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#1413 - Bill Maher

2020-01-17 | 🔗
Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, and television host. The new season of his show "Real Time with Bill Maher" premieres January 17 on HBO.
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lie at policy genius, dotcom policy genius. We always get the future wrong, better, get life insurance rights can tolerate that Probably can't my guest today is well. I can sign of good things about him. He's a great stand up comic. He is an author here The show is a host rather of the show real time with Bill MAR. Have you guess who it is its Belmont The job will gain experience, Philippeville great to be here, and the man came. This is the professional extension of the man gave. This part is this where real work? It's done zeal in part in the bill,
worth it just to see it that really I I thought I was- and I did not expect this, but you knows I was just telling you. I fear I invited myself on the show Yes, I will you requested, and I had I said I would say very dear doing we're coming back on the air real times coming back in a few days and we always do something to promote it over to that show. You know I like natural, I can and do the shows I listen to that. Then Mexico should protect never looks like it should be a ring for eighty four flash, a roadie affirm, Rudy. What what's easily girls coming into her work. I dont know seasons it's hard to gag just cut by years, and we started on HBO in two thousand and three, but then we use it. But the first few years that is due to seasons. They took us
them a while to get the idea that this is not like the sopranos or any other How did this kind of show is a habit show it has to be on most of the year we used to do a season from February. To like, may then we'd be offer for months and come back for a few months in the four? That's not the way, can't do it when you're following events a wide shrine, so fine play somewhere in there. They just okay, so that it was one long season as opposed to two, so I guess they counted. The early years is too we've been on HBO since two thousand and three, but of course I started that you were on the old show politically incorrect. Somebody sent me a clip of that wow an even better watch it just from the way we looked at the same time is cruel, it it's actually, we look better now, just as we look Deuce year, younger
course and limits the trade off again is that Europe do here when you younger yeah, do look more Christine, shall we say less beaten down by time here, but that started and ninety three. I've already passed, my we did at twenty fifth anniversary show about a year and a half ago. Yet in the fall of eighteen at aired, couldn't believe that do not try to bring back politically incorrect. Who is bay? Nevertheless, they are. I came to me TAT S, a funny. As I said, that a while ago, with it, not with me hosting it, of course, but with somebody else hosting it been left ass, my manager about that. I thought we Guess we sold it. I think that you're, when we move to ABC it, must be ABC. When we move to ABC, I think we probably sold them the rights to the show, which is was probably stupid, but at the time it made sense.
Well good luck with it. I'm not doing it was one of those questions out. I'm my manager calls me up and says: you're, not gonna wanna. Do this, but a Mamma getting to tell you why? Wouldn't you wanted just as the same like something, then why do damage salted? No I'm just never want to take over your show, no exit it, and then I got it stripped away our saying something that the whole thing was like. You want someone does show, leave it alone right. Labour era as it will give you left and they started doing real time with Adam Corolla right in Orange is exactly what they will be just get come up with any luck and show our right. Do you feel cons by the time, by the hour format. Sometimes I was with Howard Stern recently, and I was saying that to him and I feel the same. Sometimes, when I watch or listen to you it's funny mare, I dont get America like people's attentions
Ban- is either seven seconds or three hours. Yeah, that's not! Even if there's no in between well There's a lot of us! That's what it is. This desire to date yeah they lay the people, the shortest attentions Bryce dissolve they have resolved there. That's not true takes a big risk to play to three hours I mean there are. Virtues and vices to both of them. I mean I do like being forced to condense and for people. I always think of the person watching. My show is the person who is interested in current events, but doesn't have the time to follow it during the week they got kids and jobs and lives. They are gonna watch me to catch them up and it's my job to obviously entertain.
But also to point out, what's important what what happened this week, that you should know about somewhere in that live our, whether it's in the monologue or in new rules or do editorial. I do at the end or in the past, somewhere? I want to cover everything. I think you should doesn't necessarily mean it's the things that the newspaper or other outlets thought was important. What I think is really important. That's what I'm going to cover. So there is something to be said for condensing is also a lot to be said for letting it breathe. You know I mean letting it breathe. I do miss that sometimes I wish I could and very often we're in the middle of a discussion, and I have to move on. Feel like with way things are going now streaming like. I know, HBO has their new streaming service. Maybe they could just give you an option to let some some of those conversations lengthened
two seems exiled from you just getting started and you have to cut him off Europe and again sometimes people just one the headlines very often I'm reading something, and it's too long. I just think you should have given me. Then he asked I'm starts every article. Not just tell me what happened. Don't give me the background and on a rocky road in Afghanistan is friendly, which one said and just get to the part I care about movies or too long lots of stuff is too long. People need editor's, but these kind of conversations lend themselves more than most art forms to just letting it happen and yeah it's more natural. I mean I like the fact that, unlike my early days when you sweat, backstage and you'd hear the tonight show band,
Lange is, are you know, Johnny's ask you this and then you're gonna say that neither this don't fuckin beer from this you'll get in trouble, and this is good. I didn't prepare anything there. You know. Obviously you didn't preparatory thing. I did you, really have no list of questions. No! No! No! No! You will. I, like you re out, plum sure. I'm not gonna run our things. Ask you or talk to you about, but that's a talent in itself that you could do that off the top of your head. I think you think it's not that much of the talent, but trust me. A lot of people could not do that. I don't know if I would trust myself, abuse you have two hours with this guy. I would were I would In the back of my mind like shit. What, if an? our in ten minutes in unlike fuck, I gotta go one more I can't imagine if you and I were a dinner together virtue hours we run- I should talk about- is probably true. So that's this ok same shit, followed by air. Why clean air fares
a bit of values for a long time. I bought true store, and I have you wow about that book way back in the day, man while I was living in New York, was great book. I very underrated book on stand by car issue. Yet novel it's a novelist nation of my early life very act like it see you get feel like you lived, the life neither those names were hilarious of their characters, each other. I work probably harder on that and almost anything I've ever done. I would never really yeah. I would never write another knob, we'll just have to make every site Every paragraph of funny or a telling, no ex. Your words to me. That's the kind of way you'd you write that I funny? I started in the early eighties when I was still almost living it and I would get
Is he in put it aside? Not look at it for years, and then I did my old life nineteen. Eighty five in December, I went down to see, want NATO Mexico to do the memorable tv movies tv movie. There does a phrase that data the memorable Tb Movie Club Med and they go I'll. Remember it now we doubt Linda Hamilton was the star. I think I do remember it. I hope you don't Remember, Linda Hamilton, movie, ass right, you know a picture It was a tv movie and we stayed at the club med. I was in our view. It was kind of a low budget thing as far as the people in the caste and crew went because we stayed at the club, Med, which was not oh, it's about is not a luxury hotel. You know at club, Med, Tsar you'd, you mean,
stop your money. You pay everything and beads, but you don't really need money and the rule is for people who just going to enjoy the outside. That's why you're in Mexico, so the room is monastic right. There's no tv, cuz you're out all day. No, you just gonna be in the waves and then you're gonna fuck and go to sleep and whatever so I had a lot of free time because I wasn't in the shot every day, but I was in Mexico. Eventually, I got broken cabin fever down there wait to get home there is there a long time and had nothing to do, and I read a lot of the novel there and put it on I again and then I was in a real career slump in the early nineties had finished, with acting mostly anyone do that anymore. I'd done a few said comes in I didn't want to be the office creep forever, and so I was just like nowhere and that's when I finished it, and also that's like
the year I did go. I probably would not have finished it without the ozone in one year one year. I was never meant to do cocaine whenever one was doing it. Never wanted it. You know me, I'm a pod had like you, I it's not my drug, but enough. I insist, looking at it in You can get into any drugs, and I just happened to be at this point. In my life, where I was vulnerable to end had nothing to do all day. I wasn't working so as any help you're right, it help productivity, dreads productivity drivers is never a drug that I liked because I wasn't social on it, but I could I used to like to have sex on it. Real most men did not. I love that and an right, but do. You want to talk some people that that guy, I don't know, he's never, that Guy Coke and talk a blue streak. No, but but it help you know, concentrate or
green eyes and that kind of stuff- and you know- and then I was probably smoking pot to. I was smoking cigarettes. I was not a healthy year that was not a healthy year. Remember, you know you could cocaine, which is that is the worst drug. It really is because you get a little honeymoon period and then that quickly goes away and then you're chasing that high, and you know it's not healthy, and then you know you're you're, trying to at the end of the night, take the edge off you know, you're into that put the edge got put the edge by God. I dug out after much drinking Jack Daniels damned. Now I gotta take it off again. I put it on too much. It's that was, I never touched it. I got lucky you very smart. Tyler aren't really enjoyed it. Are they really enjoyed it? He has provided at the again at the beginning, its very much like a relationship. Ok good at the beginning, I think trails
If I may say no because resentment told there is a time and relationships are good, spoiler, Willard, it's the beginning for a lot of room for sure. Now, when you put that book out, is it still on publication? Another great going I'm fighting so much about my own life here I didn't know because comics incorrect was being redone coming from Myra like guys, grew and general that yet we were just starting now there was a. It was huge lotta guys passed around telling us about hey gotta, get this book, yeah! No, I mean, and I tried to make it into a movie. There was many scripts written may now. It's my own fault for not pushing them through. I guess, but I thought at the time were really what a Meda a good movie, but its Robbie too late now,
Oh you don't have to change the name they now it's very heart. He asked I did in the script. It's very here is very hard to depict stand up comedy in a movie. In fact, one of the original impetus to write the book was that no one was doing that. Well, a member that movie came out. Tom Hanks member, the puzzling, punchline, ok and Tom Hanks was good. I mean Tom Hanks could could have been extended beyond a key. Did it as good as you can't passable passable, but they just never capture? No since of it, and also when you trying to have someone. I see this male no home and see night, yet some show of the one I think it's Jim Carry show Showtime about dine up Theo. Yes, and I like the show, but whenever you showing a stand up comic and your its acting you're, acting as
stand up and then the audience ass. The last year is something about it that isn't it just. You can tell it's not real. It's like a boxing seen in a movie same thing, a little bit your yes rocky right, but that's nice purposely over the top. This just comes office fake, because one thing we love about comedy is that laughter is involuntary yeah. It's in you can't as any giant comedy star knows, you can walk out at a comedy club and you get the biggest. Nation in the world two minutes later. You can be dying because its involuntary after thrilled to see you, but then, if you don't say something funny they can't. Then I got laugh. It's also, Very uniquely live thing. It s like you have to be right:
I would say that like. If you watch especial on tv, you really you getting sixty percent of funny you're right. You have to be they're alive you if you're there live you'll get a hundred percent of it. So narrowly that not only do you watching it life right because you ve gotta recording of it now it's also a fake recording. So it's a guy pretending to be on onstage an audience pretending to be an audience and the whole thing disaster yeah. So maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Then, at the emerald related in job of capturing the marvelous, MRS Maes does of capturing but the early seen in clubs. I give her going up drawn talk and shared, and people telling her leg. You could probably comedy like it seems, chaotic mobile. It gets a little less realistic as time goes on by you watch such gag. I like the first two seasons, the third season alone, hope they're, not losing me here to take place in the fifty yeah yeah. I would want something like that accepted. This is too much reversal, just
much tony thanks to watch. I mean I put it on my list, but you know money to that and this everything have to be like a season yeah. Does everything have to be so drawing back to our subject? Everything is either very condensed or wait two drawn out and you have to follow it. And you're not like an episode of friends. We don't have to know what the fuck happened, the weak, for endless tune in to see as append upon the week before right. It's all everything is an ark and readiness and people binge I dont binge. I never binge anything. I have the opposite problem. I have watching a dvd. I, when I I love to watch tv to last thing. I do before I sleep at night, but unless something is absolutely compelling, I don't watch more than fifteen minutes of our
fifty minutes this than fifty minutes of that and demons mouse thing and then go to sleep. Your people are structuring and Netflix specials that way, because of that people are doing their closing bit. First, I read that somewhere there you have to do. We have, to wrap them. That's every fucking drama is something and then six months earlier, you know we have to go back because you have to grab them first and then such a tired trope outside now that we ve seen it a hundred times. Think of something else or just go really great do something linear! Well, it's you. This whole thing, the USA, before we do have a second of seven. Second attention span or we have three hours. I I would love to see. Someone tried to make a movie like Steed Mcqueen Slemons causes. I remember that when we all see the old Stephen Clean, it has no kids. There was a state Mcqueen before the very talented director
out. Another was a director Stephen! Yes, you do. Who is he was it? Is he dead? direct, what you know right, you're hurt hate directed, is an african American directed to. Here is a slave. Malta are you, Are you my to go? Gore and I studied all right he's a big director he's he's a major major guy. That's deep, mccone other! Yes, I don't know who he is: shame went yes. I just did widows Amazon Widows twelve year anyway, I remember the adults tipping echoed yes, anybody. We died of cancer yachting eighty, I believe, a member whom chafing cures and Mexico programming yeah lung cancer. I think Probably probably was a heavy smoker and but yeah he was sir
was what about him. The movie romances react slow, beginning, there's no talking for, like the first I wonder how many minutes it's just you know. People go, about their life on the race track. Like all preparing for things. No, there's no chat. You ever try to watch a Hitchcock movie Aouda same thing. I mean it just shows how different the audience are in we have developed or develop. I don't know if it's that or if it's that there's an expectation that people have a short attention span so that everything is made for that expectation. Now they do they did. I think they. I do think there really do the more you I do. I am, I must say, as someone grow up when Alfred Hitchcock was still was he still making? Yet he made a movie in nineteen. Seventy two, I was sixteen, I saw it in the theater was one of his last. He was on his last legs, but psycho it was one thousand nine hundred and sixty. I was too young to
for that, but the EU is still very involved in a big director and I tried to watch em. I did watch the one he made in nineteen fifty six year I was born called. The man who knew too much. I think the story he made three times he liked that story about. Innocent guy who's being chased by somebody. And then he doesn't know why their chasing him and the police are after room. But these these gotta find the bad guys before the police find him it's Jimmy, Stuart and Doris day. It is, I mean they talked about the master of suspense. I mean Jesus. Christ is like the master of keeping me from falling asleep. It's really subtle, slow, I'm sorry, but I think they have improved on that. I d, maybe that sacrilege to the movie community and Martens Curzio write me a letter is something but Jesus
right I'd much rather watch salt, you know there's a thriller that bags or the Jason Bourne those movies I feel like they took what Hitchcock was doing and yes, they rubbed it up, and glad they did Hitchcock hard to get through. We also to realise when Hitchcock was making films they ve been only making films for fifty years the really than last year and he started in the late thirties. Right now I mean talk: is it only been around for like ten years ago, his way back yeah? So in there's something about that like evil You think about stand up like if you ever tried, listen Lenny Bruce certainly have good example yeah. I can't do it. Doesnt work anymore. It's a contractually we're in a different world, but any of those old schoolers yeah. That's
point at this funny. It's its interest story right talk about how those guys who were such icons couldn't make it today because they take too long. You could tat you could take two minutes before you got to the punchline. You could take two minutes to set something up. The audience was perfectly ok with that. You could never do that. You reject Benny, and Bob Hope was more rapid fire, but a lot of these old schoolers. You know I mean I have never funny list and begin a friend of mine grid years ago and some of them are on it. You know Danny Thomas and I don't know red Skelton I mean there's some people I thought were never Bill Cosby. I must say so. It was on that list.
Never thought it was funny, never thought it was funny, even when he was doing bill caused me himself like back the album days. I may have missed some stuff. He did but everything I've ever heard what I was a kid. I saw my tv no know it's corny. I feel very very ahead of my time. I never liked him It was one of those things where, if you had said any of this that you sang ten years ago, people had been fury, say you well now these been expelled, like somebody told me, he was agreed back in nineteen eighty three, As someone told me and ninety four yeah. So I know somebody I like not somebody I was romantically involved with, but a girl who he was horrible too, and I never liked him after that, as a person that makes sense, heard from people on the set news, radio that he drug girls. It was like why those
your things. You hurt his room like what does he do drug girls but Billy? I'll be back. Our people cause we're talking about the same guy right, not like steeper Queens de Mcqueen. Get I'm confused right now, I'm in Marrakech Dad, America and you have to wonder why a guy who could get laid yeah even as a married man, that's obviously kinky had, but I also know a guy who was a promoter and and told incredibly ridiculous stories about things had built. Cosby did that we're not sexual but just informed me that what his king is part of a much larger sickness about control, yeah and- making people do weird things because he can. Let me tell you what I heard you tell me what you heard. I heard you makes people watch him eat, curry, make the whole
I've come into his dress, you watch him eat, I hidden not exactly but it's exactly in line with what I heard that he would do things like make you. What was one of them like you'd order food and then he would say you know scooped out d, the dough we part of the hamburger bun after you wash your hands and put it back on the hamburger or once he asked them to send him. The soap that he hadn't finished using in the dressing room like collided to send it yet just like crazy, crazy shit there
again speaks to a pathology, that's larger than what we know about him, sexually that that fish as a sub category under that, because too need to have the woman be unconscious. That's it that's a weird thing. I can't I can't I can't get into. I urge that certain things I'd like I can't even imagine why someone would find it attracted more maybe with a child. Now I can't understand why that would be appealing to you again under then this feed a things again understand. I worked at a casino and He made the security guards. Talk him into bed and shot the lights. Are things like? I'm gonna bear no more you to talk and satellites Jihad like a whole routine that he wanted them. To follow and he wanted them to talk him into bed, but
I had a friend who uninteresting take on it and he said there is. Something that happens to some famous people spent particular famous people who were famous a long time ago, where they feel They are better than other people. There is a giant gap between them and other people. They feel they can do things to people and they then what yeah yeah, I don't think that's uncommon, but is pathology, but most people try to hide that. I think you are. I don't buy that building they try to think he did. You know it's called acting girls. That's why we're there in front of the camera there so charming, but we know that behind the scenes they're they're not, but he seemed to I went on his sleeve, well sort of sometimes right, but the other thing that it is doing in publicly. She was trying to chastise other comics for using bad words, and he had a lot of weird control issues with that as well, but my foot
taken as that. He thinks that there are people that they get to this position where they think that their own things and he thought about that sexually to it. He bought value is just so above those women and he didn't even want to negotiate with damages drug them. In fact, em cause he's Bill Caspian. They should be happy crazy no, it's not diminish. You know there is the human mind is the bottom of the ocean. It's mostly unexplored whom a giant mystery. Why, especially that kind of scenario, I mean how many human beings have ever experienced. What has experienced he's been famous it's in eighteen, fifty right who is it american icon Ray is rich beyond arouse nourisher groundbreaking, and a legitimate world Class Stanhope Comic, who the whole world create against Cosby Show that was a groundbreaking television area, so many factors so many factors and then, on top of that, a psychotic perverts
and a creep and dragging women I mean on top and who knows what other Phuket Shelly? we not just that now. You know what sums that fucked up- it's probably not just they- might find, like thirty dead cats in his back here. Who knows the five guys into like somebody tell me it may not be true that he was drugging people with animal tranquilizers, but that he had a that's licence or something that's how it that's how he was because people are like how did he get the stuff that he was using further knock out pills with this would offend you if I put my fear, not roll, and when a man gets a man. May I do I'm not as Europe relax your pleasure to feel good. I put my feet up: Yalta. Grey. Yes, M, loafers, how Airbus those of your choice! You are those that I don't even think about it.
Why I'm saying I love a lad. I did this because I have to think about my wardrobe. What I'm going to wear and yeah his Johnny Gonna. Like me, boy did you than I show with Johnny thirty time. Holyshit, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two to nineteen. Ninety two wow thirty times. Yes, which just shows you that show was it went out when I started to do it. There was such a proliferation of comics that you could do that show thirty times and that didn't make me famous. I mean elevated me to a degree. It legitimized you and show business but that did at one point just doing the tonight show once made you a star, but part of what true story is about. Was the comics frustration that they came along at a time when it wasn't that unique a thing anymore? It was too many comics
swinging dead cat without adding a comic book. I have like in my serious ex him radio in the car, the comic stations and I love em, I I would like very often see somebody's name. I've never heard of this comic I'll, never see it again. There doing. You know they place for five minutes there, routine, it's very professional, it's funny, I'm laughing, and who is this person? Did this just and seem like in innumerable supply of a very competent stand? Ups, who have funny bits about the ketchup idle and I dont know any of them, and I guess they have followings in the? U S: eager clubs, though club deserting absence, I gave you go back to high school
I go to high you'd. Do our own sodas Leno and lots of beach held grits raw item, I don't know why. I don't know why you would want to do that. Friends, there I'll go in there and talk about the other comics over there all the time and I like to do it, because a sharp do that line up at the store. This thirteen other comments on the list but I worried around eight I tied about I'm saying, but that's my how I keep Europe is a or a sharp is and is well off. So I gave up? on memorization years ago, the first of all with all the pot I've smoked it just wasn't going to happen. I've used what I called the poor man's teleprompter for it's got to be twenty years, which is Ivan Music stand on stage, and then I have my notebook, which has my bullet points and I don't think the audience even notice it. After every five,
at some very discreetly moving the page and but that we are up to memorize anything. When I get home from the gig I go through it. I redo it in the computer printed out and it's it's just been the greatest thing, because I can say I can get to exactly what I wanted. I hate comics who stand up and go what else? What fuck that you should know what else Never hear me say what else twitter. I know what else and I'm going to tell you I'm going to try to condense, then I'm going to give you the best show I can for ninety minutes and then leave you'd. Certainly can do it that way. We all have our own. We always either always doing here. We are I to be around a lot of other comics law, a large number of very good comics all the time. I think if you feed off
like I'm, I'm on the road or time of them on the road and with my friends I go and tour with other very funny comics, but When I'm in town I like to be aroused many as I can, you should do my Hawaii gig one year. You know I have a study by ransom, Natasha and well. She did at last year, yeah I ran into them, and Maui absolutely has to undergo a word with it. Now we were there. Yes, I was out of my family. We were just. Vacation in next year's the tents like like New year's right. Yes, I've started this ten years ago. Nobody would book it. They, they all said, wiser dead market, and I found this promoter who was ok, I'll, try it and it worked of course Honolulu is a big city there. One million people their me ass. My way so we do Maui on December thirtieth than we do
new, even Eve in Honolulu and is always surprises in this Sarah Silberman? Did it and Bobby Layton, and we have some sometimes him. Very well known musicians who join us. What he Harrelson is also in mowing plays with this alone. Bed, just even towers, amounts to. Yes, I saw their one year, but maybe it consider slumming him. It's a great fun trip and your with comics I've never performed in Hawaii every time. There is just a chill: I'm gonna hit Japan after I stopped doing new year's eve shows on my own. That's the great thing about it. I always hated New year's Eve, whether he day and the shows at eight o clock. So we are just to show to regulate.
Right right. We re retina exactly two regular, show eight to ten or maybe a little after ten, we always the hawk, sing smile at the end of it. I made that a tradition, the old Charlie Chaplin, Small though your heart is aching, you know that when sure you'll have to learn it as easy as when a weird gig and you got to do something as you send them off. It's only an hour and a half left in the new year in the old year, and I feel like that was the appropriate song, because it was a song written by comedian, Charlie Chaplin, two hundred years old was it hit in the 50S for Nat Co. Michael Jackson, redid it in the nineties when he was on trial for child molestation chose to do a song by Charlie Chaplin.
Most famous job molest tripped up there is Michael's way of tat. Was a charm was well Charlie Chaplin, but I think back then they didn't call it that but yes, he married. No anything! Yes, he married like two. It was like Joe. We lay Lois. He was like with fourteen year old, really Charlie Chaplin. Yes, I don't think. I'm talking at a school about Charlie Chaplin, can you conjured. I'm the guy there on your magic light, bucks Damien to say What are we only didn't know they child molesters, yes Charlie Chaplin Famous for- for that and you know back then I don't think they got your for it, but would you they did. What was the legal age back then? possibly none right don't I dont know if they even had such a concept. I mean we're talking about. An error, restore women
letting women vote right teens they didn't women didn't go to nineteen twenty, I don't know if they were child labour laws? I just don't know well Priscilla Presley So she, like fourteen when erect with Elvis who charm, unless you're too, and that was the fifties right right and that well he went into the army and fifty eight so it's when he met her in Germany. Her father was a colonel and she was fourteen and of course he was twenty five and a giant rock star and says to the colonel wood mind. If I took your fourteen year old, daughter back to America, she can live with me at grassland and all the good and the guy says, enjoy, walked around peel back there. Does it differed human beings so It's not just two years ago now know where we're we're so deaf adjust. Just are I mean I'm a little older than Was sixteen year old Harris meant ACT
Charlie Chaplin? Sixteen is not That's not even when I don't think the worst one famous one. Is there like it here, only chaplain, murmured or child monster? Yes, they are definitely is gathering Yes, he is. Very young gentle died young back then I think in the recently people were just rougher. You know I mean you and I, I think, walk the same path. We often talking about. We, I think, a progressive, but we have short patients with some of the free Joe yes well bullshit, yeah, ok and some of that is just the way you're brought up. I think kids are coddled me. You know I think they're indulged and that's the reason why they freak out over Micro, aggressions and stuff, and some of that is just as telling someone storied not not apropos of this just talking about something else, but it just reminded me that here I'm a kid who had, I think of
normal middle class, bringing I consider it an idyllic time I consider it and innocence you couldn't by today I mean. First of all, I grew up in New Jersey in the six Is there was no racial issues, there was only one race in town. That's just the way. It was a bad saying, that's good, it wasn't, but that's so there were at racial issues. They weren't drug issues at an I didn't, try pot in high school may have. Maybe there was a rumour that a few kids were doing it, but that wasn't even a thing There was even any like divorce. It was really the land that time forgot. You know it was led to Beaver land and telling someone this time, my father,
who grew up in the depression cheap. You know love him dearly, but I don't think that's the wrong word and sent it to an army friend of his as the dentist, and this is one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. I was eight and not use novocaine, and I remember vividly like he had like eight cavities that had to be filled. He said if it hurts raise your hand manifested real. What gave so dry into me and then Riding home up this big hell, I was called on my bike with tee it's freezing on my cheek so get to the devil yourself, They wouldn't do that today they don't like kids just beyond their own. I get your ass to the dentist on your bike get home after they drill India with no no
and I'm saying I wasn't raised by bad people. The people were just rougher. It was just a rough time and I would recommend these things exactly necessarily other getting someplace on your own. I don't think is the worst thing in the world, but a little more that have. You ever had Johnson hate unusual yeah that his coddling of the media, is exactly how about that, and he believes that you should let your kids, Rome around and lead. Find their way home and terrorism a movement for the widow. That's how I was raised. I Taos raised came home from school fly into the house change into my play. Clothes fly out the door, my my never said where you going? What do you do well and you know we're gone now. And again and leave it to Beaver town. There was the six o clock whistle, really
the fire now the whistle when all time for dinner, and then you rain, and then you got your s only when you hurt and whether we didn't have watches or phone. You know, I don't want Maybe I don't want to compare it's it's a different world. Sure between the way? We grew up in the way they are growing up today, I don't know, what's better, no, which ones better. This certainly a lot of examining eyes areas today, yeah, but there's also a thing today, where, where we were given the matter, information way quicker. So, there's gotta be run as this is not something has been studied right. Look what happens to a young mine when it has. Access to almost anything as soon as you get a phone you given the twelve, girls, thirteen year old phones and then
access to everything in the world, everything and worn porn instantly, which I know you turn into a libertine, but I do not think porn is benign I do not. It is not benign, not not way, it is now on the computer. I mean it's, it's Raby, it's it's a lot, gone to any any site, I'm not getting the Raby Poor, but well, it's a nine blogger ways. It's not it's not its domineering. Yes, It's a lot of things that I am not interested in. Even in my fantasies, I was doing a bit about that in my left, special like even in my fantasies, and I want to choke anybody. I don't wanna come on your face I mean, come on coming on your face that that's not right be, or domineering work, I mean I've. I find that off pudding and gross. Doesn't that doesn't move me in them?
I don't get it, but that's half of what borne up is well. I think Half of it is now is less stepsister stuff, as like step fathers stepsister, let's get out or other about, because we we're trying to be naughty and is not a naughty left has like. The idea Horn originally was. I can't believe we were having sex. They go back and watch porn from the eighties filler just having sex ass fucking, give me your today spitting yeah its gross, and it said- and so I am not surprised- that kid's hub mental Buncoed ideas sexy asked me if I mean what what's a first date, a route first real date like when you saw you know a team of japanese businessmen, on some schoolgirls face when you were. One, the boy that's right, one. There was a flight attendant, just google it.
There was a squid Zoe squids turned Octopus is TAT which yeah yeah it's it's not necessarily benign, but neither, alcohol needed gang. I don't think it is a lot o thou higher. I mean if I was apparent yet NICE, an issue Canada's away from kid is also an issue that you don't tell him about it, so they don't, they find out from other kids, there's no discussion of what it is, there's no like real. He, no one. The right my whenever sit down a watch porn with their son and say this I want you to avoid. I did Why won't you avoid the right but probably not the worst idea mean, but they re there comes legality issue. Like many. I think it's legal to watch porn with a thirteen year old kid, but if you, if you have a son and his thirteen- and you know it's gonna- be exposed these things. He almost have a responsibility to talk and through it and just give him some
to raise some understanding of what it. What is the landscape? Here's a big one, wise girls, do in us! Ok, here's something people, don't lighted. Myth enjoy porn, the vast majority of them, the molested, the vast majority of who is to analyse the Porter Porno actors points after yeah yeah there's some study they did on girls who get into porn, who been sexually abused, mentally abuse to physically abused and was overwhelming, was overwhelming emanate. Obviously it's just anecdotal. It's based on one, a group of people that they did not set the largest studies that it's not not surprising it all. Now So they had their searching for acceptance in their dear willing to do something that's way outside the normal sure. There's just some girls are just really promiscuous there in a sex. There's nothing wrong, Without these, rather they love performing right. I think there's less of them than theirs of the girls who were probably abuse, and you know maybe they turn a negative into a positive. I'm not saying right shouldn't. Do it casting any judgment, but I am saying that we should understand
This thing is like what this: why? How come some people like to fuck on camera? Everybody else is afraid the work of the EU see their genitals. I don't know about the watching puckered with your son job, but the suggested either San abdicating, but what I would tell a kid, especially a boy is son What you're saying in porn dont think that women really like that because they don't they don't want to have somebody come on their fate? someone, must we would, of course someone works. Anything that's one of the bad things about the internet is that you could, in the old days if you are some sort, a weirdo pervert you thought, and it was the world was better cause. You thought You are completely alone in the world. Now, what ever your king gives? You could put it on the internet. You can
right. You know I wanna hooker to shit on me while I play with electric trains and I will carry around how's our people until demanded the board saying me Joe there, and that under there There you have a community of electric train should around our chamber. Yes, joy, Shame on you re chains! So that's all unhappy, but but I just don't think that that would be my main lesson to tour adolescent boy: okay, we can keep the porn away from you. Just don't think that's you the way we'll women are or what real women like. I don't think they like ten either in fact I watch some documentary came what it was call. It think it was on HBO about dating unsocial media, and that was the main
theme of it was women are doing it young women, but they don't like it and it's not surprising. They don't like it. Guys are, of course, wired very differently and they just want to hook up and move on, and also an article about it, and though I think it was invented a fair and the woman says: ok, she did at once she tried tender. She goes to a hotel or meets a guy. She had just met over the phone and they fuck and then she said as I was getting dressed, I turned around and he was sitting on the bed looking at tender. Well, you know so he had just come in here is looking for the next six victim and vague This is the wailing participant number two. How dare you dad. I'm not me, I didn't know, got no right. She's the next to ease of biology was a willing, Dr Predator, how dare you that's so excitement he set out their hunting trying to get going.
But it's just what his girls and try to get the Ladys, but women it's not desire for women, women sensibilities most when they had member Ashley Madison cheating site, and it was like twelve thousand women and two hundred and twenty two million that run some crazy. A number like that much of the women at work in which they are to do with a lot of that we're fake id like fake it can't it's. There was a light, is when yet, whenever a dating site set up just for people that want to cheat, and then they all got busted because someone hacked into it like d frightened damages your real name like Jesus Christ, I mean to the library that book sapiens. Yes, such a great book in he goes into the fact that monogamy
probably not what what is wired, and this is the reason why there's so much misery about relationships. Is it probably wasn't that way in early man and obtain early man like humor homo sapiens, which, having been on earth, that long there's no primates at a monogamous. They ve never found right and we are primates right and we pray probably had a system, a system which is how we were that was closer to the gems and where was like communal father damn you know, you didn't really know whose kid it was so there wasn't this possessiveness, because you know I guess the women fuck different men in the grouping, and there wasn't that feeling of my own, you right and this she's mine and all that value added tax at dawn now, basically about that, my friend Doktor Chris Ryan, Road, ok, interesting now that's its basely about that's about
people behave the Polly amorous relationships. They had a new right, primitive cultures and that before DNA, testing and for the understood paternity, that's really what it was all about about the community would raise children, nobody would rate and they were. There was a lie: like shared sex and between different people somewhat, So much of love is, I think, possessiveness. What people think is love love and, and also you make me feel good is not love either to me and they always say love is the thing that has never been able to be defined. I don't think it's at hard. It's it's selflessness twin. I care for your happiness more than my own
that's love in any kind of relationship, man or woman when at least as much as my yeah right and if a view being without me, would actually make you happier than I'm. For that, that's love! That's not! That would not characterize most of my early relations. How I felt in what I What do I love was well, it's interesting. We look at other animals right because you blow not re another love and other animals monogamy, isn't a choice like animals that are monogamist the monopoly you don't have a desire gets naturally builtin wider into their system. Is they choose like swans, there's a bunch of penguins? For instance penguin? There is a favorite Sergei. We know that they all look the same. That might well begin
there aren't there gape it. Wasn't there are big female gay penguin? Well, there was a story I feel like about gay penguins, Sir well yeah there's something as I feel like the use. Such training on the right look up, Charlie Chaplin gaming. Looking fucking smile is something at the state they were. Then maybe it was a story, something that made the angelic goals. Mad, about penguins yeah about penguins. I think it's tangles, maybe it's their word. Point will be the day these animals that are doing this- the not doing this because they have a choice. They understand what it is near time, gotcha, gay penguins and their hope for a baby. Haven't chanted, Berlin to male penguins, the zoo, Berlin Afterdeck. That's it that's what it is to male penguins adopted a vague Europe's delighting, Germans, but upsetting bat Robert
big time I was he burned out another yes, somebody like that was all the more obscure the family council. Those types you think they want to have the example of penguin being gay. I wonder if that leave into a fuck offices to hustle at this point, these think they really give a fuck about these payments being gay I think they have to say something because some new thing to talk about and gives them fuel for outrage. We had a juicy storing the news they jump on Mean Pat Robertson. If he still anti varieties of gases, pay needs material like you and I do yes or something. I never know what these people gay penguins. That's where it that's. We draw the line or aids it that's enough dead. There. Their agenda has moved out. Penguins touch a strange time since trains time we're like were, I feel like. If you read the stiff Steven pinker stuff in talks about how this life is
really been easier than we have today right. It also probably one of the reasons why people are so outrage about things today. His sisters So there is less real shit: that's dead dangerous in this world is less. There still is real dangers, seals real murder and real rape and real robberies, but his lead. Of it than ever before, but others more outrage than ever before about nonsense? Thanks, how, when societies get to successful- and you could make that claim about america- that's when they become a feat and that's when they become soft, yes and that's when they fall. This is a story that goes back to ancient omen. I add other societies, you Europe, Europe, a victim of your success in a large where, where that, because, yes, people don't distorting but how but were rougher now Nova You know that wasn't even the rubbed his thing we dont know hardship, except for that sliver of the.
Country that fights the wars, those people hardship. Of course, we do have poverty in America, but There is also a fairly substantial safety net that this country has made no comparison other parts world, but in others, plus the weather, related crime and gang yeah. Oh up go. Those bodies will deal with real hard, shall real hardship. The people come from central those central american countries that they always freaking out about the trumpet ministration, because, yes, when gangs ruled that country in El Salvador in Honduras. Those places life is precarious, and real easy to lose. But I note and Stephen fingers point you know, which is a great point is like: let's not forget that in the last twenty thirty years the amount of people we ve arisen out of extreme poverty, the people used to live on a dollar a day that wasn't there
long ago, when I read this tat, a billion people deficit in the street. You know that's where they poop, that's all improved greatly. No part of the reason why trump people are upset about jobs and stuff and going overseas. Well, that's part the reason. Why is because we lifted out of extreme poverty, people all of the world, but they took those manufacturing job. That's why they're not living in extreme poverty and my they're, not pooping in the street, because they're making Trump ties as opposed to somebody in Ohio, so pick poison yeah? I mean this is like what we're talking about with us. Growing up life was rougher. Life is easier today, but you have more access to information, so maybe it could be better and then things
to be moving in the right direction, in terms of things, be safer, less violence, less crime, less rape, and then people also get upset at you. Bring up those statistics. That's what's really interests. Pinker gets attacked for just stating statistical facts to say anything making value judge, What's he saying hey things are. If you look at the overall numbers of things is a safe has time to be alive ever it's in the people know. But what about this? What about that? Like horrible mark of our era that we live in, that facts almost always come second, yes, your political agenda comes first yeah and if it doesn't fit in, then we don't want to hear those facts and that's the left and the right. It is left the right. It's both in. It's it's. It should be it should be something that everybody rejects. It should be something that angers everyone. It shouldn't be too to one party or another party, and it really should be
something that, if there's a as there is a real problem with communication and in this society one of em the denial of actual facts and information. If we, if we know thanks of rock solid raised is whether it's about climate change. I know it's about war. The budget would have the vote. As if you have a real number, you want to spin and deny and like that, that's a giant problem. It's a giant problem right, get matter at the left, because I want, them to be better and they should be better and there they there, the science party in their supposed led the fact people. I expect this shit from the right rhyme denying climate. Agents of what I ve been doing, that for a long time. The left has his dirty thing. If you I agree with him in any way, do become an outright person, right! I mean, as obviously de small sliver, arrays Adieu and this year boy I got stuck
It is all right category MIKE yes, we're out of your fucking. Ryanair has actually voted right in my life right, I know, but this disease I feel, like I'm sure, as you do sometimes a man without a con gas. And there's a group of the same Harris yes April you ve, had are now Jordan Petersen very wise. You know I just we're all progressives, but centre progress, real hairdresser, real progressives, we're not blindly naughty, allow trying to our party right and we don't chase these virtue signal, others who are always as ever. The mind said they wake up offended you and I I'm always reading a story like
daily, I read something, and what goes through my mind is this country. Now is completely binary. There's only two camps were totally tribal. You re the red or blue, liberal or conservative and everything that one side does. But anybody does that represents that side has to be owned by that entire side, because peace Google, you you're the party of so whenever, there's something on the left. That's cuckoo crazy. We all alone it yeah that's one reason why trump One short because people you go through the polling His fans are not oblivious to his myriad flaws. What they love about him They all say they love, as he wasn't politically correct, it's hard to measure how much people have been choking on that political, correct. As they do not want to walk on eggshells. Yes, they do want, do not want to think that
one little misstep and we'll get fired, Earl be castigated, and these are not just famous people. I mean this these into regular people and I think winds one reads the kind of stories you see every day and it an I roll and it's a I role at the left. That's when you lose people giving samples, but two weeks ago the giants, my football team, the New York but Ball giants, cut took his name is generous Jenkins and our word yes,. We have to say the r word at night. They regarded well we're just we're, not say that look like I don't know what the FUCK and Rosa yes, he's: ok, First of all, I don't understand why that generation feels the need to engage with their fans on twitter, but he was, and sometimes it teach him social media
was criticising. Him needs a good cornerback or safety would areas and the good. Criticising him and he answered back again. I don't know why but saying here my stats, I'm pretty good I only can do my job right, I'm a retard! better. At the end of the report on the must be nice via this door, I can explain so then The guy, the fan says well the matter the team is losing and that's when Gennaro Jenkins, I can only do my job retard and cut like cut from the team like the next day and first I think he said something. I thought it was a hood thing. You know maybe Ginerous Jenkins. And get the memo because he's not yet alike like on Twitter. Twenty four seven and living with the Woke sectors that we don't
do this anymore. They they often which has to apologize. These, I think I did didn't. I think he did did after they come, but you gotta Dickie, like stood the eyelids has done its work, but that this seems like there's no room any more for someone just to go. Oh sorry, didn't realize it was such a thing because you know they do move. The goalposts were often and they like to be it's easier to catch people that way so that just oh sir, I guess you know we don't do this anymore. My bed and move on with our lives instead of no your cancelled, your cut your be irredeemable here. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous and what I'm saying is like every day There's some story like that and it just what goes into the been left wing and that's why people go. You know what trumps an asshole. I don't like him, but I don't want to live in that world. These people are even fuckin crazier now, and that is the great danger of Reelect
him and the very well maybe do it yet very well. May this over correction overreaction and things like that, infuriates people and date they love it when trumps, as crazy shit, because it sounds like something that they would say strolling IKEA that once It was talking about. China is the way you talk to China, say, listen motherfuckers, yes, Oh yeah, yeah right. I just that a lot like I even laughed and clap those like that's fucking where it, because that is what you would hold some crazy version of a president would say that would never really exist at all. Suddenly exists. He sometimes he said something that I totally do not want ape I should then to say, but If he wasn't, president like, for example, when he was confronted, may have been Bela Riley when he was still extant about Putin, killing journalists or something and trump sets. Men like a well,
not so innocent, either yeah. Now I dont think the President of the United States should say that, but you know well says that NOME Chomsky yeah, that's it something Norm Chomsky says America's guilty of also being drowned. Horrible things were not innocent, either he'll be but bit more particularly about it, but yeah right. But the point is that no judges, any more by the content of what they say it just by whose team yeah. So if you liked it when norm, Noam Chomsky said it, you shouldn't hate it that much when Trump said it or vice versa. If you hated, then don't jump, you said it, then you should hate it. That Trump said it: but that's not how people react, while the team thing is so prevalent that even when he does something militarily like backs out of a country, he see people of criticising him for not not going in our now not engaging like Jesus Christ, you guys us was we the people, it always dont want war and one. So I was the president does something
that's not a move towards war. We should all be saying yes, please. More of this he's got a good thing. Here is a good thing. It's Ike when we want to categorize people is being like. You said one or zero binary, irredeemable, like either chosen are iridium very careful with how you talk or you get labelled in in one. To those categories and people are so scared now communicate its eye. Our message with a friend a while back anywhere it is crazy. Conversation was alcohol involved, but he said some really ridiculous. You saying that, maybe it's good that women get so much money in divorce because of the shit they ve been through from men over the years, and I was What are you? Unlike? What does? What is I have to do with money and divorce like if that's an individual person, it's getting from another individual person. Is she getting. She collecting is like reparations for the horrible things that have happened for women and he goes
any so he starts getting defensively goes well. What about income inequality that women have to deal with Jesus? the boy. You know that's real right angles. What you mean? I know it's not like. There are the same jobs aside both when the man and a woman or both male men, they both the same amount of houses, but the man makes a dollar when the loan makes seventy cents ills. That's exactly as I go to fuck. It is not what it is to legal ways. It is legally and already passed, explained bright, every body water eggshells everybody's ideologies or what are you saying? Reducing income inequality is not real right now. It's not it's not that it's not real this. So many of those MIKE drop yet races that as you know, kitchen ages, which of course, we dont want kids in cages, but there's a whole discussion to be had about Immigration has opposed to just kids in cages or Islamophobia. Of course, that is a real thing. It exists, but there's a whole other discussion, but just these look the left often uninformed yeah. I just
are, but they have. These bullet points that they feel like. They definitely can shut a conversation that that's what I mean. They don't know anything about how to learn a lot about a subject, because you have these might drop sayings or phrases that just stop people from talking. By fortunately known the actual statistics and so on, we're talking about our saying? They'll know how to choose different jobs and also they negotiate for themselves differently ass. They need to negotiate for themselves better. Well, that's one of the things we want. People accused Jordan Petersen to be a success in Jordan. Petersen, literally counselled him coach women having more assertive Rio jobs to get better raises, shows really explaining how to do this in an end. Just meet me even maybe possibly against her better instincts to exert yours, often show that you understand your value and this what men do, and this is why men get raises and oftentimes women just Kennedy. Bitter themselves narrow little nervous about it, but
amazing. You mentioned divorce yeah, they dont assert as well going for a raise. But oh I, the divorce thing they come in as I can go, both as if the woman is the one who has more money ever when the fact is that we have an that's like women who beat up men- women, DR indeed men up to like when I hear that my irish I'd go to the gym You should go to the gym. Man like these violators of old man was rights. Assholes are like there's some, much to make fun of men's right skies, but what I had one of em are much more, must comic specials had a bit got it where there were sent. You know that men get raped more often than women go yeah by other manufacturing area, eggs like you! I six round their raven dues, witty rag child. Is there a railroad, gobs Abed, Christina Hop Summers,
ass, a gallop here, yeah leverage? Oh, she was recently and we were talking about the fact that also They don't bring up a lot of the time that most of the horrible dirty jobs in the world, yes, are done by men. Their data and you're up on the telephone, Paul, most likely to die in the jar most likely rarity most likely to go to jail. Just like Did it get a much longer jail, satin yeah for the same crime, so we're not crying about being met? We're just saying. As she says, life is a complex. Yes, mixture of advantages and disadvantages I think the pendulum sway in the other way, though I think really dumb statements like fire all white men like which you see on twitter and people used to like applaud and retweeted. Think people are now. I gotta lotta fuck
well that's a little out there, but I have heard when now it's going in the other direction, because the races winnowing, but at the point of say six months a year ago and lots of people were getting into the race at some point there are twenty four. MC rats in there and when a white guy would get in, it was very common to hear Do we need another white guy yeah and that's that was completely ok, yeah the left, and it's like. Ok but then we are saying that we using race, yes to judge, There's someone qualified quite right, that we are using race engender to say whether someone is qualified just so. We understand what we are doing here, because I don't think that's exactly what Martin Luther King meant, when he said, judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
And which seems to elude. What's this I almost five identity politics and in its really ridiculously dumb, when they don't realize at that same sort of strategies, gonna come right back around. I you it's like people to think that the other guy space mathematical, fuckin, punch, em. Well, guess what he's a punch? You back like this. Is it's not that simple when you when you? If you go around judging people Bay, stand their gender and their their color and their race. Guess what they're going to do? to you now. This is terrible strategy. I want, and I want to know how the divorce laws came to be. I do, I want to know I was somebody must have written a book on it. I just want to know how we got to this place where, first of all this idea that you have to live in the style of which you become accustomed. I can help here a great couple: cobblers. Here's the big one lawyers make
a lot of money. If there's a large settlement lawyer, guess laws don't make a lot of money. If there's no settlement, it I'll fill Hartman. When he's getting divorced, one of things it he said to me, I go. Do just fuckin. Giver have come on man, you make a lot of money, goes its not half, he was crazy he's, two thirds, because I always get a third, its goddamn silently and I've had friends that have gone divorced and even though they were. They had come to an agreement with the acts like. Let's listen this this NEO get this now get this fight than the lawyers jump in he's trying to fuck. You this now to try to fuck you over that deserve more exactly the plotted in the movie marriage double Mary. It's terrific! I was again it at the beginning because it was about an actress and a theatre directorate. I'm like Jesus Fucking Christ catches, at least pretend that there are people in America not outside of your exact circle. There been so many big movies. You know that are just about your work
the show business have a little creativity, make them something else, but ok I got over that and then it's just a terrific movie about it is no bells and whistles it's just we're married we seem very happy and then well we're not happy and we're gonna get divorced and then we're gonna that's just don't amicably and not employers involved and then it all full support, and once it goes down that path that you're talking about it just becomes as vicious as anything. Yet without guns. Why had a friend who got divorced and no note family? Ok, no children Didn't, have children and dragged on for more than two think almost three years, and even though they had gone some kind of a sort of inclusion, he is paying for his wife's law. Yeah I got your paying for the general of the army is trying to kill you you're paying for someone to fuck you in the now you're getting fat,
in the end is broader. It's real. I am seal it somehow men broken by stated, every time somebody says you know the people unfortunately get a horrible disease like cancer, and they say I couldn't have gotten through without my wife I would thank you. And maybe she gave it to you- I don't mean it accords literally, but I mean that when you're in a bad relationship, the stress we don't know what contributes other things to cancer, but that certainly is I'm sure one of them and going through a divorced like that I've seen people- I guess I just broken they erect and it's a system that reason why the divorce laws are set up, the weather set up, people think we're protecting women horse shit. There Doing it so they can extract the maximum amount of money out of the male. That way, the lawyer gets the biggest chunk. The capacity get most lawyers. However, the work on the percentage basis, especially if
lemon doesn't have as much money or, if she's, in other the loyal come to look we ve got a deal here will will figure this out? Don't pay me now we're gonna, make sure we get I'll, get you the most well, we'll take care of it all in the end, and this is What has happened to several of my friends have been divorced and you know what it is once you see it when I and I understand- and I accept- and I I support is transport- I mean I've by grew up with a deadbeat dad, my dad never paid for shit, and I have many friends and have also experienced a lot of financial hardship growing up because their dad was a piece of shit and in didn't want to pay for the children. They pick people very close to me, including my wife, but when there's a big difference between that. A man taking responsibility for children, so big demonstrate that in alimony, alimony is creepy there's something crazy about. Like my friend, like I said We even have a trial with his woman. He is, you're, paying or by the way,
the same guy, very good friend, amount has been divorced for fourteen years has been married for twelve too. New woman still paying the old woman and my job is like you, factor so hard. She can't work right like she really care work because he beats a wealthy man. He made good money. And he works really artisan is is not in the business. He said, you know he has real job and he works. No law fucking hours every day and he has his own business and he has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone who doesn't even talk to any more as good as you fucker goes courage. I know of a guy was a doctor who went to jail every night because he couldn't make the payment and they would like let him out on weekends to do rounds and stuff, but he was its. I got a better one point: we're getting greater
Day, Foley whose on these radio Escher when he was getting divorced, was when he was on his radio. So it was a financial peak, you know he was a star. The show is making a lot of money, and so his so yes pain. I get to that were set up for that sure. So this in Canada Riah he the judge, tells him easy, tells jogged idea, make that kind of money, nor that was an extraordinary. My life is very hard to make that kind of money. You know I'm an actor, I just the doctors. The judge rather says your Billy to pay has no relation to your obligation to pay wow. Think of that just pause here for a moment what a statement you're an whereas what we say that it's insane and we're talking about huh hundreds of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands like it, he supposed to conjure this up. I guess career
suppose most a magically resurrect wrecked itself in some really financial plans. What is usually the man still, who probably has the more money is paying the woman? Yes, it's very anachronistic to how we have come to think about women as equal and strong and able to do everything we can do. But when it comes to this, it's like we have to take care of them, has suddenly there it's like a very dependent, I think its a scam that set up because the men in general or and control the finance or make more money and they can extract more money, found Zella. Beware turning it down. I mean that's what that's why the system I think, has set up the way it set up. It's it's dark man I mean the autumn. It's happened. The other way that I know of is Tom. Arnold task clear your yes, it does it as and when the other one he's for the males, bread. We got one on the board, there's like if the board was like here, it would be
Fuckin billion, scratches on one side and four lines of the one through it, and next to it, like Tom Arnold threat never uncouple other, do never understood the concept of marriage, because when people would say Why don't you want to get married to? Why would I invite the federal and state government into my loveless, very important, where you have to Have it otherwise is not real if you don't get it a piece of paper. What the fuck do. You have just Europe, feelings. For that other, not good enough. Well tell our friends, she had our friends at really cares brainwashed, but you really care incisions drained you to delay the right answer. Well, I, that's, how crazy they Ericsson, crazily backward way to look at it that without the piece of paper, it's not real. It's not real, whatever you have with the summit. Emotionally, that's rich real. The paper
what's fake the maiden be worried about divorce is whenever getting divorced. I'm not worried about you, fuck you're, doing like why. Why you're getting so upset about this bill just signed the paper get now we're gonna, be together forever. What you're worried about Jesus Christ freaking out, but don't you love me you're, freaking out about the workers, are not getting divorced, we'd lobby their God side. It is on one side of the darkness: clouds roll over ah, but also like human change? It's like we set itself funny when you, you could say but anything else, I'm not married to it in a do you want that thing, they're married to it, but with a human that thing that's most, malleable, we're like I'm gonna marry while they, but it first. People, it works fantastically get some cash. Is the term limits they? Actually, marriage term. I don't think that's a real thing. I think it is really good, yet Google, it some countries have like a turn. We did this before right. Yeah, that's real!
some countries have liked it could get married for elections. Having oh, I see an array of India and you get us, The animal like we're good, her right, yeah well, but that's putting a level of logic into it. It's probably not gonna really obtain the moment, comes because that in time, you're so codependent dependent girls our other. Let me ray asking that's: how are you gonna tell me: do you want fucking term limit right, my God, the greater good of you to get to her. Will you do me the fucking term? It is a good idea if you stuck with David David now right, it's not like demons, less elaborating on it's funny, but he's a fucking asylum signed the contract. You be fine girl, it's fine segment, denser yeah competing his sign. You and they, like you, didn't read for that. I couldn't news. Is a financial incentive with anything things get squarely? I'm saying, but it also in our member you it's funny you mentioned tomorrow,
I had him on the very first episode of politically incorrect. I they with Roseanne and they were talking about marriage and- said the great thing about marriages. When you have a big fight and somebody says I'm leaving you can go. You can't we're married and I not what he was saying. Some people like that that you have this year, this self imposed barrier that much more difficult it. It's like a waiting period with guns you know or when they make you look at the sonogram when your bonnet abortion in some states look at your fuckin baby computers. Graham there and tell come back tomorrow and tell me: you want to kill that kid of awaiting pretty have to cool off. You can't just leave, whereas if you're not married, you can let you lived together, that's more complicated or kids and more complicated, but yeah and don't. We got the boys Kevin FED alone. We got him to worry me. Oh, oh, your pet right, Brittany,
he has written or maybe daddy yeah he's. He's getting natural right now is a landlord late loosely plus you get the FUCK Britney spears, which is a double fifth point. Is that a good thing? I'm late and already he hasn't at one thing all the time you have been here for sixteen hours. She is nonsense. One word, and that was the one thing that made a sound commanded she's got two things in amendment: enjoy she's hot and she's, crazy, fantastic embarrass, Britain, it but still hot There was a photo of her recent instagram. She still its highest fuck. I set the agenda. Bikini thinks she fell apart. Might I've never seen a real life. You don't know until you see him right, I mean I yeah, I guess I've and that's right now. I've been that's right now. Well, that's
alive. Now, that's gonna make up no federal turnover. That's a lot of you that fish are right there, that's a lot of that when those crazy as well that we have to say that I do not find most she's croziers fuck that that one right there that we're thing is so great left no, no, the right one and middle. I do not a if two clock in the morning in your balls, wrong doubts which, while I'm never drunk earning more now I go to bed at midnight? We quite radar bailing out and my dad you're with me because he has to be wherever I go there. I see that well, she's, like thirty six years old now. Do you think she's just do what she does, that there's a whole free Brittany movement from people who have nothing better to do at their time and there's no more issues of all the issues in that country to adopt as something we take to care about. But people are saying because, yes, she still is under that order that her father,
There has to run her life because member when she went yes, he went crazy. I think They always crazy. She expressed it in a way that made people concerned and also, I think, she's a sweet. Southern girl who show business will make you crazy for them in nature. Rochester, like they chased, Lady Diana. She couldn't labour house and here that law, full of fame almost on managing for and it is that we saw Elvis, go through or Michael Jackson go through or any any like right did they get you get to that soup. Pop star level, yet no one can handle it, no one and its yes, there is a point where its fame, I think we know, is terrific, mostly unless it get to that point right I mean when it's the people trying to help you when you're other paper LE just lookin out like a wolf, you know salespeople and people and airline counters and people are just look at the alike,
what the fuck do you want? Oh, I don't know I just for you to do your job, but if they recognize you then said you get a smile. I was a being famous. Like living in a small southern town, you do and so good to see you you'd other religious friendly in a way that there aren't any more in big cities? Will you know others. He'll friendly, like that Dallas Texas, this house is access. These crazy satisfies all the south is still a friendly your place. I love playing annoys me, so I never can too. Tat, South Calloway, it's sort of that it is the last year, and that is the south, its everything it's a world where the south, where the sound if you look at the south of the country where, with southern California, where the west, but we're out of the South Texas is Weird Lang. We know we mean when we talk about this. We can also think Dixie, yes and botched Texas is so big Boston,
to me. May not texan enough. It will be in New York. You know it's my services, A slight has to say, though it rises, the bridle. Yes, I do. I want that. You are real by has likewise barbecue, but I like that dead, Texas, Labour Houston. I love. I always had a better back when I used to go out after a show always had a. At a time in the south and the north, much rather party in Houston in Boston, which is a beautiful city, and I love it and I love performing their but never found the party. But you can't miss it in Houston there you know a little more more jovial Josephine. It's interesting. How we think of the south to a given area, though, is that the south, but it's fuckin for sure the south, and it is about ordering Mexico- yes, whereas owner yeah, I mean there's no they're bringing
the rare, a little strange certain civilization. Why you know there are some very concerned minutes the conservative best. In a minute, very Goldwater lottery, and there is also the sheriff Joe Pio guy. You know I mean there's some real real caveman. Arizona, but ILO isn't open, carry state yet, but we You stick to cities which we do you know we're not playing. Theatres in the sticks, doesn't matter what stage during your always gonna, be and get a liberal audience. Look at the election map every year, this lotta red but any place is a city. It's a blue dot expressing their college town. I played Birmingham Alabama. It looks like any place else at least the crowd coming. To my show, I once was
I think it was Birmingham Lewis somewhere in Alabama, must be the Birmingham or Mobile, and there was a baths. Fishing. Contest or turn reward showed tournament, something going on like the same time, As my shower, maybe my shoes I was starting and it was letting out, but there is with driving up the dealers long crowded people coming to my show who look like at jet dress, like anywhere else normal on the other side of the street. Go the other way, a bunch of people and flannel shirt and trucker hats, and it couldn't have been a more obvious example of two. America's, but within the city of Birmingham
ma am, but it's still a city and in a we see that electoral divide trump does super well among people who never left the town. They were born in rural people, people out in the sticks, and it does terrible in the cities and now much more increasingly in the suburbs suburbs or the swing vote, the suburbs last time, twenty, Sixteen there was a lot of people are suburbs who don't follow politics at closely and they just said boy things suck in America. Let's the dog drive for a while achieving, let's see, let's, let's see what happens and they didn't the other one he's a business man, he must know how to run the economy in all this stuff will try, certain new those people, I think-
First of all, a lot of them appealed away already those who, together with voters those, are the people. If the Democrats want to win, I think that they have to target merrily, have. But that's why it's a risky to run. Someone far left. I think if you run Amy closure as much as people say: oh she's, a doll and she's destined cheese Madan, no one's excited yeah, but again binary at the end of the day, when there's only two choices, Trump or her, I think you're very hard for her to get the nomination. I think, as far as like winning the election, I think she with fairly easily. Do you think that burns to left- These are allowed laundering ass, you think that's run. The media are the wrong question. Media asks that does it debate tonight. The media asks the wrong question, which is what would you do? This is a question that only makes sense if you're running for king, the question
could not be. What would you do? The question is: what can you get through? What can you propose that much Mcconnell will not either block or you can override with votes, because that's a very different discussion. What Bernie Sanders wants to do. We shouldn't even be talking about because it's not going to happen the free education of Yang Back student loans, dead, better care for for all these up as long as the most Republicans self deport, even if the Democrat wins the election. This token, if we have the country, that's the republic, get and half the Congress is gonna, be republican and this just unwanted Democrats or not for this stuff. You know when the Democrats took over the house in twenty eighteen? It was moderate Democrats who won their elections. It wasn't the far left. So so you
four years of spinning wheel in the mud. You get we're hoping to get some traction yeah if he gets in again it's what can get through Congress. What can you get a consensus on what? What can you make possible Obama when he did healthcare said? Yes, if we starting from scratch? It would make sense to go for a single pair system, but we're not starting premise. Wretch we're starting from a system where most people already have health insurance through their employer tabs, crazy story. How that happened. It was world WAR two and they couldn't raise wages, because that was the loss of aid to find a way to give employers something else, so they gave them health insurance, but that's what we have now and- a lot of people like it or say they like it. I don't think a lot of people like arguing with their insurance company but they're afraid of something worse, and I don't blame them. You know you're gonna, tell me the government and I'm a Democrat, but
tell me: the government is gonna smoothly, handle taking over something that large, I'm gonna, be a little sceptical, we should be. The arts will handle everything. There's no evidence, they smoothly handle anything rather than maybe deliver. The news well are delivering the male look again as old school programme, so when you go down the list of things that the progressives have a car which, especially in my lifetime, I cheer them all social security that was in my lifetime, but the improved at my lifetime. Medicare Medicaid these a great programmes I mean before social security, the senior poverty rate was like in the twenty eight percent or something and then it went down below ten. It was a success, but when you look at what- the government really what their big successes of amounted to its passing up money. That boy
Often they dont have that's what they're really good at running a giant healthcare system, especially when the politicians who were proposing these systems will not a talk enough about a cap, the gouging. You kid pass out all this money with. If you, if you're gonna, allow people hospitals pharmaceutical companies to George Chart when anything they want. When the price of unhappy pen can go up, from twelve dollars to one thousand two hundred overnight, that just can't happen, and also they don't ask the people to lift a finger to take care of their own health. Nobody's healthcare systems going to work unless you involve people have some sink skin in the game. You can't like not tell the people. Look, you can't keep eating as much as you want. And a shitty of food as you want and expect us to cover the bill. You just can't
That is not something that anybody wants to hear the oh. I know because I did that editorial now. Remember that you will get upset you up people's here's, this door, people did not people loved it until James Cordon said something: oh, that's right. He had them. First of all, he did that in in doing that made fat, jokes, which was much I did not by the latest mine mine, we'll talk. There was nothing city, cheaper, orbital people, let morbidly obese. Ever first of all, he missed a great opportunity to literally save lives if he had taken the opposite approach, he took the easy way out. Of course, you can always get applause for saying: oh, let's lights,
Do the main man who turned the truth? That's not brave! First of all, my point was a that you can't solve health care unless you asked the people to participate in that. That was one and also that we ve gone to this place where were proud of. It were proud of being healthy. Wait. Watchers had to take the name, weight and watchers out of their title. It stubby doubly now it's like with what it says that being the fat is in bed which bed is some and pointing out that vat is bad, but I mean I read this statistic in that editorial. Forty thousand people a month a month die from obesity. That's crazy number!
That is a crazy number. We have to somehow reverse this idea that we have in this country not just about obesity, but about a lot of things where I'm perfect way. I am I it's perfect. The way I am an abuse, a different Europe, very bad person, that's not a good place to be inside. If anybody into your ear protecting people's emotions shielding them from a possible, ray moment that might make them realise that they are eating themselves to death. Right, I mean look. I set it also in peace duties in the eye. The beholder that's fine, whatever you think, is beautiful. That's your deal, but health is science yeah that science and when we get apoplectic winners, fifth deaths from shootings or something a month yet
bad and we should be serious about that problem, but fifty versus forty thousand every man and that's just what their counting from the big ones, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This literally nothing about your health that is improved by being overweight, so in I said with we shouldn't taunt people, but You know comparative anything else. I also owned up to the fact that I used to drink too much and I smoked they didn't defended. When someone send you You went kind of hard last night with the drinking I didn't say how dare you drunk shame me with with your rain I did Withem according to his he's, not that fat like take it fixed a couple of months. Not that hard. Now he took it was it was opportunists, and I felt he could have literally lost an opportunity to save lives,
it is as someone who does struggle with wait, he could have taken the opposite approach and said you know. He, though, makes a really good point, and we should we should lie. Good? How we are dealing with, as I noticed Gillian Michael's, the fitness. Stick allow shit for leisure. For this, and you know if you, if you want to be Whatever wait, you wanna be that's fine, but it's wrong to shame a fitness expert for saying this isn't We can see what you said not going to be that amazing when she gets diabetes and people not diabetes, do await businesses for sure everything to do with article four short also date data they lie. They say things like well, it's the fat Jean. It's there, no, it's not that or here's another one and look. This is valid its valid that in this
country, it is a lot harder to eat right. If you are poor, yes- and we should totally address that- yes doubt if it's on any candidates top ten list but the way the food situation in subsidies are done in this country is horrible, but given that, let's not just throw up our hands and say where they can't do country and coz its harder. Let's not even try. Yes, it is harder to eat right on a budget, but play something coming in, never need to have with your food soda, which is large, part of it- ok and you save money have to have soda. You don't have a snickers or a bananas. Nineteen sense so so impossible Adele got recently, because you guys could she got they are. That's was also part of my thing was a fit shaming,
general that people go eat something eat, something I'm fine, what so you can feel better about your weight problem I should eat and get fat too well in heavy people, have a fair, have someone there. A fan of that's also heavy, like James Cordon, like so here. Heavy he's got in the eyes of love him and they love him standing up for other. Haven't you yeah we're fine, we're fine he's one of us we're fine. I think they felt like that with Adele Adele was this: fantastic saying are super town did extremely popular and overweight. Like yeah, that's fine it's fine, I'm like Adele everyone's find it wasn't. Then she loses way like you feel, like she's betrayed. You because what the reason why I liked you his cause you're fat enough fat anymore? It wasn't that long ago that we were applauding people when they lost
wait. A member went memo. An opera came out. That time was she was roused, is like in the eighties, I think, but she had lost a whole bunch of with his picture you it's a very famous picture out. She's she's, like in genes and she's gotta like really thin waste, and you know she was raising her hands and triumph, and everyone was applauding. I guess that's bad now, because again you have to be perfect. The way you are and if you criticise that than Europe at birth might take on. This is just that. There's too many voices the you here because a social media you hear so many nonsense voices and they stand out just like everybody else's voice. There's so many people screaming into the void, because so many social media accounts of so many people that are tweeting about things and facebooking about things in and it gets people. Can uses. This is like our a rational perspective and again with echo chambers there I'll just hop on board and support James Cordon or support INA Adele needs a fat and backup Neil. You
thousands of likes everybody will go I'll, raise doubts, the Keyword yeah, that's why I didn't understand until about a year ago that so many People are saying things on social media, not because they really believe it to get. The like. That's really scary, has where we had a billboard once when we were coming back on the air in January, just like now but for five years ago, and that the tagline was he's not in it for the likes and it's my Favorite piece of promotion that anyone has ever done from adds great he's, not in it for the like their advertising. That, as this is why you watch this near, but
obviously that's not the way a lotta people feel they are in it for the lakes and they will take a position that they don't believe in because they know it'll get likes, and I've heard this some people, I actually respect and I'm like wow, you haven't addiction. That is an addiction additional likes addiction. Yes, there is absolutely there and they calculate their posts based on the kind of response they think it's gonna get it's not like a free expression and start like they're they're, making opposing how I feel about this thing knit they re writing it down going our people going to react to this. How am I gonna get, but I really think that I'm awesome how many people are really think up. There s a real right. I'm an open minded person life. The male feminist perspective, running saga, Jimmied, my friend Jimmy Door, about that about male feminists, about that, but that's a whole Lee false priests.
Active and you never see it and gay guys, There are no male feminist gay guys cause you're, not trying to fuck the women, so that did its now This new take right. It's it's! The Oakdale support you. They'll, be your friend right. This whole idea, I'm Dr Man, it's it's such it. In this respect ray you know. It's such a weird sneaky thing here, but that's it at its up. Version of the same thing: people dont for likes on social media. It's a calculated expression again, you know what would the kind response you're hoping greasy
That's Greece on the word. I would have thought of but perfect. Whenever I read male feminist pose, I get angry I escaped I will. I do not want equality, for women are just a your greasy man. I know you'll duly read your twitter no mean either, never because sidelights, exactly and and what I read about people but very often killed themselves. Oh you knowing their sponsors dead. Yet this is a big thing about this, Listen, it's fucking job presented regard the couldn't you just. Could you just start where he got a job with the same you like that is really for a better deal, but I mean everyone, ass, some people who I know like very wise whose brilliant person and she's like oh, my it's so depressing- might too don't we yesterday, my innovation cannot stop right
even when it's going to kill them. I don't understand about it's it's very important. Right. You see your name, any see someone what they say. Oh bury a brilliant. Thank you can I go a little further. You ve thought of diet, you guys and then there's a bunch of. Like in that and then a bunch of people pilot on its Yoda realise a first I didn't even know you're a real human alot of people never met anyone famous, they have no date. There look at it and a lot of our fish, When I say that if I had a twitter account as fifteen, how does it horrible shit, the famous people? right just to get a ride right, just civil and get him to react. It's only two Venus really mean, they don't know you, but unless they me you! They don't even really know you that people take it to heart, so much that they killed themselves. You know a few of these cape pop stars have killed themselves, really looked at from a social media. Yes, I think so
that's the main reason to an end. There, and these are you know pop stars. I can't Bobby Sherman. You know impact yells, sixty eight reading is fan. Mail hasn't guy is this. What are we to help us out of your twitter account? I may I will for he give a shit preserves. Fourteen. We, like each other, come on what a pervert maybe he could have used social media back. Then that's it right, that's the balance I get, Jerry, Louis Marian, his cousin and drowning as wives, and you also, don't want Elvis Yoke and fourteen years, maybe better. I we maybe a little bit, I autism torture. You wonder what my life would have been like as a teenager with this stuff, because maybe it would have made me go myself, but I was paid Felicia. I couldn't really talk to a girl if I had been able to tax them.
Clearly, I was some gentlemen shit. I exaggerate. I think I could have done really well with that. I would have a lot of dick pictures. Foreigner on honey upset our assented to everybody. Fuckin, Adam and young, I've known him, no idea, that's gonna, last forever that that was a humble brag about is now now it's a regular dec. We're just just any old debt. I was empty but other people's decks, but I would add that the whole idea, because boys love Dick Prick, they draw rosier corner that seen in what was the Fuckin movie super bad as well. Favorite scenes in a movie ever where it is drawn. Dicks class is blocking hilarious because that's true. So, dear oh yeah like what we got real lucky that we are not held up the standards it kids are today because everything they. Do today that they put online they're gonna, put a lot of things online, its permanent forever
I couldn't imagine something that I say when I was fourteen being permanent and at that point me back to this about this football player and things that people right on Twitter, its other Lucy case to me recently we're talking about this. He said people look at stuff when it's written down like it's different, but it's just talk. It's talk it's written like people, say cha, she's, a fucking bitch, I'm tired of shit, and then you see her. I'm sorry like, but that's talk right, but when you see it Like all my god. Did you see what he put on Twitter to see? What he wrote you talking to the whole world now realises is different thing and then people get screenshot of it. You can never take it back. Yes, then we're gonna, keep it forever archive it look. He said it. He said she's a fucking bitch and you there's no just talk anymore, but we're wired for just talk. People are wired for gossip and and nonsense. Talk, especially when you die
king, but if you're drinking then you get on Twitter, you kids, you could say that dumb should ever to take your life people have that would just in Sancho that famous yes, if that were the first ones to one knows as soon as you get off the plight, she changed It was upside director. She gets on a mean. It's almost comic Alex it's comical. You know she gets. I played in tweets budgets emphasising is funny, and then, by the time the plane lands your life's over by the way family guy did a hysterical version of that where Brian the dog goes into the thicket, he tweet something going into a theatre in its semi. It is by this and then, by the time he comes out of the movie. His life is this destroyed by the twitter mob is literally a mob outside this house would not designed for permanence, like that, need to be able to
express yourself loosely. It's like if you wanna, write something in a book and published a book, and you gonna carefully consider every word and then you put that bug out new. Ok, we're gone over right, that's as a different thing! Then fuck this guy. What do you think I should go on with lower Louis? You can imagine I know more about it than most people have talked a lot about it, but what happened? Verses? its being portrayed as what happened. There were there's a lot of stuff. This is not true. Lucky blocking any, by his door. I once and what's unfair is that he cannot say it He can, if you, if you, engage in defend yourself, that around a record, then you make it worse so you're in this sort of purgatory, where, if you hear things that are not true. You also
not say anything about it here. That's a debtor, unfair place to be, and also like is everything a hanging offence. My problem, with some of them may to stuff, and of course I think, like every right thinking person, it was a great thing that happened, that men have been put on notice, that you're playing with five fowls and did you just can't get away with a lot of the shit you you had taken their men in positions of power and our sleigh ride. I mean I'm thing: lawyer, legislate outlets also extended to the fracturing industry and Mcdonald's, and The other place in America were probably it's very prevalent. Nobody ever hears about it, but there is just no consistency: Charlie Sheen, I'm not picking on I like em, but he got a super bowl commercial last year. Will he did way where things and Louis Thicket
why were you couldn't get Louis? He kept so people like what we think is it a super bowl commercial that is reduced Charlie Sheen. Machine because no aim- and I know but held a knife to his daring- Didn'T- did time in aspen wasn't dead. He was with the third way for some I seem to remember he's done. Morality is being sued for giving people a. I mean, there's just at this litany of things that are worth a worse than whacking off in front of people which is not cool either of course itself but low ITALY, Lily haulage eyes and own up to it, and I just think the there. Where is the consistency, work, and also, where is the? Is it up is it all is everything a life sentence? The Louis is a horrible, brazen, forever remorse Is there some point where we used to go yes
in places debt to society in some way, and then you know, I know you allowed back. I feel I just feel bad for him. I mean I feel like he did weird shit, that he I've done for sure, and I He knows that I know he knows that. But what is the proper punishment? and it and who decides it well, he's definitely working again so all of gases that are complaining and bitching about our seas knows along here last senators is: do is restoring right when you ve mutton selling here tickets to his van yeah sure, but certainly can do everything he wants to do. Bright and he can't you can still tour. But even if you want to do a special boy, who's gonna take him up on the right. You know who's gonna jump. Jumped allied. Maybe maybe the proper punishment is another. Five years before you can have a special but walnuts along,
I'm just saying I'm just pulling it out of my ass, I'm just saying what, We need some sort of. We spend more than two years, some sort of me to court here that ran down. I fair, adjusted Justin. Judge rose MC, Gowan, presiding yeah. How would you how do decide when a person has been punish enough and were in what is the guy he's got similarities. Birds about because of the problem was like jerking off like being alone. It's that right and I will do the rest the materially does about about. You know he asked he asked, can a jerk off in front of you when they said? Yes, he did it it's not thing nothing about any now know that and he knows it, and I am not defending em, but right people are portraying and is far worse than like. He went up at scale fast enough. Our people went crazy and cheered, and I reposted a video of it and someone posted twitter, whether rare times Alex fuck you Joe
again he assaulted women. Now I know you didn't know, but he didn't you got it. You can't change was sought, means right. He asked big jerk, off venom people, and then he did. There is some quest, as to whether a jerk off on the phone with somebody, I think that's assault either its car creepy. Ninety one kind of its job, I'm sure he would say creepy, but we're not talking about someone assaulted people like you, you can't this change. The definition of the word was it makes you feel better by Haiti. Someone now so red, but out of its true, if his management, I think, threatened women. Who were gonna talk about this or prevented someone's career moving because of this. If that happened, that's amaze almost worse. Yes, that's a really bad! Yes, but I dont know if that's true and he's not allow, to talk to straighten out well, it's Anthony is not allowed to talk. Well, it would we
It was make it harder to talking about it a few times. I think he just decides that the other day it's just better, just keep pushing ahead and read and new. Our apparently I'm not advertising for, but it from everybody that I heard it's fucking amazing because all the pain, the lava shrewdness, he apparently has a talk about new material Rock in New York about up in the dark about. If you say you got two hours, I took the liquor work. Now I am rather than we had only up tell people when is it once the new season, air Friday distraught yeah, the seventy two January same bat time same Pat, Channel HBO, ten eastern, and I guess you can figure out the other timezone from that and go back at it again. Plenty to talk about plenty talk about always see
regulations by the way I'm making this such a big stop and such an iconic place. You did good. Thank you. Thank you. Cabin stumbled into it, we do my shown shore. Ok, I asked Before I knew I gave very squarely people there I'll talk it over each other research, and I heard you say that one when you get it, I'm guy doing a terrible impression on me it's a very calculates. It is greatly version of you didn't know who we was? Have you ever seen the face of fate of face swap version that he does a view? An answer now find that before we live with that caught the desert clan sorry vehicle. Not only that we only have to look at the family. It's amazing to you. It was amazing, it wasn't it. I've been done me and I could laugh. It leaves out. Our fates he's got your face soon. Impression of you
I ve never seen it that I saw what anyway the point that doesn't matter. The point was, what was the point point was: there's not too many people talk it over each other on your show, correct a physical estimate, its very difficult to have a conversation with so many different people too, can such a fundamental criticism of my show. That issue is that format. That's the size, but that's of that was, I think, you're thinking of a politically incorrect within our I'm sick of your show right now. Well, I'm there every week. Ok and try moderate pray closely. Of course, when you have a panel which we do there can be, those moments, but we don't book that kind of person and that kind of show it's not the old. Let's get them fighting thing. We don't want that and honestly, the number of times when people have been shouting up each other and you can hear them is very little don't, even though the shouting over each other's. If you have a point, you wanna talk about getting you
Let it was a bachelor hesitation. Tat you would be. The MID show guess to my wife, and will be a one on one. You know I do a one on one too. To show it these in the job get in the middle of the show. I bring out more of a celebrity, usually to my left. I would like to ask the one where one Harris start going out with Ben Afflux because of that same year, one on one: that's rank! Ok, what's that You know you pick the one example where somebody that's what you're talking about. I think you seem one showed in several other well in Jordan, Peters Mohammed rules. We blowing over five hundred enriching that's good. I just got glad we either. I dont demand that any would be a fat. I just like honest. What am I saying our getting Lizzie address hitches when, after most deaf, where he's been dead for like ten years, so why won't get where we are establishing knowledge of the show is very limited, so I had to
Jefferson. I hope you do what you do who did you have a lot to say? I'm not only one more! What I'm saying is I'd like you to do it, because I think you'd be good, and I like listening to you and you'd be to my left. One on one day would be. Nobody shouting of you. They wouldn't be involved. Ok, so you wouldn't have that problem. How will you do it? Yes, great era? and then we'll talk only anyway shared will work on Hawaii all right, bill morleys value. Thank you, the pleasure to be here by everybody. Thank you. Everyone for tuna to show and thank you to pay policy genius policy, This makes finding the right life insurance a breeze, and in minutes you can compare, quotes from the top ensures fine, you best price and you could say, fifteen
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