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#1476 - Patton Oswalt

2020-05-19 | 🔗
Patton Oswalt is a stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, and writer. His brand new special "I Love Everything" is now streaming on Netflix.
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he's been done too many things to name, and he has a new Netflix special, that's coming out tomorrow. It's called, I love everything in his name. Is patent Oswald, the job will gain experience, we're Rowan Patent Oswald. How are you fella I'm good. How are you doing man good to see you? I wish I saw you right here. I wish I could give you a hug. I wish we weren't in the plague, but it is weird it is. Well. I've been trying to do your show you notice for so long. My schedule is always insane. The drive for me is restricted because I'm usually shooting something or doing boys over something, so it it took a plague I know where I see each other, like ships passing in the night, the commonest organs, my relationship with you exactly a scene
gotta go in and around going you're coming out something we're in God. How much do you miss? The cot is going in with a notebook stuff and is trying it out even if it works its making me appreciate everything. You know the gap that down side of it mean I can look at the negative? Yes, I may say yes and frustrated, but the positive side of it. I appreciate everything I appreciate comics appreciate just being able to talk to you. I really appreciate the beat just having my friends that I can communicate with and just talking shit to each other and make each other laugh and say horrible things over ten, messages I appreciate. I appreciate that regime that if this comes back, if we get the do stand up again ever I just feel comedians gonna, be so much more social and just happy to be with each other and appreciate the being around people were. You can run jokes and their honest enough either tags something brilliant Org
Call you dude exercise. I know you think it's funny. It's so lame. Don't run down that road at the waist, like I pissed that so I'm trying to sit down and write everyday. I don't know what your process is. My process is to write general ideas and then work them out on stage and then at work them out with friends this sitting and actually writing it. No matter how detailed I maked No, if it's funny or not till I get it up their general, it's a weird disconnect! Isn't it yeah my process, is very similar. I write like an essay form and then I extract stuff out of that. I'd turn. Then, in the bits
the word and casualty. I don't write it at all. Occasionally and I did just comes, and I start gone with it and on a building up on stage. That's rare, though, most of the time it comes from an essay, and I also I miss deleting upstart, where you write something down there. You have it in your mind. Is awesome government stated that beginning parts great in the end parts greatly like this whole middle section? I thought I was sort of parliament and each just. I could lose this bit in this bit and that's what it is. Yes, weird art form were where I think the only are informed and I'm aware of that you must have an audience and ordered fully created because it doesnt? I created in a vacuum. No, and I logged on to some early zoom open MIKE's to watch My I logged on fully thinking. Maybe there be an eye five minutes at it like this. Oh god I did something that, for you doesn't like, when you
so it is really terrible. It makes you think, I'm never nothing's funny. I cant do comedy, it doesn't exist or you want someone who you know is great, but they're trying it resume south is dry, talkative. Now you're like maybe can't, maybe we and we are doing is, and people record low sets to those we recorded or are you you, have a mix of people coming in, live in person with you and then people doing it over remote, right yes, yes, most people coming to live and I test all those people they come in. They get the tat yeah, but if you get the testing your negative, you can still get it right. Well, you could get it right after you, out. The door right really depends on what you been in contact with and what you do and if you're smart, but right now, thankfully everyone's honest like
there. They don't no one said Hale feel so good. Maybe I shouldn't do this, thou be weird we're. Lucky everybody's been negative, but we tested alot of people Dan Who is TIM, Dylan's producer, he had a false positive, and so we had to give a second. Fast and we gave a no swab and turned out. He was negative but its if he stuff, you know it's until we really can tell, and then what are you gonna give up for them to know you give up contact tracing, are you are you willing to do that? You really island to have something on your on that shows who you ve been in contact with your phone is, come near and whether or not their negative or positive Lou, that's a slippery slope and I'd everywhere and also other ways- and this is again I know so little about internet testing level are their ways. If you get tested that they can go. Oh you actually at any recovered from yes, yes, yeah yeah yeah, there's two different when you do and antibodies.
Ass. There is one line. It shows were whether it's an active virus There is another line that shows that it's just and the anti bodies of a virus that you got in and recovered from and a lot of people that recover from an apparently they didn't even know they had. They had no idea, they had it yeah. I had. I have a couple of friends who were convinced they had it back, in January they had every September, they talk about an and they just got well it's losers and I'm gonna shit. He flew and they recovered and proper day. Don't wanna go out and get test surrender Gazeta, Wanna go out of my friend I feel like I added though everybody thinks that everybody thinks, but here's the thing like all the old culture still around like to comment on the flu also have still around the flues different every year, still around its like do most likely didn't have it and and its gets its obviously a really fucked up disease. It gets you. If
really gets you it's really fucked up in its it vary so much. It's so hard to feel confident, one way or another it so hard like. I vacillate, go back and forth all day long like is parts my day where I'm not worried about it at all and those parts my day room like fuck. What, if this mutates right or would have I've just did something that I thought was safe and but now I've met the new strain and into its about better. How we told you to do this, we actually need to be doing, and it was also. Can you put me on it? They don't know what the long term after effects are for this, even if you recover from their thinking that there could be long term bronchial Issues- respiratory issues- they don't know yet there- they really have no idea. I was reading about this article in the times today about children that get it get a particular type of inflammatory disorder. That's causing one kid was like fourteen years old, get heart failure, it's very rare
and all the people that have gone. It's like less than two hundred people have got this disorder, most children when they come in contact with disease don't have an issue, but some are do in this particular kid basically was fourteen he's having heart failure, and I don't know why they don't know like it. It's not nest with these two things. Just a respiratory disease Now, though, I were what is this so it's like these are new things are trying to. Figure out as they go along again we're talking about this now, because we are going through this. I just feel like and again I don't like to predict the future if we do get to go back to doing comedy. I just feel like I'll. Never talk about this on stage. The last thing people are going to want to see on stage is my funny Gobain story without going to bury agents on everyone's funny goeben story, So there's no real. You know I'm not gonna inflict out or not. I go up tenth at the store on a Wednesday night. It's conquered Bro, Gabriel. Someone is
covered at way better than you were on. Let's move on yeah, they cast one of those things that can be a real problem for comics I mean we gap. I hear what you're saying, but on the other hand, someone will come along like a tell her someone will come, long, and I have the perfect take on it, I got well there. It is not yet Acta or on the other end of the spectrum like Jelly Diaz, will come up and do the rise most personal, uncomfortable, but also brilliant faith. Waylay weren't, you might actually have a unique story about recurring joys like yeah, don't need exactly that. You're the guy right that was going, have a re that. You're gonna go well. I don't mean yeah, some Wendell nail it and hopefully someone who's. I think first dibs go to people caught it yeah, let them in its meaning and actually get that maybe they get the new the bid per year, like Michael,
Michael, you almost died. I didn't know that well yeah, he got a real bow yeah here so he was here in studio the week before We went to New York, he was run burning. The candle at both ends flies in New York. Sleep. Does radio does all the promo shows? Does everything does stand up? Gotham flies back with no sleep drives the next day to Vegas and home from vague, is in the same day with it. Fairly kid scream, and then he has since for the next two days stressed out, burnt out boom that it hits and when it hit em It was a fellow shit. Then his friend while he was suffering. One of his friends who was a doktor told him to take advocates he had a headache as he gets Migraines he takes our ideal boom goes off the deepen and then it gets it real bad and using hospital for weak and the doktor. You know that
talking about putting amount ventilator this early days, the disease very early. This is beginning a march, I think said the end of February and the February beginning a more. I think, somewhere around there, but early early when they really know his doctors, wise is doctor, says, put him on a ventilator. His heart is just gonna. Is lungs are just going to give up and he could die, so they don't I'm on a regular. Then it turns out in sitting, they don't know. This is a correlation or causation. Obviously, but eighty percent of the people but on the ventilators one of dying and his dark Yeahs could be They want a dime because they were so far gone. They were going to die anyway, could be right. They were going to die because of what the doctor said if you put people on a ventilator when their their lungs are you working and then the lungs don't have
work anymore, they give up. That's it is doktor was essentially saying was going to happen to him if they put him on the ventilator, so they didn't put em on it. They put him on a hydroxide clerk, wean shit and didn't you didn't react well to it. If it made him feel worse, so he got off of that and then slowly got back to feeling better and better and to this he's been out of the hospital. I think a month, and he can only do like to cheer up, sees a really strong active like we're, really healthy guy. Normally, you can only do like to chin. Ups is listless, as very little. Energy just feel still feels like he's still struggling, he came in, he looked gravely look totally normal. I would not know if he didn't tell me, but is still feels, runs, got fatigue Yeah I mean I I'm I'm sure the body battling that it's like okay, you need to shut down for the week and build you back up. You cannot go back to whatever your regiment is. Let yourself
wind down. Another thing he had was a vitamin d deficiency, and I didn't know about that. Till after dinner, podcast, Doktor, Rhonda, Patrick, and she was talking about studies that have been in New Orleans and Indonesia, several different studies, what it wouldn't want to things they ve shown is that people that are in critical care in the I see you, a large percentage in some cases over eighty percent of them are vitamin d deficient versus the people who have suffered shit levels, serum vitamin c, vitamin d in there and their body those people it's less than five percent. So is four percent of them that, were I see you, people sufficient vitamin d and more than eighty percent of people with deep and vitamin d is not just a vitamin apparently, according to her it's actually a hormone regulates many things in the body and most people are deficient from it and in the United States, more than seventy percent of people of insufficient levels of vitamin d
Twenty nine percent are deficient to the point where it actually can cause medical issues brilliant daylight, but my doctors is like take here. Did you take this vitamin D. Everyday gather, walk the sun, get some! That's our glass eye, best ways the sun so number one, but you can get an aside all the time. Vitamin d supplements do work. You don't I've seen people argue this. I get really the best ways of food supplements are bullshit. I know they're, not there. There ok There is not as good as the son don't be stupid. Like look I'll get my blood tested. I take vitamins and I now and I want my serum levels- are that it works you take vitamin D. Get higher levels is really simple. The sun is for sure better though no one's going to argue that, but for black folks, it's even harder, because you know their body are desirable that melanin to absorb can they evolved in different climates and brown anybody who's got darker skin there used to Be-
We're climates so they're out in the sun all the time, so the bodies protecting itself from cancer with the melanin, but unfortunately it also prevents you from absorbing vitamin d as easily. That's People that live in places words really fuckin cloudy are super pale because their basic like a son like but like a solar panel Provide mediator just like it is acting as much in its tricky for everybody, but its particularly trigger trickier for people with ten skin or darker skin, like you gotta get that vitamin d and is so important and is one of many factors that they think is that play with people to get really sick from this disease vitamin D. Yet what that? Ok, that sort of thing come at that the disease ages I
He read, guns germs and steal about the spanish flu in the way that diseases, Rewire and reboot your body to benefit the blows up it shift. It seems like worth making the same mistakes, the beginning of the spanish flu epidemic and there's going to be an insane spike, which is where all of the wheel, death and destruction happen without a bad spike is coming, because of all of these half measures, and all of these are not where mass come. You know like that defiance I'm going out and put you know and we're just we have to ourselves for this other spike that's coming could happen, but also what could happen? Is we could get an education on how to boost your immune system mean want two things. It's really drive me crazy about this. Is this nothing pro active about what were being asked to do everyone's being asked to shelter in place, somehow another. It's ok to go to the grocery store. It's ok to go to target, it's ok to go to a lot of places, but it's not ok to go to some places and I feel it people need to have
the ability to take their own chances and need to have the ability to protect themselves. Like you need to give people the opportunity to work, especially in situations where you know you're you're dealing with people who their their entire life could fall apart over these couple months, where you tell them, they can't work, and there is there. Is way to test people. There is a way to sanitize Ridgeway to be safe. There is way be smart about this. There is a way to your immune system strong and were only Looking at keep away we're not look at the whole spectrum of possibilities that we do here too to move on. I obviously everyone's anyone could be should be allowed to take their own risk accepted in this case
scenario you taking your own risks tips other people who might not want to take that risk into those areas, and I absolutely understand it: someone's life could fall apart in two months. If they don't work, that's it. I think that's more of a symptom of their not being the social safety net that we have to have their bore. These situations were sort of seeing that in a very stark way, but what what I'm saying is, if we don't follow me hours, because the other, the other scary thing about the spanish flu is it kind of the red the way we got over. It is a kind of when it comes to burn itself out and we need a burnt out of a population that way in a box, that's right now, the only way we had to do it because we clearly dont have the testing about it It's so we are in absolute words like everything you say is right, but we don't have the stock to implement what you're saying like it, it's so frustrating, but we don't have the staff to implement what I'm saying right now, but we do have
We do have the information as far as like things you can do to boost european system, make sure you get better. Sleep, don't eat theirs, but then you you ve, got people that look. How many kids relied on school for food needs urgently, which problem right now? That's a giant problem because there's loud of poor kids, who literally rural relied on school in order to get their meals in another. Family, has just scramble and figure out how to come up with more bunny defeat. These kids, when they can't work like it's, it's all menace meet these kids relied on school
for food. They relied on school for shelter, for like a safe space, actually talk to responsible adults. Some of them come from very bad home situations like an angel again. All we do is cut money for schools, which is where the such a big part of the population is alive because of what the schools provide in it. I dont think I have to come. I don't think it should come down to a billion years whim of what they want to give money to or not or your local church. There should be some kind of structure so that people can have some dignity and not have to beg. The artisan is also stressed that goes onto their living. Under the stigma of oh he's, gotta get the free, larger, oh they gotta get free, like they're still were so anti pour in this country.
We treat for people like they have a disease or something today, whether they ve done something wrong and that can really fucked with kids psychologically growing up the really can, and one that I would hope out of this is the shock of all being so vulnerable will make people a little bit more humble and hold sign hopefully the dash some of the flames of materialism that have gone through. Our society during these soft times and people just going really into shiny bullshit and is recognise. Like boy we live in a very fine finite state. We don't have much time. We have read gradual, very fragile and we're waking up to that. We lose existed in a goldilocks period in this country. You know from essentially from World WAR two on two here, where there's a dozen, two rampage history and they had this. This really sobering.
Post about. Imagine if you were born in the year. Nineteen hundred and then it goes on to what would happen by the time, your Ex years old, the spanish flu start. A time your. Why years old, world war two and it just goes on and on and on and shows how fucking her with thick. It was for people who are born. A hundred and twenty years ago we just got lucky, we hit nice sweet spot where the the waves weren't there. Nice and it wasn't too hot out, and then we got Geigy except that it feels like now, especially Genji, is repeating over of what people born in nineteen hundred when, through because day, their member- oh my god. It was nine eleven and then now this day they actually remember yeah really was in fire. Us tell you that this year, starting with Australia on fire, that's how we rang in the new year and it's gotten so much worse, Javert idea in his eyes, size of the bird
the area of Australia, it's fucking crazy! I don't in your ear. My I think some people's minds shut down about that dialogue, half a billion animals half a billion and that's going to start becoming a typical summers that is going to become the norm in a radical drastic change is made, but maybe you don't use for my. How would if there was a ship in consciousness in terms of health, knowing how fragile and how precarious everything is it if you could
really cool. If America switch to. I don't mind, America flexing its might and say we're number one, but it will be so cool if we change that flax to lead the way. A small town, gangster flexes logos. Look everyone here, there's some old lady. That's about to get a bit! I pay for every one of my everyone in my five blocks is taken care of like that's the brag. Yes, he drives a nice power and where to suit, but the exact brag of my flax is no one in this country. Those hungry doesn't get medical care and naturally, Flex said the world. Instead of flexing look our billion airs. We Twenty crazy, rich billionaires. It's amazing and like it said that the brag should be that no one in America is, as you know, in need, and his desperate and his dying that should be the weird jock flax IDA, be cool,
shifting back and its vital. We need. We need a weird jock flags, but it's it's an interesting motivation. A weird jock hurts a a jog. Floods can be used for good, like instead of using it instead of drinking a back on yourself directed outward and make that a thing like a you know like. Could you imagine if there was a high school all the jobs, all the Alber jocks were by no one gets bullied. My high school. I seek any bullying going on shut. That dialogue would have. That was their black. I bet there's more that today than you believe, but there's a lot more than when we were grown up people, now Walter, Patrick. I think people are aware that kind of the nurse fringy, weirdo, kids, tender and running the world, so we ve seen enough example. The guy's tender run things so, where we're good yeah there's deftly that well,
one thing that we are realising from this is that you know there's a lot of people that have that libertarian bent let them decide. You know we need a small government this net when something like discos down you realize. Oh, you needs picture unique pandemic response team in need people to figure out a way to get food folks, we need that. We need a plan like this can happen again. This veritable again visit any third world country after an earthquake and look at all the crumble buildings with no rebar NGO really want no building inspectors and no regular actions on is that what you're fighting are begun. It'll all fuckin crumble. Do no further argument with bull that stupid, libertarian argument unlikely my dad's an architect, my stepfather, an architect. I grew up on concern some sites. You have to have inspectors. If you don't have inspectors man, you're fucked, it's like these guys, Lilla Dirt bags out there make an houses pan ample,
other cut, really there's still in money and watering down the cement like the fuck out of here? You can't count. The market decide takes too long to. If you buy a house it takes years before it starts fuck it up if they do a shitty job. It's like two years in the inspectors are there to protect the people that are actually doing it correctly, because a lot of times the people doing it correctly. I've gotta go to subcontract in supplies up and those people can be sketchy. So can I be inspected by gone? Oh stew, disrepute off with substandard Samantha poxy cause I've that guy's got nine, hundred things he's gotta do every day. Did you the guy in their tracks, are back on just doing it so that shit doesn't collapse on you will do is really complicated and people of simplistic dancers and simpler, less government answer the less. We don't need cops. We don't need cops on an anarchist. Oh, oh, you ve never been robbed. I guess you ve never been robbed. You never see a guy with a gun
fuck, you you don't need cops, coarsening cops do, but what we can do all get together and put out the fires. We don't need. Firemen would save our tax money now. You need government. Needed yet important, just has to be effective in good and sometimes like all systems, it has to be tested tested for flaws, and I feel that this experience has been a great test for our system and its flawed fucked up beyond belief. Special, like distribution of food, the food supply chains like fallen apart in front of our eyes. I know they think that twenty twenty nobody. Nobody plan for this. We plant they plan to make as much money as possible by selling as much food is possible every single week, and then they are basically spending all that money and investing all that money distributing all that money. They didn't have enough money for a couple of months
didn't have enough money for anything to go sideways. Everything has to maintain, or that will weirdly enough. That might be something that comes out of. This is what, if people in the private sector start thinking more like people in show, business or comedians does comedians act like every days rainy day, except for a few idiot. What we ve seen remember coming, it's a comedian. I started comedy as the boom ended, so I was very fortunate. I would urge you start nitrate. He ate me to eighty eight, or did you start Boston? I started in D c n me indeed chapels and upon the same night for the first time, no shit, that's why I was fourteen. I was now team. Why? But so that great? Maybe you saw this then at the end of the boom. There were a lot of comedians that for a time you could be not great and make a hundred Randy Urban
were club everywhere, and these guys spent money like I'm gonna make a hundred Grand Europe rubber like this will be my base and then suddenly I was watching headliners getting cars vote. I saw guy get his house repossess. I came in. He goes on the points where we had to go rational, someone's apartment. Why? Because they were men. I was told by my younger guide, whatever you may half of it, you don't have to David or put it away for ten, like you're, making half what you're making and live on that. That's how you live in this business, that's very wrong with, which is what I think that's how the world should be for TAT Act as if there's gonna be this having again and say, Bore.
Hard to be abolished, like that the dude, if you wanna, be ball, and if you want to blame bloody. If you want to know that make the ball or move that a man the bomb in the Yankees thing, you have to look dress in fact, lock and have no shoes made at a rope about I'm saying: dress, nice taker your needs. Not you want your needs and then the ball or move is, and I'm ready of shit goes sounds like somebody has fun what the fuck are you talking about pan out there like you fit in a day. You do they have book. The thing about comedians is world childish, childish, impulsive. Well, sometimes the thing that makes me very successful in Germany is we'll be in touch with being a child and being over emotion
and oversensitive. Think that's where some of the best material come for sure and like you can maintain childhood, but like childhood instincts childish notions while still being irresponsible. Does it is possible you can totally new? Well, guess it coming can be done like I have a friend and he doesn't have gives it. He said to me, goes Africa, sometimes it you're a dad, says you're such a fucking child, but I'm actually responsible father. Exactly I looked. I still get all wound up about new book releases line is like a guardian twenty, but then I'm also like ours, vegetables and african, and they have a little bit american trees. They gotta eat all those. Whereas no, what are you happy like they're? Still that, then you gotta be the and, I think, a lot of people and are being bad parents because they don't want
be uncool and being a good parent means you're, gonna, uncool yeah you how to get the man is sometimes you to set established boundaries and yeah it's tricky, because love them an almost feel like your little friends, but they I can't. I just do something we sometimes my daughter's is cute little trick shall ask my wife. First, and then I shall say: no didn't you come to daddy. Daddy is a big softy I gotta see one and then she's like dad says it's ok and then I was using that so brilliantly where she workers, because my wife merited is such a great mom but she's very she was raised it with very responsible parents and bury not strict, but just like. If I say this will happen, she's she's, consistent both ways, if I say we're going to the beach on Saturday, it will happen. I will not flake out if I also say no, I've had for a week. You will not see that I that I won't flake either way, there's always decency
And I really like you so might do you think- My problem is- and I like- I guess so and now, although now she did to her while to our credit, she's done it so clumsily they. Now we would ever she asked of the wheat axiom. Angola me tax mommy. I can see your basic economic life. Doc- and am I pay you can't do this to me now? Are you noticing that people are through this nonsense or at least taken loaded, better care of their health or recognising? This is this. Is a real thing they need to invest in. Have you noticed that I have noticed? I've noticed it myself that, unfortunately, a lot of this a lot of the lockdown means you gotta eat a lot of processed food because it last longer- and you know that
you make your your food dollar stretch in a lot of ways, and you see the immediate effects of not having fresh food and organic stuck in your diet very very quickly, but I also especially hope is that people, including me, who again sometimes I forget my fucking privilege and you go oh. This is how people who don't have a lot of money are forced to eat and maybe make things better for them and they'll be less stress and anger and oppression or across the spectrum. You know how to preserve That's what you were saying before about afflicts for the home. You know like we're. We're taking care of that is. That is something that really missing in this country. In a big way. Is that well will spend a lot of money to fix up other places that we blown up all over the world but will spend no money trying to balance out Baltimore or
sausage, cargo or Detroit bright site, or we will. Do that, we will do it, and so I was I'm guilty was too we will do it. If there's a photo up in our name can be tag in it, in other words, its that thing. It's why I think a lot of political campaigns get hurt when celebrities try to do it so, instead of celebrities using their platform, they use their voice in their faces. Like me posed This person could have made for that and run it go. I don't even know what they're talking about, but whatever their Dr Manhattan support it but there is a problem so it s mostly view of someone's annoying and their attached to this presidential. Can you, like
that guy it would you like, but let like whenever I supported people now I tried I platform and not my boys and I've been upper. When I was it, I was at Sundance when they had the woman's march. The day after I'm tromp was inaugurated ethical January twenty first I was Sundance. I wasn't judge on the short term panel and I begged the organizers I was like. Please please, please don't have the march here in part city. Do not have photos of celebrities in front of the Vivian Westward outlet in Part city Utah does all that is gonna be fuel for the other side like amplify, the marches are happening,
in Charlotte in TUSK, a loser it gazelle. All those were happening and happened. The marches they got filmed were the ones where there were celebrities there. The terrible I mean everything we ve been trying to deal with. What are you doing? You know it drove me crazy. It really annoyed me, but and also to annoy me good times. I've been guilty of that you'd, because we're in this business goes work physicists and sober is. I wanted to be me supporting this person, whereas it should be your platform in your audience, supporting that person and that's a very delicate line across which I stumble all I we are at a point now words like who who the fuck would want to be president right for what job. Even if you have some good ideas like you have to go way out on a limb to take that job so who we getting you know
getting young people that are idealistic and they get for contrary Tarsi gabardine, the like they get kind of pushed aside by the machine guns are not willing to play ball, and then you get it is ancient dinosaurs of the system, like Biden, and then on the other side, you have trouble. We have this chaotic scene where the economies, imploding, everybody's fuck and terror of this new virus, China Ma want to go to war with us mean who knows what the fuck is happening with that, and then we have these to pick from Munich. This is mad. This is the best we can do we're we're China's main trading partner. Not going to go to war with us unless we got our trade. So I think that's it! That's a nice paranoid thing. It's terrifying got a bit, but I dont think I don't I don't it
that'll happen what I don't think so neither still scares near what what here's me being hopeful. I think that we're living in his age now of you know like this all the time everything is just being broadcast all the time and there's no such thing as like digging up a pass anymore, because everyone just put their puts their life out there making a scope digging through someone's twitter feeder Youtube history whenever you want to do so. There is this way of coming up like the tabled, a core task in an animal,
I gather like yeah, it's all out there. I don't care about that. Here is what I want to do and I think a generations gonna go up in that they will go. Oh yeah, I tweeted out stupid shit when I was eighteen years old. When was that tweet from ten years ago it doesn't count whatever she was being an idiot. I was being like. The standards are deftly different now than they worry and five years ago, but there's a generation of people putting luminal on people's online history that that will die out an emerald turn into it. It was something horrible a week ago. Yes, let's talk about that. If you dug up something someone get ten years ago, everyone's gonna go yak, eight that you should see the should I but like that, won't that what land awaited it is now a link on our expectations of people are different. We don't worry, we're not under the illusion anymore, that these aren't real people, because we want them to be Residential or we want them that they are represented, we're not under the illusion anymore. The day that that they're, not real people, it's almost like
when they had to admit the double Dublin II was fake, psych, ok, now you just enjoy it for what it is. You have to have these arguments with your friends over whether its fake gonna think about the W W e that everyone keeps forgetting. Is yes, it's scripted but
its grip did mayhem and destruction. They are scripting out these people, these men and women, going in the script you're going to all forty feet onto a table of glass. Yes, we scripted that to happen, but there is still a person doing that. Yes, like there is a level of of of adrenalin junk in us and I've wettest ism that goes beyond. I think ass Lennox, dear old people, like you, are wrestling spake, yet no shit, these people, it's like when you watch your Jackie chant them, that's a script term to stick around for the and credit he just got his skull, not open a little punch to hold to scold doing a stunt, though it you're you're you're, dismissing something you're definition.
The basic needs to between the little bed in this case. Yet that's another way of looking at it. It's it's. It's definitely skids deftly scripted. It's not like there are risking at all because it did not know what the outcomes gonna be its different than an actual athletic comment, but still pretty bad ass, like is as far as what they re able to do something it nearly enough credit, forty, because while they were doing it before the the locked down there, they were doing it to one and fifty plus the year travelling all over the country thrown each other on our tables different time zones, a bad jet lag bad food. No great! No sleep like these people that have to begin peak than physical condition under the worst conditions. To maintain that add, and also think of the years when they die You w e was struggling, basically mom and pop operation trying to launch itself
they had even less resources than they do now at, but those guys we're still doing that over and over and over again, its brutal at an enemy is the same way. Those guys there's no money. There's the travels brutal MAC, like that, the amount of matches they have to do is brutal. However many yeah yeah I'd say it's all brutal. It's it's. It is a giveaway video tromp was doubly Debbie of Euro. Seen that we involve because you love your tweets. But it says it's so strange to think that the current president used to be on the double using an episode, the doubly Toby he was in a match. He well ok, heap what're, you pardon Nagoya, which the former house of a game show. This became president an ardent one of his former contested
that would pay Dick would read that no yeah I'm done. Can I get my answer hurried up, but I'm done. I don't know, I'm not only do so strange. It's so strange of it. So strange most most conspiratorial dots are there This is this is a lie and that a is slowly, bring us deeper and deeper into into the hive into the matrix and the way to doing it, is by connecting us from each other. Making Social did and seeing the norm cover your face of mass, don't touch anything everything you gonna do virtually and slow but surely it's gonna led to this new way of life where you're here you're no longer risk by going out there in making yourself susceptible
all these biological nastiest you gonna stay home plug in or what, if the a? I knows that, eventually it does have to unplug us and let us see there were in the protein pods. That's gonna break them out the let's make this vague reality, so fucking insane and awful we'll have trompe president mileage so that we do unplug the love of. Thank God. Ok, good, fine, I'm ok with I'm going being in protein pod good like that, actually there making it, but they will be happy Bomber shown that we're living in writing part a flat
is order in the universe, and it's not just completely ridiculous. I mean I've had those arguments of people about there is a. There is a very strong case to be made for Cyprus character in the matrix. A bike, though, plug me the fact back into their though I'm nude with no muscles atrophied muscles airless any jagged ways, land of radioactive slag or I could be in this world where I have a nice job and I e to stake and marry someone- and I just live in this- I'm fine with like Morpheus who the fuck are you helping dragging it badly? The machines are trying to kill us like look you guys and body which, by the way, the machines, like you guys, fucked up the earth, we're doing, the best we can for you guys, we could have let you all buying wasteland, but instead we found a way that you can then machine for doing anything that the various right right. This is letting you have a better existence than you real one,
and it's also feels it feels better it actually does. Always miss that. Why were Smith says it? Would we spurted the matron? It was just flat out Paradise and you guys couldn't handle that any you rejected it like we literally had you were probably the first person made. Everybody could fly an orgasm, lasted three months, and you can just eat all the track. What you wanted making like me and then I want a goddamn cubicle job. I guess they weren't you ve got a fine young Matt. I we tried to be nice. Why think we evolved? We human beings evolved with this need to overcome. Adversity. We we ve evolved at with this, need. That's why we like puzzles mean when we're done. Sitting around board. What do we do? We get? The family gets. Catherine, you play puzzles, you play Games, Detroit solve things figure things out, because I think it still
are any or in our dna that the ones who thrived were the ones who solved, puzzles and pushed against a birthday. You don't have that you have a memory of dying. If you don't do that yeah, you claim that you know we need to have that a little bit or we go. That's why? I think a lot of people that are out protesting other protest because I don't have it might not be job. I need money, we're not, but also like what you were saying earlier. Let me decide to take a rest like like we will there's a part of us that will push against that. Even if it deadly and even a bitch selfish, because it's part of what made our species you know we took them is under a flop out on land borders, predators out their ads. That approach were also deeply distrustful of people who tell us what to do because we know that when people have the power to tell you what to do when they didn't have that power before
What's going on right now in the state, there's is new power Riah governor as a power to shut businesses down the mayor. Has the power to shut everything down when people get in there, Vision of power, and no, we don't ever want to think that and we want to think that all of their all the way- and why they do. Things are altruistic too great people, Digital, but just human instincts, just like human need to sort of overcome adversity. There's a ring. Human instinct, to control people. I mean The reason why cults exists is the reason why we're very, very careful and how we give our power and whereas situate like even the way like the mayor phrased it something like. We all where mass. This is the way we can get back some of our freedoms. I gotta know who the fuck is pr. Guy is, but hey man, that's The worst thing you could say you don't have power over the general populations- freedoms. That's not your fucking
job description. So when you say shit where it out, we can get back some of our freedoms. People are naturally going to get very upset, because it puts them in a decision like oh I've seen this before. I know what this is now: there's a person is got power over me, and so that's part of what these protests are. It's not just simply like. I want to be selfish. I want I put my grandma risk. Is I want to be able to make a living again and I'd rather have the old people die off then lose my business, it's also gap. Hey. I don't like you tell me what to do, because I don't think you're in a different than me. I think you're, just a person and a person has power and new power like the power to tell people you can or can't do something. That's a very tricky position, but it so weird how those are the kinds of. Statements that we push back on and yet there are other more blatantly controlling statements that we will absolutely accept. You know they ve. If he would look at some of the stuff that Trump says to his audience.
Basically mocking them by calling up a Bible going boy. You people sure love this like you would think they would go, think he's making fun of us, but their dislike like it's weird, how what one person will push against you would think or that that's a critical thinker, but then they'll turn around and blindly accept. Something else manages to get his fever. You know like women, you were so rightfully suspicious and cautious about that statement, that one got no review from you and you just my brain. I don't know what you're talking about in particular excited. I didn't see trump do that, but the thing about him might marking a bible even if its offensive doesn't stop people from doing anything with what this that would these orders are their sight, auditing people from making a living and its debts. That has never happened before, if not stopping anyone from do anything, but the way that he held it up in the way he said it is this thing that you believe, I really don't believe it
and I'm gonna use. You forget. The power never saw that I've never seen it was it was. It was one of his rallies and he was like and again it was his way of going. Isn't the Bible great, but he was saying or you people sure love this like the under current was Catherine Paper. All you gotta do is always bring up in your mind, like barely Zol from hiding it. It was like a new turn, my back yard. Such ones each day crack right there like. Why are you doing that? Well, it's way more confusing. Then that is some of the other bad pr he's gotten away with like the stuff that he set about Mccain, and he said, like I, I prefer my soldiers I don't get caught like did he say, The point I like better soldiers, I dont get. Colleagues, I prefer my heroes did not being late like assembly line as long as it would end the political career on that ended and how about the other family of the soul? sure that had died and they're. Here
had been in some sort of a dispute with the family and open that dismissive about that situation like girls, I put it with family when they ask Us Father went up and said: what have you sacrifice them the interviewer without going to try and was trying to do anything got you decide what had like? How do you answer that like what these and eat you like his brain fritz? Doubt he couldn't phrase it in a way of using I've been great buildings and meet. I've made have been very successful. I've made a lot of money in like like that. He'd, that's that's closed with a he could get to embracing the idea or the continent sacrifice the I mean it's not it's. An alien concept like Iraqi literally, doesn't understand what it, but it was like. Maybe part of that some people, you keep them around us, as their states of minorities is important.
Syria listenin to everything you nosey bitch, we're not time. Are you listen I've just I've just and promoting our motto: Rogan, I'm not gonna, buy anything. I am about to begin a widow out when it wouldn't you are here to promote something, tells about it. Well, let me really quick goes well. Ok, I feel like one of the reasons the trumpets been able to stick around and offers needs. Gonna have its full term and maybe have a second one is as horrible is it is it is. It is a fascinating psychological study of a soul in torment that we get to watch for free every week when he gives an interview the rally. There's some will you get to go back and watch this thing like I gotta go. Look at this thing again. This all can be avoided. You know if he had a coach link legitimately like its look, It's all bullshit right, like someone's, do you basically representing bankers in you? You know you gotta watch especial special tugging at you and you ve got your agenda, but the way he interacts with the press. I kings CV coached if you
a coach like someone who's like very socially astute, maybe even a comic someone who can say look man, you gotta, show some humility that you can get a joke across if you're like this, if you guys get a joke cross Their cocky liked dies. Clay are somewhat along lines, yeah, just on that can do it. Well, you bad were brilliant rubber. You better have some really fuckin tight, writing yeah Let us make his writing is tight. That's tight! Writing! Not a single wasted letter in those no wasted. Space, really brilliant, brilliant, brilliant pausing time from would never accept a coat fact. That's not in his nature is ignored. Oh I got this, that's why he was like I'm gonna, do these krona virus program because every day the unlimited ever he was gonna how bout you, then he realized, wait, ease on tv and I'm not out of the way. Maybe that's what he was going out there. It is again
bring about what about Jerry had disinfectant yeah. I bet they had the like, like tat, and we start doing like we're, trying to get a story about fighting, gets interaction and you keep taken all the air out of the news we need. You sit down for a couple days is going and its it'll make. You know, everybody needs a coach everybody does. He could use a coach Can you someone just someone just explain like this? This is where you trip trip on your own dick, and if you just don't do that look, you already have all these people that are on your side. No matter what and he's publicly said, I go shoot someone in the street and in our x amount of people would vote for me matter. What in his right he's right, you would you would shoot someone in the street and make May with this spin would begin in before the body the ground. We didn't have that. I was our. Maybe he was weak and then then they would fill the air with verbal chaff,
Friday we try to drive through smoke. I don't know where the fuck I'm going, I don't I'm suddenly lost. I guess what the guy shooter guy it down. Picking up twenty other thing, yeah, it's it's a weird time, man, but it's it's it's an opportunity, not looking at this level and of its thirty. Let's look at a positive side because look it's its negative for a lot of people, particularly people that have lost people and people who have lost their own health, but doesn't fortunately for us that haven't to restructure in just a rethink this thing, recognize what it really is, because run around with momentum. Thinking well business and I gotta do this and I got to do that and hey. This is what I do- and you know maybe not like I haven't been on the road in two fuckin months- and part of me is like boy I feel really healthy. You know, I feel it is good, is over ever fellow in its steady. It's like the same every day. There's not these big ups in
I'm gonna come on Sunday in a fucking crash and I try to get back to the sick things. On Monday, it's like you taking less weight, less damage to your body. Also, spend more time with my family status being around walk, it just walk into the neighbourhood, and when you you don't have to go anywhere. Sometimes you just enjoy the moment you know enjoy the moment of being alive, a human being and twenty twenty and be one of the fortunate ones it isn't sick. Maybe look at the idea that everything doesn't have to be constant. Grow. You're allowed to have ups and downs. The only thing that actually follows the idea of constant growth is answer. Constant growth is not a good thing. The only good does an answer, but in a way we are feeling the effects of this topic and eat. Now make form of cancer every quarter, it's gotta be bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, and now here we are. I know it's not it's like if you haven't a business that makes the same amount of money every year to fucking failure,
if it's a lot of money. I know that such a ridiculous way to approach anything. But the fact is that the core thing that's true. Pictures our society is economic sets them them, one of the most important values and most important factors in what we do. That's the reason why we get up all fucking day and we were all day from ninety five plus over the whole reason, for that is economics and its structured in this weird way where these companies suppose, to somehow or other make more money every year No! No, I mean again, I thank God. I'm a media, because committee began actually embrace that you're going to have some off here. That's not it can't be growth. All the time brought some ill yours, you're gonna. Do
you'll do Carnegie Hall and then you get to work the clubs for a little. While I knew then you'll be lecturing again like the deal we pay in this big long enough, it's up and down and up and down, but the whole thing is one. Could you do what you like do a lot of his corporate stuff? It's all! There's no joy! It just is death this moving forward, consuming everything, Yan loads and explode. You know it's also great about our business you put out specials and then you become a beginner again lay ass, that's so valuable. I feel like I such fraud Every two years I get to the poor. Why? I feel like I'm a killer and then right afterward. I'm a fraud have a fucking. Flimsy act for months for three months, it's just garbage
they're just a sling and then at the store trying to peace things to gather China yeah we'll have exactly again my special dropped from Ireland Netflix and after tomorrow I have a blank note book ever get onstage it'll be like you. Wouldn't we see each other at the comedy store seven to ten minute chunks, just a guess, shit. I thought this was going to be some folks, I'm sorry and any, and you feel, like you said you feel it therefore, if you go back to your old stock as you like, we ve seen that shit. Why don't make us pay to watch that again? You know the process. You know You can do it. You ve done it before. You know, there's some time where I honestly and the first couple weeks, especially after a special, my boy, might I hit the fuckin bottom of the well? I might not having left it may there's been, especially after the last one annihilation I
maybe I'm done doing stand that maybe I shouldn't do stand it anymore and then somehow this thing happened, but there is always that feeling of leg. That might be my maybe it's time to retire, and then you get the edge It was always there I'll see myself Dian, like George Carlin in a hotel room and somewhere in between shows I don't think I'm going to quit. It's too much fun miss it is I myth, so much he stuck with it back. I had raised the eyes and crazy was he had all the highs of, like you know occasion fool in class clown, then I saw him in the eighties Warner Theatre and he was kind of whaling a little bit like in offices way, and then he was trying out these new concepts. Some work, some didn't. He ended with the seven dirty words, because you know I gotta and my show then came roaring back with that. The one about the earth, the earth is not dying. We are round. Is this? You know because I think he thought maybe I'm
done like maybe I'm a relic and no, he stuck with it. Any came roaring back and you can always do that. I got a chance to see him in Hampton beach, casino. In New Hampshire yeah. When I was, I mean, I think I was twenty, So like that, twenty or twenty one- and I took my made to see him any bombed, it was weird time for his career. It was one of those weird moments where he had routine, the news workin on where you basically say, fuck, everything who would say FUCK, Israel and FUCK comedy clubs. It again this list of things that he was Saint factor, but it did. I think it is going through a lot of weird stuff in his life. Then there was some subs issues that he had had his money pro once the IRS owing too much money to the IRS, there was a lot of shit.
It was going on in his life at those times, and also, I think that he was a little bit freak out by he had opened the door and, prior especially in terms of language and subject matter, and now here damn Kennison and analyze, clay coming along and and Chris Rock that are pushing it even further in both good and ways and ease like do I even fuckin Blake Raw fibre. They need me like like it. I think there was a couple years where he felt like it. My John Wayne, at the end of the searchers, I've rescued everyone and I've help programme. The world, but I don't belong in the world and then I'm just gonna walk away into the desert is always that open up, like sometimes you're bravery about a world that, ironically, you don't belong in any more than it self such a weird I mean I feel, like that's what happened the Joan Rivers at the end of requests?
He broke so many goddamn barriers are women and for talking about certain subject matter and then at the end of a career, she suddenly saw Oliver stuff get passed by this new generation that, like this in this generation, its attacking her and partners up. You are enjoying the freedoms, your enjoying partially, because the shit that she did she lay down wire do. You could run across it and then pointed her for not even the correct language, mainly not just not the correct language but deciding what she can. I can't joke about, and I love the fact that to her dying day, she lock. Shoes like I'm, not apologise for shit. This is what I do I make fun of things and I wanna make funny you and I make fun of me and I make fun of my family fuck you, Jane she held onto her guns for ever man forever. You never know. We're. Let it go. Never let it go. Never shifted! Fear that, as happened at all happened to all of us at some
went there will be another wave of pod castors that won't understand. Stop that you and Marin, and people like that, did podcasting wise and will do it. Looked back at you guys like what are you even talk? I think the reason you're doing what you're doing this because of the ship that we lay down like the end it'll happen to me as agreed in its happen to arm filmmakers. Everyone shooting on marks gross says you ve gone, not abandon the Marvel films in he was, he never said, don't go see them use. I dare not for me, like you, a lot of you wouldn't have your heart. If square says he hadn't done his movies, although these are what made the guys who direct your movies you like go, I want to do that. Right like you get to be. He gets to have any fucking bringing new but often also what's wrong with not liking. Certain things like. I have very good friends who, like things that I think are terrible
I still like am a gear allowed that if you don't like I've friends, you hate Marvel comic movies. I even love them. I'm yeah comic book movies and I have read. Like I'm, not watch that stupid shit that guy's defiling Gonna live in, it's going to happen. The hero like this again I understand how you feel a certain way, but the other thing about film to think a guy like Scorsese, where it needs to be put in much much better perspective. Is that when you think about some stuff that he did and like the seventies, what movies had only been around for like real movies for life, Forty years later, in car like didn't thirty's in an area you, forty years later, you're talking about Those course easy movies or the couple of movies like Apocalypse. Now I think about. How
crazy. That movie is when you really stop and think but when it was actually created and how what does a short time films had even been made like that and how crazy the execution of it is. It's like. Well, when I hosted the independent Spirit awards the year I hosted it. Twenty fourteen it was the fiftieth anniversary of John Waters Burst film. Maybe he was engaged in Baltimore. It's called AG in a black leather jacket and it's about an interracial wedding being cited over by a clansmen clans. Marrying interracial, coupled with this. He shouted Eric Proof in Baltimore in the sixties- and I told me always like this is the fiftieth anniversary of John Waters. First on any of you guys are like a wee pushing to bar. Are we going to buy he's already done all that work for you?
fucking go for. He was an openly gay teenager in nineteen. Sixty Baltimore shooting at interracial betting on its parent room, with a clansmen doing a family affairs. Do whatever the fuck you want. It's ok, so perfect, yeah, how beautiful, but getting back to what you were saying, elect a reason. It's. Where do you brought up like? I have friends who loves that that I hate, but I don't give a shit the reason my specialist called I love everything is when you get to age fifty there's still up it annoys you and stop you don't like what you like, but I know where this is coming right. I know why he's acting that way or I I I don't, I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. I think you spoken horrible, but I also know about his childhood and how he was raised, and I know why,
use the way he is, he grew up in a monster. Factory Philby well run monster factory and it made an incredible monster like I know why, because the weighty is so, you can only go so like hatred is a luxury for you. When you are young, you can go. This is posted and then you get a fair deal like it's not for me, but I don't care? Ok, fine. I also think it is. I talk about this often that you have children who have child I've, daughters and when I think of people now I think of them is babies, they grew up and when I was younger, I used to think If I knew you now, I know I think our patent has always been this patent, but now I can see because I've seen little babies become little people, one ok. You just got terrible input, terrible feedback, bad epigenetic a lot of shit wrong here, you're a victim of circumstances, much as you are now being an asshole you're you're
actually you're. The reason why you're an asshole cause you're victim the case and a lot of a lot of times yet and sometimes people can become an actual. Obviously, some people can come and ass all because Trump had a lifetime of systematic abuse, but also people can become horrible from from having one bad day by day and set you the wrong direction. Yet so you, but it's not till you get older, were you shop? all those blows and setbacks and reversals unfortunately go ok, let's maybe give someone a little bit of breathing room. Yes, even if their being horrible think about why there being doing this, you know that's what I wanted we also have not yet will there. It's also did it's not beneficial to anybody to be confrontational and to be angry about things all the time me even though its it's fun when you're young, as you get older, you realize it's a terrible way of using resources, and it also it doesn't come. Any harmony it just makes
people on the other side, fight back ardor there's no middle ground given there's no compromise is no forgiveness. There's no equanimity, there's no! There's no moment where you feel like this is a and being and I'm a human being, and I make mistakes and they make mistakes and let's figure out how we can be nicer to each other, mean. That's what everybody, but I like the surrender it was like the fucking, harnessing the do you gonna fail a lot of finding by trot. Could otherwise the only other option is the person whose pissing you are actually wins and takes over space in your mind and stopped you doing this shit, you need to do Jack, you're living then centred life or a spite centred like that runs that other person runs your life and think of all the jokes and albums and movies or whatever you we're gonna do that you never did, as you were focused on them, eventually common. Well, there's a lot of people that are doing that would trump there's a lot of you
I follow on twitter while just go there. Their twitter feed is just just railing about tromp all day, and I want to go over the house and you can't anymore, but hug and go hey man. You gotta, stop pay attention to this like your ear. How much time do you haven't a day? How much time is spent? I'm things you hate and how much time is spent on things. You love me, yes forming, you're out a way to shift that, for me, hating from is become like a glass of wine,
I indulging in mind when he does something really crazy and also everyone every now and then you need to check gonna go there's one. In my view, this is a normal. They should be happening, doubtless not get used to this, but then also yeah. I promoted the people. Stop. I signal Boucher comedians. I retweet really funny tweet, like that house ass, to be fine because you're right there are people that I love whose twitter feeds have just evolved into. Can you possibly yes here? I have a bit about it. My special, but I dont have any trump drugs because he's made comedians obsolete. How do you write a joke? Funnier than the shit is doing in front of us It's like he's doing this great and we welcome you wanna hear a joke. I wrote about there's someone. I know I'm just from watching this with other things too. It's the ten and the hair and the man is not willing to admit this never wrong and sleep Jesus Christ. This is someone read but decided. A Joker today was a little girl.
But it is true. You know how he won't, where mass yeah it'll rubbed the make up of yet for sooner than he can put a mask on because it takes up will have this week and he knows he can't do it. I bet on the first day he tried to do it went up now. We can do it well, why didn't pence where, in that, at one time, member, when everybody was wearing the male clinic? And you Didn'T- I feel like from bulletin, manipulate rumpled like Iraq and got her mask. Are you made me? Look so by now you to know would terrified would nice if there was someone who is run running for president really made sense? Someone who you like yes, like this ok, this this guy's a ride or she's the best we can. Behind her. This is it got one where we are a person whose moral and ethical and all their hearts in the right place
we can do in ITALY, like all weirdly enough that now that the trunk light is is enough, is vain use me buddy, get shit, don't like guys. This isn't a movie, black and he shot Riddick back. We don't need this. Voting by the way is now an unbroken the young. Yet I think, I think, by needs a little Siena in autumn voting, for I am voting for his cabinet. That's what I'm just voting for the team he's gonna bring. I could give a fuck about him. He might not even survive. He looks like so bad, but all trump does. Is it just it's just drifters around him, a man coming back whatever money they can and then people? That's all it. There's no planted routine boys
so by big alpha right, so he needs ever gonna. Kick his ass and like the true big out, but never have to say, is a big gap is Polly and good fellows. Are we never move it gives? You didn't have to move faster, use, New Bertram that allowing people to think what you like whenever a comedian tells you how dangerous and ensure they are like In addition, like he's not he's not edgier day like you didn't write aid that is going to have an answer to give us a nonsense. I'm ready heard before yeah like like gave tell never tell The audience hang on Are we bought budgetary thinks you're gonna actually might be a b which makes them and I'm edgier I might be. The name is think comedians. Do is tell you there edgy eyes. I see that all the time that's the wires I'd, there was a guy, he would go and vague. He would sit backwards and Jerry will welcome today,
side by the man needs of mushrooms. So bad. You need is a wake up after it's over, go alma, gotta, gonna change, everything who am I I'm so glad for all the lsd I took back in the nineties, Buzz they. You come out of it. Just gonna go oh yeah. Ok, maybe I need to like it just anything to shrink yourself in the universe, young and making more secure would like. Oh, this is actually bath and tiny in it. Knowing how tiny you are actually gives you more strengthen freedom, as you like, if everything I do is insignificant than I can do anything like it. If its opening all crumbles. Just do whatever you want will sometimes when I get really high and I feel real vulnerable, I feel like there's almost like is magic in the world, whereas, like I'm sober, everything seems sort of it's standard. Everything's just as it always is, am accustomed to
these paths and am accustomed to get In my car drivers book I'm high the whole thing: is magic. It's like this is madness. This whole thing is air, easy energy possibility gas to manage both good and bad possibilities, but there there That's what I like! That's what people say they did pot makes him paranoid. Oh my that's my favorite part the paranoia. I need it for thinking. For me, it's giant. It helps me. A lot really does its its responsible for a lot of my activity. In some people say that it makes you lazy like it's, not I'm not getting lazy, I'm getting some gay scared and ambition. Then I got I go. We're gonna go gonna, do something it was our your Harlan Ellison. It was very anti drug variant I drink, but it was put together in anthology, had elected Dick story, faith of our fathers and it seems, like I've, never advocated the use of psychedelic, sir drugs, but my God, if I could
right on this level. Maybe I would totally gobbled up because easily easel operating on a different level right now do well. I think people are scared of em, because for rightly so, because we ve all heard stories happy losing everything lose their mine in our work we're talking yesterday about this, this o Farrell, see it or sign that Hunter S. Thompson had given this couple on their wedding and of three or their. What their wedding day he stole from from San Francisco he stole up areas. Gear is written of area, He stole the sign outside and it was a sign that said well, you know if you are scared of exact or whatever its on there's a guy. I follow on Instagram. The jack understand underscore low and he's a hunter S, Thompson enthusiasts and post this. The hunter gave it to this couple alike,
with twenty hits of acid and the woman took all the acid and was immediately checked into a mental institution and never got out and so on the day of their wedding under as Thomson ruined. There's that there's a photo of you could see a dignity there. There you go so The story is so quick scroll to store Jimmy, that's idea, so you could see where it said. Gay tat his friend, along with twenty heads of acid, is a wedding gift. Deprived took the acid, was committed to a mental institution, never came back who, by the way, look I'm I'm very or people if we want to experiment with psychedelic, but I am also very for set the correct stage or at also don't take all twenty. You fuckin crazy, bitch I'll, take Whitehead what five on the Erika
but also, even if you do one don't do it on the roof of a building with Tom, Petty free, falling playing on a book applying a hammock somewhere time I did ass, it was the night did Bill Clinton, one, the presidency. This is a ninety two and I was in that wine all department in San Francisco and that wine, all that is roommate, is illustrated in Derek Robertson, marble Illustrator great comic book. I did transport report and he tells me to warn Elsie spend much about him and the boys regard than it. They owned every action figure in the world they may had em all on little shows what the walls were. Nothing but actually figures, I'm sitting there, and you know that the patterns in the table- third melted, move a little bit and then that would maximum, don't start thinking about my mother, all dancing about on stage
or an acquaintance. I looked over the wall and the figures. What going crazy, but as the musically, they were all just kind of suddenly I just got about like they were in line outside of like a sound tractors with music, and it is of such app saluting like oh, like everything The world is like bouncing to a better, be great. Now it was perfect. I take jig lsd and on that note that is it that's a good note and on isn't that what you have to to write, yes, amounts going on a two year anyway, I got it That's a good way to end. It tell him about Eu Special, the name I love everything's at it tomorrow. I'll have everything on that clicks yea I wanna watch online after this has nothing to do with me. Doug stand Hope special, also dropped to Morrow
What I wanted to include is different as well. I think it's on video, ok, beautiful dropping, especially on the same day, and I wanted to give my love to see the brain well, you're awesome. I love that guy to our contact him get that out there. So thank you next time I see, I see you a person and I want. I want to believe that you are a screen, stay out and will listen, there's so much. I want to talk to you about and there's a box. I want to give you a beautiful right now, but thank you, my friend, good luck with special appreciate. You thanks meant by anything
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