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#1420 - Mark Normand

2020-01-31 | 🔗
Mark Normand is a stand-up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast “Tuesdays with Stories!” with co-host Joe List available on Apple Podcasts.
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now we're good we're gonna get new things with a box Michael, allowing you can make a real radio show. Finally, those things when slacking. I know the twelve in same justice, this little box right here that controls the vines is just too complicated. Nobody could figure out where the dollars for their thanked prehistoric too. At licks looks aid Does it yet little weathered problem all the wheat smoke patina? That's why they caught patina patina. As I know your made, though routine is like the surface of an old car, has kind of like be a knife. That's been kind of like slightly rusted, aware and tear us. Yes, people enjoy a patina. Yes, a fine wearing of a nice object like a mill. Fissa Patina a little bit. Yes have a little bit of a I like em, of elegant crows, foot and old Libya. You name it yeah girl ex, do shots
like an I at a whore and tat. I was just there- do improv with the three oars now at their room stinks. I did the side splinters, that's what we really good room, gray, room, mom and pop in their forever. You know Richard Jenny's photos on the wall and that all its glace that that guy he's one my all time, favorites dead, Tampa Improv, does is to have the three floor. J s third floors like ten seats yet more city or by his hammered. It's it's like Bourbon Street down, there's not gray for car last summer's there, which is quite a while ago. I got introduced by someone who want to work. I want to introduce you to the local Swinger community. Oh there are the people that are really in a swinging in temper are not people. Anybody wants us Ray, find each other and they all just knowing as a shit you fucker fucker him. You fuck me
I think you did you look at em like a line up kind of thing that, like twenty of the local, show how one fucking weirdo I mean listen, things can get ugly when, Amber and, of course, in earth. Today my earth, they and in the best to shape they did they didn't seem like they were concerned about the way they looked. Ghana like they just they just got together and is fucked everybody everybody very body. That might be the rules, I think they're. They know their ugly. They want to get laid its imperfect crime death. So the ads or maybe get Norfolk club yeah happened to me a couple times are so message and one time Nashville this one guy was driving surround all weekend and then Sunday, days taken us of the airport he's well, he goes really nice meet you guys next time. You guys here, love, take two Swingers club and we're both things with Hingeless, both like
yeah in his like our were just that's one thing that I do a man s or an open relationship on some. We started question like do you always do? Do you get a chance to like see the guys? banks. He Algeria and I also have a veto. Bower oh a bit, but of course they want to new and Gazette the hero he brings in a celeb, and then you get to bang the life. They pray had jobs on the wall of all the other guys who work. There was not telling me to fuck it easily saying if you won't come. What can hang out? I think they'll be worth that would work at some popcorn and go nuts popcorn fuckin operating masking the eggs actually like a corona virus asian some fuckin rubber gloves used what what? What do we do I hear what am I doing: yeah, maybe a laser point or just reflect with them. Yet they have
the bully used to have those I've never been an actual sacks club and allay, but a body might spend one, and he said they do. You know you go into this. Roman always is like weird red lights: red light bulbs nobody's bang and everybody knows yeah we'll give her what those dancing bear. Videos no My pull it up, he's gonna get, would ease the Ets called see: a fancy of em clothed female naked mail, it's so hot, because it's the one I'm in charge, and it's a bunch of dude strippers come in with bare hats on. I bear Mass and their own Speedo, and I just start dance and eventually get blown Secondly, the chicken from accounting and Bang and Deborah from sales, and it's like cannot omit elderly women, getting rail, buddies, studs round, Greg they like it.
And they keep the masks and oh yeah, I'm, and why do you keep the mass so that, just because its anonymous totter it just fuck object right, so the woman can like flip the switch and yes and detached and just enjoy the fish pleasure of it and it's like a bachelor party or in our party or something in its its killer. It's always look in an office setting or somethin says she doesn't have to look in the eye of the the man and feel shame and we're. This year and when the women are turned on it so much harder in August. I always see days like dude like come on. Let me fuck yeah, but when the woman's taken charge, it's better. You meal. You feel better about your. What you're watching yeah they could achieve did, though I know some guys from martial arts EAST to male stripping. They get real jaded, the ordinary area railway it out by after awhile. I make sense. Women scream inaction
Lotta ladys looking to cheat on their man, re Ray and maybe the first day it's fine, but after a while you like, and then this is always at the old thing comes, is the guys want to hire them guys were higher than the strap, and then they have to make these decisions Let them thought on loan touch my, but rather that it's funny when gig, around a guy turns and like the woman. I respect me, there were roles. Are reversed, wallets, it's all guys, re eyes being a problem it's it's always always guys being a problem. You should see my dams, man, edges, ball, Saxon, grilling, jerkin and gay dues. Thy heart do sometimes or like any other things, I would I would drain your ass. All oh yeah, I find a flattering: why do you think you're gonna have to I think I gotta Twinkie Otter vibe, you know are that's one of those gay terms. An otter bear a new Barbara. Yet is above the get James.
You know I'm all specific it either as a whole, like zoo willows. What's an honour is like a thin medium size. You know him sites like that. Little bowed reeling twink, I dont know what bread wounded me he'd, be like Agus curtseys kiss or something Koala Bear nay ago. Yea. Does I've Chlamydia bundle, yeah others have committee at all true story goes out with a massive. That's where Cook Committee came from. So had a fuckin while there will probably get AIDS from a monkey, so maybe Koala gave us commit do you know that actually comes from its now from some fucking a monkey theirs? now was of someone who hunted a monkey and job now cut the monkey and cut his hand and got monkey blood in his hand. While you is like butchering a monkey, it makes more sense because whose vote the monkeys. It would be dangerous. Had a bit about one hundred percent infection. Re represent wild fuckin. That is insane
while Koala have a hundred percent effectual rate of committee for two decades scientists have brought wild coils into wildlife. Hospitals are treated media killing isn't. Dynamics of at committee is six times in my life. Can we give them a penicillin shot for they have to go grab Oliver? Well, you know they're they're, really in deep deep trouble, because the wildfires in Australia they said that their something like eighty percent of their habitats been too Who the fuck is the fires over their insane? I did benefit Sunday night with
my Hoffman Armani Franklin rather Whitney Comings and Jim Jeffreys benefit for the wildlife fires every unless we get in his door knocked down with that shit, I'm sure we'll Molly Franklin's Australians. Well, so as a double australian double american card- oh boy, Wild was a fund show, but when you see the devastation it's crazy, seventy percent of Australia is covered in smoke, wow. Seventy percent and its as big as united. It's a bummer dear, it's crazy and they basically have no way of stopping it. I mean, unless the reins put it out, or it burns all the way to the coast yet stupid But what is the money going to do? You know? I know it speakers little riled, like the monies offer wildlife were the lot of them been burned like day there was a little bit of a presentation of you, no mean some of em they ve rescued and they have to put them back into suitable habit.
And that's that's them with the money going to. While I mean you're, not gonna fix the fuckin. The devastation by the fire now forms of wealth of the plants in the houses and stop it down mean giving hope those people, their homes burnt down had some sort of insurance, but how much fuckin insurance money is there the house has got reft how and in what is the number now coming. Houses have been burned to the ground and Australia currently It is all year by the animals yeah. Well, it's a billion one billion animals, while so it will be in history books. Oh yeah, why two did just think about a fuckin billion animals are dead from a fireman, that's insane here and I will change the ecosystem out for sure, though they go system over. There is weird anyone got spiders, he'll birds, yeah! There's a bunch of ship is not supposed to be there to really
yeah the site, so many other animals are invasive species, but the aborigines because they live in Hudson shit right in what I do not think about that are fucked YE. I don't think they live in huts for the most part. I think a lot of them live in them, a normal communities. You probably did crocodiles Andy that's all. I know that large barker they have so many different languages. The aborigines do that they could go like twenty miles away and not have any idea what those guys over there are saying. The air, while most of those languages are never down, apparently really my buddy Adam Green trees from Australia and he runs a mining company and they hire a lot of the folks that are aborigines and you know, he's got to be very close. A lot of women lieutenant gotten to know their culture and understand their culture and its
really really strange, like yes to their scattered all over the country, and so many of them have they called they call them. Mobs like a tribe, is a mob and they have a different language than another mob. That's like thirty miles away at a dangerous! Would you like that? A fighter? children stuff photo screw crusher? Yet another guy went Australia for the Melbourne Comedy first and I was bombed at how not different it was it's that their different for America now Melbourne real, close right autistic food, grateful great place, great people that laugh large- is awesome to yeah good cloud right club where ya over there very well into it yeah good, although they did like the dark stuff. I noticed. Do you know I think visit there's so much. Excuse me some coffee man, Tumor Rick, is go and right up my ass little Laird Hamilton Super food. I loved the watch him masturbate, but yeah
that those commentary audiences there were very tense. When I got dark really, I think, as it real racial problems and reels like they're kind of behind the times a little bit stuff. So I think they're, like hey, look, that's what's happening, but we're not laughing at you Right right, ok, well, you know in the nineteen fifties, just may not that long ago they were actually taking aboriginal babies, fur the parents and raise them yet Well, that's good intent should probably ask verse. Oh, how they just took them, I'm not that informed, but so must really people try to explain to me, like a child of the relations, are very very fucked up right, while so the aborigines get their baby stolen by hockey's and I don't know a weird way: the mom's got economy like worlds a better life thing, so they get a tv should. Mrs or mom gets your age, MRS or daughter man.
Not good, either way donate the committee, it yeah. What is so, how many and many houses have been burnt down today, even though probably dont know exactly. I saw one thing that said and New South Wales alone. There were three thousand house banana thing said that that was the numbers. I don't know if it's three thousand total list and I sought to bed area. That could be worse. Yet three, thousands and I mean there- are six hundred last year, just in Malibu, oh shit, I forget about Emma. Then. Why are you crazy? How long do we stop saying that fire, that's gonna, be insensitive afterwhile year, everything's gonna be into wealthy. Let people let the Wolf Brigade, keep taken. Words will be down to grants and pointing at things. I am angry offensive because of you gotta, have you keep progressing yeah, someone's gotta ever knows everything goes everything else
because, if you gotta, have you keep progressing yeah, someone's gotta ever knows everything goes everything goes eventually and then even grunts and pointing at things will be offensive to people who were deaf or use right now, you're, culture appropriating from sign language. We, I was driving here, on the highway, and I thought of man, the carpet lanes and sensitive the lonely single people living a friend I don't know a guy it electric vehicle run. The carpooling is era Yes, as the loophole for the losers out there, it's one of the best reasons to have a Tesla yeah, get that fuckin left lamp. Be low. Many terrorism is tell us, is such a wacky backwards LAO land over how it is to put lays got a fuckin valet in allay? Yes, we want twice today, but I loved her polar but its wacky, its wacky man, I mean it's so beautiful tell him. I went to the pitch a show again, it'll never sell, but I went to Fox lot and all these good lookin girls.
With their shoes kicked off lane on a picnic table drinking to coffee. I'm, like you, don't know what you got whore this amazing. You don't have any respect in any gratefulness, an appreciation praying to know they dont enjoy day she's gonna. My phone is not working families in New York, where all up each others as a real on my dick. It's an agreed outside my apartments size of Gmos as all, but while and these gals kick in their feet up whose GMO? Oh you sorry, thousand new girl, new girl, that about don't it lady right paper. Video in New York is the rat. That's killing. The pigeon gives Ursela some pizza rat Peter Rabbit shit on pigeon, Killin rat Fuckin rats, killing a pigeon loudly awoke break there have certainly been uttered very similar, taken the pigeon down
An attack on the pigeon tries to float away in a rat, fuckin chase, no rats or predatory thought. There are mostly just scavenge. Yet another would actually go after a live thing and attack it until it yeah desperation. Man was it wasn't in the subway area was on the street. I think it was on the street. Cars penalty pigeons actually go into the subway good point for the most part in get fucked over her I get. Seems enough. You in an airport there, oh here it is so here's this this pigeon and this right as LA and its biggest him crazy, bitch, ass pigeon like come on flat, but now they have some big fuckin tee. These twenty rats in other never got out by the neck. Look at that! Never stop growing rats teeth really. Yet I have to keep that's why they're always non guys are partly filing I'm down give it a go Secondly, I know many more animal facts and I actually do remember that you bring that sure you do.
He pulled Joe rabbit. Look at this fuckin thing and though the pigeon gets away at one point slightly right there. I would look at him chase it down I do not know a bit over here day, pigeon so damage she can't get away totally can't fly. Eventually he dragged through the hole in the fence and fucked it up. That's ok is when you go into their layer and the pigeon knows everything I can't get off the street its mounting em, his head like a very similar holy shit can get away smashing you. I didn't, I just didn't know they killed things. Thought they only just eight stuff that was land around saying, there's so much food New York City there just run around eating everything ready each other. I do know thou really. I do know that because I had a try, you lived in Encina and I was rent this house and has a lot of rats and leave my garbage in the garage and Nina put it
out in the morning, and I was seeing these rats I set a trap, not mice. Rats flock in rats rats. So I hear snap so I go out to check and there's a fat boy, that's got it, had crush. Unless your trap me he's dead, is fox on, like ok, others get in the morning and or there are now so I get up in the morning in the only thing is left is the tale everything they'd everything there, while the feet in the tail, the all the guts, the body, the spinal cord, every there was just like Spain and the tail around tales are so disgusting that even rats- and that is a lesson there here- they rednecks get rid of those red tape but attribute the avant here's, the move you get. A poison. A rat then get in the trap than they eat the rat than they get poisoned. I could be something could, but the problem with poisoning rats is
sometimes doesn't kill them immediately, and then I s get it and then they get ways and then Mount line. The poison coyotes where they killed the rats rash, so owls also get killed by rat poison throughout problem with owls Calliope believe rat poison outside the house, and then the rats eat the poison they get weakened than our comes in, and each circular life circle of life. Where do you live in New York? Yes, you have nice, I'm sure oh yeah, yeah I lived in New Rochelle though I never said I I couldn't afford a limousine none of the data, its annex, the Bronx, ok yeah, those mice, man, oh yeah, miser Everywhere- the brutal and they really I'm so scared, I know it's like a woozy thimble when their runnin around I just jump on the table. I can't handle EEG its brutal I've, the collar ligament. Masculine friend help me even one on the trap screaming! I don't know what to do. I take a broomstick. I stick to the sticky trap and then I go outside button. The garbage can
There is still a lot to let to suffer in other words on them, you figure it out. It's a weird system right: the ecosystem of wrath, some mice in humans. It's a strange thing. It a lot of them and they ve killed us with the plague that was all rats. What's the fleas really release from my think, Crimea came over on boats attached rats and then the rat Scott ran through european fucked everybody up Crimea, River, you get out. I saw a lot of words degeneracy the Netflix documentary called rats. Now, oh my god, you after, another one you have to it's you you just go, but first of all, they all have diseases earlier. All of them in these don't come in contact with them, but if they bid
you are you're you're, fucked, most rats or fox. I did all these tests on rats in different parts of the country to and New York City is, I think they said it's either than now of rats is the same as the number of people that live in New York City bore the Bio mass not sure which one but both of em are equally terrifying. Yeah. If it's a biomass, is actually more terrifying right, because it means is so many rats. That's the same man of bodies as of human, but I don't think they really. No, I mean you have any fucking surveyors down there in the subway. How do they I'm gonna know also, if you measure the weight of all human beings and all ants, it's even yeah. I know that I am. I thought I had again on new that one. I love a fun fact. That's a weird one! Ryanair answer freaky two mandates. Of an aunt was our size would be faster than a ferrari. Woe give it a go
Cowan at one point time. Brian Cowen wanted to be. What is it? What's it have personal studies, entomologists, that's what it raises right etymology is words item Ology City of Insects- oh yeah in so he he did some the judge and they were. They have to put turpentine all over the posts of these platforms that the tents Bianca's are so many ants on the jungle floor that you, He said he was lying in bed. You could hear the you could hear them walk in, sank and with it when they get on something there's, so many of them issues they kill elephants come on. We climb up the elephants, body, and go right into its ear, and may I can Elvin do focuses
hands. The moon. A goddamn thing can do really close to a giant reverent jump and attract drowned. Those little cuts. May I broke brutal. It's amazing! We leave lived as you may know. How had we survive primitively? Well, we got lucky, but then we got smart and when we smart, then restart overpopulated. Yes, and we figured out all these different ways at nature was kind of keeping our bodies in Czech keeping our numbers and check it out like we, like. We have systems for rats and mice and all these different things keep them in check. Nature sorted out a way to keep humans, predators, diseases, starvation, an injury, so you say we beat nature. We beat nature which prior, why we're so fucked up mentally, because we're not supposed to be nature while world little to say for sure reassure all contained in these buildings. Word no predators can get ass. We all get don't like little fuck
human water, balloon right and one killing of discomfort, and we we have to fix in whereby we complain our dinner jaw shave down, le prettier those dig into rats in New York. They don't know how many there others this method of two and fifty thousand tens of millions, but this is a new trap that was put in Brooklyn passivity of them. I guess testing at an alcohol up where they fall into this bucket of alcohol and drowned in the end. The videos wives shown they open up. Did gets swelled with rats where I have to touch these things. I wouldn't trust we just little rubber gloves it so there's just full of debt, Rather, we should really use for some for fuel yeah memorandum to arouse might as well. I can't in its size, its eyes decent, did, etc. A leech feed
jungle already zoo animals are some rather like a snake yeah right. Yeah. I got a user user buffalo, but you know the corona virus that who hon Cornerwise rivers digging backing from snakes. Maybe that was that's what happened in China? Maybe they fed a fuckin rat to a snake you know: Jed's millionaire Amy actually has a conspiracy theory about that. Do you not well? make this. I know you hate it. That's what I'm saying you have one. I mean I'm not saying that you're, a Cuban put it, They are very mine and my back pocket of conspiracy. What is the conspiracy theory was dead, some sort of aid by a weapons thing yam it, oh god, I'm so glad. I never get bitten by the conspiracy bug, alas, so lucky I'm no interests and most dangerous pathogens on earth. The Chinese have always got some cook and their ahead of us in a lot away. I everywhere, maybe community we got em and we don't even know because we don't treat their language. Let's go
boy, maybe they're comedies, like because of the language structure. Maybe they're com is way better that's what I get more words and letters and characters, but I've been over there to their calmly clubs and Jane and they weren't route. China built a lab. Studies, Sars and Ebola in and wool and the U S, biosafety experts warranted two thousand seventeen that a virus could escape the facility. That's become He and fighting the outbreak, but wait a minute. What is this article from the daily mail Martha had the best headline Daily males a wee bit suspect, lad. Yeah, really big suspect a little bit outrageous with their captions little bit. Click baby, I'm innings click baby now take
I have to be man, that's how they make money share, but where's the integrity areas sleep at night. They sleep on a pile of money website, for it can move sciences, large research infrastructures per year, user, surface platform, lighted from Chinese. I guess yeah well, who national biosafety laboratory look. They have an award, a ward and people Damn by wars like look, we are better. That's a weird picture right to people stand their hold an award locally. One right, I'm flaws in you, don't do corporate gig anymore. I did want over the holidays gazette I like seven on when they pay amazing Edward Tuxedo. Pharmaceutical awards, within fifteen minutes
our less this such cleaves over there and its a ballroom round tables tuxedo, beautiful hotel and Philly. They got me a limo out their crazy money as both a bit o like Rickeys. Your base, the whole thing you know be an awards. Guy presented talk to have a speech, and I just did my clean act. The that used to open for Seinfeld and a lady offended and happened to be the ceos wife she's bit him out and he begged me out. They fired me wow, hey anyway, I got paid when but it's a disheartening. You go hey towards these jobs have worked on the tonight show. What do you want? Yeah the tonight shows Eddie, yes, squeaky praiseworthy, but how far like how far along we had fifteen is in your act. We we ramp up the offensiveness now. Well it I do fifteen of jokes out of the gay. Like to open it, and then you do the awards for holdings like two and a half hours, I had a stack of cards like try so but
but do when they best whatever muscle relax, are one of the guys area when he fired a said, my wife, offended? How dare you it was offensive to women? I did a java. Vibrator is, and he was like you get out of here like that's how they are young women. I know I was the joke is how should the virus is better than me? You know, like I'm the loser offensive. I think she was looking for some. Maybe they haven't fact and sing rising out. It's always some deep rooted thing and she's drinking and she's out around. She lay off with his head again that I'll just firearm exactly and firing me is illegal. It's fun power moving again rams. Look what I can do look at over the power I wheeled Ryanair tells our friends in our fire, the committee, exactly on a piece of sharing as much Norman Diary over, shall can't I m and emails. I got hey. I thought you were funny when you're coming to helium comment, I couldn't live and I get my boss us, like God, you idiots have some balls live in that world man, the corporate world, yet
you're all drug dealers. You sell drugs and you're mad at me for making a year come up. I don't get it wrong. Words. Priority wise, like you make it Corona virus joke. Nobody cares. You make a copy joke and you're the devil, but it's like way more people died with Corona I'm not saying either one is my person looking for me. I guess than usual person passes, the cult of personality. Famous person well. Love gray ran died with his daughter and the red eyes like six other people, there's like a lot of getting your, but not all fascinating the because your body knows immediately. That was too far. That's fine well, but That's something stolen said that one death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic well liked, as that Stalin, those Stalin or someone in war war to a thing was stolen, but its yeah week we get lost. The numbers, like someone says, like the universe, is fourteen billion years, all like ok. What is that? exactly. I can't do that
That's in my head and just like yeah onto zeros, also Kobe is here and China's a zillion miles away right now that Senor Backyard kind of thing. Well, here's a statistic: provident. No fifty people die every year in swimming pools. Oh just a United States at seems Gabby Morton that no fear de. There were, even though we have barely five zero, but every day we'll have a gun death. I bet a swimming pool is more dangerous and a gun in the home. Oh yeah, by adding fifty people die every day from guns said every it meant everyday does every yes, I fifty and allay alone anymore, coffee, yeah every day. Thank you Jimmy fifty a day, Fifty of the Americas Wanna hear another. One hundred fifty people die every year because coconuts foreigner heads adds a cartoon that's class that you just picture that lesson coming up in worldwide that create a mean
Do the funeral allow me just go well beyond the coconuts coca, we're fucked you up Manuel, really tall trees, chair, you know a debate in the orderly egg. A sea falls on people, oh jens, a big on rice that happens all the time off for man yeah I'll MIKE and cows kill or people than sharks a year, reeling shark. So it's almost like Black people were just sexier to talk about it. You know, but the cat Actually the ones killing more people. Cows kill more people than sharks gave it a good the cocoanut thing, might be an exaggerated. No, you shut your mouth lying. You shut your mouth, there's a whole wikipedia yeah I've gone through that they don't really know. Wiki Sundays people get better out of their helmets. They avoid the trees. Some years, one hour but every day, while their prey poor and they walk Agnes good point. If you try to climate Can I just nails you halfway down and then you fall. That's a double whammy, good point:
yeah, splat physical seventies, arcade game. You now have you seen those guys climbed the trees man get up high delays in their basically just clinging yeah and pulling themselves in clinging appalling themselves. Right. I saw a video of these guys in the Amazon com and trees. That's like what the fuck, your kids heroic. While Europe closer to our feet near I'll, just shimmy in their way up the string, like God, damn unbelievable. I wonder if the Laval differently Gazeta differ muscles. Well, you know what it is. There We are much stronger deadly look different issue. What happens on people? Walk barefoot like in the jungle, their feet spread out right finger spread out like hands. They feel it really weird man, they splay out our feeder leg, you'd like there's a cast year, issues all time, but their feet actually go out in directions. Angelic. Their big toes point left
and right and then everything else sorted goes out like when you spread your fingers Jimmy. I me some jungle bare feet because it's it's creeping, I was taught theirs, but my friend Steve Renault who went to our Diana end was hanging out these people in the jungle and news like you can't recognise their feet. It's like what is going on with your feet. There unrecognised yeah, because that's their feet that wow that crazy, it's created
looks like a webbed foot. Legged ducks says the Amazon tribe kills and eats monkeys. Won't you should say all Amazon tribes and have access to monkeys is apparently they love Bucky's. But we look at his feet, man, but go go that one picture like look at that. That is insane man. Why? It's because they're always gripping the surface of the ground, so they develop all his strength in and thickness like look I'll fix. Their toes are re done that left side Mcgillicuddy, it's gotta Dong does perfect positioning. It's really weird right. Take their look a lot like when you see primates other than that primates. Have that little thumb. We're right, you know be interesting- is to cut one of them open and then cut you open how much more shit you would have in you cause. You eat all this process. I mean you eat still pre pretty well, but they
never had caffeine in IRAN. A drop out now. Never at a cigarette never had an hamburger. They would be just be pink. I bet Lila Monkey, so it's all natural gas sever the AIDS, the Eu Aids from those monk, ok, Theo after I think it's actually. I think it's chimps more than his monkeys. It's a weirdo feet as crazy. The other was a great radio lab episode or lowered patient, yet awesome podcast, but on patient zero were they were trying to figure out what the who like? How did HIV come from my cool? Who was the first person get and they think they now narrowed down to a farmer or a hunter rather that it killed? though they do something called bushmeat, and why these really poor areas where they basically just shoot everything like discharge it up and whatever you know whenever you guinea, rather it's a monkey or giraffe where the fuck you kill, share their tough people, those Megan afraid, even only animals. I do it naked and afraid they can kiss my
ass, those people probably get all kinds of crazy fuckin parasite, yeah bug bites and food poisoning, aid, berries and pon water and shit. Dick fish swim up, your dick all. You know: that's real, now, there's a certain their certain, especially in the Amazon. If you urinate in the water in the Amazon, their certain little tiny fish there actually attracted to the smell and the temperature of your urine fly up the old p hole and make their way, into your yanks, can you pay it out? Well, it's gonna. Take you can look at that. Those are caught fish limbs up your urine stream. Will fucker kinda rumours and looks yet teeth. Look at him. Not left hand. Side is in a way it looks like a dare you strike
blow you from the inside your old chinese torture, where they get your hard. They hammer a glass spike. India DAWN and then they break it. So many piss you that's a chinese torture. At what I heard. How do you get your heart? ways you now entering a lane or a small boy how'd. You do you gotta do a pile of money. They exactly so you vote. Now, Opel Jerkin, like a whirlwind, urine strange strange to watch it take place because it so, but so obvious what it is now they're using me to make him look bad that he supports me or that he used my endorsement Brad no idea they were gonna. Do that either The Bernie Sanders people just and all I said his I'm probably gonna vote form like tells Gabert
I really love our love him. I love Andrea. Those people who think like he's here is a really important point. I'm a fucking moron if you're, basing who you're gonna vote for on president for for president based on my right, like what I like, I know, I'm not I'm not that balls deepened Stuff is not its not another, guy very strange and the level of fees but how much of this is based on your look. If you weren't muscular, bald, headed white guy. I dont know if this would be an element. This be a different game. What's easy to paint is a douche bag and also its which really funny is the thing that I said in the video was that could they did. I said if you just take the worst aspects of someone take out everything else, magnify it right and in eager paid them out to be a real piece, of course out of ten text today, but that is that it's hard to do that would burn
yesterday I was, but that doesn't mean you can be a great praise. Now I don't know, I don't know, what's required to be present and I really don't understand, what's required to make sure the economy functions correctly and also I dont understand. What's in I don't know, what's required to be it's guesswork, I really don't on understand what's required to make sure the economy functions correctly in So I dont understand, what's required to make the military function correctly. Now is guesswork, I mean maybe we're back off with Trump, maybe we're better off with someone else. I don't know, but what was fascinated to me was that these people can see and in preserving saying that I was homophobic and trans phobic in there's a clip that they're using that's completely out of context that the only look was first Trans people, some trans people listening. I got nothing but love for you for everybody and in fact, Israel is one of my all time, favorite lovers and he's one of the
the inspirational and brilliant people I've ever met. I love that guy and he's probably one of the most public trans people in a first most public celebrities. Oh tram. I dont care nobody, but this has to do with fighting this the dual. This was what I was saying in the video. Using as me saying: you're fucking man definition use those words, but this is why was upset. There was a guy This person was a man for thirty years. Transition to become a woman for two years and then started fighting women in Emma may and didn't tell them that she used to be a man and was smashing girls, she literally broke this girl skull like broke her face and was kind of bragging about it like shoes, you now choose hyping up her Emma may create right, yeah, and then people found out that she was
Franz woman and she used to be a man. She said that she didn't have to disclose that, because it was a medical procedure had nothing to do them. Wasn't there their business very shady. I was like bullshit and now here's the thing if she, disclose did and everyone knew I'm a hundred percent in favour. You want to do that if you're a woman and it's your choice to fight a tree, woman and see how you do and in fact a woman eventually, waitin, for you have see a girl named actually Evans Smith, who is a really good fighter, like you know, you have seen, caliber fighter, unlike the other woman who was the Trans woman, that transport is really strong were the same caliber as a world class. Martial arts actually having Psmith, actually won a beating yes and- and she fought in the USA afterwards. Can we see a photo of this girl? That's not I wouldn't know how does it look like it? I would the little man. Couldn't tell masculine woman. Ok, now when he was a dude, he looked like a guy, rather brow, yeah and then
When he became a woman, he looks you know like a blue, we definitely, we could say a woman, a dude lady? But are you now? I was like the fuck out of here you're fuckin man and they taken our key so transphobia like not I'm not we use the most people get hurt. This has only to do with athletics. That's it in terms of your gender identity and who you are what you want to do. I don't care and spit Ethically, my wheel house, which is fighting there, is a gigantic physical advantage at men have in that now protect sport, but we all know that when a guy hits a girl in the street is a different via that when a girl, it's a guy, that's the problem is that with the fights of like guy hidden girl, Dan, any sooner also fighting people that aren't that skilled its of low level Emma may promotion, and then, when it came out, it was all this outrage, but what was really fast
staying was how many people were mad at me, but didn't have an equal amount of the debtors door. An equally upset that this woman was deceptive. Will you can't out the fact that she was trends? it's bad for the cause, the support of transgender people, it's very bad for the cause. If you have a train gender woman. It doesn't disclose she's transition. The end is beating the fuck out of biological women and he's debate, which is one of the big problems with it. Ultimately, the once you get fucked over our biological women in this whole race to be woke and including transgender women in female sports, biological women are the ones getting fucked over these two and women are winning world records and becoming world champions. And it's you know it is this: it's where the rubber meets the road between pragmatic, objective people, their Anna,
using the all of the facts and people who want to stick with awoke ideology that no one here on the other side, there are the big one. The people call me out on the other. One is the homophobia. One is like come on. Man look I've, nothing but love for gay people. Nothing but love. I'd, love, gay people, but I make fun of them? I make fun of me. I make fun of my mom I'll, make fun of you when you're here I'll make funny. When you leave chairs me, I don't love. Em array like I was saying before. One of my most popular means on line is in support of gay marriage and it was it says if you the view hate. Gay marriage is because of one or two reasons: either your dumb or your secretly worthy dicks or delayed, and that has been shared fuckin millions of times in fact had a gay, strong man in here I saw that yeah and he was the world's strongest gay and he was talking about rob. Kennedy was talking about how hilarity thought Wasn't he had seen that as one of the first expose Does that he had to meet yeah? Well it just looking for shit pending. That's all it's too. It's
marginalize him and its also people that don't want anyone who's not woke, to represent a saying on the left. You're gonna be on the left is a lot of people. Let us first of all, I should say this before us anything about the blow back the positive side, like the support that I've gotten from people, because there has been overwhelming and heartwarming from so many from great comics and sighing to some people that are found in the park. Gas psychology today wrote an article about how the media is gas lighting. You on me, like they're, like to try to paint this guy ought to be. This monster like have, I said, stupid shit, a hundred percent I've done. Fourteen hundred plus podcast a lot of high, like a giant percentage of, I set a bunch of stupid shit. I couldn't believe, while saying I like to say in a we're words. I do it all the time. Why? Because it's fun yet has we're comics and it might hurried. Some people some people like it, I like
like saying words, you're, not supposed to say sometimes, but its doesn't mean I'm homophobic, ordinary, sinister, sexist or massage domestic or trans phobic. These things are true. I love everybody like literally, if you're a nice person, I love you, I'm cool with everybody, the willing, as they want it, to be true. Why it's not even about the justice are helping people it's about nail and a guy down. It feels more like vindictive and we want to hurt you than it does. Let's if the world it's more like, if you got Maxine, Nothing whatever was a couple things going on. One despotic has gone way too big and it actually can influence elections. That's real ask: do you like that does not air force. Our good, I don't want to have anything to do. A part is now saying I asked the question now, but I like red, attracting ok, are similar. You than ever talk about. The shit can have politicians on and I've never vote whether or not their full shit or not correlation. No, I don't know anything about politics. I don't follow it. People are of says it's taken over too much time in your day, burns to many calories. People get some passion.
About it. It's all changing and it's all silly. I would love they revamp the system and made it. So there is like a council of really smart people. Yes, who get to decide on thing, think tank, the smartest people are here not with those likeable and get em fathom give at least a micro dose of mushrooms before they make their decision. I mean Obama hated. Gay marriage will ya like here. My candidate Mary was against it. He was doing that for political reasons, because he was trying to attract a certain amount of people that were on the right and it's a ploy right. They have to play their hands carefully the playing chess. What gave Africa he could have swayed the lack of any was in charge of shit, so he could make policies well, Hillary Clinton wouldn't believing game actual two thousand and thirteen day ago, but it's weird it's, but it's not real. It's that therein There were answered, it is the world of politics there giving up upon their ashen rankings, and so what this is is take me down to make bird
look bad because Bernie dare to post one of my videos meantime Bernie asserts number one. The pole, oh, is that race is number one and number one for the first time in the bedding poles. So it's like look of its good about. Well, it like Chapelle, every eight chapels, the transfer, but guy of the year, whatever he's one, the Grammy three years in a row, Verbascum LEO manages one the Mark TWAIN Award sites like we talk a big game We complain ambition mon, but I think the real shoots out there well even more more telling what rotten tomatoes only ratify or critics each his special. He had a zero percent made us then, when they let the general public, do it jumped up to ninety nine percent yet which is fucking unheard of. I know it and what does anybody go? This is weird right. May we do it, but you know that the people with the big voices in the loudest people are all gone when they never get on that shit while the bright. Now you are one of the last people out of it in here
the thing that those people that are the other loudest people out there are all being employed by. That will now, if you're part of a giant media company, when you have the same names, you We have to make arrangements with political parties and candidates. They will give you access to candidates they were in exchange, they would like you to run certain stories. You'd like you to cover things they would like. You did not cover other things you're, seeing this Anti Bernie Sanders push gaily ass the board. Hillary Clinton just came out and said that she thinks she nobody likes it. I saw the said: why would you say that the campaign for you? What are you an eight year old, nobody likes to exactly, and she said that he's a career politician like that may work you involved in industry before the June line, manufacture, televisions like what'd. You do what you at your Euro lawyer fellow but ok, the actual clear career politician in your husband's clearly a courier politicians,
but it will make it every president degeneracy that Energy exchange, where the two of more on CNN I heard about, and I try to watch anything good for you. But was a bit warren that we're trying to push the narrative. The Bernie Sanders is sexist. Helps that narrative come because Elizabeth Warm saying that she said that he had said to her that it will make it every president did you ever see that, in exchange for the to have more on CNN, I heard about it, I try to watch anything good for you, but so this is what it's been for. Me is to watch all this play out, but I was Furthermore, senior rattled, but two have never yet we are usually called a cucumber I'd. Be look at all Let's just want to make sure that I say it the way. I think it but that's why, if I feel look rattled, but that's a housing riding. Thank you. The positive thing has been the out. Of support by annulment, so many people again overwhelming and then that this support to name if the ratios incredible. So it's us what a good is everyone who knows you likes you
All the people are saying, shit probably never met you or don't even listen the pie. But this is a problem. Even listen! The pike s. You don't know me that while, but this is about the problem with human beings, communicating through social area social media with the worst way like twitter or size. The worse way, too, they're. No someone expressive here or show any compassion and know what this is. One of the reasons why cancelled culture so right rank as this is the best way to cancel some through a tweet fuck you yeah economic comics did that with Louie yeah after Louis UK thing went down, there was a bunch of comic so like now, my chance ran up the ladder and TIM Dylan posted this awesome, Instagram post about that, like recognising that this is a lot of these people a virtuous ignoring these insanely mediocre on town did to me said, tends to be nazi role for Michael J and all exactly exact specially. When the the leaked
audio came out. People out he's running into a disease. In always all right now. Listen. Her Mozilla K has always said the most in broken shit. That's funny! I laughed and you guys, don't even fans will when you tweet. Doesn't, though, the remorse is much smaller like cancelling a guide. Both RO. The computer you're not gonna, feel as much guilt and shame and kindness. You don't feel you don't feel keyboard, you don't feel anything. I'm hope. That social media will evolve to something that you, the people that it will somehow or another. Allow people to be more compassionate to each other, or maybe we'll just understand how to use a better understand and consequent. Maybe when everybody is cancelled, levelling you can't drink and drive, but even drinkin tweet way, almost no, it's career suicide. Instead, you know Otto males adjusting Sakharov Store now AIDS, Jes yeah, that's amazing! She was on her way to Africa. She
was, I think, took an Ambien and shoes, Jan and she's, like going Africa hope I don't get a great just kidding on. Why else? That's a good to eat! It's a good! It's a joke! A mark, Norman Joke and allow always it is in one way- is right, this kind of like something that you would say. As a joke. I get out of a go at the white angle, but I like it. What would you say- and that is why people do get aid so little Everley do make sense. Logically, rivalry you Ambien and new frock and liquid ambient may have a couple minutes before the flight. I softly less cellular misspell a few things like a fact. I can't go back. I know each I'd get it's a fucking hectic when you try to get a tweet on way. I knew the whole flight, your weight needed by the why Cincinnati buy tickets at Mark normal that copyright, fuck fuck fuck. I didn't spell Norman right right back it. I've got my own name to the whole world. Would change of twitter gave you like ten seconds of edit time we changed the whole world. Roseanne will be on the air. Well, at the end of it,
with all this, the shit. It's some. My feelings about all this are it's: it's in sing to see the asking to see the hate brigade come my way and it's interesting. It's very heart, Warminghurst support. Yet it's also it out. At the end of the day, I've got a job. Body of work but lie so much about where and what I've done, what people Elon Musk interview that, like look at all the homophobia hates women in that area, nonsense like we have, I made inappropriate, chose for sure, A comedian when you, especially if you're drinking in your smoking pot, you're swinging right
is what we're doing or seek or hitches are coming away a lot of more high like I'm going in, and you don't hit the Bali like Master one zero made eight jokes about fucking, kids, it's funny because it so extreme like a racist, jug. It's like as racism is stupid. These people are still there grasping at straws. They got nothin, it's not real racism, it's a joke! Yet none guy Disease Brown is races of exactly exact. Come on what exactly and they just know that the word racism is gonna, get some eyeballs, it's gonna get some shit stir up without a crazy thing about the CNN articles like they put in all the ism rather isms and all the obvious and like the linen on their, not applicable history of these things in others, there's a history of these things. While that might be his, it jokes. Rather, there's no history of actual homophobia, actual transphobia other than meek call. Now guy a man beat the fuck out of women but understand be borne upset that that woman, that who
to be a guy, was doing so little showing her head got crackdown literally you're worried about women? No one cared about that woman. Nobody! Nobody wanted interview that woman and say: hey. Are you ok? Let's? How do you live in the July? That's our deepen. We are as its I'd rather have her head split than me: get cancel and again a hundred per cent for Anyone who knows that that's a transgender woman fighting that woman, consensual, yes and here's a perfect example of the? U S, former! You see further. We champion his name's germane to random and she's a fuckin assassin, yeah she's, a beast said in time. World more die champion a mean just one of the most technical fighters in sport super bad ass. She thought of man. Denmark is eroded. Watch Valmont, Uk Odin was killed. A man with a right hand shows a fuckin killer. Man was a fighter guy. He knew how to fight our lion. A new Zanu, better yeah she's a world champion monsieur, but look if she wanted to do that and he wants to do that.
Yeah fine, but if he pretended the girl me whenever I try to fuck her up, then I'd like yours. That's all that's what this is just about deception and I'm not I'm not its trans people. I think when you talk about Trans Athletics, when more Tina, Navratilova, ok, who is out broken Lesbian, who is one of the greatest tennis, prayers war, world of world class and his prayers World champion when the great, of all time. She then, when he comes out. Ok when she comes out- and she did coming against Trans Athlete, eating with women. The outpouring of eight, the relay yes, people, Coroner trans phobic and it's this hasn't been settled right. If you, could the actual facts. The number old records. A number of champions number people that are now trans, it's getting weird it. What is it the International Olympic Weightlifting Federation, one of those fuckin, the power lifting federation, whatever judges that they re?
suddenly came out and said we are not where no longer allowing transgender well really because the breaking of the world records of whether they in trouble now, I think its justified. I think that's one of the ones where people like well yeah you're winning by two hundred pounds Yale. It's like you're you're taking people and they lose some of their strength when they go through the trend. Should they lose some of the strength when they go through estrogen therapy, Butters god dammit, there's a lot going on there. This tendons stray size of the bonds, hand, strength, the size of the hands. Does the shape of the hips shape? the shoulders, there's more EU conjecture, More path is also a lifetime of having testosterone road running through your body. It's almost like a woman, who's taking steroids, her whole life and then quits when she's thirty, she still gonna have giant advantages sure. But how can we know you don't see it the other way. Do you not see a busy man brother, one becoming a man and then entering a man yet cattle, Imagine around
who transitions to becoming a man and then fighting in Emma right. Good luck! Good luck on Nate DS out yet well, there's a woman who was a warm and then transition to a man who is now a boxer. Who is a spokesman send for I want to say, everlasting, like indeed as a big company, now has this transgender female to male boxer, which again I'm all lent look. I don't even think you have to say anything. If that's the case there, it is worlds for transgender professional boxers now the face of everlasting. Now, how many fights is this person Where does was a woman? Was a woman? Ok, but here's ok, here's another problem with this ready. Order to transition. You have to take testosterone, oaths and I had taken. He was some as a woman, man, well The USA National Amateur Boxing champion was invited to compete in the two thousand twelve olympic trials.
However, shoulder injury during let the qualifying change everything so how many its annual unwell Srpska back back respect can feel any man in the name Manuel was covering from the injury. He decided it while you can say he back. Then, he a lot Ok, see you say he so much work because he was already a. He won when he was recovering from the injury, but that's when he was a girl but Let's keep using sane. Man. Well was recovering from the injury. He decided. Transition from female to mail. It proved to be the tub in spite of his life. He was shunned. Has he any fights as a male scroll up there, battling against all odds when its way back to sport become the first person competing in a professional boxing match, as he transgender fighter on December eighth, two thousand and meanwhile climbed the rain against Hugo Aguilar fence spring resort Casino in India, California, and came out a winner. They got six your journey worthwhile,
regulation some Anwar more for that too, in might might might take That is there's only one issue that issue is Manuel to transition as take testosterone. So how much testosterone whose monitoring and how often the tests, because it, if you like specially some women are particularly african. American women have danced bones. They have we really did bone density, yeah, oftentimes, rivalling european males segregate, racially Hallowell mother, just to good yeah about that loud people are so good at sports. Well, Canelo over us when best boxes the world Redhead, he's. Good fuck in Austria is really Granada. Gloved in pretty fuckin awesome. Russian what was that make the white MIKE Tyson Guy, he had sums whose elaborate, while he was Tommy Gun, Tommy Morrison,
does good he's good good fighter, but he get fucked up by a lot of other like rain Sir Jersey, the Re Mercer knock out worse knock out in their history. There, division and allowed. Has he got caught in the ropes cotton robes and Re Mercer, who is in a limp, a gold medals and murderous puncher fuckin smashing that's not just his head. No protection at all is not. Please hands up such as Bang Bang. I can't access and he was never see him again, but it gonna, be George Foreman, be George for another decision beat. Even raise erotic by stoppage guy. What the distance of my Thyssen nay GO: Tommy, Como Fighter, oh yeah, that's one for Whitey, one for Whitey! Just one is a few
Maybe we marcy, I was it rocky Marcel. An lamotta was pretty good. He beat sugar Ray a few times, yeah well Vassili, Lama. Anko is probably the best powerful providers on the planet earth today and he's another one whose Russian but Russians to Vienna. There are people there like whitey to point out yet or why did you point? That's exactly it's fuckin hard people manage tyres which shows you it's not really about the skin. It's about your environment, that's a lot of it. In the genes chair. India there, certain people in Armenia and his body, styles, writers and morph act, amorphous, mezzo, morph and you know, there's certain people of advantages are based on the amount of fast which muscle fibres the size, their fists, different sports, in others, different sort of benefits to different body types and different sports yeah. But you know with citizens. Ping pong thinks it's really popular were there are now two great unease chain.
Yes, but I'm gonna get in trouble, but it's because it's really popular right, maybe of areas of physical avenge. I don't they just seem to have a knack for that Paul. There a lot of killer paupers over the rule, but that's all metrics, that's all sixteen their suppliers able very popular, very popular with their pool, is its huge in the Philippines. Really, oh god, gigantic. Some of the greatest pleasures of all time come Philip I don't know the Afghan him. Efron ran sign photograph of him out there in the wall there was not a pool table the hot asian lady with the black hair, Longbill yeah genetically man. He was great beast if what Social Ricky there only enable there. I could do three days on you too, with those trick shots Did I wind down at the end of the night, every night, watch and poor? Really, because I used to be hard to find poor matches on television ray,
you know it s, hard ESPN doesn't have em, it's like you. Never it's like put had set it to my dvr. Look for billiards in our size a play. A lot like, like all day long when I lived in York tournaments, more obsessed with pool, and I was almost anything really I was like. If there was money unprofessional pool, I probably would acquit doing standard. Why would you ever get knowing a pool griff like like a bar brouhaha get hustled yet and you like, snapped the blocking the stick and go come on mother Fucker gotta have a most most that's months. Time- is money already Lange's got some stories. Newark, please hanging out with their bags. I mean I've had like guys, yell at me and stuff right up and not because I was being number I was never that good did live. I went I went a real pool halls disappear western billiards. I know what you're asking just Amer I've seen it and has also Amsterdam. I look at Amsterdam of time work I play with professionals are going to play with a lot of tournaments with professionals, but there was
never any leg. You never had the guy with a pretence delegated GIMP now that it's moving on. I mean I've got her to hustle me one of my best friends, my friend Johnny, be met him because you try to hustle me, But I just tell tat I knew I wasn't very. I was just starting Algeria and he was really good commode with pretty game. I'll give you a spot. I get the fuck. Is that all you too smart to argue tolerable became bodies but yeah? I was never good enough to hustle and I was never good enough to be the really good players, but I was obsessed with it. You want, point out. So I every night, when I went down the way I want Alec watch, pool So it's it's even went crazy. It's like not! That creates right. It's a good wind, because if you want like street fight, you're all keep up our watch. Those no one I hate most and tree fights is when the Duke heads off the concrete, brutal, brutal there's one. This is porter. We can do in this
other guy and the guide us not to fight the porter we can do does and he could see their standing each other's year, eight o clock and the guidelines and seem like sideways head girlfriend goes gain the car puppy. He jumps in the car takes off I guess you. They think it's a movie and indeed the real life kicks in some while some people are there just fronting and they think ray, you're gonna get away with it and then the other guys actually a boxer right, and that was the case here that guy he threw and educated punch. He knew what he was doing any contact our right and our job and he went out his head the balance is a fuckin. This thing kills raw. It's like you can type madmen dude. I grew up in Louisiana and these, like corn, FED White, Guys APOLLO shirts and Doc Martens, in short, short blue short with the lovin belt. They would get these brawls, you big white motherfuckers and they would just like kick
the face when their data sour age be outside the bar. Like I just watch the guy get his job broken, none on a Friday night at one in the morning and he's going in a bar. Emily horrific, horrific they slam we want to cars and meet him in the face. How many people have died and fine. I now terrible yet unknown the jog. It's why you to guide and actually get that neck brace, you know, do rule now far for what could somebody bumped Enea exists, build your beer, while just people looking for fights and then they get a little bit of booze in em, and you know their mad because their girlfriends fuck it some guy damage broken page. I don't have that in me. I don't have that anger, legal regulations, I, but I've done that bragging. I like the booze it up. I liked it. Smash them gash and have a good time to do some rooms in the middle a lady out, but I can't wanting to kick a guy in the face, while he's on the ground. No good, that's array,
maybe he was beaten, worries deep deeply closeted are suddenly gone on their well. It's like some men grow, getting their asses kicked. I guess rob getting abused. It's one of those things that I would notice in high school, the kids that would want to fight. All the time there again. Abuse at home is a lot of that rail and they there are have as much guilt about it on this matter. F, eighty six most about fighting was when I would knock someone out. Yes, if we would weird me out, I get it man I would like to celebrate just to try to it and then So while I started not celebrating, I would just walk away like that's, actually, probably better move anyway. It looks cooler cause. I will just smash somebody outcome and then they would go down like that is like an up and walk away like this always happens.
Now, we can always happened yet again I may when they do not the guy down and they walk away that I've been cheap hammer fasting. Well, it's a thing. It's like when guys do Do that they're, letting you know like I know raises this- is the end I'll have to follow. This up rightly raises a feeling that you get when you hit someone, you see their eyes rollback like you know, but some guys so savage. They don't give a fuck, even after the guys, to do more famous one to me was Dan Henderson knocked out. Michael Bisbee lose so clear that it was out and dance. Listen flew through the air punch on the way down. Then he made that silhouette. His logo Google areas and look as is one that they had like this epic shit talking session and then actually Michael Bisbee, went on to beat Dan Henderson Rematch, which was
huge for the for the title I like, whenever shit talking, because I now we're when they tap gloves and then trot a murder each other look at our belief. That is. That literally, is his silhouette when he was in no, I mean you kids, it's hard to say the cheap shot, because the as he knocked aboard the guinea. The guy was out, but your kindness How is the key punching until the rest? repose you reverie wasn't in the right place to pull him off damn, but that's kind of crazy that that's his of a horizontal Henderson is far in savage. Ache sees the last person you wanna piss off yeah. That's too much. Like cause, be having a logo of only a lady sleeping. Will you that Nashua, Michael Bisbee doesn't like my logo? He isn't it in it. This guy's hostage to these Fuckin world champion that
That's the tenement allowed that you have to have to be the communists are. I think he was a two division champion in. I think he won that yeah. I know he did. He won the eighty five pound title and the two under five pound title Monster Yang was agreed. And he was a woman now laughed. He is now The whole thing is cookies. Are they he's a they? Now is a perfect. I like it that's easy Davies, its anywhere. Now that, like the nice thing can say about a person, is I don't agree with everything they say, but I still like em, like I hate that we have to do that so narcissistic. I disagree with some of the things I got a letter. Buddy know that I hate that dictators like a guy. I wonder if narcissism, if you can track narcissism on a chart, I wonder if its wrapped up, because So why are you kidding, of course, would have meant, but right it is like something they feed right. I mean it is a psychological condition that you also probably can treat like. Safe and it happened far him. Yet we have to have narcissism many get humbled by life. You take some.
So take some Elles in your life and yeah, which Do you need everybody? Does you also? Maybe you grow older and wiser? Any relies too stupid to be making duck faces on re, say. Stick and you know I have seen this image. Is a fuckin photos, Wilma fairer photos of Kandahar, there's a girl on a lounge chair with her ass up in the air and she's holding a selfie. Stick guys taking a picture of her taking this page, fucking ridiculous. It is literally got her ass straight up in the air. She's got the selfie, stick so she's doing and she's lounge share, but aside the pool got it and I think, like the calves, like two thousand nineteen, be like it's true in back in the day to get
tv you'd at the red areas like a classic still having our generation. That's what it is. Come up. Ok bars to sports as it up my luck. That is so crazy. I bet she nail their vote on illegal pollute the dicks that must come into her DM got a river filled with lumber this new role and towards her dear logging, camp, yeah, fuck and another a lumber boat. Overturned, will again an eighty or ninety to get on a camera. You had to walk by like a tv store and memory billing. Our share of honor member would look out. I owned, and there was a big deal: bananas in your pocket. Now it so easy, then you can put out in the world in anybody on Youtube. Anybody evidence to grab your whole life Buell, just storing everything now and selling. It's too easy. It's me me me. Your voice is counted. It sucks The thing to opinions are counted from the time. You're twelve, on re opinion, if you ve ever,
well you're old moron and he writes a tweet yeah. It looks just like a scholar. The exact same? Finally, the words are specially these Otto correct, so it corrects the were. I like you, fucking idiot that could be from a twelve year old or could be from a fifty year. Old guy works at Stanford, right right and it's written see just gonna buy it. Yeah does a disguise thoughts ass. I know it's terrifying. What's up, So each day, Lucy care a funny thought on this that really resonated who psych it's. When people say thing on to seize on twitter, it's just talk rash, written down so I was like look, look, look, look what he said like people say crazy shit, all the talk, coarse and were used to say fuck, that guy use right, fuck that guy to it and yet written its official written yeah. It's like people have said things about people for since the beginning. And then you might say that I'm sorry de facto not drunk in those MA am a girlfriend broke out with me. Shit and people get over it, but if it's written and the people retreat,
Yeah, maybe only say this about you exact deleted, but I got a photo of how many times you talk shit about a comic and you walk in agreement, sit near what's up buddy, I fella you are just talk, but it wasn't written now. It's not official announcement on paper worlds. You know like most of us deserve have some shit said about us every now and again here that the loudest people are the ones who have a lot of shit and they yell at you before you find their shit. Oh, that's! What's up Israel, on your line now evergreen when I go to the other, should untutored I go in agreement. Go we don't agree with their Nego now about crazy. Then you go to dear bullshit life one. I know a guy who's like an animal activist. He kicks his dog, yeah, like I gotta was a barbies kickin his dog, like I get out of here and kicks it in the ribs like animal guy too? How did you get it helping it like a cheese and using what either the activists dude European a bitch.
I know, but then the online. So we all are fact we are all selfish, we're all shitty were all kinds were all cowards deep down. Have all that, but on twitter be a superhero yeah. Well, we're all primates. We all got some weird monkey energy inside of us and in its arms it comes out, but especially because you're different all the time rather differently. Upon the kind of stress your under women leap with just got fired right, so so many variables that people don't want to take it consideration yeah and you want to look good. You look cool it's like make up. Twitter is make up. Do too is make up you're right, I'm a t, shirt, Ro you're right, you just nailed it. Then it is like that, two pretending you're, something that you know your dressing. It up and sub it'll go so far as twitter, for them is plastic surgery where they just given in rather like I'm a damn, I'm hooked on that right. Well, I don't love you notice, but a lotta ladys. They they take the Photoshop to the photos and they
make their but bigger and their way small and legs thinner rays and my wife will go out of friends and one of her friends is basically a magician she'll, take a photo and just start fuckin when things and make make girls. Heads beggar, other girl, bigger arms, married secure, make her way smaller. Did you weird shit? You like little subtle things that can make this bitches knows little beggar, buccaneers, did do weird shit to each other, while in the college of the Yellow take their picture down, I was less politics. It affects your nails, cries of the change knows it put it back up like its cartooning. Doing cartoons making cartoon right, doesn't even a person anymore. It's funny because, like a guy guys, veto were shallow and materially we like Godaddy COD visual were visual and and women always men are so paying their pigs, all you care about is tense and, like none of you care to don't I'd like it just right, you want up you. You have eighteen filter.
On your face, you L, a good reaches us, your ear shallows well. Well, I had a bit. I did in my last special about watching Fox news about how Bill O Reilly within right next to making Kelly, I go in the right next to each other, so I assume there in the same climate. Bill. Re was dressed like it was chillier right here. A shirt and a jacket tie? The main Kelly was where something is best be described as of the China Curtain I wasn't a good Kurt, neither go as well as curtains, it's over grandma's kitchen, thanks kind letter and agrees or aid always see the yard like every China's right there and its cut low. Some of her tat? You see you see, it does not mean sleeves on like this. So much skin yeah, but a man. If a man wore a sleeveless skirt to an office, he would be fired, well we're grossness that sexism, what is the point
a blue, I mean by definition it is, but we don't give a shit. It's like a girl is a tunnel cleavage. You go out logically. Raising a word is greatly. You have the cleavage right on the way over calling it shone in everywhere. Yeah Leyva Guy has yoga pants on a giant hardware, kill boss in his path. Here. Are you to say anything to be going. Gotta go home and change would have Europe straight in history. Legal brown, nice dick yeah, just a compliment. That's cool China hit autumn. I know, then they get blur with the men and women stuff goes where the same, but then need we have different rules. So it's all very confusing. Will girls can say girl? Your ass looks, amazing. Re unknown, cares what girls Gazeta The girl should engage, I can say to girls, think said: the girl there, the game, guy girl relationship is a special one. It is national because its girls, be around guys, but around guys who fuck I rise, so they feel safe yeah, but it's all right, but it comes down to the rape threat. Well, yeah right, there's no fat theirs,
throughout the exact and there's no threat of deception. Regret guys not interested in your router is not pretending he wants to fight, or he You want to fuck you when you actually does. So you don't really not like, like how many girls have those fuckin creep, o friends that are just been lurking in January. We're on the shore for the boat come into the dark out to be tough, to be a girl for that want to go to me. Tell me that guy law, that too, but hoping she gets fat Please go wrong loving! She gets very my pull out, maybe not in my de doc, but approaches Karabakh and shape again. What's it gets her, I think if we knew how much. Girls wanted to be found attractive, they'd be a little. I didn't we how important network, because girls very secretive women, Zuri women, lay I'm a big fan of the Ladys blah blah blah, but I think a lot of the thing that they are thinking. If that was out, there would be embarrassed,
because there are they get some stuff go anonymous. Noggin though we don't know about, but it's like there's so much currency in Vienna. Axis young woman is arising a celebrity man right right. I give Chris Rock show up anywhere people like oh shit, it's Chris Rock, sharing on increase rock hey, come on come on the restaurant gotta see for you forgot, Z, response. Consider you would you like? A drink would like this, which you want. Some for free will give you. Gifts like in all its like this every well woman whose really hot has almost the same treatment, come on rice? It could get a drink I'll catch. It court, hey Ladys! When you don't later ass, the party love to have you come to get invited like there or different of real attractive woman is like a superhero oh yeah have superpowers and men fall apart, like if women, I think they know. Cordless power there, but they don't ideological, but they dont experience. It didn't experience. It from the perspective of a male ah if they knew how
fucking Joost up? We were when you see a beautiful one with the legs and the skirt the climate energy I wish it wasn't, can have yielded for one second insanity feel how horny and crazy and election year irrational you're, not thinking rationally, don't stumble over your words. You say stupid shit, you don't really meaning only closest thing is, you know, like sometimes you're about to bang a girl, and you got to put it in a cheese, all ready to go to go and a hang back and she's like that. The fact that closed as women get to knowing how horny we are when they do that, what we ve done, it would grow friends and stuff You know like she's lying there, and it is your girlfriend for fun here. More like a baby, you're married, a real, yet cheese. Soaking wet, blanket ruined the candles are ruled lit agenda that window there hired me yeah. I am he's, got a little glass of of sweat from the first time
My went down honour and made her judges analyses running with the medium sized dong to penetrate, and you hang back at then. They viewed bottle that that feed women have right there when they do, they call you the F word knowing about women, say horrible things, because they're so worked up. The gay F word urea deadline. One is that of odd. I want to say, is you know who knows but Union Council exactly, but if you could bottle that you and I we were alone- you said of course: yes, yes, yes, but people can't see intent. I can see new odds these cards here they can look. I grew up in a black neighbourhood. There was a big difference from one one. Guy would go fuck you white boy too. Damn lucky! Why boy? They know tat. Of course, both the races, I guess about their beyond evil or mean, but I knew at once. Look man. I know another group Manuel Eliza words. It's like the word retarded best. If you use them, whether you can use that word and everyone laughs or you can use that word in your monster, where you It was a little kid that has
disease like down syndrome, something you're monster, or you know, with your friend he's like WWW, fucking keys, where my fuckin keys, I hate dude. There your hand, retard. Of course. That's that's the bomb of all that is already knows that everybody knows and they're playing games there playing games. There lies the line, will they're playing games and trying to eliminate your ability to express yourself with new ones try to pretend that these words can't mean different things I always have meant always so they're taking away but you're not gonna, fix anybody. You knock rashleigh right, you're, not gonna, make sick people better, exert united, do anything different. Yet you languages, Plex there's two of emotions are complex and the scenarios in which you using those language right, that's why don't get Would you want to be on the bed? Snitch county title, he'll side of all this, as you wanna, be woke brokers, there's a lot of fear in being against
woken that's what I'm coming after, but you're a good human I'm a decent douche like we. I feel that we have good, bones, and we want to help people a year. You would price stop a bully if he was picking on a weaker person of ashore, so that to me that's more important than NIT picking the other they are targeted word. They don't see that also here's another problem with it when it comes to people like you or me, we're in this weird place where we're talking. Literally right now millions of people listening thy strain No one thinks that's fair, including me new jobs on normal, so people there listen! It's a certain percentage, Emily FUCK that guy eyes he talk, and why do you? try re you now, and so you say anything that deviates from the standard like the what like, if you have, if you have to comply one hundred percent, If you don't want to be shed on to comply one hundred percent and
if those young airy they come out, it is here and it's a bummer was a live like that. Well, nobody does but here's the thing when you don't comply. So many people like thank you, Of course there are many visage. I think more more people are happy. It's just that voices that are upset you you're not being work are the louder. Once they're more into it, because their retarded lies at a later It all up the weird thing: it's weird thing, we're doing with language its very, very weird, my friend at a good point, black guy, by the way, and he would say, like it's. Gotta be weird and ten years when this kind of all dissipates and some ladys in a job interview and cheese the work here and there, the the guys like says here into doesn't sixteen. You wrote manner, scum What do you mean by that? I'm a man and you may like? I was a different time. You know that those who we're emotion for high and Harvey wine scene is like evidence hurtful like a man, you're saying it's quite a generalization. You know like that, so mean it's only
the scandal about that's doubly, not even a couple years, maybe a year ago. So there's a woman and a hard by the New York Times were going through our tweets in a lot of it was like anti white men tweets, She said that it would. She was doing, and, ironically into is also doing it to respond to people that were tweeting hate, hateful things at a real and also she was young like archives, your ear tweeting, tough when you're, young and you're you're troubling and the even know what you're doing and has a great deal the other day about how does that big white male ray? Age is like a big funny thing going around right now to go ahead. They re Jia, white male rage like the joker and everything learns it's funny. Guy there's a lot of white male rage out there, so it it works, but also where that we ve kind of funneled you're not allowed to be mean any other group and talk about it, like black people of rage, Asians every day, but you can white male to death yeah, which is like as a comic going. Well now, it's kind of hack, because you just doing that every time and be there's other rage.
So why would you want? But you so worried about been appropriate, that you have to just stick with this one that everybody, I feel very easy, woke culture, you notice, but it's impossible to race against white people know. That is why people, whose power plus something is racism, why people rose in power. So you can be racist scenes people, have a delicious its nonsense. It condescending turn around people too. Like? I won't ever talk about you you're, perfect. Let's, let's ruin this honky over here. Well, that their loud and boring the people to do that the loud and boring. You're, so they all of em there's a lot of them, but there is also a lot of twenty year olds out there If you are not me when I was wanting to be loud and fuckin boring, really annoying, that's the other thing is like a shame: Gillis Bilbil. Can you believe it
Others like what you said this thing ten years ago, but I'm involved will maybe I will well not only that you gotta understand that he's talking shit and backed ended in thing. Anyone who is listening to Iraq and shit, We talk and shady just try to make your friends lot right. You know who's trying to say inappropriate things that you're not supposed to say to make friends, la sure. That's what you do! That's what you do, what you do? What does it mean? I mean those things away, male rages that has taken an appropriate shit to make the people a thought. Cause, there's so much content out there, and all of us are putting out so much content find these instances where you just talking shit and if you just isolate those, you can pretend that that defines up and read it does, but it doesn't because you never use the good you don't devise, actually you're defined by a giant chunk of whoever you are like all the things you do. You have your weak spots and every strong points you define by laughings as like when I saw that CNN thing was, like
like that's, not why the shows popular your programme is show, as God and all these downloads, because it's like this White Transphobia, Kate Platform. True, that's not true yeah I mean I'm not even like speaking for my I would like just look in an objective way that doesn't make any sense agreed, but if you say that you can change, you can shift of glare people so that they are trying to do. But it really does. Is a road p? confidence in your Billy. Describe things act, yet you lose your genuine card. You hadn't trust. They do. You know they did a Genk Huger lose their young. Turks he's a political commentator he was talking to. This is one of the most agreed just ones of ever seen ever. He was talking about to David, Duke. Found right and David. You say: I'm not racist David duped can help Orientated Louisiana so egos, of course, you're, not racist, so they use as
quote said: do of course you're not racist LA and they tried to say that he was. You know, coddling David. Do at allow spin, but it's not spin. It is captive. It's a lie. Let's then they made a retraction, but it's too late. Not only that like why. Why do you want to do that? Votes because he's running for Congress does so junk. You go right now run for Congress yeah Foreign, so they try to do that to him in the same way, it's like this weird thing they have. This year, these relationships with politicians, radical parties and they don't want people like him and he's one of those take the money out of politics. He's got this thing's wolf pack we're trying to take money, politics the same. The Bernie Sanders. Don't interesting ass. He a pattern here. Well I mean look, that's where their breads buttered, that they want to
They want more butter and what more bread, but it's funny because I didn t know when I was a kid you here, but the sixties Nixon in all this corruption, you, like audits, sixties, but it just keeps gone. It's a different kind of corruption. It's it's sanction, corruption, legal option. You're allowed do allowed how these relationships- it's not illegal. You should you know you should have to there's one of things. They do that's really snaky as they hire these media companies do. Organise campaigns serve the. If you see a bunch of people, tweeting mean shit about a candidate allow times you go and you see what who's tween this. They have one fuckin follower of core and they they ve only been posting for, like a and most stuff. There posting is against this one candidate, yet how these dummy accounts so either it's a person who that The only time I signed up for twitter- and they just want to shit on Bernie Sanders or its, this sort of contrived collection of people were, or I mean, fake people like me,
person has like fifty account right or one? You know, media company, you know media, organizing company, that is like literally higher to do a campaign to try to push a narrative, and so they just fill dimensions. With these Botz sang a bunch of different things that are negative about a candidate or negative about a person or negative about whatever about anything. In addition- and this is one of the ways that they sort of try to shift design guys and when they can control that would then have to control the narrative. Then they start panicking than they The heavy guns yea and they start asking. You know these news stories, whether it's a news paper or phone online publication to write, inflammatory things about you. Yes, that's actually how they try to shift opinion on things and it's not illegal right, but it's about super sneaky and really sleazy, it's funny how they do and it's not a legal loophole, Norman with it still wrong and mean and hurtful and allow
but when imagine was a comic right, imaginative use, it look. Aren't you filming especial tonight? Yes m. Two shows dynasty typewriter out anyone's comes authority sold our yes all doubt baby tough shit, you folks can didn't buy our. So imagine if this special comes out in you each we the link to it and then underneath it use fifty dummy accounts and on about how fuckin amazing that special and then people find out about a year and they go Jesus Christ, Mark Norman. What the fuck is wrong with you, what I mean they would say that you have yet dummy accounts on the idea of creating politicians. Do that's what corporations is a lot of people? Do that to try to shift opinion array and they're doing throughout Europe no the solution, that is to say the fuck off twitter, while how long till it's illegal in warehousing, it's gettin, dangerous, they're, doing stuff like that short of, should be really do like having a like it's. Basically, what the internet research agency in Russia was doing when they were having.
These fake accounts and they were tweeting all mean that what they do and all kinds of different things that there are pretending that it was a black women against Hillary Clinton, Russians like black women, we can vote for this bitch like and then they were also. Ladies, are like on one side of the black women they were even organised. I had a woman in here was Renee Director and she spent an incredible amount of time analyzing the stuff- and it has all this data and, like hundreds of thousands of poles, and millions of interactions and different really can shift the narrative on things and it's all this fuckin try farm, where people getting higher hired to pretend Muslims and Texas separatists they put to you, there are these organisations across the street from each other, yet so the Texas Separatists,
and this Muslim and they're both organised by these fake internet research agency, people that are working and Russia, but they're they're, they're, fucking protests right across the street from each other like that and so their fighting each other. That's how they must be. Given a blast. Watch a net should go down while also, therefore, That's what's really for their millions names they make are really funny like they made. Some fuckin killer means the legitimately hilarious and she was talking about she's. Like I'm telling you I was laughing really hard and allow these means, man what a cookie world we live in an ideal element want to dive into it gives it it bothers me it's weird, but I think it's important talk about against and talk about like this on a podcast because it lets people know look over that what's happening when you gray, and so you know what else people do they they have these accounts that they use for a long period of time as a fake accountants, Dell even put fake photographs or their bid. A cartoon fix Europe and then they'll use its toward about random chef DE tweet about star wars and the
whether it oh, my God, global warming, is real Kigali. This dealt dealt retweet, interesting article and they just do this to try to give it the illusion that it's a real person and I'll have. Eighty of those and this is all a company. So if I give you have occurred, media cooperation that is designed in the company, what it will do as they make the media campaigns on social media. Indeed, they organise campaigns to push a narrative. They'll have these things just like a company would have assets right. They have these accounts laughing accounts and it's not illegal. What do you call that gig, acting like a pretty good gig, just making fake twitter accounts and then you know havin fun. Little jovial, nice whip, Almeria campaign, you'd mean density business if you wanted to do why? It's not illegal right now share share, but maybe just give it a twitter, and I like it, because I write jokes and I like to get feedback on jokes and whatever, but it's
let's do more harm than good. Well, it's doing good and is doing harm where is really good is in. Like I mean arab spring, you know a lot of the stuff that happens overseas like these people, one of the only ways and get the news out, because the news is- down in their country when the only ways they can get the news out is through social media and sometimes even through a virtual private network. Right and you know they have to use a vip on a view paean rather to tear, go and ring stare soap of all time, I'll awhile, one that you can cut it the irish spring. One there are always want to cut into that kind of cut up is fun like lots of people the carve would sometimes a U soap as legal practice, but yeah at understand body wash do body was why I don't trust it comment. I don't do Cologne either what cologne is weird? That's that's deepen weird, I don't get guys do cologne. What is howdy washes its gilded the liquid, but is it soap itself be using our Luther
but I am not opposed to elect the Black near Gimme. The boy Do you know how different like ethnicities Let me know you're gonna, why people are. I was just going to that's. Got my black friends get Madame because another washcloth, the alot of not just blabber letting is where I was era latina there like grows gloss, wiper disgusting, you soap and then you know your wife goes in later to use your fuckin kids using the soap earlier, eight eight. When we do I mean I've got that so, but my ass and everything up an ugly habitat so we're one you showering when a lady eversleigh memory sharing with your girlfriend was new and fuck in the shower than you gotta watch your ass. I was always we had moment. That's where moment when you, if you try to have sex in the shower like who gets water like way I'm cold over here. Firstly, New York, right also, the water will ruin the lead lube. If you will
the natural, the natural law- yes, yeah, gets it all winces it away all too much frictions. Are you trying to slide on a slide in your ass? She keeps hitting note the plastic. You wanna put shorts down a little bit soon get a little more swiftly miss loudly shower sense of the word yeah. It's like a good idea. I think our east of a bit about it is a good idea on paper right but in practice is not really the best move, yeah you lose libido. There is your what sixty one fifty two She had an artist s room. I take us replacements on their loosened shit. You still horny our home, ok yeah, I have my testosterone levels are based, look what they should be false. Thirty re. Basically the same, I feel like crazy with it I'm still horny, but now that I'm with a lady, you know I don't. I live glad of the energy to do the small talk as though
bang, but then all illegal bullshit I do at its brutal. That's the hard part to me without the part about being single is yeah, it's not necessarily deceptive, but you are definitely putting out a little bit of an act of course, and polishing up the old turd much regard cs dislike using like how long ally, along along along early unaware of the hand, can we find the girls there don't, they know that they're gone already wants to fuck now, but I like to get more food out of them and drinks, and it was the most depressing thing about being single after you came you block. What did I do I got to get out of here like what happened. Real tear- and I was every morning was like I gotta make some changes. Will you start thinking? you really are entered his person and come Meng anyway, makes you really
me again biology is a mother filing. It knows what he's doing deceptive holy shit. Well, bred Weinstein's was explained to me. He's a biologist new explaining to me. The there's different strategy he's fur mating. That biology is set up for us and it is to different like types of women that are attractive to men whose, like there is beautiful and then there's hot and there's a dick, and a beautiful as someone who as good Genetics, she seems like she's, a pleasant demeanor. You lie her personality on, I want to be around her and then there's hot. For us. Slutty high points are the reason why you like? That is because the idea is that you can meet with them. Quickly can spread your dna, but you don't have to make any commitment. You gray re so literally these strategies you set up by nature, so when you see a girl with a little tiny skirt and big giant tit stuffed into this like fucking, crazy, cleave, Asia,
like land and like little short little thing and her belly shower. I hope I'll. Let you know there's not a whole lot of game. He arose and get right to it and if you shoot one in their make a baby, it's like your. U can spread those genes very quickly, so throughout humanity throughout, like the evolution of the human mind, that is probably been a strategy that evolved. Women that, like maybe their personality, socks or may be there abuse, so they don't have high self esteem. They feel like the best way to definite get attention without making sure that they that a man works for you, because I don't feel like their valuable enough right, so there were like skimpy clothes and though the slaughtered up. Why do you think it is that a lady is so bummed out after the bath No, I want to go all men. Are such pigs like those our wired like a cat? That's it into her and you think you're. So we learn and then, as soon as you I'm sure gonna hate me now you want to leave because that feeling like when you come. If you
If you now really into a girl- and you got tricked began by our own dick- They asked you orgasm like what the fuck that feeling, which every guy No, I know its natural. I don't know what I don't understand you of course, that's why it's annoying wanna go all men. Are such pigs like those our wired like? I can't do that me go ahead, you bleeding weirdo like now is how you or your bodies made his ally bodies may like any sympathy ten. They want more what we actually think we won't do. We do think it until you come in on you like I've been in love all night, I'm like this in the best woman on earth and then it just the all the introduce you to area where but habit ladys misery gonna be controversial. Burns look. I hang out with you we're not fuckin. Why don't you break like Gimme, some not max, and I give a joke. Gimme some jokes, someone who work with the air, like all you showed me was I go. I've died, chased you for five hours all night, you know trying to win. You over China be funny trying to be interesting. Why don't you
spin it now. Why don't you win me over my right, you're kind of in a way, you're kind of saying, like sex, is my only thing now, but this a funny, interesting cool, ladys up? There's a gun at me. Nearly one wheels but United. Not a boring dude do so where there are a lot of pieces. Loring Paypal is this: allowed people are born, male and female. Imagine being a girl and having some boy bring ass fuckin do try to stick Scobie brutal graduate; you go and then say: hey. You know each post smile little. Maybe I hate that move is everywhere. Maybe must of guys do do that they make us look bad the dumb guy and a dumber girl. Maybe it would work outside dozens, have catches and allies. Beautiful small things really goes to me, regional. Again, you guys deserve looking audience. There really should both go into the woods and getting by wolves
it happened in the real world like if it were really how to make a better human race to be more variables, isn't giving more more traps debts true, that's true, but we gotta be nice you now. While we should be nice, we should be nice, but sometimes I think it's just genes like sometimes sometimes people just have knucklehead genes role? Yes, sometimes I see people, you know you walk in the sky, walking seen in somebody's living room and there are eight thousand pounds or watch in two and a half and they got a bullet cheetah lives and a beer. You, like your cover waste. The life like no offense Youtube, you deserve live. You have a right to live, but you're trying to write jokes and I'm DR gig of doing pods, I'm gone gay whatever it is at least I'm trying. So Finally, I have a little ambition: you're moving Yazzi experiencing life, yet even if you'd send a tweet out, at least like you put something into the world, even though it could be horrible, but like this guy, I'm just like You use weight and die. You just count in the minutes till you go something about like, and then they have kids going brought even more.
Yet another world that it myself Murray and took you're right. Well, I You know you see your dad of nine or whatever and in of eighty two eighty kids, that's a lotta testosterone, Sputnik flesh loads, all but yeah so you pride, teach you get. The aid makes up with your life yeah. Well, they can only use what products for a short for YO they will and they did their involved in activities they play sports. They do things. I think you do stuff with them too, and also there see that you're doing yes apparent like one of the things that kids get out of you is that They see you live by example. Yes, that's important, totally and and and on the flip side like itself it should. I go well to good thing. This fat can't deserve sit in a bark lounger all night. Now I've got to go to date and do so life and he's out of my way that- and you also feel better You know you re ran home from a hard day of gettin after it yeah see that fat slobs into further tv laugh and really hard
big bang theory- yeah, ok, buddy, I'm fucking, the new area, you hate but say that's. Why, sometimes I think us being were under six foot and that then, that about where would you like me? Six foot I dont know manner. Something about me being short has helped me be more ambitious. That's what I'm saying you making public benefit. This boy benefit to right right. You want it, that's why, like sound babble, ugly people are funny stuff. We believe on it. You got a brain. They did some study where kids are more trust, ugly, people less. So it's not being shallow. It's kind of innate, oh yeah. Imagine being a woman who has terrible gin,
ethics and ends problems. Some of listening to you right now is not God. Damn thing you can do by a desire for the giant Fred Flintstone Head share, make your way through this life with football players, body gets moles on ya, got everything wrong. Yes, fallen out, her yea tubby fingers, add Jowled in Turkey and agony. Weird elbows is out there just try, year after year, nobody wants a year. That's why I love and ugly lady, whose horny,
I love the nuts into bang, I mean I have, but I love and ugly horny lady cause she's. I feel like we have a lot in common. I have a body mine in his favorite is a girl. What kind of a monkey facebook killer by those girls go to work? Then it's a nerve and a guy like its attainable and she's prior, like God, like normal self esteem, you not entitled the gym every day all day I can actually squats it's the same with meat head, boring guys. You're like I gotta get some traps because I got to know the skills that ended and talk and was just find something: bad chicken shoot those fuckin loads and nor yet you hope that they, all those groups, meat like you dumb unworthy guy an asteroid? They are there Yes, I mean, but
some time ago. That thing that's have kids in those kids go goddamn appearance or fats drew, but I'm gonna do something with my life. That's a good point out happens a lot and I know a lot of really fuckin smart people of idiots forbearance. That's a good point! Yeah! Thank God for those people. I think that's the you know that all the pressure and hard to arms make hard man. Man make easy times easy times make weak man I'm hard. Are I think, This is something which is like fucked up parents make interest. Kid sometimes not all its out. Yes, ollinger pedophile, where, if I touch your kid he'll be a pedophile, that's a weird, isn't crazily vampires too weird! That's that's! Apparently, a big with priests. This thing about how many priests who molest kids were actually molested by priests and insolent- it's very high dan- is wild horrible ba.
Think like I'd, go the other way where you think you learn. Some horrible thing happen you you don't ever want that to happen as someone else, but it just shows how fucking crazy kid fucking gets into a kid psyche. Legate message: You are of breaks everything yeah you're in this you know, and also you ve, like lost your trust in the door. Alison and a lot of girls when they get molested when their young they become hyper sexual isley. They try to use their sexy at attention to deepen the lion's share, let alone a porn stars. I think we're out a porn settled, yeah yeah, but then is also the approach of the world, the Michael Jackson, they Tyler Perry. These people are all detailed and legally they use their their diddle anger into greatness, sure, yeah yeah, it's not, and now I like everybody who you gotta channeling elastic.
It's like when he bullied you can channel your rage and delay getting better at some. Have you seen do watch tv at all? He wants you to outsider on each keep here and our great Joe List told me was a mail order. Wants episode for last night Fuckin, a that shows. Is it horror? I don't like war, it is her share, but it's it's it's. I don't want to give away too much. It's a mist. Its Jason bigs began boy he's in everything mazes he's amazing, he's amazing Ozark are those that are today good, that's good. This is like tat, but like it's. Why give way too much its horror mystery? It's fucked good man I'll check it out. I mean there's not a moment in that show so far, whereby likewise it Stephen King right, yeah, he's a beast steamed. How many books is thank our final bagged, what the fuck
Stephen Kangaroo poor in Maine and his dad did the old cigarette move and ever came back gone out for a package. Smokes fat, I'll see you in Hell? Never came back and look at em greatness. You gonna channel it folks of you ever read Stephen. King on writing now has to book. I liked it spent ass, Dick, it's all his process for writing and like him, like all the different things he's gone through. While he was writing a new law, the books, he wrote like amazing once Leah like a coup Joe. He doesn't remember, writing it. Why just fucked up on Coke and believes that right, yeah, yeah, just fine and like fucking an empty case in his writing? Ro Coke everywhere Rice is amazing book and makes me The more I didn't think it Harry always, I think, carry was the first one that he sold carrier Christine carries carry carries a first when he sold ages of right off the like holy fuck. We ask I do it
and users booze in and smiled and smoking a ton of cigarettes to. That's apparently said that was one of the big bombers when quit smoking cigarettes is that cigarettes apparently positively affect A juicy juice inequalities is Nero, ran right that the fire of the neurons yeah I've had a cigarette foregone stage, four! Oh yeah, yeah! You know it's a good idea if used to smoke cigarettes now is this? Does the ape thing and one tunnels, like everyone else, does me trot geographer one object. Oh get used up, and then I did with Chapelle pelenore exceptional and realizing yet. But that's that's one of the reasons stay fires up your brain in a very unusual way, and I think, probably more so, for someone who doesn't smoke. Of course, Keziah you not chasing the dragon. You just get in the rush with the gum, work or Have you tried the Gama? Didn't? Do much warrant cigars work, that's too mild smoke, cigars renown and halfway through I was go.
Stop almost throw up area must throw up in it. It just gets me cloudy little, My anxiety goes up for me. Athletes earrings either Like you, you smoke wheedle odd Ike, I'm such a lightweight when it comes to the ganja. I just like all the negative goes up in the bag goes. There are the good goes down You know that I might even say eight myself. I know one likes you you're, gay whatever it is, so it all escalates. Well, this good things. None of those things are true. Just smoke more, we just deal with life, and I can't live like hearing it. Each me alive. It's too strong. The voices are too powerful yeah that was voices I like em. They teach you things like each. You think fuckin with you, they teach you. We answer you yes, I like, but I can't win. I can't beat him like what I'm hung over. Oh, my god, it's not just physical pain. It's like I can. The phone rings are like. I can't do it. I guess it's horrible. I get to work on that. Well, maybe not you know, everybody is different.
Like some people have a really adverse reactions. Coffee caffeine, relax them up to something which can drink coffee Latka in some people can smoke we'd. It's like we're off so differ different. I have friends one drink and they get fuckin durable eyes neurons. To the racist where they are gone and now you know MIKE's gone in a fucking shell with it looks like MIKE with fuckin shit, guys riding around with no soul so their solely to the heirs. All as aware is so underestimated or under whatever, because we are not for drink. I'm. I notice some knocking mailbox off a car with a baseball bat like that. I get it here. I don't feel any guilt about it, but maybe we soberly Billig jet missile may have come on we're gonna car we're going on film or do especially if you doing many sheep raising like oh, I oppose you are more others. Do it and you, you know a nine drinks annual you're gone. You know any more, so so crazy think from thirteen to it
thirty one. I was drunk the whole time, thirteen, mother from New Orleans is right after an early, and it was as part of the culture, you doubt handier Miller, high life, you know and J shut up a drink. This really one time in laws when Virginia prostitute. I looming rule eight blocks from the french quarter into public school. It was bananas out there. We talked about Europe, gender nanny. Those take carry two at the ready. Now people for taking your bike, yeah anyway. I tried it some pitching all this shit. Nobody, nobody wants a really I've. Jeffrey tenders out of a job and who is really good and he was good these bees to get in trouble with the real transgender people I heard most trans people have met, are pretty cool and like they don't want to be cobbled so much, You know we think go easy you without it, where it we're not really helpful to midgets. Have you noticed then Other useful said any more
Where do you come people small people, little level, soaring friends with a couple levels: but where are you a short little people? Lp is obese and we're standard play, yet their little yeah, there they're all good eggs and they don't get any help like no one. Shortening anything like nothing on earth is designed for them. We all like a toilets, are still tall right and they got a jump. There were about IRAN's. We help the toilet and I'm that's gray, we accommodate, but why do we have to help them in that strange? Would you think there's more of I was gonna, be more midge, not anymore. Becoming really Sheikh but MID. You can't pick rights while dress you have fake it. You can't fake damage its image, it's a name, it's tricky them, It's like door. It's like on a white guy with a backwards baseball had a weaker rash. I got enough. That's
sounds too much like bigger take her in wanting to prove it. Alpine loud the pool about an acid trip now, but everything to ride color go on the right. Yes, on the right yeah, the rider Disneyland algorithm worse right of all time, it's basically in acid trip. He remember, one. At times I did it. I went to Disneyland highs, fuck and I was on the rising. Oh, this is really the poos he's on acid there's always visuals and everything becomes psychedelic in the colours, a weird, really ass. If I d o of the winning the proved no, I'm telling you out in wonderland again either mushrooms as talk and cats and shit. Now something happens during the ride and you go like when he goes in a way the poor goes in the dream: and nobody goes dreamland. It's your basically and ass. You go ass, a trip to says
he's he's: Mellow is, God is eaten honeys got no pants, then feel ass if he were horses, see aware who were due to do do Disneyworld Disneyland Does he lays out here so you go to everything's normal and then, as it really is not really. This is just pretty lights and yeah you're on a sort of fuckin thing. In your new role, rollercoaster I'd know: here's Winnie Float the balloon. It's kind of cool right, you notice, grandpa, lice, my daughters were really young artists, so pretty very pretty going through. Is your enemies, that other pig vagueness piglet and so then you go through a bunch of shit happens and gimme a little fast forward here. Cause it's gonna be boring. Yes, the worst trip ever that as the honey in that I think that well, there's that Nepal honey that psychedelic on, maybe that's what it has Gimme a little fast, for it is a little
trip is also that's it. That's the trip so right there. So what happens before that trip find out what happens right before the Jamie? Somehow and yes, he is he's watch so way. The is sick. There are also new floats out of his head and looked loading like is fuckin trip and balls, and then, as the saying goes, it goes black and then you see Winnie floating. Then, boom year Psychedelic LAN. Everything weird and whacked out here and is Jack in the box heads big tongues and Mary. These neon psychedelic colours in the world and its honey in honey spell fanatically correct. When I see now it's gotten would say, fear and loathing its dm t. Mrs Legged DM teacher. That's what it's like all these psychedelic things. You're saying this is about is close to create. In some sort of a psychedelic hallucinogenic trip right up kids ride as you can get away with luck and arrest at Seattle,
the actual cartoon and story not. But this I say yes, like some there's your doing something wise driven balls float Larry you're a millionaire and as we spend your time on the star wars, is through my show tee at those HIV. Are, I don't think it's a game. I think it's like levy our experience. If they have multiple those It's so I'll ask a trip rang. It gave out it's interesting. These saying this is a Terence Mckenna, actually predicted that you could recreate in the future with virtual reality is psychedelic trip They would have the same exact effect as a secondary trip, because it would be able to show the same visuals you? Don't remember- and I remember this, but they used to be you dont phone Freaking was remember phone freaking. There was a way that you can use a public pay phone and you had a device that would make a noise, because a public pay phone right. Your press, a button b b, B, B, B, B, B, B B,
Well, you would hold a thing up to the phone and it would go in would send a signal through sound in the phone. Would just open up for you, so you could use it no core and you didn't know, quarter and new to start people and it was done somehow another through sound like you and me, make the sound the fold would make ordinarily also tricked whatever was. On the other hand, there was waiting for the signal that was great things is. Is it here I all this exciting? Is I've always wanted to do it? Have you done it? I've Dundee empty. I have not done I Alaska, but this looks a lot like the empty The empty never mentioned it. Joe ha ha learners. There is here oh yeah sprinkle, either their events gonna be able and nail this now exactly like what you'd experience right. The argument,
dangerous man. That's gonna take over loutish yet have you done AV via our experiences and NGO through now in a warehouse? Now I've done the guy? Wasn't you feel a gear and whatever church or a forest there's somebody did pretty damn convincing. We have a while those oculist things right out here. That's attached to an Ipad is pretty cool, but there's a thing in woodland here: is called sandbox. Never the couple of em somewhere else besides wheels, but one whose only a few miles from here and you put these v our goggles on end when you get the goggles on you go into this house and you fight zombies and I mean do they fuckin freak you out, that's all dark. The zombies are run. A natural Gigi dared is so you you they da. We are just a fat kid in basketball earth, so so. This is reality and zombie. So this is you running through this. This is this. Is looks like to anybody watching movies you see, is he's crazy?
fuckin zombies running our. Even these plus filled monsters, it's fuckin sk. I guess I'm not showing the damn video, but it's pretty dope yeah, it's it's like it's a heartbeat thing, I'll give you you are a Jaguar feels really coming out you anywhere in a happy feedback, vast energy. You feel it a path that that at that, but Madame the five areas that are they look like wow so embarrassing when they So the other one You see that so that the zombies are running Natur there in your face, like real. Quick La Phrygia man, gonna fight, that's basic twitter. Is you think your change in the world? You think you're doing all this shit natures you in a basement enough interrelated. Nothing really anything islands. Looking now available, Deadwood Man, in London dope very exciting. I'm a fan, if that to the school shooters classroom, setting and begin to shoot it up, so they won't. You have a real one that has the same feeling of chaos, but I think it-
They are actual teacher and their actual classmates. I feel it would be a nice will get that out of your system, a little better than what they do and now share sure sure. Maybe with pedophiles do you the kid and air let him get it over with. I were magic if they did that if they said the best way to treat pedophiles as they have virtually all children that you can rape penal Billig wait what I mean it sounds crazy, but it's a victim was crime. It's like when you give the heroin addicts there a free needles. You're very methadone or that too, but we ll go to give. Drugs, the world's better than I am dying on AIDS heroin needles right so or you know, overdosing, give him heroin this places in the world where they give them or good to strip. Amount of heroin them and it's pure yeah sure they're, not given amazing spiked got some functional and on paper you got what you crazy, given him heroin, but it's better. It's almost like the first guy to think of gangrene. You hear about it. Guy war were to arise, getting gangrene, so he said fuck that he cut his arm. Open, stabbed one of the dead guys and put them
little bit a gathering in his wound and it wasn't. What are you nuts? These, like I'll, get a mule, knew it any worked We worked so I'm gonna how we live about getting them. What I'll fucking kill easy ass. You know what I mean: look around is dead bodies everywhere, he's got no hope is walking gunfire while in World WAR one, but it was some world war. Earl, SAM War are concerned. From Iowa, some fear farmer, savagely but brilliant guy. In a way we honor was outside the box. Love, a different kind of thinking. You know it's well. I comedy because you see some like normal dials gathered great bit about my dad had a heart attack and died. Magala is in a better place, he's on the floor. It all it's like I love that color rather a right, you're, not wrong, but yeah. I don't know I like that stuff. You do to me. I mean comedy, is like the like. We all have these, particularly for people that were working in these jobs like we're talkin before you used corporate gigs for those people
Germany's kind of extra important, because the whole brain is programme to this fake way of thinking in time and all day sing. It sister and I think that's it cathartic go now examine some guys. Are some horrible thing you're, like all my fellow members that I know that do where I have a few friends do work in office environments they fuckin love comedy the love yes, it's like gives you sounds like you and me to say,
and things that could never say about we're different the now, they were little built differently. You know we couldn't do. I couldn't do that office gig. I was a janitor for years because I want to talk to anybody. I was a better job and clerical bull shit. I don't have a cubicle iranian jabers name. I will draw drive and by myself, throw in the papers out the window at great gain a great deal for comic. I would say if I wasn't, a comic I'd, be a FED Ex guy. You PS guy they'll, be my get your outdoors get no, nor on the fuckin van ensuring lout. You want what everyone bonds in its grey Ashley's, a great gig right, our minds, a mailman! Ah! Well, that's it Boston underlying the thing he had a route you provoking put headphones on, listen to music, the, male measure, gonna hit every single house in the package guy ever loved. The package also show some horny housewife weaken pomp and Do they don't look and brown do for you bet Sally Ass, a milky milky, lady in lingerie, oh I'll, sign that you come in time.
Ok, The time has come on yeah. How many Ladys Ladys can do that, though the gas a girl, oh see, if a guy is at the door- and you know the guy looks good and she looks good. It's almost a hundred percent time should get back out of welcome. I know what a privilege almost a hundred percent anytime- get that gotta fucker and then starting. That's why? I think it's a big poor why women aren't is aggressive because they will have to be of course, so well do not mother nature mean then raise them. The mail, the testosterone, the conqueror, but if you took fuckin away from women for six months, that would be interesting to see how much they want to fuck, not their women are already. I was sitting at horny, but it's a different kind. It's a safe, horny guys or walk into a glory alone, but their dick threw it out only a lady's partner vat jump to a wall that is the weird foreign. Yes,
but I love her whole poor and I'm a big family is a girl just sit in a fuckin refrigerator box, yeah hat ass, Dixon Hog through haulage, outlaw. What's the elderly fantasy its? But it's weird I can get a girl the bar to fuck me, but if, my dick to this whole and I dont know who's on the other side. It could well be J B J. I just fell back on the way I anybody could be anywhere me arose and learn to deal with it shares with it. Just feels good. You pretended someone hot yeah and also hope the wall is not too thick right cause you wanna get as much maximum. Maximum Dong, chef rights. You know why the refrigerator Box is a good move. Purveyor level box. You can have a real war. No you're sheetrock cut down on your two inch. Oh yeah, we're not only that the fuckin chalky. Ro, I would have you knew that would ruin rang in your shaft. I'm here. Imagine the sheet rack
scrape on your hard, been there. Namely that a long, smooth and eroded by them The rest will be Robin areas, reduce dicks, rubbed up against a brick wall. American media hats value radical amid never come under ninety. How lucky you are peace. I got lucky. I never got it. You got it many times Helen. I think I'm gonna, for how can the sunlight gang Green were just your body gets get in return, you get it, you get rid of it real, quick. I can write it ass right it out now. Maybe you be a meander, maybe, but I don't got someone else, but you gonna fuck, no matter what right yeah, just where the kind of then the booze kicks in London of fun fact and lays one bit. There's, but there's a lot of Skaggs out there doing taken off then
come clean on that. But that's a big thing ladys do that. I don't get feels better for them. Does it supposedly I've never had a guy fuck me in my vagina with or without a gone, the perimeter so secretive. Why do they tell us? Shit get shamed man, but I bet manner our laws be shamed and live your life. I think the shame that women experiences fuckin really frustrating. I guess when guy shame, women its mean and guy shaming women about being sluts, that shit doesn't work on men, it nonexistent does not the other way of Russia's yeah. You fuck you just fuck ten, you piece of shit warming under, but they could make it not work. Just go out blow me fuck, you! I don't care it's not in there we'll house. Why not because it up because genetics, because the way the world has been sort of the world of human beings, has been evolved. Clearly talking like scientists to look at the inward, the was flat
now. It's has deprived of yeah so's, you slut, while they ve tried. Andrew, Amber rose had a slut walk now I should give up on that adverse and is it might be next week coming up sent forth one? I think, really slot walk. Number four imaginary gets like slut walk for and she's Strahan everything down time. Everything together, waddling out there she's very sexy, like that ah curvy, curvy, curvy laid plus the confidence you have to have. The weather cut short area. That's that's, grow notion and you got a pretty face, oh yeah, and out to pull the short Airbus, but the slut thing the problem with this letting you know I want to say it is. I don't give your slide. I say be promiscuous go nuts how it up, but they feel guilty well. They feel guilty. I think, because of biology, for the same reason that Eric Wallenstein was tellin me there's different meanings, Allergies will have for a female to just how it up all the time she's not going to have
man. That's their time, watching pregnant vulnerable interests is what biology is interesting. Sort of set up. Ray while that's fastening. I think that's. Why, like the clock to thing is really no biological Clia mentioned a baby. If we are going to be a retarded, if we don't fuck now and have a kid, but this also different countries have different feelings about sex. Might allow a latin american countries are very, very open, sexually in very, very it's different. The women too yeah yeah them until they have just a different attitude about Australia, different parts of the world, their freer in open about sex. Good good for them, even in Canada. I think they did its different than in America. Why are we it's a hero, yearns. You know, like Chris Brow to me. What he did was worth my Lucy K did but always seek as a sexual component, which makes everything way worse in America like I'd, rather be jerked off, don't jerk off on a punch in the face leading a jerk off on the front in whatever way,
was now so it's like. Why are we so focused on that lets? It's now Chris Brown thing happened now the Chris Brown thing happened before the sole me to think so. Its timing, fishermen interested for sure, leaves a lot of people that snuck through that sort of time period right. You know, aren't you glad you never raped anybody? Man I mean I don't want to I am glad to have their say on your conscience and be on your record and also aren't you glad you never got ripped sure one iota big I've fucked people on consensually, but I've never been taught poet held down and bang Could you have you for people unconcerned? You know you got a hawk about it. You got a gallon jeez. I come on you're like I'm good you that come on you like our it. So I didn't really consent, but you made her so maybe it's like shooting concerned, but you really can say no, I didn't, but that
I think everybody down if I wasn't your ugly way for your ugly husband, but if a girl wants a fuck you and she like talks in and you feel bad afterwards know, what's going on sorry for you, but if a guy does that to a girl bear a girl to doing people will come down hard on you. It's weird. Works Gazelle. Like I get the Dixon dams all day long ago. All that shit nanda. Nobody cares and would have this bothered me and build your guy for years. You know when you come, you just did you do know. What do I do? a little bit, not well Gallagher ask her about the the dams, She got real chosen to us, get a book I say write a book about picks up people send because it's not not doesn't it doesn't really doesn't matter. She's always got like we're decks commoner way too. Like currently run a group textual shows the decks and like what the fuck lanyard weird hook. Dixon yeah did they like. Does she like? It now. Yes, you want it's a garrison picture, they do it. Every girl look
There is little animal unity of Fuckin gigantic population of creepy deeds out the share picks? Well, here's a valid when I was hooking up his girl years ago. I met in Arizona and she was except me dick big as a guide scented, a dick Eight five will say: five years goes by, I get a tweet hey this mark, your dick is added me and it was It was my sheets, my shoes or in it my death was, in the background. Ah mine ass. I spoke to me so she sent you that if someone else does some random guy like Minnesota, nowadays this year dizzy texted to some guy, that's Magna Irian here this car and I just deny new full groom, grow Maputo intuitive. I gave it a favorite and I moved on in an interesting twitter lets. You showed dicks tour, Twitter lets. You show hard core poor, hard core poor core point, which is funds eleven year poorly ef. I elegant this firm. It now that mean you can ask fucking.
Coming everything you name it baby is now we're that meets a gigantic platform. To two core porn instagram does now no use your email even show nipple. While you can show aiming girls, get kicked off Instagram for having like transport aren't shirts came nipple? Isn't it amazing when you see how many beautiful sex these stunning women around the room you could go, do for our witted right are probably best resource. You have an oil and all this shit, I think the hot women in America it's up there. It's pretty good. It's what you think of this law, Photoshop out there. I am writing about these ladys- do work on their pictures killed. My dream in the dream, also its with this Some guys daughter in some moms daughter does, but then she has twenty forces on our own. I guess so, whatever age you nervous, Mercier Picture, you have to be bottom. Also, look, I think. Girls like boys and boys and girls
I want everybody, be happy. You know this guy. I would hope that the other case too. I would hope that they can find someone who's nice to them. I hope that they will dont get bullshit it, but a memory you you're fuckin Poon Hound back. In the forties- you know you could you know what it's like our values and our area. True earlier. I think. Maybe you know any better. Imagine if you live in, like like legitimately living like a thousand years ago, like what for they probably didn't even understand what how you get pregnant. Have you a disease? this poor idiots, they didn't have very trying out it's true. I live in the real world, drive cars everywhere. Ignorance is bliss man, yeah yeah, you don't know then you know it's like aid. Only reward ports, killer, Violet Saint only pork on Friday or whatever the absence to that trying to preserve you, re venereal disease right and that's
I've been a virgin was so good now, if you're not, he had thrown the volcano yeah yeah. I read this book about wild West in their talk about all the people who get the had syphilis cyst, they just all, went a whorehouse us in that, got sick and, while we're so lucky to be alive in this time the gilded on Twitter, those guys ride a horse, a lot, a saddle, but imagine what it's like a hundred years, and now they can deliver this poor idiots they didn't have very trying to now. That's true. I live in the real world. Drive cars everywhere. Yeah ignorance is bliss man, you don't know me back while was deserted, habit figured out the horse. That's true: Goma, gods, colombian horses. He didn't have horses, re re, walk everywhere, fuck you did a diner pass. The fact that happened is bananas not for a long time- and I know I know I didn't happen once there was a couple other instances of people trying to make it across and moves froze to death out their dad but the movies in four thousand
ninety eight are gonna, be so much more boring. Were we to watch the revenant, some guys, Jason native american killer, berries lying on a river, but this movie in that year can be a bunch of youth pie. Casting man, it's gonna fuck, because we will have any struggle. Someone is no conflict or a movie. Wonderful ever have a pod casting movie gonna happen, podcasting, crazy broadcasting, unaware, like with an angry birds to member Christian Slater, that was our regional up, the volume, the as council, one Kevin Psmith, our wars, walrus member of solid, came out. Maybe that was in our part, casting played upon castaways gonna. Interview, unlike the guy, kidnapped them and turn them into or less immediately as movie. I never saw that movie I saw ready the other night, not ass movies. I was grey how these crazy. He made me see that movie without tell me anything.
It was. I don't wanta shit. I want anything. Just ever see bad pr, Republicans task! That's right! That's right! Task! Crazy movie, those like Jesus I don't see that come in at all, but I was gonna be like a funny move at annoying, did you hear about the comic Books and Hockey Jersey out. She has told me that you just spoiler alert was a doktor fills animal furnish them. It's like a move uncover, and then you showed it to me, son of a revised kilowatts. That's an I like. I wonder how this turns out. I wonder what it looks like you know. It also cookie is the Baghdad, where our tensions bands are getting so sure we like a Youtube video before seconds. Or would you check the time, but then the movies are getting longer and that weird is we're sore podcast. Yeah more had that statement use like how come our attention span is either seven seconds Raillery outright. Exactly the IRA, man once upon a time in Hollywood, these are all three hour plus did you like? It
I haven't seen you well, you gotta watch it and checks which is shifting long. I love score says he and I liked it it's not as best by far, but I liked it. Why are you to watch and transposal so long? I would have you one of those guys disconcert. Therefore, our you could do it, but it's it's like a novel. You got a really take it in how many hours is through. And change. I think that's a brick about two hours I got the unemployment is also our man. I got some problems with it, but it's a good move. Yeah when you go to see when you go to the movie, theater was working with the movie theater. He saw three plus our movie. I want to know it's a girl, but it wasn't three and a half. What was I to him? There was a girl, a jet three. I remember that turn Tino Movie, that they did the double feature they had, oh grind house than any other I had tat, is rolling during. I wouldn't do that. I saw that the theatre but those are two movies ray. I understand Eliah yeah sure, but once upon a time and Holly without pre, fucking long to re, launch the air. I watch that twice and I loved it.
Dad do he's a hero right. He really is he's doing it right, he's got only nine Movies is gonna. Make ten movies. There's gonna retire. Allege that I learned is gonna tv back up the flock and brings b, but then he slipped through is an amended some guy out there, who is just as brilliant as him who hasn't gotten a shot yeah. Maybe but here's the thing he's grandfathered in two years. Movies are so fucked up like once. Plan Tom and highly Hollywood spyware alert, there's some scenes where he's taken is chicks head and, alas, mass like its great? I don't know if a new film maker could get away with that interesting. I don't know because some of that shit disturbing its varied. And I think he's so grandfather did with the hyper violent ultraviolet movies. Will it goes a shabby sell tickets? Nobody gives no, but it gives a four year. Megan money
with him. There's no risk leg of its acquaintance turned round. Will we he's never missed once right d, J Ngo hateful aid pop fiction, going down the less all fuckin movies, reservoir, daguerre, they're, all killer, move and they're all glorious shit and dark ass. She s, he had one bad movie a bad turn to your movie, so were better than others, but the now better, all great, like hateful eight. I liked love that movie here. What was d fuckin, fantastic Ngos. Fine and you get to realise Leonarda Caprio can act for raising man? Could you see you in a lot of these movies? And you know the probably the capitalist press was beautiful. Unlike that he's getting out They are the live in a touch, little chap habitats, double hobby of Yad too sure. But then they'll approaches Climate change is real that I ship went when people like the acceptable words in the climate changes real, like hey, hey you not here,
We all know it's real move on, and you you not fixed in the world by holding your trophy for pretending that the points you gotta go gaze. I we put in a been now. I know your gazing. A good been flies. Private, of course, applies. Private Mackenzie climate changes ruin for private. Well, you can say it. Syphilis is real, but you won't work on them. Are you what are you doing to protect us from their problem? Penicillin? I just don't like that's why I love Ricky Duration speech I was fun amazed. That was great is amazing. What are you which is said to be one of the people who get pissed about their. Like me, What a shitty life I want to find those people and bookmark them. Yeah right back in alarm. Anytime. Anything goes wrong
about it. I'm friends with ready. Now I can say that I love em. We we d exchange niceties on Twitter Aurelia, which mental met the world about that's beautiful, his hate. You tell me about your experiences with Seinfeld, since we, since we did the last podcast you like I did some gigs you tell me how to great fuck integrate time is the cool guy. I mean he helped me out by given these gigs open format, the beacon and he's a cold was he goes. I want one green room and you go. I don't bother has done. I wanna hang out goals at us, Second zillion AIR Legend Comedy Guy wants to hang with my dumb ass. I think that's one of the things that allow comics miss when they get really big. You know- and you know, when you're Jerry Seinfeld, that's like all the rest of us are in this place- he's raise ledge. And has another info he's an eight. But that's how we see him. He is still sees himself as long island. Nobody where I so cool and also why so funny yeah
You know any sites, like I'm worried about real of any more like what he may relevant or show comes on eight times a day. I can means in cars or touring everywhere, you're, fine hilarious. To think that he's not relevant. I know it's like David tell They ve till. I saw an old like your brilliant you're, one of the best ever ever. That's why so funny that is not blown himself Larry, David Larry David? I suck up in the way nobody likes me like driving up serious nearby here, oh yeah, pretty leverage, Emily, in the marries, a ball nope middle Bald, nothing more than half a billion dollars. And his journey he's changed. My life, change the world with a comedy and he can't they won't sink in. I love that were well. That's why they're so good! That's good! I think of you so I really believe in your something special your fuckin doom get doomed to do because then you knock b you you're gonna, be some thy care and pork and of all just gotta be awesome ray and I've seen that before and it's ugly and real and guys they think they're there now and then they don't try that hardy up, then
down yep and think that you just go out there and talk to people and people just happy to see them right. They'll ask about three minutes like people it was happening here. Confidence is a killer man, he can be, it can be, but it all confidence. Through hard work and discipline like knowing that you're ready, but even then he stopped available edge. Yes, illegible. You're exactly exactly like those of some of the great fighters. Raw bullied or somethin is somehow behind them, where they just have that extra flame and semi, almost all of whom will tell you solemn, hide it, but almost of metallic that their terrified Yes, that was, I heard a cowboy was time I like how he flipped out before every via these in his hand and like all good time before a special or a late night or whatever yeah, and you feel better like ok, I'm not was any good sat anything this important does butterflies, gummy fluttering around your adrenaline. Can it be pomp? Nor could we fuck you Chapelle talks compelling I get nervous and even want universities. Hunched over is weird and he's not this cocky. Seventeen
smoke in Germany is brilliant, but he's not that guy, I think he's just mastered that look, Hittaways hard, buddies com, because he's done so many sad right and he's so good and he's killed. Ninety nine point: nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine set a time, but when we work together, we Laurina see other he we were both like our. I say we go really yeah. I mean you get in my group. If we go on stage, he was about go up there about any lifting you're, not a whole lot of motherfuckers, get to do this and fuck and murdered by her greatest, as this feeling that you get before show, if you don't have that yeah and everyone scared, I feel and ride. Russia feeling is like cattle, violent, be uncomfortable in Kuwait, I'm so confident, but you will never be the big law than you won't be full exactly it's a catch, twenty eight its brutal and they also do so
Every did it scares you and we do every day. How many people you want to get up so much cause, I'm scared of it and I don't want it to over. Well me: I want to be able to control the fear little also, if your building your act, it's almost imperative that you grow up every day. It is also most yeah yeah. I should say almost theatres bits they grow the more you do like you have a new tag like. Oh, my god. I tell us how many times you done a special and then a week later you come up with a lying like I wish that was in. There is the worst bitter never done there. Now there never done but then they are the right and their overdone, he frightened you overtook, Ariane and I hate this bed account and that's a problem. If we try to work You know, Tom Cigarette excellent strategy. For that you know we're talking about it now said he records click here. Oliver. He super prolific, but he also says that what he does is like some bits: he'll get bored with them and he does won't use em like mine. So at a time and replace them with new bits and then come back to them. What is about the fellow
feel frank? I I need all the time I have. I am I going to short that's a morass of yet we have not sequiturs overloaded. Yeah, just so mobile and I'm such a pussy that I need laughs at silence. I'm not well, I guess he billboard workin shit out and like the crowds language The goal is to see him to ease errands, murdering, write to me. I'm, like I gotta, get more that I gotta get more. The ability just sit in it eat the Dixie, and don't get me wrong. I bomb quite a bit, but the number exactly Chris Rock used to do all that he would want in there and just fuckin just try this practice shit. What else swell yeah even tell the audience they don't get too excited right. You just go up there and fuck and make an app and will the audience can be. Such
queen sometimes are like hey. This is Mina nearly Gibbon, I'm going somewhere. You dumb ass, a mom work in this out and it's gonna be beautiful. Stop step on the buds of roses because it'll be a bad one day. Don't step on it yet, but people are so quick to negate where one of the good things about the common Torres. They know that we're work and talk about it. So much on podcast, they know that, and I have had people come out- may go. Do it s other before months ago, on its side again, it's amazing the bed come to life. I go yet sock four months ago. Radio interviews can we really, Of course we all know, but I got a bit of a beef. What would these bigger name guys doing there? They go? I go to the clubs to work it out. Like will I still paid there's no real people who want to show sigh. I got it all. I greatly while she would that I, like the sandwich bits and between proven that's the movie. I try him out, but sometimes open with a man's yeah nouns are come out of the gate. With a new bit that works took as there they, the fear of it, makes you
Some of us that he would also regulate really go over it in your head right. Are you guys the fuckin eyes dotted and tease cross yeah? That's the key fear is there. So why not twisted news at the wedding newspapers span, you got a spaniard, your emotions exactly and act and get something out of it. Exactly so, you're someone tonight and two shows two shows but doing as our forever and I'm getting to the point where I go back to San Francisco, I go back to Denver undergo only saw out of so I'm gonna put it down right now. I don't let people down at the same material and its killers tied. It ends big. It starts big, it's it's dark its edgy, whatever you call it well, and I can't EL it. Nobody wants to buy it so fuck it I'll. Do it myself? How is nobody buying your special lay? You gotta have a hook now feeling of euro cracker. You know you gotta, be depressed, you gotta be molested, you gotta, be half Jew or something you gotta be in a wheelchair. We need a good hurtful, derogatory term for white men
We need a L. Ironically, it straight white male doesn't work, it doesn't hurt. Grant you call me straight. Might now my nothing yes, but you know there's words, there certain words sure, but I will say this when you grow up in a neighborhood near the minority gone. Called White Boy Oghee. It hurts ok, so when you grew up and you were a minority as effective, yes, what is it effective today? Still not but it is dick. It didn't go you're a black haired and grow up in a white neighbourhood, and you hear that should all time and it hurts, and then you grow up and then you're no longer in that factor environmental someone calls to again still hurts rushed arise because you're still a minority guess why boy doesn't work anymore? No, but some because you wipe boylike. Well, I guess you're mad at me. It doesn't hurt, but that's the problem. It just the internal. I want to hurt me: that's what stings, not the actual were like. What's what you're beef but desert sticking to the end, were this not lower, then call reached?
right, any other word. Yea! No other word counts. No, no other word nothing. Maybe the f for now now having sunk as they were? Not even will not only that have dual meaning that that word size, a meaning that you say to your friends in joking way: it's upset at all you say it to heterosexual. People wrote a joke round about it. It means different thing. I was call you the inward and, in the long run exactly unless your back and that's exactly the but I got this guy's a real lack. Yeah, it's some! It's like you know. The real problem is actual racism. Yet there was no racism, then no one would give a fuck what words use new would all be fund, because if you had a derogatory
turned towards people wouldn't work right. Well, did you see that tweet about how the alt rooms at all audiences, all white and in the club, shows its diverse, even though we're saying the fucked up shit? That's a great point I, for I should give them credit, but I forgot who said it I did. It said the youth, be about ten years ago. Why is area they dont pay? Well, that's a whole different bat amorous craze ass. We That's crazy, you're selling out every night hacked house and you dont pay the comics. What are you selling? Are you selling Something I know about is the name. You see bees that sound nonsense and name. You c b exists because of Gaza patents era Louis, you lack is how people to perform the array. I mean look, they got their hustle, not trying the work in Ireland. The commission pays, as well, and it's a fucking great show every night, yeah Improv pays this. These clubs pay you re, I mean I want all the money I just like you gotta, give me something, and I give it.
The bar tender and I greatly the door guy and I give it to the guy parts. The cars day ago. I spread around right, you got it, you can't take all the money. He wrote or Ethiopia Drovier, not only it's like what. What are you selling nine factor, business is relying on people being suckers is very strange. You're relying on comics been suckers. Could you thing, but you didn't stage time so what I can get states time anywhere? We use you gets down time and a lot of you can now, but any while coming autumn to see you re pay money to you and you can get any of that money. What's that about? That is very strange nonsense, right, around sense. Yes, you filled the room up and you killed where's the money a new house and then they'll by a new building, and then these guys are driving for hours to work or whatever to drive, drown, ferrars, probably Dr Hans, and they take him home than they for area all slacker. Also, those audiences aren't as good, which is we're doing a Morgan. Free and the other very precious vibe
are we say, like my roommates gay, knowing what you said: gay hold autonomy dissected like now, you're, not even think what the joke anymore. You too so busy warned about these terms, whilst probably loud young kids to very young ride, not woke pony the world power. So what do you wanna Youtube it, gal in I'll try to shop around me Amazon and gonna get ever favoured deaf. What the FUCK Marta Harmon trust me killer, tweeted outdo, silo, Rihanna Percentage, appreciated million. Once you film, I think once you filming people get a look at it, but you so I just one eyeballs, That's all I want to inform you that you and if you put it on you too, about what the fuck I appreciate your hundred percent you're getting too thanks buddy, I just
you started comedy and you feel it you're gettin somewhere and then try to sell especial that's been worked out for years and its tight is a drop in every goes as the great thing why why flicks Union are now we're? Looking for It's all branding. Now we were branding, we get a fit, a certain quota, which I guess I yet? You know, I'm all about spreading the love and diverse in Heaven. How can people up, but it should be if it's it's funny, but I stand. Com has always been a meritocracy and I think it should say that were in there's plenty of funny. Women is plenty funny everything, of course, innate fill in the blood. Let me now and you get to know the Asian where there is like one funny, asian or one famous age, and I should say, was Margaret Show announcing Ronnie Allie, warmonger wise fucking, her, where killer he's, Fucking Hawaii, the noose, Vashe, yes, you're, very use. Good man he's a angry, yeah angry and tight and related Lay the topics is fuckin tight, shit really good. Here they grab it the internet about how they like one it can be like smoking in twenty years.
Can we really you kid? Look at the internet. If you look in inner what you're pregnant great. I know there is a great angle, that's a great angle. Yet, as a lotta good county, I now want to bad comedy: there's a lot of yeah, but this or good cause more than it has ever been before. Of course, of course, everything I've ever known a time with this money, like straight up assassin, yeah, why? You think that is the internet year more platforms for people, look at guys like shorts, whose literally become of the biggest complex and the world's just through putting his own stuff online and for the same reasons they didn't want to buy his share share, but he's fell in a new one and that is getting picked up. One Alison, though the world is open for great contact red and he takes advantage of all the platforms. He's really good a potent funny videos on all those fashioned video does me he orchestrates coordinated salmon. I think I'll go down in history as some kind of marketing. Google is a genius and press of Great comic opera, half of that which you usually done
get a really good marketer cossacks as a comic or you get a guy like attacks. Rushing ass yet mark himself at all. Now he could barely seller dvd and he doesn't changes. If is closed, the same Yang Black Jack, it's like used, whereas the same shit here is a legally unemployed. Umpire he's blackened brilliant he's amazing, but he's the worst mark of all time. When I hear that he can't sell tickets inserts or not unlike what are you talking about, were almost want him to call me every time you get a gig and I'll tweet it, but people want a cartoon when you really break it down like you. I know guys who were funnier than fluffy, but fluffy cells out arenas because they like him. There's not as ordinary personable. There's, yes, he's very likeable. I think the problem the tells it doesn't Martin himself well around us and no one else does either that's all it is, but I think the bumping makes things change that helped locked him cause Jeff Rasa such a personal,
and the two together its or areas as fine, and it's a really big Netflix, show yet great at it, and I can do a hundred of those issues together with two hundred never ends, but I just think people need did know it's gotta be like we're animals. You gotta, go all the fat guy, dumb guy over the family, guy fluffy, oligarchy, yeah, Hawaiian, sure, big guy again, you want it's coming bite size. Nugget of who you are. I know, you're in cars, do not show tomorrow, whom affair should I am menace, Lavie, Malibu Framatome. I love it probably hung over be hurt and Metzger early to nice, I'll, probably legally drunk fluffy into cars. He is buddies into Volkswagen buses. Brows got like thirty of them at the wheel, choice. There crazy he's gonna warehouse fill with Volkswagen buses. I like em they're all like custom. I really had crazy now the guest like someone to musical and he's gonna bunch. Other cars yeah cause he's roach, but he's got,
a warehouse fill with these Fuckin Volkswagen buses what'll. We are biased It is vital that up to now admit illegally yeah. It's getting. Another collection has different colored, look at them and all these Volkswagen posters on the wall and pretty bad ass. But how weird is that that he kept buying them like out area who, when these like I'm good, is waited that's the thing that ground In reality, they felt tat. He probably more than thirty. I mean he cook on their video concluding a video one where we can't. We can't play it I gotta rescuers, I'm anyway. Oh shit, we're closed in on six p m. By the way you never let me run and tell them, I hope, you're not going into an art. I woke up one day, one on the morrow you're at you can do math fair! Show you round to Morrow Night, oh yeah, under the store, I don't wanna Blug anybody come to store I'll, get you really be their maker car thanks man right Mark Norman
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