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#1388 - Louie Psihoyos

2019-11-20 | 🔗
Louis Psihoyos is a photographer and documentary film director known for his still photography and contributions to National Geographic. His film "The Cove" won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010.
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slaughter it's heavy shit. If you've never seen that movie. I can't recommend it enough and I really enjoyed talking to him his name is Louis Sohoas and so give it up for him. Goo the Joe Wilgin Ex RON in my dage I'll wronk YO wack AF, my nine bod Oraculia Hoizern Kozie Itzul had you involved with the cove wasthere the history. Behind that an I give his the long verse in Shore Ahm there's a a good friend of mine, Jim Clark, the Guttes started, Netscape Sol, Cographics Whe Bm D. I wanted to film o, was doing a story for geographic Backen. Nineteen. Ninety five I thicket came out. I was on the information Revolution and Jim Clark was SOR. The you know the sea jobs of my generation Rite
and he I don't be fo er, if he's just too busy, and then I start Ed working for Fortune Magazine and he had built a boat, an the world's Talls mast. I think at that point and thas it was went over Amsterday, UNDE, Felmem and a we hid it off, and I know he said. Would you teach me how to be a good photographer and e Knowly made three copies from sgrassbow worth over a billion dollars, and I said weell, if you chies Beot, to be a billioner I'll teach us great photographer, and am then, as we would travel all over the world taken pictures for about the next ten years and oh, we did mostly underwater photography. He built the best. Underwater camera ever made by an order magnitude. It was just a a piece o work is Jim, doesn't do anything, half asked
and every time we would go to a dyesight and come back to it. You see this shifting baseline where those less fish there is less coral. In fact, he detook me to the place in Popi, no guinea Salyami to take the best place. I've ever seen as an Inpant Poppa Naguinea. We flew a there all day to get there a day and half to sail. We dive on the G p S cordonsen its rubble is completely gone, and this would happen not all the time but a lot. We don't know what the you know. The insults work had been dynamite, fishing could have been. Ah it could a be and who knows what it was, but the it was the third time that we 're in the Galopigos Jim turned to me and said something like an US. We should do something about this. We saw a fishermen illegally. In a marine sanctuary and sort of empowered by the success that he's had in business and seeing how he could change the world in Hisb As I said, how about you- and I he sodium
so will use your money. My eye will make films and the first welf that so I'm jumping careers at this stage on going from a fairly successful in us still photographer, really busy too, A queer way had really Nohis, Usdoing, I had never really made a foam before not even really a short form and a. I saw him being off the Thus, I feel and sort of full myself, like I'm a strategy. Great career, we're down the Caribbean on on a boat in my kit, starts with GM on vacation with their families and my kissed us playing on the beach with another kid. It happens to be Steven Spielberg Skid Stephen comes over onto the boat to me. Gemini heap he made Jurassic park. Is gems computers with the silecongraphics and after I had Stephen alone for a few seconds. I said DE any advice for a first time, fool Makerli. He said you said he an never make a move involving both her animals. Oh great, a ha ha ha
s. The first folm we did was the cove, but at least deserve me- are not ever of actors and special effects and boats and animals it just a part of the stoe it's not like your, but with him. I think what he's mean like jaws exactly at Achazino. Yet match shots special Al Abess. It has its own set of Inotes a trying to keep. U the horizon level on a boat. You do give valianc seasickness and but OM, and I would add to that Likeit don't do a moveie who were people want to kill you cause when we did the cove? It was inaless, ah exciting, but dangerous work. Yes, yeah I'm!
TE look that movie change a lot of people's minds and opened up a lot of people's eyes to tha the horrors of the way dolphins are slaughtered in and what you know. We were just talking about this before the pot cask. I think they are as how intelligent as human beings. I just think the differences they can't change their environment didn't affect their environment. The way we do then build houses. They don't have cars, an Nont sent emails, so we don't appreciate what they are but whe. Look at the complexity of their brains affected their cerebral cortexes, forty per cent larger than a human beings. They have hits incredibly complex language that we don't even really totally understand. We can peck out or stend any of it ham, we can pick out patterns mean the scientists of. I mean you know. I'm sure you were aware of John Lily's work. John Lilly mean four years of in and didn't like. Really we
ared unconventional ways. He tried to take ass id and communicate with dall fiends, and it's one of the reasons why he keep. He created the century deprivation to Yet we actually have one of those over here and Lily a for. They were forever trying to figure out some way to figure out some method of communication work. They were trying to the dolphins to talk like people when we would try to make their noises and to no avail. Here I mean the obviously or extremely complex picnay of Anim If you you know, judging by our value like people to other means of it, then the car Bryan. I am prayers but know that intelligence can be seen as your ability to the know to live existing your environed Gues and by that standard you know, Mean Isin the water Brown and you No'Ll have a go at it. Nearly how we do fint eat anything in that world. They travel through three dimensional space, encs, it's ingradible what they can do,
dean of the Legvald Evidentlynod Sahest dolphins. Do its me to look at you know Butterflie's Monarck, Buttiflies, say late: it takes three generations for them to go to to migrate from Canada, down to a six Hectar area and Northern Mexico, and they do that somehow they find it. Yo know everying every year and I could know I couldn't find TE studio with that yphone for I know so me. What's what was going WI? We don't even have a clue on how most the world works and e know were You know the second filmy worked on a racing extinction that you know that's about where they wergont to Amassic. Stingts Erain now were exterminting the stuff these animals before we have chanced e mon, know how they operate. How the the ego system, how it even works, tha the Frinamine Setisike Ino, were burning down the library of Congress before we have a chance to know what the books read Inar YE. Well, that's what they did with the Library of Alexandra. That's why we don't really to hey,
sand, only built appearamids. Ah, but what I, what disturbs me as this egocentric approach, that we have towards towards marine life, rom particular s of the most intelligent versions of life that when we know all other ourselves that we for some reason, universally have accepted Ip Un really recently, because of your film, because a black fish and a you know more awareness and sea shepherd and these different organizations organizations eternal? Let people know like you got pay it in with the, because I think history, I think, when all all said and done, we're going to look at as some insane slaughter of white with baselike water people there, like some form of intelligent life that some cultures have
decided or just competitors in in the fishing market ant, like you, can't agree with yo more I mean I think it Sih, and I think that was the shock of the cove, that you see our counner parts in the ocean be treated like that, and I think you know when you look at the way we we made that film o was. You know we pretty much told the story, going on in the oceans. By looking at that, Cove and Yum, William Blake said to see the world grain of hand, but we could look at in in that film. We talk of about over fishing and The'Ll. Listen. The vitories on that they shouldn't be eaten besides other such an intelligencis, also that their taxic, the I know you know their meat is now ther of their fleshes. Now them so the most Taxic go.
No waste in the world when you bury him ne others, I think six six thousand times more a piecee bees. Then you know thin the background of the ocean. There is a ow all all the the flesh has been tested in, and Japan in the last twenty years has between five and five thousand times more murkly than aloud by japanese law. If it was a fish but as a mam of Coure So I'lml not touchally his name Enoug just hearing thos in saying at attain noticing storyw. I was when we're making that film Thre his own a point. We went down to the.
The Ight O be seeted in a national Whaling Commission meeting down in and in Chiley, and we are trying to get up an interview with some of the top people there from that Runna the organization because he o Wales, dolfins or killing him in mask, and we had the footage at that point and we just hopen to get an interview with Somia work for Theirnash, Wany, Commissione and Onas a was going from Houston to Sant Santiago. The plain was full. I couldn't even sit next to the YE know. My my partis, an my bodies in them and the film crew there's one empty seat next to me and in other waiting for somebody else to come from another flight and right before the the plane door closes incomes, a curate knock em. I he's the head of overseas fishing for Japan that the headboard loosely loony and he sits down right next to me, I'm lookin at my buddies enough on the plane figure my God. If there is a god, you know he has a good sense of humor, so he says to sit me and said I didn't want. You know him. Find out who I was and then MOE
So I waited till dinner was served like an hour or two later and I said: do you have any idea who I am he said nice? I know who you are and what shall your film, and so we had a. We had a condensed version of it in public about twelve or fifteen minutes of it. At that point, I showed it to him, and I said how do you reconcile killing these essential, intelligent animals when you know that their there, their flesh is poisoned? You now in Europe those recommendations for pregnant women teeth this now that this was flesh on on the genocide of the japanese Ministry of Health site, any said, I'm not sure charge of food safety, I'm sure a charge of food security, in other words his. He does not to worry about the health consequences of the ESA. His job is to stop provide enough meat on the plate for the four japanese people and
zin insight of how he's thinking how he is in charge of, I think, there's a Hundredad forty five Lian people in Japan and a are about the size of our California. He said seventy per cent of of the the Landarian Japan is only you know, a good enough for growing crops on or living on were we have to live. Yo note a turn to the sea for food, and at that point they were also caught skimming stealing about two hundred thousand tons, o eendangered blue fentuna. This is over about a twenty year period. Outive. When you start talkmup, numbers like that. I can't imagine, you knows hard t, imagine it but imaginely. How are they stealing this tumb, while Ther the they have quotas and their uading their quotas every Yearad, but which means that a're taken way from other countries where I sos it just like that everybody, the country, has their allotment and what's you reach that you're supposed to go home, but the Japanese kept on getting more so.
The Australians actually caught them. You know they figured out over o twi this twentierth period that they went through the boox and and saw what the reporten was actually sold, that the skeezy mark head found out. They they had skimmed two hundred thousand tons as five big train cars, welike trains, full Ofna endangered, Tudor like that cars, but the whole trains like hundred ten car trains, five of them fulls Weir Tojist, reconcile Ther idea. The tune is endangered. You know you think of tuna as being something that Eujust get at the store a tuna. The tantoon is a weird one Rie, because it's such a common food, it's in cans, you you see it at the sushi place, in Onymsan like Etita, to hear the tune is in injured, most people like is tune endangered like their hearing, this cone is toon endangered, but we talk to be ot. The work of the fish market they'd theve very clearly tell you that this a radical thy
between the amount of tune that was available thirty forty years ago, verse is now ten years ago I mean we're down to the bluefin tuna. Is particulars down about nineties is down to four percent of their historical levels. That's great, ye and and there's no way to stop this there's no mean it seems like it's every one's waiting for some one else to do something and during the meantime, Everyones SAS trying to make money lot of money Yand, unfortunately, a sort of Thot what happens with an dangeous species, the the more rare becomes more valuable. It becomes, and so there's very little and sent of to do the right thing and in o a is happy with all the fish docks Meno. Yet I probably gave our by Myroa Arono little Orgaisation called the oceanic preservation society and I probably gave out more sea Feld guides than anybody on the plan at this. The Modery C sea fo e have got watches like like
Whwhat fish are sustainable and I've seen them. You know, go through the fish, Docksan Blissole, less and less. In ow week we start at the big animals Whan. We start the ye now slowly go through all the fish docks until like were you know like, but donels used to do if palabet now its Olic, which is a very small. You know whitefish from Alaska and now that's bein, a Anow Honte Tixtinks, as o we're going through these Fisht oxes. In that shifting Bas line Whe, you're, seeing you know he successive generation adapted and management of the previous one. That's it that's going on, so I stopped you know handing out C4 guys and now I'm trying to sort of pre emptive. So I dont think the big question is Tho, seven and a half billion of us on this planet soon to be ten is ere Nogh wild animals till to feed us all. There is you know you look at the bile mass of
Ammals. On the planet deeda between live stock and humans, we work we occupy. Ninety p thint six presented the Pio Mass of mammals on the plant, four per cent or wild mammalsad. Then you know so we can all be eating wild fish. She know we a thing about that. You know we'd never go out and say: let us get some land food n, Lese You know we're leader who right we commodified, you know see how that is interesting. Right, you know, say: land food, that's a really good boy. No, they did at the turn of the century. And during the YA late eighteen hundreds. Rather there was market hunting and North America. The lot of the soldiers were done with world with them the civil war Rother. They were hunting. They hunted all the deer, the bear the Antelope the Buffalo and they got to like in bly low numbers, Yoo Elk to this day I think, our only in ten percent of their original range that that they were at in the seventeen hundreds
and that was all from market hunting from people just go. Out buying in a meet from these market ters that have shot these things. They didn't really have her frigeration Backd Dan, so wasn't like they could, freeze it and store it, and they got down to Thes incredibly low levels? Until Teddy Roosevelt and a lot of other people that were conservation, minded realized like what was happening here and they put a stop to it all then started ah enacting Programmsto Eintroduce, these animals to the areas where there extirpated and now you see historic levels of aespecially white talled, dear there's, more white, tailled deer in American Atem were when Columbus landed. Why so? And so, but this tat'spencs been its also that's a weird one too, because white till dear almost a farm animal, the S there're, so many of them that exist in Iowa, Kansas and around farmlands, like they literally exist in
fields and a lot of them live off of Giamo crops, hot's very strange so Drivil, a body mine, my friend, a dug doctorand, who has is a huge, a piece of land in Wisconsin and he'. Like deer in my area are essentially eating these g mo corn, their eating Monsanto corn, my Thisis so weird, like the other wild, but they're also kind of farm animals. You know because vague in the exist in record numbers, because they've got so much food to eat and no preditors, yet my only predators. They have their mandate. They have some wolves now very few. In some, some parts of the drifts area in Wisconsin think they have. They have. Some bears too coyotes a lot of coyotes. It will a kill out of the Fonz. I lived in Boulder Colorado for a while. We had a lot of bears and mountain lions come through our Lord, our yard cuz we're right at the base of the foothills of the
rockies in a neighbor I woke up on morning. The neighbors like looking at us is binyvan. It is a big dent in the side and he tried to figure like how to get a dent because it was Parkyer all night and he found a an aunt. In the bushes ah thought, one with ah Hoto howt it and then the questions. How does the deer run into it? And then, in the paper? The next day there was a picture of a mountain lion out of the house down the block sitting on a hot tub covers in the winter, holding a dear with he owned his mouth with one hanlor, how soo hit attacked Ia Nd slammed it into out Jesus Christ. I lost a dog and boulder to Mountlion why Yen Nat a little dog whos part a american Esquimaux Pulpt part Pomerina. About my god. It was in my mind, I think, about our cat everything up there, man, if it's not them, it's a fox. You know it's a lot of foxes up there. The kid think the car is beautiful, incredible incredible play and you'll, be driving on the road yo see it's wear like the deer and
bolder know that they're safe ikewe were we werea looking at this house an and boulder, and we opened up the door of the back yard and there is his enormous deer to stand there staring at us, and my wife thought it was fake go know it's a real dear ses at what and then it just turns his starts moon round because it wasn't even remotely freaked out that there were people as a stone's throw away from it. Just so used to be in our own people. Sweer owtho neighbor, I haremembered neighbour of Ors planting rose bushes on the front of their property and net all proud and than ivertsion driving home like late Roun, Thn in cdeer coming Toh snipping the tops of roses, Saladbar Pierre Many a people turned on deer because of the loss of their gardens arose as especially, love roses. Ye It's sum. I d as there any that has ever come up with any sort of a plan to do what they did for wild animals in North America because it Bu That'Sit, you can't regulate it. The way
Can wild animals cause in wild animals of they ove a particular eror? You could make it so people can't go in that area, but the old in is so enormous, like how it is but he come up with some sort of a repopulation plan. Sir Shertherza, I Wilson EM on Th Board of the Devize report of his is group, is called Tho in ot the half of the half life project, I'm INA eel Wis Inus, now o k Eel Wilson is a Harvard. Professor on H T has two pulisers for his work on in biology. He on wrote the book UN by Au Diversity is considered the father of Modern Umpo diversities about own bgiddin, the writer on ninety years old. Now, but ah looking at I head, he would do things like, would go to an island and and pretty much exterminate everything on it and then try to figure out well what whipped e nop. At what rate do the animals come back and what whats
stainable and he's figured out that to save eighty five per cent of the the have the wild animals in the planet. Yet to put aside half of it for Themo know this half of the plant half the planet, yes, so the ocean. You would have to literally make half the ocean where people couldn't travel in it on the trouble. Just not Exploin in a Novish Yan, O Fissingand an saw, Sylvie Earls working on hot spots. You know these as on there, the cab an Platti, a Jis. What she calls uts I got like Li Blue zones were I'm. You know we have a lot of by our diversity. Kityou I'll try to keep those of away from fishing to ex exploitation. How do they do that?
the cow mean it's. You would have to get everybody on board right. Eyawall is the high Seaesar in a Lhat Thut Stug Rien, who the Japainse were fishing in a you nhoave Bien, an international Marines Actuay for decades now, so you have to it. Ben outs is rally tough. When you have organizations Aee on't, have ay Teaeth to it. It's that that the attitude that he has that pragmatic attitude about feeding a population- you almost can sympathize with him right Meing I a hundred, us million people in this tiny place, the size of California and jest pulling mostly fish out of the ocean whom he had sa it's a crazy place to be thin terms of his his position. Yea m- I I don't endy it at all, am but enough what what he himjels a Slaughteredolf, an says what you do Atwal were endangered specie hour midnight. I
don't know, what's am a what sustainable anymore? Is it possible. To me. I know: they've done this in ins, places outside of Hawaii where they ve they head animals of fish rather like sushi fish. Li Comachi and they've these pens set up and then a Times storm will come by like a huge storm and they break these pens. And those fish get while an people start catching him. Well, that's Amelia wit, like my what I know how I went, they were Trinta in Japan when we are doing the cove we were. It went to a university whether of breeding the first blue Fen to another Serfrom eggs enough, so that this is one like catlike, where they do at some places worthy. If Theyk they catch him hand, hey put him in these pens and they fatten him up. These worth obserd make making blue fin from scratch. Basicaly from Manni
And really hard to do right, skittish and when I went there they were shoveling this this back. When I ate fish, they were shoveling. These mackerel like what I would feed my family, with a family of for they were shoveling it to the tuna, and I said to him at like how many I am now much mackerel. Does it take to make a pound a tuna is about seven four up until now fifty lb and after that takes fourteen lb, so seven pounds of wild fish to make one lb of farm raised fish. I mean it's like going to the bank and if you know you know cuz, you want to Chris five, beonse let he Agnus Ov, been on his couple at cople twenties? Well, but that's good n ow! If you look at you know what are they feeding a lot of these fishs feeding him. You know that's a farm animals yes, while fish and I
Reading this morning I was LOS Angeles magazine that and the cover it of FISH Fisher Fucked, and it has a in it. It talks about. The fish that are raised, an Idunknow the data behind it that Ther theyh've eight times more of pollutents in it, then Wildfish W an off I's what her Inger made, because her siting in a there', Senationary YI think that's put big part, o prom now Yallow Parapatia don't taste as well, when we were up Andwhy recently, ah, we went Scoobediving and the in a snarkling seed, jump fboat YE swimming around, and you know it's really fluck and weird about that is how few fish there are when you're under their egrt. Like you expect you, dunk your head on the water with those goggles on YO can see all this wild life. All these fishwomen around tanoh, snot much ye
I see much the there a about ten years ago I was down the Caribbean. A friend was getting married and I his daughter out to that. I didn't it at the time it was was her first time snorkeling and where an aread had been to about twenty years before, and there was nothing there was nothing. There was dislike a desert ye and I heard her screaming through a Snarkle. I thought we WOS was wrong. Ansheus screaming cause. She saw a single orange Tang was the only life form we saw there where we used Tob, see clouds of schools of these Ge Orange Blue Tang. Now there was nothing I I thought, my god. She thinks that that's a
and it is Itsists eithe a single fish, but you know again a shifting bass line. The generation before when I was there is Probablook like the land before time. Ry these place. As I went to with Bu Clark, you know Rajah n pot, were you had ceased, you know Wou' to go to the Caribbee and you might see thirty fish on a different pecies, officient, diavends and Rajapi. You see three hundred and it was just miraculous and when you're takin pictures your actually see more detail with the picture than you can with your ow ear, or I can't comprehend it also. Whn. When you get back- and you see these reefs that we you know, we lit like jewel boxes, you see how much life that there is there, but there was just call study amounts of. While I put this going on all over the world in the great barrier reef. We know we lost over half the great barrier reef in the last two years. It was never that good,
you know. Fifteen years ago I you know after being Toese some of the best preserved places in the world that had been to a clerk. We looked at the Garrit Graper a reefen. We be like all my god. This is not that great Naley Bary that then the lost half again. So I made a fear. Just YO put your head and tter for the first time when you come from you know, Iowa was Consinor Balder. That looks pretty good, but if you knew what came before that, your yer seeing this this no salt against you know. Nature going on Wat is taking out the great Barrierief Sah or heating the planet Wer, in the water it. So it's it's bleaching, so that this does a couple things. Those multiple insult you have run off from fertilizer and pesticides from agriculture. You have the heating of the water. These these events, and when I say it is dying, is dying, sat like out can become back ones once the corals dead. That's it it's! It's not gonna come back. This is an unseen play, a part
AAS. Well, Prabme, not they are, as pretty was fairly remote, like L, Ovro, Ihawaiia wetter of the Caribbean. Ah, but this pretty remote yet to get out several miles to at the great pearyo eavness if the further North Yougo the moent more isolated. As we went the entire length of the Great Bear EF and it didn't look, it got slightly better as he got north that there's only a coupleof boats. There is not like you have you know a thousands undred thundres of thousands of Tourus out and bound the beach and though thing is acetification the burning of fossil fuels as if the Issacitviined the oceans is now about thirty per cent more acitic than it was. You know, fifty years ago and when you make in others, more carbonic ac in the water, makes it harder for the the corals to survive and sympathesically at these multiple insults going on. At the same time, its probably not just one thing, but a there Wasa massive bleaching of that two years in her own of graper reef, and so it's it's s disappearing in our lifetime, tes o ecause. You look get. We have.
Wive upa, the last coral berry reef in Americas down in Florida and they have by I treated sewage coming out of these off falls at lake. If you swim through these, so you know I've been out there. You know at least beaches. You could literally talk to somebody on the beaches queen tomb on the beach, and they have. This green water coming out of sore pipes, a two hundred meters, a three hundrer meaters away and so they'r dumping built semi treated sewage on the last reef in America, is going on all around the world and I know. What we do. I don't know but we'd with with them. This is the last general on that. We have that can actually do something about it, because it we're seeing it disappear in our watch and that's what I'm trying to do is try to Tredit, not just create the awareness that something's going on that we have to do something, but try to create action. He says semi treated sewage. Would he mean by that? Well, that's that's what they reported
it. It smells like Su Iyge a smells I crap, but if you'll go to the webs, says is Thes SEM I treated, I don't know that it they're, not. You know putting it through the arators or not going through the whole system, but it smells. I shet to me no is He you come out of the water and it's like you know we all Egousenall en Shat Anlhis as this iszeppa, but by Whichn the Holleywood O for Lauter Delb Aboarder, the Cila that legal Mean Disnat, Worald country MAC, how is the United States allowing them to pump semi treated sewage? It's a very good question: Is there so many things to work on? I dolt get the actofust their working on the Tird us tryin to get people to see it to know that this is going on, and if you know, I think they closed the beeches down when a you know when the wind shifts and Estras, on shore but Jes. If Y, I, if you saw if you were on the beach and you saw what was going on or he wouldn't be set in your kids, sir, I wouldnot be going to florida- a did Disit the ev
What was going on on that beach and we can make arguments but whether Knight's go Toflord all day long and I'm not long with you a hundred per Cenpt UT. I just can't imagine that they would allow this and that How much more would it cost to treat it verses, semi treated? How much more would it cost I Woll have an early knoght or do what they're doing said. Good questions. Insane and then that they closed the beach when the, when the water shifts and the wine shifts and heads towards this shore and people get cirk in the Propet Ony Maho as Easy's Christ, the Aven it O. We be out when we are at one Outfatheng. This with the common outfall is pacically sore pipe. You know nothing's happy tand, all of a sudden he'd. I stared to hear this rumble, and then you see this goose green, oh god, and it's in it we're not talking like a little drain pipe to like literally you could swim, throw it not stand that is feared by four feet: five feet tall now why
mewidely allowing him an did. Does anybody have an argument for Wynet's min money matters cost his class last said Modcos money to treat so which Jesus Christ, though that's insane well, there's a lot of things like Ta but it seems like some one so much. Uaccountable for that, like whatever it caught you cost. You benefit the have decided is worth polluting the ocean by pumping sewage into it. Well, you know that's a Why should we did? And now the recall this is like fibers. Are we try to get an interview with the key people down there, but try to like a few? If you're gonna talk to somebody about this, nobody wants to go on record to talk about it, because it's it's really bad for tourism. It's in and it's not good for the political risks. Vidy of it? Can we Chevinia at the Gualsumpton? Well, the same was got something here. A T see Race Ert, its inraicing extinction, chiles of e felt the second fellmy deadwer, H. Look at this noy! Look at that
ah that's so disgusting for Mont Lady. Whyo. It is just af a gigantic pipe pomping green ship and to Oe Ocha was a green by the way. The question here to be the color the water, too YE said, Ot is grean when he sawht as well Riht the a um no otbobleics had treated as it's treated, be so much better that way or every evident everything is espectum. Dafallieris a little bluer Theote Lisky food colouring looked Att at Fock. What is that fish e fish legeling on his sewage? They coun not tiy can eat he CRO Christ and Othn this than the fishermen fish on a to Haho Jesus cries to catch fish. The reading ship look at That is insane, will look at this pipe and it it looks like like a cloud of poison is
sbeing Jetasoned out of this pipe and into the ocean. I, the the important parts of you came up. You would see people on the beach- oh god me its Brenata Ba Lik in am miles of he we're talking about how? In America I mean a no Floris, barely America but how in America is that possible? That is early too question week, Trythet in a way try to explore some of these issues, but trying to get something to talk on the record about this is really difficult. Is any other part of the country. That has something like that, not that I'm a fuck in Florida Jes S, Christ. Of course. It's Florida. I mean. If is there place that is so worthy of all stereotypes like Florida is seems every time you think, you've had Vl Alle's Fesh to Swimn into the ship Thath surface, looked like a boiling o it ah o gods shit boil ship
an Flord Inlr the ground. It's awl just covered with algene, but it's kind of Foint. Lately it would him sings. I you know we always think somebody else should be doing something right, us bread, you know, that's why we do Filams is not to secrate the weariness and the nto try to Gess thing done about it. When we'd, we know when we did the Cole, they were killing about twenty three thousand dolphins and porpoises every year for a human consumption. I think last time I think two thousand seventeen was the last reports of comedy to kill that he was sixteen ond ten, the Sobal total SOS of Ega. Ninety three per cent drop, since we did that fom, because every time that rickleberry is a geither captured and trained the five feenal dolphins, I collectedly played the part of flipper you tha. We talked in the japanese press. We try to use the word Markury Becausess Ir Achulles Hillow, we can say no tho. Do I see his if he' talked to ya if he talked to the Japanese and the people of now,
the sequeser out of that now. If they quit the Ight of you see, they say well what about cow's, piks and chickens? You know their precension intelligent too Andin. We say well but Mercury. Now, how many people are eating dolphin meat les? You know, I think less because of the well, when we were there, they were feeding the school kids and,
children that it's the young mind a like infants or in a prenadle that has the most deliterious facts of mercury. No, the cause your neurans are dustdeveloping and on they had Pla hatched a scheme to am to have it for schoolengh programms, all over America and in Japan Und like a pen, America, you half eat everything under plate, so is almost like your fore, fed to poison, because the foam that stopped so made films could be really powerful. You know to now: that's amazing. The film is so disturbing man, while it ought that it is and you know a it's oe when Mark Onro, the rater. He came up with the tipkot. The named the Covis at someso. Horrifony goes well IP, it is, is, and me look if we were right, and these are water people Ain the Shly as Intelligen not more would I mean
You were saying that the complexity of their brains is dead. More that the more density for neurons. Like the ls of the brains. If you look at it ES did a slice of a brain. Ah, it looks like a feaor a right and there's there's more convolusions wheth a with a dolfh. More at surface area. For a neurons and, of course, those no more neurons. You have the more connections you're making and what they're acting they have to actually have it. There's a spindle neurons that they have for that are for developing complex emotions. You know, if you look at orcas, you know there. Really tight net communities of of a male Orko, won't yo know we'll spend most of. Is life not more than it a a body lenked away from its mother, the entire time and Tolk OS, yet to do what it does
Ah, these animals are really social and their communicating a levels that, like o sa wut. We don't even know what theyr say. Ah I'm a whitwhat like Thaverish person, Coul hear from enout fifty herds to twenty thousand color herts and they can hear it. I think they Coul communite to municate up the two hundred thousand so's. The whole band word like ordered magnitude. More and what the direction communicating with, and we here like a little sweep up. But if you slow it down and break it down, there is actually in others. There is there's more patterns in their than we can sense. It was interesting about about whales, blue whales, blue whales are really solitary creatures that you know they're not gregarious like dolphins. They don't have to use a out in big
groups but down in the southern ocean. It was confounding people like how do they find the crow bloom that happens in a different area, the hundreds or thousands miles apart? How do they? You know they they all find it and on one of the researches Roger Payne. I came up with this idea and as through the work with the Nay that there's a something called the deep ocean channel as pasically between the surface of the water and the Therma layer, thats it if LUT choice, depending on where you are at NA column. Let's say five hundred feet: they they basically usur Aice, which is the one of the loudest voices in the the animal kingdome, is so loud that sent for sound. You can't hear it and The'Ll use at o't. Ilmost gets propagated like a like the inner net, but ROU that lair that his was bouncing up and imagine that sbouncing up to the surface and down to this was cold layer in it. It can go for little thousands of miles.
In that, so they is called risk of all truism is, is the theory? Is that date, one when one finds it they start singing and that notifies the rest of the group that this is where the for the cruel bloomerism then ignore survive Ho Chissar is a friend o mine, Chris Clark, Doctor Cris Cark from over. In a Cornell University, he was ot. He was an Isowk Tet was a string of pearl hydrophones that the Navy uses called Sosus in the Midatlantic Ridge, and it was in de plos OS designed Tol, listen for Russians, Sot Summariyes back in the cold war, but they opened it up to Somere. Searches, and Chris was one of the first ones to no Youf eur researcher, let Listenin to to Wales. You you go out your little boat and o drop a hydrophone in, and you can usually think ho. That's amazing! Looking in her sounds everywhere this you know everything is basically singing down there from crackling shramp up to Wales, and no, so you have this impression that man, I just you know, dropped in on this
versation. I don't dnont always being said, but like that's, that's that suppeals pre special now to Sosis and they have like a back. Then it was like a like an underground bunker, full of like people with three screens back before anybody had three squeezes and a rayse listening to you know for the submarines, and he can. He sees that out RT is lit up in the whole world. He seemed ev wherever, though the bluewells are singing her, though Enote all these walls is thistle is slit up like a Christmas tree Whyin their trying to tha the Navy was trying to do is to filter through the the voices what they called the biologicals to the pin point the Supmer but he was like o, my god. This is like the holy GRAIL for listening to to whales, because they have that they could tell what's go an Anno Ocean, eco system level when he could deset the Oll Imaginane Guy, an a boat out there. Trundles and nowig and Offisen has all this incredible data and he could track animals in that these animals are gly bluewells that they were.
Pang- and they can basically send out a way, then they can see thousands of miles awayd that we know what wither you. Ah, with Ther other Pixtura senses, wow tees, US. That's incredible! An we Jestnup M Atchesta Mansion that ability to to pick up a those extra patterns that we don't even here. So we don't even understand exactly what kind of of getting from each other. We don't hat? It means either. So we we just know, there's something right: the others, a a friend of mine, am Karino. Virant up his EMS, a Beham, pretsals TA selbatally he's is working ah with this another friend of his ASA to try to use a eye too figure out what animals are set are saying. I nowly Seese talked about it before us. I think its. What the press, idings Ocave, I mention it, but im ah iband
sending it to people like Roger Pain and Chris Clark. These other researchers I know causes because that is huge databases and are trying to say I to see if they can figure out in a blue using computers. What these animals are saying- and I think that's the holy GRAIL fruit for getting us- get the for letting care about these animals? If we can, we know what they're saying I think that changes the game. Yes, see's, what Roter Paine you know arm when Tis in the cold, but when you know he's a guid et well, he and his wife found out that these animals determined that these at the animal like pump out whells are singing no strain beautiful sounds I knowd. Do he wanted Jimmie POR Sorle OU are o songs of the humpback whale. The ant will find something Playin Thatdid that his animals were actually singing. He knows act his wife, Katy Payine that figured it out and he wrote out of the paper with him with another guy, but like joyously singing the act like it,
You know' see what what a whan o o hump back will he have a issue with planet Kapply at its excident sold. So it's on copy written now, oh lot, o times we do that. Will you pulled off you Youtube? Abbegis Someody owns that which is hilarious right. They own the sound of nature, which is like what you can propy for you, an not you go on to the web side of am the Cornel Ornithology LAB. I think I think the Pubbies Wam Stut they could play with it. Sot copurated she Sead Thai, so the covering his stuff at Gabi, Rotuffed O, because somebody may own it. That mad Nanother to Mles of an agent for the whale acting in the agent fil? Well, ha ha ha that sum C, a EI, GA eh we want ta get paid. You fox a are you aware? What's going on with the resident orca pod in outside of Seattle, wit, Jah it, sir this
strange situation where the salmon of dwindled radically and on the resident pod only eat salmon thanly. What is at Tchinooksnook, so they only each should examine, and so these the ones that migrate, the migratory orcas or find because eat marine mammals. They mostly seals and these poor resident ones, do not want to eat anything other than salmon and They are literally starving to death and they're, trying to figure out ways to feed them ye. No, I was working on that story, ah for last year or so on, a different aspect of it that was as coderecting her ot the film I was doing. The rush of portion tho'se the Russians had illegally caught a hundred onecitatieons is but in eighty seven roughly on Belugo's and about eleven Orchas, F eleguely.
The chinese market I was covering. That part was out of the chinese market of a marine shousye. The others e know well that we know the cove, and black fish in particular had been really effective about shutting down in an emassive way that Monta people going to thank God OS, but in China they haven't got the message. Ah so theyr're, I think, there's twenty five new dolphin parks opening up and China alone this year in ousots, an outs like Wacamal and the Russians were providing the note that and that story ah- and I was in Russia. This is like one of those amazing situations. A putent on a state of the union addressed us. A
announced that they couldn' released the whales back at Le Nough from the whale jail that were caught over in in eastern Russia. So we ran over the VLAD of Astock and and covered that portion of the story, but to anster your question IRS another codirector that was working on them on the northwest and the Lummy Indians were going out to feed. You know they from Ther Vender stock of O Va a farm ray salmon, their refeet in the Sbut. That's you can't, as Nus sustain Ble Coservven that there so I tontally move around here. He can't find em sometime that the solution seems to be to get rid of lot of the dams. Yes says a kind of an unpopular position with some people, but they're not effichient any more. Ah they're holding up I of this the hole ego sistence. Inde Grass Cousper. Well, you know the one of em that they a initially or wont when they set it up. That didn't even realized what they were doing. This was Inlike the nineteen thirties or some thin pound Worhthy. You know they have hundreds of thousands of sandwiches. Comin
as wall, and not understanding what the fox going on dying. There there's a friend of mine, um, AMA, Codactor, n film about plastics with a Joshmurphy did a film called artificial, and it's about just this. You note that the craziness of raising salmon for Rer fishermen to fish. You know that an is really expensive. When you start looking at like what that, what out we know what you think is a wild salmon, you know Whated act. She Costd to raise it sometimes asike, thousands of dollars per Fesh, Yuk ase of so few of Hem Han, should come through and in Myiht back but a. What is this Jimmy HI says pattern: radio since Tay a Ayry said the Websiput and says that you can explore yourself.
Humpback whale songs and make your undiscoveryest use a I to explore thousands of hours of humback will songs and make your own discoveries soip the place on. It is a lot to take their ubits. I really cool at in sight. The milsai checked out. What's that a heavy duty powtern over to the left jammie, this thing: Noit left, Sawyer, Geh,. Woa we, but about those long bars riht. Next to I here,
now. They were over the right, no, no, the long ones. The long ones thoughit like just to the right of that image, Edya wow that is, if that was coming out of space, if be like WOT ye, we have boiy wed have to go immediately. I've often said that about big foot that we, everyone can't usarah, people are so interested, I finning big foot was you found big Fort Wod a bay would be basely a Chimpanzy of something Rit another big primate. We were an bout. Primates, are amazing. We know about now, but if he found it an oar wasn't real and nsaid hey their sustains as smart as people may be. Smarter. It live in the ocean, but a breeze air and Swims around these incredible pods and their there there they have really tight communities, they communicate with each other with his language that have had our our best linguist try to deciphere of no idea whith the Fuc Ther, saying Yeu know you do
what kind of animal is that it would be. Crazy, mythical creature in Alec, the creature F black lagoon or the Loch Ness monster. Something would be like some incredible things: overfound one people be freaking out. We get so used to things being real and I think we're just used to them Unfortunately, because of things like free Willie and an it and in going to see Ce World shows where the doing flips or fish in Everbody's clapping, Peop God in her head that this is just the thing. It's a normal thing. But what they are is like one of the most fantastic creatures, the world has ever known in all of the Billy SOF years of life on this planet. There's Othings that are mind blowers in terms like their intelligence. One of em is us, the other one. Is them Whov, all the marine mammals, whether its whales doffin me boils your amazing to their size, but Wales, dolphins and n N, an Orchus,
obviously work as are cousins of Wales, but they're. Those things are the the disminable spectacular creatures that, though the that? The bile diversity of the earth has ever created? Ah, I agree, mity when you're watching it oft an show you what watching a spectacle of dominance. Watching slaves, ain't litless of you that if this isn't a nice room in a week to have plenty water and peppyiu know if we deeded food and we had to do Backlips for it after a couple weeks, Ave toyou- and I would be doing your exact exactly and that's what it is- Anne, exactly we all WI. Beyond this this film I was working on. Oh we UN orsome Ahm, some information between the AT sea world, and this is Thot. The trainers are talking to management about,
You know an animal is not performing well and then they get the vesenble involved in the Vetsey. I'm Hepvve tried a cupcholoric deprivation Elso was actually Emalize and Notho. I dill never tell you that their starving an animal to get it dute to do tricks, but there's e young Visi Ales now oo that the doctor imagine that of Yew winter. You know a university and Lica. His grades are down what shall we dot? Imagine Magine that was your kid Bedad that only don't gime any food, because I'm doing well Poorlian history like what the out to perform with sports. I guess to be better than ours right. Jesus Christ. I mean that's ensly. Would they do with a the Cuban a lympogressing programme? Ah
Bal Romero, who was a one of the Topy of sea fighters, came out a cuban resting programme, and he said that the Elete athletes get to eat three times a day, but the people that are under them Gid deep twice a day. Whye and they set up this insane competition so that there theyre hunted so that the olyte athletes are did by the gars coming up. They want to make sure that you know they only develop the best of the best and on his he is as crazy cubanaxen with a broken englal, he Sike hit turned you indoor, my Jeane, that's how he talks, thou and he's just at he's an unbelievable free, gathlet and part of why he so spectaculars, because it came up to this ruthless programm. Well, that's horrible, but the results are prospect.
Er. It's ye know it's just to me. I mean I ever a very close relationship of the Guiname filled Dammers, who has been involved in a decades long, a lawsuit with marine land and Canadan, Hea was a walwors trainer, an Dum Ano story, yes, and he am they hit walworth bond with humans when their babies and he bonded with his walst and smoothiy, and I hope, to die believe she's. The only one. That's a lot of Marineland has a horrible record of animal rights mean it's it's a he made the weight Phil puts it. He goes. It makes Seaworld look like Paradise for dolphins and orcas, and he was an orca trainer there too, and dolphin trainer in the only work with these. These people are over there in just a Riffic stories of what it's like in to see these animals just
living in Hell, Tis, tortured and then that they've no chance to ever find their family again. They were, they were pulled from their mother when there a baby. Now her there are Ino fifteen years old, stuck in a swimming pool, developing ulsers their their dorsal fin of the the clap ton collapses and atrophies, and it it's it. So, Aasy that still legal like an after blao
Fash Sea world didn't just shut, get shut down by the government and that people didn't just boy caught them in masse. The other stockram was in the tettok. I have. I showed the stock price of what won't do. I was at a at the Sundance for the premier of of Blackfish and I went down a tato, the you know the people that made the film aftwards as it wire o be the best Hof. They were happened to Causette that point o thit. We are like six hundred fifty thousand followers and then we helped to organize, like then ot getting musicians to YO not to stop performing there, and you in we sent a copy of black fish in the cove to oll ten major everybody sat at the Boarde director is that at backed sea world o ow, so that we know everybody that sat on a board got a copy that Nat DA that film and then when Ther am this
I carry me ber. The gass was Ther. Earnings came out that, but that quarter it is the Stokhidas fell down from thirty two to like sixteen in lost. I go. You know, billion dollrs and value almost overnight and on you know the Banau's back up his back up a night, the ES, I think real him. I shough in other doing other things to the Er Trinta note tub you ow two rides San. You know do what the the theme parks are doing. A Trata I' get away from that business, but it's still happening it should be illegal. I mean is, is its real example. It should be illegal. It's the If what, once you look at the data, what we understand about their intelligence will understand about the way they have captured these things and taken them from their families and with dunged in a close knit but ordly that that is the nature of these orchopods The fact that it's not illegal's, just its stunning heare wot it in Ol Ane of Inon, the
A lot of Thers now in captivity, Alm, which is even more facta a Andi Mean Thougrh, not even from the Inothek. If you know like how they learn and now they're suddenly thrown into the desparic groups, where you know ye have some that are wild symcome from different. You have imagined these whesepopulations of the transients and the residence. They don't speak the same language now then he old, er, the mother's away. So, there's really: no: what did they or do they don't speak the same language. Do they try to communicate I'll run into it into it. They may beat up each other. This yo know all evidence of we ow evidence. Are we yet we there and and because there's a lawsuit going on right now with them and so them, and so we we've gone in and photographed for the people with the lawsuit ye lookin thither, the rate you know they, the gho dolphins, chew on the iron bars on the side or the pool pool lot of their teeth. Teethar dist sawed off as it get infected
It some Huht's got something elf. But what can you go on to a mean? It's one of them. I really think it's I mean it. It's like a human right's issue, but it's a human rights issue for water people. Now an we just did. If we could really uck. You said we could decipher what they were saying and then break it down to a very clear language. Oh my dear, that would thou would certainly help with everything here om if we knew what was being circus, a Knote THA, we wid did the stong culled racing extinction and that tha the working title was called the ng planet. Cisit about everything is singing. We disevened and listening everything from E. You know from a mouse up to a blue. Well, has a song mean technically as a song a but we don't see it as that where Wor looking at
Mythrough her own eyes, and in that was part. Olhy objective of that film was to try to get people to understand, like cathers of his other life forms out there their disappearing before we have a chance to even know what they're up to and were the last generation that can fix it. So I know we gon through a mass extinction right now, the six, a Yon dos, the dance were seen and in a
when I started in, I leghted four stories for National Gygraphic on on Dinosours on the Messas Oit, the midlife of the plan, a lot of friends of mine, Werek, Fore Paleintologisct and Michael Novatchakvha, the head provost of the Mericamism, a natural history aused in the goby desert with him and no y. You go round to these beautiful landscapes. Were you see, tinessors laid out? You know, pasically from the tip of the notes that tip at the tail, like you, don't see anywhere else in the world like they almost got exterminated by something in in one go, and he had told me that, while we're going through a mass extinction right now eh what he said, Olio Woe seen o mankind's
possible for the the six mass extinction. That's the first time I heard about it up fifteen years ago and in Knowy sa what we know. Worthy issues were Teso, while the the drivers are habitat, destruction for agriculture, pollution and base speeches, invasive species species over consumption, but but of the biggest one by far as habitat destruction, the raising of of crops, fur animals that we inturn eat. So you know, if you look that was going on in Africa, o poachings a big, huge problem, but a bigger problem is, sir. You know the lot of that land ow was being andit was going on the Amazon, his welth as being torn up for getting feed for for cattle for did Dey Cot Te Deef, find out what was causing those fires in the Amazon like what widows with a set do, they know
ethels ar those are all Y legal fires for illegal crops for b soibeing, corn n a fee cattle, so they burned down the jungle so that they could wipe everything out. This has been proven: oh ya, Oya N, the duth mting in N Danisia, but for pomell and the thing about a Brazil's bolsonaro, apparently as approved this kind of behavior, as I was going on down now, no too proper business. Right. There was an image in the newer times of VA, Sal, Pollo and people walking through during the day and the sky was like, like it was dark out just from romise from the clouds of smoke from the burning of the Amazon
millions of acres, the- and these are one of the most bi diverse hot spots, on the planet and were for burning him down. Fl nomilly mat not just biled the verse, but so unknown. There mean this is where a great majority of some of the greatest farm sutical drugs ever invented their origins? Tha have come from the rain forest people have found. Various compounds and and things inside the rain forest that had been used for a variety. A different methods are all sorts of bd Now we don't understand and look at that there's the image. How Sayng is that weenm is Have you never been to Salpaul? So Paul was a huge city. Emmanentlited rivals like New York City to its massive and the sky was literally black with smoke. He daytime yet well is sane well, have you ever experienced the while Fireis out here, California, Oia Iav, Naheim Poy, you mean, gets pretty crazy, o futh last forfightwot os
monthwa you live over here, Yo Leod, let Asaucilateo IL came to scan the north of the bridge, o K. Wolde. Uguies, the northern California, won that one. What was at a was the area, the Cuthet, oh, KY aid fire, though he asked recently. Yet I was enormous yes and then there was the one heard I slee to Paradise far. That was the one thise thinking was the largest of thing in Califor Anya history mean these tunn in fires, when they happene its it's a very stunning and sobering reminder of the though the forces of nature and when you know you're in the situation like right now Wher ye have all this dry ground and all his dry leaves and one thing catches and Hin. The wind brings it down. Oh says terrifying, but my point was I've. Been very close to some of these fires in a wheat we been evacuated a few times and when it's hitting the skies like Jes Grey with Smoe
andthe hills are on fire. It's a very strange, strange failing the Allecclimae change is real in his happening in a now on, is close. It's about as real as he can ever get I mean the people were in denial of it at this point mean how much longer can you hold this opinion and what's what is keeping was keeping you on this. It's a hoax Tril track. You know, I travel all over the world were the only country that doesn't get it. You know that we might have Illusionats illusion the world half the world that doesn't get men ever Y on Europe and Asia. They all understand it, it's not not a mystery over. There is only here ettic, you know it's self interest greed. I think people are. Know, it's also a right wing ideology. Is there something that happens? The Ther, certain opinions that people adopt they adopt
this conglomeration of opinions. If you are in the right or if you're in the left- and of them in the right is to deny the impact of certain virminal factors and climate change and things things those those lines, and it's it's just it's like God to join this group, you have to subscribe to certain platform or a certain, the system of ideas and that's one of em one of Em- is that Clima Changeis, no big deal it's just a hoax. Or o people making out. I Sall be a mensin on Twitter all the time. Where was some one, a somethin now ye how's it climb a change workin out for YI, but just because, like it's really cold in some place, one day like can know you knon't you al that Young Standwilt to says like that's actually part of it like have it being extraordinarily cold, an one of the whole things in chaos, like all the sums, are out a whack and o Holego systems, o ibeteed like went up to beach, the sporting inop. If I looked away at did fifty thousand years of
out there feeving, but Youo under the water? It's a whole different story again, while comple degrees, warmer foxs everything up that really hard for us to understand to Somen Seventy six and the other days at fifty two and the next day is eighty. It seems normal for us as the variability, but youdon't. Look at the overall me. If you will give the over all mean you see that rise just a coble degrees, a temperature to change everything a so. Let me th this of what keeps me up at night, a syke. You know if, if you know this is going on, would you do about it, eae that you know You can look at yourself when you're on your deathbed and say I did everything I could to make a difference. The fish ones I Orright, an the ocean. The pollution of the ocean is a huge one because it seems Lik AE nobody's right, it seems everybody's, but it's nobodies wears like the land. If, one is doing something on the LI could yo. Imagine that Florida if they were just pump.
Tchi in the West Palm Beach of this IST, a big tube tecause in sky and just sprays all over Westpomd Beach, they were like wot of Is this and then they would have they would have to act. That is say you can't do that, but as it's getting pumped into the ocean. It seems like it's a It's not ours. It's just the ocean, whilst unfortunately begaude I got go ta work man I'll time for this gom behind hem. My car pavement some doing overtime to night. It almost be but concerned with Someay Diffen, things that they don't have time to think about thee ton them assif overfishing in pollution of the ocean, while Ann That'Sethat's, the trick. You know like.
Filmmaker. How do you make a story like that, so that people actually want to see us? I don't feel like its medicine. I don't feel like K. I gotto go Wat's right, medicine, that's go way, put NE e and you know Ther at the cove, for instance, Mina was a feels like a thriller, doesn't feel like a fat electron. You know what we're doing godolphins as sort of as set up like a mystery. The first line of the film was me saying: I just want to say we try to do the story legally stolking to Japan, but you know hilly Whathevids ye go back. I won't come back out. Ne'll res. I'm told that there ISA arrest, wornts out for me a Kis Firs Wite Conspercy to disrupt commerce, trespassing WA hoing, please Asurup, commerce, all that Dolphin Commerce FOC you ho. We shit conspiracy to Distrut Commerce. How did h to find disrupting commerce? However, they want to guess.
Did you have perameters? You are supposed to operate under what you are over there and you when, outside of them be ow. Tatethey gave us a map Thit's in the film on they give us a map, and he told us Sessus were Wen asposed to go on ill as Soh. My friend Charles Hamilton said that became her pled where we needed to go. Of course, ye of you wo Ave, seen some of the sea shepherd work where they have caught these bod japanese ER scientific research boats. That a realigius killing Wales, o yah and there out of the southern ocean. Now this is last year tha. They announced that that we can to get out of the another only killing whales around their own territorial waters. So in always, a big victory. Now Papa's, a good friend, Paul Watson, Ahm pet us frob me Ric, stuck at a couple aurays before I I came here im. He wanted up like a big projector. We did it, it did eat. Uts ear saw racing extinction. No, we did the theotta alert
world that we needed in order to get on this. We we let the empire state building was endangered species, and it was like a huge of that. We had like, I think, nine and three, nine million media views and four days top twenty story on Facebook and Twitter for Life where they were line, and you still get when you do something really strange like that. How do you do that with the projector with fifty projectors? Fifty like I'm access, projectors all mounted on the building? That was on like thirty first Street and dissolve sanction. We had us, we spent four years getting permission it and we finally did it and an o meder is right here. Jimie's got a vilea of it, oh, yet a slow that down now how ELSS was undert oh on you to DE they speed it up. How long do this? Last, for oh, we orthree hours. But there's like two ten minutes shows fifteen nutes shows or
A people that, while my god an I was like o linting ethers, like the Easter parade on them avenue, was funny, as I coulhd the producer of the distributes that ask me to expense of nobody ill o Wet'Ll, be there in those in the summer time in New York ah maily, say that there's fuckin. Hundred million people in the yarkway Gulher in the summer time it's pack with people he likes Tus, nothing happies of Summer New Yorkwe, like I, was doing go down there, like walls, is really good, a meanst the Summer New York, I e sowed some me tickinsway. Have you looked around would. They have his weird attitude that nothing happens in New York in the summer sli carried over from the thirties when there was no air conditioning. You so we had the you know. We thought we couldn't getting mors AMA. How crazy is that, though, the summer near Terebody's out I wan't Nazi YE is, they said wellthe, but the important people they said er could be a
hamptons or the go aw or o my god, the important we'd DE really seen at to you. They said that an the olse s press wouldn't show up, because at nine thirty night now we could Ford overtime. Oh, we know hit look like the Easter parade on fifth av and an everybody was wrong. Lea and then, as ought looker? That's that's it. We can't in our getting work Etitchn that than the Pope called the Pope Wante us to project. On the bat during cop twenty one wed. Then we had, I think, Four'N half billion medi of yews you should have taken all of the extinct animal footage and replaced it with Aleby's fotage, H, ha ha. Imagine that all the cases of all the pedophile priests of mean
but its a lot of issues, I'm more all we aither is that I'm concerned with the whit the I understand. I understand one step at a time: ya, dh that dirty place, vatikins a strange I cattle you walk around Thet to go. Where did you get all this money? I good as years when hed sell anything well in, have billions of dollars in art and spectacular architecture, and everywhere you the spoils of riches. I Quitewent is get where you get this from. It's amazing T visit jet of Historiclyjust AC as he what it's like and in Venice right now, if you go like the Doge Palace, you look at the columns on that. Those are all front, you knowshim what they did as a pilford I'ma persia for Thatt as it was aed, you had to bring it back. When you were trading the seventeen sixteen hundreds yet to bring back stuff OU stall Yeow, I was just there
just in Venice, am and now do you know that Wat's going on right now they have the worse flooding they've had in fifty years, and I saw the Griddist Haf. I stayed there, a the Grerey Pouses, an that's where we were and he lobby ad, like four feet: Mh Lody really H holy Shet four feet of in the flocking lobby. So, is causing that. Well, it so was a accamation of the the tat. At this time he hear the tides and the Stoe but also the nncesary arasing. You know you have just a couple inches of of ocean raising the Conmagie Thes, more water out yes and is is fusht to so. How do you stay in the greedy palace when the floor is water? I don't think YO did stay. I think th that's at least of their problems. Certain out. Why Wher? You know we had I look when I looked a baulder. You know I wasn't in the floodzone, I lived it in a fourth end and juniper is as like as ready as the foothills, and it wasn't in
on Tho flood map that we had a two thousand ear flood and there was furniture floating. You know I had Furnishe ure floating up against the ceiling of my place. I got Yno brought out of by climatchange. Look at that Whal at's, so bound the flooding as yeah. That's where we stayed over the summer gorgeous but weird, but it's it's like a really beautiful prostitute elect. Do you have to do this cuz, like we all that shit Nby as crazy Ohigh. The water level is that's a restaurant ye. Why out's all under water is OU outside the Greety palace. It's srround the corner what he looks like now, the yam, the crew's ships would pull up and the you would see the amount of people to get out and that the streets be flooded and all the people that live there be like all just started happening like a decade ago or the cruise ships were allowed to pull right up and Durrt Lou the Wite,
air. They said they had two accidents with crew ships like kitting, dark an we played a Vidio one of olments flock and craze. We see this gigantic boat and at coming any nose can a hit the dark, and you know it's can hit this boat in front of it and everybody's when to get out way to see this? I got some mountain some mountain, sfloating floating a floating mountain that is has ability, manoeuvre correctly in the sides that cuttap day I mean that is so much bigger than any of the buildings there and the things floating in and banging into the walls, and look at the size of that Thete the size of that that is so insane, and we wonder why. Whiscerwed the thing has nine floors: That is so crazy. Look at that Piana's Pabbi as several thousand people IND. Oh for sure, for many thousand And inow, and don't they just dont
waste right into the ocean. They they did in the past. I don't they do it now what'll. They do now put it in a baggy, but ha ha ha Wel it's one of the things they found in Au E. You am sure e wer, this they did a m a satellite, a overview like an image of Metha E Trnifined Ounwhere see a greenhouse go is was the biggest you know. Polluters turns out his land fells land fells, a shuge issue, no di EE, that there is that the greenhouse gas, the methane ingly
idea that you got a just put it in the ground: hey that doesn't work. It comes Ei Ther, ground, HU, I told you. We had a a tessele that we had retrifited ferm for racing extinction, that at a flear camera the same camera that used to see Mathang, who it to Cees a spectrum. Oh it's! Not he but it' jus in can see Mathay any could had put Ont a filter, an sigancy carpentoxide. Ah, and so we had take know. We went on the streets of Alle and we went t. We got o und of the tarmac and Knote that the coberdox is olde that the buggy man- you can't see it that with this camera, you can see it and I's pretty pretty astounding when you cany Knotice in all right now, if you put it on us, you ad look like we're smoking H, many when he showed on streets of Alet, it's like everything's, disgorging right now and there's no mont of plants to absorb it. Yea. You can't absorb it that quickly, but that's one of the beautiful things about. When you go to the woods there
think about when you're in nature and you're in the forest, where you know you like persists Pis, specifically like the Pacific Northwest, which, as is incredibly dense forests, the air. This has a different quality to it. Missus as rich oxygenated air cause ye you're just around all these trees and plants is a different field to it that you just don't get here AG not the EIS Frla week, thro frown it throf. The Jamminib e planter escape Wednont ought to do, though we tryn Figureidt out somewhere with the think ye can only stay here, a little while longer. I Ite I came here in nineteen, ninety four and um. There was maybe thirty per cent the traffics that there is now and I'm not exaggerating. Maybe forty per CI was Cate crazy im, but
elike. Now it can be a ubbub. I can come home from the Commistorat Eleven o'clock at Ninet be stuck and bumped Amop er, her traffic slumbered bumper. I worked for the only times back in nineteen seventies, and I remember three in the morning to be ii. Without an accident on the road there could be traffic backed up Lacta here here without an accent and an Illet up o back then in Teon Pabbi, an Hod Fifty two ow some like Ag Lopa one ten years on you, but I remember that it this valley was always for the first month. I worked at the Elly Times the Valuwass I he couldn't see anything and then one day cleared up and anurediameress. I was loud living north of Towningliee, Onothetona, Glandale and. Inthe Reevy Mirrori saw White capped mountains. I thought wherethout, they come fro right. Ah, that's heard because I fer you could see that from Woodland Helles from Te Woodland Hills on a rainy day when the
comes in and washes it all way like what the Fock is. This there's mount. Right there, but you don't literally that pollution so dense it hides mountains but stow, yes, o all the time. Iecause its TA day is a beautiful day as rearly beautiful day, you'd get lucky. What were he helps us as when the wind blows, when the wind It clears everything out and, like you get to a high place, this an area a trail run and get this really high peak, and you could look out at the top and paws and some days you don't see jack shit. He dos see Greya some days after it rained so like Thisock a mountains on here, but you don't like. I want to take a picture of this stark contrast. You no Marafact Omino run not to Morrow, but the next day when I get out there, I'm going to take a photo, and I would try to take a few foes catch it when it rains Tod Is'Ppose to reign sometime this week and so get a diff
between what it is normally verses. What it is when it rains cause that the differences its stunning and its all being hid by pollution, and we just have gotten accustomed to it. An no oh MU, catlic verduce helped a lot while Alsois helping a lot as this conversion to electric cars, and I really whole people continued to o path of O Knowl, especially a miss o lwy diggting better at Figur, a high charged Mindeter ate battery capacity and better and they're they're better to drive mean we were talk, Tesslus Minni. I have leaved that mal. I love that thing. I it's amazing. It's just the maize in car. It's not you don't do and of an automobile enthusiasm. I love cars. You don't lose anything with that. I mean it's more fun than any other automatic car of overdriven yeahnly. With I had one too for a while, but ITTO I told you had the
luminous pay job in the Gitladga Jza. Like the com answered, I was a nice one, but I'd at one of the first electric cars in Colorado back and like two thousand and seven Ih. I only knew Ilie two other ones, and I had a hundred twenty solar panels on my roof. So I didn't pay for electricity really set out roof your house in my area. Did you see that document or who killed electric car yeah Chris payments for a very interesting right now and and revenge? Electric car is as follows, to it. Ah, I didn't see that HOT's, a good one, I think, is better than the first one actually, but I knowow, I would to add the Tommy neighbors like ate. I don't pay for lecticity whe. Might my license p said. A v: U S, Istood for a vehicle using son was the opposite of Nasuzi ha ha ha hah er mean I got cheques from the electric to Electricomy. I didn't have
bills, I had checks because you are contributing to the Gralaso E. I had do Nean on that metering and I thought I disdiscovered Somethim was as incredible, but you knon't, everybody said an. I was doing it dust to prove that I could belike. He could do it back then, yes, and in our neighbors whichso wet, but houses accost as I wolbed this now we should all be no yet to be. People have to be early a doctors before he can get it to scale saws, an to Oly Doctor Betattic, even with everything that we know was going on a peoples ELL saying the Knockas, which overtol its cheaper ruasons little bit better an its cheaper and you know Elon, I think he's got Theret the right idea make it all it make it a lot better and vesuallys could be cheaper, Thintheth Modeleses A as a Gert. Car bet. The the model three soloencrazes in the ants of a fantastic Arswell and the Molthras is preposterous. He'll have a Portia nine, eleven Gty three and it's a pretty fast car, this guy
Humiliated me that day I wasn't trying to raise him. I think you trynot prove a point t a red light. Andh light turned R. And he shot it ahead of me and garned the highway so fast. I was like laughing oh iglicke. I wasn't trying to raise the guy, but if I was they would have been a blood bath. He said he how egisically keep your Lucrus MOTO Te Taal mind ye my model LAS Ye. I do ot keep in a ludicrous mote, but you don't have to drive it lude Is that's on Ludicrus Mody to drive at normal bub I at Hom YE wanted tos dump on the the accelerated just who it's. It literally feels like its violy in some sort of laws of physics Physic just it does something with time and a like you're, not suppose we will get there that quick. You have a a sing in your mind. We Drawe car. What I want to get in front of that car it's going to take x amount of seconds. Even if I really accelerate it'll takes ome time for an get up for igan change lands with that thing's as SHO Font, who does go and Ye'D
people that have never been in one before I take him for a drive in the Tezzla, an they couldly gripe, a seat like what the Thochk everybody says, the same thing like what the or Holy shed those he two things. They say it doesn't seem like it should be able to do that. He looks like a sedanad is it's like a regular car and id Taughtthenough. I've got like a old Mue Carg, Ot, a couple old cars tat look fast and like that car, that regular Sedanlin cart times faster than anything here, and zero missions, but that you know where, in this transitionary period, I think a the future is pretty bright for that stuff. Mustang. Ah, just Ford just Elease a concept of this, a new vehicle that they're releasing very soon it's like a must Cross over E car as it's y, beautiful really cool. Looking it looks like a larger mustang like a taller Mustang. That's all electric and Ielon praised it
ay, that Ford is going out on a limb and making something like Thatwel an on Thenport is releasing their their version called a tie can- and that's I think, that's I say it whether it's a fu, look and sleek looking electrc car or so or move n that direction ye mean Thees a Lhi. The great tatony say of the futureast Hee shows a picture of the nineteen o and the nineteen hundred Easter parade in New York City and its all horses heing. Looking down from a building, I not e Findat Jamien, nineteen o five. Ninety nine anities to pray and it's like is one car and then Thire. Years later. It's like find the horse. Why that these transitions they take? You know about ten twelve years. You know b a yor twelve years ago. We
a punch in the number two key on our flip found six times the text, a capital sea and in I think, we're up. You know we're gonna be doing the same thing with you now with the with the transition with food. I think it's gonna be gone, that Don't you think that there goin to be Dou, have hoped for all this lab created meat? What e would you think about that? I mean I know: there's there's some process that I dont totally understand whether evil to make actual biological like bison meet the. How me I'm gonna of us a film surgery- and I quote, food too known I had dinner on Saturday night two nights ago with Uma Ther guy, that D founded met, Memphis meets, and you know I tho had the same sort of achingness about. You know go in that direction, but he showed me these pictures on his foot on his phone o VON of Thes chicken breast that his making- and you know I stopped Eatig meat about ten years ago, but I thought
it didn't look bad. You know it lookd hed, like it TE chopped, you know so that it was grilled and ithought. You know I ope have the sort of reputnave revulsion against it. Myself cause I'fe on. You know becut myself Offir, but I looked. I looked at that and thought That looks looks really of looks good to do some of those that could eat meat. You know that that would be appetite where it seems like the science it once Witl Elwhatever. It is right, it's tissue and Whateve the tissue is it's composed of a bunch of different natural ingredients right whenever I would ever creates a turkey breast it seems like its Systema. R of innovation and technology, improving to the part where they can recreate that. He ought now that the question, as you know, is that he knows it better. For you, then,
know, the whole fuse plant they died or that's the real question rank CAS. That's where things get convoluted. What like what? What is healthy versis? What is ethical verse is what makes you feel T, your doing the right thing morally. Yet in a the way, ah, you know I stopped eating. You know meat about nineteen. Eighty, six, O Menteu. I was doing us fr a story for Fortune magazine on the biggest and Depenleon Caterantas American. As one of Sobignoclalcoma, they had their own slaughter house and they exposed it. Another thet, ill. The animal with this captive bolt to the brain is supposed to happen instantly, but there was one animal that came round and it was still alive and it was at that point of hanging upside down in his flesh and its hide was stripped off and its looking at me with its eye and its falling my eye as the hide was stripped off and was still alive Yeun and it's innit as his turning round. It was too turng his head in. It still held my eye and I thought the son of Abys es alive and I parted part of the. So I stopped eating Meture
after that- and so I thought why I have to eat something right be deed, an animal product, because you know given a shuvl, Opend Diye, if you don't and then I saw Becanm, ask a terrier. That's all I ate for animal protein well in the milk and dairy, but I did he in any thing, any limit my stopped by softer things out that didn't ar HEER the own. The Dinn walks Holl fish was like fair territoriye for me, then, when we made the there's a scene in it where we take a a sample of hair from the Debute Minister of Officieries er and ah we test it for mercury and when No, why I was out at E Labithot when I get my test o too cause. I was aying a lot of fish. I loved at my son, still a professional fisherman and I had a freezer ful of fish all the time stocked up of in O fresh ocean bloin. A fresh but frozen ocean fish and I had it for breakfast lunch and dinner all the time than Mont. You know we got his labs back as
Tobaccoas eight times higher than was high, which is like you know. You don't want any mercury in your body mark his most toxicg Nonry, who active world, and my my lovels were forty four times a hez. Nay, were you experiencing any phys call yes, is that I was having am trouble with my Shup Shorther memory. I had an ache in my shoulder. That was therefore probably decades Ando tryting it myssize down an then you ust ART, looking through the am ye owed that the problems with with mercury. You notice, that is, there's a whole litiny of things that had caused his depening bad. You have it, but my doctor said it's the worst he'd ever seen in Colorado, so I had to get off of it and then I yu know this is so er were here in alley for the Academy of Wards than I met. My first vegon and I said,
What do you eat and she knows everything else approaching Origines ofh plants, and that that was how I got started? Not it took over know. I thought o well. Wall Murkry has half life life in the inyer body of about seven and ninety days, and so took me about to two years to get it down, and I thought well I'll, just try a little years to get it down why it takes so long as it has a half life of your body of seventy to ninety days. So forty four ghosts two, no ninety two one, eighty so sorts thought. Ok, then I'll start eating a little bit of fish in an objective, and I had a test to Rwanda. Jack back up. I thought capsule fish is poison, our big fishes poison for sure
ifish a yahunatun of Swordfish Marline, so withowd it it. What is the recommendations? They tell you d? Not suppose to eat it more than couple times a week or some linke tab, but it seems like Ife. It's got a half life of. I don't trust any of that I mean Ulek like May. I can't mess with it me if he's when, as in Japan, I went to Minemata where they had they called menamoded to seize. But it's not a disease, its aisin. This is a am a company twas intentionally polluting the bay with as lot of fishermen and the kids of Horsegod as well. The cat's got affected. First, good's people give the of fish to the cats an the Caswood head to the called dancing cat disease. Now he heard the expense of expression mad as a hatter Thas, because they had the felt from a hundred year hundred fift years ago. They used to cure the Falt to be Ver, felt on. On awpouts, but they would use Murcry and the bit the adders are go mad.
And Minemata the cast got affected than the kids. And then you know that the people couple on a thousand people got affected, and these work remembered this nineteen fifties are remote, remote villages. And an american researcher went there and saw that everybody looked weird and said something's going on here, and he found out that they were in tumping in a merk. Into the bay, and I saw I w have visited a doctor there that study Minimata do sease. He was a guide that was in charge of figuring out compensation for Awid Wut, the old people, and he showd me these brains of though they sliced open and it looked like swiss cheese. What were tage about the convolusions of of the brain and how dolphins have more of them savething with people, but you know, and the ones with the slices that looked like swiss cheese with this holes,
it the murkuries eating up in the brain, and so you don't want yout. Once you see that he said you don't want that your body so Ahm I had to get off fish and become a veague nobpac of rythical reasons, but because of I just couldn't eat it at just for health reasons, I'm, but I'm Toin, just five. How fuck and crazy is that that most fish is poison like that is that is such a crazy thing to think. The ocean is so fucked up that most of the food you pull out of the ocean is a mess well of most of the fish that were eating. Having fifty four percent centa's farm raised and on what I wetbut Vegana, I JT this morning and LOS Antil's Maggoz, Het's, worse right, it's worse Yeh and you know the Achological damage its doing as it was crazy than the health consequences as crazy so other questions, then what d we eat and about mollusks, some
things, as someone told me that was actually someone who is a Vigan told me about mollics, said you can make an ethical argument that MOS are actually less complicated, life forms and even plants. They know Hove the same nerve endings. They don't really move the open and shot and there are a violable form of animal protein. That is just so primitive. I heard that ere that stood there, just not th what we think of them as life forms, but so as Brokly as the life form as well. But there there actually more evidence that plants are intelligent than there is that mollusks are mall, Sir Inincredibly Ancient life form. But then again, don't you get
some sort of mercury poisoning from them as well. Mother they're on the bottom right, usually in their they're filtering soy, er, the your gitning, whatever Poys, what WHI Ther, Toxes or- and I could say that malinomaloxer or poison- I just Wouldn'T- need I'd. I'm going ot a completely different direction. But I've heard that before that Molsir you can farm them too. Regh, you can mean if we really can break down that there are even more primitive but yet more nutritious. Cutting out that ik know I edistorin polynesian on oysters and they have the big oysters at they get no. But Pearl Timle and They'V Deyd dot vate to seet the muscle that holds. Although the organs of stuff on Yeu know when I said own him in America, Weat the whole Hoysterer like wet cause, tha muscle tastes like lake fish flesh
It's acxtually pretty good, but you know the idea that were eating all those others filtered or organs of stuff. I dust dont know I don't ah, but you don't know you not. I don't know yo know I'm as anybody come up with any sort of comprehensive plan or anything that makes sense where they can vilably repopulate the ocean, the idea of stopping and slowing down? Fishing would be wonderful, but Buusso. If we Iver really gets to a point where we, got to somehow or another independently grow these fish and reintroduce him to the wild me, is there any talk of doing things like that? Or is it even possible? I think it's impossible to scale of what's going on right now. You know when I was in Japan. They were saying that always to go out all you know, we could fill up a boat a day. Now it's you know eight days now we have to then we have to go out the thirty and we're competing with the
riends, the Chinese, the tywhenes, you know it's! It's and everybody's us going gang busters and we have wit or using military Gereta Inosonar to catch things that this unprecedent Ras, not sustainable. I personally don't believe that fishing to feeding this planet- currently you can do it with I don't think you can do it with you know, and we know what's going on with that, the unethical outside of raising you know farm animals for this as it's just, I think we have to transition to another form. I think it's going to be you know ten or twelve years, but I think we're headed that direction. People I think what you're seeing now is that there's a direction towards
plenty of people want to eat healthier, they want to eat sustainable, and I know I know your hunter. I mean I was one hundred and two. I hunted fish and you know I understand like when you come back with the goods. You come back with an animal and you're feeding your family, you're feeding, your friends, you feel like the man, you don't feel like you know, you would do something tappen- That'S- really primitive in a and o, I in a really genuine way that makes us feel good about who we are, that you're providing- and I know that that happened when I was one as a fisherman in a Yego Hunt, e fish with Heur friends and there's a group tin Goena an dyub, it everybody's Tare The'Re enjoying themselves, and it feels wonderful, but we can't do it with pild fish. I knote with rppresone of the Botle Mass being wild animals known the rest of a beingw, it's n a SI sustainable, and I wish it was because ah.
That that this Thes something we lost with that, but we have to transition were at that period right now, where we have to figure out. How do you feed a planet? That's the real prop right and not just Hedty feet. A planet huwdy feet a planet that may double its population next, fifty years the ow wel it's his toes talkin ten billion by twenty fifty and were already at TA point where you know worth ester CH years, pass that it might really be double in might be fifteen million or susming billian people. Ah, that's a se Crizi, so in a you, can have eighteen, a half million people in the greater loss and assaria going out and hunting for their fol at her fishing from netna. So what ar we can eat? You know I I thank thee io. The way to do it is, you know, drifting more towards plants. Getting
know. I was at last Weekos in Lomolyn to California, you knon't, where that's at you've, rivered about on the blues own ye and in a SOS bood people Abouther that don't mind no know about it's a Danbut nerve, aggygraphic, fellow, an popularise the idea that theres ESE five geographic reches, the plan where people live longer and without chronic disease than any other place on the planet so 's out there last week at the Breetta Brain Health and all Simer Clinic and there's two researches is started when there was a one for miles around and they open it without one oto, three people in America in the the next ten years, Arld be affected by
irmus either that inhabit their mates. Can a havitor be taken care of somebody and has at their parents, so its can overtake heart diseases Aure number one disease that we have to open up the Brainholth clinic there without Nol Symiclag, and nobody came now about half the population of seventh day advent to Ser vegetarians by religion, and you go at the Grocy store. They don't sell me Egot, they have milk milk they have Cosmilkut is on the bottom shelf. Of a few things about, and they too fine people. Initially they had got a sampling across the room across the highway. There there's nothing different Jill geologically different between San Bernardino Melinda, it's the redeker there do you have a drink, the same water breathing the same arb, but they have a different diet but they're living about ten years. GER than everybody have SEN. Bernodino was one of the unhealthiest Pulations in America and on another side high
had. He have one of the healthiest populations in the entire world and their living about ten years on average longer they're doing other things too is not just diet that lots a big factor. Sleep made Doktor Matthew, walkers Spodcassuso. Well renowned sleep scientist was a scussing that it's one of the biggest corollary, one of the the biggest factors where they van determine Atthe, less sleep, you have the higher likelihood you have of all Tormer's disease. It's really stark like that. The numbers are Ther, the they're pretty undisputable ye. While I agree there are there four principles in o the the Sher's eyes in Audine and ISIS Assurezi Sleep is one of em. Her Holfas Plampes diet am
support in other community support and an exercise. Those are the wugles of the big ones here, but they' out of the three thousand people that they have, the all timers Climic clinic. Now only nineteen of em or sit only thirteen of im are vegetarians and three vegcons an so I mean you look at you know that, If you look at, if he break it down, the population lie comedy of the twenty four thousand people there that our vegetarns about fifteen per cent you'd expect en us several hundred of em to be no, with all simors to be a teturns, but the sow. So many of em are following that a seventh day, Adventise Diet, which is veged her and You're talking about in the SAM Borondino's, very poor community, unfortunately- and I think you as well as I do not people in poor communities, Hea Terrible strewed on Ledech
food and sugar and all our crap mean that that's one of the primary factors when it comes to poor health and education is related Deafinite to Brainhealth. Unfortunately, in insist as the do that their's their stupids is that theyre Erighty they're not ather in the do not eating as well. They have to know the first Macdonalds was in San Bernardino. You know Bazeral Yeh, those we went. Is, he on their Donald Museum, favour Mcdonald's museum. They have all the raw materials from the beginning to the end, everything here, but that it does so that they ve been burly good about keeping fast food out of out of Lama Linda for isnin their giant concerns, even with large scale. Agriculture. When you're talking about mono crops and growing things for fifteen billion people, you're gon annetuce, N Exwossal lands displace a lot of wild life. We can have a lot of different chemicals, get released into the ground s you're doing for Generar,
farming, in which case you're going have to use some animal products anyway, because you have compost and fertilizer. You need fish for fertilizer, something that creates nitrogen is there's a lot of issues even with large scale, agriculture, when your growing crops, your ear, doing something, that's wholly unnatural. If you have a thousand acres of corn or soy beans or anythingt youre, growing, n large SCA. That's not not how nature intends it nature intends everything to be combined together right. But if you look at the the mono crops that are out there, the most land is being used to ocrops to feed animals. So you know, all sort of a lot of its being used for Vidan was allot of its being used for corns Hereope and oh, what a different m. Then we Coul corn on Hehing to get get out her odo that Yenow Medme Ye Seef seen king corner at the novment. It sit's pretty fuckin crayzs when they checker Deana, and I find out how much of your deona is. Corn based Iyo, like what
like what is going our, how mater your ear than your celur structures. Corn bazed its like how corn is in your diet and then ye go through the super market and go Wen pick up box after Box and reed how much corn is in there? Starce corn Syrrupn, not different proteins, that the extracted from corn Whill the Ask you? How? How do you think, but enough? We ought to feed ten fifteen million people in the Future Hattyn Thero Quesson. You know we should be feed in the population and to good questions to vary. The question I have hoped for this sum: this fake meet shit not not on the plant base stuff were the using oils and but the actual physical meat that they can figure out some way to create meat without animals die a guy. I am not a fan of factory The reason why I got in the hunting in the first place, I saw Allah LO's, Peda Documentarysa and I just didn't want to have any part of any manship that shit I know there are ethical ranchers that
raise or animals scrassfed and Dey Deyl. Let them roam- and you know, arm dis Jole Sauton, who has thes sum, as some put think led. Pollyface farms were he. He teaches people, regenitor farming methods and teaches people how to let animals be animals and isn't in the polar opposite of factory farming. When you, Hesean. I'm sure you've seen some of these discusting vidios of these pig farms where they have lakes of suage. Attached to these farms, where these pigs are in the warehouses, stacked in one on top of the other and then they're. All their waste those down through the floor and into these giant huge lakes shit and piss who spread on the crops, slow spray that but at Laght say to the ground the spray, the Pist Pigan ship, o o ya. Lo Smot, like all tits elvus wrong, mean all of its Wonl MEI withered chickens, raising chickens like that or cows like down or pigs like that
in is a reason why they have these agg, dag loss and those ere another thing that kin in my eyes to Thes Thinkg that the way we feel about dolphins in captivity in place like sea world, those agggag laws, agricultural gag laws, they keep people from divulging the horrors of these factory farms and there's Ther's got to be way stopped those laws. First of all that you you should dately. These places should be transparent. If there's something there, do that's Aborrent an they do with you. You could see the lives of these animals, though then their treatin in this ways not necessary. This nutse is just their doing that for profit. And this is why you can get a chicken sandwich for a dollar and a yawn whatever fuck it is. Yes, I mean Ertikoer that sang of slaugterosses at glass walls. Yes, right, Yeh
yeah, but it did not go on back to it, though about it do so. How do you it's a lab meet, you think would be, though I think lab meat has real potential. The same way cell phones used to cost. You know a thousand hours will, but what no more than that like? What was was like Mana's, big Molda row of bricks, nemer those things like go DU, Gordon Gecco had on Wall Street the really expensive, like when he was walking on the beach of that thing. Like Wallick A's, a baller he's got a fol an he' just walkin with no cord noiverone has a phone of a house in Brazil and Dum his people were walking around and you know very little money, but they all had falnes if soulphones have made their way throughout and virtually all of the world. How much forgran. Foregrand for so for Gran an Eede. He was Broy what to day twenty Pilok twenty right, sir.
Would you say? Let's you say it's a lot, even if it's four grand if match of a fuckin, I follows foreground peel, be gone crazy. The new ones, almost two grand ever has gone crazy. That is, I think, that sort of technological innovation and improvement. I think we're going to see that in this sort, factory created meat, because the original Factrecrated created that they made. I believe it was a quarter of a million dollars that it cost to create one and people ate it and, like this is beef. This is like real beef. I think with innovation there, the figure out a way to do that, so we don't ever have to have these factory farming situations. I Meay, I think, that's possible yo. Now I think it is too. When I heard I've talked to us some of the people that are working on that and when you look at how fast cells can reproduce in a me know such a matter of scale on getting the right
texture yet haste. Yes, the gun. I am non to no illusion that what I do is available to everybody. I go hunting in the mountains. Whilst he would don't want to do that. You know when I do with a bow and arrow. Not most, you don't want to learn how to do that, that they don't have it in them. They don't want it. It's not interesting to me. It is Y shoe one elk that is four hundred pounds of meat. One life feeds me for a year and I feed my friends. I feed a lot of people. I'd Niht DA give Elky tto, a bunch people I' under no illusion that everyone can do that. But this everyone can't do most of the things that I do. I just do it because kes me feel better than going and getting something its factory formed. If I saw what they did to chickens and I knew the my chicken had come from these horrific environments and I ate that I feel sick. So that's
I became a hunter in the first place here. Well, that's faykow! What we concern ourselves SAS, I gweg how caln't you like Ethea, you and I can eat you'd- be probably better tan me, but I I can eat how I want to eat, but doesn't that sound weird? You say I better than you know what you can afford more. I'm saying Zo it. It is that I'm telling you I'm getting my meat from the woods. Well, then, id, not Saym, better, I'm OM, saying they did say good, look at eat how you want, I El Gaint hier that me and I say, no si not financially, I d avseenut what you have around here, they Ty little Coziye may then you have done here but boys you to see. What's the hop tarots like the ultimate acave me, not exampled Merrit is Malter Mat, Capemay, Orbia, a giant nearnodoss, ya am that's. It's a
conversation between Minakaba Gang Fraendzs Revilian, an vegetan where my best friends is the AAN evards Ilove him to death? I I don't. I don't mdispute that we are in a conundrum and then We'Are in a a a terrible situation as a civilization, we've certainly overpopulated, to put the planet in many ways. And Woed certainly allowed something to take root in our society. That, I think, is disgusting. That's factory farming of animals, there's there's something vile about it undeniably vile and is the reason why people are prosecuted for exposing what is everybody sick. If they exposed it, it said. Look I'm going to take a A picture. I'm take, show you Vidio of how these cows are living and he take the vidy on Cousis wandered around eaten grass; no one would give a shet. I
right. It's when you see these people kicking these cows and when you see them alive, went like Cosher thway they do that, whether Dhey LE to have to slice their throat and they have to do it with one cut, and this is why people want cosh or meat Likeyssome, ancient ridic idea of how to dispose of a life who mean all, those things the Sicond people which is the reason why they have those laws. Keeping people who work there from vidiotaping exposing at the first plot sunity took the king amendment that metally of what it is is from Iowa, ear least to was an nastrapistoli even in and power there, but um he armade better. If Thit people saw that if people saw how the other How milk is done? An an Manno yer ppropone the mill, but if he saw Thow, not really, I don't dring it. No, if I drank four glasses of milk a year, it's a lot! Oh ye. I don't think it's good for you. I think raw milk is broth
lead better for you, but every time I trink a glass on milk, I was feel gross. I feel like a mogenization and pastorization of milk. You are your breaking down all the end's arms and boiling in, and would you get it some weird prote near body doesn't exactly know how to process correctly is e reason why so many people get la horrible gas off of Itys O sixty five per cent of the population? worlds lactose in town, one nine year old, she's, lactose, intolerance, Ghana, meaning which ease or milk raving. I did a figure that out to us like fifty, that is lactose until we really I mean I thought I should have figured. It but he thought it was normal. I think my daughter gains her from me. I have never a man, I can eat OU ice cream and a Mokay, but I was Felix Shet. It never makes me feel good afterwards. Those feeling wolves, but I all have cookies and milk and not black. Oh it's justa. It's a weirdbut, it's lake my bodyes like what is this, but, however, I've had raw milk and of havin hat any probs with him. Now I just think it's
and Inalderserv a big GU problem with the prno acquiring raw milk at's very hard. Yet, but I think o E. If people are Gong drink Millgat, all that's ho we're supposed to drink it. I ill think we're supposed to be boiling that stuff, and then you know it comes out. It's dead. That's why it look you're not supposed to have anything biological. They can sit your fucking refrigerator for two weeks and not stink like. How is that- and you look at the date the date, is like a month, I how the Foxis, as can stay good for a month, couse- boil the Shet out of it and If you want to, if you want to serve milk, to three hundred million people. That's how you have to do it if you want TA, get it in ntainers and travel across country needs trucks and get it to supermarkets and have it habits it in theself and have sit on the shelf and have be financially viable for them to be able to hold on to it long enough for them to sell it and turn a profit and then have no
gets sick from it. Tis like raw milk is good for, like a couple a day and that said, and it used to be the people, got their milk delivered on their doorstop. You know the milkman thaw was Milkvan is come your house and you didn't even really have a lid to how, like that little remeper, paper thing: they'd pull off so he had his head and was fresh cream would sit on the top of it and just tasted different I've had raw milk I haven't had in years, but the last had raw milcoes Likeis is taste tastes better TAS like when you drink it. It fills at your body, is like O. I notices wears like a regular glass of milk. My bod's, like Ote, in a fuch, and then you got to think about how they get it right like how they keep these cows, pregnant, an othe, the process of acquiring llions of gowns of milk for millions and millions of people. It's connogrous Olo, not even kind of I agree,
now but, however, almond mokt discusseding you no drink, Thatchet dear hearty saide. This is Drofus. It's is done lkman Almons, don't have tits du not go into that water. Yeu Donl just a glass of water or Draink, some juice or something mhen, a it is just got be some benefit. The help me almonds are good for you right. But ns ore, a real problme, California echologically, because they am out of water. They flolly agree: Enn, Ni Manr. I veged the Soymok sort of my moker's choice or own lo Nonk, here ye, I'm jus, drink, watermen can. I a Agrieb, let not Ou Clast an ate datoles. I know Hime to do something about that. We bee talking forever. We gen a wiged, develop a some sort of system here. Oh, what would he recommend for us, with a Waterass Agas is brightly. A wher yo wish we'd get our water from Shwe, get filtered water sosiall we gets, Spring Water. I think filtered waters propping dead by canned or boxwater. Yea. The is his paper he Urde, Siy PIG. Dear
it. He stood o a arbage, hotter ne or Ward dorwork in a film on plastic pollution right now and we're tryenthing like how d? How do you? How do you hit's a bit, t like you look at the oceans here. Lweve had boy on Slaut on and loving a head on again. His cegars created that for ekis to Divisimy, too, were of my work. His yet LO ones for the rivers are ye seen the new ones at ease. I saw that Yana a couple weeksi oi, thick Ther yea sin something zere. He got the working PIM, but they here's the issue- I add the Boatthe I'm learning from MRS Guy Andrew Forrester, one of the wealthiest guys in and in Austria told me that it's this isn't the problem. It's that having cheap plastic made in you know. Saudi Arabia and America is being exported to this. One thousand and eleven rivers are aware of the majority of the plastic in the ocean are coming from, and it's this not recite.
The rivers is, were the plassics coming from Whenne menptto. Those there is about ten to twelve, hers over and South EAST Asia were that thou generate a lot of most of the plastic that you see how in the river, what, as o as o people orkhaso like a an indignisia, for instance, you have seventeen thousand islands, but only ten recycling plants right places to do it so Thers. You know there's no way that D n Stoward Throat, so they throw it in in the OU, know u out in the ocean bout. Your saying the garbage is in these rivers under Han Exander. The creea
of the plastic. The creation of classic comes from American, a cover for Europe and a comes from Saudi Arabia, Rivah Ass, you say so, and but the police, the the volume the most the volume is coming from these ten to twelve rivers in South EAST Asia. You have to make plastic cost enough so that the first one that they can make it recyclable so that in others differ ways to make polymers so that they can recycle it. They just at the cheapest way possible cause. They know, sat coming back rashly at the put it either yet put attacks on virgin plastic to make it valuable for people to reveal to recycle it. Otherwise great solution is hempplastic, Couls, bow degradable and comes from this plant men ew. You can make hemp plastic and can grow it an it's? An easy crop is realt. Is that scalable, yes, Hempes Hamp is so weird it doesn neem seem like it should be real fom men really. Doesn't I It's an insane plant omit it. You can make hemp Crete out of it, which is far
better than any building material. We currently use its it's more resistant to flame there's, there's just so many positive benefits of it in term insulation, insulation factors better than the wood or ply wood? It's really light way incredibly strutted years, like grabbed a thick hemp stalk of your Iver held on to one It doesn't seem real, it's hard like this oak, but yet it's light like Balsoo, it's so strange. It feels when he comes from another planet. Why MP, is an extraordinary plane for a most extraordinary point. We have first avout as all the essential Menol assets. I love Hamprotine I's one of my favourite protenes, for we salid it on it. We shall have proacing it's one of thee, very best teens in terms of being able to mix it and like a protein shake and on the go your digest its super easily and it's like with them, you know it's very easy for your body's digestive process. You can,
make oil out of it that they used to use for fuckin for heating lamps. You can cook your food in it. Ye I mean it so many different things you can do with have you can make clothing? You can make far more durable cloth far more durable. The paper is farcical. We in fact the whole reason why William Randolph Hearst demonize marijuana in the first place was to protect his business because he had paper mills and he was trying to protect it from him on the cover of popular science magazine they had come out with a decordicator decorticator was a away in the nineteen thirties. They devised to effectively process hemp fibre because for years, they used to use slaves to process Hap. Then, when they've figured out the cotton gen cotton became easier to use and then slavery became outlawed and so both shied away from hemp, while they came up with his quarter in the nineteen thirty's. It was on the cover of popular
TS magazine, hemp, the new billion dollar crop Whele, William Randolph hers didn't just own Herst publications in newspapers. He also are owned. These hew for us tho. They were making paper with so he along with Harry Ann Slinger and using his newspapers demon. As Mara wanted to stop the commodity of hemp. Yes, Noid funded did all those fuckin crazy, marijuana movies, ree I den saw that ship. That was all him. They came up with stories that these Exicans and black men were aking this new drug called Mariwana Mare, Wana, wasn't even a term for Cannabas. Marwata was a term for a while tobacco, so they up with his new name. They called it Hisdrug everybody shriaked out, because they hed nov the inner net backtone, no one at a as the real information of than Hearst newspapers, hers, publications, Shee, fluckin out and out wide and made up his cre
o stories and fonded these documentaries and then MAR Wanter became illegal and still is to this day and he still Hove knuckleheads like Joe Boden literally yesterday. That he thinks Mariwan is a gateway truck Mo were still in this bin, but forget about marijuana imagined if it wasn't psychoactive at all the idea that hemp should be a Gountil really recently in this country is a fuck in travesty, its horrific its food, its close, its Eeper does Eve make sense that it could be so many things. It's literally like one of the most positive plants, the earths ever known, Agail vote for an you should do. Net document on Thaty, Gothe, Joman, ah Jove. Fought you too late. There's a lotk talk on here. Where I stand a one hour ago I put my Fook in Instrumant post out this morning's cotievedid as we rouse abasingly it a well worded sing, saying that any one who thing
that marijuana should be legal is basically saying you be locked in a cage for experimenting with your consciousness and the freedom to tot to do whatever you want with your body that is specially with Mariwonn AF, it's not poisonous. No ones died of it ever ever in a history of Huma ace. Is there e single overdose from Merawana and this knock lad saying that it's a gateway, drug, no pain, S. A gateway drug strama is a atway drug abuse is a gateway to to drugs, not Meriwah, Marawana is just a a time, honored Sychadelic substance that people been enjoying for thousands and thousands of years they shouded from for Congrt flock that am I runi for anything, I'm not ever, from my neighbourhood, whatever the hell it is, the at IA saw Posterover Ther. Did he run for mayor that was at a joke, wuopost to thought Thiy'E supposed ol
a hunerper cent, a joke. Look am not ever running for anything ever while it was foot Tho's right next to a hundred Thompson for mayor, and I thought well may the made Ther subchet to him now as huntertops are for sheriff, but there's nothing theter Amelis AR anything. For me reel think knows. His Higder Thompson is not mean Tu Gi'M, not runnit. For anything. Ever I have three jobs and three kids I'm busy and have a lot of hobbies too many hobbies a Jumpt try to chat ship away an hobbies, but if I can get Joe Bid and shut the GOP, I'm very happy prease ask hold, there's so many people at smoked pot in this country, so crazy for him to come, against that is so Goddem dumb Haddy smoke pot on the show and still hold a conversation, Ogh Monse, o Smoga O. Don't a hard ha h, ha tis a easily do FY yourself, yo cause I'm a stoner. I know how to do it. Man been doing it forever. Look e things at I said in my instrmpost to day mere one is not for everybody, and I think it should be used carefully because said a lot of dumb shit when I've been high, I've thought a lot a dumbshed up in paranoid. It's not,
everybody, I think it should be treated cautiously, but there's a lot of benefits to it. I reallyfr We believe that it's made me more sensitive person, made me more interested in Commun it's made me more aware of how important it is that we're all connected IND that we all converse with each in a calm way. It's made me feel better about about a happy communication with people. It's me me more affection, made me more compassionate, more kind more aware know that the feeling of paranoia one of things at that Paranoi is, is just an overack spaning of your awareness of your vulnerability of all the things you've done. Exeed, lot, a lot of hats, an a cuera. Do you find this the most satisfying to the pot a YE promon may thisn't stand up. I mean this is the stand. It was more complicated right because her's got to be an inresult. If it has to be funny- or is this the beautiful thing about this is id able to expose a lot of people things like the cove. Like you in your work like an
means so many different dog sin, scientists and Astrophysisisem, an indofic doctor, Matthew, Walker, that we talked, but earlier word explaining sleep and how PO this. Really it isn't just something that you feel better. If you get more sleep notes like long r for your life. These are all gold bitter information that I think it's very difficult for people to absorb Igse, going out reading studies right. So the next best thing is reading a book. While the next best thing is me, Ving. A person wrote that book on on a podcast to talk about it and maybe not even the next best that you might be the best best thing because it it's absorbable, it's conversation with people and it's to me, I've I've gotten a fantastic education from it, to being able to talk to thousand a brilliant people, or or hundreds at least brilliant people and pick their brain and in just with genuine curiosity. Just ask them questions and you know
breathe their book and en try to have like a like to try to have an understanding of it like in and try to when they come on. The show try to get THA to fill in my blanks and in turn educate the any omn things. It may be little be Compar Comple complicated for the the comprehend and its history me, its sum it's something that was poletely unexpected? I didn't ever plan on doing. Thus, I just doing it and they just cannot became what it is now. So it's very satisfying that people like it in one I talk to people, they say you mean, I can't tell you e ill Runn into Thits hedencs. I changed their life ax changed their perspective, Temand O. So many people to said he enough once I started, I was con, be Onder the Joseryman, the show DY said IL got a see his pack at this bet. I spent two weeks just that as by day, job is like listen to you know, Interviewstit Yo'Ve done O Justto felt totally captivated and envious of the position at urine to be able to have people and the
but a wide range of stuff. When I do a film, it's it so targeted that I'm UNAM needing them to fill in a blank lean answer to. I need two or three. So I might, I might talk as long but as it's this ina I've got this list of the shopping list of things. I need to cover and hear you You just have a conversation as Ye Aas, a thought is a lot different in, as that seems like a lot more fun is a. More fun like when you said the beginning. F, the cyclicone research HO be done, prepare for thes my fortunately I get to pick who I talk to and for You I men, I knew that you had directed the cove and that the subject of dolphins has been a musich by a huge on my two thousand sixteen Netflick special, but an experience it I had when oi Hawai Hawaii high as fuck on edibles and we ran into dispatch a wild dolphins. They were playing with us.
Playing with us in weten we were yelling like yen. They would jump o the Wone an to flips for you. They were putting on a show- and I BR member having this thought. I coolly shed their play. With us. These are these wild creatures and their having with us, another sardone, Aless research on dolphins and dolphin commune. Tion I became assess with dolphins because one I mean I'd, been fascinated by them before, but I became truly obsessed and the was this Experi nwas, more then ten years ago, and Nstan I'e jist a been overwhelmed and an also massively disheartened by just in M, by films like yours. And by seeing sea wirled, and by seeing what was going on a marine land with my friend Phil. When we've had him on a bunch of times to talk about his,
since we may have done everything, they can to try to silence that GUI and stop him from revealing all the horrors of that place, but slow but surely he's ot a massive impact on that places, business to the point where they're trying to just get him shut up, and he won't. He won't men and he He mean here on the inside of the trainer and did all that stuffed so for me to be Bable, to someone like you am it's it's a e know it's! I love the fact that we can get that out there. I appreciate it now. A an but's, we no swimming with dorphins in the while Ther out Ders a the the memory lot over in with with our team- and there was three groups a resident a said, Sotor o their hang outhere all the time he get to recognize them and we are playing with him in the more you play with them. The more and spin around the more you can ot that the more excited they get here
They could only do it for so long and remember once that we're doing it, we, finally, how we we t, schooners and without wealth, the more. If so, is that often looks at you and you can't you look like fur like an a wheel chair not even tans, right round HO hilt Shick can get around pretty had balyo in the water. We just look like yet wort this pitiful he ads. Can I be entertained so long, but the scooters we feel we could engage a lot longer and then all of a sudden this took off and the assertd that you led alexevus. You are your high from the experience of being with them in the wild and they took off that we saw that they were is about an eighteen foot, long hammerhead, They were taking turns ramming away from us. Why? Ah so it was like. Not only were they playing with us, they were protecting hush wew. That must been wild o'r seen an eighteen foot, man hammer had whole Yasha cazzeded they disappeared into the blue, and then we could see them are
meente sing. The dolphins were big YO mean Ther. You know knot quite as long as this table, but Ther Inother Poppy three to five hundred pounds in Ther, Migbe, seven feet long and they tiny next to this shirt, why that's wild that is wild Dhat every occasionally see a the du drone footage off of the Coasta Malevo and usie like a great WY swimming around there. Just a few hundred yards away from Sur for Ahame and my son does hat Wat drones. He deels out as kayak and Foot Infilms um, my friend Peter Peter, he say yah he's done a bunch of like He endurance things to want a thinks. He did. He swam, ah EK, swam to all the islands in. Why and a what were to prepare for He had to do a lot of swimming the Eagile in San Diego and swimming in the coast out there, and
He was swimming literally boose it would he sae like a coupleof days after I got a bit an half on my god. Yes, I think WA's Justec and I wasn't scared why Thenme is a little freaked out, but it was. It was a few days of VA one one o the gas you got bit and half doninson. Iego! Oh, when Dothis hat the San Diego incident? Nus say it was ten years ago somewhere the neighbourhood ten years ago, and then there was in one in Santa Barber that happened about four years ago, four or five years ago, ye occasionally they slip think of persons, a seal or something e know. Most was the time when have I haved a doe with lot of sharks before it is that ye could only eat it,
you should only get em round you if your feedin him Nes, Viel so or HAW orgales, is so unnatural iz. I won't do it any more, but till we are grant n Ancesterc just it's is not. I couldn't be rounded there's some friends of mine that were were feeding it. Pinofi drna feed and I was olwars about a fifty yards away and as thadies the one to be part of it nows his filming on the reef and these silver tips came over and on. I donother excited by Tet Ouse Haddok, a camera with the stropes on it, but they just caim in the relic tha. Jimmy and I had a rebreather at the way down with a rebreather, so you can scream so I started screaming as loud as I could through this thing, but it's pushing pushing them off and they were like working together. You could see it was like PAC, you know when we go by this way so Heataly. I had these these lights with these Leke Octipus EF forelights on it, and I could push him away but then, ah one of the the guise that we had brought over to
had and lured him away that they were to stub. It was Heleret as cause. They were excited by Y. No, a the feeling Oe there. So I yet. I only want to be in the water these days when Peopleare Feedin Sharks Wis this no joke. When you are under the waterat, the SAT Yer isalic, it is run to run up a tree now place to GSS. No, where to go, you feel helpless and that's their natural environment and that's what they're. Therefore, there there clean up as weak. Aning is focked up mending. You know an he seel a get caught slipping there there there population control mean Theis, a hertlic of really powerful Vidio off. The trip I was seen enough of fishermen's wharf in San Francisco Lom much o Rser there, a home, this grey White Snatchas a seal right in front of everybody in just just Nderous, explosion of blood and foam in the water and like Floe ianstwered couple miles, for I look haha mean there their magic. That's at
crazis beast touchsustes me disanvoydee me to day to go out on then be with great ways, not diving disturb just to watch. Just t watch there's a crazy vidio from a think it was the Cape o somewhere on the Cape cob Whithers Ike, a twenty foot one next to a boat and the Theseguise, ah, where it were in this boat. In this si this great White Dist swims right up next semind, hey, stark, fuck and scream, freakin out in it's enormous. It's like twenty feet. Long. They only Loighter Ocha, if you don't feed, em, they're, usually fairlue. If YO. If IV, if yer feedium or of your spirit, Hunning, then Whe'Ll come Neary. They're dangers for spare Hunter's rank Yeh Hood is us record breaking near for sharks off cape cod. Ye apparently tie's a lot of the mouth there. Now what you think that is that, because of a a large number of marine mammals or pordrones. We can axll see him now. I fa AIAA Ye right, Bere, that's true, Noh
so listen man, I Hant. I thank you for coming here. He is E. Very cool with Ha Hundr had onversation en. If people want to see to cove its available a on Ba a that's, a good question or Thaking Theu Stillsiidon on Igh tunes, you can buy it ah Resumn Efflics, a not in Et Flck. No, but I tunes Tvellv there. A Re Amazon can get on EMS on him out racing extinction is a lowbit harder on not sure weeking at that one, but that's, I think, thats better than the co Otheways Fouquet Olchegenot on o watch it the coae was pretty powerful. Ten ye. Well, thanks! F! Thank you! pleas, your things you' bein, here Hanks for Aveme Sire, ready, thank o ebody fortunate to show, and thank you two, our sponsors. Thank you to movement, a move, watches dope, watches Sun, glasses, all kinds of cool ship, blue light, filtering glasses. I'm be
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