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#1490 - Jimmy O. Yang

2020-06-11 | 🔗
Jimmy O. Yang is an actor, stand-up comedian, and writer. Check out his new special "Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal" available to stream now on Amazon Prime.
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Awesome new stand up, comedy special, that's out right now on Amazon, Prime! Please give it for the great and powerful Jimmy Oh yeah, the job will expire hey what about Jellia stress in his great seeing a fellow comedian that I don't think I've been inside a comical ever seen any committee of the two months at it's weird, it's like to try to get it out of our system tremor. Would you like, if we're junkies, if we're comedy junkies, we ve gone to a rehab, have to live like a regular It is not half I mean I've gotten passed a phase of light because back in a day, if I didn't do stand for a week depressed. Yes, there's nothing else going on in my life But now I got other stuff go and I can do writing whatever, but I feel bad for, like two road guy oh yeah and open microbes, tat just come up, oh yeah and I'm sure
you ve done this our lot up. We were invited to do virtual virtual stew, and calmly shows on so near they can each it did that is the worst idea on the fucking planet. Bro, even great comics, look terrible knows and ends, and record you ever exactly and record. You look terrible bombing. Just it's just not the right place. It's let's play basketball underwater, yet it doesnt, but that how the desperate people are. They would put their home too We on the line to do virtual, no real people audience just to get the rocks are Dave. Prowls gonna, very neat solution he's doing some shit is back yard. He sent me while not his backed our his friend has a adding pavilion, so he set up this thing at a wedding pavilion. All of it is cove id safe. Look at that. Does Dave on stage in Ohio, wedding pavilion,
as we were, people get married Dave's of their doing stand up. While he so good. He doesn't need like on a low ceiling on our pack seats. He does needs a crowd and you know he also. I think he just he's a he just figured out how to improvise is like there's gonna be a way to get around Some gone crazy gap is gonna, be away and doing it outside separating everybody following the cove requirements to govern actually approved this. Really I hear he's in Ohio, so the governor of Ohio approved all the let this happen like recently, just doing just start doing it heat texted me a couple days ago, saying it can take like four days to work things out, we'll make history of age our organ, and then you know next thing you know he's off running this. I mean comedy clubs, probably gotta, be lasting, open up right now, not Lastly, I think like stable centre shit like that arenas places. That's can be the last thing rest
slowly, starting to there it is boom. What is as Brooklyn vision? Oh, are you ready to arouse giant is just like a boy that fraught with peril. People are really being from Brooklyn and people that are really in Italian. There are vague and together at last, speak of improvisation. I am always very jealous cause, I think, my body bench shorten Thomas Middle Ditch. They did improvise show on Netflix right, and that is like the ultimate hack to people like us to take. Like my first special took me. Ten, years, and now these guys can crank out five and a day is improvise somewhere. What are we doing here? While I remember First time I saw you at the improv I had you kill that little tiny room of death that that lab is death. Everybody
shit that lab that is the worst ever since the remodelled, lap. Half the broom is a bar, yes and then there's pillars in front of the stage and right next use, where the doors Super common in the door. There's always chit chat. Dock in a bind tickets is right there, but you are killing and, as I damn is, is legit funny you have now been released funny to kill him. That bizarre involves a light shit in that room. I've seen a lot of people eat shit, not room, it's a tough Roman, sometimes you. You want to start and that small room and into another second big rooms they go home happy. I did the wrong way that are the words of healing room that I came to a little room was like ten people in there and H. Evidently, of course, that you you're completely forgotten then use like what I'm a piece of shit. They stand now without a stroll them. Cocky cause, I just kill them, I cannot occur Ba African Professional went up and their bombs it's just a terrible set up. They know it though
remodelled that improv more than any other fuckin club. I've ever even heard of why the old setup was fined and listen, there's they just say I got an idea than ever goes. Ok great! So they put it. New green room that you have to dock to get into of using the new green room. It's upstairs at no one's ever gonna use ever yeah, and then you go down the stairs from that new green ruminant takes her right toward the stages. Wait: the law of the piano and stuff, whereas the other greener. Okay, now haven't seen the other work and green rooms huh. It's the dumbest set of all time the main room is a great room, greater. It's like it one other, all time: classic rooms, em fuck. That up. I still think that brought in L a it's, my favorite play to gray point zero and- and they show me love like early on you know. That's really, like page has been great retailers. Indonesia are awesome. Those salt dear photos, peep there. It's a nice environment just was weird the kind of wait in the hallway before you go on stage, so you can't get molest,
by weirdos would come out and ask questions. Chippeway, China together was sometimes as a single guy. That's actually that might be moved in, I mean Laugh factory Judea set you get the fuck out. You don't get to meet. Nobody in our improv indeed said Hang out the bar on some girls. Come to talk to use like you know, you have to swim through some weirdos. You do have blamed through weirdos, it's fine and some duty which is wedge themselves between, you in a girl to write if you're China Chit chat. Lady? They go hey Jimmy High Jimmy. You are really funny. I've got to talk about something, I'm I'm sorry virtual comedy club and I'd love to have you be a part of it. There has been a lot of pit just that. I inadvertently said yes to cause. I was half drunk at the bar, hey man about the show in Silverlake it's kind of their echo part, but really it and bore heights birth rate, MIKE Man, you know Jamie Kennedys done it. You gotta come do as I am sure. Why aren't you send me an email and the next email I get? I completely forgot about,
the interaction next Emma get he's. So catch on, show may fatigue man, so are you good do fifteen and, unlike what well, I've been out of town, I can't say that goes out by land did I did I agree. To this cause, I don't remember, I was wrong, sounds like sure I'll come, and I guess suckered into these terrible things. Yeah, you gotta know how to say no to very important yet important. Well, that's the thing about like the been might community. There is always some dues get some kind of a bring our show that their put in certain together, and it's always it's usually it's ok Good seasoning you get on stage, do little. You know at any stage of the game, so is the good to get on stage and weird crowds yet, but the problem with Lot of those shows is Go on after, like two or three people that our death there is no comedy left in life and you'll be convincing. Nothing is funny, it's impossible to be funny. Yeah genome salmon you see someone really really really bad like there's nothing to comedy tonker
his work because there are so many. I guess approach to this right, like I think, there's one. That's like right now You know you know, want to follow someone. That's too strong light. If, if I go on stage after Chapelle kind of fact be now he's both strong and super famous, yet is a double hammer near like people believe in here now the store. What I'm, but also there is the other side of it. It's you want a ride away. Yes Doing well you go in there and right that wave, but then the opposite of it is. If somebody is bad, you can go on, you can kill it and and the crowd believes in you, but somebody's two terrible. Then it's dead, like you, have to spend your first five minutes just doing crowded one. The signs of a terrible headliner is they bring really bad openers. Jihad is look really good. Yes in a one, but he still thunderously bearing like, is complete scrubbs, that's fucked me up down. You know me too, I
For me, my openers, more about energy. I want somebody energy that matches my level, but it's funny or so money, that's kind of lower energy, but really smart and good cause. If you have way to go. Super big that that's kind of hard for me to do an hour of that same energy nurses guy before he does music You ve had so they they start doing songs. They have songs for shit. I never cared about. Opening song. You know dj when you go on the roads. I name. What's on your come up to my whatever just play, some top forty Hiphop doesn't matter right, but then Openness has a very specific trick, daddy song, I guess out to my boy, there keener hilarious guy right. He is very energetic trick daddy song and that bit kills and it's kind of dirt and it's cool and I'm she and I got a set my game up, because if my opener is goin out what a killer song and I walk up the stage with nothing in it,
it doesn't seem right in the early too, thousands in the late nineteenth early, two thousands a lot of guys it a funny wraps and they would close with a rap like a rap parity, hilarious rap, so things rhyme though loud, does a lot of ass, like tat, you good night and then go up. So I talk to my mom today. It's I remember I used to do a much like urban clubs and J spot. Your mom, J spartan than a funny name: Urban Urban. While I clubs should as a black club. I guess the bar club maybe more offensive- I don't know, but it they call themselves urban climate isn't that weird. That is where why urban? It's a code word for black, behold, because it also means a city like all clubs or cities. When the faculty you ve done a club in the woods. Right aren't rural, it's like the word
been inner city for some reason: lot right: it isn't that kind of the same thing, but I mean like theirs ring clubs and allay that are just downtown. All right is not that one What does that? One club dared Morris's claw back in the day, not as a club downtown. That's a black club, it's poultry, real good member, but every such a term urbanists is very weird I remember so what I d J spot. I don't know, but still there, the J spot it's open by Anthony Brown, I was pretty very green. Now and knows on top of your know it, but as popping club right around here, J come up to me out. My set was like fifteen minutes. He was a began amuse accuse now just play whatever healing ensure. As I know, no, I don't have any music you
You won't be when they play anything in your set out like no. I just got to do that and then I realized I watch all the other comics everybody had like five music skits and the crowd loved it and they were killing it. I went up, was just trying to do my observational humor and just eight shit just arise due to not let you at a complete disadvantage year. There's a famous story about Mitch. Hedberg matured bur was on the road in Ohio and he was doing his club and For whatever reason the manager, the club decided a book. Guy, who is like super high energy and he music. I think he did like outcry, acrobatics, onstage and shit like crazy, stuff and Gunnar, but riled up and then Miss would go on there There was an he was bombing and they wanted to switch. Mitch, with ham and pay and less money outside this big fuckin deal so ignominy. You fucked up miss
measures in great you Eve, Dune Run economy club. Do you know Mitch. Hedberg is you know, he's great why you having a guy does backs lips to fuckin base beats before him. You can't do that. I ever did a colony magic club chore one of my favorite clubs. You know there are ten comedians on their, but sometimes you gotta follow magician or jugglers. Yes, you can help I'd I'd, stop doing that there I said: listen we budget issues there one issues they would not. Let me bring up joy is a wise, ochres, he's not clean two dared, but I'm thirty two, but I'm like whatever for whatever reason I get away with it for him, so I love you gotta death, but the best, but who He wouldn't let Joey go out because I love my just not my crowd is just this. Not my your crowns people that humans to come to see me trust It is a different crowd and I do kind of like it because if you just run you set at the improv or that the factory whatever right and then you take
rose, sometimes it doesn't translate, but the the colony magic it is like almost like a MID west. Crowd daily eyes of urban. Yes, who sent me a code word for a white crowd suburb, like suburban crown there like gated beach community crowd. Yeah the one percent or crowd older to like J Leno fans, yeah yes. Jailing o used to work out tonight shows that every Sunday night there that was his thing here go there and yet of olives, monologue, shit and you'd work it out at the coming. Logical on Sunday, night yeah. There. Definitely I mean it really help makers richer. My game lot days, time coming up and their great folks still really nice and the club is ransom. The actual care about the comic slight, usually
Do the emperor and there's no knocked at improv, but you gotta sign a w non and give you five bucks in cash taxes at the way it is at the improper right and then, you gonna kindly MAGIC club. It's I think, fifty dollars asset, which is very nice for like Quick, Yefimitch Quickset. But then, if you do it on Valentine's day, they don't tell you, hey we're gonna pay you whatever they just calm down. Do bounty stake as we like you, but they sell these Valentine's day packages and then, at the end of the day, I think I open up, which is like a thousand. So just gave all of us a thousand checks. It was really really nice for comic. There really need the food. There is really good, YO, Filet mignon many club yelling, a real restaurant that you'd go to you'd go. There has a restaurant. There was a great great spot, but it is. I don't like why I too, I tell my stories like my asian stories or whatever but light you can tell. I pay how much is a hey man? I was funny but light.
You know like when they talk it himself again at that. Asian that oriental boy can let you know you know, there's some kind of that goin on, like I am so foreign to them. They found a refreshingly like. I can't believe that oriental boy spoke English, that they can get their vibe over. There is funding, at oriental became like Abu, like the term oriental it, it's here, one and people that say or entered the, never mean harm, not you noticed old. They always their old. Like it's. My body, fathers in high school year. You're like Reverend, so you and your oriental parents, you guys like they're trying to be so pc is. I want people call black you african Americans, because they too careful euro and an that's. I kind of weird you know right now. I love it. Guide. Sister I mean Woody would Jamaican, are tackling
someone who comes from Jamaica and lives and kissed. Technically you'd been African America causes. Africans went to Jamaica first right and then to America is odd. There. It's all weird man, it's all the but just like for asian folks, like also people who get upset. If you can't make it station yet regime's have a lot of beef among each young, where the great bit about that there is a hierarchy for sure. What's the top of the food chain, what put him in a spot here, but I think look. This is I think. Generally it's you have your main. Like Chrome, in Chinese, Japanese and then they sometimes looked down at the South EAST Asian, so one the Filipino tie whenever Vietnamese, probably but then, if we call China
his person Japanese, to get pissed. But if you call Jappy Japanese, I don't know the exact thing, but it could get ugly good- and I mean it's not just country to country if it could be like my parents day from Shanghai. You know what a very metropolitan like Manhattan of China, so they a lead it syndrome to them and they looked down at people from the South, China or whatever, and then I go Robin Hong Kong, which was a british colony ripe, and it's a very different government where low more, I guess, progressive whenever just a different city state. So Hong Kong people has led a syndrome towards mainland chinese people my mind my dad K from Shanghai to Hong Kong. So he spoke can't than these, which is to local Hong Kong Dialect with Mandarin, like mainland guy accent, and they were always make fun of them as to the mainland guy yeah how's. But how does it work
when you're, seeing what's going on with Hong Kong weren't now, where the losing their autonomy to China as a freak, you out the crazing or yeah. It's it's very disheartening, but I think my dad saw that come in there. You know we moved here when I was thirteen, the year two thousand, that was three years after the British gave Hong Kong back to China after two hundred year treaty. I guess there are like nice colonizers there like We have to colonise you, but just the just a hundred years- and here you can have it back. You now seems like it's going downhill. The riots in the streets are usually the protesters, their extremely polite protests. It's the way they part the street for an ambulance is amazing, its top, and then I think that's one of the main reasons, aside from education and all that just more opportunities in America. Those probably want two main reasons why my family wanted to move out to Hong Kong to America this autumn and this because my dad grew up.
Did these sixties communist revolution, motherfuckers a kick down your door and take everything both my grandparents went to jail from both sides because their intellectuals, I believe, my my father's father. My grandfather was like mystery teacher and he was considered intellectual went to jail, but so do you put him the jug just because he was an intellectual, I belief, so I don't know the exact store, but then I know uncle so we're like talking shit. That also want to share a lot. You want to jail do so when they went to jail because they were complaining. I think it's it's a mixture of things, yet you just stated fuckin, though in jail and a kick down you don't take. Your shit. Love hark now now I said that I can never do move in China anymore. I'm sure band has just said, yeah. But who knows? But it's it's I. I git look, I don't ever try to get political might stand aboard over, but I get mad when I see hipsters in there
was having chairman MAO posters are like wearing Chairman MAO T, shirts and Shit Chairman MAO killed a lot of people man. That's I on the other side of spectrum, you have a like a fuckin Hitler. Poster in your house, but somehow that's cool right right right light, it wasn't cause all I know I don't know history that well, but I know the stories that my parents told me during a common resolution, how they got fucked over there's something about mild. It's like its intriguing for just look at a on the surface right like same thing with CHE Guevara, like he looks, cool right, cool, look alike. River revolutionary out, oh yeah, murderer near murder, genocidal murderer, Tienanmen Square yeah right now that I was the those after, I think, those still ya communist dictator, and if we it's an we're place now read because its capitalist but its capitalist really run by the communist government. I get the communist government and Businesses are completely intertwined it's interesting because they can make
policies to rest, less red tape, costing a make policies faster, because the government, what have they say just go here, but then I guess you hope that it's a decent person, you know in commercial, that's the fear people have here in the United States of competing with China- is that China it has its advantages because their businesses are so their corporate. So intertwined with the government that we might do the same thing here. I mean, insist, it's a weird sort of slippery slope as a sort of as laws and the all you're different rights get eroded. He get closer and closer to the governor, being in control. Things like these new laws that past recently, where the government can just look into your internet searching with no warrant whatsoever. This is something that I don't know. If you know about this part of the Patriot ACT that This is one of the things that was. People are furious at centre sanders Bernie Sanders didn't he was married and show up for the vote and if,
It shown up and voted the other way wouldn't past. Why Asia? He won't comment. He won't he's been reach out for two common honor? He won't common on it, but it's very disheartening and a lot of people who are progressives a furious and they are very very betrayed by this, because now known, even nose like me, you didn't know right most. We want to know now, while the government can now look at all your dirty little searches, I don't care about that them like a but but good kid, it's a slippery slope right. Is that the fear who hears a fear? The government is just people. You know I don't want any. I don't. I don't think like. I should be able to just go. Look in a Jamie search, I got just for whatever reason to energy, Jamie's and home. What if I have some code and go just look what it was Jamie looking at does it woody searching for that's that's creepy right, it's creepy like privacy is privacy is important. You should.
We should be able to reveal what you one reveal and if the government, which is just a bunch of people, can peer into your life, but you can't pure and of their life, yes sets up abuse its saint. It's a sit like its power the same thing, you see with cops right all this shit. You see with cops for sure, Racism is involved, but you know what else is involved power. We see that that old man get thrown, The ground doin. It trumps that back his head, yeah leaning out of his work head trumps like very good actor. I mean that's what trumps it he said. Seemed to have fallen to easily, but yeah. You fuckin dead, he's an old man, factory, so that this might might be in tee for like why These conspiracy theories out there as an actor. I must say if any of these He bore conspiracy, guys they are these dear fuckin Daniel they Louis Life, raid actor slightly
like sometimes I even send like dumb Youtube videos of theirs funny view to video of somebody, front, leading his to Kay NBA Account and he just destroyed, you can tell it took every thing for him like not too late. Hinder or like whatever I he just before. He was just destroyed was crying and some are bodies that are no man. That's fake, dude, outside your that guy. That guy is a fuckin Emmy award Carrasco winning active that shit speakers. That is not easy to do now. People think everything is fake, yeah. I think so many things if some people have sent me things, you think this is fake, unlike our Jesus Christ things are vague, that old man following the way he didn't bouncing his head off the fuckin concrete, the middle of a huge protest here that was real, did hats. That's what happens when you put an old man, that's despite the fact that this step, the United States, so that I can bro you would fall
My way to he's a minor friend actor, and he has a blood pack in the back of his head, like how Canada or rustlers like what you fell into a mess that was it please, God himself, Vance Whither razors four years. So so that wound bleeds easy. I don't you can hear the guy's head. Bounce off the ground sets a funk. A hollow cocoanut like thank when summons, head bouts of concrete yeah, fuck and terrible, but the fact that the President announced states didn't just think that, but he thought of be a good idea to tweet that the key fallen apart. All this protest, shit he's fallen apart and also the fact they deny that these tear gas dick. Clear out that square, so they can go to the church. A gay man, there's video, there's video of tear gas. All you want to its pepper gas. Ok, you know where that pepper gas they're using you not allowed to use at war yeah. You know that, really. You know how to use that shit and war. You can't use tear gas and it violates the Geneva convention. Take a bite.
Bio Goober. That makes you right about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm right pray shore, the argument that they're making is you can't use, tear gas and war, but you should be able to use it and protests, and these cops are shootin rubber bullets and, in our but losing their fucking eyes here. It is the mill there is banned from using tear gas on the battlefield, the police can use it on crowds at home. Hears wines is on CNN that just think about that the military is fucked. Being banned from using this, but you're using it on civilians that just want a protest that torture death of a guy. Who was being detained by a cop who had a fourteen year, history of being a piece of shit and dozens of com. I mean he had more than a dozen complaints of abusive behaviour and they're- are going to use, tear gas and his people and just shoot rubber bullets randomly folks. I dont know what
What is the lowest common denominator like? He has to murder someone Lincoln Funny, and people still be like travel, yeah yeah, whatever causing keys, he's he's on the way out of its its it slowly, but surely stuff like this. He can't help himself and under pressure when is it when people are angry at him because of all this, and I think one of its kind of crazy, but one of the big things it started off where losses. Composure was all that shit that is at about? Why saw maybe you maybe disinfectant in Britain the body cleansing when he started doing that and then the next day they were asking about I was being sarcastic to see how you reporters would constantly no, you weren't, You are ramble in your red. Like I've done that before up caught rambling, but I would say the following juggernaut:
how useless all in person Mama's analyse, he's pitching he's making as it like you and writers, room and he's like you. Have you try this idea? I want what about you pair this care through that character, but you don't do that as the president in public about health issues. Silly this the CDC some Americans are gurgling with bleach or putting on food to fight covert. Nineteen is our real really lie: read their dead like a survey of a couple thousand people and somewhere in the range like four percent of people, admitted to gurgling or prevented or washing stuff with bleach, Darwinism, yeah! It is as if you're over eighteen go. Do it and I would say that job don't give years younger than you are young. You dont know any better. I guess you'd not uneducated, but an age like you should know not a fucking gargoyle with bleach right. Tied pot challenge all overran its tied pod challenge, but it will tell you it's interesting, even
I stay off twitter. All it s, taller caught ague adjust its top downwards delete. My twitter account is so toxic these days, I'm a tweet threat or tax thread, rather with a couple comedians and they'll send me the most agree, just ridiculous things that are going on twitter people arguing about all kinds of crazy shit, and I'm like when this is toxic, like you're you're reading into these this a lot of people have like severe depression in mental health issues in their life rushing out of people on there and they have these like like witch hunts and make their laughter folks for jokes from fourteen years ago and attacked them and put up screenshots in and they think they're somehow another like doing something positive and did you do it? Tourists, twitter scrub of like old we see. I did that. I mean I see every day the actors getting fired and shit, and none of my stuff was like terrible, but it would just like bad jokes.
The problem is with us in particular, we say the most ridiculous shit to each other, all the time yes and then Twitter was like a lot of it was I try and jokes out and a lot it was I gotta hot take on something that was ridiculous. New news offensive Theo, you only saying it for fun and then people take those things out of context and they pretended it's like your real feelings and thoughts like these are jokes people say ridiculous, shit that they dont really mean because they want to get you a laugh, that's all it is, and if you take those out of context, it can look pretty bad. If you like, pretty pure comedian knew now I have to come in I act and stuff and that there was a sort of these different world the world's because you can't really say anything. So you want to do stand like a lot of what am I spoke at length, I can only I've learned of my lane is only telling my stores you can argue with that live on
just telling you stories about my father or, like me, grown in the Hong Kong exam What do you say? I'm a fucking asshole because I'm telling my because I grew up a certain way lay. So that's the only thing that I the land that is people can't for now. I can't for now, but as things get more more ridiculous eventually one data they will get mad at you for that like to just once, everything has been cleared out and people been purified they just move the goalposts Vienna. Some new thing, that's offensive to say, or do there's things that people are getting fired for today. That three months ago you could say easily and people would agree with you. We hear ban society of friends, don't tweeted about. I guess the less it well, the thing is allowed between it and you know fuck in two thousand and eight they tweeted it and then someone or go back and find it twelve years later and you get in trouble and you get fired people getting fired for old tweets,
I'm really glad and we'll have a job job like where someone hires mere far fires me has just said. Million things in the park, gas drunk or higher. If we talk and shit with comedians, where you just turn make to laugh and so stupid, shit and unknown, and if you take that I do not see the whole podcast and get the vice of how we talk right in the conversation you just make a snippet out of it. You can make some illegal a real piece of shit, but it's it's disingenuous disingenuity deceptive. They know what they're doing they know they're, trying to paint a very distorted perception of these people are really taking their tweets and taking them out of context and putting him up there and trying to get him. Can so. They have rocks it. Just like eluder in a lot of ways like they have rocks and there's a window. They want to throw rockin window in the window the military hires hackers to hack into now system to see how vulnerable there. I think there should be a new job out there for
comedians celebrities to hire. These is twitter people. To see if they got dig up any dirt and him five grand final right just to prevent some sort of tweet storm against you. That's a good idea actually is actually a good idea for actors edition do that before I know they do do that now when they hire someone for any sort of prominent, whether it's you gonna, be its days or you know some show where you gonna be a sitcom act. They'll check you fuck, tweets down They want to make sure that the non, especially your comic, they look like we're criminals. They would get us like. What do you do? It would have been up. What even do unknowns lookin? Would you would you been writing on your own? You fuckin weirdo yeah turning people laugh the ridiculous shit. That's why
the virtual shows are the worst imagine trying a joke on zoom record. I had told you ass old, opposite virtuoso. It could happen, it could happen yeah. Well, you know it's interesting, though. I think some of bodies about this. If, if I I think I'm a nice guy. If somehow there is a old tweet somebody found and is some bullshit and and they're trying to cancel me. Do you think you or lie Friends of mine will speak on military man. He's actually could guy. I would one hundred percent speak up for you, one hundred percent right. So so I think the people that actually got tweets dug up about them their nurse, sometimes you get me was because I know he's actually could get, but most of the time it's like yeah he was it asshole yeah he the din
higher, no black people, because blah blah- so I think, is the combination of both that teaches exposes a little bit of that person and everybody jumps on insight in now. You know what he's actually Dick it could be, or it could be. The person whose getting intact is does not have a high profile friend, and there now they're kind of like just start now, and maybe a job somewhere and none other friends any clout, so they can't really speak up for them and if they did, they get cancel so they're scared yeah to scare the mob, because it really is, my man when internet comes after you, you know, it's some is just not on good way to communicate in out there's
an interesting guy who had a tweet about this monopolise up. Is it a gentleman named warehouses tweet here there? It is ok, Alex Levine of its term sameness right, Lavigne, covets Alan obscure sorry trying to read his last name. Itinerant glossed over his first name, but he had a really interesting point that what were eating when people it's sick, you're eating highly processed food right, uniting healthy natural food when you're consuming tweets and you're getting a lot of your information from Twitter, in social media you're, getting highly processed information in any way saying it's just as bad for you as processed food and then its unnatural, and it doesn't come in a natural form and
That's a very excellent point. The way put is his twitter handle is Alan L, a an l e, the eye and oh v, I tc I'm an item on the park. As to the author and professor he's, just that point was excellent. Like I've, I've said I had a similar point. I said tuna people like you to consuming gossip and bulls yet in you watching, stupid television shows reality shows in year. You, your mental diet, is very poor, but I think the way he form that is actually even better than its really highly process, because the form we are getting tweets right you getting too and in need of care does that form of like data and information. There's no social cues, there's no contacts and no new ones and you're you're getting this very weird message and you can decide- good or bad good message, bad message, bad person, good person, it's hard. It's it's in anger,
needle there's, no there's no real way to commit it's a bad way too. Change. Information with other human beings the anonymity of it. I wouldn't say that should do face. They gonna beat up or just there's a common courtesy when you're Talkin face to face. I would say, sir, and thanks to you in person, but when you're anonymous and then you're angry. That's it's not the title. Convene you can demonize someone an attack them you, you don't care, you get him fired because they had a weird hollowing picture. They dressed up like an indian nineteen. Eighty eight, you know me there's a lot of that should govern around. We should not leader twitters our wipe, who have turntable world good. Promoting shows when these two have shows that yet I never my torrent never caught, because my shit salmonella
because, I don't ever say, controversial shit and that's how you get followers lawyer, smart. I did how controversial should helps I used to retreat allowed a cool. Should the people sent me ass. I had stopped listening readings things that people are sending me, though one thing ever really recently tweeted about West. I only want to mention this, but the whole shank Gillis thing with ESA now I was sitting my trailer I'll just angry as an asian person mean this, and then I just said that this guy's should not be here blah blah. You know like a horse became the mobs, but I was angry. I never thought about I got so much flack. You know even saying something that I that I thought was right for my experience, what I thought and then ever since then I'll just forget it. You know I'm only going to retweet other people, shit have no opinions The shade Gillis thing was very weird because, like the there talking shit right, they're trying to be offensive
to be funny and no one was listening right when there were on it and there's like you thousand people downloaded their podcast. What they did just thought there just being save and saying ridiculous shit because you can anchors you make. Other laugh, I don't think I think he's racist. I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he's just talking shit, it's the casualness. Yet though I think that was what got to me, it's like down there just why people in their rooms talking about us like that, like that sucks, do you know- and I think probably wouldn't talk like that known was around it's weird. It's like you're. Talking That's because you know it's taboo to talk like that. It's part of the fun of doing it it. So it's not it's I mean you all your racial racist apologist, I'm not I'm not apologizing, for it I am saying that that's what a lot of those kind of guys do there's like a shock aspect to certain.
Comedy will try to make each other laugh by saying shit, you're not supposed to say, and he had some fucking great sketches. There was a great sketch that he put up there, nor Mcdonald retweeted his norm was upset that he got fired for it all and It was about people taking things the wrong way and his understanding and running with the worst possible scenarios. Just compounded. It was a really great sketch, but I all right then up and now it was gonna tweet I mean I forget it. Asshole com and tried again leather comic fired, but me I get it look. I get it man, Firstly, being a minority in America get being an Asian like I say this in. I stand up its penal code of Ethics representation. I love. I love ass. I love representations, but it wasn't a choice when you wake up when you wake up asian. You can only representations and there's some kind of responsibility. So
our second Stevie Oki about brutally Magellan, brutally fan we're Talkin brutally stories and he would say like when he was a kid. Bruce. Lee was like finally like Asians, had it represent, is bad. Representative from her. You know we're just didn't exist, perform popular culture like that's how unique Bursley as if we really stop and think about it. There was literally no one any even remotely like him and pop culture before him and burst onto the scene, and then it was like a ton of fake ones. There was Bruce lie to me. Do you know my spruce lie were brutally died that they have this guy named Bruce lie, dress like Frouzly and do very similar movies to brutally and brutally fan, I myself, we like I'll, take it was it. He was asian though rather ok, I mean brutally was huge. I mean you can tell us impact forty years later. He is still one of the most asian famous Asian.
Sex symbol, yeah and and and representation int, extremely important in that sense, because I have girls tell me that just anecdotally can hate me for the story, but I mean is disappointing this girl told me she was like a white girl. She was like you know when I watch the crow, which is Brandon, leaves me his son, who is that when I watched a crow I felt like that was my sexual wakening when I was fifteen years old and guess what sex. What at night like that matters? Bro like Iceland, where I went crazy, which agents came up and everybody was watching it people one and want to start fuck. Dude yeah begun make sense. Sadly I also statistically, you know, I think it. Some research on like plenty of fish or some asian dude and black women are less likely to get match on deigning apps.
By a much bigger, systematic conversation, because we were you know, emasculated blah blah, but I think would representative if everyone like ten more Bruce Lee no or ten, more crazy, rich Asians. That really help. Just a meme represented you or me, although the fuck up- and I am doing fine you now- if I need some other brothers to solve them, some white girl to be watching my stand up and be like you know, I wouldn't fuckin asian guy, that's important men die. That's my my dream in this business is to help other asian brothers get laid. I think you could do it. I hope so I have faith in you. I might ask you how long ago you should do that to whatever to be the only guy that has a dual career like successful coming and successful porn STAR Zeppa there's something about right. If you'd be decided to become a porn star,
attains you for everything else. The comedy, though I think so greatly I think that my colleague able to restart slinging DEC We, it kind of wanting to do think that it would it is commonly career at how this houses dick aim up its pre fuckin? Strong, if a strong they game, I think how you think, so I think maybe maybe somebody's gotta be brave enough to do it. Do you remember when Snoop Dog was like hosting porno ass? He was J was hosting What does that mean that he would like in the room like our people, fuckin like he was, he was doing things here. And things with porn. I'm sure I'm sure I'm right about this, but who wants that August? I dead dog So he had like porn that he was like put look. Snoop dog is beyond reproach. He's so cool he's an enemy with everything yeah you get away with everything and anything, no matter what it is, but that's a bad idea to stop.
With I don't even like that. Do talk and shit when he's like fuck it I don't. I don't want any noise from the man like eyes like like this one guy. I think his name is a light. What a black porn star like Wesley pipes phenomena- maybe I know too much about but even talk is sheer pours out. My young shut up dogma. Let me let me just go subject very carefully about the shown you guess yeah. We can't really see this right now, but the sun up its available, and so so the girls were like. Well, there's stuff and he's like is not doing porn, but he's like producing
right here tonight in the same room right he's, I don't think so. Don't have probably a good advisers puts keep you in other room back when, like we had the authorized button on cable boxes, which has doesn't really exist anymore. Remember that no, it's ok about paper views yet a press, a button you go to the channel and, unlike if you wanted to you, hit authorized for three. Ninety nine you get to watch whatever was on, I dont really room and then others like the others, that's how they, when cable boxes first came out, you press it on the box itself. On the remote control rise button, so there dj or easy for kids to buy paper. It's a whole party and then it becomes porn looks like it. I mean I'm noted gotta, the off our analysis. They re ease Louise after parties after yeah, but that this there's no we're all dancing
Arizona, good time. Ok, seen in my life, like I said I don't know. If I like that, you know it's too casual. The fucking is too casual. It's out in a party that runs out in the old. In the middle of like it's, what seemed like, thereby pool yeah, yeah. I got a mobile party fuck Party cipher, vibe yeah. Maybe I consider Porker Lucy, but it's weird right because everybody wants to fuck, but nobody wants you to fuck on film paint like ten. You like, if you found Johansson Scarlett Johansson, was having sacks you'd like, of course, his emphasizes a beautiful girl. She's. Probably x, men and cheer sex. But if you, if you said crowd, Scarlett Johansson once have sex on film and you can watch arrive like what's wrong with her yeah, but I mean look like Sacho.
Porn star, who became kind of an actress from those soda burg movies. How many did she do? for an experience and did not come about things she's an odd case right, she's, very smart. Yes, she is, I think, a decent actress but I shall never make it to the next level because she was a porn start now. Has anybody done the reverse, where their actor and then became a porn star? Anyone backed acting can establish itself as an actor. I don't think I've ever gone. Back. It's one of those Hale Mary last dish, effort things I think Dustin Diamond after from. Yeah. I think he's a by the minute porn, rioting of sherry, but that was after he has enacted and any stab somebody that he's a dab. Somebody He did a lot. Shaded stand up stab somebody fuck people do not have rich life. I like how sedated this group in until that rock bottom. It is the,
we were grouped into porn stars and strippers. I think disdain of after did porn. I think it's porn stand up starving people. I think it was stand up. Stabbing people porn but my view. We are just one step away from the dealer about Dino, Vincent Gallo, the actor yeah, great actor but ruined his career, by getting a real blow job in a movie that he produced? While that that you know. I don't think. Yes, I think I burned on a bunny Oh you got those recent well now does no more than a decade ago now cannot another. I want to say two thousand early, two thousands when I say two thousand. There were maybe some other that sound, I I don't know them stories, but that sounds kind of a shady and me to view the producer and the starting in yellow blow job for sure. You could definitely that two thousand and three
our body with other non acerra, name, Chloe's, Rigi Research Severe, is rising at a cheese she's bounced back, but necessarily believe that he has and he's a really interesting like. But what is it Buffalo? Sixty four is that what the name of that movie is real, really weird interesting move. He did some interesting shit. What does his Buffalo Movie Buffalo Sixty six really interesting, movie he's a great actor, but he decided, I think he was like. You know, he's out there right he's a real artists. And probably also pervert and is like this. Now you just suck my dick for real and clothes like. Let's do it, I'm an artist to and so She really sucked is DEC it is pretty hot, but people get very mad. They get very mad beak because we want to see the faintly critics were fuckin furious because they want to see it
and instead of it being like simulated, it was sure sex. It's weird right, like you, could stimulate violence right like John with moves, are fucking love, John Wick rings great, but a giant and plan their brain splattered due to get stab the Eyeball Airways fine with it, you know it's not real You have simulated sex if what you know for sure it's a rubber, dick and a plastic pussy fine, like shit, penetration, fine, it's fake penetration! Folks, no need to worry. Nobody felt. Really good. While they were doing this, this is just rubber on plastic issued last year we had a up. There was a robot, the robot was pushing. It's a fair and it's all, see gee. I yelled everybody, because that would you was interesting. Now Tell him! I like real sexiness inside of movie those movies nymphomaniac. What are those
Van something that he's a european guy robot, and that was that there was a real sex scenes and I think real double penetration, those movie, but it was it was like, I guess, like a good considered a really good envelope, pushing type a movie, so maybe a view european and get away with a year? They have different standards. I was in Germany and swept through the channels one time and just raw porn was on regular tv. Oh ok, just raw poorness, regular poor people are fuckin Kaliko aghast for them. They, like you, want you before I dont, yet I dont get the appeal of it gets theirs. Born hob. No, I think what people are trying to do is what I'm saying about violence like. Why are we so? Ok, with overt like spectacular, violent, but we're not ok with sir, if you knew.
Like cd eyes so good? Now, it's so good! You know you can have monsters, really there they're all created by computer. Why can't you have? Could you have see gee, I sex? Would people be ok with that? Are we so freaked out by penetration that we don't even want to watch fake penetration. Nobody wants to get a boner next to the family and the Soviet Union's May. Maybe it's a shame. Thing like when they feel more so distant Did we do we? Don't care of someone gets their brains beaten? Unlike what other scenes television that may me abandoned, walking dead. Was one that was his name needing says in a beat Glenda death with a baseball bat. Beat him over. The head is fucking eyes hanging out smell like this is murder porn. But what is this why you make me watch this is not fun why someone get literally splatter like is beating over the head, his brain is splatter like like a watermelon dropped off the top of the building was terrible. Yeah, that's ok, but you
couldn. If you had a scene in that movie, where o o and went down a woman who see their poison could see him eating her pussy people like this is outrageous. This is discussing after achieving she's enjoying every minute of it. You gotta feet up in the air moaning, thereby allow Mama she's happy people would be like this is a terrible move. You're a piece of shit. I can't believe you did this. I think is shame you gotta Ev Ry Watches Porn Chertoff, but everyone you get. It really is forty or fifty people who don't even touch it. That's ties that their drinking water and running yeah yeah. I don't trust those people I still have my I'll. Have my old roommate old to watch game throws together and greater you know, but their certain seasons are slower than the other seasons, and I didn't, because I like oh I wish to storyline, would go faster than you know character. We get develop faster and nobody tourists who use Ma Am
stop watching the shoulders the has made any fucking in the last four up. I didn't understand: why doesn't just go watch porn hub or something like? Why does the we watch game at those only four? fuckin somebody bird unique now different, take on things but deserve Brown, Bunny man that tanked Vincent I was career mean you know here about him anymore. He was a big star, He was in a lot of like really interesting movies that were well respected and it was a big deal. This one move we seventeen years ago, faggot What are you doing now him he might as well just double down and do porn? No, I think he went back to. Movies and I think he just does no kind of obscure aren't house movies. Probably that is out the case question that people not really about how much you just don't hear his name. Is it's a shame because he's a really fucking great actor he just had
This idea and his logic it's it's. You know it's tractable like get liked. Why Amira she's gonna, actually blow me for real instead of like us. Seen were a woman like if there is a scene or make it down, the girl goes down. You just see your head and we're fine. What that we're fine, what we do want to actually see a dick in a woman's mount, though, even though we know That's what it supposed to be but also, maybe it's because he produced in a road it like that. That's me writing a sexy for myself. That gross like that's me to Fisher or unless your girlfriend was the actress in diggers, talked about it and she's cool with it. She wanted to do it. Yeah. I don't know what kind of relationship yard with closure of enabling GDP, but while its it, but that's the real like did like, especially today in the me to area. Can fuck fucking never get away with that? Less was the girls idea and Leslie
after I get her on video saying it's my data suck your dick. I want you to have to give yet where's involved that if the sign Andy's I'd have to sign consent forms, I said We have our own thing. I've ever had a sexy in anything founding builds on issues that are just fill my or am I am I not like modest sexism so its policy on a little bit. I may in time to write and we we brow yeah I've been I've been. I still I still K. I can't write my was sexy and somebody got to write a form. It wasn't that a part of the ridiculously bad movie called the room
aroused succeed only saw cross, but the agenda Franco movie version was it worth. It was cut quite funny and- and it's obviously come making fun of this guy. He has some new some redeeming qualities. Like a dreamer, you no good for him, but it may have followed a guy, but he doesn't care he just wants to like. He was next to James Franco on stage at the golden loves and stuff. They just wants that faint yeah. He just wants attention. Even if he's the universe, the nail, you even need to be the hammer, you know what the most insulting thing I've gotten is reached. I will not talk about it, but anyway, I should because it's just funny it all. May I met Finally, this point in my career people sends me scripts. If I want to do it, just very flattering, unlike our great so there's an email It's either. You gonna be really angry. This really happy about that fact, not a good way to start
for me agent and down there like they want you to play a lead in this by opening hours. I oh shit, I thought you know, like I'm ready and then they light yet, but as the Bible pickup William Hung, I was I brother. Are you kidding Virginia Shooter, none outshines! Oh, that's the guy, the American higher bill, singer, bangs MA I method, dude, look, none with the guy, knows deference I'm wrong what But yes, yes, yes, but he's not malicious. No, no! No, I'm yellow Asperger some! I dont know what what what it is, but I thought it was that that one due to the shooter, red or city yeah brunetta deserve to. I read a hundred fitting pages it s, grip, I've, never been so angry reading. I wanted to focus on and why we What you don't understand, I think William Hung set us back like tenure
none raw with that brother, not his bow right, maybe is a very new wants route way to write this movie of why American Idol produces picked up by the crowd and featured him just make fun of him and while the rest of America laughed at this guy, that might be an interesting, story, but wasn't that the whole thing about american idol. It's like you had real talent, but then you also delusional people and the delusional people was part of the all those fani I love Watson, I, but I think it just cut so deep as in Asia. Its two opposite. Obviously willing longed is the exact opposite of brutal and Anne, but he's theirs the wrong with him a mean as a and being like there's something to be said, I, get that the guy sign to release, and I get that that's part of the fund with the show, but there is kind of a difference between people that are mentally challenged It is not very talented, but people laughing at ease
that's what I'm saying is mentally challenge to some raw with what what, when I say, there's nothing wrong. What am I don't mean he's not be? No autistic meant whatever it may be. I'm sorry there's nothing wrong with his intentions right the dreamer. He want to make it right right right, so there's sure a very nuance way to write about William her that could work, but would you shouldn't that would have. We ran that egg asian people out there that I can do by a piece about an Africa William, script, lands on my desk ways. Now, that's a part of the problem with real. Tv in general right. It's like whether trying to do is theirs. Some reality, tv, that's based on actual events, are taking place, but a lot of it is like they're taking you to sign these releases on a lot of these shows that allow them to edit your words in a very distorted way, but you can, at union level conversation you can have an answer to one question and they'll put that
Sir, on another question is totally unrelated rice. You look like a real piece of shit right and there are one hundred percent allowed to do that the and they do that for the stock We want to do that for the narrative who care about your reputation. They don't care about what happens when you go back home people like hockey, fuckin say that Jimmy like I didn't, have access to the raw tapes, you can't release in no one's gonna, believe you, but that's they victimize people on purpose just so that they can make a good what they call a good show yeah, but they're doing that with him. It's different because he's got a problem. It's not like he's a guy like that like. If I decided I was gonna, be a singer. They I went on American America's got town, those terrible and now I'm saying in everybody just they hit the buzzer. We get the fuck out of here. I can I'm a normal person like if you think I suck I got probably suck, but if I have a problem with a mental, problem like there's something wrong with me, and I do that and you know there's something wrong with me and you still put me on television. That's what
getting weird we're getting like our you put your profiting off taken magnetism ass. Yes, your profiting off someone who's, clearly mentally handicapped in some some way shape or form. If there's a spectrum, mental stability. He's on that spectrum. It's not you It's not Jamie! It's not me! It's like us, regular guy, we're all different, but regular. Now you can talk to them the guy's off. You know he's off, but daylight, perfect, run it perfect I am not because our people laugh dinner, people eleven, why are people laughing in I'd? Look it's! It's tough, being I guess at one a few asian actors in America right I'm very fortunate to be in a position. We can know each other's small circle re proud of all of us, but The my career, I got some flak from so come out MIKE do you know who is accented character, which I mean
for me, it's a little different because I came to this country are starting couldn't really speak. English angle camps complaint earlier version myself. I understand we try puts him humanity's character, but then some articles or whatever it's like this- is offensive. Stereotype, blah blah and that really looked into that island can. I get it eventually. The care to became a more three dimensional character because the jokes no longer him just being foreign, it's on him being like a diabolical coder person, but it's tough being an asian actor Now, not only do I have to decide on a part of not by looking at. Oh. Is this a good script? I gotta look at the cultural ramifications. Is this good representation, because there are so few of us each of us. That does something mean so much more right. That was to beef with the upper character because there wasn't a lotta indian net and then you care courage, eyes, wrote whatever. Now that's what's great about crazy.
Asians, and I had a lot of fun on that movie because for one of the first I was in the only asian dude on set, and I can just play a character. My character is an asshole in that will be, but I can just lead into that and be a character actor and play it. It's a powerful funny. Movie rate production came out. Excellent everybody enjoyed it as also and there's a whole spectrum of Asians is not just one asian representing all agents handsome Asians you asshole Asians, the romantic lead and also the bitchy ex girlfriend whatever. So we can just actually be actors for the first time and not be actor slash asian representative, so one something like William Hung- comes to the table now, just kids do it. Man I mean I I do you know it trusting that that it's like when someone gets offend did Rachel stereotypes. Society puts it through this filter of whether not as it's a valid and I'll give you examples. Example, the soprano
the italian american Anti Defamation League or whatever the funded as they were. They were pissed at the sopranos. Their pissing It was reinforcing negative stereotypes about Italians and I'm italian everyone. I know that's a times like what the fuck are you talking about the aerial people. I know guys like that way. I as offensive yes offensive reality. He is a man real or those fat guys real. Do they eat pasta like that? Yes, that's real yeah, like that's, because Italians are really discriminated against, so it's you and hold any water. What also you are italian? There's a ton of italian actors comedians out there. So Sopranos is not the we place. We see a terrific. Its anti also represent so dark waters down on its fine cause. Why people you can play whatever mentally handicapped guy? Not so smart guy or come
we'd asshole because there's a million other white people, but assumes you play mentally handicapped guards over very dangerous, but those of Robert, I junior Oh hey, we're Tropic, thunder, trot retard, never go for Rita, but it didn't he Oscar nomination for being in black face. I hope he did mean he weed about in the podcast gas and useful. It was like a date. Thank God. We to put it on the podcast months ago. We didn't talk about it today because today, I wouldn't even bring it up, took today. People getting can the guy was the fucking, of bone appetite. Yes, they got here fired for photograph that he took dressing up like, I guess, he's border region like those are causing real face or something no brown face at all. Just gold chains- and I have said the Bronx resembling yeah yeah. It's, I think, so they call it racially insensitive what but, that This kind of what our silent about early, though Adam Report, I am a big fan of bone empty until
like maybe, then I got it. Ok, what's goin on here, because, ok, news came out at home when that pitcher does not that pits. And then his staff there's a squirrel. That was one only minorities on camera. She started saying: yes, I agree not just that pitcher. But I'm the only may be non white person on camera. That's not getting paid fairly. They just want to push me a camera for diversity, but I get paid fractions of whatever other petted and an even otherwise We spoke up in the idea. We have some systematic stuff here. We should look into how at the yet badly yes so it's light. So it's a combination of eye. If a guy, the porter we can picture of me. I don't think people start jumping on me and be like yeah. He is kind of a dick, but whose example some one had a picture of them, pretending to be italian. Nobody would give a fuck if, if he had a tan top on with spaghetti stains on his hair greased back. No one would give a fuck
problem may be that there is not enough representation in a positive way of border regions in the media because, like you, have whose like we're them out. There's a lot of famous poorer regions, yeah Icu, who are gimme. Examples of I to get there nationality with James Actors, but I am very aware there's a lot of famous porter weakens, maybe not enough, maybe like because of its man's Mimi said. Maybe it's a timing of immigration to my grandparents when they came here MIKE I talked to my grandfather. Lot about it. They were horribly abuse. There was a lot of racism against Italians when they initially emigrated in the early nineteen hundreds, but by the time I was a kid I was gone. Experts a little bit of it in Boston and with irish kids would make fun of me for being italian shit on me for being italian, but
tunnels, a grown man at stake that cut like an anti italian racism, is non existent, basically physiologist white kind. It's like collected in ITALY right now. It's ok. Can you find it New CDC there are talking about over that the the viral. Owed in ITALY right now, so small, its barely register Aurelia because they were rough, they had a rat or are they not healthy? Again, these are my people, they fuckin a passage, drink wine. They all smoke. Cigarettes live on top of each other, no one's washing their hands. Yeah! There's no action! try. Finally, I was too Stevinus conversation Sebastian. Yesterday, Joking around about this feels he's like try finding a fuckin good Germany.
Tell you know tell it certainly true. Every time I go, there had been some cable machine with some fucked up police system. It's broken and I just want to do and push up and sit up and just run up the rocks or something like there's, no gems, the gymnast a joke. No one over there is work. Now. One thing is, I don't say I want to say that, or I could say that I can't Stu a bit about Italians, not having gems and being fat riots? bastion Manasseh. Do that I'm saying you can do that, but what you could do we wouldn't give a fuck. No one can on body you and Sebastian Wooden, but somebody might people assholes, whoever what would it be. Like italian american Anti defamation people who got mad sopranos. They shut up. There's no anti impede the anti italian sentiment. This country is so small. You can even measure it. It's a it doesn't count. You can't complain can complain where you see what asian people have to go through. Black people have to go.
Through mexican people have to go through muslim people have to go. You can't complain of your italian yeah. You care it's ridiculous, yet Alonzo Bolton set. This jokingly to me after my second my said, has lotta asian stuff. My stories, you know in some complaints and then he's I you know I, like you, talkin about race, kiss. You got minor Conveniences black people get shot out like our shit, should never talk, but he's a friend. He was joking, but he had a point. You know, but that's kind of what you're saying you know it's a point. It's a real good point, but yeah is in principle, it is rare that we have like hierarchies of racial discrimination in this country. Hierarchies and then There's like positive racial stereotypes, right black eyes, big decks asian guys, get it math. I go of those ok, I get those stereotypes. Okay, apparently not! I don't think it is is I won
their when as a culture will get mean. I've really honestly believe this, and I am one of those- are forever autonomic optimist. I really believe that this moment the reason why these people industry, The reason why there is an end to take away the looting, just a peaceful protests. The reason why this is happening is cause. Large parts of our culture that having caught up to the desired guys to the way people feel about things. The way people are disgusted by racism. The way people are disgusted by this elimination and then people are united and getting together to try to show that like gets a cultural shift, that's represented by this man ass movement of human beings? I think it's, I think everything save you follow. Steven pinker work where he talks about violence, and if you go back and look at crime, a hundred years,
overseas. Now you see this very steady decrease in crime and violence and people getting better we're getting better at everything and I've. I feel that this is a cultural moment when people are going to get better at racism hopes not better doing it better, be sleek year added, I mean really about better just where all humans, man and then the only differences is. You know that we came from different climates and tip. Pay attention to that and focus on that. Above all else, is it so it's it's annoying yeah it's done it's just its artifact of the past in Rome, where they are I wanted to get to the point where you can make fun of everybody and no one gives a fuck what yet measures fun, and also you want a lake like gonna talk to my black friends. I'm not ask them. Your man tell me about like last matter, edgecombe me or whatever light, were Has that like what I'm talkin, I'm talkin about girls? You know like what I can't write life, but I think
you uncomfortable. That's when you like, hey Joe, so Europe in her like imagine it sets, conversation with that we're like? If you come to me, I walk in the storm. Diversity asked me his asian shit. Language learning is chopsticks lending we're not free It's like you. Just on your asian consult- and rightly so- I think it is good to get past that point, we're sure we can just about anything That's beyond that, but yeah there's so much work. I think it's what's happening is is is very great turning point. We will back me that That is great things happening in this. Also, the feeding frenzy, though the online mob, feeding frenzies happening to this, like this whole, brought broad range of things that are happening all at once. In this great things and bad things What does this part of the inhuman like? We have to see the bad things and just go? This is fucking gross like let's get away from this
This is better than you see. You know like when when people see things and give them open? You see all those like a heart signs or people love things and, like things and say this is amazing and then the share it and repost it and retweeted it's like that's it's it's spread through people. We should all be looking for more thing Make us feel good when it's our own actions are things that we can find online like more more things like they did resonate with how we want the world to be damn near the absolutely. I will not have anything to endless it's an emperor climate. I make you feel good. That's an order and debt for Ladys and gave out folks pussy for the Ladys than our intellect is so including that entire conversation was index good. I should do porn. That's that's what we say- and I tell you taken away in a subtle way: the past hour and a half brow I'll reconsider, making a real it. I could I, while
You know you don't know my my big game. You don't know my big guy. I've heard you jokes about your dick game, so I'm assuming you dickens, free good. I gotta represent brow. Gotta do with Dick Game Joe in Ireland to represent TAT. It is shit. Do you feel like comedy has less opportunities. For asian guys who stand up in itself here. Stain of I think I look at stand about such a utopia. Have such a love for it, because it's tomorrow Obviously it is a meritocracy and a weirdo. You are the less fitting in your society, the better you probably gonna, be you have an angle and when I first started, I was able to do some. Breyer improbable, never shows that I would never have gone to do one. You're an because there were asian shows, so I was able to fit something. You know ah so so that it could be could be. I
We say this, I think it's a cookie easier we have an angle where's, it's a race thing or something something shorty of yours to get into acting to get into comedy, but when you get to a certain level, it becomes less work. I think it's like gives you an angle to break in, but once you broke and then the Mai, it might not be. I've, had conversations with my female friends about stand up female friends that are comics about stand up and the ones that are really good all seem to think it's a meritocracy. And the ones that are not very good seem too Anderson Discrimination interest. Now, though, like you. Ve talked to Alley want alley one, and I had a conversation about it. She was you think, it's a meritocracy I go. I do she was. I do to think it's because like look, she's, fuck and murdering right kill, it can
an absolute smash you, like some insane number of sold out, shows in San Francisco she's a beast: she's is no denying that rain. Also woman and but there's other women that I'll tell you like it's hard for women to get on the line. Ops, it's hard for women to get promote, and my ok may I think it's harder for women to go on stage. It's hard. First of all, the woman goes on stage and a stand up almost automatically her politically. A pit herpes opinions. Nobody wants to hear men, Mendel Wanna, hear you little millions men to want to hear you telling them things they don't already know men don't want you to like if you talk about sex, man you gotta, be. I got broken slutty kind of a girl to talk about Saxons too, and then no go with it. But if you just like a red Miller girl with no problems, and you want to talk about sex. It's like your. U get scrutinised, I think so you have to be better. You have to like for a woman to like Riley, Whitney, Cummings or Eliza, somebody like right,
through the ranks of you. You have to be undeniable. Are we able to go into any crowd and slay? You know, and but some women along the that process of like figuring out that there's US of a narrow window that you could fit your jokes through in the beginning, at least they stumble into that and these they bow. Are those walls they not. They don't get this like a guy, Can like right away talk about politics. Talk amounts, acts talking about anything for me It just has to be funny. It's basically wide open but men discriminate allotment. Do don't generalize generalised lot of scrimmage eight, when I see a woman go on stage, they are great woman collar. Some women are now rise. You gonna suck was you can talk about politics shut the fuck up, I didn't want it. You like some men don't want to hear a woman talk. Yeah, that's tough Manasseh thought about that women have to be. Better, I n and- and I guess I do think it
harmful or is it helpful to start in that narrow lane, whereas it's a girl, talkin about dirty sex, stuff or an asian comic talking about being Asian, and then you can expand to other jokes, but I think we all start retraining wheels rents and we all talk about jerkin, often in first five minutes, You have to well how old were you when you started in twenty one? Emitter yeah, I didn't know anything. I was a moron sex- was the only thing that I was even interested in so that's all. I talked about on right, rhinos and I don't? U surviving whatever you get, alas, omnipresent do it yeah. I think it's hard for women. The beginning parts are harder torn tarred to do that targeted just changes. Talk about sex. I think they have to be a little more undeniable. They do with their little more scrutinised, again a lot of it is like men, don't nest a lot of men again generalizing, don't necessarily wanna, hear woman onstage see, does a thing about and of to like a gear
smooth guy when you're on stage. I love your delivery presentation very easy to watch very casual, but because of that, because you so comfortable It gives you the illusion that anyone can do it right. You're just talking right. I can talk to you. Their duties doing, I know how to talk he's talking. I can talk, I'm gonna do stand up, and so it gives the its gives a suit. So dopey men already I think they can do what you do and when a woman does it They'll be men that are sexist automatically thing. They can do better than that one and then I want to hear her yeah yeah. It's it's an easy. It's like acting. It's like acting seems easy. Just be myself just talking, they don't know the writing that puts into like for US convicts and then that the training for actors not like we're driving an airplane you now flying an airplane.
But when you get that I like Daniel Day Louis style of acting like bitch, you can't do that. Stop pretending! You could do that! You get too, like my left foot or some other crazy shit that he did. I would say, something about acting there are natural, lay Jennifer, never taken acting class, she's great, probably crazies fur. Have we not that allows you to just really good at something, whatever the scale sending pretending lying something right and you just really good a really good at no one there, one condition somehow, but comedians even of Europe. Naturally you suck in the first five years you suck you suck mean you MIKE. Have you seen anyone I just like immediately good sir? guys that have gone through our colleagues. Anonymous animals are really good right off the bat because that's like their states, training area, yeah yeah. There's a do that. I knew back in Boston whose lair, above quite a few guys. Actually boss and start out, but this guy David's Gerald and our
but he was a grown man. I was a boy I was like twenty one and he was late thirties and that's when he was started stand up, but he was way advanced, because you just have this ability, as you would do the opposite alcoholic for years, so he would. He had these great fuckin stories of all the times he did coke and in drank, so much. It even remember what he was doing and we now got rested and he would tell these crazy drug fuelled stories on stage. At an aiming and people Dying laughing anyhow, this sort of way do in it and then I believe it was. I forget with a comic was it was in the audience. It was also in the grabbed me to him in your assignment. Stand up? You fucking funny, you can you stand up because it was killing at meetings, so they then, when you go to ok, I gotta think it stage time yeah, I'm Dave. India does like crazy.
Raspberry voice here, life passed an axe and life and so funny focus and he would go on stage at a comedy club. The way you stage in a meeting and murder, so he was he was. He was killin real or way before may kill real early on, because he had months of stand maybe I'm yours, I'm not sure how long he had done the meetings before we actually got on stage at a club, but he went he had an advantage yeah that was in those days time is, like he's, been don't open MIKE's for five months. Also, super supportive, open MIKE Nights, Dave Managua, high Dave yeah, I raise their? They get a lot more comfortable, get loose and you're around a bunch. Other fellow junkies, you're fucked up their lives a year. You know it's just like speaking like being supportive. Comics were very like we make fun of each other. That's all it's like you. You walk off stage like the French like
the bomb any wackos days. I also don't fuckin, one man show you know it's a way and now it's a compliment. Living in one man show killer, but they were just break ISA, boss right, but I remember the first time it took improv classes I was so uncomfortable has ever buy so supportive since so what did they? by seven areas through these exercises and shit, and then I was I my God, my buddy to saw me. I would not the dome MIKE. I would not hear the end of it. You know, but there's something really nice about that when you get a certain level in acting or when you get over yourself as a stand up, you want, you should be aroused supportive people here once you get a certain level, but then, when people boss balls like if you like, someone gets off stage and has a terrible sat in her friend Their balls, usually a laugh, tat idea
a shit you any plates of rank and their laughter is like theirs is theirs fund to its like their bare picking up your spirits by making fun of you and then you get to laugh at that. As we all know, it's a process. You trust the process and one of these ever stands special, it's out right now year on Amazon. Is it right now by quite right right right now come out when they come up? It came up two weeks ago. I think ok beautiful, so that when did you feel this November? you'd. You got in pretty early yeah yeah, it's funny. I stop my set by saying Asians. We had a couple of good years. I guess not a true and in order that whole cove at night, guardian right before covered, became gigantic news. Dear yeah yeah, it was pretty. I mean before, as those of the special came out. What in May yet early may right.
And I was I was- can kick him myself as shit if, if there would have been later, my whole material? What a change like blubber, but it's a good to Canada, have that out there and have people kind of sea a glimpse of how good life was maybe six months ago, and I hope that if there was now it would have been, a little more sombre tone, I thank you. It's hard. Now I mean it's hard to figure out. What to say. It's gonna get take a while for everything like set on the place where people can accept. Even what's and I mean how many people you're dealing with in the audience that have lost their job. Only people you're dealing with that. There's no job for that doesn't exist anymore. Their business is gone I just want to laugh and like maybe this sum, that you don't want scratch up. We're gonna have to navigate those weird waters. Yeah, I don't know they won't. We go back to wiess open. We talk. About covert and quarantine because that's what's on Airbus mine or that we talk about I'm totally different. I think I'm not talk about covered. I might talk about the.
Our the riots fascinates me cause. It's What I've always said like when people have said to me like? Why do you have guns like why? Why you in the self defense at why you know something like civilization, is a thin veneer like only been civilized for the last ten thousand years or so before that we're fuckin barbarians for hundreds of thousands of years. We have that same dna of those barbarians, it's in our blood and We keep it together with religion and societal norms in community and love and friendship. But when things go sideways, you get to see what people really capable of we saw during the looting and riots. People have an excuse in a reason, particularly when people are backed into a corner because they couldn't work for three Then there is a justification that this system is fucked up this guy, that killed that, though the carpet kill that guy is a piece of shit theirs right and then she cops that are fucking shootin tear gas. It people like that
just want to smash and loot. You see that thin layer of whether what a human being really is that the civilization veneer gets removed to go, look at the real, the real thing under their this, an animal humans or animals where we're talking animal and we we want to survive and we have the ideas of fairness and rules, and and can we have a mob in reality, there is a way The thing that will happen that it's probably built into us from thousands of years of surviving hand to hand combat war when shit, crazy around you lock into chaos mode. Where have you ever been around mob debts? Goin, crazy nutty? You can feel it in your skin. You feel it in the air. I'm m fascinated by that, and I'm probably gonna talk about that and you're the most prepared guy If some shit comes to shit, you can fight, you got, you got weapons, but on the beat
first to get the fuck out of here too. I'm the last to stay and fight. Am I get the fuck out of here? You can't win this. Yes now winnable situation. This is not a home invasion. This is this. Is the work old going sideways like you, gotta get the fuck out. How does it feel to be more short experts, somebody that can fight like do you feel more confident going outside EU like Guinea, because I am always looking around like ok, make sure. Like a dozen fuck me, I began the untold they call me like you know. Whenever people can always shoot you they can always shoot you that you're always stab you think it always hit you over the head when you're not looking, there's always danger and being a person Some around bad people writing but I'm in a situation where some guys, a dick and in know, I think, like I've, seen people get beat up man that couldn't defend them. Thousands horrible to watch. It sad mean we have seen many videos online of people just getting beat up by some yeah, because I dont know how to fight- and you see some
it's really does not a fight and are beaten the fuck out of someone it hurt and I'm really bad yeah there's something to happen to me. I like that. I like that of some asshole, tries to do that. To me I can I can hurt them. I can detain them. I can. I could amid them, but it it doesn't ever get to that point. Now we have a gun and fights lately, I'm not a fighter mean I know how to do it, but I'm a nice. Persons, there's just knowing that having a self confidence building, I feel Zen particular sketchy people their men divorcing videos- and I want video yesterday- some guy punch in some girl in the face for like no reason and knocking or unconscious, unlike what the fuck people are assholes, there's a bunch of people at her mused and they come from horrible backgrounds are abused by their parents at a family in the there a mess and they they walk amongst us free until they commit crimes they get locked in jail
So if someone wants to fight me, what I do I just run cognitive there were you gotta see it common see. Coming is real, that's a real important part of it. Let's see, coming right away, seeing sketchy people knowing you have that spidey since early get the fuck out of their budgets citing to be around danger. Furthermore, new non, maybe it's exciting to be and weird areas and bureau. Weird peoples like when things are a little bit little sketchy little seedy people enjoy. That is, like a it's like woody. What would you rather have? Would you rather have everything be fucking? pouring in now just right, everything is almost a beach or you know every now and then you want something to be just a little. They fuckin dirty makes you feel alive. What would you do that shitty, unlike so like random, spawns here, and there is a great eagerness to it and I think especially stand up. We really gravitated yeah, I think feels lie. We live a little danger yeah. We also what you do
going when you're doing stand. It was a kind of exposing these truths but a kind of knows about, but doesn't talk about and freezing away like ass yeahs like there's like there's thoughts that are there there, but you gotta unearthed Does the mom and shown to people like us now is a day. You do that right, there's a riskiness to what we do. We ass a is a weird job. Man and everybody has a different, yet the hedge bird he doesn't Mitch does did it one way you do in a different way dear, doesn't endeavour wherever we got a different way of doing it, but it's ultimately you're trying to find those points. Git find that those perspectives, fine fine, use those comedy weapons to pop through on these people and they break into their mind and get those sparks flying.
What do you think's separates good comic too, like the next level? Great comic, so a lot of things. I think it's really dependent upon the person, but I think a lot of it is focusing on com unlike really working on your shit and making sure you're you're you're a real objective, though you don't also lotta wraps man, yeah putting in a rather a lot arrests, Repsol giant man. I think that's there's! No, no denying that and also different things. You do we things that I do is I I do stand up. I listen to that stand up and then I write right on stage, Listen to my sets a right off stage, I only know right answers and might have come up with. Ideas are free ball. You take chances on stage, but then sit down and I right right- a signal from the computer for hours and every now, and then also down, maybe for four hours and come up with like one line, but it's worth, but there are
line, would have never gotten yeah there's some of those lines the best lines. My act came major just sitting in front of a computer yeah just riding just its it's a constantly. I guess that the danger and a fear fearlessness of comics is also the willingness to try new shit. Four pages new shit that maybe only one line work, because I know many people that came up with that. Much funny. I am naturally I think, but they they are stuck in that fifteen. You know they keep at fifteen because they feel good. That's there too. That's that's the fifteen minutes to get to go away from their wife and have fun, so they all want a risk that and have a shitty night right through Wanna, kill feeling to kill him. And that's what I get out a really like one of the things about like you just at a special one of the site. Things about comedy as we all become beginners out, we do especial special and then you start from scratch. Beginner again
like I know, you're a great comic. I know you're really funny, but if I see you and you're eating shit laugh at you because I know you're good at my new should rather be laughingly billing. Ah, it s fun. We could live together at pain, arms insecure, I'm still in secure in a way that ok sure I gotta go right, some new shit now and it did the hidden away point now. I can't come up with new shit cause. We can go to calm. The clubs known as on Conniston we're all gonna be beginners are all of us, but I I'm still afraid that even the whole don't need another acting job from somebody Watchmen Stanhope. I don't need to impress a manager in the audience or another. Come this still in insecurity, like I know, a tank and k somebody I'd like is watching me for the first time yeah yeah, I mean, but that's where alcohol comes in TAT, shouted Jack, the head of a joint and just fuck inlet.
Good Times role. Well, I guess you can think about is imagine that time you just walk by and saw me in the lap for the four time- and I just eight dick you know like- I don't believe you page document like easy and dig just like I have yet The answer I am out of that area. I would like to know what you mean, but it's the press, the button that there's like the thought process of like well, you should work out. You shit, the heart or the rice harass or flapper little bit off the be beaten path. A yell want to do it you know what to do with the store I just did. I just agree you have to you have to you have to be taking chances. You have to swing by. Take that flopped at the store a bunch of times or pull out a joke that I have like roughly in my head So preparations important to like you, gotta, I think, even want to have a new bit like I just sometimes I'll go up with just a seed. Listen
I'm so like now. I need like up plant that our good luck dis dig on shove, that in their need a full plant, the enemy yeah. But it's we upon the subject matter. Like I remember when the Harvey one scene broke, I had a bit that night like right away. I'm like I know my angle. My angle is that if Harvey wise team did that to my daughter, I would I found out that I was sexist, could have Harvey wanting do that. To my daughter, fucking kill em. But if our Vena wines dean came to my son with a solid contracts at below, do you're gonna be there. Man, I write this whole bit that blossomed. That night, like that line, dude yoga be Batman. That came the first night, on stage, because it was like when he's getting arrested. I was like while- and I was How would I feel if that was of a woman? Was like this disgusting woman? Like Harvey wines? in a dress that was trying to fuck my son, I believe, like too,
Oh yeah, I command. You in a coal mines, fun do what you gonna do get by this World Yakima Pussy and in that that bit became a bit like it blossomed onstage. I just had a seed The night ass, the best feel it is that's like you, he's down is amazed because it was like ours after he was arrested hours after it went down here and it just is it just popped, Then it became a bit that I wrote and I worked on. I mean I hosted on stage but dab. It was just the Davos was just a seed, but then there's other bits that, like they took a lot of real thing king and by cool. This is like these are mine, filled terrain, Yeah yeah, I'm goin through here I gotta, make show me sure that I really don't my eyes and cross all my tease. What I'm talking about this is a controversial. Come on. I don't want you
Miss construe when I'm saying here right, rare right, right, right, yeah, that's also the tough, but the message that is sending cause. That's beyond just being funny: oh yeah, you gotta be risk, bond support that point and yes really hard you wanna like say if you're doing a joke and some in the joke, you reference gay people You want, if there's a gay couples in the audience. You want those folks to know you loved them, like I don't have any Does this zero animosity to Anybody like I love gay people I love, stray blow of everybody, but I'm gonna make fun of you there. Fun of something that I see that something that guy people do. But I want you to know. There's gotta be a way that I want you to know before. I do this is not home affairs Yeah yeah give I'm saying this. I am saying this just because it's funny we're all funny, so I have to figure out a way to navigate those waters, deal
I guess what I try to do now, especially with the landscape of the standard calmly speeches I ceased and one that the one there really pop and I like it, we're lot of like Hassan Menage, is or Hannah Gatsby is not on me. In that sense, Hannah gas Beats per se right, like a lot of comics TED talk yet, but I think that there is a point that I think that's cool that actually get the message across, so I always try to Heard thing is prey, like maybe fifty percent tech targets than fifty percent common. If that I try to do like eighty per cent Kommeni and then maybe twenty percent, I'm just telling a story. That's a bit! You know like I've. Story where almost got deported a couple times here when I was being an idiot, is not not it's not funny, but It was some kind of a point to a right, but you're like a pure, come you're like a hundred per cent. Stand up? Do you like that? One man show stuff because I was I have trouble to see like
Am I kind of being a sell out here by don't know, I don't think it's been so looked. People obviously, like handed. As we look ahead, this conversation with comics about it. I thought it was weird. China say that she's redefining comedy or uncommon being comedy allowing no, not knowing that this. What you don't you doing, you're thing you're things like people, enjoying its resonating huge. Yet so her thing people are enjoying it doesn't invalidate in or make or invalidate Donna Williams. Yet, Donna rallying or Harlem Williams can say war whose, like totally silly, you know Harlem Williams, is completely silly or analysis, wild and loud and, like that's great, two or you know good, can fingers Joe ideas, such as on invalidating Joe ideas so invalidating people that also do a different thing. The love as well is you're doing something. What you're talking about you're like Hannah Gas, we talk
on her own pain. Right she's talk about her own issues, she's talking about her own life, resonates because its honest in its real it doesn't have to be funny to people that enjoy it. Maybe they want to just stand right want to see something. There was something interesting. But if you go see dial wrongs, east is just gone. Wild he's! I'm fine! I guess comment is wild. Come that's ok to all things are ok. Madrigals, ok, everything's, ok, take different genres of movie by people want to get weird. You know they do They get hateful. The angry, like you know, I only like blues music, this rock and roll hash. That's really what it's like Gratis! That is what you like. I've severed. People say that about Harlan Williams is one of these whereby parliament, he's so silly and if you saw Ireland on paper. You believe what is that hey there, but are not flap Jack peaches you mean you ve done is set. We do not work. I would each share every time that could come.
But Harlin there's something about his delivery and that's what he really thinks it's funny. You can't tell me it's not fair I watch him kill us amazing, amazing right. So, like that's his way and then you know you ve got John Mulvaney. That's him he's got a different way. It's also very good, yeah and then you ve got Anthony just on equal just mean with great right it right, but it's also very good. It's his way. There's a bunch of different ways. To do this thing and for one person to the side, like oh Hannah, Godspeed, real comedy, comedies dead, she just killed comedy like you, don't know comedy, and you should just shut the fuck up right. What you're saying is nonsense. That's like saying rap, music killed Beethoven, what you say is dumb yeah. That's great that's dead. I'll, Fuckin comedy or whatever it is. It me its comedy till it's not Carmody. You know it's it's it's comedy
till you decide to tell a story. That's not funny, but it's also interesting. There either then stand up itself. There are so many different genres is no wrong. Wait. I've loved that a hundred percent we want things always loved about. Hedberg. Is that like it so absurd? And that's not my style of key, many, but it's so silly and absurd Stephen right same thing. Yes, non sequitur after non sequitur, Tsar, weird, get a fire hydrant factory. Couldn't our anywhere near the place like that kind of communism. I would never write a joke like that but one him with his bizarre look. Is bizarre style murders. You know I I didn't know about stand of comedy when I'm gonna never heard of really A global hunger. Wouldn't first Anti SAW Bt Comic why, when our stoutly one who was ordered to acting as J Anthony Brown, that dear oh Bruce Bruce around, then it was so interesting to me
because this wasn't even an art form that existed in my childhood in Hong Kong There were some stand of you ever heard of it never heard of it never heard, and I came to America now try learn: English. Just by watching tv, then it seems like just completely different genres in this new are from its like a hurt music for the first time announcing holy Shit, this rock and roll music and there's, you know, hip hop so so thing, because I remember really gravitate towards comic view, that was so interesting because it wasn't just jokes or me channel, learn English. It was me also try like learning about culture, how each re saw each other blah blah. Even though there are stereotypes, you know that their joke about, but it was cool whereas I watch a comedy central premium blend. Then really laugh dont know why, like so, I always gravitated to it. Wasn't urban comedy and would have more fun. Yet exactly but
I was watching the performance of its like there's hip, hop fans that, like a song because it a beat and then there's hip fast, I don't care about the beat and only listen to the lyrics. I was more like the beat guy, you know, and I just love that's out of performers and an only later on when I got into comedy I was at a while everyone. Doing that premium blend stuff, maybe maybe not my poverty, but it may be laugh light as an adult, because I understood how hard that was near I found out about comedy from my parents took me, see: richer prior, live at sunset Strip when I was fifteen in the movie, theater watch and richer prior on stage going. This is crazy. I couldn't believe are funny, was a guide sinhalese, funny movies, but to watch this guy just talking, onstage I was fascinated he's one of those guys when you watch you like. I can do that because he's just talking he just this. Did you write this?
but there's so much insane. Tell em, like Michael Jordan, makes basketball look easy, but I mean I guess, word of you know you can't. I can't yeah yeah, there's this so many different ways. You can get introduce a comedy. It's it's love here and like when people like when the sea get planted, and people's heads like when did you know that you are going to try to do this? To ask me a question and, and and I hear gray stories like the rich, surprise story alive. It's my brother's, a sneaking, movie. Theater watch, Eddie Murphy live after he had heart attack. I promise I'll be comedian. Like a really did. You know Amazing, I don't have that. I was. I think it was a desperation that made me want to do comedy desperation. I never thought that was even a thing like Lucas, you go in the arts when your Asian, that's not a real job. You now says it because
family would discourage it area and also nobody, my family did it in the arts. Like by May. Money was in finance whatever oh jobs, quoting quote you know, so I I was just. I was about the grounds college, were economics degree and I hated the Inter Alia by hadn't, finance and shit, and I just saw my life flash in front of me and, like all make up for the next forty years from behind a desk fucking mutual funds who cares. So I just tried I'd like a quarter life crisis right when I was about to graduate. I gotta do something to mean new friends to meet girls to whatever so that night. I took you to classes for like two months horrible, Secondly, I was the smallest sky and the weakest guy in the class do tell me what the girls- and they were twist me like a pretzel, very discouraging with after, like two months, if that and then I tried like different things like boxing classes Jim whatever you now and then
I say the story. I wrote this book and and and I send the book like typing in Law- go open. Mike's in your google search. It's one step away from typing in was the best way to kill myself. It is that aspiration that you need that I need it. So then I just Google, local, open mics, went to the Haha paid five dollars. You have to pay five dollars a five minute station of the haha, so Other comics can not laugh at you. It was a needle horrific, but that still felt better than me sitting at her. Making. No friends, because I saw a camaraderie I, if I'm good, I can make some friends like here in the open like and there's a new world out, there's a out for me. So soon after they I quit that finance. You know internship very promising internship and I just try to do stand up. You know I did everything I worked at door. I
at the calmly palace in San Diego, this greek restaurant I'll turn into calmly club at night. I worked the door folded. Envelopes did everything they. Let me sleep doubt slept the answer that follows and everything I just drove into it: not just The love of comedy and arts, but for the love of this new life, does no fraternity that I found. No, that's all so so a lot of it. It was an improvement on my life. That was that interested me in and stand up and threw stand up. I got lay for the first time so like it worked out for me and a kind of had a crisis were ok, I'm doing fine, You know I have a lot of friends now I have you know. I can't dates like it's. Fine, like my life is fine. And I started making money on Silicon Valley. You know so I stopped doing stand up. I was really need this. You know, but but then, after a while
like I wasn't getting the press either. So it was a really good feeling because it wasn't a crutch. It was an addiction on aids of feed and then eventually I did stand up. Finally, I think for the love of it, I was like you know what I'd do mistress. I'm gonna go down on our own terms, not just because I'm trying to make friends and China poor girls, I'm doing it, because I joy the process of it. So, let's fucking do it and that's the recent I guess resurgence of energy. How much time did you take off to out from Stanhope out on and off? Like a year or two when a couple season Stir Silicon Valley arm. I would do stand up, maybe at MAX just go down the colony magic club once every two months just so I can have no talk, some friends or something Let us just wasn't anywhere dusted off and yet, but it was
How can I say mold material wasn't feeling it and the reason for the special really was I I kind of got pissed. I was cuz everybody that was coming up to me in the streets. I don't Union Silicon Valley, whatever and there's some do, two clips who watch me doing ass, though this month, fucking do stand up. You know, unlike man. I am a stand up. I start as a stand up, I think of a better, in a diamond actor, you know, so let me prove to the world, I'm not just like of vine guy, active trying to do, and I am an actor who use to be a stand up, and that is my fucking Forte does awesome similar thing when I was on news radio, I stopped writing. Stop writing for awhile like couple years just don't same all material following the then When you make money you do like it's it's hard, how to find a new motivation, something
come to see me in a bomb one I commissar then I woke up. I was I I gotta get back to work. I'm sorry, I'm just doing the same old shit. I knew the materialists stale now is flat. Didn't have any connection too. I'm just saying it because I was using it like a tool. Screwdriver and I wasn't there was no peace. Understand, if these they feel what's going on in your head, when you talk about things and if you're not told tune in to what you're saying they don't want to hear it? Yes, yes it it's it's I think stand ups can all be great actors, and we all have to up bass for that, because one of the magic tricks and stand up is that joke a thousand times, but you gotta make a sound like it's the first time and if you just mailing it any just telling it as if you reading a script in your head, it's like watching bad acting. On tv. If the guy fillin it you're, not gonna, be filling yeah there. I always describe it as mass hypnosis. That is like there's a vote,
that you're you're putting out you're you're, you're you're, hitting a frequency and the audience if the words or well worked. If you have a good economy of words, the things you say, resonate it I'll make sense. If confidence you focus, all these things are correct. You delivery is comfortable, makes people feel good. They just let you think, go Jimmy! Think for me. When I hear what you have to say that they do not judging the dislike. Let new taken for a ride it s kind of like when someone really Kellan when you someone onstage killing your eyes are over jobs. Are we just going along with the Ugandan along with whatever their saying you know its own Psmith? I want Psmith Kellan, like I think the way he's think in like allowing him to lead my mind. You can wait till you here next time. Are you not like going out of this or his Downwarp on board? With what no, no you're, letting if someone's gotta well crafted act, but that's the thing
like creating that act like boy you can have some weird hiccups when you put it together, You got new shed and its clunky in its awkward and yet We go down the road that you don't wanna go now you're going to get out of bed. You don't know how and one bad new joke in an hour said like if you just have one. That new joke. Twenty minutes in you need to. Ten minutes to prove your worth again Mozilla this guy, I don't know grass yeah and you gotta be right. Real careful. If you want to open up a new joke, Well, they say never do that. I also agree with that, but I don't think there's any never do that right wrongs, any never do other than you know. I mean, does deafening. If you never do that, but But if you got an idea, you know it's fire, you know going to crack Euro. Yes, let me to run this onstage Matuschka. I know I got a real bit. I can do if this doesn't work
have a nice subway into a real Beira. If India is this tanks, I'm just gonna cut it in half and then go into my old bit. But when some shit just happened like three hours ago and you go on stage, there's a certain. Energy. To that too, with the audience like this guy has no idea. This is any good just a year you have a hot take on something that just happened a few hours ago, this energy. To that yet yes, yes and some to some things that you know it's an old joke that you ve done say for two years and an you're like men. This killed what Lastly, I is it not, and then you try for some energy into it and still not there cause to you it's fresh and maybe there is an amazing actor. You can put some acting skill to that of pretend, but still not there. You have to really be interested, What you're saying yeah yeah care fake that now it's comedy its though the weird thing going on: that's not defined between
in the audience. It's very weird, yeah yeah, sometimes even you think, saying it with energy and with that same rigour we watch yourself on tv like now, I'm just gonna do emotions and reading lines head up. The same thing would act. Think we don't wanna. Do too many takes? Oh yeah, you know when you really tell when you're high, You go to the movies in your high school has fallen in the sea at their side. Sat sometimes you go to the movies and your high and it just like seamless he does gone as little journey, believe every word yet, every now and then someone a pop out like loses mother fucker acting as yet nerve again, I want to see the Hulk with Eric Banner member that guy he was way on any hawks, MRS One monkey seen. Maybe they did it many times whatever bog acting, because I was barbecued, in the audience watching this nose like this is so acting
Never in that momentum like disguise, act is fake. So there's this, as for show that I just did. How is that great? I'm on Netflix Netflix is Steve Corral John Malkovich Gregg Daniel, so that our great for fires wrote dream, come true and end it. Interesting could sometimes, if you're kind, apparent. You go, do a scene and you don't have lines memorize, somehow pull it off because its fresh as it's as if you're saying line, but sometime, Europe has an urgent one scene in this one episode, so I dont think anything. Other people will know like to warn actors like, but I watch it myself cause. I remember the day when I was doing that scene. I was like. Oh I'm killin and I'm riffing, I'm like unto. You know me the girl them tawny them doing the scene weather which go back and for this fills good secular boxing match, but they want to I started damp seems lower hearst cause. I think I've heard
To my mind, I know she's going to say this. I want to say this, even though it felt good it felt like a flawed. It lost a little better that natural saying it for the first time men- and I was tough for me to watch that myself and I don't want to which scene it s because I dont think people could tell, but I could and yet a kind of kills me don't make sense. Like you know, were also like you know what you're gonna say. There's no surprise when someone is watching the scene is all the surprise to preside there. Currently, it's like watching a magic trick, where's his hands. Only when only did gay and now a you're talking- and they do not have any idea where you gone, and it is foul You know everything you're going to say before you say it's a! U watch yet the You know what she's gonna say when you know everything I mean a really great actors post, know everything everything and then you you your skills to pretend you, you ve, heard it for the first time, ravages as stand near us a real,
and and and sometimes you forget, that you just like it feels good, but it's not it's practice. It looks like practice did your family give your hard time by wanting to stand up dead. There is a quite the story. There feel good story. Let me a preface with that. So yet my dad was a finance. He hoped me with their finance job and when I was I I don't know I just don't want to do. This is like what do you have another job? Just give the stand up thing a try, and this is like a year or two in August I was making any money, so he was very disappointed. He was hoping it was just a phase, You know he doesn't know what stand was old chinese guy who, just like a talk, show lay just kids calling a talk show still kill today a talk show. Just never got it. So I was finishing my last year school in San Diego. I got just random jobs. I worked at a used car lot. During the day. I work that that calmly palace collecting tickets in
trade for like stage time and even after that I'll go put another shift as a dj at a stroke club Just so I was like trying different things. You know, and I didn't want to lock myself in the Somethin and then eventually the acting starting to do a little better. You know my first job was to broke girls at two lines and are so proud of so proud of myself. Ass finally, make some money. I call my dad like that. You know I want you, you know, watch CBS die, I'm gonna beyond their and stuff he's Adam half spicy bs, as I heard that doesn't king have CBS its prestige, caprice, ten foreign. TV get CBS so he was just really not down right and then eventually, when gonna Silicon Valley. The old man understands what a contract this series regular job on HBO he's acting. He got No! He was finally happy. I was financially secure so, instead of
giving it up and say, like hate, Jimmy good job on property. Maybe I was wrong good for you. You know what he said. He was always so easy. You can do it, I can probably do it and he's are becoming an actor. Ok, you know everything it so did. I was like dad everything it so easy. I wasn't what a very small agency at the science I'm like you know what I'm gonna do you know sign you up with her save she needs an odour aging I could see it does not all asian guys out their competing, so she signed him and then, as a good good good. Now you gotta go to additions and understand how fucking heart my life is how the rejections I face all the nerves I got to deal with, but then the plank completely backfire because he wanted or additions and killed it. People look like his first six at ten jobs, which is like an unheard of ratio. You know me you'll be lucky to book like five percentage jobs, but he was killing it like nonunion, gigs,
even now, in the show. I talk about this alone. Bear my stand up. He even thought he even gone. The show that shot in San Francisco the Chinese show without it's no big deal low budget chinese show became the we could show in China became like the Fuckin modern family of China, and am I aunt from Shanghai. All the House Building Richard you such a good actor. You son must have taken after you asked what the fuck but now I've have accepted it. That's for we. Yes, I'm happy that me and my dad and the same business in a way. That's crazy and it's a funny story to tell people right. So I was jokingly, saying that story to John Malkovich, henceforth on space force ever get a kick out of this law story. Episode, nine spaceport comes around we're doing table ray and its of course, as America thing in this episode and you need they needed a couple. Older chinese scientists that are authentic, Mandarin speaking chinese people after the tape
regret Daniels to show runner he's just I don't know it's always the same guys. You know just whatever and John Malkovich was the one that said hey what about Jimmy's dad? Have you thought about Jimmy's dad and I didn't have thick enough skin the volunteer, my dad and in that Might I went home, I cut together an acting real for my dad and ascended to Greg All I said was that Gregg, maybe gift man, a chance he's got a good look at the he fist disorder scientists in China. Just I'm come in and addition, but I guess great with so impressed with the tape he just hired. Him wow Episode nine of Space force, my dad is in it. These great comes in No fear and a scene is total, which are out of it Why and how long have you been acting? I mean two years. If you never taken no classes,
crazy. Why I practice Woodham ON on Skype. You know what I've seen you know. I've sounds like that don't make me look bad though fuck this up make sure your memory aligns rank, and then he was on his part, amazing, New screen grab me record. I can c mon performance and active who are very self conscious. I hate to watch myself. So I recorded him. I sent him that tape and then he looked at it. You dislike, while I'm really good look at me like I'm like listening to every good at this hour, expert go go for, but instead blind centre confidence and also the fact that he never thought to be an actor. So there's no fear I was nervous as hell my first. They would John Malkovich and Steve Curl might die, came in which its children so far it's a funny little totally brag, but now and now it's fine- it's fun
father and son story, a great story. It's so find that he saw you doing as I could do. That you know he's could do. Is a talent, the guy he well. He wants to do. Stand up now, Really I he was a clumsy he seventy something somebody to three. Why and he was a wild Jimmy thing I can do some Stanhope ethic sure discos sign for an open minded, laugh actor. I shall put your name and had about that is our continent phenomenon. I'm not don't open MIKE's. Can I do some theatre or something like that. Now that it is, I know I'm not doing for a five people. I need to do it. If I do it, I need like five hundred people like that. That's not how works, but who knows, maybe, when dozen from five hundred people fucking kills? What have you dag it's a fucking Netflix special next year? Will you dad you starts modern? Put together. Some o routine national crazy, there will be four dead, just a murderer, just opposite onstage, crushing he punchline, Bang, Bang, bang,
I want to say I will be happy form, but there's probably a part of me that site but you did not he's always been the funny one in the family, though he's always a ball buster and everything kind of came, naturally tone While there is or we can find that space foreseen, facade, nine, but completely fearless very natural, as he written stand up, does he have any ideas of stuff he would talk about? You know what I should have an rightness set to see what the materials would be. How who
I don't know I that I got a friend the acting stuff goes. I because I always fall I snuck into acting. I wasn't train a juilliard or whatever right, so that was so. It's coming a similar path he's not going to acting. I snuck in acting wherever, but the Stanhope thing kind of offended me on my fuckin put in ten years. Do can just go. Do I got him theatre would if it does he I mean, maybe an open for me one day or my neck. Special they'll be fun. If you haven't opened, it would be interesting, knows that's a rough spot anyway, even for regular get a warm everybody out. Perfume for this start rolling yet. But if I introduce him as like my dad, though it out People hurt the story on the show right or am I stand up, then people would love it, but seen you seem like a minor or like a Youtube or trying to stand up and the five minutes. A crowd is crazy because they love
this person and a laughing, but then it's hard to keep that momentum going. If you don't have the guts like you get a couple of minutes for the happy to see you, like our skies, fog and terrible that happened to me when I first transition from just are unknown, stand up to the guy from Silicon Ali doing stand up? Remember the first many were like so hot. I couldn't follow my own height gun and and and and it's interesting as my character in Silicon Valley, he's like he is an accent he's an emigrant. You know like we're, done earlier so lot people for, while common up to me in the streets when it denies a stand up, they didn't know I acted beyond that show. They were like all she Oji information that yeah sure, thanks for watching and then there is like oh shit, I know you speak English in real life. So imagine the stain of crossing
they have to get over it. I first daylight O. Should this. This will focus began wish. So that takes two minutes of all and then and then they started except me, as as they stand to address that right away? I say this Yes, my special her arm sometimes and people ask because a stroke that that's what they think when they see me or when they saw me Liz years, yeah yeah yeah, now that they would be really hilarious. If your dad became a killer comic, I should train of a five year. I should help em right bits. We thought doing like not a reality show but like a little adventure show me and my dad, and I take them to try to find an agent go to the additional. Like did. Brigham telecom restore to get a vice from Google. So so you can be a comic met. Maybe I should I should go ahead with that at tony hints, cliffs mom went on stage a kill Tony one night. He wrote bids for
taught, how to do it and she fuckin murder? really murdered his moms. How Larry us just now? natural no stated here. She's you know she's a woman who sat a long life and she's experienced last shit and and we wrote stuff for her and everybody was happy to see and she went up there. Fucking killed what you think she did Jamie about four minutes. Five minutes! That's a lot for the first time, duty, Falcon killed real, I mean she fuckin killed. I mean kid, like I was laughing. My damn rarer was with me on the stage here he was, I think, was damp. He was left do. We were all live hard like she was like Tony wrote, the bits which helped a lot obviously she was delivering them like a killer, I've I've only. I would not right for my dad. I want him to eat shit. A couple you have to get somebody respect your craft man right because he doesn't respect acting.
Not that it doesn't respect. He just thinks it's a little ease and he's a genius, I don't know it's a lack of respect for the arts, or is it over confident and his own ability, but is it over confidence if he pulled it off and so much about acting is it is called Yeah nazi, not enjoying yourself it's here is the correct amount of confidence is a correct. Did it he's so relaxed of video. I gotta find on my phone and show you so it's in the hallway between set ups me, Malcolm Pages, running lines and I'm nervous as you know, I malkovich works heart like at his level. He still works hard, he's amazing, we're running lights and between takes the camera, pans pans, a bunch of empty chairs and in the past to my dad and an actor fell.
Sleep just as bad asleep, so relaxed the shell, and it is about the work with John Malcolm, its Larry no nerves. While yeah does he know John Malkovich, as it does absolutely still didn't, give a fuck. Now I think, maybe comes up age, the era when you're seventy somethin, you gonna, have seen so much. He is a fan boy, like he loves taken selfies with people. It's really at first started off, which is like It's crazy, rich Asians, like Patriots Day this movie at their Wahlberg. You know in the premier I'll take him to the premier, my parents and just a kind of finally get their approval. You know and then he gets it. He gives it up. He was a very emotional. You don't have to grace irritations and all that but his his goal is not to celebrate where the sun there. His goal is to get selfies and that after
party in others, Chinese, roman, theatres, premiers, you know at the chinese theatre very is right. There mark Wahlberg, and he just keep doing selfies and, unlike our sitting, the table and mark has this table and his boys and security and of my dad just leaned over two means think you think when go get a picture mark I like that, I don't I don't want to. I want to ask a cause. I have fought so hard to not ass with pictures where people work with you. I want a picture of mark. I want a picture mark of it, but the same time I want to just be a colleague. I don't wanna be a thing of course, but they might that forces me to do that in the coach scope. Scholastic I'm busy all varies and used that the approaches, exactly if I ask a thing, is still can a lame. But if it's like hey mark my parents, a big fans, can they get up and they just shoot old chinese people YO hours every line, you can't get a kick out of him. He play my dad and pay
today, really is very small, seen its that's an interesting about, I gotta say court, no, that's hilarious, Larry's, Tugela, nepotism and Hollywood. That is Tourism. That's how it works well, but you know what I was actively trying to improve. That movie. Who's. The movie was very serious. It's about the Boston Marathon bombing and I was paid based on real life. Chinese person, you know very detailed stuff like he speaks with chinese accent, but it's a situation. And he's accents way, mixes his elbows and tease I've Africa. I forget what it was, but I studied it for a long time is not just a generic chinese acts and right, and then his parents, of course, speaks. This is my dialect, or at least just a very proper mandarin and the actor they first hired to play. My dad it just a Skype scene, very simple, but actor.
Hard to play. My that spoke Mandarin would accompany Cantonese. So I wanted to paper to direct Us Pete Man, I gotta, say some man with the whole point of this movies, honouring these these heroes and be authentic, and this guy. You guys might not be able to tell I know, and the chinese audience will know this guys from Hong Kong from Guangdong with something he's not from since wine or mainland China. You know, so as I am sure we will find guy and I was a girl sitting. Would you somewhat dish in this debate? We all knew that yeah Schuman, new words shooting in Boston, matting alone, and ass, I peed watches higher my dad, and I was at the time of that at that full Larry. Now that's hilarious, but it's it's for the art tickets for the authenticity did not so see, really hoping you dad kill I would simply be the first story I want to have you back on after data has just murdered a futile, stage and you look what the fuck my if he if he comes on this point.
Cats and there will be a huge star Diana because, right now, it's very much like I'm hoping Emma, I'm still the star, you know he's just add, but whatever started known as Richard sign like now would be that we got a rough. That's gonna, be Are we going to have to really do some special pull off? Aussi we'll see? he has his own Hannah Gatsby ask special new and just only talk, Shit about me in the special now we funny like you and Tonia whoever budget, great writers and great communist, our plodding against me for his success without a right for media. My girl strategies for how to kill onward. He loves it. Man, that's great, though so cool, it's a good father and son bonding. What did you do? used to do for a living was, as he was always like. I'm really sorry,
swell salesmen. He had his own medical device company that he in salesmen. Yes, that's thing where you have to have personality, and you have to know how to read a room here like we're talking about alcoholics, Anonymous, good gateway and a comedy, I think maybe so Ozma might be too and then, when it came to Amerika, he became a financial adviser. So that's people to people presentations, so he was always a great public speaker and I think I took after I never really had much stage fright so that he either natural and you say, bus balls, so is always joking around the funny one in the family to him. Oh, my god, I think he's gonna kill Richard yea. I hope he does a really do do you got a hope he does? Maybe we'll do. A two man show for Netflix are the odds of him being better than you are very slim.
Just be honest, but don't you just want to do well want to be great. I really do. I think it was really a joke about the jealousy. I really don't care an old man? Let him live as bucket List ACT with John Academic Year. I mean, like I'm, just being sauntering, to help my datum, no man. I can't wait to see how this please When is he going to do stand up? Do you have a time line was going to try it wouldn't one? Now, let's get back open again once I told him, he can't Stu Theatres, he Canada. What became disinterested he doesn't want to open MIKE's, but you got two or maybe doesn't get to meet depends on how much of a perspective he has of. He has a real takes on things that he could just go,
on stage with. We never know man. But what is this if he goes on stage without the context of this is Jimmy's dad and he just an old man do and set out at night. I dont want the distant. That's that's a long road, but if I bring em up and he's might then I think we would just gonna eat it up, give em low more slack. Maybe but that might help you accept the fact that he kills what if he goes on stage without any recognition of you whatsoever. It is just someone introduces em, he goes on stage and just fuckin murders, tabulated. Take that will be hard. Because if you bring him up- and you give me a little training- wheels new push and we get more boost Eddie, it's a exact what I was saying, how you can immediately be good and stand up. You need to put in their five ten years, but if he's just good, yeah. I would question myself I'll be like what for
I must really please tell me: when he's gonna, do it please we gonna tell me when he's gonna, do it and I want to go want to go watch I don't want people show it up. Please do it in town. Please do it now like what the hell? If I was an older guy, though I'd be really worried about Kobe, and I don't feel like it's going to be awhile. Before probably willing to go to a comedy club or something right, yeah and an yeah yeah speaking it out. I mean I try to see him every weeks. I've very careful. You know where I was. I wanna kill him right now, but yeah was maybe you do or those virtual civil don't have do at certain among the wrong way. You know what I should. I should completely like all my ego, rifle does not do that. Should I see- how good he is without you. Gotta see how good he is. First, let him do it for you dont warn him just let him do it. Has he been
two alive performance by you. Yes, how many shows this in love, I dont really one or two casino interested in stand up not inside his thing, he gets, movies gets tv, hidden, get stand up, and one time I was doing. I bright gears club in Vegas M Gm. Like old Chinese. You understand, Vegas, amateur hokum, up one nice room hours. I think opening a middling is years ago. I was finally see me in M Gm cause? They now that's a nice place. Gonna comical I crushed it than I could set, and you know towards you and the headline in everyone's out, their shaking hands. Meeting people my parents walked out right meant my mom's, all small she's rave, just positive new, no general, and I might that walked out and then my might. My buddy Jack was next to me. He was a Middle EAST open. I am about to Jack Cohen order comic. He he went up to my daddy's. Oh my god hate Richard. Aren't you
so proud of you son, he so good right and then my I just looked at me in front of the entire audiences everyone else shaken areas like no Jimmy's, not funny yeah. Why yeah- and and I dont know if he was years later- he said that was a joke, because, because it's enough he said ass, he sat it's not funny. If I tell you you're funny, but it's funny. If I tell you it's not funny, there's a story: but you're. My dad, you not unama money at an open MIKE, and then he also said he was why I honestly didn't think it was funny because I dont get the references. I don't culturally, like what you're saying about whatever I didn't get it so his cunning just being honest. Also so
trying to be funny in his own way, while being honest about his on take on it, I dont yeah yeah honest, but he's also still been the ball. Breaker right he's a funny guy, but sometimes it's hard to to be his son. If he's using me and then the expensive in our comedy like the style comedy like insult Kommeni, Bob Bob breaking a good kind, yeah, that's what does your psyche older, Chinese Don Rickles. That's it once trainees be working in general, I say this my stand up and it's funny about doing a verbal, wide audience or a non chinese audience, not what the fuck that's out really happened. Why do this bit about how chinese people tell exact what the fuck is wrong with your face like?
thanks giving you know, my mom would tell my girl cousin light Christina, so fat why this straight out- and you can say that and then and then my mobile, my dad would be like. Oh, if we not telling her, who would, unlike also being like a comedian, I mean I'm not now be incoming. Being fuck was I going to say, oh being Chinese, being fat or gaining weight is prosperous, is its? it is our species. I wouldn't do that. She's, a girl king, say that you know dinner is not fat achieves this beautiful. A young woman, you know and and yeah it's it's it's hard to grow up with a high self esteem and asian house. But there is a weird honesty to it. I don't know I don't buy it. They say it's honest. I think it's ma
ass down trauma their parents did that now and now they do it. I don't know what there's something about work ethic in Asia households when I was a young one, my good friends with this kid eyes, names juncture junk sick child, and he went on to be national, tackling no champion while, while he was in medical residency yeah, I was used to compare myself to him. If I ever thought I had discipline are worked hard. I compare myself to that guy. He has lives. The lazy fuck this guy was. He worked so hard, but he was too me that this just how was was family, nothing he ever did is good enough. My keys korean and he was like my parents- are so ruthless, like everything had to be better nothing's ever good, didn't matter of yet stray days. You could do better. You can always do better. You now never got enough. It's interesting. I think that that is more like the very stare typical asian parents, the helicopter Tiger
so, whatever tie should ever, I Tiger mom, I think, is in real terms minors, I guess a little nuanced like they would give it up for academic and they always commie smart and stuff, but they will make fun of me late. I remember after orchestra practice in high school ones and I came very proud of me plain values. I owe you great, you know so vast they'll give it up. You know, but then a girl, this really cute white girl came and talk to me after Tracy was her know that I can add a crush on she came and talked misusing god you're, so good, hey, hey I'll talk to you later gave me a hug and everything out such a nerd. I didn't get any action, and then I just looked at my dad. I was hoping he'll be proud, you know, and then he that means I guess you and her here, Y yeah so Sir thanks. I e goes a little too far make a funny. That's a confidence crusher from pops up, but I mean once again it could be because he grew up. He never got no girls.
That is always a Viking line. While my son, you think, he's competing with you a little bit there in that way. I hate to think about that, but I think there's gotta be a part of that. That's gotta be a part of why I wanted to get an acting yeah yeah Maybe that's why the reasons why so confident, because this shit's on you and if you can do it, is this working. I can do it it's a weird like he picks and chooses what he gives it up and not all sorts manipulative rob see. Never now it's like yeah Stockholm's, and we do. I call them out once- and I was like that, one or two: what why did you first of autonomy and dating advice? and also. Why did you never think I could like day Q girls are whenever I like me years to overcome, and he was sure, but like ours,
said you're, smart right, but he's giving. I cannot answer of like he's like, but always said, you're smart, one is what what's important me, so it sort of like he's excusing the fact that he dismissed your. Ability to, I think, whatever he wasn't good at he projected army like I was a small as I was. I was a pretty good athlete. I could one pretty fast. I can jump pretty high aged play, basketball, even swathes like the underdog, but I was at letting you know, but my dad what I was trying to further highschool basketball team. But that was not you. You can't do that you're flat footed. Just like me, you can't come on. Let's with so that's it the opposite of what some weird like feeder parents We or coach parents. Do I just that that happens when kids get an athlete with their parents failed yet for
and then they get really invested in their kid being awesome. Yes, yes, I'm not sure which weighs healthier or both of em less rosy here both grows. Yeah yeah does something really weird about like it's a burden to for the kids. I've seen it with kids were the overbearing parents, who just want the kid to succeed so well, because it boosts like that's my boy. How dare take him ass? My boy look out fast. You were very selfish, Rivera, really care about the kid being happier and it also fox with the kids head in ITALY. Items it ruins their love of whatever the sport is yeah. I don't. I guess me I'm John variety of supply and dead on five seen enough therapy. I mean I'm fine, it's fine! It's fine he's!
flawed, we're all flawed. Yeah yeah worries it's like the scene and goodwill hunting, like I'm afraid you gonna be like Robin. Why is he like? It's? Not your fault, it's not your fault, and I just start by this thing is like parents that do weird shit to you. This there's some benefit to it. Like my parents were not supportive about anything ever done ever and my parents split up- and I was really young so my whole life was like I'll show. You I'll, show you from getting intention watch watch where I can do right. So that was a lead me to get really good at thinks. That is there That was why I got really good at everything, because I never got any attention so I saw it was like. I know how to get attention be better than anybody else. It everything yeah, what I do. I just have to be just fuckin fully immersed in it, so I became obsessed with getting real
Good things, reviling, really support of parents already there for me all the time like generals but thou. That's you! That's your personality to tear that can a negative thing in turn to something from a lot of kids, maybe in the same situation when a building block- and nobody cares. I'm a little box. So, but I got really lucky that are found martial arts like really and when I found it, I realize I, oh I'm good at this, like I've found a thing that makes me feel like I'm, not a loser. Yes, We moved around a lot like we moved from. I lived in New Jersey till I was seven and then San Francisco from seven to eleven and then Florida from eleven to thirteen and then bossin from land. It was far Man. I never had like long, steady friends. I was always the new kid. I was a small boy, always fucking with me and then
When I got into martial arts it was the first time I didn't feel like a loser is like once I like a year to end when I start getting really good as like. This is something I'm good at I'm like really good. At this hour you got praise from instructor, got praise Father students, I was winning tournaments and I was like I am something I can file until I just kill myself and do it like. I was just. It was my whole life and I was thinking. Maybe I wouldn't have been that good. If I was just love Exactly my mom D. Let me step dad and allow me, as is their fuckin busy man and they just a day, also grew up in a fucked up life to that their their parents weren't support of either so it sort of like that that cycle gesture repeats itself of kids. You know I. I thought that back in the day about certain things like acting on like if I didn't have low self esteem grown up about this or of my dad never thought I
could be an hour. Maybe I'll never made it here, like I mainly dear for a reason right now, and I am surprised at this one thing: not kid like two, like a fool: we're here so there's one thing really resonate with me: he was I have you ever thought about you made it not because of it, but despite of it, so Thou got a nice to hear now you're this, both those things, it's like. Whatever it is, it shapes your personality. Does negatives like there's an ebb and flow to all things, and sometimes those negatives give you this cost of energy to go in the opposite: direction in the motivation that you have is sometimes more important than anything else. Satan The motivate like that that the willingness to go, through a lot a shitty things to make it sometimes that doesn't exist. I have a good friend he's really nice guy, but his mom was too nice to him when he was young. I should give too much love and she always said he was amazing. It everything and it just like any leggy even admits it talking about, is like having my mom is too fuckin nice to me.
He's got no dr specific he's always loved whose always cared for those tat. He never felt scared. He never. Now alone. He never fat There's nobody out here, help me. I got it Do this on my own, and I remember that was like My overwhelming feeling my whole life yeah no one's lookin out for me. I gotta look out for myself this, as did the world's dangerous, but that dislike it all in, like a mean that sets stupid old russian life gives lemons you make lemonade, does whatever it is. That was negative about it. It can become a positive. It could become like reinforcing thing yeah. Every bad set actually the most helpful thing. Yeahs dude every time bomb bugger talked about the one time when friends came to see me at the car based on a real is unfolding in a fucking up that any I needed that to happen. Yeah I needed urban.
Even with acting or stand up. It's like sometimes on my own I'm trying really hard bill because unproven myself and I sometimes you could do you like, oh way, I coasted on our movements, people still was I oh, he was good or like websites. You keep coasting coasting Ennis at some point to get caught house fuck, I gotta stepping up again I mean we need lessons. No one's perfect right. We need lessens the sun. Lessons come a strange forms. Sometimes you don't ask for them. Sometimes you you you'll, get dealt a hand you didn't want to get Del, but it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Absolutely Jimmy a bad mother fucker, they re great to have years plus it down talk to you, tell everybody what specials called they can go. Get it right. My special it's called good deal on Amazon, prime video and, of course, than their space force on their flexibility and watch both beautiful and your twitter handle and in scammer knowledge as one might delete my twitter now, but aren't
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Means for turning into the show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Jimmy I'm cool mother, Fucker, Is it a nice to find out about new comedians elaborate a lot, and I love you guys. I'm happy I hope you happy you how much loved you all bye, bye.
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