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2020-02-06 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his new special "You're Doing Great!" now streaming on Netflix.
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nobody would deny that torrential a hawk. Yes says that sucker found one of those are my tub that straight from Maynard's farm Maynard from tool. He sent me that, while the found that Fucking chiefs, who is it, planet. To me, then he sent me. One could see tat. We That's where the coolest you brought bread. You know I'm on this army die, I now being bred fuck, but you have a family of nine. Like our deviate. A little bit of deviate you might want to take a look at it later. Deviating over this weekend. Yeah I want to Disneyland and I had ice cream and then Friday, night or Saturday, night Saturday, night, add pasta, all kinds. I had girl scout cookies, ate a bunch girl scout cookies and dude. I'm tellin you Sunday, my back was hurting Rio. One day my back was hurting. Everything was like my knee was heard in all its like inflammation, crazy puffy
one day back two days, because today, Tuesday, I saw a corner of war Monday and Tuesday everything's normal. Yet Noriega, no more eggs, and so you were full on me for my whole month. But where many meals a day to usually to yeah maybe a small meal around noon and work out and then dinner right and that no eggs, no goaded eggs, eggs and fish A danish meet me just know: nobody rivals at all. No those rules, no now read. Of course not. I had an olive, no two olives two pieces of Chile, mangled the entire Monti Glorious a house with a piece of Chile Mango legitimately felt guilty. I love Chile. Never had. She got really now as one of the greatest creations. What is it like? A chilly pepper, lingo, joyride mangoes, but with Chile powder room, it's it's mexican,
the big Macs can come in dried yeah, so good, because he's got the sweetness from the dried mango. But let's get the spiciness from the chilly powder was right at my way, through so good to pieces. I wasn't gonna eat one like fucking than we have in that. Second, one of my own know. What have I done why you decide to do in the first place, the diet yeah because January's World Corner WAR month- and I know quite a few people that done it and that have had some serious results. And serious results with auto immune issues too. When I have been a logo which is an auto immune disease caused you to have these patches, where you don't have pigment and this month I have the best results that I've ever had with delight. Paper trail ends its. It comes and goes comes and goes depending upon how well take care myself long treatments and stuff like that? But does this month it's,
I've always spots fill in like a pretty rapid rate, really people with eczema spectacular results with it. Now what if you were to say yes to someone who's wooden eat just meet. What percentage meet the after going through is, do you think of it? I think the problem is not plants as much as the problem really is refined, sugar, carbohydrates and bullshit. That's what I think I think that's the problem. Cheese count in that you can eat cheese. You can each agency's began it she's real animal product. Now I think, for most people the real problem is junk. Yo Mandy Sugar, Hasta railleries glory bread even that bread Deborah adds value better cause. It is less gluten. Could you makes our dough bread yeah? It's just.
Why well on results and east? Tell your for you, but I got single, I think, bred in general. Just the idea of bread is it's a human created product right true, yet all that concentrated carbohydrates, a very weird form: it's like glue on the Erika liquid it. What it is that when you are making the dough total glue events, com is a little in your stomach. I've actually thought that before, like the daylight put together cities with this, when they are starting out as it, so they liked rise very day. It's off the counter right. Www member. When you're a kid. It makes paste, yeah, yeah, yeah, basically, flour and water and he'd make like a paste. I just close it. I just posted videos unhappy. Make the red only asking for it? So I put
new series. I you two called getting baked with Tom Atto. Just repeat my kitchen: show you how to read- and I realized tat I was making like he's a long process for videos getting through one, of bread over multiple days. Do you still do in the tv show you were doing a tv show for what yeah we're not what was it that was called baked network? How that go it when great people really liked it with and not making any more. I dont know why. So then. I was like little. Why do I need the food network? You just keep, making it and put on Youtube, and so much better, to put it on you too, because you can access at any time. They want right. This archaic system of waiting for Tuesday night at eight o clock in the air. That's what they're so they occurred to me like wait. I've got Cameron. You look your friends, you look at. You yeah. Have you were thinking. Have a view varied your process at all,
You first are doing as if you added yeah yeah. Will you get better it. You know it's it's a skill, it's a thing or start too. It sounds corny, but you become one with it like. I know the weights of things just by holding it, and I know the timing of this and I know the temperature with that's going to do in its it's very immersive, so yeah I started the I said a brand and then also start making beagles and pretzels and stuff like that enables now don't you have to boil battles you do so. I just take a liking. Am I a Dutch having just with water in it an oil it up and baking soda, and let that kind, bubble up. We use a different kind of flower for the biggest no same flower, really same flower, dough flower yeah. Our know how it is yes out, that's the key like I have so many bad beagles in outlay, and you know you people are stuck out
Water, it's this that ends and means. I met. I met this vetoes pizza is a guy from Jersey here in a way that makes great pizza, and I'm like So what is it? The water with the dollar is again just now. It's just knowing what you're doing he's not keep running into these bad vehicles- and I realized the flavor there, coming out of, though beagles I'm making is because of this does starter. It has this different flavour. It's a deeper flavour, it's not just to use that as the east. It's taxi actually make it tastes better, is true that the water is different on these coasts, and that is more mineral, rich water. That's what everybody says would not just be pretty easy to add those elements to water from the West Coast. You would think in some people say that they like import the water. Maybe that's why people less flavorful over here Are they not filled with all that you know, I mean flavorful like Joe ideas like mad flavour, separate like that he's got flavour
and he's got like yeah the thing: don't you don't get alot of that out here. Now. You don't it's the added its different. It's it's a chill or even if you They do have labour out here. It's like they take. The flavor goes up to seven right. Have you got your eye? You come from Jersey in there you got rusty pipes, rats, women, Emmett, dull generations, and right up there, there's yeah, that's going to add to it for sure yeah, there's something the water does tastes different. It does like my manager, Jeff, he loves New York City tap. Water is always ex knowing the virtues of New York City Tap. On Monday, you're, crazy, I'm not sure if it has any day now a hundred people die from much everybody so proud about it, though I am too, and we go back with my family like around Christmas, we're just there and we, like you just drink from the tap kids. Look a sip of in she's like
It tastes like carrots and she was right. People really right, time of like iron carroty, gathers the aim was to drink how away a lot of stuff but or Maybe you are supposed to drink it right! Well, yeah, maybe maybe minerals lesson I mean. Maybe if you minerals, taste bad for the good, or you right now like hard water. When you get hardware It is not minerals. That's minerals, Rep Ray great the shower and saw yours showers in soft water in the softest never comes off. That's after hours of snow. I don't know, but my parents townhouse you Take a shower use. You gonna have soap on you the rest of the day, so they have a filtration systems that what it is. I don't know why. I guess it must be. Re must be something that takes, though minerals out. So when you get like that
residue on your shower head- that white Rosea, that's hard, water, Sperm VON fact. Oh, I am so blasted dialogue. They I've done maybe like times my whole life is jerk off in the shower three time. Yeah. It's like never than my thing avoid adding up, We don T just to say why are some place nurture I gig throughout the world. With a place there hasn't been violated. I've never done tub, never too hot, and there is too confusing frustrated. We gotta let the water down a little, then you just like now, you ve been a weirdo. Those guys who lay in bed masturbated bring a box petitioners who set up going on a date. However, on WWW Iraqis executives, must be a maintenance thing. That's like you just need it most
take care this, I'm not upset that we get a cup of coffee Let me do have a goddamn office, cherries, that's right, people that door. Asked about it all. They ve that's gotta occupied too much real state, your head, but there's no doubt about it. Right neat were well. I don't know you could argue that the people to do it all the time the dialogue, to realise that when it comes back, I think the porn and pretty This is a real issue for people. They does have an obsession. Yes, indeed where a buddy mine was really into it with an early internet and he. Started. Looking at the world through a porn lens, it was every, but every girl was approached like somebody yeah Macedonia's hell, that's anything you watch for them. A right is going to affect you. I often thought that about
violence, because I've seen so many people get beat up by gum so comfortable with people get and beat up right. Like fights are you? I see a fight some while you're fight breaks out near my heart rate. Doesn't jack up it? Doesn't it doesn't go? Oh my god. This is crazy, namely their fighting right that bad technique drop in his hands Oh, my God is left legs, the ground is nobody's doing business in the world. Like its decisions, you guys got said took out, go out, it like it is terrible technique and I'm running scenario a mile away. That's crazy, icy society becoming unhinged. Now you see how to hear it becomes normally think not. Violence becomes normal It's like you know, I've been reading a lot about native american cultures lately have gone through like five books on wild West away last few months and One of the more disturbing and shocking things is the torture
native Americans, would torture their victims, like oh yeah, particularly the Comanche the commandos, with a bad ass. If they were the bad ass near, they were the reason until they develop to repeating multiple shot. Revolver had carried a chamber that had more than one bullet. They were running shit because there the US had muskets shoe multiple arrows. You know they could they would theirs. You heard me there's a guy named Lars Anderson. Dunno is famous Youtube famous archery expert, and he going through old texts and old artistic depictions realize that The idea of a back quiver, where you would reach back to grab an arrow and then put it on string and pull back and shoot the rest, not accurate
would they actually would do is put the arrows in between their fingers and they developed technical. They would draw and pull and draw and pull and draw just released one at a time. Yes, and they would go from fingered finger, so they could shoot an arrow, a second wow, and so this guy he actually shows how he can do it, not just in fear you all their holding in some of them. Since you see that there are holding multiple arrows in their hands re instead of in a quiver, and so he figured out how to do it at work, he can shoot multiple hours in a second. And saving it to him she. So I see he's doing that. That's him pawing arrows out, and this is what the command she did ass. The comanches were able to do that and when they were able to do that, they were able to shoot the american settlers in the? U S, army, soldiers and Whitney article Times before they could get off another bullet because they had a pack, a chamber, sallies era that because he keeps all
the arrows in his finger tux them in his finger and ages grabs? on the other hand, draws it back, so they react the winning the war for exactly awry hundreds of years? hundreds for hundreds of years and it was so crazy. What they would do is the? U S. Government would give people allotments of land, saying hey Oklahoma beautiful place. Won't you guys move there and we even get thousand acres of land by war, Golly humbly to take my fellow moved Oklahoma and where there are basically using them, was cannon fodder for the comanches, so they would send me people in there just get slaughtered. Why we're? Because they wanted to try to figure out how to settle this land ran. They wanted these people, the kind of fight the battles with the comanches, and then this orders eventually would move Van and then it is forts, so they are just put out as bait. Yes, they are put out an ambulance, it's terrific weather is conscious or unconscious, or whether, as in US
am I aware, or you know when they? Maybe these people could fix it, but lay dead deadly did get slaughtered. What part of the country where the Comanche ok Texas, alot of sections of the west. They ran things they were. Thousands copier. There was, there were incredibly nomadic, they rode horses. They were fantastic with horses, they they had them horses Wrangler is whether the most powerful tribe and they all they was meat. They would eat Buffalo, Warehouse Lynn in occasionally berries and stuff, like that, the most their die consisted of buffaloes via the Buffalo and then kill. All the other native Americans, they encountered a really kill all the settlers. They encounter other ruthless yeah yeah, so the other watcher that torture is insane cutting people's arms and legs, often through when the motto fire whether still alive shit like that is
so they enjoyed it, yeah mean in this book that I read empire the summer. Moon is all about the comanches. This guy s, Cheek Gwyne, was in here and he can explain how he found out about it when he moved to Texas and he moved to Texas and start that delving into the history of the comanches in the war that the Texas Rangers, the Texas Rangers, the original text. Strangely created to combat the comanches there with his super bad ass soldiers that less like Indians they realize they had to learn how to fight on horses, because the Comanches absolution arrows on horses, whereas the original? U S, soldiers would get off the horse to shoot a shot rise, ineffective, rang, Comanches run upon would fill them up with our own tell, but it was crazy that we keep them all these white settlers and take their babies and take their children. Babies take their children in corporate their children's tribes right
so women, torture and kill the man well, but they were nomadic, they didn't it, so they didn't settled. Create little town has always moving around only tents and they follow the Buffalo. So just like seasons, they would stay in area for a little doing, just follow the buffalo wherever they Buffalo were that's where they would go cheese yeah, but that the thing about it is its to me so strains that cultures can become comfortable with extreme violence like very comfortable here, right. Well everything the big, yet you just exposed to all the time. You know what pretty violent society ray. We see a lot of violent images all the time we see it, but in terms of light dated day violence now compared it just a couple. A hundred years ago, now, Luke radical drop off yeah you'd have to choose to digest it. Now you have to choose, but in a lot of people, do tooth
but also you can purchase of Babylon. Knowing it doesn't really exist or you can get into a murder bubble. Does like some people into a porn bubble rise, even just get in the leg, watching people get slaughtered. Oh yeah right, exciting videos, the air there, I'm gonna watch other their bread myself. I networks Oh that's a comes out tonight right at midnight. Is it what is less midnight last night, so tat, rights out. It's out o my Jesus stun, it's out how you with it I'm happy with how many years of work on two and a half that's good number, yeah close to three yeah. That's a good number that seems like two polish get it tight tour with a little bit and then almost get to the point we have done with it. Yeah almost sick of it yeah we're something started that I can tell and jokes started he'll off you're, not you done within a year and then other once did you ever have when you get close to taping
all of a sudden something new pops in and makes the lineup. Oh you last minute, I'll call. You know, of course, other stuff. You been working on a really China perfected for a couple of years. Yours and then I'll shows up like the last week. It it's a killer. Yeah It's your in that space, yeah yeah, shouted Newark newer real. Why Newark I'm from Jersey, a Jersey guy? I was born nor yap and I just feel like I just have a real affection for all those great New Jersey City that have been just destroyed by corruption, the saying Patterson
Trenton Newark, all these great places that were so. I would write them near corruption, yeah. Well. How to build a european year is too there's a ton of money in New Jersey, a ton of money, peopling tax like crazy, and then these politicians multiple times going to jail for abusing the system in getting busted and bribery, and just it just awful really and it just became real violent places and people start moving out, and I really think it's gonna come back there. Just two great is, I guess, very Park Jersey Shore used to drive, through their noses bomb, to have these great big, victorian home. Right on the beach like has this place, not just kick in ass and the only way that it over works. The gay community comes in and says this is nice, we're gonna fix, the idea that a debate they saved Asbury Part Asbury Park Absolute awesome? So I think it's gonna come back, so I just wanted to a little way to shine a little light on Newark. So Asbury part
is basically a gay neighbourhood. Now I dont have a game neighbourhood when it's a good, healthy, gay population, and so they buy these victorians that are on the beach and other valuable. Now, yeah yeah real states really come up. There only makes sense. It's right. There's only so much beach front property. Exactly may look at Mount now, those preposterous of looked at houses and mobile on the beat. Oh, my god, it's hilarious, yeah written like create leg that doesn't make it ass his money, aliens dollars for a house that looks. I had caused a hundred. Fifty thousand examined the evident in North Carolina. Probably would the array and should yeah now it's crazy, but there's so its limited. There's not that much.
Reaching, especially in that area. You know in Jersey, shore, the whole coast, that's like Manhattan, the same thing here, but it's there. I do feel like this. I mean you look back and you retail these books, Roma, like Philip broth and stuff. He was from Newark and it was just a thriving place with industry and people living their lives and then it became is real darkness and it feels like I'd. Bombs are hopeful that the population will succeed in turn them over whom. So what was the theatre that you went to the performing arts centre, the Victoria Theatre? In its like this performing arts, theatre, they're, beautiful great space? Is it
but little downtown. It's where the devil's are playing in the nets before they moved in, like this one square, black Emily. Yet I'm train you're in Manhattan and ten minute right, so this great theatre had the two shows. I performed before its nor to of mercy. Yet slowly in parts of it. You know it's tough in of two steps forward and two steps back. We have done some. You see fighter. Oh yeah, yeah, our! I couldn't do New York Rice for a long time rise. We should do in New York yeah. You know those beautiful downtown area, really great beautiful Hall Foods, Nike really yet beautiful a new work. You have beautiful, and then you know you give it to the outer. Go a couple more blocks that different story. When I first moved to New York, I stayed with my grandfather in New York. Oh yeah, my grandfather bought a house, and nor can the early. I guess it was probably the forties break out there.
And stayed there till. He died really North ninth street and it was originally in italian neighbourhood and then it slowly became a bunch of different kinds of neighborhood. They did a thing called block. Busting woodsman is where real estate agents would come and say: hey, black people are moving into this neighborhood. You got a cell now or your real estate values. Gonna drop lad. My grandfather's life argue I like black people area. It is their forever if it. Why would I do he wouldn't movement, but the neighbourhood change from an all italian neighbourhood to a black neighbour, and then and then eventually became a bunch of different immigrants right and they want to stay there and this is probably eighty eight ninety one
Ninety ninety one, ninety two as I live there. It was bad man yeah next door, neighbor got his house broken into by the cops they battering ram, does front door. Sellen crack. Oh my god now interact with my grandfather. Knew that kid from time he was little terrible. You now is watching this kid grow up to become a drug Can it like a nice out. He kept parked in the driveway right behind a gate. She spent all that crap money, rack money. My sister runs as non profit. I think I'll talk to you about it called city, green out, a Clifton and they create all of these city gardens and take over farmlands. I can the sake and Patterson and it just really bring these young kids in. It, has like these learning gardens in these school programmes, with these kids from Patterson of Say, come in, and they just like these young little kids, don't understand. Like we're. Vegetables come from their their parents there, their families,
blown apart and they're. Just like there is thirsty as the vegetables they are. They just want love and learning and what are useful and they just that's gonna change everything you can come in and help these kids out and give them a lifeline. That seems like where most of the change can happen. Yeah, if you can get you when the young yeah them a positive direction, to go into that's one of things that I talked about a bunch of times and Most of the change can happen. Yeah if you can get you when the young yeah them a positive direction to go into that's one of things that I talked about a bunch of times in the pod cast light. We spend so much money overseas to try to replace dictators and get rid of fucked up governments. We spend so little time going in cities and trying to give young kids chance. I now give him up
These creek community centres do something where you give them an alternative to drugs and crime and gangs, and also shit the plagues. Those is that's where you, I really believe, and I've talked to other people litter really into philanthropy, and they all seem I think that that's the way to do it. One of those are ya, get him when their young, but what what the programme is is difficult and you gotTA trying at the parents involved with it and all that. But if you can do theirs. I mean, when I say so inspiring when you see these kids then move up to high school and they're just you know. I grew up with kids that we're ok, and so lazy in comparison to these kids, they just suck everything in and want to do well in their inspiring. These kids will just kick ass. What do whatever they have to do to learn? Do it ever? They have to do to get into college they're, just really like some of the best people you can possibly make and because I think full that they have that opportunity and the understand
They could have gone out of a bad way, rightly alot of people. They grew up well, yeah. They see in their neighborhoods in others. There there's trouble. This This is not this. Isn't this isn't guaranteed that things are going to go right from right. It's amazing that there has been more time and effort invested by the government to try to clean up these terrible nearby it does not immediately profitable and I just every politician has form meares and office yeah. It's really. I know it's like I did a I did. A fundraiser Newark is where I got the idea to do special there. I did a fundraiser, it wasn't fundraiser. It was like a awards, dinner kind of thing for this prominent lawyer and These politicians were there and they all seem, like you know, people with good intentions and whatever, and then you walk out into into the city and on the way to the airport and psych man, this is somewhat
these areas like how this is those people were nice, but it takes it'll. Take thousands, those people really all work on that problem. Like I don't oh, how you do it when you know when I travel around touring, and I'm sure you see it too. In every city, all of a sudden there, these ten cities just popping up homeless, people that wasn't around when I started touring lake in the middle of New Orleans in the middle of every city, San Francisco, the upper Midwest? You know there's just all of a sudden these camps of homeless people that did not exist before no LOS Angeles. Staggering I mean there's basically a small city inside the city, yeah, there's right now, they're bordering on seventy thousand people. Seventy two! Seventy thousand will live on the streets in LOS Angeles, just NL, I just an ally and because Ella never really gets cold. Rang rains ten times here again. We not that hard. If you have a tent yet live outside
yeah, and they do they ended. They do fall on tenseness, Stringham altogether and secrete little villages, yeah, there's the underpasses. Like all throughout allay now are filled a tense we're there. Now it's incredible- How much of it is how much of it I have no idea how much of it is. Mental illness, and how much of it is just economic. Sure it's all the above me out it's a bunch of different factors, but you Lastly, if you have your instinct, mental illness for sure was, would started out the wave of homeless people during the Reagan administration cause. They change the criteria for people being able to me now be confined to mental health instantly. They lead, they released bunch people, they changed what what constituted you being mentally ill, whereas before there were asylums, p right, get help and counselling and maybe even get out, but now they just kick those people out or then they just kick those people out Ray and well. Remember it because hold you, I'm fifty
a little the new fifty two. So when I was only fifty two when I was, I guess I was like in high school or after high school wagon was in office. Although it was going down and people are freaking out because also nurse homeless people wanderers tree right and that that didn't exist before people really angry. They were like these mentally ill people just wander, and you know I lived in Boston. It was fuckin really cold here to see people wandering around Boston. It's definitely always as a large portion of people. It really truly need help? Now, right is not just that of their lazy. You don't Go get a job like there's made, your issues and there needs to be some kind of a safety net to help these people, These could just say it. I mean it's so weird to be its power up in outlay in areas that it never was before you and even what what is lazy right. Like how many people that are late, that lazy, that their homeless, how many b
or mentally ill. There's gonna be a lot of a lot lot. Mental illnesses, weird thing where, because he's got such a stigma attached to it, and I think what wellness right. What's mental wellness, maintaining a beautiful state of mind, a peaceful relax com, thankful filled with gratitude in loved happy. That's help right Everyone experiences some mental illness just like everyone experiences some physical ill, but it's a matter of whether or not it becomes chronic, prolonged and what it does to you. The people around you and some people have it way worst people have way worse. Physical health right. Yes on people of wayward mental health and some people would deteriorate and sometimes you could be like on the right track and some stuff happens to you and within six months, you're in trouble
You know what I mean it's of its up. It's a tricky situation to kind of maintain we're allow more fragile than we like to pretend we are near its one, the beautiful things about being a comic. So we have a real community. You know I mean we have really beautiful support of community of like minded weirdos, it it is true, it really is true. I now like a zero places. People get to go to that. We get to go to the store way, everybody's hugging everybody every Caesar buddy, I now so friendly. I was thinking about that. I was. I was at the end of his leaving and everybody every time you leave. A club whether to store the seller in New York? Everyone's always asking you can be your mama, you can be round. We Can we get one cares about? They want to see you again and they want to know if you're coming back- and I was at such a wonderful thing- yeah, this isn't an office. This is now isn't people that are being made to see you every day right, but if you're leaving
the store- and we say goodnight as they are. You gonna, be here tomorrow, Yang Interbedded, earthly. Coming back to the play house, you have had a look in four year where real lucky in that regard, I don't think musicians have a spotlight that where they get here too, they feel isolated if they're, not with their banned or their family, isolated, yeah and its and its end. Thing because away. It's the stores revival I think has given its sense of place is coming from New York. I felt when I was out he like ocarina, just Rowan. Actually get my car undergone. There's no hang out here, there's nothing there and the improv had it for a while, then they met with the bar and they moved into the other side and ruined with such a great place. They ruin
I now in its they haven't, got its mojo about. How do you get emotional, but will now have you ever seen a photo of the improv words? J Leno he's got a pipe as we are in everyone's in the bar, the bars pact. We act now and it's weird sort of photograph of capturing time here, and that was what it was like when I first saw how there is basically to schools. There was the improv, cool, and then there was the communist or school right, and then there was the laugh actors, just like the step child right, It was weird, let me tell you a little weird is Jamie used to work at the comedy story was a dishwasher there and they left to start zone calmly club. You would you know the industry. People would go to the prof. There was I like people that work angling, On sitcom people that were squeaky, clean right and then the dirt, changed, weirdos or I'll hang around the store and its comfortable. There for them
a new wave. The new revival store is different, totally different, very different, but it still has that. Shadows of that these sums to eat like the still some deranged it's in the walls and baked, and it's like, even if they can be able to build a place like that, it would have already exist because of you try to build a place in twenty twenty said. Are we going to build a new comedy store going to put it over here and one slash two we're going to this? Is this and that you're gonna make it like the cows don't feel like a hotel bar if any of them Encina Hotel long here right here. Otherwise it actually what's wrong here at this, it is there's no soul, it places have a soul and that place as a half of his soul.
Out of dark souls, let a mixed up so either so a weird point of contention with scientists and with people that are open to Mord, weird ideas, yeah that things have a field to them, that things even have a memory to them. Oh yeah, I believe that a hundred percent I do. But if you intervene, talk to a brilliant scientists, they would dismiss that instantaneously. They think they're, all brilliant, but they're not open to everything They are acting ass, smart with their little test scores in their lab coats, but walk into an old. Hell in ITALY and tell me that you don't feel something somethin there that history, I'm not saying it's all, goes coming up in your belly rubs It gives you an idea like that, this crazy man, this is somehow manageable, like I do it too. In my life, you know we organise my desk and I get my thing and I get my schedule. An ok, everything's, ok
It gives you control right, gives you an idea like that? This crazy man, this is somehow manageable. Guy you too in my life, I organised my desk gonna, get my thing. I get my schedule them. Ok, everything's! Ok, this isn't hey ass now, who are not argovie that this position completely out of control on controlling this? my pens over there and my books over here right. I would think that that's what it is and if you can't, if you can't justified with facts and numbers, then exist. Well, I don't know because sir, places always seem to have a personality in theirs. There's more there's more going on. I just because we haven't figured it out yet doesn't mean that that stuff doesn't exist now agree. Even room even this place. You know you moved here right this that this is the old place was the thing, but this feels different now than when you first showed up its.
Stuff, there's gathers some memories. There's some things have happened is like it feels comfortable here. While we got this desk to worm desk from the beginning, this desk soaked in with Those palm swear, weirdness, good feelings and weird feelings: yeah and I wouldn't have come from something that wasn't yeah! No, I agree, and this is also reclaimed. Farmhouse would yeah yeah. This is, from some russian farm Zol reclaimed, overall all this shit is like a hundred years old, where Russia we sided to get. This would one or two things one willows building us said: can we get? Would that's ok, yeah, and so we we figured out that there was ways easily get like really all oak and so Eric the guy who made all this that this really old russian Oak and cut it off, down and trim Didn
ray everything's. All you know it's. I got accident is expanded and personality it's alive. Yet why is alive minutes it's organic, as progress will describe Beata now that it has a difference, and then you know, if you want to go are there and talk about the goes to show how else do damage show the picture? My ghost you have a picture of ago. Didn't I show you that I show you that Jimmy. I don't think so. You have a ghost. I have a ghost where your house, I apologize. If Pity myself, I don't know if you are, I don't remember the hurry, but I got one of those ness cameras o the nest. Cameras protection- ghost this year and I was at the comedy works in Denver goes with you again. He opens for me you know you want to open a that. You can trust and I got an alert on my email, the first time they give you if it senses movement in the lurch? You and I
It happened. There is my dog Bela. Just in the thing like this is so cool and dislike. I mean I'm in Denver and I'm looking at my office, and I thought when that be a cool beginning of a horror movie. If you get an alert on your phone and back at home. There's a guy just staring in the camera. Angling rainforest. That's a good premise for a movie. So then I as I'm saying that to my opening actors, who wasn't a ghost, get another alert, and then this comes up. Oh yeah, I can see it up there, Do I give a picture crystalline your war? certain crystal clear, we found out look at that row. That's delete Chris, keep away from Tom. Somebody might not, and I loved earlier, but that's George Girl, that's a man with a wrench yeah or
man in a trench, CO within Uzi, MRS Ten o clock at night we only people home, wife and my daughter, this is on the side can floor. There is no shadow coming in the thing. It's a ghost, There is a legitimate person, that's not a person for sure My wife is the only one in the house. And you think, there's a gun. Serbia clipboard, maybe just a really knowing survey he's going to do- is like a few moments of your time that support and young video ever was moving or some now. But I have a video of another thing. The same office. I could show you this is weird yeah. It works way different in this picture when it small than it does when large wages scarier. When is large. Looks more like a person can make an even bigger Jamak NEWS make his image larger. I have a go to my house, then, when we hear things Yes, it does seem. It seems
in the light, is behind him right like yeah, because the outside right edge of it is sort of highlighted, like, there's a light behind doesnt undergone, though it is weird and it could be a gun, and then I got this. Video could be us all in writing these bread he's got a fixed big written, laughter, disoriented, chef, nice jobs and bread bro! so have you ever had an experience that you could say you think, is probably a ghost cost everybody in the house has had a little somethin. Is your house old? It's not old? How willing poltergeist rise over over an indian burial We never now Don T, you never know were look,
this video in the same office from the next video. So what's going on, when my Logan, I did the thing move now. Can you press plaguing the same camera? What's that's a bug, RO at the back, a hundred percent. But how do you know it's a bad because it's a bug? It's moving in eliminating emirate flies around doing loop deal. It is that's a bug. It's probably a moth. Oh my god. You're a little fruit cake, a lot of raising person that is not that's, Thou bug, you're crazy person. Look, how it sailing. So the is a fruitcake fruitcake, not that's agape, let's again a gay person, but you can call someone of fruit. Give they're nuts two right. Isn't it yeah nuttier than a fruitcake yeah look have apps look out
go that's abroad, the fully that that is a solemn bog. You're. Out of your mind, that's a bug you I see, I would bear everyone into me, Rocha Vieira. I would be all in the doubts about our right does not go its think! That's where there is available theories, but back ghost might I believe, Ngos. Really, and I do and then my wife, yet we ve all had little things go on in the havoc with my wife foot, someone was standing right behind her she's doing the lodge photos made a and turn in this note there was, That's about the french Aimee! Let's watch this, which watches aroun and home can like crazy Tom paupers. Here we go well You furnace wash the bug. Oh look
We can, via a flat paper two sheets of paper, all bugs look like fortune. Cookie dude. It's about was enemy. Was. There is one thing that I got stuck: one stop any bog bad, that's video artifact, because it's moving very fast and from the screen there's a precedent to the slogan resolution camera, that's funny your desk. The ice is its security. Camera low resolution doesn't take a lot of frames per se. And the reason why so elongated is because its passing by this camera and the thing is taking multiple expire measures while, while moves through there's a thing called is it George Carling by your desk xenophobia? That's the delete! That's the crystalline move, Tillier decide its George Collins. I would actually that's George Carlin. That's pretty cool you get out of your desk, the there's a and called Roswell rods, see how it looks all long like that and rise well rods. There was this guy
I mean any. Bravo back in the smoke too much we'd everyday days. If we were convinced that there were these things that were move. Being too fast for the human eye to see and others gelatinous. Jellyfish, like creatures, their shaped like a too that's where you have any idea how they look see those things yeah, yeah where'd, you get the idea. You'd seen a video see that one that black and white one word show right right above your cursor Jamie to the right right. There could announcement that sort of iconic image The Roswell rod had me convince like all my other sees things in the sky and the only way to capture them was with video cameras, said Seti's video cameras up, and they would get These things on video and this guy made this documentary. I think a couple, a documentary believe you gotTa Roswell rods, dot com website dedicated to Thea. It is nothing but a video artifact once did.
So called one of those monster shows fuckin. When those write history, channel shells are discovery tells and they solve them. The mystery. They set up two cameras in front of this fireplace or this fund, this camp fire, one of them was a campfire know if it was actually a lantern. Whatever was they said These two cameras, one of whom was standard resolution and the other one was aged. One of them captured multiple frames per second, like many, many many friends were very high resolution, and in that way you clearly see bugs clearly you say very easily defined bug in the other one yeah, that's low resolution and doesn't captures many frames per second, those images are stretched down. It looks like tubes, so in the exact same place, at the exact same time would to cares right next to each other shoe very different images. One
all stretched out from the low resolution camera like your secure, Camera, the other one is high resolution. He could see clearly about our guarantee one million percent- that is a fuckin bug right I'll, buy that saving you find I'm convinced, but that other one year on looking Europe goes love. Broke I M a ghost. I love all of it. I love being in a spooky all ass, an ice old church leaders, the commonest or belly room scares me. Sometimes yeah. I've taken people up their goal, which is to stand here and tell me if you don't feel weird in the belly route, was something by the Belgrade I'll go above those stairs. Just like the something about that room specimens, no Chauvelin Hijjus feels like your bodies. Tell me the fuck out of here right, let's get out of what is that your badge less? There's that suddenly, I'm gonna talk to myself the back on that
the main room, the dressing area whenever you're back there? I yourself that's of weird feeling: ass a sketchy spot yeah, that's a really weird feelings: Lauer Kennison Seti saw like Guinea Sea like a quarter, move in the air. He a pound of cocaine, guy snorted. So let's go to the fuck. Does what science is that a good? No access will Carl about who is Guinness inside kick had a great story about getting kicked out of the commons. Dorothy told it on stage one night, then you got kicked out not of the commonest or student kicked out of his home gun. If I was, why
You now get out fuck you, I'm gonna, Goddamn Comstock fear, so he went to the carriage door disguising he was working security stores. We had keys USA salmon asleep on the stage I'm gonna make it one day one of your pic famous romanian. Unless this is my fuckin stage, sleepier slept their main rid our main Romana dark and he hear something in the background and he hears like a door. Click click fix a setup pitch black cats and shit hello. Its car I'll take some miles from sleeping here. If anybody here wonder and then he hears chairs women, clean, clink, clink link fuck is going to allow an insult grab some by the ankle pulls him off the stage into the crowd into where the seat our crashing into the chairs and then boom the door shots and boom another door shut and it's gone and he's lying on the ground in
Moreover, the main room about you knocked over chairs something a grabbed his ankle and pull the multi stage or he did not cope with Cason here. Right, he was a great story, is greater dim who told the non state one night at the store holy shit. That's a good question have never asked the audience if they feel weird in there now did they do the drunk their drunken. Their watches show having a good time piazza headed, thereby fun they are basement, fills weird you at such a funny. I saw you a week ago, workin stuff out on the main stage that whole thing back of a hand. Oh yeah, don't talk, I won't ever met. I want. I now work in that, but so the whole area was so far out. Thank you. They did so most rewarding feeling ever we have shrunk and it's like become something What are you? Ok,
the beginning of a year ago. Yes, like a plant, I know right at the beginning is so couple leaves and stickins gardener who gives a fuck him becomes a trace, the ethics ethically. Now it's like a tree outskirt branches and can hang from yeah unlike branches goes off in their places, so It was such a watch. I can't imagine not doing that. Yeah cause some fun. To do. I know, but you get addicted to a too when you don't do east. I feel like a weirdo, oh yeah. When done it a bunch you now. That's it yeah. You start getting like we're, they're gone vacation for we in when you know I'm out here. What do I do? I gotta dinners now Thailand Denisov calmly, on your home and work. You brought it back to Jamie too oh yeah Jamie. I now James can come back to my belly. It's a beauty. It is a beautiful bread belly. He doesn't have a toaster. You don't have a twenty savage
You afraid my auto unawares finally get a new one. I never did is actually a good thing as in getting anywhere hard to find. You can get it illegal coastal did they haven't my best by this, where a mile, Amazon or probably have at your house before you get home whenever they have their own trucks? Now I now they re we so snotty, unlike it won't be here to day. You know it's interesting its light. We have this attitude about business right that liar, we want. You know it's nice when someone works hard and creates a business and become successful yeah, but it's not when they become to six, civil rights, not only there. They are the business and then we think that's a monopoly. We gonna break that people saying that they should break up Amazon. He had to beg to a guy good, so you want to end up. So you want to wait five days for a bit.
The ideas you want other people, we will open up bookstores known I now I'm not an economic. Clearly, monopolies sites like I'm, not a right outside it. Clearly, not an economics expert, but now, but it's yes see the arguments, but I also see a little bit a Haider and those arguments. Thanks. Writing that quote from my book. My answer, my friend, It is really great. When is Europe book out? They can pre order it. Now, when I was out in May, and you can feel where Amazon yeah, but they know the aisles we're talking about Amazon Look is coming out on Amazon. That is I think I'm gonna go it's like they now go back to the Communist Northanger. Wasn't there a story that someone came in a waitress came in and all the chairs were stacked in a pile but I never talk to that wages to do now. I don't even know if it was a way to It is hard to people that have had weird experiences yeah, but
Never no man, people are tired. I day. There's enough, the power of suggestion but there is also the reality that that used to be Bugsy, seagulls, night club and breathing were murdered. Their yeah Bugsy Siegel was a legit gangster and they killed people in that club club. Apparently they killed people in the basement yeah. That's word. Have you ever been in the base will not cast policy area that doesn't feel creepy a little bit weird physical, weird was weird: why did Argosy showdown there's or he might behind? What is our yearly fucking material man argues. Argus is a hustler he's, always writings, no joke, no joke it. Joe him kill the other nine, the main room, I'm a Saturday NATO's like he is fucking good. Where jokes written like day that you ass, I know really current events jokes, but tight, good, solid, jokes.
He's no joke here. I follow him a lot. I end up going on after him alive there and I'm just always amazed. I like not not like just from the headlines kind of this like, like like a late night, showed this kind of works. That funny now like learning, jerk hooks- and you know, he's a guy that never throw in the towel about Argus many have rights all the time for periodicals. He rides jokes, relic newspapers area like that, and he runs think something crazy like at least ten miles a day. What yeah in Hollywood ways out there The streets are his Jim he gets out earlier. We were hang around a store. One nine Argus pulled in with fuckin swept bans on all sweaty enchant. I go. What are you doing up just get back from a rough runnin. Woe yeah he's a these. The real deal I mean he's been at the store forever, from the seven from seventeen used to date, Missy, he did
you didn't know them now, we're newsmen he's boyfriend worry. Is that's all Hamilton were young argot or Sun artists Papa, but every time we see their mean he's been swinging at the store for ever. Look at him down. That's nice navy and I was an eighth grade. Oh my god, I was in nine great it's out of high school. That was my first. Your high school are ready on the fucking tonight show I probably saw him on this and I show you know: there's one things it in bar may do stand up, is watching Richard Jenny on its nature, Jenny, yeah killers watching comics do stand upon. The night shows like one of my favorite things when I stand up, come on I'll, be in my by ETA Tv in my bedroom, twelve inch tv- and you know we had rabbit years, get whatever was on regular network yo, yes, people even
but that is any more. Its rays evokes there's a signal in the sky, and you can pick up the tv if you put tinfoil end of it, you'll get even better. If we had better reception, you had a fuck with the antenna member like you could stand there. I would stand there sometimes and hold it in a certain way, and you know what it was really great when it snowed right snowed under great survey of ionization them, something something how happens with cell phones. Do you know when it snows Algeria? Let herself on reception? Yahoo interest is something going on, but I still use one from time to time. NL. I, depending on where you are. There are a lot of free for K, HD stations that are gonna work wherever you are through the air arm in arm with watching sporting events, because that's the clearest they would beaks we'd better than what you're gonna streamed online helicopter would go over your house
the signal at break up the waves aware. How did it have ended affect your toaster, so the helicopter, the whip pooper, would fuck with the air and therewith mess up the same, nor yet outside its all waves. Re weird, I remember my we had this time. Little tv room in my grandparents house in the men would sit. There have taken this tiny little couch. I'd have to hold the enhanced so that you can watch the game. So I used to have a ranch to change a channel. Because we're thing broke off member those little plastic, you click click to change channels and the thing bro. Cops. I never ranch and have to pop pop that's able to channel yes to keep a wrench on top of the tv River. Finding the timing, we? U Hf,
yeah. This is crazy on any little baby, Lloyd per guy, but it's very crazy. Go Floyd was the guy New Jersey We don't know where I worked with him. You dad did stand up with them yet still out there. I think now. Is he really MIKE thanking saw him in some places and we New Jersey or some food, I did a Bob gonzo gig with Uncle Floyd on the shore in Jersey me, and it is very, very nice guy bow tie. Jack in me and our own George yeah. That makes perfect sense, yeah and eyes a handsome man I fuck embalmed. He then went on after him eat shit after uncle lawyer, Tear didn't want see me at all. He would he do songs or with you. I just knew stand. Remember, I don't remember, I believe he brought purpose and here a show, I'm? U HF, that for ever for
were in New Jersey uncle Floyd Shall Monday through Friday, six thirty p m, and he just enable television network of New Jersey. It's like public access, Legged M, while yeah was like public access, do member public access used to be able to do your own show? Do they go down the public station yeah I did There was a guy named lair, reproaching me and think Todd Parker were the ones we did like more ball All three of us were open micro me added a show on cable access, tv in Boston. We when they will show what we just did it shall we did one episode and I was wearing a dress. I think it was like a game show like like dating show type idea. We re created it ourselves too. I'm sure was terrible what you're doing it, but it was so great.
Then some one of my friends are directly on tv, where an probably gray all these maniacs. That's the only people who would do it on the right. There is a poor one in New York there was a porn moon that work and sign a she was famous. She was like legendary him in New York, Talking right, look, Howard Stern, had a cable access, show didn't need now he had close. He had w w o r ass right, which is like Channel nine and that's right. He had a weird gig, weird, like small, show back when how stern was he was still huge, but he was huge like he became here, but he was. He was popular. It yeah areas. He was big at the time he was big, but I'm trying to compete. It was more private parts. We ain't going far man during that whole is before then even Turkey that young man, this is the girl, the poor,
yeah they're wrong and arrive at work or that's right yeah. She would do wasn't like you know. You couldn't go complete porn, but look she'd have yeah, she would assess dynamic and funding. An all talk. Radio channel- and this is the nineties- remember because I would listen to it when I was on the way to news radio time, worn out and she had a cool voice and she was just these chooses means what do? Member when there was a raid talk ray channel and allay like Tom, like this was on and there was two girls. I would talk about sex all time. Oh yeah yeah. I forget they have one of em, I think was in Playboy Ray and they had TIM Conway June year. Conway Steckler Remember that Yemen they had there was a channel and all talk. Radio channel in this The nineties remember because I would listen So when I was on the way to news, Radio
listen to the radio and was on the way to do set right to the set something in the more our yeah ran the afternoon was comin home. That's where you guys worsen sections and Gower yeah. I think we're at Sea Bs Radford originally made for a little bit right. I did see Hardball CBS, Radford and then Sunset and Gower ran, but look at all those other shows Like real shows you got on friends, I'm not. Everybody has envious. For always your audits network show thinking, if only I could be over there and to this day it's one of my fondest memories, but there was a time I remember we were all sitting around the set and we we kept getting moved. We got me. Of no less than nine times over the course of five years. Nine times we just kept again, we see the thing is with shows back then in particular, Serbia is it always about who owns the show tat if NBC owns the show in here.
Then you and your golden they're gonna, put you in the great spot in and hook you they are on their network. Yeah radical you like right after friends right after Seinfeld, he asked the sweet, yeah how's, the Thursday night was the sweet, spaghetti these the hammock spot rabies earlier enzyme, Seinfeld, well, yeah yeah. Some people call that in dumb it was the we're all sit around the sad and one of them, eyes from the one you know, but someone brought in the ratings yet far and then everyone's complaining in this now everyone so down- and I was I hate last time I checked with Fuckin tv like I am, I know, we're dyke number eightieth, my friend Lou Morton. He would cut his mother writers income in every day, with shirt with sharp, be then were that we're on when they came in at eighty eight? I was I really like London Fox news. Radio eighty eight o, my god, we didn't do well until we got cancel
news, radio did great in reruns. Does you got a chance to see how funny it was so we had so weird it's weird how many times that happens too like arrested developments in development, although shows its all about where it is the air I now I now saw about where they put it yeah so eight, so that it was on that all talk right, here was that the guy who it was his name who would he would do all the voices. He would do all the characters. Now he was Radio Phil Hand they'll handrail Henry Readville him he would any still does it. Have you never heard he'll. Hendry he's a goddamn genius near Phil. Hendry. Would answer the phone and then he would be the collar so what you would call up with these ridiculous. He would say ridiculous. Shit yeah, we? U like. How can this guy be real people, so angry and in other people would call in like,
man- is so, did you use it? No matter who you are ignorant, I'm right here in front of the Journal of American Medicine colonies and most people were in on the gag mounting say most we will move like sixty percent gagging rate islets bubbling p, worked in front of my house like listening to it but I know it is amazing. Around. I think he is, I think, you're right. What does he do these days? Is he ever radio show? Happily, where Hendry he's, probably working with Uncle Floyd Katyusha, the Is it on the radio, the Youtube's facilities for sectors? They show Itunes. I feel about when I hereby ok, that's good. When I hear people learn he'll do in radio radium like we do have.
Other options as are other work, can you get out I'm serious ex em right? That's different. That's definitely. Siamese extrapolate reiterates yelling rail, like over the over yeah right yeah, I know, but you know, What there is something like I've been. I was in a couple towns, Columbus, Ohio Denver even where they have a strong terrestrial radio thing station let's popular Austin does since the dazzling bob it's such a cool thing and we ve kind of lost something like because they're talking about the show, that's coming to our town again, a sense, a community that you don't have another things right in his life yeah happening over the air tools coming in this wing in we're gonna. Do we but there is also censored. That's a real issue yeah for learning to mean look. Why in saying that we all oh Howard, Stern, a huge debt of gratitude. Is that He was sued by the FCC yeah, I mean looking with Gyp yeah
He was soon. He lost a shitload of money. The media company was accompany them his show. Wherever the company was near, they were fined. Hundreds of thousands of dollars right for him, but for almost nothing. This was during the Bush administration. They were going on to him to remember that yeah. Remember it do they went after him. They went after him hard one word scary, yeah, I like you, would you hear about it? You look what and then you would hear about the things that he got far saving and find the thing said, Howard Stern, about five things. You get fine yeah. Let's put it up really listen man, whatever anyone want to save and Howard Stern, that mother Fucker opened the door for all of us all of us. For me, one hundred percent yeah, ok, lemme see. The first thing is the fart manstin where he got five than I ever learn. Those on television is imposing.
Was ass. Ok, it's not really surprised that he exposes but cheats and ten thousand hours gold, spandex superhero costume. But where it where's the same advice to for the sake of fine for that offices up said, is most welcome. Defence area to be whose you answer mine a I saw where there is a lot of stuff tat. He said you know that you would look at it today like in terms of like a pod. Ass. You tell us that even without ready and outrageous, so these are things that are fine for, let's make that looks the Fuckin numbers man August twelve Ninety ninety three five hundred thousand dollars infinity broadcast outward arrayed in defined. Six hundred thousand dollars, five hundred thousand dollars, six hundred thousand dollars December 18th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and then August 12th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. I was now so within a year in six months time, even but ninety, the two thousand for
but look at that is in one in one year's time. In six months time they get fired one million one hundred thousand dollars she easily fucking insane man. I wonder what the offences where It's just language, we mostly language, I'm sure, the language or subject matter, potty humor, you know fuck man, crazy. I mean we think. This today in terms of like what we get away with on podcast. Now again, my car total freedom for total freedom, and I think a lot of that was opened. The door was open because of house there was the same is applied, in the piano with his penis see recorded Chris Ogilvy. We will revisit W J K, O J F K, FM in Washington DC became the third infinity station to air. The Howard Stern show in ninety eighty eight too,
months later ends stall mill of New Jersey, mistakenly tuned her radio to hear stern talk about having naked. Women in for an upcoming show she recorded the US, Fucking niche. It is Christmas Party, broadcast in December sixteenth that featured a man playing the piano with his penis acquires singing about gay sex to the tune of white Christmas in women being hypnotized who achieve orgasm under the referral. Her senator this fucking crazy lady call. The senator and congressmen stumble fire filed a complaint with transcripts tape of the the FCC Review the evidence and asked infinity in October Ninety nine for an explanation, material in quotes may have violated federal law by including indecent programming during
daytime hours. That's funny wicked nighttime. It's ok to get naughty Ia Carmathon argued that the term. Lee Offensive in its new ruling was vague and sexual reference is cited, were no more offensive than daytime television shows Hurrah, though, and Donoghue, which use similar terms without repercussions sure his response was later rejected that it did CS the defining em back then, and eighty eight. I would imagine that for terrestrial radio alot of that still holds, You can get away with a lot more now because of him of our stir and because of the all the mean look and he was under the gun manatee. He stuck to his guns, yeah, he kept doing the same programme. I mean it's: it's a vastly different programme now, but an criticise him because of that, but look he's a different person
I shouldn't have to do that old show. Now he should do whatever he wants right. That's who he is now right exactly know, but I work for NPR. Do this life from here, which was prairie on companion, and I do this Metro and their say they have millions, I'm once in awhile and they of musicians and They are really strict when, when a comic is about to go out there, that he's told twenty times what he can't can't say it's. I really really really strict and if you violated, if you say the wrong, they get a fine for every station that it errs on throughout the network? O Jews, yeah,
so live a hundred station is a hundred five. Yes, exactly as it still put still really serious and that's censorship, six o clock in the evening in these coast it so ridiculous. It's you know, look I get it if you have a programme and its a rated peachy programme- and this is the way you want it- the kids, families and stuff like that, but for the government to step in it's ridiculous, the added it really is ridiculous in the fact that this is. You know that I didn't do this for so long right. I mean like before Howard Stern, repeal of the relays there was no one. There was no one like that. There was great dawn Imus. He is kind of to virtue in some ways yeah. He was and then stern. Who is just a totally different animal? He opened the door for podcast for sure yeah, all these outrageous people doing podcast. He made the roadmap right yeah, how two percent
we'll show there. Was it here's the income over this side of the street, no one's gonna mess with you well and when they open up the door like what you're on serious outlet, radio SIRI Satellite Radio is also responsible for Paul cask, as they show that you could do things uncensored rank. They were the first place, the address real outlet. Serious ex em out of them together, exam in emerged right. So, if you're subscribing to it, that means that you are willing to participate your gang for it, you're, not its Alec public dress already aware? If you just get your card, it pops rights, severe listenin to open Anthony if HORIZON and Howard Stern, like you could hear wild shit right and then podcast sorted came out of that right and like this podcast is directly because of Opium Anthony.
Hundred percent, oh yeah, because they set it up the way their show was, and you ve done it yeah it's a hang yeah, you would go in there. Nobody would hang out rang real loose, very loose, guys would come at a time bomb is here. What's up Tom? We don't complain. Caroline Smith now make some bread and everybody would have a good time and re. No, there was no. Structure to stern, had much more structure, yeah, alot, more bits and we're gonna go into this now and economically, and he was actually classic radio. Here he was a young work. The board and shit here he was moving the dials and style writers stay at people, work and forum? It was it? Was he was more structured, Opium Anthony, was more of a hang right and then Anthony started. Doing live from the compound here. He had this house,
brain and long island and he was with a fuckin machine gun, posing a five agrees, Glinda sitting and carry out here, and I remember thinking car tat I wish I did that. My house I want like that set up at a studio set up at his house only need one of those risks anytime. You want to just go, live and start talking about their rights and it will streamline, and they know the internet was under good, backed this happen less starting now. Usually two thousand sectors, while he was still on the show, and they were given him a hard time about it right tell them. We can do that and it was like, but it only gets more people to listen to the radio show right. It's gonna take anything away from the radio show, which I definitely agree with bigger fired right when they realized tat was church thing area, Saint, Patrick, skiff, narrower and was just here. I owe you a great and whose alas guest oh yeah, a love. Em is the best he's the best,
it's like a maniac myself body, his lair God, his they got fired, and then he realized how quickly everything can go away, because it is like fuck goes out of money and I think they were fired for like two years yeah. They can be in the year to year, s right and so Then then they want to Syria, rank higher by serious and then and they had that thing where they would do both at this. Time rainy started with serious what they were back on terrestrial moment? They would do the walk. I didn't, would you do the walk walk? We do. We would broadcast with wireless microphones walk into New York City, yeah yeah. I was like a block and half way, so you get out there with strap you up with these wireless MIKE's and then we were walking down the street. Talk in it was, on the air in the rain fell. I really felt fortunate to be a parliament like a ghost part of history. I know it felt like there was. It was like you
there. That's where the action was for Romanians to they added such a home for Comic a hundred percent yeah, and if anybody and you look forward like never time, why didn't want to do it there were I get up in the morning dress. It was like fuck. Yeah was only their Patrice would be a mare, Alan and now the matter when my shells were sold out. I still made it in events in Burma is found to be felt. It was a clubhouse like you fellows report, and you also could be yourself. It's like right. Unabashedly be yourself. You know nortons in there talking about crannies. You know experiences with Ladys of the night and always a crazy shit and trees was rag on Reboot Louie, would be there. There is us Jimmy its guy in the day
arms again. That gets up ass fat, Tom Foe, fat, Owl Tom TAT. Tom was a little, and that was when we were two thousand five. It was said that the attack mother silver, a break in the case of those who wasn't that's not the exam studio. Wasn't, isn't it the Maybe it seems like it as a serious and has allowed the glass Wabash while you're serious was there, but that I felt I feel real, we'll fortunate, dear heart, that it was cool, there's a good time and Anthony when he would last do something was is funny as any other and while he was genius is no is Gustavo areas yeah. I haven't heard as new thing very often. Well, it's all the subscription he's decided to go to a complete subscription model so that no one can ever fuck with them anymore. Pull him off the things he has a loyal fan base, its key about media. He actually has a whole bunch of different shows that people can get from com
media get a subscription and then It has shown a bunch of other shows you just get that glinting is when they got onto a subject ages. He does like I like it with this. I just knew he had something. This real that there's a real benefit in what he does that the old The people that are going to that our people that want to see his shown here has shall so he can save the most outrageous share. And he's never going yard yunkers. If people subscribe or the unsubscribe, it's probably a wash in our, I ran, I'm sure gain subscribers. Maybe it'll gain subscribes because we're talking about it but but that interesting thing where they it was the combination of those guy on the present. You know to me like they over the years. Have that rhythm- and you know and open with lobbied in and then to see it all break up at the end was really sad fact. They should come back here, in the building Anthony wants to thank you. Everyone
Two again now got pretty thick Ankara's yeah. They got there, don't like each other anymore year. That's too bad mean and Anthony, and his show that shit on open they would got bad yak early, oh, be got fired. He was doing obedience, Opium Jim, was it. Do yeah I'll, be radio Opie Radio. Then he got fired for film, someone in the bathroom drastic shit and found them me up eighty pranks got awry, get it turns out UKIP, but an obligation, people in their shitting. If they put. If you like about taking to shit you up of dirty, you hey job, I hate you motherfuckers at the door. I would never think you're gonna lose your job, for that we would be laugh exact. So it's like comes from an innocent place comes from a place that we would all do something like this off more yeah It depends on who it is where like, if you had a guy,
working for you and you are the boss and he a shy any filmed him shitting, then it would be totally Then it's like hey now, there's an your inner circle of what you now it's gonna be allowed, but it was like me and I opened the door when Jimmy was taken a shit. I found him, you know he rang screaming and laugh, and I mean it would be fought a right. It wouldn't you know we're equal treatment as your hands. Girls just spilling out of a jump out of us drop seal hunting- oh hey Joe, and this little MA am in there, but it is a deal. Is a thing that you did get on that show where it was. It was so wild and lose we had as members in Dhaka Patty the Assholes. Daddy. We I had these pot breaths trips and if you took on these breast trips it would literally put you in another dimension. They were so goddamn strong violates a girl one on a plane and when it landed, he goes. I almost. I almost ass to be taken off
Are you serious you see? I was. I was like those can do that I am really. I took it to use yeah yeah yeah goes. I wasn't ready before the plane took off. It had already kicked in and I was on the runway saint. I gotta go you're off the plane. I can't do that point bookmarks, feeling in the world or flight of Florida feeling in the world. So anyway, Stalker Patty was there and we gave her a regular Listerine breast trip in tone her was a up a pot breast trip. If she- and so she started having these psychosomatic hallucination sweeps start believing she was hallucinating. Larry army stood in front of her with his balls out of his pants. He pulled his balls, I was grants and sipped up everything else, so it just be. A sack is sick, ass. They were in hours. I do. Are you hallucinating you seen just like? Oh my god,
God what what's going to happen and she started seeing things at weren't. There is so ridiculous hilarious, but again no fire, Stalker Patty heading five! That's it stalker pay trips out! He he's here is that why had hair you, Herr Bozos, probably thousand nine a m I had two thousand and eleven well well, but he's or she a regular on the show and choose like a legitimate, crazy person, and they have her on India. They would have all kinds of Wagner, the stern model to back all that stuff yeah. Oh yeah, he opened the door for others and they always had these wacky radio characterising can't get the ball rolling such a weird thing. Is they like in there?
ITALY is a segment of the audience, is laughing at them, but they're so grateful to people the show yeah you know. Maybe they they give their life a little bit of a meaning the words as we are now that long ago. Man will, you know we're talking about fifteen years ago. The world was a cop, pointless different place out completely knows those. Now there was nothing like casts bullets. Amazingly, we started the conversation talking about the public access stuff with a single voice like there's always been that thing for funny odd people to try and get out. And do a thing you know remain it's kind of its end never stops at its gets. Inspiring. There's like this for was to just be silly. You know their enshrined, communicate with other silly people and at all, as media is changing, but that thing and one still uncle with aid
when Robin Bird dares now have a conversation with a manager today, and she told me there is now nine hundred thousand pod casts What there are nine hundred thousand ranked podcast out there regular podcast, Kastler decently, three hundred million plus people in this country, whether it is really twenty million yeah says nine hundred that so there's almost like one in three people have a pod gas home Almost his lazy January brings flurry of release is pushing podcast tally. Past nine hundred thousand haven't you, those are my was over inspiring are needed now. Can I tell everybody: do apply gaslight? How many I would I will they wandered thousand. I think it's probably like a hundred but even that that's that's amazing. It's a lot of Aachen people out there making
I guess it's late, you know it's. The same is twitter its. I would rate everybody has a voice. You just have a voice, you can create a might get him. I can you have one yes ray and here's the thing like give your good. It will grow, it's really that simple right. If anybody wants advice on Parker the one thing I say is be consistent. Right, just grind, you have to grind grind put him out all the time that we people nothing count on the rise soon as you disappear for while you loose people here says you take time off, you lose peoples and had been ass mine. We may my body was like offer a couple weeks and it was any. You'd, feel it yeah. You lose your momentum and then you lose the people that are addicted to and then they find some denounced they go to this one or that one there did you see that number nine hundred many maples crazing those crazy just out there talking about em ringing it today,
world and you can use that world in a beneficial while people get things out of it like this God. Our have had so many interviews with inspirational people and the like David Goggins and campaigns, and and all these folks it of really spired people getting your life. Jordan Petersen me. So many people have inspired people to take chances and check. Their lives. Do you feel like we're in this cultural moment where people are actively trying to? go further. We always doing that ray we're, always progressing and ass. These were always doing that, but it seems like there is a there's a bump right now. Oh yes, there is they make an acceleration yeah happening where people are really not only thirsty for it, but also participating in it for showing can only think it's gonna, it's gonna leave us further elect a lot quicker. Well, it's definitely. It's definitely opening up conversations that people
one have normally had- and it's it's one of the reasons why so valuable right now, because this is a weird time for humans. Communicating to so many people communicating electronically Thea, so many people are setting Texas just an email and not not talking to each other for long periods of time, face to face a unite, been friends for years? Our biggest conversations we have our on this part can reassure me. We have dinner yet others stuff like that, but yeah sitting in a pot cast studio, your locked in right, stare, each other across the desert. Very unusual way to talk to you- and you are also freed up to ask each other Things are normally don't ass and we have Jamie to make sure that we are talking shit. That's a little way. That's a little we're the hideous leering over there. He shopping for toaster, he's a world that included and even from the Google want him to come in and teach them how to commend, and I'm not joking than a real people have asked him to come and look. How are you? What are you doing that people want to show you what the fuck is he didn't like that is a go. Get outta here,
it is one handed Google or in the history of the universe, like you probably are one of the best one. Handed typewriters ever cause euros, have to type with one hand. Yeah you probably develop New skill mindset when I'm here that's right, rated Pleaseth! That's! What's crazy, like you anticipate what we're thinking and then you pull up the thing before I go. Can you pull up there? It is you wait. I might get my ghost up there before I was done. Talking about someone goes to comes. The problem here is a problem of ghosts. Those go shows why? Yes, so go shows, are both a hundred percent one? Those guys got trouble recently made. It goes book and you put plagiarized bunch shit. I like blue Black, blatantly copy and paste jeez. Yet
it's better. That goes to the morrow, some of my favorite theatres. When you go ray, we go perform these theatres and you talk to the people. I was asked to give a ghost there was a little boy. I was in his eye on cash ash cash and there was an old theatre and the guy who runs the theatre said we ve had legendary. They keep talking about. There's like three go: something and they're having a cocktail party, upstairs in this light cocktail. Lounge off the balcony and his son. This guy son ran into the balcony and he's talking people's echo. Go get em and he goes in there and the kids leaning over the bed. Guinea talking to the stage Harry conversation with. Someone is here now now that others, my dad, what he wants us to go down there, who wants to go that guy? He wants us to go down there, s, no one down. The thought about that was little. Kids is the little Kay
aids have not dulled all their senses with the pressures of the world and all the other information that we carry out our heads in all of our ideas of what's real. What's not real in that little kids are open the hour and then they could see things will flee from the red hot chile. Peppers is talking about that with the sun that his son is like I think it was fully was son- is like a tuned in spirits in a way that he was looking like. Maybe aids that these kids, like. Maybe we all have that in us, both its blunted rabbi pressures and life in the lack of sleep responsibilities, relationships in the work in fear and everything rises, and also like we define how the world this right, we we get in our had this. These are the parameters for the world. Other works not said: gonna, work and fuckin, but not you.
Fuckin sleeves endeavour that my Molly ass. Yet I believe system is going to carry me through yeah yeah. This is what it is to fact, whereas now that's why good smoke it up once in awhile how we take the doors open this one of my favorite things about pot name. It makes you were aware of how weird things act, We really truly are yeah. We hear things when you don't do it for a long time and then do it, which is like my schedule use take. It makes you look at everything you all your structure that youth formed over the last, whatever amount of time and yelling, You see it from another. Just from another perspective, it just makes you look at em. We, like our that's kind of unnecessary, that's kind of duty, that's part that landmines on either he opens doors to just woof, hey when, when you're saying you reading all those books about the native Americans now did they talk about there polarities was that yeah there well, certainly day hautala. Spiritual stop it
there's a lot of pay, only rituals there really and pale, and they actually particularly important at the end of the native Americans free range. When the gun they'll get you now conquered and moved and reservations rang. The Paley rituals became increasingly important for them. Oh really lie, then their fuckin fill with dismay Where do the stories of the reservations are one of the most heartbreaking things than ever read anywhere about anything like massive amounts of people dying from starvation and disease and in those horrible man, people losing like most of their kids and also their family members, and you know that the amount of people that are left it either like the native american reservations. I don't know how many people live on them, but I think there's any growth or population boom. It's not like it's a bunch of
you don't owe me like. The NATO, exactly cities are growing inside these reservations and becoming more more affluent. It's not happening. Others destroyed. Fuckin alcoholism. Tuna talked about that in NAM, black Elk life of an american visionaries, most recent woman, I'm reading it they're talking about just the alcoholism and that all they were converting all these native Americans to Catholicism Gray and how they hated being native American. They felt so terrible data because we just did their identity was just so disparaged by speaking, conquered and moved into reservations and extreme poverty, and they would see these other people need like these. People are happy and healthy and in other forces
religion on the most heartbreaking you'd see those old voters where they were putting them in in traditional dress, like making them all of a sudden where suits and ties and shoes masses. So, SAM, it's fucked up man, it's it's. What am I mean? I always knew was fucked up, but the genocide of the native american people is one of the most overlooked parts of of our history. We can like brushing aside like, were aware of it, but we don't discuss it all. The time you like you know they killed like ninety percent of them with disease intentionally know just what now just exposed the Europeans are really Alex somewhat tribes. Ninety percent of them were wiped out because a small pox and all sorts of other diseases, jeez, said no defence. For a year to these, people show up caviar stuff. It's awful. How do you? How do you? I have a daughter, that's going
going to school, colony, ecology and, and, and I so she's learning all about the world like nor the darkness of the world. You know me I have to do, is read history and not just you know our history globally, it system it's a nasty nasty tale, yeah, and I feel, though, that I it's I wanna like prep her before she could even deeper when she goes away to schools and starts. Learning about it, even even more. Hence Lee tell like I don't want to lose hope. You know what I mean like there's it's a very, very dark upsetting thing to learn about, but you have to kind of real is where at least muddling through it or where it try work. We are progressing. We are conscious of that history ram, so dont lose hope.
You know what I mean, like I'm afraid, to send her out there. Without that armor and away you dont lose hope, is huge right, fired, find people they're out there find nice people they're out there, especially you know. I think people were very scared today, and I think this is of pivotal time with with human beings. So much change right, so much changed color early in so much change in just in the world. Will you shifting and is also tearing down, like all the institutions, the carried us for a certain amount of time right? Those things are no law. Hunger, really important in this in the world, like churches of fallen off inshore sense of community just the towns, where's China were isolated, and so it's all of this shift, and that's whenever there's that shit,
and change in anything, even in your own life, when you have to move of a sudden, your world is a little rocky unshaken. It's like a feels like that correction. Tell you where, where I go I'll tell you to listen to there are primary places to go for entertainment and being informed, and one of the weirdest things as people informed and one of the weirdest things as people rely on folks like me. Now one place, we can say like these guys aren't biased yeah. This is not the one guy that telling it straight daddy's, there's no place like that, right. So how do you know what's really going on the world? And now it's about and also no one's watching those goddamn new shows a drop of late night television, dropping off everything's drop in our hands watching alright attention that shit in more right is all these structures that used to be. There are primary places to go for entertainment and being informed and one of the weirdest things as people reliant folks like me near like hey, don't do that
independence from the police, to get you one hears talk and shit. You can come to me. I want to be informed, listen our guide you in the right direction. I tell you where, where I go I'll tell you to listen to, but don't listen to me the right of way too much. My platinum, really paying them much tension. Yeah. You have that it shone on your last week rain at risk adorable. You know it's always what it's not funny, but we always talk about. You know that at some point the they're going to do it at some point, they're going to say, evil, stuff you're one gets their dern offshore to be this right to be knocked down, yeah right! Well, that's would cancel culture. Is all about right, and it's this thing. You look into just
only look at the worst aspects of someone exaggerate, those magnify them and ignore everything else right the thing about those it's really difficult for people to swallow now, because they know what that is in a most people who listen to the show ya mean if there's been fifteen hundred plus episodes, they know the fuck Finally, as well, that was what was cool about all of the comments in defensive. You in the show is like it was like this person had never heard the show like you, you could You can't listen to this show without understanding the openness in the diverse the v. The acceptance of diverse points of view that, and so also comedy like you can't take comedy and taken out of court, out of context and put it in quotes, take a section of a bit the and use it as evidence of homophobia or train ruby or anything else in our and its
its disingenuous, and they don't realize that by doing that, they're just making people distrust more than other doing, you're not going to convince someone that hey. You know that show that you love that you listen to this guy, all italian actually evil exactly applauding against avian flu and Trans people and yet and everybody else. It's protected sacredness world NEA now yeah! No, it is amazing that we take the comedy and comedians of kind of filled the void of a lack of grown ups around you know I mean like yours leg. It used to be Walter Cronkite or with that evening, news and that's where you got it, then you saw Johnny Carson whatever doing the funny stuff right. An example to be marked Yes, right of guys, everything needs to be marked as one of the great things of economies we mark each other were always busting balls were, though, Thou hast talk it shit to each
There is a letter dated the bears, its fine, a great exact and we actually enjoy it yeah. You know, I think it all turn around. It all come back room. I think what we were experiencing right now, a sister shifting of our focus NEA as other culture, and these things that used to be important like sitting around the radio listening to the evening news dash, it is non existent anymore, nope. Nobody sits around the radio little we're trying to find out what's happening in the world. I hold the whole family like listening, that when they were doing that they could not imagine anything different, you haven't you do. I do. I do crave and my wife craves connection. It's it's
What what are you listening to her, where I watch? What are you listening to and you're going out with some of this american life Emerson and Jordan Petersen Rights? I guess we're not gonna have something to talk about tonight, but we should both Lucinda this one. So you can come back and talk about it and have you know we're both thinking about the same things, it's kind of a cool that can meet sense, a community yeah. You know, a show that you both watch, we ve been watching shits creek lately, what's shits creek shits Creek is Larry, real, no shit. Now I never heard of it. It got picked up by Netflix it's over it's or its. They think they ve shot the last or their shooting the last, but Eugene Levy Levy locate him in his Sunday. And created. They show about a rich family who, at lose their fortune ends up in the small town. Oh, I think I have heard of this issue
so, where are we talked about? That there are no new era is on it, and them is to other actresses that are just killer they're, just such defined characters. It's very small show it's all takes place in this little shitty town, shits, creek and they're they're they're, like these affluent arrogant, kids and parents, and is so it just hits the jokes arduous fast and care Nothing is such a good. Oh, it really is good in IRAN is the first thing that I have we watch in a long time. I have we been watching anything for so you city on pop tv, Netflix body, is exactly right: yeah, shit, creek and that that's father and son created it together. And they're just so damn funny, while because eyebrow look at the matching? I ran Catherine Harry's just on points she so damn funny.
Many good misguided under a short baby. You know they're very easy to digest. I was into MRS Maes all, but the last season, as did start off con clunky having gone back to the I now feel like I should watch. I watched the two seasons are really enjoyed it, but it's it's hard, you know it's it. It's one of those things worth its so close to because it was set up and then has the Lenny Bruce he's very good he's good days very good and very believable. Here I was just talking to having Pollack he's he's Attica. Yeah knows that that is great he's really great. I listen to a Lenny Bruce thing recently. What's a colleagues on Youtube, its ate it? it's me. It was an album that someone put out about Lenny, Bruce the killing of Lenny Bruce and adopt it talks all about it
some new stuff that I never heard that young daughter talking at the time and talk about the court case some other there. You know how it stir things the case just that devoured him that in the heroin, which is also in a suspect of where they try to get rid of kind of a thing. But it was a very interesting little documentary audio documentary about the fall of of Lenny Bruce, and you talk about just you know. You it, such as its almost cliche, how legendary that story is, but just to be reminded of how completely alone he was just using just having people show up in a comedy club. Not even clubs to a nightclub is aware, no comedy clubs that he was that brave to keep going to keep speaking while the whole government was coming to squash him. Like a bug, there were resting that the bravery of
is astounding, astounding and, like Howard Stern, he opened the door to all of us. I mean down guidelines that guy open up the doors all stand up, and this created the art form essential. Because a warrior wasn't the same when he laughed it was different. It was different before it was jokes right, joke zones right exactly and he became cultural commentary right from hung about religion tongue out. The government. Sacks yeah love all of it law here is an interesting thing that I was. I was so what happened when he died like so he dies in. I believe sixty seven sixty nine and I was so what was the next thing like if they were really clamping down on him? It was only four years later, the Karl Heinz case for the seven dirty words, came up. It was that close that in my head I always thought that was much different era. That Carlin was much later than
it was only four years later that they were still attacking. So he kind of you know picked up the the fight in a way that remarkable it is remarkable. Carlin was arrested several times as while right he was pulled off stage here right now, just for speaking again was at forty years ago. Not that long, No, I now amazing like if they could see what was going on any knight in any club. Is there anywhere yeah? They would be if you could bring Lenny, to the communist or defrauding holy shit. What that will it up my game tonight, get away all anymore Brian Holtzman can see so much. You say anything where the cops, but he, but it is pretty calling on you to listen to kill out and poorest yeah. I've listened to a bunch of us all. Stuff. It's weird it's weird out comedy is it has a lifespan
really does universe doesn't work, it doesn't. Culturally things are so different that the taboos have been. Look into the point words. What he sang is its normal. It's like a museum, peace at Album, Carnegie Hall. Lenny Bruce Carbajal yeah over the year, and that its cool like to hear the way talks in in the Navy, his style and all that, but as comedy make you laugh it just doesn't. Work doesn't work now, since the different All of that there are still valid here, one bit that he did about. Gay people were like it's illegal to be gay, you get it. So what do they do? They take you in the arrest you and they put you in jail with a bunch of men, would have sex with you. Its value
Obviously, a lot it illegal to be gaining more, but yet others there is used that is gay sex was in many places, not legal. Then re fucking, insane mine, blowing blow and signed in our lifetime in our lifetime. Weirdo so strange, so the guy who plays in Miss Mabel, very good, very good, very believable yeah the dust and often the best Lenny Brewster jobs that yeah he's fucking amazing and I think that's the best version of an actor portraying stand up comedian right. What about Tom, Hanks and punch line. What about Sally Feel crush them? I guess tat. Could the last he seemed a little bit later. Maggie daddy seem, like an eighties comic, pulled off the away wider toga ear. It wasn't him that was the problem that movie it was day stuff around it. Yeah
the locker room again is there I met in the locker room. We go up and do the thing the locker magical, you change your comedy earthquake. Why why we need a locker, Maginnis storage, I think it has been a large room for you know it was a great. Why are we taking off a clue putting up my chocolate, Youssef cameras? What are you doing here is my outfit. There the young, this scenes of, like the actual clubs themselves, were interesting because I saw punchline when I was opened Michael, I think punchline out and eighty nine that sounds earlier. I think eighty he has seven it had to be around eighty eight said it so radiate. Ok, so that was right when I started his. I started August of eighty eight. So was right right after I start right- and I remember thinking wisely, it was so romance
It is to be involved in this thing. I had only been doing for a couple months that point time. So just just signing up on Sunday night for open mic night get my feet were, but I watch that movie. It is. I loved. Every thing about stand of the cited about comedy. You know their desires, a movie about comedy now wooes and we disappointed to hear you into it at the moment he was very funny. Right in laugh right, there wasn't. There was no moments in that movie worldwide ha yeah, but I always remembered the part that excited He was when they were in the diner in the middle of the day like she came, comes a time to gets yokes and stuff, and I was just like how cool is that they are not at all office criminal the day there, just not a diner. That seems so excited Reed Ba
just show up and go to the movies, we're friends. I still love that as the families and responsibilities. I'd love that com one, my bodies are pay, we do, men will go the movies, girls go the movie or whatever you want to do hanging out with your buddies. Like two in the afternoon at the movie theater, This is the best laughin. I the very first day that I I quit my day job I was in New York and I finally was a full time. Comedian and I walked up the central park with my body, and it was packed on a Tuesday is packed with people. It's so disappointed like when what is all it should only be comedians right now, where do you know all you get from work like other people can figure it out to get a day off well
here and allay- and it's like two in the afternoon you're on the road and it's fuckin jammed up with people, and where are you people going yeah lies that everybody at work great? How should it I'll be in the office? He fucks with you that that is like one of the more attractive aspects accommodate peoples that freedom, but that's also that freedom was one of the reasons why so many economists are so irresponsible lazy? Yes, because they have that freedom here, that they don't actually sit down and work yeah like how many of us have actually like you, ve written a book nortons or in a couple bucks how my colleagues are actually written book Leah, fuck, and that is the real test whether you have discipline? Oh yeah, yeah yeah, write a book, yeah notice, it every day and do it, but how book tat? This is. My second book does right and they take it. Take about animal, I guess all, probably two years, do enjoy the process. I love it joy. The completion of a wooden.
More to the process of it really yeah. I love there's something about the routine when I can get locked into the routine of this is how it is it's almost like it creates a the routine creates of,
Space freer creativity anyway. So if I get up at seven enrolling there with my coffee and sit at the desk and open it up and go to work and know that this is happening now, good or bad, that routine, that big it's giving its I'm going to church rats like this is the time when this happens right. This is the time when the writing is going to happen and could be a week of horrible days, but then all of a sudden, a couple great days happen here. I just love that discipline of it then just going to work on it in and then playing with the words and then revising it, revising it revising it in aid. I love it. I learnt that part of it really surprise me that this is a very comfortable cool place to be
and I could spend years here- that's great as a great thing to be really into doing causes so productive. Do you write on the Danube up? Do you write stand up like that is well, do sit down right, stand up in front of a computer. He had not from a whole cloth like not from out of the blue if I can double at my cliches, its ham, butt like mostly I'll rewrite. Oh, I will rewrite stuff like if, if I try something out on stage tonight and then that idea, listen to it or just remember it, and then can a neutral around and see if I can go further with it. Actually writing there. So where do you come up de premises? Are they just just random observations throughout the day thought random thoughts when driving yeah yeah, something somebody says some ridiculous thing that is, somebody do yeah
It's you know on your minds stuff, it's kind of on your mind and then like. If I'll get like we're talking about the tree like all of a sudden you're getting that joke, I was watching the other night and start getting there down and then your mind almost starts to think about it all in its downtime picking, ivy and then all of a sudden you start to its a pop up, but I I have lost so much thinking. I was going to be able to remember it that I just started writing more. I just started putting it down, I just started bright and, and it's been a real Savior because there'd be hauled things like they were valuable that I just let go because I just didn't remember got into the routine of performing it, but if I could have it down, I was able to keep track of it and go further with it yeah. I think that's gigantic. I use a couple different programmes, but one of them is called scrivener.
Re use and told me about that. But I really like about that as I set up my premises on the left side, so all my premises and then, when I click on them, it shows me that the whole bit here- and I just are doing that over the last like three four years yeah like really writing out all the bits and then having them cat her eyes. Diana is apparently there's a way to set up Microsoft word like scrivener, which should be way easier because Microsoft, where's, my preferred waiter right because their say also on an app on my phone re. So when I write bets on Microsoft, word of right it and then I'll just go to my phone right, pull up my mind. Off word so you're, just a guy out, you could see everything you be exact. You sewage is huge pages. Does to Moscow on my Iphone and notes application of carbon, pay shit into notes here. Now it's I've. I really feel like, and I think that's what writing the books did.
Was it made me realize the the real value in getting it down. It can always get better Lego. I would get it. I would get it really good to appoint, but then realizing like this stuff, even though it's killing could even be back, yet always had always right many in and the moves the changes that happen at that, stage are so small that to me is like, but the the writing that that's the smallness of it. He had little pauses. The arrow beats, yellow extra one toward the air ran home. Just a change. I wear up. Yeah I've set feeling to watch some one. Some will say something is one where I started about one thing: the sick man, you knows really make me laugh yesterday in her heart, was CAT Williams scenarios.
So crazy doesn't get spoken of enough because Gracie, I think, but I am back he just you know. People just hit you ring and he was just go and off about the election in tromp running and all of this kind of stuff, and I don't care what side you're on this was Lee with just destroy you yeah. He was just the way he talks, When you talk about the word, that's why I'm going to my head. He pulls words that I would never the views thing very just yes says the made in his style. God is he a naturally funny piano its natural but he's deftly funny- and you know I am a man- it was more active when he's really touring a lot like during the pimp Chronicle day when the best in the world my best and world, he was a monster of average, destroy that Michael Jackson, stuff
I got a civil servant so dangerous at the time I hadn't come to grips with this idea that Michael Jackson was a pettifogging, cares and on the black munifi and he was out there, but a flock and swing and for the fences. It's my job he really makes me laugh he's a straight up killer but think for most folks. The pressure of the High level celebrity is overwhelming it is it just fox with you, the fox with you it can where you down and break down like did with Tucker did David Martin Lawrence did in our A lot of these great comics, yeah lotta, guys weird things. Fuckin very weird. Does the pressure of that many people, I wanna see you them are evil, relying on that many people like waiting for you have failed They people hating on you yeah, you know and then heap. Clearly there was some substances involved with him sure and I ve had some shows where he would just
One stages, Tatyana, someone in the front row and then leave yeah right exactly that. If anything I was in Oakland his went on state. Is someone heckled them is I fuck. You bet there's like going crazy this tonight, and then it got off stage and this Fuckin Nunez five thousand people there to see only you cages. We do feel that pressure, the bigger than I guess I do, but I also feel extra love like tat. I yeah it's nice man, that's good but I am also aware that other people fallen into these holes in them have benefited from the fact that these people of chronic carve this path and showed me where the holes are also. I abuts look, I'm definitely crazing right. The devil some mental health issues, but I am also very thoughtful
I think a lot about things and a lot of time alone, just trying to look at things were outside observer re tunnel, get things like. How would I if I was me, but not me, look at me in what I say to me. However, how would I, how would I tell myself to gain the proper perspective? I would I evaluate my situation correctly ride. I would I what would I do what I say. I wish I had done this. I do that now right on that kind of shit, that's good! That's so much of it of figuring stuff happens by conscious of enriching being aware that I've got a problem I'm going on around the right. If you mean you're thinking about it, yeah thoughtfulness with everything with your diet with your family, if, as long as you're constantly thinking about it, why you're you're giving their savage
answering the incredibly the wrath, yeah right incorrectly mistakes in Vienna, half and there's no way. You're, not gonna, make mistakes especial if you're putting out much content. As I do the as no way and is doing may shows, as I do it's as has accepted that and have also accepted that these moments of adverts. City. I always come out on the other in a better person, a better comic mare, better everything, yeah, better human in the car, thing is too, that the you'd have to you'd, have to almost you'd have to change exactly who you are offered for it all to turn, because it's not that a network is going to tell you that You did something wrong and take the wrong stance or Miss interpret you It's really your audience that it's that relationship with them. And they know what you're about you not to me like us, the beautiful thing about not having a job right like you could say something that you even didn't mean ended long as Europe, and who know and love you give you a pass. Then it's ok
it is going to be okay and have definitely done definitely said some shit. I shouldn't yeah, but someone you so that you would meet my bread? I that was really www right now I gotta brought a knife and set it up. I didn't that was Jamie's loses one of our sponsors as this camera koto. Now this is a beautiful, japanese knife Lepage. Well, my guide passiveness, or is it heavy moods? Really well made, these are just the old kitchen eyes It's not the rate at which you have good, chiefly through I figured if it come. Rather yeah cut the shit do you have a good knife. Certain home I've got good random knives warmer you up. The act is yeah. I've got They sent me a couple of these look at that. That is a good night. Grew red Brad come. I thought this carnivore type
now carry on a baby tampa amounts. I want to start. I wanted tribe eating meat for Jamie and I are talking but more they were like yeah. Can you do it? I don't think I could does it is hard to think it's, not our partner chewing. They do you get bored. You're: ok come on one this commodity other four hours ago, amateur Saddam Delicious me get up. That you wouldn't know how, but you want to have a very good start damaged drawn over Helena. Does I wish we get to bring butter it at one time that you have spoken penthouse or without butter come on
some loose ever pleasure. Right. Yeah lie just like a balance between having too much indulgence and pleasure no discipline and having too much discipline and no pleasure re exactly but, like you said, he felt so sick after going Disney Appetite ice cream dumb whence obey your kids are happy. When you go off the leaf area, they love it right. Well, that is what does not lead to new star wars. Ride is off the charter. Is it soak raise? What's it like, while its twenty minutes long? What that's awesome too, That's amazing, because, most of the time they rip you off with, I got three minute right do this is twenty minutes long from the moment you get there in this scale of it is an insane there's there's one time when you get off this thing, and you know you get trend
supported into this area. Worldly storm troopers are and the air it's a hall, its enormous and there's like a hundred storm troopers. Behind them is space, huge, a fork, a screen. It shows space in. You really feel like you're on a starship in space. It's fill with storm Cerberus, it's fuckin been. Man. It's me. It's amazing thing. I'm lying on your flying on, I buy you get in. You move and you go for a flight like this is see all those wheels marks on the ground. We there's no tracks Everything is run by computers. The whole thing is run by computers, re Bro. It's amazing. I mean it's, it's just the most in
kit and advanced ride. Disneyland has ever done by our twenty minutes every step of the way you like. I can't even believe that they did its Crimean. It's it's one hundred percent next level. Wow! That's like look it's a look at the fucking detail this place. You go into this and it it seems, like you, are in a real spaceship. There's probably doesn't even do it just now. It doesn't while you that my job drop the entire time, and is it more than just the right, is it like a whole section, but it's a bunch of different interactive experiences. There's people there's actor say that are there, you know like like their storm, trooper foe, rebellion whatever that with the bad people, yet I need to talk to the people they walk around ass. You like a year to fuck, you rebel a mess of little kids, and now we have only that's awesome. Your member, the resistance,
I haven't even seen the new movie, that's over the movies and become dignified yeah now, and that I don't say that in a good way, there could does make some awesome shit, but there it's just commercial light ceiling just fake no harm it'll saw again now where it seems like it's gone through a corporate diversity filter on making sure that everything we have let's have women, run this and ran generals in this, and he had hit nor the right right. It's by forty law, but the footman. The movie feels like its formulae to Ivan I'm very latest one, but the ones before those I don't feel they don't feel special the mean. I know it's not the best example, but tyrant, Tina
We still feel like Tarantino movies, that mother Fucker still know how knows how to make a real yeah how'd you get out of his moving away whoa what it feels like it's made by I am rather, it doesn't feel like it's made by a company. It's it. It would be impossible to make once upon a time in Hollywood, with with a corporate structure right with, if war, without him yeah right, you will be impossible to jeers extra accepted speech for the best screenplay. Nasdaq, usually you'd, think other people at this point when I read this by myself? Well, that's why it's a good all! I've got a good movie for you know tat. This was, I was talking with my buddy. Stephen soda Who digest not always in Iraq to just Robin idea, but it to give credibility to this to this selection?
his movie of the year was give me liberty. The small, independent film made him a walkie with a lot of like regular people. It follows this one guy young guy who job, it is to drive people with disabilities. In the Van through Milwaukee here through lack of public service and allows him through one whole day. It's so good! It's such a good film. You really gotta, see it it's. The performances are crazy, good! You dont know whose an actor and whose not it's just so well done. It really makes you feel, like it's the total absent when you talk about like that Big committee, kind of a corporate thing to see something like this, like you could just feel the filmmakers hearts and souls pouring into the movie, thus movies that are really bad.
We also have to think of how much money is invested in them. Right you can. If they go bad, it's a giant finances is like em go bad means like not make a billion dollars it well or lose money like Doktor, Doolittle, right right, yeah. I think that that movies, probably gonna, lose money, really what is real dangerous? Coming from a guy like Robert Daily Junior, whose amazing yeah, who so incredible the adventures and that movie made fuckin could Julian's of dollars all those movies are amazing and then he goes and does this kid's moving? It really doesn't do well dangerous movies oh Jesus run thin ice back to the show that it is dangerous for who, for the Doktor here for the for the production company for everybody. What have they come too You know the production company a year later, and so here we have a new idea for a movie and Prague earn the theatre or the sooty studios. I hey fuck you with us
a hundred million dollars on a far more effective issues of cats. Oh yes, that was probably the biggest financial disaster year at airport. It back till I read: do it and they're gonna Rear LISA. Why so many people are making fun of it. They lay down again they'll idea. They left visual effects to my parents, like nine months, never left, watches on people. It didn't cover there. And elsewhere about. I saw it with my kids. We work my daughter's. If we have to see a good, though, like we wonder, watch as it did, There are no because in the beginning, like we thought my daughters, are we have to see the worst movie of the decade. How we might go see that we are the only ones in Vienna was really brutal. Perhaps that is its bad bad. Is it good it now it so bad. It's not good bad, just bad lay so bad, it's not
good now like in the beginning, you have a laugh and is like our right. I can see why this is gonna sack and then, by the end of two hours you like no I've just been hit, with a shovel sapper. If it's really bad what you're? Seeing all these people that have been another things who are just not talking about avian owing Judy Danton eyes, ray it's bad for some other movie. They came out recently that some are saying was as bad as the room oh, really, move with receiving. You find that movie. That was our lilies in Libya. There was a whole article about saying that this this movie is, so bad that it is good that you need to add an inverse typing in the cap and it fell Otto completed what is now showing off his skills, not said the finish up says: the room is the worst of it yeah, where such a movie as bad as the room, what shocked the ones that shocked me that it was said was so bad was
farewell and John C Riley in that when the new one right, the was, it shows a canadian movies, so bad at rivals the room. Yet what is that it's called Ryan's babe, never heard of that a recent article yet from four days ago, yet right now that people people tell me you have seen as from two thousand, was that movie movie that someone is discussed, but I figured you pull. Will Feral Johns really doing anything? I'm in He will really rebelled against it. That girls are, though this looks again or underwear run around for some reason perfect, that, without this is terrible, adds pretty gags, really bad terrorism. Rapid. It's in there. That's. How are they going to redo cats link really add anything they already did. I think they re added at it and then, but if they re added it
Everyone's gonna know that soft so bad that we added. I never heard of that. Ever ragged ended eighty, releasing alike you fox gawky will fix. It won't be back how much money is cats love, almost happily, that's why I didn't put it out there. They like put on a trailer internet freaked out now, like ok war, will redo it. Yes, but a bunch redoing side a hedgehog reaffirming our now. It actually looks a little bit better like better teeth or some hard man he's gotta, be the most brutal thing ever so guys in here they poured their heart and soul into a movie four years later. Motherless Brooklyn. I am now moving. I now that in here- and it was a good- I don't know- and I love him and eyes, lowering the subject matter out. He loved that when he was real deities too, then it puts such heart and soul into the soundtrack now, and I haven't seen it
such a you know some Jesus Christ, cats, headed for a hundred million dollar box office loss. What the fuckin shit, my god, my god, I just keep thinking about them all like being a craft services and banks. Debates like this pretty great huh. We see a gallery sticks rebel, asked committed to losing weight is lost to turn away. People matter either the other matter, because you like or being big they like a big because she's, big and I'm big in everyone's big, and it's ok to be big, and I heard it tells you to be big, and so like people are criticising her for losing weight, criticising Adele as well a really added citadel, they their angry that Adele loss way because they love the fact that she was issued musical superstar and increased use of bees. Mrs you stay care of her house trying to be healthy, wait a little longer and then you're you're. Turning on us well, she became a role model for certain people. I guess- and they
already a rule bottle for you to get healthy. We can all get out to come from terms bread, you don't. We need just don't eat it all the time you need this. All the DAS riding gain anyway. This weekend, the Indian anyway, I ate all that shit. And then I fasted Sunday night well. Maybe I went to Yoke Monday morning didn't need to reform our first podcast and adding DNA waited all its grey eyes, but you did about a ring it in moderation. It's it's eating like shit over, but what was interesting was the panes by pain, knee pain. What is that? Its information, information, real your body does not want to have to process all that stuff, and I think that maybe the route for many people have a lot of causes of pain and discomfort is just inflammation heavy I rise sugar rice. Sugar is a big one, so get off that out of your system, your body can what go to work on statistical work,
yeah you get all that shit out your system and your body doesn't experience inflammation from your food right and if you re eating food that, like you know, Grass FED Beef or my case elk, you know where you're sure vegetables are not bad for you. I just did it to try to find what so I just didn't you Finally, what it's like to only eat meat right when you have no, a wider. Its was things is most amazing. Is it there's no crashing? You would eat and need all feel any different after you, eight other than the fact that you don't feel hungry right, you dont crash right, there's no ups and downs in peaks in valleys, my energy level. Were amazing, really how quickly energy? How quickly? Two weeks in to two weeks, and I noticed I felt amazing, rear was shedding way. I was shedding a lot away. Nothing was like seven pounds down two weeks and she's numb twelve pounds. Twelve wish some one thousand one. Ninety three this morning I was way about two o five
for four we started this real land. La better, a lot better, really yeah. So what would you would you recommend? Would you recommend people just do that, or do you think you I wonder if the and you have an auto immune disorder there are. I do believe there, sir, people that have an adverse reactions to some plants where some foods that's when an elimination diet is all about its are trying to find out what are the things that body but it. But for me it's like what I did. I just took a lot of multi vitamins. I took a bunch of different vitamins and nutrients supplements all of this carnivore diet some only meat but then I'm taking all the essential vitamins and amino acids? And I'm, also taken fish oil, some number, covering all moment nutritional basis as bases right, but I'm not doing it with food, I'm not doing it with plants, only eating grass.
At meat and then I'm or or Elk, and then on top of Adam, I'm taking in fat from like bacon bacon. I needed fat because l in particular, is very leave. Weeding out fight grass FED beef, I'm fine, but it with things like Elk. You really do need some extra resources. If you don't have that one, Would you start to feel bad yea bodies and like it now you buy? It does not want a low fat die with low carbohydrates, us there's a thinker, rabbit starvation. Have you ever heard of that people got than in an article? the Erika, the calm, cold climates, where they were shooting rabbits and eating rabbits in their literally starving to death, even though their eating always rabbits his rather have no family so they're only eating this lean protein rang with no fat at all needs our feeling, like shit different, explores found that too, that no one eight you know were living in places and trying to eat
only the food that they could harvest off the land there eating animals like they had taken fat. If you don't drive out, if you're really bad now so a little bit so that you could balance it, so would you say. Maybe eighty percent. This is what I would try it dry tries to rights. Granted our diet. Try it straight out right, and I think you ll be amazing how good you feel now. Here's the thing is that a honeymoon thing like what is it like? You extend that ninety days or three hundred and sixty five days I feel I should eventually Raza gonna start breaking your body down ray. I dont know. I only have experience in thirty days, but in my experience at thirty days was enormously beneficial. You did say something in your post about a split,
so diarrhoea. It leads to have a new name, IRAN and after what I was experiencing real yells like some was tapping into look an oil oil. Well jeez. I have pictures. So why was that happening? Well, I talk to Doktor Sean Baker erode a book on the carnival daddy's, a physician. That's a carnivores diet advocate he's been eating this way for two years two year up and he seems to think that it has to do with the call in the just into the factory, but it does nobody. Dietary fibre so you're not taking any rice or bread or if things can absorb the water, so you guys What do I do? It always network the ass? How bounded that last around two weeks, two weeks, two weeks of rocket fuel criminally Bhutto, hard she's,
but if you get through it and Tom cigarettes going to right now, he is he sent me a textual. They say this diary is astounding. Now, damaging coffee is goes both drink coffee, I'm just asking as both a lot broke in Iraq rides liquids ever kinds of liquids I'm out here, but it's not normal. I was really getting excited about trying to bring the ended that it all goes way rain. And the two weeks, my body adjusted and now it's on a problem at all, really no problem at all now, so it's breakfast steak or eggs. Sometimes this morning it was a stake morning. Eight six eggs right now is what those down lunch.
Not only long journey was easily to meals, day right and then the second meals usually stake, no state, either Elk or or a beef steak I think it s the you this before about when whenever I think that these died things, I always picture my family looking at me. Well, there eating pasto either. Do you feel like an outlier at dinner with your family or nothing what I was doing yeah made May fundamental, accurate member at and stirred right. My kids were That's what I always kids mocked me too. As you know, I didn't mind monopoly. Nobody bothered me Everyone knew I was doing it right was ok right. Your wife's not like come on advice whether you know now boy, that's your problem of joy at every look, so good
Now it was. It was an eye opener, but he's waiting here. So here's the thing about the that they're kind of stuff. You kind after commit, rather give you just say: I'm gonna try to eat healthier. It's too loosely defined. Now I know I was doing in german fasting and lost good amount away, and then it is kind of like plateau, and I feel like I'd like to be. You know, like ten pounds lighter and its I'm workin out, I'm doing all that stuff, but I feel like it need something to shock my system to go to it or not single shock. You system, like this carnivores, yeah, including about her, but we will lose a lot of weight. I lost, I mean I lost illegitimate, twelve pounds of fat just that my fate got thin on the ground. Will auditing my face. I would feel ass if I was a little found or now because I want to do is new in some distant each Disney allotted litter and bread. I am not really,
fatter, but be joking around. Maybe I'm a little swore now you look. You look leaner. Why was area I was? I was getting fat. I was developing Alec got like we did this way in thing. Awesomely people mocked me. I was getting a got, though my my stomach is like hanging out, but also when we came in here to do that. I had my fitted. It was December twenty third my vanity was in town and we had eaten like pigs that Ray I was sick hours load it considerably bloated with food as well. It was night in the night time park ass, like ten clock or someone right, pray, pray late, podcast asked when we all took her clothes off and guns scale. It's so I knew I was probably gonna. Do the kind of war diet anywhere, but that was like gap, which is to listen to what I said in my head right to it. So knowing that for the month of January, that was all that I was going to eat. That's really helps if you're gonna trust stick to something tat like a real, solid schedule, rang like a cell Toronto version. Another perfect example for me: lent yeah,
we do sober October. We have one month no bows now No, no Sandia, there's something good about it. I have that month because it takes it that kind of mushy brain stuff avail but may be celebrating here. We need a certain amount of rigidity, occasionally yeah, that's how you get shit done, and I mean even if you're, like writing. If you said I am going to write every day for the month of February, everyday yeah, there's something too that the routine, something really beneficial meant a ripe for one half an hour every day. If you do that, you get things done. Later. If you did decide, I'm gonna gonna car, where diet for the next thirty day, starting right now, yeah just count down your calendar. Thirty days from now you fucking lose way. You'll feel amazing yeah, I just don't know. The way to eat all the time? Now that's the thing it's like. It seems like an extreme thing that I would not be willing to maintain while you're the bread mass. Well, that's the thing,
the sultan of sound. That's why I want balance, and I was searching for the right balance. I think a great move is six. On one day off. That's what I think sixty a rigid diet. One day were you: you look forward to eating bread and has no drinking whenever you want and have an ice cream and one day that was the question just reminded me of the question no booze. During that much I both you did ass well, ass. Other way, I don't drink red drink. Likewise, wasn't why would dinner may yet who glasses yeah? That's all I was a shy. Sometimes foregone stayed Russia, whisky, re! So is not a lot right. You know it's more than two drinks a night. It's unused your call of whisky and I'm gonna stay like you. Do you feel like it argues, use Do it. I will feel whenever I drink before I go stages
you like a little off on you, do like my film shot before film, oh yeah, real, not really it's interesting, good good, shot, a buffalo trace whisky, Janius Pipe and you're gonna go wild liquid whiskeys wild liquid. It is wilds wild liquid gray one day while its wildly about fuel level. We have different styles to India, It also helps me deviate when I'm writing on stage of I'm fuckin around stay tells me deviate, go off a little hands and a little more courageous, yeah, maybe or little little more reckless by that are worth what about we'd thou in that same self same thing again, for that too, making more timid dance day to know
makes me more and it may be nicer right, but I think it makes more timid. Riah we'd makes me nicer. Yet, as one things I like about we'd need more things that make me nice are making a spear and obstinate. When you look at yourself, you think that its you could be mean, sometimes not necessarily mean but ass. I am naturally aggressive writer right, and that makes you a little bit more eyes. Oh yes, yes, father realize, like someone certain about time when I get, I want to call my friends tell my love of rain, so what I want to do
I want a hug people, there's gonna be around them and be nicer. I know it is good, but I oh yeah, I don't know I've had it for I am performed high and about tonight. We did when you up, I'm not up to me to be a ban Thursday Thursday. We dont tonight yeah too lax in my wife, it's kind of uncomfortable, because my wife has people over because my bachelor's tonight out a watch especially to sit with them that no they're going to do it. Now I'm a mouse in our high sit in the yard, but a cigar. I don't know what I don't be there for. You can learn she doing that your house so excited that's nice, it is its. They're all excited they all want to do. I can't watch it. No yeah I'll be in the other room, listening that, if there really laughing or not joining their laughter tat, it is a bad feeling than your life. But I do feel is finally, now like that, that's all done and a moving in.
New territory, that the weed kind of his and can play a good raw. Yes for joy, how much material do you have set aside for this, for you knew stand up. I've only got about twenty. That's good, though, when did you film October, ah see gave herself at some time- that's Nigeria, November December January. For solid months, that's yeah, so that this new direction and new leg area of stuff, but you know that it's shrinks the more you do it and the special who's gonna come out a little later, so I thought I had more time but then citing now when you're scared, Yo Yo stage cereal scare together, new premises, and I was thinking about the other day that you always feel like a young comic because you're always putting yourself back in a vulnerable position does matter how experienced anyone is
You go out there and I'm gonna. Do all this news, your child. Again, you have no weapons, which is great, imagine suitable. It makes you like how k we're still like an hen. I know I've been doing that for twenty years, the others it's a great aspect to stand of comedy when you do a lot of specials, because it gives you humble yeah, really does and it keeps you appreciative of the art form you never get complacent. Well, that's the coolest thing about this era of comedy and I think that's out Netflix changed the game nice having so many people put out so much content. It's making every abbots seen by a lot of people. It's making everybody get on their game and write. More may out is the era of getting a headliner sat end of rolling for twenty years is gone right, so it's actually taken the whole art form pushed further its great ere. It really is
the sunshine and who had moment it's such a good man, and so many different voices coming in the south from so many different places. Just not only in the culture from around the world. Have you seen by Chang? Yes, fuckin a there is a great, so different, yeah radically onstage, with Sue real, angry and share, and I want to talk to him. He's cool guy get him in only I know I gotta get him in here right, I'll, join his act, yeah enjoyed it he's a good guy to end. It was. I got an. He didn't remind me of anybody right every punchline premises. All that seem dynamic, now recognised oh and relate above but unique right exactly how now here I mean that's what so cool this is like a whole globe is open. None! It's like all these voices from all those differences african great you live a really it is. It is in this hour form you know about about this. A lot in a really think. I'm gonna do something about this. I want to document how everybody does it
because I think this is the only art form. That is a goal global world wide art form its enjoyed by everybody has not really documented yeah right like musicians, it's done, committed how they write, songs, its dog, rented, how you learn to play music, you can go to school for internet and he did take classes on line when you A comic man, you gotta kind of figure it out on your own, and I think we would all benefit from some sort of documentation and particularly for the people come on up the girls and guys come and that are learning how to stand up now. Would benefit tremendously from like a guy like you breaking down how you do it, how you started what's different now right, something about doing a series. Oh yeah, yeah. I'm probably put it on Youtube legs like a podcast and do like a podcast, but call it like the comedy creation series.
Yeah yeah, I wanna get Wanna get. Everybody is meant people's? I can tell me how you started how old, when when did you start? What year was your first club and just break down how you do it yeah that's a great thinkers, it so very CAS. You know from doing the show of fortune. We shall the fortune feminisia to the great portuguese Larry's, yet her specials up right now. Is it sweetened salty network Netflix as well? Yeah yeah, yeah, so great and now we're interviewing all these comedians. We had I his trail came in, allow them love, em and such a unique story so different there. Those parents coming from Mexico he's gotta care for them. He goes down Mexico, where there's like this new seen coming up of spanish speak comedians, and I mean that story. You put that one and then you talk to
Ryan Hamilton, two totally different planet, all in the same form, would be greater. Fuck here would be amazed. That would be really good. The wood the world needs to know how these fuckin people do these things yes site. This is You don't know anybody that can sit down and talk to you about how they do it takes too long to figure it out completely completely clear of Pittsburgh on our continent, in Pittsburgh. Has re insurance get some kind of a scene, but how many people really near enough? you really how many really good ones are still there, but you can really learn from how do you find out you know now. I know that's a good thing. I mean when Seinfeld put out the documentary, like people still listen to watch comedian like Young come Ex, because it is the very few road maps out. There are very few.
Glimpses into how someone is doing it and how working in others been other stuff where people show themselves on stage in their just backstage drinking or just go about their day like a road, doc kind of a thing, but very few about process. Very few yeah process, and you know how much you ve adjusted. What do you do differently now? What do you think about your old stuff? What would you do differently asked our over again here? It's good staff. Yet so we do a little weird art form and that it really it doesn't have a classic and take no well. They have classes, they don't really you know those closeted good for a genuine state. The good for the year I mean very few clauses are taught by logic, comic right right, maybe that some of my other than I am unaware of year, every class that I've ever seen has been taught by Scrubbs Right proteome, give you bad advice. Great chrome does one in India
memory, chrome from the seller. Now, don't he's great he's like he's Long time, that's very valuable! He's like a real. You know a real thoughtful. Practitioner of it all. You know what I mean and I've seen him just glimpses of him like when you be teaching downstairs that the seller and it was like. Ok, this is legit, but then you see some names of other people who are out there any like man, I would imagine, is good for you too, to teach because, like you can kind of like think about art, far more would be. Really interesting. I don't know if I could teach it, could you could you I don't I'll take some young you'd have to be really careful, mould someone into your style. That would be the threat that be the temptation Just do it like their tom fuck. You I'm an observational community, not anymore. You not yeah, but other thing.
When you learn how to teach it's better like I got way better attack one day when I was learning how to teach those teaching through most of my competition days year and is one of the reasons why I think I got so good for those breaking down a technique. Constantly I wasn't is doing it. I was breaking it down for beginners and shies? I made sure that my you know my technique is very good site in my martial arts, you know career What does things an unknown? For, as I do everything I do it correctly, rang is very crisp. My technique is a guy was of a prided myself. I send word he added software yeah pride myself on having excellent technique,
Wasn't just there was powerful. It look. Sharp was correct here, just as the same way to guys get way better at you. Do too, I'm never taught you just because get way better when you start teaching and right now, the cool part of this era is that can meet. People are staying, comedians, yeah, longer, yeah, right where people would do comedy they give blown out to a tv show or something because economically just stay, a comedian wasn't really feasible, but now you actually make a living and it's actually of more value thing in the culture, like This is the first wave of guys staying in India for their whole career and not wanting to get out Heather's, not looking at it. Isn't whisky awaiting get out of some all just ask him about. That was the last person that you know that had a special around
the year, two thousand, that's out of the game, now write a completely comedy aid who completely quits comedy yeah, not anymore, so to ease. You know just think about those afternoon diner trips and going to the movies that goes away. If we get a job Julia and the only way you would do it as if you're not make enough money. So then you would have to get a job job right, re yeah, but now I mean you know even Eddie Murphy he's seeing what's what it's become. Yeah he's gotta be regretting at some point of like. Why did I leave? Why did I stop doing it? Maybe, but and he made a lot of fuckin great movies. Any yes, oh, grew real gross human being in a hundred look, no regrets he's still get still see just when he would just hosting where it just pops out of em. It's such a he's a volcano near amity. If he had kept crack,
At all. This time, though, you know I mean even like a little bit would have been. It would have been good for me It would have been good for me to watch. It would be, but would have been, but it will be great see what he does now, because he's kind of committed to it is limited us. I think so and a deal with Netflix for two specials offer believe so leave that's what I read see that's correct one headed type or genius affair. Nothing. The game should turn a money. I get only a man dolomite I haven't seen it hurt, is also good. Is it so good got a huge response from people how he's not nominated, as is known? I know their nomination. Still, he really should have been Ricky, derivation, host every award show in a little those towards Randy. You write. A climate change is real
here. We are golden man. Statue sit down taken a jet everywhere, fuck off he was so good he was with every one of the best performance, as I saw this year for sure dilemma, yeah. I need to see how do you do he's brilliant, these brilliant and its comedy? Its James has just one one special on special down. They're gonna get my shit tunnel loot and I hope he hope he works at all could be a movie or else because they did Dolomites to make our way nominally Vienna Ellis GOSH, especially that makes sense yeah it's gonna, be work you know in less he hired a bunch of writers to craft the bits, and then that won't be right. Anyway. You know you really need the work you need. You need to be on those stages. Yeah Ellen did it. How was it good was a good idea. Anything about it didn't look like she was had taken off for decades has certainly did
but she does her show all the time. So she does do that Manuel. She does, but you know, stem of stand up, you know and it dating monologues. I stand up light, though yeah like J Leno, yet right so doing those monologues, but they would you stand up on Sunday night and aid to corporate gigs year rate exactly wasn't bad around the clubs everyday like us, now He still go. Another attack to Bill MAR had been near and he was repulsed by the idea of going to the clubs. Why would I do that literally, you know want to go the clubs Way Dinah Scheme, Damn out my puts the creative way. It's. You hang out with comics stand up here. It's just seems like low rent. I don't know man me. Sometimes people have their own audience and that's all they want right. They don't want to didn't, want
ago, like a show the store, yet tonight I'll go up at the store and they'll be fourteen other people on the line. I'm right and there's people there to see every one of those people, yeah right. Also, the non religious there see you there to see karma. That's what's great yeah Massey into you at all, it's going to the gym. No one wants a really go to the gym. It's hard to Jim. You start to love the Jim. It seems like you know. I talked to bar about this and he's in agreement. He believes that you have to do. It is like the seal anyway, the d go, go the clubs and MIKE, I think so too, the areas nobody else that doesn't go. The clubs really kills right. Yeah you get through it you can do a monologue, you guess a monologue dear, but you're missing, all of that high impact and stuff and between and also run the risk of being funny. Because people love you the ample that love you there come to see you there your crowd rides run that risk yeah. Eighty through brain region,
maybe in a different teammate might be an exception. To that rule, sound thinking tat he still martyrs. He does, but he's out there performing all time nonstop any treats you know he's in a good position, whereas beloved Waken treatise said in front of three thousand people you'll kill, but also be able to work as stuff out in that work out. New starve, yeah yeah he's a neat guy right because he's super popular with his crowd yeah, but he doesn't have a problem, but being famous he go anywhere. You oh yeah. Now I'm saluting yeah, there's, there's people up side of the comedy, loving world. It dont know who he is now, which is astounding to all of us, the right yeah, but that's how fragmented the culture is. Where is how can that few? Just watching one news or watching one hand inveighing it's like, where ones in their own little bubble in others, in a joke boys selling out. You know the forum yeah and my
parents will have no idea who multiple shows thank you shows the form yeah you know enemy, like were words such a big, massive, entertainment, eating colossus, that people can be huge and be invisible. At the same time like Sebastian yeah. Sebastian cells are four shows at mass and square garden. Sometimes I have to explain who used to people read? How do you know It isn't a weird, but meanwhile he go places is really a beautiful about a year. The Malta, because for me here we now yeah tell Swift can't do that. I was watching documentary actually said so kids were watch I. Why did it last night with my daughter? Do deserve a beginning of it when she walks on stage in the stadium how the fuck and people with their lighters wow has not lighters the light from their self. Or something but yeah. I know what you're talking about six prizes are always so cool about. It was watching hers, thirteen year olds learning
song yeah she's, just she works. She does she would work. That's gotta be an incredibly bizarre place to be her existences. Our life yeah, her life, cause she's young. I know how old is she now? Twenty nine that in that documentary, so she's been hugely famous for how many years now? Sixteen, I think, is when she came on this yeah thirteen years and observe rag very formative years. I now she seems like she handles a pretty. Well, I mean that's what the documentary I was really impressed like now how, of a song writer, she was like watching her come up with stuff, she's, obviously so practised and those which he wants to do in just the way she was coming up with stuff ass. She was on the fly, maybe that's the key yeah. Maybe the keys have to like really be obsessed with your work.
In doing what you want to do: a hundred recycled, France that hundred resell theirs. They are making this stuff their neighborhood in things there not you know, they're there actually have a craft that they can. Right, go to work on, but you know we re all that noise totally a really good writer and all that annoys. You know she was obviously just even from a glimpse that they showed us in the document. We are dealing with weight in this the fame, and when I get stuff and yeah wait. Yes, she had. We know she would see pick as a result and stop eating, and that is that in the document yeah yeah, I didn't only watch two minutes yet know him. I can watch unlike air or your infected now is pretty early. I liked it. I think that I have chosen. Press fire. I really was that's a though that choose think she's, always in so skinny. Well, everyone's got stuff. They have to deal with, but the thing than like you said, like it's weird place to be, but
that she can go and right songs and go and perform them than seems like that's she's got something tangible right, meaningful right that will get us through that right. It's knowledge hop star where corporation puts together. You look in your songs. In your thing. Is that she's doing our self yeah you're, not just the good someone else's writing the songs and doing all this stuff, and you just do it drugs and writing once it's important to have something that you do. Yeah I've been some small and stupid, but it really gives you rely meaning and without it it doesn't have to be this bigs performance stuff for stuff. It gets you a lot of money, bright, a little hobby little craft, a little something you can go to sleep. Thinking about it's it's. I know why, but it's an important part about being a human being worked, is that's the thing you nailed. It gives you meaning like you're, you're working towards
thing you're, looking at something yeah yeah, you shut the noise out as you're thinking about this thing that you're actually getting better Yan and you get the satisfaction seeing the progress, yeah, yeah and timing she's. You know as big as they get, but then she can crank out these songs and he could see like this come come over issues during that period. It was pretty cool the watch, and on this point I will tell us where fair data I was definitely but watching my daughter, whose pretty skeptical kid seventeen and watch her like admiration for her as easy as a woman. Getting it done was that bear part you know She defiling gain more points for that. That's cool! I wonder what happens with someone like that like? Where did they go as they get older? What are they go as they mean your ear you're growing up and living your entire life in this superstar position very strange soup.
Star began? Well, it probably you know the the white hardness of it probably fades to some degree, but if you're an artist like that, you would keep creating Emily on a rate was just the Grammy's right now and she had their moments of being huge, and then you just become like working musician in a way tat. You know they are now that's a good way to do it right, yes, sort of be appreciated by your friends. Keep gonna Jansky doing it and they take him along with. You now see stick around and your ninety years old, playing a nursing home with a still twenty people in the audience. It's pretty cool. It's a pretty good thing. Yeah like like a willing Nelson yeah, still out there bang. Yeah amazing slap soaring we'd. He did stop smoking. We now long problems. We now is down edibles
I still get high that, but he was walking up his lungs. I guess, which is aware, is easy. Like ninety, only Muslim and smoking a lot. I wonder if you smoke cigarettes as well. Did you smoke cigarettes as well about that? But I heard a story of him spoken like garbage herbage cans full of wheat, and why? I really had them, then the man who does it was a country resist. It has another song I'll, never smoke, we'd with Willie again the whole area Travis get with his name famous nervous what's Toby Toby, because it had some of you have said he's got a sign that we will again. Oh you in the grave I thank him it out and that was his thing was to be nicer yeah he was he Willie Nelson is
talk about his mean streak in, and whisky stricken dear and the weak. The thing that really made him a kinder person so does yeah it's the best ass, active marijuana as it makes you more kind and more. It makes you think about community in friendship and just for giving people to write, exact, relaxing letting go of all bullshit, that's what the world needs a lot more forgiveness, Special Mr President, we would use, we rise used the more standing here where you gonna, learn, if you don't make mistakes exactly screw up, and then you correctly you become a better person fires. The song should be rewritten by somebody about Joe always
that is our was top shelf Lord. I could not wait to find out for myself. Well, don't knock it till you tried it and I've. I've tried it. My friend I'll, never smoke we'd with Willie again it now. We learned a hard lesson: small Texas town. He fired up a fat boy in passing around the last words I spoke before they took me in May I discount bungee jump but never smoke. We'd with Willie. Again I made this bungee jumped and never spoke with. Will again my party's all over before begin you can pour me some old whisky river, my friend, but I'll, never smoke. We would certainly be jointly at a little weird is the animals that are ghetto they edibles, always edible, Vomica, really dose you It takes, is a five hundred milligrams edible and will take the wrapper off and put a twenty milligram out of a label on hey. What have you heard about micro dosing? A lot yeah under mushroom acid allowed people do
I now becoming a thing regimes to help them is sort of like the stay focused and sent. And calm and keep the chatter down negative self chatter, although cost us raining bag to it. I dont know I mean of locally, goes through a couple of times yeah, but ever I've never done on a regular basis and a lot of these people do. But I know a lot of people are doing it with suicide and a lot of them do it. They take it like once every couple days, they don't even do it every day, the ticket every few days they find it remarkable beneficial run. Why doesn't it make reducing? Oh yeah? Simon, really loves it and its Alec you're really tripping. Now now you it's barely perceptible, really barely perceptible, but it just gives you a nice feeling in also do something about this nice yea again and then people feel-
That is just a eliminate some of the anxiety in the shit that goes on your head. That can you could be battling with coms those voices down for different people yea. I mean obviously for everyone everyone. Is it doesnt work reaction to that time, probably that around this bitch up we're we're gonna go it's it's three clock. Why that we just the three hours come on. Let's go for five! I really can't it to do so today, well we'll planet out in advance next time I'll come back after my explosive diarrhoea. You gonna do that when you start tomorrow, you start the diet tomorrow, this love bread, and then it gets exactly it's all. I must thank you. I had to have another look at home. You naturally specials out right now is called you're doing great you're doing great you dont grant Tom Papa instead Tom, Barbara on Twitter. The go to Youtube. By getting baked with Tom Tab
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