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#1408 - Ed Calderon

2020-01-08 | 🔗
Ed CalderonĀ is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. Follow him online @EdsManifesto http://edsmanifesto.com
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The job will gain experience. What about it just eager for? Well, I'm happy you're back but Abby that there was motivation to bring you back based on the violence in other? Violence is going on between cartels and the Mormons and then those we were just talking about in this other person got shot because they ran. What would you like that again? They ran a cartel row block we basically intimately buzz a lot of the cartel groups actually make a bit they build their roadblocks and on these state in local roads. And according to what I have heard from some of the people that I know there this family ran one of those roadblocks. I didn't know if it was gobs or not and they apparently this to run the roll back and they cartel got shot them. What should someone
they encounter a cartel roadblock slow down. I mean if, if If anything, I would probably avoid travelling to those areas that are Maria Weapons Usually now now have actually gone through some of those myself. We are here and it's all about there. Are there the other looking out for the four rivals moving through their territory, looking for government personnel, maybe spying on them and usually Eden, usually they'll, just shake it out for the money and the go on your way. Unless you have a forum for a truck they can use, were there, you know their own purposes, which they might take. Your truck yeah specifically into Molly Bus for my for trucks, era, commodity for them they use them for their wrong now, turf right, especially someone else's. That did not mind, get shot up here, in most of the trucks? Are you see I went, there are armed up armor, they heavy rifles
top are usually stolen vehicles. Dollar remarks. What of vehicles and a lot of them are the Americans crossing into Mexico? South America makes crossing into Mexico and is getting truck stolen, jeez, that's real common thing. It's it's it's starting to be pretty common recently, saw a case of an about an apparent abduction in in intimately buzz. You see the video and in the cartel guys come out of the car they grab. The the the owner of a pickup truck. They get him other car. They take a cell phone leave it on the sidewalk, because air there, where of all the s s technology and they take em inside sort of another car and they take the truck and thought in either would think you know it's it's because he did something or is it is involved in something the Lamb go. If you walk later understood the truck, it was all about truck. Why now three sources and alleged that quieting resources, whether for the war
nice of them. Let them go. We nine of them to learn, go that I was there. That was the case, but its per year, I think People in America are just now waking up to the chaos. That's going on down there. I think tat the Mormons assassination nation was real wake up call, but I think people are paying much more attention now mean we ve We talked about this was last time. You run five months. Yes, and I got a lot of the stuff we talked. Those five months ago can of that's how things progress we actually did mention the Look at me ass down there, which was kind of every year and that we talked about the past somewhat designation of cartels. This terrorist attack at a terror groups yeah you, an interesting take on that. So tromp was They were gonna designate them as terrorist groups and they're gonna have military action against them, and then
There are some sort of negotiation with President MAX Code. Would you would you think, went down there? So I mean this is just now from what I see in from how things traditionally happened down there Mexico's currently has a current currently left US president. Now there is very to the left so much for the left that he he recently gave evermore Alice deposed leftist present Bolivia asylum in the country There has been a lot of Vienna Pro left political stuff going on in Mexico. Basically,. As soon as the designation threat by the U S, came down. There was some sort of negotiation in a lot of things happen after after some. U S official went down there and talk to the government among them ever morality is out either you went to Cuba apparently and then went to Argentina, so he's not gonna stay in Mexico
former head of public security under the color on administration, which is too administrations basque. The present the one who started the drug war he was arrested for cartel involvement and basically foreseen money from the cartels, was going through his immigration process and use actually asking for full citizenship, and they got him on lying through the authority. The immigration authorities, that he never receive money from the cartels and apparently he did a lot of it. I shall All these things happen after? After they walked back the threat of other designating cartels as a terrorist organisation, so There has been some action, so you must have made some negotiation. We're trumpet said. Listen! We're gonna do this hollow words was dark, I mean the main thing is a more
One of the things that this current president Undress Manuel Lobo Sober ran on was creating an national police force, National Guard, as is what he calls it, which had all. Any kind of been done before, but change the name, change the uniform change, the packaging and it's a new thing he want. He wanted the army out of the drug war, because the casualties mounting on both sides- and he said it- wasn't a military. I shouldn't be a military operation and he ran platform that was called other assholes, noble asses, which means hugs not bullet right. The basic Jesus Christ amnesty for the cartels was basically a kind of the main theme of that. So we got into our first needed militarized police forces and create a national. Art and design, and tried to dissolve the federal police. And most of that, National Guard force was
designated to border patrol duties on the mexican side, so summit, went to the south of the border as our southern mexican border, and some of them went through the northern Mechlin WAR, basically to stem the whole illegal. Immigration crisis with the caravan. That's what's gonna happen, and it was a kind of the collaboration between the- U S and the mexican government, so that was one of the key points of collaboration that they had. This whole designation thing went up. That was kind of like a bargaining chip that the mexican government had with the. U S and the the thing that kind of transpired afterwards, it's pretty interesting, how a lot of things happen after that meeting down there and how they walked back the terrorist walk, so the tears did turn designation would mean that tromp would have some sort of incentive to invade Mexico. Would it would it would open up the possibility for military direct military action against strikes
there are also strikes without permission of the nation that adds to instruct we're gonna take place, also target finances or anything really to cartel activities would be targeted. We're we're the cartels, keep their cash will have its It's it's it's right now! It's a myriad of things it later whereas if I'd long ago, so thought like they're keeping buried, cashing in containing container somewhere in the in the jungle like Escobar you to do right right, I still finding some some like rotted cash from the eighties They are putting their money crypto currency there will be other diversifying their other, their investments in the actual companies like legit companies clean their money. That way real estate. Hotels. Property on the? U S side, so there also investing on the EU side of the border as well so monies its
the autonomy of the mattress work in a giant stacks of cash in the rooms and what what kind of banks do business with the cartels are, how they negotiated, I'm not gonna, say names, but there has been a few cases of pre large banks that have been involved in money laundering for the cartels recently and people can look up easily, but you would think you have a designate cartel. You would have cartels designated as terrorists are now their bags involved in funding terrorism, so that would change things. That's there's a lot of things that would happen in some. Some These consequences. People talk about, as doesn't animals a terrorist and central down there things that Come on. Don't talk about is that, if a His destination does happen. Most peoples, can asylum in the? U S from Mexico now have the claim of of running from terrorist in Macao. So now can claim that as far as I asylum seeking people can claim that now it's a different thing
felt that the main a lot of people say that cartels aren't can't be considered a terrorist does a terrorist group because they don't have political aspirations, The problem with that theory is that we have a lot of political killings by cartels in Mexico, where they shoot the candidate of one side of the political spectrum, because it's not good for them, so they influence politics They also be awful. Our politicians out there and they also examples of the new jail patient cartel from all the horror giving out the Christmas gifts or groceries to the poor basically doing, hearts and minds. Type tactics in the area are clear: political movements, so How does a Weis wise terrorism have connected to politics, That's, that's in classical the classical definition of that is a terrorist group. That's what they're, basing it on
think that cartels and in an article terrorism, is a thing and of its at a new phenomenon should be terrorism should be reclassified to include it. I think most people that live through that type of situation, in that type of, and in that temporary in the country is facing some of these cards out threats that have fled it, we'll call it what it is. Your sister is terrorism, their tariffs, Yeah minutes later I mean who's more terrifying cartels, so what's going on with the Mormons now is they move out of their now. Are they gonna go back to you? Just take one wife. Started outweighs right of other parliaments. This group and they went down there and proceeded with their customs. I'm in contact with with a few other members are that family and tat I was in contact before when I went on here, they kind of like one of them reach out a hidden. What's going on,
It was out. What are we need to do here? Then? like a friendly hello from them from pass interactions, and then this happened and a kind of advice a little bit. But that's that it's a mess, a lot on the latin leaving the community's down. There is a lot of them now. Their law, communities, Sonora, CO, Wheeler And the other leaving leaving the area, it's just to danger It only makes sense mean they. Just have the arms and I have the tactics and power and they are also in the middle of one of the most important regions in Mexico right now for a lot of reasons, meaning There are two things are really really kind of happening in that region: one the traffic, the trafficking of sentinel and Heroin, and all these drugs through one of the main drug roused up
the? U S and there's a few factions fighting over that region Salazar, which are small cartel faction that has a lesion just to see locker. And leaning cartel, which has historically been control of zeal of horrors, so they're both kind of buying for control of the area. A few hours before the massacre actually took place. There was a bunch firefights between these who factions in the area, so one of the in theory that these the group of Mormons basically were cases mistaken identity, driving into some of the areas where there are being protected by some of these people. One theory The other thing that people gonna need to think about is that the law are just minimal.
Mineral deposits of lithium on the planet right now are a few hours away from where that massacre took place. Really, yes- and that is the un- that conspiracy theories theorizing here, but it's a pretty important thing in that region and there's a lot. Interesting that face and control for that in the not mining it. Currently, there is proper there's a bunch of Jack's in play right now, so they buy unified the deposits yeah people to look up the numbers, but it's the largest mineral deposits of lithium on the planet, well, there was some sort of deal in the password canadian mining agency was going to have rights to it, and the mining agency was bought by the Czech by chinese company. So again after that massacre laughing. Happen lot of negotiation negotiations happen that problem that deal was one of the things that got killed after that situation. No, so it's it's an interesting area. Things happen
there. That's gonna put a tremendous amount of pressure on the cartels and somewhat right. Well, historically, any sort of any sort of mining operation usually has industry around it, which is perfect for the cartels. Extortion, protection, rackets, feeding, the drug use in the area from the workers, That's is there any way that you could see in the future the cartels being extracted from the this means a power that there are now mean, or is this something people in Mexico gonna have to live with forever and yes, people, nice dates as well or, as is something to be fixed. You youtube you, you ve talked about before in some way or park as a lesson to learn a lot we park as ground you're onto
Thank you, but you talk about legalization. How that would help that definitely is part of the solution, and it is, it is definitely part of the solution legalizing some drugs. Not all drugs, remained the same, maybe not sentinel here, but that would help out something's. There's, there's multiple things. It could be done to to guide us towards a place where they could. Stabilize down there and a lot of it is gonna, be able to be done in Mexico and have to be done appear basically one you! You have to take care of the? U S: how to take care of the drug market up here, the illegal drug market. And certain things that have happened like legalization of marijuana marijuana, some someplace appear have changed the dynamics of what happens down there, some for the better, some foot, some bad, some bad things happen, talking to my friend John Nurse, who was on here as well, note, seeing how a lot of the drug were closer up here,
The pot illegal part grocer appear exact, like the ones that I found in by six seven years ago, and how some of that drug money made from those fields are staying in the? U S, a slot being sent back. So that means you have an active, growing cartel presence in the? U s that as he was based. So I think that the one of the problems that the people have as perception. Is that that's a mexican problem? It's it's a! U S! Mexico brown! You have border there, but the problem has to root causes. Social economic inequality and stabilization and corrupt government down there and a thriving illegal drug market up here and in others, too, have to be solved. Set me the combined way how many members you combine all the cartels. How many members are we talking about? That's that means hard to put a number on a
I will say this more than a million. I will say this defeated the mexican Army in Vila yeah that was burned Now, when they captured, Szabo Sun and then the army gave it back there no! I go get em back, Well, I'm sorry about that. Whole situation, and it was like I remember that was happening and I was getting asked questions about was wife. It was all a Alison just popped up Basically is supposedly official story, The mexican government is that they send a special police unit to capture him right, which is completely false. I think, because young send three five agents to capture one of the the heads of one of the biggest single cartel cells,
pretty much by chance. They spotted this party people around there. They went there all the son, a chap scientists soothingly stumbled into him. There's a I posted a video on my on my feed of the capture of this out of the oak apple sign. You can see it and you can see the surprise and. Really how the agents are kind of uncomfortable or are fearful of what they just stumbling on margin you
cajun stumbling on one of the America's most wanted individuals of here put them on the ground, they're going to handcuff and the video you can see that they point their rifles at him and he calmly takes out his gun and hand it to somebody inside of the inside of the house. He was in and walks out and kind of price to negotiate with people outside the federal agents are trying to arrest them, and you can see that the Asians are like. Oh, what did we stumble Inn on right, so that happened? They grabbed them. They reported back to Mexico, captured and they start to announce a capture and his brother. His half brother Archibald are basically then, all the reinforcements from all surrounding tat, the meeting in Singapore and it was flooded with a bunch of arm cartel guys.
You know I was wasn't there. A video of the government people in the car told people talking the other half that there is on my feed. You can see it if you want it. It's. Basically, an army Unit that was being sent to reinforce security in click on being surrounded by cartel members. This area yeah. That's it. Obviously the guy's running around with a vast and wearing skinny genes are some of this. You know cartel members. They just talk it through, I mean there outnumbered and also there is There is talk about theirs. Is there specific community out. There is a law we're all they if their army families members live and they were apparently being held hostage by cartel guys as a barn bargaining chips saw. These guys were seen here that dressed in civilian clothes with the vast those are all car toga. Those are a cartel guys. Jesus Christ, ten
that, though shaken hands, thereby well was upon me. I mean they and we go back into the whole. What is the fight they having them right, see: logo I was basically surrounding some their communities and helping holding their family members hostage so that went out over the radio. So as an army member, going into fight the guards housing and what I'm out of the slight yeah They raise their hands since otherwise the release the hostages and ready backs out, I mean, there's, they D defeated the mexican government. Basically anything they went up against it. Under the city usually you'll, see classic classic mexican cartel correct activity, they close off the streets going into the city by burning, semis and trailers and Suffolk that she would see all these burning semi trailers the region. So if you want to move any can and if you want
user helicopters, the cartels have anti aircraft capabilities. So. They broke out a bunch of people from the prison just taking advantage The whole chaos. You could see, there's a few other bidders without their armour trucks, with fifty thousand models is on the back of a just moving around the city. There's no way, there's no way you can as the break out, they'd prison took advantage of the whole chaos. And yes, you know this: let's, let's break them or friends out just pure chaos. Eventually they let that Women decided to let him go, that's the official story, but going to the people there. There was no government saying let him go. There was like the guy's told him tat. You know what it's not worth a damn. That's one of the technical as a column appear. Dump drugs, the armourplate the sides and put some money?
imagine being a person living. There were less that that's what I'm trying to picture what life Like for the civilians, and most of these areas are all done now a civilian there's a certain. What normally see in some of these cases, especially in a large part of its part of the culture there, and It's what sides, though you know eighty armies coming to save us. That's not usually what to keep some people in some of these communities. Think because the cartels are. Those guys in charge so similar always been like the ones you know has traditionally been been cradle for, like the origins of some of the hot, some of the more successful cartel heads right here, or who those whose Chavez is from here, he is lot lots of law. Of anybody that anybody in law has some sort of relationship to the cartels, because they're part of culture that there's no way getting around it
that's a real experience ones. When I went there, I did a class out there and the most around this bumpy road and then all of sudden just flat beautiful road I had a cartel parlor or that they will say. Ok, Certainly, certainly the mom in Vegas and, unlike the fifty six exact exactly but it's now and they re more hard core way more hard core some of their gravy. They have have the initial Maya is called, as is the narco cemetery they have and its basically luxury condos. They look like by mean I went there. I thought it was a church and turn out to be a tomb so the the opulence and the money is just over and how they move around they're, all around and vehicles with guns, and nobody does anything because they own the city
what can be in what are they planning and doing? Is anybody have any plans, or is it just? They just get accepting this? Well, you know you, you get a lot of rhetoric about collaboration. That's thirteen zero Maya, their graves some of the Nazis, video inside air conditioning alarms, grieves those are grave sites and the cartel guys heads go there on the day of the dead at music, like bands to take it into the air. Nobody does anything. Is this crisis crazy? I mean the opulence is made. I mean to just seeing it it's like having several Escobar's in one place, and I was that you take a lot of car. A lot of cartels. Heads are from that region and allow their kids go up in that in the opulent is meeting
fuck is this gonna grow? I think it is good. I mean I don't think it is. It is growing again going back to my friend, John Orisons and seeing his expand up here. Finding out these illegal drug rose and in public lands growing it's going here too yeah, so you roots yeah. So they think that a lot of people I think about what are these cartel guys had there? heads up here, so they made their money down there and they sent their wives appear and allow these kids that were born wait eighties, early nineties, coming of age up here without cartel bear agree. So and there you are citizens, especially he's gonna. You gonna see some sort of shift the coming of age get once you get now a hand off a range from the older generation through new generation, gonna sea devils steadily growing its
I'm so crazy to watch because it seems like it's not discuss nearly enough and it it seems I give it keeps getting stronger like Bobo. We saw without troublesome being released. What it what's this but from taking over Mexico entirely or how I mean You would have people arguing that it already has an indifferent ways. So another thing that people gonna have to counterfeit around realises that there's factions in Mexico in the mexican government. So you will see federal government that apparently, is being paid off by a very specific Lord cartels and then you'll see stay governments that are of different political party influenced paying out by other cartel groups? so you'll see now military this moving on the town and the state police blocking their way to get in there because they play for different teams. Woe
in others. There's a lot of talk right now about definitely because their own tenure and how his head of secure ahead of public safety He was on the payroll of the scene law cartels, which actually came out during topless trial now you're talking about basically federal police force was on multiple aside. So he had free rein to grow and do whatever he had to do in that region with the support of the federal government in a way so technically now who's in control, some regions and realistically, somebody is of Mexico are completing cartel control. Now we discuss on the last podcast, but let's give people a little just arrived half of this year, so people can understand your position when you first started working on for that with the mexican government. With this it wasn't like it is now it was.
So what does it give? Everybody just run down of how it went down so I went to, I went to work for her state government down in Mexico in Baja, specifically. And ass? I was in this was two thousand for right right before the start of the official started, the kick off of the drug war, as as I take the kicker, but there was that the official start was one fully because round came into office that you know what gloves off. Gonna go after the organised crime, we're gonna, send the military enter into this onto the streets, and they're gonna have picked up a spear head operations against cartels, but before that things were happening still, similar cartel was growing. There was a rift between the senior law. Cartel anti wanted hotel afresh. Maintain cartel heads were being killed and one cartel tinted. Three, all this recommendation
an ill in they basically militarized. The war on drugs with cholera came in militarized. Warren drugs immediately start seeing that drugs drug enforcement efforts were being put towards a single or a group of cartel groups, but not the money, but not major one like seeing all Gardelle start, seeing how they were basically take inside their breaking up the competition. That's what who would gather from the making it look like progress here and help, and also the chapel, has been built up into this mythical figure. A key was the head of the scene. Law cartel is a main guy. That's not true at all. He was an operator for this in LA cartel, but not the main operator in their different theories and and and and about who is actually whose exe
in charge of the brain behind the whole operation least facing law cartel is not one group it several. The federation of several criminal groups, enterprises uniting and working in conjunction to put drugs into the into the United States on one of the things that it was put, doesn't united to do a lot of things. But that's one of the things they do so pretty and people said: there's a lot of people other than theorize at mile. Somebody which is old chap was computer who still out there. Is the actual haven't seen a log out has been since the start, but you see how some of these people become celebrities and assume Somebody becomes a celebrity like a chapel who escaped from male custody of the few times in pretty interesting. Situ is lemmings, pretty interesting situations. Now the government has a celebrity that can go after so I can point it that guy that got the bad guy right,
You saw a lot of that live theatrical around him as far as him being the head of whatever group or operation was, but at the same time you start seeing you know the d and in the end, the? U S, government decorating and putting all these awards on a guy like Luna, who was the guy that got arrested recently. It was head of security down in Mexico, and now all the sudden he's now he's not here, he was recognized by the US government- is being a player for the good guys and now he's arrested. Please start seeing all these different interests. Different, go political kind of movements around the drug war and without turn into, and you know what you don't know, what to think right: each and each also each? U S. Administration has changed the way they do things and when it comes to the drug war and also benefits certain groups out there. So who knows realistic clerk
it is. We know I want to teach it needs. I think in two thousand to maybe thousand three soil around, though that time- and there was no concern- is it's a different time? Let's, but that's Sixteen and seventeen years ago, that so recent in terms of like human history, that a region changes so radically so quickly. Well, it's that there's a lot of things happening. There's a lot of interest in China has a lot of interest in Mexico and you go back and you see something like this. I'm you see things like the the how some armed groups started popping up in next in the Mitchell gone area, fighting back against cartels, the
the whole. There was like US series like a documentary on them. The outer defence, as they would be recalled. Basically I'd vigilant. Groups and then later I realise that there were all fighting for basically protecting org ink or working around security for illegal Chinese or Meyer Mining in the area. Woe yeah It was all about China He's ore, mining iron ore, mining, illegal Chinese or my Mozilla, chinese or minors digits made a deal And then we can get in on it let's arm all these guys and nor were protecting our communities. But there was a loud. I will not all of them, but There was a lot of shady staff going on the region and when it comes to that now you see things like other stuff going on to Nora. And there's a lot of lithium. There that's pretty valuable thing
Sonora is a place that a lot of hunters go yes, nor has his big hunting ranches in its like its famous for giant mule, dear yeah, yeah I've been up their hunting myself and it's a beautiful but the beautiful our parliamentary ago, but seems like a sketchy spot. Did its venturing into it's perfect, because it's it's perfectly. Because rule so there's nobody around here round of Euro from tax, want to drive a truck down there seal hunting may not? My recommendation is as if you out for my four: don't don't take it down there to fuck you go, We do have the largest population of american citizens living out of the country in Mexico for some reason really in all throughout Mexico. They may alter our Mexican down there. Well, the lot of you like carbo people of mexican food. Now at this there's there is. There is a certain chaotic freedom in Mexico which cut
being some child of Mexico and then moving up here and seeing you guys talk about freedom, not that but there's there so that I get tee. I get to draw on some of these communities down. There are pretty safe, but some are their safe until the Nazis and safe until these, the until they all the son you're in the middle of some place. There's gonna be disputed, which I think is something along the lines of what happened to somebody's Mormon communities down there. You're you're in the middle of your community and your movements are in the middle of our route. Can you please get out of the way what's the ceiling on this, but if they Can continue to grow, I mean it's. It's real Is it possible that work looking at a country that might be completely on an overrun. Criminal organizations and drug seller somewhere.
Women are already so you, but what I think is going to happen as you see, escalation occur, your sign or a clear group that is like a like a sign of things to come. Is the girl the new generation cartel the new area cartels a cartel. There was used to be called losin. Martha said that there is basically a an armed enforcing group. That signal augurs well made. Go after their main rivals. The sectors which were originally members of special mexican special forces. That said, you know what we're gonna be Today's now cartel forces now so the whole sorted history. These. It was a militarized group that was formed formed go after them and there all kind of lay was that we're gonna be against extortion. Against abducting people against affecting the community, we're gonna, enforce the law and our communities, but we also know new drugs through here right, but that shit,
it's kind of their thing. So you see this group started kind of growing in the region and right now, it's very big, its rivalling similar cartels for his power and reach, but the way they do their things is Miller. Raised the very militaristic and kind of paramilitary. An eminently can remind be a little bit of out of the lake the year the FARC groups in Colombia. Hearts and minds are going to the community's community policing in the area the originally said you know we're where the government wants to fight drugs here in the region. We agree with their fight, but we, We are also going to fight against the guys that are affecting community as well, and they have my group. Of people they have, they have training camps, will unusual militaristic training camps where they were good people they taken there and there being trained and guerrilla warfare shooting and apparently there some as F guys from the? U S, lap that advise them so that
That's the next thing. The x, the yes collation of simple ragtag group of car orgasm, forcing region to an actual cohesive paramilitary group now to buy Novi for control, not just the thought of the drug routes, but also the populist and confidence about his ass in them. So it could turn to let it go at some point by seems like it's the Genie's out of the bottle that it I mean it is. I mean it is in a lot of ways and going for it, just as a drug enforcement issue is not so much better than the yeah, its cultural, its economic else. Some of these kids about posted up some of these cartel soldier, kids of twelve years old, plated guns go Pentagon. They dont have not didn't have options in their life. Is that or nothin row. It's either awesome life
or short acid rain. Poverty short awesome, life awesome life or extreme poverty? So that's one component to it Another component is systemic corruption, as a society from who knows. When you know it's always been a thing in Mexico, people that grew up down You get started a red light and your like. Can I pay the fine here? You know from now on will be aware. This show you show. The paperwork is fly that thing. That's that's part of the culture. That's vexing a lot of things as well. People don't pay attention, this small rules or the big rules. Don't matter And just being next to the largest drug market, on the planet and having money, firearms, Browns going down and
fentanyl, that is it being fabricated in Mexico now and some of the chinese fentanyl making its way through into the U dot S kind of feeling the voids that some of the the drug Marquis has right now so they're, making fentanyl laced fake, fentanyl, laced pills, they're going to be there including the U S and vigilant fennelly laced heroin. So that's what going towards now. That's what you see this epidemic up here a lot of things traditionally kind of focused on pot before it the light and want arenas up here now is paramount and federal. Was actually kind of accelerated. The production of the more harmful and dangerous drugs is in some ways. Yes, I mean they had to find. Another was went pot, math and now phantom Only lays Heroin or Sentinel lace pills sees in the problem with the idea
of legalization, is that if you tried to be the person who says hey folks, we need to legalise drugs here in Amerika, because we ve got this problem with the cartels. Politically that suicide, no, no one, even though it is probably right it is, I think it is. I think it is very right. It's one of those things. It's so counter, intuitive that most people were we're. Gonna go you're crazy! You gonna make my kids hooked on drugs while say this, I was I fought in the drug war. I literally a drug war veterans an if I had a white flag. I would handed over to you. That's like that. This, it's a useless fight. I got two destroyed pot, feels. Realistically thinking about all the effort, all the blood unlike and so work to grow bad when it there it is. Is it is a fruitless fight, phantom no heroin, maybe different drugs offence in one particular, but
out of that fund was come from China. That thing. Oh yeah, lots of people that are making or produce in central in places like Mexico are from China setting up laboratories in Mexico till it's chinese Mexican. U S problem as well town what can be done as in the legalization, what can be done and how does in unless United States literally goes to war with the mexican cartels, and you may face What that means, as I'd say designation, is one I think. That's it nation shit. It's it's going to happen. The terrors designation is going to happen, I mean again
just saw the murderer: the massacre of mexican dual citizenship: nine people, kids, women, it's not uncommon for that to happen to mexican nationals, it's pretty uncommon for that to happen to american nationals down there and that woke up woke up a bunch of people. You know and now he's another recent murder of another american national. No kid with his parents down there how people say to check, don't go down in Mexico. Some of these people, you know, live down. There have family down. There have communities down there in a culture. Violent people have to wake up on this side to realize his problem is not going to get any better. This problem is not just a Mexican the US mexican problem, and you know he'll get to a point where it's gonna be. I think in my life, there's going to be something regarding of aren't intimate intervention. Mexico at some point
So you anticipate almost like in a civil war, I think, something's going to happen in Mexico is going to destabilize it so much that the US won't have another option but to put boots on the ground. Probably that's, I think, that's that's. Where we're headed into the problem: in another of another. The problems is that the government is part of the problem. So you can go down there negotiate with this government, but six years later, it's another government. Renegotiate with them and also you view Palm Greece there and then you put all your faith in the military and the military compromised he put all of it. In the end the mexican rains, and then they get compromise and I would urge you have. I tell it systemic, don't tell her to trap. Who used as an excuse Calvin them we're goin. In I mean I
under where it all goes, It is obviously growing very fast, it's obviously huge, incredibly powerful and edit effects. I mean I'm up here now and I could see the effects of it up here walking through allay seeing all the needles run around go into Seattle? Seeing the same light brown fan will lay, Central lays heroin there I saw in shanty towns done bar like were so. This is where it can invent up so use these, and you see the effects of it threw out. So you realize quickly, as somebody from both sides that I am really lies at the realistically there's: no Borders cardinal border. When it comes to this problem, it has brought this dispute
doesn't respect the border Wall Brian, but submarines will go around, it comes, will go under it. Drones will fly over it and it's a it's a it's a problem that just keeps producing an effect. And I think the majority of the ninety citizens are completely unaware of the complexity and the depth of the problem. It is in its also, I think most people seeing the around thing right now. Most people know more about that. Oh off, going on halfway across world, then what's goin on, If that's crazy domain and site were we invading countries that really barely affecting Thirdly, the seventeen our plane flight. I think I think the again. I don't want to be at a damas and predict stuff edit dogma, but
The fact that we have a lot of lithium in scenario is going to be a factor for some reason to clean it up. A shabby should base very important too pretty important resource, even if they can't hold on the El Topos son have as well why I think you ask and is gonna hafta Pussyfoots Wooten ran manner. While now you are making bet like if there's a betting line, Vegas like how many many days are many years from now worldly be american soldiers deployed to MAX guy I'd, say five years, maybe one in five years really I think we are on. We just passed as this past year has been the most violent year in Mexico in recorded history. Really and it's the first year of the administration of this new president right who's been trying to hugs hugs
How can that not bullets ever ass? Well, ass? Those in this sector that is its been his first year and in a given region, and seizes is doing whatever use. Only the most violent year in history cut the guy a break, exactly that's what they say, but then I go down there and I have a lot of a lot of my friends that are still down. There are people who have trained so down there and I hear from them directly like I have some young kids aren t and our media, which is like a federal police force that controls all of Mexico and some of the federal federal police guys they tell me like had where they said, or you sign the new contract to be the water than a Serrano and lower your pay and all the all this stuff at all. You benefits will be gone or you stay on here in limbo, in just stay at the base and latin or saying at the base, so nothin's nothing's nothing's,
things being done. Imagine that if it seems overwhelming and it seems, helpless and it seems like the cartels- was taken over and they're, making a shitload of money and Lemme get any money me that that is the real costs easy thing about right there. If, though, that govern is asking people in this sort of already compromised. Situation, environment, asking them to work for a small amount of money to go after people that are I get a tremendous amount of money and you're gonna war with these people. These people, they basically your neighbors and also you, go there with a federal uniform by far the fellow government. You go into a community where the federal government doesn't do anything
right. The church has made by the cartels cartel made. The road Christmas was brought back to you by the cartels the day. They are the good guys over. These guys come in here like www guys. What are they either? We're, not gonna. So that's all it's it's it's it's! It is it's a mess to mass while but could boots on the ground. Actually fix anything I mean I'm not, I'm not, I'm not a military experts, but there has to be some sort of out I'd force. That is completely on compromise by cartel money and influence for the compromise, those people. Well, when put the Marines on the border. A few of them got picked up on smuggling people from border so yeah, that's what I'm Zan it's it's an end. It's a different Warfield, because a lot of
war fighters and law enforcement have some sort of blood ties to Mexico. Course anomaly: Thou was just watch in some areas where there was this guy who is a? U S. Veteran been deployed overseas fought for this country and his more was getting deported and he said he felt betrayed like here here is in America. Is, is mother brought him over your had him over here he's EU citizens and their deporting his mom his mom is a danger there problem. There is a community of of Army Marine and several veterans that are deported veterans at living in place like the one, that's fuck, that is why even greater EU wide for the Countryman dealing but how nuts is that it is pretty nuts it's fuckin ridiculous fight for this country. You, you literally risk your life. There's assholes other, that you haven't done a goddamn thing been mention of the system for ever and theirs.
Lessons and you're not, I mean my perspective in my life life path. When I came up here, I want I want to earn it night came up. Your motivated wanna do different work, and apparently had ever. Had some real static and my my endeavours. My kid was born in the: U S and her moms american When I went to her to the hospital to pay for the leaves the insurance part of it, they laughed at me, it's a! U should pay any less. Your mexican use can claim benefits that that was in California, so I was like oh, but I can afford it does its ways around this now and that's when I knew in others, American there's, California, America, California, America's different California, America's very different. It's a subtle blend. Tommy.
Theirs is ways around stuff. You know it's free stuff gotta get at it is it's a weird yet again, I travel across country does get to experience different parts of the. U S ass. I spent new year's Kentucky and, as pre interfere with, I mean I like it. Maybe it's like. Oh it's like a White Mexico. Is it here, so people shooting and into the hearing on New year's, that's pretty Mexico. They do that since there are well again. I don't know it is not Some lady got shot. All it's completely was dying or driveway grandma whither family in the bullet fella. Sky and hidden in the chest. Wouldn't we, when you re would come, we would park underneath the bridges in by heart and I get there firearms are legal and Mexico, and then you,
At that time, you trace of recreation rounds is going like crazy around our care. It's it again. Mexico is a weird place, sway called the upside down. There's there's there's a chaotic freedom to Mexico, which I guess I mean I love my love, Mexico, as country has a culture, an elected government, the government, is just now at all levels at just now. It's gotta get what seems like. It's always been that way. I'm reading this book about kit, Carson and the old West and when the United States now conquered part, California in and took over parts of California in In the west from Mexico- and it was crazy back then and there they are talking about the chaos and in the mexican government in the mexican military back then the eighteen hundreds at Evian, so so people can figure of realized if
If you want to be an officer in the in the mexican Army, you have to go through war college and there's different ways to go about it, but there's a lot of heredity. Stuff goin on hereditary. Ok, my dad. The general hardline does that that going on also didn't they, me down: there has a monopoly over selling guns, only one gun store in all Mexico and its run by the army. Why? one then soaring home and our Mexican is one by the army and you have to fly to Mexico City to to get a licence and to procure a firearm solely if you live in the UK time you have to fight it. Get a flat in Mexico City to get a gun which makes which basically makes the only options. By a gun on the black market,
are flying over there and spending all his money. So there's a now, it's a class, so lonely lonely people that can afford the plane ticket and to do as a process are the ones that can have guns. So it took that's class, a classes in Then there is, while what kind of rights to have with guns versus the United States Second amendment as it so there attitude. The mexican Gaza's regions allows for guns for self defence, but a lot of amendments in a lot of corrupt governments and there's not a good idea to have this here so aggressively throughout mexican reason. Mexican history has become more and more strict certain rounds and allowed certain Alvarez on aloud, and is this just plainly? The sale of firearms in all Mexico is just relegated to a single gun store in Mexico City so you can't carry them without a vote without a permanent and to get a permanent yeah. No somebody knows the Presidente or a general something,
about all those gentlemen. We saw that video just walking follows government agents with with guns. Why didn't they arrest down? They should have they should have. The oversight is while Donnie rake the only people that that respect those laws are law abiding citizens. There was a case in there crews of old man army guy old, older gentlemen? Each is son, try to get abducted dog, some somebody that he had this old mouser rifle and he shot one of the guys I was chasing him he's trying to update them. He was arrested for the the fire on possession announcers. What Lee Harvey Oswald, supposedly used on J F K there. That's all
has gone well, there's a lot of weird oldest stuff down there. We up, I mean as far as the stuff it gets handed over or just the weird exotic firearms found their allow people called Mexico, the? U S, garage and likely, like garages, AEGIS, fine, weird stuff down there from overwork to era, pistols and explosives to new stuff. Like there's a friend of mine that works for the government down, there told me that they found a bunch of a body parts for many gun in how somewhere down there were too many gun, it's basically remember that are detrimental to tell yea pretty hardly get near one of those apparently there's one out there somewhere on a vehicle of some sort of cheese, basically help obliterate.
What we talked about the ad holder fast and furious, deal last time that you are here and that to me still is one of the most bizarre cases in in the history of an under cover operation that does make any sense at all they sold gun. It's like literally solve working guns to a specific cartel down there to try which was so. They could track Amr. What kind of bullshit argument that was the key, the interesting part, or if you want to go into the questions that they will, that they benefited a single cardella, seen a logo that Thea thing. That's most of the guns went to that. If you had a guess, if you are a conspiracy theories, we put on your tinfoil hat. What do you think that was all about? They were probably as a as a nation. You are probably want wanting to only worry about a single threat as far as cartels and not a lot of car
does so they empowered one Carter. Yeah, really I mean we're that was coming off the Patriot ACT era. Bush era thing I remember vividly people putting Geiger counters in some of the drug tunnels that we would find. They were worried about nukes gaining put into drug tunnels that at some point during during that whole Posner lemon error. So it would make sense that if you are an be worried about national security, you would want do not worry about a lot of cartels made on one support one and keep us in the no do you think this is a covert operation? A sense of the similar cartels unaware that they were doing this to empower them to eliminate
opposition to strengthen one group, as I just knew. It was inevitable that someone there's a lot control, there's a lot of people that are now coming out after this the whole there's a lot of things that were set at the chapel trial that are that would lead somebody to believe that there was some sort of official support from the: U S, government to the scene, Laura Cartel. As far as then having deals with these, this cartels visit, to keep things to keep them in the know about things happening on their supporting them to be that be in a position where they can keep control over their region and basically, as an information group taken, care of Have a clear eye and ear in a chaotic area like Mexico on the bad guys, I that's what I thought. That's why I gather from Jesus Christ, but that it's all. It's almost like. They feel like its helpless. They have to do something like that. They have
to do that, because there is no way to fix it. So where'd you go, this kind of China imagined or move it and certain directions. Others this this there's all like every that. Every now and then I post sums stuff up about that type of situation, and everybody goes down well. The CIA has didn't running drugs into the. U S for years and in the evening play this. I think that there is. There are instances of CIA involvement in different stuff down Mexico, at the pretty obvious now from the eighties and then in the nineties as worth supporting certain groups or just trying to keep tabs on these people. But now I think we're gum into a point in our history where a lot of these people are dead. A lot of these people are in jail. A lot of these people got book deals and a lot of people are talking, and I mean it's interesting, seeing some of the stuff that
coming out now that, in my time when I was active, would have gotten you in a whole, probably somewhere. If you talked about it, so there is definitely I mean I I my mind was blown one single chaplain, at clicks, because last other was going on in that Joe is fiction, lies stuff that I went through myself. So, like isn't netflix how accurate was some pretty good, accurate part, so there's there's a character in that show called so talking about narcos and we're talking about the mexican version. Narcos Rikers worth there's somebody in first, yet there there's a narcos, pretty good. There's, there's a chapel series on ethics as well. There is yeah it's in spanish, but very popular, but it pretty accurate, there's a guy in the in the institutional tunnels. It does
There's a guy in the show contractual soul is his name, which would nobody would people trying to figure out who that was is basically a government guy that how to deal with a chapel and they all kind of escalating power It turns out it with Luna, so this show was showing him the character else all which depicts lunar ass. Corrupt politician there was working. Security was working, both sides- and I was son- you recently a few months, a few weeks back there, the guy. Why so the show was kind. You do you think the show aiming to do them being arrested. I mean it probably put. I put the idea and the site guys for people to ask questions yeah. That's why That shows actually do that, like saving surviving our Kelly, we're gonna morality and everybody knew in subpoena people like for twenty years,
penal knowledge is now gives people like a good it. It's interesting, you see fiction lies forms of stuff. It happened down there, the narcos it was well is another thing. You now see you fictionalize things, how some of these powerful cartel groups kind of original themselves and fiction and now that is in the public kind of domain as far as collective knowledge, so people start asking questions, and some of these things are barely people in power, also ask which this is well cheese. What's this so strange how popular it's become, You know, and as such, a up a popular a focal point of fiction as well and in an fashion Poles picture with champagne yeah there shirt was wasn't fire everyone, that shirt! You know that economy Gregor like war, something to mimic it when on purpose will probably in the press
transfer have failed LOS Angeles. Did you know that stood he stood in the same stance like look at em. Look at him I mean he's, do it on purpose yeah, that is like a subtle to EL chopper, I mean he's. A tap was achieved, legendary, now we're sure now his kid that was freed by the the cartel down there. He was wearing a scalpel Oreo, which is like you could see. If you can see it in there, that's an interesting Big piece of about cultural thing from Mexico. What is going on in this video there? So I just handed the gun over it. What his personal going over to one of his bodyguard said was not even these guys, don't even care about this. They had had had a camera thing and thereby putting everybody out there, and personally I would put every
in September and on the ground personally, so these guys all have guns drawn in there's people inside with guns drawn at them, and they realize they realize what they have now so they're like. Should we forcefully put him in Gaza? We not So how do you know that their realizing this right is because language, but we all know what you're saying I've went through a lot of the same training that they went through, and I did a lot of this type of stuff and of them would have been an zipped eyes on the ground. With his girl went reach grabbed their guns and put their guns does come. There's there's fear in these people. They realise that they messed up: oh geez, right. So that's what young people question and are these streaming this video alive that data How can we haven't had come and their streaming? It not whelms lot that they did the wording. The court to get an ETA get sent back to a campus,
so when he was moving around, he had one of these on the scaffold area. It's called take a religious catholic iconography thing. What is yours, what is it? This is a fundamental one, like a wholly death effigy, so he had that on. He had his was a sentinel of which is like a Catholic Christ, baby saint. They have as soon as that picture of him. When on online they were sold out authorizing law. Everybody was wearing that they have to work and how they work.
Our work is chasm, frank item, four areas, areas that the scaffold, something to add, some guy, that that that's and also an interesting cultural thing, the occult part of it were that that's Anthony touch. A shrine is right now, it's probably most popular shrines in Mexico or that one because they work, and then you go to the holy death. Shrines down there as well, and you see how how both sides, both mexican government forces and the cartel they they both benare colors in Saint, so it's that again, it's weird Canada thing. They share that faith was a picture of his truck down their Jamie. You have some wacky truck now, just where your truck, that's is
That's one another riddled with bullets. He gave out cars on Christmas. He is like you did is party to when you like tat people were use, how many currency about. I have no idea like a lot of them. There's pictures of the chapel son gives our cars on Christmas and there's a bunch of cars are again who are you like? Who will go towards him Of course governments are you don't get me anything yeah? They they, like. You, said hearts and minds there really behind and an end date. They they pay for cop college education, so there's a whole generation of lawyers, a whole generation. Doctors they pay for immigration procedures. So hey you wanna, know yeah I'll pay for your immigration, but I'm gonna call in some favourably on ok, so that that's that's! That's how that's how you grow
it's for mafia shit, yeah, I'm late. They learned that one day, I'll, come to you, the alcohol, Al Capone Scarface. All these things are a kind of venerated by them, that's kind of their cultural backing that cultural backing that we can look to the mob era, guys as influence or inspiration. You see you know insane paintings of the godfather oral scarface in some of these safe houses with these people are airlines. Ok, or do you see cartel influenced series for networks, like others, one called Lorraine and elsewhere, which is about it a female cartel head, the the lady that that stars and that show was the one that touch. Then download a meal job or because no travel with a fan of that show, really that's. How I got gone
they finally caught up to him. He had the whole series on dvd that it's just pretty humanised them that that whole scene with Sean PAN going down there. In writing. A story for rolling stone was Buber bizarre while if, if they get the terror, designation. He basically went down there to meet with a terrorist. What helps him, then it retroactive, But then he help get em arrested and in a sense right. You basically that whole commotion put eyes on on the movement of old job by the mexican government. Why when I agree to do something that he was afraid of the show it seems so crazy, though doesn't it seem crazy that he was wont to take that kind of a risk and take a phone No, what Sean PAN and that the actress
What's her name again got the capital costs? Do you write the jobless? Probing vile? Yes, there's rumours, there's room of a meeting. That's about it. I don't know anything else. If gas also you just the whole thing or new, sharp and smile my friend the murder, I mean I get the I've heard some stuff champagnes said about now job as and when as well as our group is pro job as and suffer. Gonna have people friends of mine that live in Venezuela under that regime, so there's participate cookie guy. He hasn't pretty interesting he has about. He can't possibly be that informed. I mean how you really have to boots on the ground. Understand what the fuck you talking about. You have to be
there, for you know if you want to know what's going on in Venezuela, there's so many different stories. My friend Abby Martin's been there multiple times and she gives me story that so different than anything you getting in mainstream news and she goes there now she goes there and talk to people spend time what I have theirs. There's a resistance group that is based in the: U S that works out there, and now they put up videos on the time of people, picking up garbage and trying recycle garbage, dump, feed themselves
in some places. Insomnia merely takes all those downs really wanted to scam. Take those down. I have a lot of that going on as well when I post something completely news related about something and then get the shadow banned or things just go down depending on what post up like weird things posted up a then as well in people throwing rocks at this armoured vehicle and one of them, I think one and then got run run over and I got taken down by didn't show that the part where you got one over, but just the people protesting. And I would not get taken down. I got flagged as support for a hate group or something like that support for a hate group by showing the news or showing a picture of cartels. And again, I don't post anything graphic on my feet as I don't want to get banned, but I'm still chat.
Will you showed that one by the way, a manifesto that I find it a manifesto? That's that that's Ed's page, You post that one where you we saw guy getting abducted by fate, cops, yeah and and that when we uphold yeah it did all of that. All of the recent seen alarm, video ones on our Bob were all pull off the relay ceramic out. I had to real blow them all. I just don't understand their logic. I look, I can understand them. I'm saying caution: somebody's it it isn't. Videos are sensitive in alike with some
body things and things on those on something change in the algorithms. Are your back like when I was on your first? I was on their show, I got offices, I saw spike. Thank you by the way, but all of the pro second amendment pages and people like there's a guy Crispy was there and also he got up for all this and all the start. Seeing a lot of us are flagged. Yes, tough guy taken down, I think he got up. There was a photo of him, would Donald Trump Dick. I take it down I allies, and it was don't jump junior MIKE what the fuck is wrong with you people just because you don't align with someone politically, you can't take down photos and you can't pretend that is posing with Hitler or something luck is wrong with you, it's it's. It's the people can report things anonymously. I think and yes, and if you hurt my feelings
so if this enough people that flag- your video and say this is hurt for this, is they or even look into it? They just pull it out. So who do you think is? Don't you think this? Next can government is doing now. Do things the cartels it are doing that age? I think it's mostly Americans that have sensibilities that are completely beyond my comprehension that the gun in a picture in their afraid of the gun and US terrorism there supporting terrorism may group. Let's report that picture or video Well, I can understand how some of what Europe reporting truthful as it may be, would be disturbing to be, would find out that truth, but you gotta. Let me
I mean only what is insecure and wanted to did mean. Do they wanna put parameters on what kind of truth you're allowed to distribute so just for people to get some contacts? I do work for two to magazine companies and I do do article so in that regard. I do provide news in in certain ways, but when I post something on my badge, it's a personal view of something I purposefully don't going to graphic material. These anyone lag, but sometimes there's always people with a certain affinity to when they see a gun in opposed or where they see an animal being butchered for something like an end in a picture or when they see hunting related for when they see some sort of around posting a picture of the make tee one a great again hats that they were making down their red hats had said, make take one a great again when the caravans, when a dj and people's our protest environment, indeed that flag black
that is so ready. If you want to confuse gonna make people angering villages where one of those hats, through the arrival lady got mayst in the face for wearing one. That said, make Bitcoin great again some maister in the face of some other had I saw somebody walked out walking and airport with a make anti great again hatch. Anything great again, you got you can't do it cs to close them in that the hat when I have now were seen anything more divisive in this country. I mean all of them a swastika something overtly disgusting, I I I started my immigration process when he got elected. Oh no, it's it's been a trip
How does that work will give you our mexican born citizen, and you want to become United States citizen? Obviously, it's very difficult so married to American have an american kid. That's how I went through the process myself. And I got a green card. The thing is that when he got elected everybody said you know what maybe our time to get a green going to get be less and less. So, let's all trying get one. So what would take Only six months took two years a while. So those two you can't leave the country. Of you believe what happens to people that are illegal. That's what's fucked up about a right, so there's people that came over here illegally twenty thirty years ago, and they have done no crimes, they ve been an integral part of society. They ve had great lives, but they they can't pay taxes, they can't vow, they have to live under cover. Yes,
That's stupid there there beyond the end, they do provide Libya's I'd. They pay taxes, the others. Sales tax buying things, but they're not paying taxes, do not get me, but if you made them citizens you'd make money while it without a barrier you it's a stupid view. It as it is. Is it stupid that we have these people and their permanent illegals and they be here until they die illegally, and we know how they're here like how work with what you ve look you Verde, do you doing ass to stop the border traffic. Great fantastic, but listen, please forget, about the past. These people are here they're here. A part of our community, a cow, How are you going to deny them citizenship to the day they die and there still here? Well, legal immigration like I went through is hard. I've to find some american lady, which is difficult.
Yeah like I did, but it it was a hard process. It's it's! It's it's a difficult process! An you speak, flew in English. Yes, that's another thing! I saw people in the line with me that did not speak a lick of English, but they were from a country that had a quota like HOLLAND or some shit from a country that has a quota you're, not it's hard for Canadians, man, I've friends from Canada that come over try to become citizens of fuckin grind up in an Indian. Don't get me wrong. I love this country a bit I'm new here and I like what I see. I dont like words going in some places, What don't you like? I don't like that might mean. I left my country because I can defend myself from the bad people out there.
Second amendments that I can remember it's a beautiful thing. You have no idea how beautiful that thing as tell you don't have an option to have it. That's one thing I like equal opportunities, this country provide I've had a lot of opportunity. I would never get anywhere else like do you actually work and were you the work you put in matters here. I like, I, was segmented, indifferent Gulf goaded Tennessee and you meet people out there in the great people others. Some young people have preconceived notions of what some part of the countries are, but I've loved it and they go for an enemy people. There are on the same boat as I was, and their forgot completely what Mexico is and their completely back and eyes american eyes and their completely against you. As a new new person, he really So you find that really like americanized Mexicans are or like second third generation Mexicans a worst enemy. The Mexican is another Mexican, that's a classic bats.
Classic. That's a classic Mexican saying is true, move that that's a classic Mexican saying that really most of the negativity, tick negativity I got from being are your show? The first time was from Latinos specifically Mexican, What do you know was the negativity. What was our criticism when I talk about how Mexicans protested, the caravans going through the water and wrecking their city that was viewed as extreme to the right or conservative viewpoint, apparently be ever. There was a fact, but that the apparently facts on that so silly That's people, that's that's good! That's a good example of people that are not there to talk about What would you not set? You didn't make a value judgment saying that those people coming through a protest by MAX against neither go back to work. In rice, Patty, they come from, you didn't say neither so so that this is what I saw when I when I talked about it, because our experience that I wasn't, I wasn t J for a while when that was happening
firing. Caravan goes through, see a lot of those guys were gang members. A lot of them were not all of them. A lot of the more covering tattoos is pretty hot, outside wearing Oliver important goodies chemist came by the females, and the children were being put in front parading from the media. To anybody with was there, you could see the circus. I was going and then a lot of the lot of the camp encampments they would, they would be no litter the encampment needle the outside. One of them was next to a school. They had to be closed down. A niece of mine had a kid in there and the school had to be closed down because it was an excellent is encampments. They would protest in closed on lanes People who live in T J, some of them are Americans and they can you so that's fact in their livelihood people that work on terrorism and anti J. Why? Because it went down. So the fact that these people came in After all that whole thing, and then you would see these Californian hippy American guys come down there and do puppet chose for these people.
And hand over donations in the form of can food, blankets suffer that and then you would see these guys go the back door and saw that stuff in the back and get money for whatever they were. Gonna use the money for we would laugh at it, but it also yachts pretty disheartening. Having that point of view, a line which I started posting some of this stuff online for people, this is what happening And thou was like now: are you going against the narrow the narrative here? The narrative ended up in the people that are talking. You going a scenario really no idea, they don't care about the true, that's crazy, the absolute as thing so, if you're against Turkey, if you're Hence this care of Angolan through Tijuana, ineffective here, you're, probably transport, that's
that's my son, simple. I can't even vote of area that we have full citizens, although it so that it does mean factor in God, damn it so crazy. What else about America Bob's you? I think. There's, there's. Definitely this tendency in Amerika I see the youth in America like like. I have. I have a weird mental comparison of seeing my nephew downer playing soccer going out and getting into trouble going to cut fights which probably pretty dangerous, but I gotta copyrights after that and see kids up here on their tablet playing games playing video games kidding offended by something down there. You can sell point two million face again your face in school Abiola. Did you then school? I mean there's this guy you're gonna be some issues, but it's why,
there's still that up here it's gone all that's gone. You can in some issues programming it out of school or something I see this weird classification of american children say spaces. Don't say that that's politically incorrect classification is a good word for word. Come up with a politically correct word for that. That has just as much kick and I'll use that they get doesn't exist. It's the pacific Haitian I'm in and when I came up here, the fact the first year was up here. I saw the California gun was change like I got to see the weird California complying rifles come to the range and you have to push a button to release the magazine here and make it more difficult to reload yeah. So strange warming, if, if, if I've, never seen a care for a compliant gun in the hands of a criminal myself,
right, so why? Where they get like the good citizens formula, the idea, the idea that you just can't handicap law abiding said. Citizens and that's gonna, somehow or another save lives in mass shootings and here's. The other thing about you and I am waiting for this to happen, but it's just not happening there. Never addressing people using psychic Tropic drugs there, not they don't the dress that all school shooters. All Mass shooters are all drugs there on some kind of sight, drugs and theirs. It is no mention of it whatsoever like what what is the action, these things, it's all about the guns The guns urged a huge issue mean the fact that these people who are fucked up and yet they that they have acts, and they can get access to these guns and they can wander shooting people gas. That is one issue Security is another issue
there is another issue and that's mental health, and that means the biggest one, because without the mental health issue you don't get mass shooters. That's interesting that we too, when I get people in conversations about the violence in Mexico and proper perspective, Mexico Cartel guys go into town, shoot up a bunch of people and it's pretty horrible, but on the mexican side we only had one school shooting that, like a notable one and it was mentally ill good. When you took a gun to school room and our Mexicans, we look at what happens in the: U S and schools and were horrified by that's like completely horrific We then amazing. It's in again being on both sides are just trying to figure thing. Would about pharmaceuticals being prescribed children in Mexico? Is it similar not at all? Not I mean we were so behind and some in some instances as far as in out there, I don't know about PTSD, so I came up here or or tv. I
well yeah. I don't know anything about that. When did you learn about? Tb? Are the worst talk and we should say what that is hosting. Extra disorder and traumatic brain Andrea from people. Well, I learn about it. It's a learn about it. From talking to most of my marine friends, there were come back from a head like what you described. That you're feeling sounds like tv. I really you should get yourselves check that and then you go down there like I've, things would happen and people would get straight to get a few days off. Take a few shouts of tequila refine it back.
Well that's the old woman down. I mean that's what they deal with in world war, two in Vietnam and yeah yeah, but reject becoming when it comes to that, but mental health, automatic others like it's, not it's not anywhere as far as medicating it kids being diagnosed with things like authors, autism, is a thing that I only recently cut em heard about fifteen years ago in Mexico and exit, and what about anti psychotic drugs and always different drugs, that you're, seeing that these celebrity school shooters are taking in Mexico is not a thing you don't people think that it's pretty primitive in Mexico. I can get any drug if you pay somebody off the thing is that a lot of these psychiatric level- they're they're, not they're, not available down there or you can go to. Do you want? Does this not available? So it's not part of the cultural, Latin America now yeah in a manner such a huge part of the culture that people want, the people are kind
So we wanted to take something to take the edge off or take something, so they could feel better take something to you noted just distant. Alter their stay in the dock, to prescribe to them, and then the pharmaceutical drug companies are just Reagan in the cash from it, so it just become a part of reality. There is. There is a few people like way back when I first started things were pre lacks when I got in here that we will get the beer and tested for cooking and whatever, but some people would go to war hocker and go on mushroom traps like some of the battering guys that would go through whatever there's a place and we're hog and workers where they go up into the hills and get some of those that they combine. Ladders, which is like basically going to midnight, and they would smoke, he's mushrooms and take them and they will come back, patently fix them.
Was like a story. It was pretty good for them to work there things out with John Hopkins. Is there doing studies on unsold Simon and there's been some he's done so Simon with troops with PTSD and that they they ve, found that that it does help them Dna is another one. The maps is doing all these studies with em Demain troops. Coming back of PTSD, I mean a lot. Such has been around for a long time now. There, like a rumour, the Beatles and members of the doors, went down there to YAP Media Sabena and there they found out about. It. Was all life magazine article from the nineteen fifty that was one of the first, really mainstream James. You, if you find who wrote that is life article in the fifties, I'm trying to remember the guy's name, Waterman Waterman, Affiliates Waterman, who
was one of the very first guys to sort of mainstream cells Ivan Mushrooms, and it was because of mexican tribal culture is Marchesa. Vienna was like that the figure head of that movement. She was lady. That would do these mushroom trips of four people come up in the hillside, whether she would take her was it Gordon Watson was close, and it was certainly that Gordon wasn t right. Yeah. So this was seeking the magic mushroom and I believe this was what year was a child. I think it's in the fifties detonating. Fifty fifty some Maria Arena left the whole legacy of that in Mexico and she had a lot of people that learn from a lot of these people are all over Mexico, doing healing and spiritual, Well, that's the other thing about Mexico. Mexico has some of you. Have some freedom like my friend, ed and clay.
He had a I became retreat down there, where people would go to get off the pills this is one of the above- is one of the best ways to get off of particularly opiates there there's there's! This enforcement is hard in a country like Mexico, so you're not gonna. Have people trying to go inspect things in Riley's part. So that's why there's a lot of places like that you still to this day, even go to places where Hocker, where technically that's taken, mushrooms, but they go on a hillside, didn't they kind of like, de criminalize allowed a different things down there for personal use, so the quantities now matter more than they used to. Sometimes you would get caught with a certain quantity of something, and that means selling it so the how many grams of mushrooms can you have had. I would have ended up, but everybody has a different opinion.
And what personal uses Abbe. I remember the first time I saw a bucks, a box of momentum like these and later on. I figured out what they were, and you know that there are thing there a thing in Mexico. All there's that there's a big thing in Mexico, lot people grown there big thing. Anyone who finds out a bottom Edam, they become a big thing, yeah parenting and that they be using and rituals, and also to we rituals down there as a doorway type element like theirs, Aunt Rachel, where they do and where they bury you alive and shall grave judges spreading the basic idea that isolation chamber, where really poor man's idle. In chamber they bury you alive in the shower grave, with a rope with a bell on it and they give you a bunch of mushrooms, acre think about things. And if you re gallery labelling, and they didn't you out, o God, hybrid
down there. They go two percent, a shallow grave, just basically above them much stirred, there's a whole whether rub go through your two year began a fine, but it's it's part of the deaf called down there. They do that to condemnation people into it, but it's it's mushrooms. They take mushrooms. There's a bunch of weird suffer go down on their as far as the use of psycho tropics, like mushrooms and other things to put people and that mindset of go accepting a very specific data or truth. So, let's get back towards fact about America, I was like talking to people at her There is a whole year from somewhere else and just sort of look at it with a fresh. I could obviously I am a bit here, my life I'm used to it and I'm third generation. Oh, you are ok, My parents were second generation. My grandparents came over here, so it's all. I'm ingrained in Amman,
just come blind. What else is fucked up about this place? I mean I mean. I know when I travel around, I get to see different parts of Amerika. And all of them in others there certain certain places I've been called you're, you're you're one. The good Mexicans at once. I won't say what those parts, country are but I've gotten. Some of that. You know we in the United States is almost like Europe, where I live: this all these different countries, except they all speak the same language. You know like Europe as France, and then they have Germany over there that this one in Sweden and in this fuckin big landmass, but the night States is landmass is contiguous and they all speak the same language but You tell me that Montana is the same as Florida you're. Out of your fucking mind. Will I take those comments is right. You know
They know what a good buckskins I mean being re, certainly generation like then just messing with each other is thick Mexicans. Do that all dark night so I take inside its fastening to me that people are second generation Mexicans up here. Take more offences under like that. Then I would sum is one of the Good Mexico, the whatever its it to me. It's like a thing I've taken, Well, the easier things get the more people get quickly offended yeah that means the hard times produce hardened parliament produced soft time. Soft eyes produce weak man. So when it, when I come up here, I see some softness in light of the society and alive let's get hurt to watch what I say as far as I know yeah. I was tell this to people first off, I'm
Mexico. I come from a mexican education system that there were a country. So please take everything. I say with that in mind right and then I go into whatever you say: like when you do like that, when you teach class, when I have a class or I have like I recently did, did I a conference with a bunch of US bodyguards, insecurity professionals that work internationally had to start with. That just not offend anybody. That's hilarious! You teaching, secure body guards and body guards, and you have to worry about being offended every now, and then you get somebody you no one you said something can rise to fuckin babies. Yes, I'm not never read the common section, never never stay behind and talk to people, especially if they they look there. I want to speak to the manager. Did you get hurt? meet class every now and then I get so they say you know what I think
I think your point of view is it is excused because you work for the government down there and you weren't part of the like a poor class and, like I wasn't part of the park last, if you for like where I work firmer, pretty poor forty per poor right satellite. Yet there was no class, it was pretty poor. Or are they all or they try to tell me the realities of where I from them be hilarious. That's pretty good! That's pretty good at you're, just for you mongering about Mexico. I go down too rosy red all the time when I family. It's fine while rose a real swine, go downtown, lepers, weathers, shooting happen and tell me the same thing in prison, active. They really say that you, I can't imagine someone talk particularly talking to someone like you. Who's got like real world experience, as there's people tat. I believe you I mean I do, but people are so fuckin doll. I do believe you harmonization on a winner,
But it is really true that it's the people live the softest easiest lives at most offended and the people that have experience like real hot. Chip and seen real violence or a little more hesitant to comment on things like that. That's that is possible. That is real and that's ones things that are really think is good about your page, and it really makes me angry that Instagram sensors. It has a you're, giving real world perspective you showing real video of a lot of this stuff when you put it up with was also, you are educated experience on what these people are actually involved in, and then there are now involved in news agency. And a lot of this, like both those videos, came in through direct messenger to my phone from people arrive there This is happening here like ok, you talk about it. Ok, let's talk about it. When the Mormons thing happened, the people, the people that reach out to me to talk about it wasn't part of
family and with our recent real, and It was a national news when I posted it up right, so the sum of the first like social media post about it, that I could try and look for it and it was wasn't anywhere. So I talked about it and like that that evening went national news and it, but most of it is directly from having connections and people out there that still talk to me. That will keep my are open to that. Specifically from that region, because that's that's my thing. That's where I came from well, there's, not a lot of mainstream news is dedicated to this crisis dedicated what's going on. It just takes a big event like that to sort of breakthrough. All the noise and become a signal. It reaches us over here and young again, and things happened somewhere else, and now all the attention that most people folks and I ran out here the whole. What happened down there, they're just fucking crazy a giant problem right next door. You get walk to it literally, I mean, if
live in Santiago. It's a fifteen minute, Dr Weir, like it's right there, which is dear to me, I love San Diego and I love going down there, but every time I go down there and like you guys, could walk to Mexico This is so crazy. Like specially Loya lawyer, which is one of the most richest parts of the country. Fucking unbelievably beautiful stunning views gorgeous mansions everybody's traveller, Mercedes, you're, fifteen minutes away from Taiwan. If we have heavy rains in Tijuana all of us we're just gonna go right. There really gives our happens. A lot of the suit like whistling low, major major reign in Tijuana all the sewage, goes cross the border to the do a Tijuana estuary there's a there's. A processing facility in the US has on this side, but it can manage all that and they have to close all the beaches in the air wow, which is again. It's fastenings how to see how the effective visible it as a boar wall there, but the really is important
A border? While you didn't abode row over there, it takes three meds taken Parker, I have recently posted up a bunch of any other people, part worrying over that, while I saw look, admire ingenuity, I'm admiring! but to find solutions to problems and watch that guy scale that goddamn, warlike batman. It's amazing gather they're, coming up with weird ways like I saw some people to use it powdered, titanium too, to melt the bar on and on one of the slats powdered titanium. Again, I had to research it basically its pilot attaining birth at a very high rate and when you started cannot put out so they made, whole on this wall would protect some sort of powdered mix. That's like that shit. Who's that shit, that they were talking about. Nine eleven were other conspiracy theories, start that it melted steel, goddammit, firing pirate
a tenant, something like out how to write words out of my head. Yes, the one that lets I've felt That's just of the blow shut up with right. Now they sell these things. They call breach bends like and then there's busy for tactical applications of these pens. The mistakes that you start and you can burn chains opens up like that, will really yeah. So, basically, a ghetto version of that is without using and some of these places I mean the walls are making it and speaking to somebody. Orbital agents that that I know it. Does it job as far as slowing people down, so there's not a overflow people come here. It's not like what I believe it was that that's on site bonds, what would happen if everybody, if there is no border areas like five Mexico's United States Nightsy its is Mexico, have a good time would be the attic of quarter, how long ten years, Allow me once everybody got in here:
now that we will go there. If would have you I say to Mexico came to a deal and they sent me on what was there a thing we're gonna do there is an american agreement. There was like they were trying to do that with the United States and set up. Single currency, yeahs, yes, allow conspiracy theories around the marrow somethin like that you're gonna do with Canada, we're all gonna become alienated equity with Canada, but maybe not max. While look, we can spread all the good around yeah and then also like look Mexico's got. Some awesome spots wouldn't be great. If you s industry moved in there with you ass, let me that's concur with Well, Colombia did a great job and around creating all that in the problems with narcotics. I think it is really well because he still highly guerrilla guerrilla group down there that recently, the FARC that would render amnesty and then they got active again, but the still there still are cocaine being produced there.
Oh yeah yeah. That's not nothing like what are now. What did they do? What they were facing does just a few criminal groups block. Ones and Mexico is facing a lot of them They have the? U S right next to others, pumping money into the issue directly didn't have to fly on now. Some are plain flights, a short while also Mexico's a pretty big country thing. People kind of miss that also it's a pretty big codes. Pretty big countries do do. Member when there is a CIA drug Plain that had like several tonnes of cocaine on it and it crashed because the mexican government wouldn't let them landed refuel, that mean all sorts, Conspiracy theories. Are ours a real CIA drug Plain that had been to Guantanamo Bay? At least twice was documented and date, for whatever reason I mean I've won, back mulatto gloomy that formula coke. I imagine
Imagine: government groups everywhere have a humble those you have cowboys. Well, people try to say the sea brings in drugs. None of its people who work for the sea. I realized they can make a shitload of money if they bring in drugs and these they pass out money around and they work it out, but the CIA itself does not bring in drug customers, customs and border protection agency. Insane just homeland security, as an agency has the most corruption, charges as far as our law enforcement agencies. Do they really federal federal charges for corruption, because they are border and money. Of course that's that's all I write, it makes sense and you know I mean it. Maybe with the sea I got its idea, can make some money the rear. I mean that was the whole. Bury seals thing that Tom Cruise Movie
Was it call made in America thing. I made an Merrick, there was about the bringing in drugs with the with cowboys that work for the sea. I mean when I was working down there in Mexico, and got to see different agencies that we would work with. Our sun or like a can, you guys just go like, look over there just better like what's going on, He would see like some sort of You mean you know. What's going on by plane, lands played takes off play, landlord he's got nothing notice, are nothing new money, it's changes and just down that's in Europe, just an agent should, in the background, will that's the thing that so scared about. What's going on with the cartels is that the quantity of money is so extraordinary, it's almost like they can do anything. I mean They have their own self or networks in some places, like yeah, have allowed the weak If I knew but there's covers, have let it go
It was pretty good coverage in there I mean they lay lately dismantles himself or networks in the past. So, I hope cities with hidden cameras that our cartel controlled sea level gills in and out of the of the towns while like sophisticated, oh yeah, so that mexican the mexican government is working with uniformed agents patrolling and pick up trucks in the back, and these guys are living in two thousand. Twenty five and using drones too. To tease her veil led the patrols in the area. And they're using their own cell phone network. I didn't have to worry about government tapping into their communications though utilizing encrypted phone technology. That is avail. Now commercially throughout the world to get around on some of these things. And there in the working there costly and warming and how they work. I remember the first
I was working in and in Baja and all that. Tell guys would we move around in suburban dressed like federal agents, and they would look exactly like the legit federal agents or they were federal agents with the cartel guys. So you would oh my god, so they be together, and then we started with the military and the military doesn't give a shit who you were there would stop everybody. Should everybody and you guys made it Lee saying. I was now we're using taxi cabs to move around and different types of cars and we're going to paint the other vans like events or we can move around in ambulances, so they change their tactics so we were always after these convoys of servants and now they're doing something else. That's how the evolving legally. Just now you trying to go after him with a hammer in these cases, mosquitoes. Does it make you wanna moved Canada. Now It's a further. You can get away from all the game
I must be going on. There is well right than anything else about so I interviewed area. A smuggler attire for one of the articles I wrote and a beer asked them directly like what do you think about that there they border wall and in the immigration Policies of this kind administration is good for business and makes it seem like a tartar to put people in the United States. So I mean that was pretty hard like how you do it Canada and they walked out what we talked about it before that the border. The United States is a wall to Mexico. The border taste, Canada is a giant clearing hundred yards wide? It's real, clear see it it's almost like they make it easy, hey just go right here I mean people who want to get into you here you here,
and this from a thousand dollars to fifteen thousand hours, depending on where you are. What you're trying to do? How you trying to get up here, sparse, being smuggled up and he's like pass mexican passport get a mexican password. Is your Mexican get your mind? I will put two thousand dollars in an account somewhere. So if they want to verify, if you're financially solvent, they will check that and just fly to Canada and just walk and that's what we do, what can of soup or liberal. That's a lot of a lot of their but a lot of their business as far as muslim people. That's how they do it right now, instead of going through the desert, you know There is that there is a lot of that going on out to like some there's a lot of people move from Africa: African, not migrants. Coming into and into Mexico people Middle EAST as well, which is worrying for something
coming through Mexico trying to make their way up, but it's very hard for these people now, because there's a lot of security now on both sides of the border Mexican. Why didn't you now and on this side of the border? Things are a kind of more stringent alot of people that claim asylum like a lovely MAC. My a caravan members come into the. U S claim asylum is ok, there's a number to wait for you, gonna, wait and Mexico, so they get sent back even if they're, not from Mexico. They will have to wait and execute dealing interesting here. There's a lot of he's immigrant our waiting encampments in place like taxes and even teeth Do you wanna spaces, where people that cross asylum? Ok, he's your number, you have to wait. Mexico. They get sent back here. Man. Are you hopeful news? Will work out? Ok,
when you mean this. Ok, like women. Is this what we are all talking about the skin and become better better situation, the future or is it? can get more more crazy. Is the United States going to become like Mexico? I think I'm a global scale with what we're going to need each other before before now before too long- and I hope you guys are going to New Mexico and Mexico sending to you it's going to be some sort of situation we going to have to. They're, probably emulator global war, goodly, Jesus, Ed amid the money I mean, there's a lot of chinese influences in industry and Mexico. Yes, as soon as two said we're gonna when one trump was going into put into off, as he said, we're gonna bring jobs back. This whole thing to a lot of factories. American factories and businesses moved out of Mexico and the Chinese moved in inadvertently. Well, that's what's dumb about show sightedness right. Well, not understanding. Forty two and three dimensional chess there's a lot of moving pieces
an end. People can say whenever they want about the United States American companies in Mexico are pretty good companies and the pregnant with their workers, and there they were. Ethics are pretty good. La Boden China lot better than China it's a different. It's a different game in its at its again you see the these influences going into Mexico because they realise that Mexico is a valuable place for them to have influence in, especially with what you're talking about this. With the mean with battery technology in green technology becoming in the forefront of american culture. Right now mean everybody wants large cars, all these manufacture sure. As Ford Mercedes, there are coming electric cars portions gonna, let your car now That's a big deal, those batteries and lit up. That's the next. Let the next oil oil diaper situation is gonna, be lithium and that's right next door. So I think it again. I think
as a second largest consumer of american products in the world as Mexico, second largest, so our economies are intertwined, they have a lot of America living down. There is a lot of blood ties to within the country. Of course, Americans don't want America be Mexico and of course, a lot of Mexicans want Mexico to be more like America, That's what would sit fix things increasing the opportunities and making Mexico a better place. We need to make some make Mexico great again shirts and get it. In fact, at the airport. I merely if connected tobacco of Mexico was like Canada, where You know like Canada is fucking. Wonderful you go over there. This may cities is its great save it's clean. If we can make Mexico like that, then we'd have. It would be better for everybody, including
MAX go including United States everybody coastline eleven at the border. He could see how businesses start failings in San because it came hearted across the border say interstices, there's this synbiotics Asia, with somebody for towns are specifically California, is very dependent on imports and exports. Yeah we versus three a day without Mexicans here should this whole fuckin place down? Man there's nothing going on without MAX kids. Here, that's. Why can't I mexican racism, some the dumbest racism in all of the United States, but particularly for California. It's so stupid yeah. To see how like in places like Firework California, where the Mikado capital
world calling on all the other countries because of the drought and there's nobody to become really is less, no wonder: pixel less people coming up and the charter to maintain like PETE. They hire illegals and holy shit. Farms need to organise start work on border control. The old at an old man. I am one of those people believes in borders, but I also believe if you're hard working person who wants to do better. You should have an opportunity in and I don't think a lot of people's pretty The poor people that are very well educated does not an opportunity can't there's no reason for them to be over here of they apply for alleged citizenship. While others were. Why you want to come here. I want to come here for opportunity. We already have to offer hard worker was not hard. Workers mean that's with the attitude you know, and I think we are
just got mean me. I got lucky, I got lucky. My grandparents came here that got lucky. That's all it is luck and deny that into deny these other people this opportunity. This is, to be a way to filter out bad people, mainly as technology gets better, we can recognise bad people better. I mean I went through a bunch of questioning Ok. My background I got a lot of questions will show you re looks it's fine night now I was like. I didn't do anything rouser like I'm here, it's fine but in others a lot of people like again curse. The lunar Barcelona was here on a green card and he got nabbed when he went to process is full citizenship, so he was here for a long time, while they should just
deck with a green card would have kept quiet. Probably that's what he's in jail right, Eli due to an immigration agent and that's one of the charges he has on my. So it's pretty interesting that people like him. I have spent a long time of year things like open secrets and yeah I mean again. At all, not all mexican good good guys. You know not all humans near so hard working people come up here. I got some of the people have that I've met out here that our economy in the same boat as I am a fresh in the country. Doing manual labor construction working Kentucky eyes. I met a bunch of guys that were working on the Kentucky Derby or the horse stalls around them. All Mexicans could smell. The dirty is the good food is usually he could smell you know where they are. Do there's a place if you hungry, there's a place:
don't tell me by the names on Wanna fuck. It up, ok, place downstream from here that, like every time you go in there mexican sober this plan. Nobody speaks English. The foods off the charts language tacos, oh yeah, language case ideas, make organ made great again TAT S. Another target about organ Morgan mean don't throw away the tongue now, throw it without tripe yeah, tripe tat. I do. I love liver, eight heart liver weird thing. I see all the stuff you throw away from me. They ve never had Menudo. That's that's displays of areas. Manoeuvre It's all. The charges bet the best hangover fool maneuver
and right. Why has at work is like a science behind organ meat than on others along nutrients in it basically neutral, get storing organ and it's a soup, so you get the rehydration from that. They take a commented in Mexico about liver. Specifically, I grew up on a pig in a poke and my mom would have this rule. If you kill that you have to eat it, so we kill arousing once and I was peeling it and the liver over the rules, and I was like a treat that she would give us right, rare raw raw core laugh is my mom was very harcourt, sound, so
the little man thanks company earn drop knowledge really appreciate you and again. Ed manifesto. Is your instagram page manifesto? Please everybody sign up, go. Follow him check it out, get yourself educated, find out. What's going on and talons scramble for themselves. What they do is rude visit these brother privilege map by everybody, Thank you, friends for Tunisia, the show and think it too sponsors. Thank you to express VP and if you visit Special link right now express Vps, dotcom, Slash, Rogan. You can get an extra three months of express Vps for free support, the show and watch what you want. To watch whenever you want it and protect yourself at express vps dot com, Slash Joe. We are all so brought to you by man, spooky cereal de Lis, but. Actually nutritious. They ve figured it out. Folks,
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