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#1484 - Reggie Watts

2020-06-02 | 🔗
Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. He is also currently the announcer and band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
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experience no better version, which was no no I know of a human being to share this spectacular, chaotic time they should be. In your brother, thank you men like Flash examined me. I'm gonna made it. You were saying: let's do all the things we do the pandemic good, the of the riots. Yes, everything sapping it. At the same time we're going to space with every good we're in space we made it to space. We just need like some kind of like a meteor like a like in the a going be here and like for a month right, we have to decide what to do while they would. We riding would be out of control. Yes, apparently according to mix wards in some crazy, you, a foe, sightings over Idaho. What I haven't heard any about. Oh, but he said, there's some nutty UFO sightings over IDA. They might be coming in to end this experiment. They might be like you, fuckin crazy, Champs
we tried, we tried, let you guys sorted out, but you're, not sorted out shit Is it getting worse? I now, as someone who has effort when like asked a question like what do you think humanity how like I on if there is like on a gravestone lower humanity's like say on what would you say and Humanities Greystone I said: well, we tried, the old college. I gave it to show retried really tried such a strange time, man and it keeps getting stranger it's like did you see that in India, the monkey stole the corona virus hands from the left. Yes, so I a monkeys, there were life gimme that they gave it to him, but the other. The funny thing is they didn't get into its. They actually were to keep their able to keep the specimens intact. Well, no use having crazy yeah. What is it and wonder what the monkeys thought? It was I dont now they are,
probably just like well the way their holding it looks important had better take it yet will they do that apparently, and then you can give them food now, give it back to you to make deal yeah they're, barter yeah. They may deals depending on the monkeys, depending on the territory but assurance to deal with people, are there so smart man really dumb people? Yet yet, which is saying a lot. It's crazy, like dumping because their fuckin did you see the one with a monkey ran who's, the motorcycle and rode up. To the baby and stole the baby. What's oh my goodness game in this multiple, this one up, it is to create our own ideas in it. I don't want to see. Indonesia Shah know, if you noticed She was our leader. Somebody had a MIKE by out. What's like him back so fast, but it was an honour. I never rattling though it was like. I did because it yeah demand He wrote a motorcycle down this alley to these people. There sitting there grabs a baby and start.
Dragging the baby away. Watches here goes so here's the monkey on the motorcycle do from the beginning that it rode up on my only, but do it from beginning. So he could see it wants to see So those jumps I've grabs a baby just grab. Poland the baby away me. First of all how fucking stronger monkeys a year there? Really! I like how casual the dude is that with the guy is like hey Ternata heavier monkey. Take my baby away Jimmy we're see this leash. Why away now the monkeys get dragged away, its I'll walk the monkey it can drag too oh, it is holding its he's holding onto the baby and he's been two hundred percent sure crazy. It's not walking away with today We are a yak Aziz ring yanked and he's trying to go for the kids. Are the guy's trying to problem from the kid
insane and that's by whether the guys so casual too I mean the stolen, always been cash men. Cash wow that what the fuck so terrified ain't, other kids going grub Miller Gather happened. Yes, let us make sense, because otherwise, how the fuck little monkey know how to ride a more cyclic. Someone teach a monk, definitely dismally monkeys, gonna guy some day. I can wait a bit The motorcycle, maybe monkey, saw like it's a small motorcycle to read a little kids moors yeah, like probably electric someone saw like a monkey saw purse and do something a monkey probably copy it. I think this rhetoric there's a photo of your, are seen it, but I guess he monkey do that. That's gonna get his supper, really loves the shit. We have twenty five milligrams, averse heavy and it's delicious, there's a photograph of the famous photograph of of rang, a ten that is spear fishing, and learn how to do it by watching people. Look at those monkey
well he's gettin after it. Oh, my so cool wild, so red is an Asia. And internet, so it is Indonesia where I think that's what what they were saying. The other one was saving and fight, the photo of the rang a tan, that's spear fishing. So it's hanging from a branch with a spear and sticking in into the water stab of fish, just like it seen humans do cause that's how the people fish there right, so rank as I have got it. Wild orangutan spear fishing, that's so crazy to me, but they said that they believe that primates, particularly some Monkeys in some chimps are in the stone age. Now I see I see ass, your starting use tools are entering into the stone age silly that photo how dope, as that Wow, that's crazy, Look I'll! Hang it with his feet in his hands.
Managing stab and into the water. My fish cloud, the Ape man fox happening while it lit we gotta, think I mean if you believe in evolution, evolution and I do I do too. We were that, yeah. There were some were some form of that some form of that something happened. Somehow when they cause can happen. If they start talking to us, I don't now Venus that we're going to figure out some kind of a computer the table to like read every tiny micro movement and interpret it right. Words right, you now they'll be like mood and then just worse, yeah, how I think it saying this in its just gonna get better and better and better who's, that guerrilla, that they taught sign language was her name, said Jane, Jane Goodall, she thought she was gonna she's sign language with the primates, yet there was, but there was one that was really good at it. This, oh in the zoo Marilla in there,
Silver was in some sort of a research center. I say, but there was one guerrilla that could really talk up a storm. I cat, like pretty profound cocoa. Oh yeah cooker that yeah had conversations with sign language, so heavy I know how their leader, this Williams, wins out. There were Rogers. Mr Rogers. Imagine wow. Look at her look at their head I mean imagine if M m. Yet seen that you manzi now boy your way, there was this one, weird champ that they were really confused about it. They actually thought it might be a hybrid between human and champ, because I want to say this is like the fifties or the sixties, whose really free The end this lady kept it and I think they eventually had to bring it to some sort of arrest. You centre, because it developed a very unhappy.
They sexual relationship with this lady, while one or two fucker and was real jealous of other people, have a line which has yet that's what happens a crazy coils CNN thoroughly. I they say that's what happened to that lady that had that big champ in Connecticut Member, that guess what her friends face Army has her friend was cock. Black and White and she might as a fact that chimp, because she's asleep in the bed with it and she gave that chimps annex and red wine. Which problem now humane man, can't find accuracy of scissors unsuccessful, unsuccessful attempt to create such a. No, no, no! It's! It is not it's just a champ, it's just a weird looking chap, but we the weird parts about it is that it like to walk on two feet. It like to walk on two feet and it looks like a person. It looked like a person fucked, a chip,
look at him do is creeping for these. He added you get a look. Oh yeah, I have seen a picture its creep of this pertinent gonna wanna, far the school of thought. The second row, second to the far left at the black and white one this year that one look at that one. Why? In fact while that is gonna, think essays names Oliver. Yes, what sang yeah So its name was Oliver, but look at a weird, the weird facial expression, particularly that one or image now ass. He got older, he more and more just like a champ, but one of the weird things about you find a video of Oliver, the humanity Hughes to walk on his back feet. Real creepy, and so that's part of the reason why there was all the speculation that maybe it was like some sort of a hybrid that makes sense that they would be like. Definitely a
There's gotta be outliers, you know, because so much genetic information is shared between like all of the animals on the planet, us- and we have been that is of all of it? Brother? Oh, my gosh, interesting, weird yeah could be an outlier, yet while they did it a test on it because it had a very bold face as well, which is one of the other reasons why I think they had some speculation them some human in it they found out just a chump. Mr Weird Chimp, Cynthia, just like a dynamic surface, observe the restraint, but I mean you gotta. Think if you human beings. They think in this form that whereat we ve only been around in this form for somewhere in the neighbourhood of tuna, fifty thousand two four hundred fifty thousand years, or something like that. They don't early Oh no, I mean it's weird. If you look at the evolutionary like the lines, we just go
But now I mean it's weird. If you look at the evolutionary like the lines, if we just go departure something something happened aliens. I know I personally have everything it's my name percent, I always go to the ninety percent and ten percent wrong, but I am also a ninety percent pop pop. Probably I mean I'm a hundred percent. Yes somethin, some Malian, I mean mushrooms are aliens, I think so get out there. They ve probably came from other places in the universe, this body a bunch of life. Lichens like hybrid front fungus and molds, and that that work synergistic whatever, who knows Well, Sir Simon can survive. The spores can survive in a vacuum, so they are really survive in a vacuum of space. Oh man, they can survive and extreme temperatures and then extreme cold interesting, so the give pants vermeer. You know that they are. The building blocks of life came from asteroid Olympics right. They think that it's really
possible that some sort of fungus could exist. An asteroid, you know we have chunks of them. In an article in other parts of the world where some big asteroid, hits or a meteor hits the moon. A big chunk flies off, get sucked in our gravity and slammed the earth, and is that can happen, and you can get some fungus on that. Some sort of some sort of spores yeah, because waterbirds surviving spaces well, yet like more complex there, we're still our degrades when you're lookin, fuck and animal. That thing is, I know it's like you know it's there, it's the stuff that you do when I look too much at when you are tripping, because it gives it gives me existential dread. Kolocha, I'm, like I dont, know what I am anymore, they are, will do that. I mean it is so awesome. It's such a looks like it's made of like cardboard. Like someone,
like she write like a paper machine or velvet yeah, Velvet Leah, Velvet balloon Ets, Cinema am in life. It out. We got buzz sod tube for a nose like its mouth is like one fuckin, freaky God knows how did it isn't a man s hasn't even sense I guess it's just must be moving in probably smelling nutrient. Nothing kills them other than like squash amount. Yeah, really really really small yeah there really really tiny tiny and they can exist in space. Can you see them? the human. I think you could there's no way I mean they're, like sex electron microscope, Andrey Fuckin, way, and got little legs might yeah. I mean that's. What's fucked up right is that all life comes from mean did the first. Life that we believe happened on this planet comes from a single cell yeah, so
from a single cell to multiple cells to something like that eventually get away or a doll. Totally Fuckin Siegel Cricket pick a life for it Yeah I mean in never never ceases to amaze me just like it. Goes on and on and on in the more that you looking are there like get their Adam's like? Are they alive like they're? Definitely not live there, just building blocks, but then what's the definition of life, if it's, if it's using energy and it's creating energy, it's like you know then dinner than and unawareness unconscious and all that stuff, but you now it's all around us. Men were like infinitely inside of it. Is that what is it? What is the narration saying something about of special protein? Therein is a target that their disordered, because, unlike most other proteins, they dont maintain a three day structure. How exactly
work to protect the water bear, though the calm waterbirds still mystery. What's clear, though, is that it could be a big implications for humans, yet great you fuckin, creepy scientists turn us into tartar grace, keep us from getting cans. Sick will, if we harness t cells from the human being and take bits of taught great, and we are able to integrate. We just have to get people comfortable with the new shape, its Tal Science. I mean we really are just a big experiment. Herself very be recommended, lockers We only like what we are and what would like what we look like you know. I mean I mean it's a category like two like what's happening like it now, even like with all these rights and protests and all the stuff, it's like in Palestine, Can you friend about it my drummer gear mom group. Similarly, like mostly white culture had pair, I may I am halfway- half blacks at my french mom and my my after me
and ass. He was from Cleveland Ohio answered the mixed of the two plus the fact that they were married in nineteen sixty seven, sixty eight and in the United States. Still wasn't legal well to marry internationally, so they're married my lifetime, how crazies that You wanna get tangled at history racism during my lifetime, not legal for African Americans to marry white people. That's gonna, clear and also in the Chinese, have their own their own pathway to day they had to lake. I think they were later, but after that, so yeah, I think so, but there is, just like you know all anything about like how much went on and took to get me to a point of which I can just be chill and be like hey? What's up, you know, like I, don't know, I'm going to go, buy a snack now I have to like. I have to think about that, cuz it
you know. My mom reminds me of the time. Thankfully cuz I can operate from, like I'm a human first and my characteristics of my character in the way that I treat other people is the primary thing that I'm working from, and I'm aware of that I look a certain way that might trigger certain people, but that's not how I operate on operate from that I go for the character first, then, if I start to detect or something else happening, then I can modulate and figure something out, but I don't want to constantly ask which growing up in Montana I would have flown. I would have exploded if that was the way I was doing stuff cuz most the time Montanans, even if they're kind of I'm uncomfortable with a black bird. Even if that was the case, and I come up and I'm my conversation with them. After while there are others who owe you help me with my, they owe you thanks for for all that school and then we're just kind of getting along and they didn't even realize it's like a sneak attack when part of Montana Grubbin. I grew up and great balls. Whereas then, what's a near, what's a big city
there's no big city, it was the closest it's. The closest would be the capital, Helena. Ok, but it's not it's but grief causes be, I think, is bigger than Helena so grateful about sixty five thousand, but it's gotten for space, and it's got an oil refinery and some canneries like from Budweiser and Pepsi. We there, because some new families and the military yeah my dad. I was too time. Vietnam fat was first in the army. Then he left the army after four years and then applied with the air force and then went back and got in the aforesaid. They sent it back again holy shit I, which was kind of crazy, but then he survived it. Now. Move to fret are moved to a basin Germany because decommissioning member, like in France, we had bases United States had bases end than Charles De Gaulle at the time was like we don't want your bases in the air anymore. So how you bases belong to us all, your bases belong to us
absorb your basis in any necessary all it. I will get out of their first unwilling, ok, but yes, oh use helping to decommission a basis. I met my mom, our yeah, his name's Charles, in they met in a bar called the Charlie BAR, which are those kind of fun and justice you go to Montana, because a base was there? No well the he we were stationed. First second, we went all over Europe Osborne issued Gart. Then we, around Spain, ITALY, I thank you. Spain and ITALY, and then, when I was four years old, they we have a choice of two places to go to and they picked Montana because Montana had better at a better school system or something at the time, and then I move their announced for now, four and the citizen, as a citizen of nothing until I was for years yes? I am citizen how? Where does that? that's really, whereas not weird it's it's it is. We have Yes, now we're because the circumstances- that's not where, because you're a human being on earth it should
that you have to be assigned a patch of dirt. I know there you know. I know I know well. Tribe deal belong to Europeans. Like I don't know I haven't, so he has not decided the young one has not decided. I mean I mean it's weird. If I think about it, I'm a kind of an immigrant but not kind, and not what your American yeah yeah american parents, I even if, like Brian Cowen, was born. In fact, where was born, whose born and somewhere freaky. Maybe Saudi Arabia like Abu Dhabi, or something like that, somethin outlandish, because his friend it was on the road all times. Well, right, yeah same seems, ordeal yeah where you're kind of not you're, not a citizen, every what they call there's a status for that but trader. It's a traitor, It's a traitor to resign side or yes, spy S, someone nigerian candidate. Thirdly, that use the perfect. When he's not connected, anyone has no children s. Now, I mean
yeah. I guess it was like. I was in Montana when I remember I kind of vaguely remember being in the court house and being made a citizen alba of this obvious danger for when I was five so far for as I was like in the United States like I wasn't in, I was a non citizen of the island, on citizen of the world and then when I became an american citizens ass strange gas, very, very strange, I think it's, like all the ingredients are inside like I'm so I'm so stoked? I got to grow up where I got the gruff and I had the experiences that I got to experience and I love Montana and I love my friends- are Montana and like being a guy, that people would never expect this from Montana well, you're you're, an unusual guy in that you're, very left wing like me, but you, also very second amendment. Pro second man are sure, like me, I find like you and I are very big,
allows that's too late. You know all for everyone's rights like for everything ages. I want people to be free. You would ever yet but when shit like this goes down and p- we're just randomly lighting targets on fire and in know? smashing windows and stealing gangs and knocking cars over in Poland blood lot trucks. Now you understand that the veneer here of civilization, is very thin and is chaos of being is very deep and its don't ever want to have these again ever when being ever my life, if I ever, if make it to the ground, never have encountered any one that I needed to shoot to protect. My or might I love ones, lives! Happy person, yes, of course, but I'd be much happier. If I get to make that choice. And I get to that. I have the opportunity or the ability to protect myself or to protect someone. I care about. Let me say it:
pending the climate that you're you now we live in a climate that is like for very so many reasons have we ve got into this point at which, essentially, I could you say, a blank, the blanket Blame goes to capitalism in general women and should like to talk about this. On this. On the show lot capitalism in its most fundamental state is just essentially trade. It's what humans dead at Vienna. He set up a fruit stand and like someone's, got bread and in an empty trade and then there's kind of like an understood value for things and on a basic level. It's kind of what we do is human beings. We barter we trade things like that, but any flash forward like overlay complexity, over complexity or complexity. That is then guide. Why people are like how I can gain the system little bit more hockey game system, little bit more and now you got all these hoarders and orders and people and choke points of resources right. So then they are there kind of dictate. Blah blah saying, goes with the arms. You know it's like yeah I'll
I enjoyed. The reason why I enjoy my ability to have a firearm is because I respect their power, I'm engine I'm an engineered, minding minded person. So I like the engineering and the crew small ship behind it and, unlike the responsibility and the safety factor that people take it seriously, when I grew up, People are really adamant about the safety of guns at everything that, whenever touched again looked at again before you to pick it up. They'd be like never put your finger on the trigger never pointed anybody unless you plan on firing at all the things that we all here about, a gun owners are supposed to be taught. And so growing up against. I didn't really fear them. They were just a thank you now in my mouth oh mom, side, the family is armed police, police people and my dad was a military police when he was in the military, so it'd be no guns, like that's just a part of the thing. Farmers hunting all that stuff great falls same thing growing out of my friends house and seeing them
your honor strung up again on the rafters with much cardboard on the ground in know getting ready to be processed all of that stuff, and for me I came back to guns like maybe like ten years ago, or something like that because I wanted to. I was interested in training and overcoming my fear of handguns and down, and so that fascination was great and went to Montana and my experiment was like: how long will it take me to get a handgun? You know and I walked into a sporting good store. I I one of my in timed it twenty minutes. I walked out. Why and I had a bag with an gun and ammunition in the bag, and I was walking out of the store So there's no waiting period. Now now there you fill out the. In other background check. You do the background check looks like there's no red flags, whatever you can have a gun which, which part of me is like part of me, is like if you're responsible, gun owner and you respect firearms that
seems kind of normal. You like, I, am responsible. I nodded use this weapon safely by scan and I'm gonna walk out right, and that was my first firearm ever, but you whilst it an interesting experiment. I will save and want to talk to all my law enforcement friends month in Montana, like you know who at the guy walked and he walked in his suit and had a full on through peace. It and then had his carry conceal, carry on him and then walked in with a huge bag of like crazy guns, but he is a prosecutor and has to have security when he when he goes to cases and things like that, because when they get convict sometimes people sick, their friends on them and stuff, like that, anyways you'd, never any altercations, but an interesting guy, really like very heavily armed blob outline. I start talking about what would happen if, in order to get a firearm,
you had to like back when the energy was the end. When truly was the area when it was a bunch of like war, vets who are they This is how you use firearm safely, like way back in those days. If people had to go through training and had to be evaluated dead, pass driving like we need right now, A driver's license you have to get into a colony have did instructor there and you have to let pass these tests when Anne I talk in that way. There, like our, really have a problem with that idea, because promoting you're only doing yourself a favor right, your ear your promoting safety in your educating people about firearms ends up to them. If you want, I am firearm or you don't want to have a firearm, but if you do, you have to know oh, how to safely operate a firearm, and there are many kinds of arms than all the same thing. Yes,
but it was interesting conversation dad is a powder keg of a conversation right and, if you even intimate just just it just beat around the bush that maybe good idea for people learn how to use a gun before thereby trade Try! You have offered second amendment You are right. I know right. I know and I M in and in it so funny, because that's why I like never talk. I've got a bunch friends, I D Conseil, carry all the time for their professions and gray false and I'm sitting down them, a firearm on them, I never feel like nervous or anything like that, but in but there Ellie, opinionated about people who open carry above. Carry their eyes like those people are almost always conceal. Carry permit people always say that those they don't like those people, because it's you have a weapon, that's visible and it doesn't have a fancy biometric lock on it.
There's nothing like if you're, in a situation that some walks up behind you and takes again they just now. They ve got a gun and you is told everybody you just showing everybody that you ever a arm, and so there's this weird thing about open, carry that Conseil carry people like this is ridiculous, while you can do it if its legal in your state, certainly is it a good thing I I don't think so: it's probably not a good decision do when you just gonna Walgreens blossoms. It's probably exists so that no one can ever infringe upon you, rights to have one in any capacity. So if you sure you know science like it's, not a thing we're You want to do all the time, but if you, if some shit goes down and you have a gun outside of your house, the law, the law should be you can do whatever the fuck you want, like the loss, as you are allowed to open carry, so you can have this gun side. Your house does mean go to the movies where the fuck in eighteen, forty seven strapped your chest. Yet
which people do in and I get at night in the whole thing about like the gun issues that it needs. Start somewhere, and it should start at education. Yes, you now two cases the that's the key right yet like in and some people or great at it most people that I know that are indications are very into the safety aspect of it now understand, intimates yeah toward into them yeah. But it's one of those things were first all his sword and weird. I know so people who want to go now. So many people there ass were all these liver cells. Anti liberal friends of mine are asking me like. I know you have again here like where there is like what is it take louse two different friends who have had friends ask them. They can borrow a gun much against loan someone- I know you cannot you. People that are anti gun are hilarious because they don't know that Our rules like this idea that there's no, rules and others rules, but yet, although here about as our border off a gunshot loophole, they start talking about,
entry into our goodwill. So then the union again shows no way my gun get the fuck. Now I now it's Oh, that's the thing. That's that's the thing that so hard about it because like for me, I'm like I'm a pragmatist and an too it's always about awareness, is always about education and then being that the conversation always breaks down on either side where it's like. If it's a gun down there like any hint, of something that says we're gonna have to talk about ass, yet out there like now and then the people who are really and I got there like any hint that there might have to a compromise made, then they are also equally like no and its nothing's ever gonna get done. Unless you get soldiers cops, people, use guns for an who have to use guns for profession. Talking to me, People who are heritage got owners, people who ve been growing up, generations doing that. Two people who live in urban situ
regions where there's illegal gun sales and black market guns and their problem again than their common, their communities. All that stuff needs to be talked about. But the sides are so entrenched. It's very, very, very difficult. Why think something like work, Where experience you right now these riots and alluding this opens people's eyes. This is like we're talking about our liberal friends at are very interested in getting a gun. Now this opens people's eyes. You realize that this is not new ones. On a power trip, he's talking about your ability is safely defend your loved ones and yourself. That's that's all you're talking about absolutely I in I'm. My thing is to like technology is amazing and end and guns or an interesting form of technology, because, obviously, if again, healthy situation it like. I did you see the new Bob, about one, oh yeah, they enhance this. Oh, you there's a try mount further silencers. Did you ever this answer every class, one less? It's all that geeky stuff. So geeky is people working on it.
Engines and Highroads awry exact, there's that right, then there is the whole. Cultural or thing that movie is, you know like a bad boys there, they just guns or to stuff that people just have and then to shoot Nora and the thing is like people understand when you talk to a war that about guns and to end gunfights and firefights, specially recent firefights there, like I never ever, would ever wish you to ever be a gunfight ever and so and I and I believe them cause. I know things can change so quickly. A bullet when you should again, it hit. Somebody ended in their life, even if there are like threatening you support. That is one most dramatic things that can happen in the human beings, life and have to live with that all the time women soldiers, at least they have like I'm on a side and I'm trained you know, and their psychological help and all that stuff for police officers same thing most of them, never even try.
Weapons, but when they do and they do fire at the consequences are devastating on a psychological level. But I will say that I have my friend who carries out like what, if the first three rounds, that you have in your personal protection gun legal at home, have your handgun whatever it is. One of the first three rounds were rubber, and then there lie around after that, and he was like our that's an interesting idea like anything to protect yourself but not necessarily guarantee that you're going to kill somebody! If it's you know if it's a weird situation. Situations haven't fast- and I understand when someone comes in your house. All bets are off what we need to do. How are you feel if some embracing your house? That's the? I understand that, really, but for me I'm like what can I do to make it really hard for someone to even get to me in
first placed here and my last last last resort- is a weapon that can kill somebody, that's my very very, very last, but I'm gonna do every I can be as pre emptive as possible to now enticing, for people to want to come up and attack the these rubber bullets. Are these cops. Are you making protesters how fucked up as this addition? shoot him in the people It rightly yeah. There's mostly hit him off the ground. There shooting I'm fuckin reporters his heels, Porters reporters intervene. These people know what the fuck yeah he's getting shot at. I now by cops that no there were porters, yes and no end over porter lost her. I recently We see reporter someone like that. Yeah got hit me I, with a rubber bullet wounds. Recently like yesterday's, my god and lost, and I happened to announce that the a veto rights in our like one. Second, your life, oh cool and the chief of police
talking to the lead, organizer and he's got his helmet oftener ones they are. This is cool there all talking and then from behind the police lines. You hear a born, we're gonna, be launching tear gas. Please clear the area like wait, a minute, you guys the you guys were just talking and say no in vain. He doesn't know because I was another order placed by someone that wasn't him and then suddenly, turns in a pan of moaning em in the next thing you know, another dude loses and a guy that I knew there was a friend of a friend lost his eye in the debate here right because the guy that the police officer shot at him directly instead of boys bouncing off the ground. It's just like, and it comes down to my gun. My gun guru that, I was in training with her for a film and ask anyone wants me back into into staff, but he was saying training, training training,
like when it comes to police officers, its community outrage reach being able to actually establish contact with the community so that they can at least have some form of trust or some one that they can talk to you that they can relate to fully understand the police. Are there for the protection and everything is like training alone. His officers are just like they're, just send Mountain gonna take good luck, deal with stuff, as it happens, and then some of the cats are like they don't know, their anger gets the best of them someone's being indignant and I'll. Let you know what I'm going to lay it down. I just think most people do not have the kind of temperament and character to deal with being in the position of having control over the people really ultimate fatal control over other people. I just don't think they have I think most people I mean. I think that takes a really powerful person and there are powerful people out there that handle and handle it well in their great cops. Yes, and then there's guys like that guy who put his fuckin knee, on that man's neck for eight minutes and thirty, eight
in several whatever was and finally the family got their own autopsy the autocracy showed the man did die from phronsie. Yeah, not not justice fixation, but also from the blood being cut off to the brain, which is really what it is. It's a blood choke, because you're putting your shin on the side of the neck is cutting off the carotid artery. It's like a child like, like a you, choke the idea that that's what killed him as I could come up with just a coincidence mean way and what does the autopsy the? How corrupt or your fuckin metal medical amateurs, man, I'm telling you it's ya, know where their like. What we need to get me to get ahead of this and psyche, not just we just like he had pre existing conditions, yeah yeah, it's called being black yeah, yet those existing conditions, while being guy, had been arrested, especially by guy that guy had twelve different abuse forms that were gap abuse claims against him over the years. The idea,
and I m the guys we're just gonna sit in there. You know the cops are sitting there. It's like they again. It's also a training issue. It's like you know, and if your cop in you You, you ve, noticed another, a fellow officer in the field doing some shit that they think is like not cool origin straight illegal whatever or there. You have a feeling that it's gonna escalate with this person, if their, if its left on check they really it's hard for them to communicate because there's this whole brother heard loyalty eyeing that locks everybody until like this code of silence and it's so because well, how do you expect police departments to get better police departments are allowing themselves to get better whilst some? What some people do step out they get in trouble, Riah of some people who do call out other officers for shitty behavior, but one woman really recently. I think it was either yesterday or today there is a guy and he's arguing with these protesters Ismail COP, and this woman,
it's on her knees in front of him and says she's on her knees and he shops her to the ground when, when she's on her knees, and this female officer gets in the guy's face and starts yelling at him and and is, as he's warbling way, she's chasing him down, yelling at him, ah and its on video, so that there are example, yes of good cops, who see Cobb's being abusive, They have to pay for, and this guy was clearly abusive. I just wonder: standing. There really got Ray the guy's face like intimidating and then then pushed the girl down like this a people that shouldn't be cops and then the stress of those situations where you tried trying to take control. Of a mob. It did you, it turns back or you get that sheriff Flint Michigan, did you see that that was a major maize ours may of Unifil brings a tiered EU. I really do is like we're gonna put down the baton, we're gonna March with you. Yes, we're all together in this sense, and you know, and we want you to have a voice and then his hugging people in everybody's hugging. Everybody their walk together, so am I
Jim the cop that pushed the lady down and put him in that situation with those people that same attitude, he be yelling at people and tell him to shut the fuck up and push them away, and I probably would have escalated or imagined that cop with the other scenario, we that woman, the growing problems like MA. Am I don't want you on your knees? we're all in this together, like that, what we are We all saw what happened that men it's an injustice, let's walk together. Let's, let's try to heal this community. Would you try? Let's try to do better That's what I want to see man I mean: that's all, that's how it comes down to it. In our? I? It's all about behaviour, how you handle the situation in the moment and again, if they had little bit a training Jean Luc, training to say like stop before it think stop think then assess the situation, and you know unless your life is in danger, like you know, but that these situations are not that these are cops that are like. So many have
and there's like something clicks and there's chaos all around you and the instinct is like essentially the same someone as someone who's taking advantage of it on the other side were like people to come out after the initial rage wave of lake in out, which is a natural kind of biological instinct in its a rebalancing, but then there, the opportunists, that sneak in behind the wave and those the people that you see like TAT, getting Yelena very organised way, targeting the stores, exactly where they're gonna go in. There can take advantage. These moments, chaos, gas and, of course, that gets mixed in and the cop see that in its like, while they kind of get on getting on that wavelength instead of the majority wavelength, which is just like we're pissed, where emotional we're allowed but were allowed to do this. Have you seen these bricks that people finding at all these different sites where people are protesting, is organ, eyes stacks of bricks. Now yeah man look! This is a mistake,
Jamie and send you one that Eddie sat me. That's who do you think is putting that. That's the question right! It's like who who is putting that as an anti is the cops its is someone who want someone to throw a brick so that they can impart martial law. Like what is it yeah, my my brain always goes to conspiratorial here- smaller is brick. Piles appear throughout major protest cities. I mean these that was our Exeter appearing. That don't have, a reason to be there Jamie, I'm going to send you this video that I already sent me, because this is all your drama to Buddy man it at the cartoon the baked are, they said in the office yesterday the car out there and then of the railways? Should he got a fucking free car off people just take a free police. Are so a police car, and then these three you have all these protesters and then these three people move in a very organised fashion,
so this old shitty police car and then these three eight you have all these protesters and then these three people move in a very organised fashion, there's a guy who made a video about it. We seen the video Jamie where the guy breaks down these the antique of every Cnet I'll, send you the video because, what's up ever saw the yeah, ok put it up on this guy. I, like, I figure, photos I see so crazy, so there's is there. It is so these random palates, a brick sis, is very organizes on Inter Boulevard, here in allay or things in nor Hollywood, so these palates abreks just sitting there Laguna this. What just like like riot supply, exactly right supplies and that's exactly so whose doing this this is very organised. I mean as many stacks of these bricks, it's very anti anarchist. What isn't it
organised, but I mean what am I mean: what's fuel for anarchy right, yeah, but I'd just. I wonder, look look at this, as you think, do you think mean here's another theory. He could we possibly performance art I mean, I mean, and I'm must saying that I guess a joke, but like some performance artists like go to that length, but that's very, very organism very ominous and very weird, I mean I hope that those are reported that the police, like pick them up well, one thing that is happening. That's promising, as these provocateurs are getting caught by act, Your black lives matter, protest grabbing them and these assholes at a break in windows and spray paint things like grab in these people, say: hey fuck and they're they're. Turning these people in like these people smashing thank the Lord that are recognising that this is damaging. To this would look. There's a great man
when in time right now we can in that real change. Will you can see? This is like you get this and its really the perfect storm in terms of it. In its horrific nature, you see this guy who's nonchalantly got his me on this man's neck for eight minutes and thirty eight seconds, just just there's. No, there is no justification. It's very clear, horrific there's! No blurry nest is no grey area, is dirty, it's awful evil and then a man dies, and everybody is for US task degrees and upset, and they were change and their march through the streets. But then, when you see these bricks and then we see that chaos and theirs they ve caught cops cops that people knew were cops wearing police, but please, but police distributed gas masks like official gas masks like the ones
the cops here, the like the same wardrobe that cops where everything's black all military issue shit and then these people a chase them. Are you a fucking cop, like this guy's breakin windows at target and then someone commerce's like I know that is that guy is a cop and they were Call out the guy's name, so this cop is going around while these peace were, protests are going on and he's smashing windows with a gas mask on fully dry, asked and military issue garb and people like. Well, that's an agent prop provocateur, but is he acting on his own? Yes, he rode copies like as you like one of those crazy firefighters lights buildings on fire, so they can save him. Bread is citing this of what? What is going on here? It's a thick, some people just wish they want it to turn and something oh yeah massive, and they wanted to be like a civil war and and whose also like that their whole race
poor thing that you know you hear about in a white supremacist systemic that talk about it now and there's then there's like the right with the thing is like your mind, can swim in all kinds of like conspiratorial ways and it's probably it's a mixture of all kinds of things. Yeah, it's definitely like. Probably like him. I do this or like hey, we do that or someone kind of kids around someone's listening you knowing the police police Department, whatever in there like yeah, we would, if we were doing that whatever and they hear that- and I like, I am going to do that- now has that some dangerous shit, and I think that that's amazing, that the bed that protestors who are seeing this are detaining because those people it there just not helping in any way- and I am here- there's a good one city asshole is smashed. Things, and this guy comes over and grab some fuckin bodies lambs and everybody, always a guy down their screaming and yell at item now they hold. This guy is passing over. They placed these eyes or Antigua utilities,
really hard to cover his face, significant Aki. What is hitting with a hammer? What was incinerators making breaks off the sidewalk and that so yea good? grand here. How also now very frail, did you know I mean I think I'll use they took him down? There is definitely some anarchists that are like you know their pay, Sickly there, like you're doing this. This is our time. Any know that there's a normal wave of those people- because I mean I run, we're going to Brandenburg Germany friend of mine out There has like there's a bunch of that kind of anti fraud slash ironic anarchist, but like a mellow version, german mellow version of then by a bunch of land that was actually sky like a weird, he history, both Goebbels training, camphor the knots. The youth, and then it was and before that it was like polish, like airforce places under there
it has a good military, weird shaky history, but they bought it and they. Converted it and now it's like a very accepting of all people like all kinds of people live on there, and then there are people who work on the. What's it called the fusion festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the world. In germany- that's in Brandenburg, Ass, an amazing vessels, all just love based Techno, you know, but it's got that hard edge of like anti corporate. It's all die. Why, but its massive at six. Seventy thousand people festivals, like Bernie Man in the woods, and very interesting conversations that you hear from them, but he's very german. I don't I don't. I mean a tiny bit ambition, but not not not allow actually was trying to learn. I loved the german lines. Do they speak English yeah? They speak English. So when
haven't conversation. Yes, the hours became the English Yea Mere once because I was renting in and out of, our aid be ten plus in, and I drove it onto the grounds when they were tearing down, and this year Woman came up with the spray paint can and was like shaking the canning going like. What are you doing here with this kind of a vehicle and It was this weird ten stand off, but I was with one of the people whose, like when the house she was now spray your car, oh yeah, yeah, and in a bold, Eighty, I now and in a way like I was like you now and if she would have done it, that's fine. I was in her territory in our fuck me Erin, I'm, I'm ok with like when it comes to, like people heard that passion of alike, anti corporate and stuff, like that, like I get it, they got, but that's your property Now I mean own rate or I'm renting out, but she doesn't know that she doesn't know that, but that, but I did Emma, I had a feeling she wasn't but there, but inside my head I was like what she did and I we like like us
to drive. That's that's out, equipped like this fascists, anti fascist, whatever symbol on the side of it, which I don't it's like it's a funny thing like no good ever comes out of that? Does the problem now? No good at ever comes at a defacing property. There's! No, no! No compromise gets reached. No, recession gets breached now now I know now, when you're, destroying now in euros, drawing history and destroying its destruction again as an initial response, understandable if something happens, and people go out in their young, especially in this. In this climate of being cooked up no jobs. What do you want to do Let the rally behind this. This is ridiculous, whatever boom initial like who knows what can happen and that chaos when everybody goes out that I get that the continuation of it the as these standard behaviour. That's that's a problem that any leader, any civil leader is going to condemn and friend, frown upon
because at the at the end of the day, I'm a pragmatist and assist inefficient system very inefficient adds a funny way. Look at an inefficient its How are you going to use that energy like harnessed the energy for re? If you weren't real change, you gotta, like you got it. You have two strategies and for me, I'm about hacking, like we got a hack this yet mature, this guy who's a really into engineering, you're, very thoughtful. That's not what you're dealing with what these burned to the ground motherfuckers this evil, don't have and be in the know, how or strategy that is when it would have thought can tear down. Capitalism, and then what are you gonna get your food, you fuck, in your shoes whose making issues. Where did you get your car, you fucked idiot, I wear your phone come from I'll, give you a hint, not America. Yes, I know I have to get made Dumdum its failure to engineer em. It is really like it is, and I agree with they reside losing capitalism to fight capitalism? Yes, they're using
the internet and social media sites on cell phones that they bought. Yes, yes of every without a doubt, here's the day, if this is so weird about it, is that it is such a paradox right, I mean essentially describing yeah so like. If you want to effect change you either going to fit into the feedback loop. You gonna feedback, feedback loop or going to figure out a way to shifted so that you are able to spiral away from it and that's really what we need, and I like people taking responsibility for getting rid of the fuck wits that are at our lead, fuck it up for everybody because guaranteed whether to the police, its protesters. It's always a very, very small percentage of those people are going to fuck it up. Because also the news loves sensationalism. Osama, I think, will decide what we're doing right now is really the perfect storm. Ok, you have a bunch of pieces in place. First of all, there is a lot of you that never really recovered from the two thousand. A crisis, as people are very upset that the
anchors and the these sub prime mortgage loans in the housing crisis and everything went chaotic people shit tonnes money and then all sudden. You have this pandemic and the pandemic comes. One people cannot work so for the first time ever through no fault, your own. You literally can't work for months and months at a time, there's this haggling, number of people right now that are in desperate states that there is a terrible position. Financially about to lose their armed about those their car there about. They don't know what the fuck they're going to do to feed themselves, and then you get this murder and the murder just lights, all this dry wood and then everybody says look, these people are all full of shit down trumps full of shit, Nancy policies for shit, through our monsters. It's all both gave a nuisance, fulla shit, let's fuckin burn it down
the let smash and that's taking part that that's that's that's happening, while these peaceful protests are happening, all the while people just got on watching the Joker so the joke yes now, which is this fuckin billion our movie with his guy kills everybody and burned to the ground shoes people on tv, any here's, the problem he kind of cheer farm. He can't achior foreign imports if this is a movie but a bunch of people like look we're gonna fuckin end this corrupt system of care it wasn't start smashing windows burning things, part of you would begun gone. What's others turns yeah, how's it going to this kind of an interesting choice. While these guys are getting radical, do they have a plan, but then, if movie in the movie like, if you saw these parts of bricks just mysterious the appearing at these areas where people are scheduled to protest and where these these marches to go by the cave. What is that,
is going on here? It's it's there's something else. It play that's like trying to like push it over into that fantasy to move from the fantasy into the reality in my left wing friends. Think it's right! Wing people age and provide contours that are trying to start this sort, o k Maxine so that the military can be called in, which is what essentially tromp apparently did today. Oh, yes, apparently with Jamie, would it Why is everybody saying that its martial law is that something that happened after his speech during his speech was essentially saying that if they didn't call him, National Guard use can cause the military ashes. I dont think I do a single EU that I don't think can do that that state my thinkers, what they're taking as US martial LAW, which it which in a weird way, goes against. I mean, like you, you know, you're talking about leftwing people say like it's there right wing and I'm sure, they're right wing. Pieper letter like stay out at a left wing. They can they want even yet it
its anti. Since I got his finger, pointing Whoever is doing it is definitely winning for their point of view because they're like while we're doing and no one knows who it is and where just doing it, agents provocateurs have been used from the beginning of time, mean that they ve always done that Hitler burn the rice dog. He did that to incite the people of Germany to get behind him and that he was going to take control, such a narrow, burned Rome same way. I mean it was all done in order to get people excited about this idea of this one person, saving them from this attack and that that has been done forever, Alex Jones had a great video called nine hundred and eleven the road to tyranny. Of the first time. I really understood that agent provocateur is our government strategy and he detailed like very this is like I'll guess. It was like two thousand and one or two Who did you put this video out and he detailed how the World Trade Organization, when those people who are protesting in
the debate here- and this is in seattle- yeah there. Ok, so when you this was you were there in two thousand, when I was just before it blew up, I actually done two thousand is barely two thousand early. Two thousands made two thousand two thousand wonders, and so these people are protesting in yet diabetes and then these guys dressed exactly like that. I was talking about earlier. Our black face covered military issue: outfits military, shoe, vibrant sold shoes. All dressed uniformly started Smashing windows, smashing cars pushing over a like Post office box lighting things on fire, and then they were and up shutting down all the protests in even had they had a no
protests zone when people showing up at work where they had a w Tito, Stick Olga Debit, your pen with a red line through it. They made them take that pin off of their jacket before they went through the line, because you couldn't have anything There was anything any sort of protest. It was crazy, This is a document in this film, then they d. Actually all these guys, who were the agent provocateurs holed up in a building and then the least negotiated with them and then release them So there is some sort of an order and border from higher up and they were all released and interesting use these guys. They used military people for some branch of the government. Who knows what the fuck they were, who they were. They use them to turn a peaceful protest about a legitimate concern. These people have about the doings of the world trade organization and they turn
it into a violent encounter that they could then justifiably bring in the police and shut everything down makes sense. That's what people are worried about what these books there worried about these breaks these bricks. This is horse shit. This is this is done to shut down the peaceful protest. Where people are legitimately and righteously concerned about ending police brutality. Cuz, it's been going on forever. It's been gone on too long yeah I mean I mean it. I just at this point. It's like I don't I don't put passed any measured by people that want to maintain their bottom line like they'll, do whatever it takes, and it's like again You know when it when it comes to stuff, like that, I'm like I want to stay in warm Dylan turn those. I want to keep those ideas in in mind in his the most simplistic way witches. If you got a lot of shit, you can do whatever it takes to keep your shit. Rainy and you'll do all kinds of crazy shit to try to me. Cain Power and control and anyway,
the verse, and what really sucks is that if you did the opposite He did with that sheriff. Did you actually get not only what you want, but you get more now and the end thoughts I don't understand the virus of doing evil badly. That's what I goods will, I think of it as being very inefficient and terrible it selfish and greedy. If you are really selfish and if you're really grid greedy, you would make sure that the well being of your population was met so that there was reverence for your position and if their reverence for position than you have the good will people, it's easier to make things happen. However, why people? Don't get that's five de chest a man I mean I'm having commodities Latvia, but either world. Think like that right now they don't just one of my role in power is linked to the type of person who wants to be in opposition. Is the type of person just wants control in power? They want people to be afraid of them like the way, even the way Trump talks about it. You know he talks about using dog.
He's tired about using the most vicious dogs like he says, is such a foolish he's got such a foolish way of communicating in times of crisis and that's what's really dangerous, because some people are really good. In times of Craig S, Egg Obama was very good at times of crisis and enjoy W George W gave a speech after nine eleven that made everybody loves him. Everybody was like this. Is our guy he's gonna take care of us, but I don't agree with him on certain political areas, but obviously there is clearly evil in the world. We just saw these people take down the world trade centres and people have died and, we're being attacked. Ok, this guy he's gonna, take care of us and you dont get that feeling tromp now known as an attempt, as I came in its like he's just in his own feedback loop, so whatever he can do to make himself feel good he's gonna, do it and then he only understands caveman principles, which is power, strength, yeah, show strength, die, minutes. They doesn't believe it himself. That's. The thing is like
No, you know that term for as much bolstering as he does the shit that he says s where he got if he was in a room with someone who's dislike you time out is tough guy stuff. Let's go right now he would be cowering in a corner there's! No. He can't back up any the stuff Elvis positions of issues, issues hot Eddie, a great episode. Mere. Oh, my god. I now right that we agree it would have to be like a guy who's like a guy who is insulted, but that's like Unassuming Fox him up. You know it have to be. It have to be just intruder Causelessly, just intruders or even higher levels, social justice warrior and he's a handsome fellow of abuse. To get a hare yet have if they ve also Trump wakes up in his in Bg Mme shorts. Yes, this is big man boobs totally, and they put it like that.
Put in the mouth guy, they accept okay, so it is look like it. I like what am I am. I am just intruder sacred actions like Miss track change like doing these crazy keg starts fucking him up known better. Yet it would be a woman, currently bowed It made some bad ass woman who Fatima some woman president of Nigeria, Some shit totally starts kick his ass, my God, man making fun of them. While she is fighting em and totally ivy. That's the thing! It's like you now! I think we it what it is. I've got a rule. Oh man, they give. You have either fight. Someone like you, wanted your government to fight about better. Yet you we break it. To one verses, one into the best controlled situation where we're gonna lose the least amount of life. You challenge to a dual use the other person from the other country. I'm. So now that I remember there was a science fiction story, I think, maybe in the eighties her ears like in the eighties
the Seventys, and it was about that it was like in the future. World leaders would just fight each other, so we too have a real problem with Putin. He'd fuck everybody up, like has he'd, be the master cheater. While you know that fight he's a black belt do that is a jet black, but he's very good merit. The videos at him now? Yes, even if I videos a potent doing, Judah she's, very he's very good, a trains with you guys to seems like the kind, let him around a little bit low Seagal around like, but when you, look at his movements is clearly skilled is very year. There's no doubt about it. He absolutely knows what he's doing here. Gus see this is here working out with the russian Judo team. That, though the lower phenomena meant that there was a legit move, that's illogical, it seems so so effortless, it's just a simple sweep. He he really did what they are doing right now, there grabbing he's got a little fuckin problem resolved on their grabbing each others. Just
to sum up, there grab in each other's geese and their move in each other around they try to redirect like that. That looked a jet, the other wondrous vote lowered. It looks because it's it's it's funny. How easy it is for someone to throw you the ground if they just sweep out your foot little eyes, more about it, does look quite a good way to win that my dad was a judo is a brown bout intruder, but I'm gonna, watch him maneuver like this, no doubt about his skill. Yet now I mean obviously de trains tromp arbiter of a real problem. Here we would all be speaking russian I mean to input, probably get our like one slap, an open handed slap to his face and he would probably start crying well. I don't know about that. Even after it had slept brown premises, terribly panic yeah, he's get wet Ba bucket of water on his head now
he's he's working out with the real russian Juno team. Now immunities like fuckin Sixty something years, all hats for that's pretty cool caught graze in them in committee on it on a human. I need to accomplish something level! That's that's! Spinner! That's good! that. There's something in I was asked to do. Maria vampire had a questionnaire twenty five questions that your sister, answer for a certain column or something like that, and they end up one of the questions like did you learn something from someone that you didn't like ends and in the way like in that video, it's like. Well, I don't know I don't like Putin, but it Does that you know it sixty years already can still, he could still train with the best of them and in any put yourself he's put himself out. There these go into a sort of again it's a retarded Jim that those guys weren't kind of like taking it his ear, I pick up, they were taken at either because its I mean. How could you not? Can you imagine being the guy that, like takes hip tiresome,
on his head and you wind up dead end, and you just be like you'd, be like all right. Yeah, you got me seems all friendly at first and then, like a week later, you're like a good luck, Ba just slowly get poison to death over months. Did you you ve had a story about him with Robert Craft with those who warring now Circle Simpson. Actually from an historic crash store he he was with Robert Craft. When Robert Craft was was there, he had a Superbowl ring and I said, let me see your ring. Let me hold, he puts it, takes the ring. What's his finger and then just walks away and then robber crabs, hey what the fuck and then you know the security guards put her hand on crap like shake designed like now, like the that's his ring now, while he just from everybody took his fuckin ring, but there it is right. Here you see a leg. He puts it on his finger, he puts it adds fingered, looks areas and then crap
Try to get a bags known, that's mine, I'm gonna, keep that oh, my god. There What an asshole his fucking super boring, but he put it on. I just walked away. What an asshole but weird I mean, It's it's a power move if such a big dick its yet tellers like hair check this out. I slipped his heart out front every by the thing that some would say that what is I quote whither I took them shows the burden it put it on and goes. I can kill someone with this ring now is it as always took it, I put my hand out it put it in his pocket. Three KGB guys got around him and walked out that sucks man when we're gonna fuckin that that's a sex at such a crazy thing to do in front. Everybody. I mean I get it's like. That's like you know, that's like the thing link in a people like like
Panera or Bolsonaro, or a trump or any of these, like kind of strong arm. You know that they would think that that's the way that you do it that's how early, because when you don't have creativity and you dont have a connection to empathy, you make up for it in other ways, and so in this particular case it's late Well, I'm just gonna do strong arm shit because I cause I can and do in front everybody and do it and priorities flattering and just as that's how you do it I did bring success is aware: guilt on people with disabilities, yet this is the way you do it Do it. This is power is eventually him going like. This is how power crazy thing to say the guy. I can kill some old this ring. I wonder if he did if he killed somebody with it, you know he's deaf. One of your effort, killed somebody with that Robert Crafts. You were more ring man, I yeah. I mean that Geiger dammit. I just say I say so here I just wish. It is hoped that humanity, we can.
Out of it may, and I hope that we get like you know at the good. He sank. What MR grabbed, the saying no is weird Dmitri. Pascal said I was standing twenty six, the metres away from him and Mr Putin, and saw and heard how Mr Craft gave this length as a give my guys, insane and say that, like they give you now once they got once the KGB guys like now, it's like you know it's over. You know that it's Were you gonna get your shit back, he said. Is it's a humorous anecdote that craft retails for laughs? He loves the the ring is in the Kremlin end. As you stated back in two thousand five, he continues to have a great respect for Russia. And the leadership of President Putin, My Lord says Stacy James, a spokesman for the craft group. I don't trust, do
your name Stacy, because their real their real. What about keep Stacy each year, but he was a nurse born the forties. Ok he's different back there you have a gay holdings are different, but Stacy's Abigail type, Charlie issue. There are rumours that Charlie Sheen bought the ring, but the errand This is just a simple story about in the makes lost rings celebrity Charlie. She was a big nine. Eleven truth. Her even in an open letter to Obama demanding that they come clean about what really have, and during nine eleven year there was an he was one of them. Nine eleven was inside job, guys, man, it's goes to show you like yeah, elaborate, a man like it I swear to God. It's like that. The platform, a documentary, isn't a movie with what legal cover eleven came out a couple years ago, lads a couple years two thousand and seventeen Goldberg.
So this is a movie about recreation, all her em in the tower doing coke lucky. The word was coming: What is this? This is a three year old movie Louis Gruesome ocean. Every has looking at September. Eleventh it's about to go down. Oh Jesus, order of business like maybe the worst move you oughta for as well they do the web is here now. They just read locks they stuff them in the most unimaginable wig. Their members. You like yeah that she's like recreating a role, Somalia, and saying what crazy about Charlie is Charlie, Jean Luc obeyed with every crazy here, Charlie one point time was a super legit actor like in Platoon knows in some fantastic movie where he was in hot shots this is good of you to habitats and has travelled by man. I mean
now like we can? All that is just a fuckin. Loon is crazy person. Now either Now it's it's various following other factors there why nine, eleven nine eleven career Afore s in Sweden, September Athos Jesus just so you can hear about it before the eleven comes around you get worked up, then we should have a view, party for that money and smoke. A pound of we are healthier and watch the invite that we invite you to read a mile. I wondered: did you think you think to think now eleven like when I'm leavin having that Porsche three brand the data. Thank you This german sorry, I have to say, but covers named very earlier so eyes, beans and named distance. Nineteen sixty something so No man's land. He had a movie about porsches come on up,
whose other dude the other day Oh, I know that dreamy was eighties dude. Yes, he was one m eighties, guys might have been in the race, a problematic on a movie money and now he lives our ran somewhere in Wyoming or some shit. But that no man's land is about that db. Sweeney is a cop and Charlie. She is a Porsche thief and they all steals porsches. What about fry like a talent trash? My still try, and I now be car thieves and it's a weird time for Porsches dukes. They kind of sucked yet is like steel knows eighties portions of killer, because a tie air sucked in intellect Forty four and well known there not drawn eleventh, like those in ghettos, old, nine, eleven turbines like they have that list, throttle overseer of Europe. You never trove an old one. Now, never I have one
there that has a little bit of it. I have a nine hundred and sixty four, it's an Rs America, but it's pretty gripping the sky really good tires and an upgraded suspension there. It is, is the movie but those old ones. Obviously you, when you're going around a corner, you have to stay on the gas. Care, can't let off the gas of if you go around the corner or they get something called lift throttle overseer says you lift off to throttle, He had a car will over steer and many a do lost their lives because there, the ass and kicked out, because I didn't know how to drive these cars correctly. Now that you know how to drive a car correctly, you can actually manage that over steer the something about those old cars. Yet at once, you learn how to drive Eminem by no means an expert and how to drivers old cars, but there's something about that sliding that you know how to time Rowena a time that slide and actually get tuned to these corners, better economy. Nepal that weight cigarettes at a late form of
getting quite little emotional manage yeah yeah. I never learn how to do it, but I dive experience down in my nine six for going around a corner. You let off the gas, as I hate fact very, very gives our slugger just like your your fuckin. You could trawls, agree envy all fuckin fucks Spongebob like I say it's reels. It just feels like you don't have it anymore and you like, oh my god, oh my crash Any like regret like if you ever they are a Bmw, a two thousand and five and forty six and three is a grey car.
You're in conjurors. Let us across reddening makin, but you also, you can feel like what's goin on, like you feel when it slips away a little bit. If it's, you feel varying control that you have you that if you took it around a race track and he starts sliding and drifting a little bit you'd, have it really quickly later there's a shitload of look up m three e forty six drift really easy. It feels like you, you got it you're in controls. Let us recall threatening comes back, and but you also, you can feel like what's goin on, like you feel when it slip the way a little bit. If it's, you feel varying control that you argue that if you took it a race track and used. Sliding and drifting a little bit you to have it really quickly later, there's a shitload of look up m three e forty six drift, there's like porn like rift porn. All over you, two of guys taking these cars and going village famously well balanced, but it's it's just
really well engineered. Well, balanced, carpets, front engine, you know it's there. It's it's built different, rearrange Porsche like especially the like these guys it taken these, because guys like going sideways, run these corners. So many people love these cod For that very reason this is one crazy. Of this guy on a loading doc, and it's not very wide but disguised drifting sideways and spinning around on this loading. Doc. Look out well disguise handling this, but this is about this car. These key. That's six, but all my Lord, but these cars are like really easy to maneuver there so controlled, easy, drifter, yeah car. That's it that's a beautifully forty six right! There well that air, but these cars you can when they spin when the assets spins, you just correct, and you couldn't you get here, will it and use it to drift round? Columns like this guy's doing
man. I have you seen hyperdrive on Netflix now. What is it took? A drift in competition, but they they like set up this course on old, like abandoned, factory and in its re, ECHO reminds me live with inside and outside like a big outside like machinery kind of like you know, towers everything and they have these drive from all over the world? Germany, Japan, it's a cannonball, run rumour, Canada or of the eighties, the movie. So there's like all these thy grace was there's a husband, wife, german team. They each drive their own car. There is at present a couple gas from Japan, a bunch of Brazil arrows gas from Brazil Americans, this woman from Florida who, following Amsterdam, is bad ass. She had a really amazing run, women, men, people of now people of color, but like definitely like a pretty diverse crew
from my world factor given up this giant ramp. They have to balance. So you have to keep going back and forth until you find the balance point than it turns green whence it turns green, then you can go forward and the course and almost everybody lost it, but all these people there they're so sick. There there's some of the best in the world, but the thing that really brought a tiered in my eye was it: all rooting for each other, like him all of em are rooting for each other because there's never nothing like it and I mean there's deafening drift competitions, but there's never been a thing like that. This an executive, bruised fisheries, throng yeah yeah. What does she what I think think she's just in it. She drew a freak, yes at MAX Member man MAX here, so I'm sure when approached her about it and she like cars enough to I wanna, be it and put her name on to it. But it's why? This thing, you'll love it some of the best driving principle vision driving I've ever seen, I have a boner, it's it's
but he has raised and there like killing and anything, is they can't repair their cars? So I mean they can patch him up between runs, but that modern tampering, unlike new parts, and so what about tyres, their release tyres, I think tyres between in between a different courses. You can change stuff, but I think like during the race like and then there's like another race right after that, like I think you can do some patch up stuff. There's like this french dude, he had a car that you would not fucking die. What wasn't it just want to? I think it was a fine. Car. I think it was. I think it been Renault. I dont know if there were no might have been a citoyen with some, as one of those is less, is outdated, heroic work. So to say, would you drink the ticket ideas? Culture takes these nerves. He tat when we re circumstance, but are we watch?
movies reading had read the words I can subtitle M C, the imagery at the same time, that's crazy. Anna enough. Let's go have some wine and parks, and now a way for me to do. They have a specific kind of car that dominates. These things is like smaller sports. Are these muscle cars at all? It's it's everything like the kind of the favoured by Brazil Day there to Brazil, ranchers. Actually, really young guy who is like his penis father of it's amazing relationship and he super regimented and strict about his training and stuff like that, and then this their dude, whose his friend that that the that he taught the younger guy a draft, so it's interesting, they know each other and are competing against each other, but the guy older guy was a cowboy hadn't. He gun he wrecked his car and dynamic. Money to build a new car for drifting like years and years ago, so like a big deal for him to like put a car together, but it's like I forget what it is it's a monster american car, it's like it so right there
that, might be at odds charge. Yeah sure I don't know if that is the garage. Neither do I just I just don't remember areas. It is essential to have a road runner on the sites. I don't really get what they put a crazy fin on the back of it. Yet where he against that's, probably he's a monster van, yet it is functional when he- and he was in that car, and so you are talking about going through, sharing and tat S a big card with three inches of room on either side, and he was bombing them unlike didn't loses rearview mirror is, I view mirrors rarely as yet. There is no doubt that thing their shit. I swear you gonna, like it there's gonna deaf would be some tears shed because some of the shit that people pull off on this race and its anybody's race has sometimes like you now. I forget woman from Florida. But you know she killed it on one of her runs. I was like, oh my god, she's going to go really really far and then she just had car problem. They had problems with like
thrice hose system that spot to hit the car? If you dont clear a certain thing, guys fucking drifting on the snow, we rode in a sixty eight larger, all my god. Look at all the snow and ice. This is so unpredictable yeah. I want to monitor, grab him and hug him and say cut that went off I gotta disgusting wing who he drifted. We no a tunnel bonus God, that's so dangerous, you're gonna you're gonna lose your manner that show cause. I can't wait for the second season. Rather talk, drifting gotta talk, can block of yours, knowledge and blinded that who again should they did with that Mustang? Now my god, no boy s the most insane. I want to say as sixty five Mustang somewhere there. If I think it's one of the earlier generation mustangs and it's like the most ridiculously modified mustangs got why there. It is only this fuckin thing: the mine action be a sixty. Seven, ok, see therewith
la blank just met level who trivia grew up in the same town me. I really am Newt Massachusetts shot out to map I stay here about him because it girls I knew man? Will you that car man so can block as this fucking Dicky car like super, I think it's a four wheel, drive a car to and he's got these crazy shift gears and this aid rates and Chechnya as big as man. You you're gonna get a kick. These guys are like doing that shit, but on a course, that's insane that there's a dude classic again. Cannonball run shit. This white dude Lamborghini Hurricane. I believe woe makes it for we'll drive or no it's a four wheel drive car. He modifies it so that he can turn off four wheel drive some get four wheel drive a rear will drive for different events, so his take was that he was going
check out. Everything and when he went on runs like the auto fold mirrors so you'd folded, his mercy, wouldn't Briggs mirrors my and all this shit and he She made it quite a ways, but it was like the japanese team in Cannonball run with they had like that crazy text out car, whatever its when I had such a blast, that's that's a fun look and show man. It's running you Talkin about Brazil. There was a documentary on Ayrton Sanna, oh, Yes, John Maison right man, sing spirit men do that document. Three shows you like: what Fine line exists between being the very best in someone dies and a crash. Yes it so, their riding, this fucking razor edge of performance and arrogance, and I was famous for having this spectacle Instincts but ultimately Dinah crash yeah, I'm
and unfortunately, we now fortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately, he added but then they changed so much in because the answers are complaining about like how dangerous it was when he was response, possible in some way for the design of the annex, a real. They had an irritant, Santa version of the inner sex. I didn't have a son roof it a solid, fixed roof of any did. Some different modifications to spend and that's kind of crazy? When you look at it, we were talking about, hours earlier before we start the show and modern sports cars are so good In fact, I have so much horse power, but the innocent when it came out. I think I want to say that two hundred and seventy five horsepower that's allowed for a tiny car. There was no better big of a slow brow? Trust me I had one is low. I think I think, but those that, at the very end, are assessed the air to Santa version now, so that's Bulgaria
at once. It is like early nineties boats. Its flip windows are flip light. So it is an earlier version of it. That's crazy! Getting my now, I'm thinking of em accurate, Integra Dennis seems like it's got a body kid, that's in our body. Getting there's that second and take on the bottom side, skirts or add in its began in the hood. That's not the now Sociedad axons, someone crazy without one year but those sent yeah, those they are still still find them they're all read there I'll read with a black seal black roof, and you can still further in the foreseeable. Their obscenely expensive now serve fund a great little car, though there's something about it
cars to you feel it you're like a jet, because the way the cockpit sits yak, if it's very purpose driven yes, really great car had two of them. Actually, our yeah had one with the flip up lights, and then there is one word to say: what do you think of the New annex h great, it's a great car, but who are not the same thing. I gets a super car with four wheel, drive and a hybrid engine and got electric engines you'll our solar them. A gasoline engines spectacularly fast, but the old and sex was an aluminum car that was from rear, we'll drive, mid engines, sick, speed well, it was an amazing eraser. Little light car, I want to say, is like twenty four hundred pounds or something really live, raising yet crazy light like aluminum, yellow and that's. Why, with that two and seventy I've horsepower engine in those for the time
I'm using a quick car, but it was like the japanese answer to Ferrari cause Ferrars were beautiful, but they fuckin break like crazy cause, my people, my people, engineering, they're, fucking animals, those incapacity, Designing your shit. You made me the way it looks with any handed over to a german guy unease. Person now know this won't japanese liked. We gotta do just sit out. We're gonna see what you do on a so. You know and we're gonna make one it doesnt break yeah. I read of those challenges back and forth. I mean in out of the mammoth that find this forward Ferrari Movie Times you got aside. Another took some liberties here and there but yeah. A kind of a cool lesson in decision that company is make about emotional products.
Now and also just like me now deeds being dude servitor like lower gonna, bringing greater is programme, has gone d, really Italians, you now and then, and then down like changing their now- that the Italians going like I've changed. My and I'm going to other accompanying or whatever else. It's the whole thing is very obvious: they very dramatic, but it is one What to see what can happen if people put their heads together now you know what we're gonna fuck and create a sick race car right now. And we're gonna get an amazing team together in a put together and on the matter, It is gorgeous answer, as is a car that I wanted for a long time. The modern JD, especially the law, version the Lockerbie Lyman version of it I didn't know, without a million dollar there too there too much the end like go into this special thing we have to like. You have to know somebody who gets you, and now you they'll get em, because the two year, expiration date is passed. You get actually get them on the resale market. Here does not on sale or a mile away from here. Look at it,
I'm I'm having my too expensive yeah like ours. I guess I am very happy with it. Now you have a beautiful cards, it's a good! It's a good and- and I like my Tesla two on which the drive most of the time you shall be bored Other cars and we're talking about. We can t believe me. You see like eleven o clock for the first time on national team. Now I mean we can say what it is or minutes. It's been it it's kind of a car. That means a lot to me because we are weird thing. My dad was a car dude, never understood it. Oh really, yeah yeah, my mom like told me stories about lake. Physically, when he met her, he had an opel as a kind of cheap Opel and then he and buying a Pontiac Firebird. That was, I forget what color was, but it was because of the type of anyways. He had this amazing american sports Car in Europe and our own was freaking out over it and he had that and in his second car was a camera with what this was the third key
was the thinnest carved. That was a Chrysler Cordoba, which is kind of dislike it classy chill kind of like a luxury. Sudan is what it was, but it was too ill to still to do so. Recoup. I guess he had that and he loved cars, and I didn't put that together and then I m. So then, when I finally got me stuff together, and I had enough credit thanks to my business managers and outcome. Would I had enough credit where this hard that I have only owning it cost me very little. Money has like five thousand dollars to get into it. What yeah how's impossible don't know, but that's all thousand dollars down payment and they pay per month. Gayer decorous, not a factor
some he's lying! You does another car. Let me have your book, so goddamn, Reggie, Jill, Rogan, somebody Bradwell, is how much it costs. Five thousand your managers, a creep, where's cocaine in your car. Well, maybe that's Porsche! Nine! Eleven of Yasser Arafat, S, nine, nine to the new web. It's a dope car, I'm very impressed with it. Does the first I've seen one of the new ones in person, and I was saying that you're cars its It's not understated, but its. It is compared like the turbo ass, but it's like the perfect amount. Of sleek design, but slightly compared to a car for the mantra. Foremans that our car housing or under the bonnet, I guess Secondly, the rear has read without date within the bonnet, and I guess they read. I dont know they call it well, there is no there's, no there's no back at what there's a call the front fry. The bonnet is the front. Yes right. The boot is the trunk buzz
Abu. If it has not appeared any end, you can't see it. You can't see the engine and I advise you to fancy its assets at it. So you have the four as it is a fucking beautiful Carmen. But site, it's so sleek understated it's super sexy. It's it's weird like sometimes I look at it now. My Alex pretty bad ass and then the other night I had it parked at night, and I showed my friend we walked up to it and it just looks so crazy, sexy like in a way that I'm not used to feeling about a car but yet feels but it, but it was built. It was an idea say I give feels it was. It was built in the town I was born in it was built and shoot guard or I'm sorry it pushes from stood guard. I think it was actually built in their village come some of them. Have the big fat
Single exhaust tips, the two tips, and then yours has four tips. That's the sports exhaust, I kind of like the way yours looks better yeah. It's weird. I thought that I ordered there's a couple things that I didn't include in the spec that I thought I did so they didn't, but I'm actually glad that I didn't get them, but the sports Assoc Exhaust was one and I realize sports exhaust doesn't give you any performance at his maze of what actually makes it louder, which I didn't really understand that sports exhausted must like get rid of it. Must exhaust manner makes you more noxious person yeah and am glad that at once attract attention, so beautiful car man, it's grow well, engineered manner, Sony things you Well, because, because that's what it sounded like in the beginning to you, because I was like ok, ok down ass, it's like I'm going, there came a third, you gotta see game of France, which has no eyes are doing. I haven't seen it away
It is like in out. I wanted to drive a Porsche because everybody who drives porch always has the same as the benchmark. It's like it's a driver's car. It's a bit in other I'd, have sadly calibre well because, because that's what it sounded like in the beginning till you, because I was like ok, ok, I'll, settle down ass, it's like I'm going. There came a third, you gotta, see game of France, which has no eyes are doing. I haven't seen it. I wouldn't have yet to hear a mega guanacos Arme that now greatest, showing worlder. Ok, how dare you I know, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for you I'll do anything, but but your people right about the porch what they were right as soon as I, because I I purposely didn't and never rented one- I never drove one and ain't- never drive one until I had one and as soon as I took, my first drive is like me and my assistant, because my assistant Lisbon, with me for, like twelve years and and she helped me you know it s. A big leap sieges by it limited-
ass. I test drive it because when people speak enough about this in our ports, ports, ports, ports, Porsche they're, not lying there, not that no one's making that shit up and so and I should like to someone- is really in the Scientology you might be. A lot of illiteracy is jetted nonsense, but this is not a nonsense car that is, as it's a masterful piece of engineering yeah, it's every night joke from Montana and down to LA and I thought I was going to uncomfortable and I was like that's to sports car. It's gonna be uncomfortable because I had an opportunity to your ass before this and that had the back suspension and now is an unforgiving suspension everywhere. You, when you're in ages, get thrown all over the place here and and this car, so civilised and when you are on the road you're like I can do anything, but I'm just gonna to chill I'd from
I just can't set my cruise control? Does everything has adaptive cruise control, which is a very, very important thing when it comes to any car really by the sword, our especially and I didn't have the tiara, so fewer in number, two member traffic knew just paddling back and forth with paddling back more than in it sucks, but with a Porsche just set it out, just crews they had gleaned. Keep us. You have a Tesla habitats Leah, but does new test. What did I do what s it is out without this house now leg, homer that my favorite that's my, absolute variant. I love out if I come off in the com, is torn it's late at night, that is the move, jazz Lovett, tired drive and has put couple fingers that thing in China pay attention attention by a tutor, get going this is to do it s letter so to take over so sweet it really really it I mean I've been using
a pilot for probably seventy percent of my drives. First, since it came out and there's some new upgrade that I got, but I haven't done anything to it does and some new upgrade like full, auto pilot. That does. I did that to you, it's not really doing a lot right now. Yet did it's starting to recognised traffic lights palm? So you We'll get a warning when at traffic lights turning yellow to read though they'll, be that that's the beginning of that and then the couple other things like em stops. I like physical, stop sign. It can read, there's a stop saying things like that. Did nothing is automated, does not admit there only recognition, things. Ah Sir announced recognising things that it could be active in, but it's not doing it interesting yeah I love I love out upon I mean I will say with the poorest: that's my last gas car that I'm gonna get. I just wanted to like experience it
and know what it's about and then and then I'm gonna probably move onto something or maybe I'll, just something will happen in the world- will completely change and they have no access to my resources, not just go back to his gardening, but yeah and you might have to get an ax learner start a fire to stick yeah. You know, but I group of blue Boyscout, I'm ready man, you know it's like that. What is that Einstein quote? I dont know what Prince agony use in World WAR three, but world war for we fought with sticks. Ah I love that ass beautiful. It's totally true, I mean We're gonna see man hurrying to see see, I have, I felt max yeah yeah with provided rocks. It's like they they're trying to corporate Mr Emilio back so good for you, All I know is: I'm gonna do my best to promote peace and peace and love and understanding and education, education, education. This is the point,
ex will always people out of work in Alec dead. I think that was ultimately streamline irresponsible to two just shut the economy down for as long as they did. I think it's a terrible idea. I think you could- AIDS unrest. It mean, when you see unrest in all these, these countries, you you're, not seeing it enrich communities not seen people alabaster like lashing out sauna, Beverly else thing it's the things that happened would be don't have anything you ve? U greatly increase the amount of people that are fucked and then, if thrown this horrific circumstance, will we get to watch a video, so indian being murdered by a all these other cop sit around the watch and then this is all compounded by all these videos. There's a video that I tweeted, where this fucking guy it is at a stop light and these Denver com, jobs are shooting his car with pepper gas. These are came in my fuckin pregnant girlfriends. In this car you fucking guys
we should like I'm not a criminal, and so they keeps shooting at they shoot shooters his car more. So as this is sitting there in his car there, shooting pepper cannisters wherever the fire happier, shooting pepper spray added fucking car what are you doing? We're not do so. We videos these cops doing horrible shit. Ring s time and they know that their rearing fell. Nurses really crazy to me. They think they're protected as they weren't right ear known, could recognize them. Look at this city's guy you stand in there gimme a volume on this. You can hear this fucking idiot, no Who
Wasn't there Shouldn t, I guess it is led by the pregnant. At first but you're being a fuckin moron, because pregnant women in the car. You asking them to shoot you. I know now that sees definite ass really about the same time. They should be not doing that at all. All because there's no reason this is now a disguised threat to humanity is not raise, is just he's just impassioned any loud and he's saying stuff and it's like they ve got all the gear, their fire. The restraint there having fun shooting a car with a Norman inside me, which try the fact that you knew that there's a pregnant woman inside of it assistance enemy insane to me I mean someone should have gone over there like a fuckin share from Flint. Yet arctic policy: yes and then keep that keep the car movement. The As you know, my friend TIM Kennedy was tweeting this that the needs of some he's a ranger special forces die and used.
Fighting you see. Any treaty needs to be some sort of a fundamental change in how we trained law enforcement exactly and I think the way they train like if you, if you go through If you become a Navy seal, it be exceptional. You have to make sexual human being to get through that and that's the way they weed out the people, the cat caught it yeah, that's how they do it, but they don't do that for the cops they were knives. It's far easier and urine. You know you're around civilian Life around seats to cities and urban areas and you're dealing with constant conflict, and so you don't. We doubt the people you act actually actively recruit. People are member drive down sunset. Bovines talk about the great Great pay that you could get being LOS Angeles police officer is nobody wants to be a carbon Ella, fucking advertising like hey? Why don't you work at the Palais? Hey we can get shot at like did the rate
in writing. Es I like it's just like its then the same line as working at the farmers market. We can also be a place of yeah and looked is lit the our great cops man they're great cops, his great people out, the current, sits a hard job and it is not for everybody. It's a hard job. Now for everybody, and they just need to do a better job of training and weeding out. There really really do and they need to make it they need to make their officers accountable and not be afraid to like cuz, you know someone says Baba Baba, it's like another to snatcher whatever or we're going to fucking demote. You are going to put you on traffic duty over there. It's like that shit needs to stop. It's like take your job, about a mean. He was driving, corvette and selling drugs and in Helsinki, but I mean shit that you wouldn't believe it was in a movie and it was all real and the film documents
the guy who was the head guy in the seven five that we have in the park guest liked out. My doubt my dad was a great guy whose real piece of shit back in the day re puddle owns it, went and talks about it mean he was driving at or vat and selling drugs and in Helsinki zeal. But I mean shit that you wouldn't believe it was in a movie, and it was all rail and the film documents all of it. It is madness. I mean top to bottom, beginning to end madness. Where you want the document, you watch the annual fucking, sweat and then you'll like holy shit like these guys live like this selling coke robbing drug dealers right coming out there with. Eggs a cash like crazy. I mean you ass. I now cops and now and now I talk to my friend, Scotty Scotty rates or back in the day
just like saying that Guy Swat and seventy is now lay an ogre part. The first league of Swat NEWS, like this shit, that people would do that he would see in the department all the time and that what they had to deal with and then there were all like those purges that happened throughout the years. No one's yeah I'd, be this corruption thing and then they would just have to find. Let go about the rampart unit. Ride didn't I just they are. What was the report in that it was the people that they stay suspected someone from the rampart unit of killing Biggie tat is a crazy Stone article thirty some pay them off, they seemed they suggested it was. Should night there was involved, my God S, yeah! Well, you know police departments to police itself the ultimate these corruption. Documentaries. Cocaine cowboys have you seen now I've heard of that. Oh my.
Employees in cooking Galbraith. Stuart, might probably my top ten of all time favoured documentaries, Billy Carbon, the director of on the Pike ass usual time. He also maids grew by their reason, dogma. And a rod? It's all about stare it's. It's genius has used little kids to play. A rod and all the other, whether in the movie and as a recreation use little it's it's a gene is where we fuck rouble. Yet it is a genius moving Billy a brilliant, brilliant guy and illegal, upright he's one of the rare really intelligent, Platt, proud, Floridians. That's really intelligent guy loves Miami he's, like is apparent. Really that's a very, very rare but cocaine cowboys one and two are so goddamn good and so crazy. There was, one year in the eighties that the entire
graduating class and police academy with was either murdered or went to jail for corruption, the tire graduating class, they were all undertake, Everyone was selling and doing Coke every man. It's. It is finally, an amazing documentary, so I'd, say an array of course. I mean, of course, of course. Of course, we need this. There was so much cope in so much money coming in and they were just all take. Everybody was undertake and everyone, he's doing committing crimes and helping people commit crimes and millions of dollars in holes, the ground in their backyard to this day, there's a bunch of dead people died with millions and millions of dollars in their backyard is buried, hold my lords, what a crazy and where this year, when there are so many banks in Miami to does anything like. Why do so many banks here, because there are fucking fur cocaine, money, there's more
there were more police. At the time there were more banks per capita in Miami than the city in the country has urologist too far going cocaine, money laundering. It man. My aim, Caroline yeah, I mean it's that absolute power thing right, yeah, yeah, yeah, that I mean that again it comes back the same thing, the first of all the oversight eat. You can't really oversea that many people correctly will literally have a one on one oversight to police office. Or follow them everywhere rain. That's how in deeply embedded the corruption was- and I think again just look. I was a security guard for one year when I was nineteen years old, when I worked at a great woods, great woods in Math Mansfield Massachusetts, it's like a concert centre and all these guys from my type window. Team got jobs, working security, So that's how I got the job. They really came. You wanna works easy
come out there like we have to do, and I got scared most of it is stopping people from bringing in booze and keeping people from doing certain shit first day. I got there again do name, the cat alley. Cat was the heads cutie got, he ran the joint and he they caught this. It is drunk kid stealing, a golf cart. Everyone drive around the authoritarian. Golf cart, scary, guys. What is drunk kid stole this golf cart. They tackle them and I watched him beat fuck others do with a walkie talkie like beat this dude. In the head with a walkie talk this my first day on the job says I well did I get myself into seems like we're, gonna be beating people up and within a couple of weeks of this job, we had all develop this us versus them. Mentality is very strange right, like it was us versus them. It was like we're cops and it was. We like
saw guys who I knew that work really nice, guys like being really shitty to patrons, took us did these people that came to see these concerts because they had just sorted develop attitude, and I want of quitting because of a newly chum concert. There's a Neil Young concert and fires broke out these costs. Neil young fans are all dirt bags. Sorry folks, but at the time in the nineteen eighties in in Boston, there's like there's a lot of fuckin drug ease and in and people there were ended. Neil young there were like in get fucked man, so these eyes had started fires. On the lawn area. So what would the great foot great woods is grave. Woods is an ample, so there is There is in enclosed area and then there's a back here. This a cheap seats. It's a lawn,
law area. These do just start fires because he's probably getting cold out tandem. They shut the concert down so the Clear out the concert is, is it was madness in chaos and then brawl started happening. People started fighting and then I knew that I was probably going to to a situation without I'm a very survival first subdued is. I brought a hoodie with me and I knew- then when the ship goes down. I would throw this hoodie over my Fuckin security outfit about here. Yeah I just quit on the job never got my last pizza fishes fuckin. Doesn't I've done for you, man, bailed, unlike I'm, not getting any fides unknown. Stab me, don't hit me, I'm getting the fuck out of here and I drove on that night in the like. That was an experience I did a few months as a fake cop I did, but I beg you: stand. Remember very clearly that even I was Ella being I was mad people for not listening to me. I gotta, hey man, I told you
you fucking car and the other side, the deck and my talkers. Does it become ourselves He knows more on, but search. If there's a thing that happens when you have the power- and you have control- is a bunch of other guys with you ass. I have this team of goons. There were with me ray and then gang, and then there's these people don't want to listen. In my case- I fuckin told you to pick them up and put it over there and then need you realize like ours. We we're the cops where the bad guys or whether you know you're a rise in controlling papers. That thing that happens when you have control- and that's a very, very, very, very, very minor control me naked autonomy fuck off and I wouldn't try what a again that is never weapon. I never beat anybody up there. There was no real thing right, but there was an attitude in this attitude. I remember thinking while there's gonna be out. This is what happened.
Ends and then imagine this times a hundred and you can imagine what it cost weapons the we had clearly because they had been in all your team. Drugs in your sober theres, many times where there is assholes and we have clearly a dividing line between them and us right. Yes, that's the danger man now at so hard and it's hard on this continent. Complex situation like urban environment. Is you know where you're like their city streets, tall buildings, compact areas, how tiny tiny streets winding or whatever it has different than being A cop like from my hometown great falls like you just cruising around a cruiser and you can see pretty clearly in every direction and its laid out like a grid sky comes in someone stole a chicken you're just going to make us proud and others are probably all Hank Swenson. If I was in that chicken, Stephen son of a gun, you know or its met some math kid, that's like standing in the middle of traffickers and like that or something like that, but it's just
totally different rules and now either, but everything is so so it so hard to like feel like you can communicate with police officers. Are yours Every time when I get pulled over- and I know police officers will argue, pulled over I'm just immediately terrified and also because I am a black man. So, like my immediate thing is like okay, so I keep the hands on the on my wheel. The windows are rolled down all the way. Oh, my my license is already I'm not reaching for anything when they're pushing him like thinking about all of that stuff. That's happening because I'm sure some officers who, if they knew that's the way I felt they would hate that cause for them there, like I'm just stop in Libya. Has this. Furthermore, or whatever I dont want to be that person. I know that for those our offices that feel that way, it's gonna be tough, but there they, really need to like they need to be the ones that are the majority at least that are made known to be the majority and then from the cops perspective. Anyone you pull out.
Could be the guy, the Tutsi. Of course, anyone you might get over could be some guy who's out on the warrant, and yet in you, don't you not know if you're going to your family again also, I think there is a giant percentages them that are doing with just crippling PTSD. Yet this there's definitely PTSD and there is also a lack of communication. Do civilians to be able to also pre creed DE escalate enough, because that's how many videos that I watch, those cam footage of people saying, like you, know a cop coming up to the window saying license and registration and their immediate thing is what it. What are you pulling me over for and then the cop is like? Can I just have your license? station and then they keeping that whether they are the legal right which I believe that you actually do have the legal right to ask for wiring pulled over. Why take the risk? You know the cop just wants to but the information and do their job and whether they can do that or not. If you haven't on camera, get on camera, their conduct is on their anyway. I swear so
and then what I tell everybody it's like just survive. That's that's! That's that's what you need to do and that goes for anybody, whether your way, black woman, whatever it's like in general, like youth, he attitude as I survive this making I also feel safe and survive you're, not gonna, arbitrated and talent. Beep be polite, be respectful, you get it over with in You still could run into the wrong cop. You can still under their own got. There is no doubt about it, no doubt about it, but it's hard. You know, but you have to hold the line. Does its harder when everything's against you and whenever ones expecting you to do the wrong thing more one thing: that's a positive trend, and this is not something that you know: it's not something, the people? Really even one discuss after someone gets murdered by the cops. There has been a distinct drop in people being killed by cops since two thousand fifteen, particularly in black men being killed by cops. There is a drop. I think I think it's one of those things were
never something like this happens. That's a catalyst for change in all. It's almost like. We need, first of all, how ironic is it the current cap? Her neck saw that shit for kneeling at nice. Now I now and this fuckin guy Niels on this guy its neck improves the point, the hills. The guy. By doing the very thing that carbon capture neck was criticized, or it's going down on one May in doing it to a black eye and killing your kind of fucking crazy it's because it's similiar sort of symbolic about like look. This is what they were talking about this, The thing it's right here in front of your face: now you see it you get it up now I'm in Germany's design him
I would like to reflect tat. Go on back out now. Plans play please come back come blow, I mean it's. It's tough man, many protect your bottom line. You know it's like when there's a corporation involved, it's tough for people to speak out. They don't they didn't, want anybody being the guy who gets attention from protesting that like this is a bad precedent set yeah. I don't know anything about football. So I dont know what his skill level was, whether or not he would mean those guys get pushed in and out anyway. You, like the number of years at a guy, can play the average number of years that a guy can play Firstly in the NFL. I think it's like to hear two or three or that's crazy. Is it so brutal just an out and fresh young hungry guys are common up out of college every Fuckin day yeah, but it's like here now.
And then and sport is Emily with Facebook in Zagreb. Bergen has like knows continued position of like love, good opponents to its like it all. It just comes off like the reaction to capture neck or facebooks reluctant, to do anything or even like facebooks reluctance doing about what is well Zuckerberg in our basically saying like we're, not we're not here to edit anything and I'm not time for editing, but it's okay. If you have a few have, if you are in charge of a company, the fear the face of the company. So what you do is a reflection of what you, leave it right here in this particular case, he must have actually believe this, but he does believes that to say nothing to nothing about the things that are posted, which is which he now you can arguing court all day it does it incite violence, or is it just someone being free those expressing the free speech,
whatever the deal is, but a summons consistently hitting a certain angle and the response is pretty palpable and fairly measurable, and yet you choose to just allow it to be what it is, because you know people fig it out the legislate themselves that everything you have to take some kind of a position from a humanitarian point of view, and I think that I am very disappointed in in social media in general, because general, because they're trying to protect the bottom line and that's really what it comes off ass, it doesn't mafia like well. I want to protect free speech. If it is to me comes across more like we need a protector, are bottom line, because if we we start editing something, then gonna be huge, landslide everyone's gonna be like will screw this screw. These guys as for a stifling free speech and all that stuff actuality its it.
Only the only reason why you would make decisions like that are really just to protect a bottom line. I don't really understand any other, because you mean even apple, takes a position I liked him cook will issue a letter. That's then able to be circulated, and you can read the letter in my ok, that's interesting there, the they dump, even this and they don't believe in this. As a company a is more like. Well, I believe, Eve in in whatever the greater Land generalization is for. My operating system exists will first of all if we want to talk different soon, apple and facebook. These differences are gigantic. Apple. Is a technology company there, not a social media platform, the difference Chin the responsibility of a technology company in response- What social media platform has sure Normous it's annoying? The consequences are enormous. Apple makes phones and computers and they have an app store and they know they did they.
Down bad absent in things they find that are spying on people and the like, but they don't really have the same dilemmas that someone like Facebook ass. When you talk about the importance of freedom, each when, as soon as you decide, okay, this person can't talk, but this person can what your centrally saying is my viewpoint is better than the viewpoint of the person, and I disagree with now. If you have very specific things like you, can't docks people can't threatened people. You can say anything: racist or sexist or homophobic. Her once establish those parameters: You know if you decide that this is how you gonna operate it. If this is your company, there is a real good argument.
You should be allowed to do that, because it's your company, but then, when it gets the when the company gets big enough, where it's like Facebook or Twitter, is or left wing issues if you're, if you're running, there's no right wing social media site, it's as popular as the left wing ones, but if there was better speech, so someone says something, that's wrong: there's a real educate, Bout, how a man who has a sex changes now woman, we'll take a fuck yourself, does not real we like just eliminating area in some ways, strengthens the resolve of the people that hold that marginalized idea. Whether it Racism are sexism or whatever, when you just eliminated, then go off and intends to strengthen their their resolve it better you known meter and then particularly when it comes to think like right wing issues or left wing issues of Europe, if you're running, there's no right social media cited as popular as the left wing ones, but if there was
they just decided. We're not going tolerate any trans stuff, we're not gonna. If you start talking about how a man who has a section just now, woman brigantine go fuck yourself does not real. We weren't Reddit already borscht and you want to talk about abortion rights are killing. Babies, get the fuck off our platform, like that's the kind of shit that right wing zealots would do to people that hold left wing ideology, but Conversely, you do see that from p oh, who are left wing zealots who angry about people who have rightly ideas. And maybe even not so right wing like Megan, I am sorry if you heard this. I use this example time you listening Megan Murphy, who is a what you would call a trap exclusion clues canary, radical feminist collar turf and what that means is she's upset
and that's a feminist doesn't believe that you can just change or sex, and then you can have these arguments and deal with women's issues like a trans person. She believes is different than a woman and a feminist and there was some sort of a debate. She was having online worse it with someone, with her, and she said, but a man is never a woman, and so they told her she has to take that down and so she onward unwilling twitter. Ok, so she takes it down and then she makes a screenshot of it in post that so they banner for life. For life. For saying a man is never woman. It's one thing of your shitting on someone in your mom you're mad at someone you're saying a man is never one, but if you want to talk biology, a man is never a woman so of Europe and who is a left wing. Grass of Zella and you dont want anybody. That's nice, did hearing are complying at all to the to the ideology of progressive people. You
and someone like that, and so I know yeah, you know saying yes, the problem of censorship. Where do you draw the line MA opinion in that case, is you let that woman say that you, let people correct her and you let people correct the people, the correct her and you you. You get a lively debate where people get to discuss whether or not they are different things. Yeah, there's a real valid intellectual argument in that there's a valid or social argument in that. But this is the problem with censorship. Well, and my thing is like I'm exactly gonna sing sing to censor I'm just saying wing in on the conversations or how do you do that when you take responsibility for it it's like, but what it would specifically we talk. Well, I'm just saying like, for instance, if I look at my comments, they say per something on twitter and then there's all these comments are they were like a lot of my friends. You have twitter accounts, they may they may reading the common good.
I got a guy's, an asshole whenever and never say anything Anders dislike. All of these comments that are some of just troll people trying to get reactions stuff, like that. All that all that I like to personally engage all of that shit and I like to come out there with the conversation and the thing that ends up happening with something like Facebook is because it's like I'm just, I guess, I'm biased, because I don't think I don't think very much of Zuckerberg at all and he's just kind of it a little bit of a thief. My lot, a bit of a thief is a thief and aims. Not it is not innovator anyway, he's running a company, but what would many say a thief? what does he stole the ideas in? I have some free people that were going to school with him around that time period and he just basically stole the initial code for Facebook, which was generated by a few different people in China made off with it, and he just like you know it's like
it's like hell, all many companies are formed its like someone at an idea there's no way for them to protect the idea, because someone capitalized on the idea from those people can't see him. I don't know, I don't know. I think it's because its arbitrary I think it's like where that came from where the original code came from and so forth is arbitrary, so they must be furious. I know that their furious you now and I know that their furious and I know some other people from start ups that as he addressed it now of course United address it. I mean May it made me maybe did I don't know, I'm not an expert on it. All I know is that in the beginning, was that and then, in parallel, as it was growing as they were making decisions, I would hear from people that are in his orbit that we can describe his decision making process process either and so forth. And I dont get a sense that hee hee stands is
responsibly. His social responsibility or its responsibility to the identity of the company seems very far removed and in his actions, kind of dictate. That is like a little bit less affair, in a sense that if, if I have like going back to my comments, I'm commenting on those things, because I'm letting I'm letting people comment about. I'm engaged in a conversation with a gain, others that we talk openly to anybody being able to copper comment back to you. Oh yes, I would ever they want. Yes, of course, between only what is the explanation that Youtube did for this, but this is the problem with banning can't calm answer, deleting comments. It gets that stuff can get cold and there was a situation recently where you too was caught, delete comments that were critical of the Chinese Communist Party of wood. He said, was that it was a software glitch yeah now this than protecting their bottom line, never say right, that's what I would imagine totally, but I saw
that I said, ok that their, but that's what I'm talking about like that kind of shit, like once one comes in and says: hey Railway. Really like it. If you remove those things to talk about some of the mean stuff, we do here yeah and we will do business with you, but we want you to put filters up so they said it was a software glitch. I don't know how that software glitches manually works out and targeted of the chinese common, parting. Now, Deanna I mean that's, that's A problem I mean, I don't have it, I'm not saying get rid of stuff, I'm just saying be more accountable as the face of a com, So what would you like him to do differently? Why? I know you don't like him, but so is it just Facebook or do you have this problem with you to give this problem with twitter I mean here's, my problem at whenever you, whenever powers consolidated and there's there always going to be proud,
because his cause, there's gonna, be all these different ways that people wish that it were, and it's not worry after them in this way and so forth. My thing is: the future is distributed. It's undistributed distributed network deserted social networks. I have my own app watts apt that I created with. That is just map. It's Yeah? What's happy is only on Iowa speaking. Look. What do you do it? It just has has exclusive content. I created a bunch of like interviews with Jack, widen and Leslie faced and for an hour. San or on there in the stupid series are called drawn relations, a shot entirely Andrews drones. Can't really here the conversations that runs monsieur le, really it's really stupid, but yet again what's up it's out there, but it's got live streaming. I have a store that I sell my old electronics on, but I have other artists they're interested in making an app and acts are notoriously caught. The cut costs prohibitive. Something smells or hundreds of a hundred thousand an app right. So I mean
to get. My aunt made for really really cheap price. A brilliant guy named Oliver Klein Oliver Thomas Climb, add designs of single handedly, the whole app amazing static is awesome, but my thing was: if I can create a template and keep getting the price down to make an app in there just using template that I, created for other artists, another bands, then we can have a distributed work of acts that can enter communicate with one another without the need of Facebook. Instagram any of these. These social media platforms in that way. When a fan comes to visit my site, they know it My shit, it's now interact, no one's getting tracked, there's no social four miles from my Hap there's, no there's! No social component to it, people can't comment on anything there, just content to observe events to behold and electronics and headphones to be bought.
And that's it. So when you go, there feel like a safe space enough, there's an interconnected network of distributed apps, which essentially just cut of interactive websites. I guess that's what an app is. Ultimately now you got some beers distributed. Fans can kind of trust that it's a safe space, it's not owned by Facebook, owned by any of these vibrations. So for me it's about power, consolidation, it's never going to be what it, what you want it to be it'll, be convened, and it'll be ever present like Google, for what reason, Google. I have a better opinion of then Facebook. Mainly, I will say also the other factor the facebook to me is the aesthetics are pieces, shit, it's a confusing terribly design piece of shit. It also encourages verbose dialogue and incur you could write it. Long as you want the above, these fuckin long ramblings, oh yeah, it people debts. I, though I do I have
we have seen a facebook. I haven't done Facebook and like nine years and eight years nine years, and whenever I even kill it get a glimpse of it. My anxiety shoots through tariff because the design is so terrible. It is such a shitty designed websites fill with ads outs. It's terrible and also the only good thing about Facebook is oculists. And bade him any they come up with the right had brought about it? Air Instagram was cool. It's kind of still here, bring it down a little very on it. They re didn't bidding created. Yeah, what have they done? Do it did a giant indifferent? They mean yeah yeah they made adds now. There's adds ever that's true. Now, there's their tracking everything. The timeline is not chronological into algorithmic. All, that's weird, that's really weird! So their basically usually be chronological raised behind logical, which it should always be chronological, but they fucked with it. So is not an optional, we could view cartilage. I don't think so now I can't find a way to change it. Everyone thinks every hour
is about it. It's just about design, but that, but that's all we got right. We gotta Twitter beget Instagram, and then we ve got some tips which is owned by a chinese company with us off. I don't government. Won't you put that on your phone area, yea and there, because its own by a chinese companies too, No problem chinese people, but the chinese government. Oh yeah, I mean super gravy. Yeah well, there's this guy Follow me find his thing on youth, he's an internet privacy guy yeah. I've got really deep into this. Lately we find I've got a bunch of subscription served figure, one wherefore, subscriptions are but he's in a way to me, I have to mean his this internet privacy. Guy is cells, these things on his website that our deep Google phones so
yeah yeah, yeah cadet. Where do you find your subscriptions unnerved, on your nap? Is fuckers there. It is your channel, you membership, your day, settings, doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo where's. My son subscriptions piece of shit how Harry Gassalasca, if print subscriptions or the general search it'll it's under your idee, oh uncle nanosecond subscriptions guys whose all my subscriptions and my past cuts so where's is forget. Now tents put it in their didn't, show me where you finding it? Oh, yes, he is do it's under apple, I d o under a boy. You know
day. I guess that it's a settings so right here at the very top, with your like little image, just click on the outer and then subscriptions or at the fourth after payment in shipping, anyway. This guy has he's a huge proponent of online privacy no. He sells all of these artists that ample indeed subscription. He sells all of what this is. That's not what I'm before. Can for the Youtube stuff that I subscribe to. Owe you too, about the no side and the other at which to be as the resilience to you to be what you find it does at the bottom now their change. It so light had library, ok and then very you can hit, or if you just subscriptions, but now she spoke, but that's
and became categorical by like most recent uploads mercy on library. I don't see, I see my Video legislate subscribes downloads, where bottom, the bottom very bright, metal, monsieur out an updated areas that had kept open it right. That's a show me. The US is not showing me channels is the way to start at the top than you can search the channels oversubscribed through. So it's a feed, yes, we re here there should this should be disrupted the bomb to sell subscriptions yeah. I got oh yeah yeah, but it's showing me the channels of us. Oh yeah, ok, here we gotta they. Ok, for this is fucking clunk man. It's not your fault! It's whenever that shit happens, it's bad design. I subscribe to many. This could be along boring, boring thing bit, but just see if you can find again pheromone privacy guy. I love that
now. That's one of em, that's a phone, but the fair phone is, I think, that's an Umberto that's one of those Linux phones is. We have, on three review: yeah yeah fair phone as its own channel. Yet, but that's not it rock racks men. That's it arrive. Brackman Tec. Is this? gentlemen, whose very much into privacy eggs he so privacy I want to look at his foot in history my hiding from, but how he's got a website in on his website. He actually cells De Gould Android phones when were very well DE googled, Android phones, so he takes these. Two thousand nineteen- and I think that's the most recent you can buy liquor, Motorola Android phone and they take all the Google out of it
and so Google's no longer tracking you log in with Google websites. What does that net? resistance to the. I think that's one of his websites. That is, but son as main websites, hours known, that is his website, but that's on his main website he's got a website, though his, yet it like look like if you have a sportsman patriarch contact me. Vps there. That's a now he's a website where he sell stuff, ok and Brackman Dots, something another, but he sells a he's got like a android he's, gotta, Vps, wifi hub even when people use your wifi, it all goes through Vps. Oh, I love the ILO. The finest website to see that's. That
is just Google build a future Brackman website, thus totally the future. It's like the future is distributed to go proper, Oxman Tech, its encrypt yeah. That's it backstop me that's him yeah see so he sells abundantly. It shows your ip address, the top o creepy, letting you now want to see a fox? What's the lets them up salient brac. Stop me Braxton me yeah. Is this a civic here? That's that's. Private It focused social media, so he's got a bunch of different stuff these cells, but if he also has a store- and if you go to the store. That is, a vps from its iron is near where I can find out what we're doing something wrong. What what what happened wrong? Something has changed, something's wrong. Something levels is just talking about all that different ways in these videos that it makes on Youtube all the different ways that you're being tracked yeah through your fingerprints face Idee through every
Google search all your location data- and you know there's this recently. That came up Google's being sued in Arizona because they turn location services on the one you have it off, oh well, So, even when you turn location services off with Google, it's still searching your location. It's still reporting that data back to Google, so there's a lawsuit right now about that That's the problem, and I mean it's like you know, I, Have this a little bit of that dumb attitude? But it is an attitude ran like while I'm do everything I can to protect me. Something I run view Panama phone at him, a Winston VP in will ever thing. My browser you now to put out protectors of I'll do is much the camera they'll get overly geeky and then like paranoid about everything right, because, ultimately, if they want to track I met a man like there's can track where a man and and If ever I dont know what it is, but if I can do things like all create my own app
now taken into my own hands- and I can do- is Much as I work. If I know hackers and programmers and coders, we can actually to start creating our own version of internet red, If you want to use Instagram or you want to use Facebook Clia, you gettin tracked, oh no, for sure now, you're gonna use those things, but you know it, but you already know. But if you were even programmers and hackers they know how you're being tracked so the way the EU is, your. You know like, for instance, every bad that I get. I always market is junk. What is this Jim sway you're talking about such a product? That's been around since think. That says two thousand Levin was found, Kaji Ophelia yeah, or they tap into our social media and mix it with Google Data will sell it to you ever would like to buy it to use it there was a very nice but yeah. That's capitalism going crazy. I guess there's so much value in knowing once once faced.
Book started getting insanely rich, just off a data yeah, there's so much how you and knowing what you're up to knowing where you going knowing which, by knowing sank, saying course. How many times have you been talking found something, and then you ever try ads on your phone. Every time guaranteed, Avatar creed, that I'm never gonna to stop being creeped out by its air. Every time I came in, I remember my mom users recently in Montana Talkin. My mom and I mentioned a thing maybe to two or three times and we have a google. Whatever home thing you know how's Anna and I went downstairs and went to Amazon and Amazon, suggested the product there in bed with Google. Now, of course, and- and there's like you know, and so my thing is like I'll use. What I'm not gonna, be so paranoid. There's gonna bump me out
ruined my life, but I am going to work with people that are really smart and engineers and so forth, and I'm just gonna create my own version of the things that I use all the time with my platform. Essentially, you could do the same thing if you create your own app right and not go the Crystal LEO Route which which you know God bless him, though the subscription, although junkie, stuff, it's late as you do as up it's like this, a subscription based app- and I was thinking about doing something like our charge. The outer uses that anymore- and I don't want you to understand that a text that might go hey what the fuck is, this, couple years you. What did you do that you more yeah floating around out there? It is blown up and still make money. Isn't oh yeah cause you can still subscribe, he doesn't have any more. I mean I just ass. It was like maybe out half a year ago. I checked it are still active ha and then I deleted it, but I just I just think like
when you're subscribe. My thing is the future is distributed. Also, I believe in a direct economy and the jury act economy is like AL, you ve got something gonna buy it for me, that's excluding if you're, using an internet like safety. We now payment system whenever, like pay pallor, whatever that they're gonna take us percentage of it. I don't really care necessarily about that additional and understand the engineering behind it, but just like, if you live, something that you want to sell then sell it directly. Subscription is what is a weird thing I mean subscription to me is cool if Instagram and Facebook went to a subscription model so that You have to the fact enhance and then I was guaranteed that my tracking was being limited like Youtube as you, too bread arise. I have to premium right, yeah I've never seen had. I can't stand adds at my side. I was well yeah, I'm gonna murders and I agree with
that would be really smart move for them because they aren't they probably generating additional revenue. That way, I am goodwill. Yeah yeah very good point is Graham its potentially fucks yeah fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck faces Rarely very rarely do they suggest something to me that I'm interested in now or they suggest, if they already have sometimes so many times like. Oh there's that thing already, but every now and then now every now and then there's one the moral sponsor an hour. I now what kind of a good browser do you know it I'll do as I go to brave or private, rather in also got a brave, aroused great values, brave and then I'll look up the product there I used to go to use deck. That goes as well goes the shirt, the search engine sucks on it s, not ass good, but it eat up whatever Then I look in your underwear debts surprisingly, outer for such a shack and under your fingernails, tough man, it's too being a modern here. It is
it's almost inevitable, I'm unifil? It? We have to accept this new reality. Yes, at the privacy is one day going to be a thing of the past and not just in terms of like what you browse and, but I think You think you know once I got you on said to me in the last conversation I had. The really creep me out is like going to be able to talk without words because he's talking about neural link area, the narrowly talk without the moment will be the top and our decisions about words when God damn it. What are you gonna do that leads to grow? I've. Mind we're gonna, have hive mind here, peers, here's the thing my condensation either or the condensing of technology in general. It we are fascinated with creating the things that we already do, that we already do inherently right, so that idea of like being able to talk without words like that happens all the time anyway, so you ever go on a dance floor and watch people like dancing and like someone's, like communicating they're just like body language. They know what's going on or you're about to
you're flower and suddenly York friend calls that's why we communicating with that words, are going to dance for is a perfect example of like when importers the ass and goes out of control and some communication clarity I gotta go. I does no controls body, yes exactly and say: oh I'm gonna stay away from that person, far stairway stay where this person is losing control can dance over you can't he can't dance and then he could then but then, as you know, there might be like a compassionate, creative rivulets here, I'll teach you had. Hence I will. I will make an example of you: does women are real? No one. Do you not think that there I hope this benevolent choreographers that allow for this day, you'll ever though they drug you and still you'll, ever you wake up a tub fill with ice. I love it.
That's a stir about like if we actually was the stereotyped choreograph, I don't trust choreographers Ino, one minute their teaching, you a bunch of routines and then the next year do a bath with no live hurry. You you may get out when some Eastern Bloc check mouse and fell asleep and you wake up and is a deep pain and right side of your body like well fuck, big chunky livers, nest, now, that's not living yeah yeah. I I'm shooting further, I'm shooting for thy aground man we're gonna. Do it bring do it? I don't know. I have great faith for the human race I believe this is a terrible blip in r r civilization, and here I think we ve had terrible blips in the past and we ve gotten over the problem now as we were, our foundation is really being tested cause. We that multiple blips in a row- yes a heavy ones yet, and no big stress tests, vague once big ones, and unless we have a period of peace where we can digest
these and recover were deteriorating, which is like taking these It's like an old boxers, yes get knocked out like woe. Happen, brain damage and yap tissue damage. Yeah I mean I mean that's the thing it's like. Number. You know like what I'm hoping for his in another age of enlightenment. You, Spain, had won in other, been every every most large cultural, epicenter have had these moments. Where things can it came in? I once after some great turmoil and we able to just put on cruise control for a little while and unlike explore. More in depth, nuance things about who we are, but those things existed before social media endanger the only way we're going to be able to pull that of today's with mushrooms. Tat, are need some, let's evil like out this reality, the year in is a very big land to them. And you know, projection
yeah the reality. Yet at you can experience. Yes, what's our little fungus, France, yes, just a little bit of an escape this tired realm. To a land of infinite, possibility of love and understanding and connected necessary, and they deserve solving of the ego. In the likes of which have never experienced before We can all do that if that could be legal, but marijuana has radically changed the culture of California radically change the culture of Denver, radically change the cold of everywhere. Words been legalised true and its changed. The way people communicate with each other is changed their ideas about law enforcement, because Renault we are worried about Jack booted Doug's knock down our door because they like to smoke a plant makes us happy It's not a concern anymore. Yet this is a fundamental shift: and just how we are as human race. And that's us. It's a mild, psychedelic incited relics. They come in very if marijuana gate,
eight anything, it's a gateway to the real psychedelic. It's a gateway, mushrooms, Pollyanna DM t. It's a date we gave two mescal in and I was scared all those really fuckin profound world, dissolving ones. It's a gateway to those things, and I really think that we need something like that at this time. We need, We need rituals some sort of psychedelic rituals and and best processed by real degenerate professionals. Yes, in Rio Frankfort establish centres where people actually know what they're doing wicked to help people get passes this bump in our evolutionary travels. Yet all the trauma you got a deal at the trial, we can we can in out three, we tried to run away from it up most of the time who try to feel good about stuff and- and you just need to take it on, understand it and then transform it. Yeah transform it in his took part of yourself. That makes you stronger
and second Alex? Really they just like a reminder to reminder of how we are in Gaza. Children are born and their eyes iser flaunting everywhere in the trend to absorb as much as they can about the world. They don't care about color, they don't care about. And here the shit that we have problems with this year. They all that stuff learned that in it What state is essentially what happens with psychedelic swinging go back to the interconnectedness of consciousness, and how are we going to define that? But the experience of it is very interconnected. And it's a reminder that oh yeah reported word natural organisms we're part of this planet. This plan is a part of the solar system, the sources yeah, but Bob, and you also realise that your life experiences, new memories and even your personality is basically like a tiny pop up tat that use up in the wilderness of real consciousness. Yeah Eliza come a little
stole my team and I got it all under control, and then he unzip that tat and you onto the fuckin wilderness of psychedelic, just as well as it might have been living in a tent. You have been living in this little baby, pup tat. This has been my reality. Yes and still more insecure people are the more they want to define what is allowed and not allowed inside the tent. Exactly a hundred percent. It's like you know, I mean and guaranteed I've had arguments. The people I mean, I remember there is like skinhead on a bus once and we had a conversation together and he was still an active skinhead we're city. Across from each other while I was, but we kind of like com and on something I was wearing or something like that and we started talking for a second we were talking about. Mutual things, and then he got he got up to get off. The bosnian calico mean discount and it s kind of shuts, shrugged and my walked off- and I was like that's interesting. Basically any nazi guy I was a bus
for whatever reason we connected on this one thing and it remain did me up with another cartoon, with the sheep dogma and the wrath yeah around for us. It is like a that's. How sometimes I like to view step up like ok, so you're going to play the role of the person who is the fascist? I'm gonna play the role of the person, who is, you know, afraid and hiding in the shadows? Ok, an go unseen and action and there's some about like in I talk to my friends. But it's like there. There is a way if here, if you're, smart, your intuitive in your emotional, intelligent enough, you can always find your way to that person's core and you can share of value, share one value you can make it you can learn something even if it's a brief moment just for a second and interconnected moment with another person who shares none of your values at all. You no doubt Davis's, no doubt date down Davis's a guy
is it a brilliant? I've had a Mamma podcast before he is a blues musician who has personally converted more than two hundred k, K and Nazi members and groups to leave and he did this. It got them to leave these hate groups, and he did this because He met a guy at a gig, he was doing a gig any met this guy in the Gaza you play, you know, you're, really good musician and they began to talk and sits down, and the guy says, tomb was talk. No one ever had a drink with a black eye. Before he's out of these, I think I was joking. His comment. And these are not really have it. Goes. You haven't: goes nominate, KKK he's a guy pulls out, it's fuckin cake. Kay idea. So Darrell gives this guy's number and says: hey, I'm going to be in town again. You know what I'm, what I'm in town
and let us have a drink. Let's talk, so they become friends. So they start talking a few months. After they become for and the guy hands him his grand wizard outfit and says I'm quitting he says obviously I was wrong. I have this idea that black people were in fear for small Darrow is extremely intelligent, very articulately, in a brilliant musician, and just to this the way he talks is very clear that he smarter than you like, he's smart guy. So if you're a dumb duties in the cake it can you talk, is guy who you you ve in your group. You determine this is an inferior guy, he's obviously smarter than you so like what the fuck and he's really Skype is in this as they become friends. You start eating dinner together. He has moved for meals and just quit says doing this anymore and raises anymore hand him is outwit, so Darrow brought all these outfits with them
He showed me the Nazi flag. This guy gave him and he's got all these different grand dragging a grand wizard, not him personally. His One on one interactions has converted more than two hundred people. It's a made the podcast, whose, if you have the time, please find it Darrow Davis, Davis Park, s main aims three hours on of him just telling stories meeting these Nazis and mean is KKK guys and converting them. That's A nice husband he set out to do. This would really crazy as a grown man. Musicians has happened not set out to do goes down. My may. My new catch raises love as efficient as unanimous work it just works because they are the ones who just like you not noticing the stuffing is casually talking. You shoot the shit with somebody me like. I ask who I love them and then, before other dislike. Oh well, what am I what
everything cross as you like, but they should be, but I bet, but I was scared of, but I thought In answer to the first time you mean like, like the first time, I saw like like a queen, you know like a drag off in our and I was there so tall, and so so boisterous so big and I was like I'm never be able to you know, be able to energy key mingle with someone like then come to understanding, and then I've had some of the most increase. Edible conversations with so many people of all different kinds of walks of life that I thought I didn't hate them or anything. I just thought: When there is everything in Korea there so different like. Why would we have in common Just realized that I'd love pretty much everybody in our find common ground, like almost anybody can find common ground as long as there are open and there will you find common ground with you, yes, of course, and and its awesome in a lot of it is just like being confident enough in yourself. Yeah that you're, like whatever
they're doing whatever their projecting at me, I understand is then projecting I'm more brave enough to explore what the US brave enough to talk damn about those things, yeah, that's what people need find that fucking common ground this day and age, and that's one of the things with gigantic numbers of human beings, these the population it were experiencing in hundreds of millions of people in this country. It's hard for us to just realise the value in each individual, each each unique individual, eight hundred percent, a hundred percent, I mean that is funny. When I have my car dropped off Montana. Like I didn't really, you know, I don't care to keep themselves in Montana. That's kind of a conservative you no place special great falls our came out of the car trailer men across the street this came out. The other neighbors. When I was a kid I don't know if it's the same family, I think it's the same family, but they were like. They would call me racist shit all the time and my mom would like it up in their face and we like them going to kill
if you touch my kid, it's as delays that are still there others still there you I mean they, but they ve changed. I think they ve moved on, but they ve changed, and you know I had some early when we first move their problems. With my dad, like sitting on the porch, smoking, cigarettes and people gun was a guide to another. You know what I really minds: White near confused, but but, all of these neighbours came out and people came down from the street down there and justly I was going on there like looking at the car and then go aching, can grab a picture and stuff like that and in the thing that I'd like that the first time all my neighbors were like together on the street, and for this moment and then I kind less will when you have a platform where people recognize what you do. Oh by the way, congratulation those bought a fund that not states packing rad. When I saw that I was a good for them to celebrate that that's great but like when you have a platform, and
you could be any way you want it to be to anybody coming up to you if they recognize you from your platform. But if you, if you are open and inclusive and taken the time, men with people, it does so much for community like the aim of those boundaries completely and they lack were those as expecting you to be kind of global or expecting you to be there and you like, I'm not any of those things without dissent good time. Man and let support local businesses or whatever, even whenever, you're Monterrey as well, in great falls is granite, can go places and not the time, people just tunnels, we arts and they generally say thanks a lot for not forgetting about where you came from as dope nuts huge, which said three hours. Did she turns out get out of here, not crazy catalogue earlier watts. Ladies and gentlemen, thank brother, you you promoting peace. Thank you, friends Fortunez at a show, and thank you too policy genius. If you
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