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2020-03-04 | 🔗
Adam Curry is a podcaster, announcer, internet entrepreneur and media personality, known for his stint as VJ on MTV and being one of the first celebrities personally to create and administer Web sites. Check out his podcast "No Agenda" with new shows available every Sunday and Thursday. http://www.noagendashow.com/
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the job will gain experience. Your block ass? My one of Amsterdam deployed a radio station spark one up on that You see, we ve put filled up that whole the actual via? Oh, my god, rolling paper? They came with big bamboo. That was the first time I really went out where we live right now so newsletter by now we're talking about each in China the help and big better than that actually came with a real, really paper. Yes, she's just across the thing was across the double the double our duty: overflow phone: let's do it I do I do I stepped out o t Gibraltar. You fear that create less day. Yeah. That's my mind's out what it is: yeah, two things: one: your phone is always fuckin with if the notifying a new- and I just didn't, want to be a part of that anymore. I wanted to be a little more connected. To life outside, so called people could well. This is
So this is actually a new flip phone from t, Mobile, Alcatel and It has Cairo S, which is so it's not really attract below us. Although Google put another serious about the on very serious and all the Alps are all that all tracking, you they're all in all kinds of shit, both initially really to not be a slave to this thing here and there, that I got into it. The more I liked it. You, don't really need it now. I have a device with me. That's off this work to the hot spots like an turn into hot spots, if I really really really need to do something, but what we need are taxed phone call rat and if the sudden that I really need to look up. You just turn around say: hey. Can someone google? This warming is always someone, or are you texting on that thing? Yeah, yeah de Tina? so you don't have it. It's like a teenager, look better than their version of predictive texting. I really am.
Is about well, you should be, and everyone should be the problem. We have all this cool shit, all this great technology, but the business model fuck. Saw the mean six. Years ago I had the first Amazon ECHO like this is ground. Breaking divorce might Michael, hope you laugh, and that means I would you bring a spite of ice India how's it look. I'm just testing this out, an apple logo on everyone be losing their shit right now, but it didn't and I loved it- hooked it up lie should all that stuff go in and then, as I started, to understand what it was really doing and what is really communicating all these things right down to like Europa remote. You pick that up its. Indicating with home base to all this up. I got rid of all of it. Well governed, in all of us into one of SAM Harris's, podcast and talk when someone that said that they had a really good, great, quoted, We didn't realize that our data was something valuable, the right
we didn't realize it was a commodity and its being sold, not just a commodity. That's kind of value, but insanely Vashe dream that's. Where we're Facebook makes all their money. That's we're. Google makes all their money everybody here every to make it your data and you never really understood what you were doing when you signed off to give that data when you sign that terms of agreements and you're gay, I whatever and nobody breed through that shit. No, it's even more agreements. Is this company called lad. Peeler ideas just sold a visa, for, I think for five billion dollars and it's the the financial back and a kind of like a bridge between all these acts. That can do stuff with your bank account and your bank account. So, instead of so, if you have an app like then mo or shit, name, any payment, Tash app. I didn't want to disparage anyone who, be advertised whenever its cash, our people, how well pay about the paper.
As their own system. But what do as you sign up, and you literally give this app you're using login to your bank account instead of an p I or some kind of programming interface. Just let the app talk to your bank account and put money and take it out. It can do anything if, in fact, it is just like scream screen scraping it's going, you can go through anything, that's connected to your bank account you can look at and they do and at credit another great, a great example of it, and they are just suckin out all of your information when you pay your bills, who you pay first Y know if, if you have what Europe at pattern is of of credit card payment moving stuff around, so you think you're just using it as a as a utility, but their track and you're fucking life too dear dear really concerned about this.
Am I everybody will get the world they deserve in trying to protect myself and people. I love also young em. The drone can't target me that easily with this and protecting you Joe thank you, it seems somewhat inevitable right that this connection that we have to technology could deeper and deeper into our lives, one that what what disturbs me is that there are these giant corporations that are not just profiting off of our connection, but then they're using that money that influence to effect a lot of things and our culture. Well, they're enslaving, you use a credit card may is a great example which also just sold for seven billion dollars. It was literally changing your behaviour to get a higher credit score and this. When a scores and believe in an official credit score, someone that they kind of made up so they'll say pay utilities on time. Them will raise your credit score, you're kind of scores higher. Now we can lend you this money, you see so their training people to do certain things like
the progressive app for insurance, its training, you to drive in a corner quote responsible manner, because you get discounts if you know don't break too hard, if not accelerating, if you're not breaking speed limits, etc. Is it hooked up to the jeep? Yes, oh yeah so knows you're speeds and never as monitoring everything you're breaking velocity all of that area so that they take that into consideration every month. When your whole point, the point is to train the user to be a good, fiscally good person you? Let me do that just because you want to save some money while of course everyone does that you're gonna meet you can be forced into it like. I just got health insurance, new health insurance and their own download the app, and, if you download the apple, give you break. Why? Because they're going to tell me to do things is apis saying now its small things, but it'll start.
Knowing you stand up your move around and if you'd follow where, if you follow it, then you'll get a discount, so we really really becoming enslaved. That way. That's a debt is definitely way to look at it. That's the business model and it gets more more merciful. Oil did, I did know the progressive zap does that that all of them do all of the insurance. I ask that makes sense. I mean that there would be the best way to figure out you're, actually, a good driver of you just some Dick arrogance, lucky well yeah I mean that's kind of the marketing is loud if you're a good guide and worry about it, but they keep pushing to keep pushing. You know that just keep dying you and you don't have to have the app active for that to be tracked or monitor I was one of the grossest arguments I heard after the whole Snowden thing like what? What do you care? now breaking the law. That's changing a little bit
twenty nine year old daughter. She definitely have that that mindset and her friends did which changing. Now, it's like. Ok, we totally get it there tracking all of our shit, so we're gonna might not use. This will leave the phone at home, There's a little bit of that creeping in, but in general I cite cracking or how can you it's not easy. It's me this this phone- it sometimes like I could, but now so I have to stand back and go really need to have this information right at this very moment. We really need to do this, not typically now yeah when I feel anything The anxiety or boredom I just grab for the phone- instantly member Lamotta soothing blanket or my little teething thing, absolutely I'm lucky. I play a game with myself. I argue myself points as I'm driving around like
some walking on the street holding the phone in the hand. One point need actually hold the phone in your hand and women poli crap. They got, phone. Sometimes with little will button plugs doesn't fall off, they got their bag. Maybe they got the kid or a stroll or a pop up, I'm doing just that all over the place all the time. So it's one point four, just holding it too. If you're walking and doing some I see a lot of that how many points of view of a kid and you're walking in looking at your phone. That seems to be excellent. If you're in the car ten importance, if you're walking with a kid on the phone, it's five point and you can hit a hundred within five minutes. It's it's crazy. It's on bees, yeah. We start to really pay attention to when you're above people truck and looked down from my truck. You can see people texting and stunning He bore on the highway texting at the meantime: Rear ended with my truck say Maybe two months ago in Us
yeah right under stoplight, and that was in the left hand lane it's gonna turn left Bam, full speed, or maybe thirty. Thirty five miles now near the girls bare legs deployed she's like I'm like her, and if I was in it, the truck and genuine. Ok, I get up and the whole front end is destroyed. She's days and weeks, I'm trying to pry the door open, there. I see the phone on the floor still open. In her excuse was all my break didn't work. I got my my breakdown that ever happened. My breaks did I get everyone the same thing, but was the slowdown in the right lane and some some guy plough red enemy and ask the competent it's five times five times a day, you I'm sure it's crazy, yeah! It's it's weird that that sorted stuck up on us. It does this thing: that's in credit. Incredibly addictive I was with my family this past week in Dallas and we're at this event
as walk into this crowd. I'm like look how many people on their phones this crazy, like everyone, its it was just here- you're gone to the crowd of the store and everywhere just looking at their phone. Just it's like a zombie movie. They don't know their zombies. Truly. Is a zombie apocalypse truly in the weirdest way. I mean it gives you a little bit a reward every now, and then someone has a funny mean- and I did That'S- that Silicon Valley figured out is that the five lobby in response and the all the other brain impulses you get from I correct, or not Tv or whatever they are, or even just sums lit have different, sounds bling blown up all the stuff. What were you any further? We should give you credit, you're, the reason while this started you are the Regional, pod, father, the legitimate one like avoid this lobby proclaim in that area.
You're, the guy, who made the very first podcast even came over the name of the Rhine. I didn't come up with the name of the devil hooking within it wont. Let me go back to the beginning, because actually the technology of podcasting was invented in two thousand to before anyone was podcasting before there was an ipod. Interestingly, I was living in Amsterdam at the time and was working with Dave Weiner, who had really invented blogging and he had created this assess indication format. Any software you could login than an aggregator kind of like your google reader. At the time that you couldn't, you read blogs and most kind like a two way. Communication thing was interesting and lotta people starting to use it. In an Amsterdam. They had cable, modems rolled out everywhere, and cable modem were sold in time is always on internet. It wasn't fast, it was just fucking on you didn't have to dialing, which was Oh my god. This is great, knew that this was a huge improvement. Kick someone
if the phone line so the the the experience of multi media, was shit like you want to hear song, play. A video was like click. Wait, wait, wait download way. They would probably downloading and open up the some kind of player, and then it was not an experience. There was nothing, nothing there, the maid Centre and I want to broadcast on the unit has always been my thing from the moment. I saw it so I came up with this concept of the last yard, so What if you had a little thing running on your computer in the background that would know If there's something you wanted was just forget the how it knows part it would download it and would tell you, that there was something new when it already had it on local hard drive. So you remove of the whole weight experience, could you don't know? You know that this computer has been down? learning something you wanted. It just tells you oh it's here, which is
it's not abnormal in media you're, the six o clock news most of its produce before the actual broadcast. So I took this idea to Dave and I said we need to come up with something. And they can download a media file that I programme somehow like this is gonna, show up and then download no, he tells me when it's there and I can click on it plays immediately and it it took some convincing. He didn't exactly understand what I'm saying it probably thought: a Fuckin MTV guy effect, that's exactly what he thought, and actually demonstrated to him? What I wanted to do in his own software- and he said: ok, I'm gonna do this. But only on the condition. Never ever ever. Fucking use my software again, because that was horrible. What you just did, and so we created the enclosure element in RSS, and so for two years we were doing back and forth like movie files and staff and o clock and would open up and the experience
was good until I saw my first ipod friend of mine to look at this and my the white one with the commission has now learn. That was a good one right. The higher after awhile, like a dead, too hard drive, and I looked at him, went this is not a digital walkman is a fucking radio receive, or can I had one had a Sony M radio train route receiver, which have little solid state thing like this, is a radio. This can receive radio programming, and so I set about again with me fantastic programming sale skills to make a little application, and yet the ipod, at the time we still had the sink it to Itunes, is how you got music onto it back in the day and. So you could put a an mp3 file into a blog posts basically, but it was a special attachment really and so this programme would dispute. Looking all the time is something new to something:
there's something new download. It then click trip it so that it synchronize to the ipod and it worked. Now not being a programmer of actually Kevin Marks. A guy was working at Apple, sent me a version of the script that actually work. That was helpful and I set about crew. Eating a radio show which we didn't have the name podcast. Yet and I wanted to be able to talk to develop or software developers who could create receiver. So can we had I potter, I potter x, I potter lemon, all the all these different applications, which kind of did the same thing, and because I was talking to developers, I call it. The daily source code so did every day and source code is kind of what the developers working and I was really true-
to them like ok, well, the guys over New Zealand. They know they ve created this version of the app and is really work and when we discovered all kinds of crazy shit like you subscribe to a feed, because no one at all, but, through trying download, now everything it had an that feed all at one so tried, download fifty episodes and we still had kind of always on internet up. Everything would crunch and die in this just kept building and building. Another People started doing these and we call them soliloquy. Wheeze and little bundles of joy in all kinds of really dumb names and Danny Gregoire guy was just listening set out its this. This is a pod cast and the name stock Ben Hammers Lee from the guardian years earlier, had actually use the term podcast somewhere in an article which lowers no podcasting at the time, but he envision that an income
the podcast zone. I want so he's the guy Socio named it here. Who's the charm. But I would say Danny Gregoire really names what we were doing at the time. So so, and that's what didn't name myself. The pod father people start calling me that an grew from their network really fast before I knew at the BBC was calling and interviews here and there like holy shit, something blowing up here, and it wasn't until that. That's a big moment was. I got a call from Steve Jobs and he says the king, who actually was eighty Q new, whose big man campus there now says that can meet with Steve. Unlike chip account here so where's the death rate conference, like San Diego, I think, went there and I met with him for an hour and it was- and I had meant a lot of interest in a heap as he did my my best meet
to date had been Quincy Jones Right got drunk with them for an hour lie radio show I thought I was fail. Us here's, Steve jobs in flesh, and the first thing I notice is he's got a weird list, but I did not really heard before really ass, like we're. Ok, so he hides it. Does those maybe maybe do in ways projecting s, but he was much more personal and it's just the two of us. First he's he's mad he's, fucking, pissed off and young about the fact that Wi Fi I learned later that his his plan, always I found must not be a cell phone, but to use wife. Networks around the world and well yeah and because no sir, go wherever had changed the way wifi works in the way the authentication works, that it really wouldn't be that seamless, but that was his his vision and also, as an actual I thought to myself to. You- should probably come down and make us, and then he was talking to
Eddie Q says that our aid called and they got a problem with the with our well to new record- sounds on the matching of breaking any kind of encryption, and I said I am actually kind of important because in order to record stuff, we using like odd your hijack pro and all the others different kinds of tools- and I set my hope- hope they don't do that because kind of important for production see went fuck. It turned a fact themselves. This is tools, are guys need and then he said Adam I'd like to put pod Acting in items. Are you ok with that? I like? Are you kidding me? Yes, I'll give you my director got built a directory of particle I'll, give you that started. Off absolutely and then I was kind of funny. So then, maybe what year is two thousand for some like that thing here, two thousand for two thousand five timeframe and then Jane in aid and find it. If you want it's pretty funny video, so he announces this on stage
playing. My my podcast, where I just rail on the MAC. Sorry about that, I'm taking a look after its pretty funny. It's like is that one video the really legitimize as me in the world of pod casting. Thank you Steve, really appreciate you got. You gotta check this out this whole area of why you couldn't you could try to sell Pike S, but the whole phenomenon is so great. It's free and I think what we want to see as an advertising supported model emerge just like free radio. Here's an atom curry is one of the guys in inventing podcasting and he has a pod cast called the daily source. Let me go and subscribe to that, and now we can go listen to his latest one. Just click on internet explorer scourge. Number one in eight something remarkable is happening here: radio is screaming free of the regulated, gatekeepers manage what you ve been here since radio was invented. Its jumping into the hands of anyone at all with something or nothing to say
dollars was replaced ranch. I asked the next generation radio contact. My ears, like righted, show number one hundred, maybe Ennis ROD. Everybody thought and action recently resigns. My man, like the files, is, knew exactly what he was doing brow ugly. I do assure you, wouldn't be layer clip that he didn't. I love parish, Wisher
Obviously we have a new area and then he's he's mean email later and you said and will introduce you to some people of venture capital were Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, which I find it took us the thank you. Then. I went on to raise a lot of money from those companies to build my podcast network with what was the first bootleg. What year was your first podcast the first, when he released? Also, that was two thirds three. I get two thousand three well see get what was going on before you was there anything. Was there any other people but putting what we had real video and real audio? If you remember you're gonna, let alone low grade streaming staff and none, but really made, it did two things I mean it solve. The ban with problem for downloading? That was the first and now that's a longer an issue of course, but it it put the subscription model in place and be
because neither I or day wine or have ever patented any of this is completely free and open. So no one owns it, and that was that was the mission I am very proud of. That does beard. Because now the otherwise, if someone eloquently am Spotify, is now trying to buy podcasting by buying up all these networks and they'll make an exclusive and granted that trying to switch from music company to an audio company, but ultimately look at all the applications that are out there that are really good people, love em, the apple podcast up. Oh, I use overcast like that lot. This new tons of different one and it's all because, as an open standard that no one can control in Silicon Valley loves controlling, should, in fact, apple loves controlling shit. This is one of the few things apple has done. That is now a walled garden locked into apple stuff. It's interesting is uneven, monetizing it now, then they that they have many different ways. They could do stuff where they could help, but
I don't know why, but I dont know why they're not, I think it's an oversight. I think they thought for the longest time that was just sing. The people did that was no big deal, and then it's become enormous, but they still have this map does model their operating under their sister. Just aggregating could be anything What was interesting is when they started off. They immediately start to highlight NPR programming, which I'm not I'm grateful Forum doubly Gb H in Boston, did a lot with the putting their first programmes, making those available as podcast but kind of the the beauty of the damage. Tourism, of podcasting pushed down a little bit and was all BBC and p already allow. Yes, Really, let me tell you a little too much for me, the radio
I love radial, but I know it sounds very produced its very. Like people answer questions for the guest in. Delegates, though caught in it, so what he said was there's no one here say right also. This is why you are the tonight show of our era. You have in that, but I feel I complained the Superbowl I mean, if you see my my dear in my text. Messages. People like all we love Rogan this legend. Are you going nuts and shit like I'm, going to press for the Superbowl, get ready to slam this. But you have taken what you really done, the opposite, you zig to everyone's. And you just have a conversation on edited you're, completely open type of personality. So instead of trying to rush in and get the information example. I am I like Eliza slender.
And she was gonna, be on, came along our stay up and watch and watch that she was second guess what kind of stocks, because you get first guest, then a bit and all that- and there was literally before She came on. It was six minutes of ads. Then aid of ad in the studio for these not than another. Five minutes about was twelve minutes of commercials in Slovenia was on for five minutes about were not even a clip, so people are sick and tired of it. The existing media because of just the the structure that some place the ratings game. That isn't really probably isn't really reality, but it needs to its an approved methodology, people. Than those numbers that still there, but there's a reason why you get to tells you Gabardine Bernie Sanders and people want to come on. You're show because you speak to an entire generate. My daughter like holy shit. My friends, our time and even beyond Rogan she never,
never talk to me about any of that stuff like but ya, Rogan! Ok, this is a little different. That's also use. Will you not like you, don't know it and this it's weird it's I do know, but it's weird: why do things besides we're just weird it's weird bonds. That was never intend it. There is no intention like starting from the beginning was just fun and then I well. This is cool and then once unwanted got like a certain amount of people there was a point, ten, started. Getting guests cells are going my blood gas and in old right cool people against an award Dane was won the first. Why remembering the beginning? And above all, we want to be unusual. I think we ve tweeted named may be seven years ago or something you are often, but I solid toots doing some kind of pirate radio out there like. What is this? Should this now that some cool goin on you got all these people around you and I and the committee comics or comedians, which you prefer either ones fine. I don't think it man, some people sticklers for
I always find them the annoy annoying. So what I liked so much is that comedians gravitated toward it and said: okay, we can be funny and we can do stuff that isn't necessarily our jokes that are going to get ripped off cause outfit. I think for the longest time comedian to be like I don't beyond the internet, not put my shit out there because people steal my jokes here in this my whole all routine and if anything, you an comedians started to really blanket the landscape and show what could be done with this and the fact that everyone could just kind new, receive aid on their on their phone was fantastic. He would China created a real organic network. That's one thing the week: we all we can talk about it, that networks of using it network like NBC or whatever you think of it. So it's a controlled network executives and shareholders and then there's commercials yeah there's all these differ. Standards that you have to apply to dissolve agenda right exactly.
Every what we're on the network together we're on Tuesday eight and these guys are on Thursday, seven and all that. So I made that same mistake thinking. I could build a podcast network and run it kind of like, like a net hybrid network record company and raised a lot of money to do it. To first mistake is that the VC guys they wanted us to be in San Francisco, who perfect build a media company in San Francisco, but ok, it just doesn't work for a number of reasons, but the main one is the advertising model is just not built for this and advertiser wants to know. I'm talking real advertise, not talking underwear and mattresses and and
where space were talking, automotive, pharmaceutical, rattle, F Telecom. These are the real that's where the real money, as they want to know exactly what they're gonna be advertised on and if its, if they dont know what it is, they want no part of it, especially now, as we have cancel culture through social networking, they want no part of it. So it's just now going to be spectacular the way the innocent diet you can take those advertisers away, but I meant by network, is not that I know I know, but that's what I'm saying I tried to build. The contain network failed in my mind, familiar, but people made money in everything. The thing that didn't make money, but a lot of me to try to do they. All things are still trying it. It's just it's not that profitable and also the ones success for successful and the other ones aren't and idea. Did there all sharing revenue? It's like cannot eat with kill, so we
Use what you trying to say here about the ad hoc network is totally the way to go, but I'm saying as it does that we didn't even think about it. We just where supporting each other. Comedians always suffered from famine syndrome, because there, Only a few shows on television and we are all trying to be honest, sitcom or you or you trying all trying to be the host of night late night is only handful of travel and want to be so that famine mentality was like it created. Lot of weird animosity and competition between comedians and then somewhere along the line the internet came along and then Youtube video start, making people famous and then podcast started, making people famous and then and we all realize, like the old model of lake If you do Leno, you can't do. Letterman, like there was a lot of thou nonsense back horse of core that shit out the window, now everybody does everybody show like brought billboard asthma. I do his. We all do each other I'll do he'll do mine, where our friend and what happens.
Your bill, Baronne you're, on your show, like fuck, he's gotta podcasting again Monday morning, pockets boom, subsidize Joey DS, not necessarily my kind of guy, but again he's off the hook. It's kind of factual, you're awake and, like a mother ship, the rising tide lives. Our boats, that's that's how we think about it, how how capital yeah, but it's not even that way. It's it's like everybody gets to do. Well, it's not that you know we would. Get up in terms of an industry at all? It's really just fun. It just happens to be profitable, but the way we see did it out with no thought whatsoever of it ever being profitable. That's. Why became what it is, because it was all like doing. Giant bong heads and hit novels they arise are literally not even knowing what you're talking about. Why you're talking have the time and haven't farmer them unless they appeal because its everybody wants to be at the party yeah? That's it the even that's why radio stations do remote broadcasting on his white top forty stations go
two Popeye's, nay what here this morning, everybody and we want to be part of an actually partying. I mean that's that's what people love of Korea. We do these public podcast called fight, opinions and some of our most popular ever and we'll watch fights and drink and smoke we'd, while the fights are going on and they're their madness. They're dead, I'm total chaos and those are some of the most popular parquet shadow to Ryan. My dance instructor, whose huge fan here at you answer with my wife and I we we would really IRAN yet give course. Yet it's part of my work out It is working towards an area where it's it's a lesson. In a body, coordination and awareness I mean we do, will do a double lesson. This has always been my dream So, finally, I found a woman who this it's really do dancing. I ve ever danced
ballroom. Now that I did have to take dance lessons for the movies, you keep that it did a few years, always with the Kevin Kevin having January at a whole dancing where this is like weeks like that, me. Unless we want to have this thing, he's lost, so it is. The man leads, the woman. It is a very traditional role, all in dancing near or if you have to women dancing, one that has to be the lead, but in this case and the woman has to give into it- and it is for both of us- we find it now just four for being together and I'm leading she's following its total trust thing. There's all this interaction that you have have which is almost frowned upon in today's society. No or what the man is. Actually even me saying this, all your leading boy, you're leading I'm leaving its notes called leading
we do an hour and a half like a double less and I'm sweat and bring all your muscles. Everything and just look at the month. Dancing with a start is monies are cut its hard in I talked to chuckle Adele, who is the of see light everywhere, championing told me the dance with the stars when the hardest things he ever did preparing for, I believe that its hard there is real, Joe roving says the and sings rigour at some four sticker is a real denial. It's a difficult thing to do and the cool thing is you can do it anyway. Yes, we want to get too that we only just started couple months, but we want to get to the part where we can. You go into a place and just ants that's cool letter its- I am a big believer in learning, things and giving lessons interesting do something you saw catch, try it so I got my arm radio licence, though not my own academically, I'm a piece of shit. I barely made it through high school. I dropped out of college in two months like this is not for me. This is like me. I learned how to fly helicopter.
There's an air airplanes aside. I've gotten All these things and its I've not that it really fly much anymore. It does helicopters. I know her that she flew me around downtown our dna and robbed me forty four twenty two. He does have his own. He was using one of the ones that this helicopter company right both of our senior to cedar. It was forced, Robinson, forty, four yeah, that's what I trained in Ireland to helicopter really had helicopter company woe, in Texas. You can chew pigs out of him, yes but then we have seen that this was an event in Annapolis know. Believe me, I've been invited, I'm sure, yeah right, I dont like I don't like that idea is worth it's a very unfair idea, but also they have to do something. There is no other things. There are billions in particular priority to write to me as I can exact. Not Robin is that's the problem. Railways that the problem is the joke king around about it wild. While death is happening, there is a disturbing
and very unwinnable situation, because the Faro Hog problem is so big, particularly in taxes that you know that they lose millions of dollars and crops every year. Many minutes are real problems. I just can't get into genuine bucks an hour helicopter just she's down at at at at at at at the window to our food, though it does make a lot of food. They did they food. I have you, never shot a living thing. I've I've, I've guns, I shot lotta guns. Do me tell ya hell yeah yeah, I'm while pigs are a good place to start a desert. The place that does Oryx ok and if you ve had. I have now heard all my job, it s how good they back today as a conservation in Texas and is actually more Oryx in Texas that in Africa? I believe that's true, because there are many other there really managing them even go there. You can you hunt him shoot em and then they'll do the dress of the whole thing for if you want you can do it yourself that ports not for me, I don't I just I just don't think I can
If I had do no problem right now, I don't have to yeah no I've. I get it then again, stuff everybody. You have your shot, something yeah yeah hunt valuable, an area as a whole different level it's well that doesn't my first animal overshot that dear a shudder, tv show called mediator and I got hooked right after the cause. I was dozy, they're gonna be, can come of age Terran or is gonna, become Hunter right, seem to me those Peter videos and in dress him. You did all that you have outlined negative buddy. Who does that Scott in awesome, when I go when I go elk hunting will dressed in the field and quarter, but then I'll send it to a butcher to get a chopped up by different cuts. The and I add my love me nothin yeah. It's I understand what you said to pull the trigger entered to be there when an animal dies its intense, but it also makes you realize what you doing when you're eating meat absolutely, and I think just knowing this
Agnes another. I dont bless my food, but I think about it like yeah thanks man. Well thanks! Madam count, I wasn't polluter last September and shut this elk Not only do these guys pray for the Elk, everyone takes their hat off, but they actually take a wad of grass that the Elk eat and they make like a bundle of it and they put it down on them at the Elk carcass when we're done cleaning the Elks after the the bare bones of the elk after the meet removed. They put this this thing down. They take their hats off those pretty serious with every every of the yeah now cause it's. You know it's part of their livelihood, but also their majestic there there and their value, delicious beautiful, Dennis yeah and they're, so special that so interesting. If I could just eat out, for the rest, my life I'd be happy doing that Reindeer retried reindeer now, Cariboo Road,
reindeer and soon had some re here there is a restaurant and then buddy. My work did Nokia at the time and they bring your picture. This is it and he's alive like I feel a rude off and then very so they right before they serve. I don't know that, but then they they do show. You know this is the one you're eating right now, while that's intend that very tangled, you know really untasted fantastic meet yeah, it's caribou is very prized meat and their their amazing animals too, and that they have the huge herds of them, and I went to the North pole and I saw just tons of M tonnes him up there story with them and psychedelic with caribou yeah? No, I'm interested, ok! Caribou! or are connected to a mushroom called the emanated miscarry, a mushroom, their addicted to this mushroom. They they eat it constantly they have their backs
They been known when people do psychedelic ceremonies and they go outside of their Europe's two p. Terrible will knock them over to try to get to their urine. Does europe- is rich with the smell of this. This much Russia gather data costly. Hence it is like the flying reindeer. It gets crazy. Already, connection between Santa Claus and reindeers is very strange. The connection between Santa Claus in this mushroom is also very strange. The mushroom looks like Santa Claus, its red and white. It also shows up under pine trees and as a micro rise, a relationship of coniferous trees. So when it rains the mushrooms will pop up under these trees. So these bright packages that look look. That's. Where was I exactly that is what they look like under trees weight. Yeah that Europe gets crazier to dry them off the chairman's would pick them and then put them in the pilot put up for all begin round. Thanks and put them
in the pine needles to dry them off. So just like like balls, range from its richness, try right and ornaments and a Christmas drink. Well, we still put pine needles in the pine cones and Gary clean and balls those bright, colored balls, they think the origin of that was those things off. Santa Claus came down the Christmas tree and win- or this is me those recently when they were discouraging these germanic rituals. People had to sneeze in the people's houses to perform them on one of the ways they did. That was the climbed down through the chimney, so the Sharm drop down to the chimney with a bag of mushrooms- and and they would all have the ceremonies endless. These ceremonies were forbidden. That's how they They got around it yeah, it's the relation! chip between Santa Claus and Christmas, and this mushroom, very strange and there's a tons of articles also alma. All of the old Christmas cards have the emanated, miscarry, mushrooms and elves. Also the
The connection of learning about that you see, collects he's an archive ass. He collects old Christmas cards out I'll betcha has some of those fine old Christmas cards with mushrooms. Is thousands of I've never done mushrooms and you're, not thinking out smoke review it, and I did the empty and enjoyed very very much as it does a while I did it twice ceiling of these old old Christmas, I find some someone's its show like Mary Logo that went right there in the Middle EAST. There you see that one merry Christmas, trippy ball Ella. There have mushrooms in the early nineteenth hundreds when they were making these in that even the eighteen hundred people, just more connected to the origins of these stories. Sure and overtime We ve got a lost that can Allianz commercialized, that into all kinds of, but it's always the amity to miscarry. If you look at these there, the mushroom, of course, it's always that one mushroom that looks like Santa Claus, while there it's weird mushroom, no doubt a cop
hated mushroom, because it it varies genetically and also varies geographically and also very seasonably. I've never of I've done it before, but I know had a good reaction out of it. I did it with my friend stand, hope and dug, and I did we weren't feel in it, and then we had some other mushrooms. We brought themselves Ivan mushrooms, we threw them into them the the party and then then we took I'm not into eating any drugs. And now I like smokin flower, that's about it! Ok, my group in Amsterdam, and made a uneasy yeah, I'm sure yeah it some it's it's tricky, especially when you don't know what you're getting you know, what mushrooms are pretty pretty standard once you've done it a few times. You know what you know: what you getting into but that that mushroom and Christmas it so it's very and anyway, the Cariboo, which is pull Santa's reindeer pull the sled right with a flying, their trip and balls off their highest fuck. While the more you know
the aim in that's. Probably the reason why those reindeer addicted to that mushroom. They they favour it. They love it. Now. That's its aware, One story. That mushroom also is a weird one in that when people take it, they trip and then to really enhance their trip they drink there urine, because apparently the the in the urine contains, like your body filters, you get in there somewhere, like Super blast, exactly fantastic, weird stuff, I'm trying to cut back on drink it might be the gas get it. It's unsightly. People catchy that he's a weird ass ocean so unacceptable to like what the hell you doing. Curry yeah but anyway, caribou have never had a bit of herds delicious and about a bunch of different kinds of deer access, tiers pro the favourite. That's, that's really deliver That's another one is aware, it's weird dear, because it's an invasive species intact This is how I got is adopting a yard. You have allies during your backyard, not I got dear,
there I white tailed dear. I have no idea. Do they have white spots over the bodies and weird horns? kind of like that? That's a meal I would also like many of those I wait till I know they. His ears that we are showing us. The girls, usually they're, letting the men know that this is a danger here now that a new they just walk right through the backyard walk onto the streets. Dolly and we live in a cul de sac all over the place on ever. Can he asked Amazon is no predators, its becomes a real issue. People slam their cars in whom everybody lives in Iowa in you can't even went the right like in November, you can't even Dr Ages the crossing the road as ever you go and you better be going twenty miles. An hour exist, dart out with a boner, didn't know what they're doing as the males lives. Thirty by our marble, eventually road and seen just kind of to hell that wise and I dont freedom is go away.
They are that smart keep him go and move on people here, but if she ever apples or something you back aren't becomes don't have. That leaves you guys bears that. That's really is a pain in the ass Kyoto is now, though, but you do yes, a couple, those walk into the yard and there the I'd, know pets. So there we ve lost pets. Are you have some use? Have so many pets ahead? Everything there dogs, cats, goats and fill fro. Now without em. I do I do it's just and you don't really realize it until you, your clothes sliding door your opening it up in your none thinking shit, so we're gonna get out of that very free. That's a weird thing to us feel bad. The cats can't even go outside can't go outside and Texas they'll getting any. But it's a sad that they can even go outside like what the fuck life is just living.
But will produce lecturers and came down not only goldfish, unlike any that goats had a lot of Goethe doesn't mean Fucker, yeah forces too. I am. I too had a thing. My daughter had horses and I had a castle in the in Belgium we had two horses. There you had a castle in Belgium there are used. Have money has been set up, and I'd be money now Now I took my company public in ninety six called the think new ideas and it was more the first internet marketing advertising companies and it was big, had four hundred people with big company. Love and yet my body and I would just worked out and we took at public back then, was like this it before them. The real dot I'm crazy, so we raise twenty million dollars like holy shit. We couldn't believe it, which is nothing these days and, after all, the lawyers. They wanted taken their money, that was fifteen million laughed and we started to build a business.
And what are you talking to castle Yellow Castle Algeria. So there was that and then I'd also at the time someone had said, did pretty well on the on the IP own, then that crazy, but ok, there's a new. I learned what The dilution means I learn that pretty good, but I'd invested, fifty thousand dollars and some company and then in two thousand just for two thousand move to Amsterdam, move back to the Netherlands and the bank called me said you sit down here. I was up so you know that companies invest didn't yeah? Well, when public it was asked Jeeves and now you know sixty five million dollars, unlike by on paper on paper, Joe, so lock up, you couldn't sell any of it. Now after I did get surmount boat, basically wrote down, the wallpaper Army can sell it Nevertheless you're an insider right, you
lock up. He shares its it's in Assisi regulation, so you can't sell for them. I think that its negotiable, but it's it's it's so the other investors who come in Bobby I've holding the bag. So you do the ip and then all the inside or sell their shares they want, who just bought at the IP than all their shit goes down and value route. So after this lock up, typically six months or twelve months or eighteen months, and through some back ended way out. The hell is going on bankers, do it with swap and stuff and promises and derivatives. They were able to get some money out for me that I spent on helicopters and the text that has no economic developments that I would I do. I've enjoyed the money, definitely glad about the podcasting being left so how'd you get back to Austin. Well. I I had the company in San Francisco this a different company, the company and
Going out living in London at the times have lived there for five years, demure international travel. I have lived in the cup of places and was going back and forth San Francisco lunch. And there was a break up. Between me and my wife and we got divorced, and so I stayed in San Francisco and then moved to California too. I to LOS Angeles for buddy. You I always want to live in a language in the hills, or will I highlight, and it just didn't work for me of doing basing the pod cas that Chechnya one thousand two hundred and thirteen years ago, and I don't know it's just maybe was that area, but I really had nowhere else to go and if I wanted to go somewhere, I'm just sitting in traffic all day, it's like if I want to go to the beach. No, I was with a woman at the time. Was an actress
and never marry in that respect that I was warned so she wanted to in that general areas have just wasn't workin for me and then I did a tour from virgin. Down to Florida, the Gulf Coast for the show, with an ivy doing this, from the ivy meeting people do in meat ups and it was it was just around time when you had the be peace, oil spill in in the gulf, and so people really depressed and was all messy interest was not a good bye and I was gonna go straight up to Chicago anybody, mine Gregg Lolly, who is one of the true last independent record promoters who I'd known from San Francisco and he knew from Chicago back from the radio days, and he said Adam come,
Austin you you'll love. It comes to come to us. You stay at my place, calmness and like now may never really been the Texas deciding that doesn't really interest me. I'm going to go up the Chicago and just kept pushing in pushing as DR an up and then he says, or I thought to myself. Gregg is flam buoyantly gay single, dad adopted it kid from Ukraine and, if he's in Texas and he's still alive it can't be that bad? Maybe it's just ass the night and also I visit him. And we need to meet up this, MRS, in the summer of about a hundred twelve degrees, but now that Austin HEAT is not too few minutes, it's doable and there were thirty. Thirty three people at the meet up- and I was happy in Prague, of their city and proud of their state and they loved. What would just there was so much good energy, particularly after just came from the Gulf and one young woman. Her purse fell on the ground and out rolled a fresh pair of underpants and and a handgun
I, like Texas, move their three months later, real had been there ten years now. Why did it has grown? No, oh, my god! It's changing little talk about it too much lived in my wife, Tina nice. We got married in in May and I we bought a house together, the Southeast Austin but we were living downtown right downtown. I had a place there and we moved into an apartment together and we just saw it I think it really started with the with the scooters. That's really what started to mess up Austin. You could have just overnight like what the fuck is this and just there everywhere and mean Ostend. I've been trying to create a bike vibe the with the bike paths in just all the stuff, which is ludicrous, and I grew up a riding bicycles and it takes maybe fifty years before everyone is accustomed to.
Bicycle traffic has not just something: that's builtin. I turn right around the corner. I still look. Look at my right MIRA. Look! There's that make sure there's not a bike. Next to me just built in though people don't do that, so people are getting hit and then these scooters pop up- and it's just may him down the everywhere there on the sidewalks their moment, people down people a meal its nuts, they go fast to adjust, the biggest may go very fast. They got their gas he's got us up one he how fast that bitch go like fifty twenty five. That what it is once again, fifty I don't I've seen of jacked up doing fifty almost sure why you're dead, yeah well know, there's that You goin down it fit he's, but you want to live as already pretty fast. He flies the x. I think more some do about fifteen fifteen seventy miles juicy, but what I It is because all the silicon d
these companies are opening up offices in Texas Allotment often and that's where they put the the the human resource heavy stuff? So not the top programmers. This has helped. This is the people who review the Youtube Video sites out there that already kind of whack the watch nothing but death and destruction fucked up all day long. That did not work We have a connection to the city. The kindly I'm here for a couple years now go moves somewhere else, so I don't care, scooters brass. They don't really care, about the city about the whole vibe like it whatever financially around and that's become increasingly more Boston has some other problems. Knowed were kind of following what to what California work San Francisco LOS Angeles, Portland Seattle. Were following the let people camp it everywhere, things real problem and it it's crazy here you know, is based upon it all comes from.
A lawsuit in Boise, Idaho, and that's where this started, where in the first went to the fifth circuit in Ninth Circuit Court, there was an appeal that said: you cannot move people who are camping without having a suitable place for them to stay, that you can offer them because then it is a violation of the eighth amendment under cruel and unusual punishment. That's why that's what Ostend in until that, solve its crew, an unusual punishment to move someone who's homeless or not move someone who's camping. If you can offer them adequate housing. So these people just camping on sidewalks they're, just like they do here at the underpass legally and us in the underpasses, yachts, crazy, and so it's weird regulation. Yeah this really started. They will they lifted the camp? The no camping bat lifted it. So it was not a problem. Then they set about. Wouldn't let anyone camp and it went nuts and also downtown, was just filled with people.
Lay in camp and everywhere then they went. This is not going to work mayor, Adler and City Council. So ok will ban it in just in downtown which is premature. The mayor lives. You know the W hotel this that you can't know camping in front of city hall, but we have a where university town. So you got you t and just this whole night, half of a semi, sir, of camping and just mayhem right on the on the outskirts of the campus and kids are afraid, I'd like another gettin they get and harassed. We have squeezed you guys doing I drove into New York every single day from Jersey and in eighty nine, ninety and the Swedes. You guys were huge problem and then there were gone Giuliani? Like through in the EAST River, something but another back in New York, so this is not not.
Good thing. How do you fix that? The people are worried about the cruelty in fixing they you got. You know that's the problem, it's like you. It's you hurt. You always have to be cruel to stop that now know how to stop well. You have to engineer or some sort of a slow. What are we talking about? Not everyone who is squeaky and loitering and and soliciting is homeless or because not necessarily something that they didn't choose lot. People choose a vagrant lifestyles, tons of it, particularly in warmer climate like here, and I do a lot for the homeless problem in Austin as much as I can, and none of it is sanctioned by the city, they're fucking, around here will build affordable housing or we'll get a hotel and alternative. I always slum hotel, ok, great. The number one reason people become homeless is catastrophic: loss of family, that's the number one reason some.
One dies this that and then just its downhill from them before you know, you're out on the snow is very difficult to rebound from my country, and so people need community. Everybody needs community too. Where did they find a community under the bridge? That's where the committees and the community is transactional its drugs note, whatever you did it. That's a community is not healthy one, but it's a community. There is actually a a great project and often called mobile loaves and fishes community first village star by this guy, was in construction and he just put down a whole bunch of tiny homes and people who are. If your homeless, you can go there and you can live in a tiny home, but you rent it, and there are some some prerequisites, but you don't have to be now necessarily drug free because he is your homes. You do whatever you want your home, but it's like two hundred dollars to an end. Two dollars a month. Most people- if they do the paperwork they can get us,
real security or disability, which will cover that they still have to either work there in community garden to feed themselves at different yeah. Like an auto detailing, I was different stuff. But there's no policing at that. Neither this they ve, just five hundred people there now and it's working out fantastically others. Because they have community another an outside the box solution, totally told it gets no money from the city because as a religious aspect to it and others, a ministry part. So we can give money to that because buck and God, nuts or whatever else, but it's really working extremely well that's great. When someone comes up with something on I mean people should Could this Alan Graham is saying, but what he did and he lives there. He lives in a small small home on behind this is yeah, and if you go there he'll be here, to show you around and that all kinds of cool stuff it but to assist people are living together. He says so,
If your walks out in the morning, not you Joe, but the other Joe and he's got his his his dick hanging out instead of the neighbors calling the cops the neighbours hey Joe, was gonna man will sit down. Four seconds have coffee that she was gonna, pull Panza meaningless and a community ran community first village. That's that's the answer, but that's not the answer that you hear from your local city. Council the mayor's always only I have affordable housing and four thousand fix everything. That's also a lot of mental illness that such a journal, of course drug addiction. But there's a lot of people with mental illness. You have houses through definitely is a mental illness and drug addiction. But it really starts with catastrophic loss of family. That's the number one reason people become unhoused out here, it's the shift was Jimmy would say about four or five years ago. It really started taken in tomorrow and then go somewhere around for five years,
Each start noted noticing, like villages of tents under underpass stale, and then we do fear factor in downtown. I lay like right downstream from skid row, which is an extraordinary place. If never seen skid row and you dry biogas. What this is real like this is down to. LOS Angeles, any ear and without which it would say, turn beautiful by the way that really began. Downtown allay became really nice that some parts of your great great great in structure and everything, but the restaurants and cool, really girl, apartment buildings and stuff. It's an interesting spot, but then there's all skid row, the which is just you can't believe the staggering numbers of people that are just camped out gap, thousands and thousands and thousands just a mass like people
out of a fuckin stadium to see again Adam Corollas said said. It really well scare, where I saw him he said is like no one wants to be the bad guy, not normal, say. Ok, the shit has to stop. We gotta do something about. It starts with stopping whatever you're doing and that's part of council culture. Young people are afraid you know it could cancel. Cultural is real if you have something to lose you have nothing to lose, I have nothing to lose. They can do your Europe, your bulletproof, to a degree umbrel approaching, cancel all you want. You have taken away from me. No, retired I don't have em, don't we, the people, listen, can stop listening, that's the only thing that our party Montague Progress will advertisers, but we call it the value for value system when the work and I started to show thirteen years ago. It was just be him, and I just know tat
Going on Skype, I was in London, he was in San Francisco and we notice like to read legislation read legislation, bills, red bills. Arena was reading the Lisbon Treaty, which was called the European and to the European Constitution, which was voted down by France, the Netherlands and Ireland, and then that the European Union went not an atlas voting and you didn't wrong. Literally, like revolt, ok, I guess we'll vote this way now and then I was reading like this is this is not the way to being portrayed on television like oh we'll have it will need a passport to go to other countries will have the same money, and I was seeing shit in there. That was way different about. You can incarcerate people deadly forced by the cops would be legalised? And none of this is really what's what's happening over here
the same time. A read a book called I'm just gonna. Give you the background to get into the money. Part called legacy of ashes by New York Times. A writer David Wiener, think, and it was about the CIA and my uncle appears in this book multiple times my uncle Don Gregg, big big guy in the CIA for a long time, and- and I call him upside down- and he read this- isn't it? Yes, it's a truism, yes pretty much, our member I'm like so whatever is on television and radio, is not at all really what's going on and what has happened and so they'll start become a lot of work. Would you want to work and then we said Well, we'll never get advertising. I d works a radio, guys and media guys. We understand and understand that all we'll never get out
retires? That'll, never work. So what does have to ask people to send us money, but why you say you'd never get advertisers because it too controversial advert address. Gabby can get some advertisers, but not the real advertisers. What we talked about earlier and no added, eyes of really gonna be interested, and also how do you What are you? What are you ratings? What are your metrics? What are your numbers near the certainly, then the questions will hide also and listen. If it's just the download me, I I'm sure you ve gone through all of this. Also, we didn't wanna have a fucking meeting, yeah we'll have a meeting with advertisers and I dont want to meet any more and more meetings. So, but we did something different. We said instead of saying to send a spy box or I don't work for tips. You don't work for tips instead of that What is this show worth to you so just listen to us for couple hours. You could
onto the movies. Now, if it took a date had some you had a coke and popcorn fifty bucks was this worth fifty bucks up to you and what we discovered is that value is very different. Some people say that's Pierce five dollars. I love the show. Someone else says: he's five hundred dollars. That's how much I value the show Someone else says: fuck em, you give me a thousand dollars. That's how much I value the Show- and we built this model where we literally just say what value does the show bring to you and we thank people with the amounts that they gave completely transparent. You could to sit there and see what people giving Us- and it just became this whole interactive feature where we put levels interviewed if you'd, Don't eight two hundred dollars, you're an associate executive producer. Just like Hollywood, the fact say it's three hundred dollars an exact to produce and with a little mention in a different part of the show for the executive producers and
they can read a note and oftentimes its. It would usually something about the show, so they cut the brought into the conversation specifically. So is not just a donation said its content and we have like you have lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, college professors, tons of military, lots of spooks and three letter aid seedy. Also its kind of a spook agents is all kinds of crazy people who really think enjoy. When we talk about what they're doing so, they love Let you know, and it may be anonymous, shall I pay men, don't mention my name, but here's, and that just grew and no now. Thirteen years later with, we would were feeding to families and we're very
very happy and that's all I do is twice a week: Sundays Thursdays we haven't, we do, we do recorded, live, we don't do any post editing, I think it's in and out is done and you like the fact You just don't have any connection to anyone other than your fans is ever satisfying extremely satisfying. It's it's not just fans. We call but we don't call him listeners fans the producers, we have put in everybody- is a producer. If you see the amount of stuff that I get in new so take corona virus noon, we ve got a lot of people who are very specified that not just in epidemiology but in finance. Who can you give us all these different insights and you put it all together? I'm really a professional information manager nobility a bunch of system specifically for that I just get stuff come in, come in and we like to deconstruct the media so we'll play anywhere from thirty to fifty little.
Use clips in a three hour show and then just deconstructed it. Why is this being said? What is what is what is really behind? This is a true, and then I spent a lot of time researching this really. What I do. I just research and look at stuff and banging around. Look at this, if I can from all angles as much as possible and then presented- and it's often surprised really accurate, while I loved that idea of calling them producers- and I love the idea that you not connected at all to anyone other than your fans. That's perfectly producers, Joe the producer. I like it. I know it and then we started to. I guess that's correct or be game a fly it So people starting hey man, I've donated thousand dollars in totally like over what a fantastic. We should reward these people, so we start to give them knighthood. Why should the queen? who I've met. Why should the queen of England be the only one who can do that? We can hear knighthood they're just as good and get up signet rang from ceiling. Why really yeah
Yet a real wing rings. It actually close a letter with it. Yes open when rip the mentally wax evil send letters to us all the time they got their meat ups, that people with their rings like like a statue of honor slow cruelty it had It's a little bit of unavoidable. Of that there's a lot of different elements. I would say more like a church which can also be called beer. The now it's not an evil called in fact, it's a very healthy how we know how people are now doing meet us around the world with a come together and we have a no agenda: meetups dot com people can schedule it, and then we got all this. That's another thing we the all the infrastructure, the entire show is run by the producer, so we have independent architecture for our servers. All that one run by
avoid zero. Sir Bam rose, they run it. They do it now out of the love, love and goodness of their heart, for the show, of course, they receive titles, etc. For that we have an hour generator where every show we have has new art will be ten or twelve different submission. That kind of little contest to have new art and on every every new podcast is really exciting when it shows up in the pod up something different, but we also have a guy we have search engines. We have this all the stuff, the guys in gaol of just built for us and just kind of runs at all kind of fits together. So we we would ever be able to make money with this. If we out sourced the production paid production we weren't they can- and I think it's very hard for anybody to do that in the future. A J r e scale, which a little different. I dont. We don't even know how people listen. We don't
I don't care if you don't know how many people, as they didn't know, actual way to know, there's no technical way. Anyone telling you different is full of shit. That's no way to know how many people listen. Just not the apple Iphone. App does have some statistics that you can get, but it's only Iphone statistics. You can kind of get an idea. You can extrapolate That's recent that they have that meaning. Do you not know how many downloads really or you don't know how many of you I can't download, but how many people listen to you don't know its end and even then there's a lot of network addressed. Translation that you may not be counting all the download and is just technically not true, unless you
the listening side, which is kind of what apple did and have statistics there, which no one has there's no way to actually know whose listening but for us is light. Can I pay the mortgage? Ok great, show, that's it and that is its like killing and eating the meat yourself. It's it's. It's a version of that, and I love it respond. A couple other shows that have the same system, Jen Briny with congressional dish. I start new one called MO facts which has the same system ology, It is so fucking gratifying it really. I love it. I love the people who who help us who produce stuff for us and will to meet up people donate on the spot, but they also love this meeting together. Without us they all about that like Leap Day, there must have been fourteen differ,
meet up around the world and I'm talking is real. Australia, England, the Netherlands all all over the world and they get together to just be in a non triggering environment, you can say whatever the fuck you want kind of, like our show, no one's gonna get rigour, no one's gonna, get outrage in its all different kinds of walks of life, and they have one thing in common is like they think the media kind of full of shit and and they support the show and they like those topics and there's no discharge its small migdol man. That's cool small migdol is
if it has been a weird is it must be. It's been a weird ride for us noticing how much more outrage people get it things today than they did just a few years ago and targeted outrage where people just decide that you know the gonna start attacking you for something that used to be normal decision. Like there was a big it. Some of it is so ridiculous. It's crazy, like there was a tiny Mcgrath had a great could twitter account that guy Andrew shout Andrew He's got a post. There was a sign that was hanging from a window in the UK that it it basically was the definition of a woman. It said woman, a female human being now right. That's like this and then they all these people, crazy and were protesting in saying that it's a transfer of a dog whistle which is
It's a new one right dogmas has only been around for two years: the peas, people Collins things are transphobia homophobic, both sexes, dog whistle like holy shit, like you can't say anything anymore: let's go back to the basics, was on the internet very early nineteen, eighty seven before the world wide web and you may remember- we had something called use: net groups, ass, an usenet groups and the way I used to work because we didn't really have a widely spread internet back then accepted universities now is on em tv, and when I saw the and unlike holy FUCK, emailing with kid, my audience who covered in the ratings by the way college audience don't count in the news in ratings release didn't at the time, and they want some very different from what I'm tv is playing. So I was like, while this is interesting so got into these usenet groups in the way that work issued post something and then overnight, you'll be copied all around the internet knew how to connect to a special service. You pulled in the groups that you had subscribe to, and so really it was kind
It wasn't immediate conversation, we post something, and then people would reply back, and I just kind of jumped in two feet and or an immediately fuck you commercial, MTV Asshole. What are you doing here for you, you're, not supposed to quote like that you're supposed to quotas, bottom and the top end of well what's going on, and what that was is the minute you have the opportunity for people to say stuff anonymously. They turn into giant dick bags. Almost everybody This is just an easier way to do it. Now It is so easy and with all the little the no the debate send the blooms and the rewards that you feel when something is posted or someone new goes against you and it's like the and again, I think a meticulous have swollen because of this. Then you get this. Is you respond differently to what you think is an attack
in the attack read it and you know the Shouldn registers in your brain is something really dangerous and parliament to go back out, but there are not a mess, and that's that that's the best thing than the blue checkmark became a little more interesting, which I dont have, and I tried to get one for a long time. They someone over their hates me and now really aware that wouldn't know that's what it is. They hate use one sidedly, I've, never gotten a blue checkmark, don't want one not now to me it's the mark of the beast. You gotta check, Mark I'd, be looking over. My shoulder man like so now that's become kind of those and those of the people that now risk being platform of you have status by enter its fun to bang against these people, like that fuck, this garden banging at him. So it's some human nature, that is, that just exist within us Like now, you'll be really easy.
For me to go online under whatever twitter handle at Joe Rogan. You dick, I wouldn't say that dear face. Look at you beat me the fog up, so no but people have no problem doing that anonymous yeah, they don't see you, they don't feel when people look at you in the eye and they act like an asshole. I they feel you like what the FUCK ban is a natural human instinct to not do that. The actual shoes, the sheer an interactive you that's what we're supposed to talk in the book? Connection lost connections. I think it's Harare, I think, is a nice name, loss connections. He dealt you that's. The guy should have You shall see Dell's into Sendero sapiens. Maybe I don't know what no Harare, Noah, you volley Harare, opposite him. Look oblonsky, alaskan, lucky Johann, Johann Har. Yes, that's down. Guy he's been on has a year
London, on the partners. Yes, yes, so that's right, lost connection twice right. Ok, I missed out on that that issue I browse, is not just catch and sweat dripping off. You're off your brow. You know ass for communication inquisitive. All this that use all these tools are not not there. DE platforms is getting really preposterous to four things. You know Zubaydah DE platforms, we got kicked off a twitter. This is crazy who Zubi Zubi is Zubaydah Musician eyes wrapper from the UK who's. But on the pact s warming due doesn't even swear right he's back on to this. Then did him temporarily, but this is why I got suspended he's. I forget those having discussion on line about something, someone said I bet. I you don't know what you're talking about something you there guard like I bet I sleep with more women than you do. To which he rides. Ok, dude transfer back, I mean he didn't,
He said I have no idea that person was actually eventually the euro, its illegal. The UK. You cannot transfer besides somebody and you can actually get a visit from the cops we even made posts it like showing how ambiguous to browse. Like could figure out you didn't know there was a die or a girl. I just know someone said that music, that's what I did The thing to say I bet I sleep more women in user goes. Ok did likewise solving the person and they decide by him, saying: ok, dude, that is grounds for being banned from twitter temporarily. Well madness, and then these people laughing about it and making light of the fact they were able to do that because it's a game right there, never rock and see or- and they want to throw that wrong and they got em. They worked, they gotta ticked off temporarily, but that sense Weird signalled everyone else, because it makes itself sensor. It's it's not healthy.
About its also not really a sustainable business model long term in twitter name because of this, the council culture. They said when I can take any political, add new That's why Jack Door she's gonna get kicked out. You see that, and I mean this is new thing with a billionaire guides us The ship was interesting how singers he is huge part of the republican financial engine. This guy's been under the variant thing he's doing this now, because he's an activist investor and he's he's trot is trying to get three or four board seats will get them because of the amount of shares he's bought up like billion, at least because he sees the so called a bias against the right, and he wants to skew that back. All of that is a failed mission. The advertiser eventually want no part of this. They just don't want to have a part of it.
Future is some version of a federated system which exist today, Mastodon up in her mask photographers. Secondly, city advertisers. Don't want a part of it wouldn't want controversy, any controversy fuck! No, they don't want. How did I want organise attacks or bans? Data was somebody I wanna be near it. They don't want to be near. It hurts that's why you see quite the opposite, you'll see Procter and gamble, and all these big going way out virtue signalling as much as they can like. You know we're all sports illustrated Gonna have four for the first time on the swimsuit issue, will have large women from saying that, because that's what they are, their large women, it's different differ large still, I am, there might be a time for large becomes problem. What are you gonna do with a tool to whose, but
then I'm not saying that's good or bad, but but that they are being forced to do. This is not an organic thing. I didn't know, I'm not really sports illustrated guy, but I just don't know what it is, something that the readers wanted. Maybe I don't. I doubt it so in again, not necessarily bad, but anything by force is cash is longer go broke down. Stairs so there's just give it a chance. Unknowns gonna buy that that's it. But that's another thing that I like about your show is you're you're, a man, you're dude. You are not afraid of it, I am afraid to say it and now things very healthy, and I'm sure you get all kinds of shit all the time from all kinds of people for all kinds of crazy reasons, but it's important that we keep some of this just alive. I a lot of support amino migrated, Saddam or some shit get way more support than I do share Gama nice person a just happened along a mail. I think it's ok to be a man and this the whole time
Ignacio, anything so fuckin ridiculous, like now, there's bad p people, some of whom are men. There is bad women too, like Casey Anthony, so bad woman. Doesn't it's not a indictment? install women and this idea that men and masculine behaviour in some So how are the negative, no negative people or negative what it is actually then just end. Its attack on man is so stupid, so it's too throwing out the baby with the bathwater. So it is just dumb. Just and its dumb people that are doing it and they're doing it in inarticulate way and in a passion way and their using all their verbal skills, to try to argue it in a way that they seem to think that is justifiable, but it's basically tribal and then what you see is you see, be corporations who do who, if anything, want to be on the right. Side of history right. They will never go against the mob of queen, you just don't, and so
and it's not even the flow module. It's not even those like as a matter of our aid more than the people are supporting. Twenty percent of the people not sporty use a large number if their active and it's it's. It's such a waste of time So when are we smokin some we'd, because I'm about ready, we did right now, we'll, say: beware, my turrets will get they significantly worse, better but that can be entertaining well. They have that euro licence ourselves diagnose when I was seven actually didn't know about it until my dad past in November. And to me, was out aluminum asked her. There was here in my one, they told you. This was a little want now. That's all those among was out o here this one another. It is here that we go and our joint render it so he and my sister, I was talking to him and want to know couple things in an end. She rode up a little kind like report, and I was reading like fucks
Adam was diagnosed at seven with mild to rats like me. They never invoking told me. Thank you, didn't tell you now. I've known it because I got twitches and things and MTV was great for me because augments or like a minute and a half. I can control for a minute and a half, but I'm always like typically Ike see out of the corner. My eyes like not here, but ok they got Joe on screen so oh my things. What causes it? Don't? No one knows. Shit firing in your brain? Does anything comment? Well, it's not know I mean I'm sure, there's some crazy ass drugs by won't. Do that, of course, we using the very, very mild version of enemy. Why would you fuck with your neuro chemistry issue? I am yeah yeah, I'm fifty five on commission anymore right who, as a part of me, to say that a front, we like to fact carried on the air now, why it that's why? I love radio have always been a radio guy you can be like.
To run away and the like. No one sees me oftentimes I'm doing a long thing. I mean just be like completely scoop my eyes. Shot y know me into it. No one can see that right. Well, there's something beautiful. By audio only I mean I'd we enjoy doing audio and video together on the show, but there is something pure tobacco in this new now nano why'd. You want someone that let Us- and I stopped yeah. That's. Why I pulled out went out. We have blunts here, which I, like God, do never done a blunder. Do one but see how this goes. I would give a couple of minutes furthermore, the black rifle coffee and they got the term review lonesome, yet loathsome, the tumor, I'm just afraid my lips going to live like it's gonna get Pukes D. It does, but does he really show up really? camera. It's a let you get a little bit of a few tour to lives of the turmeric, but that's the lieutenant
his fantastic in the coffee with, though that layered Hamilton Super Food blend, it's very, very tasty, yeah and taste good, like the tastes you doing something good for you about its actually good, for your legitimately could tell you meant that's the best thing for my body. It is already inside of a doctor's, our car owners, but all I mean among them hang together from Tee Hc taxes where the right medical. No, no, no, no, medical, no, nothing! It's free! No! No! No illegal However, the even medical damage, Jesus, texas- it's not like well in often have actually the temporal decriminalize but, unlike the cops me nowhere, really can't get away with letting people, steel and Robin you crazy shit on the street nose like in California? You can steal up to nine hundred fifty dollars and then also go bust and people for we'd, so they really got better things to do so, then not really making the problem out of it.
But it still bright illegally. Someone wants to find a reason to arrest you absolutely that's. Then it becomes an absolutely it's just sad the Texas, which is one of most free places in the world. You have a fuckin giraffe and your backyard can smoke. A joint will change the inevitable it'll check. Just think, because no growing up in the Netherlands, where night marrow, I was never legal issues, they call it o clock and took the stamp which means we look the other way, and it's ok as basic idea- and I was it- was limited to coffee shops. We can sell that still Canada Way not actually loud to produce it, but what the never HOLLAND is a narco state. I mean your ecstasy comes from there. I had everything. A ship through the Netherlands had a whole lanes, other techno. Of course it was techno came with its own drug dutch kick boxers were famous from home and out to Techno music yeah
HOLLAND and, if you know, is like the birthplace of some of the grand the man boxes, Walter. I'm not really, I'm a man like you all. I knew some emanate guy there's some Emma Guys in HOLLAND, but it's really famous for kick back. Ok did knows kickbacks yeah. I really don't know shit about it, but I do know the lot of guys there become very famous likes the greatest of all time. There's like it's a crazy pool of talent that came out of HOLLAND like well deckers and Rob came in and UNESCO, whose and Peter arts the names of these dutch guys. This off savage dutch guys and everybody was like how HOLLAND like one what's happening over there. It is a very interesting country. I M very glad I grew up there, they gave me a world view. I think that is on the income. Parable to the drugs has never been a problem. You could walk into a bar. Thirteen look like you were fifty, that's changed. Now. Look like you're fifteen. You can drink, rink beards order, beer, how old you
to be the drink, will now they ve changed it to eighteen, twenty one depending on where you are but used to be sixteen, There was very loose and we have once the EU came into play in that harmonise and become the same as all the countries around it, which is not actually true because Portugal decriminalize everything, they decriminalize think maybe fifteen years ago and spectacular results now, but you can't really solid, but you can get a prescription for almost everything, including heroin need, so they did they. They ve changed kind of that by our people have a really hard time with that, but hey look! We we're not putting a dent in heroin folks it's it's gone. The other way is going to mean when I was a kid. I never thought. We'd have a heroine uptake in this country, the kid everybody thought of heroin is the stuff. They kill, Jimi, Hendrix and stay too far away from it people overdose. Then they die once you start shooting a needle boy, you fucked up like a doll
Oh, that could never even imagine tawny value linger in your arm. I was like not even imagined it is the worst pr. Representation of all time is killed. Some our greatest wrought as us, jazz Joplin dead. All these people, Cobain commit suicide, had a problem with heroin classically leading, vows and chains that links daily right heroin, so many jobs and the guys who kicked it, who come back from it, will tell you Jesus Christ. I was in Satan's lap Nike had a grip on me. I could not get free. And me: wilds got an optic. So what's the saloon The solution is clearly not business. As usual. That's like that. That was that expression the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over demanding a different result. We know now that we have a problem. I dont know. If legalizing, it is the only way to fix it, but to make it
legal you're, just propping up organised crime. That's all you're doing not stopping people from doing it, because these people is a giant percentage level that are doing stuff, that of pharmaceutical company made. They got illegally, another selling, ITALY right, they become drug dealers, whether it's the cartels or or the power of a job. You know we had the financial crash in two thousand eight yeah. I dont think that the trillions that we put in really saved us. I think the drug trade. In general, was the only thing that kept the economy running at the time. I mean is so big money in drugs, so astronomical, it's! U dont! Even you can even fathom how big if you include pharmaceutical rods in so many industries. Pale in comparison, I mean H. It HSBC was literally laundering. The money from Mexico with drug deal just come up on the mic. Mexican side throw in milk,
two dollars a day into the deposit got you pushed out the other way into the legal system tease James combing was Jesus James. He was well aware, it's just not so much money is involved in and how many people look away. You know people trying to stop different flavoured Tibet. Go small Bessie you're a vapor. Well that that I actually look into that very very deeply there. This was the tobacco industry had a problem. The problem was this: I kick cigarettes with this because just now get nicotine, it or not. No, it's not ended yet any health consequences from using that things, era keep hearing about people getting long issues and well, ok. So couple things happened, the long issues- and I know who you know personally, but there was this- know anybody. Personally, there was a scare and the scare killed a couple of people like ten people,
and what have turned out was that was people who had vapor TAC cartridges and some good at noon. The people who put the you by your tea Hc Carter's from dispensary here is actually package by somebody else not by I personally have no king world whatever that these different yeah that's kind of a reputable brand, but its package somewhere else. That means putting it new putting the stuff in and they put in some vitamin e acetate and that just like created a wet, no heat that up and became a web of some shit inside your long and fuck. You up that's a none, but had nothing to do with vapours nicotine with it with the typical chemicals they get, I'm reputable companies. I, as is the Dutch, the veil
from marijuana what their processes more problematic, then they being of tobacco well, sir, certainly was, in that case be makin. Just someone so Jones the formula, then you need to have some some oil in there and keep it liquid and for it to just for it to be able to go into the bay. But now the issue was actually look: vitamin e oil- yes, yes, and to end so that stopped of course somewhere. So What did something shitty and that have you? No love really high. Guy actually said this to me once he ate He told me that he uses organic, empty t oil for his eye as vague snoozing enemies. May I promised suck on your baby. I don't even know you, you can be a crazy person could be liquid. Dm Tv, save the MTV Apes now, somebody hands you vapouringly might be going in orbit for twenty minutes, for twenty minutes for leisure, driven by the you know, I've flown
helicopter high on DM two known on we'd. Oh that's a dynamic with an instructor. He wanted to see how I did it and was perfect area I play pool, which is a very sensitive thing I'm going to settle in death by helicopter now, but a clear controlling the rotation of a ball. It's very delicate, like literally the amount of effort you put. If you like you. If you watch good player the amount of effort they put really accurately d, fix how many revolutions of the queue of short in after its colliding with the object ball and you get more sensitive that when you're high jujitsu is another one, a lot of people do Julia to highly gap in really really really common guys smoke out in the parking lot then go role. It's really come well. That was, I did the most perfect landing ever It might be one I might have a super into it is very small input telecom and using Virginia anyway, so
The tobacco industry had a real issue and that it also comes back to the states because there's this master agreement that was put in place decades ago, that too echo companies would pay a percentage of their sales to all states to pre com.
Sensation for whatever fucked up shit people get from smoking tobacco and all these states wrote big bonds against that money, and so when the income from the tobacco companies would decreasing significantly because of raping all of a sudden, the states are goin specially this one. What the fuck we have these Barton, these bonds are gonna, become go bust. That's when you have your? U state bongo boss is a real problem with financial issue states in cities and everything go broke, so everyone had an incentive to get rid of raping get people back on tobacco, so they all Tria bought jewel. The debate that the main they tell us that this isn't. This is hard
or this is new. Gotta batteries are technical. You get the babe juice jewel is a pre packaged products, kids were buying it like leaves the benefit of that over a jewel. You can control. How much does it look like dragons they burns JAG, now tat you can you can put? What are we wanted? It not just limited by what jewel wants to sell you? So we have sought out loud rifle coffee in the house comes with nice. The motives yours to keep that mug. I want one years: don't you have a mug Jamaica gender balance of no agenda shop, dot. Com which we don't run these got, and they just tended donation from time to time you can get bugs and t shirts and re listening. I sell your shit unaffected. What was unduly long he's? Not not what they do. Is they go to the heart generator? They get images offer that then they put Aren T shirts mugs
whatever they sell. It gave a third to the artist linking the third and they eventually give us some money. Ok, but yeah we ve all said not just do whatever you want, some careful. We don't care, it's kismet, Kismet, Correct Sue better word, I don't know it's either one I mean you know those Mariano either. Just soundless means that's like something Larry Ellison would say: it is incorrect to and to companies. Agree in like Japan to do some kind of new business together with or without a contract. Elsa he'd, those nice touch, acts verbal once from Pingaree Trust. Your syrup dislike glad we got together. Do this lies its way overdue way overdue for sure but those are good relationships when you're relation somebody. We don't have any paperwork just like each other divorce Aconite. Now we eventually had to we shall see cousin the IRS was gone unpunished.
People sending Czechs do pay pal, you can so we have all and they dislike peacemakers simple. Or can we just cutting down the middle class? Now there's no one else involved. And but otherwise we just had a handshake for for a decade out like you to ask me to sit. There was this. My release yeah. That's right! You didn't ask me to Steiner, Elisa Fucker. Look, look at this whole thing here we made the biggest. It is because you don't want to get oh yeah! We can you know of the horrors of Lear Horseshit, weird world, particularly well, you got it. A celebrity guess on. Yonder is the only thing I to be careful about is slander. I guess he back to that cause you like this story. Ok, so it did so tobacco states area and keep up they buy jewel for eighteen billion dollars. They buy it as a right off
they want to get this company out of the market. Then they go to the FDA and they start all this shit about flavors, flavors, flavors flavors. You saw everywhere you master, it was a perfect storm. We had ten people dying from keeping something completely unrelated but raping e cigarettes. He had any cigarette, he died. It was actually a way, but he raped a bad teeth, TAC cartridge and got a severe problem. So you know how the media plays that cut on speeding Spain to like what we have to stop the children in the way you stop. It is by taking away the flavors because children they want flavors, that's what the problem is so that fuck jewel over and then actually Altea who use they bought Philip Morris basically is the biggest tobacco company. They start they already wrote down. Half of it just taken the fuckin EL on. If they want to get rid of it because
in the wings they had their competing products, which is I q, o s. I quit ordinary smoking, small capital, Q, O s and eight heats tobacco, so it's a it looks like a vague pen has up, but it is actually runs on tobacco and it doesnt burn it. It heats up, has whatever it is that some kind of mechanism in the filter you inhale and is almost their dream, which is the smokeless cigarette very close to it. But, most importantly, it's not a nicotine synthetic nicotine. It is tobacco product which is their business and they got
they really Raschid, this up so high that they got trump involved and tromp actually with millennia, if that they they did a thing with Alex Aser the Health and Human service secretary he said: well, we ll be this bathing is very dangerous. We have a kid actually was one of those moments were. I would love to jump on tromp. He said millennia has a kid. He forgot to say it was his whatever was and now she's actually been overheard saying I wish you'd. Never gotten involvement, fucking thing because he figured out he figured out was a huge scam. Neither the bill has been stopped, but now there still trying to push through a bill that will help the tobacco companies more by outlying, any type of flavoured cigarettes or juice liquid. They just want to get rid of it. So it's really like who killed the electric car. It's exactly that and they just go. Look at it now. I q s they launching this news stories. Today they say: oh, my god,
saving grace. We have the new products we ve all been waiting for that right. At the moment, the gaping it's gonna kill you it's hooking children, because flavors. So do you think they're they're, hiring people to write news stories and the news organisations are picking up because it being told to just no press release to do persuasion come on and so easy the media do press release and, oh by the way, I'll try so we're gonna by five hundred million dollars worth of advertising over the next five years, which page hurry are now you might want to look at this come on it's tobacco. So do you think that they make a deal before they accept the press release? to do advertising, they wait a little bit either. It's you, don't even have to say anything sister with their simple Why do you know you know? I do not hear the discussion about over? education of children on television are the number one advertiser right you'd. If you start talking, it's just not discussed here
but how is it is a controversial subject and it would be a good subject of Iraq. Is gonna, get a lot of people paying attention to. It isn't right we get a lot of ratings. If you have a lot of stories about over medication of children like what what is going on it, be something we would be interested in Asia and yet they dont do it because the advert right I mean that's, will you look at your advertise? I have to turn off the sound these days, because I'm sure that I'm being blue with so many adds that eventually, I'm going to get propitious. Eventually I'm going to get high blood pressure, I'm my Dixon, I gonna work because that's what you're telling you every re, every commercial block, everyone, its pharmaceutical until only like cable news, especially because in all the demographic, but even if you watch em, what is it wouldn't have with two and a half men running all tv land to have men
with the other one Dugan carry a lot of mind. It would get Kevin. James is to have been none. There can carry ways that you can't queens technically idea about. I watch I sent comes. I can watch that. That's why I can just watch it over and over everyone could do. But then I want every commercial break boom drugs yeah. What is it what's? Documentary was there it that had a description about the United States, saying that we are but one of two countries in the world that allows advertisements. For me, Australia is the other thing. It's New Zealand. Ok the australian sorry one, because every a fuck up call out the wrong one of those things appreciates museum, but that, for whatever reason that everybody else is like what are you crazy
and once we got it in their it's like once something becomes something thereby does. We are crazy. It's really difficult to say it's crazy, that we do that. I'm a get your blood, but this coffee by the way is phenomenal. You are legitimate lack rifle coffee. Blown rifle coffee shop is innocent man. The vets who do S near Evan Havre, Matt best they that's pretty good, though what is What does swede my mother would roll over her grave? She saw just like that, while she dead, but she didn't like it, but she would just be like I don't during your mom Joe means like new amounts works but near my mom was not apart. Smokers by parents, we happy. I grew up with the Emily Post I still if a woman comes in I'll stand up at the table now real war, the taxes that I love, that
one of these that are really love. Bout asked in particular this is kind of a hybrid of hippies and Texas. People go how I feel, and I like that. I'd like like having guns, I like the whole idea of protecting my family and being able to take out and evil government. I like that. Well, well, that's what you're right! I amendment two. Take the first man, that's that's my view and we get a culture is eager. We have a gun culture and Texas Zone, and also people are really nice in the car to each other like go ahead. Man right, I'm a fucking guy, but his capture after you find no ray. There's no real road rate. Well, there's that expression right well, armed societies, a polite society. Now I'm not saying that that's my rainbows and unicorn Vision of the world are not either, but it works yet as work. It does work in places where people are armed, it's really nice place to be. It doesn't mean bad things.
And happen there and went about things does not ending the stuff. We re I've never done a blunt good right. Charlie Murphy got me in, and so that's a pre pre made blunt. Charlie, would actually make em so how much tobacco in their verses. It's the leaf. The answer. Is it rolled on the size of versions? I don't believe, like the looks of it, I don't know bill Hickses bit. I do know that some sick cohiba are supposed to be rolled on the size of virgins, so they said well, it's marketing x out a bit about marketing yeah. I forget what it was rolled with. Claudia Shippers, pussy lips does what he said it into her. Nowadays screen Logan hot yes deftly skinny, but on its married to married to David Copperfield. She still with him was with him for a long time, try not to pay attention to fuckin who seems like
and it was a wild simulate. I M kind of celebrity this that it's going down. I wasn't long, I'm sure, she's still Tata saw picture. Southern gas can keep it together, good skin, good skin tricks, lot water, good habits. I guess I'm so back to the late pen thing so somebody's and that that is crazy little sneaky move or at least a Youtube video that's a very is its role as a multi billion dollar scam, propagated against multiple states in the United States and free choice of consumers all to protect an industry. That essentially we're trying to get away with with aping yeah. I I've been in addicted smoker. All my life smoke cigarettes from at least fifteen, probably earlier than luckily got into weed and smoke up now been smoking. All my life pretty much, but I still wouldn't know, would roll with tobacco.
Which does giving extra delivery mechanism and extra kind of kind of kick yeah, but then I'll just from time time to smoke on cigarette and else for chemicals all kinds of bullshit is in their stinks to think of the house. De? I want to live longer said this. Is this great? No, I'm sure it isn't. It looked very good for a person who smoked along tough and seventy five million, for fifty five, you really do you have a lot younger than I think, if, if you, if you took me and compressed me down it, looked like you, because they really long muscles likely personal down, it would be better, but your health ears, like you look like a healthy person, what do the dancing and I go to ride indoor cycling. Can you spin that's excellent. Yon I've been MRS Monica dance. On a more instrument to use it and it's fuckin loud and it's all a rhythm kind of got a group vibe gone cardio, of course, is fantastic. They'll do waits local three pound weights,
There's something really cool about doing stuff with a group of people or any kind of get difficult thing. They are what is pushed. Nobody come on, let's go fun and evident, but so a lot of spin classes are really that really petty, like mad at you, see the Palatine, but that's not what this is. This is you do you're, standing, you're sitting your tapping back, you doing crunch crunches, you don't push jobs all too the beat of the faster the beat, of course, than the faster you're doing it. So it's it's like dancing, but then on a bike rang I like being guild acting in that art and run right by boot. Camp vibe guide, so I dont have a hearing aids in it on my glasses on some kind of like you're blurry right now, but I can't see so. I can't see the haughty and structure of their doesn't make any difference some about divide. So again,
tell me about the hearing AIDS, because you took him out when you got in but the headphones on- and this is from listening to music to out now that what you think you think you think now genetic problem that I didn't know about until three years ago. And so it's not- and I know to an audio we're here, will happen. I started noticing a teen and I'd been together for a couple years I started noticing I was saying sees me what I just I wouldn't hear more. She would say something that I couldn't remember hearing and- and I brought it up to Her- and I said: do you think I ask you to repeat something a watch? It doesn't bother me and then said, but the tv is very loud. So really
the tv is very loud, so I don't even realize that so I went to audiologist and lo and behold, my grandmother on my dad's side was completely deaf almost from her teens. So I have some of this, but it's been okay. Only as you get older everything the levels going to see like here's, here's a level where you can hear everything- and I was already kind of there- so this is due to age. Is everything goes down a bit and so missing one k and one still heard some missing different different tones. As I want an archaeologist instead, what it's very mild but yeah. This can make you repeat stuff and we'll get worse over time and what actually happens to a lot of men in particular that they become very isolated the world they don't you realize that they have a hearing problem and now the difference having a mean and taking them out its massive just like I can hear how much less it is another
flu was that I have a for my oh, my podcast radio work of new headphone, but I put an extra amplifier on it. You can see. You could still hear it today. Sometimes I'm talking in a league just a little bit because they have it so loud. Now, that's not gonna damage my ears, but the problem with anything you putting your ears, you don't you can't hear the sound anymore and I like that our processing are each. You is very important to me, so I can hear that without the hearing AIDS, but now with the hearing Ah, that's interests and not of the hearing. Aids. Give you a different kind of sound well. So today's hearing aid is not your your grandpas new geriatric brown groupie. Looking piece of shit that make you look like it just a total more on how dare you you did the face. I really in the face
They have disability here I get things done card. Ok, you could get a public plate boundaries, s pine trees. So these are the wide ex evoke. These have thirty five channels of compressor limiter, multiple settings. It's an in air so goes right in into my ear, I still have a little bleed through from the outside world, but because of using cardiologist sticks to sing in your ears makes it do all the tests and then, though, sit there and thus it across from you programme, and so that you can then here a normal, sound has varied it's a very. It used to be a train professionals very hard to fix someone, who was never heard? What is proper? Ok now, I'm a little different, and some way in the sound and it's a whole raft of easing the three and a half thousand dollars its issued racket and the way they do
What is the manufacturer you can't buy from the directly or retail the only by to an audiologist, so they already getting half the money from the other one thousand five hundred lease, and you have to have a an appointment with all this money that goes on top, and then you come back after a couple months next week. If you come back again, So I said look see who I am I've told you what I do gimme the Fuckin software she said I was gonna, give it to you. I just wondered. Do one session with the said you have to have this so I have. I have pre programmed like six different programmes, so I can do one just for music. I can do one for television, one for social situations and I have one that, and so I did it all myself, all these fifth, thirty, five, different channels of compressor limiter. So when I'm walking around what I hear my ears is like a radio show like the sound like when I'm talkin right now.
I hear my own voice need all resonates. Could have jacked all that up adopt I've made my own sound reality of sound but also have one I can set it to a setting in the mall. I can hear conversation from fifty feet away. Were where's my myspace, my eavesdropping said it now. The only thing that if that doesn't work, is you can't have headphones cause that that doesnt work having to the hearing AIDS in with the headphones with the sound of yeah you're blasting into the microphone really doesn't work. That's crazy, though, that you can hear of people a conversation fifty feet away? Can you focusing on people turning, I get my turn my theirs. I mean there's a lot you can you confirm that you could have automatic, so the problem is the way I've set it up. You can drop it. Pen there. If I don't see it, I might hear it over there. Now, that's always going to be a problem. They have. They have an algorithm that will try to guess where the soundest from and tell your ears that
so basically I'm not the guy. You want in the battlefield. When did I tell you so this is where I can hear it, but just for they are so just doesn't work with headphones as we take em out. It's me seeing though they sound incredibly potent like oh yeah You remember mean you know what real sound sounds. Yes, as ever they sound real, do or the US there. Well, what you are. Magically do because I was able to do it is about from having a common diet, have different settings for different situations. So if I'm at home with relatively quiet or we have some music honoured, new tv or whatever, now I have Tina frequency, which is now kind like one killer hurts and that's where I hear her
and so that's jacked up a little bit and then, if I hear you talk, I can hear it'll be a little. I can. He has not exactly you it's a little too tinny may be so, but that's just me, I mean that's, not everyone's experience, of course, but to me it's the disability has become incredible joy, because I have like virtual reality on my head. All. I was just saying that you could probably fuck with someone's voice like a snapchat filter. Just download cartoonists really advanced. I mean you can connect to an Iphone, so you can you can stream wirelessly? You can do like if you're driving with directions with the matter. You can just be talking and in your ear also like net the light turn right. No one else hears it, there's no wires know nothin. I got me, you wouldn't even know I had him in English, you Louis yeah were becoming cyborgs. That's, although I am against it. That is part of the the road to transform it is ripe, and how can you say you're against it? We you're enjoying
thing, this to me is more: it's not a replacement, is an enhancement yet and that's how they gonna get us when the first ever gets his leg under move at first for artificial carbon fiber legs eco feel, but that can run not sixty miles an hour when the first guy gets his legs removed in favour of new legs. That's what we're gonna go holy shit whenever I too my radio bodies about my hearing AIDS, though eyesight, that's fucking cool gets. Like the ones I want. I don't get me wrong, I'm just by looking at the bleak landscape ahead of us by the way. Beware, I just want to say something because a lot of their not called hearing AIDS called hearing ample fires. They have some fuzzy legal language. The coming on the market. Now that you you put all the waiting ear. The rechargeable got a whole bunch of them much much cheaper from an audio standpoint. I've done it for forty years
that's not the way you want to go. If you seriously want to know how to if you want to hear properly against see an ideology is what I'm saying and lots of different united and is not all three and a half thousand hours is more expensive, but don't I just recommended? That's it. Self testing is not a good idea. One of the best pool players in the world is a guy named Sheen Van boning and chain is death. It was born deaf and when he plays, he shuts is here it's off and adjust its a world silence and he just playing incomplete total silence and when he does that, when he shuts is his hearing it off, he feels like he's dead. Super concentration, It doesn't matter. What else is gonna always doing is just focusing on the balls and there's no did that sense doesn't exist, so he can is hyper focused on other things, I notice that sometimes, when I walk with noise, cancelling
setting auditing Ill do similar I'll smell things more well, that's kind of well known as different party, a body compensate for you have sometimes you're today or tuned in Timor to India, like LE gluts, pay attention here, the ears of line amount lying to me, behind you and you listen, they're fucking things considered, and that's that's think about it. If you can't hear the mountain line frequencies anymore and new, today's Mount line is new car engines, all kinds of strong. You can't hear it's dangerous. And you don't know you just slip into had no idea. Until now we have it New relationship me out, so we ve been living together for copper years and luckily a complete the open and honest like hey. I think this is a fact that there has been such a cool that that exist, though I mean that's an
elegant solution, and for someone like you, it's actually gives you a chance to take her, which much I'm sure you really enjoy the aspect of it near. You love that really. I can tell you in a small thing, when we talk about the APS in your phone you're, so excited about that that whole band Ok, do you use eunuch, Sir Linux Lawyer Day power so think pad that guy now I'm not I'm not that d by actually love another deal. I used to be a MAC guy in MAX start fucking out their usb interfaces, and I got tired of it and then I went to Windows is below the top dj night the day your mouse in these guys are all gone windows and audio my own check it out and some good device, available. I made this transition and then I was kind of on windows and like holy fuck. Microsoft is spying everything windows, ten dislike, but a hundred different dilemma.
Three pieces of shit gone out every single day there, just like apple level, their advertising to you, like, oh yeah, the word over here and try this just. I can't stand it. I can't stand that that no, I have to have an account to use micro. A word gray. I don't want it is, isn't no one else is business, and so I bought the surface go tenant screen. It's a tablet but has a clip on keyboard, and I just load lagoon too, which is a lightweight version of we're going to end and I use that is Linux. Yeah yeah, yeah Lennox tell those people out there, the dome, oh she's. The only prevent the only problem is that there really is no good multi track. Audio solution for Linux suggested it. Please. Dont email me I've been following the third decades. It's not that
You don't know what you're talking about the arts issue. Companies not want to do drivers and there being no platform, but that's too bad. I still produce our show on windows, but the rest of my life is Miss all Linux and my flip phone zoo. Your desktop there just a little bunches picked out. I don't have it is beautiful ass. The idea I mean What do you use for work process? If you don't use word Libra office, labour obvious labour sizes laugh out. It was before I can disappear like we ve tried to move to Linux. So many times it I'd like hey man, ten years ago. Reinstall Linux. Ok, the dry could get the screen. The working, however, was the dilemma we just hakon round and then I get in the last year. I said I'm not again and it stuck it. Work is good enough, and now we do, I guess, initial distro? Was Linux mint? Nineteen, that's the one you want to have, and by the way,
You can learn how to install it on some old computer. It'll teach the kid something and so Lieber offers judgment is run Joker Labour means free, and now I like this lovey dovey, because it is it's a free as an free opens source oft where the ivy I know some people get a task that Microsoft it in terms of like office, sweet different things, but I dont use word. That's really basically eyes and given save in word, format yard doesn't make any difference, and I think it really is finally a word processing for that's all, I think about like good, right. Well, how the hell I'll do the Hermes Information Management, an email? I are you, are you clause, mail and you can really customize. It survive filters and an like courting command, so I can buy by doing this than ill send back a message. I came on thanks for this and then it'll forward a copy to the back office and save it on red
These show, following out like that kind of stuff, if you wanna get balls deepened the world or to protect, it's a long river but up to now been using. My first computer was the Sinclair's, the Ex Eighty Sinclair's, the Ex ante. I ruined her I built my own modem, which was, I think, basically like five body s The committee was an argument: ass, Dick Modem. Yes, we basely ripped open a phone, put the two pieces in boxes and then put another hands out on top. James Fetnah Sinclair seeks eighty duty you did that at five bod I remember when s which from fourteen for us, wait for that, and then my dad always had. Peters around the house, and I was on line on a very early in that's amazing. Look at that things. I was happy with that.
Wow and then you're the trash eighty techno tourist, one hundred, which was a kind of a laptop on batteries. Vic twenty Commodore sixty four So when this first started happening in, you started getting going on use net and when you started getting a taste the internet, like my experience, was a well, I gotta have picked up an apple home, pewter from one of them office stores, whatever the chain was they're around anymore likes it was actually Compusa was member, those ain't that so that workers, so computer superstore, my friend Robbie used actually make computers cell computers for living sues tone what to get at home, and I somehow another connected to AOL and then I remember going The first thing I did was go and try to find you a foe files. That's out Finally, what are the governments files on your first? I want to read whatever the fuck you can read. I want I want to know what they know goes down, during all this shit from these, like
rude, a well boards and, like online searches. We get online search things AEGIS, Archie, yeah, you'd, get all the paperwork embryo Archie, the search engine arch, NATO, member Archie in them had Veronica, they would search different types of service. Member gopher gibbered get into Gopher Goffredo memory that was so check. This out. Jamie does Jamie's gopher was basically the world wide web over. There was no web. The log onto a terminal and you could use menu system. So basically the arrow keys, but it might you go to the right and you might be connected to a different computer to different university. I e different server and then you can have a show is basically all these information documents linking to each other and I started one eye wretched, MTV outcome, which was well and back. I went to him into hate. I want to I'm, the existing on the internet, World of our audiences
and I want to register MTV Dotcom. That's cool, don't worry about it! have the AOL key word, so you go ahead and do you, though, in that thing their sound wherever you want, with AOL key hurry, what they locked up right? I got the internet phase out, so I d go and on promoting good on air go to empty beat. I come from a gopher server that it was wild. You could do shit, then it MTV here and in fact I first I got an email from the University of Michigan or that the gophers at their symbol, Michigan Eu Michigan, Menace Minnesota. Oh my god thank you and they said. Do you using this commercially? You have to pay as five thousand dollars for a licence, unlike just for the service. Offer which is open to free, but there was something in the license. Had I'm doing this, just to my own, don't give a fuck. What am I doing this? I don't have five thousand really I'm five thousand dollars said, so mutational where it on tv and it's ok,
my god and you can see that there is a video on Youtube me with a gopher teacher on MTV in them like a man gets so anyway, then I call on them to so I got this set up in an email, from this guy enchant Chopin, Urbana Illinois as I had him. She we do want them tv, Dakar, look. I got this thing that have created this mosaic browser and I can't DA the server HTTP De one dot for whatever and those Marta Andreasen guy? You went on to create Netscape and yours now when the biggest the in DC in silicon Valley- and I saw that I don't know shit. This is graphic web page than we used to Images would take a long time to low risk will be black and white progressively loading. Some color like porn picture, took our to download poop Thea
First, I'm a friend sent me a porn video. Is I look at the house like what They can send a video. Nor was it remember what it was: a girl given a blow job and it only lasted like fifteenth, of course, and that was new and it took two hours a down wherever forever you download, usenet you download from fifteen different things, and you get like all these different files and had a programme that put it back together. Curiously shit, what is? Is there the gulf teach your day. You everybody allowing. I was going through the glasses and see that lucky you dude, I'm a guy who did those days musical map, keep it here given here, everybody did. Those days feel like like a different human being
When you look back at that, like that's a long ass time ago, and because of the time, yes, I'm sure Lamb TV was like back then and just life back then means, wouldn't you have that yourself? Just with age Miguel, image or, of course, but it is also a part of me that MTV period is so definitively closed because it's just not it that will never come back here. It was a magical. Time was fun and to this day it can be in Addis places is usually a guy in a certain time. Could resources that I have I can catch the eye, people dropper a bottle. I catch on the way down. That's my superpower, you get arrests and you get a superpower ass, my catching silver, its super reflex inside good, usually a guy in a suit and tie in Alison's like
Fuckin, head beggars, ball comes to this letter, and when we share that and that's a shared experiences that only Only our generation has yet no once once be eaten. He started getting the antibiotic by BT because there are no getting world premiers from Michael Jackson. So that was the whole thing there and you just got commodities they there were so smart to go want they did the smartest people who are running at the time were very smart to go it alone for programming. They sought with remote control and, of course, the audio had seen a little bit of it with which they re. The first reality show they had three. It was. The real world real world, the ass. These the empty be ratings during the day were zero point. Five. Basically- and I was always proud that I would sometimes break one, but I had interesting shows that people
like to wash like dial MTV, that was the precursor to total request, LIVE Carson Daily, show you. I did that and know that was just a top. Ten the day. But people had the idea that they were making a difference in the in the chart which they weren't, because with number one key, What was number one requested every single day, what new kids on the block? it was. The big problem an empty get these things. Sometimes I, but they didn't make it on cheap or we're, not anything under number. Five. Today new kid down the block or six g which it was, it was kind of bullshit carnival shit. Don't did not come up remotely when gesture labour with like twitter. I couldn't twitter trend. I fear he trend it so hard on Twitter. They added stop him forbade number one they want to be number one very likely Taylor, swift or beyond.
Some one would be all you guys would, of course, what anyone has any idea that this fair these these rankings, its don't weird. It's all weird everybody's competing, hey Jody nice. Yet I haven't really good. I too am really happy area, relax, I've always known as part of Cairo, the pirate crew out here and I feel like I've kind of connected. I swear it, I will try to be a pirate crew. That's what's the weird thing about the whole: There was no thought about it. I just kept do in it. There was never a plan, I mean I mean as far as plans making this building tat was kind of a plan right. What kind of cool incredible? It's just beautiful to say. I love you. Gotta clubhouse fan club, like an honest to God, grown up dude club, the it feels good in this place. It's get good memories, scattered good, feel too, but but through your show, you know you introduce an outside. Mainly the committee
and this has been the best and thank God for Netflix and all this stuff- that's happening it's just this kind, the nucleus of it all Leah and and and it's it's a lot, it's interesting to be other sea and watch, and this I think comedians change the world when, when they're good at it and when they care- and I'm seeing more and more of it- and- and I like it known- may be time for Lubeck push back here and there yeah it's What it is is we have a place. Were comedians, can go and give you like for from them to you for the first time and is never really too the most you ever had was like a moment. If you're a talk show host, we can address the camera to members are really powerful moment when what's This damned the english guy just Craig KG annual Craig create. First, sorry designing this- isn't the Irish Scottish sorry Craig alive,
I'm a lot, but he had this moment worse argument. Britney spears Willard lives the camera and he said what this is about, her being crazy when she saved her head iniquity doing what are we doing when WI, FI This girl, this poor girls, lose their mind how near alone, hounding or leave her alone, and that really is what it is like once someone like that becomes a topic and is a subject that they can get clicks on and views in and ratings, they'll, just how that poor girl, a guitar? I got no Cosby in jail. Does it's right? Yeah! That's right! Hannibal! Yeah! It's some talk about beaten camp. I know the level cast any deserve that deserved every man of it. It's very strange right here, strangest of all. When I was a kid we
listen to his album, where he you talked about God, talkative, Noah, the conversation, God no Solaris hilarious work. It was great gray colony. It's hard to imagine that the whole time he's doing that spooky. Try to imagine how I'm going to drive back to the airport in a straight line. Misery like a wizard. No father hang out here for a while to good good. Do you go work out Jim turn music dance is hurt, but how about that saw another like that? How Indians on a national and set its great man Do you saw it all now? I love I have I use. Have a play in Amsterdam had a place with a sigh,
how's. That was nice. It's so undeniably good for you. If you do it all the time, but then I'd be smoking weed in the sun and onto that was very good smug. We think it in there. That's not a problem, that's pretty good! I, like it alot good experience. If you done flow tank, I did at once. I did not like that at all costs or phobic now now I just wish. I couldn't get into any kind of zone or are vying kept like I'm laying handled warm water Like I'm not hearing anything right now am I am I like in this is going a little cold or getting warmer? It's like. I couldn't I couldn't well. That is a real issue. If it's not temperature control correctly in you feel cold, it'll fuck up your experience, you really want it and that perfect sweet zone, but when you can get there, It's really all about whether or not you know how to concentrate on breathing. If you can just concentrate on breathing dumb breath
work, is very interesting. It's not not a difficult formula that I employable. I'd. Tell you guys if you listen, if you also float when I get in there. I touch the sides to center myself so that I don't bounce against anything and distract myself. Cuz, I'm floating. You know when you drift into the wall. Sometimes so I wait until the ripples died down and climb and there's going to be like a little bit of rippage right and then you'll and once the Watergate still, then I let my hands go and then I just think about breathing- and I am not a wizard at this. It goes in and out a thing about. I've got the collar guy get sent an email gotta. I got a book together, but that of my count on key forgetting and then, if I just stay vigilant and make sure ok, ok, get back on the road and the bet the road is thinking the breathing only of the inn and the now and in the end- and I just like visualize air coming in and out of my lungs and just now
alone, while line the tanker put me in a trance. It takes a while, but I can do it quicker because I've done it for years to tanks and normal thing I get it. I'm like the most, I always think is. I should do this more often that's what he's thinking, but I can get in the train. Spot, just thinking about the breathing Tina and I did a breath work clinic. I forget what was called, but you do. It was like this tribal beat anyhow breathe to the beaten waiting? It have one person be watching you and your team up and we didn't team up together. Words just like that and this beat is going and then you do. The breath. Work and also you go into a trance is different for everybody and out I could fly, and that was my four dislike. Thirty minutes, I'm just flying a yet right after the draw. What you were doing. I'm is one of these lu, Lu Hippy. To like this stuff, it's good to draw and then just tourists. I was flying I'm like, but I like this
one of the lagoon jet black man kind of Guyana, but but I could just a pilot, so I knew how sure I was like a fact is. All I need and give people have different experience. One woman who I was partly with her turn and she just and they told me that she could get a little funky and she just kind of got out of it and picked up a plastic that next year, which I had seen, starts hammering the pillows like really blob, blah blah them just now, but fantastic? You come out of it. You like while- and I was just at a great experience. I bet that bitch does at Starbucks two messages wild, look I've already stiffest. She couldn't yogi classrooms punch in the walls these pose neighbour, maybe maybe, but no thanks, but hard tropic breathing. I think they call that
That's probably what oh yeah I mean. I know that is one of em. Don't leave this other methods that they do it, but the people to do its aid gets. You highs, fuck. If we were lived, Tina would tell me now. She knows all I chair, I think the opposite. That shit, I think, is how a breeding rise at the only psychedelic brief is. There is a for sure a method that belated does so much with their breathing yeah do all kinds of crazy things. Have you ever done he knows yoga news, sucker stomach in a new law here. Is that thing whether I sought on the goals in aside- and I don't find it particularly attractive- it's it's very impressive I've no really understood it. Viana do, I didn't know, is an exercise. I just thought it was showing off. I don't know what the fuck they're doing, because, even though its its impressive I've never attempted it it's one of those things are looking. I oh yeah look at that like that is impressive,
The someone who can actually does, indeed they had a thing is neither did I don't know what they're doing. I have no idea. But there was this famous Jujitsu guy named Hickson Gracie NEWS famous for it. It was on the first asked: incorporate yoga into martial arts are really seriously in the greatest Gracie of all time, and he would lay there this this us. Some video from this movie choke were sitting there in a lotus position. He's doing it's crazy shit, stomach came believe it's really. What's this lay this watch this this is, Hickson. Why do this like this intense breathing, but then see he would move stomach others from the movie choke but watch what he could do with a stomach now look here, This crazy shit we're good port to the left into the right. He has like Ultima, control over his breath and that strength in control over
breath from all these breathing exercises that he did was a big part of like how we could fight and how he could how is jujitsu so strong. He had incredible breath, control getting credit. Body when you say why his jujitsu was so strong meaning he was what the most dominance of the most dominant family during the sliding jailed in due to ok. He's allege like a legit like there's this very few universal Legend sighted come during one of your like fighter talk things. I would learn a lot yeah, that's it interesting disguise one of the most interesting. He's one of the most interesting because his family and Brazil was famous for crime eating this form of Jujitsu brazilian judges, who then went on to win the ultimate fighting championship and really revolutionized martial arts, but He was the champion of the family and not just by a small margin by a large
universally agreed upon margin, we're all of them and go Hicks since the king, no one's even close, everyone says that he would go, and gets or the best black belt in a world like a hundred in a room- and he would just one after the other tap amount, one of the other. The writing is an older man. Now you know he's teaches in he. I know so trains and is involve these big seminars, because its opinion is very, very respected visitors in an intense, level jujitsu that is able to achieve, but he literally at peak he hit past everyone. He figured something out to get way above everyone and, I think, that had a lot to do with it. I think the yoga in the minds of meditation his mind, was strong and then because of the yoga, his body was really flax the ball and really like well conditioning can't contort, and these amazing ways to achieve submissions, and then also is jujitsu, was so sharp, like his family, created it in the EC
everything was polished. Everyone knew everything that, without, though, the correct defends the correct orphans, where you never make Miss Eggs champion this position always be here, abandoned that go to this year. Plan b c d, keep going withdrew mountainous running like running these, trains of techniques on people's special to watch. Anyone else like him, there's a bunch of guys now visible It's a fucking assassins now, but in his day he was there's. No one person it stands out above, like everyone is kid Gordon Ryan, whose is really lead submission artists who taps everybody in combat and in these train what it I'm sorry submission artist me well, there's jujitsu with Glee right with it, which is as you know, Jujitsu rule They vary depending upon the organization which, where the gate and you can use a geek choked PBS, is your dress, your ass, the white light kimono or the blue one.
People about the guy from the commercial says. No. This is my business, be yeah right, but even a jacket in L, using clothes right ideas like I've, got it right with language. You know yes and Jack together actually comes from part of judo. Call me why which the ground I did a little Juno's verify very little. She did who came out of Judah Judo is the original and japanese jujitsu, and then it became pursuing jujitsu in the Brazilians, with legitimate change it and altered, and then there's submission grappling submission grab It is no gave some also guys we're like rash guards skintight like surfer, rash guards, those Candia, ok or you know, look or skintight shore can't really. I can't really hold onto it exactly that ideas. You can indicate grab closing words just about it's like. Iceland, but its wrestling with jokes and arm bars and in that world is a guy named Gordon Ryan is appropriate.
G and his his trainer is considered to be one of the all time great trainers. His name is John down her and they come from hens, o graces cattle me in New York City which one of the greatest you schools are universal finally recognise ever as its job Jim in Manhattan. That is it just so many killers of commodities one place so that kid is probably the top of the food chain today, and everybody, but even his dominance is probably slightly different from Hicks since because Hickson, otherwise there was no losses. There was no draws. There was like it was dominating people who does everyone dominated and everybody came out of a gone. What the fuck he just ran through everybody global. How did it in for him? What was his last Dixon? Did you ever see a big exit night while yet a giant fighting against this very dangerous guy? You began in two thousand and there was an Emma may find any beat his ass and nice exit. Top nobody ever,
they were beaten and mix martial arts where each region fight a lot of that. There is a lot of opportunities for different people that he could have fought, but he just didn't want it didn't feel like it is a free spirit, but my point what the fuck my point Here's question stomach thing gets what it was he started. I was reading, that's where you think it's a gene or is it environment that I have absolutely no interest in fighting of any kind. I don't watch it on that. I saw the thrill in Manila. My dad got me up in the middle of the night time living overseas to see it at the appreciated. That is as a world event. Just never of what is it in some people like I just don't. I don't understand like it. I think it's cool, you don't understand it
the standards- probably they did nothing in me. That says I want you to guide, beat the other guys s yeah, that's that should be perfect. You know in a perfect world, every Bush billet that Okay! Well, I respected like where you come from I never get a fascinating, very interested as it did little Judo. That was mainly because I was getting picked on at school. My dad said here, yeah groaning, judo and silent how to new fall and powder with dive over like five kids and then roll and get up again after they got kind of little. I didn't: get like iron. I'd like an old when fencing was actually very good at fencing, like that, martial arts for competition. Is it's a strange pursuit in professionally for competitions and even stranger pursuit I go originally. The marshal artists gets into martial arts doesn't want to better themselves. They want to be better at fighting the one have confidence they want to be able to decide and excited. Put just like you want guns to be able to defend yourself does
Why do people that want to learn how to physically defended against another man right right? I have always said this like a people, so why do it. Why do you work out and let the first health and sanity traversed up and are important. I want to be the one who decides if were altercation, and you decide your some bully and new I mean you think you're just going to hit me. I want to be the and who decides? Who goes the hospital? Not you? I want our seeing. I grew up so sheltered. I never was really ever threatened, resist any delay every day, all around the world, it happens to somebody and if you're lucky, you live your whole life by going into the right places and never get punched, and never ever gets to stall. On, were somebody just comes up. Do you just start smacking around can't defend yourself because it fucking happens there, people do it, people more awful. You know, and you learned its most- people are not the vast majority or not, but you know you do that shit.
The wrong guy, like in you didn't know better and new. Each did that to boss route and who is a form of heavy, which is why the nicest guys ever you might get confused and think you don't know, maybe who years maybe you think you're gonna bully? Maybe they gonna fuck with them, make em uncomfortable next. You know you wake up in the hospital. I think I'm as I'm just reflecting here. I've a childhood memory would make which may be where the started. For me, I remember and I went. I entered dutch school fifth grade. Speaking almost no Dutch, I was kind of a fucked up situation, low so but say round six grade and not now is learning a little bit on the street and around what definitely not really represent fluent and care amber what it was in the end, it was in the gym, locker room and some kid something said something, and he was. Much smaller than I was, and I said something like well. I can take care you little man and probably
I should have said it in the first place, is about within like a nanosecond football, and I'm like now he's put me down hit me in on the nose. Yeah and I'm like oh fuck me and that neither that was the moment. Where light, I should definitely be careful. What I say into who I say it in should watch my mouth, but maybe that skewed me from right that from that moment for sure That's for sure, then I would ask those like twelve some, like that, all man for sure that that's gonna leave a stain consciousness. I thank you for bringing this up now. Listen man like the urban great right. I mean. I think but he needs to know why things bother them. Why things like conflict by them? This has, as I'm, your fifty fifty two really get out. Almost we're same age, pistol
do you have more of those moments now you think Bausch, that's that's what happened then. That's. Why I'm having those which mean we're just get it doing something? And you think back to a moment like I just had here that have maybe that is influenced me now today. How I respond reiteration having more of those in my way as having that too, that smart. I, like you, a lot of very interesting things I have only known this twenty years ago either. Gin of your behavior, is an interesting thing and origin of your idea and where you are now you know it's a world just away. We choose to behave about. Things is very strange, but anybody doing something like to you when you're that age must have been insanely, traumatic experience. You wouldn't want watch I didn't even told until my parents about I was so ashamed. Yeah, that's hard now,
didn't the solution. To that. As strange as it sounds, is everybody not a fight in right again to weigh less vice it sounds crazy. It's right off, I think they're she owed its taught, I think, should be taught just for peace We seem to be going kind of the opposite direction. With a general cultural education of young men least yes in the United States. I don't it's the same everywhere. I think it may be kind of propagating out there, some other nice people. I know or martial arts report, of course, because they have their ego in a good place. There said the general population they ve been home. Old and training? Everybody is humble in training, so good, for you really is, and you leave you calm like you get exercise in and you get some sort of weird therapy to firmly when your man and just Knowing that you'd aren't, you aren't helpless, I've seen people that are helpless. It's very sad. I think it comes from
anything you learn like learning how to yeah you literally helpless, if you're doing it wrong and soon instructor, a good instructor will help you get into situations that you have to get out. And that same feeling arrives. I think that that the part of just the learning process Theo, I should probably try it you'd love it now, which Try what would the about letting his teens laughing right off like I'll talk after this and find a spot, we could go and learn. You would get a kick out of justice, Just like you get a ticket to learn that dancing their exact specially like. If you take a subway, my tie, my types fun I sought can I was excited documentary in Thailand or did you ruined houses? Fights lie, oh yeah. While I love the rhythm of the music and it's all too clear how they do there shit now went up to the burmese border of the gold
trying or state with a hill tribe whoa. I did a lot of crazy stuff documentaries with what is then dug out ends when watch that it's called Veronica goes and radical was the the organisation that I worked for the Netherlands broadcast company that available online Can someone fine if I've bits of it on Youtube? Veronica goes Asia, and so is Thailand number things we went into a brothel Girls have all the numbers we filmed there. I am going to the long necks. And you will have all the rings on asking how this is going to be great. When we see the long next, four and a half hours in person it from shut. My two sugar I up in the north than a foreigner flower five hour bus, DR grew so crews rights. There were ten people with producers and everything- and it's like it's gotta, be around here
and this like a big sign, almost neon long necks. This way, I'm like fuckin tourists trap, it really is needed, but then we went up to the hill tribes. I'm sure that they ve done it before had crews over. But it's only women could all the men are in opium hut, just completely stone smoke opium. The women run the whole deal and and they they chew the beetle not route with with a white paste in it, some kind of cobbler paste and, of course, for the dock. Major. I tried that not in their mouths are all read your teeth. Get completely read from the beetle, not oh, my god and I'd like oh shit like like an elevating idea. Empty can be aluminum, elevator box for guys, I'm fuckin hammered spit out all the rest of it and this it stay with me for good forty five minutes. The sensation like a big deal
empty, but very by light version of it near it. So it's a psychedelic. I guess so I just just you felt dislike for going to clear like this is interesting, but I am hi. I just I don't know, I haven't done a lot of different drugs, not quite sure, but it was to sing, but I don't like the red teeth, it's kind of awkward socially geared to turn. The New Europe. What is it what's the name of the thing that bill route Nigh route and I and cocoa pace? council monopoly Open and in some red stuff but what is hell knows what beetle not route? What's what's in that, just Jamie? Do we find out see the women you gotta see, you gotta see their their red. What of me, I think so Veronica goes America, Asia and Caribbean eleven equipment. On Youtube? I've got you the president. Are we also had a drink, cobra blood, it's kind of sad. Firstly, pissed, a cobra off get the venom
and this has been restaurant. They get the venom out of his his sacks and then they slew them open and bleed it into a glass of alcohol and its most of these very potent its. But let me say it, but that's not what that's. This guy's got the teeth of someone who eat sets. It was very happy so Luther Guy, the far right anyway that one who the hell, that's a lady look at our travel ban Ass, happy ass for anyway, but we also shot a lot more time, so we went to it is neither the small like village fights when just now a kind of makeshift ring in the law of the jungle on how these people in the music and just validly, something that would manage if you learn tragical, you enjoy it
Thank lot of twisting kick Easter yeah twisting taking into account the man like New, not a dance and move your legs around. I'm an excellent answer. I bet you will have heard you took lessons funding airliners, actually, my wedding video wheat, so we got married in May and these days when has an Iphone. So this video everywhere, and I look at myself dancing on, like oh, my This has to stop this video has to be eliminated. I am actually that, as a less let's at least learn to dance and proper dances together could then I can keep my posture up my frame by an edge. It became his kind fun. We are doing this with each other. Like some people go, I think, maybe we'll go dancing it's a lot. If you watch like old Fred, Astaire movies, real damn very impressive. Oh my god, I love it. I went away like here's a strange thing like ok. How did they get associated with homer
sexuality Broadway and I'm a love, Broadway Musical spry? And I think that's that's. Ok. It is a lot of guys Broadway and they did the musical yes. But if you think about the those Fred Astaire type days, like, the only method where no man was a really manly man, gentlemen, who could strut and they they danced around. Remember at times like this. It's the end, if worse, we always say Fred. Astaire was great, but Ginger Roger did everything backwards in heels. So right, through my own undress, do actually that he's wearing heels to dance. You think a tap heels yeah her heels or both it off, but we're right at least women back then that we have today is a crew, nerves, Sinatra and the rat pack and must be set, Let us call women broad and day ass, hey subjects to like that. Yeah who's that asshole that made women where those fuckin shoes in electricity
first person, they figured out the letters and well I heels email. You know why. You know why why their worn, the initial idea is to because of the angle and the pressure your calves pump up and that is deemed as more sexually attractive. In fact, I think it's pretty proven to work on men's attraction to women red lips. Lipstick is also part of the blush you have after orgasm blush on your cheeks. All that stuff is yes, actual, not just exploited by a huge industry, yet for sure This is where they talk to checks into it. The heel thing, especially like a magic and where I live in the other love it and you think it looks like they do not spent ass. They do but imaginative went the other way and if men with one who somehow another bar culture were tricked into words. Two letters and the higher the he'll, like the cooler you learn tat. You re elected the color. We have entire swaths of men tricked into putting a noose around their neck every single morning with all kind of weird shit, LISA Colonel, it's cool,
it's a new citizen, invasive news as a newcomer, someone who says that I wouldn't where one, because I know if I got a hold of someone's target choking to death with a exactly especially its ago, sticky time, Are we able to Windsor not sometimes whether ties that shit's preposterous? What kind of time leather tie it? Does you're a strap right. Yeah literally have stratum. Writer went at the murder of rail around your neck and but also uncomfortable gal. I detest look cool southern about it later without serious men, get pushed into all kinds of things: let s go if you bid, if you listening, someone who really cherishes a good suit talk about it. Then you can get it there in love, yeah, yeah, nice yeah. Some things some people really in suits. They look like an art form. Yeah
this guy Richie he had a whole thing is Tell me about. It came with a beautiful suit on, and I was like look at that fucking suit man. I told him about the thai thing and you just like shook his head- he's a black belt jiu Jitsu. To, though He didn't he starts here. They also like makes no sense to do that is well. It does make sense, but he's like background might I know these actually a black or from hens, crazy guy, we're talking much earlier Yeah but the guy Richie Love Suits, but the way talks about it, like you, loves you, to your I get it. I thought someone talks about like a really well made hand me shoe the guy from some italian cobbler like I get it right. You weren't like a piece of art. This is someone's
yes, it is a boot right is also when you see that thing you reminds you of ITALY, reminds you of a guy who actually made us yeah like there's something fucking cool about data that were definitely gettin away from in the slick like someone who can make a watch. If someone makes a while their taken. All these things and put in wheels in there or you can just give you fuckin Jean Jacques I've had Our wish is longer than my daughter's been alive. Thirty years to amazing- and I and I have I've- tried other watches, but I just it's it's a piece of me now. Is it a rolex yeah, it's beautiful. I bought it back in the old MTV music business days. If you were a douche bag, NEA had a diamond bessel around it and now It is actually very popular amongst rich women. There, like a thick Y gotta, be as a loss harder. My former newer banker friend to go to his dinner party in this, like man, is like three women here where in my watch is light, still looks great. I learned is that a classic, but it's the goal, just kind of men
seemed to me now and part of me two reminder of a different time: yeah when the shit mattered, now's, I'd really don't care, but it's beautiful think its accounting, It's got a external sentimentality, Russia that we few go back to the office, origin of wristwatches. It's amazing how long they ve been around pocket watches by the fuckers figured out how to do that shit. Hundreds years ago they figured out. When did they figure out of pocket? Watch like what was the year, because that was the first one. You get out pull it up and I guess he had a wind it, but the fact that it works like they put a bunch of fuckin gears gather in this thing that you carried around Everywhere- and I kept time when both my grandparents die, they died very close to each other sixteenth century. The holy Shit, Ceta Hamilton, fifty in ten. In neurons Germany Wilson said Peter Hell, Peter Handlin Headline headline
eighty and l e n N, he the first pocket watch and fifteen ten accord too weak a pdf. The italian Italians reproducing clock small enough to be worn on the person by the earliest sixteenth century. Be weird where, like a necklace clock like play the place, guess you just like slave labour at him with that guy sixty years old and he still wearing the clock around his neck once wants. You know how it is very sad over those guys back empty Vienna beyond, in that they were not there in the street jumping flavour. Flames do doing this thing with the clock, wow. Men are still your gig deregulatory, but Markka Wahlberg the other day, and now I did the tour with him I had a syndicated radio show and the stations would put it on. If I came did their summer, jammer sandwich be fifty nine. The sober MTV is Adam Curate, and then they had the marking markings.
Key bond sisters with voices its. Sometimes you be forty because if they were there every weekend, I go off to some bad top. Forty radio station around the country and that was Gregg Lolly put together, might my body and in Austin he he did that and he was promoting all the artists to Marcie marking the funky bunch who now he was just like you said I could come incline underwear model cool guy, you're nice, he didn't seem to be calm, didn't cause a ruckus on the road or anything we statism pretty. Should he places now said like Mr Hollywood, and doing well I'd like it and never stopped. Now, like you started doing well and like when the eighties yeah is like we'll Smith mean we invented himself to say good genesis in launch parties together, but he's he's doing. Parents just don't understand, and now it was great. If the mating, that's him, he then,
He's a was eighteen members and seventeen he's been around for ever now, and still do I mean the fact that was able to reinvent himself to his major movie star to that amazing, fantastic could store yeah. Well, you remembered the birth of the internet. When you remember first getting on and then seeing the expansion was her ever more or when was the moment, I should say, will obviously now today we all realize it's out of control and it's just wild. So very soon, range thing, that's taking over our lives and then what would I want to talk about neural linked to what I am sure you know something about that, but Ilan mosques invention neural linking I know a little bit about it, but when here. We when you saw it kind of getting away like when was the moment or where you were like. This is a very very strange thing. It's never happened to people before well, I,
I had the online part figured out because I ran a bulletin board member those you could call in no way be Ike five lines and you go and do your business and then get. I was all years that this has got to be urgent. Aid is maybe even late. Seventy, so this time innovation. There is big long stretches, we're things, don't get any better. Well, the speeds got marginally better forgot more phone lines that the computers were able to do more than over. There. Also some other things happening. We had windows windows. Ninety five came into place, and now he bore you were in a different world of computing. It used to be dos and people have, word perfect in and then all of a sudden we have an interface on top of it. We didn't have that they so that started people how to deal with the environment.
So. That was all there, but the internet itself would be one. Eighty seven, and I log in to get on the internet. You had to log into a dial up account launch a PPP session or slip, and they had done software on your computer, and then you could when a terminal, you could type things like tell net and then domain name or even ip address. It could connect to someone else's thing in kind of look around was just all text based, but that for me was like holy shit. You can connect from one to the next. I understood the hyper linking I understood how powerful that would be and if I just had a little computer today on my desk at a MAC plus with a gigantic external twenty, Megabytes gussy hard drive twenty
as I see that an empty word doc, so that big thing like that? I'd just Louis I, oh, my god. This is this, is this is going to be it so the second moment was bird andriessen with his hd peaty mosaic Brower browser the web, and then the third moment was Karl Jacob. I ve no he's investor, maybe even on the board at Facebook, but are you it's on microsystems at the time and he contacted me so came ass, you what you're doing and send your computer. You sent me ass, a sun Voyager which is like a portable, a laudable with Elsie color screen. Mrs now, eighty six, eighty eight like that Unix, which has even crazier, am
so he started to show me stuff and he actually streamed song from his work station in San Francisco to my computer, in Montclair, New Jersey and It played. I had him on the phone here. I heard him started and then it came through in played on my on my computer that I'd never seen this before or heard it like a fuck broadcast. We can use this to broadcast, and since that moment I think that's the mission of benign and look at Mamma. I have arrived here, we are that's an amazing story. Man that's cause fuck, I love you. From someone who was there from the very first steps and your we used to have the yellow pages in an yellow pages, which was a book. I still have it it was probably ember they who has published a number. You look up everything in the yellow pages. That was a business and there was a business, but yellow pages got fact right of cars. That shit
that is what happened with newspapers and here's where the newspapers fucked up with the news when the internet came around and there were, I saw. Other people saw Craig New marks and its classifieds because they're all haughty toity about their advertising model, but people there really making money off the classified ads? Everybody knows it, everybody knew it and that's what Craigslist? Who who try to sell it to Tribune Tribune, rehearsed Navy was Hearst for just a couple million bucks, I know, I'm not interested, we don't need it not invent here whatever, and so he ate up there. There there classified business overnight and there were left told him. The bags aim but we have cool news to advertise on well known, who put some in their, but now it was about the classifies. That's where the money came from a divorce
tell the story of a less Ella made with show. You can tell the story about Craig New Mark and how they passed on in here. He does a very well. The classified ads did even have them when these people who are gone, obits dead people is still a good business yeah. Of course they have some, but no not really. How often do you hold a physical newspaper in hand, a red when I write whenever the airport I always buy newspapers there. Can I dont want to be on my phone rise. I disagree. The newspaper yeah these Android Iphone, but have it stripped down. I called cloaked no sim card, VP, N Pie Hall out of different parts on it that I do carry its Iphone seven. If I need to business
no other apps on at no extra watch just blanket near. So let's let that in case of emergency ever need to do some near me. Just like I want to use the gps right and also has an Icloud account. That's not now it's not my main Icloud account. So that's I'm trying to make that hurry and remove my other digital footprint at it moved over a little bits or something at least confuse it had been while whatever happened to and their blockchain found those going to be released there's a number of of interesting projects that are Linux, based, I'm trying to think of the one that's on alive. It's crowd funding this company. Actually they make love laptops that are completely at all. All open source hardware should Jamie define what was the name of that country
stupid. Now is the weed daily. They believe they, but they crowd fine, but they had very successful crowd. Funding was Linux laptops with Opensource hard work? That's that's really. We have to look for the problems. Advertising is an insatiable thing that these companies are hooked on its they and the data they have to keep in data from us. That's the system, so we start to cut down the move to the hardware, the move to different different types of ways of getting data and you're right now, We still can hide from cell phone triangulation. That's all kinds of ways. People can find you that's where the biggest problem. If you can track sum of location, you can build their life at a credit card to that many John seat of or ex wife she does. The company's taxes were family business and she kind of ethics used to do.
Some kind of auditing in the past, and your call up and say: here's what I always say you do. I shall tell me exactly what I do. Where I go when I like to eat out, she's all these patterns, and she just as it for fun, do you have GPS in your car? You can get rid of it. I mean there's, no, they know manufacture. After probably, twenty fifteen allows it completely turn off tracking. Will you got an Iphone seven once Gallagher Sixty nine corvette, but about set. All things deny does everything everything is built in and you I mean. I think that didn't really start until the two thousand thrower they saw the to us in a great way, with long call like Puma upside down on call help is on the way, but, as is Jamie, I type a librarian very eagerly? Thank you. Probably what what did you type in God funded Linux laughing finally branch tourism purity they may. I should probably demean laptop or phone they make.
So the laptops, the phone there come over. There's other projects as well. It looks like a real phone, but he is he's my problem even around what it still gonna bleep in Bloom right want rights and finding out I'll buy it. Of course I want to have it because I have control over keeping it for not using it and when I'm on the road, but as a basic thing, if I'm at home- and I just want to surf I'm sitting down yeah I'd rather use that absolute apple, a kind of trust apple to a degree that they're pretty good about not selling stuff they now so their maps is, would would be what I use. I trust that yeah, but only as far as I can thrown near, and I am sure that a million guys gonna carry you have no idea how they try. I do so bad you try to make less data. What do you think happens with Google that were they removed, don't be evil I think it was do no evil do no evil. That's right! People get that wrong side, which is which If not, I mean it's one of those things that it's like her
Mandela effect. Ok, ride like the Bernstein Bear yeah yeah, that's like Mandela, but for whatever reason? Well, that's it they! Okay! So these guys who grew up under you dont be evil. Thought it was, don't do evil, but that was in it was in there s one document and I remember reading it and I thought, but I could be so it is way but maybe the recent, maybe they change that halfway and went from don't be evil to don't don't do you really only w either their gesture from do the right thing now? It was actually says now. I guess I'll either way. Anyway, whatever the the where it is on the ground by acts- and this is my big blue conspiracy theory I'll, give it to you it's one way of explaining it. Maybe a homeless, shelter,
love again. It has been seen. They had allowed a helmet vats and brooding, I guess, can spare their main. Their main boost was the acquisition of keyhole, and this was a yet another. The company inkyo tell, which is a venture capital company which is The CIA is on a secret to see eyes, they would say RCA Venture Capital Company and they invest in stuff, and they help the keyhole acquisition and key hole is the mapping. That's where they were. Google maps was the most important thing you can have it. As for persons, identity is where they are. These guys gonna grew up young under oppression of Russia to the both come from and they kind of came into the system. If you look at the universities and the people involved and how they were almost given some kind of prizes for things, they did mean there's no turning of story to the general narrative of how Google came to be so. I think there was a lot of intelligence.
And people involved in this- involves setting it up and the cycle G of Larry, in Sergei some psychologists have analyze Nablus and a lot of different people. Is it they kind of become what their oppressor was to them? And it's not really, I don't think a bad guys, but this is cited psychosis that have and if you grow up in some kind of stressed out situation, your people who had been a view, abuse, often abused others, and I think that's what's going on it. The problem is, I love all the technology. I love what all these companies in everybody's doing the business model is just fucking humanity yes, it's fucking us by giving away data influence, people, not letting us is our data not letting his share in in the in view of the data ran or having
some control over it. Nothing about whether this should be some sort of legislation that recognises what data is and that they look at it in terms of like, like its commodity and saying, selling and buying and selling you. What you think there is there is some of that, because there are some that really evenly balances at or or looks at it for what it really is like, but what data. I mean. What is my money? Is data money money around what he's not well you and provide all day providing a service all data, all data it is all day have to have. It has to be a trust relationship and its if their business model is what added as it is now. If they don't change it. No legit. Nation will stop them from getting around the problem were now it's you get free shit and we get your data. You get. A free browsing there's the interest we get your day. Here's the interesting thing, the internet
is, although no longer quite the same way, with up upstream and downstream being equal due to the cable companies how they are implemented. Your personal connection, we can still do our own servers, the it doesnt all have to be on Youtube on Facebook and twitter. Isn't it I was talking about mastodon no agenda social dot. Com is our own social network, its with open source software without algorithms, and we federate will all these other servers much the way the world wide web grew up in and there's this mechanism for communicating with each other into a kind of twitter meets email only. It's just it looks like twitter just, but you control a lot more of how, works and your community can be a small little community.
I have no one come in, you can block people or just say. I only want these cool people to also connector that server to connect. It's all good see if all these kind of almost like an ancestry dot com tree that branches to always have a place is called the federation. If we build a pond all kinds of things and don't let other companies or companies all there's, no reason for them to get involved it very cheap with a blue not a Linux laptop, you can get started. Any kid can learn how to do it. They should be teaching at school how to set up a server. How to get around. Some of the hurdles understand how email server work and we will not need these companies. We have all the joy and a lot of the downside, but there won't be a twitter police, though be only your own little community, say hey. We don't like this guy who's, gonna block you or your whole community, or we would love to have you guys with so we can have happened a similarly and that's how you build these networks and eventually you connect to each other on the back and somehow, anyway,
How often do you think I mean? How long do you think it's going to be before were implementing augmented reality into our life in that way, in, like a social media contacts. Cause. You kind of got augmented reality already with your ears. The would be unfair of me to say that it it's. It's augmented in that its enhancing, but I have enhanced that in ways that are particular to me, but it's not some algorithm really determining things that I should here. I am in total control of how that works and how it sounds. I dont see the the case for augmented reality. I just asked I mean when you think about what the apples trying to do with the glass, I think, is trying to get people from doing this to doing this. Yes, probably that is probably that's all that it is. That's all that but it's also probably adding to the experience right. If you can have like little animated fairies everywhere, you go there. You see through your appetite.
Says everything else looks the same, gave a go to the hunted a mansion ride, Disneyland, guess Filipinos go sit right next year. If I see you learn those glasses, I learned from that immunity. You fucking both like doll, some if it makes life so much crisper and brighter. You put these values on it sinks up the little chap that you have in the middle brain. It gives his pleasure feeling and he also never was flowers, man you're hiding from our I'm, always looking for the conditioning this getting for these moments. As I think, a beautiful that is the corona virus. Where the testing is someone holding a gun like sensor to your head. Were we not preparing people for the for the barcode or the chip? Click on it like a pet, The testing gift you to a hospital here the test and takes couple days that I think they have a test nor go down a couple hours, but they swab
deep in throat or deepen your nose like that sounds kind of annoying. This whole thing is very, very spoon he will seems to have been every one hundred years? Look John or condition we can do through horror, movies for this and my favorite part of the script. Does it unravels? Was the Pope sneezing had coffin lying on? The part of these in ITALY, fears Corona buyers, world war is if the Pope dies. This will freak out the World and Tom would talk. On the show awaiting my oh, my god, and today the announced the Pope is fine. As he's been tested, he does not have corona by language. I think this is sadly were reacting in all the wrong way is completely illogical. What's going on very logical- and this is this, it's the death rate and the amount of people who are infected, that is misunderstood and so people just throw a numbers everywhere and and meanwhile mean even the news
internal medicine, which includes doktor Fouche, use on the on the on the team and who's been around in this business for a long time through the Obama administration, Bush administration, the iceberg around so look. This is probably going to be no worse than eight severe seasonal flu. Now we know the seasonal flu can kill. Quite a lot of people be twenty thirty thousand. So on those aspects, it's kind of the same but is being pursued ended in in a sensationalist. The way there were completely programmed to respond to move. We already have enlarged migdol, as because of all the triggering unwillingness going on so give us a little is true Joe. He was a little bit of fear. With this thing that were condition to all kinds of horror, movies and Netflix. Just had the pan make movie on a couple months ago. So we're we're prime, were
crime to be suckered into something part of it may be the Patriot ACT, which What I was going with a pandemic is always something going on the background dating whenever the some going on with a pandemic, then these as an opportunity to sneak stuff in the grass I'm looking for the pandemic appropriate that spending bill. Some strand talk to me about that with natural disasters or any colleagues. It always hack that there's automatically and understanding that people are willing to do things. You wouldn't normally be willing to do so. This when you move in with new legislation, is the Americans away. So you have a bill and the bill will be financing for Korea. Device whatever. That means the rising at one or two and a half million two million. I think, like a million a half hour kind of their any stuff, a bunch of shit and that bill. What exactly is like a piece of the patriarch may actually get passed in that its where I like. You cannot vote again, The shit right. How came out against pandemic savour? How can we vote against Patriot the Patriot,
for this or that there are a lot of people in Congress right now trying to break the Patriot ACT apart, because this is the spying whether the government can just by noon. We ve been talking about. Some of that is not cool this all really was implemented right after this. Number eleventh. Tat was yeah because they owe Binny from Sierra Leone. Guy said: look them! They were ready to spy on people long before then, totally up day. Those mother crazy, they Adam hatred in this, but it's three ten, oh shit with literally done this for three hours feel so, it was. It was better than expected. I expect we also made it was a moral some I really enjoyed it. We have to do more often I'd love to, and thank you so much my pleasure at me on dates for luck in creating this thing. You know you're a big part of it in your ear ideas of of broadcasting of four shore par the seeds that led to the lino to meet me doing us. So thank you,
Thank you very much more than welcome, but thank you and thank you. Everyone who really is around your show and all the comedians it it's guy can die happy man pretty much, not planning, stay alive, and I love you are, I think by everybody. Thank you, friends, for turning into the show, and thank you too are sponsors. Thank you to policy genius gas, yourself. Some awesome insurance for your house. If you haven't found a play by play breakdown of Europe, future inside a crystal ball or a cookie. That's ok protect the things you worked, four and get home insurance with policy genius. In just a few minutes, you can find your best price and apply a policy genius. Dot com policy genius will always get future wrong. Better get home. Insurance rights were also brought about my time. Favorite underwear me unease the best. Everything else is inferior and they will give
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