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#1423 - Andrew Doyle

2020-02-05 | 🔗
Andrew Doyle is a British comedian, playwright, journalist, political satirist and is creator of the fictitious character Titania McGrath.
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The pseudonym titania Mcgrath he's awesome. I love em. Please give it up for Andrew Doyle. The job will gain experience. This is your unveiling girl. People know that people know yet that's it first of all, Tatiana so this is that I should have chosen an easier name by at no one cares: Titania titania she's named after the queen of the fairies emits ministerial very real name, my real name's Andrey Doyle. Do you have an issue with people now, knowing that Tatiana or to titania to tidy up the ass. She total eclipse me! I don't like. I don't know, I'm basing our alive anymore. It's all about her. You know well, I can't remember how I found out about you on twitter, but just laughing really hard at something that you wrote. That was so clothes you you do such a good job of like
blurring the line between outrageously woke and satire yeah it's up If China you are shut, it was a girl from each other yes said: the girl is a composite afforded from women Glasgow put together, because I was worried about You know I don't get sued for sure. So it's not real human, but you know article intersection was that selfless and brave by my work. Davis healer, but also I love that she's dead punks. It means it. She said look daring you. Yes, don't you dare so a challenge woman staring could be you in a you that I'm challenge. Maybe she could be mean in a way that I'm not us funny you end up inhabiting this character. Just isn't like you, and I do I do in the thing like her and they are not. Even I've even dreamt is her and that sounds like a lie, but I have so that's pretty scare. I have you know you shall have to go of entities as a car like I can't do that kind of theirs.
Crisis has meant well she's, so big. Now you have four hundred and twenty thousand flowers its weeks app and really quickly. I, I guess, he's because there's a whole cohort of people out there, who, sick. This night, you know a and on this point that would also partly because people still fulfil the time. People constantly think it's real. All the time when I retweet you, one of my favorite things to do is red people getting of certain days ridiculous. You think that that's. Why tramples winning riot nervously It amazes me how angry people get on Twitter, with which you know even legitimate legitimate causes lie, but I watch that anything it's fun because I can set to rise. The left and the the sort of the most liberal side of things through her, but then I can argue with the right wing, Trump supporters and stuff, and I can make them as well lights out. You get to have a go, the extra yeah, you know the main, and here I am so shortly. People still think she's real, like even after all, this time
That is not shocking, you're close enough. There are plenty of people and our point of view of anger. I follow I files, people were bookmark them. So don't they don't know that I follow them yet and just some of them are so goddamn fuckin crazy, and yet I keep getting told this is a strong man. These people are really exist, but they do even once today, timid, there's a tweet by is it Rosanna CAT, whose really really woke resent our think she did a tree about how ashamed she was being white and the other That was her. I think it was her and then I just called come pace that we put a return to. Our common aim is one of the architects year, but I did the same tweet. I literally come pays too as tonics a thought like this. Some people got it? I just taken this other viral debate and some people got the point I was making.
It's close to. Some of them are not yes, like, like frighteningly so too, to a point that the it's it's cold light behaviour. It's like it! It's it's like. I think that the basic principles of you know standing up against racism. Sexism, I'm a phobia all that stuff his grey. Yes, I think, though, that the Woke movement isn't that it's a kind of weird, whole Tisch rose pseudo, religious thing that is beyond so that you know longer allowed to make mistakes, you can't be redeemed. There's no! I didn't know it's it's. It's got all those hallmarks. Yes, you know They are early. Christians used to burn people out of love. You know it's there, it's that thing and that's why we get this kind of council culture stuff, and I guess that's. Why wanted a? Maybe that's? What's popular because people sick of trading around on eggshells, worried about being misinterpreted or a more about fucking up I can mistakenly what's wrong with saying something that every now,
maybe do say the wrong thing and where it should be fine if you're, a human being, but part of it is also that things are written down right and then, when things are written down, you can see him over and over again. If you made a mistake, it just said something in normal human conversation, which is how we're supposed to communicate and how we normally communicate. Yeah it just comes and goes yeah. I know, but It's written down, then it becomes something different, but it's more than that and it because it's I'll give you an example. So there was a guy who, with editor of Cookery magazine in the UK and a vague and freelance journalist emails himself, Did you think about visions and he replied inmates, joke about. You can do about, will force feed the meat and will make them each other in a stupid. Flippant thing, right, other than saying I was really offended by that. Can we talk about it? I don't even appropriate for you to email free soon, as she screenshot the thing put it on Twitter made a thing of it and he had to step down. So I think that's the
France is. Where is like saying similar, calling out a mistake according summoned up something they ve done, that you perceive to be bad. That's that's all well and good when you using it to advertise how virtuous you are and how you you're able to takes him and after the mistake that they made that troubles me because there is no longer about really about the issue. While I think what we're dealing with when, when you talk about woke culture- and I love that you made this comparison to radical religion, because I think they're the same pattern, I think human beings have patterns that they follow and you could say that you're, not religious, but you follow these extremely rigid ideologies that don't allow for any variation whatsoever. You there they they force one hundred percent compliance and, if you're not one hundred percent in compliant. They will attack you and can't be woken up. One of the things you find a religion is people will
especially in the more radical, dangerous and scary religions that turn on each other each other for not being pious and yet all the time that happens and woke culture, scariest things it happens. These woke people as when the work people attack that area and when it happened, which IKEA Rolling TAT happened with Jake around and because she defended it was a british case. It was the woman who was fired from a job because she some tweets and that she didn't believe that sex was immutable characteristic. She said there are men and women and you can't change now, that's her opinion and she entitled the habit, but that the gene in the UK ruled that? No, it's that's, not a legitimate opinion to hold and you can be fired for that right. So Jake Ironic simply said: no, that's not fair that It's her opinion and they went for her even though she's light she's so woke, she keeps retrospectively deciding that her character, the gay and also a stuff, like you know the tumbled gay and Cheek Sheikh they got up to. They went up to her before those workers in their frontiers,
basically with Dumbledore as a young man, there's not much overt homosexuality and so the age of eighteen. You community the saying wise anymore. I mean what are they want light double? an attraction? What do they mean without light day? They want a full on wizard gay sexy, my home, and she got she got the brunt of that. You know it's like this doesn't, and I hate that so that it, thank you, don't need validated by saying it's making out. Well, unless that's your vision, I mean if provision was means. If she wanted some radical sexual aspect, her story, I think it was, but if I did it and no it wasn't yet she wants right. We lit Poland, that's fine yet mean, if that's Elect mean it doesn't UNESCO. They have to be poor, but I don't think you should ever try to alter someone's artistic vision, when someone is a genius J K, rolling anything about that stuff, that she's create Garry, put looked Harry Potter series it's for itself, just on the sheer popularity of it for someone to step in and say, you're doing it wrong. When it comes to gay sex. Everything else
or any over, a Europhile congenial well, My gaze also, I dont like it's not saw her responsibility bid to be the ambassador. Forget sex, and also you know, I don't, I think, is really patronising to gay people say that they need to see this year. But that is now like a standard thing in art and movies and stuff so like you, so that with Tarantino once upon a time in Hollywood in him someone asked him adjourn. This was ain't like what why why didn't they? my car wives them mugger robes carried to talk more, but he's made an artistic decision here. They haven't thought, let's just the female character than cabinet catch, the let's. Let us have a silent The time he's making a point about restoring Sharon tend to an icon. It kind of state is that she was denied by the mounds and family. It's a very interesting autistic decision and if you watch Mother and you go, and all you can think is. Oh, the women didn't speak enough. That wasn't it diversity. Can you not engaging with the artwork- and I agree with what we have in the Bbc- did a review of game it through
is by series by Series where they judged each episode is good or bad. On the percentage points of how much female characters speak so Don T reviews anymore. I just have a pie chart it's it's it's way to me. That's that it's almost complete misunderstanding. What they could two endeavours old about ensure art I mean look Thelma Louise do a disservice by not having Brad Pitt talk more while exactly that example: yeah, the ambivalent. It's crazy knows a great movie because it was movie is an artistic vision, doesn't have to it here too, these ideas of of inclusiveness, and diversity it just doesn't, and artistic vision, suppose you write about a bunch asian kids, they want to be hip, hop you have no obligations have wiped. What right have no obligation to have any one What's in it, you can have a look
it's an artistic vision, but I've been thinking about this a lot, because I think this gets to the heart of what is the problem with the woke just a vision, but I've been thinking about this a lot, because I think this gets to the heart of what is the problem with the Woke coach and what they are. The foundation of their belief system is an do with this idea of when you hear it over I'm power structures in society, and that is that that is the kind of and that's why they think there needs to be more representation, and things like that in these comes because they think that influences culture and influence his people and maintains and sustains power and everything. So that's why they're? That's why they're doing, and I think it's just a false premise. Ultimately, it is a false premise and the people that are doing it in the people that are perpetual in this false premise are not doing good work on other part of the problem. If you want to be a woke artist, good fuckin luck, good fuckin loggia, because your stuff probably going to suck cause you're thinking about that more than you think about the singular artistic vision. The united
you're trying to put it through the filter of intersection reality and always different variables that have to do any consideration of how you gonna be criticized in what you gonna like as soon as you compromise yourself in any end at you, you, you open up the or for media operating- and it doesn't sell well like here, and I think that simply because people hating patronized like to lessen expression, go get won't go broke. A gay and exacting I mean when I say, that last star wars foaming. You got the lesbian case like to second of less being cast an eye and I what they do and I don't care about that source by all means make a fool, lesbian, star wars from like it. I don't care about that, but you feel Hector light. You feel like someone nothing of the sort of thing you see that their sheep. That is what your space to support you're old timer photos guy. That's right! That's what they basically saying. Let saying you or bad people. I don't trust human beings, they dont trust society and their rabid. There
at about their under their need for compliance. Everyone must comply desert, a crazy one that I obscenity Jamie Gazelle, sending it to a bunch of people about them, calling for captain Marvel to step down right? Why? Because I will we find it for your holiness, because it's it's so fuckin ridiculous. They want captain our will to step down and be replaced by a gay women of color right yeah, because I don't I mean- is that how the comic book was originally yours a comic book, a gay women both so now I haven't I'm not coming but found. I know that this is something that is particularly affected. Comic books. The third time, and can we need Bree Larsson to step down from her role to prove she's, an ally of social justice and ensure a gay women of color, plays the role let Monica regional female and all caps. Black captain Marvel instead
of whitewashing characters for the benefit of the strait white men running Disney Francois Disney is run by a woman tat. I should be clarified almost positive CEO of Entertainment, Disney's a woman is a right that pressure is true yeah, they stood up. Hold on ice. There haven't that he still year, they have eradicate, is a bigger now, but that build the entertainment the ceo of theirs so one who runs the film division. Whitney Cummings is explaining it to me about how ridiculous it is some very mass and whoever makes a decision as umbrellas and super woke like she's got a reputation of being incredibly well now woke enough if you white, but she was when he said that wanted to ban male journeys from oppress junkets and from maybe Fox I don't think either way you, I don't think you can that remain the winner Camille Pollyanna, the academic go back to that. Should try
a ban. Male right on our side have written the brief breeders and made a speech about how she once she felt it. For too many male critics, seeing her work and she wanted to see to actually implement some kind of strategy to prevent that from happening. It was all over the world so she's she's about smoke? The now right enough. She needs to step down because if you really work you stepped down show the urn ally for social Justice and give up those millions of dollars to some other person. But by the way you know tell the studio you're going to do that like they're, not gonna, fucking just decide Oh, you want us to cast a black gay woman. Let's do that and doesn't to which block a woman in a disaster. If somebody cannot, maybe that gayest black is evident. Fine, because if you ever get half black and sky, the gay like pan sexual weaker than that. That's parlor, patriarch right, that's, ok, that's the problem! Isn't it is like
Obama fuck that people blame on his white side. You know because these fifty percent wise fifty percent problematic you. You can never have the kind of purity and exemplary him with Camille pilot she's, an academic it was asked to step down by her own students, and they said you need to put to the fact that you need to replace it with a queer women of color, like why did we? Women have to be clear and why, if you want a woman of color, like you see, this is the thing it never ends. You cannot be woke enough and once it gets to queer woman color and they ve got one of those who go. You know what you should meet. Moreover, a transgender I'm what if the equivalent of color is really bad a job to bang. Bang, it doesn't money to adapt. You need help her right. I understand the society is fucked her over and that's why she is not as good
as Camille patently was so again, it gets back to one of the fundamental premise is that they don't believe in objective truth. They think objective. Three. This is a post modern there. I they don't believe in its also these people that you're talking about they haven't built these structures that they want to tear downright rather not a part of the construction of these enormous. Studios enormous, entertain him in attainment empires yeah, that's out, so they want to step in to something that not only have they not build, but they're not capable of building right, because their wrapped up in his fuckin wacky ideology that doesn't allow you to be creative. Sad we get out of it like that's. A good question is more worrying over. You know. Well, I've got ideas. I've got a few ideas right because, because I think I think we are reaching a kind tipping point, like I say like that, so many people who were really sick of it. You know- and you can't argue with a social justice activist you can't because they they don't believe they think that any knowledge that you think you have is
based on your background and your mandate and the power structures and rises to frighten the dashing Olympics exit and none of it is authentic enough and it really foxes them, though we may end up like talk to a queer men of color? So he agrees with me and then they fucked up there, Is it really annoyed? It's a man so you can't argue with them. I thought maybe sat. I would be a good approach that you know, because, if not were listen to reason, you can lock them. Right, I thought that would make it, but they just makes them really angry that I've got I've had so much venom for mocking this this, but but of course, when you mock the priests they they they get hungry nowadays that that's that that's point. Yes, and they don't feel like you- have any right to make fun, which is for me as a comedian, one of them, offensive things a person. I say it was initially do it more. I could make it yeah, it's that's what it a barrier, we're we're them the mockery, pull yeah we come in and mark when things are fucked up, but then because they believe in the power
structures. What I'm saying is your punching down down here. Are your punching down but Arguably with woke people you not punching down in no that's always been my ugh For one thing, I think you can punch down if you one sure you know used, it gets to say, but I think the work people have incredible power and their bullies and they believe they did they I'll up together. You go after you, they'll do it for days on end and attack your twitter and attack. You write articles about. You have experienced yeah it's in out each US treat preaching to the choir your preaching to them, and this the whole idea that you can't punch down and Kommeni is the dumbest shit. I've ever heard of my life look, I am keen was one of the greatest comics of all time. One of his best bits is about starving babies in Africa. You can't punch any lower. Jimmy seed identity. Can I didn't I remember? Can
took him at a comedy attacks. That was something he is dire for sure everybody's comedies different comedy does whatever it is. That is funny whether you are Stephen Right, whose an absurdest yeah, or whether you, SAM Kennison, who attacks yeah, bolt brilliant but innocent had a bit about those commercials where you would see Sally fields on tv like save the children, his children survive and just a dollar a day. If you could just send money and he goes in their food, you cooked yourself and it is starving it's on tv and get our bomb down and heal a cake. Why are you feeling Eurostat are right next to him and he has a sober pages come to us. We just pro five thousand the food we realize wouldn't be world hunger, a few people move where the food as you'll have enough the desert me as its whole crazy bit, and it is like one of those bids that here in nineteen eighty six and
at the time. It was nothing like it. Yeah, like in this fuckin rabid former preacher genius comedian is punching down as far as you can yeah, except in a like he's, Elvis he doesn't think it's funny that baby starve for sustained economic aid for this is that lit, reminded thing That means that that sort of stuff com work anymore. Yes, because while it can were actually does work and who I see comics, do that so is double the time of the then not gonna get married television LEO well for now. Can, if you go on Youtube, yeah, there's a lotta comics that are bypassing the Well Netflix Gelato leeway, but only if your famous I can't get away a lot of shit if you're famous, like Chapelle, can basically get away with low shit. You have never told Netflix, never told me what to do. But I know they do of urine, not a name in. I know, friends that they give told us. This is cut bits out like
We D has had a hilarious me two bit about Terry crews, yet about Terry crews, whose a fuckin super athlete you know and some guy grab deck and he meat to the sky for grabbing his dagger, some drunken agent, yet whatever it was now in a joke way, graduate happen of noirtier what happened? The jelly had his whole Larry spent about it and they wouldn't let him do it like that you're you're making of sexual assault victims, but I do you think in any world that Terry crews, who is a fucking think of a man was actually scared of this. This is come what, victim in a sense of like a helpless person. I get the fact that this guy was an agent, maybe had some power over his career, but the way Joey set it was up it was talking about all the positive attributes of Terry Create, is putting its spin up. Yes, and what was this for? This is for a teenage lists for networks and they actually stepped in why they were what didn't want. The backlash didn't want to deal with the bullshit wandered about that. I like when I was watching the comedy.
Store the other day here and I just thought it feels different here light. It feels like life comedy hit. People do go for whatever time, there's no more, we go for it because we realise this is the last stand right. This is like the ghost dance for wild comedy, because we did. I get the impression in the UK is not in the gigs. I've been playing there, isn't that quality about it as you need the wreckage, a race to be all the time. Does anyone have him? That's the problem like easier. More of those so rich and anti, it doesn't have a boss and he can do but every once in a while. You know it's studies and slid, younger comics right who who are coming up and they self sense, because I'm worried about what they gonna say. That's that's basely. What to do them and I have no agreement with the young comic and she said to me- you know you to understand, because I go up to comics. I have to go to combat every night after this sentence buying them. Why they shouldn't tell these jokes and why they that this was a serious conversation? I thought this isn't for you She was a comic standard
This was this was a comic in a group, so I used to run dislike workshop for young young standards and I can't do it anymore, because one of the complaint this is serious threats like one of them complaint the boss that, but that is a very famous theatre in London, and one of the complaint and said that one of the jokes I tweeted as titania, made her feel unsafe and then therefore was told I couldn't. I couldn't do this course well, because I developed and unsafe invite you made them feel unsafe, yeah by a joke, dangerous that wasn't. Even might it was two times a correct must been a great joke. You really live. Great joy- is so good. You made some one feel unsafe, gag they're laughing so hard yeah like I could die. I could die from laughter without that completion, words and violent. Isn't this idea that that is a problem, and I think what we
get me about. That is, I think I believe it's disingenuous. Do you think it's a genuine its clearly disingenuous, but it's the the orthodoxy right like this is this is what their pushing site pushing that words or violence and that you can be violent with words. So that's interesting as I I think you're, probably right, a law cases, you know when they say like. If they see so an image or something it makes them feel that they can physically attacked women Harrison raise or whatever and they support each other in this nonsense that then I see some of them. Bawling their eyes out, crying and shaking, and I think that's an authentic emotion right. So maybe it's ingenuous in some cases, but maybe some people have actually- and this would scare me that some people not should convince himself that it is a kind of form, sure. That's true as well. I'm sure there's as well, and I think there's this is again and parallels really. Crazy, religious people right right again, there's people that will cut our fingers
for in our slights and against their religion, their flogged themselves mean people. Do her and as things to themselves as punishment right that any comes if we are going to over the the religious motive it comes about so de radicalizing people from this believe so damn. It seems like this is a part of being a human that their path, ways that people go down like like just to get away from that he has one dictator right: the horse, the dictator, when someone gets a new position of power over someone, whether its seal, the company, yet before the ME to movement, it's out of control is trying to fuck. All others employs entreaty. Like shit, sexually harasses everybody goddammit. That seems like an archetype right. It's like this. This archetype- seems to almost be unavoidable with certain types of human beings John, why thank you get that with the Woke thing and that the structure of weakness
is just in. It is just a scaffolding for this sort of antiquated, not not adequate. Excuse me, this ancient system of behaviour, this religious, stump and its slides right into that. I don't think it's a coincidence that most woke people are atheist, because this is their alternative. For I advocate religion. I think that's probably right that Tom HOLLAND Route is a historian. He wrote a book recent equal dominion. He makes this case that, with the absence of Christianity, incomes woken us that one out just follows from the other, in a kind of because they have the similar need to Priscilla ties to convert. Yeah did the similar intolerance of anyone who might not perceive the world in the way you do you know, so it has the same hallmarks, but also that makes me nervous about it, because it's it's not, then about
swaying someone out of it because you can persuade some of their god doesn't exist, is based on faith is based on something that's intangible. Yes, and particularly when those same people have such power in the major institutions right. You know. I always said that what the boat grew people of all minority in a most people are sick of it. Most people are fucked off with a year, but they seem to occupy all these major roles television in the arts, in media, in journalism, in the law. You know and and therefore they have disproportionate count. Yes, academia is a big academia matter, where the problem starts. Right, Ryan and you convert children to think that way. Yeah you getting impressionable seventeen year old is a freshman yeah college and they far fine this and resonates with them, and also they can develop social cloud. By adhering to this, religion, the same way around article, you know what filling the blank with whatever Christian
well whatever sect of religion. You'd like to compare very similar open about the yes, they say quite explicitly in a week when we are activists as well as scholars which means that pushing a political agenda which, because it didn't used to the scholars who now activists right. They are open about the yes, they say quite explicitly in a week when we two things is not a kind of underhand thing on the part of the scholars who now activists right they are open about the yes, they say quite explicit. In a week when we are activist, as well as scholars, which means that pushing a political agenda which will cause it didn't used to be the academe used to be that object, poverty and presenting different ideas and then and going to the truth that they already know the truth and they're gonna and ensure that you can't even get on the course. If you didn't so based,
DR it's the same sort of pattern that you seen dictators and there a dictator in terms of intellectual pursuit site there dictating to these children, how you must think and behave and their because their position of power because of their education, the grass with the english language, the fact that they speak so eloquently in an and passionately about this. There incredibly convincing incur charismatic a lot of them and its its effect. Yes and that's? Why so many people come from their end? So Overwhelmingly left leaning yeah around hugely. It's a real problem on the left yeah. It's really way to me the I've suddenly most of my friends now Rightly thing: that's come! now I would have expected that all wears a shift over the last few years and is the reason why Trump as an offer, yeah hundreds entities. That is this is why, when people tell me you're the culture wars besides show it doesn't matter my winds and loses elections this stuff, you know like its side, It's really isn't my Rina. What when what was it?
the day was alive. Elizabeth Warren saying that she's gonna get a trans, stewed pupil like a fifteen year old to veto her one. Her M M appointees right sector vegetation, some there's something like that. I'd like that, but it was a nine year old. I was It was like fifteen Euro port pulled it out. I mean either way. That's not good right now, either way, it's not good its madness. It and most people think that's madness. Most people think we'd, like Uk Jeremy Coolby started announcing his pronoun. Yes, I let me tell you, I don't know if you know what Jeremy carbon looks like no one's confused by his prone and no one has ever been confused. Gonna fuck it beard women can appear what you say you know they can have penises and men can have the period yet budge amicably, never identified as a woman is frozen. So damn you know it doesn't fit with. Also that old school socialist disease proper, our school lefty socialist, awoke stuff doesn't fit well, people doesn't work, it feels weird. While the old school lefty Socialists is more about compassion and spread in income equality, its money. Yes,
one of my uneasy. This is what what this is actually one of the reasons why, when it's time you go, oh here get. Oh no said this was the the round applause that the nine year old, transgender child got so the child stood up and said I am a seminar in Yorkshire and and and Elizabeth Warren sort of instigated this big round of applause right. There was something else this week that when it was a fifteen year old it was. It was a someone that shit decide yeah shoes. Yes, should choose a thing you with a secretary of education, but I might be wrong. What is it secretary at the courtroom? yeah, so it which I know what is its defined. A quote. Hugo's throng story, though so, oh it is wrong to Us- is the one from October. Second, educational believes in public registers, Listen! You have it now. She was gonna veto she's, getting rid of the transgender student veto, power yeah and help save at sea, see if we can find them I mean. There's one thing I wouldn't give a fifteen year old, trans or otherwise, of any kind of political.
No, it is not enough. We need a nine year old nanny Kid God, damn it. When you fifteen, you don't know, What the fuck is going on only been alive for a few more exactly. You really have no idea. What's happened, I mean you're. Frontal lobes are developed today, twenty five minutes. If I must raise the voting age, they as make it thirty of the world than the real problem would be war. We pick bill mob talked about this story. Yeah is most recent episode of his yeah so a kick up in the news. He always was a legitimate new story about Elizabeth aren't talking about quote. It says that worn in a cage he wants Jacob to help her. I may say so, to retain the same yoga fino they just sort of repeated and get a headline I mean I can I get why advertising commitment to inclusive its interventions that ninety nine percent of people are thinking, I don't care about that. When we talk about the fact that I a forward anything you know and that's why? If you watch he left leaning and if he true to care,
bout, getting a left, leaning government in power, the only too can make about class again, because this is what recent I'd like to Tanya. I monitor to be pushed and rich. You know, because it may so rich these was a predominantly they ve got so much money and they sent you have real problems. This is not what you concentrate on. Let you not worried about man spreading, like you say it like. He worries that's delighted that someone on the poverty line doesn't care about this, that they don't care about being represented by the skin color of set, like you know, some poor working class mother who can afford anything, isn't a care that that Hillary Clinton in the White house- you did you something over. That's ok, then unrepresented. That's great. While some of what some alone like it, because it will make them feel like a woman can get by. I get that get through that duration of message that it sends, I think, that's fine, but you're still stuck on the poverty line with nothing. You know me so poor black Americans didn't do very well under Obama that this stuff is tokenism. When
what you should be doing so to directing inequality. And it's it's it's a big problem both here and in the UK in Iraq. We we ve got left movement. I may we sought with breaks you know like, but the reason why so many working class people voted about the bricks and, if indeed, vote, labour in the last election is because their not being then no one looking out for their interests rather than worried about other things. Like that. You say men spreading man splaining like a toxic masculinity, Mansplain sailors ask was just six but is waning. If you're a man a few correct someone in their incorrect in your man? but what are they ran explaining what then still mansplain what that does not happen. We can't live like that. I can't I can't live like that. I can, where does it go? Does MIKE religious war? Are we in a holy war for wilderness I'd know? But I d
after I don't have to check the contents of someone's underwear every time I have a discussion with them. You know I don't like. I don't want to make those judgments on that. What you need to understand and check yourself, because the contents of someone's underwear does not mean that that's the gender in which they are day. Doesn't he I know I really fucked it. That's where we're Martin, I don't know, I don't know we cancel yourself, know what is but I've ordering council promptly. I don't know, maybe I could accept that maybe getting ideas, maybe two tiny gets councils. Maybe I should find a way to have it. Yes, could she probably met messes up? Sometimes What did we will find out titania actually a man yeah? Well, you know I'll. Do it I'll? Just it's funny. You mentioned it. They transcended chunks of just written a book ass, her as children right because of that. Have you seen this? We ve seen this. Did the Woke children's books? Right, yes, maybe joke about one feminist, baby, she's gonna born feminist baby, but a bit about born this is a
feminist need a bull horn, oh yeah Jesus Christ screaming about issues she's up baby yet which needs to be heard and science a truth. Feminist Bay vines her voice, our voice is in a born right. There we go memo if she's offenders why she went fucking make up when she's a baby. That's just through its yeah, that's rude because that's the guy there. Patriarch. That's socializing young babies, tb, sex objectively boy he's going to cross This is not. How did you even know what a boy or a girl is? How many of these are the baby? These like the aimed very much at a very young kids as well like so light, while its name is aimed at the mothers and others very young kids who want the letter, but no their work and they probably pull them out. People come over. There Oh yes, but not that I don't know I mean but this is this- is it you scraping the certainty? So one of the big selling books was good night stories for rebel girls which, like each chapters about major feminist icon, that's aimed at young kids, there's one
could see is for consent that same diversion, kids, there's one could the little girl gave zero fucks right this this offer. You know it's fun. I look at you stop. I think this is such flagrant indoctrination. You not even hiding anymore. It is nothing subtle about this. You know, so I thought so. I've written a book, ass, titania and she tried it. It's called my first little book of intersection activism right. I can't get it right, she's He talks to kids like they're, just sociologists, Isn t she can't get a right which is which is fun and she said to them your parents hate you, you know you should get you teach them. I think that's the way to do it. Well, that's what every called does yeah exactly what things that courts do. One of the hallmarks of calls as they try to separate you from your parent or if you get the kids young, then you can, you can get their minds of Antioch. So maybe that's it the solution. Chronic China make short, doesn't get I dont know young. Maybe I dont know if there is a solution. I think we are patterns that always exist and religions pop up like
Why Christianity? Why Mormonism? Why? Islam? Why you know what what causes these patterns he's ideological patterns? What causes that? What causes them to take hold? What causes them to their followers to become rabid? I dont know what it is, but they exist and they exist they have existed throughout history. There's that literally hundreds of them is a need for purpose is a need to feel that you as one pursue the treats it certainly there's instincts that we all have to be a part the group and to be accepted as a part of a group and one of the ways that you show that you are part of that group, is by rigidly adhering to the doctrine Well, here's one way that we might legitimately tackle this, I'm going to say to me very optimistic now, if all people on the left can turn against woken. I think this will really help think, once they realise that it is
undermining all the things they stand for right. It's getting Trump into power, it's getting its the Tories into power in the UK, you know it's it isn't it dividing us up racially in terms of our sexual demographics is pushing for further segregation and actually does all the things that the social justice mimic claims that they they don't want to. Do and that they want to fight, and if more people on the left so turn and the other, the hazy other thing they all think we live in this world full of nazis and fascist, and these evil crypto fascist, around every corner right and by making that claim. You are really helping the genuine Neonazis outlet, because you're saying look your mainstream you're it it's giving much more power and attention than they deserve. I think it's red or a really bad, I d it's almost you're, acting as their pr. You know, you're almost making it more acceptable to me not because you calling everyone and not senior, also crying Wolf right so because you crying Wolf you when
someone's he's an act like Charlottesville was a big wake up call for a lot of people, because our holy fuck, those are real Nazis Nazis. Real there. Still Nazi Nazis likely the swastika twos and everything that Turkey tortures Fucking Gaza yeah. That was a wake up call for a lot of folks because they theirs many people that never encountered people like that course, because many of them right, but I thought, but they here- everyone is announcing that here this is announced. That's a nazi. I mean Edward, oh, Christine off summers. Yeah gives speeches places and they put fire alarm on her the collar and Nazi she's, a feminist. How is it? How is she even remotely I mean it's insane, but she criticizes other feminist for being preposterous and when she does that people too, that she has not toe the line. She's not rigid. De it hearing. He added the ideology. She's not woken up to the attacker, but that is what you would think of his. Maybe a centrist feminist, thus historically illiterate. If you think that fascism. Then you have no. What fascism is and also really offences
we have had to live through fascistic regime's decided, Christina have some as he's a fucking fashion. It is, but I don't think they care what you know what the previous definition of fascism is. I think I think we gonna stand by that definition. We got it we got it The actual definition you know like if you, if you want Edit Jordan page then is a fascist, as some people do, even though there isn't someone who is more on record, whose opposition to tyranny is more on record, more studied in forty years. Stephanie all online there should you wished to check it out, but that involves and a degree of research in actual knowing what you told me about its pointed out as one of the more problematic gas that I have on ready when people point to the fact that I'm some sort of an all right gateway, they pointed Jordan Pearson, so ridiculous What is this gateway business is well I gotta once did you see that alternative implements network figure has guys you one that goes on there. On the shore I said to her, I tweeted survive
said hey what what I say. I said Barber Walters if you'd Castro does, that make our communist night and she said, and she screen shot it and said he's favourably, comparing himself to Barbara Jays, you can't win it. Doesn't I learned that that sixty grace of separation that that flowcharts nonsense like all non ets conspiratorial, but that's the purpose of making publication, wasn't it that wasn't some rogue I mean it's shore, but look the only people that are taking seriously. Are the people that are woke mended regular people were not yet that seriously, then Nautilus that six degrees, aberration shit is not guilt by us nations? Not it's crazy, especially talking to people lack like me, that interview literally hundreds and hundreds of people here, it's crazy! Does it bother you when peoples
a throw. This means that you would you go Judas completely ignore and it offers me less every day, re interesting, and yet I have developed a sort of anti venom to it. I could have experienced it so many times. I get rid upset, but when people may not accept the opposite of what is stand for a genuinely here, but now it's it's that thing You see someone be called a nazi or racist, even our home, if open you think I don't buy. That probably isn't right tat I made right, and that means, if you do actually ever have to use as well as light those awful people in Charlottesville where you you should reserve, that word so that we can identify those people in our midst? Could they do exist? They are dangerous, but there's not many of them, but if, if the word has become so, it doesn't mean that anymore single concept, creeping over the women they the idea, which spreads and spread. With the slightest point of political disagreement can send the big branded as NEO fascist. That's what the Mccarthy is arise. All about you can find find the demons and your neighborhood yeah
the ones bad everyone's evil, everyone turns on each other. I mean this is what North Korea does with North Korea. Has it so brilliant is everywhere tat on everyone else, yeah go and and they all running around scared- and this is what the world people are doing. Every No one can be woke enough martini never turbot via an after her she's a lesbian now but she's not woke enough money. She doesn't want trans women to compete in sports and dominate and when world records says she shouldn't be part at community level, we have got rid of it. The whole acronym thing, the elbowed out you they take you, I plus whatever it is at the moment because if you get along its, but I love it. I wanted to get longer what does it as it lets being able sexual transgender queer and sexual asexual yeah, plus plus he's whatever fucker forgotten basin alien life, whatever whatever is in that area, No, I mean I tell you. I see that as first are these massive internal contradictions?
in that light we're seeing this at the moment, so less been lesbians versus Trans people and gay rights, MRS Trans Rights, women's rights was beaten, that's not occur, Europe is not like. Those people are all the same. So we're gang its. Again they don't get on with it so right now, so that they chapels bit about up is really good, but it did so the teeth in the back and the young women run its they don't get on with each other and then and then, if you know I'd geologic pure, though cast. You haven't even say you not gay light with Peter Tail. You know when it when he said of the republican dimension that supporting the trump yes and end the advocate the gay magazine. The advocate was saying well He may sleep with men, not get too began, oh god, that's the gay press. Freedom in the das. The advocate the out magazine, is really funny article in magazine, which was criticising the new it tell me no, the clown the killer clown the second chapter starts with gay bashing stop and he eats a gay man's heart in the opening scene.
Philip Spoil were sorry that I was watch and out magazine said: o penny wise, the clown isn't the gay ally we thought he was, and this is an authentic online- was a psychopathic clown Listen aim is known AIDS, kids, arms nationalism. Is it a sewer? He was your ally. I love the gay press. The gay press made me laugh savage. There's one in the UK called Pink news right and if you want to laugh at summit look at that they did a thing recently, but not making this up. This was that two weeks ago the pakistani government have announced that they are going to pay for people to transition gonna pay for their surgery right. You know why, yes they fuckin high gay people in their own right, so they can pay for it and deepening. They only will allow men to have sex with many of the men transition right. Ok, so this is not a pro based on the Pink news to the video saying yet, Pakistan CD, Stu, trans rights- this is empowering thing they they hate. You like this is its genuine. Not so I wonder whether we should just get rid of the letters to scrap it by
think they should keep adding more, really make up a bunch. Different names get it. So it's so preposterous that even Workpeople Jesus Christ, thirty letters death. We have and uneven real symbol sit. They'll have to get to deepen alphabet slice, conferences, symbol, oh yeah, that's like ITALY! That can I mean look it's in unknown territory right now. Young really is where were completely off the deepen and with this incredible ability to communicate that we have today because of social media. Yet we can spread these ideas we can now, and people can hop on Lord and other mentally ill people can, you know, decide that you are absolutely correct and we do need to add some disease and axes and other shit to that.
Thing is, you say as a joke and then one day it's how joke it'll happen. I think everything's a joke, but it's not a joke. I mean it's, it can happen at it does her. I mean I've the number times I tweeted something to take the pace, and then it happened a few months later. I'm not like it's pretty much all the time. Now that the one I have mentioned I still can't get over, it was went Tanya tweeted about Mary Poppins in other them. That is a saint Mary puppets. What she has chimney, so interface answered titania tweets and his backface. So right on that, but I never that six months later, the New York Times publish nautical saying exactly that saying many promises right This was a black because she had surrender phase yeah, really look at how to make one find its em. It's it's New York Times and its Mary pop I know Mary, Poppins and nanny shameful flirting with black face up the headline of the article right. Why making up and they use.
A screenshot, have a chimney so pretty much similar to the stranger I'd taken six months before right. It's not black for not racist, upright, but its changed so much in six months, like things have shifted. So bazaar was only this man for four new, a boyfriend state as he's a major publication, is God damned hilarious. But this isn't even like some life, long learning with black face. That's the New York Times who wrote that was a person is it I dont know who that person is only one says: Backpacking Voldemort right at the one. You know we'll the name or slowly. I conceive ultimately does Jesus Christ. That is so goddamn. This happens or that we had in the UK done if this story got broken, you know the new means musical cats, the film of cats, standardized Weber, thing right, yes, either nor didn't one of their mixed rice actors plays a white cap.
And they were articles about how they ve whitewashed, this black actor, but they voted under into a cat is not. You know what I mean is not racist. A name ill you're saying you know it's late, stop trying to think that right. This is it like if you're going to. Why not just this is why so The left on board, one just reserve the accusation of racism for actual races, I think just that thinks of the woke left the same way. They think of Antigua. They are on the fringe, but they're doing good work Like they're, not me, I don't think that way, but at least are attacking those right wing pieces shit that I hate I say, even though their crazy ridiculous, not crazy ridiculous, but they're not coming after me, ok they're, coming after people that I dislike, so they don't find it a problem but one thing if I mean I don't support violence anyway, but it be one thing of if we're going to actual fascists road when there
pepper sprang someone with a mega hat or Oh you know, or going after Andy. No, you know it's ok, right enemies or Augustine off some or Christine something that is difficult to take them seriously and their wear masks and hitting people bike arisen. Other M craziness, and oh, it's and there the compassionate one's rights of these. This is the incoherence of days if you, if you, if you set up as a kind of moral arbiter and you're doing everything in it in You bet your hearing, some with by Clock Robin engaging them in conversation than what how'd you even talk to that add even addressed that yeah. You really can't right, though there, but there are willing to do is the willing to attack people. They disagree with their willing to shut down discussion the willing to like if someone wants to come and speak and that person happens to be right, wing yeah, they feel completely. One hundred percent just five and shutting down the speech hitting fire alarms telling me
but they don't feel safe, yet attacking people that are trying to come into the venue screaming at old people, a movie seen all the stuff that happens. Seventy four this is, This is serious from that. I think is gonna get worse here very quickly right because up until now, I've always thought you guys who, in a really great as if you got your first amendment, you know since, and people will always be able to say whatever they want in this country. No, but you're, seeing the cracks in the ideal very very clearly, and some people are calling for hate speech laws so so that the first member doesn't apply to what the cool hate speak right and that would be the rather than just a mean yeah. You got people sitting on fire alarms, literally stopping peep from speaking railway, but I think there are people who are moving towards legislating against certain forms of speech. Well, it's very important that this be taught people understand that the answer to bad speech is good speech. Yeah does no more of it always been the answer to get to people that have opposing ideas in and have them talk and have one person who has the better idea
as whose more articulate understands it and understands the consequences of these evil ideas and lays it out so that everybody watching can go yet. I see now I learned, but as soon as you stop it, you know if they say we want. Ben Shapiro to debate our person, it's all go together. That's great now do that. Do that that's how to do it. So why would you want if you claim to be opposed to all these horrible ideas? Why would you want those ideas to be left unchallenged? Nor does it make sense to me right. What you, what you should you should be celebrating the idea that these people are gonna, get a platform and be debated and b and and big repudiate. They are worried that the persons can indoctrinate someone and they think that they are absolutely right
how to have someone join the Nazi Party. While I mean do you mean the historical knots in otherwise around today I mean who the hell knows, but I mean there's some more and more. Ok, fine get indoctrinated and that's what we're doing or protecting morons were nursing the world. But the fact is, there are so few of those peak. There are so few people who, at that stupid that's why they're out many analyses join the Nazi Party. Well I mean: do you mean the historical not otherwise around today Who the hell knows, but I mean there's some more and more: ok, fine get indoctrinated and that's what we're doing or protecting morons were nursing the world. But the fact is, there are so few of those peak. There are so few people who, at that stooped that's. Why they're out many Neonazis intense true that really more fighting humanity. I think I think most people have up pretty keyed up in our world. Smart man yet, and I understand what you think that, but I think there are a lot of extremely gullible. You know mediaeval believe the earth is flat. You wear that
I I wonder whether those people a joke and when I hear that really know I've on arguments were really conversations with real life. Ok! Well, let's take a case a list, that point that there are no flush stupid people can live informed. Guy about was calm, uninformed level and unprepared incidence of they don't have the skills to her. Though any sort of sin. I heard argument that SAM Wrong and my optimism back humanity's wrong, headed occasion an unwilling to accept that right so that same wrong about what is better. What's the best way to deal with those people? Is it to cite we're gonna know platform older people are going to indoctrinate them, we get so they never get here, but We live in a world with the internet where people can go and on their various chat rooms and they can and there they can go into those, and they can hear those ideas unchallenged. They don't hear the opposing view right. So surely, if, If there are all these waves of homeless people out there, that's the environment wet, but she's gonna radicalism, not not,
stage at some university where, when I agree with you, but they want to de platform people that would bring those people over to those websites where they would get indoctrinated right, so they want d platform the love of social media, so that those people who have problematic ideas can't drag someone over to storm front or where, whatever radical you website But we know more. We know from the history of censorship that it never works right. Never work it always drives people towards hurling, and I so, but that doesn't matter people still you dating back. As you say, you know it and we do know it. Well me people organ, think that way and operate that way. Tat requires strain. It requires foresight, it requires, some sort of an absurd active understand history, locomotives Also in the UK there was a far right particle. The british National Party, which does technically still exists, but note me there's like ten people in and
eat or that part there was impact moment where they were winning millions of votes right, because there are laws people who disenfranchise picking working class areas in they were desperate, some kind of and the head of that party. Nick if they went onto our main political discussion programmes for question time, BBC one prime time and he was humiliated and assume that happened. The BNP were over within a matter of months it exposed to those normal people, the ludicrous and absurd nature of his viewpoint, and that, I think, is a really heartening idea that actually, if you mix, if you hear more from these people, they are self discrediting right, but but if you, if you buy them you're, always giving them a kind of glamour. A kind of martyrdom stated that they don't deserve an end and that I think attracts a lot of people to their world view. That's theirs definitely something to be said for that is doubly something we me like. I'm not!
in favour of banning these people yeah, but I'm not also, I'm also not in favour of these people being able to espouse hate speech everywhere. They go and to be able to indoctrinate people's wells like I don't know what the actual do. Trust, while I'll put it s might be. I do not trust the state to decide what constitutes hate speech on here. I don't believe that I mean the UK, they proven that they are capable of doing SAM's, Canada, right oak eggs exactly absolutely clearly so so, in that case I'm for abolishing the idea of hate speech as a pact we have. I didn't, have a job at the UK with this right. We have a thing where the police will investigate you for non crime if its offensive right on crime. So there's a website. The government's website and hate crime has a paragraph on non cry. I hate incidents, ok and what they specifically says. If you ve heard some excellent said something in its offensive to you
and you believe that the person said something because of you. You were one of the protected characteristics because race, gender, sexuality, disability. Whatever, then you report that took place in the get locked in a hate crime statistics as a hate crime. Even that is no crime. I'll give you a very specific example. This is a famous case in the UK the moment my uncle Harry Miller. He was a doktor from Humber Side and the police, tweet it a poem that was perceived to be transferred back and people were upset about maintaining right, the pony, just retweet the poem the police investigated his retreat and they and he said to them- have broken law. They set. This isn't a crime. This is a non crime, hate incident and the actual phrase the police officer used. I'm not joking was we have to check your thinking Well, now, that's sinister, what wonder and when the police we were humps, I please would challenged on this, but in the media it turns out is standard practice in the police did just one vote, police officer going about this is standard practice that the commissioner
Guidelines from the college of policing actually stipulate that this is what you meant to do this now finally been challenged in the courts, but no one stood up to this stuff. You know this is a phrase check your think check your thinking. By a police officer. No less yeah, like the police lose qualified to check your thinking. Well, you should be it's crazy, Gibby difficult its while. Yet quite I mean that the college of policing, you teach the police what what what the It's actually said he said well, we ve had a workshop on. What you don't understand is that babies are sometimes born with it. With a male brain when they got female, but I'm in literally he was trying to lend him only stuff Might be true, but that doesn't mean that the police should be able. Tell you that you can't retweet something that you agree with right and we have. We have people in our country. You have me, do you know how many people arrested in the UK? Let us ask how many people you think arrested every year in the UK for offensive comments? I posted online. What would you guess?
just as it is not a trick, I'm just interested. No, what you would assume rested for offensive comments on the ice three hundred three thousand ever yeah right now and that's not including all the many thousands of non private non crime hate incidents that logged on rice, a three thousand people arrested and- how's it, some of them will be horrible, but I've been care about. Some of these comments will be horrible, nasty, racist, awful right. A lot of them are between like rival football gangs and stuff like that, but some of them are jokes. One guy says three months in prison for joke about Madeline Mccann and it was a joke that he cut and paste from some website put on his own Facebook Petrie months in prison. For that says, so rice was a joke. I don't I don't know good mothers laugh and for three months. Yes, exactly food, better framework right now he's a phelan rendered the fight. One in the UK to my music count Dankula case
I am not so I do know that one and them, and because I stood ass planets. We will, I don't know, that's the loaves. There's a guy who count Duncan Israel names Mark is making and he's a youtube, and he created his dog. Sorry is girlfriends, dog is he's cute little pug, don't cry, and his girlfriend was only always going on about how adorable the dog was. So he might. He train the dog to jump about enthusiastically whenever it had the phrase gas, the Jews and he trained it. Doolittle Nazi salute whenever it had Zeke Heil right now, those phrase After that contacts are unpleasant. You can see why someone will be offended by that right, but the joke was that this cute little dog is doing is behaving this vicious. If the joke is poor, the question on the idea that there's nothing worse than a Nazi while also the jokes predicate and the fact that we all-
no, the dog has no idea what it's doing quite exactly yet so that you know that's what that's him during this economy. So, but that's better the dough now to now look I accept that people can be like you know. I might be offended by I'm a friend of all sorts of things in that's fine, but no three million people so that video before Youtube took it down
you know, and I M a three many people, not one complaint. No one complained: the police actually went to the Scottish Council of jewish communities and said: do you find this offensive? And understandably, they said yes and the police are great. Now we can prosecute this guy to your investigation, found guilty in a court of law ultimately find eight hundred pounds. That was what happened in he's got a criminal record. Therefore, whatever you think about the joke right, it's it's it. It is clearly meant to be funny, but not only that cybercrime intelligence unit investigated all of his tweets emails. His entire background find any remote connection to a fascist group of our group. Nothing. They found nothing. So there's no evidence so, basically they prosecutor in the UK. We now have someone who's been prosecuted, because the judge believes that he knows what secretly going on what his secret intention is, and the the actual phrasing of the law
under which he was prosecuted, is that it is deemed grossly offensive, which is a very subjective idea, something that is grossly well, particularly when the fact that you have three thousand different view around three million different views. Ryan, no complaints, no complaint right! That's that and I know the guy- because I I I I defended him at the time and then, of course, we within the Imo Nazi apologists, that's what that which is utterly ugly lunatics, but I know the gun he's a nice guy not all I've seen em area. Yet with a treatment that we're gonna talk about this. I found a story that happened last week. This is a tweet that I've I've kind of gone through a two verified a little, but unless its honour percent, accurate kind of guy got a job interview, and I guess you signed up and they found this on his on their own. You said he did not give them as information. They sent him three hundred. Fifty one p
ages of every tweet you ever like that. Had the word fuckin wow, he said I how to get a background check for my job and it turns out. The report is a three hundred plus page pdf of every single tweet. I've ever liked liked with the word fuck in it, enjoy your disturbing bs. There's a bunch leave on it, but I look at the company that does come on. Go back. Sorry was a update. I came home to a package containing a printout of all three fifty one pages of it. Obviously, this Toby cares about wasting paper, here's like, for instance, so what it looks like and they use this to justify not giving in the job is out there. I don't know, I don't know I'm going to write a guy like this tweet. Merry Christmas to the toddler us are running Cross traded, shows with a giant bottle peppermint vodka and mom running after him like no, no, no, no, no! No! No only set flag type, bad flag, reason, alcohol, their posts type liked, so they
They changed what he was saying right he's making a joke about a toddler these are running across trader. Just the giant bottle a peppermint vodka that it did take. From its mom and the models are gimme. That argument argue that so they flagged it because the there was out We call on the baby had a bottle of our there's nothing offensive about. I don't owe ever I actually going to stand why that would be an issue because they want you to be scares fuck they want to be with. You throw you thinking and then I want you to ever. Do anything that could come come back to hurt the company in any way and an immense Their bottom line mean that is crazy. They even liking a toy do not like writing the to liking, liking. It crazy, like things by mistakes, sometimes crazy thumbs. I just say the wrong thing: here's another one! To this day, this still, the most in all caps, big dick energy of EV,
seen in a video or not. That is that, like called his dad when he was about to and wants to be a millionaire right. Like celebrate that, I know the answer, I'm gonna win right. Ok, so he He called his dad tells David he's gonna win, because he news gonna win. Now. Look at this wag reason: language, bigotry, sexism, what's the biggest tree, the sexism I don't understand it. I don't see any bigotry bigotry. Protect sexism, that he's a man and his is showing big dick energy crises, big dick energies, expression and its export for someone who is suit, supercontinent and the idea that you say. Well, it must have big dick, that's the joke without success joke. It's an internet, meme, big, Dick Energy, an internet mean and that this is flag type, bad, language, bigotry, sexes, here's the best part posts type liked. He disliked it like you. Size because it is a big dick energy move. But
any doubt all your dad say about the one million dead. Is that what does that justifies big, dick gee I don't know, it's not afraid that we commonly used in the UK which refined for that. I go. That's vulgar yes, vulgar! It's a new american thing overnight as a way of four years so like to make two years is having a big dick sexist. Then the. I guess. That's what you're saying and its bigotry is the whole areas far I'm well scour that motherfucker forever and try to find some bigotry there. You know a gentleman's name. You want to read this. You want to read along with his is internet name is Kay EM. L e F, or a and c Kay. Em. L e Frank. If our answer I m l e, F R, and see on Twitter, Bruce bruise almighty hilarious since a funny guy. By the way they don't have a bigger
It means I'm, I'm really sick of this working thrown around right. It's a real problem with their army. He should build Suva that one southern bigotry about a big bigotry is the dictionary definition of bigotry that intolerance to those with different opinions and and more often than not sorry, the ultimate patronising. But it's just that whenever I hear the word being used is always by bigots. Time at European and that you are bigger you you don't agree with everything I say, and therefore you are bigger than that make you you just undermined your whole for its growth but liking tweets. I mean it, but it's about it. The deepest troll through everything you have a road and aching but liking them in crazy about that. As this is a company that's doing this, so there's accompanied did a hired, that's willing to do this and the company labelled it bigotry. So is the company woke? Is this the company family? The small this way to screen toxic workplace behaviour. Now, they'll be tell them is a talent screening, software, okay, so software, part of the problem to help identify problematic behaviour among
potential hires and current employees by analyzing, publicly available online information boy. Would I have time getting a job is locked up said that another company use this company to get that information like back. Check that accompanied the wonted creepy company insane light. That's really sinister. What's using just software, it says yeah. It's a town, screening software. So it's basically they do. Scan you to make sure that you pass their purity test which No one will not with any sense of humor. I mean if that, guy, the Big Dick Energy guy that gets. You flagged you're bad person, because you thought that guy who news gonna win a million dollars would call his dad. I'm not that's funny. Is there alike
there is no way that is anyone on the planet who couldn't be cancelled, if you add unlimited access to their private. Nowhere texts tweets- and I were with as part of why people want to cancel people because they know to come back at them and there's a certain thrill like one of the things you find about people, here's one right! Whenever you see a homophobic preacher, re almost guarantee that guy's, yet almost guarantee in all these centres in their homosexuality, getting together in Lyon with Man and you did see the bone urges lapping in their pants its debts with these people I loved, and then there was get they always get caught with embroidering crystal meth of some people who just have just off. Even if you, if you're adhering to his work ideology, are part of the court, is have a few fucked up sketchy thing past. You know they could get you and maybe that's just stay on the offensive stay on the offensive. But then that is to say, with male, for anyone who advises male families under person. The number time take. You know that there are wondering how
So how come the like anybody identifies? The male family should be flagged. That and they just go through their stuff like what why so many days, you say that, like this and I've, I've got cut person. I know guys were creepers who identifies male feminist so that they could get women to think that their woke in there. Part of the good Squire. I good guys. It's just it's a transparent ploy by sneaky me to try to fuck. That's all it is it's the most avi It's like the dumbest. Magic trick ever like you could see them stuff. The handkerchief sleeve it's so stupid, but you know feminist used to just mean someone who believes in equality of the sexes, which is pretty much everyone right so yeah, but it's a problem and in the word right dexterity. What's feminine in it, you should be any good. Terry and variety of overall open. My The person who believes in the individual and you dont want to separate anyone yet whether its by race or gender or sexual orientation or anything
any groups you love people you want everyone to have equal opportunity. When everybody have equal treatment, you would get rid of the word feminist, using if no annulment, I will never get rid of it, because I think it's imperil empowering for some people that have grown up and suppress of environments and to be able to to abolish yourself as someone who's resisting something that you fought against it give you have you grow in a horrible environment like maybe you dad, beat your mom and you were told you a piece of shit because you're a woman and then you finally get him with his group. That tells you know as a feminist, you you're you're, Empowered Europe, Europe, powerful woman, and yet I don't want to get rid of any labels. But I would I would be on border that totally if I thought the Monday feminism is anything to do with empowerment, but I think it is well. I think she with women a week. Women are victims. Women need special protection, I think, is the opposite of empowerment in law, a feminist views in a lot of As you know, China, to generalise and no programme, but at my issues with men, the council's feminine. Ok, I can, I just don't buy it. I have never met one everyone, of medicine creeper if either a creeper or the most,
ultimate beta mail or most women, don't even identifies feminists. They most women to that. I have met their so there's obviously compromised Riah and you know, or its men have these really powerful women like bits of theirs. That's a lot of it it's like men who have this I'd, really powerful girlfriend and in other kind of weak yeah. There's a lot of that you know, I was there. I have a jug show me a man whose claims to be a feminist who can pay. Heavy shit and run fast. They don't exist. I again I'll, try, privy Roman Reich and of probably a guy what really likes to fuck Yet it is like he could work. In a regular way, but he's just say, he's trying to cover all the basis. Since you know I'm one of your fuckin feminist, too broad get a solemn does make sense to me. But again I try not to imagine what's going on a people's heads in them, but you write so many of them. It just happens all the time, so many of them, let you stay with the gay pride. Let's just say: creature like oil slick. Why would Ryan? Why would you care why so angry about gay people? Why do you care also? Some of them are really campaign.
Yeah, and you just thing I can't I was clearly I had a bit about it that does only two types of people that hate gay marriage. Either you dumb secretly worry the decks are delicious right. Exactly and that's that you can't from those people you get this weird thing: we're you're, trying to throw people the trail yeah the people live If you show up at her, you know and hit run car accident well, who did that? Yea address? It's crazy. I would never do this. I can't even believe someone will do this. I mean I'll. Tell you what I would never do it have you looking for people it wouldn't be. Bearing aside the criminal joining the vigilante gas insights, it's it's! It's an old trick, obsolete Cops always say that when someone's and arsonist are almost always at the scene of the crime, they show up to watch her handiwork. Well, I'm gonna think about this more than condemning you're you're. So, putting into my mind now decided that there's a lot of the boat people are doing it in order to cover their own tracks and well there like a self praise evasion kind of there's? No, definitely that, but I think it's also. They don't want any of that smoke.
Want any of it coming very well. How vicious it at this horrible is like yes, light on friends of the go used to be welcome. Now is not. His name's Jamie killing still got a guy got, in called outbound? They went after him now do it, my god and in a small way comparison and the way some people have gotten it, but he recognized like how crazy it has now also recognises his own patterns were so problematic like he was tweeting, mean things to people and columnist, sexist Pagan, a piece of shit, homophobic and it was doing it to get that love and they would check, is twitter obsessive, Liliaceous couldn't even he was walking down the street cupolas phone. I was pocket see how people responding to his tweet Vienna becomes an addiction in this crazy. Does people have that thing where they feel the vibration in their pocket? There is no migration, it's like it's as if they they are writing is a term for this. So yet it's like I too, all my social media Agnes was hugely beneficial and I put em all on the back page of my phone, and I
put them in a folder that says act right. Nine yourself, your sin, so, if I want fuck around. I want to go on twitter or Facebook, or here I dont really go on Facebook, but fell going when those I have to go into the attic folder and remind yourself ass. I don't go in I mean I'm getting better at birth rate, it does bring out the worst in people any brings out. The western me like, I find the same thing as well: one we're layman beings. You know when you can't. I want to see it and to which social media has a soul s escalate. Everything in the real world is worrying because, because peep we ember adults discussing stuff anymore godchildren throwing mud, you know, that's what's basely happen, you and our discussing things. Issues is harder to find. Someone who could. Just, don't talk to you, but there's a bunch of people are waking up to a lot of people are getting flip. Phones do yeah, he's alive People that are realising like this is a bad addiction. You know now. I can see that I've consider again a flip phone or maybe
phone with no apps IRA in on us on a bad idea to well. I deleted twitter for weak and then I got so much work done, I was so productive. It was really great done, but it, but it's just. I get trapped, they cycles of stupid conversations with some is arguing with a figure. Their imagination. They takes up, decided that you believe something that you just don't even the telling you what do you believe in you have the luxury of a characters: well, you're what I used it before it without it. When did you get out it? That was when the bookcase that was March last year- and I guess I didn't do it- how to do it was the Sunday Times, and I you know what So the journalist and this really interesting investigative journalism stuff like Rosamond Urban, and I wasn't she them she'd red lines. In my political articles for the right, these articles, four spike magazine and she'd, read an advance copy the book and should see that some of the quota
she's, match up, and then she EMA me saying I think you're. The tiny Mcgrath can you, can you confirm or deny this and I fuck? Do you know I'm a mobile? I didn't lie. They saw a fudge. She found friends of mine. Ask whether it was me she and I haven't told any right- you are told them. In fact, what is great, some of my friends were following two tiny and now let me what was a bit about was emphasised when I like some of us as a joke, knows me anyway, areas that I loved being in the closet. I love you thought about creating new character. I've got a couple bash. I want a browser or look and say you. They are many followed by hope. There can build them up, but like there was a real, it was like I loved the just being a carriage and, and the thing is because the outer happened, the wicked, but a look deliberately by cuts of cynically called on it when it was a big publicity thing right, help? Booksellers yeah, I know, but I didn't I still want to because now you know what a big differences now is that everyone in Haiti
by the way, like the Social Justice ACT with the venom for this character is off the fucking. Scale that they bear linen. I don't expect them to find it funny. I get that there are no gonna, find it funny right, but the anger is is unbelievable said now. It goes to me right now. Whenever she treatment they find offensive. They they go from me onto they call you by name or they will reply with my night. You know, and I get screenshot sent back This is homophobic or whatever I'm like none of it is none of it is that the target is never minorities with her that these her there's. You know the the goalposts have been moved so far away from reality. Added there's no logic to any of you know. One called me homophobic because I said I had an old tweet this from two thousand twelve Riah. They done over much tweets about me this week, a k, one of em from two thousand twelve said Commie Roma entered, but I love But when I see gay couples that are so comfortable that they can kiss him,
I saw this s. Someone said that you were fetish. Rising people buy come on. That's hilarious. Now. There was a legitimate tweezers, probably high, because what it's, what I feel like warm and fuzzy, and I, as a gay couple make out. I think that was what it was mused eight fucking years ago, it's hard to remember but that's quite so you may as well over and fucking fags. You may as well as well, but I was with It's it's weird man is weird. The holdings very weird sent that they could just call you homophobic for that is so without the other thing we could do is like is well I used the phrase call out, but how about we sought cognac people misuse those words here. Maybe if your homophobic, you hate gay people, not you didn't like you. Do you think it's nice so they can kiss openly and publicly. It says: there's no logical, but that's a thing is like your arguing with someone who's there that there it it's like the idea,
If you leave Islam, if you you could be killed right, This is what happens to us today, right yeah. That is crazy, right there. You leave you, it's so terrifying that someone could kill you That is the same kind of religious thinking, religious, Craig, used ideology, adherence to the dogma, yeah, no matter what that would allow someone to think that I could be homophobic by saying that I think it's great when gay, guys. So comfortable they kiss in public because they know you are in your mind: they they think they do this incredible mind. Reading, that's what it's all about their all cycles. Did you know that there are signs that they don't care about? How did it get out illustrate the early there's no need for reality in their world with they decided that you're a big it. Then they can you anything and everything against you, including pro gay tweets. Yeah how'd, you get that can use exactly. I think about it, can use a pro gave way to prove the homophobic. It's amazing.
But it's kind of good, because it so crazy that logical, left, leaning people read that undergo what the they do and they go come on man, and you know it's been positive for me- in a lot of ways. Are there so over the top that you know I gotta go France go, do I know you're homophobic, like I don't know either I may now I know, but they know maybe this is why they always turn most severely on people from the left to question this stuff. They really do cause. They aspect it from the right and, I think to yeah, especially if you look like you should be on the right and you're on the left, which I definitely do right. You know it's like there's do you mean try to figure it out, but I think it all boils down to it. He it here in strict adherence and compliance dogma, and if you don't, have you not willing to comply. One hundred percent with the ideology they'll attack. You said you just like Martine Inevitable, but that's my think, left and right is no longer helpful. I think I think it's about that's why they're all these weird alliance is going on now mean that I did this
and reasoning with Peter Promotion who unexpected James Lindsey, and we were given these two This event in London and we were sitting there at lunch, and I would like at the head of the eighth- is society sit next to this evangelical christian pastor from America, and there was light there were people have no fight or fight and left and right and it's like, but we all believe in liberty like, ultimately, we all care about freedom and individual freedom, and that's that that's the new fault line is not left against right, its people, even in liberty, for the individual or people who want more authority to control you and that's that's the real conflict. Well, if the right really wanted to bring more people over. What they would do is establish like universally cross the board appreciation for gay people appreciation, for gay marriage and apply creation for the need to take impoverished communities and bring them up yet an appreciation for welfare
an appreciation for you now raising the minimum wage if they just started a few things like that good Lord, the amount of people that would jump off that fuckin shit. That sinking ship of liberal ideas yeah, because it's just its info did with rats its firstly with rancid or chewing the hole in the very heart of the ship that happened in the UK. The conservative government pushed through gay marriage, because, actually goloshes quite conservative- I dare say you know tat government out your life yeah yeah, seven, it should be well, maybe that's what they maybe that's what they need to do, but I think will definitely if you, if you support the left you need to trying to Wade. The Democrats and the and the Labour Party from going woke, because they ain't they all of their major do and they don't even realize you're doing it. But the problem is this: country is no room for a third party. Appreciate it I believe in it now you have you, have the option to you:
kind of do or Gary Johnson ran last year, and some people voted for him. But what really happened in this country previously historically, is that when someone charismatic came along, that's an independent, they really just take votes away from democratic. Yes, isolate the vote right, yeah yeah, the Republicans are pretty rigid Actually. Here's a bag example against that, though, is Ross Perot. He actually took votes away for the Republican and that's why Bill Clinton gotten office right naturally want when Herbert Walker Bush was in his first term, so he only done one term and then Clinton one and when her Walker Bush was gone for real action and listen, why run, but he one rather is his Ross parole. Who is this eccentric? Billionaire do remember him. Now I never saw an I remember us per year he was an accent, billionaire independently des independent and he got on tv and bought an entire half hour of prime Time television rights to show people how to get fucked, but
Federal reserve and taxes and whose explained the parapet Eric taken. I want, or their sees, what do they take here and again, and he was doing all this shit neighbours like what the fuck- and I remember everybody was all in a word. I voted for a month. I'm pretty sure try to remember you worried about selling on girls playing the vote. All you do. Is you fuckin? Eighteen, I not vaccinate how old last golden that meeting twenty one body. Am I right in thinking that there isn't that much between the Democrats in the twenty five seconds, there's you to have him at a real, so left wing rightwing option that they ve pretty seminar. I think that lends on who you talking to you no fee. If there's there's a giant difference between TED Crews and Bernie Sand right, there's a giant difference, there's some it a lot of it is people are concerned with abortion rights at an giant one and people are concerned with a republic and putting someone in the Supreme Court that
gonna women a woman's right to chew less social issues that you have demonstrated. I doubt those are big ones in those are also big ones: those pro life people they. You know they will not vote for someone who's, not pro life, and so, if you get to a position where your are republican? You pretty much have to be pro life right. If you want, I want the grew. Today is the sticking point they arise. They think you know- and this is there is no judgment here, but this is their their position. Is it you're killing a baby? Yet right now I don't give a fuck about anything else. You can kill a goddamn baby right, and so they look. Ok, ok, ok and so many Republicans that maybe even have had abortions be open about up to carry out, but I cant get it so they have to hide it. This is right I think someone like Saunders is, is a genuine leftwing option and why someone like Elizabeth Warrant or someone is pushing the Woke thing will never beaten.
We like electoral hemlock, and I think it is absolutely not work but sees they don't see that how do they not see because their full of shit, but how did they not happened? Last, like Hillary Clinton, was talking of the various demographics and she's a sure splitting the electoral up and south and it didn't work? Well? How can we not see They never would have you ever known, someone who just a real pathological liar. They have a pass the makeup things. They don't know that other people can't tell that other people can tell rather that they're, not normal they're, not there, not acting normal royal seem genuine there, sir there's certain aspects of people that it's hard to tell, but there's some people just don't seem genuine and political people in particular I can people are running for political office. That's when that shit really stands out. Yeah is over and over and over again you see them doing these speeches and over and over and over again we see them talking about things and something for consensus in some people can't but vague,
yet when you're a liar, you can't tell other people, see you right because you're lying like I know a guy, I'm gonna be nicer, not name names now never is days fuck, but he doesn't think everybody knows it. His son buoyant right he's gay everyone that I know knows he's. We all wish you know, but he's got a family's got like wife and kids were aspect. Why has this guy get as rocks off again raising, but it just one of those things like that the man is a homosexual. I'm pretty sure I mean if I had a bad, I'm fuckin pushing all my chips ray a right and a boy, because of that. He acts in this room strange because he's living this kind of life a life, he action strange way. I don't think he realizes that people know and you think, a lot of these people go into politics allow resource that kind of social I think there's something about them, and so they have this fake, earnestness, TAT, Brian, that fake,
earnestness, won't work. It will work if you're talking to ten thousand people if you're talking to ten thousand people about the way. We can come together as a country and we can take America back yeah. It is. Connected, I always put down to them having to follow a party line, all the slogan icing, another frank slow. This is also the eye is back on. This will never be a politician I can. I can bear not just say what I think are you have your politician enough short one that nothing has now in someone's trying to be woke. What they're doing as they're just has now do it being genuine if someone's awoke, a sort of that they're just sort of acting this out. I wish that were true, but I don't think it is open to those and I think, trumps being very smart whenever he, whenever he sort of, brings people in our minds. The Lima focuses on air sea and folks, and because it means that you
an increase in our democratic socialist. There is not going to spectator this week about there's a light that that there aren't really woke people they just sort of that they're just sort of acting they sound. I wish that were true, but I don't think it is. I don't into those and I think, trumps being very smart whenever he, whenever he sort of brings people in our minds. The Lima focuses on air sea and folks and exit. Means that you start thinking Democrat is woke. You know it's a sense that so a message acts and we know it just never if it works out. That's why despair with lay behind the weather like When I just you know I I I want to see a proper opposition, ah monsieur proper laughing pie, the cares about class issues that cares about money that cares about the poverty line is social mobility. You, do not know whether you and what Russia's or whatever you no compassion for people that are trying to get binders I've, not social justice, issues yeah, not nonsense, yeah exactly
that's the way most people feel. That really is, but I think it's also we. This is a symptom of a very simple, not simple was whose me a society where it's pretty easy to get by yeah. There's the it's not we're, not dealing with world war. Two right! Ok, it would be impossible to be woke if we're being invaded by the knot? Of course, these these these would not be priority right now exactly, but it would never take hold it takes hold in incredibly, safe environment affinity, oil tankers work, which shows the progression of society becoming safer and safer the resistance that he gets to these idea, where people com some sort of a piece of shit, enabler and horrible things. Say to him for just talking about Sciences It is this in showing the trends yeah that we live in probably one of the greatest times to be alive ever, but that's also why people are finding things to complain about finding things that are issues finding things to rally for finding,
CS I mean causes. I think that the way the people speak at the moment is that the EU can the Eu S or the memory the most bigoted racist, homophobic, cited ever been and then that the opposite about it in the most tolerant I ve ever been and what we had about eyes. The statistics by bear it out. Yes, all of the all. The studies show that the Uk Great Four and is the most tolerant, major european country. Even the EU s own research into this shows that that the tolerance towards immigration, for instance in the UK, has become so much more Since the bricks advice we are up, they wit and yet at the summit those things get better and better and better and site get more progressive, a more tolerant claims of bigotry, racism get more more escalating. They and that's out that's that is, I think, something we could challenge like. Firstly, let's get the left to be left again.
And unfulfilled awoke nonsense, but also to remind people that they not oppressed when they say they are like. If someone claims to be oppressed, that's a very specific extreme thing: it's not just well. I sense that some unconscious bias in the world or or maybe the act should be a different color was over they oppression to some great. If someone's sums asking you for your papers were when you're turning every corner someone's not letting right, don't you know the proper approach, you approach is what dictators do is what tyrants do it's, what they do in North Korea way you fuck up, though, they'll arrest, your whole family. Put your whole family, imprisoned, radically, leaning towards woken is actually starts to create oppression. Like you see that guy got his Fuckin twitter, chair, yeah, yeah, runs liking. Funny means how is it the case that those sort of tactics I'm not saying that they that that's an authoritarian company, but those tactics are straight from the authorities of our sun writers, so it? How is it that they can't see the hypocrisy of that that that they can see that what this is where
he's leading. I think they probably had. No idea was gonna, be that extreme and the first implemented it, and they just wanted to keep problematic people out of their office right of your person who is like save your hiring someone and you find out. You know a few weeks after there on the job that they have dino some really horrific posts onto it. Yeah and people have found out before him ever. There was a story There was a man who got out it and he had a ready to count s red account was horrific, ok and that this is the year took not genuine self nasty kind of NEO Nazi horrible novels. Neo Nazi. I think I was like tat of feeling. Ok talking about Petheridge, who is It was joking around and stuff, but he was just responsible for awful How the internet people like fuck. This guy was fond. The fuck you so they found a who he is and then they let us
I know, and they sent copies of all the shit that he had written on, read it and he got fired for right. That's but that's different, but but these sorts of initiatives that a setup, you contrast, intimate those important distinction. Between something that is very serious and ancillary that could oversee and with the US We share your employer. The last thing you want is one of those guys slip in three radar. Will you don't know that disguise working? That's true, ok, but I still get really in company with the idea of truly through everyone's history do swelling jack. I always felt a lot of these people saying these things they do it for sport yeah. Did I really mean that the out there really nazis? I just a lot of people to do that. Pepe, the frog mean the same thing. They do it because it makes other people feel uncomfortable. So they think it's fun so. I really feels bad man he's a Nazi. I realize this properly, when I did me that count can a guy, because he showed me the discord serving the chat room. They will go into and it was I was I I can't deal with this stuff like some of the stuff that was in there is icon, but but what I want, I can clearly see that it's like big kid is I'd, be Tina.
They didn't one upmanship they just run out are the right things, and so it's like Deja the Pakistan Yes to the Pakistan flag, which is an satire off of identity policy that a nation of identity Arians. You know and though they model they on the Nazi flag to take the piss right. But of course, if, Don't know that world and not from the one you see that flag, the oh, my god, that's a Nazi flat, religious copying, yes, and so, if you don't know, if you have mercy self network, like I'm from an ominous from that side, is perspective, it took some one to show me for me to sort of get a job. I had to show me how did a Jordan and explain the whole thing to me, and you know, and in Jordan, has taken so much heat because he paused for a photograph with these. Eyes that had him hold up the flag of a catchy, he thought it was funny because he's eggs, that these sort of these means that its and he's he's interested in the fact that people interpret them so severely, yes and so extreme or the jump to the world.
Possibility ass. They assume the worst of everyone Wildfell because of small percentage but are actually nazi frog. That's what I'm going to say that the counter arguments sizeable couldn't JANET fascist uses his cover. That's think! That's the counter organ that people use it. So one thing that the Dankert armies, that what happens is that so these new actual NEO nazis coming to serve and though they get you know that deal with them. The map themselves. They got him way of solve discerning. It meant that that's the typical argument that. Humor and well that's a great way. Also. If you wanted to break up a group, you infiltrate and act like a Nazi right that Pakistan flag and then all sudden everyone's, a Nazi is associated with that Fraga doing that that is a that's a classic government move. I think it's. I think it's incumbent on people to try and the stand, the agriculture that their criticising in oh, yes, my friend Stephen Knight, who does he
he's an interior, and he went and interviewed a bunch people on March with the Pakistan flag and was asking them about views and whether their rights and when he spoke them, is quite clear that they just don't that their parties, internet culture and they think it's fun. In the attic, its trolling and an order that sort of stuff- and yes I want you, last night, if you have a generous interpretation it up, and then you understand that this isn't this, isn't this horrible right, but but but people use. This is evidence of this rising fascism things these people, Ok about fascism is evidence of the rising faster than those two things. Don't. Why would you? Why would want to live in a world where there are fascists, and why would you want to believe? I dont understand that, like the people who proclaims be anti ray sublimity anymore, more excited to find racism there that they love racism. They can't wait. To find the under every stone in every corner. That's how they justify their actions right, so we just go back to that gives them purpose isn't something today, while it's also like we're talking about with people that they can't. You can't be woke enough, because once found all the other people that aren't following the doktor
Then they turn on each other. They will absolutely. I got no one's gone through, my tweets here and now, as far as I am aware, I'm fuckin putting this out than ever know Wednesday. Let me answer, and unlike what did I say now, I'm dying. I myself is the jokes lives there must be. Of course I mean I've been on twitter, since two thousand seven I've said so much stupid shit and I used to use it differently to are used to twitter, like I, would post things that I thought people would react to us. Silly way and I would just retreat. Things and not even say anything good. Let's see how have you knock pm freak out about should get someone to go back over whom they can have it. Really that that's the best attitude and you do not like good luck exactly waste your life going through my tweets, some people. I know they do this thing with a they self destruct the tweets after seven days, and also that are really yeah they do. I do that with the Tanya Forbid, when in the innovation is getting mass reported- and I know it like she kept going band
She'd had like you, talk of regulations are rovers and do that's how about tying up the role, because I have to think of something other. Do you think that when you do that, when you inhabit her, do you think tat you understand and appreciate the way these people think, and do you think that its attractiveness in somewhat yeah- I I know about it, because I used to study this stuff, so I used it. I used to teach and I used to em. I did it a thesis which was about push structures in the past about postponing a lot about Foucault and all the origins of this so I'm familiar with an unfamiliar with the language in amphetamine, familiar with the ideas and, of course all of my and the boys been on the left? So I know this. I know what this is all about and it's fun to try to think in the way that they think and and that's how come up with the jokes is, I think, he's what's the most extreme. Why I could take this.
This obvious thought. How can I push as far as using their mindset? Not my mindset and that's guys, it's kind of a funding to it's kind of interest. I would imagine we very fun. I find people the belief what they believe very strongly to be extremely attractive and attract, I don't mean like I'm sexually. Try to them. I mean attractive like like this. Is we like I watch a lot of fundamentalist religious videos. Yes, because I I I really get fastened by people that are all in. I totally agree. I love watching those western Baptist Church Music, videos that hilarious there really funny like it's. I watch anything. How do you believe this like this is? This is crazy to an extreme extent, but eight again, lessons and they are lives, but I like it with all religions of I watch it with multiple different religions. Yes, when Christianity and
Mormonism I'd. I've watched a lot of videos or people really really really believe, and then the other really believe to something attractive about that, and I think it's about what watch it try to understand it right, because yet my parents, or my my stepped out of my mom basely, basically atheists- I was raised by atheists and for that I was catholic, so I was catholic- tells like first aid and then from then on, you know when my mom married my stepped out. As all know, those religion in the household dry and also I've always been kind of fascinated by people that have this intense believe in something yeah in particular, something that really not logical I'll. Give you laid the tenants out like we may came back to life ok and turn dotterine Rwanda length emanating from the catholic families. While you know- and I think my mother was a postulant none, so they too very go yet the Irish this house, a heavy, pretty heavier.
The recent your pictures of her in the the habit. You know it's a scary thing see why but yeah I'm in the belief that you have the faith that you have is irrational by its own definition, but that's not a threat if you, if you have, if you have that genuine part of the joy of faith, I think is that you would believing it in spite of Spite of rational right yeah, the joy of believing in something that you and I think, there's something about that where you like the fact that other people also aren't questioning it right, like that, when you see people at church wanna things they like that. I believe this is that They like the fact that you're not questioning either good lorries, can look after a SAM, yes, yes Tom, and they they lie this sort of simple really in the box kind of thinking. From you, because if I know that you think like that, I can kind of predict how you're going to at least behave most of the time and don't we all of its much more fun? Isn't it to read
someone who agrees with you and so many challenging because it has challenged, takes its effort. Right has exhausted, and so I think what you I didn't find. Their applies to all ideologies he's whether its political or religious. You know, I think I know is this: with with ideologues- is the When I talk to someone who say someone sesame reading woke, say someone says like I think the movie Dunkirk should have had more people of color, which was a common criticism at once. They ve set him and that's that I then no every other opinion they have on everything else. They never surprise me because they got sick series things that they believe in this assembly- the religious- but someone says I'm a Catholic. Well, I know what you believe that and substantiation of whatever you know, and that means that you're not thinking for yourself and they have this predetermine pattern to behave. Yeah? Well, you ideology scares me full stop, which is why I don't mind, saying conservatives right about some things left wing is right about other things, an end and having the discussion and accepting that I'm probably wrong about an awful lot of stuff is well like that. To me is, is better
then saying I know all the answers as like a marxist would or awoke person would or a Catholic would have whatever will we do has created an ideology of open mindedness, but that wouldn't be an ideology Of course I wouldn't they did, but they always again. They will say that to the anti woke. The USA is an ideology of itself to be open, ass, like saying the eighties them is a religion. It's not it's not the same thing. Some atheists do act like religious people, though, We can now we're. Well, they absolutely know for sure that nothing happens to when you die and then, when you don't know that bear the burden of proof is on those who claim that it so they might well, they don't make of yes if you want to say that you know for sure that you gotta have a new right around the clock, Yeah Peters there with a book and there's a harp and gods there. And yes, yet the burden proves on yeah yeah, but if you want to say that absolutely nothing happens to you when you die you're sure I say: okay, if you died, yeah you'd never die. So how do you know right? You don't? Ok,
you gotta say you don't know. If you soon. As you say, you know something that I know you can know then I know you're bullshitting and you might be bold sitting about something that is life to go like atheists, em right logical that probably is in a guy in the clouds with a heart, because it doesn't seem to make much sense, but you don't know what I've got happens when you die as a fair point. An Richard Dawkins addressed that point is both the goat delusion because he says he is actually the de facto atheist insofar as it does a room The fur agnosticism there like not no point, not not one percent. He will acknowledge that possibility that I might be if the life isn't it, I just never done psychedelic drugs and I talk to him about that. Has he not know I do? his worried about it at my command bro you dying he's worried about the impact of other boys, worried about the effect on his body and right. Ok, like two peoples and states
small though say mushrooms and I guarantee you have a very different perspective on reality. Itself have visions and you might be lured into the into the religious. Well, you I don't think Laurina religion unless you live and thousands of years ago before science, but it will give you the idea that there is perhaps something available. There's levels of consciousness, there's things available to regular human beings, are taken these molecules right and that people have been doing this, and this has been the source of religious experiences for thousands and thousands of years ago. Books written about it, I'm sure I mean I consider myself quite spiritual person. You know, I think that I think that's fine. I think he's a tainted word, though why? What's wrong his people? Spiritual like like one people say you know that their I'm spiritual, like that's. One of those words at like makes me think you're in crystals and ninety quit. Now I don't mean- and I don't mean, but in America spiritual is like it's sort of tainted by the EU
yoga people always say yeah wicked. And the same the monster. Ok, I don't mean that made the wrong with that either, I knows, is its people that they d go That I am even I mean that there's something numerous about humanity and about life, into existence, enemy that there's something wondrous about and there's something that is it beyond the mere animal are agreed that sure? That's all by that I think so too, and in a nice I'm deeply deeply distrustful of people that are cruel. Get me to absurdity. But as one of the reasons I didn't like the up that just I I I think pretty much everything I Do is driven by hatred of bullying, height bullying. I hated it when I was a kid I hated it. Was one right over. You know nobody need when it was to subsequently when I got bullied, but you know that things like bully people are just the most may its childish. If the way children behave when they try to seek dominance over the people and anyone who claims that anyone who
fully someone so viciously and claims to be the good guy. I can't bear the right that to me the most. Yes, I agree and they feel justified in their Boeing, which is fascinate well, it's a thing that state one book said about. You know in order for good people to do about things it takes the form of religion and outside the US. I think what we see it's gone back to her we're talking about earlier. It is is it these patterns of behaviour that we have seen since the beginning of time? So that means we ve solved it. I think we can work out it's about deem the rat rising. India is acknowledging that it's an ideology, but then you are faced with the it isn't that you're setting up a new ideology to combat ideology, so it's about threatened. He probably are unless a yeah. Ok, unless you say it's about open mindedness, I think you have to be very strong to exist without a real, clear algae and you have a very strong. You have guiding principle in you have and they
I do believe some universal, but never submit dogma, never submiss. You should guard against it and and and and above all, be willing to. Listen to people. You don't agreeing with the bubble. You I think, can do that people like going coerced by the Nazis to join the party because they got into a chat room here, is a problem there, and I think I had a joke about people there Spain, something to my daughter when she was asking me why people certain, while people believe things- and I say some people have big ears- some people have small is right. While some people have brains that are made out a dog shit ripe and that's just how goes There's not much! You can do but overlooks a. Is that not just the failure of education? a little bit of a fairly failure of vegetation
in some instances is definitely that, but in some instances somebody bore doll, they're, just not very bright, but if we had a society where people were socialized, and I guess, I think, being an autonomous adult absolutely depends on being socialized effectively as China, but you know some people, have you ever been to a comedy. Hypnotism show what I do know that exist here. I ask really. There was a big thing back in Massachusetts when I started stand up in Boston, there's a guy named Frank Santos NEWS, a famous hypnotists great guy here and Frank, was the best. He was a genius at it in any way, people on stage like who wants me hypnotize once be any, he did a show, it was a weekly at stitches, comedy club in Boston. Yet comics like myself, would all go to watch. Does it was guaranteed hilarious? So we would the comedy club and we would sit in the back and watch Frank Santos bring. He had bring like ten people on stage and he would hypnotism in front of everybody and some people couldn't.
It does not mean hypnotized like see you donkeys. I've been hypnotized before where they sit. You d friend, Veni Sherman, whose a hypnotist who works with fighters and oil is like a mental coach and basically gets into a calm stay here. It's introducing ideas to you. This is not like that Frank would do this publicly in front of people and he could get a certain percentage of people to just Oh suggestion enabler, you right now are having sex with Madonna you're. On top. Madonna. You can't even believe it. Oh, my god you're so happy, you're gonna come in your past and it would do that the guy who got like they would come their pants intellectual ejaculated. Yes, they will jack, you ok and they didn't know what happen and then he would go. You gonna go to sleep now and he would tell him go to sleep in. They would just just drop her head and he wouldn't
when they were bullshitting and he would know whether or not bullshit- and I had long conversations with him about this- make. How do you do this and he had been hypnotizing people forever to create our king, who was a legitimate hypnotists, but he's like some people just really susceptible is it? Is it partly performative, though, in those situations? Is it that pact? Some of the thinking there's an audience. There are better do what I'm told the real. Even I have pointed out, nobody knew when they were not under ok duty. Crazy it's crazy to what and it's not you it's not here. It's not me they're certain people, the people that would join the cult through certain piece of shit, you talk about suggest to what people are instinctively suggestive, all right, the like the hail Bob Comic called member that opens gate com. They cut their balls off and war purple I guess they waited for the cotton and they all killed themselves dry and the calm. It was coming de member that actually, this does ring a bell yet of the who the fuck would do that. Who would do that? People with really dull minds? There's certain people, but some people are tall, somebody more short, something
was area is not working. Well, alright, but even I think I may say that this is only where we don't raise it, but because I think ultimately, what you do, even if you do identify that, even if you say in the inside there are these people who suggest one just stupid its total. But it is a pity. Doll minded lower to you they they have every right to live in a society betray it well and all the rest of it so sure. So so, and I don't think she just change all laws and traditions in the way we do things because someone- but the react like idiots in some people are going to be easy I just do, I think with you adversary, is I'm not saying that we should today is going to be always gonna, be a price that that's that's a great. A good way of approaching is to acknowledge this always gonna be a promising, as this is often the argument used for censorship is like that. If you put a film that is particularly violent, of course, most people on going to react to it, but some well yes with fine some well, but that bit that those same people could be triggered by absolutely anything it right could be an angry word that the relative said it could be a news item that they saw it. We still have to live in them. As it exists and not try an absolutely
call everyone and try and prevent any possibility of transgression. I one hundred percent agree with you, I'm on your side, but I'm saying even if you do your best yeah, it is to be a certain amount of people that are just not good? They education's not gonna sail in the the Evaluation of things on an objective level is never gonna work, that's cause you taking to human beings, and that's that's why, when, when, when the I should just as movement think that they can attain this utopia. They think they can wipeout prejudice. Re think that night. I think that what you can do is you, can try limited as much as possible and confront it where it exists, but the but it is delusional to think that you're gonna get rid of malevolence and Schuman and human from ends up in times they suffer from their own prejudice. Writers accurately Did you see the thing with Don Lemon on CNN ideas? Two guys were. They started marking trumped supporter Yassin and pretending that stupid and using a southern accent. I, like you,
guys, that's gonna meet an honourable my prejudice, yeah exactly and you're pretending it's funny yet is even more offensive as a comedian. You know that should a funny and done I would like and then afterwards even worse, he says he I realise that people were being marked and hidden here, all of you. He said he he will. He was laughing over them. Speaking or semi said he did not realise that they are saying things were offensive, I'm sorry, I never marking one, because some forms of prejudice or ok and some I write it- has asked the one. I really love about the social justice law. Maybe this is just a british thing, but that all right The agency must have a real problem with open. What right had white people, white people right now that what they that form in readiness. I think it's because abreks it because Brits disproportionate older people's, oh yeah, so that I'd cabin or people in, if you even have the left, leaning papers, the garden. The independent so tonight well, then, we're gonna die off soon and that we can have another vote. Seventh night works is like that, so I
people. Often than there are no more, all people like people get older people change their minds. It was right, but it was also really toxic it with these things, like her, you know that they fucked up. Future for the young and they're they're all in it, but it was really ugly and for some reason these people who claim that immutable characteristics must be protected, doesn't matter if your old look, I fear of your old or but you say straight white male through the alpha themselves. Yeah, like I don't know how you can see that, as anything is hypocritical, wilder activity to make that point you your logical and your, and tell her that on your objective. Of course you can but their woke, You know, I mean it's: they they might as well, be in that heavens. Gay call not the same thing. Well, I think I wonder, lobbies coming from the media is coming from, the press is coming from the we ve got. I don't want to. I mean we saw the outcome. The New York Times we ve got stuff like that. We ve got this paper, the garden. And the independent you. They are pushing this stuff hard. Were sell, free, singled out, you know, it's hate clicks two, yet, oh they! So if I shall give you
example, do you know that I told the independent newspaper now right, so I wanted to test as an experiment. Right, whether they would publish something really stupidly, woke just because its woke right, so I submitted an article like James Lindsey in right, yeah, lousy, light on a smaller scale. You know, but I thought I wrote an article arguing that comedians ought to be prosecuted for hate speech right that that mentioning a few comics mentioned and it was so obviously a hoax, and so it was stupid and a name and ascended, and they got back from about this. Is Britain we, This is amazing. They were really loving it and they published its still online see we're we're. How guess? How can we find right? It's hold? The name is limb if you certainly am Evans, that your name yet indefinitely must my favorite Lame Evans, Independent and the headline mine is something like a committee with comedy. If you search that your come. I hate speech hates,
each or how many of these online fake name. So here it is right as it but the efficient either. I'm appalled at discussing jokes, creeping back in the industry and look at and then I took an attack like comedians. Crying free speech isn't good enough. Hate crime law should apply to all of us. Now the thing about this article. If you take the fourth letter of every sentence, it spells out two tiny Mcgrath wrote this? U gullible hacks they put up in annex I love affair, and this is a mainstream I gather that Larry Mainstream newspapers is one of our major. It's amazing that you were able to encode that well, it also shows that they didn't fuck all editing. They just took it because they loved what it was saying and, of course the point isn't train for people be mean to people around if its exposing this thing that, what if it woke media it further their agenda to publish any by someone who wasn't even known. He had no online presence this guy, it's just. They agreed with
sentiment, and so they published it in their paper. You just be a random, some random random since sends it in and they like, brilliant, for it just agree and they put it in a national pay. The independent you know it's it's. I can't believe and taken it down you they will make our wealth only only so reveal that complements going this speech, I gave him some one, whereas with patron changes in- and it went on but I suppose not many people know about it, but that yet protected. I now they'll, but you know fuckin because actually think Ray your standards. You know that you ve it stop feeding us this. This ideological bullshit, I think There's an issue to with online journalism that these people are basically fighting for their own survival. There's a lot of money in it. It's hard to get clicks. You have to have click bait titles. You have to attack people for things like in order to get like real engagement. Yeah you
the kind of give in to a certain amount of man. It's not depressant, unless the same reason why the most extreme de on Twitter, get more retweet thicket reward did that I would like some retreat and if the girl it's like the whole, but that shouldn't I have a real effect. View, the media, I I I I want to hold them to high standards, and I don't want them to be going the click by and saying the most extreme things. I know I think you're right and I think they do it. For that reason, I ve just wish they wouldn't I mean to say that for some like the having to posting stuff, like women arrived without one headline women are evil and you know stuff like Buzzfeed does it is when you just think, but but when it comes to sort of reputable publications, light the New York Times and in by the Washington Post, why they pushing this I think they're struggling, so you think is just about money. I think that's a viable way to generate clicks and clicks is with generates income, and I think there is a real issue of you. I know guy
journalists and when women as well. Who will tell you that if their articles do not, a certain amount of engagement, yeah they are in trouble in other, can't just current things. Everything has to be something that is engaging and has to be asked to be attractive, but even the burglar facebooks algorithm does right. Yeah, we monitor things at facebooks. Them does. Isn't it it's sort of in some way encourages people to be upset about. Thanks, because it shows you a lot of things. Are you and gauge with a lot of times, people tend to engage with things that their upset by yeah, so whether its abortion or second amendment or whatever the subjective right. If you have an engaging with that and you you, you were bond alive, you certain that's what they're going to show you over and over and over again, and it's really more of a symptom of what human being are attracted to love TAT were attracted things that observers, but that's gonna while further and further our control. I mean what you logical, that now that the culture is being
in his engineered by by biologists found there. An end Thus the argument against Facebook right, the culture wars been engineered by algorithms, yeah and others. I'm ready torn on these subjects, I'm so I'm so against censorship. In all its you know, I really am, but I want I want if journalists and commentators had high standards and would just being honest first informal and they have integrity and they weren't just after clicks that more than half of this in the half of the stuff would go away. I feel, some of it would go away. My question: is they warrant doing this fifteen years ago now so. What will they be doing fifteen years from now? Well with his wear out with his dry? So that's! The question is: are we going to reach a tipping point bright? That's question right because every time I think we are nearly at the tipping point they double down and it gets worse right. So you know after trumps election front, that's right, almost immediately, you had the women's March and I didn't really know what that was about like it where it was it was so,
people are marching for feminism, someday margin for environmental issues. Some people much it was really incoherent. Yes, a lot them addressed in the pink pussy happened and giant vagina. Costumes is what what are you testing. It are you saying that unit and the law them had been saying, not my president right, so that protests against democracy than in that case in the UK when, when we just had a general election, was a big march. We loads people with balancing, not my prime Minister Barak zones, and when he is your prime minister, because we had a democratic mandate and that's how this works right. So I think what are you but here's! What is the point that protests like, I think, to just showing unity of showing that they're all together in their anger about this and that in the future they're gonna be combined force and they gonna make sure that this doesn't happen. Again, I think, is a better way to do it without generating sandwich resentment. Rightly. I think this is a more sophisticated approach, which is to say democracy sustained on the principle of the losers consent we any any democracy.
Can I have a substantial proportion of the population who did not vote for the leader of the shore and any, and you have to have that and the best ways to its true cogent persuasion, and sensible discussion and of the issues I am not dressing the vagina, that's just my radio that yeah no. I agree with you in many ways, but I also think for them is also fun to get together. With about. I was ok, minded people and now and then The men who joined and hang around with you locate the funding. I M a feminine gown bordered by the march he's after birth, since election were about fund, they were there with. That was an explosion of rage. I didn't see that it is weird to me that he looks like Trump. Unless we version of Trump. I think he's is not the same.
The same these same wacky, hair and yeah slight and he's got that reputation of of saying what he thinks and all the rest of us that this similarity, but I dont think that comparable, Boris, I don't support Boris, but he's very small anything yeah he's a smart guy and he them No I've never vote for that. His party were ignorant your country over here when I was on this platform, was a he's in the conservative. Party, it will pay attention to the queen and the king ready, the prince and which, whatever princes in trouble, was banging checks on FUCK Island, which Prince Andrew than those for answers leaving, but you can't that more interest in the family that they have no power to our country, and you know how ridiculous yummy, You stole harry from us than is we got him now you got em back, you turned him woke. He turned it really welcome. Installs awoke, oh my god preserve
yeah yeah so so make a market is completely. She turned them into a works to understand and bear mine. He used to be the ones to go so parties and do drugs in order to identify the drugs. I should call for the she made about yeah he's. A super woken up. Well is gonna, move Canada, it's good! Please! We work. That's why but are also saying that he can't load Canada, because, if you are a royal from England, must have a primary residents in Canada that, because this part the commonwealth me ass, I daresay you can't come in there and take over cause. If you did it, you know, he's lost its title, so order that fact was lying grandma that that says a lot. She was pissed off she did, she said no kind of detail you gotta paper cottage or that money from the taxpayer is you gotta, pay the cottage, automated biggest states, but to call for more cottage, but he's funny to me that You guys are more interested in in some sort of out anarchy that an archaic institutional side, the our family,
and not so there isn't really an awareness of our political situation and we know breaks it bad breaks it back. The bricks is not bad. That's why we're here, that's it bad, but why racist right occurs it bad, but that can I say this because I know it breaks. It proposed people, but the problem with outbreaks thing is people thought it was about right at. People thought it was that you voted for the EU. If you were a good person, a voted against if you're a bad person correct it. Wasn't that no, no, my two you ve been. I too. It was a most people voted because they wanted the idea. If at the polls straight after the I said that the number one reason why people by two breaks it is: they wanted the laws to govern their country to be made within their country, which strikes me as a very reasonable position. Right, if you, if you're a Democrat, you want to be able to vote on people in power? You can't go out those bureaucrats in Brussels. You can't do it. That's the principal it's not because we want to go back to some points Ward nostalgic or why country did. This is a complete lie.
It's just experiential unsound, a minute, a meet. Anyone. Might you know, but that's the way it's been spun, what an, and also, by the way, if you're left wing and your support in EU which this NEO Liberal trading bloc. That is really pro corporate ruthlessly. So then I don't know how you could even call yourself left wing honest. So what is the anger in the streets in England? It's because of them, while this goes back to what we say about the press, so we had a six months of debate on the brakes it issued before people voted to people really knew what voting, for they knew what these issues were about. But the media was constantly spinning and saying, if you vote Leave you a racist and if you to remain in the EU, one of the good guys that was the narrative, they were spending from the stock and people would- and you know what it did. It did not think of generating resentment. Anybody step out. That's that's logical and objective. Say: hey you can you can look at this in a different way than those voices got drowned out by the utter swill that was being still found all the time,
and I am not denying that there are some racist in the UK and that there are some of the Mai Firstly, there are probably some racy right remain whatever, but there such a minority and when you ve got a media class constant, saint. You you you. Oh, you, poor working class, fabulous scum, your racist, you hate whatever. And they're gonna go in that voting. Booth and they're gonna, they're, gonna, say fuck you and they can vote out and that's what happened and it was a big backlash against being patronised. People hated it. You know, and I you know I hate that narrative We live in a racist country when we ups and bricks is used as evidence, but I see it as comparable. I think it's very different to the Trump election, but I see the one thing that I think is comparable. Is that the premise right, if you got all these sort of woke activist, who say that they believe that we live in this fascist country, and that they believe a fascist would vote for Trump and then, when Trump winds are used as evidence for the premise that they set up right, that's why they doubled
because I say when he once and if we were right all along with it with we're country for the fascist as yet your premise wasn't right, so that and that's how you that's how we need to break that sit. That's that sort of cycle of doubling down on the same bullshit. And and and guaranteeing Trump another term. By doing so, by the way, I'm pretty sure, probably it, it really depends on how many people get by Bernie right together, not burn. I actually gets through. The Dnc does not want Bernie right so others and theirs They didn't last time today they are they don't like alleged. However, it's pretty fascinating. I dont know what it is. Not that way.
Vernon because he's a socialist I don't, I think they have now zero control over. That's part of the issue is well well, you know in the UK we the comparable figures, Jeremy, cold and he's full on socialist leftwing, but he by the way hates the EU. That's the other, complicating putting its also corporate money. He won't take anything right because let us she's principle, yes right and I think they're. The resistance is the rest of them. Want that money. It is like the word socialist. I've had a proper dirty word like a real life could enter tat. You ve had this history of our member that stuff about the fear, socialized medicine, he was here that sort of thing live in it. We ve got in and I trust that works pretty well. We got national health service that works in the end. You also of independent doctors to right. So you can get a lot of money. You could get even arrive. Eriksson, I yet you can t have a right of veto if your, if you're one of the men, if you poor, though the difference is you can get treat you can get to did lie if you, if you get, if you poor here and younger health insurance, don't you just die? If you
It's me there's Medicaid, but that my prejudice yeah, I mean there there's some systems that are in place, but they're not good. I gotta they died You in a lot of people, get settled down with horrible medical dead if they do get injured. When I think that them I've got an american friend who had a very serious illness in England, and he that the initial for Britain even if these people they know this is amazing. I d have to pay for anywhere. You know it's it's. I think some really beautiful about I just wanna, know people criticise and say obviously there's gonna be mistakes with such a big institution like this there's gonna be bureaucrats and all the rest of it. But it's it's really wonder thing that anyone can get treated and they're not gonna have a big bill at the end of the original we're condition to think that anything that involves anything socialist or anything free, anything's paid for by the government, where someone can't make the ultimate about profit dry, it dean. Devices them from being good.
Say you're right when we think about a doctor, we wanna doctor. That is she really hard to be the best doctors. We can get a ferrari and a big house is that guy's gonna kick ass. That's without an American, the minds ass. The capitalist mindset is now particularly the american mindset. I'm not let's not just capitalism, its exceptionalism and it's like wanting to be Number one. I want hey who'd, you who your knee doktor, gentlemen he's the fuckin best dry. He does the Lakers that guy does the patriots he's a fuckin man. He fixed his knees, I got it, in our once everybody wants and go, and you recommended you know a good shoulder. Doktor. Oh yeah doktor GO Bert he's the man he does, the fuckin boxers he did flight may. Whether that can issue is alien to me. Like a shoulder doctor, I would you know you just get the adjacent that they they give you the doktor they give thing, I'm not against incentive. The idea of incentives and people like striving to make their lives better in and everything. That's absolutely fine, but
but like Anthony Joshua Save Anthony just We need shoulder surgery, you know, he's not gone and h us if you, if you're rich or go to drive for a good reason right: nosocomial better dark. Now, now at any wider special as yet Anthony Pye or his shoulders. Everything right he's a puncture. That's it thing I saw ponchas if we both his shoulders, are these fucked? It isn't the case that the Vienna Chaz has subsided adopted. It isn't the case and the reason for that is its vocational thing. So most doctor, feel obliged. I feel an obligation, a moral obligation to work for the unrighteous and they do so many years, doctors, a great people, if you, if you go into that professions, because you wanna help people, isn't it not because you want the Ferrari.
I think it in America because you want, for. I know a lot of one thing that get a brilliant people. It's a very difficult thing to achieve, yeah to be a doctor. A physician, in fact, very, are, of course it's not working. You deserve to be parallels isolated, but I bet I, but I also think it is it is. It comes from moral place, it comes from a place of good and ideally the ass. Ideally redoubling would think right, but I am not. I think, RNA Chess proves that the doctors and reasonable and they're not poor right that kind of nice. Nice things. You know it's hit it's not! I imagine I mean I'm, I'm speaking out of ignorance here. I don't know how the images is portrayed over here, our health services, but right over here, but it did you see
scary communist thing. Well, yeah. They leave fighting forceps and people's abdominal shit that I forget to stitch people. What I'm sure that happens, role, human right now and make mistakes, but look I have friends that have experienced socialist medicine can and in particular, has really bad results. I can also that one of the things that people can't you do experience but results in the private sector. Three hundred and have an eye- no friends over here that have, but our prejudice is ha. I told you I too, old you socialize medicine, but meanwhile also friends that mark us for having to pay for things. When you get what are the doktor for pay for things if you get ill or if you get injured, yeah you so stupid why'd, you have to pay for that. That's crazy! but there is a great video where a man in the UK is walking around. Asking people in England, what do you think it cost to do this? in america- writing combat with no idea, I have birth, it's crazy! It's a lot people,
hundred dollars like ten thousand dollars, ten thousand people go crazy. It also don't you think it's a cash incentive for doctors and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry that this may really dangerous about that. That's where you got people, you know whenever an insurance came crumbs and you ve got these lawyers who are hired to try and undermine the claim and find some pre existing condition from years ago set and leave you to die because the because the incentive, What about money, not about humanity and that's not the real scary accusations are honest, surgeries right and I have been suggested to have unnecessary surgery personally right. I have avoided it and and become very healthy without the surgery you see. I yet it's because they went away momentarily. Why? I think it's also because they, if they have a hammer, they wanna hit a nail right. Yeah does I do you need a surgery in exile on on a small on a small level. I experience that when I went to a private dentist say what do any done, and he told me
my whole mouth is run in with dying. In that way, it would cost that it wasn't you. I went to an initial stage to name just got a couple of issues. There were so it out. We tabled twenty credo, something that's all. Problem America's well, but they saw the dentist obviously wanted to make as much money as possible, so dark and darted summer. We want to do that and I got arrested recently because he was pointy that enough to pull well come on so fucked up so fast. That would do so. That's the downside of the cash incentives for bad people. But again that falls in the face. Your narrative that people are getting the doktor to get into medicine are good people. Well, not always get. People are not always get. People came running to concede that placing special but then maybe it's maybe they are good people. They do it now healthcare system, but they're, not where, if if they are called, mild and it becomes apart. You know an issue of making money yet and they might compromise. So I think I've worked out a common thread in our discussion, which is that I tend to think that most people generally good. I don't think you do
I think I admit around pain when people are good. I thrice great. When people you see the operation from the norm right, I don't think it's an aberration, but I take into consideration the fact that some people suck right, I'm willing to do that is why, but I think that humanity on the whole is underwritten that we get. There are all yet for sure. There's no way would be able to live here. To think about how often you go to the movies you, restaurant or a bar and surrounded by people unknown. Does anything bad luck? I live in the public eye right and I do everything like. I do so many things in front of large groups, people many trust the great most people great. I comedy and I'm always in front alive groups of people and ninety nine point ninety nine ninety nine percent people are awesome. Even I closed the good people drawn other than in the UK there annoying hath are annoying here to buy their just wrong because I
like any other way, can you call it any other way but to trust humanity and trust that gave us to trust the people are essentially good and and that's why I think, ultimately, these things will be subverted and an engine oath like the work movement that is we have a problem in America's well, with education being so fucking insanely, expensive, an insurance for doctors. Being so insanely expensive that you get these doctors in this position where they're they're they're really for the barrel. I have so much debt, and so they are incentivize to try to do these unnecessary surgery. Ok, that's a very good point. No, actually nothing about your education system. I should just, but that that expensive right and you dont you it's not that expensive in England. I think not not comparable, really. What how much would it cost to do a degree? Hearsay? Friends? Do you wanna be a lawyer or something else in question list? We can showing goodwill that lets say from the first year of your university study to passing the buck.
Yeah. What kind of debt Jamie our most lawyers in just calendar year, just just law school college law school. Given that the matter where doesn't change depending on the earth, so Ivy League Sally. Ok, let's go with Harvard: let's go with the big boys, so if you're an ivy league, you to get a job, presumably that yeah herself, but right, graduated from Harvard Rise, the cream of the crop. My boy, ok, yeah, you're, fired the IRA, half a million and the whole before you go on. I indeed having standardized sixty five k s a hell of a lot sixty, five thousand dollars. So more than most people make a year you have to spend on your education while you're not making any money. So yeah sixty five k year, just think that stack up one
two three, four, five: six. I suppose what they're saying is: that's an investment for the future, because if you do this, you ll get the great job and maybe but you're almost four hundred thousand dollars in the whole, but the gradual win Megan anymore? It's no one near lighter in the UK, it's horrible, and we have a really good student loans system where the interest is minimal and you'd have to pay it back into your earning a certain amount in order- and we thought I when I'm at university, I was the last year to get a full grant. I didnt pay for anything. Come and pay flapsy everything. That's awesome because it was also means tested. Buttoning, my family went well off. I'd got just having got Paypal, that's all That means that ideal. I would love that mean for sure some people get scholarships and America's well right. I would just I get were if people didn't have to start their life once they're out of education law already hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt yeah. It's a city. Burden, but also what you do. If you offer move a poor background, how can you possibly inside it?
and get scars, you can get caught, Assisted LISA, defiling Campbell. You have two very good grades and you know I think, with a. Other people that they get out ask first of all lot of people sign up for this debt when their seventy eighteen years old, they don't even know what the fuck they're doing here and you there come on. We got alone fire getting they're gonna work, who the hell knows what they want to do at seventeen or no one knows, and if you don't you get shamed, you feel terrible the out going straight to school. I heard this recently at Harvard specifically right just ass. I picked it up and one percent of Harvard families pay nothing for their students to attend, were those privileges when you percent kick ass, fuckin super good students who great a bar of sixty five k for your family income. You get in at the gets a scholarship for longer. I am innocent left out of sleep stellar grades. Yes, yes at that, obviously just to get into Harvard in the first place, but didn't you think is ineffective, meritocracy them. U S there's aspects of it that are effective, but its deftly, not perfect and that the student loan issues a gigantic one. I feel it
We spend so much of our tax money on so many different things that people disagree with and how much would it cost to? Have I mean I'm not talking about for people to try. I mean you should definitely have the should definitely be requirements for you to get a free education, but it should be definitely much easier than it is now, and how is your book price, what you call in Aachen the public schools, it lies in the terrible magazine. If you got nothing and you go to the local commonwealth, the real issue is high schools, Jameson and in great schools, if your poor God dammit there. Some rough school yea entry and there they don't get paid much in the teachers, don't give a shit and there's some good once in others deftly some good ones and there's deftly some people even in some add neighborhoods. It gets some good education's, but that's few and far between- and this is the point
if you, if you are from one of those backgrounds, the odds are stuck to Keynes. Do they just us so well sort of saying that anyone can succeed if they work hard, but my really, no, not really not really deafening, don't get as good in advance. I mean, if you look at the when they show how well kids do private school gather S, verses, public, school, pre, staggering differences- and you know I see, I see the argument both ways that the people that are in the private though there there, because their parents care more and they pay more pensions or the kids study harder, but if those same kids public school and studied just as hard they would get by, but yet whether they be dealing with crime I'm in violence, and also that shortly that the kids in the private schools aren't dealing with need more much more stress and much more like either more stress at home and so I find it astonishing that people that won't acknowledge that some people are more advantage in some way. This is why I think, when it comes to social advantageous,
of the way in which people have our a privileged over the people. It's mostly about money. Ultimately when we talk about privilege or the time we his things about white privilege, heterosexual privileges. If that actually element is about cash, it's about who's, the richest, that's for sure, That's a big part of it for sure, and I think that stuff is obscured by all the other than the others. The girl anybody thinks white privileges, universal needs to go to Kentucky and see the coal minors. I rise there, some there's some families that live in these insane rural communities West Virginia. They're, so poor there, so fucked everyone around them is on pills and no one has any money and the just crime and this poverty yeah that you cannot mean our friends from there's like men. You never seen poverty like this, so couldn't they just come up with a different phrase than white privilege. Gotta get the point they try to make, which is that we have to be from exactly the same backgrounds that nickel is going to face more prejudice right. I guess point and that's that's right, but the problem is not. Why privilege, the problem is prejudice.
Yes. Example: acceptably prejudice, dont combat why people don't experience a prejudice right and for the white people that do have this advantage? That they don't Experience prejudice, the only reason why that exists, because racism right the actual problem as racism is racism. Absolutely that's, not white privilege know any an interest, rhetorically, it's a really bad thing to have people just hear hitherto privilege. I think I'm not private. Why they? Why especially poor white people, that this is an activist in the UK, Muckle Monroe Bergdorf in the phrase used was you can still behind? less and have white privilege, o law, and I just think how it. How is that helpful thing to say like? Even if you could break it down for the softly and so approve your point and just think in terms of how you come across when you say that you know that's, that's not again woke yeah the religion, it's their their part of the religion, and we really should start referring to it as a religion we shared, but then that there
Recent push church, awoke kurdish, local, hey, they get tax free status to show up at the work cathedral yeah and good. I want your money to transgender people would ever have got their high priests and ass. They do I've got that their saints their cannon, Some people have been ordered the hallmarks. I just think I my only I mean I'd have to private, knows terms, and I have done today but but to what is that really effective way to challenge it as it is, that is not just gonna, get people's backs up, isn't going to get it over everything you say about it, we'll get people's backs up, but I think at least it'll make p to understand that there are some fundamental patterns in human behaviour that have existed from the beginning of time, people like structure and they like they were knowing where the rules are because life in itself is to open, ended. There's too much, substantial anxious to many confusing questions that can't be answered her so going on in life itself that if you have a very rigid ideology, whether it is about a wholly creator or whether it's about the funding
two aspects of society that are that are unfair. And need to be rallied against whether its work. Ideology or whether it's fulfilment like whatever other ideology, I just wish I could talk to the more, but they refused to talk to me. This is while they don't wanna, be you mean that You could talk to some the same way that Megan Phelps talk to her husband online. You could talk to the ones that are thinking. Maybe this bullshit and some of them do they bullshit, I know some of em that have broken free yeah knows. Former woke people that have woken up. I, but I also alarmist, isn't it saying, I really like the jokes lieutenant, but I will never retweet them that two yeah. But they also want to keep their job. You know, I don't want anybody harassing them. Ok, there's a lot of that. A lot of people I just want to keep their jobs,
Well. Maybe then, when I was told about the tipping point, when does it end? Maybe it's when more people are willing to be honest about their scepticism about the whole thing? Might I think that's coming, I think I think is even nothing. People are being very rapid. I think more people going what in the future They are happy they and it's the language, policing, the git so annoying we're It's not the problem, folks, its actual prejudiced as the problem. Of course, you know I mean whatever it is whatever it is. It's we ve got this issue with telling other people what to do. You have got this issue as well, many people to comply with the standards of behaviour that we are the adhering to without swell terrifies me about. It is the sheer certainty When you get into a conversation in the rare occasions where, where someone from the work movement, who will talk to me, it's like they say, it's never cross their mind that they could be wrong
that isn't just no in their realm of existence that they would even possibly think for a second. Maybe I've got this a bit wrong and that to me is a horrible. I don't know how you challenge that even you can just like you can't challenge someone who's. Both a believer in the Westboro Baptist. Joshua really does want to walk round those God hates fags viper find their way out, and they eventually they the name of em too, but not many Megan came and talked her mom. They talked, or they even turned on the lead it and they turned on Friday for he died advocated. They turn him after he died city did it. It was dinner as well. They wrongly that sprawling rather think he died. Nuts Ii was truly pure neighbours would have kept him alive. He was probably think about Hamas. Who knows right? Ok, ok, at least consistent emanate. They are hateful hateful says they are highly consistent. They they they dont twist that they did. They are literally interpreting the Bible. So like in a hurry,
scary way down very scary way and the fact that justifies and pretty horrific actions and humanities, your soldier, your son, was a soldier in your. Your son got shot down yeah and you're at the funeral and these geysers standing in front of the building, where having a service and theirs The reason why your son dies cause, there's a bunch people out there that are in love with other men, yet having sexual men and So this is the reason why they gonna hold these giant placards. It's horrible fuckin, crazy! That's one of the dots one of the examples that really gets me that challenges mean Safari. My free speech, his opposition, because I just I've, there's something it's so appalling. And upsetting when you see that sort of thing, but then do I can't I can't that I want to live in a society where people are allowed to protest right,
It's me. It's like everything else in human nature, its messy and that those woke people need understand. That's bessie to yeah life is messy. You can't you can't get one hundred percent compliance for people want that you're, a bully, you're you're being mean can't they're, not gonna, do it and are not right. You not right, especially deafening. Why have you not willing debate people on this idea? You even know few right. That's why Obama was. I wasn't when you said that people on perfect the curve ass. It was brilliant and then and then there's a stray after you said it it's not going to New York Times, said basically what a boom thing to say, but that was what the responses, but a bit. What is a bit like, while that's where serious? That's not a serious response to quite a new. Last point: is it now? I think every generation thinks are gonna, be the ones to change the world here that that that's an issue is well in every generation yet comes along thinks that they have the answers that their parents didn't I see signs, though, that the younger generation to generation said was the
Secondly, like out are reacting against the millennial generation in this this there is that's probably where the hope lies is near It is actually the millennia was getting all now and then and then those ideas, is a gang of out of fashion. The millennials are gonna have to pay their bills right, that the bills are common yeah and when the bills are coming like fuck, yeah. I guess you must go to earn some and then they realize other people are working as hard. Okay with socialism is great, but I'd like you to work MIKE, you the world has now been destroyed by the realities of a capital. Happily, society. I mean ultimately, the realities of life are show me, a young man who is not allowed. Brill and I'll show you man with no heart right. Show me an old man, who's, not conservative and I'll show you met with no brain yet or Bernie Sanders. You just get started. Guns a lot of people develop bills and and Rio, and they see that there's a lot of people that don't want to work hard in this? They make excuses for them.
Things when the realities is their own behaviour. That's been holding them back, and this is so many realities. It are uncomfortable that we have to address as we get older in life. We realise how many people fallen into these classical pitfalls that your parents who told us about, but we thought we knew better, when you took my liberal, you mean leftwing here, that's what the word is: yeah, oh yeah. When we use it, we don't mean that, liberal mean over there, it means sort of light that the tradition of liberalism is that, is it a belief in freedom ultimately means of belief in the freedom of the press, freedom of speech digital autonomy, its those kinds of principles which are necessarily left him in the end so as to why you think the liberal standpoint is the solution to everything, and I mean that in the classical liberal tradition, it's ok. So let me give an example. So, if you for it take the trends issue right within which I know is something that just by talking about is a bit is a bit of a risky thing, although I think that the fact that we now have in discussions in debates about as part of the problem
But if you take the liberal position on that, what you say is anyone as the right to identify. However, they want call themselves whatever they want have, Sir three on the robot do ever they want to do, but then other people have the right to choose the language that they use in of addressing them? Everyone has their own individual rights and that the liberal position that strikes me as the sensible way to do it. You know- and I think that's a sensible way to do it. I think we should be nice right near ready, nice. I shall think you kid legislate that right, you can't ledge late, nice behavior. I think if someone doesn't want to call a Trans woman, a woman, yeah yeah, I don't think you should have good, that's what I mean just because I think that would be a liberal position. Yes, the work movement is a fundamental, illiberal movement because it believes in compelled speech. Yes, it believes in not just compelling from the stage, but also censoring you and saying what you can be absolutely cannot go outside demanding compliance. So I'm just sickening coolness of liberals. It won't annoys me, you guys definitely have a different definition of Libya,
Liberal in America is essentially mostly leftwing like when we hear people call themselves the classical live liberal over here, while you're, just like our sneaky republican. Our thou ok, that's not what it means when I think we need to restore the idea of liberalism is in what it actually means near our lives, our classical liberals bolt, maybe Jordan, Jordan Peters again, Ask liberal, but he's not american is from or on other agencies, conservative that neither the his not now I mean he is in certain things, but he's just a believer responsibility and hard work. Yes, he's a swede out of a guy yeah. He really is very open minded and very intelligent, and you know I don't I don't agree with him rather on everything, but I I definitely respect him. I am definitely an Andy's on something with it within the liberal if you come from a liberal backgrounds, would you be willing to be challenged any willing to listen to the people, and I think he is well. You know you ve over your country that Cathy Newman Interview be out here.
Huge yeah. So what you trying to say is, like anything I'll, tell you what I'm saying that secret was. I mean that we are trying to put words were mounted trying to distort my position. I think ninety eight percent of all the arguments that go on Twitter would disappear overnight. It people is actually faithfully represented, what their opponents were saying, well if they saw each other in person or that's how I fully represented that's a big part. Like sixteen seventeen year old, kids and one of the first things I teach them is about. Firstly, at hominem attacks. If you from what he actually said and substituting it for something and even talking to Jordan Petersen, she was talking to a figment of her imagination. Call Jordan Petersen, that's not the same thing ass, your dead right! That's not names is your right. You dead right! That's exactly! Does and I think, she's severely underestimated who he is as easy as a human being. I also think she had read the book now, the good chiefly so busy he's busy. She's a busy weren't, you very talented, and that you know I think that was just a pessimistic. That's yes,
Thus we describe it must happen. She's been tortured online since then, which I, but I think it's horrible ass. Well, you know what it is, but it's easy. You know it's easy. It's easy for people to pick on a bit better. But it's good now that we ve got that lesson, because that kind of a meme than denied by the. So what you're saying is in a nice? That's a really good example of this miss characterisation, stuff, which is just so the norm now here and now that we ve got it. Example is on its way to point your eyes to teach critical thinking in school at an EU level which has sought like sixteen seventeen year old, kids and one of the first. I teach them is about. Firstly, at hominem attacks. If you throw it in so you ve lost the argument. This is a cut its idea. You ve lost it. If you don't fight, we represent what the other person saying you ve lost the argument. Ok, that's it will destroy man? Yes, we could all these things and yet not just people on Twitter, but the people in the the media and and politicians are failing on these basic principles of critical thinking and argumentation. So if we can just restore it back in the educational systems, are people understand once you throw them
so you ve lost it. Why couldn't agree more but again this is not in compliance with woke ideology. It's not yet that's what frustrated you'd have to adjust. Woke ideology right and I dont think they're willing to do that, because I think they think that they are right. Well, yes, yeah they have a religion and you know if, if you think that you shouldn't the Lord's name in vain, and some doing that that persons a center- but if you go, if you can go back to the universities, He can reinstate critical thinking there. That will be the solution. I think good luck has got a lotta, Workpeople teaching. I know what I mean: I know I'm trying to come up with a citation hey. I really am this: solution is generation, Z, yet is Ilusha hope lies with the children and what will happen? I'm getting these books like feminist baby. What you say She's gonna work, babies, doves, hilarious and that's also millennials haven't kids,
These are not having kids and I think that popular, I think the younger people laugh at that. I think they should now. I hope they laugh at it. I haven't read this baby. I don't think anybody has about that now from it is by it that it is by it and hope the fuckin kid comes out good. This man has been a pleasure. Haven't you on a really prepared it yeah in the air, but he this there is a book is called woke: a guide to social justice by two tonnes I'm a graph! You can get it it's hilarious. My friend, Bridget Fantasy was the first person to tell me about it. She's great she's, great gap, another person whose become hilarious and famous on twitter, just from being logical and funding of being honest and be in herself is, is a bit eternit, so liberating when you just realized. I can say what I want: you catch a one, Thank you again and many many many people gravitate towards yeah. That's the beautiful thing. You know, I don't
Take its war, someone say we're winning a battle, but I think there's a lot of people that get it. I think. Every reason to be optimistic does a lot of how can people out there man that's part of the problem and a lot of my voice. The noise, I think, will win, that brother procedure being abandoned as do again, I'm your big that by everybody thank you for it. For turning into the show and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to put your box offend has to resource for you to get premium. Delicious grass FED grass finnish beef high quality, organic chicken heritage. Breed pork, while the last and salmon free range organic chicken about that shipping is free. Nationwide except Alaska and Hawaii, and they got a sweet deal for you, you can get you free Philemon, yawns, a pack of bacon, plus
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