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#1406 - Brian Redban

2020-01-07 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg
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ball, rolling on a policy for a new home or re shop. Your current policy policy genius were always can get the future wrong. Better. Get your home insurance rights My guest today is one of my favorite people, one of my best friends. I started this podcast with him ten years ago. You might know him the host and producer of the death squad, podcast network, you might know him as one of the co host of the amazing I can kill toning with Tony hinge, Cliff give it up from my pal Brian Red Ban experience so happy happy twenty Twond between wanting that doesn't sound real twenty sounds like a fake number. Like we're in the year toilets like a movie about the future, we already gone past the blade runner date inevitably
I think that was September October night at last year. You know its interest about the estimations about the future. No one ever over asked our underestimate. Everyone overestimates right like space. Ninety, ninety nine member that channel get those I'm older than you, but when that shows You ve people thought that ninety nine I will be as fuck and flying around through space Alla time and live out their Rogers. All those, although shows like so blade one. It was what year this. Sir, to call you nineteen, while domestic the act as its funding when they showed in the movie. It shows, like the background, looks like it like that. On cars. In my crazy you know billboards and everything. I wonder where technique energy would be, if it wasn't for the internet. Imagine The internet was not possible, but technology still it. Ants electronically, electric capable city of inertia higher resolution images and processing power and all that stuff kept moving but
never figured out how to link it all up. It's weird: this curious thing about the internet. It's almost like they put up like that future put ideas in people's heads and those people just to figure out a way to connect everybody and then connect dolls. Crazy computing power and all this information you could translated in real time and do it all around the world and the butt of what a better way to get the technology to advance. If it wasn't for the internet, how much? Where would we we be at realists? Italy, but still be races, would still be in the lasting people at work regarding nuclear bomb slid still radio still of tv yak, that's what's causing all the problems, you know in Hollywood and everything in life- and you know look at all the stuff, that's going on right now, with the eye trump and everything like that. I, like it's, the internet, getting together going. No, this is wrong. This is right. It's people coming gangs immediately.
I think it's a side effect of something that's all, we're gonna be good. That's what I think I think we're learn how to figure it out, but I think ultimate he's gonna be good because what it is like everybody gets to have an opinion and through those We need to find out which ones make any sense, which ones are crazy, which, But I right now it's like the people there really into expressing their opinions on both sides. Are you we the ones that everybody else like a fuckin relax. Man like this Most of us have some sort of a middle ground on almost everything, but that's not represented right, Now, because right now, it's like the most. Streaming people are the ones who are putting the most energy and talking about things like this gretta third burn girl Do they have to go to her every time anybody says anything wrong about the climate, because apparently Meatloaf said something. What did meet loves about her specifically adding he said: dinning yeah, I thought you had a club
I read the headline I read out and I'm a fucking sucker for click bait has said he had climate denial comments he just said something like relax. He pretty much like kind of did that that passive aggressive thing like lady peruvian funding, yeah, that's what we do. He took well your kind of tat, for I think it's hilarious, like imagine all their other girls and school. What did they think about it? You know like I have a friend who worked with artistic people and she said she thinks she's autistic see. She thinks that this situation is like a really bright child. That may be as being like pushed in this direction. To be this public figure. It's just show her. It's not that her opinions are valid. They definitely are valid, but it's just it's not healthy to take a young kid who's developing and then thrust them into the front of something like global climate,
in debate it. So hostile and then just continuously. This kid is getting marked and fuck with, and then there s character. Statements and- and how Are you that how dare you displays over and over and over again, like she's, not wrong wrong? Her opinions but it's like she's really young to handle this. I dont know she's artistic. She seems very, very small. It's like this all day that's been questioned, Ludwig When you think of autism, don't you like almost immediately think they're, probably really smart at something I acts as an from brain man or that accurate? Now, that's accurate! That's why the government uses them too for their military from radars and stop them very smart at one certain thing or few certain things. Accuracy is another one and I think a lot of MAR smart at one. I terminals really high crazy thought about autism and that all these spectrum disorders are eventually
going to make emotions like less significant aspect of being human being. Some people like some people- they don't have. Control over their emotions right there just did their fly off and older nutty. They cry they scream its varies right with all of us. Would it be like more efficient Is that wasn't the case anymore gives it was like it like. Hendricks you. We had an appendix we're organ though used used. Brought. What is it like processing? roots and shed or bark bone was about yeah. I was like can download something we don't use anymore because of our diet. Change imagine if your emotions become some like that some people have em no flare up psychotic, I blew out as appendix I just had a fuckin hissing fittings brothers wedding. What the fuck you man
dad, always Balkan said which one of the pillars and Prozac makes you just numbed thoughts. Xanax Thanks annexes, though the anti relax and one products speed right are anxiety, one xanax, Antis, I'd like to hear it next time somebody told me that we should take that when you get off of it it Censure awaits the anxiety, we're going get up. A rubber band effect, but then a after told me that's source somebody go the die but so many people, maybe it's because they forgot how bad anxiety is, and then they get a bag live far in you like. Maybe because you took a break in you know what it's like to not have anxiety then the reality of being on the match. This is even more discomforting, let people takes antics come down from bad trips are like if get too stoned or too fucked up on mushrooms call I think I've ever done. Have you don't say no? No!
No, but I didn't even know that I had a problem with anxiety to restart taken C b d wants it. Taken CV the oil allow wow. I feel great, how much silly likes it with what's your normal Zebedee, like what're, you take, I do allow lotions pillar use a bunch of different companies and the bunch of different kinds of stuff some of them are dummies, but Mostly I like oil and. C, B, D m d is one sponsors. They sent me a bunch of stuff. It's great Maoist scored under my yeah I like I just chill out it just does something two words, not getting you high, but it is giving you like this feeling of whiteness was a little bit just a little bit just a little relax and its own day. Phony had really fucked up arthritis and CD tincture, seemingly oil, completely fixed it just oral. Seemingly he is do not be able to straitness fingers out just from Fuckin arthritis
the I used it on my leg when I pulled my sciatica or whenever that shit's cod, and they helped with that actually to have done times. Sire I've never done that. That was when the worst things ever man sleep. You know what it is its most of the time. It's an injury in your back It goes down your leg, Would it is your back someone? Your back did unlike an expert on being able to butcher scientific explanations for medical conditions, but felt gonna do my best to get it right. I would say it's your desk bulges out and in hit the nerve and it hurts and the way it hurts it goes down you Lex, using like you, pull some in your leg, but it's really something in your back You know- and I was experiencing it really recently, man and I went and got your rejecting, as I told you about such it before it needs to do it.
Germany. They was a blood spinning. They still do in Germany, but now they do in Santa Monica to end its blood. Spinning procedure, this, like platelet, rich plasma but they put some other stuff in it. We ve when we discuss the science by anyway. It's amazing at that at like real Taxing all the area around a disk. Anything that's bulging, sorted goes back in and fixes itself really can happen. You don't necessarily have to get surgery with a lot of people, but some people have your situation or my situation. They get surgery because of the disk keeps poke, now. They said we'll just gonna cut a piece out on and it can it can help you I think mind might might be stemming from my bad. Me somehow be good minor mind right after I injured many again, the other younger, probably favouring one saw yeah. You know if it's definitely weaker like I need it is that the the growth hormones used gifts to have to go to, like not growth, with the baby, Debbie juice. Stem cells themselves decide to go like this.
Scope for that are now you can do in America for sure and as an added bonus, don't do it maybe get out of your own fat right now, lipo you a little bit, get him to sculpt you some six pack, but had a lot I'm going to have a restart, so you, the story. Realer, two hundred fifty thousand wouldn't happen Red Van stem cells yeah. I got it for everybody who needs to himself, and I didn't even know that you can use plasma. I always sold plasma. They know you can I keep it and use it for good. Well, this plainly rich plasma again a fox stop royal. If I try to actually explain it, but they take your blood out spin it and somehow or another by spinning it. It separates through a centrifuge that separates like this yellow stuff. That's like there's the platelets and there's this other stuff like that. There's like significant parts to blood right. So they take this platelet rich plasma. How are the fuck? They do this and the difference between that
regular, p r p and rejected keen as some other factors, so they scored that yellow serum and your back is not cheap, is not covered by insurance, but God Damn does it work it works. Way better than I mean it's like you got a belgian like its use, If you have a bulging disk, your kind of fact in August, people, like God, damn what can I do and I well exercise yoga, does something. Take a long time. You can slowly get things putting it produces. They'll kill the pain, sometimes that helps relax. Everything with this shit fixes it only good I've. Companies to invest in new doktor and the machine did like a little more complicated. Now I mean actual scientists lab technicians in my bed Spinning machine it takes plasma, makes it a like a lotta out of it Jenny. What we gotta tell me about Epstein right before the show stars, but you start high atomic drop. It
some. I woke up to seeing only last night during the golden gloves going on. There is jokes: gonna buy Ricky surveys, we pray talk while later, but sixty minutes was probably going on indifferent around the same time and they had a report with some new evidence that nobody is seen. Yet they have some odd autopsy photos. An photos from inside a cell, yet all photo the photos online coarser. He added this was just release. I saw this last night. I saw one the photos and it looks real, so I watched the fifteen minutes that they put together, which is mostly just about like the incident in the in the cell and surrounding it almost initiated pictures of because we can watch their thing and we try to get the thirteen images my skin
No, I mean I just ask here too ready. I'm scare ready because of IRAN, and I want to be scared. As video of them whack in this dude, you now act honey, that's a hundred percent, the fact that they thought they get away. With that that's so crazy, like that, is such a crazy thing to try to get away with this Jaeger. International case, hey what happened. The cameras fuckin broke my socks himself. They need a couple days to make the videos and stuff like that bright, trot, yeah, exactly that's the problem of civic. He tried to hang himself before and then ok Do that again, he's rude awoke immobile through my shoelaces, you mean whatever the fuck I struggled with. These fighters are fake right.
I mean the lights there very real lemonade, Eddie. Bravo in here immediately here Erika. So this is from a sell us is inside their employees up on the screen. This is so he was an by himself said. He used a bunch. These orange jumpsuits, which I guess we're already in there he tied them around his head. I guess there's a there is a little like spot way appear on the top of the great where the window is where you could see. Maybe there was something up there, but the thing remind remember here is a huge about six baton and eighty five pounds. There is one other thing icon this latter here there is also some other things get into injustice. Second, that would be easier to use, then tying other shit together, but they should there's there. The thing here is this: this is about four feet off the ground and they do showing a noose which there saying was what he used
but as the doctors who said that the news of the show picture, which is what you can see the top right corner since playing. Oh that's, Doktor, Michael bad and that's the guy from the eighth real autonomy show for some reason. I can't, as I find it a second, but the picture that shows as actual neck doesn't seem like this news cause that wound and it's a little bit lower than a problem should have been oh Jesus solutions from each other. This is the pictures and this is the the bone, his jaw, the weight, WWW boiled both his jaw was broken or there's that fracture that they said was an consistent with hanging, it's more consistent with a murmur homicide, and he said this is Baden words. Is that usually he's seen it and maybe like one bone break and sometimes too, but there are three fractures he says, like he's almost never seen any of his cases is ever looked over, whom
and you would think it would be if you're gonna hang yourself from such a short distance of even harder to get a fracture like that right. Could you not like jumpin outlook and I'm old western movie plenty should movie when it would hey I'm high, so the one thing that they also had an ear ass. He left a note how Jesus the note said like there is like four things: it's at first that the sum it had the name blurred out, but it said this person left him in a shower locked for an hour then said someone else gave em like burnt food and then bugs recurrent over his hands and knees road, no fun, but there's a ballpoint pen like the one.
I have in my hand, sitting right next to it now, if you knew he was on suicide, wash you wouldn't give him a ballpoint, then you can kill himself which aim at you should be a goddamned attack. What is less their say and had his us asleep happier machines and there it was that you could see an extension cord coming from the hallway into his room that just use that to come, softening absorbing jumpsuits, wisely of nine jumpsuit jumpsuit things freaky their turn explain at my bringing in some. Some new witness. Somehow this is actually a different video shown a couple different things and what I saw us why I didn't see this arm thing I didn't see. The pictures with the army, looks like an injection spot, so it looks like I guess it, here's the actual. So I used to know what is this
so this is its at sixty minutes, gather watermark. So funny sorry, sixty minutes! Thank you thanks for goodness, so listen kept me in a locked, its bureau rigorous, as I'm bored kept me analogues shower stall for one hour neck, someone on another name, send and burnt food giant bugs crawled on my hands and then no fun and then their sin and then eco independence, ballpoint penance next to it that he could establish off the Knacker whatever as hard to solve the pen, but do they get pens that's not usually, but this is like you now high profile. Chaos rife. It's just you know, I don't think he's like a pay might look So it's bad to say either way, if you don't know, and I'm guilty of that hundred percent on my tat guiding comes off, I am talking shit. I'm not talking in terms of like we have to understand. This is really important,
Were that we're doing a podcast, we do pike ass, you have to be factually accurate. He's have to talk shit and hopeful, if you fuck up, you corrected it's funny, I'm not a science expert, but when, you guys are saying that the guy died by strangulation is all these points are consistent strangulation that takes forever to get these pictures and then there's the video cameras didn't work and is the second time we try to kill himself, and high profile, witness in a really really really important case involving pedophiles at that. Eyes, levels of government yeah. I wouldn't. I would think that that's too A guy. You whack you also, according to the procedure, you nuts, but when there's a suicide there, you're not supposed to remove the body and take it to the emerging, serum. If those treated as though it was a murder like a crime scene which crazy it's so high profile like even is in because it most likely how they did it forever right, like people that whack people There are probably like you know I was doing come.
For the internet if they probably whacking people before the internet right. Do you want to see? I found the pic graphic images. That's all I see if solid! I guess we're texture on his cheek. I thought interesting burn. My tiny little bed marks almost like he was, I think, that's just the blood rushed to his brow that guy got strangle, though of sort of strangled guy. That's what I thought or shelled forbid. The thing is like there's no way. I don't know, I don't think that's no blood on that new. So they said was the news that day It was a noble out on his body is no pictures of him in the cell and then taking pictures hold on there's no blood on the news. They said, kill them, but yet there's blood on his neck. Correct now point Well, that's insane! That's insane it's impossible. If they did, they really do it, asked of the rope that they supposedly said the hunger of it and it looks very clear picture unused and well,
orange. Maybe the red doesn't show up that clean on orange. We look at it again things a probable I won't say for sure that tell him that in the letter she stuck into line and the pieces, his former summits Lawyer- and he said obviously brow, the former cellmate is my favorite part of story gigantic exe. Cobb was a murderer drug dealer and he's fucking. U huge he's a gorilla straight of guerrilla big italian guerrilla and they put him in jail with that guy come on, they probably come look at his neck. Ok, so there are examining the thing they. This is doctor. Michael bad information area and he's examining the thing that was supposedly used to kill many saying: there's nothing on it and he shut. In the actual lacerations around the neck. That show clear blood.
And he says too low and the net tenuous. That's her population right here, since, if he was, if you did what you thought, I was really been, like leaning forward on the ground that a priority but a little higher under the jaw, not down at the base of the neck, but that's tool but tough, zero. Sir I would imagine if you're killing. Somebody like that they're trying to get away pillar trying to get away do you're killing him from behind a guy's holding them down I'll come and get his neck hold Ando as any that break actually breaking skin. The thing is, it looks like a wire, a wire me. It does look like a wire, looks way too thin to be that yeah that fixing news. I mean- maybe maybe that thick news thing is really strong fabric. Bodell loser looks me man. When the slice running your neck to yet looks like that's more like blood rising,
to the skin men than an actual kite, as from thinking to it looked before, though like it was a cut, so maybe there was a really that much blood then actually came through the sky It may be all that that cloth, just maybe it's really thin and again down like a wire, I give you folks, somebody with them like a ban Dana, you know, like me, yeah, like what band ass hippies put on the dogs and new choke someone a death while signs. I got think it's make a very small mark. Only he's gonna make a thick mark. If you like, get somebody like an exact yield shoguns when all things and fuck yeah that's a strong it would, it would get through in like where it was choking. You like the actual yeah yeah. Would that make a mark like that that I'm sure someone now's gonna go certain myth busting, my howdah? What it looks like if you do that test and like this, they have to murder someone for enough. It's true diskette, another piece of shit,
so. We're finally did. I am sure the whole thing so strange ran so public. The idea that a guy actually have FUCK Island hits Zurich intervention, about last night, I live or work. Of course he was. Nobody did see the one clip that somebody put on the internet about him saying don't virtue signals come on you're gay little price go fuck off his own, because we europeans- as I thank you Ricky. Thank you, thank God that guy swings he's out there Swain from the EP. Cheer up don't give a fuck tell it like it is. I love it to love in front of TIM, courteous, noons them cooks. Hopefully these I'm gonna shit. He went after apple than he said. If ISIS open up a pseudo yogi setting Erasmus Zebedee said You don't be. I guess swimming service shall be contacting your agency yeah. That's we said fuck man good for him, so Rob rewritten
because they had to have this country it. I don't know man he's so bad ass. He might be able do whatever the fuck he wants. You know he's Ricky, your race he's got he's gotta, leave the ability to probably say or I'll. Do it I'll do it this way, and only this way ok, Ricky! We love! You will love you! I we know you can do anything to jeopardize our amazing organization. We all of work Did you here at the golden gloves and it's fun enemy, stir people. Everybody knows you're, a good guy goes it's an with genocide. Target poetry, I apple, must have been so pressed. We're just gettin away That is all that slave labour. Nobody denies that's what I mean it. Another thing like this murder right: it's like that's just how everything was done, as is how everything was done. These that's how they whacked everybody, and that was how you got things built cheap. These slave
but nobody knew nobody really understood until you saw things like Foxconn, you like we do it. This is a good set up. You guys in sixteen hours a day. You sleep in the building. This is a good place. This is good news stories of your Amazon workers like run around in themselves. They yeah yeah, they have. Crazy, countdown thing that girls, when they get an order- and they have to run to go, get probably find jobs through new losing weight problem A way to share maybe await, vest and just run around that. Thank you, get a fuckin vicious work up, that's making love an AIDS out a lemons rights, everything's a word you working as a waiter at Applebee's and hides think about it, manages with heavy weight or on your your waste. The known would notice you can have a good work out. Why you workin the apple thing:
that that had the sting, what you're standing right sitting right there soon assume right before we start saying it. But why didn't grinding Amman say wooded jacket is something about easing sweats, sweat shops and rain front of em, but I mean Fox com it's a sweat shops buds done like it's private, best version sweatshop. You know, you know it's. It's a real company and its its s version of a sweatshops laramie locks. Con works in the United States now right listen to their yeah. I think they're actually have or their about to have. Companies here In the United States, our member was the sum that trumpet talked about on top of the annual. Sir Jervis ended his monologue by telling the nominees we do want an award tonight, don't use it as a political platform to make a political speech. You're no additional lecture, the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spend less time in school than Gretta. Third Burke. So if you win come up
except your little ward. Thank your age. Your God and fuck off. Ok, the swear was beat down by NBC. He also was, it was also be first he's profanity to other jokes one week. Cats, James Cordon fat pussy. And another where he discussed the same films. Judy Dense, licking her ass. Well The comedian, however, also pepper. The bottle out with reference to me too, and temporary issues are up by noting that was this fifth time housing and therefore he didn't care. What flak he would take they punched him with a nod. Last year's college admission scandal I came here and a limo tonight in the license plate was made by felicity half when he said good for him
he's a real comic, as have the apple quote, he's a real comic. That's that's a look. They're right down his head down alone the little lower than that said he, the apple, yet wilds, Gus the addition of Apple TV plus the room to reason The irony of me to seem show like the morning shall be made by company runs flesh jobs in China. You say your work, but if I start a stream service, you call your agent we're gonna get this right folks. I really believe this for this we're talking about earlier. About that everything being bad. I don't think it is I guess it's just a lot of noise is a lot of noise, while people young. Swaying background already swing in back around where human, you know we have weird things we are. They changes all changed now. Everything's changed, relax, we're ok! are the world's fourth report, so Saul ending a little
but I ran, though, that seems like real shit. That makes me want to get educate on subjects are, could really freak out there, but the one thing they made me feel batteries when they were screaming death to America to America. Recently the present have I ran was like well when we say debts, America, we don't mean the citizens. We like the citizens working about fuck, you Donald Trump. You know saying that, for a long time that debt to America chant, that's been around right, it's tough cell, We know you're saying you seemed to America. Ok, like that's one thing that you don't would it be misconstrued? Shorn fuckin make signs and yell like you, dont like Yellow K, we're not talking death, deaf guys right. Oh yeah deftly not death death. What's gotten scream debt to America, everyone's gonna know Adobe the worst way to communicate something while you don't really think that Why would you say death to the american political system, death to the American?
military complex that debt to America that's America's everybody how they got us all next, but we don't have nothing to do with those guys we're just your children, how they got us messed up in some international conflict that you actually have to think about might become a nun. On your door, how what what fucking ineptitude may switch. Scumbag very led us to this position. Who did who this is the armenian guys did prompt ISAF mission, that done your timing, though, with this whole impeachment shit. It's all we're too. It's all we're due to the fact that tromp can kill people she's understand. How crazy is that you got a guy like Trump, whom you just go, send then send the message to missiles, picketers, listen man don't give me that power either dont give any The power for sure, but a guy like Trump Guy, was a famous
for being mean to people on a reality. Shell you're fired famous for being a bawler I mean is famous, for he was an that's. The creature he was in rap songs all that time and like a cat, parliamentary way attack guys life has gone through an arch com on two, whose at home alone to in Canada does Silly Fox they added out to see, see edited out the Donald Trump seen its offensive offensive us Sue who really enjoy films without monsters. That's history, you can go into fuckin naked gonna, give it oj. We can do what you gonna do you can take o J of the NFL archives. What do you do No! This is life. We can't make life prettier by Donald Trump out a whole Maloney supposed to look at NGO holy Shit. Who would have thought that fucking guy would be the president? One they won't be killing dudes
and maybe starting world war. Three Legged, God dams even king novel, Stephen King shrieked out by trump these media posts or whatever these media postal service notifications, the United States Congress, that should I ran strike any? U S person or target the United States, will click quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a day proportionate manner such legal. This is not required, but is given Nevertheless, do fuck this that I dont like to see on Twitter That seems so bizarre It almost seems, like the dissimulation theory has hired like comedy writers, comments subtly fuck with everybody who did you just put it on twitter? How can you just put on Twitter, like I thought there was a series of checks and balances. You know I mean to this
Ultimately one guy can have like an instantaneous press conference anytime. You want just putting something on Twitter It has always been the go. You got abandoned for twitter, but here's the problem you banned from Twitter, gap is gonna he'll go to gab right if he goes I've got all sudden. Skyrocket is ever going to want to go to gab, to see Trop talks on gab worth its full freedom of speech. What have you start Swearingin gap because they make a deal with him was a given fifty percent a gap, think it's eminent because of this war room with I ran. This could be a movie where they ve got a banner for twitter, vision and in and Jack towards, yes to leave he's in imitation silent meditation in Fuckin Valley and the ESA fly in and he has to figure out with it. Where they can make US executive decision to ban Trump Card for Ban tromp PAN Trump ban on banning any live a band of twitter. Imagine if you went to the thing and the page said banned you just overview windows here. Liberals
hearing a king Kong just fell off the empire. State building has fallen and the Youtube videos would be spectacular. Do you know how many virtues signally dipshit would have Youtube? Videos screaming upon their fists in the air and point to screen Donald Trump and says owned you never! Maybe it would be hilarious and all he would have to do that. And go over somewhere else and that new platform would be fucking gigantic does. Everybody would want to know what he says that he says: over there, everybody else retweeted on twitter. Anyway, it would probably be like killing coyotes. You kill coyotes and then they make more coyotes like a female when they when they join. They shout out. That's like a roll call someone's missing the female makes more babies. That's why, the craziest things about coyotes. That's why they're everywhere? That's what happened with Trump they!
Then why twitter his signal would be bigger than ever in the fuckin bonkers. I turn a precarious situation now too, because he's these social media companies there there being labelled as someone who would ban freedom of speech from certain people if they dont believe with their ideas. Now this happens to be the president that they say you can't have freedom of speech our platform anymore. Then everything is like out the window like. What is this? What are we do and then, if it backfires and Twitter loses all its power and some other fuckin but it comes along and takes the spot, some company that promises to never did as the president. Let people express themselves but explain, perhaps through a fuckin series, checks and balances. Why can't och somebody or be mean somebody here smoking,
search really did about him beyond the most popular like twitter them like most popular platform cause he could do radio did you actually want to and no present no one's penitentially, the radio or the tv things a does. Never pays attention to his tweets Well, it's interesting because he's gotta think he has I mean he's a guy that obviously he does. A lot of business deals a desire to deal simultaneously ceiling you can have as many properties is. He has got Tom towers everywhere. I got him in Vegas in Chicago, and all over the world are keys. God be a guide. It's always thinking about doing the next thing and if he was like, you would think he's like certain himself up as a business is a key the business he's at he's now, not just the president and he's always been a business has always been a celebrity in, and you know iconic financial character, but now entertainment like what he says about life and everything is fuckin
super valuable if Trump like trumpet that show if he decides to have podcast You know goddamn crazy. It would be if Donald Trump, just pulls up as a Youtube channel talks at the camp says what he really thinks about everything they ve is it as apart gas as well. And no one can stop him cause? That's freedom of speech is famous for Just let this guy talk. If you start threatening people threatening around from his Youtube Channel, why the fuck imagine if world war, the three is caused by a tweet. A massive trump threat is someone and they retaliate to show their, not scared. We knew them and then oh my God from Trump Tweet is impossible, seems like anything is possible. Is pride I at the end to the end is weird: one right is: it
be a few months from now or is it going to be for years now, as without as I read, things it might happen faster it. I didn't think I was going happen at all, but now maybe this man blacksmithing yeah. Maybe this is for a purpose. It's not gonna. Just go: that's the thing and there's a lot of people die want to go through, Republicans, don't want to lose power and their very smart in even ones that are needed- that word never trumpeters. At one point time they accepted him. What is a fascinating guy? he's a fascinating like human character. If you look at them terms of likely just is put go back to their photo. There we're just looking at Miss that big time is a fascinating
Or to man- and he is also a very strong guy in a lot of ways like mentally strong in terms of what has been able accomplish. All the business deals always believed himself, there's something about that. They gets other people and they they sort of They get a little ass Casey around them and they just they want him, the like them, whose, if he doesn't like its devastating from those who have the on Twitter, gets devastating, so they all want em to like him to look at him all reach in form. But that's like oh that's a painting one day they don't have on the caves, though cave paved out after world war. Three after we get Newt into the Fuckin stone age, they'll the cave paint. How a guy figured out how to be just mean enough, but just nice enough and have all these people, like German and literally be able to kill someone with the press of a button. And then everybody wants to touch him likely that their reaching form the reaching of any kind
dont reaching second Michelangelo pay throw it is, and that this guy, somehow got into this crazy position from hosting a reality shown getting really famous baton, people their fired and now a sudden he he's deciding whether They can nuke generals into another dimension from our robot. That flies suits missiles and the missiles are called hellfire missiles. Did you hear that new? I think Russia has it that Super Cycles twenties Mach, twenty seven dont Jesus Christ would drop from space and just like rollercoaster itself, it unlikely that I guess we'll have a thing to stop its twenty seven time to speak ouch stressed this is the space war shit. This is what I wanted to have a space force. When I heard about a space for socially, What are you? What are you doing? Man, space force, but here's other thing when you're seventy four, whatever he is doing last year, seventy four or you just alive, I think you're just alive, especially if you're on diet pills
then I think you're really just alive you're out there, you just fuckin grinding. It is like for Greece Ding, because that's how you do it you just there and kick ass. He something about enough in the sense. I do not thinking about any that shit, but people we think that way, we see someone a semi forward by a timely. Seventy eight he's gonna want out the second one out is everyone out he's alive is alive. Yeah he's gonna gonna keep Goin, especially if you're stimulated, if you're artificially stimulated. You I mean I'm talkin right now. I'm drinking coffee has one so excited. Is you take talking it? I hope he does. I hope, navigating I tik Tok, my Tik Tok, with three almost three million in twenty four hours. James. Has they could the number yeah they said they have to write. My comments were like in the thousands though, but maybe those are all. Robot spam robots. Well, the robbers
the work and over time to try to get it big and allow people jumping on Board Kevin hard to scan on board. That is a big. That's a big acquisition. I can't do it in the the rock on board at another big acquisition I took all my social media, and I put it in a folders has asked I put on my last page my eye and I got smaller Iphone. I did what you don't you get it the little yet the add ons better regular one, there's an article in your at times as we can that Tik Tok groups are taking over the Youtube hours of Hollywood by moving in dimensions and like imagine whatever their demands, how they make in Alice. My understanding, but imagine a tick. Tock president, is our first tik Tok president. It we give you do well know could make me what It was that we can make that happen. What what? What if it was the whole staff of shorthand now be a good idea. I later they would be the present yeah. They all work together, is not a bad idea right. I think a bunch
successful reasonable people, and I mean successful financially, even just in our scholars, maybe business people and scholars mix. Gotta, like that, would be the right way to run the country. Like a committee where you see the way they interact with each other in real time, so everybody would have access to all communication unless it say to do with national security elements thoughtlessly. They can't, let everybody know that they're going to bomb that guy and IRAN. You know they can't do that, but it would be really interesting if, like policy issues, economic issues? If all those things discussed publicly give you saw these guys how do we solve the guy? Who is one of the ten people, who is the president right and he saw all present evidence and they all go over the work and they look This is what its projected. If we don't cut carbon emissions,
this is what we know and this the hyperbole. This is the click baby here. This is the reality of it, and this is where we're out now- and here he is our possible solutions and weed. To sit around and they look. Look at the budget even say: ok, we're gonna put x amount of billion to this, and why amount a billion to that, and then we're gonna put you know of significant amount in the end we can go. We were why they do it that way, like everything else, right. The internet has allowed people to communicate and pitch in piss moan about everything else. But now really on the in the inner works of government, is still doing like these rooms. They still talk to You watch somebody on CNN beside it I'll get to see eye to eye nationals national interests, secrecy. Tat, I mean you, give people the option. Tat stuff like that, like gigantic world wide decisions that are made by a handful of people does kind of crazy, it's kind of crazy that some,
one, whether trapper anybody could make that decision like this might throw in a nuclear war Bwana let these motherfuckers know. What's up. Let's take a rocket and kill that fucking you want do, let's do it's. Fuckin kill that guy. The fact that you can that the fact you, how many people you think we're involved in the decision to kill that Iranians. I read that I was there is some sort of like Powerpoint presentation gave a trump and it was the last slide was like this is our option than other option is doing this? They, like unexpectedly, pick that here there was like picked up craziest wind, like the killing dealer level and also at a robotic annually for ten hours. While see rats was crazy. So that's one person Betsy more crazy, like one person, gets to make that call like we always thought there is like So many checks and balances like don't. This is what I can hear from reasoning, people? I Brian Cowen, he won't be able everything done. What
get in there. It's just like this, so many systems checks and balances. He the reason why the founding fathers so smart and the way they set to cut cetacean instead of our government. Well, if you can, can start world war. Three, if you can do that in that starts, were worth three. They missed that part. You fucked up. You missed the twitter, or to wider gonna- have to change that right after him. Right we're, adding note cutters, no Dewitt, mild, Tik, Tok, soulless crazy. This is like this is yes, I know everybody. However, it's amazing you're crazy video put on his Youtube channel yeah. Well, this here, too in character, One dying broke, The little group is right, but how do we gotta suicide was suicidal Do you see the worst enemies died, what they were involved Kevin's Beijing Thou, my god, I your lot yeah does three or four
sunlight attic users. I think I imagine if it's the actor from game from House of cards, the actor that was his system, that kill people form imagine if that aggregate imagine Doug the guy is so deep into his character that He goes out and wax because it was the best role. Yet, oh, a got that Do you think happens when it appears that we play this role but just then Maxwell's chauvinist next one. I feel like right that their hanging out somewhere But it is so strange that he's doing it like this, you don't say. The music character, look is right,
like the fire. I know each other again and TAT is not that hard trust me the next time. Someone does something, you don't lie. You can go on the attack, but you can also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can Kill them with time what the fuck he says is suicide barreaux of what is this world. Imagine if he's Britain's everybody starts getting jobs again, I got an I do it, but every time was higher man, this house of cards, we fuck you hear me out season. Nine. We never show that he was dead whenever showed was dead. They the last season when they had no him? I was like what are you doing? Ok, what the fuck are you doing? What are you doing here, which was which, due to my show Doesn't my show this is like? Oh, my God arose watching us, that's what the show was now. Oh, my god,
always was watching everything we do on the God. Now. What do we do That shows seem so like nervous, didn't it the first episode it was like They didn't have like a regular house of cards episode. It was like everything was like a little bit, barely glued together like her to try to figure out who say how he was gone over to write, and I wonder, if like they were reluctant, A wonderful life is due by the way we will launch a bomb a refill. Might they did at other movie that anyone start yet right? De member, there is a movie they made where they had to go back and she was somebody else that he was that's right, yeah done you, then every shoot it. He was great baby dry. He's a great actor men and he's just a crazy fuck. The grabs dicks, though guided die, though one of the reasons why I mean I'm not really that I don't. I don't think that this would warrant a murder
all they did was they were hanging out and EAST caverns Basic reached our grabs, John, so let's go get some air and he got mad and said no, but the vote but Do you think somewhat mean would that be around Kevin space would kill you for saying that I mean how many people is he gonna kill. Do they tell people what you think. I know you're honest opinion, what if he always killed people can spacey settles assault, lawsuit following death of accuser one week after that, video is posted. Well, he settled it. How many now there's ethics seem Tripoli or somebody posted like a list of all the people. There was IFOR file cheerfully when their me one was really loves, chimbleys in his glory in but look this is a real all. This shit is happening
is a real it's a good time to be conspiracy. Terrorist a few of them that are ridiculous to some juice once right now, like fuck this jack, Ruby Shit, let that one guy, we don't know folks, were now we're gonna know, but I'll tell you what we got one, front of us right now that rivals that we are quite a few of them, and how about that? The first british astern The first issue is a woman first woman in space. I think from from Britain, to I think my drama that, but she was talking about aliens that aliens definitely exist. The deadly out there. Astronauts aliens deftly exist and they could be living amongst. Among us on earth, says Britain's first astronaut power
written for his action not check all those dues over that must have been too polite. Let's get the gig give her. That's up bad ass moved me. The first astronaut was a woman from a country that bitch Punch right yet be powerful. Could something about how many british deeds are unlike space force, whatever the fuck they have over there, What do we have? The other s ass people like were now it's as such it! That's that's the Nazis. What are they have? They have am I said, but there s something. What are they have like? with their version of like the sea, when I'm Thinkin James Bond ethics, but I think there's a thin five. They have something secret services, as s is that's what it is as high as that's what it is.
An assessment know they're, not nazis, don't fuck you're running it again. If they, as am, I think, that's what it is. It simply yeah like think about all those people must have had in their airforce all the men and then a woman gets to be the first person space, that's great or somebody wanted a woman to be the first person space and they made sure that's possible. I don't know, but if it's the form I like to think positive like they should take, their buys asked became the first woman its base, this kind The trip Tribune Fuckin thing first person from a nation to be launched into the gases above our head and see the blackness. The act is of no atmospheres, uses the first british. What my right as the first british person, that's what etc.
As always more of that challenger check that mother, the teacher man, you remember that wants not at a girlfriend house could hear. I went to visit her. She lived in western mass choose its how to drive all the way out there. Like things couple hours and in the morning I watched on television after the fact like it, I wasn't awake when it actually happened. I watched a watch it after. I woke up membership. Nothing blow up here. We watched it with our whole fifth grade. Class are whole school. When I was in fifth grade is at her fell right, that's the woman, but that's not the school teacher. I sent the govern challenger. Eight she died. She is and asked the girl was a school tat. There was a woman who they brought on board, who is just a schoolteacher, and that was like the big. It's weird thing: rats like it's. Ok, if certain people die but like a school teacher,
dying midway. Worse, said, moreover, Perma think. How do you say that Crystal Mccall, if not lady died of basic? Ah, but it was all astronauts dislike all dude where aviators mirrored sunglasses heart ass, Fuckin chiseled faces. We feel bad but wouldn't feel ass bad. You know I mean I fell back now. It's hard core levers at nine. A m. Man eleven. I think that it was a minor nine. Eleven minor turns over the amount of death, but it turns out the shark. Our system yeah, because I think I think we all thought that we were going to space and liked Sue's like space, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was going to turn out to be right, because that was put is that I graduate in Newton South Class of eighty five. So
It was the year after that, those eighty six brow. Yeah? That's we thought we were going to be in space. We thought that retired the APOLLO program, and they just doing the shuttles and really this is ramp up the infrastructure of space, and eventually we can be living on the moon I remember when they said there is like retiring the challenges and all the shuttles. Like a couple years ago, Limb y know, I wouldn't have a sad yeah and then Elon Musk has got some crazy fuckin spaceship he's trying to shoot people in the atmosphere with these can be ensured. Space Force that it gave a judge of every day, but it you think you're he was people forget. He was a part of something in the trumpet ministration. When it first happened,
Tromp first got an office and he laughed when Trump back down the Paris court. The climate court does case right. It is a group of business people that I think they all left together. So yeah. Tat, Sir one Guys Power Man, updated news on other story. Hobby once Dean indicted on new sex crimes, in LOS Angeles, is on trial today in New York and as other charges charges just dropped in an hour ago, cheese. What kind of sex crimes sexual assault charges when woman's pursue salting another separate incidents over to day period in two thousand thirteen allegedly raped,
Ok, so he's still has charges against my thought. For some reason, always charges have been another he's on trial in New York, and this is a separate thing here in what they should do with him. They should get him should listen, we're going to be more lenient on you, but we want to get you in a room. It's just claddagh jumpsuit and we're going to give you a high dose of MDMA and we're just going to talk to her about? I feel about people and why lash out and how this I'll started? What's true? What's not true, what did you do to people? What what did people willingly do and that is that same thing? That's work, it's weird like sex.
The transaction is one of the it's it's one of the weirder things. While people is that you can do that, like it's almost like everyone's drug dealer right the GSM, wants to fuck you. The drug is sex like that feeling of sack like that that people of it they love every loves, self someone new that other people love it and then get somethin to? Let us know that he will do it. We all know you can't you can't why gale, maybe you're doing it anyway, just by virtue of your looks right, if you just if you'd just trying to be successful on being good, looking in a lot of ways, Yuca, it's like the entry level of that game like you're doing you're, looking good, so that people give you things you looking good people pay you if you want to be like a professional, hot check or a model, or you know, you're you're, looking good and then people pay
you, because you look good and we're all like. We have no problem with that. Never everyone's feels no around with that, but a few Go and do that and then use your body say like living. I couldn't get things, but if I use my by more time so I've been using my body where'd, you buy you can't. What is that we can imagine if gold diggers, It was encouraged and guys like to two million bunch, all dude. I didn't care and that Those are free on the internet, like that everybody would give out information you just Take care, your red color, we're here, interrupted toxin. We just made deals. Transactional deals gave it clean, it's pretty much what girls do, but no, but you can't do it legally. My point is like
weekend: MAC, Webcam stuff, there's so many lazy girls out there that don't want to take a job with an get two thousand bucks for blowing some old dude they be in on that in a heartbeat. Nothing wrong with that, though, that's my position, nothing wrong with. You think we're we'll see that legal soon like that, that should be financed. So nobody wants their dark, a whore fuck you talk but its work things with a hypocritical, even of course it should be like Everything should be legal. Of course you don't want your desire to be a hooker, but of course, ever they should be legal that doesn't see if it's illegal p, we're still gonna want. So if they're gonna want it than you gonna get it where its illegal and you're gonna get criminals. People I can go to jail, you're, the guy. We are the ones that are providing these girls with protection, they're gonna, be there it also dictate how much money the girls make and how much money they take, and we all know what happens there. Them that's pimp, one or one that what we are seeing. Pimps poster
and the other american pimps at the other one, those great winter, that this is the if it was legal, these girls to be protected, The problem of the exact same people that were paying for maximum more would pay for it for sure, Jim Legal, in my tie him up spot next. Economists. Are you to be. A brothel was but Catana catana a brothel there was that the sunset ship, documentaries, neck and authorities problems alliance. Why uniform so beautiful play sites must imagine was like back then people just like Bugsy Siegel. They owned the commie story. You know right, there was buggy seagulls place, you imagine people Scott whacked, backed and shut the fuck up. No everyone shovel in that trunk. The old photos of their business hours and stuff that would go to and say insane yeah that in that weird peep thing we can look down from the green room and see onto the stage so strange that fact that
dean. Martin and Jerry Louis were looking through their Fuckin mob man. The government is tat of a mob of AIDS and elected mob. Let's cut of a mob, you know Tracy boy, Julian Assange, we'll equivalent. What are you doing him? Why do we not in what we do exactly? What happened there here We got hacked like a lot of that. Like he put out, Unread acted names, fairly. What I heard that or what I read was it that wasn't a case that he put out the stuff with rejected names, but somebody's got hold the original copy of it and they released it. Ex president calls for Julian Assange as freedom? Oh shit, it's going down. Chump ought to talk some shit. Joint Assange in Mexico with Panel Andersson on the beach doing Youtube. I called it
I call it now Morris. Do it again? they're holding hands talking about the future Gretta Thorn Burg adopts them were let em out the brain, fuckin point. A meter brow differed charnel my art dealer to travel to Mexico. I love my school, which is fair part port of IRA there, a loved their you, no one else. A dope is Cheech Anita, yeah, that's the mayan ruins in that Yucatan Hock. Man thou is one where I was walking around gone. What who, how I won't. But will you guys, like you, guys, Bill giant huge stone structures that mimic the cosmos yet the civic rooms there designed for LSD use that would take. Some the guy, at least according to my guide. He was saying they had some plant that headlights
ergic acid in it is about two different plants like gum what are they get him from morning, glory seeds morning, glory, seeds, apparently yet acid from, and they would take whatever this They don't know exactly. The substance was new trip. Balls, but He showed me all these different places where they did like sack human sacrifice. They had this game and then the game what was really crazies, whose that's a human sacrifice spot they put people right on that spot, cut their fuckin hard hollow and look at the dude due to face that you'd kill someone on like it. So crazy. Imagining the poem you over there in lane down on that contain thing, cut your heart up now there was a weird thing that people used to like to do human sacrifice yeah, like gum. You know about the matter
second pyramid. The ass take pyramid of things. A tale to con do not say that your Taylor tale you can see. We get an audio, so we can listen to your pronounced and that word, but that Temple when they built it afterwards. There slaughtered all of the slaves. Ices areas talk to professor, how to pronounce area he'll de la calm down a dutch language, what job language tea or to a con to help people just like when they believed in magic. They had cooler ways of describing things to do a con. Let me know how you like living stop and look at that word. How are you living ten thousand years ago, barely scraping by you have the time to come up with that many words that many that many sounds for. One word t o t work on
You know: what's your name, Jamie Vernon Super SIMPLE comes off the tongue, zero. Problem. Same sounds: where do you live Teotihuacan. That's. Why is it so big? Why is that the amount of letters to Levin letters as what is my name yeah altogether Samantha but I need a space Aeneas whenever they get words long right, that's like run on sentences ache and Egypt does its bright three words. It should be Maybe three words. I remember it probably worked together price. It says that seem simple make three words and I remember it make it one big ass stupid, were the bunch of weird silent letters. You're doing here too, to account you know, there's a bunch of them words.
You know why Jani inject check who tony hamsters favour fighter former USC strongly champion beast of woman, her name try per thousand that shit, this J and then a z- and it starts when say it starts with a year. You say like her last name is something there's an endless, no enemy, Where is engaging, we will he's belet. I could not spell out if you put a gun to my head J D, ARS e T, J C c like. Why is that in indeed the way said John JET check. I hope I'm not fucking do you know what gets John Jay check? I don't know the actual letter that second either Joanna Conjecture, change, J, o and e with a dick, the trend that he was a hanger. How can we not have the higher than in the large font? Probably to some? We fucked up formatting editor slipped up over Wikipedia while
so, do you think that transit means J, its it doesnt seem a thing like John Jay Chick That's weird: when other countries use the same letters as we do, but they don't agree on a sound so allow we're just going crazy town now, Nasal E. He was a little too. Each year, nor your young jpg with a little tail ha now easily to cop kids, you folks, like that chick from my cousin venting. What's her name, or a restore man. So there was one of the things that we want to talk about when we first are, one of whom was Jeffrey, Epstein demand, but the other one was even
show me the Jeffrey absence targets such a child. Unlike anything, and then George Lopez That's it! That's it so and then there's a there's, a bounty on trumps head ass on how they went for heard it or where the list, but I read it on twitter and empty words, who's, the? How much is about eighty million from somewhere in IRAN Have you got a better idea, sighing she D Majesty nuke trump. Where does the world's damn? If they only rob one nuke and it's on the White House, small LA baby, nuke just level the entire building in everything near I ran jump bird dropped out of their DE nuclear accords, they're gonna start enriching uranium. Again Trump though tweeted I ran does not have any nuclear weapons, exclamation point hashtag some right, but they can get em there. This is so easy. This seems like for the first:
in a long time I'm thinking could go to war with a country, but this seems crazy. The internet jumped in a world where three names immediately instantly in twenty four hours straight jokes. What do you think happens? I don't know what's happening right now, because stuff could be happening right now. It's wooded the guy do cause Dan Crenshaw was saying that he organized the attack on the embassy, and then he was organizing other attacks on U S sites. He was a bad guy. Suppose he liked her was there is some stuff. Saying likely that he is a bad guys, it's how Trump did is how the problem he did help ISIS Alot. Ah so I said he wasn't, He was a really bad guy, but there was points like eaten. The biggest problem is that when I'm premature assassinated. Meanwhile egg, instead of dealing with it like an adult,
Do you imagine when they went through all those other like really finally detailed points, this strategy we can employ, or we just take my missile- did he arrives. Trying Trump too, like trauma. Twitter, I don't know, sure the ringing Iceland's Papa a guy to imagine tat. I was trolling chop and Trump killed them almost. Let us talk about his hands are shut. All might imagine as an italian laws are scared. Its figures, fuckin baby ends a colleague baby hands? Oh my get into a meme battle with tromp liable to click. It could be a fake site. I don't think it is a daily dies on a fake site. Maybe it was declared the daily dot. Is that a real website I am trying to confirm the set aside, is, I think, he'll keep his post, and I want to comment as yet have feelin have lots.
What is going on here so crazy man so crazy. This fuckin this situation that we find ourselves in? Were none of us or listening to this had anything to do any the shit that might kill him. People, none of us not of us and then our leaders like that we we ve been so roped in this fucking game of thrones mentality that our leaders are gonna make this decisions for us and they in charge of whether what kind of diplomacy ploy on another nation to represent us in them. Personal way possible like the way he does it. I dont trump. Doesn't that personal? That's how he is so he's standing for us, but he standing up for himself as a person. This part of that to write like he doesn't want to be fucked with. He wants you to know the United States not had we fucked with me in charge. So I him here one out there and he's the one they go you can. You can just nuth guys I will find out as Newcomb
commander of the Islamic grow Rev Revolution guards corpse force, Major General Harrison in closing solely money, Cassim Cassio, Romania's solar Maney, respond as yours, dial, trumps announcement of sanctions are coming with a game of thrones inspired meme of his own. It says I will stand against you and it has game thrones, like oh anne you so he What that up and then Trump elicit a couple months ago, but he remembered this event two thousand eighteen year rose yet that speed memory shop, trumped, remember shit S. Mother fucker owes me since seventies. It's crazy, days, crazy guy means you and then you murder, him. Jesus Christ baked Alaska, better, hide him a game of thrown in Spain.
Crazy, it so crazy that these worlds of collided, then we think Putin is probably laugh and is ass off right. Now, he's probably got his feet. Upon the chair, smoking. Cigar, just laughin and laugh and watch this chaos play out? for sure he's I'll be around for sure destabilizes stabilizes is number one competitor, as China's gonna do too, this is so it's so scary, but it's also on those things where we don't know what the fuck is going on. So it I have been the right move, we don't know, might, it might have been the thing you have to do to avoid more more deaths. A rush and ran hold joint naval, drills and the Gulf of Oman, o terrific hits crate China, Russia and IRAN together, we're getting somewhere, where three shed here. That's well worth rate that, like when ITALY was,
join in Germany me that's what that is surprised, get away from the coast brass bands of mansion, if this fuck guy, gets us into World WAR three. By deciding to do and then have all these crazy threats to the rescue World does not want to say this one of things if you think you're the bad ass mother fucker and you represent the battle country you gotta kind, almost be like real bad s. Mother fucker, like a guy like Steep Daimio church. Or do you see heavyweight, champ they'll, go round Santa Gonna, kick your but his ass as everybody knows it, and if you start saying that you're gonna be able to do without you wanna, maybe even doing disproportionate manner, all the other countries like why do you have any power, a core human and they said
we're, really powerful, we'll get together bit chivalric you pretending they are more powerful than everybody. That's a weird thing to do too. Weird chess puffing strategy today, on a country that has allies. That's work, it's fucked up is not just a ran IRAN. It's all IRAN's. Our ass they all get together. Now you have a giant force, a people and nuclear weapons correlations. Did you guys play chess, or did you put checkers drawn up at the thought? Are you just take Tactile ace, and you didn't see this common? This why it's really important to have you know people have to be able to talk the bill of dialogue. You see the through tat. He said yes targeted. Fifty two Iranians sites representing the fifty two american hostages taken by around many years ago, but that was the Carter administration? I think we let go none same fuckin people. Those people are all dead. This that's crazy! This is more tea mentality that, but I don't get the yokels
Above all, it just jump off the tractor jack off into the fields and the here for you, turn up the suit your heart, like a real and if he really has the ability to do that, what are the causes you have the ability to do. Is there forever? can be another moment like that where our ran boxes in a ship? and then he sends in a fighter jet. I mean: is this gonna really Falcon happen, because then None of us can go anywhere. We have to hide get out. A leg is definitely knew that like this is because imagine the movie if it all played out like that. Like a Stephen King movie, made a thing about a game, show how's that eventually becomes a presidency states and start a war while he's on speed, everyday
really high for now, I'm getting there. I was not getting there before This was enough to make me go holy shit, a better way to handle that than black snag, I was a robot from the sky like when we start. I don't know man. It's. I don't want to know you don't want to know that all over the world is little pieces are emotion than trying to protect us from terrorist, trying to make sure that they stop. Isis in this sector is growing here in these people get shot there and what about the cartels now get not with you? If you, be paralysed by fear of you took in all. The information on all the fuckin danger all over the world, you'd be paralysed by fear, says thousand thousand Vegas, while this was happiness weaken. If you'd look at your phone, you wouldn't have known yeah. This is going on now I did hear
when talking about it? Yeah, I didn't mean around those. The good thing about being off social media- and this was my point- the first ways by time things get to me: it's already been sorted, distributed better, you know, get up, you know have to jump on right away that it becomes the focus my day long before we know anything keep refreshing CNN every five minutes. I'm scared, like legitimately design for the first time in a long time since, like nine eleven worm legitimately like oh, this is This is a male shit. This could be really bad, because if He says he's gonna, do something in a disproportionate man he's threatening them he's calling their bluff. Brothers, so dangerous, so dangerous because only have to do just nuclear. Why do something like that where the rest, the World Day, hey: hey, hey! What are you doing? Kill each other everywhere? Everyone, because that's what can happen
is like mutually assured. Destruction was always was to be the the big impediment. That mutually assured destruction. If we knew that if we, Damn they shoot us we'd all be dead, that that's what kept us reusing bombs, but who fuckin Ozma What, if I ran just says lesson if we just sneak a bomb in by the time its detonated They won't even have a chance to respond the whole system be fact the grid will be down. All their entertainment will be down, everything will be down and then the ass. The world can figure out, Weighty night together and take over the power that the United States once enjoyed were abusing their power. There are the number one superpower in the world and they let their guy take diapers and three everybody on Twitter. I don't Avesta pills, humanist Ass her, even though those are his has one say,
there is a strong coffee, maybe somebody's Jacko Energy drinks. What are they shall not? Jacko just dropped Dakota quote a him he's a company and us jaws energy during once on. Sure get really mad and in reality this is a good time for these workers. We're talking about America. Jocose parallels must emerge from man under flavouring. This ever lived ass right last movies is both black face and retard. Five, because the last it'll never be a major movie again, but tropical thunder never impossible now, impossible as finally we're saying earlier that, if they cut out o J can imagine they just cut out o j and put all the OJ pieces together made one OJ feminist was good, should good, no artificial, colors, Sweden or flavors sugar free Tita
Better picture so I've been on the carnival diet tabled that that's like a healthier kiddo. Eight were better way, I don't know it's all meat. Does everything me: I'm not eaten and any any grains and I'm not even any carbs. Nothing else. I mean Halligan all of the data bloody Mary sakharov and olive. So if not the most strict, occasionally I'll deviate allow myself two glasses of wine than most ass, a shown to strengthening the water or kill cliffs, see beady calculus shit carnivores like Cato, but you're allowed to have fruit or some is outing meet you just eating meat like mostly meat and because I had a lot of wild game after substitute it soft supplemented with fat, adding other fats to it. While game? It does not have much fat and again when I read about the people who did this in the reserve, there's a guy that was within
an you it. He was an explore in the Arctic in he was talking about how he lived like that for six months, and then it was. One of us Video somewhere online is old, black and white footage and at the key getting a lot of fat, they were just drinking water and eating meat, and they were fine as long as you got a lot of fat, they do it. The like Wales, blubber in polar bear blubber and they would eat others blubber, sir, to supplement their there for their fat and take these issues very healthy eating like that, I'm just doing as an experiment. They found a guy like that. Probably imagine probably truth about a new at diet. Maybe not they didn't need any vegetables man out along want to leave. Those people do need anywhere. I'm just curious misgiving shot theirs. They call world carnivore months. I said. Ok, let me see what Jordan Petersen is the main reason I want to try it because I
really respect his thought process and I really respect his mind and dumb when he started but all the different medical benefits to be had from try it, then he had auto diseases that went away and, unlike what is this, I know a bunch of people personally. I've tried to is a gentleman excitement. Yeah, that's him! Yes, homer yeah, so you lived up what the end our wits interesting as he said that they didn't eat the organ meat. They gave the order meat to the dogs I thought that was really weird because that's definitely been proven to be them yet ass, the guy right there gimme some violence dude. Could you that they get a central, very audit offices in the open. Domain anyway, would just I just I just encapsulate what he said. It is basically said that as long as they had the other thing, I once they had plenty of fat, I miss him what it feels like it.
Here, I'll tell you one thing: I do not trust my bottle at all. My field far come in like others could be a disaster. I read rocketing diarrhoea from me, that's from all meet. Yet this is what Doktor Sean Baker like one head carnivore proponents is like his whole life revolves around eating steak and dead, lifting its Congress and in getting people to eat meat and try this carnivore diet and some of them that has a pretty radical health benefits, and I'm so curious about that, because I know that sometimes people convince themselves that something is better for the and that something is working better. They feel better and then there's a sort of a placebo effect that can happen. When you join me, of people is also saying the same thing I grow. Getting better we're all feeling better. So I was real hesitant when I first went into it as I go them. If I've I got, I need to know others. There, Sir Than to this
this. Is a nonsense, weighty cause most of my thought process. Was this common nonsense with ease and eat? Some fibre is clearly benefit. Seeing some vegetable But what is interesting is that the level of energy, your energy level. It's like right here, stays it doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't go. I mean the other day. I'm kind of tired and then I go to sleep, that's weird man, because How much of your energy levels during the day is based on? your body regulating sugar and insulin. How much of it how much is your energy level is based on that? It might be a lot this, because this is the unquestionable difference of this diet, unquestioned the difference is that my energy level, based glee has a flat line. There's, no rollercoaster anymore,
I had the less of a roller coaster, because I'm pretty healthy and I'm pretty strict with what I e, but not like this. This is like this So for the last nine days or so what are the facts? Ben I've had like? on all of us Did you going, tells us at all, but must manage checking it must. It must be anchored doses. I mean a media lot of fat. Eating bake in with all these wild, game dishes. Ever they ate bacon with cuz fat. I'm cooking everything in beef tallow and then I'm getting like fatty meat to butter anything I'm using butter, yank, drink milk and meat, the ideas you're Carnivore You'D- take everything out of the body, the milk, the fat, everything that man, it's weird
I see why people be opposed to it. Morally and ethically gives you dont would require people consume a lot more animals, because every event is eating meet all the time. The consumption the need would go up and it even more slaughter I got, it seems like a girl, you're gonna get really bored the very likely that's very likely that I get really bored quick but its curious, because if I think an adult Necessarily think this under saying. If I think this is the best way for me to eat, I'm not saying that I'm try it in a basically trying it based on Mark Bow and Chris bow and dumb and even more Jordan have talked in depth with Jordan about it. Jordan Petersen is a brilliant guy and when he was describing his experiences with this dialogue, how many people have done this right. How many modern superintend Jen well, read articular people, Jordan Petersen have done this diet. I bet it's are we
We really small amount because socially is unappealing, even say you're gonna. Do it sort of it Abu! You owe me me: oh, you can eat all the meat if you need any vessels, would you a baby? That's vegetables are good for you right! That's what everybody immediately thanks! But dont! that's true, though I don't know, that's true one. Is it Sean bigger said is that there were there doing tests at Harvard with with people we're on this die for six months or more? I'm interested so did some blood work today and I make that Bludward Public School YAP Mean. This message? Is anything wacky with it? But don't do it again at the end of the month and compare well that's gonna, be long months. I think, because I'm a little heed. Oh I got so bored, so my kids are bored We're not even stake a girl like you, don't have these dig district
you can eat whenever you are or figure this out, we'll work it out. How many answers of me a day? You know what you're up to where for the good thing, is. I have a lot elk, that's good, but I'm running through it an army in some big, ass chunks of meat. Is there something that you go to I, like chicken wings, are suddenly got it just because it's easy now eggs eggs are examining. Eggs are really easy. Digest too, I just can't go down. Eggs are great. You know I wish the coyotes weren't real was fox. Yeah, that's one of the things that James works for The game changes told me what they're doing those regenerative farms where they have these free range and chickens, and this how we gonna get our eggs, he taught we they were losing like thousands and thousands of chickens to Eagles He said it was so many I I wish I could remember what the number was I'll ask him, but
some insane amount of death caused by the eagles, realising that you just get it chicken. Every day the swooping get a chicken there's so easy. They can fly and they're all in one is one pending an area of great video on this year, this guy. Be a video that Jamie? Thank you. Of course you are Jijiu juice. Scrub today. Instead, Grandma natures, metal Oh yeah, we promoted the scary, the wolf with dogs. Try tell everybody about that yeah when the rules can add natures miles when the bus accounts on You can eat, buffeted, bald eagles prey on farmers, chickens Apparently, when eagles find out where you chickens are your fuck man is Kyle easily. You can put up a fancy of dogs to point. Two million. Oh my god farmer wins case school about the case against f.
Losing two point: two million dollars worth of chickens to ball, the Eagles too two million dollars and chickens, four hundred, fifty thousand A hundred and sixty thousand chickens to Eagle hurry, we're out a cow crazies that and eagles eagles. No, you can't fuck with them thats a difference of coyote, each or chicken. You could shoot him the dick. Nobody cares What he wants you to shoot, coyotes they'll, go out. You kids, they'll, kill your cat, but eagles. That's America brow! You can't shoot an eagle fuck your check to see. That's why they really, he might have on transferring out why he one, a lawsuit, Bulgaria because it couldn't protect them ethically, guess that's exactly what it was and is allowed to kill polity Gilgad, because if you check your body also, you couldn't do anything about that, I guess now are bald eagles protected because their very rare or is
because a very rare and there are United States bird. Like you know they were China. There's one thought at one point time of making a puppy, the United States Bird are the United States Animal. There was a up, a pit boy, I think we're not a puppy pitiable yeah. It was in the early the early days that country at areas like recent weeks. These dogs least least concern so their protected, but there are at least concern especially in some areas, apparently in Alaska, brink of extinction and allay twenty centuries ha. That's what it is brink of x, x, extirpation, exercises in the contiguous United States, so that means Alaska, where the big. Amount of em transferred to list and ninety nine five transfer to list of endangered species was wrong.
For the list of endangered and threatened wildlife in contiguous states. On June, twenty eight two thousand seven their flying monsters. That's our bird you see the one video of that the Eagles think it was like mad cow. And they're, just like rolling down the hill cod Stock yeah go, go and pulls the goat off the rocks batches brains and on the on the rocks on the way down a rough ride them down to leaving I fucked up a little bit of what is and what was the red theirs Could telling what how crazy you know, those genuine heavy, those eagles, really white man, only ten pounds, but that's the thing, kill Wolf. They grab a sheep and fly with em Look up. Debt is real dude, that's real Photoshop Comic rural area.
Equally gets four rooms there, where you can get their picture managed unless the lighting, so different rights come on just make it real. Why can't be real? Come on as there is a go pro, those that closer that there be the ground on the internet? Oh it's a rap bitch. The one word he's holding a fish are that's vague these some of these look fake, download saga about the thing is the ones that are realistic. It's not really about Eagle, doing Golden Eagle yeah someone gap that eagles caring early raw, Chris Rock, crazy animal to have as our our number one animal I mean it job. Emotion was ruthless. Beast like a wolf would be so much better Walter cool the owl, they look at you, you can make a deal with them Then we could deal with a wolf. That's a wolf became dogs. Humans may deals with them
neither can we might Donnie me. Are you some of this? I shouted Buffalo. We can all Ebro you show me when other financial walls you come by I'll, give you a job in Buffalo, there's a photo. Somebody posted reasonable woman ahead. I like half wolf, half timber will have DC, that is to say, to elect its bigger than her yeah. It was. I look like a monster. There was even a reward for just that: half wolf. While lot of those half walls or whatever they are men did that's. That's a strong, Jean Wolf G and if you mix it with a husky, you know the big man and some huskies are big there. It is so that's how much wolf. Does symbol of that's is Colorado Wolf, while less and less a real wolf do that's worth the same one anything but look how big that goddamned thing is that things that was a rat and it was trying to kill you.
What waterway scary than rats yeah look at the size of that thing. Man, it's got. Cholera, don't know that a collar looks like a guy, don't say sums around snack right, yeah. No movement. Now, maybe not just the way Epstein. Oh my god, Wicker, what will you do? She just restart starts Jerkin several going around them over the break with the guy has a pet tiger, and it comes out of me to Sex Texas handed its mouth Asta. It doesn't, despair. I can't does that motherfucker not know about Siegfried and Roy. Housing and oversee Frieden Roy. Don't do that pay on? What do we know about the bounty? as other without we're lookin out before.
We were looking at something you were trying to figure out what it is. What was it that we're trying to figure out was actually true. Eighty million dollars bounty. Is that what it was I heard earlier was fifty millions. But let me check, Listen. I know it pays. Eighty that now someone comes along is how I do forty five eighty million dollar value, Tromp George Lopez, jokes, we'll do it for so funny. Guess. You know us either by Canada. President, someone at the funeral said that they bring him his head. Nine dollars: woe. Eighty million citizens contribute a dollar out if they d. That's what it said someone so. That, though, is a if each of the countries, Eighty million citizens contributed one dollar that been eighty million thou reward for. Anyone who brings us, from Sir George Lobo says will do it for half that's the soda. Comics has folks that's funny any other time.
It's. You know what man when anybody could be the president right. Is sort of manner. Is it really the same thing to threaten the president? I guess it is of the same. Thing is threatening Lincoln is it is the same thing to threaten tromp in joke to threaten the guy just think about it. It was a former game shows whose a noted noted bawler right character and many many rap songs cause of his bawling. And he likes talk shit on twitter, you can't make a joke. You can make that joke. That will do it for half a gimmick, judge of some other up guys. I've gotten trouble for what they say in their songs. I know, but that's a weird one. I mean he's still the president and as much as I know, but that's where we're it's like what is I mean? What is I mean? It means you're better than everybody, everybody definitely better. No, but I can't pretend we're gonna kill you even talking about I thinking in trouble. What happened category
in which he showed that rubber head Jeddah, rubber, trumpet, Nothin ratchet descended from twitter. She lost her career knows and get suspend from Twitter. They gave her a bubble. Algorithm Fucker career. Did it lighter cancellations of shows and shore. They should take some time off to yeah. That's weird. Nobody thought Cosgrove was really gonna murder, tromp right right and lies in Paris type thing it might have been imported, especially she knew him and she was. I show All of us, crazy man. It's also crazy. What else going much since
Good now movies. I haven't done the movies in a long time. I don't do movies anymore and will give up. Do you do like Netflix shows anymore? I do Lahti Youtube stuff now and I don T mean it on Youtube. I'm worried about that. What the worried about that, the people just gonna watch, Llewelyn Sancho gems out of sailors,
What is that? That's good say? It's I've only move your aunt Julia. He plays a diamond degenerate gambler that works. The diamond district in New York has a vent like a crazy night. It's good is pretty good yeah. I mean, if you understand, gambling and suffering that there might be my funding. Consistency like you have a some others other, like movies, I heard its cut. Really Mary was frantic good. I, like the alike the movie. As far as the movie was enjoyable two hours at the theatre, that company eight twenty fourth and put not some awesome movies, did it a couple ones? I've seen this year to cut it, sort of noticed that the company does em an order was behind or anything, but they did some other like summer time movie, which is what some call and, like Poland, or some more some girl goes and like she gets
now to shit. That was a pretty cool movie, didn't hear anything about that really avenant. I've seen similar means about it since then, but like randomly win solidly arc light as like ours, really good movie. Actually yeah. I've heard that Adam sellers are really get actor yards great meagre think he's been when so many silly movies herds edited weird there like it's like frantic It is something I wouldn't wasn't that weird now compared to delight her other movies, like I was the one that Christopher Normal you're, the guy I choose everything it memento. It's really weird like that. Can pay attention during a lot at any moment. Tat was a weird one he's got. It will become an electrical tenant. It's all about time and the way time works in some soldiers going back and forth in a time and like the trailer looked fuckin crazy. I couldn't half the trailer but come out? So let me ask you both you guys worried about around not be worried about what what's happening here. You worried about these military people making joint
exercised when that happened. What was interesting I was gonna bring up. Is that the LAPD made some tweets that they're gonna like we're watching allay I'll, thank God by his worried and Ehrlich what're you talking about, and this would have been attention on car, not worried about as much as previous type stuff. That's happened like what you know like with like North Korea or you'll, learn more about north charisma word more about North Korea. Is that sex and actual threat from, I think, I'm crazy person and where IRA ran their just gonna try to kill tromp, I their think they're necessarily like broke. They kill tromp, it's going to be chaos yeah. I don't think I know, and I hope that Europe can be able to do that. I think if anything, this is the worst part is already happened. Maybe I don't think so. I think there's gonna be some sort of retaliation
funeral that they should. I people there, the other guy wasn't Cheviot up. So I noticed Goddamn Mack truck what act Why why? What is this one concern you so much like you now because it seems like this is the first example of someone being impulsive zone, making this kind of a decision that may be strategy, experts and real military experts would have had some real good mean speculating, but that they would have some real good reasons. Why there's a terrible idea and that their other methods of working he's out that it doesn't have to go. This way doesn't have to be, and this is not a movie. This is real life and have it you think they're just gonna force. A mountain
I don't know what's going to happen with, seems like it's too good to be true for people that hate Trump sort of. But then, if something happens, here's the thing: if something happens, special something horrible happens, see the way America is like. We are like. We have the genes of this wild com. You're just lost for travel human that was willing to get on a fuckin boat and make it over here from Europe and from worth we're the place and then the slaves or dragged in here against her own will then the other people that were imprisoned here and there and then native Americans who are pushed the Mexicans get put that's. This is all thousands of years of genes right moment. Something goes crazy. Does all this stuff comes out like human
how people were when nine eleven happened. Everybody had an american flag on their Carmen everywhere it. It became an intense place place where you like you you just that that whole break glass in case of war, like that's real, if someone provokes someone, does something where we feel like we're really at war. We're going to you tonight we're going to United a crazy way within the thing is a lot of people going to love. It then feel great that we're united against an evil cause. I mean this is This is why people employed that strategy to convince them. But to get in the war. Hitler did right, didn't Hitler. He in the Reichstag right there was he did that in or to get people more enthusiastic about plans. I'm pretty sure you did that
and I think Nero did that with Rome as well Book, but I'm an idiot and my memories, faulty house, in a way more than anybody not for weeks had actually nine arson attack was performed on migration building, oh so was arson, so they think he did it nor to get people pumped up look to fewer. I was right man, I've been, the middle of this fourth native american book is blood and thunder book. Tat just happened: like the reason why I'm worried is not just because of the news not just, but also because of these goddamn books. We have talked about the need american interactions with the soldiers in the settlers. In fact that is our genes ran, it just happened: people were horrible, they did horror both in its shatters. This notion, that so many of us love to hold onto that without the European
here. The native Americans live peacefully live peacefully with each other. No one ever has the native. Arrogance slaughtered each other. They took each other slave, they killed each other, they tortured each other. The command These were known for it I mean it's a horrific here in the store, horrific what the soldiers did to horrific, what the human things of that error when forced into that conflict were willing to do, and what they were willing to become that is thou longer man, that's why I'm scared worms, here because I feel that we have come so far. It so save it. So save the people or the like saying that it safe. We like we like to be in denial about it and focus on so much of the inequality and echoed inadequacies and all the problems in the violence in the distant and that in their right about all those things, but God damn! This is a soft I'm to lift and some shit hit the fan you're all going to know that when you're really worried about your life every day when your loved ones really could get shot and killed by Son
who's a mile away with a scope, because that, has been going on. If that's what it comes down to you gotta understand how soft we had it. You're gonna, really no house off. We had it, and this is that cycle that everybody says right Our times makes strong men strong men make easy times easy times, make weak man. This is a common, its how human beings are we need. Motivation to kick ass, we need we need some reason to rise to the top. We need some reason to go out there and conquer, and that were the best reasons if we get attacked attack, really go crazy. It's gonna be horrible! I'm really scared like legally legitimately worried that people some people are losing their grip on what violence actually means and what war ass It means khazar happening over a year because it does
snapping over here, the only ones I can tell us the one that went over there. The ones went over there and come back. They do not paint pretty stories, they paint stories of ugly people and dangerous people, and I, like you, got to be village in cuz. You got to be diligent and you got to be because the world is not what you think it is there's a lot of parts of this world that are flocking, chaos, written and fill with crime and fill with murder and fill with death and fill with this air and there's money there and there's terrorists and their zis rule just fundamentalists who want to throw gay people off roofs and that shit's real, that's happening in two thousand twenty right now somewhere in the world there probably planning thrown a gang? I offer roof. Who, because some some person wrote that down two thousand years ago or whatever was fuck. Whose ice fishing really believe you went on the ice was disconcerting had said.
Almost is disconcerting is legal thinking about whether knowledge at Fort, like whenever you like this, could be a bad idea. I walk and but with this I walk out onto the ice was only four inches thick. Those who signed up, Make the cracking sound when you know it's ours, fuck, there's a lot of people out there to me. My friend, Brent went car couple rainbow trout, nice. Eighty four for lunch, because we're down too weird activity. Freezing your ass off and standing still idling shit. We stand still like my These favour way or hunting is in Trieste and Justice, sit around, but it's also it's kind of crazy when it happens like you hunting a deer in a tree stand it's most of the time you just trying to keep your shit together, but you might spit stand still for eight hours to stand still or sit down to pee how you do it, some people leaving Industry York
Winston is a bunch of different kinds of stands. Some stands. You stand on some stands. You you sit down on some summer homemade and you just a mind game just to sit and wait, sit and wait to do. I make no sound, so the deer don't know you're there and then walk through jaunt to their normal corridors, and you don't winding up and watch mother whether walkin lotta stop on. We have to stop a Milton men and they turn back me hit em an arrow too here, that's the, but that's that sitting still shit in the cold who do in it. When you move around the courts on that bad, I gave you to go somewhere and your well protected like I want schemes past weekend and I have faced mask on that's a game. Changer son near in face Basque, if you landscape? Oh that's a game changer as I have calls for the mouse. I could breathe as I did. The game, changer now not cold. Like I'm, not even cold first time use,
ever ever. What does that tell you about other legislative proposals forgive Jacques, was worth our guiding us, but I have gone out without goggles in your face is burnt. It's weird you face, gets burnt in your eyes. Don't look so good either. This is not good for my eyes like, daring, a light bulb yeah, really very bright of I've sunburnt my eyes before currency. For Europe Day, Jackets real theoretical snow blindness right my wife, out the hard as little worried. This lady lost control in front of me. Around? I was gonna run a corner in this lady to slid right in the traffic. Just went, sideways, didn't have she's, probably dark elevations just start now and I try to avoid or true love lost. My left leg went flying. And then I hit my head how to help our course snow was
really too hard pack, but it was a good dang like I gallows dizzy our oh shit at some brain damage at need. Sir, do you always were a helmet? Always yeah? You don't want a diamond member wearing a helmet bro you goodbye, you could die pretty easy without helmet. You deftly good you're gonna die, that, even with the help people following their head and they die- I mean I'm not Sonny worry that I was going to die when I felt no wanna get you wrong, but some people would have died from that same thing, older person or purse with an issue. I think the Liam Nissan's wife, the woman who created or Oranges New Box sends her some asteroids. Yes, twenty two did what he was in a skiing accident intermediate everything would it? the train? I think that's what sunny day I had a tree sony bono hit a treat so did I wanna Kennedys who brow scenes dangerous?
Your did taken these crazy risks as all these people that might not know how to ski beautiful of their raven very funny, very beautiful up their fundamental. It's good family thing I think it's really good for kids to learn like the kind of chaos that comes scheme downhill. That's chaotic man today border ski like grown at all. This key and dumb they steal, a grown up. And then to being as an urgent response that moving that's the tubing is no risk, though you know Learn the lessons learned from skin. King. You learn how to keep your shit together, cause you're, you're, uncontrolled known on your hand, you're going down its functions, stupid blue hair when you're not really ready for it, and you got to go side by side by side with highways. I was fine. I was doing good till the last day. Some lady loser shit right in front of me nineties. When scheme was more like a cocaine party event, namely citizen of tubes, I don't think they had lots of tubes up there, but there take the cafeteria trays and decide on us.
Crazy for college kids get cafeteria. Trees are good. Arms can lead sub cardboard boxes like a big refrigerator box. Jump on our beds slide down there? with that. It's nothing I died out there recently to in Utah from in same area from avalanches. This dick had wanted to go off. Roading sorry, Dick Head tried to call him addicted, rather sure he's just a man, man with dreams. Gopro dudes want to let you know they want to make those videos look like badasses. They tell you never to do that too. I feel bad for calling dick head just a figure of speech. Folks, there's a lot of guys liquid would like one guy that was on the show, once with the rock tunnel vision. Milan twice now he's scared the shit out of me here. I've been watching a bunch. These videos at him. You two are recommended them to me.
And I was let's like two weeks ago I was like four or five in a row. I watch two hours of Alex climbing these terrific fucking mount that even thinking about it right now, my hands are sweating. Imagine finding yourself halfway up and not want to do it anymore, and it was life changing moment like I don't wanna do this anymore, but you got to keep going pitch, trail running videos for there on the spine of amount bow? No! No! I don't like that at all. I don't like that at all. I can barely state right when I'm running on a regular trail? I think they have that new, look out machine, not the Pentagon or whether it is gone, but the other one where it shows Jakarta, patriarch of no public health, but their pay. Is there a toxic what the fuck is going on, but the
the other new one where it's like. I looked like where your jogging on the side of a mountain or something like thou, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, it's like that or those lifeline. Forty percent incline model of cool? I that is cool, while the sum, about it like I've? I've done elliptical machine, that show you a trail. When I was in Hawaii, the Jim, had this elliptical machine needed start run trail and why. You're doing that. It feels like getting somewhere abbot a different when you're, like literally woken up the Iranian, and you have all you like. Looking at the dust and you're gonna die and you turn around and you see the entire skyline of lessons right. You win miles and miles you wear way better. That's better you're gonna. Besides the are elliptical, that's not a thing you off. They were gonna. They had this thing. Unit directional treadmill and the way Works is like this, like that. Other treadmill,
that we have the era when the arena you do it by using your own feet. Propellant they'll have that with a unit directional treadmill and then you'll be harnessed in at the waist. So they'll be some sort of cables and some sort of suspension system so that you can ever actually fall out of it, but you won't feel it too much wages running around hostess or illegal, roughly guides you're treadmill in which way you want to go. But you always you always go you. You never had anything. You never run in still seems nauseatingly. For sure, he's going to be so confused, it's going to be weird man, but it's it's the future, our getting one step closer. I don't know how much it's going to be announced at CVS this weekend, but I saw these gloves a couple weeks ago or that I believe the first haptics feedback gloves. Drovier and development can put em. Rather you debt write year, half lame. I have gone How much virtual reality porn is. There is still not good
But tell me please allow me there's a lie. Since early bird s edge is now I don't know like it's, it's not doesnt how now it doesn't feel that in same as it, think it would be amazing, sitting there, but then half the time, videos, your life Well, I'm the woman. I have the boobs no way really yeah. It's like you look down. Like your lesbian watch, your rights, other lesbians element in our guys, fucking. You know what I like: that's an actual yea can't look, from the guy either you need someone's gonna, make an interactive one, and I will not that sounds very difficult to do justice to dig it about, like you can watch a video but watch need if you're gonna grab something to have our reaction, happen like programmer. If IRAN really wants a cripple or world, that's what I do know developed that game. Think about how people can put down roadblocks her or fuckin candy crush. What have they been? Wacky gains: feeble, can't leave alone. Just imagine how bad it would be that
May you come a game that makes you come right. You do the better feels when this game socks, your dick, did up good people we have a game deserve, as there are limit per day them think about how difficult it is right for for someone to get so good, a big macs riding that people want to fuck. You knots it's impossible? It's possible for sure that allow Like the high level be immense guys, girls just throw themselves out, I'm right does a savage, shouted, dont, flips and shit. Think of how good you have to get. At that before someone actually wants to suck your dick, you gotta, get really good For that being the reason why they want to have sex with you. That's the reason so now think about a foot the human choice thing out of it and make it just a level that you have to reach in this video game, Maggie
you have to be really gotta this video game and then this Russian, robot lady sucks, your dick. But you feel it a real life. Dear good kids get at it fast, his hat of all time just achieve coats, that's impossible to do right because if this, unless we put connected it to some sort of fuckin blockchain grid, that's impenetrable. The only way you can get out the the russian factor. The only way you can, just as a day you'll be can hack, he can hack the show your skill at every level like Spain, as a swede, just unjust. Try think! Is there a way to not hacked your fatalists if you ve killed my dreams yet we're talking about prostitution earlier. That would be like how you gonna stop that stuff if you say you can't pay for sex? Ok, but can I pay for a thing, it feels exactly like sex and I think it sex what I'm doing it or is it like
if you get into a simulation assimilation lets you murder, people and and you come out a simulation like hey you're, going to jail. I put there was even a real person yeah, but you're the kind of piece of shit if that situation- happen? You would kill somebody you just killed. Somebody and you'd even knows a simulation, therefore, a piece of shit. That's a thought crime. We can't pay, but you can give gifts rate trade you can and you could be happy to give money to universal girls. You need to get your toes done. I need to get macaques. What do you say even on the other? The spell it out. Did you say I I'll give you this ferrari. If you fuck me before, I mean this guy, children, your bill gates might want to throw a star run. I knows gotten, and a billionth Derek. That's nice gift, actually everyone, that's hilarious, signed beta was justly nice to consolation prize thanks. You're fuckin me see later to think about. Girls never have to feel bad about bang in their fans. Like you,
if someone like Miley Cyrus wanted to start fucking their way through the hottest guys that Liker everybody believed you go. Girl imagine Miley Cyrus sorted given I'll give bags every dumped you fuck, dudes Hake, thanks to Dick, have you little fucking nut cake. Have you sell a fruitcake? Does it this? Is my favorite vague cocoanut drink tea out of doors. Kid rocks Roxy Pervert that Instagram girl, but that should not be and from Instagram should they Instagram at check. And so she got to like help out. She decided to do put out for ten dollars shall send you a naked pitcher, unlike in like a what week. I think she's made like seven hundred, Thousand dollars, resignation for Thou shrine, fire, yeah, radio, australian fires, but she's kicked off of instruments for that.
Notes. I think she got kicked off Instagram and so erect and she's. Like you know what I'm discuss our song pictures of me naked, then I think its members to have a bad and doing good yeah. They showed frill she's raise them. Money to help the australian wildlife deactivate. Your account says: come on man. That's humiliated rules about sexual content,. Come on she's doing for a good cause. You folks. Let her be naked. Would you stop in her from being naked for Ukraine? Why does twitter? Let you be naked by instant twitters, better, the naked philanthropist, so twenty poor girls? Don't you do it Oh that's him love, hooray! I'm sending nudes every person donates at least ten dollars to any one of these fun razors for wildfires in Australia. Every day Those who donate equals one nude picture for me to your dm. You must send me
information that you done it. That girl does not have a lot of hobbies I must take ever that's if I'd or ever she's, not the redoubt damages heart, though, when I look at those are definitely real. She raised more than five hundred thousand knows. Well, that's amazing but her back instagram come, but she. Said she was going to give the money to the end. She didn't show pictures right at this is sending empty of sex work. I guess I mean here is rising, trends and out of magic really because its agenda and get the cut
Get a dollar out of every transaction. Maybe is less. Why snapchat has like snap carries out yet have a pay pal thing and built in, and do you think that's what do you that cynical I've heard them do that for other things? That's what the lot of the add changes were about. Why they don't let influencers do add things worse because and I get the peace women they don't not rely. Why there have been a bunch changes o because they're not getting a piece of these. All those add sales, that's gonna directly through the info sir, what I've read a minor interested citizens. Yet whenever she went to sponsor dazzling travelling here, yeah you're supposed to put legs has after hearing like weird is weird, adds weird deeds. Lakota passivity bomb, other rubber, though it Weird, you know, like social media, the ability to make social media is so new. No one knows what to do with it, and it's like porn this wide like porn the fucking,
the people in porn, always figure out. First, had a push the boundaries, the technology like technology, Comes like streaming stream video high resolution very outlets. Only thats all pushed a lot of its push by porn the it just the amount of bandwidth involved in porn off the charts. This is like that. Don't you think they must have figured out password protected content first, because there's a bunch hidden, that's out free, no, like theirs, pay version of those sites and as a free version, but I don't know how they figured out, and I also things who would repair, yogi, assyrian pervert, to say what what's up available online is just not enough for my tastes, forget somebody we know very well. I timid, as I like, Jesus Tommy, like Ally, I'd like to support like guys supposed artist you what's marry, one would nothin wrote that so be borne that shit
Doug, which do today honey from your work you back? He background it of others, deaths somebody like your bag, I'm a bad girl, daddy, wanted one more democratic, Starbucks argued referee coffee obligation to keep paying for what This is a word they knew. There was gonna help Guatemala, something don't think. No, we think if it was like only one kind of coffee, You know I mean like a like. If you couldn't get a free, iced coffee, or everything, a whole burs, lesbian, coffee, noise. Only good, decathlete Free Fox other place, didn't only a decaf espresso all they had we'll have decaf Graf Espresso, my who the fuck drinks, decaf espresso
cause espresso. You can even pretend that it's worth it for those little bitter setter, still little fellow about but real small area, like the idea of an espresso, is everybody, thinks espresso waste drawing than it is at a restaurant, less liquid ice like the flame. Rabbit, but I like to know that it's got a little joke to it. I feel like an asshole, fostering a decaf express, didn't weird, like regular press seems totally normal, but decaf affix espresso. Why? It's just because people for health reasons, like my mom, can't during caffeine at all now, because it gives our car palpitations and shit like that without the amount is indeed its that's like so small, a dozen marilla, and yet it was not small, because I saw some people are. You know some companies in a stop or testing people for nicotine usage Africa, which one and if he were built like oh there's, nicotine and all
these foods for our people, like yes, it's in there, but some minimum. All that like yet like fifty thousand of eggplants to get one pack of cigarettes policies thousands, so your mom would have literature, and so she gets only decaf espresso, because you love the data coffee, but she can have caffeine like suppressor yeah, I guess it s the same it. It's like, there's a bunch of different kinds of espresso different beans and show some people make soup or bitter those le Loup people love doing that cranky machine to poverty in Cancun, Tappitt down those new spress, o capsules pop those pitches enough to think too much. We was turtles out their children of death about April.
Probably right. It's aluminum, those, not not plastic, but still fact, turtles man, you lose last time. You saw a turtle. I just saw Torone Hawaii because a once, but She's, a drowsy everyday, requesting an icy strolls, more yeah, but here's I know what you're saying the problem really is waste management? That's the problem, how the fuck does the waste get in the ocean? The first place you Tom, its inevitable, that everyone so gross that all the we have to get in the ocean, no matter what I don't think. That's true, I think We need to do a way better job of collecting, garbage, entreating garbage and treating our own garbage just come over them comprehensive plan to avoid all this shit getting into the ocean just not enough funding nor time in greatest Thorn Birgus. Only sixteen only do so much is defeated. The pigs before I figured out landfills really today thought everything did everything as much as they could. I think why
yet the restaurant genetic, fine they ship, that's what I'm gonna pay gets sick Paypal has eaten the pig me, is that this dam was made. I think it are the army or Callin my doing Cowan. They told me they were in China and there's arrest They have toilet no toy, it was a whole. Are those it but enough, but in the hold at the bottom, was pigs. You shitting into a pigsty and the pigs would eat your shit and that this is common and pressure was Cowan. What in fuck are definitely told me at a shit into a whole year. They also get chased out of a chinese girls house by a man with a baseball bat ray something about the street oil or some like that, like that, if the food was cooked using like that oil from there our which does a different story. There's a store,
that I almost forgot about you just said that that's the story of them. That's what are brought yes, yes, sewer war sewer water as they were, making cooking oil at a sewer water. That is less. People going into the sewer and tat meaning that shit water in cooking oil, I know you're saying there's no way it makes sense where's, the Asians, doing man, how dare you did you do know, might make my girlfriend is, is in she's. Your legs are grossly shit ever like blood soup view in inside of a pig toilet. So there it is it's kind of cool when you that PIG thinks he's a minority village somewhere, in New Nan Province, China, the pig farming sector,
position self under it, waiting as very confused and start using toilet paper for reasons. Oh, my god, it was Lincoln's, asshole, high school and, like pig toilet, circling a tattoo shit round pigs that is so gross. Now, go see if you fine, cooking oil made from sewage, downtown tat. I know lobby black, wait y know a thing it was vice. Thank vice had a video on it and it was all about how there is a market for people making cooking oil. And he's really poor town think literally climb into the sewers, and they take out human shit and turn the cooking oil gutter oily called gutter oil can discuss. Being recycled oil and sewage said cooking oil, which has been recycle from waste oil collected from sources such as restaurant fires, Greece, traps slaughterhouse ways- sewage
from Seward geraniums. Will you that one of the farm? right, says chinese guttural, you click on that disgusting. This is the video before recycled oil and sewage used to cook chinese Street food Jesus Christ. So they get into the party and then they they filter all the poop out and they get the oil. These filters get the oil are the poop, and then they could you noodles in that. That's why we need regulation which it s it as right now, that's why we need America, young Turks. It was them they didn't want to resolve this. Oh yeah definitely yeah, this guy opens up or as woman rather opens up, she scope it out. Please, a litter level throughout the out of the young Turks from art here, whatever its cause you I do this the Russian Nazi different- and that was the right-
something that started all that propaganda, reconciles that's internet research agency, the IRA against who five g were there same like five jeez bad for longer than you yeah, the area that I think so man, the five g shit like that. Brigandage and scared at an interesting its archie. Our targets as our Artie spend sewing disinformation, o r, t has been so ass. There are the ones that started all this shit because I guess it's survive. Gee phone won't hurt you, but Russia wants you to think otherwise. Ok, a network known foresaw sewing. Disinformation has a new alarm, the coming five g. Who is this new times yeah, it's interesting d, said near times, because in New York Times, if, if they're pretty something like that, one of the places that I kind of site are then to see what they did to Genk Genk. You from the young Turks
He was in a view in raw David, Duke S of course you're. Not a racism is, is mocking mafia and they took it out of context in quotes I wrote that he said David, Duke, of course, on racist. They try to pretend somebody just got to work for their own good, somebody cross the line, they cry the line they want to stop him there, Am I so they got over woke they lied. It's crazy! That's crazy lie those for that to get into the New York Times. I wonder what the fall. Out from that was cassettes for them. That's got to be very embarrassing that someone actually printed that they were forced to make fraction, but the problem that is when people here about stuff, like that it is a lot of people who work in New York Times a lotta people so represent everybody there, but when someone gets away with something sneaky like that, it really fox over everybody else, because
the other people that are making stories, people don't go year, you the fuckin people who said the junk yogurt said you know David, do wasn't herbaceous. We must clearly not what he showed your fuckin magazines, fake news, all bullshit you're, a shit notepaper, congratulations, fuel that and the New York Times used. Have none of that right. These have none of that. This issue, action data, doesn't mean anything else, anything else from corrections to late, it's in a newspaper, Emily Credit inside a year today deals with what I would like to know how many people read the correction verses rather original story. That's what gets railway! like. If you make something up about someone then put it down, make something interpret it incorrectly on purpose intentionally, and then he put it out there. How much responsibility? Does the newspaper but how much responsibilities that writer for doing that We don't like him. I don't want to do the fairy like luggage, fuck. This guy wishes he fuck. It said it did. He actually said he did say it.
An old man. You know any man fuckin printed, I don't know I don't want the process was but you can't do that if you want to take it seriously, but there's still one of their number one. I stood out by taking seriously most time is a term there was another one. It would call Macgregor back on common, Gregor fought Floyd and they said his face was bloody. Didn't I am, I know it wasn't, didn't have any blood isn't making things up? You can't make things up. Did they re track that as yet they did said it they did, but they had to. Everybody saw the arrogance you have to have to pretend that you saw something that wasn't there or that are you paint tension so loosely before you write the story. They don't even find out? If I want to report on the fight gonna stop you're the New York Times you not upon cast, get a pike. S was a spy misinformation. Talk stupid shit, that's the different. Like nobody takes a seriously they take. The fucking near
time seriously? You have to? U gotta serious job, ok, sick of your cup. You know because serious job you're reporter reporting the actual news financiers job? Does you can you can change the way people look at things and it might be a lie? and that's that got us in lot of problems in the past people hosting they know better, though they know better than when everybody else want. That's it. That's where its real, probably think you're doing good. By withholding information. I think you doing good, bye, censoring people big your news, mostly from like twitter or something I don't get my news from anywhere anymore. I feel great, I looked newspaper the other day I picked it up and by what happened over there. I forget what it was about There was a story about something. And ass? I got to know that I read to low battles and wash your journal as I should think about,
it's a terribly irresponsible way to look at things, but I don't know now, if you can do that much, I don't know what Responsibility is ultimately to completely pay attention everything all the time. What responsibility you have people get mad at. You feel completely take pay attention, everything's of importance, all tat. They had a point, they point, but you all a point for like self management and for mental management to probably pay attention to less shit. I feel like I'm, feel healthier and happier when a particular shit so does. I ran thinks it before because of something makes me think about it. The means is in the forefront of the news. Now it's like big, it's a big deal like dude. You see that fuckin that the mean that someone made and they put up on Instagram about day after work. Feminist the day after World war, three starts its
old timer. Nineteen. Fifty lady in the oven begging, she's gotta apron and shed together of Andorra vanishes make its advice cookies. It's a boy all these! These Tie me why me beta males than have been posturing for attention and virtue signalling and what a rude awakening. It's gonna be if war breaks out. War war is scary, shit of all time that people are so convinced that no matter bit besides, all the threats that phases, disease and injury in accidents, death also shit that way absolutely convinced that were always gotta have war
I never met any one person and thinks we're. Never gonna have warned him have you has never been a time we're gonna, move Canada, maybe Canada now a budget they liked up still I still lean towards taxes were Naroda. Taxes is a good move like taxes. Taxes is good move two of you, wanna fuck, with the winter conscious captive. The Falcon Snowden humidity daddy's gets rough rough down by the ocean accused in area like it's rough in the summer. Member that fact we'd be there in, like July and August ago, begets hot I'll, be there in today's vote on. Khatami's, aware, which punishes secret group and Ella, whelp, comedy club in San Antonio,
How's the scene in Houston these days, his sins gray, but that would they have the secret group, which is a an amazing club, that's owned by a bunch of comics, ah and uniform. We're gonna have scale there is this. My to one is out I want to say it's February March around that area, Orange beautiful so publicly, it's nice to see you like scenes, yeah seen staying, allow a thousand an amber for awhile, dad fucking great see the last man. Lotta people aren't they they don't remember. You know we have to talk about it for people to get understanding what it was like when you hear that really good open. Like the went like all night. I love that place. It was also an m place across the street we ate at bay. Thus around their opponents race. The thing about the place was that the dude ran. It was just too crazy whose too crazy he just just too much drugs too much. Chaos too much
and then the other guy took over and try to make a little corporate. And then Likewise this kind of existed. The way was before, because a crazy person ran it. You know a lot of in a lot of ways like the store, the stores, figure, the sweet downs, though just letting crew you. People run it, but also have a business mind and keeping it together. But saying oh, An interesting business deal with his bit. Basically, the best way to make it run can't be. The star limit is the best but You know like why remember I've heard a gene garage fellow had moved to Houston. That might be fake news, I was in Boston, Irma resumed. Why am I who the fuck is in Houston? and customers in Houston and Bill Hicks was in Houston, so Houston at one point time was man. There is some beasts coming out. He particularly can
When Kennison burst out a Houston, everybody was a holy shit. The best comic in the world came from Texas how the fuck. As for those two years that Kennison was on top. He was of fucking tornado man, was a tall users ribbon houses are the foundations and thrown into the air, and I was off from Texas. So I'd heard a bunch of people move down there because this is like, I want to say, like laid eighties like ladies early nineties, Kennison Diet. Thinking like ninety one, ninety two or something like that. But Texas often has a really it seemed to us in of Texas, always has. Debbie I thought about moving the Texas hers ass, yet I loved their me too. I fuckin loved their if this shit, the Phantom California, he might get a ranch, life from the ranch new Jerry,
Let's cowboy had snake tie me all day. Barbicane devotees of neurons outward tat. It seems to have subsided, but for a couple of days was literally touch and go like my dick would like tingle little bit my butt Homeward Parker and I got you gotta- keep that vault shot irregular. Try, explained someone who's, never taken a shit. What it feels like. If you know you have diarrhoea, but you haven't expert either that feeling like all this. When the problem, you know that feeling. But how sensitive the inner wall you're your bottle ticking time bomb casinos can have rights But if you don't know you have diarrhoea, you know that is as moments we like. This is not good. We're came out of nowhere. Will you think you have it? I got into a toilet immediately like there's an urgent, to the feeling that you have argued like that. What's going on there guys and you know
I need your bathroom right now. You don't even know why you know I'll give you had it scribe. So, to someone tell me what it's like when you know you're about to have explosive diarrhoea, what's the feeling pressure pressure Second, and that's? How are you getting earth s also get a rocket your PA? that's more than pressure is a heat. You know the heat you feel like? Sometimes we got hot diarrhoea like the inside your bottle. He Wow, this is gonna, be a problem. I love it when it's suicide bomber we just sit down, but it's a great failure satisfactorily actually made into a toilet happens, will use fill up the ball with water. Yeah. I took a shit, the third or fourth day of this diet that I took a picture of
because of what there is not known solid to it. It was black splatter hate with its, but it was. It was so dodges like What I would imagine the devil shit. What are you guys got out? I just want you to know what you know, what kind of because stuff I'm dealing with. And I want to know what everybody thinks european I mean. Is this in turn or no concern? What's gonna? Oh God do that's? No! No! That's what it looks like a mouse! A computer, mouse, fluid lack, fluid dark, dark legged corvette, that's thereafter Lopez around, because many simply need. When I googled, you know shit, Problems are say like its ever black or if it looks likes Sanderson like then you're gonna die, problems
but John bigger was tell me that this is true or not. I read you what he said, because I will definitely butcher this bear in mind here is an actual doctor. Is a m. I mean that's the black I've ever seen it and I thought I had blacks it before it's, not even shit, though it's like it's like the SEC will yet disaster of the ship prize. Just my friends that Euclid video did it. Do she put that away snuck in Cologne find it where's ascended to me hollows, please. My apologies. Talk amongst yourself from all you have to give our Toto Rodya where we want to get the more we have here, the bramble yeah, one thousand dealings water, heated, water him
best. I do that, but I believe we have here, but they hit the air is a little weird, The air is land when you do that air drier, because its blown it right now, which we heard is, I didn't like it, but have grown? like it like it's the smell your ass. It's just that good makes the whole put your the whole room smell like a butthole, that's kind of weird, Erika in the air dry or a day where it's just blow your bottle in Europe is and if I could at first but now I can find this dude message. I know you said to me, but I can't find a minor it opens up the sea when you come in and everything like that, but sometimes my girlfriend mica unplug it to use the hair Why is there another level Georgiana better better than the one you we have here? Is there now level to mean there might be. I dont know of one now
Toto's really get. I recommend the Toda, the one we have a pretty good, I feel very guilty when I go to a whole water cycle up my butter. Imposing a video of a picture of a one time. We read that one no tell that had a hose next to it doubles, decide the sucker supposed to do it. Apparently do some religions, some religion thing you're, not supposed to wipe your ass with anything. She has blast that sucker if someone told me, I think, maybe a limo driver, so I might have the shit but naked. Recently, ass, showered useless to shit shower shave come on you, fuckin monster refunds, dude text message to me: I told them on doing it, and then I told them Unhandsome rock hard diarrhea You know, if did you know that you like in photos on your iphone that you could search by just type in car it like knows what cars are in there we bring up photos. I had a chance to find it
picture by a person's tooth, and I just type in teeth are tooth in photos and searched and it found all these people's like close so they're, smiles and stuff, and it now you can search photos. I found this message. He also says for some reason, some people too many eggs can lead diarrhoea thousand kiss me. I wasn't at Eton that many eggs hardly any eggs. Most time. It's just the cull in adapting groups who lost their lives are shit goddammit, surgical on adapting get there. I had it, though fifty three messages Others see. Here's the thing about all this stuff is there's a lot of dispute like a lot lot of dispute. What people think is in an isn't true about nutrition and diet like That is one of the more confusing things about talking all these different people or what
it's ok! What's not! Ok, what's held in, what's not healthy, how much difference it make biologically between people, for you, but not healthy for me as a real again. What what did? How does one find it's a fucking, long road to Sir try to sort stuff out, so We are talking about like why something gives you diarrhoea. Like I don't know, that's true. It says: the corn to die opting to a relatively higher amount of liquid, leaving a small, intestine then were used to on a high fibre diet find out is, it seems to me- and I find it odd, that you have diarrhoea ANA meat. That's what I'm saying I just met by saying. If you're beautiful as used to high fibre, which captivate some of the liquid and then that Nino it would cause fibre to swell up, and then it comes out
Amber watery shit. So instead there's none of that is just meet. So you got the plot plot. That's the me and then everything else liquid as he likes you drink more liquid. To do you think. You fell in space, sir. I'm deftly drinking a good amount of liquid and being healthy about us We bodies body common scales you get on. But that said, I should be honoured forty two pounds and then I'm fifty nine pounds of fat thus ensure. So it's bullshit. Those things are now. I talk to my doctor. Its aim, they're not said the real ones have handle. There's a handle. One side, and then it goes across your body. So it gets you from the floor up and it gets you across your body with these wires that you hold onto and he gets a better scan, but the best scan, Is when you go into an emergent tank and then they they find out what your body composition as there's like me,
complicated machinery involved too, like another, you see, has some body composition scanner? You lay down as thing that's a different level, that's probably the one that works, because this, though I mean I don't know- maybe the one they step on works, maybe but I am sceptical of the one I got a moment say the name of it, the one I order our three different ones. They want to see if they were because we're all talk Not doing it always gonna do we're going to your podcast organ due weight loss podcast, we look so fat and Luxembourg Tyler gain writers. Here. You want to lose body fat and he has the bones of a big chicken his powers just break any found out. He has inadequate bone mass and he's like. Ok, that's pray, why everything breaks when I speak is broken a bunch of ship scares arm his legs ankle, please don't gains a mass and hopefully become more of a man and thus the ultimate goal going into this one.
Because it gave videos pretty amazing of that's him that I think it material said some video. I don't have its radars deem vague skiing, but he could get here. Skip pretty goodies like going on all the ramps and he's been skin forever. Parliament's keen forever. As he knows, everything Maisie yeah Bergmann, don't push upside kind of pushups. Was I kind of pushups either? Do you would yield over here. There's no want do or, for extension, full extension pushups not really is not or doesn't count. You get zero point, sir, get back down there. It's a camera! Turkey's is bringing about carpet. So astronomers wait to hear we're all going to try to look oppressive at the end of February. The idea to figure that out now just doing at just doing it's better the problem of conscious, as we all get crazy when I have to and the contest is involved between Bert and Tom, which has dancer videos getting pretty spectacular. I know if you thanks,
I'm not telling nobody with some shit, no works its gallant down, See here you returning to light now, I'm not answer. I love that dancing, see no doubting used a curtain swimming across the rumours of no those Kevin Jane it? That's takes a lot of energy to to learn how dance some stupid way that nobody has a bigger. Not you go crazy. It's hard now tell you that I have a lot of respect for dancers. Talking hard to do very hard to do mean the Does the physical motion required to move your body like that? Is difficult, just get it. He could when people trust shame you and doing their thing either and dont like that. Would you scared scared, your dad's off fuck, you, fuck you mascara. Do it no one here to do a dance off man? It doesn't matter. She danced better. Ok, it's like at all the things it's one of this.
Not nineteen. Seventy, MRS and Saturday night fever. Ok, ok, it's not valuable commodity. I know you wish it was. I know you wish it was I know you wish in this day and age, that being a great dancer was a value commodity, but you know how I know it's not. Cause is no rich professional male dancers that are famous name one. With the last when we have was bursting off after that. Does it That is no more say. It's not like. You would think about all the famous chefs we're Gordon Ramsay Anthony ordain and the famous elaborately Welty chefs a dime, a dozen there's a lot of them today, Guy fee airy, keep gone Wolfgang Park. You give gaunt brand name. One bawler dancer just answer just answer, other people that have no he's Michael Jackson do, but once it is any dead name, one right now save your uncle, of who the fuck is that
tat, the red. Listen brows! Keep it no disrespect to Mr Glover no disrespect to anybody who bowls professionally dislike. You can't nobody gives a fuck. So if you try to pretend that it's a big deal like it's, not a big deal, that's why I doing it. I guess you can make a living dancing. You certainly can make a living That's not. The only reason, of course, is built joking. So the only reason to be a very good dancer. You should death for love dance for the love of your craft. What are you trying to shame? Someone not dance off. They only go hey that doesn't mean anything a lot of other interesting things. You can do your body Inga good. A lot of different movements is right and I don't have to do a fuckin hip, hop dance off with you about now come on man and which uses the music. I don't even like,
I you to move in a way that can embarrassed the fuck out of you five years from now, so God ahead, especially with Bert or but Tom, did the birth of my guy. Oh, my god. Kind of taking a too far to go even further as any released. A behind the scenes. Videos are real reaction. Video there not much better than the reaction that were in the fuckin video. Where was acted out, the real reactions hurt more because they look at em like Philip what the fuck. What's up? there was real- does a real reaction. I say when Turner hurt Bert, because he's a really nice God, John I'm not trying to her analogies folks, Are- is out there drug in them.
Presenting a stab in the unjust training it's gotta be. I think we have a try jointly as those that everybody everybody's in on it, not cool so cool. He didn't deserve it right now. You deserve that guy. He asked but it seems like that's part of the bird crusher experience right part of the bird crusher experiences like people step over dead deadline, step on him. Don't you think the lot of evil lines step onboard? He gets very matter to secretly mad all young people to take an assured off with, while not just that I mean just
What are you did? I would tom. Those are two line steps. Big timeline. Steps are first to go as objects. These are broken, amber, throw a threatened to monitor. I urge Bert took him in and threaten them on, Twitter. That's right! You got about Eyeglass, mention soap, Bert, took the outcomes and then are threatened Bert because it wouldn't go back. That's right, citizen kill him and then tourists spent they are banned them and we had to show them somehow the joke. There was a joke. I think I think management got involved I remember like there was a lot of you: will involve making emails and calls Twitter Tron explain either best friends there comedians But when you think about like just having one your best friends make a video of you like a deep, fake, getting stabbed but I did yeah, I know but
And was realistic. Eighty wasn't like knows really rough terms about the internet. He knows it works. It check. Them future give Russia making other facial, Pressure is so ridiculous. I asked bird about it and use I do now. Fucked up looks like my daughter sought that that's very magazine, your dad being stabbed like that. That should shaman and losing weight so little. It doesn't look like that more did, I'd I'd looked at myself My god was hanging out. My will of handles are hanging out, that's is heavier, have ever been, That's why the reasons why I decided to do this carnivore thing just try it like. I'm two hundred five pounds: I'm supposed to be like one: ninety illegal, a jet fifteen pounds or awake. I concur those swayed to now down illegal. Thanks to this,
morning was one ninety seven or some yeah. Oh, I know not yogurt right, so I've lost eight pounds in just just two weeks. I know how much that's real, though how much that's water. How much is that retirement already aerial? How much can you re sodium? can you actually civilians is real loss and how much it is stuff that is going to change instantaneously. The moment I change the where meeting, because the house back yet is it from carrying around water or what is it I think, most diets. I notice that you can get a seventh up to seven pounds, eight pounds off almost immediate right racked by driving or die in a lot of like sodium, just joking Manette, actually a huge daringly lotta people equal like noodles and Roman. That's like Europe Daily how much sodium useless? Having like one half ball. So you
retaining a large area, a lot of people, drink gator ate a lot and stuff like that. You look around the liver and get a bunch of sodium. That way. Yeah, the it is there a healthy form of gatorade, see someone me that the thing that makes gate arrayed really bad when you die exercise, makes it good. If you do exercise so explain it gator aid- If you just want a drink gator it all day is coloured. Almost like sugar, like you, just drinking sugar, you just drinking a soda, but if you rigorously exercise gag galleries, not a bad thing to have after you rigorously exercise like this is doctor HU as a sort of famous work out web page and videos and is very, very intelligent. Jim still, Panny is his name. And he actually advocates people eating candy after they work out
and just to immediately replenished the muscle, Gleich Djinn levels, and that you can do that at one time, even when you're cutting a lot away, when you have a brutal, exercise. You actually can take in simple sugar very easily energy. Helps your muscles or to recover from a re a work out, so that when gateways actually good, so gate with the thing that makes kids facts don't do anything they drink gator and it just sucks fuck them up so much sugar as actually go. For you. Ve just ran a marathon or good for you if you plan rugby. I wonder if, like that, gee twos and the pirates eras, how bad they are for you, I'm in NATO same shit, zero calories, protocol, the Z, the zero cowards is probably a problem. Those are not good for you, probably as much. They probably punished. Electrolux right, look, choice of calories, but just the electrodes, it's actually getting some sugar in your muscles that, like gum,
that's just a panic got to find him look. Another thing was eaten. Gummy bears after you work out for Carbs Jim's. Japan is interesting. Tourist fuckin, fully tattooed up, including head off his head is nobody's very smart guy, like you like If you look at em an eagle, I've been tat, guys, gonna cock tented. Neither thing about you cocksure! I just got him everywhere. But in any super jack let them see that's what you look like: yeah super jacked, but now everything's covered. Clearly legally them that's his neck and everything is hands, he's fucking took too much that you just looks black shut up. It's perfect My boyfriend, along with that that I've got good all getting aside. I go to his instrument page all times, very informational, very interesting
videos to that has on Youtube is clearly a very, very bright guy and is also super jacked, so you see his neck. It goes all the way up to his chin right, but it's also like the back of his head and everything to protect its crazing. There is doesn't anyway, My boy crush a fact that so well, without which only three o clock man. So this and you and I were talking- we should commit to do in these more often authorities I fun elevate, the especially like I'm more looking forward to like silly ones. Nowadays is everything so goddamn. Even when we're talking about things you we're talking about, think seriously. At least we can fuck off while we're talking about something seriously, and I always get messages after about ten year video you guys posted people miss like. I think us just talk
about the internet and fucking around like that yeah. That's what we're sound like an internet show a show. We just talk well, what's goin on the internet this month. What was happening right now, its causes my doom you'll never run out of disasters to cover you never you're gonna, be in Houston, is sold out about our sorry bench. Calgary sooner check out death squad, that is cal result as well. I think that's just for, alas, or something maybe my sword out here and there we should people should check out I'm doing Holtzman new podcast brain Holtzman really have him on where's his bag cast at my studio, Descry, Dolly he's doing it at your plan might see it ale in Moscow. Do Dave Lucas and we might go away the regulars from kill. Tony we're doing their podcast. Also in tomorrow, Wednesday we have Duncan Trust, was a guess. Can we tell squad dot tv they're? All your death squad needs young Jamie dot com. So you, gentlemen,
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