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2020-04-27 | 🔗
Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found  at http://timcast.com and on his YouTube channel:
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In the middle of the pandemic, he he decided to to isolate in his own vehicle. He is bug out Van he's been on the pot cast before I love him he's a great guy. Please welcome ten pool, Logan exit periods has gone due to the ride that you made to get here from the other side of the continent by Van well, I mean if you ve, had gets on have driven here. I drove here you Drovier, but it took four days. Four days. It's a different kind of DR if you done I've ever the Van but I've driven on the country to many times the vans breed. I told you last year I get the van and I got a bunch of people on Twitter making me. Like always, gonna get a bug van he's crazy. I gotta van you got a bug.
Those who live in that thing. I totally did this this the solar power on it yeah last forever. That's pretty amazing! I didn't know that you power, everything so have a solar powered roof panels, that is. Is it less affair driven like Jersey, words, cloudy right now in summertime, how much difference ones cloudy. I mean several hours a magnitude yeah like barely where I mean it works, it works. It works well enough, but right here, where's great right here. The sun is so intense and in just gnarly you got side. You can feel on your skin, get my solar things like you're, good, However, now let's turn the Asian full blast really. If so, I run the the on full blast. It will probably last I start when the sun comes up and then maybe like there are no fourteen hours. Why that? That's? That's that! That's intense, though men easy if I use just the fan ticket, circulate I can play play station. I can watch movies. I can turn the music on full blast and you could break with a sea grow, return on and off as a temperature goes up and down the van, as is
insulated man that crazy here these guys, are our strategy. Somebody to modify this thing for a while. I think when I was last time I had the van those empty and then I thought these guys in in Jersey. They do like that. They they do police modification stuff. Like gun, rack sin, you know like seats, and I guess because the Van life things are getting big They, I did a Google search. I can find anyone Van live thing. Yes M life man. What did we do so I'm literally Van life, was this big trend. Think it's kind of waning a little bit, but there is one one who got like two million subscribers and an end one video Rica's. She lives in her van with her pet snake or something like that she's very hot, his yacht geometry. I think so. I ve been analysing the video, so I'm like making the assumption that you know that makes make a youtube: video you're, a single female and van. You know, and I think the videos like here's how I shower so naturally go good move yeah, but there masturbate four million yeah these these guys
over where I live. I guess I'd I'd I couldn't anybody to do this. The white Lester Crazy, like their pro companies that do van modification eight month, wait period really yeah. So I went on Google maps of all places, just because I like maybe maybe that's my problem, I typed environment the and two miles from me boom this guy pops up and he does it images company. They did modifications for local police departments, like Swat Van Surveillance, vans and things like that, I wonder, found most be saying that probably not find not, but I tell you to keep your mouth shut no actually was lie again. Let people know we do this work unanimity. What's, namely company diversified vehicle systems. I think man I've if I get that name run or feel so bad wells CMU function, yet the heiress of advocates systems, more or services yet, and there is equal photos of like Swat vendors of I'm stuck to do he's here to other things. Amazing. It is interesting that you can power ever
from the solar pounds into power moderate because you have it set up in there. We have monitors in light of cameras. What kind of a given internet connection I live. But but there is, there is on the roof. This thing called a wine guard and have five g and your phone right. You, oh yes, heritage, diversified, vehicle services, SAM, that's quite a whole master interior before the Van Hesitant, yet you're, making this guy's weak good, come grammar. School did So how long will it take for them to check it out? I think of it, like maybe three weeks to a month and I felt super confidence- drug thing all the way across country only was agreed at all now was pretty ass was only spots. He stopped annual. What, in fact, our bar still Stipe Tiberias there was just because, like the pandemic and all the while the pandemic and their weird already I've driven across his country too much I've purposefully in the past have driven through really weird parts like off of interested highways. I've been its upright pretty cool,
places. I went out. I've been one motel that once looked like, you see a prisoner somethin used, presently turn out not to analysing it. Looked like like. There's no windows, there's like those block windows you can't see through with, like the weird wavy glass. I had no idea of the building used to be there was a motel. Now it looks like I was in a meat, locker or something, but there was this one town. I think you in New Mexico. I do want to see the names I get a wrong, but put up a sign saying no one's allowed in nobody whole town, the whole TAT was because God dammit you up, No one's allowed. Can you do it said no visitors, no business, someone like that. It said: read it like residents only without legal, I don't think it is that's where they can weird right. Allow. This stuff is like what what is legal as far as like as far as locked downs, what's legal is it completely up to Thirdly, this is a debate right now right what are known as completely up to the governors, whether it's the mayor have individual liberty in whatever town and
I'll tell you what sounds like the constitution doesn't exist right now. Well, I wouldn't do that far and Hyper Balikh there. That is non, there's, definitely some protections. Let's put it this way, let's be as generous as possible protection that are in place to shield the vulnerable people from the pandemic. Yet a lot of folks feel after some overstepping and there's a problem with power man he give power to people they do not like to give it back they. They always think it's better with me in charge. Yeah? That's what they're? There is one document it s. A long time ago some activists went to lake. The ceo of Shell and he'd be talked to a musical you gotta understand, I'm trying my hardest with me at the helm, I'm doing such good things for the environment. They always think they're the benevolent dictator I think decentralization is so much more important and in informing different aspects like yet. There is a weird trait that human beings have when they get into a position like that right, but the type of person would want to be a governor to begin with type of person. I would want to run the entire staff.
Yeah, I don't I don't. I don't trust any individual to have good intentions. I should say they do good intentions, but I don't trust them to actually know what's best for everybody. There's no way you can, I mean just to be to be able to be accurate about all the different predictions in this in this regard. You know when you talk about this pandemic thing one The biggest problems I'm looking at is who determines what essential in what's not essential, yet we'd stores are essential, so we, like in Michigan, for instance, that they were closing off certain parts of certain stores. It did you hear about this now. So a lot of you, took it because there are photos of seeds at Walmart or something where those tapes- and you can't you know this part of historical. Caused, and so the story went out that you weren't allowed by seeds, anymore actually was that stores over fifty thousand feet had clothes off non essential areas like flooring and gardening, and things like that and who is to determine what It is an essential about any of those services. Prodigious gardening, all single, give
a time where you want to have your own food readily available in your backyard now's the time. Well, and think about general hardware. If they're gonna shut that down what? If what if we hold bricks opening your floor, you know you kid false suitor, some fixed yeah, I mean that's it. Does it serious safety issue so you ve got these governors determining what is essential in what is an. I heard, a good argument for keeping liquor shores open because I was like come on liquor stores, but someone said actually it is to prevent people from going into detox from having problems detoxified where they would take up a hospital bed that we need for potentially need because of the virus. I d make sense. I also think about the real. The of you take away booze in a time of crisis and yours, he people's nerve, snap, real quick, whose seen a video of this guide jogging down the street. He examines everybody's recyclables honey, this all filled with vodka bottles and to kill and whisky and wine and sick he's gonna goes from house to House is. I could see what they ve been up to what people are so
first out who just hammered here, as you know, a liver damage when this is all bloody wars? To hear that, I heard that's, that's going up valuable and message abuse and shore and suicide. Here's here's the protection I made. You know very early on our stuck in my friends. I I think I said this. What they're gonna do they're gonna say we're only gonna, keeping close until April twelfth and that's what trumps had a first east? we're gonna come open up, and I said about a week before they're gonna say and what we got a push back sure enough April. Thirtieth then may fifteenth knots June first, but first for who, who doesn't? I think New York just announced this visage first yet, but I think they said they're gonna start may fifteenth with outside of New York. City right is never Coronel said an entirely share, feel it. You said there are no sire, you know a lot of jurisdictions have slowly entered another phase, one. There was at Trump argument with with camp in Georgia about going too fast, and so like that, so I guess you know people start to realize. If you don't open things up, there's nothing here,
I've read write. What what's freaking me about. All of this is the tribalism behind whether or not we should reopen the economy or stay locked down. It's connected everything would it. The travellers can always, however, totally it's it's it's so you know I had a friend messaging me saying we're stupid people who want haircuts are gonna, get us all killed in the going on protesting and and the first thing, unlike you really don't think, because one guy whistling that dumb science, everyone is thinking right, not that this not the case, but it's crazy enemies. You had the you when you went adviser, come out and say we're looking at a hundred and thirty million people are going to starve because of the economic shut down and that's gonna be much worse, potentially an actual pandemic itself, and these kind of facts are ignored because of the tribalism, but what's happening, YO trumped tweets it out. Therefore, to now right left. You know, conservative whatever I don't think they know exactly what to do. I mean, I think, there's some agitated decision.
That are being made by medical professionals and then they have to just those based on new statistics are come in and I dont know if they have adjusted like that. The initial idea was that there was a x amount of people there were infected in California turns as many many many more in the most recent thought is that their somewhere on four hundred thousand has been some dispute about these studies, whether not this time your accurate, whether or not the to tat Sir accurate, whether or not you can get it again, whether not eve matters, if you ve already had it might be able to get it again, but there's no adjustments, One saying hey: this is way less deadly than we thought it was going to be. There is this like the problem of government. I've never been one of these small government types, I'm I'm uh, you know as much as people might want argue with me, I lean low but left in a lot of issues like government programmes. I think, are good things. It just seems likely ever the government act something it's so slow to fix it if it goes bad or when things change
so solo adjust if they need a shift back ate it. Can I just dont more money into it if its not working properly? I want to know Why some people just shake this off? That's to me, the most for this, it almost seems like your deal with more than one virus. So you deal with a bunch of different versions of a virus. I think you are, I think they ve. They said they found multiple strains like that at its changed a little bit or something I don't want to promote other sure I know they did say- that about India. They said that the strain that they have an India's apparently very different than the stranger their experiencing in Europe I think some I heard something similar about like Washington. They found to strains live in conservatives trim yea like that. It's the crazy thing to me is the people a lot of transporters and I don't have a maternal blanket, every single one, but there's some high profile ones that are really acting like since the beginning. They ve doubted at every step of the way, and I'm like have you looked at the spike charts? If you know it
I say if in New York City were seeing thousands more dead? What are they dying of? If not some kind of you know infection? I mean, if you can call it have you want UNESCO nothing's going on, but we're seeing huge spikes camp. I venture them. There's fools number what you do is I was gonna be fools so now is obviously a real virus. It's obvious, really dangerous. It will tribalism best foolish. It's me, you know you gotta just dismiss that stuff. You can't even debater dwell on it, but What's interesting to me- is some wild there's a bunch parts it or interesting, but was interesting to me as like who look Georgia's opened right in in parts of Montana opens things it will open in Texas. I could kill you. Interesting to see what the response is going to be, whether or not they come back on line quicker and their economy builds up, quick or whether or not they get a second surge and ever shot down longer, and it wiser, that may be shut awaited longer and when less infraction, like we just saw
city of ten million in China and are locked down again did that to what degree Otto Tyler Shore, but they ve announced that no real the other social distancing measures in certain closure and stuff like that, and there saying because someone, a student, I think, they're thanks a student from the? U S came back or Samara her here reignited at, but there's also a bunch of studies now about re, in other words its dont know and everyone's freaking out whenever it is a new disease and everybody scramble in real time to try to figure out what the fuck do about it now, just where did out of what is weird it out. You know. No one knows like what is normal now, what is what is the reality? The reality we live in a geese, movies. Now, when people who are shake hands what do you do and I've been what in these commercials. You see this. Camera those they're all the same where it's like. It's like we're, all in this together and then it shows people banging pots and pans, and it's like we may not be able to hug anymore, but the lovers they're lying across all identical but then all of a sudden, older commercial pops up- and I was watching
the other day, and it's like walks up shaken his hand, Pat on the back and then like gives his wife, because in the chicken, unlike that's an old commercial that is, I can tell it's an old campaign, would not do that Most of them are all because you can't shoot anything anymore. He happened. I don't have I'm curious other doing these commercials where they film New York, I guess they're going out in New York and filling people. Actually you know cheer for their balconies and stuff. They look. You know, I think, there's a real real tough question, note that a lot of people want to ignore. I think there's a lot of transporters are pushing it because there in favour of an open economy, but there's like that equation of at what point is having things shut down more damaging than So at a certain point we have to recognise people die, no matter what we do well, there's a Bloomberg, not not the mayor, but there's a blue birds statistic on the economy that measures the downside like when, when the economy goes down, how many people die because of it and arrest, you could cause a trace it
it's very disturbing, and when we're talking about deaths, we're talking about there's something that we can immediately deal with its right in front of us is a disease is happening right now, go after it, stop it, but the secondary reaction to that, in fact, because you closeness, we might wind up killing as many people as you trying to avoid being killing in the long run normal Yes, I don't know they do you want The big store on the? U N was that their adviser said two hundred and thirty five, in starving, you know in the next year, so unless things get back into gear, while hopefully there are gonna take back in the year our foreign you're supposed to open up on May fifteenth, but the governors been went off. He enjoys it, but it seems like he seems like day. Definitely are comfortable with being the person they get to say MIA. This is shut down and we will keep it shut down there, that the authoritarianism is scary. We're the rest and people for fucking go into the park. Or did you see that tweet from the UK
where they posted the shadows of the two cops and it was like think going into Rural areas have a picnic, is you'll get away with it. We're gonna, look out of the shadows in finding no worse, we're too? When do? you're in the middle and eleven a picnic go for it that the here's, the thing then whole package, I know shit in order that that is like fuck man Now there is another story: bill gates. Apparently sad. China did a bunch of things right and now know what they're doing as are taking that quotas are putting it next to pictures of them. Welding doors, shut barricading, can then whom hanging out with obscene I'll. Probably does the latest thing? is begin really don't, while these people centre are these videos about bill gates? Now he's too party with Epstein. A lot of people dead, yeah. I wonder many of them knew by violent and a lot of and apparently travelled with Epstein after Epstein had been and convicted ol man patently like a couple years after we ve been convicted. It wasn't like it
Nobody right? Have you seen bill gates Instagram? Now all the comments just flooded with people saying like globalists in Illuminati, Conniston They heard about that a lot of pedophile stuff to their analogues. I don't want it knows, can be really touch you cause. You got a lot large with really angry people to their saying things like take your vaccines back. We don't. We won't where the market, the beast, you Norman He's talked about China. Did there they're giving you these codes on your phone and you that if you want Lee. If you leave the town it becomes void. If you're in the city than you'd middle building, they scan it to see if your clear and if you are, then Europe able to come and yeah fuck all that seriously. I think in old man. Demography but I've seen argue in favour of this executive unity, like these executive orders is pretty scary. You I've been scared about that. We ve been talking about that quite a bit lately worms and you can have massive overreaching government surveillance as a response to a disease. You can't because
I'm not going to shut off once the disease has vaccine they're gonna keep that stuff implies a you are giving up on a mass. Part of what it means to be an american we'll. Take me free. Take the social media? What's going on with? You know, Twitter Facebook they use. The ceo of you too will start there sat on CNN, basically Annie who's who says anything out of line with the World Health Organization, is about its battle against our community guidelines. The World Health Organisation is flit, fly back and forth. You know, like several times, are alive. There clearly spouting our chinese propaganda to protect, particularly in January when they were saying that, according to China, there's no evidence to be transmitted from person to person and, as you know, the ape he reported at that time, China New and withheld the information for six days so the day that the World Health Organisation tweeted out. No, evidence. According to China, human human transmission. We now know, according to a p, that China did know and purposefully withheld that
what you ve got going out with China right now. I question whether or not we're getting close to an act of war, and I know that might be a little exaggerated, but they ve got you the story of Publishing Buzzfeed NEWS trolls working either. We're China within China trying to slow down the response and other regions like Spain, ITALY, Taiwan. I think I think that the Busby more specifically about Taiwan selling disinformation towards low their response. Things like that, my while I think China wants Taiwan right, but that they don't. I was there a rope provinces. Are they consider it will? That's? Why be instructed the World Health organization? not even mention the name. Taiwan. You saw that very videos crazy, whether the the World Health Organization's being interviewed and in the interview, the woman ass, I M about to Taiwan's response, and he says I think, China's integration,
right and then finally ignores s, and then he hangs up again he hung up I'll, but he did say China. She said Taiwan in specific, and I think that's when he hung up are, and then came back said, will ensure goes, let's get back to work. Well, I think we ve already covered at China's done a great job. He's clearly avoiding, but why does he think he can do that like what? What what does China have on them my ears? funding. Is it for China funding them? I mean you so with the NBA. Unlike desert, do people who want to get that cold hard cash they're, making a bold that you and I mean you- don't facilities traffic No, so this is. I was reading about this the Atlantic. What about this in twenty fifteen? Are we headed for war with China and The cities trap says that whenever a growing power seeks to upset the dominant power, it result in war and out of twelve I've sixteen times of the past five hundred years. It has happened, so people can predicting a
U S, China, or for a really long time, because of this historical precedent, if not absolute, but it looks like they Emma programme. Historical expert like that, but it looks extra the probable to me, if I thought people get mad at me, saying that I was fearmongering by bring this up, but the EU has just sent to warships into the south trying to see which China considers their own territory. When you look at what and has been doing in terms of misinformation, clearly lying about the numbers that you know that there are chemical who did I think they ve been Germany. Removing China's numbers from the chart saying do not real so China has been. Misleading the rest of the world. Withholding information on how the infection is they sent a strike group on aircraft carrier. Through the South China Sea, near Taiwan, putting Egypt, Japan on alert the? U S, Aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, was disabled because of the corona virus. They evacuate apes and the personnel the. U S doesn't with the call an elephant Walkin Guam, where they have all these bombers than the euro pull them out, because apparently China's got some kind of weapon that can just blanket woman why butter are forces next thing. I know
Santa kind of weapons and how they can do it. I am not entirely sure, is my information from just rain purple stories about a military Roanoke. I thought that, but it really does So the? U S just sent to warships into the south, China Sea- and I think they're doing this, because one of the things I read from a military website was that the strike force is testing. U s. Resolve the last time that China has done this where they sent a strike force around. Taiwan actually tried to have taken some facts and fashion the: U S and a couple super carriers and everything calm down now are super carriers in the region were disabled by Cove will didn't China? Didn't they go to a group exercise with IRAN. After week we killed that guy ladder. Now there was a group exercise, eyes with China in IRAN in the sea that they they did something like some sort of show of unity, writer. After Trump had that guy's ass, you see we have
without iranian gunboats there, swarming you asked the: U S naval vessels and then Trump ordered them. If they do it again single blow up do you know the Venezuela tried common during a civilian yacht couple weeks ago? What then, will enable naval ship crashed into a german owned private cruise liners they were trying to count as my understanding of the story, because I know lots of people are gonna can want a private analysis out there trying to steal it. So they claim to you yet it so I think the official from waters was they thought this was a fake cruise ship with itself, from a door or something so they ordered it to come into their their waters because they weren't, Venezuela, Venezuela, naval ships are ramming, it sank itself, heard about the area, and so then, sometime after Donald Trump deployed U S. Naval vessel took near Venice. What near as well in waters which he says are for drug related operations. I'm not gonna like I know, I'm a likely located, he'd, say
you're talking about young, only knows that's what was reported. Who knows what that means? We need do, but neither say with it, you know, look Russia's withholding. We exports several european countries have have closed their borders within the Shanghai area. There withhold their that people on board food and we just had a full page ad in the new. Time. Sunday addition, I think, was from Thyssen saying the food supply chain is breaking and we're getting ready for a major shortage of food. They have killed two million chickens. Why does it involve anybody to butcher them? Here's the ears are here's my concern when you have these nation states shoring up their borders, even within the European. That's crazy to me, when you see Germany and France and Austria closing their borders to each other, then you get these worship. Making these movements. You get people desperate for food, you see them. Whaler ramming into a cruise ship. I say that it could be that we're hyper focused on it because we're board. We don't only pay attention to the stuffing, only pay attention, a celebrity gossip in politics. Now that we're not doing anything, we're really
focus our happening in international territory or perhaps it's that we're getting desperate moves and were scared as the economy, tanks, What if it wasn't for mutually assured destruction, I would say yeah or problem moving into a place of war, but you have to nuclear superpowers like China and the? U S sacred right now. What did they do? what you gonna, do you gonna one day going to launch a missile? The other guys can launch a mess like what? What are you gonna go into full scale? War wipe out everyone the planet? Because that's what would happen? I think so I do the thing is who would be more willing to wipe out a giant chunk of the public nation. Would it be? China would be the United States? I dont get me the United States, I think be China, and I think it really depends on how strange they are for resources and whether or not there really going to lose that that the difficult look in China when this broke out? What do we solve videos of them better?
caning people in their homes, welding their doors, shut, the doktor whistle blower there there's one story: vice ran, a journalist was calling out. All these things disappears from month comes back a month later, all happy like governments, great we love, em, ruin yeah We know we are they do we ve seen we ve seen videos now this could be propaganda in Amerika. Of course, I'm being this information may be the Eu S astronomy. You know this up, but you, I think you take a look at that kind of behavior the willingness to do anything by any means necessary and at what point do one person is in charge, saying I will not be the captain of a ship that sinks you'd. I look too well get super political in american history, but I view it as you: ve got a leader of a country and its people are looking enemies, as this will be the year. My country ceases to exist at that press. The button, not be the least you know I will not be. The person was at stake, it's hard another, because it
be a leader saying I will not be the person who destroys the world. I would rather go down in history. As the you know, failure of my country, I think you back somebody into a corner and you get fighter flight. I don't trust, chumps trumps decision making in that regard either. Now I don't you know, I just I don't trust anybody decision making, but somebody wanted meant that he said one thing always the whole and generating thank disinfection, maybe now the fact that he said he's being sarcastic that was so dumb and if you're, that same person and that we want you to be in charge of this decision, then that we go to war mean obviously have to support a congress, but this- but you know this this. You, though, that the disinfectant story is the one of the weirdest and most difficult things to actually grasp. I think you just got caught rambling, that's it you're! Here we have set up so self where cart men, pretends IKEA threats, so so Carmen finds out that people threats.
They all these things so he's like. If I pretend to have this, I can say whatever I want and then a voice so he loses his filter and sang a bunch of ridiculous things like I did meeting to like you know touching his cousin or something camp, and these are I am saying this. I know I've lost my filter, Donald Trump, that's what you here's, how I see it? He heard something from these experts. He didn't understand it. He has no filter, and so he just ask this thing: Here's here's! My challenge with it is there are such things as stupid question. Yes, there is, can you eat glass right? It's a stupid, crush dont. Some like performers eagle. They don't really do they also candy glass. Yeah. Here's shares this. Here's the struggle is a struggle. What is it disinfectant? how do you interpret what he said and here's what trumpet orders immediately fired back with there is
h to outdo naturalisation therapy and they they pulled up an article from it was posted Amazon, dot com April tenth, one of them Minced they're looking for covered is to take hydrogen peroxide through nebulous or into your lungs. That's it is in fact, and into your body for cleaning I dont think tromp was go and for that I think the guy mentioned. We have bleach and alcohol in trouble, like I wonder if you could, you know possibly get in their body through the adoption as a clean and light look. But what We really interesting that came out of this was twitter band and account that is a publicly traded. Biotech account that has a legitimate Araby when someone has been intubated when they when there on a respirator, they can send you ve light through there. Tube and action. We kill some of the bad, activity in the lungs now that the video that show how they do it shows like the tube and this x and animated thing. We chose the lungs they banned them right. They bandy publicly traded.
Biotech company, which is just I don't know they banned because They think that in some way this supports what tromp was set. Or if someone just pulled the trigger too quickly whose do doing this over here, I think, give a bunch fuckin, kids that are making decisions whether not something is banned or not. Something gets reported. Like someone report, I'm just guessing Simum reports and says: look These four idiots are saying that doll trumps right. You can get lighten their ban at Newgate out. Look it. We sat here. Yes with Jack, and Roger Vigour, and I dont think we got a defence vans are necessarily we got a you know. Thank you for your feedback I think we got an answer in terms of what Jack want in terms of he I think Jack is a legitimately honest guy now is tat of having a twitter. That's just wide open. We could do anything I don't have sheer numbers that are coming in and he's trying to do. Wild West Twitter now does is concept of having a twitter. That's
right now, Journeyman this. This video be pulled from you of moderated Twitter there's a dozen I can say right now the name if I say name right now, to undermine this. This video be pulled from you to do. Really, I can say one guy's name out now, I'm back! Don't don't say it if you know please don't say it, I'm not going to start with. I don't think I should even do that. Real I've had my video taken down and I've been told of his own heroic zone for me sure just Rhoda, if you, this name. Your video will be taken. Now they taken on C span the Klingons on Fox NEWS, really that Hitler. Now I'm warning you not say his name to companies been on suspended if you were suspended so, yes or somebody probably fucked up, is probably a kid that my handwriting is awful. That's ok, do not say that name, I'm not getting with human dignity. The name you know that is he is the
he's I can against Ramses CIA. He worked in Europe for the sea. I guess He is accused of being the whistle blower. Are the Ukraine whistleblower and if you say his name, you will get taken down wow. This is that so that seems like news programme have communicated taken down. Yeah makes you wonder, I have some about TAT company with a legitimate product gets taken down. Now you have restored the. I think that biotech companies somebody fucked up. I think I think you have to I think, from what an curry was explained to me. There's a bunch of kids that work for twitter and they were for a lot of these other companies and their they're, the ones responsible for whether not something its ban. Some it's taken down, you know the zoo, be store. The ok dude store I write and which has just Bachar, let's what's for people's lives we stand alone
Ruby. Who is a british guy will talk about this in the park? S where he's gonna gas in the pact has he's a wrapper very very in Halogen interesting guy doesn't even swear. He's very polite is a really nice guy, so he it's in some sort of interaction with someone on Twitter and this person says I better. Sleep with more women than you he says: ok, dude, that's it! You got landed at Bay and you got, Israel has ended for a long period of time like weeks, whatever the fuck. It is how you get suspended for something like that, but then he asked for it to be reviewed and they upheld it yeah. They said. Yes, you can't say, ok do now. I dont know if he was talking to a trans were made and either he didn't either at night. He didn't know. Is that what it is now the case was I that's my understanding of a story, You don't even know right. You just saw someone and said: ok, did you don't the problem? Is this idea of approved truth? What you two calls authoritative source
so I know I'm pretty hard on Youtube. What did this does involve Facebook as well, that name I sent you a facebook will delete your post without notice if you type it Why so? Here's what I did try to? I typed I just I said something like I heard of a man from Dubuque on orthodontist named, who has five kids and isn't it at fifty. Is I did that, because that in no way described for that person is right, not not only to face would delete it. They deleted it without telling me it was just erased from the site. So it's some sort of filter, that's in place, not somebody manually did it. It may there for a while- and Somebody came and are somehow so so do you know what happened? with the CNN Chris Cuomo getting gettin covered here, they fake that whole thing. That would mean the effect it so Chris. Cuomo was spotted thirty minutes from his house on a property with a new cut, with a new construction being dealt yes, a steel frame, a guy on a bike, saw him Chris Cuomo. They got into it.
Rice. Como goes on his radio show, and I don't want this Jack s fat tired. By coming up to me. I should tom what I want the guy in the boxes. He called the cops inside. He threatened me, so this basically confirms the encounter Chris Cuomo than than she. A segment for CNN of him emerging from his basement like this would have been dreaming of finally getting out of my basement kids, but he was seeing as kid somewhere else with his yes or even at that you even had been Psmith in your times. Call this out saying it would have been Smith used to be the editor in chief of Buzzfeed NEWS now is a media calmness for your time said something the effect of its like shocking, The union is alighting. This whole controversy there there, but I like it, didn't happen. Everybody knows Como faked it. You wasn't in quarantine, he was out. Presumably it was useless to women and three kids. So we can. We can assume it was his wife and his kids, whatever I bring that up, because you got a couple other moments right, you ve got brains, delta, on the honest show saying that we gotta channel the anger for the people yeah
He was saying that journalists need to do that yet, which is which, as you know, I basically sad so you're admitting your rage bait. Yes, I saw you that we that you said that. Finally, there admitting it right right, I mean look at those who are in a rag on me. I worked for these companies that I've seen them slowly, getting worse and worse with everything I was you Brian scream unity, Brian scream yeah, I think, like him enraged, would be a dialogue, I don't I wonder how much anger he can muster. I can't I can't say but what so? Here's ears at point us getting to see it s called. Or tat of source they're lying in our faces. I mean, You said the Joe Biden thing for, if I don't have you thought about this yet, but if you go to Google, I look up Larry kings, show from ninety ninety three. You will see there, so I surely I checked many of the different months. What people noticed was that one episode was missing. Was missing August, eleventh. Ninety ninety three, the episode where Joe Biden
cues are called in saying my daughter had a problem with a prominent senator knows turbines what accusers mom, because what I sat and said accuser Aurelia has accused the mom right. That's gone, yes, so, I went through Google play and there certainly were other episodes that what were presumably missing, typically Monday's, where with you, I would assume that you know lurking at a day offer something the eleventh Wednesday. Why was this missing? Why did CNN? Why were they scooped on their own story? They had this evidence. Apparently this. This was news. So when you look at what scene has been doing admitting that they're doing rage journalism, you get people like Jim Costa, but isn't that look what's but brine? What's brands helter those let em they're still too Isn't he just that? That's zone opinion in army, and it's not that their admitting that the dual rage journalism its he's saying that they should do that. Right is not what it was. He said it Twitter right, yea, say was a lot from his show. Was it
like Germany was reliable sources. Tweeting out and you know, look I'm. I may be hyperbolic whenever capsicum opinions on unseen and all that, but take a look at someone like Jim Acosta. He stands up. He argues that the president was journals disposed to. Do you know if you want asked the present question, he gives you an answer if he, if, if you have the option, four followed you do and then you right, you're storing effect item. You historian say Donald Trump. Here's what you told us here is the truth. That's what journalist used to do now You ve got this idea of channeling the rage for the people. What that means is it something I've seen an activist circles? Where was explained to me that what people are looking for is someone to strike down a symbol of what they view as their enemy or the cause of their problems, so the reasons why someone like Jim Acosta would do so well, you'll get somebody followers constantly doing this. It's not that is asking any real questions or actually challenging. The president is that the people who don't like
I'll, see him as striking a symbol down as a matter of telling you the truth or not. Now you get performative journalism, workers coma, pretends to come out of his basement. Where you know you could you get people standing up and what s correspondence, or at the press conferences just arguing and set of actually asking questions, and then you tube Facebook and twitter say this is the truth we deem it. So you tube now puts them among other outlets. On the front page of the website, guaranteeing hundreds of millions of views Meanwhile, independent commentators like myself, we actually get hurt in the outer they ve got it. Until they only show you Fox news. If you want to watch me, then guaranteed in the side bar the next? We will be Fox news. They prop up all these channels, David Pachmann, for instance, you get MSNBC Jimmy Door, news, I don't understand why they're gonna send Jimmy's. You know lefty followers to Fox NEWS, but there doing, seemingly within their power to make sure individual like myself and other commentators, are struck down while channel like CNN Foxen MSNBC are propped up
even though we know they put a fake news, but isn't that, but because of the algorithm, though, and Think that algorithm is engineered. Nor was any towards those mainstream say absolutely right. We can see we can see when it happened. It was may of. Last year, Yuki I've looked at my analytics around the time. These smear pieces came out, arguing that there was a rabbit hole where if you watch one kind of contents, all you get very very misleading way of framing what was really going on, and sometimes I am surprised that Youtube just bent over for this. You basically have Youtube's competence, Can these media outlets using their media weight to hurt you tube in add sales, so Europe's as you got it will give you front. Page access will guarantee you. You know people watch your content right, but they're doing that, because I contents very popular in that generates an revenue while our. Why our I would say no actually out argue against that. Won't ok, but listen like Tucker Karlsson, for example,
No he's hugely popular absolute. If you have a talker Karlsson, video is gonna generate millions of you absolutely so Youtube within their best interests. I'm talking about Allison camera. Is anybody? Google searching yon, you two thousand camera as opinion on all day. I don't think so. I think that is right exactly and so you wouldn't be searching for Tucker. Course. We know you're saying it's the De Channel in general, not just someone who's popular election Hannity or took across they as as well famous personalities very obviously do get you no more get more naturally, yet so people are so in four Tucker all day and night entity and Rachel Matthau things like that broad. But if you, if you look at how Spud, what would you do, even said to CNN. They prop up authoritative sources. Yes, if you search for a new story? Guess we're gonna get. If you go, search you know Tare Joe Biden, yearning CNN. Do you think you're doing that, though, because they're trying to get rid of conspiracy, DC reasons
no reason they're trying to get like I understand. And what they're saying, in terms of so like the ceo you too, when she said that they're gonna go with the World Health Organization. I don't think it. Good idea to go the World Health Organisation, as it seems like it's very corrupt organization, but I do understand this desire to go towards respected and establish medical professionals. Agri for stack, respected and establish medical professionals have appeared a call for dealing with corona virus. We should listen to them absolutely and there's a lot o wacky fucks online that are trying to say that its. A real virus and then it's five g and there's like all that kind of stuff is dangerous. You know, They told me, don't you think absolutely absolutely, but they told me that they publish annual guidelines very early on. I did a video about this January. Twenty third, when they first
locking down. I did a segment talk him I was going on and I actually think was a big deal. This was before anybody was really covering it. I mean this is the impeachment was happening and Youtube fully monetize. It can so I'm I've a thing on Youtube called self certification where, when I video. They me do your does. Your view contain any of the following. My videos are always clean. Emily friendlier, don't swear and I was approved video monetize a week later they implemented a new change that tongue. Anyone anything anyone talking about krona virus was instantly money. I d ranked possibly had your videos harder to find things like that. And it wasn't until about couple weeks ago they overturned these. Rankings on my channel, they told me before they publish the guidelines, you cannot say these things, one of which was that it may have emerged from a bio lab. Now we have an April, I think, Think was a sixteenth, a former Clinton administration, and I see staffer saying that
comes razor suggests. The most likely place that this came from was breaking out of a witch hunt. By lab, there was a Laurie by Brett Bare of Fox NEWS where he said. According to sources, he has overseen the documents. They believe that China was trying to essentially prove their they're they're worth with American by research by racing to do this development and there is a breach, and this resulted in the cupboard outbreak. That's that's Fox news and see an unseen ends. Wrought run multiple segments Agnes. When I talk about it I get direct demonetized confirmed. They say you can talk about the stem Siena. Can their authoritative, you can't, even if I use them as a source, even if I say like so. If I, when I try to do, is you no way the sources? How good are they right? Bear that's a good source. I mean Brett bears when the last true news, people, I don't I'm I'm not. Somebody fall- too much, but he's a straight news guy. He put his name on this, that is a lot to me. You're, not gonna, like the guy. You like that
news, but CNN also ran story. Saying you s, intelligence now believes or well. I'm sorry there investigating whether this claim is. It has merit. We also at a story from the Washington Post that asked the same question even got a professor from workers University to say, it's very possible. The store actually emerged because at South China Universe was, I think, South China University in Beijing released a paper say that somebody was doing experiments on bat, bats with krona virus and one of the bats spilled blood on him and PETE on him, and he had a self quarantine. For fourteen days being that the war on CDC. I think it's. The CDC is about three metres away from note from the food market. It seems like that was a likely scenario that they eventually retract, that rejected that paper. So Fuckin movie seem totally so look It's not it's not me saying it. I understand what you are saying, but what I did I get knocked down for this. I'm gonna do about it. I understand, but I think in their defence some of this has to be that their managing its scale seminaries,
This has to be the fact that millions of videos or upload it every day and they have to keep this dense disinformation from spreading out of control. When you have all these fuckin nut jobs are saying. This is five g is uneven: a virus, its radiation, sickness summits. Me, a guy that I really like seven is video. This doctor. That seems, like he's, got schizophrenia or something he's talking about. This is up asthma, disease caused by radiation and, like a fuckin Christ, imagine I've gotten so many people hitting me up ten. You gotta talk about five g unama. People hit me up and Would you came out? Listen. Five g is a thing right. It's it's a new bandwidth for cell phones. It's going to be. Really fast, it's going to be your phone, so the question is like. Ok, all this stuff flying through the air. There's always signals to the air. What effect do they have on the human body? That's a good question. That's a good question, but this that that's responsible for this corona virus thing. It's fucking, crazy, totally,
you're saying they don't have any effect and here's. Why? Ok? This Why you don't need to be worried about you, a chance for a visa? whatever differ waves that are flying around through your wifi and people were about all that kind of shit that there really can. It is, does have some sort of effect on human beings. They think that in fact, cellphone signals have an effect on bees and that was one of the primary theories about the drop in bee populations. Yeah colony collapse. Now that these cell phone signals are interfering with these bees ability to communicate, but to say that it's the Fucking corona virus like G, cries and then someone had a meme little little Duvall. How to mean that you put up on his is criminal retweeted it five jeez only five countries you fox right, this goddamn should is spread across the whole world is really think it's five g. It's the! I believe you too has to step in, and they have to do something when shit like that is so great is so preposterous. So the question is what we are doing,
draw that line? If it would be nice if they could watch all your videos and say oh well, today, goals are really reasonable guy. They do ok, but the everyday. Do they re now that yeah they do they really they literally guy who's. Doing you that, yes, who is a hundred percent dedicated to watching everything you do you put out a lot of fucking I do. I am content you put out every day. So if you had a guess, ran average right now, as in the past few months, up to about three three hours and forty minutes per day, so you got it its dedicated you to his job as we do the Temple guy. I just versts, probably not like that specific, but I do have a partner manager. I do we have every single video I put out on my for my mate. My my main channel is reviewed one hundred percent of them they just only introduced mine, my other two channels, so I have I have a total of three
candles. Under my name, where I put out at around ten to twelve separate videos per day for total about three hours and forty minutes they what they do. So if I upload a video, it gets, viewed through up, so I first self certify. I say this video has no swearing. It has no in extreme and images like that. If someone watches it and democratize it. I then contact Google and they reverse it for it. So I actually have someone who fixes this. If there is an issue that that they watch every episode that watch every episode every upset that longer. So you got a guy who that's their job things are certainly one person, but time of four my understanding is it is California based, and so so here's where I look I'm. I think you do of a very, very awesome thing. I wouldn't have a show working. I was workin for a company and I did not like it, and I have to leave
start my own business and I'm rather successful with it and it's because of Youtube and its because they view me as trustworthy. They they. You know I've known for a long time. They ve orbit it's not perfect. The challenges fundamental human rights its and that, in the end, the and the collapse of media industry when we have news outlets. That is what we are give an example. You this citizen, Instagram that people were calls for poisoning. You know, disinfected ingestion had gone up ever comes comments right, that's not true. As big news I fell for two I tweeted out. I tweeted George Clock. George common quote: one, that's think about our stupid. The average person is and realize half of them are stupider than that sure enough. It turns out they faked the story, The real story is that, since the start of the pandemic, people have been by, more cleaner than normal, so statistically with more people having cleaner there more likely now to enact a domain just it, and since March
calls have been going up. Then your daily news, one of the main purveyors of the story tacked on after down drums comments unrelated unrelated unrelated dirt. So here's the problem. If the daily news if CNN, if they fought MSNBC. If these outlets are gonna, do these things in a despot bid to stay alive as their as their methodology fails and Youtube is gonna. Give them preferential access with, which is what they ve done. Then we're in serious trouble, but they don't give the daily news preferential now, and I do not like what channel that the main network I don't think I've networks are in doubt agree just right, here's here's one that really growth me out was CNN. I believe they tweeted wonder apposite CNN tweeted that Ilan mosques not supplied all ventilators that he promised and then and said: are you aware that Twitter has a search feature and then he started retreating all of these different hospitals showing the ventilators people thanking him as a test.
A logo on it and they end, and it was that what the house was requested them yeah we had. They were specific parameters. Are you not see and ended, argued semantics? The article that was written to the two to prove they were right was that those aren't ventilators real, ventilators our invasive ventilators that go in your body and sea policy. Tat? Is a ventilate is ventilator as a bypass when they are called Non invasive or not intrusive, that such a fuckin gross way to jointly decide what you tweeted and so journalists are supposed to help you understand. What's going on in the ass, not confuse it, there are the goal of making money. What brothers would that's what it is right? It's about click bait! Absolutely you can beta these smart man the world fucked up and Give the ventilators oh you're, not the scariest thing is CNN anybody's network and of any these networks can make a fake story. Yet a million views a day later apologize retract and they keep all the money they made
I gotta get back so their act actively. Incentivize, I'm not saying they're sitting there and throwing a mustache me like let's rhetoric story, but they know that if they do, they get paid and they are so. What do you know what The fact is that a million it's the retracting, its thirty k we get paid for both. So this is an editorial review fail were leaders are not reviewing these articles that are being written by journalists. I think there also in a toilet. Circling you know down to the drain. Because what happens is somebody so I saw story written. I think it was an outlet for the Washington Post or something about trumps alligator moat as fake news. That was never real alligator. Right. So the story from twenty seventeen that Trump talked about putting alligators and a moat around the southern border, or something was like it's ridiculous, but here's what happiness you write a fake story. Wrote that yeah, so that was as to his idea to do that. It's been awhile minors. The story was that a source familiar with you now trumps thinking said.
Tromp, had discussed an alligator mode and, unlike like even if Trump did, isn't it obvious. It was a joke. They They want their money back and allergies. Will it take to guard the southern border thousand miles or whatever, but now We see this pop up again and salt, what men? The scariest thing is how these social they social networks, remove like we were but last year they remove a certain point of view. This biotech company they default on. What authoritative and authoritative falls in one direction. Almost every single time falls left right, so you know I'm and tell you how many too many stories I've gone through where it's like. You know that Peter Navarro story were true, said to the journalist, you're, a nasty nasty reporter and everything? Yes, what you don't see was the full context where the guy kept goading Trump for like ten fifteen minutes and then finally, trumps snaps Adam. And they take that one sound bite and say look at trumped as being a dick, so like well, yes, trumps, got no filter and he gets mad, but they cut out the
tire exchange where this dude was poking in prodding, unlike really just insulting the guy. So this guy Peter Navarro here, Things like. Why are you trying to give people hope? Don't you think that offering a false hope, as is in terms like? No, I don't think so like this was in clerk when yet addressed and clerk went so you get it, you get a guy that keeps voting in arguing with him and that's what does the poisoning earlier today, these people for Seattle, Whatever network have realised, hey we're gonna get right but let me tell you to say first of all that way of communicating is fucking terrible. Its second All you need to the terrible news that in those late night, new shows where they have three different people, like with three c the screen separated into three chunks and this person on the right, is arguing with his person, left the moderator trying to keep her body in order for everyone's talking over everybody in everyone's lookin, for a sound by and everyone's gonna get the shots and before the buzzer, because he's like a bell common
the commercial runs. It is the dumbest way to really explore a complicated idea. Right and second Only two that is these fucking things were this. The present stands the podium and people yell things out then someone called it the kung fu someone called it the conflict. Do you do not denounce that this racist word kung, fu and traps that who said it I dont know. I heard I loved when not one of the journalist asked trumpet the price of oil he goes where's it at and the guises Autonoe Bonanno where's the price of oil there porters us- I don't know, then why are you asking next question? Why these these people or I don't? They- don't know their look? I've I've sat in these rooms at press conferences. I have, I have stood in front of public officials as they announcement and I know
exactly I've talked to these producers have talked the journalists there like asked a question. What should I ask just ask anything so they they ve if I've been thrown in front of people like ask him something like what am I supposed to ashcombe ask em anything make something because they want you to get that screen times or I can say to theirs. It's. Also some, unlike Jim Acosta, for example. Don't you think there's a in inclination when someone gets a certain amount of attention to lean towards that attention. This is your base. Now these are the people who are supporting you and you find it with Like online commentators and where he was really weird, is one like such a person used to be left and they see it again get a little bit of love from the right and historic colleague entering over there in their comments, and they get more more attention than just jumped ship and the inverse lay all who were leaning too words, more right wing, talking points that attacked for it and then immediately came out in support of certain politicians. Yes, yes, yes
see people leaning towards what gets them? most amount of love ran for Jimmy I still like that. It seems like he gets a lot of love for attacking this guy, because he's talking for them for the people at home. I wish I could ask the present what the fuck are. You doing this to get em Jim, and this is the it's it's and it's scary when I go on, read it, for instance, and they ve basically purged ninety percent of any pro trump point of view, real it's gone man. I pull up, I pull up red and what do I get? It's it's. It's all left commentary. If you would like our slash politics, which has, I think you know five to six million sobs, they use left wing activist websites as new sources. So it's not a place for real put political discussion. It's a place to get Europe biases confirmed the site. The same is true for the Donald Trump celebrate it, which has been basically purged. You know they were used. Having a real sub erratic called the Donald and yet it killed it. They killed it because they thought
fill with trolls right. They killed it because they claimed the Trump supporters were threatening. Cops. I'm not joking! That's the stats story: does that sound a little strange to you that Trump supporters would be anti cop to now we that doesn't make any sense if you use that as an example for an unnecessary, unnecessary move to ban the entire somewhere. Seems like so: it's not banned. What is it was quarantined quarantine, so you can no longer you can no longer search for it. The only way to access it is to be subscribed until I give your email theyve since abandoned that and created a new website, the Donald DOT win you? Go there you're going here, only good things, but the president, and while there Certainly things your dislike and any rational person would disagree with. I think a healthy discourse tries. You know you, you want. You want to see the counter points. I want to see that the positive points you wanna butter stand you know, is there are real reason why Donald Trump did something or is it just an idiot and if you're only
one side of it, Europe, Europe, Europe, your view of the world. It is just total FINA used to build the wild West ran east. It was pretty wild until two thousand, Sixteen is very little moderating read. It is so incredibly easy to manipulate and control at ridiculously easy that You know I were I remember, and what years maybe? Twenty fifteen political operatives were seeking ways to prop up politicians, manipulating reddest algorithms, because users have direct control of it, agitates ridiculously easy to do like insanely, easy they ve since made it more difficult, but one person with the hat with it with ten self France and you could own the front page of red, it very very easily dots current since then, we ve seen accusations of- and I think it's fair to say you know. In my experience, I know that this units tends to exist. The soccer puppetry when someone runs multiple accounts, perennially different people to create the perception of consensus. Yes and that's it, they do that.
Really really common someone. I know a guy was a moderator. Read it and told me this one account had nine different people or a nine. What one person had nine different accounts there there are using to attack the sky, and you can can you so that the way it works does not know? Is you up vote and downs up something if it has more up votes it moves up? If it has more down votes it doesn't so it appears. So if you create a bunch of different accounts using proxy servers or other, you manipulation. You can make sure your post is always in front now. Was there are concerned that the Donalds, the Donald Reddit Sight, was being belated that someone that there were basically just using it early on. Yet there was so the Donald Posts would frequently hit the front page of all you. So if you go to read it and you to see every saw brought it down was always on top. Suddenly it was so active depends on who you ask rights, or
because people are manipulating one of the other I've it? It's that there's a good argument for both the evidence to to give a definitive answer. I it's fair to say that trump supporters we'll see ass. The upload button make sure those posts always find the top, because the very enthusiastic very enthusiast, it's also possum that somebody had about. You know about net. That was, you know the guy, that's her yeah yeah, but one of the things that the download on trouble, for, I think was they would they would do it how the sticky post? So that means, if you went there, one post was always on top of their page. So this that supporters, new top guaranteeing it would get lot attraction, but we actually saw this. Are the craziest thing, the c e o of red? It manipulated in the database someone's comment who the Trump support is. Actually this is like a could, you imagine the ceo this, the added he went into the database, the hard database for someone's comment and changed what they said. What's the apologize for it saying I got new got angry, someone called them
Vito. So he was like a wee. Anyone in oh that's right. I remember this. He actually edited the words to make their personal data piece of shit like anti tromp or something else. So I ll tell you what men look, there's there's that does not our if you can make about policy and the right way to solve these problems, but I go on the front. I hope I open right and I'm browsing through and I see these comments from people that clearly do not understand. What's going out these protests that people want the economy to reopen, and I and talk to my friends about it and it seems like their trapped, because I think you know, like your mentioning people drift towards what gets them the most love. But now it's not, famous people, not just people on social media, to everybody who does that and then I want that worldview broken while the also don't want to lose the rest, back to their friends or also subscribing to the re mighty yeah yeah, that's it
the heart of man and politics by Overhear California, if you'll, if you're, not left wing of you, don't you know just it instantaneously when then, when there's an issue instantaneously side with the left, you get chastised you get all races? You call the Nazi crawled up a tree. Supporter, yet you can't even have a rational perspective on things. You can't say something like in hindsight, it was a good idea that Donald Trump closed off travel from China because it was coming from me on a lobby bore calling him racist. It turned out to be a good move and then shut it down from a lot of different places, is what you can't say that so so yeah right, so the first thing trump does is that the task force two days later, the travel ban, Joe Biden says. The last thing we need is trumps a phobia on March. I think twelfth trump suspends travel from Europe. Joe Biden says a travel ban will stop this April. Third Biden says actually tramples right about that now Joe Biden
add, sank. Trump didn't go far enough now: Nancy Pelosi, assaying Trump, should have been Americans from coming back and georgiana. Video Nancy Pelosi is talking about telling people to go to Chinatown, worse that videos fucking and when they confront her on it on Fox news of him Chris Wallace on Fox NEWS was talking to her about it. She think whether the accord will show that I was saying don't be rude to chinese people. Now you were down their encouraging it. Yes and the record will show she's such an ineffective beaker so bizarre that she got to a position of power. She's, right, she's, so disingenuous and so fake. In the way she commute decades, intellectually honest shows, maybe she's just old. Maybe she was better before our now. Maybe right, that's the areas in question, this old man, he hath Biden, question that did not even he's not even here anymore. He is so weird, so, where their pretending that it's ok, there's gonna, be fine, but that's the way, their defence, I'm over these allegations. Is this reporting on the warring the allegation entirely? You see Alyssum Olano when she s what what is this
yes right deserves due process of other times, but all the other people. This is it's it's. You know I can't predict. What's gonna happen, there's a lot of things that are changing. You know right now. That's gonna fact whether or not Trump wins the Republicans win or lose. But what about is this weird thing that he wants to you were. He wants to insist on a woman of color as a vice presidential non not done Biden wants to. I think he said how much of that women of color, I think he said, he's he's guaranteeing its me a woman and he's looking at a woman of color and entirely sure to me. That's dead, but that's absurd. I mean absurd. If, if you ve got a good candidate, I think you know, I don't care what they look like what their skin color is. Their race, gender, I know a lot of people on the left view that, as like short sighted, because an end, I think there's there's decent reasons to talk about how it Andy place. You know into how you view the world in the policies on employment! I just think it's dangerous to create that kind of here. We're not
about prom queen I can well someone who actually has a real important job. I shouldn't pick them based on what part of the world their ancestors or from or what gender? They are. That's right I would actually say on a scale of one to a hundred. That's not neared like the top fifty, but I think it is to say that there is a real reason why that would play factor play role like you. You ve got a lot of people who have never experienced certain things, and that includes the left, and one of the big problems in politics is we see coming from the left is really based on urban living and from comes conservatives are more likely to be world. So when you see people on the left argue for like rent strikes and things like that. Well, yeah, you're, in a year in cities where you're predominantly renter sets your big issue, it isn't resin. The same with people who live in areas where it primarily on their homes or we're talking about the second amendment, like obviously people on cities, they tend to be liberal. They want gun control yeah because you got a very, very dense. Violation. Gun accidents probably are an issue and you ve got cops within minutes notice,
the other rural area, the capture, forty minutes away. You need to protect yourself. So this this divide created a difficulty in creating policy for the entirety, the country I could point- I person we would never play someone's like racial identity or gender in the top priorities, but I do think it is fair to point out that you know a black woman is gonna, understand things about life in the black community, that a white man is not going to be, doesn't mean you give him a job because of it, but you can point out. The perspectives will be different. Eyes grew with both those things regret. That's a good point, two in terms the overall country is so enormous and did so different and varied? I too find some common ground amongst ever one is so incredibly difficult, so it contest of who's. Got the bigger, bigger bucket, bigger electoral bucket near that's good,
When I do it seems like, but either way, there's so many people that it just gonna vote left to get Trump out of office. They don't care you gonna elected out dementia, you gotta, pull this ethical sleigh alive, Joe Biden by the Atlantic. Now I'm not getting when did their pointless that a couple weeks ago. Maybe it's called stay alive, Joe Biden or something That's only like all we need is your corporeal form, It's lovely crazy. It's not not only arguing that we just need eurobonds, are you, but it actually gonna argues is a bad candidate, and it's like it matter, though. It is because we just don't like trump well they're right about that he's. A bird candidate by young. They could have done so much better with Buddha. Judge with closure is with dead there. Terrified tell Gabert there provide a Bernie Sanders and
yeah. I think, probably for x amount of those two I was. I am a big fan of jealousy and followed by Yang and logical. Didn't like that, because you know I rag and Democrats all the time it's like more data, Folliot million criticised me all day and night, I'm I very much sea policy in chef meddler and, like the other problems, we have with them and I am not a fan of their positive and they don't. You know they rather do nothing, but within that I saw under Yang and his website. The list of things he's gone through. If what he thought about was was insane, I mean the dude. Had a policy for everything was a brilliant absolutely and he's also not politicians. So his approach is going to be from a guy who's. An entrepreneur right a guy, looks at it in terms of problems to fix you get you can you there's a similar thing there with tramping a businessman but Yanks list or is it a comprehensive list of policy positions was, it was to me I was like my like it. I do totally not that got this thing about trumpets, a giant personnel
great, whereas Yang, is a really reasonable person. Yet, for me, you know tools. These anti war stance was paramount. I think the? U S is wasted too much money. We ve got people arguing for a fixed, the pipes in Flint and unlike right, on, let's stop building weapons and need doing deployments and trying to control these foreign country and start working with in Amerika, and I think that there is a reason why lot of moderate and conservatives like tossing it's that it's kind of Amerika first stripe know. Why are we applying so much of our resources and time and energy this foreign countries. We should be doing that ball. She's, earned that perspective with two tours of duty overseas from she served in the army for she's been a warrant for six years. Younger stands a lot about how this works. I disagree. I didn't There are some other domestic policy issues, nuclear energy and um well, you'd. What is her? dance on new very votes is well. I hope I do want to speak for her cause and try to be very careful, but that negative view on nuclear energy and nuke
energy is different than three mile island, Renault or Fukushima. We need to understand that, when your look at some of these issues that they have with Fukushima in particular, which is a kind of an antiquated system that they had set up, they can't really shut off, which had whole bit about how crazy. As yet when you, talking about the nuclear power that they could implement today, it will be a very different system right there I'll be an verily clean. Dreamily high return on energy investment and zero emissions, but there's a fear because of the past has put it somewhere that sucks spun out it sucks, but a big one, someone it's oxen juice up the whole country with it. You know when it when it when it came to Yang. I felt like here wait a guy who I'm I'm not a big fan of the eye and bought a weird one right, then I think the way he put it spoke more to me than the way anywhere else ever framed it and I actually felt like he shouldn't- have called it universal basic income when you didn't call the freedom dividend right, but it became you'll, be out of so many people
I went with it. When you see what you know, Amazon, Google NEWS, big companies becoming just insane behemoths that can't you know that can be broken, object to absorb and absorb and absorb there's an argument for some kind of dividend to the american people for potentially what they do outside of United States, its very complicated, not economics. I guess I'm a small enough to you know pretend, like I know anything about, but you look at him about the example of Alaska there. The oil drilling the people live in Alaska, get a portion of that revenue in those profits that make sense you be I, the weights framed in general, makes very little sense and eventually, I think, we're. Really saying now, with the government stimulus one of the biggest pitfalls to it. You here there's a there's, a story: they ran NBC. A woman for employees were like in revolt because she acquired a loan from the patient protection program that ensured their jobs, meaning they would receive
money, because under the Cares act they were received a bonus of six hundred dollars per week. On top of the salary they normally get factually preferred to have lost their jobs, so you have people who are complaining that they're keeping their jobs now. So there does one instance there is there look there's a couple stories like that, but the challenge with God just giving people cash cash is the assumption that the cash has inherent value when the value, if it is based upon what you can get for it so One of the lessons I think we learn now with the economy being shut down is back. There's a nurses, gotta work. You know that we need them on the front line there also getting paid. What do they use that money for pay the rent by food things like that? We're having we're facing food shortages if you can't buy anything with the money? But what's the point of taking the money, I mean like it. If you can Choice, you're, gonna, work, you're gonna, go worker job at a grocery store. You an essential work are willing to pay for two bucks, your body Let me stop Europe there, because the Universal Bay
income was not designed to deal with a pandemic goes desires, deal with automation, which road of not stop the supply chain which has not stopped with which would have created foods Georgia is a sort of a unique situation. So your ear compare apples are oranges. Your applying universal basic income tax. Current situation, which has nothing to do with the reason why he wanted to implement in the first place. He's worry that automation is gonna, take away jobs right it well. It probably will not consider this problem, though. There will always be some kind of essential work right, yeah, you tell the essential worker when other people are getting money and dont work that you have no choice, because you are essential. Even in an information system. So let's say every job growth, but to hold on to their only get a small amount of money to stay alive. You would rather have a good job where you getting paid well and have benefits, and all that other stuff. I think that's an assumption idea is an assumption, but nothing is universally basic income. The real problem of psychology is to issue the real problems. The way human beings work. We we need incentives, we don't people, don't just
want to survive and get a little check from the government will be people be despondent. You know you, you don't want to create a United States of Welfare Laguna in thinking in an all encompassing thing where some of these programmes that are in place that automate all of The goods and services they take some that money and give it back to the people, because no one can work, that's a distress, a depressing disturbing in future man, that's a terrible place to live. You ever watch battle cycle Acta, yes, loved years, he's no fiercer that, then you talk about a new balance, our Galactica anyone. What what was no picture, which means that that's where Chris Evans is on a train that travel around the world because the world is frozen and only that train has like it's a kind of weird premise, but there this was an episode of banal. No movie. Two different bits of fiction to make a point: oh yeah, it's
of futuristic movie, it's real weird who else is in Chris Captain went right, isn't it yeah? I think I did see that's real weird. It's got a cool, so they take kids from the back from the poor cart and have them work internally in the engine because they have to move things around cause parts or missing if they dont everyone all human life. Eyes, so they literally going back in they take children away from their families who screamin and reject this. In battle star. They had children who were also taken for a similar reason to work. You had people who had no choice but to work on the fuel processing ship, otherwise olive many wiped out one of I've. I've often thought about you know, I'm a huge fan started the next generation. How do we get who opposed capitalism world, where we still have incentives, but where Post Reno pose scarcity. The problem is It was we're in transition. There will be jobs, their essential, which means one is one of the glimpses we get entertain a pandemic is, is different, but we still
see a glimpse of people who have to work in a kind of low skilled, boring, tedious jobs like a grocery store, while other people who have higher skill jobs are getting there. Their needs met by the government, at least in terms of that the cash so we're we're here telling you know these people talking about right now, right, right saga, I understand it. A pandemic is very specific, but we're getting a good. So what happens when some people are told, your job is not essential, so gonna guarantee your your food and resources for the time. You are rarely doing that, though the soldiers is effective, I'm just saying that, as we move towards automation, there will still be jobs that are essential. What do we do tat? How do we, you know incentivize and compensate make that worth the people who have no choice but to keep working while the rest of us? Don't I dont know if it's a keep working, why the rest of us don't issue, I think it's a problem of jobs being phased out. I think the real power Ms Automation is going to phase out jobs is not gonna be about. What's essential was an essential, I think, you're sort of applying
pandemic vernacular tulips, lets us remove that the pandemic from it- and let's say you are right now what one of the things I looked at We are not so low that before I met Homeless kind Chicago and he worked at a job, it became obsolete. I also back about me ass. I s almost guy what how he became homeless when I was like nineteen, and he told me that he had a job. He worked there for twenty thirty years. As I got older is family, you know moved away, lost contact is are different times. Some friends and family died when his company became obsolete technology and matter anymore. He was cast you know we had Nordic Nora work anymore? Is expertise was very specific, so he got a severance package that ran out about unemployment that ran out to get kicked out. Now is I've. Look at that and say how do we make sure that doesn't happen? This guy should not be punished simply because times have changed But if you scale that up, you know and say keeps happening at every difference, eventually you'll end up with ninety percent of the population. Saying my needs will be taken care of, and ten percent saying. I still have to work
whatever the industry may be like what? What that that's! That's a transitional period the very difficult we automate most outlets for some. Some people will still have to work You really think when autumn most jobs, though I mean there's so many jobs. It can't be motive, automated when we look at travel across the board, can't feed yourself can't prove overhead can't they would have the this was what was attractive but universe, a big basic income to me. What, if of universal basic income. Is wonderful, the idea that Europe needs are taken care of in terms of food and housing, and then everything else you gotta do on your own. If, if we're looking up when we look at sea when we look at travel across the board, can't feed yourselves camp, roof over your head? Can't it would have This was what was attractive but universal, big basic income to me. What if we all agree
that some semblance of dignity is a part of being an american, and then we will provide you with food will provide you with housing everything else you have two fuckin earn and that's interesting. I lie that's interesting. I like that. I like it, but I dont know people don't work well when they don't have to exactly when people don't have an incentive in the competition is important. You look at people that are anti capitalist. There really in socialism. Why things you find and is a lot of rich kids sense Weird right, it's fucking, very weird: it's because they don't understand real struggle because they ve grown up. It have these ideals like they feel guilty because they grow up without struggle and they want to help the world and they think capitalist evil and I never saw my dad so we need a. We need to get all these rich
born into give that money to all these poor people. We balance out income ass, they notice the people around them are our white paper that are into social that the people there and socialism tend to be upper class upper middle classically, white generalizing in big way. Ride roughshod over there. There's there's some studies and research that came out and find an majority of Socialists in United States yeah. You know they came from upper middle class upper class families that tended to be white yeah and know the ones that focus so hard and these social justice warrior issues you you take. A person has been surrounded by rich white people, yet It probably got a reason to not like them. But then I assume all white people are the same and you end up seeing this racial of politics also They find themselves in a position of affluence if they didn't earned, they wanna burner all the ground, yet it out and they assume you know what I think there is some truth in that you know that those people were
money they can earn and their leeches on the system they make money from money. They never do. Anything in. There lie shorter, arrogant sure, there's a lot of people right, but you know when you didn't take that generalization and apply it to anyone who has money or every one and you take it to a dark place exact. When I, when I first started, you know entering the public space in terms of using politics as that occupy Wall Street, and before I had any notoriety, I was being heralded. They called me a good example of. What's wrong system hears Temple high school dropout, mixed re sky, and here he is, sleeping in the dirt parties in his phone, it tell the real stories of the world. After I got featured in Time magazine what they say. Temple is white and he was born. The silver spoon and which is not true, is absolutely not true. But the the the socialist types activist couldn't accept that I had you know jumped there that the class system- I guess their view of the world as rigid- that the rich people keep the poor down, there's no chance, rapper mobility in that's not the case. You know you have absolutely can become
Swell from a humble me, one of my favorite Elsie quotes was her talking about its literally impossible police up by a bootstraps when she used to be a waitress, she's a congresswoman cheeky, like it not impossible, but it's not even that's what we need to dress it's not even with over the reality, as some people have a far easier path. Excellent, some people have a far more difficult path it just this business just, but you have to do with the hand your given if alive, the game, and I'm not saying it's a game. It is life, but it seems where to a game in that your dealt set of cards. Will you dealt a set of circumstances and yes, some people just get forays from birth, your dad's, a multi billion air in your whole families always been rich and you know to worry about a goddamn thing for the rest of your life. Well, guess what those people turn out to be fucking miserable and create there's some benefit in bed.
Born with a shitty hand of cards. Absolutely the really is a motivational benefit for sure. Gumption yeah does eight theirs. It there's a TED talk. There's one one trait one personally, trade that guarantees success of all of our all. It's not intelligence is not class, not race. Not gender unit is what surveillance. That's it, I believe, is a deadlock on its it's interesting and its true. Now I feel there is there's always gonna, be certain limits. Basing your ability, like I'm, never in a play in the NBA right tall enough run nowhere near as fast or jumping off, actually are tracking down precise cape word, but you take people who don't have top tier intelligence, not the strongest, but if they work hard enough, they can find their their apex. They can find that point worth our successful and they can make. It brought Sancho for everybody. Some people are below that that that threshold, it matter hard, they try. They're gonna need help. One thing
the promise with any sort of generalization. You note, perseverance is the most important thing. Yes sure, but you have to be intelligent, can't be done. Same thing over and over again, I M not going to quit. No, you have to be able to figure out You're doing wrong, as well as have perseverance. Perseverance is a necessary part of the equation, but theres many pieces, but defined success in that regard. Right if, if successes while depends on the field, your choosing right, if you're, not smart enough to be an astrophysicist shouldn't, be an astrophysicist right. Drought on applying the NBA you probably campaign, and do you think, I'm gonna silly true, though Bugsy both that did was amazing news, maize against five seven? Was he didn't recycling, not data bases for the five five five through? but one in three hours about web. That's right why we shorter than I thought yeah, but you can do it yeah
hey? That's very rare when we talk about two guys to actually take the line that I think the average person has the potential and capabilities of being successful wealthy If they want famous? I think we're that one of the challenges we have in our culture is power, raising kids in what words, what the values were giving them, but also what are you trying to do? A good each look, there's a thing, there's a bunch of different things that you could use you just don't have to like some people, cats. Being the only fuckin talent is don't have the voice sounds like shit, but guess what His voice sounded shit, Bob Dylan, terrible voice, yeah as if the ME man, people love it because there's like authentic city and passion, and something to it rightly found out a way to make it work. You wouldn't when american Idol fuck no a mandate, as it means that when the graves musicians have imagined I'm going like someone say, would you want to do man? I want to be a singer sombre. Ok,
without any music, only instruments fixing me a song probably rapidly well. There's there. There are a lot of people, especially in the internet, Dane Age that you would not expect to have made it who made it? Yes, you know that near this lot? Ere, I mean this then there's rules today that I think really hold true in a big people. Say: oh, you know you have to be good. Looking you have to be fan while Adele's, not Then she is now she's thin. Now people matador for being she just was talents to set a powerful voice or woman, Susan. What was her name was America's got talent not- and I know what it was. Americans, talent and x factor ex vaccinate rise and boil that fuckin wizard over here Susan Boil. She looked like ones Grammy Ray and but she belted out the song that made Simon cow almost cry: could you just fuck undoubted generally good you cute? You can find a thing,
of your Susan Boil and you want to be a comedian. Maybe her jokes are fuckin terrible. Maybe she would show up and open minded, Sunday night of the communist, or over and over gonna keep bombing and then in out she never would have made it. You can't learn something about it. I think I think if you can, if you can learn, but if you can, you know what the problems are more fused to accept when they're wrong, they rise of self critical, did yeah they're. Not they don't have an analytical perspective in terms of their own issues. They they can analyze themselves and see the flaws and be objective and introspective some people just don't have that because they ve been protecting themselves. They have these sort of personality traits and protect themselves from self deprecation, from understanding where their flawed? When I was a teenager, I am reading that Michael Jordan would watch tapes of himself playing to figure out what did wrong that's true, but to me that was like, if you wanna be the best lambs, you need to actively look for what you're screwing up yet
allowed immediately or that's imperative for sparring when you sparring, like we used to film a lot of back when I was competing with films. During sessions and fights particular fights. But sparring says since it was critical, because you could see how your telegraphing something and then you got countered, you could see How- and sometimes you don't. You think, you're doing it You realize I am. I gonna drop my hand every time of do this, and then you get caught racy legates with everything that like poker yeah giving entails away that business. But I think me things, you'd be back off, seeing like with comedies massive gigantic punitive visually see yourself is like primer. That's or one little bit little bit less good is listening to yourself and at a certain point in time nuclear can get away with just listening in terms of like, but there's a big difference between p
boy who monitor their stuff and go over it and analyze it versus people. Don't just it's. It's accelerated! Learning it's like taking vantage of all the tools that your given and you can that too. Anything that you're trying to do good and life. If you have the time and the energy, if you're do a job and doing his job. You know you two shall be working tried. Do your best than to go home. You fuck off, do stuff you'll, get better whatever you do exactly, but if you go and do your job and then afterwards analyze what you did pay attention to right things down, make a diary perhaps or review your work and real. You get better faster. It's a matter of much time as long as you don't burn out. I will take days off ever gets weird. I took it ass yesterday, at some beds
She had learnt the lesson everybody if, if I don't mean the sushi people there really nice to me, but you know maybe may lay off sushi if they been closed for a month, basic panda, makin, well, you're driving from the other side, the country text, men tell you the place design I gotta for places out here for sushi. Who else am I do now, What are you so? I want to say right: I don't don't take a day off and allowed people say, I'm crazy and I've actually increase my Monday to Friday. Double shifts every day, then Saturday and Sunday are single shifts in terms of production. So I do Monday through Friday, three hours and forty minutes about Saturday and Sunday is about an hour and forty minutes And what would I do if I wasn't working? Are we playing video games? numbers. You just said we have three hours and forty Monday to Friday, yeah and then an hour and a half per week in debt that still not a full does work, and that is that we have worked so average person an hour and a half of recording is like ten hours of research,
larger, more votes, it's like eight out, so I'm doing constant research in between fact checking and then I record like once I get everything in line and I think I'm confident on what what do you know what I have in mind. Of course him are not perfect, then I record for about twenty minutes. Then I get back to researching reading and I you know so it's it's has another better. I thought you were for yourself absolutely and I have some dig it over his shoulder. Tony. What do I chose this though you write so so that is the couple things. What when you bought up you get good at what areas would eat it. Whatever you do. I tell my friends every second do spend doing something as an investment to be made into being better than better at that. So if you want to come home from work and play video games all day. You'll be really good. A video games- men, maybe star street- me a twitch channel. Maybe maybe you can You know some money bandit personality, but you gotta earn it or maybe the something you want to do that, instead of playing video games, you do that instead for me, when I'm not working I'm just sit around like. Why am I not working what it like? What am I doing? You know it's a kind taking yesterday enough
I don't work today because we're doing the show in solemn sitting sitting around watching tv shows like this is awful. I can't stand. I gotta news man I gotta, I gotta be an I gotta be into it. Will you driven but also your enjoying it. That's the deal. Between someone whose working Fucking coal mine are somewhat, is working in a field all day, pickin strawberries, the job. I hear you, but you know I can't make people hit me. That you pay or something similar like? How do I do what you do? You know when I worked for vice announced travel around the world Ten twenty emails every week from young people saying I really want to do what you do and you don't. You know what they say to me when I tell them how to do it. That way, I will never do that. I would tell I'm here that you do, do you have any money saved up now? Ok, where do you work? You dont work, get a job, Starbucks Mcdonald's, whatever you can get, maybe going about net? Save your money. Once you ve saved enough, find a store. You want fly their cover it they would say. No. I had one by one
Tell me our travel around the world. Do what you do? How do I do it? I said you have money saved up. Yes, excellent, there's a story right now going on in Turkey. Are you got me? here. We gotta be safe, but assembles fairly. Ok, fly there right now, film, it and I'll see if I can make any connections on what you find they said, while the money I saved, you from my apartment in Brooklyn and unlike right, what's more important, you having your nice Williamsburg apartment or being gent journalist travelling around the world. Why, like my apartment on my ok, listen when I worked for vice our sleeping on a couch every time they pay me, I put in the back in touch it. I got a job, working for a Disney and ABC News, joint venture company? After that, they pay me a bunch of money. I put seventy percent the back in touch it when I left I went to a bunch of these New York Digital companies, of spare them their names for an embarrassment, many of them who have become rather worthless that still exist in big, and I just
I did after seeing what that offer the bias that is deception, that than the click bake driven nature of it. Do myself and because I saved my money I was at the way I was able to do so so then I had an apartment, then I could pay for my plane ticket. You know too to Sweden, to France, Germany to do these stories and started building. The base within about seven or eight months I had gone from red black now, all of a sudden I was no longer losing money making money and, unlike their this couple years on ridiculous x, Ray ridiculous, is ridiculously successful for myself. I guess I get me out relative, but I've got some employees launching new companies will want to companies shattered a fund raising record of a million bucks in a single day. So that's that that's look at the path or in the path of everybody, but sacrifice You know what you basically saying exactly with their soon TED talk, perseverance and you you embrace the grind, but it's also. What do you really prioritize yeah for me? What are you trying to do? I do
but I mean apartment I want to. I want to fly. I want to see what is going on the ground in assemble, so you know what also like who, who is the type of person that would chase down the stories, the type of her as really gonna, chase down the stories of persons driven to chase down stories. What year, These questions from idiots questions from people doing. How do I do it again and when you offer the annual I'm gonna, do it right? Those are the people who are never gonna make it like. Did they, our message to have with our severe where he and Robert Kelly, apparently they they thought about sponsoring a comic who's up and coming take care there. Financial needs? And you know for like a here in a lot, try to see how far they could get in their career if they didn't have to deal with money, and I said that the problem is the type of person who's going to me it is going to make it not just in spite of the fact that they don't have any money, but because of the fact that I have any money, it was day jobs, those
Saki jobs that you need to have when you're struggling those these they fucking motivate you. They are important. If so it just comes along gives you all the money you need for food. You gonna have ass it. Some hungry guy, neither side of town is going to take all the gigs that you would get they're going to write better jokes thinking to be more motivated to go to open MIKE's, they're gonna pound the pavement harder, but our story for you are trying to give details right. My bodies, company. So I forgive me if I'm from you the details wrong, but he's had a social media management company, he started himself He knew everything about social media Instagram and all that and he started building of a client. Well, I'm gonna run your social media, for you worked like a charm. Are making China money get new contracts. These companies know there are doing. He had to a point where to hire people handed a firing. A couple college grads- and he put up they add, saying you know college degree required they couldn't figure anything out. They kept calling I'm having problems could manage any thinks we fires M requires again more common,
rats same problem of actually ass, a firearm. Then he hires, because Europe has run out of money he hired to high school. I think their high school drop outs and he was like they wanted substantially less money. Add at this point. I just couldn't find good people they worked. Swimmingly is amazing. No phone calls no problems. These are people who had won, tarred saved up money in their small bumpkin. Hometown, move to LOS Angeles, to make big? They knew what they wanted. They knew what they do and they said I will find a way to do it here, The other people are hiring. We dislike drones. They wanted a job, they don't know we're care what they are doing didn't bother, so they want to learn, but these people who are driven viewed this as just another problem, be solved on my path. A success near that's does mindset and that's the difference. The mindset of success is the mindset of I will figure it out. So I think that the problem is how are raising people country where raising them to certain areas to expect things to be given to you
participation trophy? No matter what you do you congratulations. You there's a problem with socialism and there's the problem of universal basic income. We were talking about yeah yeah, expecting something from the government particularly without any financial fees. Letty there's, no there's no real logic. That money comes from shown. Work is right right. What is money also so one of the union, I keep seeing from a lot of people who have more. I don't wanna come socialist. I think that just regular urban dwelling, like liberal, left eye people, there's one viral post on on red unread it that said, you ve got these serve, it is our view that these people are protesting, so they can in their landlords and the these billionaires when they should be, landing that rent be waived that mortgages. You know innovations be cancelled at the government, take care of their needs and provide them with statements, or something like that and I'm an I look like your view very clearly living in a city but with it stand as they say, things like the landlord is in a job like
argue that there's a lot of very successful landlords who make a ton of money and do very little, but it's a fucking job right and investigate the disease such as that. It's the money you pain right can just be wiped out because there's grounds keepers, there's maintenance, theirs. Administrative assistance. There's taxes be filed, rant, doesn't just go into their pockets or they can buy a boat, but they they they view it. This way they think that money is, is what you want that, what when they say these people who want the government to be reopened in our simply trying to enrich the wealthy, like, I think, maybe they make things, and they want to keep making things they want their winter economy, not the government, the economy mixing up, but there's there there there a lot people that don't seem to understand. I think it's because when you live in a city everything's already, therefore you when I lived in New York, the Williams barbaric boom there it is, I didn't see it built, I'd pay a dime for it and I can just use it. I can cross over it's just that
air and I've never heard of you know you know how to fight for it. So you just say why can't I just haven't you see you walk. And he storm. There's food! Hey this food, easy what they don't see, is the supply chain where the food is made, the work that goes into it, so they assume that money guarantees access to it, which it doesn't. If the economy is shut down, the money can buy you things the value that might are going down. If the farms can't sell any of this to anybody insert dumping in- and I think all following fields- no longer farming, then there's nothing to buy. So if products aren't being aid and services aren't being rendered because economies closed. What is your money? Gonna? Get you at a certain point when the economy is shut down for too long and we're seeing all of these businesses close family businesses. I heard a story terrible tragedy. Somebody killed themselves because there's their family business of seven years was shut down. That net product has gone so eventually, there's no food to buy only then will people realise that govern stingless money has no inherent value. It's the work we do for each other. That's the argument being left out when you
when you get a biased view on social media or when need people dont quite understand you gotta go, but there's a lot of noise people dont quite understand people that are part of the supply chain. That really don't know what it's like to be able to raise food there. There freaking out right now people that raise cattle on the people to grow food and the fact that they have to deal with being shut down and trying to figure out a restart things, and when is it going to be ok to restart things where and what, if it happens, and with there's another flare up to from now on in their hurrying right now they might might take years to recover from these past couple months, while there was, I think, some health official in California saying they might not not not be able to fully reopened tells of action which could take a ten months fully reopen what like to go back to normal right. So I think there was an MIT technology review article talking about how we may have to do intermittent lockdown You know like two months lockdown one month off trees, currents hills of available. Then there was another
Another study cannot saying something similar about heard immunity mean Sweden. They think they're they're on target for the end of may have heard immunity which is like sixty percent. I thank you the information keep changing. You know we're learning more. So maybe these statements are at this point, Donald Obsolete. Sweden's, a weird place too, because its its concern mostly of little villages by Sweden. Yes, minister, legs eddies, will you have Stockholm but the Primarily, the population is sort of its it celebrated by these smaller towns it's not your item.
You have already been tested for the cove id really worried about your enough. People are weird about coughs. Now, verily I held water cops, your nerve racking for floods. Are that's brutal, yet you game this bottled water and held it to dismiss me up the UK ya think so. You document relax spree nods. Ok, I gotta jug EMU, the test, greener no covered nineteen year voice on terrible right now I just dont held water how'd, you inhale arouse trying to drink a nail. It happens, I sound weird radiation you're different person. The voluminous eagerly. I think judges replacing it with somebody else. You you too controversial. All that shit you're says to write a valuable up. I think I'd better. I won't. I won't inhale the water lots of those weird Carl Collins me something today,
One could see Jamie, it's some thing. There's some shit going down with you are far sighted. Oh yeah. Yeah. I've been divided into four. What yeah, but there are new us, and also to have been found, the stuff yeah surgeon- I just the two Pentagon officially releases you of all this is the tweet. It says: New Pentagon, formally release three mysterious UFO videos captured by Navy pilots. The already league video showed what deal de insist on calling unidentified aerial phenomenon moving at incredible speeds, emperor performing near impossible maneuvers. This is a weird subject, because it's one of those sub where people automatically dismiss it, because it's bins
it's been so touted by cooks and somebody wacky facts that have talked about. You oppose that. Anybody talking about ufos, has to be out of your fucking mind, Then, when you see these videos- and you see them performing these impossible tasks, did these these things are moving in a way that we, I've never seen anything more before flipping upside down inside ways, being an insane raids. Speed like they don't know what these are yeah area, phenomena. What This thing, though, is I was reading one of these stories and they ass if to mention that the siting was near our technology and a U S naval, like technology station of some sort of like a top secret development, an unlikely We wanted to dance either right. It's developed by the people that are at that base. Or their monitoring the people around that base these aircraft, we call them aircraft are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the: U S inventoried, nor any foreign in
ensure that we are aware of. Maybe they see the ship is going down China and although she being moved in like listen, you fuck adds the aliens. May we know it? Wasn't you fuckin more territorial apes, I'd like to think that, but only some Manhattan project man, I mean the use of polyglot some crazy model the weapons could be, but the Manhattan project was also coincidentally right after they start detonating bombs in the alien start showing up as they think right, yeah. Well, that was one of the bulk of U S, sightings started, jumping and worldwide. I believe too, you know. Maybe We ve slowly been getting more and more information about this. I've been actually bring a lot of these stores of the past several months, more admissions from government, more will release of documents and more sightings. So there's been a big. I want to call it well, a lot of people murmuring. That April was gonna, be the month when we ve
finally, learn the truth: April's almost up somersault almost that we are a few day. Twenty. Seventh, you know what I am more days, Jean Valjean thirty, you know about happened, the University o Hare Airport, citing which ones are so this was I thinking like. Oh six at your cargoes international here a UFO came down and hovered above I think it was a camera, maternal terminal. It was they hovered for a few minutes. I think and then shot straight punched, a hole in the clouds and besought happen. Now I just quit working at o hare around this time when deciding and so I had friends we're still there. I had a friend told me that when this year vote came down, people on Mannheim Road, where which is over the road on the side of o hare, got out of their cars like just stopped the light got up and we're looking and staring at it, and People were or working where we worked, we would for american Eagle. Airlines walked out of the rooms, and we just
staring at it float and then shoot up and punch hold the clouds. They said whether phenomenon so there's a photo of a pilot took a photo of. It is back when, like very early phone camera, to very grainy awful picture, there is further. That's that's not it not that super fake, I think now is that these these are all people trying to fake it's really hard to find that one is not that one might be it, but I don't think so it barely looks like Colonel O Hare UFO, citing two thousand and six said another do not believe those are at no. So this one click on that article two, it says Jim some blog- that one might be left by. So many people try exploiting the stuff fur for clicks and firm.
Views and they make is fake photos and links, not working click on it, and it was a very, very faint photo from from the cockpit. It might be that one right there in the middle and so on the left side. Parliament might be there now, not not it s. Well, there was a really crappy photo of it, and that might be, that might be as a really it was out of the cockpit of window piled, took a photo, and you know. I wonder where of all the sightings gone since phones became ubiquitous. I mean this is simple. You know, I guess, excuse the aliens dissension they know. We have found that. Ok, stop you know, d, cloaking or whatever, but I or I wonder if I mean a wise, there were so many a thousand there on the time someone chemist come up. Well, I think most people are full of shit
yeah. I think might like to pretend they see things. I don't really see things, but I dont think that excludes the possibility. It's not like it's besides these Things are mutually exclusive. Why people are full of shit. Therefore, aliens on exist. I think aliens, be real and people are full of shit, and I think that it could be it's very rare that they visit us, but if they do like all, how often do scientists go to the Congo to study chimps mean how many people do they send limit? Let me the bottom of the ocean to look for new lifeforms, how rare as it. Let me trip you out on that idea. We put decoys up for animals. Animals can't help difference. What if you ve, actually met a decoy person, you can tell the difference. You broke? Maybe me as right. That's why you're able to work so much earlier. Robot, don't get tired now so you're interested news and disseminating factual evidence have actually been is putting a database for them for the aliens now, but I thought-
but this because I saw a photo on red it of some were puffin. I think it's called the bird and they they put up a fake puffin and it's because I can therefore puffins it's because the birds- don't like you know, nesting in places where there alone so I put in an equally there. The other birds which are coming and like one bird showed up was hanging out with the decoys and what could you imagine like you see like we put up, because in the war we do duck calls and the ducks Wait fly honey, I'm gonna come check this out and second would block. Could you man? like seeing like a beautiful woman or someone you're, trying to do in being like look at that. It's really like an alien decoy just to like pro view in, like better understand your something while the decoy just a term decoys. Weird because declares used for hunting like Turkey's Turkey season right now and the way the most guys hunt for Turkey's it take a rubber too. You put that fucker out in the middle of field, and then you hide behind a bushel of shock and then right. Turkey's like here
and they come over and they they try to get some pussy so, what? If you know you some dude and endorse like easier for you behaviour before women doing at their pussy in Ireland. He's Goin lag, hey, hey come over here and you're. I hate me and then I get eaten now they just need to take up in a ship probity and a bunch of blood need to do something about putting things you're, but most get on zone. Even do that like they have MRI now, don't aliens needed probe you in your ass. I think it's just whatever one's afraid of them. Fraid of things go in there ass. That's it if they think is going to happen. If the aliens get em he's mean somebody ass. Somebody told the dumb story back in the day and it was the most sensational version. Everybody had to have it. So there are like that's what they want with you. Maybe or maybe they do, that to keep you to keep your mouth shut, are you in the ass to see, keep your mouth shut or some due to actually got abducted right, and he comes back and he's like they think they one against me to think they beat me they put up
my but their weirdos, steering the other area of Betty and Barnhill. Now it's the very first. You have no objection story, it's an ancient story and crazy is Angela Hill, whose EU of Sea fighter I had on the podcast and after the show she told me her grandpa was Barney Hill, Woe and, as our colleague like we forgot to do. We didn't talk about it during the show, but you want to bring it up cuz. She knows I'm kind of obsessed with ufos, but the account that they have they get hypnotized and he's recalling the abduction and they have like the same. Very terrifying. We hear him crying and screaming, and you know that that he was taken a boar this craft and examined and brought back the missing time, but here's the thing is there: we did that occasionally they came down once every few years and just scoop some person up in the middle of some rural place. I give your foot: flying over. I think they're instance was in a believe it was in Maine.
Flying or somewhere like May, which is a very low population, stay pc alone car, it's travelling on the highway in these places in Maine. Will you go from like Portland Bangalore, will you travelling on that road? It's like sixty miles with nothing, not a gas station. Nothing if you were an alien he saw a car by itself will ignore the crowd move in. We got one isn't it is easier to think it's because government, no one, because we now have the capability doing something like that. I don't think I dont think the capability of the scientists working for the government is any different than the capability, the science scientists that are working, for you know, project acts or you know over five fill in the blame. In terms of like what Raytheon, publicly traded couple he's dead dead. How long look it quad captors, don't seem rather complicated me Claude Captor, here, like us,
look like drums and always seen a local authority biogas for propellers. Take take that concept you whose thinner you know jets an surrounding a desk so that its you know universally, like a can move in any direction because it's gotten that's one power source, whereas the gas tank. What well with mine battery or for Mamma you talk in space shit like this. Does that has been invented yet think about how little mileage in get out of a Tesla? You know that none of the advances Tesla, you know still winds going full out. It can only For I mean you get three seven miles if you drive a grandma, but if you do I'd like a maniac, United you'd. Have that you know the day. I could be wrong with this, but I'm pretty sure that they had this flying platform in the seventies that uses gas power and they also get down a long time. No, they ve had soared of David Japan capable of conflict
Thirty seconds they don't I've, I've auxiliaries, unannounced operation, the jet pact back in the day when, for a long time now, nobody definitely didn't regulate a yell look it up because they live. I didn't the whole thing was the fact that were burning gas and too pal you in the air. They only had a certain amount. I thought I'd like twenty minutes. Twenty thirty minutes Miladi now. My understanding of why we abandoned jet technology was that it was inefficient and heavy and you couldn't care it without being turned on. So they opted for larger, like you know like where the called Kinnock's helicopters that can carry multiple PETE, multiple people at once, when you're wearing a jet pack, it has to be on idle, really negating its own weight, which means it's burning as your walking around, which means you get a good time. We made it jump and you gotta banned in the Tec, and you know what you're up your enemies to get it. Have you ever seen a guy fly? Japan is a video on you to know. I mean in real life,
that one guy, the iron man, did what real I've been there and real. Let my friend Willie be firmer in Denver on the radio he had a radio show in the morning. I use radio show these deals. Radio show two Willie, and he had This guy, who is of jet pack pilot who came in and in the parking lot the radio studio and fans, the radio, show, came and did it too and unwashed rather, and this guy flew in the air for about fifteen twenty seconds and then landed. Sky was so banged up here. Both of his legs were blown part he had believed braces on both of his knees. Unlike what happened, you knees I just crash landing Bosnia, and these are blown to shit. No ACL seals either one of these, but wasn't I general actual, because his back then right good for about thirty seconds, throw seconds of flying. Well that so the point I want to get too as we take something like a quad Carter. You could absolutely feel it with with you no gas or been allowed as fuck, but it would
depending on how you may be an engine, be an edge if loudest, fuck and you'd here from the from the quadroon geocities. What these people describe I being is nothing like that these people are describing things that are silent. The gulf zero Oda thousand miles an hour in a split second, the things that defy fear as we understand that this is not, something that I think that the U S government has just said. If you look at like ok like on my company projects or space ex base acts is right now want to The premier civilian companies, private companies, that's making rocket ship, they fuck up all the time out there in the middle of innovating. All the time he's one of the smartest people on earth he's one of the UN in terms of technology. He's what he knows as much about repulsion as anyone, and they still can't get it right still trying to figure it out there trying to come up with something that could be viable in terms of commercial spaceflight and their working on daily and
these these people, the brightest minds we know of right now therein this jet portion space travel business, there's no virgins working on something is Other companies that are working on things as well and then you have NASA which worked there. The best they can come up with was the space shuttle. Do you think that there is thing way better than space shuttle. They just never used they had and they play kept it on the back burner. Didn't want to. Let anybody know, but the way they would use it as they would pick. People up and raised their memory and export Neither ass, that's crazy. Well, that's less likely! Then. The hundreds of billions of galaxies just in our own in our own known universe, right each one with her. Siblings of stars each star with who knows how many fucking that somewhere out there, that something more advanced than us, maybe
thousand years, maybe a million years, but that has figured out how to come here. I got same question, then: why hasn't why? Wizened anyone discovered them. What why is Seti failed, so try to search for echo. Trust me intelligence. Why haven't they chimps invented guns? They ve using more tools by its right. My Avonlea invented guns, though so why hasn't said he found you about the same fucking answer then advanced enough. Yet really, it's a real, simple answer: the Inn austrian age is pretty fuckin recent me think about when people invented cars. You talk about eighteen hundred this, really recent and we're going to U lights. Eighteen hundred high power data transmission is only in the past two hundred years of sunlight body, sudden using the movie contact. Maybe it's all right. Jody faster and Madame economy is based on Carl Sagan spoke about contact with space and with with aliens. The good, I think I did see recently interesting, interesting, take on it, but oh Why is that the
receive the signal that we sent out way way back in the day? Actually, when d the first broadcast signal was Hitler announcing the Olympic Games the star than earlier games. This was the first will they got is a very controversial moment, a movie or controversy. You know in the plot with that, once they were trying to decipher the image that was being sent there. As it was Hitler. Yet. The first thing they see is the swastika. What the fuck is this back to us, and then they had a realise owner of this is the first image that we set out to space. They wouldn't be able understand the political or historical contacts of this, and also so. I got a few Who does it? There's a few issues I see in terms of aliens and our contact right, we are substantially more connected vat, but you know in an evolution chained to ants than we aren't any alien, so will we can communicate with them? For the most part we kind of? Can we understand how they communicate
but when an ant sees superhighway, there's something this is someone else's quote. They dont think twice possible their aliens that have superhighways right above us. We can't tell what it is same as dogs and understand other than store, but one of the issues I I think is often neglected in the conversation on aliens? Is the We assume aliens would be a very similar plant to us. We assume that they would have some kind of gashes atmosphere, practice a liquid atmosphere and one of the things that I would ask of researchers. Some of the expert is the fact that we have the proper balance of oxygen atmosphere to manipulate fire which allows us to separate elements and then creates computers and compound. Hence in fuels wouldn't exist on a planet. Without the same you know, atmosphere we existed stop again, so that really is dead. There's no known propulsion system for entities, crafts, these things are not using They don't have a heat signal that they don't know.
What they are, they don't know how that more ask about. I don't mean propulsion. I mean the separation of elements, the manipulation of elements right, so we we melt things in separate them and break them down. They don't believe it that's how it works. Nobody like do you even start from an answer. You know. Let's say you other species that wasn't a planet with no oxygen has access to fire. What energy debt like what dense energy source to they have that will allow them to manipulate matter. Do you know Problems? Are the bubbles, our story. I do well one of the things that he talked about when he first stopped we're four airy asked for, and the government was tapping his phone Johnson in this there's a lot that can be document about him, there's a lot that can't be, but one of the things that he talked about was a thing called element: one fifteen where that element, one fifth, Henderson sanely, dense element that they use to bend gravity. That's the way he described the way the propulsion system works is like putting a bowling ball in this. Enter of a very soft mattress and then all of
other mattress, while the rest, the mass, the mattress dance around the intense mass of the bowling ball, This is how these incredibly advance aliens from another planet use. This is their proportions. System that was used some Sartre, though, that the concept of work was around for really long. I think the concept is based on Einstein's theory of gravity meanness. The whole idea, if you could find something that could do that, but here's the thing where Bob Lazard talked about this in the late These early nineties. This element didn't exist threat nowadays it wasn't, it wasn't proven, till they they did it in particle. Collider believers, two thousand thirteen cinemas talking about this element. Far before. It was. It was any. Apparently. This is the big rumour he apparently had taken some of that from a lab and through
George Snorri and it was a George snoring. Yes, they did some experiments on that television and showed that this stuff had me aid light and fog banned in a way that they didn't describe a he also many also came to see a small alien creature on his way out. He said he saw something that was sitting down, but he doesn't know if it was a model they were using like if they had created something that was supposed to be the size of a thing they could fit in these crafts because he's Crapsey Edward designed for things that are far smaller than human beings. Pretty sure? On the initial interview we gave when you went public was that he saw an alien. And later on changed it saying I dont know if it was maybe a model or a puppet yea said he thought he saw something sitting down and to people standing over looking at a said, he thought he saw an alien. You know he's probably mean I don't know me look. He said it was literally for, like a half a SEC
I guess walking by window any see something inside of it, my age, in being a guy's, a new twenties and you're proportions, expert it's been prove any worked at LOS. Alamos labs has been proven that they had put a fuckin jet engine yeah. It is improving that he did put a jet engine on a Honda means a genius is ruined and then you'd talked. Him is incredibly smart guy now, imagine you get sent off to area as for, and they show you this thing that you know doesn't even exist and they tell you by this propulsion method that they don't understand, and they say that they found this along I'm ago in an archaeological dig- and they want you to back engineer it because Europe proportions expert and their running out of option I ve been studying this for decades. No one knows what the fuck it is or how to how we can make it work, and then they do test flights. This thing, and then he tells US friends about these test flights after he gets fired, You know you're fired deal story about him getting larger, doesn't know. Now his wife was fucking her flight instructor,
So when his wife is fucking or fly instructor, they told him he couldn't work anymore. He's like why not well. They were tapping his phone because, when you have Topsecret clean to work on your files? I guess they don't want you fight year, your wife fucking, her foot instructor? I you're gonna go crazy. You give a lot of imbalance at home. Right so He doesn't know why they don't tell him why. So he takes his friends and he tells unless this is. This is real. There they're running these experiments. I know you think I'm crazy? This is what I've been working on, so it takes them today. Area were used to be to have access to, but once you did this, they closed of access and pushed it far back to where the public s action too, and he showed them these things doing these, possible maneuvers in the desert in the night sky, this, our member and so then arrested, and so when he gets arrested, he he was fear fear was in fear of his own life. He goes public and tells this whole story, and then they erases past erases social security number. There races
education background, even though people that knew him and knew he worked at LOS Alamos Labs. He takes George nor of a tall. Of LOS Alamos Labs, knows the people that work there. They all say hi to him. He takes them a tour around the laboratory, yeah shows them around shows them the device Did they use for biometric security, and I think the one thing you can't ignore is that he there was. There was documentation that you did working with these places, so they later claimed he didn't I think like promoted there. I was on an yeah networks. They show the paper like we found s like you clearly was there Here's the employee raised ninety, but but you know for me, you know man, I'd love, to believe it all he's been insanely consistent about that story. Never for forty years. I I want to believe in a mere thirty years, wherever they are, honestly to this letter, man patient, I want to believe, but that's nonsense, picture it didn't happen, is not
That's why I had he is: how do you know? How do you were out? Neanderthals, none then what what about dinosaurs was not? I morceau joking right we know that some of the evidence right I get it lets. You know that The challenge with any theory elegant analysing conspiracy theory, because it always conspiracies, is that people want something to be true, and so they end up looking for things to justify what they think it already is, of course, instead of starting with what you ve got, trying to figure out where it goes from there, but when star with what you ve got. You ve got a guy who was living in Vegas was taken these flights out to area. As for knows that, He knows it inside. I can describe it very accurately, also at LOS Alamos. Why do you say Ives every accurately Percy work there and when I say crews easily he's also legitimate scientist. But what happens when you talk the guy's, a brilliant guy? What is not enough, where I got. What are you saying aliens that doesn't mean aliens amongst asking like so it doesn't mean aliens, but that's what
whose told rarer when he was told is this is something that has come from somewhere else and they're trying to figure out how to work. How do you like it or not simulation, and this was something that was left? we're code or you know, wasn't supposed be placed in this curtain. What, if there is multiple dimensions that we don't have access to and that these things do you know my favorite? I wanna call a conspiracy theory, but might well my favorite stories as humanity emerged on Venus and that we destroy the planet with the greenhouse effect so we created the Ark Project and took the dna of two of every animal and loaded upon us on the last vessel, the Ark and went to tear form earth and that the dumbest I d ever. It's hilarious dna of two of each animal and then how many copies of those things do you make before they eat each other? They they got, they got. You have tat, they say they. They just started seeing the planet and what? What what we'll. Do I'm gonna saying it's, I think it's a funny story. They argue that the Bible was like
stories being told and re translated over hundreds of years to allow civilization. Only one ship escape the destruction of their planet. Emma It's true, I think it's a fun store. I love that store yachts fund because it would be a fun cipher movie and then you end up with lost tat being discovered more like Enron and say we have to get off verve you know, there's so many people that say we have to escape earth we have to. We have to sort of colonize the solar system work on as a galaxy. I agree and I think, if we don't discover about a repulsion, then hard chemical energy, we're not going to do it so yeah. That's why this is so compelling this idea that they're using some element that apparently, is impossible to find here. I created with a particle collider, but maybe in whatever solar system they are coming from. You have a very different arm it, and maybe this element was the primary source for fuel. They ve figured that out a long time ago. I wonder if I'd I'd love to talk to
actual physicist about this. Is there something with negative density? What's that mean so, like you know things with density, crate and attraction through gravity, because they they that the pressure that, like that, their their influence on space time, I'm not an astrophysicist. So I can't explain to you perfectly, but you know that the larger than more dance the object and more pull it has you know, sort of very dense black hole, friends and sexual, and then you know Mars has lost gravity. The knots gets less dense. I wonder: there's something again. Despite the adoption of some site, laughing right now, what a moron but negative density, something that would actually have a room of push effect in terms of gravity, in which case you could have some kind of object with, where you can control expanding contract density so that you're, pushing and pulling Bob Bob Bob Lazard Perspective is if we showed a nuclear reactor HU, a civilization from the fourteen hundreds, they would think we're doing witchcraft the under the covenant yeah. They would think it is absolutely the craziest
that anyone is ever seen or heard. They would try to tamper with it. They don't get radiation poisoning and die. They never be able to figure it out in a million years, if you just left it with them If you have some sort of a nuclear reactor with them- and you are said this is really how far advanced he believes these these lions. What everyone to call them are that there their site their technologies. Indistinguishable from magic are so far ahead of us. Do you think they'd wants to be involved with us beyond course dazzling us, then I wouldn't do we study butterfly. As we study mice we readily. We study, on the other side of the planet, we send people unscientific journeys to go in. Could fraudulent and ensure a real anymore. Are we giving guns the chimps are we are we building forts I'm and teach him to you stone and I mean We ve seen now there's Morpheus coming out showing a camera which private species by using more tools. Will these Miranda stuff they believe the primates chimps
have entered the stone age again using on a regular basis, can go in teach them to agriculture? I mean. Do it doing heard we teach chimps thing all the time, what an inch and here, but and because I see my way get study them, we teach mean if we they had a civilization, you can go to a new, they live in an apartment and he could study them that way, but you don't think that they would study if they found a planet like little imagine we found a plan. We found a planet and it's all just filled with Octopus, and these octopus are changing colors jack and fish and eaten lobsters, we would be delayed I would be fast, it absolutely will all innovation happens because people are trying to prove an initial designs now, why they try to prove and improve initial designs. They try to make things that are better make things that are more. Fish make things that can do tasks that they can't do without these tools and then they, their curiosity,
Creativity causes them to expand upon these ideas. Will, of course, if something is going to be so far advanced. They didn't accept their current place in the universe. They don't. We accept the fact they want to stay on this planet. They travel to other places. Do not focus. Sanely curious you'd have to be to lock you and three of your other three four. Bodies and a giant fuck and flying saucer and propel yourself through space area. We would have to be incredibly curious, incredibly, not just curious, but innovative. They would have to be thinking about things. They would have to be exploring things and, of course, you would want to come to a planet that is filled with people. Who have hundreds of different languages. There are full of shit, they lie
each other constantly send the videos through the air. They have weapons that they could blow each other up with I mean, of course, you would be fascinated by the least compelling argument that anybody ever says. Why would they ass with us? Why would they care about us? Of course they would care about us. We are flocking interesting, upper. This way, I think if we saw like a group of chimps standing near, a water, waterbed and then one ship fashion, some kind of bag and positive rights. Had jumped in the water and tries to go as those account for as long as it can, but before coming back out, we would look at that like that is the stupidest attempt at scuba, diving, I've ever seen, but, oh my god, a chip just tried to scuba dive of their aliens and there and these amazing techniques advanced ships that can jump light, speed, manipulate gravity they just a strap ourselves to an explosive and fire us off of our. Miss we're we're likely to die in their like the stupidest attempt actually going to space is gonna. Try to go to Spain.
Now I wouldn't think about that way at all. I would think about look disaffected space station. It's up their appeal, live on it, shoot themselves is that they were very crude farmer propulsion right, but they figured it out because they have element one fifty their environment. Naturally, so these dummies have to things on fire and use. Push off the back of it to shove themselves through normal air, and you know why they're not gonna give us attack right now. Why would he give us tat? Why? Why do you always give us too why they wouldn't have saying. Why would they give us tech? Why would any that is the alternative the weirdest argument ever that they're giving us things. I think they're, giving a shit not on things are either. I think they're specifically not doing it and they wouldn't do it. Even if we wanted him to. I think I think it's the inverse you you people, like the alarm. People talk about how their like sharing technology with us are something right but proceed itself can spare her yours conspiracies there. The reason they won't is because were we're, trust, we're territorial. We find each other I'm sure. Look if if they came down and went to Russia and said here is anti grass propulsion
think Russia's gonna do our planet now, they're gonna be ITALY expand rapidly there, their populations gonna grow exponentially, and it's gonna cause massive turmoil between nuclear powers, which would destroy themselves. For our lives it as a weapon, the smartest I do not share all until where one world you know society, while also look look at what they look like when aliens look like. If you look at the iconic shape of an alien they have giant. Heads and generalist bodies like maybe that's the key to to stopping war, Malaysia, no earls, no incentive whatsoever for people too be sexual or attractive. Everybody looks exactly the same. We get over this idea of biological mating they reproduce through. Eric engineering. Why not just be robots they are like rats, mainly that is like a robot, artificial bodies. Where you have you seen alt altered carbon, I haven't, but I keep hearing good things I just vanishes. Enthusiasm was awesome, but basically they have a single to stack. You so deficiencies
She's in one's awesome means he's into sucks season to the sea plus whose season ones like an Islamic was here like a it's fun, but that's a thing called a stack in the base of their in there and then their spinal column below there there had that stores their consciousness and they call their bodies leaves and they kind of dont care when they die, because they just get. You know it's if your poor, you get really crappy sleeves right, but if you're, if you're rich, you get premium acts military upgrade like high tech, very strong, but their bodies just become separate, and you can also transport your consciousness. Interstellar liked other planets, and then you wake up in a body to replenish S. Go places now. You're consciousness travels so yeah I mean maybe aliens. Do that. Maybe there's there's not you know, I'm. I find the idea of the various alien life like bodies curious. One of the one of the things I ve read about is that it could be humans. A future that too. That makes sense. You think about what we look like
I used like what a champ looks like and then you keep going further without, like all the head or get bigger the buys get weaker and then look there's a but of a trend in this society. Today, too, to be less masculine, less feminine, more gin your neutral, and these were also them pronouns. Maybe that's all just part of the programming this. This falls into another one of these conspiracy theories that the goal of the globalists is that, in order to get access to early and tat, we have to be a unified planet are going to give alien relieve her. That one know yet olive internet that that's are there doing this. So did their going with the one world order in order to get alien tech, you think the galactic fatter action is gonna gonna, let a planet in which has got numerous governing bodies in nuclear weapons, because the galactic, I'm just think, I'm just getting right about that making, as their people might believe us. They believe that if there is some kind of galactic
moderation or at least some kind of recognisable. You know different cultures that have some kind of set rule base who do they negotiate with us, Russia, China and so the argument that with will wonder theories that interests on the United States who have access to the aliens know that they have to do everything in our power to unify the entire planet under one authority so that we can be entered into whatever alien you. No access would exist, but so long as we are nuclear powered competing territorial factions, they can do it. Well, that makes sense if that was case. But you add in what you what you were saying about masculinity engender and one of them things that I find interesting is that comes to this argument about removing masculinity there's this kind of overlap with this idea of domestication. You think about product wolves products and dogs. Dogs are effectively wolf, Cubs perpetually oh wolves, our aggressive territorial, independent. I mean it
and in this sense it like Youtube, do not contain them. They're like teach wolves yet- and I won't listen to their- I mean if you can, but it's like its etc. They agree with your. They dont your Eric your phone, you know so an adult masculine, tough human is going to be like I'm independent, I'm in charge. They ve got to remove that and domesticate us. So you get a bunch of weak effeminate gender, less humans who are gonna, be passive, docile and agreeable violent right yeah. Do I have a whole been about what wolves are and what dogs are and what men used to be right and what men are now do? I owe thinking of us really cool idea for a sigh film where aliens come on earth and most humanity accepts domestication and then three cornered years from now, you ve got ready are looking twenty four sentry kind of men and women, but then you have these five foot tall, super armoured jet packed with plasma rifles that love and serve the aliens and we view them as freakish. Genetic defects
So have you seen like oblivion with Tom Cruise? Yes, there and basically genetically engineered a whole bunch of Tom Cruises. I was thinking of that kind of, idea, but also with domestication underwritten movie, whether were at I love it very good movie. If, if aliens came earth and most humans agreed and then tying the the humans that got access to lifesaving technology, special armor were the ones that were agreeable and less likely to be aggressive tat. They would be chow just like the wool, Bits down, became a pearl and then you'd have walls are not of a quite different. You basically humans, like writing a chicken coop The aliens are like on. They call their attack humans, who jump out with like armor and crazy feature tat from the aliens. There are like these small dog, like versions of humans, you know like desperately in love with the aliens. You know right just a slight rang and logs here It wasn't like that, but I wonder if the people would eat those doglike people the way Woolsey dogs. Well,
for the sake of a fiction. Now we wouldn't have them do that What would I be tired you like this? he smaller, but our archives are the product of domestic. I mean they're, just a separate Kane Canine Breed, I guess, or species right. Right, I'm saying like the day. They really never got domesticated. Yeah. That's was interesting. It's like there I mean zero coyote version of humans, yet nor Sentinel Island right. You don't also known as the people of never content. Well, we had several bad in writing. Ro the people with IRA. There arose a helicopter ass. Well, that's why they killed the guy. They killed direction here till the missionary, because they were invaded in the eighteen hundred. By Guy named Maurice the doll Portman, who is a pervert slow, or who, in a wood, measured, Dixon, yeah, take detailed described of people's anatomy and allows I mean: what's it for
legitimate research purposes. Now, wacko Judea fine people run tests on them, yeah bid, but that would well we'd worried about aliens to write for nearly here. Maybe that's right. That's why people are worried about them touching there so was only the pervert aliens somebody posted this tweet, they said about like you need to realize the aliens who had come to Earth Arthur Cool nerd. So, unlike talk science, it's there, the rich assholes who reflect their planet dip in our midst sets a silly way to look at it. Well, I mean us one possibility, I understand, but that's us when we re always want to look at things through like a human centric filter exactly, but if their gender less things from from the future like what benefit would be to get richer, these they have their giant heads and they could travel. The speed of light like this is. This is why I really dont, like I think it's Hawkins argument that we shouldn't it. We should be
I did about aliens, because whenever a more powerful civilization approaches ate a weaker one, they dominate it. Only I don't. I don't wanna buy them for two seconds in terms of aliens coming earth. That makes no sense what the wooden, So the argument I buy were Hawkins argument. You don't. If aliens came to earth enslave us test to steal our resources, while I don't our societies in doing slave us. Steel are resources, but if we were aware of them, they would become space daddy. What what what he sang is like you know when when the your he came to North american spread Disease and then stole lands are wiping everybody out, layaway, when a more advanced civilization me. So I dont think aliens. What would do that at all? It's like why not the way out the way I would view the most devastating approach would be more like a of gigantic vessel coming down just slicing a skyscraper in half and stripping the copper and elements. While ignoring the people, When we go to a habitat for animals, we're not going to like aha will
while the squirrels working we're takin a lumber squirrels be damned so we go into habitats where other creatures live. Take what we want, and we we don't care about the animals we know we farm, we kill all the mice and a little critters and there were no care. So I dont, like the iron, think they are. Makes sense that a more advanced civilization would come to earth and be like haha humans. Now you will serve us, it's our land. Now they would have completely ignore us and just start taking stuff and crushing us and ignoring us. It wouldn't be I don't think that's the most likely scenario either I think, any any race sufficiently advanced enough to travel the mass. The size of the universe would have little need further primitive elements on our planet. It actually substantially easier for them to go to any other unblock, not such as we have no idea. No, we have no idea what they need like would. This might be credibly rare place. We have my answer incredibly rare. As far as everything we ve been able to observe they might come here because they found the Goldilocks plant. That is liquid water and incredible by.
Diversity and more life in any other place on earth or any new posts in the sources to you know the hour and the known galaxy. You know the heiress planet. Theory right was that's I'd, Alia, there's an optical orbit for our planet that every three years comes in, can't comes in close or to earth. Elliptical around our sun knows Planet Nobility Bureau Asia. They they used human slave labour for mining gold. Yes, that's all all Zacharias Hitch in Zagreb section is I've heard the name I suddenly road called the twelve planet. That's a fascinating! Take on the ancients, Marian texts and he's widely been criticized: other scholars who understand ancient Sumerian than theirs, actually a website called citizen is wrong. Seething go to a citizen is wrong. Dotcom because other whack jobs like me who love the idea of you know all that's why we're so into gold man right, because the aliens use these suspended gold particles in Europe is an atmosphere and to protect them.
Miss Vivian deterioration by their meaning in industrial use of chemicals in toxins is destroyed, their environment so soon a solution is wrong. Dot com is interesting website- and I dont know whose writer who is wrong, and I think if you wanna go, Nike in the ancient? What what's really interesting and not just about citizen but bout, Sue mare in general is one thing: is they had these tablets he's clay tablets? It had a depiction of the gout or the depiction of the solar system. May you talkin about six thousand b c? They have this did picture of the solar system that shows the sun in the centre and it shows all of the planets in our known galaxy, known solar system with the proper perspective in terms of the size of the planet and the proper distance like they're. In the right places its now, I guess
big one really close to the sun and is a little one, three planets out acceding and find that it's a weird image, see that's the image right, Ghana, there, the take that Zacharias Hitchin had was that they were trying to tell us that they have come from this other planet and they are trying to explain to us what Our solar system is but just a vaccine the sun in the centre and then they have all the plan. Is that we know of circling this sun, and this is in criticising all know, they didn't do it right into first, while they did it in clay. Ok relax there, sir, it's so goddamn close that you would I have to say man that might be what that is. That is what that is. What are they trying to say with this thing, because there is also an image from a clay tablet of a very large being that has very small human, like being with a monkey tail on its lap, and this is
six points to as some sir of a depiction of the genetic engineering that took place to turn primitive primates into human beings. This, is the reason why we are so different from every other animal on this planet and the real thing that when people talk about aliens and alien count. What would aliens be doing here? Why would they do what? If human beings are the proper, of accelerated evolution like what, if they came down here, they found this incredibly rich planet. That's fine with biodiversity in all these different life forms, and then they found these primates like, we know where these fuckers are go on like this is us ten, billion years you are, the fuck is, let accelerate this little party, let's injects of our super advance dna into these primates, and let's see, let's see where it takes itself. So if you think you can get a funny story, rats, that's the store that
They told bomb bizarre but bizarre said. I don't know if they told me that to throw us off the trail of its disinformation over just some wacky thing that they came up with to just two. Like a crazy store that the scientists couldn't tell anybody. So if you do tell people like what you workin on I'm working on reverse engineering or propulsion system from an aircraft that came from another plan and by the way right, we are proud of product of excess. Or any other women, and they came to us and they inject in our dna, and you will think about that store in the context of ancient religions and a lot of the common policies, notably like Abraham EC. This idea that we were created that we were told we shouldn t do certain things so I think these are often stories, but you could look at the idea of one being the Son of God. You know a hybrid right yeah! You can look at the stories of
regular Genesis taking the rib of of atoms, creative well yeah that did genetic matter, shorn, then manipulating it. So you know, I get. I get a lot of heat from my more religious friends for pointing out that I believe the Bible is more likely and an odds base to be about aliens and about the actual creator of the universe, and I'm talking astronomic lads like ridiculously astronaut, but I think we actually know some things exist: genetic manipulation, cargo, cults. We know how primitive life form reacts to more advanced, acknowledge that on our stand, and that we would would make more sense to me, then you know believing in a hard religion about the creator, and you know carpenters on things like that gamble. It's also we're dealing with translations yeah right that have gone on for thousands and thousands of years. That are a story that was told as an oral tradition for a thousand years before that, like boy the saying, hard and fast exactly what they meant in the Bible. What this means.
And what must have happened for them to write. That down to me is bankers who, who knows but What we do know is that the older the stories get the weird they get like. That's one of the weird things about the ancients, Marian tax, that your deal now you're in, like the six thousand years ago, range which really weird, like that's all long fucking time Laszlo. I saw that conversation that, due to the sittings here, I was like night thousand b c or something with this is a gram Hancock End or Robert shock. Robert shock, Uzi geologist at boss, university is actually taken the time to examine the erosion around the outside the sphinx, he does this finks itself has been worked on a lot. It has been a lot of rehabilitation of the pause, if so, to rebuild it, which is kind of a ship but it's it's made out of a sort of a soft stone. Yet it's eroding and falling apart and when they
the sphinx like when Napoleon found the sphinx it was buried, was it understand. So this is a thing had been buried in x in re exposed many times they think throughout history, and what for shock it found in discovering this. The ten both were the sphinx was carved in the air that surrounds us, thanks was as deep fishers in the walls that were indicative, thousands of years of rainfall. The problem with is the last time there was rainfall in the Nile Valley was nine thousand BC. Through I write so there dealing with look in any you have to go back thousands of your nine thousand years ago, my b, seven thousand busy when you have to deal with Sal of years a rainfall prior to that to create this. So that means that this was some that was clearly carved by man has thousand of years of rainfall that eroded it and dealing with a time period where the last time they had this
in following this area was thousands of years before they think people were even capable of building things like this, maybe was illiterate. People community aid, and I got you know that theory about the superintendent dinosaurs, that flood underground meadow But don't you like this, so many wacky fears It's funny what I roll my eyes at even slightly more likely that humans came from a different planet and after they destroyed it and then receded, and we lost our way of life yeah, it's possible it look if we're gonna go to Mars, like what is the fuckin origin, tail gonna, look like hundred thousand years. Now, once we go to Mars, let's take the that their that that climate change in global warming stuff to its logical conclusion, of rising tides and greenhouse run of the greatness of So we built one ship, Elon Musk built one ship with a very small crew of you know how many people are gonna, be on that. You know on his Marlins gotta house and checks.
Yeah, I think I've already populate the earth. Rights was gonna, be men and women and the people are gonna, have to be built heterosexual out, he's gonna be favoured you, because you're really can't have gay people that are going to breed you have to less beans like all. We need you to have it all. We populated by lesbians. Well, there's nobody asked. Do you as a it's a sperm and Turkey based workers, how it's going to be people in your over there. I was reading that they're gonna go with people who are already coupled and there Do you know with like ten couples or whatever I don't about you and must be severely, but that was a lot of swamp norm space they did Well. That too, I was reading like the most optimal theory for colonizing Mars would be like numerous people, something like ten people already coupled now that their Polly amorous, but they expect there's gonna, be commingling, eventually expect combing link. So it's burning them
space, but but but you cannot, let's say let's say we sent Mars expedition. You know ten families we ve got. You know too of each are having kids, we son cargo there with this our building and then earthworks itself up runaway greenhouse. We can control things nuclear war, whatever right the planet becomes a desolate wasted there's no more communication to those who are on Mars, so the last remaining in a hundred or so people who are now on Mars, the adieu to remember earth right down a book. Here's Avenant happened here. We should shouldn't, do here's how he lived and they give to their kids and other kids. Never billions Dorothy knew nothing about it. In fact, those kids only ever fleeing image of the technology that one's head now go to more generations down the old tack, where used to colonise Mars now, decaying and falling apart. They get a fix it. The original communists are dead, go down three more generations. Now I've got a few thousand. Humans are moving off looking for resources, and no one has any idea. Earth even was a real thing. Otherness stories they heard about the military leader in
in the end, the orbitals oral space station who long since died. So now they have this book. They are fully understand. Language is now changing as they separate from each other and find different areas the planet now English or whatever language there are speaking, becomes ten different languages. Now there too in writing the book. Now it's a thousand years, later don't even on earth existed, and they have this weird book about the way things used to be. And now of the billions of being now our ten thousand twenty thousand years, the future- and they find you know these old ancient relics in their like. I wonder what, if you don't even part, do now man Ozma! Imagine if you did my magic How did you to have so many more of these theories that Ireland to get theory? But that's to me that's the logical conclusion that, I, like the story of like humans, came from Venus. Nothing. Strewn about their say: there's there's a group of people from Africa that actually the the dough got the donjon peoples that what it is Dogan people and they they talk about the very specific
area of Mars where human rights. He's came from and they have a really. We weird understanding of cosmology like then know some things that they like where'd, you learn and their their oars. Stories that people were living on Mars and that they destroyed hours and how to escape Mars and come to earth what sort of a very similar version of it. And now, when you add that too, what they know about Mars. That Mars, you to be like a hospitable place. To tell why water nothing like this way? Let's say that we had an orbital space station over the new planet, where terror forming what kind of government would exist. Let's say this wiped out the only survivors in an oral space station over Mars, the small Colleen the base, it's gonna, be a military dictatorship. Not intentional
not from his evil perspective, but from a year the general, your second command. We ve always operate in this way to military mission of the persons in charges in charge, and then eventually, you build up the colony to a certain point where second and second in command, or one of the favourite lieutenant says it's time to enact democracy and the general says fuck. No, and then a civil war breaks out in the heavens, people on the ground, watchings the ship's shoot at each other and blow each other up, and then all the technology gets wiped out. You should really start smoking. Now you know what you, but about this a lot of ways to interpret like various ancient spiritual. Religious tax in science fiction, you kind of way. So I actually talk to my friends about this. We like kind of what, if what, if the Bible and and you know the old testament were viewed from a science fiction perspective, not be disrespectful, much disrespect in one's religion. We find that but like what, if we try to apply a lens of from a futuristic perspective of our
saying a technology to how they may have viewed? What was going on back then? So excellent. You note the cargo culture, yes for those, I don't it's been out these natives on these islands. Airplanes did not. They were so they built effigies of the plains like s hoping they come back or what I ve learned When I saw that I wondered you know, I love, you bless a question: what if we did the same thing with aliens and ethics What would we do if we destroy our own planet? Like people say we are, and how would that? How would that be? No result in a government how it was on the stories movie so far, if we destroy this planet, we go to Mars and Republic Mars and fix it up, and then that place come about error that we're done, could look at what's going on right now during this pandemic, the sky are clear than ever before the Venice Canals and ITALY of Dolphins and am now you get the ground jellyfish. You realize how disgusting we are now we're we're gross like what we ve done. The LOS Angeles is amazing, and in just a month and a half, the air is pristine. Crystal clear. You could see, forever? It's a different world now
Imagine if that's what happens if we go to Mars, we fuck that place up come back to earth. Look, it's fixed we're back I guess, if we can sustain our technology if I d gone tribe, finer exits, its SIRI right. But then they have something about Mars, is well by type literally that and more than just took me to serious stuff instead of Mars serious yeah Those are the star serious that, but there they understand, they have a story on. If you can't it's it's a weird thing in terms of light, the car Malagigi like what they understand. This is, you know relatively primitive: try that has this origin story once like the end, better start, I have is very good at all the end of battles that they find earth fuck new bounced, our Galapagos so good, isn't it yeah? It's one of the more eyes a raid yeah than the more recent one month, underrated science fiction series ever it was so good will not not to act like my dsl
all the series ends with them discovering habitable planet the ice with thought. What did it wouldn't spoiler spoiler alert with? They are a species as compatible with them. They sign primitive humans, yes, and so, if that story, you're, not an interesting story, yet we would lose all knowledge of the previous planets and technology. And, while imagine if we flew to another plan, for the first time we land there. It's like nineteen forties, America, wow May we do if we fuck them, they said press what what if what if we find a spaceship underground with ancient tack, and we all know what it is and learn tsars the dog. Tribe the normal and their fascinating cosmic knowledge deepen northwest. Africa more precisely in Mali we. Finally, the oldest most fascinating ancient cultures to develop on earth.
So the ancient Dogan tribes, no further religious traditions, ritual dances, their massive ritual mask their wooden sculptures in their architecture. However, there are also known for their incredible astronomical knowledge and their fascinating, mythological accounts, Dogan have a compelling ancient tradition. They mention MRS legends ago thousands of years and of the pass predating, possibly even their own history. Some authors like Albert Shock- was also the guy from Boss University is that I'll just talk to other springs, argued that dog, our people who rigid in Africa but who had been forced to leave ancient each. Due to their religious persecutions? It is in his opinion, the Dogan may preserve ancient egyptian traditions and myths that may even have been carried into the present age, claiming that the Dogan have a powerful cause. Connection go on for this old. Take too long to read as follows: can judge lobster what is it a coincidence ancient
Well, just they understand the cosmos and you can eat after we get the story, but it's over. It's weird story: it's weird like, ah, how do they know this liquid? What weird origin story, but you scenes, I guessed, the actual, that's where it, where in the first? I may talks about the three kings of IRAN's bout, pointing the star in the evening when the sun rises in the third day, yeah yeah- maybe maybe stories are just just that you know we'd what what could we do but there. The sky in that's good point stop and look if you were travelling across the country, as you were, did you get a chance to stop and look in the middle of nowhere at this at the sky, of course, fuckin maize fanatical US has a gross that were robbed that here and it wasn't. It there's a story that I think in LOS Angeles. The power went out this black out, the Ninetys and the police got tons of calls from people who didn't know it. They were seeing in the sky. Is the milky way galaxy? Those people are injecting lies all right now that they aren't, though I know, you know,
Somebody might probably few yeah. Well, you know if you're gonna would have us our clerk. One thing you, no wonder, though, the one form of cork way that was a servant, but does the form was upon cleaner. The idea has, but here's the thing, the eighty wasn't she like a democratic, contributed and donor. She Donald Trump was a psycho that and her husband took the stuff? Well, there's new reporting that says the husband as an engineer. His friends are shocked that he would do something so stupid, so wife wisdom, that's the theory. That's going around now now of the fair point brought up, I think that it was a free beacon is that he trusted his wife and he loved Well, when you love him, poor, she's, really dumb or die
Far out of apparently couple decades ago, she had struck him, there's report about it decades ago, yeah twenty years, I think, but is also reports and you have yet to be effective. The suffer shark is not like something. I ve not been diving to MC due to deepen tube she started divorce again. So the story popping up is that demonstrators donor cow Baskin of cork when that's what people have insane like the rumours going around, but whether or not any that's true, it's like you know, I always say Gimme the proof, but I can say this the The media loves to run everything the presents as through a filter of like it must be taken literally or to its worst most the opposite of benefit out the most negative. Inclusion possible if he says it. We're gonna run the most negative interpretation. It's bad. It's awful
so when he says something like you know that that that Peter Navarro instance, where he said you know your Nasser Porter, he sat about projects a clerk went and clerk when it might work, it might not be a mob domestic water. The press run with Trump recommends untested dangerous drug. Meanwhile, you guys scrupulous pressed on all press room right of course, but but look when Andrew Cuomo came out and sad workers are trailing. Clark when Hydras clerk one and as it are my son, whereas the negative press didn't they say that that has actually been proven to kill more people than not using it, though I think what is to come yet money then it'll stories the commissioner that it was actually more likely a kill. So the seedy see at listed that this was actual treatment used by many countries, and we have this law maker in Michigan she's a Democrat she was given. The treatment should save your life and she personally praise the present fort for that she's being censured and being stripped of any worsening of
I've heard that was ass, crazy, it is it is. There is a reason why they were using the shouts. It showed some promise with some people. I guess the idea was that the extreme in immune system reaction in your lungs was killing people. The swelling in the flood build up, so suppressing immune system. You would stop it from happening. The symptoms would abide renewed actual recover. You know what men, if, if the media that there's it there's a graph showing the amount of press Obama got verses from what Trump got and I think, to a certain degree. Trump brought some himself because he chased after this press and he any Bates, though many goes after umbra. But it's like three or four times as such news and by its also a different world. Now, if you go back to two thousand and eight two thousand rather we know bow was elected the influence of vague online media and the ability to pull eyes away from traditional media resources was nothing was not right. People newspapers are still real, purifying newspapers,
mean mainstream media was your own way. You got your news. Now. Does people like you? others their spears people like Kalinowski or Jimmy Door, there's there's people like the hill. They have these online platforms where this is they're not only they more viable than this. National media outlets there more accurate there there biased there than their younger and more intelligent and are not connected some gigantic media machine that has a very consistent buys. I think we're seeing substantially more by us than ever before and see I'm from online things about rum from from everything from everything but starts with people like me, So look, I'm an individual Ivan opinion there things that, I think, are more important. Other things. I look at this establishment press. This behemoth constantly lying to people, not every single journalist, I y know many journals, their fantastic, their jobs. They risk their lives. They do good stories. Even political reporters
My my respect to ban Psmith, formerly of Buzzfeed NEWS now near times calling out than your times what sort of for their defence of Joe Biden calling out CNN right that great reporters, but you have a lot of people in media whose their goal is just survive, make money, and so what happens with Youtube one of the reasons I think this art censoring alot of channels is what works shock, content sensational rage bait, so Youtube hard, suppresses that it's not only fair, but there's no real good answer to how you deal with this and its unfair to a lot of independent craters, because, like you mentioned you to Gaza, nobody there like was credible but sir and I started adopting the same tactic so now. Seen in realising they can't win, no matter what they do. They are competing with with free videos on Facebook. You know you know, mom and pop who posts at video from the rally on Facebook cost him nothing. They don't care. See and I'm gonna pay someone thirty to fifty thousand dollars a year to low level too, to to make this kind of content they're losing so this which it up now we're being told that there are counted, but you know are a credit, your credible
whose outlets, authoritative sources that the same thing as what the? U tubers were like I mean You get down lemon going on on the show asking if a black hole, swollen airplane hasn't any differ from the crackpots ones you need. It was done. Lemon asked a guest if a black hole, swallowed the missing malaysian airplane wait a minute. He was serious. He said. I know it's preposterous, but is it proposed this and the other woman responded whom we have to see the totally down lemon Don Lemon asked about lack or swung airplane. I get a kick out of him like when he gets mad, but its performer, if it's not real new, so you know, I think it's great that I think we're seeing. A certain kind of greater emerge that are good. I think Jimmy Kyle are awesome. I think I do a good job on thing imperfect, but I think well biased and so that's why I always tell people you can't just watch me like you, definitely Watch Kyle, Pachmann, dumb or or Jimmy Door, and I get a lot of because people like you always recommend these leftwing channels. Unlike our Stephen prouder, you know, for instance,
sticks and hammer, these are good good, you two channels, but we're biased. I think we will try to be as honest. We can. These corporate channels are trying to survive. They talk about honesty, so bright, felt, or on CNN actually said he shows a bunch of aid from five. News and has not watch the spin watch us we're gonna, give you the facts. Don't I men, if someone tells you not to seek information outside, I wouldn't trust that I don't want to you want to listen to, but I will tell you if you, Only watch my stuff you're missing out you gotta watch other perspectives. I wanna see dumb lemon and bronze delta on naked and afraid in the world. You get trying to get my saying the black hole thing he did at from my two thousand fourteen lawyer,
so it was from, I think so he has while ago when we come to the air, but what it was something fully that we don't really understand. Lot of people have been asked me about that about black holes and on and on and on, and all of these conspiracy theories is to get this no says. What else can you think about black hole, Bermuda triangle and then does she says just like the movie loss and, of course this also, they also referencing the twilight Zone, which has a very similar plot. That's what people say. I know it's preposterous, but is it preposterous, you think Mary? Well it s. A black hole is about a small black hole in second, our entire universe, towing. I sat that media triangle is often weather and now lost is tv shows, I think, ok, I think, for which he is being provocative to get someone to answer. A silly question has been bandied about on the internet. He's saying it like. He believes it not. What I mean is that he's he's presenting the car
rotation, that's what's become its become I think he's doing retirement because, first of all back then mean this is two thousand fourteen percent as timber tightly. I think we're just starting to understand, like the impact of comments and and they were addressing them in their proper trying to silence a lot of the nonsense. But then we get a running saying you could show a small black hole with small swallow. The whole universe, yeah well I think she's really expert, if you so the right. So why is done lemon asking nonsensical questions to pet too at guests? Who can't answer them properly at all? Well he's just trying to be provocative, I get it. I get it, and so what I want I mean to say is that you're watching Esteve look at where they weren't We fourteen look or they are now facing the Chris Cuomo thing. They ve Dave well that's his idea that the crisscross pretty droesse did you hear what he sat on his radio show nobody. He said I don't find value in what I do. I think that's ridiculous. He said I don't like what I do for a living occupation. I think you know
and then he said something de facto I'll, never beat them, and reference like Hannity and met our somewhat that I think a number of them their ratings. Rating saw their biggest show. He is a pretty sure closed. Their biggest show. The only one that seems to be a man and he doesn't crack a million in the ratings. Really it's like eight, and I think it's like eight hundred nine hundred, I think he periodically might threaten, might be goin up. I could be wrong so check the latest. That's what I hear something that I think that the ceo producers, when When and sad look man, you got this thing like we should we should we run with it. Lets like go, your house will film, it will make this big deal. You think so, and I think it wasn't that better think mild symptoms. Look the dude went out. The guy left his home. He was on when he was talking about the the issues he was having He was a seem normal right. Here's what I would expect from someone who is a sick ass. He seemed to be now feel good, hey I'm one of the lucky ones. Now yeah. That's it. I would expect he sings shit
covering so hard chipping. His teeth seems ridiculous. Now seem I don't know I mean maybe when night time and you're tired, because one thing, I remember. The last time I was sick was quoted, I'll, go at the end of the night. I believe really. Eighty cause. I was tired and now, as I was tired, My immune system would be depleted and then feel the effects of the cold more and then you, cover the morning feel a lot better. Maybe pops on my behalf- and I know you second tylenol, so I'm supposed to take ibuprofen for this, for some reason He said I think you're. Second, my friend, Michael YO, so that he was told to take ibuprofen and when he did it made its way were so well. So so here here's. What can I say? I'm not going to use the guy. I love you bore for protein. Everything got sick and in that case you probably got sick. You tested positive, but my link. He seemed fairly mild in comparison to other people like Michael YO. When I talk to him, first of all when he was doing a video talking about recovering from it was coughing in video. He was coughing when he asked
I can, but I instagram thanking everybody, but he had a bad case We got pneumonia and it was rough and in our Michaels healthy guys. So that was disturbing to me, but they, Chris Cuomo, verse of kroner virus, didn't seem that scary. The dude wasn't quarantined. Ok, he went out to some problem: thirty minutes from his home, presumably with his family. He was witnessed by Somebody else in articles do that right now. You not, I mean it's not just that, but on CNN they said he was locked down. Where are they did this whole reveal where he comes out of the basement? Let him in waiting for this meeting will also do a tick. Tock dance was daughters of a thank you did, but I think the reason you one on a show complaining was because it was common. The producers told them to do this and you dont want to do it. You want your look man I worked when I make sense. He can't call the Moluccas want to keep the job. When I worked. For you know one of these companies. They told me to side with the audience we tie but it s a mouse here. They wanted me to create a narrative that the audience agreed with, because we are there to serve them
it was a narrative young progressives, whatever they say so, social just so whatever young progressive say my side with, and I told him I asked: are you saying that if there is a factual news story that would be upsetting to audience? We won't cover it, said? I then that's very. I wasn't that oh Elsie said recently that people shouldn't go back to work that they should have been revoked like they should yeah they shed protest like not not go back to work that he was one of the craziest things I've ever heard of politician saying like it? If anything, we need to get the goddamn economy back on track. I wonder if she's going to lose inner primary she's gone up against women. They Michel Caruso, Correira, who is a moderate who actually sounds very reasonable and it and it can it breaks my heart of a bit. As I remember how Democrats used to be my noodles, but the thing she talks about and she's a very reasonable, like she's got a book. She was an anchor for some of I think, like CNBC or something- and she comes off like
our colleague, maybe you were me just how what used to be left before they went, became radical activists and for social justice. Why do you think that that why what is in their resolution? So you think so. Yes, oh now that there's a couple there, as I have on it. Conservatives are less likely to be online in a lot of areas of the country. They weaker internet, low in red younger people more likely to engage most people, not lobby, to engage Paul. It's something I think like two percent of the contract is actually actor on twitter, our concern is getting banned. A whole lock is a very active. They do not a means but things or how are you saying that there are less likely to have good in rural areas, towns, rural, have really bad internet, but are good enough to be imposed on twitter. Liquid, you mean not, yes, they have phones, but with if you got dial up in the middle,
country or not, posting a video or photo? You have you our challenge on your phone, your logic dial up pedestrians doing through their phones as a good point we're at what I think is that you got a lot of older people that our conservative, like other people, there are liberal and there's there's issues therewith how people interact online, Oh my assumptions, my opinions, things, I've read older people more likely just low in red, younger people more likely to engage most people not lobby, to engage at all. It's something I think, like two per cent of the contract is actually actor on Twitter. Yet, but you end with internal biases, the social media companies, who is it Haven who isn't that go chambers so really good example is like up Buzzfeed NEWS. A story that the womb, Bio, lab leak. Theory is a right wing, popular right wing theory. Trump supporters are pushing it and the years why it's wrong, but CNN ran multiple segments about this, and so when, when you have digital media, framing things as always like you, yet we ever under why they never say left wing
like in the media. Will say conservatives did acts, they never say liberals that acts, because they view themselves as those people right. So you end up with social media companies that view that kind of content as authoritative, left, leaning, you end up with leftwing activists and acceptable marketability. There was a study done where they tracked essentially like of its visualization of location, for various aspects of other. The internet. Conservatives are in this bubble. Liberals in this bubble, marketing digital marketing companies overlapped with resistance, Twitter Antitrust, so we went happening, is big marking firms base in New York City, based in LOS Angeles, very urban areas. Much more likely to be blue have a blue perspective. They commercials based on a left wing perspective Politicians see what that what the television saying they see what the websites are saying- and I say this is what America wants. It's, not it's. What the hyperactive two percent of twitter once so they fall into that trap, where they believe all this stuff,
the regional cause. Your Cortez became, got elected. She one I think, cept. She got seventeen thousand votes in a district of seven hundred thousand. I guess not when you're real election but was an exploit, was exploiting the system. So you end up with someone who s views that dont represent them over welcoming majority this country in a very high profile position info wincing Nancy Policy and what One of the reasons they think they even went forth. Impeachment was because cause yogurt gave a statement where she, I was a bigger scandal that the Democrats would not impeach Trump. Next, then we know Nancy Pelosi hops on board the idea and that bluefin their face. Opens up things. Approval rating go up he raised a ton of money be really interesting, Did him in? Was the lysol shit out bad for an area, but I dont imagine the add on think it'll be it. What do you think is going to happen? we're in November. As of right now, there's the panic factor could be good for Trump. The fact that when a crisis may mean people are desperate for secure, and they want to take a chance. They don't take any chances and trumpet the Bali like that
may not necessarily as like you too suppose you know what I mean is like he's. He pushes people around and a lot of people like that about him, that he he used the press. What what a lot of people are left out. Is when he yelled at that CNN guy you're, a nasty reporter his base was clapping standing up. Saying. Thank you for finally calling these people out. It was a good thing you take that attitude. The Biden using binds gonna make anybody feel safe. I don't think so so that the argument Put forward is look man, I'm a moderate person, my politics of always left, leaning, pro choice, progressive tax government programmes, all this good stuff group in a city, but I'm not super far left. I need an argument from you. Donald has come forward with the economy was boom and low unemployment. Fifty years past numbers of our lives up until the pandemic, he instituted a travel ban that they adopt the Democrats or even agreeing without this point. If you want to convince me to vote for you and many people like me. I think you gotta give me an argument as to why biting is better but they're, not they're, saying stay alive, Joe Biden, we just don't like Trump but
really really really do that. It's a good point and I think if the economy does managed to show some signs of resurgence around November and in the euro, towards our over in September, we have some sort of a real rock solid plan and he can show You were it's going. This is what we are planning on doing this we're going to have this by that that, by this, by the way Joe Biden is not going to get better, his heart into decline is going to increase and it getting it could drop off of a fuckin cliff you might come around to see where November is where the gaps are constant and they pull him off of the public eye, and they never show him We want to win the room, Michelle Obama. We might have a fuckin, see g. Joe Biden with I'm not kit and where does it from some sort of remote location and they E g, the shit out of his his face. Well, I'll tell you one thing that the there's some that positive trunk could look at in terms the pandemic. Worry. You know, people trust him. His approval. Writing was going
up when they are televising his. His is press briefings, I stopped Duennas programmes are going back down, so what people here? Would you saying they liked it? But the other big factor is: if this persists beyond the election, Joe Biden will never debate, em and, we see this in the press right now. I've won't keep saying at the more the longer Joe Biden has hidden. The better is campaign is doing because people can see em struggling the speeches on against Trump male alone, and I agree with you about Michelle Obama, but I don't think she really wants to run one eyed and I'm not sure she would either, but I'm saying that's there. I think they would win if they ran her. They probably would male in voting, I think, will be the downfall Republicans if, if mail in voting get pushed through Nancy Policy. I believe she said she wants to have melon voting confirm the neck stimulus package if the lock down persists beyond November next November, and me in voting as the is the go to weigh the that the challenge you see a bunch of Republican saying that mail in voting could lead to fraud and it can write if somebody is like old and just like nothing attention, and you fill out for her
the bigger issue I see for Republicans is that uninitiated and uninterested people will be voted for and that means and urban areas, you'll have a mom and dad tongue, their kids, who normally dont care to vote, just fill it out, just fill it out just but for the guy and that could potentially hurt. I think the real concerns in the counting those that concern, but in terms of fraud right fraud is so the Republicans main concern is fraud. Then, someone's gonna take their kids packing just platform right, but I don't need not just that, also in how how its counted right, tracking they'll be Mail box in the Post office known mess. I agree with all that. I think I think you don't need to go to. Forest to assume someone's going to snatch up all the ballots possible, replace them. I think that's a bit too much for me. I just think right now we know that youth about swings left and they don't care about voting you put about in their house. They care about voting. They don't. They did turn up. Bernie. They did not turn up. They turn out some areas, but they didn't turn out. So you get this very active base online Randy but what they want they actually go out for it, but about their pocket. Senator there,
box and amounts mom says there. It has fill it out there and to do it, and so that's gonna make it The people who normally dont bother to go vote will go vote Temple. Step three hours. Those are not it's always VON thanks for taking a trip Thanks for a driver of hearing you by Van does give Hawaiians day is part of the country probably right away. Ok, good luck, come retirement and maybe people waved the along the way yet photos of the van the outside, where people can see it, uninstall grandma have one should point out that one does not whenever man. So, what's gonna come to my van and kicking that's what I'm saying there's gonna be tackled. Phase on their ass or somethin? Some weird people are weird man. I too weird store out up to bomb waiting to good denials I, too, crazy, gunshot, mouse, pedophile four in the morning want em, you tell a story. I too call the cops what'd you tell him. Storing wanted me to tell the world his story about being a pitiful I saw like that about about how he was and it wasn't true social issues as it might have for em try breaking in. So I
up at four a m to have a gun either, and I have a gun. And so I call the police. This is crazy. Police showed up, they catch the guy, they frisk him. They tom you, go home, cops comeback, Tommy to bygone basically juice, not easy thing to do. Look at this that morning I wake up. It's like not. I am, and I got woken up alike forum, by this. I think like three something and so on, really I do a segment first thing in the morning airs at ten a m, and so after dealing with all that, I was like. I am not prepared. Amish gonna tell people what happened and say: don't come to my house in the middle of recording segment, back. So I check my security camera. I see on there and I'm filming what's happening. I call the police and I'm like he's back and I recorded all of it and then the cops came in he took off. I guess. The outer covering it because we are talking about the idea of the world, the apocalypse guns. So it's, It ain't, gonna, New Jersey, the cops we're like it for me at opened the door, the shotgun like it. If I could get one in Jersey,
You can't you just have to wait ten days right now, you got to write an essay. I got it right. An essay on why I need it and then you have to be accepted and then they have to approve the ESA and they sat on, they said typically takes thirty days, but sometimes can take up to a year. It's a posted up to a year that kind of illegal, that's what I was told it department, but their move to Arizona reaches by gonna grocery stores. Virginia very gonna go out or no man. I know you gotta leave, I'm I'm and without a Jersey, NAFTA, yeah Fisher, summoned the Philly area because of this yeah, but also because I will expand my business. You know I'd look. I do opinion commentary on new stories and now it's time, to start hiring more people for four straight news. In fact, checking so there's been a fact checking build out that I've been work. How we're gonna write other agencies, we're gonna, do a hundred randomly sampled articles and we're gonna run them through the asked Pga.
And writers ethics coats were going to look for violations of the ethics codes. We're gonna apply them. So if Buzzfeed NEWS runs a hundred stories and we find that sixty three are have have some kind of violation of a code of ethics, we given the score of you, no thirty, seven out of a hundred and then people can see how we re these agencies and you can look at all the stories. We can look at exactly why we disagreed and we'll highlight where the violation occurred. That's a great idea, so I need a building. Slackened hire people to do it beautiful let me know when I get up and running, will let everybody know and appreciate you man. I really appreciate your perspective, appreciate you the way. You look at things and was great talk to you for your. Thank you, ve buyer buddy. Thank you, friends, returning to the show and thank you to express VP and protect yourself with a view beyond that I use entrust use my Lincoln Express, Vps, dot com, Slash Rogan today and get an extra three months for free. One year package, that's express v and dot com. Slash Rogan visit Express VP
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