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#1458 - Chris D'Elia

2020-04-15 | 🔗
Chris D’Elia is an actor, writer, and comedian. His new special “No Pain” is now streaming on Netflix and his podcast called “Congratulations” available on Apple Podcasts.
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Right now actually join us as well. He is two Leah and then like at our two Brian showed up, and it got precarious so. Please give a warm round of applause for Crystal Clear Logan experience of block the crystal leave negative, the road. I got the test Is it a nice? You know I got the task. As I know, Joe Rogan cause came here and yet a doctor, a young strapping, doktor his hands on his head for a doctor, I don't want any doktor when doctors or handsome it's bullshit. I don't like him when their their dying. No delay
a terrible. He lives health yeah. I like that. Well, I get it yeah, but you want your d. I mean the old fashion in me once again, our a doctor to be a hundred years old and have studied for ninety years. Not today, not today. Nine oak is this because the young guys know what the fuck's real here and now that I wanted doctors got like some energy I wanted. Doktor does crossword right, does Fuckin ripped You'd imagined Europeans, doktor definite, looks like it does crossfire. He does the Navy Nigeria has about the is handsome guy. And yes, you know so he knows his eyes on the most important. He knows a negative. I got tab indebted twice already tested yesterday in tested two days before that animal tests myself, if I thought it fuck it so I'm tests and everybody so that the way We do in this year's when people come in to do the pod gas test. Him first keep the fuck away from me. And then give a junior the first person I've? How did a month it so we are deciding on families at here is flock it for good. Honestly,
You know it's what's with you, I want to be here the day, so when it comes to the park as guest tested negative and you ve got about what s going to happen. It would of course have restored, can happen. Ya know what I'll do maybe will like put em down there with them can it be rounded corners. We got Robert TINY Junior here today. Any has covered now ISA We glean Roberts Clean, somebody's, not gonna, be so famous Gonna be offshore, my friends turtles positive. He tested positive, he went on with his wife and he thought his wife was sick and turns out. He was well yeah, but was it John symptoms are what several fatigue he'd like now feels great. That's the thing about me as like all here: a thing and then be like Duenna Swarthout Sore Throat thing on CNN today. That said as many as seventy percent of the people's between fifty and seventy percent of people, that tests positive feel nothing
Why so they're saying that way? More people have this. Then they previously thought so the risk of hospital zation, end or death, although it still tragic terrible they're saying it's way lower than they thought, which is great, but at least this a dry run like now and really bad happens. Now at least look I'm looking on the positive side, no that we can get the country to lock down, basically not everybody, but that no fruit doesn't never going to anything where everybody complies Noah, but pretty remarkable. How many more just drive around Here- man, it's driving on the highway- it's crazy. I am legend out there, I thought I thought, because when I was gonna leave, because your parkers forward from a place- and I was like dominant- I gotta- leaving our beforehand- and I was I don't know- I don't know- I gotta leaving our beforehand, and I was I don't know. I don't know my twenty minutes, but there and get there so that it applies. If there has aroused a positive you wanna see be drinking, can have that's good for doesn't make a high known. That's my question with everyone. Navigator
things you do activity and some cd will fuck you up that some cd that major high the stuff they lived green, is like a company of. I think it's like legally every at the name, but it was really good and I took like for drivers for us all. One high. Just a little. I become just a touch. Just up touch I this is kill. Cliff CBS addicted to the shit. Don't want five milligrams seated but I've I draw going down to I used to drink so much soda like just when I was thirty and I stopped because I'd. I took my shirt off at my my fit my parents. And my mama's. I gained some weight noise at night and excited within a hundred seventy five pounds, always my whole life and and I and she's got to scale up stairs and I was ok, I'll check and I two hundred fucking pounds. I like how how our two Fuckin lunch Emmy that I didn't know that again just twenty five pounds ray. It's a lot away. I thought twenty five stakes. Ninety five, one
stakes? I know. I know I know it's a lot of fun, You know they got in spread all over my body, thank God. I don't have that God or whatever the fuck. Some people get a get it all over right. I don't mind goes right here. Did I get it in the gut? In my face? My face gets Fatima. Zammit sticks faces the thing that you don't realize is getting fat because staring at every day. Right I mean it. When I see pictures of me at thirty, I look back in a horrible. It's hilarious. My friends text enemy, like those cm, sometimes go, get tag it until it is a bit like on the road and- and I just ass. I was I to deepen the scale and almost did brow? That's good. My life is that it must have ended that that again, twenty five pounds and an eye when I walk down. I walk down stairs like the guy from foot save a private ryan. Looking for his arm just in shock and my mom was like what Nausicaa get twenty five pounds like Africa told you and I stopped drinking soda that day I was like a drink diet interviews. I would really like five six so to do.
Day, that's long last, but I'm in my head. I we still twelve. Am I gonna young for authorities, nothing and, and so so I am so I stopped ring. I switched to diet and diets. Fuckin terror. Then you just get cancer saw em like me, they'll be fabric in case we cannot forget, I drink diet for three months, and I was I I can't and they started and soda water because I, like the bubbles unknown good, I drink soda water Perrier. I saw a great gentleman is like a fuckin gentlemen. Tiggle alarm, I dont do Miser Non Roma. I or my coffees black, my locker he's limbless, dangerous dangers, this fact jungle year. What right when they say? What do you need if you were in the jungle alone? I need Lacroix and is it Lacroix Why is it depends on how much of it fuck, you you realize shit. If you order as a cry lit the question, why
said crescent and Lacroix look right. You faces like your kids, because you don't and you're. Gonna knows this: is your child gets older? You don't notice that they're getting bigger, you kind of no they're getting bigger right, but then someone who has a seaman for months or Koumongoe Holy Shit Biggie s yeah seem everyday? I never you. I don't even notice it now like in its he's, been to two months, but I don't even notice it and then it look at pictures back and let go. He was a little animals that is their yeah. They grow ever because they're so small, grow exponentially. Every data like a fucking x men did is the weirdest Everyone. I start talking. You wait till you are talking here I was gonna blow share, is gonna blow my mind in her. It hurts so much love yeah that it's like your buys a dude. I when I saw my kid for the first time I broke down, I broke down, I started crying like
tears like shooting a population character and out at night, and at that point I was, I am going to be the guy who cries or not, and then I thought fuck it and then just cried for to day stray why, when my dad came in he broke down and he saw me holding holding him he broke down and then I broke down. When that weren't crime has the fuckin baby. The babies are these following these are currently being people are bored every day, Jesus Christ. What kind of a fuckin dead do? I know and remember that you when you're kid, you just gotta, hope come on sale out, o hope you gotta family, like got. No note call you D have to take care. You crazy people shady parents, and that it like we took in this dog we found on the street and this mother fucker this dude, this dog lives in Fuckin, Beverly Hills. Now we found him near target
in fact in very, is found and found a running around picked him up a dog. Who knows you not? I mean These dogs were here like what kind of talk is that and then I gotta be like a dead. I don't fucking, know mine and so you just took it took it, bring bring bring we bring that fuckin mother fucker from the valley deep lights adequate means is this is the tip the Beverly Hills and understand, and this dog fuckin runs away. Every three days does yeah I did. I was one of those briefly Fuckin Day, why those diamond and when we're trying to take care of this motherfucker, and it's been about six five months now. These runaway probably fifteen times, and I am running around in my fuckin boxes and just a short and really do you hit the latter. Do not get it might. Do you notice that you get fed every day the good food you got. Other dogs here what he likes you. This is fun. You got a big backyard jumping to forget, pull if you want.
Crime, other forego require. Have it and Ryan is bold and this dog every chance. You get fuck it. Every child support get outta get some my friend Jean as a dog clams fences and escapes it climbed the video. This o dog, climbing the fence, climbing a fucking fence in escaping Dodge Motherfucker dogs are getting advanced. Delegation grows with ass, his ticket and fucking advance he's gone, used, vanished there you go, I hosted it, coyoats got him or bobcat there's a lot bobcats out here now notion: you pull yeah there there in my neighborhood there's quite a few video in my neighborhood of Bob CAT scrap and with a rattlesnake and the military broke that what is this? If it's just the end? The world meant the end of the world. As we know, my uncle is like we call him, we call him dark might because he's always brings the fuckin laughter to a screeching like he'll, be like
Uncle might well be like. I hope it will be having a good time and to be like you know my my neighbour the other day had he has a cat neo. He will check the backyard. Do thing was left with. It was a cat's face and where one year ago about cats guiding we're like do having a good time. So he told us one time where the is. He knew a guy who had this dog that would scale them the wall and jump over. So he tried to stop the dog by lesion em up the dog jumped over hung himself. Imagine doesn't These Donna, how good they fucking out as a damn dog Doug Smart, I mean some dogs are smart, smartphone dog yeah smart for a dog. German chapters are smart knows why the fuck Reserve, if you the german shepherd you'd literally have to exercise that thing you have to take running have to do. Is data about stuff, see. Abort like hey, hey, hey, hey, I'm an athlete I now, let's go
I know how to do some shit, but I saw it like I don't if it was a tweet the other day, but it's like you know we all are staying inside now and it's been like two or three weeks for weeks. Whatever that's how dogs are all the time and I was like a memo dodge removing their board Definitely bored. I got to your keys in their country just like laptops, but I've got another dog ass, big and then this fuckin little one that I don't know what it is, the one that gives no way we call them column dirt. Trash dog cause he's ways fuckin in the trash com, cool hand, Luke Landscape, I now sky traits of within the movie God is a failure to communicate hatreds. My nice has just spoken, Angola it so the fucking annoying. I'm going. I get offended at my and my hat on like this is a nice place. We took you any piece of shit waste problem in Roman forever, they get yes, a Roman, that's like fun for them. If they accustomed to roaming around the neighbourhood. Yeah I'd take my dog out. All the time
because we live in an area where I can take him. It's only a few minutes from some trail gotcha. Yes, Take him. Why run without some awesome? And I we ever yards I'll, throw the barn yard a runaway. We swim together, like here, he's the best idea. You never met my Donovan argument biggest Fuckin, so there's you. I've never had a golden retreat before they enter nicest dogs ever everybody he meets. Is like his new best friend you are my purse, for I can't believe you, everyone if you came on my house but who run around in circles est there. The nicest dog man, there's so nice. It took me one of the dogs we have is a mixed. It's a gone golden anything Kali, sending these black like a full black coat and he's just great man he's always re dogs to a good combination. The am one of those doors that you want to just a little bit of the blood and then make another one. Some people do I now weird is crazy at we're yeah, but you'll be doing it one day,
You'll have to? U have a guy here that we, like. I want to try and now what's next, that bunch different dogs, different personalities, yet our loved all! That's true! I'd like rash, yeah yeah! I don't want my last dog, was a massive, my name's Johnny Cash. He was a sweetheart of a dog but he's from the Marshal marshals sweetheart of a dog they just there are different matter, but his eyes egg is. The thing is Rescue Darns I've had a couple of rescue does do just tricky, one of whom was amazing and one of them killed. My other dogs are you shit man, all female pit bull that was, she was a prison dog. She was an age. There was an element of shelters and no kill shelter, so they had her in here for a long time, shoes and that from a good portion of her life and should fight other dogs over attention. Any. If anybody was putting the other dogs should come over and bite them like she wanted all the attention
she thought you are stealing attention through rough and people like that, but I know yeah sturgeon comics real life like with just people. She was amazing she's, the best I ever, you would think, show the best personality, but if another dog came near. She is, I don't I print in and they in this prison dog killed another held another. There was also a rescue dog. Rude allows brutal, but so I've had rescued eyes were great I've had rescued dogs, there were sketchy, but when you re so the time or a puppy. Then you know you get a chance just right. I know you're gonna, give him love. This is the answer. My home, everybody loves me given good food epidemic given kisses Carl and smuggle with them, and they know that expected so they grow up I don't have all these weird anxieties like one my rescue doc. She could not stop eating. She would she would shoot starving when I found her shed mange whose horrible
or a body, and then she would escape shewed climb under my fans, knock over the neighbors garbage cans, all the garbage and come back in her belly was like bloated. Unlike what some of you, if it chooses eating garner neighbours like whose dickens trash out those shows trash was everywhere scattered all over the place out of figured out, then we have to dig in in the ground and like make sure that the fence went deep, to the garage. No more She should learn or back like our sideways and choosing Wigglin under the fence, to get to the neighbors trash come back. That's why you know wow Yes, I did even noticed. Came back fatter, that's hello, my neighbour headaches, when your hey man, you ve darters, eat my trash, really. Yeah, because the girl dog, I know no way but she's always in because do she gets back in,
he or she sneaks under your friends and comes back- why that is so fuckin hilarious that your dog had you or GM while she cheap, but she would eat the cats food should try to my other dogs. Would she chooses cycle we sky, I got her. She was your habit, she had all ribs and then within two months should have full code of hair and she looked grave and our main was gonna. Give him this medicated shampoo kills the manger. She was a great dog but shed psychological problems because the fool yeah I had a year this dog chances. We call a tenth of the prisoner chance, so the a sleepy, rash, doggie Enzo from Angola. We buy,
the next to a really. I do want to say who, because I want people to know where I live or where they live, but a really famous athlete, like a really famous athlete like talking about my world famous and chance own digs under The thing and goes to their house are now at a time like this. Oh shit, comedian, right, I'm like this comedian, that's like a lucky to live next to this world famous athlete I'll go there, never home, of course, because they have, however many houses they have. So I have to every time- and this has been like about fifteen times. Genzaburo goes under my my fence to get to this. What famous athletes house I gotta have the fucking game I can see sea red comedian. How can I get from this a list? A list athlete
probably has secured and care do right. Pembroke, I'm like there's no way I'm doing this sneakily, so I guess I got it just be me and then Sir, we with this trash dog, just fucking in the back, and I'm like this is nice places nicest fuck and I'm in the backyard Gretta commuter Body- and you won't come to me- you know what I mean is this place is much better over here. Am I come on body? Come on any and all run? And finally he'll come to me and then I got a hot back over with the fuckin and it just now that there's look at the security. Cameroon. The leg is, I think, from Whitney Dinner and I'm like people still know me from this motherfucker this fucking dog man. So I've been your house world famous athlete, I'm sorry, sorry, but get a prison dog cool hand, look once her, I'm just that fuckin tat, a dog
can make your life awesome or they could be a giant pay. Now it's it's it's let him escape. Welcome. I got to the point and my girls we can like aren't I can cause is the thing I have this thing in my life, where, if something happens, and it's really bad, I go through it and then when it gets better if it happens again, it's much easier to go through it again. You understand, I feel, like a lot of people are like that for the first time dog ran away. I was broken second tat time. I was like fuck, the third tunnels, aren't, doesn't have arguments if welcome you. Once Leah and Y know where you live, your areas, coyotes, yeah yeah. I know I know they hang out they're out there in your dog. Goose examination is now. Therefore they're gonna get snatched and I don't want to get on. One of the speakers reverse you not! I mean that doesnt work and on those nowhere coyotes ground by the phase. Now that is either
around the vast, the I'll, be left as the fuckin body the face there, though guts Oh the body right Keziah their awful. I now those fucking counts their awful see, I drive by slow down and I look at them and they just looked back yeah yeah, my old started last a puppy to one as terrible. There is tat their terrible. Harold was your daughter when that happened. She was twenty two twenty three twenty three general its that it's part of living in California, they're everywhere, man they're all in Burbank, now I was driving down all over the I saw three coyotes dude in the day bourbon and now because there's no one driving, apparently there every year, they're all over the place. Now I saw dude I was in Burbank once it was probably one we're going in and out so and was about to close
and it was like, were crossing the bridge to the downtown. Whenever I don't- and I was twenty one at the time I was my like was driving. I was in the passenger seat and we were crossing the bridge. To the downtown Burbank. I don't know if you ve ever been there. Maybe you know but like there's a bridge from like the valley to where you cross its very little, but I was crossings Bridge and there was all of a sudden across the bridge dear runs across the bridge in front of the car, get scared of our car and jumps If the British yeah it jumps off the bridge, so there are three of us in the car we all We have largely like reaches yeah like straight up. We all want and he kept right being because he was shocked and I was like us, stop and he's drove he kept driving and then an any was I did. You see that that was a fucking dear, and I convince me:
self. I was like I think about this. Like every three months, I was like TAT couldn't happen. Right like furtively. Dear in downtown Burbank and then just jumping to its death and usefulness Here is the car, and I was like maybe like a headline. Did it weird and maybe it was like a bag, and my buddy said Beth fuck, you do it. It was a deer and you know it and I try Amazon trying to commitments. Otherwise, the bag in the lake was dark, but was absolutely fuck endearments, so just jumped over That happens all the time on bridges. You know. No, I didn't know that did dear jumped to their death, all sorts of common data they jumped to the death and the river they jumped to their death and land on the highway is another bright Armenia sure and they panic. Yet they do this fuckin pan and they see lights. They see had these debts. Why that's expression? Dear headlights? They don't know what the fuck do. Look at these dear Adele fact, yet after what? Yes, it was a bag,
who knows maybe there's a dead if it could have been a call from the armed for dear, though did you say this is the day we do they can swim. I've seen dear swim account and I went deer hunting. We want she's. Dear swim, lived ass, video. Where he's talk, but shitting him. His pants is the you laughing made over the top you with tears in her eyes media law and try to be quiet, Jessica, perfect storm for shit that I think it's funny. Well, when cow, the first time we met. We were in Montana for six days in camping. It was, it was one long, either gay or shit joke. Of course this is in Wisconsin. This makes me laugh here s my friend Doug behind Doug. During the shadow Zog yeah Exe,
Why does a six years ago crazy? Mrs Mathieu happen again in the interest of our marriage place, not gonna backyard, because you can tell me that don't put my marriage Father comes running at the time just get away to get away. Am I opened my door, I was in Washington, D C. I must not an avenue pulled my pants, Just one hundred miles
regarding the other guy beds, drugs that could have been that was done on stage or any other situation would have been his funny like another funny that you have had to be quiet. When you get back, I know where we're we're standing and your loudest feel because it's a loop because you're hoping dear comes out, and then Brian starts talking about shitting ups of manner like that man of shit like that, do, if you, I think, if you like any age, is funny the. Hitting shitting resounding, except when you really old and of no up
But what I'm saying is. If you are eighty- and you heard that story, it's too late or not, if it happened you when you're eighty happening when your aid, then it says, persevere, lady, like a home and eighty five year old man, s ship myself feel free to lash you're. Ok, have you, brought your permission, yeah, but old Ladys. It's like the last time. I I've I've, never I've I've only ship myself once and I was, I think, eleven- that's yes, you not take. Of chances. I've almost ship myself and just made it, I so many times, but the last time I almost it myself and I had to pull over and was when I was going to meet Eminem yeah, yeah merger. We gave our reserves thrill I shall know underwear on
say you're under threat, and then you have to figure out what it is. You take your socks hundred per year, one piece of wound: Ghana, weren't facts, wisest about my can and in the end, Oh, I was in this the sprinter Van and we were not yet. I was on tour, so I had to sprint Evanna we were going to how did that holding average because you make fun of on the answer he sought. It was funny right. So I was at my old house. This was only two years ago at this point and I was in the driveway. I don't remember what I was doing, but I was waiting for something and it had been around the time. We're like Eminem is album came out of some, so he was on my mind and I was like I was thinking about. Him and then I was just like decision we wraps and then I just started doing it. To the radio and, as is funny I recorded, and then I recorded it one time. I know it's just like us funny put online and put online and it got you know traction for me. It was like a lot of hits
me on my instagram and I was great and then like a month later, black Twitter took it, Not just was like yo this. This guy says this- is how they do. No, nobody knew I wasn't there like. This. Is this disc? says is how Eminem wraps and then it got millions of things of hits on twitter and then so big my buddies. We're like you think anonymity, Bobby Scene, it right now, as I get so big. Maybe it was one of his body you must have seen it and showed him and then, like a week or two later, my buddy texts me one of the writers from that show. I used to do on databases and it was like preliminary and I was like what he was a good and see it check twitter and checked and he was like. I thought this, me and I was like what like that's like Have you told the twenty year old me that Eminem was gonna then he started we only. I will bat rat battle crystalline down. If you saw that yeah, I didn't see that yeah he was examined
wrap out of crystal the one day. I'm like am I in the hip, hop game now an end, and then I don't know how much you know that, but then logic the wrapper hit me up on my manager call me- and he was like hey so luck in Ottawa, Jack is and I remember why everyone Europe. Has that voice? So look Josh liberated I don't mean Ottoman met, logic wrapper and, of course I do, and he was I he's doing a song Eminem and he they are wrapping endeavour and Eminem. Eminem. Put you up your impression Eminem on the back of a song and I wonder if that's ok- and I was like, of course- it's ok and using a moloch into it and see Alec Mineral. Don't ask for any money
just let him have it are you kidding me that this is even happening? Is that ok and so then economic logic, luncheon number not get. Ok, some talk of logic and logic sex. So I have a great deal for the yeah. I want you to play an m in this division. This video, the hope Now I wish we could play than I know. Google. It refuses to everyone, Google, but we're we're looking at unscrew yeah there are, you could see it ripen play. So this is so I'm playing I am in this video. I wrap his part and now this is the crazy particle. Like I'm talking to logic here and I play this like super fan of anonymity. Like I have an idea. I want we're doing a video and, unlike unwary, a guy. This is where we had here and then I take
if my wig- and I am- I have always been an eminent thick stand, and this is the right path you gotta watch. This video so why is it has done so I'm doing this video as Eminem right and we shoot this and then at the end, you seen the veto right through the impression of a media at the end. Delete doesn't play me. I Puglia! This is Eminem dressed as that seven, I'm doing me in my car in my driveway two years ago. That's ridiculous. Others, larrea, foot, but so an end like too Think of me as a twenty year old like it thinking like. Finding out women and was an enemy becoming one of my favorite wrappers, of course, and then it just such a weird fuckin thing: South that was mine, blowing and then- the way to meet him. I shit my fucking. I had to what a van over and he has no idea but it was so funny. I was just one of those things:
where I was like. I think you know how you have your like. I think I have the shit and the next thing is. I got a ship. I now have the right. Do not I mean like there's. No thinking involve that's how it turned into exactly right click, and so I say to the sprinter: did the driver, I say a body on people after the freeway I gotta in my head, I'm like I got time if there's a bathroom near right my god. Can you pull over and and and find the perspective of the bathroom, and he says ok and then a few seconds by- and I say, hey just so you know like now you know and it cause I got I'm more on. Here. I am sure that no problem, so he pulls off and end there two ways he can go and one he can go, there is only a hospital. Ok and the other way he can go is into town. So I'm like
in my head: I'm like it sucks, but we gotta go the hospital I thought of you in the hospital and I want a running negative acceptance. Rob I'm gonna be like words about him. I gotta go. This guy goes other way into town to find a gas station. No, I'm mad sonata shit and I'm mad. So I said the guy hey man pull over and he pulls over and I open the thing in there were clean extra grab them and I ran into someone's yard of what it was. The middle of nowhere. Due to this end, it we're to try and ice and- and I was in someone's yard a wreck. I d trees. Thank God pulled down my pants, and it all came out quick and and it was diarrhoea. Was it shit? It was not. I was not shit, it was not shed. It was just came out. It was just like came out like a barking dog, and
was over. It was over before it even started. You now and- and I was so much better and then I used to kleenex- am eye opener in the end that thing feel. May me I'm like brow. I swear to God. If that ends up on and on Instagram I'll fucking you're done you done you're done, done. Not only that you're not mean Eminem someone's yard you not being abandoned. We was that does in some random guys, yard manned and so so now. I feel great. I wipe with the clinics- and I just I'm I'm try a little, but I left the clinics. Are we going to do? What are you and it was? It was a lot and I was like I laughed. I got a good thing as those amazing, as somebody gonna think, there's a fuckin Parker and their yard. I just and we went. We met Eminem and he had no idea. Maybe he'll know. Now. She's in the shop
shut myself on the way to fuckin eminent so intimately connected. Shitting myself. You know I mean because I got outside and did it yeah grey area made it. I made it I've shit myself, many too many to count for sure, but how many of those times Were you on a substance? No, no, it's not add to it. Now, it's usually when I'm in the car. I too far just fill my path, but the last times it's been a few years. I should I did have a disaster happened in the shower, not too long the best I talked ass, I placed it. I had a like shampoo, either diary it in the shower and then I have won them hand things. I hope that all down shampoo all over the floor,
washed, therefore shitty ass, watching the floor of the jewelry in just yet pocket, one must gone. This show washing of law or the fuckin sharers hilarious, any shit myself at least a dozen times lifetime solid tobacco guy could like bet solid amount of money they have. I shit my pants accidentally a dozen times yet, while I never shit my pants when I was a kid I did, but I guess I do need to take more chance- I'm just clean. I just go before things go bad, some too. I know there was one time when I was in New York and not I mean how much we can throw budgeting, but I was in New York and I were for good. I woke up. I was I was woke up early. You know because it bobby the plane ride and everything was going to go fucking out in the city. You know I took a walk and I found one of those to keep those little kiosk place. That's all the food.
Gimme a fuckin bagel would applauding gimme a gimme, a beggar with egg and cheese bold is it a year, maybe for the bodega soy? So I start, knit and walk in, and then I take a few steps further an umbrella. Away and, unlike I go back and I'll get go about and not a big deal and they give you more that's more like I got a really going about them and then I'm like. Ok, so do I go back or do I find it is New York City? I'm gonna find out, of course, are funded toilet, but was too early not many places were open and, unlike isn't working to go to the city, never sleeps, but there also. So I am in a tranquil head back, are founded on the way back and I'm walking back in there fuckin nut with knows not well on the way back. So now, I'm like a guy get back to my hotel saw like two. I had them. The moors
do I slow walk and look for a toilet, or do I just book it and try to get back to the hotel so as to make or break time pocket. So I'm runnin with this fuckin I threw the beggar down. You know and I'm run into the hotel and I get to the outside an end of it at the point where I get an elder and as if this elevator isn't here on this floor, I'm shit in the elevator, so I kinda thing poor open, unlike an amazing amazing. Thank you Jesus, even though you know I don't even really believe in it babe argument I don't, but so I get to the fucking in The elevator am, I gotta, stop unbuttoning my pet right now, because I dont have a second disperse. Actually, I'm bucket of my pants door opens nobody's. Their great I'm running down the hall holding my pants and I opened the door to my hotel room and it was set up to where there's a open. There's the more than there's a little bit of space and then there's the bathroom in the toilet is here so had it in my head, I was I'm. Ok, I'm just gonna undue my pants and ominous swing around and sit on the toilet.
And like I dont have second, I don't have one second to spare. So, unlike I got this, I got the layout and I opened the thing. The keys, gotta work works, perfect, isn't gonna do twice. I get in I swing around and I'm a taken, my pet as the matrix swing in my pants made my, but in my parents, and I I can't help it and at the last second he's got an eye spray, the war, I just spraying the war on the way to the toilet and sit, and I got- and I am to have you know I gotta clean about them, but I'm too happy who does I made a pride, I made it. You know, Romania, imagine if you did pray to God. The elevator was there and then like one day like far off a cliff, with a broken leg and dying in the leg,
please, God save me the gods like do you use that up member that giants that when you shit the Sahara got that elevator, for you do, member that yeah? That's it! I was the one you get you get one. I would still honestly be like. Thank you. I get it. Fat fill my pants up. Fellow pants uptake like a man make it up to that. You know. That's the thing about. That's the thing about the part of the thing about being a comedian is like I started stand up when I was twenty five and ask that just from like bombing in everything like I don't really get embarrassed, I feel that we are not the same way like if I shit my pants in public and everyone was like you shit, your pants I'd be like evil. Fuckin shit, your pants So you have a bit now exactly how two percent, but at at before that stand up.
A programme setting out what you when you bomb in forty three hundred four hundred thousand people. There does nothing worse than that of the ship it also now I don't care about. You don't take yourself a seriously, because I can't really. I mean you're, making fun of everything, including your friends. Your friends always make in front of you. No one serious anyone, no one's the cool guy, there's no cool yeah, yeah you're, everyone loser, you're a loser, I'm a loser! We're losers wearing this. Is this this? moments in life. Where are you you take the AL? I know and you just go out. I know that you guys don't do that, though, guys unguarded, because they want to be one b. The cool guy had a cool guy. It's but comedians. You have to that The one thing there are comedians out there that don't have that which is not funny, but there I don't think that's funny. You can't be fun, but you have to have humility. Has like it
let me take it from you, your and our full, and they let you go on state. You make funding yourself, but I'm retarded I'm out. This is a lot of stuff to make fun of everyone should make. Fun of themselves. Like I have fought look any time, you can make Vanessa Those united terribly hurting someone's feeling sure you haven't, opportunity for laughs, laughter, good laughs, make you feel better trying to make somebody animals. You feel happy like when my kids make fun of me all the time. I am the butt of jokes Kanzi, oh yeah, that's funny you're dead, not this diagram dad's a dummy like it's always like, but it's funny like when they when they make fun. May I go, hey I'm your father. I am I right you do you have my dna ha gets like, but but about the release should be you encounter like you will go on stage while he's on stay just are shooting at Helstone shooting as your best, but you love each other lover but like that doesn't exist.
In most men, most men, your age manner, sewers. Sensitive about Afghanistan. They don't don't wanna ever lose face. They have to go in a business meetings in fact handle things like a like getting I could. If I can I can imagine that life for me here. It's not this life, my upbringing, though all we did my parents. All we did was make fun. All we did was make fun of each other, like all we did was in Boston, each other, and we would laugh Miami. We know whether It was my mom or my data, my brother, my uncle my we all make fun of each other, and It was how we showed we love each other. That's funny! I didn't have any that really yeah my houses, humorless wow, totally humorless to how the fuck did you become a comedian what is it about that from fighting? Would you mean because I travelling from the time I fucked up like that
since in high school time, and from the time I was fifteen till I was like twenty one. Twenty two, all I did was compete in martial arts sermons We were always nervous sorrows travelling to these tournaments to fire and I'll, be together, made fundamental gotcha. So I would like in MILAN Locker Room or about the spar. I would do impressions, everybody haven't sex. I was the guy who, like I would do. That would be the icebreaker good break detention. I would be the guy that made fun of everything. That was how I coped with the stress and then my friend Steve, HU. I am still very good friends. Was this day my friend Steve Grandpa, he's like you should be a comedian. Like that's literally. How became a comedian older you like that We told me that I think I was nineteen gotcha. Nineteen, twenty and those come on man. I couldn't go to clubs yet because you to perform to your too, anyone I thought turns out, you could use couldn't drink I believe one stage and leave, but I didn't know that so
waited tells twenty one, but he was like because I would make them laugh or might be as your budget cycles right, I'm an asshole writers and, like other people negative they? What I think and when I say it's fun ear and he's like I think really fun anything. You should be a comedian. So then you got on stage soon after when I was twenty one right after my twenty first birthday, while and then I was like ok this. What am I do now right away, I knew it. I know it wasn't I I was good or anything, but I was like think I can do this well. Who's gonna, beginning know what yeah, if no say, you're good you're learning. Let's clear this you're, not good. If you just started, I know I thought I I thought I was yes and then I saw video about few years after I started, and I wasn't you're just not able to be a good meeting. But you know as a spark you people that have a spark is alcoholics, anonymous people. You know why, because they go to those meetings arc and sometimes they get their act together. They develop.
Act, because their town he's crazy stories about shit. They did when they are on drugs and drunk sometimes the really funny. There's a guy named Day Fitzgerald that got. Stand up when I was like twenty one when I met him and he had been doing it maybe a year or so, and he was already like in his late thirties, but he was funny already and he was free because he had been doing alcoholics anonymous every year so and yet factor tied with drugs and drinking. So we had all these crazy stories of just cops and fuckin, give fights and chaos and blackened. Wake up shit, you're plants in his madness in any at a great voice, it is Varden gravelly via so he would go on age and tell these crazy stories, and he so he's darted out like right away kind of funny. I just feel like I start when I started stand up. I started it with a body and mind like he. He would come
with me and we would do all that might not on the stage together, but I will go up and then he would go up and he had never been on stage before and I Would that plays in shit when I was in in ice and I realize that you don't just its that you're learning how to be financing. We also have to learn how to be on stage yet is a part of it which you don't. I didn't realize that till I saw me and then I saw him because he would be doing like holding his ankle talking and, unlike you, become a stationary like him, and what are you holding your angle? We were, and it was a judge. You're doing that news, I oughta nano and I was Jesus Christ, conniving aware what his body stand on one leg get holding an angle yeah you look like a fucking insecure bit, just stark work. He has done stork story, but or pelican with one and all the leg up, also mingle, Fleming story. The one that carries the baby, nobody here and now, and then he stopped three months later. But but again
I realize I had a leg up on because I had done like at least plays and been stage. I knew where an audience was and yet there is little things you get. I was teaching, so I was too entirely to teaching large groups of Seattle. So these two community area, you can use that stuff. That obviously helps him in but yeah that helped that helped a little bit but not much, not now miles terrible. But but I knew that I could do it. I was like you did yeah like I know I suck, but I no, this is a thing you can get better. So you knew when you are starting that you were not good. Oh yeah, yeah no beat that's one good! thing about growing. Doing martial arts yeah Marshall it shows you wear your with no questions, because when you
worrying or simply the illusion of UK you're asking. So I'm not saying you click tis, you can never get your ass kicking, go! I'm fuckin! Pretty awesome! That's a very good point. You feel you losing a fight is very humiliating. It's very human, leaning. So I knew like right the way I wasn't good but also was like. I see because luckily the I thought I went up Johnson Catch. You know, Johnson cats from mom prefer doctor, That's the way. I was alone telling of the open MIKE the first time I woke up and then there's this guy TAT Bourgeois he went on stage that nice was amazing in all these different guys that we're like local bossing doesn't went up. That were professionals went up that night too, so I got to see open makers and I got to see professionals and I was out ok. This is something you can get good at like. This is something that, if you practice and you right and you just working at any key performing kind, a vague sense, even
first time that I did it like. I could do this ideas and then I did it. Second time. Second Helms Burton the first time and unlike Ok, so a more comfortable! Now I did a little bit better. Might do something to that. Second, I can do this. I knew right away within the first SEC, first or second time that Did it that this was going to arouse gonna? Try to do that's cool, that's funny, so when I was twenty, five always always wanted to be a comedian. Always since I was, I mean young, my dad has a story where, when I was on playing with my toys in for the tv, my dad was watching a Jerry, Louis Movie and jailers has done his fucking crazy, Jerry Louis Shit on tv, and I spent my size, my toys and I stopped, and I started watching Jerry Louis because we ve been crazy on television in doing is is funny stuff, and I said some, my dad and cunning noticed and registered that I was playing with my toys and stopped and now was arrested by this, but
movie and Louis unease and is, if you beat went by and then I said, hey dad, and he said yes- and I said this guy on TV What he's doing all that silly stuff? This is his job and my dad said yeah and I said like he makes money doing this and my dad said: yea Mavriky makes a lot of money. Doing that and I said, and then he put out said I went like this and he said That was the moment that he kind of like likes to romanticize about how I thought I wanted to be a comedian, but I I wanted to be a comedian. My whole life men and I was scared to do it until I was twenty five.
I was like I met a lost year. What am I doing? I was trying to write. I was trying to get scripts turning movies and I was trying to work. I'm gonna be an actor, but it was like you can't do that without other people yeah. So as as a comedian, I was I I fuck always want to stand up this time, I'm twenty five I turned it was like two thousand and five or two and sixty six news resolution generous. And I got on stage a force myself to do it, and then I got an stages everyday ever since you know I mean why are you all european states? Basically every night, I just knew that you know, Is that whole ten thousand hours? If if, if you're? Indeed, I would go to the comedy store in the at nine and I wasn't at I wasn't past or anything. I remember I met maxim, meaning I am now. Ok, here you would run the belly room, show
and I met him somehow and we got a light turn we'd like we started with to the liking of each other, and I said I said you're coming to combine and hang out with you, I'm not asking to go up dude I just want to come. And hang unlike soak it in or whatever, and have a go at nine, and I will leave it to air every single fuckin every single night. And more often than not, he would throw me up and you know I would. I would never push it I hate that shit. I don't wanna be like women go to spot like I, just if you maybe on the shore then I wanted to show, if you don't want to be sure I don't wanna Show- and I would just get good in the belly room and and by the dna of twenty six forty seven. I would do it for years and you did the heart to write. I started at the heart of a bad. I will do the has a great spot man, it's it's it I d come ashore came after the harbour, the ha ha was where I got my first like start, because nobody would go there and I would go into a real people, an audience there and you can get us
age in real shows. As a young. You know I had no business being our real show, but I will go and I will do my shit and pay five dollars for the open MIKE and the beginning of the air and then finally make you pay the glanced I now and people would be like in fact I am like look, I'm just going to say job. So, if you ve done all these years of every night, basically do instead, what is this month and like for you this month, this quarantine month, as had been where this is the longest? I've ever been a string of being non state. I wanna be there the first night, everybody me to act as I do. I I've thought about this. The other day I'm like I had let go my special comes out today. So it's you know you can watch it on foot. What's it called Chris no pain? It's on. Now it's got no pain, you know see it right now: yeah yeah! You can see it right now. It's strange, absolutely Netflix! So now so, but my point of bringing it up not to plug it, but I'm so happy. It came out now because I don't have material
that I've been you like. I know rag alley long had to reschedule her fuckin taping oh now she was ready to go well. Louie was supposed to film. He was supposed to film his shit, it was like April twelfth and I wasn't, gonna be able to make it. I wanted to see his tape really air and always gonna try to familiarize ago you say he was gonna, do it in Boston, while he was doing these things April, twelfth scheduled in Boston. It was like the same week in what might be like this. We can, but it came out there we are. But he didn't. He sketches Earl cause. Ok, that's what it was. It was supposed to be a couple days ago, so today, Tuesday, he was posed to being like Saturday, this pass out it and they had to do he scrambled. Last minute and filmed in Washington DC and they don T just put it out is
Fuck it s. Gonna put it out of my website, but he was supposed to be filming. Like a week later like now and when everything closer than ever to realize I well the shit. We're sure can really weird they bumped it up. Now. Quite a few people have cancelled filmmaker, shorts Andrew sure he did to yeah supposed to be. I think he was supposed to be this neck around now. I think he was must be an l, L, a Saturday as well. I think it's the same thing Texan with him he's like Arthur you're gonna reschedule near. I think I was taxi with planning Louis was the week before. Whatever it's all right, I know Alley reschedule: where was she supposed to film? I think DC, I think, an Then she was gonna and then she was talking about like a minute. I might. I might she's like every scheduled for June, either We are delighted to have the resettled again. Yes, yes, yes, because the other thing is to once they lift the ban of going out. You think we're gonna run to a two thousand cedar Fuckin bill dummies, yet exact, solid, dumb.
Out there coffin in each other's mouths. Those are my fancy come on out dummies. Yeah. You want a bug chasers. I think, there's gonna be a lot of people to go out think there will be the damage that are like fuckin. Finally, we're gonna be people that are right first, while delusional second of all right, thirdly, healthy and not concern right right. Take a lot of vitamin c right. Do the right thing, sleep, sleep well, I didn't really good with, like all my stuff. I've been in the sauna every night for twenty five minutes. I take several days. The Miller grounds of vitamin c every day, vitamin d taken all my vitamins or do a vitamin drip with any do once a week that we talk about Whitney on the texture day in a d drips. That's the same doctor that put practicality his company owners that they do the vitamin d drips, though the vitamin drips. Rather not,
Indeed, both glued Assai Owens got to think all kinds issue. They put, they put a bunch of shit. Why why you taught you to I'd, say I'm talking to her on the extra. You are saying that you need you trying to shorten the amount of time it doing it. You can't because it's overwhelming or something well an aide de is this stuff. What is it? What is the name of it? The sea pull the name of this in a deep shit you can't do it standing all persuasions. She doesn't standing up on our what you're doing here goes. Nick Go Tina, mind denying diode Nickel nuclear Coca. It's a call factor that is central to metabolism found all living cells and a d is: I'll die nucleotides because it consists of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. You know about all this Why are clear tied contains the add, a nine nuclear global problem anyway, really good for your great for the therapy says,
those functions like repairing dna. Maintaining cell health and boosting our immune system, so it gives you energy increases. Energy gives your metabolism aboot. So I do that once a week now and it's supposed to take two hours, the first I did it. I got it under an hour and then I've been doing it in twenty four minutes. The last couple one. So it's so you build up like a tolerant twitter, I mean just doing it. I don't know if you build a tolerance and you just get it customs duty. I it's very uncomfortable where You got, it's really really really weird and what are they stay shoot you in Yeltsin, ivy, so you're sitting there, and so I just try to see how much I can tolerate my arm goal was to get it down a ten minutes which I think is totally doable to do, intend matches open it up and just just sit there meditating take it and then so at the end it the uncomfortable nest is completely over gone, let's just during while yeah it's while it's happening so for twenty four minutes.
Send a signal, but what we do is Jamie and I've been doing. We just watch black mere beer or even seen it yet, I haven't seen all like seven or eight of em, but Damn that won the watch last week, black museum. This was deadlock that do some of them are. That show is like I think, for that show to be good. It has to be hit or miss, because They have to take yes, some of them are so fucking good that that shows maize, and some of them are spooky yeah. This black mirror Black Museum episode was far credit. I remember that one, not one mass. My head, I was sitting there night school Jesus thought year. The one might almost say buddy, but it's great yeah, it's great the other one I love is the one. Where the guy is in STAR Trek, he. He has like a virtual star tragedy and the king of the world has all these people are better than the best ones are the first ones, though you saw them, went back and watch the first ones
I've seen some of the first one knows a lot diversities and as I remember you posting about the new season, when you are talking about you know, I think it would be the first time you really wash the show, but I saw it. When I didn't know what it was and I was and it like blue my foot. Can my like nobody had talked about it. Now, as I and a seismic, oh, my god I was Netflix in the beginning or not. It was I whatever, but wasn't I don't know, never version, I don't know. Maybe oh that's right, Yes, yes, I know the first, the first episodes at an over because I didn't know it was, but those blue, my fucking mind man, it's the one euro, a robots, chasing lady, the little little drone robots little. Oh, that's right, yeah. What is our call? heavy metals in black and white, or no did I imagine that is
guys back and why not made a creepy. Yet why is black and white creep here? I don't know it is the really is year progress old, shoe discreetly and that we have to be like else. It's like an added layer of depression. Is everybody in its dead? Yet if you watch like the old time movie, those people are now you'll get a dead people asked on also everything sucked back dance even being alive, such all bad. Ok, I guess even to show your watch and sucked the Darrell everyone, because they're all That is very much time. Capsule right, my dad would watch fuckin like old black, and what like combat that show would like we're like Everyone was talking like this command. I gave you like it didn't who talk like that dragnet yeah, you ever see that show yeah right area. We gotcha Joey Red Handed. I want to do.
Show where I do that voice and it's a fucking drama and it comes out. Now- this is with a certain things used to be able to do that. You should never been able to do. They can't do anymore and that's what you can't buy it like you can't a stage for a more now. You can't be corny that anymore now, but you could still do that. If your radio gallic target You exact about this yeah we're all their lives. So weird, it's weird! You know it's weird: when ice do radio you'd go and you too to a guy in they'll be normal. They came in way following which grow Boston, alcohol, Google, our Oh I'm missing! Do whether and traffic in re invited Go K, cool leg, globally, Ehler dude, that's actually so fuckin stupid, tweeted, its those guys are all Those guys are always like you know when you would come up doing the clubs and shit and like you'd, go on the road and then like. You would do like that. The six o clock
morning noon and those guys would I describe those guys like you can hear their face life do not at me like that we like, shall I would tell you so you know you, don't you gotTa Atlanta, you know you two April so so, what's out like for you and then they lean any more like discuss, face fuckin makes noise, it's the weirdest thing and you dont know unless you ve been there, but do there faces are allowed in shit like that you can see the cracks behind their face of the real who they really are. When you close you crazy on tv, you just taking care of her grand, wonder who was the first guy that had the radio voice and then all of other people to start copy them? I counted it become that voice a matter for top of the hour here on one of six point five and the view that they do that it's not w its W W w. You love him and then upon
look up boy. I'd is another version that Strip Club dj it almost the same. Guy also say I answer is close variation of the stage we get share. Bake over the stage is like a lighter, so cross between tiger is to have club DJ weatherman either it's gonna be raining, and here comes fuckin. Candy here comes legs to them. In stage that's a here Cinderella. Does why yeah? Why can't I just like I here comes. The organised answer tat exist please gum exotic. Please welcome PLUTO, my flew up if the fat one now what's the planet. I know the planet toyed the planet as a stripper without them yoga views Frankenstein stripper like this, maybe a strip right really in a monster movies
she gets on Meda made up here. Our that exists blood around the risk. Stitches then dumped on TAT point after it exists. You can't you just think of a new thing. There's too many people out there and its too late in the game. Yeah, you can't let you can't. I posted on Instagram yesterday this gate tanks for tromp that they did had a party where they work catch the covered there of a guy myself, you know any time here this week I wrote a road if you think you ve seen it all day the internet will prove your incorrect life. First paused Tony Blair House allows apps, but would crazy is the comments. Were people were angry at me like for one really really really dumb Trump supporters right, there's a spectrum. Of transporters. Sometimes supporters are very intelligent people that just like his economic policies and some people like trumps, my bow
rats murmur and right, you don't northern burn about Trump and those people are gone. Carefully. We shoulda, so you are fake news like they were angry at me and what was their gripe tat? I did when I a rare times. What adventure into the comments see what the fuck is going on? Parliament, usually, faster and I never do it, but this is approved. With being home Alla time. I know all this extra time. I find myself now eating pasta beyond I'm doing a lot of things. I shouldn't do when I read the comments on that one year: aid for compassion and regret it confirmed to me that I shouldn't red garments. I know I really shouldn't deftly better at that than I was. I used to use two I used to have fun like talking shit, for nice. Did you all the time in an end and then, was like my girl- was like what are you doing? You're going to be fuckin like forty, unlike.
What is your kid? You he's gonna see this shit. No, my dear! I should stop doing that she's out by the way you wanna be fuckin, really famous or what now so. I don't know what an unrealistic about issues like fucking you, captain market, doesn't do the shit can gaps where it is you, as your captain, using your back and forth people on Twitter perceptions right, our society twitters. Not right now, there's so many people. I mean hot in a bad way. There's so many people angry, because urban locked inside twitters These were yet the most and it's the yeah either by the way we go on Facebook. So not that seems like a fucking cesspool that does this. You have too much freedom to write, long things on Facebook, good point people are just two verbose. They just is too much nonsense. Yeah. I got my reading your novel, I'm not either man. Do you like this not even then a reader novel. Even if it's about me, I can access
at tweets in shit. People are areas as concise, but people aware I I dont never know when things someone's something's be offensive or now was written, Marin's twitter as men. And said it's ok to go for a drive right, yeah and some lady like I wouldn't tell him and then she wrote a book like all like twenty different hashtags hashtag covered Nineteen has quarantine, try. Get so much right hand, research and yeah joint that she's tweeting at Margarets a mark went back with her Then she went back with Mark my get out. You're gonna mark you need friends, don't they can go for it? I can drive. Toby argue with this lady. I know a Europe of all. You probably shouldn't go for a drive just to go for a drive, but if, if most go on doing it and the roads are dead. It's an outdated that big a deal realistically now, if you say that
I've been than allowed people who got it right of cause he's good for draw right. So can we say that position say. I'm just gonna go for a drive, just go for a fuckin, Dr Right, and if he pulled over by the Fuckin stop all. Yet you say AUS headed off her toilet paper. Yes, something bad! That's the move, guys just say I was headed off her toilet paper. But it just goes. Ok or bullets. Did you see that around a I needed bullets and toilet paper? the guy who reprimands again, but I I went to the women to Walgreens and I buy had got some stuff. You know I have a mask on and shit and and they are in the end there was a lady that was check it out in front of me: and behind the counter I say to the guys at a over the lady I was like a was interrupting basic does have the paper, you guys all out everywhere. All out you know, and he was I saw me any goes
Oh I hold on a second knows: I'm ok! You got to hook up so what news I hold on. Ass. He had done so and so, and so he so he was like. Ok She finished reading her up and he goes like this: a command I forgot so I follow this guy to the back of Walgreens and because it is we re here like ok, he walks through those fuckin metal doors back that Outlaw Julia Oil exactly and comes back with twenty four roles, and it goes like this- I'm not supposed to do this, but he go man. I'm a big fan and I was like really, then he was again and they was ringing me up and he was like makes my day. That you came in here. Man is the least I could do it's hilarious like doesn't leave my comedy culminated in. I get the fuckin shit for a few weeks, what Why was he hiding mobile guys? What I dont get? I dont understand when the so called come here, and I think I think in my
I hope for some reason I feel like he'd. They just didn't put it out yet, or he was hoard in it. Maybe it was his personal thing. You know we have already within it was the nice guy, and then I and then I put that story. My instagram and then he hit me up and he was like a man This is so great you put on your thing. I can't believe you're, just really sweet man is well. That's nice yeah! You know what has happened to you. Have those but day toilets in your house. It shoot water up your ass, I got sent one the circle Are they so readily wangle Turkish? It good already have to. I did some coffee do think one brewing. How Long's pack has given you go into your share. I shut my pathway minutes. I did the best it cleans, you does it because I always feel like ok look in their little by little wipe a dialogue in October as clean as clean. Just when I got some for you, though, do you take, madam you saw with the now. I need to know profit sharing.
Well, what do you mean? Like I mean I, don't really have a problem shit. It's about cyber thing. Right, Wilma Point is seed vegetables a lot of vegetables, I believe you very attitude about my work and vegetables? Ok, when I was the data diet had no problem, should either or maybe just a good Vulcan system. I think so so I having only constipated sometime noted, oh I don't it's not the ogre. Did that the thing is, I don't know, Madam president, defence of no it's not now have anything where if you say how do I get a debate? So I So I I sometimes have the wipe a bunch splatter, now when I d heresy ladders it when I know it's just not conjure, cream cheese dialogue with Israel is least gross as possible, since we ve talked a lot
about shooting, and so I take it take to scoop so that a day that shit comes out whoop, that's it I don't even have to wipe. I do but our I would need a big day or anything. Ok, it can feels good man, it's nice, to know that it's all polished up the wash down sure it's getting. It wanted to know it, and also its warm. Why don't we, how it's nice eat is warm and in the world water sprays on your ass. Only low can enjoy it. You're talking to people than the foreigner argue paying. No, no. Shooting all over my ass? I didn't mean it. Are you jerking off? Not my disgusting bees shit, I'm clean in my bundle pro dear. It's nice feels good. I don't think I've done it once or twice that, like some hotel or something it's a must its own at all. In all. I have my I hope when they said TAT. I think a sponsor, for my part, I said that are so they go, must has it. It must be done to shears yeah. Ok, that's one of the ones it instead
and a regulatory and acts. Choice, shut out the tissue for tat and not that expensive either it's a good, economical. I say what tart enough to get fuckin toilet paper. Now you might as well get centurion, and all you need is like a little tiny will you now toilet paper comes in like little one piece year. We never do not Anna, but you could get away with two. To pieces with this. All relevant data is TAT, thou bill of dab, nice, rapid and the boy who all gone ass, nice to wonderful. It's warm water to just look it up to whose hoses down nice car wash for you but day ago. She- I wasn't thinking about this right. There now also did an annoying your personal body of law asshole. Here, I'm a hairy guy. Yeah me too but I've been using one man's cape thing. All those are great
do. The ball is in the down yonder usual within their idiot Larry how'd. You know, I don't have a guy the guy is about- is the doctor that Fuckin pricks me- I don't even have an assistant. I know that crazy to me. I want one once you have an assistant, you probably have made a mistake. I give you do you're doing too many. Thanks do less things this week, somewhere person who goes does everything for gas? Albania I mean yeah. I guess I guess Afghans line is it for then here's your tower. I remember and I walked your document did their murmur. I just want be as normal is. I can be interesting to know how I feel about that german assistant. I don't good. I mean the same boat thinking about again one how well I've always like. I should I get one pressure on you. Some people diverse wound
assistant our, has in a system that told our madrigal. I go do less shit. He was here. Oh yeah, do less share, Do you'll have to you, you decide what you need to do right, doing so much that you need this system to deal with this person. With a person s like a kidney stone or they fuckin lose their car. It's funny you ever some new person. You have to deal with their problems at a real, Would moment once where it we're like other up front for Whitney the show that I did like for nine years ago, and I found myself fucking weird Hollywood moments, but I found myself at dinner sitting next to me, VON and he was actually initial Whitney. Now it is a great knows. I get what's happening inside you made. It is also my mail. I know you're commedia, but I have a show- and I was like all great news. Equity if you have an assistant and who is like is it you gotta get this system buddy, you made it an end. I always Think when getting says, I think I always effective instruments telling me. I need to get it insistent now, as I remember getting sick advance it.
We invest more, had a conversation once about business managers. I pay all legal bills: unwanted establish said Andrea and I was like you didn't five percent and I was idea give five percent to think- and here I think about it- everything I've ever your parking too he's pain, olive zone, Billet, Vince Vondra, Navies Raby quit. While he was several years here, this is more than a decade. The girl, but armor heavens conversation with my beyond what the knife tames life. That's seems like if you had to look, how much would you get paid an hour? to do so yet else's taxes in someone else's bills and someone else allow worth it. If you'd make it you will you make a shitload says moves are now I watched him the other night and something I love it's one dodgeball I watched made. The have you seen a movie made now that is like swing.
And then they wanted to get the guys back together. Again and again is Jeff IVO directed it, and it is our own Vince VON. How many years later was already fat. No, not yet from their foreign debt movies hilarious. He puffed daddy's in it really yet greater use of TAT year are allowed to call him by his dead name. I don't know I didn't she needed areas and is, as you know, you can't do that. Would transgender people you get kicked off twitter for life. I don't call when Jenner Bruce you, he kicked off twitter for life. I saw it I think I saw Clement your shown as fuck. Mark Marin want to go for a drive, though, in years we gotta get to the end of time. Put twenty hashtags up. No one cares put it. You know, keep tweeting keep has tat. Health care has tag, Obama take first responders, hashtag Obama, Obama, Doors Biden, I'm sold no yeah. He's fine, now, what's doors them now,
remember anything. You see what Donald Trump Junior tweeted put it out entirely that Biden is is like a web browser. It's it's a hers mean the names of just begun, and here we are its April but but I'm November roles wrong. I dont the the leader debate. What is his mind inside your web browser nineteen tabs roving seventeen or frozen there's, no idea where the music is coming from These signals in this world is just insane dude I, I tweeted some miles out. You're gonna get pissed off, it is or what, but I tweeted, oh great, Bernie dropped out now. The only thing that has happened is Trump and biting need to drop out, and- and I don't like a fuckin shit for this- but I didn't
I think that hit everybody you know, but like do it, it was just like the fact that we have these options are just I don't know, I'm a fucking idiot, I'm not good police. Equally but yeah. Neither bub pull I'm not good political either, but it says when you see, I just the debate from first Biden, it's gonna be a mess, we're just going to what are they talking about the Z Trump drums press conference. Yesterday I I've watched a bunch of woman, unlike what am I doing like it just he's seems like the negative attention it is finally getting to tell you. I saw the clip where he was like you now. Steer? Whatever was saying your disgrace to the to the reporter yeah, he was saying a fake, your ear. It says the ratings are down dynamics down. You have no credibility. That's as his thing is always go after their ratings, which It is forty two because he was talking about here. Is our number one on Facebook, people on their fault, yet periodic
therefore, as are dying from Corona number one phase on another one on Facebook. What can I do? I would even is that you will know how long a minute I know I know I know he's a handsomely change angrily number one on Facebook is like. I have that hold as part of the ocean like worthy as whose so be. It is currently analogy how you measure in that he D said that is covered night, in whose corona virus reports had high. A ratings, I'm finale of the bachelor so surreal, so I just can't be real minded so silly it can't be real lie. The worrying about Trump is whether you like it or not. He is for always a letter he is funny. He's awareness is a funny guy. He might not be fit to be president. You might be one
those now, but who is money, people forget it whether you think he's fit to be present enough to be present United Factories funding. We have a problem here, that's that's! That's it! That's that's where we can argue will not he's doing a good job right now. Mc lean bad job soldiery, but guess what yeah follow, laughs that fuckin time than he was talking buying green Landy brought goes. I promise not to do this a photo of a huge tromp tower in the middle agreement. I did say that its literally that anybody, it's locked did outdo out, I was die and when he was like what he did, you see the press conference. Where he's doing was I guess they said? I didn't. Do a good job, but I did a good job and indeed this is the proof. Any shows this little piece of paper and goes like this saying. But they were like any flicks the papers about shocked it fuckin lunatic he's now. Netteke is not what you would expect right now expect
the person to be like Obama or, unlike Clinton, whoever to be presidential, like Bush aspect, that what I thought, but that's what I thought Bush what I thought Bush was the guy that everyone was finally regular guy, like me, a regular, and I was ok, it'll be a while till that happens again, and it came back. I mean trumps like he's like the guy in your family were like I'm coming to those giving like this. Motherfucker is going to be talking about, Did you find out he's president? Is Greenland eyebrows? That's it degree live just wide gigantic drove down. This is troubling the Middle Greenland. The explanation excellent exclamation point as the command: that's fucking phone,
that's funny. He he'll agreed tweets means and shit weird, but I shall like it. I think that the doctor behind him with us with a sharp. Just look at what is happening there. Why am I here so for choosing the same look like if someone funded and she's not going to say anything, but she smells of God does and she's always wearing that those capes does where a lot of capes yeah and what is that about a thing that's a great like New York City to respect me era's Catalan is it should be on his way as Asia is on its way, get here this fuckin guy now I know when said like we set it up for him to get tested to when he said, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I think I could be there. What does that mean? Are you coming or not? I think so like like you,
didn't either way? Nobody has shit to do right now is to do. He was driving, did know over the faculty driving by easy driving, and, if he's not the public has today he doesn't have shit to do and I don't think, he's gonna park yesterday. You get dynamic packages, you have not one till you're. Eighty partner here. There is a time we had lost a lot. We had. We had like a lot and like the one of them the intellectual one- and I was I am that wars and choose rob that one here, what they called mixed mental said, the dude MAX Mental arts how many and episodes, however many purposes where they were. That was that many to them that too many that many too many conversations or a bad, but the title had to go. I don't I never really impossible impossible. You can't do mixed. Mental arts did something like TAT. It might have been worse than that. I might be black and I think it was that that's over
He's the only guy now with a tv show that hoping it gets cancel so funny he is like. I can't I don't do this anymore. I'm going. I told you he. He sent me a video a few weeks ago when he was Ike word. My whole life isn't after he had on like a fucking iron man thing and it like a thing that was blinking at any cost. Was dressed for the seen any was Ike This is my life man and it was a rotten achieving. I couldn't find he was like a AIDS. It like it so boring use. People great I love of work with these people thing it's boring and it takes so much time I'd rather just to stand. The thing is just here: it is during your airdrop on her concern to you who knows what he says. If it's ok, you cut it out of its bad words, saying some guy and I don't think he's in trouble for pixel Airdrop young Jamie's area representative.
Yet, but he is a fucking he's hysterical man. I don't know anyone like dude here. It is the only one time this This is how he s just so. You know everybody who is listening when I'm one of our best friends net writer, We talk a lot of shit, it's fun, but he said he'd be there in Twentyman great, we read dinner with friends that was Sesar, is their other guys that we knew for awhile and and a few of them. It never see me to stand up and at dinner and I was I regularly because I gotta I gotta set at the common at the comedy store they will. I owe you do well when you go on, no psychologically their early, because I you know, I don't believe in spot, but as always get there by whatever nine thirty come by and you're like a cool outcome. So I go, I go, I tell them because of my buddies are coming ass. It can be that you know who he is, that a man with a cruel and capital can also count save yourself, so I I get on to the area. So they may come when I'm gonna sit whatever let him in so I get on stage. Do my set, and my God,
my funds really get off stage, and I say: hey You see my friends in is that they never came, and I said what so I called will say so, and I was Well, did you guys? Kommeni was Brion, said you're going to the improv instead, and I said what I called him he's the improv, so you know Brian So that's all I know you're good friends of the brain, so I called Brian and I'm pissed, I'm like these motherfuckers wanted to. Why to do this. They wanted to see me they'd, never seemed to stand up like it's fun. For me like it's not for me to do it for them it's fun for them to see, and I call bright. I'm ready to get heated Adam just be like what, because this motherfucker had asserted that improv aiding Fuckin magic, I forgot and ITALY. Where are you is economically improv right? So we stopped the time from a great. So I go and I'm here I'm hegemony Yelena bright and he picks up the phone and before I can even talk, he said as you ruin the night I said what name you said we were at the Fuckin improv do come on over and I was like
your mother, Fucker NEWS? I didn't want to watch you thinking too. Me and the respect it didn't. I mean well, that's a good approach if you're gonna do something like that, just Google the offensive right away. It's a great yeah, you, don't you don't wanna below, do I know in the museum whoops you gotta love. Yeah you gotta love. Anarchy is just a mile a minute and he is insane he's he's way more calm now than when he was younger when he was like thirty years. All could imagine he would always had these girls that war useless. They were, they were, I run a ways and there were stealin framheim though they would stay in this house. It was like a new girl. Stairs has like what are you doing? What do you do? I was always a mess, so one time I remember he came of my house and we're gonna, have dinner and we're gonna watch something like a fight, there's something
he came to my house. He was all my house for ten minutes and he goes. I can a party have to go to bed be banned. Or what are you doing? You came over ten minutes. The juice tell you from people that you're gonna we course, and I made- of a global just tell them to go fuck idea, but it was like. I think it was something where I was like some producer guy. Who is hope. It was gonna put him something sure he was literally miles for ten minutes, unbelievable the braided planets. Look it look at it and this is set for twelve hours, but it's worth it shoot. The only looks like say: pauses really looks like who's that old in Mc Clellan from little the x men we played Maggie, you forget yet a photo.
Mc Clellan as magnetized. Either, how does he look gayer than he MC in the fuckin thing? Does not lives even careless gay isn't it is real gay and he's real old and Brian looks all day. They also gave NATO I need an image quickly, ah ha we will use them right there really right there ain't there that I live. That's enough candidates, gallant, that's younger straight or count younger and less gay. Look at that. Go back to count Thank you. I mailed it. Does the Union Kellenberger whole Lisbon only ten minutes when he gets here The look of how are you guys, please please on those. This, however, will pull out immediately and you say can guess what we are talking about. Love
can make it for defending its old guy owes. You would also lighter, or some shit the lighting its work on this make some old. He hates do anything about like, like a million Afghans, do some cool shit like I was on the show you that I really like and, like you know, I was on three episodes of those that you know the show you know what is it was like this, the stock or show Netflix were like the guy stocks, the girl and your rooting for him somehow and language really interesting. The way they do at its very area and heard of it really fuckin Benjamin, like it's like one of those other except us out, and I had watched the first season and it was a huge hit. Netflix- was on the lifetime network. It wasn't ahead, Netflix bought it and then just blew up. I watched the first season. I liked it and then this part came up for me to do in a second season, and I was going. Do it because I like to show and its drama. You know, I'm not, you know, because it s version from community is to do my fuckin stand up and I want to be in need of these crimes are committed,
there's whatever? So I was like interesting to me. I want to do it and I did it and I hope I played the kind of like nemesis for the main guy for the first few episodes enough it was it was, it was cool, but it was drama. So you're not like laughing all day, like I'm tied up to a chair, I'm fuckin Do in these kinds of rolls were like fighting in chicken and It's it's uh, it's boring, do not. I mean they're waiting for this shit here we go the same thing. Nine times hurry up and wait here pretty way and we are doing is doing the same thing nine times and it's a drama, and I like the project, and it was great to do, and I am happy I did it and the shows gray. I love the shop but the actual experience, from being honest to do these, like thinking about the revenant like that saying, that was fun has to be the wrong word, did isn't it
fulfilling shore reward rewarding great, but it's not fun to be in that when we got the money to like the way you do. Your part. Can you you just rant Rousseau, it's like animals right then the way you stand up your on stage its lie right solemn moment totally this the preparation all for the premier there on way in the years of a mere yeah and ever the everyday life of great there's six months, my life the year now wait to see what I'm doing next and I start doing the new thing or Christ. I know if you have one when it sucks. Like I was How can I downy right after do the army. I guess a long hard in the critics whenever denying its. Good for a nine year. Nine, wouldn't you so hard to very through anyway, it's fuckin best movie, that's the reality and the guy came up The avenger which, like only as comic book, movie, serious injuries,
and he is aren't. You can have a bunch of different spiderman. You can t could replace incredible hulk here. He's armor. You tried have some new iron man people. Then we will get the fuck out of here. I saw a clip of you. Maybe if you weren't real young, the beginning of iron man, he was like twenty firemen was never young yeah in the cottage in the Congo. It was an older guys genius. I saw clip or you're talking to him. I love him and dumb and he was saying and you are like it would be. So you were say nobody else can be iron man, you gotta, be Ireland. If ever come back, you gotta do it and it was maybe I will made. I want you and you said he would be so awesome if you came back, and you said it would be also awesome if you never came back like you, I mean that's, that's it. That's fucking I thought was interesting. Cuz. It's like wouldn't fuck, and you would want to see some because years, iron man right. But you wouldn't want to see him what else do it? But him hang it up after that is the shit. Yeah is some things go bad. You dont we're doing,
to be awesome like star wars like I was reading. This thing with this girl was who plays one of the people in STAR wars was bombed out at how bad movie was received. I had such an amazing time doing the film and I really love, did and then but just shit all over at right angles like we're. That's that's what you do You put something doesn't just as you and doing it doesn't mean people going to like it. So if you're, like Your Harrison Ford who spoil our guy killed. He might have got out right. Yeah before those things went. Totally sideways, is just like a show that doesn't by Britain bad, I had never seen breaking bad ever and Anon season five. Now, according to my great you know, what's in the show it ends after five seasons do if a show goes beyond five
sick seasons. It's really hard to maintain real hard. I mean like I was. I watched Dexter after four seasons Arthur the first forces were fuckin amazing. After the John, this couch ease- and I was just like our I lost it at the John Lift, the John Lift, our nose. I guess it's just like you would have been caught. It was as you know, I mean this idea. There was also liked is a terrible scene was choking some girl, bathtub and my dear cousin, I trow people's egg fake, still barrier naked one. Now, a buzz ronicky choked in any cut her leg in the bathroom, like the suspension of fighting, says that the peoples You like a wild animal. You would. I can hold on somebody like that. It's just you can't do a show for like walking dead, that's a great for reasons it was fuckin. That second occasion was amazing great. But then it's like a k to certain boy says fuck and terrible shown.
But it, but it's not even its Niven shows fault. It's the fans fault. We will you keep watching the shit, it's like it. You can't make a show good for thirteen, Jesus and unless you have like fifty people that are writing nine hundred and eighty people their working on the sat, all those people have jobs and one was stamp. Lloyd's every keeps gone, and if you quit there must be mad at you, dear heart, sign it anymore. I mean, like you know: Sopranos was, I think, six seasons advocates the most you can go, maybe we're lost loss was, the one by time was over. What is this shitty shout right. There used to be amazing. People forgot about lost lost was a King amazing, on earlier earlier, I saw the first few in the end, it was just that show got lost. I think
that that, because it was it didn't, come out. It came up before the streaming shit. You know once this attack him out like a few years later, it would have been people, so we talk about it by Philip people. Don't judge Abrams became such a big deal and other talk about him. Do another sheet which is looking for God about it dear to many, the thing about shows is now, unlike back in the day, you can access all of them. So it's not like if you wanted to watch star skin Hutch twenty years ago, like logger, awakened finder Randy Desire, a dvd stars kind average got about that, you can watch, you can watch you wouldn't want shed. So once a show was off. The air is off the air, but now they just pile up. Please keep piling up he's no way you can watch handmaids and oh tsar again. Stranger thing, that's why I give you gotta be ok with given up give us shows
your bag. You gotta give up like a game of thrones. I watch forces. I know you love that for cultural area I know, but I just you know what it's not my stylish show man. Why are you saying mean awesome? no way I it is awesome, but it's only awesome. It's like the bridge, bad. The reason why I love Rick about it was my sopranos. I love it. So much is because there's walking Schumer in it, man there's human, and sometimes there is zero humor and gave a thrones true, and I get that that's style, but I just can't be sucked into something for five. Six seasons were, nobody trips. Where nobody is just like awkward at a table and they're just talk about dragons in the most serious fuckin way, but Israel dragons back then
I know there are real dragons back their problems. There are real problems were, and I'm not rating, and I'm not saying that shows not great its absolute, the great and I could never fucking put that show together in my life, it's all its awesome, but it's just awesome all the time and I need a break from its some need. Humor. I and I don't need they d be reporting the funny. The whole time is a matter of fact. I don't want it to be so funny the whole time, sometimes funny yes When you watch Ozark Ozark differences and I saw was killer loved it did you give up after the verses? Yes, because it was mostly only awesome. Only humour that ever came is cause. Jason Bateman is humorous. Yeah, I wasn't a human lives on a humorous wasn't like, but it's so good the only time I can be involved in a fuckin movie or something with zero. Humor is if it's with like Liam Neeson in it and he's just kick and ass. The hall time until the end see, I feel, like he's, got brittle bones, he's too old and combine with all these fine.
Punches in some guys, gonna break his hand. I just taken is the shit to me, but yeah, of course, he's gonna after a while, like dealing remember. I know, but he wasn't withdraw candidate, but that's it This is more or less a man, who's, gonna punch, somebody they're, gonna, duck he's attachment. For his hands, shatter blob legal boulogne. That's what I know. I know that yeah, I guess it's gonna wanna show tries to be a little bit too much the realness of it you're like ok, it's not real anyway. So just that's one thing. I'd rather watch outbreak than fuckin contagion because it's like especially now I watch outbreak the other night. Was like in your let it we talk about it before August, newer like how now- and I was again because it still it's kind of silly but contagion. I cant do. I urge intentions, almost perfect, didn't like that's how these things breaker No, it's great movie, but as a game you can play like a virus
end of the world game. I forget what it's called. Maybe it's pandemic Africa with the name of the game is, but my kids were in it long before the ship was on and it's crazy is the way game works. If you have a good, if you have a virus, it kills people quickly, it doesn't. Bread? I was just say this on my part. Cast you because the vote it's in the virus. Best entry tat bread slower yet so it's hits more people. That's why this one so crazy, because not only does it spread, but it spreads through a bunch of people. They don't even show similar. Now it's slow because it wants to survive. That's fucking creamy. Does the weirdest fuckin virus average creepy, it's so weird, because I've never even heard of something more people. So many people tests positive and nothing happens to them weird, but some people are dead right now I mean we ve lost a lot of like really cool interesting people are gone because virus and then other bodies
shake it off a doorstep. Novels nothin, but you know you had his wife's got real bad. I to the tv show wife, we abandon the Danes He apparently has bad body eggs, pains and Alley Wentworth she's cool fuck. But she's really arrest her so she's got Really mad he's how elderly I dont know she's, probably like how to share online so he does anyone have any symptoms. This video feel anything just a positive and she's really struggling that could Cuomo guy he's got it, and these are there's. A mile fever at ninety says it gets Bear mile fever, but yet I mean how much different do you think it would have been if Tom Hanks died would have been rough
At but but people Risa would have been a lot scared, oh yeah or Rita Wilson of his white. I he lives or she'd. She lived and he died off. The withers didn't die from it right. He died from something else, Romania, my heart condition. The attitude of covered, so he just died in the middle of it all so that guy Foresight live died. Oh, some buyer, that their loved- so sad man while they were gone man while people gone. This is like I said it is a weird virus where it doesn't necessarily really make sense, or some people get it in its devastating and other people get it and it's some. It's just does nothing we're like, but my parents are vacant. Seventy two, seventy seventy Semi wants me to my third.
Parents know around, but I say this with a pair of my Mama data by the deaf and dumb no end dumb. You know you to think about like yeah, but I hope my mom seventy three same deal. You know they're they're, worried about it, for she had young yeah temperatures. Twenty one it some one of those things where you know when you're old and you see the news like, though the percentage of people that are like above eighty, they get it that survive. I mean it's still like levers at that yeah still more, yet still a ninety percent and make it right now for apparently that my parents are healthy. They take care of themselves, but farm man and he looked thirty year olds die p, young people died. I was reading this, this woman, she lost her husband and her twenty year old Son, Naso, yeah yeah, nothing worse. They don't know. Why, though,
This is a things like there in the middle of gathering data figure it out, so they don't know like what's causing sir, some people to have this spectacular reaction to it. They die horribly and other people just bounces oxygen, agreeing on an old the blood type thing about. How did that's? U Valley but yeah? I don't know it just. Seems to me that there is a lot to learn about this disease. They don't really know the really scary should that I've been reading. As I was reading something genuinely article of assent today, whether their thinking that it's possible, that this this that they're saying that this was the It's the same, this area. Ok, what is is this website. Reloaded this is in the daily mail, so might be horseshit his the WAN lab performing kroner virus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.
With a three million pound grant from the? U S, ad blocker ha see the daily males in these kind of full of shit or sensationalize, see, if that's the sum in writing that that's for pay, but here's the thing: what fucking paper? Can you really One hundred percent believe today You have a paper that I used to. Do I don't know who to go to the New York Times, for me is still my number one choice, I mean I won't do just looking at the news to like I'd. I don't know what to watch either like if I'm going to keep it on you now I go back and forth literally go from the extremes. Are going to see an end, then I'll do Fox NEWS, because I want to fuck it at least see what that both homer saying. Yes, he this oil, this with the same, according to one unverified claim scientists. The institute could have become infected after being sprayed with blood containing the virus and then passed
it onto the local community task movie, it does lobbied. Everything sounds like a fuckin movie now appreciate our old is a movie right now don't look on item eight utilities flying machine that great job, the cartoon, the american prisoner without a cartoon cordon Showtime. It's really funny now that are trotted, trompe l now tromp yeah, it's him go! Does it sound societies? funny now varying heard of it yeah it's it's years too many things to why now I know TAT God you got your should go on man, you know just do it yourself. Oh my god. I can't believe when I started a pocket mice pike S like others, I was I I guess I'll, try it and I'm like. Oh, this is the best yeah you know. No one can tell you what to do here, this cartoon presidents when our cartoon presidents vitamin hours two thousand eighteen, it's been two to three years, and this has been going on for two years. How may not know this watch him? Grub? Does too much deeper view, probation
the airport. No one trolls drop higher than Colbert would very likely to than we his sons, tv Similarly, we spoke to sue me. Did you use? Trump announced his team that he put together to start the economy ago, one of the people, as is only seven people on the team. One of them is his daughter, and one of them is her husband. He doesn't give a flock to think they backed off that later. Later in the day S with him in her yeah yeah good call, we think maybe she did that fuckin, the smartest mines of economics and health having another, not howdy, no. A very dark. I've heard them talk, I just I don't get it get it. I don't get
Doesn't when it comes to sit spoken, the hard core I want to save the world yeah. No, I know it is in our eye. You get a job with it. You get a job with who you know, that's what happens but like, to saving the World Bank yeah. It invites the economy. This is the ideas, restart the economy, so so well, let's give them the benefit. Maybe they have a strong background economics New Trump on reopening? U S, economy won't include health officials- oh great, senior, white, chattered, Kirshner and vodka trunk have been expected to be part of the team, but U S prayer, It says they won't be included of ESA, so he he got the bad press from that is like Ok, I'm surprised you guys, don't nervous, I'm supposed painful, they didn't make em, add more family members and trumpet double down you drop teaches us shit like you could double down in its better
when it comes to some things is true. I mean how many people are just barking, fake news anytime, the southern they don't like if I may agree with. If you told me five years ago that you could just be like this, that's not true when you know it's true and get it. Play with it. I would be like no, but you Tat is Longs. Is enough. People are to have you back. Do you know that there is an entirely people to super conservative network? But what is it Anne! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes with it! I literally says even when I'm wrong, I'm right. That's why favorite news that when he dies what he says, one America NEWS network, also known as one american news- is a conservative, far right news and opinion Channel owned by herring networks launched in two thousand and thirteen in San Diego California, and operates news bureaus in Washington, DC dude that'll counts here. If you can
go for it then just go for it. Do not. I mean- and this is the news and I'm sure of it, because I agree with myself crystalline signing off like eyes literally says when he signs off. He goes even one I'm wrong, I'm right! That's what he says. Wow data news, yeah and this year it was you. Do enough of the army to brighten time. He's pro talkative seals grab, it gets the sturdy guys in certain war stories. You're born work. What are you telling those guys you shut the door, brow dude, We live in a here about getting here. We're just gonna want American NEWS Network wrote. Let me ask you a question is talking about my dad was chosen for the past. Forty five minutes was to explaining China to me so is amazing. It's amazing that you got boring already I'd like to hear your good. This is how we always should have ya bully. No, don't let em, but you. How did you know
you know you know the donkey to adult met, but how old are you need something? I'm summoned my forties, older and care than Mcloughlin he's older men? That's a shitty lands now it has an actual my faces now sharp my nose numbers look older and gang was holding water. I didn't allowed oh geez, provided I like you, you re looking at you and he saying how are you older and gave me he's a biting his lower lip thinking to suck in your car engines? Doing live better looking young man and when I went stage. I was in college. I met a one man. Shakespeare show you to this end in tears. Arrangement. Has a story hasn't yes, this story as listen. I want to say Before I start? I certainly ok cool, and this is important. Ok, I just want to say we have
ok, don't be, should hear another. We are not going to show you. I just want to say this from the heart, but have you know I'm being nice? I'm sorry proud, as it sounds like you're sentence, that Mcnerney accords no coherent. This is your old actual. It really much better really really has no. So to me it's just so satisfying to watch my stuff. Oh well, I will tell you how this is going to be shown, so just in the sense that my my comedy child, if you will give me a y know, I did just because you want and show the watch? You watch me and then to take me and then to even expanded, not even to broaden it say. I'm like Mcdonald's is what you're saying you say that right and that's in it's good to see who you are right to Europe Hop Comic.
Right who has to keep it reinventing himself. Now you for to locate and are we gonna right now we got a deep and things and that's where I'm gonna help you, ok, ok, and how are you going to help me? What's what? How are you going to help me magneto helmet? started the helmet and then you're gonna take what we're gonna sit down and I want to give you a reading. Why? Why are you dress like a fuckin mannequin, you are the crew mannequin ownership, J, fuckin cruelty. Like it's two thousand years I like those regions due to a but look at my own heart. They make my shirts.
Did you otherwise we don't need no body like Peter utterly, like you're, in a play from the forty, what s wrong with you! Why do you usually lawyer keys my torso warmed up its hold on? What's in temperature, casement he's might have any values. Have you ever worn a colored man? I ever worn a cholera exercise, earthen with Ryan, its eighty degrees, believable Joe, listen My lower case, my lower back, my mid body warm. So if I've generate torque gonna throw kick now throw I'm not gonna turn my back so much at stake. You should never take anybody. I saw your kicks First, I want to say this: you're welcome farming and let you have a habit is you're. Welcome, not normally special. Coming out these, how many wife, beaters you do. You was utterly thinkers utterly. My wife wont. Let me we're tanked ups. You know why, because your wife is fucking, smart and fashionable, but you dude, you look like you get it. If you take up their future, you have a wife Peter on
You have an actual wasting my life better. My we should talk like those like you already look like a wife, beaters dont. Well, that's great! you do. Look, you have a very hard look. She said you look like a media, because you know what I like: give people face: I knew you at it. You looked your, it's one time your interviewing Randy Couture and you had a wider head than Randy, so that's like that's it was getting what's here- is that you can always brings competition around to a man's anatomy, that's what's where etc. That is its word and now up to us because of anatomy them you're. Getting older why are you a public notice? So when I saw you when I I see a video of you healthy and now you do not look healthier, but you'll hear less now right. Glass listening, you weren't a bright calabash, don't ever fuck and not now
I forget what now this is my house number one you weren't? They went out you're welcome for direct and right now we're closer than you think. That's impossible said Joe Joe said Amelia legally present Nemo's. He said because they are already. This is Crystal clear kid. I said I said what he does my eyes and I go is our right and our endeavours? my mom. You got Lessing the door open now. If I want to shut the door and I'm glance at him wrong a glance at him and your band ok essential with a white paper on just just ass, the white bitter, please locked it. I'm not sit here. What you what's up, dude I just don't understand how many layers you have what its eighty degrees outside humbling Well, you look like you to tell me. Tell me right now: you're watching a play about the forty
again. The remainder halfway through he comes in here. Like that's the trouble. That's a guy worry fraction was my bare day ago he's one those guys that, unlike you know those you're not like my ill yeah he's gonna die soon. You know that girders, where the guys are eaten lunch and they like feeding eighty fucking, story. I represent you're, absolutely right, you're, one item of all the guy sitting on the being paid as is not wasted space. Am I buy you body? You know how many euros I believe you are building. First of all, be condemned dry. I was a building, they already more force and use. That's what I would say more force. It you'll get a visual, don't tell each and every one of your guy right there, the guy right there, that's the guy, giving more muscle rail, but Somebody was savages sittin there. I now believe lunch as well, they interact with their hands look acknowledge box is a majority of knowing the killer baby. He wasting away hey you
from Greece no here today, but I sent a video and he goes. I just got this gotta text. You look gone Tom. You piece of shit daughter here my necklace thicker with this here, so I thought I says that during your fifty sign over my face more symmetrical, the wise to make your network thicker just from training years training what dolphins living gotcha fuck it burn. Do it's not that started you stupid for I'm fuckin burn you. You are in the last four years. I do I caught her myself, you'd fuck, that you weren't gucci, Gucci, loafers
make sure you know why, because I just got tested on negative and you probably covered notices my horse beating. I get my finger print, I'm very squeamish about that. No real hard can it can you do my sport? It is you, do you know, he's your heart, how to make the think small anyway. Is you ve been reading? Those weird editors noses get bigger, I wonder, is something we can take to. I forgot its color was called analyzed gave it to me. Don't be a big you'd. Let me ask you a question mark you, Are your hearts be next or fast, because you gotta get fingerprint or because you know Roma beyond in a room with a very kind words to guns. Now does not, of course, worm he's. Gotta Tattoos, I want to tell us about this annual Rogan. You know. You got flames on your rest, your goddamn record dope, Gaza thinking about putting grenades and my hand a great loss at heart. Agree! You cannonade lot!
so it is failing to strike on your age, granary. Brought Joe idea that goes out, because I'm a bomb about online on aid and one old time bomb like a bowling ball. What oh yeah? That's it? oh, yes, are measured, children aged and a bigger now see. That's what I get a little bit gay and you know it is odd to have a cock on your hand, ok hand tattoo him. When you and your fifties, I don't think so Why did early? I gotta get an early link, so unless you like that, unless you're like a mercenary of some kind and still grizzled, you know it, you should get on your knuckles life rips, just as no time you're off the hook. Kicked you that annoying. Thank you know it's ok, but thank you for doing that, I take a picture of the grafter. My show and she showed me your hands, you look, it says and its life rep yeah. She was a plan. I told her to. I tell people
you know. I tell people get these tattoos for him. You know I tell people to go to his showing where my march and they show up all the time and they work and they were, and there were no AIDS Sorrel Josh's its partners to places where you wear my march outbreak Kaliko, you make sure it and in its fifty people, tries and not ten years, makes me so hands down because he said because it is saying I was saying we did daddy's oh yeah, My cadence. Ok, let's say that You have a paper airplane on your fuckin jam right. You know, I makes me want to three and flying had locked, and I know you could in fact be you up. I can we come from a nap and slap your
I would by the way you like naps right because you old you think now you go like this now, let's do thirty, and then you see you guys, every thirty. How could you do take a twenty three? There are! No, if you knew anything about sleep, you take a twenty minute. I've! No more rigid legs up! Writing like a blood to go down gay due to all key to twenty minutes. I think a sitting that disgusting reads a fucking thing. And then changes his whole life? That's you do attract Dubai violence, I'm a reader, the guy who's. How did you guys have enough talk about it? Why didn't you run out of time? We had an hour just on shooting it. As we did. We talk it's only. We talked about you a little bit. You do a video of you talking about shooting in your back our money Everyone should start yet. So far, have you dealerships doors? We want you to talk about a few of them were whenever shipments
If, though, in my adult life another ship, my pants, I have yet I know in drug resistant like twelve times at least a planet, as I bet money that was twelve, really sorry to you because you pushing you, keep go and egg you ve gone. You take chances that any live hardy. The relative on risk that you're always in a coffee shop. So you can go right to the Bay Leaf rang. Aren't you good, I'm being polite was here. First is least I drove all the way here road. We know I drove all the way here, negotiated at your age, Dammit test is gonna. Take you gotta make sure around that's right now now. Can I ask you a question? Ok, but don't be shy, I'm not kidding. Do you think? How quickly do you think your career would stop what screeched.
If you shake your head well, you have barely any here and you dont have a career. I ha ha tv shows. What's the deal with it, what was with a deal? What blogger you were village you're playing a ball guy in school? Not I am. I have a high interest rates. Can you happen? I rather shows I may get into might be forever christian. I might be doing more and more shows no more. I do not just want people getting together. Because your friends as I see it is crazy, but it is possible that we were we ve been talking about like when you get back to doing live, shows and there's people that are thing it's not going to be until twenty twenty one like like the fall only twenty one, because our people, it's gonna, be a disaster, and there's gotta be a lot of people. I don't wanna, take vaccines, there's a fuckin, I am going around things We trust before. I would trust bill gates very soon, and it's like this. There is a series of the song believe what you mean the guy,
all twenty in time and who want a there's, a bunch of different like rebuild cause bees cocked That's russian Botz, russian Randy, Couture tweeted it he put. It is Instagram today Mamma to have you seen it Jamie Hedge Amy. I assure you that a bummer They are just remember, though, when they were lock in the shit down and they were like yeah, big groups of people can't gather and so Joe and I had to cancel or tour, and then they were like now people can get together and you are like fire cages again to shows. Did ass. Thank you I'm sorry, not because our say nothing about how you re using my dear. It is things I trust more the vaccine from bill gates in its ample out every Flint Michigan I'll even from a night one Charlie sheen testing, sue sheet. He got. Those top right is how internet wins. For many a day care round by keys.
Anthony, well Wilkes Ass. I said I said, because we did that funny. Drug named dropping movement, we have a time loves camps, is the best, he's got the biggest calves neurons and- and here he could carry all of us. He could feed us for a week with one of his dialogue about menotomy No, as you say- and he said I said- will mean Brenner gonna. Do us sketch another sketch or three defined and get ready. I would put in and now annex I see your face, got humbly geography. I looked. I loved you and secret shows that nobody seemed man will get you back of soap. Is this the internet to sketch would only research shows anymore, and I was like fuck away you're gonna write. Well, that's what I'm worried about legitimately worried about is two things one. This thing morphing there is, an article that I just sent Jamie earlier about India, where they're saying that
vaccine won't work on the new strain of viruses, mutated in India? India has its own version of it, so these doctors are scrambling to try to keep up with these mutations and figure out. Hopefully have no tailors were weaker version, but has a strong learning mutate every year, yes, and in those vaccines for flues s, so hopefully Toby balance with your right and the next flew could be like the fuckin each one and one that kills a forty percent of people hold out morphs into a weaker, so AIDS has had to compromise itself so often what these Proteus inhibitors at actually now they think when you contact, is it something you did their incubating? You can just have without taking any drugs in some cases a girl, because you are weaker, so the virus getting weaker issues? Typically, as far as I can say this typically as it happened to me I'll, just an historic but timidly I think viruses get weaker as they
as there is a new to disseminate into the population minders, you is that we develop, you would know you were on Veronica's closet. I wasn't sure you were sent back and you know I wasn't that showed. No, I was you play. The ball. Gout I will use his eyes in the city. Yeah you weren't, Reba, wash my real the buggy. What's my real dude sex in the city six, the city people send me all the time shit about you. Fuckin the girl looked what the fuck you s may have to keep social disk, sing until twenty twenty two scientists predict. I don't want to hear you. Predictions are just about the fatality, this shit, so our not wrong about that. That's not that's, not a feasible solution either it's right here we go we go dude. Listen you catch it your constitution. Is you ve? Never you never in the sun right, so
Where are you? Are you do what you blanche? Do you know? I'm gonna tell you, how are you are you have I wish that were, but would you the albanian? No I'm not Beynon and there's nothing wrong with that, but I am now known as I am not saying that what I'm saying where would you? What are you? What ethnic group do think that you closely if you are to play a carrot genocides? Why japanese? I would love to play Japanese, yeah. That's what I'm casually appropriated can't do that. I would love to do that, but I wouldn't even do an accent and I wouldn't even like I would be kind of a little- the japanese alone no make up. Do you don't think you'd? Look, you could say they do taken for you'd play one sex traffickers in that right. I would love to do that. To be new acts. Do an accent fail, I don't know, sparing noirtier you're barking up the wrong tree. I too was not good. I don't like that. The sound of that
only twenty two, that's bad. What power, supposedly that's thing- was Chapelle yeah. Well, we risk that should desolate Amber now, hopefully how Gonna do how we do it. I don't see that being feasible. I just I think they just tell people what is right, but then Trump said that there's no way. Americans are all Americans going to test. Well, I'm out if you want to get tested, you can get tested like Brien's. Can you tested in an hour from now? It's fucking easy. They test your blood. I think across two hundred bucks. They fight you find out right away, bam. Fifteen minutes later go yea or in your case FUCK Brian. I don't have turned out it. I have it yeah. I don't know tests in all my guests shadow The comes in here coming near fifty men for the show test, your blood get in here. It's a good. I heard them. I him we have united
I have no money and forever as soon as he testifies Mc Nutt. Let here's my thing about. Isn't conspiracy, statistically? Are we all pretty much guaranteed to catch it and not die? Well? Yes, it is denied. Some people know did the thing. Bout? It is you really can judge this, like the other virus, because it seems to affect people very differently. We weren't we're talking about or step lava step monopolise has it and he has no symptoms. His wife has it she's been devastated by choosing cottages urban earlier, while so it doesn't make any sense, its its people, healthy and young, get it neuron, ventilators people or old, get it nothing happens, and then some people just die in some people, don't even though they have it, they say as many as seventy percent of the people to have it. Have no symptoms at all. Is amazing don't understand. Okay. So let me play devils advocate without well with all due respect to the people perished, and all that is is what
have a disease like that and it if isn't it behind? it doesn't it make more sense to quarantine. A targeted way. Don't we get people who are old and infirm would unlike additions, can't we target, but then again as it is, reasonable cost in ITALY. Three generations have in the same house right right that's why it was so devastating to the older workers due to me around. You have other than places like you know I had a minor and you have to live with your. Your grandparents are already supposed to do that's a real issue, when you have to be re responsible, if you live, when you ran parents, you can't be out, but you can't you kid bomb. You can't say hey some of your quarantine, then it just gonna keep the virus, it and keep you don't know, say people that are actually very at risk. But people who I know what you're saying you know well what I'm open as they can come up with antibiotics, and they can get the antibodies in people before they have an immunity to it before they have a brother vaccine for it? So it should say a blood yeah, but when people
have anti bodies like Tom Hanks are now you don't eat his boy, love you, but don't in their blood turkish summit. I think that people have to take their fucking immune system very, very seriously, people take their healthcare plan seriously. They take the fora. One k plan seriously their car insurance years. You take your fuckin personal immunity. Your physical body take care that shit man and most people don't is a lot of people. They're, just eat and sugar and smoking cigarettes and Jimmy Barracuda the saint that he is Jerry Workers it. This way does New York, this guy, he dies bike free of charge and he delivers food to the poor and the old. And the people who can't you know and is usually up in poor areas of New York and wanted prostrate. Is. He gets a list from that family and he has to go by what they want, and he said he goes. It so frustrating to me, because there there's there very poor, they're asking for the worst food palmed doughnuts soda. It's nothing. That's a substance needs like I just wanna it wherever they might drop it
I want to be like. I can teach you. Little bit about nutrition. You be a little algerian. Lots has really overweight. Diabetes is sucked problem and say like in Spanish, Harlem, it's such a problem, its epidemic. While they said one things are finding in New York. City is the number one factor for having a disaster This result is over being overweight. We yes like to smoking in China. Our motion and when you shredder hide me, you're, probably not going to feel people. Overweight or getting fuckin destroyed by this disease as tough obesity This would serve the number one factor in New York City. I thanks cigarette smoking gotta behind well. Here I mean when you haven't cardiovascular diseases, he's gonna fuck, my lungs respiratory, Macedonia, ten and it ended. It diminishes your lung capacity. Damn man says so Gary it was a lot more fun before you got here. Russian, ourselves, retirement and you're just talk about more than
I feel we are because you have headphones on it. We do not want to us. Why do you not have happened to sit on face to make your ears a year to make you the give it look to be honest. You must give us. Might you why have a normal identity No, let me say that in some one thing I want to acknowledge them out, but you always say that, because people coming pinhead or something no, but what no aid the internet call, your pen had had it ain't gonna call you pinot noir. Suddenly I assure Salazar level where it ends you, your head, like eight percent, had done more than it really hate of assurance. Here are some of us might Brian you're saying I now have accordingly is going to catch fire now be careful. Now I pilot people on the internet. Please don't call Brian Small had has his rocket bride. I want them to ensure that better than marry, whether they listen, listen to it anyway, why doesn't hurt, learn so here's the other thing tat people can have knocked out around because I'm talking and you interrupted right. So we can all agree on that.
You made a mistake in that's fine, but, But the reason why it's ok, that give a small head here because you have a small body- is when it is hot I abroad showed although your head looks more for your body, ITALY's your body still on the small signed, but it's not small enough to make your head the proportionate. Look at me. Look at me by your line of honor sports, a beaten. Ninety, right? Well I loose to a man. I would lose to him in in something that required. If, if you said well being a control, finished. You know you gotta, be bendy and that's a sport. He can move his body. Your vessel around me you're very kindly this body, they don't say, go like this. When they I used to think my name was he can move as by what the fuck we will reach the point and look at me: I'm home address your bendy because you don't have you don't stand for animals,
because when haven't competition with them and some sort of sport, but he would lose very tried, we do not have a would try, my god, he can see hanging. He has no wind. I got wind when row I got no. When you got you broke out, should see me. Do I do see, you could hold a note. Models are longer yeah, ok, cool! I mean I beaten by. I mean it was embarrassed. Ok fine went onto beaten by and we had a while. But my note was way better. No shit is for a single. You can sing I. So when you wash your hands, you sooner precise, dark eyes, We ve got caught or is it just grow? We saw me food holidays. Backing complementing I've never been aired. Oh yeah he's got he sings weird stuff, like old times, Gaia, young guy, who would sink Duncan, there's some Harry Kind of Junior type chevalier, but New yeah,
here is a fine idea of your madame nuff chatrooms, good guy, funny guy a great sense of humor. I believe you have to put it and what's the deal man fuck a show of these authorities under the amazing on the internet is the best kind of the people on the internet. Don't say that Brian Cowen is the biggest Josh Robin fan. Don't do that and not a hears us! My head, hey, hey you! My party young love em, I my youngest, manage our group and, I think, a lot of young. I think a lot of girls like him, of course, handsome ready he's cute major Cuba was, I mean, wasn't avoiding he's gonna, firstly, a hare little thicker and with depth too, think of the maid narrows hair, But what are we gonna? Try? Well now now: ok, tuna, forty I made it broke now you have. Does the bullet air now he's got he's got here. Ok, goes there, click, ok, but you're gonna get your beard is a little. Thank you also know what little dark the normal saw cells
Somebody is using what you know fuck that at any time you know I don't get you provided is a good idea, but I am I here because these things more likely to be a silver fox, do she's gonna, be one Are you saying that he like purposely die? Some of the hairs Michael me might be taking some mascara to his beard. There's a weird thing: when you see a guy and also his beard is dark: hey yeah! That's the thing it's like! We get. We know you, don't we ve seen you before. What are you doing now? Other studies have your. We're hastily? Why and now its black? Yes, you and it's a weird reddish kind of brown oh that she died, arrive, granite. I've done just four men and in my friend he was Burke said: hey, don't ever do that again here just doesn't looking out whatever, though you're an actor subject to fucking duty to play a review of the younger fewer public. Fifty five careful, there's my my gray sexy! I'm!
what sort of villages sexy grain I'm dying, mathematic stronger, It always does not really isn't about together, like you keeping it together, but your gray, have you say: and move around a ring on a matter still don't say it, as has the shoulders bothers nowadays, this motherfucker and I'm better how annoying or you about this boxing bullshit do. I was in dear mother. I wish I could go to jail fell. You know, dear Father, fuckin, just for Latvia, just for laughs material. I get there. I get their early and I got my shows later the night I'm like African yet also get to see everybody. It's fun we're Montreal, whatever they do, the fucking elevator about him. You know he was there. The elevator opens this guy walks out in he looked like it look at you. His schooled outfit by it was gonna Fuckin beach, ass backpack, and I go like this Where are you going and he goes? I guess I'll come on man, and I was going to know. Where are you going right, it was eleven
if thou thrice in any way be sleeping for still, because we're all comedians and it's eleven and run vacation. Basically, we really are exactly seven exactly it'll be sleeping still and this guy I got another because it gets there's a gym nearby box and I was like this You know what you're so fuckin annoying about the shit you got fixing having first of all, he does because I said: there's a guy who's going to particular honouring our practice Indiana and he goes ok turn around right now and put your Paca not going up the boxing that fact that he brought like things to the jail fell below going to back this. I want to be ready in cases a situation do and I have to protect what situation brow I got it might get angry. You hang out with big erotic everyone here with shot and fuckin rogue. But what does somebody has given you a shovel round? me and you're gonna take care of myself men around. They start giving a shovel outlets, autocratic, forgotten, Patsy Judah move!
yeah we're going all day long! That's there's only goes so. Dont worry all day long man they love! You examine! It may also that, all day long that you're a move bra, yeah man come on Bro. You started a little. You ve train the Asian EAST energy. Go look at me, I'm not speak. Fuckin. Japanese city has an eagle at all. Get to six. That's because it's US authorities What's wrong with your shoulders just move their narrow, rare sorry, you're, sick, physically, can throw punches. Now I can. I can really slow right out and you come at me. I check you your whole a lot of guys when they get older. That's what starts going to show you the right. So I gotta do a whole. Warm more, you know you could do stop box. No, you could do that because you're an actor, but I might have to protect you because I send you call the feudal positional me. And then I would I gotta. Do I gotta step off get off my friend right now and New p
now don't get outta. My client is you fuckin pittance pants and they don't fit you. Why? Because my legs are from sport and you now still higher ground about that shit? You're can lie to date, ally lie in say: my legs aren't get bigger. Guy like you, we ve been doing even lives a year due to the opera slots. I do Riordan Rear elevated split squats. Can I saw that now? Europe you're in what is I mean, rear, elevated splits Kwame that are worth exercises when you lose could go any minute. Right was saying some ok keep off, so you you do like this and you keep your leg. Elevated, you just go down on one whole carrying out and legged squat yeah I'll go S. It's like a lunch Qaeda, but about its less with your back However, I am going to dance class tickets. We dance Yet we know man, but when you shoulda seen yeah, you might be forced to my pleasure. Let us in that get a hip right on my shoulders, a perfect. Why do you wear glaciers because they well it's what's up?
on your armpits. Everybody knows that again. So why do you wear grimace another time? You're hot Fridays are hostile. You were three layer just yes, this guy Why am I swear? You weren't refocused layers and it's it's it's like that. I run hijack one layer. That's pretty cool, no sweat! You look thick now under arms when you have a nice putting us in his body very flexible canoe. Splitting till I get a canoe new. Even yes, I would imagine you must be mainly cardboard as far as how you are right on tight brawl guide. Yeah. Can you have you ever touch? You does now row, I'm way more flexible than you of that, Let's bring real this into the. Let us adopt the humor. I know where we're being silly. I know, but dude, I'm way more flexible, the new flexible with air, your wispy, our right, you're, very low at the wind rights who could who could just stand there and flat now mediator me out of prison. Your body flat meteor him. A hundred percent do
then down their ideas to totally look at me. I like flat, you know where I was just on my elbows grab your toes and bring hey, you're, near boys of man made a permit a box. We made a small box knew the polish it in a box. I would like to see both of you do this to see one at a time when I care I now because I pushed lead, I did some Let go! You are as old Santa now what happens when you just sled work that made mine, I'm very sore right now: you're hamstring, the everything store, my my but every pushing sleds us push You are going to strengthen conditioning goats. The answer is yes and ends up early enough growing, but I gotta tell you Then you are you not wrong as you you're, not enough. You thanks as food around to eat it
don't say ignoble hocker. Now how are you eating because he knows it primarily in restaurants and others no rest. For today I had today I had some butcher box, filet Mignon, snore, French and I had some Aruba nor no hold on, and I hope that I had some chicken with. Let us see a number of general could urge nor yeah, because you're, like Dat, must being have been your number one complaint like what the fuck your closing restaurant, Well, you know what that's exactly right. You know what that means. Is that what you want- and you know what am I miss- was your great insight ram, videos of you and dimly lighted, restaurant you're, with rank Raillery, allow yeah you're like having a wine promoting Canada, but that's that's the content that not only I want. Everyone, not on Instagram. When I think of interim, I think of the naked girls that are showing their pretended to show
watch but really shown there clearly right, I'm sure and think about the funny videos at all these young guys are do ensure, and the third thing that comes to mind is you in a dimly, lit fuckin ray we're in Venezuela, some still talking with Frank guerrilla times. Now get together minors when we also have a Navy seal with your uncle. What usually, probably, why is it always frank, guerrilla zero Anybody, that's my daddy money is a bachelor. He's, not my neighbour swell to do so. We're we're both covert safe. So we sat guys I can hang out of covert safe. We did we, risk here, not a chance to do. How do I get a covert? I will? close, close growers, Graham, I wondered I wanna be friends of them, so bad brown. Let me tell you right out right now: I'm cool! come here and forty five minutes in get tested to that's a good look at where our uncle them. They re, I haven't done it. I haven't even put my fuckin shit out there. Yet, if I want, I can be better friends a girl
and you are a little crazy thing about it. Is he knows Dita none can give their consent, just open these fuckin restaurants like Felix stay open in I'm worried that play. I fucking crave that place. They have take out Felix allay dad come here to our but dude I'll, take a chance. The best not that would debit kill me. I talked to JANET the dune shared lay off yet for full of seven hundred employees I ask all my God: seven for some of my data put creates that motion. Flemish got all these great restaurant, my Mammy Jesus as it hundred hurt you ever been in Place Felix in Venice Astronautics, Fox maize. It's our good, generally Doni pastor, but that place. I do it's so guy. Eight there, once when I was on that carnivore dieting the whole month of January and I ate with Brian and what was that deeds named it her friend
Kyle, and so we all have our entire Alex Alex, not leaving. It only makes it a row and my axe Alex engines that of annual Kyle had probably the best taken out of my life. I agree. It's amazing somebody, it's so good, but it's just like to everything the atmosphere, the foods it would be. So the tragedy that place one other. Well, you know that if it were under that with this we have brains and you never go out to dinner. You gotta swingers, only with under they went on? They went under the crazy that was with Hang favorite, Diner Mademoiselle Gutter, twenty four hours a day you can go? There are three the clock in the morning and get an amazing meal news item at TAT place was so good. Judea call me so sad, your general economic Times statement a fuckin sweeteners. I now do you know that this guy, let me tell you what his routine was forever forever ready. He would wake oxide. I would want
Chris I got. Let's go eat, cannot events now and he never went out ever ever. Never wanted there as like. What's gonna know how to drink alcohol? So what do you do when he goes well? I have a route and I said what is it he goes are usually sleep till twelve then I get out with an I drink, coffee and then I got on Facebook, and then you and then I go to the supermarket supermarket I get white bread. Nice try tomato. I would I mean I don't know yet we see I've already muster rye bread, man, Asia, Turkey, eager and cheese and cheese, and I eat that. Then I hang around. I've come again and then goes donating shower. Then, like I go back on Facebook now and then I I write a joke. Maybe and then I go to stand everything about. You forgot any funding level, the rope art you forgot the level, but now but Bro
Life was also that was awesome and I'm glad I did that, and you say it like. I would be insecure what I'm saying it and I didn't say it like. I did say those invited and say you don't. You are a house cat. You are as active The house has is unfair. This is your mankind's bullshit. You stretch you hang around used, you you'd! Nobody can hang more than you doing now. To my shoulders go far stuff smash argued about my shoulders. I have noticed for railways my shoulders go on for data. You want to know the future. You ask me, listen my shoulders! What use years traps and neck? That's from sports! That's from combat sports! That's from Vienna! Wrestler therefrom. In the contact with objective reality would also acted reality I'll say: covered noxious, I say covert undertake arose because you know have essentially in the schreyer your basically a man. Hobbit, aren't you tired The shires is very he's an innocent christened innocent look Europe has suffered
What is that fucking me? They look. Fine, you crushed, you look. It was bright years ago and I was born Where, then, is whether you know I'm not, I ways much doing a lot of water, but Gimme. Some right now be nice about it. Man, well, for you to why I should have coffee right now. You're gonna get us! Why would he hasn't off all over the place? We have people to work here. Are these balkan? Are these nails those are, what is wild boars tusks, and my buddy Adam Green trees, some guy shot that thing they gave me, though, having ever slant of or yeah, you have yeah tough there. To hone ranch place of hunted them a couple times author. Their interesting has the meat very good now which weird, though, as we are in the we're walking down the trail and we heard them fighting in the bushes. And if you didn't know any better, you did it.
No idea were there. You would think they're demons, There are going to war with each other sound horrible, horrible, sound, don't you ll, never be homophobia fuck you up man, animals mortgage identity. While pigs fuck you up there? Yes, they will so that's that's all bores tusks that is now Swatch, Chris, Just look at his letters. I had come on Tuesday, every camping now The question now do nature. It man got so that you drink black coffee? You are rugged, none of them pay joking point? No I'm a rugged boy. I watch is right about that. I'm just trying to keep your eyes Macgyver, find those guys say no camping at all. Ever now, when I want,
backyard, wants the fuckin way out of the woods a little bit. We stay there and then added nowhere. This old lady was, I can you guys, keep it down and where I could have access to this day I think was a girl. You know you should do actually bushes, I we should go hunting. You come you used to the camp. Fiery, don't you re sure yeah? You should be used, to be waiting for us when we come back with a repair the meal? That's right! So you be our guy and you can stay down after we are not going to. Let me finish after you down. You make us a meal and afterwards we fuck dont, says so moderate way. Oh bring in the wild nobody's. Looking but no big, fuckin cameras out their brow, they probably do now this guy and I we were and throws a reproach breaks. It was such a trip so great he fucking domino attacked. Cat this. I pulled quills out of his house and his dies. You pull the moment.
And we were doing weird shit. We got just raise, it won't went much locomotives so fond of. I take a shit and I mean that mountain food, so it looked like mustard and this working I took a picture of it. Put a fuckin stick with a flag made a flag of aluminum foiled lightly. Literally we're in our late. Forty, like apple morons, some good I've, never laughed when you go hunting in your miserable you I've so hard. Well, you and I did. We had a lot of fun. Beckley bus is so funny. As everyone knows, was cause I've got to declare, but I was also very funny that was our friend Doug durrants Farm, this kind and whereby the way that we need to meet there anymore, because if so many instances where they tested of sea W date there terrified of that, that's the abbot outline of its that's. What I'm of more than any virus those the diseases- those are terrifying cos
in this way. You note that the chronic wasting it doesn't jump right now from dear to humans, but it could my uncle had that and he he basically my I'm sorry, I'm mad cow. He had. He had spent a lot of South Africa They don't know what happened, but his brain got holes in it and it was it. I should eat my causes. I call my uncle Frank but in fact he's my cousin. Your man he's just a different browser solely to grumble. I call my uncle frank. You called to impose a collar, namely spoken ass. I now I change it up. That's not It's our guides. My mother's first set heard my mammals first cousin, and he has been about Africa. Had holes in his breath. Lit What happened to him in there I watched it. It'll deterioration will, you know, just ran the guy. We will fight for the forgotten about low heavyweight yeah. I do
easy he's, got some sort of a parasite. Never let me know what it is. We spend so much time so deep in the Congo he's actually catching parasites that they don't know. I'm sure I don't know what they are, where Ebola hangs out to an all kinds of shit. Yeah was it you, scares my share and justice spiders shit that I'll kill you crazy about grace fighters and the Congo that operate in packs of yours. In them beyond. Nothing would be scared. Now I see writers that savings like on Youtube. Instead, you got my ass spy. In the Congo's, like, like a rat warlike run into the spider web now all swarm it was. I was scared. That's us gagging rate impact like crabs. Yes, like packs, yeah, you stick is. Why not ask our got too close to him? Why are you out of a snake on ok venomous, you another poisonous to elsewhere?
meet the spiders that have formed armies. Fifty thousand Simon forget it being less the earth. Yet, though the BBC Congo documentaries, that one I saw that has it the videos available, son of a bitch on crab and these airlines credit come. I do does be frank. You don't just happens. You're good french restaurant, in a way that will be closed by times over. Let me think how many restaurant guessing Marianna Meet done. Molly's Malaysia was at its in Santa Monica. That's an amazing for how many restaurants gonna be left over when this is also done. Well, A lot of restaurants, gotta, more moratorium on paying rent, ok vision, all ass, so those landlord Kabila Largesse. You gotta realise, what's happening you you want that future rent, no one's gonna come along. The question asked by that's a good point. You can be out of business for fucking years. The restaurant owners that I know have I've gotten. That comes to an end and the biggest question is remember the landlords than ours.
While the banks, so you if it wants to start rolling up to the banks, now we get a real problems. That's that's the issue. Will you think? What do you think about terms I did? bring back a disastrous if any way, hopefully with the crowds over them myself, absolute wasted as krona vice scrambles supply chain, is warranted. Finally, I saw there is: seventy percent of his crops are just going to trash. Try to get some of it aware of good food banks or not, but I need a quick stood out there and that's not? How will you not we'll get out that our held so you're not being held with, is not a solution? Do only seven hundred acres done, hey, stop you to pull, Farmers would be a terrible president. You be a terrible president would be the best I may say it would be the best and everyone knows it. You know I crisis so not politically dismay intention. Any of this here De I dont know I was talking about. Peter gave him a park as the date men, those motherfuckers when you talk about Peter Gay people like do so
broken research to California, Marshall show Billy, said, he's gonna tell them too long. You don't believe in it, but I guess you not a word about five g. I know exactly exec, that was one to but you'd so funny. So I was making fun of people s mad. It's so, unlike look, we don't know the real deal. We don't know. What's going on sites like what we don't know, what's going on how you gonna find out, what's going on a Google referenda on Google, we're not going to China. I don't ask China, China, schooner, didn't I tell you the truth? how they get the fuck away from me. I don't think it's in China's interest too. I guarantee Trans Atlantic does what markets into makes their back open? Are they There is a video of today the wet market tobacco but I'll decide them saying that they're gonna shut down spike. You know they did do. They took dogs off of the livestock list, but still Unum. What about bats is didn't. Corona, come from a bat well
They don't know. Man. Thirty million is likely right. There saying it's likely that it came from a bat, but there also say, and it could have come from a lab. Where they were working on bats and accidentally escape this. Is they have a rule that out anymore right. There rooted out initially, but now the realizing liked will they actually we're working on corona virus according to daily mail? Now, how did you find a legitimate version that store in this now that are failing my allegation right, not legit, daily mail, you wake up every morning, Union Erika milk. Checking you listen the deal, I don't reckon milkshake fuck. Is grill of hormonal. Do let's find out he's gonna make it to get tested when How do I look? Yes, oh good, beautiful I'll, tell doctor but where is it our semi? The tax me the address, and I said, ok we'll do that. Just talk motorcycles cap so anyway, Brian body thinks gonna happen in your life now. Well, besides the fact that
Can I come up with a vaccine? I'm sorry! Why yes stood what's up with you. Where would you find your special it's on a special on Amazon, Renault, it's on Amazon, rhymes called complicated apes, comic very right, go very highly rated calls. I honestly you have the first tinder special right. You do. Figures, hustlers red boxes, you don't get it right now, careful outside of a seminal. Have it and that's good. You don't have you that people are gonna honestly get your stuff is Roca bad night now tat he was being shitty right on of Asia, you're being annoying, didn't really read boxes or other Amazon. Prime Red Box and its Fred Box original Brian Cowen, home on Amazon, prime Junketing, JIVE and There's a new sheriff in town and I'm about to an breathing down the neck. Yosemite address. Do yes, I daresay it loud sate, Latona AIR. Under this shit Whitney one of her friends, went to Santa Barbara to quarantine and a fuckin bear is trying to get into the house. Are you serious
Yeah, look at us lose video. The year I be safe, quarantining, there's african bear trying to limit their is trying to get your screen door too to them. The guy's urine I give up their point. I just give oh yeah Santa Barbara share. Because there's no one driving we're gonna Bobcat, whereas I was crazy so because no one the driving and others less traffic animals was going on and they start slowly creeping into cities while fuck and bear their happiness. You may take a source, pretty big. Why sure was familiar with the latter budget available for it. If your legs were in proportion with your torso coming out, would you Tom, Atto, Avatar Robert here about monies. Will your ads or not that really annoyed me when you said that in your coyotes roaming. San Francisco streets is a city, shelter and place order. Oda keeps people, yeah, there's coyotes. All of them had a button down on issues like others, genetic our jobs, things get smarter Coyote invested in stocks with is a crazy.
Video that someone sent me away rat setting a trap set offer a mouse trap of the stick. No Europe Have you seen there hasn't been you? I don't know where it is, but that's crazy. New York is having rat wars where the rest are no longer open, so they're not leaving garbage out so rats are going and other rats, territorial cannibalized them, while Yasser or its raw frightened apparently apparently comes a plague yet do was haven't. Whenever I hate you, I fuel Look at you. You know what I literally just ISIS right. I really just start why I'm hungry! I could see literally thought on the Dublin Rogan when you do rugged spark, as you have to eat right before, because it is because we have our say I dragged from my name- is to establish last time I was on his pockets. He goes like this. Your fate in her
It is quite obvious to get mad at me. Wardrobes borders along was your boy goes along. I can't find the video faggot people are watching. Who gives a shit Germany, somebody sent me goddamn video. I'm trying to find out. It is theirs, guess getting really popular populars, really popular. That's what you're saying hi guys come on now. Did you just coming his parkers? I didn't really popular. What am I a fuckin idiot women getting popular shadow, see us get round in August by Europe fully. If I wanted on various areas, she's rat, that's in this mother fucker, walked up to that thing. With a stick watch him said it. He knows what's up, That is indeed a sledge shame. He didn't even flint when the trap set off, because he knew was come and look at this, whereas that thing is trained to do that. Maybe you don't rat either way come on
think is trained to do that. I'd be allowed and they did get. They did get footage of it. So that's good point: why does your ruin the part? I'm sorry, I'm just a realist too good science, a realist Shotwell yet, but even if there is a thing, that's one thing where womb, one let rat learns amazed and their side of the world rats on this the world learn the maize quicker than that's true. We collectively conscious Rupert caught you Robert Shell, Drake, called it morphine. Residency. That's not my comedy. Could I start doing this? like that possible influence there you see what's possible, you Falcons function. So interesting. Because I was even aware of your while guy Known- is not unique, mere Parker s name, what Congratulations, but I may I ever who's got u anxious. Doesnt someone have one called your while you're welcome, probably what's witness called good for you good for you
the gradually or what was yours called mixed mental arts as we were trying to figure out. How do I do it paid? You have you, as you know where I did make fun of now. It has been asked and began our mental aren't. You know why you welcome, would shale sun and that's what it cost area new someone Brian Cowen. I would make them you know. I, like you know it, because I love his anti stamps pike rat he's fucking great, Annie, stumps, a brilliant he's, a brilliant do any so modest was funny about Energy STAR talk moment and summarily is primarily in an and well. With the youngest Navy Seal nominee, morbidly was started. Seventeen he's got the longest snipers he's, got all these things at every step. Never tell you about until somebody says that you goes that truly cosy, Agatha he's an he's. Fucking the sky live long.
Relations with I want to get a great on something that motherfucker raises is easily reminded us. This group really interesting guy and also a maniac cool who had the world record for flying squirrel suit. He yesterday's both that he gets an grocer jumped out of a fucking airship. Everything he does is one because everything does he. There should outstanding Aspasia Seal team six guy, not not massive Devereux whereby do come. Your buccaneers. Don't leave earlier, have don't look anyone I even associating six four can produce estrogen and go make me a coffee right now, largely success. You talk to him in a way that making him wanna go camping, whom this guy get the fuck away from me, burn. You can set out how to burn note. You gonna carry my bags and care my federal hook forming in April and be my concubine. Remember how member member in incendiary longer, I'm going. I dare whoops member when I was in San Diego low topic when I open for European Latin eleven. I just have a simple question.
Why did it dear that got hit by a photo London about what I mean is and you are and how you Monash? What happened? ok, listen I'll grant that you are Taylor, swift, common, our Ngos, right you not let that happen. You pop you're, an old guy, Why would you can bring up? Let's all due respect, to tell us what who I like I want. I want back. Do you want someone was gonna gonna, film, specials again when the second? so that my team out, you, u nailed it. I don't know that. Luckily I go same with Louis Louis. He cable filmed is under the wire like right there does. He found his like in March, he filmed it March. It was like mine, six or seven, and he just put it up at the moment. I am, I not optimistic Don't look good. My shop has a date for the end of June and spoken Washington he's crazy, and I said that's very optimistic. Oh just a date,
None of this special you one thing is that washed in state they got hit early, so they might open up quicker of some is narrow, coordinated effort among governors to slowly open this whole thing up right. I don't know they know, what to do, because no one's ever done before right. So it's one of those things wearing what we can do when a watch one state, do it and fuck up and then we're going. Let's not do it the way north. Go to did it was trying to do the way our zone, it didn't nigger question. Is there something I Disneyworld? How do you open when did you do that watch says a good quoted. Somebody catches even when their there, many Mickey with a mass gonna hit him ass quote, was due signs. You saw her. Design. Rightly been years around us, be here, there's gonna be a new Disney character, Mickey the war in the California should prepare to enter a radically different realm. We're residents continue to wear masks and where they will be greeted at risk trans by waiters, wearing masks and gloves with despair,
yeah menus point break great pleasure raising needs you a new version of that This is from Gavin Newsome told reporters to check back with him in two weeks when he made be able to outline exact dates of California, Zizi, flattening and then decline of kroner vials corn, virus hospitalization he's dealing with the worst case scenario that and I I think that all of my room, I just think we're gonna, I think human beings at that. I really do. I think I think that's not going to be the case I think after while people can be like fuck it well waiters with masks. I strange there's gonna be a lot of opportunities that cause crime because I was not aware in mass suck. Yes, it's already are very, very different world by my where Richard Nixon Mask anyway. Lets them ask I just I just put a Richard Nixon s: Desert Residence, a point. Blank point break preparing
as point break great pleasure, raising the major new version of the dream work. I thought about it. I love the original. Do It's like everything that, with special about it, does indeed with the total recovery- and I love column Pharaoh, I think, is great, but they did that it's like they just took everything that was special about the Fuckin movie and they just made it a straight action movie. They shouldn't Do that anymore? When I give you one the monies, why did they redo movies just make a new movie? What is the best move using the while the latter in the past year into the spider verse? Have you seen him? knights. Of course it is a great. It's amazing, integrate animated Spiderman movie, but it has won a wardsman share. Think it's! The animation spectacular, really fuckin good. The plot is great, it's a great movie
I was a little sceptical. My come on a cartoon spiderman movie with a pig there's a pig in it like a spider. It's you haven't heard. This needs great I'll into this night. Only way for the book to come on. It's fucking great, a book about the movie here. I'm a reader know it's like its cartoonish? But it's not! The animation is amazing. It's it's really good man, blown away? I heard it was good sauce It is good and we do movie now my kids, so we d to sit down and watch, and it was fuckin amazing, blooming aware I watched a quiet place again. Good fuck, that's that's what he's really good, but why didn't they just turn everything all up? What are they just turn? Everything what is needed. Then the airlines would hurt everything and then everything would they wouldn't hurt. The people walking around there was a great movie, but why didn't they do that? Because the aliens would everything where there were sound. How many aliens are nowhere there, we don't know, but there's going to be a second one.
Coming out. Rather ain't movies relays movements. Therefore, like paddies, wonder woman too, that movie blood spot bloodshot whatever within these are that was set up many way. Now these excuse, you know I mean you gotta mean, is now to give you the guy was a disease. That's what I didn't want it that are, there was rendered in backing anything. Other than fastened the furious all there's a visa movie with no cars. Let's forget about it. I only want to even these all sitting down going a hundred miles. We could be just stand. There must remember the Gambia, he could be say you do know volcano bunk as a covert ogle. He was that one movie done what is a movie where he could only see it.
Dark, known and unknown, oblige lavish dart out Gostar Movie, that's cool thousand within power. There are no doubts, good move, their zero fuckin movies, I think in the kind of production, up until then? Why don't they know? How can they produce? Why don't they know what movies are going to bomb beforehand? It's so fucking obvious year cat was gonna and you knew that and if you didn't know that, then don't fucking associate with me do to Hollywood is so dumb. Sometimes man that Fuckin movie, that came out of court, have mercy or some shit with Michael Jordan? No do you That movie now know because of course it was gonna fucking. What was it about attitude a lawyer or some shit get the fuck out of here? Do you just know? Movies are gonna Bob and Hollywood's knows from some money, and this one do you know it in a bomb. It's so fucking obvious. They make mistakes for sure, but that, but it's like dude short making to fasten fears, I get it make fuckin, you know. Ben Housing, ok, people can go, see that but come on people to take chances
an heiress everywhere criticized. There's a movie we're Chris Eminence brazen trumpet player. Oh you mean, that you made that went away and Jamie Fox played a homeless guy. There was a brilliant musician. It was an amazing movie, member that moved ass was a movie here, but that, but you can have a junior and Jimmy five. Today I see it, TAT was really popular movie, but you can tell you to go to move between fucking on revising the insolent Chris Evans, a guy who looks like a guy. Any kid withdraw. If you said hey kid draw. Somebody did by mistake, draw Chris Evans and you're gonna, give him a trumpet and make the movie about that. Are you out of your fucking mind economic, zero dollars, and we know but Mister Merrick. Last right they might Terry Wynn Lash, but that's different, because you, kind of unknown guy playing a fucking again. Kind of unknown guy about a guy plain the drums and look at its purpose, handsome,
excited anyone. Can you play the trumpet? I heard that he learned how to play the trumpet to do this movie. That's an end. It was too hard gave up my fucking like this, I really would this movie ever know not our Chris efforts by the way the has some guy yet heads good afternoon actor, but just nobody gets them that's idea. Dumbwaiter client player beat throw shield. Is on Itunes. Before you won't have you wanna lowbrow? Would you want to play your dream? Rural? All I wanna do is actually movies. You do that's all I'm broke.
I told you you wouldn't like its new you. Where are you going to do live weight into your rolodex who the fuck are you gonna play his any new role that they don't stand a chance? He whose stretches better. I have a fucking weird action will be coming out to listen, that little thought or you can play in national. The guy at the computer, like I think I broke into know, you'd know dude and I always says I'm way ahead to get you got what he says you can apply this guy. You gonna play the guys who, through their com and close the shutter, oh come on we're not gonna play pay due to check this out. Do it do it guy it? Do it you're playing a guy like that, does I do. But what do we do in this area and also we're with natural I'm gonna fuck it? I got
actually becoming out do have to shoot you from you got an axiom of becoming legitimately selling a liner movie Soforth annoying Zack Snyder Bobby. He did like all the same idea. You dont, you know that will be done to the dead, given that one is the new one. It's our army of the dead. It's a union of my zombie Montenegro notion was ended. Your pictures of him dressed like a soldier, the shit out of work in Sudan's. Like you didn't get out, I do not have the kind of guy to write. You should give us into line and you with that from an David, please name: Battista my guide new, fantastic nice to know they all look. They all their big, tough guy giant. Why I'm the biggest go there every day, Battista Circle fuck this up and take you also you look at it and by it broke in my goodness online. Those guys are all bigger than you know. One of those guys They were just like you got the spicy lesbian, looking latino girl would other headband. That's important and she probably swears lot says
like suck my dick and now she's helped bring about this point. Maybe, but I will tell you this: they got every fuckin walk of person in that movie they got everybody have to date, initially dish. It is global. They have Indian STAR, they have a good start. Big in China? Is that Michael Jai Y know that lorries from power that our stronger Komori Hardwicke Battisti? you'll. Tell us about your sister. Is artists Let's get the nicest stood the negatives, your bottom guy, the nicest guide them in a good guy too, like innocent straight up, honest got beautiful. Let's end on that, we want to test Brian and make sure there's look at this court illness thing. That's a bush, whacker fuck! I want this early in my car. Do you what you gonna do with lever. Yoyo haven't, I would not be worth there's a zombie apocalypse, I'm fuckin I'm clean and how you get behind me, get the ivy crisply as an you hold onto my belt loop as I fuck injustice,
I just car way to safety? Do want one of those things do. What would you do that ours is like? MIKE Jones Knife and tool on Instagram makes it also made me this life. It makes a nice, he does I like his nice. Then we see that was bright. How many times you wash my special support did but I've five dupe perform of you. I know what you're gonna do nice to me What's the deal raccoon, whoever that's a good bit, actually you're specials out now Netflix. What's it called again ain't? No, no oars is not a out in our minds on nice, called no pain, no pains to spend a good time but fun. Let's just The facts show Brandreth egg laying company. In twenty twenty one I want. I can stand up again. Twenty two. I do we're in Gaza avenues. We have moved to Montana do stand up. We can be free goodbye friends. Thank you friend,
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