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2019-11-22 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a comedian, tour guide, and host. His podcast "The Tim Dillon Show" is available on YouTube & Apple Podcasts. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4woSp8ITBoYDmjkukhEhxg
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of lessons taught by the world's best. So again, thatS master class dog, calm, Slash Rogan for fifteen per cent off master class, my guest to AY is a fluck and hilarious. Stand up. Comic he's always gettinto trouble because he's so naughty. Please give it up for the great and powerful Tem Dillon G Rugan experience JY my nage you'll Rocke, Wock AF, my mine, He Plazan gentle, the present of the Megnacaliphantno man, reflected it makehing Machany, the president of the Megamekan Fesh. She loched out to ITN he's blocked me. No, she blocked me I I I didn't tagger in the Vidio, because I'm not that Edact I why? But I did You know I mean I put it out there into the world, she's, not thrilled Probab I know somebody that knows her pretty well and they said that she is not happy with my
piction of her. She did, though, after the first fidio she lost a lot o wait. So much put it back on dead and it's yo yo with her Showon she dets sooner I get tinners. I can do her and o sheep plumps up. I plump back up So that's where we're rat is it. I just cond a mirror, her num, how uncomfortable she's I would y. We you not sometimes go back to New York to do shows. I imagine like what, if restaurant, and I see her yen out what would do what would a meaning be like what is I have know real ill will is comedy. It's is Comeda. Yeh she's, just she's a big public figure, she's, a big public figure. And she behaved sometimes in a in a ridiculous way. H call its of a self made woman Iam these are things that are insane. Yes, that's me this is YO. I you know she's, not self paid and listened she
LUT. I love that she loves Yor dad, but there's a limit to the constant. You know if you want people to forget that Judad is the reason you have the job. You can't bring him up every five minutes, so you don't you think, she's enough. A Burille pickle, oh because That show is how she makes a living. So she's on that show, runs of Yor that shew. That's are ond of things. He got to talk about absolutely, but I was save she toned it down a little bit ton it down. You can't ton it down. Thow there off see one thing'sabout, those showdes that shose ridiculously this conversation we're having yet are easy. It's young an me, that's it! I let you talk you. Let me tal right talk. We express our soright no Probam Forat's o got DEM sound. It's it's a fight, that's of the giant battles, and you have a great and agree with a lot of great intellectuals that are battling out all the things you know choice. They aren't, will people
Bur. These are brilliant people who we need to hear froth, yes, and they speak in three minute clips, but the eyes like the shell on, like Rosie Donal, would de Wanis to talk about cower, seven. That was great. That was FIE us that she wll be fun. She. Was that I was interesting, would rosiesd just go on an start, Talkin be Tower seven and it was like all. This is a fun morning. Shall this is a b c morning. It's a little wacky, yes and I'll, get on board for the as they'd take her off with at. Did she not get along with Ho Motheyn, I mean. Do you gro from Survivorr yeah Elizabeth Hassle. Better rose used to fight all the time she's like one of them, HOT Fox NEWS, fembat type, errs a that used to do Redt Eye on Fox NEWS, which Wr three: a m Theywould bring like all these hot blond would sit in the green room and they would be nice and, if, like Tellahanci ha ha ha hahe Theywould get on FA.
Red Eye, and then the camers would turn on and they would start owing Syria, an oudlike Syria Whatth Do you know about Cyri? I mean, but a just go and go we and it was funy. You know that was a fun shovit. His red eye was. I on at three a m yes and but he really watched it and nothing you said, would get recorded like OU. Wouldn't there ould be no or anything she could cortages go wild for a while for a while shook edians like me, who had no knowledge or background knowledge on anything dot's it, and I would R. Like a jacket's, you wouldn't know, I guess you would, commeding under me, but not always, and I used go on that and you say whatever I wanted to an I be sitting next to John Bolton, haha ha ha ha ha, haha ha and they didn't pay you they wile to settle you a card wherever you are going, then I just come on a see whatever thehewl I wanted and in a new studio? Yes, so that was like a fun
but that's what I met a lot of thise fight and by the way, they're all fun people. Oh ye have they're all fun Peape, I think there's a business in bein a fimbad and I don't begrudge them like. I don't begrudge a body builders who ere on Instogram Rido, I mean light riled. Is the Moneyou absetnd? What we a would take Hur through this, an Ah them Guis either. You know, I just think, there's businesses yeand. We have to recognize that Thu look allot of people who are really right. Wing like women and th like hot blond, women with yacht heads, really not in emigration. Then, emigration. They hate him a gracio but they's like a Flockin market for them. If you Aven'T told me Larin YE, he had started, I guess with a ancalter and mu glory, Sother and more in southern of Alada as much a new ones now attractive women that are a yachto follows closely because it it starts to feel like youre. In a loop, yes Sich, I Fol with the news that you 're in a loop while the best one in my opinion, is candas. Owens,
because Candidya Yak as they bring her into these conversations, and they underestimate her. You don't hev seen that Thes urtl a rate thing, and I forget who did it, but it was her and kill er MIKE it was a. It was a ob, a a panel that may be Hedid. He sponsored or something D. It was a a panel WI of thought, ters in the black community and she was on it toa, Waz on it was a re and a on the girls from Blackleye's matter. It was really interesting. Conversation can his Ry, smart, o shesvers agree with her on Summ rine. She says, but she's very Inells yen, hear it is Yetua Mik ADD's context to tea. Inlcanus owns revolt e SEM a summit. Lord Jinny was, I think, in a front. Rouch is competing in accusing Arasest. You know what do you mean? You can can't tell the different yacht um and then Canus was also on something recently where some white woman was a professor, a toher of saying something: Raisest and she shot that lady down so hard eh because Soike she would say that she was laughing at something and
the woman said. The woman tried to er and shame her for what she was laughing at Shis, a Gurnal, I'm laughing at you Why I'm laughing at what you're say you should have? We can't play it right? No, we can bly. If we play it will Billyou Farckin get pul off you two, but Itsef is she shut Ed out, and there was also that that asian congressmen he tried some stupid Hertill ye shut him down Shao down when he tried to take her at a context in front of her like she, we had a defend, or so it's also interstead about people, Ike Candes owns and people. They just live in a battlecrau. Oh yes, she's ACS to go to war, ry things they wake off, nuddles up they. I'll, get water on. If I could never live like that, I'm Slichd out o bed like Ne Gea, RA she's ready. I could never like to me to get up every dangle who Whai Awreck right. I just couldn't deal it but the unater in real life, so ik she's, a nice lady, a yea, Ver Alazemar, but there like iny, meaning a culture, they're all very nice and then but they've always
they're, just ready, Dake there they live in the combat jog. Tut look were talking about her in more than a milliong people. Cano hear this thruttle, this she's doin the right thing. She as she asked like in that and that's a business just like you, talkin, shed about Makin, MA, Kan rack out of a business or I you'd ever talk Oshid by your pretending to be pot. Mean to be her, I'm I'm I'm I'm stealing her essence o or get up before that kind of what I'm doing and Dum. When did she hell en in in Ditchibarkin Jupay Dantion, you know dey, I didn't check every day, but I think we's somewhere after the first Fidio, which was you know, but really really fond one, and she didn't like that. Thing now nervous about is with t all the new you two brules can ejust decide to get rid of my account. For or did you say it's not commercely ball. Yo. Don't have a reall problem with that, because I'll got ta make you fronasam on the right interested, but I do kfone of people in the left me Ite. I did of Idua our pretend to be the agent of the climate girl, Gracanber and Ecase. I Mih
and neglect even laleter. A jewho's way out at Luly Plan play that play that AAS that I had Plaintre it's on night, some, a YU, Twu chattel in it teach ERS on Insegramet Andnose aji TI veer whatever, but SA I iecause. I want ha fuckled everybody, yes, SAS at Isg, thumber, let's be on a shasome good point: Butloo, it's a little creepy the little creeping while like how will the she she's on for me to say that about Shilik fourteen. Yes, she could be. Fifty too, though, yes, its creepy lumbs, were all turned on my teven. She was like dare you and I' Likewell? Why are we starting there, but there's something about her face too 's, like sutits Halmostly. I owe hear the story I fest it had a thing. Potentially there was a grapple that a adopted child from Russia and they, though, that a child was a a little kid and had turned out, she might have been already they don't know how old she was. She try to kill them.
She scared there was na fuckin Harr bor we do use. I not tell her story is Nhot ter adopting a little kid. Like a Yessix year, L At'So Fuckin Thirty year some sort of a Medabal Thisiask will that serves you right for trying to be a due gooder? You knowe never do anything again for anybody not he'll, never do one to AG the Husit'Ll try to break it out. Shouls I tock you has at Yo Almos GE me kill yer, I ment it. I mean the idea there are magets dressing. The children and trying to borrowing. Family so that they can wake up in the middle Nightand kill them. Dow is truly the funniest thing that has happened in onbli she's, Nat, hactically Amidget in don't ses. Something else. Will she 'll give me whatever she was. She is like a growth disorder that keeps her like. Looking like a small chid, you see there was a vivial recently where it looked like a kid, was getting thrown off a batara L Yeoed as just a t wasidm. It was up like a little parsy. I was just thrown off a body was tatt. Was it was a scamp like I say ay a wikey are IND. I both got duped. I've got to
my friend taxs me. Tho go there's a mad o fowl midget tha, just hav thrown off a box in his hilari. If he was the funniest thing ever when, when a Nzips, the hood and hes seed is like grown up Fayes, a woman who looks like what the fox I ust think ye were in on it. No out of the day knew Thet ony outside ye. Now I think the guides threw that guy off the buson that was the Scamp he had then the food. Who is this the little person in the hoodie he was in Thayaskaam and her r I and ie him on Tescambut. I 'll think the Peop on the street were at of so now. What happens when that Wen knit, when the wind's these little people wake up, and there like activated Tholl, I cam get to kill the family. How do they trt Ic Cl? While this lady she was threatening, she was threatening. Ll the family, they were really wory that shoes giv en do that. Suc she's, Gota, poison, ember, some like thatt haha, has the scary stuff. It is a harm of because you know you got to think who knows what kind of abuse this little kid had gone through, wax thirty
rise as a little kid through in Russia. You know, oh yes, Foster Holmes and Foster care and in the arfolk in ruthless soif he's rough as rough. I imagine. Not the best place to grow up as a person with a disorder wats up Jammie. I I feel I come hearing. Are you say that an Russia was a russian kid com. Us yes, Yan. Look at this has happened in Indian, the Atsex Yukrainian Kidm that see Vrain is Potd a Russia. Ah, took her. Isn't it they hainsome one that you have selln your sow, yet you yands fine. They had of their rudely years before they found figured Thefowl. Oh my god, what kind of Woter HO three years of nice. I could a nice memory or zaut good. Isn't it odd to look back and be like remember when we all went to Disny world know their pobular Cate of this spitchesn't Growan? I think they said that she was be in the article that I read. I think they were actually like. They would wake up and sear like standing at the door. Like I think ot were things tat. She did that Yeh very, very bad Woul E. What is she look like the of an image of her? I'm tr,
Mht. I saw a picture of her Alla A sure she go to jail and has real weird looking, but she didn't look like a little person. She looked like a young person who was very stray here. I man. I hope she finds another family. I don't se doingness to different families. Beore ever o in this booche's life was so bad that she needs do this, let her do it cannot do to the wrong family Gan. I eadt you to the Worl. You do to the wrongfait, absolutely a ya. It's it's I worry about that that, were you two because I say is it you build a whole career. You build the people that Hart your fans. They want to see comedy an sthought that like OCA, not Ce Bable, to do this on Thyk main stream TI thee, but these are Onny Things Ar Kin Delicius Lorter o my god. She does look okat, so it is a little person. She's looks like to buhilh range. It's not a you G, the one down the middle, the middle on the lower countly o that that's terrific, tha ater, that's terrifying! He creening
child she might have, but is AL, so Hurringain a kill, ya Whan. She get et a Guestk in the middle of a night or SOS Yor Fock in Yan. An that's true brow. There ye are thirty at's creeping is Somethin Weir thy, though T Lookat. Yet that's so strange, Unadopt Fongs, oh my gir ha Abotta strange, get that one there ow that would win. You curses on Luk that one thou intfreece me out cause you belike Sumton's wrong, You would never think that was a murderous young adoll. I is either eight or twenty two that ever on was talking about um. I don't think they think twenty two now I think some peoil think as old as thirty, and I think the youngest they think she is as sixteen and there's no records, could prove in her. They don't with the forks. You know id's, o Jeaderiad. She had adult to ha ha haha, hah, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well, guess what you Hadt! well, that's an indication that I mean never see doctor or o alls grobecca colessi. She appeared, showed Dal TA.
To alleges that after an atalia began, acting out violently attacking a baby boy, pushing Christine into an electric fence and making death threats the family, psyche. Adjured health healthcare officials, including the Barnett's primary care physician, who performed a bone density test, and a clinical therapist retreated to tell you leave her to be an adult impersonating, a child holy Fuffa Yomage, when you're in the doctor's Offind o telling that time they Osis Sey, do a bone. Denci Testin the Ane Kidgest sitting there yea. I turns out in a fully! Imagine why, onion and year you ready to hear Lhat she's got cancer, a brain to aimageind to go actually yer eraising a thirty year old from D. U crane! Look this! In two thousand twelve, a judge approved the NET's application to have Natalia's date of birth officially revised to September fourth nineteen, eighty nine, officially changing her age from eight to twenty two shortly after they rented Italian, an a
artment, that's nice and placed her under the supervision of an indian estate health care provider. So she could ceive psychiatric treatment as an adult that's an aluse ind! Handing hands move to Canada, they left the country, but dey ree en a pie and left the cu. Christie Bornet then moved to Canada LA son Jacob, and they can a rested child prodigy prodigy, about whom she wrote. Oh, that the parent yen, it's her parent ye. No, the barnet, er, the Barnet Dother with the ones you would a Adoptright, so Christies a wanet, but she took so she left husband and Wiev to Canonoter forse, not foh. Well, that's Statt'Ll. Do it's a
thing for Marriaget to survive a Surviv E Renning, a Un Adult YAP. You ran it in a doll for Lomely years goin to kill ye pretending to be a kid pushing you into Elactric Fencei Feelike Theyhe, that a dinner, and they said whatever in our marriage made us think this was a good idea. We should just separate. Will you they get arrested for abandoning her in that apartment? Why the story goes furtherfou! Oh, my gan, two thousand nineteen, asecures and tip a canoe. India, that's yeur, Nember one rob in my hair Jusa noon. Indiana brought formal charges in neglect against the barnets. Now, divorce, an affidavit of probable cause for two thousand fourteen provided by re Arry twenty nine refers to test performed by Paytont Manning children's hospital. Two thousand thirteen that seem to contradict earlier medical reports. Wouent Natalia's age investigators at the time found the talliest ca,
that she was ukrainian child who had been abandoned by the barnets credible, but Michael Barnet's attorney told the daily mail that the charges have been filed because another couple perhaps convinced by Natalia that she was a minor had pati. Become her guardian on my God. Yo try to rope. Another fanshe is a Cun she's good, explaining that tall YO was living on her own and a couple wanted to become her guardians thinking she was still a child. The couple tried to overturn the two thousand twelve result, so they tried to overturn her ockan age at Gane doctor again, despite new tests commissioned by that couple, the court upheld the original result which maintained that tile. He was in a dult. The couple later dropped their guardianship petition when she tried to kill them wow now? What Lear is they er? That last part, where is the o where's, the Taly tit Ot, where a were now to curtly unknown her age
mains, the subject of much in Dobash Sheis touring with Skippy from family Yarhd ha ha. They Jems, Calmy, Clubsy Connecticut, is she's on the blues, clothes that are Sheis she I mean listen, you know, that's a guest! You ounhto, get a guest, that girl, I would have Somehone in the Roomo THA gone. He set her on a stack of falm books. I might have minded Tost. I might have be gone. You sa it, pin your home e, she might ye o. You may foufrit you, my meana. She might be riding marshal or on the houses. I have real ca yes or understand. Is it is wild? When you could, you think? Could you ever get dup like that Ar Yo can get do Viere if some really really really good and you're tired, Eyankee Wir the Worsa work. Yoo Har, I workin hard YO jest drank a little bit. Maybe your on somantie to presence about your little lupee hi wondered the parents yhoul like how good of patch are we writ?
for three years, we didn't know that we had a thirty rold Cyclopath living in our house. It maybe we're not. The best at this she's got a bush that was Il Theahe, that she had Fulligorge a dull belief. Adulty e death's ran so where for how you make a death horoite? When you look, I coald kid like that. Would he I mean it's greatly. Chulky ye Hav, o rdoes. What it is fire you are kill ye do. Chucky was tariff, Chuckyou at people say. Sometimes I look like Chacky, which is not Nini gon through Ther. I don't people mean I agree, but there's a lot of people an you. Two elect E, just Legt it fly. You should no w to let if your autl there that's D. I know it. Sometimes I di I don't a bat dat I find a ll two famous to read you to Crommen. I read this stuff and sometimes is brutal YE it's of Gimes I'llance like never an u to but somethings on Iji and so Grama answer and say some back. I one guy said some to me once and I sent some back. My wet cause. I looked at his GE and it was just his chick holding abunch other people's kids. So I said why? Don't you a
Pregnate your Girlfrend, so she does Nhouvh to run round other people's care so's wild and then they deleted my comment well and he was going after you. He was nown affey. I went back at em and they deleded Himd. They deleded my comment. This is world we're living it now. Well, you shouldn't. It was ppropriate for me to go to his page well's YE nasual? That was wrong. That I did ask counterpunching yetr I Wis is by was trying it. You know this is my job here you get em, it got to go ya, you better like I understand people that are sitting in a job somewhere sit in a cubicle angry and they see some one like yourself or like me or Anythin Jamie, I'm sure he gets hate to yet. I just get Fock. Angry. Maybe you said something but I say some stupid all the time he too and then they went. I come Getc YE. They want a. To or Maki Felix Ucham awful yes, im really mean is sometimes e cat here, sometimes a's gay, but I would rather give them that
This is what I rush. I feel I'd rather let them let them have it. Let it dot say it. Take your sha. Take no. This is how I feel I am nice o personal right like I get it like. I used to be me a when I would a mean I used to be you when I was a a young and coming up, but there was no innernet to do this. If I had the ininnet, I garen't teach you, I would have said some herende. Ridiculous shit on Twitter, Instagram face right. You two comments. No doubt we all would if everybody would have yet. I don't want to read them. I don't want them. I don't want them to upset me and I don't want to be upset at them, and if I see them, I don't want to They said it because it's not real right. It's not real la It is the real thought and they did write it, but they don't really know me right an there's and Newl Hout of it is just it's fonr sometimes and issues upon the somebody in they'll go and they are totally like they'll, say some nasty now responded. It'll go kidding level, ocast norm ands.
They just want Interactionno and that's why they said that I looke like a potato skin. Well, that's jus, fuckin. It peopye AR angry men more like people's lives, suck Yeall. A lot of people is not great right. Now, no ajel, and even if it was not not even of the Economiyes doing better Rite a vast majority people are not toing what they want to do with their live yen. The in inmost people at some point, yeur life having and I'm sure you Vy Shobs, like that lit a huckin tear mo solutely with op in they've, opened an that feeling frustration when you see some one on new to it, its so easy to say something gross and Weeld What is comics, you know, yet you kna wee because we'll see somebody Wi'Ll see the trail or for somebody special or whatever, and will be like a Ye Yes, like White Wor, we shouldn't be focusing on now, but it's too much it's a lot of fun. Yes to commiserate with people. Yes, in the shared hatred of something and some of well like yourself, you veilsed our pickin up little Stee Aseder, recommending it it's fine showin you ye, Abrigendef dim MIS, your fanny that make him Mc Kandoes
Sauwager, Yaye Yat, that's Trook, my favorite comed is just when some one will write he's fat. That's my davoer come ET. Some ole whan he's fat three hundred likes. Thank you. I appreciate. I appreciate that only oesn't, even sound like right, YE, a Tavel, an plash, an right sounds like him right. Yet I went to see ya while I was working with the auto and George way back in the Dagya when Iligatis a right, oh ye ya, and we were a we're workin at a Dangerfields mananthe and the Chosom lady he's e know he would atto. I'm had a pup named George, and he would do the Impminal tha. We we work the pup in the publics. They flocked up things, and auto biloque how ye sayin that that's terrible and ou. I Wirh this lady gone his lips, a movin Ruhah ha ha ha ha ha haha, Casy, Yol, rearly, Stryyo LA I was like the words of Ventrul Ehit. He was NE returnagenty. The we was JI to do that at all. He moved his lips and she came.
To Traid on the joke. Here that Papa say in the most hurrendous Fock got ridiculous jokes and she his lips, a Movia Ixcitid? Yes, they were. They were amazing. Man that to me is like so funny how somebody could just n on something like that, while the entire audience s laugh- and that is a good time- Bu Gees out a great tors lips, a moven dinot real ha right. She thinks she's focussing on the important part and that everyone else has a wrong right here. The other three hundred people that are dying on the floor, a row by his MOUT Su lines. The mouth was honour me a lunge. The mouth goes up and you Coul see what ha line. Ah, it's not a real mouth. I love it. That's fake! I mean it's tukh, you know you what we do and you know You'R Ovou seen the big big, Genty', Nebbel when iwases in HA club as past, we KEN Inna, say it's an is
in time in the country to get a bunch of people in a room, pour alcohol all over them in Hus. Let him goyet because had eat or nomette what I say if I Shay Trump CRI she and my act is not polit I'll mention things are going on. If jokes and as soon as I say, tromp some of the row wo and some of themost are booing ye ye and my Kise. That's not this I'll, just yer to make a joke about your this yo, So this isn't a rally, I'm not taking your temperature, it does it matter and they just there hammered and they're ready to jest. Let you know where the ract Lhere. Now it's Sissiga, it's a weird time for discourse, Wruning Whar time for I, but for people shoutn things out to because people think their opinions more important, Thas ever been before, because of social mediam write or you expressing themselves right and I be lettin into some crowds? Now I mean, I think, there's just a bute Ye'D have some perverse pride and I can o Putin YE through it. Yet linera
like yeees or animals, Whif Flunck, an animal tis that huge aplage Graiy. We gag you ye. Now. I was like word of the hand out tickets to the Shoulden urgent care to know they love it to clap at yenada. So whalther, oking for something that's different than most of which are getting on television and in web sides. Yegettingnis fuck in politically correct, woke, nonsin right. If people were Acting at love, YO, Harley's angels fought you, term me oter on. I thoghkt you, I get woke, go broke that's what he dare Sayin now the like Det Don with Ther Ye Ar done YE people whuld sick of it. An this business pupil rose the business wore in dozen of a soul. They don't care so if the Lee Thet's going to swing back the other way. Oh ye. He caused make it's money. A joker did great yes, These things do well in that's a foct up, moods of Ut Movina was great and I think I mean, but you don't rose Han twenty five million people tuned in
the premier of Rosante. Do you know how much money that must have cost a b c to fire her for that Allah? It was outdumb um and mean it took me a while to convince Hir on the Partcast yea. W should suppose to do a long time. Agone. Do we hav fuck in camera, Cruws trying to get to my House phrase cruis outside our old studio, where we used to be a ryigh madness ma'am he was, it was crazy. Andl, that's TOT one thing by the way: extremely insulting and fuckand, stupid and archaic. Do you think you'd just find me a when a talk to you, rind o a cam in front of me now, yet your fuck in rudimentary interview, skills ye, you get a bet! Go! You got me d here. Helet me give you my statement. Tor a gortele scoop for a you Kan stay abut a ship. You can't talk, he can't put on your hair to you old. Will you just walk by them? I might e managed SEN talking YO right, Yad. This is not how you. Don't just show up to get an interview. You schedule it through Wright, pet off for a howl. As you have a channels ye you know Hor to do it they ount to do it. They just think tit can to be like. This is news. You Kaisar
Arcaic you're, not even real, yet LI could I's, got shock and shawme and does anyone care as anyone Kis your real money? In that any more as you hell money and just in Peber having sue she does anyone care? Oh I'm sure some people care with the Websides Sto eye click and on T Tamsey makes a ship lie. Any other comics, sometimes to take pictures of Famis Peoplye O go what he' Doingis not doing stop doing now. No one wants that duty for the grand a worse thing in the world you have just a picture of the famous person is miserable. I can ask you for a picture of the year LI night lets hi, ah she's, worse thing ever a yellow turnents. I KGO. Don't do it don't yo WOT people like to be associated with some one is called yea yea head a pictu with Judgefhome from Quins's stone ages like a cool ling. I guess is me yet, but that these people puln up were like nineties, said: sitcoms Thrie out of an audience. It was only commicide life on the street RO and the blockades men. I might let him be it's ice, Ty Yeh. What let I s he's Coblong is Der Wrapper, he's not cout forever. Is it so weird
Never am a mat of Agan Kapkiller YE, her a Soncl Coptil he's a good he's, just a good tee v comp yer. You know that shows go to be Sol, sucking now ye I, but you us can't waiyt to spend I think after a while, it becomes just a's a routine job that, like anything else and no one cares any more like en other, shows that we all his comics do that are just routine jobs, o ye hae things which you show up in their lak Oke Yere. We go and hear the topics and makes sim jokes, and then it's like bumble bome. I knowbut at a certain point time you got to be cop plaind, your escape. You got Enoug Money Lyke when I was on right season, five o fair factor I', never thinkin! I don't know how much longer I could do. What was it about it? That was it wih too mache prepetitive. It was the same thing over novergan we did a hundred and forty eight episodes Wray. It was just at whiles, just like Jesus Christ, whom the animal dick Cany serve people Ry Howy Times you throw him off billdard yer. Yes enough, Sai Aferain, it was just a
Mato money to get you to come back? Do that or something like that? I did come back an drackhousand and eleven. I came back, but I didnow I giden hav much money back then and also It was a lot more money than I got the first time. It was like a big deal because they were Goot. While the thing it was Ohi Alsoi, don't member bout, the money part but abig deal at was going to come back, but I immediately regretted it look immediately else. I called my got have a job again but Taff I do, but I had. I was just having Cho rin. Then you know I go. I want e tat YE. My gedes were real young and iows like I need like when you have a kid. I had old, her daughter, but out of the right paid from also that who could de think about two children and you think about two children that are like at the time two and one he like all my.
Odlike. This is som. This is serious yalki I have to May of eighteen year Ehave to make a llattama ANA think, like all the money I squirled away from the original season, a fair factor that took care of my family for a long time in a pobio k but felt a disoverwhelming responsibility, squirrel away more more money, more more moned than once a sirtd doing. Ouls, like Almy rather's, a mistake: yes, Tis, a mistake: you like Tis, Sis, crazy and WI, could don't like it Ye Wi and then we get cancel Cous. We serve AP JEZ. Who is that the final straw, Yeh Lizat thee is the other drink donkey come, and that was it. That was too much that was at interesting, he saved me? That was when he had the moral majority back Dan and they would. This was a problem. Thay glaunss, what all the censorship came, primarily right from like right, winged groups, I'm Sord a yes, I surighe, the O Mammud was it Bab in Mnashan. This is, does fr a lovely return, o Kai, but what it was was a the show had
get more and more extreme and was very dangerous. Like he was freaking me out, Rikas Zum. They were taking a lot more crazy risks. Like one of em, you had to a a yado, a set of keys, and you at your partner was handcuffed to a tree and they are attached to a bongy core that was attached to a flucking Hellacropter O Kane, a hellcafter Wus had his bungy cort taut, and there flying in the sky. Above a giant canyon, I mean Wey. The fuck up there right see got these keys and your work in these keys and the idea Osf the first Personto get the Keylock open right. You unlocked the thing in their tron, the Prachis shooting in this KY and RI member seen em going. What? If something snaps where something breaks you ever watchd some one follow their death like what the fucker we do. In e, you just have a bunch of executives gone. Ah, they just make a face. You know, they'll just go YO, not great. I had a joke about that. They wegan a kill, saw and they,
guns down. Then blaming on the terrace. We don't let the terrors take away. You have your yaknder, he fledoy back with Mario Lopez Ino, which his choker. I was always joking, around Ou Mara, Lopuzc Did you ever feel weird? Morally about icause? You have these people thay're comin in that are Putin themselves in these positions. No, because I would have done it, I would av got it when I was broke, ouwt eat and a Adeck Olethropuke, my face rife s, people Taf, we know Wi'Ll, do it now. Oh you don. I funny now anony the works of the store. Yet we'll all do it. Nouant in the lot was of money, and there was the idea that they could do that an ill. Moved on to Cridial one's axing, move it on to a real career, Osf Michael YE, Michael Yos It was on season one of fair factor, Epizi WAN ever some ones each morning and he's Ac Clasiacomic er. Yes, confidently it doesn't doin really last Wild IST filled Especial he's a really good God. That's great, really funny he's Ilarias Somebhrin's of mind, start on Tirfac to Huntrebzo YE one, a EE hundred Fortyeight episodes. Three people bsovia. I remember I tested for reality, Shon food NET work and they
d me on Shat for bet of an hour and they were like yet this is not. I said I should like three things in a Cameran. They got none of this willever. This is not Tata What is to say he hoped they were jut spacically like it was called hot spots and know. I tell What you think a hot spot is: what's a real cool hot by Nowjelie a had s. Is when I try to get into it. The Matre deed tells me to kill myself ha ha ha ha ha fa an they go, ol Kable. Let's do the joke again, but, let's not say, kill yourself on my Blats TE. Jo, cried so they like Jt maybe say something like when I againn they say no on on my kible, that's night. Funny. Sho then tried to work around that a bunch of different ways, and I would just keeps in things and you could tell the which he's gett in Fushtry no words Thit Wouldnot Wark Lovey the of comedian too, like we love the idea of having a comin to spice it up and then, when de riall committing to Lhat. We don't want to. Well, then the But if I can, I am with like three tracks: yea there was
a reeled down the Middle Gof Yen allot a lane change and, as I was making fun of like we have all the archetycts to the food. Now arpeat likely the fat southern woman. There was supplosed to be pauligrym, you came in she's like I've ever had a red neck, grill cheese, and I thin this woman can explode unsaid and an I coud. They said you can be playful with each other. So is This Womans can explode on, sat Nicgo, Odooi Tod behold on in, like you said, we could be playful we hade the asian woman whos she just tooked about well mess. Shes again, Ejust. I want to be whole and I be one and it Woal to be wallet and then Yis show every you know you hade the g fary lick. You know, there's a million shafts that think They'Are bordain to think it profound, but in reality they're just makin, fuck and Gil cheese, and they have tattoos but other than that. You ust we Ar Tthose Shats were like OM a hard parting. I've seen it all.
I've seen it all and worked on the line. It's accet hop you've made me ol gendene, with with kitchen confidential. He changed what a cheffeur he changed with a chef is, but most shofts are not that and I'n. The reality is is like you hear. People now that travel around the country and they think that they're like we and I love Board, rdained pilege of it. Someody's words big to Boardancio was interesting because he'd be sitting with a family in Turkey and may be Lite ble. We haven't seen our daughter in two days and Woul. No't really know Whes, she is a revolution and then they would day it would be like and than Yeu would like. They would start up about. Homis and I be like wit. What happen you doat like what's going on langrn? Why are we talking about figs right now, t revolution happening this whole idea that, like food, like, I think, Dame was a genius, but the people have succeeded him havingt done it. Well. Is anybody doing it that way with Ther travelling around the Gordon Rams, ertime of him doing something, but that the back lash was immediated, light and fear Yaf, because Peopl were thinking that he was got to try to replace bordain.
Rad. But we if he LE stays in his wheel, houses, Hell's kitchen and doing all those the shows that he did before everybody would confind the right. But they really kave fauck, he's gon to come, a come t ye uneitaumi. Imagine doing no reservations now or what is the new show? Was it much a Nown Marsirneau was imagined, teslike parts on with Yelos TIM. Don't now Weuld get it without work and o. If I would say would be, though till we come get you ye note any problem, and it's all so like he was really billing, guided like most people, that, like all were eating food and learning about the cultures. It you really not you just having dinner, he actually was he whirecause. He w curious and interested, but most p all Thaty are alike, then, or Lits Jest a lot of people pretentious Yere, and they think that they are. Ing about the culture through food were learning with the culture, throug dining our siy youre, not really you're, laying in a resort,
going anywhere outside of the resort, because you he will get hour Poon SA youre eating in of ejor and then Dee's a black as you Vee. That takes you back to the AIR Party like older proof, its bullet Proo of arm guards flanking you any si and or the one time that you did now that I was on the impractical joker's cruise, which they have a cruise to to cruise and their de Grekeye and OU. A bunch of comics came on entertained people that were waiting to see them. People wait see them, but we would come on an go hay and they would do WU think it was am in the dealing orgaags Thisky and there were fun audiences in everything. But then the crews were dark and you would go to Hslittle town in Mexico. That was, I clearly didn't exist to was just like gurast. Yet all these cruis lines had bought. U just as certainmout a beech front and made it a town, o but and they do this was called cost to Maiatate. They literally do this and niknow. You would walk on to this Sbeed and then literally they would like. Dr. You little tors area, but you would just see people running around with bare feet, rooster. I mean it was like you would drive through, like literal
in crazy poverty and you felt horrible s, you were just on a boat that had thirty shafts. Were you just on this disgusting boat with a twenty four hour buffet where people are gorgeous? solves and an you go to this island. Where ly people's bones are protruding out of their, but so it's o weird thing when you mixe those worlds of like food travel and in a edge. That's often how it is, though, of you, if you stain a resort in a country like Mexico, Larzin, TA, putamita heat for seasons, beautiful resorte me ask so pretty. I then ca have to E. Have these Gore o these Zagof carts YE e Urt RI the golf carts around the resort? Ea? Well, we decide o take the golf cart off the resort. So Whateve. As we go on this so Het's tocks to the guard, an hoo we said, can we go down this ways like Ohn Damme he cash or o yook at yes, o? We go down thisming me and my fackin wife and Iodle kids in the Garaar Dam. I think the oldest daughter was with us too, and we we go and
Thetown and OM as we're in the town U'M, we noticed that there's a flook, an armored vehicle with like tank cheek swith with metal plate on the front of it with MID Guye, with a machine gun standing on top of the fuckan tank like Intd Ogatur, write an an then extent ready to rock. What were you would stand at hotel, Rawanda, o wondo Noliano? They have it set up to protect the resort, and I realize them it all. My god is a military base to protect. The resort in case of Shik goes down wow his creat, that's crazy. They were sitting there ready and white jissitting on the tangya mope read it ago, just in case they had a drive, a few a quarter mile and towards a resort. That's wild, because you got a rie
islike, I mean when we were there for Kan Halley Barry. Was there ale jeamous folks of the air, like all? Yes, e didon't want that in the news. Oh, my gon little oane Harry BT, Harley Bury's hat on a pike they bulked around that town in Mexico, so doesn't do anything good for the numbers. No, you saw would have with that Mormon Family Ansd in Mexco. Why now every now and then some bad somebody goes somewhere. They jest they gone down this family that gun down this wife until dron and woe missionaries task there, which had been it's also loan or not missionaries. They live out there. What they is is is their branched off yet from Utah in the eighteen hundreds when they change the Polyemy laws and they started up these colonies in Northern Mexico Cause back then, and the eighteen hundres before Caris really didn't fuck in matter. If you lived in Mexico or the knights
Ates right like? I was just the kind of the same you're o a horse you're always to cut off for Opan Borders, Tho WI, gout, there's the clip, maybe of the fixed Everh, a gra, I'm so Dey Dinam Mromney his family is from Mexico interesting at Mitbre, Isdad was born in next case. Migh ever run raw mexican people ever their morments Lau with their morments. You want a hundred fifty wives, TAT's Wanter Goin to while FUCK Fes Richesus and the only do that is over the border you got ago over the board, so they et up these towns, so they set up Hese, fooking, Compit, Mormons Mormons, with guns ol Maxip over the border in Mexico, Northern Mexico and apparently a'm they. The tell an them had beef and they put out a fluckin hit on this family and they Bey shot down the wife. The daughters mean THA,
horrific Shepman ANT. You think I hell the lunch. I think this was recently right and I think come a weeks ago and Jimmie there was an article reace. I can go as an article that would people said was conelike victim, blaming where they liked an your times ran at Wil light like this family had a violent history. Oh God they rose and Yad, there was a neaer time's article about this family. I 'm remembering it now wher. They were basically likethe, Families had a long, violent history or their name has been synonymous in violence, whit as it. Amartical right, yell right after they were massacred. While it is sometimes you read articles that are written and yusglected Whent Bagdad, he died and yet he killed Bagdaddy and lately said. Am there was a washed and post called them and Astur religious scholar, that's the olere, Honse the fuckin head of ice as they threw riht. He boff the roof right right. Yes, AL! So weird, though the worst I don't even like, when they let we Budaddy, sike, who's, big, daddy, again, He been of the honey who's. This, oh, what no one! It's we notice like it's like. If your pan
tention too, like Select division, two Corge Squilys WAL players YE. I can't pay attentio Lio Bebby we got a get olf we can't live in the psychic terror of ice is for ever remember. I sis to used to just releas allot of content on line. They would show people's heads off IR. Rusty things. It looked like they woered doing it up the Ock in a warehouse in studio city to be quite onst. I'm surely ware, I'm sure, that's SI. I wasn't doing that, but it was A little weird like at these vinials would dropa and everybody be like riveted, and then they woere just stop beating the Wardropes again the bilk at Denana. We got to go to war. Look at look at these people ad doing Harr things and then that hasn't happen in a while. So we don't went ananythingn about ISIS will wasz a the Wara ISIS out here when when they need Slacti, invest us in somethin, but is not that many of em Realisticall
me more. The others die our little relining ship, but in other numbers have been diminished pretty substantially. I think youve set it on this show when I lie to Guy Masha's Ghat Jack Kuryaku was a sag I, whose silicit we had decimated I'll Cide Oup within a week or two of being in Achanist YE. Yet I wanted to bring this up with you, because it has a conspiracy that I just remembered re talking Bouhoca. Do you remember when there was a journalist that was merganiely? Karl first got to be beheaded crack and though the the conspiracy there he was. He was beheaded by someone who whos other than ARS? It was from Erak that there is posed to be believe so as a talban dispose. I LE did to Imor some other sect. I unter id only was a Talbot. I think he was in Daniel Pro. It was in Iraq Right He was I porished an and yousjag. I guess it was Talabanor, be Ye Nout. But what did the conspiracy there
was there er payin attention to the size of the men who were behind him yet onyway this? This does not fit with our profile of Pacastani or Mussul man. This looks like an American, he looks like a big country FED Fluck an american assassin Rit and that they did this a sort of as a false flag right so was just a guid ta look like branded Shab standing behind Gialparal yea, and you and Brandinshare hat his band just sawing off his hat hat the relect that which landn both to Hig, I'm sure he would fer ter. Yet I car anything for for anything for Povena Adulptus Redentile, who do it but am Da Dame said the hands were too big. Like the g well say I meen, remember all her foddows, open rod and a lot of different foters have been lihtin own. It was like nine different eyes. No avel e really did look like it was like not the same person, nobody in the seal community as ever, give me a straight answer whether not they believed the official story AR they all
ide, writes Eason O six doner of the guy who killed Hem, as is a lionb ye look Tor Orna Li Didn', a lot of people till teen, six tinme they nit after that in a crab? Yes, yes, yes, I mean Todd what he said. TE. Now I mean she's all rhat, you wantin for her. I'm no jest say this dis could get our love tinfoil. I mean, I think, IIT your high. I think right now, with with what has happened when Abstein people or can't get away with this stuff anymore. Well, what happens Epstein! This is what I like about it. Yet it's it was so blatant and so outrageous that people go Hanyg. Maybe they did fuck an kill, Kanneda go the I soly did me by Howshes as W and shows in fortworth, and I was look at at these audiences- and I was goine- they'd kill him again. Ye they'll kill him again. Give these people a couple shots a to Kila, another shackoes right to Kennedy's hell. If there was another one like Cannidate Lagrec would think. If
one took over after Trump and the guy was trying to get rid in essaying get re the ce? I e a, and you know, and then Ther was ing, a sort of Hul Yon Indastrialist Senessa and the Mafio Flucking Gom in the office in the first plunge of Presonte Deerally, hey fuckin, piece, Shad YA, where the reason why you're here we rake Chicago for you and so then they has his military blunder, the Baya pigs and so that no militaries after hem every Angry he says Yo Ons! Are I angrieplinto the si I er to a thousand pieces IND give all like peacetime, intelligent gathering capability of the military. If we had some one like that, an some guy like that and by the way he was flocking everything. Move TU ye I mean any, was iffer world with a drugs in every loaning. You know he was on jraying himself Yon as Krat had a doctor doctor feelgood, that's whate, the name came and they Looko Ontly Cruson Doctor Filhid hav Feelir herd, and it was Anity's doctor dear a yes from being present, it was a great job or they all were on it. They hadly foo can get the party movement yeah, just just methat,
busy man running things you do is hard yet trail. I mean listen. This is the argument for Trump being on a further means right now, yeah how the fuck out you gonna run a country gap. You have two, you have to be little apt thought he's definitely AB throw a piece of some, but I liht I like seeing em. I, like seein em, you know when he goes big. What is it? Sidebarra felt the Cota to day started anew of campaign Anti Meth campaign, but it is Onmeth Dat Kam. Wher on it is this Logan that oh, my t, Oja fifty grinned and anybody who I fer just spent, how much forted fifty green attack Ther might afalous. Oh God Besas, my people hate the government cause. Nobody was able to stop this and say this is not the best. This is the Dumbmess Focin. At Beeniversy in my life, meth we're on it. That sounds like a fuck onion article at car Rapsos
Haraf is, is song Soundhe if he MIT get onion art? I lovet I Chez go shout to Cota as a problem. There isnit a single solution because math is widespread, but we can approach it from different angles, so tes Kover Counties Town's neighbourhoods, let's work together, math we're on it gone Pwith that fuck in brown water turn their bacg up, put the beggar how bout you fix our fuckin oilet water. You got you swim around a egg that water, it', Discustin, YE and Matthews are Hore than one problem. Yet meth is not even in the top ten Craos, an South Dakota Mattirs. What you need to get on fix the other problems in south the hole, tow, councils, yet you nete start clean them, but Epstein Dhe Jus charged ards I mean Missus Hilariaazi. This is a. FY, comic dickmaan on Twitter was like oh ye. This
ojustic well, want it the guards yet know here's. What's not the two preyanguards task with watching Geffrey Upstein on night, he killed himself Chu then should fuckin charged with falsifying records and her spircy and spurcy. Here's. Why that's good somebody paid those Guis and they got a Saing Orthegandy this is going to happen either they gonna take those guys, I think, is a way to say she ate the public. I don't think there's I mean. I don't think that bar the attorney general has any real desire to get to the bottom of what happened. I mean this is clearly. Obviously, sexual blackmail Epstein was involved with intelligence. Whether it's YU ask whether it's maside, it's somebody. Is island was a honey pot, yet powerful people and compromising positions. Ah, he was in. Like an access agent, where he would give these Intel Agencie's access to insanely, powerful people Ex presidents Pean like that SHO there. If you don't want to open up that wound because it jist gut, it's never got stop. Leading and guy's
bar who are in you know. This is a guide. That's participated, multiple caverabs, he Nino I don't think he has any really interest in his ease: a lifelong government official. Yet you can say deep, stings, whatever it is, but he's just a coureer. His job is to protect the interest of these power factions in watching in these Gover agencies there's no way they open this sop and there's There is no way that they could have had Jeffrey. I have seen in open court pointing fingers, it may be prime ministers and presidents, it would tear countries apart. It be the biggest political scandal in our lifetime. I just can't believe just murked MIKE that, though they didn't just mark OM de Moria, twice the's. What I want to know when he tried to commit himself Coun Suside, the first time with a cam as broken. Then too, great question, I don't know I don't we never heard the well. We didn't see any footage of him. I've never seen any footage of him and sat. I mean that they have a released any footage of the cameras ever work right. I mean for what
I can know Bun Tis Day even comment on it remembered the first time an he attempted to commit Suizide, I Thi OTI Ye. I don't know, that's a good point. I mean I think they date dey heed. He they found in the ansfer them. I don't know if they have photographic evidence of him doing the gogo what happened? The first time Apstein tried to kill himself cause, I'm that's interesting, Telaer ISA, yes, SOR very insultingt. Do they know for short, did they watch the footage and see him tying a roper and then they went INA go next time. You got to do it like this you're hide the knot stronger. You you take off from the chair. My everything we have selled me the sulmit of the gave Ho which he's like a Lang. I was all always no harp who a Yello, Rillgap or les Chalude huge skin head. Looking dude Ihalian Guy, Oakdale's giant Mosoyah held a bunch of fuckin people. I hold drugs, just Jis him, an abstepe aw he so he was like thee, Slikea Holly,
Lood stereotype of the last guy who Houd want in your vanelow in a south, big Guie aacorrupt cop with giant muscles yer at last monitor connected to the law in ITAS young? If that's the Gute men, that would get me the guid hi, maybe he's go, who knows me's a giant flookin dye me dies like that. I'm sure would take a bride pretty easily in the ally. Yeand those guies don't open their mouths. Did our fuck and Sigar Yelloiw. Now young can't old. His mouth is in jail right by the Garm locked up in the oad and who knows in late Listeny home e come up r at Tom me did not enjurin her for ever you like killing people, I think to get a watch, the Bater Nof. They can do this, but they get a watch to bankeccountna. If you see the people that are paying off people pretty smart, there is ways to hide money, but somebody got paid off substantial menimony. Yet somewhere somewhere thet might not of you. Sally this is a weird one like this one. This one involves, so many people money might not have been passed around rank
not ain like somebody just might have called in favors for this, where that hazes hide. Yet where is jest Lain Maxwell Otheitus in Brazil yea? somebody sais she was an ele as she was an aladed Inn now burger with a fluck of book and a Stumber vauna agents e it they released a staged photo, and I know what the fox she was thinking, like all America will for me. If they see I'm Meetin fast food, I don't even know no no kno. She was trying to release a message She was reading a book about c, a agents that have been murdered Gebult. What's the point Bess, I'm try to say, he's a focking intelligency to write ye. How datless? Yes, something that was actually said by. Was it one of the nygenerals when their acause THA natural alegander Nassi, said Da Absat. He ounts would belong to intellige. Well, if you just look at this hirlest yet If so didn't show the book, it is another Fuddow. I think you could see the side of the book um Okan, but they also added a
that will be post or that's right. Somebody's swapped out the movie poster they follow shopped. They took advantage of this op. Ready to Promotify, Cand film resident with the south, rogue and movie is, is an Anciel learrotic placement in the in the background of a human trafficker aietta on which Elicia's got good taste in the Blistei food Jodgey Etersdodge andales she's got an old eye phone, so she showened his struggle, liobit financially, it's her she's not on the new life, but it's a burner. She's got a burner. Wel probably had five different fones bullet TR. Resur ertist. You know biding its it's hard for people to understand Like elements of the ci I er, the massade. Would condone the abuse of children to get laverage and information on people, but thats kind of what's happened before ye. I think they disfigured look these fifteen sixteen year old there goin to keep their mouth shut me we're, but talking about one
this happened? This is all a long time ago right. It was not long ago, but how long the start I mean it's well in ages, been going on for a world of probably for very decades but rapid. My point will yet when it initially got star They probably did know the Inninat bring on your percait when De Thipes. When does you start bringing people out to the island? Get the island? I think a to slate nineties ear two thousand yes, so nobody really understood the concept of social meteor, where Alago Wat's really crazy as like no ones af. Acounted for how that fucking GI got all that money, we'll less whec, there who was Dat. The head of victory secret was like his mentor and Ther were bodies and Waxter gave him, and you know so funny about the Mainstre impress ye know the Walsher Journ Ransome article Dilic. How could I guy like less wexter, who sold women's jeans forever, you kno get take get tie, atotally bamboozled by Jeffrey Eptyn, a like not Nobody there thought that it was maybe of a pathological relationship and that those knew each other and
who were in THA, similar stuff or whatever? I don't know, but maybe there was a mutual benefit to them, knowing each other. They think that some This billionaire got bamboozled by Geoffrey PS. Which is just insane to think, but that's the way the press thanks so like this see of a Tinatoal National. I mean he's, I'm sure, he's F didn't do anything untoward, yes, lig of Iresus YA, though the Prince Didgt, the interview with the prince, was fastened. Ye will my favourithing about that was I thing: the princes artistic or something and the people on Twitter will lik, don't make fun of him. He's got some. I think he is he's got something and the people on twittere, like hey, do shame him for Himhi Coke. Can we just had he known someones, artisticallirk there'sthat, there's a spectrum right when is it on a gwendy? Dyou lick up a line strip, Lea Yaber ye got a lot of people. Now
Whatever reason it's pace becoming more more obvious, more diagnosed, it's more Diagnos and you, I think, Youved even talked Aboutit befores He bowll people are not socializing with each other face to face as much and so there's lot a like Auward the people that you know, maybe or on the spectrum and may be aren't there trying to ban clapping, because that you know to get a patien other. Do you want to order you Jseth? What is the Siangle and her reel Sro with loud noises, yeah falcan, o L, Prince Andrew forced to scrap visit to flood stricken Yorcases called into crisis talks it Kingham palace. How shall summoned Retha crisis talks Ohl right now, yealexhamding right, outen Chrysis talk he Thein of a Hang him to some of his answers were so crazy. Well, if my attorney advises, I will his I don't know when a man has set like he went into this Hol thing. That was just completely he's. Clearly he was
clearly had relation with Dap Seene. It wasn't good. I thank God. Abstein knew how to do it. I mean I pazoi Clanton. So LO, these Pe Clinton flew with Ebsty all the time. Sixt time and I've been tell me why I haven't flowowed my mam. Twenty six ton. I haven't flolwen anyone y six times SAM me a Jamie, and I decided we may be flew together ten times, and I maybe Hinthcliff and I've done twenty six times with a hinscliff, an I rahone is many time. You'll regret that when Tony gets out of for whatever he's ilaeds tiny Tony a looks like got out like a like a feudal, Lord thats Disabowing chambermaids shown him find the honies in his yard. You w'll be answering for that. The inified home Bidy of Tony with Joker stuwage, a hundred per cent hundred per Senen hundred per Couter, but he's got a joker, is on his screens Averon its Poam. I love I liei I love. How he's the nicest kind the world, but he just has a look that seeted a lot of mean and he looks he is allowed. O me, er ya, you see Comman
esometime every now t e the's a flat in on Kiltony, which is so much fun, some Pablo Signectiuoean than you'll see like somebody of whether comic het might go over by and you see a flash go through. Towny anger, just a flash of anger and your languors is real. This could be a real issue ad. You see a de Tho dungeon door cracks open. Just a little bit ne get to see the Yag and Behow absolutely ye. You just go I'm like three times to size. Im terrified of hem is absolutely terrified of my making any n ha ha it ses. One doctor fill who he's Dhay Asterphille found her TE to Exeaoly girl. Oh and Kiy's horse go DAO, Prince Andrew. I should call up Doctor Filip. Ask him if I could play his vootage. Ah, I'm sure sill will be au Kay with aunt Woll HU. If I don't have a proble that at all a little tiny person pretendin to be a baby Have so
She say when he talked to her said: it's not true, let us to say she's, really a baby that that a I want people to hear my side. They say that you Scamatthisis Phill, talk in the Cay YO scan them, and she says it's not true. At all. On came a wood dish. Scroll, down a little bit? What what is she say here? Italian now lives Inh, another Indiana couple on their five children, Ello? Well, the man's family cording to Daily Milldock COM, Blaba, Blouit or den pastor or the Secet of MEM Whi Jesus were all wre at all concerned at the time that we could be putting the children in jeopardy. Mc Gro asked the the family were supposed to help the family says Baba Buba Bu. They just so happen to come across this purse. That was not being treated right and cared enough to put the effort to make sure that something was done about it. She said the suckers Thegannge Buff YE mean Nizereth ES yof people that deserve to be killed. Homefully she carves his family on and you
Hotwes Link as down there 's hen- I just lotk Kong to quip them when he's hat the person it adopted Ar Pduge. By the way. Look at that picture, Thiss is in ery ages. They represents Greta Thunburg and all the crisis Cet settle with a great book. I do hang around tragedies looking for kin to Hivin Grata Daby. You killed it at the fuggin you at you're, an animal. Why you crying honey oho, I know, are the cameson. You keep Cryg, throw yourself on the floor, throw yourself on the floor right now. Mala left me for a competitor. You haven't heard her lucky name: Indo, Yis, Malaa, she's, a girl to got shot E Daan. I won't get a fuok in beating. I see thirty thousad sneakers to Yor Jesus, Prie Jume, a Loush he's got to come out as NAM Biner. If you want to eat that, that is that I far that the Filden usershed about the Landmard and
o carnet Plited, Hy, Saxy, pn and gun clear water that I'vs a been Hod since a Bucky LI. Ninety, the Beedling Influck an drink waterwa a fluckap. I o the coven, dadkins and nake. Philip on a reconciliation, tore opening Forliza Degis, dull, Quorter Droof. She spoked me for the last thigh. Oh I don't book Ta Dovo. She got sick, you could sik a dob us. We got a new vergen of the pool brothers from Syria under Fook and Galaria. Think you pranks when I was busy in arm and they they have fun with that h, grave begun to kid with a clap live but he's cured, I want hagged masses were
orpeople turning in their guns and crying dear. The handihaf goes over to him in a cry. Yet is a gugation at a Pater day, though LE is let a miltl. I Palll gadually H ses himself at THA mill over me that to look at it Sait his niggers and off thy shore ye. We got here right now. He has no Linse he's fugking malarious and he dis a whole bit about the refuge crisis. You have no idea how hard this kid has get a hit. What he hits do you understand? No less. We walkin ow. We put him in the sea an he jest. Luokin goes Managehis COE. These kins will own you one day. I will make sure of it.
Will fluck it on you. I got a three roll from Iceland and Glummer. He loves economics. He's talking about death bean had to got him at the World Bank at three weeks plat you so I mean eventually you tubes can ago were not this Wen, not participating in this, though ye waited a I think I am a little bit because in Beginnis a stollon, you two, I know that's troe, that's? Why WI wanted a Bety O Marryan Becole, my rats, a Letts Looke like an MA and you he' still on. I appreciate this thing out. Yea, no, I mean listen. I like Cavigaver the Nihka, but TE. The reality is, I think that you tub seems like thoy're done with, like small creators, my channels, pretty small timdilline shouts, not a huge channels, make it bigger. Let's 't Iny, Biggerf Dillin Show M Hollan shall on you to put on you Tib subscribe. Ah wondered an wit of it in a moth. I kan I could at least get mad of us ound. The positive comments only yet their like Sarcast Degal, p they'll be with some other positive, Commoduy Weres great. Yet
look tat at all. I mean. So we do these vidials ore a lot of fun eh you! You know that we can't do my net Wor tevie than not can allow us no dillants, no whey, no snack in Happehere or what is Now, eighteen thousands WOS Garlins he dozn SU to Gride Thatbitgh up to by the end of Ia Botha Apprecion of a pleasure. I thought I would yeble to do this stuff on Tivie Et N Ye. That's not an af! No, but it better. This way you don't want anybody. Tell you what to do right. You can't indeed tough your stac call me that Megan Mekam things Yo Hackin glare, is in Rine O way. Yoly did I I col lese you no a chance a while I tlick I playd them in spot. Jestley. Full Vare you plaintifulike doctors, you plend fory people at nobelt laureates they like making a point. He're like you, Plousee to Buildy mag, I, the Kay like Oce people like I have Poit surprised as you, and take a look at his fact. I yell about his point into fught of Dat. I woaldt wish we could convince Megan to dislike. Just just I
would be fun e Casando on U'M Hedland Carolinet March in New York, and I should be funny to shoot a promol where I show up at Trest as her Anjerstitd in the audience of the view. I thought that would be funny, but I've been advised legally. The the ight not be the best course of actio. Yet I will be go by Miss Tab. Yes, That's a great Proma Willwe Goberg, stabbing me as Megand Mackain and then just TIM Dollin, yes, Pis, Dabby, cold TIMS, where she gets tired, yea. You know? What I would da without thing could be amazing. Is you in the a dressing room the make up chair yet getting turned into Magmikane and Maki me Kin walks in a beats of f out of you. That would be great. Yes, he down fee Lurcy the whole Thissus, how they tortured my Dan and Vintnam, an E der Fagkin it she gets you an Lisced, the only person that could make the Happiners yet n o think so thing I could, I think, you're the only God they go. Get Tomy Laurn on the fall myear. That's actually another point near who else wile it withelse other of the fhimbats. How many I don't now, don't know too many of them, but I mean Mamet
Megin is hisling about Maggin. She I do respect how much she is to always willing to be. You know like annoying see the thing with her in the Dol Trobp Junior yeah. That was heavy. Like him gone, the view was heavy psycho what it might with thine ollyst idiot like Firehurts Thut, you can't that's the showl to shold us draw Sapple this Yeamaisis good, as if there han't be you Ont, neither real opinions. Most now I len a Ser Y me Hunnel back tall other about nine eleven. Well, if you want to get back a trump behingd rosy
Yes, Ays, Darow's, late Harny? How can hate each o? They hate eah Ifok in hate, each other heat me. He would go on to Vincoro lose Hya. They were just. There was hi when I grew up. That was a feudf I cause. It was going up that was a feud was Rosia Doll and Donald Trot when he he did on Twitter, like Rit after you one who, as talking shed about Rosi Bull, it was a big good thing of Magking Catleay shes, a you cold women pigs this that the other thing in he goes. Only Rosiodonal yesl ozioda, and it got a huge pop of con huge pop ye. Look, he's flockan funny, you know how to be funny. What is mainl Alliget to do? Whath her come back. Well, she wants to do apart, AST. Yet they actually contacted me about coming her coming on here. Intrested she wants to do me. Look she deftly, could do a Potcass, her commeges about black, face words I get, there were tone deaf, but when you watch it in context, it's weird that she lost her job. They are trying to get rid of her for the way she says. It's a good question: she's
why can't you pretend to be some one Fo Li ire like Diana Raw's right, it's not a bad question to promise you can it. You could say them on a pogcast. I just did why can't you right yet you can't get fire from a podcast wry, but she ch! She didn't understand is how they were going to use that to attack her and then she has hi fuck an apology, vieo lookslicthors, Icis Guies behind her with could swoard your Necki crazing the guidy of hostage Viady ice, or I am sorry the week I was not young at dinner at the week she was leaving Fox. I was again I was in their doing red eye. I saw her She knew she was kind of doing the wrong thing. She was sitting Ake Ub Trestoes had this weird energy. You can't go from Fox to Thent, being America sweetheart on Eby Sea, well, warnted and she didn't pull it off Butshe did make sixty million lout o life. She could tell everyone to eat her ass. For sixty Mor les. If for the end of time, yes,
Te million dolars. You look a doshit to have one again for the Restue life hat's. True, her kids are. If she's, Areadrosarsat, Yo teller to do it too. Ra Foxs Tinkin to give e ther cot of money. Rest fockin, monney, money, money, money, medate money, but it's not as much money yet as Bill Rily paid out gal, well yet. Will ye MUS, Creditly Paida YO paid that woman a learn wheel? Thirty two million dollars, I believe, checked that Jamie just won that wrong. This is Wer for make his apigatl my long island grandfather had that pay is welcome. Billow Riley Matt, every thanksgiving you, this debt write on it and you sit down and pillar rather Pillar Riley's voice was bellowing through the house. How you because this was of you know this- is my grandparents, you I love to death. They love fox of Billeryng his bill was a traditionalist for ill? Was I people ye with se mind Arsan at Dilo, Riley made millions last year. Are ye doing well, Oh well, I thank you an what o w Heret is, but is this Mort Clear's o thrtey
million dollars. You have to be guilty. Whigt! There's you eson an its dark, then or go. Irbrush up your eyes. Yea piss', my miuth she's gym shizgahar photos and idios of him do Ing Crazysha. While he was rending her. He di wouldn't didn't y get caught, Leven Thye, crazy message on some gal's voice mola. He said, I'm en aloof for you of more that one that was a six settlement for thirty two million. He had five previous that tolal thirteen millions o he's forty five million in the hole for that AE. Separate. You know he's a traditionalist. Tas of Judif he's a traditionalist mesinie traditional, listen, its only half a hundred million- it's fifty million because you made a few Buoboos ye made a few mistakes at work. All these people don't understand that a man needs to get some things off his chest. Well, I think there's also there the environment did these guise sort of came up in whether it's mat lour or with its bill, ring
these guids, who are like Ther your buttoned down on tell vision and then off air. They will blow off some Quer, an some om, more more wacky than other ones and a you know: Lour Thesewhas didn't that Ronan Pharaoh Guide proved. There was a bunch of other. Lements that NBC had denied about Matt Lauer or he just put out a book Yeh catch Tatchum, Rellisia Yeh well. The other thing is I D. GotTA, remember guys bill rightly and met Lauer Laura. They rose to the ranks to the heads you there I mean that it's, a certain type of person gets there, the general. Already known? What is new and for knows that her agreement demanded to turn over all evidence which he conversed with O'Reilly and, furthermore, to act like such evidence never exist Her settlement also required that she lie even in legal proceedings or under oath. If any evidence becomes public by calling evidence, counterfeite or Forgeriesiit sounds Lik
S got a good attorney. Yet Bat IL was ill, that Tride's not fuckin a rat bills. The terries get a fluck a knife at his teethly Ambe they'll sist out the ladies Ecause you'e goin to never work again, but you will so iven Ter Talkin an get a keeler Maljan. You don't need to work an you, don't eed the work. I a Hells can take care everything. Thirty, two million old, that's a goods on the herd, less HU million nal LE me just check my account Wir a Heckem, my phone. Oh look at that wok all the zeros had Cursus thirty two and then, after that, thirty tube, a holy Shitlin on them. Fokand's arrows and he's. Also like listen, you're alive, he didn't kill. You iu make an Dirning JE million all wrights. You was scared to go home for little bit. Thirty two Latier ROS Zearo, I enerything about below RI late here, o sai. He tried to get TA Catholic Church to excommunicate his exwires EZ. I Gana get divorced Foccerd. That is the best thing he tried to send his acx's wife to Hell, ha ha ha haha, a glad it's bit and Bythewet mother of his kades. Yes Let's say he got it done in his world. You in the catholic World she's going to Hell, so he would
sit down with his kid to go now? You know your mother's going to how and I made that up. Didn't he also u'm tried to get the marriage anknulled soon enough to be divorced. I think so, but I remember that he was like if we can a knowledge, Jist Dumer, to help just as mmunicator and letters let the woman. Theoin children just live on the lake of Fire for ever w? Here's the real question a freak like that doesn't just mean he was a freak deep in Nowis Sixty and he sill a now. Yes, you's still a freed people, oll YO show an. I don't know what he doin s. I think now ich Tersalot EN dies which Ther should have been back and whatever to iherate those hihahunatget caught up in Fock Island because I don't know he's a tradition be Proy like some dirty os, a long island guy. He likes an old woman. He can be Here'Sa, what a ya check on an island. He wants a woman whose terrified whose life been horrible. We this harlots to tell us in peach men hearings.
Of the A'Reily Dilla Rale Darcomte, I think it has massive traffic till Tom does really ave. I Didn'Tly find doubt that his vidios have like fulkan hundreds, millions of yews or some ridiculous hehoit's on his ownsight of Te Rearlhear. But din me: doesn't he have some things on a you too? Were with a I see, much innicence! You are I'm goin to have to go eventually Whwen. I have to go to Joe Rog and Doc. Commages have Vidios up otherwas as things row like your you still under the umbrella of these companies? I don't say anything so outrageous, o in this episode, where I could get yank of Herm blooming you, but it's worth ol ya a guarantee. This can of be a problem later at Umbara texts Jimmy. But why is not I hear to you lookause you're, dumb villie? No one wants if Buckin lies row, the biggest Shaow Matchwell or whatever Foya, I think um. But the problem is you Tib, come to its own, built in Addiy
right as gas people had already subscribing on you Tob e mean we have millions of subscribers. What will we tell us? People, hey DIS, Kan and now you come a Wickm here come over here. I think you'll go about that. I just don a the future for Kazir's guyses id are like David Dolber, huge youtubers in are making all this money and then I'll alot, o them have talked about their aid. Revenues been cut substantial, oh yeh, what a lot of so long them are starting pot gets a global general started upon. Can a lot of these guys are going or the admin he's gonna move in a pot cast well Podcast sting is a little cleaner, and that of you, have an audience, is just an artist s feet and gets aggregated through I tunes and through the Android apps, and all these different? Do you think right now, supposedly- and I don't know you would know more about this- to me- that there is something that is transcribing pod casters if there's a way that they can have transcribe podcast that are going forward and and You know ones that have already happened and is that potentially away to ET a
think o of anyone con inventiry afhave a license upon cassing lie, so they do. You think this will not Wild West any more, an easy. Are they going to come in and try to regulate this to any degree? Would you say I think the cats have the bag? I think the fox is open. You know, I just don't think he can at this point time, but I think the clamps. The way you put the clamps down is demontization. If they've done that, you know they've done that with a lot of people, they've demontize them off a YU tube dey've um cut out there, on, have cut out Paypould they've done all these different things to keep them from Ben Ble to make montage is accollege, even if I disagree with Somebot, even if I think what their sing is abhorrent, an as ol as in a harassing or threatening reoxing people, I've, never somebody who says they shouldn't be allowed to have his PA platform, agree. It also. The problem is what you're doing by demonetizing SOM. That saying something. That's very popular! Save you
channeln uchannel. As a you know: half a million subscribers and ye do not do anything. It particularly agree JO, see not Calli for the death of peep right openly. If yo are an goo, see right, you not overtly rases, but if they Demar ize you would it also. Does it sends a signal to people that also like that that maybe having stepped out that far yet till the all rain, I back alit of it Raself censer you cool, like Arth, there Wis a quote, as I kill one man scare, a thousand now youngmen, that's what you do and that that is what you do Pere I mean that's, but the whit Wody thought migthing. They put Wesley's Snipes and jail for taxivation, just prove their lettin. How Ites now hey you fuck, you goin a Laura Hell. Samed thank go to child you're, going to jail jail, Rit, a regular jailic, regular Hanpele jail, it doesn't Matt if you'd feel Ike.
The money back Olly. You know my Countn Li De. Doesn't care get the fuck in the jail they're, sending a message gen the sending Amouns SHO D'O. You think I think after December twelfth you tubes get to be able to if your channels, not commercely viable they'll, be abliges get rided if they want Dat is a that's a way for them to stop something in its tracks, o Kay. That's what I think so save some new God comes along like you en you come along Spitin fire talking shit nor as get fired up and all my God Lobat. He said about making me Kain a man. Magama Kang calls up you, tubes, listen were gin to take the view, we're ging to pull it off or you two beya get rid of that k and fat flock. That's Garous Nady made up is. Is I shahave? I wonder eh if, like the shout of baning stuffs, sidges made Garry Vinor Chut mad and I'm like I didon't yen, I made a joke about him. D'you think he's potr enough to just go to honce companies and belike. Maybe I don't know W that you would do Thet, I'm ogiting here an limonary. I love you. I I'm inspired by you every day, full a bit. It's a bit, Soli joke. I think it's right when you happened with him. Well I'll may I
d have a joke about. In my reliev in I ve joke a middle of Vidio battle, ctor some of the things he tweats he tweats a kindness is delicious, come on what' we do int. He puts out a little to much Cante, but his Aws. Let all might lose your friends think it Coan be the seat Yosor companies, because the sky is telling them there's a business. The side of everyone and there's Noht, there's just not business E side of everybody's, a lot of people that YU shouod it be like ye out that she' jest fall line anhe. Far line we don't need I have an thinking that tookin to be the next slegh on he's, got to send the message out there as if every one can be that way, the people that are listening and get it the people that gadtly tolike o k he saying every one can that means me, I'm going to go for it than they make ET. I appreciate him doing that, but Einy to send the message that most people can't a lot be so in the same way that he has a message. I've a message o my messages, you not it's not good to happen, and he has the
but it falso there's no specific guidance with a lot of the guys, not only him but he'll things like you could talk about it or you could do it, but better do both than if it will what's the IND Luke, he treated one ideas are shape. Ans, all bat executioner like execute. What what are we going to do? I need HO my gids are sick and sink you. What? If can you me D. I meet you somewhere, H, ha ha way start as how do we build these businesses I'll we get TA. Do it together or Anythingk o mat. He got mad, I'm kiting a FE's Mannern, I wonder, Forgottit that as a Sensy humor Aun Aclesan than you get pold that you did Myk my De Gerity thing E took it off you thiop. No, I mean I tookit off Instogram. I ca. No I then he walked in a room with a bunch of and little hoodies, and he was like get this fact. And they did an a long man in acts. A respect, power ha ha ha haa, Speck Power Garry, I get it, I'm just saying on a honey guy mean you'ill do pot Iszghari. It's fine
I respect him. I respect Aunt MIS as Smarcaira he's smart he's. I just I wonder how many successful people need that, like this warm buffet like Lookis, Hon, Agup, a Oszle. How do you get a parody of you removed from instant, probably didn't I' considered on Gossub still yeah was playned. Where is it hardly UN. You tea Wen, only hear what he said and on't see what was the Tre well the was on fals awayo, the knife around there's this stuff ashion of Glod, I thought Ibout a SAS Dais brother. I wasn't ha haha my whole point with it. When you make these when you'd give people very general and vague, I mean to see this now and ie this joyeneral and vain advice would sometimes happens. Is that you know th YE kno people can IL. It gave it hard tweated the other day. He goes. It's the sdays in our live. That makes us who we are so the Knight sub to a nd, I wrote occasion no gun control, ha ha. I mean Pooh
my point there is not to say Ney the Chitybout Hog, but to say: listen if yeu're, just gong to Tweat vague, meaningless horse shed or thelling. That's what that kid does Dave. Hobbe gup little raceism is bad and I gaist forty two Thousan lighes of the cut Hean it out is'. He like seventeen shot. We got us stop listening to children, yebil that was Louis Joke, Gav out part ones of Ober, he's back Cil, these bat he's Killeid and I' fuckin, a just frend Sochall, GE, F, Maguics the best hour. It's amazing, a Heardy murder A di delaz e em gited a you'll them. He said I have a very complicated relationship with Lucy Gay. I think what he did was horrible, I was a fan of, is was greatly disappointed, but then I saw a new sat and was Ock, an Amaz ye. Yes, nodody knows wdy daddies that I think bot he did. Ws Harvl Tik describe what he did to Guis. Aha. Well, I yeknow. Did you see that girl that Orhawasi o heare? He found a ciplate sms twinnorother os on to Ar Sweat Hape, but by the way, stop paw after Sicod shat
Twitter shot out to twit. Thank you to it her they let his last Witter let make in the king fly they let it all flo whiter lets everything fly that you ad taken in the ass on Twitter, the Apornt it adog to Wat a sight. This is for adult I just loved. Did they do that they kept the Magme Kane thing up where utuba or a int scrap to go down asked o Graham, yet two thinks they can. Why Maynor was that I after strikes budy? That's, why am not I'd berely put the Vidios on Twit on Ye Oninsreminy works, I don't olose my cow good call, Wats IER Anselthus. I learn the most important world ever stand crying and to keep hustling guy we're building business is here. Will I meet you? Ma'am do it, and so you can say it or you couldn't do it, but I highly recommend we do both a I'll. Do it I'll say it and I'll do it. I use to work in H, liquor store for seven three years and the only day,
took er to watch the New York yet, and you know what that din, it made me forewabble myself, so that was a vacation, ha ha ha ha ha Othin's sick. Nobody gives a fluck about your problem. Puceu hossel is the Mookin who work ever what abou the word? Jugi a o, tld an it's only Dibe way: oh ha ha ha. I the presidesmister Ra Father be oh is, is the edgno we outed the He got it it'sfotolyn when tey stoop Thart, we may dis like three, a m tomitteds Fokiari carry you now mediam, it's a commit, which is have a little fun. Carry we love you. We love you Gary Gradle, the noisey open invite on my Shellin e'. Tell me one: a cotton he's been a minor ay hav got sure Het's more hipe to Backo on on yours S. I send your parish niggers with her two small. I sufpise. You are a thirteen, a Fann
a fan of his sent me a pair of his sneakers and actually their case with sneakers Dit Ye De'T LE up name on, but they're, nice and comfortable ya. Similar ten and a half Myfhero flocked up in AM yam. Did you see that get I'm ll make a mckelly on she Adiitude a Agan MC, Kellay, Memegnajeies Oi Toritic Eliots is the Ober, her Visi that she's halling make up was talking to this sebia. The girl was fired from Sb S, Brian, putting Oup that a b c clip and drive Reh is Falsy fired. Yes, she Saic, she did Himn, do it and then the the guy project Vertoski said it wasn't her either right. Yes, o Somebadys Sich. You have fire for nothing right, but did she was she the one who captured it, though she did but and hear Defencee said that was her JA. Her job was to capture things, Rhat Monhezin and Turnhory Cliffer Kase anybody won in tuse of yer. She got Thron to the wall, ya, he a ya and also for she said Folike Booberills cook get couldben for anything, but he ought of things ey marking do that when you do a sick comb
You know they do the Boobo Rail, where every time you fluck up your line like that, we still love those from news ready, Woas at Laam at the end of the the season of the rap Party, would play the bluebe Ril. That's Proba whate. They were doing ya Thinse about those newtialls, there's no seasonj. Alin baby, it just keeps going Agot and I I was listen in here, an LE e thing. They would mat and the tiyevean who was like yet they just want access to people. That is one Vulik will an Kate do like when I ought to get too sticky in this. No ye know yes de what ACS Us and that's what they don't want to throw. Yes. M Critye depend on people in the government to get access, and if you are prion, You'R N, the outside, you don't get. The white asked you now. The Prespass seen no think what this abstint thing is it like such an open door Cil bears always puts an open door to a lot of powerful people. Havin o account for themselves and that's not in their plan. I think that's part of what's happening to you. Two wither like we don't like the iget that somebody like out Johns
start a channel and have more views than the Knightly news. We that means were losing power and were losing control. Oh, and I think that, somewhere, whether it was a Davo SHO, whatever Buildabour conference HI was a roval of people that were like we got up. We igg rain technology. In a little big. You don't think they'. There's some thought to that. The Wil Ther certainly is Becertaily e that uncomfortable while thei mutthered me Especial people that have already done things that are illegal, rare, immoral of Anaretical and it is like thoe, some sort evidence of them right, but this guy was like the cream of the crop right, but but he wass like them. If you are Conspirac Y fears, looking for something really. Crazes is the best case in Aria, as it does everything in those powerful people of his under aged girls. It is all the equations and as illy sexual activity with under age girls on an island that he flies. You too, that it has happened all have raising panted the color of the israeli flag, yet there's a lot of, but also each down folding in real time yet. But it's also with its an island that people called
Kisland, really UN picked his Hetifile Island Kidfock Island, whatever it is his like of James, Bon movies, Absolutely like a weird Tom. Ancy novel about, but this is guy. Clearly was a to get away with Ess. The first deil was very a sweetheart deal. We on the Ohem. He was allowed to go home, During the day this was a guide was yet out convicted of the s. You know, Havin moles ca, forein, yer old, Whit they convicted itim of I think how to do with a massage power, something he was a fourteen year old girl and then he was allowed. One of the thing provisions were to not name any co conspirators so that first deal Ikhe was knock an a half te. Now this that was ing at a work like that. This time they wll get to be like your now good, a shame and nobody was lettin Nat. What do you think tho doing with the guards we think they like Puting Press,
n the guards than go hay YE dart for me to fill us in the black Toking E, probably that, but my the guards had known o a plea bargain, which a thought was very interesting as very interesting too I don't know it doesn't seem. I would have to have faith it. I think there's its in the ft behind Ther pro the alements in the garement that wand it to the bottom of this, but they're going up against a wall of people that don't want got to the bottom of Thiss and we're talking Billy ners so took people that run countries were took it about ax presidents Wer took it bad UT, potentially intelligence agencies and the Gileges hid just hit that wall yeah? I like the old ones better with no consequence Kennedy, as ass naties was all over. I had done it's Ver, just I wers his plain oul right, ou! It's it's its unfolding and real time and Cray. I remember when I woke up and he was killed. So many people at message me they will like this is kind of what you you said: we gen hav't in it in it, and if a can happen like this is the craziest thing ever prisons Chief says Efbia, looking at possible criminal enterprise in Epstein
death Ye Haama WI wow. What is that? What ies that me? What is that mean thatd? What is it may guy's very good. What they give this was missader for was SE. I efer was agin an tet ORF, even if Whe S billinaires at contracted this out too, I mean these people are very good at what they do. Did you ever read the book? The strange death of Vince Foster YE. I know bother book now. Vince Posta was a guy by no I know that he shot himself Wone and ahead twice or some, no, no something before he W's about to Testifyn White were he was about testifyd, he shot himself and the gun was still in his hand. There was less body at the scene, the crime and was missing from his body that think its body was potentially moved. Thes are AL, the conspiracies that are read Onor, how much of his actual factural there was one of the first ones that my reading while it was won about, was very interesting in that' for as to think KT. There was this Amdroc a city. There was a cotton in Terence Yiki and he started to investigate what had Happd
cause he just was in. He didn't think o HT Stone Guy had intinguished is MAC Zay an YE guy, Turnsikhi anded up like again should him open, the head and then crawling a mile and climbing a fence cas. He wanted to die somewhere more private, as at the official Stoy, so Michael Hastigs journalist in allay, ended up going. You know, right by really Nrostrimoza said to his wife kid's hay. I owes to his wife who was like listen. I I've gone off the great a workn on a big story. I think peoplea fuckin round with my car and a day later, r, two days La his car accelerates into a tree right Miller. How so, Things are happening, Youo, not just that ye Gitm the engine Yo Louis flew out of the Yack car, which is never supposed to happen, its indication of some sort of explosion, the conspiracy Ila, the Ctain and if any of that think iv any of those stories, if any them mad happen in Russia. If any then had happen in another country, well,
wout, all of the journalists in America be sank. You know the Hastings Origin story to know what happen. I don't know the origin story, this the story. He went to WOM Middle EAST and he was imbadded. It was almyspulse through there for short pard time than the volcano Happe. O kan over the volcano Yeho and the couldn't fly righ Ting Gelongeubs an Heis days are right with Mcchrystal 'M a crystal, I think Crystal standing, an Grispal yesto, and he heard say a lot of ship that he wasn't supposed to hear they joked around by lauthings and he put that in the store. They are comfortable with him. They thought he wouldn't fock them and he fhought them think they treated him. The Samely treat Everybot, they told jokes. They try a round Bama FRY and who wrote the runaway jannymen they're fuck and blown off steam in a Goddean war zone, the run runaway general, the profile that brought down the crystal. So this is he's a Gott wrode. It am the crystal miced, Michael Hastiyng. The crystal was like beloved yet loved by the troops and
he had stepped down so when he had to step down? That's when people were saying? Oh well, that's probably why the yes, very possible. Do I you make those kind of enemies like we talk about Canada as a key make a that's. Conspiracy here as they think everything's, just five Guiyes in a room. It's not and there's a lot of powerful Bule with a lot of money and resources that can make your life very hard. Now they can tare you in the press. They can slander you and that KI clearly, nor they got Arida. I mean Hastings clearly fugked, that guy over he thought over. I man, him well said I'm just can go for it thas. What occasion your famle ws like, listen his, why YO is journlous young people dying. This is a war and I'm going to do what I feel have to do, but it's also like those people are over there in the most dress filled situations on earth. Yes- and I think it's so weird that we look at that from times of or from the a land of peace, the environment, o Pia and even comprehend. Tcis Yoris, Thes IST, a joke course ya.
Persat him and what did he Iut Emember what he said it was so awful. I forget what he said, but I knew it was ibado. Bamack is a Bomis till the commander in chief, so the idea of You have a higher aguno of a very big general openly mocking the ander in chief in Rollingstone magazines, probably not a good look Adrar and then you got up just because of yon other way that things work. You know Jehovala Jammia, Huba Woat did me Cristel, say about Obama. Ne gunfired jumped his pard in somebody, and I forget ET was a Cont. Ecial military God. I was a seal that I was accused of taking a photograph with a a dead Ba That was end, in wit, Zzarm he but be trumpted and pardon him. He gave him his rank back ow Castle, he was his rank, was stripped. And that would cost him alot o money benefits ye and Dog tromp reinstated his a his military stal Occa yam. Here it's a very I know there was a lot of opinionized public story whose
very young, very controversial story, a vage whole thing was I get that things happen in war time that we sitting here and the Cushin environment MOS Angeles like couldn't Possib understand, but I do think you know you ye just let the chaos of it become its own law right, because that had kinda defeats. The purpose of whatever Hel wuld try to do Gentle Shure YE I' sure for sure they SAS Obama angry after reading me Cristel's remarks I yes, I wont wonder whet is Ar Yeh, I'm sure it does found a couple in the actual article Atsillik. He looked intimidated in front of brass or something like that. Little Bomiton, YE of the they're saying first thing I was said it is as what isand I was like you itor one. This is what you would talk about with you Frind yet, and a couple of drinks, Cristel thought Abon, the Uncomfortabl Entunidy by Ruefull Miltay Brass
their first one on one meeting took place. The oval office four months later after Mcchrystal got the Afghanistan job to do much better, whose a Teminite Photoopshas advised him a crystal Alamma clearly didn't know anything about him who he was: here's a gosgon to run this his flocking war, but it didn't seem gaze, the boss, was pretty disappointed now Leme um, let be defendes for secon. If I was a barma, oh, I would be intimite as Fock. Of course, yer you go. You just became president and you're going in around these generals. Turac the the baddest military mother fockers on earth. In the middle of a real war wit hive to kill Dalgas YA. It is what you were lying on to Khille's bad guies, Woul COD be very, very dange and Nava. Had no experience E. Does your gun to be intimid? Of course? Now here's the other thing, it was. I wasn't engaged he didn't know. This is always been my take on. There's no for a mean, but about being a president there's no fucking way you could be on top of everything. Can there's no way we
think we even comprehend all the different things you have to be paying attention to. If you're going to be the fucking president, but whether it's social issues, economic issues, climate issues, military taxes is dead decline of stock market. This and that and then you're in twitter wars or people the same time, and then this foreign see: go Gell at Yor Career, Holy Shet there're, so many things it's impossible and he probably didn't know how to assert himself and o, probably, even though it didn't work out so well men, what the fuct you tell a gilic Ma Cristal, whose running us war. If your Vomid you fire and Pappy. Doesn't oh
an o N'Ll get rid of E. No really no knew the president he's right. The GUI's rigde's right I as fucking intimidated. I now you yo bring the guya and ye give him respect. You have a conversation with them and you thay look im, not a perfect person. You know Igra if I handle that incorrectly, I'm just where I had be the fuckan present in the night's day It's a crazy gig mean he's only as forties right, rain, as amazing as he is as intelligences to WS. Well, RA Andarticulate as he as he' still fuck and kindy young to be running? the greatest arm of the world ever Noursh everyhow Ty Use nobody's Qualifie over that jar YO, it's too craze crazy. How d GI in how men, let's have a Fook in drink isays, a Mon W set a Horrow man. Now look on. I thought a disrespect Ife, you fell bad, I'm some! You kill my glanthings together together a gopama a chrislango, let's kill im together, that's it if that's it Jesus Christ! Imagine that gin, you wacked! Well, that my be less and I'll get you wacked, I know, but that
msto to me, like men, could work Thot out they should a Comeniet. I seem like it, I mean I'd, never an be the Fagton Presinei have no desire to be a mayor of anything. I Gan is moderate, o bak, as ever I know on Y Chird. I'm just tie our Peebl Wone away from all the stuff. Don't you yed not Leav a whale, the more moved away from more, but once thing Ould. Try to do in a situation like that is set an example of how I want my neighbors to act. Howo want my neighbors to fugkin, cancel each other one says Zeolegi looked intiminated about something to his wife and you hear about it. Partend I dot his hert o you're a fighter, and you came up with that conflict resolution, and then you have Eto, isn't that yeathing par that marshal or sh do't. You look at situations ar now im me may be, but it's also a sense of comaradery. I thonk people can work out a lot more proems than they think they can. That's probably true or and it's better. It's a better plan for everybody. Most people will fuck engage you angry if you engage them angry, but most people, if you get
come on man, I'll, not look at for in trouble, and they know your sincere elictisin I. This is how I felt maybe you felt different a this. Maybe this is how you felt, but let me tell you how I meant what I meant what I said and I thought the way senator I did this or maybe I should be more sensitive. Let's work it out, YEM! What's o, speak Homon hearted to do that would tech knowledge. But when you got the president who fires the fuck in number, one general he's like e, no said something about me: Bein intemited, to get the Fook Ot o lung in right. You can man, Ye Helse YE say is hes. Some mounse, oh the, person in privat team, a crystal likes to talk shit about many of Oboma's top Peeple in the diplomatic side, one aighd he cause Jim Jones retired forced our general fetch, the Cold war, a clown who a remained stuck in nineteen. Eighty, five bufess't! This is what I's do? Here's the thing you're ask in this guy Dyoues he's got to be of ingassassin for freedom, Rehacit Frashly's, derie, Risin out there Murkin bad guise, an aoth
T's the word you send him over there and then you want him to fall. The human resource COS that a guy who was the Falkin O. I manager, Morgan R, Dat e DOS and I even like foot, hang Gow anything yank. I gah Ye Perfy Rab you're, your asking o course. The Guyse on E Trife ocki me essles of fire. A SOR is hash. He'll kill, friends are getting killed right. You have got make the decisions that will send thousands of men potentially to their deat. Of course, Yehve Torothy's on EDD Ye call some on a clown. It's a mazing! That's folly, DOT's right that if your lazy enousn't find the people he hates and cuts their fock and heads off YE ca. That's what he's do here! Jud turning him into a warrior. Raah he's a warrior. He had a professional soldier you're sending him to these in places of conflict, Neara he call somebody a clown yet stupid. It's insane YE men should be of the work things like that out.
I know, but this is you know they don't. Thes should be othe Workhingsto out. The whole grudges for a long time and in that those grudges become ye, know policy and that so ridiculous, Fraam Ment to be a man. You have to be a clown every now and then you fowk O Absolutel, that's his part, o being a man. It is that this illusion of the invulnerable person, a person that never makes mistakes and the Aliyorana thought to himself. If, if, if, if I don't do this hi will look weak sure sure in assure I Don try T mat, I Oun, I don't know, I could never imagine to never imangine that tha J Tha gig is focking impossns. If were any yeman as if any chance I will not be the present. I may look at Avamammy like Fuckin, Harvard graduate brilliant guy lawyer superarticulate as Piish as they ever get smart. Even he can't do it right. No, not uncle Dobody can erase my resign to be done right. You ken't yo, with man, ye we'll wear to it. If your trop E Cangeove Yor a Bumy and stage of the empires like we've hat ye, know yes crasically, would you trun Olay in the plain or tronits? stain what
everyone noticed too much kind come there's too many things coming that are or president in no political solution will help right and that in order. Mason Andry Ya Lovangry, Yangraat and Ooid, like his rallies, he's on escape ARL all the time toosing. We have a lot of fun at our rallies. It's like, but the whole porinty you can't pay is a here is forty percent of us could be fighting for water. He and then he's like escape bording around his rally. Ma'm he's jus he's got a den that dance of making people like em yem. That's the but LOA for Pres those at a very, very nice God? That is the son kind you grets, or what happening e scared me yea. When Sir Dockin Bout the automation. Take you over jobs and how universal Basi can come. People are needed to stay alive and Survivedg. My woa, like me, may be disguised like the fuck in Yo bginning. The terminator was some one's warning. You yef it will, kill him help ere going into a tree next week. Even u heaps this up. He won't be because no ones in charge of the machine wrated out out its with the Dismass
of a I, no one really once it goes. What should yonk alive? I'm Oscared scared of it. I really think that we are with the last human Erra with the last tuedo, you think were the end of the human Erra, but this is. This is a path that I sae. This were free of me. Ow. I see Techknowledge Wran Tecnologys, innovating on this accelerated pace, super accelerated and it started out very rudimentary. It started out when we were really compict So I we were really complicated in it was like Flint tools, Rio, it went from Flinto Sto a bow and arrow with a Flin on the end of it to a fak, an canoe to a house to this hto laticity and Sover panels and it just kept gettin better and better. A better and better insane accelerated rate. But we look like the same people that made the fuck an arrow head. Ry, right. We didn't Avolve ernnat. If I wit, we may be Div offn. We will o
the other, I'm sure we're evolving in terms of intelligence. We certainly have more accest to intelligence or, if to information, yet anybody's ever had ever and it's hard to tell exactly what gets pass down from parent to child, but I think it's pretty likely that some data gets pass down and not just from interacting with the parents, while you're Rown up Y Should you? I think you get some that maybe you don't know what it is. Rabe don't recognize. It rushed some memories in your hat or some in an Asia understanding of what's bad and good. Absolutely, I think that's why some people were afraid to spiders co, it some shitherts in their deanet and no Ennow G get. They have a particular fear of some rigk as somewhere in their memory, some one's d, an a had I got bit by Spider Writ and Jeses, was a gitde in Hrant YA, and I think we are
Jusslow as Fock like every other thing on this planet. When you see an eagle, a Thousanears go Loosik a focking eagle to go a look at a flucking eagle, a Thousan years from Nop write out the design down. That's yet it swoops in Agess. The Salmd mod is no out in our Hado. If I right I's got hered out, but we we're not, we can't keep up with this focking. Thing we made so Whas always thing we made as gin to take all. When are we slow at town what'll? We legislate it and sail it's just not. Why do we have to be victims of this? We can stop it. We can shut it down right. I question I mean thus ers, don't think anybody would ever do it, because I think everybody is prophet andmunistf, so many countries at are profiting off id, so many businesses at e profit of so many people at you and me that yus, it's all the time the conveniences I know an. I sow you how art are alive. Our lives at careers at the mercy of Algeret. The hunivers of the algarythm. Now is the dit's, the gatekeepers hare done there dotty rialgarithem ye there. The Dding who sees Yerstaff Andan, Who can see it and who becomes a fan n? Who does yes, so
a I ready running our careers and lives saw that's programme mean what what that is is like computer learning and that it ed Ther Gor them is essentially just set up to figure out how to make the most money possible right. It turns out that keep us arguing with each other rhy, most mony possibles really can affect that ye. Imagine it's a gun like Ifg extra money for us biting the fuck Ot each other like would have somewhat made like a twitter or a tender ry for just people to meet and beat the fuck out of each other legal agei. Gowit of people, that'll hap. Oh, what me gone, ou Riht nom me we're just invented it thin. I would give a tinder where people wo just meet up somewhere. Afer ights just beat each other's asses and it turns out that more profitable as more people are watch beat the fuck of each other. Tan! Even turning you on to a the new abortion article, Onface Fut right or sessigua, Mi Inces, she asked cause. You really really really engage in people O beat the Fock out, which what is it that makes on people fighting? Why is it that Pthese Kisyer make him more money as it cas worgjust on more or
line. Mworkes were fighting. Yes, I'm gon to Sket to Starbuck's gift card. Yet I cause I'm fighting with my to think she's, Cuean honor Wel, also because they consablecause they know what you been googly say say: may ubeen o a gubli, Rolaxs Throghit, a specific rosy lugger, really up my eye on a Ryne. It is such showing you, those Adts on your hate d. I not likive you Gugle frat and I will google something an I a hotel case. I'm like. I wonder you. I won't how much Cuast Forh out Ou Towm going to this town, and then they will give me on my face book. Ye dont news, Feeda, for the hotel? Oh yes! So as long as your Auntshow Neget, he will just keep you on those sides. Yes, if you're, if you hears a thing more of my recommendations, are all Mossl cars and Marshal art staff and in hunting stuff, like the raght dose of things ate e watch, that's most of the recommendations that I get, but I'm did a trick where ha Mompeys there, the puppies thing and it really worked, but if you'r person, that's just mad all time as looking for fugkin conspiracy,
oll gie me a pinoto like Waral Witkh, his old negative, like faceful, doesn't have anything positive, not every status, as I CAD just had any operation. Ther's dead, logs Everywherd's littered with dead pats. I Verybody's, like I, you know, can you help the to go. Fon me, my neighbor's house burned Dalic, everything is just human tragedy tho and find it there's money in that Pright Ye Hnow, it is nobody or face, looks Sike by the way I had a great day and I just loved my family everybody's, like I, I need helpright now on Gan to die. What, when Dat Fist Book a turn, t was college. Kads drive a bit about it worszic these were called kases, tryin, o Fok, Yeh and now What is the complete opposite? Ite elderly people screaming each other. Well got no more of an old person's. Thank to writes a boomer thing in my aunt loves Icche's on face will call the time Talkin about she think he's talking a trump on face buck. That's what directly Wics glasses, o wine and Parker sat and she goes in WO, and you know you know somebody's good. When they'd dig in our face will can they go? I just got out Oaf face book jail, That's my thing: an the Ge Te Lil. U dey come back
You know you got live one they got. I just got out of book jail, show they go ONG Te Slow, but then Starke? Within a few statuses, they struck gettin back into light, hey thear. Anti Polosi's address. Buts whan Michelibaum is a man or Whateverhas a big one. That's a bit o loud SA's. A big cladin Highoasis is a giant conspiracy that hi Shell Abon. Any manabo was on Thiso that in that he was a earli, a Doptori. Bot. He was kind of intelligence that I respect Tryd. To tell me usics, it's trie I'll, do there's a lot of people that that believe it it's were. In a kind of while, though they hadan't you she's a raphodyn or Hom she's a transvession, ize paters on the way ole her pans like Bunshot, knows his nonsense, o course TAN. I may ask yet the images based on her pants bunching up a Huneper cent's, but somebody like etended of the Puso Clainty as Prof I realise he wasn't wrong about how to he's right about
Ove. She is right of Un Alot Joldoff. I don't think that's true. I don't think he's Tats e, we Tho wets eyes at hard if He'Is drinking Wlese have in fun August. Or Alex Halp an I's ol late summer, an with a shoud whose gin towards that Alic told me he is ninety days Cleanr now in I wanta Yoa for words anzesander my goal. I I weally want o gony fours in December, where San Hats, with him and sing like happy holidays. This is a can do it. I really want to do that. Just sa sched! U something in CAP city! I I would ye. I would love to do it and I want to go on the. But during the holidays we cal have SEN a hats on and its sould be nice and fast. If I did at Show Laster Moser yea, I love capsity a gree clop? One of the graves lost of the greetn account for common it coudaz a grent. They like to laugh themselves while they are very unusual. Yes, Irtaxes, but they are also like a little San Francisco right. I nots like San Francisco Fok tax, absolutely or now Texas, with Fox tet taxes, his Focking Saff at Textus, is do ing the fought, but San Francisco ad. Only Comet Ther's, weird Shen involve Dae Elichigara you'd aft, the din of the
eat or something we, I hld down. Austin Fon, because they laugh at themselves. It's that weird collision of Builard, certainly Taxeature in it's E hapital of taxes here, but you have a lot of progressive people, so that's YU. Ni think any time you have a like, Boston's, great Comey town, or you see it's because he's a natural tension that you can kind of just touch on the tenth points. Is a comedian Cosbossinos AK a lot a working people a lot of a ivylead people. There's lot to raise his shoes DE seized a whole political divide. So they give you touch on those Pentra points and Austen. Certainly Hasm Ye Dick. It's it's got everything Yes, it's like it's a weird mixture of like cowboys and hippies, and really liberal folks, arbitrary rashness. We I wait. Nine hours to get in psychedelic culture, yeah lot of artists, it's a very interesting look. Like I pointed a restaurant Eul Bilig is at homely shelter that will ignots the highest ready Restauran the stay yen know it's an odd place things.
Don't hang themselves side, o Condy, drop's Epstein joke demands, answers at hearing so hearing the day and the Cieronly H said he actan every since e one of the acanemies. I guess right the shorter one s Netzoka ad. We don't need hear it. I liked it You'R, havin, fun, Wen n EIS he's Trollin, you Suase, you all hit in his name out. There he's having fielighted Tor havin fun with the idea that of a cabal of patefals were in the government. They just haven't five to free. To me I mean Lestless im. Maybe it's not the case. Inot Rwill, get to the bottom. Now everything o jas ka are en fortne, I'm sure everything of Te Ar Qu it just went out atmids what a sick fockin, we Alex it's a sick reality and whenever it, whatever we do know of it, for sure is a problem is a real price. It real big problem and I think that there is a lot of people that are just like. I said we talk last time. I said
it's not in your daily life. You don't think about to shedbrur. You won't to give up this crazy sight, tin, the dark web digetting, three or four hundred thousand heads word's. I coue the Fok, a those people grie who wirh those people shining under the dark, wet to watch all his fuckt tupship somebody out there rst somebody in a cube Gori, now is sitting next to somebody. Then who's a boster eh and you would never know it because you la key. How are you and Thet is coffee, MA, Shi Working and go home in a Godolinos RI, because it's like there's just on of these human traviking sweeps when thy sweep these people up theres like a lot of them. No, it's it's really. Why do YO that I read somewhere that there's more slavery to day right now. Thenfr then was in eighteen. Sixty FI when they made slavery illegal that just so when slavery was legal in the United States in eighteen, sixty four there's more slavery to day in places Libya all over the world and Averyane austed. The sheer numbers of the world do Thake er. They would have people at a working likoks Tran yegugl in May.
Be Caping Bull, oft Warley's verse kept the Goeslet Aflinin Amye em. I've read that more than once now, pretty close to be in Janie ecked out of Michelorama was a manhe. Is the Hkase lest tees these nice rosseroad? I'm not going dout Edde sent me like a woam boomerang forty million Sposl em in their club with Flavory that they COE ecluding us sex trafficking, any human trafficg, victims, theers lots of. Are they Cludin peatle the world for happleand like those factories, Fachan Prows, a crazy sice of TE tums add it seems a that we la while Yeno that's Hall TE. Do it there what incidence Mandey Lavery Arly, like thatoly crease, for his results on the biggest challenges facing the world to day so that there say there is an estimated forty million people enslaved around the world and a quarter them my children now lits and Grace when in America or how many slaves were there in eighteen, sixty four and America Wae arguing about whether the chicking Sandwoud shop. We like support SAR vies. Yes, like very import
as were weary hind, but Falkin Riah or not communiated with area or yes, yes, yes, said Jestermeric, but they have world by re very fond of one's life, people threatened chick fillet. The chick fillet thing strange is like a they affecting policy. Eir affecting Polis Y understand on the evening. Honer had probably listened their corporation. They probably looked at themselves as had one expanded to more liberal cities in shed they're, not ye. Now o Kaher goes Ye Whiwle only thirty one million people back in eighteen, Sixton, Dat's total. That's the whole populacio everybody, Mistebaro million three wile Dutes ad. Let us see how and look about that in eighteen. Sixty the senses. Counted thirty one million people in the United States right right, Three thousand nine hundred of em were slaves, three millions Cusemy, three million nine and fifty three thousand nine hundred sixty or seven hunreds utium. Worse
and most of them were irish, so its one tenth ya, one tenth of a were Fock an slay more it's more than Wrightnough YA, one tenth of the peep. It was, but it was mad. O ten people was a slave. That Sinsane yet was not a good that was not a good period. To that, say yet that wasn't or best time just stop an then that's hard to believe, while that people. Don't understand, I think when it when they talk about like you no race, being over its like this, was it a massive thing and it didn't stop at slavery. It was like another hundred years of people, not ye o Beng denied opportunities, not just that he be Han murder, murdered, YO, Landfold, none without being pulled over by copse, and yet bold ears, wropped up tribes and they descended to jail and make hem work for Dachrase. They basically Ren stated slaves as a lot of these jails. You have prison, labor, betolcis, cold, Camal, Harrisot YE camallars is like one of these eametl. She went hard at her Yeh. She wats going on Do you think Talsy is you. I mean she's, not palling. Well, oh, no Bunnya
of two Jash E's a wrong got. I'm I fin talking about it. You know it's likeets, like a guard as no Jack Shet talking to me about the Yof sae Ry. That's that's how I saence yet YE o enovgo that's really hot words: Ie Blemmy Spwain. Yes, the situation, I think she's Amy. I like her. I liked that she went back at Hilary. That was, if F Yeuthing Killeris getting back in. I think so I don't think so. Not with all this Epsteen thingsyould probably kill few more people, croopried busy great conspiracy, theory, bide and wins. Yes, Hilary is is v p. He gets im peach cause the Ukrane stuff in the Hilary becomes a president howD Talsey gabbards, viewed with Clinton, helped ext. Her time in Thi, Spil always kgnoing negative at her. Well, because she's doesn't tag, either Bulls Sus, shes, Lats, all e money, shets all money from from the public,
What's I know yesers Dealin Thet, all fuck with Sanders either main strem moutlets, don't really fock with Sanders. Wouldn't I know they're not going to and than Ageta Fock with Herry than the tomb together wuth, almost beyond starved ar trying to TT. It is a coronation when Elizabeth Warrant, those two together, Halsey and Sanders, would be crazed. Aat me and I know she wants to be president totally and I would vote for. I guess I sad guess, because I look I would vote for. I would roverbr to Tho burning is a Lote interesting fact. I'm I'm Curin YE, I'm tur, he says, has to Houn this aggan to play out. I really am really curious. Yes, the whole thing's, I woof whereis this gall, it's a the election, and it's crazy that when you look at the spate of democratic candidates for there's nobody under indeed whispering didn't have a hard time. I now me till I think you're a pleasant people have heart attacks. Did you hear that there were at turns up probably false, but there are rumours over the last couple days at Trump might have had a heart attack or had some sort of heart problem could use in, like some people reporting that he was rushed to the hospital over the weekend and they had seen him for a couple days:
out this morning and said he did hav part attack, Suk YA, Raste, L, Ave, not said and trompted Ye Yeho. When someone tells you they didn't, have a hards a ye like. Why did you tell me that I just live the work? U ye, we're being run by Papo Thater Jis, getting ready to leave the planet. Yes, he is really gratend, they're all scrambling in his power game of their playing. It's really wear ye cam AG, o Bein, nettled and being billionaire whom hen ise at least one billion dollars, Goi three Animalsand still, wanting the job being the President Wecause Ithing money is aunt, cling anti sure I very teen physical younesses speculation intensified just listen! I usersteod of hes Honwll go in is mannage and hanidi. We think this guy cares about you. We think anythem care about you. I just don't. I I can't get on board with that. Well, the! is Ylike he's in he's in constant conflict not like a soldier is hatli, but almost and Yeft really think about that. If there reanything about the constant conflict,
hatyou're engaging in if you're the Presidnt Tu Nite states. Wheth. You like that president or not o Bahma was the constant conflict disguising constant conflict. These guids are freaking out thave that many people upset at you that many people plotting against you. That may be with E one impeach you that many people tho don't want your policiesdow the people who want to hold you by everything you've ever done ever in your whole life and bring it Retime Yeu hold the press Confreend every day as a fuckin WAL, I yeb it's war, you can't be worried about. You could be word but e o ver general sense. No, but I don't think it's possible like what I ship, because I Shaid when a Bama was crying his of a school shooting, Ous Eclitan President to choose one to cry ye. You know people that man me about that. I'm Shinkg, that's not that he doesn't have emotion, but this is also guid as ordered the deaths of people daily. You knoopein presents like yeah. It's like every four years. They hire a new man or woman. Some day may be to kill the unkillable dragon
ry every year, the person tells you I got it. I got it. I got out a slang, omit o flock and nail. I got a plan or then put it to Gera. If you make me the dragon Slayer we we're Flucki pee Herin Mik there, and then they come out of the cave. The lick I'vde made a deal with the dragon. All theyd go and try to kill the dry eye. If focked up, nobody ever kills a dragon. Now Ich Wet's not ment to be killed the systems not designed to be, but you can't say that people at mad Coausd Youl Li Cal, Yo'R Cinical Ye Thit, but with this systemat Nright now is not really designed for wholesale reimagine. Tsalsan Iasis, Sot, designed design for three hundred and twenty million people, nor I ever thought that was can happen, Ra ha tha there a be these flooting people, came over here man. They were ride round on horses, you ever repos rate on wide's duck yie the Pentagon, Astmie Follect the future like mega cities. What can happen it places I Calais, you Arke, we jest got to hallow anless, you know popular strife and unrast and problems with YA du
I mean it's, she is kind when you read that stuff, that, with the with the Andrew Yang Stuff, with his theories about automation about and then on top of the He put him all together. It's a on population edoes, it matter what a consye could cause to ease as Ther trump tweeds. Were it we're foged to just yet one with a Accossiou Cortez and this giant Transectual Gal A In a visaure, my ready, love beautiful outfit she's Aton. How tall Ao C is Sheliciy's. Five, seven to me, Hosily of this, this lady. Next to her as a gigantor and what was hes paint in Orange, with a wool with white faced paint and as he's clappin a woes is a was his form. Apparently a aosi went to a show and she just given the gal props, ye and clap in and Shoos like Superanimat, you don't really see ya a Congress. Woman do yelander in this thise transworm was beyond thrilled on MIS
o me as Trim Mey. Let us see the one where there at the rally and they startled by eating the babies. That's a zing where Ao S soely stands up don me that's what of Foon he says. Is that someone whos doing like an onion? I hope so I think so. I think that somebody's just doin akeen a character. You know or some one is like legitimately mentally no Somily's leginemately Mantal yell, but it was too funny and too good, more Othis, as is somebody, was really cause they got in to way you could see. I love that is a gascene from boerat. Ah, where he's doin the dis
the thing at the Rodyala and you could see their faces tarted to change TE, Eleke I'll, wait, sums off yer. You could see a cosuquotez's face dot to change. As a woman, SOR took Eby eating infants Yere and you Coauld see o a consequent as yea. I remembered this so H, ha ha an if you'll Getti were pass. A few o is Nack in a Saulte Pobla class enough, a sweetish professor Sayl Wid, her im he'd ded that people, but that's not fast enough. So I think you next o ham. Pane slogan has to be, as we can tro start eating, babies, a click, don't hape enough time, there's too much seal too? Oh youo, my god. This is amazing admit Yeither, Dommin and wash Yere or like MA, be there's a real purse. I tha his real person. I love there's something too good.
If it's not a real person, she's git, to be the star of one Tersal, Histnan Moge, she's, Amazin she', just to be just heard- tor say that and as I was gogling it, a Snokes came up, and it says: Diddos Aocis supporter suggest that factic mixture of result fin macalygo the thing to read: well care but like who an igisiture well said because it might have been a joke. I think Snobes leans, pretty hardler hard, laught an establishment. The very establishment like Teyn, check things against e and mainstream organs of opinion Youo AR this thisus Grager it might be. My bee was to say. When WI she's, one dear, have stunts of doing thus a wasn't Elcy's supporter, o K. They say their inretrol was to troll a Cassi, Cortan or Jehms he crew Sha.
Cuperlos working at the behest of a fringe conspiracy group Pyr, the history of such stunts, of course yet went. I of course have I'd write out for how fine it seemed Fike right it imdolter ain't seem real Fiimly alium like Tis. No way some one really want e bab it would it's. I an extreme position. P its remposition by the Losseit have heard the Vidia with her and the translating Yali that I sought ooes. Yet I find it again. He lits at some exent sayings, dislay You think she would ever Clin. I Chel Casia Cortes Eu Sorc, you ll Interes to huginized her Ye Hager Yes, Swez is twenty Eightis ETI, she's Deaft Tehshogling, it wer plains in the resile. Yes, she come Onat Witsis, silly girl to lawrentender two yearly go pourned silk a lime shot in need, o fockin far left. The balance off the far
you Neverbody Grision, need to seal Lermor, rages or racy people reasonable and an sees Asis on rain. W have a game she host verse of bartender Dass. We an whath comes to Geatehoska, no tram ove and then she's a bark derand. This is how it aks listen shy, ot she could not univete it it. I will make Logan Pall President he's a smart head, he will run you tubers or Gog. Have millions of dollars, millions of fans and no skills when they're all forty Stru, I will make him the President of the United States. He will not be that bad at it he's disciplined. He's got a hard I ay will. I will be his Steev bad and I'm going to get involved in. That me wanted to have two fights yet Two boxing mounters wer served the whole world. I think the next to the next group of political figures may come from the innenat. They may be a w tobers, it's possible ye. Did you watch that fight I'e watched a little bit of it, which h inck they're, not bad yen dere. They got wild, they wern't sirasses
de Y think that clearly did they were nrugged shape to fight such aralling. That happen it when he hit him when he was down that Chep oint thing to be lost is an Anglag. Yet he as wazs Hitsen Winder down Owcderdus, o that but there's a volume Doy Nhar R, now baradieu me's, the Impaccable Gee, yes Willu, Cplumpy Revolutionay, an I'll tie. I way for thy thing Toy WA's. The HU all adorable somewhere pap. You can an e sittin, Tere Bein, like you, see ha Hunyof, so Hars see well we', just talkin about Befor that ah dot Cassylon a pau. I ow yes, so they got wild um it's hard to keep your ship together when you're fight in front of all those people, but if one of them had been able to keep their shit together and not go while and just box leg gum. I don't know which Box is better. It seems at npau was petraiying with Shan in the cannon brigs, whose Legitis Fock, whom he's like you know, S, whon the top hadawaiys in the world former World Champion Meanhe's,
is that he knows I to teach back hi OS, Ratlock and box right as good as cat's ye, so he was working with Logan Pawl and he set some crazy shit like Loganpog, be heavily champed T Oth is Whyt. He got money, yet that's Apet, Congesioa E, in a fries at year I mean- I don't know about that, but I do know: he's real athle. He wasn't AE ye unlepedicated himself. To it I mean ai. I get a pi Kass his house. He was training all day, nice bath. All the sat. You know where you Cin tell you, can tell what a the same thing with chaoside they're. Both athletes, the Borayo, had to fight a little bit. Ty probly fluck up someone was not as good as them, but at some they got wild and what thy means is you? You start swinging for the fences and sometimes he land and sometimes HEU dont, but if one of them could a state technical and his bark I'm just fired off sharp jobs and clean right hands and moved a lot and kept your hands up and boxed don't get emotional if they get his box, and I can mostly start landing. If you start land EAST are heard in the guy. He saw her
Y, with punches that aren't your heart is shot they. Don't you not winding up with im me not exposing yourself yet hiding technically that's the differenct treen someone who knows how to box a little bit and Instunt wogging verses, some one who's, smart res, some one who who understands that, when you're on a lot arised? Yes, when you're under to s. You have to keep your tetyork your calm and be able to see everything and the more you tight, not the hardest to sea things, and they start swinging in the Yugerd Barlypet. Right wa you might land and might not go out still is still of power. It's not an absolute thing right, but when you look at Guis, who are really good, boxers like floyid Maywether, does not get into fuck and slug fast fry. You know, Heis executes enemies. Axion is figuring. You I find the halls is pop and am in. There is not yet in it and then eventually search chopper people down and breaking them down in writing. That's what he did with Connor Konrad Mink. It was a great money grab for Canada, but the right to make any sense right, but that
Sguise De Butd Theyares. They both like out a similar level, the reason Whyt's so fund to watch ISS, Saus Thoughb they're, both like they can hit a little bit. They bolts are good afts Eatsiea and they both kind of learning how to fight in the Bost, superfluck and famous. Yet on line ye, and then they get together and then here even bigger men, it was explosed. He sold that the Farkin stake was at hold. Oh Scranly, twenty thousand piec or lot of heepoles to lot Att Easebol He was a one intemel. May she Tinter Nat Advance, you know because ye and it was a good lucking fight a meanwhile in terms of like entertainment value. They went after it that he am, but I think, if one of them learned how Twoo Jist Box to stay like a Fook in samurai and just box, and never let tout emotion, get hold of you todel at Delaria and the staple Ser ars. It's always hard to do, but it's even more har to do when you talke Shure to each other. Is it? Is there o similarity when you're when you Yeur playing Areene as now? Is that different, when you're in arena verses, YU, smaller venue. What's nothing like a fight
Life's horses Wis, the Themb Ou Fight s like here comes here comes here. Gums to Tappenan rides like into all the proper Sall your nightmare s. You get knocked out Al Thoug, Wer, Hailins, yet like to get hurt and training if to work around. It still hurts me get in there all that stuffed at their deal when they go in, there is like Hatwould stand up times. A million like the thing about stand. Sandip is, if like, if you do your prep work and you get your You could do it many many knights in a row, cracked. They can't do that shage on his law and out one one chance one chance on Chams on at one time you did a joke and it just came out like ship. Yes, Sailick Fock. I was a thought o. So again, Bri rots, you wet, I rotio! Well, they sometimes people have moments like that. Athletically, like ye, just flucked up you, your chin was up high, you came and swinging. You got clipped whens you get clipped in the first round. You try to box in the second. Third and the takes Outn, the fourth like Fock. If I just played my fight right and play my aim right. I could out Boxton YE on is said. I did something stupid in Ou Yaclipt, but then I sos
as part of it is the show here. Part of it is a spectacle. It's one Seeim Ter Mik, all Magetitude O company, not Ae hisclothes. Of course. Of course, I will. I do one a fight jelsie handler. Then it's a good fine at's, a grat Mean Chall, see Soadivanwita, I'm first light over. I mean that her isdocumentary its prevelo privileges, REACH Els eat will fight over that, ah, which was wild I mean ye know it was a little wat. Did you see it? No, it's her talk about my privilege, an the back of Rebeller Mansion in the back yard. It's a fun one and DAB thinks YO should go round and apologes for all the things like she's go to goddess trap into hollow gods at me, Chalsea ad, Gegier Man, Hollo Tuskegee E saucy of Netter a long year. Well right, Nish CAS got go to graves. She ches his apologes Tor everything America has ever done, go to native Americans. Yet upna I mean I, I can rabbit Bithes, it's the job, Thou Minam. This is a job, but
Maybe these celebrity fights could be bigger, thinks I hed his feebor challenged Tom Cruwz and Measrealli Nick Shap out o nowhere eh a Pilard Lowar De Fire o be Athing, Beaver's Larris, he wehukes he likes to fight. I think sober. Now right is he sober SOR, my trings on the other denal in a lunch eond at Beverley, hills and sober, wouldn't be the first word intrud. It would be used a smokin out, Rievere get Hicce and I fun he's in a warzone, his lifes of wars. One is wild, became famous for Nuslic six years old as a young Gan wild. And could you imagine the authype gals put that Punana in a foot Jeshatwainvia and he ays. If said it is Weg, he's grown. U he's grown up with that and we's gone up with Indias DOD. Yet I and bodyguards everywhere? I never way go your now. So e want to fight tonkers, Yeho Hopen Tom Crew's, chilsem
Wou'Ld, take me out, or somebody was on her. Somebody was on a flat when they Woill be in order. The Capri O the claim was that going down and LEO wasn't nervous and my Frien losing her mind because they were ever some leojust KA sad to call OM my he exact only. As't Dounia has been in a plain crash. Ive got it all he's done at all ready to go. He does it Lis bill. I. What experience do you need to have if your LEO Apallyne is also absorbing the emotions of almost DINA plane as ventured ansus to use Thet Beserwil Zoz on o death, that is a Rell, that's a real sick marth and I is recording it ye does you ses, not sick, he's involved in Cherrin ow sure they as yet a piece of shusnow. It's loddering money, no NOS lozery to money, o threal charities. How many people had to do with that fire festival, Humny people, ah WY, how many people a lot of people Gerul H a bunch of people that at that's one of them things we like wait. What well MER de Wolts? You I mean yes, one of Tho sings where the Diriginal fire FEST Wals, like you rack war, ye know, and I was just like I could even rash- ai Doctur mentary. I was,
godringe is so hard. It's so great thou I was fond to say I'll squirm Ino, my seat, I Trilangenough LAN, it's fun to see people who wanto do something stupid or something ridiculous. No ge tha people it her status. Subsassd in everything, Ca'T get what's coming to them, Wat's this a rule dismissed from hundred million dollar fire festival, Class nects lockaded awash hows. He I get dismissal to him. He didn' now We canted awhile, he Probbed im ofver to do with the business aspect of it? He's a flucking wrapper right. You prall got together with that DU think that DOD, lie to him. He thought the gouwas telling the truth. Vexing Y Knowse of all thittle loss, if he give the piacho to Thinkg of the people TAT Day, are fire fasfile, as my fave part of Sacumantary, when they know that it's never goen a work. Why they knot that an interesting. They know. All over and then the peep or hid in the island that day. To imagine also why thinking your first promotion was the first persona
you, Theatr and I tried to ricfill a small theatre. No, no! No, my first oni'm goin, to do ol, highland islands that I have people fly in and if, when a Balogney Sandwiche S on white style. How ha ha ha people was supreme, sure to get o come in and eat Katrina, Ploed Lussy will wall country know. What is that is that the sex colt YE. I I've been told my multiple people to see that I had watched that I cannot get a thing out length. The fire fest was Cringin, his Daires TERS, he's come to look. What is happened isitors? Is it a such Olding YE yeaya? It's like a six episodes, his Exix four. Mikh, isn't one of Thos will fie the and you can't feel bad for the people. Si Gohow YO feel Bast E. I feel bad about colts cause. I've been a mor on most of my life. You know I I' never got roped into a cult, but I've Bin luck e cotvevlaon you with a nice parents, gal hi, no I've been lucky a group in a pretty nice
eighborhood you, you never ies that, like you, never look as every Nong that I look at the Scytholgi building. Oh I di, but if YO a know. Sometimes, to go what' stye when I moved Ther bought a Diananic's Booka on the Beoletevia Fiae a I didn't knowhathe man know it was you've Sur Yselves felt by had Anthony bordained enough Forteen, I'm Ethy, bins, I had all o F his Zerl as it a satu o that o funkin he's grettate your shit together to SA e YE. An yo lie. Shittige. I was always truning it Misius s. It you Sant Dinah and did you heny? No, it was and we you like Yesus. I ordered the book. I got the book in the mail and like most of those books back down, would read em like four or five times a picket ut read of ten minutes, Miht Mone Madoun and I put it down like maybe I went through a whole chapter, maybe DMA Bas case in Aria, wost tied to Soundwic. This is a working for me. I wasn't Absovs wasn't discipoint like o Scatterbrant
so I was always lookin for somethin back fellows on my tweneys on ye. I somp me give me dotis a lot of people now. Lay too lot of people come to Allit. Looking for something to fill a void and Lia colts thrive you now. If you grew up, the thing is: if you grew up in a out an orthodox religion in a religion. That's like very rigid and otrust in them, even if it doesn't make any sands. Like am, I know, a lady who did that or she grew up in the Mormons. And then she got out the Mormons and she got out, it was really hard for her to tell Peoplere full of Shet she what she felt like she was. It was too easy to dupe her or I had taken in by colt people taken in by spiritual people taken him by coop cook. Chuse, put that here or out dit it both. She just was not aware of Bullsha Ru Shibelies such crazy bullshed. For so long. I give your
to be a that Joseph Smith found golden tablets that contained the laws ire his magins on to wear, and only I could read it as he is a magic ser stone and then, when the people came to ridham, the amers took him away s that godwas didn't believe you Usted him ora Nots, that the the via Navre harrikins were a lost tribe of Israel Arri. Why could you goin to do that? Why not throw if any yon, I not believe any se knew and so lit? If I grew up like that, I would be like that. That's Qui Dat's the insidious part about colt like I got real lucky my parents. You know my my step. Dad's a hippy, my parents were come a hippies. When I was a kid I we get a chance to see all Diffen R. Country San Francisco Florida Boston, but I never got robed in any religion where I hope tat. If I was there ye, they took in when I was six or seven Eugenia. Would I wouldn't have figured it out or wouldn't know of o'er our stock o hetock? Most of us would he got stuck Ye
most of us. If we were young and impressionable it's interesting, I was a part of our community. I hit roped into it. I know people that came out of you, don't really Ligious Uppring Ex Edid dhey. Does it's interesting? It does something E. You know some of those peo aror. A lot of those people happen to be very trusted when they get out of those. It's interestig, you throsta any yet you'd think they'd be more sceptical with there as she very trusting when they get out of those thanks. It's a weird thing: ma'am we Hank about gettin roped into occult YE young person. Yo be harded, T Wem. I know quite a few people that have had those kindocsy ts when they're younger, too hevetalked to Metsker Yea, a Mee Kart was uut? Was it Jehov's wit her? Yes, his stories craze as a wild story? It's its all these whacky different ideologies, or so many of em, You know- and I love that is mom was in sales as to meet him talk abouts. I was a shell's guide. Nats it tont. That's another call n
ohly, Gaash O bearing in that so mean him. Always talk about that like that is also Yut like really good. Salespeople must really get a picking up chicks there. Reallyo everything I mean they really good arranging the world in a way that allows them to, and I think, a lot of good sale's people, the one than observed they don't over. Think they de don't di Itthere's, a simplicity to what a good sale is, I'm sure that you can write about it, make it more complex, but at the end of the day, there's just a a a it's like our our lizard brains, there's something that happens like on a som rainy level, where you walk in with Isted MA a confidence, and you know a all those hack lines and sals work like hack he sometimes work hack, Shails lines. Work was Ich. If I can do this in this, does that make chance that make sens you sat like when I was first hell marketing and shun orders, and so I would say I can't El Th against INS Ore, the Fonl people ca laugh at me, wo if I say Likel. If I say something.
Patently ridiculous, like listen, you o I don't help you, I don't eat, so, let's just Grida, I bid people melitably, just as you Dickleus for people Lik O k why Yo Mak really I was alto selling them in one Islend. But the point is far then those things work like those who see what form you Layic Traffings work, ' Little psychological tral ye. I me shells a business of imitation people Pianet's a lot of muhy as well R a lot of it. Yet I think on the until you get really Atit Neggo, either Innovade or you really find what you're doing, but even like with sails. It's like a personality driven thing lit you try to get this personal like you enough and also enjoy the product of SOE, trying to Hite them up about a ya. You are to show a certainamountment thustiaani Soutes was contagious to got a like yea thas. Some one is a good salesman. We'll talk to you about certain objects with such enthusiasm ET will get more height than I Loe the I was always so bad that I wouldnot shut off Ens I wouldn't shut up an it had seils Mim
keeps going ye as am ared to know. Lo Hena good Salesmant can turn on and not like. You might be a whole ship. Customer then only give you the a bright wlhy would just talk. I would get to the view of his moment every sail where you'rd diposed a leval on the table not speak. I then whe ever Susp first car loses that's a good tried and true cells method. So Do this Ye Wednesday. Whatever this price? Is I Wer and a wejus silent and neither one of us is pos. A talk, you're supposed to talk first and then you're Gusebus supposed to submit an yet up posted do the deal, but I would like just go right back Dick tis more we can do and then the guaent of the sky is a clown ye. I it was. It was something I was not meant to do. Yeah you can't you can't wet think those guides are really good at that it's yor you GA indication that you should do it, but I rathe lot of bad shalesmen in those debts. It's just a bad ki. It's very sad! It's a weir thing Bryt, because you're yeur basicgly a charisma person
ride, you're trying to smooth or like he shouldn't have to have a sales person should be like this. The prize on right. You want the yeut. If you want go talk to that kind, you can get it yet Kno guys. Lake, sir. Can I help you welcome the Mercedes Blet Elian. You know what I see you has come Frak I've seen in this Cacket in Teelln PAL, my God, the convertible LA look at eat, one button bot get the? U Ye drive in DE skies overhead you're, the king of the world ye I guaranteeou the way you'll feel hiped up yescar'sket Tir make you kick asked in the office YE, but she ad be bad, they walkom T a line. I'd de a yoo like cars ha like that's how flocked I was. I tried offiers mortgages. And sale's Guyes our Noctk Ueyes at wont to school hes and is had at Goe Awr round the system and become millionaires where I ride a's a way that we believe so we don't know, Inbut, structure, organization and Ergret, which is thrown into the wall like a licomics like a lotika, a lot o Comac Jus his road at the and ion one of thus Bee long guilty that sometimes soon Soo s, o Mik NIT threw it at the wall. Oh especially you don
lot o sets like we're going to in three sets Aya. But when you win you talus IC, do the work at it when you're like in the Cornulis Backy YE two hours, you listen back to the thing it's like, we are all Justlike O Kaiwell dare dislike is s especially as you get older, like me um in YU run outa like I have to make these fuckin premises work and I'm doin a new special link. Every couple of years, when you can't fuck around's a heavy work, Clouge Janap you gon to get that ship out there and you got at yet a Tich Upthose bits with the most like focus that you can giv UN go on TE, Taddy Ejak in a store and yet eternal lights. Ofther's no crowd work is now you just YU, just Yeu, just you Leke. If I Do e special every night I'll just tryin to tighten up these bits I and adding to them and taken away from im and foulkin with them an is the only way ye have died? Other ways of done it half past before where I only did a few sets a week in a requidred special in- was
good and I've done it where are really hustled and it's always better and I think gum you know. I think I think it's like a thing. We just got kind of stay on it and then no, I cook ye. I think I got some here and now like what are you Rand? What Ye'Ll look at you look at crowd. Wuok has every known that if I do bidd in Teserally work, sometime Se'Ll try to crowdwork the audience back to being on my side and then try. The next bit. Is that cheating? No, never pleading, never cheating Mean Deres, nothing wrong in crowd. Work crowndwork is ranked some great comics. We area Te Crowdword Rashest a fee. I feel like every comic, owes it to themselves to have material to fcoursei of course, as Yom Godfit, never developed, materia and Emlyi only had a crowd. Bork Ac Tyme YE, but it's louok. They can still work, but that seems like ocraz. Now you needi, you wanted to say what you are about and tell you Jove. It's a different thing too. It's like it's a fun thing, Roik the crowd, but you never get a well crafted well hown
bit Notin a real prou. Nothing works again like a Crowdword, Grar, Diz, NAS and old legs. Sometimes I'll. Try the next night to reference o n, it happened that I thet I was funny an ivicious. Not in the moment does it were. Does war yacht crazy, gig, Brow WI out the Crazest Kig over? It cries except Locam, POR, Cassi, Thisis re, it's a crazier kect put our Kig's weir, because no one can teach OU how to do it, something to teach out a boh. Such Troulder Draket teacher, keep your hands up. Gas comes this waggolr and to catch things, moved Yeat to learn how to counter Wil Y Now you have to figure it out on your UN. It's you can vary your approach so much in boxing only so much, but in comedy do that people getting in to stand up now, because of the way that things are of Social Mediat driven? Do you think that were in the last era of like that traditional type of stand up were a lia? Now people's hats, like martial arts, people can get better at af.
Want Doy MUS to want to do ats, like people, this people still do in Jujitso. If there aught always ye to do it's, not it's it's not ever EA's rights, never easy! Do you juc DA kill you ther Fookin gravel, your arm, Ara Dryhol, you're, aways sore, but people don't keep doing it monsia, or not coun do it as the same thing would stand up allthough way, more people are doing Jujeser than do and stand up. You know most people can do it case. You don't have to have a certain personality at Lik. You' do Insteand YE, but if you could just put the time in you put, the time in you know, y. If you're a reasonably funny person- and you start doing it- you put the time in you're a driven person, you realise you can keep getting better if Yo Teapins anded to at you, can con dedicted. That's what happens. You do get Eected
over the line. It owling nothing 's, more fun thy killing. When you specially hear two years end ye' Ju Storte. He has our start of figure, it out get and every now and then he got one Oly hay ufk an bolls are startin to get paid and Doin gigs. Wherever you can you drivin a rout, your friend, I 's nothing funner. I look back of those days, I'm so lucky that I'm still Wrell good friends of Griggs, great Fitzelia, Amsered Gul's name Gregg, Sut Pack, it your e, I wos, forked dub his name but we, we start out like within a week of each other ye. Yes, so we neach each other. For ever. An cost Yan AE, you wipin a shed load of terrible gigs together cilarius we ye I forget about some. Sometimes he tells you about a Mian. The tell he but one that he forgot I'll Wiw ye heard to look back horrible brow, and this is all nineteen. Eighty eight ineteen, eighty ninetn Ile Enetyn, ninety 've, seen to stood hold in oul explosions at Stak, it out e SK. The bot booms in Bosson Effect Tood. I got so lucky. It's like I was on a Vidio game down. I
Vidio game. Led me too, like the challenges in a very unusual spot like I got so Cki that I walked in to Boston Ride at the cresting of the wave of the comony boom. I got here right before it hit the pea and then hit the peak wallo was there and then dropped off right dropped off, and then I left. I left it right at the right time, not that it's on a great time to be at well right now, Ralit back Dan DO was three comedy clubs on one block there was nixt calmly stopped and there was a commondy connection on the same street in the Abah. Tit was a commonly stouched. The comedy am Commedy Shwhat WAD called the comedy club at the charlles. Plaelse tat, Dethrute and still some little on his heat upon the world are from tharry at Bost and then over. He read across the street was a placse culled. Ducksoup so they're all four of em within walking distance, three of em on one block, YE and then there was a dick dictority's comedy vault. There was an old bank vault. That was like a block away from that.
Use just bounce around and fo. It was fuck in crazy and these civs were murderers. What made you want to do it initially like what was a thing that made you want to do it Bu didn't know am, if I could do it until I went to an open Mik night, but as I had friends that talked me in to do in oh dis, that I worked out with hi thought I was funny, but I was Hein Puch. They think you did. So you may get a go. Bombers are now now being like. Your father was a young kid. I was twenty years time, twenty one when I first hour doing Stanhope but twenty one. I was thinking about it and I was just a just war a lot of attention, and so I would say things when I knew that everybody was nervous right and so right before Arring. That was a big one. Everybody real nervous cause. We were sparring as I heart it was hard Cor mat. I a bunchidude's at like as goose or better or takein each other, as I wold dangerous. We saw I hadn't knocked. I wasn't Nae Skary Hehas cared the sword, Outo you like sparrings by a scary, an dumb. I wwost make fun of things. We would go to tournaments and make fun of people I'd make.
Myself, I'd make fun of each other, a du impressions, my friends havn't sexe Rih. Is Wha, I think is I like, if everybody Bu, laughin Bu I'll, just tryn, to make them lit right, but I didn't think Ohl, I'm going to be a comedian. My friends ve, Graham Lon, still good friends with this day was one I told me: you should be a comedian communion as craze and you, Enisa, what's the first open Mygnihte that you walk into Argust twents Edeth teen. Eighty eight stitches, Kamie Club Tis little Commy Club still there. No it's not there any more. It was a is my Massachu was next to another place. That was like a larger. I can't remember the name of the other place, but the other place was that was next to it. That was really pretty big nexta sitch I focka wisher Rememblrs, like a rock club. They occasionally have big acts there and I went to see A'M Cherrysin felt there while Withaw this chekos dating Winls, like nineteen, is eighty eight her. This must this know this
Before that I went to see, Jerrysi fell there before ever did comedy. I want to see Jurry's sidefellows, maybe maybe Torny like maybe so iw somewhere round there, and how does that? First go Ahm Tryper Exisibl Etere, whose Tackes my first it was o Cabuos in like a coffee house who cares that barely count it was a you were in an actual clot. I was an actual cab, Axue open MIKE night real. You know I felt real weird. Where did he hear your voice on mycrophone? For the first time, YE asked barely go Avska, Kaba ha ha ha ha. Are your friends dere in hay of I pledge my friends Guos it um, so friends with shouted to Jimmie Tillio Jimmy Laws whose goes were there um some of ther people? Are it the ice t there, a most terrible ha ha ha
What does the Italian later when you out of your see a guy young guys, families in the audience and then I'll go up, and you have a real roughed attic had happened. You shouldn't bring your whole families a stupid movie. I part I've done it. I didn't want to drink before one on stage. One thing I did make a decision, I said, look if I have a drink right now before I go on stage and probably the moment. Every time I go on state show, because this is like right when I started legally, and crag, as I turned twenty one on August eleventh- and this was august- twenty seventh, so just a few weeks, and so a couple weeks, was one of those who on Knof you to do this, don't drink Yeu houtside I get up pray Outin, I eh howse things. I'd whiles very were thou as I' just go up there. I was so scared. I was ost hoping that they didn't call my name there's nothing like the fear right before that. First tit, HAL Hat's, a lot of fear did. I have thought so many times right. I don't even know how many times, for years and years, travel ol with the place Kaking people, the Fayse getting Kickedan. I did that. All the time tat didn't scare me as much
going on stays at first time. I shit in my pants, but once I did at once as it alleviate a lot of that and it became less and less ever he's go. Do you feel I ALF starve slowly, Sholl NER. Will you you like im to do this again? Yea ye yei thought immediately this s, Orman do like immediately, I've never had a voice in my head ever, but that time I did Dat Tommy Ginn was about to chick it out and her voice. My head say no is what Yos was to do now. Clearly, I think that's my imagination and cler. That thing is probably mean knowing that was going to be a pussy, so come on stupid, so's, pry, talking to myself righting inside my head, but Duda felt real ye as felt like a voice was me. Ah, don't be pussy. This wish Wul se Duve Comman just do it. I this lot of people have is Whot yousupposed to do. I think a lot of people of that. I think I I wanted to Fers Hom. I did I shoud mnaybet. I should do it in a week. They go ing. Per maybe ye aybe I'll push it off. But then you just got
cottages. Do it will the host of my first open mightknight with Jontha cats oh you'll have to cast sire cats that yet Famous Boston, Comic Graceye, and am he I put my name in for the list, but there's a lot of people on the Wis and he wasn't sure whether I was going to get on and sometimes people sign Upr than they wad Chiken outright saw im in Thi position, whereas not sure, if sure for to be able to shup so gimme a a couple minutes an alnl overshore. So during those couple, ments osteai, JE, say Fluck this I'ml Gettin, not here righ OM, Umb, shut my hand for Aver, and then he came back and then I had tha thought it said. Knowswish was come on and yet onge there in any anilter you's e, hey, I'm Munty Billy at chop and as I go, my God re ye. Thi WI, that's HAL, E'So WR, an that's the. What that's happen to me works like Dey, Cama, TIA, Hea you're, almost waiting, ye're ready for him to go. We can't
Tnahughacane's great YE, Quilli Aray bo you, but he coes non Anow. Your good, your next En Foc Yi think I had one or two people in front of me, though. Everat is doing five minutes. One or two people in front of me were to just relax, but it was amazing. You know what it's like vowed me to get my feet. Wet allowed me to move my feet and I and was also the first time I had ever been First, I never seen like legitimate professional stand, UBS performing in a cly like that way, like a in those environments with amateurs like the first ever saw like the stark difference between a guy like me and there's this guy Hetty, Burgron, Whoasis, another Boston, legend, his Yaf Focking animal. Sa Yan, and indeed there was a couple of Ther eyes would stop by those open might knights back in those days like pros like Laatros, they do bov ten minutes to works of Material Arites Stayshap. There was always ever Wonen Stain, Sharp Yeh and only got I was a prison hot to watch that you
that you like Holy shed or you need to this level ye, but you seel a real pro all smooth Hav, any murdering, seemed to that same joke again and again and again Coaricdon. Canixaan ye shall o KA gag, get how he's doing here. Yea. That's a cool thing about the store as well gray Young. We will, we all get to watch each other work. An every huddi's Ino, Tony Rock, is different than Jessel neck. As DE got an use, death and joy dear as right, Everybot is get their own style Everybody has your own eyes so Joi the Asea that at original room just he was light. It was like know what ih'd rarely seen sets like that where it was like you, just so fuckin in ANA Zone, that it was like a you et you for that ten minutes. Nobody was on a plant any more year, Nobody was in the day you now wish. Just everybody had been elevated to somewhere else. Was wild watch he gos. I will happy. I was not after im
yer. I am very happy. I was not of Sposical longes Chis, two peep, I bland den. It's like Walle, DOM Good, a bub, I'm gun to go at from one day, not to night ye Onday mat to night I's in the bag. That's a eas! I tough gagoa Tafal DE used to bring him open on the way and whone? Has I athe Shit New Jersey, YE ihinra schools go on after him, yet he was loose as fack. An my sage Itp I pulled it off, but not writing. Ain ono me like an in, did ink get boot off the stage, but I know was very good and a he fought and murdered. I remember it some happend, the crown he's fogging with them and Cray. If just crazy, there is a wild crop and how stiff he knows back, then os. He ever feels that my biggest promise when I feel stiff on, I feel like a not Grove here. Hih am like Agonit. This is a problem. Yet's hard tarya' break out that sometimes and back down was terrible, a together and but I thought to myself like taking him on the roads. Meat is a great exercise. It's like brining training partner with you that condemtlly strangling ye. So you
Sto really up your game en af you. If you' working with Joedeas you can't lo great Yelly Shar, really good Comic Crat Comic Spring Opeence at are there you know good. I think that's the move, ye cause. I've seen GIS do the opposite and they do it on purpose. They do it. They think that what there can to do was ha going to give people ah, like a shitty comic for LI fifteen Twen, menuces and then there going on after them and look out a hero right. I son't, I don't think Thut's the way to go now it sees it's also. It doesn't help anybody, because the shid Comics the reality is a lot of people. Really really should e they're knockin to get much better. It Stey hit TE seal her amid the Occasionally, people do, you can never say. Never. Some people just figure out some people of Hen only Stort meditating, if akin Trattin, around ASL. He turned around. They gange themselves out the mature, maybe to get their heart broke en. Maybe they become pare,
Sasdager mine, a small minority, has small my I mean it's a small monority of any of us that make it, but out of all of us, the dew made professional Giatis, the ones hat o really terrible in the beginning are rarely capable of of yet progressing that is Alent anly understand, like really shocked me is the amount of people that oh from amateur to professional. In this it is a tiny fraction of tiny fraction. It's a tiny fraction of people to go from open, MIKE Knights to headline in the emperor of the ass, a super super super small fraction, and it's not that they are not capable of it either. Sometimes people just the little wrong zeg or a little wrong zag, and then they go off the track and then they don't come back. He also has the sirn en Anin like KET and kicked I the face low, because thins TAN ip any you're goin to have those times when things are not good, and do you have to deal with that? Yes, ass. I, like I remember one guy look to be once he had a really rough sat near their quitting like two weeks later, but he looked at me could see it in his face. He got this wasn't fun
and you could see who was internalizing that in a. That was got. Lead Himed, eventually to the dags at door. I think sometimes that just you know it's to the pain of the bombing is as he do not equip for it. Right, you know it's at different points, your life you're equipped for different kinds of pain, right and sometimes the pain of Thatrejection of Balming is Juss, you aready an emotional mess and you are ready so fuckin, but barely hanging on you know your you're so fragile, yes, and that that hits you Pofye putting you off the latch and said such people aren't they're not equip to handle the killing. Oh you, tos him a litle or at the other side ye. He will get like legitimate fear of success, Wrat in the pressure of the unknown viz fuckin scari Er you'd rather know that you're not going to make it Tod Ther? No, you read her a slobby luiya, because if you fail you, if you succeed, you can fail ye like if you take the real risk and you can that's whele a clout Po
move to New York er a lay, because that's you kin failure. In a real way: Jus if Ite's, a bunch of fears, write as a fear of vag keeping up a people's expectations like why commistarts develop a fan Baye to see that sometimes they gets scared ye. They had scared, thise people an like, not like them, somewhar to turn on the ter r turn on them. Yeh. You no l sense that too ye- I know they know you say, know that dey on Youcicic to control you C Ke Yeh, it's some we've all seen Gosgo Bomki is, I onslly think YO bes to go more bockers ACK in the day when they got development, deals yetr, which is handed hundreds of thousand F dollars, millions of doll- and I only that, but everybody have like some crazy story about the show Deaffle's Goin to go and know already picked up by universal and have one million Aur back up deal and Wanter brothers is really interested her a dod. You have these conversations with these people and back in the deal days, ye would say to Comic like Haman It's up es. I hate! Well, ever these real good right now, one er bother's picked up my pilot dnum in the middle of this process, where a
take him a life story and I turn into a cartoon en rate wo swas a Hurr berth, an mangoes. You know used to do F, five Seve Minutes head at the Improvin. If she killed there was a chance. Somebody in the back at a beg of money, sometimes me sun hams. Definitely festivals were big for that RI nineties. If you could kill at Montreal, if you get some sort of a deal, do ye kill. You know in front of all sexecutives or on vacation. Montrou was a big one that was here JAM beggedard when I git at my age and brought me lunch, that's good! I did gray that's what it's worth lunch now. Hsrat's. What did you get? You killed Ou Great Sata go anywhere. You want which it was an. It was where they wanted, but it was still fine but the develegant of ill playing Meating sandwich. What would happen wit, the developent deal thing would be. You would get a deal and then be convinced you shows Gan to go and then YO start acting like your famous, and there was I allot of
that's now. People do that after him, one cone had set that no one watched a lot of that lil. Yet I mught my agent at the time would get she eclients. That would you know they would just run up to her. Just at any moment when discussed their career like indepth, like that, laugh factory. Poam calls at one o'clock in the morning like people are nuts and they they demanding that you treat them like the up and coming stars. They know they are and shit ton of em just went away man and a lot of that It was just people that will Leke the Seit's all happening and they just let it get to their well. But and then, if you're, the head of a show like you know, I talked rose Ann about it. Shea's talking about how she went. Pluckin Bae, when she was running her original show and makin all that fock in money. I got it nowhere RI, you know, if is Wanthery, Swhy. I work so hard to lick, get her comfortable and talk I shalll get hero open up about who she really iss Monstiur
no story by Hergan, hidden ahead by a car which, as fifteen spending nine months in a mental health and screws like that's what she is Mand she's a haveled. Yet head injury, a Yog Headtrum and a brilliant, and one of the basic economic sever rabbit people need to understand. Like you got, if you guys really respect mental health right, like you say, you do Sher, righly compassed like you say you are. This is not a bad person. Jut a bad person she's a hearse whe was hit by a fock and car when she's fifty and brained and she losserabilly the count he aske couldn't do maffing yes, she has challenges other people Nont, but it's eeking a lot of these people in which Shain Gilliste E Nof. These is shamed to Guie, Withound, Assinot theese, the same people that are like talk about Metth Health. And then their tweeding. This kid every single two minutes that ya. You know he should be and now thrown out of a window. It's like you, know E. Not you don't know any these people personally Wrhy and the idea that you could just wield on Mye MOB is a and then H next day.
Likes hay self, care's important. I Kn Thrase. It's so hypocritical, but it's also like what we're talking about earlier about people leaving comments on your you. Two here, whatever's like I get he is Ras YE. I get it yet. I doa. I don't think it helps to go back and forth with people. He Hain, Tojistant flames, people right, but I do get where they're comin from just like. I get people are hate non chain Gillis right, get the people. They went after Roseanne that we keep a see you limp and man. They start kicking you yeah, as it's a normal part of being a person we ve all seen it. You know we ve all seen one of the ugly or components of our nature to whirl starship, got some necess examples of all time, Ho Si one Gug gits Puncs to goes out cold and a registrardes kickin on the air, while dude its rough via ive, see a bunch of those a hubbubub, Bu Bub, a bunch ye Ahm, yes, we'r, it's a part of being a person, you know, and what mob Mentalite's Faok and real it's real in person. If you are experienced it, I've be
couble situations before where it is felt like anything to break out at any moment and thinks got wild. The last one was at the Conmigragrefight o k when Cona, Gera thought to Bev Noragaman off an then Abie jumped out of the oxgon and had a street fight would do and dance a people f and into the Atgon Jumple over the Tom punching corner in the face, and it was one of those Feelins like Holly Shit Anything can go on right out and I'm so broad to Sk Ker, Ka Sapbut, there's a feeling in the air and then, if it did go crazy people would be swaying everybody beswing and keep your into be ONG with each other for no Falk an reason PE which has looked JU, ND, Tre, she blush his lot hat. Yet what Defok is Tis in Ale, Le Am's things just go hay? Why or RI? Sometimes things go hay wire. I think, there's a built in part of being a person that Wreckong ses when things are off the rails and you go off with them right. You know I mean I think that's Wath the MOB Antality inserest, cecause, you're, just scared of being alone what it iers. He scared being alone you'd, rather be in the chaos with others. Hife you re, Talkeo, Jimmie Tilston. No,
little big YI know he follows me on twitters. It is a nice CY an as got. He was a superduper social justice, warrior right and They turned on him right and eadily realized Ti Cold, a this is what I was doing and he realized thatt. He would go after people just ill. I get this charge of seeing people respond. He knows Whus Eto PA mean Rahach, Apolitician or YO have an actor and Cosom Ot a biget or Costmene of Penifilo wind of the foot every days. What Emialcy did that, but Whatevery wane Hod, calls me ET just she just trun opress a button and then the thing's coming back. A Dyeus I had addicted till her, yet ye WA don't cleave his came yet we're all doin it yet ill doing it will. We need is not that sometling wrong with the unaltis ingralities in twittered and scram, or anything toll Getmme wrong, but I think we dogs, Spen WAR, Ti'Me, just talking a regular people. Our race is slowly getting sucked into the machines d. You think maybe the next generation will be like ye Ludite Sirdiana the Anti technology or they'll at least now no shit there's no chance that this, the wavel
seed a little bit that people will recognize this. I don't think so. I think a few people screaming out, while of the herd of us, is running towards the cliff Yere, my frer My friend Jes readers very funny comic. Her mother was saying you know ye. Shall you know you let the kids and the funds too much Gos Mamma ten years to get a bee. The Fon she was like on's get a me inside of them Sur YE. So it's like what well Wone am I to find it. You know what I my fighting w. I limit my kid's time on the phones said the old one. Do you to ha is Yuckle tarry like it. I just don't think Tdhat, I'm it's ye litle Hellen Hom Ye Hadyas YE. I just don't thing it's a challenge that we have er faces. Are they allowed to watch in fours? All of the Oh I thank God. He would pray Kojacka, I'm without is zerm the the keys a screen time screentownes big cake. Ye am tell about Evteen Ebteen, didn't combself, that's no tell you Asher for Thestargouga, and he asks himself. He got it now. I they get at now foks at your sleep when you're and I fall asleep to a Picast, you do allow Lus. I used to fall sleep to Alex
Oudlisten Alex Es Clipse on you two and I would fall asleep. Ojest a lazy doga, a an I will Filableo put me sleep. You do. I think his best Vidio is, to this day he's what the greatest oertainers of our time yet about Bu Pierrou, watch on what ie first met em yea. He wasn't ow e Jos Tom people see to day, and I'm think he Ann the outshown that he is to day is changing because of his not being not drink. He's at Oye, interesting, Yit axe is clean for ninety die inches and he sounds different, but what I'm thinkin is when I first saw like nine eleven road to tyranny was when the first Pidias that ever watch as I will. I gets one of first videos that ever open my eyes up to certain conspiracies and one of them was the conspiracies of using agent provocatorus to incite violence, yah and
ants yet to Inciht that feeling of chaos o and then that these ais, a excuse for the police to commince our arresting Peocle ESH Cas Nouce, no longer peaceful prote if they do at Laa. So he was making this argument about the World Trade Organzastion, Atavitiei YE, and so he showed all his vinials of these Guis. Coming in with the government issue, Worku on have like fuck the same souls as a government. Isshue work boots there weare in ski mass breaking buildings, light shohd fire smashing everything and the cops come in and clean everybody up, and then they actually id a no protest own Antirous to sell you, a guy went through or woman forget which, but had a pen with a Bitiona with a red line on it. They told me he ho to take that pen off ye. I, the America, Ye Blishes every every approach, AST Resistance Movement has been inful, traited, the. If pi, I did a Quointell, prow n lingin it with Dene O the black panters you'e, just done with everybody, bhe Vloup, that Vidio and you see that it's like real clear than you hear the Wht, how it all played out that all the age of Brovoca towars, one of going to a safe house and hen, the police released them.
That's what crays Agotiate with the plice, the police release them Yel. I hite him in at what yet he does not. Even the arress made it's probably somebody's job, an nhe AF piae to die the hair pink and, like you, Goin to Portland and start Throwin rocks at Benchapiro Cloop back then, were just allowed to wear, Sche masks in shut, where I he start Smashan, ship and yet hidn't even know they were yet, and he just assumed that that was got me to such a crazy way to stop a protest, and I never thought about Intol, I what I sen our away till we cich fight and real startly. You know it's. These kites know what they're do't but they'd, but do Wen. I can ship forever ye. That's like standard the oparational procedure hundred per cent lockin. This is a weird time for Conspir I's a waird they've gone main stream, which is not us very dangerous, very Daon, chumps into all lot of em he's in a a lot of em. Then I think there's not a huge there's, only small group of people that want a rational discussion about them where people were just want to be emotionally fad. This is feel right to me. Oh an dhere's, a vit
guy comedies, very smart. I wrote the Franklin scandal, which is a book about the original Epstein thing like the regional sex. Thank what's that well good scandal was a. It was a scandal out of Omahanna Brask of the Frankly credit union, where there was a Guo who was embazzling money and then he has Beeninvestiate abut they said, he's all. He has all this money because he's running an interstate patafoun that work at his pandering. Kids to you know people. Washing in D C in New York, and it was I hadwany, the watching imposed to the washing times that were like coal boys get a to. The red and White House and none. This was this Ndle with real victims, wanted to testify that people started dying. You know the private investigator they hired his plain broke up. Ah one of the girls that id Day testified ' OU guilty of perjury and that she was Puttin Salter confine MI. They had to use two Grand Juries in Omaha to get rid of this scandal, and it's one of 's, not a sex e is a capecigate or some because it's Happend the eighties, a nineties, but this shows the blue print for the government. You know using em
marshalling resources to two silence: people that were victims of this staff. This is not new Hogersman senators, black mail being used by Intelligencte agencies, none of its new was pineed by the Mafiya. You know, Intelligenc ate Whitney WH Boojoub lives in chili and I've had aroun. I show she writes a lot about this. Stop. You know this is Enen if you want people to talk, Edin Fagined leverage TI, there's nothing, there's no more laverage than you having sex with somebody rage than they own you for ever. If they have photo or a video of you doing that. So these had been going on, for one franklinscandal was one of the first, but you thte. I wrode at this kindly Priadt called me TAN, an hegas. I can't get any agents it's very hard because, like The reality is main stream. Mete is uninterested in in in a lot of these stories unless their current and their sexy and onlile. French people are only interested if they are of insane other some any of the ilethough too Yes, so many it's hard to keep yor acute, Usus Andy were just in dowels to
DEA Drive, did you do the id? Do the joy, but I went all Harris where he was go shy where he was son, as there was five Canadians there and they were like. I was just it, giving them an impromptu tour of Daalis because they were Lekasis where Kennedy got WHI o on my GAD is how it happened. How many people think, if stood there? Well a dusk, right. Yet I thought I wanted to do it. Ye thee, RIS there it is I wanted to do with a Papa shaken Sandwigein. Just right in Othisis America says Sisis were princess, Thinae was till Yo Chezenth is that really Word Kennedy was killed to ninces, exactly where we was shot. That's exactly where and how cryptic is that they gelt angry? You look Ye Aer krz. Just try to have a little fun understands waiting the it's ide, but then he got a schooble.
Past or any issue per close. It could have happened. Oh four hung or listen to everybody says: there's no way I could have made those shots is out of their fuckin mine brass. Not that far. That is not the thing that makes me think it's a conspiracy literally every thing it's every other, a component of the story of the regions as well as being shot mediately. Yes, I mean that's all sure, surely could have been in Honit. Of course. Yes, he cuidoose, he could have deftly been in our or he could have debtly been set up, also go. Things are possible in and endows his interesting energy, because it that Ye Acas a great city, but it does feel like it feels like a city of thing. People keep a mouse shot, who Loe a TE pig. Or perhaps take houses, pie and hotels, alot of people carving up in our deals you now it just feels like get us. Some is going on there. It is there. It is so that's where he is and that's the building up there see does not that far. I can happen. I think,
set it su. Just like a hundred and fifty yards or somethinlike that it's not when you're. Actually there, it looks even closer than that ye. How many yards was it find out how many yards Oswald had to shoot to hit Kennedy, but it's totally doable and people that say that's not E. Sic they're, not sa people that say that you can't una like Lodo a Gunthat fast. Maybe you can't ivedge, as can do it. Fasten you ye. I seen Guis used bolt ACCS Onrd rifals fast as Fok yea. Could they get oul three shots in that amount time? I don't know, but I am not. I don't think it's magic I't think it's like something impossible. They ony thing he said was like that the scope Wasa fo, and but he said that Doesnno Shid about scopes, I haved Hise hand a wit, that drop it bang against thing. It was obknows all he idid at that. I was killed immediately and then IVIS ihave Ready Buck a coup, o books Oute with the Ideala he Coas killed him meiately ye. That's where you go sums wer YE satins volyujist completely by a hundred eighty three meters, as I just found hundred
three meters. What is that Yong and what is to Paturnd yards? Is it flitua says I don't no. The act. Oi Measureme was That's interesting. It knows at hot much of a disparity missisibuth, never more than ninety yards from from the godpos supposed locations, others liming mean so where he went when he got the final shot was that far was two hundred yards. Now, that is the mean hi sense. He was never more than ninety yards from Oswald Location has at work too separate. I didn't know that a hundred and eighty three meters was two hundred yards. That's crazy ye a meter's pretty close to a yard. He is pretty stight Bith that that's why I thought it would be like a hundred eighty five or some I felt there's actually a formula for doing that for converting a meters to yards. Yo. Add one of the last numbers of some ship Afi kit, it's an interesting thing because it really is, you know:
for Hitchin said that the Kenne assassinate was the movement that they like that Moma was this the psychic movement in the sixty start, like that was the fracturn of reality for lot of people, the same WY that maybe Apbsteine was where it is kind of now Presidente can't be away becter. It it was huge? It was as big Thinkg that ye it wasn't a dramatic event that people dealt in a much different ways. No one sit around going mud. You me wo, you E Evy had DIS blood. You don't have the friends idea, Ha Flyly, Ane, ready, saying Nat, but I', like nine eleven. Of course, almost ye, you know simyao what like those are the event less. You knew somebody now. Eleven, yes, probably Biggerye, Ngis possible that down the road not to the government like it. At a dead day. We we find out that there was a substantial cover up. You know we didn't know about Saudy Arabia, there involved Anfor a while theres Fernine Elevenye is Dee. Deeling is possible that we just did not know the whole story, let's totally possible, I own,
on have any idea what was being done or who was Volved. I know that there was a bunch of hijackers and they flew planes in those building. Who is behind that who the Footknowes YE? How would we know Lorreat question what part of YO part of SAD Arabia where they all came from E cou, where they get their orders from meie. Had they organized mea? I feel you know a certain amount. Nothing is certainamount. The probe never know ye and we'll all go to our death. Not knowing would he think about that, one that got shot down they've Thiff shut that let's one yet their lot, the shadow shot rat down you now yeah. They said the thing that the flight, the the rubbish, the wreckage, was scattered. Four miles I mean this is no way that had shouted up. There's a lot of about that day. Whe, you look back at it and you go. This is just weird there weir that a building fell that wasn't hit by anything just weird and I ill Sayn. It can't happen, but that's odd. It's definitely ought at
the way it looks as odd. It looks like a controlled demolition, but ye if you watch the full version, there's a guy who used to be like a fool, an nine eleven truther and then he started DEN Nos E Hishon, ot, o passion. I saw just payin attention to the flaws in his way of thinking shore, an the one of things that he found out was the version of Tower seven that most people see is aversions, very quick, its jus age, a em, plotes and just falls down. But for minutes before that, you can watch the centre of the thing absenside of it I'll interest it in the wak, have yeverseen e or I've never seen ever, pull up the We Kee, o Urs yet's, very interestingfull ersion of tower seven collapsing, yes, somebody's find whone? The north loon did not eleven he's not gettin, so crazy, tha like there were no buildings. Ind saw holograms you in yer hands or your Azin ejels, yet I'm in its scrips nots ye. But I want to see the uncut building savan to daiy a plane hit the panagon. It's I insable, o Kaba, released. I distfonty see one very often happening Wer to show
one Vidio. Do you think they have of Idio but hers somewher have Y on the Pani gut. You shall be Wantin YO with Haup my eyes there wildly hey over plane, hitting the Panagan the one but is very weird the frames in her yer ges Whe'Re. I just show me the Vee Ise. I want a Believin wyi hit the Paga, the rover on the Fock and Moonstay beautiful Villias is MAS. That's a th row. I ca you imagin. If you hava Chotse, some shiptets like a thousand times worse than AA lie going OP doorbell cameras. Yet I got a thousand TAS worth in viewing the Yahdam Peti got up they're, putting it together himself on Camist I get. I am a farmeral that who technologies different to show me a Vivia of the Planhin Depeng on I'm good, I'm with ya. What is they to be? A missile I don't know, but I jest want to know why we K Dist knows no one vidio We got to see Vildi! Isn't that crazy? Why am I crazy for sake
I just see one video of the thing happening that you said happened will did you know that maybe this is not true in can be checking this one answer soon: the area in the Pentagon that got hit was refortified. Was the Ame area where they were doing the accounting yep, where they were trying to figure out where the trillion Dolrs is missings. That Rasfield was talking about. I am rap just I I think the day before right we to interesting situation say that dislike missing money. I fee I 'd lighted. Your helms was it once so like out on the law like these pier what are ye doing? Prejis TE doenies a bunker you're ot on the lawn. I don't know what had me. Listen was something crazed like trillions of dollars to point took o ry Trillian. I meen! until the next day deceive. That's trueh, that area of the Pentagon that held the accounting I'll think to tell you what is see of
it is even Google, the area of the Pentagon that was hit contain the accounting officer Jimmy. I don't even die wabble. How would I do that? The dont have a genuine. I read that though I TE. Inai understand your suspicion. I just liking TI I'm Trienaly and I hers no building Sheven had a lot of financial records. It's whats what I heard sir heard Un Angri, I don't know eh all the satellite dishes of Ampliscy he's like one. The way I look at his prusadi want t believe in Anythong right, that's the whole thing like I wantid play hid the Penn I want. I want it all to be. What it, I know as Wen know, that a bunch of ilites were going to an island Housesexes under age, Lond, there's of course than they could do it ever. Then all we an also know like hay. How much this is true like this right. This is a wacky one. Yes,
sone that you told your mam yet ten years ago she beliked Timmier back on the drugs Ea Ye Ilid. Yet I going to fuck as wrong with you, no one's going to an island to Fluck Kari, but it's the same thing it's like now. The dabts on the table. You look at other events in your like. Well, we don't know necessarily how all of these things happen, though we don't know we know. Now we don't know we Jusd have to go there's liszten is conservative fire fight like fire companies from Queen where I front out by long island at like, because they've gotten, sick and stuff hath demanded like a new investigation, and these are not like crazy people. These are people hat, just go, listen world dying from first I MA thinks we just yon. Not. We want to know exactly what the how we breathed in an but THA's going on. Well, it's ANL the yup, rning chemicals from the the basement of the building. Riin was not their guests. How Ires burned for ever? Ong! Guess! That's what it is said. Those gods got so many of em got sick, so Winniam Gug answers horrible, it's terrific!
es di Wilefac that on a Souer's died from that Donas summer Disco Percia. Why don't we hear MYT time hearts? Stop I'm gon't what? How did I like her, she's amazed, she's great, but what was she saving people at night Alon? I know she had an apartment that was nearthe of the siht of Hi Bilding Ot, his Somers running in in a piltlec to I think you live down there. Matthew Evna done. Ther and yourselves locked you'll breathe in that air. Mal interesting Stot, a long answer, a thing I thought she was a smoker. I don't think she wil I thought you would just smoke cigarettes and en a dukok and live a fundescalav to aryo. I think she found the lard. I had no dish e s. First, respond after see a you know. She gave up all that. Low. She had gone throug, the Wrackedge, yet no LAS not going to the sejest. Livan has Livin in NER Apartment O. I think that's the the idea. Of course, people on Dd r people are probably very sick. Oh YEM, yet
such and they were lied to about the risks. Whe I'll think anybody knew that as nobodyid ever had to endure and inferno in the basin of a gigantic building in the atripolitan city that lasted for weeks, Craz right after plains crash all the dusts in the air, all tho fa, complutents, yea particulates and Everyays B, breathing let shit in I mean you got to go back to work eventually, right, yes, and when to Ge Ress an work a week later to we say to guest what they are still flocked up: Ye Bob Shardey, Bet DIN a summer ye a pretty Shure lot correct yea! but I'm ly Youn a lot COE. See if the Capul O Vidio of Dona Summer breathing in the fumes Agrous o you Fursgrak, Sir John's beach, was really got to Judys Tronser on Jon's peach lighe. It was your glance she she was older. She had Yeen ow, she was. I was er, come back, it was like the Jouthat. Inin. Thus I have blamed none eleven for lung cansers, like two thousand. She was coming back. She released in out like a greatest Hitt, album you and your ad blockeries sout of a Bith. Those AE
lockers ye it less. My plase show Ann has em. Tillen he's always go that Dan Summer nine one Nonteleva gave me cancer Butas a fun song. Is it no? That's Fine Soarm was convinced that inhaling Taxic air after DIN eleven gave her the long cance that eventually killed eur Tumsey as learned source. Close the singer tells Tamsy who is one of the donos in I New York, an when near to during Nate Eleventh living at an apartment near ground. Zero Dunna became almost paranet about breathing the air, which was heavy with a answered holder. I've got o loom to got a move Catemira in the months and years following not eleven Don's feelings. Intensifyed one source tells us that, He was around Daw. She would constantly sprace him. So a disent fect in the air, Janny Terio, the horse host of dance fever us Whase! I down a post, ona, oven! Hewod, hang six sheets in her dressing room to revent dust from coming a well Ih MI. She shoul like she did die
I- and she also says that she has been annoying in the end well. Sally- should bring a little annoy over Ther sheets is a little annoying Dinah um IDA. Yes, I guess probidend of the money to move I be. I don't know you would think Lastda Send me this up, but yet my dad SAR once performing a bars. It was broth. Sometimes people Dusp all that money may have nothing left kits: tough man, it's a tough itch, a Mariton career Wole, specially music and bent back den like who knows what con offloct and crazy contract they were UN, are they wonder, Son ye we're like you onl, yet a certain percentage, everybody else gets all the real Royale Ar Swift. Has that right now right at GOTS, don't like Thash she's got a problem. Yes, some one owns the rights to her song and Sheou Snol to play some songs and she was. She was a complaining on Twitter Tump bit a guess. It's like some one, Buyse writes to Nache Yo'Ll E. It is what it is Ye Lik Iv Yeura, an artist. I think I think, is her raviger schooner, her former manager Wriht or for a manager bought all the rights to her music. You man is Likech
s in a earty. Busen tirdy aim, that's the dirtiest. This is what it is now I think, and all Holly with us, the dirties came AMS there they'd take a full three sixty deal like Bilt they'll. Take you ye. Think that's a dirty Gan child acting seems also rough from some documenteries I'v. Seen pelled up the rough e's dat seems rough TAS. I was a child' acter, but I failed. I don't even make a Dawl land that I was doing like Catun shows and lone island. Your high schools, Oll gorly, Rath. Thank God. Ye have a taste. I was a Yegate amualization for big than I was a good looking kid to on me. That was I piqued id like ROS Eccepted, a half and then at minages to steady, the Cline but thee. The thing is, kids that go into that? They're fought it's bad. Did you see Cory Feldman on Cudenie when he's dressed in all black and he sack jumping around like Lickenam Keyolda Vindim it siy. Oh, this kid went through some ship that his riff do remember what he's to do shows an he hit. Coryan in yeah, yeah yeah, I had friends would just go see that because it was really the
thing to watch. Yo Yo, it's some, but music is a cacheting. Nobody gets through but he gets through. You don't make it out. I his town alive, really know. Each of us tell each a a not like that. You don't right, not like Dat o, don't just tell eat YE life. Ye, but we guoss if he still got a stag, you can't leave, you can escape to some beautiful. No, it's quiet looks it could, because you great example when you're gone it'll just be YE now God only knows who's got a step in Dere Yew'Ll be not good Jesus Christ. You know who knows yof, so lucky burn an mes Wright yet my gab as a musicia, but it didn't really work out, thou well and he was really good and really count, but he didn't really go to the next level, but music socks that won't men toppie in a band and yet makes or the Guy show up ever her's tough and they don't want to's hard and one of the guy's girl friends wants to get married. Have a baby once to quit. The bandig get a job Gallnt Tommy,
we're going on the road Loady Iently, a who sinde really wants me to less Whitdi Morrel had in't get in a sketch comedy I dain't get any imprive. I didn't get into do anything like a team. I just wanted to go the ut of it myself ye, because that's and I I just whye manage myself. Do you? That's it? I men ad, not either manager, oh c yet, but I mean to hand yourself not of Aten a Hibo Ye Ine. You never guide that. I work with banuettens Onl, my vidios whos great oi love, but is I don't? I don't have an interest in like having a sketch group. Rira of people. I won't a beable to be Lightend fast and do things that I wanto do what I wanted to remove. Stick him move hoslarry still Quito. You know Hre's been issues, but in the Limof Eyed AR there's been some issues. What lace might pay? I can Kiel o to day a menkido to day I SEN scrubbing the issue is New York, nor a
suppose owns all units passes. It listen, Yorkshire, Prompt, there's, no good carbs. Why it's very there's, not logical Cartier chow, they typically restaurants, he I need to know, beat and these people your animals to be it's its ittel drugs in bia, whatever Ther else there and two kids, whatever Dhe the pointies tit, can't make a grate like a lagweenian. You came in an lonyer to hear what Butd YE do in your ook linnints. I come on so those smallest gosier? It is only a few places, though O Ki, but and don't tell me the plice Foter, but I'm on back now and it's inediby. It's been a good positive trend and I Sha like o of the Eleccacmoharris start Spreadn Manu Yievrat notes. It's come it's it's all good! I I take Shab food. He tells me if I can eat it or not. Helful yo, he had a Cloat Yit out, but he had a cooky he's got teacher that Sayziquito Kahayala were YE rut remind yourself of that. I want to hick esurly three one cause: he lisit any money ho you iron
they'll, get me a free one, but I mean I shall hear cookie wants and I said well how I supposed to acute, ok, yeah kid. I can't tell you the key to the he's. Not here ever tell me give you five, those you wear when every day of the week the plan was, I think I started like going to try and see and they like, we have a Kido Brownie and am I o k, but that's a problem. Most of this issue, tastes like shit and then they just make you want a real one. Yes, she monetarist have to not do that. Some of them pretty good. Some pretty good, Keogh cookies are some kid I'll cook its companies, that is it a nail. It s, not tat easy, just fucking, totally dial and it's a tough it's a tough thing to do. You now just eat regular food, a real food, the existing, few men. We just cut out the sugar in the bread cut up sugar, n, Taana no know, and I have I lost and I still kept cepbles off. I just got to keep Goingy Hiking reathing. I do like hikings, I don't like the way the earth looks in a light. The earth looks like its Dhorib Oice, burned it an arid waste lan, but I like go. I goll
Odo areas like Hancock Plark and I like walk around Lhike, wealthy Aridus good Hancock, barks knifes I like it to have. You have been a griffish part I went there once I saw Coyote at Elikhe ran away other bran, I forgun, but yen. Well, I wall, who's geen attack Hout is, is Fonly, stayed on a tacktail lay look. You Meanto GY. First, he are and ay leaf. Eventually the gin killed person. It might be one day. If on the first guid he get killed by cod as eglited the parks, that's exact, I desire Wt, Ga Steben, Hidin Shir, but I've 'm doing now swimming because I used to be great swimmer as the great swimmer didn't a gag get bit by Coyote Griffis Barkd DIN. They bit a homeless man Ithink they'd been a homeless man whil. He was asleep while we're taking his word for it. You don't believe in not of A yel I by is O Ets up from another settlem another homeless, Personing, so replained El Cay. He pulled ot that Charleyn Nafin. I he wanted money from the city, eh Hom's Fairu Bi, by
Sdo. You ever swim swimming to one of the greatest exercise ons to Bello Park. Oh my belle party ya, two years very Wenl, I'm I duc em, but I got to tell you. I had a nightmare that you're just reminding me ye that swimming last night. There was sharks in the water and I was Ming back at night from some place in every was just doin. It we're I'll, just takin a chance of Luggo and we go wer so creat as trace. If this could be the time where one of us dies and Rih ' people swim so often, and so rare the people get bit by shark's ga- and I was just thinking ye, but it does happen. It's now. Siagulls don't kill people, right when You'R round sea Gos la are you sure YO had never killed anyone ever it can Abt, but I may I go to I do it in a pool I don't, but I'll go the ocean to, but I'll swim like laps, so swimming Syme, Maidsa Dagget it to datch the reel Jat's Agrat O such a at actiers as it it wears you the fuck out, and it's like
oober low impact, Yets low an to Hact. Now because I'm not get a deal like a Jujet, I com no going to do something like that. But and I don't like high king, I not really like running Whin, Balla, Garoic Boxe, it may be o go house Maya, maybe housewife boxing. Thank you, that suggestion? Whom would the Housewie boxing be ad luvt to get mob with how I know where you are Wha with the Gymnaria? Ah, one wus, Hugen and mrike them about from the improff? Oh yen, this Cante be spots tespot on sunset, that just the me wering invested Hin that oh unbreakable gems, o we hundle a house o lordly places on the quid I sholutly fire women. I love. I will women you at Housewhite Boxing and and then Enlen geback a KI dia HO'. You want a calentsnd for the Intergendered Cham, Te W'Ll, think it mea chalce. You shall hunt a tbecause? It's not a gimme she's she's, a tough woman as vermin fosh that seas a mean woman. She held on me in a plain, want shouldn't, even know that she was doing it choose in first class. I was walking a couach and she just count. It went like this, who
Shall I kind of want re match. I think it would be a good thing, for I think we need for comedy for me to fight over to this almost seven let' step the Surth, while Da Ter other Fook and dangle an gat down as la a apple shell band, no lamans whou by his rilitil was a good last that was o tall. I enjoyed it and I v ever Saiy in Magis, Bro tank's brother by Everybod 'll tell what her eats. Granam MA, Watter TIM J, Dillen DEA Elila, went on Inchogramma, Twitter and the Tindul and Shell Pat guest, and on you to. Thank you. Oh thank you. Everybody Portunid into the show, and thank you too myy ster class. You can get fifteen percent off the annual all access pass and she got a amazing classes taught by the cream of the crop in their field, go to Master glass, Dok, calm, Slash, rogans for fifteen per cent of their annual all access past. That's massed! class dot com, Slash Rogan for fifteen per
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