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2020-05-07 | 🔗
Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.
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but also send ten dollars to our good friend, just in Rennes fight for the forgotten charity building wells for the pygmies in Congo. So don't forget problem. Code, Joe Rogan, when you download the cash app from the app store or the Google lay store today, my guest, today is. Absolutely was Mars. People have ever met, and I think probably one of the smallest people alive. He is the founder of Tesla Space Sex, the boy in company and just a few incredibly unique human being? Please welcome the great and powerful Elon musk the job will gain. Experience was very good to see you and congratulations beg you You will never forget what is going on in the world when you think about when your child is born. You will know for there s this child life.
You were born during a weird time. That's for sure that is for sure the probably the weirdest that I can remember you. Yet and he was one may the fourth and that's lairs, two or three William. Yet exactly has to be both, I sure hope. So. Perfect I mean those the perfect day for you. How do you say the name. Well, placeholder efforts. Will my partners the one that actually mostly came up with a name? Congratulations. Her area is ruining, so I mean just acts. Letter acts and then the eight years like Pronounced ash yeah, and then it was eight twelve as my contribution. Oh, why twelve. Archangel twelve the precursor to the actual. Seventy one course plain ever
I agree with you. I don't know, I'm not familiar with it. I know what I said earlier this year. I know that is the issue of only one came from Monsieur program called a cold archangel, the Archangel project and the archangel twelve. Why would a duplicate blind yet again as a person whose very much into were aerial travel as your that's perfect, Sprague rate pretty great so is it? Does it feel strange to have a child? Others craziness has gone to the feeling you ve had chosen before this any weirder? It's actually think it's better being older and having a kid, I appreciated more kept babies Orson. They are pretty awesome, terrorism, when I didn't, I didn't have any of my own. I would see other people's kids and I didn't not like that, but I wasn't
onto them. But now- and I see little people's kids on what I think of a metallic this'll love package's. Yet a love of just use it. You think them differently when you see them come out and then grow and interventionist. Our talk and do your whole idea- a baby is very different so now, as you, you know, get older and get appreciated as a mature, fully form. Adult it must be really pretty wonderful, wonderful, it's great for babies, Orson there there s great yeah I also have I've spent a lot of time on a iron neural net and seek a sort of sea. See then cut of the brook brain, develop witches you're, what and I know neural net- is trying to stimulate what a brain does basically and you can sort of sea the it learning very quickly so well
see things fight so you're talking about the neural net, you not talking about an actual baby. Natural baby, but both of em. Yes, but there were, no man comes from the Berlin, the brain and second net of neurons. So you know it's like the humans are the rental gangster nor less as a grave problem. So when your programming artificial intelligence where you working with artificial intelligence. Are they spaces? Fifthly, China mimic the developmental process of a human brain in a lot of ways, do some ways that are different here. In an analogy, that's often used is like a we. We don't make a submarine through like a fish, but we take the principles of of how
what of hydrogen annex and apply them to the subway? I was one of those lay person do try to achieve the same results as he. Brain, but through different methods. Or do you try to copy the way human brain achieves results, the essential elements of May I neural net are really very spray similar to human brain neural net. Having them the multiple heirs of neurons and you're back back propagation, these all these things are what your brain is its yeah We have a layer of neurons and goes to intermediate steps to ultimately cognition and that and then it'll reverse those staff to go back and forth and all over the place at some. Its interesting rejecting the, I would imagine that, like the thought of programming, something
That is a eventually we gonna be smarter than us that one day it's gonna be like. Why did you do that were like one when artificially become sentient. They, like you, tried to mimic yourself like this. So much better process cut out all this nonsense That makes it. There are elements that are the same, but just little cyclic an aircraft does not fly like a word right here, doesn't flap its wings, but the wings. The way the wings work and generate left is the same as bird, now, you're in the middle, of this this strange time why you're selling your house's he sate unwanted material possessions and haven't seen all that number really excited talked about this because, as an interesting thing come from a guy like yourself like. Why are you doing that? slightly said about it actually, but if you're sad about it. Why are you doing it.
I am possessions kind away. You down there, they're kind of an attack factor there he'll say: hey billionaire gonna lose stuff like manner stuff. Now, what were you gonna do? Attack vector, meaning, like people targeted interesting but you're address agenda, so you ran to place and get everything must have close now. I said like almost everything, so I keep a couple. Tassels tat shows who has a gonna have to its product, other things that have sentimental value for sure keeping those here? So do you feel like I was say, revenue, refine, yeah. You can always buy more stuff. You don't like it.
Means from the money that you sell stuff, you could buy new stuff, but do you feel like people define you by the fact that you're you're wealthy and that they define you pejorative way for sure I mean that ordinary around, but rather in others, for sure, in recent, like you were years billion or has become a per job, you like it's an it provocative three hundred SEC, that's a bad thing which I dont doesn't make a lot lot assent in most cases, if you, if you done, if you basically organise Dick, we a company like so I kind of how does this wealth arise its if you organize people in a in a better way to produce products and services that are better than what existed before, and you have some
In that company, then that that is socially gives you the right to allocate more capital. So it is it's that there's a conflation of consumption and capital allocation, so recycle Warren Buffett, for example Andrea, typewriter motors biggest man, but you know he does like Hafela allocation and he reads like a lot of sort of annual reports of companies and the only counting in its pretty boring. Really many trying to figure out is dangerous. Coke or Pepsi deserve more capital. I mean that's kind of warring job. If you ask me, but Europe is something that's important figure out like which it is accompanied deserving of more or less capital should that company grower expand, isn't making products and services that are better than others or worsen.
Should if Africa for companies making compelling parts and services should get more capital and if its not achieved less or gotta business, what there's a difference to recruit between someone who's, making Edible amount of money designing an engineering, fantastic products, verses, someone who's making credible amount of money by investing in companies are moving money around the stock market are doing things on those lines its the different thing into them. All in the same category seems it's it's very simple and, as you, It's an attack, vector yet picture. I really think it's really. I do think there in the main assets, especially those and eradication of talent in finance and law. Basically, twenty smart people going to finance more so this is both a common
criticism we should have of, I think fewer people, doing law and fewer people doing finance and more people making stuff yeah yeah. Well. That would certainly be better for all involved. They may be stuff yeah, absolutely and end up in manufacturing, used to be highly valued in the United States, and these days it's not it's. It's often looked down upon, which I think is wrong. But I think that people are kind of learning that spit, particularly because of this whole pandemic in this relationship that we have with China that it a lot of value in the mail things into making things here, yes, he's gonna. Do that the real work yeah! You know- and you know like make
gonna cards on Thursdays, stays living, that's for sure you know or making anything really or provide providing valuable service. Providing you know, gutter attainment, good information that these rural viable thanks to do so Yeah sure remark, more of it did you have a moment. Where is something that this idea of getting rid of material possessions is something that built up over time, or did you ever when a realization where you realize it yeah
think about it for a while you're part of it is like, like have Wanta houses, but- and I spent a lot of time in most of em and that didn't seem like a good use of assets like somebody could probably being during those houses and get very soon on me, Sir Punch have Jean Wilder's house. That's me its autumn. Why ask exactly what you expect? Did you requested the Byron up fuck it up the other requirements of our requirement, that's a good requirement air, not in that case and then how scared or price at last, but still Erika eyes a legend want his soul. He'd want his essence: debt in the building it s and its there s a real quick as a quickie ass here. What what makes you say there when you get out of it I mean all the old cabinets are like can hand
made there like odd shapes and that that there's like doors to nowhere and strangely Carter, in tunnels and real paintings on the wall, did you ever live in. It is very quirky. I did live in a briefly here too, but why do you buy House it's like a view on all these houses stages, get bored and go. I think I'd like to have that. Well, I you don't have one house and then Juno Outer Haswell Cross Road from me from from my man house, and it was going to get going to get, sold and then tore down and turn into a big construction zone for three years, and I was like well, I think I'll buy it preserve this virgin water and not have joint construction down and then.
This, I said having some privacy issues where we would like, lest we was like come to my house- and you know so- climate of the walls of a fellow man, So then I say like water housing, some the housing around my house, and then I thought, but one point while you, if we call to table the house so that such acquired some properties at the top of its mirrored and riches a great view and a psycho families, some functions are small or has is they're gonna get to more anyway I was like. Well, you collect these like little little houses that I can build something you know I don't know artistic like a you know,.
Dream house, I've thing. What's a dream announced for Isla Mosque, some tony start type shit dead if we gotta have, but the dough that opens up with us the stealth helicopter, negative yeah Fisher, Foxier everywhere, but barbaric, and generally? What does really make sense for me to spend time design in building a house and I'd be real ghetto. Oh c D, on the little details in the design and or should I be allocated time to getting us to Mars, wrote do the latter. So what like, what's more important, Mars or a house mars. Is that really how you think, like that it be better off planning on a trip to Mars, are getting people to Mars GAD? If we mean that they cannot do so many thanks rights right. So how you I don't know how you do what you do anyway,
I understand how you can run bore with aboard Company Tesla space acts all these different things you doing Constantly I just I don't understand you explain blast, I'm your here- how you sort of allocate your time and how hectic it is insane. I still don't the productivity is baffling just doesn't make sense. I didn't get so much done why they do have hyperactivity, but even with that, the sole some actual costs or time and allocating time to building a house. Even if was really great house stole it's not a good use time relative to developing the Iraq, assessor, egotist, Mars and helping solve sustainable energy. Spacex Antecede are by far the most
like brain cycles. Boring company does not take Minos like less one percent of re titles and an endless neuro link, which is made us like five percent and then laboratory. Let's get chunk future air, we were talking about the last time and you're trying to figure out when it was actually going to go live when it's actually going to be available. Testing on people right now? No one has ever will yet, but I I think it would be too long. I think we may be able to. Plan in your link in less than a year and in a person I think. And when you do this, is there any tasks that you have to do before you do something this too
to see what percentage of people's bodies are going to reject these things. Is it put it? There is their potential for rejection. It's it's a very low potential for rejection or you can think of it. Like people, Put in you know, heart minors, and you know things for up epileptic seizures and deep brain stimulation of sea, like you know, or virtual hips brown needs no other thing, So the problem is I so its well known like what will question what what will not its definitely hotter when you ve got something that is right, Reading and writing neurons it it. That's that's generating a card Paulson reading car pulses, that's that's a little hotter.
That then authentic than say password vice, but it still very double and them that their that there are people have primitive devices in their brands. Right now, what kind of us I would like to depress the relation is fighting for Parkinson's is that has really changed. She was lives in a big way, which has come our muckle, because, where is kind of like sap, brain. It's a kick in the tv to everything you think. Like man kicking a tv should work, it does sometimes yeah the old dog tvs it at my grandpa slapped, the top for sure it would work. Sometimes, yes, this depressing mission as implied advice in the brain ass to have changed? We will science for the better. Like fundamentally, let's talk about what you can talk about two. What neural link is because the last time you were here really could discuss it and then there was a. I guess, a press release
some of that sort of land that that happen quite a bit after last, some you're here. So what exactly is it? How do you do what what happens? If someone ultimately does get a neural link installed. What will take place? Well, perverse. One of the device, it would be it basically implanted in your skull. So but it would be sought flesh with your skull, so you basically take out a trunk fiscal replace but put in your like device in their Europe. You put the the electrodes you'd, insert the electoral threads very carefully into the the brain and, and then you stood up and- and
You won't even know that somebody has and then at the end, so that you can interface basically anywhere anywhere your brain. So it could be something that you know helps cure, say: I cite like give- you regret- has rice I'd, even if you like lusher optic nerve to everything, really yeah swiftly hearing from say my pretty much anything that we were, that that
it is in principle fix almost anything that is wrong with rain. Energy could occur, dumb, restore Lompoc malady. So if you ve got to interface into the motor cortex and then Implant, that's say that, like a micro controller and near muscle groups you, you could then create survey neural shunt that restores somebody who is a quadriplegic to fall functionality, legal ground, Rinaldo, wow, so maybe slightly better, slightly better overtime, if you mean with future generations like the of six million ornament authorize days, that would that doesn't make much sense. Billion diarrhoea. So the Whole would be smart. How big, with the whole, being the EFTA drill and then replace with this piece, is only one hope. Well,
yeah, advice. Working right now is about seven inches in diameter, and you yourselves we think by the way is our schools were rhinos shore. It might actually, literally, I read your big if you're bigeye your skull is actually fairly thick skulls, like is like seven fourteen millimetres, sermon local inches, I haven't happens thick skull, so yes or that that's a fair bit of like our hour We got quite a coconut gonna, it's not it's not like some eggshell yeah. I believe you so fiercely imply the rice, and so he would be like a one square wanted to diameter. Yet like us in its circle, like a circular, yet think like like a smart watcher, some of Ok, I'll take this one is dominant, like ice fishing rights
even though I swishing nobody I'd like to its great is really fun, so you simply taken arguer, a drill, a tailor, the surface of the ice and create a small Hall you lie in their. So this is like that you're ice fishing on top your skull, and then you cork it yeah and you'd replaced that say one inch, diameter Pisa Skull with this euro like device and that has a battery and Teresa inductive charger and than you had an end. Not that then you ve got to get inside the electrodes so that licked was wreck half we inserted without without a robot that we developed it's very carefully putting in the electrodes and avoiding any AIDS rivalries. Such doesn't create trauma so through the one in diameter device electrodes.
Be inserted and they will find their way. They tell you I or space tiny wire sailors and they'll find their way to specific areas of the brain to stimulate. No, you literally put them where it Witherspoon go. Oh, ok, sent into. How long will these worries me many years ago, unlike depending on where it is like two or three millimetres. So these fine, the spots while and then at the end you put the device and that that gets that replaces the the little pieces I was taken out and then you it is a stitch up. Both the horn and their yourself look like a little scar. And that's, it will therefore be replaceable, irreversible, yeah, like if someone can take it easy. I am too small a candidate Ekdahl data and what is the besides
reverend restoring limb function and eyesight in hearing which are all amazing, zero there. Any cognitive benefits you anticipate from some telling us tat. If you could during this period, it's, it's a generalised sort of thing for fixing any kind of brain injury in an impressive like if you or if you got like sphere epilepsy or something like that it could just gets just to have stopped the upshot epilepsy from occurring like you could detected in real time, and then fire counterparts and stop let's see if there is a whole range of brain injuries, piercingly gets a stroke, they could lose the ability to speak and that that obstacles with effects such Galaxy stroke amateur feel you lose say, muscle control over party or face
like that, I don't get it and then went when you when you get older tenter. If you dont like Alzheimer just like that, then you lose memory and that this could help you with universal your memory like nothing, restoring member and what what is happening. It's allowing it to do that. Like the wires these small wires. Stimulating as areas of the brain and then is it that the area the brain, are there they're losing some sort of electrical foresight? What it what is happening there counts, as is its like that it's they of sleep. True circuits in there's some like circuits that are broken in looking like fit fixed, though circuits the substitute for their seconds So a specific frequency will go through. This addresses specific her in that it would is the process figuring out how much or how little has to be our, how much but the areas. The brain have to be used up.
We are in the soul a lot of work to do so, I say we got a shot at Prague, putting it in person in a within a year. I think that better, that's all, that's exactly where the good reputation of protein put into one and having them having them be healthy in and restoring some functionality that there, if they ve lost the fear, is that eventually do you have to the whole top a summons head off and put a new top chair with a whole bunch of wires. If you're gonna get you another a turbo charged version, the p one hundred days of brain stimulation. Ultimately, if you, if you want to go, with four s eyes, symbiosis you're, probably want to do something like that. Symbiosis scary word. When it comes to air I as optional our up so
It's just I mean once you enjoy the doktor Manhattan. Lifestyle once wants to become a god seems very, very unlikely. You don't want to go back to being stupid again Dwayne literally could fundamentally change the way. You know beings interface with each other. This, yes, you wouldn't need to talk I'm so scared that, but so excited about at the same time as that weird yeah. But I think this is one of the past to think like what would forfeit like ice, getting better and better so that now it seems like a benign. I scenario, even I'm sorry! What kind of left behind here were not one along for the ride or too damn right.
Sir Zadig along for the ride. As a champion of drawing them so and we already we're ready I want to some degree right because you ve got your phone. You got your laptop glasses, Ba Ecuador, try devices and today's if your phone, if you, if you don't bring your foreign long. It's like you have muslim syndrome. That's like physics, amazement, really really missing, so we're ready. Partly Party are party cyborg
or an ice in Beirut. Essentially it's just that the data rate to the electronics, a slow so especially up like you just gone with your thumbs. I like what Mr Data written Maiden optimistically a hundred births per second, that's being generous. Another computer camp can communicate it like a hundred hundred terabytes sir said. Suddenly you get it. Better, a trivial this point so that this is like you have mistaken, you computer do not do things a million times faster, Edison point: it's like talk. They are like toiletry of his boring. You talk to a tree space very day, so
So, even if you can solve that the data rate issue in Europe, especially upward but and for two, then you can improve symbiosis that is already occurring between man and machine, so you You can improve it in what, when you said, you won't have to talk to each other anymore. We joke around about that. I have jumped around about that a million times this podcast that one day in the future, this gonna come a time. We can read each other's minds well you'll, be able to interface with each other in some sort of a non verbal, not non. Physical way, where will transfer data back and forth to each other without having asked, use your mouth the ambient exactly. So, when you look what happens when you went, like the bus he's got some complex idea that you try to convey to somebody else and had out he do that well,
you arrangements, a lot effort, compressing complex concept into words, and this does little alot. Alas, information last that occurs when compressing complex concept into words, then you say those words. Those words have been interpreted than their decompress by the person who is listening and they they will at best, get very incomplete understanding of what you're trying to convey it very difficult to convey a complex concept with precision because regret compression decompression. You may do not even have heard all the words correctly and so location is difficult. We have here, is a failure to communicate. Who outlook yes in this great movie carrier. Is this an interpretation factor to like you can choose to interpret certain series?
words and in different ways and depend upon tone depend. Upon social cues, even facial expressions, sarcasm, the lot of variables took has a difficult yes, and So when I watch things it I have said is like that there could be better. Surely a universal language, that's created through computers that particular young kids. We pick up very quickly, My kids do Tik Tok and others jazz, and I don't know what they're doing they do not do it and they know how to do it really quickly. Really quick and they show me how to edit things and its, if you taught a child, from first great on how to use some new universal language may, essentially, like a Rosetta stone and something's done with that, interprets your thoughts. And you can convey your thoughts with no room for interpretation with clear, very clear,
where you know what a person saying and you can tell them what you are saying and there's no need for noises, no need for mouth noises, no need for it these sort of accepted ways that we ve have evolved to make sounds that we All agree. We throw our culture dictionary and right, we agree or certain where you can bypass. All that we can still do it for you prefer sentimental reasons right, like campfires exactly gunfire need arose national raw, so the other unity in principle. You would be able to communicate very quickly and with far more precision, ideas and language
Would the Sherwood haven't language, but you gotta let what their situation I daresay you would be able to just if we collect the matrix you you want to speak an evaluation of all right. I swear it worth dollar the program right, so at least for the first iterations first few generations, which is below the you like, another Google has there been some of their pixel buds, have the ability to an end. Corporate languages. In real time you can hear No a play things back to you. In whatever language you choose sort of bees something along those lines yet the first few iterations while the first innovations are met. One of Tibet is like in the limit overtime, with a lot of development. The first few iterations, really in the first few virtues Olga returned to his ears. Solvent brain injuries,
that sounds like that. Don't don't worry, that does not mean a sneak of any there's. Does this I'll take a well how many years before you have to talk, if the? If, if the development continues to accelerate, then maybe five year, is fired a ten year? That's quick! That's really! Quick investigation are no talking anymore in five year, Fescue scenario, tens page, one like it I've always speculated that aliens could potentially be us in the future. Because of you get like the size, their heads and the fact that their very little muscle and learned and do not use their mouth anymore. They ve tables, I mean they're archetypal alien. Did you see my closing council a third time they there like? If you went from, like Australia, peasant
is or ancient hominid to us. What's the difference less here, less muscle, bigger head and then just keep going, thousand million whenever you or five years, ever whatever happens and Nora Link goes on online, and then we slowly start to adapt this new way of being. Where we dont use our muscles anymore. We have as Jake, anti head. We can t without words could also save state as a state safe state likes to save your brain state like that, can save game in a video game. Wow like I give you one is swap from windows. Ninety five world available, but I think we are windows. Ninety five right now
modification of perspective. Probably but yeah I mean you, you could save state and restore that state into biological being, if you, if you want to do in future in principle, is like knowing like four sixteen point that prevent us, but you you be a little different, but then you are also a little different when you wake up in the morning from yesterday and you're a little different. In fact, if you say like you five years ago versus you today is quite a different. Yes so you're be substantially. You I mean you'd, be you bet you'd suddenly, thank you, but the idea. Of saving yourself and then transforming them. Into some sort of a biological state like you can have. With thirty year old you In the possibilities are endless somewhere I mean you think big, like how your phone can you can report,
videos on your phone is open away. You could remember video right as accurately as your phone or a camera you know could so I now, if you got like it, some some yet Version ten, your link: whenever it far in the future, you you could you confirm that you could recall everything that just like it's a movie consult the concluding or the entire sensory experience, emotions everything everything everything and play it back until you want you, she added it added. So can change your past change. What do you think we're Last year was so, if you had, let us trolls had a thing right now could be a replayed memory. It could be a maybe once the odds of this being a replayed memory. Gotta get more than five.
Percent, there's no way to sign a probability with accuracy here right, but roughly, if you just had a just got instinct. Well, I don't have an early in my brain side, say right now. As you have said, That what you do, how, in your link than it rises above Europe, said the that were experiencing. Some sort of preserve memory is even though it still the same, not comforting. Right for some reason, when we people talk about simulation theory, they talk about the potential for this. Being a simulation it, even though your life might be wonderful you might be in love, you might love your career, you might have great friends, but it's not comforting.
To know that this experience, somehow another doesn't exist in a material form, they can knock on film railed veils rail, but but if it's but the idea that Not is for some strange reason, disconcerting wipe absurd should be disconcerting. Because if it does not real what is wrong but but the others that at the altar of thought experiment of life, How do you know you're, not a brain and about you know, are now hit here's the thing you are a brain of that then that faddish skull yes and everything you see feel here. Everything all your senses are electrical things. Everything everything is electrical signal took to a brain in a vat with a package was cool and all your hormones, all you neurotransmitters. All these things are drugs. Adrenaline's, a drug dopamine is a drug you're, a drug factory.
There are currently changing your state with love and oxytocin and and beauty changes, stay great music change. Your state of sir. And yet he is another sort of interesting idea, which is his say like what, where consciousness arise, was hearing you believe, the with the IMF and possess which person true. Then, in a week the universe started off as basically clocks laptops and equip quickly became hydrogen and of helium lithium, like basely, almost the periodic table, others like mostly hydrogen basically- and over a long period of time. Thirteen point billion years later, that hydrogen became sentient, but where, along the way, did cod
where's my consciousness? What's the line of consciousness and not consciousness between hydrogen in here right, Wendy We call it. When do we call it consciousness? That was, a video today that we played a part gas earlier of a monkey riding a motorcycle demonstrate jumps after more Saigon tries to steal a baby s alone arrow. What is that monkey conscious it seems like it is using it out a plan. It was writing a fucking motorcycle and jumped off the motorcycle just deal. A baby seems pretty, though, and I just baby Demonstrate- prefer tat their seniority, conscious right, this definitely some degree of consciousness there yet not like. It's not a worm, it's to be on another level, and it's gonna keep going in that. That's the real concern and when people think about the potential future versions of human beings, especially when you consider Syn
Otto relationships, artificial intelligence, it we'll be unrecognizable that one day will be so far removed from what this is, will look back on this the way we look back now, no simple, simple organisms that we have all from, and then it won't be that far in the future that we do have this does view back, I hope consciousness propagating future and guess what more sophisticated complexion and that it understands that Questions to ask about the universe: do you think that's the case emerge as a human being? Is yourself you're? Clearly too to make conscious decisions to be a better version of you are. This is the idea of getting really your possessions and realising that you're trying to I don't like this. I will try to improve this. I will try to do a better version of the web interface with reality, This is always the way things are if you're, if you're moving in
some sort of a direction where you trying to improve things you're out he's gonna move into this new, play. We look back in the old placing I was doing around back then But this is an accelerated version on that, gets you. Rick salary version that I mean you don't always improve, but you can aspire to improve, aspire to be less wrong. Yeah, like I think, a good toward physics. Her republic just assume you're wrong in your ask your calls for less wrong making any with six everything. That's wrong with. You know, if you can succeed in being less wrong, most of the time you're done right that's a great way of putting it aspire to be less wrong. But then, when you know, people look back in the stout about simpler times. Does that it's very romantic and exciting to look back on camp fires because we'll have a campfire, yes but we appreciate it when you are super nerd when you connected to the grid,
and you have some my skull cap in place of the top. Your head and interfacing, with the In our international language, at the rest, universe now enjoys communication with people were deaf but sure I think so. I like her I've just work. I mean everyone's. Are we scared of change, but I'm scared of those monumental change where we won't. We won't talk anymore. Mean that thing you need a date. Yes, but that's the something about. There's something about the beauty of the crude newness of language, where, when it's done eloquently its satisfying and hid it hits, since some sort of a visceral away like a person nailed it That they nailed like that, it's so hard capture, a real thought in convey it in a way. It is that way. The
someone if someone exogamy a quote a great quote by a wise person? Mace excited that their mind figured something output. Words together in a right where that makes your brain pop like? Oh yes, yes, clever, compression of content, yeah and a feeling but the fact that a human did it to do things that are built electronic music, like people want appreciated, like they appreciated, sly, guitar alike. Try me as I do to hear I bought you make it. I know you are now, and I hope that future is more fun and interesting and wish to make that way. I hope it's more fun. Interesting too. As you know, and so, cannot lose anything along the way rallies little
but I hope we will gain whether yeah. That's the thing right gaining more than we lose something it makes us interesting. Is that we're so flawed suffer sure electors obligation through the ages Most them, you know the rose and fell down and I'd anything like the globalization that that we have at this sort of like the the means fear is this does not enough isolation between countries or regions. It's like if you get up, if there's a mind virus that that might buyers can, in fact too much of the world in unlike at actually serve with the anti globalization people, because, like me, we don't everyone everywhere. It will be the same for and and then we we need some kind of like mine
viral immunity so that that's swell mine viral immunity, meaning that once something like link gets established there Our concern is something that mean. You said it's blue tooth right or something you're version that that the ideas that something could possibly get into it fuck it up. No, I'm talking about like somebody that some cockeyed got concept, that that's happened. That happens right right now, When other viruses and embedded chips, rightly people of the ships and then acquired viruses that will work although my very simple, nomadic concept of that people's minds: o locker, ok like hot thinking or there are some sort of fundamentalism jet wrongheaded idea that yes ghosts
viral inner idea, since that is that is a problem to write. If someone can manipulate that technology to make something appear, logical or rational. That, would it without being issued to what this is. Very, have versus have not issue right once this thing. If this really does, I mean initially is going to help people with it with injuries, and but you you said ultimately it could, led to this spectacular, cognitive change, yes, but the people that first get it should have us a mass of advantage over people that don't have it yet, call Aaron's kind of thing where your productivity would approve. I don't know dramatically, maybe by factor of ten with it. So you could definitely just you know I don't know, take out a loan to do it and earn money back real, fast.
See we're smart, but though the minister a capitalist society, you know you could, it seems, like you can run We get so far ahead that before anybody else could afford this thing and link up and get connected as well. He be so far how they can never catch. You zadig concern will, I think, You'd be and start a super here is concerned. There are huge differences in Canada, mobility and and resources already yeah, rethink of cooperation
as like earth? Cybernetic collective, that's far smarter than in individual, like I can personally bold like a whole rocket and Andy engines and watch it and everything that's impossible, but we have eight thousand people space action by piecing it out to different people and using like computers and machines, and so we can make less Rockets launched orbit talk of the space station that anything, so that already exists where this in a way this. Corporations, are vastly more people than an individual, but the idea like we should be, I think, less concerned about, like relative capabilities between people and more, like
heavy I be vastly beyond us, and DE coupled from human will decouple from whom. So this is that, if you can't be them, join them Yeah, I mean you Felix inevitable, ok, I'll sentient, essentially inevitable super sentient area, but beyond the level that difficult to understand What are some problems and somehow another us So it's almost like its requirements for survival achieve some sort of symbiotic existence with their it's not a requirement. It's just. If, if you, if you wanna, be along for the ride, then you need to do some kind of some buyers are so that, though, the way of brain works right now you ve got
can, like the animal brain, reptile brain K list for items it. It's like alembic system, basically gothic, the cortex. The brain purist will argue with this definition, but essentially you ve got the primitive rain and you got the sort of fur smart brain or that the rain is capable of planning and understanding concepts and difficult things that a monkey Kanner said now the book your cortex
much much smarter than you have existed. Nonetheless, they worked gather well, so I've met anyone who wants to lead the loving system or the cortex, the repeal of quite happy having both so near, but that this is being that, like the computer, the eyes it is like a third layer, tertiary lair, so that is like that could be symbolic with the cortex it we much smarter than the cortex, but you'd procession have three letters and an you actually have that right now, your phone is capable of things a yoke, fewer escape of things that your brain is definitely not storing. Terabytes of information perfectly doing incredible calculations that we condemn come close to doing you have that
your computer is just like, I said, the data rate is slow. The connection is weak, wizened, so disconcerting a wiser. Why does it not give me comfort to think about like when I think about a symbiotic connection to. I was think of this cold emotionless sort of thing that will become Zimbabwe to look at it as they were sacrificed liquid. That's what would be the lakes at you, you already are yet symbolic with a or computers phones, computers, laptop. Yeah and this this quite a bit of a gun on you know near so artificial neural net. Increasingly, neural nets are sort of taking over from regular programming, but more and more so you are connected.
You know if you use Google voice or lax, or one of the things it using a neural net, to decode your speech and to understand what you're saying, if twenty image recognition or improve the Claudia photograph, it's it's using been near. That's the best way to do that, Sir, you are already I sort of it is a service. Cybernetic smiled, like said, is just a question of your data rate. Did that the communication speed between Yoke, your phone in your brain is slow. When do you think you're gonna, do it? How long were you wait. But once starts becoming available. If works I'll do right away, I mean, let's make your work.
How do we make sure works? We tried on prisoners like when you do not know if we take rapists, cut holes and have now accept if somebody's gotta search, brain injury rat and though there live like very severe brain injuries than and then you can fix those flows. Brain agrees, and you know that you prove out there. Works and you expect a bluff expand and make more more rain injuries, sophomore more and then in the inner Sunday. As Tunisia, we all are organic Alzheimer's Rural gonna get see now and then a mouse. We get the names, their kids like anything and so you know, do secular, okay! Well, you know this word later. Remember your names, you, kids and and and have no more than a much more normal life where, if you you are able to function much later in life,
Link that says actually that that there would be almost everyone would find a need at some point. If you get old love to use your own your leg and and and then a psycho cancer, we can improve the functionality and improve the invitations communication speed. So then you will not have to use your thumbs to committee with computer. Do you ever sit down extrapolate durability, sit down and think about all that different iterations of this, and what this eventually leads to anything they develop. There's like that. This is not something
can a sneak up any others like getting up the approval for staff has not like overnight, and this is an appropriate, had fairly version terrorism before you know it, it would realistically be. You know what a human s eyes by a situation it is As I see it coming, you see a common, but when you think it's gonna be, like when you sit when you're alone? If you have free time, I don't know if you have free time, but if you just sit down and think about this iteration the next on word keep and you drag it out with improvements along the way in leaps and bounds and technological innovations. And where do you see it.
What are we gonna be like when twenty or twenty five Here's. What are we gonna be while sitting civilization still around certain fragile right now? I think we can have a anti virus program, everything they could be a whole brainer face a whole brain interface, so pray closer hunters, How do you define what we mean by whole brain interface, like almost all the neurons are connected to your did these sort of a extension of yourself.
If you're a extension of yourself? What does that mean to you? But when you, when you say I extension of yourself? Well, you like said you already have a computer extension of yourself in the moon you know in computers and after an hour online, it's like somebody dies there's just like an online ghost that their get their store their online stuff. It's yeah slide that's a good way to put his weird when you read someone's tweets, have their dead, yeah yeah Instagram in their stories and yeah. Wherever Facebook insight unilateral outside a great way. It's like an online ghost, that's very accurate. So, yes, it does.
It would just be that that more of you would be in the cloud I guess than in your body or if that more of you well Can we say civilization, fragile demean because of this covered nineteen shit? That's going on right now this thing. So I got some people just get a cardio over other people that gets much worse well,. I mean this certainly has taken over the Mai in space of the world to a degree. That is quite shocking, knew well out of nowhere. That's what's crazies like you go back to know Amber nothing now here we are December January February, March April, may six months totally different world, so from nothing to everything's. Lockdown,
there's so much conflicting information and conflicting opinions about how to proceed. What what has happened? You you'll find things where there is a meat packing plan. I believe in Missouri, where three hundred plus people or asymptomatic, tested, positive rays symptomatic and then another places, itches ravages entire communities and kills people and its it. So weird, did almost appears on the big you didn't know. Anybody like what it seems like a bunch of different viruses doesn't seem like it's the same thing. Or has a bunch of different reactions to the violence. You go variety of of people. I mean I kind of saw this whole thing play out in China before played out in the: U S
So it's like watching the same movie again, but in English, so yeah. May I thank the dvd leave immortality. Raise is much less than what is then what said the World Health organization? Sarah was it very much much less is privately sort of magnitude. What it seems to be very deadly two, very specific kinds of people, people specific problems.
Yeah. If you, if you're you, can look at the immortality statistics by age and whether they have come, what will come of it? It is likely that, like based existing conditions and age and if you're below, sixty and and have no serious health issues, the probability of death is extremely low besides era, but is extremely low, Didn't think that this was the case, though, when they first hard to lock down the country. Do you think that it's a situation where, once they proceed in a certain way, it's very difficult to correct course? That's what people really wanted? A panic
quite crazy, but in some places a panic is deserved right like if we only I see you in Manhattan and people are dying, left and right, never ones on innovators and its eight its. It seems like when you see all these people on ventilators. In so many were dying, and you see these nurses are dying and doctors are getting sick in some play. Is that fear is justified. But then in other places, You're you're reading these stories about hospitals that are essentially have empty there There are having to furlough doctors, nurses because there's no work for them most of the hospitals in United States right now, half empty or in some cases there are thirty take fast, and this is because they have decided to forego electorate seizures and in normal things that people would have to go to the hospital. For yes, I mean we're ever talk about just some he's lecture procedures are quite important.
It's like you, have a bow heart disease, yarn and Unita Triple bypass, it's like sort of elective, but if you don't get it done in time, it's you gonna die yeah, it's collectives where work like it's not like hey, I wonder, is likely exaggerates tries it. It's like, like might. My hip is an extreme pain because my my hip blown out or my knee, and I do not want to go to the hospital. I can't go to the hospital to prevent extreme pain. Feel, let me can you. I got a few other, have quite serious issues that are choosing not to go out of fear. So I think it's From this I get, it seems like the state of public perception is shifting. It is like people were taken, some deep, breaths and relaxing, and because of the statistics of mean in an essentially across the board, its being recognised that it's not as fatal as we thought it was
still dangerous to worsen the flu, but not as bad as we thought, or we feared it could be objectively, the mortality is, is much lower, like at least a factor of ten may be a factor of fifty lower than initially thought. Do you think that the current way were handling this? The social in saying the mass the locking down is, it doesn't make sense, is it adequate or do you think that we should move back to ITALY's closer to where we used to be well, I think proper hide it is a good thing. The middle class wash hands, and you know, and a fear if you're coughing
they homework. Where mask? Does yes not get you back to do them, Japan, that's like normal. If you're, if you're ale, you you were faced masking carve on people, I think that that would be a great thing to turn off in general The world washing your hands is also well known, why men get it more than women? As men are disgusting, we don't want, it has got its true. It's true. I went right moment in this room. Rob gross. Ask the restroom weaknesses. Grow dependent on my nine year old daughter, yelled at me. Did you wash your hands summation, go back and wash my hands she's right, nine years about a nine year old boy. You think you care, I don't give a fuck, wash my hands so I think that this is simply some civil and here than in improved hygiene, gas and an awareness of potential,
yes, and I think this has shaken up the the system as such must accept what moribund with. Let lays layers of bureaucracy, and I think that you have countries on that bureaucracy and if we have some point, the probably will be a pandemic with with a with it for the high mortality rate. You know that such a debate about look what's high, but I mean like some of this killing a lot a twenty year old flitting like rug. It's you! If you like a bowler type of mortality, spy flew something the axiom systems of healthy people yeah yeah now, but it it's like like
killing large numbers of young, healthy people that that's you to find. That is like a high mortality than that that this is at least practice were suddenly ban, and I think this has given a steamer maritime that there will be eventually some some such Eric. Do you think that, in a sense, the one good thing that we might get others? This is the realisation that this is a potential reality that the we got lucky in this sense, I in people are dead get lugging diet. Of course, I'm not disrespecting their death nor loss, but I'm saying overall, as as a culture as a committed as a human race as a community. This is not as bad. As it could have been. This is a good dry run for us too, to appreciate that we need far more resources dedicated towards. Understanding these diseases. What to do in the case
the pandemic and much more money that goes to funding treatments and in some preventative measures. Yeah absolutely- and I think I think this a good chance, a highly likely, I think, coming out of this, that we will develop vaccines that we didn't have before, for current viruses, other other viruses and and possibly cures for for these, in our understanding of viruses, of this nature is improved dramatically because of the attention that is received. So this is definitely in Atlanta silver linings here.
And attentively. If we act, crackly yeah yeah, the other serve my thinking that there will be some massive Lenihan, America of local, more proof of letting than last year, so that the citizens can like a practice, run for something that that had a reputation in the main, the future have a serious like a really high mortality rate in, and we can. I got to go through this with without without it Being something that kills a vast numbers of young, healthy people yeah when you made a series of tweets recently I remember the exact wording, but essentially we're saying Free America. Now, let's go there to that, I would say that. Is it but the it out, but was. It How much do you pay attention to risk the response to that stuff? And what was the response? I did
did I tell you fuck you doing today by police officers who does that who gets it, that dude I mean I certainly get that as notion What is on twitter? Oh yeah, but tat. You re in a war zone. You do sometimes the right. You do read it that area scroll through the comments, as me more than I mean people, knife you're, good, is something I enjoy about that. Just a there's something about the The freedom of expression that comes from all this People are due attack, you that's like, while the, if no vulnerability whatsoever? They wouldn't attack you and there the site, there's something about these millions and millions of perspectives there. You have to: u have to appreciate,
even if it comes your way, even if the shitstorm hits you in the face. You got appreciate why? How amazing isn't that all these people do have the ability to express themselves? We didn't don't necessarily want to be there when the shit hits, you might get out of the way in anticipation, the shitstorm, but the fact that so many people have the ability to reach out, and I think it's a lot of ways its. I wanna hear misused resource, but it's like giving Monkeys guns. Did you start? there are gone down things in front without any realisation of what they're doing they have rock they see a window, they throw it. Look that I got you on mad. Look at that this guy got mad at me. This this fuckin took this person down on Twitter. This lady fired. Fuckin business is going under because a twitter wars, it seems like theirs, something about it. This is show now. Sound thing that I want to say abuse, but just
I want to say that it's almost like you know you hit the button. Things blow up you? This is what else. We blow up her. The tour wars infer from our here. Still worse, can I take it takes letter to face me at this point, yeah that's to write like develop a thick skin yeah, you can't. I personally, I woke deterrent like no actually know you. Yes, research is just like it's like. If Europe, if you're fighting a war, and this like some opposing soldier that that shoots true to you as unlike the hey, you don't even know you right yeah so, we're like that. Like therefore involves whatever, but it then that millions of Dante personally this something interesting about it to its like, like when you write, something in turn, may become actors. They write something into such a crude way. It's
You know someone say I'm sending opposing smoke signals. There were few your smokescreen mills, it's like it! So crude especially when you talk about something like neural link is to talk about some future. Potential, where you're you're gonna be able to express pure thoughts that get get can They threw some sort of a universal language with no beauty whatsoever. Verses out tweets will always be some ambiguity, but now it tweet sir, it's hard by that date. They wish to be like a sarcasm flag or some in right right or got it back here, just kidding wherever you don't like it would take away some of them fun from people that know it sarcasm like if Everybody knew that the onion wasn't review, sent people articles is thing about someone. Angry at an onion article. Well, that's me
you know I mean where they don't realize with. It is something funny about that for everybody else. There is pre great. What might be the best new source? Do you know teutonic demographic collapse its Andrew Boil. He's a british fellow, brilliant guy who's been on the packet. So for any, has this fictional character, this pseudonym to Tawny Emma wrath whose, like this are the ultimate social justice warrior. This is a out of female, but now she has a female avatar. That's actually a computer conglomeration of a bunch of faces. Ok, not really one person's of one person can't be a victim and being used
combine these faces to minimize one perfect social justice more, but the thing I recognized it early on before I met him that this was parity. This is this is just fun and then I love reading the people. They don't recognize that they get angry and they don't really really there's a lot of people are just get really furious, churn out some of the some fun to that this some fun to the not picking up on the true nature of the site, I find twitter quite engaging. How do you have the time, while I'm at five minutes every couple hours type so like sitting on all day or even five minutes. Couple hours if those are bad five minutes they might be bounce around your head for the next thirty years after likes. It takes an amount of it,
distance from iridescent like ok, it's well, it's been fired by, and opposing army. I'm done like this. It's not like me. They ve Lex. It's like they know you don't take it. Did you feel the same way when, when CNN had that stupid shit about ventilators with you, I found that both confusing and that they do the boughs, knowing it was annoying, what is also annoying as a person who reads CNN and wants to think of Mozilla, responsible, conveyor, the facts. I would like to think that yeah. I don't think CNN is that I think used to be very severe, like what he thinks that the best source of just like information at their that's a good question, and I get a sage like every citizen trying to get the facts. You figure out what's going on like live your life and
you're looking for what was going on in the world that it's hard to find some man that isn't it. That's that that's good yeah. You know that none, not not tribe, where some partisan angle not trying to not to drink sloppy reporting and interest in it for the most limerick. X and try to maximize add dollars, unlike anything here, just run for, What's going on! It's like, I am hard pressed his where'd. You go. I don't know! don't think, there's any pure form. My favorite. Places are the New York Times and allay times, and I don't trust him. A hundred percent because also there's individuals that are writing these stories and ass Is you the problems, these individual biases and these individual? The there's purposely distorted perceptions and then there's Agnor Lee reported facts.
And this is so many variables and you gotta put everything through this filter of, whereas this person coming from political basis that their social biases too they are, they are the apes that, because their own shortcomings in that they are they projecting this into the store Asia, it so hard yeah. They marry trying to find individual reporters that you think are good and kind of falling damn as post the publication I go with where Anti says: ok I trust him more than anybody matter babies onto something I just he's. As far as investigative report is in particular the way he reported savings and loan crisis the way reports? nothing. I just I just listen to him above most above he's my go to guy I'll check it out, as rhinestones articles are amazing, stuff on the savings alone, crisis, decide what the fuck you know, and he wasn't in Amazon economists by any stretch of the imagination, so he had a really so deeply
bed himself and that world trying to understand it and to be able to report and was also with a humorous flare. Now, that's nice air here This other many them this. Hard and not allow occasion we're like. We are No bullshit turkey. Now we are no bullshit darkened like the one place where you can say, this is What we now this, what we don't notice, what we think not. This person's wrong and here's. Why, like god dammit you know, I can't you. Do you dont? no there's a lot of stuff that is open to interpretation this. This partake corona virus issue that we're dealing with right now seems to be a great retail stores opening up things are changing there's so much data and there's this So this so much is open to interpret this so many things, because it all happening in real time right and like predict
right now in California, weren't stage to tomorrow or Friday, two days from now say to retail stores. Opening up things are changing when no one knows the correct process that needs to take place to see. The most amount alive, but yet ensure that are our culture and that are our economy. Survives it's a lot of. Population and guessing, but go to certain places. They'll tell you, we know why, and we know this. We know it's hard. Yeah, I mean internal. I think that's like we should be concerned about anything. That's a massive infringement on us of all of its civil liberty
yes, you know. So it's like that. You got to put a lot of weight on that. Have people a lot of people died to you know when the independence with the country and and fight for the democracy that we have, and you know we should treasure that and not in and not give up our liberties to Beasley. I think we, adequate family did that actually saw, unlike what you said when you said that it should be a choice and that to require people to stay home require people did not go to work required and too to arrest people for trying to make a living? This also is wrong and I think it's the wrong approach to its you're you're. The Ets infant Tyler's of the society daddy, I tell you what to do fundamentally, a violation of the constitution, Yeahs Freedom of Assembly and the think. These things stand up,
really the wrestling people for protesting, because protesting in violating social distancing in these mandates. It tell people that they have to stay home, yet this desert. This would definitely not stand up with the Supreme Court. Here is obviously the complete violation again and again. This is not in any way disrespecting the people have died from this, these now certainly real thing to think of yeah. I mean it it it. It's just should be. If, if you, if you're at risk, you should not be compelled to leave her house right or leave a place of safety, but you should also not be if you're not at risk or if you are at risk- and you wish to take a risk with your life, you should have the right to do that, and it seems like at this point in time, particularly Are resources we best served protecting the people that are at risk versus penalizing the people that are not at high risk. For
living their life, the way they did particulate having a career and making a living in feeding your family. They are now keeping your store up and keeping a restaurant open. Yes, I mean just as strong a strong downside is yeah, so yeah disbelieve like if this is a free country, should be that to do what you want lungs, it does not endanger, but that's the thing right people, this arguments they will bring up like you are endangering others, you stay home for the people that you, even if your fine. Even if you know, you're gonna be ok, they're, certain people. That will not be ok because of your actions. They might get exposed to this thing that We don't a vaccine for we don't have, universally accepted treatment for and then we need to do this. There's two arguments right they want. Argument? Is we need to keep Goin, protect the weak, protect the sick bullets, open up the economy, the other?
man is stop placing money over human lives and what's shelter in place until we come up with some sort of a decision and lets, you're out some way to develop some sort of a universal income, universal basic income plant, or something like that to feed people during during this time yes transition, I think there's a here said. My might my peers if, if If somebody must stay home to stay home, I'd say it's me doesn't want stay home fish not be compelled to stay home. That's my opinion given at the end, if somebody like that more or less my pain, so the now that this notion, though, that you here, you can just sort of sand checks out everybody in and things be fine. It's not true. Obviously the this survey
had this absurd like view that the economy is like some magic corn, aplenty like each it just now, stuff stuff, whatever it just as a magic word of plenty in the goods and services. They just come from this magic wand of plenty and then, if, like somebody, has we're stuff than some of us, because they took more from this magic wand aplenty. Now let me just break into the fools out there. If you don't make stuff, there's no stuff yet so few don't make the food and feed unprocessed food in our transport, the food and water, whether medical treatment, getting guinea teeth, fixed, there's, no stuff
become detached from reality. Do you you can't just legislate money answer and solve these things? If you don't make stuff, there is no stuff, obviously will run out of this. Source run out of, though in its hold, the machines grinds to a halt, but then the initial thought on this virus there, the real fear, was it. This is gonna, kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in dangerously in this country? It was going to do very quickly if we didn't hunker down We didn't shelter in place if we didn't. Aren't you or lockdown? Do you think The initial thought was a good idea based on perception that this was going to be far more debt
they did. It turned out to be. Maybe I think briefly briefly briefly, but I think if you know any kind of like sensible examination of what happened in China would reach a conclusion that those up sooner can occur this this virus, retreating into on those like two hundred thousand people a day, leaving one so that that it it it went everywhere very fast through throughout China, throughout the world and even fatality rate was was low, don't think that was difficult to appreciate its it's it's difficult to the filter, what the information is coming out of China to accurately really get a real true representation and what happened there? I began a machines very strong sure. What do you want
World Health organisation appears to have been complicit with a lot of their propaganda that the things that american companies have massive supply chains in China by Konrad Tessa, for example, we have hundreds of suppliers like tier one, two three, four suppliers throughout throughout China, so we know if they are able to make stuff or not. We know if they. If they have issues are not, then they had their China's back back at full steam and intel. Many previous ever use company has some significant ever spies in China sooner. You know if there is a will to provide things were not worth. If, as you know, I mean how they read, it has some thousand people in China so WEBS
Zero people died. Ok, so that that's a real statistic: that's coming from yeah! You know yes, people, yet we literally we were in peril. Do you think is a danger of this idea? invoked to their fuller grievances. There is a danger politicizing this, whereas becomes opening up the country's doll trumps, its is goal. Since then, and then anything he does it sort of there's people that are going to oppose it and come, but some reasons why he's wrong? Particularly this climate, was as were leaning of November, and you know that twenty elections do you think that This is a real danger in terms of the public's perception that Trump one open it? Absolutely knee jerk oppose it because they oppose trump. I think there has been some pleasant,
this has been criticized in both directions really exerts. Which churches not great yeah but like said several apartment, it is the question of like your way way to support civil liberties, fitness picture yeah and what what what can govern make you do. What can they make? You not do and what we would sweats. Ok, right and. Yeah they grow into for. Do you think it's? While those things were once we gone in a certain direction. It's very difficult to make a correction, make an unjust tour to realise like ok, we thought it was one thing: it's not it's not good but it's not what we thought it was going to be our we feared. So, let's, let's back up and weak.
Center was do this publicly and say we were acting based on the information that we had initially, that information appears to be faulty day. Here's how we move forward while protecting civil liberties, while protecting what essentially this country's founded on, which is a very greed upon amount of freedom that we respect and appreciate absolutely or what I think we're were rapidly moving towards opening up the country. It is, can happen extremely fast over the next few weeks, so yeah
so somewhere, we helpful just add from informational level, is when reporting serve covert cases to separate out diagnosed with covert versus had covered like symptoms, yes, because of the list of of symptoms that could be covered at this point is like a mile, or so it's like a hard to show it all. It's like you could recover. So just just give you a better information. The deafening diagnosed covered or had covered like symptoms were complaining, those two so that one that it looks bigger than it is, then, if somebody This is what was covered ape a primary cause of the death, or not I mean if you ve got me, somebody has covered get in my shark, we find their arm in arm has covered Can we get recorded as a cover death is it real,
ethically, not that bad, but heart attack strokes. Yet it about, if you shoot you get hit by a bus could go to the quicker the hospital and die and the four but you have covered. You will be recorded as a the. Why would they do that all right now, the so you know What is hell is the road to Hell is paved with. Good intentions are mostly paved with bad intentions, but there is, we know some good intentions have exerted there too, and the the stimulus well that was intended to help with the hospitals are being overrun. With, with with code patients created an incentive to record something as guests covered that is difficult to I say no to especially if you're hospitals going bankrupt for lack of other patients, so I suppose
in a bind right now that there's a bunch of us preserve their following doctors, as your matching, the other for hospitals have full Europe tart heart against me said I ve got like You know I just checked this box again: eight thousand dollars when one ventilator for fun We need to get the right, as NOS four or organ a farce and doctors somewhat. So what does the tough moral country that what we can do that situation here? What what's the way out of this? What do you think is like if, if you have the power students ear or of people to just useless new, openly woody that is the way out of this list was clear up the data clear up the data, so I said
So my request is covered. Only if it is some has been tested has receded a father, Pasok, over test not efficient. We have sometimes one of five hundred symptoms and then if it is a cause of death, it must be said operator was, this was covered a primate primary reason for death, or did they also have stage the cancer heart disease emphysema and got hit by bus and coach? You have read all this stuff about about them. Diagnosing people as a covert death despite other but this is not, of course, is not. It does not. A question is what is occurring in. Are you reading this from where you getting this from the public health health officials have literally said? This is This is not a question mark right, but this is This is unprecedented right, like if someone had to, low, but also had a hard tat. They would assume that and out of hardtack yes, so this is unpleasant
is this, because this is such a popular and use that word the wrong way, but that's what I mean a popular subject. And financial incentives. Yes, so. This is not some sort of it is a moral indictment of of sort of hospital administrators is just there in it. There it with their inner in a tough in a tough spot. Here they actually don't have enough patients too tough to pay everyone fitted with, without following following doctors and firing staff- and here is the running potentially go bankrupt. So suddenly, like ok world the similar spell says, if we get all this new money, if we say there, if they fail to cover death like ok, they coughed before they died. The effect of the right diagnosis cover they simply if you had weakness, a calf shortness of breath, what
Frankly, I am not sure how you die without those things. No, you why so many different things, You can contribute to cover to so many symptoms. Diarrhoea, headaches, d duration, yet cough vs between Clare, you, you, you dont even need to have gotten a covert dyke rice's, you simply need to one of the many sometimes and then have died for some reason covered this event. It it makes the death can't look very high and they were which were thence in a bind because looks like the death count super high and not going down like it should be, and now we should keep whatever you know. You can't keep keep the of the children play stuff there and and keep you wonder how compatible Holmes it so we need to break out of this- does that we're we're stuck in a loop now entered
I think the way to break out of sloop is to have clarity of information of information will certainly help, but altering perceptions public perception from people. That basically in a panic, there's a lot but essentially well, it least, among The girl were clearly in a panic. I mean rightward, yet you know when you look around April fifth April. Sixth, people really free out, but here we are may in May people are relaxing a little bit the realizing. Ok actually know a couple of people who got it. It was just a cough, and I know some people, the God of the word, nothing happened. I know a lot of people got it. And people who died, I'm going to buy know a lot of people got it. It's it's normal. We feared We feared something much worse it that's quite so the adjustments difficult to make. So you said First of all, we need real data. You need it just parts out the data,
Don't don't love but altogether now and if, if, if you give, if your people just parts out the data better clearer, clearer information about like set, was this an actual curve diagnosis or was it or do they get the test test gave a positive or do they just have some sometimes just parts that those two out and then pass out just if somebody died debate I would today for that they even have a covert test were or today, I have one of many sometimes like, like a cutty die without weakness. Brightly visible ass well, basically have figured pointed you're gonna die. You can have shown us the breath weakness and you might call a little too so pleasant quantified. When was it yet that person I did actually have a covetous and end the test, combat puzzled and then, if, if the, if they died today die work where
were covered with. It isn't had we the main course, but with a significant contributor to their death, or was it not a significant contributor to death. Rights, not as simple as just because you had covered covert killed. You is definitely not right. I appeal to all the time they have like, flew and yet other colds, and we don't say that they died of those flew another called. That's it Weird and absurd it so popular and I will use that word no weird way, but it's so popular tat. We ve kind of forgotten. People die pneumonia. Everyday people die of. Looted. Didn't take a break alcove. It's got this ominous it. This went out beyond the bench. I'm gonna wait until covets done before back into the game, killing people not flues still- We are killing people every year in the world. Several hundred thousand people died directly of the flu yeah, not not tat gently right
not every sixty one thousand in this country last year, early, five, solar, well and then their cigarettes massacre. That cigarettes really kill. You It's a weird one right where terrified of this disease it we're projected, could potentially kill. One hundred, if not two hundred thousand Americans is here with cigarettes, kill five hundred thousand and you don't hear a peep out of any part. Titian does known run for Congress is trying to ban cigarettes is known running for Senate. They want put some education plan in place. Is gonna stop cigarettes in their tracks of long term Several years ago I made along the taxpayers. Go, I hope, make movie called. Thank you for looking, oh yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it's crazy, so smoke. Is it Barbicane long suspected? Is bad news business not not get near? Turning your lungs and smoke smoke? Beef, not great. So yeah, don't it is a time and also by the weighting of the kills people. What does the number four times a year? I am unsure eggs. Number better, believe it and told the opium crisis. I believe TAT all was the number one killer of all drugs, because wow, basically its if you have, if you get drunk and take a Lotta tylenol issued a minute essentially it easier because lover failure, so we would like get wasted, and then I have a headache, puppets honeys, hogs, gardens well yeah curtains anywhere funny sir, but I've never liked raging against Tylenol yeah. It's weird accept
acceptable. Deaths, are weird and that's the way, the slippery slope about this people, shaming people for to go back to work in other people going to die. But if you drive to drive We should stop driving. Is people die from driving says you know, definitely should fill all the swimming pools cause, I fifty people every day in this country from swimming? So swim any more, what is the really dangerous chop down other coconuts water, coconuts kill a hundred. Fifty people every year cut down the cocoanut trees. We need those people. Yes, it's at a certain point times like we get more vulnerable. And were also we are also. We have find out existence, no matter what you do know those forever right. I mean that think. You want look at say, das as like the, but for this
disease, whatever they would have lived x, number years. Yeah, you know, sir, you have somebody dies when they're they're there twenty and cut a little eighty. They they last sixty years but if somebody dies when their eighty and they might live till eighty one they last one here. Yes, so it's like how many life years were lost, is is probably would be. The right metric tons to use. I don't read my own comments, but I d rather be was comments and austrian is one little twitter. Beef that was going on some were saying that covered takes an ever of ten years of people's lives. We should appreciate those ten years and then someone else s letter. Sure century deficits the twitter sore about, but someone out said the average age of people die from covered is older than the average age people die. It's very soon the site to say it's like it's about the same. That's a beautiful
way of looking at it. I mean it's unfortunate, it sucks, but it sucks grandpa dies of Alzheimer's, serve our emphysema or key MIA it sucks When someone you love, dies, yes, but I've I mean actually, if, if, if the sir A lesson to be taken here. That, I think is quite important is that if you have your great great grandparents and then the third their age, grandparents really be careful with with with any kind of flu or called or something that that would win is not dangerous to kids. Adults, but it is dangerous to two out the elderly as some it. Basically, if your kids gotta run, he knows they should stay away from their grandparents additive, no matter what it is. It said, Sir, the things that were aware
immune system is, has no problem and an older one has as problem and in fact a lot of it. Are the best scientists are literally its is tragic, but their their entire family. It's the the little little kid haddock had called her. Whew in giving ground her at the family gathering, and they don't know that this is a big deal, but it's just import. Remember when you get older european systems does not as strong and and and so just be careful with. Here with it with your loved ones elderly, and I think there is some were true objective. Understanding of the immune system and ways to boost immune system, That that info patients should be that should be distributed,
in a way, a non judgment away, but likely this is. This is a way that we can all. This is a scientifically proven way that we can boost our immune system and it might save your life and it might save the life of your loved ones, and maybe we can teach this to our grandparents, our parents and and the people that are vulnerable. Vitamin C. He chart proteins all these different variables that we know contribute to a stronger immune system here. Actually, just the thing at that is, as is its tougher If you wish, I wouldn't when you as you get older it's hard to be yet you pretend put away the eyes. Suddenly, that's happen, You know I like already like them harder to stay with us for sure. And so actually being being overweight is, is it is a big deal just to fact Wolf
the near hospital. So there was a number one factor for severe covered symptom was obesity, though, that never one factor is that that's yes, exactly. But has also we live in a world where people want to be sensitive to the people's feelings, so I have so don't want to bring up the fact that thing that's bad for you so judgment on near for its great. I do love food yeah and I made to be totally frank means speak for myself, a tasty food and liver, shorter life yeah. Those moments of enjoying a great meal and then even talking about their valuable they're worth something. Not wouldn't want to eat soil and green and lived. We once a fortnight tasty various grace ass things I love it really is.
It's an art form as well. I find food is it's it's a delicious sandcastle its temper. Doesn't last very long, but there's something about That's very pleasing, yeah yeah. I mean it Maybe I whereby scare, like maybe swore, haven't tasty food, Smaller amounts of it, yeah and, think regulated feeding windows really the way, the girl, some sort of an internet and fasting approach. When I are doing that? I found myself to be quite a bit. Healthier would have deviated from that of gain weight to what's what's sixteen hours well, access the hours so goodnight yeah yeah. So I get to a certain point and then I count out are usually I hit the stopwatch on my phone and then I look at fifteen hours at an hour for agony and so
anything in between as water, coffee actually Earl this. This may be a useful verve adviser of her people that getting before you go to bed a real bad idea and actually negatively affect your sleep, yeah and it can actually cause it if heartburn, that you don't even those happening and that settle subtle, heartburn effectual sleep, You re a horizontal european bodies digesting. So if you want to quality of her sleep- and you know of baby healthier, it's it's do not eat right. Before we're going to sleep Yeah, it's like whether, where things you can do at the sum the base of states have ever may after I've done that particular after Kommeni showers of starving come home and I'll eat, and then I go to bed and I feel like shit I wake up in the middle and I was going. It's gonna cautiously it's gonna damage you're pilot European works maker in yourself again. Is it so and
drinking and then going to sleep is he is ass, one of the worst things? Yes, so just written, try to avoid drinking and and eating boomers, taboos erects except me, don't you know. Small nuts. I call that evidence suggests it's not that doesnt have a name. Effect I put in the same category as delicious food gonna, make things a little more fun. I like it the future some people have left the longest. You know there's a woman in France who, having made baby, has recorded close to it and she had a glass of wine merely ready, dazzling small swarm answers for his fine the term yeah. This is like a Isler bus like quite late in life. It's like just avoid having
alcohol and avoid eating at least two or three hours before going to sleep in your quality of life will have your quality of sleep will improve Europe General Health? One prove line for sure is that it's a big deal and I think no oil and oil Lena. Do you? Have time exercise a little bit to train everything I do all I can say, referral wild but yeah, especially from like you know, say what work nostalgia for some new south access and unjust loot living a moment ago. Little thou hast there in Portugal Village I don't know how much they deserve more. When I go on working hours, that duties just listen, wages and Maybe I got em rule of running. I don't have running, but it wouldn't you like to do exercise was to talk,
frank I wouldn't exercise at all, but if ever are not exercise, but through an exercise. Lives and weights? And and then can run on travel and maybe watch show that you know if you ve been there. Compelling show that, like Persian right, that's a good thing to do what Good movie episode, blackmail, sunlight! That's great man, though I like Merv, we're gonna bet either with the logic lacking here today, is to fucking accurate, exactly it's like the one that has already happened in real life. The other day to close is to close, while even didn't Jamie. Didn't you say that the guy who makes black mare, yea City, it's not a good time to start. She's the six year he wants to hold off because reality Ishmael, that is black mere like he's gonna, have to like re, reassess and attack from a different angle,
you should try something that's fun to do. That's not just like like an alert, martial arts and like that, much I can't let you would hire a dead. The type window karate the correction guy Coup and do you know I'll see you? we really branch out here so that pursuing Jesse briefly, did you were in power, no shit, I was going to suggest that that's a great thing for people like this, a thing about gee too, if you look at it from the outside, you think much of me. Had strangle each other, but there's some of the smartest people I know or did jujitsu fiends, because they they get they first
they get introduced to it because usually either they want exercise or learn some self defence. But then they realise that its essentially like a language with your body later have an argument with someone with some sort of a physical language and its real. The complex and the more access to vocabulary and sharper. Your words are the more you will succeed in these ventures. There really are also an accurate analogy: what judges who is having egg I am in particular people were for the way. Early day at the first enemy fights and waste Gracie areas like an incredible slick, unique? It was like you know: winning way, rigour and like other school, it was what martial arts we're supposed to be, whereas we are kids when you saw brutally fuck up all these big giant guys like wow, martial arts. Allow you to beat someone far bigger and stronger than most
so the time that's not real. Officially, pay, no more rights to yes, but in the EU have see when hoist Gracie offer this ban was Strangler Dan Severn with his legs. You a holy shit, this guy's being pin by this big giant wrestler any wraps his legs around the neck and choke some to the point, the guy ass, a surrender. The amazing was amazing horse. We know that in some of by a definite answer, Refined said he. Why am I here on a he's, a legend and Where did showed in I mean I'm a huge lover of Jujitsu it showed is that there is a method for five four defused. In these situations with technique in and knowledge, and I think it's all greatly exercise to because it somewhat like to exercise a secondary to the learning of the thing
the exercise is like you want like, and you want to develop, strengthen conditioning just so they can be better at doing the thing. The analogy that I use is like, if you If you had a race car and you could actually give the race car better handling and more horse power just from your own focus and effort. Sure that's really what it's like data What am I going to learn about? My kids? I should say I sent my kids to Jujitsu, sincerely like out of six really that's us on earlier this, it's a great thing to learn, earlier I could get yeah. Maybe something like many villages. Have somebody hits the holes, the paths for you, you get What about it and be fun. When making a meal by them, roasters ones. Avenant. Well, can you say exactly when bed
We gotta get it those who discovered things. Catherine S, work on shore, so deployment everyday takeover bid. Services set us back on on progress for the summer months, The many things you're gonna get get done I had of roads were, are in wrapping up more. Why production that there will be a great gray. Car is greater than getting the Berlin GIG Factory, bolts and and also building, why getting expanding the Shanghai factor too great and get to get the others cyber trucks. Semi truck roadster wrote Russia's colleague dessert
so like we gotta get, you know mean retainers and greens taken alike, but rose to comes for cyber truck, I mean I think we should do so truck first before for before it searches and an asylum out of that summit. For us or there you know the tri murderer. Plaid power train Riggin have that in model. Ass, soon ass. I caught one of the ingredients that needed for forwards for as the the Platte Power train, that more advanced by Europeans back. Then I want to ask you about this forgot. What there's accompanied it's called apex is taking your teslas and they're, giving them wider base and I'd retires and more advanced pension. How do you feel about that? the? U S and coordination of those people at I'm, I'm off the go ahead to jerk, jazz and stuff
with carbon fiber in doing too much interior choices. You go with. You can't fucking you don't have time so as a good. Someone comes along and guess what especially operation Gagner problem. That's what I call rights like gaming. Is it called epics I gotta unplug performance as apex. That's right! On paper, Florence yeah you could Fisher lighten the car up and improve. To tire traction. Have you seen their companies stuff what they do around specifically about it is it's pretty dope yeah they make a pretty dope. Looking they take model ass and there they wide net and give it a bunch carbon fiber. That's it we're there go Lula, exploitative does now the plaid version of the model ass, you are you going to widen the track and doing a bunch diverts a bunch of different. I know test. The Nuremberg ring cannot talk about that I think we gonna leave that four for a proper that approach to unveil Einstein- Einstein
Last time you hear you convince made by Tesla about it it's in saying that greater like marathon, I don't it's, she's pretty fun? It's like the way of this kind. That is, it makes other car seem stoop. They just seem D like I love dumb things, I love dumb cars like I love campfires. Fires, nineteen. Ninety three Porsche. That's air cooled its. I grew fast, really slow, comparative tests. That really is a thriller. Quite Slovenia, sauntering engaging about the mechanical through. This is like that the gears and are very, very analogue, but it's so stupid in comparison. The Tesla like when I want to go somewhere in the middle ass. I hit the gas and his goes. We adjust it like violates time, yeah, yeah yeah, you ve, tried it Ludicrous persons were Edward. It's just a softer update where it I'll do it like a tita stance, so.
Yes, that's it has got it at that time. A guest suspension, sewed lowers the back Jesus you're, just like Brenner basic right, like what do you do if your brenner you're under down and then so I shaved like, the second or third six I mean like you know. If this is prevalent itself, I've taken so many people and am I take them for the holy shit moment, unlucky ready. I hang on their stamp on the guy that I've never felt anything like it. It's confusing, it really is the instant torque instant torque and just the sheer acceleration is baffling is baffling its baffled. Never felt it now master than falling it's crazy is so fast, it's a roller coaster and my family yells at me. When I stopped gas like I tell my kids on what you want feel fear they do. I do I do my wives, I dont do it and it
if I just you know that I went for a couple seconds foreground, citing it's very like having a roller coaster on tap in. It really is like a roller coaster on tat without the looped loops, but it's the painting to you see it seems like you're. Not supposed to be able to accept is that from some sort of her can consume. We're vehicle that you can just of regular person goodbye if they have the money, it seems too too crazy and then the idea is roadster is half of a second faster than that dear that's madness, that road with a roast are we gonna do some things that are kind of unfair, so weakened. Some things from like you know, from calibre rocket world and promote a car. So Oh I've read about the explain that, like what each Alex Arrogant, ok, I don't feel right here very, but it's getting thanks are unfair. And their birth, the overdue unveiled the roadster. Let me just say
anyone who's been waiting. They won't be sorry, is there sir. I was sure what goes zero to sixty was one point. Nine is that there are sixty that that's debasement! That's! What's that the food chain model I'll go faster than that faster. That seems so crazy to me now It was like when the dude, through the steel balls at the window, and they were supposed to not break and broke well. Yeah, I nose ass. You are No, you know that our damages are authentic. Observers, not expecting at and I M, then I think I muttered under my breath, because you could get mad, though no Steve jobs. It now
I definitely swore, but I didn't think the micro pick it up in it it and if it is so like we practice is in a bind the scenes I would It hasn't we don't do. We don't do like turns a practice for for our down on this, because we were work were working on the cars like we're, gonna with building new technologies and improving the phenomenal products. We're not spending it like dirt, during, like hundreds in practice, things or anything like that with our time for that, but that the average two hours before that demo, both France, resign and and- and I were in industry, the earth thrown steel at the windows bouncing off like ok, we'll save pretty yet seems like the got it ok
and we think what happened was that term when we we all went when France hit the birth of the door with this hammer, you know so sure, like like a yea, exoskeleton, Reno, high strength, hard and steal, you can literally take to wind up with a sledgehammer full on double, handed sledge hammer and the door and is not even a dent school, but we think that that cracked, the corner of the glass at the bottom, and then, once you crack the corner, the glass the UK's gave over. So then, when you, through the boy, all that. That's what practical so internet go further. It didn't go through it. Restroom it didn't share the whole thing like a regular window would eat it, which would just dissolve right so it I cite the boss having first large hammer, you live, you learn tags ivy.
Listen. Man have taken up a lot of time. You had a child yeah getting recently. It is amazing that you had the time to come down here, and I really appreciate the appreciate every You do man, I'm glad you're out there, and I would really appreciate you coming down here and sharing your perspective. While they can go Frazier, thanks mom, you thank you. My pleasure pleasure Ilan Ladies and gentlemen, good night. Thank you for an opportunity to show and thank you to the God. Damn the fuckin cash app down, the cash out from the app store or the Google Place door and when you do downloaded use the Pharaoh Coal, Joe Rogan, all one word: you will receive ten dollars and the cash apples and ten dollars to our good friend, just in Rennes fight for the forgotten charity. Through this programme we have raised shit. Loads of money and built, so RO wells in the process of building many more and we're very honoured and happy and pleased and proud, and to so happy
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find you well much loved you off by ambiguous.
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