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#1474 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

2020-05-14 | 🔗
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at http://FoundMyFitness.com
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today go to legal zoom dot com to get started on a last. Will a living trust and more or find out how you can speak to an attorney. For advice on the right estate plant legal zoom, where life meets legal, my Yesterday is a treasure. One of them Smart ass human beings have ever met she's amazing and it's always a treat to have on the podcast. I really wanted to talk to her about what people can do in during his pandemic too. Who's your immune system and manned we get some good stuff, really valuable, able information. I love her to death. Please give it up for the great and powerful doktor Rhonda Patrick will experience, worries and hopeful
embarrassing guns you get like. Sometimes when I get nervous my I will start watering leg out only does again, that's probably pretty normal mean your systems fired up, and you know you iser poetry, to clear themselves right, maybe you know I just speculate, maybe earlier. Maybe people message me after this, despite Casimir like that happens to me to you, and I feel better like I'm sure, doesn't sound that odd. That's certainly not embarrassing, Simon away embarrassed by eyes watery if you're nervous thing should be I really I'm super always happy to come well. I ve been talking and we ve been talking about immune systems, and this is one of the main things that I wanted to talk to you about what it is to exist: always hearing is shelter in place. Where mask don't touch, anybody know, go outside we're, not hearing. What can you
due to strengthen your immune system, and I think that, as a public health, a public service, you know health thing. This is one of the most important things I think you can really focus and concentrate on an actual thing that you could be proactive about during this we're time. Yeah will definitely, I think, guessing on on you know, lifestyle factors that you can you know possibly modulate your immune system and strengthen it is is important. What's interesting. Is that the immune system, as in after doing just so much, of course, the pass like couple months? I've been nothing but, like me, about the union system and trying to understand course this new virus, our scope too, but I have just learned so much. You know overlap the past couple of months and not an eminently just, not an infectious disease expert, so you know well, I've had some training
in in immunology. I definitely didn't know jump, know everything there is to know. But what do you know doing some some reading about like Why are people's immune system so different? Like that? None of the big thing like when you take like a young population, as you get older european system does decline. I mean there's lots of just that occur but like in general, like people have different immune systems and with interesting is that there has been Tons of like genetic studies done on, like you know, identical twins and there followed over time and what's found, is that genetics? not. The major regulator of immune function is something in the environment on what this is. What surprised me- and I know not totally, can answer your question by which we we get to that, but the main one of the main things besides age, that regulates immune system is like previous exposure to viruses like so. If I thought that was really interesting in particular one one virus: they aside automatic maglev virus Savimbi, did you know like between fifty two, eighty percent of the? U S, population,
has it like, at least by the term there like an adult, has it permanently or it's it's a herpes virus, so Indians lifelong thing- and this is why it basically so it is changes your immune system. What of the symptoms of a most people that are healthy, don't ever know they have it because there's no, sometimes woe unless Europe you compromised, but most people are healthy, they don't know. We know that there are infected with it what said again was NATO Mengele virus? It's the envy sounds like something got Zoophytes there. It is so when so internet, but here's the interesting thing about this virus is that it. So this is one of the major Multiple studies that have been looking at lake be not just immune variability and it's like cm he's been identified and multiple studies and I think that the reason it got me interested because I was like eighty almost eighty percent. I could have it right totally habit and it changes. The immune function is totally different between young and old. So so
her younger, and if you have it, it actually enhances immune function. So there they ve done. Studies were like they do. They have given people, influenza, vaccine and oftentimes. These vaccines studies are used to kind of test the immune response and like how Europe how robust your numerous responses, because you're you're, given a vaccine and there's all different types of vaccines. You know pieces of an anti jenner of different types of Pino ways that you couldn't. You can expose someone to bacteria or virus, but you have a response to it and
The responses we know involves your adaptive immunity making, which called neutralizing antibodies that basically eventually bind to the virus neutralize. It prevented prevented from entering the cell. So people that have cm be their young have a really robust response to the vaccine. Much better, but older people have the complete opposite where it's like, you know deleterious, and the reason for that scientists think is because basically you this virus its it stuck with you, lifelong Anne and a kind of reactivate every few years and like every time it reactivate it kind of trains. Your tea cells, which are part of european system tube, to become focused on that sea envy, and so, as you get older you're, your t sell population becomes more. What is on fighting that virus and less so on other viruses that your exposed to, but does a virus doesn't have any symptoms. Most healthy people dont have any symptoms with it. My now it's really like it's really weird, so what I
wondering and the reason I mean like going here and has nothing to do with you now taking vitamins. You're. Thinking can talk about that stuff and vitamin d, but I just thought it was so interesting, because we hear all these store people are you know, then some people are just really getting in a hard hit and and these people, let's say their more age, matched right. We know that elderly people are more protests of your form. Straight? We know that elderly people are more prone to us of your form, but it just made me think what if this you know, previous previous viral exposure to something like see, envy is, is the kind of like also kind of shaping people's immune response is in some way. Surely people going to be looking looking at that but I just thought that was a really interesting thing. They come across, you know and then the other sort of on the same on the same law along the same lines as previously in a previous virus exposure is like something that really seems to be something that is
a main regulator of how people like what how you're we mean. You know what you mean response is you know, and so so mean by terms have caught the flu. How many terms you, whether you are going to marry you respond to it? You know yeah me, like you. If you get the flu is going to not, is it like a three day, and the thing or is it gonna knock you out for two weeks kind of thing. That's what I mean right. So I mean if you, if you get a sample like their spend these Sera surveys where they, basically that just means they built both get get a sample of plasma. Look for it. Different antibodies viral antibodies and they'll, find at any given point? A person has like antibodies against ten different viruses just randomly. Inessa you're you're constantly being exposed to viruses. You know you're, not always you just don't succumb to them. Right cannot always sick, and so you know like another. Really interesting kind of thing is like each other
so the Sars Cove to virus is part of a family of of colonel virus is called the beta corona viruses, soaks horoscope, one, the virus virus that was responsible for the original source breakin. Doesn't he or something the merest one in the Middle EAST and then there's two different ones that are responsible for the common cold? Now come on viruses are only responsible between, like fifteen to thirty percent of common cold cases. So it's not like the common cold is: is the illness you get, but there's lots of different viruses that can cause it. But it's interesting is that there's been a study showing that these two beta corner viruses that are responsible for some of the common cold cross react with so there's born that cross reacts with Sars Cove one which has in various it's very. The sequence is very homologous to sergeant.
Few virus and in its also been show that the source of one's antibodies against the source code, one can neutralize the two common cold one. So there's like cross community opening between these other viruses right and so there's been some studies by the CDC on on Sars Cove to where they found, basically that people that are infected with surf source code. You also boost their antibodies against the the common cold one. So you know there's there. Certainly, I think, a good hypothesis to be made that potentially you know one or two of these common cold viruses could the antibodies you make against them could also somehow- maybe maybe you know, interact with the source code to virus patent neutralize it I mean that's a big open,
question that seems possible without we don't have. Any answer did that. I think we will like there's large. There is large scale sera surveys being done. I know at least three that dumb think his name is doctor. Michael Bush she's at you, Csf he's, like he's, he's doing like really large surveys where they're they're they're gonna be analyzing Sierra from people from like blood donors and staff. Unlike following over the course of several years to see you know dyspepsia hundred and more so now. What is the speculation if there's any sort of uniform speculation as to why you, when you hear about prisons, Where a lot of these prisoners, I don't have you seen that there's a video going around. Where one prisoner had Sars Sars Cove to cover ninety whatever and spitting into account and then passing around to all these other inmates to they could all get it, so they get released
is because their releasing people, especially California, which is so wacky their releasing sex offenders, and there has been some really high, profile releases of these horrible feeble that should be in jail, probably for ever and their releasing cited, it's really disturbing, but what would cause other than something like that. What would cause all of these prisoners to not just be positive, that make sense, but to all be asymptomatic. Is there any speculation. As to why law these laws groups, there is another one. It was a meat packing plant where most people asymptomatic as well. I wasn't I wasn't where the meat lacking one being asymptomatic, but that I did read about the one prison and it was like blowing my mind what you re percent like what's going on Mcdonald Insane, it's kind of like you, read these stories, so so this is like there's one thing important to keep in mind when we say asymptomatic, like you know, There's asymptomatic in like a person that never actually get sometimes right, and then there
asymptomatic. So there was a study done at the CDC. I don't know month ago, or maybe a little more where they they measured like they did it. They did this nasal fair in jail, swab test in in a nursing home. Seventy something people and thirteen of them tested asymptomatic like they had no symptoms, but they tested positive. But then they went back a week later and ten of those people had symptoms and three were a symptom act so unless there's another like. If you test someone and there s some domestic at that time of testing, they could be pre symptomatic right. In other words, like you have to go back a week later and see if they have symptoms, because that that's really important, so so, let's say even you know, then of sixty percent or a symptomatic. I dont know if they went back and tested a week later if it was just like a single time, but that's what
This is what got me thinking about. This whole thing was known in the prisons and jails. I mean they're in close quarters, and there you got one virus that someone's exposed you and they all get it right. So like what is theirs, I don't know the sea envy, you know can interpret what if the krona viruses are going around there. What? If? What? If we know some some common cold kroner virus is gone, that you know those antibodies that they have made to neutralize, that corner of our beta corner virus are somehow helping with the Sars Cove too, like I would love to see that tested to know now, d immunize people did vaccinate people when the going to jail. I was trying to figure that out as well because, like the tuberculosis, but tuberculosis is one of the two types of vaccines they do for TB, I think they do it in, like Japan and some other countries They ve got a really low death rate and so they're kind of debts attest. That's a clinical trial that now going on where they're trying to test, but I was trying to figure out
vaccination is your dogs. I would imagine that would be simple for them to do that, you're entering into prison. They just vaccinate you just. I couldn't come to an answer I was I was searching for. That is now trying to figure that out, but I think that's also really good. I mean there's a ton of theories right burnt. I mean this is go on and on and on, but the whole thing that I just think that I would like to see more research, and I'm just hoping you know that the CDC and other people are investigating these, these other the crossing unity right leg, if there's out, if there's antibodies, that you're making against another krona virus beta corner viruses in the same family as this arch, one, no one's head, Sarge one in the United States. You now so like that one doesn't that that's not as relevant as but the common cold. You know. That's that's very comment, and so you know if, if fifteen to thirty percent of the costs
cold, is composed of kroner viruses. We know at least two of those corona. My research are in the same family that have been identified to make, at least in one case, there's been neutralizing antibodies. There has been crossed immunity. Then you'd think why, when I test that that can get some animal stuff started on that. You now begin of animal studies. There was an article those reading yesterday there was saying that their their hoping that they found some anti It is in lamas that their hoping they're going to be able to because a civic find because of these antibodies lamas, they leave their hoping they can either transfer them to people or learn something about how these antibodies are created. But Lama, seemed to be a mere baroness lamas could be the key to fighting new krona viruses resources. The larger-
says it may sound bizarre two miles, but lamas can be the key to find a new corona virus. Researchers from Belgium meant that member. That's the big related that shown you earlier she's a health leading and the nice hits published an article this week in journal sell. That highlights the potential use of Lama antibodies to prevent covered nineteen infections antibodies from a four year old, belgian Lama name Winter, show promise in blocking corona virus from infecting cells according to research from the University of Texas Austin, the National Institutes of Health in the Ghent, I said at Ghent, G Hiv Anti University setting earlier Forms of kroner viruses, researchers found anti body in winter that effectively attaches so in neutralize spike protein, in Sars Cove One and Burgers Cove researchers. Research,
plan, a body which has been found in other lamas as well, can be injected into an uninfected individual to protect them from getting infected with the new krona virus. That's very interesting yesterday think you know, there's there's lots of avenues, for you know therapeutics in a you know, in addition to like repeating drugs, wanna antibodies, you know being able to basically identify Anna bodies that do neutralize, source code to virus, whether they come from lamas or humans ain't. You know and basically identify the specific antibody that confined to that spike protein that you just mentioned, which is that region it known that the antibodies buying their neutralize. It is also the region that that is used to get inside of the cell, so
monoclonal antibodies. I think, are a really big. You no possibility for a promising therapeutic, because you can. Then I mean the problem is growing like large gallop manufacturing them right so like. If you can identify these antibodies and then manufacture them, you can inject them in people and then potential, get some protection. The problem is that that's knock it like it's gonna, be a short lived protection like it's gonna, be it's not like you. Can it's not like a vaccine where you're bodies making its we gonna bodies and their and their more longer lived owes you know, but so in areas where people giving expose, perhaps you could give it to them, would stop them from getting, but how long we save shortly with. While we know I mean how so it's you know its proper enough to put like if your health care worker you first lines of first responder people that are definitely like
being exposed to large doses of the virus, that that could be a promising area, but also, I think, even just treating patients like that have already been infected. You know. So that's that's also another so like in combination with some of the other stuff like from disappear, which, as you know, it's not like a silver bullet, but it seems like it's also promising missing, probably with combination of other other factors as well, but yeah the moment monoclonal antibodies is a really, I know, there's regenerative big company there there there are growing some large get ones. I think there's I they are they. I stated from human rights, mice or something but there's other companies that of isolated from humans have been affected. So you know that's, that's definitely a promising area for sure and a good thing about that. Is that have you heard of antibody dependent enhancement to know, so that's a big concern all right. So so, basically, when you
when your body is exposed to a pathogen like a virus. You're you're nay immune system. You know the first line of defence like neutral things like that are making hydrogen peroxide trying to kill the virus, but then in the background. Your adaptive immune system- and I'm just totally generalizing is you know, is- is also working The background- and you know part of that and adaptive immune response is to produce antibodies, so have memory, these cells that are making Anna bodies that are specific to bind different regions epitaphs on the virus and neutralize and prevent them from getting inside of the cell, and so that adaptive immune system usually takes about seven days after your exposed the virus right the problem is antibody dependent enhancement, sometimes a neutral. Eyes, and Anna Anna body that can bind the virus and neutralize it. Stop it from entering yourself right. So you're, it's doing its job, but you sometimes make
the bodies that are non neutralizing or don't do as good job they don't find, is tight or something, and then you can have what's called antibody dependent enhancement, and this was like a big problem for the arrest feedback. Seen back in that, you know, like most kids get RSVP its respiratory tract infection, the most kids get it by the term there too late, there's no vaccine that that are that's given back sixties? There was them. This antibody dependent enhancement happening some clinical studies with toddlers, and some others got really really sick and a couple died. But what happens is basically the antibody binds that there's coupled things antibody binds the iris and can basically changes confirmation and allow the virus to get into the cell better. They become like. You know you get like higher viral load and- and you don't have manner by its neutralize it, and it's just you know it could be more could be. We can lead to death the editing.
Happens if the antibody binds the virus doesn't neutralize impotent. Like makes us crazy immune complex that, like activates, your immune system to just go haywire and causes all sorts pathology, that's what happened with the three toddlers so there's a few viruses that this happens with an unfortunately corona viruses. One like this has been identified with Sars Cove one virus in. I think marriages. Well, where services, also parliament vaccine, so like people like giving giving the vaccine people's immune response, some people can have that antibody dependent enhancement and that's what we're going to happen with these with the source of one there is some non primate studies at that, did that, and also animal studies as well. So you know Mont the thing with mine colonel antibodies. Is there a little more specific? As you know, they neutralize and you're, like growing them up, like you, ve done on that test, as opposed to just letting your immune system do with thing and then put potentially you know you may have
like non neutralizing antibody. That could cause problems, but that's kind of the concern- and I know that the vaccine people at a working vaccines are working on them. It's like their concerns about that completely trying to figured out aloud, but such a strange virus it did, it almost seems There's multiple viruses. There are yeah, so I mean there's an it's funny that cause it's kind of connected to this antibody dependent hands meant. There's there's been quite a few different, like forms like mutations at a been identified, but to particular in that spike protein region that second important region because antibodies buying their and because that's the region, like that, you know the virus Jesus to get into the cell, and so there's been there's been two major like strains having identified and one of em. So it's and spend spike region and to Aspartame neglect, glazing, mutation and, basically in in
in China that the predominant form is the aspect. The like original cordon quote form and then in Europe, and also in North America. This other. This other form the glassy mutant, is prominent, and- in studies that have shown looking at lake ok, looking in parts of Europe different countries in Europe that have this prominent form that their basically there's a higher mortality rate but didn't actually measure infected patients. Have you know it's gonna, like correlation, but with interesting? Is that there's there's actually been a genetic linked to this meet this mutant, so their studies, theirs since March Gilded Annex genetic studies that have found that Asians about twenty percent of Asians have basically a sea nucleotides change. A job in gene that in code for a protease that involved in this. We know basically in allowing this virus to get into the cell, but that basically prevents them from having this me.
Mutant, that's predominant in Europe and also in New York in North American General Fashion, because different Michael who got it is mom. Who gotta, whose and are Seventys is asian and shot issue kicked it do that? interesting, says: there's something so there there. I wonder if she has that snaps a wee wee wee where our genetic report that we have like we ve got one. That's like a new viral ports, a free one where were kind of like putting some. These interesting snips, which don't mean anything I mean like you know, just information that you know it was interesting. There's a lot of researchers out there, trying to like figure out of genetics is involved in this. But the thing that so interesting about that mutation is that that is in that spike region and its where the antibody binds and peep and there's a there's like a theory going around because that specific region it's been shown in Sars Cove one to cause antibody dependent enhancement. So there's this theory that potential.
That mutation is causing people's immune system to hyper, activate and basically become more active, and it can be led to a mortgage severe covert nineteen illness. That's not been shown like itself interpret, also, But it's interesting ray it's interesting: how in Asia and in China Prickly I mean about one percent, population. It's like less than one percent, have the other mutation book to meet the glass invitation. That's in New York, it's in you know in most of the United States, but that that in less than one percent of the population in China has that form so weird and Japan has a very low mortality rate. Correct yeah they do. I know that that that was mentioned, that TB vaccine that's one thing that their investing in Amman there's all sorts,
differences in handling the whole, we know from the beginning just how you how you have a virus. I like this. There are too many factors till I say one thing, but you know there's there's lots of there's lots of possibilities, and I think that that I think that eventually, there's gonna be therapeutics better identified. You know you never meet. Multiple ones may be, and I think vitamin d can potentially play a role there. But I mean just like things like Rome does fear and in the monoclonal nobody's and then you eventual Lake Means of action. Will we know eventual ie? You now be be available, but I think until that, at the time that point, I do think that things will be identified that can help us like deal with this lake better. Now, what is the going on with blood types? We want of things retard borrowed you ass, my blood, turbulent, o positive, no wise, o positive, better
Well, there's there's been some data, and this was also with identified a bizarre scope, one that people with type o why'd! They they make antibodies, they make type a antibodies, whereas people with type a blood they make antibodies against, like they make and against the bee. Antigen and so I'm the type a antibodies were identified. So there's been studies looking at people with type o blood or type type, a blood, and also type b and type o blood. There's like less less frequency of getting Covid nineteen, so as opposed to having a severe form. It's just like you're, less likely to contract it. And its thought, because the Taipei antibodies that people a typo blood make neutralize the they basically bind to that region, that spike region
and neutralizing an abiding prevent it from the virus from entering the cell, so that at least that was the mechanism that was shown with Sars CUB one. So it's thought of all the same. We're seeing the same. You know pattern where people a typo or protected from Sars Cove. To possibly that's that also why. But another really interesting thing is that people a typo blood if we were also talking about these like blood clots and, like I mean he's all kinds of crazy thing read. I mean I'm reading all these publications dishes and then the other thing is always. Publications are being uploaded on. You know before their peer reviewed, and I mean some of them just a mass anyway, but you know you kind of just take it with the green salt. Where these clients are, like. You know, there's clots and people that are healthy and young. Certainly people that have severe cases. People like older people, people are pre existing conditions and stuff and
the type o blood people have a lower levels of this VON will, a brand factor which basically is involved and clotting and it's been shown that that bond Willy Brandt factor, also isn't bought like is higher, is higher in people with cart. Source of two is shown also be that the source of one in its evolve. Clotting, so having lower levels may somehow even help protect against that's a theory. It hasn't been shown by what is known as that people, a typo blood are, are less susceptible to contracting coordinating. That's that's definitely known, but I mean I think there are so many things that just there so many fat
does that. Not a data then needs to be passed out. For sure I mean a lot of data in these parts out. A lot of data needs to be generated, and, and you know we need higher quality data. We need. You know, people to repeat stuff. You mean like look what happened with its Hydroxyl clerk when staff ray, I mean, I mean it's kind of a mass were initially it seemed like could be helpful on and then just more and more studies came out where it was not knowing not helpful is be no toxic is causing people to have dangerous arrhythmia isn't stuff, you know, so that's that's kind of the the reason to kind of be cautious when, when you something new and a small one small study, but this seems like in the beginning at least there trying to figure out what the correct treatment was for these peoples. There were just showing up en masse
the emergency rooms and they didn't really now and doctors the varied in how they approached it. My friend, Michael his doctor, didn't put him on a ventilator and he said I put him on a ventilator he's, probably going to die right because he said his bodies can stop working because it's it's gonna, let the ventilator do breathing for him it's going to give up and what he was talking about after the fact with MIKE was talking about was how that is proven to be correct in New York and that some monstrous number eighty per cent of the ballot put unmet. Ventilators went up, does not just New York. I like life, had friends that our positions that are like me known, New Orleans? I mean the same thing or it's like you know what I there is someone on my team, we will look we're doing some research on this and I and I didn't sort of dive into the whole thing, but he was. He was telling me that ventilators
do actually like cause more damage to the lungs and like it like. You, ve, been reading some studies to like confirm that, and he was pretty certain that the venom layers actually cause damage and actually could like induce damage where it's like. Making it, worst, so that so bad, I don't know, I don't know the specific set out. All I know is that it is looking at the statistics like if you go on ventilator mean, surely it seems like the outcomes, not very it doesn't seem like it's gonna be very good, right now and it's hard to say: is that the cause of it or is right? You know where they just there so fucked up by the time they get an event ventilated they just one of dying right, we're here late. There there's been some The interesting data looking out like in the there so in the Philippines and Indonesia, where else nor anything! New Orleans as well, they ve looked at patients that up died and their vitamins levels and in Britain basically like in the Philippines, in our people, that for like
we stand or deviation increase. In vitamin d level, serum vitamin d levels in the people had like an eight percent were eight full eight times less likely to have a severe form of covert nineteen and if they had, and they were twenty times less likely to have critical like critic, critical form of covert nineteen. Well in the in the two thousand Philippines in Indonesia, was a really interesting study, where, like they measured by Indeed, in this was measured in the patient's there's been some vitamin d studies, also where they're like looking at you know with countries that have been did the worse and they all alike, have low vitamin d and intake okay. Well, anyway, that's correlation, but also as this but a little fellow stronger data there in the in Indonesia, patients that died. Ninety of all, the Hunter percent music. Ninety eight point something percent of patients that died with Copenhagen, teen we're vitamin d deficient.
Four percent of patients had died from covert nineteen, we're vitamin d, selfish ersite, four percent. Only four percent were fight vitamin d sufficient. So basically there all vitamin d deficient, although that are dying. Woe, crazy, Ray and ignore lens. Had some crazy, crazy Milburgh be the mechanism that would cause the. So I think there are eight. Can we Can we get into items you? Please do it's a big. I really what? Because of you I'd, take five thousand. I use a day awesome right now, I'm taking five thousand yesterday. You know seventy percent of the. U S. Population has insufficient vitamin d levels which is considered less than I'd levels less than thirty milligrams, nanograms per millilitre, something your body can do. Naturally, if your expose this on a daily basis- yes, that's the best way to get it. It is, but the problem is that
don't go outside anymore and immediately now, yet sufficiently exactly now more than ever, but women terrible recipe right, vitamin d, efficiency is what makes it worse and then you're staying insights, you're, not getting any vitamin d, yeah you're becoming even more deficient. You now like. Third, like someone like twenty eight percent of the. U S. Population is actually deficient like less than twenty nanograms from home. You know, like that's defiant efficiency, so in a lot of people in the United States, as you mentioned, you make it from the sun, so particularly uv radiation. There's a reason why I want to talk about this. You make it from Phoebe radiation exposure. We know basically yours it's made in the skin. And but me another certain times of the year, depending on where you live in a more northern latitude where that uv bees, even hitting the atmosphere on making vitamin D. Also, if you Darker skin melanin protects you like the whole, you know people with darker skin people from maybe, car, India, South Asia, there more
toil regions, their closer you no closer to two to the ECB. Iter and there's more uv radiation throughout the year, and so as a protective mechanism to not get burned. You have melanin which protects you write. The problem is that melanin also blocks you're your ability to produce vitamin d, but for Europe and the sun all the time you know in a place where you're getting you ve been irradiated. It's not a problem with, as the The reason why people in places like Scotland, In England, have such pale skin exams cloudy all the times your body sort of develops its own ability to absorb more violent. Exactly so, what happens when you take somewhat what happens when you take a person from France out, Asia from India from Africa and you put them in Sweden or in Minnesota or in the UK as a place where beauty radiation, doesn't hit most of the year and you dont, given them
Upham, what happens if they become severely vitamin d deficient severely and what happens when you take me Emmy, you can throw this on. The aren't you can flip put this over and out what happens when you take the guy from the UK, the bread and put him in Australia like without any sense green Without a harder and governance there cannot yeah. So I mean do you think that this could be it fact, and why so many african Americans are getting hit so hard. So here's the thing, so Africa in writing. There's lots of cockades. We are concerned, we are in the United States, there's been studies. African Americans are severely deficient or twenty eight times more deficient and vitamin d than then cockades yeah, and it's it's it's because it's because they have there are now in the sun or the time where you know that we're inside all the time we're in school work, work, work and are off. Inside more people stay inside. You know it's not me. It's not like that. Old days when we were out Hunter gather and out in the sun on Hungarian. Are let we're inside all the time we're in school work, work, work in her office nor cubicle, so the CDC
Obviously, there's been studies showing that African Americans are more hit, but they didn't really correct. Four tons of lake other factors can socio economic status is important. How other health factors you know and dumb, but there was a said he just released not long ago from from the national offices of statistics in Britain or something like that. I don't know what their official name was, but they released some statistics from England and Wales and the I don't know what the correct named salmon that that the blacks they are basically living in England and Wales are four times more likely to die of for nineteen than than rights when they, when they adjusted all that data, socio economic status and for other health factors. There were two too it is more likely to die so clearly. Socio economic status and other health factors are playing a rope. Do something else unidentified and I think it's vitamin d. I think that you know
so in the vitamin d like it hasn't, but vitamin d ya think that vitamin d is gonna, prevent you from getting covered name in order to treatment. Although I am involved in a clinical study, we're gonna be testing as very small open. I'm sorry we can talk about, but you know I'm not a physician medical doctor I've never intimated anyone. So dont think I'm saying what people think I'm saying at the treatment I just wanna it's a hypothesis that needs to be tested, and thankfully there are clinical. Trials randomized until trials that are now ongoing and there are some that are recruiting bushes. The test they set. You ve already listed about vitamin d, and the people have had with nineteen those are and say it's insane and also in Sweden. There is a huge poppy nation of Somalis that have migrated to Sweden, and they have been added defined as being severely, really vitamin d deficient, because a lot of the Somalis above their also like autism rates, are really high there, and this link between I published a link also between vitamin d in autism, but so there's been
that is looking at vitamin d levels in the small population. I mean they're so deficient because you're takings again you're taking someone who is supposed to be whose you know evolve to be getting a lot of sites. But not burn from it and then and then putting in place where they they can't get any vitamin d from the sun and if they don't get a supplement like they're going to be deficient, you know, and there was so much more likely that they're like it's. It's wreaking havoc in Sweden on the small population is so logical, yeah, it's it's it. Ok, so elderly elderly are like insanely more deficient. I forgot the exact number obese, also obese people like three times more likely to be done by women. Deficient in United States lies because vitamin d, a fat soluble vitamin and its less it's been shown to be fifty percent less bio available to you have two will, after you make it in your skin, it stored in fat, and we know it's released when we know basically into the bloodstream
it can get converted into a hormone. This hormone regulates five percent more than five percent of the human protein coded human genome. It's a lot of you, that's a waiter hormone. Like can you imagine just walking around without testosterone your man? That's a hormone, I mean like there's a lot of people. Deficient and vitamin d and its astir right, hormonal gets converted into a hormone like this, isn't a vitamin. You know it's important. It's really important. So I would often tangent but anyways what declares this boy often the standard. What is this is what is happening to people when they are vitamin d like what's happening, vitamin d deficient. What is it happening in the body causing there are means system this, this hormone deficiency not having this vitamin d, whether through exposure lots of things I mean it plays a quick there's vitamin d receptors. Unlike your immune cells and the
using for that is because, when the hormone vitamin d hormone buying instead receptor it activated, these genes and that the genes do stuff that urban you know, good immune function, you know there's theirs bodies that have shown people, and I love these studies because because they basically take away People's complaints about you know, there's lots of epidemic. I will study showing that low vitamin d is associated with disease, ex wires in everyone's like well, you know they're out this they're, not my son is March so you're not as healthy, they're, nice, physically active and not whatever. Even though kit those confounding factors are usually corrected for its old. At the end, it's a isn't. Association re in everyone's like correlations on causation, which is true, but sometimes you gotta take a look at the full body of data. You know there are genetic Paulie more I'm so so there are people that have variations in genes that caused them tat, genetic, We have lower vitamin d, and so this
is called, remained, Delia, random innovation. When you can take a person, that's that has a genetically like it stood there internet below by you're, not categorizing them based on their vitamin d levels, you're categorizing them based on their gene. And those people are more likely to die from respiratory infections, just based on that gene alone, so again at that gene that its known to lower it lowers bite, it leads to lower vitamin d levels and so, like those people, are more likely to die from respiratory infections than people that don't have that, that's a great way of kind of random people by their genes, as opposed to doing around my control trial. Those have been done his well. There was a study that was. For twenty five randomize control trials, people that we're going a vitamin d supplement bearing doses either weekly or daily monthly, didn't work there. The people with low, baseline, vitamin d levels of people that were like deficient. They were fifty percent less We too have a respiratory tract infection if they are taken. The vitamin d supplement over fifty percent actually and
people that had already normal levels still had a protective effect. There was the ten percent less likely so when people that were already considered normal taking a vitamin d settlement, helped prevent the respiratory tract, you take too much vitamin D. Yes, you can you can for without too much so right, so that the upper tolerable upper intake, has been set by the nutrition board. The instruments to be four thousand I use a day, but there has been stuck, is that have shown that You can, I mean pay people that have taken. You know, ten thousand I use a day for from multiple years, haven't had any hyper calcium year had no problems, but too much vitamin d can be toxic. It's not good to take that it's best to like get a vitamin.
The blood test, and I think that personally there has been a trend, so people that have blood levels higher than sixty may have just a little bit higher calcium level, but not much not like it's not like anything to be hugely concerned about. But there are studies, also showing that either vitamin K. One too there's been a meadow analysis looking out of twelve different studies or think we're vitamins they want or vitamin k to were given and both of those improved bone, Mineral Dan city and prevented any hyper? calcium yeah, because when you Take vitamin d you absorb calcium, better, like something crazy, like forty percent, more dietary, calcium, being absorbed wow, so so the problem is that Althea can easily former precipitate in in general, and particularly phosphorus is around, and phosphorus is another thing: vitamin d does increase the absorption of, but again, like I said you know
three, like it's really hard to find any studies were vitamin d is causing. You know Piper Cassie me unless it's like really really high dose for for a while. I personally think taking the the vitamin cave and what's interesting about the vitamin k, one versus vitamin k to with, without going into too much attention, is basically, The vitamin k one normally a ghost your liver and its involved in blood coagulation. But when there's enough vitamin K one around it stays in the periphery and moves calcium, periphery being bloodstream moves, calcium out of the bloodstream and takes it to places were exposed to go with the bones and the muscle by doing Kate, you usually stays round. The periphery net doesn't really go to deliver, so it usual, that's usually wedge. Just doing is moving calcium out and bringing it to the bones, and so I take it I actually have K one. My multi that I take, but I also take a k to supplement, am cave for. I take it like a couple times a week and what were those who took four to one
will the K ones in my multi. So I dont vitamin K. One is really its founding darkly figurines, so I get a lot of those as well so I'm getting a lot of k, one he too is not as it's not as readily found, unlike the western amidst like them, the food that's highest in is that fermented sweeping NATO, but it's like small quantities and like do you ever get concern from the high volume of leave greens, difficult, conservative, oxalates or getting keystones or anything on those lines. Now I, like the few studies that I've seen them, people that I like doing insane seeing and their already late messed up. You know so I am not concerned at all like even like the Oxalates oxalates actually- and I want to go into this- They know I dont can certificates. Are I wanted? The vitamin d thing is so important to me like that, the the reason there's a big reason.
I think that vitamin d is so important. It's for the long function, the respiratory function, but what's really interest is that you know the the very receptor that this Sars cause Kofi Virus binds too to gain entry into the so called aid to that very,
sector plays a really important role in preventing lung damage and and basically and preventing acute long injury, preventing acute respiratory distress interim arts and which, when shown with Sars Cove One, is that consortia one also bind to that receptor eschew. It's called and that's how gets into the cell just like this arch cove two went when it binds the receptor it like it attaches, unlike through dislike reared endued psychosis mechanism, it takes the receptor in and decreases the receptor was called down, regulates down, regulates reset pursue end up having less aid to which causes like debt can cause to be your lung injury, not having the aims to replace a big role in protecting that's been shown. A multiple studies like so the Sars Cove one virus does that its thought, the source code? To also does because it goes through the same entered through the same receptor
and it's been shown that, like, if you, for example, if you give mice wipe out polysaccharides something, that's gonna cause long injury, and then you give them vitamin d to the long. Injury itself also causes the eschew receptor to decrease and assortment sexist vicious cycle of making the damage worse. But if you give my vitamin d before that happens, the eschew receptor increases and it protects them in the lung injury- but you give the bottom indeed to control mice- that dont have the long injury, it doesn't do anything to the east to receptor levels. So it's not like full stop. It's not like you know, drug the way drugs are designed as they like the target. A certain molecule neg boom they like their thing? They either increase or decrease it a lot of times with like hormones, You know vitamins things like that there they maintain homeostasis. You know what I mean to say so and when she goes wrong, they fix it. They're not just like full stop gonna like increase something
when everything's normal so and that's important, because their events, concern about taking vitamin d, increasing the aid to receptor and there's another study that was with hypertensive rats, where the hypertension cause a two to go down, and that like makes long and it makes all sorts of problems, it also causes the kidney problems and all sorts of things right, but but thereby to de increase, the aid to, but only in the hypertensive rats, not in the normal control rats. Again so you know, and then there was another study that was like some other messed up diabetic animal model where the vitamin d actually didn't increase the aid to receptor but increase. What's called soluble, ACE too, which is in like it's in the periphery and that actually potentially could bind Sars cope to buyers and prevent it from it likes westering at preventing it from entering the cell, that's actually being explored as a potential therapeutics but the bottom line here is that sometimes you'll hear this aid to Russia.
And that's how the virus gets in, and I don't want that. I want. I want less that cause, that's how the virus gets end but, like like biology, is always way more complicated than is the simple taking it out of the big picture right. You know so like the aid to Russia that is too, as per the reigning Andrew tents, and since the summit plays a huge role in inflammation, it's also like when you, when you decrease aid to all these signals, signalling cascades happen in it. It's like a tooth important for producing pro inflammatory two kinds at the end of the day without getting into all the stuff Unum specifics, so it causes massive inflammation, have a decrease it basically causes occur, long injury. It exacerbates it. I mean it's crazy, so I really I just I really. Can you imagine Vitamin d really did help like if it if there was something that could be men, along with the other stuff from desert here, whatever whatever it's going to be the stuff that we identify but like vitamin d, so is so cheap it so easy
and so many people are deficient and insight You know like so. Yes, as you mentioned there As you know, you don't wanna, take too much vitamin d. You don't want to wake. You know four dose on it, but I think in the short term, you know particularly taken short term in particular patient protect people that have already been infected. You know it may be wise to two to try giving your patient might give Europe a physician. You know dealing with this, maybe maybe wise, to try and see their right here. That was perhaps give them some you now is this being explored. Public means is something that people are talking about publicly because I all I'm hearing is drugs and possible drug remedies. Bhutan, a vaccine that their work on the future, I'm not hearing anything about methods, nutrition that boost your immune system. This is one of the reasons why I really wanted to talk to you right now. Yeah, let's definite talk more there are yes, it is there are clinical studies. Unfortunately, now
a ton of em in the United States that are looking randomized control trials, looking vitamin d, the effects of vitamin d on already me, no patience with covert nineteen, which, what would be great, is like giving them to like first responders or healthcare workers, and seeing how does it, how does it what it's? What role does it play in prevention? Cause? That's really the easiest thing right, I'm involved a friend of mine, Doktor AIR, Gordon he he's put together. So I kind of with his help. I've helped him design open arm trial, very small forty patients. Where are we, where he is going to be giving them. Fifty thousand. I use every five days of vitamin D physical weekly dose because a lot of times. These people are severely deficient, and so you want to give him a higher goes. We now and and for a you know doing doing, fifty thousand I use weekly is, and you know something that's necessary. Can it be toxic or anything like that, and then
can it really no urgent, some other things, vitamin c three grams three times a day and then, but it may be, one can talk about that Simon as well, but yet there are, I think, there's like open label tribal open label trials, it's kind of a star, it's like. If you give you see something plus we're doing like kitchen sink rate. We get. This decision is in there So I think vitamin d really is the is the star. You know. I think that, potentially you know, I think it really should be explored. I think it has huge potential. It has to be shown like this is something that people can just you know, take it home in think I'm protected like that is not the case. We don't know dialect. There has been no data showing that, but I think it has huge potential. You know How would one do a randomize control study on vitamin d in people that have covered nineteen? It seems what they re doing it in addition to their going, in addition to stand or of care, although its basically, whatever the standard of care and that's that's, what we know is happening at the moment
in hospital and in New Jersey. But, as you said, it seems that was really critical getting into people before they get it yeah. I would love to see that daddy done. If anyone can do that study amazing that would be caused. That would be like to get its inertia good at first responders. Yeah work or get ideas are just get the information out there and have nursery nurses and first responders take it. I mean you Vitamin d use something again like seventy percent of the world's population is insufficient levels. You know that crazy number. It is and generally safe to take like, like four thousand I use a day. It is five I am, but for thousands of the top, the what the they indicated as the tolerable upper intact. So why are you too far I'm just taking five thousand right now, because that's like by the five whose, like everyone to take two pillars of the two thousand, will thus me to get one pillar for the re animal. So I had my my levels measured
literally like. Oh, I do want to let two quest but Quest labs like a month before all this locked happen. So I got my data back pretty pretty recent and I still hover around fifty nanograms per mil, even though before I was taking four thousand it and generally speaking one thousand I use will raise your blood levels by about five nanograms prevail and there are people with different, very issues and genes that are related vitamin d Well as and where they have lower levels, and indeed a higher dose, The only way you're gonna know, that is by of course, measuring you're vitamin d levels multiple times and then potential even doing like a genetic analysis. You knows well, but you have to measure levels like that's the only way to know, of course, right now, it's like you can go to allow its hard to do any of the things that are lacking or on the but right now,
when you need it at the vitamin d I mean I'm just so like I just I had so much. I have high hopes for it. You know- and maybe maybe I'm a bit of us into Zist with it. You know I do like I've studied vitamin d so much. I forgot to publications on. I certainly like you know, You say it say it to you now there take that with the greatest sought as well, but I do think that there are strong. I really think that data is, I think, it's mounting data- and I think that eventually some we'll come out and it's gonna, just like the randomize control trials, showing that it protects against respiratory tract infections. Push everyone wants randomize candle trials. No one wants to believe anything until it I'm just amazed that the numbers of people that are deficient, it's so stunning and when we point out the number The letter deficient that actually wonder having severe covered nineteen problems. Right, the I know it's a stunning like some some of those numbers like the missing link or distorted there. I think that's a really good hypothesis. I do.
I think it's a really good hypothesis. I want to believe it because it's easy it's safe and I think people need seventy anyways? I mean you know. So, of course, I want to believe You know but like This interesting study were african American to our very deficient and vitamin d. They were given A vitamin d supplement for like a month and it it decrease their epigenetic age by like two years, I'm yeah so for over a month, something like a month, I think yeah in a month a decrease. Genetic aids to you don't want me to the month, may give me some month or two months, but I think it was my most most, these annual salary months, that's cream. Most of these studies are about a month gas, so yeah by one point eight year. So well it's an indicative of their suffering from this vitamin d D. Efficiency, this alleviates offering it and then put the body and homeostasis estates. Among its changing five percent of the human genome, that
why are the light yeah it's crazy number when you think about it, is not just a vitamin right hormone Superman event. Can you imagine what happens when you go into magnifies? Well, you're, not making your estrogen I mean stuff goes wrong. I mean it's a hormone like instrument estrogen the hormone. You know, testosterone, the hormone, the hormone you know it's while it's it's important, so you now so that, if you have the doktor run, Patrick Pyramid of Sub limitation for preventative symptoms of colored nineteen or preventative measures dealing with covered nineteen. That's your base.
We're one. I take vitamin D. S certainly don't know if it's going to prevent over nineteen billion, hoping it does, the Emerald City get hoping it where's parameter of insane preventative me like getting your body healthy totally overnight. I mean my mom's got because our market and my daddy got my whole family. Everyone's on the there were team. You know it by demanding, like the most important to us, the validation, vitamin d right now, yeah It's I'm always trying to get them to have that, but like it's easier to convince when people are scared, that people are more likely to make change where you can like, if something they have to be motivated to make the change themselves are just otherwise it doesn't work. You know so I think that in this case, people are motivated spill, especially people in my parents generation that are older, because they're they're more scared there more scared that they could be affected by a severe a case of this rail some. So I think that's the certainly you know the issue.
Yeah I mentioned I'm drinking my vitamin seawater, it's funny because I probably got like a thousand questions about c in the past month to month and a half or whatever and we kind of like my team- and I just drove in and pretty they're in article police depart cast on. It A video where we're just kind of covered everything I mean. I can't believe how many studies I read on vitamins hundred ninety. References in article twenty. Eight page article on our website, but Elements is interesting. To I mean I don't. I certainly do something about vitamin c is you know, they're there there's oral and then there's intravenous vitamin c and enter Venus, vitamin c is what's butts, seems to be really well but right now, but I
the most interesting thing that I learned really had to do with the farmer. Coke fanatics, which is basically like How much vitamin c raises your plasma levels and like is you know, is there a saturation point where you can eat me? No, twenty grams of vitamin c, but still only get to a certain point, you know the first is what you do if you like in your injected into your veins right, Intravenous Lee so with interesting- is that most people that are like eating? Let's say that people are just eating like five somewhere between five to nine servings vegetable Therefore, today those people have anywhere between, like seventy to eighty Micro, mall micro, moles of vitamin c like per leader, so it's micrograms per leader in their blood.
If you take like a two hundred milligrams supplement. The only raise your levels to like ninety- so it's not much over that like baseline, must most people that our evening that many that sort many servings probably have around fifty, which is could still considered normal, fifty micro, moles or Micro Mueller. And then what is interesting is that lake, but those levels you take. If you take two hundred two hundred milligrams, it's that doesn't do much. If you take a gram, it can raise you up to lake hundreds in thirty or something if you take three grams can raise two two hundred and twenty and that's like the maximum level. You can get from oral sub limitation to enter and twenty micro moles, that's big. That's a big difference! Turner, twenty verses, like fifty, so three grams three grams. But here's the other interesting thing is that if you don't take it multiple times throughout the day going to get once you'll peek at around five hours after they got there's a really nice graph on on my website and polychrome shows this like you'll peak, like five five hours after
but then you go down steadily and over twenty four hours, you're back to normal you're baseline. But if you take it like you know four times a day, you can stay at two hundred and twenty, but like all the whole time- and and the reason that's important is because a lot of studies looking at oral vitamin c consumption and like four, for instance, the common cold incidents, the come cold really depend like there's huge variations in the results and that all really seemed to come down to those like it really does and you know the dose and how that changing your blood levels are clearly taken, two hundred milligrams, which some studies are doing its barely doing anything over your baseline. You know so I found that, the interesting and then the intravenous vitamin c you can you can you can be MAC, I mean so far that, like the maximum I've seen measured is like seventy times that your blood can get seventy times. Turn with the ice is likewise eighteen thousand or seventeen thousand or something. What are these are more effective. Oh it it
totally overcomes all those like saturated mechanisms its and is now a more effective. It's a completely different game. So where's we're gonna pause yeah. What what doesn t recommend for intravenous vitamin c yeah for enter Jamie? And can you pull it found my fitness, our communism, vitamin c topic page so that we can answer that question better fitted up just put there's a graph. If you just like scroll to the graph there's like all the rest, is on your website, which told, but he found my fitness star com. Vitamin c or bilateral around inside page at the podcast, but scrawl back up to that today mean home. Yeah, two topics: click on topics. There we go vitamin c somewhere farm. There we go in case. There is a digital look for the figure scroll you'll see it. Ok wait! There goes is there anyway? I can make that yeah. The bottom line is well known as yet the intravenous ok, so
here. We go so this is intravenous dose. So you can, I tell you, want to get at least ten grand, so you can see, hen grams is like, and ten grounds is ten thousand milligrams ten rounds of ten thousand milligrams. So that's that's about ten grand, that's. What I have done in the past But what's interesting is when you get above the proper newsletter. At my newsletters gray, I mean, I am sure I do a lot of announcements, their eyes. I give commentary and stuff I'm scared like published on the websites that I wanna hear all crap anyways. What he's good of him just like you know, there's I'm not scared, I guess a throng wrong word. I deal with it. That's the thing but deal with it did but intravenous vitamin c, is a completely different game, because it literally generates hydrogen peroxide like when you get like doses above you know when you
max out over that. We know plasma level, two hundred twenty micro, more than the vitamin c itself, so vitamin c kind of cycles between being oxidized and reduced is called de Hydro scoreboard. I said dehydrates Corbett and then a score bokassa. Corbett to Hydro scoreboard, it is the oxen form and hydrogen peroxide generated, which is really interesting, because it's one of the mechanisms by which release its thought that intravenous vitamin c kills cancer cells, it also has been shown to like kill viruses and stuff and a variety of different studies, but that's it because your new travails neuter fills generate hydrogen peroxide so that the intervening vitamin c is like generating hydrogen peroxide. At the same time, it also acting as an antioxidant for for your own neutral fills in that's been shown to people. You know in clinical.
But he's, but also its been shown, that the hydrogen peroxide does not damage the normal cell, like normal in north, the normal healthy people given intravenous vitamin c its generating heightened brookside, but there's no oxidation damage happening in people's like member states, and this was not like damaging your own cells and well often, would you do this? If you can I have one studied the studies. You know it depends on what virus you're looking out like me, another mean for you personally for just for health benefits, our highways take. If you just had access to an everyday. How often would you take intravenous vitamin c? I you know it's something, because if you, if you look at the graph, it's kind of a trains, intravenous venom tease transience. So it's like its having it's, not something that, like necessarily needs to be done all the time it's something like I was. I was interested in doing it like my mom was my mom had just gotten sick and like common cold, you know she had like or when he knows and stuff, and so I took her, we went to get the IPCC and they did. It was ten ten grams that we did and-
I took it causes I well she's sick and I've been around her and, like I, my gonna wanna get sick. So you know I thought why not try and we know so so he had entered in vitamin c. Maybe maybe there's a reason to do it. But it's not something that I am certain that peat peopling to do on a daily basis, it's different than like vitamin c. You know normal bite, see you do need you need to get it from your day. It's important like it's important for normal, in cells, Norman Mean Function, that's been shown, but I, but I love it. I M certain regular, but do believe is important too take it orally as well as ivy. What an idea is it's totally the ivy is totally different. The ivy is really being used as a therapeutic treatment like it's it's it's. A therapeutic treatment Are you now that the IPCC, where it's been shown to help with like, for example, its its elites in the hospitals in San Diego, is fourteen? They use for sepsis, like friends of mine, you know use that use it for treating sepsis end.
Spend large randomize control trial, showing that dramatically reduce mortality with sepsis so like that's it especially in combination with Simon as well the huge differences in more tat people dying from sepsis which is obviously very relevant now but hasn't been shown. I mean there are cool studies that are ongoing right now, some in China and seventy nine states looking at ivy, see potentially to help treat coded nineteen associate pneumonia. You know that it'll be interesting to see the data from those trials, whether or not there's gonna be in effect, it's not known, but the fact It has been shown to treat to improve. Sepsis outcomes in in multiple studies is also been shown. Obviously, cancer is like a big one like that was like in a line. Is Pauling was like deemed and not like me, the Nobel Prize winning
asked. Who, basically, is the vitamin c guy like he back in the seventies, was like championing intravenous vitamin c for four for cancer patients as it was claiming it was like you know, curing them court, unquote, killing them. I wasn't quite you now, but it was like improving the outcomes of cancer patients and is always studies from Mayo clinic came out and they are like no doesn't do that turned out there. Using oral vitamin c, which is like comparing apples to oranges. So, but now there's been so many studies a lot. You know how a male climate for now. But they did that's crazy. They did yeah yeah. There are things. That's who you would depend upon when you want to know is this: how can we not? Let us look at me? I think so I don't know. Maybe they like that they definitely like got in there the gotten more on game since vanished and understood, difference Yahoo knows back, then you know the farmer. Attic studies that I am referring to mean those aren't. Does Greece Mark Levine
again I ate she's real, like he gets credit like he is really really involved in putting that out there like the difference between- intravenous vitamin c and oral or apples and oranges completely different, like and so until that was known, I guess maybe the male clinically. This just thought: o vitamin c vitamin c is contained in here and until like some of that data coming out the farmer kinetic data where it was like. No, it's not the same thing. What you're talking about seventy times higher vitamin c levels in the plasma like you could never do that from oral like it's not the same at all as it before that was known. I guess maybe that that's why, You haven't heard people dismiss vitamin c saying that your body only absorbed a certain amount, its wasted, if you take more than you did so here's the thing like so Maximum bio availability does occur at two hundred milligrams and once you how that like when used, which, if you take five hundred milligrams of vitamin c orally, you start you excrete.
Lot neuron, but that doesn't, if you look at the plasma levels, you're, still increasing them much higher used, excrete more too, but you're you're, increasing or plasma levels. More of you Take your hundred milligrams. You get your plasma levels of vitamin c up to ninety, you take five hundred, you may in a little bit more. You take three grams, you get it to twenty yeah you're gonna be paying a lot out, but you gotta to twenty right, and so, if you look at these, these common cold studies, there's like randomize, meadow analysis, venomous control trials and analysis of em. They ve shown that, like you know what, programmes is better than one gram for prefer like reduced the duration of the common cold, in spite of the and children, are more paper, more robust effect than adults. Hillock adults like it, reduces the common cold. That too, I can do something like twenty percent reduce interracial by twenty percent or something and the children. Commercial, and that company got a lot of shit for their claims. You grant
two grand emerged, it doesnt have rising. So so then you are two hundred milligrams. There you go see, keep looking down. There's more matter. Analysis is another matter, analysis that looked at to hunt Milligrams up to like two hundred milligrams aptitude grams and that study conscious, lumped everything. Gather, rather than the other study like ok, what happens is too aims in wanting to get all these sub analysis. That was great because they got to the bottom of it dose matters the other study it was like. Oh it it reduces the duration by like four percent. In a basically nothing. So so there's like others the resolve these conclusions, it doesn't do anything we're gap to hunt Milligrams, look at tat graph, it does it. Doesn't you shit here, practices but level like you're still, I baseline. So I think that people designing clinical studies like they need that needs to be in their mind before they designer trial. Ok, what trying to measure here like I wanna get I need to like I need a measurable like, I need something to measure and that a change right to get an outcome like if you want
you're, trying to like see what effect vitamin c has on whatever outcome you can want to wait. Re someone's plasma levels right. So I guess it's good. At the end of the day to day, that two hundred milligrams doesn't do anything because a new girl k, while Turner Miller, doesn't do anything, but it's also go to that await partake higher dose. There is, in fact, so You know making this general statement that oh vitamin c supplication doesn't do anything is not NASA is accurate in some respects to enter Milligrams. It doesn't do much for the common cold, but when you take to grams it can help and also other studies have shown that prophylactically is slightly better than like therapeutic select after the onset of symptoms. So if you do it like before symptoms, like there's a better outcome as well so I mean that's all kinds of interesting. So for you personally, if you had the option would you do at once a week ivy, I'm it's it's interesting, yeah, I've. I've like
he's doing it. I was actually doing at once a week before do show enough once weeks enough totally but I don't even know if it's necessary honestly did to be honest because again it's a therapeutic treatment. I will say this, like mine, one of my friends, she's she's an empty, and she has reactive area is theirs, interesting studies that have shown. You know like that that intravenous vitamin c is like dramatically reducing inflammation as well as doing all kinds of crazy things, but her cough and it was very transient and only happened like while the ivy, whether vitamin C was Heiner. Plasma she's got this crazy. Coming you think, she'd had Kovac is like and constant nagging coffee now that it completely Hunter percent went away. I noticed and she, like. My friend is a little bit she's, a little bit of a sceptic when it comes to light.
Diamonds or anything like that. You know so I wasn't going to say anything concern I have gone and so on so many debates about it. So but she said something- and I was just like you know- I'm so and so she now she's wanting to do it like you wanted to do it like you know, once a month, at least so that that that was you know interesting again. I don't know that the Venus Vitamin C is necessary. This also interesting effects on like that oxidation legal effects that oxidation, because it's important for carnage in which is necessary for oxidizing potluck there's been clinical studies were People are like burning more fat when their exercising, if they have vitamin c in the low by he levels or knowledge burnings much that its causes, the Constantine. I thought that was really interesting. I didn't know anything about that so we ve been doing intravenous vitamin c Anglo defy own and a bunch of other stuff zinc once weak. That's ok.
Thanks another one that really you know important for immune function as well and elderly people are more think, deficiencies nobly common in the. U S. Most innocent is found in in two really high oysters banal, unpeopled oysters that red meat poultry. You know if you, if you eat enough, that you should getting a thing. What about vegetarians vegetarians do day they are more prone to rising deficiency in, in fact, because this It is bound to fight eight, it's less by they'll about ninety tilling each link up to three times more than the idea needs to be like almost three times as high for them or they can to supplement, which I know a lot of its turns. Do but yeah but zinc sinks, really important. Framing function like there's been studies where they have leg. Depleted, healthy people of their saying, just trains anti and dumb, like t sell function. Leg is all messed up, so it like totally messes the immune system up randomized control trial, showing that think zinc, acetate or
think glucose ate, like lozenges, they can dramatically lower the duration of common cold. Some is asked it or glutamate which once appear so there was. It's like that was trending. That acetate was better trending, meaning was non significant, although it was like forty percent rate of twenty eight percent I like to me lowering Laura the duration of the common cold by forty percent versus lowering by twenty eight percent. I guess it was non significant for whatever reason so their say it's. The study concluded that their vote the same, but it seems, as though asked he may be slightly better baby slightly better, but you know that I am taking. The zinc is also a positive ions. You need, as in Guyana, for top it get in to cells. Scylla course flab annoyed. That course, ten questions found in lake apples, onions, buckwheat tease, which is what I drink, but you can supplement with it, which I also supplements
with this while its I'm questions, interesting, because it's as in Guyana, for its also been identified to have activity against Sars Cove one antiviral activity can search for want of neutral operate properly. Well, I don't know whether it has. I don't know it might be confusing and some damn it's got synergetic properties which means it. Can it's been shown its been identified as a possible compound that clear out since the Knesset cells, which are those cells that are going in a key may with age in their basically like they're, not dead but they're. Just like not really functioning screening there's a greeting sight of kinds and things that age nearby cells. I always like to think of like mentioning two Jamie that maybe forty two next month and so yeah. I have some great workers, a grey hairs
and it's funny how like you'll get one gray, hair and the other grey hairs cluster around that one with the clustering, and I always think of like cause. There so yours in happens in them last sites that are responsible for pigment say what we think about this innocent MILAN site is like screening, this programme fragmentary stuff, that's now, accelerating the age, my other nearby hair, follicle letters causing them to anyways course attends been identified to clear away innocent Celso, that's kind of cool for aging freight road, hares and all just for now. That's it my leg and the analogy for people to understand why some lessons cells are bad because they leg age, so other nearby cells waste to creating all this stuff. Pro inflammatory design I forgot to ask you about vitamin d deficiency- is red light therapy. What would then have to do with vitamin d? Did I don't know
how about these red light machines that people stand in front yard, a photo bottom, modulation does not have any effect on vitamin D. That's not uv, be no kids, different, yeah yeah an end. I you know. I think that that itself it. There is an interesting field. I would say that it's the markings, a little head of science for that, but I do think that there's there's promise basically for some, treatments in other. There are some claims out there that are as soon as a sort of being backed up by very poorly done studies, but I think I think, there's some promise out. Therefore, it just makes it feels it does it it's interesting, I've been doing it. I try I wanted to do it before even talked about it for a month solid. Do it basically forth five days a week, and I just I don't know it's hard to tell our duty.
So much shit dishonor. Yes, that makes you feel got every every I'm doing five days a week and undue in seven days a week hundred eighty degrees for twenty five minutes dude. You a hundred and eighty degrees for twenty five minute who'd yeah. Unless it's it's a hundred Andy or a hundred and eighty eight, then I'll do twenty, but beyond. I do too five hundred and eighty six seems the sweet spot, you know, and I ve been doing it every single day of the court, team, because I have a son in my house gives on in your house. I wait. We didn't work and our office, which lay just homer, but it's like, whilst not in our ability out just next door. Much though we got that literally arguably this lake, like three hours before sheltering place was put in place. I mean I programme, believe it well, we We had ours done just a few months before me. Was just. I was thinking my card. If we didn't have this in the house
you couldn't go anywhere? Luckily we have one hears. I could use the one that's here, but it's a gods. Mountain ranges everything's a game. It's a game, changer and weep. I've been doing so. I haven't had a warm shower sense, since the shelter You think I got my not ours idea It's amazing, like I do not want to make people feel badly. I went a long time without us on. I know what it's like, I was doing hot bath and we can talk about that. Get it is, but there is some. Think about the sauna and then the Coldbath, the culture, sorry the cold shower. That is just it is a game I'm so much more relaxed, and this is like, I think I've told you the story. The whole reason I got entries in the sauna was because I was in graduate school doing it like every day, and I was like This is amazing, I am so much less stressed. I am like com or more relax, you're something's happening, so I was like into the the not even their muscle and all the cardiovascular aiming at mimics cardiovascular exercise really has
big difference in my cardiovascular activity. Let's bench, don't you people there's a study. This was I think, very loud and who is a friend of mine, just the he's, like the bastard, leader and saunter research in Finland, he published a study where they looked at Cardiff, respiratory, fitness and Cardiff. I think hardy other cardiovascular disease risk markers in people that were physically fit or physics are physically active and plus Sana or you know just physically act, so so physical Arizona alone, so physical activity was like the king so like. If you kept compare physical activity alone, dishonor alone, physical activities, the Bastille, improving, Cartier S, wealth, saunas, also good sauna and physical activity together were better than This has got to be alone, which I was like yeah. That's what you want. I don't remember: Why do asked me like six months ago or more upper
but but that's what you want right like you want like you, like, I'm already physically active, I mean you're like more physically act of me in so, but that's what you want is like a combination it makes a big difference wants us are doing it during the lockdown one of things. I noticed the runs as I do. The last hill is fucking brutal. And I will finish on this last hill but now, I ve been able to run that last hill, the last hill. It's like I'm market difference when I hit the hill on my wireless card either I'm getting better shape, and I know it for sure, but it's also, I got think this saga has a big impact. It feels like I'm gonna drug. It feels like- I don't know what he feels feels like, but I would imagine it would feel something like ten was the increase cardiovascular benefit is very noticeable totally totally I mean there's been some small studies. Looking at your talking about performance in here, men's there's been some small studies showing that, particularly with indifference that there is performance enhancement, thinking recycler. Maybe it was running, running and cycling
if ever measured your heart rate during so yet so here's the thing with that like at first, I was like terrified do the Ex anyone around my apple watch. You now have like ruins. Like Heaven, Kevin rose was, like noticed, put your hand on. I do it all the time and like a like he's, a tech guys on like Kevin Rose, tells me I can take my apple watch hot for I'm doing right. So you know my heart rate: it eat it. Can get up to like one hundred and twenty, but the thing is is that there is a temptation that happens so you're, basically like you're you're becoming adopted, and so your heart rate doesn't increase as much like overtime. And I'll be all be honest. I stopped wearing my watch in their son, not measuring my heart rate anymore, like to get a whoops trap. Kazoo tribe was no problem at all The windows were age, yeah p I get one I haven't sent to you right is a rather one of the sponsors the broadcast, but I love it. I would love to have them in a measure without having to take my watch in there, because I dont like sitting like its thing. You know where the water
measures are really well and it'll. Give you like you, could actually market down as an activity and I'll show you where your heart rate, it's a mountain of data. It's really, that's cool. Let me I'm not also great for sleep. It shows you really accurate sleep. It actually has a sleep coach built in such shows you like how much sleep you got, how much recovery where you recover he's at and what you need and even tell you you know hey you should go to bed since you been getting up at six in the morning. You should go to bed by tonight nice have you noticed an effect. So I've been doing this on everyday restarting my days a week, because I would do it every day, but I gotta have you no more time with my phone, have you noticed an effect on your sleep at all, for one relaxed deal he's a vital need, more sleep, they'll economic when you're workin out hardly sometimes require lake more Morse, my dear boy, when I do squats for sure
anytime, adieu, lunges and squats and heavy leg days. I'm a zombie for two days and like, if I ever particularly actually challenging podcast L skip leg days, because I know just get me too stupid. I've done it before coming to my, I can't form, doesn't weir's. What's not, if you see what I'm doing there was this weird or there is a study that linked there was a link between like leg, strength and cognitive fund, very strongly the Morse leg strength you had like the improve, like some kind of crazy number. To remain yeah, it just makes sense that if you have more light strength that means you're doing more activity. That means yet more blood flow. Tat means everything, probably fallen glad because such an enormous party or body we look at your musculature that large percentage evidence from the waist down, and I do know what I'm doing legwork like I'm doing most of what I'm doing this kettlebells
doing lunges and presses and squats, and all these different things with heavy kettlebells. So it's like it's a lot of weight that your muscles are pushing dies, always trying to get me to disquiet like I dont know what it back when I was in grad school eyes doings. Wives and I was using the staff and then I was doing I guess what are they called leg presses yeah and I like injured myself and in this I want to call it I advocate. What's the other one, that's like Sky Attica, there's another auditors is a nerve that comes from Europe is risks by grayish. Dear yes, well, you know what they from, though I dont know what I don't know what it is adding to calling you and I added I advocate most of the time. What you're getting is your lower back you're having your discs or protruding, and your disk I give you have her nation at a desk or if you have a bulging, does its pushing answer nerve and that's it sending their pain. Down- usually you but in India,
your leg in along those lines. Right is that we were getting get over that only if it doesn't go into. My leg is just like this, like right of life, but above yeah yeah yeah. That's it that's a lie. At times you think it's that area. But it's not it's your back in its your back with a disk pushing into the nerves if you had an MRI now an MRI because I'm here, squat legs rights are like like every time I do that I get a flare up and like I'm sure. Well, there's other things you can do to strengthen that area like why like, but very, while this machine called reverse hyper, it's fantastic, perverse, hyper. I have one out outside I'll show to you but was created by the sky. Louis Yemen's from my westside barbell he's he's geniuses given us to give us a new. Platform to it's amazing to what think call Jamie Belt Squat belt squat. I love this thing because you were a belt
The weight is actually point. The weight is behind you showed how works before but you're on this platform and all the weight is on this belt instead of on your shoulders, so you can have like tuna fish pounds or whatever it is, but it's all being carried. So that's that's the thing right there, the machine, but that yet similar to what we have, but the machine that we have is a little bit more complicated. But the point is this: guy comes either any pictures of female doing only guerrillas sprig giant ends up, but the the reverse hyper the he's in wide. So special is forget about this. Second area visitor, there's a girl using that that is more primitive version and one that we have out there. The new on the West side barbell sent us it's just a cable to come through the floor in the weights are actually behind you and it can are you carrying all the weight on your hips which strengthens the legs without putting a load on the back which is friend
Now what I like that for that, so you can get all the leg work. Do you get from squats, but you don't get the pressure on the disks and then the verse. Hyper is a machine that he actually invented. Loosens invented it because he her needed disk doctors, autonomy. We operate on you? Because you have this compressed disc? And so very smart guy, and he know so much about physical fitness and wait. Training hid that's Lui right there. He came up this machine. So he simple, listen. If, if something compressed, something can decompress it. So we came up with this machine What this machine, the reverse hyper, does on the lift it strengthening the lower back muscles. But then, as you, rapid down its swings low and it actively decompress, is of of your disks It would be so scared, that's gonna, like aggravated, you know, I'm gonna trust me. First of all to do with no way the first. You could do it. First with no weight and that's all people are when I introduce people to it. I get haven't, do no way, but for me it's been a giant game changer. So
do that and then there's another thing by Teeter Teeter makes is decompression, decks, scalded DE accepts and from you hanging from the waste you like strap here. I have that outside as well. You strapped your ankles into it and you hanging from the ways and it just all your that's it they're, so that the lady right there in that image, she's holding onto those handles and that's how you gonna get yourself down, but once you get yourself down you just relax and all of your weight, the other guys doing it all your weight is de compressing, the spine, so strong, she's a spine out and decompress as it gives you a lot of relief so between them. Two particular piece of equipment, the reverse hyper and this decks to which- which I fucking love that thing yeah DE acts too, and then, when I get my home jam, hamburger others yet is made by
Teeter Teeter has two things at a really cool. It has those inversion tables which are great, for you know the same thing. You're hanging by your ankles and decompress you spine, but I actually prefer this product from them, because this completely isolates leads to back and you're, not pulling on your knees, new ankles, when you d compressing it's all just decompress in the back and I'll see you, in do leg, extensions and a bunch. You see people doing depths and other exercises from the teeter, but it's a great me seen in really specifically good for back health, lower back health decamped. Passing it and even strengthening, because can do those back extensions, so you hook yourself in to name just lift your battery, and then I don't care to do, but it shouldn't be issue. We scared to do because that's what's going to protect that area, what's gonna protected areas, muscle and strength and also flexibility work. That would be just incredible. I guarantee you it's gonna work cause. I'm so like the whole time.
Had a member shepherds MIKE on pause, but all reason I had once on it. I like scared to do I do freeways I free weights and I'll. Do that? The like I'm just scared of machines and all that get you a trainer that's what I needed, which are needed, because so many people thought themselves out by trying to do things in their own, and I did, and I'm scared like this and now I'm I'm guarantee is just poor warm or tries to do more, I'm a big like I go for my my thing is like my jam is light and during my love going for runs leg, you Know- and I I it's like huge later so great for the mind, that's ways- and I do it like absolutely with with this charter and place, thank as I like to do out. Door runs and I don't have a treadmill or anything that I mean it was like. I finally got a jump right and it came in right when the beaches opened out, but because I can I'm good at jumping rope and yes, we have been doing that, but sauna everyday. In doing using so like I do like ballet stuff, you know, but like I need to deal with this
in train, like muscle mass, is important, yak fur for aging. For short, unknown density, its autumn density, re lifting waits, increases, bone density, tendon strength. Somebody differ very. Those that are so huge because, as your body gets older, does the things that go south and I you know, I'm gonna be forty two next month so low I have so then I'll make you feel better yeah you, I mean get it here that you definitely like your fat, you now. So Anita and just can't I can't ever let it go. That's no and I death, like my diet, you know that's dial the inn and I'm a dappling like do the running and the sauna, but but I need to be better about resist and training for I used to do yoga ally, but you know I became a mom and I am it like. I used to work out like twice a day twice a day. I would do I would you mind: a government that and then I would run now. It's like you know don't realize how much work being a mom was free did it out
Oh, I didn't know what I mean it's more than merely so ignorant, though, if you have no idea, it is, I mean it's times are work. I mean it's insane, I sometimes I like it's like three o clock in the afternoon and, like I never brush my teeth, I haven't showered in a couple of you know the sort of thing like I have to shower now, but like before, before resuming this on every single day, yeah showers, I mean it's like nap timetable. Can I can get work done or could take a shower Where did I do a lot of to do its bit guitar? Thankfully I have helped my mom. My mom is lake. You know she's nana, so she she helps idolize. I couldn't actually get work done it hard, you know, being being a mom. That's you know, I have. I run a business in, but I also Lake wanna be a really good mother. So it's my eyes at its heart.
It is very difficult. It does help if you have some equipment in your house in order that certainly helps yes and that, like we ve been like leaning towards violence, it's our slowly getting to the to the point where we can have more and more words, just like you, you have to have the access it has to be something even you know, do elsewhere and we need to find the trainer just find. Someone can chew. You can learn a lot online, but you have access to resources. You really need to find someone who is willing to come. You live in eleven, an awesome place for fitness. Mean that so many people down in San Diego that you could find right, yeah, I'm someone Ganz some guy who's, Fuckin Jacked knows that a lift weights, you know and then all like, inform them all about dishonour and tell him all benefits us for sure. I'm sure they get a lot.
Maybe I'm sure, there's someone listening to his right. Now is probably the message you and say: do your huckleberry hair will tell you this about the and I've been nice. It's been like just having having the effect. Think the first time I came on your part cast, like an army, yours, it's bad, it's been a while, but I talked about on years Winston yeah. I was like what you weren't twenty twenty. Now, just more than that, the first I'm among so two thousand for towards clean whack, as I was still oppose stock. So yeah I didn't fifteen. I stop. I cut that out. I finish my Bostock, so polish couple studies, so if it is to have fourteen but like dishonor, you know it you spend like something. I count on your part cast the first time and we talked about it and then, of course, continue to Munich, publish videos and articles and stuff, and I'm writing
a review article. Four peer review, pup publication right now, but I there's a woman who reached out to me. She said she was. She had done her. I think her Phd Heather, her beauty owner Psychology, but she had done it with a guy interviewed in the pot cast off your trial rays on who is he's the guy who showed that, like a single hypothermic treatment, which was with the device that raise the core body temperature lake, almost three degrees could have added effect. Will she reached out to me and, like the FDA, shut, that whole machine, down like no. You can't use up research anymore, which going to shut down the whole saga depression. You know research area. So I'm she basically she's gone some funding and she's she's doing. A policy with a new device, which is something you can like by off. Amazon words like us, Sana like your heads out, but like it's like a tent
on a ten year, my wife had one of those before we are dishonor yeah. So it's a little too it's different by its something that you know, she's got a prove that safe before, like the FDA, will lead to even like continue on two, like measure likes to study, how it affects depression, and so I've been able to help- help with connections? I've had help fund new study. She can be doing where she's gonna get depressed patients to basically be expose dishonour, and it's like an intense, like she's, like this intense protocol, we're like she's that you like an hour long and they get really hot and people are giving them tat. What towels? Because, like it's not like it's a what imagine being it's like a hundred and forty degrees, Fahrenheit isn't infrared, but there in there for like an hour, you now and they're, getting they raise their core body temperature measuring that rectally so
but she's going to measure the effects on on you note underpriced patients. So it's really exciting because and they're going to like a dose response where they're gonna see how many the trials resigned. Doktor trawlers on showed one just one single session could result in an added present effect. Six weeks later, she's gonna do try to eight sessions like Microsoft. Conceived he's got closer course of how much time I think it's gonna be once a week once a week for eight weeks and when you say what is it the methodology like? What are they using so but they using these nets. Honour that I was telling you that same thing, so they're using that yeah, that's the sauna, so she right now she her name is doctor outwardly Beiju before where they were saying they caught the wooden Ledum Jose shout it was a device. It was like this device that lake basically is sort of like a foreign for red thing, but it would it would raise your core body temperature through. We know infrared
right now, when what is the difference? What difference when my people Ask me about in Brazil on his infrared yeah, so infrared son, as the main difference between infrared honours, unlike the regular dry son as you and I use, is that the the regular dry on, as are kidding the ambient air rate, and that's then raising our core body temperature through that mechanism the infrared saunas are like they're like changing electrons like they're, like directly heating there, like directly heating, your body, basically without having teeth outside air much, there have been some studies that have compared. I mean there's benefits with these infrared on us that in Japan it's called way terribly it's far infrared and they use it. It's been used to like help even treat different cardiovascular diseases like its showed, improve like current, like chronic heart failure, or something like that. I think so. There's there's benefits with these with the infrared personally. Theirs
I think, there's a lot. There's a lot stronger than is much more research on now dry sand but in Finland they take they take the sauna dry. Sauna has like these hot rocks on. They pour water on top of the hot rock, and so it creates humidity right slowing and so so that's really a common sana like I've. I went in Finland a few years ago. Visited them and some of their son is there in Finland, and so that's a very common thing. I think the call it like firstly caught bourgeois they call it sounds a sound earning collar we're talking, Luella loud or something, but they make the steam do you, or water on your rocks. So our son, is like it's pretty small city. Prisons, and yes, so I can get it manatee like pitched up. If I get it up to fifty percent, I feel like I'm like bright, like I'm burning, presently the cooking yeah, so yeah. If I made a rush, and unlike the summer I gotta go, I got things to do. I got it were so up like poor the for the world,
on a rock? Still? I just get it really feeling really hot, but put my personal favorite is like a nice twenty five minute hundred no, no water, just try like I I like that, but I'm so accustomed to one eighty that are used one in Vegas and when I was there is one sixty is like this is ridiculous forever insides our porn water. On on the thing I got ten bottles of water, and I just poor. In bottles of workers who just me and their right- and I got that Fucker HORIZON was- it was like. Ok now now we're cooking sweat of a storm. It works. I mean, like I said, art is really small, and so like your breathing, like it's like burning, there's a direct formula to when the percentage of humanity and then the increase temperature. The way it feels I give its at one eighty, but of ten percent emailed humidity. It's like you
on the other. Is I don't know what that formula has been absolutely there's a formula and in the lot of the studies in coming out of Finland, many of the people there are using are doing the humid saunas as well. So I mean, I guess, are called finish on us, which runs like they're using though the hot water and steam. They would be amazing to have a son on outside saunas right next to a frozen leg like the way they do, how ya to cut a hole in the leg and then get the party start. What we did I went, I visited dishonest society and it was in November it was cold and its right on a lake, and so they have like the day I went it was not Co. Eddie Oh there, you know it's only women scientists that I went in those like like second off, but so you go and you do these days, they have always different types, and I don't remember there like whipping each other with like Bert
were you now being which, if branches yeah, does the Russians like to do that? They called the banya right the Russian by they beat there with this, these branches that are wet cell Let me tell you my sort: they jump in the leg they go back into doing us, so here's might did I ever tell you my crazy story. Funny story, it's crazy stories! I have a better friend any friend he is, you know, is sorry you're friends or a little eccentric rate. Will this guy he's got he's gotta? You know huge property in like the country, in the Woods Lake and in Finland and select the first time I ever went camping and it like snow camping. It was crazy. It was like the worst thing ever like he had yet to do this, like there's two tents and- and there was a conference that I gave a talk, and so there are some people pay extra to. Let go to this event that that was after it. So there is like
thirty or so people there and their out from all around the world. There's only three Americans me down in some other guy a note for Americans, I think but anyways my first I'm camping like outside, like not in like I've, been to use them. But I like state, a cabin like Rome weaken the tent, where I spent. So it wasn't a great experience, because one there is this guy snored all night. You because it was snow camping. We had two like there is some weird they fire thing and he was in despair, the military, and so we had to do this thing. We're like everyone and had a wake up at. I forgot what it was every hour someone's you get a pass this soon, a big Walter. Nay get lots of like there weren't that many females, but there were some from. I don't know. The UK aired some german honor, but they were all naked like it was there. Believe in you can't we're like swimsuits or anything in this on it. So you have to be like Egypt, where no clothes or, if you, if you really want to, u could wear a towel like if you are modest or wherever, because too damn it's like.
No big deal dishonor you just: u dont, wearing clothes and by that ok, but they were too. I doubt they told me they told me, oh no, this tunnels and a sexual place like really really here he room Asian there. I now, though, so it's only three people were attacked me down in this other american and room was in their naked lots of like there weren't that many females, but there were some from. I don't know. UK earn some german Anna, but they were all naked like it was like. Guess Europeans are like that. You know it they're more use to editors. That's a momentum out what the but the cases but anyways I had people coming after me going. I love your play. Cats in this and, like I'm, gonna, go get before like they were there, and you think I'm gonna be naked, like in this time with us on Monday. That light upon. You know yes large in Europe. It is so anyway, I'm in the sun, everyone's naked and then he begged and and
it was my friend. Ok he's still. My friend he's he's an interesting guy, but he had like people come started doing yoga subject. Turning into Jesus make it could do and where you may, therefore, like my my fur finnish sauna experience where it was lying people or to open, ended. There really are when it comes to things like this happy and it was lagging a towel. If you want because he has, I won't do it a boy get out of here. Not staring at my junk. Yes, then I wouldn't they are all jumping in the leg after and unlike I may just sit This party with freezing, here in Finland in November, I'm not gonna. Take my towel often jump in the lake rare like fragrance orgy, whereas swimsuit. Why says? Who? What is that? France's zero difference in the benefits of a he, some cohabiting, it's a cultural thing, and also he claimed that there's like toxins, released from one of those assholes fuck off buddy I gotta swimsuit are
Ok, the yoga with bad got worse than he had some whipping taking with the birch. Wouldn't you wanted, like two demonstrated, so we had like one the Brittan girls like and useless I really was displaying ails you list with the here's that the here's, the truth like I was hot, as fuck it's all I I didn't care anymore. Like I care about my Talbot and care. What was going on? I was trying to look everyone you know. Look at in, one is the Do you know what Mary like? I don't see that when people get actual to cause it's hot and sweaty in these guys like got? It sounds like he's a little bit of a cult leader, I like no one needs to be naked, does with our gimme that cause he passed out like this flyer, like we were doing all these events these events were happening as fire passed out, it was like we're reading it- and I was like says you have to you- can't work closer, some suitor swimsuit or anything. I packed my sons enormous suit- and you can't tell people- can't wear clothes
his own homes on a convenient, but you could wear towel sound great thanks, buddy, you all that toxins too soon someone's talkin about cleansing toxins like fuck, it was like so put off with the toxins stuff like it's funny cause dishonor like that's like the one like four years, like benefits about Cyber always got toxin drain re there, always nice little dioxins. What are you talking about like show me what you're saying when you talk about you talking about just regular sweat, but it dies, you know. Actually, you dear regulates what I gather swear. It doesn't have to be from cyanide from exercise, but you do you do without certain compounds lake aluminum, aluminum playing it's funny that you, you can actually excrete certain conduct compounds better from sweat than urine cause. That's another way of eliminating things yarn, but more a limit cadmium and there's one other that I don't remember, herbs swear it's like the best way to get to it. Conversations. You have a people that are into releasing toxins aside,
hockin mumbo jumbo talk. Most of the time I try now I'm trying not to judge like I really should judge, but I have of our time you should when they start to go there and like you, should have a hard time and he should judge like do you I feel puts us. They say things that they don't really know what the fuck they're talking about may say it with such authority and I've had those conversations in public. As before, to where people people like this, they start getting into the toxins in the more fun and like Andreasen require just like. Ok, let me start So you some benefits like some real benefits. Cardiovascular, did you know that it actually mimics exercise, like literally, like that's, been shown its been like compared like twenty five minutes in the sauna? Twenty five minutes on a stationary bike and same things are happening. You know, like blood pressure goes down Afterwards, heart rate variability improves. You know so saying things
happening. Your increasing plasma volume, heart rate increases core temperature increases right. Size is doing the same thing. That's the antidepressant effect like that. I feel from this honour that Charles resign published that you now and that Doctor Doktor Mason. Hopefully carry on the torch. I think it's real and I think that there's there's potentially multiple mechanisms immune, we know modulations, but also just the fact that, like beady enough you know, there's a study showing that hot bad stew increase beady enough and be enough for brain, Dr Neuro traffic factor, which why would you think of really would know what that means? I know I just that I thought I'd one that live near that everyone. Millions of you, I mean you when you say it, we are what we said it. Ok, yeah, brain driving, I d and F brain derive
new Tropic fact yeah. What's so amazing about this Neuro Tropic factor- is that it's always thought about in the context of like brain aging, because it helps you grow new, neurons, its narrow agenda, it helps us already existing neurons survive, but there's stuff is now showing that it regulates was called Neuro plasticity, which is like the ability, like your brain Your brain changes, you know, with the changing environment, be able to adapt to the right, like children are really good at that, like they have a lot of euro plasticity, but neuro plasticity is its associate with depression like not like nobbing able like stressful conditions and stuff, like that, like not being able to adapt and not using like the best. Firms, but neuro plasticity, something along those lines and the social and Envy DNS plays a role in than we do now has been shown to be. You know to increase with exercise and also with heat stress of glad you brought up
bout that something that I wanted to cover before we got off track. When we talk about sauna, when people they don't have access to us on how much benefit ten they get out of a hard fight. You put that up, because there is now such a couple of things. One there was a study that showed hot bath can haven't. Antidepressant effect in these people were put in hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit Bath where they were up to their shoulders. Fairylike. Twenty to thirty minutes and the sham control was like. A green light, like some people, thought they were getting treatment. There being some kind, a green light therapy or what I work and also is. It was a placebo control because placebo stifling rail, particularly with depression, and at it it it had a pre, powerful enterprise. In fact, very similar to Charles resign study with the the hypothermic chamber thing when
say antidepressants, there's no real way to measure the head of this whole yeah I mean so. There are some kid. There's potential biomarkers being identified. You act protein been one inflammation inflammation plays a. There is like a huge link now between. Mean system, chronic inflammation and depression, brain function and general bring aging, but inflammation. So I mean that's that there, There is a push for looking, but not all depressed patients have it's like there's a subset of sea react protein, but yeah depressions measured, it's a view, very much like to have someone so a subjective measure. Would be an a clinical, a clinical person like measuring whole battery of things. They do. I forgot the name of the tests, but yeah. That's that's the test, so it's like, basically the battery of feeling things not like a hard core quantitative biomarker, which is so badly
needed, but on the hop ass have also been shown. So he talk proteins which do you like, maybe there's somebody amazing things that he chalk proteins. Do they ve been trying to prevent muscle atrophy in that you know in the brain are so important like preventing proteins from aggregating in the brain. That's how I first got in that they won my first biological experiments ever because I was a chemistry, major college, so during all chemistry, stuff, organic chemistry and like chemistry, by dumb. After I graduated. I went to work at the Sulk Institute for Biological Sciences, employer working an aging lap and one of the first experiments had that I was doing way when my first projects we are taking the human amyloid, beta, gene and and getting him in these worms. These Newman worms- I don't like fourteen or fifteen days and we're making them formed amyloid plaques in their muscle? So they? Basically you you look at these little worms under a microscope. Settling the half a million half a millimeter in today
round now like they get older and are age, they don't move as quickly and other kinds lower a little more to anyway. You gave him this amyloid beta and after, like a couple of days, they become paralysed where they're like weighing on their their little petri dish plate on the kola food you you're you're, giving them, and they can move around just a few that their knows just moving around and so when we would give them tons of future proteins. In addition to the amyloid totally reversed it like completely that what they would move around Bianca anyways each proteins play a role in like manner decline of disease, also, some links to lake improving depression in animal studies, But can you measure he talks are each of bath verses sung answer that's been done so dishonor. I know of one study where people that sat in a hundred and sixty three degrees Fahrenheit sign for thirty minutes. Had he chalk proteins, let their levels were fifty percent over baseline and which scrape and that usually, like animal studies, show that that can they can stay l
waited for like forty eight hours after that there is a hot, that's day you, where they also elevated, wasn't quite as high, but it was like me now, forty or so percent higher than basin levels- and it was a hundred and four degrees, but this study set of doing it from the shoulders downpour. I told you about. The depression was like only twenty thirty months. It was like from the waist down, so they had to stay there for an hour thicket jacuzzi. You know what you're sick from the waist down and like its high like thing and a hundred and four that's the three heart, but he talk, proteins did increase, so I think you know four, four people that don't have access to as sauna that hot bows absolute league are a good modality for heat stress and I used it for a long like I said I just gotta, like I've, I've been I've made a career about Turkey that saunas. You know what I just got one like last month so like like. I understand what it's like to have a son and have to use hot bath, but I was also using the gems on us, but right now, it's like
There's no gems are opened. So there is a hot browser, like the only the only really choice if you dont have a hot honour and our homes on what about culture proteins and mean how much difference Is it between taking a really cold shower ice bath, verses, something like Crile growl therapy, the place that I took you to, So I mean there's, there's differences in I mean so it depends on how long you're staying in a cold you, no water, cold shower, like actually being submerged like from like, if you like, ocean, or something or lake, and you're like from your shoulders down like that's, probably much more powerful than just haven't a shower by the way the shower like some days. Unlike what matter this, this is not cold at all. You know it's just so variable where'd, you, like seven southern California, living by the Board of management. Yesterday, so so ever itself, most time
now I shower right after something: that's like my shower right now, and so it like it sucked. I do about six minutes and it's so easy for me. I totally have adapted I'm not sure if I've just totally adopted or if it's just like my faucet doesn't get his life just doesn't get cold at cold. Like I really doesn't today, I took a cold shower from home and add my son is not there and I did it gif they wanted to have the mood affects the northern Efron, that's been shown to be increased and it was much colder. But then again it was a different shower. I'm not sure. If I could. I didn't have the hot before you know before him like the hopping hot and they getting in the we'll shower like it just feels really isn't shock, but the cold shock. You ask me closer proteins bit that that hasn't really been measured in humans on what is measured most the time with cold shock is nor up in Akron Release and Nora Efron in plasma, and there has been studies correlating Europe, an effort in plasma upon cold exposure, Norman Efron, releasing plasma too in the brain words involved with. Like me,
food and focusing attention so there's been studies were like you do a two minute: Creole, wherever the average temperature it's really cold mine, two. Forty is that women yap and then that could be. Can air to like you, know a lot, longer a longer duration. In fifty degree me now fifty degrees, Fahrenheit Water or something like that can pick. I don't remember the exact time, but but it is common. Able, but you have to stay in a longer duration, so some people prefer ice bass. Some athletes prefer the ice bath versus Carl Therapy, even though it is probably more painful because it last longer have you done those eyes now, I've done it, I've only on the cry or so. I've have you ever done the cold shower after your Sana. Yes, Do you like it. I like it along like a particularly after hot yoga after hot year after year, this, especially in the winter, when it's actually called the waters cold. That's when I love it. There's something
mood enhancing. I mean these things also affect immune system, but it is also very relevant, both cold and burning hot. They both have been turned to increase limpid site numbers and also, like other my wits, Elles and stuff. I mean people but but leg There's something like I've done. The sauna then gone into an ice bath, and then you know it's just really is hard. It's cold feel good. But man, you know, I think, just like the got the guy's house, I was doing in trying to impress I'm so You know that I'm hard core, like its, but it was, it was pretty tens I do. I do eventual want to get some kind of like they have those like like ice those bath that you can like regulate, regulate the water temperature. Yeah, no one's that you plug in gambling, they're, not ice bass and allow the school was much work like ice, yet we wanted
No one here were probably gonna. One of doing get one here right could have two hours and what the shower exercise kind of useless civil uses this on a year. Gamey, just me, you don't use. The funny is occasionally occasioned by also had a GMO is going to lapsed, and you do use this honour their right, yeah yeah. I use it every day, I usually use it at home, but sometimes I use it here when I like right after work out like if I work out try to get to work out here before you know like before you podcast time will have an extra hours. I can get the sauna death awesome makes it. Difference for me, but I also just I think It might be a little too much before like most trying to regulate how much active I do with whether or not Big Saucy. Why do a podcast. Because I used to do yoga and then come on. I would get out a yoga eleven or a ten thirty.
Do a podcast at twelve and ass. I woof array a better way to one because I just peace because ninety minute, yogurt classes in a hundred and five degrees is fuckin rough with intent is rough. I've only didn't backroom a couple times. I would love to like. Do it more. I loved it. I have rarely laptop, but I would wonder- and I know there's there's supposedly some sort of Harvard studied its ongoing right now- measuring all sorts of markers and people that have done hot yoga. And whether or not it mimics headshot proteins are created in the sauna, because the thing is like You are getting this incredible cardiovascular exercise, your hearts, beating like crazy, you not doing com. YO per se, but your heart rate goes gets jacked because of the heat the strategy, and then harbour that, even though it's only a hundred and five degrees, your body He is heating up, you're, you're, really so sweating up a storm in their make its I've taken some friends there that have never
where's it before, and I forgot you overcome on yoga. Get in there. And then I look over item fifteen miles an hour and am I got it- I told you it's it's now. You think it is because you're doing like yoga, even uncoupled from the heat strict like the hot part yoga is, is also like. It's brilliant. And later holding those positions and start like your heart rate does start too wait a minute like just from that alone, on the sauna which mimic moderate physical activity that shown absolutely mimics there and then all you know said that have shown that top. That I mean that's like it's. It's that superintends civilians, the group, the really the thing about, and I want to get my mom. I think when we of dishonour like to our home, where it's not like the office. Like I want to people that are not people that are sedentary, and people are sedentary for whatever reason, maybe they're sedentary because are disabled or maybe they're sedentary because they had left. I'm a big sedentary in its day. It is just hard to get
motivated to go exercise like this. To me is like that's so important, because it's giving these people a potential cardiovascular work out. No, it is has been shown, is given them accorded ask a workout without having to force them to go for a ride. Are gonna sit down like you know that people? think like when you Tom GO sit in the sauna they think of like a spot like you, I want to go. Do that you get someone who's like like my mom, who she is. She sedentary. You know she's she's, not like physically active person, and she needs to be wrong, but like sauna. That's that's kind of my goal is to get our doing and we have to start slowly because you have to adapt you. You know that he chuck proteins help with that as you, the more
the more times your exposed to heed stress and the more adapted you are like the that he chuck virgins increase quicker, and so it is partly adaptation process, as well as of now being able to handle the heat stress but, like I want to get her to do that because, like any, you know, any cardiovascular improvements can help. Her moods can help her her. You know all cause mortality. That's been shown, you know four to seven times a week. Forty forty percent lower all cause mortality, cardiovascular, motel, you, these fifty percent lower. You know so, like I think that's a really cool thing about this honour is that you can get people that are disabled people that can't go for a run. You know I mean I still think exercise a minister at the best thing ever know period for everything, but you know for everything is just going to overall improve the what you age and that's gonna, making more robust and resilient to anything. You saw me to me: is there so many benefits, but one of the big ones
is that muscles feel better? They feel looser lived in their not as sore like when I have hard work out Can I get the sauna afterwards? I feel it were my recoveries, more rapid, interesting, that's interesting! I because I don't u resistance. Training came on me. I don't I don't have that same perspective, but it there. There happened. Studies at least we're localised I'm here on people that had a limb and mobilize, I don't remember what limit was, but after a week on people that had the heat treatment, local heat treatment had almost forty percent, less muscle atrophy, and in shoot in animal studies and, like I remember I like, this animal study and in article I wrote years and years ago before the human said he came out and link their critics, lids animals and bubbled up, you can say it does this and I would get on them in his em, they showed it with each proteins and there's all you know like, and I was so happy. When I came in steady, came out of sight, told you, I told you motherfucker
that's what I wanted to say you just a few of those those guys that you, like you like me, b? I just I don't know like do a bit comprehend exceptional. Let it you're and understand things, and you know it don't have that exact, steady just yet, but like I know that it's gonna help with muscle atrophies people of to dismiss thing. Saunter, yes, really do, and even of even if the wrong they just loved like fixate confirmation buys a little possible potential things yet and light. Knelt miss it so have just being open minded and go, and I think that happens a lot too with like social media because like for example, if I share one study I'll share like an an epidemiological study as like its twitter, no I'm doing a hundred and forty care or whatever the chain, and I know what the characters are now, but I'm doing a small number of characters. I'm just showing one study and if it happens to be a non randomize control trial than you know, it's just correlation. Doesn't it you know, doesn't equal causation and take sometimes I just share
story because one, I think it's interesting or too, because I've read a bunch of you. No evidence surrounding this top you know about all the other clinical evidence. All the genetic has all the animal like an, and so I have knowledge base year, and so I share a study that maybe isolated in and of itself, not the strongest study, but you know it, like the chairman of the Commons cat, like can someone us, so I tried to strike up a conversation in a porter part because it affects me, like I'm, the kind of person where, like I liked to make people happy like it bothers me when people are like unhappy. It bothers me when people like within I dont go on whether period, because most people are unhappy or Youtube. Now I mean it. I guess that's not really the case for me, it is at the bigger audience that for you for sure I mean the bigger you're audiences, the more you get that this is what it explain to a friend of mine who is on the pod gas who do read the comments and I go juice, have to stop and think. Ok, even if just one
one per cent of all of my people that go from Instagram like you're reading comments. One percent are assholes, just one point, which is probably really conservative right Theatre Room full of people is a hundred people in the room. What are the odds at one of those gonna be an asshole? It's a hundred percent right. That means. There's ninety two thousand assholes why that's untenable! You can't manage Ray ninety two thousand shit heads who have half ass their whole life and there they want is there a bad day, they want to shoot people down, make people feel bad and just don't yeah, it's not worth it, I doubt and its, and I feel for those boy a genuinely do. I feel for people that are in that state, where they realise that they're not dare not happy, though, not happy with their own before
it's an unhappy with their lives are probably not happy with the relationship of their job and they just want to spew nonsense and negative garbage. I mean that's that's the point. Problem with not being able solutions that has really deletion of the actual cliff twenty five milligrams. Anybody I rang Tango gets mother flavors to the that the problem with that is you'll fixated on the one person? It says, the negative Zactly, it's a gnat, unnatural human inclination and that that fixation for me keeps me up at night, but later don't very like I'm not good at it. It doesn't happen much anymore because, like oh, I try like not to read of guns much better. What I'm telling you know in the early days of social media before I got a handle on mobility factors for stress, so taxing like you'd get into discussions of people. Who am I too important to be critical? And I get like.
You know that there is. There are people that are really trying to make me. Nepal something in theirs, there's all sorts of incentives for being hypercritical Well, if you had rational people who were kind folks who have interesting viewpoints and they looked at something and they found something to be wrong with that and they handled it with you know, grace in some sort of modicum of dignity and kindness, they'll be great, meaning, then there are those be right here sure like if you were having a discussion with a good friend and the good friend was looking something that you said and said. I disagree because of this look. I have conversations with good friends all the time and even on the part of yes, where I disagree with them, but we handle it like friends, may the, but that's the problem with twitter. Is it you see that person, you don't you don't know them, you dont want to please them. He does be mean that's what a lot of people are doing and they just getting the rocks off to exert, and I feel like now for a while.
During the pandemic, when it started in the lockdown started, people were nicer, there was less social justice outraged was less than but now it seems like it's times gone on people getting more frustrated and more desperate and more depressed, because their locked up it seems like its wrapped up, it's hot. I mean this is unfair, didn't ray I'm responsible. It is. I miss amiss my life before the pandemic. I miss taking place under the park. I miss her or soccer classes, and I mean like music I miss it. It is hard, my kids, you haven't drive by birthday parties with a drive by with fuck in Bosnia, the window happy birthday like fuckin. These are never going to forget this than ever. FED a weird. This is to do another, their classrooms on ICE I make this is so weird Iceland's at an age where he's this is he's not gonna, really remember what mean pending. I you know. I really think that I think things will start to will start to get.
Better while it still does not want to move to place where it's better, because I think the way this cut this date is handling in his fucking, terrible that treating us like we're infants some of the list. They have given you have proven activities are not approve an activist. That's highlights it for me because the lizard of you seem haven't. I didn't even know that pull it out Jamie there, so fuckin stupid. Because you gotta realise realize these people that are writing these lists. These are not experts. These are bureaucrat these are politicians. These are people that really have no business telling you what to do. And what not to do their fools, but during the war is to influence millions and millions of people, so they have the ability to tell forty million people, what they cannot get to make their lives. Just like every this. Looking this athletics best, went in singles throwing a baseball softball the immense riding canoeing singles grabbing- grabbing you'll find crabs. Cycling?
spling rock pools. Oh can I can I explored rock pools? You fucks gardening, not groups Gulf singles, walking! No cart. What why why can't? I take my card. Who are you well hiking trails, pass allowing distancing horse riding singles jogging running it gets, gets grocer, meditation, Oh, you can do outdoor photography, I didn't know, I thought that was gonna kill everybody well, what is what concerns the top of this? What what's this headlight? What is this pay truth work. Tyrannies lay off for the cavalry, gets worse kid scroll down, it gets so stupid towards the end. A look soft, martial arts tight. She come not in groups chicken they'll be listed. The martial arts fuck off table ten singles trail running tramp leaning. Ok, you got trampoline thanks, didn't know how others one watch the sun rise or sunset about wash the car. You can walk,
the car, oh great, That is why I thought rocks were far from the fuckin sky and I couldn't wash the car Jesus Christ, but that's what drives me bankers in all cases, you- should only do these activities alone or with men. Of your household, make sure you keep six feet of distance between you and those outside your household, you How have you been like doing comedy? Birds like I have now have you been were like start right now now, never Nathan blow. Yes, I should, but I've been I've decided is just except where this is and then one common comes about to open up. Then I'll start writing again. But I'm just I'm adjust accepting where this is and I want to. I want to have an honest take on it. Be manufacturing, take or trying to come up with some sort of a hot take, how I feel, but I want to Know- I really feel about this- and power really feel about this very different. Now, verses
the way it was in March, because March I was concerned, and I was like Jeez crisis could be terrible. If we really have to stockpile food, we really have to make sure that we have water purification we really have to be careful here now, I'm like we gotta, be careful, he's fucking politicians now in the place where you it does have to understand these people. People are starving. You don't have any money, you're telling me what I can when I worked for you telling people, you can go to work in some places like wise, it ok to work at target, but it's not ok to work in a family business. Why is it? Ok? Let's? Let's figure out testing, quarantine, the people who are sick. This strategy that you Have you not adjusting in adapting you dont adjusting the day into the numbers, the mortality numbers two, because their way or than they were before us. Now, you have this understanding of the ace is symptomatic people and how many people have tested positive that are asymptomatic, gets off the charts it somewhere there. Range and in many studies seventy plus percent of people that getting contact with this too.
Are asymptomatic, Potass positive for the disease. That's crazy, asymptomatic, yes, So that's the thing we gotta right here, but about gotta be careful, but maybe recently are already the fifty could be. Like me, there's probably arrange friends had already come on entire disease, it's out of their sex, they never felt it. Yeah have one and who he did, he had tightness in his chest, but he actually was in outside of the Han like in December. So he was, I got I can only be now like at the time he just bought it some like a little like, but I would ask all testing, but it was like just mostly just tightness. He said it wasn't, like you know, that's crazy about this. It so this so many variables in terms of how people how people are affected by it. What goes wrong and because there are so many variable, yeah, there's you're you're, you're genetics. There's your immune system like what? How is your immune system shaped? What you're there's your diet? That's included in your vitamin d status, your you know, there's theirs
you know the other interesting thing in and there's been no studies with Sars Cove too, but there have been influenza studies showing that viral dose really interesting studies that have been done. We're gonna, who volunteers for these daddy's by like sign me up to get in points. I want to be clear. You, anyway, loading via somehow get peep healthy people. The two to do that in there's been these these, where people are like when they internees all like, will give on various taters of influenza virus and they tried to the point of the studies to figure out what viral dose and they have like some measurement, indeed in tissue culture number whatever and they found like take to make people have symptoms ripe and they found with Influenza Africa, which a or something I think one of the strange was like they could do a certain dose. Tend to the seven in tissue culture, whatever units where it's seventy percent of people would get like symptom, some ranging from fever. You know coffin all the influenza. You now flew symptoms,
and when they went down to from tended the seven listening when I attended the five only like ten percent people, we're getting. Silk is kind of interesting that viral doze at least with influenza and there's actually winds and other studies. I think measles also that it is, it is a thing not something that you want like going experiment with yourself, but you know that's another pie- stability Rivah showing evil nor about nurses, yes, they're getting waymore, sick, rare, because there I mean that could be one reads: brain reigned there, their actual job is to be around infected people and their interests. In these people and their there did their direct to Catherine primary dryers. Like writing their phases right with some of them. They have poor people, especially in the beginning, when you're seeing these people there were like using a makeshift masks and Jack trying to intolerable gather think what the masts you know. Four four people I mean real,
putting the economy- and you know some places of more and more successful. You know, like you know, even even like Japan and for you know the wearing. The mass, like the cloth mass, doesn't do much to prevent you from breathing and maybe a respiratory droplet or something or aerosol wrote that book, but it will prevent you from spreading it well enough to suit too, to a certain degree. Like I get that people don't wanna where mass like its sacks like who that you know for once to wear a mask, but maybe to open, up the economy again like now. Maybe they, where everyone could wear masks if there to be inside around a bunch. People are than keeping me kindly clatter than keeping the economy clause I'll army going to do it? It's not going to be forever. You know why it's not going to be forever because we're going to figure this stuff out, we are like it's already were already finding repurpose therapeutics monoclonal antibodies people working on it. That's going to be coming soon
monoclonal antibody, oh they remember. You're talking about the law must not hold. You pointed out is that their identifying antibodies that can neutralize the virus and they're gonna grow and manufacture them and given the people it'll help treat event, with identify one that you know work. What kind of a time! What do you think they have some point this. I think that I think things are gonna. I mean I think that these therapies can start the monocle. So, like Rome does there is already been identified and there may start to identify other ones like the pin create a straw, pink, the tightest drug in Japan, chemist tat, something there's the Pepsi. I mean there's a lot of different replacing drugs that are being investigated. You know I think, over the next couple of months and then regenerating Knowed doing one is colonel antibodies! I think in the next couple of months we will have more therapeutics. Then we have right now at that that'll that'll make things less scary. People will be less scared of getting sick because they have, as you know, will have a better idea of. Oh, we have some more. You know things that can therapies,
we treat this. You know successfully. Hopefully, people are going to start. Looking at the vitamin d really like that, I really hope that, if not just I hope people are gonna, we now take their vitamin d or ass. Their doctors take it. You know but yeah, I think, then, a couple months alike can you? Where am I for a couple of months and the huge white not gonna work to just have the people at a reasonable where the mask, because the cloth math isn't going prevent them from getting me another era civilised if your spreading and asymptomatic, which is that that's been shown that you, if you are symptomatic that cities, you said mention a while ago, but how pre symptomatic wrists asymptomatic after a week when they can back to measure the people again. They found that out of the thirteen ten of them actually dig it. Sometimes there are three that were asymptomatic had as much theirs. They had were spreading, I'm sorry shedding as much virus that could make them. You know basically contagious and They basically able to transmit strewn. So the point is that I think that no people don't want to wear masks, and I have I have found,
members that Lake think it's late infringing their freedom, you know and like it it does stock. I know p or were in. The thing is like also children and on how to tackle that miss you cause it's really hard. That's that's seems a little more difficult, but like adults, you know- and you know, I think- that if you're working on open your restaurant back up here, you know, like you, ass. I think that that seems like a good compromise raining the children, it's real weird with this disease, because there is some children are getting sick, but it's a very small number, but many children are getting Contact with this is to this disease and how many of them are asymptomatic, but are spreading. So there have been there. Ve been quite a few studies. Look children not are asymptomatic, symptomatic children, have mild symptoms and children that are symptomatic, and So far so far, the studies have shown for the most part that children, even that are, are shedding as much virus as both children
are symptomatic and adults that are symptomatic, meaning there lie there able transmit their shutting. The virus threaten sprinkler systems, they are their Sarah, lingering horizontally, like I used to never get sick, and then I became a mom, and I mean I think, first of all that the first year it hard because I wasn't sleeping you know cause you have to like every three hours. You got. A feat with the baby, a giant factory ministers. Sleep is huge. We didn't talk about that. I know you ve had now Walker on a hot cousin, I mean he's talked about it before, and lots of other researchers have studied this. Leap is so important, for I mean function. I mean so important about me. We're all now no one's work. He sent the frankly getting worse sleep now, but there are also stressed never anxiety. Particular their bills are piling up and they have no income through its awful always really awful. It's all! Really often it's awful for some of these people I didn't do anything wrong do anything wrong. I built a business now that business is crushed man. I think you got
rights. De winter, it's been shut, there's been seasonal level, friends janitors Huns upsetting this especially given the option, but where this is not a plague that we thought it was going to be. This is not the horrible tragedy, not it's not! It's dappling, like I'll agree with you not like. I think. Like a month and a half ago I mean I thought I was going to see body bags in the street like I was. I was like this is like going to really bad. I was terrified and in not been that bad, I mean New York City got hit pretty hard, but you know we ve we have been on. Lockdown that has to be counted for you. I would have liked to see him in New York City, particularly when they were getting hit. You think this is New York City in January, which is January its winter time, people knocking on our door I wonder how much did vitamin d deficiency varies dependent upon that's the winter winds, it's been shut, there's been seasonal level of funds is a tons of studies showing that vitamin d levels are much lower
winter time it also correlate. There's been studies correlating it with you. EL, the fact of disorder and all that, but yes January all those eight its vitamin d deficiency is lower for sure that, but I would like to see a study on whether or not it varies between the east coast in the West Coast, because over here we do have all these sunny days in writing out side far more often than they are in New York, circulating of Warner yeah and they were less clothes there weren t shirts there weren't shorts, you know, do you have more skin exposed? Someone might have done that study I would like to see that started because it makes sense People are shitty or over there, maybe Why should you you know, I mean they're called and grumpy, I'm sure, but also maybe that is not feeling well because vitamin d deficiency places, turn that as well, and I would also like to see something done. Whether or not that contributes to how many people get sick over there, because when I given these curves, why lived in New York? I got sick way more than I get sick out here, I'm for sure healthier, more cog, descent
so, I think, I think, all of the things player all personally. I think that you know that there has been enough evidence showing that bite. Him indeed plays a role in its particular respiratory infections. I did the psychosocial stress, like stress, cortisol like that, but damp the immune system. You know so when you are stress, you're, you're, you're, basically you're, not in a good situation too, to fight off as your mentioning with your friend when you're stressed out, like your european system. Is is dampened and your you are more susceptible to illness for sure. That's also, that's also known You know, I think, all those things and then the sleep wide so rough willows people stuck inside and stressed out. You know all this: the financial pressures that people experiencing right now, because the lockdown yeah it's really it sell out or by yeah it horrible horrible inside getting better? I hope I just hope. I hope that means we can reach.
When the economy in a very safe manner, in where we don't have like flare up that you know we don't want to be sent back to like shelter and place again like belong. You know don't do it again, I'm Devlin! I can't do it the way it was before. If it's the same disease, I don't think it's warranted. It doesn't make any sense to me I say not Ex soviet numbers underlining now right. I think social distancing makes sense. Sanitizing, making sure year, you're using hand, sanitizing and cleanliness and all the good stuff but if you want to wear mask in public that makes sense to get it. But this spell it's like inside when you're in places, I think like if you're going grocery shopping. Yes sure, but tell people about that. What work I mean I test when it comes near you you told me, you'd been tested and I guess got tested on Sunday and tested unclear, and I did that right when I got back from Jacksonville Luxembourg workmen florid, even though everybody has been tested other detested again,
just just for the five year, I'm hoping that the accuracy of the peace your test improves. I don't I haven't you know I don't know if there's like, but you mention one test of my becoming. I hope that through the saliva biased I dont you no matter what factor do you think play like one? talking about saunas before one? I think this is a respiratory disease. And this is something where your breathing in these particles and from what I understand- that this is a vulnerable virus in terms of the temperature that it can survive in Galilee it's in your body, but when he if it's in your nostrils or if it's in your respiratory tract in your breeding in that heated sauna, air does not have any effect. At all on on viruses. I think they're gonna that hasn't really been studied. You know it if the virus is like right in here now, strolls, I don't know
maybe, but I think it's already like getting its. If it's already getting inside the respiratory area, like your bodies, kind of maintaining home, you stay so like the huge every rituals some of it off, but I waiting and reduce the viral load. I think that, but I think I know you don't want to respect while now I think what is actually the sun is actually its improving your immune system and I think that doing the sauna is making you more resilient. A guest against infection like they're gonna, look like that's, been shown, spend small trial showing that people doing Sana. I forgot the duration, but there be no. They. They were much less likely to come down with common cold, but you know they had to be doing it for lake at least three months. To something that you could like your mentioning? Do you know that at the time of getting it also the respiratory illnesses connection there? have been correlation studies out of Finland, showing that people actually think this study was made. In only men that do not use the sauna two to three times a week.
There are twenty seven percent less likely to have new Mona after correcting for and there if they use on a forty seven times a week there, forty percent forty one percent less likely to connect them. Only after correcting for socio economic status, physical activity, cholesterol law You no smoking, see your pity like asthma, all those like no one disorders, so you know the sign it does seem to have be associate with lower incidents of pneumonia, but its thought to be because of immune. You know perturbations and also like the theirs, The heat, hitchhike proteins and all those things like help, there's like an antioxidant effect in the lungs like things like that, so each eye proteins, Also, do have antiviral activity against illegal influenza a so that each proteins directly connect activate urinate immune system, but they also of antiviral activity against. Influenza virus. So you know, I think, that the that that the heat stress and on it
now. There's another study that did look at humidity and the effect of committee on a basically like that plenty of your epithelial cells in your airway nostrils and serve to filter out particles and particulate matter and, like viruses and stuff, and and humidity actually made a big difference like humidity like the higher the more humane, the better that was was acting basically able till you're able to like filter out. Duff whereas dry, it was like sense, so it doesn't make sense, but I dont get I just don't know the answer. Your question, I'm not sure I, when the whole thing started when the lockdown started was getting the sauna really hot than us porn, a bunch of water on a nose breathing big long, deep knowledge is burning, but I feel in detail how from killing you bitches, you dirty viruses, and it would take these long deep knows: Brandon the whole inside of my nose bill, extinguishing and everything, but inside it's gotta be killing these things,
Not only that, but then you know I was talking to a doctor about it is like you well, you know I was. I would it as an austrian right I was asking him- was enhanced rumours it both hotels, maybe gap in he was like you. Wouldn't be able to breathe in that temperature would widen. And be hot enough to kill my of maybe the way you do How are you people, Do you ever saw me just thing we're sitting there in breathing, you know you're breathing is higher than the steam is high and earning, but the question is is, like you know, there's there's homeostatic processes in these cells and stuff, and so is it Actually I was doing the sauna too hot. At one point time I was doing it two hundred ten degrees cause of crazy lair Laird Hamilton? Had we can vows? That's not so thick ass. I did I have done. I haven't. I
I have like I've. I've been to two Rick Rick Rubens housing we ve done like is like two hundred something barrels, Laird him down their arms. Lessons learned I talk but like I was about I go to one of his leg, literally gonna gonna play and go to quiet, and, unlike Laird, I'm doing this x pretty thing and bring in my sign. We're going all like make. A trip in this area happening in March right when it all went down like a k one day. One day later, it will entail do so. He gets in over two hundred degrees with a fucking air dine bike. With of inmates on crazy. Asshole is riding in air dine which- and I say, crazier us all with all due respect the lovely guy, but he's Ryanair airtime machine in a fucking sauna. Why brow, I think, I did that two hundred and eighty, I bet you was the same because they like do the same protocol link, and this was like to ten or twenty it was so hot later like like I was, I was like
on some kind of mine altering drug like this topic- and I think that's the point with those as the other thing that happens is and then we'd go into this ice. Bad there's like this bathrobes Zion, we're like did all his eyes and I can set out like trying to oppress rake sexting and I spent long they could you know you got a clue. Do I get my money back into the sauna and, unlike getting back into this two hundred and ten or twenty to resign, and you feel like it's like room but your cause. You were just in this ice bath in weirdest feeling is room, and then you do that, like we did it like three or four times I don't remember, but but I was like I started out the conversation like each proteins- and I was like talking science and at the end of that the conversation oceans billing everything like telling them, although is kind of you open up. Basically sang I dont remember, but I was talking science you're alive,
they were all going to die and then the sun going to explode it's going to create carbon, it's going to create more life, forms I think I Gabby Gabby Lair wife. She she has a particularly she did so little does it called it. The truth barrel or something It was at one time the names changed, not, but I thought that was so awesome because she named after like dishonour, because the truth comes out. You destroy talking like start now, its intense judgment, I wondering anyways, two hundred and ten degrees. I was finding those was burning. My throat and I think I was too often too is burning my ears, and so we were, it was dry for us. I wasn't, I wasn't experiencing eyes much but had to like it on the floor because, like I felt my hair was going to fall out like Burke known so hot, so how long he regained game your hat, so
I dont remember we were I mean I was like China, the specifics of what is that in a fit of it. Being that hot, though, is there any benefit to that over one? Any I well, I mean, I think, You could just stand for so that beset the thing. So the thing is: is that like with most The studies that have been done, looking at the benefits on cardiovascular, health and all in all cause mortality, quite a bit loans like twenty minutes at a hundred and seventy four degrees. But you know if you are, if you like, if you're at two hundred and ten, you can't stand there for twenty five may as our Twentyman Clayton, though I mean I guess, eventually got vows Boeing, we were in there. I was in therefore I dont know how long that I've gone the ice back then go back in there, but I would get out in our core actually enough for twenty minutes. Oh yeah tuna, ten degrees and I would get out- and I would go on to the matter in just call lapse. Yeah. That sounds like too much event
too much do you do you do like electric light? Replenish, may I say, yeah yeah yeah is taken. Would I ve actually yeah illiquid I visa great electoral it's a promise I take, but you know what I announced where work: corn popcorn, why? I'm just getting Thirtyam like my leg, love. I love like with I've onto my boy. I wear a continuous glucose monitor that thing we'll go to like one sixty five like just from like, We know this from the corn, just from the popcorn like, and I'm typically like you now, I'm too like my my meals at our legal, you know low Carb, like I usually like I eat, Morlock appeal The wish diagnosed with meat and vegetables leg in my meals, don't get me over a hundred pressure knows the time Of course, I'm doing like popcorn popcorn spike it really bad, Sir Things will spike it worse and others, but but that that popcorn church
taste, good little angel with sodium, saw it so good with salt and bought around man so delicious, who figure others the perfect food from from these we can only eat it and our office, though, because we have a two and a half year old and say a big toe. It's like the number one choking popcorn is like the number one, choking our courage and right, the colonel living here now I said, Chauvelin, sometimes the thing about the sauna at two hundred ten degrees to one of things, and it was happening to me also getting headaches and my throat was burning like the next hour coughing allow like- and I was like, I think, fucking up the actual tissue in my throat man, because when you cook a brisk it like you could for particular to ten thousand retorted the headaches. I think, as a sign that you pushed it too hard. I was doing oh yeah. That's intends twenty minutes and news to ten Y got addicted to it or go get addicted, sometimes
the things that are really hard to do like you just like. So in my mind, a my because it is so hard to stay in every twenty minutes at two hundred ten degrees may hurts everything hurts your skin hurt your toes hurt it hurts and then so then, the next day. I would like look forward to doing it to see. If I could do it easier again and then, unlike in this weird loop that my own brain creates, which is really bad, derive among very addicted. To trying to conquer thank yeah, the amendment that when I was the thing and then but then I took a step back, I think I'm fuckin myself up here. One eighty one, eighty is grey like one. Eighty four and high pressure have. I have I told you my sanity elsewhere. I wanted to tell you this side was Youtube gum. I know you do number like after show, like you do gun right sure do use, I told them. I don't think so. Ok really matters
so good about that- and I tell you my story so that all is well. It's a national insurance large around the birch plant. We were just talking about it's. The natural is naturally found in plants that birch. You know what they're whipping it's from that plan. It is used as a like if you're eating it. You know, I think it could cause like, like the Europe. A tall kind of thing effect words like too much gee distress, but when you're chewing gum or using toothpaste, these men studies have shown that it kills anaerobic bacteria like streptococcus cocked, his meat mutants that cause cavities in dental decay rule, So so here's my story like multiple citizen, human shyness, it's like a big deal, so I went to this before was before I had my son. I went to the my Dennis is a really great and he didn't x, Ray during a cleaning you now hiding thing in, and he comes back in these like you, ve got you cavities, cabbies only sugar, like you know, I've. Just I've got like a bad
world microbiology or something that I've done for four years, I don't know I shouldn't- have cavities, because I don't eat sugar about anyway. They had so because you have you cavities there at the point of no return, were you know like you there? I guess they trade, the enamel, a certain amount and there like you, have to u have to like them out and so the way. I am, as I always like to like look into everything before we do anything. It's like okay, this is not my field. I understand I'm told him like I'm gonna, do some reading research and see if I can find you know, if there's any you no possibility that dont have to like get a filling rape and he's like ok, well, if you find anything, please send it my way. So so then I found out, I was pregnant and those so like a cable. I can't go back to Dennis, and at that point I am I, like looking through everything on my toiletries and everything, my what run off with another could be harmful and so that floor. I'd like it, my toothpaste, seismic
want to use flora, toothpaste, anymore, and these stories are going to connect. But so fluoride flurried has shown. A lot of people are worried about the effects on the brain and the only solid Evan. I could find on negative effects of flora on the brain or in utero, meaning pregnant women on the effects on babies, and I dont know toothpaste has enough it may even do anything, but in my mind I was like not getting rid of the floor right. You know I gotta, I got a water filter that got, the Florence Water- and I was like doing all that so I came across this xilai- taught you to say something which is highly toxic based since our doing research on Zaire, the tall while looking for alternatives that like Thomson may I can't use that crap. I've tried it before his right leg is, might get Turkey that it is so late. I may rest smell worse. It anyways, though those like I've, gotta find something other than tat the main I came across this guy's that entails definition
doing research. And then I found all these studies, Amato and what I find studies that, like you, know, basically killed these bacteria that cause cavities s mutants pregnant women that choose alley tall gum by the way the studies were with gum, not the toothpaste that people were doing this gun and pregnant pregnant women like they're like six months. Pregnant studies show that six months later you decided to come all the way up until anywhere between the child. You know that baby being so minds- and there were some studies that one out like a year. And then they met the the research, measured the oral bacteria of that paddlers, and then they measure multiple yours out. Well, as they became children and the man there's chewing it from the gum it lower, the incidence of the S meeting and in the children, because you know mothers kiss there in the transfer or bacteria, and and so there like their chewing, that Talkum had a positive effect on the child's oral microbiology and
I was lucky I'm going to theirs. I was like I gave myself TMJ like I'd shewed, so much silence, all garment was pregnant and, like I still like to this day, I have with me right now but to M is worth timidly: the right leg, my domain parking. My job as pie was eating a lot of thought, he'd, kill and chewing allotted cyclical dominoes pregnant, and so but it totally fixed itself. Thankfully so anyways I here goes by, have I have my site. I've been shone like ok, I gotta go back to Dennis because in a pregnancy makes teeth. Worst, there's like all this stuff about you, you're bleeding gums bleed, there's like there's some kind term we're like women get like like. What's that period title is urgent amount is one of those two it's bad anyways. So go back to Dennis We do the x rays and only you and tell me about the stupid cavities and I haven't done. There is and it goes, comes, becomes and goes I've never seen this before but your cavities are gone and shows the x rays and
before and after he's like their totally gone and- and I was like that's amazing, as is the pregnancies, did any signals Oh he's like we get women coming in your after Britain's like worse, and I said the only thing that I did that I can think of is like my obsessive Xilai. Tall gum chewing, which are. They'll do and the fact that it does decrease You know I don't know how it would affect an already form cavity, but my cavities are gone so my doctor, my ever see them identity is great because he, like you know any Dennis, could just be like there's still there like. I don't know what the x rays will still look like self. So I feel like a trustworthy gotta. Does nothing to worry about Shifty demonstrate yeah, but you do anyone right right So that is crazy, so the Zile tall gum surmounted. So you think that what I did was effect you're, the microbes,
of your now in its showed at there's also study showing that it decreases the incidence of I'm talking about staphylococcus mutants recently, when I remember, but there's another one that causes dental decay, but it didn't effect any of the good back Tyrian the mouth world, so selves like it now, I'm just like this all stuff, a carcass mutant that that's, the same is of the same family that you get from staff infections, different stuff, that I mean there's lots of different staphylococcus blah, blah blah blah. That, so its desire to come check need to get on it. It's really awesome like it's. I really think it's barrier that gun we ve been doing as oh, the Neuro gum I've been shown this neuro gum that is it's gone with new topics in it. You tropics, yeah, sick plank that, like I, was eating adventure
siege easy, easy juicy cocoa cook, Javier, like capsule like the character in the dark, but there are trotted out for my what's in it EL, finding an albanian ass I was looking for my opening out is that, like ups com, it's got a little bit of caffeine Althea mean and be vitamins, fog and love. It love it, but I take it before. I do take box and work out too to come. I use elements too. I used to know sorry with Neuro Yandah as basics and be twelve also delegation, I used to take when I was like doing long distance running by withdrawing like eight to ten miles a day and as in that like us by running about fifty fifty miles a week, which is pretty good. You know this is that when I was an early twenties, but I would like to support on these I'd be complex vitamins.
I swear, I watched happening turns out for sure. I don't know it was like placebo or not by like be twelve as a big impact on your ability to do work getting Oh yeah sure I haven't got any research on it, but I just know that I used to take them and I felt like a big effect at all now being twelve shots, you we're gonna, be college. I did so there I intravenous vitamin c. I gotta think ahead, be twelve in it run round, be twelve shots. Give you an awesome. Little boost air but I haven't done like a specific, be to be twelve shot, the steps pretty good I don't feel anything like the site of union feel anything we're now snow, isn't that isn't? Dvds Priscilla also be like the coming year, one it relieves anxiety, yeah, he's gotta, get a good c b d. Like a good see. We do that doesn't have TAC exact a few that I've tried from other guide the details, I take us from Cd M d and it doesn't get me I had all, but I've had some from other companies where I have my three drop us full, unlike
or doesn't help you sleep yes or does. The text is the argue required to achieve no different people have different results comes to see me date and some people find that c b, de with TAC benefits a more and some people find that is just the sea. We d itself, but disobedient de the company that I use, but I really like, as they have a bunch of muscle, creams and like stuff, that you rob outside of sore muscles us fantastic. It's really good penetrates into the skin interest really good at alleviating sore Nelson. I had a so like one of my old colleagues. Science colleagues was telling me that, like they are measuring some samples from like different seabed EU products and like the majority of didn't actually even have much dvd in them at all. Like there's a lot of I mean,
Can you know why I mean this has been shown with environment vitamin d? No vitamin supplements is while others than so many studies showing like even vitamin d supplements. Like it I'll say it has ten thousand. I u, but it only has like six thousand like they'd. There's been sampling really like you go to like, The greens are CBS you now you just whatever random, placing grabbed the vitamin they they dont have is the concentration and, as I also does I acknowledge how things like lavishes cloverleaf increases clover like because it did regulated. I mean nothing, isolation from a bullshit anyway. What is I do for you? You know exposes a jack up. Your immune system that should have been. Everybody always told me that there are sick Alla time. The people there are military until they think deficient and taking it might well be efficient, No, I know I haven't looked into the recognition. Someone like someone asked me about elderberry say I looked into that and because I was like that, like an equity,
sure thing button there is an actual legitimate research elderberry, like has been shown in randomize condoled trials, to like effect. No, the in system and lower coal duration and stuff. Like that, you know, so, are you a fan of computer? Do I diamond fan of combined I used to drink. What is the one I drink, the dark, why ginger lemon Dinah can't remember the name, tease, I used to, but then there they or sugar that the. Sugar and that ones too much of the one that I drink is too grams per serving in theirs to serving so that only foregrounds sugar, the sugar, those. What helps the fermentation helps the fungus grow right. I think this is the GDP one that had like a gram so was like twice as much and the other and the ginger lemon one. I like the ginger lemon, a law and, unlike this one tastes better, so the ginger lemon. Does the other one that I'm getting it's like its found. It like whole food. With an sprouts and does not have the same amount of active culture, though that's the question I don't know it's in a dark bottle. You
Tommy Dark bottles better, while the dark, it is better in future because it doesn't format and the sun is well doesnt. Did the Sundays and pension almost like you, ve, protected Gub, Gub Microbiology it is important for it to function. It really is like, like that, their thing where you about him. She, of anti outside the shit. That's love it do so. I did what was the point? I'm get I buy it by it from sprouts often mother, in law, mother in law, that guy Verhofstadt I yet we have some here. I love about giant FED so delicious too, and I love it with meat meat. We we, when, like we have a bunch of l quarter, we ordered online order. I want no, no, no, no I'll give you some when I read I hadn't come here. Why are you here and what we have learnt you up? We are you early on we're just like we bought freezer.
I need help Berger. I need all the work that I just so thankful that it's not it's bad Rome. I really am br shine forth as well, but I think our government needs to make an adjustment, then they need recognize. It is not as bad as start opening things up, but there are so many people that are just the skies falling skies falling still still saying there's still screaming from the rooftops like we cannot. People are dying and people dying every day from everything there are always you that testing radio, I think that's gonna, make you a big difference, and I think it reasonable- become less scared as these as these therapeutics to emerge which which, which they well on ashore, absolutely what I really wanted to talk to you. The reason why I wanted to bring you in here is this conversation that we just add about what are the one of the methods used to help boost european system? Keep your body healthy. I think we got. I gotta dialed in so vitamin d seems to be very critical song if you have it if you-
bath, vitamin c orally. You need a big dose and still not gonna have the same effect. If you can do, I ve you'll need to do, but once a week and the oak zinc, thankless question ten freer course and then sleep, sleep, giant and micro bomb. How do you use anything to help you sleep in terms of work or meditation, or do so? I use Melick, Ok, what were I used to not so I have a history of nightmares. And it was only well it's like when I, when I'm stressed out, particularly at flares and it happens like when I am, I think, when I'm shifting from one sleep stage to the next, where I sleep but somehow got, but I'm not awake and I can still but I'm moving, my body and I think that's
ones in the room and that they're gonna come get me and my flowing gown a scream, and it's happened where ice. I scare damp core she's like in the Middle EAST, and it happened earlier in my sleep cycle, so it's like, but I have so I start. Doing I start reading about this stuff and, like I don't want it like, the treatments were like Ben those, unlike how long can take benzel? That's you know been shown to like cause dementia right yeah, so let us tell her about an election harsher like yes, it Dick pick its very addictive, and, unlike if you, if you'd come addicted to Munich and like you, can I go through serious like die. What George Petersen just went through all this and literally hundreds of handouts yes and went to Russia to have some sort of crazy medical detox. Awful He still suffering from it. The rapporteur has been fucked up from the Miller. Add bow that sucks, so I didn't want to do that, but there is was heights and studies showing that high dose melatonin-
more in the leg. Ten milligram range. Sorry, I'm taking nightclub trams a night and I totally stop having, for the most part, been dances. Yeah. I went through one episode where what happens when someone has a nightmare is like if someone else in the bet that ship, showing the way with you like, tries to stop your help like because I'm still asleep. I am not aware that that's my husband doing that, and I really think someone's trying to get me, and so I, just go into like crazy mouth and I, like I like somehow a clause, from our bedroom, Oliver out to the living room, and by the time I woke up, I mean I had bruised myself out. How would I get out here? You know like this was like the words the worse that ever happened to me. So usually I can I screamed wake up and, like my leg, I think someone's gonna get me. You know melatonin totally totally started. It turns out. I measure I tracked nicely as well, and- and I think that
No, I don't know the sleep stage stuff. How accurate that is, I think, is not very accurate, but duration is pretty accurate, so so. What are you not exactly when he saw me like d much time in deep sleep for using modern are ordering. Oh, that's accurate. I think that the amounting to sleep stages, accurate, was because, like that, like you have to measure brainwave like its measuring its may I'll. Tell you why? Because I've had Malta, incidents. When I was nursing my son back when I was nursing my son, where he was on the nursing when I'm very relaxed, of course, I'm nursing him right, make an oxytocin and I'm like scrolling on my phone reading, and it took a calculated me as being in rem, sleep happened. It happened more than once there's other times so Dan and I dont. We don't have a tv in our room bedroom, but when we go trouble, and hotel were in bed, so are lying in bed watching you show and on my totally relax in bed, and it's totally putting me as cod is asleep. So my you now, you know either
calculate heart rate in movement and body temperature. So you know I I I like it. I do I just. I don't think that its, dont, really accurate and measuring my only real way to measure that is those all suction cup things it put on. Your yeah right. I did sleep study ones of sleep out near oh yeah, so do that? Do you do with it upper now I have I gotta mouthpiece. It's amazing its amount. As a ton tell me what it is. My father in law has acne and there's a dyed, her doktor, crow paeonies, very whack. You got a rope in Mississippi, write that down and second ass it fell. Come up could find it. Brian Caribbean in these, in turn, Zanna pressure is in Tarzan. He used to be out here. While he was in charge,
and then I think you might unmoved Sherman oaks anyway. You'll find it I'll find a viable senator, but anyway he devised a mouthpiece. It has little tongue oppressor and for me my problem is mind. My neck is very thick there. It is what is a full breadth solution. Super alternative yeah, it's some the ideas, a lot of people have promised see. Perhaps they did it uncomfortable. You weren't arise over your face, that's how I felt, and so this mouthpiece, asleep Abbe mouthpieces, sits in my mouth and the tongue depressed or keeps my tongue from slow. Adding backing closing my airway, why Maybe they go in so I, as I was an ok you dick and when I went to sleep study, done why it was bad. It's hard to sleep, probably when you're in that's right like here. It is, but I did sleep you know because I was I was sleep deprived. That's what it looks like so see
since in that little tongue thing pushes down on your your actual tongue like, but does it have to get fat like a girl, you go in there and they did. It involves exactly makes a big difference wow. Awesome places and forgot it in a panic. Like fuck, yeah I mean like nothing of her away. They are so that's it. That's a huge thing nodding at first cause of images like freaking out, because, unlike not getting them, degenerate something now but I'd they have me, do a pulse oxen or thing that we latterly wrestlers athletes. Football players get it because your neck muscles get really big and when you necklaces good behaviour, big tongue and big tongue, lay down closes the airway, so my tongue slide I a breach the social with obesity. Will they get fat x ray you, that's one of the way
that day, there's operations that they do to try to alleviate it and they just cut out some of the tissue inside your mouth and they also cut out you're good. We'd target. There was equally don't worry there. When we will talk like a mom right, you don't wear it use nor o occurs. But when you, where you dont nor gonna start all your wife must. Before us off an asshole choke. I can't breathe in because I am a my bodies. Forcing to adjust Emma Browser plain once, and there was this guy behind me news, a kind of a heavy fella, He was. He was really snoring wow, he's laying on his back and really snoring loud, and then he would go without breathing for multiple seconds, and I filmed them, and I told him when he woke up. I go hey man I go. Do you know you have sleep apnea and he's like? No, I don't listen. I have it too. I go, but you got to do something about. I go you
hold your breath for long periods of time because really are all show you yeah, I showed him is fuck, go yeah dude really bad it's associated with so many different things is associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks at risk all sorts of ailments plus years does not sleeping enough getting real sleep because your constantly being woken up and shocked into this state of like No, it's really bad. It's bad for you and inspired fear spout. My mother in law has to go. She goes into their guest room to sleep like after they go to bed because she can't sleep like it really bad. Do you have to do this together? I went back you have no idea, I guess I'm John Logarithm Sonia, like having someone that snores is like can't sleep now here and I can't work my ears like earplugs? First of all, there not level. For me, I've really tiny or canals, and I just like cats, some people can see with earplugs like I just can't is ongoing. Just is undeniable
snoring- is a real issue. It is usually an issue of some sort of an unimpeded airway yeah. I'm glad I don't have that, but the knight tat thing I'm just the melatonin helped so their efforts as anything else opium. For sleeping Oh, I mean I think that that going so basically like having a good, circadian rhythm and endless, bright light exposure in the early morning like it really does help. There was a time when I would you know, like I lived in no Oakland. I was just in this dark little apartment and you know like it. Just doesn't really Ray Mr Kane, with? I would wake up in the morning specially like on, weakens and stuff like now. There's no light coming in and I didn't. I I didn't live in a place. Tat was like. I could Scots.
And frolic he'd have roars of frolic in Oslo? Don't really go together, but yet bright light exposure, big big. It was like a huge thing and under red light, so I have. I did the Phillips you wear at like five o clock. All the lights in our house. Go red. Dot makes a huge impact on my son, his sleep cycle like because dumb children are really sensitive to light because they don't have like cataract. And stuff, and so the melody there there, like you, know that melatonin, it's not being produced so like if we go trial or go to my enlarger, something they have debates on like going around the house or any more because they want me so good
bad at all. You want do what, if you're looking at your screens, these blue light barking glasses. So I have like all the Alps and staff, and most the time like- and I turned my my my Iphone screen is like down and they have the black background all that. But now I don't wear glasses. I just those are great. You should look into the blue line like last year because when I asked We get a chance to watch tv leg. It doesn't happen much because right now my son falls asleep at like nine and he wakes up at six, and so I Jesus I have to go to bed immediately afterwards, so I'm wasn't raise. When do I? When can I the nap out like rolling everything, you know just sign of fear at all. As you know, we have to keep napping, tells her three. I gotta take these more reading. We, like smartness, not uniform. I now my youngest marijuana take naps. Fuck off stayed awake o my son doesn't want, take. He doesn't want to sleep ever
the party all day every day that he's like it'll start to become he's starts till I get a dusk uneasily, it's still day daytime they like forever. I'll bet, it's gonna be nighttime soon. What about it? You get an active exercises, gavel its we used to go to. Opera, glass and staff and go to the park, but it's hard to say to replace right now we got a lie: pent up energy, so we ve been doing like yeah, so I've been trying to like take em. You known, We do like heightens you can run, run run whereby, where now you know, I think I think the bright light exposure for him. I inner taking amount in the morning is really important, and now that, like us, we Not now, I'm able to do that more, like I feel safer through. You know like so especially be outside, do not concern so, like, I think, that's really important from a bright light. Exposure is just it there's just
after study, showing it sets your circadian clock? Bohme, it's like okay. This is this, is this is like the morning and you're circadian clock starts, and then you know so comes sleep you when you're supposed to come below sleepy as long as you're, not in tons of mean a bright light at night, but that's been probably the biggest thing by the way you know it's actually is talking about my glucose minor. My continues because monitor we're talking about pop. Aren't you know that this thing that really affected my glucose levels wasn't popcorn was actually lack of sleep, real yeah, big time effect like particularly, I wasn't exercising like almost pre diabetic level fasting by glucose like when this is this is when my sleep was being disrupted. When, like my son was like younger, so I've been wearing my continuous glucose manner for a year and a half, maybe two years have you wear this? One is a reminder I'll minds right here. Oh you have a patch. You were on the autumn, yeah you're, not diabetic or now now
the guy who wears one of those, but he's diabetic yeah, I mean I'm wearing it, because I'm sort of trying to understand how different foods have different life. Changes. I haven't you been worrying I got it prob. We right after the last time, was on here. Right literally yank, just constant, where four years and Ivan Well, yeah, it's been over, it's been almost maybe two years, almost two years a year and a half, but I most the time constantly, whereas sometimes because it only it's like the central ass for ten days and after changing. Sometimes I like guy and a couple days ago by and I start leg eating the pomegranate cause my son love than unlike wondering what this is Turkey, if I click but the lack of sleep, because he would wake up like I would beginning interrupted multiple times at night, like you know where it was like. I know he was.
Going through some developmental stage and any would stand in its crib, and it's like so I was. I was getting woken up multiple times at night for, like prolonged periods, very, very lake, fragmented sleep and I was Nothing had changed with my diet and my blood glucose, my fasting blood glucose levels. If I'm might exercise, dial? Then I'm not like sheltering place. You know it's. Mean amid eighties, and so I was up like I was up to like when fasting blood glucose would get up sometimes select if I wouldn't exercise is like one. I make wake up in the morning and, unlike one I was six one of and seven, while nine so nine enacted, of big and they will surely reputable. Why is the lack of sleep causing use? Little many studies published? We did a video on it and like its immediate effects, like that, the insolent secretion sensitivity like all that stuff, it's all being affected, so It's one of the reasons. Why, like me, no shift shift workers there, like a really are prone to types
Bees are rarely Ireland, so sleep is sound. Wharton by last poor people TAT S got to be one of the worst things for your broad and nurses, like doctors, anybody first response workers anybody's work in that late shift, Dan and had suspended removed like ie, so he had Missus crazy story, but you probably have to Greece is well it's pretty crazy. Actual So he had the appendix thing happen. We were busily visiting his parents in Memphis and it was like Christmas Eve and so get out of the hospital whose, like that's bad, unethical hospital, so we went to a hospital though I guess you have appendicitis, but he didn't feel come bull, getting it removed their Khazars, just a bunch of factors. The doktor was in this doctor liked me now knowledge so, and he got this antibiotic treatment. Deerlike sent him home,
a couple days later he got some ivy treatment and then it came back like a couple months later, a few months later, back from your home, but He was like all of a sudden like the first, I mean how do you just like paying? I should go something's wrong. The second time he was like vomiting and lay You know I didn't want to like I had my son was sleeping. It was two in the morning. He woke me up, so You know we call the first. I called the ambulance ocean like he's vomiting, I don't know if it's a rupture united because it could be serious but anyways these first written a whole point was the first. Responders they came in there. It's like yeah, we don't ever sleep like it's like we don't really. This is so awful for them, terrible for you sow anybody's work in the late shift car that scope, so bad for you. I used to work deliver newspaper so every morning I was up at five o clock in the morning and also doing comedy souls going to bed really late at night, and I was always tired. I just
I'm just gonna, be Sidney. I just bought, falsely that's awful allows. Terrible alot of a lot of people are asleep defy deprives a lot a lot too. You tractor yeah well, hey. We covered a lot today we go, we got a lot in the vitamin D. Information was so fascinating, all of it appreciate very much you're, always in some resource really awesome, doktor thanks so much for having attack on the planet. Pleasure anytime, tell people how to find you. It's found my fitness out, my fitness. I everything I haven't Itunes part cast as well, so my fitness Youtube Channel found my fitness and a website found my fitness and found my fitness instagram phenomena, sickness, twitter, that's right, run appreciating by running. Thank you, friends for turning into the show, and thank you too are sponsors. Thank you to legal zoom, whether you
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