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#1449 - Bryan Callen

2020-03-27 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast.
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My? U S, shooter, while dude my ears are, are covered for the second time today I'm just gonna say that, and I'm I'm up, Will they be and asked me? If what you are you a shooter funny, I'm a tell you and operate in tackling showed her brow, I'm attacked, so you ever done. We do went to Terran Tactical today in and Brian Cowen learned the ins and outs learn how to lean forward S. Navy seal instruction is well known. Mr Varela yeah page feel I love it. Funny. I ve been doing it my head forever on your head, yet doesn't really work. Hearst I've rehearsed killing a gang. Many times all round shore lenient kicking when I they want to shoot him in that he and rehabilitate. Am I because they don't have need targets if they just a bunch of the little tiny targets on the ground I hit. I dont like
because, unlike what am I shouldn't be, I was this aid eight there, the size of a toddler, weird homelike, our desire to kill the toddler with one shot kid with a missile. I E. I was pretty accurate without that's kind of sick, but yeah. That's a good idea. I could either waste them or wing them. I will them and then take demanded, teach him there their way. There then they'll be loyal deal I tossed them an herbal, an herbal remedies and herbal rap. Stephen, Sir Galahad that one movie words in a coma years, whose kidnappers ass couple days later on Nicaragua, says that she was factual. Would you without moving very well he's containers are no no, no you're way out of line well above the laws. The first move, This was deep in his comments. What kind of an already got a nurse yeah here too fat by this? I had that's where he ran terribly. He always runs terribly but in the early movies he was skinny and above the law it was skinny them by the time you get this the movie, where he's in a coma forever, like us,
moving is waking. Auchinlech are sexually urgent. Wasn't do fatter one too fat. He looks great there, but he darted new start to fill in his hair and so and he was in a coma forever and then gets out the coma rudimentary starts. You and all sorts of chinese herbs and shit become a bow say he was priests gave back. There was. Since early in the career he killed himself what I want you, I would throw them an urban rap and tell them how to rapid and then say, training begins tomorrow on the new EU, wake them up. They may have full to fuck. You fuck you and I'd be a horse. For no reason really giant Hortense, why? Why do you always because there's something hurry masculine you have where you're on a horse, it's my interact It's all right. I I just have this their couple. Things to do before I die? One is to talk,
Somebody in herbal rap and say training begins tomorrow or be there. Tomorrow, and I want to rehabilitate at at risk youth but they're like twenty and then I want to rear upon a horse whereupon a horse, but I want a job here out of nowhere rear up on a horse and rescue a group of women in the wilderness, a group of women in the world where they in the wilderness, for they got lost where they hikers they or their plane when downloading it hurt, but its skidded along declaration leg, Dounia glued excluded. They said we Finally, Mr Panorama: impenetrable gonna Gulf five touch fetch NEA Fetch, the man Panther, the man pay, and it's my new should ever do you know about this. Guy is name is Dick prone, a key and
He was a guy who lived in Alaska by himself in a cabin that he built for decades and he moved out there in its fifty years old. He got tired of life, and just the way everything was the fast pace of modern life, says: Guide decided this guy. Amazing videos on Youtube this guy built. His own house out there in Alaska. Fashioned it logs either like a video, him doing the whole thing filmed everything, all these interactions with animals, it would come and land on his hand, nude Valium oil, and he was you He literally as you spitten stoic by himself and wrote. You know me Stoa, real, solitary- and you know really measured with his words, of course, and
Is there anything you want to be and he would sit in every night. He would write a new would write about his experiences in the deep satisfaction. Then he got off a living there, carnival I've right! Doesn't it make some amazing videos pablo the videos you watch has guys live in his life out there, but you know he would only see people like once or twice a year when they would drop of goods and things that he needed, but this guy Was you know it wasn't a spring chicken? He moved out there and using its fifties. While when Moses wanna say he had two ways back, back with his brother. I want to say in the early two thousands somewhere around them. Looks like sixteen minutes. Millimeter film. Yes, our duty lived out there for decades. Like I said yeah by himself. No, your shit to be out there by yourself, oh well, I think most of it he learned once he got there any talked about who talked about the experience was like about
just a learning. How fatiguing is to hike learning how fatiguing it is to gather your own firewood and he made most of his own tools are right. There is making a mallet himself. He drill fills a hole in it with a hand, augur and then he makes his own peg and He only brought in tools to make tools and the big tools dad. He made all himself using what what? What do you live on just dear mean yeah Elk me dear me, berries. He got some opium stuff. You know some dry goods He would get in large personally come in touch base periodic. They would come to him. People fly out to him with goods but demean he. Bill all this shit by himself. He built his whole cabin by himself and he documented every step of the way Maison. His name is pregnant p, r, o e n n e k e dick practically alone in the wilderness. Is the whole series on Youtube
and he's on the side of a lake with this this cabin, then he built living off of animals that he hunted and fire word, and he now whatever food that he gathered obsessed with This now is. Does this corona thing caught me with my pants down? I want here's. What I want. I want a I substantial cabin made of thick logs or stone, and then I want it near alive, or a water source, maybe preferably a well yeah. I can era. Grit gave my own crops, you'd have crop I want to join any chicken zeal in your garden, Yoni Cry, you a garden. The judge you yes well, it might be man. My several several allay my friends, my lady friends, because I'm gonna start my own colonies. I've to breed. You understand I need. I need a lot of hair and beard dykes. I wanna stay. Looking young lives there,
I was suddenly reverses you an age. Now you talk in my language. How old do David? Somebody will actually have a cabin on the side. He'd be right. Next, you doing experiments have his fuckin lab and I'm gonna be as guinea pigs, yeah you'd, be the guy. You David, come on, come on out and tiresome eyes and with all the girls he quit while he's under that is married. Man leave me alone, but he'd like to come out. Staying out in power for a few days is a fun guy he's. It seems like a good guy he's a great guy. It is brilliant and he's brilliant in the field. That's very important he's. What do you mean you're? Getting old, that's right! That's right! you wanna, be Dick panicky. We had a sui escape your your wilderness again and again, I again to old. Do their color things? One more thing I wanted to split will in my shirt off while I have women watch me through the window of my log cabin as their baking me, a pie, nine other citys chauvinist
say it sounds like don't worry you Syro peace, scheveling everything I wanted you before I die. I want to have a horse, I'm so attaches that I can go in and then it shows up so single, like Brad pits pit bull in once upon a time in Hollywood, correct I'd, kill for one of those that pebble was Pat was fucking great. That things is fucking knew what to do. When the do yeah yeah they don't use the cops. I heard dont use mastiffs. Even now I was going to do to go. Then I ll go. Then you get a major losses. Can bite your fucking? Well, I was watching a fuck Video of a guy in San Diego gonna arrest by the cops and cops couldn't get the german shepherd off his arm. Degenerate, shepherds, clamp down this guy's forms. Gus scream and who, in their Poland on the dog and the dogs In the mean, if you dont poem, they were an inch shouldn't choking the dog parents. They thought this guy was a bad person and they are left in the dark, chew this guy's arm up and you get permanent. Nerved Algeria mean insist devastating.
The tissue in your for I've, seen video of where I saw, I said the captured method. Why didn't that guy's, this giant a wall? Human, a while just giant, we used to be a special forces. Skynet went crazy and they let that dog loose, aren't gonna to cut by non. They let this this wolf, this fuckin wolf loose and gratitude on the top of his army of Hugh drops like Brennan job like being grab grabbed the guy in the guy. Just in the middle of its craze. He looked at the dog and then just went day froze and went down. My said wisely punching leaders because shot down, because when he bit that arm, that arm went none. Can use them. But I, like the pain Scruciating Hain german shepherd binding in your arm here, not good or real wolf that well that's night, train them now get such a problem
they're, not interested in listening than other similar in getting a wolf to attack is not here and a fuckin peep out of out of a wharf, and I'm talking about a timber off, not a peep. Who is Mr Mountain Lion, a k how that works, Mount lines, versa, water, how exactly? How ready the wolf dies? Really that's right, have it has he ever seen that there's a video of it? First of all really yup without louvres or worse by the way, Wolf twice over mountain I get under that. The old John, I guess the neck and by the way, got his whole down with those clause. That's right. They have Claudia and its more athletic two hundred and fifty pound hundred and forty panhandler repay. My good luck with that and there's differ solo, they don't need a bunch of policies and back on you all they fuckin alone, like a lion, there's no and No sound is a grave video of a water buffalo charging a lion
male line and the mail. I literally waits until the water Buffalo closing a distance in and ducks under and grabs all of it by the and just he's on the air. While I've seen you might not have been a water buffalo might have been. Something else are always a cow, some some other rugged. Animal is a rug. Yeah. I forget which animal was, but the elm makes a rush at the lion like hey fuck you I like no fuck you, stared asunder and one of the problems we have a game reserve is: if you have a proud alliance, you're gonna pay so much money, keeping that that reserve stocked because a proud lions go through. You know crazy amounts and meet every single day every other day. So they will decimate they'll, go through a whole herd above well, that was an issue after the dentist. The dentist shot that line, with a name yeah member that allows them to do so:
and then now to know that they were worried that Cecil's brother Jericho was killed, but no worries. It was a line that didn't have a name so so close, I read an article that were being serious about that sweeping sears. There is real concern. That Cecil's brother Jericho had also been killed, but turned out not to be sure like trying to see. If that is the real lighting. Anyway, when When they killed that lion, when a dentist kill that line, while they then after that, had this this thing, this international out, I wouldn't nobody wants to go there and hotlines does that they want to be the next gotta get targeted like that dentist. So because of that, They had a slaughter. A large number of lions I'm sure fire
do people, they don't have any idea what what it is to sustain I'm just the number was crazy or something like a bit Irma, fifty or five hundred, but it's like they kill them and instead of getting fifty thousand dollars per lion like their cause to getting one can, because they have all these lines. The lines are decimated undulate population of courses. Miss Carlyle anymore. It's likely elephants. So now with elephants, you can't move one like a member of the herd or to members. The elephant have to be moved as a herd. Otherwise they go nuts right. So there there, the females rule the roost, but you can't just take like three elephants from matter heard them move em over the guy. You know take more; otherwise they really get fucked up yeah, they love each other, they love each other, but then also when you call elephants which you have to do in Kourou National Park and things like that, why then, because they get to destructive they're just get too many of them and they just wait, lay waste the vegetation becomes them
MT. So the problem is that there are you can't shoot of Malaga does any more objects wherever because you know that and they would kill the whole herd, because you can't just kill a couple right cause they go. And then I can't do anything with the IRA because retreats illegal, correct certain. They store that. Then you make you jack at the price of ivory, which they do the same thing with the right one, but but so that what now they try to do as they try to sterilize the females right I'll, try to open it. Good luck, what that that's a lot of fun. Now that's really difficult to do as well. You know they are trying to down the hamptons returned to their would dear they're, trying to give the female dear birth control just what a mess and shoot dead loads into them. Yet God should the dear Alida? Well, that's what they should do, yeah I mean, but they didn't. They decided for whatever goofy reason that what they were going to do is try to give them birth control and they were gonna, spend a countless amounts of death.
Dollars to get birth control into Dear Hyena cat what're. You gonna, do you know many there are. I quit rupilius their infested out there, what what after watching Tiger king. What is your take on keeping tiresome spat, it's ridiculous for as well only watch one half of one episode. I had a pause. I had a pause Jamie now we're getting an aide de ivy drips notches. Pretty fucked remains in what is an idea that stuff that David Sinclair, restock about. Well, let it get entire dry on the DNA Diedre O Brien, my below cheap, expensive yeah across costs. A pretty penny. I want to live forever. What what aren't afterwards? I don't I've done too, and I feel pretty good. You feel any different jerry I can buy stuff feel pretty good around inside yeah, but it feels like the second one really took it over the top. What does it do? You know I'm more energy about feel like really vibrant, I feel great, but it's hard to tell you what does that mean
keeping eight hours a day of Saint at home. My family, not tat line the road in our means like how much sure this is it, but apparently scientifically its provable right, lengthens, you're, Tellin Meares actually decreases your biological age has been proven. David Sinclair said that any de h g h- and there was one other data. Those three things in combination: Hebron, failure to reverse your biological crazy, so we try look while this should come down. I wanna keep my means system at fuckin, tip top roguish joy ideas which tips hamburger. Is charity is good ever, but it's just one of those things where there's you know, there's a few different scientific advances that they can absolutely show that will decrease our biological age, ensure
Now that there is an increase in your vitality, your ability to recover all eastern frontier some get in a long while leaving the tire came back to that. I am the inner had two hundred and twenty six tigers as pets? They lived under the only a fuckin cage, an end and then a chimps chimps should never be kept an occasion for paying by says. There are certain things I just don't think should be if you're, if it up personal zoo, like San Diego, and they, even though that I greatly minutes disturbed at least kids, get to see them in an educates. You know of the general population, but when you ve got ten thousand tigers as pets. Now I don't know Let us remember my bit from triggered from two down sixteen, I love Dear all, original tiger bit browser companies higher birth, but one of the greatest tyrant, wanna greatest bits ever then make the argument for Roma TIGERS. Fucking was one of the greatest bets ever you should do it. You should know in bed that's all
that that is raising you should do that bet. You should revive that dead and you should you should take it and you should put it out there Let me say it again: I didn't, I know, commented, don't want them. It is top three bits of all time low nice, but that it some, I think it's might be on an audio record cat. It was as it was a first summit For us, these companies that that getting out I'm gonna be dead Sunday. That bit gets done ride in audio we're gonna see that funding visual, you have to see the visual dude when you're making the noises that was the first bid that ever did were realised. Like you have to kind of become the thing yeah like you, gotta becomes. I would make noise as they try to be me still, but then I realized it. Oh I just gotta because He heard a tiger fucking, that's what I love about certain that's like for me. I I just sing about having abusive father, who was a piano teacher. Don't ask
when I talk about his moustache Mustachioed belong, the bristles was sick. They belong in the back of a boar. Another romance knows, and I got in this whole character and I I love to lose myself into that carrier, or when I do that that English that English supervillain yeah, like I just fuckin, it's so fond to get lost in that characterises. You could think like that. I personally have must be the appeal of like a guy like Daniel Day Louis or, of course, you know someone can really in capsule late, they they do something where they they become, that they become that they're, not in some people. Never do that. They're just always acting like go here. Guy acting in a movie, I know who he is. There is acting, and then some people just become Jeffrey Timber, whose one bunch of enemies for transparent. He said that he for him was about shoes. He'd have to figure out what kind of issues like he'd have to feel it First in his speech, which makes sense when you wear sneakers an or you wear letters
old shoes, you feel different united, secure and leather soldiers. You, you are now become more formal, Your toes are pushed together. You know when you, strain like that. It's a weird thing. I think that if it does change, you can't even move. Good and thou shalt sold shoes of slippery cracked soviets. What? If you see people, I can tell a lot about somebody by their footwear. If there were an sandals we're. Typically, I can tell you what their political. It's me, those are, those are, those are dad sneakers. I don't give a fuck game over and I do what I want Joe Rogue usual know: Jack Shit, no light rail run. I know what they are, what are the there too These are solomons, their excellent choose, bead cry! I know about it because I'm run these where we're we're gonna go hunting with Renault. I know all about those retraction. Their awesome says tread. So if you're gonna go up like
slippery terrain. This gives you grip Hamas, I'm I'm a royal trails, brow browser like I don't care and I'll just where this is about that. Also, there's no shoelaces correct. So like this essential time, I put it in here very easy. I took it and there is little to the airport really with these onto you knows, never get it with us. You have never get caught broke out, no I'll do it. I don't give a fuck. Prevention one. I showed him somewhat city almost through yes, yes, where these old candlelight I, where these are where chucks, but when I know, if I'm doing anything in dirt. They're like a middle ground between wearing a boot in like a few, Graham r, we're munting. Sometimes they are those. I looked at those found here, a lot of guys in Elk hunting in particular, because you're so mobile, you constantly using these massive herds in your moving around. Don't you have to come out hunting with the servant Elk I need means turning to me, but I have plenty of meat for you
for you! Listen! You see me shoot! You see me how astonished my target just at that that that there's a girl yeah just a couple hours ago. I've got that that that that that you can like you were born for now. I gotta go get down as he knows. I say that you have your plugs and I was on radio. Also you have a you say things in a way that only people around you can hear you have the right amount of projections for the enemy. Never here speak cryptically, Eddie, stuff and stuff. I did is part it hasn't. He had me you want to see what kind of attack alas, all I can watch it fit. You know who I am sure I am cleared cleared out using lacerated podcast. I love him. The best of the best- and he had me like looking like different movie scenes and break down what was wrong. I was wrong off. I was completely about everything. I thought I thought that when you shot gun with his suppressor it was I not pursue pretty loud. Pretty you ve never showed a tumor suppressor. I have actually
and you talk, but its lie was wearing earphones, arid areas. I couldn't, but it's nothing like like a rifle like when we were hunting in the Prince of Wales. I had that gun with. Basel break so loud, It's a seven millimeter Remington, ultimately also very loud. Do that so that outside a converter they say you they save. You have to close out. If you can do damage yours permanent honour percent, my one of my friends there was a guy who shot near him, shot to close to his ear. Some he was it he's a guide, and this guy apparently like went to swing like the the animal was close by like he's here. The animals close bar, something something half or shot really close to his head and blues years out now, only as a hearing AIDS Tat S, where here
cause you're you're that rifle the trigger is so sensitive detail, tat the ideas they don't want. You pull in hard, but the different people of different theories on that. It's the same with archery with archery some people like a very sensitive trigger, and some people like a trigger, that's very hard to pull so that you, you can't just jerk on it, because you have to pull pulpit bang and then it goes off when you, when you shoot arteries very interesting, but you would think like say if you have a good rest trap with a trigger on it. You think that you draw back. You go like that yeah, but you read to you would use your finger to hit the trigger, but I ll actually don't some people do some people actually can do and shoot leg campaigns. Does it that way should very well that way, but campaigns is a psychopath. Is a different human being most people. There's something about that thing. That starts flinch in anticipation. Flinch doesn't want him, but some people they get a thing called target,
panic, so they get away from target panic. What they do is, instead of pull the trigger. You wrap your finger around the trigger and the trigger stiff music, and then you use your back muscles so now, then you aim and you go like this- is pull your back muscles and it goes off without without you even moving your finger, So once I would put my finger on it, my fingers in place and then I'm just polling and pop. It goes off nice now. Is it is it Crossbow does have more range? Crossbow is basically shitty gun it. It's just get a gun. What are you? Don't you not an archer? Now we do and you gotta she's got a shitty got. We think unit working day. You guy would promote progress this and that that whole walking dead things so fraught with peril. First of all, and there's no pass through you shooting into these machines zombie heads it goes right in there wasn't blow out the other side, it would wouldn't fuck yeah would blow through an elk.
Really, yes, percent! Those things are going fuckin five hundred feet as that, which is why told any stumpy should they should? The special forces should have a cross border vision. They should not. They should not, but also these doesn't even have real tips. Those cross possessing field tips. It's basically a pencil point. Six poking you making a hole in you saying to kill you. Oh it's when you mean that those, but rather crossbows, not gonna, kill you with those tips on it. It's a bullet hole. It'll make little pencil whole little go through you and you byword seal up the wound. Is that true? Yes, so you can chew. The crespo was one of those areas be fucked, you would live, but if I You will understand my heart. Yeah, that's probably kill you, but like one year long, she probably live but if you shot someone with a crossbow that had a real rod head on the brought it with slice. You wide open like a samurai sword. Rightly your whole body. That's what it's like so easily kill wire human beings so easy to kill. Well, because we're safe
we have nuclear weapons Ter, that's how nature bounces it out right. Turtles are stupid as far as well. They have that awesome cage over there. Body its that's what it is look there's a balance to things. You know that, and we respect our bows We also we want that balance to exist in everything. That's why we see a hot girl. We wanted to be stupid, corrected why activity covered their pants down when you think a hot girl was stupid and turns out to be very intelligent, perhaps more intelligent, and while we are speaking of that, when I saw that we met the director general today, yes, and he's a handsome athletic looking fellow, is a girl and goes doesn't look like a director learned to be a star when he was a kick boxer, anymore togae, but he's is used to be canneries stunt double, I guess, but I looked and I would like both this dude looks like a stud is kind of like a silvery foxy, getting all
there's like my our age, but I thought to myself gallop single real athlete in Bulgaria. New Union will definitely fit. Meanwhile, a fuckin, a big director, Yannick comes there enshiu taller time. Prototype said they dead twice a week to such a great thing to have and its also really fun. It's like you'd just shooting metal targets, and I would like that but it's it's fun. It's there's something same thing with archery the same thing with a lot of stuff. They have to focus on. You focus and then you execute and if you do it properly theirs, I sort of them meditative aspect to which sounds crazy to say the shooting guns will airport on environmental section very gather because, because it's like anything else, I like getting comfortable and familiar with things that scare me yeah. I like getting comfortable familiar with violence, actually do what I mean yeah, because whether its hunting with its boxing, whether its jujitsu I like I like working it
those things in putting myself an uncomfortable positions that, because, when you go to work, shooting range like into your first time like when they were that car tactical thing it's always can be a little uncomfortable because you're, the new guy, you don't know what the fuck your doing. Dramatic under a magazine. It's just going to be mechanical and put an end and there's gonna be a process, but there's then about being in this strange location with that, those loud that you can become very familiar with and pretty soon you get good, attach it and now you're now you're. Actually like a completed. He at least you can kind of. Like start a minnow, be familiar with that language. The aisle, I think, that's an personally from me. I think that shit's important boats to it's important to it'll definitely make you look. Scared does one the weirdest things is watching an break out and then what Men get scared like men who don't know how defend themselves or men that are not used to being around violence. Getting scared, not right now and an that's.
Happiness. Exactly like getting punch in the face of you not boxing and getting hit promise. You I'll call you. When you get hit, didn't you should get jab. What you're gonna do is you're gonna look down and you bring your hands to your face. That's what you're gonna! Do you gonna go? Oh shit oil to do this or that and then you're a dick and you're in yeah, and it's not till you really practice whatever it is it you can see and cut up. You know, thing, I'm there, but that's your at least less app to less likely police of an imposition of danger. You know exactly like what you did to write was when you grab somebody. What do they do? I go grab grab. Boxers of morality rests and great box dynamic. They turn turn it back or like I was most I'm sure my friend, how is a great box about shown in vulnerable areas with even in areas like me, grab some grab them took into the ground, and I wrapped I put up a party locker on his body, and what did he do he? We staff?
I got it. I went out and I just want to see what happens it was it was. Anybody would do that we are so well. I think it's good just to learn, because it's difficult and because it tests, you emotion land, physically and and even the shooting stuff does, especially because we're around these guys. You're Nuno turns a real world class, competitive shooter and he's showing us the stuff, and then we gotta do it. It looks so awkward and goofy like when you ve put yourself in a situation we suck at something, it's really good for you, it's good to suck at things and try to get better at them with anything it. Whatever. It is, whether its learning how to play chess with its whatever it is, learning how to do some. We learn how play tennis, whatever the fuck it is. Learn how to do something you suck it at first and you have to be construed in getting better that thing of getting better translates to other aspects of your life and its skill. Getting better at stuff is a skill. It doesnt mean.
Because you're a mindset yet but its it doesn't mean that, because you're good at archer you'll be good at learning. How play the piano! But if you can get good at learning how to play the piano, you can get good and art three, because its there's a thing in their of learning? How to learn that? that's a learning to learn a lot of times is as simple as once you learn how to do one thing: well, that's it that's why wanting informs the other I think what happens if you're in a new situation like we were today, you get better at least damn better at getting out of my own way. Yeah you get better at not over thinking, get better relaxing it's the same. A lot of times it's the same body position is the same weight distribution. Sometimes it's it's very simple: like a lot of these things have there's similar language, but mainly there also a similar mindset,
yourself in that softer that softer beginners mine. That idea of kind of like you know just just don't just open up open your mind and just just let it come. Whilst also accepting that you dont know things. A lot of men in particular are really bad at learning stuff because they always the one thing tat they know already. He saw you when you tell em staff, they want to think they know I got it, I got it. Problems have work, men are natural problem solvers. I have a joke about that. What I say I don't know anything about cars, nuts, but if there's a woman on south Road with our hook up looking at her engine I'll make, suggestions, straight. I've done that I can't be like well check the spark plug. What today with engines you good luck, no one what's going on in there. You everything
Well, it looks like when they open up a brand new night, like ninety nine, to two thousand twenty Porsche. The hood pull up opening up the hood on a two thousand twenty Porsche. It's the most ridiculous thing. Ever really it. You have no idea when aging is now, I like you- and I have no idea what's in there, No, I can't see anything you get you get this much of you why the end in the you in to when you open up the back is a rare engine. Car a Porsche was most prevalent in more sophisticated. Technologically advanced cars ever built right have they been refining the design since the nineteenth sixties pop up the rear trunk and inside of the engine or it's not trunk, it's a hood. Whatever look inside of the engine, you know what the fuck, that is, too fans. You see too fans. That's easy to fan
she's a way. What is put on a better take it to a place with computers. We need software riot in his heart tuna, India. You have to let its literally after they have to plug. Machine into it with which analyzed the system then the machines have forgotten. This is Fox and that's a fact- and this is point apart: when are they going to do that with people? So really you have inside info. Well, here's the problem. Once the first guy gets his legs cut off and gets awesome do legs put on then we're gonna have a real problem, promoting the tax collector. Ah, you gonna. Let your Rogan better legs. I can't wait. I get to call in your eighty I'll get new legs do. What's gonna cut and are you know me I d, Arnault Joey's policy is no you fuck off like a turkey leg pop his poem often puts new ones on there,
well, I mean we were talking about this guy, do see any photos. A video anathemas knew at all really old, all its nine nine to Porsche nine. Nine to the two thousand twenty model I nine to Porsche under the hood Mozart, which obtaining a push. You should really please I've been trying to do. Begging, you friend here I shall do so by a real car. Yes, I'm gonna have a Tesla, that's a real car. That's great right will that's new for you to say I love that still drive your love it earlier draw, but also greater its the fastest thing. I've ever driven By far I have a bunch sports cars and make a lot of noise is whether they like they like guys who put life. Can head bands and wait wait lifted, and then some girl was across fitter goes right next June. Ed lives twice to wait, that's what the that's! What the teslas it's it's! soft in and subtle and twice as fair. I love it
I love your whatever. That is land cruiser, the grand total addressing here. It's always live really well, oh yeah tries it's gotta supercharged corvette engine and, oh, ok, that's that's us, side section of the car that yeah see that's different because that's actually there they cut the car and half so that you can look into it. I think that's actually even an artist rendering it's ok, Jim, whenever gonna find it be out far left right there, Red read the red. Far left left right there. That's it! That's it! That's that's it! That's the view. Go larger tat. If you one of the trunk. That's it you see come on yup, that's gonna, think bickering. You see. Under the doubts which you see? What so forget it so forget That's it sends you. Wrenches are no good here. So mentioning girl pulls over an tunes he's wearing cut off Jean Schwarzenegger, Bang and booty they out squat, booty, yams, Anthony and she's looking over I've gotta helper? Let me help you
I really difficult what seems to be the trouble you, your captain, never distracted, though just my nickname is Brad Pitt. So if you pull over and looked that, you don't know not a fuckin human, being has any idea. What glides I'd say: I've got the software back them up You should get one of those, though get one. Those deserve a nice career ass, oh my god. It's marvelous car! Really! Oh, yes, super com! Unquiet! They go over bumps like nothing, but yet, when you hit the accept like like they have this, just supple suspension that this suspension it's so it in a just matter. What you're driving over special in your comfort mode, expensive gas, Fucking Porsche? yeah kind of question is that at least not around one. Yes, certainly son crap, you need one. I do right, you till you're bad in view. I don't know, I'm a good employs like we ve been doing this for ever have been doing it for I have not now.
Imagine if you just listen to me all those times go you'd still be fine, but you to her this history of having amazing cars. I would instead, you had a fuckin red Prius forever thread ram. Well think about ran, have to remember that Bronco that you're not backed us pre dope. Yet it was seventy. You gave me nothing. Nine! Seventy one bronco with a three fifty Windsor, some like yeah, cause me nothing but problems. You know why because it's a piece of shit, if you got a really good one of the really good cargoes are cool. Look incrementally kin, my house, it s like. I love you. Finally, getting it finally you're getting everytime. I try to be different, though it is never used ever given a Porsche if you drove, if you drove in sea, don't want one like shops shops, get a he too are ass. He loud it hits bumps too loud, It is number one car to Prague who drives that car.
As their number one car psycho he's out of his mind psycho I know, but it fits em. It's perfect friends, ass. She it's blue and black. It's amazing how best like that that you dont want their color. That's a gross. I don't like that. Tobacco is disgusting, get us pull up us, there's! That's the Duc de Miro, guys gray eyes. The guy's, a great analysed of of automobiles, likely that perfect black lists in this car is a marvellous. Are you ever United arrives at his soul and well? I need something for the next pandemic. I need some, the guy I gotta go. I want to get an airstream. You want a land crews alert mine. But I need anyone asking how live until I'm gonna go and Airstream live, and you want something you can get away from everybody to you can't get away Airstream gonna, leave that thing there and it becomes a liability extra. You want something Egon Overland in Sun Overland Overland Anna to go right. It's a whole thing. They do. It is overlanders my land cruiser that was built by icon. The rear seat comes out, so there
rear seat has his brothers. They made it forming. So this is its pulleys. Lavish click, click, pull the rear seat out, you could sleep and that many of you had too expensive. Costs money you ask us, might want to hire artisans and cry. Men and yeah and geniuses to design things. You build things for you costs money Did you ever get ready to write documenting patria? They do as well. You have to pay them. Maybe a regular land cruiser bring increased the great I'm cheap when it comes to cars, but is that all a real overland vehicles, tat looks like a dog ram or of a four fifty economies like what is now was setting its dragon behind. That's! Where are you? Shit is yeah. You sleeping they have these rooftop tents. That's one laws climbing the roof, top ten images on, but I want to see that one or indeed any protection, would you like the one to the left of your cursor with the gray looking thing right to the left of the air there you just out yeah. That's that's what you look at that and look so man that's fucking debts. It looks like a Ford F
three, fifty that's what kinds of negative Oregon up a lotta gas sought with diesel. Nothing probably raspberry puppies, a huge tank, whether those three things that three thanks, I guess might be it might have three gas tankers. I'm a fan, yeah! Look at that thing. I'm offence, I carry extra gas while we have to think differently now right, I guess not press! that button at sea, with distinct, DR frock mountains and shit. Look at its own man lay You keep why and there you fuckin Cook food and that Fuckin Weaponry. I got my hunt. Wales I got over. The history. He's got all my case. Bouncing over rocks with things got rocks ladders on a pig, that's a pig about being track. What you do in the match and trust you gotta why driving over the mountain, I like that alot yeah does a great, but you could do something of an there's. A company called look up. This company, you joint off road, huge ya, think does what is called you join off road and what they do is they take a van like a reg
Van and they turn it has an instrument page, it's pretty cool. They take a regular Van logger cargo Van and turn into like the ultimate for by for vehicle. They take out all the bullshit take out the in the engines redo everything and put like super beefy off road, suspension off road like live rear in front axles. I have that show that bad mother Fucker dry, to the moon and that bitch up so that something that normally would be like something that Amazon delivers you're to base its big enough. Sleep in Malta for sure look at that it, along with a school bus they re did a school bus. I need water. Even allow you gonna. Let us there's a lot of shit. I've been obsessing now. My friends I. So he's a photographer films does outdoor filming and stuff he I've known for years. He did a school bus? He purchased a school bus, goddess
I'm so halts. Instagram page he's probably has a blog about the school bus Kissimmee, it's an ex dense if build, he did it for years and he took a school bus arise, your school bus, turned it into this ultimate outdoor travel vehicle. They can sleep like ten people. So has caught Senate and it's amazing so my labor of love, how you and ours you and I spoke about getting some land. Sweden a while back we're time, others without with appears the thing I didn't think of it. You thought of that was very smart, you get land with a large pond, slash lake on yes, so you can fish general access to protein, no matter what right, then, you have a garden, you gotta, you gotTa Bialik grow. You need a well, I gotta irrigate. I need a well. I gotta amounts for a walk there. Sam's think
look outside pulls out that turns into a Wall Tent, that's crazy! This side turns into a fucking wall, TAT Letter that shit. That's a nice did so dope. Any brings that thing up into the back country. Great did it's amazing. I'm is a giant, but I need something a little bit more manoeuvring you dont want. That sounds crazy, but it is also what about this aspect. What did called if it fiscal that's of electric car? When you talk, Now, what is our motives in your backs? The always hold now you back in Venice, drinking cappuccino, fuck and expensive machine. So out of a whole man, I mean we have to go. Look at landed, word, Do it, though Colorado or Utah, not California, anywhere get out here with his career, slides twenty fuckin fires, not just fires. Anything can happen here. Look we're dealing right now, with this pandemic, the entire countries doing tack on
natural disaster and then you're really fucked. You really far too. For for real for real, I know yet. This is a tricky place, California's tricky because it works when it works its great, but it's kind of like play musical chairs, but you know that fuckin music is Gus up and everyone's gonna have to sit here like zero chair for me, but you, my stuck here right, it's a musical chairs might be about analogy, but the reality is, this is unsustainable and were basing all this on a model that really throughout human history, has only been too Bulgaria, and that means a model of peace and prosperity, dependence on a level technological underpins having Jesus Christ and we're counting on the grid counting on so many factors that are, there have never been permanent throughout human history. They have existed right the grid and even exist until the TWAIN, centric right so in the twentieth century. In the time that you know, people we're alive today almost were alive
The whole world is shifted and Everybody lives in these electrified cities and sewage. All goes through this thing and arrogant goes into the ocean and kindness so many people so many did, but on the other hand, is The pros, too, that there are, I would just like, please a place I can get the fuck out of and just have like. I just want to be. I dont be sitting duck my biggest spheres environment right well, you may, when I moved to a bolder in two thousand eight fears about, and the reason why moves? I don't like this. I don't like the traffic and went and when daughter was born to. I was and you know what this is a good time to start fresh with system to go where some words quieter and more PETE, but ultimate, that in work out cause of altitude, but when my wife was pregnant with a second baby. It's like goddamn liked altitude Rex Whim when, when their pregnant- and we were really high- were at eighty five hundred feet above sea level- button
now I have other friends or saying hey. We need either forgot your Thomson. Girl was and we need to get the fuck out your Joey D, as we say where we go in Mosul You tell me where we go and ongoing I'll go right because, like let's go to Montana, what's gonna fuck Billings Montana war, but of a contract killings, ILO buildings to we weren't billings yeah there when we hunted them Mary breaks authoritarianism, we could create a. We could literally started Comedy club somewhere gray, oh yeah, we could boys, he doesn't have a common club Ramsden. I was now boys is global rights quarterly in Switzerland, We could for sure do a comic club somewhere or move to a place like salt Lake, that has common clubs and on a hundred thousand fuckin peep or whatever they ever but the idea of staying here, too seems so silly. It seems so silly, especially while you're still in show business you're still suckin on the tit. Yes devil. Yes, you ve got. The
apples. Nipple in your mouth, you still gonna red carpet. We I voted on by the fire and can't we're not get shot. Him move any work. I shall very few pussies. He says that all would take is one more these things you shop would Bela Denver is not bad. You get Livin Evergreen, you thirty minutes from Denver about won't do that ever. Would you found out evergreens gorgeous pullup evergreen, I gonna. My kids people than ever really angry at me: shut up, you're, gonna, fuckin work, evergreen, evergreens, beautiful thirty minutes from Denver, and it's beautiful mountain town thousand people, nine thousand people, nine thousand. Five hundred or Flanders. Imagine but was phenomena club in re evergreen, great idea. Would you just get Wendy involve Wendy from the communist? That's really loved her brow, its gorgeous. It's gotta, beautifulest
Fourthly, that that's what I'm talking about Brian Cowen, Dude Woods De L, L, Kurds wandered through town, come on back one of them. You eat it for six months and I want to want to german shepherds weren't. You get em. Look at that good, pull that Fuckin historic, downtown evergreen! That's the lake! I've been there before there's a lake. We'll go ice skating on the lake deadlock and Angelo. Do yeah, that's what it's all in other shall carcass yeah Maidstone Entry Parker Therefrom, Evergreen, that's what South Park is based on out of its base done. That's why there's always snow and South Park it's based on Evergreen Colorado. Those guys are from there is gorgeous only their merry. If you took sorry, does The places in Colorado, but there's other places in Utah Part cities! Amazing! I love park. Setting these grandparents gorgeous good move. Great restaurants,
beautiful scenery is thought of. You still depend on the greatness of water. I don't trust it. Father is actually get some water does trust would be fine, we can smell Yes, this lays out, but I need fucking, rice and oatmeal. I need I need some star rice and me. I need some yams. What are you right now? because I know you grow yams in grow those things in a lot of water. They grow in the ground. You habits this, not a drought in you. It's not like it's a fucking. I mean there's a reason why there's so much snow brine, that's precipitate! where you out snow, gave, but I mean it's coming down right. It snows would guess what else. Also You can grow things there monsieur those trees gather he's water when we see a lot of woods assumed as water yeah, probably right, yeah match craze abashed is simply that the got pretty ass where's that Jamie Lake Constance lake, I nearly four water does Colorado's users evergreen photos price and requires than ever.
And do not want your land live ability. Click on that was say about liability. Dont. Come here asked ox lever in Colorado. What you need to know here goes looking to move Evergreen Colorado, we ve got everything you want to know about the key factors that can make it the best place for you, including ever Green Colorado, real estate, let's start with the basics, Green Colorado's lurking in Jefferson Count as a police of eight thousand six hundred. Eighty eight people, that's that's up. That's a show. That's one show a good sized theatre search, one show, does not even a sold out arena. Oh my god, we have a coup graph below the shows the city's ethnic diversity, none out I'll check that graph right now zero. It's all white people is one I can only welcome watch closely watching diversity. Let me see the gravel green. Let me see there graph missing the graph about the diversity. This is a graph. They hide
fuck, ditch certainly has has drawn away tongue in Somalia and SALT Lake solemnly. I ain't SALT Lake City surprisingly diverse I'm a friend who move their medium household income, seventy nine grand nice Three hundred mean angry Infra house, nice population, eight thousand susan, so doesn't have a diversity graph. They probably did that. One thing like eight delete that, oh, what's it say, ok, says ages: This is a efficacity white. Ninety seven point: five percent one point: four percent asian, what about people to ninety one by producing zero point, one percent, ethnicity, other other, it doesn't even say black is over african Americans want most prominent races in this country and their its other towns. Like my look, it does go back to that such drawn. Look at that those crazy
Ninety seven point: five percent: why do thirty minutes to Denver Yak Thirtyam? Incidentally, I wanna go gorge ever, but you will get Snowden Bro. You will is it. I innovation over the elevation, eight thousand feet hi, it's highs book and you're gonna get snow did not just now in like several feet, a little from the key ain't going nowhere bitch problem. Is it really don't you just get a snow blower like a goddamn man, well put on like get out like a beaver hat get we're. Never gonna make you a bee. Who has had a when I'm real happy ass. I dont mountain man type I wanna Coyote for Life Curdy. I know it's me. I never occur too much like dogs, don Yes, I mean, I know it's cool and I and I dont want to kill coyoats, but they are very plentiful. These idiots thing about moving wolves in the cholera, but it's not about right, didn't didn't know. Moving rules into Yellowstone Increase population of everything up; no, it isn't alive now,
I walked out area. Oh yes, how wolves changed rivers? Yes, yes, a lot of the factors that I didn't take into consideration in terms of moving rivers, why things was beavers they imported beavers into Yellowstone as many many factors, but they did reduce the undulate population, which you could say was out of proportion. What's an undulate undulated cow's milk, cow scare, remnants in animals, ruminant ruminants, animals that number ass ruminant, whatever I like saying ruminant now that the end was that you hunt dinner and Elk and guess well tons of wolves bitch, so it changed the way the Elk behaved, reduce the population pretty substantially, but there's still a healthy population of Elk in Montana and there's the healthy publication of wolves and they actually hunt walls. Now they hunt wars in the little Idaho. There are a lot of walls in some places there to trying to resist the hunting of walls, but you gotta kind to keep a balance and if you're gonna bring
predators, you gotta realise why they killed them all in the first place, to kill them all in the first place, ranchers we're losing all the crops or other cattle at rather other loves, wolves, looking see I've she's, a wolves, all my while out there mom huge fan of walls it can't raised, but I all so I'm a big fan of while my biologists and the wildlife biologist and understand balance the real once not the ones that are animal activists that only one animals to live, and they all everybody tofu, don't the ones. Understand that this is there's a balance from predators and pray and we miss that balance. Now. That's why there's no mount line hunting in California and people? Civil, that's a good thing sort of, but Mount mines are still getting killed in california- is what we don't understand. Bout lines, get killed by state federal agents who have to kill him lions. His mount lines are killing either people's dogs, cats or
livestock right you all the time they kill the same amount of mountains. They would if they had tags. Really. Yes, but the difference is the money doesn't go to the state, but everybody feels good to go feels warm and and cut liquors. It could somebody with a uniform is doing it they're doing it on Sneak Tipp instead of like some guy posing on Instagram, like hugging, you see where they pose with mountains, kind of fucked up. They hold them up in the air to hug on its letter they did Instead, let you know how big they are fucking, William What a man they shut. This mammoth delicious by the way it is accorded to everybody. I know right now tell me it's pretty tough nano. Now somebody suddenly said it. Superb, that's his words said superb, he goes its is like a superior pork. No, yes, but they they are. They eat the rate of one percent, carnivores and supposedly delicious,
can't think of any other animal. We eat tweed, any animals that are total converse, alligator, yes, values, delicious fish, yeah, fissured, hunters and car wars, but do not really know. The thing by, but what else to do it went off animalised on birds that are carnivores, because birds will eat his interesting right, yeah, Guinan evil spell the end of any eagle general in the old testament and if you're, sure, do or fear of islamic fear Muslim you're, not you not to eat things like eagles aspirate, but there is a very good scientific reason for that. Could you would get different paths to Paradise up for sugar, anything that each you want things at a live animal budget Indeed, they live on meal. Warm and bellied. All Ryanair shit, that's true what you're also supposed to cook Chicken passed two hundred forty five degree, because you're killing a parasite salmonella orphans. Other shit right! You know people eat raw chicken. You got me out of your fucking mind, Rajasthan, docks you not a horse related chicken, sometimes rule.
There's a video of it. Well, I know she housing birds and knowing emissaries video of a horse eaten a fox unchecked. Thank you. Thank you for doing this. Here, the terrible EDA Arcy allotted Darien Bird Zelie Birds. I need that Yet there was a zone there that they used to catch birds. They set up this net. Thing they did their studying birds and it's a humane way to catch him to get capture in this net, and they can really sent from the net gently and then they could set him free. Dear just find them in and then Edam cat? They just come rather interesting cattle to they know the network that was a wonderful Neely chase these birds to two years at creating one to where we play the horse before two cow eating, a chicken play that, and so
we're sitting one who has a chicken around chicken always feeding, I'm not I'm. The samples looks like it really. Will ye ice filming horses don't fuck around my? Oh, it's a little baby chick looking Jason had checked out. I'm lookin out for you, that's a rap edge chop, a trumpet jumper. They just want a protein yeah, my that quick, I have a Paypal, patties, patties people, Chauncey Batter summoned to love the great dog like an alligator like jaws on Fuckin, just with feet, here's a cow eaten, a chicken Christ chewing part Goodness she got near a big horse clydesdale that horse put its head down and ran straight at that fucking dog and real onto as I love love. The size of a clydesdale was I get the fuck out of my corral. What do you do? He literally stopped me what really put his head animal
and came. I thought she was in a dire. She just dashed out of the way she could have does a coral video. This guy is what is called when you got a bunch of dogs news problem, rushing I am motion. I was idea washing machine monsieur motioning mush. Do you monsieur de wash I mush person, so this guy's really sad, this guy, is getting pulled by these dogs, and this moose runs in front of him and just start stopping his dogs. Why tat terrible terror Nothing could do about it. There are now so this is not. It is not it, but I'm sure this is probably a similar result in the other one was a a cow moose: they're a cow Mozart is our friend the path formatted you well attacks. They will they will lock up dogs, loose attacks, led dog team, United, yes,
That is a recent one, but it's real anyway is there was real sad. I saw it on his shoulder and onto dogs. You killed a couple of M one of em they had to put down after the fact is it broke it's bad hale I mean I'm not mousses eighteen hundred pound animal, not here, and a peep out of a packet dogs packet dot. That's like you get in a fight with it. Hamster get the fuck out of here. I thank MR, so big man couple cheat upon down the cheetah grab your balls, your balls. First, woe hams, you know they do. That was delighted. Alliance will do that mines or do that without water Buffalo. They attacked alone tat. They eat your balls I'll. Take you I'll. Take your boss, please, how able tat your balls by? Oh, it's stupid, design right to pull it up inside like a turtle tanks, they didn't tax, but sometimes they get tired. You have you. Go hunting, show steel, couplet ties like a time when the goes through the butler.
Jeez string. I heard I should just like to discipline nice. A wolf once tried by your balls, gets a mouthful metal item. I got down my leg with it with an just keep me honest to hamper yeah, keep me honest and also organic the brown. Would you done time a dick down the course hemp rope? Why kiss me honesty? I, like you, know those those like side holsters. People have sometimes, or they have a strap on their thigh up to their long gun and it might keep it from flop and up against a sure do as we do with hog. That's right. Sometimes I spent with a hard on you ever try that naked I've never run with me neither its amazed, I remember that all these years have around with a heart. I wonder how long you dick would stay heart if you were in a full gallop. That's a good question is a very good question might be a great guy test bright if, like someone broke in your house- and you are in the middle of sex and you're angry, but you kept your would began scared just get your day. Super hard go run. Just take a leg, a hare tie industry does rubber band into the bottom gotta. Do that just keep the blood flow got attire
oh yeah, you tie off at the conquering, attract and then just go run and after we was a conquering, the bigger hard on its who has a conquering Fatima those things like if you haven't like what's wrong with you, don't say that, because you'll get a few can only fifty here people with the alligator conquering ass, an old mill initially for broods, not among the cook. Joe Rogan Virgin experience. Let me show you how I make I'm just a car crash. You got by TAT, yeah signed on conquering, so many and they all exist yet like who's buying sex toys from stores these days I buy one them sex toy stores and you like for real to ghost town Papoose in there their open still money laundering operations, maybe but the hustler store still open. I think, on Santa Boulevard, a thing for you and your girlfriend go online in this well used to be. Dvds. Remember used to be like you, member peace.
People used up by porn dvds. There was a day you fuck, kids say, are so spoil the age ass part of our member that I was when I used to watch porn. You know I never understood all bullshit aside and I'm not cause, I'm a good boy. I never watch porn. I never ever watch porn because it doesn't do a thing format. Really, I don't know what it is I just now I swear to God. You tie if I thought I thought about that, the other day I was like I haven't- watch porn in three days since I was fifty two I have one point in so many years does retired. Finally, you're fucking, my bag for porn is a and oddly polarizing subject, because every its we it's one of the weirdest things Surely stop and think about is mostly. Everyone is healthy, enjoys sex, whether it straight Saxon gaze
x or what kind of sexual like if you're helping your young. Even if you not young you healthy, your body works. Well, if you like sex but yet filming it. Yeah, it's so tat, I know I think it's the taboo. Please help when I thought a lot about that its, I think it's because we Harold, no typically, that the person doing it put in the cells on camera. It is a form of suicide in what I mean by that is its a form of its away ensuring that you keep yourself out of certain segments of society right, and maybe it's residue from when when sex was downright dangerous pregnancy disease, and we too have cures for think sex had to have a lot of taboos
but even in the old testament, I think when the Israelites were not allowed to you, you couldn't take the women as slaves. You had to kill everybody will the reason for that was unless they were virgins, because the reason for that was, you could get a disease camera who broke that down, but but that that was always. Thing where, where people would get you go into town and rape, all the women in seven, then your soldiers would come down with some terrible simplistic disease and so in the old testament Israelite. Where were you know forbidden from taking anybody who is of a certain age? That's another weird thing about sex. The diseases like how many goddamn diseases come from. Fuck and people see Fine, that's the thing! It's not like the flu or in our view, if some of the civic can we fuck it's not like here, I've got to go to from Maggie. You dirty bitch,
we imbros she was in bed. You sick, you didn't you can. Tell she was Circa five divine. Like when I was younger. If you flew up, wasn't gonna stop me, but I'm sick. I cannot be like. I don't give a fuck, because your terrible- but that's not my point. My point is people seem fine and they have a terrible disease. Yes, it's so weary s like flu is normal right, you're, sick, you, gotta, temperature, I want to be near you, I could catch the disease, but that's where the weird things about this corona virus and will always right they said. We're trying to figure with the number is, but there's a large percentage. More than half are a symptomatic right eye, but they're carrying but they're carrying so they seem fine, but their spread. Is horrible disease, that's weird, but that sort of like some diseases, some dvd,
some the clap? Yes lists, have herpes and never show symptoms, so you can have Herpes simplex to sentence and you could be carries shoot Herpes, ridden low, yes and people, and apparently all have been exposed to Herpes and if you get cold source man stand This type of urban on your lips. You have you have some what some immunity to tee to the one on your genitals? Yeah didn't do yes, but you could transfer the ones from your parents you can it such a limited. My talking with a can't fix that one there's no did they don't have a vaccine for her balanced? They just have pelenore figure that out. I think they were working on it to an appeal with urban silicates. Let it go here that some crazy number words to their different kind of war, or they have that now hpv. They do have a vaccine for the YAP. They do have vaccine for that
very important for women, because women get it cervical cancer, it's just the idea that all these diseases are passed on through sex is so strange. Well, if you think about your coming and as close contact as is possible, maybe suggesting their alleged early room. Where I come, I like to run about. Shoot into the sink yeah man it's hard to you. Have it but porn route on my planet, wonder why is there taboo? Typically, I think it's because people, I think it's a cup I think that in porn people remind us of a darker animal is decide of ourselves. We don't want to admit to write. So if I watch porn I'm not going to admit that to a bunch of people. I don't know yet it there's something. Shaming about watching. Other people have sex with some taboo about that. So, if I admit so
around somebody who reminds me of the fact that I, that that's why Boys don't be the height of hypocrisy. Whenever people judge porn stars, so you judge porn stars. You port point is a multi billion dollar industry. Let's be honest, all of us want all you have to it, but I d did my share owing to stop the week. My bother one time looked at my life, my ipod niggers, the fuck. Is this poor and porn? What is like my search
History was so full of sin. Your damn look into your search. A way was trying to put something in money was snoop and how many stars, because what is all this I go, I got him, I went I watch porn. He went I this when I'm just looking for some brilliant uncomfortable. Furthermore, what is your favorite to watch by exactly listen? I got sure he does too. I'm sure everybody does, but here's the thing when you're in a presence of poor people. Typically, if you are, if their part of your crew here they remind people of sort of their darker side, and I think that's why they become also by the way, though the kind of person is going to do that might be more self destructive, usually than the than the average person in that sense yeah. I guess I don't know yeah me out. I have to leave the door open to aberrations, but there was something that I read about was a real bomber. The number of
women they get into porn that have been sexually molested off the chart. Yes, although I've met events and thin of chewing Potu, Olano Evans got to know who is as normal and it's cool a fuckin human being as it gets she's just a guy lover, she's a great person. She just is an asset. Europe also smartest fuck and a regular like in every it. It's I kept looking undergone. What's going on here, your distance she's read everything. She's. Do you know She just seems incredibly well adjusted, but she has that's out of her, so I dont she does ferocious gang bearing yes, it's like our mascara gone, correct governing Cox, not never watched one of her parents. But yes, congratulations because you respect her
No, I'm just a text. I just didn't. I haven't you have lost it, I got it. Maybe I will now without a break it three day fast. Exactly exactly! I don't know it's a. So weird one because it is like a sort of universally taboo, but yet you almost universally consumed its desert very contradictory think that is very much in the colonists. Stevie blue eyes, my boy, you know Stevie, he dates nuclear testing and now I support oh yeah. What when did this because from crime to stand up to poor he's doing poor, with new girlfriend was his girlfriend she's beautiful girl, she's, a beautiful girl and again very good businesswomen, has other investments. You talk turn like she's gone. But you'd never think. I have had long loose conversations with this person. She just not just
Mr Davies, shown cocked the world Stevie got a fucking piece, peace on, ah ha ha ha. Are you fucking deadlines Stevie blue eyes. Porn, I think so open for yours timeline onto now. I'd forgotten, love that guy. You know if he does porn people see as give a fuck. You should be careful how Larry's I don't give a shit. This is not so bad book. Now, sir, These are your guy on television? I? U can have. Some points are open, That is not what I want. I want to be more and in my view this directive is molecules. You should you should be a direct and come in and dressed like an old time direct has an old, timely director dress. Well, I would dressed with an old time french tractor dress yet would be. I would have knickers. Have boots, they re yes, and I'd have a cane king like cattle. What a? No writing crop yeah
It's a fucking riding crops of dress like an equestrian, but I'm western like an equestrian. Yes, even have a like, instead of a break, a hard riding hat yes and action and seen. Why? Don't they could they talk you into doing something where you dont have sex, but you are a comedic relief in a porn. Film Will you be sure doing? I would do that. You probably ABC get mad at you. You wanna be seeing the am unable sees very conservative while their own by Disney Year, but then again, hopefully almost in the fire and get well how badly the hopefully there was. No. This was what we're trying to set it up action. I had a director one time to an unseen and Ngos I dont believe who said I don't believe. I don't believe you Brian. I don't believe you and I was singing the city. Now it was our Matterby really
but direct our maximizing Iris had an director. I'm all say that he goes. I can see acting he whispered. I can see you acting. I was a try something different. Yet he was right. Well, you are acting splay dumb You say I'm supposed to be acting right still want me to act, I'll, go home, but should have focused on Stana, yes file. You did eventually I love you too. You like to acting to your a weirdo. You, like those people to Youtube secretly like those acting people. Ones that I disdain, I don't know about that. Bring them around sometimes, unlike it grows doubt had to have too slow, May I waited door not thereby more Helen. It's been awhile used to bring him here yeah, I like hey what the fuck is. This who's, this Guy, had not come to learn this guy globally right there
I don't want to be rude. I don't like this guy rubber. You would bring the worst like full on liars. Sociopaths, complete from his eyes and ears like liars, I collected misfits, but they would just lie, about stuff wherever they rolled nervous around whether which make up stories, you can't do that you can just up stories you can- and you know sometimes from someone- makes up a story, so obvious ones, but I wouldn't pick up on it. You would go like this. I know what that will you and I would do in some- were shooting something for as a favour or get air make up in the sky was talking any was dating a he was actually dating some porn chick and in your listening to him in front of everybody in front of him, everybody you and light as you want. Holy shit? What a bull shit artist while Europe real bull shit hours Tom and it got all we're in the Roma are here goes Joe here Gus Joe hungering. Moment. Someone starts lying to you just lying tuna, but from a bunch of people and
I think I remember the store, I think the guy was very criminal too. There was it. It was something like is angling to get something out of us and line. I know where this is going you're trying to get something, of us end your lily euro bullshit art. Yes, now we're stoppin is right now, because you're gonna dominate this whole day and then you gonna want us to invest in something give you money here. There was some doors, some high slapped right away yet, but there were some gross of semi aggressive hustle here to what he was doing any was lying to us. Yes, and I this is true! Yes, you see on record scratch? It was great wells it. It was one of those moments like this whole day could go to shit because we're trapped in this building with his lyre right to so many of amount. So good to know I don't I don't, have an antenna cause. I just trust me will immediately, but will you dad was an obvious that I remember I said was that it was a criminal one is theirs
guys that are like there did their criminal ship yeah, but third, their anger. It. If you don't stop it right there they're going to get your number they going to get to email to going to get to this to come. Get you this. I want to make this meeting I'm real type friends with Tom Cruise or this guy or that guy, and it's always that, like name dropping because you name is incest ever worked. Does that work That's the weirdest now drop. It has won the weirdest things that people do that doesn't work yes, sad and strange, but it doesnt work now, but yet people do it. It's a weird one right now, like an elite, fame by association. Yet it never works in never works, but people do it and there were people a number of good friends with LEO there. Like this, I don't wanna be that guy. That's here. I don't want to see all due respect to. I don't want to be the good friend to the big celebrity unless you do something completely different now once do something
Willie outside you don't need that person if you're, not part of their rights on terra, shall it may be David Sinclair talks, bono's friends with you, fuckin thing, no Brian Cowen and friends. For that I'd live like oh will. You are respected, Harvard Psychologist, why Eleanor, instead it when Lex Friedman kinda my shown, I mean yeah, he's a fucking variety scientist, legitimate genius, a blackboard judo, an Jujitsu Gregor, but that is that's different, that someone is accomplished in the different realm. It's the p! that are in that business, guerrilla China be producers are trying to be of this- are trying to be a that. It's like there's so much weirdness go when on out here in terms of like people being inauthentic, did I tell the story about
about how I was in person at the Wilbur, and then we went to this club a day whether there this these three ethiopian guys my buddies, girlfriends ethiopian. They pay the store, thinks la somewhat Lex Friedman, black belt. On with my the boy Rob who is a black bout, six, four to thirty, I'm with Brian coolly, who owns Gracie Baja an Fuckin Nashville, he six six. Two hundred and seventy six six thousand two hundred and seventy a Viking, a fucking Viking, wears his hair in a ponytail blonde giant, forty two years old, still competes in Jiu Jitsu. And then and then I got my boy Moloch, be who came out of May Weathers camp forever, wildcard forever, there's been thrown about ants new seven and Molly Kazis ethiopian girlfriend and their these four little ethiopian, due to our drunk and being shit, heads and actually kind of dancing.
The girls that are in the group and have dared to be pushed away a couple times and we find the guy comes up to Moloch and says that girl belongs to us because she's, our sister Anne, you and molluscs black but he's like, fuckin from Louisiana But- and I will use in Somalia could have been fine. So I goes wedding is how Jesus Heathens Entities is too happy because whatever and I- what do you say I got. What are you saying to a guy? Goes: that's our sister! He she she shouldn't be with you guys, she's with us, and the ethiopian girl Hellenic us you're being disrespectful. So Brian Crowley, sedate, surrounded by literally for black belt. Great box or in an me the idiot allowed mouth whose, whose programming the first I throw punch, cause I'm insecure. So we're all there and these four guys we're. Maybe five seven never done a sport. No, I and Brian Crowley. Just looks down a guy goes highbrow, you know them the jaws draws together because
the movie jaws. You know that moving us yeah because right now, in this scenario, you're, the girl, you guys, are the good swimming in the water. We stand you're swimming in the water and you got no idea. You're about to be put under you understand what I'm saying you should try it looking to see that the Argo sees that What kind of timing and you just look ceremony as he discuss ideas double it's a smart, fakir, indispensable and though there were drawn up and this kind of moved away in a group, oh bad, for them men and egos that for them. That's a greatest metaphor. You know that you know the fuckin movie each other's John John. Metaphor. Oh, it is here John Jack's metaphor, fur jujitsu fuck the ground as the ocean and I'm a shark. Most people can't swim. I train with Hagen Lilies gray, are the best he's got some very controversial system ways:
teaching, people, celebrities, Jujitsu, giving them belts, but they dont really spar while their celebrities. I will only spar here's the thing he decent He told me a lot Greco like Greco Sub regional level, it is a beast man. Oh my god. In today, and three enable Dhabi. I was doing time forum in Sao Paulo. I was held in the time now. Tell me what how much time does he wasn't in the best shape they would like concerns energy. Her course he's just so technical he could get away with it. Being a beating, really good guys, you being in tip top condition. I assure see the video him Rome, with Dixon, fighting with eggs and oh yeah, there's a famous jujitsu film, it's in black and white, it's probably from shit Eighty, nine, ninety, ninety or some shit like pre. You have see therein, Rio and attitude you to judge. You turn my back. When there was no jujitsu here's what years is he and what does it say?
you gonna have threatened and Jimmy just it's a set of eighty six. Eighty six legged this eighty six man this is like why what I was just cannot a high school. Why six and on the bottom he get on top of it are relaxed. Do they had a battle? Dude Hague Hagen at the time, was a fuck. In his way bigger than the legs and by the way he is he is he is, and this is a real battle. It's a really interesting matched to watch as well, because they're, both so technical heating studied so many other things. He was an amateur boxer for a long time and then he but he's got a lotta wrestling road traffic accidents back keeps getting back, but he gets shook. Oh Shit rolls over your Hagen was a big fella. Yes, a bigger our strong to tender fix it on top Hickson role. These guys. They there really went forward to this. Say it was a really wild sort of a match. Allow scrambles! I didn't know this
they watch it's really interesting NOS eighty six, I would have guessed it was ninety or ninety one now, aim is changed so much sense right. It has not found a glass, yes, but the guy. Those who have expressed Absolutely sharp fundamentals still dominate like Hydra Gracie. He's in a hunch has never been a guy who adopts like the new aspects, ITALY that beautiful sweep but Hagen, but Hicks encountered the Hodge has never been a guy who adopted a lot of the crazy new techniques Hodges like Roger graces all actually calls himself Roger or Hydra mature, but he's like straight up old school arm bar ass triangle like that system of fire the fundamental the fundamentals of good way. Does it wasn't really good wrestlers? They do the silky high level restless and do not do that still do an angle. Pigs are still Socrates,
hadn't helps there still doubling single wagon. My John Shock has a way of talking about it here, the more jujitsu? I know the less I use while now does I use like five things: yeah yeah and its timing. Girl did you ever see when John Jock first started competing Ann Arbor Dhabi? He was one of the first key champions to do no gay and be really successful, because Jean Jacques was born with a genetic deficiency. In the left hand, he doesn't have a left hand just as a thumb right and so because it he never relied on grabbing things he never line on grabbing the gate he relied on a more Greco. They should I've under us an underclass so when he would road those guys. It's like good, there's, nothing whenever rather anything, and so he just dominate people even guys like Sakharov, was a top level Emma make. I just
fuckin recycle our Sakharov Agora. I also Sakharov, who is a beast back in the day he ran right through me, ran right through a bunch of guys so cool in its. You know those guys that do that style? Jacques styles, the same way man he's never been like a guy, does a lot of wild fancy stuff, but there's a lot of guys who do wild fancy stuff like super successful with that to their great boxers, great boxers that use ones into the whole fuckin fi, oh yeah, they might to hook, Yeah sure I mean you know he's just finding something. What's that brutally expression? Dont beware: man who knows ten thousand techniques being aware of the man who knows one thing: these pact, like the book of five rings, Myanmar massage. She talks about like the practicing real sword. Fighting literally is reaching an and street. You have chime for one strike new like spot and that's what he would. Cracked
over and over I mean this night. He said very rarely does ever a fight sort. I gotta do like changing team that doesn't happen and that she is like its final who massaging fought so many people who get bored new start fighting people where's yeah, he made the wooden swords out of oars new fight people with oars and had a famous school where they would practice like. You know where it is basically as realistic practices you get yeah he's sending. I wait a practice for that is that mindset, damage and realistic practice with sword. He would do things I get you like. If you were about think he would turn toward the sons of the sun was in your eyes. Oh yeah. He was very any also shop. Really you really is in showing up really like you. I too swords hours late hours, let's you'd be freaking out for hours. What he's taken a nap Has the guy will be waiting on the beach and then he would show up hours late. Anyone even have a sword is using or fuck you up in an oar, Erica's oars and longer.
I see you got the sword and you stand there with a sword in this guy comes out with a long stick. Just thought can cracks you over the head with a good thing. While he was a boy man too. He was an interesting guy. Man I mean did to understand what it takes to defeat more than sixty men and one on one combat. What's its also not combat, this is life and death. She, this is like you know, a sword play getting cut with swords. Not swords are not terribly forgiving. Bullets are more forgiving than is a sort of lot aware as we are you get you not you not walking away from us from a bloody throw it's also a very personal went far up. Do you can hear used, you feel and hear and see him breathing I mean every Guph someone's heads falls on the body. Still stand, dandler body, as for you, cut their arm off. Oh yeah,
living in a the day with that shit was going on all the time. France in France. There are so many. Do people walk round swords and there time France we're just you'd, see people with like I'd like they lose. They have no ear. That have a constant scars or Vienna was like a sort of a badge of honor for Nazis Nazis had doing scars. You know that now got full of Nazi doing scars. Now. Here's! Where gets really where a lot of the operation paperclip scientists the United States brought over from Nazi Germany when Nazi Germany was defeated in world war to the United States. Took on all their scientists.
Brought him over to work for NASA Right Warner. Von Braun, weren't, Yvonne Braun, the head of the head of NASA was a fuckin straight up and complete one hundred percent Nazi. In fact, Simon Wiesenthal Centre said that if he was alive today, they would prosecute him for crimes against human rights. He was a real nazi him in his cabinet. All those fuckin guys they brought over the whole these massive cheek scars. Really they had scars over their face from from filling from duels. They would wear goggles and they would wear like, like you know, like some some kind of protection on their on their body and their their faces, wicked sliced open and they they relished it. It was like a queer thing to have a big score on your face too, who showed us that remember about them doing some popped up that I had seen before it's actually called modern academic, fencing or the men. Sir and German, I love. I pull a slightly different, artists like fighting to fight yeah winner, loser in it, but that's interesting
this, but I want to see, is just pull up the images of nazi dueling scars because their horrific, like these guys, like post dual with like that one now the goggles arm of his face slashed open down. There tell you that that they cut their face like yeah So you have something to cover your nose and your eyes. Look at it he's got a giant slash in his forehead giants, lashes face. You will see that guy with the blue arrow in his face tat kind of shit those scars on the faces. They would all have those click on that that guy with the red there look at that, they all had those kind of scars on their face from dueling. It was a bit like that God alone lower, let ripe alone, no repellor right below the big image debate. Yet further, look at that guy face see they all had those kind of scars on their face, and it was like to lead for one now these were bad motherfuckers that wouldn't you know, have duels with swords, ass, crazy, Gauss, really really common.
Man, men, sir, is that what you're talking about Jamnia, Emmy and ass? You are was I stand for it in its academic, fencing, selector, it's a structure. It was in college. They did all this ban fucking crazy, the bragging scar, men, sir scars or the bragging scar, but there is there some horrific pictures of these guys like post match where they were trying to peace. There face back together again and he could see like their literally like see inside their face either tank and everything is. There did Shakespeare split, open hand now, and it was really comment and saw a lot of the Nazis. That they brought over from operation paperclip to run NASA had these fucking scars interface, so they be sitting there with warn of on broad and J F K, and you see this guy is giant face scar. Now it's crazy, so
yeah. I did this- they had those long was it called that was it called a r, a p a or something like that. I rape, you all close at Paris year, two different version of it, but they had those long point. When you get in size. You take this path. You noticed on the fact that, but they are like wanted to get scarred up, of course, take a Kai fire I got it all it all is all this time. It's all this time. Young men, yeah one man wanting barriers, is one and approve look at that they went into battle. Young man going about. It was full of ideas of linear ideas of duty and honor and glory, and then unfortunately, workin many times make a mockery of that Morris, obviously a fog and insane and and chaotic and unfair, and not linear and crazy and horrifying and all those things.
And and lacks dignity and all those things in it. You see that allowed. It seems it seems to me that, when a lot of soldiers, I've spoken to add real combat experience when they come out of that they is very difficult for them to do. This is not to come to terms with, and sometimes they have a lot of trouble bringing their life back into a learner. How could we go from? one way of life for everything is life and death ever every corner you turn around. It could be the end every day that you're out there could be the end where we as that's one thing: life and death is again linear and but bilateral, but you know there are a lot of things: have send women by linear. We say there are certain concepts, we as human beings. I think most of us have a contract with life.
Grubbing. You say if I were car and I keep swinging eminent there. It's gonna pay dividends right and most of us live that way. Most of us believe and fair play like something about the universe is somewhat fair. The universe rewards hustled the route we universe rewards we have these ideas and we have to believe in those ideas. Unusually, were right about it right, it's almost like come. We we enter. A game where we know I can job and I can punch and I can hook, but sometimes you get fucking kicked in the face and you go, but that wasn't the rule I was playing with you know, and I hold on. I was boxing you're doin enemy in life. Does that to you wore I can do that to you to a point where you lose your faith in who wrote where the wild things are never forgot. He said I said: are you a religiousness? Had no I'm an atheist, the war took care of them.
For me, he saw too many things. He saw too many children, Starvin die and all those things, and I think that when things get bad enough in war, when you get that close to reality and that close to that chaos, whatever contract you had get shattered in fact, gets mocked. You are my act by the insanity of it all and any any notion to when I say, linear, what I mean is sort of like I'll. Do this? If you do this for me, so it's a given, take a thousand assent. Did you receive unforgiving with Chinese? My love them two member when he kills Jean Hackmen and Jean Hackmen can't believe he's gonna die. It's not supposed to happen to him. That's what
that's what they say: sociopath when they get when sociopaths get convicted of life will off times what happens as they look up and they go. Why wait why me and it all comes down because of what they want. A sociopath like that occurred in such weather usually believes. Is there it's impossible? They'll never get caught because there too, smart that, because it too smart or they think the world revolves around them, and so the idea of one of the most promising, though what Lobo Hitler you know according to a store in cameras, Name Buchwald Buckholtz. He said these jumbled TAT said Hitler was so colossal itself involved self centered that he truly believe that when the war was lost and he came to the real is realisation of mortal He expected Germany to self emulate the expected. Germany, all Germans to burn them. So
loves to kill themselves and and light themselves on fire. Essentially he expected that from the german people. Could he here we're going to do here. You said yes and he was going to do that. That is according to buckles. The historian follows stuff Jesus. Yes, And in that's not uncommon, for the great sociopaths, the great I mean, if you think about gang is caught, he he had. He truly believed that an almost did that he could dominate and own the entire world. These people a galaxy under the great and those kind of people who were clearly I'm sure their enemies didn't think of them is so great, but they they had this force of nature. This ability to believe in themselves to the point where they they were gonna owned the world and some of them almost Why do you think about it? Any kind of thing where you're trying to conquer something say if you have a small tribe and there's another tribe, that's close,
to the river and they have more resources and you're in dispute with them and try to conquer that tribe. That has one level of this game right. We're gonna, we're gonna get our warriors today, other we're gonna sneak in the mill than them. Maybe, but the point is theirs that level. So, let's say, let's not called again aim, but let's say this is an endeavour. This is a thing that you're doing with thing than anybody. Does some people take it way further right, like some people try an open might not and they go this kind of thing I'll do stand up every now and then to do it once a month. Other people to get obsessed to do it every fucking day and they do ten sets a day and live in city and they fuckin cabs everywhere in numbers, and they do. You know there they live it, though, at Mark Norman. Right, they live. It does the same thing with war, simply with everything, simply with fighting simply with everything you know some people, just they become obsessed, it becomes everything it becomes their everything, and I don't care about anything Else- didn't care about other
ball. They don't care about the environment, be that's, try to get really good at something, but I think some people try to literally we make the world in their image. I think so too, but I think that obsession carries on, I think the obsession to to conquer a name. Bring tribe or to take over a town or a car, you're a city or a country or continent. This is this is weird things. People do where they take things as far as they can be tat and they do that even with war that scared the shit out of me with China. It really does cause they they, oh here's. Something Oman about sat on others and that I sent you Jamie that twenty million cell phone users are missing from China. Where now stack come from This is an American. This is what they dont know. They dont know this means, or twenty million casualties.
Because it also coincides with their switch to five g. They switched from five g in January, so January to March China lost twice a million cellphone users, Now? What does that mean, though it's hard to tell? But I think you could safely say what Ever they say, the casualty number is is bullshit exactly that's pretty safe because they ve been bullshitting. And write about. The whole thing you know: there's did go on twitter there's. Some branch of the government is involved and properly and is trying to say this is United States, government creation course The Chinese are incredibly practical. The Chinese. You know a lot of people. I am speaking of the government, of course, but but I think when you live in a society that has been essentially communist or really at the mercy of a central authority and in all the time
powerful central authority for on forever it also that's it. That's decided that treated religion with great disdain and suspicion, so they really have, even though there are small pockets of these different, but for the most part, I think when you forcibly rid a population of religion, what you are left with is something that takes its place, sure an ideology like communism or whatever within our really communist anymore, but I do think what happens if you get a population that deals in practicality? That is I'm sure, very good to each other when they know somebody that is but also deals and things I cause and effect not so much the over. Then one of the things a friend of mine, I'm speaking, forefront, amounted to a lot of business, mid billions of dollars, business with China and another front. In fact, who does a lot of business with China did so it speaks fluent Jap Chinese
both of them had something in an instant observation, which was that when you speak about morality and introduce cash christian way, when you think about gene so well, that is the wrong way to do it. That, in dealing in business with a chinese company is not necessarily is it that's not really the way to approach business. They are way more practical them at that doesn't mean that the average chinese person is not moral or ethical. I dont know, but certainly you will get burned if you are playing by the rules that you are used to, which would be just don't. Do it conditional? the right thing to do right, that's not gonna find its way a lot of times when you're dealing in commerce with China will you're dealing with a military dictatorship with thinks about things, the same way to think about war, correct they are not our ally, they are, I believe they are our enemy twiller I mean they'll do whatever they can
to get an apprehend. They also now have enough wealth and they have a huge middle class where they can almost start this starting to become way more self sufficient data. We don't have the symbiotic Willie, we use to which I am trying to doesn't need our consumers as much as they did not even close. They had their own consumers in their own country with where does it? We need them what's where it is much! We need them for the manufacturing of medicine. Ninety seven percent of our antibiotics is crazy. How did we ever let that China and India How did I get up and is it because the sensation money it's more efficient?
more efficient or is it more cost effective better at making it? But why that because there, because they have magic? Now, yes, but what can we do? Their factories are amazing, their incredibly efficient, but the Chinese see people worry about the Chinese. I dont think, though, ever be in our area code is innovators, delved health, they steal from us. They take our intellectual property, etc, but there will always be there. Will always be a catch up game? You and part of the reason, I think, is that that I love the quote from from my why nations fail, I believe, China, yes, they they put their users in concentration camps. You I went in Beijing. The first thing they said you cannot speak about the government. If you say anything about the government, you will be sent home, oh by the way, here's a cellphone
Brian you can use. We chat you not using your Iphone. When was us. This was when I did a movie this summer. To summarize it so they gave you a phone d, you ha, and they said you can't use your phone on you and you don't get on Google. You have to find thousands of fire. We yet find all different ways to get over there firewalls because they control the internet. There make no mistake security. Can you use a vip in and that is very private network or express Vps? You try to do that. Then they block that to see have to keep coming up with new, as I was right there with the production designer and assistance
those dealing with so you're, essentially at the mercy of their their news, of course. So so here's the thing there's a great quote. I've said it before parliament on this progress and I love it. You can hold a gun to a man's head and make him move a box or a rock. You cannot hold a gondola man's, had make him a great idea and as law any country require it a great Europe. So China, Russia, you guys, have great weapons and you have great power and manufacturing you. You will never be a country of great ideas because they oppress, because you oppressed people and people can't give you motherfuckers. The finger g is the most powerful man in China, along with his is people. His is his inner circle and if you in any way
get the whistleblowers. Isn't it instinct the whistleblowers arisen with both on the current of ours are dead and they were they were doctors in their thirties. Did they die of the disease? Did they or what happened? There was a lot of journalists and others, those those doctors were disappeared. They just didn't they're dead or they disappear. China can do that and somebody who lived there for their whole life. I was there and he was an American said. People get disappeared here. All the time. Do you don't do not speaking ass? They got. It just doesn't happen shoes and I think that's one of the great evils in that. That's what I worry about any time. We have a pandemic like this, where the government can just shut you down at the behest of the scientists and doctors. I suppose, but I get very worried when some of my Gavin Newsome can say nobody's going back to her for a month
I'm not saying that right now that isn't a sound policy. I just get very worried when the government has that kind of power to shut off one at least discussion once they start with that kind of totalitarian pair, of course, very difficult to turn that that's right, it's poor, our own good. If you study histories, always for the people's good. Well, that's when Edward Snow in his warning everybody about this. Now he shut the concern when he came to power talked about that when you do, he said this is when I think there was up. There was a fire, in the Reichstag and he used these darted Eddie yeah use these emergency powers to this day, when civil liberties, they started the fire, so they could do that false flag data, they did That's the same way, Nero burned. Rome same reason: it's the angel. So just what that's? They aren't that's. What the conspiracy theories think that nine eleven was now I don't mind there. I appreciate
their paranoia. I think that's american, yet I don't think that's a bad thing and I think you should always be who what's the fundamental question to political philosophy, the fundamental question who governs the governor? Yes, very important, yes, very import with a fuck up whose governing the gas I dont, trust my government. I shouldn't know you shouldn't it's also like people that have power like the kind of unchecked power. These in China. They're not gonna, give that up career paganel fight for it they're gonna fight for what you see that would cure politicians. You see that with this this bill, that the trial pass to the to help, people that are dealing with this corona virus, because they can't work in this slip and all kinds of stuff like that. I'll try they'll slip and things in their about the environment, arts guys.
Living in autumn, Europe Baggage, yes dust, and that is something the politicians do. The utilise this moment to try to use it to leverage their own causes their own pet causes meetings that they think are also important there, a group of people did that with the invasion of Iraq. When on eleven came along, they said look, Iraq is harbouring Al Qaeda terrorists. They probably are getting weapons into the hands of people like us. Ok, there was a whole story that was woven up, and that was a way of of essentially crippling the fourth largest army in the world, which was Iraq and making our allies Jerry or the bill hooks. But he goes. They said bill Iraq is the fourth largest army. He goes yeah, but after the first three there's a real good drop off. He's like this,
largest salvation are true whole great, but about the size of armies. What we ve been in, that we were in Afghanistan Fora How long was a guy's, because he was a bill a bill it's a war when there's two armies fighting. He goes by bill. A rat is the fourth largest army in the world doesn't mean, will stay there? He hasn't great bits, man, some great points, shit on outside the box. That's what I'm always amazed at is how these things can carry on like if you there's somebody did a really cool funny thing about how every general
in the Iraq in the of cost on theatre, every single every single year would say we are at a turning point where the Taliban will be under our control every every every time they would make up a case for the Iraq war more money, I'm sorry for the afghan afghan war, more money, more logistics, all those things that required more troops. The generals would say we are enjoying. The same wording were at a turning point and we are gonna. We do need a little more. That's all what they have to say. It's interesting is if they really did accomplish, that they actually cut off the honey pot of guy, wouldn't have the Montgomery and that's That'S- that's the darkest conspiracy ever that war is prolonged in order to prop up the military industrial complex and which really crazy about the military industrial complex, as is when there is Eisenhower
talking about it on tv, which was really terrify knows when the first people were introduced to this concept, but trumps talking about recently, I'm doing these things, I bought you, others, the military industrial complex, and these guys want to go to war. I cases in a sort of casually like hey man who were you talking about who are these working as a lot of money in it? Are my God, and now that there are other people non governmental organizations to get that rated by their burden right. So we're gonna build a damn here. Well, we don't need a damn here, but we're gonna be but anyway, because where a lot of that money there's a lot of that goes on you're. So it's it did that's. Why we're conspiracy theories? I'm I'm way more apt to believe that the government is is way more incompetent that it is competent. I don't it's just a man, save bloated bureaucracy that doesn't unwell, and I don't know I know a guy. I know there's a group of people controlling everything. The fuck out of here there's a little bit of that. There is definitely a lot of incompetence, but is also a lot of collusion, is also a lot of people doing things specifically because they
what's profitable, make money gas and also look what they're doing Bernie Sanders? Try to keep him from one in the dna of removing breaded from wind, democratic nomination, they have conspired and they put it who literally is going see that's what show in front of our eyes of shock and they're. Trying to pretend is don't happen about any closer she's great or there, lot of? Why she didn't know who the President, Mexico us shudder idea- Germans, yes, but she's, still interview with a guy from Mexico. But your journal March she's, a smart woman who, like I just think, she's way more moderate. She seems articulate mine, was seventy nine listen just because someone seems articular doesn't mean they should be the president. The true, if you don't know the present, Mexico is maybe haven't known of studying. Yeah yeah. Do you know where the present So I do not try reciprocity. I barely know the guy
Canada, Trudeau guy? I just know him he's been busted with black face. My fellow well where his father was was a long time yet come here. Yet this man utterly anybody. She President relax yeah. Now these terrible idea, I think GUM Europe is no way you really can be. Responsible for all those things is no way can really be well read on all the different variables and everything that comes to economics when it comes to, the environment when it comes to military operations when it comes to the fort and energy, and industry and there's no fucking way one person it should be, a large group of people that are there, essentially have no stake in the game. It should be people that have no ability to profit whatsoever, they get a healthy. Income and they cannot profit outside. Of that, there should be read, could be some sort of a regulation and then after you're gone, it should be impossible for you to make speeches to banks
whether you get paid a half? A million is already a cooling off period and Elizabeth Worn wanted to your cooling off period. I think when I was only a six month or in a month like if you work for, if you're you're Wermin offence, you can go back to Raytheon or darling, Nay it s Busby I'll, go back for at least two year, our great financial years. So two years, your man two years on, we so retchings boy. Twenty four months goes by quick. Yes, it does should be two hundred years. I agree to the large Scientology contract or its billions and billions of years. You never do you know that this is yet another sized algerian contract billion year contracts. A wonderful country area is enforceable, found one billion. Has this been Yemen. No, not the zoning road, Amy Club, a sharp look, I think Tulsa Garrard was the most interesting. I lie to love me and they shut her out. Quick
so she sank. Kemal airs alike. Dane guy lays out the work between Harris thing they wanted Kemal hairs to wind, can she's incur in one debate when, when She stated all those irrefutable fact endeavours like well, oh she's, drawn bombs. She did didn't today they float and caught her the mix after that they cut her. The MAX quick, It's interesting man, because it's obviously not, let's see who the people choose its. Let's manipulate the opinions of the public. This is what the whole game of running a campaign is. Let's prop someone up. Let's make them look great. Let's have these as with wonderful music I'm standing there looking presidential and then even in spite of all that, you ve got this poor guy in Joe Biden, that is experiencing dimension as seventy seven Helen yes and burning Aldenham parties. Eighty or here
our attack, Morgan Horrida Boys, on campaign being preserved a few days off, like put back he backing for the people, look Bernie, at least believes what he says. He's so he's also, though, one of the knocks on having fewer he's, not interested and if you ask him how you gonna pay for all this you're talkin about bringing the world is right and wrong in this. A moral issue form so- and he is any- did take his honeymoon in the fuckin sobbing and say what you I do: believe the guy's, essentially a closet communist. I said son of a bitch shut. It myself and I always marvelous? Socialists is not democratic for that. I still marvel at the idea that you, if you, if you really trust government, I'd I'd again down to our they as efficient as the marketplace in some ways they might be, but in other ways they may not be. I dont know how they're not doing a great job of the homeless situation in California are. That is the way
job ever they really fucked around back. But I don't know if you can blame than a democratic socialist, that debts blamed on. Actually a law that you can't remove if someone from a place, unless you have another place, to bring them to us. Yes, and it was a lotta, protect poor people and people there were harassed and then it became a homeless law. Go into the underpass is- and this is I think that our voice heard like how come it's, ok to litter, for them like their basically littering the junk stacked up of you, throw a fucking coffee, CUP rightly so out a window. The cops will pull you over. You you're fuckin, take it and you should have to pay that goddamn take it, but if you are just Tent India boxes in shit and cardboard all place, you're allowed to do that, and we will have to leave you alone. It's not good for them. It's not good for anybody to allow these, these gigantic homeless, encampments to appear under bridges, and What the solution is, but I just think that alone like if you put that on the governor or the president or the mayor Goddamn, that's a problem,
that's a problem. That's gonna, take so much cadmium, opiates, continental feeling that there already forty or fifty or whatever they are we going to fix them, do not hard its effect. A person is kind. They got their shit together. Harvesting, Burke crisis, stop drinking sign fuck how hard it is to get a person who's got their shit together, but has a problem like cats up smoking cigarettes now cast out gambling how many fuck, people. Do you know that are like that? I know all of my friends just have one thing but they're, just like fucking compelled now a man and compounding that two, seventy thousand people that are at the bottom end of it. So for the top end of someone who makes a good living, who has a family and his life insurance and is also a fuck up. Instead of that here, you ve got someone has never had anything and people been fuckin them over their whole life and they put on trial
since they were the on, there, were sexually abused and physically abused and they want the juvenile hall and then remember there and foster care and they were beaten and abused, and then here they are Ford and brains. Literary changed. Yes, dear the Hermes, an amazing fuckin book by the scanning, Joe Newman, called raising lines. I just read it man. I wish I'd read this book when my kids were three this guy bring this guy and so in the past and are, as you know, has been the past ten years bipolar disorder in children has been diagnosed forty fold, Now that doesn't me- and you know the solution is typically in this. I catchword medication, medication than medication, S, a third option and Joe Newman comes in a lot of times. It's fucking great book, and he comes in and essential. I will say this kid's throwing tantrums and is impossible to deal with because he is profiting or she is profiting from that behaviour there is there, is their kids are way smarter than you think there and he instills sort of a very, very interesting approach that I've used and that that it's it's
in a guy fuckin love the book, it's a short small book, but when you think about what are going in the book and stuff, the reason I bring it up is: when you think about you can change. You can literally change a child's brain by with, with instilling certain behaviour certain boundary. Certain protocols is apparent as an adult as an educator, because what you do is you get them to exercise self control? You get them to exercise a form of mood stabilization for themselves, but you have to do it in a certain way when you don't do that with children when you let them go crazy, freak out and put them in and size lesions lot, it's as it will do is where there's nothin we're doing wrong. We're not doing wrong as adults. We're going to wear reasoning with them we're talking now what will do as well? Medicate them because there are control- and there is a window- was children where you can actually let them keep going down that path
and they are basically and then you put em on these mood. Stabilizers you put em on psychotic, see you you put him on anti convulsive drugs. Some restaurant fort medications that are in a row and he's had great success coming in and changing all that, because what happened was you just warrant getting the kid to exercise the muscles of self control and there is a way to do that. It is very simple avenging book, but what I'm saying is that there is a fuckin window with kids were if you don't get to certain kids, a certain time with a good behaviorist you're in deep fuckin shit and end their whole life spent spiral out of control and that it goes into substance, abuse and everything else. So you talk about now, adults who had all that abuse. I mean it's. I don't know what you would do,
I really don't know what the fuck you, because their self medicating to begin with their self mannequin to begin with the been addicted to drugs most lives are all of their behaviour has been formed while their addicted to drugs. This is a giant problem with people that are in their fortys and fifty swooping down obesity, your whole life. I re imagining a world with no drugs no escape from reality and having to be accountable for your actions and then also having to deal with the the things that have been done to you and to try to us try to figure out a way to heal from your childhood and your life is over your your your body, starting to fail right. You ve been abusing yourself for all these years and the idea that there some simple solution to dealing with seventy thousand p, but various stages of that that are currently homeless, some some of em that dead may be able to recover pretty quickly, there is hot on stream,
but thinking to get there should together we're gonna get out of their determined. There's a lot of people that I think people very. Why, of course, I do they did a very so unwillingly, shrieks rate. If you look at it, you look really follow this addiction rate. Very high amount of mental illness is very high, very and I think the eye this is where I think like in Singapore you'd. Never in Singapore, they just don't be putting in homes answer. If you know, I do think that there's something humane about taking people who are rolling their own shut up in a ball. Look, I mean the way you know the schizophrenia eat. Those people need to be taken care of they need to be. I don't think it's a terrible thing to sharpen up padded wagon and take them into be careful of no one might say: you're, fucking girls, I know scoop you up That's why I was on constitutional. What yeah? That's why you be moved the boundaries right? This is the argument against what we're saying he moved about
foundries in any direction where it's not total freedom, and then it can slide further from there. That's the problem! When you, how do you define mental own right, when you say well, your mentally ill, so you can on a gun. While people go, what how do you define mental illness, Jude defined that, as I had an anger management issue at my heart, my my work since I suffer from depression. So how do I am? This is about the most polarizing religion versus no religion. There's people to think that if you are religious do you have a mental health issue and these people who are religious, they think that of urine atheist. You have a mental health issue. This is a black, very polarizing line in the sand that I've heard argued by intelligently. I've. Never that now thousands are seen in two and people that have blinders on that, think that, if you're an atheist, you're a fool and you probably have a mental illness- and he probably this extreme believe in science, above God, and above the laws of viable and knelt dealt Del, say it and they are taking away like damask. I believe that
he really believes that all atheists have a mental health problem. So if, if you get a person whose the position of power that can also one this ideology. They have this ideology that weren't things it almost all presidents do, but particularly rightwing president's ever since Ray and started introducing the religious aspect of the right into like politics. They made it a big deal during the rate and campaign. You see that so many president's particularly the right to talk about God. They have a half, do they have to talk baltic isolation. Still you bring. People in this is were your on my side among the gods high, you see an argument argued by many people were like, fevered trump supporters, the wonder really really wacky ones. Like super into God wanting Trump to be our president, and then you get this group of baking powder
and you ve got some law in place and sensitive your mentally ill. You could be locked up how many steps is adapted, take forts I'd, do it might only take like a few yeah, and I agree I do like where I like religious thought in discourse and even in policy its limited, but I do like the idea that, when you think that you can get human beings out of all problems using human rationality, mathematics and science, You better be careful that too, because you can. You can use math and rationality to justify some pretty horrific things as Genovese than that and the Nazis did earlier. So there is something really really cool about x and nouvelle. Harare comes in on this sort of Jonathan Height. You know, will what there is something really kind of what one jot rights as we're all religious. Maize or religious somebody with religious about size. So many orders about rationality at all costs unevenly religious about you. So you, your tumblr release about nutrition, so you gotta remember
Look here. You gotta take them tory of your own brain and how you how you well your belief system, works. Well, politics serve as close to religion can get out of here. We people the there's also like rewards frayed hearing to war or the other ideology, especially in an aggressive way, because then you get rewarded for being the watchdog of either rightwing vow whose or left wing values Progressive Valley servant of rise. We all do man, people have done it. It's it's a thing tat. We do there's a reward there. You pick it up. Why gonna kick out of this were discovered thing. I whenever somebody says socialist, I gotta there's a gig keep away there. I'm a wagon, not no socialist and and I always. I have a very visceral reaction to people like a sea or Bernie Sanders, because I think that their socialist right, but having said that this code, a disaster which nobody saw coming crippled the economy. We I I know, people who are very right and not right
but very market oriented people who said we need this fuckin tomb built trillion dollar stimulus, that's a socialist measure, you better. I was looking for the government for a baby. I don't mean it, but I want I want that two trillion dollars in the system that to be mandated by government politicians and in in a code with nineteen scenario. Guess what bit of a socialist, Have you I myself, God, that's why I think the idea of thereby in one or the other. It shit did this to this. These are too complex and too many supercomputer, issues to lump on one side or the other. It's too card a person who is an expert on finance she'll intervention or industry intervention to provide medical equipment to deal with the respiratory violence virus it here people that unprecedented rate, that's not
left wing or right wing thing. That's a thing: if Jack it's lumped into socialism, verses, libertarianism, we gonna fuckin real problem, because that's a good idea for everybody. Yes right, yes, we'll drop Jordan Petersen sets. I thought I'd never forgot. He said when you need them level of detail. When you try to solve problems, get food, I'm on you know, get alot of protein carbohydrates and fats into the. A three hundred million human bodies or you're or just running a restaurant or whatever. It is when you get something done, get get manufacturing of medicines away from China and the United States when he gets a level of detail, left wing and right wing politics seem to go out the Fuckin Windermere you're, dealing with practicality. Now what we gotta get a job done, and I don't I don't know if you're, if you're in a fuckin, you know Geese or Europe you know if you're transit, I don't give a shit, can you do the job? Well, let's get this job done and then we can talk about other stuff, that's kind of what happens.
I noticed in a war zone when I was enough danced and I don't have to understand them or manners I machine I liked to be. You became less often polite to be more market Afghanistan when I was now has done. I remember no. The short soldiers would talk politics, not there. I got that's not gonna talk about. There are now get a job to do. I gotta jobs. Do I'm not? I know my mission is not the way it is. And it did so when you get the level of detail a lot of times too. I think a lot of times when you deal with people who are really prank live in the real world where they have to make a profit with their business or whatever they do in there. When they when they live in the real world, they tend to be more moderate, too
be more market oriented and when you get people that have been in an academic setting their whole life in a political setting, their whole life, where they make they make laws and in an end they make. You know they in new, have academics that come up with theories to support those laws. They tend to be a little bit less practical, a little bit more theoretical just by the nature of how they live their lives on a daily basis. You know it's interesting. I was just thinking this. Why why was talking about these complex issues like? Why are we voting for a person like one individual leader that handles all those things? Why why instead isn't there a vote for them? person, who's got the best solution to each of those individual problems and those are the people who run the country. You don't say I do mean the idea that I love that that seems like that's possible,
D. You mean you'd, get out you get an economic starts. Many made a lot of money to run the economy. Gas. Yes, yes, you're, an economic president. Yes, yes, you get a problem as well. Right. That's why, like Ms Romeo wise guy was fuckin, knew no economic, stud young master, yes, Artemis amount against you now also Mexican, his stats MAX. I didn't know that dad try to run for president, because his dad is born in Mexico. You could run for president. I thought he was white is could be well. Yes, because it came from the Mormons who escaped him out to Mexico, so they can point they have all these wives illegals keep this party row big mexican community that huge and they let you know that was the big story with the cartel as the slaughtered nine of them today about who I am and in children and why they were fine. Those guys find out. Why don't? I don't think they have a definitive answer. Obstacles everyone's dead, but I think they either did it because they were always in dispute with
people from the Mormon Colonies or because they mistook them for someone who was in another rival gang it's hard to tell you now the cartel. They're not being on interviews after their behaviour. So I don't know what happened, and I don't know if the people that shoved them were punished the cartel. There was something TAT S called around, so that would probably happen. They do a public Luke. You didn't want to start a war, but look at the whole thanks, crazy, we're gonna, a giant. Multibillion, dollar drug industry, it's connected to us, yeah legalizing it how the fuck do not want that like imagine if you have to choose between like what are you big problems? Is your big? problem the massive amounts of drugs that are coming into the country that are killing people in addicting people or is in port and to hold it down now Afghanistan
place on your side of planet. You gotta place it's connected to this directly affecting people. I can is really weird way behind the best of it's like This is a blessing ever heard. No more said Bessy was when he said: terrorism isn't gonna, kill you, America, it's the coroner, Sierra these rights is in direct aid is good enough. It's him riding oars monologue writers, but they make some great points. His those monologues really city does for real time. He makes some great point s funny shit to but its yeah. That's the way a problem in that whenever you tell someone that they can't do something which I don't agree with- don't. Get me wrong about this drug issue. I don't think you should be le tell a guy who's. Sixty years old? They can't do myth that fuck now want to do I greatly do math here's. The question is: should be ok you to sell in math with s room, we're, because I know you're a piece of shit if you sell in math is sound
programme. As you know, he doesn't need math pry. This is what would happen if you had. If you made all drugs legal they'd get sound, they get taxed. There would be ways to do it. You look you want. You want to do math. Where was this the comes here with us That's it be exact like this. You you wanna, do math first volume, our for my company, no math. I got a private company, no man, you can't do math. I know it sounds crazy, but you're not an efficient work. Are you gonna? Be a pilot? No mathematics, cardinal math, you wanna work in my factory, heavy machinery, math video games, I mean maybe it'll help here, but if you want to lose your teeth, guy, you're, fucking, Idiot GAD, so I think again, cocaine. Now we can have very pure cocaine and guess what to get it from leaf to powder less murder. No murder, in fact, has sets out its locally sourced house. That's out, you can dear blow and again you wanted to bloated. I gonna wake up in the morning. I can't be up all night. I would love to do blow I love blow. I can't do it because, commissioner, who done it probably spy system,
to my life. Why fantastic and you love it and you ve never done it more. It's the best truck of all time. Really it's the best drug of all time. I get ways like the joke, as when two people are dumb blow they start a business together, he anatomy is like books open a canvas or its having the best idea world vital do below. I don't I'm not a drug. I want a time you know, but but what the point is, if you had a place I could go and it was pure and it wasn't cut with a bunch of shit. I know about, and I knew I could do it and fuckin talk to my friend or have sex with some. But you know whenever it is. Maybe if I had time, we really think that if there was consistency and responsibility, if there was consistency like if all drugs or dangerous for illegal, then maybe I can kind of get your point right but how many people die of overdoses every year of prescription drugs, a la la how many people abuse prescription drugs and our de Gaulle when an exact call, which is the most
truck drugs and when the most readily available right hand, is an essential, that's open, while we're keeping social distancing Al Gore? So so so again, I ask you tell me the difference, so so what we ve done is supported a horrific criminal enter rise over the world in all of that America. We continue to an end, and so many innocent mexican women and children and men and and businesses lives destroyed, and so many central, american and and and it's just destroy the falcon us now imagine you're supposed to take here this problem and grown of ours and the economy and healthcare and you're running for real action and North Korea and Germany, and this I dont, know what I will call drug level. I think
It is a logical way of looking at, but I think that the growing pains of that would be people would lose their fucking mines at you if they lost their children during the growing panes and they can a tribute their child overdosing on heroin, because their son bought it legally left it in the house and now someone's debt church and have that, and I you can have a lot of a lot less that because I actually have venturing I'd. Have a lot of this heroin be regular when you went to a storm by heroin just like what we do know exactly what you are getting
I get shot. You are no know. What's the other fence fan on you get you get, you know exactly what you're getting I'd have it out of a place? You could do it if you wanted it be all kinds of stuff and then by the way- and you cannot sustain that habit you'd at the people. Let our junkies would be junkies anyway, but at least there'd be a place. Libya safe place for them to go and get it may be. To do it like they do in Zurich, but, more importantly, I legalise all fuckin drugs cause. I don't know because this war, drugs, Anko and so well there'd be a lot less murder. I'll tell you that my opinion will we would need some one to figure out. First of all, how do you have less people that are that's another ed called? How do you have less people that are even interested in doing heroin like we ve, obviously something terribly wrong. If we have people that are interested in heroin like why, why are people willing to do drugs like
crocodile? You know that people forestry and whereby there was making there that's the real problem in fixing it with a patch left or right oriented patch, be careful. The Tipp of that thing, the knife pokes or standing there s so much, that's a gift from the same guy Burma, the death. Why I want a knife to please give me one of these. I want to carry this with me. I figured out how to as whistle he just blow on the carpet. Women has not as good as new a gibbet you, but the social distancing gimme that no fuck. You can't argue for people watching. We set a bad example to actually I I but that's what I'm set mean. Imagine someone who has to take care of each one of those things the adjustment of each each one of those things is ridiculous lists a president of the homeless. This one
What do we do that? We have only one you have drugs hours we have, but they don't have that kind of power that I'm gonna give them money. Given presidential power I don't take, one person should be able to. Like. Let people out of jail do this move that we have. We had one per and it stays in his fuckin lane like what are you really good, but we added that we haven't secretary and energy secretary. We know now here's what I work in this cabinet. What I'm saying is like a king of immigration. This is the king uses. Person of the queen of immigration to queen of environment but not even these mutual recital, yes, but also female wins. It see. You then giving apologies more powers in queen of entire them into the job like this idea. How I call it a president called at the head of. Others no, but
virus tsar spoken a keg, what no one big, but I'm totally, or that our means it's their dig. They write the budget. They do everything you have it as do our citizens our come from. So you have the drugs. Are you ve got the educate czar? from Caesar Right does not russian for Caesar the king is his. Is it's a russian name? It's a dope niyazov. Eight elegancies or Sars easy. I ought to be as needed. Shrugs Arles like what's, albeit sex. Our member with that comes from rhino, It means russian arriving Tsar means Caesar. Doesn't it renders the route is? If you had One person in this country that that was autonomous. They didn't need the approval of the top President guy. They just a thing to solve. They don't need his like now. I know that the age at the terrible idea, why because your argument, but I mean think about an education queen like look at Betty device. She's got her ideas on how to run classrooms, but there is massive pushed back from
teachers, nobody also so concentrated virginal, something which one because you now which one loves: Jesus Gazette someone on voting our eye, ire. That argument about George W someone said well, George W with Jesus one with George W, while Emma they go. That's how you get in here, you wanna, be the education are when you want teaching, but fuckin pagans about Zeus and shit fuck out of here. That's that's changing. We need our Jesus, Ed Technology, all the way back technology, as with the enlightenment, as you are able to predict the movement of the planets. Radical guy was ever know, hey wait. The Bible tells at this guy Hayley Albert Hayley was able to predict killing commenter our Newton or Copernicus her Galileo for approving this stuff mathematically. They, revolutionaries wholly block. It was so outrageous, but the church was like wait. A minute this is destroying the existence of God.
When I came along, said time and space a relative depending on how fast your moving. Why think about how important education is right? It's the most important thing and just giving someone, tools to shape their mind now think of it in terms of the prestige that you get as into the high school teacher, it's nothing! It's nothing. Who cares you do in one of the most important services to a young mine that ever you teaching them literally knowing their minds with information Badge If someone was in charge of education is country who can who could convince everybody who had a real philosophy and a real strategy for educating kids and talked about it in a way? This is how we're gonna make. We do have that now one person was the president of one person, one person that other problems we elect them will elect I'd, be they tear
idea. Can we let it am? I wouldn't presidents who is going to be the president of educational, usually only around education, but this is the crowds they'll get together. They had to have open debate. The present can have all power. What this is my money take on it. We need dictators that are benevolent guy. Monarchist you fucking monarchist words is as Mr Erdogan among our work on edge of that's what really works. That's what used to. The Netherlands daytime powers have one really nice person who runs the whole thing. One nice purse? One really not believe a nice people think they exist. I believe the greens are nice people, Human Beings IRA, while a nice people, I desperately sense that I'd be a terrible dodging reasons why I've had to keep people out of your life struck. As am I came in, I trust everybody I love You'd love everybody letter buddy, I gotta get fucked over recently badly fire. Did you there's a couple of times in your life forever to pull you fucker?
if I didn't love you, I wouldn't be telling this yeah. I'm starting to ruminants, it's true, I am, I suppose, and that would be a very bad cop because what am need you hit, you like what the fuck are commonly you on the contrary, but if you do the new body, you promised me I'll, let you do know certain things that have no mercy for that. Of course, of course, yeah. That's a think right. There's like things that people can do what you like. You know, child murder. That's it see a later, no coming back sailor. There's things like that future. If, even if I catch you a large trove of child pornography, the cat. What am I gonna do? Did that's really what turns Guiana gonna animal? What have you seen? One of the weird you notice progressive ideology. Right like we were talking about before It is in some ways is a religion. Just like can heard of ideologies in
takes on some of the sum of the characteristics of a religion, the war when there is people predicting this, but almost in jest that, one day, people that are so progressive. They would look at people who pedophile and saying that this is. This is just who they are, and this is like this is their sexual programme like how they are as a person, and we shouldn't judge them by who they are? That's fine. I can even I'm up. What's this, I grant you that watch yourself. So let's say would like Robert Bosky worker providers, who are studying the stuff we don't know. We don't know, I don't think people choose to be pedophiles. What happens? Is they wake up and they go? I have I have this irrational attraction to children. Ok, see retracted, lets a toddler, something horrible. Now why I grant you that your brain works
this way, I still can't have you if you have these impulses, I can't have you out in society brow now. If you want to volunteer four castration or, if there's, if there's a way to get you to not have these urges now we can talk, but if you if they, if I dont, know how to mitigate or erase that kind of deep seated programming gotta go away. I gotta know where you are at all times. I can't have you knew children. That is why we incarcerate these people right and so it's, I think, we're gonna be fine. Seeing that exact question, we're gonna be saying at the more we learn about the brain and that we're gonna be realising. You are programmed a certain way. Ok, we all are now to what degree of using the same Harrison doesn't believe in free will in a simultaneous why we have no control over the DE mechanics of how we make a decision. When did it start and then what happened
suppose he's Bob behaves about this. I dont know I still can't run a society that gives free rein to people that cause destructive haunt. You know the story about. There's a guy who have tumor in his brain and the tumor was literally turn him into a pedophile. Yes, he has a tumor, remove, they prove it. They prove it rumours, there's a tumor removed. All these thoughts go away. They come back a few years. They do another MRI in front of the tumors returned. What do you do with that? There's, a guy like you, almost you he's got sick it literally Second, that sickness led to him being a criminal
There was also a you can have a lesion on your brain necessity, the head of a pin. If it's in the right party or brain it will turn you into a homicidal maniac who we know these things so really, yes, ass, the head of a pin. Yes, in fact it's in a series of lectures by in the great it is of psychology, and it's really fascinating- that you can buy Daniel Robs entered Dave, Remsen it amazing guy, but but but yeah an end. There is that case in and there have been there
I've been cases of this. We know that there are parts of the brain when damaged can cause you to be fucking. You know a major imaginable in India would if they did that to people like a few. You really want to be the ultimate soldier and they had like a part of your brain that turns you know. Berserker encourages hit that switch while they say that a lot of that, what did they do? Psyche vows on high level operators and some of those people are able to shut off certain parts of their. You know they can be great fathers and husbands and brothers and they can also shut off from one side shut that off everybody dies. They can't it's called. You can t v.
It's called a there's, a term for it like sociopath. You can deviate into a sociopath. You can deviating that's big, make the decisions that have to be made then come back to morality. Ideologues can do that if you have an ideology of your protecting your homeland or whatever it might be. That's a formidable soldier is trying to protect what he loves will end, who faces the reality of the necessity of that runs into really bad people in parts of the world are really are torturing and murdering people making videos and putting them up on you, too. You run into those kind of people and you actually see them in the world. You see the damage that doing to people in the real world. I know a lot of soldiers who felt that way who saw that shit narrow, like listen man, that's, why kill them and I slept well ass.
There's something about what's going on now for all of us, whether this massive wake up call as to the frailty of our society that the how poorly we thought out all the consequences of any sort of global pandemic or any natural disaster how ill prepared we are- and this is this- is of a good opportunity to wake up and look at what we're doing look I'll, fuckin software like its fine to be nice, it's fine to be nice for you have you noticed that now we're in this pandemic? And you don't hear a lot of talk about progressive ideas and equality in the world. Real progressive ideas, you're seeing from people like nurses and doctors and healthcare workers that are their putting their fuckin, their physical health. On the line in care these people, some of whom are dying you're, seeing people that are chipping in and food shelters and an end, and you don't want food kitchens and trying to feed people that are poor, you're, seeing people there's a lot of people putting together go fund means s economy
is putting together a fund right now to pay for the weight staff. There's all these different things that are happening that are people putting together are happening organically. This is what what we dont want is mandated. Charity mandated socialism may be mandated unnecessary above a problem with because what their worried about is in Greece. Times in times that things are amazing, were worried about people who don't want. Do their share, worried about people. We you ve, created a simple easy path for them and they are taken every time and time again that their lazy and they don't want to do any work. They don't do some there's people that are like that. That's different then what we are experiencing now. What words experiencing now is the best case scenario for human nature, in terms of the outer pouring of generosity that you get from a lot of these people that are trying to help other folks. Renewed yeah, you're gonna have some negative stories. You're gonna have that too. But what this really is is a wake up call is that we ve had it really
really really easy, and because that we are finding things to be outraged at and the people that experienced real strife and their life and real difficulty. They get angry at that. Stuff and they get angry that stuff, a reason because self indulge is fucking dangerous, because it's catchy and because you tell all your friends that you all are but yeah you have a good point. The government should just fucking pay us. We just get paid are. These billionaires have money there should be no billionaire. Have I have a good grammar being racist because of you? If you crack somebody's glamour, maybe that person didn't have the education, therefore, your being you're being racist, because maybe that that person of color doesn't use the kind of grammar that standard English? This is. This is a new idea to yeah. There's a lot of these new ideas, the people, Look for things to be outraged about will want is hard to get food and again right now, the power still on ok right now, every thing is at least three quarters of what it was minus, the unemployment rate and their staff,
get home, but you were the people that you love. You can talk to them on your phone. You can watch Netflix into a lot of shit still can go to restaurant, singular movies, but you can't go to work, but you you, kind of still around, and then you ve got your financial issues, but with what is the went Wednesday, further do not understand or fuckin fragile illnesses. What if it went one step further one rock from this guy slams in Chicago one, big, ass, fuckin mile wide rock slams initial canna or Ok, now in Montana, that won't stop bubbling about that Yellowstone thing, that's a giant called. Dare that's three hundred kilometers wide or something stupid like that. Can I think it's actually six hundred kilometers? It did that study last week, soccer some huge now. How big is this oh dear, I may only be dynamic. Changes are very real thing, and most of us are walk around on man, that, for us, cattle protect the problem with dad is people weapon eyes the idea of arguing about climate change and if you eat
I have a question about it or, if you even different, if you either, one of those things. This is not. The experts are correct. I am with the experts on with the science on it. I'm a hundred percent in believed that human things are accelerating climate change. That's not my point by point: If someone even brings up, how do you know if you're arguing about it varies that's right, you're, really really into fucking or some people. It love arguing about climate change and they let putting you in your fucking place. The oceans are gonna, be on fire and take they get crazy with it. And if you even have a conversationally? Where are you getting your information from? They don't really have a good sort, its like they spent time studying these papers and looking at the trends and reading books on core sample and talking to you about these shifts- and here is the problem with this shift. This shift is different than the other. That clearly c o and yet I tried saying or the group people I trust ago- I dont Trumpery there, but I will say
I'm going to say I appreciated as China Policy Instrument I lose my with this that I went I went, but I well, but they don't don't forget, go gimme a! But on this you know, like Jesus Christ, afraid of my ideas about their there's, a Trump thing: either hate tromp or you love trump you can't say, like I criticise, is being some sort of a closet, trumps pork associating he's funny, he's too he's funny cracks me up or professional commitment. Larry he's funny look about stuff, that's not even if no one even gets hurt the one when he took Greenland and he put a giant trump. Our on any tweeted promised not to do this. If we I couldn't do that he's hilarious That's funny that doesn't mean you're a nazi okay, and I think this is gonna. Come some of that shit down. This is going to give us real things to be our races out, and this is is a wake up. Call that we know are medical systems that we have in place to deal with pandemics. They had their under funded under fire. They have to be or their under under utilised or something wrong. This summer,
wrong. I want to say, with the causes are really dont nominated. Something has left us unprepared. Ok, let's outbreak, blame anybody. It is what it has. No one saw this common, but now that we know that this can happen yeah. This has never happened before all the years since seventeen seventy six. We never walked down the country like this, but we did and the whole world did so. Let's move forward with a fuckin heavy emphasis on putting the brakes to that kind of shit figure out what We have to do it because you may have a hundred scientists on instead of a thousand, has its higher nine hundred more like what are we doing here, you're Bending, so much money on other things. Have a science king! Yes, science fucking science, king! What's the difference we king is, are we have attire king, the terrorists? I ask you, president, since president ciphers tests everybody's a present of something,
economic president now way when something goes wrong: you're good fortune of true just open the borders. Now you like dont, knows the border kings problem the border king says we are to keep the borders closed. Such jump. Doesn't it does this that we have a border? Can we avert again king women's gagging? We have sky came in, he runs the skies but make sure it's clean the guys up there, fucking little strip testing it everyday, scooping so easily case guy king. How can the skies so dirty, fuckin idiot blame the sky king. You can't blame Trump and his cronies, Ukraine's guy, can't I like it. I want to help you. Do you need to get oils? You invite me very? Listen, you don't do it anymore, you don't really do it, I'm dead! I I'm game. I sweetie! I love you. Did this the level between
Doing what we did when you have a rifle and do all you do. Is you and bows it's so much work to get to the point where you can do it efficiently? you're doing elderly yes drive around a gun. You can only do that if the places, if its legal devil, you know the place for that, for you would be Hawaii. Really? Yes, lanai access dehumanizing. They have to condemn United, my friends, property in New Zealand and shit, I'm sure, but they probably this those two New Zealand has? Never you didn't have any further virus aegis, candied, embracing levels brace involves New Zealand. Do what can go wrong? idea. That's they do at a guy. In his fight he's heave jet skis with fucking workers who sent me. Video is chaskey as private beatings. Org is under the first family that gets eaten inside their tent by war
and that can happen and has happened in history. Folks, the first family that than ever happens to we're all gonna, have a big wake up. Call as to what a wolf is not that I don't love wolves. I do love wolves and I went to the Wolf connection that rescue out in in this and the sea Palmdale I went to the really recently with the forest kilometer and, as you see, the laser hung out with them their cause fuck. But it's your walls are hybrids. Most we're hybrids, one of them was about its close to a pure wolf, as you can get. You couldn't do a goddamn thing with them. This guy said at one time he admonished em for food fight, any was incorrect and the dough. The wolf haven't spoken term sense. Why, three years the walls like fuck, you used to build a petty put em. I ll take him out now the bull followed him anywhere near really inside the guy was a cut three years ago that mail male wolves will challenge you know certain animals like camels camels. If they like you, you're good. If they don't like you
Thus piss on you spit on. You will enable grab you and bite you and throw they pick you up by your network, their teeth. I've seen that don't fuck around the euro, I saw guide trying to kill a camel. He was true two others like us certain way thick, camels for some religious you'd need, but a certain way. They kill him with a knife. They slights slicer, throw right, was doing on this tunnel is not avenant grabs in by the back. The negatives fuckin whipped him to the air. He realized stronger Camelot bites your neck you're, a hundred fifty pound man, you go and fly. You can find it shocking, Johnny Chuck you like Youth Rock House CAT Bourdain a camel. He said it was really good, did Jane what it was like Delicious was. It is like it's like go need. I guess lots of times in in Saudi Arabia. You eat a camel within huge, she put a goat inside the camel why here's one disguise translates yeah. This is another one. Ok,
right there. Look at that boom son. Anything picked him up, buys hey he got his whole head in there look at that, I as a whole head. I got there wasn't just a neck that think grabbed his whole heads gotta be fact broken We realized nice movin. Think that cat Can we just grab his whole, how it picked him up? His head do that could easily break your neck archaic, especially even didn't let go what if it shook him I wish you would just held out of the house emblem of lunch at times, I think has mean fact: don't fuck with camels yeah, so that you're going to lie to me. It's a lot of me how many people later to arouse kid by the West Ten thirteen I'd say goodbye to eat with their hands right, you your right hand. Yes, you daringly, and you watch your ass. We left hand or anything so you'll. Never
buddy left able she caught stealing traditional saga. They were cut off your right hand, guys here last. What should be the last one await: you'd have to undergo crab you'd, be the last one. Oh my god, what you'd have what was left over my god here? What do you do that? Just kill a guy like when you went, live like this. Now you live with one hand, figure it out. You know, I don't think we got to the bottom. I think Brian Cowen, but feels good complain. I agree very much good work with three hours in with, whereas antibiotic us quickly yeah. I can't believe that, in the end we are you know I'm joking around obviously about the the kings have a king of everything joking around about it. Obviously, but it is kind of ridiculous that we ever think that one person could be the president and run this whole country, it's so slow.
It's so stupid, and so tired and dumb when something happens, words really clear that this wasn't thought out correctly. Like No, we didn't know what was coming like this. The within we didn't ever think because has never happened before. If something is never happened before we always thing, it's not happen or that's a super. Ok now, an asteroid impact or while as it that's the thing that we have seen it, now we know that they ve happened. Hasn't happened, my life, I'm not prepped enough, and I crept we already be. Will we really keep talking about going somewhere and I'm not bullshitting about how to place? We can drive to short in a short time now. Can you drive you Taunton hours, really on about one or Vegas care about big idea. California, where were you
praying ago enough, where I can get a well on lots of guns, maybe you can go to big bear, maybe get a big bear than they would shut those roads officer. That's right and you fucked it up there stock still stuck with silver light. Will they shot? Those roads are sometimes, unless Some when snows out you have chains, but you have to have changed. We drive and up there the ads problem. Yet whenever you see those roads to big bear the same You must pull brains on your tyres. Filbert can drive a helicopter, he can fly helicopter Russia Bill will be our go to guy. He can't we need a boat. To get out and see, but we're assuming will have good visibility. The problem with the helicopter thing is: if its fires there's fires, you ain't seen shit. It's fun we'll figure it out. If it's a panel, you we need the fuckin fire president. That's all we know if you can't say we'll figure it out. We need a rock solid game plan. We call a fire present AIDS fire have targeted aid fights for candidates.
Magdalena philosopher early starting fires. Do not as a thing. I know, a good lawyer defends a kid who starts fires, dresses up like a fireman. And diverts traffic and they catch him all the time he has to go and we, like the kids, obviously crazy. So yeah he's a sociopath. He It's often created these issues, but I ll start fires. These dresses like of eleven times since he was a little kid now is an adult and genuine Jonah, but he allows for that is how it is when he dresses up like a fireman. He likes it. Traffic and tell me where to go and give them advice it now. Imagine you have to fix that guy these homeless, you that affects them critically at home, guy who lights house is on fire pretended to firemen who so far gone. What do you do it, but you keep me there forever
let em out one day they can be more fucked up network may put an end to jail. First, crazy people might keep each other to study they're, keeping the Pleasantville forever Pleasantville forever. I don't know, that's can find a way to get him until he can exhibit that he is fit to go back to society of sea. One flew over the cuckoos. Now, yes, They don't have please I've done in one of the greatest movies oughta do they have places I M always they may have. You can come out how many of them they have enough. I dont know. What is more, we have mental aware hospitals for the criminally insane hospitals for bread, but do we have enough? Because I think it almost like the same amount of hospitals that we have regular Peter Peter early wrote a book called crazy. His son suffers a mental illness and what we do with most environmental eel is. We put him in jail and I've been to those aquariums to keep people in his bed. That's where it's fucked up to its like you're, also because you're crazy you're also committing com.
Arms, you may be, could have been treated forever. The mental illness was particularly the chemical and balance right and then you I've never done those crimes, and then you have never been in jail so but it mean who's responsible for it excellently. We want adults to be responsible for themselves. Yet will this guy said Joe now and again, who wrote raising lines are recommended highly? He said, I'm training parents lot of times. You think I've train the kids, let's hasn't train the parents and the operators on how to react to the kid kitty. Smart kid is even the kids playing spacey and stuff, or wherever not plantation cut, I'm school he's enjoying the frustration and the social status he gets. He creates frustration. The adult and get social status from doing this, I can make an very boring for him I'll make it very boring form without interest. Just go hey time, take a break your stand over there
it talks about if you can draw attention, but the time starts for when you're done, tantrum little things like that huge results just take the profit out of use, and his genius tells you to put him in time out time out, but it's a very specific way of witnesses. Fusion, kids, go your time, our everybody. Will you get these kids freak out there to be put in isolation? You argue with that's part of the present problem, so you can't put him in time out that Petra, if there was like Nancy Pelosi, had like a few time out per year she was using on trumped up. Charges have to stand the corner now tat. It would take a thought of seeing a faraway note with no no, no, no, no fucking legit I'm out needs in the corner, she's that she's gonna person. That would put all of us in time out she's mom, but if she could do that,
Imagine how interesting, though they like S, Donald Duck, only take a break in here. You know the Boyne Chair. If there was like things that a person could do, we had to put him in time. Will we you- and I would be in time out aloud in? Would you be in time out per year, whereas a kid right now for adult their time out? Still, last time we met, but there's a thing. I get a certain point. You become the mass of your destiny. Nobody could put you in a time out anymore unless your work and you get brought in, I need time out because I'm I'll find ways to procrastinate. Get not do things. Was you manage if you had a boss, the podcast they set Une Brendan down and we're talking about your job performance and have a problem. They do that with radio shows. That's what radio shows are there, like? Basically a pod gas, but with a boss. I know I know you know Kevin being United Cancer. I loved you know Kevin they just firedamp. I didn't fire,
That's a given five normally done now they fired them and then they fired everybody and then just told him. They dont go home and they had security. Odds led him out of the building and Kevin Guess Kevin. I didn't come under fire yet having a fine, it's very recent were being left like a year I now and then Kevin State on and characteristically Jimmy Kimmel made a tweet about like how dare you is cabinet me? I love you well, it's been Kevin's morning show for like, since I think January cabinet is it whose is whose women are now does not allow pop couple. Peoples are with them, got her name, oxygen and Dave, but it's our wealth, great. It's they just fired everybody yeah, that's crazy! So there's no more go now. I think that it probably happened. I mean Antonov, it had anything to do with the corona, but it was like when it was taken in. Like wins, everyone was starting to worry about covert. Nineteen damn!
yeah, I'm very, very worried about just what's gonna happen. All these small businesses Matera weakens terrible. It's terrible, that's terrible. We need a plan, I gotta come is there any good news on this about this hydrochloric quinine, with the proviso that actually help with Sargassum a doctor said how I read about that in the red. There's some promise to that end. I read that there's that in nation of some other medication oh, it's essentially this drug that they to treat malaria, it's an old school drug treatment here under Hydra Wanna and then there they do not solve our something else with it
yes, it is high. Dropsy clerk want quinine each be quite. I now tat is of different. It's that people did that didn't work from learning more. Its knows that and you combine that with a throw my son legacy pack, I guess, and to those two things apparently mitigate the effects of the virus. From what I hear, but then No so I don't know Joe, I mean who the fuck knows does also intravenous vitamin c apparently has in effect a positive effect on people that are suffering from the the illness. Again, this is all anecdotal. They don't have like a real strict protocol of how you handle this disease, its various disease. I have many girls, I should be. I eat food, this prepared by people go, you never know so, and there were no. They they didn't know before the carnival crews lawn thing that it could stay
on services is long. Seventeen days. Well, I heard nine hours, it depends on no, no! No! No! This is the latest item. Yeah ease the people that are examining the cruise ship or the people are stuck on. Even people are asymptomatic. They still found traces of this shit seventeen days later and their cabins. Guess what I'm done, how crazy asymptomatic people and you can find the stuff in their cabin seventeen days lay? Still I waited for a host, I don't think recently as left his house. The germ of hope I just do he's just not left us. How will you also as a new baby here you know, but but you know you get something deliver from Amazon Euro as on services. Yeah is in fact that is in fact the world. Let's wrap it up. Brian Cowen. Thank you, but it is a real chance of China. Pussy I determined upon gas already. Is we're going to do the term for all utility part gas lovers me quickly and also as regards
ass? I was rebuilding getting very sassy with you, you get sassy, wouldn't he disseminate pictures of bears greeting eating like fish He descended you, that's what I see that guy has the biggest calves of ever seen in my life, the funniest fuckin human being to have you ever heard of the package. To have luck. He's not love him! He's malaria, oh my god, it's gonna be fun. Hang out with to Managua High altogether he's the best credit will say so to me. Funniest and being maybe of all time, an end coming on a movie called boss level, each one of his calves or two of all sorts of your shoulder, dared he so big, prices- calves that page here here they're bull, hearts their bull hearts. Bull harder to bull hearts in his fuckin lower legs remember me tell me that we see them like what is going well, there's a picture on use my head next to his cap and my head is my Catherine had births. Ass, my cousin, I'm getting a little more
Congratulations on your operator status. Dashboard here is otherwise because of those round I did gosh. You allowed right now complicated aids on Amazon S. Look at his calves that is so crazy size of his fucking calf to data, so ridiculous, Fuckin Hughes apparel after I think I can record do those things overdue Galicia, will you that one of their who's that another guy attention That's that's assets should ask why? Those are both hearts. Both those are so big. Look where their considered on the bone. Why like cigarettes for real? Yes, God damned those who, like that looks like Arnold in his prime ray of those look like when you would pose here, seen him where's that bring a bullet blemishes. His instrument for Sech, a lot of pictures with your face next to his calf as very odd. He softly where indifferent shirt spring is an asset, the first bringing instagram opponents. You some,
Oceans, Cracksman didn't do a crash around lousy, drizzling woman was video with arts ordinary ce marking, and now he just two Brightness is audio podcast as well outside we're just gonna scrawl, never mind forget its thinks. He's got something What is it just whilst also What is this process was asking on size. Rest on far could see he's our boat when this plus pages stamina, biologists We need to discuss a pocket say worthy as far. Silly boy. I saw you, I love you buddy. It was one day you now you all day today and create a great time timidity this war. I can't wait. That's one thing that I'm getting out of this more than my umbrella. Appreciating friends. Is that that's when the shake it's weird?
that's what you really need to really need friends. Damn I love you, people by everybody seal. Thank you, everyone returning to the show and thank you too Casper get the mattress of your dreams today, gotta casper dot com and use the code Rogan for one hundred dollars toward the purchase of select mattresses, that's casper dot com code is Rogan. You can get one hundred dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses terms and conditions, apply, see casper dot com, slash terms. Customer experience and product reviews are based on Casper dot. Com authorized retailer sites, and Google were also brought to you, athletic greens. Nutritional insurance in powder form up your daily health, routine, kids and they're gonna hook. You up, you can get twenty free travel packs
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This together is weird as it is, and I have nothing but love and and hope for all of you. So thank you for tuna. The show and bye bye.
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