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#1438 - Andrew Santino

2020-03-06 | 🔗
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. He will be in the new FXX show "Dave" starting on March 4, also available on Hulu. Check out his podcast “Whiskey Ginger” & also look for his new podcast with comedian Bobby Lee called "Bad Friends" both available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube.
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he's fucking awesome, I love and death. You might have seen him on his Showtime special or on the short term series I'm dying up here. He is the great and powerful Andrew Santino Logan exit. Ryan's job, you block ass. You know well scarves guns worker who does Jesse James member Jesse James The charter may opportune yeah yeah. That dude makes guns now in Texas. That's all he does he still making by accepting it makes bikes to, but it makes a lot of guns like Dope guns, like engraved in hand, Carson, yeah fancy fancy gun stature that he had to do. We are talking about is he's an alibi, but he heard does them is a mexican gentlemen mexican due to mexican man's carves into the guns, yea cars, any just beautiful, artwork, all hand design, and then people pay. Him too his design. They don't say
they don't say like yours, but I want the whole deal is given the gun- and he just does it- it's not like- I want this. Here he's acknowledge now you gimme the peace. I do. The art I give it back. You know interesting about, Bernie Sanders it, and what is this is the guy that zone yeah sort. This looks like scarcely was interested about. Bernie Sanders is his real close relationship with killer MIKE till it. Mike is a big pro. Second amendment man me, he believes and guns. He believes you spill to protect yourself from protective family and one in any so against him. Well, oh, no Bernie! So against him because he talks to killer MIKE announced criminality each other Keller MIKE and but not we don't need guns. I don't think so. Need guns in the post in the northeast. How did he do yesterday? He one remark. I warn you Colorado Utah in that it, and then Biden by distinctly right is by number one now a days ahead for thirty five to three eighty one as of right now,
That's pretty good. Unless Elizabeth, let me tell you something: I worry about both of them because their old gentlemen, but I worry about Biden more. He looks like he's like it's almost like his skin is I can say is bring seems to be skipping dear lonely, so must get like an scratch dvd, but you gotta realize he's fucking. Tired, do just forget about just be an old doing the pace that he's doing as fucking crazy scale get on that trumps beat that drums the fact is that suit a FED from Germany would have it and I'm papers again is get the best shit he's already ranking on them. It's already hilarious suited MIKE for my blue murky hill. Under the the podium he pretended might do My idea guys I'm going to be able to see over the podium he was behind the polio and that its column, sleepy Joe he's doing stand brats real. I too, I said on stage he rip he fuckin ripped. Did you see the cliff from the other day, where he's like disguises guy MAX
Again, he says he's MAX. Can you really mexican secular he's mexican, like our native American, I'm Elizabeth, more rapid and they were loose in it? He ripped it he's funny. He's funny says Funny shed? And yet I know we're talking about this yesterday, MIKE he's gonna lifetime experience had been a further camera. He knows how to do it he's a showman, but it's like everything else, like podcast or so and up, or I would imagine to any kind of public speaking the more you do it, the better. You get added the more you realize your mistakes, we tighten up your game by the more practice you get and he gets a lot of practice mean he's doing public speaking all the time and when you get to do something, whether all on his side is partly fun like those too he does. He does when they're all his. I also good times. That's it you ripping an arena, that's basing their all their lives. If he's not playing a club is kind of like and sold out arena that are like bring out draw if he brought other guys to do tat in front of him. You know them up budget
Jared and my table, once he's out of the White House, he's gonna be more popular than ever. A hundred he's going to be here, because, let me tell you something: people forget this, but they didn't like Ronald Reagan when he was an offer, George Bush, but but Reagan a big one now, because Reagan became like this hero afterwards, but during the whole I ran Contra thing when he was going on television say, doesn't remember, do no Jimmy tingle is great stand a comment from Boston, but he had a Joker member was an open microbes back in the eighties when Reagan was brought, in front of whoever. Was it Congress City a talk about selling guns to IRAN when he he did it? He would say I'd I dont remember, as was Reagan was saying and we might not a room because he really did have Alzheimer's member. I said Jimmy Tingles, Mr President, just his little if you ever cell guns to someone who hates us jotted down
because my already now make a little now put on it refrigerators last January of this year, Louis, I have no recollection of doing so and could be my memory. I I don't remember, as you sit here now too many recollection of approving for John Point, actually send these specific letters to Congress will again as a case of memory I've. I don't recall that we do not, and my question to you is: would you have approved the sending of these letters to Congress by John Poindexter? If you new, they adopted false information that had been previously supply as a problem to there's so much rhetoric involved. I don't even know what that question was he later they pile on all these things and then you go. I dont know I have no idea what you're sent. What are you asking me right this so much legal ease right at some point.
You're somewhere, he does seem trapped in too many questions is kind of like I watch Clippa Betsy Divorce and that Wisconsin, Center Goin added about how she doesn't know the numbers for charter schools. You know, have you seen this, but she's aware of the numbers. Preventative Tommy, Schools fail, but throwing so many statistics at or how could you even keep up? I mean she does something a bumbling dumbo, but that You just bury someone with stats here, they're gonna go. I dont right my I don't even know which one you want me to address an idle the information in me to fight it so when they do sometimes a politicians and noise. I of course going to drown out, could fight out of that year. Clearly that sort of combat strode unless you're trump.
Then you just he diverts he so good at heel taken all that stuff and then a girl who has never been in this kind of situation where he had to answer questions not yet in a court. Not yet, though it be interesting if the fucker he I think, he'd probably get trouble cause like a lot of stuff, is like shutting things down and he could get out order. But my point is like we both know. Like, even if someone's good at that right. If they do, then they hit the with a stats and fucked. You have so hard. You can answer there their original question and you know you're uselessly grilling them. If we know what you're doing communicating in a way that you are actually trying to communicate with the person you right. Verbal warfare- here you try, you fighting he trying back him the heels of some their smother there their reach and get him in a corner and right and pound on, as we do in your overwhelming, and when the barrage of information just like you'd over someone with a barrage of punches. It's the same thing When you see their witness you're, not even a hidden thing, because that's what we do- and that is what we have an exchange is- was we talking to each other?
it was to be you someone get into the bottom it, but we know that he has wanna tell the truth, I want to go. Yes, I did so runs through our I showed and I sold cocaine in the inner cities of LOS Angeles, as I was trying to crack. Crack gray outcry I induce crack into the streets, mean doll. That stuff really did happen. That's not a conspiracy theory. For now the CIA or whoever was working for the CIA sold drugs in the inner cities was brought brought and through Freeway Ricky who's original. Across real requests: real recross didn't even know what he was doing while he's doing it and then, after over, like these guys, didn't figure it out until, like long past threat that they were working with the government like Recross Ross, do no idea
Just I was ass. Amazon cook, you didn't know who say completely protected anybody, but that that's gonna. Do you watch the pharmacist. I once had completely protected, but I should say that he soon it was in bed with the gum right. You watch em the pharmacist. What is that? That's all about the distribution of actually continent, specifically like the what it's done to a kind of the east coast this car started in New Orleans documentaries all about it, but up there how it got really bad this pharmacist, basically his son, and I want to give it away, but his son tragically died and he short investigate like why All this stuff is gonna happening in New Orleans in depth. Ab epicenter was his Purdue farm farmer that made octagon the biggest contributor of oxygen in the United States. And the whole documentary kind of shows you how it was just the they weren't orkut reading this thing to try to solve people's pain, all the documents and emails or just like these are big hitter areas meaningless.
Sell, sell cells. All these sales reps we're going out pushing mean like their fuckin, They're trying to sell cars meeting with someone like candy is crazy. I'm in the government was told totally ok. With I mean it s, the FDA didn't have anything against it for a long time. They were like another sovereign pain, so much money staggering hard first, even understand how much money coming in from pills just from pills and here's the thing about describing this. Let's be honest, everyone's in pain, the spark of being a person if you're, and especially, if you're an older person, it's maybe got a difficult job- would give to carry things, move things rather heavy you're fucked Oh you got back problems, everybody's back problems, so you go these people in back rooms like that This is a very good works, soul, poison. Once you get hooked on soul, poison, and what happens? Is these these doctors, this woman, Jacqueline Claggett? That's who the document focuses on she's running up a pill, mill rights alike, He's writing seventy eighty prescriptions a day and you get all these doc another, like that's impossible,
to see? Seventy people is not you couldn't do it and if you were seventy people at the very outset that peaches flagrant so she was making on believable much broader. Stopping let's break this down by the minute seventy eight hours in the day. He also this list She said. Seventy to eighty, let's get crazy incites. Eighty right, so there's eight hours in the day, so she's seen ten people in an hour an hour. He attended our yeah. That's not counting lunch milk, there is little lunch and, as you have to shed hold them in a way to make money baby no bathroom break, let's go what she was operating at night that this whole thing. This investigation was about. She wouldn't and a new Orleans cop in her lobby to make sure that nobody was trying to. China but strong armor. She paid off the cops and maybe no trouble you trouble security detail. Money for gaps then tops are happy. We're all work together in the capital that what you I'm just protecting the
front cops, mind haze, breaking the law. Now he's not isn't. He knows what's going on in the back, as he's probably didn't like it's off. If it's all its those laws very sketchy, it was really sketchy back in the day to ever see young who did it? whose at home, who may cotton express what was the company behind that purple receiving you find that a movie, oh, it was made for television thing. A pdf showed investigative report will get you to the people who are in Turn Guard Vanguard, did it, but who's the woman in the man behind it. Marianna Zeller put it up, I could see it, I could say, because they were on the progress are really cool way. Back in the day he Marianna Van seller and bus and her husband involved in this as well. I think so. Anyway, awesome documentary did detailed what was going on down there in Florida. They didn't have
database. So if you went to me- and I was a doctor- and you like my back, hurts, might you need drugs and I gave you a oxycontin you'd like thanks Bro, Then you go over to Jamie any go to Doktor James him on my back her to his you need actually gotten goes thanks brow and they get the two year and then use keep going, and so they would go to ten twenty thirty different doctors and they have this thing called pain management centres. You gotta, keep pay management centre, you see some solace doctored sitting. It is right, not scripts, just and aid for the only thing they rights groups horizontally, cottons and painkillers, and they go right next door to the fire. It's the same thing. You ve won doors here, one doors here, you're right next door and you get you drugs again, the same building right at once, shop. Computer system of checks. Are you just keep doing it and look? Everybody? Does drugs drug? Does drugs for a reason right with you, real heroin, whether you coke you doing just as the main mean, might not be a reason. It makes sense to you, but they want to do those drugs right. You can come up with reasons why you wanna take painkillers tat almost
anyone everything people are always in pain. My shoulder hurts. While this is my don't you know take half one of these have now got it. I think I have now and have read after it, it's crazy, how many of whom there are a few looked at. Actual numbers are prescriptions are written every year in this country's like. Why have you ever taken anything now? Not that stuff? I did morphine drip. Once, though, when I was in the hospital for my knee, let's have a reconstruction in like ninety three and data is awesome as land that has hit that about in the pang and I was on a continual motion machine. I hadda Patel attending graft, which means a cut, a piece of your bone of unique habit of peace, a bone and your shit connected to a strip of your Patel attendant the opening up like a fish. They screw this end on one bone and screw that another body reconstruct your new Asia is our hand worse great. Today, this death row kicks where they run with
no problem. You were floating on the cloud all I got so on this machine that keeps you leg moving after so doesn't stiffened LE doesn't my eyes. I saw its this machines moving like this, and this fuckin drip I'm hit, and this trip hard bang above the Bang Bang, it's like a warm like I was lying there like I get in the autumn of experience that very similar, was when the old Nike rule was available. The real coding filled night quoth he I wanna fuck you and high. The next morning I was so high. I was lying in my better felt so good I felt so loved. I felt like that, like that I felt so much better. It's like before the drugs was miserable. The flu. I feel like shit then as soon as I took that stuff us like, I feel loved. I feel I am just like slowly and softness and I get it. I asked why people need that
was it man I fuckin. I tore ligaments in my leg and I took the game you like it in and it had an adverse effect was so bad. I had to go back to the doktor and I wish I could give me crazy NGO, me, I couldn't sleep and I need- and I was eaten a few of them to try to kill the pain. The pain would get worse and the guy was like. Maybe you maybe vitamin you don't mix, but it fuck, and it made me Mimi, angry. I was going to these three like route jackknife tremor spells and shit. I was at this stuff. Is I couldn't do I never touch it again people love that still find it and read them on who should take vitamins and play guitar? He said it made him really creative, really really. I I think I took either vike it in a purchase. Had I can't remember after that, first need sorry, but I want to look at once because it made me so stupid. I remembered dulled the pain little bit, but I was so dumb man waited Zog, half out of it. The original enough for I'd rather be in pain, is a stupid. I can even enjoy television channel. What the fuck is going on, I'm late in my apartment, it can go watch tv ex stupid. I hate that. That's the thing that I like, and I and I think I have a high tolerance format-
station and there's a You're doing La Hague, Hey Joe, a funk meaning alcoholic you can look it up. Those about redheads redheads have a gene where they have I paint oranges and high challenges to met to certain medicines. Yes and show every time overtaken stuff. Nothing really worked for me the way that it's supposed to economy like people say that I'm I got what he did possible. Abbeville elbows, never done from my whole life vegetate three or four doesn't fuckin meat you want to give those um. You know if you know a doctor for if you got some kind of like the headache or whatever they give you. The super add bills. You know they're like the triple the dose or whatever I take those things in her nothing. So I end up thrown away. Why is it ok to discriminate against Reynolds it's one of the last fun things to discriminate against people that would still actually hurt her feelings because we're still white we still are well under the like. He still has advantages over the year. Education is actually
She like a red headed black. I, unlike off man or double down Jesus Cry, have seen red headed people that are really good at taking punishment. I've always wondered of red things about redheads havin, a higher tolerance. Preparing to do was at that article, he brought up, they D showed, but it's like something it's something in an oath of theirs. Misquote him again and see one hour Jean Blossom family receptors include pain, receptors in the brain. As a result, a mutation in the gene allows appears rather to influence the body. Sensitivity to paint tat makes sense of so many Irish due to can take her in Saint, beat You know I mean the two thousand forced to on top of that, just the toughness of the irish people on their fuckin their background, just a redhead from Ireland with that and see one hour gene
these rights you'd have to kill him empty one hour sounds like a mortal combat character as see one are. It does something up by some sort of funds, as you and your bike mutation in the empty one hour, Jean also occurs in brunettes, although its less common in the late study, the researchers tested for the empty one hour, Jean Variant, finding then sixty five sixty seven redheads holy shit and twenty of seventy seven people with brown or black. Here, that's interesting. So it's like, with like thirty seven percent of people that are brown hair but almost, but as I like. Ninety ninety seven, ninety eight percent- almost ninety eight. Ninety seven, that's crazy! So all redheads can dig a beating, mentally and Rosalie. Beating regimental it does to prepare for life, is around that's exactly have you got it? Also, I'm gonna get shaded on. We better focus Bro you ever met. Maternal turtle shall I do mental shadow you just have to like. I think I think every
but- and I now has an attitude because of how your treated as a kid but well talked about this before people think that it's not a thing. It's a thing. If there's a room full of people right, a bunch of pc, Mongers s, social, just words in the room, every one of you. You can see me about him containing, but her but her. If they got to a ready, they build its it's fine, they can it and why that's, I think of it here. Why there's two full white, like imagine, making fun of a handsome white man with blonde hair? Would you hit Hitler's dream? He probably Hitler's various joined him. They come to. China would now, but otherwise I see mother fucker like you get easily and no one would feel bad because its proceeded. They have all the advantages, even though that would have there been a thicket there. There are homeless and there have others how there dumb that's the biggest disadvantage. Part I ever has yet are still brain. Doesn't work accompanied really handsome dummies? Do you know I mean most bro? I know a couple guys at our door.
In boats, but there dumb as Iraq there so handsome they have just beautiful faces and perfect cheeks in dismay, great Laval, he's united, snapped up you Jimmy resolved here, I'll be so excited to meet those guys. But part of me says those poor bastards are at a disadvantage because, everything so easy right. There, big giant handsome people like you, see a six foot tall, perfect Malik. Do you know what kind of Pussy David Hassle half must have gettin in aid? Are you kidding insane? You imagine the kind of growth the girls were catapult in themselves in his direction didn't matter. If you like, smart or not, he was beautiful and you know it was really tall and classically handsome. You know that's a giant advantage and if you have that giant advantage, you have to work hard to meet women.
Jesus Christ. What a dream both as a bay fucking kidding me look at her face was in Paris or the naked one. Where he's on the rug, that's the funding on rice, a really nice guy too. He didn't episode of your factor, daddy yeah yeah. He did celebrity fear factor he. This is which great about back Then, though, you didn't have to have a great body. I like nobody, had a six pack. No one had packs unless you are bodybuilder here. Look at em gulags, a guy who's may be worked out three times you're right, but the kind of knows where the gems are like when someone in a hotel go. So we have a Germany's Ike I'll check. It out looks good of others, those equipment, yet he was but it, but my point been like that guy, telling it and no book, no muscle strongly this fucking arms, there's no muzzles drugs the idea of raising much work, but you don't need to back. Then you have. You could be like of Hollywood. Dude who didn't ever it's coming. Leonardo Caprio might be the only guy who's that famous
good. Looking today, that has a bad body. Bring at his body is shit. I bought for a famous guy duty as a dog shit body. All the guys in his level are met, Brad Pitt right, Reynolds. All these do jack. To hit judge asked see you later to cover only I kiss this lobby Plato looking to fuckin body dude. He so good, though Was the Palazzo goodies pumpkin? He gets everything it does. What every wants that such a good actor? I mean so good he's one of one of my favor all time cause he made movies back then that I loved- and now that I mind forget a goody- is, can see so handsome. You can forget, but then you see a movie like did see that's Burke crisis, if we lost a hundred pounds, I mean it's perfect, dont, be regular deals body and look he's not he's trying to hide it. Its awesome these seven months pregnant. Isn't it that is a lot of around on the beach with cocaine baby inside his belly.
We owe this second trimester he can do whatever the fuck he wants is a fuckin modern day, Jack Nicholas. But that's why that's that's. Why We should give us that the government of reactor tenable to some better forgot the name right he's a modern Deject Nicholson here like this I'll, try and with his fuckin body. Just being an amazing actor dude in The jangle only plead that evil dude unreal fucking aim. You buy you believe, so intent set fight scene was on. My favorite is like saying when he he fucking hit season tense moments like in the revenant as well. In other move away. He has his moments, works fuck. You forget our good. That guy is you forget our goodies here. Did you like once upon a time on it, it loved except the mercy scene, but that's I'm a Bruce Lee fan I'm a dork real disrespectful to earthly was really does it didn't make sense, because, even though brutally was very confident he he'd deem that he was arrogant, as was quote Quentin with sand and, as you know, I'll take you out starting, he was brutally
has any athlete at that caliber not been arrogant. Well you know me someone, that's good and more things are suits most Worley right because Bruce wasn't like a professional athletes per se. It was an actor, but he was also one of the most important mark. Martial arts pioneers ever rank ass. He was like a true dyed in the wool innovator and If you look at his skills like when you did the green horn, it and came a death in chinese connection, justice kicking in striking skills off the charts technique, beautiful technique and for the time very few people, A technique like like in the later years, people's technique improved they catch. They do people had chanced to Seymour styles and video and see more of what is possible, but if you go back and watch even like legends like Jim Kelly and like some of those other Joe Louis was heavily kickboxing champion, not the box. He has, it says plain and
Obviously, there technique was not as good as bruces why he's so sharp. He just was a genius. Is a genius Marshall artist! He understood more about martial arts than anybody book of his error because he understood that everyone was imprisoned by ideology like if you were a Judo guy, you had to stick with Judo. You couldn't learn more time. If you learn my tie, you'd be disrespectful to your master, disrespectful to your style and people get married when I was twenty intact, went and started kickboxing. My my instructor did not like it did not like one of my structures in particular did not like it didn't think I needed to do it and to thought it could get everything that I needed at there, but I knew that wasn't true. As I was gonna gems again box. Stop? And I was like a gram get my bell: we're on our need to learn how to use my fucking hands better and I start going to box and gems, and these there was very ill. You couldn't do that you weren't supposed,
Do that like they were little bit lenient with main because they knew owes a lawyer, and I was instructor. I will try, learn things, but when you go to a confused cool, if you saw Euro Karate School they fuckin beat. You like. The people would really kick your ass if they thought your leaving to go train with a cry SK allow. It was real weird, so back in the day, Bruce Lee was the only guy. He was training in Wing Chung and quite a few other martial arts he studied. But then he started. Studying western boxing started, studying wrestling start studying judo and you know: did some grappling training with Jean Labelle, who is supposed to kind of represent the Brad Pitt Character because the bread, but in a different way the bribe characters ultimate bad ass stunt, guy movie and human brutally gettin a fight in you know he kind of takes Bruces ass right. He really fucked him up really fucked in the kitchen. You're fuckin car affords the door the real story when, silly met. Judo Jean labelling, two dodging the boughs stunt man and he's a fucking guerrilla. He was a hope
have you ever lied, heavyweight judo champion and of fuckin bare of a man, and he just picked brutally up. Like you pick up you me and walked around with them on his shoulder like getting at, is being too with them in and brutally like. Ok, teach me and brutally him train together and even in a few came a death when the opening scenes he gets this guy, it's either in a cruise Victor an arm bar I forget, but he gets his Ghana submission technique which would be in the very first ever Emma gloves like that. I don't know who invented those gloves who designed them, but those gloves, Bruce Lee was wearing in things, I'm a death. Those was a game of death or enter the drag oils gloves, I think, was game, a death, those gloves that he was wearing they were just like you see gloves just like Yossi gloves just a little bit little more puffy Yossi goes, but anyway he gets his do down. Get some fuckin arm, lock a tap some
That's Juno Jean Labelle Shetland Labelle taught him out of the stuff, but where I was It is like it's not impossible that brutally would get beat up by someone like Jeanne. The bell is in fact I would bet everything on it. I would bet of Fucking House brutally how to fight with Jean Nobel Jeanne. The bell would grab him and just like you would do you are just like you do me, he would choke him unconscious. That's just facts. This is just facts. That's not the problem!
They have that in the movie. That would be a problem. The problem is likely, they had brutally act like an asshole, and there was no real evidence of the act like that. He was certainly confident, but it is also because he was a brilliant man and he knew he was brilliant. He knew he was right. He combined all these martial arts was the first to combine things. He was a first gotta, take some of the kicks from Slovakia, which is like this french kickboxing style, and he would combine them with movement of fencing. He was a really interesting fencing how they had these big entries right anyway. He realized that there's like a technique to these big entries with the sword that could apply with a punch? And so he was an offensive in using everything he has a genius. So will we couldn't transect? He bade him out to be a Dick ward. But neither mountains like him. I don't think he knew him and it was more fun for him to make them out to be that way. Lower everybody, the movie with someone. Would they weren't right, like that, all the bands and failing ones spoiler? They turned the tables on them. They'll get killed. The innocent people die, it's a fucking. Wild seen the movie, the thing,
They made a guy who's, a beloved historical figure them out made out to be a dick. What it's like Doesn't whenever a whenever eloquent he's making these movies dishes, while ass movies does whatever you want? Yes, why those moves so great? I will never tell me what to do, but I'm insane. The only thing I didn't like was that this guy who's this now it's easier and equivalent in other sports like priestly, it's hard to say because wasn't really a competitor right here, maybe like one karate match that was recorded, I'm sure yet some Jim fights everybody got involved. Martial arts had some kind of Jim fights where they were the fight to Jack. Is there someone vocational transcended, their transcended, their sport, a little not now, but but with other, then, like think of any other sport of that era and or in its more than a sport rights. Fighting is like a little bit more personal. What one person transcended the whole
art like Bruce, lead it yet hard. I mean the only guy that comes to mind. I did that dynamically as such a remarkable ass. They like Bow Jackson, is maybe the most impressive. Quiet, humble athlete that art my generations ever seen. Bo Jackson was not only a pro baseball player but a pro football player and was fucking insane at both and when he was done because of injury. Unfortunately, He relegated himself to still becoming dislike. Very centred athlete this video of him. Putting bow and arrow with his toes and and ripping bulls eyes. I mean he's an incredible dynamic athlete whose very quiet humble and was always kind of guy who never boasted the way that his image was put up right like his which was put up to a degree that was like to one of the greatest like bono's. He was a campaign. He became a superstar, but his images basins accomplishments. Nowadays Now talk that I'm saying you did. The boat was never a guy that was very like in your face and loud and boy serenely guided a guy,
today would be like you know, like Ojo Simcoe, you know a catch all he'd, all those guys, you they're big flashy, they talkers omby amby shit. De on Sanders, a better example of a guy who's of water and a baseball player. In the Andean broke Showtime. All he did was talk about how good he was, but wasn't That way, but but in my opinion, was the most dynamic athlete ever saw as a kid you fuck used to break baseball bat over need when a young lad. If he struck a meter- and it looked like a look at me- crack and a twig mean, but if you find her, the view of him shooting there, both it's the most impressive thing, I've ever seen in my fuckin life. He believed he Wilson and makes all of it himself at his house. He lives up in the wood somewhere swiftly cartoon he is. He was on my friend, Steve or Nels podcast he's in either he's in credit, really interesting episode. Yeah, so yeah he's a beau making shop, they really the bow hunting, but now he can't draw back anymore His shoulders are so fuck yourself from football that he has to use across bono.
Armenia is he's one of those guys. That was. I guess that the only way I can compare him is just his. You miss he was overwhelming? He never really was allowed boisterous guy when he both when he played an after his career. So that was using that, I think, would parallel brutally cause everything I know about brutally is like to, but he this is my difference. He was a super accomplish athlete. Personally was movie guy yeah, there's a movie star, but Euro yeah, I guess it's true, but of a mean, but for New sang from your perspective, saying like hee hee, was a Marshall artist, yet right for donor than isn't that still true. Without the movie shed, he was a phenomenal martial arts whose definitely phenomena Marsh just didn't compete didn't really compete. Well, yeah. I guess that part of it, but I mean like. Can you not compete and still be the top of a thing I mean? Is that possible? No you know, that's the one thing that if I was going to make an argument against me as commentator for the economic framework may IBM phenomena like it's kind of hilarious, and I'm accommodated for Emma who know I'm a fan
at night, no, mostly what I'm talkin about, and I have a comment and that's on a contract that you must know most of what I've done. What I know mostly what I'm talking about when it comes to rustling like I've. Really, it's really interesting were to work with Gaza, Dominic crews or work with Daniel Cornea Daniel Chromium, particularly when the best restless to ever compete, never main eyes may any an active wrestling coat and Dominic does allow coaching too and La Mme coaching too, but both gas are so good at breaking down the technical aspects of it. It makes you realize how Lily really know about. Certain specialities. You know, but they good at what you did of the differences. Are they good at all sorts of collecting, emotion and public, the public of viewpoint that that's the difference? I can give expert analysis of ground fighting ground fighting. I can give expert leg. Just you know not a blow my born, but I know what's going on like the way a lot of people know what's going on with boxing, I can tell you what's going on with jokes and when
when zones in trouble when someone's not- and I could see it because I've been strangled a million times, see we're his dry know what that is somewhat disguise. Trouble like in some people can't see that most Mme fighters at a certain point time. They know most basic shit in terms of positions and when things are dangerous, is balanced. Stuff gets exists. Neck like weird rubber guard transitions are or strange chokes. I people invent new chokes. All time is always like something new that you haven't seen before, how the fuck did you do that they have to go back and watch it again that you people think how many people think that you did fight now. Think anybody does he think it now. I know I kick boxed and I mean if anyone looks out my record at three kickboxing fights and I don't know how type Renault fights alot, probably hundred dollars. Your record, I dont know I had two and one in kickboxing lost my last kickboxing fight, but as far as type when no, I have no idea. I won,
the masters State Championship four years in a row, and I want- and I think it's called the American Open, which is a big turn on for the one I came in second place in the US cop. That was a big thing in that was in Connecticut, and I fought the national champion in the finals and I thought I'd beat him. That was when I was like one thousand nine hundred and twenty. That was when I was at my best when I was around twenty one before I tried out for the national and try was going to try to make the olympic team that's what I was starting to box and kick box, and I was losing faith I wonder how I was realizing that there is. I had a distorted perception of what I could do so just wait a year you away more engage with boxing than you ever would like. I was getting beat up, yeah, that's what it was. I would go to these kickboxing gems and when I would just bought when I kick box guys, I can kick them so hard. They couldn't get close enough to box my allotted time, sidekick em in the arms and kick them and they build what the fuck.
And then I could, even though my hands worn, is good, as does my legs were so much better clarify these guys couldn't kick at all, so we lawns starting at a distance. I could slammed my legs into them and they just be terrified like so many guys just be ruinous. Try not to get hurt rank as some can kick, and you can kick there's a terrible feeling somewhat serious care, so much care then taken up because punches and I feel like you like again in a fistfight if someone fuckin kitchen fistfight item or done. I'm gettin it's in Gaza, Hain, folder, so much mass in the leg, so they're so heavy. You don't realize how hearted, as until you get hit even just getting hit me arm if it fuck insult so bad with some slams, their shin in your arm, like my mother, Fucker, Itzhak Stewed, but when I was boxing would do tat again lit up in particular, there is this one: do there is a box with his name was dangerous, Dana rose and Black You want to become the Massachusetts or the New England, middleweight champion really good guy, and I was
sparring with him a lot in the beginning. He was being my ass and I was like damn this kid wants to fight way more than I do. Zones are doing comedy the time and start to realize. I gotta pick one of these In addition, as I was getting into kickboxing around twenty one was when I got into commonly right run after twenty first birthday, and so when I was getting into Reich really into kickboxing was like twenty and twenty one and the same time I was thinking about doing, stand up and the same time as realizing type when those bullshit not not really bullshit but not for use in its incomplete. The problem is its incomplete. Some knows how to box like what someone close the distance on you. You don't know what to do in your hands.
Don't how to protect yourself. You dont know where the punches are coming from. You not used to it and you have to get used to it really only when he used to his to learn how to actually box- and I didn't know how to actually box until I was like nineteen and twenty when I started going to these other gems and then when I, when I realized I, these giant holes trying out for type window, do intact. We know tournaments and still competed Integra, no, but less. I wasn't excited about it anymore because I realized like this is. If I want to be a complete Marshall artists like I want to follow, Bruces teaching, I've found a hole in my game left to patch. It harms there's a whole part that I thought I knew how to do, and I didn't I not a punch things, hundred proposed things hard, but you think that's boxing until someone pops who, with a double jab left, hook pop up back and you like- oh no. What is this? Not a sickness when technique comes to play? That is, is a lean hand. Uppercut you just fuckin chin where do you think? That's all that's also cause you like Europe assessed as a human
You are Europe's S, a fine, the next level of thing, so your levelling up to like tech went out just became kind of boring to you to wasn't there, because I still wasn't the best in the country in I'd lost in the finals to the guy who's is Korea, Jabbar think his name was here. He sounds good. He was good, very good whose national champions, arrange a bars are lost a decision about, I'm telling you I thought or one that, but there is a lot of wacky decisions and type window. I mean I definitely lost a lot of fights, but those ones that are one that I didn't get the decision. Is it appoints system yeah. But it's weird points estimates very similar to boxing where are you know you, like you decide what years aside, I never understood by love boxing watching my amendment. I think that I dont get. I still don't get boxing scoring when you're like what, where do they come up with these, not just people that aren't good at it? You know, if you had guilty boxing judges like that's what The love about harmony is Harold Letterman as to do that, but the Hughes to tell you what the score was. He would tell you with the score
as you know like so you would say. This is how I have it in They Rosaria has been doing the best work and to break down the fine right. It was is part of that, but was on, but he wait. I wasn't bored with it in that chief, the highest of heights. It was, I realize it at holes in it like big holes, big halls, big holes like vows and street fight with one those boxers, and I was in a bar where control kick out being deep, shit, yeah, deep shit and silent box, but that was rider silk. My spirit, like them no expert, that's my point like I'm not a guy who should be explaining like everything, that's going on you, but it's entertaining that's it at work. We talk about before the show all these ineffective, as are mad cows. Many Roma gotta. Seventy million dollar contract hollow and their way better than him on the field than he ever was on the few lobbies. Gotta get paid way lesson. This dude was not how the fuck is this to get, hey just talking. You need to check what that's what makes guys, like me, Sanders the andean so flamboyant, because that's where you get money outside of just playing with the truth,
skies like Roma, he he does have and this something that you would share his acumen for. The guy it is so strong, but his also like his opinions or so real dad. He not trying to save a job a lot of times he's announcers. They struggle Save a job like doing the right thing: man safe. Yes, there they have their own writing. He doesn't give a fuck he'll call out, Officer, a defence and say well. This is why they fucked up that last play, and I think America goes. Oh shit, that's great! That's cool two no versus someone just going here is the play in the play and that's what happened in ok here next eminent just get people get bored of the same kind of announced, it's also. His insight is gonna, be so much better than anybody who has played the game, so close just came out to feel yeah he's. Actually that's why you see that oh great job, with guys like Michael Bisbee, there was a former middleweight champion. He did a lot of commentary now he's great.
Do you see Deasey commenting Donna crews, Paul Felder, whose greater to her and all these guys that have fought before, especially at the really highest level, maybe thoughts when the guys are doing cometary, for they give real insight as to set things is guy does what they train for tendencies to do any these ex fighters ever become trainers, precocious Alyosha, a lot of us because that's like the thing in the NBA is like become a coach. Like they all want to become a coach, not not as Montoni NFL but NBA, specifically its big with yeah. But you know what makes me sad when fighters become coaches and then give that will they all get fat lot of get that not all louder and louder. I do not want to call anybody out. There was a white there's, a bunch of boxes. There's a bunch and Emma may, and then you see, I'm in your down, do what's Goin on new training, a meeting where wandered on fighting men did just done. Just that. Well, because a lot of these efforts they spend their to every waking moment like not doing the fucked up thing that we all get to do
and so them when they get a break. I think at some point there like fuck it tat, was one of the reasons why it so impressive that a guy like George Saint Pierre, takes four years often comes back by than ever, because he never saw training right. Are you really never stop? Training is he's a marsh artist raised, not just a fighter. He fights professionally and he's a world champion buddies. Also, Marshall artist. That's what he is so he's always training a trains because he enjoys it so like. When I see a guy can it takes years off. You see him looks like a fucking Greek God he's sculpted. You know it looks perfect as long as he's taking a day off out of the gym, not as good, if not better than he did when he was to which employ the world looks amazing, but is more in line with no more fun, though, to see a guy like that is five year, like the fear. Like the fury, fight like what a story to tell for a guy to get fat and thin again, yes, but that's different, he's still a fighter sure he had just a depressed moment in his life, but we're talking about guys would become trainers after fighting right and the effect. That makes me sad
because I think they're sad well gap. There also missing out on the thing that they used to get to do I mean it's gotta be weird, put on a suit as a culture. A trainer whatever put on the proper gear, you're in you're, not doing the thing anymore and watching it ignored over its. I come I quit. Skip all my senior year, because I liked partying a lot, and I was I I say this. I value that I found drugs and I would like to take it easy basketball that I just I am an eye and a friend of mine invited me. I we're getting stone and invited me to go to a game. We knew one of the rival school. Guys were plain. We want to see him afterwards and I went- and I was baked out of my head, but I was set seeing the bleachers watching them play in a piece of it killed me. I didn't think it was gonna fact because I was, I I'm over basketball, never gonna play college. It was fun while it lasted get a move on, but it did kill me a piecemeal sittin there being like fought this sucks. It like. I remember what that felt like that thing and when I got taken wave that when I took away from myself it does fuck you up its exciting
stays in your brain yet visited playing a game. You chair, they're, trying to win too the balls go on there. No it's over here I want to try to grab of President Bashar makes you feel you here all right. It's like you! You would like you retired, if you retired from comedy, and if you want who see a stand up show it would eat you alive. I probably unless you are done as you're really done, are Really can ever be done not me now, but on some people who, but who do? You know that of the great that you love and respect are just done at some point, Steve Martin. He shall torn torn now yeah, but not really isn't too and stand up he's doing this to man show with Martin Short. Were there I watched it. They do stand up be bits, but I also Think Steve is got music. The music bug took over which to me still the same parallel still performing any music bug took over like will you had a bag, I mean. Don't you remember like his stand up albums.
Yet music talk due to do. He had a bunch of us now he's like us outright musician at all. He wants to hear it. I get so that to me all the same. There. That is just doing it differently, but he still more so it to me. I wasting when someone goes algae and when I retire, taking ever gonna fuckin retire from comedy. Unless it tells you you gotta, go away anything comedy utterly we ever quit. I think it's just me Like the real thing resent you can still do it right. Why would you stop you don't find it is me I mean we talked about this poor like I feel bad for people can kill here. It's weird, never Phil. You ve never felt at one stage in the o, r, unjust rock the house. It's feeling royal and when you are new punch I'm paying him on the head when you know it.
Coming to the way it feels, and you see people happy you look out is hardly smiles. Yeah I've always had a good time right. Everybody's happy feel that you feel it you're making people feel good about half a cat. That's why I think it would be really hard to. We took a very sad will it be a sad a sad moment till I give that up. I feel like that. You know they say when a guy retires at twenty die. Sometimes my old man, retired shit he's it's different. Did his lust for life is a little bit different? now like he's going through waves, he's gettin better, but it's weird man. It just feels like he's a people person, he wants to be your own people Another doesn't have any more. I might go, get a fuckin shitty job at Vienna, clothing stores, because I can get a bullshit jobs you can talk to. People has been at that houses miserable that he doesn't do shit all day. He watches Fox NEWS needs beef. Work on my feet. I forgot about our stood. Did Fox NEWS is designed for old it's on loop and made it an loop
in the living room, so many old people want to go over their house there watching Fox Fox NEWS, Fox NEWS, white men over sixty mandatory what's fox shake their head, I can't believe these lives, yet I can't believe them at at Lahti, Robert longer. Why they try to sneak in. I don't believe I dont trust They run into so much material. Sometimes when I come home to my my my parents house and if run out of material, to talk about on Fox NEWS and they start getting real. Having to pop culture. That's when it makes me laugh when these derelict you see what area Grundy was doing the other, definitely better. They gotta nothing to talk about their just blood there empty at some point. Well, it's linear guys like this. Closer opinion shows as yet Our new show their mostly opinion chair news as part of its opinion. It sissy too weird time- and you know what's really interesting to me too, is like if a liberal goes on food
Fox news digging tonnage shit, guinea. The presidential candidates have been on Fox NEWS, like I think Yang. I know, burn he's been on Fox NEWS and I think tall sees deftly been on Fox NEWS as well. Yeah and people just get real man at them. Because it's too, if there's this thing over there talking those propagandists If you just it's like it, some it's like the way the people talk about use. Funny when they're like you know when they label you with something Others are doing whatever there's our bug. Bargain was there to look and see. I just wonder, but his skin poetry, pulling back with fishing where to keep it up on his head. It seems he seems. Oddly stiff, you don't say, yeah like it seems like everything's pulled like there's, not a. I expect a certain amount of laxity in a man's face when it reaches a certainty,
particularly around the forage area. Just not seen it seen any move many there, which makes me wonder about that. I don't want to see expressions in your forehead worry is his lack. He is a very big they his. He lacks the ability to have like a cohesive story like he's not could it being addressing him talk the kids by the pool. It's the weirdest fuckin tighter was Harry legs. What the fuck is like it'll toolbar little black heads he's going black ears were come up and see my hair go up in bubbles. Come up that's my hearing, what the fuck, I just think his brain, is, it is losing a lot and I tweeted some. This morning there was someone put a video of a calls on the runway on a cat walk in there, all tripping and falling of the same spot. These dumb shoes, their entering- and I was like this- is biting brain cells. It's like they think there right path that they get all this partner. They just can't fucking. Did you see the thing he was talking about God, creating women now and then and then
called his white? As you know, the you know, I forget what it was. I forget what the gaff was, but it was one of those we list to make what you'd? What are you saying like it's? It's like. He has no brakes his car. As you want to go another hills, I got Jews. I had a vulgar juries. I hit the Wall fire it as care. Remember. The word creator revert refers to. God is the thing I, like that more than the honor you know what I think I have a different take on, let's play so what I want to have a different take is why listen to Us- and I know what he's doing, what do you think it is for the bottom on the second, where he doesn't want to hear these should be self evident? All men are created by going. You know that you know that this pause. You can't be present at stop, please pause. Listen, we can't play games your folks. This is a really old man can't talk. I this is not a joke, exam Now you know the thing play that again put them. Yet this should get you
into a mental hospital. They should be like hey Joe you are right. We always used to be self evident that no I'm afraid of fire go. You know this. You know he had three strokes while he was saying that the first one, what does that word self evident? Is that what he said these truth to be self evident, but is downright it ll hear it again. Doesn't do it quick way, always your research, What has happened over the lebanese drunk their deeds either drunk I can't tell me where it is true. Jabez all evident he shouldn't be doing this initial evident and any says when he goes. He could, You said all men and women are created and he couldn't you said equal and guy. Not having been like Fuckin brook. Instead, he goes. Why you wriggly. I think he didn't want to the creator, because a lot of the religious thing yet with our people, that would say what would you trying to say even evolution on not are you.
In tonight's Joe Biden, Bro binds denier, that's it, but that's part of the problem. All these any did my biggest beef anybody, the Democratic Party when you watch these debates, is We all want to say the thing that they really feel, but their tiptoeing cause they're scared over their fuckin mines. Someone going up. Did you born just sets and she's. Not disuse and he trans, because she referred to you know they did their waiting for them to fuck up well they're, making people behave the way they would like them to be right there there, Orson compliance right. Meanwhile, Trump is just like Trans. Exact, unfair, fuck, em all think because it get with shit we're trying to find a yesterday. You find that thing for two Tanya Mcgrath COD. I love that dude he's got damning everybody eye to eye with the data we was gray, but he does his perspective on. Chaos is so perfect cause. He just takes a little. It takes a how a little bit how done they are and just shows every body- and it says
how much a little dumb tweet says everything you need to know what has happened today that was phenomenal, primarily as a conflict. Second, it was. There was a series of it was a tweet in response to a series of tweets about, remove, a lot of women are woman. Now a female human and then people are saying: that's a trans, phobic dog, whistle issue that immediately and then he's like It's true that you know by a large. I forget, the exact females have never been women or women have never been. Females are suddenly on humanitarian aid with it. It's like it. So very it reason between all therein. They took down the flower tweets as its responses picture, so I M showing, where its
there are twenty hours to go. This is two days ago, maybe three days ago, so you'll see there's a flag and eradicated. That's it Vampa see first one go to the first. One say that there does this good, it says: Hey Sefton counts oh flag? Flying at the moment is a hostile, Transphobia dog whistle recognise is a symbol and brand of one of Britain's most outspoken, invisible, trans and anti attack. Artists sees me antagonist and the leader of a transfer of a cake group, ok that while he might be telling the truth there, though, I might be something that, like really anti trans people do flies a flag. Even though it is just the definition of woman them that might actually be It could be please that thing is like one thing is what it is, what it is
but if that something, if it has like some logo on it, that represents some anti Trans group does right to fight over does because I am who should know because it's either one of two things: either it's crazy to say that its transfer, because all all it is the biological scientific definition of a woman and its woman empowerment, is maybe the initial intention was to be like women were we. Women, but you know that all it might be some foggy. The hat say: go women now, if its women versus Trans, where you can say, go women if its women versus met right right, I can't say: go women if its women versus trends will make a transit. When a woman, you know what I said, a women joy say get back in the kitchen she produce. That's why you're belongs. You do say nice yeah, that's a sick, fuck and terrible so find out. If that that flag actually is the flag from a hate group legacy. If there was a transfer week like loses its imagine someone who's like hey, I don't think Trans women should fight by law.
Go women and not tell them that they used to be a man for thirty years, which is my position, What could got me called Transphobia? That's not really during well, because I really don't care. If you trans, I'm happy for you, five makes you feel better to be a woman or for better to transition to a man. Congratulations really resident and adopt the area, but there are groups out there that dont, like Trans people, like literally dont, like them and think that they're all insane and then they all should be committed to mental institution and that they should have the she'd never call them. Other female name me should never treated like they're, a woman. Maybe that was the head of that group. That's a different perspective There was a council use tweeting at its government building, which is why I have a hard time believing that right at the eyes, why? Unlike what? Who put the flag up or the flag Cosette Clip,
in council. You click on that Clifton, Council and sue whom they are here, but that I think, but that's the problem is like look like there's a difference. There is, but also do you think, do you think that that it and just blankly, do you think that was the intention of that flag? I think most likely evolves. Gonna fly flag. That said woman. Now, a biological female I was saying that a biological mail is not a woman. That's private also sure depends on why they're saying it. Are they saying it because these Trans women are encroaching on female spaces likes female sports or they saying it because they don't think it's morally right for someone to transition and become a woman me why the same question
It's not what it is, because what it is in arguable. Yes, that's what a woman s, but the question is: do you think that a trans woman is the same as a biological woman in terms of liked, thus respect they deserve and whether or not you should treat them in a friendly manner right, whether new or whether you should discriminate M or be allowed discriminate against. That's. Where gets weird right here I mean, I think I hear all this stuff, and I I just I think about that asteroid. That's supposed to and unlike hurry up, I don't give a fuck anymore, I'm just as we ve gone through the black leather gonna think we'll get through trans people. No! No, me. No I'm saying we dont with all this nonsense. I think global warming is gonna, be good for us. I think we deserve to get out of here little while what he told you might even user. I think everything to start from scratch. I think we need to get fucked off. This planet. Earth needs start again without us an aggregate into we're getting too heavy or summons?
so your quitter em I'll, hang I'm done besides quitter untie, I'm done. The real problem is people trying to get people to comply with their perspective and not recognise and other people's perspectives and then being like militant about supporting their side. You have it like look at an educated person is cool with almost every one doing what they want, what they place right so over. They do indeed most educated people would go. Do you care about Trans? I go. I hope therefore can happen. I don't care, I don't care what anybody wants to do that as long as it makes them happy and that's a part of their life that they choose to do that? No one's force them to do I hope that their happy I, why would I? Why would I care, I think, only only uneducated people have a tough time, accepting somebody else's needs or wants to be. What is society doesn't deem the norm yet more insecure yeah that? But it could have you if you, if you're fuckin, educated you'd, you
other things to think about into worry of us educated people that are bigots, sure sure, but I do think it's more rare to, but I think there's a lot of really time. People that honours kid. I think we'll eat or ignorant, perhaps me that's the thing, maybe there's a lot of a dog tags, solicitous, there's members of my view, no family or friends or people who we know quite educated, who are ignorant towards people, so they never meet Trans person, so there a little weary of them, perhaps doesn't mean they hate that it means they might go no manner. You're fuckin, seen one. I mean, let's be honest before people felt we'll comfortable honest. They still don't really but they're more comfortable, now think coming out than ever before. Your people, it was your cap many. But but my point is it wasn't that many of them, like we're tents, rose humbly Trans Caspian, your high school zero? yeah, but also their probably work if they wanted to be transit. Jerusalem suicidally had this weird bar on them. That was because, what's weird, it's like the bars been lifted in some way.
More bars, you're gonna get lifted. That's my whole thing to what else is next fox skin people on earth they think there? you ever go when I had other? I went to high school some kids at that there were animals for shorter here, there's always a good kid where's airs and prancing. The hallway furries varies now. People are like MIKE he's funny. Man, eaters legal imply, think it together. They have a good time. You know it those very convincing I seen of cereals that it always told that's always sexual, like it always turns into its never its ever heard like we just do this, This is how we feel exactly like a fuckin costumes. That's what it is you take. A peak is the way the woodpecker dolls about the fucking relatives, Herpes ridden deck and it was This is a personal experience. What happened is a person another there, I'll sweaty staff infections. Imagine the perfect job for one of those kids in high school that wanted to be an animal, is mass got for sporting team. That's the best there, just in their jerking off in between as I disguise runnin around everybody's going crazy. Nobody knows
We really are under the age of Diane silly Deploy, hottest falconer. Though it's got so we What does I went to a baseball game when I got home the other day, and I was like I wonder how much they make. I wonder what the theme in the, if, if they only do it, because it's a free, trip to the to the game. Is there's no way to career? You can't make a lot of money do and I can't imagine I would imagine or make a lot of money and first volume replaceable or year just put it that help it head on someone else not unknown. Do we get to know your done with you Dave I around. We know it's my entire, my nephew. Instead, whenever this mass got Word Raw Mcdonald Y yeah, unlike our member, there was some Mcdonald's me. I'm remembering this incorrectly, but didn't they used have MC dot. Would you can meet Renault Mcdonald Elsa Mcdonald's to be yet it did. The figure himself was at charity. Events allowed or like you could like a monopoly, got dressed up like em, though well yeah, but it wouldn't be at it wouldn't be.
Location just random day. There was always like Deronda Mcdonald S for the children sponsorship and they would do likes. You know they would do a lot of events. He was He was out a little bit more, but it's almost like Santa Claus type deal totally mean if Raw Mcdonald S for too much money, the boy bitch. Nobody knows what you really let's get the wrong idea when I use the same knows that we got Ronald in Kansas is way better than you do. Worshippers emails is the same size. Your nose to switch the little red thing mascots for fast food is very interesting. I've never thought about that. Why that exists? Burger king never had once for kids the rope and kids in, but why did? But why? when these has Wendy Cute little girl much one go there in your birth talk about as our hydro, you know him do you know him a hundred taco no proposal now is not a real thing. It loads.
For a while, yet that I was allow who isn't it. You know, that's a comic now, that's a comedian does avoid Carlos acquisition is at its most name heat, the guy from we. Don't I'm on one he didn't yeah. Do you care about was Carlos echoes, looked at up to make sure that I'm not out of my head, but yet he did that campaign. You'll get a couple bill. You have a burger king, never how they did need one at the king Member they have always commercialism. Doesn't talk doesn't say, anything is not really like. A fate is just like a symbol more than eight, and I guess Wendy's didn't talk much either. What was your fat out? No negative, Thomas though he was the great emanates from Columbus. I know a lot about it, but when these would be from Columbus here we had white castle. That was, our trash has had its interesting. If you have somewhere like in and out the dozen they do, they dont do fast. Food now really fast food needs pretty fast, but the way,
it's me actually medium for tackling the actually cook it right there. When you get its way better. By far, is someone close Sola give you could go by Burger King and you see like the drive, and that might be one person there have. By an amount that motherfuckers around the block. Never not always. Never not. Pact is always a line in its because it's a better product, but how come they don't Nobody else is: go hey. I got an idea which one of them make a better. Did you watch the founder me? That's why I found her the founder air, but how they made. It is about to be the because we found it became a production line and they learn that shipping burgers frozen was way more efficient and they lost less product and they also cause them. Nothing in and out was willing to take ahead because they were a family run business and they were like there's. Only three locations will do better product for a little bit higher price at and not franchises. Because now that you can only French as it if your member of their family, you know that the good keep it up? with it wherever they know you,
you can only buy. You can only open a franchise if you are an extended member of the original family, I'm happy yeah. Couldn't you graduate their great cause, if they went the other way, it would go to shit. We do need raw onions on Will double son is the best so good. It is the basis, but the thing about it is its. Does nothing comparable, does no one else is doing except five guys, there's. No one else is doing I'm only shake your final night. If I got five guys you take a walk out, burger now to how dare you both but fast ardor look fabric is a sit down restaurant in Lhasa in Southern California. That's like us, sit down that bergs pretty good and water burger fabric are on the same level. To me, they're, like you sit down when you eat nobody drives through fabric, that's true but may be fat. Burger should be on that list. Essential burger stands or thing here that really don't exist lot of light. There are alot of still small places. That is a thing like that. Burger doesn't have the kind of clientele base that in and out does
by this I better that's what is good, but I would also argue I don T know about drafters why, when they have a draft for a, but I bet you I bet you I bet you has led to a strategic location as well. In an hour, puts himself in places where they know they're going and others of there's a fat, burger right, appear, inventories and a great spot, and that usually gets up people in there, but I'm saying it's never got the Catalans, but he's right, it's a drive through the thing is fabric. They do the same thing. They took it right then, when you order it not only What I'm until it is difficult to get out of the house and eat one of those someone have in and out you only one of us will really glad forestry and, unlike that, Anna, like five guys, is not to drive through either that's a fuckin. What's that the came to allay everyone freed up steak and shake shack notice from New York. Shake check that had a huge line. Four months must pass okay, but it's like a gourmet version of all that I have
rise, which is the problem, is a core maids, Google, Yahoo or May chef may not replace that was in no higher that was outside of the funnybone know what was ablaze premises. Commonplace until you really wanna get it. I'm shack thing, some shake shack state of steak and shakes taken together. That same might have occupant, dumb ass had those two like that one might dumb ass. If those who can also have not even hamburger those are technically state parties are staked burgers, a really ethical old, but they have that Columbus Chile with spaghetti skyline. Chile, that's a Cincinnati thing. Yeah, but they have that no Columbus. Oliver, that's all over the MID West said that that really does Emily was spaghetti. They do a parity, goddamn good. When you drunk do go to Chile. John here in the valley universally John to know they do that. Aren't you know Chile, Johnson Burbank, you have heard of it. That's what you do there was a guy from then where's. He put one over there there's a few places.
Conklin here about when you like. That's real, did you lose a twenty four hour, stay cows and downtown airway? What Pacific dining car legit twenty four hours it down ass. You and I can Are there tonight at four in the morning, I can get a legit stake like a fuckin bone in Ribby, medium rare manage, but tat is if we have again sour cream and gibes gate, a comment of a herd of this before off. I haven't eaten added of even the one in Santa Monica save, but one of the writers for which shows on forgot, which writer come about, but it was quite a few years back. I looked into it. There's a twenty four hour: Pacific Dining car in downtown
Twenty four hours, you're, the only guy I've ever had steak with at one thirty in the morning for nearly a hold we do. My thirty six years have been in the earth and you're the only guy there we go on tour together, it'll, be me and you and will be late night NEO go you're hungry Nego year, but usually now just Siena whatever eat some small and quick. You look. Let's go get a big fuck off stake. Well! Well, if you as the good thing about going big cities, like New York Chicago there's, always some weird spot re opened, real late in a clock. In the morning kitchens open the three year really and if we call in there lay unlike job eloquent, were open open that we just reopened, we but we re only had to happen a couple times as very nice been great. It's been grip. Those Dallas right, then we do somebody endows in Dallas to the data with their lawyer, who lay nights take after a fucking great show ice. Now it is, it is the best
at late night eating his changed comedy will change the way you eat it so funny when you're young in comedy you, you eat a certain way. You don't have any fuckin money and then, when you get to get in along in your career, you get to eat better and you eat so different. Your hours change so weird like when people ask me what time a lunch, for some, like all that shit is depending on where I am and where I'm going to say it's not good to eat late at night, and I think really it's just food. I think the real problem is eating too much, food. So when I eat late at night, I don't eat the next day until one in the afternoon relator. I don't eat breakfast most time very late at night I get up and work out a do somethin I might not eat until two or three right? So they say it's what you need is not when you leave, you feel when you we may, if you eat, then you go to sleep. That's not. The best really should be moving around your bike, proud digest things we have better, but though the real problem is watching when you're on the road, but so easy bullshit.
So easy to fuck off and starting candy and eight. Whatever nonsense trail makes you see at the fuckin. This bullshit everywhere could pretend the trail mixes nutritious It's got nuts in it right. It's got! Eminem Lydia! You beat you just eight three bags of eminent you, you ate so many eminence and then also chocolate chips and yet even better, which are the battle that fact that access for her- that's not good, for you know That's good now, and especially when I go on the road you know like I like the sauce or, if I go to a bar, I'm gonna have the sauce and I'm gonna have a couple of wings to part of the thing yeah, it's just so hard to not do that. We, especially after tired, the thing about those shows, too is expression. We have knights, were due to shows yeah, you're, fuckin cooked As you know, you put out a lot of energy and there's a lot of concentration involves lotta anticipation that, when their over, like fuck I'm hungry because
if we do to shows that means, we're, gonna, do and ate and attend the meanest that the ten is over at midnight dish we're gonna eat somewhere around one. That means we're not eating betweens, I won't eat broad, two hours before shops. That means that eighty six right, so you know it's like sex Eight hours later, you're Fuckin star a ravage, here's a star of less than we did that we will meet in Tony weekend we ate at four thirty. We had dinner, they often geriatrics eating dinner and at one thirty in the morning. But if you do that, you get real fuel for the show either go for it shows the kiss of death can't do it. He had just slowly to down too much. Yet it was. U dont against you. Have you I'm trying to and I'm trying to be more focused on like when I get hotel. I just go right to the jammed up: that's gonna! Do it painful man, but it's a thing you have to do like this is what I do. I don't have an option. Yesterday, the gems yourself an option, you fuck you're fucked. While I dwell,
so just get to the hotel jerk off and the now right, every single time I go, I'm gonna nap and jirga. There's no way. I'm not gonna. Do this and now a jerk off in the gym dozing, as I always have phone calls and have to make or emails have to answer, and if I start can around those things. It could be an hour lay, and then I want you to video. Is I'm real after Google how fuckin the next thing you know I'm down rabbit Hall an hour and a half later I'll, tell myself yet what I think I've got a good bit right of this fuckin Depriving mantis bit is gonna, kill these Mongols with their flying eagles that they used to kill wolves. I think there's something in that, but it does Sometimes you do get such a good bit from going on these stupid little wormholes. For no reason how did people every right, jokes and eightys on you know how I did it and others is so much more answer. There was so much more observation like that's like assigned filled era of like leather, you get on a bus, you get in a trance unicycle every that's. My airplane jokes got cortical played out because it was like that everyone was that's all people had there wasn't a fucking,
they were walking around with the internet in their pocket and comics will always but airplanes zeros travelling here would be hotel room service knock knock, do not disturb like all these dreams. What does do not start mean in spanish. The maid comes in common rocker. Yeah I know it's all they were sitting outside it gives a being an impression of Jerry, but now just the idea that that era was light. There is limited. Subject matter these limited things talk, but do you think that bubble that comedy Bob from then is the same as now or now is bigger, I'll think the bubbles the same thing the bubble that people had the eighties is like people just falling in love. A stand up comedy like this is what we have to realise, and this is where it's really crazy. It's really hard to imagine, but this is true. We think about the bubble. Let's go back
nineteen eighty stand up comedy and cherries sign fell. Please welcome this guy in that guy. In all these different comics that were really popular in in the eighties, that was only forty years ago. Ok, so you go forty years before them. Nothing, you have no stand. I mean you literally have jokes, you guys, you do m c work at different clubs that bring up a band and then they'll do like the Rickles thing. The pic on guys, the audience and then Lenny Bruce comes along in the fifties and the late late fifties in the sixties and Lady Bruce gets arrested a bunch times for talking for explaining, thanks for talking about We really sees the report free using words that are forbidden for talking about subjects that are taboo. He does a different thing. Nobody done that before this new thing and then more solid does like political humor and then George Carlin changes from being this, like John
Carson type, seven minutes set on late night tv guy with Sudan to being this hippy? Who talks about the dirty word? You can't use on television, seven dirty word here and everything shifted that all that didn't happen that long ago, in the nineteen eighties, people still understand what it was. So a guy we go on stage and they look like a comedian, see assumed he was a comedian because he knew how to talk like a comedian. What's goin on what is wild cat, I have taken place miles. I gotta go I got a mouse. Let's get on together, do as calmly that wasn't really comedy. It's like they were almost like premise, merchants and they never figured out how to bring it to real comedy? They just had a bunch of tricks and a bunch of like half duct tape, premises, But they sounded like a comedian. I mean I'd, when my wife, if that's what you need to do you go right ahead,
and everywhere. I had only last really hard, but then they get like that, there's a rhythm going on. They think they should go along with those guys get into the workplace right. They become part of the ecosystem and they D actually Hadley careers and to be their boats, start taken water and they drown now sink, and then they all went away. Give you you go back to those days of the eighties, then the early Ninetys there was a whole bunch, of comedians that were doing some weird things. They were like mimicking the sound of stand up comedians and talking about things that comedians talk about, but they were missing. Like you know what you have cement, you got a bunch of shit, but you only have three of those things you just get. This slide. Is this means that our southern they have rights missing? Something tat was a different boom. There was like people didn't know a comedy. Was
I gotta go see some common or at the local Kommeni hot in here comes the guy at the time rolled up. Please now there s now, it's an obsession now comedies become like this. The phantom, I think, is something that I can't articulate its while to watch carefully different. It's just I mean you ve seen way more than I have in that but even when I first started in comedy I just the phantom wasn't the same: wasn't people didn't lose it they do now when they meet all of these comic and see them live. I think it's a good thing is just wild to see it become bigger than stand up a little. I am indeed it is a weird thing. It's weird thing for sure, but I think one of the things is different is how prolific the comics of today are and how much stuff there put now. If you look at a guy like or alley long or I mean look at anybody who wrecked Segura someone who regularly cranks out really good specials, like the outputs, incredible united,
so let's wasted two years or so they're putting out this murderous new special and their constantly working at, and that just didn't happen before and binder was talking about that, binders, doing a document on the distorted something we were talking about, how he was saying that those days people the north that aren't they had one special, maybe and then the next budget would be years later, everyone every one again and they would have material that just was tried and true and they would stick with it in his eye. A common eu- and I see these guys is constantly Craig in over and turning over new material. And it's just it's a different kind of thing and the like. Those guys are talking about- they were before they're kind like comedians, but there are missing something with a really missing embracing it as an art form. There were used it is a way to try to get a sitcom. They are using.
It is a way to try to get fame entered to get trotted, get success, but they were in love with the idea of being an artist the word: I love the idea of crafting a new bit, trying it and tweaking in getting it going and making it happen. What am I doing wrong when my doing right? What's I do more, of which I do less of and then putting it altogether in this? fuck him like you're using alchemy man. You you got a sorceress. Had you mix in this bitch together too, mom suddenly gets his big giant, laugh what you ve conjured up some magic. You can get that big pop near the chemistry is unbelievable one when it work. Also when you say a joke one different way and you like fuck, doesn't go the way that it's also. I do that all the time on purpose and ruined jokes justice the economy is as I away by MIKE Fuck. What I rearrange the words that you have to think you have a certain number of sets right. You if you dont, rearrange the word. Sometimes you dont know that magic spot right, you miss the magic spot. You know it's like ever. Accidently almost give your misses the old one
hold on hold on the spot, and MRS Mann, like I love Tell her. I got his woes on accident. Whoops spur us on to say that on the internet from now I don't let her listen listening to this day, Jamie, don't laugh at that's not funny. Do ok, don't let that is not funny. I keep your worship Amy. I think your love love is out. The key means what he saying. I think what he's doing scared Shit serious thing he's talking, shut your wits, confusing you're right knows me some to your right, though, that pay that it was me the goal was like. Could I get us TVS special from an earlier series and now is changed so much that, like brothers, guys wanted to make it you know they wanted to be in. They want to be accepted. There the outside and they were hungry and ambition. And then he wanted to make it rained, they got in and when they got in, there were in fact Kennison doing a fuckin. Introduce John Bonn Jovi Video, like our shit, like your party, with those
yeah I mean they want to be fair, was therein fame was saying more appealing back. Ladies gentlemen, please well, I'm SAM killers in bad at that time, but raises, ladies and gentlemen. I know and sit down. The couch is like you're famous that'll be wanted. They wanted, they wanted to be the famous guy who did shows, and you did show like even Jenny. Who is one of my personal favorite, who is, in my opinion, one of the great unheralded committee, richer Jenin, rich agenda. We have fuckin amazing comic. He aided man, he didn't want to do the road he wonders had come. He wondered if you want to be a movie star, you wanna be Jim Carrier, Tom Cruiser or or someone else it come one they want to be signed felt it's funny cause. I guy. I do tv sometimes in you'd, give me shit about it all the fuckin time but like it will now, It fails in comparison to the way I feel about stand up, but it is something
still love the performance of it, but if you said I had to it begun to my face, there's no way I would give up. Stamina could couldn't do it. I mean my goal if, if, if my ultimate goal of some of the my goal is to tour for as long as I can to set two crowds that are there to see me that to me, There is nothing I could do on tv there's nothing! I there's no fuckin kid Tarantino role I could ever get that would feel as good as being in a room of people that fuckin paid money to watch you do it no way. I would give up the other shit now We know, of course, but there's nothing wrong with junior shit. We enjoy I give you a hard time because it's fun give your heart. I know you loved. You, love shitting me about your Lester. You ever look. I got to curb enthusiasm with Larry. David has different. I would never shown you that was a pinnacle found. My life thing I will, I told them. I would have paid the money to only a few times. Been so into a thing where I've been where I push wages ago, I'll fuckin
lose a lot of money just to have the opportunity to try. It is, of course, like Galifron acquisition, baskets annex I used to love. That show I mean it's, it's a great shout not you should, but I told even said I should tell them I will. I will do anything I'll be in the background, because I think that shows a fuckin good though you ever watch it not having heard God it was so just heard of just now. For the first time bad habits, it was a show, ineffective, Alfin Ex created boats on the I don't know still doing it. I dont know if it still on em, for I'm disconnected right now a loves actor you, since you can't keep up, there's two things That's the problem, I don't know what's on in, what's going on, what's coming any this their pass and by you in the net, but yeah we're working would like. Larry was like one of those moments of making him break out. That's what it really is. Making MAC I laughed to me was like yeah. Sorry, David man said beyond he's a wizard yeah he's a guy who I can tell his comedy was perfect for this. And not the stage. You know they talk about talks about not a good stand up. You can
You know why do ninety when you meet a computer, a media comedian and you go. I know why you're not a stand up your great at this thing, the its that's exactly what he is he's a genius with this live interactive aspect of acting comedy. He said good at that in writing around it yeah that's. Why are they found it, but I would like to have seen those tapes of him doing old stand up now. Yes, I've seen some clips. He indifferent Betty made the comics laugh about It was while economist Comic for here, but if we were in the back room, we bow- and you know, is on top of his fucking game. I now David tell ya, I mean Jesus come I don't think I've ever. I rarely see him miss that. Did you see him at the improbable weak nor Watchman Ross? the store when they were Tony and I did do, show the improv last Wednesday and dumb attended later goddamn is good
Yeah goddamn is good unity so funny and he sent for daily effortless and it. So it's just it's all silly. He had its jokes go into jokes, go into jokes. His hasn't changed his sensibilities because of all the woke backlash. It's still rules out comedy really well written stuff really funny into such a good guy. I think he's reminding everybody words still comedians or just comics. Most of us realise that the ones who backed off you know that there are the ones who have a deep sort of tentacle
connection to the business here. The ones who are like really connected to the business like their executive, producing, sit coms, and there a part of this in a part of that they ve backed off thought the wild shit because they know that their there it's a threat that let us itself policing and its they'll still talk like that. In a green room, though, still make you laugh in agreement, but they're scared. You know everyone scared again called out now for jokes, which is just I mean I get. I get that people haven't decided to make this distinction, but there's a giant distinction between someone talking about something. Because this is their actual feelings on something and someone saying ridiculous shit that they don't really believe, because it's funny and when you stop that in any way swinish. I step that four for yourself or, if you're, trying to get someone else's. It. Will you really doing? Is your enforcing particular
very narrow band of behaviour right and, if you get stuck in that now Banda Behaviour, it's real hard to see outside of it it's real hard to see that this is ridiculous right and as a comic. When you see comics getting man that other comic, Sir touching on certain subjects or using so Language is like a gear. Miss in the whole thing you rascal Miss the whole thing. That's a mole. I feel it that's a mole inside of the operation, but someone's Ike like when he does that stuff. You, like I can't believe, still saying, bitch yeah yeah. Do you know the depth of what that word means for people know what that does. That's what I do know that at least tell me chubby worker, weasel town It's like there was a do there. There's it there's a guy who had a great tweet. I won't say his name casino. If you want it out or whatever, but like he basically between. He got a lotta backlash from the community because he was like all these east side comics that used to shit on the comedy store for a lack of political diversity.
The same people and he's a nice. I got goes as one I'm saying These are the same guys that get you know that pay no mind the fact we're, leaving the gentrified used to be mexican neighborhood in our audiences are all fuckin white due to beards that look the same. You got a lot of shit that I was I give fuck. I can I hit him up and also get your right, though, like this all that dear the store used to be a it just a RO, Bro hang out and that's all there is like to that light. There's some different kinds of people on that line up way more than you see. We want you to say that of the people, the count worker. So here s an s jealousy the Hunter perceptual mad, you mean there's people to think that maybe the style that you see the chemist or that they don't appreciate. That's ok, but the styles. It vary so much from just now to delete ready you to hinge clear today. As I mean to Owen Smith, scar brought it about people that this is all over the fuckin map. It's all over the map. I mean, like, I think, that's That's why the eye the reeds
or Alley Mc Caskey or this there so many different sort of styles of comedy out of that place. Now, right, you can't say it's all browsers nonsense as good. That was the old way which I'm glad he was being. He was acknowledged that these people are just like free thinking, pushing out new weird fucked up, sometimes challenging shit, because the store supports it. Like that, that's all it s like now. We finally have a place where it's like you could say there doesn't, if you know, there's no freedom and suppressing people ability to express themselves, you just create an environment where everybody scare to be themselves or everybody scared, take chances of your skin, take chances. You look. If you push the boundaries, you don't find out where they are you, you create your own boundaries like you. When you're doing material and you're trying to come up with a bit, sometimes a bit. The beginning is highly offensive. But then, u turn
into something that everybody accepts and its great right. This was the real argument for Lucy K when Lucy K had a recording his leaked, and there was a bit where we talk about these kids were survivors of school shootings site. You not interesting just cause. You push some fat kid in the way. Like in your laughing see you got a lot of shit for every word on it, we're saying it like its crew and other comic said it was happy in this. First of all, he had done How many in ten months? Second of all, you know how comedy works. That was a sea this was not a plant, he wasn't delivering for. In origami plant or was with those called the little small ones. Small origami funds via who is delivering a perfect, chairman bonds. I M like Oregon perfectly true bond at any rate that they sell on the side of the road. Yet this was what does a seat right like that, could have been an incredible bit because it's already kind of funny that, like you,
these people that are on television, automata survivors of a school shooting in that they might just be survivors. They don't necessarily have to be interesting. Now he didn't in his defence of any time to prepare it had ten months. No stand up. Then he just stand up and get some laughs off. This premise that premise in six months could have been a Fuckin nuclear bomb right. That expose. You would figured out a way to expose how goofy it is that just because, someone survives massacre. We want a parade them on CNN. Every couple weeks and Lloyd, asked their opinion about gun control and about various things. Like he's right. Look someone's gotta have a fucking great bit about Gretta. Third Burke, the same thing. You got some sixteen year old kid that's too. She seems weird to begin with and then she said, tv going. How dare you and you like? What is this did you see it over and over and over and whose putting on tv over no railways you fuckin people, I like what are you doing in a lot of ways?
It's kind of silk why she interesting because she's sixteen dealing with climate change as opposed to him, whose twenty nine or her, whose fifty or him, who is eighty two? What are we talking about said some random person who wants to see? How dare you about climate change and they gonna they're gonna, stop going to school, also someone does something about their on strictly? Why is this we worked on the news that has applied for her to get out to go into schools. I dont like school, like you, don't have to if you sail around the world, and I do think the whole that whole thing about, they find what works for them categorically cause she's a good look at their like pusher pusher persists. Pusher see that that's. Why like, when you go back to Louis bed about the school shootings, I guess it's gross to make fun of similar survive school shooting, but that's what he does jobs in the moment, you know
that is saying something awful that you're not supposed to say. So you laugh. They are not how he really feels so for you and comics to pretend that that's how you really feels like that's fucking D, gusting. What you're doing here? They know you not, we do not you're being deceptive or you really don't, you're staying comedy, in which case you stop just stop doing it. You don't we stand it like, and you also from the process or you're at least doin he's Marty's new, ordering the horse in a curious to know what are what play We should be like no no way and on coming in ten months, I was open up would come into. Some of these are notes, he's goin off a writing out shit down. He had some ideas. Try it out finally gets on stage to fuck around within seventy records. It puts it on you too well he's dead. Two apparently I haven't seen him but from grapevine. I've heard that he's doin he's Marty's new hours, murder murdering horse and encourage a what are what platform aware he's gonna go with Iraqis, gotta be independent, I'm sure a thing. Is there really sons website? Rikers people are too afraid
and I use recording very soon. Oh, yes, yeah, allegedly maybe some openly by look. I want to see it was here before records it, but listen I mean we could talk about him, see balloon affect right and dumb. I think you know, leave them alone. I don't know what happened last night. I know he is a very different story. Then the store that's been depicted. Media- and I know he definitely did some stupid shit. You shouldn't do sure he didn't tell anybody they have to scare anybody. Is it gross some people think apologized enough, but I don't even think I don't think we know the whole story. Well, that's the thing is I don't know we don't we Don't worry we're so in the dark about what really happened is that we have idea that we think would happen, but no one really know he hit the perfect moment on the wave here.
Perfect moment me to waive Emmi runaway Harvey wines. He was like a fuckin hurricane force behind his back he's out of budget at what were those okay well nor shore of wise. I gonna catch one now to the biggest fuckin me to wages. Swallows him hold, it would have been a gross thing anywhere else in history sure, but at that moment I mean, do you He did that right and then that's it. That's what he did. That's what it did if you think that's gross yes, but that's what it and I either retweeted or liked it and sell them fuck you but not enough. That's true appears the biggest problem. Again. None of us know. I don't know no, no one ever said he did that also deftly did do that he asked if he could jerk off any did. Do you think he shouldn't have done that? Yes, I agree. He shouldn't have done that, but he did that right and then that's it. That's what he did. That's what he did. If you think that's gross
start, but that's what he did. There's other allegations that disturb people that maybe someone from his management did something to stifle the career of someone else that I guns hooked up. If that's true that is fucked me, I don't know if that's true the biggest problem again. None of us know I don't know either. I don't know, that's the truth that I'd like to find that poured out downright, but he doesn't does not here. I don't know if that was because of him out of the management without lounge. I don't know that ever happened at all. I don't know if it's exaggerates and many of the things that were set about him were exaggerate against, is not exonerating and when he did was gross, he thinks what he did, his cross, but it's like what you want. You want him to never tell jobs guineas, where the best comedians of all time you re knowledge, is that what he did was wrong. What point? How do we forgive people? What point? How do we say someone was doing something fucked
and now they paid this tremendous price emotional way psychologically. When you let him out of jail, Indiana Jones wasn't went what's the time with the right amount of jail. Let him out what a manager free, Lou, drill, free love. It's it's a strange time for people with with the accusations and being mean and in an gaining on people, on line and bullying and and an activism and ass, they do so much noise. It's it's! So much of us, interacting with each other simultaneously to it so hard to have peace these days on the onstage onstage my fear. That's the only way I get away from all the bullshit he's been because we're embedded in the internet that's the hardest part. It is our US partners now we're gonna Adam Curry, about yesterday. You know we're we're talking about just outrage and he's like you. You just really can't be in that all the time
subject yourself, because there's always something argue about you, never run our topic now, you're fucked, all you have to do is have a few topics that you like to argue about. Let's say a person prose proffers pro first amendment pro second amendment: pro choice, pro gay rights, pro Franz rights Pro civil rights that you you just take those those things that you you feel very proud about and then just put those stags online on Twitter and then go look for car. Relations and go to war right. That's what you do. And do what you can do it all day, you go to war about the second amendment all day. You all day argue with done. Not some people, hate guns, you could take all sides, you can have two different accounts. He'd have won a count William I'm fuckin hillbilly, you things are obliged to have eighty guns. We go to jail. The other thing where we need to trust our government through all the guns in a yeah. You know use them to make.
Tat you with a giant penis like we could do, we could we literally argue all day long about immigrant writes about whether or not they should detain them at the border. You can be involved in that all day long. I mean you didn't it would you'd never have a moment to sleep now. If you just engage with everybody, engage with you, you'd never have a moment asleep people. Do it that's crazy to do people spent last month time on it. So I tried to check out twitter, you know it's like all those things facebook I deleted. I just I just get angry. All I want to use those things forced to promote what I'm doing tour. Wise, ok, come see me and also make a couple of fuckin far choked wants it. Well like it's way, worry less, that's it! I want to make some dumb jokes and I'm really come see me why I just can't I've I've stopped the years ago engaging when people are like this? This is like. Never, I don't want to get into an I just don't I don't deal with anyone while the number of people out there that are bored in their cubicle somewhere trying to get a out of you.
The boys on board we ourselves, because you know it nice to be and get you know, I think they'd they compare to its it when they start flirting or dating somebody. It's the same kind of engagement, get excited for the next piece of engagement. Right, I'll, write. A view says: I'm back them. Like, oh shit. I got him on the hook. Yet it's coming it's it's! It's true. Trolling has become a new thing, elect PC, PETE, it's in its Constance engagements, the same kind of feeling you get when you start talking to someone. You know that you're interested in your colleague fuckin a talking to me I can make you get this. This tennis match of like an emotion. So it becomes this heightened thing in your work. Now, it's a new thing to have you're like a big red, snapper and clear water. For more than a little bag become armies. Vocs take I'll, buy you a fog were here: did you see Oprah fall down yet and its honestly she's a little old to be falling down loved. I loved him. Why loved her in her she's fine dead. She died. Yes right thing, Dong, the which is dead. Now she
and I wish you D Regional far out only ever fuck now she didn't know she's fine. I just think what it looks like she got: hurt. It's nice to see billionaires fall about. That was weird It's nice to see somebody hitting a humanize. So she is such a figure of perfection. Women should learn those. Fuckin shiny, bottom shoes, dumb bitch, is used yet, when things there so slippery those those expensive. Choosing the gauss, like always have the the shiny bottoms here, issues walking I believe she's talking about balance, which is L O. The irony is staggering, so flat ground. All oh spicy doesn't see how she recovers she's a new shoes How does route so she hit the ground over and over again? Well, you know
I gotta say I like how she framed with their help. And then did a role saves or rely erigena raw good technical. Not bad ones is here. We threem little bit on the left hip. That she's probably saw but one thing say about opera. She works out a lot and she has she's got muscles. She button ran a marathon, does anyone. I don't know where to offer a fictional marathon. Six hours was not the best time here. Around twenty six five miles, and don't you think it's nice to see people fall its humbling to want someone like. I just think that our did she really that's an hour fastened and bureaucrats about our family. Really I mean it does now run it ran it for our twenty nine. How fast is that, like a mild and seventeen? That's really good. That's good clip, wait a minute. She's doing better than you betcha, no way right. Imagine you and o Brien erase she's usually does to ten minute miles. Yes, twenty six of ambition-
It's what six miles an hour about who, let me tell you something weird limitation feel nervous. When I want in any further down. There's four years old, She ran one recently, though Cassowary just type in open. Ok, that's very good, though, when she was forty, which makes science be back yeah and steroids way opt out on everything. Now I just migration- is they tell its humbling to watch someone so beloved, take a little stupid spill. Its is colonel. I gathered about the universe. Was not perfect. Everybody nice to watch perfect people fall a little bit. That's fine that innocent emit she met she's, a part of that well now, especially if she's like new shoes. You know this goes its gets fun in a year, whilst slipper shoes, man, that's out what it was like desert, is she's getting older that I'm getting older fall once again. That was that go I'm lost my balance from I'm just getting old habits or stupid shoes. Finer recent one. There you go. She really. I assume the story of
on all around recently, but only five years ago. Some or something I swore there was one that they were referencing a year before, like she ran it. For a late birthday, she ran and one of the marathons for like her to sit the early, something if birthday, but the sixtieth prisoner, sixties, rent, a filmmaker, sixtieth They are somewhat that I wouldn't never run a marathon they'll, never you'll, never catch me, some scare, now I let it run my browsing. I run against every day, but I'm never gonna run a marathon. Why? Because I don't need to I didn't say them out in distant defensive views are nowhere someone's growing I didn't need tablet this house theirs. It died. I mean yes right to the point about this campaigns runs one a day. Yeah camp command does I know, but it's like enough. We get it now. Don't you like you? Don't it's too much his knees? You're gonna fuckin fall off his, a great right now they're going to follow the near. You could send me your knees. Camp assent,
your cartilage are. Your lack thereof. No wonder if I turn a lot. The inside of your knees gets accustomed to like it the callous in there was no like it strengthens. Now is a possible card Shoes is where's away at some point is just not made to do. That alone alters true. Look it up. Baby cartilage has gone out of those fuckin marathon people does does right run those alter marathons, how they do it year of dear dear cause cancer, their whole life. You do a fortune time to your new should get, but imagine if it's just like, if you, if you just a bitch disappoint me uneasy shot. But if you keep gone, you pushed through release want to fix them. So leg just break it. Now you do your legs callous over. What's like there's a campaign for a great cyclists called shut up legs. If you look up shut up legs, it's like a whole thing about you: people worry about running ruins needs, but a new study finds activity may in fact benefit the joint changing the biomechanical environment inside the knee in ways that could help keep that could keep. It worked, smooth working
moodily may herring. Less weight is known to reduce risk for knee arthritis. Commands running may be good for your knees at the New York Times me, no Jack Shit, ok, Koran that the failure to failing New York Times shut your mouth of invasion. While your type is what it is wrong to lie in TED crazy liberated reliant Hilary Klute Crazy, tat, many people working on these new studies. My death is a running. Ok, there's little sport. The idea and a growing body of research suggests reverse how this is click bait near times, Goddess empty at B EP, Gimme a studies of law, term runner show they may judge that they generally are less likely to develop Ostia arthritis in the knees than people the same age who do not run sometimes scientists to speculate right running may protect knees, because his offer associated with relatively low body mass carrying less way is known to reduce the risk of North Rhine, its amicable evidence to that that sure injuries
yet a little ovens heterogeneous, but it also has some scientists have speculated run so these this there's, no evidence there's no its improve. Their just think that possibility go back up to her was the wife, spread. Argument generally follows the lines it running. Will slowly wear away the cartilage that cushion the bones and the joints and cause authorized for this little evidence support the idea that makes sense. Ok, Ok, so what I was saying I was incorrect. I was just tried to jump paragraphs and MR context of it would make sense. Look this fuckin guys that I notice what I'm saying these guys that I know that run all the time. They have good knees and you would think they didn't. These volunteer stopped up, go back studies Tis visited clinic where their blood drawn from an arm. The researches also siphoned off a small amount of snow veal, fluid lubricating fluted that reduces friction inside going from the right knee healthy needs. Contain only one is that soup comments some of this stuff no doubt worse,
Riddick or otherwise. Unhealthy knees tend to contain much more interest, or I will monies are gonna, be good. I just got enough. This is all speculative too there's none at all we are supporting a two year knows well, it makes sense, though the muscles would be stronger and then that would probably support you need better than a person doesn't exercise cartilage wears out either way anybody. You know, that's a great athlete there. We said that are neither need cartilage where's from somewhat when she was like jumping a lot like a year as God, Slayer Frent, like that's explosive plough, metric type movements is not running. A grunting is just starting to running, yeah, but it also depends on what you're running on to what is the difference you running is going left going right and excuse in exploding re laughter, a move that you do on a court right. You know and then, if you running out Trail words get some dirt, yet a little cushion neither Sunday at some absorption there. This is that was from twelve seventeen. This one is more updated off of a new myth, toppling a new study that says that middle age runners do actually rebuild their health,
their knees, see what did I tell you, though I had an idea, will set a myth toppling you study of novice middle age. Runner suggests the answer is a qualified. What is the question again screw up? Could it be that man if on training and racing are actually good, for our knees may be a man. Other are delaying the new study. You, son of a bitch, huckleberry Novice middle aged runner, suggests the answer is a qualified. Yes, the study finds that taking up distance running rebuild the health of. An essential components of middle age knees, even if the joint starts off somewhat tattered and worn when I tell you bit, show me the study. Slept of results also contain a caution. Marathon mileage could erode one vulnerable area within the needs. The study fines, if runners, not careful we want to talk about. Somebody always about borders are vulnerable part. That's I'm saying that they do it as a very stop cargo person scroll down. But what is it?
say there was a one area etc is an attack on the study? Will just scroll down, I'm sure to tell us on other studies done here. One must also another study, but what does it say? What Paul? the knee focused on run. Activity harms needs. Do scroll down spoke question. Is that the end of it nice? Why do they do that with a break things? I can't see and I assure you have one free article remaining. So what s the problem, with the injury? What is ok, ok, sign the one I would imagine. Cartilage is the big issue and miniscule. Women discus goes. Wig is blown and you're done now. Give you two your name. You cut your ministers, have you run a marathon? No,
did you give me shit about? I would now you wouldn't do either I would do a half either I'm not doing it. I don't run without any legal, very specific spot. It says the improvement to the damage sub conjugal bone of the Tribune femoral condo eyes. It makes perfect sense following the marathon and overthrow metallic wireless. That's the bad part! That's what does bad worsening of the telecom. That makes sense Don't ever came for excite, yet I mean eighty three, forgive you D Gimme, those themselves stem cells Well, I know that they do micro, fractures and shit like they do all kinds of different things to people who try to heal the cartilage inerneys right run. I just realized privilege running is thousands just get to run sometimes during the day, the edges, so you don't get so fat from eating all the fool. You want. That's crazy, all other freely. Problem in America is eating too much food. Yet we have way too much access were its were spoiled whether yet, but I just realized
At the time of my day I gotta go. I can run the Jim and then run home and that's a nice day I get to have lucky dude No, I wouldn't know I wouldn't run a marathon, because I don't like the people that do that genuinely it. You see other people, they get that's the thing that culture and want to be a part of it. No thanks! You don't have to be men to be alone ring in the fuckin boughs and taken the what I do want to do any less stuff. Now Butler tibetan Monk, chance yeah, I'm still on your phone, listen thus run law more. While my diary do music, I went national law, Nevertheless, I gotta keep that thing on the four hours. I would do. I look. This time we go run in the middle of nowhere. Before I'd ever run in an actual marathon plans about ass, you would run the twenty six miles like New York track. I know it has can be on the track track. I've done, I tried track.
First move to allay tried running a you see. I, like my buddy gummy, pass to go work out at their Jim and I did a track the aboard miserable. Let me ask you this: if you had a track or go standard university track, how how many feed is that like was a quarter mile. What's most use Lapis quarter Mile quarter mile here many times they go around I mean I could go around a hundred times. You pay me yeah, I could do it is many times you gonna pay. She had a bet would have like you and Jamie Archive Tibet. Jamie doesn't run through point shoot up before we get another. Yeah. Let's three point two, and then we can really do already do that if you don't run by you, but you do people do that, though seems like. That would be a great bet if these ultra marathon runners ruined, put their money where their mouth is. They get together on track how long ago lets you grow worse. That's fucked!
that sounds like a good idea how they would never stop. They would never stop. You used up to pay or shit. That's it what's the mask as I'm dumb with twenty six times for. Well under four for if it's a quarter of a mile that means for of four furthermore a solely a hundredfold you'd be pretty close to a hundred. You'd have to run a hundred four times to run a mile to run a marathon on track for lapse, yeah, so intense your question. Can I run a hundred? on a track fuck. Now you your clothes in marathon around around a hundred times, it will Hunter for time. This is America. Now no Fatima now imagine You get any like seven have him. You had seven in your like right now. I think I did it and honour
ground the thing. What look at this look at this football field again miserable? That's you miserable Irene, yet not even close two and a half minutes for you to get day and then yet there eight ethic Craig had nine whose you to go to neurons. Oh, yes, I can like running stone. I love it. I can't do it when I do it. With the shaggy, do it no cause I'll get? We do not want to hang out and play rulers, doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo yeah. You run great. She I can. I can do certain exercises high looking to stress
Jane Yoga, typos, thrashings yeah. Can you let us go out of my mind? That's your honor! I just can't run because running to me like. I need to see a need to be in this in this mood that I get him when I get this little mood and then I start to run it's perfect, like a zone that I get into when I'm high, I will fall right out of it and I started thinking about way other ship people who surf they say. That's the move surfing I like snowboarding High, that's very fun like ride, not a mountain stoned. I can't leave you don't like scheme, so we're that you don't like on a mountain. How do you know like to do so many things that are already thrilling need, as other stupid, thrilling the yellow room, my knees that doesn't make sense. That's like saying I wanted I erectus last time, because some lady slid into the trail in front of me, and I was took her out and I have a small rapture and motion bone. Oh you hit her now
where the ground, how you smashed do smashed hard, that's what it is just try to go around this late, you she's a newbie and shoes on this hill, jeweller groups or oops. Sorry Indus slid right into the trail and there was people over here and people over Here- and I might add, plough into this lady- I gotta go down and I'd try I'd go around or in front legs went out from under me. I hit my head hard like really been, whereas I met my head yea. I still got my bell wrong, but I fuck my knee up and then the next Amman yoga When I'm bending down like real Loma, this isn't feel good. It felt weird if fellow sums wrong, and then I got em our eye on this small fractures collar insufficiency fracture. It's like right, where sexually right, where I had monistic, is cut out that NATO, so the bones actually bang into each other, because our ministers there and is a crack in the bud on your shit. Yes, crack emotion, bar fuck, that's not a big one. It's a small area! It's really not that big a deal
There was two months ago right right now, and I feel that any more. What are they have to you for what can before I got some stem cell shot into that and some pr p- and I just take it easy. I didn't do anything pounding. I r p s bill platelet, rich plasma, rightly spin. Your blood right, I put it back in europe- are fascinated by that stuff, yeah, there's so many different methods now to accelerate healing to accentuate healing. That's a good one, excess homes as what the used of use that on a bunch of different things, some unease and shoulders and shed some great for the average Joe. What is asked? What is our cause? I don't know the sea, I wonder it's not you Norman. I can't do it it's well. It should be of like a normal therapy, should be something that you go to the doktor and you're insurance covers it. They they do that to enhance healing and it makes a big impact. I've I've sent many people to get it. My friend, his wife had a problem with her hip and they're, going to operate on her labour. Her hip labour, they shot some excess homesick
and then when they went to do a follow up examination. The issue was gone like four months later. The issue was gone. It it just doesn't built was he wasn't healing itself made was getting worse, they had one excess, some shot into, this Ladys lay broom and then next thing you know the four months later when they go to look at it like it looks great she's like any pain anymore. Hundreds stop hurting her healed up trip. So not everything is not everything is lotta. Should they can't text is like when ligaments blow out a year to get a repair to get surgically repaired. There's certain things that become you know injured where exosomes or you know, wart the stuff called Wharton's jelly, which is his new advanced for it. Mesenchymal stem cells always different versions of stem cell therapy. They use zombies bone marrow. They go into your bone marrow extract.
Stem cells from now and use that for four different we rejected in different areas are now they do some sort of a treatment to it to make it and to really accentuate the stem cells or activate them or whatever the fuck. They do some do it with fat. They suck your fat out. So it's a nice nice little break fat assed get in and get some light, bow turn you lie, puts stem cells excited joints. Had no there's, not enough understanding of what the best way to do these things, I'm really lucky that are really good doctor. That kind of, like is very honest and very out at once, a sceptical, more cynical, buddies, very pragmatic and very very honest about the butt Henshaw both ways, whether I could do nothing or it could want- have been wasted time or might actually work like you would there's not enough information, some of this stuff here,
Paramount and gas, I'm a fucking lab rat science project ever you love letter work on the polar opposite, unlike figured out on job and then give it to make come see me C4 breaks on this matter
The first I want to be the first summit. The first there's been thousands and thousands of patients still seems young to me and then some people do have peer reviewed studies on the benefits of some of these things, particularly people with doktor. Neil Riordan is treated people with a certain urological issues. They ve, they ve helped them with stem cells with accede to eat, IBM stem cells literally injected straight in your fuckin head and stem cells injected intravenous Lee fur for some certain issues that people have to try to fix your fuckin brain lobbied, guy who's live extension. Specialists was on past last week and he thinks it that's the future of regenerative medicine is that their these advancements in stem cell therapy and medical technologies that their eventually going to hit some point. Where they can sort of treat age
like it's a disease instead of like it's an inevitability, treating it like it's a disease and actually reverse the process. Holy fuck nothin exceed look like to twelve years old. You gonna go wholehearted celerity when I was twelve you're, gonna fuck it up you yourself far turned to a little kid and your wife's they'll go. I just I missed the old ten Tina but I got so much energy is in a week. Job day. I want to raise a hangover membranes and fuck you thirteen times. Imagine if we get we fuck up and you do stem cell therapy, but it goes too far in yellow pages buttons, Guess, otherwise all look like kids. You go back to a kid. You fuck up, imagined they fucked it up. Imaginative, like they go, ok, we ve never seen before Andrew how tall you? How do you like sixty six ones and somebody s six, one like you, five eleven like white, and you look at your fourteen. Why
What would you would you say what we think is anything to worry about, because I think, at the very least like dwarfing is YO yo you get to go. Fourteen fifteen! Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen! Nineteen again, could you do it all forget? It's like you Fourteen year old, with all the knowledge- and I don't think you're gonna get me younger, you ll agree me. You don't think. You all? We don't know yet when I sure, and then you come back in four months later in your smallest, I'm nine now United Youtube losing like a year every six months. I'm nine until I'm holding in my poop. My anxiety is at a high and I imagine if they can reverse the aging process, would if they fuck it up and turn you into a baby, and you got all this money and that the elect assigning over your well when you're too Families like he can understand what signing a girl I'm too, but I'm fifty You look like you too. You got the pen and everything you re right, you down, MR baby. This the families like there's, no fucking, why you cannot let him sign this he's too.
Nobody's gonna, guys I've not to but targeting ailing around like baby You have to sign everything off by the time. You can't talk anymore because he's going it to appoint Tommy gonna make Google noises are trapped of fifty five year old man try. Out in Davy. Do you die Andy, it's crawling back. Your mom's pussy she's, gonna be around gave you around the shaving. I too, as it has this. Where are they existed? But put her on the same programme bring her back centuries, twenty it and the climate package, and it was a reverse button. Only said like you set the right, what's on your eighty goblet down the time you six and then hit again, you don't want to go back to just live forever. I dont want to unite forever, but like just double, instead of immediately but then you'd go Bretton woods. You'll one will be imagined beans. Tanners. Imagine, maintain
years old. Today I give you just have to go back to school at ten and kids be trying to bully you and say stupid shit. Imagine what you do to those kids! murder, while thou envy them up, but I just just talking to them how you could say good Mine, fuck, intellectually illustrated aligned. You I got Bobby. Try me me me me Bobby: what's the matter by about you, I know, but your father deduction affecting your punishment, the neighbour work there is a great there's, a great seen, there's a phenomenal seen in a show called pen fifteen this. These girls are like my age, but they play teenagers on the show. Why it's it's great, it's really funny, but there's a funny scene when she gets pep docked in talking shit during a fight and she's, like our friends, are common Aardvark, Dick Aardvark, Dick and she's. Ok, What else and she's actors use any ammunition? You have against him right and he's bullying and she's like whatever Aardvark Dick and everyone's laughing, and then she goes yeah and that's why you're here
died in everyone's, like oh shit, at me into it such a good seed, and she's. She thinks she's a fucking like Yahoo cheer in Iraq that it says TAT died cry you have you Eddie You had the intellectual capacity just shut down. I mean it's. Your emotional bring word to you break a grim round, little girls, like my daughter and her friends, and there are like talking much. Sometimes they have a birthday party and so does like ten, twelve kids, the house there I'll talk it shit to each other right and he had just hover and listen So the thing and they talk about some Boyd school- has always enjoy so some door pixies by israeli soldiers. Any cell is those trying to be funny so mean and one of them really like how old is she again the Levin? Yet it's here that threats there? That's that's! That's the age when the boy to certain show the signs of being login hormones. The hormonal did not endorse trailers accomplishing a lot of this is the government which is gonna. Let you know that the neighborhoods gonna be changing radically over their several years. Would just suggest you be careful,
Things are moving newfound powers, donors, borders, a common cap on us, a collar bone you're on the way the flight of the bone or as we prepare for your boner me y know even calls you what's going on. Also, you got a hard on what is happening today. The boss when you get a phone run at last holy shit? That is those your day up. My friend John Dudley calls on bumpy road donors bumpy bunkers about when you're on a causes bouncing around here somewhere. Another do get boner, sometimes cause you're. Probably you noted is it's probably the pressure on your part is activating your dick to get used to it and also you're on the way home and you you might catch a glimpse of. You know. Natalie who's got the tits already, whose two two young now start to get hurt. Shed new middle one girl, whose thirteen with giant doubled these island That was not like the she was stacked when we were kids. What happens there? Are you stores I used to miss a bus? Stop seriously. Sometimes I'd MRS stop it from my dear. If I had a hard on and I guess afraid, to get off the bus with a boner, even though you took it up
You know you took it up in your pants and I was always afraid I'd MRS stop or too sometimes. If I get a hard on the way home, while I'd, be so nervous, walk home. For that I'd rather not have lasted. You talk to sort out of it. I have a friend slap me and if I start fighting with a friend, if you start fighting within it, Your friends, your dick was right in your body. Doesn't well, then you got on a single out any new thing. Yet while I got a new thing now here I mean imagine if you had to go through that all again, though, and didn't know anything like that's. If the torture us in my mean island, understand boys, because I've never been a girl but dead, the going through like being ten eleven twelve countries. All the social thing, not knowin shit, you're, a boy, it's so confusing! I can suck once you finally become a man. You have to do any more. You just be at peace in your own skins, on imagine going through all that stuff again, and I now hiding jerking off to look like this.
Like a fuckin like every light, and he didn t know you do in the bathroom for twenty minutes in a magazine, your little ninja, jerky or jerk off ninja. Now and now I can't hope? My neighbour see me, you know it's kind of part of the part, the allure, a jerk off my liver and some of them do hoping they walk by walking their dog wave. If they see you jerking off in your house, I think you can get in real big trouble. I think your guy got untroubled jerking off in his house, with the windows up shut up your price these paper property on. I think, because you could see into this guy's house and it was beaten off. They they came God, I'm like their kids or something like I remember with the story was, but it was a big deal for people like hey. The guys is jerk off inside his own house like what is the biggest damn delia. They had the door open window open or something like that the front door itself is not a guy was out there jargon over the front door for shared open, let in the brain of course, there is about people, go to hotels, and then they opened the door and they stuff a wedge unadorned stuff.
Fuckin, they let everybody walk by watch, leave the door open everybody out Vegas, especially before cell phones, are these fucking goddamned tattle tail cell phones have dirty cameras back then people just a problem. I bet that was a common thing. This fucker, with the Durban yeah, like Hell's angels they'll, took over hotels our while those guys fuck with that door wide open they fucked industry and for they fuck. At the bar and by accept that virus. Tat thing never was like a thing for men of some people like fuckin in public as a thing it's hot, maybe caught, never never got me and others like my fucking I want to know that someone's watching me that's creepy, arrested. You get weird charges to give you fuck someone in public in some places Del hit, you would like a sex offender charge. You advocate its exe
exposure dude. I had a fight that in college I had urinating in public eye to fight a public exposure. Chart yeah, that's a real problem, because it is a pity and God damn thing that every man understands and that's a little game, their plan, a dirty game, Yuki colleague I take a week in use in its public exposure. Look he shouldn't be daily Gosain, maybe in but but he's done it has had a piss yeah when guys have to pass and there's not known around their personalities. Anyone doing that since the beginning you're so for some fuckin guy to pretend that dad's is like Robin a house or trying to kidnap a kid right like doesnt sex, fender, that's a guy in a but I had to be in a room and about in one of the rules of people that did expose himself, and I was like nothing like these dude man, I'm nothing like these five guys of prison outside we are embarking on a pissed, your pants, I shut of Nigeria. Ass, a cancer shit right. I know its not at least eight. You put your pants and public though you have an Emma Panza still, but everything is in Europe. They talk about bringing in some places in America
I think that the EU stand in their jerk off. Another, have open urinal, like in the middle of the stream of his duty, jerk off, and therefore sure people get drunk a bet that smells like fish someone's pooped in one of those familiar face. The wrong await an air urinal cause. Uproar in paddies would rather have people just piss me that guy, he's got his hog, here's the difference or otherwise are asking all these coffee shops. Can I use a better and people have no bathroom. Nobody will lead pay them in the thing. I feel it, those who fill up quick sentences San Francisco has these do, but closer include San Francisco. They ruin that place there, including fucked up they fucked up. They ruin that place by allowing people to shit in the streets and not do anything. I don't know what you can do about it, but they should have taken steps to make sure never got this bad. Meanwhile, its there's that it's the highest concentration of billionaires on earth. I think that's what someone said. Maybe they don't live.
There in that IRAN. They work right there in order to close its eyes. Contrition airliners emphasis could live in that area. The eight and eleven like Atherton Atherton is the big spot out there? What's it what's the one? What's in the sensitive russian hell, no less than one. It's called Mission Hill Elephant, Somethin if you look it up, but some of the driver was Tom and we're there, he was like no man Four billion years live in this. You know quarter mile radius than anywhere in the world this Marine County. That's a lot of really rich. Yet in the city endeavoured in an actual city saved us insist the Pooh everywhere else poor, I see so many people did take pictures of but Poland. There I mean I I saw. I saw that happens, They to us. I was on Fairfax. I saw a woman Panada edible. Stop I did. I take a photo. I did I did so fuckin sad yet there's nothing you can do about it. Served just they're fucking
their drowned so far gone. It's the cities filled with tense and so crazy honour is handed back over the whole of our member. What that's the human Pooh Masterful I gotta go. Where's the more surprisingly a whole Pooh Map, that's where they found Pooh. Look at that, though, do doesn't real. There's a park up there in the corner, and that has the least amount of who, in this served Cisco. There must be a high spot, since you have this waste problem plodded on foul map this city itself is in trouble see. This is how medieval diseases get re, they reserve back up, can get in the rivers and drinking water. Let us that's how people got diseases back in the day and Roma has a bad sewage are put in place? They were drinking ease from all of this is so bad man, the edge in the streets waiting while isn't the Ganges D
they have done in the field of fisheries in dead bodies and stuff in a frank and bathe in it? That's mine bending to me, but at San Francisco, with all these rich people has his joy and homeless. Shitting pro here a billionaire than two blocks away. The guy proven damn. What could they do mean? They did something in New York City right. They did some strong arm type shit and they reduce the amount of her most nests in New York City, three linked to clean up Manhattan. That's again sparkling could now it now. It looks like it's a good six flags. Ex Manhattan has become this very prestige, nice, safe, clean. It definitely could have gone off the rails in Manhattan to other they did, but they didn't write summer on what did they do? I don't know I mean I think there was also the implementation of like they doubled their police force.
Started, Boston, people for everything people gets, you know, scared doing anything illegal in the city where, where real close to some one say enough, is enough and you get some some dude who comes and he's gonna have some hardline Giuliani type right tack on the homeless problem in downtown analyzed his allies up to seventy thousand plus people. Homeless mile. That's crazy! That's like folder Colorado nets, I behold or of home just all the people in boulder but homeless, and your constant, mostly downtown, and by an in like Venice right and there were the most of my body might be. Honoured thousand bolder might be underestimated amount of people and bolder. How do people think live in boulder cholera hundred sons, low, but pretty big. Really the school is there in the school alone, it's gotta, be seventy k, what's hundred seventy seven there, but that schools gotta, take it
hi majority? That population is that school massive, that schools fuckin huge mean fifty sixty thousand kids at the most for like any school really high state of Texas is like fifty sixty yeah but is in boulder sounds of strange right. Yet young people and older people like stand near the university do people still play when I was at Arizona state people that bitch costly by Usher and House parties like what are you fucking think this wasn't around since one thousand eight hundred and ninety six and they used to be in those parties, these fuck stop so either fuckin come over and get high with us or move that move you gotta move. Do it's not my school's been there when somebody most was glaring. They complain. If you will you don't you know they did about Westwood, you see allay the whole thing is fucked up. What's why there's no college town there because those community organizers basically made it almost impossible for young and new This is to open up. That would be supportive of like bars or restaurant culture. They keep shutting down cause he's old, rich people. Unless we don't want that their they'd, they were.
To be a neighborhood. They fight monsieur le tooth and nail to make sure that it's like now make the kids go. Fuck and living cover city, yours, it's bullshit, bullshit, it's bullshit! That's it yeah! That's why they will have your house's other. You wouldn't be they in sport. I would move to a place where a college's. I would move a block from a fucking major university. How about that when I was in boulder oaks drive down the street and I saw fraternity house, and I said I imagine you're in a Zac Efron Movie, you live right next door to these fox fuck that everyone here is Seth Rogan movie. What is account neighbours will certainly do you know better than I mean you know where you're moving. You know where you move. If you know next to my school, it's your fault, the one efforts will achieve to live next, the fruit. Of course it is, but he's got good out of house that it is there anything that fox with real estate value more than the fraternity,
sorority is like a bet they're loud, but their permanent, every light Nathan on fire. No because they go to the guys they go to the fragile fuck it up, while the also the due to the ones that the problems in terms of like violence and explosions and in chaos drunk men are way scary than drug women by DR went on his cry screen They tell bridges negative caught em they pull hair and punch each other, but it's nothing. Disruptive does not ban going, all men are shooting guns and lighting cars on fire. They do and dumb things drunk when a fuckin Danes, but that's what you said Hosty. Do when you're that age, where's you're supposed to do dumb shit, we ask again draw in your also supposed to realise our dumb. It is that you live in the house of these fuckin savage man that I, like I gotta, go up and then by time those three years or for years are done. You're out you like enough
different person turnover in nominal, live. Allow me to be a venture. Capitalist on geometry, been angel investor, but to those guys out to those guys still want to keep their party less power. Crisis came fucking me yeah, they just can't get out of my birth was asking for a hundred years yet mean along this thing, called seven seven years graduated review graduated at an hour. If you didn't zero degree, I guarantee you bribe. Somebody in it's gotta, be an hotel management, If every as when, I bet you that's what I imagine is he did spend all those years on school tuition. What a waste some but isn't isn't his parents come from money? Rush. He'd word for word, What are the top party here yet
What's your name, I swear to God of my life. I did not know, but I just knew it in my poems. I knew it in my bones. I have friends did that they would, for one body did agriculture, Gilbert Agriculture's real. We need food here, nothing to do with it. It was just the thing to do because he did know what the fuck you that so funny. How much does it cost to get a degree and hospitality it'll never use? What do you got to say? how many? How much a year's s you look he's had he's, got an amazing career and stand comedy and I'm sure his experiences in the university probably did something to enhance its perspective. That would help amongst age stand. While they made a fuckin movie out of it. I mean yeah, an even wider money. For that we know. That's the story was bought, was a two hour of it yeah they twisted it, but it was all based on Bert Christ. Title Van Wilder movie. I was having some crusher NASA Susan English, major for six years,
there is a need to work. Kids the English. You lose us Florida regime here here, He looks exactly like what I feel if flora was a person in order was a human embodiment of Fuckin Mercosur, with like a weird hat on yeah yeah. Well, knows no baseball had not even a baseball. You know like one them weird. Fedora is kind of like a half ass for door. What, though, shared ownership and flip. Let's Floris flip us every gimme, a pair of his own flip flops, he's gonna company makes flip flops now Bert dollar does what are the content of the writer already? So that's insane Bert Bert, investing in a flip flop, company is now in its it accompany the pre existed and then he bought into it or who started as made squatters got her so
Burke Crusher Free Waters, very water, that is to say that the company- I guess there very solid, flip flop, though thumbs up there, you have your influence, loves he's a great. I wear flip clubs once here want to go to Hawaii. I am I dont, really wherefore fluffs. I don't guess I don't like the tow diviner I like slide. You slides, Alex lie like those I focus lies here. I just can't you flip, unlike the wider, we're we're me out. We draw the yeah. What's better, what Jimmy you like, slides, slow, anyway, I did a Priori aside. A lotta dude will rocks lies with white socks, yes, and like serious dude, like guys, go there M, like muscular young guys, yet the world slides and socks and go wandering about comfy. If you ever were flip flops socks and you went out with people with smack you, there's a difference for some reason, some guys you're in
for some reason. Slides and socks is acceptable where flip flops and socks are not what is needed in Digital. Tell you can't do the socks with the flip flaps. Could then you're targets divided and then looks really weird web. It is not strange, It will lose a secure though this, the that both ridiculous weren't slides besides those ridiculous now it's five makes sense to make, but at least casual right, slides, its oxidize wear shoes, manageress lit my socks and these gonna fuckin, don't go run over their real fast younger the grocery store with slides on and socks ignored, obeying, I will say nothing, no, my wing of the bank I do small errand was slides, oxen, especially guy. Like you, you're, successful comedian, you make a good living like you, not poor, it is the old pursues. You have is a choice. He choice made it obvious choice. Forbear Mercedes. I don't.
I don't know. I don't have a Mercedes, I'm lookin out right now, no no receives a lot. I am yeah, I body I'm giving back to the environment by what I have a virus about it, outta garrison is not true, no said yes to pitch white man. What you're fucking Carson, lock first, one slight first regular, but I would never buy Gucci Fuckin, that's insane, I, by the low goose no eye by their deeds ones. You can throw in the trash out. Why? Because, if they ve fucked up there, like twenty boxes by an is uniting the gucci No, you of all people asking me that you would never wear gucci. Fuckin slides I've, a pair gucci slippers that my wife bombing, how often you weren't of warm twice yoke, exactly spun recover years, go they ve tigers, on the feet. You know this. You know this high peace pervert over here he went all of whom you lie That's all you are natural hype, bees. Wherever he's a hyper pervert. He gets out. He learns on. He comes on you like to jack off till I cool ip shit. You know you do well you don't
not alliance or Jordans wherein, like whatever asserted with around now I saw was a guy's name, Philip line had he said, he's the guy that gotten trouble because they took pictures. He took pictures of his sneakers hearing in trouble, but Ferrari get angry at him because here Ferrari, indeed put took pictures of his sneakers sitting on his ferrari. Solar and Ferrari said that the they deem sent him like a cease and desist saying that he's damaging their brand. His cart, Sneaker guy, Philip play appliances and he sent it admired. So there was a big controversy. Just a k bought your fuckin three, four thousand dollar car Ishmael take a picture of his sneakers and your car was set on fire. It feels like it with his. It was something about his lifestyle. That? The lifestyle out, but the lifestyle that promotes is just his hot girlfriend in him and their wearing clothes hardliners
Craig policing buys for our. He said fuck. This is it so it is that's a dope color for that cause. A beautiful, fuckin, color. I've never seen a green ferrari Hurry threatens to sue two thousand. That makes me want to make a ferrari their color. That's a dope color yeah, ok, tarnished reputation of Ferraris brands and causes for I further material damage. Addison behavior they'll lose our letter to plein, also says it is using Ferraris Trade, Marcia promotional purposes of increasing his own brand and products visibility. Again. The cars picture pipelines own Ferrari is essentially claiming that plying is harnessing its iconic imagery to bolster his own brand and also denigrate ferrars how's. It denigrating ferrari. So, like you scroll back up, it's just a dope looking color Ferrari and simple
If I can call sneakers, does a cool, I don't understand how that's denigrating the brand, who did they think is buying Fuckin Ferrari selected at it. Had this idea that its Harvard grads are buying Ferraris, while some of them were Harvard grounds, I I think most people, If Rory didn't go running over Jimmy favoured, we're gonna see a full picture of his green Ferrari. I know I'm trying to this before those pictures had been taken off and sometimes our business, if you can just fine his green Ferrari, is I know that mother Fucker he's got a green Ferrari, takes a lot of pictures of it Why does he only picture of his dope green units? whom Ferraris brand is to promote people who are like self made money, making that's what this guy is right is needed so there it is three years ago that it isn't this or any other ones. Are the photos of cfcs all his girlfriend. Look in hot and hamley
and sexy and here's a dope consular Rambo. Here's my gold Lamborghini dope, here's my fuckin or plain gold, gentle areas in my I was at his store, they have a store in Vegas and they had six thousand dollar crocodile sneakers light. Those are pretty dough. You didn't you didn't know the problem, also, where chucks or different converse early school. Choose where a lot of a deal must, I believe it. What's the most expensive, dumb shit, you bought them. What's the dumbest where you're like, I can't believe I bought the six hours now a crocodile shoes. What is it we have? One of those you got something dude, nothing stupid that don't wear my poor cases made our dear skin, but there was an expensive. Was it
couple thousand marks an assessment of its handmade, but is not relative to pool cues cases. We don't know, that's really good one right nothin to grazing there's, not something the house you, like my the factor we buy, that that cadets an insane amount of money. From our reason, the thing that I like to spend money on this car ridiculous, the cars yet ass. It car made fun of my car, yet a thousand of them. I have one final make fun of it pointed out that you're rich I'm not really. But I'm on borrow slides on borrowed time driving around in a g Mercedes. First of furs of our aim g, my car cos half his much as these outfit well off Lungren teacher, why he should our Jamie Jamie doesn't get any flak forgotten agenda these a billionaire another. This there's no changes the billionaire everything, Jamie posts online. He has, for he has lots of fancy cool new shit. Madam, I Jordan. That's icy his eighty five from a little annoyed, I'm a little or no,
annoyed and you're a jealous of the railroad on those golfers. I got to also jealous and annoyed, Gmail Jamie Gonna get some great stacks. James cuts are greatly welcome. Its all love Jamie. It's none of it is still doing upon castle bodily, es me in Robert E Lee how often irregular and at every single week comes out on Monday, so called bad friends. It's the most fuckin fun thing. I've ever done in my life. That's great! We talk to each other for just over an hour, but a myriad of things. I said a bit for him to do. We do a bunch of different new funds stuff every single week. It's it's actually been doing podcast this fund, but doing one with him, has just been like duties, the perfect guy for progress, The party has are a thing for him, nothing for him! He's he's got he's a hard. He so silly is a fun guy, and you get to know him and you love him. Yeah, like he's such a sweetheart, if you go to go to weeks episode Episode three. What's with the shelf, whose a designer
we deal with. This has happened stuff. We get we talked about it from our fanciful. Who put that again is further proof of the producer. You have a producer that decorate now we just told me stuff on the walls relative put up some shit unless you put some stuff from the wall, the represents what you like we're gonna, we're gonna, it's brand new We just started the whole thing. We haven't done it yet. Also you in american flag behind you should be what we all do now. Go to go to episode, Episode three and go to the very well go to the beginning. I think, as this is an episode where I brought a air soft gun to the studio Bobby with a gun, is of Vienna. Others glasses always read the script. It is this that you love letters to John instantly Eleazer wherein sweet Sweden. Thanks, but Bobby got a gun, but I mean I gave Bobby Ersatz, condoning the very foundation of Bobby I did not go out of Asia's, is word slides amendment and he will he always what information he's wearing slides go to the very end, go to the very, very and real quick does that the ersatz gun comes out way later there, the variant imagine if we
all their eyes in that every podcast we're gonna have an american flag. In the background. We also do it that way ahead as yet I should a tv people didn't like people got Frida throws a real gone. I think this way you had to be there things because, right now you with a gun and not at all, it's- and I now know I'm saying, but I brought an Yourself com which is a bad break. The tv year Bobby Derriman issued a tv, so I did it we're children he little baby or goods at shootin, its ersatz, gotta be begun. Elsie shot a baby at the tv here should have gone in private tv. Here Bob does that's happening only when I'm with this moron do I do such dummies smoke cigarettes in there too, hastily smoking and yet not inside. We make him go outside how long did equipped for he quit for wildly. He owes raping useful. For a long time, but now he is now he's back back onto cheese. Try to get off of it these trying, but will see if it actually above smoking, is not trying to Europe.
Now we want to stop and get you want to. Stop at innovation are weird thing you trying. Well you just stop. I mean I smoke from I quit you know, but always walk for couple years, doing scars nope, you dont know cause it might make someone smoke Like birds, always I've many mean honest books as a cause. It makes me want to smoke. A cigarette has some. Sometimes I do want to cigarette used to smoke cigarettes. India could tell Bur loves the cigars, but ever supplement is driving, that's because he doesn't want to drink anymore. That's why you like smoking, but I think you ought to money, was drinking to Yemen. Now more than ever smoked way more cigars and he ever did when it was drink. Yeah, probably because now he's almost got rid of the sauce completely rank, think so gas when a whole year without drinkin. That's not funny than ever, though, another negative all year. Hollow
using I go about what you think I ve ever done a month. I've done a month when you do month what do so blocked over with us this year. Ok do maybe a very scared network of upper. You know how much I like drinking Torres. My birthday, and I'm gonna come off it's hard for me. It's a thing every here. I nobody here. What we do at higher is interesting to thing, but it so easy for you, because nothing has a grasp on. You know I like that, doesn't cadet like drinking in small glowed. Apart that it doesn't control you the way that, like birds, real challenge, birch, not drinkings array and actual Jeffrey. You think it's a real challenge, while it's a challenge- and that is something that you commit to you, but you, but you do that constantly on your own anyway, you're you're doing it against guys, don't consonant with yeah there's a little bit of that. But it's
for people than it was a real, or why did I think, but even for me just now that I have to do something for a whole month and I think that's one of the really good things about me that work, our challenge that out six hours, today. You realize you can actually do that you're, that's insane! I never thought it could do that. I never thought about doing that, but when you know that you competing it's three other assholes and a new you like, let's till it's fuckin, do this better everybody's, getting up like all hyped up and I would get up and I would read the the young, the fitness tracker, results that, like Tom, had put in fuckin fifteen miles around the damage shit here, that's himself he's on the EAST Coast number were always doing something crazy. We rides a bike. Toys watch a movie for two hours and is it this crazy high school like oh, no and everybody was doing. That's ever was checking their app and then going to doing crazy shit all day rights by the end of the month. We would literally working out at least three to four hours every, like hard core. That's absurd, that's absurd! I did one day I did more.
Seven hours at eighty percent of our Maxwell right now. I worked out all day, how much later than the losing I was eating. As you just can't sleep, I didn't lose any weight as you're just anyway or maintaining outlining also mixing it up. So I wasn't going crazy. I was doing cardio and I was also doing weights and I was doing a bunch others and I was eating like a wolf, I mean eating like Wolf broke into a house is tearing apart the covered, it was horrible. I was drinking a lot of soda to like it was long raving sugar for actual solar cells, drinkin like a whole sugary cream soda. You like I did, this elliptical machine for how many hours, but it was at least five, maybe six hours on elliptical machine in one flung want someone sitting with his puddles on the ground. I set off the FAO, are alarm in the room from my steam. The
video hd, video huddles on the ground from my sweat, and so you have you just keep going see if you watch movies that are exciting right and I was tv right in front of me. Some watch and I watched the scene in John Wick in the russian bath We're kills everybody, otherwise that scene fifty times in a row I just kept looking you kept going back and watching it again because there's something about that scene where you pretend that John Wick, or you pretend you someone's trying to kill. John worked for you in the middle of this whole fuckin shoot out stab I'm Carter. Guy, look at this one and its a fuckin superintend seen. So I will just watch that scene over and over and over now watch other movies, and I get bored and go back to that move again, and I watched John with two a bunch two like but the hyper violent scenes year. When you watch those you feel like you're there. Let your locked in a nothing's fights would watch fight
all day by your worldwide, like our elliptical or stare mail, or something that you can watch fights and EU like like you, like you start seeing stuff happens, you thinking, oh my God, Skies Europe can have job look out because Algeria's outsider, what were you doing that you, the excitement of the fights carriage to you, work? Are you listening to you call a fight? Sometimes that's fucking. Why abbots? Really? That's it doesn't matter what matters is good fights really. What did like it doesn't help me here, my own voices weird, but they good fights anytime. It's crazy, chaotic fight, yeah, you you'll, get hyped up in your your mind, will think about that more than you think about the burning in your lungs of the burning in your legs and Just the momentum of something exciting carries you really far so music, music, music music. For me, when I go run its music, that's it that, like try to do on the elliptical. When I want something, I can't do that. I just can't look. I gotta have some music or a podcast or an audio book than I can,
but if you know that you're gonna beyond the elliptical for hours, me too. What I dont know why, but my aren't like watching something when I'm on the Madonna a machine. That's why I that's why again, the Jim for me is just a place to lift weights in between. Running, I can't be in there and they lived a cold of treadmills dig. They give me nightmare some like these fuck. I gave it I just gotta be outside you like run announced yeah. I just can't do not make sense. I can't do it, I can't do it yeah it. Some are never done spin class, but people, of that shit. Nope now can do that. Look at you! I did the pub Palatine in a hotel. I didn't tell down once in a hotel one time yet and in my my tush was in such pain. My my undercarriage my grandma, my nephew, my ass Osborne pain. Aren't you supposed to sit down put the seat in my ass. Why I yours was through the whole time I sped on it knife now I did. I did it. I did
I did the work on. It was a great work. I will say it was awesome, but I dont like bikes how much I only biking that much is not for me like. Well, it's always more excited to do something fun like if you can play a game like if you play Basque one, cardio from that. I believe that's great, that yeah or soccer soccer an awesome game for Cardio Jesus who has to be in better cardiovascular shape and size player. Somebody run for ninety minute straight, nor do they have another game tomorrow, yet another boys rest up yet one in eight hours I mean those duties are always fuckin: cotton, laughed and cotton right and stopping earlier there are, those guys are probably the most like a high income. Audio shape of all pro athletes day. Also pretend to get hurt worse than anybody in any of these nets are part of the thing you know, really love that, but, as part of the thing he and Edwards to explain it to me, one time
I just I was. I had imagined this sport, where a big part of the things pretend you got her all its five have found out and pretend you can imagine imagine you have sea fight. If a guy like walks and flinch is neither got it. S like it landed in a rather more than you do. Neither had em don't flinch. Well, that's, like you know their flopping flopping in the NBA, having as a weird thing taking doing area. Well, it's a big theatre. And its enormously or used to not beat it but used to not be at all with the ideas that you can get someone to or foul, and then there in its when you start to build up thousands a team they can follow. I dont they checked the replay before they ever do anything like that. They do. We do now they're just reserve a guy, ok, sofa guy fly. And you know for sure that he's faking it? Why can I appeal awesome? It's not part of a minute I'll, buy you a lot a bitch card.
The bank card Bitch, it's ok, you got a yellow card if you'd be in a bit, so mask that's coward as even better than pink. If you think can be powerful, you can get a technical and basketball get a technical file and best was pretending to be hit, is a technical fell? They really do it for that, though, what I do for yell and are fighting or touch but or if your enticing some bullshit like a guy's flopping and in the rough knows, he's full of shit, he's tron entice the sky, though given attack, if their John at each other That's what usually, what happens so an inevitable we're gonna leads down the same road. You end up getting the reps call out the bull shit. They have to do it in a different way or they'll hit you with an unnecessary file to check you to be like. I know, you're up to your foolish it lying in the inner taking a charge means if you stand still someone's gotta run into you. Sometimes, though, all it on you just to be like your fuckin use you you know you're cheating, ultimate step and in the way
in the rules, yet on not one, no basketball enough to know. What's going on, it's like a different, the difference, I think, between like a fight in a basket and octagon referee versus MBA referee, the guys in the NBA or controlling the game. Every game is different: there's not. There are rules, but some are easily Benda bore breakable at times, depending on what is actually going on. And allow a travel for pleasure doesn't extricate advantage on that new rights took an extra step. You'd want to slow the game down, you'll want to ruin, and I say there to get Israel s head of cattle. It gets gets like intervening in a fight too much of a rare. Is coming to its like me. You don't want you. Dont want to really fuck up the rhythm of this think. As you know, it's an efforts for the further players purpose in the fighters purpose and for the entertainment at some point. You're, like
you just room in the fuckin thing for every pleasanter and issue years ago, that referees were being paid by like gamblers come seemed. I there's a whole he's exist Angel Alot, yet about what he said. He was betting on advantages that he knew about none other sally like making something happened in a different way Courvoisier yeah right. The referees, though that were accused of of doing certain things got caught in the referenda. And what do you have any sense he got caught? He got fuck em, This habit. This actually happens more often than not having the most famous betting stories. P rose and baseball yachting, but you know, but he's they didn't think he did
anything to somehow or another. They never bet you never bet on his teams games. That was his thank you bet. I thought he did, though I thought someone called bullshit on growth. If ever found it aren't you they found Navy was ambiguous betting on his own once you, Google did p arrows ever bet on his own games, but anyway. So the problem was that he bet on baseball. Well yeah, but the TIM Tim doubting the NBA rough. They said they were their bit betting on games in the autumn in Piero here he said he only bet on his team to win. You never bet against them, he bent on other games than only bet on them to get a w wells. Man am I wrong and thinking, then that should be ok. I don't think it's wrong if you bet on your team, to win while any billions, you put your money where your mouth is. Building up look obtain. It says my taste exhibit against you bet against them. Did that's what I'm a couple years? That's right! That's! Ok! So that's the issue but I think you should build a bed for your team to win, but it can't you finally team to win for sure you fight in Vegas. Can't you put a ban on you to win. Could you bet on it?
software guys do that yeah that's a lie fighters about themselves to a. Why not around. When I don't did she told me it will do that, but there are one man team. I think the real question would be if he bet against his team. It says he did in that. If that is the case, and he did something to win the bat, tried to cost his turn. I've made decisions that weren't them. The best decisions put the wrong people in his rasher Well then, the other side of it is even on a one man team. Let's say I mean you're fighting. I bet I begged me to win, but you know that you're gonna throw the fight nominate, get you some of the winnings. Do not I mean that's the other side of it. O k causes other people involved. Here you could deftly do that we can make. It agreements are now saying. If I said, if I said, hey man, you gonna throw this fight your basically paying you to throw the fight reeling that I'm betting on myself when he bitterly yeah yeah yeah. I would bet against myself but get right yeah, that's where he goes deathly done there. That's rickets shady well referees and boxing, but for shore been shady and so have you
Just judges have been caught for shore, rendering decisions that didn't make any sense, and then you know taken money. They must have the armenian know how many times they ve been like. Let's find out how many a box Jesus Boxing judge arrested for corruption, just Google that peat roasting is very confusing. Oh yeah and more about- I guess, if you bet on us that while he was a player versus being a manager, MRS documents obtained by outside lines, reflect betting records, may eighteen, eighty six, which twenty was a plush eighteen. Eighty six. Ninety rice show no evidence that rose. Who was a player them bet against esteems Aramis, read that last oh yeah, but that was a stipulation of the same, no evidence that he bet against himself or his team red. Ok, then I'm fine with again yeah? I mean you know I mean like if I was a fuckin, a player in the coach says, put five ground, you motherfuckers. Let's do this shit like that coach believes in
so. Can I put this money? I you know their stipulations worthy argument was whether they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame course. He does. You know that was all three five hundred assented. It's a savage sport were geyser hitting a leather covered boss yeah. What do you mean? You're smashing this thing into the brain you're running around you you're its, isn't it's a sport sports are dominated by savages upon this guy. What is this may be the worst referenda as its videos about she asked about the boxing thing. There was a really bad stoppage. This pass weakening the Yossi really bad. Really back, it's so much controversy her this one was a bad one. Was the worst stoppage I've ever seen. There was this guy. Would pull up the biggest fire today you have sees I've gotta. Remember how to say this: guy's name what he claimed. He stopped the fight, whether the reference
yeah. I don't want to call the referee out, there's no need to avoid knows what is. Is a nice guy? You fucked up referees fuck up. Sometimes he thought the guy was hurt and he wasn't her. He was faking it ok, so the motto mad, collective cheese. I think that's what he said, and I forget I say, could a Bela's first day with these e on. I think it's easy on food labelling on could a bell, was plain possum. If you watch, the video here the video it looks like he's playing possum, see, he's pretend they hurt see you got for sure, but look how wag let us head back and forth here. Trying to sucker. For that right hand, rice try to pretend that he's hurt and then so that and the referee steps to fight while he's throw unconscious. Look it up as soon as the referee steps to fight he's like I'm fine, what the fuck are you doing? There's not a guy was rocked. He if you watch it again, you can see that he definitely is getting hit, but you can.
I also see that like when you like that this that's fake, that's that's, wobbly with the head, looking through haymakers he's trying to lower the guy in the thinking that is so hurt that he can't control himself these trying to throw haymakers these also deftly getting hit too. So I could see how the referee fell for it, but you gotta, let guys fight you got guys fight and sometimes reveries in the interests of the fighter. Trying to save a guy from damage near they step in. They make a mistake. That's an easy mistake to make cause it. It is a really bad stoppage, but because the fact that he was faking like he was hurt, but he wasn't faking what you have heard enough to stop a fight now invite like when it gets swinging back with big wild haymakers. He can win daytime
write me. We seen those Fuckin bridle Mendous been many many fights where you see a guy win. It will finally getting dominated because he catches ago gets overzealous interest rightish moth, that's what we got robbed of roughly fucked up or the the referee he fucked up, but he also was a little bit tricked by this guy's try. Laura this guy and by pretending and then exploding right. He didn't, even if the guy was really that rocked it wasn't enough to stop the fight that guy was throwing back. It was defending himself. He was moving backwards, hands already thrown fight. You not the fighters, doesn't end when someone gets hit right now. The fight ends when you can't protect yourself anymore, defenceless was buried. It was very dangerous. Still that was a bummer to watch that's over their real exaggerate. While you feel bad for the fact that it is not a Nina, whoever is our bad guy, just fucked up and then the fighter. You guys think doc. I trained for months, for the moment is trying to
Socrates guy enemy- maybe he's got this thing that he does Z russian tens like he's, hurt Hano. Nowhere could a bell from his arrest kinda guy number. If he's in their revenue. Then this is a rift added a month. It's I don't think it's a corruption thing. I think this is a mistake. He ass fuckin hard man over Manuel them. Although my love, it's fucking hard job man, let's hear in their these deeds are throwing their fuckin knees in each other s faces and kick each other and and You is the only that's the other thing. Other sport have many rough you're. The only one did your on edge and shit. When I stop it stop it thought that the pressures and saint so many other sports can rely on other referees to go ocean and did we fucked up or I fucked up this one is like it's. This dude does a bad com. There was a bed call, but it happens. It's our gig canteen, tough gig to two broke
you. Talk about you show your new show. I get a new shelve has not come out to the ears of an comes out today are today March forth. Its march fourth comes out today. How is it March forth? A fillip I've been abducted by aliens, and has been stolen from it comes out today on effect sex and on Hulu, and not let up that gave me a little dick, where there is a sort of talk that way way hold on play. My when you play, including when you play a clip about what I what about the show, I can't leave. They left it in that little do these parents, that's his parents, are play his parents, I'm sure, look at a very and there's a clip. I say not keep gone in me. That's me Talkin had listen. I want to say about the show. You loved turn this at the very heart of our great Rachel passionate it's gonna, be there we'll dickie things go, you are the best show's over. So congratulations are part of the best shows up. I just think it's funny
ethics. Guy was how do you think you know their fuckin rousing into thinks of then I go, I think, is one of the worst of all time and our own should be embarrassed to be a part of it and he's looking at me like what he might do it I'm a committed, it's a joke. What the fuck is a common. Like and they got took it so serious as an amazing harmony. Doom nodded that. Yet these are come back to this. Now you aren t they stop. It see No, you know these are the guys that are doing the problem of the advertising company. You know they come in and be like tell us about the show. Is that what you want me to fuck and say I never really urgent, better age and that I am not going to do now. Agent shields, you finances Mister, and ages of shield to people. That's like You gotta from near when you do a premiere. They asked these questions and I will go the premier I had you have to you: don't have to do with a new contract. You gotta go the other boat, get a better agent, but doesn't put Dutch in your contract. Yo see what it does. You stop fucking laughing. This is him just baiting me to get angry about it. You have to go. I have a choice. Look, but the show is good.
But what does show TAT is really good port and that we want to show you fucking funny and if its, not at all, ruby, some aggressive cause. You know how to get my girl, like you, don't fuckin watch, the show to show our nor encounters- and I know I go to amend Philly this week- s son of a bitch- you leave what Thursday, Thursday Hammond Philly all weekend. Where are you punch line and fill it nice, some Simeon full nice tell them good, jokes, Dahmer, rarer. Call me. Last night, oh you working with her oh yeah Comic named Chris O Connor, whose great did I say, young comic he's, might where the Selina young guy, I mean he's he's for a fully guy now lives in New York. He's beautiful fuckin phenomena so you'll be out there with me, have some fun and in a local young, probably funny host. Hopefully beautiful is do still available. A few We're still left a few are still left for Philly and then a bunch of date, Cincinnati gonna fuckin, but Oh hi is she doesn t know priorities should anyhow,
he knows unwieldy knows it's all. Love is like good that they take serious due to high always two year unless internet in Cleveland it into the mud. But now all that sells uninteresting and our common, then you and I have some fun together and for twenty billion that a visa and the golden pony s right or we're flying all the weight of an coover can't we're still some tickets, but not much, but a lotta nosebleed left, but it's, we're doing an arena for twenty in Vancouver and how many to punish sooner do remember. It's thousands taught us thousands yeah, I'm I'm happy thirteenth nor someplace. I love down, I loved you and my own shows, and I love common and doing your big fuckin Ass of insane shows a ridiculous, I'm still not used to them arenas. How could you ever get you? at such a weird but you don't love it as much as when we do theatres allow of it. You see, but don't you haven't? Don't you like theatres, more connect, connective unanimity, there's somethin wild about doing fourteen thousand people. That's him
the US for twenty last year was fastened, while that one we have I got high before and I thought about it. I got nervous who push observatories again make itself. I got two baked fourteen thousand people. In an arena on for twenty, it was awesome, happen again in Vancouver this year down. I'm excited gee, I don't know tendrils each may achieve she doesn t know o o my website address antenna. What she dissenting across she doesn t know dot com it. She, I can fuck with shadows, cause Hazel sue me, but just get she doesn t. Those dark council summit fuck it up and what to do for the show mediocre. We should play their part out, so people here goodbye to vary. Thank you, friends for tuning in to the programme and thing you two's recruiter. They can find the people. Do you look
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