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#1416 - Rob Kearney

2020-01-21 | 🔗
Rob Kearney is the only openly gay professional strongman. He currently holds the American record for the log press, at 471 lbs. There is also a documentary about his life currently in production:
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Gradually. Definitely right is accurate. To say make. I feel yet have any than hers with a purple in blue Rainbow man brows, all yachts, right, all the way down the back very, very absolute eyes. Now, first of all, I love you for can handle the world's strongest gay. That's me that's! Whereas this is there in That community is their acceptance as open as it is about data given factors, the ones you're a real mender yeah, oh yeah, yeah. Now it some yet came out. It was supercool. Nobody really gave me any shit, that's the best part about stronger in honor. You had robbed We're stuck here not too long ago, and he mentioned he'll hear something. You know
mentioned, just like the community of strong men. So is awesome because, like we all realize what we have to do to get this level of sport may be a little bit of a second twisted in the head to look at a truck and get excited to pull it. So when I came out like nobody really gave a shit, they dislike areas on, you can still live weight. We don't care yeah, that's a the comedy community in that way for sure, like stand, common community needs, nobody gives a shit now, Zog. Is your money and you're doing your job, like other, really and we know some that are in the closet where come on man. On carers come out. No, no. It gives a shameful, probably funnier, write them or subject matter being, were you know not holding onto as much it's like. You know how I came out. Just like you know. The way off my shoulders was was unbelief. What how longer resist that was: twenty fourteen Sars twenty two years old, ass, I was a late bloomer in the gay world, was it
when you were in high school, and I want first of all when Wendy you know you know, I don't know that I have like. I don't remember. I can ever had like an aha moment per se. For me was gone through high school like I was involved in a bunch of stuff. You know cheerleader actually also play. Football was doing the way lifting thing like was presidents, who had my hands in a much safer pots college super and do everything as well. Really just focused on school and actually dated a girl for like a year and a half and gods in college? yeah, you everyday boy now so, but did you like old town? I wish he was a boy I think she's cool. It was yeah. Pretty much you know it was it was. It was more like us. And ship than a relationship. I guess you know, like recall in everything, and everything is going well but, like nothing else is really going on,
when you came out. What's she like out, I've done The reason I broke up other oh, you came out because you know meanwhile in arm dating this girl, but I'm watching gay porn. One should not around like this. Isn't right! There's something else going on here. So did you like was gay porn like Finding gay formula, that's what I like a pretty much really gave one is not a very differently than straight porn because, like stray porn, there is the rub in the street community. You look at ST point. You like especially some telling me was daughters of somebody- probably did something awful to those girls when they were young like this like nine out of ten times yet and that's why they turn to porn. But when you see gate point like a couple duty like pretty, but even like a dance average around, and you know we're talking about gay porn is like it, so they don't think of it the same way.
No not at all yes, so I ended up breaking up with that girl, and I told her I was I get like. I think, I'm gay and I d like figure this shit out. You know twenty two One alleys enjoy my twenties now trying to figure out. If I, if I like deeds, are not wish you damn, I turn rob gay. She! She was not very nice about a year ago we didn't it, went down a pretty quickly. Really oh yeah We are living together at the time, we're in college so light living together and then, like I got, kicked out. Was like living my car for a little while, So it was kind of a shit show why she kicked out then Pitch Geneva. You stay in now, not even a little bit. Wow yeah they're, my ex six months later, she's, like blowing up my phone say, I gave her club media outside dots
does not only six months, not on me. That's that's been longer than that too, since we were doing anything. So are that's hilarious yeah, you kill ya, think you keep Romania in your city form a bright eye when we get it. I would think so. Does that bullet look seriously at one that I think you just get it and then bad yeah? It doesnt seem to pleasant, I'll, take it and that we also ducas, like all the like calls and everything we're coming through when I was with me now, husband, Joey so like we were dating at that time and now my ex boyfriend is borne out by. I gave her the clap, but Was he laughin at first years like what the fuck is going on, because, like we literally had been waiting for two months cells like super analyses I clap. Did I get myself into Why? Because you are a newbie till the whole totalling or air
crazy. So you you become, you decide. Ok, I gotta deal with reality. I'm game you mean that one guy and then you still with a still more air with him. We just got married this past march I'll send a year that kind of crazy yeah we're getting play to feel Now now I real you know it's funny like a joke about this. All the time just like we met in like typical millennial, gay way on grinder. And you know I was. I wasn't even out actually before we met so like on grinder. I was like that shortlist torso pick, because I was still you no good movie area uneasily and showed what does he know them that good, but he thought so. He like he saw me pop up in areas like I was this bitch message me and I thought he was cat fishing because I thought he was way too hot. For me, that is out of my leg
so I kind of dislike got really lucky with the first guy. I came away that some that's gonna, be weird for her right yeah, like Imagine being a girl with a guy like myself, is wrong with our relationship. It like the most like snake, its there's. No more other like it's me. It's you! It's not you! It's me right now, is the its yeah yeah? I don't think there's any where to go. You no higher than that like well ass, you wanna, go pray, the gateway that doesn't work now, but is it that is like go away that some people try to fix it get particularly like mother, religious folks, it is hilarious. I think it's free and funny I mean you know like tonight. I get shit allotted I mean obviously like within Scram handle world strongest. Gay I get the more shit on a daily basis on social media and I can even count and most of it.
From like religious people really oh yeah, like they're, sending me like that, Bible verses telling me like. I need to convert to Christianity and brought away there- probably jerking off, while they're doing probably you can imagine, I like you, need, you know start and it is played so gay and delicious my go through responses. You know, hey man, I don't read fiction so in doing that I just always think it's funny, because you know they're, like you know, gaping alike fiercely in very open all my and social media- and you know world strongest. Man has been super supportive of it. They had Welshman. Men junior and pride month this year and that whole little expos say about me, which was awesome and I like comments on the world's longest manner like you're, pushing the gay agenda like all those OSHA and unlike listen man like the only again.
We are pushing is like. I just want to be treated like everybody else. Am I get the same shit that you do you now I've? Never once like tried to make someone gay you know like. Meanwhile, Christians are in my dm saying, like you need to convert, I'm not K, Unita suck, a dick. That's the gay agenda is a hilarious phrase. I guess agenda, I don't even know what it is we who ever listening. If you can like me up- and let me know, I'd love to learn about it you need to get a tighter net club. I guess I do the gay agenda Roma hog doesn't make me that gay areas thing that, like you're gonna, it's not like you trying to get someone to be a Mormon now near the gay or not gay exactly why the widest someone think that's like that, The weirdest kind of phobia tomato guy had a bit in one. My specialists in password like these two types of people that are afraid a gay marriage is people at all. Really dumb or their singularly worry the decks delicious
I share that all the time I myself immediate gurgling amazed, but that's what it is like worried about. The gay agenda. Laguna gonna get me now get me to suck those that logistics. That's what did you think they're afraid it's believable, I think it's hysterical hysterical, but why was real lucky when I was a kid I was exposed to gay people. Real young When I was seven years old, we moved San Francisco value and I knew preserve Andy's? It was gaze fuck. I was a random all atomic my next door. Neighbor was as gay couple. My aren't, you should go next door and they would get they'll, get naked smoke PA and play bongos together, sick precarious. So for me that was normal. Life was like gay. I was around gay people. I didn't even here the term
it until I was eleven and we moved to Florida. A member here in that, when I was a little while, like I had my friend is name was candy candied, oh he's a cuban kid and his dad was real. Max gay people get married is written snoopy I completely share that was his newspaper down. It was a grown man. I remember being eleven goes wise. You give a shit like how we literally doesn't effective at all, but he was so upset, but it's a ban, but it was important for me to see- because I didn't know people like tat so to be around my friends dad and seem free, does what a weird thing to waste your time. Thinking about for sure I mean that's, endure super lucky to have that kind of upbringing. Yeah see that ugly part of you now the world because I mean the things with with me. I'm fortune enough or like not many people. I talked to me in person. You know, like I'm an average size strongman like I'm, not really that big of a dude what's
average size drama nearly three hundred pounds and I'm the smallest guy. That's how much the way like to eighty five right- yeah, that's not average size bro. Why can't I just completed this week against Brian Shaw, the motherfuckers for twenty, that Yale and six foot eight on five. Ten, like hey man, cool. You know so like unfortunate? Like most people, don't talk to me, persons like on social media, but it did happen one time in Texas of all places. I just finished a truck pull event. This guy if guy from from stands like all this stuff and like I just love, look like dude, I suck Dick and I'm stronger than when quiet and then he walked wages. Maguire lady, like you know, I think like in that situation like I feel like people feel like their invincible like they feel like they have the power the crowd gathered like they don't expect like somebody like whose competing to like say something back to rise by like I'm, not gonna. Let me take that shit,
it's amazing only when one guy, though yeah that shows you how the times are changing for sure yeah, it's in a luckily like you, I was dubbed like the unofficial fan favorite our world man this year. So it's really cool to see the support throughout the entire community. How do you get dubbed the unofficial fanfare really I got was gonna like a loud applause whenever my night now thrill gathered so the announcers just kind of colony, the fan favorite, that's cool. I am happy with the way things are going with us, except in total, its changing rights, giving a lot better. You known it we're super fortunate and that's kind of like when I came out like I'm unlucky, because I had this like, I really don't give a fuck mentality when I came out. I don't care what people thought. I didn't care who thought you know if they did? like me- that in like me, just cut em out. We know for sure I didn't have to do that. That transpire was it be
as the weight of it was so it was it. It gave me so much relief that you felt like who gives a shit now now free was it like that was there was a lot that went into it, so oh I like in my mind I didn't like wanna come out until I it seems done now, and I knew was really gay. And I guess you know dating my now husband for six weeks- that was kind of the tipping point and at that point in our relationship with China realise like our aid, this wasn't just gonna be like a flying into seven farm like we were. Actually, you know taken steps to kind of me. Made it and see what was going to happen here not expect marriage, but so I came out mainly because of him because he had he had been out since he was seventeen, and at this point we were twenty two and I didn't feel like it was fair for him to be our relationship with somebody that was still in the closet. Ah analyses biggest motivator for it and once you so you, so you already happy seeing this happy relationship so
People were upset at you, you, like I, don't give a fuck. I haven't. I want a better place yeah, you also must feel putting words. Your mouth, but it must feel like when you do, because out or you do come out. It must feel I could not just of relief but like yours, you Eve solidified you're, fine, if your you yeah, I mean it's exhausting like waking up every day, pretending to be somebody or not yeah. You know like you, ll have to act different than you want to deserve. To talked about girls to God. Like when you're on the elevator I was always just like in the funny thing is like after I came out like nobody was surprised that so I feel like I was a guy that was a kind of like in the back around like awkwardly laughing when guys we're talking about girls like her, you rarely, but looking at the guys in bulges, lately, grapevines, that's where
Yes, do you remember a year like when you were young will you're like hey Sutton might be different. Ah you know, I think, like I think, back to like middle school and you know I think it's just like this territorial like I was in a theater, I was in the music. I played sport, but wasn't really good at them and actually was a truly here and middle school to like, as I did, join my first cheerleading team and seventh grade. And you know the funny thing is. As you know, there was try out and everything, and I got the fourth highest score out of all the girls, so I figured thou, as you know, a little telltale Sargassum time, not stereotyping. Melchior leaders but I have a body whose Melchior later, whose awesome peace, chapels. Ninety nine point, nine percent- sure he straight specializing, but he's building a bridge, shit house too there any collegial leisure insane gambling
to build a flip through the air people understand what cheerleading is right. They think of it is like tat. Go tea now That's crazy, acrobat! Even a high school like I was throwing girls up in the air by myself in catching them overhead. You know like doing shit like that you're, that's what we're Chapelle does the stuff we grab some by the feet, flip summoned the air yet catches among one stupid. It's bananas amount physic, power. You have to have to be able to do the timing. Coordination. That's crazy! I mean you have to be a fuckin. Savage, someone in the air at some with one hand, take a lot of balls. Falada fuckin power. Do the explosive power for most men shitting on cheerleaders could never pull that? No, no, it's fucking heart genie do other flips and shipyards that can spare no can do a back. Then Now! No, that's that's. Actually, one of the reasons why, like so I, when I was doing it in high school, like actually looked to, do it in college at the collegiate level,
but tumbling was like a minimum requirement, not that I care a little too chunky, and I don't want to do that shit so How did you get in? Do power lifting and strong man so I, honestly totally by chance. I was working out in my high school. We room one day after school and us up. To teach. Her happened, walk by who owned across which him and he was hey. You know I am at this cross with GM, like you seem like a like this stuff in a pretty strong, like feel free to come by so I would say I she started training with him, like five o clock in the morning before school. Would then I found who really quickly I sucked across fit, but I like to lifting heavy shit- and this is back in two thousand and nine And walked into the gym one morning in their like: hey, there's, a local Shropshire contest, the Saturday we send you a fort So when you say you sucked it cross, Whitcross has just a bunch of olympic lifts and different explosive actual goddess. Wasn't shape right so that the ability to do matter
well in the word gouts yeah, yeah yeah. So yesterday, Sunday for my first contest, I was seventeen years old. Had never touched and implement. I just seen it on tv, like everybody else in world strongest. Man got my aspect took last place where you are seventeen, how much lifting had you done previous to that may be for five months really. But at that point like I had hit the five hundred pounds, lift only been lifting for a couple months. Yeah I'll see just a freak genetically. Has it a few lifts. I was good at that's a lot of weight to look for a few months of lifting yes, so The contest went horrible for me, but I absolutely like film of the sport- ended up at Springfield, College Massachusetts and joy. Power, lifting team and that's when I kind of got in a more of a background and lifting proper technique in all that stuff and then did not
a strong man contest where I met this guy Matt Mills who owns a gym lightning finish in Connecticut, were a train now and he was again You know like I'm just trying to get all the strongman equipment. He should come down, it's only about thirty minutes from their school, so I would actually would their every Saturday morning, for when I was in college to train strong man. That's what kind of started competing in the amateur circuit he had own. That cannot lend Mama trajectory to hear you, one of those rare people who actually lives in Kenya. I live in Massachusetts are good for you right over, border Goodman yeah escape over their work. Our upward and leave me out Connecticut strange. It's something is a strange place. Some lost state yeah so you get into power lifting and then, but what was exposure to like truck pulling and although the crazy shit so really not much. You know you know. The cool thing about strongman is every contest is different, that we do not. We know
never do a same involved on the spot for over ten years now, and I have never done a contest where the events have been the same in that Spain a time do you know what it's gonna be before you sign up, typically so you know we get about. Would series of left eight to twelve, weeks notice, depending on the contest, so. The June that I was going to in Connecticut, they were just starting to acquire strongman equipment. So was pretty bare bones, like we had a US steel log in for the log clean impress. They had some atlas stones. Some farmers handles a yolk and that's pretty much it and then over the years he would get more and more and more and now it's turned into this massive fifteen thousand square foot facility in the gym on a recall and equipment horror because he buys some every time something new comes out. Who buys it so yeah, like my. My exposure to the equipment in the beginning was pretty minimal, but what I did to compensate for that, as I just competed more so
Oh, I would pretty much from Springfield Massachusetts. I drew a five hour radius from where I was an, contest there was in that radius. I would do so in my fur. Like three years, I competed probably like almost forty times- woe how often these things being held at the image level. Pretty often there is usually you can find a lean, I would say one or two you know per month in New England alone real and then they're all over the country So you know, I think, cool thing is, you know, like I was really said. I took last my first contests and that went on for a while. I took dead last night. My first aid shows that I did so. I wasn't good at this thing when I started now. When did you start being successful? twenty, so I went to amateur nationals actually in the two hundred pathway glass. So I went in under two hundred pounds in two thousand and eleven as my first time amateur national, so I've been doing it for about two years
Surprise myself in taking second place in that we class ah went back, to the amateur nationals as a two thirty one in two twelve and took second place there, and then one the Amateur national championship in two thousand thirteen, and that's where I be Turkey, where I won my pro carton kind of got to the next level. We such a difficult thing to do that. I would imagine doing forty times a year like you're gonna get in measured. Luckily, I didn't really get I in unfortunate, we're so by trade, and when I went to school for as I'm an athletic trainer, so ports, medicine is kind of in my thing so You know I've been lucky enough to learn. When I was training of when I need to back off when I can push lovin harder. What needs to be taken care of Just try to be smart. You know I'm gonna knock on. Would you know had one serious injury in ten years that have to do with this? Was that it was a summer two thousand and eighteen add drop two hundred and seventy five pound hotlist on my chest.
FUCK Bator? My cue Elam ILO back broke three ribs cheese. Put me out of commission for a little while and aren't you drop it we're we're. Was it was at a contest? I was in second place by one point that says that final event of the contest, and now I went to push the stone onto that. So the thing is with me being only five ten with the ATLAS tone like the first box, you have to put the stone on is high in so this was seventy five inches tall You know I'm only five ten, so I was literally like eyebrow height twilight had like press it up on the box. And I thought it was up there. It wasn't secured and rolling off fell on. My chest fuck and I you know. Naturally that was the first contest my mom had come seen in person in like for years. She's gonna stay inside me killed by a bold area? Perfect? I now do the up some. I take you to recover from that Let's see that was that was, junior.
July of twenty eight june- and I didn't do my next contests until March twenty nineteen by while took me out for a while. I can only imagine it. Seventy five pounds fuckers dawn ball, and I was the lightest when we had in the series, while Jesus Christ, so just your background in understanding athletic science or exercise science, allows you to know when you're being silly and when you you know you gonna be a pussy, but you're not gonna, be dumb exactly, and I think that's where its that's. Why been lucky you known I kind of state injury free because even like to this day, like you know so my coach, his arm. A pre well renounced, Strongman Derek pounced on who you know Second place our strongest man and he programme some crazy shit. For me, There are some days or under psycho do this is not going to fly today when you have a look.
Like what's a light day. It also like I train for days a week, and I get like one like. I call em like my Brody, it's like my bench back in arms day. You didn't even know power and do the yeah yeah, so it that's more dislike because I press again like bill. If your try saps gonna build up the anterior Adele is gonna. Help like you adventurous, actually helps your overhead lifts and so I do that and that that's what I consider my late day, but like all still bench like in the mid force, so so for days a week yeah So how do you had a structure to do every other day? I d, do it all depends on the week really. So typically, I try to go to say, They Friday Sunday That's usually my my average week, I'm so whose days, like my big overhead day well, do a strong men, movement overheads like log press or dumbo, and that a bunch of
shoulder overhead accessory work, Thursday my day to my biggest s, why squatting Daedalus than the same day That's a work out that sometimes takes forty five hours. Real yeah see you big spaces in between each worker was so you lift and then do, Do you have a large we'll talk about ten fifty ran? It suggests that sometimes, like you know like, were built happily? Arnold trauma Classic Columbus, Ohio this coming march and arm. You know we have. MAX deadlocked coming up and on potentially The offer one thousand pounds left to chance, Christ, you know so like today through a deadlock, work out where I'm dead, lifting there's me. There's you to look at the barn, ending daddy S, most fucked up So how is that?
eight hundred and fifty pounds on the on the deadlock right there. What is that that Dumb Bower their number was to fifty to fifty one arm overhead press yeah fuck in a way that the deadline those? So what does that? Fuckin thing? That's called a whose of Helstone coffin yep pretty much that ways for fifty wow, you weren't, like back strap, let go of yes we're about. Yes, we're like work. Does it was a sort of like build intradermal pressure at all oh gives just like some cattle feed back till. I know where you need to bring Arms are usually we like will put it we're like. We feel we This in our core
that's. Gonna help us activate those muscles to be a little bit stronger and you know more effectively brace to prevent injury, because I never never understood how would protect you from a lift like lifting heavyweights near that's trapper on your back gets not really too it's too. I guess it's not really met like protect per se. More just like help. Extra support, that's the biggest thing till it does you you don't do heavy lifted up now know now I keep it on yeah. Whenever ongoing heavy, that's pretty much standard, parliament's desire piloting, strong man used. Yet we were well aware in like pretty heavy duty belts. Not when you trained you train to doing strong man stuff. I do you pull trucks and should again in training. Yes, oh leading up to world strongest man. My new we had a trouble. We actually got to pull the are the grave digger in the market. Fire truck. Really, I e the monster shocks that
this year, which is pretty cool grave digger way. While the funny thing is it only ways, fifteen thousand pounds, so they had to I have a second one and attach them so we line two of em at one time. How does when say it only ways: fifteen thousand pounds. That's all I wanted because I suck at that of an apple IDA I would like it if it was only one of em, but that sets an event. Where must help to be foreign and fifty pounds huge huge advantage. You know you look a guys like me in all again, only five ten about two eighty five compete against in my qualifying for the world's was thorbiorn sent the mountain from game. Throw it. How much does act? Five, six, nine for forty, Gee. Snappish has a six pack, six nine for forty ass, though that's Thor due in the event right there and you can see, bigger right behind him and then behind that they attached with a metal pole to them
Stir jam also uses rope to pull you as well. Yes, it's like how to get a little bit of lever gathers the second truck to trucks. There is ridiculous, yes, leading up to world strongest man. I actually became really good friends of the fire fighters in my local town, a calm and I guess I talked to the fire chief like hey. Can I borrow your truck too full of fire breaks out. Our friend he's out there, Poland, they can wait. History. Has responses? Are you kidding me like I'm? Actually serious So I actually, I was pulling that thou was pulling their fire truck like once or twice a week like six weeks leading up to our strongest. How much is a fire trucks? depends on the waters in it or not. I found that the first time it wasn't so is only about twenty eight thousand pounds and it was actually only twenty eight house casual their ancient. The second time the water was in it. So was forty thousand
A little bit harder and it made me look like an ass because I had told my friends- and I was doing this time thinking that it was the same truck and it was as light as it was the first time as an IRA look pretty cool in front of everybody, and then I a pull it unlike. This is heavier yeah that's a lot different cell, it's an extra twelve thousand fuck impact began and so like I was training in a fifty foot. Coarse and like that, forty thousand the troika is taking me like almost ninety seconds to pull in that like ninety seconds of just nonstop work Christ. What does it do to your knees, The knees aren't too bad. Honestly, issues like a full body like burning, like everything, hurts, were like nothing for you, like your arms or Pont, cause your point on the rope in front of you. Your quads in your calves are just popped. The max at that point, I beware:
bowing knees and ankles, and what the biggest injury that you see with like a trouble is like the Achilles tenant, rupture right Billy's, tenable just like pop off when you're trying to pull it, don't make sense. Zis pushed off with your footnote. Russia, Fucker yeah God, damn what are the sport is really great says: acoustics Board at its is so crazy to watch people pull to trucks like up of a human being polling, two tracks its proper. I wish I could see you with the fire truck. That's that's more ridiculous, see pony fuckin fire truck, it's pretty fun, yeah sure if you could do it We do it's fun, just that's a weird thing, with people right, digits, love to be able to do something. That's hard to do. Think that's why, like all of us are attracted like straw man, that's why we compete yeah. You know Like I said in the beginning of the show like it's, we all have to be a little fucked up in the head to look at a truck and get excited to pull.
Yeah look there is that so crazy, they apple truck. That's my coach behind it cleric. Yet I am have you ve seen the video the strongman throws the barrel up, it hits the bar fall back in his head back of the head to those on him. Zack I dead. Now he lived well yeah. What kind of a human could survive? I don't know. I think it was an empty Big makes it and it was a fucking aluminum barrel bars and of your skull here and he was not called for Now how old you know, the eight just one twenty eight November is there a life span for doing what you do Look, I would imagine like Yes, men distress, you know. I think, like we see most of the guys are in their prime, like mid thirties outside early to mid thirty's com like the prime for most strongman athletes, but then he got guys. Like me,
I feel it from the UK has fifty three any still competing in breaking world records Y yeah, two pistols that guy he's on all issues. Fifty three, that is to involve the also he has the biggest hands and strong men. So they actually don't fit on an eight by eleven piece of paper Watts so his hands like eleven and a half twelve inches long ridiculous. That's like shack hands, it's crazy, but that's why he, the world could that he gets rolling grip events ironically and then I have like, in other words the meat man's and can hold on anything God. Damn fifty three, it's crazy, actually crazy and he looks like he's thirty eight. The picture the guardroom got sidetracked by triumph on his hands the man. Wow, look at em, there's not fuck and ale This is crazy, there's so long yeah. That is incredible, though, that is
Detroit learn as I get this thing you can airs yes, so at the contest that we do in their fingers, soldiers fuckin the saucy. The conscious that we do in England ARM through a company called giants, lie. That's like one of their promo things that they do in the in the magazines, that they give everybody where they actually put life's, you know a picture of his hands over, but it can compare his. And to our to their own. Jesus gets its tenth. Is so vague that you have our definite, help man for you. That's incredible, though they still can He had such a high level of fifty eight. What is it injuries? Their leaders, elbow was miles per We had torn bicep without common super current yeah, torn by set out, says, like arguably the most common, injuring shown. Then what is it which would lifts usually cause the blow out, usually you'll see that Anna ATLAS Stone Entire FLIP or, if your, Lifting would like a mixed grip with the under.
And on the barbell, usually the by simple pop off in the elbow and roll up and shouldered. What are your thoughts about dead, lifting on a mixed group? Do you think the EU should do that should do it both. Can I mean if you're using straps, like of using straps, in the great and take on a day to go about. Go double overhand causes really. Point to have a mixed grip and put at risk of an injury when you don't need to the straps can take the group out of the work for you, but for power, lifting that's, not allowed, so they have to compete with them. They have two dead, lift without trap. So there's two options: you can go with you go at the mixed group or hook grip, which hook rip as you wrap your
and around the bar, and then put your fingers over your thumbs in its hurts like a mother fucker, because their bars us resting there on your thumb and then pushing down on it. But it you get a better grip and you no kind of yeah just like that us we're. Would that be easier imo but it works. Well, I just did you have a really good paint tolerance, it's the way to go because then you're taking out that by set from the equation- and you won't have any risk of injury with that that's interesting, and but that doesn't that's not the case, but farmers carries or any farmers walk or anything with farmers like the handles are usually little bit too big to be able to get like a grip like that, so it literally is just a straight up Griffith and I hate him. Did you lot of training the like big, thick grip? Things like I know it? Rogue has those balls you can do
Chin UPS with Julia, yet you like fat groups like whenever I do like bicep curls, sometimes up like just fat grips onto the dumb else. I'm just doing that just to work it out. I do a lot of shrugs stuff like that on whether to farmers handles or a framework, barbell or Dunbar. If that's the case I'll put like fat groups on their to try to work the group as well that so that dude is fifty three years old. He still competing at the top of the food chain. You do you see yourself possibly do an anti does twenty five more fucking years. We will see me doing it for that long. I think my goal to get to like thirty five and kind of evaluate where I am now. My think. If I can Do this until thirty five at this level out to be a really good, Braun cause. I have made my first world strongest man. Appearance announced twenty five, so I can go to world ten years of you really happy with that. This is it's a crazy way to make a living. It's crazy way.
To spend your time and like to pursue your life yeah. Do you because your your banking, everything on your body, in their pretty much air. Yet what do you like What is when one has a job that at thirty five most like they probably gonna, be on your way out the door. Where are you structure your life. You know for me, I'm, for you know to have my masters degree and athletic training in sports medicine. So I keep that do not valid today. Still do like pretty and work all throughout Europe. England, just trying to keep my chops upon that whenever I have the free time to do so, but it Albert the Workload so like now cover heist I'll cover like Highschool hockey Games or college games Almond just work as an athletic trainer does pretty much for the day, You know just taken care of any injuries stuff like that. You know that's kind of my wheel house. You know taping concussion, evaluation, all that's, contrary rehab yeah. Now, what kind of look I would imagine would retorted what is for our dead left school?
days when you must have some serious rehabilitation routine, that you go through right yeah. You know I mean I I do everything from like self massage and you know I have my own stem unit at home and do that, but then also recovery work out on my off days. So much those dim things help those lectures demolish Lebanon, Syria, where leave? What one do you complex Compaq here? That's the brain that I go with. So you have a it's like those Lou things paths had put him on and then the nice thing about the complex wants is like they're. Pretty much foolproof like has like twelve to fifteen prepared. I'm settings you put your kind of like Jane, will body parts on and then you just pick What setting you want or on so it's like pain, relief, train recovery, competition, recovery, muscle activation, there's a bunch of different ways to using, and then you, too said, go, and it goes
just sits awesome filing tv or something, but I have it in my carry on when I fly home tonight. I'll put it on during my seven hour flight home, and I use it to someone sent me. One year's burglar never fork amused compact more that yet I think they're awesome yes, along with that, then I do my duke recovery work out so like I'll go to the other. Will I get commercial, Jim and, in all swim swim? Not well, hot tub sauna, and then I have like a massage therapist embody work person I go and see. I try to see every week, but sometimes as every other week, where they do deep tissue, massage copying, dry, needling the whole nine yards on me. Do you so dense? You must have a fuckin seriously powerful, massage therapist of some gonna go deep tissue works and pro hockey cell, and there is no joke. That's the key right is having someone who's. Really good. Yeah, and it took me in it took me-
while the find this guy and ironically like him. I have got you when we were at college together and he was in the area? I call you know, like he's getting MRS massage degree and always an authentic train, and he has a really good background of the body and injuries and stuff like that. Let me see how it works and he let me up. The first is gonna regular spot shyness, all asleep Vienna, yeah That's great! You just took an hour. I just paid ninety bucks for a nap thanks. It doesn't do enough right now, I mean I tell me, like I'm, usually more sore when I leave must hotter than when I go in, but then the next day I feel great breaks. Everything loose yeah seems where that you can just manipulate injuries or tight spots into pliability, but it does work well. It's a thing. That's where I come. I've been huge another the dry, needling lately and I think its awesome. So it's pretty much like acupuncture with science bind it. So
dry needling is they take these needles and they just sort of shoved into the muscle yeah, wherever there's like a trigger point or tightness or restriction, they'll go and they dont sleeve at their like, though, move around in there, and I thought tat uncomfortable unless there's like a spot, that's really fucked up, but it work great like I had some low back pain. That was killing me for a long time and it ended up being cousin. My so as my affliction version with time he threw a couple Niels ice in my hip lectures and by the time I got off the table, all of my back pain was gone. Have you ever use when those so right things, oh yeah, yourselves, a great yeah their amazing, but I mean see jeez I mean that the design, whoever the sick fuck is the created. Those genius really get with the scoop, fits perfectly its comfortable like order digs in every user.
Run everything every back. Yet the I'm a big fan of that Big fan of those he ever Kelly starts, Billy was yet a ball that those fuckers lion. I got scattered all over the gym out their share in and I use his like the voodoo banned, the forcing I do that kind of stuff tat. We do you know, like my elbows, get b to shit in often doing heavy bench press in like even like the DUMBO, let you saw earlier line just haven't like children, fifty pounds cranked on your shoulder like that just put a time strain and the elbows, like my always get beat up pretty good in that, namely using the voodoo band is huge, for that was the one that just it concerns. And then you do a little bit of an exercise with it and then you undo it and ass. I kind of manipulated a little battues, sometimes like. If I have a spot Mabel, that's really callin me I'll, put a golf ball on it and then rap the band around the golf ball yeah. And then I'll go through that rain. Your motion and move my arm around
swell. Do exercises like that but, like I said sometimes as author, like the golf ball in their ah, so it hurts like a bitch, but it works great yeah, I'm a big fan of it, for I had a little. Of a tenderness issue. My shoulder Jaya elbow rather than helped a lot. I think it's great elbow, please alike, Heller Turnovers on their knees? So I'd also like that is- and that's it- like with a lot of strong men in general, like a lot of us, do like that body work. Am I try to stay healthy because, after all, at this level, to like the sport has exploded in the past few years and, like my. Competition season started this past weekend in the last contest. I'll do is moment, so it's months long and has a right. Now I have almost thirteen contest planned Now, when you have a contest, save you do some crazy, strongman competition. How much time do give yourself after Moreover, I mean I'll be back in the Djinn tomorrow when you get home real just competing on Saturday. Why ok, also
So I get coupled to today's off. Robot right back into yeah man, I mean that's I mean that's kind of a special consideration, mainly because, like the contest going into is seen as like the the biggest contest in the world so dear, I'll try, my class Ohio. Only ten men qualify for this contest. Raw yeah yeah so- and this is my first year competing There- So my coach was just like: listen like you can't waste any time We only have five weeks of training, essentially to get ready for the show. Even I've been prepping fort for the past. Like you know, six months, we used to do. You have seen the Arnold. That is a crazy show like dialed. It's why got an even bigger and there's so many people walk around in baggy, sweat, pants. So that you swear pants, trigger stringer unanimous during a tank tops, and they ask girls in nothing but spanned, x and sports brass? That whole industry is so strange, like they say, is influencing industry yeah, I mean that's what bag?
Lastly, it took me so long to get a sponsorship one because huge into his. I don't have a six pack like nobody wants look like a chubby pasty, white dude on the front of the lake supplements visor right now, you could be built like those guides pick up having we have recently cool, they don't care of your powerful You want your look like you're dehydrated. That's all I care about what looks good MR starving dehydration, with some spray tat we want. We want that's willing to be jacked, untanned, yeah analysis yeah, so that it does the things! I love why it took me like so long to get it was some companies like actually get a legit sponsorship? Is there anybody what that guy Bjornstam, how the fuck you sit at the angle of the Thorp guy he's got us expect close to it. Yes, edges, preposterous genetics, it's stupid, MA, obviously the size of
Mrs preposterous, that is, Viking right, there's straight and his name is thought. Yeah come on, come on. That's that's the generation after generation of our otters yeah I mean he read his dad is also like six eight, it's crazy. Damn Owen make sense. So what is it like when what is the difference between someone? That is the big that can stay lean like why? Why can east stay lean I think it's just like I'd as one thing like the quality food that he eats. You know like with him being arguably the strongest man the world. You know he didn't when world strongest man this year, but he's been dominant over the past two years. Read him Martinez least from you are his actually right here. No, it isn't yeah. He just one back in our back in June peacefully. You can use that we send you. You said you owe you. As you also you originally from Latvia
and now he's lived in. U s I mean for as long as I can remember. How big is this Father he's six there's Martine me so he's about like six three about three fifty, so he beat door. Yes, crazy. He beat a guy, that's all didn't fifty pounds heavier than yeah. That's crazy, and that's the thing about the sport, you know like I so the way I qualified for the contest in Ohio, size, Forker, so the web, the way a qualified for this are the contest in Ohio was on by winning the Arnold in Australia. And you know I know I said I'm on the smallest guy. That does this at this level and I was beaten. As you know, like I'm Jerry Pritchett, whose like six sixth, Seventy you know like So how do you how you that's wrong? What is the stubborn
bitch. Just so. You know, I think with me. It's it took me a really long time gathers Thorun Martins size, the fucker god damn. The woman on Thor's right is our laughed ass, his wife! Yes, in the two of them together get his you ll areas is a leather gonna, make a regular size kid but yet you know, I think I think I got this level because, like I was a student of the sport for a really long time, and I like studied everything I think it because you know took so long to get to where I am almost I set are at this level. It didn't take them ten years to get there. You know like, like Brian Shaw, like Martine, like they pretty much got two worlds within two or three years: does giant powerful people yet figure out the work and for me it was like I needed to learn how to make these events work for my body, you know so like
with me. You know like so I have the current american law press record and I dont do like a typical push press actually split jerk underneath really and on the only pro strongman at this level. It does that. Why do you do the it's more efficient, more data? It's an athletic quick movement and its It takes a lot of time, and coordination to learn with me haven't, ground across fit. That's where I learned the split your technique and then, when I got want a strong metals like while I really suck at district pressing, we explain that people with the differences. So like a push press is pretty much. You get the weight on your shoulders. You dip down, just push the wait up had overhead work premises with my shoulder and dress at power with a split jerk, yeah get you get the implement on your shoulders. He do a little dip and then you actually throw yourself underneath the log while splitting your feet So it's like a little bit of a dance. Almost so,
four hundred and fifty five pounds, so you get it up to you. Ass and then you'll see me. I did and then drop underneath it out, while splitting my feet and then catching overhead is Christ. What observers it shortens the ranger motion of the press, but it's it's kind of one of those like risky all or nothing moves like with a push press, its brute strength, seeking my kind of grind through it in fact in manipulate the log anyway, you want bore the split jerk like has to happen or doesn't there's gotta. Be that weird moment where you like fuck this isn't happening. I gotta drop this thing. Yet is that, like throw it just, did it get out, get cold in four hundred fifty five compelled over my head? How much taken it? I don't care what breaks as long as it's not me mesh nets that ATLAS Stone, dropped on your right yeah. You know it's just for me. It was you know, adapting that split your technique. Is it just made sense and that's it,
that's gonna! How is able to progress to the support to this level in Canada? some things. A lot of people didn't think I would do being this size How much do you eat usb eating? I had a good him all time. It's Conakry, the amount? No, I mean. I say that, like you know, because I think that you also said that only twenty eight thousand pounds to deal, I think, like people get caught up in. These ten thousand calories challenges like overstating branshaw. So like that, I'm not that guy. You know, like an average eating day, for me is probably around forty five thousand calories. Lot but nothing crazy people olbers so big, huge he's, a giant exact you know like he was sitting in the share like amicable differently than him. He's got double your head. His head is so why like what are you here? He looks like an odour needs accused the real life shreck.
A guy he's blossom. I love him. You nice fucker, you day, so the first conversation Robin I ever had was actually- that contest in Texas when a dude was call me a fag from the stands, and we were hanging out before the caught the day before the contest we had now. Met in person before first no actually have were hanging on hotel room, a few of satellites, and he looks at me like how old were you when you knew you wanted a dick in your mouth at that? First thing he said: do first thing ever said to me. Would you answer I didn't know I've. No it's just like this, like I had seen a world strongest man before lag, I've seen I've seen him competing for the site three or four years, and that the first thing in the mother Fucker says to me yet
so, obviously, like we offer you a great start on our friendship. We now, unlike him- and I still talk all the time and you know, is better because I took the log press record from back in April, but is very upset with the had it was. Is it was his for awhile like for four years now we went some new, something that's what petitions about these records amounts we ve broken. You know now what is a typical breakfast for your How many times do I try to go between six and eight meals? depends on like when my training is and stuff like that you bring like little Tupperware containers with you, and now we have without doubt, and to be honest, I'm pretty boring like I don't like to cook. I love to eat, but, I took so pretty much the same thing. Almost every meal mean us, it's pretty much like chicken or beef, Rice and edges pretty much it. That's a robber was saying Is the everybody's rice in me, yeah yeah. Oh it's! You know, like I'm a fat kid, so
like I don't like to just eat big chicken like that's, why I'm not a bodybuilder like him! I can't look like that because I just like the taste of food too much so like I do like air, fried chicken fingers to make them healthy alike. The chicken that I e in and then I'll throw some sauce on top of it. You now make the chicken fingers like you, do bread, em and everywhere I would use for the bedding and everything you do like Banco then throw that was bank Anko breadcrumbs soldiers. I held a bit like a more course bigger, I'm a little more Chris Beer, which is nice to hear the texture is like an unwanted details like most when I'm eating it like elegant, functional texture. Ah, but in the the bread, crumbs out issues, Plain Pancho, but I'll I, like are like ranch, seasoning packet throw some flavour and their get all crazy do the Egg Wash Bremen and friar. So you don't.
To worry about how much you take in. So you basically just eating whatever you want to eat and the reason why you eat so many meals a day just because you burned off so much yeah and, like I asked I just get hungry right, like I'm sure you power lifting almost yeah. You know like us, Eddie, like my della fork out, we'll take forty five hours but like there's, sometimes on the weekends. When I'm doing my strong men worked out I'll, be at the gym flags, six to eight hours. Oh yeah, six, eight hours of lifting ridiculously heavy shit yet grant like a lot of the stuff we do is like setting up in breaking down. Like Zeb event, these events are cumbersome, their annoying they're not easy to set up. So out of its like just moving wage slapping across the German. You know setting his implements up, but all in all, yeah I'll, be there for like six to eight hours from the time I get there. When I leave, I would imagine you would need a lot of sugars. In short, like my shake I drink during my work out is almost a thousand calories. What's in it
like Gatorade protein? I use my car powder, you put gator aid in a shake and then powder on iterate, listen to taste like an orange cream, Sickle Bessie. Do you like? Orange Gatorade, like a orange or a non flavoured car powder and then vanilla protein and its debts a thousand hours yeah. I mean it's also like sixty four ounces, so it's pretty big, so it's gotta, be this. Balancing act between getting a lot of protein, but getting a lot of carbohydrates and making sure that year, carves lessening admirals Gala carbs. That's like the the main thing. He's obviously eating a lot of protein, like I'm, probably around, like three hundred grams of protein a day between three and three hundred and fifty arms. I mean there are sometimes a meeting like almost like fifteen hundred grams carbs, a day and is the reason why you guys prefer rises, just cause it's easier digest, there's another mourns yeah. It is easy to eat too. You know like because eating so daytimes lot like you, just get tired of chewing.
That's the odyssey. It all right rate for the job. Muzzles, not reassure sculpted Chin. Look, you know, and you know that's why I like my coach when he was competing. He used to do a chick shakes wise guy. Check is so he read, he would literally let boil chicken emblem it with water yeah, that's NASA! he would drink those because he just didn't want to eat. Although chicken, shake a chicken, wiser, sound, so grossly elf. I couldn't even I look another year. Fuckin make me do that I'm taking you in the face so are you eating a lotta? Read me meat, like what kind of? What's your preferred protein, I love bison bison bisons, like my I am just ground. Bison try to go like Ninety seven, if I can supervene ah now, but all the pencil
Obviously, as approach Roma not make em that much money so get out a more than more often than not just like ground beef. Whatever I can get. That's good quality and it gets the calories and yet by and he's got a higher protein content right, yeah yeah, Corbett Leaner, I'm just a little taste, so much move right, tat you get that grass FED Bison get farmers get it So how does a strong men make money dealing make money if you win, or do you make money from sponsors like? What's your primary income come and false, so might my main income is, is mainly from sponsorships. You know some sponsored by Supplement Company Blackstone labs ever BT, which Tsar like equipment company they make like me sleeves belts, obviously stuff like that, and then I am a clothing company. That's called kind of it. Kind of fat yes, honest,
scrape kind of that kind of fun, so they those who, like my three biggest supporters and arm and then on top of that. I also do like online coaching fur first rank athletes all over the world. So you know pretty much. I write their weekly work out. They send me videos a collaborate with them. Get their competition prep and gather ready to compete, arms sales two biggest main sources of income, and then you know on top of that and then in a prize money just kind of extra on top in a bonus essentially now you're active on social media, obviously have instagram, I found, but you Do you have anything else? You do Do you to do your part, for, if you do you to guess so same you too, namely strongest gay me now and that just launched a website a couple weeks ago. Arms
lotta contents gonna, be up their website, Rob Kearny, strong Nanda com and then came on board world's strongest gate outcome. I don't who does nobody does? Actually what that's not so yeah in this- isn't live so what's church Napster might get that right after the show, mediately gonna worlds drawn his gait outcome, who do a double that ask that could make it interesting world worlds or world strongly. I mean I've been a doublet type in the devil s stubble s near the world's strongest gay. Let me see that doublet that might not exist because it up what's gonna get on that job. We're gonna give you that we're gonna buy it right. Now, I'm gonna tell you this is important because otherwise some dick is gonna, get it. Then gathered- and I know what you re porn on factor that will be five Unilever dodges, vaginas, ten bucks, you get it. Match it up. We learned tartar to transfer
perfect. Luckily we're not live so soon as we're not gonna. Let you do that you own that manage you haven't, divert right right, Europe's one but one. Second, why sit at a date she teepee anatomy doubles. Oh Jesus, Christ, don't the planter using Google Chrome That's an amazing. I think about how many websites there are there any available. I know I know what's funny. You know like now that I'm getting more popular and stuff like that, like I'll, get tagged and should on social media, but there's also like an irish Robbie player name. Rob Kearny like bill, sometimes like tag him or like they'll, mean to tell me so like it's weird. Well, until this is over what has caused love letter, they are aware of events ass. They have much. You must be getting me this. Like the first time, probably the l b g t q community is gone behind. A strong man, though, in the end, even just a pro athlete general really. You know I think. Well, that's like that's the guess reason for my instagram name
is just like showing algae BT, Q, like visibility and pro sports, because it doesn't exist right, you know, does a few. Ah in fighting do you have see Amanda Nunez- is the grace women of all time, she's gay. What which is great and that's a cool but men, different animal You know, I think, like there's a really big disconnect, we're like people think like ok, lesbian women are allowed to be strong. They're allowed to be athletic, They can do all these really cool things, game and have to be feminine. They have to be put in this box and, shouldn't be pro athletes, and that's one of the biggest reasons why I am so the I call myself like unapologetically open about my sexuality, because like it really is. You know the more think about it like a view and try to think alike, openly gay man in any April sport across the world
no there's no really mainstream. I think you forgot about Brian Boy Tunnel Crochet. Don't you remember South Park? Will by and bye, cannot do yeah. That's my have certainly bramble tunnel he's a goddamn trailblazer, but other than figure skating who actively competing right or sport. There really is in anything. Analysing like the strongman is by no means a major mainstream yet, but we're getting their people know about it, for and I think, to see like an openly gay man, you know I say competing in article one of the most like hyper killing sports in the world. You know I think, like I think, a masculine sports. I think, like you F C, and lifting shit right leg, like one you're being another dude up the other one a bunch of guys standing around await be like. Allow me to pick it up. No I'll pick it up all picking up faster. You know like it's like Neanderthal. Most yeah, that's top of the food chain, manly shirt exactly so. I think it like super important sea like an openly gay man in a relationship
can a Rainbow Mohawk in Rainbow tights out on a competition, for I think that makes people feel more comfortable than of huge is out there sling and dick oh yeah, you weren't a relationship. You are openly gay and just fuck terrorism. There hey this, can pick up the Fuckin moon and get by fuck danger. That was like one of my bodies. He said he's like you know, I'm not afraid of you. But what does scare me If you wanted to rate me better how to set new up all don't deathly, don't ready, but if you're gonna does Europe could grab me here, yeah, that's of but yeah. Those are definitely I mean right after fighting. That is the most manly, picking shut up exactly you know, so I think that's. Why, like that's, why you know I've been so open about my relationship and what I'm doing in sport and just trying to be more visible for the algae, be teaching humidity in pro sports in general, it looks like I said before
I get a shit ton of hate messages on a daily basis and freedom all the time. Why do you really love it really bad at all. People Don T like to me. Are you as Fuel Lange and there's no bigger fucking, that person than me winning right. You know why That's all that's when I look at it like ok, do talk shit about me all you want I'm american address rugged older. I want to I'm competing at the top on one of the top ten strongest man in the world competing at this honest, Roma Classic in March. So that's why I love it like I love reading that, but that is a fine thing so that an audience I saw its great sorrow and back and the crowd was silent, a vampire shit. I guess I was California people post our cheer and yeah we're late thy gets. Tells you tell me what the hell is wrong liquor. But totally such
That's about second deck and it now I get it it's. You would think that you would have a lotta sponsors that would jump in. Because of this, though, I would think big as your open, and because this is such a manly sport, And it's such a non stereotypical thank you think they'll be like really positive for the L b g teach you can Yeah I mean let's talk and we shall see what happens after an amount, but we can help you it's. You know and that's my biggest thing like while doing this whole thing is I'm just trying to spread positivity in love throughout the entire world. You know I mean Talk about the hate messages that I get but like the one, That means a lot or like you. I got a message in a few months ago, from a sixteen year old kid who was on the verge committing suicide, because he couldn't come to terms with the sexuality. And he said in his in his post, like finding my profile. Let him be comfortable with himself.
You know, that's awesome, crazy, that's so kind! It's like it's! I never expected to be that person. Just by saying I love this dude. But sometimes how you get to be their purse. Yeah you're? So exactly- and I think that's that's why this whole thing has kind of blown up into what it is and why I'm no fortune enough to now be working on a documentary. What's a documentary so we litter filming. Are we just met the phone crew this week? they're the ones out there So am. I was approached by Andy who she was on the set of world strongest man and she was like once she saw my husband I kiss after one of the events like, ball, but just went off and shows there's something here: so am. I was approached about doing a document or kind about my life and the belt being the only openly gay procurement in the world now are their closeted gaze
wrong man, I'm sure there are, and they don't talk to you, probably you dangerous. I now is while mother Fucker, with a mouse about our beaches, comes from a title. You rat you wanna, keep the guy's a limb morsel a guard star comin out we're gonna have to actual have private contest, for that would if it would have strong man becomes the double NBA we're everyone's gay out suck. Now: why would they ability, as they are now at a time just selfish? I mean that's a good argument that sponsors won't show up those fucking. Everybody knows a double NBA gaze, fuck true, but it's bad basketball too. That's not great! That's nice! Legalese strongman! Wouldn't sport tsar some but like. I always think you, like the other family guy episode where they are talking about. The debate may be in there like go and listen to. The fan one guy cheering and the fat man stands it's it's tough sell. It is so, but
yes, strongman shouldn't be a tough cell know. You know what can I think, that's cool thing is light strong men. England, is massive. Rail like we sell out, like fifteen thousand, seed arenas in the url real yeah it hugh? What what about here? What does the work here? yesterday or a Saturday in Santa Monica, we had about seventeen hundred people, that's a good crowd decent, These include when I do it right on the pier Oh no show yeah yeah. They they now than others. It's in shit, yeah bleacher set up Hadda and road, was there to live the entire event, which I love them. Shit out, there's road nor so cool man better all their stuff is great and I you know we're Ashley. The organization giants live, which is the world's strongest man qualifying tor, bring in Rina show to the? U S. For the first time since, like two thousand ten, that's gonna be Daytona Beach in August August fifteenth.
So that's gonna be like the first crack at like a: U breaking into the mainstream. U S in arena venues like a seller governing UK when I broke the law press record, this pass April is in use in Leeds and it was in front of a twelve thousand seat crowd wow. It was unbelievable. Why do you think it so popular over there? You know I think, gum. I think the biggest things they dont have sports to compete with, like we do here. Is many sports yet like what are they have way decently, bad soccer and rugby. Is it there soccer ban Saxon awkward? Really I thought English, billion there they are, but does not but yes alight and rugby either the pretty get a Roby, pretty good yeah. Then they like cricket bill You, don't have the while they don't have sense. That is nonsense. I just need the one thing I know by cricketers like last week: do get the balls twice in a row,
now. Zani espionage, only business, artificial cricket ion yes, p m because he got hit in the balls twice lurked in sports and yet not attend. I used to have that late night. Anita s begins when you would see strong men, competence yeah and I'm since you know sword no longer with the US paean. Are we then I am giant CBS, which is great so now world strongest man is aired on CBS, CBS Sports, so a little bit more mainstream, which is great you now and then Yes, it's really exciting, I'm hoping some hope in the: U S can cooperate up when it comes to these. Are these arenas. These arena shows what can make it more popular. What do you think could be done to make people understand? on the watch. I sure I think the U S like. I think people need to like understand what we're doing in like. I think there is such a big respect in the UK for strength. You know, like hall, the worthy world congressmen at twenty seventeen, one, the contest once and then retired. That's it
because there hasn't been a winner in the U K since the eighties for Welsh. This man so a key is just a household zoom here, that's Eddie our closest to US crisis size the gorilla. Yes, he also hold data would look like a girl. He holds big belly. He has the deadlock record. So he's the only region either lifted five hundred kilos, so that with the eleven hundred and Thomas sizes, fucking. So he one World Sean, this man and everybody in the UK knows his name. I thought you are most of my fan basis even is in the Uk because this sport is so big and you can see the arena sold out there. This is the last stretch. J does any one more thought not a thing like people think shortages lifting shit like we have to be athletic as fuck to do to do this to God at four a m wow? That's crazy
light attire, yet we have like run. We have to be agile, we have to be up to carry stuff. We have to be a lift heavy others. Fifty six place in this video here yet fuckin that as losers, attitudes next door, its around the edges of his shoulders trays? It's just the two such a fuckin nutty, sport man. It is, but it's so much fun like when you, see alive and then its wild Because I get the cooling about strong men is like everybody, like the fans and the competitors like you want to see everybody succeed. So it's one of the few sports rear like cheering for someone as your competing against them, which is awesome. Yeah. You know them. Why? your kind of seen as a dick, if you, if you finish of that and you walk off, need in the personnel she's still going like ever it as I do, what the fuck hate, when you can t, do I've like patches on fear sponsors should. I know,
whereas the tough part is, you have to wear the competition shirt because their sponsors that pay to be on the table- now in between events. If there's interviews and stuff like that, that's when I'll throw in a sponsor shirt. To try to get them some TB time that way, but tough because, like in the? U K, like all of those competitions are aired on TV and the UK. In the. U S, the only time people see strong men on tv is world strongest man. What about you to Youtube growing and then, as of now, I would feel like TAT would be the big. Then yeah. You know you look it Brian Shaw. Ah, he has like. Oh him is like asking is like one point: three million subscribers on Youtube: just picking up heavy share huge yeah as us like all about him like him in his wife, do like eating challenges or the US together, as in eating challenge with his wife, did that's terrible I, his wife, she's tidy too providing pace How is she hang in there with them? I don't know. Maybe sets women get excited about pizza,
that's enough. So what what there is was asking is cast doubt that used to be the thing back in the early days with Emma may fighters that they can make money off a sponsor sponsors other there there shorts and stuff, I mean, to be honest, like shortens pants, that's a different story you can wear sponsors. Any short, absolutely are really so like the complicated J J Patch sponsor shorts totally. Really. When I was spandex, though so. How do you put a you can put a panic, Spain? maybe I am always my goal that we started. Well, I get mad. That's my sponsor him to now
I thought you was eyebrow beach in Russia in the law. Yes right, my goal is to try to we're like the craziest most outrageous spandex, that every contest I go to our yeah, you need sequence. Can you have sequins on your? I haven't yet I dont know why haven't thought about new need em, like the ones I wear this pass. We can relax Worley Rainbow nice yeah. It was awesome, Pinkwood sequence, brow yeah, I'm not there. For sure. I love these ideas Joe this year. A more about ex people, listen hand of yards any any spandex designers and instructors of spanned actually not have put together a good seek, can't can't the sequence can't follow. Now now? It is always devilish. Your and running, and anchored especially dead, lifting requisites going up. Your, I think, would have to do this. You can, on the site, like racing strike per day racing stripes ideas- I like it. I like it now.
When you are doing this. What like woodworkers shoes, you guys where, because that those guys we're running but you're, also I would imagine you have to have something. That's very flat with like serious, I more super booty sup who I bring like a five different pairs of shoes, every contest. But what do you prefer like what were cut changes? Every event, depending of ran with around I go with his innovate, innovate love all their stuff than before its eye and over the eight did a power lifting only don't bring crosses lifting they, so they have lifting shoes that I wear from overhead events than I we're like their barefoot shoes. That's what I do for moving events and when a dead lift and then they also have like hiking like shoes that are like anti slip, values like I do truck polar pushing events as well, and nor are they a sponsor workin on it, come on it and they sent me a bunch of stuff for free. So
it's better than nothing yet or total, and in their honestly there that the most comfortable shoes, I've worn when training but Missy with that looks Masood them innovate. Shoes will close, go the barefoot one Lucy without their super light to yeah. That's what I think I like about unto even they like their weightlifting shoes or light composers. Clunky and heavy, am I really like, especially when I'm do like a split are trying to do my feet fast, lasting alone is heavy things on my feet. Crazy and those are the lifting shoes that I have an eye like that. So though, the platform when the back. Yes, they have a raised. He'll bowed with records of an inch now, that's for when you lifting like it's almost like standing on plates right. Yes, do you like either squatting amusing that and then I like it for overhead lives. Just as it gives you a bit more stability, then why do you have to stand on plates like what is the idea behind the like the disarray the back he raising the heel it it takes out the issue of ankle mobility in a lift like a squad so
there's a lot of restriction in the Angolan the Achilles if their tight and that'll prevent You fraud at all either cause or prevent you from your knees, tracking, properly middle put, a strain on the hips and on the ankles so doing that it commonplace ankle complex. Out of the motion and me The the movement easier can keep up more upright spine. Little more comfortable lift, so that's, usually the thought process bind it. So when you have that elevated healed and you don't have to stand on plates or no, I just use it just gather just as just a shoe so that its interesting that is different, she were differ ones for different events, yeah, so the pulling for the truck tire, one user, hiking ones to be saying. So this will be my first time, using that? Typically, we use rock climbing shoes, because a real grip super grid b, and especially like reporting on asphalt, usually so little dig into the asphalt these ones. Have from innovate now there are they there like anti slip and they have gripping treads on them
so I'm gonna be using them for an event called the wheel of pain coming up at the we'll show me a classic which is based off of Movie Conan the Barbarian where you see and pushing now being born yeah implement, so they actually Rogue re created that implement nowhere. The Arnold. Yet, if you call a picture of, It is the most bad ass thing ever Arnold, It is like a three hundred thousand dollar peace. Even did it with the carving and year do that cool wild. So you litter does have to push so. Those big wheels are filled with sand because they obviously do want to make it too easy for us. Why and you just have to push it in a circle as far as you can in seventy five seconds: oh wow, that's employers, Fuckin exhausted how six recycling it just man looks like it. Just is it's like I mean you know. Like I mean you work So it's like imagine even though some like a symbol is like rolling on an urge, for
sixty seconds, just all out, nonstop grass push one's head. Yes, so this law Here was the first year. They did this event and they change the rules this year, where you have to keep. Your hands on the implement, like that, like Brien's, doing right, there's someone was just using their head. Yes, they don't want anybody to do that. Anymore seemed like that would crush all your vertebrae yeah, so you have keep your hands on the employment at all times and push like that. What a dope design, though, really does not yet it's fucking itself who hardened a wood to who built that fuckin thing rogue they just get hired artists to cars, really get the snow, his everybody? They I mean leave anything anything. You could think of their the sure they have people to make it their fuckin. Echo bike is the greatest cardio machines thing that I've ever use destined worse because it hurts the burst Bolivia. This fuckin thing.
With the snake heads. Never there what an genial you could see it rolling back when he let go and that's because their sand and those big wheels. So you have to push it got sand so now they have to deconstruct this and bring it back and put it back together. Thanks is valued ship and this this is the only contest they use it for use at one time he is using his shoulders. Yeah he's russian. What do you expect Rosen older, but that is a crazy. Doubt: you can kind of use your shoulders and push with your hands. Yeah so arm policing either. The second time are doing this eventually switch it. A little bit had to keep your hands on the from it at all times, and then a chest push until you can't anymore God, damn that's but Nan Slugger that Galileo well, you look so tired. I mean this is one of those events were like the usual like the medics will come over like without a giant afterward Sal. Yes, it's crazy bomb damp and he's get there
russian burry onto so he actually, he actually is in the russian military too, is really he's like the russian equivalent of like Green Bray. So does strong men top of that there that's a manly mother fucker, Scary he's a nice guy come his sober nice, but you know guaranteed Logan You know you killed someone, so free rob was so free or not. And if these English, that good now so bad, but Also I mean these eastern Europeans are smart because it I'll play dumb on purpose to not listen other rules in a trap and of our real, oh yeah, snaky yeah, we're like I don't know, but they fuck em out. How many russian guys when it gives you would think that will be a thing like russian rethink of strong people. You think Russians Eastern Europeans are always in the mix. But honestly, like dominating, occur, the boar lately has been. U S, Iceland, that's
it is because we have the best. Our words could be, might have something to do with testing they do this look at me. They cast us today. They will tell us what, for oh, so that nobody gets in trouble. I caught her we'd what slimy they said. These workers- I won't legal in so yes and no I mean you know what it's like taken: coal girl. I like that. That's what I'd worry about right is someone get amphetamines, yet they do test for that, like they test for like prescription pills in the area. I don't know about that. You fuckin get really strong I should have probably been upright rip,
every hour, sayd, probably break your body, yea pardon, I wouldn't understand now boundaries. Are you just go out of body? My gonna fight use on pc peanut do bit off his finger, did even realize it now he has a toe that they took. They took his second toe and curved it, so he could still punch So if you shake his hand his right hand, initiation he's got a place. A new mainly to shake a leg, is pointing fingers. Index finger is reared its curve permanently, so you never. He never has like flat hand. That's what I like that and it's fucking toe. That's. Why they're boxing mild boxing coat LAO shouted Joe late pay, but yet so yes, I like that. I won't take us late. They want to take on that kind of stuff right, but mounts pretty much. That's it does make sense, just cause it's fuckin dangerous to does it have high?
tax like put yeah thing on, I mean credit, and it is indeed is while the amount of medical tests- and we have to go through before contest is crazy. I would imagine your art, the pact, the medical package that we have filled out by our primary cares for world strongest. Man is like forty eight pages long but yeah. It's why he'll do so that hearing you in for an exam, how long that we get it on our own, so they say after the invite her down after the lineup is set for world strongest man, you get the email that it's like Here's the medical packing need done by this date. Many pretty much after making a point with your primary care and get it so what is your doctor say when you come to me that fuckin forty eight page packet, while luckily I've gone or a few times with it such to block off. Sometimes she no yeah what it's. But it's it's smart because like. We had to get any cagey. We have to do stress testing. We have to get a full blood paneled on. They have to look at everything.
Because they don't want somebody dropping debt on tv makes them look pretty fuckin bad yeah. They would have to make sure that you're not already over train to create levels and the ESA. They look at everything their minutes, a full blood panel they'd, like I said they do, the EC edgy. They look at the heart they do on and then its obviously for medical history as well judged everything from parents to pass diseases, to what runs in the family. Everything- and now you guys are ensured by these competitions. Are you now Have you tear your Fuckin Hamilton off its own? You fuck man, that's crazy! If policy yeah, it's risky real Yale risky and mean that seems kind of crazy that during the competition itself, you not you're not covered on us. Even those medical package like they say like all off all fees associated with this are up to the athletes expense and they don't pay their well You win you make decent money,
it's not a lot worse. You know like to win world's strongest man. You make like fifty grand really that's it the stronger, the strongest man in the world. Yet that's me with a million bucks. I think so that's it. I mean but look so like broke from the needs and around since the seventies and eighties ie, six we're gonna win the strong man, a fucking metals That's what I'm talkin! We need you in the sports as those we are of the money, similar excise, real opponent, up a million bucks. I would I would love somebody comes. I will say: So, like you know, we talk about world strongest man, a giant live in that whole series, but then we also have the Arnold circuits. Others, like two big pro circuits first comment to choose from. Arnold Circuit Dave, definitely elevated the game so the Arnold Strongman Classic in Ohio, is like Conniston as the most elite competition in the world, because only ten guys qualify for that contest, world strongest man to get twenty five and then the prize money and in a highly better than world strongest man tolls double you yeah for out
the Arnold, so each of the art international shows its standard prize money so the Andaman ashes shows. There was one here in Santa Monica this weekend: there's Australia, South America, South Africa, Europe, Canada. Ah, I think that's it, but we all know the prize money going in each show, because it's the same at everyone swords like ten grand for first eight six for two once they pay out top six, but they also pay all of our traveller. So it's not too bad. No but then the big motivation is to get Ohio right where first eighty five grim and they pay all ten athletes, but like third place at. I think Second, the second or third place at Ohio, makes just as much as world strongest man. So this is probably why you have to compete forty times, ear Maria tenant imperative you like? To be honest, I didn't really do that. Well, this past week, in Santa Monica sweated make any money. Oh reeling, yeah, oh no, which is bomber.
I wasn't like this weekend like a contest like For me, it was more like a gauging I was trying to gauge where I was that going into Columbus, the oven. We're really similar. So do you do that? You have to be careful to not goat. You crazy in one of these various khazar low somethin. I definitely like held back this weekend. You know, I think could have hit another gear if I needed to, but already having a qualification of the big show I like mentally, I had, I dont think out of able to turn it on like I need to hire and when is a while, but the first week of March, saw the contents of the fifth and sixth, I think, of the sixth and seventh, without renouncing nothing between right now, which is January, twentieth and Monash. So how do you ramp up like what? What is your scheduled like to prepare for something like So the biggest thing. So we look at the events right. So in I mentioned we have the MAX deadlocked, so my goals that two thousand pounds, which would be
could make me the first person under three hundred pounds body weight to do that in history. Well, yeah. How closer you ip? nine seventy in July ease of Christ. So God damn it away. So we're like there were close and you're. Only twenty eight dead you're going it stronger exactly so. If you don't get to three hundred pounds, we don't gain too much weight. You can now don't want to work. I I was. I was almost three hundred like two hundred and ninety eight at world strongest man in twenty eighteen. I was a fat fuck, it was gross. I look at my husband I like. Why did you wanna like later next to me, like I had neck rules on my neck roles and why I was grown thing like some dues like bears the like a big He does like I and I totally Emma Bear but, like I was an ugly fuckin bear. Do a bare just go in, and owners of man, I will give my head looked like a fuckin blueberry like gay, but like us,
like to eighty five, I sweet spot because I'm still getting stronger, illiterate, leaner and getting better worked, so I don't see a reason to get any bigger right, but I honestly do A thousand pounds is doable right now, but it seems I give you thirty thirty pounds away. If you do and that much wait. Nine hundred say I mean look thirty pounds to a dead left for a regular person. That's an extra thirty pounds, a lot, but not when you're in already doing nine hundred seventy fuckin pounds yeah and like to go back to like the prep, unlike the ramp up to this contest, you know like before. Like this weekend, we had the deadlock was seven. Seventy five for reps in a minute- and I pulled six which is ok. That's like I promise, could have pulled seven or eight. If I needed to the winning number was nine everybody that, ironically everybody they finished ahead of me in that event, has already dedicated over a thousand pounds. So it made me feel pretty good, but like
leading up into these next few weeks, like I'm gonna start working like my heaviest elevated before this contest was eight. Fifty four one, I'm gonna start work up into that load amid nines the net couple of weeks and probably have my last heavy heavy debt lift probably three weeks the contest two and a half weeks before the contest, and then do you dare lives at all before up leading up to this If I do it'll be light very I say it like relative in relative terms, since our per So I'm just trying to get your body recover and that's a lot of people think like people forget like the when we're training this hard like we're, beat to shit, unlike were like I, we it stronger when we, when we rest and recover so I really don't exercise or lift like the week of a contest like I'll. Do my recovery work outside it talked about before will I can just come swimming HANS Zone of that stuff, but I won't lift any weights That's because, like my body, like my central nervous system, like everything just needs a break in,
Get stronger over that period, offer sure it's amazing does it feel you may be, are over training and, in other ways, can really that? Get that much stronger when you take a week off almost seems like you should, that more often no I think you need to get to that point. We need to get beat down. You know there are some shrank coaches out there that like it, you know, we call it a d load right. So it's like: where are you wrapping up bravely go super heavy than back offer little bit right and left. We call d load in their some coaches that give that every fourth week of their programme regardless- and I don't agree with that because I think anybody can work that hard for three weeks to bitter beat down their body enough where they need at every single fourth weak normal people dont train hard enough to need Rachel R D loads, the DE loads, the guys who practice away or they winning or they. Not really no mortal
Let us say that my boss, that's like in, like I see a lot of the powerless in community work, just like squat bench, dead, lift but like it honestly, like I don't feel people like, I feel like you have to earn your d load and that's like what my coach does with me. Like. I want almost six months without a dealer leading into this contest, and that happen, about a month and a half ago, and I knew I needed it because I was tired everyday. Regardless of how much sleep I got, I didn't want to go to the gym. Every time I get to the amounts fuckin miserable? I just to leave. I didn't want to look at anything. I don't wanna talk to anybody and I take them. Koko's like I need a fuckin break and whose I correct, I'll wait for you to give that point, but it's a good about it. You know it's like it's like. I feel like something you have to earn, because people like people think they work hard But they don't really know what that means until they're like actually push to do something and that's where it way.
At that point and that's why? these next five weeks are gonna, be like super crucial in my training to this contest cause I'm gonna hafta, I'm gonna beat my body to shit over the next five weeks, be now in my house. More probably a pissed off makes I'll be a prick one or two times at least, but it's like you This is the biggest competition in the world and I know what any to sacrifice to get to that point and that's gonna. In long training sessions really hard training sessions? And you now just like us, I'm just gonna be my body down I'm just reap those rewards at the end of it. Yeah that's gotta leave a super exhausted. It hurts and cranky endlessly. Yeah. You know like I can't remember the last time I will get a bad feeling woke up in the morning like feeling good. Oh, you must be in pain all over the place where it hurts, but whatever in due course, as you get em our eyes and get shit checked out. No I'm sure I have heard aided discs and stuff like that, like average, not might my light weren't my orthopedics actually, when our closest friends ironically me
but like all things like zones, you're feeling good like. Why look into it right because any might freak out you think about it. Ran like if you know it? If you dont know it's not gonna hurt you now I give you see it then, like you start thinking like our shit, you can imagine your discs or off. That's why so impressive? That was actually sixty. Three, when I started the sport ramp, that's why it's a mate amazing that guy's fifty three and still able to lift such insane amounts away. It's crazy. I made it so impressive and there's actually still guy there's a guy allay, holds a GMO called the training hall in thousand access were martini trains. His name is owed. Huggin maybe he's the seventy two, and he still does some some strange competitions to what yeah, I guess, they'll devilish, like over five hundred pounds, ve seen that guy on law, Yan Otis, awesome, that's insane!
like the nicest you'd ever by like he has he arguably the best curbing the world? Really? Yes, seventy two yeah, it's crazy, my god he's a freak yeah yeah yeah. I have seen him that is incorrect. Incredible that has that Jack, yeah he's like seventy three other just turn. Seventy through this weekend was as british raining. How and that is Everyone has again that's only twenty minutes away from mere man get. So that's! That's where Martinez the car world, strongest man, trains and then owed is the owner of that place, while that's amazing still get after it age. He saw any so called that that's all of his grip toys. Those things how the blob which their letter, just like probably three inch wide like weights. Where you sound like their smooth on the side. We have to pick them up and, like a pinch, a pinch grip Zile just hold on, sit down bells, has the crush grip stuff. Now what kind of people come to his Jim, just regular folks,
everybody, there's arm competitive, powerless through strong men, olympic weightlifter and then just your average person and that's it The thing is, I kill people think like Express, like my Jim back home, a lightning fitness people. Think like you to be a competitor to go train their like the gym honour, like we have ever buddy from like professional, strong men, we have a woman that squats over seven hundred pounds and when she look like please us. We are, however, Katrina she, one of those that I like these are bigger than my. Oh, my got seven hundred pounds credible. She is she she maybe issue. Work can be. Like one eighty wanna. Thank and I think she's, maybe like five seven. She must be a fuckin tat, get she's great. I love that so, strong. But then we also have like sixty five, your grandmother's that are working on at the same time, an urgent. Now, that's cool! Will you do if you want to pay bills. We have opened the jump, my god, you like we have like over two hundred and fifty members right now so
many big but, like you were also in a fifteen thousand square foot facility that has the best strength, women you know on the EAST Coast outside a real area. I want ya like Jim the GMO we got you like in the strong man of my strength. World is like world renowned of urban Westside barbell. I haven't too I mean I just Louis servants are absolute. I mean I've had come in passing. You know, like I hear stories about him, we're like he like Torres bicep. Yes, and he was in a sling for like three days and got pissed off, said fuck this the extended his arm really fast pop the bicep off again then started bench pressing. Oh my just couldn't wait for it to heal. Why Just you told me that he had his shoulder reconstructed, shoulder against russian and then, when he is first day back, they made him max out bench, unlike why I mean there's guys like Gregg Pandora, who is a guy that was in the west side. First, the world are documentary where
he had like they had a heat ruptured is Patel, got the surgery done. I think it was the next day was on the bench bench pressing with his leg fully extended in and mobilise or like he was busting staples. He was dripping blood through the bandages lie, but you know they had to train man. Jesus Christ now going back to what I said. Luckily I had my back sports medicine, so I don't do shit like good for you, because we're talking to Louis. I was like why wiser gonna fuckin, do it. You gotta do there's learn. Crazy vast looks like a mutant s here. Does this shit we the crazy that taper, tattoo etc to ethnic? All Ryan is get there. America armband tattoo that look at the build on him? crazy and he's been doing this shit's and sixty I ll. Have you seen a documentary no
It's all her desire. So let us unite against world you talking. Just like intense that smaller fuckers that, like all they care about, is that their record board in their german competing well went in there to interview Louis it was a fuckin trip. There was a trip and then we went and checked out jam. You give us a tour, the german SEC where to get tat. Where the rare ones Jamie Nigerian, other video, which one that we shot like walking around the gym never did anything with it. We should put on Youtube well if you ever find yourself in Connecticut Joy, no much love the sty fuckin lacking when I see it when I'm over in applying renew and Argent deftly due to their its wild. What's it called again lightning, fitness lies at the heart of Connecticut momentum, arts and health Windsor Connecticut. So just outside of Hertford Mocha and we drive a little bit forty five minutes, each Y yeah, but does to be their like two sides of the gym theirs.
The strong man sighed the powerless inside you now, and I strongly inside like has every piece of strong and equipment could think of. So we had ATLAS stones from sixty pounds to five hundred and thirty pounds we have logs. We have monster dumb battles we have, the farmers walked, there's turf, there's tyres from two hundred and fifty two thousand pounds than the powerless concise were heavily. The motto lifts all the squat racks and then all the isolation like body building machines is well like Netflix, fifteen thousand square foot. Jim and you live in Springfield living just outside Springfield Western Miguel has yet to tackle Wilbraham, nor that as yet I still gigs out, We must do so now when I lived in Boston. They sit drive out there like where Pittsfield out, while like real. Where are we now face? Look New York State whole how Datum Hearst's, ok, so I am, I am used to the site. I just left working full time work in the boarding school world for a long time, that's why I'm like in the western ass area and how we live
EAST Hampton, Now, Xilai Super super awesome, little town gas. That's while they are less and uses a trip. Its course it's not bad! It's great! You know like. I call this fact, though, right now it sucks my husband flew home this morning, and I we got us no storm yesterday. So he's fine, I'm fine home tonight, and we now I'm going back like six into this now, so that's great. It builds character, its grey forget, liking. Live there. We also have the like it's. It's really. Cork has like we get four seasons. You know like we there's a stretch. The summer was like one ten for three days in a row. Really it was super hot. That's as global warming following yeah yeah, I used to get that that You know the appreciation for summer brochure, and even in the summer it's like it's pretty it's like between outside, like we have an average working like eighty, five and ninety every day in the summer, so pretty warm where's, the strong man hotbed, like we're. If there is a place for you, if you want to be an actor, moved Ella right. If you won't be a strong men,
Zira place. We go to. I really, I think there is its because like I would say in the: u: S is only like four five guys that are doing it really really well at a really high level. Yes, It's me, oh burst Jerry, your brain Shaw, Martins then there's Nick best and vague swells public. Six of us and we're all over They seen others me, I'm the only one of these coasts and then there's brow Colorado Martinez out here. Jerry's and feed ex oversight, is, I think, is an Iowa now I think, and then on. Some Vegas, yes, so kindly spread out all over the place and that The cool thing like strong men, like will do arm like I get hired you like seminars, all over the. U S and all over the world were like Jim, will pay me to come into their Jim for a weekend like teach people. You know from my experience and like different Jim, listen stuff like that. So that's pretty much. It there's really know like one place in Palestine has West side.
But the release and that that culture around strong man would there be any better? fit to training with some other top level guy, like you know it for fighters, they want to go and train into Jim with his other top level fighters. They push each other and inspire each other and iron sharpens iron, ass and I'm at the time. Level, we try to do that as much as possible in order. I just nothing None of us are like willing to move our families and our life seen around just for that. Could we realise what the sport is. You know I mean fighters, it be worth it when you make it a million bucks, a fight for us. It's not that level You know Martinez. He flew out to Massachusetts this past summer to train with me, even though it just one world shocks, manners events that I'm better than him and that's why you ve let's make as yet a contest coming up where those events were in it. So he wondered what events you shining file presses my bread and butter I talked about. Then there is the Yoke walk which is another crossbar stance, pick it up on your back and walk with it. You know that
What about that? I'm I'm really well known for his well in this one. That martini tends to struggle at so. Why are you so good at? That was the deal people homelike Fred, Wednesday of drawing on my ass I feel really really quick. I do not like. I just got for some reason. I dislike NEO Feelin Super Heavyweight, oh my back and will then click with you now world strongest man. We had a thirteen hundred and fifty pounds on that thing. Oh dear, no, less choice, it was a bit now is actually end of a medley, so we had a farmer's walked out with three hundred thirty pounds per hand and that we had a pick up one thousand pound yoke and then the thirteen and fifty God yeah. I was only one of my group actually finish that event, which is pretty wild God. Damn you at the end of something like that. All your tissues must be so torn apart. Like yeah, it was I am you talk about like a queen, he'll pressure, like my, I thought my eyes were purple You're just world
a lot of you had it was while yeah. I would imagine right the Conakry. Have you ever do you know what happens when you fly in a jet. It's going like energy forces. Instead of you. I know you have done. They called hooking where you like hold onto the handle. The other guy gets hit then you'd forcing that pretty much? What we're doing, because with stronger like when you have fourteen hundred pounds on your back like you're, not gonna, breathe that well. Why you can't really expect your lies in your ribs to breathe proper, almost holding your breath so and that's with most yourself, like I hold my breath whenever I do moving events and I just try to exhale an inhaler shorten as small as possible just to get enough, so I dont pass out pretty much Z. Anybody pass out all the time when I had one of my good friends at rural strongest man in the Philippines, Eighteen, where caring like a three hundred thirty pounds sandbag, unlike the Kennedy was just like resting rat and his diaphragm, and he didn't pick it up high enough to go on
the platform, so each us ran into the platform, fell backwards and we just how cold and madness of madness in his standing right next to him. Another also man, great name, din twitch, didn't move em. Also, he just goes he's done most of it I'd. So that's just like any passing kind of like a normal part of what we do. I can only imagine it doesn't sound it sound good. What I'm saying it will happen again make sense, though I mean the fucking S urgent. Does anybody have heart attacks, not typically Ets? It has happened, however, the only person that comes to mind is a guy. I can remember what year is: Jesse Mrundi and he He did have a heart attack in the gym training and that's how it
asked when he was only, I believe, is only twenty. Eight. Twenty nine years old, it happens in Jujitsu yeah. I get hard ducks. Training and then it I'm in another thing is like sleep app NEA because it s so big so that cause a lot of stress on the heart you'll see monsieur rising- I don't I don't need one- you not pretty fortunate that I don't have that issue I sleep I mean all but up previous coach mind MIKE Jenkins? He passed away two thousand thirteen because of sleep. Albania and you know just a strain on his heart. A good place to sleep now or just sit in general when you're near three hundred pounds, and suffocate yourself it's crazy. So a lot of guys at this level do, but I mean that, but that's mainly like preserves size. Didn't I have it really yeah yeah. Might I'd have fat tongue? actual act, but that's all the years of fighting like what that neck. You must know, and all that development there, yet he's like I've. Kind of we know got lucky dolls
allow players for sure our left us. I think when you What once you get around the three hundred pound body weight like do snore, not terribly interest on planes? I do but desk, I might add, Malthus opens up play in it It's a good place to sleep now or just sit in general when you're near three hundred pounds. Its would so fascinated to me when you think about people that explore the boundaries of what a of human bodies capable of and a strong man is like what there's like guys. You do like David and I d like to ultra marathons, but strong man is like that: another form of this extreme pushing of the our countries of what What are the body is capable and when you look at the progression of sport, it just hasn't slowed down like event thing. It's gotten even like the weights keep getting heavier every year, everybody keeps getting faster and language
What the fuck is this going to stop. You know like we show up to a contest. Noah go right. We there was literally contests and two thousand eighteen, where the devil was eight hundred and eighty pounds for reps had so what's rank what the fuck do? You and those of other formula pulled over five is so my it's crazy and swords like all of us like. Where does it stop lake as you know, like the the log press world record, is five hundred and two pounds overhead right. Now, god dammit, you know it just like these crazy, outlandish numbers, but like the people like, we keep doing them. So I guess we're doing it to ourselves. The point I guess so, but do what is pushing? Is it just it you? Is it a preconceived idea what's possible another. The bar has been moved it now. You realize that or is it just a people are more sign.
Tiffin about their training. Now think that's what it is. I think its arm and its also like when the the evolution of equipment over the years in alike, with rogue being marmion equipment spots, are now then make all strong equipment so lagging regular people have strongly equipment in their gems. You know they're, like PETE clinics that have farmers handles in them? For people to work on core, musculature imposture when their walking, so I think, just like the general availability of Charlemagne equipment is made it easier for people to train it. More regularly and get better at the events, because you we have to practice you know like being strong is great, but you have, Real to manipulate the movement and manipulate the implement to one and that's where disliked the training in the practice it portion of it comes in so Think that's why we ve seen. You know a lot of these waits being pushed so much further because everybody pretty just regular access to these strong points. Now it's just its edge.
Seemed to me that you're saying that the way to getting heavier and people going faster such then I'm thinking like how long people been doing this one was the first strong man, competition I mean strongman dates back to like the seventeen hundreds really lay outcomes, it like barrel throws and yeah air I mean when Rob was on. He knew he was talking about the show strongest man in history, just on history channel and they they went back into the history books to look at all. Do no court, coach, strong men, doing these strength. These feats of strength, all throughout you know I think one of the most notable names is Louie Sear, a guy from Canada who was about my size actually, and it is for there to be one of the strongest man in history and when he was doing like these dumbo lifts in these back. In these happen, thigh lifts and stuff like that, so, the storm has been around for a long time, but world's strongest man didn't become a thing until the seventies
that's one world strongest methinks seventy seven was the first year of rural strongest man, and I So when it kind of became a sport, you know not just day a kind of a hobby. I guess so. How did they terms. What stuff you're gonna do for the world's strongest man? Did they that means they have a panel of experts, sit down and devise each individual event yeah it's it's come a long way from what it was in the seventies I mean they used to do like metals, would like potato sack, races back Emerald strongest man a long time ago. Now, furthermore, standardized where they do have like a committee where its being people from the strongman circuit and judges, and stuff like that, but they also bring tv execs because they want stuff, that's gonna. Look I'll, be- and I think that's a great thing because I didn't want is like stuff that is called to me. Is it look cool to somebody who doesn't want to hear about the sport sometimes so
when they choose the events like pulling to monster trucks like ok, one, it's you have to be strong is thought to be able to do it, but also looks really cool, Don T be so they try to find that marriage of love both of those things to make it the most pleasing to the average per difficult, but also impressive, exactly like the devil. The event they dont have us. Yes, this is that market Smart Felix. Yes, this is one of the world records that he did, but how old is he when he's doing this? This is fifty three c. Thus, This was actually just. This passage a lie. This is that when we, when we stated my God or while the arena in London, the heresies hold what a great name so each of those pillars ways four hundred pounds just children. Thank you just have to hold it as long as you can size of his fucking shoulders, yet eyes, preposterous its dumb. That dude has preposterous muscles.
That's, ok, how long Z hold this fucker use over one minute, Norma yeah, it's crazy now. This is a world rather unreasoningly. What kind of after this is what one twenty two drops at the weekend, breathing you do an heroic? Does it help to breathe in deep and heavy or so just during an event like this, he looks thirty, that crazy, that's exactly do Blackstone, cracked and outline back down it's amazing. So, with with an event like that, it's more just real. If I try to relax and getting into like a call mental state you don't want to be supervised up because you're not moving you're. Just focusing on your grip, and that's the biggest thing for an event like that, but then there's also events were like. Ok, when your maxim you're dead left, you do have to hold your breath were so it's different for everything do. Look there's a his shaggy. They're nervous goes up to his wrist. That's that's incredible. That's amazing, though, that he could hold those fucking things for
long was I mean I want something minute twenty three seconds and for reference like I was at that contests and data for like forty two seconds. It's crazy now. How do you prepare for someone to do look? Do you don't hold them things like. Do you just work on your grip banal, usually on honestly self set up like a police system in the gym, so you just like regular handle that use them like a cable machine set up a polio like a squat rack or like one of the row Griggs have our putting pins coming down stack weights on that and then does holding or even just doing something simple like pull up holds, I get hangs from a barbell yeah from a pull a bar. How long can you dead hang for I've done over a minute? That's impressive. Ok, guys that heavy yeah, so odyssey issue about my shoulder Juliet tire before anything else from last year, just from
holding it in. So you must have a crazy tears all over the place and shit like you, ve ever got your your labours check during fight that good. It must now I'm looking at you present that two and fifty pounds thing of your fuckin head, I get that. Does not normal shared a pressure. No, it's now the light. If you do it safely incorrectly, Emma Bonino, it's also taken ten years to get to that point. Right right, you know, like that's funny, like a heavy America press record, but like overhead was my weakest left. When I started the sport I sucked what you of our it is focused on it. So much yeah. Like I said before, I became a student of the sports. I was looking at what was working it up for other guys, what wasn't working trying to find that balance of what I could make work for me, so luckily I guess I've been pretty injury, free and healthy. The entire time as pretty made,
listen man. I appreciate you come in here and Ankara. So much hope this gives you some more attention and let people know fuckin impressive. It is I appreciate, and I really love your your instagram man, you're you're, an inspirational guy. You very positive things very its happy fund, page to its. I appreciate I try As you know, the one I ll everything I post and everything, and I just like I said I try to spread them. Love positivity interests. You know inspiration with everything that I do so well, no pun intended. Poland for you to get that had a thousand as bait and appreciated being here, man appreciated. Thank you very much greater meet you buy ruddy! Thank you. Everyone for tuna to the show, and thank you to our friends at Madge. Spoon cereal cat.
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