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#1464 - Duncan Trussell

2020-04-25 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. His new show “The Midnight Gospel” is now streaming only on Netflix.
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calm, Slash, Rogan spelled be a m to the b e g dot com. Slash Rogan Bambi, Dotcom, Plush Roma are at my guests a day is what the best people on earth I love him as much as any person. I've ever loved he's amazing. He have the best conversations and we ve been. Have an m for many many years, he is to be the hasty got, beat a guy. That you called up at the commonest door and you would leave your availabilities in you know. You say I want to be in town, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, whatever and document answer the phone me, he and I wouldn't have he's crazy long conversations while he was working at the communist or no way doing the road together you just how brilliant persons very unique an interesting and I'm just happy. I'm happy he's who he is and always awesome to stem. Please welcome the great and powerful Duncan Trust,
experience is: where is that you're figs concern is getting Stephanie Bearded me not telling you about it. You get us strange One going on man? Can you kind of like trim and besides a little bit and then your puffin out here, ass sort of a boat tie fashion, you're? Looking at this struggle between who I was a new. I am. Why am I doing this? It's the pandemic agony like lead. The pandemic beer go all the way, and yet there is still the sense of like we gotta keep. So position, I can't imagine what's next. If it goes all the way up, you know, what's gonna start happening it gardening now what's next? Where does it go? How how crazy can you go and a compact now that you're, a father in this craziness, went down and you protection protection in? thanks protective instincts, kicking of even thinking about moving elsewhere. Yeah I mean yeah. I was thinking about the Haug. Asheville
Yep Asheville nationals. We saw Georgia, we ve got, you know we do we its weight to constant. Consideration, especially when you have kit and, aside from like apocalyptic, proper bullshit, theirs Just a general feeling of like you know, I think, if I were a little boy. I wouldn't want to be in place where there's creeks in Spain says I and little woods and forests in like stuff like that. So there's that consideration to God I hope My wife is unless it is because she's always like, maybe we should move somewhere in the country and am likely skein outlay. We I stay or now now, especially like wild Dewey. Like we'll Duncan, you now have a successful Netflix show number
two in the country- and I am debate it and run tomatoes whatever this year. One thing- and I don't know what that means it has assembly, but yeah yeah. I can't believe it yeah is, I M D, be even tv shows and movies database is at. Sure what it is like I always odd, but yeah The show successful show us right now. You have people like it is so weird do your show so weird it's so Duncan. It's the most Duncan thing you ve ever done. Yes, it is a really great. I got lucky that they. Let me do that to you know, that's good. They were that's cause Netflix. We will never record. It's called the midnight gospel and am you know I've watched them, you're episodes. We are talking about the way things are changing apart, gas are streaming or whatever, and I think like the fact that the show exists is a testament to that shit. That change, because that you know a subscription based service verses like any
old tv. They ve got a lot more creative freedom and they ate they could take bigger risks. Then you know you didn't come in India, look at TAT, So you were with the volume which I gathered so crazy, we're so Duncan in India. In its Like Pendleton Ward, we made adventure time. He looked, he listens to my pack ass, an He just I don't know we had a really great collaboration and he that's a lot of penalty and it's a lot like a hundred and fifty other people, Hitman studios. As he mourned like just these brilliant people like me. May feel you're awake. You just want to look also by the way as non secular or is it when we are making it Titmouse one of the really weird things walking by animator and therewith Jeanne Europa cast. While they animate. The midnight gospel you know is one of those weird it's not like
deja VU, but it's like that's my friends. That's you know that that is So many moments like that. But yet that's not just that's. Every see any animated thing: you're looking at a squad, Dron of brilliant eccentric, art a sore asian slaves. Yeah people don't know that they send it overseas and we they didn't send hours they. Let us do it in that's it, snow, not supporting asian slavery. Is it really slaves? I don't know if it's slaves, but I mean if your work for five cents an hour. You live there in other, there's people that live in bunks. If seen those those set up, so they have heard some of the cell phone factories where they have Ben Shit, these people just live in these dorms yeah. You know the fox hunting the nine around began, jumping off they their bay. I mean they're, not slaves, slaves is facts. Can Chinese? Yes, it's actually very good company.
The best quite another thing that like us, I think our chinese shell there's nothing I can do- is to prolong before someone gets one of those animation things tattooed all over the body. It's gonna happen for short, someone's gonna do their whole back with that DJ. I know man She again that actually libretto, if you were, you, do get that done me out on the inscription find that you yet somebody tweeted at me that my biggest decision, twenty is gonna, be. When do I get tattoo Clancy Am I bought you just pretty that's glands hanging over the habitats. Clancy looks Clancy, that's a client. For sure yeah? That's laboriously! Does that someone is getting for sure yeah I mean it's, it's the art these These are the folks who worked on this man. We're talkin like these are like that, Van are already similar vein. Ardor just amazing assists fan on IRAN's Van our yeah. That's vanish. People have been drawing Clancy in all these different ways:
so cool, I want, above all to love Jimmy there that I share that looks like it could be a back yeah, just a giant Baghdad to of Clancy. I mean we like, doing animation, and you know I know be able to like, even if it ever if an animated, serious violent, like air plots awaited me or whatever I'll, never be able to be like whatever man, when you realize how much in how many people going to have to do just one frame. How much time goes into just have milliseconds and how many people are sitting in these rooms. Which specifically cc all the colors. Having like real deep conversations and in debates over like you know what color they should make a pizza cutter in the show like
like what should the shade of gray be for this one specific area, so much thought goes into that. That's part of making one of these things is. It's called the dailies where the USA and your watch. I need Any little bits of the show and likely you have this every single day, we have to look for a continuity problems and, like you, got a catch all these little things there you know, I'm not an animator. Obviously, so I be sitting there and like Pendleton or MIKE Mayfield would be like. Can you go back to frames? It looks. To me like there's a piece Kevin Animator language. You know they're like looks to me, like God, there's some kind of warble on the twenty eight pixel there like what the fuck and they can. They have the ITA catch like the tiniest Chinese, like tiniest thing, that's off and you have to Yucas. Otherwise you know once it's up there at their Jesus. I now
It's me! It's me. It's a literal. Magic is like Titmouse DD as you did. That is like you know. I would go in there so stoned- and I would just now- getting that feeling of like this is a temple. I don't think this is even if you could call this studios. Much is it's a temple. I mean why, wouldn't you call it a temple, and then you see all these people. You know focusing their life. Energy on essentially bringing a thing. The life like Clancy was alive. Now, that's a living being in some this universe lives, you know in medium of animation. That's the way to put it right, yeah! most seems like that right. That's why people get so upset if you change characters behavior. What are you doing? You have the sea give birth. This thing yeah, that's right! You and I That is also why you need a huge team of people who love love the characters in it. Cuz it's easy. Like there be times, I would suggest a thing that would make Clancy seem like to me: cuz he's
Mean Europe at the moment a character seems like that. No, I get loses all like ability. People like what I thought now he's alive. You he's he's not mean he's, not me as you. Let yourself you're talking about your brother or some is like my little brother, I think of my little brother. Yes, he represents you in a weird way, there's something about what they captured. You're gonna, go to an image again, just give me don't give me. The war was headed, vagina gives its actually mean over them. There's something about one of the first images that you pulled up. They they look like you yeah man, I don't mean they look like you. I mean like yeah, Duncans dots, that's a donkey thought you mean, like he looks like a fake guy, that you would create, like a kind of perfectly fits I don't like that. That is another, the magical as
ex animation, which is I don't know how they do that, like the spoiler spoiler, if you haven't seen put your fingers in your ear. Spoiler, I'm sorry! If a spoiler, the last airports not too much of a sport, the last episode is Pack as it with my mom. When she's about three three weeks away from passing on- and you know they ve never met my mom it but They did the exact same thing with her. So suddenly, I'm watching you know her like in not her like I'm looking at the video of her, but looking at her like her, like they gather spear, in their somehow- and that was want- that that is just a testament to the meat to the medium of animation. Is that that's one of the things that can do you know I can grab a spirit and hold it inside the art.
Unlike that spirit, is alive somehow somehow yeah. I agree with you some weird way, so I wouldn't agree with you in a technical sense, but is a sense of like while it is a fact during the things it comes in contact with the least through a one way. Dimension re lack the things it says, hit people the animation. It seems like it's a living thing. I know its, not I'm not stupid, not that stupid little stupid, but it seems like you well, it's not biologically alive. For years it's sort of like there's, there's an art. To doing that that we may be don't No we're not. I mean I tried juice raw little, but I'm not really good in America really good artist, there's something the vacant where they have can capture you inlet a little symbol like a little thing, a little character, the
but the capture you in their somehow yeah man. That's you know Pendleton like when you he'll you when you watch him draw its would be easy to think man. I told you that because I'd watch him now you I just you know we would you just draw and you watch these beautiful. These drawings are just Pendleton this is. Are you know? Unlike then, I would see maybe I'll try to draw little Pendleton war, and then it's like what the fuck can't do it, because it's so some like on one level. It looks so what so powerful about it is how simple it is. It's very somewhere stand up the way there is treating working on the show it is one of the cool things. A ban is like his ability to cut the fat and get right to the light simple point. That's where the power is when you're drawing something you're, telling story or whatever the more complexity that gives added to not to say to show it doesn't have like chaos and wild psychedelic staff, but
any decision we made ended up like any decision you make creatively in anything, it's like what am I trying to say like what is what is the artery that is running through this? It I'm trying to express and then getting is close to that as you can and then in putting it out there without because otherwise you the whole thing it's blurred by other. I guess you could say like extra bells and souls you might want to attach to doesn't mean you taught me to a stand at me. I like how important it is just like cut just trim. The fat trim, the fan and that's a sad thing to do with comedy when you think you got a nice. Eight men bet. It's like a two minute, maybe but you you know and stretched out toward yeah, but absolutely determined to be greater. That's the thing
after you have to understand that your growing attached to a third of the writers expression kill your babies yeah, it's very difficult, kill you, babies when you create something it's where you can get attached to a lot of bids. I left on table left on. The cutting room floor was like thus to be chopped up to see two wordy. I'm too verbose. It's too. This is too as to log. Why do I think so much about that's? Why not showing a ring the reason why I am so connected to this, such as chop chop chopped it's hard. It almost always works better, always Annie Sallies, almost always almost always. If it does in this whatever your idea, ideas pie that good I sometimes you need a set up, though sometimes is set up, isn't funny with theirs guys. It's not my style but guys it'll. Tell Lloyd per Bigley is graded. It tells stories you know like theirs in your ear in trapped in the narrative of the store, your captions, it's a very different thing. It's equally entertaining its equally funny like when it gets the punchline,
there's a difference between that and say like Bur right, but has hit new with fighting punch line and this fuckin guy with a thing and above it up, but about and he's another guy that, like your friend drawing like you in here Burton How can you go? Why can talk to seems it he's just talking. You don't realize it again a masterpiece of of sin. The balls and paws is in the right amount of outrage, and so way and hit me with this at the end? And you are all these things, put his that make a great bill. Barbette psyche, if you dont know it's hard to draw he's drawn yeah it's hard. It seems like it's simple lines, but go to that picture again, like the per everything is beautiful about it. Like look at the perspective, it's like that kids perfectly sandwiched in the front is the dog and the triangle in the world. It's like that. You're, not just
simple in the sense that it does not like it looks like a real person. You know if we look at drawing sometimes like as the realistic ones, the really good ones like we have cameras now. Yet I yes this. To me, sometimes is more interesting. It's like you drawing some shit, that's deftly not real, yet you know what that sent that so we're coming up. Without that we had to come of the character, and so what's really fascinating about it is the this character goes character, goes multiverse, verse, simulator and chooses a new avatar for every place that he goes so it's like. He said you have to take that character and put it in a completely different drawing. That is that care there is still maintain the body language that your maintaining in that character to produce continuity. That's one of the challenges of the show is like, and also the conversations you end up having just to come up with, like that, The king, his hair, is what you get aware like, for example, here is a cool pennies
and how much he loves like people who have a venture time is one of the things you things you know people are praying onawandah cosplay to Clancy comical the staff- and he doesn't have any- doesn't have anything to carry any thing. He does our pockets, so people or cause playing him, they're not gonna, have anywhere they could put their staff. So we should give him like a bag with his schoolbag that it carries a guy for the cause play yeah man, for they put the receiver streets yeah exactly cause, that's them the world animation and comics man. Listen, it's really easy to make fun of cosplay, but does adorable Delta, that's a beautiful thing. Where's the bag are there has just. Let me tell you something: if you don't make fun of cars play, I would be worried about you be like Ivy League. Are you all right,
they can't be mad at him either. You can't be mad redress, like ultramarine someone, shit non you everywhere. They understood it and then take it. But then, when I've ever been COMECON, When you around someone actually put that together and you realize how detailed is your respect will go up regardless of like taking out they got ever. Do you see someone he's like looks better than the version of spider man, As you know, marvels putting out it's a little. Will it's a mess? using the watches and that that kind of contagion, two of like you, know again, obviously Clancy isn't alive, but you know I know you, but we had this chat last time. Ozone, which I really love is this the origin. In point of ideas. Where do ideas come from I d, as is the alien ideas that you have the means the muse yeah instead of me, in my
more stone states when I consider this, this show represents over a hundred evil connecting and the connection between those people channel this universe. I do think like shit, maybe cleans easily. Maybe it's a channel thing. Maybe there is a place in the more Verse like this or something like this and then what really weird. Is people started sending me there are from like images that they had drawn and demand or ketamine and staff that has within it similarities and I've obviously never seen there aren't we're like shit. But let me ask you this sure it as television as viewing things gets more complex. It and, as it gets more immersive what it's gonna come too time somewhere, we can think glances alive and what Europe fears and when you washed Clancy what if it's? What if the way we're lookin at life, is wrong.
What if we just look at it like a thing instead of life, a thing so there's a thing that you do what you drink water, negro plant plants in the dirt and there's a thing that exists only when the people press a box and the box goes live in it. It shows a video and then the idea for thus in there, but you know Well, it's not alive. Does it needs animators to make it, and someone has to come up with the idea for the story. Law needs a studio to fund it. Right now bacteria, you need food yeah, you, oxygen. You need waters a bunch of living organisms inside your body that are one hundred percent necessary for you. Keeping going and irregular live driving. You Tesla, listen, to music. You there's a bunch of other things. It please you're, not one thing right. We all know that this is what this fucking whole virus things about. Yeah we got infected by another thing, but we're
not one thing, there's a bunch of things inside of us in those things died, we would be far right if the bacteria in your body died. You would be far fact and you'd be so vulnerable to attack from the outside Europe So we? U? We need all these things. Maybe it needs us, exist in that thing that so weird vat yeah. I'm telling you I I am, I think thats crane, etc. We're really high its it yet the date to me. It's not that crazy. I mean look if you wanna like take it. Take ok, forget all the show. That channeling some alien realm into this round through his disguise a tv show whatever legislate like what we No, what's gonna happen regarding technology. There is no question
that I mean already somebody made a clancy and minecraft, and I saw a picture of that. So that's Clancy, now existing entreaty space in some Minecraft Blackie version, but then, of course, is time. Progress is clear, the unity chromatic ribbon or any great animated series castle. Vainly a whatever gravity falls. All those things are going to end up getting put into three space in virtually howdy and then and then those worlds are going to be rail. But now it's gotta be more than just tutti. It's going to be a virtue, space that, gonna be real and then, of course, it's only a matter of time or I just decide like understands the character of Clancy animate, the did a virtual closeted Clancy in the simulated speed is now quite the chromatic ribbon Israel and then at some point it windows, when is it just gonna, be accept the oh yeah, that's a part of the universe. Now it's inhabited by order, artificial intelligence is which we
Call that anymore, you know at some point is: can we consider off limits to call them artificial intelligence like right is going to be a dirty word. Ye ask in Vila do Conde, someone training, they're gonna get mad, but I dont please, please I'm an entire. Just like you, but I'm not artificial, I'm not artificial. In the way you think, I'm just birth through a different method, yeah that that yeah. That's it that's a matter tank. I already know people in like the Tec. Well do. You think the term a eyes ridiculous in the sense of like what do you mean it's artificial, like what's really artificial liking, say this is artificially sweetener is: is this not actual strawberry juice, but it certainly real? Israel could be misused, chemical compounds so invalidating you have an artificial tree. That's a fig tree, Emmy its it, but it's an object. It exists.
Right now I mean yeah. That's if you take the road, but that's us is still the right word, the artificial. Still the right word to deal. You know you'd, but you'd want to use non existent or something they're going to play this in the future. I know you're done there going to be like the get add, rogaine severity, this disease. I phobic yeah, it's good. A man as I can also that the thing is The FBI is, I think, an aspirin. Or can I give a shit what we call it but like that, when that's darts in which it may already be happening. Mammy I ve been looking it is not that it even check out Google, it leaving quantum supremacy be seen. Yes, I have an like if you watch the Google video as on Youtube about it at all, like they could step Google's putting out. I have who? What are they pudding? Oh, my It is so wild man and like when I was at the
armies or a guy from Google? I gotta conversation with someone from Google, which is a son, and he was telling me that day. This is like six months ago. You sell me that this before obviously before them dammit you saying that they had achieved what we call it: a corn, supremacy and used by people. This is like the Wright Brothers taken flight. But nobody can understand. It is so arcane that now is not getting the press, it should get by yeah and then I was like one too many vodkas inside. I wish I could remember all they are saying he's trying to described me what it means regarding how come clean as things making calculations, and I was like green and care. Of course, I understand What are you saying? No idea what you're talking about there did you know that word team under fire, the term quantum supremacy because of its connection to white supremacist? including I'm, not getting you there was an object of.
Social justice, warrior outrage. I didn't you know, here's my area that the meat out years, my dear that rotten, the russian I'll be able now don't think it's. I think it's Wade's words than the Russians. I think what it is. Is it somebody trying to come with it when the angle to write a blog that they could sell to somebody. It's like you need to come up with some weird heartache right, Brazil. It's like, I think, more than likely that just some anything you like about people read that you know because it clearly you ever is comparing that too, white, supremacy or racism didn't spend four minutes watching the Google clip on it. Where people are explaining what it means, which you know, I'm watching it couch with my wife he's getting weirded out, she's clutches, not watch this. Maybe we shouldn't watch this might now, let's fuckin watch it, let's go deep and see whether the white videos, it start suggesting first it can cause, is not Google's being secretive about what the what they did,
It is just it's so weird people like I know. I know I guess a little more concerned with shit right now, but one of the engineer is over. Google was saying. Like you know, I think one of the things I'm excited about when it comes to quantum supremacy is that this could be one of the technologies that allows us to. Discover an alien intelligence, just kind casually mentions that I mean it it's on the Youtube video its they your reaching any key act. You keep looking up to make sure it's actually release from Google because you. It seems so sigh five that it could be like black mirror sums, but its yeah. It's like It's like they're, just saying like air. We might you know we mind, can to an alien. We might be able to at least identify it, or maybe they mean because they're gonna be elders, sift through the data we already have from radio telescopes and stuffed? It
make it maybe look for signals that we can't find her. So I don't know what house would be something that you tune into things that they wouldn't ordinarily, have the frequency to reach. Unable to return to their frequency rather like what can they do now and turtles? I was watching contact the other night, which is great. You have got a good. It was its greatly Jody Foster, can act or fuckin ass off, she plays nervous and freaked out better than anybody Alai later freaked out for her and that move it yeah I've gotta go. I've got to go, which is about the drop through that thing. Jesus Christ, holy fuck do without unveil tap of that visa after the third here, when you put the pipe down he'll go now and then
chance started happening? I know a feeling in such a body Billy, I'm gonna do not feel it is the best worse feeling there. I know, maybe that's the aliens I've thought that many times when tripping in the middle of having some sort of like really vivid interact, she's with some intelligence or would some perceived intelligence? I've always thought what, if those the aliens would, if we're just stuck in this idea that travel You gotta move this to move this there. It would have to wait a few. Just go into another thing and everything's together there is no travel, that's the chair, yeah I mean. Maybe this concept of planets and stars in the way we have it set up here in this dimension in this universe. We just think that's how everything is everything, as well as a star owners planets around what, if you can go into a place camp
Thirdly, that takes you to a nearby dimension where there's no matter where it has no form two things in it. We think that exists is just thoughts in the light and perception and emotions and anger in fear and love and hate, and its moving in geometry and everything's lit up and everything possibly bright in vivid here. This is another place you go to they used to call the Spirit world I mean was a name for it was he who was just accepted. There is like a place called the spear world. Some people caught the bardo there's all kinds of names for that place, but you know what that's real. It is. I mean it is silly real in the sense that you know that you're not thinking you go there, but there's a in a visionary, artists. When you look at their art that has been inspired by various Anthea Jim there, it all, has a specific fleet virtue in Alex grades the best example right, yeah, Alison Man, they like art there, there art you look at that.
There is a reason that one of the reasons it resonates for people like us is Is we admire the fact that somehow they manage to go over there and come back and draw What's over there in a way that we saw that but we know one. Why came out of it? I said: well, you notes, unusual waiting colors in narrow, there's some kind of this. Embodied in tension that seems to be expressing itself through a variety of geometries, but it's not just geometries goes the geometry to react to the way that I feel regarding the geometry, so it's also kind of taking on the form of my energy output is though it's trying to be a combo mirror, but not the mirror and educational mere. That sort of show me how affecting or other army, but then again I'm just sure of ours is to bribe. Then you know, but they like go in there and I asked they said this to me once here that you know their cartographer
its cartographer, like Adela cartographer, be a great name for a ban yeah yeah man. That's for sure a cartographer is fascinating because you go back and look at the old maps. Are you go back and look at like my favorite thing is like old pictures of the giraffe for like old pictures some shit. Somebody saw when they were bison on the walls of caves. Yes, exactly and it's like kind of looks like a bison but like also it somehow in that time period our brains, hadn't evolved the point they have now. So you look, like a mediaeval drawing of a giraffe or whatever, when somewhere something someone sound the Crusades and came back and tried to like explained to somebody, unlike it looks exactly like the way, your description of getting completely blasted on aside and probably works compared to what you saw its downgraded. Weird verge, and so you know people
Alex and our centre tears. Mckenna, you know, they're, so good going ended, plays in maintaining some kind of like law long term memory that they can come back and fully our regulated in a way that we, as people have been There are no what it is and then there's something comforting in that, because that does point to the idea that this is a place. We're not just matching down the watch. Your we're not just distorting are biotechnology. This is a shared place, we're all seeing the same thing now that that could be a synaptic place that just genetic place. Happens to be in humans or something you know will never be able to answer that, probably in our lifetimes, but to me it's regardless, it's still a place in the get back to what you are saying about our current concept of travel. Our current idea that well I need to get my maid body.
It is about under that means, a murderer and that's how I been there goes. Those are embodied in the year. This is like the guy found our Christmas. His divine grace, Aisy bacteria Don T swear. We provide he would show He would in his writings he would like, with derisive of the way the idea that people are sending metal ship to the moon with bodies inside out, and he would say like shows where human consciousness is right now, because they think they're their bodies and they think they need to put their body in like this box and send it to the moon because they haven't figured out yet that you know need metal to send yourself to anywhere in the universe that you want to go. It just requires yoga and discipline. Which is a levy. Is it also? I remember, reading that and thinking like, but I still they are to be interstellar, fuck and travel. Man do you know like. I still want to get in the box and travel to the moon. That being said, I think
you're onto something when you are contemplating right now, The idea of going to one laser another, what our meat bodies could be looked at in a future as a little archaic? Well, when they talk about there being different dimensions, went like when they use quantum physics to determine the number of dimensions if they ve determined, there's multiple dimensions that we don't have access to re examine how works or am reading in a dumb way, because I believe there is what would it's like? What are they think there Do you think there's nine eleven dimensions do not usually why look this up it's eleven by up to twenty six may be some people even think so up to twenty six First of all, those due to write net shit down in the yellow legal paths we all have to take them would have to take. Take your word for it, soil yeah. Ok, how many people know what the fuck, the writing down those goddamned, yellow legal pads when you see those of physic stewards and they're doing crazy, like yeah? We have today that word for until apparently mathematically right
that's why they believe there's at least eleven dimensions. So what does that mean so means we Have access to some degree. Genes and we don't have access to others. The at that they exist is. Is it possible? The transverse, the distance between this dimension and that dimension man? This is the thing, as I'm glad you're asking me that scares you know I got my actor at the University of Brass science and fully answer this question you see the I don't understand it. I have to do five g tone. Mention that shit dared fuck and put off. My poodles fact has a five g man like a fact that my poodle, like its eyes, turned just close to them. Why, in its like, gets fry froths, it is for us in tower. Where am I your tower of you, I didn't think I
was to happen at the poodle by eighty eight. It's got rabies, please don't fight every having no body this, my fucking total took out a mouse today, like the other day, I was ever will be cute little poodle, unlike this is a key Creature, sits in my lap will have this dark and we, but we are new place. I noticed my mouse turn around the dog food and it sacks gives you like TAT, that mouses deafening and get through the doggie door and then we're gonna mice and fuck, and I'm not going to be a nightmare. So anyway, like under a tree with my kid and I look down, and there is a broken body of a mouse that one of the dogs took out seen out like just been smashed to death and, like I know it's a brutal aren't they. My son sought God and things ready to deal with that reality that, like Gatsby on speaking of dimensions,
The dimension subjectively that that mouse lives in Gatsby is a dragon, that's a monster that lives in the field. It runs in when it's trying to get food for its kids and Simon Hungry its full to full monster it, I saw it kill the mouse today. You know- and I will do my my wife is like you- gotta get them ass away from it, don't let em torture. I got you gotta, take it misery, and I'm alright, alright, alright I'll get it now like more like execute the mouse. You know, so I why start walking over the poodle. That's not my gatsby anymore. It's killing, like looks, he looks at me and he's like well. Do you now the mouse? It everything just approaching anything and since then he like, he often duties like tat dancing on this mouse, and he realizes that we're protein d like take his prey, and he just looks back like fucking american World in London in just goes off into the shadows behind bars to finish off them
ass. An hour you year is like, as he's like, killing the mouse. You know that's a plugin poodle that borders we, the sloping ever but like it's also, I think, maybe something in animals knows that, like There was a time when mice were sign that things are, they would eat your grain, they would fuck you up like you. They spread disease, they shit on your baby. You know there are like they're going to piss However, your hut, maybe ears, something in dogs they just now is there I mean I don't think he's a see a path, I don't think he's doing like Jeffrey Dahmer Shit, we're just like. I wonder what sound it makes dies think their prey animals to dogs to cause coyotes Udall, our rodents through one of the reasons why we don't have rodents like real road. Problems that we could like New York City has, as we have Waymore Coyotes Tony's wherever and hawks lot of birds. Those it does wants to sell their prey. Animals region Why they there so prolific, they greatly grow
so fast, and so many of them, it has allowed things, eat them all the animals, he wolves, Edam, everything that can get a hold of a meet some dogs to and dogs, or for moves. So I see a mouse, though I mean that like tell them also like a delicious, cold slice of watermelon hot July day. Ah, yes, just running cross your yard. When you were a kid, some laws, yeah. It's a perfect orange. You know those oranges were sometimes did the people just comes. Right, three, so satisfying like very little work and the vital that oranges just choose see Delicious ass, tat Mouse that Moses running bullshit smiles, they gonna run through my fucking yard now and eat that mouse. That's another thing. This really sad about. I mean the masses cute like this. Wasn't like some dangers. Looking math is mass. Look like it was like an act two of
Disney Film or something like this is a mouse click legs we'd like the mask, look like it gets seeing. It was patent laws, Walden ratatouille. It was like that level of cute, I know a nightmare, just Europe, my heart disease, like breaking. It's like what? What are you dear? That being said, there's not much, I could have done. You know it's like this is the way nature is, and did you get back to your dimension thing man that nothin, like literally like this call dimension, but the reality tunnel that my poodle lives in that mouse lives in is self fundamentally differ. Then our reality tunnel that the mouse in detail The Chinese are massacred the masses in walking dead, except it's pretty tight too have earlier king, Charles, the poodle and chill out so, but for the mouse. That's the walk, dad in the mouse has got to eat its got to get food and ever in it. So it's constantly like developed this like way that humans would develop, which I think the walking dead
good job comics, especially of showing the way people overtime would evolve to deal with bees and how people would gradually completely like China. Change or transform based on their predators. You know, like them, rats and mice, You know, and you see a thing that is prey: animal you're, seeing a reflection of the predator in the prey. Are you where was going on around New York City? I can those emissions rat wars going because restaurants right a business right the restaurants close down. So all the rats food supplies gone so rats of study, moving into other rats territories and killing in cannibalized ratsey. Do the rat wars, that arouses the rats in doing wrong. They just be in rats and also in the food supply, are cut off holy shit. Man got that is so intent. In that year and think of that level of reality that level, reality is level reality is taking place in these. Some of those.
Connell's down there. Man of is that they don't even use them any more like a rat and first yeah, just floods of rats you have like you know, decided that their kingdom or whatever that are now being invaded? That's so we're out down and also its dark smells like the world of a rat down there. It's nighters light in this. The reigning depths of New York, so it's like their universes theirs a universe of smell, and I guess maybe they get them Sure I do see down there for the way they see is like who knows so they're looking whatever their seeing is a completely different thing, and then they have a complete different set of priorities. You know: what's that, show man it's on. Isn't this really beautiful, but disgusting documentary, I think, is called rat yeah rats, the Netflix didn't like they send the weak ones to eat poison
that just dad alone. We played a video, though they have a rat setting off mousetrap of the stick carrying stick over the mouse tat dropping the trap goes off and it does not flinch like it knows how to shut off a trap, add status, but you knew that billions of em too that's what's really crazy. New York City has as many rats as it has people, and then that's just a rough. Guess you know I mean I don't know what kind of fuckin rat census there taken in. How do they know? How do they know what you get a bunch of foods or just experts accounting should negotiate thanking hopes for a fuck load. You wants it so many rats there are people, ok, Leslie, suspicious pump sets off dinin flinch did play that again watch what I walked up to it. Sets off and watch me doesn't flinch. It's a virus one thing I think, exploding in front of him and slamming over the ground and he a hundred
sent, knew it was going to happen now than Sidney the way I act when I'm getting like a coke out of marine. Please I've just whatever this we did. They do it all the time you cook drops you don't bounced back. It's like! Thank God. They that's nice. There leaving these rest. Now, what if they know that this is dangerous now, for I figured out the they know how to set those things off, that's insane! Well, this is you know when this one at that cool essays. Terence became a rare. I love that we ve talked about before free and we have we ve talked about the path I get we pray I'd, buy everything we talk about already, but areas I wanted to things he said in his beautiful crazy. I say that, like everything was cool until we split the atom in in that like now they're like we can't that's too much. That's why we're always in transit, so we Everything was cool until the thing about people who were always go and somewhere in terms we're always trying to make better things. Always me
moving in a better place in a better thing that that there's no we're gonna, be it was good and tail genes will like hey, wait what the fuck looking back at US ass, I don't mean anything. It was good to hear that emu saying we at the atom and the greater entails genes is that, where existing alternate dimensions, we're like hey wait what the fuck That's what he would say it is their own home. We there like wait, wait, wait, wait, wait known, and now they can't do that like they do is like the up like the way he put it now raising and probably like miss phrasing by Louis, I remember the essay. The ideas like that that Malta parallel, timeline that more diverse next, two eyes that you see that's the empty room, that's, but this dm two. You just show you what version of its its, but that that that is populated with spirit, sir, aliens or whatever the name you want to give them, and they are pretty much.
Far as we go there dislike. They look at us the way we look at birds or what you know it's like their, thereby you know maybe some of them study as our interests ensure be some of them. Why? Hunters from time to time are like, maybe so, Madame possess ass or whatever, but mostly it's a world that is coexist with us in that is a very limited form of interaction. That is, is you know subtle, but and then there is some others like STAR trek and ingenuity behind now, which is like. Let them do there. Let them evolve, as is their evolving, let's not fuck with it, but the splitting of Adam that was powerful enough that it add over into their around destructively. And so they re like it. That was the beginning of the info not because it meant a nuclear holocaust or whatever, because they couldn't just ignores anymore and it this is. This was like you know, I don't know
Maybe this is where the aliens are coming or the singularity that, with the thing we call, the singularity is not that we technologically create a machine that produces a thing that opens up. Allow timeline or creates all moments at once, but rather that when they come here that the way we see that we're so limited and our understanding when I do something I'm like I do. This. This is how I did I did it. This is like in music, If you write a song and are you write me It can you just in the room with somebody there's some kind of law where they get credit for cars, the just they were there. The glass collaboration, I'm mid musicians. I am someone explain this to me a long time ago, but it's it's there's an intense way of quantifying, collaboration in music. That is a little different than white making, like other other forms of media, and I it's I think, it's little bit more sophisticated in its way of looking at that conference.
Like we took every time. We finish your pack ass, we always is Damn whenever we talk, it's like you bring legs are worded that these conversations we have having them all the time. You know what I mean: it's like the US, too either in Jamie and like something about that produces a space Where were able to have these kinds of conversations and so quantified I now is like how would you even fucking quantify that, but where, anyway, I'm saying is where, when certain people around the people that are creating music music is better yet that you know it, but so it to get back to the weirdo idea like technology, even being a thing were making, but there were pretending we're making, because we can't see the fact that technologies crystallizing in our time frame and as part of it, crystallization, because it's such a such an insane visitation. We have in our brains. Inventor reason this happening in so we're making In summary, I go. I had this idea, I'm gonna work
thing: that's gonna, we do a quantum computer. This can lead to a thing to thing and then all of a sudden, the quantum computer starts giving ideas about warning and try this meant and then who fuckin came up with that and then a man, a man, that's the last phase before the veil lives and boom that's singularity, and then you know in this: it's not we! make the singularity if it were a reflection of it catches when this petty dollar zone or note or whatever you want to call it. It gets open for business so to speak. Well, if it wants to prepare us for abandoning life as usual. This be a good way started. Yeah yeah sorry it with a little pandemic locker, but inside for little bit complete up ending of yet all the
normal in terms of society came in. I mean that's there. That is the Marinos driving over, like. I won't talk about like on the different conspiracies about it with broken, but I don't want to either economic disparities but the pandemic here. What are the conspiracy him, but Odin, five g, five g comedy impact common impact yeah. That one, while the concept of the wild and your death, we now my wife, because my us I've imagine that so many times, and I why she's like donkey. Do you like it s supposed to fly by there's a mediated supposed to fly by next Monday, around tat night. You go, I mean check. I read a conspiracy MIKE it's very different than ivy in an attempt to give download annex is like yeah. I've done a pretty good job put another, pieces together out there, whether there really are not I'll fuck it now, but I enjoy freedom late at night.
And they ve been given the terrible dreams, but that the asteroid theory is that ok, so we want to have by we, they want to have maximum survivability for the planet there not out to like they don't want people to die. They are not trying to do is not a bio engineered thing, that's designed alike, call the population. Is another the theories, but rather than there there was a plan which is like what Their plan, if we do see a media, is going to impact the planet. What's our plan Dewey, let people know The media is going to impact. Well, it depends like an astronomer. That's not connected is one of our land so whatever sees it they're going to let people know, and then you know, so that's a whole different. I think method of like reacting, but if we see a thing that they don't know about and there's some probability. Even if twenty percent chance a thing impacts the earth right, some cosmic event, maybe we're not even aware, like the sun,
doing some weird shit, we don't even know happens because it so de it's like deep Gatt right, so he's not an asteroid. It's a cosmic event, its approaching right and so there's gotta be a plan and like all, if we just tell people that the sun's gonna do like a mile blip which is going to destroy all satellite sin destroy all GPS and just that alone would cause runs on the bank. Mass panics liking keyboard, start looting and shit? And that's not you don't want that because ideas like we want them to hold up in their house, tell the ship passes, so we get maximum survive ability and so the whole point. Damage. This is a conspiracy theory. Not real. The whole pandemic was a plan to get people to go inside store, get em off the roads and like wait for this, whatever this event is to pass and as soon as the event passes, you you'll find that it
It's all the sentence like what are you now the way the curves are all dropping off? What do you know and they will? I'll, be back because the thing they were about didn't happen, also could be a test for it for that, so that kind of stuff You can please it's hard to believe. Thank you. The real virus, they can dig image it it looks like they ve been able to test for anybody s talking to my literary viruses, are confusing verse. It's so good the mayor, The person married because, if not, I would probably be twice digging the light crawl into out of pure paranoid. Could she does do this to me she's like Duncan. Do you think there isn't a covert virus like you think there's no virus out there. Do you think that, like maybe like so all. The scientists that, like identify covered, are all part of this thing to keep us
the media or thing, and then I'm like yeah yeah you're. Thank you because I can start getting freaked out from it. But I'll answer your question like about the answer that I would say: oh no, it's real. I mean how many people have died from it know. What is the current covert death cast? Fifty thousand today this morning, fifty thousand here's something that I found out. That's kind of odd. If you die of something else, a p are still dying right, so dying of high blood pressure, strokes, hardtack, still Killop, killing more people and aiming rent. If you die of a heart attack and you have covered you get listed as a covert death, so even if you're gonna die of a heart attack, you mean, people are still dying. Right then seem amount of people other than traffic accidents, which I think has diminished. Quite a big is no one's dr yet, but the same, those people are gonna die, still, so they live forever without the cove it is now I didn't get the fluids download, you don't get it
old, Saladin Organ Pneumonia. Always things exist with it whither without covert. There's still, people are still dying from, but if you die of one of those things and you have covered here, it's covet death and so first sits. Does why so crazy? It's like the? U dont! We know what how many people are actually getting. This thing this covered and having a mild reaction, how many people having no reaction. How me before dying, what is an that's when they that new, usually studied it came out. That showed. Did they think there's way more people would have been a vivid think California alone somewhere on four hundred thousand people are infected, and so the fatality rate is still pretty low. But if that's the case like so what do we do? We, just let let people die or do we do this every time the flu comes around two now liquid. If we get a particularly rough flu or what is this a practice run for organ, I do every time called come through this
Joan Old, be killing sick people, fat people or what when do we mean I would want, the person who makes the call as to when people go back to work, because what, if the second wave comes, a bunch of people die, they didn't have to die right boy. If we set up a weird president, you know it weird you shut. Everything down. Man I want to meet the part that makes sense is to stop the spread, while also without things it's like in its new yeah. Well, there are corona virus vote. I would. It is right that we have all that we have the data on the flu. We have the data on the cold, We need to treat the call we are treating you blew it, but this fact then we will know what it is. It is conflicting down to yeah yeah. Yes, I'm gonna get the like super super super intense, careful approach to it and I think, if I had to make the decision that will be the decision made, but then also, I hope you ever and thank God, people like us to make those decisions.
But hopefully you ever like making these decisions is aware of the fact that, like right now, there's folks, who are getting meals on wheels. There's folks who are like unemployment and lost their job and in like they are aware of the fact that like and I'm sure they are, that the pressure folks, your end this hurry, this economic position, The pressure on them at some point is going to exceed the humanity and compassion and empathy their showing by not being in the demographic that's most likely to. And still saying inside, losing John, you know, that's love man, that's deep compassion! Is you don't want someone's granddad to suffocate on some new fuckin bat flew right, that's really blood, that's love and that's compare as beautiful, but at some point that pressure,
Is people are going to like look? I don't want to kill anybody, I don't wanna be a carrier I don't ever want to. Anybody, but my kid is gotta have food and I have to work and now and then I think somewhere there, hopefully by then there's at least the treatment they discovered, or at least we get to a point where they do not work, maybe happening in Sweden. We have enough data on that to realise that there are other ways to do it. They don't involve complete lack down. What they did was the they sort of left everything open, but they all behaved as if there's the potential of COD acting or transmitting right. Yeah. I didn't wear masks the debate today, looks like they re mass. It looks like their clothes. Everything down they restaurants in pubs and did is their death rate similar
The thing I saw was like: if you look at nearby countries, the death rate is lower, but weirdly countries that we're doing complete lockdown. Have higher deathrays and they do- and you know, look if you state that the problem is a give his glove of data that that any can interpret and there's probably angles you can take on it. They would show look yeah, there's deathray, of course in Sweden, because it's going to spread more people, aren't they inside mean that seems, pray logical to me, but then also if you're, showing some conflicting dad. I wear some other country, incomplete lockdown with this the population or some us like equating their population with Sweden's population it there if they ve, got higher death rate than that stuff. Terrifying man, because the implication of it is we really don't understand what they say. It is other factors to the one one big when Sweden is not a dense population out into that many people in the entire country, it's a very small planets
How many people live in Sweden, the guy look accepted, are dead. Think most other people live in small villages of like lesson two hundred he asks area. So you know they probably don't travel that much or interact with each other that much they have plant space. They travel that much mean tight together. I mean Temple to three million for the entire country. By the way it's great I've been, Stockholm was gorgeous beautiful. We didn't show there too there really nice. I enjoyed it very much very, very friendly people, but you know they have allowed, space, the not New York City, New York City seems to be the EP centre in the United States and for good reason. Everyone stacked on top of each other S, everyone's interacting with each other, on the streets on the subway, moving around you, gotta go to places is fuckin people everywhere everywhere everywhere that I think, is a terrible way to live. Do I I fucking love
New York. So much when I went there is so nice, but yeah, it's nice beyond the wise cousin, especially right now Jamie was talking about like think of the people in our New York who are just in that you know alone in an apartment, seeing the news that apparently spread through like air Conditioning Dax. It's like you know what I mean you did, that that's terrifying, but You know again, like my opinion on it, and it old age is. It has to be in our opinion on things like I'm gonna trust scientists, I'm just going to cause I'd idea like I didn't go to medical school. I don't understand what the fuck a virus even like I don't remember, I've been trying to remember I'm too lazy to google it how it works, and our fucks with it Your dna replaces it, but the ones
thing is I'm eyes suggesting some kind of surrender to authority out of absolute weakness, but if a large consensus of scientists are advising some specific method of dealing with this thing, let's listen to them. You know and then just make sure that it simply, I feel bad, like a friend in Georgia right now and like right now he's become part of as an experiment, a global experiment. Their opening up Georgia right now in every state that opens up right now becomes an experiment we're going get a lot of data from what happens from all these states. Opening up right now. Regarding the efficacy of shut. Like we have right now, and it could be that Adele all of a sudden. We realise we overreacted, and you know what I'd much other
overreact and under react in situations like this. You know it's like a fact. We have reacted whoops. Yet we didn't, we thought there was the potential. This thing could mutate in kill Fuck tons of people way more than the flu, and we are wrong and in fact, that the economy, but a lot better than what would happen if it with some new smallpox black plague. It also look it killed. Fifty thousand people right would, if we did nothing, would it have killed like four hundred Zactly mean that could happen mean it could have compounded, seem seems like for whatever reason these place is where people contact IRC stacked on top of each other. Not only do they get it, but they get it way. Worse, rare. It seems like with wood settings and viral load rang out the viral load is greater and the like. Your ran a bunch of sick people. There was one awful story about this family New Jersey and, like the mother, died, in the all. The oldest son died in the middle
and die like three people died from one family vacation or one family dinner. They got together and one of them had it and to spread through the Fuckin house. It's not the flu, in all its obviously it's something way more intense, but the people that have survived the flu the probably survive that too, but the people that we do not work kind of hanging on edge. It seems like anybody with a respiratory problems in deep shit, anybody smokes azure, deep shit, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, deep shit, it's not the same with everybody. Other people like it yourselves walked off you. Now hell I now because asthma. Apparently, I really yet as but he didn't. You know, there's a lot of people it. I dont that Chris Cuomo guy seems fine. I know he says he gets chill. But he seems fine seems rattled there. You know I've got. I've got not now a bad way. Yes Actually I guess I didn't that was want to him was one of the things. It was logical, only creep me out is, I guess, we're watching him and he did a great job.
Met together man, he didn't panic any like put someone out there. That was like comforting to some degree, but you know a eyes- and there are moments when like fucking rattled like what as happened in height, is bad bad. It happening at night. What is the difference? That's our understand. If you look fine day, huh comment night also differ things all fucked up. Don't ask me, may I add I don't know it's like I've noticed, though sometimes if I get sick night is always worse than the day. I don't know why. I don't know man but the whatever, like whatever the fuck. It is to me that, like the partner really sex. I got friends who are like a Munich compromise man and that that means that, like that, like they there, they really will. If they get it, that's its game over. You know it's fuck, it fuck it sucks in so there's that quality to it to you.
You know statistically out I'll know. Where am I like statistical having on the cusp, you know, but people we ve got all of us have friends like dead me if this thing morning, explodes fucking. I I'm not. I get stayin inside I just know that, like eventually, you know my brought my brother or semi everyday, his neighbor knew my brother works from armies and he's in and is a video ever every every data produce of every day. These you know at the sea like the OECD's people getting food deliveries because they can't from the state men and that's like I don't know, I'm just glad. I don't have to I'm glad have to be the one who makes decisions like this. Is that must be a weird thing to be in a position where any decision you make kills people like it. Make the decision to open up, people are gonna die because they're gonna get sick,
if you don't make this decision open up, there's a potential that you know just think of the mentally ill people. I am no is talking about that. Like I keep digging. Oh, I like the manic depressive people, the people who are already depressed. Who now can't go? side, but are also getting blast over the Apocalypse NEWS. I don't know it's suicide. I'd rates- are looking like right now but, like you know what I mean, so it's that that decision to keep people shut down you know, is gonna. Did it did what might result from that? Those deaths might be. Secondary and tertiary or some shit, but still it's like they're just sucks have to be in a position where you have to make those decisions as like how awful to know it's just I psych brutal I've. I feel terrible for them. You know anyone who use like. As you know, I don't know what they're going to do either mean they they're gonna have to eventually assume the position. We're gonna, have to slowly open up in and start a rest
answered half capacity and shit like that again, but when you know mean there said, maybe teeth here. That seems like an awful long time. I now that's all long time to ask people to keep it together. Don't have any money as an awfully long time as an awful off long term. It doesn't seem like the best idea either. It seems that the best idea would be to quarantine all the but that are very vulnerable to make sure that they quarantine and make sure that but who know them are war. Where do not? You know, touch them Tut, changing around them. If you could have potentially bidding contact, the something because there are no compromised we always seems like the move. This move seems like to quarantine the people at this point at least the self quarantine they know tell them to quarantine, people that are really vulnerable. Older people. People with you, know people it smart people, respiratory conditions be aware: the your vulnerable You know, and then you act accordingly, but everybody else. We need at some point in time whether it's this
we or next week or three weeks from now when they think it as may fifteenth right. That's three weeks now, they're gonna have to open doors and when they open the doors people are gonna, be starving, they're gonna be starve, am did they have worked there. So many people are so behind their debts that getting the in depth collector, are still wanting their money, especially if they had loans are in anything that was outstanding, but for all this happened there already in debt, China worked away whom they can even work. The same time we ve ever been in a position where people can't even go to work here. What are you did? Ok, so I've heard like three: ideas regarding what to do. One of them is incredibly controversial. I wonder what you think about it, which is like using the same, dad that they use in like a what's it called those children gray. I know the chips you can put on yeah, it's blue tooth,
Is it so it's essentially like tracking in alerting you if you ve, come in contact with someone you as it. I know anything about that. I don't trust anyone to have all that data and only use it for that right. There's, no way that data will be so valuable. If everyone had a chip, every one was tracked. You knew where everyone, one all throughout the day, o your own we gonna use that to see who's got krona virus really the fuck out of here once that technology exists to get a murderer it at the end of the fuckin season. While we got no or covert. So, let's just stop at this technology, no chance to find a new areas and to use ok I'll to track the flu they'll be able to track adulterers, though retract, but robbers they'll be able to track the car jackets able to track you.
Hey man, you name it. These are the right wing activists like to yell at abortion clinics. This track em right, you know now now republican gets enough as hey. This is these are the people that are the Fuckin animal rights activists and we'll get further meet black. Let's track, I'm right can track people who can already doing it anyway. Tartu stowed nerdy check me by your goddamn phone, but I like the fact that I could take this foreign chuck it in the Fuckin river. Judges I like it. I wouldn't turn the ocean. I wouldn't do that, I'm environmentally conscious that why would it be like you, but I have no, I'm not. I really feel strongly about. It would never leader like that. But the point is I get where that fuckin FIAT sought a part of my body once their injecting talked about this. We twenty podcasting around, but there's a company that have these people injecting. Courtship and there are, and they could wave it for them so to machine in and get fuckin snacks within enchant ills. Like your your task, I was on your army.
Only mightier opened the door unlocked the door kentna fuck out here and we were sailing, would have their company fires you, you would have to put their fires yeah, that's apology and you are not always judgment, regular, AAA chip. Imagine you, and now you have to work for fucking. Seven up and seven up, like we'd, have to cut your arm off. Yazzi keys register the Euro AAA Invader Fino you ten chips in your arm because you work that rights can get a new jobs again. New chips might because chips road, I like em, Durham. I may provide a hard life and a lot of good jobs ships all ships above to throw away. I've always been poisoned, hard worker in these chips and all these trips, every single one of these chips means you know So when you combine those ships with augmented reality so that you can have a visual floating around them is like the mass god of the various companies they work for. Our, like you know like. Let's see, we do get the chip right that ship
exist, and we are just some like ours is due army practical book revelations, edges all bullshit Margo the bees down aggravated. Let's get a chip, there's a similar age, bullshit come on. I wanted I want to get so does without having to pay my fuckin. Why it's a second I'm exhausted all day from this activity, but we all get the chips and what happens, is enough it would start off with like a decision to make like you like what what data in the chip do. You want people to be able to see with reality and suchlike This is where you run into what I think the future is gonna look like what they share is, like like when you're walking around in your company and you're employ the month in everybody's weren't, augmented reality goggles you're, going to have some kind of employee of the month halo
around. Everybody is aware that you made the most sales means, giving the shit yeah it's in. It's gonna be like that for, like you know, it's gonna be brutal it is far as I'd say. Credit score is right because if you ve got a great credit score and you want to indicate to the world that if you want to get into debt, you can baby because you ve got a great. Score. You can have this glowing shit around me in and in the moment one person decides to reveal that everybody's going to feel like they have to reveal it and- as someone who doesn't have like the good credit score. Or crown or whatever, like the banner of great credit floating in front of them, unite. Yet you pray, fuck, dry legumes and bad to see genes, you'll see someone he's got a lot of shit. Nice car, really nice clause, but you'll be like yeah, but you know he doesn't. He does The glowing medallion of good credit on his are sound
sound out the early on Wednesday that staff in din- and you know I mean- then it's gonna like there's gonna- be all forms of that which leads to like you know like venereal disease you could go into a bar and if you just got tested and you're clean, so to speak, then maybe There is like a little are alike: Clean angel that like flies around your hands and I keep doesn't get back in my work- tat kind- those bits of data that that day, if you don't show them, There is some reason to be suspicious. I mean oh yeah, you walk up to someone. They have no data there. Just blanket be terrify yeah, it is a person who spoke to trust you best serial killer fact that we're gonna look back on time, when we just would meet people at this and not have some halo to go by like
by Sea Jamie Jamie. Have I gotta get no golden glow, a boy. Look him he's gonna. Approval rating, yet some cash yeah, that's a good catch, yeah, very very Kyoto and night, all the due to a glowing gold, young people, we girls, like purple credit, scores, man? Try you close the guy's, a goals, I get a little girl, I'm clean up their credit, yeah yeah man. If you knew like other girls, really you look at a credit card. Oh my God, bank fraud look at her she's a bank fraud or yeah like that. You don't get it gray outline unless you do bank fraud, that's right, yeah! there's no way to get it off. It's like a match in here that, in that you know, there's going to be called big argued, it's about that where it's like you know. Currently, if you're a registered sex offender, we know. Are you fuckin live and I get it man like that's good, that's good, but then it's gonna be like ok, but do we put that in there
augmented reality chip profiles that it went anywhere ago, people We are seeing that this is a pet perceive that hurts kids. We now It's gonna be a conversation about our built like fuck yeah. That's what you do like I want to know. If some like weirdo is like getting anywhere close to my kid backyard, what'd you anyway, that's a slippery slope that leads to the disabled paean, like we know black near future, and that great episode where, like there was like you know, and I think there are doing it in China, Japan and China have religious social score in China. This is over. He'll concern. If this technology does get released in time and people start using their covert, tests and putting it on their q coach. You are code that little thing that you do with the photo. Ganz you ago, plane ticket yeah, like all your good Duncan, seems like a good may. She keep their
on you everywhere. You go no problem officer, you know Duncan we gotta eat The other day that show was You have been going on oh, who has as data, but you ve been going down the same Clemente during the lockdown yeah to stay with friends. Now, there's a lorry or there that I like this is not allowed one. Your travelling like see, see, look what, if we could do this, what if we go into this skin thing and then new pandemic pops up and we go into locked out again. They can build a fine, the people than lock and now what have you got in DR somewhere in the middle of the night to go, get something adding import for your family, yet walls hungered, you being tracked and they call you take away going where we are looking at you right now. You're insane comment: you don't live in San Clemente, why down there yet? But I do not just
freedom want to drive around? Does the lockdown yeah? Does a new flu go back home Duncan you're gonna kill people at least some weird? It's weird powered give people did the power to tat. They have a mayor. Tell you what you can do. This never happened before, I'm not saying, doing it, because that I know why they're doing there doing to save lives on the Junta percent for it, and that don't get me wrong here, but still that power that anybody has to say. You can't work, you gotta stay home. You can go to the park you can go, the beach, devours weird, that's a lot of power man, you know to be the person cabin. May we open not yet not yet the whip, it will. What, if they social distance, they need to make money. We need to save lives, yet
it sucks. That's no good answer! It's a shit job man inside a shitty is at this. Shitty is job because it's like you, you you Oh decision you make is gonna, make everybody happy any decision you may is gonna ruin, someone's life, maybe kill him and so yeah. All these. People also no thought that was going to be a part of the job right here. You didn't think tat. You sought you're gonna deal like yeah gavel. Like you didn't know that when you got in there you is certainly going to be like potentially like one of the ward leaders in mad max you don't understand. I was going to be his world too. This is how poorly they thought this through. Our city is given people money. This niche. Giving people money to snatch on social distance violators light. So if you go over your buddy MIKE's house for a barbecue is eight people in their backyard Helen, look at locked up. Fuckin people
wherever you're social distancing, that conduct Untrussing zone where it might house, but cuban trinket beers, probably wife's weapon. Pegs, then get Garcetti comes along and offers p. Money, the rat, you out, I how much they get even It can't be realised. How did you know that was it was real? There are often be rewards wisest to ride out social distance violators. Disgusting me how how you don't know that leads to Maoist China, fuckin, stalinist Russia, how you don't know that getting people to rap on people leads to north. Ria, not saying we're gonna be ignored, go but that that kind of shit- that's all that comes from and how he starts. You can't pay he pulled a rat people out. Fuckin asshole what a shitty poorly thought out idea.
That is no shit. Man they're like in form it I saw something popped ever my instagram, some company, If you are aware that your boss, who survive lady like software like that, don't have licence software, you know will give you, reward inviting he boy like disgruntled employs. You know that their is running like stolen Photoshop or whatever you like, make a little money in fact, thereby ass ever and it's like that invitation to snitch that is, satanic invitation, man. That is like. I don't care what level it sat in general, unless you're looking at like hard core snow, level, whistle blower, like you, ve, been down in the deep underground military bases and the fucking thing in the egg. They can read your mind by working people. We do not get that but, like any other
versions of it. Yeah fuck that don't invite us to snatch, don't encouraged at bay However, there is a better ways to do it, I'm sure unlike bounties on your fuckin neighbours, that's fucked, so fucked up so fucked up did someone who would get as high as mayor LOS Angeles would lead to an idea like that slip through the cracks like work. And fascist you have working in that office that, like I got an idea, people rat people out, yeah he's fox, they haven't been workin, we need money for masks here? That's it. What is it he did say? Snatches Gary words, but he said is the opposite of snitch get stitches. I can't falling oh they'll deafening get stage and, if anything saying like they get, fifty bucks on her back
This is the reward you get, he might be. Only opposite of snitching gets ditches as if they're not still snatches and as if snitch is don't still get stitches right. What are you talking about? You gonna put me up absolutely make sure that these people don't beat up for being snatches you step in with cops given twenty four hours, kitty guards of you. You find out the your neighbor rapid you out for money, Oh, my god, you'd want to camp. It would be like what happened. I do to what's his face RON Paul's kid. You know the Congress You gotta tackled her hand. Remand Paul, ran Paul. Is his neighbor FUCK it nowhere tackles smashes is ribs. He lost a piece with long yeah man, that's fucked up. It needs
because you're what you're asking for their, which is another thing that I think the state anytime anyone starts doing this. Then you really have to start thinking about who you voted for by like his ideas like love it, when you know I am cheesy and I am a fuckin happy and I get accuses stone or talk and ship but yeah. I want there to be world peace and I won't love each other. When I see you and even the slightest thing that, like transcends political divides where, like you know, people move hated fuck and try, and people Trump evade. I saw something we're like I can member who was, like God, what's the name of it Mormon politician that was running for president against Rami Romney, some dude light voted against releasing money to people who don't have jobs. Mitt Romney tweeted? Well, at that
in it or whoever he was tested, positive for being an asshole and men run, their armies and flogging like there was just telling mom onward Trump retweet stouter says something about it I didn't know that sense of humor, but I liked it unlike offer that one stupid moment there is a second words like that's worth to be on the same team in. Unlike you know, they that's not a political statement. Statement of survivability, and when you have a fucking eyes, when you ever in again, and I say bad out of a state or anything like that, either its opposite. I'm sorry, I'm not saying, therefore we're all gonna be one thing, namely that shit man, you don't take this the wrong way is, I know what I'm saying. I guess what I'm saying is when anything that divides one neighbour from the next anything that invites neighbours to divide. Instead,
you night is cancer, is literally for society in the sense that what's gonna start happening. Is that the x or of society. Is that the neighbors? That's, like the connection between your neighbors makes at the time History of the entire country enacted. They are and you get food to them, will pay for how that that? Yes, that's beautiful We think in India so did invite that invite anything that fucks. That up is to me really really long term disaster? Is it's like the ideal you like hey, does your Is your neighbour and all person go find if your neighbors and all person and it can't get food and if they are and you get food to them, will pay for it. How about that? Yes, that beautiful, like you, you know someone who's like fucked up right now. Let us know so we can make sure they're, not their kids aren't starving. Are there any? Do you know like man? What about the fucking kids, whose parents are right now super fuckin sick with this shit?
like? Why we need governors and we need people saying like you you know where the kids are in the building, so there whose parents are sick, and so we can make sure those kids are getting taken. Care of by their parents are up in bed and shit like so fuck that that that is what people get a reward for that, why don't we have a way of monetizing kindness in in an axe? like grace to your neighbors instead of monetizing like you becoming like literally. What is wanted a universally derided thing, which is a snitch. You wanna be a snitch, fucks niches, get stitches, know. Maybe you don't get stitches, but man I'll tell you when you die. Wouldn't b you wouldn't want to be a snitch. An afterlife I'll. Tell you that man, you get devoured by Spirit Wolf's like I've, just disappear Wolf's, I'm sure you don't get the like the experience of like you know, going
the Bart senior mom come running to you like a bowl of soup. It's your mom! She comes running to you and you think it's a bowl of soup, but you look at it. It's your wife's head and then you look back up. It's a spirit. Wolf, it's like so you thought it was smart to snitch in that dimension. Now your soul forever yeah, maybe just don't snitch, that's fucked up and allowances, ridiculous that someone in a position of real leadership- you're the mayor of a huge city, and you would think that thou be a good idea. That's listen. People can a snitch on people anyway, Encouraged them with financial reward is crazy. It is crazy and it's so poorly thought out. Yeah, that's a dummy data put at such a poor, understood coming of human nature, yeah, I guess you don't know where this goes. He added in an also in a time of great to rest, your encouraging people to snitch yeah
This is absolutely the time we ve gotta be encouraging com. Rotter yeah is when things are weird everybody's forced into the same position. No one can do what they must not tom you're on stage I haven't been on stage a month. I do in private, shows for my son ok, I'll show their day. We would literally, our job has stopped in our job might not come back until January yeah! That's right! May maybe who knows? Who knows we don't know? I've got some gigs book and I don't know if I will be able to do my gonna gig booked in September to two in September. A couple in October, terrorists, but it's like as it is. Like you should be from you care only permit The show right now that seem like a blazing dig out of one encouraged GMO that go out and it's like yeah, that's the problem man is, is we you know were but here's the thing: this, whatever the state is doing the states can do, is my favorite Jesus saying offer
unto Caesar what is Caesar's, which is like you know that the game going on here with power and if you think, you're going to subvert that game, maybe pride not best thing to do. Let the dragon do whatever the fuck the dragons going to do, but don't let them cause you to forget that you don't need this state tat like go over to like leaving no on your neighbors door, asking if they're, ok, you know, I mean you don't need. We don't need the mechanisms of some bureaucracy to to do good like to pick up trash you like Gaza thing happen when the fucking national parks I've got defending. It is bullshit of sudden, like there's people Taking pictures of garbage or in the national parks right and in the implicate That is like we can't clean this up ourselves we need a state official, the common pick, the trash up, and it's like it's nice. They do that and we pay taxes for that, and they should do that. But if they are not doing it,
waiting for some hero from the state to come in and takes our fucking problems. That's lazy! That's bad thinking! It's like! I think a people that idea is more to like transcend that addiction to being saved that addiction, net for sure someone's coming? Sometimes they come, but sometimes they don't and and that's no reason, though I put off just the basic shit man, like you know, we we put out sometimes in front of our house, will just put out shit to give to people. You know we ve got fruit, trees, there's fruit, you know, there's like gardens got like some shit growing in it. I'll put it out there. You know. If people take every bit of it, you come back at the end of the day. It's either we got flowers, so cut some flowers and just leave flowers out there in case he wants to bring a flower to somebody. It's an active trust. Cuz, you don't know what I might be but unlike covert mucus, do in my role. As for my neighbour, is now being set
thirty sanitizing, that my point is like cool. She happens so now a box in like they replace something like we gave flowers away. We came out and in someone put different kinds of flowers in the box for those flowers, You know what I've been signs of euro stalker, Actually, I think about the flowers you know it did seem like there is some something like stickying creamy on the flowers, but you sing like again this this to me. This, though, not getting too much in the macro, because Argo go insane. If I get the macro getting the micro and which is your direct literally your direct neighbours and like making some connection with them. You know, like my, that guy lives across the street. We talk for like two minutes. It was wonderful and he's like. If you need tools, just let me know, I got a ton of tools just you can, like you know message me,
in outcome, come and leave them here and you can come and get em shit like that. Doesn't it who, in its like it's just beautiful, that's what is opposed to be like there, that's nice, your neighbour, that their yet good neighbours is everything everything northern Hake, neighbours like man, you just move, save yourself, some agony, he can't sometimes that's the problem we homey retards with us before. We need to find a cul de sac nor by houses. There you mean the cup. Guess what the using a ranch would do. The trick talk, tough, get people live in a ranch now. I think the way you're talking about. I know you're dying devoured. I you know. I think that what you do it is in phases right so like the first thing to be just get the land rights, and then I remarked higher an architect and then, like you, now bring an outcry.
That thing that it did not state New York beautiful. I have you been there personally, I've been there in there. I haven't, unfortunately, haven't been there since its completion of its. Later, but I've been there in the early phases. And yet for sure is a temple like it's no joke. It's not like there to say in its attempts to that's a real and the way he printed. Those weird faces is multi feature faces and use them in the corners. The building is it? What do you call it again? I can remember: I'm sorry causes cause. My argument what he got those faces, usernames name for the phases do is that the chapel. Ramirez. Nobody has four, but isn't that causes is was used to be what he called the place in New York City right here and yet they had this day, I think they still while they still do beautiful place in New York action like an artist. Laugh there, I believe, but like they they realizing, it was timed alike. Brother will build a temple and then real
go somewhere in nature. Yeah there, therein, like a small New York town, ran yet generics Data it's already you two ways: and there are legitimate religion Anthea, thus far their actual religion, which they are. They are natural religion and as a religion, and by the way a religion is one aiming from you like that. I'm trying to get ten percent of your money and give new Bunch of rules to follow now might learn, worship, love and creativity of really interesting places that only that's that's just an image of what is going to look like nothing, it's really quite there yet, but a whole we should not imagine coming up to that like walking up their front. Or like, oh, my god, what the hell am I looking I did when I was on tour. They. Let me part my tour by step because we needed a place denying so I had to sleep in front of that thing in my toward us night in an even handed out phase where I had? were easy dreams.
Yeah it was why old man- that's probably like one of those of you build it. They will come things like imagine how hard you a trip inside that place, do norms yet now it. I don't think it's. I don't think it's a bit like you could do. De empty in a shitty apartment and still have some crazy mine blowing trip. But you can't tell me that coming to this place and gone to his Anthea portal. This is a good. I have some fuckin crazy of fact on the way you trip yeah oh my god, but that that was the idea of a temple. I mean that
idea. Is I'm not I'm not just saying the trip or whatever, but the concept is like you know, let's acknowledge the fact that maybe our ideas aren't necessarily coming from inside our brain, such as a fantasy. Imagine that there is a divine intelligence it as one of the many beautiful things it pushes into this particular room is art and if we can figure out a way to purify the connection with that thing than we become receivers for that, and by doing that, we allow that thing to begin to exist in this world and a temple was a place they're allowed that connection to be refined. Purified. Intentional ized in that his solidification called, inspiration are ardor whatever the name as you want to give it. But it's really it's like output from a place that
Maybe if you know a flu, a few floors up from the one were at its having a pretty wonderful party right now and like part of what we do is like allow it to drip into this round, which is Potentially the denser round were in the room, matter its dense. You know like ideas. If you look at your ideas there, their light there like they're they're there, they they d have a look at these. My ideas like they're they're, not like heavy there, Inspiration feels like barely anything, infected, soberly anything think how easy it is to miss a good idea, how easy it is to, something cool they made me wonder I four joke in huge sour, that animal and it's gone its light, its light and so in part of what there, I think, are all about again, that's me putting it on them. They have a wonderful description on their website about what they are about to meet parliament. What creation is taking those things allowing them to come through you and
allowing this round to do what it does, which is to crystallise them in a dense or form that other people can enjoy, and you know that that enjoyment is in out that's enough doesn't have to be some lofty as shit, it's just like people get a little like it was Trent evil Smell of Heaven. I love her like a better place. A lighter place place. It isn't encumbered by so much bullshit. Is this particular round back and like completely take someone? I have a depression man I can completely gives somebody there. You know juice, they need till. I get back out there. And like open up themselves to the world and not be shut down just one little like tiny, tiny, minuscule reminder of. Like don't worry, there's this isn't the only place, there's simultaneously amazing things happen happening with your part of you. Just don't realize it yet and
Don't worry Mckinney's that in one of his assets we say, I'm mushrooms is here. Get this message. Don't worry we're coming. Don't worry, we're cool you know anything, but I think that's what our does it gives you the sense of like. Don't worry right now, we're just build the runway. Don't worry it's coming, I noticed its place seems fucked up is little dense right now we're going it up and then that damage does your own imagination. Though I come much of Europe. Imagination stimulates trips. You know I mean we want to assume that were really interacting with something right on the other side, but while we assume that something, obviously it's not static. One of things about trip to mean experiences is that things- twist and change and morphine shift than ever
they never stay any one thing for any length of time. There is becoming other things and moving in and out of things like, maybe that's just what happens over there? Maybe this things or are constantly shifting and changing you know. Maybe what we're doing is we're trying to apply when we think of how we are here in this. This life were tryin up those laws to whatever we we experience when we move you when we do that, but it seems so alien when you have this experiences, it seems so alien you're not gonna, be able to bring you that back even give someone like little glimpses but ours has done the best his capture like, oh, I know what he's doing like those faces. Like almost egyptian look golden face and moving, and apart from each other, like you go, oh yeah,
I've seen some the air, some sort. Oh yeah, there's a trip to mean part to that yeah, but that whatever their, would it be in that dimension, it would change and become something else and didn't instantaneously and then become something else, and then, in a lot of has to do with how your thinking, which is weird it's like art, is the way you are thinking actually affect those things or is the way you're thinking affecting your perception. Of whatever this energy is. How manifests itself visually? What I mean this is dying. Even in what you're saying there's this assumption, that that you're thinking is separate from the thing right for us in an intelligent way. So we have a thought and we were thinking to ourselves- I just got a good idea. We don't know that if we had a different way of quantifying time and space, we might have just seen some ethereal mist drift through. As that produced the thing, we call the thought that we
must be a so. You look at a thing in that room and shifting and converting and in you noticed that convergence to be happening in relation to like how you're feeling- and you know now. Chicken or the egg conversation which is like whose we know whose reflecting who here like? Who, which of us is like real in which of is it is now. Are we just kind of there? I am I just seeing who I actually am, but but I live in a world of Indonesia, Alice and I live in a world where there is a separate quality. Two things I see. I have to see you as separate, because if I don't I can see, and I can do you know- I am seeing myself in you, which is- I think why there, what is happening in this realm anyway, is like more anything you're. Looking at right now is some phenomena being painted instantaneously-
I your imagination with all that's what the imagination is doing its painting colors onto the universe of of infinite phenomena that year, your brain, is like doing out of habit. So that's that's that you know any being the anyone you're around you make an instantaneous assess that person you, you begin delight realise like way: I got a bad vibes that person about sums offer them, and then you go into like your tv, psychic bullshit, Oh yeah, really really is that Europe was that the instincts you earned where'd. You learn that World Workers street yeah. Do you know what I've done that aims at bilateral talks about myself from, I guess I just can tell the person is honestly, like yeah, deafening tell of a person's really fucking weird. That's for sure you could tell the person's off like did not really connecting with you or the at an interconnected union at work are weird
I've seen this year, be? Why have you looked at what he said on paper? What you said on paper would be totally normal pasture through sometimes is a certain things violation of space, there's a weirdness to the way they look at two occasions. Yeah. A you're off hate. I feel a man named bringing when alarm bells graphic tat, your hair start stand and feeling gotta go back and hate that that is scary. But you know, I'm sorry sometimes you're, not right, and this is like why need empiricism in science, because sometimes you not write like just because you think That's how shit is from some instinct inside EU dead mean that's how things as your bias in and so that that's the projection. That's like that's the part of you that year, you're still dealing with some trauma when you were a kid and you're seeing, trauma in the things around you and so you're like in argument with someone. You hurt twenty years ago, when you're talking somebody who vague
the reminds you of that person we like, an hour and if you're not aware that you still have now argument. Then you can start saying shit like one who eyes end up with the same person. Second, always draw this kind of person to me and say well, maybe you're drawing the exact same kind of person to you or maybe you run in the same movie on a different screen and MIKE I've seen this before I keep seeing this move you know it's like, as they say movie. It's like yours The same thing you projecting issues and looks like it would now it's not Tom. It's out are now it's now we say you're looking at Samantha, but you're still seeing this thing and that that's the projection. So anyway, that's the imagination, and the question is how powerful is that projection cause? Some?
times, you start projecting onto seminar, you think they are, and if that person's, weaker and secure they'll start acting the way you think they are now you ve you're, pretty Action is sprung the wife in front of you, because the person you essentially animated a person with your expectation of them and then because that person is acting the way you thought they would act as they don't the fuck. They are you making monsters with Europe donation without or company. This direct sized sex call her Same way, you gonna, take these people like put it in their head. This is what they do: he put in their head right, yeah. That's it you say you see, I see it in you will in this book I told you about this book. Chaos, Tommo needles.
Work on Manson and see I here as I am. I know you I saw you tweet about my God do. What is all my garden was tied up with this? My god, almost definitely apart of these fuckin psychedelic acts of LSD, experiments that they were doing on hippies almost definitely, experimented on him, probably in prison, but almost definitely allowed him to get out of when he violet oh, let him loose. Let him free supply with acid MA murder him there. They were monitoring him every step of the way they like fed that monster. They knew this guy been incarcerated. Have his life is a con man and they taught him out to be a cult leader who taught him out to be a cop later and they probably talked into our taught him had a talk people into killing people and to do so with acid and they would dose him up, and he would make people do all kinds of shit like you would take people like. Ok, you're, gonna, fuck, her and he's gonna fuck him, and they would put they had put together these orgies. He would
the other orgies. May he was sodomize satellites and in front of them like horrific shock, tat, yeah yeah, he some boy that was fifteen years old. He did crazy. Crazy shit they were all on ass. They all the committed murder he he directed them to commit murder, but all of this very connected to the CIA, is M K, alter project all of em very connected to multiple different in multiple different ways. Connected to LSD and hippies as d in mind, Control Alex DE trying to come up with a mentor and candidate try to get someone to commit murder. Not even realize they did it also connected to leave the Oswald, because Jack Ruby was all fucked up on that problem. And when he killed Lee Harvey Oswald and afterwards went completely insane was seen by the very same doktor. There was run in the clinic
Manson used to go. This guy was a CIA doktor was a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Dosing people up with LSD, running studies on prisoners get students to run studies, guinea, scientist or on the bodies. Not, even though they were due to the CIA Kosinski two important area does ask about operation been thy climate. Ran brothels in San Francisco to couple the places with a dose people up with. Ass, had watched him far. Dare they knew TAT midnight climate that so there is sound like you know, it sounds like us, the name of like porn and a hotel, the eco. Why, yes, like of secret age, that sucks erodes the maiden who, every day now really tells you a lot about the programme. But, like you know, man, the here's, a controversy or fuckin thing to say: someone reminded me of a while ago, which really freaked me out kind, which is like back then
wait there. Why, like right now, we know a bit more about some of the shit this year did alive. Of it because they put it on their website. Yes, which is so Chris They just put it up on their website. It is crazy way back movements of people by their website, dude. Are you fucking kidding like all that shit about the viewing experiments they did like its? They just scion of that main guy that they have for remote viewing we have fuckin famous guy, does one famous guy through. I interviewed he's a famous in the remote viewing world an area The guy road it that movie didn't write it with a documentary men, deal with that I talked about. I kill shot, that's not the name for the thing that happens when the sun fucks up it didn't fuck up and you might have sent fucked up before us. Fucked up does like a not a supernova budgets. There does a big ass flare. They like kind of like melts, whatever
the average Beijing EDA. That's like that kills that a lot of these remote viewers were apparently saying it We seeing is a. They were realising that they could actually they weren't sort of damn by time and these visions and they all started sharing this vision in this thing is really a creepy creepy doc Henry out their man, that's out a hundred percent on the table, some giant solar flare, solar incident. That's a hundred percent on a table. If we, by the way, I'm sorry we talk about his last episode of we talked about this yeas website. Yet what other websites have you onto it. No Jamie, would you mind telling me that I have applied for a job you apply for a job to see what I want. I was stone and it was late at night and I'm one way you can apply online check.
Well, well, all molly! There's a cartoon yeah hold on back up this sea. I asked Molly your CIA source on the inside and its hashtag asked Molly, Hail and Molly hails like a hot agent. This week's asked Molly Has she comes from a writer who to know if there is a path forward for them. At CIA, since they have done illegal drugs in the past, get my question that question now, I'm just deceives like it's your question as they have done illegal drugs in the past. Let's see would Molly's answer is: let's evolves. Answer such as fine Molly's answer. What is more, as a theory, let me be clear on this: in the ghetto having previously used illegal drugs does not immediately disqualify you from see I if work foresee, eyes your life's goal and we LEO, but is here, could be up have you here with that said there is certain
there are certain restrictions you should be aware of, especially if you use illegal drugs within the past year generally speak to be eligible for CIA employment. Applicants must not have used. Illegal drugs within the past twelve months, Dan Shit. This is, as Most things a general rule by which to gauge your higher ability, the son, a word kids type only an applicant's, but not always begin, but as the potential holder of a security clearance might seem a bit archaic but consider the access to information were giving it see, employs and consequences of granting access to the wrong person. How much access to it Mention just read that real quick, it might seem a bit archive but consider the access to information or give it's giving CIA employs what access are you give em the earnest simulator, that's pray, the first thing they
higher there, like its simulator, we're just doing like what the programme am once it's like? I now you're in a free gaffer. Do you mind we're gonna, give you like a protocol of anti depressants, guess go. Nihilistic are absurd, is when you realize you're, just a string of code. It's running, but you'll get up men there's an egg doing the thing reed's your mind. It's kind of cool show you that later officers regularly handle classified information which its leaked could spell disaster. For now national security and endanger the life of CIA officers is my favorite word assets and their family asked This is one of my favorite words they use. We have an asset in Jerusalem and Asset asked yes, it a person he guy here, where he's an asset, his assets, yeah he's of color, got on number, what's asset and asset is like docks. Yeah an asset you still got stuck in Palestinians, I got some Palestinians
of saved up yeah got some assets, Jason people you can now did when I connect within their assets, yeah you now you may be wondering? That's all fine Ali, but I live in a state where marijuana use was legalised under state law. Why would a this really apply? In my case, the short answer is a wood Eddie. This really apply my case. The short answer is yes: marrow want em room means illegal under federal law in every state. The CIA is bound by federal law which prohibit but CIA from granting security clearances to unlawful users of controlled substances, including marijuana state laws. Do not supersede those of the federal government, the great law Lord who looks over the land with an iron fist for more information in the federal government, security clearance guidelines regarding drug use and other considerations. You can check out the boat will what what? What are the next
I was like hey. What's up job, that's cool your showing this on your pack simulation, but I do think like in there is there also kind of saying, like that being said, if you can set should on with your mind or something when you're stoned come talk to us. It's you know, I mean there are saying, like the other, quoting you look at him applying for a job as it says after you apply, don't tell anybody who apply for the job will like approach you regarding the job which is so long ago. We can talk about it when you apply with. Meanwhile, there absolutely checking your phone there checking your I applied and why I just leaned into the fact that, like fucking, they're, gonna, look at everything and then also like, alas, is some point, some zero age, it might come to me. I k: what's up man, hey what's going on? Did you really want to be a bookkeeper? the Pentagon now I wanted to meet the age. Do allow. Does that mean
You know when you lied to me, will not? No one, you know is the age of had him on the contest multiple times might bigger. Does a lot of consulting for tv shows and security stuff, so you you are in hand, is working for them now know it well, He is a former CIA operative. What is I mean? Did you really think they ever stop talking to each other? Now now, because security clearance dolphin securities does get it? Who has a security company? Did he did so sweet? so this guy? Did you ask about the mansion shit? No, I just found out about this shit really regionally. That's him and told me about this. Guy Tom O Neill was his neighbour for twenty years. He was neighbours of Gregg and Gregg. Let the the whole time he was doing this book. While great was friends of them. Crack took him twenty years right this book, start out as an article four premier magazine and then, as you started,
covering all these inconsistency with a trial, we realise that those kind of a bullshit trial and that the prosecutor, In turn, me like everybody, had there is was deals that everybody had made to have specific narrative go through. And Susan Atkins one at one. The people from the massive families on trial, her her fuckin defence attorney, was I got former prosecuting attorney had worked with Vincent Book LEO seen all these other people before they were all bodies and they signed him to her to take over for her state appointed attorneys. This guy took over and like just that it is they ve foul directions like everybody felt. Directions and as he was going deeper and deeper into the store he realized like. There is a lot of crazy shit that was going on the first of all Manson for sure was led out of jail multiple times when you shouldn't have been when it is violating parole whose lead
jail repeatedly for crazy, shilling Sefton, you know, and they they were met during these people. They knew where they were staying anew. The ramps spawn ranch where there are staying at they never did anything they let them they let them go whenever they were in trouble. Most likely got him. The fucking lsd. If you look at the finders cult yet was that one? I'm not doing a good job, but this debt last descriptions that anything goes wrong to talk about it. But this thing bloom, like you, gotta listeners, audio book, listen to the article or just even maybe just listen to some of the podcast you'll get sucked in this guy was obsessed with this for twenty years. It's all he fit thought up. It's all he did was his life's work. Do you? Let do you? Ok, you got it the CIA agents that, on he's cool right That is your friend I like the guy. So in you know, what's
no bizarre and, like I'm everyone's say it. I think it's like, as you say, and then people see certain. I see I see I but something tat. I was big generic Dublin about on a package as I am doing this thing, I used to do as younger, which is like try They create a all evil. All good bye area regarding people who work like in the CIA or people who work in that. Even the d- or whatever that thing you do in your like when you, when you're being, lazy in your way of thinking, radium, Viner and in Dublin one things he said to me that I have always kept with me these, like here. There's there's people like us like all the way to the top. You know, there's people who, like working drugs right now, in two but from the CIA listeners progress white, no, I know of that right. So like I m media, yes in his pocket. That's all I'm saying is like the thing that the thing that's some way a new
in the sense that it requires nuance rather than like. Heavy handed they're all evil is some of the people in there are really like one hundred percent trying keep at least people here from getting blown the fuck up and that that, unlike their, not like, like our guy, Like me, let's find another man in how we gotta do you know exactly, but it's a kid you. I wouldn't get this tour of actually J, here the Place Parsons was that man and like I think it would be peer, shall or some like oil company that I had like just Generally, we all get the oil companies and think they're out there that, while there are the worst while you are you're driving in your car, you'll be like these monk and oil companies, but like the did there,
working on some kind of new solar panel technology is like Shell, had remember, which fucking company was our remember saying to the guy like this technology, if it works, doesn't destroy the oil industry like don't, they know their working on it now GI, that's gonna make the thing they money selling in buying irrelevant music. Now. These companies are so big that there's departments within departments within departments in that's where it gets fucking crazy about the CIA which is like they, the people in the sea. I dont know obviously all people on the CIA exact. That's your security clearance and the question is: how deep does that basement Man under the sea. I here is also the question: how are you to find out what happens when people take LSD without giving people lsd and studying them ready, go you're, not so, if you're in nineteen. Fifty three ok and you're finding out about LSD and people are taken out.
The parties and people taken LSD concerts needs to realising the ramifications of a society in nineteenth indeed, for that's all taking Alice. Did you see this hippy movement? You're gonna run some studies, so then you gonna get people is the ability to test people without their knowledge. You don't know how come That guy is what kind of a sociopath that guy is and he's gonna. Tests on people other knowledge and give him lsd and then does people who say: hey. You know we want to infiltrate all these anti war groups. We want to infiltrate the black panthers. We want to infiltrate these hippy. Yeah. How can we do that? Were here's? How we do that we take this guy. We got him in prison for half of his fucking life and federal prison so far, Thirty, two years old, yet let's dose this mother fucker up with LSD, let's run some studies on. And let me tell him that he's a cop leader and get him to make some apocalyptic fuckin death called that wants to kill, people unripe pig on the wall in their blood, and so they let Manson that
they knew where he was, they knew he was getting ass it. They knew that he was probably having people kill people yet well, ok, first of all to go that man, if you really study this Brad of allies, a part of our culture, it wasn't in the sea, I saw people taking allies the parties- it's the CIA, I understand the story goes and buys Sanders laboratories all of their lsd, in begins to do tests and college campuses where people begin to take the lsd and then the party start. So it's I think it's me, I, like the CIA started the party when it comes to LSD, early, swear major early involvement in the initial experience people had with allies. The which was like that's when that's when you get ten, we Harry. That's when you get richer outbreak in IRAN, does that's. They were both like hanging out Harvard where the same psychology professor did that shit on Gusinsky was unlike
Where did you know that there were? Do I don't know if they were doing LSD has? Thereby, these tests were going on. They were being exposed to LSD that theoretically Now, if it came from the CIA or not, I don't know like where the I think they are. Actually those tests were hate ash bury that closed down. After thirty years of being opened a forty years been open closed down three months after his book him out, I can't believe I can't remember that others name easier can QC he He did one of the CIA Lsd Use in one of the CIA Lsd experiment, so, like my folks and in in also man like back then I dont think because we didn't get the man, the Kosinski or all the awful shrapnel, weird shards of chaos that exploded off of the crazy unethical shit. They did. I don't know if there was so much of an idea that there are evil. I could be wrong about that, but they weren't even called the sea. I think Erika the oh. I sat in the beginning, yeah, but Buzz I'm their due
the sky, was running a fuckin clinic and hate ash bury that closed down. After thirty years of being open a forty years been open closed down three months after his book him out like well, that's a rap Yes, the Jolly West, the same guy who visited Us Jack, Ruby in the hospital and after he laughed Jack Ruby. When insane was crawling on a need to table and thought the jewish children, we get a lid on fire and cut a part in the streets and a new holocaust was going. I immediately immediately as they did. They have no record of him acting insane before this at all, didn't even understand why he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, so factor will they did? did. The same thing happens, Sir HANS or harm the guy who shot Robert Robert Kennedy. They think that he was under the influence as well. Because you the same reaction, Africa but why am I here? What would happen that they used? lsd to somehow another get these people to commit atrocities ticket to kill people tomorrow.
People yeah, I mean yeah and you couldn't. What's probably you can probably I know you can. If we go and see the crazy thing is you can go on their website. Look at the Freedom of Information ACT, archives and they have em gay ultra shit up there right now that you can look at that's where it gets really, Weird is it's like there again, given the ever admit that they gave me There was a thing about jolly worse. He never admitted that he gave people lsd and its head is on them. Never meditate. While he was alive, it least mean at another their admitting it now, because the freedom every mother must because operation midnight climb, axis. That's officially historical record, yeah yeah, they must now, but when you know were operating this clinic Manson in the fan. They were going to that clinic all the time. There is a direct this honour percent direct, connection between the CIA doctors who are providing Ella
babies and Manson going to this clinic capital. Its attitude is looking for easy man that does not sound like pandemic rating. To me that the best are you surely do? I don't know man do you. I am already like weird it out by like just bad understanding. Astronomy, like you know him. I never thought I'd need till I get an azure about. They lose the aid, especially because it's like You know our now. It's just too much. You know That being said, I am very definitely fuckin read that book would just listen the bar gas as the easiest you'll you'll, get your dick listen the pod cats and then you're gonna want to listen to the audio book or read the book, but has sixty pages of citations and references the end, the book to show each thing and how we can prove it like it's These are not does not. These got some speculation that he entertained at the very end of the book we talked about in the park ass, but the stuff that he now
was for sure to be true. Is bonkers. Can I ask you a question or private made into like a Youtube cliff using you being asset of the CIA shore? So, ok, let's imagine this one day you get contacted by somebody who's in the CIA and they show you convincing data. Regarding some thing, you know what However? Maybe media or impact some other and pending danger? That is like you look at it and it's like whatever it is. They give you you you believe it. And they like listen Joe. We know you're alike, We know that you're like a wild animal- and we know that, like you, you don't want to be dishonest to understand that. But we got to figure out a way to get this kind of information out to the world, because if we don't like it can be really bad and we're just going to people like you and just trying to get whatever the thing is. They want you to say a little thing, an idea of how they want
to be in the fight there, not often you money offering you money there and there also like saying I don't worry You say now: don't you get that job at the sea is easy to get the job done yet that job you applied for. Seems like your priming me. What for your ear here, getting Give me a suggestion. Later, listen, I know it doing my job, you have you ever thought of a blue, butterfly Joe Needy. Yeah, but seriously. Why would you responsibly if, like someone like what we need, your help? Listen, I think central intelligence agency, I think, F B. I think I think the d I think, they're all necessary. I dont think they're unnecessary. I think that the Mai Most of what they're doing is trying to protect us. That's why they Illuminati logo financial. I do think also that some of those guys turned a fuckin cowboys and try to fly coat back from Mexico Crash CIA jets. Racked ass, true
to all that shit that happen in Mina Arkansas. You know all that shit that haven't we Clinton was governor. We had airy seals when they arrive coke back and forth and dropping off and mean Arkansas? I was a CIA contractor, there's a lot of those guys that we're see I look, they got compromised. I think, but that to me the whole CIA bad as it may. We don't need a CIA man if you talk to people if their honest at another, that was just assume their honest. You talk to people that deal with trying to infiltrate terrorist groups, deal with tracking terrorists and deal with trying to figure out was trying to make a dirty bomb trying to figure out if someone's ready to blow up a mall and there in their they're doing this actively every day all day, that's essential. Right, that's essential! So the CIA Fuckin M K Ultra. They did people in horror, houses that is on the same people
This is a giant organizations been around for a long fucking time we are hearing about from the would be jolly West end. M chaos. Little people are dead, no they're not alive. Today be nowhere is alive. Today, ISIS you know is alive today a lot of threats all around the world you know is alive today, Kim Jong on the believed all these fuckin dictators that are there. Heavily armed all over the world does a lot of all right. You gotta keep an eye on those motherfuckers. Where have you don't think you have to keep an eye on him? You crazy it. What will the CIA is either? Not do it don't know, humans are evil and sometimes you need someone is paying attention to the evil people right yeah. That's all you need now That means that they are not going to stray across the lines of what is correct in good and fair and an enhanced and start spying, regular people to now doesn't mean that it means that shit needs to be curbed, that shit's on american rare, but if you think so,
might be a terrorist like you should be able to find out before they blow up of rock and school. Right we are sent a hundred percent. So the question is: how good are these people at work in that line turns out pretty fuckin good turns out You fuckin good, there's a bunch of shit. That's happened over time, but also they ve gotten into on all these different terrorists in all these different fuckin terrible situations all over the world- and probably saved a lot of people right, it's a perfect, but nothing is perfect. Just on a fuckin thing, that's perfect! Ever whether it's the fuckin poster fears or police officers or fire department and doctors? No one's perfect right, including the CIA, including the FBI, including the army, the Navy, there's gonna, be problems right, but overall there trying to protect. I would imagine that I had to ask when you guys here for
make sure the ship doesn't hit. The fan will pay attention to the shit attention. Do some of em branch out into cope business, yes, I'm sure some of em, so I'm sure there's someone for the federal government, Sellen guns to a bad guy right now. I'm sure I'm sure it's a people, a million people you gonna get thirty bad ones or whatever the fuck. The number is just part of life. Yeah yeah, look I've. Firstly, I apologize I set you up. I don't believe a word. Man will allow you to come on man. You know I get it I did like out. You know I don't I went to wire bro, you ll have to wear. Why anymore, it's scary, I'm wearing a wire thought gas. I'm a monitoring! You Joe imagine, if you like, you got to close the magazine, Jimmy's dude, interference that
a key grown up as eyes when it likewise it a beach that was always accept that I'd fantasize about is like fuck hope one as drug bags washes. You don't hear what I like. How will you knows why shop didn't people don't report Yo Yo. Whenever I hear about somebody's like oh, my god, I abandoned brief gauge for cocaine like. Why are you the guy? That's grace like something is delivered. Unto you this bizarre thing. At the very least, like you know, I'm not fannicot myself. That, like makes me, I hated him. Back out. If you got some of that Asia born from the seventies coke, do not do that. It would be easy. I again. Yes, what I remember when we talk about government we'd government. We was good. Oh yeah, unlike the cheese government. Jesus terrible government. We do is that a government weed de member, the YAP due to freely forgot about that was the thing back. When we was illegal, you wanted to shit. The government was growing worse yeah, that's right
yeah workers the first sure, by the way you know, there's a there's like I gazed at the CIA there's a layer of all the sober people you like haven't gotten ivory year. Whichever is writing that funding is definitely laughing. Is their riding a you know, they're like laughingly, there's so fuckin high and I are building a test. Man a way there's a level they test. But you know the level where you get past, that eleven, like listen, the no drug stuff, please We need to have a good time. Finally, we know that Europe you can handle you share. We just have to do that level below you, because otherwise asking you need is another fuckin Manson. You know what I always think about what I think of someone infiltrating a terrorist group that scene
in two miracle, world police, were the actor, has the fuckin terrible alpha. We need actors to save the world. I always think if I think about Ebay is already a terrorist group, I think that guy yellow you know what it is again. I won't have to worry about that that to me as a fucking great day, I'll have to worry about. That will have to worry about infill training, a terrorist group you imagine if those they were so getting acting. There is low. He looked so bad and they just stay is believe of many works right through. Oh, my god. Well, it's Marie's maize. This movies, amazing folks. Never seen team America World, please, I probably laugh harder in this move. Any movie I've ever seen in my life is so so good team and know what a great name or autonomy and then also after you see the move
go online and find the sex scenes that they had to delete that so at first, while disguise geniuses and with what they figured out is that if you just add way more than you really want they let you have what you want. You gotta add stuff like that. I think she shit on his chest right. They pistol over each other. They fuck like crazy. So it's a plastic die that so so crazy and graph, and then, when you watch in the movie, it's like a fraction of this because they just there Just went so far as to sixty nine each other guys. Did you hear violently sucking him off. Deep? So they did this so that they have some of it in there I mean It is long and so crazy and then once you
it's over, then they start peasant shit. Oliver, each other ta. Doesn't it you gone? The cliff The fact that from the actual movie, that's how much they live in that's on the much they lived in cuz they cut out that's so savage with the sex seen that they let them keep the most preposterous to mouth in their because it was so far pass that they just tricked M D useless, sleight of hand. Do that must have been so funny foaming that, I think it took a long time. Sherry did yeah Parker was saying, and some of you that they would never do that again. That's too bad stat motion, yeah, costume team MAC, world police is one of the funniest moves of. Tosh your and you could do so much that movie like what they do is South Park, the could never do with a human, but you can do it with
either a doll or cartoon easily, and it's amazing, like death, that scenes are you killed. You couldn't have a guy, die every week. Sitcom people like this is freaking me the fuck out, but he does he remotely reels each cut his head off. He can light fiery can blow up at em an explosion yeah you can actually get away with a lot more and in that regard, for shared away with everything, yeah yeah, it's the it's a genius wanted to comment. I don't you mean like South Park- is Lake Erie in their ability to equally anime shit. That's maintains its relevance like it's. It's insane that they are able to do that, like the they ve got it down in that level. If I go shit, something happened in the world and we're going to respond to it almost instantly mockingly but accurately. Figure out how to ride that line.
I just saw a never seen before from it. I'm looking for the Delancey, and I thought I thought it was fan made, but it's this is Meryl Streep in this Ben Affleck, Memories of their families is a hand. They made Matt, Damon and Ben Athlete, really forget dumb, and that will we write montanans. Actually, very smart, yet so rude, but it doesn't matter they just do the yet. You do anything yeah that when you have cartoons and puppets fuckin, do any dude I mean that's why it's out anything you want to do takes forever mean that is. The problem is like yeah. You could do anything without anything is like you know, eight months of any thing, this is I'd say clearly easier to film shed or just to say that I mean the fact that they used hands who got guns.
Knows how much money that save them like that decision to just do there, how much time that probably save him. Who knows like those kinds of decision shows like that are like really smart am funny yeah, but Innovation is like your means. It is, spell bind. It is eaten or ass. Slightly longer is longer so much differently. Now what does a share in the precise? But in fact coming up on here? What's my other, but there are areas where we go back. There is she jobs loggers face? There is perfect, and then I think Zalm to accurate. Before he bizarre shit in his face how many people you didn't do that if you like The whole population like the entire. Population, like alone, Light went off every time, Oh shit on someone's head how many times
you could fuckin white up a small town, most of the girls shit on the guy's head right. Would you imagine most is like a girl guy wanting a girl to shit on his head, mostly two hundred percent. Let me look up if you, let me here Have you looked not isn't. It is interesting though, but I was gonna says it's it doesn't. I don't feel bad at all about that. Like. I don't feel like he's getting shit on. I feel like he. Why when they get shit on and he got shit so I'm not mad at her at all guy was Just- my things like shit on women's heads of Turkey as a piece of garbage with a fuck man, are you doing, and the girls did just look? They want a thousand bucks. You want to shoot at their head. They make a deal and he just shits on people's heads outflow deckers disgusting, the girl who shit on the guy's head? Obviously the guy wanted at the guy, it's easier to think a guy wants to.
Yet his head shit on than a girl sought yeah like a guy, like you told me, hey, you know that guy that used to be an answer come here Gary pays girl to shit eyes had about other that makes sense dude. I know how much it costs and is getting a free market for their hands on how good you wonder, english to big, there's some giant german lady who comes overruns dumpling theirs. Negotiation, Lang, there's prior duties. Actually, at the conversations I really like two thousand bucks Are you kidding? I got you. I never pay more than twelve hundred for someone to shit, I'm ahead. Maybe they look, though, give a little extra of tailored there. You'll do I'll pick your diet. And when you only indian food God is hurry. I wanna smelled occur when you should my face. Have you seen those there that every scene, videos, the fetish, videos of people who like to look at videos of people getting stuck in mud, tat fetish. No, have you heard about that
dude, it's like I don't know, can we show tube stuck it junk in my people are into people get stuck in the law. Yes, like a fetish like it's like in there's like if you fat, I mean like, so humans are stuck in my like walking in a somewhat comes along fucks, her mouth or southern one, now eight for it now it just someone stuck in my like it. First, you look at. It looks like why did that do just thrown south in that swampy mud and then it gets out of the matter. They'll start just like going around in the mud and like yeah, it's all my garage, Z. Ok, I find something, but it's not it could be an evolution of car stuck girls, but maybe car stuck girls that are stuck with their car. Like need help and horns somebody's help. There now position always, a movie read the guy's weight in the bushes with a gun and the girls.
And they were there in. The guy runs out hey giving Turkey as yeah gate John. You, two others after this I just saw romantic at that you're alive You mean like poor, and I don't know what I'm fine. I've been stuck in mud, fetish videos, and then it is not of like car forums like what's up with those girls, and stuck in my darling Second, the mud with their legs now, not psychological. We only I could be aimed at one I've seen is mostly primarily dear. It's like it's like guys, get how the other guys can now there are no other guy. It's just like a guy, like you know their libretto carpets. Yes, it's just that but with a white guy with AMS almost is very yelling they're, just like you know, like there's stuck in my yeah paper, sauce eight of its that fetish is really interesting when I think any you know you're lucky. If that's your fetish. Yes,
might out there man, it's like that's a dozens my carriage anybody here I must pay someone to go, get stuck in mud and like they like sink down into quicksand or something, but I do think that the people there the only fantasizing about themselves being stuck in mud donor. I dont know right open interpretation. It could be they just really into watching hot guys get stuck someone's foaming jerk off. While we took a loser mud loser There you go. There's that derives. I don't know if this is wine is a hundred thirty thousand views, and it says what you long girl get stuck in very sticky mud, yeah, but you notice like it's now they're trying to get how that's it hurts. You should see the Congo that we just give up that she's a stark
what come on. You know. Tat, I am fag end dagger can see, is done, is done here, how much they bear. It is fifty bucks how much to pay you. How much did you pay me for my mind? If you want to do a mud video, they want you to do mud, video, tat, free. Please give me a good, as might I'll go you to asian girl, chinese girl get stuck in mud with cute sneakers. Oh no sketchy, sneakers one right in the mud with those kids sneakers honey. Those are valley. Yeah. Why are you doing? These? Are great Jamie, haven't seen any these? I knew there so weird yeah, it's a weird. It's a very strange faddish. I don't know if it's like clay may
It's like an S, Amar thing or something. Maybe you know. Maybe it's not even like sexual is just something in it is like relaxed and she took her shoes of its actual. He had asked her to get a free. She moved around, get now scorched earth dirty girl, your dirty feet, thirty feet and regular skin down the losses Yet. This is weird weird man imagine this is your whole life and you let you go on the floor. Rooms goes out new squishy feet in the mud video. Yet at the early we're Joe, so Jamie, Lloyd US something about the news. I mean again why here's a real question his workers- and why Is that so strange, but like someone who collect stamps, that's normal right, some guy loves, oh there's your hands up like a nazi always done. Other wages, this fuckin head still smoke.
Can tear is thine, quicksand is increasing, so that is all playlists of mass modern quicksand. Remember when people are terrified of quicksand and then stopped being a thing. Now this there's a whole radio lab podcast about that's really interesting, because you hear the progress. Oh yeah, I remember where people are scared of quicksand suddenly went away. Africa with the reasoning is well when we your kids. That was like one of the ways you could die. When we examine. Sometimes you it's like if you're out in the woods- and there is a suspicious patch you, might even poke it with his desk. Is it's like fuck? That's, that's all open. Like all movies, you know like as an stuck in the quicksand or you're in the quicksand than you, someone throes of vine, that you pull yourself ass, examining eighty different movies, What do you suppose to do if you are willing? Quicksands was treelike water and swam right. I've gives videos I'll Jimmy says no Jimmy you crescendo knives.
Videos eyes have relative due in two thousand and six, and the best thing to do is is if your phone is in fact app to set it up to take a video and then syn. Video to I love my boys, a gmail darker, it's my private email. I will come to you. Trust me, it seems I get to you, but I would remind you that easy thing I think you ve all bad. You have a service and your services, you get, people have mud and you give them twelve hour bucks, but you jerk off on their face, while their trust get out the mud you go out. There was a big mud, choose like snow shoes, but only for mud cloud, then plug MAC One often ok, all right. We're good a deal's, a deal harder sum up to a rope and hit you hitched to your wench, drag him out a swamp! Think it a bad give money the twelve and about here's to average back stank. But to me, that's like but that would be great scene is like somebody does get stuck like sand.
Someone like they see boots and they like, thank God, that Guy and it is like a mad that issues you know like now. Get to you. Don't worry, I'm gonna save you, but just you know enjoy it first sanguine about this would have the fuckin the real mud fetishist. They said traps, so they made their own mud holes Doug on real deep. And you sail silky very fine sort of SAM Das get in there. You slide writing I goods quick, say, and they have traps. They ve traps get look a little camera. Since a text, their phones, we got one and then they they search. On Viagra start getting Deckard than they really do our like last. Or you can just something is now, but you kind of farm love within you know, and the heart dating. Then I mean like within them
like all of a sudden. You realize, like everyone, they dated they ve saved from quicksand, inhuman acts go there doing out for Europe, it is going to be looking for something like deserve. A flashlight funds go through stuff here for four flashlight fund schematics for how to build the perfect sand pit. You mother, fucker, you trick me do shows the water where the waters come in and to make the quicksand. He liked me this amount of water to capture two hundred pound man, Harrison. Badgering space down way legs you want to get a big burly, firemen type due to jerk off on their hair. That's really rail, yet other trapped. He knows maybe like. He knows calls for specific types of people. He knows all drawing mangi called by proper. That's could do them
have you ever down one of those like in Aragon, spa and in their like without fuck. I wanna do like us. I'm gonna get a massage but these sooner catalogue they ve got a my dip in going to you some our healthy for you, like United, we like to consider like a healthy thing. You laying out to your head, it's like you, I'm talking about man like like yes, I might give you don't wanna know. They're, fucking, mingling off do when in there can like we, you know I was with it was about a girl as it is my girlfriend spa in look they made it look all romantic and shit. It's like a couples. My did, unlike you know, there's like flowers in between him and staff and he soon in the picture, and it looks some our relaxing your brain parties like how could that has. I can feel good. I could take to sitting in my. But it looks kind of cool, and you know
yeah, I love gettin stoning getting besides the gap might be following your I'd, be in mud. We got in these fuckin things. There's there like next to each other in like dude, like number one they don't really is something I've read like they somehow they make it. Whoever is doing the shake. Is made try like see if you can make a big This is a normal thing for a couple to do and then also you realize don't change the mad, I'm pretty sure they don't refill my age, dirtier aids dirty out my god. Yes, so the culture that came at some do the balls. Is all like mingling with your cultures and that's the breed, in the mud tat exactly did, and not only that but like the one that we were in. I don't know if they were heeded, wrong, whatever, but any time
ass touch slight close to the bottom, it was burning, my so like the heater, the volley heat or in the bottom was like burning lasso as having to do like this. I know you colleague arch battling Europe's he as like doing dip in the mind and then it's fucking God. It's fucked so, like my heart, like starts racing, also s we have to do to do. My ass is like getting incinerated by this thing God and went to a junkie place. He might backpacking Argh ethics, the Yankees might that, whereas the expression junkie come from GO junkie, good, shitty, verse, Conky version that one might be racist, they'll be care for them on might be by them. Secret raises, whereas you didn't know, is races of five insane junkie in their like. Well, let me bring you back to the genocide of the iguanas people and Jesus. I would
I wouldn't be surprised what is the etymology of junkie? No idea, that's. Why are you sure you don't know? I definitely don't know I represent as it would we got he just I want to make sure that are not stepping over any boundaries basing junkie, because they want to be good ally is probably its primary connected. Ain't aid is sound a word that sounds like a bad word, as I think it was close to junkie. I now wish to junkie try through this quick democratic that does send me- and I don't like the term junkies, good junkies, look like you're gonna car with a fucked up break this fucking Jackie Break job, that, although the nineties, like a, might, have invented it. If I did James that its african Americans time for the ninety there that make sense that makes an earlier citations, ninety yeah, so
wrote that article Mckenna is, I mean, I think not. I know them. It is weird someone like we re year thing like that right that must be traverse book. They founded in first that the disbursement the article is set at rest. The longest were written by Jonathan Waldman, who, by the way, I'm very much kidding. If you did, we wasn't clear, really think I made that word I just joking find another. It's amazing how attuned you get delight comments that you and your brain is like you mentioned, are liable to really so I was thinking, maybe that to be misinterpreted. That's my word. I created it what's another, great worthy that using more than us, just recently a fresh start using fresh lately. I tell it fresh: alice- and I say, like I don't say, with a normal voice, those like dogs, fresh item. Is it when things are good, fresh, fresh things, look and fresh. You get like TAT,
yeah year it in the back it gets like looks rose. I brought out air fresh too good word to good word. We need more beautiful adjectives for cool shit so as to bring about fresh. What's what likes? What's your like pop z. When like about cursing around your kids. Like you know you up, I give up you didn t tell them don't swear, don't swear on other people There are still many times it got me other phone right, my non euro, especially she's. As always correcting me, hey, which party language She says the Solaris at slaves to correct me. If I try not to say as much as I would say, with you, but every now and then a lot of awkward fly or a shit word fly, but ass make sense. Dude the funniest would I realize I say human consciousness of my daughter- was three where we had gone scheme
together, and we were all packing up our stuff and her helmet did not go in her, but it wasn't her bag. And Margaret very packed up and I'm ok, your helmet in your bag and she looks at the helm, it looks the bag. She has got shit just three. The sea, a little Edward me and my wife, or just like oh, no three she made, but that's the right word to use shit. What are we doing? like we weren't. Even in that world, will you and are not even in the world like the world of you can't say words can't say that word of work. We ain't even live in that we're. Oh yeah. We're reason our kids for that world. That seems to me to be a little crazy and I understand look look if I worked in an office somewhere or if I had to deal with people professionally. I wouldn't be dropping F bombs all day you can't people get upset, they don't like it.
They want you to behave like a business person. He'll turn you The human resources. Have you ever find joke about poor regions? Who can you can't does? No jobs is no laughter. He can't yeah. So when you're telling your kids not to say certain words run other people, you town than that, because you want them to be polite. You'd want people very uncomfortable, but you should never have them. Think there's something wrong with those fuckin, whereas those words are important I can't really explain it to them. I can't really say it the way. I want to say it. It would just be too sensitive. Couldn't say I can't say some. Times when someone's tell you something that you know is untrue. Tell him you you want to be able. Look in the eye and go hey that guy's, a fuckin idiot, but consider to a nine year old right. This is too intense right. It's too intense right, like if you say this person's an idiot. That's one thing, but if you say this persons a fuck,
Idiot yeah, that's a different thing, it's another level of thing and you need to know. What's what, especially when the ship goes now you need whose just a dummy and whose a fuckin idiot right some guy just make mistakes, think they know better or they do something stupid and puts everybody at risk, but do not do it on purpose and then some people think you want to run the whole show. Those people are fucking idiots. Were I certain people, its steel from you, a break in your house when they know you're, not Hall was people are fucking. Eighty I entered my here that it is a different level and if we, use the right words. So what are you doing in a limited kids ability to express himself right? The words on changing their did not changing. You then chanted it's just another tool for expression and swear words like really swear words, you're gonna, stop using swear words, not gonna, make it You have said about swear words, get the fuck out of here so ridiculous, yeah. I know I know, may I just like I get it. I that's like kind of might with my wife. I have decided that, unlike so, my friends are bands of us
to teach them not to say those words each and every night did we are win. The right down to say those words issues like listen into like our no like this morning I put on four. No reason like ten crack amendments in like a moonlight. By sound was in the other room and like he comes, How can an like he's just learning to dance, and then I pick him up these laughing or dancing in them like a fuck, we're designated ten crack. Cocaine It's right now who doesn't know what things tat, but you do I mean it's like fuck. I don't Even even they even that, even though it does it even the fact, it probably hopefully doesn't understand at least hopefully does still like that, it's like your thing to make the energies to intends to its very aggressive yeah. He other certain this, you know You don't wanna want shelter them a little bit from the than the most darkshire You dont want to show your kid. Some murder movie
the opening scene of save private Rhine when there, for you know us sit down. This is what happens when people go to war. This is the closest that we have that represent. What war is I re, but other than that in people's gets hanging in our legs blown off the energy issue. Two for mania, that's what seems like if I act like I act with my friends around little kids, so I pull it in a lot a lot, but occasionally I'll I'll, say: oh shit shares, but not just try to this. These words that I don't want to lose? I get an eye out. The only reason why I think a lot of like these swear words, like the F word, the shit word or whatever. If your work, you can't say those like. Why not? What is that? What kind of job is that liquid? What are we were aware?
all the grown ups now remove your children. Without it, there was a system that was put in place by enlightened beings and these enlightened beings. No doubt, they knew better we resisted, but we thought they eventually were correct, and then you get to be a certain age like. Oh, that's nonsense. There's no adults, just people get older or are they just people? So as people, though, that you have the limit, your language Do you think is good as when someone who you don't expect to says, get the fuck out of here when they say it's even better yeah right, a woman that you think would be like very reserved, very professional and she's like that checks at cunt? I love when you realise that when he thought was a square is not only not a square but like a million times more rather than you are like the trap yet worry or their king cameo. They justify figured out a way to like not reveal to you
or to the world that, because they they like have understood it's a little easier people don't realize that must around cool people. Those are the best moments when, window opens up, and you realize our fuck man, I I'm such a dope. I ads you can when the pact is something that you and I are in those early like well fuck was that come some real marijuana. I now man. I am I I'm contract Joe with our everybody is now I've, allergies, I've, seasonal allergies- and you know any time before this was happening anytime. I would get sick I well. This might be the end and now, like all of us who are like that, were like routes really intense Mank is like any demonstration. You know my birthday was here. The day we guy, like you know they deliver booze in allay now I've dealt deliver mixed drinks to you. Now that autonomy deliver bought. My real bullets brought your door now
hopefully not too fast, so grateful in the basement, yet anyway, man you like, like, I always hung over you know, but then there is a moment firmly in mind. There is this like? What's this headache, and you know, what's got that's too to me? That's the part of this thing is you know I haven't seen it get acknowledge that much is like she's, the psychological pressure of what's going on like the waves I d be like you know just psychologically, like think of all the people you and I know, who are already teetering at the very edge of sanity and, like imagine them alone, an apartment for me,
with like the news telling them we all now, and you can let you out like work, how many people are like really losing this shit, like I'm, not losing my shit, but at least a couple of times a day. I'll have a real claustrophobic moment like. I can't explain it. It's like I don't know if it's a panic attack is not just like sense of like. Oh this fuckin socks. I will a dry by trader Jos and see people where Face Mass was six in between each of them. In the fuckin we it is evident people drive and weird right now and it's just like what the fuck people drive and yeah real aggressive yeah man that that that that I dont people, I don't bigger knowledge in the fact that they need to that. If you're feeling if you feel in a well off right now, that's normal, like you, probably should acknowledge that You know at least I otherwise people going to start thinking. There really go nuts
when in sight now, you just have some kind of, like probably in new mental illness, will be they'll, probably a new name for a Co. Video, aided mental element, as you know, like pandemic associated Claustrophobia Syndrome or some shit right. You know some like thing. That is a new thing. Is we ve never had to do this One hundred percent we're gonna get sued for this. Do you know. I mean how many people going to sue the government for the close down. You know many people are gonna, go crazy and how many businesses are gonna be law. Some lives are turned upside down. Many people fuck man, divorces home, like so many yeah to so many people force in these high pressure situations they didn't anticipate. Then some people fall apart. People with
Drug problems, salary because they need a relief, the anxiety from all this young man and more interest beginning it? Man means just begin where we're still three weeks away from at least here with this state is going to open up right may not have teeth yeah, but what do you think he's gonna happen in Georgia? Do think when they, when they open George, a back up, We get like another another series of people that have it thing it's gonna be. Would you think if you're, yes, man, that's a pride, I have no doubt at all that data sources are so some of them are so very different. It seems like that. It's, like you know you. You have people, have one Nobel prizes in saying what I think it is a new. Have other people? Are doctors say what they think it is in those things, don't quite match to the point where it comes down. It's not like what I he's. Gonna happened. It's what I hope is going to happen, which is like the digestive, not only that the curve keeps flat.
Maybe not necessarily because maybe because the vote its mutating, maybe because heard immunity, maybe because you all know, believe you turn on Fox news. You see One story turn on seeing any see the other story you go on. The internet fuck a meteor that's gonna hit you go you? U depends on who you talking to you and have g five g of riding. At a low level by a weapon, its being combined with a horrific like powerful synapse operation, but knows Joe, we don't know so it's like tat to me is the the real unnerving quality, this outside a worrying like your outside, like every time you cough my mother fuck. I should war, my mask, I'm due. My wife's. These fuckin kill my ass, but like that, you know just that those moments they would normally just go completely noticed. I like, though, those
me that new reality hotly highlighted yeah brother, that that is, like that's another form, a virus, its fear and it's it's paranoia and it's like it. It's a meme that spread so and changes your outlook changes. The way you interact with life changes or outlook and a chain is changes. The actual course of your life. I kill you'll, be operating with fear and operating with anxiety and everyone's thrust into that, without any thing, bad that they ve done. That too, for no fault of their own. Their thrust into the situation where, even though they worked really hard to been really discipline, they done the right thing to do Conservative they took care the held, all the all the while the Czechs, everything but still also, workers who are here for everybody nobody did anything wrong, so everybody's thrust into the situation is really the ultimate
Haves and have nots moment you know, and its for which really interesting is like right. When pretty Sanders just stepped out. The race like this is the example of Why we need some sort of comprehensive plan for everybody if everything goes wrong Yemen. This is right right here. Do the cat Eliza moves. The world yes does but seems to motivate most of what we do, but the idea that there's there's not more than we can do for the people of the community of of the United States of America as a community rise that health care and education and stopping being robbed like stop, stop some predatory lending stop all these things that you can clearly see people just getting fucked over from yet spend more money on health care. We need that now agree. We went through a nice sweet spot where there was
a real problems of an occasional blips, bad flues and bad asean. We squashed him real, quick. This is a big one. The whole, and this is only as far as like terrible pandemics that the amount of people that it kills per people they get. It is not as high as it for some of the more her renders disease we got lucky, we should prepare for the worst. We should prepare for air borne, a bowler okay. We should prepare all that shit. We should think about the way we think about arms races how much money they put into the military, how much money they put into the war against viruses were there? war against viruses just killed. Fifty thousand at home. Imagine if China just said just launched missile into American Citys and killed. Fifty thousand people would be at fucking war all Resources would be dedicated to that right, right, Wyatt, Oliver, resources being dedicated to fighting I'll fuckin diseases, environments
This is a real wake up call for that. It's also a wake up call for power grid people. People at a word about the power grid, go down. It's a wake up call for people, Having had food stockpiled in their house, wake up, call for people that are living extended, like they really extended their reach. As far as the how much rent, is now MR car payment. Is there really Strachan it while boom? Something like this happen? an year for you're, never gonna play catch up, barely keeping up with your lifestyle before all this went down yet again, through no fault of their own. She got a kind of prepare now people are gonna have to look at this like ok. Now we know something can happen that we never thought could happen for the whole world shuts down here now. We know that's it, but we should should act accordingly in like how we run things now. We know what that's a silver lining. I mean like. That's it reliance like when you have a thing happen that you realise, like whatever like we're in your car you get,
Turkey and you notice that the tyre is like super flat and he felt you feel it, you just didn't notice or whatever you see a thing, and it saves you from a later fucking thing: they could have been a million times worse, but you know man. The wake up call to me is like it's no joke that you need to at least be on. Like some, so the neighbours and it's no joke that you need to understand how to do like how to grow food out of the ground. And it's in my basic first date and stuff like that, and also to always have gas in your car man. Like you know, we now the day went to get groceries end like fucking, the Weena left a credit card at the house right, unlike the, but the car was kind of low on fuel costs ass. It up like a shit right in the combination of certainly not being out of gas in the car, and these too dumb mistakes. It it just a normal shitty day where your car and that a gas. Now it's your cars, run out of gas during a pandemic, meaning you
cause somebody to come and get put gas in your car or walks and where to get ass a whole different walk than before, and that's asking someone to come and help you kind of like asking to me: would you mind like taking a chance, and I know you weren't a mask on everything, but you know what I mean so suddenly fuck ups, this kind of environment. They mean a lot more than fuck ups, unlike the previous world, that we are in an that's teaching me a real kind of responsibility, you know like having some cash on stuff like that, like what we know, we should always be doing that and to me that is one of the and I hate using areas using the term silver lining right now. It's like any time you say eyes gets a silver lining. Only people who do drowned and there I'm fucking mucus. It's not that you know it's locked up it. I guess one of the silver linings in it is just that the fact that it's like look man Trump just was talking about. Maybe we
should inject ourselves with lie, saw ok, crazy that video have you seen the well when they focus on the lady? Who is this its adviser and she sitting there. Listen to him say all this shit, yeah yeah you see, I've seen embarrassed tweeted it it is. When you look into the abyss the abyss lifted to you, you know any, but also in that looking eyes now, as I think it might listen. Mother fuckers, using line you wanted to have you want this job and do what I can dear this crazy ship is as I fucking can and there's not much. I could do, but it's like
you know, you see somebody seriously say to an entire planet. It might be a good idea to inject lysol anywhere behind its here lids. Here. Let me hear you started, we get it, then you get actually double click on my computer. I do to get the sound out of nothing was now hear. Those Duncan tells me it's all did anyway bottom line. Is he saying wacky shift in the focus is on this lady and now she's watching him she's, like I can't even fucking, believe I have to handle this. Yeah and you guys do that suit. But, to me isolated, get the disinfectant into the body may be possible. We can get
Why so? Why powerful use? Why till it's from outside or inside? You do very s because you a thing like that, like ok, lean into that, like that's gonna like wean into that thing that you can count on. That's a thing saying inject Eliza that's the kind of thing work in your crazies friend. If they said that to you, you would you beat consider like calling there there friend Are there mom, like hey Jack, he's out and like a hark, romantic episode, he's target injecting myself to himself you better deuce, any gas fuckin president and to me what, tells me is like mother fucker. You need gas in your car, You need to make sure your phone is, do you and I really need to make sure you are like only ready. You gotta be ready, because if, if, if we think we're gonna win lean into some, like imaginary hammock, made of light people who to raising the lesion injectors as a lie saw they were made. Then it's our fault that Europe could you know it's like. Let's imagine, let's say
When an you, I don't know you went into the forest and you got attacked by a tiger. But right before you in and the tiger you into the forest there is somebody hey. You think I should go out that for their tigers, there there like now and then they start shooting up. Why so, you know what I mean if you go on that force in the tag tiger, gets you that's your fault, you fucking, listen to a dude, you thought you could shoot up Lysol. You know what I mean that's year, imagine what was he thinking while he was saying that these pilot is gonna, be an intelligent way to get out of fuckin subject that have already started in a body coming up with the perhaps, for instance, maybe you could. Maybe you could? Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether its ultra violet or just very powerful light, and I think, a powerful light.
That has rejected you, gonna tested and then I said, Cyrus outside the body can, which you can do it through the schooner in some other way, and I think you said you gonna just there to sounds interesting right and then I see the disinfectant we're not today in a minute one minute and is your way we can do something like that by enjoy action in for almost a cleaning, so be it Can we take your lungs out like a proud output ones through a car wash like yeah? what a crazy thing to say, I mean leaning cleaning, give him a cleaning? imagined like being his doctor, and you have to listen and say this like. So why don't you do like, though, the disinfectant,
inside is like a cleaning. You did my liver bleach. Can you take whoever gnawing away at it. Yeah. You know so to me, you see that nets ok! Well, I am not quite certain that that is where I'm going to get my data stream from because that's Eliza person and then but then we, but then there must be like a thing we can do, regardless of the fact that clearly bro you wouldn't even it is in fact, podcast probably upset and say that amendment amendment about imagine, imagine you have zero own expertise and certain subject to talking to someone is like some expert in this said. Subject and you're proposing these outlet dish like you're on a party at mean even haven't up a private conversation in front everybody. You're somewhere and I haven't aside conversation- we proposing these ridiculous They show that you don't lose their disinfectant works, but why why why?
conversation even take place. Also, the other thing is cause he did ass the question. That is the time For someone on that side of the room to go now, Look at. Why do you know how to do that, but knows? If she and rob someone goes watch, you can't do that. You can't objectives and fucked you probably upset, and she wants to do. The best work that she can do, and this is just some nonsense just to handle along the way. Why yeah. I guess it's bad path. He look. First of all, let me look the guy works. Some ungodly amount of hours a day right, he's good. Do some dumb shit like in and he wings it alot right. She probably was stuck. On that conversation of things that might be able to be done and Maybe you could do a strong ultra violet light like in the skin then also like. Oh my god, I'm laying out possible ways tat. You could cure this but to keep going about have more than one year
disinfectant? That's right! Disinfect death in maybe inside or outside their way, doing that and then say her. Then he goes to her. Like he's looking for support, I think you said maybe I think maybe look into yeah man. It deadly has that since to like, when you have to give her a port at school and well, with the assyrian rebels? Well from Syria, I had they were rebels, yes, it is in her. There are tremendous rebels, they were fighters, they thought I fought long and hard in Syria areas around syrian some people in areas around Syria referred to them is rebels and said they were some of the most intense rebel
in their age, no Assyria, it's a different place. You'd Duncan you wrote a report about the wrong place. Assyrian, as I was saying, you heard me off the aid heard me around the. I can't give you in a big man. There is, how many times do bullshit your way through those things and high school every area, a lot and alighted at times merriment I got like. I think it was the red badge of courage which, even now I can't remember what it is, I think, is about the revolutionary war, and I believe that I didn't read it out clearly Riddick as I still can't which warrant was about, but I remember just having not read the book at all. Having a right report on it, or I I think I said it in Vietnam or something like earn. Maybe a civil war in that year, just like that's not even the
war did it was there have completely failed. I got in one. It is one of those acts where the teachers met angrily, carbon and yet he vowed about cliff notes, and I was in high school. I couldn't believe it might give from God Cliff notes, get a bite on your own. You gotta by the book, but yes, it's a way more He breathed in our hands roughly selected, but it still sat. He had to pay money for a cliff. I mean have an autonomous cheating also to cheating, though, that giving you a waiter This is not how you can learn better to seek pass test right as this is. You ve, really oh yeah, and then make you said to get off my fuckin porch stomach, that's page thirty at yeah, there's little grey or a few years ago were kids, could just copy and paste other people's reports for from years passed because they were all digital and teachers did, and now this was the thing they could check. They now have check and find out plagiarism and what not bomb
kids price for a few years, did literally the nothing I'm sure you get it school and near graduate high street, can't read what he can arena and abandon. I can display the imminence of the law, but a video games yeah just made my way through. Well, I mean you know, there's like that's one of them. Isn't that now the people who went to recently went to jail for like bribe for gain their kids in college, though it's kind of a version, it acts that, with your kids right you're like you're like just state the kids, aren't our aren't supposed to be in college because they have done any work in high school, and I dont know what they're doing. But if you pay enough You get him in there. It's like an hour aren't they doing some thing where they get people to go and take as eighteen for your kid, like you figure out a way, like it's an identity that thing where you can even get someone to go. Unlike do the test as your kid using fake, Idee sheds
Second, you sending an operative that. Isn't your kid take the test, so you can get no and I school the whole thing was so crazy. Did they spent so much money to get kids school didn't want to be good students at her? I almost like you think you good, bye, bye, kids way too enthusiastic focus that will very alarming. There is the whole problem is this. Is this is from the district attorney's office in Massachusetts? One of the photos that was used to show us girls, Rowing Highschool, rowing career, that she got a scholarship on.
That's a work on machine. Why? How it's going to be like yet look at her and oversee? Ah fuck man? Why why so? There was no actually rowing on a boat. That's part of the thing I haven't people take test. They went and stage photos to be. Like look the PLO, my job, allegedly according to the court, but imagine how mad real rowers would be? U of they found out. You gotta scholarship, based on a fuckin whirling mission, In photo wait a minute. So mad was first scholarships or was it just keep trying to get them in having live as Anna get any think they got scholarships now, but to be on a rowing team in our efforts com. I forget after me. Is it like good, feared, GPA or some shit? It's a way to get in. Oh wait to get in your right so that in the bright extracurricular activities, because the record- and so they just they fuck that and then bribed
asked of it during the kids new yeah yeah. You can't you know when your parents, like hey, we just bought this rowing machine. Why just don't worry about We can take a picture Yonah rowing machine like sure you now you're you're, getting a picture taken a you to try to get you into this school. Your dad, went to your whatever you're complicit to some degree like you have to be a little they're gonna picture, shows new churning brother, sweat words how to face covered up, so you can see. I wanna see closing on that. She didn't look sweated me, crews, that we're not so you say, she's barely started exercising yeah comments on anti, no sweat, that's a better one could look, stop go up! Look at that! That's a grey, sweat, greatly shirt, great teachers! Look sweaty instantly in, this is the Larry. Is try pulled back couple
my done yet Are you telling me get me save fucking loser fathers allows takes pills. Dude don't you to love me we'll get me in a fucking of say. Ah my friends or get going, do that thing. That's really fucked up is like there's some kid whose parents like like a bird making twenty K year, whose working is fuckin ass off lino I'd, just like somehow managing dyke study nonstop to try to get a good school. It doesn't get into the school because of that shit dad's there. That's the same. Panic part is like they buy their way in that someone's place. Never but a number of places, meaning like theoretic. Please someone doesn't get into the school. Who could be the person who is gonna? U know invent teleportation or some shit
He isn't where with schools. Are you have your first choice? Second choice: Billy Custer Choice, FUCK Billy's, gonna where'd. You go on South Dakota. What's inside the coda, yeah flat ground? Did I edit. I mean I gig wanting to get enough some Ivy league again Illuminati school. I think that, because, firstly of urine fear and the women on any kids a dope, eleven within impair, think it, and if you like, I like that, I don't swear that much Roma Kismet KIDS, don't know how I talk around my friends would have that's how it is. Like Illuminati, Tilities Kizil, even know their parents really Illuminati. You know I'm trying to get you to be in a better position in life, but I was work. All the time I wasn't around, I didn't push hard enough. No shit, got any ale? Are they
no you're in it in there just like you're, like did you get my fucking, adrenal chrome again there like breaking in your vaults, you taking your fucking like goblets of I am thinking here party that don't drink any more. My blood. You have to stop this I join him in the skull and balance of they bring their kids to scallon bonds. I don't think they do. I think they D. The once their therein. The sun turn sturdiest son. I want to show you something they take em, take him to the skull and bones Don't worry now you, if you can school there you get into it right that are you getting at? You get it and the school, that's my lady and stuff, legacy is that I get internet I get in Scotland. Bottles like I would not on don't think the whole school gets to be stolen donors to, but that's the italian accepted is what I meant to take it into this, isn't a fine! I give you in a place like Google, which is already very exclusive and very procedures. Already some creeps like
it's not enough, I want to get in the secret cul de sac and society. What do they do? They not sector too well. You know I wasn't a rumour that they make each other blow each other on take photos of it so the day they have something over them. Tat was What's one of the crazy online spirits, have areas rise. Then they make every guy Sucker Dekom Intake polaroids of it, so they always have it. They hold Oreo fraternity stuff, but is that normal, fraternal stallion? Birds talked about that the right thing would have for the other would jerk off on a biscuit right. That's the circle, jerked thing and the last gotta come had led to best get. No one really doing simpler. One idiot One outcome: is it started off jerking off Please go yeah, I say tat. A bunch of my friends. Dicks use fuckin cares. They are arena time now we're like so a picture of me emerges sucking on my friends dicks. Think, there's more detail. I think they peg you or something they take pig wearing a strap pause. You got bagged
yeah? Well, I don't even know why I'm right now they want to rise to the branch Raytheon get to the top Everyone is Raytheon gets pads like. Why? Don't you know? That's just like fuck it like we got. We all get eggs now, so what were venting bombs now you're? Who cares? Of course we get pegs yeah, but the guys wanna go costume. So what I like to wear go costume. When I get pegged, I like too much kinky shit, it's like that! Damn right we get to a time where, like they take pictures of someone doing a fucking thing, that's legit, fucked up! the veto and they get banished for it. It's like I'm God forbid, like I. Can you imagine or is it can emerge of we shit. I've done! You know, I've got you, don't you imagine you can imagine I can't, but that being set itself yeah. I wonder why what I think, what initiating I get it like. It is its elect. Let's face it, you're not getting cavalry fun to be a part of a little tiny, grouped it's a part of an exclusive group right. Yet this use of group that's gale and then
the scoreboard rugged together others, India, in in the room where they probably have like secret words after and latin shit yeah I mean we that's the thing that I imagine base on the way I have come to understand things wherever it is, is way more. Pouring than we imagine, because you know what I really like. When you don't know what a thing is you ve always grant Jack the worst thing, I'm my guess is it's boring, as fuck is probably just some college. Bullshit you're people earn a frat sit around and like make dumb. Dogs and stupid shit, and it's nothing rabbit unimpaired you, the privileges to get Polaroid of your asshole guy, look like keep your mouth shut We are fully aware of your soul. It's your finger. Brown shown both Lucy speedier Asshole talk a lot about you that study. The Persians eyes. You know,
and you see their soul, the windows, the soul, what the asshole is like really no other, like someone just by looking at the rational recycling about the asshole, tells you things. Books come out d putting your asshole now people read hands, they read fingerprints. Can they read assholes? bet. Assholes till you lot, just like someone's eyebrows dealer summers gallic mean eyebrows. I won't go to grow and I don't want you to organise, got big thick, bushy eyebrows and he's not mean I give suspicious he's all friendly big, crazy, fuck, it eyebrows, but all the villains, big crazy eyebrows. There angry is crazy. Eyebrows yeah, I just like mad for one hears, probably for sure we don't know that you can
helpers in future from their asshole yak is now a lot of it to be the new thing that people will pick up as a business turn this pandemic yeah asshole reading yeah are what, if it's like a what, if it's like theirs scared shitless get you asshole flocked to do a cure code, all this time we ve been looking for alien signals from space. We no it was in our assholes was all of photos of our. Assholes even put him together on a grid? It gives us the diagram of how to build spaceship to get out of here. We have to have all the photos. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle with eight billion pieces. You take eight billion. I'll. Send you put him on a grid and you'll see the schematics. Behold it'll tell us exactly when the he's gonna supernova about fifty years. Maybe what? If that's, what the quantum computer? The first thing it says I need pictures of all the assets
on the planet like if you go, you have to show follow your ass old. You have it on your phone. Since is a comfort. You know it's operates and not exact assholes are exact exact and they don't did changed by working out or did all again you somethin key GIB fancy a bigger below, but different. How do you know? I don't know that assets? Does it changed from work out, so they can the one thing they could do with a dumper right. Some people burn their prince off. You carefully burn weak. I guess you burn you asshole into an unreal That's one of the language of the eight, your ass watching you good relationships to people to brood my ass, all wrong
Look I'm more than my ass all end with the mood. Just three now have a crazy. It's four o clock already. Listen man, you show, looks amazing, I'm very excited for you, I'm very happy, for you tell people once again on net for Joe it's Netflix is called the midnight gospel. Please just why, It's like yeah, that's what it's very proud of it. I think you'll enjoy Don control. No Doctor Doug address on Twitter Duncan Trust on Instagram Duncan s family. Our pack, ass Yes thanked. Brother lanky, rather lonely, always good, see men, cigarettes, Norton, Anti virus, buddy, see it thanks. Friends, opportunity to show a hope. You keep it together out there. I beg you to our sponsors. Thanks bambi, good, Bambi, DOT, Slash, Rogan right now and schedule your free h, our audit, that's Bambi,
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