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#1410 - Ash Dykes

2020-01-14 | 🔗
Ash Dykes is a Welsh adventurer and extreme athlete. He achieved three world-first records, trekking across Mongolia, Madagascar, and the course of the Yangtze River.
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only have ads on a really care about that. That makes sense. Now my guest today, who I get these working people and this Parker, sometimes at it One of the things that have done over the years is kind of shift. Not kind of really shift my ideas of what's possible for a human being to do and This next guy is an amazing example that his name is ash dikes and he has done his he's done. Fucking insane things he's achieve. Two world first records, including try king across Mongolia and man the gas car and recently was that the Yankee, how we see say the River Yangtse River in China. Entire length of it for thousand miles. You walked it over a year and the only twenty nine
it makes. You feel lazy. It makes you feel soft, but I enjoy talking to him he's a really who will very intelligent and interesting in his his passion, for its exploration and for life and for visiting these cultures and communities is really infectious, so please give it up for the great and powerful ash dogs the job will gain experience. Worms real. Does it really matter how much you need a well? keeping it's gotta had on it. Its not being taken seriously and thus actually big. When you get a lot smaller than that, don't you die saw that one there was the biggest wanted. You find an Amazon, yeah yeah cause, I'm a glutton big things, be hot rocks why the hell? No one, I'm like one about, would do it very fair flashy
do you think that doesn't even know I dunno good question had some was just lets. The the air often just breathe in the natural salt Sonya helps with sleep as well: How is it doing that by being in the room, maybe I should have married when one is that the light, if, as well just as a laugh, the heat and the light sets off the air, a belief so soundly hoarser did it could be combined In a way it looks good. The right, so he asked before, if, if you were the first Welshman, yes, I think you are is that the daily Jamie do nothin case. Somebody might snuck in didn't, tell us tat. We go yeah yeah. What is it is the first thing that you brought forth on the first wife person. I've gotta curing try to keep this sure bring the Welsh Dragon via a well straw, well strike, and so this on our flag in in Wales goes back A long time ago, since we like protecting ourselves pry,
wow, it's globally another issue that we go, so this is a classic. Whilst dragon was dragging out his name. What one of the cruellest flags in the world is going to be. Rage and dragging on flag that its breaks off or from the first wash pay. I gotta gonna bring you a year. The red dragon There is some images we go. I ve been swells before no, no, no, how about as it should be for it is a good place. Also mountain swan, the coastal as well, of course, forests, lakes, good for training so do much when the hard core elements big in a train asked tell anybody what you ve done so
recent, only five months, you gonna five and a half months, came back from achieving my third world first record in work in the entire length of the Yangtse River in China since the third longest river in the world, the longest to run through a single nation, four thousand miles. It took three hundred and fifty two days and its from the Tibetan Plateau in the West of China, as he took in five thousand one hundred metres above sea level, which is equivalent to aerospace, Camp and Andrea, four thousand miles later three engine. Fifty two days you end up near the New Shanghai, whereupon out into the east. China see. You know what I thought when I heard that you did this. I thought two things. One of our disguise insane like we're we're gonna willpower. Does it take to walk like four thousand plus miles, but the others I thought it was kind of validates a lot of the ideas that people have always had about human beings migrating from Africa. Through Siberia, bearing straight like
You can do that. What you did what you did is now dissimilar. You know, that's it yeah you got trails all over the world and you're just doing it for a world record? Imagine you're doing it because you try to stay alive. You give your family alive, yeah, yeah, I'd say what year we would have had the so much so much history, in journeys that mankind a kind of taken, earns why a regional sapien, its ground. He just stand there but ass his mindboggling with numbers right blackened well well, but yes, the source of the yangtse. It was actually discovered in two thousand and nine, the true and scientific source really year. That gives us every attitude to it took over two years, a planet the case of work and heavily in China finding out whether this has never been done before a talk, we are to get different teams involved globally.
And then we discovered TAT I wished. I was always prepared to go from the traditional source, which is most famous for for the source of the yangtse, be yes, it will be in there, but then we only discovered about year into the planet tat. I should a true and scientific source found by the same guy who mapped the traditional source. Yet he pointed with NASA used or the satellite technology was able to correct, is wrong slightly longer better than the traditional source, and that was it I've gotta be the tune. Scientific saw. How much longer is it for the only a distance of twenty to thirty miles which that's all really a day's trick, but it was six more coasts to Tibet was more south. South West of China's was closer to expend poorly, which means as a little bit more sensitive. So it was tougher to go from from the who in scientific source for sure, but it's no longer want. If you gonna, walk at distance, you ve got to do with the proper way yeah
groovy, I'm glad you think that women, obviously a person its will to walk four thousand miles, would think that way. You wouldn't you ends anybody twenty miles if you give them twenty miles, there was a well. You did a pretty good job, but actually MIKE over here. Just did the whole thing. Scientific I'd say is the real one. What it does not happen towards the end as well, I welcome the New Shanghai there's, an official point of where the yangtse pausing to the EAST, China, sea and the like. You know you only have to go to this this point but no I walk into whether Lund ends. So let me an extra only inextricably days, but imagine finches. I owe you didn't call make it did you. You didn't quite make it so
using like when you know you have to do with our money. Well, we were hit by storm storm chemo. So as one of the biggest storms they have had in the past thirty years are not permanent, hide and United Shelter up after everything that I faced over three days, you know I'm not stop me only a couple days before I crossed into the EAST China shape for the Finnish, but at that point it's almost I'd, visualized the completion over and over again, and why, had I played it so many times of what it would be like what it would feel like. What's everything to to cross the finish line that almost when that day happened- and I did cos the finish line- I almost over visualized feel anything just sidewalks spot downtime. You know yeah and I believe in the law of attraction. Visualization of what has been a big believer in that and say
Mongolia and Madagascar, which might when my previous expeditions. I almost lost my life on both of those trips by the time, the suffering I'm just constantly visualizing. In always focusing on recovering getting better visualizing the Finnish keep getting up, keep pushing I want to get to that. No one gets those, but I want to. I want to ask you when you decided plan this trip. Yet so you come, had you learn from the first two crazy trips that you had and how did you how'd, you like how much food you gonna need. Where you gonna meet neat pit stops, we gotta be able to encourage you. Do so that will always looking for communities on all along we as a community, this food-
and so- and I see that brings me back to the traditional and then the two scientific source. If we went from the traditional we'd go, may be one week, one and a half weeks without coming across any locals, so we'd have to carry a weakened half with russian pikes annulled by pack, but that's true and scientific source and his back thank yous, two or three weeks we couldn't. Find any community along the way, via satellite and via the people that we were there. My logistics manages We need to carry raises way to try to visit people, yeah fine them through satellite, as your trekking through a forest yet and then try to get food. See and will always maximizing as well so saying, ok, that's three weeks. So let's carry food for three and a half a forward
because of that communities now empty, were banned and then we're out food. What what are you carrying for food? I would carry a russian packs so and the russian pipes were pretty good. We had like chicken take em a solar, spaghetti, polonaise carbon aura and Each russian part was around eight hundred kilocalories and are you using our car? Are these dehydrated yeah thou say just bore the water with hoard in there you way about fifteen. It's like a mountain house like TAT kind of a dear yes similar, thus it so you must be so looking for the regular food by terminals over yeah. What's the first thing, you know the dorm protein, the one I was craven. We just protein I think it a peanut butter, a cheese on toast because he had just mostly carbohydrate airlines, not least always like chicken is. Why was a meaning out? She's craven all of this picture? It's I don't know what the first thing I want to hear. Your body knows what you need yeah, you gotta, listen to gonna, listen, it's hard to listen
Sorry to know. I dont really sure what I hear you yet an odd craving. Sometimes Craven ice cream, that's what I'm supposed to ice cream! yeah exams aired years, we're just listen, you're cravings as yet it was a year, and I think I know you I does, I think, almost listening to you. Ve gotta be stripped of all the order, the protein and whatnot one for you, you body, currently, haven't you think if you fool you Craven ice cream enough, for you want a disease.
But I think if you now the point, not starvation, but if you really hungry- and you know what's good- what's not good you, I think you body gives a good tell sign of what we can at last month of Mission Yangtse. I was really bad. I was coming across cities every day because you commission, like towards Shanghai ecological cities, conquers towns, communities, and so I was just craven protein out craven fats and a lot the type of last month I was just in really unhealthy. Just can install g foods dodgy fats protein in other was fast food chains along the way, KFC and others who rail of it. Yes, as how are the why the wilderness was like six months worth once, I finished the first half it was. A tool for then another two or three months, but the last three months, yoga city after city will really built high population. There I found them. My body was criticised, listen to my body, screening flat screen protein, and yet you right did get ridiculous. I was go into these in a fast food and I got
the translation. I could speak Chinese a little bit of just gonna ass. I could get by they Chinese, like which dialect? Oh, that's over a hundred dialects here, so that work or difficult So even but the air was nails, it was nails really difficult. So historic manner Would he speak your basic Mandarin based Andrea yet enough to just about get fibre out. I skipped or the basics. I went to her into the sentences where all where else that bears here other bear, whether the rules where the water food shelter so yes get along the basics, went straight Those are two questions I don't ever want to hear you are here and where are the wolves lad, not other worlds? Here? Where are? Where are they factors and you're out their walk him yeah for a year yeah. Does it for the first six months, specially so the first? months, mostly hiking in the woods, its hiking in the wilderness on the Tibetan Platter,
beside you carrying your camp on your back yet so baby sack liquidity sleepers ten, so we attend really lightweight Kyle Ass to get it up, storm proofs, it's amazing! How light then get those guys do? No eight to validate work as a headache are we all of us for we filming for document. You said Kate, electronics and got u heavy now. Do you when you, when you're in his tent Do you go with a double layer tat, so you have provides more insulation and so little heavier, or do you have a really lightweight tat, just try it tough it out in the cold we have. I had a double layer that that's because the double layer was just so small and so light now, and it was a case of IE eight No, that's your comfort! Thus your shelter I ran facing some big storms ass well, thinking. You'd sacrificed, probably the weight for just something: that's gonna. Keep you insulated in their task. The Asian and you have a path that protects you from the ground,
Yeah masters, Pat on top of the year we ve got the part where the waterproof part from the ten and we got to sleep in my maybe about this. This take about a half an inch to an inch thickness, and then I had a minus twenty five or minus three degree Celsius sleeping bag and what that in in Fahrenheit boughs? And now you know you got toasty inside his honest? What is the issue with the ground bow like the seven insulated pad to yeah, the ground coal doesn't get to. Yes, a short, thus what the sleep and money so us You can roll down. It's really small willing site will light way as well, but once you roll it out, it's got memory foam almost inside something similar. You have to two to blow and pumped up a little bit more, I say only takes ten twenty brats easy to pack away as well, where protection from the call for text from
It gives us, will you need you now the ground? Just till I was never really comfortable camping. It's already no fly zones. Wake up like popping, far yeah you're awake. You made it, but still you feel weird yeah you can do you do get used to it there, that's, especially after the tracking we'll covering fifty kilometres sundays. What will come about twenty twenty five miles? Special Tibet in Plateau so after that date track only to russian power. Buddy you taken in one thousand six hundred calories. That's not, alas, no law will and we were carrying away. Did you lose, I probably by still lost wait now about thirteen twelve to thirteen kilograms. I would say in what which, over the years I lost the same amount in Mongolia, thirty two pounds some spot, thirty, two as it fits you pounds yeah. So worm
wow, that's a lot away to lose you not a big, I d say thought him and I must have been. You must have been really drawn out at the end bitter, although it kind of worked itself out because towards the end up going across more food than need, my my russian packs, of course, so it's coming across more restaurants collect food as I as a ghost, not solo and unsupported journey. Sars just utilise and eaten with the locals, and I was now taken as much calories down as I possibly could also struck it. Did you pick worker the type of Niels Base on calories. Did you like when I'm talking about the mountain house type deals or what company used? What kind of our expedition foods? I think the house? different ones that are more nutrient ray. Jim calorie ready? They have the small islands as well, which again about six hundred calories, they all smaller there lights easier to part, but I needed as much as I could possibly get in a special way
a budget healthy options now because cross voters are out their camp. In these days, you're gonna say I wanna get that healthy, paleo food, whether out there, the man but did that What's undeniable has Gotta be for you is that once you ve made those steps, the first steps for the first day, you have monumental thing in front of you, yeah like what was that like knowing when you started like here, we are by ass by it was seen in the air, the man, but not yet exactly. That is exactly that. It was daunting. It was so before we got to the whole. He got to the source of the Yankee River. We lost, I think, for members when they lost this vital, but take our attitude sickness. They were fear for their lives, is the basque as the wolves so before we reach Dana want. If we reach the startling, we ve already got four members of the film crew of guides. If accurate taken off the mountain,
which bore me off the mountains as well, because I needed to regroup with a different tee, so everyone was scared, and people also got out to certain water. How high area that we are just over five thousand meters? Oh my god, willing this is equivalent to arrest base camp outside Alma get altitudes misrule. What am I doing? If I can high that's fifteen thousand fee right, it's about that yeah yeah! and there's wolves that there does work eyes again run air. What how helpless would you feel if fifteen thousand feet, we see a peg warrior man and they look at you you're too good learning is the best scared me them all this scared. You can't do anything against back and candle Armenians, Wolf. You can't do anything guns expressly fifteenth. Feel exactly tire shoes them as well. My dear
we can't carry any weaponry easily, I'm so how great yeah sitting duck really they carry any weaponry, yet you can have a knife. Pride, I took a knife- I I'm gonna yeah took a knife out, but I was it was taken from. Insecurity lying out to the west, so I born of one in usually, I did have a knife or the first month or two, but again pack of wolves, yeah yeah the ship in a lady S, knife rapier, ankles, that's material legs apart yeah, wolves, NASA's hunters, big time and we have close encounter as well. With a park? There was a year there was a year of Tibet and China once he was trying to say. Is this my anger,
we were just talking to him. He looked a little bit worried or deliberate stress what high on the mountains he keeps putting down a valley talking to his to enter Tibetan. We didn't understand, we just hold waiver. Thank you by big smile of we go so we was me and my friend was so Videographer Kyle we crackdown, but Kyle filled. All of that conversation, and four months later, we find out that from a girl for my editor, theme in Beijing. You could speak Tibetan that he was saying right ahead right down. The valley is a pack of wolves, and only yesterday they had killed a local lady on China. You know they were trying to get us not to go down the same, don't go, Well, we didn't know so we in the West Bank dear and we cracked on it for the next two days we were followed. We believe we were followed by a start by pack of wolves get out and are an aid. They cover bigger distance then than humans cover. You known,
today's H talent same proximity, same distance away flock. Have you ever thought of the hawk fuck? How do you go to sleep at night? What's that lie? I was lucky. It was windy. The wind would pick up at night time, sewed ral, utensil you can hit howling don't hit on the data? Be a? U still stood. The unites states urges the Eagles Lee shown over the body you just can become a burrito in the middle of the night yet had Berea yeah, it was scary. I felt vulnerable really valuable at. Therefore brow and the low how many days we doing this with the walls of two days at their followers, but we were sort of Wolf County. If you like for the best part of two or three months, I would say with a bears as well, and the bears became an issue because I sort of when, out there with healthy mind, says long as I leave the bears alone. The badger gonna leave me alone right, but they locos were telling me. Otherwise they would start. Show me photo star. Show me videos and send me clip saying this happened only want to climate is away from your four way. You, honourable tilbury, people killed
when an into huts can in families- and they were trying to say that the coming of the mountains could too cold looking for calories before they go into hibernation. So we were there in the wrong Caesar, and it's that that's terrified is the most. Is the stories of the locals and of the locals planet then you should definitely be panicking. Is what does a lot of parts of the world where you have to be really worried about wild animals? All yeah we here in Amerika, for whatever reason we forgotten. I think everybody that lives in a big city is basically kind of forgotten yet, but when you make that track. You realize others, no rules out here their value does he know you. Evidently the Cariboo delete Amoozed. Why would they incur? What are they Special didn't you know the fuck. You are thus producing the keeps you alive. They haven't eaten a person. Lately yeah, I may tell you said curbing they can take the best big caribou, loose music,
huge is well. My comrades watched, a moose, kill or seizing watched, a bare kill, a moose on a spotting scope, he's looking through aspiring sob, and he saw a bear swat down the lack of a move. This break its backing up. It's terrifying. He said that the Grizzly hit the moose so hard. It snapped its back J like power Shish among a bare and they are big data. The news was a huge yes bear swatted that thing and broke its back and wash it go down. He watch this. Chasers like this altercation between his bearing the moves and he stayed on it and the bear gets hold the most just Fucking What's it to move like aren't you the fanatical there's like bitchy going nowhere yeah
those animals are up there in China to get their very similar type. A bare right. It's EC type, a brown bear up around by slowly. You ve got the big ones here who is leading a last night at the hearing of storm? They kill them all a California everything that they had. Yet there was hearing cow for its honour for our flag. It starts Lange. I feel you, the California. Dave Lag, is a giant grizzly bear in the middle, the California stay flag away because used to be an issue here. Go they killed so many people that we just killed all the baron, not we. I was near, go you yet another so rather than a north, and I warmly that's it with their yeah there. Yeah they're. Nowhere near here, you gotta go up into Like Vancouver. British Columbia has who was the British Columbia as a lot of guys? They have Montana Ass Montana, Grizzlies Wyoming has grizzlies, Colorado may or may not. My friend Adam saw them there, but did not California anymore and six because they kill them, does actually a town named after the last guy who died a lady California, the last guy.
Got killed by a grizzly bear just out I'll hunt. Him was analysed, probably being too there was a lie back Jan terrifying. So you Sperience is in China, your Europe. What what are you? Precautions are you're allowed to bring bear spray, so we had an air whom we had a whistle cheese, celestial, a whistle yeah, so they sat at the boat. The biggest attacks happen from where Tibetans out forming doing business in the mountains they there in the forest and the surprise they come up. The top of the hill is rather are obviously the bears shocked and it just a tax that those happen with bears in America. Yes, they would say pretty much safer, whistle taken our who make herself aware. While would make the bare aware that you, but you present your garage in a normal, they would be, they would mean a scare off. They run away. But there was a local that told me that so they have these big to better masters. Have you seen there to better must have the dogs that goal
to lie, wasn't pounds or human terrifying. More of a problem in that the wolves they work. For me, because they can scare away the wolves stairway snow up its the best. But this one local was telling me that the e wasn't living in his good, which is like a white felt tent like a year. He was living in a concrete up and yet a courtyard with offence. The fence was open, just outside the fences to better must have chained up, and he said that this bear wasn't phased about. The Tibet must, if it were straight past it into the courtyard, was scratching steel door whilst he was hiding in one of his empty, covers less lasted about thirty forty minutes, whose telling me the story Scotch and gets steel door, I'm just in attending the world. In a fog man, there, monsters of urine a real thing. Grizzly bears brown bears weren't real and then there were in a movie, you'd be like. What's that poor guy and imagine you you'd, like you'd, be somewhat ass, a molecular. Why, in the
world. If you know they're there would you gonna want to walk for that long ago. Air country yeah. Well, that's! Thus, it US policy people with you, I'm towards the star, so is myself. It was to guide said I had Tibet and Guide, so we can even communicate, but with safety in numbers, and we took a horse for the film crew, but film Krueger, altitude, sickness and left us with the horse which I named constitute. We have seen the movie face off, yes that the but ass cast a choice of elsewhere. I've got this thing where I name like my bicycles. Ought I carried a chicken we'll get to that kind of chicken in Madagascar? I've been given them old, crazy with Dick Gillis Grannie names. Now that this horse is the last one stand amongst my my crew, my my guides suffer Marta tooth sickness and being taken off the mountains. You got this horse still suffering without using this, never knew that the party horses can animals can suffer without it
sickness prozac, but I still go, should mean him am. I can give you a grannies, nay, my elder daughter, Gertrude, I'm giving you cast a chocolate from face, that don't worry self yeah yeah we ve made by that movie multiple times preposterous nature of switch faces. Yahoo has actually negative cage. Now man so the people come within the beginning and then did I stay with you, the entire trip we we hope so No so so Ebby, so first too, that I had altitude sickness as well as the film crew. I came off the mountains. I found two new guy to a willingness to join me about fifty percent. Now the UK team, the Chinatown, was saying you knows, abandon the expedition star against its target next. Start again: she try again next year because it we can to close and time to season how many days
already walked. We had reached the stopping yet so we had to wait. I think it was four days it talk first to catch the stop point, but just before we reach the stop point. Thus, when the film Krueger Altitude Sickness, we send them home and the next day my guide, he was vomiting nosebleed. We had to get him of the mountains to so. I left the horse with some local nomads got him off the mountains. We group with a different team and tried again saw a first attempt towards source. Was it was a fail. We regret to myself to geysers the horse and we have ventured finally made it to the source Jasper. It was on that that gap in nearby city of regrouping, with a new team with new guides that my team in the UK and China word like say I think, is best. If you, if you hold back, we try again next year, could you be in them in its batten, plateau join the depths of the deaths of winter, which jobs to buy minus?
Is he minus forty degrees celsius, which was a worry, but I believe that we can get off. The mountains is the attitude that was the problem down into low altitude before the debts of the people who don't know the conversion. I think that's, where meet in the middle of negative forty is we're. Celsius and fan height is the same right. So so people in those countries, France, I D, say Celsius Y yeah, moving news. I think, My report is minus forty Fahrenheit of the same o. Europeans think that's where it hits the bun Clia, was a sailor. J, minus. Minus Elsie is minus twenty two Fahrenheit you're gonna minus forty. I think minus forty is right where it is not months. Work Yazzi, Glia, that's where, exactly the same in Celsius, end Fahrenheit area, so we're factors that yeah how's it the same thing you never the same thing
hey, you become the same thing. Who's got the monk lessons from that minus one for our minus forty. It becomes the same there we go very minus forty fun hike. Yet why? Because it showed like forty celsius, is very high, hundred pollyanna yeah yeah fool us. What we value merits unnecessarily minus forty is the same. The fuck is going on here. Who's got the wagon forty degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit there Four degrees Celsius is probably one will come to that, were what does it want to form one of four one of four young for fun? I gets hot yeah, weird melting, now? What kind of gear are you guys taking with you in terms of like our taking a jet boil. Are you take
just matches you hoping to find would try to stay light. Give a lightweight stove like what are you so we took a lightweight stove. Along with us. We took flint with his as well matches and a lighter, no no work at boilers. I tax you and build a refill m per year. What we had. Actually we had a year, a bottle that connects to the stolen lit the bottle. You can even filled up with gasoline, but you can also use vodka, whiskey and real run off the vapours. You get pumping up pump the bottle. The vapours leak out sparks of flame and you get to go real. Yes, alas, what I took specially in Mongolia, give him no much gal, you russian russian Vodka, that while will not drinking vodka just like people think you're drunk registrar, stay alive out there in the wilderness, yea, not drinking at ease and too few much doesn't at how much does like is inefficient, like the use of arguing how much larger does it take to cooking meal?
Luckily I didn't, I didn't need to try it. That was just a precaution that, with all I always code enough gasoline with me, because by using they'd the vodka, the whisky, it does ruin the stove ourselves like blocks that the small hole Spock's, the smaller the flame, and you don't want that when you in the military is funny You would think that, like raising ghastly would be more factor you, it yeah, yeah yeah, because that's not all alcohol right. Yet on other sharing their it's gotta, be Scotty. But if you had rubbing alcoholic pure rubbing alcohol pride burning better, a potentially hey, you thought so this whole idea that you you had to do this, how much encouragement! get from people that you told a story to and how many people like you can't do. This you're gonna die of there I'd say a healthy makes for those who had seen the previous adventures that I had done,
they had a young, they had hope they held hope that faith in you faith come on. Surely you got, there is renewed already accomplished to an amazing things does say, and it was never done recklessly. First, it was never really done for the wreck where there was always environmental angle, sustainability when as etc, but is also the planning so net nodded. I used to do really reckless stuff will get to that. But now it's meticulous punish the details looking at what can go wrong, but also learn and how he can possibly overcome it says weighing it back home, a good cliffhanger ground, yet whether servers but when you're walking what kind of equipment or using a GDP Ass and if so, you have a solar panels that you using to gather electricity yet agree. So yeah we'll take solar panels so had solar panels. We had the couple of power banks, so we use solar panels, charge the power banking. Then that will charge like the the cheap. Yes, the
the cameras Trask I do that. Are you? Are you putting on the back your backpack as water, say, yea, which struck at the top of the rucksack? Ok- and you know it's. Mongolia especially, is known as the eternal land of blue sky. Where I was wasn't too far, so we did have a lot of blue sky decent Sun rays as able to charge the power Bank and that parliament could last up to about a week in a half of Georgian, depended I use it real origin, so is really really useful. That's incredible! So, when you're walking come, how much does it take what is the Miller AMP our So what is it? I think I think I studied it by how many charges hunger from the Iphone. So I think it was seven or eight charges from zero percent on the Iphone two hundred percent Seventh, eighth street shoulders incur a not sometimes requires Corbett, sometimes two children to go through with a little satellite satellite phone and you're able to get that full charge.
Just from that solar panel and how long just from the Power Bank year, the solar panel would take a good while to charge a deed, the power bunk. So what I did a good while a couple days, I'd, say couplet cobbler days to get two hundred percent yet ashore, the shore twenty five to thirty percent day. I think it will. That's interesting seems like you could almost get everything you need just while you walking everyday. Thus it yeah you're right there if the days a good, you know if we re access to blue sky, but I took doesn't work and always cloudy. It does, but painfully slow pay, like maybe after an hour you but the percent. How crazy is the idea, though, of the d their steel and energy, or the scar lazy. Yes, that is on the energy. The sun is power. Your phone. I said that I want to do it that way:
just to do with our work to sound so bad and thus the exactly exactly ass. The way the world moving as well as an early energy. The sun powering your phone amidst the world just needs more efficient way. Use holler and they're gonna, get better out for sure yeah pixar better than it used to be a shot to see all over China is well actually so you Andrew rises, lotta rural places, in particular the don't really have too much access to the grid. Yeah yeah So when you or your travel around you ve got a dual use. The phone as your gps really have a stand alone: GPS units. So with China I was using deed. The gps. Not would keep me like that. ARM Inertia, girls and in reach, didn't we missed out yeah, that's the one you can communicate with people read with that one. You can send text only raw, but I did so never Reno, satellite phone own, not with for cars- and I got me out of a lot of allotted difficult situations-
Were you ever in a situation? We, like, I think, these few rob ass. I was robbed in Mongolia in China no Rapid Mongolia. What a somewhat solar panel relays they did so politely so nicely it just came over the visitors chilling with me in my russian Packwood. They bought some food and t over. We all set out in the sun and a one point they would have slit my solar panel under my tent, and I didn't see it so when I came for me to pack everything back into my ten, which I did from head down, fell asleep, and then I was all of some felt a note on the ten something was yet from underneath it. I just out alone and then someone was just run away and I thought, maybe came to say, hi enough. Just scared him off not realize it, but then the next morning realise the solar panels missing and Thou hast thou track, and I clicked and for our cave clever came back in a few hours later. Dog took it from London even run.
So now, what do you do without a fuckin solar panel? We are what had spare at that point. I took a trailer and trade away by a hundred twenty kilograms of everything that I had in it wishes by two hundred sixty pounds, and so yeah. I, with that junior. How are you like moving the trailer, so you so with Moscow earlier just stir. Up with me is like a four point: hornets What on wheels so you're, not just walk in four thousand miles. You walk in four thousand miles or to an adult vision. This is a whole different expedition, gas this takes out when it came to Robin. There was nothing. John occupies the desert. Ok, so that's it but in China no Oh I had difficult situations with the authorities with the police will join your bribes.
No, they were just. I was in a sensitive area. You have to get to the source, the plan and it took us to use swine. It government support. I needed national park access, I needed and a Green Development foundation, which is like an organization to make me a better at me doctor for you to be able to get all of this access. Thought when, when I went through the motions of getting these different organizations on board, but give me access to the authorities and allow me to get to the source it was, I was miles that was my now is really really difficult to get off the off the ground, but we did that, but still we were so close to Tibet, Tibet in place, which would come over and threatened to get rid of us, the porters, and what not? So that came as whereby, again I carried thirteen different documents or scandal official or sign. So I had to
show them how to use a satellite phone call into the Beijing to use its translation. I think that one time they may meet delete all of the information on the tract information I needed for Guinness will record the maybe delete that law is backed up because they didn't want to have me seem walk in this region. It was quite sensitive there but I was deafening China indefinitely in Shanghai Province, sensitive how so just because you ve got to bear and you ve got China under very close to each other. So I need to make sure that I was always in in China. Sometimes you get, the peace come a little They think that you're aspire something. What are the had? No idea what they thought births. It came as a shock to them. They also very worried for my safety. So there was, the angle is well, but they were saying once they found out was officially it was luxuriant apologize.
Did. I should follow me on the eat, the chinese social media. You know fall of the journey, so that was great. But after that they did say we all. Just you know bringing you and for your protection, that's badass as wolves. We don't see no westin around here, So I got tricky and there is one stage whether they said you need to be on the other side of the river. So the drovers forty miles back on herself to breach dropped his off on the other side, and we had to do those forty miles all over again. That was day six into the journey. We would desperately trying to get off the mountains. Now we just dropped back, for we had to walk those four nausea no around
namely to FARC, so yea was really tricky. Is the source around that area really sensitive and just then we found that the low costs would call the police as well. They would radio to the next year to the next year to the next currents of adventure. That was so phone signal and they would call the police and the police would often rock up to three o clock in the morning to attend at the location, bang on rocked up what doing here. So we found out that the locals or amazing, very hospitable, but they were worried and they didn't know. If it's in a western do they report, it would have been trouble if they dont report it. So they did so. It came in pretty much went from mission, Hanks Eater, almost mission escaping of aid which scaped a sensitive region that we win, but we had to evade the locals we realise that it was them call in the press that, when or how about thing release, maybe think that you are in a state fugitive right, yeah yeah. Do you think of a fugitive America or the UK is trying to get away
yeah, what better way to just Jump into the middle of nowhere in China, Wrong did I say yet, essentially or just a game like threat from your future yeah, maybe some to a bank robber type cuts, Richie Moon, oh get so you are avoiding this sensitive area, so this year, sensitive area that closely Tibet in chinese border. Yet you enter repeat any these things before, unlike did you guys sit down with the team like we and you say again: This could go wrong, that's wrong! Humming! Add you figure could go round the did so many things. I could have gone wrong that luckily didn't this was real, sketchy. Just the yangtse is just known cut through a lot of diversities, beautiful stunning parliament and beautiful prices that are being built in our sensitivities. There's that out of innovation, there is the wildlife there's, the temperatures as well. Did you see that video of aeronautics
those from China, Japan, its turned out to be fake. She's, snowboarding and behind Asia Bear running yeah. Did you hear that possible the videos, fake wet, whereas now in Japan, Russian, I'm not sure, there's Japan, as might be China. See they. They exist in Japan as well right, they do believe. So. Can you Jimmy I'm sorry double Google asking you bring new on yeah. Fund video watching them scientific sure that Yanks, so she was oblivious, resolutely hammer on opening its real. I think someone just did some cool shit would see g I, but it looks pretty. It looks like it was in a movie like our fuck off, because the girls get headphones on she's right, yeah decisions. I goes well recently with India sprints across the road and how fast it was going to C4 inheritance, So it's really well made. Whoever did it. It's like she's gotta go pro yeah it's on the ground.
And then ass she's, going down the hill and are snowboard. At a certain point time you look and see bare and she has no idea. She's laugh, everything's cool, and I want to turn aside again. Yeah you see, the bear was terrifying. Nigeria was the agent. Would you asked the second one is where I am sceptical because it seems like this fuck it looks. Pretty guardian angel is pretty get doesn't it would be hard to do. Galleys were Burgess just gave up at that point. Yet in chickens flyin, I have never snow boarded from what of her. For my friends when you snowboard easier to break your head, It's easy go up in the air and your head. Down yeah, it's easy to break! You had these kinds of enlarging the snowboard giant, so we Japan, I've got a tiger. One tiger, One recent did you ever see the one where the deeds, I think he's in India, air on a bike,
ago, Motorized, the one I'm talking to charges, Jason and higher. As you seem all my said, the sawmills he'd get some almost gets, does does definitely chased them two year. Dude that such a fine does a fucking horrific. We go character So these guys are our labours tiger. Just go in for almost got em almost got man right about that might induce wrangling right. There is wish, and here the cash for bigger engine is right. There right there's when you, oh, my god, what a killing machine so beautiful. What a funds have waited die from like most beautiful thing they created. If a tiger was in a murderous, horrific predator. The definite its people. You would look and go. It was moving avatars and without a tiger doesn't even look at your real creature. It's so beautiful study, now beautiful creatures, only beautiful inspector,
you're and murderous terrifying chasing you on a moped speed as well say with a bathing. They gonna be slogan. Ache only one way ass though they were fastened. Hussein bolt we can get away from a bare and I'll tell her she's. Well, all they need is one Anko pick one little just kitten ankle whew your flight on the air ass. He had first the airport, the volume of cross border footprints and we believe that the bare footprints were fairly fresh, maybe maybe past our set exact track that we run away China, showing with hand? How are you was maybe about this? Being a fucking guy, Patriots Instagram, that's big! Do you gotta video actually spend mastiffs as well of the Tibet must have run at summits on attack me really had a guide stepson froze the stone. You don't see that bit with the Tibetans That's a pretty good size, that's the Salzburg! I was thinking, but that's pretty is front. Poisoning beer. I think
yeah, I'm not a penny. Amazed like the back pause, almost like a human footprint. Isn't it while the big brown bears they have this a photograph of famous paragraph of a woman, the USA she's a while I biologist they attack this grisly like too put a collar on interference, location or like that, maybe do a test on it and she's holding its foot up. It is literally like a huge dinner play for What's he do you find that picture you know what a biologist holds up yeah. I saw that one Susan grizzlies
it is a fucking q and a clause on it yeah, it's like as wide as my chest. That's what the barrel looks like and she's, hopefully that we look at the pocket sized. You don't stand a chance so crazy. It's so crazy that nature created that clean up system for the Fuckin Woods anything when a limp danish fucking around places it shouldn't, be you haven't too many babies. Oh, I smell em coming to get em done doc, We are an you're you're out there these things and you just have a little tent and no adolescents and no weapons. In the story of eighty three of your forward. There was three for the first three we x, and then there was to us for four days them from then on. It was pretty much solo, most of the way for the first sort of half of the expedition men. Second, half super interactive opened up. People would join and also you gonna do about it. Ba
spray went pretty big in China, we have, journalists would have chinese celebrities and they walk with you and they would trick with his yeah. Those sometime organise events where be what climate would teach them all to be: lay off the cliff and work have instagram. China knows where to get all of the different social media platforms they got us pigs live with, so they might marinated in vodka and chile and yellow reckon it now. You blown up both of Us Peshawar, so us, like a red delicacy, can eat a rule straight from the Yangtse River, how sick you get yeah to have some serious stomach bugs you guys I over the past decade, ivy in all sorts of the law. So this light up towards the east, so super interactive as well it was, so these kids all knew that you're doing this year. Yes, a news channel vows when we create a documentary, that's pretty cool and one point: a good host, Italia, Maison, hospitality, so friendly one point: Adidas got wind of it and they invited me to launch: do no gently. Yes,
He had a co branded range between sovereign and Adidas, like a fool shoe G Q, Adidas Jackie long he's, like a big movie star, had jumped at that it was one day off one day in Shanghai straight back into the wilderness, and now crazy contrast, woman in the wilderness next minute flying out to shine? all of these stylists make a party woe Photoshop both show back here and now they wanted, like a face of the east through represent their brand closer face from the west. Came from nowhere. So's gray in a lot of people stagger wind on it again I to store, I think, eight to nine different social media channels in in China. So have their own platforms. It on Google Instagram spawn you to accept your so yeah out a great team engine, films and Beijing. You, you really helped support, settle this up and translating There are certain point time known these people go with you, the low taper, I'm done you're on your own.
With that kind of weird like when the crowd yeah yeah, now about to be yourself again left over again as the second half of the expedition he's ok, so chemicals, many people, but the first half man, the first half got quite difficult. It was loan at times it is born at the high can dont really sounds funny. Dont sixteen July Pike and working with the eight chose to do for anger. I get pretty boy, he desired Everyday Laguna, really like porridge ass. It is actually the survival is the challenges and its people. You mean along the way, and so did you ever have a point where you had large groups of people would then not yet quite often behind the largest we had was about thirty, five or forty people and then afterwards they went away afterwards. They went away. I saw that back on the grind. Motions: Thou must be the weird part. Yet bunch people join in with you and then they're gone. Thus it and then you still trudge
and you ve gotta, you know, keep going it alone. Podcast on the phones is an truck. Yonder is only to an unknown days to go. Look on the bright side. Does it first part, was more so because the second half there's lots of people is variants right. At the first off IDA, UK photographer fly out Morton lines joint may use postage on for two weeks, but there was a terrifying onsite pretty much what was did just blocked the way. There was only two options to cross and again No, this is in his profession. That's not. Why does he's a photographer sues bees come into my world and these You know seeing these two options: either one could go terribly wrong geared to job in a hell of a distance and strange the Yangtse River, so he was supposed to join with two weeks, but the end up going back on. Data, but one of the six I was just as the danger of China across it, and so for my mindset, haven't company for two weeks of a good friend of mine is from the UK? I could speak hacking, conversing communicate with so then I no one but to my own need still in the wild side of China still but
still wolves and I'm solar, so that hit me hurt us you chief journal in your tented night, yeah, but I shall stick to. I did on the previous expressions with this one start to voice memos catch him. I thought feelings, my emotions and sobs cat specially for the book of corruption as much as possible? Could indigenous with your phone dnice with the phone? We are worried about drop in your phone. And everything I was. I was I, which are each city. I came across such a charge back everything shied lightly a year. Yeah wifi. What are you allowed to use over there? You have to use an android phone on their system chinese system. No, you know we're. Ok, I just took my Iphone connected to all of their social, social media. Of course, out of my bank account transactions all about with China. I was very much on the system, but you can't use twitter or in no m overcome you, gonna gets Vps. What is the overture private network? I say so I thought it was one of their apps.
So what are their acts that your ideas with their social? So they have like label which is like an instrument that a week which is kind reach us club is kind of like a what's up merged into Facebook. So are you having to translate of their their comments like when they write things or when they right yeah. I can, but sometimes it too many com you gotta, opening up on the Vps opened the Google dry it I'll just. The team, the team it actually do most of the post in forming a senator to the EU Katy to post on the international social media website. Also they send them that post them they could put out his round or twitter thus safely out. I would send them like a voice memo or a message of text. What's what to say? Was there ever an issue with the Chinese governed that you are doing that through a third party that you're somehow another getting the information out to the real internet?
no so much noack as even the satellite that we had to carry. I carried like it uncovering of sunlight begin system. If, if you like that, we had to register with the government and he had to sign off so they knew what I had with me, and it was with that satellite that was able to send to the Beijing team would forward onto the UK team and from there we were able to make it one of the world's most interactive first. Do they have any concern raw by you, you using the regular internet Ceta just using the Chinese approved in Social media sites that you are also using the other ones that we're international. Thus, it is an international and D in China. They have an issue without it all the time. No, not that I am unaware of no another, the Chinese or also on Instagram as well, really yeah. How do they do their ppm? Of course, yes, and a lot of tolerance that yes, it only a certain amount of lockdown that they can. They can have. That's it says:
what a chinese travellers is worse. They go to these foreign countries. There now get Army Instagram, the Twitter, that it gives woke the awoke yeah foreign countries, so that that's gotta be weird using their guns. An approved social media that feel why you're using a yeah yeah, I got so you stuff in those ten or eleven different social networks. I was on uranium. Teams saw there was too much. You know they are. Moreover, there then went over here, yeah I'd, say on the well connected. Their phones. To second extension is a different things: in what way in terms of the like do they have different apps? They use more often or differ a year. Phones, they have their own up, so they have everything that we have been converted to just different yeah. Now I will go on. Like we have an issue in this country with with Why way and allow these chinese companies, then you can't even by a waterway phone anymore overnight, but the war
they sell over. In China are super, sophisticated, showed us a deal at the top of the food chain. Gowns ratings are bitter and the cameras is well. Yeah gives us wall of chinese love as well, be able to take good photos, videos and not just an instant cell with the communist come with thoughtful yeah. They blocked them from Google, though this is work. It's really interesting is why I'm asking Google no longer. Let them use Google apps, so you can't use Google play store, so you have to decide, load, Abzug, side load, some apps or you have to get the while way version of the Alps Somebody, I wonder if what happened from the United States trying to stop them from taking over their worried. That is, a branch of the government and they're gonna get their hands in all these different enterprises. In businesses and their real, despite everything, an extract information, we can do that with their Weiwei devices thickness how it yeah. But it's interesting that I wonder if leaving them out of this
system will make them create a system, that's better, and they dont even need our system anymore. It's almost better, the like yeah, you know faintness the weights going. Do you know you ve Dagda, Google, but the abiding body? just like you, but they were control. More thou have whatever their version of of Wikipedia. Our government control information. Now they got so many good at it. I think I ve gone up his well like a delivery up where, if the guys I woman late you king from a complaint and then it's free delivery costs pennies, as it is the one minute. Yes, sometimes we call on everyone eminently. Is it ok? Can you not for phoning as he won't get paid? There were some fruit. At last year, unlike even the bullet trains that so advanced? The bullet trains leave on the second alone, the minute from the seconds before them, and if anything that just so sufficient, and you see that everything's in house they got things coggan over there. If it made in China, they are almost ass, they dont need. The rested
Well that's the scary thing. You know it's, it is re. This again pleasant place to be added my friend, Martin Dance in museums world say that join me. Omission. Yangtse decided maybe they might be a little bit more suppressed and when he join, whose everyone's happy everyone's doing that tie Chee dancer bones active real strong sense of community were part of the world power. China was this all over all over, so do you think that we in America have a misconception what it's like to be China, yeah yeah? I know, Just in the? U S. Uk is well I've everywhere. I think most countries year do things because we don't communicated or because their languages so different that seem so different because their narrow there all the way over there like what is it, you think it's just because it so locked off, isn't it is deadlocked off the grid. Will you shut up about what they do I right now than that that will save for them on solar panels, wind farms they since nothing, nineteen thousand soldiers out to plant trees, but also that the notion,
and to get tension that you do it and saw sometimes see Thou channel doing enough, but on the inside, when I'm over in China Seal, you know whoa. We didn't know about this. Sayin onto two brains are before I went to China. I thought maybe it's going to be the same, but us why go to these places in ITALY get out their exploits interior meet the people of the country under s pleasant places they for sure. That's pretty bad ass men get a totally different view of a country than what most people do that to do it for a full year. Do you think there's gonna be a place. You go back and visit now a hundred percent. I think it it took off so well at such immense support there. That's her, be shame not to continue it, so I will be going You know that mean teams other already looking at next idea, I'm sure you are so is that how it works and how much time do take when you're done walking for a year and with some did take before you,
girl can our barely know. So as soon as I got back for mission, Yangtse, Island and Asia, torso straight back how their career Singapore, mind more back out to China, do lectures. I've been out there four times over these can be added Cctv. The documentary and yeah just detects talks as well. Some who have been bought for five times already since a finished only for five months ago was every month, I'm pretty much back out there. When did you do the first one? We were the first. What was the first one Mongolia, so the first year was. Mongolia was two thousand and thirteen busy and how long that talks seventy eight days so do soil pretty much doin. Now, living in way those they went from high school went to college. To do now do education course. I was work in various different, your first job. What was it fourteen fifteen fish and chips shop for
Only an hour you grinding away, and then I went into waiting on then went into life. Gordon goes ahead that the life golden money for young teenager sixteen seventeen prevail paid and then it was from that and I start to save up as much money as I can't get rid of my little jalopy of a call for myself low bicycle cycle to or from would save in the pan he's an event she left aged nineteen. On the first place I went Wash, China Great was only there for two weeks. I left China. When I look back on the map of China's big place, a bell even touch the surface. You no need to get myself butler, but after that, just various reckless, extremely low budget adventures held around Sofie stage, wanna, say low budget by bicycle for ten dollars, find showing on the side of the road that we would use to stop the rooks icon to the back with no pump. No, no puncture packet were about to cycle over Cambodia.
Why? Over eleven hundred miles, why wouldn't you get a puncture remarks? Just save in the pennies we actually got Tarzan. I tired gnomon. We got ten. Those five dollars found out. The hard way was waterproof just recklessly silly things you made it on the bike, though, made it a bikes open seventeen times and toes with my friend my normal you both I am a named my little elder. A ridiculous. Now think bikes. Maybe my instagram taking Us- oh bicycle, Basque, on the front, little pink bell off: we when both of us I broke seventeen times in total how'd. You get a first, we would walk up her local, the locals and broke up see if they can help and they would fix it really hospitable to so many have to translate that, where the did you ever translate You know no, so we're just out their wages in Iraq. With a smile, I think smile and is the biggest star. Communication. Sign, isn't it should oversee use it as a threat, the berries down points at the problem and that they would help me horizon
walked in like a dick with flat tire snugly. Yeah, that's exactly a year, so we just raw rock saw is our by dogs hit by mopeds. Dodge by lorries, allows the first away from home adventure. I'd say that that was the catalyst you said dodged by lorries yeah. What does that mean that the roads were extremists? had she ok enough, only tide of transit and they would be. Who can I come in right down the mountain path, I was on the boys were work is probably aware, squeezing in his go faster We need to get off this roadmap and I can try getting cycle faster and without a you know. After that, we just found my niece found my passion for wow. This is great chief, its reckless. But after that we were in Thailand. We hooked up with a local ganis and we can cross the border into mine more to a community, as I care a booming hill tribes
learned, jungle survival. So did we went there's this group living out there in the mountainous jungle region of the Board of Tibet and mine, more their teachers, berries that does mosquito repellent pot them rope them any skin. Repelled mosquitoes finnish teaches how hunt how to gather what berries, what leaves were edible, what plants were edible, how to build raft and shelters using natural resources and only bamboo banana leaves is about It was a sunset shelters, for the rainwater to run off is amazing, which has continued these sort of adventures. Around Sofie stage, hopped over to Australia found some work. Is an australian power in gas? Think it was a knock on people's doors. I thought this is. It means what not one on children form in a suit known
You know I remember I was shadowing. My boss walked up to this drive and it was his guardian of the drive to know these pull ups. At that point I had become quite and healthy for bit more weight on wasn't sticking to the train. It wasn't stick to it. Good diet they jumped down. It wasn't just in the Austrian upon gas, but he mentioned something. I respect you guys out here for plus degrees celsius, undulate Fahrenheit, not on people's doors in suits Johnny, seldom a good deal. I want my boss replied something cringe worthy, said Cynthia. I ever we get paid a lot of this. You know I drive a skyline so unnecessary in the guy replied, guy, he's doing the bullets snow or about the most. The lifestyle too. I know one of sudden now is a slap in the face for me. That's why I store to travel to the next day. I quit the job. Go myself a little bike with my friend
again reached colonel cycle to see things like an austrian law. Saying something. Do she that's lean due in the right direction? Yeah I was thinking for while this is- and this is me and has an ear on foolish yeah yeah I was doing something that it wasn't wasn't right, but his behaviour for yet another his pavia, that was the sort of says. Look at the sky I am not stood on his side and understood with this well, I'm go, and this is my boss: runny would eat my fast food every single morning. You know KFC on us to site. This is how I might comes just need someone to say something like yeah little nails, bark and I've had a those long nudges along the way that if it wasn't for notes, I dunno, maybe I would its continued and no idea. I think we all encounter those yeah sure so did you say You got robbed that one time they stole saw a panel. That's it
so yeah, what's it seems like you would get robbed a lot more money. Coastguard. Madagascar was will sketchy, I'd, say, come tomorrow, Gasket, yes, so, just before, after that, Australia Cycle and the form on Galileo cited this Lynxes into the Mongolia, So she then work in Thailand because the money was solo. That's fine work as it must scuba, diving instructor, by so doing them. We tie our Thailand, which was Orson to see that discipline. You know that you're being there shins catch, you ever done it before. I know I can fool box and viruses doom boxing in Wales. Did you not to take it all know? So when I learned the hardware, and as such the hardware she that are you not had the box and stands left for in front the more tie. Stunted small square on is different and they just check my leg up instantly juggler skate. They need to get to know no fists with major job. My leg of the next day I had to come
Work I can climb. Out of the latter will follow my scuba diving kept as I couldn't then my leg from there. I just correct data train and five six times a day killer. My new engines on this in August loved it had stayed fi vision, yeah, radio, it was in Qatar. Little island quota, so got sailed from mainland over quota the winner, the loser. You can make money. Of course you know. So that's kind of my way of paler and if I weren't you leave will with money, if you lose, you leave with nothing yeah and you ve got the locals around ringside sites with bang it down on the cap. This whole money up there with a point and a few other points in your opponent. How do you know when you take a fight like this, that its well matched year? What dont really. So that was my first stadium fight and partly this guy, my opponent, that was his sick, but we looked similar height. We always look to be may be more experience because of the fire, but hadn't been fine since a young age like a lot of the ties of another star surgeon
as you know, and dumb, Sir yeah. It was a lot of it and I my haulage right too much rain, whose bus or how many five six months in such pretty fast you notice, striped. Then you said you'd box before that I proposed before the unimpeded now not compete. So it's just amateur fighter. You ha. I was in Madagascar. S actually is playing around with my my guide. I love it. I saw you how many fights to have over there. It was probably about eight club fights, but only one stating fight they want stadium fight. Was that the big one? You know the one that pay for about two three months with accommodation of good. I needed it. You don't know how much money is a scoop it either in silent, worthless, also you're wrong. You stadium fight when the stadium fight yeah, that's US year were made to stop the Mongolia
So I love this. Lifestyle is Duke doing it like two years like leaving until after two years by Psy, I missed truck in the Himalayas. I miss my time with it. The community, the hill tribe in mind more cycling, Vietnam, so I need to do something a big something I'll take me to a country that I'm very unfamiliar with, and that brings in Mongolia sellers. The first word first record not not. First to attempt, though, a guy from Britain had attempted on three occasions. Unfortunately fight you, it evacuate just before the half way. Point of view The record is what would be so is the first to walk solo and unsupported across Mongolia length so as from West to So we say unsupported that mean there's. No one monitoring you at all does right so you're you're on your own, yet you track and by a powerful. You know the people that you see on the way the communities, supported mean and everything that I needed for to make the journey from slaughter to end point within the trailer that I was pulling and it was a bug, stand a trailer
A family friends by God, sees this trailer away two hundred and one pounds year, one hundred and twenty kilograms, which I think is to sixty cells. Here you are put on this thing. We're partners, frizzle, that's hard hearted do yet. Is it a flat road like that? so this is entering the Gobi desert. So it's three weeks over the outside mountains. Five weeks across the Gobi Desert and a further three weeks of freedom on rolling stock, so. The outer mountains were extreme machine you know it, sir, no suspension, of course, on the trailer, even one pebbles don't get in the way, and you know you struggle into the sun storm and I came across, is actually want. Smaller ones, but that's a small, as the small one year so painful as well, with our Gina ever been in a sense to know so picks up the stone we ve been effect, why Missis. Reed is eight centuries yeah. I can't see anything right. Let's see some of that role into Iraq, yes, soldiers
I have taken videos Overman put him up on our social media. It's crazy! It looks like something out of a dozen only use rather yeah. You see the scary scattering giant clouds of dirt of yours. He knows Jamie Sandstone! pull up sandstorm in Iraq its Some of these are destined to comment on what the inevitable just gotta Hocker down here It is your right it out, like you, like. I was able to go TAT, video NGO, fucking bananas. Al Assad IRAN as soon as it hits the wind the day Science is darkness inside and going on him anything and you're gonna get your tent and you're gonna have to breathe through the yet there wasn't one big, I would say that I had to her. It was still big, but I count on walking because sometimes it just come on nowhere. So I didn't it was more like this when these without the the wall that you can see in the distance comments, would you like that all the old go back on it
Jamie. This is how you see the storm overtake them and they literally kills the day and turns it into not. Yet it is a blocks out. The Sunday were its roots. Really crazy gases. Guy standing there and the storm, starts to overtake him and everything starts to get dim and then, after Stew look at the difference in the car so fast, changing as well as and now there in the middle of it, and now it literally blocks out the site, they're in the centre of that fuckin, her fixed or just walking around three. The yes so looks more like a dust looking just stone where it some kind of Similarly, the sand baby moves independence, the speed of the wind, sandstorm, eventually gonna, cover up so we have a mask with eyes away, gloves at where fleece just pounding is almost sandpaper, you know So it is how long that less than they would less about fifteen twenty minutes to
walk and it stands. I ok, I'm walking Yak did carry on working, could see where you goin he is wrong. As you ve got a head on the compass just keep going keep going yeah, but he also following a track. So this was the bay as I almost does. She lost my life in the goby. Deserts are trying to follow a truck and track is like you lifeline. If you're not follow, if you're off the track, it could be hundreds of miles the track as weathers water source as a well ways alongside, but the go between five weeks to get across a week after week are suffering slowly. Dehydration heat exertion slip into each drop, which usually fatal this big twenty to water container sort of member just russian in my last remaining jewels of water. If you like, I was hallucinating, got such a toolbar state, one of the water wealth with joy and not push on to the next one. The hope that it had water It was a mix of hard son, gravel and
of sun. So now you can imagine pulling the wheels through soft sovereignty, which is digging I put in a concrete blog through Hell, Oh, and I was just I got really skin. I got really weak. The weeks went by US disorder. Sailors hallucinating. I was sort of could feel my organs join up. If you like is the point I just continue to rest under my shells, its forty forty five degrees celsius, no breeze, no natural shelter. The only shot I could find it was was underneath the trailer or religious lion arrow. My back for about forty five minutes to an hour. Then you haven't done it. I didn't have the evacuations, the previous guy had no helicopters going gonna come and rescue
you know me back it than I had was my logistics manager, my fixer capital city. They did so allow at least three to four days for him to get to me at least in a day or two from to get me out it safety. All. I knew that there was a community which hunch sent had water was bought three or four days trek away, and I continued on a pretty much past the option of of pick up at that stage. The only way to make it was pushing on those extra few days of the community, but again for days, is just too much for housing.
Agony man, absolute agony to one of the thoughts of the feelings. Thus, when you have always, but I've always been a big believe and breaking my goals now I can visualize the three or four days, of course, but what I could visualizes a hundred meters. I could see a hundred meters Sars, just if I can. I can rest for five minutes, not our walk four hundred metres and then risks us all I could manage before. I was just in a mess hide on a much wider again for another five minutes. I can continue to do this, maybe by breaking my goes down after four days of hundred meters. I can make it to the community Did just about software. Radars urine was almost black unite in a bad way, you're. What was blind? I you're urine yeah yeah, oh my god, so you probably have severe dehydration
in an awful. I was lucky to make it if that community wasn't there had been abandoned. The locals when they are definitely wouldn't of, would have made it now when you walk into a community is how many people were talking. How big is a community talking, probably five, six huts, maybe twenty thirty people? Why the desert- and you just show up so weird. Why do Poland slurred for a bigger trail of garbage doing this? They go so that's it myself, with this is before I start feel about. So with that, I too run ahead. Myself set up my come on a tripod put on video or over time and with this one it was a video search. China show how difficult it was to pull the trail through the sand. Selina photos. Ninety degrees. Now believe TAT was that's insane agonizing. How many miles in the soft says so five weeks in the goby. Does it, but not five, which, with a soft hand, say maybe weak, solid scattered over the five weeks,
folks, if you wanna this we're looking at photo on Instagram of ash poet. The sled, leaning into it like did. You must kick ass, a tug of war. While you go backwards, he's think about I think about how much time you spent dragon, a fuckin sledge. Your legs must be mass steal, a was painful, it was painful, average has to recover right game, beheld lifting a little bit awaits every year and you feel each step is just a run of lights. Ass, its you know you and how horrible. So this is why our western off Did you worry about our Abdo, Milo Sis? I know No, I was not you see, I still train and in the governor Electronic keep my mind set. You know we do in actual, don't serve asked. I would try to stay regimented in I've, no military background, of course, but you know the mindset I was trying to stay focused. I will do my pushups my sit. Ups. Always been keen into their into the fit
this story. I see when I came back from Thailand to attempt this. I moved back him with my parents had no money. Of course they allowed me backing within, which was great. I don't even have money from Jim membership so had my uncle John me for trying to tire of or local sledgehammer would like Bob bitter calisthenics. Unless we do now and the rain hawk or conditions of Wales Flippin, they try to tie a beaten it with a sledgehammer. John, China prepare myself not physically, but mentally. You know when you in you you, as you know you could cover five o clock in the morning. Can it's how and with Winwin us analysing you want to do is go on and on and train, but I wouldn't have been option among goals. So again, another saying by pony self in more uncomfortable snores, the more comfortably you become China do that. So did you develop some sort of a work programme case, stick to a specific, routine, yeah routine, my routine, which chest full on calisthenics, so it be with that?
Mongolia train for two three hours a day five days a week, so out, I think, actually on the instant the highlights this section. Fitness were a few different clips on its head. Pushups sit ups, pull flipping the truck the tie it sledgehammer work. I was working on chicken of all components: flexibility, agility, Balin, speed, reactions, uncle, wouldn't She and I knew that my inequality is gonna, be crucial because Poland, the trailer if you come over over a stone you list your heaps of being poor, left and right. So you need to be a John enough to be able to push on through that. That's interesting about the cord and think of it that were yet cause via, like all of these sort of polyps, really helped us. Well for the young, but did you have someone coordinating this wish? You did you get some advice from like physiologist personal trainer? I didn't know I'm sort of yourself to grab some clips on Youtube through a lot of it. Food shot an arrow strange since thirteen,
What do you know based on law around here, yet calisthenics and the martial arts help. It took a lot from the more time and still implemented the incident into the train regime. I'm just I love it, but body movement fascinates me of the train. I get soup super ratty as well. If I don't you any longer, even train, today and I lay went over to the to the pier rings their straight. I lost a lot of weight, so chronic put some weight by commies. Well, I love it on the This is a crucial part without the fitness there's no way. I would have made these expedition. I can only imagine we just seen you pull that slot am. I gather looks like hell on the fact you do in a hundred yards rest for five minutes hundred yards, I mean this amazing that your body didn't break down just from overexertion Maison, what the human bodies capable of in genuine isn't it on a had huge fears and massive danced before this expedition. Not sort of my message to everyone is you know your formal capable than you
you think you're a seizure doubts into your mind. Don't you and that's what I was doing and so on going outside? You know: don't have you fear, nothing fears healthy doubt can be toxic on it. Did you get tested for Abdo if your pc is that color idea. Hydrated, I think I did when I got back. I was slightly worried. Just me, organ to what I was feeling with my organs always are. They would drying up just needed to check that everything was to function in fine and everything was good. The body recovers fast knows I was only twenty four. I guess then, twenty three, what what much weight. Did you lose by the end of that? So that was seventy eight days and I lost thirteen kilograms and seventy eight days, which would thus we'll talk my earliest I'll pounds. Yes, almost thirteen kilograms, as well with machine Yanks about spread over you and I was very concentrated.
Set alarm in russian packet, five hundred and thirty in the morning. I would not. This was two weeks of the Gobi Desert, where we can all learn. Wake up at five, the russian pack at five hundred and thirty and I'll do a whole full teen hours before I had my my next russian seven, thirty, no food and burning insane amount of calories year. How many scholar do you need a dangerous, isn't like there s plenty of hours, away calories. If you're doing nothing, if he just didn't, you know probably close to two thousand isn't it depends, though, on your body weight, you're just sitting around. Obviously be less in some of those moving around, but everybody's varies. That's crazy thing to do. Who did slowly starve yourself, why? Your point? A he lives and cheese
to my mind, the holds me anything just get it in their man, but you know the guys that when I walked up to the community, super friendly really last lies yeah did any didn't speak there. I didn't speak the language, you know what's funny story actually in the outside mountains, it was causing family sought, always try to eat in rest. At whenever I get kazakh farming that sort of melody out. I walked up forty five minutes inside signal. Marah child a t v and whatever they they gave me and towards the end, those rights being forty, forty five minutes, I need to make a move now, I'm just as those but said I looked at the guy, the man of the heart. It was a man and his wife, a girl. I can be very weird. I slightly squinted slight clothes like he's. Thinking is something you know it looks over to his wife was girlfriend.
He looked back to me back at his wife and then often white there and then in hand. Gestures me offered me his wife, woe right there. I thought the sort of ancient do Yes, I know it is going to hand just GM products at the bed and important, as I didn't What do you know so? I won't you know that ignores now has tried to read her. Thus here she's years now, but we just it was awkward silence from ten fifteen say we will exchange. Look. She was looking at me. I look at you put on a fake laughed couple of seconds later. He laughed with me and I made a swift action. She continued breastfeeding a child shall breast feeding you all right yeah! I want you to take every year when I was one of those things that this actually happened or will I leave and I haven't joke right now and they're laughing away. The fact that you know you just never know the endemic gas if they live,
intense in the middle of nowhere and is five tents and takes forever to get their. Those people are probably freak probably do in some weird freak shit. They probably have no attachment whatsoever to sexual, or maybe it's like. I e hey, don't yet to be really hospitalized Super Hoss hospitable, you know, but you do he old school. Exploration of hate it before by didn't think in this generation this day and age that stupid going they probably living like old school Mongolian, yeah S, little wild sexually right for can far West that was a cosmic family, so they would have come over the border, which is playing mounted the outer mountains or suffer so this was using cars. Extend this was the West Mongolia West, but there's a heavy population of cause. The ones are actually hunt. You know the evils riding Yes, the pushed on their hamley soap wool, how different they look there. There look like that. Kazakh is more of an airy. That's cool or to what so kind
that right on the on the border, see you got Mongolia sandwiched between each Russia of nor China. Sal, just the name as it does on the on the west. You ve got Kazakhstan but another thing, that's the second largest Lima, a first law. Just landlord country in the world. Mongolia, the second largest landlocked countries in the world do you're walking through the yeah well so gangster, and that was my first trip It is well. I didn't have the money to do Iraqi, like I did with China and Madagascar. I'd never into the country with rocket whether with the trailer when you show up its own tent, do offers sent them something for like how do you have worked out? I had a piece of paper translated it described to you. I was what I was doing: when why I'm here and you're hoping they can read low, yet I say open on some. You write some some couldn't again. You know, you see a guy looking a mess, you big be down looking in pain, lookin huh.
Greater skinner. You pretty much, no show any shelter food water, so they did every time and they were they were so counting on people being nice. That's a maze and that's all I've ever done. You know human right. I love it, people that just so so friendly so hospital. Even the UK cycle in the UK is when I was twenty. I was raising funds for the Nspcc. It was illegal, sometimes accompanied city, so go or not, and so on do not look now. Do you mind if I set it Maya, my ten and you from God and like all employees, why only had the door slammed on me once we was an old guy for with a friend. You just look to me slump went back inside our guard. She bunker the area for some families. Here they were, they were fine. That's amazing that you that, but did you have any funds like? Could you give them money?
for food if they were going to give it to you for free. Here, what did I say so I took paper on pens, education purposes. They love if you can give their their child like paper. Pens Charles, which acts would just be playing with thought in absolute hello, barter thing yet almost, but sometimes they just one except it takes is plainly simply like now had the law in in China, well said, but you didn't have any money did. I have not yet had cash with me, but never offered anyone any money for food? No did not know yet know. Maybe I did maybe I did yet, but they would again, they would accept it. Especially if I was sleep in the night I would a hundred percent. I take it. No! No! No! It's tough down my trailer. They you don't lose. And then I learned that was it then I learn day was offensive to offer the money. Because you're in their environment, and they know themselves
They see. I had a guy wants run when be down on horseback from the distance coming to me. Speed, and it was all just give me a bottle to take away with with tee inside. I try, Jen China offers you gave a distant I'll, be watching every ten minutes coming from a distance from a distance ogre. Just to give me Hawaii dirty so yes, I learn that was offensive. To give the money is almost sin and better than you. I have money, you don't the rich in life. They ve gone in the list of the products they wanna be given when they harsh environment so ass. I, while sir School? So that's. Why stop to the paper intends that some, what a life changing experience, it must have been a year, the longing through a place where you don't know any language at all. Meeting these feeble and having them take you in feed you yet yet Oh, is incredible. Renew your faith and people at all was that didn't renew your faith in people.
Did you know my house. I hope I will say it enhances yet everywhere I've ever all of the different countries in the travels out of them. People of just been absolutely amazing. I'm always China give back in return, sometimes I'll. Take you which makes me happy. Sometimes such is not interested in the night. No, don't money it in China. There was one that the game low to food. They gave me commendation They then gave me breakfast. They gave me three days with food to take away with me along the Yankee and they just wouldn't except my money when, except anything tat I might know my or the best. Incredible. Madagascar was a little a little bit different Madagascar was a beautiful country. Down south is very poorest. People suffer with malnutrition. Malaria is big out. There is still a common area. Almost
For me, you caught me where I call malaria. Yes, are you weren't unwary medication, yeah yeah? I was all malaria medication. I came across a community that had the suffering with bubonic plague. Such an ancient disease They pretty much said. I had two guys with me this time, so they were able to translate. Primmer said stain you ten now without relative die, we got the suffering with the plague here. Instantly made me feel nervous on edge. You know that brought some dogs when an amounting going away. Zip Dan, so they would do the cooking and they bought me. This eel smell a little bit funky, but we were hungry me and my two guys. We eat the er for the next few days. We were suffering with Diarrhea and I believe that the anti malaria pills they only cover you up to eighty percent. Anyway, it was gone in one way or the other, and I didn't have the full eighty percent protect me from the strain of malaria, a common area. I it from me
to the global desert to the symptoms and size of suffering with a fat like us just suffer with dehydration. I asked I was gained week in week out lose a lot of weight was vomiting and it got to a point where days went by those. This isn't dehydration. This is this. Is a disease himself who something but I pushed on made it to a community that I knew had overland transport. How far did you walk with malaria? I think I probably walked for days or so malaria holy shit yeah. It was brutal I'd, but at that time I had no idea right saw my dehydrates. I should drinkin drinkin, think I'm gonna get Bessie made it to the community arrived at one of the news hospitals and she said you potentially made in time potentially a few hours before
into a coma, and that's when I realise, and then it was the deadly strain of malaria is full support, single for different strains of malaria. The deadliest unused kills you within twenty four hours, but I believe a lasted five days could have taken the animal aerials and then he that one, you can eradicate fully out of you. System. No one year on the anti malaria medication mean you shit near softly. It doesnt stained system taking more of it. You think you have it. No. I wasn't scared as well overdose, because you can't you know you can't you don't know how much is gonna. How much is still in use system can't just how much acre your love take of it? I want one pillar day. It will so, you brats would suggest and ran, was saying that he experienced toxicity because he was taken five pills a day member when Justin was talking about the dove Don T, antimony he's yeah that we actually research that there has been problems with some troops that get on that Anti malaria medication and they d get really sick from it. Yet actually,
do something to your brain J memory in us, the Montraville, Nigeria US like a short jealousies and it would suffer you on What answer I was alone dockside cycling does I just don't think the moral development had. He said my mother alone for money. Now covers you about seventy percent. I think dad was on that and I set a flock, win Look at that also has a different browser. So what's it is stronger strange, but he was on it and he he's gotten it just in he runs charity called fight for the forgotten riled wells for the pygmies these guys three times well, it wash drain is as other. Maybe it wasn't the one was it man? I was a young member. I am talking about because the three lotion, Ski can actually remained daunting assistant. That's what they said with him. He got it again after you had it. Malaria, drugged causes in damage that mimics PTSD
again, a malaria, drugs drug you're, a drive us inside even just now everywhere, Hayley now before you have it unavoidable. So I became the appointed it with unerring, UK after that is one side try to day? I was the lucky ones to survive and then, as I pushed on still a four months to go, I got a month one of a five month journey to walk to southern too from towards south to north of Madagascar summits of a high mountain on the way to a hundred and fifty five days this June. It is one thing, and six hundred more slowly beginning the Mongolia Journey on a lot of it was just machete in hand. Hacking through the jungle leeches joy, pinned down spied a bite hunting gathering you're on in gathering elsewhere to earn jungle. You know where you can gather the local so I have no military background at all. Do in this region strange noise, a military backgrounds come into do the survival, but everything that I've learned. I've tried to
I get as much knowledge as I possibly can from the locals. So, unlike the mine the mind more he'll Community Mongolia. How they survive. Madagascar was edible, what isn't how to build raft etc. So, well I always to take a small percent unless we can never take as their so knowledgeable rise to what they can eat gather. What the calm you knows, a lifetime, isn't it so. I just had to try to pick up as much as I could in a short space of time, but again I was learning as we when we were young do in some. Seeing dunes him gathering, but we were losing weight. Here too, there was three or four weeks of jungle territory further north of the island, where they photographer join us for that one, and it got to a point where, I just hate the idea to it was the cycle season. We would covering we walk about fourteen hours a day and we would cover. Maybe three
miles. If just hacking through is sheer, dense jungle mountains. One day we, turn round and do you turn a walk three days back on herself to mind a different way up the mountain however, support into perspective. Now, when you do a, u turn in a car right is just a utilised yes, three day Now, when you see gathering you mean stuff to eat stuff to either. How do you know what you can eat and what's knocking Again we kill you, we had the local guides. There is a local guide: Maxie was nails, proper bushmen, we were collected Please put such great english statement. Nails proper nails, proper bushmen is, as a matter of fact, the nails proper bushmen. Let it remain growth of Provo bushmen. What kind of stuff did you guys gather would would ye a lot of through a lot of plant based cocoanuts mangoes? Are we going
say it also easy wild mango tree air, while air, which is scrambled on up the throw them down ten wreck than rodents kind of like head chokes, will spikes. They borrow underneath he's a say: it took a shelter www max ass, wild man's making visible camp fire yet took it into the shop. Turns out he shouted the use most. The time I was yet. Lastly, determined ten is well but turn on the weather. We just get get this one. I sleep alone on a creepy coolies and one of the Almighty God ass now, Madagascar, shorter, the boa constricted snake fog, the machete right. Did you keep that bitch crept in you handled in the Shetland everywhere? Then I went year. We got lost another time as a follow me in March.
Find our way and we want the team just got in a demo away. They just enough of them, and I was the same ass meal broken now: blood gonna leech bite. But again I was anything I think. No matter what you do, you can't always be motivated. Mri become be disciplined. Now was the difference. We stayed discipline. We focused on the low stats. Fifty meters rest. Fifty me is, I bet nobody appreciates comfortable bed like you, man, everything so convenient get back home. I switched the Catalans I can take a shower can do whatever it's gonna theatres toast push it s got a puppet when it's done when you out there, you ve gotta, stay away Let us stay focused attention to the small details, but back home everything's so I do appreciate we get back in sight. While we don't know how comfortable we actually have. It was euro Gratitude for that stuff must be off the charts yeah. Just from those experience that sayin I do, sufferers are sometimes take it for granted after a few months to be
back yards from us back to the malagasy jungle in Vila look Yeah is oft could be worse. That's how many so, how many all told of these crazy journeys have you been on well over the past decade now so that the three big ones, of course, the Mongolia, Madagascar and the biggest one? Most ambitious was was mission yangtse, I wanted to see a photo of the the Yankee River you talk about. I think, on the instant highlights you ve got two thousand and nineteen starts with piquancy goes right from West goes down, South kills backup and engine is shown. Such an absurd. These these three big giant ones, but then there's some other ones. So there's the Vietnam, Cambodia, cyclist tracking Himalayas, which was scary wants one check Hamleys. They said that we need its by permit, but we do believe that we did. He was like a wave to get money of it was we will choose to, but you Travis I would like now we can do this list less.
Go he got it or worse. You got your appointment is like me, you know you can't go that Pakistan Army roamed, the border of indian Himalayan impacts I am less so you go on your knees. If you come across the Pakistan Army. Put you use your thumbs behind. You is say other hurried, be repeatedly. I'm not like sort of means. Other have no show me. So at that point we will actually, the ambulance, we'll why ailed without yet who is adviser, they taught you how to beg for mercy if we came across the the military much of an issue. I thought that was his way of trying to scare was to get us to pay for permanent that we didn't need. How much was parliament I have no idea now this should be. Rivers was reasonable. Probably we yeah I've, got a hermit. We we were budgets. Avis, crazy that's always raising legal like little hammock hammock shops in Vietnam, as we recycling sometimes from sleep and how much of a costly but twenty cents for the night.
Mohammed Shop, how you says the hammocks. That's a good deal, great, hey! Good! Sleep is not hotel. Donnie toilets haven't you ever happen so makes if you're on a real woody area. That seems like not bad option. Yeah yeah. Did you get No, we only stuck to the hammock shocks. We want bicycle, so we were on road so that wasn't necessarily who s a hammock. Where are you can guess super light ones now probably get one for kilogram? Maybe even around a kilogram- also, maybe even light. That would be a great what if it's almost is enough trees. That way, you look at it as Sonya lets you taken away off the ground when other creepy growing, yeah yeah sure did he gets done, basically be cries. I did spiders spiders, and so what? When you hacking through the jungle, you ve got a jungle, canopy and the letters
Leon. Oh well, fuck ban. How do you know? That's ok, so whenever a tag and worried, I didn't feel you know when it happened, because, as you have hacking through the jungle, you ve got note of bamboo shorts and they'll raises sharp snazzy managed everywhere you ve, got leeches at the night time you take a top off and you ve got apply six seven leeches off your body for ten dollars by which infected there's a lot of Oliver plants around that area, those who can wipe off the elevator. I was really effective. It looks so lit up if you click on that photo with me standing on the rock with dry. He knows anything Ojeda image never burden uber Gertrude, whose culture, should the chicken so in order to summit the highest mounting in Madagascar, the branch or don't you, it's is tradition, you must take itself a white Kokoo, protect it keep alive and it protects you from the bad spirits and witches
of the reinforced the local say some all about respect in the local culture, of course, have to branch, and how do I get You carry on this chicken about how many do with a half weeks of weeks, whether it so dear, he lets the earthy the chick area, to let it shit, yeah shouts. All in my bag shut all over my ten, its peoples, almonds and wouldn't leave me became too much to Kate, like a little dog We can't nobody edge, followed me around everywhere harm. I got off. We chip in my ear, praying for a little bit of rain. Start Wayne, and you took himself inside the back- you wouldn't make noises became item. Fourteen hours, you call is chirpings, in on you. Shoulda now is AEGIS perched on his shoulder audiovisual asshole in parliament on the on the back, so you haven't strapped in we have occasion to as it Dean Yea can really get away. No signs of luck is going through. The jungle is so that's why we lemme long a time each be running behind us was great and you couldn't leave em on top of it
Mountains allows its warm day, thirty or so, the hang around Cooler daisy, a video. This chicken hang around you do. I I don't know can do by none of his. Only Instagram that is the largest but yeah allowing its oil, just children with a chicken, and we go by the way that guy has like woman's dress shoes from the fifties on one of those shoes nonsense. Some seed will bear full and it was only when I said you ve literally missed scorpion by four, though sandals answer yet like of five Euro One day I hear where this is another always need. The nails bushmeat still gonna, look even give a fog aims, as like yeah he's is there to hike. That is a crazy fuck and chicken man. The whole thing- that's so strange it may at the end of it, did you eat it? No, so we have to set him free. On top of that, we can't even taken by towns, hoping it follows down in a bill. A bit of a pond flame and chicken. You know that, but he didn't we.
Eat me that, as I bus business can simply about idea, we eat M air. Is it now a key source even easier per year. Unless your Starman would you have your stocking? starving. We are that we would have no choice which we have no choice and addressed first, but then you would be worried about spirits exam! Leah. We took him down to a community that community panty flip on, as you know, are willing. We'd be should use the which is under but spirits witches yeah. They believe in which his chickens, Terry, which is with them chicken know, which is scared of white chickens. That's why we needed Gertrude dies, hilarious, us believe and witches witches. What are they fanatical some they got. So much ways as well so max my guide. He said,
my take on it as we were. We were in the middle of this community deep in the jungle high up in the mountains in the mill of Madagascar in the fourth largest island in the world. Undone we came across the community and they allowed us to stay in the low wooden shack sort of hot, and I woke up about two o clock in the morning. Let said, and what time to accompaniment and its max come in, you should have been sleeping right next to us. It was MAX my photographer me and leave the chicken next to MAX Gertrude, and it came and with this machete as I right click it and you his story is that me leave and Suzanne we're all convulsing in or sleep or shaken, and then he looks up to the door and they hit the silhouette, of this lady was stunned. The outside from the moon stolen outside of the dew peering gain, and he shall I get away. Malagasy anyway was freaked out. We were off, we still cooked. I have no. I don't remember any of this. I think now come when you got belie, takes the machete
he chases this, which, like figure into the jungle ones about hundred metres when she entered the jungle boom, disappears and then, when he walked back to the to the hut, he said: you'd stop convulsing, you Compassion asked. If I was right- and I was I know- and all I was not the only one I felt I was the only sane will messing come on. That's gonna be load of rubbish. Surely, like movies sleep walking suffered, the knights errant, maybe you- and I No, and the only reason that I wasn't convulsing is Gertrude with sleep and next to me whoa she's on our photographer from Belgium, which is absolutely brick himself. Then you I was going all aware all sides, every other Blair Witch Project, Jaso you're, stuck in his tent now people that are crazy, which is airline peering into the link. You gotta be weeded out and now its enemy, their individual stories, that which experiences as well, but they were very young, You know there was a time with my two guys. We had many crocodile rivers to cross
fuck, yeah Madagascar, for crocodiles and sometimes they would stay, would ask the local community whether it safe to cross, and I was, How do they know six cross in Europe I'd wants what I've made a deal with the cocktail mean it made a deal with the crooked so yeah. You know they ve the rock the crocodiles of promised that they won't eat the locals. If the locals, let them be leave them alone. So you, gonna cross like crocodile infested river, in the hope that some contract being signed or some hunches gimme foolproof in and is I'm not doing build in Iraq? a fine in a different way even a raft even over and we did it took four hours to construct a raft yeah just gets gives. I never knew what was in it. You must make sure your pants war crocodiles, they target people. The dew was three waistcoats real cross where the local suggested there's no locals.
Cross, whereas White water rapids is not that either than year raft is the final option. This terrifying story about these explores that, were, I think, they're on the Congo and they d kayaks and the guy in front of them got attacked our crocodile watched. The crocodile come up grab the guy let the kayak under and then Paul Paul and then pop the Cairo pops up without the dude in boom ended the guys scary scares dreams, snatched him out of the kayak alleged gang written them off the popped in the rope popped him out of the kayak and the card pops up and the guys like what in the fuck he's right behind my this thing happen. I his boy. We knew his boy just got eaten dinosaur
it is crazy, money river right like what do you do? Get you get c mon. Knowing trot. We would again super vigilant. We crossed the right places where there was white water Well, you know raft yeah. Maybe they could have been below, but luckily we didn't send it. See them there at all can see now no crocodiles at all, no, both now and his murky water, she called example now they're out there are ours, but they can be an asiatic and what I don't know, nineteen sixty one David Attenborough in Malaga scar worse this guy's gonna feed it would bring over the freedom that I said there were just cut. It one it. So this is the people who think they have a deal with the crocodiles, yet it this is long as well. Oh yeah, Madagascar, so they been feeding these cry. And ass for a long time. That's probably the move further crocodile, so the crow Well, don't get into hunting and malaria
on a preserve energy. If they think that you too, sharp the shore and every day he trot toss them some food, yet look out on the crooks, no normally by the people cross and not try to stay away from human activity normally, but there are stories of people being taken course, of course, look out evil. That goddamned thing was that doesn't give a fuck about not making a deal of a car and they were laughing They say neate, like course, we made a deal, is ill in their life in the same way it is like, but they also believe in which is too, but it's interesting. Without the real outside world. Right would take away the internet. Takeaway access to education, take away all the things that we think of in the western world and then in their world like, even if, which is aren't real of they operate. That which is, real Lincoln, is digging to set these like very specific patterns. Things are doing things are not that they are not allowed to do, and then at least gives them. This idea that carrying a chicken around is protecting yeah
chickens, gonna, protect you from the bad witches like a say, and they just keep. Live in it like you, can't take a chance to take a chance and abandon the chicken. What did you get killed by which the union S or rather stock in these patterns? Because life is so Catchy there as it is surrounded by dinosaurs. You hacking away through Fuckin terrible forest it was to protect them as well as the younger by creating these stories, those another one, if a leaf fools, if you rest and in the shade, as one might ask and an if the tree? If a leaf jobs, it means as a snake in the tree warning you to get out from it and, if the secondly jobs sworn and is about to spiral down under speed through his skull and again, oh my god. Possible, I know no such wine them up in our secondly job and they cannot do without relaxing under the tree. But I do love that That's why I travel to amaze stories as net people live in so many different ways, bade beautiful world or to see lots to do,
why you law is so of Madagascar, opponent it with lemon network Conservation Legacy The organisations on the ground helping to protect and preserve the unique biodiversity. So with these expeditions is almost the the record is like the talisman motivation, but if it, but if I can do something worthwhile highlight soon shoes so with Mongolia was actually raising awareness about climate change and the effects of that has on the nomadic way of life gets so called out there now that life doc struggle to survive, which means that the months are out of work, so they moved to the capital city will embody to find work, but there is now- and I could go district reuse district in other white felt Hence a rat surrounding the capital city on it gets free is one of the coldest capital cities in the wording is called a boon. What they can a lot of its duty. Colleagues, the clean coal get sent to China plastics. So this now a smoke that covers the young capital city difficult place, till it in the winter. Only and
babies, a lasting three four days after birth before the suffocating. Oh, my God is from the burning plastic and yet It is difficult to breathe and adopted just says, evacuated. City get you tell us how to try my best to raise funds for the Red Cross raise awareness of actually Mongolia Edam he's gonna picture gently financial margin. Look out crazy. That way of life is yet this all these, and everywhere? In the background, cease looks like some wall tents, but maybe some hard structures looks at this. A few hardy lives there. Yet, though, be different huts, thou shalt be most of images, tents, yeah, there's one building back there. Distorted buildings grow gotta go. This is their see that one of the only story capital will. To have more, even even in the sense in those coop pretty pretty nicely develop? but it's crazy right, all dirt roads and what are they doing? the sanitation and sewage again done our here. In that
yeah, the only lack access to drinking water proper, soon, the order tunnel heating, many reluctantly behind the unique millennia our way of living to shit hole in the ground whatever. Whenever forever oh it's, magic, Lhasa, leave the matter Many of these will await ago. These were all out in the wilderness in the mongolian wilderness is absolutely stunted, but they ve been forced pretty much too to movies, so the camera to stop that. Please go back up and make that large region what is that a background city with? Is that that the capital city of Mongolia Lombardo since all that stuff on the outside its most suitable, lipstick, yeah yeah sake, my job still. I minus one minus forty Fahrenheit Fuckin aim, and so they just need to stay alive, so the boon whenever they can, they can find stable visas. So there's always say you know. Always
environmental up my heart first and foremost specially seeing the world you see in its warranty, you know you're out, Madagascar, tracking, its willingness and eighty percent of all plant life, and what I found in Madagascar alone are nowhere else in the world. Real literally walk impostor from it. Basis thinking you're not found anywhere else only only natives to Madagascar giant common MOSS, this big Brighton. No two lemurs over a hundred different species sought. Why do my best to try to meet her? this. Many organizations, as I possibly could have happened to protect and expand national parks who helped to educate the local supply. Different means work. Protect species living within and highlight the press were interesting, the journey, but I would direct and high You know that the real unsung heroes I called him if he would volunteer in doing this day in day out often as just a lot of you switch on the tv and it's just one negative, isn't it, but I believe positivity spreads more positive. It
so warm highlight these issues over the amazing work is doing their utmost to protect the environment and yet makes you wanna do more is wound. Isn't it you know yeah well is it seems like it's gonna change, you're, just your frame of mind, France shifts you seen so many things that most people haven't seen just haven't been that place and knowing that this massive groups of people that are living like that? That are burning plastic in the winter time. Just stay alive, yeah just shifts how you view think I say for sure. Yeah me, you know what you ve seen it. You can't unseen rise, one of those wages which try to keep help unwelcome. That's how many people living like that. All right, so this four million people in Mongolia, but probably of three million in the capital city, probably half of that our good districts, nomads
first off, maybe so more than a million people in TAT the centuries get in that way anyway. Yet on the air quality just again, so poor can imagine that in both the dogmas of get get out the city, while was you as a tie chance that you're gonna lose you child and the people that this day, the older people, that must be taken years after life yeah most slightly and then in the sum aside and experience in the winter. But in the summer you still got the good strict, but is more willing hunt see the sky? What it is? We will do for a living a lot at the is livestock, so they raise that they yak dairy, you know meets that thou transport over to the capital city of advanced out. There live in the purest way of life, a member walking through a pot of Montgomery. I went over eight days. We have seen a single person for eight days. So why are you ought to know what the wood was like a million two million years ago girl? Who is that
Based that you'll get to experience it the better that in a wilderness out there did you encounter any wars or anything there, wolves they were the big awards as well. They would grey wolves. I didn't luckily so footprints be, can see whether that was wild dogs or wolves. I had a wild dog approach, my tent to three in the morning, just hate heavy breathing footsteps: Somerton I'm in the middle of the goal, because it allows hunting human and days and then the militant and knife and one hundred torch in the other shaken adrenaline thinking? This is a person outside Sharon and did not reply. Unless it is like a wild dogs, there was fine, wasn't aggressive aggressive, but yes just so. I remember my link. Logistics manager, my MILAN, but all based model. Go your base. Logistics manager said to him too much in a quiet.
Asylum is gonna, be the go. We does it. I replied, he just said: there's no such thing silence you mean there's no such thing as silenced, afflux, silence, rooms of torture, panic, room silence when, with the headphones and one- news, like I'm going to tell you, you know you you'll get out there and if you ve hit the right spot of the goby desert. You'll know what I mean I did. I remember I was just again in a minute ago, but does it hadn't seen anyone days and there was no breeze? There was no flies. There was no people, there was just no noise pollution. What so and I was just looking man, I could just hey this faint noise, almost psyche pitch humming noise, very faint, no, I thought could be like air leaking from my water contain, could be my train. So I a few hundred metres away from my trail. I could still hear it took me five to ten minutes to figure out the website on us
supporting silence. Now so quiet. I can hear my own body functioning and that's what he meant: there's no such thing as silence cuz. When you have to put a silence, you can finally hear your own body taken over, never hit it before never hit at seven. So what like? What are you hearing? Just the faintest humming noise, is almost like coming from the inside, but you can't not not here. It is long as you living songs. You breathing you hearing that noise when everyone just cite yet nothing. It is it's. My body taken So how long you walk into the Gobi desert here in your body. Oh no, you! When you walk in you, you can't really his wings jockey any country, and it's got to be no way The lot time is very breezy. Sometimes storms, you now, do you see your centrally Aachen through a dead area where gas lifeless yet how much water you haven't you when you do with thought, so my container was twenty metres twenty kilograms, but it was never
always full thought await us away a hell of a lot with us. You have all the other stuff yeah! That's why I mounted really, I think, the trail on its own forty kilograms and what those upon sixty seventy pounds. Maybe an antelope issues, mild steel spill in my family friend, but guarding Hannah, yet puncture privatize forever, so whose heavy, but it was robust and then the water containing twenty latest twenty kilograms. I need it a maximum load yet so, when I was to effectively I went through the water when I was really suffering with dehydration. So at that point the train, it was a lot lighter. It was under a hundred Look at that point, but I'm low and water. In a bright
russian in the last remaining jewels up to where I make it to the community. So a maximum blow tianjin twenty kilograms. Water was the biggest issue and always was the biggest issues where the previous guy was was evacuate on three three occasions which terrified me as Road Navy soldier desert explorer just scuba, diving, Vitai, Lebanon, on a beach in silent. You know, so I did have my worries. I did stop planet Mongolia as well, because of that started down myself, same summer, realize you're just because no one's found a way to do something. It doesn't mean it can't be done. What made you feel like Mongolia was the wildest place, because it was really close. Like I'm living inside my initial ate, my initial ideas get cheap bike. Ten dollars seconds Mongolia cycle across Mongolian Warp, giveaway or cycle to stop, went and eastern and walked to the west and afford did that would die. They made it a lack of preparation sauce. Why went back home?
to the UK forthright preparation, the right train. It again. As I say now, it's not like Vienna the cycle when it was all very reckless. It was all meticulous planet, detailed planning and Mongolia for major struck me. It's that I was on the travel roof to use at this point, and I come across people what they said, a plan to go. He and eggs political their next. Will they come from Cambodia, Vietnam, but no one had ever said Mongolia really such as fascinate homes. The out I'm out since the Gobi does it go. We reindeer tribal community of nor, if you got the eagle hunters in the west, he camels down South Gobi, just these countries fascinating and that from that point on site, I wonder. Maybe a hundred miles. Let's walk, maybe two hundred heck. Why not over the land will start to look for people who done it before it wasn't for any record it just the fascination us when I realize I can find any evidence to suggest a nordic complete so long as the boardwalk date find
the guy you previously tempted and he was a nice guy responded. I asked him what the dangers are paid less than the grey wolves. The economic drift, Is this stagnant druggednow characters? They can sometimes be a problem. You jump down. The hall was the role and the big, the Big Mongolia Wrestlings their sport, so that stuff in the history, is what is in it with changes, chinks com. It has gone as we know it, you know, but the arrogant they could be begin issue any just sent this hugely says I Maybe I looked for different countries. Very walk across a european country was only it's a while. I don't know much about intelligent to dance, Carlton's, hardcore history, piece on Genghis Khan, right yeah, it's nothing! It's five episodes insane! You just realized How do I not know all this? How many people the they kill
the Mongols killed every clunker half the world of the world and they would walk up in the dead of winter and walk up Russia's border, and they would they just slipped a juggler the horse drank something blood on excellent would heal them. They would use that to stay alive. They apparently killed so many people that they altered the carbon footprint of human beings on earth during King ensconced lifetime. I think that during his lifetime they killed ten percent of the poor. Population of the planet is easily as many as they don't know, the real number they think the low number. I think they were saying, like fifty million the high Amber, was over. A hundred million people are killed by king is common during their lifetime, his mouth yeah yeah product, so much fact so much. She left so much dna out there. What I'm five simple, three Z. Percentage of people have gang is cons DNA to this day
in say his eyes. Man not tat it's got through that it went away. So you had this man, Terry genius. It came along the right time. You know with they had used massive skills tree and bows, and arrows and catapults and just strategy, just really good figuring out how to take over cities. They invented the bullet proof best worldly day they invented yeah. They realise that d, the biggest can into a soul to loosen soldiers it receives from the the arrow Yoke taken his men out. So we want a came up with an idea. How can we possibly chain may or something- and it was the edge email, Australia Vest Fund? They had had that before maybe I don't know and is this I was shocked to see the events in like a museum, and that was the end of the short sticker, the Nazi symbol, yeah Okinawa, that is well so did India. It was a different thing goes way back in a few years ago. It was Hitler, just call design
yeah. It's a has a year, Hitler ruin, the cool I mean you can ever bring them back. All came out was really in Okinawa Karate cause. I want two way- martial arts supply store in the nine? yeah and they had swastika What the fuck is this year and then apparently was just a part of open our in Okinawa Karate that symbols very common sillier pre world war, two Well, nobody knew what it was tat, it was a different. It is up to it was, was teaching, is theirs MR there's, a place. I think it's in West Hills, there's an indian temple and this in in Temple is covered with swastikas, and they had explain that the instruction, the Temple and they designs on predate the nazi adoption of this simple, it was a mean. Imagine Good for Hitler due to their fucking moustached? You hear that
You got no one can ever ass. You know people in the world, it's crazy. He ruined a mustache, not to say that anybody should have it, but this, I don't remember ever a time or someone with such a piece of shit that their ruin hairstyle network. So many years only visited the bigger amid there's no other muster that's not know their hairstyle, no other! No just as a sure thing: ruin the whole thing, but this, see you find that Indian Temple, I think it's in West Hills, wasn't that date problem, because we would wish Chino House like this, no, no that's beautiful farthest. Anyone has this. Why doesn't look that cool out? Maybe that's it into two now, that's different too
I think it's an indian Temple early think it's hindu things. An Indian is just got em- assigns all over my surgeon originally some pretty us anyway? It is anyway, the use of the swastika, for whatever reason the eyes. The Nazis decided le Coeur whacked everything up here for Egypt. Did he take inspiration from electronic commerce I used it may hunkered almost off the water. He wanted to go in that direction. Really think that's what sort of me I don't know, makes sense as well would no way you China do exactly. What's her youngest candid but it's interesting that there are these people in history shift. You know, the civilization in a certain way where they just become incredibly dominant conquer area? Is a few these people throughout history they pop up then everything changes. Because of that I see and he's a big one massa you in this area knowing
the kind of history that involved in this place. I would They feel knowing like how many battles took place on that land. You can and fairly recently right, yeah really has twelve hundreds, that's it and you can see how that the fields and actually dont bites like guy you who run after you notice on horseback. You came to deliver me the ball of t much in the in the in the thousands the noise it would make like, I could see him. He was adopted the distance to about ten and fifteen minutes. To get to me. Imagine a whole line of them. Soldiers warriors changes empire running toward the noise argued beats terrified to India, and this must land as well. The step just goes on its role in the field of grass forever a year or two ago, in the distance it be like a little dog in the distance and wake up in the morning at knows can semi full day together us thus comforts about effective a you know tell me a whole difficult day.
Together. Is that to your above us also man to take that that is a them as a career his journey and one of many that you ve done. It's gonna be a weird feeling to be walk around regular people that have never experienced Although the crazy shit, the like of your around privileged people, then leg really kind of soft and civilised and deed deal almost taken with you I came. This will help you Oh yeah yeah. I know for sure for sure, and I think for the younger generation. It's great isn't I'd love to hear unaids. Also that, the mental health side. The mindset in take someone out let it to on goals of Madagascar or towards the south. Said the yangtse in an aged, appreciate. You have more faith in humanity if they want beautiful world we live in. They do things like that with troubled kids
my friend Dan Dodi, do it. He would. They would take. Kids were all fucked up and all sorts of problems in school and he would take them. Camping, reconnect them tonight hundred to take them up? There followed a longer term months at a time, yet it live off the land with fish and they would live in Anson, combined with a recent mindset star push in the little things. Like Keller, the toast authority, you know you know that old expression. You can't really appreciate the sun unless have experienced the rain yeah snowshoes pressure, but really it seems to be Do you know who have Irving Dylan Dallas had that on his fuckin Instagram posted really when he was sparring with car Macgregor yeah, Simeon Cars reign in autumn, but does not pose any make way out. Yes, well cornerstones, this weekend radioactive, bona fides asking that Europe was there. Appreciate sign. If you never said, Moraine show true, so true that ain't
saying that is a hundred percent accurate. Yet you might find ceremoniously. Oh yeah yeah yeah couple days, some studies Monday, Tuesday was a victory for those others. Who do you think I do not know my friend I never predict fights cause. I think article might feel disrespectful if we were alone over time. My thoughts now, but not this one in motion in this one. I feel this is a legitimate. Fifty fifty propaganda, yeah saying I dont know a warrior. Both warriors could go either way. Well also, skill, wise yeah, look at the sky, look at a bunch, different things, so again, damage age, skill, motivation and then alike. Past results going always thanks. Yes, when you look at all those things Conor, a slight advance will stand up like with speed, is very explosive, any attention not guys out like that
F time left has appeared so explosive. It tends to catch guys with a lot of explosive punch again very fast, whereas cowboy is more of a steady pace, whereas on you, but can also finish: headquarter has them finishes in Europe's history, most submissions, I believe he has to hold selection love records, doesn't a lot a record. A lotta record, since you now is for another, but tough, guys like for a long fuck, enticement head, kick it and strangle and tough guys. How old is, he knows, tablet think is thirty six year and corner, I think, is thirty one. One is the right thing, thirty one makes sense, Connor's less miles on them. For sure Tat was never look better than he's had over the last few years and you give em a fight. We can really get up, and this is a fight words. I really mean this. Is the red panties die? carnivores talks about recipes, yeah, we're gonna turn into financially takes a giant fight
It's a giant proof and its also an interesting fight, because, even though both guys are not title holders, it still five round fight that as the same super fight feel that any other world titles? I would you want to see- finally does the world title I've been arguing is forever is very important. It's always good to know tomorrow. Loose man is the best one herself pacified or in the world has proven, because he has the worldwide only really be Woodley in that he be consolidated as a valid. I greeted that's import, but I also agree that that's not required great fight. What is required is a great match up this is a great match up this to me is a paper view batch up. I mean I am that could genuinely go either way. You know I'm working the event, but if I wasn't working the event be like what is happening here as I go now, yeah how's our go down No, how goes down and might be color tries to catch him. Real quick with a straight laughed too, might be cowboy takes them down. In my
be cowboy tries to kick his legs in the outside. It might be, it might be: honoured takes a slower approach because he thinks that cowboy A strategy is for him to wear himself out the first round and may be counterfeits like lightning. The first maybe leads to prove a point in the long run. Just in case will not just as he has gone is gone heavier both the more so if food for fifth round can be stolen, joints why's, he could be, could also wild. Think so is out these balked up as much as is not cuttin. Wait right, two starving himself to one forty, five and one. Fifty five is more comfortable for him. You want seventy five is no wait cutting, so I think he's pro gonna be walking around just a little bit over that I know. Donald is Donald think Donna Video said he was walk around somewhere around one. Seventy seven one. Seventy eight sets Nellie. Yes, I think, that's a day and the song and dance on way and then cowboy just three hydrates and he's good to go and he's done it a hundred times he's o yeas one.
He's better. I think he's better physically, like without the drain. You know, I think, size, wise he's better as a fifty five or because those big giant guys like air until one, seventy or just a little bit too much of it too powerful light, but I think that at one cent de with Connor one. Seventy they're both guys were fifty five pound users not cutting way glia. So you know, I don't think, there's an advantage for either. One of my think it's great and I think I would love to see that trend or guys fight at their natural wait, Galicia, setting terrible for your kidneys is terrifying systems, as you know, as much as anybody did an involuntary I mean that's weight, sickly when you're dying like that, the New York dehydrated? That's how those guys are the air the way and then they have to have effects guy down cage fight. Twenty hours later crazy like all other things have gone about the maiden they have thirty, forty, maybe thirty, five hours later in a most right, because away in the morning and the
probably another twelve or mean shit as the fight? Can they just go straight back to life joy now much of the broken into that generally yeah. You gotta bring into it gently do carefully depending on how much loss, of course, but some guys theirs guys it were enormous and they would it they would go to radical way, cut right and then for them, It was very important in shock their system in Rio and some guys did shock their system and then they had to pull out of fights, thereby was like a hawk, and would he do just fine old were feeding thing that can happen to you when you just eat too much new body does know what the fuck do. I it goes into a state of shock. Yet when you ve been starving yourself for so long is hard You know other install stolen the faster. I found, my after the expeditions, if I weren't really skinny and study in a more poor note super fast. This priority asylum, I just saw it the funny ex thinks you gonna do it
nation, crazy? You bought it. Well, that's the thing they think about knockouts too, and when fighters get knocked out, it's easier for them to get knocked out afterwards. Here really is not just about damage. It's about the body recognising. What's going on trying to prevent further damage by shutting itself all the things you gonna just take the punishment and it's it's easy thinks it's easier for just shut off. It would be better to say about it. Just go for her check. Please show itself down all fighters in all. They did lose their ability to take a shot color, so Imagine there was the same with all the methods. Bodily diffuse dehydration was probably easier for about it to go and a kidney shock later yeah buys a k asshole you for me, forget yeah, yeah for sure. Try harder for you like gum when You think about these things. De worry that you ve done these jag and ones in Mongolia and Madagascar and now in China. Do you worry? you're gonna going to have to outdo the China one because
China. One was a whole fucking this would give fruit, yet how you ridiculous, Isn t worry that ok nominal walk across the whole world, but you might say that you know and you know the business is taken off because a lot you got the expeditions, but then you got the books, the promotion and run endorsements. Everything, as you know, the tools I go on on the Outside of that, you don't feel obligated to kill yourself I want to get them. I want to get them shorter. Ethical issues, thirty two days is ridiculous, but people are not gonna want our man you're really fucked up. Yes, yes, like if you made a girl, she's your favorite girl over, and you like, oh my god, she's the one and shop at a house with a dozen roses and then the donor, does arose. The next day goes like this motherfucker oppression me yeah, that's it does. I think, if we can, make it just as extreme just as ambitious even more so interactive, I loved the interactivity. My that's do the good I saw pointed out with W W S in China so and work with them again
that's not wrestling, and I thought what real now I say lament over Europe, yet they had a factor that used to be that we often doubly debate was wrestling for so really existed. I did see them didn't think W W World Wildlife Fund had they once who world Wildlife Fund, one that became doubly Debbie. Does it yeah, who I didn't know that I thought it was hit the only recently as Iwo yes, I thought that it was because they had to admit that there were scripted, so they call the entertain. Where the federation wrestling entertain, nothing no conflict with the world wildlife, that's interesting! Santiago! They were first, there were four per rustling. Yeah. Maybe forty rightly done even if there are after. I think that just the power is clear wasn't. It will want my friend: is it yeah all over all over, so warm potentially just got the sheer size of them? What
excites you when you start thinking about your options for potential future trips. To have anything like seems like really bonkers, that excites, you would walk all the way across Africa who, yeah, you know something that has always fascinated rule in the hour is always potentially an option, but I've always been drawn to the Congo doing angel into the and I was I suggest and talk to a french version workers up again for sure decisions on his currently got a new parasite that they don't don't be ice, had it for more than seven, and I think more than eight months, and they don't know what it is their yeah. They think he might even be the first person I've ever diagnosed with it because he caught it deep in the Congo and allow these people that a callous parasites and could be an evolving parasite to anger. Yet the cargoes of others so is. There is also vibrant clan Ecosystem of all kinds of different mailings, so what's he said
with less says it all kinds of problems is on all all sorts of anti of anti pair city communication, but he's Hussein that actually worked out how to get into the shower cause. He was shivering had turned on the hot water. Lucas pale and was shivering thing it might be in his brain. Did on that. Go and are thus even worse is the fact that they don't know what's going on. They don't how to help him and he's got you really. Doctors have been working with the four months there trying to run the on these batteries of tasks, the triumphant he details on the shown he's such a nice guy, Guantanamo, selfless people I've ever met while he's talking about He wants start praising the dock don't tell me, I get a doctor on the park gas. Unlike listen, he sits kid. What's going on with you, man, I'm really easy. Tell us what he's even in this driving his own life threatening illness he's trying to promote people, help Mason
doesn't allow us? The way forward is the way for a colleague here man mean yeah, he's got it. It's a wonderful store out of your heard it, but it's I don't use our wonderful that often, but with him I do it's I this boy, whose Boyd, when he was a kid and then got into fighting. Men then became depressed and was a have see top heavy weight it left you want. It was not more when the ultimate fighter, but it was one of the top causing the ultimate fighter and they left you have c and d started to do all this work in the Congo and started to build well, so that may decide to come back to fighting justice to raise awareness for the key go into started around nation yeah. So he starts its fight for the forgotten foundation starts as fighting career off again comes what are the top heavyweights revelatory catches of malaria three times three times and keeps going back? for to the Congo to spend these long trips out there, but in the process he's gotten really sick. The last one he doesn't always looks great
still, but really l socking, whether what What now was he I don't know I mean they just gonna. And what it is. I fear I wouldn't you and hoping that these anti parasitic medications are putting on having a fair young whatever it is. You may because, well I don't know man, they do the worried. For me, as when someone says they might, it might have gotten into his brain like what is that? What does that? What happens, then? What sums in your fuckin brain gone on their tariffs, we d d c website the disease ass. Was it where it will ask me: I bosniak ass, you see it there. We played that on the part ass replay, the video was frogs right and people to ten people get it. People can get it do you would then you're going on there
Why is that? Not so much anymore, you ve just put me off. I know this was. I was planning to walk. I was looking into work in the Congo before the Yangtse Yangtse make made more sense, but now, after the enlightened No I'm going to the Congo, it wouldn't be duration of high can a river that would take up probably is shorter, so much more dangerous. You know got everything there, so warm Maybe we'll just stick to a two week holiday Congo AY and plug my journeys elsewhere. If you go the Congo, you gotta go walk through the stretch that has a giant champ Livin in it. You know that, the Babylonians Champ was it was. It was the bond on ape the bundle yet a larger version of the chimpanzee six feet tall. Huge two hundred plus pound chimps visa locals com line killers, it really there, they
Nest and content. We got an image of a nest on the ground, the guerrillas. While this one is not that this is an image, is a dead ones saving go to where there is that, if you just Google Bondo ape theirs really good see that one the upper left inquired Jimmy, but that picture I dont think Israel also that's vague Congo's giant Bondo senile enjoy Thou area those people with it with a dead one. Ok good make that larger. Please can use made of The agar that is that's, first evidence of one day ever found law and then they they shot. This thing and they took pictures of, but I believe that was in the Nineteenth Thirty's, Then they got another one that they shot at an airport and These guys are posing with this thing, thanks,
you find the one. That's it at the bottom, the very bottom that right there bang look at that, go, go force, in the one below it, yeah look at that make that larger the size of them fucking chip, so that is this thing that they call them. Bondo able has a crust on its skull like a gorilla, yeah yeah. It's not like this not skulls, not shaped like a chimpanzee skull and so go back the picture. Please that's. Ok, there's big enough, but This is not a very clear picture, so these guys shot this at an airport and hugged him too but the size of that thing. I mean the men behind it. I don't know how big they are. Bullets assume their tiny in their five foot. Five. That thing is and five eleven. You probably well north of two hundred pounds Sterling chin. Oh my god, I repeat a piece Yankees, but that's the cool thing is: is this is a weird sub species that only in this, I think, is called Billy in the Congo and the call
called the Billy Ape or they call it. The the under ape It's in a normal hit back at shortstop picture. They were the guys We the side holding it up short sea, not so good, Ola, Bondo, ape camera trap photo there's a camera photo of one of em walking upright, and it's about six feet. Tall upper left hand corner that was yeah. They said by measuring the stuff around. They think that that is a six foot tall chimpanzee walking through the fuckin jungle. That's the guy! There's a guy named Carl on he's us things from Switzerland and wildlife, before, and he spent a considerable amount of time trying to find these things. It takes those of us because of all the descriptions that the natives have these enormous chimpanzees ling, they got video of one of eating, a Jaguar. They don't know of it. Killed in founded dead, but so
of course, this pause at last in a calm, those that you know in Billy Way Lily. I think it's called b, I it's not a large place, but its incredibly dense jungle very hard to get to where, for a law, time, those just legend, but now they actual video of them? They are photographs, Gatt samples, dna and then they have the sculls, the skulls, quite guerrilla, not quite chimpanzee Clia, when they first guy, I'm pretty sure they thought it was a hybrid. They thought like a girl affected, Champ camera and then now they think it's a totally different sub species of virtue. Andy. So there s a girl, Billy, you forest, so That's where you gotta go brow, that's not far from the sort that looks like a source there. He is out what the Congo could you go through there, that was the area look small, but its problem. With eyes of my Lord, the area. Where these things media, Kandahar. Ngos must always far from a young age, a halo sources stories about the Congo Tonia.
Isn't it wider than the contiguous United States. I think that Congo, its office wider than the United States. There's more land mass in the in the Congo. This amazing rabies a documentary on the Congo from many years ago, yeah figures from the nineties, but they spent too. Nine times the ices has twenty nine times bigger than the cargo. Ok, we'll stop stop through three and forty two thousand square kilometers, but the width of it. I think it's the with the only five minutes. People given the size of it all. That's it! It's not. Ok is as wide as synonymous close in Texas, yeah, it's like its bigger than tat. Access for sure. It's like Texas in California, maybe like one of those states Morgiana. It looks like it's like Thirty percent, the United States still not wilderness, thought the lad. Yemen and there's a fuckin giant template
yeah, all kinds of other shit, all all sorts, all sorts Have you seen the shoe bill bird that lives there? No, oh, my god! So five foot tall, dinosaur, of a bird enormous face spaces like this big and it looks like like it doesn't look like like a with the way that you describe it. Maybe photos. Videos are the face that they have their there's some great hero Lucian photos of the shoe bill. Will you look at in the eye like what the fuck is, that there are real della like them, ferocious for bird. It looked like that. Right, yeah Hama about its imagine what we think is through wage open sea and not looking down at our walk into the jungle. You part some leaves and stared at your yes, God we came across. You know, elevated elephant boots. I think Dave.
Attenborough Elephant birds, elephant bursting David Awesome, refused discovered or when two Madagascar kiss was fascinated by the elephant but went extinct at how long ago, but their eggs were about the about was half a foot where football yeah was like a ripple, footwear, in inside saw there we go oh, my god, painful at so brig size that Fucker phase. I look at echoes housing with an ostrich. Oh my god, on the Let Dago Yonah holy FUCK, and these were big big. I came across the elephant. Boot eggshells thereabout, this thick as well. Maybe quarter half a centimeter, sick, think and they just scattered across the southern beaches of Madagascar in the thousand,
so this thing is still alive. Mellowed eggs extinct is just the Hague. Eggs are still there, yet they goes David algebra think born bucks in Cardiff, which capital city this the way any of em even just go, get one. This thou yeah just crushed because the so Theo cannot component. Last forever, now holy shit there Hugh. How many years ago they went extinct should commend those many of these things have been collected not sure how many why Ellison Bird disappear. Yet what does a human well, yeah, I believe it was. The humans is controlled out tuesday- may not be to blame. Oh god, damn pop ups get us every time, while immense task huge, though, isn't it yeah, but here we see the ones they had North America. The terror birds know fuck that seven feet tall
murderous carnivorous birds they couldn't fly running around North America, Jays, pullup, terror, birds, Jamie's, he's certain overtime, and this episode that destroys Gary with all the shit you're alive. These were enormous birds, there's one that shows that we look at the size of that thing is one that shows the really gonna back to that National geographic. Then you just had rather Jamie in the middle. I think that was like a cd I'd document, or that they have done on one has verse. Wolves One click laugh. Why think there's much bigger than the walls they probably hunted down to size can pass in their business in so human. Yes, there is its far left today. The world series Jason horses and imagine, exploration back, then the whole different ballgame when it he had no idea how small
a dangerous as well. You boys, talking about people to believe in witches and people believe in witchcraft, like back in the almost I have some belief system to keep you going as you had no idea What was around the next Conan, so these terrible we're alive. I believe in human beings are alive right. When did these things what are these things alive? If I had a guess, I'm gonna! Guess they died out nine years ago, half million years ago, sixty two to one point: eight million years, whoa sixty two million to one point. Eight December orange covers from sixty two to one point eight million years ago, so I think that sixty two million in two years, ok, so nobody only in so definitely about dinosaur dinosaurs age than a yak error. Since so we just some kind of monkey chip type thing was all we had back, then I think that that was like Failure, Pythagoras or someplace almost one year was that ok, I'm over Google India,
Levin Livin with, is that when they ask us terrify created a camel spider? Yes, we're handshakes. You would like an aesthetic like stories of soldiers, waken up half an embassy livid been rejected. The Miller. The night by this ass camel spot us as a dinner play. Isn't it was this Jim mammals over the mice, a scene which are against sin, the same error so like giants lost time period that merit and bare of time period because small, the horses, our holy shit compared to those giant slav avatar, that's a short face, bear those letters. That's that enormous bear you seen that thing right. The sort face bear short faced There must be no brow. Assurances bear was the most terrifying bare and of history shortly. His bare was way bigger than a polar bear and super never a they think it might have been the thing they kept human beings from success. We navigating the track, bearing landmass on time extinct their huge this
the picture of a guy lending to a recreation of a short face bare and it's so big- they think people behind them off the institution or they don't you don't really really know to get an image of a short phase, bear that's Nicholas Animal man, I don't even know, existed until a few years. Artists, probably so much ass, wide ass, Sapien I'd enough. It goes into the details. Sapient does go into data, so the one the far corner of Orion right, that's what it looks like ah, you just would not think about eight who gave a man how big that is asset to root. Isn't it it's like a cartoon comic book version of a bear, like you can't believe we're looking at this were literally this thing standing up these gentlemen. It was just assume there somewhere the neighbour the six feet tall. This thing is their entire high plus a couple of feet, so
double their entire hide. It should say plus a couple of feet: ass. We Digg is there at their head listing, standing and their there Heads are like right arouse hip bonus, although he is on But how did it lets pray close to fourteen fifteen feet? Maybe stairs yeah, but why they have not amount to some bitch. We know it all. Put a model exaggerating you're making it look is ridiculous as it is put him being on a mound yeah. Why do you haven't you trying to make it even crazier? It's crazy enough, but super predatory based bear. Between now and safer to tyres. There was an african lie in the east to live here with you that fucking we would just the both of the food Jane. What we want as soon as we invented the fire was discovered. The fight boom chair Control of fire probably have weapons Flint yeah see we seem firstly, just after scrap swiftly leftovers from line
Do you feel when you're doing these tracks and you're goin on these these journeys and you walk through places like Mongolia that are credibly wild d? Do try? elegant vision what it must have been like to be an the person yet out. All these amazing resources that you have at your disposal to help. You get to the same areas: aid going to yeah. I would the whole different kit and everything like so. In Mongolia didn't actually even use like GPS, that failed me Yale communities with different places, just didn't work. I went back to box bandits map Encompass, imagine even before then as well. Man encompass a fall map. Yes, let us get out yet we worth No, no, no again book stand it Joe Budget, Juny, the divine
early almost so one of you lost your map, you'd be fuck, yeah that but also the track that I was on. As I said, they could be following goat track or camel track and noisy lifeline that leads to the next Warsaw's so view in a desert. Storm, for example, make more sense to try to keep going well know just type try to come down hard on these shelter. If you lose sight of the trap and keep go anywhere so you work at night is where a lot of people say well, it's hot during the day and he suffered with the audition. Wouldn't you walk at night time and you ve got the ammo pit. Vipers rocks stand on the back end of them. To you, don't see it, you you pretty screwed, but you ve also got the tracks. You need to be able to see in the distance the truck spin off cause. You come across almost like a junction fortify
different trucks spin off. There's really need him up and compass to be light bar which want which track. Should I go down? You know terrified. Oh my god, I can imagine that he can communicate become cross if you're lucky to come across locals as well. That point on the agenda of normal point. You in the community, which starts after up north in your China, go EAST China in owing to go that way, no mixed communities this way, so I dont want the next community I wanted walked to the most easton. You know so difficult but yeah. That was always a threat to dehydration. Mongolia, terrified me in a wheelchair, as it stands: Storm Commerce, the track up. Yet back team up, encompassing just hoping that can be aware of the people around Europe. We ve got enough water. You make it to another community settlement. Was the jungle, harsh environment, debt, Ino spiders? Why snake wise accept your book same time for a walk? you can happen the bamboo and leaks out water? You know it was got food. Does anybody know what you are
yeah. I had a tracking device, especially for mission Yanks, because it was Guinness work. We set off the track and every five minutes it come it with my speed. So even if I jumped in a car on a bicycle boom, every five minutes, it's my speed. It's my attitude. My long, you lot, you'd coordinates distance covered. Whether I'm active you'll zoom in and you can see my current location within five meters not was poured the interactive it. He saw what to meet. This expedition is interactive as possible for the full year of like sharing blogs. Videos live streams, photos getting p, were to join again presenting scores. Ghana, kids out little taken along the Yankee River, doing that film over the documentary which, with securing international international document, shoot the mission Yangtse will go, as so ass excited. So all of this was very, very well planned. Very
in terms of the interactivity psych six months of survival. Six months of internet do have all the locals and share and again those best as we possibly get so is heavily on the radio with GPS systems. The track is the law while Well, there's a man. You got an infectious sort of way of talking about, as it makes me almost want to do something like come join me no, but it does make me appreciate what you ve done in a region where, because I can see how its affected you it's we're saying earlier about things being when you many do some incredibly difficult, like tat sort of like enhances you, as a person enhances your view of the world. You can Just more things you seen than the council do: twenty nine for you, the average wage on Europe for twenty nine years person. There's no comparison. The thing Is it you see in the way you ve experienced them? in a very difficult were very difficult, and you know it's it's a very
courageous way too. Like the way you just ask you, people for food like it's nuts yeah yeah yeah see appreciated man, it's really cool, but again you not normal upbringing, normal background. So again, How come I d? All of these school talks, corporate talks and ass. The main message that I wanna protrudes, there's no financial background is no even more of a city degree, no military background. So out of work and food hard work, you know under. If I can do it, you can do it type of message you know is out: they discussed the whole division. Hold you dream protect? It doesn't matter one ass anyone says and does not if they don't see, for he was in points, if you can see for yourself also go for. You have to be a special person to be able to do this. All you. Uncle heads out there, I'm gonna go across Africa. Now, don't you don't does. It know your excellent encourage people, restoration should do it. The way you ve done in the right way. Does it was it thanks?
for coming here. Man really, I haven't really really enjoy target. It was really cool and you're. Like I said, you're stories, it's very variants. Duration amendments, also, its excite I'd like to know these people, like you out there great. No. Thank you. Thank you very much. Our people to follow you and Instagram Instagram Issues, ash underscore, dykes. Everything ashen is yours. You die everything's tyres, well Twitter, Naturally, why can't you see why Kate? Yes, yes, ok, beautiful place our thanks very much by buddy Oh thank you. Friends were tuning into the show and thank you who to mother part CAS. Let's kick it off Thank you first of all, to Square Space Square space, folks, that is where Joe Rogan dot com is hosted in its for a very good reason. The reason is, it's an amazing resource. You, you really can't fire.
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