ruthless man he did was killed, Buffalo and eat Buffalo meat. They were just eating meat and just riding horses and fucking people up. Ok, that part sounded delicious amazing, Buffalo meat open fire mean there's something incredibly with you and your family. You know just with a it's one of the things about Nate. Americans versus the western settlers or the people that settled is that no one ever like in. Harkins never wanted to join the european civilization. It was not their thing well, but but Europeans did join these try not just the Cynthia and Parker Lady, but a bunch, a bunch of people just friends with the Indians learn language. It became a part of their culture and they were like
you yeah. You can stores and all your bullshit. You want to have tea in the middle of the day here dressed like that, it's sort of like others come in, and what they're? What they're settling for is that they're going to try to make the rest of the world look like what they are and they won't able to so we'll settle for whatever we get and then there's these other people that are just sort of living good downstream. It seems like the sellers are fighting up stream, always on that and the Indians are just living, downstream they're going with. What's there yeah there with what they're becoming part of the land instead of we should really force this thing in to make it sit They were so fucking ruthless, though man so ruthless, his crate to read all the depictions all the things that they did, but it just there's. Something so insanely romantic about the like, like they were talking about Cindy and Parker's broke when they brought her back in her thirties. They brought it back to civilization how difficult it was for her to sort of re integrate and that church
like the world of the Comanche, was like a world of magic. Again, that's everything God there's wind gods and fire gods in the trees for God there's like thousands of got now, listen to believe in one God are just like word, you're deliberately blocking all those gods purpose at every turn. Right, because if you I mean who's to say that that, like really engaging with the gods of the wind and all that he doesn't open this thing for you for somebody, because there wasn't tons of people like you said trying to be in the white world. No, I did that was that, but there is a show get ton of people a metric, fuckton trying to be Comanche and yeah Piute and name it. You know I mean there must be something really wonderful too. It just may be lacking the defense to stop us.
Well it didn't. It didn't work, their magic, didn't protect them from the white settlers, but there was something about the belief in that magic. Well, only the last group of 'em yeah did everyone else before right. It's all. Things must come to an end in cycle out. It's like well He Ghanem was disease. They said that disease somewhere in the neighborhood of ninety percent of the native Americans, which is just incredible and that's all the Aztecs. It's a a lot of civilizations that encounter these dirty Europeans. Yeah! Have you it have you ever since the tail to what
No I've never been there. I heard it's amazing, though something really interesting happened to me there now when I that not only is this square that we want to and we stand on this earth mound and this guy who's nickname was gorilla. Giving us this wonderful tour just have spot the most romantic tour ever of this place for such a rough place, and he goes wait right here and we're in this giant square an he runs down this dirt mound about. I don't know, say one hundred and fifty feet away two hundred feet away, and he goes. Can you hear me and it was like? Oh my god, I could hear him. He goes. This square was built with these mounds.
To be able to speak at this voice to two hundred fifty thousand people whoa and I was like what and then we walk and yeah right there is that it up there? Yes, that's great! Well, it's okay! If that way and then go left, you could look. This was enough to look backward yeah over so so if we were to see that square, if we were to go straight around that pyramid and make a left, that's where those mountains are and and the the other thing is and in NY is that's the same shot from a different angle at that's near where these hype, these shaman left the shaman had quarters like an area of this place, and there was this there's these sort of things and is what are these and they said the reflection ponds. I said like for like reflecting and goes no for reflecting, and I know
are considered that you don't look at the stars by going, but that really you look down and you mark so in seven years, when it comes around again you're, like oh pattern, design was like how do you look up and learn a pattern of that right right right, but by looking down that's crazy, so they had ponds just to look at the reflection of the ours and and map amount yeah. The shaman did that was like in their neighborhoods and if you, the way were shown as if you had a birth mark on your head, when you're born they meet were like two boards rope and just put two ports and rope two and began a lifetime of like so you're a shaman which, if you had a lifetime of that you'd, be like hi shaman, shot hey. Comment. I mean it's, so it's like being born a Roy, always the shaman bills, with this even more weird right, because if you do have a history or bloodline of it, it's just it's a minority of what we are and that that is significant home, because I felt it felt to me to me
like well, everyone can do that. We need! You know you don't have the thing on your cell yeah yeah. If you have the birth mark yeah, I mean that's a really good, like entry You know at the gate now that's the case with the Dalai Lama to I think they found him when he was. I thought I want to say it was nine cold was the Dalai Lama. We found them, but they decided, you were reincarnated holy man, and so again, I know, but can you imagine, being nine and you're just like have two toys and like yeah again This is the time you don't have to work, but no pussy ever. What are you talking about I'd be like mom? Do you think they'd say you don't know what you're missing yeah yeah before you know, it's just so weird, and then people looked at him like there's something incredibly special about him. Right he's the Dalai Lama, but it's not like. He went through this long sort of apprentice ship period where he met
it and then became the Dalai Lama or a lot of twenty meditators or, like you, are the quietest. Yeah you're, the best pro you the way you focus. No, it's fucking hate focus on me for Zach gotta get out of it. You know how old is it does it say I think he might have been almost. I think it's a little bit over fifty really see. That seems like a rough one. For years before he actually took the power of the Dalai Lama, so you'd have to have a little. He was so young. He kept dropping it and then Gary get over here either way. He was Who else is a reincarnated holy person, Steven Seagal Weldo, they read disc. One day, oh, you must be some spiritual creature from another life Well, that actually sounds right. That's a fairly good description of him. You're a creature creature from another life, but that's yeah there. It is,
in nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Lamar Panora RIM from Paypal, you'll monastery, Oz cigar was a total cool and specifically the reincarnation of dragged or Jay's 17th century Turton that such as a revealer that sounded like me reading in the fifth grade, it seems like it too long, poor, Rin PO che from Palley Palley, anytime. You think they got him laid twice through least three: no he's got one in each hand. There's got to be someone that had sex with them because they really that he was a reincarnated holy man. Maybe like someone from another country, I didn't understand it. Well, maybe it was Llama pen or are in pochet from the Palya monastery, Conval Aereas Dylan. Way to pass this on. To you I mean someone is anal a trick. Somebody
it's incredible! I I wonder how many people that works as an expression for versus the amount of people that are like what do you want on your sandwich? You know like he's like. Well, I'm a magical being and it's like. Would you just food. When you went to the the the the the Aztec Temple as a musician when you're sitting there did you like that, it makes sense like the acoustics, like the way it's set up to the the the the way Sound works, does it make sense,
like a real constructed in it and it it left a very lasting feeling of that were supposed to be here and that you know it just it really restored a lot of faith in him out. I I I didn't focus on the ritualistic murder that was going on there. It was just the crew, that's the one set of people, the other seven people build us a name right and they knew- and you know much like the great pyramids at a really you know in the shape of Orion's belt, exactly at that same concept of like what's going on here matters and if you, if that is your focus, think of how wonderful compete you know like
the? How did those people know how to make that with no in without the need of a say without the wheel, I'll be like really hard seems insane yeah, the Aztecs didn't have the wheel right, Leslie yeah, how the did they do all that Willys the way they did it physically. You can go kind of like we know that they they murdered. Eighty thousand slaves in a period of just a few days after the construction of that Temple yeah. So that was like. Don't tell me actually don't worry bye, I'll take care of it. I think things like say that they were going to be slaughtered. I think it was kind of like part of the gig yeah. Well, the I've been to the along with that. I might be wrong about that. Well, I I it doesn't with that. Many people, It wouldn't sound surprising that you have some cooperation. I mean it's hard, imagine eighty thousand people at once going sorry what and not be like well, this man that sounds like a cooperative vent to me.
Now, unless they were somehow another locked up in the Bronco out one by one, that's an awfully big cage of Gunther yeah. It is yeah. Eighty thousand, that's quite an arena, yeah yeah they could have to build an extra one of those just told them yeah, that's like a giant football arena. If fiddled with that big yeah, it's that big and and what struck me as this, the because I play music, as I thought: okay, the that means these acoustics are so perfect like who, for how do you discovered that? Are you in a canyon and right while this sounds, you hear me and and then used to sort of tuck triangulated and start doing the geometry for how that works in like of quick, someone invents John, but geometry. First, though, because I don't know it's- I mean how do
that you know how manifest itself that grandstanding yeah, how many thousands of years it take for the figured out how to construct some help or some other death. But it's like wait. One last thing: my kind of town, acoustic, sound kind of bounces off gonna be shaped like this. Now with the pythagorean theorem, you know, I've never been to any of the aztec temples, but I went to Chicha Nizza, it's awesome of the mayan temples and it just whenever you're at a place like that. That's just magical, that's! So sucking old and so amazingly constructed? You just think what the fuck was it like to live back then like. Why do we have a terribly idea of what they were like of course we don't know will, but it's it's sort of dawn on me. At some point I was like. Oh you mean the people, the road, our history of wrote it as from the perspective of by the way, we're way better way better. But okay, here's the story of these other people, yeah right. You know data like by it by some kind of Dick had winner right right right again.
Naked winner with guns yeah like before we get started, I'm better than the person I'm going to tell you but yeah, but we can't, even though we can't do what they did 'cause. What is the emotion when you were in that space? I'm trying I'm trying to think of the right words describe how I felt there right and I guess all right yeah. It's really it is off, but also there's a there's, almost yeah reference. There's also almost like a some strange gratitude. Yeah like we like thank you for that. I'm so thankful to be part of this, even just by living in a time This tip appreciate it yeah yeah it there feels it sucks. It feels like knowledge, expanding that I I don't have so I just feel like if I can have a piece of that I can understand. Piece of that, but just standing there is sort of understanding it right. We have such egotistical perspective when it comes to our personal civilization, that we do that, like this with the internet, with cars and with planes, and all that this is the best.
There's a word for it. I can't. Can you try to find such a thing? Please what is the word I know, there's a word for the word definition is to believe the error urine, is the finest of them all yeah. It's up to this point. I think yeah I've heard that word. I know what you're saying that is. Kind of syndrome, exactly certainly was created by man, there's some guys like do yeah yeah. I don't think it was, if it was, it was like one of them will alright don't match. Don't you wish that there was like a support? there was, like yeah sure, honey you're? The best to this is the best your number was I bought him. It's you, don't worry bout him guys, he's fine you're the best yeah. It's like same thing with the native Americans and the settlers that the settlers were imposing their lifestyle, but the people that parents, the native american lifestyle. They wanted to stay living like that for sure. Well, I think because it will
added. Some of so many of the things that we, the European Culture, was bringing yes and and- and I you can, it seems less like a distinct possibility that the European perspective like when Pizarro can, all that you know was a twelve of them. Conquistadors collect a thousand natives and and a and a matter of hours when you know when they land they're looking for gold everywhere, I'm right at first. They have this. This belief that something big will come across the water and be their God, and here comes a ship with a bunch of dirty assholes, the that literally factually dirty hassles have written across the boat and- and you know it- I will- I think about that perspective- where they obviously were like these people are nice but I've had enough of this. They should have invented. Ships were better. So let's kill everyone here, yeah! Well, legal doesn't mean Cortez, yeah, yeah, Cortez Cortez, what it is, yeah yeah they didn't,
what was going on, because I don't think the previous to that time. Never seen one on a horse before no and comma imagine a big boat and then do horses weather like what the is yeah Gary come over It's just it's impossible to fathom a man riding a beast. There probably want in a funk with like rusty armor from being on a fucking boat for months yeah like looking like shit being desperately like, like I imagine there when they come up on these horses with this armor and all this stuff in there, like they're cool, there's, going to be easy. You know I mean at first they must have thought. Maybe we could do this with some goodwill, but quickly, it's like
you guys are too primitive we're just going to take over here. I doubt they even thought they were going to do it with goodwill. I don't think there was any good well back, then I think people are just murdering people think that there's perhaps that more people took more lives in a way. Thank you for per capita or something. I think it was a more brutal way of taking lives and I'm I'm sure people take more lives today in war. But if I don't act- and it was just, it was hands on right, but the, but it seems like More percentage of the people that are alive had an opportunity or the possible to kill someone yesterday yeah too, so it's like if you, if you are with one hundred and fifty people, all of which have killed at least three people right, that's an interesting group and then you land on a boat and all you've been there for months, yeah like maybe it maybe you are like. We got to kill somebody and write something and take something as quick as Ben. You have no idea what the they're saying, because you can't speak to
language, so it's easy to just and they're being nice, so you're like going to suck these people up in five hundred and forty three silent gallon of it's bizarre all that's! The history of mankind is men showing up and boats and killing everybody that they met and then kind of doing their own version of a selfie on the dead, but yeah right getting this site is yeah. Yeah yeah have drama I would I would imagine what it would be like if you could be a fly on the wall when Monta Zuma met Cortez, just to be there and see, what that was like when these people who had never encountered Spaniards before- and these guys show up in these boats with two absolutely different beliefs and perspectives of. What's up to go down what's crazy is that is why Mexico speaks spanish. Behind people. Don't get that in their head?
like- oh max- it's why all of South America, except for Brazil Brazzle, is portuguese yeah we don't get it in our head, like Mexico speaks, spanish. While this as foreseen yes, pains way the fuck over there, how? How is Spanish yeah, like it makes no sense but then you realize, oh, my god, they were conquered by the Spaniards, whoa yeah in a long long time buck in time ago. Long because I because of having my music teacher as I as a young boy, drilled, this song in one thousand four hundred and ninety two from Spain through wind and storming the Nina the Pinta, the one thousand four hundred and ninety two one thousand four hundred and ninety two
which by my watch is a long time ago. It is it is, but it's not. You know, I got a joke. My act about the United States being founded, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six people live to be a hundred that's three people ago. That's real. I know it sounds up when you hear a phony yeah when you hear it sounds like he's the right. Well, that's not right. What what's funny is. That is probably true yeah. It is right I mean that's. We just got here, yeah yeah, that's right, now? The thing is anything that happens before you were born seems like a million years ago, of course, but also one thousand seven hundred and seventy six seems like yesterday to me. I wasn't alive and I'm ready to admit that, but that seems like all that is just super recent yeah I mean do it's possible that the new nation get started. Is it too late like the reason why the United States get started because everybody hated how suppressive european civilization so
we wait to see how we do it that we're going to fix this. This is one here yeah in some ways we have right it's better in some ways than in some ways. In some ways we did more freedom does in some ways that not only we didn't yeah, it's like what humans do win that no one ever nails anything. It's just everything's Massey it. It's always complicated. Specially more people, yeah because anyone that's been to a family family reunions is like has said, Al Franken, Gary, really yeah? You know then also like did the different environments. The people live in sort of dictate the personnel you're a desert. Guy right, yeah you're from the desert yeah what is at work in the I'm, I'm one of the few people. I know that's been bit by one: have you really yeah and and as I go, I was going to Joshua Tree to studio. That's really just a house and is that the one that the guys showed in the thing you did with Bourdain yeah yeah?
of Rancho De La Luna yeah and but it's magic as it is what's missing, and I mean everywhere I mean but and all that's left is like what, if you just when the tide receded, it was just the idiosyncratic and the previously thrown away like all in proportion of you know. It's just got that sort of feeling to it right so, and so I was driving up there an I know, I'm a desert boy. I know that you're not supposed to at night time is when everything comes out right, because in the day everyone is like. Oh really, I mean everything that walks or crawls as like, and so at night. Everyone everything that walks or crawls goes. I let's go
right, and so you wear shoes. If you do not wear shoes, you have made a mistake for sure and as soon as we pull up to the Rancho in the dirt parking lot, I open up. I open up the door and I'm on the passenger side and I step out Anne I've going to reach for a twelve pack of beer, an something hit me on the foot and I was like, and I lift my foot and there's this black or dark brownish like a root beer e, browns, scorpion hanging. For my foot, going: hey, hey, hey, hey, hey and I was like I. I think it was like, like a really Butch Gallo, who's been terrified for the first time right right and I slapped it who- and I slap it off my foot, because that's my knee jerk reaction and I as I did that that's when I screamed and jumped like you know,.
Like a mouse or something right in the car and in the door. Light of this come in the door light. This scorpion hit the ground like shuffle, self turn and came right at me well and was sort of like fuc way too scared. It scared me to death back at you. You must being that little what the up something because you will, you have to write you have it wouldn't be, there would be no bravado at all would be like yeah like it would be. It would be a true believer right that in that moment, I'm like this thing: and it is one hundred percent sure it's going to suck me up, and it was right because what am I going to do like I'm going to hit this stinger with my hands right? This know what was the pain like well. At that time, my understanding of scorpions was in our desert. Mojave there's two types and one which is like to you know twenty four hour:
hours of central nervous system shutdown, so they can't even give you anything for the pain, because the thing that regulates that gets, like turn, turned off, and so you just like for twenty hours you're in pain. That's does. That was my knowledge at that time, and the other one is a can two of these things. So when did you get well, I had to like track back. This was before the internet, and so I go inside an the remedy at that time, as Frederick who rest in peace, told me, was to drink Jack Daniels and put your foot in a bucket of hot, like burning hot water, which is is a little bit like having a horse on each leg and they take off a different direction. 'cause they get the hottest You can take and continue the pain like it's such a. Why
tail, it's almost like good, the divorcees tail or something I don't think. So I did that and waited because I didn't know which one it was. It turns out that the twenty four hours one is lives in another desert in more close to Arizona and that it's not quite as I've described, I'm just telling you what I thought all right right, use and- and it was much like a bee sting, but by the time I I I I realize that, and it's swell up it's swell up and looks like it was going to keep going because it got to this golf ball so fast that it was like. When will this stop right right, but it was like a bee sting, but by the time I've discovered that I was so drunk that bee stings misting. You know so you just sitting there with your foot in a bucket of hot water, Gilles Handholding,
like like, like. I said the hotter, it is the better and I was like wow, don't dump it imagines the fucking real injury was, you got third degree burns in your foot from the water and there was nothing wrong with it. How mad would you be? My friend said the real remedies you grab a shark and you stick it up your ass and you totally forget about Buddy mine was in South America and he got bit by a bullet ant he got hit by a bullet out on his heel, and he said it was. He said the pain was so bad, but it was so bewildering that the pain was over. He couldn't figure out which foot got bit because your brains going like Static, he said you're, it's so confusing the pain so confusing for hours. Do you think that 'cause anytime. I've seen that online, where it's like, you know, you know, I'm dingo piles. Another matter bulletin by relax. Jesus man, you don't hang out with this person to self love. Yeah
like a handful of the poll, the yeah, it's like a ritual that young man have to do to reach the right coming. All that's right! Yeah, that's like jumping off on the how bungee was invented with no bunch or the bling no longer to be a man who jump of this thing and it's like I'm starting to identify as a person yeah, I I I I wonder what the bullet and things of all this. If it's like well. If I can never make any friends, what the I think There's violence in insect form. Don't you don't you think that that's If there ever was an alien that would be, it would be easy to assume. Little a bullet in space, that's just like, and then
pushes so hard that there's two of him for help will really up. Is the bugs were big and intelligent if bugs behave, the way settlers behave when they encountered the native Americans. I I I must say I'm I'm happy to hear you say that something I said my kids and I've said to myself for many many many years of is what I'm having a rough morning. I said, thank God, praying Mantis on five feet: yeah dude, because it getting your car would be a nightmare yeah and, and you never, they just feel like You know that I was just watching a video of a praying Mantis Fucking up Emmaus, so powerful man, it's crazy. It's just to like start to morning. It was just sitting there just sitting. There is a mouse got close to in the junior grabs, ahold of 'Em the normal way to start the morning is neat yeah. Fortunately, yeah one with a squirrel too. He was The praying mantis is eating a squirrel. It's like holding on to
little squirrels head and just slowly pulling out. Oh there's another one with a lizard. The lizard was pretty fox. Look at this mouse you would think well, there's no way it look! That mouse is just like. Oh well, just going over here just going to look over here, Bro there so ruthless. It's got damn things and there's some buckets deceptively strong for their size. You look at how big they are. I mean look at that. If that was five feet, tall would be fun. I would honestly I would stay home and a lot more. I would be armed to the dick, I said just fucking everywhere I go multiple guns, Kevlar Superegos pitch and the way they get some is so fucking fast. Well, it is ' kind of a cool thing that we don't have to like die watching something eat us, it's crazy, so that there's no it's not a contest. It's not that in
though, that's my IBM water, for what I'd like to move. Is that that's not that's a call for its route yeah. You know eating here. First, if, if I'm hit by something that's going to eat me, I'm like don't start the here, man they don't give a fuck? Well it really that's what you got to hear the mouse. Did you make it any louder chilling just like just like when you get in deep enough? Please get this over with the fuck. Just feel the sound at that point, but yeah, like boulders under looks like crazy. When you look at how big the mouse is and how small the insect is like for mass of body weight that it's not even a contest that the praying Mantis just gets it one hundred percent like this not like. Maybe the mouse can get away like no. It's over bit should bit like orca eats the great white liver thing right right for for, like
one thousand nautical miles in every direction, every single tag, white shark. As soon as that happens, the radius is like one thousand one hundred miles. Every great white shark was like so anyways this Donna I'm out here and then takes off really yeah, so they felt it like. They knew yeah something about the smell of their own death of that or whatever that you know, look what is it the popular level lorenzini that set sixth sense. They have or something about that frequency for them is sort of like call you back and they just bail. Well, that's like the bully getting bullied right like they are the meanest mother fuckers in the ocean, except for work is right. I think at this point in my life, I'm like they don't have hands so the like sorry, I gotta try it what's going on here. No hands can use this. They are because when you, when you have no predators most of your time, like that, what subject area did we mention this before
they only go after the liver, oh yeah. Well, they do some some some father fava beans with it, and so that's cool, probably very nutritious. Are you kidding or kids of the biggest, I think they're, probably the biggest dick of all, because they're just like sugar, guy grabbed liver or do you want to do well? In fact, dolphins too, and we know dolphins are kind of cute. Well, big dolphins. Well, the permanent smile right outside elements, acute just thinking, hey 'cause, it could be like fuck you well, even dolphins, dolphins commit infanticide, they killed so they do it on purpose yeah. Well, they killed their own kinds. Babies try to force the female in the asterisk, and so as a consequence email bo right to get them back to fertility. 'cause female dolphins, and they breed apparently once they have a baby. They have to raise that baby flicks,
six years, so they won't have sex for like six years. So what male dolphins do is they will kill the baby so the force to female to breed again so with females do as they become hoes? so they fuck everybody and anybody that can so that if a dolphin runs into her so maybe that's high kid. Oh right, yeah, so they're not sure. If it's their kid, The obvious, obviously, no twenty three possible deniability yeah, so they know safe act, or was it the seven great oceans in me or something but they're really intelligent? I mean they have a cerebral cortex, it's forty percent larger than human beings when, when there was that one shot, and maybe it's black fisher or something like that where they put a mirror up,
The dolphins are like on looking at them, so they're aware of the like the men are. That was an amazing moment to watch like a dolphin go boom, yeah like with the shower with a hairbrush singing in the mirror sort of well, you can it's like the way we looked at other cultures. We we think we're better, but when we look at orcas and dolphins just because they can affect their environment, where we can let the can't build houses- and you know and create things yeah, we assume they're not as intelligible, create things that we we would determine, have any value right right, physical objects, but but the way they have culture communication and but also yeah, the the the sonar less of their their operating with tools that were like what yeah I understand what you owe you mean Bing I got that of it being thank the
the sonar, finding objects in the water and and also as in fish as as a musician, but I I at one point: I'm. I went to this pirate phase of reading where you just read about, because all the blogs are accurate, they had to be to survive, sees as logs like well the historical version of why did someone. What is someone turn into a privateer? You know charge by the king of Spain to take anything english into the English. It's a pirate and the like. How does that and from war slowing down and all these sailors have it like what we do you know and the logs are so accurate and and in a very fact like this is what happened it's mark on the log, the that is just great, accurate history of the Caribbean. Well, that's one ways we know about what happened with Columbus right, one of one of the more fuckedup up things about Columbus's, I believe,
who is missionaries that traveled with him that ratted him out about how ruthless they were? They were cutting peoples, arms off they get him didn't give him enough gold. Dashing babies heads on that, then you wouldn't be able to get any more goals. That person. Certainly just yeah. The idea would bring it down, but if you didn't bring enough as a practical, something like go get me more gold, you know cut his arm on now. I can't bring more anyways I think the idea was nobody wants their arm cut off, so there's plenty of them yeah so this one guy and the people that do on their own. Have one arm. They probably have already done that yeah. They probably won't put up that the reason for the logs they would talk about how whales and dolphins you could hear them singing because there's no engines on the ocean, so it's just I the silent planet right right, it's just that they're just using sales yeah, and
Sometimes there isn't any wind and this night, where everything comes out to do its thing and you'd hear booth. This communication, this vast, will song that you could hear around the world. Why? Because the whales are so big and that there's this communication and that they're hot and how Victor they extrapolating that there's a communication breakdown now because of the noise pollution of it all? Oh sure, noise, pollution and regular pollution as well right right, yeah, the constant drone of success, hello, I mean that's that's where the real horrific death has occurred, in the ocean. Imagine what the ocean was like in terms of like teeming with life and one thousand four hundred and ninety two yeah, I mean yeah 'cause. They talk about that trash. The thing that really was a nutrients before that's why the animals came there. You know
no but the good in others, a trash plowing island missile, Texas, yeah yeah, but the it all gathers there because of the current scene, and previously it wasn't an island of of plastic, but in fact not an island of nutrients. The drop brought everything in so it was like hometown buffet for fish things and right right now, they're showing up in there like a right. You know what I mean yeah. I was a six pack rings. Look on me, bummer! It's a bummer! Yeah, what's up John, did you see what you call Brady was on the podcast. If you will surely go now, yeah he's got a row across to Antarctica tricks passage. I guess is what it's called in this little teeny wrote Jesus, it's crazy couple of the guys to do it with, but he walks.
He walked across Antarctica, yeah story: how to it really is, I can't imagine it not being fraught at every footstep. I bet you do that, though, for Like, however long it takes him a summer rowing, you come out ripped. I bet you get developed serious back muscles, yeah. You know that is a really positive way to look at it as a great work. So if you want to do still want bigger back, you want you back to the beautiful ok, look room as well with one four hours a day rotating around the clock, with little to no sleep. What live streaming, Oh, my god, I were gonna watch it. Bro, look at this. I just swells can tower up to fifty feet high. What the fuck man imagine it's so great that sounds so fun Well. Imagine it's too, like twenty seven in the morning yeah and everyone's asleep
you're in charge of rolling over fifty foot swells. And how much can you if everybody has to work twenty four hours a day. What do you get like an hour sleep a day? Well, you get a tons of fake sleep, there's because you're, tired you're in the zone. Look at this fucking boat to it's a little boat. To me the camera man, that's the most boring thing ever on the the sea. They can't remain on the back. All that's ridiculous. He's got a row too, though. There's no one is just a camera man, six athletes. It says one boat, no Chet snow, motor, they're, yeah, no sale, God. Why do people have to do things like this? No turning back, I love talking to them when they come back, but why they have to do that. It just seems so ridiculous. Look the impossible profile the. I wonder how you sell that idea to like the other row. They everybody goes to there you go.
Yeah, but but you crazy, assholes get together. I was thinking about running one thousand miles. Well, hey before you do that. I got a project to start with, like hear me out. Just hear me out. Let me finish the pitch and then like do you have to practice s that, like that yeah, you just gently try to I think those kind of I don't know when I'll. Also, yes, certainly there there near the or store or whatever the there are some people out there that just can't push themselves hard enough. You know no matter what happens like my friend David got, He ran this MOAB two hundred and forty, it's a two hundred and forty mile race. Through the desert he developed pulmonary adima I guess you get at high altitudes when you're exerting yourself yeah that Everest like crazy shit right. So it goes to the hospital they treat him. He gets back and finishes the race so another. Eighty miles after he ran
one hundred and eighty plus with fuckin' pulmonary adima like quiet. That means that when you get done that you like good okay, no, he didn't give up. If I I mean it's not really an ending days, yes, no and with that car that that it's, the there's no destination at all is no finish line. Yeah yeah, yeah, it's just like break, take a leak because the thing is, they know they all know, there's other people like them out there. So it's like they're the same race, yet not even just that. It's just that they're all connected, but from the internet. You know they're all connected to the sir. Because of the travel and they're connected through the just, but they would follow other people like them on and but do you think that a drive like it is more internal one. Or do you think that the competition of saying what someone else did this is a? What kind of factor do you think that I think they they both play a factor? It's the it's other people that are pushing they make. You realize that it's
possible and then it's either it's you. You also have some sort of insane internal furnace yeah. Well there I believe, when they did some brain testing on top climber, fellow, that did the Alex Honnold yeah yeah yeah, that he just didn't trip out it took a lot more to freak him out. Oh yeah, I'm sure that his brain waves so like yeah, I'm cool like when you're hanging one toenail upside down do even talking about him makes me I've had him on twice shots yeah, oh my god. I shouldn't should someone else's pants. So you can throw clay! Those are great on you. Let me try them on and then like here, you go, do sometimes it's not even slow down. Sometimes it's an angle back yeah, like yeah, like fifteen degrees,
the wrong direction. I thought what the I do. You just watch that get Vertigo your balls are. Sir, like I is look at this. We also I can grow old data, that's way more than fifteen degrees. How many degrees is that if you had to guess five, that's like forty five. He's right yeah, so that is definitely in his forty five degrees thousand feet up in the sky. Full you have to. I my palms are sweaty Jeremih, you sweat like crazy. Do you have to fill it for the? How it's it's This is couldn't tell if it's yours are mine. That's crazy, like instantaneous palm sweat, we need to drink pee real. Now I think it's lighter hands on fire. Put our heads in the same bucket of water use for the scorpion right and rider motorcycle, like I try to stay focused and very now right
yeah, because it's a requirement like when you're sort of like Tyler the iron on that's whenever I've gotten in like a little fender, bender right. Well, of course you know of, and but in that there is no you. Do you do you have to stay so in it that there is no out or I think so. Can you let yourself drift into like almost like a meditative state and just be like hands? I don't think I can. I think if you drift you're I mean I think, first of all, so how do you stop things? Will, then? How do you stop things like? You know, guess who's hungry hands up, oh shit, you know, I mean I think he does it so often that he knows how to get into that state. But you know there's also like look at that little thing that data just believe. Look at that little things hold on his left hand. What's this say that doesn't chip loose? What's the say, this is there. I mean some of those rocks. There's did not manifesting that you do it talk about saying guess. You know It's already done. You have to say it's already done. I don't know why I think,
Just gotta go left foot right, foot right, hand left hand, and then you also have done it many times with ropes, but also on when you're on the ground. You're like wanna, hang out and he's like no problem. It looks like sixty degrees, That's insane he's like basically hanging upside down climbing it was so far above the fucking tree he's under purpose on purpose like like it's Tuesday there, I mean most people you and me included, would be dead. We wouldn't be able to do these doing I'd, be dead of a heart attack on the path, Realizing? I was going to try and he's such a mellow guy too. That's what's really interesting. You got like look at that smile. That's that's! That's like oh also just started recently getting injured.
I I saw that thing yeah, the the moving. I tell you what, though I will read or watch anything about Everest or climbing, or I don't know that there's something because I'm was like well good to go for that and for clay the you know better for it. Late yeah, like I'm gonna, take that metaphor, that energy and put it into the guitar and put it to something else, life yeah. I don't know past those chips over here like the way I eat yeah. I eat the way the there's climbers risk their lives, it's Sunday over their medical and that the it's just knowing that someone like that is out there, though it changes. What are our expectations are like what we think of as the the boundaries of human performance, what someone capable of doing? Well, it's certainly it certainly there's a weird epiphany when you're watching someone do that yeah, because you're sort of, like I'm doing the exact opposite of this person that I'm watching yeah you just sitting there you're like not risking, yeah you're, just sort of like thank you for doing this,
so my pleasure at there's a moment of disconnect for me when I, when I'm like I'm going on a hike. I can finish this movie or do you know I'm not supposed to finish this movie. Well, it's it's interesting, because what he's doing is essentially a spectator sport, but there's no audience until after it's done right, so it so it alternately for the for the climb. Must be singularly about you I mean it must be uh. I don't know how you to include someone else during that no thing, I think it's just all about the moment. I think he's just like I said I think, he's thinking left foot right, foot right hand left
and you just you just keep going, and you know the people that would be akin to to you know some of the greatest meditated minds that have ever existed. Yeah, it's gotta be because it's one thing to meditate in position an kind of go deeply within and keep going into the depths which are vast right, but but it's different. If you said now, you get up and climb this thing, please yeah there would be a certain amount of no, no I'm still meditating. I'm not going to do that right where you might be like no I'm doing this this, so I don't have to do. That to maintain that mindset through action. That's a different kind of meditation, because the consequences are so grave, like if you're just sitting there meditating and you brain drifts, nothing happens, but if you're up there in your achieving that, date and then your brain drifts in like Jesus without plucking, my doing oh, my god, I've been reading about this I've been watching and reading this woman, Esther Hicks.
Okay, this a lady that channels yeah but yeah, but putting that aside from not from precondition anyone her her discussions on manifestation and her explanation of that that the physical body that you have thought some thoughts are bigger than their bodies simply have a bag. That holds protects your thoughts, so they can occur yeah and that, when you think something is
you begin to bring in and idea which is the on the process to bring an end to the world yeah. And so when you say I can't you certainly cannot write an and that it's okay, one coming from a position of I can- and it's already happened- and I just meeting up with what's already occurred, yeah that there's something beautiful there, especially when it's not really being wrapped in a selfish to hang it but manifesting happiness and and things you love and that that attracts other. That's what's contagious, you know, and so I wonder when I see a photo like that about the connection of and her her point point being. Is that she's, like all day long, you're thinking, thoughts and acting on them, because the that minded and body ones they're executing the same process together? You know dependently
like I, that is the embodiment of thought and body, yeah action together and being ultimately in not vortex of being aware that Esther Hicks Lady is very strange, I'm very torn on that, because I listened to the actual words and the things that she says when she's channeling, that what is it like Abraham is see like a dead guy or an alien? What is I forget? What it is? I see I just channels an alien right, I think there's multiple people but see the thing is, is I've kind of like was listening on that, while I was driving and investigating or reconnecting with like the law of attraction and how to like
Second, when you get your motorcycle lesson, they tell you to look through the turn, because you you tend to go where you're looking. No, not a lot of people are walking backwards and talking to you as they go forward right of course, and and so that it sort of Donna me the connection between just looking for something you love and not bonding or focusing on all the you don't like as a as a matter of walking towards what what you desire and- and this is kind of up re awaken with that concept. This is very, is to smear. We know three four weeks old for me really well returning to that idea, because I had this idea of this. This concept, before of like someone's, got to make it Washington PA. Why it's? Why couldn't be you? Let's? Let's, let's so
let's go for it and really go for it. The only way to make it as some really honestly golden so you're talking about your band before you guys made it. No I'm. About a way of acting regarding anything okay, I love music and and it has always been my way of of um. Being the utmost honest, I can be um and I think because of that, it's that's. What's helped gravitate people that have stayed so long in that. However, also I've realized that I put so much of who I
really am in total into the music, but there are times that I should have done that and and the laces of friends or or or or people it's like and family, and and that it's really it's important to do that in life to Mmhm. You know to be engaged yeah and also show your real self. That kind of where the vulnerability of all that is really powerful instead of weakness is the opposite of weakness. You know, and- and so I think I think, pursuing music that way is great, but not if it's keeping you from doing that in life, and so it's not just that. I would think that way, so my band would do well. Instead, I would think that way so that I could, I could do wealth and I can be wealth. You know write an an so That's why I start listening to her, not seeing any of the opening gambit of her transforming into debris,
Abraham and not caring and understanding with that means just going like I'm just list what you're saying. Well, I'm driving right and I'm hearing that and the way she speaks up regarding those things is really fascinating. I I I choose to detach myself from judgment yeah because yeah, because I know one thing nothing well, it's it's it's weird, because she sang very wise things right It would be a shame to get just 'cause. I don't that's, not the rapper. I would pick that. I don't like the inside right, yeah, the channeling part of it well yeah! So it's not! Oh! You mean it's not exactly how I would do it well. This then! Well, it's not just that! it's like you're, listening to wisdom, but are you listening to wisdom from someone who's made up a fairy tale? That's where it gets confusing as well.
Of his channeling well, but I wish you channeling, but actually doing. I also think that to be able to learn something this this again, this awakening and me is so new like it. It's in all honesty, it's it's like a month and a half old, but it feels really good what happened the it's just that you know arm. I think that engagement in life, you know arm and also you know, feeling a bit lost and and not knowing how to ask for. How to ask for help. Sometimes you know what I mean and and and not really knowing something exists at all. You have feelings of that's a little too vague, but I my my point being that, like bomb all the sudden engaging in something
gauging in something that you're that you really love not focusing on the negative part of it, but really chasing after that thing. That which makes you feel good. So you've changed your perspective. You Jeff like what you focus on it. Absolutely in fact, and in fact the I realize like arm. What sort of you know it's? Fine! It's fine! If you fresh, you know yeah, it's fine! It's not! Fine to go like that, that's not to not that's not over there. The right right, deny it yeah. How can you get stronger unless you've turned on really really look into it? You know right, you don't wanna, be paralyzed by fear, but there's nothing wrong with being aware that something scares you yeah, yeah yeah, I mean I really. Nine times out of ten. You didn't need to be afraid of it in that one time you do. You know it's true, and you know what it is right and that seems like a successful and
and in dealing with that to you get the chance to say I can do that, is that lady still alive is Esther Hook still alive. I have no idea I may get her in have gone wonky. I think I think it would be interesting because you'd have to separate the things that don't right right, people don't want the husband has to be there with everything too. He died as I listen, without having no preconceived. No, and just hearing this as I drive them in the next Youtube things started playing. I was like: who is this? Who is Abraham? There's? No, there was no contacts for Maine was just listening to the words right and I was like wow was fucking great yeah. You know this is great: an and kept I was driving to the desert and doing this other stuff, and you know what's interesting about it. It's remarkably consistent or It doesn't say anything, that's really foolish and she
Never changes her tune right about look and they started to dig that she was saying week's until I understood that she was like channeling something I thought it was just a really beautiful way of saying we what we to tell you is like, as if you were already there and really what she was taught. Think about is already being there anyways like you. Have an idea. You will form a habit of one type or another, which one would you like it to be and and know this, if all you can focus is on what sucks, but is yet to be just wait, a SEC, it's coming and then what? Where converse? if you were like I'm going to worry about that, because I like as much time without as possible, let's focus on something I do like until she gets here yeah that naturally, look through the turn and as long as you're not trying to
turn into a wall or a cavalcade of schitt right. But if you're trying to turn into something you love, you actually will turn into something In that case, you should probably embrace challenges right. You should probably welcome them because when they happen, they will test you, and then you figure out whether or not this philosophy is actually. Well, I mean I haven't. I haven't. I have been testing because you know I'll always like dealt with difficulty by of shielding it putting into the music or putting an end to the some dark closet somewhere. You know what I mean right, because that's just you're taught to do that: right, yeah, like Nasher teeth and and grin and bear or a good, nor a nor.
Yeah like now. That's what the rug is fairer, sweeping stuff under we're, like, oh really and but that's feels like building a dam or something in two when really you're supposed to let that river of of fear or whatever go with it, go downstream with the stop fighting that yeah, because the damn all that up, put in the corner behind and really one day just like gives you a massive bath of your fuct that damn bridge a law of attraction. Things very strange to me because I feel like everybody's trying to describe something that there's some element of truth to, but that it's really complicated it's not as simple as think it and manifest it. There's a lot of discipline. All of that there's a lot of hard work and concentration and thought and doubts and hopes and dreams and there's a lot of other things and then also fortune. Well, it's not a lot of people. I feel like when those I've
could never. I would never use that for fortune. For me, the fortune would be like um that your relationships and emotional connections get deeper yeah. I don't mean I mean being fortunate yeah, I mean in lucky like we're. We're lucky we're here. Well, we're blessed were here, but it's not really lucky and I think that's one of the main things right. There is understanding the difference and and thought because also really what you're saying what one is that hard work that you're talking about? and all those things are sort of getting of your own way and on learning how to say how to be. So. Full about it all and just say I'll. Take I'll take something I like and I'll just think about that for a bath, and let that be the first step and then go. What do I keep going down that river downstream of that idea, getting closer and closer to something? You really love.
Because saying you know saying I don't like this water bottle sucks, but but saying uhm, but at least I don't have to drink. It is one step away from that and if you just keep taking those steps away and going down that river, that's the right direction to be going because focusing on this is like is that going to help you, God it's got this blue binding and will certainly not going to help you to think about how fortunate you are yeah. Is it I mean, I guess it. Kinda is it's it's well, it's blocking you from feeling fortunate but saying at least enough to drink to everyday. Is turning the right direction and heading towards how fortunate you are and if you keep taking those little direct, that those steps, then soon you get to like. I feel fortunate to be here right. I feel fortunate to have think about this bottle of water all the time. This is Jay menu ingratitude also. It clears your mind if you do have. If you thinking about positive things and working towards those things,
it clears your mind of a lot of the just the natural track. Apps that we set for each other, dumb nuts baggage. Those hurdles we make are tailor made 'cause they're made by you for you right right. How could they not work the highlight your actual real insecurities and fears that you know you have absolutely, and you go This is sure to trap someone 'cause look up and then you're in it 'cause you made it for you. It was like yeah to meet, strap main uh. I think what I like about what I heard her saying is that, because it came from no context whatsoever- and I just heard the words it said, can you get out of your own way? yeah, that's what I would like you to think about first. What is that there's an ancient tale, a tale of two wolves, meaning how to live your life. The like
Yeah, I know at one wolf is filled with fear and has ago my mother, just K just gave it to my kids Reno in the house ago. It is paraphrasing and she bought this frame thing like you know, there are two wolves and one is anger and when one is like love and and and they both exist, but ultimately it's like, which one you going to feed that it's it's really the I I think I'm correct in and saying something like yeah you paraphrasing, but it's something like that's the one, the one that survives and succeeds, the one you feed will, but I think the younger you know native American says Well, how do I, how do I know which one? How do I not let one take over it's like well, which one you're going to feed ultimately right, yeah yeah? Well, the more you
concentrate on positive things and the less you concentrate on negative thing for sure. You're, freeing your mind up in your you the momentum of positive thought in the momentum of of living, your life with positive thought. It be is easier to do more rewards. Do I think, but I think it's also necessary to say I'm not talking walking around in Colossae electron ha ha ha, it's just uh like some, smiles yeah! You know what I mean in a nice and in action you're talking about this. You know talk about this like in some sort of a a rare. And uh. Well, it starts with a thought and works in two an idea and then manifest itself until like a smile or just it's nice to to
do something nice and also understand that I'm I'm not talking about walking really caused by yeah. You know, like I'm, not talking about being some grooved, it's dumb, nuts mother, that's what I'm saying is: do something do something nice and start that way, yeah and leave it at that, and I think there's something to when your, when your thoughts are filled with this there's just frankly less room for me to think about this water, which I did like right, just there's just frankly, is less Realestate right, because then you really sending positive things yeah because of the agent of enjoying it of because things are pas, essentially what things I like yeah, I'm enjoying being here, so this water doesn't really. I don't have real stay for that right. I'm right! I've. I've got too much enjoyment and to be here. Since you know Anna
and the l that'll do no, this Esther Hicks thing: how did you get into this completely by accident or not a meeting meaning you know I a the just, sometimes things just slam down on the table and say you've got to be engaged. This is the moment to do. Do it or not, right and nothing inside to change like that, the it's it's sort of a gift. Actually, it's saying the struggle now, but if you struggle through this, it's going to get better, you know, and- and I love I I I and I'm actually really thankful and appreciative of that sort of moment. I don't mind the risk of all that. That's what it's all about. How did you stumble upon it, though? I just was like looking for, like looking for through the law of attraction and and and finding a way to change my thoughts to
two things: I loved Ann. I listened to a couple I was driving and it just clicked on to hers it auto played and there it was an, as I said, without any sort of judgment and I'm the last person that's kind of a joiner or would be accused of being hippy Dippy's or whatever, like kind of like someone who is scared, would say he noted mean so it just made sense to Maine it's almost the calculus of it all to complex problem, but get out own way, keep it simple, listen but she goes further than that right. She she actually talks about your your thoughts, manifesting reality and she talks about how what you're doing with your thoughts in the way you think in the way you sort of interface with reality is
you're, creating reality with your mind, right right and an I'm choosing. How I want to take that in and have that mean something to Maine, so you're, finding an application for that in your life and also I'm within the within the spectrum of all the things she's talking about. I simply I'm looking for ways to come in my immediate life with the people that are close to main how to be more engaged an how to be more engaging myself Because, as I said, I've had a lot of trouble times in the last few years because of just feeling lost and not knowing how to deal with that, and you always put that on your music, but maybe I should be putting it into more than just that too. It doesn't negate wanting to your music to be truth right, that's what it's for, but also it should be inspiring
two point that another directions to are you bringing this to the band like? If you hey guys, awesome this channel here. Lady! No, no! No, because I mean I'm surprised, I'm sort of and here it's because I'm not a disciple of anything but at least I don't think it's anything wrong with it. Honestly 'cause I mean I've listened to it too. Buddy mine was really into it and he turned me on to it and I listened to- and I said, ok there's a lot of wack going on here, there's like I think, she's channeling one thousand year old person, something like that, yeah Gary, but whatever the Abraham right. Isn't that, like? I think she, Lee channeling, some ancient yeah, but forget all that. The word: She sang, resonate and they're, also sort of like consider and across this yeah, as I said before, I'm I'm mining in a specific van of like okay, the people I care about most how We, how do we all grow right at each other, and how do we do that right? Because that is the goal the goal to?
to be alone, and it's also whether it's back here, not like there's a lot of wacky Shin religion, but obviously a lot of people find some great meaning in it. You can this. I don't know how much there's the world is weird and complicate yeah. Absolutely you can get real wisdom from that sounds like nonsense. Well, if you reserve the right to be surprised by life and if you really, if you to have an, mind, you certainly have to unlock the door and open that fucker, that's a great way of looking at it reserves the right to be surprised by life. That is my goal in general and life. An Also now it's my it's my mission because it's a bit like when I said like mess around with you know: illegals like the legal sub things that, like that you, oh, I suppose those are in there too yeah. Would you mean, though I said illegals? I meant I meant that wrapped in other stuff, so I didn't have to just say it say that, but then I think I just came out
ok now those things those things are sort of, like I tried all that for too long and that didn't really go anywhere. So what else is there? What else is going on right? have you tried drugs and then you're like with it's, be something else. It's going to fill this void or give me some peace or yell or like I certainly can't stand here: they're growing or dying rises and less interested in die, and I'm like what else? What else we got? I mean I think for awhile. Was you know? My next thing is this about this matter that I I think what's important is when you said, are you bringing this to the guys in the band? I was just about to say. Yes until you said, are you telling her about this lady because to me. You bringing the lessons that you learn yeah, I'm like. Oh, my god, because I think I've always looked at music. This way where it's like locks. They have these concentric
at one point they all line up. You can see through the door the other side and You've seen it, you can't unsee that if it, if I have a song- and we have to do an e those concentric circles, line up, it almost feels painful or criminal not to go to the other side and when you know it gets so much better there and- and I feel like what I've been kind of learning is. I also should apply the same understanding to the people I care about. You know like if there's a way for us to have something more meaningful. That's all that being meaningful is like money is green paper. You know these are like it's fun to have collect things, but who cares it's the it's the relationship? to have- and you know when you have kids and stuff it's like having enjoying that share. Even when it's rough, that's that's the thing to get good. You know what I mean
you'll have plenty of time to die alone as they were. You know later yeah. You know him Anna, so I feel like that's what I'm kind of getting from that from what she's saying, and so it's that were looks just fine yeah. Well, if it works, if it works, use it right. It's not it's not exclusively that either. You know it's just like it's eight tool, yeah of the tools that I would use in every situation is situational, and so I feel like what's great, is to have a bunch of tools and not pretend to know I was wanting to try to access to as many musicians as possible. But how do you guys create music? Do you? Do you write stuff out and then come to the band two some of the guys bring their own ideas for for a beat or for a concept or well. You know I like
randomness of it all and and again I I love collaboration. I've never done anything. Just me all by myself that doesn't there there are times when I make it, you make a request people who play with real. Like I hear all of this, can we just try that first, because I like to do that when someone says that in return, if they, if they like, sometimes you hear everything all at once and that's that is a gift, and you kind of don't want to mess with that. You want at least start from point, because if someone does have an idea at least they're, starting from understanding where this, how this is there so their idea, if they have one, is rooted in this instead of being kind of arbitrary, you know. Does that make sense, and then so it's great to hear that and also be asked to kind of be a soldier sometimes sure I'll play pimple,
because I love to hear that all these puzzle pieces together right right right, but it also you respect their their idea, their vision, whatever it is he just trying to help them. Realize it yeah. Sometimes sometimes it's like that, and sometimes I'm requesting that and there's a way to communicate that that sounds exciting yeah and you should because it's a shame to be misunderstood in that moment, when really what you're saying is, oh, my god. I have this idea. Can we try just like this? For a start and once you're emerged in this understanding your ideas to better it will be back in understanding this. You guys are very unique in that you don't sound like anybody else, but that's the point. It is the point that, in fact, in fact, I always look at that like well. That's the minimum obligation right spin on this. To not, you know not sound, like other, yeah the men without hats too, and I was like point. You already have this. If I want to I love that sounds great, so yeah, it's great, because it's sort of a challenge yeah you can leave your friend
yeah like what the fuck. Why would it if they don't, then, a friend of mine, yet like sort of like drawing a dance line in the sand. You know it's a great song. It is, but I, but also there's, there's that those the kind of two ends of the spectrum right mmhm, hearing hearing someone's on a play and, and explaining yours honestly and asking for help to to do that. Well, your stuff, it's not just unique, it's unique in itself. Like your songs, are different. Each song is different than the other side. Is you don't? not like a queens of the stone age. Sound. Well, I think, there's a band called wind that I love so much an early on my first band, because that was trying to sell it could sell itself but singularly. And I was feeling painted in a corner a little bit by the fact that it had to be in this mode, and we toured with this. Win, because who would play anything
you know they aren't sure yeah they're, so brilliant and they play us mister. Would you please help my pony and we're like what it? What the is that about and then they'd play riders on the storm for twenty eight. That was fucking, incredible and they'd. Never sound checked it you just know this and where was free they set, and then they did a country record with all these professional gun country. I know I know, and it sounded incredible because they were like, because we can do that. Why can't way, yeah that manifesting what you love period and so I just from being around them and seeing things like that and then starting this desert sessions project, which is what I just put out recently. Words just collaboration, and it could be anything because it's not all you in the home, but yet it's you, and so it was that's. How queen started was like what, if you just played anything, you thought was good, no matter what it was and you let every song
I had a friend of mine once said to me: you know not every song can be your best and I just looked at him and I was like why well well. Well Why is that? I don't even know why that has to be a possibility. Why not yeah? What? If you, if you see through to those letting locks through to the other side, and a song could go there. You should take their right. I mean that's what we're supposed to do, yeah and so weird. Mister gratitude. Isn't it like not every song can be your best and it was like Oh I see you're talking about. Are you talking about you talking about yours yeah? I see you never had one before the internet like there was a lot of bands that would put out like a few hits on an album, but then the rest album would almost feel like filler? I again
another thing right, it seemed to me at one point in the the my hope was that okay, in the spirit of trying to do something different, I call on supply and demand. You know it's out there, because it's out there what's not out there. That would be interesting to hear it's tell me what what you don't think we need- and let's start there right for for just trying to fill in the gaps and beautifully fill in the gaps of what's not represented, and then there, by having this limitless ability to play whatever you thought was right in the moment. As long as it was honest and you'll be fine, you know Anna, and so that's always been. I just I feel like it would be fun to try that
so that's why it's so jumps around stylistically, but I do think people listen to whatever they think is good and they don't care about genre. What, unless you're a teenager when that's important to you, or that certainly was to me I'm. Why is John Rhe important? It seems like if you work at a record store it's important 'cause you're filing these under, like you know, nose flute in the key of yeah. I don't give a fuck Well John. I give a about good. I mean the I I listen to cut. You have a taste of sand metal yeah, something runs over it with its truck tire. You go hey, I'm is good yeah. I I love to lick that again. Well, I just it's. You know you I like a song where you can tell the band made something that they like yeah. You know I mean well this
there's another thing early on when we left the desert and my first bank Caius and we were so proud, like we knew we sounded different. We thought this is cool, and so you make records who love and you listen to him all the time. 'cause 'cause, it's like you're supposed to make your favorite music. I mean I was fifteen years old. What else was I supposed to make? I can't wait to make the music I hate the most. It doesn't make sense right. I just want to do weddings, so you meet you tour with these bands. You like. Do you guys? Listen your records 'cause. We would in the car, on tour, listen to our records and then play our records and they'd be like fucking hate that thing and I'd be like quit. No, I said: do you listen to your own music, like I couldn't understand right what what's wrong with playing your favorite thing? You always wanted to play, but it's not out there. So you create it. That's our! It seems like that's the job actually yeah. And how can you look? How can you love my stuff of? I don't right right right, one of the chances like zero point
Zero is will be such a prison. Imagine if you created a genre that was super popular and people really loved it, but you fucking hated it. I did my first band those this really wonderful thing happened. The fans took over and they own it because we we stopped, and so they took it over the fence kept alive and some people gave it a name stoner rock. But to me it's still rock was like Ozzy. When I was a kid nine dollars a baseball, sure sure I want to be a punk rocker, runs like dumb stoners over there. You know so stone rock. I was like no and plus I don't want to wear that. I can approve get anything that I like, so we don't need to call it anything because I'll just like whatever like right right right now. You could call a jazz rabbit lettuce The music can be like fucking fantastic, but I
like what I like in that anyways. Yes, just a noise you're making to do with your face on it. Yeah is Charlie Brown's teacher yeah more more more. I love that style actually like exam who care right. Like I like what I like and- and you know you get flack for that stuff- for not like no sit here where this and I understand too, because it's good to feel part of something when you say get flagged for it. How much do you pay attention to criticism? Zero good for you? I I haven't read about myself and over a decade, that's amazing way to go well, the the first time I did a member. I got a computer and I was like all the I mean they you can sometimes I feel like
sort of like a dumb nuts like I'm like. Oh, you can talk to someone like who's like in deer. Tunes like I can. I did an you know. Sometimes people like to bond over what they don't like and like, and also they like to pretend it makes them feel better. They have intimate knowledge of you, Joe Rogan, will think about Joe. Is you see yeah it's got to be negative so ways, because it suggests that look close enough to. I know the secrets it puts on good face for you, but I know his fucking Joe secrets. Man so think about Joe is, and it's a it's but that's kind of an insecurity, and so when I went on, I was like oh no actually I'm doing this just, let it be known. Yes, I fucking am an and then all the sudden was like hey Josh, as I thought. Oh, my god. This is What am I going to do? Go door to door and correct people's perception?
actually what happened in one thousand seven hundred and forty two, well waste of my some people, who don't have like a wise sort of perspective on the internet, getting wrapped up in doing just that. Because they've been responding to criticism and going after people, and you know what it's, because they don't want to be blamed. They don't want to be misunderstood. What I totally understand, I understand my wife has been one of my biggest inspirations ever and like that that thing that I really learned from her is like the you can't blame when you blame someone, it's like saying to them. Uh, when you point the finger, it's like saying, you're guilty before you even have a chance to talk and say your perspective. What that's nobody likes that?
you know what I mean. Nobody wants to like start by being blamed for something it makes you shut off immediately and now you have these disengaged people blaming each other and being mean to each other and again, if we're talking about doing what like I don't like that, and I also have friends. I really love that engage in that quite a bit and it's a trouble spot for them. And so, instead of doing it myself, I I tried to like look at that and say who I don't. I don't want that. I I love my music and I try to make it as real as I can and I try to make a difference I can, and that- and I accept, if you don't like it, but if you have a vinyl or if you have a cd still I love it, am if you don't it's still a hell of a coaster right, it's not bad. You know, I mean it could be worse. Coaster start looks cool, you know I I I need to be okay,
with that and accept that it, because otherwise, what I'm pleased like it when you're, also not looking at that review right. That reviewer is wrong. I can't unmanageable numbers to write because you'd be interacting with literally thousands of people every day and trying to correct them, and then once people find out that all they have to do to get your attention is to be Negan then I've had moments of that before, because I really have always cared about fairness and justice, but especially in the last bunch of years. You know it's like. I have to be ok with what I did for main Ann people. Don't really what the fuck they're talking about and what really goes on, but if my expectation is that I'm going to get take everyone to a spot where like this is what actually happened right. I be add, and you also engaging people that don't want you to be a good guy.
Yeah. We want to go fuck you. You just want us to think that course yeah, of course, and I'm actually kind of investing time and energy into like no but yeah, but no right. I mean you're investing time and energy also into your persona or your public public perception of you, I don't have a persona. I've had many times where, because of being uhm like uh, like feeling strange about things, are angry about things that are this. I take them out on stage some, sometimes because I grew up watching bands like an Iggy and all this stuff were sometimes you go, see, abandoned scary. It's wonderful to be scared by it. This music is like whoa and everything that comes with it. It's so fucking real lookout. It can actually drive you backwards. That's exhilarating
also on stage. That's the place for that yeah out in real life. Doing that like. Why are at the atm? Not so much. You know what I mean, but to cut your tethers so I don't know what I'm going to do tonight, which I have done many times and walked out there, but I will embody the emotion that I'm feeling right now and you can go ahead and take that shift to the atm and deposit that 'cause. That's what's going to happen. The problem is, if you're not doing well then that's how that yeah, I'm going to feel that when you get out there, but it is supposed to well I'm willing to do anything up there. I don't know why, because I feel like that's the place, that's why? Because that's the place for it That's that's the art of it! What's also what you said that you enjoy the randomness of it yeah I mean, I think that you're talking about manifesting, if you go up there with that spirit that enjoy, The randomness of it then do sometimes the
will move you in a direction that you didn't even expect right, well, yeah, because you feel one with your actions so in the now you have no choice right in and out of preparation. It's too late. It's it's already done the vote. The preparations over. It's like a fight yeah that like you're, not going to learn anything extra till it's over right now. You have to be in the moment there and I enjoy that because I enjoy that it's too late. I love insurmountable odds. That's all I need to do. Something is telling me like there's no way you're going to make it and be like. Let's sounds great with the. Why do we have? Sorry we're not going to make it. You know what I mean there's something to that an
but I also realized how how I guess the manifestation aspect of this is gotten important to me again, 'cause it's what I did in the beginning. An as I have these moments of being lossed and feeling, like I don't understand, what's going on and wondering why, when really it's 'cause of Maine, you know yeah that that the best thing I can do, that's why the records have gotten so dark 'cause. That's all I'm seeing and it has to be real. So it is real dark. You know, but there's a beauty in that too, but I don't want to make sure that my new normal, my dad's, always like don't get accustomed to ship. You know 'cause, it's like once you get used to that. You're like this is life. This is normal right. Everyone cool
and people end up people, you love and of going? No, it's not you know, and then you go wait a minute, but I'm so used to it. Welcome I thought you were gonna this jacuzzi with me, the type of water. Right, it's fair share water and uh. So I'm I'm really like I'm so thankful to have like a great group of a family of artists that I get to collaborate with and, like my some great kids, I got three of am every time I go in a room. There is another one of 'em in there you know there's so many fucking, kids and and my wife, who, like really has the courage two help, has had the courage her whole life to like go. That's it's time to go. You know it's time to do this, like you know someone that has really
Inspired me to have a partnership like that is fucking rad yeah. You know I mean talking about someone that has had a really rough beginning, um, but never blamed doesn't spend pointing the finger and blaming 'cause. They should goes no some of the most interesting people in the world, the ones who had a rough beginning, yeah Isabel her hope, coping mechanisms and paintballing off all their getting into one of strength. Yeah well and that's. The other thing is the strength, the strength to to go right now and and that that strength for it is so. Inspiring for me it's it gives me strength through her. You know, like that's beautiful, One of things that I would like to talk to people that are famous about 'cause, it's this that word you're famous. I don't know if you know any famous, it's weird thing,
by being famous- is a strange thing. No one teaches you how to handle that. No one teaches you what to do: No advice will help no advice. Now, because you France so unique, yeah, yeah and there's a very difficult waters, so you wouldn't do enjoy notoriety part of it all locked in weird. That's weird! I find it. I I find it very difficult talk to swim now toward the state. It's in the lane. You and you know I think, of the king of comedy was like you know that movie the narrow, yeah yeah, where it's like Jerry Lewis, is walk. This is my son loves you. Can I get an autograph? He says I'm in a hurry, because I hope you get cancer yeah. Thank you. It's it's unusual to deal with a twist. Yes, yes, and also so much of the I was raised to be private and things like that are looked at as like a kid now or like if someone says,
bad about you if you don't say something back, Europe was yet well or that, like when you don't people by not your you're, not home, you don't score any points by not defending yourself to the hilt in front of everybody yeah, but I I just wasn't raised that way, I was raised to be like that's what it was also an issue in this day and age. Give you defend yourself against every single piece of criticism. You'll be lost. You will not ever have a life, you do, there's cut the numbers again on man.
When they know that you'll engage. Yes, you manifest them to come back. Yeah more. I mean this is the epitome of of what we're talking about noon and and being able to recognize that just that have that understanding of where clicks in you go. I can't focus on those things right, like I have a beautiful daughter and two boys, I have a a strong, lovely wife who's, an incredible artist. I have this family of people how about them. Instead, I mean I'm not Gary who lives in Gary and let you know I mean yeah. This is Gary on Gary Crime out there you know yeah yeah, it's it's weird lesson to learn to in this day and age. This world is very different than it was twenty thirty years ago. The access to be
I have to use those. Did you describe riding your bike around and like any down at dinner, like B, B B act when the sun goes down right, yeah you're, like oh, you mean in forever. It seemed like, you know. The days were so long and now these kids are like I know, kids that would prefer to play a basketball game, then go outside and play a basketball game, and I would think I would think I I think you fuckedup, I figured that's boxed up. It's supposed to be the other way around. The video game is supposed to be not as interesting as you look. Like the commercial like work, bringing people together, synergy you know and, like all the ship were like fuck your face well the cell bringing people together but yeah exactly, I think it's the entire world took one net. I have three kids as well and it's insanely hard, I think to be a child today. I think to be a young adult
the two women of the pressures of people have is a book. Jonathan hate wrote called the coddling of the american mind that discusses the issue the kids are having today with cell phones and depression, and because of social media use and that especially girls. So many girls are cutting themselves and self harm Sue God's way up. Do that in there
direct correlation between the invention of the smart phone and social media and all these things take such a dick move to call it a smartphone too, because it's presupposing, if you disagree, you must be some kind of donuts like that's all true. I'm sorry tell me why you don't like a smart phone right. That's so true! Well, yeah! Well, I know a lot of smart people that have switched to notice. You have to sit in here. Is it oh yeah function? Is that ok yeah, because I'm certainly no worries man? We got a little filtration system, we can kick in and I went to school with filtration nice guy. Have you tried at all to kick those things I did, but every time I have like some type terribly
event. I guess I got. I guess I got my excuse back right. Yeah, it gives you something come on, I'm always your friend! Well, it's John did she come get a home. The only thing that will hurt. You was later later closed later that even real man taking two minutes off your life. Does the n one Sock Campbell's run at the Kimmel well and also I'd blows my mind that someone goes to work at Philip Morris and has a good parking spot like it's? The birds are singing and another like. Oh hey, Sheila, hey, Gary, and you go in there like want to talk to you about this high. Campaign in Burma. Like you fucking, it's sort of it's sort of a to like, like and they had this thought which many people have had before me and many after, but realizing it myself that there's these brilliant minds that make these machines um and craft the whole thing um and put
button that can touch who is this? The moron now right You made all that shit, and then you made it easy for this mouth breather to touch button. It should be in complex calculus involved in pressing the certainly the Macarena would have to be like face activated to do it like, so that you kind of look like a dick. If you want here. If you want to blow this thing up, you gotta kinda embarrass yourself, it's a great idea. Actually, you know actually a very good idea. Well a friend of mine, Sola, a really killer house recently she's a real estate agent, showed this really Killea Killer House, this guy who's in the tobacco industry, and we were talking about. I was like wow guys, sucking murder people. I mean I just likes it's later: buying a badass house and slowly taking away people's health, but I'm in feet.
Of people being able to do it. I mean in both sides, sell it and buy it. That's what's so strange is, is that I somehow there's something inside me that hates rules so much because before we wrote rules down. There was the sort of organic rules of, like you know, living with people once there's more than a few huts like all right, no yelling after two in the morning. We all want that, and no no one Gary he's a right. Now I mean don't Gary yeah and and then as more people come. Those are rules, organically Eckley, the old ones fade away, but for me today it's like don't walk on the grass. It's like really The best part of this area This grass is four Gary, don't walk in the grass is one of the dumbest things you could say or yeah it's like talking about like I don't get it it. Also, you don't care, you know,
So many times you see somebody they're guarding adore, No one will ever go in or out of anyways and they're just sitting there and an that's. What I'm like. Do you want to water? Do you want like a? Do? You want a doctor, pepper that, should it's great do? What do you want, because I think You don't care about this door, I don't either you know. What's the who It doesn't it's worth ten dollars an hour right, someone Never there! That's why they care about it because they don't know about that door, sometime, hello and now so I I I a poor things that make no sense like that. I'll tell you I'll tell you an example of many times. You know a record late into the night and you come to at three in the morning in the streets of the valley, you come to a stop light and there's nobody coming in any direction and then you're looking at the light red there's, no one I just go after. I know it's safe because
The function for this thing is now gone right. What am I supposed to I'm born to listen to the color red's coming out, but then there might be like some fucking cop hiding their house fires all over for it for four times really yeah. What do you say? Well, I said the same thing: we're just two guys in the middle the night who want to go home it was safe to go. I shouldn't have went, and I won't do it again, the cop! Let you go every time and plus he had to go through it to catch to even catch up to Maine right. You know what I mean I. What are we doing here? Yeah? I know you don't care, I don't care. I just was trying to go. I just want to go home right and then I won't I'm sorry your line, Stepper Josh,
several consider. What's your rebel you're too tattoos and your knuckles, your God, damn line stuff, you should talk and well, let's takes one to know one sir. I understand but but it but also also understand the term we can co exist and be really wonderful to each other and met something that we both agree is if we both say it's yesterboard yeah and we still do it. What do we do? The line is better right, exactly aren't you sort of and a minimum style obliged to even consider stepping out yeah, We need less rules. What if it wasn't a line at all, and it just like a piece of wood- was laying there and then someone picked it up, and someone just like is that a line for what? accidentally in a that has no business being formed. You know it's like I don't. I think you owe it to yourself to at least take the minute and check that out. If they came out with can the cigarettes
for real similar. There were just like right next to a silic. Almost indistinct, like that meatless burger, I haven't had one of those. If you have one I was jamming Holyshit man have you had one The hotel are, you haven't, had an impossible for now. How is it it's? It's probable, it's so good, really my gun, it's so good, so it tastes like a burger who cares at It's real good! You know whatever it is. It's good like like. I always thought. The dumbest thing is fake bacon. 'cause you're, like So you have no chance? These are just call it like yeah lake in or like or Lincoln, or something else like it at away from bacon like it can just be its own thing right. You have to be like it's fake bake back in area, but we're close but heard that no you're, not you know they haven't figured not yet, but they have figured out burgers. Yes, that possible sausage. I just forgot down like it's the yeah I've. What about a it, is possible side. I never even bite it. I just hi I would too may have.
Impossible cigarette. If they did, though my thought was people, still like. If they're really stressed out, they would want the real thing, because part of what they want is that funky I'm just going to fucking smoke a cigarette. You know, that's well part of it. It's kind of like cha. It's like chocolate in its own way. It's like a grocer chocolate. I suppose, but it's that the thing you're doing you know is bad, but you're doing it in part of you doing it's like there's an acceptance. Well, I blame Matt Dillon from my case. Ultimately I don't do it yeah over the edge. You know the outsiders rumble fish stay gold pony boy. It's like like young toughs yeah, like whatever happened to that Guy Matt Dillon. He still does all kinds of should I haven't seen him in anything: you're, not Ok, I'm not a legendary is look at him. Look so fucking cool dude! You don't fucking! Do that shit when you're like I was. I was like a twelve years old left hanging out of his mouth looks so cool, I'm eleven and I'm like, what's
that will that's. It is pretty cool, pretty fucking cool yeah. Look at him. Cigarette motorcycle jacket, big smile, beautiful, face oh, I thought you were talking about Matt, Dillon or both, but him on this the writer yeah? I mean it's some cigarettes are weird one though right, it's because it there, but they should be. I I think they should be available for a hundred percent but it's like, I think whiskey should be available just like. I think What should I mean? I put a post on Instagram today because Joe Biden, once he thinks that pots at gateway drug and wants to keep it illegal spoke. Like someone that doesn't ever smoke pot yeah and also it's a great way to ask it's a gateway to like Doritos dust on your chest, yeah with these people that say it's a gateway for them, but I guess, if you or the person who does math because you smoke
you are probably going to do math anyway, you probably needed meth in your life. Well, I certainly think that that, at the end of the day, um if they took that money and then put it into less fearful things that work like talking about what drugs do- and like what you might be masking by taking them. Yes having, honest dialogue, yeah everything seems like a dishonest dialogue, but we're going to go to a gonna, have a war on terror, we're going to a war on drugs, we can have a war on this. It's like start with, the talk about it. First snow have to go right to war. You ever listen to Gabor Matei limits. I say his name he's a doctor who speaks about drugs and diction and his take on it is at all addiction, almost all of it, the the origin of his trauma, the over sure how's. It trauma abuse things that have happened to that were terrible yeah.
Tv trying to lessen the same blockage and making a damn yeah, because you think that'll stop whatever the river of pain that you should just be walking along as it's a trickle. Yeah walk, through, and this is the current state of the art, or the state of the science of studies in terms in terms of like psychologists and people that do counseling. They understand human beings that have action problems. So that's one of them. The more offensive things about someone like Joe Biden run for president saying that it's like no union done the work, that's a fight against a photo on it, like yeah, in fact, because I've had so much experience with various things. I got more knowledge about it than he does, of course, because I've been through it yeah and- and I understand what why I I would do those things- I understand how the sensually it's just it's a bandaid over at BT, one yeah and what's really more important, is
like to be vulnerable enough to engage somebody in that war that word phone bill as written. This book is called daring greatly by Bernay Brahmanism like at it's really wonderful and it even when in the etymology of of vulnerable, the word vulnerable, which is a place, that's lacking, armor and identifying that is a strength, because you know where the fat spot is. That weaknesses is find that spot and doing nothing right so they're almost this. This each the lands of the same situation, but just going in opposite directions. The owner bill is the opposite of weakness and Anna, and I think you have to take a chance on people and have to take a chance on yourself and not just be like they're bad as if they themselves it's so like. I blame the devil for the things I do he was made. Was that
the death. You know right. How can how can you stand over a mushroom on the ground to be like you're, a legal? What is the fourth, if you say, You say you saw me, do that alone and pointed a mushroom and you're like forty feet. Away like you would go, the fuck is going on over there you're, a legal. I want these picked. And take it to my house immediately well, crazy as Paul Stamets, who was on my podcast last The a my colleges he's a mushroom specialist and one of things we he talked about was this one particular area in the Pacific: Northwest to wear Psilocybin mushrooms grow and cops literally wait there for people go to pick them and then they, The server is down again pat them down and take the mushers from them and arrest them. What I don't game plug something out of the ground, take a look at our numbers. Yeah like what are we
good service, so stupid, go for mushrooms may take you to jail for free. It's like a lyricist call yourself, an officer of the peace and doing that piece of work piece of the action yeah so much peace growing out of the ground there well you're you're actually arresting people for seeking peace. I I I find that I don't want to ever get swept away, and in order to make my point, I have to run something up the flag pole of extreme, because every month the modern word I actually like a spectrum 'cause. It feels like a gas tank of gas in the like, There's Ryland here that we're looking for and so on the subject of drugs and things like that everything gets run up the flagpole of extreme and put into the same category. Everything goes to full yeah, yeah yeah. You know what that is it's all of this is bad right. Right and and even down to like be good girl, girls and boys were like what the does that mean. Do whatever you say. That's bizarre yeah! That's not good
Well, I know why you're here you're older than me, your parents before mine did that's. Okay, that's a great that's a great methodology for listening to somebody yeah. You know I'm older and it's like and supposed to no more well we're also imprisoned by our language to a certain extent, especially with the word drug him, because the whole time we've been talking, I'm out of drug I'm drinking this coffee right. So this is Kathy, and you know: you've got your drug very small smoking, cigarettes, nicotine! No, I don't know if it's on a truck man, let go yeah, but I mean the the the the the concept of drugs, like. If someone sees you with a Starbucks cop, they don't say: oh my god look at drug user, but that's clearly a drug. I mean in effect, so there's a reason why they sell Venti. 'cause people didn't get jacked up enough on a toy. All the drawn okay cut, yeah member, that's it yeah! It's still here the member red line, number, that's tough! No, that's red line was a thing. The peace was to like a workout drink. The people were dropping dead of it like
It was great name, though it wasn't red lion yeah. Well, you are fucking readily get the flatline it hit that eight thousand rpm, but it's uh I think it's more than one serving one of those little fucking cans too, and nobody reads that shit, but it says four servings per. Can you like what am I taking a sip and passing around in my friends? I love the ac out here. I love that that would be a necessity for a good. Workout, though, it'll help: yeah. There is some ship that used to be able to buy and I don't think you could buy any more called ripped fuel one time I yeah it and went to you just class, almost a fucking heart attack over the side I had to sit on the side of the map MIKE to my heart is pounding on my chance right now. I I I you know a room, it's funny because those types of of supplements you know people keep getting caught with tainted things and you go on how
really is who's. Making these yeah you know, is that mean there's also like yak hair and their two an accident or what what it is is a lot of coming out of places like China, where we have an issue with that with my company on it, where we were selling, we sell this thing called alpha brain, which is a cognitive, enhancing Neutro PIC it's a bunch of, vitamins and nutrients that enhance the way your memory functions and we got a test headed by a third party and found a bunch of stuff that was in there is not supposed to be in there 'cause. This is like, like just random lunch date, next, no extra vitamins and ship, but but what it is is these companies that create these vats? What you say, if you have a supplement company, so they're all the same goal, yeah it's exactly. They don't clean the bowl out, yeah, that's really what it is that's where a lot of these athletes get caught with like tracer steroids and it's just from a tainted supplement. You really how to clean your bowels, gotta clean those balls. I mean, I don't know how it works. I don't how they clean them, but
It happened early, no yeah and some countries in some companies, some shady companies that sell a lot of you know: they'll have steroids in it or via granite or a bunch of other stuff yeah you buy invite how are they? Cleaning that I was like pretty just have paid two guys to just blow into the thing yeah. I don't know when it's empty it's empty. Sometimes, maybe they don't clean it at all. They just dump it out. About. What's in there and the poor, the next thing they don't give a well. I I think a you know. Really this whole come. It is very connected. It's about the intention and engaging and realizing there no corners to cut that the every mountain has a valley. Next to it that's the way it was formed as you're deficient wherever that is, is it almost like a flag? Your talent is right next to it, and perhaps that's a really good way to put it for kids. For a kid that can't pay attention in school. I will
to be one. I want to be a wonderfully get engaged father. I it's something I love and it's something that as they traverse the ages and you have to keep adapting the stuff that work from there, five, don't work, no more runner, seven or six yeah, we've only had you know if you know like fifty months, two three months is all of that's a big chunk of those months yeah, and I I I think what I love about my wife to and is that what we're both like? How do we do this? He engaged in that like that: you're learning as their of learning that and that that that's can be fun to wear because it you know how many times you catch yourself saying like getting upset about the perspective of a three year old right, we're like of
But I'm not three. I see why you're upset I 'cause three, and so you think the is it actually has a Oh that's cool because I, get my head around that yeah. Let's talk to it. Yeah it's interesting talking to a three year old, like my kids, aren't three anymore, but there the youngest ones are nine hundred and eleven, and I remember when they were three he'd. Have these really weird conversations like monsters are real right and I'm like well monsters, aren't real in terms of like the monsters you think, but there's things that are just
The scariest monsters that are like a crocodile crocodiles are real thing and then we would go to the internet and show crocodiles like killing a zebra and it which is probably not a smart thing for a fucking adult to show a three year old, but I wanted to tell you can treat it feels like you can teach the abstract to someone. That's not like. If you were. I love the apprentice, the guild system, so much not to show the apprentice. I love the actual, get like coopers, barrels and stuff. Those are things where you start by sweeping the floor and you start by grabbing those rings. All your quick to do is touch them right now, right, right, right and slowly work, your way up to be able to put put the weight of the barrel as Jessica touching him and that you think to yourself cool only three more weeks of that new should be so ready to do something else that you pay attention to what I'd say the you start with nothing. Then you get a little bit and tell you declare I'm sick of handling this, because I got it, you know, and then you go okay. Well, if you that, if you're that big for your britches
Why don't? I add one more thing: that's one of the dangers of our instant access on demand, Google, this instant answers being stream! This president time, you want this is size of people, don't understand value, wanting something pursuing it and having a long road to accomplishing it. The gift of nothing yeah like we were hi, I'm feel really blessed to be from Dallas, because there wasn't a thing to do and when you tried to do some, the police, the local police, because they had nothing to do or like probably going to DR over skateboard, and you do like what I could do that why? What the yeah? So you you, you plunge yourself into more esoteric locations and hobbies because of sheer boredom in an
My heart is good amazing. It's really good. I mean it's, so it's so important and not in the order of five minutes. No, no! It's like you! That's what I do. That's why I don't play bass well, because I'm playing a baseball game. It's already going on and it's like shooting is hard to get all sweaty. Well, it's it's also. It's like you're doing something with your body and your mind, is you sitting there just with the video game, just moving your thumbs around engaging with something you're not going anywhere not getting out? Well, there's something of about the way those waves are which says you're in high anxiety and conflict here in this you're doing all the things. Brain is alive. Your brain is doing everything that that is associated with moving and getting in there and competition and your body is got Doritos done.
On your chest and inside your belly button yeah. So it's the absence of connection between body and mind which which, when you're at your best when you're at your best, isn't your body and mind one like a picture of this man who is climbing this distant, this giant Mcgee. That wall is yeah like this is the this is the moment to be engaged and both body and mind, because that feels good yeah. You know I just get depressed. Do not plan that'll time, some so simple to do so, and some people love it, but it is a little bit come drone pilots, yeah, that's true, too, and and and and one day it dollars of them. What is the courage? Well, they say that that's a severe source of PTSD that a lot of those Rome pilots, even though they're not physically there are a lot of them, have pretty severe pto, because one day that dam breaks, mmhm, L, L and you feel yourself drowning in. I understand the connection between their actions and what better
your car and the PTSD is that you are forced to go downstream and realize like, but the old way of me must be gone for the must. It must all must let that drowned. You know otherwise, you're stuck in the loop of of of that realization. That you wasted time, building a dam as if that were the coolest thing ever yeah, instead of walking along the river in going downstream and dealing with the trickle, as as it should be enough. Let me ask you this consider: it's have you ever tried vaping, I tried for a SEC, but it looks stupid in a do me, a favor. Would you bring up that picture of Jimi Hendrix when his vaping, the thank God you can imagine Jimmy, had Jimi Hendrix those lunch box ones, those big low fat ones,
the robot dick in the end of it. It would not Jimmy no Jimmy where it looks like a pump for, like you know like for pumping water out of a pool, yeah yeah. What is Why are they getting those big ones? What is the both the benefit of those giant battery? I think it's just going all in saying that, like I'm doing this, so I'm doing the whole thing I'm do the most. You know it's right. It's like what I see, those those motorcycle cars which are two wheels up front and one in the back right and I think, like it's a bit like the segway and taking it to famous thing you could, but all the way there's almost something the segway is those things handled better than a motorcycle. I can't handle him no well, Certainly there are more stable 'cause the tools are up front, but I'm not riding a motorcycle for stability you're not, but some people are,
some people, like the guys who write those higher Busa's and she'll like that well to each his own. I don't ever want to stand in the way of my own enjoy, let alone someone else is, but you let cruisers right. I We are out there that are hardly that's. My grandpa bikes like take my gal movies or dinner, or something and just enjoy our arms around my waist. You know what I mean and to go, slow and and listen to NPR on twenty or listen to the average drive with no music, of course, yeah. Of course, I have a corvette one thousand nine hundred and sixty five corvette. No, it's got no radio so one of the things I love about it. When I drive that thing, I just drive that's why I like to drive back home to the does, because you know me just being made I'll n experiencing what's going on yeah. It is fine yeah,
the sensations. It's like it said to me: it's it's almost like a form of meditation as well, because you're you have to pay attention like you saying man, my does it have a roof? It's a convertible! So I'm feeling the air. I see the stars and you have to look at every around you. Those cars are really feel the road, oh yeah. So if you run over a pee like you definitely get princess out and I'm like yeah, I have a sixty seven camaro I've had since I was fourteen right. It's my it's. My first. Oh that's amazing! You have your first car yeah, God Dam and there's been times when uh I haven't done well or something I've had to sleep in it and that all these things, so we have this long relationship in a never breaks down. It's always this wonderful to it were wonderful to tell her and you feel the road when you hit something like hey so you're attached to it, and I I love
the or something I got to where it's like. You could run over multiple bodies and and feel nothing right. But but I enjoyed the drive one I'm, on the road sitting on a seat with five wheels, one of my hand and four on the roadside, great experience by old man for a brief second has sixty five Corvette Stingray Jericho, amazing cars. They just the way that thing looks religious nailed, it it's very organic yeah, they nailed it's definitely taken off of a stingray like someone's like I don't know I mean, doesn't really look a sting ray to me, but what what it looks like his residence that front line yeah, it's there's been a bit of that shaping the inspiration the shape. But to me I guess- and I think I I I'm so Mama, always at a loss when it's like, if you could make something and you're gonna, ask everyone to help you we're gonna grab all this,
ship from where we're going to grab it from can we make it look cool or no are like what is your version to not everything has to look like an egg or a drop of water right, and if it does, can we do that like says cool looking as possible, if you know it lane, it should look great because that don't you feel good in that car. Oh yeah yeah. It looks great yeah and it's also to me it's like you're rolling around in a piece of history, so yeah one thousand nine hundred and sixty five. You know it's like that thing was created in you know. Early 60s, someone figured it out and put it together and then made
production line and then did the most important thing ever? They said this is where we stop yep we're good, yeah and they're like this is what it looks like when it's finished in a completed, thought, yeah and and and other people like good idea, myself and- and I just I have a sixty seven you, have sixty five like that, doesn't mean there aren't things made today. It just means like I'm down with idea. It's also! so it captures a very specific time in american history where they made these cars that were worth because when you go to seventy seven, nobody gives about a seventy seven anything You know, I mean like who's, buying a seventy seven Mustang, it's the fucking thing away from Maine. Looks like there's a lot of people selling him well. I also thing to this. This guy pulled up on me and a previous that was quite new. They rolled down the window and just looked at me and waved his hand over his no
thanks and good stinky. Now what I really yeah con Fairfax kind of by the whole foods there at sentiment, Santa Monica and out- and I just thought this is my first car I haven't- got another one, so you've, probably gotten Multiple new cars, that's the only car you've had I had a bronco, the family car, your whole life, that's it. I had a magnum for sack, but I never sold this car wow. I can't believe he never said that is so cool. You never sold your first car and it was a sixty seven camaro like I was a lot of experiences in there that were that were wonderful and lower challenging and they're all free, it's it's incredible to have locked into that car yeah, I mean, but it's the shape too. That's like one of the great all time. Iconic, shapes in automotive history that first one was like, but an attempt to be like mustangs, Mustang yeah and they really hit it out of the park?
because the seven sixty eight sixty nine you can almost not staff going like, will yeah no, because that it it's it's it's beautiful yeah, but I was thinking this guy, like I see what he was trying to say, but he's probably Kim probably bought a shit ton of cars, which is way worse for the footprint. Just off the plus batteries three, because what is he's he's going to fix you buy, go and stinky he's just being a he's trying to build himself up again by breaking me down, but yeah. I I, like my grandpa said he didn't swear very much, but he he one of the things is like. I have to give a for the matter, hello and I just kind of chuckled, because I was like, thank God. I am right in there in the car with him. You know yeah because certainly he's going up to the next Like Monte, Carlo and is like stinky yeah, I'm just going to do it like a stinky parade is driving around in a car that gets fifty miles to the gallon his
King everything with a v eight yeah, but also like on a on a stinky parade and- and that's that's, a that's a some model of load on to Lana negativity, pumping out there yeah but it's just weird to roll down your window and do that appear blank well certainly that's too much free time in my book now. This is too much self righteousness. Yeah Steve Key stake there. It is we do that. One done up, we'll look at Babylon. Well, God damned. If I can turn on my. Do you mind if I turn this into a show. You pictures that yours, that my looks says it's yours, the not yours. I don't think that says is yours. Black was your silver silver, the like that. It looks a lot like that, except I don't have those I said I used to have that's real close, but that's not it absolutely you internet, Strikingly close, for example, this has no door
handles and no mirrors on yours and mine. Does it also has a hood scoop from what seems to be a corvette actually, which my does not have, and those rooms are much like the ones I had a my magnum, but not what I have on my think. The hood from sixty nine four hundred twenty seven. I think the SS and the that's it right there. It is that's beautiful man, yeah I'll, show you what it looks like right now, because I I I I ended up- dropping a crate engine because in there which is a GM which one it's a dino blueprint at three hundred and fifty well with aluminum heads so ways again her pounds left and it sounds like you're stepping on glass like an endless mazel tov parade yeah like yeah, like I would like a glass and a hanky yeah weather like like glass, mufflers. Well, uh!
truth. I tried to calm that down because, as you crest a hundred miles an hour with the mufflers too loud, it's like, why but it's a bit like being in a B52 bomber. For no reason like you know, yeah, let's see my rides I'll show it. If you don't mind now, because uh it's pretty it's lovely. When did you put this dick rating, into it about five years ago and what a great idea that was. Oh yeah change the balance of the car right now and it's got a new front and rear clip under it. So it's on rails, like you, couldn't roll that thing. If you like lubed up the freeway like here, it is- and I got these hopster yeah op rims on it. Oh god, I look good, you know,
you know it's some amazing about it. Is I get in that car and a to take the kids to school or something and it's the it's contagious, because what happens is if feel really good. As you know, you get in your sixty five and you feel really good and you pull up with a smile on your face and go hey and it's a daily driver of this thing. Yeah, it's my daily driver and so that's a perfect. Start daily driver by the way. Well, it's a sixty, seven Camaro. It's it's! The what it is is something that makes me feel really good. That is not part of a crisis. Yeah not mid life, not pre life, not pull right, it's it's! Just it's just mine and- and I feel like myself in there the kids get in there. I have five point seatbelts. You don't need a car so because I have a seat belt. That's to make the car seat. Look like you're doing. Okay right, but this
it's, it's a harness was springs that like slip. I was so they can be in the car as it as it is and take them to school, and then kid kids go like whoa and they get to Get out in that yeah that's how they start their day right and it's a little adventure that should just tight yeah. That is tight. Man like even being in traffic like people are really nice too too. They pull up and they go yeah most of 'em yeah. Well, some go stinky, but don't forget about eight you know behind by the of something cool is stinking yeah, that's true! Yeah! It's like check out my is eyes, as I believe the crate engine. It's got to do much better in terms of the missions who I, who cares
you know this is the fact of matter is, is that is that the responsibility should be on these plastic companies in these all companies that have negated their responsibility to like. You should be allowed to just like shift into the air or the environment at a record pace. Just so you can make dough at the expense of everybody. Well, they had different thing that is just did recently where they did a satellite image of all the methane in LOS Angeles, and they thinking we're going to find out where all these toxic greenhouse gases are coming from an exam a number of them were coming from landfills. Yellow just like piles of steaming piles of share his releasing terrible terrible gas, into the air? I can't I can't I can't help but think that you couldn't take that mulch it and turn it into something that would power something and but, but I think they're eventually going to be able to figure that out. You know you're talking about the garbage.
There's a guy named boy on slot. I love yeah he's coming back. I just emailed the dutchman. The young yeah he's got a new one that he just installed and Rivers Seas, cleaning up these rivers, these third world countries that are, you, know, extremely polluted and they they're figuring out technologies to extract all these pollute, and then you could actually make a commodity out of the stuff that they pull. So like the placid is going to pull from the ocean is going to be valuable, it's gonna be worse, it could be yeah. I think it would be a wonderful thing if we could agree that this, probably enough plastic already and to keep remaking more new probably is unnecessary. Well, it's really unnecessary is using fossil fuel plastic because there's biodegrade, Lastly, they could make from him. This has been. Well, he had only been of the wonder drug for so long, yeah really having the constitution's renown have paper and and- and you tell some other like well. What I think is the decoration
but yeah I mean, and also the collision of code, yeah co dependent one of the draft. The declaration in the passes were none have, but also like the sales of the false. So all the ships every every shipped across the ocean, every great work of art is written on campus. That was made with him for the soap, the close the and doesn't it look with the soil and now, but I once saw you standing over that plant screaming illegal illegal illegal. He doing at the sub ma'am they're, not a a pleasure to talk to. You have been a big fan for a long time, so I'm I'm a big fan of yours as well, and- and I I loved your last special between cats and dogs. It was so true it's hard for me to watch. Well. Thank you. Thank you and your this desert sessions. Is it available available. That's fine, it's fine. What is it called? It's does, oceans, eleven and twelve? It's a series of music, but if you want to check
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